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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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"Les the ni eut es truth and the 'is sale" Abraham Lincoln.

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SReds McCarran US Schools Lodge Named Koreans' Leader
ur Hotbeds Of Communism To Head US
tress ai Missio- o s UN Also To Attac
ri fCiH ,- WA3SHYGO Nov. 29 (UP).-Democratic Se nator M
Pat McCarr~ chairman of the internal security sub- I I
committee, said today "hre were rnt only hotbeds of
Community in U. high schools, buit n many colleges
asn well."
i "O -' ^as well." NEW YORK, Nov. 29 (UP)- -V*
The Senator, who sa traveling albg the eat coast President elect Dwight D. El-
of South America, said trough his office here that senhower today named Henry U
proof of this situation came out urg te 6nt hear- Cabot Lodge to head the Un-
rings held by the subcommittee in NeW York. ted States mission to the Unl-
O "I am sure that no public official and no college or ted Nations, succeeding Ambas-
unitelrtty would knowingly permit the teaching of sub- sador Warre Austin. -- 0 -
Di- would be 1ti greater danger i" verive activities as a legitimAte educational activity or .
rent der Ocrma occupation than un would use school funds to subsidize the work of the Lodge was one of the first SEOUL Kore, Nov. 29 (UP) President
-der Communist Party, supporters of Eisenhower as or yn
The thi ws "However, evidence presented to the subcommitt' e presidential candidate for tIhee will propose to U.S. President-elect Eisenhower tu reuitu @ ht Indicated that this Is being done. rely, there must be Republican Party and led the Saith Korean forces be strengthened but that A
e-s s 1,500r some means of eliminating this falling n our education- campaign which elected the
i aa], system." general as the party's candi- troops stay on in Korea.
toailao u i(uaa- McCarran said that during the hearIngs It was didate in the Chicago conven- Rhee's Liberal arty disclosed today, that it
ai st +J.of h P "w brought out that thete are. no less than 1600 Commu-. tlon.
.tr war, thle I nit teachers In public and private schools and in the Lodge was defeated in Mas- drted a letter for himto present to Eisemower,
Sth i. colleges and universities of the nation. sachusett for re-election to the five-point program involving both the ftr w of
7 l f o the di4spKl "Although this number mlht apur- to- be small Senate.
p l of Jewish a49- when we take into account th t re,are a fflion Eisenhower's headquarters 1iln American foreign policy.
teachers in the nation's sch-l the nature o -the ac- said Lodge will be the perma- A brisk attack in the letter on U.S. foreign
.Twa re ALZ CRU t she appeared lvities of the Communl t mae It as dioerous nent representative of the U.S.
Idl ged- in the Barber of e e during as a match lit under a powdekeg." in the UN and delegate to the was coupled with an appeal that it be modified wii
-entheBarberof during _h lit under a powder. ______
ael recent performance -inte .7. Security Council because Aus- pect to Asia.
ndeo- United States .n th Up "has expressed the desire to
DUnited States.
tri-. Wri ltt ( aa undnert k-,. U g h retire at the end of six years .It said American "appease- hours. The letdown was
ul -. Alicia Cru, coloratura soprano of arduous labor." ment" led to the loss of China able. 1
Whet pirsneSh ovietw w scored a hit in the opera RI- 11 to the Communists and finally Now the colors on
wh scored a hi te John Foster Dulles,wh6 has to the Korean war. American flags n the
~fd a South Amela n tour, it been named Secretary of the five basic points sketched are streaked by rain.
S90rEd -'who bake & Southiea mednrtoday tourI-. CII State In the new cabinet, an- In the letter as goals to be de- posters are curling and w
.A ed..le,pho wa bwoeen on, |; Inth nouneed Ledge's appointment sirei were Korean unification, loose. The decorated streets

le'Iv (U' a student
*, ifah o* rkose famly I following a conference with modification of U. S. policy in like the morning after. -
ydsa111o, a tuden l the President elect. Asia, no removal of Am d r lean But government o fflci a
S the N a-- s forces from Korea, strengthen- clung to plans for giving
io IGl- o ov. heoan Adams of New AN g of Allied and.South Korean howera royal welee w vh
n o NiXvIp0h(UM)- to elubllcaa01101o1oteohe, who. has been alp- forbes, and lincrpased assistance arrives.
t. l In vi t1I..M- TVen11"an" dent nounced at the same At long last the people of Se- startled to healm-'M.H
ItVIA. OM '-. time that Eiaen4aloer .at ae- ou became aware tnat they called for a r t.-
i~nt = k rirses IP 8and re elected newsman 1* met J. prepared for Eltenhower too 3,Q000 .armed
Inw iaes dvassis-goon For days his arrival ha1d troo' to
a ao .tBrdetla t T L, tter ofpo andt hrs
Cad Pr tabaton Rican OAnd
her t~E ire codni & iforda2
Suspend V= -PuertoRcA r
.'0 those on dsemse-telate4. mat- h field f on anerUgoods and turbances.
Srls witfn 90 days. The apropos service
oIs r f wage curbs. VtW*"* ;"'of"Tells of Lost Deta chmen t
e The Agriculture Department nwae c rWca tr e Dole1r
t '4' e ai-'d the fsrm "parity" ratio--n are. .Alandntent of -0
Stha rel ecit- official measureof prices paid by wage cU waiu l vt- -the Aoy-
I n a ao rme .mp ared, to whatt theye emmmePar t R ~ theWt dllem- WASHINGTON, Nov. 29 (UP) Puerto Ricans don't like to D s
1411"10 41M. 11i rout- "n' y. .reeelvel-now'stands at W. m4 overlwnnmetn grant a full The Puerto Rican colonel, on retreat, Cesar Cordero said ,
i the ..e. tIt was the tirst tln.e the in- $1.90-a-. &hrse to John L. his way home from the war, got proudly.
hhdex as been below 10since to about the 11-man He has been relieved of m-
o j d hlw detachment he lost on Kelly mand of the 65th Infantry Re- Word has been
Vamp.t4 eThqand re reu of Labor StativN. HHill In the bitter September giment, to which the lost bat- death of a former
Ssa e P. oyden days of Korea. talon of 115 men belonged, and dent, Mrs. B. E. Bro
: s d'Ik'th tta DetainedidAt *etal o f oneod per c ent between They fought to the last man is going home to Carolina, phis, Tennessee, on *1.
Sr Oct. 27 and Nov. 15 due primarl- OS -HeOrtf AttC k agiAst. the oncoming waves of Puerto ti. Mrs. Brown, whose e
Mr1i f Eof 0Ellis island lv to Increases in prices of fresh f antkc Red Chinese, Col. Juan was a lake patrolman it
4fw .f- f fruits and vegetables and poul- News has lenreceived of the C ordero said today. Vistl g the Pentagon here, for ten years, died t"
phi ost- WA8HIN TO.N tlo; 9 (.UP)-- try. eathl ot Sat*uday of Mr. James "In order for the Chinks to Cesar eero told newsmen he after being injured in
S- The Jutee epartmat todayra- he bureau's retail food price Paul S, e Q d .71. formerly geo Kelly Hill, they had to an- thini titbe United Nations com- mobile accident.
The Justce 'bepartd t _.tbday-re- The bureau's retail food price Pau Ia the woedtcmn,
portedthe detenton of Jaces Index stood at 232.4, based on o r tal at e- the whole detachment, ma Korea should form In the car with her
ai.h.-Fene i drs dlgP'W a 1 25-39 levels. This is 14.4 per vard; hW h C ne d. -r urto Rican regiment time was her husband,
I f Ellis Island while A ae ih above the pre-Korean war Mr,.ydd from the. At.Ie end, 102 men of the from aig the more than 1.- E. Brown, and gwo c
Swheti he n b wed .t lvel. Can e fort se ye Puerto Rican detachment lay 500 uf s now on duty with Bryant, Jr. and Charles, V
h enter the U.S. be -" Tim.'prposed decontrol order (o. .. -- dead. Thirteen survived. These, other ,att1 in the battle zone. fant. The car was crowdel.
SSr19y A spokesman for ,the Det- 1aa.drafted by Edward Phelps, He as en route to Alabima the colonel said, were the" men "Dotais of them wrote me the highway and turned
nent sdld did ant ha% i tant OPS chief for price op. for a lt with his Son when:he hoa were able to roll down the dally front the rear areas, want-l twice.
P aa- i'!s on hand and he did s hioml *f. It has been put before had a lart atthac. stee hill from the doomed out- ing to get combat duty with the None of the other occur
S-A for know whether there was_ any. o1c Stabilizer Roger L. He la survived by' two ons, to a place where friendly 65th," the colonel said "They was injured.
Ssis- reason why he aobld b1 1ies p m& as a method of easing Pat. S Brmingham and James troops in the main battle line want to do something that will The Browns left the I
r- '3en'.try. .nt -, ; h e ttrasition from Democratic E., o('Puerto Li, Cruz, Vgneela. could pick them up. benefit the island." three years ago.

c.ow Ti ts the Mau mau, East Africoas Terror
... iU. "".young men of the tribe never to
dent until the Kikuyu had all the
I NAORSICK r .the East African coffee they wanted and the Was-
co0oby 0f fSini, d terrorist society, belev- gu (Europeans, were evicted .
Aed o be led ka'frican demagogue, is giving triat this part of Africa.
Bitim Its thoA 0M since the Boer wars, Theinitiation fee was two dot.
jas-, and to swell the coffers of
WTe million sunto such an extent that a society men, women and
theAfrican lve In terror Idren were press-ganged into
seyatt ae ane k battalion of British mbership. It was a black, evil '
T1ycag-tll has been flown o t d snowball gathering imp e t us
ver o n ghned 1',idons of native soldiers through fear and intimidation.
..#!ru..; Itev =from other tribes) are The police fought a losing bat-
DhareU1 hastily mobilized volun. tie because they were unable to
I nbbli ee forces protect dBritish 'obtain evidence. Police informers
rof 181Ican lives and property, were murdered with impunity
Iwef* and police witnesses were
lan. strangled in public, their necks
sever's new governor, Sfr looped with rope as teams of
in II I ng, banker. aristocrat Man Man pulled at each end.
ithe t & a threatened massacre There was death by the pan1a,
-n.the tbut he hase. n, the two-foot-long bladed knife
ta silmmerinlg l the tribesmen carry. There was
the boil bye death by slow drowning. An n-
,to Msua -terp. precedented crime wave swept
aNairobi. As fast as Europeans
and their property giang oflh

,hl-tump4. 'There Is evidence that an
has -nsixtum r t armed and desperate Man Mau
and, Bi i~: a army is in existence, waititng for
id ~o ~l~ htea rm. the day when the military a d
n'dI Io I :Ithis -* police are withdrawn.

-the trl. Watch while one by one,
whheighbors, the bMau Mans slashed at .their
Sf 3ov- When he tellapsed,'-the Cau KNA'S "BURNING SPEAR": Joms K a ..l
Mi MasI decapitatd him, e et off by flmave petlee in Nairobi. Keaysw b Jlege ws W*

'+r' .. -.:, ... .+ .. ..'4 3 ,f t :~iK v 7 .. .'; f 4 .-+ _.

. *-.


Storekeepers Across US

Attack Parking Problem

SBy BERT GOLDRATH tiunal Retail Drygoods Assocla- at the medical center In Beverty
ttion, presumably because the Hills, Calif., were alleviated by
,, CHICAGO, Nov. 29 iNEAI NRDGA Is Interested in b6ttor completion of a 400-car. e-
Not so much where to go, but parking for its member stores, mountable, prefabricated garage
here to stop when he gets Naturally, the first step to be which can be dismantled and
,, there, is a problem increasingly undertaken is the determination moved to another site in three
SplaRuing the motorist. ..f local needs. weeks.
Let him take heart, though: There the human element The 10-story Cafritz office
.... something is being done about comes in. All-day parkers, who building in Washington his In-
Sthe tragic lack of parking facJli- rust get facilities at fairly low terror parking for 475 cars so
r-* ties in many U.S. communities rates, must not encroach) upon th.t tenants may park on their.
Just how the problem is bein more expensive space needed fcr own floors.
PUSH BUTTON parking is attacked is explained in a re- Fhort-time markers. In Spokane. "Pigeoh Hole"
achieved in this Washington entv published p a m p h :et The short-timers, it has been pakhing permits storage of autor
garage, where one attendant 'Parking-How It Is Financed." found, are unwilling to walk mobiles on a narrow 55-foot lot
puts cars in elevator stalls prepared by the Automot v e more than two blocks from by means of a hydraulic elevator
electrically. Safety Foundation for the Na- whpre their cars are parked to which travels the length of the
A their destinations, demountable parking structure
S All-day parkera don't mind a d can stack cars eight high.
walking considerably further. Following the lead of San
In some areas the two types of Fracisco's underground parr
paftklng are sttegated, under Union Plaza, several cities
Multi-story parking has be- are building or have built con-
come a must even in some small trslly-located sub-surface garag-
cities. as under parks.
But engineers have learned Detroit is working on a unit
that motorists are reluctant to which will hold 100 cars in a 10-
Snse unattended parking struc- story structure only 18 by 100
Srer if they have to walk up or feet, and is operated t'ntrely by
own more than four stories. Oush-buttons.
If the garages have to be at- Clovel nd and Chicago are a-
tended, costs soar, and ratesmon those cities which utilize
muFt be higher. "fringe" parking on'the outskirts
A Midwestern depart m nt tf the business district, with bus
store saved $25.000 by dtoppjing shuttle service.
S attendant parking in its 500-car In Coral Gables, Fla.. the city
t.. l. + t: has leased land and installed
"' "o- Ti handle the problem better, meters.
some S5 cities have added a Cities need not work in a vac-
-: arking authority as an arm of uum in solving their parking
tht municipal government. Some difficulties, the Automotive Safe-
of these groups have the power tv Foundation points out
"to issue bonds. Help is available through state
lParking financing can gener- highway departments, with state
ally be broken down into three and federal highway planning
main categories: municipal, pri- surveyy funds, under the terms of.
yate enterprise, or a combination the Federal. Highway Aid Act, a-
of the two. available for city studies.
Municipal parking is currently
under heavy attack by the new-Pac
Va-formed National Parking As-: Pacifc O cean
"socialism" against municipal
efforts to correct parking inado- idest and
Meanwhile. man's ingenuity is-
beinR applied to the parking
Puzzle in a number of ways. WASHINGTON. Nov.29- The
STwo leading department stores tremendous contrasts of the
In Richmond. Va.. have Joined to world's greatest body of water,
SELF-CONTAINED PARKING for shopliers Is being built into operate an 88-car garage. with itf vast stretches .of marine
many new shopping centers, like this one in suburban New York. "Desperate" parking conditions wildlernss thousands of miles
from, any land and its equally

'CIO vs. AFL Fight Will Be *.T44I
The Pacific covers about a
Knock Down, Drag Out A.ffray fooh Ioa n
tits waters, shores and itslands
1 fA~~~un.. w ifwb he- f*.v ofIa

BY VICTOR RIESEL Secretary of Labor. Ike ignored record as an organizer behind
the CIO. In the Truman admin- him. That has been his forte.
NEW YORK. Nov. 29 The istratlon, the 10 had the door AFL leaders say Meany would
t Test labor battle In the na- to the White Itouge. have launched a war against thi
p history, a knock down The CIO has bitter president. CIO earlier, had he not been wa-
Sor power between the CIO tial fight on its hands. Walte: :v of stepping on the aging
I Y. looms in the wake of Reuther appeals to have lost Green's toes.
9ta"s of their respective favor and is backed now only by Under him. the AFL will start
4l e leaders. Philip Murray thp Amalgamated Cl o t h i n g drives in the teamster, aircraft,
William Green. Workers and his own United Au- teel and other fields, seeking to
All talk of unity between the to Workers. force CIO unions to join the AFL
o Riant labor federations has Insiders say a nose count puts piecemeal, which would have the
snished completely amid pre- Reuther 1,400,000 votes behind effect of causing the collapse of
'atlions for a coast-to-coast A.11n Haywood. executive vice- CIO.
ding war. president under Murray. A survey of various AfLthions
I adIg contenders for the rteuther and his supporters, reveals that pledges have been
Lpadi ci ont drs f atlon cgtln Eisenhower's conference made totaling more than 15.000,-
residency of bothrganizations with the AFL and Lewis' ove:- 000 for individual campaigns,
lfed -ito a man that they will tures to that body. still argue plus the mil ons that John L.
S the rival federationand in- that the CIO needs a younger Lewis s expected to pour In f he
ease their own group's mer- man to battle against a strenqth- loins theflight.
Serhip by mielioas of workers nel AFL. He insists he not on- The CtO, regardless of whom
letalh w everfuyl John L. Lewis iv can vard off attacks on his It belecta as Murray's successor,
who wdrflw h L mine. ws from 'w federation, but can make undoubtedly will strive to match

abolish the group he fathered. fro.
The AitL feels more like fl profitableinroadsonAF fields. ,d- ,d for-doar and
CIO to reign as an Independent, "..
has been negotiating for reentry
to therAFL to aid the fight to
The AFL feels moreIlke flex.-
ii Itse muscles, too. since PresBsi- In Gre...
Sent-elect, Eisenhower consulted
only AFL leader. George Meanv
TFriday on the appointment of a

"iys 'Britain

Helned Me -
DN.Nov.28 BIS) In
ntbroadcast over AccraN
Gold Coast George Ayi-
who studied for two years wu A? A'TIC
tan and is now at the KU- PAC'w/C *ev IAN
adI College of Technology of OCEAN
"ltvaln gave me the opportu- C AD $
of livin full life. My stay
'long enough to make me
,back now with very fond .
Stories of a land of trust and f te
WVhole families became very
e friends, and I lived very
tly amone them on an at-
phere of giving and receiv-y

it was in their- homes that I W. :...t..
to know more of the people,
Sthe land of Britain I went to
em as a member of their fami-
"We went out together and *
Ptzaring weekends I often had
i e than two homes to choo
for a happy time. New Defense Bases In0Gr
t was always surprising howD
little the average English--
k knows about a foreignier
yet how very anxious he Is Newsmap above showb where new United States defense Mbeas
more from personal coa-in Greenland might be built, according to reports fria C'wm
e very fortunate to gethad
f b as a laborer tIn a hagen, Denmark. Located on the east and wvst soot, the I
factory In Glabgow would place planes hundreds of miles closer to Rums tHim O i
I farm laborer in York- giant b
yr to earn money and giant base at Thule. and would serve to defend the ir o
Meet the people andI which Russian bombers would travel, should an atta* ve ib
Sem more intimately.,,
a final answer to his! made on the eastern and Great Lakes regional of the v itnd
taic?" was: Britain States. Defense bases already existent in Grenland hvIe rb
civotlihlon intg constructed by agreement with Denmark. as part of ..NATo-
f.. build-up for Western defense.--I.

