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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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"Let the people know the truth d e 4apntsy is safe" Abraham Lincoln.
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Pr' t Jose' A. Remon serv- lepovt that ~Foreign Ministq Jose

pre"osswferce since hle was in- State Dean Acheson aftetov. 4
augurdo Oct. 1.tht foren a ,just" Canal annU1 and
relations are handled by the to pen the way for negot tRMO.
eS f r e. S5 oetween Panama and th be .
S to yesterday's Forn- on this matt o .

He & traongnoIpu
e mmittee hear- H said the negotlationwilol

ing e resdent expressed a- deal withe Asseionsblof the con-
i stt nt made alwe treat not esecn a olly n those n-

in *rfn e prrredua- eeterpriwe otfh uon
beaut'Kthgtbodvr T V. Harmr- v, lvlng local commerce .nd the,
tle a d to ho eU=* thinter- c:lais of the Painer hamub-er
nat I J~AUOrmandirected by Oj Commerce.
tht re"h t hin answer to a cluustiob pos-

. should m eist .es- conference, ndo a. R ndo ex-
tioJse. us1. Pw calh declared that he wvn not
. Ji ntis. anearlieF rant conceWtons for wheleBsis
te. rea. ne ifi i .. sibling In the repb e Ple.
,.. Col Remon also ruled odt the
a *s a rG .=|lt ,oossiblW t of the exetutionl of a
U blsa Q |kVplSan before the Asewblv- to con-
struct'sfi ni = a He
Ssaid"we a'e not In aaltiW n to
.arrv out an enterprise ofsuch
9! V-0 eld. a_.20i .entenu At thisint, Minister of 'ub-
IDS~t4IEAOT pe~ltUfltIen. tern. I ocencio Galindo. ex-
WNVglimi hJ uauxumin .sen-.blained that the .ov4rnmenetzhad
axayond nnaete Pie
11-,5 this go.but they d00 ,,&Wywith

.i, .--r,-

eiwe of the shallowness of Pan.
Sll-It woult liotbe appro-
ortaft'. ka deo6'. '-e negotla-
* o which ve elin discussed
at pi=W t ttWI. building
dock itn Con,. alindo said.
ol. Remon also reported that
thE Tubereulosis Hospital at
Churrera win be inaugurated
shortly after Jan. 1.
He set his next press confer-
enee for Nov. 19.
CZ. To Be Visited
By Colombian War
College Delegation
A total of 22 students and
faculty members from the Co-
lombian War College is sched-
ulld to arrive from Bogota by
3at Albrook Air Force Base
tkroi ow 'and Sundav for a
five-Ay visit to A rv installa-
tong in the Canal Zone.
The group. headed by Llute-
naMt Colonel Nrsesto Calcedo
S Director it the Colon-
bU*.War Co! le will ItIl
de~ihlstvatlol. 9o. the -
ard the SUd tH
mn, lind tour pot
~-- a. ....J1

-- 0 -

Munro Stay To Fight

Keeps sOn, n Reds

Waiting Chinese Reds

WASHINGTON Oct. 3SEOUL Oct. 31 (UP) South Korean troops, reill
-Howard W. Munro legislative 0 loody ate on Triangle Hill ody in s
representative of the Canal i
Zone Emergency Legislative and
Finance Committee, ws still doubt after 16 hours.
holding himselfscribn readiness- 0 --
paratoday to meet with Anly. South Korean troops, r

apartment officials to diDE Abou t ss,000 Red troops over- another vco Red assault
rthe CZ rent problin more than 500 ROK troops 10 a. m.
The appointmentsurday. Munro art p. m. today and captured Maj. Robert GaCer. U.
ranged yesterday with ana LOW the pn eak. bloody buth Kore on Triangle Hill today in a sd that ovge
:Zone Gov. John S. e9:0yo m. e l-saw eight for the strategic central front peak.
Pace Jr. were cancelled owing Possession of the height north of Kumhwa, still wv
to the m. 9:2ess o official bus- ten a doubt o ive it uo toaf Red assault, two wereter 16 hours.
Munro saw Seybold f The ROK's, determined to win or die, met the Chinese
minutes on Wednesday. but the in fierce hnd-to-hand duels with fists and bayonets a nd

was reduced to 18 men.meeting was described as pre- with hand grenades.
paratorvy only. A absentee ti
RADI i TI1ES About 3,000 Red troops over- another vicious Red assault at

2:42 a. m. 9:09 A. m. en later retook the position, three ROK units engaged in the
:10 p. 9:2 p. m. but then had to lve it uo to initial Red assault, two were
-o--- O completely gone" and a th.d
was redued to 1o men.
S.Bu those who remained came

reported On ..thogetoftushe if. .
*..'- .^. '* ; .T^0-^;! Jui Ttoa~^HB g .l h<

Tk th defe
Ve, e-' ~ '
Labiosa olwed ever having
sen the paPhtd w tncs
and told t' tecukt he had ne
teen girvebW rtanlty -
telltag hist l ,
aer her :u ice dl*
zyoted bnm tell tate l eO. La-,
bloW riterStId much that he
ad tlia 46. .
-%i do-
rnufleof P -

not a-

Oer n45.
Defense attorney John 0. Col-
1Ia lm me"W.atl, appealed the
TMg wheen t be
tut .wm recalled to the
5ud She eitVod kno- t
Sof te Albrooko
dispensal w
Soba.rgNed- with darU
4pe ,en the alsbgt 9 Qc9 a
i t b"UB 1 Airmaua let cla
Jh Do ,er, whai leg w
t .. I ar .*1. v p nw
him between .t t buAmWr a.
raA after comift out of
NCO laub. tld-~ the coort tha
Mhe. ac4lent occurred who .
ran after their dog. He sa
wife wau "kin4 f elted',
that thiw s were rather
to hm.
pIauglhrty recalled e
the 0
tthe, a tto mto aW
tekt. '
ft th detsh

k-imW IIv

fcment -wlanea*,
in court V.dneadl
tense witnessa wij
b been set ftor t

'The influence of the Unite
States has ever been good Sl 1
nereus," PPai nlb Mbite 4
Government Ju IepCat-,(
:ino Arrocha oae M eu -,
rAma Rotary ub y at-rday -at
|special Indpendene Day I
The minister 8s n 4.i thm-
Ors with Don Fafr A-l
row 85. who Partipatd In Pa- i
nama'' 1903 Independence move- i
In commenting on PJanama- l
United States relations, the min- i
41ter added: .
S"The ,spirit of Nor A omerts t
i' a spr of Justic* a onr. .
It seeks the welfare of othe na- I
tons" ...
Minister Arrocha Grael said c
also- r
"Through such prects 1 the (
Panama Canal and tile Pnama
Railroad, we are closely yNawa-
ted with one of the woid's grq t-
est nations. Thu pur Odiance-
nment is grater ti age .
nione the other nations of Latt
America. despite PUnama'V U:
"Situated as we are mi
American relatlwis.
"I am sure alo that AmautVamp
teslding In Paoa can sav that 1
though we in P ma p tvO ooar v
idefert. we have also oi v tr-
tues xch as gratitude' and hon-
or. The Ameritas helped tol
make our Indendece pouIeA : I
Thev also built the CanaL"
Rotarian Pedro A. Brip. who
web the chief speaker of! h !do.
Froke InDformallv. in both SP.n
und igllh. He m14 InO part:.
"I do not feel that tbts dy we r
relebratib as mTdeedI f
exactly that. W 7 70' P,
allied our indepet'ndee btck Io
'021 when we deelp:our ,-

in. vma about votsiNg since the Late reports from the aot.w
Sor s Utraggteras. the ab-en raises became onwn, she said United Nations troops t
e .P- "*.t voting is over In these a- said. Ar Forceeld Jane Russell a nd Sandy
ootwdes. to A Navy spokesman said today Hills. smaller positions of the
temeationl tog etr e that voting officers in the 15th hils-mato flangkin the ma.
a hc. i .onse r d n 'ua% t a on th re efor di or Ike h Naval District belr e considered the mill-re t o T ale.
lung neotlhe dedrin reat r por o ar d impetus in several quar- tary vote there had been very A thirdaChinese battalion
nlite al wy a riemjcte y aporov AO" -wc tteac.ked-aneRu tesn these last few weeks, heavy. which ated Je ssell
of & en sl wasrejected by m1111r r2al., hla seemed to be true net Army and Air Force also con- Hill while the two-battalion
0uloinwmani enato and Plii sa aDor iRoosoyve.smul- only an the Casal gone and ducted active voting campaigns-Triangle was sealed -o f and
aaonalhrftheTm-wsh were considered success dien nr set y a nAledo an
thus the desp on of oUr .ore. -M p shortly before I am. eanlonvIntheRele offul. drivenn Teth brmyasn sored
hers t .tparate from Colom today warmly welcomed Panama. but even among US The 8th Arm has censored
'b- y Mrs. Wa dAHermon, ant eenl whose business reent Identifications of the units
"Tnilayo e Panama Canal no a lar gtUp of top Panana and them floating back and forth Th the flamin central front But
onger ctitutes a means of Canal Zie offlcils In the GWet at Panama with T he at last reports the American
austinangi for Panama. Not be- The f.pter First Lady of the forays further to seaward. 5th Divion held the Triangle
cause the Canal is not realizing U. 8 s5 atin a poodle hait Tune-fishermen aboard the Jude's Bemch and South Koreans were engag-
tts mlsSait. It is that the Re b- and a ntPoimnt Stevenson a- small fLhRbng vessels for which j ed in the furious battle on
lic has .dfirown the nbed f Its o told the gathering she was Paul Sullivan & Company are ___ Sniper Rid e.
e ton s ued helersog weee.was-The U. N..forces went back on
pport. an am a has only "deeply ippreciative of the kind agents asked bela some wees The U. forces went back ona
cratch the surface of her po- recent oe." to In getting abrantee ballots. Probable cause in an attempt- Pinpoint, which is one of the
nitllsI. She is rich In miner- In aenapting a eroll from P- Most of them are California re-d grand larceny case was found commanding eaks of Sniper
hls. a Heol I Is rich. These as eta nama's national Assembly, pree edts. yesterday In the Balboa Magis- Ridge, today after throwing the
aee t obnl- tpi v""- *tbteaa '" sented ia Deputy Plnio Varela, The Agency assembled data rate's Court against Charles Communists off the command-
ire the objectives to be attained is. noodevelt declared she was for the fishermen. a number of Robert Norgan. 24, and Ricardo Ing heiglit for the sixth time
*y ofr pi.-.seniLtjerinl, ; only sory "I cannot speak Span- whom wrote for ballots and re- Antonio Cajar, 19. In 14 hours of bitter hand-to-
iope We hove for the Remon ish to anser you properly." celved them. Bail was set at $1,000 each, and fighting.
Government to bring in newa She ie her heavy schedule as Another California citien and the case was bound over to But the U. N. hold on Pin-
ispital." .[a deleg to the United Nations t threth a absentee ballot the District/Court ,or trial point admittedly was precalous.
prevenU her from making any .-for KElekhower-after study- Norgan. an American, and Ci- Sniper Ridge has been honey-
definit dmmltiaents to appear ain the data posted of Sears, r. Panamanian, are care combed y the Reds with a net-
Cristobal WOrker befo special Panama As- Roebumk Company. This Zo-, jointly for attempting to steal work of bomb-and-artillery-
si eibly .eemlon.. however, she nlan bad jt voted for yea's, so a 1951 Chevrolet station waeon proof tunnels and bunkers
' L I would *he'r utsnost to return to it took some correspondence, nrked in front of the Balboa which have defied repeated Al-
llQUg L 0Y Pan as soon as possible, but he made it. Heights Baptist Church. Norgan lied assaults.
D ck With Goods "on ted wI An equally persistent Mtssou- asia previous record of taking a iscF acalC"kilh kin.e s, Re.
Dock With ooO S'ds l D-rian supporting! Stevenson had vehicle and other conviction. seamin "kill. kill. kill,"con-
kAn D. Melt the "courtesy to seek legal advice before being -A N'- electrician's n't p i tilnued to swarm up from the
A Panamanian dock laborer'of r? Aasembly floor" and allowed a ballot. But after su bert E. Freeman, was fir.d $50 tunnels whichlead to thelYoke
Sarreted yesterday when tre the intimate collabora- emitting various pieces of evi- n court for driving his car re-k- d-t ne ommunost main line pf
wit a stdin court for sravefng his car rse nrtehwest of Snie
ep found with six tubes of den. tlon o athe former First Lady dence of Missouri citizenship, lessly on Thatcher Highwv ner orthwt o niper
ld eream and two boxes of ta with hr husband In the crea- she. too. got to vote. mile post 5. The 22-year-old sail- "dge eas.. .
fWm powder allegedly stole dtlon ofl new polley toward the Women's club groups who ior zg-zagged off the road. nowhe Reds just come out
Aln5.-crmo within the Cristob people aolatin America. sponsored a "Get-Out-the-Vote turned the car completely over said "' h.ose bnkers Mad
ook area. B prominent Pana Campaign in the Zone las sum- and escaped with minor injuries tnnels rotet them W e
-. n Wniaan tero t and deputies, the mer believe that some extra vot- de poee et nim. minor c ?drateW
Norman M. Eccteston. 28. wM U. S. Ambassador and Mrs. John ing resulted, but they don't know A 23-year-old soldier. William hit them with our artIlIle r
# Chod with petit larceny. C_. WU ad the Lt. Gov. of the how much. Shelby Yount. was fined $25 on The Reds. meanwhile, were
anal .~dp .Col. Harry 0. Pax- Some of the leaders were a similar charge of driving his oacKing up their scream at-
ie items were found In b i -on. b hnd. themselves disfranchized by New car on Gaillard Highway with- tacks on the U. N. infantrymen
leIsBlon during routine chealk Mrs. tewWt left Tocumen York State's strict requirements out regard to the safety of pas- with the heaviest artillery bar-
S tm and poUee authq l-.sortly ter I a.m. en route to for residence and registration. sengers or himself. A minor ac- rage of the war.
e at the pier's gate. Chile. One club-worker said today cident resulted. Allied offers said the Com-
munists. during Thursday, out-
kb shot the U. N. artillery by a I
hr tia of t a o t flls. wo" I two ando a halfw to one.
SookkeepingM mom Embezzles $25,000r two ad r crashes

To Get R`er rDaughter Movie" doa Tree, Sue rs
.G e tle hs mie rzdt"in h,
W rTl Oct. 31 (UP) An Wood pNfaslonal 'school for ae-i Some of the money went for a Sh hwas authorized to sign
SmMher today confes- s m pa Mf tg the rounds of. :ar for her son. Jack. About $1.- checkss for the company, although A driver whose bus crashed la*
noMb -gore than *255, Iovt_' --loile g for ports." bOO went to get Jill's teeth "pro-the, needed the eounter-slgna- ,,c a tree and partially sev"d4
i oyer and tun Jll "I I ou brunette. was neriv straightened for an ac- tureby another woman in the of-ctians-Isthman power cable on
od daughter Th c-owned About $6.000 went for furniture M. Holligsworth said she iura Hospighway treated t
e which has in r $125 a mother a month apartment tricked the o r an Ioons of the head and chinHositl yester
i dtio he l9l pwomsan itoaceretions of the head and chin.
a withmy da -the model agency I sc the children could have a sgning c tle advance on the' Cecil Augustus Morgan. 44-
I t oik a itoemonth. "nice" home. pretext of I w tr late "to pay (-ar old Panamanian. applrent-
o waned her to hrle tt- 47. mid a 11D the bills." I", fell asleeo at the wheel, ac-
h ot." moM y went The emtcsElement was discov- Pfom her tol cell. the bespec- *-orling to a police report.
tfiosar b S MI capitol and cred when 'Norman D. Anderson, tacled mother said she had stu-
.0val.v*i l Vtl daughter's president of the valve company, lea dramats e1 college but 'I The accident occurred at 1:53
IAM for a became tsupicious about a $760 didn't get a ebOic6 to follow It a in vasterdav when the bus ran
061011 1111a1celfled check while the mo-uv." ,1'f the left side of the htIhwa
0S truck that was In Hollywood for two t the too of Paalso Hill Fv
thMWtil xek" withJill. he aid s ddn't want -"that usengers In the car were union.
UA search of Mrs. Nolings-tiapOlnt t" ,to come to JUll. ured.'
Iw sr" t w dthi d3k revealed 0oth e "I aded mte and I took it.' lectrieal Division workers
eks ado out to fIcUtiomus adh s "i, M li Mre it was repairitng the partially avei.W


. .. l I ,. .. '
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,, ... .- ,*.. .... .... .,,- -; .. .. .... -.... _._..-...-. ....-.. . .

