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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Odd Quake Chargeorea Too

R Is AI l 0- '.

Rolls AFr s For Spy Use Fear Al-Out

(UP).- Cuba accused Russia in
I fff the United Nations today of
kidnapping 3.000 Spanish chil-
~'~"0 --- dren to train them for Soviet "" C oi
use in Spain and Latin Amer-
LS S OBISPO, California. miles south of San Panclsco ea. --
I TiP)-A strange rot lg The sheriff's offie.e id th Emilio Nuifiez Portuondo, head -
e rippled acr wide- shake there lasted three min- f the Cuban deleatin to the SOUL, Nov. 22 (UP) South Korean and U -
led areas in Califonila ue. General Asseuitey, told a B30 -r .u iSBMI
efmdnig*ht last swayed i an cial political committee that jsj SteS s officers said today that they believe- the Co
Q 1?ndn k r- children were taken to Russa i re preparing to mount a new offensive against-
4no1-pbu bt'Sal.tstree "id and that all subsequent efforts and Triangle Hill on the central front in
rlea or deaths caused by the they felt nothing, to repatriate them proved fruit- South Korean troops holding a slope poition pi
quake, and no reports of exten- The quake was first recorded less. Hill s l osi on
give dnage In other Califonpia at 11:47 p. in. and 'anged in He hurled the charge at Rus- H"l in the Triangle mass beat back a
clitep. : duration tiom approximately sia during a debate on UN oftp of new company strength
sa :ow re- three minutes in Salip. tatriatonof Oreekut tted Nations bottlefront commanders said
toenut. n an ost points described the n to other BaLkan ii p s indicated a new Red buildup was in the
donae oB the amouige qua as o a rollin type. di es Portuondo said that ed that the Reds would mount another all-out a
ueh Aside fr craokd buildings hupdredo a sh live the Allies from the vital ridgelines before
-have been no r report 0"&, local' 00110e l "de k (1104died of hunger and tubereulos,
Teave b."een0.0noureo ts-- -Cf'o n c-"- but that a agoup of 1j0 mire 1 falls. .
One r ta wf southw ard tot Aagels a0dstill held near Moscow and are
t r I ag there had been no repot of upieroh tenalve Commun- T ommunists mounted last Invader light. bombers
01M silmabb, the Y* ann iper -Iing the week, the
e 1932,M 0 Irve depta .a tst indot a lion. 5s* 5 a as from caves on ed 785 ofwianlst BS
nI qukb %Wqim aS, that most of. the chil- m n t.. p onX om aer
In htdf em teaheequ Uhr.4ta'C r 6th at moate a ian atm, total since Jan. ,.
SI "as thea did heaa a r-m hr o e se a mountain fortr Al
FrS to .dt damage Sae ld. .Oanor- r.tdy to be Used as aents -in e. Ictwere S u ed.
Ss M fntn a n_ Wo_ *ont .-: 8 an Ltin America. Sl_ on t battlefront l D M

pe oldna I .BBl. .e wt- .

..1 ~

I ~ ~ x A ^^
I eanl~loeM, NOVr. 22 (OP)
freaent T S. WAS
use of Ian slw
on in defense an d

o th1 2 rmE
el s t N

vB .-w ~i'sp e petition.

ated a aort
09 the c peak of
,a ir the "world'c' kst -mo n.

~----''~ ~~I' ---moan.' ~ P~


Sa M onday

Wteen,'.who, guided the AOL
ilams t three decade of
-Ud turbulence, prsap-
aMtsmple life. He glb
iii bottom In his ipe
6 Uion m movement.
% son of Hugh MO Oil
coal miner who
bMt In 1870, and
f tive of Waleas.
A th. led in this soft
l ..the first of their fli
a was born Mariti
U.tended the one-
w, -a re umtill hecom
Rrade. his only orma
p rSed most of l*i. edq
rd hard knocks
rM working as a Wa
and union org
y public and
the unioA move
a q tr dlreinit.
.'3 Workers whe t
was se ehl e

S mera lone
of the mier b
slir years later gaes-

teiou -and 1th t he overall
S__z m jviZsed. They
the appl e
new an4 sharpy-tower es-



I'a new ehofe for secretary

M .. of the Senate _OP
R'- who will head tue

ifbe oe rq In

11461, ie- om
ne b an ,a

s at4w wqr
s elected ,tq
ewtoe la :

M-r ME


e a at r"al- e was admitted th mwa
er home about two
Sl. anvr mountain w a besrt ewm'afat.
qu Mand a supply Sce his .release tfie
5 tnear the east crimes o Dietiteh hasj
a will p.t- PD. 41. The niht- employed by the German.
hebomo, Association in
7!1________ a ,e'sdown 14 Mifs adur- trich was born at ust
th o wa 10 Y. Bynd Aug. 31, 1Bo7. He served,

w6Pyd 1 today that Co-to | Red Yohw in World War .
trt oppresweton in East oneer-f Htler' Z I aIre
S*bietbt craft r.elatpotS. ;o
S letter.ent to .tal time

1pi41"he Goerutg's owN hewspaer..
e, and releaseee the bybre had eth church as named el A
at* 22stUar)-Bhop ,N spearheaded by came to power. -

Ottoay Dibellus tituold Staliof the '
ast- German omvane tslcal Churchrest o -
aw try ti secretloay that Com- ) of a wrica.
pamst oppreslon itnn East Ge t E the help of speca
lkviet relations. ..,

Sa lettered Unitedt to taneeded they will lasbe
S and released by the church .Four A greem e Institute or
today GDi a PrtoldSt o ute f can A- from private ndtry
Brat-enburman Comunt arrest o ., tates or exa
poeithe w1 t wrduea hld A tt., Nov. 22 tural knoW-how In Latin Ast i,
w, WtrOCW Of (USIS) fttadIa of a new rica..aA
POSe sevr Sentences o n ~.oi u Uai ited States needed, they will be
Dblllus, id B were rs4iab .here by the Ins- by the Institute or bo.
the Council of the Gierman The new sP will provide a major problem with I
BvangelCoal Churchet said Ur- technic Wl ce to both lan metal product manufactap -
wamny's hopes for a lasting peace amall -sted indus- ers is to increase productlS .
can be fulfilled "on:y it we live tries 1a3;* produce indus- and cut costs in order to ft
in a tlate of good. neighborly r4. t gal and expand able to supply the home aggr
relations and fruitful coopers. f of knowledge, ket. one or more produeto anl
tia with the great and mighty ability between cost-accounting Speelal st3 .
ovtet Union." program will comparable US idu
S Union." ibe oy a technical bu- be sent to Brasil to adva-
2leq said "such relations are ru ea t Industry, and the installation of
*edantiered by the present Comin production and cost-a
handllnp of Justice L the G.- Br will allot 8,000,000 cru- procedures in one or
n-an Democratic Republic.T e _4lro i a the United States Imonstration plants. Plaa-
will clrlate 180,000 dollars. | being made to make btb
Greater ratelEve use of means of Industrial "kieW'.
A i Mo l equipdtse a tM and l~bor, as a re- how" developed in the
eXiCO Holds More st o is calcul- States available to
l :ated It-e a, su ppiles of manufacturers.
oliticos In riot certain a eanaumer goods Through the serviceo,."
to nmeeo the demands of the nical information available
To Size POWer razuil h omemarket. private Industry and ruspart
The anltute will provide a organizations will Inclue
MEXIO, Nov. n (UP) Se- select o f alspeels? in preparation of d aige ..9l-
ret police arrested four mal techniques. tinent articles fr~ tl
more leftist poMel aU lead- The wl include Im- magazines. -
era of the i arty ed t, engineer- Brazilian factories w
by10en. Mul B N.lq B- agR nffent use, or- able to send samples at
madn, tIn A coatinuzi rund_ o and mater- product to the United Am
MsPects in a Diettto oIhrowla activities for an expert pro M
the Melcan government L claet planning, eding to Sgg
the. feir weon released ater a.tite uctivity. per- provement I
etioning onnel lab .polices with The Institute of"r d t r
respect io oduetivty and in- can Affairs will ie the agiut
eft tlUce aad army anvwetl. astrlai tftng. vices of other
hase plebed Bat least eles coopovat me
suppMts an plt ot Sti xt facet of the Four rODA
I t m ill the trani g D rtimat
iWiatilasTueedt P d< A industrial soeci- &Lsh
fllurt b I|I( to the United the I
aLI p I5lants will be used b eek
.rte- r purposes. Of'
P IME so B saed WNWerthe Potnt te nip


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^"*, .;-. '*


- - -.- ,..-*--.*-r

-- .:

= '


H oitle P 0 BaO iS4t PANAMA. R. *P P
riLupHpose PA nMA NO 1.OT40 I5 LINoIl

Labor News

I Cnmment

Winner Take All


34 uMArsmnn. AVE W" 0von3 s1VE NVY g. V ,II^4 L
LOC2Al 1v L0 Jm
I" SIX mONS, IN AOVAN1n0 1 0O 3 00
pop. oe. r.A. IN- VANC S IS..on BY VICTOR RIEEL
. ?0, FQ UM tJ ADRS -n r Walter Reuther, fighting for / l
s y o ong count W htl aa sectktpolitical hrog aLOAnso n D on r wa Riec et.'
boutBMonday night, but he's a
T c a A al 8 a long way from being knocked
o -out of the ring by his more con- '. AE TON Lt
The Mail Boen a tn open t or tno renters It The Pena e Amer- s ve op onent, the battling ,. .. p nt Ga.,-.. ui
a eal Letters are received grateful and ate handled in e wholly i cosa b i- Haywood. *n
deoniel manner. This session was one of those aI toyW
- A.t you contribute e atte o don't be impatlint if It .sst appel. the closed onfabs at which the pow- t g andt San.3 Be d
sel-day. Lettses are mPublished me the orde, received. Er p.c.; up pencils and list the ].lJoheto
Please try to heap the leatten limited to on pa length cnti I along with those who rPhr.trN
Identity s* lutIt. w atei as held s stiltast sonid oe can ) usheL, bullied, threaten. -
This anwsppe assulle noe responsibility for statements as epinions ed. I.. wooed into sup Vporng Ia .t i .
-- 0 bac.. m the nominating conven- tu