EASTERN TRADITIONS clash with Western Ideas as Jews from
Oriental countries pour into IsaM lituant camps like this,
bringing with them two wive or ven a small harem.

Israel Has Wife Tr

TEL AVIV. Israel, Nov. 29
(NEA) The now nation of Is

Is Deepest'

lost Atomic

Its lagoogf. airport, and settle-
ments, i
Ir like manner Pitcalrn Island
Is a tiny dot at the extreme
eesterni end of the Tuamotu Ar-
chipelago on the large map. The
Inset carries names familiar to
readers of "Mutiny on the Boun-
t:,' such as Point.Christian and
Bounty Bay.
The terrible realities of nu-
clear fispion are a part of the

mank od.- b. cuirif l4m kiroiblaim gad
The 29-by-w.l1 t-eo-ai Nagasaki, and. on the other side
m ap Is d W -t.llt & is I "l l W .". W
tyae tor-lae Dertw l home of the
famltes or. Bomb.
Msu of the l ftiOUa t Close together in the Marshalls
Mataulne. Member. aWy puI- are Bikini and. Eniwetok. final
chase additional copies by mAv. U.S. bomb oroving grounds.
s And within the map area on
ALASKA TO AUSTRALIA the Monte Bello Islands. 50 miles
West of, Australia. Britain's first
The maD covers, an area ex- atomic weapon was exploded in
tending from Cape Horn td Si- October.
beris, from Alaska to. Australia.
In addition, the most Impor- DIKPEST
tint of the 20.000 Islands of the J!,
Pacitio are shown in detail ins60 Not only e tte Pacific the
inserts world's widest ocean. It is the
Wake Island, for Instance. gal- deepest.
lintly defended by U.S. Marines Between Guam ano Yap .
and civilians against the Japan- $51 the British survey ship
eas In World War II, Is dwarfed Challenger sounded thee eepest
on the big map by the red-star water known to man, whfte the
indicating an important airport, bottom is 35.$40 feet down-
An inset, however, depicts the' nluzging more than a mile far-
Island's peculiar horseshoe shape, I ther below sea level than Mount
__p-ms -rIes auuvc IL.+ zulu

Own Fls To Bring

Electric Light

To Darkest Africa
LONDON. Nov. 28 (BIS) -
Swift progress is being made on
the areat hydro-electric project
.at Owen Falls, Jinga. Uganda,
which will help transform the
tace of Africa.
The first generator of 15,000
k.w. will be inoperatlon by the
summer of next year. Three fur-
ther generators of the same size
will come into use at short inter-
vals later.
The Owen Falls Scheme is a
project which can transform the
face of a great part .f Africa. It
has been described as "a scheme
with whlbh few can compare in
mavndttde, in cot, in promise
for the tut In far-resching
economic and as b fits."
The count of the proJ and Its
transmission network will ulil-
mae be equivalent to over
* Step- have already been taken
to harnessthe powerwhich will
soon be on tap and throughout
W wide area of Southern and
aie Uganda, the application
of eleettic power for the aeeds of
alUpi Industry has developed
erm stations speedily
eflmd to mas the be-

wtai nka

. "- "&, .

Everest .r ises c s it. nc
northeast of Mind.nao is a hole
nearly as deep. 34,578 feet.
America's most distant milita-
rv outposts c A be spotted on the
mati in Korea. Japan. Okinawa
and the Philippines and a glance
shows the tremendous adminis-
trative and -p litaty responsi-
hility of the Uated states for is-
lands strethling from the Inter-
national Date Line almost to the
China coast.


read this

if you're


You wouldn't be

OBT It you're a wide-awake
businessman Goeorned with
the advertlamng and sales pro.
mnot ot yulr prmreusive
.blmness, p ull wait to know
that ou.r CLASSIFIED
OOLOM f Maf you me fast-
et. Mmat ecomim oat
ont way mo reach ius.

t.,insfil. etilyek
W"mnu P *very WB
... r-M da.-4s PANAMA

raei, formed of people from
maty. lands, has found an n-.
doeome custom smuggled in
with pome of Its immigrants.
That'. the custom of bigamy
and even polygamy.
As iwves of Jews from Yemen,
Morocco. Libya and other Orien-
tal countries poured into Israel.
authorities noted more and rore
instances of men with two wives
and.sometimes Junior-grade har-
Ir the lands of their origin, it
war natural and .right to have
more than one wife.
But Israel is a country where
Eastern traditions clan with
Western Ideas.
The government is working to
uproot the centuries-old oustop
which "the Bible,. does not pro
nibit" but the, 1 nmoeuent does
not want to countenance.
wa othig, ofad oa4
whlth Israel ca do about the

nt lional la
were legally
immigreea' a
One offlti
"They have t
But it is i
families that

amendment to t tinalCo.
'Odinance, in 19i. pO
bigamy to be a criminal offense,
This was only partly succesfat1,
It gave the govepunmot a i ,[
an, but it took more that Just. t
passage to stop bew harems troif
being formed.
Orientals were stI "'Vu4
chasing" second and soitqtitui,
third wives whenever t
could afford m h aurfltes
The government wont Inte ah
tion with "flying squads." Ilta9,
ding experienced social worked
officials of the Justle$, R lo
And Interior Ministries, flA.
translators. -
These groups toured h19*.
rant camps, explaining to
comers, in dozens Of fU d
and dialects, the
!b". ._ ..

... .. .. ....;-,.. ,, ^ ^ ^ ^^. _, ". -:.. -, '"- t. :;^ g
.., r ; ,- .- ^ .$% .. r .*
'. ." -";. ."

.... 2- .m *. ': "*.-~-. &^ -" ." i*i..< --.- .... '-.- .. -. b -, '. .
- 4P. P -' .... -. ^.. .j. ... .
.. *. .5 J :V t It. .' ..,

Mo W r -1- -W W .FS- ;. .. ,. s
LOND ON N "Ti u. A-r,-
iti booing her sheaI
S_ A a plM o poort-l on.f -Iagtiit i o--
daeuoilon sod remch .e to' -.ett to
The .U wa- 4. .

l .. nete ... .

The wapl lalrea In The Vulcan : m *niute
oruduciUotL whetreteg et maiden fint res-a .' 41-
drn is onl. on the rawlnBg she. t. ,ivto

"tr yAt5 DunJet
Biltaji has recently take. ot o botlbib .
the secret list the. 'beat yt' Mti seft
bomber and fighter plane in I te the l
Bofld. orT Javelin awseatbf-
th e b et l e f e f ht. '. th -' -.,-

which ban EMMA 4r. JAVEatf
and farther with a fe l .
bomb-load more feomleS: Thj Javelin it tw. orld''it
than any other alrentt etShier4ulta -a
Thq fighter; to ?s-nrtll, two Armngl ga|

breaking it. .
There ere many rile, and te afa
cataav Untt-

they'Are rapidly dIminishing An Enlah j 0
e. au flew froHUTE

have been ya ol^kausll an aver
the law and the pentes for tAnl tt
breakiarngeIt.rl t .

Thke.rei r e mi*any ri ntmarhea
ship o aoCoANwEW.n

he are thrapidlya
a-dmel aorm has ar# flowe- li

htae murB Ie tant d The oae A fre
on g. 4O.tlb .I. t ;-

tT men. Ar *,ftr. 4h4WJY
to a 1*644M .,e )r has &eo,,A 4-0


,~ ,.,,v G,;, e.- _-A.M,.,+,

- .-.

!em community.
*; 'Israel epeli. some day' t wkI
n.the Middle Ea o, But, latwi
bake tfme;'
SThere was Aven "5ipolftwr ta
law in Fprliatnt, where..*
jnqnitq MP tg.rtwktc o-
then Intituti i
is no shame l tdaf-,
e. at home," ..
"Watwe consWder m t
S wie fe t homl agd ag o.,
a lf herg" : .

I t.h .1



.13 "V


p :1


~.. :~

vIv1efir~L~jSD~PQttS~ w~~o4I~4

oStewia, Coro.
bor. oin

Whit iAft!

r his
- had

is p
the I
of u
p the

ice and
on Plant
nd Mrs.
tlr future
tng the
:un em-


SEffective December Ist, 1952, the aflee of fhl JoIft i
I, will be moved from Gambos, C. Z., to Matite s m %-
(l Canal Zone Credit Union, Bulding No. SUI, dhop, 0.
*[ H The Post Office address will be Box M38, afslq, 0. t,-
new Secretary will be W. W. V w e.

Shop around listen to everything else la
town then come to 45th St. No. 3 and
listen to recorded music, as you've never
oy. heard it before.
.' Only superior quality parts used, fully Tre-
l Pa for years of trouble free service.
Unconditonal guarantee. Unlimited selection
of cabinet designs.
An order placed now will Insure
Chrstmas delltery
4:th. St. No. 8
.ella Vista Phas3 -125 asAmUM
IYJIWIM U5IU W B ______________________________________.,___.._______.,..____.____.._

sS S *stirwi will l e r N813. e'* ,
be R Daab are M PO r RTA NT

---- MgWi n x a m D m orn3 .eH
EA.. ... s ..on fttheMMa"a .MneIL TA E PL

-,.l COursseUs Uend rway pr 7 w,
- oA 4e', oe AtSt, peter's "_ De

ca rm n ai b o etwheeo pare t woa u- t*o 'of* *
l. nIUW .: a b*
MBI'. ,.I^moSee t -'tops a U"" e Eu E7
Sfor the lay- nt

to ,. o -. J 'tm. (
faIed .. o cAr. ai;ned- lfatio* fee.[-
rs .ot- aMan",r*id"

P on 00 |o t b. tai.d Pt o .
ivi iNt S 0th a oe -0 1 Aar
to I ,-v.d..n- -A ,ePeter'-

1'ST um,, '. ,c rh.
&, e hWig- by yI ona.'P,

tbs. .ro -ad-. at32no n

o"t hio iibclthed So..a.Yn,, ..a s-__- Zo-ne ."or
fe*a..,*f l seaIA.,,.. Li

L -, ..0 ,
* ro" -'.- iwomn

ler. Pescadors

mown jungle
painted Indian
a-clad women,
eine Man. Enjoy
odile hunting.
fSunday. 6 p.m.
q new dimes.



.. ..........

.... ........ : .

U, '* ",

b, : ..

. _-

- (


1^ RiwmdftrACTO~j

Ro ed A rt lOW h
lalelwrsv e i Hali

a"ON* 1 a sw t .







c4~. 4
- 14~'

v ..... ,

.. I, I-

, Jr.





." ., .' ,..,- ,- ,

Diamond Jim' Loved This Fish

SPILIT OF SOLER Diaemond Jim Brady, nutmeg ft tato puffs and
'baby.peas for a s paty dinner.

NEA Food and Markets Editor

SDiamond Jim Brady was fabu- der, in greased baking dish.
lotis for his diamonds and his Sprinkle with salt, pepper, lemon
appetite. One of his favorite luce, chopped leek or onion,.
Sdises (not only for Friday), was parsley, peppercorns, bay leaf
Pillet of Sole Marguery. and thyme. Poer sauterne or
At the recent annual American chicken broth over the fillets
Sp0eO Trade Association dinner and bake in moderate oven (375
in New York, we learned how to degrees F.) for 10 or 15 minutes,
prepare this remarkable dish in cr until fish is tender. Carefully
,a s3mplfled modern form. So we drain off remaining wine. With
*pass ftal this Drtze recipe, spoons, scrape off any vegetables
Vo cr seasonings that may adhere to
.the fillets.
Fillets of Sole Marguery
(Serves 4-6) Strain the wine or chicken
broth and put in fop of double
Nllht fillets of sole (frozen). a boiler. Combine 2 tablespoons
teaspoon salt, teaspoon pep- flour and 2 tablespoons butter
per. 3 tablespoons lemon juice. 1 and stir. bit by bit, into the hot
teaspoon parsley flakes, 6 pep- wire or broth. Then add the re-
percorns, 1 bay leaf. crumbled, masining butter and cook until
a teaspoon powdered thyme, dissolved. Add heavy cream and
S1% cups sauterne (or chicken cayenne and cook until thicken-
" 'roth), 2 tablespoons butter, 2 ta- ed
bleApoons flour, % pound butter, Place a shrimp and an oyster
%. cup heavy cream. 1-16 tea- on each fillet. Pour sauce over
spoonn cayenne, 8 small shrimp, the fish. top with paprika and
Sbblled, 8 oysters. % teaspoon pa- cook under broiler until brown.
.prika. Note: If chicken broth is used,
Place fillets, ends folded un- *llminate salt.


.W 1 L


a.. t a while ago reading a magazine I found this article, I
5. 15 ib much that I don't hesitate to fill the space of this col-
Af t week with it so all of you will read it very carefully.
*By Faith Baldwin
t Author of "The American Family" and "Whole Armor"
I omethmes ask myself what effect I, not only as a mother,
A; a person, have had on my sons and daughters.
tI WM't born with wisdom, and it didn't come to me with
first child any more than the knowledge of how to look after
plhyslcally. : I-had to learn, by trial and error. I had to
w-up while my children were growing although I had a
ry-year start over the eldest.
"ItRI've taught them anything, they taught me more. I have
S s of my less pleasant traits reproduced, also qualities
to have; such as more courage and honesty than I
ere's not much use worrying, today, about my impact.
'h. have inherited genes which don't derive from me. They
Sre people, and that they are my children is just one little facet.
S Io 1can say, as I believe most parents would say, that I hope
0 t0 4'a been more good than bad. In whatever influence, I'w
S ; and that what was bad, they'll outgrow or discard. Al,
ld, at the time, the best I knew. not good enough, but my
Set. It's a matter of degree as a bowl holds more than a
S uoer, but each can be full to its capacity. Only God knows
V capacity and also the faith, prayer and hope that went into
m at; and too, the love which is, as all love, the earth re-
of His own.

your home as attrac-
as yourself with the
paintings from An-
All the Italian beauty
Paints from the most
tallan Artists!


, too can be a Santa!...
oehsing your toys from the
Assortment in town at

Pfrtukal (UP) A
tuhft ftsr Sprtnkled
of Cartaxo after t
-ae brushed durfg
The planes
after a piece of
lot's cap had flut-
Stown cemetery
fuselage had
I *I4I- m petlas.

Tropical Electronjes
SHOP around, listen to every-
thing else in town. Then go
to 45th St. No. 3 and liten to
recorded music as you've never
heard it before. Only sUDerior
quality parts used.


To have tender eggs, always
cook them slowly, whether
poaching, scrambling, frying or
boiling. (Eggs aren't reaDy boil-
ed, they're simmered.)
If soup is too salty put In a
few pieces of raw potato and boll
a few minutes.

You can prevent tough skins M
from forming on puddings if you 5i
cover them while hot. b
Be sure your pie fillit has
cooled before put on ime t
ringue or the filling wMll rack.
In hanging out- wet, striped b
material, always hang wt bthe a
stripes vertical in case of run- o
ning colors.

Clean porertain with a plce I
of flannel that has been sprin- c
ied With salt.


Wv" a

Keorb Jo SeeS flarrewar Swimai _* C--
-. = = ... ,.a .= S u
"7 ,. .." ": .,', .
I t J r # I -* --\ i .A ,, *- -" y ./ ,, ..'. "- 1

ifextured Jabrics in 4fru^r
a '...-a-. ., t.., .

li 4'

The black-and-white story is told here in terms of back and Ian board boy sports are weos
clothes for resort-and-cruise wear. Striped terry beachjacket (left) coantrt eollir. Both an n
has belted back and big, handy path pockets. Pique bathing salt are by IPrim Sider. hjas
(center) In white has apron front with black linen trim. Checker. shipt; swh! suit can doublel'S a

BY GAILE DUGAS to this. -year's suit compound- achieved by. underpinnni builtn t
NEA Woman': Editor of the narrower skirt bloomers into each garment, to & Ija
and boy pants. The halter girl maie the most of:bher t ftgi.rE
NEW YORK More cover- strap is with us and so is the are on the beach. -' There
ip in swim suits, more dresses plunging back. Teture continued to be en,..i
and suits in textured fabrics There's mqch being made, of strong as a talking poi t- n re- plaid
more coordinated clothes. These the one-plepe look in all resort sort fabrics. Prints frqaephly aces
ire points to watch for in the play coveralls knits in the elas' make the 'pattern, ofte-. look spO
1952-53 cruise-and-resort fash- sic chemise line as well as the nlg like an applique or, like iT- ft
ofis. swim suit. Lots of shawl and embroiddxt d Iace.
Cover-up in a swim suit does stoles and. clever ties provide -
not mean that you'll look like cover-up. for the resort dress. Old faotWts have. newa s
a cocoon. But it does mean The 'giCrl urve she" isto the for the lNS23- eaoun, a ,
hat there's a brand new look pride of one desiIr. It is from' ihe ttie or

,; ". .*. : ,* '-II"
flMee palm j '.. ... .. ..