.OUND my N ON OUNVLL IN ,.1 Labor News -


S4rrad the 3 hisNrecord; Got lon from man RKn (rm whose r con
PER HNEMO IO MNH No R .p8 A 7 6 2r 0 I
FOR h Srno'e I a ad P T PSIX ANH IN' od 060 13 00

RI EP Ee in EINTtATr from rJSadHU the Pre was no pok er session, thed e q t n of T ', d

wa snitdMneWorkers or B4s8 complained alce 1944 that thp froa
The ai Seem s han ope forum fn Baders of The Pan Admee onl h becW Tmnoath
st tiken. Letters -e civd grateful and ere h oded in a h ell y hoi-lance of power votes in the a iWs he a Jt
LER.tion's president-makMng states. o7 0U 2at Harryo o T n sd a be th s
OeRx day E. n are he Ae rNived. eve nng he n ar st p I t M in 2 0B V t Resel 18
Plase try to keep the entterl limited to one sogy N o dthe de t \honS el ,n bou e a s l f ic e r tp r

1led --e m e le ertCommento
H arry a ae al e t ou ofit e r e is hn stct e eoniieUor. r nh; oeve lroa e c uat i n et wse -- t 1 f ro m m an i n m i theri f CO
TS NE Leoam ,ocmo n, cman second floor e ie Houe. A w. ta r n n l eui re t t t
xp o mted in ltt es from eO stsders e thogh. Mr
The the President o onteUdr tot_ qetio

hu man na e nI i esh ns iS.- 0a t voes a tar o
eers et States wooed the pres in the
ir a i esrnthe United Mine Workertns. prroou:lpreprutonnoyoherPanurmoohOo rpb to te en thena '
SnrIt seems that up on the Hll in Balboa, namely the Admin- Not only because atons i ater ha W mind hs ust mhad e poJ ao
I ostraton Building, they have sonh me people who think that the y h e m e o adn day s oue a e o hcTr i p Hoe t n w president. of.
are all commandeerings Lewis spisl is tei e The symnsot l p e iceo ny.a g e thatuew n M t5a1e3hte o t h p i t hin of u I n ma
It e m tr e ttoep th e otenp e d who w ant to be wheels in theworking cass emigh t to .ctlun l t t campa h m l- e parut ef Whlehti tte te j'b.
e t in l et r it for ever hine donei notable io ne lio ns o vo a tern s wtr n the r rea d r st y a etd b hea on o t bi that tio e ntO
ma This particular and e is the one in charge of the Co m-i o sparsely populated oor f th ates, oas kM 01nit 1440.3 t 7e a na te i M
t el Prs i dn ofU i Aut Ian e I, e Ig

FOO BAL GAME S the p e ds tid cfvpnteon
In a recent football game that was supposed to be playe d mining concentrations L. he this. a iae a l n th
b etw een hso m e e n Ic u h en se e am n d de lo al A th letic C lu b n o t Mro p erl y nip r ao n ma n y o u te ativ wti es af t a n th a
there w as a desire expressed to donate part y of the procee yso L i vis stil is th e b olhn of w a s ta es t oS ow erhe as
I the Chst dre; w ba la ne to thee Athletic Club for their rotated by Stevenson s failure o r thO Ofab man Wh e rO l be
ntae in res r tied ng, tthe ba e t e t he d t m e y o attend the miners' y arlgoe d t thate f bt of c de cia ln be .
But, the Intentions were misconstrued and this gentleman conventnt 'n dtihn-tnatio Vp ae0 u un
thought that all the gate was supposed to go to the wChe ls I ien w o o inla se mit O n to thte mewi- Into ith w en n tf ne
Due to the misunderstanding an sin ce in he c ou nd snatvn b a soei ty. tep i rd the sat es a lo 2" Ditr.a s a x r et h e
eai the receipts for the drive, he called a certain clostae friend of White terse w ten he once o stin to he waone nof aty o i T
his (also In charge ofin the servicemen) and t he ad n the game Mr. Trum an hraeste on e hoa tlwr o t uit bani oor l i a eo ntts r
Due to the fact th a t the services en had beenof putting In a th e m o t leader an ota hers in L au r a t toe W ARw a aithehildr u t.
coming siderable amount ofth time racticing and preparing for the te irte te Sten o's fae hle. ooe T i Iw 5 Ian herw t
gam e, nly t have it cancelled at the last m inute their mo ralel tbe re dh o l a tuthe d th m in ers cr -aa st tedy n t to L o ea t om i is eth l a lruXt m-e m oa tOa n r
w as lowered 00 pe r cent th e awos d he o tde P o ein t ewgs oar bhut h atord n- Trotone Ie _f v oh out t
Most of the men plain ihave a great deional bof football ex- e eon f the tf t e m t a N n WOt 1a n er u u o e f
SAolence behind them and were out there only forut the love of "dog catcher." They grinned ande a t 0 itor te thew, w m k teat ed 5
Scon tr got down to busine the ea- hen He B ulet e the ht d tp a tit. o
the game and no thi ng else. Therefore th e heaaction taken tn t h av rc i tin v cr st r ra thehe L w at h eo er a e
the rme cea s fo the u i ve h aed af cr t lo s f vep le t J le. inn o hit Hda hielh i n oh Brg n anc A rn cole in r a t e or to
h ei (ales i ha r -e fJu sth Ote n o e e Civilim an Special Bre ed. After a while o fe the President ho tt oe lle d t e and e ate t e nt
EDITOR'S NOTE: Leonard M. Brockman, chairman of asked Hanrry Moses, spokesman J O W t al
th e Community Chast tboa cnrd of directors, points out that the for the min e owners, a o sum untot h lrhhhbd.
co nsi dera ao uthos o f t im ep ac ti cing and p ep r for lost thiv ate st u hd few have en- ra o nd Lre .. N.. S ,to
board of the Chest neither have authority nce einthlou e aroe.sse th peare .eatheg dat f, to tie on un w hOthpr Muos d
anor to an cel at a n or the sre d a eis t whea s nd ar e fu ll s ea t -r h ee th *i lab lek5d ma d e W h t ie t.nflg otatned 1 T
Sej e ct being identified with tstie th e P Tt-i. the w l a e a as ed Jo hn la fu ha ft n n te rt bat t
tablish ed as to preclude th Ae a cceptan ce of proceeds from say h e' d o l d g e D e f t1e a 'n thaatond t h ca df wa o

welfare drives and froe m the receipt of such donations turn l e They otfe'and fer" h in hed r and-f "- O o fr tho a
verga to the Com m unity Chest Cam paign a certain am ounto es ft T r hnd ea g Iemnw thei n, o d awere n g ( o a a '
Suto t tha s e Athene a w t P t years the qution arl e wthr during a ceampan but throughout the rInter- .) O. f e i r s a ra n
Any proceeds from the football game referred to would -They had 1can news apers give their readers balanced evening yeory When the President tpeaks,. a l ac ne ga used ta 80 eb nse fua d Otol i
to the military establishment which was represented by coverage e president campaign a Thith oesdi whether he makefso s e the mne u r m- oatetot
0- Is so sparse inuendgtlnses, I
the servicemen participating Ie the game and these pro- mot ines.n year, as before, they are char ged with favoring it Is news.e adrt ths e okf tr oss o
B feeds, or part of such proeeds, would be added to fthe over- ne hint s ar a the Republicansw a ifn their news columnor so whenC a President agehpe: h fndat t e 1eon his hme art
noretocn e ruane rsa.d. ah thpro itcn ol ytact fepttotheimallf helps to balance neW& cover- ani d a John of fo O.
ondThe Community Chest would neitherabe informed or iini The men would the American press of offering a Coveraged' age accobttc. o, when as In* 195v, de is a Inl1ved hea ao&-
tBsed to resc the apce of oceaes fomllget their as, he indicated. It picture of the dsea hower-Stevenson g attle .to sort of added startepi temi ul- Pout tae Pt W at e h' e
nyletic prote freoa amoot wa-s only a matter of working their readers. They baTd fte itn tdh tat ad anaie6 cadaing ee m re t o u m a o I w
"rgome. It would, however, be gratefulifocnfreheaovlacsoSnt things oft Nhan ws that adent He a n Ind o t.. Price WA;
o uf money contributed bynstallati the isthmu cndta theio wn weo no tabiliereusedtna et ontI p ers i ch ltatthes. aeitho aresdeent ior a whistle- fore ars III sn '"
Further, Identification with the pros ected football game wla re In these papers simp prefer ti ehownr edit- dteuri aut b ut through ute th Iner 2a.) ak hr"Of .ap. w 4 m h ta. .. r t to
n any prrocemeds froherfootballfgme proefeds would go Ptnam assured the group he or". They assert tiat various journalistic wase. Vrey paebly, what they uwders ges. -# Obviolye the Price, water ua
-enK ore parrment of suhlprocd wuld be addinedi .to d th would. The miners will get their tricks are used to PUY 'hm up S n the news batact boterage to balanly bew'tttMt expenrhswae cl i ht
il fund collection- mAdebytheti mlub itary ag indcy d undextra 40 h mnte a day. Everybody pages, and they play Stevenson down. d r aged favortt n a1, e tociono owf wer.
a o eThveCo m it y e would been completely and rightly was happy. hr i c It pctur efthe l aen- te e t sort on the i o W wp aom ot'
ns d withe citizens of the community. footbaltwasnly aw r ers Te y b ased th e sutor. ee yta'h no-
co muTheie Communityn C nfChestorganizatisn cannot affo rd tppers, brep pe r made u e town sdit- Te 96 a oves k bu t l a .. sit .. tn March 1 1 the A ems bnald
4seas for intrduuame or groups not recognized as partJ. c lh papers-, and concludes that the -i
Iagencs e of the Community Chest, Brockman stategl li't*S deflthte4. mocrats, not the Republicans. enjoy a pro- o o
bigagencie oftheCommnityChestBrockm t t ereteAM dint knew Just that ormuned advantage tn ,Ime no- tlsptar of Of -.. ifntr u:..ont-
-Interested Mr. Coaldigger Most, news coverage In this campaign.
"t R C.Z. LOBBYIST They went into the rooms never he Aps' box- scew Showed Ma;t clmrcent. ak d on h tight *Idu $50.
fnat4ong seen by tourists. They discussed of the .pprs purveqed gve"te icrat n imes .0 k_ .l fat saga t,*J.i Jul of that*same4year Nixon .c
1tegarding the current controversy over whether labor, legal antique chairs, old phbtographs, dominant covexe*,2 prcentfla- Eta and be U wrlnlsp rt In Wa
maintained In Washington by the Zoners, it seems to me that of the furnishings. actually favored iwflhwer in new tretm e b e e h
labor organizations having taken the, to me, fatal step of en- Mr. Truman and Lewis walked A maJority of thed- papers explicitly prefer Dol, wh' going t dictte hio _10 e 701o11 a o
dorsing one political party, the best interests of the Zoners in close together. Thirty minutes Ikefor President, yet ce andwta suey wes to ws, sfr thir-dce of q t of
the long run would be served by employing some "neutral" tal- after Mr. Truman had Sid are leailc over, bckwardq to pro*id6= fair his right bad 'll -burned e-cet my fout ..
"While you gentlemen are here, coverage of te news. fincertilf a week ass last liaday alot. .Vetm.llerd-Th be
This doesn't mean that we should not seek and accept what I'd be elighted to show you Some critics may contend that only President Hets hg w It ape e: l h ord is by his 4W. on eomttThe aor
help the labor organizations can provide, but rather that a part of the house," he had wiped Truman's entry into the 1952 fray has balanced "I'd only had oahehny, sp me, Vk i an Public -Wear Committee, an important ro because It
representative of the Zoners, not all of whom are affiliated out 12 years of Lewis feuding. accounts in many cases, or tipped the Scales for was deln' a steak l01the kitchen whoe tIN the ?aft'-Ht Actaor
with labor unions, should be one who would represent all classes The men parted good friends in- the Democrats. A few even suggest that pro- eauht fire. Me yelled amd I made the AmWn11i ticn.
of employes and not just the unions, and whose effectiveness deed. Eisenhower editors have dellberatef le* up of gAt' tn the kten and Out of 18 full cOmttee meeting during the last son,
would not be destroyed by the vagaries of political changes. For Mr. Truman It was a mas- Mr. Truman's flaying attacks on Ik In hope 1wiapped a wet "th ard my. ClSad sad however Kion atteied I
Certainly, at this time, if a Republican administration comes ter stroke. Only a few days ear- of discrediting the Democratic cause. tried to va wethe lstak. Pa the howe evn" He Nit o attn dem r of UmtV
into power with a Congress predominantly Republican, these lier 'he had been with Philip To the latter charge, the queston m be overme "M I got heoi! worto'n the 11alsoL fairs, w0h StvbcmtpOPtiVd thAl-
gentlemen are not going to be receptive to an appeal from rep- Murray in Pittsburgh. The Pres- countered: "What would be said If the Pres- "rknw_, i pu in a th119 e *stuh fairs,- wohic iavediad t no
resontatives of an organization that publicly opposed them for dent had asked him how his dent's assaults were muffled by the press?" munnitl o (the 1ug w t SW- fud it bge dw andea naeut'1e1TaT11nksto protwltngw
re-election. speech went with the coal and As for the other point, it ought to be re- I was gored by a Jeep), i[ flyMain eiigh 1t ompmm reanmed and. revitlised,
To me it seems the best type of person we could employ steel workers and Phil, an old membered that the party in the White Nous I twist tai lions t h I Catch ttis, h r
would be someone who has had experience in either conducting boxing fan, replied that Harry automatically enjoys superior publicity,, not only my wife In the kitchen!" Hn
legislative hearings or been associated with such investigations; had "hit them with the bucket." ,,.-. thi..s Wu e n e n pu atlvh

so tney can claim this is a peace -- o- tl radio p a on '
Svote. And Moscow radio can point Midtown Vignette Valentina (the note dr This Is the rado
latter ns... You'll W elome O to it as a demonstration by Am- maker) flung a dinner poddy at her swank "r tly Isn't fussy about To* 'N
erica's working people for peace Club manse... The celebrants included the wa Trq
in Korea-on Soviet terms, of Shearer and groom, the Rex Harrilonstion Vs do. uch a
course. Those are the orders is- Hobsdn, John Guntlher and others.. to the Govt of o
sued by Communist Party chief, dle of the fiestaval. Valentina announce k
William Zebullon Foster, last Mr. Gunther's next book vill be titled: as y g f
H fOct. 9. Africa' I have a surprise for him two to the pnx and pun
It must be understood that ing Moroccans, who will give John a t In ...How Pink the P t?
I this party was able to draw over picture of their country'.. Two igals llew ...w Yll
500,000 New York votes in 1948 native garb (plus veils) entered sad Se (de by the edite I
l-and that this year it actually (slightly bewildered) started makin wit_ -I--
LU D got 82,000 signatures in Massa- side-stuff dept... The jokers finally revlz Our Fevorite Caidida
SC U chusetts and 11,000 in Indiana to themselves: They were his wife and ti A The C
state ballots. Furthermore, It is Memos of a Midnighter: John gat t
conducting a write-in drive for Mother had quite a ew about Adl- M L ,
its candidates in Ohio, etc etc., era on FDR's grave. John tho t
in grace ful, bid for votes.. 2.e. who
a Now the million Americans weird's top anU-Commv. startled. .
Sete e S O Oe 0 mWt mwho have voted for it' ar de not all do foer-guests with his Mowu ht
Fm as as 100 js0Communists. The International Loafer Set keenw sp,
They are the unorganized, un- Beaverbrook will wed Marie
heard from radicals of yester- Schiff. the publisher, who is MO"e
Cran be the rota O wn or 'het atest -hits' year who would abandon the e- she calls "senrrious", attacks ard
n we Ce r a r tv) ofmuskv #fua Mot s"l democratic Party, put a plague on and her staff of "former Commit
both major parties and vote cahaeltv-Jammednocked Heral
mapr party lines If they thought The only person who did not
MA W ythe old Champ, John L., was be- sulk)... The bi,, brave edltt, a
That could cost many a tiht ending two police bodvqusr *s,
C s M6 e e io s e Ne I U flvolJ -w tate. Just look at the '48 ig-! A0 .1 .
That's vl-y HPrrr. had the bjy. .v". (WVb.ehr) for t4f"f" t rC
an Sunday night, ling all of the "former Col"
"IA i

. . . .

"PAT,. QCO* Py r. s.
130fl, QCOM!^ 11. 1W63.

* ,4 .. .



39 v bernorships At Stoke brownie Groups
To Be Formed

ITA daOYs US, fEns In City Of Colon
A "- oS-- Three Brownie and oe Jn-
b-= r'Jtermedlate Girl Scout -8mps
e N, tet. 31 (UP on, o e n inee fo OSW JACOB e a to be formed In the c p-
an 1 oepub- ft n 3 Written for NA Service Colbn early next month, it wn
4h o w, and 14 RepubH- De tq n % annonnedd today
Oazi-w*4 ,be at stake next Lauschet of l re- annotncid today.
. electI Republcan ;ne group will be led- by M 1
Ina. 39 governors W take Charles P. ,. brother at Sen. NORTH O Gladys Yon Tress, sealed
.o~ffe I, Jan.nuary, but .ne of o.bert A. TAt nd son f e. A 7ra. "eownsend and. MrV.-Vlf
tM'R*eptblican Burton M. te President wiHiam Howard o5 Lind o. Another, bY Mrs; V
Cre of Maine, *'wa ected in Taft. K1094 DenLs, aisaAted by Mrs.- l
the Down East st erly- In another pivotal state, Gov. A4 3 Lyon. A third grou by
bird election last -onth 0. Menhen Williams of Michi- WE ST Aalia Arosemena assisted
The present ubenatorial gan, a Demooftt seeks re-elec- WEST Mrs. Yolanda Hirshfield.
lineup Is 25 Republcans and 23 tion over Repubilcan Secretary 4K 4 4 J 106
Democrats. oBtate Fre MAlger Jr. AQ76 9843 ,.The intermediate group will
O=th 2 Xratm eu The nt os populous *7 462 has Mrs. Melva Fernandez a
consd a IMre -thy concerned a- ttes .ew York, Pennsylvania, tKQ 095 '4JS 4 leader and Mrs. Velma Rtti~d
bout the r ts because t h ab4 ClifOtni-de not elect SOUTH- (D) yesterday a silver tea ad
gubernatorial- candidate Lcotld governors this year. I AA98 cardSparty was held rat td
atrengthnor *eaken the na- Three members of the House K. or the formation of the four
t -Icll jjk in o i eJ. states. of Representatives are trying 4 AQJ83 Girl Seotrmatio n Coflthe four
Forthe ut ithe .partles are to unseat incumbent governors 472 Girl Scout groups in Colno.
co'ernad a uatInh r oo their states North-South'vol.
pobitatrenmgtJ i nov- They are Rep. Christian A. declared plays the ace of that
ernors, -Horter (R-Mass.), who opposes Wst Nrth sult. South leads a secohndPo pade,
eor ."A a a y. Paul A. Ever; Rep. Hugh 2 2 st mt w t e U he
in Illinois,, Democratic Lt. B. Mitchell (D-Wash.), who 2.6 Pass 34* Pass in West must win witht tr-WODsU K W aTe,
Gov. Sherwood Dixon in-running faces Gov. Arthur B. Langlie 44- Pass Pau- Pa Now. w h a t? If Wst leads rIepIrsent figest, ao e
for ,overnor against Republican and Rep. J. Caleb Boggs (R- OOpens( lead--" K hearts, South's king will win represent a man, left, and a
state 'Treas4rr Willm G. Del.), who opposes Gov. Elbert .... trick. If West leads anything wahoan. Fashioned from African
Stratton, a foriner congressman! N, Carvel. else, South gets in to draw the mahogany, they h a v e been
Dixon was the hand-picked can. In West Virginia, the Repub- The man who dives from the last trump. Then South can ru place on display at the Lefevre
didate of Qov. Adal E. Steven- lican nominee for governor is 'top of the Emjiire State Build- the diamonds, discarding one Gallery in West London, Eng-
Rush D. Holt. onetime DemO- 4g 'into a small barrel of water heart from the dummy. Thus land, by British sculptress
S cr otic "boy senator," who was alwa Very matter of fact a- only one heart trick is 'lot, and Barbara Hepworth.
RoSalie Greoves elected to the Senate 'in 1934 bout fet. "Yot need only declarer makes his contract.
before his 30th birthday. His ur feet two inches of water,"
Of Rio AbajO Dies opponent is Democrat William he will y, ad he will go on to
.V .f W 1 6 '. C..Marland. prove tha anybody at all could
H I one who has no re-electign do it
I GorgalS Hospital worries is Gov. Allan Shivers of The same thing is true of cer-
Texas, who has endorsed Dwight tmt h dives at the bridge
SMrs. Rosalie Greaves, a Barba- D. Eisenhower, the Republican table. There's always a logical d i **
dian resident of Rio Abajo. died nominee for president. Shivers, explanation later on, but they
eatly this morning in Gorgas a Democrat, also was nominat- ati lok prettygood.Forex-
Hospital following an illness of a ed by the Texas GOP ample, tailok e the beautiful play orex-
few weeks. In only three Southern states made recently in a rubber game play
She was 50 years old and a are Democrats nominees opos- ade recently in a rubber game
metbero of he Plymouth Rock ed. In Florida. Democrat Dan by Perry L. uston.
thter h Church. McCarty Is being opposed by Ruston opened the king of
heral services have been Republican Harry Swan; In clubs and whs allowed to hold
scheduled Mr Tuesday at 12:30 North Carolina. GOP nominee the trick. He continued clubs,
p.m. at tlh -oroual Cemetery. Herbert F. Seawell Jr. Is running and dummy's ace won. Now de- J
Mrs. Ofeav4s is survived by her against Democrat lfliam B.clarer led a low trump from "
husband. G ori.e R. Greaves, six Un,4tead and, in Tennessee e-dummy to the ace of spades in a
drenfi e. Naomi. Ernest mocrat Fra Clements is op- his own hand, and Ruston exe-
erbert, and Selvin and posed by R. Beecher Witt, Re- cuted' his high dive by dropping) I 1
several grandchildren. ,publican, the king of spades. ,'O OUl.
-. There was a logical explana-
.-..tioC... en of course. Declarer surely
would have tried a finesse if he
had held the j ac k of spades.
FT S ASince no finesse was anticipated,
R SALE East must hold the pack of COSMETICS and COLOGNES
South's bidding indicated that
,0 LC SUPER RIVIERA Sda ~the held only four spades, so Prices from ... ....... 25 to 1.85
1e BUIC sR e n t was marked with three
975U 0 I K U P L I RS n trumps. Hence the defenders
would still get the same single
Dynaflow, Radio $1700. Can be financed trump trick whether or not Rus- r
$570.00 down. 0779-J, Williamson Place, The full beauty of the play be- U
came apparent later on. East
Balboa. Phone 2-1503. was bound to win his pck of
.. hn ,3 spades in time to lead a heart, I. L. MADURO, Jr.
and this gave West two Heart
tricks 1A edition to the club and 100 Central Avenue
the trump. Thus declarer was set
-- one. t .rk. WHOLESALE AND PoTAIL
Now see wilat happens it WestWHOLESL AND RETAIL
j. .. keeps th klUng of spadftesen