many areso whsereate nluxu rat not theteorn
AT GRASS ion fays of July. be taent
GATUN GRASS In CIO 550 votes will be need- bderrin % pd or f. ofp d
ed to wln the presidency. A lit- d.i t Wo 9 of. t
Sir: eveled that Exe- tion. t rf
While walking through the local rate section of the town of tie ligring Prevealed th at ExeBay- teO for" a o t
Gatun I iotlced a remarkable transformation hzd taken place. cuive Vice President Allan a- r
The town had its face lined ior the better. It seemed like wObloc of nsome ia votes And there .
a place where people lived, and not denizens of the unle..In e scores more from the blott cis o. "
many areas where the luxuriant tropical vegetation v rtually le1ved by the United Steulwokr -t .
once almost obliterated the houses the grass was properly cut, led by the United Steelworkers,'h.ight d- h at et le a .it
producing a beautiful lawn-like efecnt. o the convention floor nest nd the cr 6 d n
The standing iungle that was on the east side of the Cha- onth venton the the Arct i
gres commissary was cleared away. ater Retwther an d bis tyhe e -Ac
I then wondered what had prompted the men on "Nob Hill' of Wa"politealReutherniond hism" col type. "
to be so considerate toward us local raters. not win. te er et tha al fllt a
Could it be that this beautiful landscaping was done to not wn. On te other .aotp.Oalaulate at bn ue nbs
create -a false impression on the minds of the visiting Congress- But Mohday was only th e first de u our a
men, and the government representatives on the rental hearingsB of a series of secret meetinrgst. t tu buttoure ne
panel? Walter Reuther was not quit- so troubt ot e t tha rut o
Is It to make them feel we local raters) are given a square ting. It is like those old days .a rutbleinore--
deal? when he seldom sle t, seldom t I e iwe fo. one hor O-
If that is the case 1 hope more Congressmen or other offl- ate a meal in hisItfigst to ot u y, .',- .. .--
clals from the United States would not only visit us but would the Commnists from the Auto .Atler trou al faie and of lt ,th
also check and get an accurate picture as to our living condi- Union. I remember well a mo. -havle 1 lfn soe1
tions. ment during the Auto Workers' n have ournsea f 'ea11 700 lf*I
Perhaps by their frequent visits the Canal Zone would be- convention when U others went h. ofmi l 7 b01ei e eMu. at wd
come a better place for the local rate employee to live. to lunch. but Walter and his tl.Mvin With ea S .n'u, 00 .'S a
Luis Diego. wife, Mae, came into a corner of .livinWitrhai -_, M to pt-,l -
P.S. I hope some of our official visitors could read this and the press room with a ag of i .t.nooel l t alO hat 4ga1.. li'h"
return next year. At least the grass will be cut. sandwiches and a bottle of milk., s oeh u. b. at .d e. ls u.ll C'ea ~
so they could snatch their lunch / b on ar m Ve, e Wlaet IR1JI --a_-!
and know what went on every I hea .e de fti .. '
Sir To Constant Reader 4M ail Box. Nov. 2(0 let m e sat that I m t ute. s ofr -e n .e a. ettb. t thSse
have nothing but the highest respect .lor the U.1:3. Navy andI'd That was on seven years H ate e A nd ot ro itics e*
lut. at this time to thank all concerned at Coco Solo zor the nn Atlantic City. He won. th s to enc ing. le a with rin i
wonderful cooperation we received while based there. Also for t the nouldte petw Igoie enlm e i .
th e sp e e d w ith w h ic h th e y h a d a n a irc ra ft a irb o rn e to in itia te a re s a y in Oce m a k e r s intC IOrd c ia n Af o1 fJC t h e unsid e-wo r fi. l o _ltw i w ith n o
the search. opnensayingCIO can'tnafford anLov 'ote AdPo itics them eWord.t
However, Mr. Rutherford,. mechanic for the helicopter, was lopen battle, Not with John Lewisl T o 1 g i
aboard the Navy aircraft which was recalled" while in the vici- poyrolfer. stuck strategically By R R onogra esuibc th SW .a., nwy, '
ni y of the Rio indio at the coast. Lou could not possibly have "undercover" t O spots, tele- ,
ascn the helicopter from there. phoning his intermediaries rt- Br.l YRO .
aI t, w cu d t. he d c in i t h e rly, taking strategy roe W O b i Ir
s t .cssfulmar who tedt hs rhe hcret ain thing .i to have u .srish ainesratey f NE W YORK.-! Suppose a i t i s fine fun and You promise the disaster. You pitch it all into :thave tred th

Plo.( st ot N131 thimate wr itn one ouse a o, dh Bts .tagerly
OL te Rescue rou t who was f irst over us and received my great sport to burylthe hatchet and shake hands the pit, all the dirty fighting, all the knees andm Iron curtairn, o.-Ipdet-ea
Sand make a lot of noble noises but I think this elbows, all the indirect assumpti ons and theiI ocntaJhaTthej m
SConstant Reader would take thetim find out the Not with the AFtL ready to tear great new love watl ary Truman sid the Innuendos, just to make a t its holes; and n9ofn with t

flstnn tth keeput tle butthe' knowhrowdidCI a.hb tn aerT wh tr hI deosj hthomakeorpoedtitsOl a
s te of listening to te scuttlebutt, o e didit O, f he st and Ike Esen er a lot of nonsense. Therivhen you've won It and/or lst yt U hel 1 e vaba
not run out of gas. It was a battery that Pir dclelon an at- time in Its 17-year histoty withtAetuly they t v little to talk about, that say let's sit down and be friends fain, and Poand, ..+.t .
nteme strtthasetwsf ttr ase. n iOnat- timaters whose has, was k atl dlt e I ay ou l a I say the hell with that sort of in dihonesta. t a a., w aeMl
itefntempted start that kept us from returning ase. out U. S. president as an a t e rae T,*j hates Ike's wrides. I In my book no end is worth e means both the r
Ge ge .e ia t d e a would sit down with any man, for any reason, sides used in this last thinly whl sa pret- its
Pilot of N3B-B always open, night and day who said the kind of things abott me Truman ty good duel to the death.
and in whose personal bedroom said about,.ke. And certainly it is not patec Wble up. with any ,- e
SmTAMS mhany a IO battle s planned If I sat aown with him I would n't trust, him holidyttme conferences at which the rieui-S..

A Lc o AM ad won was In ra din Roae. A a' robd Bu w em lo ft
adwas i n or a s-lin ar A t'e l d throw him, no matter what he dent, ho hasn't worked ly at at WIYA ti ut1
bee'a. "w-no itn her ia0b t s.says to the. tw
soo le So there wuel be steel othe s rrae i a way,. and the: t ra n cs mWu.enh c oi odb t. and1 ,
shouldlike very much to exchange the stamps of Israel secret session. One today nTrum n min aa ehr eai came : ,, L an idiot ain mi .
por those of your country, and would be grateful Indeed if you New York. Anoth eron e a Te h e.-thn
could kindly ask any of your readers interested in the stamps will be camoufl d as geleeo *l *of 1 the s
of Isel to write me. t- t l nominee the P16s1 l AYu forgive me, and we. w or ton
of the Phil .Murray moAif I tien n w ed -eit. .l -fr te best interests, of --
r oNathan Svilv er Committee. o CnO h'-, .I- r

f.l o. C O U S I LN et s t ab rtoh
Tel vi, Once Inside, th CIO leaders h t ma t mahT yoha t t itu h redta of evprybWh e took "a. :D,'
Zabala 103 will tell Allan ewooda sta.t but a man who you loved aid who crones ful pounding In the sweet name of politics in -
Israel. Walter Reut her the belt you, if'ou are a politician, a d dly en y t one. They hit e other over. theead
memorial they ould ect fo a potician is not really po .t as an in- with every illigl weapon fthey 0 i
Piw the oaw diviuaL One is only slitly competent Of a boot, from war to the high coat of.
Wt hapo withrawal o than the other, and it is only ei you have It seels to me that a good Rebifn poe
h ro them in the mAs that they b to. shift the would be to Ignore gentle and teontive ove -ag
will affect thed CIon as much w eilhtaround. tures, and remain aloof. 3 t-
as the h n oI thiO Ioong not 5 u tthe party is worth wrecng your con- Then they. kick out who they got to kik out t t
for one of two men, not to ke rh ftor-upmo thl your mflttry. pans. proal. nd r i ads an unenthuslatic goodbye to. the others an-...o. ..
.L+ r oItselfIntact, but for a 5h.lo In W d"ela03r, making threat* and hollering and then they go In businese fOr tol. iolveI0 tO Jt.ilG for
tphy of nactin and un l t m, h They have nothing ahead but brht prospects.
So cYetti athatn I tthe old Idea of ltJ. You :a-a ks-i The people they dispossen could' t have n it but
There bavo been repot tht slate the charcter. You theatn the doom. any worse. ..'

were d -eat l Thats non- ....i.,
sense. Forget it. And Haywood

their list walk with Phil Mu--
ray, that any Job CIO gave him nut.s .'n -.'l o etb"
he'd fill CHORUS GIRL% LAMENT cents back to him..."No," said the rish medi,- t'fpor
So it must be understood that cant (with a sweep of the h d), .hgf.-,.
CIO Is choosing a philosophy, There are a heap t folks who think yoU."

Haywood is the last of the coal n. ( ..[iibU 11031 buts at the Persian Room Doe, 106
miners who will have a crack at. Tat e of .%.o- ,u9ian Girl hails from us i
gaps for as long as it has been sd 04 reaod ft. re') i. aton ithe sex
rican laboL, Its really conserva.- Butt taki a Wmorn than a gu..,V=ues (a Negro Paper) Ii R. I
tiTe leadership 0I e hombres l0ie orlOa e se-a9 abo00t "the embari qi '
There is an impression that 'no"c wof a
cause he launched CIO. AID A0e W11, tol nyu 'W a ist.. t.- a ten (b th V. -
But he hakidto do this in1985. Tbhewellstheydi;n .lbtmil-toi ". I (wihyadw I
auto industries, since they own- 'IOU'." the_ ratehmandlwas)
". ed the biggest coal pits. Unless theakidsain St I

,I get a wonderful letter from Junior! He's not ptting
jfwv good grades at college-but he didn't ask for money'



Grandma's trunk
was full of lunk
and clutteredo the attic
4 PA classifl e ad sold the i
1o ha py iari ae addlfe

.very smoth every week

. ev.ry day -


4S thai allN their daily papers PasilM combinedl

launched he turned conservative. Downbeat'- Jwlve d .71dishe4 l. New .Yorks Novelette: Aftri
So was Bill Green. So was Phil the whodunit auto -.h Swle 4 metties (since The Vandnet
Murray. So is Allan Haywood. after his holiday In t ralt er sI haven't fingered eat Wi
tempt charges (for ro to d make a neat livings
For years now, CIO and those who uplied to Bow the Poor t
AFL leaders have been rest- Red leaders), t th those ngrata we ta
less, seeking to do with their lights toturnPink. .. O ethit town and in
union power what British La- ty little girl (now a first releb. all.
bor did wit t frce- or rt of moo norhids.woe
ganize olittleally, daev ole on's Jp"awapot..,lnr: "nell pl
great strength grant, pillar in the Katthat taboo
influence if not dimina te the to the U. 8.), deligh People or no
Demooratle Party. (and 0. M. Cohan's 1tw '*lted aI l h.
That's why labor paid the bills autographing her-photo: t- but never in prit)
for the Hotel Blltmore (N. Y.) __.h- eak when Iea
national Democratic headquart. allies la Our Alley: At Ri .k oe book
ers in the past. That's why they last lght Joan ftiwel ea won45fro.o
created labor leagues. e agrtlate d e when t on he
Until this campaign Phil Mut. Hrh... O eerse a he-hea
r was irked by this sort of es t' ODeWpe U Wh W

Reuther ls the. tradition M3SlUeefooiMteht h ta f: Tt4 '1ron :
smasher. The choice is betw lot boat hlin ( ) ae5. and It
holm and hl eetory wvic hei at ( 'i o W'
Whvotes wHs le hs h iash Wt ou t
loald in der fe1 rene ytoe Phip re'st .lm ..