Jamous JActres 9oes 2eet4 "y -
.. .... ". i-. .--. .. a n, _.. r.,

S.'. ..
**.40'.5- 3

Lilli Palmer rebuilds her strength
Sand beauty by having her dit.
Sner In bed pone or two evenings
a week (above center) Perfect
grooming Is essential to her fastidi-
ous nature. 'Sanding before her
bedroom ntle (above right). the
camera Catches her Just ae'she is
about toW.tut to get a. good view of
her .back appearaee... About to
S.elve her hne w for.a evening of
gaiety with Rex 0 osen, her hus.
band, IIll Palmer wears a short.
dinner gbwn (above left) that is
right for her petite $sre. H1eratile
.W wardrobe is cued to her small sile.
lines. Them ,ae..poor habits
".M-e thatirob _y' wanan of her
word Eve. Woa d *' are care-
with fod u cf an the front
the ew y Palmer thinks.
thbe ,don ,'t .that other
Wnat- t dPM g.0t- view too
that a M ?t ana Judge. .them accordingly.
uray t "I never leave my apartment"
uri -sh.- e ays "without check kinK'g
SNot careuly for a wandering stmoc-
the Ing seam an uneven heel lift
was ,not atray li ne of petticoat"
of beaut .. Bound health is extremely
greater than t to, uty,
Bernhardt, b"t Mimi. AM an
ad tauto a
she worked net.
nearly sirSl IMi JaslaM Vearw

ending wokiAt:
sno t. 'm I
Ltit al
aid t&
'C" Mimsa
t% such ann.s
mauty that nw
"Vat Itn-


,'"- ...-.., ... ". .--"-- ** -- i...- i,#. ', *... .. ': *',.: *''. "* -: '''*
1^.,& ^-^ -^ ,. ".*--',-t.-f^ ^

.--.... '

r ; : .
?.' .. ; _.:,t- --, i a ~

.-... t.: -r




A 4-- I '

..-: 4- '< .- -
rt ,,-'. "... ...- ...... :..
'W-:-'- ...,: -. *. *-,*- .-?
*. 4 1 .u
,; :...- :..; ,^ ,_, "


L, I -


i.' on. ii

* I.
.^:- ,.
.. '. .
.?'. 4








.o .- .. .
.a A. -


4 .'

& '.5.
~UWl~D4Y i~i~im~. -

itr eo the rigs an1. tra-

t r.'.' --Atnd the
-, .
Roberto Ro-
f hundred
aI the Strangers

S, w.A9gela Mendes,
aUd her alster-
I.'bion gs, served
I ... the bride cut the

ell Ii. brti's g awa W.
.n.e was a royal bluia.ul; with
eWild.hasbe paetd white ac
ils nd a -whtte orchid .cor
They left fto. a shott wed
trip tq be spent at the Hotel
-r- Panama and Taboha. They. wl
A retgrn. on December 6 and re-
Side it the Fartan Naval Sta-
he2bbdce nIon.
t' o n Miss Oaes attended St. Ma6's
Academy and has been emplbtyed
t hv the Texas Co. In Cristobal.
Mr. Feeser complete .his educa-
l Of llu- tion in Dayton and has been asta
ya I roa- tioned on the.Isthmus for a year
S withand a half.
ay 0iit Mr. and Mr. Walker.
rover the ciests at Hotel Tivoll
wy I MW. and Mrs. Do0e R. Walk-
carried a er of Asbelle, -N.C. formerly. of
tads and oatiln, arrted-by p01ne SUda4Y
Sfor a. w4w viSlit on th6 Istbnua
aistebr of ard are aieats at the Hotel TI-
pof honor, vo. .

re a ruffled head-
ie ith ba,1aby r-
Dlanda Valle was
itd 'wore a fuchasl
d taffeta sown. A
-h strapless bo
Islowers trim
* balleringsau dr

w"A oas t 6 a r id Socle-
tv wmhill hoX ts regp meeting
at'the Te6il Hoase n Gatun
Mnnoda at 7:00 p.m.
The iethodaf-o tg orchids
by the use of local materials
be demonstrated as a part of the
Members and interested resi-
dents of the Gold Coast are in-
vited to attjand .

Tne Altar Soet.- .-the Coco
Solo NavatlP wBa.,m- men at
9#:MdPc aIQrnUaR coffee

stU ae attd t tend.
",".', ,

Jose M. Nieves who are leaving
'eta Th for the tatee .
Si Thirt st iere present.
... .ed, w.t ip;k, an-f Cub Pa k I An.paluemem t -
Cub. .Pac"c .,1. f Gatu,. will

CrifMas- NW

.. ThM FiOnest Full-Lad



W.*"JUm% p utlw 378

meet in the comment room ot
Monday. All paretits Rtqurgedto
attend and interested fr are

Clubhouse at 1:15 p.m. for their.
weekly duplicate games. Ay~ yIn
terested players are Invited to'
loin the group.
Lasut week's a wnner. WeKe
North and South, Mr. and WLr.
Lynn Cotteell; 2. Mr. JuiuI(,.06e0
tain and Mrs. *oh ra ne.tocI;
Et and t. ae -i adr .a .
McKay: 2. Mr.el4u Lnd Mr
Talen.. *. ....u. Loeb

KIitn 'HIoward' (Wlliam Mor-
ro0W4j5 a-'enthtraitang narra-
tive lbit of American histo-
ry an*1ost iln t.h brief. span
of 'o a .It. 4I the story of
tfh MeH -i t4e%. V. :8 anc Ca-
nadian.snorthwept, a r oau g9h
breed o t. fr'ntBi. people fath-
ered by Eng *i, Frenchi, Scots
and jI* wiethT Indian mothers.
In the wed Rivor valley area
which a otrm'Na Worth Dako-
ta, .and ..nnesota on one side
a .C.Madtan proVince of
Manb!on the other, the-" etis
fought fo: a land of their own.
an in4dipiment repubfc that
existed 'for a short time but was
doomed under the pressure of
greater nations as Canada and
the U1. 8. grew. It is also W story
of a group of Americans who
dreamed of a United States ex-
tending through the Canadian
northwest to Alaska, which
would have cut Canada to half
its present size......
The Disguises of Love, by Ro-
ble Macauley (Random House),
is a novel about a JQve triangle
featuring a psydThology profes-
sor. hi w1ift, a a student who
becomes the mistreas of the
professorr. It .ta d In ,the firat
person bg th polesqor, his suite

son suffers more than .,":wal
from adolescence... .
In Idwal Jones's Chief lHoli-
day (Lonagmans, Green) one
starts out with Florian.: from
his Paris cafe, after a dinner
of plover eggsp duck anotherr
dishes, tt ohelp fteh twqliOens
for a circus. ',
From then on, the reader be-
comes a tartIglpant In a =jor-
ney marked by' three-. our
lunches, blk-hour dinner and
the approplate dr'inkij!fow
Florlan Is a master cief .and
the friends he seeks out ate mas-
ter chefs too.
The meals come camp.ete
with recipes. But Chefa.. Nbil..
day is not a cook book. It- |.,an
epicure's dream, also. a
novel and a delightful one whieh
may be recommended fot all
but those on diets...
It ma y --prt you to leavu
that a porpoW 1i. i a-ter
than a Rowpa ndae A", a a
matter of Wet my banIyt1W -
er than sot people.
This information Is -entln-

West AwISes Sur-

-The coal-rich. Saar Basn e-

J1:.. -

**" '
i'. .- I:

. -

FENWOMEN WORKING at some of- ha idicrafts which will
be displayed at their Xmba Baw'ar, DeceNb5er 5th and 6th at
the Little CG 'ry of the Hotel T..3a. From left. Mesdames
Mildred (Big) Nourse. Pe"-vy lt X .n- (standing) Pat Markun,
Elsie and C ne-,aimpsas.

2d Annual Uri ... as Bazaar

Planned By CZ Pen Women

'On December fifth and sixth ir "Panama Christmas Story"
..P CangLI Zone ranch of the hv Elizabeth .Lamb and Evelyn
t,4ttoni Leap.gue ef American Mnore which will be presented at
Pen Women wil prent Its see- the Hazsar.
.nd casual Chris 1 Bauaar in A demonstration aof holiday
the LIttle Gallery of the Hotel table msttin_- will *te given by
Tix'I.. Preparations for this [rs. Pat Morgln ,whoSe gardens
event have been under way for r among .te -show places of
some*mornths and valued list of the Canal Zone and whosa flow-
rjticlea will be rn dlayY. .,r a=-z.qI z c asses arw. always
RbieerislA de Alemail. one of immepiselYv popUlar .I
t;h.''speel'-mnbers of.the Pen .Tlife will be 5 p'm. Friday and
W066A. ,4.tavMe on dSptay SsindAy.
throuioau the. time of the Ba- In keeping with the opgan for
zaar ai; pleIsl"-Panamanlan Na. the "Bazaar, "It's smart tb 1by
c ento r al art,"' numerous palntirs
e*. and Various hapndicraft temRs u Il
The nhiualento will be of ape- be ureseited.
ciei interest to. newcomers to The Bazaar will be open In thel
Panama: ;hee It Is one of the Hotel tivofl ort Dec. 5 fro.n 4 to
most charming end chsractrerIs.9 p.m. a'd on Dec. 6 from 9 a.,m.
tIp expreslons of Christmas in to 5 p.m.
the Republic-. J_

The naclaento. also occupies!
a place of infpoance in the lit-
ed in a new book published by
the National Geographic Socie-
ty, The Book of Fishes.
Gilbert 0. Oorce, a member
of the National Geographic staff
tells how porpoises are trained
to jump through a hoop, tow
a surf-board, retrieve a ball, and,
do many other tricks.
The volume Is devoted. to 23
species the fisherman ts. most
likely,to encounter as he seeks
relaxation on the Inland and,
coastal waters of the U.S. There
Smuel of interest for non-
sherme t.o.......


1002 1003
o10 4041 FCO. Boyd Ave.
Col6n, R. P.
Inspected by the
Hesalt Department



Toil* Waler (4 oz.)
(also avellble in Old Spice)

3 takes of Toilet Sep

-. -'wrft swirt b
i ,Woiwihker withoutoriui

.f ..I.-



*5-*%- r-c~

Prague Trials Seen As More

To Increase Arab Resenitmeint

WASHINGTON, Nov. 29 (UP). W a a W
The heavily anti-Jewlsb over-
tones.of the Prague purge trials
may be followed by a bigger Red
propaganda campaign aimed at
convincing the Arab nations that
"international Jewry" plans ag-
gresalfth against the Mid d dI re
East,, U. 8. officials said today.
e They said the Communists un-
doubtedly used the trial of 14
former party leaders-ll of them
Jewish in an effort to increase
the resentment of the Arab a-
gainst the Wesatt
Just an the Communists said
Zionlsma-the movement to es-S
r!bliah a Jewlit homeland- had
* threatened' Czechoslovakia, they
imay be expected to make the l.
same allegations. in relation to
the Arab countries of the Mid-
die East, experts here.
The experts say an assay of
the anti-Semitic phases of the
trial discloses this propaganda 5

The trial itself, they believe,
'.as held for another reason-the
necessity of locating scapegoats
for serious economic difficulties
plaguing the Red regime in Cze- 1
They pointed out ththe of-
ficial Communist accounts of the
trials leaned heavily toward ad-
missions by once-top Reds that
they were responsible for sabo.
staging Czechoslovakia's Moscow.
drafted economic agreements
and plans.

Reports received here during
recent months indicate Czechos-
lovakia is suffering serious short-
ages of electric power, food, coal
and consumer goods.

Mercurio knows gems. And we
of price and quality, we'U


s75.oo00 I
.iIaaw3w*3ma3 A*x < I m>

ScI oolmat nearly a eeAty
zo, Mrs. Louisl p. _adn1 OJ
West Lebanon and Gerqw
103. of Bradentor Fla.,
change birthday 're tilngi'g
Iyeer. ,, .

know that if it's a matter
sell you the diamond.




(Haddon Hall Pattern)




(Crown Prince Pattern)







Above prizes will be awarded to the persons holding cash
purchase receipts for $5.00 or over, dated from Dec. 1,
1952, through Dec. 27, 1952, the last four ciphers of which
correspond to the first, second and third prizes of the
Panama National Lottery Drawing of December 28, 1952.



Remember to keep your cash purchase

receipts for $5.00 or over, Starting

December 1, 1952.

"The Most Tlked-Abst Gift Store On The Isthnm"ss




COL, 4;

mesB. aL

loublt rirm Can

. .- ." -- -



- .IJ '.'.--. r --- ~~'~5~?

- v

mz bwft.




* -.



*. .J* .t*-'', "'* i^ ''

THE 5w1az~ur~ t0NaEIanna

.r J T, ,j I I M'

-' ~

Lew is Service
No 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and

Salon de Belieza Americano
No. 55 West 12th Street

Carlton Drug Store
10.059 Meldndes Ave.-Phone 255 Col6n

Propaganda, 5.A. iiin s -
S' Aorrison's Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones ..H" Street corer Estudiate 8 t. a h dltid i AM. s w ". ;
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441 No. 3 Lotterv Plaza Phone 2-31990 Phones -2214 and 2-2798 8:00-Sign On Musleal t M
lude .
8-.8; 15-Radlo Vaselo H V C"4