We are unpacking

Coaster and sh combination .. 0.40
Sets.of 8 glases and coasters .. 2.60-l
Glass cocktail isetls iT1pe...... 95.. AlSW
Metal liQueur automatic powers 4.50

fow VAL1l

4-pc. ltin cannhiter sets ....... .."
4-pc. W 10 cannister sets ...... 1.50
S. RfriIrator meat trays ........, 1.05
Mouhl rotay, graters for
ch.eqe. etc.................. 1.45

W te paper b ..The diamond she wpants... ..8 iPA$ ell IN 14k
",*-^*^ ^ .yloti,t Bath room goalse............ 8.50
ha re medicine chests ........ 4.95 is at Casa Fastlich. Our gems
Nt1 'Bro6e shower curtains .... 1.95 range from t mo .nCi
S, fioent and at every priol lev-r ) *M i miA mT
... ... '- ", .. el. You'll find their cost far PANMA

r Buy Nr lower than in U. A.

"'- :.' "- L



Head Office: 55 Wall Street, New York

67 Branches in Greater New York

140th Anniversary
1812 1952


Cash, Gold and Due from Banks ..................................
United States Government Obligations .............................
Obligations of Other Federal Agencies ..............................
State and Municipal Securities .....................................
Other Securities ........................................... .........
Loans and Discounts ........ .....................................
Real Estate Loans and Securities ..................................
Customers' Liability for Acceptances ..............................
Stocki in Federal Reserve Bank ......................................
Ownership of International Banking Corporation ....................
Bank Premises .......... ....................... ..............
Items in Transit with Branches ............ ............
Other Assets .........................................................

D eposits ..........................................................
Liability on Acceptances and Bills ........................... $ 45
Less: Own Acceptances in Portfolio ........................ 21
Due to Foreign Central Banks ......................................
(In Foreign Currencies)
Reserves for:
Unearned Discount and Other Unearned Income .................
Interest, Taxes, Other Accrued Expenses, etc. ......................
Dividend .........................................................
Capital ........................................................ $144
(7,200,000 Shares $20 Par)
Surplus ....................... ................... ........... 156
Undivided Profits .............................................. 71

Figures of Overseas Branches are as of September
Affiliate of The National City Bank of New York for
administration of trust functions.

Read Office: 22 William Street, New York
Capital Funds $31,267,715

30, 1952

57 Branches Oveafe*

........ $1,588,817,014
........ 1,495,131,14
........ l31
........ 543, A70o
........ 99,499.333
........ 2,034,722,7S5
........ 11,534,7 8
........ 23,25M,78
........ 29,51 ,
........ 298,319,403

........ $5, 308,90.4

........ $5,402,0o5 J
5,572,735 ,.
1,712,933 23,850S4M
........ 16,13500

........ 26,271,1
........ 459 1
1,303,300 371,301*
........ $5,888,s ;



r f- -a-

CORMsI fEN*Ns oDAef iTr ST rzL.s:1;19
(use 1I- otOff* er .Sfrstt Ie #Df44. 1E CO viO ".suS/oiD etrtf .


. 4No. l
:" Vi E a S





- .
= .. .4




e6.- -w


Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals and Departures!

Govt. Orders Investigation

Of Nine Million D ollar Deal
WASLINGTON Oct. 31 idL > Administration. He angrily de- think any exception can be
-The government urdccld a niedl that he knew Westurook made to the policy that an em-
"complete IiIVu'.Ai tI0n1i" 'oday and an ;': -_-ite, Hcinz Pulver- ploye of the committee must not
of a new "live peirenter" dcal iiiinn of Rye, N. Y., had arrang- engage in business with the gov-
between a Portugue-Ce tuLngsL'"i cai to collect 5 per cein coinl- ernment."
firm and a hi'gn itLmo'rauh'C par- !.,t n. Westbrook's son, Joel, said in
ty official. Larson said he canceled the San Antonio, Tex., that Mitchell
Col. Lawrence WCes~jrook, conLTact Monday because it ap- tried to persuade his father to
Texas busineasnuiul and loQiner feared Compauiia Atlantica, the resign before firing him. He said
New Deal ollicial, wxas ied truoi Portuguese mining firm, was the older Westbrook refused .t
the Democratic National Corn- trying "to make a fast buck" Dy quit under fire becuase that was
mittee stall WeDnesday night violating its contract with the "not the course of an honorable
afler it wa.s learned he stooca to U. S. government. man."
make about $200O,00 on a $9,000U,- He said the firm was buying He said his father "will not
000 government, contract the tungsten in the open market participate in a public contro-
firm had obtained. for sale to the United States versy on the matter" now, but
A sunburst of charges and rather than producing from its "after the election, he will de-
denials foilov'ed the "live per- own mines as the contract pro- mand and receive a full expla-
centing" disclosure and Repuo- ,ided. nation and apology."
lican presidential nomin e e. Larson's office said he had The New York Herald Tribune
Dwight D. ,isenihoer" seized 'ordered a complete investiga- quoted Westbrook as saying that
upon it as an example of what tlon surrounding the Atlantica Brig. Gen. Tom B. Wilson, pro-
he called "crookedness" in tild case in North America and Eu- curement officer in Europe. was
auninistraion, rope." He was said to be calling involved in a group that "sought
The s. cepin investigation Anlicials of his agency, one by to exploit and cash in on the
was ordered ov Jess Larson, one, to question them about the need of the United States for
head of the Central" Services ,se. strategic materials obtained in
The assertion that Larson Europe."
--'- knew about the fee arrange- Larson's aides defended Wil-
ment between Westbrook and son and said the Defense Mat-
ImnOrtefd the firm was made by Thurman erials Procurement Agency has
pr Hill, former chief counsel of the complete confidence In his in-
Canned Hamrns Tresaury Department's procure- iegrity.
a ment office who helped nego- They said officials of IMPA
P EK tiate the contract. which Larson heads, k n e w
I It also was alleged that the Westbrook was to profit per-
DREWS government "forced" the com- sonally on the tungsten trans-
ipany into the world market by action but thought it was as an
KRAKUS & moving up the delivery dates attorney, riot as a commission.
Before it had time to get its own agent.
ATALANTA BRAND f operations started. Larson like- IMPA had agreed to pay the
are offered by wise denied this. Portuguese firm $57 a ton unit,'
are offered. by Democratic National Chair- of tungsten concentrates. A
LOSn man Stephen A. Mitchell said
TAGAROPU LOS there was "no indication" that
Westbrook used his position as
COMMISSARY a committee assistant to "bring
improper influence to bear" in
Phone 1000 Colon obtaining the contract. S O A
HOME DELIVERY But Mitchell said he dismissed
_________________ Westbrook because "I do not i f m -

Aristocrat ,:. of the Air



Deft service by a trained staff of 4...
cocktails, 7-course dinner,
wine including champagne, and liqueurs.
Bond Street Overnight Bag...
IThe Elizabeth Arden Beauty Kit for ladies.
Sleeper berths at only slight extra charge.
Also B.O.A.C. luxury service from
Jamaica to London via Nassau. Convenient
flight connections from Panama to lamaica
or New York by other carrier.

4ek your travel acent for free information or raft
Avenida Tiv'oli 20 Tel 2-2112 'anamd

Dog Finds $300,
s Denied Reward
*WATBR VAL y, miss. P)
Pal, a shheerd dog belonging '
to S amy Oreenlee,-. lnalsted
that his master aeeomAiiy him
to a freihly-dug spot.
The dog then dug up a ap
containing $300.
The bat had fallen from 0
bread truck. The cash. was re-
turned and the grateful driver
offered to buy Pal a T-bone

I. .
-----p -- ~ U W

DC TO -E- NIZAl-DIVI- U LTU S -. 'T" : "

Sammy turned the offer rt V"bLa D 1ll1 uF U
"I don't want him developing 1 J'1 I-
expensive habits," he said. 4 0> I ISMXf p SESO

Fnokesman said it later nego-
Uated with an American Irm
to buy tungsten fbr $55.70. The
Portuguese firm then tried to
buy the tungsten from that
company at he same price, ap-
parently intendmg to sell it to
IMPA for $57, the spokesman



~* 5Ar~.~7T

, -s UIDUwIWS^ I

t 1 1 al. 'wi L<.w -
M e t.- IlH M pe. .. .

I. Enough

s'o I %"
o*V VAGW T6,18
WM A .%% -

No Use

r ,w

iD4 rA

|W.Qn I W 0W i o. R U M% O
SSW.WMWS\yaww. Ibtoom Viou si ^ o *R I-Lnfl &ooy -R^ ;;AiwT -.--

Ready to Fight '


Home Front Strate. .....


Au. t PIHT,
wair tgis...
,r,6ET rlTV4

q*T A V MEre



NO BPl- Wirth .
of Awrt OL& 0Si HO

V^jia' ft 0 MA30R J>MA
^.3 t K.

'U. -


.7g d .- man
-1 Iif


1mW hUt hsU~ W~Y

; *--.4-'-


- '. 7





At the very first symptom of a col4
gargle US'1TRN Antiseptic, fall
strength. L.ST 1 NE Antiseptic
Reaches way back os throat surfaces
.-to kill millions of gems associated
U with colds ad s rrothroats.
| Use the sensible precoation that
has proved so effective for millions in
preventing cold complications. Stop
a cold before it stops you .. gargle
with LISTERINE Antiseptic!

? S iseta.'L0. t8

A PrMOse's saby


07 EIfU*3l lO5ItA1Lg

I I i 1 .

p ftims





* .<3
.*i *



,,~.. -.

r .1

17. c
^>^wty ~ s* .17.&&. P^...^.


Captt and Mrs. Boger Grif-
fith' lablo entertained re-
centx with a dia ta at the
Critdbal Gun Club honoring Mr.
and Mrs. Callaway,
Mrs. James Doran of Dablo
and Mrs. Charlotte Laie'. of
Diablo were co-hostesses at a
dinner given in h or of _Mrs.
Callaway at the Hotel Titoll.
- Mr. and Mrs. Ross Davidson
of Fifteenth Naval District were
hosts at a dinner given for a
group of their friends and hon-
oring Mr. and Mrs. Callaway.
Mrs.- John Towery of Ancon
entertained for Mrs. Callaway
with a luncheon and canastas
party early this week. .
Mrs. CTway was the guest
of hoqr on Wednesday at a
lunclh I and canasta party giv-
en at te Hotel Tivoli by Mrs.
Minnie Housel of Balboa.
Mr. and Mrs.- Arthur Cotton
of Balboa were hosts oIst eve-
ning ata dinner given for Mr.
andrs. Calaway and their
two children.

and canasta party given at her
home In Bs Vista.
New Isthmlal
Arrival Announced
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Run-
nestrand of Balboa announce
the birth of a son,, Eric Paul
Runnestrand, October 26, at
Gorgas Hospital.
Mrs. Runnestrand is the for-
ner Betty Gove, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Gove of St.
Paul, Minnesota.
Paternal grandparents, ar e
Mr. and Mrs. Eric R. Runnes-
trand of Duluth, Minnesota.
Young Eric is named for his
grand father.
Karen Oliver Celebrates
First Birthday Anniversary
Karen Lorraine Oliver; daugh-
ter of Mr. and Mrs. John Oliver
of Fort Clayton, was! hostess to
a group of her small playmates
at a party given recently at her
home in celebration of the first

,anniversary of her birthday.
Group Leaves To Attend
Inauguration a Ellen Douglas is Six Years Old
The Ambassador of Panama Ellen Douglas, daughter of
to Chile and Mrs. Carlos Icaza Mr. and Mrs. Douglas of Pedro
V. an their daughter, Miss Glo- Miguel entertained a group of
ria: feza, and his sister, Mrs. her friends recently at a Cikeus
Isabl de Arosemena left the party given in celebration of
IstalIu, yesterday by plane for the anniversary of her sixth
Santiago where they plan to birthday. Guests attended in
attend the Inauguration of the circus costumes.
President-elect of Chile. Guests Included Jimmvy and
__- Ricky Wich, Buddy Warnell,
Andy Jacobson, Kenny- Phillips,
AmIasador Castro 'Vicki Lou Dun nin g; onny
Is visitor HTre Crowell, Johnnie and Sue Dyer,
Ths Ambassador of El Salva- Diana Bramlett, Frank ,Adair,
dor in Washington, D. C., Mr. and Jan Tibbetts.
Hedtor Castro, is a recent ar-.
rival .n the Isthmus where he Annual Election of Pacific CItie
visiting briefly with his son Council To Be Held Tuesday
and daughter-4n-law, the beere- The Pacific Civic Council will
tary of the Salvadorean Lega- hold its' annual election on
tion in Panama and Mrs. Ben- Tuesday, November 4, at' the
Jamin Castro. Balboa, Diablo and Ancon com-
--- missaries. Voting will be open
ME. (vsman Is Here all through the day.
Frdn Costa Rica --
Mr. Jose Francisco Guszian Rosary Altar. Society
arrived recently from San Jose, To Receive Communion
Costa Rica by plane for a visit The Rosary Altar Soelety of
wfUt his brother and sister-in- St. Mary's Church in Balboa will
law, the Ambassador of Costa receive communion in a body at
Rica to Panama and Mrs. Al- the 8:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday,
fonmo Guzman Lepn. November 2.
-Seeretary and Mi.fenannn a orlee for Pen omen
Retnmr From ." Memberl of the Canal Zone
'. t First reta rSnch .o the National League
British Leg.eaMn an .o- n Pen Women areT
aOd Mrs. Alexander to attend meetings at
mean returned on_ We t e as Bazaar Handi-


-'jDorothy Chase

You can still register for classes in iALLET
TOE & TAP held at the Balboa Y.M0.. I,
S For all information call Balboa 1751.

1 f

In V-8 tbh are 8 delicious juices
Sgpreom-frha vegtable-not just
e. u wa> hV-Shasliv.yaSavor _

lbv Je

,. M AMA .A ,a 35DNPMar oDAI! Nwarm



a -- --

Inrterntiohol' Buffet- Supper

Enjoyed By.Beto Sigma Phi

it regular monthly luncheon
mesetng on next Wednesday, at
1:00 DmL at the Scottish ite
emple in Balboa with Mrs.
Ruth Straus, Mrs. Irene Hame-
mant and Mt, lla Lombrola
serving 1 hostess.
DInner-Dae To oior Mns.
The residents of Pedro N1-
guel will honor Mrs. Bula J.
swing. with a dinner and daneq
tomorrow at 7:00 pjm. at the
Pedro Miguel BDt Club.
For reservat t call Mr.
Frank Bryan 4-5.; or Mr, Wal-
ter Trasavage 4-3L1.
Dance Tonight At Legion Club
There will be dancing. tonight
at the American Legion Club
in the Fort Anador Area fur
Members and their guests.
Captain. of Tuna Beat
Feted At Birthday Party
Crew member of the tuna
boat Quepn Mary, now tied up
at Balboa, surprised their .Cap-
tain, Frank Medina, with a
birthday rty celebration yes-
teday afternoon aboard the
edina owns several tun a
boats in San Diego, and will be
in Balboa several days before
leaving for the fishing grounds.
Panama Golf Cub
Dinner Dance Tomorrow Night
The Panama Golf Club will
hold their first dinner dance of
the year at the Club tomorrow
evening at which time prizes
will be awarded for the two
recently played tournaments;
the Esso and the Seven Up.
Music will be provided by Luis
Azcarraga's orchestra.
Last Day To Enter Work
In rt Exhibit.
Th afternoon from 4:30 to
7:30 p.m. at the Hotel Tivoli
is the last opportunity to enter
work in the Art Exhibit spon-
sored by the. Canal Zone Art
League in celebration of Anter-
tlan, Art Week, November 2
through 16.
All artists over fifteen years
of age are invited to show their
work at this time and are re-
minded that each may hang Aix
pieces with no more than four
in bne class..
Prizes have been offered inI
cooperation with the Art League.
by the Cardenas Garden Club,
the Elks Club, the Canal Zone
Branch of American Pen Wom-
en, the Pedro Miguel Women's
Club and the Canal Zone Art
Concert Sundayy
The Isthmian Branch 1. Amer-I
ican Guild of Organists, wil 1
present Mrs. Hilda Hinz Lester
and Mr. Frank Mandredi, rr-
gani nand the Cathedral
IChoi In oncert of
at e hir a i the. Cary of h
of AlAcon. This con-
er wilt be in celebration of
the third anniversary of the

Isthmlan Branch. The public is telephoning Mrs. Abarr at 85-
invited. 4244; or Mrs. Stadmiller at 84-
--- 312.
Summit Hills Golf Club ---
Dance Tonight Hailowe'en Party Tonight
The Summit Hills Golf Club At Pedro Miguel
will hold their. annual' Hal- The Pedro Miguel omen's
lowe'en costume party this eve- Club are sponsoring a Commu-
ning. Prizes wfi be awarded for nity.- Halloween party tonight
the best 0caiames buit everyone at the Pedro Miguel Gymnra-
is welcome whether in costume slum at 7:00 p.m. Refreshments
or not. .Tickets may be pur-'served and prizes award-
chased at the-door.' ed for the best Hallowe'en post-
,'*- -" pers made by the children of the
Charity Barn Dance Pedro Miguel Element ary
Tomorrow Night School. Admission is 10 cents.
The Coroza Office' Wives--
Old Fashioned Halloween .
Party Tonight at Elks Club
il ^* The Balboa Order of Elks, No.
1414, will hold and old fashion-
Ad Hallowe'en dance this eve-
Sing at 71:00 p.m. at the Bal-
b oa Elks Club. Admission is
(iimi F mif K '1.50 per couple to Elks and
(AIRA l ll It their guests. A buffet supper
(ARm n Kwill be served at 7:00 p m.,
unaes will be played, and
F4I IUBMpRI rizes awarded for the best
costumes. Costume is not com-



--~ .-

f RES#




heacke perspiration odor
the soothe i st way!
Mad* with a fame am' be.
Soft, ntle, soothing to normal
skin. No harslngradikentq to
came irritation. Won't rot or fud
fbe, Sure protection.