There are may eseia -,y .ko. a
Sthe AL -ron with trad it i m a
ill win without the votes. aWel Bftnn' wa'o .
Copyrt iat 1y, Pt-al .
Reu Syndicate, Inc.) tro dtiopt:rN,1.

V-' .



I- I -.. --. ---




ich value an the
. But, of au, t ,
If, uauOlY al
on it.
th as an .exam.
Slyo that she Ia
feels a though
itch up th a
will apend half
uabl morning
or-to-dogr ales-
her someil g

.yUU y v l l l ls-- -- --gS- buy.
2- Wznt60%to
Ofichintz she
..... ... himasscohintz In town.
jcwF ,.. .. ionn s z
AndSt~~s as n
0.., p. H. aa **'am w do the work of
v m, t xw ................ mga therolgh
.,. :mw 5. .s.U oIe ~D

.w. Whistle and tel
.. ........ as eh asi-
-. o ............ -- he Is too far a-,
U through a

IM ma1U4.......... .. te -

SUhLtIAt U yj, ...a... ... intend
II'"tsf' e ,. .. l ..........-.......ti t
menaswmb ., ...... am AA&I-fI cake-bak"

~. T g, W ,i! e
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ONor or te cr of
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sonA of If- a,

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w .t621r ic

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"-. "me FORT .. ..
... "m, P ot m t -

,o :-. 1o an ......a e an-a_ ,.
.. ... .... _

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as Is
IL .........

.9 -T DAVI
"z:"'-. ,' ........ llin

er IRV' dole"-' van_

'......... ...
w. M'. M.-

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o ... ,.. ...... .....
wig,-.-...... ...:'T.

.. ..... ..---
a ., .-; o-:, Ad.: :

*.',;'' .:"-,"
;'" M.' ="r -:"
.,T ., .,.

-'p,. *
'il i f ,*. ,.;* .
,1..' ,;-;-,

'..-:.; WI CAM.N,

boa HBwughta, C. L.
9:30 a.m.-Bime School (Classes for an ages).
... .. ... I Peter X:1.-



amer Choir ...... Senior Choer
p.m,.-Baptist Training Union.
evelatlon 1-9
S, Baio Outlet-HOXO--1


.* t.1

* A. FLY to near-by COSTA RICA- $35. $25. ...

* B. TO MIAMI-ia Costa Rica & Cuba Only $93. -. $150.80. -
Enjoy all day time flying and see more for your travel deoral ru'

* C. TO. MEXICO $85. ,- $135, .., ,.,- $160, (.m

* D. TO LOS ANGELES $149.15 $252.35 M- *""

DAILY FLIGHTS 7 am. to Cota Rica

Apply to:

fAA Affiliate

If ,.. 3-i -Op 4m bin p

aNo w



,, .".:

I; AIINew! BrandNw!
|': a for AT IO N *
Rue Aw, B iN bfl t ederatimo, with
......n.... ?- ? power to ma rer

Sit -M M iWlm*y. Dhe now Dodge
Wd RaM.VlS4 I the moat efficient
*aling' witon any American
Ut. :ew bemlapherical combustion
tbos r and short punch platon
rk*i dvr morae power from every

Trilling Mrwrhdud Beaut for Asive Amri

mertt me kiAon on four Wheels
S va. t &ource and engineering
lap aMet name for 38 years com-es ACTION TAILORED
iltoemobile: 7Th Action Car for 10 YVIR DRIVINS NIES
I r a.l enginew.ed for action! OREAT EN1IMES
. o weping Cargo-Carrier rear "M
Swth a new road-hugging ride o.AWAY "SIX"
4,k, trim lines. .RAT BlvRI
IWI for you. Find out what WNW ewYO.TOUo Dumav
lsam" pleasure in driving."Ic oaue*.
Sienjoyment in the AUTOmA WC OVWMBV

loVJ rvem windahield- NEW! Cuago-Cmar, a. dk-up to
otinmS Nos # ag an told. 11 cuMbic at me fgage .canying capadcy.
. Ms..E.Plw hood- NEW/ Gyro-'Tque Driv ahlag
ance acci ratie with 6l s a eof Pam
rior chair- w ish thr slato C


. T b10th Str Tel 92J

' 1
: .

l" *,

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.n ;
1 P ;

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"-1*' **,. -.71.:

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ha U~SWe~

S" I -

i- is I I-IwaI iI "- i I

" -T -. e-.:







v" --'E'--*- r !'~
-<' ...',


-. -' '

NEA Staff Correspondent
-0o -
HOLLYWOOD tNEAl The'can't explain, he mistook theS
Laugh Parade: Davia N i v e n customs men surrounding him at
maae "Bonnie Prince Cnarme"'the airport for a' welcoming
several years ago but he's just group of publicity men from the
getting around to telhng an 1-120rh Century-Fox studio.
didn't know-whether-tu-Iaugh-; And when the customs men'
* or- cry" store. about the Briutsn asked. "Coffee. cigarets, cognac'":
production. ior the purpose of levying a tax'
O n e scene called for Niven. on those items, Logan smiled and
backed by 600 extras irom the'said:
British armed forces, to lead a' "Well. thark vou. I'd dearly
battle charge over a hill. love a cup of coffee."
Sword raised, Niven began the *,
assault, only to stumble and car- If Hedv Lamarr ever writes
ry a number of extras to the her autobiography, her pals in-'
gound with him. Lifting his sist that this fragment from he"
head, he discovered to his hurrormarriage to John Loder shouldn't
that his sword bad gone through be left out:
the leg of one of the extras. Hedy arrived home one even-
"I say there," he gaspe, sud- ing in a "Let-me-teUl-vou-wha -
denly swept by waves oi nausea. happenct at-the-studio-todav"
but at that moment the direc- mood and proceeded to otlk.f
tor's voice boomed over the loud- an hour while Loder dutifully
-speaker. urging Niven and the listened I
extras to continue the mock bat- "Now." said Loder when Hedy
tie. had finished "let me tell vou
The soldier arose and stumbled wh hanpeined to me at the
ahead, Niven's sword still in hisistio oa t me t
leg. ... I "You, darling?" shruirced Hedlv
... 've run my sword through "Who w'nts to hear about a B
your leg," Niven yelled, trotting I ture.
after the extra. "You simply I'pct .
can't go on, old boy. You must" About a ver ago there wvas
stop for medical aid." bi talk Pt MGM about casting
"Please be quiet," the wound- Margaret Truman in a filmutral
ed extra finally said. "I need this to be produced b Joe Pasternak.
Job and you're going to spoil it Da after the Nov. 4 election ak.
for me. It Just happens that I'm D ay ster the Nov. 4 election ,
the only soldier in the Cold- .frie mnd asked Joeu still ant
stream Guard with a cork leg' MTr=aret for your Diltur'"
and you've put y o u r blasted Mraret for your ipirture'J"
... word through it." "Margaret who?" quipped Joe. .
lo Of all the stories told on Tin tn-e boys were caught let-
]Pan Alley this is favorite. Fred ting the air out of the tires of
Pan Alley this is a ort.ared1.3 parked automobiles. Police
Fisher. who wrote the hit "Dar- phief Williah b P. arrell made
danella," sued composer Jerome the bfs pump up the tires mgain
Sa*rn for plagiarism, charging th bs p up the tires ga
Kern stole the melody of his -by hand.
0 1 court at the trial. Fisher
claimed his melody was a mas-
terpiece and had earned close to
"But now," asked the judge,
"can you tell if it's a master-
"Look." said Fisher. "How
much did Moses get for the 10
John Ireland tells it on wifey
Joanne Dru On. day he lunch-
ed with his agent at Romanoff's
and returning home he found
that Joanne was nursing a cold
in bed. In an effort to cheer her
up. he began to tell Joanne a-
bout the people he had seen at
the restaurant.
"Eve Arden and Evie Johnson
were there." he said. 'And so was
Eve Miller."
"Evesdropper!" snapped Joan-
Here's a new Zsa Zsa Gabor
yarn: During the filming in Paris
of "MoulLn Rouge," in which the
Rungar*3nborn beauty plays the
role of Jane Avril, She asked Di-
rector Jbhn Huston's permission
to wear diamond earrings in a
"T -amond earrings?" exci.
ed Ruston. "You're supposed to
be -1wig to bed in the scene."
''.it. dahling." Miss Double Z
came back. "I always wear dia-
mond earrings in bed. Ask any
of my husbands." PREPARE TO DIVE? No,
-- &-u Vn. the o aite. Pa. Cer.

; 'Laugh of the American zone
in Germanv is the recent visit
paid by stare director Joshua
LoAan to Berlin to visit Ella Ka-
zan. who was directing Frederic
March and Terry Moore in "The
Man On the Tightrope."
For some reason that Logan

CHRIS WELKIN., Planeteer

i "' t 7 ''' P

i- _12t

just ie oppositea ssengersa
aboard jam-packei buses in
Hamburg. Germany. will no
longer have to dive for the exit.
Bus conductors, .as Me one seen
above, Will be able ti eye the
exit through a periscope until
all passengers clear the doors


"My ancestors were dumb I'll bet none of those crut
old pioneers ever even thought of rocketing to the moon'

Born 1820-


Finem. Old Scotch Whisky
Nosa VWe & teLs4., Scadh Whiky Dntaile% Kgiauch

i&4..J.pH .4aw

mW I





Most Unusual Ckt

No Cheers

N' ., ,.* : : ',,. ... .. ,..:. .*-,
,.- N. "" .". i -. ..... T.. ....; -. ^ ..,- ,


*4 t-

- .- :



ou AMs Marfl 00CM
OAw Ms wuV


The Interpreter

W -- ..
r -


-;-fl ,.....



.- ...- ,
* a n... .







iUT 00t

r;r- i'~


p* *HH




." f


- 3.