Huehohl Automoniilte Do you a drinking preenld Gronmlch Santo Clara beach PROFSlI A9L 30-L.o dO
H o-uS O Write Alh olls Anonymous. Bou cottages. Electric Ice boxes. gas. .( .
M.-~. NuMuSte'll c 25 cycle GE FOR SALE: 1952 Mo's Minor 2031 Ameon. C. stoves. moderate rates. Telephone tO0:0 0-X la. 'TenmpD-o
.gerator porcetlin. Under Apt Conserrible, new car cord.On. 2.- 2.-e,6-441 Gambol ts. 4-567 Pedro Mi-
"tI .. Un der 0 0 ree e.rk u saleSPECIAL EXCURSIONS, Ja 6-44 G 4--6" Pedro Mi- AT S .|_ .
L 7. Curunduc ce bo.p imay be pen at house 1Q54-C. FROM PANAMA TO MEXICO guel.- RATS ae 30-N8 tAthO and
R lNog.ce. box.oan Aea. Balboa or call Bel- one way $85, round trip $135 (15 PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages. The X QOUT8T. :11:1S.-P]~S O LON O
00 Q QM d n o aresser d 51000CI boa3 269 or r346. day-limit), $160, good one year); only court in Santa Clara with an 1:30-Musc f
S 0 iing t cble and four rs 4to LOS ANGELES. one way. I49. Oceanview from all cottages. Steps T -O GW I OP 3 l112:00-Tme foar Uf
steel, $20 00; 0 Studebaker 15. round trip 5252.35. 90 day- to beach. Rock Gas, refrigeration, T G O
and four choirs 20.00, wch- Champon Coupe Very good imitPonama Dispatch Service op- barbecue and shuffle board. Pan- .30 al T
ng machine 25 cycle $10.0 condition, radio Will accept .:derpost Ancon bus stop. Tel. Panam ama 3-1877, Margarita 31673. Choir
hone Balboa 2936. c2ar trade Phone Balbo 2-1655. Box No. 435 Balboa. M A R-1.- F F.I .N :00-Jo rtafto
FOR SALE:, Westinghou5s Refriget-,IS your fanmly growing? You cer- AND XMAS SALE: All at bar- Furnished houses On Beach at Santa Rat & Mou10e K0ler :3- afl-. Vet Rev lbow ,
tr 9 u. ft. 25 cyclely need a bigger car. Visit the gain prices. Fresh stocks Philippine Clara. Phone Shrapnel, Balboa 1 :R- & Odue K I er Rcev.A L
Telechron automatic Defroster; Sel Best Used car lot in town. Rattan and mahogany furniture. 1389, or see Caretaker there. (contalna WAR-A I l) .3:00.-Drama and.~ympho S.l8
of 1 Aluminum Venetian Blind5 Autos Elienman Large assortment Chinese novel-
si 148 1-2" x 60" only one ear Net to Coca Cola Bottlin Co ties etc. W. T. LU. 1, 4h FOR RENT GEO F. NOVEY. INC .ao0-whaa our avrt.
old; Three G. E. Electric Clocks. Tel. 2-4966 July Ave. Tel. 2-2446. 6:--QuCst Sta i:iur
25 cycle; Telechron Electric Kitch- FOR SALE -1951 Pontac. De Luxe. DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic. Ho ngC 279 Central Ave. Tel. B8-.1 'al-.- 1 ht" for Living
en Clock, 25 cycle; Electric Fan. Catalina, Hydromatic. leather up- Estudante Street No. 140. Between FOR RENT:-Furnished chalet, all -.retet
15", oscillating, 25 cycle; 10 hoThtery, radio 195i Ford V-8, "K'" and "J" Street. Phone 2- conveniences. Telephone 3- 3324, MODERN U r. Ge notebook sVam N
piece set Philippine Rattan, 3- Vicloria, radio 5616-B. D.oblo. 3479, Panama. Panamardies. TN FURNhTURe 3 3 FUR' dI. O.
stran; Valancef Boards with n- C. Z to FnMR NTUT.e "i0 -eoi ..
Valance Boards for type 218 du.-FOR SALE.-1952 Coddloc 4 Door to FOK RENT .
plex, other miscellaneous item' only 1,500 miles land I don t DARIEN ac perI-Im P- .Phe- a Po
House 763-D, Las Cruces, B.-I. mean 15.000 as a t),pograPhfcal Sponsored by Hotel EL PANAMA ApartmentEEo. As*a 0-4M Cc
boa, telephone 2-3003. Call after error previouslycindicated. Fact1 3 full days. LeaverFriday December "HERS' 1: 0..- Te Orej Story Ever 5:20-What's rour
50 need smaller car and will accept n. 7 30 a.m. Return late Sunday l of- ALH. A R APARTMENTS l A-,h i.-tl -'I
S trade-in OVERALL, 5330.~ Davs. ternoon December 7. Fishing through Two and five room furnished and Te. a-dia O
FOR SALE:-Refrigerato, 9 foot, a tiree. Diabl Bol. ,.. Tl B 6- a A-
R SALE:Refrigerator, 9 foot, ee Dblo. Tel. Ba. 6. the Pearl Islands, visiting with the unfurnished oportmerts; private n-
be used on 25 or 60 cycles. Price FOR SALE:-1942 Buick converble. primitive Choco Indians. spearing closed gardens. 8061. PIOth Street. r
$80.00. Phone Paul Porker, 6- duty pad. $325.00. Leaving Zon. crcodles, jack ght hunting crus- New Cristobo. Telephone Colon
322 Hammer, telephone Babo 235.3. ing up C T- the Sambu river, aboard El 1386. -t-- L S c
SON E Bring old clothes, comfortable shoes. FOR TShiPng, moving.. T e Alarm
aAN 0 nd DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA. We p k and orate or ms
ESTOP WISHIN Vit owne best used .3 glorious days. $45.00 each per- Rooms anything; 'Phone 2-24 1,
Miscel3laneoB c ar lo in town. Ato es on. For reservation phone Jungle Roet h" 'Phone 2-2461, 2.;W- Mfl g t P
WANTED:-Used 25 cycle washing Your dealer, Autos E semmon., next Jim, FOR RENT:-independent large cool 2-262,e PanamL :06
machine In good condition. Ft to Coca Cole Bottling Co. Hotel EL PANAMA, double room, centrally located. sine
Sherman 4.ood condition. F Tel. 2-4966. Panama 3-1660 Busses at door Hella Vista, oner d -L-JOoean G et I
S I 877_4I FOR better bargain in used cars visit or two gentlemen only. Phone 2 -242 i ie:G0---t It
PERSONALS APtos lisee'man used car dealer. Be- See your Travel Agent -3-1081.:0--1 .Chi lf'O f, M e*'
_____ side the Coca Cola Bottling Co. Tel- PHONE Panama 2-I326. TlpoWe will call A. -the R0ord .I
HUMAN ENGINEERING. Correcti.e 2-4966 for, repair, and deliver your radio. 49 Superforts A.a "L .
nr S t d 8 a m t 8 p n e -t t o C o a C o e Bol lt l i n g- 3p h o n o g r a phve l v a'A. R e A o w r e r e c or d f _lo9ke. .r- 1 2 ;N0 1 e-t- O
Adjustment of the Body Structure I LIKE IN Y 19 dv e t pond I rv Th e Recor a o nd 1
GEORGE D. BARB, JR;., No. II away. With a small down payment. ers. etc. Expert American Tech- G at a 1 -- 11p -ther J 1Ba n tdi-A
,.. Seventh St., Tel. 2'3833. Monday Best used car lot. Autos Eisenman nican Btl at uat eay a-mue Tel ,'
S oithru Saturday 8 a. m. to 8 pm to Coc Col Bttling co Travel v;a "AREA," "the Route of (1 black ft as Thatre)
_____ __By appointment. Tel. 2-4966. the Good Neighbor" NO INCREASE To Red Chin
appin .FOR SALE:-1947 Cadillac Convert- IN PRICES!..FREE MEALS AND To Red C.inaI3-M Sei
L a tible. Excellent condition, $365.00 COCKTAILS! One-way to MIAMI. "
r Be Jobs, dow. n will handle. House 1420-B. $67.00..NEW YORK, $111.00 S EOUL, Nov. 29 (UP) U..
Balboa. GUAYAQUIL $75.00... QUITO rtreues from eve -
Bal-bo. $86.00 Round trip MIAMI, $120. group assigned to f he Korean
-4ply 00k AlE:-1950 BuickFordorSpe-groupoassign $1e5480.- o er te a
Sea FOR SALEwio n crBuck Fordr Spe- 60..NEW YORK $208.60 ....theatLre blasted th e doorstep to
0- cial with standard shift only 22.- GUAYAQUIL, $135.00.._ QUI- Communist China the
'P HILAD ELPHIA (U P) G- E mm- O riles, exceptional clean, un- TO, $154.80. BOEING 4-engtne b igge at:nightr ad ot e wari es
ent interviewers at th dercoated completlV equipped. planes. For more details see PAN- night ri oft e "u.-zaai
ea ollsnHoneywel's tindus: Only $1,600.00 withtberol terms AMA DISPATCH SERVICE. oppo- l.
MoybdForty-nineB-29 'd the
dIvIson here say the chanc- May be seen at Albrk Quarters site Ancon Busstop. Telephone 2- twsn cities tof 8;lu d t. A.
ng a t lcq al ditsal 42, or call Albrook 1 1655. on the North Korean ade o tUe (with e ef h)
tter Int athe latter'art FOR SALE:-1932 Chevrolet Coupe FOR the best Buttons Buckles and Yahl river. They hit Red arwb- i t d
e week. engine overhauled, new battery. Belts Custom made from your ma- fields at both cities, a Commun- 3 t 34... '.
duty paid. Telephone Panama 3- ternal. Eyelets in three sizes and a sot headquarters communications 74 ...
e fim said a check of its 0771. variety of shades for belts, dresses, center and a Red army training
Ota here and In Minneapolis FOR SALE -1942 Chevrolet Statior hand bags, shower curtain. button school at UIJu and a military re- 5:20... ar Pa -
s three or four times Perfect condition. holes and hemsttching. Visit us pair base at luiju. ')
any workers apply for jbs Wagon. eat the 'Lux" building, 34th St. It Was the first time UN planeseI fW 6:att 30---NeOr
the first three days of the -180. a324 Apt. 106. had bombed the Uiju base, a 10,- .uitte I :35--What's o T
ek as on later days. FOR SALE:-1949 Chevrolet Con- 000 square foot area housing
After the. early week rush is vrble De Luxe; excellent condi- FOR SALE .1000 single-story buildings. -.
After, the early week rush Is to rao, cream, black top R eturo inning lotS uai d ammt una 60 nDia
iaver, the company said, inter- Must sell. Leanng Isthmus. Phone Msegjaeuipen, i at searchlights stabbed 'at their 6 3 01
iewes hate more time to spend 2-63 Bldg 278, Ancon. I- elusive bombers. They described .f..
wth applicts and "the. bet-FOR SALE9et FOR SALE:-Four new 6 70 x 15suxantLi-aircraft fire thrown up byip a '45-Lo a al
ter obs usually demand longer FOR SALE.-1950 Pontac 8 De Luxe ply tires. $65. 718-B, Prado 2- Red radar-controlled anti-ai-
interview periods." with Hydramatic, W/S tires, radio 211. craft, runs0 S "light to llb nteui '0 -.
and seat covers, 11.750 Delivery A tlu "' iCm isn"
The Interviews said the rea- Dcember 10h. Tl Boa 1446 FOR SALE:-Norge refrigerator 60 Anfig quated Communat e n
son for the early week scramble water 6.00 p.m. cycle, girls bicycle, steel bureau fig at thmde on oneB-20s. II MMo:
]'eome physically and mental- FOR SALE dton. Telephone Albrook 2100. (Ch) 80U0--"
'-f'tiled about the middle FOR SALE.-Deep Freeze, 24 cubic
:o 6f the week, stay home to. rest Real Estate feet, I year old, cln be used on i u s a left the re9:$0--Bl 8a-,Wllste
.Up, read the "help wanted" ads 2FOR SALE S 2 or 60 cycles 250 00. Phone go Ah or the po- 10:00-The
1ti the Sunday papers and light bedrooms ALE-Santo Clarhomde. 2 Pul Parker, 6-322. eft:0-
S et with fresh enthusia sm fornin te. kitchen, large car port, all tile FOR SALE:-Great Dane puppy, fan .i wa the raid 12:00-.lg3. f L
t new job on Monday morIng, floors and bath tully furnished. ,th black mask. AKC registered. s Waisdn which 300
S].~ l~r260 ft. frontage ferc:ed. See any- Phone Balboa 1606.n NIL head. were slashed Tues. --
S .'aterer' Panders tme, 32 Calie Ch.:.. Santa Cla- FOR SALE OR TRADE:-One solid (Up) The United I Nat oln g iwi- ; adspears A.-
S H rs qr call Burkle. Cristobal 3- mahg custom made bar, UNITED NATIONS, Nov. 29J l o ser .
' To His Own Whim S; 1676. upholstered stools, Deep Sea fish- from the salemated KOre offI hewho c
STo is ;FOR SALE. 14 room house, two ing Rod and reel set. Will accept from the ,alemated Kor ead-
Gets Jail, Fine Story,o res-dence top flo.r, store otographicepometti trs or lce teod qulem Nradw Inh7""e
bottom fhor. ,600 meters. No. 17, what have you. 1560-A Colobakh 'me Gdnpralb lebmsof ,o t childen o
A cost can who was hired ~Ith steet Poraque Lefere St Balboa. Th e a pines r omD mit :
IlAs "caterer" by two American FOR SALE .-Frm colie lnd. 33 FOR SALE: Three large stainless Journiment until Monday WSIU Te derives a lot 9"t ...'
Jed wd e aRe-. Las Gu.:. ep. of Pon- steel aquariums, with or without for V. K K rishna. ]R111 O1, i ,-r:e four Can
Friday of "Ctering' to ame. V. Do,.s Tel Cristobal 3- glass. Phone 4-180. of the Idian coomr ace four cewhon
Antonio Jaen, 33, stole a can 2934. FOR SALE:-2 fishing poles with 9-0 trueantions from New a The
Crab meat and a light socket LESS ONS reels, goad condition, $20 00 eacht final speech in O I ea oper-ea
h $1.12 from J. M. Metts for I Outboard. Air Cooled, excellentrean edebaI te -l rt: -
l e w as fin ed $15 in the C ond ,,,on, 5 H .P. $ 100.00. Ac- Th s m th e ir ow n t' 11
gistrate's Court. CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH. Mrj cOrdion, 140 bss good acOndi tion. ac teeIsar1'
e was so sentenced to oeo rca ,ten, ,,Etu-I $75.00. Saxophone. Martin Goldt
t days in Jail for taking dante St 7-A 2, 1-2 block Plated, B-flat, $50.00. Phone Paul a do of 1 e
f t ep a m a c a n o f c h ic k e n from A ,, o G a rd e-,2.I Pla ke r 6 3 2 2.2f rmaleu bl$f.r0pPh o n Od o o, w it h t hee- ,,%m r
bottle of whisky worthP 6ori
SRuth .. U garte Help ORWanted o SALE:v-Minton China wide Palestine. odo so, with the
in~Wnnttedve in ;-gold band fluted edge, brand new. IBi plan W "to Ifntve that he
enta in House 2112 in Cu- wANTED. Mod general h~use- Offer Call. Venezuela No. 5. vide a basis fo" t t 1 funds mc-
San o crLEConsol Ra ns between, the 'h t l tlon feel or
made, cadas Pond. An. .n graph, recorder makes large or Israeli quarters aid ag': dece too
.-,itAnd solution to Sunday C small records playable on any piho- proposals scheduled to be ;M have now
leeNo h 455 d p oub tioed to nda y Crossword Puz- nograph. Dark mahogany cabinet. rented today will not bN D ,1, resaltade
Ste.'No, 455. published today. .3 Yrs. old this Xmas. Curundu porated tn the form of a Man stell wrells
a-_ lution, but will co@dig Of 4..
S MI AVLseries of suggesttuis on bee_.9
Luiet sllse e major problems that
ment since 1946 m"
AL I 1 DEAFNESS PORTLAND, Ore. (UP) of refugees to Jerttl i Shows
TAEEFrank R. Ryan, a transient, ap- territorial adjustmeniet.
peared before Municipal Judge ThS iarsell propeak 3i
LE J. J. Murchison and was fined submitted in con'O (UO-
TN DIRER I20 for being drunk on a public resolution C U -
TI RI AT I CER street. rct rut
NI"E As he started to leave the tbe.,wekl.' by
thing. The Judge asked him What d Demark":
"1 said this is ali a fraep,"I 'azyf
TEN Ryan replied.
LANE. "It's still a frameup," said the dirbet net'US

VIIAAMI Prisoner. leve
L I ETER "Ten more days," said the.tao
J IT TV ARE udge. ir n >
UM I N I "ItG'ssa frameup," Ryanj
", n more days," MA the
UK"" byws N i rease a*"@, r I dding, "Keep talking., e
-.J ,, ,. "ty of time left.-'
.Ryan stcmpel talking, -

L. ,- -- I t.F % I IV

You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classifieds!
Laie $out Ad with one of our Agenls or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panami
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

*" .; -,.. ^\ ^ ^ w r l^ ^ '. .. ,o -. *
V1 :' :,,.-...L ....^-:: ,,^*^ ... ., ; ', ., .. '.' -
,"**Ic W ."~ jy l- r '.'-* t ". ^: ^ : ... ... .,
.;'. ^ ^' .. ,-. .. .*: ,

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),.. 'F.

T PI .. .
owl .,

- I~_~*+~ uJr ~- I ~ ~ ''~'--_


yen Without Help From Naj

d War I Story Of (

Fr Fire OpensAt Lux

-:f++ '. .

way you a0ok at, It, says Ra
m ra Seo abfisn a iorit;
Sdesi hav i s. Th
Hfr.gim I reach .

eingtof"the an s
" add inte- todtv,", wars, hI
stry's t erclamosta
By daenot look at
Sooc sectl6n withe
rtr" wa s s ls about Dl
ywho TraS'.w t'make it worse
a'h vividsingg te ble?"
nd Iaand sMes rW more than
afSSS...s. &SM: h of amlejerking in 2

u ;.but as "isia- know -she's ha-
blMl a beings. S l umbers are
it e S lle d r Ducks," "I
i fltet M* Ed D.i Baven't Got a
Sor ," 'Come On-a My
.oih ,i e*ns Mouse." nTh0ey all designed to
t 't%"starttest a -apping and eyes
der Trt- a-dan *"
fist Iqua- In ran, sema? sems
tIr just ,a hapndpy carefree U
Serl hit tlnes. It Iaomes appf
pe nlrtabe t ito a in co versatlon

So. d derful thin'
haveme se

r I~," y'knbw I"

tt: h r +Starring

r, Vairhanks, Sr.

- ound In Shack

4LYWOOD, Cal., Nov. 29--
.%-.Negatives of films, In
h the late Douglas Fair-
r Sr. starred during his S0-
career, were discovered In
16 of junk In a small shack
Del Mar. Calif.
e dsOvery was reported,'
la* tMianks. Jr. and pro-
r ol-Leeser. who had been
shint for the films to re-
amer called' the 250,000 col-
lb f negatives and sti
i h "the most I-*
flplture-hlstorical -dis-
Sthe century." .
L back was near Rancho
Fe, which for many years
*e property of Fairbanks,

pairbanks and Loesser
collection for POD,-
,sad they would make
I the photographs d
I. 1aable to universities


Nov. 29 (UP) -It
ced todav that IM -
Inc. has iade
-%,,t picture about htr
will be written W
ter of New T4ft
t-ad author olfmty

Soffered hu s

i fICYWOOD, Nov. 29 (NEA)
Seh -bslefk-busting competition
jvRlntif movie thea-
W6subject being
closed doors ofr
I-ity's big money
S- e vi trade-paper
het Sare giving a pretty
ood :dteA of Hollywood's
B1 EPavat Hee's how they

SBMa' &tlowbl' Dither About
Y- L.OTflfee l amp
I- -
aP. ineat*Idot Cd ambia and
h.- 4 c sitR kfimn ffflims
nat Colmhbea CuMname Mwesinxg In
1d .
On The Ieords
1 i "
Alea O fP MM S A
a t
hea in your 1 -
at in nm s wts .fl .4S....a. fn..

Ziggy first hit t1 tous~' al big-
time as a trumpeter -!t the old
Benny Goodman orchestra, but
he has lost none o, h .playing
skill in the interyentn g years.
Backed by other excellent solo-
iss and a fine rhythm section,
Zilgd sets feet tapingg with
sparkling arrangeie o f s
evergreens as 'Ill Get By' "With
SSong f uemXt' "4'The*
of the Betis," "Me and AY
Shadow" and "My Blue Heaven.
Harry James, another' trumpet
alumnus of the Benny Goodmas
brchestrs of the 1930s, combines
his Orchestra with the vocalist
ROsemary Clooney In a Columbia
abR-ma of "Hollywoo4's Best," a
Aeleetloh of eight songs from the
eovi s. Rosemary's. fresh, un-
ed vocal style shows to
0" t advantage on 'You'll

,otel J W4
af-i other. arry Jam"es doe
his Cu conipetent Job.
Jazz record collectors wUil el-
cone "LuneefOrd Special," a Co-
umbta album of some of the
best sides recorded by the great
Jimminne L-ueford orchestra of
the 1930s, Includin "Well, All
flBhst Then," "Uptown Blues,"
Teo Lonese Ro"d," "What's
Your Story, Mornin Glory" and
"White Heak"
Victor's new Buer-Flnegan
orchestra, tops the dangles with
lvely, freahounng arrange-
M en of "When hearts Are
Young" mad ."Midagft Slelgh-
,rte"... Beb-berbeings" ''Wlen
I Dream" and: Street Af-
fair" with Les Baxter's orchestra
(Capitol)... The Four Knights,
aon. okue:. uuartets,
sorew i S 'Ies-Way
Klses" (C tol Josf M
r Mitch Mhe k
un. AM
songs, a b dhe

taBlutefu"lacam hu bt(
aopfer g'strolig It Lover's I el

e uul ;'^Io ,"JaohSow You,"

]to is .. ao I d
Perry C o the F.0talnf
afters alig i I eIw You,"Y
aIth a 0o0M o0, -"M LadyI
Loves to Dance, on theM reverse
side (Victor).