Sthe& flver fud
Lt I k rishwast
9'1r6u sIofint"


Avoset Table Grade is dtdb,
me cream...exra.whohleso I
. extrdelicious, h' U
liued! Refrigera maa ,
sary before opealq. Q a
tie today, and .me I .
favor it gives o ciealw B
desserts, amd ce"


; BL, CM~r f~

Active, growing children need certain health
building food elements in their diet to protect them
against malnutrition. "Cream of Wheat" is a food
all children love. It's rich in body building
nourishment... is easilydigested
5 Minute "Cream of Wheat" has been enriched
with extra fobd iron calcium. ia ,osphorsa. Give
"Cream of Wheat" to your dchdlem k ut rty...
w. atc them grow u of life and fAg 1
a *



We again request the consumers of electric energy in the City of
Col6n to continue economizing electric current from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30
p.m. until further notice, in, order to avoid us the necessity of discon-
necting one or several circuits in the City due to the lack of electric
I This request is made in the most sincere manner to our consumers
In the city of Col6n.


Has been, is and will always be a great factor in the
development and progress of the Republic of Panama.











Be practical Your wife and children will be delighted if you give them lew
Furniture for the Home!

We sell only First Quality Merchandise: EASY WASHERS 25 & 60 cycles
If you belong to the Armed Forces or if you have a steady job come to I
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The Store Where You will Find the Largest Assortment of Glass and Linoleum.
"Leade I the Fartre business since -
.. _______* .* A 1

S .._ ... .

-~ I



at the Beta Sigma Phi international Night Party held re-
cently at the sorority house. in Curundu. Left to right are:
Barbara Curles, Nannette Lynch, Virginia Willett, Genie Wil-
liams, Gloria Schilling, Eileen Adams and Peggy Wertz.
International Night was ob- tions salad, West Indies spiced
served recently by the Alpha. peaches, French bread, New
Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi with Zealand butter, Boquete let-
a buffet dinner-party, for mem- tue and American ice cream.
bers and rushees at the sorority and 6ikleu..
houSe in Curundu. Guests participated in various
Throughout the world, 4,000 international games and stunt
chapters of Beta Sigma Phi as well as native dances of the
were also celebrating Interna- countries represented.
tional Night sometime during Prizes presented for the mos
the month of October with pro- original costumes by Mrs. Pa
grams initiated to promote un- Morgan, sponsor-director, wen
derstanding and Ifriendshi. to Miss Genie Williams, dressed(
Guests came in costumes re- as a Chineae coolie and Mis
presenting various countries Barbara Curies as a Tahaltian
throughout the world. They-
greeted each other with saluta- Those attending were Mrs
tions typical of their dress and pat Morgat, Ruth Maloney
found their dinner partners, by Kitty Douglas, Gladys Kennedy
matching names of countries Edith Ebeling, Helen Dalton
with something for whioh.that Barbara Ramey, Tita Lloyd
country is well known. A dis- Frances Pope, Gloria Dupre
play of handcraft from other Rema Stepp, Mildred Frick
lands was of particular Interest Peggy Wert2, Jeanette Kovel
during the evening. Betty Bdyer, GlOria Schilling
The buffet table, covered in a Louise Klemmetaon, Doroth'
dark green cloth, was centered Williams; Eileen Adams, Patt3
with a United Nations flag dis- Baker, Pat Lenneville.
play and I lovply arrangement
of wild banana plants, leaves Also Vickie Vai't Veld, Jackie
and sea shell, flanked by .C00ta Yudine, Nannette Lynch, Ann
Rican ox arts filled with baby Wichner, Barbara Curles, Mar-
bananas and peppers. gle Rathar, Genie Williams
The menu also carried' out. Dorothy Taylor, and Virginia
the international theme with Willett.
Johnny esetti. Hawaiiap
pineapple salad, United Na- Little Trinity College, now
marking its 75th Mseason in foot-
Club will sponsor a Christmas ball, lays lalm to introducing
Charity Barn Diqner-Dance to- the first protective uniforms in
morrow at 6:30 pm. at tht -Fort history in its opening. game a-
Clayton Offtcer dClub. Prowed galnst Yale in 1877. Yale won
will be used foi Christmas- char- andily, ut Trinity's greased
ity. Informality will be th 'or Jackets won the school a reputa-
der of the day. .. m for shrewdness;
Admission it" $1.50 an4.In-
cludes participation In the n- hTe Jewish, .ear corresponding
tire evenings entertainmaw3t, to W Is 5111.
B door prize will be. awa-- .
Which e 0 r6C0 I
round rip tickets to Costa tlt
ca. A beautiful tablecloth *Will
be made byraffled
Reservations -may be made by


I- I

- i *- -



7 -rAA J lmc a --- zF vD Riaw IP"*-"


-", .. i
^ k-5..* -5. ;
., ,-
-a' -- 4 I. 'f,.
*^"iifj'~ L .. -.'* .Ajwrr "-+f:4f -."

You Sell 'em...When You T ell 'em thru P.A. Classisdd
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No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n 4

Lewis Service
No. 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291, and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Sal6n de Belleza Americano
No. 55 West 12th Street

Carlton Drug Store
10.059 Melindes Ave.-Phoe 255 Col6n

Propaganda, S.A.
Agencia Internacional de Publicacionies "H" street corner astuilante St.
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2-2214 and 3-S798

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Barrada Vista Hermosa 807. Down 1655. Tel. 20825 Box 428 PHILLIPS Oceanside Cott Thw E general of Caribbean 4 ir Command while Rear Admiral Albo
ntrnce St Phone 3-3579s will be received in the office ill TRA practically new Morris only cortn So Cl thn 15th Naval District welcomes Mrs. ull. Maj. Gen. Robert L. W
1 dresser, rocking ids will be received in the office of Minor Convertible, 3,4000 milei Oceanview from all cottao Step 279 Cenris shown descending the stairs. On hand to greet the visitors
rSALE I resse inr the General Manager, Commissry Minor Clate-modlnv Americanble, 34000 miler, cn to beach.w from all trfg Ster 279 Cenral Ave ~'ei. 3-0140 HaS (left), chief of staff Caribbean Command andMaJ. Gen. L
pn es Lea bed witing ralDivision,Mt'.Hope, C. Z., or Sup- f t A a con- t sa are
r sn mattresS. Leaving real Division, Mt. Hope, C. Z., or Sup-Balboa vertible preferred. Will pay up to barbecue and shuffle board Pon- right), commanding general of United States Army Carbbean
-6 ndSt,- House eNo. 13, Tel. Service C rec i $1,000 differenTe. 8029-C, Mar- ama m I3-1877, Margarita 3-1673. O FStates departed Albrook yesterday moving for Santiago.
h3 n St. Heights, C. Z.,until3:0 0 M O DERN FURN ITURE 0 p .. ... ..
_3-3614._Monday, November 24, 1952, garito, 3-2947. Box No. 435 Balboa. MODERNFURNITURE
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than year old. 5183-A, Diablo, 2- heifers, in five lots, and 70 bull offer. Call Panama 2-3330. Dur- A.-.,at ert W 011O Relish Dish
29]7. calves, age I day to 10 weeks, ing office hours. ______ "HERES"R
FO 0SALE-Modern mahogany China C. Z. These animals may be USED TIRES ALHAMIRA APARTMENTS
closet$40.00. Good inspected at Mindi Dairy friomM H L rest AL.ocI Psname woandfivhroomSev Ac ane HORIZONTAL 3 Mohammedan
Phone 3-2863. House 1609-B, ns:00ed at M3:00 Dairy om L Cheaper than mpee unfurnished oportmentsl private n. 1 Stuffed or spr
Old Cristaboal. including Sundays. Forms of pro sies. closed gardens. 8061. 10th Street, I....o plain in relish Wine cask
an uding Sundays. Forms of pro- lape ad be convinced NwCristbol. Telephone Colon (hs with fmiy S EverastIn~ly
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parately. M mahogany wardrobe. M o- SHOPSer v Y r r1 INe ,.1.1.,. ....9 PA A M, T 1.I. -ia fo-' -he qd the a. X ia e i l enl
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room set maode by Cowes. House fonier; library table; beach chair; A. .,1"L^C U m l O W .i. __d ba_ .I
225 Daren Place. Tel. Balboa battery charger; ironing board; (Below El lRancho) lantle .orpatim chairman, The advance in ch tle
4169 lamp; piano bench; telephone Tel. 2-0825 Box 428 J Boy BCoutL o AmericaL took f rett.dsay's e8 slL. tp- performed
stand; portable typewriter; 8 vo-FOR SAIE il Wh, 100.000 ee M John L. cerott will e.e N.tvy-wide competitive exam-t 4..oetHe part
s "ALESea CnersSlAmericano Educator";l as 'l l uon represeaeatt _an are 10 every six Obluier
Super foot, medium blue 4 ods blue wooden suit sz 6 sell 52 M. G. Must see to oppre- Pe nt on te Cnal oe Con month for all bi a Relishd
SPlain study desk, two chairs $18 lel 6-219i House 026w-Cn si' sciate. If interested mail your name Tonesaid. He Is serving aboard t ey ingredient
P set; kitchen steel table, white, 2 boo. and home address to Ray Ward j A. ngb has en West-based submarine Cl a- SNulnlie
choirs $20 set; child's phonograph -.. .. ..", Box 2795 Cristobal. I will bring apo iCat- ore. 0 (I')
40 unbreakable records $4; oak FOR SALE:-Girl's Roodmaster bie. it around for you to see. No obli- Teday, Friday Oct. 31 man. beo tro C- Wllums r
dresser. 3 drawers $7; 3 electric Good condition, $20.00. 61 ~-B, motions to buy! P.M. te Arch M f Ooll
fans 25 cycle, $25, $20. 15. Ancon Blvd. 3:30-MUsic For Frid ay. or,,f '
House 892 Morgan, Balboa. FOR SALE 4:00-MUiC Witou ord_ IL _L s C VETICAI ---
Help Waonted 5-Ca Loa Ti ml II I Auricular
IPERSOgNALS W,,T ... .-Boats & Motors 4:30-Wt' Yor Favorite_ 1 rl v I ll ids .*
J______.___ 5:WANTED:-First class cook with 5:15--iNG H IN THE AIR conal Oi S -
Attention pupils and Students. Ivy references. 24 E. 47th Street, BellaOR SALE:-Outboard motor (AniDa Steer) ter,. inie of i tlbe A e l
HrnettwillresumeBaslroomdn- Vta E.rude S port Four 16 H. P. Extra 5:20-What' Your Favorite WhitmasP.Garrett aAdl t
Harnett will resume iBallroom done- V t. Parts Cristobol 3-1395 5:2l-- ltourO Favorite W n .h e hirogf.o
Ing Instructions, first week in ... "". Ports. CristobPita:l 3-1395. 0(C-OWtd) '.. ..U explorer avlam leetoa ofoffleM Vw held
November. Harnett & Dunn. J V nrraoSlTdlOn ~Pw.os ravorse o. .s.Ba. lid.t night at the first Of
An American3lady0w-llstakecarbthe.newlyP y formed Balboa Lion'
n m l lke c eei's Fairless 5,30-w s ote o IC tree ..lub. The meeting wsheld at ,
WANTED ofour children, day or evenings 5r35t-What Your Pavorite Boy3War 0DISC
W N E3 -52...6.. F m.m (cont.d) iaedbimiftiam the Union Club In PAnamI Cit
neo Taxes 6:00-To Be Announced WR Arthur Sponsored 'the sPAMa -
-6Morgaret Songn r s:30--Phlco Rm.endezvous William wne Orneroa u o- dorn Club and Oras th. e 1IP
WANTED:-Vacation quarters on or r R6:45--LoweU Thomas liva Ro, rs, O Jeffrey Teodoro Arias. thel o ndtobe
about 20th of November. No To Study Japan's Sun 7:00 -Come Into The Parflour r civich t rolu ae dns. fIt# ir e
wild-parties or pets. Service mon -r-" (BBC) W ; .. Idents e.. ..
and wife. References. Coil 2-1569 Over-Population ATLANTA, Oct.31 (UP)-Ben- 7:30--BLWT RIBBON SPORTS A ltee ihtn mtebert weret thr CHRYSLER AND I
After 5 p.m. .... lamin F. Faiirles., president of RXVIEW Ajel Sm ainit eelin. A total of 2o are it d- th
ANTED TO BUOKOHAMA Japan, Oct. 31 United States Steel Corp., said to- 7:45-Ber Comes Louis Jordan tel ue,1 JHS nn 4aL mreetingt
long genuine fur, in good condi- (UP) Dr. Margaret San r,60- day the only way American busl- 8:00-Reuest Salon Ploia0,, or-s charter as been leftOW tHr i
tion. Ponomo 2-1397. dyear-oldbirth control crt'sader, nesshas ben able to"survive' 8:45-U.P. Commentary riSend wtmSted-or hete next regular mttt vn UVr 4,V
_/ .....___ _.___~____a rr ved in Japan today to take up the (tderatl ernment'a current 9:00-Short Story Tbheate r T,-'p. d for Thursday, to renablt MOvro4|
lFOR SAL aF tfour-week study of the nation's tax program 1 s by passn e ,e(VOA) ,U=.,, Thur, s. tdh ti--to. beco-me-hattl
epoputon problem rdenalong to ts customers. 9:00-Story ,,SA.(V OA)gt Pe THE ONLY
'lor( le She journeyed here at the In-.Fairless- told the Geo r'g I a 0:0O-Calvacade of AmerIica&111a111 ard -for-havingtoo w-"" lelewbemp UiHN
___ ____ _vi taton of Prince Takamates, Chamber of Commerce that the (VOA) fufsi Oi ers electe w4bd lat
. IR SALE 1951 moorc,cle brother of Emperor Hirohito. government's "destructive" ex- 10:30--Adventures of P.C. 40power ,lam Bright. SHOP IN
Tr.umph Speed -,n Excellent con- An Invitation was extended to cess profits tax and "very large" (BBC) Gordon Andrews.
:714-D, El Prodo. Baibo Te. 2- Dr. Sanger earlier while Gen. taxes have "seriously .tunted" 1 00-Owl's Nest *g:3-VO..A it nd dent: Ivon JeT, Servi
dton. Must ell Can be seen a Douglas MacArthur served as u- the growth of American busi. 1 a S off : president P t
2658 preme allied commander in Jap. nges" e00rm n Off 10 l USA ose
,2658Pan p D .a. president": MDe T-.,
ermit to enr the country ne bein erted b Tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 1 pat 'le
-- the fiscal policies of our federal Alrm 1 m. Trost, tell twist,
NIOTlAIIC ,ni I IJov inment-polles which have .:00-Aarm C o1 k l1.0 t l elude: Edward ; _Dr.t _.:
LEGAL NOTICE DI"id n ou r u l on our industrial n- ':3- ,az t S .. Symbs Zetk: ta lll ; BELO
omy a burden which Is becoming dr5-rctyInstrme ntsolcomb.
UtITID STATES DISTRICT COURT K Li M i ietIbsi s-feey=-:_ -B FatureE i. -
SFOR THE DISTRICT OF THE ner6- teo business of ever ,l2- 5
'NL ZONEiS S .'M ire. Fairlesa s d D Ft oa1 Telephone 2.082addS.wnlR
CANALZONE II e termed the 30 per cent tax 9:15-Meet the People new ion'I .PlW
Bolboa Division laced on small businBsa a tax 9:30-As I See It L a Cana ZOl l-. '
HE MATTER THEEAPURE "which may prevent growth. de- 10;00-News Ro
I THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE i s rro the business and discourage 10:05-Off the Record U-
em-- H Brennan D ce dS A others from going Into business 11:00-News
S '-- D....d IA II at ll"* ll:05--Off the Record (contd)h l1 .- '
NTIC OF TIME SET FOR PROVINCE I "" 11.:30-Meet The Band l-ll I
L AND HEARING APPLICATION I Fairless said consdiners now 12:00-News MA r
FOR LETTERS I I av more In taxe tha n for food P.. IN TMw mfHEi l, w .l
.NOTICE heteby ,ven that ee i inrd shelter combined. 12.05-..New 'Tune Time o J -- r r ... .
mlils. Io n he probate of lhr "ill c a t we examine th Actual prre 12. 'otball Pohe t~ "" 0 "
llomas H. Brennan. deceased, and lor 'W_ Ii I 'h "'examlDeO ti. aeul PUT- 12:30-The Football Prophet -- .. .
t issua ....f l,,,r. oi ... ,." a chasine power of all our people 1:00-News T.Cll-r .
At nrh thr o.,i to ,h. public I. -. .t1 ,rfter taxes we find that the real 1:15-Personality Parade Mn- aTip I eLUllt C
A i. the .. onr capital income has not In- 1:45-The David Rose Show lerw v "
ai that Novemahr 20. 1952e o't C c- I* H "eased since 1944. he said.u 2:00-VOA Stamp ClUb n ."A .:
ce.,i a ., nco'n.i. C e, h'.s '"b.e. e called the Southb "the 2:3- Aternoon elod.-.^ mUies NOV. ies t u .
-apper and ontast the same. nd Iler of the twentieth century."

C T McCCRMiz, Jr K L A Me Fact1, ory 8:45-Muscal Interlude 9:SS_ -.
a.. is2.1 c Tr. MacenuscaK Jr Ir safe A mature maple is equivalent 4sr ^'y 5Rgj
clerk .a co M IL t'o. .ma s .t.a f cory alf 5 -N.ew "- -. wJ B + ,-l n:i.
irla__o P eeseam lie W rld e rea. and the leaves man.a.t-re 4 .
c r. n1 ".a..T. ae o.... .1... -rh O Ama th

3.S-aeer. perfect con- 4 door, In good Oha h INs. Dehee stN.N Tba
ew tires, radio. whte side wal tires m -d e,

ly President Harry i. T" ran
Ibiftes, arrived Wednesday
E. Hull, vice chief of staff
en. uml C. Kiel, commanding
ft Bledsoe, commandant of
alsh, United States Air Force
ere also Brig. Gen, Martin P.
ester J. Whitlock '(third trom
The party froim the United

lFTAnwr to Prev

r~ rIfJlf-rlA



0.00 irtoc

V r... "


5- ,'

reas~d An4'
1, -- .- r A ,


| a-p

S s, term. scpt- ae r~~ra. and 5good u m lea '
30 iq Pu e 1- terms le" TOl.3-M"68 cIAv, s.A.8:30 t1oie Gal o w l
pagan wTM ~dear & aatese eamas ee.