A-' "- .'1 :':: A '"'
*:,, ,./

*:,,.,< ". ; ... .,'.*
' ; a ...--- -- .. .
i 1 '

*ii* .* ~

~~AWqJ .2 ~'r
da.mwhAp *F-W~. Eft~

U., lii'


SMink OnWetekdys'p A

Sed on .t ek at the Tivoll Hotel .* small, ,tetely aborblng and oy
la topb. long be- soft-spoken brunette slipped in Although s re menambasik
tna;ct on o th W and out of the hotel unnoticed, childhood as a conatahnt
p'. W The youthful wife of the tour of Europe be's

e, e chairman of the panel, Mrs. Ben- "settle down a
t od. sttd. Nova. h Kaplan, preferred to re- While in Panama nd
SW ot St. eain in the background, al. herself following each day
ed rith eg though she 'I quite a personage ceedi gi of the rent
Sth"rdc 30,- Ranagrs ib her own right, closely, through n Wsl~.
wal t. a et. i;..o. o Under her maiden name of Fe- ports. "It'st a am li l'
t of the t l 1Ucia Lamport, the 36-year-old me not to attend a
otra, because tha 4 .for Il ouy other of two lively youngsters hearings at which my
tea from -befere 4$$MW .,,ou Sftity. publishedd a book "Mink on is active, and so far it's
stae.. pt t 0that UildUg 6: n "t. e Am .. .ria llTeekdays" which fs "hum- out ry well." She waiS
t d trae 7:00--pal Star Time (R ) "But that was a long time ago, shown here, and felt th
47:30d fl'N, ov.2 2SPORI'ntwo years to be exact." ing was a honderfuln
7 r' ,.th bckgou.,W .of democracy at work. -.
eII Unh- La ",i ": '". 7:4S-Jam BSegalo(V A) Recently she completed a play Felicia do her eght "
t. lat fr o-ater fro an about her mother whom she through her children's
a a thU r h eals a "fabulous" woman, and Imagine when I tell theoi
lnid aIIt odest 3t8h--Amerian Folk. Music been a frequent contributor a real live alligator,' she
.at ..confoirn ext t| .:46--United Pru metar i top-notch magazines such- ms ed a:'.er a tour of Pans,
of -th o.b. under i it PradO ISarpers, Atlantic Monthly and ligator factory. A lttlen
9:00--4OA Hit Pad Maodfemoiselle. alligator was one. of thq
S e ,d cOBy 9:0-aut ^ She claims her -a realty Is souvenirs she picked up
l 1 nlot fronll what We ar.- ..Servlce S 10:00-.Dance Music orous pieces, a ding that youngsters to bring i
'A ..,. d.- 0:30--8 y m pho ny Hall U.S.A. an eight-year-old book. closer to them. it.
k"i N 4 -dP I1 ,-i, un- ._11-.: :00-.The Owl's Nest fle-year-old daughter, "I don't morning, Mrs. Kaplan i
orces r Gtaledt i 1:00 a.m.-Sign Off .have to look far outside the only the regret that she
a ,90 the -tao.l hme."a "stay awhaae longer in tl
of a burial caun ap- .Tomorrow, Sunday, Nov. 23 Once a reporter on the New ulous land." i .gt
wsitI1 40 cemorwh et 8r00hen On Mduacal Inter-
alw a a h the -ludeo
The cot 8:15-Radio Varnleties UsA
l p.m -s .o b -. 8:30-Hymns of all Churches t-
0'cads. ."or 9:00--BIBLE AUDITORIUM ON'
e t atllbthoird n.o 9:15-Good Neighbor Time'

tNe g10:00-In the Tempo of J As
1L:30--Meet The Band
b' id .n g ?, 1100--NATIONAL LOTTERY
e. "mm 2l:':5--PETRONIO PRESENTS m
2 i~t fa dsccm -dB 11:30--Music for Sunday Sas '- w a" rir u.e is scp m .
,O1 no T ..o- -tf p ec 12:00-Amerlcan Round tab sol *I.eOP AnD Ot atou 0trs o
are n- (VOA) M o aa Lim ita umbe f or Poe) inr.e
i L "-' "-^' '.'-r ~lk;00-Luncheon Music -- EUMIOPE- < :..
.- l:30-Salt Lake Tabern act ; a. Me. Wahlngton .................................... Dec berb t
.,ai ,,aftI.n.....m.en .... yt, ed 10-Theoe Jo stafford she o* e-ol c MIA. ,UA, -,r a CMIL, .a
t d %1-" (VO- A) .Trun ......................................... De mbr .
d10,uO.. tbaI7 1ta 1 S-e-Ameriean Chorales "
ra "-01,, ';130--Rev. Albert Steer st CitJ tAL lAosnca a wm COAsT U.s.A.-
pl& c^ SCS. '.-OO-Drama and ys mpho ar.s. wyomtns ....!................................. November g .
uitt gl tih. .Californi fa, .it Wat's Your Favorite w Uasnean r &viat ber Ntew roma sa P. lMOU a L aAvsd
3BLatin apW l8 ra w 00. r uet Sta 0* S. I.bertr ........................................ DNo bembr

e vOWae'j :. Flay" er.0 0.-Muslcal NdtebooL (V.A 5.5 1,. ..........Novmber U
-n 7e ane tp:e-Thru the Sports Glass "... .anca "-. r..o uIn -ream.aia

do &3Is"ais reia 9:004- BC Concert Hall .... "aame am,'se
S- 6 ws "-h-BBC playhouse ;.o IADUO :-Dne s .

ia, club n a0:e30.d1.T for Music (BBC) .AI
,'be 'ow ,n omto ou .phi 110- a Off
el Py l- n$ n a .mon Eiatlon of Symbols: im
Si the you detected rime VA-VoIce of Aerca
IlIt, of PC I 'f- 8 EOP.o. AND .N0101....M,,.0UM .... ,CoAM

'wt ,at e r r noa
^S^ ^m morApd or the as. of
SI *e~deen is played a a

IT IP TIME t -eada Idw card At the second
) I. 44 ,loW,
?^%, 8^ve f .tur
.!. a* I iL" .z'toe 6ck. ait

g B .ill, ',.^,* ,
An, t. .. .. ..... cl

CAR- Es.-,.
--. CAR pqrdof r '
V414 you BUY! "" J...-
, m t MLES pe. dI, I,
w:.hA you DRIVEnf. .,..

~y. .
", '.4.

~d ~ -


'm isaw ak
I y p ayhva druaIft
Ni o t i ,. ,
-- ,

I P.NO -..^, ,,*
"'* P4Q .

' i rry about


er#-ya strand' Let it be a
tt i. disguise a
'i'gnito you to take action
and'do something about ob.
rating lovelier. n a t u r a I.
looking.'. ew haircolor' So
r c-Ia~i-,nd let .oux take
oye.f'-'-ir Roux Oil Sham.
po; 7"'int treatments conceal
...' visible strand of' dull
.,Vay. hair, give sparkling
idllights and lustre, .adds
4f .eld ral-loohMtg color
cht awnges your woMLy t



nation: se only s cted
oo-^ Q


.v. s ve ........D................... ec. w
S.S. 'a .. .........t....................... "
M.V. REINA DEL PACIICO" (1M84 Tons ... .Yeb. Y-
SA, "TALCA" .... ............................. '
M.V, "SALAMANCA" .................... .....Mid ec.
M V, ............................ ........
.. J D rYa ........... ................,. l]ft
.~%1rW- W AM

Koo .................... ........K leta
M,., DYK" ............. .............
.,GO" ...............................3.% t.
.'^ all ai SubJect to Channe Withost-
AcikM AST#AM NAVIGATION CO.. Crt t .a- 5/
i.- C[PANAMA-Av. F' i *l 1.. /
.O MAN. ENIBALBOA-Termn. Blitg.. i :


Great White Fleet
........ .. ....... ............ .. ......... ::.. .N ,
.QU K .................................. 14

Ie. 14 .


M.IA. ................'................ N
jA goA,' ................................ Ntr.
wC M D9- ............................. .. ..
I.RA BERLANGA" .............. .... ... ; .
rrshU Mlsamagben Criblbhi st
CasUmt Chtral Amertoam Mi" S
goWaIPs to ndara
l'Sam Wa Te"h Beendm- s
,, -CaUUQUI .................................i
l.,", .............. .. "".. ........

WsWitos"eano"S aefps"

rumm 1 o e _.,

*. a --a "
SV k

r Ia =

* C -IF

4' .,*. g,


-I' i I- --"-'

' -'


' :.'-"'*

** *. ., .i.




.* ;, .. t-' .' ., ,* *.' '
.'" r 7&4. .;t+

TM S -& -
TUB PANAMA Utmussji' an saaJflflpSNT PAaiI NEW


You Sell 'em.:.V
Lt'ase ou, Adi wilh nuue uf

I.eN is Senrice
No 4 Tivlo]: A\e Phone 2-2291 ar

S ri...... .h iJ ilv, Aie _Phlinie 2-044

Vhen You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classifieds!
our .gels or our offices in No. 57 "H" :'et --.Panama
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n



Saln de Belieza Americano
No. 56 West 12th Street

Carlton Drug Store
10,059 Mel6nde. Av.-Phone 255 Col6n

4 Propagand, S.A.''
Agendcia Internacional de Publicaciones "pa street corner IStudlsate t.
Nn 3 f.arv Pl ek- Phana 2-3199 iawa90An A as

.4. .47,4*
l's I '
.1' -

-. L4 A W- ; ." '-, r.. -. ..


tl i words.
c. eac a wrd.


. *-7

'A .
ii ii

:.. N '. -

I .5. ~. -

'1t '-I.

I -

j Fo ruu oL uL i.. .-- o- LU. 1 ,LoeY Laons rouPhwes r-d4& UdIUU r8f shower o nti his trip to K-.Y || 9 Beu a fu ol t 0 tu Jn

rOR SALE rOR SALE FOR SALE RESiORTS s.aid he could relvaiso ihie
l,..h,,,il tala.I........ Mijmell ueotm Furnished house -On Deach at Santa trip.
.Clera. Phone Shrapnel. Balboa It was in Detroit,. durin0 .
FR SALE: 4-bure e, o tve FO SAiLE:-1952 Chevrolet 4 door 'OR SALE:-10,000 records going 4t 2820, pr see Caretaker there. Eiseehower first'nn uned
gcod c.ndO,,,l,-. eecoab e. 2141 De Luxe pgwer glide, like 51.00 a dozen! Grand clearance 1_- 5-o-f- Clr-- bech-
Cu.....,odu. Sc,-. 24 new $1,823.00. Telephone 5-123 of new and used records at both Gromih Snto Clara beach.
S- cu. R3 PANAMUSICA stores'- No. 127 cott s. Electric iee boxes o
mahoR ALE.-Bnau rful bambc, .nd neatC good conditionh938. Ver$ Central Ave. and No. 4 Monteserin lteOv moderate rates. Telephone Appointed secrotery of de .
mahogono d-h-ng suite con;.r o ood condition 175. (between Trctt The Cleaner and 6-441 Gmboa. 4-567 Pedro Mi. ysonbegins a leave f absence D
at toble. 2 hoaTess choir. lour' 0433-H. Ancon. Tel. 2-4214 tropical Thatre.l ul. TO6 ,Ri W ,le Motors Corp.
raigh chair, but ar d FOR BETTER USED CARS FO SALE WOMAN'S DARK HILLIPS Oce4nslde Cottages. The -
ChinaSMOOT & PAEES UE wnter coot frm Pinna nly tin Sant Clara with an
door As couch, re nol sdeds. CHEVROLET & BUCK New York Size' 18-20. Only worn Oceanview from all cottages. Steps Rt pr m y for brif
Te. lstobl 1593 or house FOR SALE:-1950 Buick Super Ri- a few times. Reasonable. Room to beach. Rock Gas, refrigeration. M'A H .R R I N prma ly for briefings befi l i
343-A. 6th t Maone Lro New viera Hard-top Convertible. Only 138, Tivoli Guet House, morn- barbecue and shuffle board. Pan- Rt Moue Kill -yeold indu lst ad'l
1r 4 30 pm 15.000 miles, excellent condition wings amao 3.1877. Margarita 3-1673. R at Wurday si e wst w et e.W
Crsrbol afer 4 p Consider trade, Phone 8584, Coco FO SAL Grt D Box No, 435 Balboo. (COntaine WAR ARtN). ,bletpost "with every de- "Th
FOR SALE -Antique Chinese furn- Solo. S : Great nOR RENT GEO sat oarnw
odd er Phre 36-2183 FOR SALE--1950 Studebaker coupe gstered. Phone boa 1606. FOR RENT GEO .NOVEY INCorts tow
lor e, snr dn r ad Excellent condition, radio, h ll-hold- FOR SALE:-UndIrw od typewriter. g g __.o p.o prFrVine the area pro-a t
FOR SALE: Chna closet, dining er Phone Balboa 1471 after 4:00. MHousm r.a 27ph. central A ce.nqW. 3.94Q,_ Jo-Isolvintet un pro-ifto.tOn
tabe. Cheap. 6026 apartment 3Mimgraph. Safe A- contion, unicaton
S"lerlv. -fe 3.00" p"" FOR BETTER USED CARS cheap. Telephone Panama 2-3519 FOR RENT: Furnished house, 2 r g
&SBUICKer C t_ otter MOOT _PAEDE.. bedroomsm, No. 26, 7th Street, "El import tas f g ha T
--IN! c-mMOOT ag PAREnE S ---3-409. Mt tankI f acingITU
RGA ever-pece m y CHEVROLET PARIDE -Coco." Telephone 3-3605. FURITUEr o defense. David .
evtr-pree mahottrn CHEVROLET & BUICK FOR SALE: Two ys Schlwnn e t. defense proa
bedroom h eenr, ng t rs .- ... .. ..0.. ,r, in^ ]ahtIt