Paramount Plans Bas
Five-Station TV Network
I saw the TV handwriting In
rhe sky two years ago and pre-
dicted that all Hollywood. Its
st*rrs ahd directors would join the
TV gold rush. The rush started
a 'ear ago and now Is a riot.-
& few good movies are making
profits. All others are Iding, mq-
ney. More and more theaters are
closing. Big stars, directors and
ruoducers are being lopped off
movie studio payrolls in face of
sh;:nking studio income.
Now I'll make another predc-
The next year will see a foM-
scale invasion of TV by ALP Wt
major studios. Big budget moviw
will be made for extostin t(ea'
ters and, in the more distant fu-
tare. for some form of pay-as-
you-see TV.
But the big bulk of Hollywood's
product will be hour and half-
hour telefilms that will arrive on.
vour home screens for free, with
sponsors paying the bills.

Deal Arnaz and Lucille Ball
aren't too sure about releasing
the four "I Love Lucy" episodes
that they've spliced together for
theater exhibition. They plan to
sneak-preview the assembly a d
feature for audience reaction.
The "Lucy" title, bv the way,
will not be used.... Inside on the
"James Mason Playhouse" tele-
Slmn series can't be revealed at
the moment, but it will shake
Hollywood when the distribution
set-up is announced.
Red Skelton's filmed show
moves to exterior locations be-
ginning next seaspn. More chanes
for variety. A surprise due this
year:. A new character-a pri-
vate eye who never reveals his

HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 29 -The
flamboyant role of "Miss Sadie
Thompson." Somerset
Maugham's world famous South
Seas heroine; which made an
outstandb* star of Jeanne Ra-
gels on the stage and Gloria
=Sa n on the silent screen,
will, bring RiF Hayworth back
to C1oumbla Studio in a mod-
ernized Technicolor picturisa-
tlon R the celebrated clasb.
LIunching an immediate pro-
duction program as executive
producer apd vice-president of
Colnmbia, Jerry Wald, has dis-
closed he would make it as a
m qdqrdcama with music, with
R Il atng a part he considers
ideallytilored for her.
Now In Spain, Rita will c u t
short bet vacation to s t a r t
preparat os for the role. The
production will be filmed dur-
ing 1095 and presented under
the bannerr of the Beckworth
A male co-star to play the
equally Celebrated role of Dr.
avido now is being sought,
and l be selected shortly
from a% international list of
candidates. This is the part
played by Lionel Barrymore in
the Swanson film. An outstand-
g "name" director also will be
aflounced shortly.


"What Price Glory," Twen-
Mlet. Century-Fox's new Tech-
nqolor version of the immortal
p by Maxwell Anderson and
LAence Stallings, will open
Wedmesay next at 'he Lux The-
atSe starring James Cagney as
Captain Flagg, Corinne Calvet
as Charmaine and Dan Dalley
as sergeant Quirt.
A timeless story of camara-
If'e forged in the flame of bat-
ta "What Price Glory" is the
spount of soldiers who fall to
t their identity behind the
,e drab uniforms which turn-
wd n Into a fighting ma-
i during World War I, and
a te ears hopes and desires
of tbhs, individuals, and of the
romance which some managed
to find even amid the holocaust
of war.
_It.'b also the humorous,
ba1"p4g account of two of the
MOM dynamic characters Amer-
ian letters have yet produced
- "Captain Flagg" and "Ser-
gfeat Quirt" the fun loving,
eath defying professional sol-
diere,who fight each other tooth
Jtud nail over a mademoiselle
-4 ts time to face the Boche
then, arm in arm, they
off to battle.
.The new version of "What
Pris Glory" has been brought
to te screen under the guid-
ing band of Director John Ford,
thp veteran of such master-
as 'How Green Was My
Va~y" "The Informer" -"The
Voyage Home" and "Fort
Apce." Collaborating with
F .an the venture was Sol C.
whose Impressive touch
a been placed on 'A- Letter
Three Wives," "On The Ri-
",and "I Was a Male War
Frd and Siegel were fortu-


aa With A SormeThat C o.d Blowf t
RanU The Worldl

MARIA ANTINEA in Spaish Folklore '
M- blhren *# Reerve General 1

shj4, &!4 ^a a B Souence onluerd'
n .ni l ale o witiive TheUniver..

ICma7B HUNTEN Margnrtt Chlpmaq
and e* r-

Ca -Ieron"

x Uzi m :amO t

VAR WAPES *Shows: 12:L5 3:i4j 5:45. 3:35 Ma


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7:00 9m
p. M.


IkdftsbthlutelaLa BeDhind "Artes y Offleos" 8hoeld

t WOMAN of RaI




Ou r Seri Thrt As Mervury
SIM e ip Zoom Into This World!
with ascMKA CANe

ste. F. f-. Ant-
H OB apa: "TH
D;4Uh1ie R3u. in Bre

It .rrLoI







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. ... ? .- -


. -,.t




r;a :-

I .

5> -

;r, :

L~~-mT- IC~-~~UJ J ~

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., i
(UP) Producer Sta K
mer said today he will go
with the filming of "C .
tiny," the Herman Wo
away best seller of the
the South Pacific du
last war, even If he d I

get clearqnce on te screen pla
from the Armed Forces for mea
than a yeWr.
His latest treatment of the
controversial novel was elect-
ed last Thursday.
However, Kramer, aftezi 4 ao-
ference with a Navy spokt
said he saw no "Inaurm
obstacle" In the way of a
play "satisfactory to th Ws
Kramer Indicated he
ahead with the filming tI
months even If he does not
Navy cooperation, although
would be deprived the weft.
personnel, equipment and
which would make it .ap expsl
sive proposition.
Kramer, meanwhile h
shelved the "Circle of Fir t '
starring Barbara Stnwyck
the actress was
signed to co-star
Cooper in '"Blowing ," to
filmed in, Mexico starting

4ate In obtaining the seryle*
of James Cagney, last seen I*
"Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" a&W
"The West Point Story," ta'
their "Flagg." Corinne
recently co-starred with M
and Lewis in "Bailor Bewc.
supplies tht ideal Frenchi M2 I
en, "Charmaline." Dan l e*.
the versatile actor-slnger
cer, last seen in "The Pride Ct
St. Louis" Is a natural for the
garrulous "Qulrt." .
Dalley and Ms Calvet c
elaborate on pair of nw oS
by 'tunesmithe Ray Kvae
Jay Livingston whie the film
Interspersed with.the strains L
"Mademolselb. Armne
tiere;," "Oul, ," e I
perary" and Cassone
Rolling Along."

i 1 .... II I




-. .-, *1


Navy Beats Army 7- O

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 29 (UP)-Navy's rug.
ged football team marches 66 yards in the opening
period today wtih Phil Monahan smashing over for
the score and defeated Army 7-0 for the third
strpioht year before 102,000 at Municipal Stadium.
The Middies. with veteran I tackle for 45 yards where a
Fie-I nnco)3i inelg 144yards in touchdown prevented only by
31 rltes. dominated and at the John Krobock's taiV' from be-
fmiuh hld l he Cadets backed to hind.
lthlr n1' n cr'l line Time ran
)lit irlih ihf Tars holdira the Monohan. a 180-pounder, drove
rt-ill onl mil"ch from the goal through for 18 yards, putting the
Na '., .ininin drive came af- ball on the two Franco ripped
ter Arm. staged two earls in the line twice for one yard
stands. oine wrestine the ball and then Monahan took a hand
frrnm ttie MIdshilpmen on the one off from quarterback Bob Cam-
ard line and once halting An- eron to go the final distance.
nopolis dn the 15 But on the Ned Snyder converted and Na-
Sthird drive. the Middle- weren't vy had a 7-0 lead It held all day.
to be denied. The spectators included PresN.
They shook off an offside pe- dent Truman who came up from
', bhrole Franco loose over Washington by special train.

Pacific Little League Tryout

- Attracts 54 New Youngsters

t' The Pacific Little League lni-
tial trout yesterday morning at
t lf An.C'i Laundry diamond at-
tracted 51 new players who par-
tfdlp % Iin batting and fielding
drills oce: a two and one half
hour period.
The next workout Is to' be held
next Saturday morning at the
Ancon Laundry diamond with
the 8. 9 and 10 year olds report-
N Ig at 9:00 am for practice The
11 and 12 year old boys are to
Sport at 10:30 am. and work-
ou until 12:00 noon.
The following boys turned out
yesterday Leonard M. Brock-
man. Jr, Gene Fraunheim;
Ralph Edmonson; Jimmy Mar-
shall; Joe Trower; Stenhen
B. tBaudry: Bill Rigbv: William
.Cirkland; Jackie Hernm Dickie
'PAiP -t- __- -

I ONE-Bernice R Ballance
.plays a 56' -pound channel
s caught at Cape Hatteras
Jring a run of the big copper
" duties It is one of the larg-
landed from the surf along
Atlant.c coast this year. The,
Sexton, N. C, fisherman used
mullet for bait. (NEA)

Hern; Frank Stewart: Danny
Hatchre; Chas. Bradshaw; Hugh
Harvey: Robert Bowen; Robert
Brandon; Tony Womble; Fred
Hunter; Leo Dehlinger: Tommy
Orr; Timmy Greene; Douglas
Crook; Stephen Gorham; Jay
Bird; Jas. Phill; John C. Pear-
son: Ted Stevens; Ricky Ste-
vens; Robert Flumach; Franklin
Bright; Albert White; Walter Al-
len. Jr.; Jack Blaney; Randy
Colclasure; Jas. Crane; Kenneth
Pearl; Ronald Pearl; James Wil-
son; Jeffrey Kline; George Cam.
by: Jas. Ward; Robert Corrigan;'
Jas. Pederson; Billy Snyder;
Bobby Boatwright; Geo. Little;
Jas. Potter; Russel Potter; John
Hallo; Thomas Malla: William
Hamma; Victor Putaturo;
Charles Denton and William

VERY "DOGGY"-"Ni c k ie,"
pedigreed dachshound, models
the very latest thing in canine
adornment for dogs with wealthy
owners. A rhinestone-studded
collar and a black stin dog coat
are just the thing f6r the "dog-
about-town." Nickie was one of
several doggy models who re-
cently wagged their way through
a fashion show held in a New
York restaurant.

Always Ask





Football Results

Navy 7, Army 0
Notre Dame 9, So. Cal.
Georgia Tech 23, Geor-
gia 9
Fordham 45, N.Y.U. 0
Virginia 20, William &
Mary 13
Houston 33, Detroit 19
Tulsa 26, Texas Tech 20
0ennessee 46, Vanderbilt
Rice 20, Baylor 14
Texas Christian 14, S. M.
. U. 7
Louisiana State 16, Tu-
lane 0

Cott. Gottlob

(Cotton) Gottlob gained 299
yards in his last game for Sam
Houston State of Huntsvle,
Te;., to establish new natiMal
collegiate individual seasonal
offense record, 2470. The old
mark, 2400, was set by Drake's
Johnny Bright two years ago.

Juan Franco

Mutuel Dividens

.i ~~w7*M~'


Tr1 iumph Is Third In Row

For Middies Over Cadets



1-Sin Fin $7.60, 4.40, 2.80.
2--Cafaveral $6.20, 2.80 I
3-El Maflo 2.40
1-SUenclo $6 2.20 1
2-Araucano 2.30
(Villalba scratched after threw.
Ing Jockev before race). Flst
Double: (Sin Fla-Silenele) 1A.0
(Sin Fin-VUllatba) $6. i
1-Golden Tab $9, 3.60, 3.60
2-Winsaba $3.20, 3.20
3-Don Jalme $3.80
One-Two: GoMlde Tap-Wink....
ba) $32.60.
1-Malaya $1140, 4.40, 2.40
2-Luck Ahead $3, 2.20
3-La Negra $33.
Quinlela: (MaayaLcdek Ahead)
1-Bedlam 5.60, 2.30
2-Turf Lode a2.20
1-Rosarlo $.40, 2.20
2-Baby Ro $4-0, 2.60
3-Apprise 2.60
1-Pampero II 1$8.8, S80
2-Levadura $4.60
Second Double: (XoswAleeitan-
pero 1) $23.
1-Rechise (ef $y I.,, 1,.40
--Alto Alegr' (e) "
3-Mon Etolle e2.80
Qvlntela: (Heelase (e) M S-
toile) 312.60.
I-Chablis $440, 3.
2-Rathlin Light $5.4'"
One-Two:. (Chabl sR4athlin
Light) $1. .

2Manolet 0

A. Antough =e aXSIM&,
utaMe, forbid tornimr
o nday5 at Yanmkee 06d4
and the NAtional Lague re
it sitf the ar es on a
yfrl its pukl s ,C t

eOnd be teamed at athe
dlam dumtnr tg 6 lei
'VS ee ain, DodgergPWap
she taot Series, the qfair
turnd en when 'e Me w

Q. One of the south' ._rdse
!oifbt football serei. Ie betwe
abaima and Tenneee. Whli
has got the best of it ever t
ea*n?-oTrevor BarktlaS,.
A. Temnesee won yes
G -ou, -. but 'Baa d lea
tOtalwvitodes, 17- S fet
9el. The modem f Ong %ean
beak am 131. The Ipl: -meat
Kane,-of i0. Bts eoffi=

iAs tof ape|taedw ua




e -I
sue4 i

* F
~-4. <1

~., ~-4
- *ftjs p*~k

Ford Bk With VYa-t P

After Twb Years At hir Ol

Nov. 29-'Ita Wh with
do r foolish, to start in e .'tbe .d
making 'uesses this lar in adSthe ,-b Jn bath -M& V
vnce, but Casey Stengel can't vCo. ;.
help but start plotting andtTI" kid loe teB Al -
chiet;lfg fo next season. Ibaton to 1"0 alW
te o Fiord, the cool and clev- th Takse s dO,..M
r tletft-land pitcher, has w% hib record wt T -
sverPd relations with the Ar- W n ad 4"l"
my, and you know what thtWlty. "' ,, i.
mean t the .ankees. He should "YOU lot 1" e e
be tremendous help to a staff" ie td W
wh three most reliable per- rl-e W 0 aIla ?
tom a.- AlMle Reynolds, Vio "os.were~ daysi
RaschI and Eddie Lopat are tt -
approaching their mid-thirtles. I
Yet as far as anyone can fo_- S J will repot S
see, prd 11ll be the only rei t.Petterburs
enforcement of consequence the ."To work ,ff
World Champions Willget. Much he explains. -".'-1 n
depends on the youngster re- fivepounds8 o h. A-
ta ing the sharpnesshe show- Is fine, but 'I
ed in 1950 when he rose from I the Spring. The
Kansas City to win nine stral ht tant to be sule : VOW
for the Yankees and beat the my staff.
Phillies in the World Series. 'The curve M S,
Whitey Ford, 24, was a radar litbh. MTh WWt & A 6M10.
Operator in the Signal Co me rm. pictreotft- ^,lg
kept in shape pitching for Fort L I
Monmouth, N. J. aca" 0
"I played 120 games durng Yankees behind me? Th -
the two years Ispentt In service is thT
he relate. "When x wasn't Y gi a tells ..
pitching, they had me in lft walk 5a bd .4em ;t.
outfield. We played nghts -and I n ee t0r1A.
Sundays. ball to theL t
Without extending him em l O the.t rt-Of or,?m
against I compti l he fini,esa a t e
time the -Tsaub were bttling
f'down tn stretch for the 19
1 wwe tight," recalled E
1 CaMe. "One day we're In
front, the et day in sed,

dQtUoly after sTiftOtc JaCk f'l 1comfor'lgb to Wi-n
ta puthebll la Tmie-us idp in

te t now that Whtey w
Answer: There muua be a one. For'MI be -back to help p
second jauas. Violation costs 15 Yanki In a bid for their h
Tards. nta rt World eChamps;ahip upoi Wo

Q. Tes Int possible to have atie blood even den- t
tame in the World aerles?-Joh .- ti te es by peu v
Vamein cent. ,WorldSeres?-eJohnl-y *ea ts w
A fth..wl 4 .. -f l

* -.S *~

rs YO4
': _-. 2

4:30 to

ery s. or
. ma~m *f-

V ..1**>*'fV .^" ,*' *T >.a~ 'i *,p > ^ 1 *
f:-:-. h--4/*..+sab. .4*-4
.,. *., : *

.'.. ,. .f. .-

- .1K- j ., .
--K*** ;' .
top,^ *;!* .

. : p.'

- .., :^'- -.. '


a .A "" .

S -.

5. -$..~~q



*.- l. 'l *.. '
J.. .;. : '... :- f

. *^ .. ..
.. : .',* ':. ..* :" .!-.
V-. ,/, ." .-; .'' <-
,-* L .* _-,* -; :
, f_.-. ,". -
,-, o *-:: ..k.-:\.
i-, -^.- >." 1 -. ., .
!.:.; .'. ," =. ..=., .




-;. .









:.' :"

I Oi,


952" vp



'* ---...