I m I. II i ill .. .-, I



.: m|

'. I '"


L lf^ '. *.. *

I '

I/ '' M-.. -

- ..- ..- ,

~F WW~- W~U -F


195 *Am 4 1 da.
9WW^~~ ~ .- 95A 3 7.

B.. arIMIw I diner. r.ht0h tbe iMantle SMe

4k saama aal Company. F

mon m theon '. 1!. Mrs. F. W. Mee, Mr
mn. T, presented l-on_ lietr Mrs. M.o ere
snd 8. 5teu a 0 d H. M' 0 Mezckson, Mrs. W
r d.e aR. Hain llen ggfn rs .. .
The 1 w^ ^,'g,. Schmldt, MrN. R. L Oornik, Mt.
So D. Oreneld, Mrs. Ro
.en .,,. n the Nlelso and Mr.P. B. Fitch.
--'-.. ''' R 'he canesas players were
or Inhrgyeof noV,." der Mr Ts. G. W, i Msan E.
1n J r. pr r. -,W'tl, wn- Wlottl Ms. J a R. Woltersberg.r,
T h 8. DietS, m.. P.W 5.. C .,R. Mould, Mrs. W. t.
r" r' ..' Kng and Mrs. R night.
~Mo toe. eus Woe's Ttonre Clat# son as
Mrs. H Tao a tr.. BenW onneda N Mrs.H.o3
LewleMla. t. H1Plshi, for a Women's ReIrea-
-co ---0"rsM rs.. oo12 am t e t
a. Uonal cia in swimming ar
MOH r.t. rwrW. Pr.l v now wader way, and all clvlmab
nen*d i&7*in~n Wal woteneof Gatun. Margarita, and
TOseon, A r ~. CrMstob. and any women from
Mrs. lbr W .der,a Ms' th Naval and Army Posts, wh
Whit, MsM. white r., would like to attend are invit..
E. Ciylos, BMl.. -D ined to do so. The Class starts
MLrH p n T.ylOr. .. Bn Wednesday, November 5 from
choenheber, Mrs. R. Hi.Sa. ho10 to 12a am., at the Gat g
s e Class swimming pool. ,
i Ia bLIeaktS t Further information may be
G!eorge Agaler was hs- obtained by calling the Orun
tess tor a bon. voyage breakfast Pool- 5-133.
at the Htel Wihld Or n.Tues- Dane Tonight at Elk's Club
day, rhonosn i. or Halloween dance will be

chlimek A rhdnewbyao wtae t lm e is planned and there will
rlh *ir be stationed at R n- p ri ze. c
Iacola, Forida, secrayetat5 rs. or. M ller Arrives For Visit
Mf d a.ty. Mrs. Clyde Miller, of aiami,
r. orelg- ---Ad. s a arrived by plane today for a
Chnpen te iof ., d. nevisit with her daughter and son-
Theiony s t wileelin-olaw, Mr. and Mrs. Noel OGb-
oco SolCoo Bo hapel Nt l w Qonudick Heights.
be eldM .D thle Li Mre. Miller was a former nil-
am. at' the uapel, at whic dent of Cristobal from 194. to
time the newly ecte orftficers1 when her husband was em-
will assume ,theldmil. Teeployed nwlth the Commissary
iers .are proesiV Ms Division, and has wide circle
AI. a e reMase o fris ends on the old Coast.
M ladies attached to the St-a Mr. atad Mrs Adams
teen are invited. itur mU Isthmus
ton at. Mr. snd William E. Adams
Moeitly Card Party' arrived during the past week
At- C Ste. end froma Nicaragua. Mr. ANean i
The monthly card party giv- has been\ on a business trip to
en by the ladies of Squadron the main offices of 'the United
VP-4 of the Coeo Solo Naval Fruit Company in New York, and
Station was he Wednesday has been visiting offices of the
Seveino at the C6dc Solo Of- Company in Central Amer1oa.

wil a or the einitT, ftor wfhn Sapper andwMeeting of
brId were Wn s by tary.- M. AMIlary and Flseet Reserve
toM.and Mr a su L. Hendrick- frendaton..
Aon. TeCalnastaprizs went to The regular monthly reet-
ro. r nBov n an Mr&l d aUfe uperwas held
MMrr. a a Q 1 d 'went-taour Eames

P"hrfri ertfflp /if" hy Periods stpeeloth

or amSzingly Mvnd o
an3edtot m..sfndoctors'ewnfclhdo

AT. .foti. of D V

Y!4ama too
QtidaPlukhan'j Conk-
pzii=dt -aia

iLIs pbkaftam'
has a quiawe
oefse teonthe
lio (wo*asusert)
"wollomuse- - -
.. s.i .d .m of .im, dum 1a L d, 0,Do et In
'esi >rdoe u a poghi||t al: j r

b K it li so miy y" .. droi .-
aft wf t k qpmf mJ
ii 2 l -Ao-- w um-- ._ WA-,-

A MM--^M^^^^ fa^^Ul R 'k
I3'.^ *
^Ui~~e kp^R-^ f*Bq>lws.- ps

weN present at the meeting
over which Mrs. Mary Prien
presided. Ao present were two
Visitors Mrs. Florence Paris and
Mas. n Lamb.
Mrs. Rials and Mrs. 10-
dle Hlrscher were Initiated ua
new members and received4
membership pins fro m Mrs.
New members elected to the
Board of Directors wri: Mrs.
Hatel Giles and MrsMyrtle
The monthly visit to the Co.
to Solo Naval Hospital was
orted a taking place on
October 1 with Evelyn
R4edmond, Pra ad Mr
st Wright as te com-
tte to serve freshments to
that lenta. The cakes were
bked by Mrs. Dora Bell, Mrs,
ili nllngletar, Mrs. H a z 1
Marion Brown and
A G Stokes.
It was reported that amonth-
ly donation of ahUtdred pounds:
of rice was taken to the home
for the Aged at Puerto Pilon
on October 31, by Mrs. Muehl-
bhger and Mrs. Prien.
. The members voted to give
20.00 to the Iontermediate 'Jirl
Scout Troup, No. 34 of Coco So-
lo and Coco Solito. The Auxlia-
ry does not sponsor this tioop,
but It felt that due to the large
number of girls now in the
troop, additional financial as-
sistance was needed.
Plans were completed for the
Thanksgiving dinner dance to
be held on November 22 at the
C.P.O. Club at Coco Solo. Tick-
ets will be $1.60 per person, and
may be secured from any mem-
ber of the Auxiliary by calling
Mrs. Harriet Lovelace-Coco So-
llto 8548, Mrs. Lillian Leslie, Co..
co Solo 8477. Two turkeys and
a five pound fruit cake will be
given as door prizes. Other ar-
rangements for the dance will
be handled as follows. Mrs.
Doris Vize is in charge of food;
decorations- Mrs. Elsie Hirs-
cher, Orchestra-- Mrs. Lillian
Leslie, ticket collector- -virs.
Zora Lockey.
The Auxiliary will hold a Bake
Sale, Tuesday morning, Novem-
ber 18 at the Navy change at
Coco Solo with Mrs Bertie.Tay-
lor as chairman. The proceeds
from the sale will be used to
augment funds for Christmas
Charities and a Christmas par-

Following the business meet-
ing the members of the Auxi-
liary joined the members of the
Fleet lerve Association for
buffet supper. Hostesses were:
,^*SiSw ^ a
aL] ] I I


Girl Scouts' i


Scouts of Intemedlatt 'rroQ4
at La Boca, after cOmpli g
tenderfoot requiremeds, ,
invested In a program held ta
music room of the La Boca Ele-
mentary 8hool building Wed-
nesday afternoon.
The Girl Scouts started the
program with the songs "Our
Chalet" and "Girl Scouts Toge-
ther" after which each girl re-
peated her promise and received
her World Pin. Girl Scout Laws
were then repeated In concert by
all members of the newly-invest-
ed troop. *
The leaders In charge were
Misses Clara Wattley, Dorothy
Powell and Mola Alphonse. The
new Girl Scouts of Troop 19 are:
Laura Bailey, Gloria Benjamin,
Adella Boyce, Marva Carter, Gen-
evieve above, Edna Ferraro, Isa
Goodridge, Eugenia Henry, .Myr-
va Haywood, Yolanda Holder, Ca-
rolyn Layne, Gloria Matra, Lin-
neth McDonald, Sylvia Ottey,
Melba Phillips, Gloria Tait. Jean
Trotman, Clarice Waldron,,Dora
Whyte and Virginia Yard.
Following the Investiture cere-
mony the girls were entertained
at the home of Virginia Yard and
honoring Girl Scouts Linneth
McDonald, Gloria Benjamin and
Myrna Haywood who had birth-
days in the month of October.

Soviets Bar Tank
Shipment To U. S.
Berlin Garrison
BERLIN, Oct. 31 (UP)--Soviet
border guards today barred the
United States from sending to
Berlin a shipment of new Pat-
toh tanker, personally ordered by
Army Chief of Staff Gen J.
Lawon Collins for the isolated
U. S. Berlin, garrison.
An American spokesman re-
vealedthat the Russians refused
to pass eight new tanks, en
route from West Germany to
the American sector of Berlin.
when the tanks arrived at the
Marienbern check-point on the
East-West German frontier.
Collins had ordered the tanks
sent to Bein to replace the old
Pershingtaiks nfow used by the
tank company of the U. S. 6th
Infantry regiment.
Two weeks ago the Russians
iatted six Pattons to. pns
through to Berlin aboard the Xi.
S. Army train. The raiV a'
jgrosse 1o miles &f the Sovit
iocupa't10 wne..



No matter how pe*y written
the prescriptn, the duggst con
reood it-we hopel ___

Mrs. Gordon MacRae
Puts On Bi BSonnet
-Welcomes F.N.E.,

uM a 019 R lou sesbi nraen
ha of N amNo.I S psa ,on BUn
Bomar Mwn to nt Flavor,
Nutrition, Economyl Luk the wife
of the n sw and movie star, you'll
tVQ tble diate, snny-weet taste
You'll appreat its no urnmt
too. No other pse for bUread .
rde" IA a -wid'Vitainn At
Two POs& of BI= BO T east
n thnams pound f high-priced
rind I Bo nOMl the lettur.s
I-Flavrl Wutritioal BaonomeI



* WASk






DETROIT, (UP)-When box-
er Sugar Ray Robinson trades
In an automobile on.,a new mod-
el he keeps exclusive the flam-
ingo pink paint ob tht job that Is his
trade mark by paying $150 to
have the used car painted an-
other color.



t Perfection

School Teacher

Gives $1,000
To Ike's Fund
CHICAGO, Oct. 31 (UP) J
school teacher who makes $2,70
Mar ge a $1,000 contribution
tDwight enhower's campaign
fund, her mother said today.
Miss Alice Brazda, 38, is
teacher at the Chicago Jewlsn
Academy. Her mother, a widor
admitted they had quarreled ve
the contribution and said tha
het daughter threatened to leave
home. She said Miss Brazda ha
no outside Income.
"She has very little money,
she said. "She's a good girl bu
she's always giving her money a
way. Why, she doesn't even hav
enough clothes."
Along with the money Mil
Brazda sent a note to the Elsen
bower headquarters In New Yorl
"George Washington and ou
founding fathers sacrificed muc
more," she said.
"Some of my high school stu
dents were killed In the last wa
It's very tragic that young pe
Wie who haven't lived very mudc
should die before they have ha
a chance to live.
"I think that If anything cai
be done to save our country froe
Ioing into another war we should
do so. I am covylnved that Gen
eral Eisenhower Is the only ma:
who can do that."
I LImT Ia,.m


.'" w:mun'


Watch Oyay...


Ei*u9ooJyReaJ. Clan WI




Tels.: 2-2451 2-2502

Ave. Cuba A East th t. a 1
altoni) W getgg r S^n^^n Stuas tmm4

OS, S. A.
* DeM.

- 'I !t















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They are going fast and you'll
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saving Bargains

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. -

ftDSB^.aisemSar Iarktr
Y- "flof
affia~ WOOLc

O n. fc o r u>it cae r

^ "^ *;.
S:*".^|**l' i



* *. : '
* .".



11 I,;h register in the nation.
Another of his bi .1 1- it,- v ennon lauded m .er meInt
tha Ko"ean war. He ,eiat,'dl\ ts ent hatte on a'elo ua
cited a letter from Ge1 Jan r ~ A -v n-t items for ens marn- '
V an Fl C,t. 8th A rm yv c ,ivi ii i r 'nf-- 'rbinn 'r 't h -'.' tof.l.nnni
in Kora, who desci i ( I1, nrd for developing an nmost 'min-
Soulh Korean army as in a pr'le le i' fl lfr frdh" ,1n.
-. -rwer contPricdl 1V'.n iprid several govern mpnt r,'tsN,
'. 's 1lttrr ro'o'.-d th. h,; LI.) 1 ,"' son Said' hp \ia' f;,nihnii r
to 1t South KoreCns cio more ,' ithe proberm, from IOth
ih+il'r would work. rof the d sk
In the earmenrt distr't. hle at- Me calle, himself 'th nl
tnc'led the Democrr.tiih-irreand i''ndidate in this camp-hrrp who
that he was a "captive rancl- as" that experience.
dte." FP; said in 19413 leading
Demcrnt5triedto ethmnto run President Truman oprcd a
ior President on their ticKet Ii- ,, of whltle stumrpile for Mi-
.stPd of President Trum.n. and 'i v an' 20 electori v' Rptessith aa
bed f : ninnt Try: ,-hatge last night that th. Repub-
be i'.ed indlhnen ly: car, ticket is running( on thi,
"What bu'ainess have they cot tail' n. Joseph R M-
calling me a captive cndidale at-t. Joseph R -
ntveow when ?" ouldn t be Ihei r Truman boasting of the
Hetve pthkedurin g th hbih -rtvement of hiq administra-
Hour in the garment ndp Pn- or, al]o said he believes "-e are
l"e est mated the crow-d at "rn not,. rcrhing a turniln noint in
0l0. the s tme figure th ." 1, .4truiePle to mak.- the Krenmlin
Sthe sm fiur e, eors come to terms and
for thn crowd thpt l-,r 1 Gov t n their lans of conouest
Adi E StevP'ons on IIn .me HP -,i Eisenho,.er has em-
Eisznhower said he had been, tr1 orinRe ca
PPr~r.lnotto said n~ on ,rn',tor and other practitionersrs
1prrrtd not to "corn" do n n the bip .'. the weapon so
Seventh Avenue the% toll np i idey. used by the Nazis. Fascists
I vso-ldn't get a rornorals : Id Communists."
euard;" He was hannv to find
tH ps wronl. he sido "A Republican viclorv ~inuld
HW pcknowledeed that the ear- ,n.lnee thece practitioners of the
crnt section was heavily Dmn big lie in position of great pow-
cratic but said h." had n-evr d'ir- er free to attack any who dis-
ing the campaign asked anyone
tL vote for him.
He challenged President Tru- "
r-.n to turge ... throw out n'I -
isPavow" thn 10 Drmocra t I f r ODA.
Senate committee h-irminen who .n &
vot.'d in the last Cnnreps t, to
oevrrlde Mr. Tr,rnmn'- veto of DRIVE-ImW I- I"
the MerCarren-Walter immi'r- 1 ransisthmian Road. he-
ion hill which has en a bitter hind "Artes v Oficios" School
"'Thrv're always dpmandino LAST DAY! *
thet T throw somebody ,'it of tho Of the Ma terpiece of
p,enlica'n oartv," sa'id Eisen- A"dventure ,
Power. "Whv don't the- nilre T
them out. and why riont thev K
disavow those senators"'
Meanwhile Adlai E. Seven hmlk Iulwp ol
son rejected the "anti-business"
label hung on the Democratic
party and urged an end of the
"noisy and largely unnecessary
war" between government and .
Campaigning through indus-
trial P.-nnsylvania the Democra-
tic candidate declared "I arm op-
posed to socialized medicine so- .
Ing. or socialized indusirV "
Stevenson called for haj mnnv'
between business arid eo'.'rn- =
ment. lest the same kind of bit-
ter" class aeginst class striele
be touched off in America which r HE F iG H T E R
led abroad to the "horrors rf Hit-
ler'.s German y and Stalu's Rus-
Stevenson made soP n stinp TOMORR OW
en route to Pittsburch and his -N RELEASE!
major address lst nihtit WEEK-ENDRELEASE!
his second dav of batting' for the
Keystone state's big block of 32 Back Again frr All New F-- '
lectora l votes. AN rA l
Throughout the d sv.h heam-.
ered on the theme th-: n-f lon-
:il "unity," is essential -in th*s
terltiblv dangerous world
.At Readine before a cron r ofr
about 3.000. Stevensoi. snt:e oolt
more strongly than hei'eofor.: on
the subject of harmon, i-tween
business and governmrnt
"If my destiny take' me to,
Was.hington I propose to do the
1-est T ran to end this rnoisi. and
]Ireelv unne rcsar-, wqar het ePrn -
.o'lie P"ment3 o ),'ePorrimPlt UNIVERSAL.INTERNATIOA01M pr esMIs a
mid a-ree segment' of buqineq. ;i
I-e said. I .-



T"ru'lnd't eiA '""u ""'t L Acl^
'; I S .1.fBl,,' p "l IA n your binol
Irni1 hill'.r., tin delicate Kidno luhbe
a filter P iPr,na In th e C dn. a s
aldaSerA, P Fie in u uBffer from
iIff lna riou.t u .rine. 'eiliLh ip '1.nhLa.
vaJ '"Wo.r.Ap. '*1* P'nP: (',i r.-iea IndL
4yels, RA Ka'Rhe.. A' hlni Joint. Artlit
or bu.,r'",". p'.a n Cyt,-. now im-
,. '*I frl ,i"n h I .S trtp worktin
llsrnIwly. I 'o..p mrn ynu f1li younger
S r er. heifer a | waI Ri Fel
'._ny ifn poi nnnu ,ep,
# P as elP .

maividnue iro mv

-- u th --

TOMORROW at 11:20 P. M.
Special Midnight Show!
Burt Lancaster. in

ur Children's Playground
1" -w



LO HT 10:30 P.M.
"ONIGHT 10:30 P.M.









-- in--
Shus, 1 15. 3:11. 5:07. 7:03. 9.59 pm. 5' ._

12:30, 3:05, 6:00, 9:00 p.m.