La t.0 crce sa. ee- di ion. $75000 Phone Coco Solo Sound Movie Ptojector. 20 and 60 ,iAoo ttl dte :ern. -
phone 3 BETTER ED CAR-B, Guyac Terrace, An- ALHAMBRA APARTMENTS oto fatn.u
phone 3-3212. i FOR BETTER USED CARS c. ITo and five room frnsh a t uh i
FOR SALE-r-Diningrom and living- con. Fnh and. 1 sg I s
room, mahogan Excellent condt- F CHEVROLET & BUICK FOR SALE:.0utom ic wraher 25 unfurnshed apartments; private n- hl., atdown e Wrets o
ton. No.2e Tivoli AI e Apt. FORSALE -Late 1949 Nash Am- cycles, almost nw, $100.00. House closed gardens. 8061. t Street
thon. No. Amadwoh A2521 Apt. or SALE atme 19451Nash Ap- 0, -Kr, Wi nlrlia n l.ivo CaNew Cristobol, fnlqule Corit keS"AS 5m a r en ,-
pppostiteAncon Post Office bassador Tudor Custon. Overdrl 0772-K, Williason Place. N8e. Cristobal Tel ephoneColo r S i .. '"e otiaon is unifting bhSY c eas S ly what
FO LE-BrndnewABCauto- Rado. Bed Etc. 163 Pedro M- FOR SALEI: Fiihin rod and 'real D ,Oos Pind' oordination. I
tFc SALEtr. Ad0 cycl. never ued uel, Tel. 4-371. one pair rmps. Two chairs. 24' FOR RENT:-Unfurished one bed- hip moving. tof leve atoo mte aoentral
300, s,ng' bed, cotton itrress, FOR BETTER USED CARS n Phone 4 room modrn a e pskt oa irate or m ove I believe it c an b e unified =RiV 0 L -4 0,AG
$10 each P ocine Na,, 3773. SMOOT & PAREDES PANAMA. '.MAAL C PAN, an 22451e L1.a"'~ it '4lbal.
FCR SALE --Refrgerator Coldspot. 7 CHEVROLET & BUICK OERS MI LA SCRAP F;OR S ALE nhin 'Pnad ,he
spic t.'7 &AN M-* S Aga i ,Iland. 04 011.14--
cubic teeth, 60 Cycle, one year old. FOR SALE.-1941 Packard Sedan. Sealed bLEids wit re rivd unti el state ur, poti b giant IneW o
$190.00. Socrfice Gas stove, Good transportation, motor and 10:30 A. 'M., Jnleci nt, 19R a e t, for
good condition. $60.00. 1442-C, tres. Duty paid. Leaving Isthmus. s0p3ed ot. ebuof.emil Clooil W1.15and inuo t
Balboa. 0051 SALE01. Of CRISTOBAL *FOR SALE: Compl f b .rS "day
Owen Street. Blboa. Phone Ted at office Balbo 2-3564 COALIN ePLANh F C t a 5- rooms tr h[ IhTrs pepsoer darsr hey o ho.
F ds m n t5 ah 0 m DFablo 2-.R3177 S O smource; or chlerea
FOR SALE -Aut omatc Bendi.x wa- HRaOe Do 3 1 NAL URAILROAT BD $0Jr0E, ord MIS- floors and both. Car-port., 4 V 4,tr eh ti.-
Mng machine 1950, 60 cycle, best FOR ALE:1949 Mercury. Excel- CELLANEOUS FIRROU SCRAP. Fr fenced. House and groitds well l.iumre, w 8udd
-l^.- s ,j- .srn. Datac Humr narei, wilde auddq' s"n. SudBOet Shal

-O521 take a Daninconns le MbeTV &smer 96. radu trid.Tnce intouon0 Curncldu c 0 o-'o
offer or wil swap for 25 cycle s ent condition, only $150.0 down. inform-la0n aln.d inspection cact cared foAR. See anyt Re No. 32S. h"dteOr5els trance Into ntleS te.
Phone Ft. Amador 82-521. take ever payms. 1451 Apt. B. Superintendent, Trminals.' Dvon Cale Chio or inquire Burkl-Cri r

t.ks. 24 voltZ .A s t 2a2E It
r OR SAE:- R cnd o nd Owens St. Blboa. Tel. 2-4436. Cistobol, telephone '3-16&. Bid tobal 3-1676. Sa Murda n 'not ed yesterday Qw'
FOR SAms: R ea otnado eded ar ndhe by dm t- fbe gE
inted washing machine 25 or60 BETTER USED CARS forms my obtind fm the SALE -Two bedroom beach mt = Tel i to be his secret ofw the, tre
FOR SALE OR TRADE Bendx 60 CHEVROLET & BUICK boa, telephone 2-2777 suply. 3,409 mnts, Write Mr. C.u _.. '_ -
s n ma. thoe tFOR SALE:-19 00 I. Pon.tiac e s Pen hld'sare 2132 -. J AS Stephens, Box 344 Clurnhdu, C.
cycleashng machine. Telephone FORSLE:-, r 00.ona 4 d FOR SALE:-Crib, mplete o .. I or m phone2n3 cAW-FUN AND pFRIENDS Ptto. oo e
from 8:00 to 5:00 p.mchild's wardrobe. 2132-B, SthSt7 al..e1L(i
FO SALE: Dining table, chairs w.'. 9,. le nurI (R IoI sa aI '." ... r ,..-D"'
bed thingss, mattresses, misella--L1KRN.-27l9 Ii
.sb'ices. House 0827, Plank FOR S ALE::I -195) Ni-".do "v ISCE L SNE a
S.;~~l*l boo. Sunday mornan "ition, radio, bvubulv i.' SALE: l.. I1161. ta the
OR LE:-e Frigdre 25 cycle Station. Tel. 83-2212. .1 mFoSALE:.a y lSfi. 1 e. F Lr. ei
7 BTu, ft. Excellent condithsion. One KBlls, C A e0-F R0 Sx. T av:a AE to.
i. g fany desk. new. Ft. Clayton FOR SALE: -. Bby Angelfish .3 Treli Tai rvIe, Reable Cldn" '"' ..
SNo. 4108. Hydramatic, radio, *h. Two reurlms. $10.90 0. Car. Tae. 2-1677, Ancon; Cn LIET& D ,Th ie e .
thn ;100a Cars. Tei. 2-167i, AncAn; CarlwdhVTer
lian covers, underwated, excellent 7 glls withrfish platt a Zone. W D*.aas e n eve
dition, $1l.7h00. Tel. Balba.C4454, -N3AICM geritRESt.atAthl frlst n.
FOR ALE 1441. B Owen St.,iBalb a N- o-w Crlstob rl.r Phorl, 3-1423. SPEC IAL O U CUIONI I-fq be -
lCob v e& 6 tira Co an be seen, No.deru ing tools as folles: Bea $85, 0 trip $135T m1uFs al 'Me Io' Stp
";. oaLtE MulYt,4 O SALE:--O1939 PontiHc 4 Door F A- T DN tO s MI .U Iphybe viW' l ..
$ 0con 6;o n Paer uw Ae nwer. e dO-lrnit), $160, good one year;
"--" "'entrance go E^l 'jH By
F0 SALE:-Mine Yowl hull con- rance on 38th Street. $ ; Ba 00; W.ood tco S ANGELVS, one way, 149, b m conB- eo --Anaa-
rted to Cabin Cruiser. Mahogany FOR SALE:-195I Pontiac CatiinnIng lrthp, Dlop make, $0.- 15ff, am t trirZ3 n .. -tt
S anking I I-B thick Frames 9 De Luxe 8. radio, leather upholio- n00 $S.0. Mit wnt o sit) P Ancn busa stp. Telre. em SI B. Hhr e ai
T)2 inches on center; Foreword terv. 5616-. Diablo. saweer $1 ;0 .iln'.Bcw 'Drill tZh1L552 ..tas
a~lm ontains chain and rope aw. 1 $ 1000 t 'Drill Posits5An c b s rtop.rTel.
n er ontlie s chket inlocker and FO BETTER USED ARS $25.00 m cycle, -I 3.Z .,. m was being conal thd.smy i.
ker, life jacket locker and FsMooTE & PAREDEsECS HP $Wf -~l W mer, 60 Dr. .WENDEHAKE Mediol Cdinlnc -
U4od. Trunk Cabin contains galley SMOOT & PAREDES HP $1l. Cl -ic c Indays ago after '
and lockers. Main Cbin contains CHEVROLET & BUICK, cycle, r -oiHP,>. $1T.00 2163-8, Estudionte Street No.40 e T We]ro ise o ?ft4
'Iy l M a iWest B St., t d. -tenod "P' and "K" street. Ph" 'l. "T willaod th hWe
cubic foot ice chest. 2 bunks. FOR SALE-195 irs J -Cylndk West ELNT a M f I w ill
40 gallon fresh watertank. 40 er Two-Door Sedan in excel CELe J r
HaP. Buda Diesel motor with less condition. $1,000.00. Phone aBl- O veF "AREA," Het a
than 100 hours. 170 gallon, fuel boo 2-1843, 5619-, DIblo phone, bflat, gold plated, 50. the Good Neighbor" NONRS
iod dinghy for,4 a 2 fishingchairs0 SALEh 1947 o tXylpl. 30 notes, 10. Phone COC TAILS aAericastron
k $l t see er l-in g hs. F d. C e es, $ Phone COCTAIL.S!One-wayIitio arpan- HumprevJ
Sanfter deck. stobl Yacht Very Cad Convert- 6- Pul:Perer, Gbo. 00.NE YORK, $111.0.Orqutan
b'ee n ice condition. Finance r Anr 3PA
S after deck. Cristobol aia rble,de i oonthIn. FIan .. "GAYAQUIL $75:00...- QUIT 1 o 04r macs and reh ind
v 3lable, $65.00 down. -House .i180M Roundt
FOR.SALE:--30 foot Yacht, 45 HP 1420-B, Balboao. Hse Rn t MA, -
yT E ylopnsi,..ANTED YORK $208.0...6 0 l Inf *I be avalab e .frnt".
Gra Eng. Nylon sailsC 4 bpds. FOR ALEr 1942 AQICh4.U IL, $135.00. t -U
oilet, nGalley.oNew,1947., cst Good condition. Apt. 831 -O.PTO. $ 54.80, EI.ENG 4-engine At "(ild :;td4"g"s(y, th2 fru' 1912 to 1017. wI
,500. price $3,000. Mr. Luddy. 0or mrg deils see PAN- ,- n th u
-1A ED WANigoM -Ir, Ain good con- A DPCHSERVICE, oppo. will te cong t"g- c0
FOR SALE-25 Cycle motors, 1-6tlen. he6" barrel or site AnMon Suetop. Telephone 2- t.. The firM Is
HVF.5.00: 1.5 HP $5.00; 1-4 HP Automobile. tqr. Cm f. C. Harris, 2152- 5. 'tn
10.00; 1-3 HP $12.00; 3-4 HP. ,C Tel. 3-2172 AQUARI: Ct ishes50 cure i lso Is h
0.00; HP 60 cycle $40.00. Will pay cash for 1947 IaW WANTEDNri American couple 600 each. Glow Light Ttros, $1. tSt tr the fnr IL nimbp'o
veral slow speed 25 cycle rag- model Studebaker. Price must he desires urnih.ed house prefer- 25 Pr. Acuario Tropical. 11 VI 'vk p;- I, Church Hs a-
fos and D. C. motors 1445-A. below book value Posi Office ably t W. ds,,in Belle Vita; pa, opposite Juan Franc e
t"Blt of'the-Ja Fn eul.nlnttofte .
OWen St. 2-3630. '256, Anton, C. Z. .Golf iiht qeptabl. $150.e Stables Tel 3-4132 ttludert ts
o ALE:--Outboord, HP Bendix, %$175 A L h. Phone Panama GRAND XAS.- SA I. a.r- t erestwasaA e
air cooled. Excellent condition., m -eSALE'a"m334.ienn nh
NOWfect for salt water. Spare pro-.MoW.~-S p, oneRit pd mhetg :kn f neute i tnoro Beuro-i~ p1n t
peier. Price $110.00. Phone 6- Motorycloer. Itrid Sanall sport rsent oneae el
22, Paul Prker. Gamboa. FOR SALE:--Scooter. 3-wheel, Cuul- reotmebl. Obiln, Tel. 2-4586, lie ec. W. .r LUk,.t
man, capacity 600 Ibs. Good con- Pjmum, I-- Jh1, Av. Tel. 1. .-- and o th
ramercy Ghost' edition new tires. Price $125.00. S Vesper .n
Phone 6-322, Paul Parker, Gain- DASIND AN HOvserRIA,
"flckets On Sale' boo HUAN Corrective COPEE b'. wll .-.
for Show Tonight Airman Mike Baitel GE0Ef m, R,;., No. INCLUDING 71f Fhp. : -eeven n"
Panama Seventh t .,. -%33. Monday Airline Transpert-tloflnw-"gretioq
Tickets for the Cristobal High Back In thra ,u Soluts tg .t to S f. Doc.umetsl..