S P i



California's Att

rd after




my ON
and Ac
wte a


and Bottled in Scoland



S" Oi f, fl te an lM a ce. Ltd., aIsmew, n laotle '
r Dtgbuors AGENCIES W IOS .
l K- d No. 14 Cetral Ave. -a L TeL
iwtaven of h% Two, fttow


A.L FY to COSTA RICA- $35. t..o -sA .

*.. ,MM-uViaCkfttCh Only $93. $tSG" .m
:Mr41 & m tt il f lig d -se- amew nor your ee

"..+" .-- ?135. Io cm 'S@ $135

...a -"
.a .' '... AF. N.0 .' --

.a ,+ ": : '- w~ .

No doubt you are going home or

the Holidays.. BUT

Time is getting short,
Space is getting tight,

Let us handle all the details of

your Christmas trip...NOW

No. I "B" toot, Opposite National Lettery
Phone: PanamA (1.2) 2-tS



. ............. .....,.. .:. ; "''- ".. ..', "

'* /


.. .. .. @W LN.fIO l1 Ie thanMeoO
e. -4

t -. ........By HARRY GRAYSON n ,
101 019MLeam Ig Meajor The 10 leading bowlers of the NEA portse editor t .j ;
4i9ne a l den, league are ow: NEW YORK, Nov. 29 (R A) -What sort of a golfer is i Pre do g
s .T Aver. dent-elect Dwight b. Eisenhower? ..,
th $4t.-Stempel & Sonn Colberit (A) i97- T.aLie any good player, General Eisenhower has dem ontra e ;
el their lead in Balr (A) 17- that be can't watt until he sets to the course. 4
oing league ast Coty (A) 1he42
t oall theo wr o on () 1 1801 Ed Dudley tells you about Ike's game: e
0rtrale ()-M .W -. i73 8 .. "His high scores are due more to his ae kn ee thal
Son the Da la rl:MaRSter IE ) M -thing else. He hurt his left knee playing football at thel i
Se ) her 18) 1 1o tart Academy. He favors the knee li his downswin don ,
eoatea ~rur (S) 185: get goodd pivot, but at times hits the ball 225 ytd*.
toaoki tt6 games but The msco An res of the matches "He'llshoot 85 one lot of courses" rota tough as the Ai
d .pr o 741pin fall for Tuesday night: 255
a a nts, with MBAP N BOtionaO.
tD du. whit l l. ..phyna ouerm S elects 1s 0 G'deneral Elsenhower comes through best when the chips it-

e a ter son. MheWSDamto han 1 1785 16 59 1 "The things that impress me most Is the way heplanys

.et 17hi oe 204 15 t h clt hd i th bri -4 1n ed
wain h ne eers Damlan J. 176 158 1g2 eight Iron Into the green and wedges out of trapS. That's
S'ithe ll hi r m lorta- "Ike goes abouthis game determinedly He addresses t
Ss s907 856 743 2506 ball carefully. whams away with all he has on tee shs.

% 5scCoe Andrews 217 180 194 .61 Genera EIe's scrces drage from alth oufirst t
851ou845n85el2555rhasyscoredwantsort ofa at Au feusta
0Ontadjae s ao y s ood, the Atlas Max R. Stempel h&So n h-s"Yorkwhantevell ItIs. Thre om we wa thewhp Jo utb h ist w 4

SClub teaMb ed the Fuerza Wilber 18 102 16 58 21 h d o he ti, r m e wy e e

OSir 2 I op Imen 1 !It&'manooro serr i h e e 20 22t 1 0hean
A oil "ith a ovint vc- Farnsworth 156 ha4 17 250 And rve never t seen ane whe G eral wade abo tBa
IoHClub InFr enenh14e4r.48 d1
-hthirdptee e ,the wagsd "r8106101 '8t6 ie doesn't get rattied In the clutches."
ONSII FB t Ofsho31ttotaeRtaskin d .ow Cotpon Bowl-bound;r n eI 11,.

0 "J a b~.unitt o Fhred te n uersa 182h11 5u "o ..General Eisenhower started tang the alm h. fist fuo "

Fliers"r Th. o- o 168 156 1 2 d0 5 hv tabn shirt, tan cloth ha with the brim turned .
lorr3 17220414452 tah rbet and dark brown spiked golf s hoeis.w "
wlntth .rIlke 3 9 491 There was practiee at blastinga ndlputting atheUi
39 ft-3 n ", -2reie under the Instruction of Big Ed Dudley, the Nation
S1"qw ho ,- l0 b.ladO. onal who has given Generaltie senbower a numbnerr+ i
1for9 -!.','-Onel of Ike's three practice drives from the first tee
'.O56 3 aort 245 180 1 94R9-
Snow 147 eo.e yards. There was a tune-up roqd With Mar
A" I's toalookanow D nMWheeler 185 3 172 00L
.ao tpitoaa JI 5t bo oted a fo tea o01 1 1 7ld. owethead of the National; i.iam. Rbo. NewY
ex..r I nhe25.72 AR"t6tca O. "I momse5ttoatieforIT 04tat per executive; and Dudley. When the ae
atOtLyuteaht oS L 1 gonte Bale 164 27 222 ai-o the next day, the General was uaaout
e wat kt ". 3. He parred four holes. Later he did 4 .4 w
-nall$0-o"wwhat kind' of hi bylanon' SENTATIVE DEFENDS NATIONAL
1 shtil& get- Is .certahs ed' ..ower6p Frozen Foods
i,1TMo.blanon 199 188205 181 52.General Eisenhower didn't use a set of Bobby Jon. s
Ub." Lt let. ff5 f I I1amison o69 151 190 510 wh9c the Grand Slammer presented to him. He started w -
t4 a o.d. ,v oulrtlkes.ina-dn tcnfinal match of the 10mer 12 135 141 438 lighter ones to tune up for the Jones stcks. "My butaron

"a";saidoao 'tgoL*cals5throughwithha
e1-4lould take15,It.knoro- Preaho 17 8181 210 509 have been made with Bobby's clubs." he explained.
too ., foom llownt oto' ay .8with- 8-2 3-2631 gested be created just off the No. 10 fairway. Isarts *
Out limb differ tofolle.-'byJSadywith.556 covers three-and-a-half acres. 30 feet deep and stocked.Wit
t o.rqcam"Gn Jack Law- bass and bream.
eed. 'You ,. I, Ros Co, Golf World points out that the voters on Nov. 4 set. a
c -_ae t ofo, the t 195149 2246 538 eraaccomplIshed golfers to Washington.
hm. ?aCY rt 178 184 178 540
.h ,,.185 127 120 132 at 47 the oldest
drO0. A Adogp in ...arl I in ,18' 166,5 25th, it*
lime. b he's. eo.wbhee hisWEI c L .792.13
%.4 Ai23 .
2V1.90 I 0 10 59105 AT f h1vAMUA AVENUE
u kn t hat to look anom am Male@ 172 181 143 4M6e
khave'Lrealst-a o 25 23 :113me4er 13 8 169 4B1 Prescott 'i -bliM, wquelected to. the SenbW'
e ) it cmlllI can half measure up, you'll stil7461# AU Signal 17 31 Eady 182 172 202 556 ofnthe Un1itSteA e A i6.-tInt I 1 lastyer was
ans of. Merbiffs4raveC h lot of fuh.w H. L io-a Cb. 14 4 877n4
fa I eI have a 17 915-866.2596Senate gained A lorida's hold-over
nl t'. e cratic Apetor, Is neaset"tog6eK. On the othr hash,
n* finest P1&3q CtL5r 1ofth.l5
e 8 t 159 500 country clUb .st-mp
ti tenrlase 166 205 179 540 x -ted
'lt -tse ". .!'"182 165 193 50
so, asw of point sout, at either
Bi6 904 841 2564 of Pennsylvi hveniae,.F .',

Awi,,on M_ cotnue. t so

-. ..~ I. -

- ,. ,'r .. -., ,,'M

* ^ ; i '^- .;

. ..'

Navy ...... 7 Georgia Tech. 23 Fordham..,. 45 Tulsa...... 26 Tennessee .,.. .." .,. 20
rmy .. .gi Texas Tech 20Vanderblt... ... 14.
Army...... 0 Georgia..... 9 New York... 0 exasech.. 20 .. 0

'7 "'-.'" *--''." ". Ii 't a.

3' '~ .

Ameri can
"Let the people Aknoti tf.- truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.


US Moves To Strip Ex-ltalian

Gangsters of Citizen Papers

WASHINGTON. Nov. 29 .UP', successor to -gambler Frankj "I'm Mr. Luchese. I would The elusive Luchese had lit-
-- The U S. government took Costello as boss of the U. S., like to see Mr. Frohlich." tie to say personally today and
the first step today toward de- underworld, was served papers The attorney telephoned U. S. disappeared shortly after the
porting two underworld leaders in New York aimed at stripping Atty. Frank Parker in Brooklyn legal papers were served.
Faith undesirable connections., ihim of American citizenship, and told him Luchese would a- The Justice Department des-
Thomas Three-Finger Brown In Washington, Atty. Gen. wait service of the denaturall- cribed Ricci, who, it said, is
Thomas Three-Finger BrownaJames P. McGranery ordered a nation papers. generally known as Tony Go-
Luchese, reputed millionaire denaturalization suit filed ml Parker notified the FBI and bel. as a 'former partner" of
federal district court in Brook- three agents went to Frohlich's Luciano and a "close associate
lyn. N, Y, against Anthony Ricciloffice where they served the of racketeers in the East and
Described a a former partner papers. Middle West."
of Charles Lucky Luciano The denaturalization petition
The government' wants to is based on charges that Lu- Denaturalisation proceed-
send Luchese to his native Si chese did not disclose his entire Ings are the first step in de-
ely, the place to which Luciano criminal record when he ap- portation of Ricci to his na-
Swas deported l several years agoo plied for citizenship. The 52- tive Italy.
Luchese.tobject of a widespread year-old garment manufactureri The denaturalization petition,
J search, came out of h hiding to- was naturalized Jan. 30, 1943. expected to be filed tomorrow,
edayr, accepted the papers and Luchese's surrender was ac-will be based on charges that
disappeared athe pa companled by a complaint fromRiccil obtained his naturaliza-
Si FBIds agents, and U. mar his attorney, who said the gov- tion in 1944 "after making frau-
sals had been searching forernment 10 days ago refused dulent representations as to his
sL uchesde since Noc. 1. w hen Luchese's offer to accept the place of residence and as to his
% a Lhe gnoerSnent began denatur~n papers just as he accepted them activities."
.. Se. .o vernment bTganedenatur-atm sidR ^ ccl
alization proceedings against today, The department said RiccI
ion. proceeHe said tha federal offi-denied specifically during the
Make checks payable to Toda he rolled into the calls were looking for "cheap naturalization proceedings "that
Make chFor Freedom. Chasyable Na-office of h attorney, Lui s D publicity" and that Luchese he had been engaged in gamb-
tional Bank. Balboa Branch. Frice o hch, and said: n was publicity-shy. ling activities during the five-
tional Bank. Balboa Branch. Frohlch, and said: U. S. Marshal Eugene Smith year period prior to naturaliza-
denied Frohllch's allegation. He' tion."
said his chief deputy, John The department noted that
> Ford, talked with Luchese's at- Ricci was among those ques-
\ tornev twice on Nov. 28 but tioned at length by the Senate
/ /I ... That Frohlich had told him he Crime Committee, headed by
/ couldn't locate Luchese. ISen. Estes Kefauver. D-Tenn.

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Helen Keller Duped

Into Endorsing Red

'Peace' Conference

NEW YORK, Nov. 29 (UP?-A
spokesman for Helen Keller,
deaf and blind writer and pion-
eer in aid to the handicapped,
said today she apparently was
duped into endorsing a "Com-
munist" peace conference to be
held in Vienna next month.
He said she had withdrawn
her'offer as soon as she learned
that the conference was Com-
munist sponsored.
A dispatch from Vienna to-
day said the Communist news-
paper "Der Abend" had printed
a purported message from Miss
Keller to the Congress of the
Peoples for Peace which said:
"I am with you in your won-
derful movement with my whole
M. R. Barnett, executive di-
rector of the American Founda-
tion forj the Blind, with vhich
Miss Keller is associated, said
Miss Keller had received a let-
ter, date* Oct. 16, postmarked
Prague and signed by Jean La-
Fitte, secretary of the "World
Council of Peace," asking her
to attend the conference at Vi-
enna or to send a message of

Barnett i
sent a mesi
be unable
send the re
He did n
her cable, b
have inclui
ted since it
al reaction
peace move
Barnett a
on the cou


On two o
ed a total
ing the aft
Balboa Ma|
was found
on Tivoli A
Ing to exhl
i of .napectie
A taxi-dr
41. Panami
ing without
For loiter
in La BO
phenson, a
nlan was fti
Jamaican w
grancy in B
Two treso
guilty. Bed

da 4, ftbl
is lvn&JA

received by Miss Keller from
Paris, dated Nov. 14 and signed
by the council president, Fred-
erick Jollot-Curie, Nobel pri z e
winning French physicist and
an avowed Communist.
Barnett said Miss Keller's
companion. Miss Polly Thomp-
son, became suspicious of the
movement after receiving that
letter and brought It to Bar-
nett for Investigation.
Miss Keller on Nov. 21 seat
the following cable to Joliot-
Curie: and to LaFitte, Barnett
"Regret. Have learned of po-
litical complications which
Oblige me to cancel my prom--
ise of writing endorsement of
movement of World Council of
Peace. Helen Keller."

'30-Year War'


said Miss Keller had
sage saying she would
to attend but would I
requested message. ROME. Nov. 29 (UP) The
mot have the text of kidnapping in broad daylight of
but said it might well "Prince" Glullo de Marco of imN-
ded the phrase quo- pies and 'Supreme Pontife" Ser.
would be her natur- glo Esposto of Rome threatened
to any bona fide both cities today with another'
ment. "30-year war."
said a second letter Beppe Glustolisi, "Prince of
ncil's letterhead was Zammarra" of Trieste. immedrla-
telv sen; a contingent of gue-
The rrillas to aid the Neapolitans
These are the first episodes of
student horseplay in connection
ges Bench with the annual enrollment of
SiItalian university students, call-
ed "Goliardis." .
Some of their practical jokes
charges a 21-ear-o last year were so outrageous that
charges 21-year-ol this year the police have been
f bus driverwasy duin- ordered to arrest anyone causing
of $20 yesterday dur-a disturbance, in contrast to
ernoon session of the other years when policemen
gistrate's Court. "looked the other way."
pu, the defendant, Enrollment for this course be.
guilty of driving a bus gins next week. Usually the ri-
license, and for fall. valry between the different Ins-.
bit a valid certificate ttutions or localities are seenin
bit a valid certificate, the streets more than a week
river, Jose Israel S.ols, before enrollment ani student
irn wJso was dra-, rowdyism, lasts up to one whole
anian who was drIv- month, like last year in the- "0.
t a license was fined; e a a s inot "3 d
Sa license was fie ydear war between Verona and
ring under house 106 Florence. ,
Dca early yesterday
Vicente Brown Ste. Ponogra Film
30-year-old Panama.
ned 0. mith. Showing Tonight
was fined $15 for va- Panagra will show its one hour
Ialboa. long film "Round South Amer-.
passrs in the Balboa ca" tonight at I in the Balboa
y annex were found Room of Hotel El Panama.
t de BDet, 4-year. Thi setauar travel tilm in
Ian wa fined PS and colors wilt-bew Ik
oria Cordas de P 4s0 :W'ad da -
uamanian was flnt P ,V M, atl p1b
.S... ._, :

acquainted. Panamanian Judgg .re.Invited yesterday mornm.
Ing to the Fern Room of the -T)vo H0tel to meet new District
Judge Outhrie F. Crowe ihforinalp. The legal rinds' discussed
cases involving Jurisdiction by both Panama and the Canal
Zone. Shown left to right are public defender, WilliamS .
Sheridan, Jr.: Balboa Magistfttet Judge Edw.d M. Altman;
District Attorney Rowland K. .IHaard, Panama's Asst. Distrtet

Red Push May

End Stalemate

In Indo-China

MANOI, Nov. 29 (UP)- Long
years of hit-and-runt struggle
against Vietminh Communists
in Indo-China appears to be en-
tering its first new major phase
since the French pullet back
front the Chinese border in 1950.
Even the most optimistic
French observers do not try to
conceal their alarm as three
crack Vietminh regiments pre-
pare for a crucial assault on
tiny- Na Ban a fortresi-town
117 miles west of here. "
There is good reason fdr wor-
ry because a decisive victory in
that country would leave the
way clear for a Red advance
southward ito the State o0. 4-
os, and might lead to a giant
flanking movement to strength-
en the Red threat to the Ha-
noi delta.
The new dry season offensive
was. the long-awaited Vietmilnh
answer to the stalemate which
the French command has main-
tained carefully 'since the 1950
withdrawal from Cao Bang, 15
miles south of Red China.
Crushed by the huge cost of
six years of "dirty war," the
Frenqch r expected t. build
up tit* outside contribu-
Itons in iapower a force
strong though to drive the Com-
munists -bck north. But they
did" hope-to-keep the stalemate
goil tdefipitely uftil t he
tren of world'events would de-
efd -the Issue -one way or an-
other. *e .'
aewk the real. strength
of $ .'.ftanco-Vietnam, Ar-
my ..'t concentrated in
'a *t .fmnettr around Ha-
noti a .the rich ricecrow-
Ing d4tL of tle Red stiver
on whish the city stands.
Ottem : the "perimeter, they
1" .vita utaed only slight-
ly e-oatposts. to- keep
UW*t s 'ba o the Reds.
.Owgtothe stalemate, most
of .of the past two
y-tien guerrilla com-
aulprea. Occasionally
.lave launched fly.
*t. 14to Vietminh ter-
rtry t# raioy 'arms dumps,
pof ements, and
thewn rftFut %Ws.
WbhT L- iTtminh pressure on
outlyg'"' suench observe a-
tion j become Intense,
the V* OW4Vtetnaln forces have
wIthdtl m and continued ob-
servMtfii ftom less hotly con-
__ -.-:L

year's battlee"
bo one of theu
bdrawal f ro
March resplte
t enemy assaal
Ily mounting red
observation pt
of Hanoi, lhis
i sally, 45 mile
terrltcry at Pht

1U "-


The New Ca t

Brownell: tat
,,-. '..