"PAT and MIKE"
with -




The Mighty Novel oi Love LaiigIter-,
Adventure. Even Mightier On
The Screen...I

with Stewart GRANGER
Eleanor PARKER Janet LEIGH
Mel Ferrer Henry Wilcoxon
(In Glorious Technicolor)


Chapters 12-13
Also: -
"Power River RLStlers"

James Stewart. In
Also: -

Lee J. Cobb, in
Also: -
with Tyrone Power

Bank! -. 100 Free!
At 5:00 and 9:00 p.m.



When Mrs. Delser turned on
a burner on her electric stove
after two days of disuse, the
radio began to play but the
stove still would not co-oper-
In desperation Mrs. D e ser
plugged in her iron and the
stove immediately heated.
Ieavhng the iron plugged In,
Mrs. Delser cooked dinner While
the family listened to the radio.


gN Y Mr. Truman charged Re- fense and mutual security, an
publican congressmen have nobody knows that better tha
voted against his civil rights the Republican candidate."
proposal in "hope of making Sparkman said in Washing
D e &r a i *F a deal with the Dixiecrats toh last night Republican
the reactionary splinter party have made fear the "watdil
Doof the South, to help them word" of their campaign be
win the presidency in 1952." cause they are "afraid of the
o The deal now has been made, future and lacking faith in thi
agree with them," the Presi- he said, and "that sordid bar- true greatness of America."
NEW YORK, Oct. 31 (UP) Dwight D. Eisenhower, dent said. gain lies behind the hullabaloo "We have yet to hear oni
jumpingg the big city almost block by block, charged "You cannot trust your hu- you have heard this year about constructive word about where
jumping teman rights to a party that is the Republican candidate for the Republican crusade seeks
yesterday that the "five per center case of Col. Law- running on the coat-tails of Joe President in Texas,' Louisiana to lead us," the Democratic vice
rence Westbrook shows that "crookedness" in the De- McCarthy." and South Carolina." presidential nominee said.
m ocratic party "keeps going on and onhe President made these Mr. Truman said he s sure Instead, the Republicans ar
mocratiC party keeps going on and on. |statements in a speech last night Sen. John J. Sparkman of Ala- driven by the four horsemen
From Staten Island to the Lower East Side and from in Detroit's State Fair coli&umibama, the Democratic vice pre- of fear... Fear of creeping so
rothe teeming Manhattan garment district to the Democra- .nd simultaneous broadcast overisidential nominee, will continue cialism. fear of depression, fear
the teeming Manhattan garment district to te emocra S radio and DuMont television to stand firm on the Democra- of inflation, fear of corruption
tic stronghold of Brooklyn, the GOP presidential candi-nptwork. tic platform's civil rights plank, communism and Korea."
dateKorean issue and flailed the op- Mr. Truman bore down here the "best civil rights plank ever Sparkman made this state
date hommerd at the Korean issue anp at previous whistle-stops In written." ment in the last of our record-
position over the case of Westbrook, Democrat* r':tion- Michigan today on the two- He said Eisenhower has ed speeches broadcast this week
al staff member fired Wednesday night for joining in a ,onnd hemethat Republi cn d over aidA network.
$9,000,000 government contract negotiation.rosprity stead of speaking out "strong rased "storm accusation, n-
Eisenhower hustled through New York to keep a iecworld peace. and clear in support of his nuendo and ugly smears" in an
cven speech schedule, climaxed bv his appear- last s mae as ual "He has talked about his ervience to the privileged few."
iglt at a rally at Madison Square Garden. rlecie over a c of coffeethat country's policies In uha "With the assistance of the
Referring to the Westbrook It dcsnt get us forward with ee peace and a third world Sovietforeign minister has paper and magazines in th
:Eli -i ail-impo'tant business of-P'r been able to use his state- paper d azesinntthic
S t administration the aki America strong and He aidEisenhower surren-attac the Americaneople Intolosin
position. opened its campaign, more united and secure in this lered to Republican isolation- cou in te e Na- faith In the Democratic party,"
nd it couldn't suppo rriblv dangerous. world. sts In a "cold blooded deal" t he charged.
ts program at home or abroad "The name for all government consummated at a New York d the Preside ntac- Sparkman said the people
aue here at home it h i not bureaucracy and the re st with Sen. Robert A. cuse isenhower of adopting won't be "fooled" by "this great
ause here the "isolationist position" at his decept
roodne' ss i.Moal bc Tut astont 'New York conference with Sen.
"Did you notice in this morn- on y.intensive Truman said in Detroit Taf t and giving up his right
rig- paper sbout th' five per Ste enson said "an intensive hat one of the three "greata"os ib
en wh adtwo th c are e e of"adinia the amount of money required Kitchen Chaos Due
iurdred .. ....r ill ""'ieni the Pemocraticpon is the progress toward stop- for national defense.stchen Chaos Du
01ored up nfohmlf0 ,nti-business" is being made. He

"Thev had to fire him Wed- i hi party "h donmo heraworld war. "That casual pledge over a TO Haywire Wiring
esdav night becaur- someone s than in any other inter He listed as the other two, cun of coffee to cut $20,000,000,-
s^ cauht un with him l'r- than i any otner interva -ivil rights progress and pros- 000 from our expenditures could MUNCIE, Ind. (UP) Tf
,"It keeps going on .nd,, 1 n 'Dmnrs Ir' mean the difference between Pluncle electricians had not un-
They adve had crooe Ine in h le% diad cro ''' 'tr, in 1' HP .aid all three arp "still ,ppco and a t` .1 world war," the Maurice Delser family might
the administration. Tl have restored confidence" in .mer- .riplete" and urged election Mr. Truman said. still be preparing dinner with
h-id tshvr ion trt i1nn. I iran bcnkine acnfidence" ted a or Stevenson to carry them "Most of the reduction would an electric iron while the stove
in the "Apmiilrto10fnh1 a i nurhnksin. andr* created a nevay .... p ed the radio.
n, ,i:,- I-u like to de fe thli at nlurchhainz power felt in everv -

* -. '-" '. 'a

A ..
:- ": '

Will Remain closed on MONDAY and
WEDNESDAY, Noyembw &dad 5th


n 'I .

Cornel Wilde and Betty Hutton,
not doubles, soar daringly be-
neath the dome of the Ringling
Circus tent for their roles as
steely-nerved aerialists in Cecil
R. DeMille's "The Greatest Show
On Earth," Paramount Technico-
lor spectacle now showing at the
Bella Vista Theater.

Mighty River
South America's Amazon River
discharges the largest volume of of any river in the world,
according to the Encyclopedia

It's Movietime TONIGHT!


eanai/ ic/eaters --

.4.m. 6:30 8:,2 Saturday "MONKEY BUSINES"
c O'oL I 0Jane RUSSLI
c:1 M & .I" UUUB yE = UDYNA" iW .
Ra y BOLGER Allyn McuLft
,. s^rr 'Where's Charley? (TecWi olor)
S Saturday "HBRE COME TH 1ON ..
G A M R 0 A Humphrey BOGART g Katharine HEPBURN
S_-- iTeehnicolr) Saturday "DmV.BLwgTnamRE

6:15 & 8:1S

Richard WIDMARK 0 Constae SMITH
(Technicolor) Saturday ")ON OF PALfFAC)"

LUX Theatre
Shows: 1:00, 2:50, 5:05, 7:05, 9:15 p.m.














IM N-e


Ii "''~
~. -;:.

. Dog. Tired Dave I

David was a buy fellow,
shopping vner left hhb mellnW, I
Weorn opt iy. U sad brave.
Why not eald our Want Ad&. Dvet



~i, migAUqr ~*
M'0.Wt 4uu6ee~w

r.... U .'-

Chapters 11- 12- Plus :i Tn


richness and romance
In starlin Ilthed by

U. S. irlee pet p60.
place setting...........133.75
Canal Zone delivery
price .............21.98

~Aw wm.. e b.. a













MNa Staff Crespeaeosat
can loser # t he r bitter vendetta ,
oly Yours: Vera-lfon is all makeme lo at Sto." ove ',b tR It wi Se l
.91 re fora that. 0 ors W directed the final cut-
Kul. D 4 sa as wihthe; of the picture in whigh his
mat oth. o trie sh 't sbi Fl: i .h Jelinnier Jonees state ..s
ra S to live t-f or-lau c eer lu No. 62 Justo A mroemna Avenue MAIN
be serious bierin, but the well white. I 'M ts for a traght character No. 8 Tivoli AveMe "- BRANCH "
at the Leslie 0aron..eorie n s of a
el vine-cqvered cottage are Aeids to 0hall Sayer: Avoid tl in MGOMs hostt of a
those beard chMater roles, Chane." For the coming hol'dysl!
ak. Iouts nin the roman- e e e h mu
'l' Yoked that C I "Don :uan in (Oft, 06 A Hollywod- theater LOvely new DRES VE
Skdsey slment ebpplely and Hall", mar u9&rad: Lovely new D -R t 2 S ES
her med S sa that major ar- "AIRD" SPORTS 0 COCKTAIL EVENING
geryw bS pIB. LounS Cbhe Is writing a M ACnt-An tl. T SPORtS IE T ?
hush-hs biOkglhtef de_-. Exquisite H A T S
dae-pnI>< il t on the sgia m as "alt of some of Run for the bills. Sam t
dates ene sl Per' wh wil e .be,, but man' fourth t all color.
Turier dlo t 1a Ueh O eMhe Waotiat hy that over the Wi He p De Lise Deb
or, The f ud oti Ouring Ar- his ex Ife ra penned of human robots, an r.HOES
lene's day at MG Ikm said a.- t. ma hypnotlim on all high and low hel
Considlring the youthfulnoei beut *iat b6ek war trueli dwellr.
of Jacauos Be (owns Ginr yI 1 de o i all sizes r I AAA Inclutive.
Wrl ic o i Asg whether she nl a ,te a tr a shuti my u s.7 a A"
ilson laer nd g whether ali 'th e1d the set of O N@I, the MW Itse of
will mnary hi or adopt him. h aiJll IaL" Odd thing a-. mat l ---li- e
Edgay_- BeMqni bj"d'" B W.; and ex sweeairts go to a e W' ih""-ya
wa I .- I a' a hih dudn over the .ll s _. _mr six
tiny O h.n- this. ,she slid about mt They 04 af.t= .tthe
ofsry Alwe VAill orntnW- wetfor JO IN CAnSA
tion, b llhga Gov. Dian- W"s g Ito-e tel -me-
newS tet d It as MlaI? Sult Mary Castle is denying ellng. her about her IA-,ILI C.rl
Order o et, that she and-screenwriter Cy narrage to Mrale;
C Barlett have set a marriage date L 5A
Babe Blium, Jadk Bnny's ait- ... "Trhe ULife of Lint" is being Ruth Conte, wife of Richard A -
ter-In-land hAln Nixon, ex- scripted by Oscar Saul .for Col- ,,watched hubby ki Linda Crll I M A GIFT
hubby Mariae 1wilaon ducked umb --the same studio that hit Christian for a scene in "Slaves
te Mrre, anyone ques- the ckpot win its Chopin life of Rtbylon" at Columbia, then
tion w I spotted them. story, "A Song to Remember. remLarked:
"As TOPS ING ow 1. know how he looks.BA
Alan told me "Wet 0e4 gets David 0. pelnmick is the win- I tW been kil en him for 1 years "
her dvoree, it h. We time to er and Director King Vidor the with my eyes eli ed.
talk abot 4
(__ou_______or ___lrtt___________ Air Sec. O
Leo Durocher himself F
opposite Tal&ilah 8afead In
"Main Street to Broadway." The
da. she started work lI the film
she received a bouquet from Leo
with a note reading:

'oictori$43.50 tFrom S-3.15r

atoploe sn 5Ills 8 Del M m

PAibAwaoAteaoineor t ter Cai. O an /otn yu

KTh T' ....- """"'-UT
4. FLY.,- K a

4 .nS othe com o Sade A n enre of te same faG
j l i it W", te coke siddi- ,moue '-cours ="m and all the "lextr' or choose s.-7.20

Mop den acaft and teoonfidence Wispred by the Let Casa Fastlich Be Your Guide.

I T 80 IN 3 "L" 4t. TV
Ad.A. etm, 2.2m "- d44

At wiiaFl EM



with a festive future... smart and
versatile from every aspect.


that beautify your
styles In beautiful
black and in white.
mid heels and

designed with pure flattery
In mind.. 'different styles,
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feet! Glamorous
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In high heels -
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Smart dress and
sport styles.



.I L, -
- -iC "' .i 9 *iif '*
l* *i.AB- i a a-.,



g a i e y!..... f un!


and atmosphere!




Nov. I Cocktail Hour in air-conditioned
(Saturday) BALBOA BAR, with organ background
music by Lucho Azcarraga! S-7 p.m.
Dinner Dance Beneath the stars on
Bella Vista Roof. Continuous music
by Angelo Jaspe and his Super-Orchestra.
with vocalist Betty Willlamson.
from 7 p.m.

Nov. 2 Noontime FIESTA postponed for Panama's
(Sunday) Memorial Day observance.

FI=STAl From noon till 3 p.m. Lucho Azcrragp's Conjunto
supplies the rhythm, naUve and otherwise.
COCKTAIL HOUR I From 5 7 p.m.. the gayest place In
town is our BALBOA BAR. And Lucho a organ
music adds to the zipt

1NDEPENDXNCX DAY BALL! From 7 p.M Diae and dance
in the most beautiful atmosphere atof PaamA. in-
joy of Poana mdet popular rchdie
tr 4 -aape And hiE boy with Betty
WIUlamsna aonpIl


Nov. 4
5- 7 p.m. Cocktail Hour.
Organ music by Azcarraga.
7 p.m. Jaspe and his
supply the dante music.

Nov. 5
A salute to Colon on Its
Independence Day! Cele-
brate at El Panama...
Lunch! Cocktails! Dinner'
Dancing ...

Coffee Shop open
24 hours daily.

Sova v- No minimum
cr rvatlion phone 3-1000

A Kirkehy Hotel.

U. I I i I 1 .1 I I I I I 1

---- --- --- -- --- W = t~i_ .--- -- ---


As 0of1 kn P,,Novembr 1st, 1952, for eu* purchase of $5.00
or I3 ?entr..fwese .a numi aCwket for a r._a inf ..
be rus te tsilueltem. tdshk ie Panamda i Lottery of De s-
Ier 2R#.. : ,*' .






VP FLATAIRE *4'"orough" p'tte by
R -U AD A ,ARiON, e.mprislng 76 pieees;
eompt eailAed with Pacific doth and
vae 4.r0 M o0.

S- HN Bl"nie"a sr rice for 12 person. -
comnptlbn 114 piem o. vpkW it over $300.00.

THRID tu.m

* .one pfir b.urtmit a 3way switches ai
e-vered Wshad.- vaedtti wo've65.00.

., AL 8 : -


rfant to get there to ahury?
Tike a daily BRANIFF flight from
P XE Conquistador
a3-east t 1 Intercontinental!
WUii46 enjoy five reatVul da ,
s? Return with all your
*Mrdaes via one of the
u modern sister ships of
.Me panarn&a Line. ... .....

foar Information and reservations:
BRANIFF laternational PANAMA LU
.Airways Pidamut Eae.
PANALA-Ave. Tivoll. It "B" .nmet."L'.I
Hotel MT Pal TA' e
0LOI--Ave. DoUvar 10.113 thiWt L




* HiUoa
mr firom

-5, *~'T'~






[ -.


I il l II -





P Hi




* _


. -,. v T -'*.^7. ^
1 M

Plans For Major

A W iA



,Bulldogs Down A.C. 7-0

To Keep Unbeaten Record



-U- 1st Race "F-I" Native 7 Fgs.
Balboa High's Bulldogs re- less than a minute to play they Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 12:45
mained undefeated last night started from their own 20 and First Race of the Doubles
when they took the measure of on a long pass to Herring worked 1 Yoslkito) B. Aguirre 117
a smartly drilled Athletic Club the ball to the Bulldogs 48 yard 2 Volador) C. Ruiz 117
eleven. 7 to 0. A fine crowd of line where time ran out on them. 3 Duque) J. Rodriguez 115
football enthusiasts were treat-* Just to keep the record 4 Villarreal J. Reyes 115
ed to thrills aplenty as the fast straight, Balboa not only is the 5 Cafiaveral G. Sanchez 115
moving game played itself out. only undefeated team on the 6 Risita F. Rose 108
After a scoreless first half Isthmus now, was also prior to 7 Tap Girl H. Reyes 105x
which saw the Bulldogs muff no the A.C. game, havi1, dumped
less than three excellent scoring the Rams in the serf n's open- 2nd Race "F-I" Native 7 Fgs.
opportunities. one a called back er, 13 to 6. Balboa's record for Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 1:15
touchdown, the Bulldogs' sensa- the season follows: Second Race of the Doubles
tional halfback, Jimmy May. Sept. 26 Balboa 13 vs. Athletic 1 Taponazo A. Mena 120
drove over from the one yard Club 6. 2 Fregonero G. Graell 114
line for the six pointer. Bob Mor- Oct. 3 Balboa Won Cristobal 3 Buenas Tardes E. Ortgea 107x
ris added the seventh point by a Jamboree. 4 Campesino J. Bravo 120
place kick. Oct. 17 Balboa 20 vs. Junior 5 Tin Tan E. Silvera 114
The Bulldogs dominated nlay Oct. 24 Balboa 2 vs. Cristobal 0.
during the first half. They College 0. 3rd Race "H" Imported 4,'i Fgs.
moved almost at will up and Oct. 30 Balboa 7 vs. Athletic Purse: $400.00 Pool closes: 1:45
down the field except when they Club 0. ONE TWO
got within scoring distance. Then -- ---- 1 Charming Prince F. Rose 112
a stout Ram defense and costly Aln The Fairwas 2 Hartley Lass) V. Ortega 116
penalties ruined all opportuni- rIOng T e a *Ye3 Mr. Foot) B. Moreno 115
ties. 4 Supersticiosa J. Reyes 120
With the start of the third. 5 Battling Cloud D. Aguirre 110
quarter, however, it was t: GAMBOA GOLF AND COUNTRY 6 Rosario G. Graell 120
things were going to be diffe- CLUB NOTES
rent. The Rams came out and 4th Race "H" Imported 4s Fgs.
meant business. Fumbles proved Cats will howl when spooks Purse: $400.00 Pool closes: 2:20
costly to the Rams at this june- walk and witches fly at Gamboa QUINIELA
ture., however, as it was a bobble Golf Club tomorrow night, Nov. i Dofia Eleida B. Aguirre 114
by Bernice Herring, recovered by 1st. 2 In Time H. Reyes 106x
Tom Jenkins. that set up the on- Though the celebration of 3 The Dauber) V. Ortega 114
ly score of the game. i Hallowe'en will be delayed twen- 4 Ventre a Terre) A. Ubidia 109
With a first down on the 5. ty-four hours the intensity of 5 Cipayo K. Flores 115
Balboa drew a five vard penalitv the party will not be lessened in 6 Levadura J. Bravo 112
for offside, but on the very next the least. 7 Delhia B. Moreno 106
play, the Rams picked up a 151 The Ertertainment Committee
yarder for unsportsmanlike con- haeded by Ken Ruiter has ar- 5th Race 'B y C' Imported 7 Fgs.
duct, and this gave the ball to ranged a program which will in- Purse: $750.00 Pool closes: 2:25,
the Bulldogs on the one yard elude the most' popular of the 1 Notable A. Vasquez 118 i
line. known Hallowe'en games as 2 Vlajero V. Ortega 110 1
It took them just one play to well as some which are unheart 3 Cheriberibin E. Dario 104
do the job from here, and that of my most civilized men. 4 Plropo II H. Reyes 105x
was a quick '.andoff to May has A few of the merchants of Pa-
he powered his way over his own nama And Colon have generous- 6th Race "I-1" Imported 7 Fgs.
left tackle into p ydirt. ly aided the committee to make Purse: $375.00 Pool closes: 3:351
nI..... .....en Pr...-.. Ina this party a memorable one. First Race of the Doubles

Balbo' ihadu one otner scoring
opportunity m i ( w a y in the
fourth quiir' '-. They drove down
to the Ranim z.- yard line, and
with fourth cown staring them
in the face, Bob Morris missed
his field goal attempt by inches.
It is to the credit of the Rams
that they never gave up. With

Why f**l upset, tired, headachy
because of late hours, acid indigestion
or temporary sluggishness? Take
sparkling Eno at bedtime and you'll
promptly help neutralize excess
stomach acid. Wben you wake, take
Eno as a speedy, gentle laxative.
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sI I i'Bl|sour LTomIch, gsu and
2. LAXATIVE-quick-
ly reflives temporary
~l 'uggishness. Take
befoTe breakfast.
when needed.