It be given tonight and tomor- Today On Leave from the*: ui* je mf" teos -
aoW night at 8 p. Mi, nmo be "L.. A he.ea T-a"01111,Hairt
,ahased at the Criso al High Airman rdEu cs M LOST NDr esa'. mi.t the day
a..1U0ol office or from any t- Baltel, the son of Mr. and Mrs. L" P-,-'

.famBrada. aats

Ar; iJ
I- -Ni r'-- ~1.4~4
S. ~ 9

1 v. :' .
"- "


.* ; :


:1 f .... .,,1?1,-.-- g ':; .o.
Y J .

..... ....
^'.:^ --
' .; I.

-V ~

* .. .. .. .. *-.
~ -+ .**
'W .*l.

1 ftI


i y L I' ft 1F. M R

~~~ ~o --1 t-t.A-

.."..........-. -

km" -. .'
: .. ... -. .. ,


. l

r t I a. b. ol N. at

tuA.Kk B0.'
a r
g 11 of ofam
. eomp ted V

ltWnet Cn..smde-.. 'I

0,; a au
tusii waft itx-.
Rot aM th pa

.Mr. :

y: i f r. -
'afi .for the DBamflt

lflt ilde members
s:. 'MQ. f I R. Bal.
Ami_. I. 9 ,Mrs.
; --r Mrs. Harry
M.S Roy Ourrle.
#-, atIe ielde were:
trt/ardeyon, Mrs. A.
?8. Charles Olson
dkL- !M., Mrs. Stan-
on; Mr. .E, J. Fried-
M. F. H. Hodges.
Nbu were: Mrs. E.
I land Mra. John

Wt oaer -
i- H. E. alther, of
" b USol O Kav Stagon,
Q.wl by. plane -Monday
44um to his o tee on Long
Kd IWew York. H*e. *tetura-
$0 inac've stt In the
spts hlbeitgrted to
r0tht 511y7 Walther, who
a- Wdeuntat the OCitobal
-8 Shool last year as re.
iS-M' tudies- at Oak ,il
lbat at- Mouth of Wilmson.
wk lAtW -been electm%
Idt of,- IMF senor eh*
o capta O "of the bft-

r. g bOrsa aed AS'

(ftE Teljephmtifil i A' Deaf e Dept.)
THE BIG DREAM Hometard-bound .after a ye in Korea.
Marine Sergeant Hugh Smith of CynwYL Pemn.,takqB time for
a cat-hap while being proesed at AeOn City, torei. HA dog,
pot-Wler the rotation.plan, t a ag-p anyway.

Gatun Chapter, Chicago Fire
Local 90-CtO Claims 3 Lives
To Meet Monda my CHICAGO. (UP)-
I Three per Wu b and
5ac-iah Wiilaun'. chair- three Inji a
man of-ii tSu Chaptw, fire that set t ugh a South,
Local 9 a cheduli ide
Chap t Me for tec Monday, Firoe agt Or.
Nov.s : ti e out
Local U roflcltal. wll at- burning do tb t
tend and dter report on re- bpildlng.. .'
cent ptt !e orgaamIa- The da-were
on. i of a rern- APed
Sb, qud fireL
.teeutive board te ''Ut e
of the-


cediay'. 8 p. in,

UNStCO tiuihsu 4d28 for,
ind ffV absent, t6cept rn-
gua bid for the confereuce
MinM and Ttrudwa1, no led
the' Mote to lnatnge the ine-b
meeting from Paris to mntevl-
deo, argued the org0 iati
aboulda sow itae m w' mny
parts of the wor a poWslble.
The alie 40 -Pousbd
the United tes n
lBoth liatlons sad, that
UNESCO could not afford the
added cost. Some delegates
pointed out the cost would run
about twice as much As a Paris
They indicated this would be
difficult to reconcile with our-
rent proposals to cut UNSCO'a
budget for the negt two year.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E.Thomp-
son had -trouble with t"elr
plumbing until they removed a
two-Inch rainbow trout from
the Inlet pipe.

I. I:N 4:u0 9.1-- *:M





1950 Ford DeLuxe Tudor Six, black $1390 3
1950 Ford Custom Fordor V8, gray 1390
1950 Ford Custom Tudor V8, black 1390
1950 Ford Fordor V8, gray ....... 1390
1950 Ford Custom Tudor V8, blue .. 1390
1951 Ford Custom Club Coupe V8,
green .................... 1550
1951 Mercury Club Coupe, green... 1990
1949 Lincoln Cosmo. Fbrdor,
sheridan blue .............. 1875
1950 Studebaker Champion
Club Coupe, black ........ 1290
1981 Studebaker Champion
2-door,-dark green .......... 1500
1947 Studebaker Champion
Club Coupe, black .. .. 700
1947 Studebaker Commander
4-door, light blue ... ..... 825
1950 Chevrolet 4-door, light gray .. 1380
1950 Chevrolet 2-door, green .... 1375
1950 Chevrolet Station Wagon,
maroon ................... 1575
1951 Kaiser 4-door, green ........ 1425
1949 Plymouth 2-door, black ...... 1090
1949 Pontiac 4-door 6, light blue'. 1350
1949 Pontiac Club Coupe 6,

m 49

dark green ................. 825 700


Your Friendly Ford Dealer
Telephones: 2-1033 2-1036

dark green, ........ ...
Pontiac 4-door 8, black ......
Nash 600 4-door, black ......
Packard 4-4oor, dark blue....
Oldsmobile Club Coupe, black
Chrysler Windsor 4-door, gray
Hudson Super Six 4-door, black
Buick Roadmaster 4-door,








1175 i





-.I-L.T ;


-. Pwft1 risfm s -


i"t.3 .-t ...-'f.
". t ,' = "* & ;. .i Al 4 = x'

"-: "., "-,1- '

6. 50 Adt4s. .... $1.00
' -,,_ .


It's Movitne tON/T .

U,.anamna ana

1 ..- 4 ,Ropy
45-ffrPI PL#FAC- I"
a'i/Y....- _1 I

Jamten -




Victor Hugo's Imnmortal Classic
Michael Debra Rolert
aliF_ 1:0%, 2;4, 4:R2, 2:%, 6: pan.

- It Will Be
3ur Thrllllne

* w"



7---= -;mDi


Q 4

The Fawy Romantle stars
of "The Prines Who Was
A Thiefl




Laurence OLVIER Jewnfler SONES

with Comel WUde Tress Wright
GSenationall... Astoni hlnlI...
with Adelphb MenJeu Arthur FrmIA


"SeWt Apoche Pass".


- L41Nu1

Peter Lawtrc. Ia
and -
DOital Gayr. in
"Down A i t
Shewiring My m

C 1 I I tM i A-

mw .-r. -
MA *-,-.-F ; ..._, f ,A ., A ..

fur .."




"* :,;-l' 1'. .,_ **
..... ~y"

:-:: :':.

:-. ..+ ..- .

a*, ;;

*I.- ,-
11 slllI


pr -.. .. : T, ; ;'
***;..' : "**' % *" *." : .",,? ,,

Votes To Pass
T.. P.

Oklahoma IU.

f -- ... 01 .'..0 -


I. But Regents Blast Nebraska Minors ead

.'or Not Relaxing Big SevenSees Picture

The Linisersit3 of Oklahoma regents have voted
to slick w ith the Big Seven conference and foreeo a
bid to the Orange Bowl. But the vote didn't pass
-1without bitter comment.
The Sooner football team voled to go to the
Orange Bowl, but not at the expense of ouster from
' the Big Seven, which bans post-season play.
j The regents upheld the team's decision today,
F five to one. The dissenter was Quinton Little of
t1rdmore, Oklahoma, who says Nebraska is to blame
,,-or the Big Seven's refusal to relax the bowl ban.
;2- Little said: "Nebraska is just mad-that's

Not So Black

COLUMBUS. Ohio, Nov. 22
(UP? The top man in minor
league baseball doesn't think
the attendance picture ls as
black as it has been painted in
some unofficial reports.
President George Trautman
of the National Association of
Professional Baseball Leagues
says he believes the principal
cause of a decline in attendance
is the two-thousand baseball
olavers now in the Armed Forc-

all." He also made some comments which he would Tn a report to minor league
club officials Trautman says
not allow newsmen to quote him on. that 43 minor league clubs be-
Dr. Oscar White, chairman of the regents, says ea and finished t season
he voted to follow the Big Seven "with great reluc- transfers of franchises, while
tance." attendance was falling off two
,nd seven-tenth per cent from
"I hope," says White, "that we beat Nebraska :9ht.
(100 to- today." "The small loss," he says, "is
100-to-0 today. .___ a tilbute' to the energy. the
courage, the resourcefulness and
She intelligence of league and
Touch Football Ti ingRacersclub officials and all those con-
Touch CFootball At It Aganr nected with the _ame_ "
Chimns Crowned A t Ain Horseshoers Union
I .0...1 The Canal Zone Timine Asso- Horsesoers Union
The Eighth Grade Browns de- citation will hold their monthly
fated the favored Ninth Grp-. ra at Chame airstrip at 2 pm. Balks Al Order
Panthers. 13 to 6. to win thi tnrr.,rrow.
Touch Football Cham8,ionsAp I cmeh eof thea regular partici-nOn Fi e- i n "
of th, 7t. 8th and 8th gradesp ,ian s have made changes in O Fn flner-p rnninll
The Blackhawks were the their cars since the last race.
Seventh Grade Champions. To members have stated (By United Press)
linhir intentions to brine up hot
The League was made up of 'rodr that they have been build- The Horseshoers Union is
tv.clve teams. Imno. balking over the Florida State
After taking the honors I spectator entrance Is free. Racing Commissaon rule requir-
thter owkinrades the honor in Nor-member participants will ing -licensed track employes to
their own grades the Black-e ne harmed $1 for timing. be finger-pltinted,
haks met the Browns for the nareUnion members walked out of
right to plav the Panthers for a meeting yesterday when the
the League Championship. H -Pedro Salas: F.-Larry Seigel; commission refused to change
The team captains selected R H -August Ollvares. the rule. Union representative
the following All Star T.'am: A similar league is now in Harold Lockwood says his union
L. E.-Manuel Rivera; C.-Juan progress for the 9th. 10th anl will refuse to work unless the
Caxor'gs; R. E.-Bob Fearon: L. 11th grade boys. rule is aboliahed. Tronical Parki

----- -

I ,
bleoV. I uu, u,,,
N J Scientifid tests uprttd



the finest soap for your skin. Buy today.




is preparig to open a 122-day
meeting next Thursday..
Lockwood stormed tq the com-
mission table during the meeting
and said "I'm not mad at
anyone but you know the say-
ing "for the want of a nail,
a shoe was lost, for want of a
shoe well, good day gentle-

Bowie Track

Cancels Meet
Officials at hard-luck Bowie
race track have cancelled racing
until further notice.
The track, which opened for
two races Monday and has befe
closed all week while heavy rains
continued, was set to reopen to-
day rain or shine, according
to track president Larry Me-.
But after a meeting of the
State Racing Commission, track
management and horsemen to-
day, it was decided to cancel the
* reopening.
More than four inches of rain
has fallen in the past 46 hours.
A steady downpour uhybeh went
on with no letup in sight this
morning hap brought about
"flood conditions" at ttle Mary-
land track.
Publicity manager Ames Says
all parties have agreed it would