* A. ~ 4
-w .~ats$1r, -

By NEA Service "
NEW YORK Nov. 20 -Out
from the wings, onto the -cen -
ter stage of government ser-
vice, steps Herbert Brownelt. Jr,,
Present -.elect Elbqwer'
choice aor the post of Atr
General in his new-ftb
POP many. ye, Browne
been ans expebackbtag Mnl
pulator In the Republleaa
. He Was Pmar
as.Dewey mand
cagp conventiihkI, -'
Dewey backeir r I n
nell played & le:a Iwnrole"
getting the b ps lion for.
In fact, be.V .j redite4
devising the asufheaful' -
lay" tactics at *e oonvent
t = de .

Brownell's. iMsA -
'also was a- det t f
He has a way wtl s "i*dt l W
though he' is nor itly a
'man. But when he *$ confrut-
red with an on-the-fence des- 'tlues-thtf
gate, Brownell can usually be -SS'eweyi',-w' 4i9
amazingly convincing. e@ 'W *I.s e:m. ...-, -

nere MoWnel at 45, M aI
youthful, balding, smiling mnat
with many trleLds. He is a sc-
cessful layer,. ut -he.
of Dec. "
partnership, l. ih- l
Lord, Day adW Lord, -,
He's a aMll-topt
made good in New arj.'.l
nei wat born In e ru,
graduated -am- the -
of Nebrasika. *wn e4
was prof es .of a..of
csme east too t B .IlW
ing at a L-
New YorkwheM.te'
soon. after,, '
young lawyerS, -l
g4n B friaetd tA .
ly Influenemd-A
er lawy-fw Ta:
were ambltlow :a .

~ .. ." l
}, V,

t'': '" '

* *:-.": '^
. ,.: '*; 1L--
A.-., ..
,' '..;- '.-.'
._'..;,. : .,.

.' ,

if,.., -i. -_
: '. ..-V

- '


f '1



,. ,. r .

always specify ...

- S



~ F"

- -


-- --

- -

,',* ?.*

-' ` 'i*

., .. .








; .-; ***.i -..


" ... -. ......-...- ..... :. .': : ::'" '" '.- .

i -

'I ,l
. .. '.- .""' .
;.^ ^ *V .,1.-"


47 S


Wi 1**RB Swuc a opmpetfif in a faptsal atvatit the
|bleum. q Oubte a )eignlto Uight Aoether- U 'ierol
pl$Sii lawrsb"t-not t neopuarly In WtI RueB,fh are:
te.t.*umfooterapee i Pus. ...., .
f lyln thq fo.llot. n ta, s aosN ble .tdAdiM u te' m ,

rtemO~i bp~laft emi'r tisuakE awo gaira4 sega tleemtatIn
Ao weasep m kherly thi ct orar

1 uMi t t

aIA Your Move
-ir^n ip 'is3

-d4 14: touch.
d"oes w A. hto king be 3.
are&xf w Uall and makes the
0. o af d., gl ...j
Myour i is tp move iat (up the
i ..avi. wi ri in three moves.
4 lttilU and malt you
.re eoe t K lay
.. ...-A te an
tlm-i~ L" + **o .




It's All Relative
AT family dinner last night, there were two aI*-
ters and. their t~r brothers., two mother and
their two sons, tWo mingle girls and their mothqre.
two fathers and their two daughter, two grand-
mothers and their -two grandaughters, and, lastly,
two huabands andm.heir wives.
Sounds like a big party doesn't it? Yet all of
them were seated at one norJital-leed table, foI the.
total number wa el. How could that W a


Andmb Round
U the BiN o-te

osly,. & in the
spoke o f this
numlwt. echLks oa
that ane a-p t .
the cats.I-,4I
S0lutiqn. l,
91"m elsewhere
I, th .. g

eIs ain-the
only timue ahan \
i-s r ie.lin hi-
mets' -li a

SIVM e .omuom word plus
4-U tA4t y* are to an--
rnamlia thk iopbedm letter
late UMM of entirely ditf-
foirent m..aW. NFpr example,
RIu On W is WUiRD. Now
1. OWp' plw p Is ........ T?
2, S.Ui) lB. ..,*..... .?
"-. w i ...r. ....
A. "" ........ ?
B. ol. ... ..0 ......mOw

Brain Buster
rmI you're smart? See
. Iit you can discover the
Sforlatbliu of the following
Sa i mnd continue each for
i Are me- times:
La.j, a 3, 17% -, -.
C. R l, 'i ., -,-.
D. S/t L/S, 1/8, 1/18, -, -. ,
-,1/f.--. 4,- ,--.

Kniw Who?
EVAC of -t. fetdwing state-
"t"W" is: I ao" toe ie We-
NOW q/ .fj.fM"WW faual figue.
tBe AhSltssi/y os, It taksa you
to qrrsl.t C-4 IdeaUtty. If you
am gu4s "Mq,' in two clues
you a ..f, OL
1. He fq fe p*icy to be-
some one bt g.taid's greatest

2. tt, ha wau largely re-
sponsis or oestablidnt p2ng-
Ipad W s~item of the sees for
23 He w= -oa cc 1asder of the
force wieh defeated the n-
ih Armada '
4. lie 'ule, arend th- world
In the .., uOdmusgt., a
man to clmumauAme tiW lob.
8. lbted t diet B l*|is
to AnftAic J IN"..
G., grnamed CAlitfornif mNew
". R w by Queen
Elizabeth, Sr ra ----.
o o "*-MA
go *equwJ cpew lti5 QM hl*Lfl What is
the- Only thing out iak .When
you May U It anT ?
**m s inea lss-

Fixing the Mix
lm. BLUM made a raistake t
mlmxg paint that made him
see red. In trying to get X par-
ticular hade fort which be atooldC
have used three parts of red- to
five parts of blue. he absent-
uindedy poured. I ave.part bt
red to three part il blue..
How could hbe correct hlarror
without waiting any pOnO7.
sniq J1 0funbTOD Ium80Hia
-ao c ames piDw s *- tota
IlQi I.lIV O eR' O F1

T vixt. si(
thick thumbs
stick six thick

SCro-Dji ----4Make

pussi ar s
solved the a me
way you work
ceouword, except
that the op en
squares ate illed 6
with the digits 0.
1, 2. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
8. 9 instead of
the letters of the
The num b a rp
for which clues
are provided be-
low are to be
placed in the |0 -
squares so tha
they provide an-
aware to the def.
ni tions both
across and down. Z 1
This cross-digit
poser was com-
posed for t his
page by Jesile R. .....
Smith, a mathe- 17
m aties teacher,
who la an avid
puzzlilt. Can you
solve It ?
1. times Robert Bruce fougi in P-
feat and was victorious on the -41 t*y.
3. Suppose that 3 people each ewat
some gossip to 2 friends witti 15 mia-
utes from the time they heard. It- tht
thteie 4i turn each repeat It to f voters
within 16 minutes, etc. At the mid at 90
minute how mway would know. It?.
L Itow many characters are pictured in
"The Last Supper" ?
7. Boiling point (Fr.
8. I~dden number: Rain in even.
9. Years since Dewey won at taisiea.
ii. .Number of letters In the IMt name
of te only president married in the
White HopU.
11. Basketball team.
it With apologies to Odea NaSh:
The -, ftMi. U priet
Th. 1, lma is a beial
And I wi -t'mwas O ijaws.
her*y Httever 6e a 1, MamAL
15. Number of dimes you get back if
you hand a street ear conductor a ten
dollar bill.
17. M16. A. Buek, I* ,0Cart WIhWl,
Moe. A, Pauy and Mrs. trut, recently

7No Salie fr Robbery
n E 2 that IA holdup was nota total as" .-
nspemto 1i d. m bape .ommentd a" iM rang f3 t
NO BAX slgg oa the a register ad looked at
the. one dollar ~ b In the drawer.
What happened to .th light T.asled Deteotive
mbanding The clert ed jitst scraweit in a new
bulb Id the overhead light f tur and was now
sweeping fragments of broke lSns into a corner.
With a wry grimace at Dlfnding, the clerk laid
aside his broom and replied, "The tt WIup fellow
shot it out. I dropped behind the counter when he
came iU. Maybe. hi was dniak or maybe he was
on eof those shooting galle'S gangstrq, Anywqy,
he Ames a shot at the light Th he be grabs only the
ten ep I*" the cash reger and dashes ou I am
top figtened to ch t beca he I to.
wu h gua it eIt se to me. W hou b I b- a tar-
g t-To tilhelanderter1 ?"
Sharp closed the cash register with a Jagle.
"'Yod will iathe a better target for the District
Attorney. Com along!"
What used Sharpe to reject the olprk' story
as untrue?

Lel.. ,e_-s dnp. ploq J1 O 59 .sd q Wtl IR A a _
-'-UOLTON lp i, O auw eauq toa pine ani Cnsops dqj i esy

Answer in One Miuat

f each f tout contetants played the other three
one checker game in a tournament, hew many
gne i would be played?
"p"lid 4 pins Sua gg assAy


1 and

yL fl 3 X

a .t -
. ., .

*M-ar-BF. ~

AR-Lea difficult
70-Sing with closed lips
71-Martha's lister (Luke 1i39)
72-Bed lean.
73-Miat drink.

1-Breathe convulsively.
4-Removes rind.

f" (COL
2 bthe book of the
tWame It

iial CMn.

Vona Is father? 5EPPou MM'no r
(Cie&. SU 57-Organs of vton.
3 eChea of God. 58-Restrltetd menu.
37 59-Hebrew month.
3* O--City In which Paul preached
the, for two years (Acts :14)
S62-Room in harm.
r i ut afhrdsman (1 Sam. 67-Correlative of either.
21: W 4 --_ymbol for selemIum.
S0-A eoa oftaghur (ars 10:22) 70-- tclamatio.-

ih W.i2

Figuring Lots of Fun

shared a hospital room, How much wealth
wag represented ?
28. tatte of the Union.
1. A circular field is 123 miles in diam-
eter. How many miles to the Center.
2. Which Is the longest: 1 yd. 20 In-;
73 in.; 5 ft. 10 in.?
8. A person witb a eat on the 50-yard
line would expect to witness a contest in-
volving how many competing players?
4. If it's IT15 at an Army post, what la
the time outdeo?
5. HoneymnoL: The vacation a man
takes be- gfi work a new boss.
8. Baseball team.
10. Two divided by one gives 13.
11. A family had twgo daughters and
eaoh daughter had a brother. How many
in the family?
13. A soore.
14. Actual length of a ish claimed to
be. 2 In. loo by one who used a 24-Inch
foot ruler.
15. ReMainder when 500 is divided by
16-2t s-1c '09-a

Party Perker

A GOOD U zuto spring ts
trickW i at the dinner table
after the meal has beea con-
sumed and everyone tW in tM
mood for eome gentle friolity.
The performer takes an apple
r gpape seed from fruit that Is
on the table. (Or, if name ls
available take the seed L ra
his own pocket.) Pomuring a glass
of ginger alse or soda water, be
drops the seed Into It, ,ad it
quickly sinks to the bottom. NoW
he commands the see to rise
and t does so Immediately. The
pedlhtWer waves p hand down.
Wd and the seed sinks-only to
ripe to the surface aa at the
performer's command.
Actually this trick Is not a
trick at all, but Just an Wat
on the part of the trickster, for
the seed sinks and rises to our-
'afc of Its own accord. This sa
Because bubbles or gas adhere
:o It causing It to float; at the
surface the bubbles burst and
the seed sinks, rising again
when It accumulates more hub-
bles. The perfonoer. of course.
times his motions to coincide
with those of the seed.



an ear




% .

"r- q*
^.2i -^

k2 "



~-L-----ru--L---u- -;C Y ~ .u -u lr~l~

-------- ----------------- ---------------------- :---: ----- --------------- ---------- T -




- ..'.

' "' -' 4- '. I -*7 .- ; '.* : -
- ,. .. .. .. ; *.. -* .. .. .
*.. :- ., *,*. *f: -.'* _-.-_ '^ /* -* ,. -. ."s*

* *?.

AFWFICIALS greet Great Britain's Prime Minisfer Winston
-'hurchill and his wife as they arrive in London after a trip.
L, -, ... -3 ,

3*. '" -_ ,' *'^,"*,.-'..

GETTING- UNDERWAY from their Florida base,, tti ilors head for t brat eg of their voyi~~ -
44-foot'schooner. They will spend some fouryeaus onithe-tdp,;withstopd tong the way to wor~ftr.Eough no
The captainand crew consists of Jim Pader.and -b ldgew.y of Chic. and Barney Pittma Memnphi.

S-USYRINTH of sand and ston6 that forms the Grand Canyon .
` ..fC280 miles long and 12 miles wide while in the bottom,
turbulent Colorado river grinds away at-the canyon walls.

1'T SING ANIMALS to track down other animals isn't new,
: but animal trainer Al Zaebst wonders if ant other hunter
*ases a baboon to stalk deer. Zaebst does. He snared a baboon
-Te years ago in Africa and has trained her to hunt. i'anny,
'-he baboon, "has a keen sense of smell and is 10 times
.tJiarter than any dog," Zaebst claims. At least he gets results,
.. witness these pictures near Florida's Withlacooche river.

0$S'on the bead
st-0 modejed -4yI
makes a swti*E

Smrhreeagily with
ta in Melbourne, A
change .and emerge

spots a deer and in whatW' ..t w p.oin


j4 .

W" S


mr -
ame, .


. 1.


* -,- -. I"
/. .: ~-.. .- -

* .* '*"

~5' *



'4' r

;i'~' ~




. ..-,.-. ... .; ..
S. : -: -... *- '* .-

r:^ ..."...- :. :. .
* -"' I*.:-, _. ', ^ *, ,, -. < :.. ., .. t
L. .:15 -. -,, ,.
":-"irf"- o ; 'o n to" :7 ''-.
.A 0.''' r~ "* ''-'-^ *: ". '^ :.~ '

fon^ oks qw~tflap -
^ ^ '''? S:\ *. -
..-"^ *_ S .. '-"* .

.'*, -. : .*.' ,-:. '..-. -- -
.: --.-., ^ ... .
: 3- '.5 .. -.
.' .

I, -

u Mnt y


.: fANAMA, -. t *a a U sa
1 .* .J '* _*. ... ..'. ,"*_ ... ,, JI


b~I. ~




B ,' .- a : -; ..r.'.- *y : i i. .a-:.'..;. -: .

^-*l4(p;'.-, *-*s *. -< S^
..; -~4. ,, ., 3 .
,. : .. :*^. .,^^ ;
:'.'"*A '- -'.. *. .. .. :.' ... ?',-.-
Sfj;a y : '*- ''- *,- --**?.-w':-
-i;.. .*-...^.*, ',,*.: _-._.'.-,:,*

-$1 I.



"'." ..


-: Review O

ZONIANS AND PANAMANIANS each had a one-d '
holiday last week with Thankgiving Day and Pana
mA a 165th Anniversary from Spain coming on con- "Prot,
s* ecutive days.
There were no serious automobile or other accidents 4 t
to mar the celebrations. The Army consumed some t -
11,W00 pounds of turkey, with the Air Force serving inw Kor a
2,288 and the Navy devouring 550 pounds., re5 l5
No word was forthcoming from the three-man
rent hearing panel which met In Wash tom to lice on
complete recommendations to Gov. Seybold on the "yng
prospective rent lncreiaes. ner-19 w
Mr. and Mrs. Zonlan, who are curious as to just nonhardI
what the panel's reaction to the rent situation was, None w 1
may have to "sweat It out" untilt'Dec. 7, the day the pocket be4tt
-rents are scheduled to go into-effect. No one wa
Meanwhile, at a meeong o the rent protest corn- utterances,
mittee, CZELFC, a motibn was made and passed to in n *'
fight the rent increases further If the board's recom- Whether anSI
mnendations are not satisfactory enough to relieve the *or take a pot
situation somewhat. 10aportauce,
The board's conduct at the hearings, however, was vi torsI i-coU o ";1
termed extremely fair by labor leaders. Korean jails for Korean, w
-- 0 -- slogan.
The District Court at Ancon had a busy week with 0
-one admiralty. suit being settled and a damage suit Ike the 'a
being continued. his b team
Mrs. Evelyn Gardner, who five years ago brought .hAtE10 1 Or' i
a suit of $30,000 against the PanamA Canal Ooapmny l iwne tu ew -
appeared on the witness stand when the trialin "f[e.nhaeke a
came to court. Mrs. Gardner, an American, Is suing '8o 0 the
the company for spine injuries suffered when she W a 't L5
fell in the bathroom of the .S3. Ancon. A government .p d oat=t
witness, who Is arriving this week, will te ifyn court at ;
befos.,the ldge passes on the ease. .
The admalt asuit for 0M8*C0 was settled WOn a
Sennie Van Beye.r was ordered to pay the -m g. t ra_' n
fuel pump apd a _artial clut eh delivered to her mUotoe
launch Dick. by Marlscos de PanamA. a sbrim p fish-
Ing company.
!,.. -- o '-- wprk ... ,.
After six months of wae l wautg Canal Zone
detectives were able to app aend a JB-yel-owd Pane '.A Pj
amanian girl, who..had M rfected a .c'ehi ffor g$et i.
ting money from unwary Zone reIti a t rump.
S edup. excuse that their aids Swer n Jjd l need
of ball.. 's,
BSll won't help Ol Kri Cu Mtoe? .
efendnt,w w as Np ailty Mon eohd S S
of obtainn l money ndr fause m ar"-e Mi

,--o -- do.dol
Twe Panumant youth wererea-tened to serve SOP -.
days each oneaof a petty la.eny char. .-,d the othe ta in-
on an "Immeral" proposal charge. In. al for stea .
a radio from a car wasn eA Gittena, while of Aryq
Maloolm was sentenced om the Immoral charge. He IN &
proportioned a Canal Zone police detective.
The Canal Zone license plate lottery was won by
Thomas Lutti of the Looks Division who receled the the
lowest number among the non-official cars when his ,t3 thrUe e
ticket was drawn last week. V
Meanwhile thle Zone H9n= bureau iO Shat
the same regulations asad at year sols r (AM hlI
1953 With regardto ;1 =.
not require .Inspectionr sm.