In Panama, Duran; Diers and
Ullrich; National Distillers: Cer-
veceria National; Universal Ex-
port and Coca Cola Company -
while in Colon, Diers and Ull-
rich; Tagaropulos and "Red"
Quigley listened attentively and
with a sympathetic ear to the
pleas of the Committee. Each
has contributed merchandise
which will be given as prizes to
the winner of the contests and
Dress as you like a costume,
in hard time rig or in full dress
- be comfortable. Prizes will be
awarded for the most original

Excellent dance music will be
furnished by Bill Hughes and his
stringed orchestra with their
amplified mandolin, guitar and
base fiddle.
This is a night for fun. Come
early and stay as long as you
can. The prizes are so numerous
everybody who attends should
win one.

Happy Is The Day

When Backache

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Nagging backache, loss of pep and
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1 Mingo 0. Castillo 110
2 Pepsicola E. Dario 107
3 Sismo A. Vasquez 120
4 Visir E. Julian 120
5 Mon Etiole 'A. Mena 107
6 Mrs. Cristina V. Ortega 120
7 Apretador K. Flores 120
8 Gran Dia G. Sanchez 112
8th Race "D" Imported 7 Fgs.
Purse: $600.00 Pool closes: 4:05
Second Race of the Doubles
1 Roadmaster B. Aguirre 115
2 Grisu G. Sanchez 120
3 Carmela II J. Bravo 112
4 Vampiresa A. Vasquez 111
5 Casa Buena B. Moreno 112
8th Race "I-1" Imported 7 Fgs.
Purse $375.00 Pool closes: 4:40

This long awaited elash, which
is only two days off' is now the
sole topic of discussoir In local
fight circles. And Judging fromi
the opinions voiced, the fanscop-
sider the bout an evenly matched
one. It's take your pick at
most even money.
This is not the consensus of
opinion among 'the expertt~
however. The wise boys have e@-
tablished Transito a light fe -
vorite over the hard punch,
Wallace, despite the fact tha
Sylvester is improving with each
outing and has been sharp in
Reports from Trainslt's train-
ing. camp in Fort Clayton are
that the speedy Kid has changed
bis style and is practicing from
a flat-footed stance, obviously
with the intention of scoring a
Wallace's handlers have alrea-
dy expressed the expectation of
a K.O. victory for their bo
They hope to score impressivey
in order to clinch the match with
Federico Plummer in early De-
Transito and Wallace wind-up
their training schedules this af-
ternodn and will do light calis-
thenics tomorrow and Sundiay
morning in order to keep ii trinr
for the fight. '
Meanwhile. Oesar leal and VI-
cente Worrell are going all out
'n their training 'sessions. These
bos will be out to win in order
to be included in the forthcoming
elimination in .the featherweight
class to find a successor fore
Plummer who can no longer
make 126 pounds.

Ibarra Is fast climbing Chh
riqul lad who has the natural
attributes to go places, He hits
hard, is a willing mixer sad can
takve a punch well. Heonly needs
a bit of polishing to become a
first line ring star. The more ex-
perienced Diqa is the pick to de-
cision Ibarra.
General admission is only $1
(one dollar).
R61 '' ^ A J

L wiITHACA, New Yorx.-
Leal will be making his, thi are looklng'up for CoachLe
Wc baek oattemptse drop Jaes and his winless C e
his 18I.pound .d:adem to-.bfootball .teai. TeamnyapalVlifl
Green on a ckou Woroereur U Whelan i -back with su
be shooting for return ma after uften an ury
wDit Blackl Sllr ai rod Td t moeR. Antd Jame ay, f A
both of whbo d ho aci l d ona overfirst time he can rememier this
him. year, he ha reserve' for each
A six-round semih l between backfield position e
SBron Cumberbatch and Bat-
tllnir EscUdero and a four-round -
special amateur .bout ,beWeen
unbeaten Toto, Ibarra and Lidl MBMPHI, Tenn. -(UP) -
"Dillinger" P will rouId 30 Jo R. Sanford, has a paaket
rounds of boxing offered on this that Iss q percBh oUI
exoeUt proramu. [ Sllr afford 14reI
udaros t uno 4n gi f h can
his match agaliu*ns MMOWbIt* r a4 tM~ owrp-

t .. 1 .



.~~~ ~ ~ i *



Trame-ltthian J.ithgay

Tran.-Isthn~Ijn )4tghipay
lb ,i~I ,. -

Fight Dope

1 Apprise K. Florse 112 '
2 Golden Mine A. Ubidia 104 NEW YORK, Oct. 31 (UP) -
3 Cobrador B. Aguirre 115 Former N.B.A. Welterweight
4 Callmedear H. Reyes 106x Champion Johnny Bratton Is a
5 Scotch Chum G. Sanchez 115 slight (5-to-6) favorite to win
6 Bien Hecho A. Mena 117 tonight's 10-rounder at New
7 Curaca J. Reyes 116 York with Joe Miceli.
8 Rinty A. Vasquez 115 The 25-year-old Bratton Is
9 Hechizo F. Rose 112 favored because of his greater
10 Pampero II E. Julian 116 experience in the professional
ring. Bratton has had. 74 bouts;
9th Race "1-2" Imported 1 Mile winning 52, losing 19 and tying
Purse: $375.00 Pool closes: 5:15 three. Miceli, has had 51 pro
ONE TWO scrapts. He is in the Army and
1 La Chata J. Reyes 113 will be fighting tonight on his
2 Jepperin J. Baeza Jr. 114 furlough time.-He's lst 11 times
3 Betun) J. Bravo 120 and fought four dra*ws..
4 Fanglo) A. Ubidia 112 Miceli training at Green-
5 Forzado F. Rose 112 wood Lake, New York predicts
6 Nehuinco G. Sanchez 117 a victory.
7 Pincel B. Aguirre 116 "I'll bust his chin Ifdr the
8 Escandalo A. Rodriguez 117 fourth time," says the young sol-
9 Paques A. Vasquez 119 dier, "it's made to order for my
left uppercut."
10th Race "F-2" Native 6, Fgs. In their boxing, the Interne-
Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 5:40 tonal Boxing Club's 1, foreign
1 La Suerte E. Julian 115 chief Lew Burston is trying
2 Raymond .0. Castillo 115 to set up a fight In this country
3 Danubio A. Vasquez 115 for German heavyweight Hen
4 Pesadilla J. Reyes 115 Ten Hoff.
5 Filon K. Flores 115 "I have offe's for hb i to box
--" in New York, Chicago.. Detroit
l1th Race.F-2.Native 6!PFgs. and St. Louis, says Burston,
Purse: $275.00 Pool close: xxxx "naturally, there can't evenh be
1 EFmbustero J. Avila 115 any speculation on opponents
2 Luck Ahead F. Rose 115 until we have some definite dates
3 Bagalefio J. Cadogen 115 and can see which American
4 Avivato A. Vasquez 115 boxers are available."

1-Yosikito DWae (e)'
2-Qampeoino Pregonero
3-Hfrtley Lan (e) od
4-Levadu e The, Duber (e)
5-z- jero Cherlbedrbia
6-Vfir GraIN Dia
T7-Cnela Roadmaster
8-OdMen Mineo Pampero 11
9-Betun. (e) Jepperin
10.-Pesadll& Raymond
ll-Avivato Luck Ahead

2 &o Br

Complete Assortment of


16 Tivoll Ave.

TeL 2-3807



5th Race

Purse: $750.00

"B" and "C" Importeds


7 Fgs.

Pool Closes: 2:55 p.m.

1 NOTABLE ................ A. Vasquez 118




V. Ortega 110

.E.Dario 104

H. Reyes 105x

J -.

6th Race
Purse: $45(

62 ng-% i




"G" Ilp v ds 7 Fgs. th ; "E" 'P .
000 ?p o s: 3:35 p.m. P"E7sOe PImp u- 6pa 4s.
nPRAEO $5s P $ 50.00 PWlcm: 4:05 p.t.:

LODGE .............. A. Vsques 112 I BULMCO .......... C4reo (1) 11x
IA ............. ....... Bravo '116 LIA ......... ... (4) 11
"" "- SARDA A ..... i3 .hL-.'m

Orun iKTER'S STAR ............. K. Flores 116 m,
PAMPHLET ........ ........ Reyes S11t
ROYAL CLAIM ......... A. i 12
PINCELAZO .W.!!...'.. .......J Av



unlimited bonus rule.
"The only reason I would consider a bonus rule would be to
make certain the baseball industry would remain stable and
not suffer financially in the bidding,' says Carpenter. "I'm will-
ing to vote for a practical rule."
In New York yesterday afternoon. Charles Segar-the exec-
utive secretary in Commissioner Ford Prick's office-indicated
that a practical rule might be in the offing.
The rule was drawn up by a committee headed by Branch
Rickey of Pittsburgh and presented yesterday to the major
league's executive council meeting at New York.
"The rule would not prohibit bonuses of as much as $100,-
000." says Segar, "blIt there are various other restrictions
which would be imposed and which would make such pay-
ments highly unlikely."'
Segar does not say how the proposed change would affect
the controversial bonus issue. However, the major league own-
ers will take up the question when they meet in Phoenix.
Elsewhere, the Boston Braves' towering pitching prospect,
Gene Conley, has received, permission to play. pro basketball
this winter.
The six-foot, eight-inch hurler who won 11 and lost four
at Milwaukee last season, will play with the Boston Celtics in
the National Basketball Association. Braves General Manager
John Quinn has given Conley permission to play providing he
leaves the Celtics in time for the start of spring training with
the Braves at Bradenton, Florida.
Conley was a star basketball player at Washington State
last year and was the Celtics' number one draft choice. Celtic'
coach Red Auerbach says he has not seen Conley play. "But,"
says the coach, "all reports on him have been terrific."

Pro Loop Names Umpires;

To Sell Season Tickets
The Panama Pro Baseball at $5 each, 500 grandstand
League Wednesday afternoon tickets, at $10 each and 50 box
named the umpires who will of- seats at $40 each with be placed
ficiate during the forthcoming on sale. '
1052-53 baseball season. The The league officials also
league race will get underway agreed to use the McGregor
Dec. 1 and end in mid-February. Goldsmith No. 97 baseball which
Two of the arbiters are Amer- was used during the first two
leans. The other four are Pana- Pro League seasons with great
manlans. The Gringos are Urn- success. This ball has a cork
pire-In-Chief Dallas Thornton and rubber center with plenty
and Edward Majors. The na- of rabbitt."
tives are GuUillermo (Wiliie) League officials are scheduled
Hinds,. Nicl Karamafites, As- to meet (his evening discUss
ton Parchment and Cecilia and approve the schedule of
Watson. games for the season.
It was also approved that the
league sell season tickets. A Ju Fras Ti.
total of 3,000 bleacher tickets Uan Franco Pps t

1st, 2nd 6th, 7th RACES

3rd and 9th RACES

For the convenience of
our patrons we are now
operating both at the


;! --W

league Bonus Change UrwU


Rickey Heads Committee Unusual Interest Bei n

Preparing New Regulation JIn Walace-Transito idB

NEW YORK, Oct. 31 (UP)-Owner Bob Carpenter of the unusual n ret being dia "
Philadelphia Phils says he is ready to support any practical played in the s 1heduled ten-
bonus rule Introduced at the major league baseball meetings round clash Sunday night be-
at Phoenix in December. the maor I baeba meetings teen Sylveter Wallace and
..-Carpenter says he is content to go along with the present Transito Kid at the Pana-A




-. A



: 7- ~ :

.. .. .. ..