be "foolish" to resume racing
under present conditions.

Pro Cage Scores

(Tharnda Night)
British Columbia 73, Western
Wash. 51.
Tena State 65, Cuba 36.
Wright-Patterson Kittyhawks 34,
Blis 35.
Rio Orande (0.) 108, Waynes-
burg 70.
David LipAcoab 68, Middle Tenn
Freed-Hardeman, 53, Tenn Univ.
JO 48.
St. Peters (NJ) 94, Bayonne Na-
val 60.
Det. Vagabond .Kigs 74, F. Leo'd
W'd 63.
Roanoke- 83, AItmnl 71.
Birm'ham--8Lo. 97, Belmont
(Tenn) 42.

e Dau-carrierspoJea
sen, GeaW&I

sslonalra ws
trike, The
an, Jim Pc

Know Your BHS Gridders Cru ss
.. .. 1..-6* '
,,v ""V.VI -. .. 't .-an.- +R. "OLLEYBALL.
-I' ..O M.E
S.Won Ist M 'et.
-.~~ 2 ",'".6 601
0. 5s -a00

A ~'' .~ 4 :y.,la te.

Name: Jim May
ClIss: Junioar
Ae: 11
Iight: 171 '
Helht. S--10'
VPoition: left halfback
Experience: 2 year lett erman.

S.VSttA Stattstics
mel. eTd,-rNorris
Class: Senior
gh: 154
Height: 5-10'
P don: right halfback .
experience: 1 year letterman

r WW. e L V$* i s

OHense vs. BHS Defense

'The Isthmlan Bowl game be t a
quk h e the the Buldog-h
St p ba fine condition, and as I
hard charge battle testd been thUr cue all season.
fa te. The Lake .oWort" rWJa spirit 4n dwri wIlU be il
pgerta ^ have off soume night of t wNoveial
to fill the tteket*, whl gto 28th. 4b tat slone Is mu
nases.have only allow* ti sole difference in t
ebdown be '* o ver so manoy
; ..a r4 S s = .U. ,.

it atiO; the
g Turkey

, turkey for
Mtt." Gome out
L MaR a 4ay
. and stay foi*
,p-ad i o4u

the g

.uu lK 0 u. -.; ."
e night Vent tq
I tr. voll.eAyf d
Iv "2WitlthV -or th l
do of the season, 1*i
,D :

fanta Cm z 7trk e
camnm ift a. bid :at w Vt;

J.. U7!e1?

-" ': .,
*A i" ****h. .....

~sih' ~1~'


lay. I

uTournam i
into tW9 ,0
under, 17 ye

.,... I-'

A Su/9ere 4e

2~! :.~



.- -

*~, .:
~ -~


*~ .1



-P j




L~ :


: --- ------


.- e

. -


,..'.- .'




,i .

IB .iiaetr'.fr F '14t^


~1. I

Th e Individual atam gas aftet
the play: .
S r (481st AU)
VIM) 1

(At. li ) 1 f 2
( Stompell 16~
The scores of the play:

"L ; L" .. i ll l -. .. ...." 1" *



f- W n ""-w .
-Attribute' ~h..~~ UV5W ulzt* st r R ,
iBuwuo f t6 turftroa t Eta"
W to ~a tfsrttt b fim- lA9wta

U1 eIss.WO ame
^*iF^J*: city
tidfttt_'I,'1;1U and a
i~~11 a Msi% folilQw-
7Ib@T :1)i 55. Thomua
am y vlr-aU high for
S-with -1, followed by
Rth UB.

L cent alleys, La Impor-
ta team, Just
iead of Hector Downea
mb, smashed out a three.
:tory breaking the sea-
high Wrins and indlvi-
reord set lest week
CUa b teamm by bowl-
ltes total of00M and a
udes g t 1%
Sf t place tlte.eague.
Damlan M ig. for the
team with in divi-
ie Of 3%-' 206
followed by 0fo who
L.fine an W-.13, 212
for 82 Wt ronheIs-
d'a Splendid-series with
ad 180 for 61. Boru
the 60" group with a
k POe PaolD had to
Cln (hub Mwe*Ai1n-


[ ,I



Fue -y u I=
Motephens 171 131 IM 1 1
&Thom le 161 i32 W Gt
Bugno -- 133 126' 1
D Norris 167 i1 WJ35
*Engelke 204 194143
i(BM ) 150 -- '
863 ;N "n
MaxL Stempel 8 m-,
I Wilber ll 10 I N 168
Hermann 167 1M6 162 515
F 1rund 16 148 1iM 46
Van Wite 15 -1- W
* Andrews IN 2j 612
'(B3ind) 1521 304
v AG 142 8M 2600

La Importaod Seleeta
Da:mlan, A.-25 1 30 0 631

Wheeler 192
Bate3. i s 6
1orup INM 230 B9
1002 100 Mn 3 oi0

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of the City of New York

7Toal resources over $5,375,000,000.00

General Banking




We Specialix in Finmncing Imports and Exports

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Sise about tires...
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Year after year, botIkthe
experts who make the wornWis
- automobiles and the mao trid
who drive them um -p.e
SGoodyear tirem than any othu
take. Isn't this'two-wamy
,iaderahip pretty good proof
that Goodyear am the
Sbest tire for you to buy?
Next time you need time,
me your Goodyear dealer

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Zatkoff, left, of Michigan, brces UImeUf for the Ohio St
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go. Dean Smith, Navy halfback, warm up for A y,
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IThe Chose National Bank



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Now Available Columbus
tenpioers and 12 ba" "a of C -olumbu sa
At Balbod Heights I x.lo
A supply of the 1913 tide men and three "lock oorperu e
ta ae been received and nehinists. Locks Divion in-nce
are available for sale at alde machiat, In. c
3R .Yilih., it was an- reau: towboat -
tion Division; power .0,
t.tables may is %tor and one wfre0An
isranboters.: PANAMA AUTO. S. A. r2A canto each at Diviaht;
Panam6 Colon o"fmvaut clerk onr a M
- AS4 m-de steRom thir6"f- -.the m 'ila7
Pa. MA-.David -----

Army's $8,694 _li

Puts CZ Chest

Near $30,000 Pa.-.m r .an

The donation from the United "Let the rvpople know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.
States Armv Caribbean of $8.-
69413 has boosted Canal Zone,
Community Chest collections to TWENTY-EIGHTH YEAR. PANAMA, R. P., SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1952 _FIBNV
date to more than $27.500. It was
announced today by Leonard M.
The Army donation its last-
year contribution by more than m er COB oersI
$2,500 and amounts to approxim-
ately 50 per cent of this year's P Ti Ts io
donations from all other agencies
Further increases of t h e
over-all total may push it to-In Pur er aestm ony
ward $30,000 but it is consid-
ered unlikely that the final fi-
gure will reach the $34.000 goal VTENNA. Nov. 22 (UP) Ar- appeared in mid-1949, have disclosed additional details- It is the same courtroom In
sert originally for this year's fhu' London, former deputy min- been directly linked with at such as labelling John Foster which Associated Press Cor-
drive, according to Brockman. sister of foreign affairs In Cze- least six of the defendants in Dulles as a "spy." respondent William N. Oatis
Additional contributions al- cholovakla, pleaded guilty today the present trial. The trial. biggest Commun- was tried and convicted of
though the campaign now is of- to charges of treason and espion- Noel Field was also called a ist show of its kind since the "espionage." Ironically, it was
facially closed and there has been age. and told a People's Court in Communist agent during the great Russian purges of the Slansky who conducted that p A
no extension of the drive as in Prague that he had been in dl- tricl of former US State De- 1930s, gave indications of still trial. ,AS "PENAdON
past years may be expected rel contact with one of the apartment official Alger Hiss. greater crackdowns to come. The tall, pipe-smoking Clem- t..e nation's Armed Forces heiQu
from individuals who were ab- mysterious United States Io- Though no satellite country As the defendants drored entis stood in the dock yester- known as the "Little Pentagon, U7ot
sent from the Isthmus during other, Hermann and Noel Field. has ever admitted knowledge of their confessions In listless tones da, and readily confessed to a /
the drive or for other reasons London. alias Kolanda Gerard the Fields' whereabouts, Slan- tu the five-man court they im- lhst of crime a long as those _........ -.-.__.__ ,',_
have vet to contribute. ana also Gerhardt, served under sky's. pre-trial interrogation plicpted scores of other top admitted by 81ansky. .
For this purpose the books will ormerr foreign minister Vladimir suggested that they are under Czechs. He said he was a spy and a
be kept open until December 1. Clerrentis as chief of the cadre irrcst In Czechoslovakia. The trial is being held in Pan- traitor and that he had planned
at which time the annual audit section of the ministry. Clementis confessed yesterday krac Prison, a grim stone struc- to kill his old friend Gottwald. .
will be made and a complete re- to a fantastic assortment of spy ture jammed with several thou- Clementia, who succeeded Jan
port of donations and allocations He said he had been put iq and traitor charges. ,and anti Communists who Mararyk as foreign minister af-
to the various Chest agencies; this post by Rudolf Slansky to His testimony was as abject as have been arrested in recent ter the-son of the founder of
will be made public. serve as the Czech Communist that of Slansky and Germinder veais. '.he Czech republic fell or was
Contributions may be made in Paity's former secretary-gen- before him. The courtroom itself resem- pushed to his death in 1948. has
person to Mrs. Douglas Johns- eral's agent in a "Jewish bour- Copies of the four-page in- -les a theater with the five been in jail since January' 1951. ,
ton. c a m p a i g n chairman, at geols nationalist" plot to over- dictrment printed in the official iudres on the stage before a His voioe was like that of
Chest headquarters in the Canal throw the regime. Czech Communist newspaper carefully picked Communist au- others making "confessions" at-
Zone Credit Union building. R10 London was the fourth of 14 Rude Pravq reaching here today dience. ter months in a Communist Jail
Balboa Road. Balboa. or mailed defendants to take the stand, fol- -a dull recitation as if by rote.
to Box D. Balboa. Canal Zone. lowing Slansky. Clementis and Geminder, e who hash.f been.
o- Bed-Tich Geminder. once Slan- called the "power behind the's chief deputy and reputed- throne" in Czechoslovakia's
Proestants Urge v the "Grey Eminence" of the anaGo Round Clock party, told the