Is the two-yer-*M eor tan A ie '
Str resMing sa A'm,,
Canal Zone employes living in Col6n ira ft
with the possn by that the charge ftr thl '
vehicularIcense be =4&We 1 m0 1P AAM
200 per cent.
The Municipal Treasurer of the City l0
he was ordered by Mayor Josd D.
Canal Zone mployes the same rate paid byIAs&
residents of the city. i
The Mayor reportedly ald theme wa B r
provdedat Canal Zone employee The beh
less than other vehicle owners. 7 7 ..
However, final decision is still pending. he
-,o 0
The National Assembly a nombet-f.
ant bills during Ohe M.Anong llia fi l.B
levying a tax of $1.50 erhhectarS%
owned uncultivated Ian In url
Another bill autborled the
Republics Internal debt and to Hqul.te.t.l.
Up. fr dilea ben beler the A-Iee a.s.
to levy a five per eeat tax en adrtriW
bought iPanama. i. al i and
.... o -- a-. '" s "" -
Action taken by ex-President "Asa'n In .
a, and his binet n revoking a o
a cigaret fac;t here 1 Feb. 28
by the Court of t a -
The court's acdton was belie
o-ahead siMgn to binit..
S anthe establishinent o i s t .
i!" ". -- o-- a"t a iyth 13N0
-A probe of textile Import under a la* IDte of
exonerate ns to raw miateridl importsWMAr
use has been ordered by Finance.
AlemAn said he lear that am
sufaeturers had
rbre d me .tthe

.;.. .. ,, .- ...*A

Ic V..,~aw -* ?-"'* B II

S ,*.


*.', i'

*. r .,' L t..r. '

t A-- ,. _..
TT \. _.

-, il

* VT e~. -


A d A u t "

.. ..

F .

w 9W1 --. 9W yr -- u

".1.1 r9.

rrwrIr w

~rt F

" ri ";
.* =,

kl.s -t I I- I I trt

wiry ii-

.. -i t o I i I t I- ierI i t im. it F 13 *"


-i I~ at W 3 .~ ~In d t tIPli r --- ---

kA m4r 1. '.6"j wr (WI-M.# Irrin I VA-' A1r IWflrffl

-2. .. ..

51 6-- -


aqlvAm l i, 7 a7 -I i

r4emad .M C -_* ix -I -i w are p.- .M

: : : B '/ "i ~ ~ ^-
,.,.. i -L I 6l.. .*& "(T --- :C --- :- --t U -r-
I91 31 i oo1,o

r!Uil *r 9 InSr. I I I "I nS t I, I mi9r'in

Il I

4, -_anI a a- 1 -"
s1ti4 US: IRS 116 1.11 -1 I I la 1119 112o



.MIMwL aemr.\ \. Jra33
-,-a. -i ,mw -l amdlm



S lp: blue
W'. "j" p pbd 10--rcont of
a Ii hoot
57 4Iabolf 101-Picked
qhlek .death 120-Catch
S.. -.-SS4w I

S... ,n propeller
106-Tree of the

"109 -Conanune
In Italy
e M1 llT-SWfling
1 'r -1121-Reculti-


."' r .-S 121-FluteUke
", i -LI.ellhood
0.inh icry

ws ta 8' -Sulld


A""' '" ;4 51m
V3,,.. .. .
., ,, m

4---Expl ,ve
5-.-at -ty
8-- to'
183-Sta ert
14- 18-Path
18-Hu or f
28-WNo one
33-CaOse to ,
37--Sp*ig up -
oil-tu owa
43-Visr- -


884-Snow or
hall and
ean wood
- under
Tl-Of that
80--Short ~ oa-
$(-Taut 'h

87---Of the
93-Candidate -
tion '
115--U. 8. '
117--Table j

e t S nteunI mImrte-oetn fl ag r anmndleafm

eg p. 4o gond esewfeve iye ulap Mams &meMrea>)

'V(. td '"* -".-.-. V.


y^ i./;.*^'. A.*:, ..; .; *. .,- .. ... ..

a .S,. Ant
"--.. : t r "i -' -

-- ', ':. ...,.-::"L.K ( .< "-' >" -" .4 '"

*,, %-.

'. .
''.., .--f" ,.

'a 4.







t7i. --:.




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ra 1 -




i ] o

- -

~.lL- ~111 ~ -I--Ld-~m- --r~ -~ ~-1-


oil,- ''I" Mom-~i'mi 1 4 1 44"J Amal -i .4 1 K0.1, 4


-- I ..

-...... ..

~~'~i:;i711- ~';



S.. ..


00 IC







14311 l~tw Iff



8 8 2.




la 7

m ,

F limam arl~




-0-- 3t
87. H NSTREl O. BeX 134. PANAMA. R. OP P.
345 MAM ON AVa. NEW '. tlS N.y. .
MN OEN YAR N R AOVAn -'I ..-.. '.. 400



When writers froman northern and
Invade these tri'c .climes,.
They seek Sit subjbts near at hand,
To fill their hebtle rhymes;
And one, espeoially-fi vogue,
Is a bird of common stamp,
That nondescript al'd venial rogue,
They call the "Tropic Tramp."

When novel writers of today,
With quick and vivid pen
Such tropic characters portray,
As come within their ken,
"Beacheorabers" play $a ending part.
With other sinful-staqamps
And reams of literary' art
Are, spilled on "Tropics Tramps."

The reader, so it would appear,
Of all- this -soulfirl stuff,
Should dr6p a sad aSd silent fear
^Jer the hero, tanned and tough;
He's far away from home and friends,
He's played a losing game
And o* and lower he descends.
But "The Tropics" are to blame.

Far lo, these many years, I've known
'This'eharacter, unique,
A aplkitlesa and vapid drone,
Emasculate and weak;
Tims aucity of energy,
And plealtude of rum,
That make the sordid history
Of the com'non "Tropics Bum."

Young man, just reaching PanamA.
FroeuAeome far distant state,
You still afe bound by moral law,
Imzutable as Fate;
That law,.no mortal may evade,.
Though far and wide he roam,
Beneath the palm tree's pleasant shade,
As potent as "at home."

Take one old timer's sage ,advice,
Try not the primrose path;
Transgressors pay a woeful prie
In Nature's day of wrath;
Waste not thy glorious heritage,
Of cleanliness and health;
Defile -not the unsullied 0pe
That holds thy greatest wealth.

Ueed not the fanoiftl allure,
Of Fiction's artful talent
No man was ever half' r r poor,.
As him whose virtue fai:;
Heed met that show, swer d view,
Intrinsically wrong,
That hackneyed phrase of gaudy he,
Of "Women, Wine and SDOg.W

Heed what the Laws of -MoM say
And see how wondroa art,
Are doctors of the present day;
Who only hake a pftf. l ,
With a! their foauls3, Wtoo tm. we
Were far from being fls, .
nd yout hs today eas-a wall pe*se,
Their anelent book of ruole.

Ah. youth, Imbued with ardent zest,
And egotism sublime,
Integrity has stood the test,
Feem prehistoric Ume: ,
Maueied regards not hea%'u*.
Nor clrcuamstance, neit
Cost what it may, you must uphod
The honor of your race.


'I :~..

wr: ^rr^
.... *. ,-. L*^
*c. PA

ROYALLY HAPPY-Britin's Prpc' L
her uotbs "Pqueoe S thlnbe II e Met hn"Im *
through Lmdon tp attend the opening of prlate th funa ad xcilastakt attendant tqupoq tlrtha

__ r_ wn'

Pearson.s Mwvr

laeme-tax lispestlmon;
startles laterml Reve3nb
vetigaters weald biear m
WASHIfOTON. Oregons e Bs., .
Wayne Morse paid an unua*WnaB
of Internal tevsni the o 'W. ,-
Most people tight shy of ., uteolls A png
agency: some people get heart lotte w -ent.
agents even telephone.

But the Oregon senator ambiOd t "
bureau a.' said he waUted 0o et 11t.e-w -."
ficlals .who were running it .
Accordingly, HaWol pwrtt--
comwuleMr, std4 t WO1ith p
seli orice, pVIs I I.- :
of the aud rdivilon.,
"I would eaI to 'a'
RetenBe," sesar Vimta, ,'itO
careful audit f myfti fe 4 -
The tax efftlas. e tuRWn't
The burean makes igs
look too 0164uI at x ret
of gress. -o. for a senator .to o
for as audit was rtIttIontry.'A.

ie wint on to
I to the SenAte
ftf fchnirt Il

w for th p W nbgpIes was i
na tr b r hs, iaCe.Ch |
Li' __*' : ; ..l P


* "_ ,4. "..

. ,. :" ,:. :



wns ef' w*a

I tMC tlein-Stau -anu s -axum .ainaws C I
mQo a olI ,,wsS

he was fer the at.had not beA viol- .
ed ..Bt to make awe. bb asked thatl -tar.
turs b through adted.
S"Bet we ean't puSEto in.,

hru t te o t
*Ta' l l. what?" e war. i
"We. 'e have t9 VS URttan
for that."
I YqU jet it P," zqiM
w$ to. hip effi

wfeit Qflep te rsd
o ;,-. ffe :

-I *0Wn-te, ia


k -~ ~




I -'I.... N r m ,

1 __ _



.,- .4


t. ". .
.*_ .-. -, "

'- .- -" T.'

at astE.etn;~di

V. -. .1
* p. -\

* 4-'
* 1*-"

t .d mponage i. trftln in Its
1. 4o7y atibilcmsofr submarine




nv- .1



.4 fj~

%j *~.*~-~'

-v^srrw f.w' gPE RgppS W UmnMal I%% CwM bal tek m
S, feelsa as it he i* ***tew tua "tOhe picture. Movies, taken with M142-
SdaLuhg. I ve a p rer1 aoted audience a I-degree field of view, an the illus ed at
beiM .partofr the projected see. Demonstrated in Detroit. Mich., the niew picture system may 1
prove to be valuable In training Armed Forces gunners, and its inventor beeves Is wil and a
place uI the entertainment Aeld.

Pier Edson In Washington

-ln -

FAilNOTON, tNEA 1.-If Mrs. Anna Rosen-
'lies any desire at all to stay in her job as
t.amt, smreta'ry of defense It's considered a
fblt ttat she can. In fact it's likely that a
46 deal of pressure might be put on her to
ti:pretty well agreed that she has done a
ntola of,eoprdinatldf and shaping personnel
iotn in th Pentago, soamtliUng that was
rer acbefore her arrival.
oer sp cnpevrsonality, drive and candor
I. been. wlcme and refreshing change In
Wn ed.dtals and generals whom she can
ib amrun rAther vigorously at times, without
h for their stars, have gotten very fond
t-ig pecLd that Charles Wilsaon, misenr
wr Iho0ce for secrethi yo Defense, will ask
R srM toe tet that t's w rebablv
aO .. 0 fti thlatd tt sho wants

,ono e% developing for
l o 1 tat ar when the
t he

uv eringe
to utre b

twa vby

thq'~Ca.wl tre
m rand-ing a
aO te him a
'ais that
e 'oogaescovering


.' .. .. 1 .,

) -lip

next 10 years there will be twice .as much elec-
trical energy being. used in the U: s. as there
was during the whole past 65-year period since
electric power first started to be used In large
And this assumption Is based .on the convic-
tioq tbat atomic e eetrictty will be the- moat Im-
portant art of supply.
Many of the lab's projects are classified e-
cret but the most significant piece ot equipment
. so far developed m oe which can be talked
about, is t gtigdnt e switch called an Interruptor.
The ABC experts a4md at it Is an Integral
part ol the whole barneso system which will
have to b -put together eventually to control
aomic Onergy 1W.4cscAlal power.
Its Job is to itan u rtb ot automatic watch-
man between 'he geperatina fallity and the
*usd in case l malor ha uretf lts or a sudden
dangerous upnwiig tf power in the plant.
eould turn dYf all of the power generated
at Boulder Dam, tor instance, in a split second.
;.s.maflnauss o FS&
More In se lJoo-rumor depktment: Word Is
begin asked around the edal Secrity A -
cy Lt senator TTan -ha beea given practially
unUitea uthWM 1 ,h "te o pas n Jon
ad- .td a-0, educationn and wel-
fare aVea I L .gev ent. And
Taft hapmm tob h pt eash:tr e
these utylt es. add0W gte word.
Altho ug h t ea scar Ewing
was Tafti It ae p u fl t -Wag
Taft is Wor Wb tbt ta
Altboagh b.St f uULes = r mx.

t a alome at the -. &. Offite
i tat lf rue. that Taft will-have
a in fMA's nw perspan l andl .pUe
that some eom of ffldral lM to educe the
pet. 9 01 0, shoUld be paused, the now -Co-

"ne Is On record e .Ear .dera am for
school emnuction andi T at I uVaetleoy the
Mrandiddr oft a l-ot fele atd. wM that
combinatom, the fee thaith offlee et educa.
tion shiouled eune up with maore rewpom ity
and money than it a ever hat.
roman saftHner as
The Wa mtelI,'Who have cov-
ered the IeZb ,1" idn Ampaign started
have unttetd praoelaof M&.
They my th' w hae at least tour years of
the rtttons with the First

She VagdB, takes
Ate, 111< ae only
said Qto tint scoold peheibly be
Shad conseted to
pMce Pwtre, even though sOe
4 In- IL to.,et f ftwlcheon.
wg t. up, and she had
-1 solathb. went
5of the- eaeras.
to fspect while

I they plea got about
k dd,.A"A





tw NBk. ie- Teamates' Onion h'b
.ob.e 6At tht field, whah nis
mI l, aDte .i0 7 ,nOe .I
at aucatr ia w t
o i ettia for aid If they
movies f re

44 p to go

Ws0W 0 ofluther's lA
. ultl i to start a
3* clM ml thf tiational 010 3t
SN& Farer-labor Party." f*
W-elt ; er eampaign-
d e bet.
d of the

v l pWattt. Slowly the A

AMib iftr ITnn reamons-partly
pw ro4ucl", partly for i :
MII..;.. ..M., -: r ....* .i ;-* '

*fl- -r



V *

IH" ^

.4 .- -,

_.;t .. '- .

, ., --' -

.mmi y, ... ,...

v.q.. ":'.

A.. .


From the water the American Legion Club looms up blig The. .,loosm eare.a"i oJ'
space; the floor below is occupied by the Blba Ycht= Club. 'C.


.v. ~$
~ ~

~i4~ ~:

wlas" o a
ff?^^?'- 04
.- : *;.- ;, -.'

T. .ly >**

*t .


** '' K1 ,":"" ^ *' .T "'l..'. "1':';-?^ "'-" .- ;" -,

('* .'iK S~fc po-t bredli
.-T'. .".. .
*. *., ; ". .

7 -. -

rs t t"J I .) ',, .. ., -, .
^ >/.a i --< ... ,- -,, *

3 I t -)r .

WQPKTW't the Mia* at as the picture progresses. The men who were
;: ,bimars re atid ted i watching i r produce a picture of their
.pw."ing i the amen.

.....; ... a

--.t m .... .--; a


.* .. ,
i ,

/: ; .






.. .. ... .. .

Sm*iutes and

., .,:.:' ., .... 1. d-


we a& kS .i
p-in tu-

uruan "
On I


4 .4.


SfP. ..L

S ." .. ....
1, ^1 '. *".-

'- .",

,,a...L -;--.:^
? --p1,' "\^
.A--.Y-^ ^w

* '"r *^ ^ 4.. ^

,_l .,

.. .4" '

r--' '. ,
S ,
.' .. 1. '* o *.-. ; '" '* -. '**- L

Under the Wane nt i f a&ii

c-f 1~W~' .~






*s- .
'^ .

-;" f;-r

''''': ._-;I


. .... J :^

trl.etr'~J';)X ~arl~;'I~p .-. c` ..-- U-~urrr*inin WUp:.~l'- Iu -~--~ --r -

~%- .7





k Y .

-6 "



-- -


co02MER NoW --1
l-sweis O AW



/ t '- <

*.% '; ,.'3




* -i:...

..flO!.V' Al.


1 "'R W -OUSE)/ 4


" .





Tlr TM14F

.Ydu~uua -

' : -h

* ~At.





I .


'. ~.I,.

* ~1A ~ -


_ ~_ ___


- ~.


N'*,- -


.~ -I

.1 2

fif *'

I *F T i *

ihjBk .'.. ',.. .-

*s .

-- -

srr~ri 'S d au MPr-1 *h9
9.29 g ^*Rfp aI


-j .


Mwr .^

B", ." f ,

io. -!
Mli'F.t ,,i'.

; '' ~ .

-~ II




* 2' .~-~L-
* 1-~-




6. X

". "

ja.. !


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