Czech Communist Party. a court that Nonni lilacus,
US End Financialer'been a real Communsth O operations For Lock Overhaul a '*H ,,link betw neethe
that he had beenaTrot-Slanskyg group and the Westh"
.kvite and an agent of the bour- 0 and through delliacuw the
Help For Spaineoaie and had served the ogroupan throhe "direct andhe-
Western imperialists since 1944. A 24-hour operating schedule divided and otlhr conditions- tive support of the Western
WASHINGTON Nov. 22 (UPi He also confessed to murder- will be in effect at both Pedro normal, the basic traffic plan imperiilists."
A Protestant rouurged to- ine JanSrma, a Communist Miguel.and Miraflorea Locks and- during the overhaul of Pedro Zilliacus denied these charges
A Protestant grthat this oup urged to-ff hero. and to.planning to mur- ships fo, transit through the Miguel Locks will be as follows: in London.
day tancial hlp countrypain until off rle President Klement Gott- Canal will be boarded for clear- North 1: Leave Balboa Harbor The Indictment gave a long
tht SpLnish government esta- wa told the five-m ance on a round-the-clock basis in time to arrive Miraflores .t list of foreign diplomats. politl- S
blishes full civil rights and free- London told the five-m1 during the Pacific Locks over- 0315, arriving Cristobal Harbor cans and newspapermen it said
dom of faith and worship." court today that he had been haul period, according to an- at 1015. were implicated with Slansky
In a statement to President Instructed by Slanskv to ap- nouncement at the Marine Bu- North 12: Leave Balboa Hal- and asserted the Slaniky group
Truman, the group also asked point members of. S1asky's reau. bor in time to arrive Miraflores did its best."to serve their im-
that "no consideration be given group to top diplomatic osts.- The 24-hour schedule will be- at 1335. arriving in Criatob perialist masters, such as the
to an alliance" with Spain until Alth o u g h Radio Prague's come effective January 3 and Harbor at .0030. notorious spy, John Fos t e r
civil and religious liberty is gua- broadcast account of the trial will continue throughout the South 1: Leave Cristobal Ha Du'les" who has been designa-
ranteed there. did not Identify any of the ex- overhaul period. No change is bor in time to arrive Gatun Ot fed as secretary of state in the
The Protestants said religious diplomats named by. London, planned in the operating sched- 1715, arriving Balboa at .1720. new U5 cabinet
d is Im in action in Spain is previous testimony had implica- ules at Gatun Locks and the South 12: Leave Cristobl caine
"shocking to the conscience of ted Eduard Goldstuecker. ex- Atlantic terminal. Harbor in time to arrive Gatu P l H
Americans of all faiths" ambassador to Israel, Bohumil The announcement concern- at 2035, arriving Balboa at 032.
rIn pain they added. "Pro- Kratochvil: ambassador to In- ing the working schedule anld "The above tentative achedul e LV rt r ad te .t i t
testanta cannot practice as phv- Jla who defected in 1951 Anto- other plans for handling ship- is based on the assumption tt .
aicans, lawyers, teachers or hold nin Hasek;' ex-cpnsul general ping was contained in a circular traffic is evenly divided: th lA -'. ... ......
ubl office. Baptim. marriage in Peiping and Slansky's bro- issued to shipping interests and is, 12 northbound lockages: : o". -Lw umIeE'
ani ether spiritual comfort re- ther-in-law; Jaromir Kopecky. others by the Marine Director. 12 southbound lockages.
dveld at the hands of their own ex-minlster to Switzerland. Ot- The overhaul schedule cals that all other conditions ..m Z L.ic.s P0 I- .....-.
gistersi have no legal re- to Fisl. a co-defendant at the for the closing of the east average and normal. If tai UWU V f al Ain af' LkU Poo
iton resent trial and ex-ambassador chamber of Pedro Miguel Is predominantly In one dee Nearly Z.000 applications will -: .
tn East Germany and Pavel Looks on or about January 3. tion. then traffic will be dis- be included in the drawing for a -.-' '
Kavan. ex-press attache and It is expected that the over- patched as long as necessary to low automobile license num- 'K U'
cuunsellor to the Czech embassy haul of Pedro Miguel Locks will take care of the backlog of ships bers next Monday morning, it -
in London. be completed about the latter at any one terminal port. was.announced yesterday at the T
t Is believed London will tell part of Match or early in April "A tentative plan for the Liceriae sectiqn. rermu
the story of how he met Noel and the work at Miraflores will period of Miraflores Locks The drawing Is to be held at .
Field while the Amreican di- be completed' before the end of overhaul will be published at 9 a. m..Mcnday in the.Civil At-
rected League of Nations camps May. a later date. afirs Buildicl. It will be con- Ten new permanent
in France for refugees from the The. following announcement "The attention of all Steam- ducted with the cooperation of wdre added t-the.
Spanish civil war and how he concerning the handling of ship ship Agencies is called to the representatives of the Civic rolls of .the Canal. opW": ..
S met Hermann Field while ne traffic during the overhaul per- fact that ships arriving on the Councils. Which requested that during the first haif .;" ,h-- '
was a member of the British re- lod waU issued: Pacific Side will be received the low license numbers be se- month, five of whom. WB .
fugee committee helping Czechs "A careful analysis indicates and passed bv the Boarding elected for 1093 on this basis. The played locally.
escape to Poland from German- that during the overhaul period Party, consisting of Immigratlon, drawing wll be open to the Two of those h310d i -
Occupied Czechoslovakia. of Pedro Miguel Locks, transits Quarantine. Customs and Ad- publio.. United States and
The Field brothers, who will be limited to 24 lockages measure, on a $4-hour basis. All Appi s received at employed locally hayv.p
g have been mentioned In al- per day. Past experience in- "As stated above, the schedule the Isceal e-Section up through Canal rrvice... .
most every trial behind the dictates that during the overhaul is based on evenly divided trat- Wednesday will be included in The five new ein109g,...
iron Curtain since they dis- of Miraflores Locks, lockages, fic and normal operating condi- the dfawin.g. the States their 0U
will be limited to 21 per day: tons. Actu ly. each day's traf- A large un betr of applica- places of birth are: BIW y
however apial procedures will fic will be an individual problem tions wretb ii to car own- Smith. boflermaker., 1*Pvt. -
Se Institd with which it is and will require handling ac- era because of incomplete or in- Bureau, of Ada, OklSIIM "
hoped to Ihcrease the number cordingly." correct formation. The prin- wey E. Mann, Jr., towhS't-
of, lockages to 24. -cipal faslt t tba applications ter, Dredgin Dlv
"Assuming traffic s evenly were in the failure of car own- hes-., Caro ". .
S3erto, sign orders Buy th LtlPCH 30 (tra lonsr tn saasl '
r mers uythe two aces, and nesa:
Zrf A 'es M I E-600 Lbs. Of Corn Jobs, 11 Othmers ga.. "i.. with thier M not.
600 Lbs.- OfA Corn I IC Iv Othe*\/i vvrs applications. ItwVas announced. gener,- a:

afpt r anbought eore thap 600 pounds of There are 41 positions pre- of car at all me Can1- .
Tiqu 9ate Y corn seed from the Na- sently open in the Canal service tim, -t- that this is T o a
ILi E uoni Institute of Agriculture of which 30 are in the craft not re quer while application ..... "
M L dusr~ng Octo et as part of the group and 11 are in the classi- on for .a new license tag. of
KSSiS"S rft plan dervoM by Point Four ftied and related group, accord- It is l. planned to draw .w e
Th fhTechnlcaa, a to increase ing to this week's transfer cM9 which were re- s
f ter national. Qdtcorn. vacancy bulletin of the Person. oeiY r gb Wednesday.
SThe T a about nel Bureau. although t reviously an-
M ILE the best l seed for this Most of the positions In the ouncued that Numbers 21
L country due i price and craft group are with the Locks thl'trut". .S14 be assigned ""
high -predut. Sometimes and 15 are temporary thr,,,s method1 as re- .'5;,-
R 0 YAL MASTER its product doubles the obs for the Pacific Locks over- q C Conls.
No other tire ordinary yieldM f S grade corn haul work which begins in Jan- nve tea will be '
much safe maleae, so much seed. u ary. SAUUe Of te ept of -
akid protection, its tread In addition to Tipiaate corn. .The lat of chlfled and a"- ann L these received h," fai_
lasts and last...and grips the Nattoanl It 2ttile Of Atri- late lobs open are: Probational- 4,Y Applica-
and holds the mntant( culture has sold mqre than 200 alime.asurer. Navigation Divi- tion.,-o maned atar
touch 'our brakes! The rsafted eltrua tre. to IMprove ston; property a supply clerk, $i3._. .n r,
the world's beat safety tube the .roducttat of Manges, grape, Administrative ~ eh; tW #ee nday. De- i. U.S. ROYAL Nylom fruit Snd letUns amonR tg e cIerk-typists. Finance Bureat;: callb Lj on which
L'fub farmer, erk-attenograper. Clubho new to if"ed. .
t Beveral hundred purebred New -visin.: two patHM ne'' .... '
Local farmers Ti eat pric. a- e..--' laed
S1953 Tide Tables Chgi4hV.' Dancnee


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+ ~1 -
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Airatt Cav



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