isr Oreen Pevts Clash At Mount Hope Stadium Tonight

SInternta ribal Hi Army Sports
STheoruii Fit. Wel Ovwrwhv eln Bintg -
pa w -;._ .o*. F[ ... P" T KedBB. A Regmhen-'
s MAJOR AlOS B. OOPLE rck To- W ina M h wa
l fof r t Thworps -P ick _"____ par -ilel ns of the 33d Infantry Re-
I Platdits are pouring In ent cometin will boxheld
e4aph mail and k aroo e Aga d Ma tanng but Bily Cofey ovem a 19 at m-
aouchi nd ar The C..S. Tigers, still licking Bow League As Race otW b from 9th place to pire an ge,33 Infanrty Head-
Frhnb Mainl to Oulfe rai ls W their wounds iuffel st the. Lead Contnes ,. With hB M53 sees Td quarters announced this week.
fratetfu r ar ta t- as ofn lat wek r j Up rom St place The Mtch Is designed to en-
r lnme frselections.A eE will tke tothe Ag The Max R. Stempel bowling h with his 1 erles, courage proflen in i fle
such aad t beat o 1. 11tonit 11is Wato la team, 1951-1952 City Chamin wi 'Malee dropped from marksmanship W1 the Fort
no., .to t inorold r *p t e p Cu o-le- and Ma or Leagu e ace to 6th place. Bor / lid Kobbe unit; and to develop a
anS L rolled ino the lead 3 to 1thoe I aththpaeNorrie heo on Regimentalteam capable of cop-
Ofdcot a I u' Irm l n IM champtoabip rac e to h Berko. Christ the rifle portion of the an-
nsac thi VWW .t9 6 W niat1 g* hon they deje" t ii opped from ro USARCARIB Small Arms
rs we AW W it= t We L o calte, tam for tor mpl idelaAon from ofament, scheduled for De-
but Sh r [ b bbuth N Io 1_t. P.u ot to t begin second quar- h to ninth, while Andrews member -12
ew al of read- at n t o the season. Meanwhile., La Sk d d of Fronbelser to
few amn e r tndea 1ie Importadora Selecta team, lead- W er the 1 ct 10 for the first Copnoany teams of no less
Ths. We alwa.a-seini the all anwor C but ngthe league last week this year. than Tive members -will be ae-
Thl Rt A4I F ve a. ,t I M fld three to te e' e standing os the teams ected In Intra-company compe-
ot '"_ is They US team slip down to, after the play: tuition during the next two week.
dootv wr. nweald dgebeo Ih I t the10 Juor 1ace, and the Atlas ClutoAnd in The winning company In the
ter-r tatlon of lad' I ^ t tenm hau bosn able to owcroB Froen Foods Team W L A. 33dMatches will receive a tro-
pnd_ thuild s'lv o p p wpgAB 1053i atem d toafoUpolnt M.R. Stempel 20 12 900 phy; and the twelve highest
he. plWtiti 4 g l Oe. NTat br'even0* the AUM tlas IU stay 4 Atlas Club 1 13 19 corers will represent the 33d In-
and "gwS" itlOd a 1a t 0-0 setback they suffered at the place. With only: seven IU mp.Sel. 18 13% 90 fantr Regiment in the USAR-
a commop -Sitor, "Im. dvwlsn lar th 13 hands of Balboa igh. separatingthe flst serve owcrop F F. 17 15 908 CARIB tourney.
, and lyl Cre 7 C.' wra ven t stad- in the league, the race i all erza y Lus 17 15 881 The course to be fired In the
h" in d0 .bN, a -y 7 d ad with Bh tomntkt.Local 591, NFFt 14 17% 870 The course t
Th s he which b *a lows D .Jer yelu, the Stempel-Local 55 match 741st AU Sign al 13 19 8rs Regimental Matches includes
tar U ." lt. meets BM Biga 14 ar a :to- the Local was beset with ( L Homa Co. 9 23 871 four stages: Slow fire at 200
otolnt name 3, lows 14 Mn' solw th I*e tol' cultetha and wa0 unable to gebe- e 10 leading bowlers of the yards, Sustained fire at 200
on t L twice. A utI9 1. 0a6sas Sthte 1'= fM -nite gto ate strength win 1 maga. after the play: yards, Sustained fire at 300
Sand we rae 3, MIeb. State 14 k a be toBla one game, while the Step. a e Team Aver. -yards and Slow ire at 500 yards.
fewtscw~ r ~ol d we Mi-n.u Nbrmsk.. t a or a4sr were out in front a Balcer Atlas 1 9-22
des f ONb State 14, N'wer 7 The At e. ae shad Teo WUberknocked out Morton Snoworop 191- 9 Captain Fred L. Huff is Of-
Onea M. t psets for Wi stM"i. a ee .. gAte than t's share of rainfall cond consecutive over-S00 M Coffey Atlas 189-21 fler-in Charge of the Regimen-
thOte 3at y s Iure to beat Gnla Alabam a M1 this W *fItq atnues, to led the winners wLt 1, Wilber Stempl 189- 8 tal Rifle Match.
Mthl fiKr udutatb to 14 Tz. 1 JAlU.m2.t7 Ark,2 wU fied5l ambc thls followed close by a nehoA Malee 188-20
PMth0Sn ae no "mi" or "n" In Baylor 1;, M. 1 a ea gt iamwl prob- Andrews wit 0, while 0oam Borup Imp. Sel. 187-20 TOLEDO. Owner'Danny Me-
it, to- a s visible bw an orgia Teeh Dulke 9 aby b d t ground action, (600) Malee, with a 548, was Able Noris yL 187-12 nendes of the Charleston base-,
-it'm" the IwrolUh Mcnoan S 3aLtette 14 o an s tei to hit over n00 for the lors Bermann Stempel 187-10 ball club in the American Asso-
S s A Mz Tennessee1, S No. Car. 13Sa *nile 61 u a ne lee be Melanspn Snowerop 187- 2 clation will be arraigned In To-
t ,Saitlhe rest TesahMrho beid will be in theft ght Atlas Club-,th-Andrews Stempel 185-14 ledo on larceny Indictment.. I
t" UCLA C4lforaM i t T _johe and crop rotn Foods match, te The scores of Tuseday night's ledS on a larceny indictment.
tiuBES2e sw. "t- 511. aknnoked outa play: Menendes was indicted two
43 ofeTY rgn F it K Wa h. I months months ago on a charge
CCael. I QCat o7 rlsbM4uk and nbu Hetor Downel boys I&a Loel a10, NFF of larteny by trick In a legal dts-
r --tt wnBenett and briehtbakO 'With a strong 9f fto gloni le0 52 139 451 pute after he moved the Toledo
Srt tang shifts at t he eyer 1 129 183 498 franchise to Charleston. Menen-
I Vt I IUrt ri' 0 oae ma 1s2 138 193 .463 desz has waived.extradition'from
e w be Joa RooB game, but he AtlaS Cb14 171 102 478 West Virginia and says he wants .
Foreof e the te-kfie pinfall. e 193 177 178 548 in his words "To get the
m o I thn esy. Balcera knoced out hi whole thing -cleaned up and off
Stil Free On $1K ,a000 fBait stg wilpack second cona utv over- 00 m. 438
B i 1020 Of .Puch ith Venon rl th er Of the Vsetas 2on In ----
o at from uheter. o the league, with a 655, followed Max Stempel & So cofity 181 222 250 653
S 5 a rt specifically charge a t. h .. somaV t has on the nose iy Billy Coffey wi 210 184 225 619 Balcer 215 223217 655
owl I! 4 with t a to to i o be kbe of3 i We 10 11 18e2 I500h ad e a A1-
batk Phiomla st nm-siSophomore,h whi ti\ l Mee' s Tt s 962 964 2794
e a avel of the ason (t ann 109 170 189 528
"A1(of) h10t aode e p w onl t Pierobo' a 197 181 232 610 Importadora Selects
rO IVAsudent d th 0gaBaille l l( the o A. Daan 169 155 157 481
l theM. Sturdy to 209t1%, t othe f a wall. ftal his 8 1 onheker 180 177 202 589
ed at re- Pollie ched that when Co- LSbeJIhaJd to lt fo tfea i ue tie ii mo 200 1 t9 202 581 up 180 216 137 533
Sto face rove ani turned down the ,ed mae e wiinS la h yare at an avge of 148. Be181 151 204 .53s
? 'i. Ou.G ap3 oached.T s erseverace a to W 171 16 49 Totatl 931 899 902 712
Field. Mar- frank Navarro of White lto .telev tbsI M brouae t h h e f am 1 to 174 to w7n h r lag8 212 5 T66 5
t of I, with o r. wil an fi en the Ae AeheWment Sver Mt 21 10 201 583 Fuesa y L
dreeoat e- ar hsiaA wle A arf for the 4e.iTot'is 61 61 893 2 Stephen 194 19
ou ae quertera ck Jacok Soar abth s10 o n 2394 ftaest A itye a Bn 18a 172 5052
ov dlt2on w the sae results. The garters, their ene i averan can iltoin Atlas Cla b Nu go 81 18 15 1
r0 4ioaateam 15281 Engee 202 193 1508
eld Inftoraod o- betei noepat 10 182 141 493 Totaf 9t8 9s 83z X733
wiwIss n- $00,of. -At was a iwithUr2 1 0
II. f-rbri..* "s followed b, Te4 ansot n"i* B.I Co.
S .. owneW of Ntbalarinor, appeal awnI 581. S3 eate 167 212 183 587
bE rn5.ts~o s t to nt hi a at w a ty wa* pt 1 82
Wa or llotgsI .Iwo yU mt MOs e t the third iatch of the o Orasth 167 171 199 531
SMlB-edIn evening, the gashoosers from D- LHarleY 158 177 218 553
after aut Meame. distant Maryland A1MI. A ll laer la t ue y Lus took the first ebr 184 196 168 548
college e nd coach Ve elbpr aid that l the Fiorilw iSte Board of two ans from the th4n. -
him n a long r. rohe he s lee-edng e team but Totals 87 938 91 272
Maryl ty is locat- sh Borefo aeL S earAd football a lor at the o, with the 13s ASina
ed4 in e Park, Md., just Indloated that he was aware dy Univeu' alfleaf Puersy Ls takingnfall. Wll. 7461st AU Signal
out1dtlo's capital. school officials knew of the al- eh ax Saylon 211 178 161 550
llokeld Uve with is pa- legd bribery att mnpt. last Novembf- -lae was"a hhor the winners with s-, Hudak 154 220 173 547
unst Iln Mefaryland, aelbrt, who was atfmul a- Peter Sca-t -. I aei, 1 8; 'y with Squre 24 168 137 551
euste ars .i.e t0 for breach of o o1p 561 'wbhie te e' was --l 151 227 185 563
uihebHeas altro b ta- md thesoal ad 2v,000 as e of high ot theoswe with 09 ol 1 oo le 153 188 158 499
luobg He was sa to be -hool's alleged allur* to lowed by Fronheiser with 550.
V0 40 H M towo t 9h t rove e t Totals 915 9 3 814 2710
aring o rykn 5to ped a Ittl on was cauoelld last Ar i Hom team split with the 7461s --- 1
R sl h aobu1 h the ardim te y ra though he says It wa Aio.d AoU SBcal unit team, with thr |
lSottelbertishe 1wo czd. : run theongh May 1,.t Aimy boy taking the first twr
taoo dWiMn, whato -amagames1,ybut doy" fh inthefthie
b^e ::a.e .^aed senJ bout-? oud v PQ0bAL U id piz3ta*it*the W e haveo
e 1ve f tap a8out? You'd better ad 567 to lead the 1
deus who were p to here. offensive takle a with arley follow h
sflig otpolla tickets Wheeler for the rest of t* I foot iryt.hl e, while Jack Lawless le
oll d1n, InOT B11 TtING alason. Wheeler auff wl a e Army men with 563, followed
T.wl5J9 35hbroken wrist In last weoekod's by Squires with 551.
lon tsMIe apGn ef tons say the urywll not Bud aer continued his on.
J i n time for iaVm olaught for the season Individual
yed inj 0 Park, Md., jsLjj. t t*1h W year. dThe WId wa t- ruem o 7amplo sihip with his 655 series, 211 178 161 550
Wuritl pa-tinged Mr Keracp. a dr. --11Pow thiSya P loketheimnerlinte
rarn lbas t1u r es o 2idoy nh maintained his 2d In-- "yl-c7l F5ct!
-w ]JI4 t II I w h
dauP rter mar--

"he d.e-t But adt lsme ur your

; I Buc as aht and wter!
h -tofCta20$ asrsl to, d assdum
H S t 2 Jdd^:BHotIn 01s a fal a-eloed CUTd.OFF t
:l .^ -- s "SAW BLADES
Ing- .- Ia! di L=1ae10. 1T a s 14" -16" 22"8
,N'e W llXype of liquid and 24"
a tk fotr 't e'u o'M nthe
SWawK Ing yet thh to
So dels a s casess as Zr eyf

5atofart erdowfmakf a-
.4 09m wwrelo. w qsim aJt*'y- To ie sth
ENE --- a4l aIn h 1II1" I! O11' bas -- 4!l ,e bllI w
=11% ccal, Neb .(P)-. A vitory yar-.,,,tm- .-..ind
"na Up Wtba O "wkywtars my the I .n"" A.le__ odtan averageTrace,

a,. ,-, BAND
-. ...,. .

.-,. .,O. ea i -48
v. -+. glA


.'.. 0 to 60 miles per hour in 17'% seconds

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14" 16" 22" and 24"





Phose J-4693

" ., ., ). '- .. I ,.. -.'-* -," _-*

f *



Jungle Arrests

Mount As Army


ei~' AN rn

.4 ~

Hunts Mau Maus alli 4
* NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct. 31 (UP) "Let the people know t
-Army rifle companies and po- Let the people know I
lice today arrested 227 more
Africans in new sweeps of forest TWENTY-EIGHTH YEAR. PA
tribal reserves in an all-out ef-,
fort to halt the Mau Mau secret
society's war to death with the
whlte man. I
A concentrat-d search of forest Stevenson
hiding places of the Mau Mau
was the colonial government's
sternest measure to date to
stamp out the terrorist activities
which already brought death to
50 Europeans and Africans. Fl T o

The biggest haul was made
yesterday when at least 600 Ki-
kuyus were arrested by rifle
companies. All but 160 of these
were later released after ques-
At the height of the sweeps the
Mau Mau struck again at Kagu-
,no in the Nyeri district.
An Afric who had given evi-
dence agalTist th,. society was
found brutally murdered.

FTC Wants Change

In Chesterfield

Cigaref Propaganda
I NEW YORK. Oct. 31 (UP) -
The Federal Trade Commission
filed suit in federal court today
for a preliminary injunction to
force Liggett and Myers Tobacco
0o. to stop advertising that Ches-
terfield cigarets "are manufac-
cured in such a mnaner as to pre-
vent irritation to the nose, throat
and accessory organs of smok-

In truth and in fact," the FTC's
complaint said, "the smoke from
Chesterfield cigarets is an irri-
tant to thb mucuous membranes
of the nose. throat, eustachian
tribes, sinuses, larynxes and
A spokesman for the tobacco
company said it had "no official
comment" at this time on the
suit. He said an answer would be
fled "at an appropriate time."
The injunction was asked toi
prevent possible "immediate in-
Jury to the public" and "also in-
lury to competitors who are un-
willing to use false advertising."
The injunction suit was filed
on orders of Stephen J. Spingarn.
FTC commissioner.
The complaint said that the'
allegedly false advertising should
be withdrawn immediately be-
cause persons persuaded by it to
buy the cigarets might incur "ir-
ritation and inflammation" of
the upper respiratory tract and
suffert from coughing, nasal ob-
struction and discharge."

Crutchfield, 52, was fined $15
for punching a collie in the
face. He admitted in court'
that he was drunk and was
charged with cruelty to animals.



hN DEtuh dhL Yo NEWSPAPEr n

thet truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.

NAMA, R. P., FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31, 195t.


Breaks Campaign;

Illinois Riot Jail

I MENARD, Ill., Oct. 31 (UP) Stevenson apparently did not
Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson, Demo- enter the cell house but directed
cratic presidential candidate, ar- the operation from the yard out- Itn Lake Gives
rivedd today at the stormy Men- side. tlin m
ard State. Prison to deal with Electionl o iesl |, Bd y t Old
339 hungry convicts' who have Michael'F. Sbyfrit, director of up Ouy f l
held 'seven guards captive for public safety, told the hungry To C mLb r
five days. prisoners that since they refusedTo | lstODb ll Colomblan Former
The Illinois governor flew from to negotiate across the table, v V. uu rk
Pittsburgh, Pa., to Scott Air "we are going into the cells with| The body of a dead man, iden-
Force base at Belleville. Il 1., ear- the state police armed with guns /hi A ftA roun titled as Santiago Castro, was
ly today, then motored from and with whatever force is |lis AftII rno1Von found floating In Gatun LaTe
Scott to the prison here. necessary to restore order." esterday by a native of the
Stevenson arrived at 4 a.m, y st YoudAy by a neave of th.
and was whisked through the Stevenson, who broke off his White-heat enthusiasm of the i n Panama territ ar abaoryita
front gate of the prison, campaign for the presidency last l, cmpnign Iaa ethetUnited"y
Heavily armed prisonoguards night totake personal command ltia e n
"searched" Stevenson for wea- of the operation, was gri-faced States was scheduled .forIts day. Investigation by military, Pa-
pons lust as they would any man but cool after many hours of (,n the Zone thisafternoon whennama end Canal Zone police
entering the rot-tornnrison conferences with state and pri members of the, America Pro- authorities revealed Castrowas
grounds son officials 'blems Class of Cristobol ,-High a 76-year-old Colombian farmer
Stevenson then strode quickly Dr. Marsha 11, prison dentist School put on a mock. political who owned a small, rotten cayu-
into the office of the warden and said the guards I'are all right' c-ampaign. co in which he usually travelled
began conferences with pris5h They are just emotionally up- Teacher Adamary Anderson is around the lake.
and state officials about how to set" the class instructor
end the riot by the desperate Marshall Said no violence had Student .Lotty Stevenson, as The cayuco has not yet been
stubborn convicts, holed up in been used and the convicts re- Democratic Chairman, -was to found. however the body was
the east cell block with their leased the guards "after lots of square off her supporters against transferred to the Gorgas Mor-
hostages talk" those marshaled rnder Leslie gue Where an autopsy has been
... |Croft, chairman for the Republi- reqdiated. "
...... '. .:r ..<. cans, on the stage of the school
.auditbrium -
RMit&-ni~ Ret it %n

PRISON RIOT-State police leave the main building at Men-
ard State Prison, Chester, Ill. after standing guard at the
East cell block where 300 convicts are rioting.


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, 51s v I I L V

* I Il N

the campaign lUin Withai o uii-
partisan speech on the responsi-
bilities of the citizen to use his
franchise and play an active part
in his government.
Student Jimmy Custer was to
"keynote" for Governor Steven-
son. with Republican Chairman
Croft presenting the appeal for
General Eisenhower.
Attorney Charles E. Ramirez
of Panama City, who was a dele-
qate to the National Demnocratlc
Convention, was to give a talk, to
be followed by a skit "I Like
Lke" scheduled for presenta-
tion by the following GOP faith-
Nancy Kariger. Arlene Lem,
Ann Thomas, Julieta Lewis. Bet-
ty Tarr, Lorna Stone. Diane Sas-
so, Muriel Morland, Margaret,
Leigh and Shella McNamee.
The program also announced a
presentation *of "What's Ike
I..ike?" by Nancy Kariger, a series
of "Off The Cuff" answers to po-
litical questions, and a political
A pledge of allegiance to 'the
flag of the United States, was to
t e followed by the playing of the
INational Anthem by the Cristo-
bal High School Band at- the
close of the program.

N (.5 1. E'~ lea.

I uagmar truaies I'OITICs;

'Takes Well-Rounded View
COLUMBUS, 0.. Oct. 31 (UP)- litical candidate would be her
Dagmar straddled the political choice.
!ence today when asked how she' "Maybe I'll vote for both
Swas going to vote, but declared Dwight D. Elsenhow.or and Adlail
she was certain no one would ac- Stevenson," she smiled
cuse her of belonging to a false Advised they are on different
front organization. tickets, she replied. "Then I'll
"I like politics." drawled the tnke two tickets."
television star who was born "Mr. Ei',.nhower is the man of
Ruth Egnor "23 or 24 y.'ars ago", the hour, but we wouldn't do too
In Huntington, W.V. "They're so badly with Adlal." she said
political." : Dagmar isn't certain who Is
'leading at the moment
Dagmar said she was going to "I don't know who's out in
vote for the first time Nov. 4, but' front, but I've found that's a
she refused to disclose which po- -ood condition to be in." she said.
As for subversives in govern-
ment Dagmar said she wasn't
Coronation Route worried .
"Just because my name Dag-
AHoll AmIsie mar seems kind of Russian, and
Holes Accused for other reasons. I've been a-
'raid some people might accuse'
Of PrOireelring n.e of being in one of those front
Of roiteering organizations.
S! "This I denvy. is nothing
LONDON, Oct. 31 (UP) A La- false about me. I'm a 100 per cent
bor member of the House of' American girl."
Commons asserted today, amid
Conservative cries of "no," that
soms hotels are asking $1 800 a I
week for rooms along Qeaen E3llz-
abeth's coronation procession / If4l6/, S WI
route. a -

Miss Elaine Burton quoted
"some travel agents in America"
ar authority for her statement.
She asked the government to
make hotels publish their price
lists for the period around the
2ueen's coronation next June 2.
Miss Burton said prospective
tourists werebeinl frightened off
bv the threat of profteering.

IPeter Thornmecroft, peldent
of the Board of Trade Intitab-
inet. asked _her afIw uo tie l
C asea of an"" A jsw, --he

m -


'The New Yorker

Plight Of Absente
EDITOR'S NOTE: Like all city for at least four months,
dutiful elements of the citi- and a, resident ot_,.your election
zenry, the New Yorker maa- district for at least thirty days
zine has lately been keeping prior to an election," said the
its eye on the election scene. man in shirtsleeves.
This, as reflected in a late "Yours is a delicate case and
issue, is now that scene re- will have to be decided in the
cently impinged on the New district. Inform the authorities
Yorker's retina. .that you wtar obliged to be out
We got word that the unsual- of town te$poraril' in order to
ly heavy early registration, of procure a Ivtelood."
voters last week had turned the "Llvelihotl"a sald the riveter,
normally tranquil purlieus of the in a tone of 'disbelief, and then.
Board of Elections into'bedlaml "O.K., O .,' just so's I get to
and, as a student and fancier o vote. I'nim- Dmniocrat,ee. and-"
bedlam, we set out at once for The man in. shirtsleeves threw
the Board's headquarters, which tp hile bands and hurried'away.
are on the fourth floor of the Passing a telephone switch-
Police Depai-nent annex, on board, we asked the Operator. a
Broome Street. Itired-looking young man, how
What we found there was bed- 'he was making out.,
lam, all right, but' under control "Every seven/seconds, another
and in a worthy and pleasant call," he'said. The board's been
form, for. if the office staff of a Christmas tree all day. Sees|
the Board was hard pressed, It like for once we're 'goln to ge
was also proud that the vote in A vote in this country-. '
November promised to be big. "The way I figure, It.t'sh thak
As we stepped of the elevator to Elsenhower. I don't svy that
into 'a large, yellowing corridor because I'm a Republican, eith-
a shirtsleeved man, wearing an er."'
expression of good-humor e d At that moment, the whole
harassment, was being question- board lighted up, and we made
ed by a man in heavy brown our way, through an office filled
work clothes, whose voice made With bustling people Pnd ringing g
the light fixture tinkle. telephones, to the ancient roll-
"I'm a riveter, see?" he boom- top desk of Thomas Mallee, chief
,ed "New York's my home town, clerk of the Manhattan elections
but I been hopping arwwtd from office.,
job to job-Canada, M ieo, Ar- Malee, a grav-halfed. geptle-b
Bansas. Now,. what I want to man, told us that held never,
know Is am I a resident? Do I get seen such a big early regitate-"
to vote or don't I?" tion. "I've got twenty-six people
The man In shirtsleeves asked here answering, questions by
the riveter if he had previously phone aa well as getting their
registered in an election district regular' work done job ike
here and if he was currently liv- preparing absentee ballot V amd I
ing int that district, ballot strips for the voting ma-1
The riveter replied that he chines and drawing oup cal-
had and was. ilege ats' of people wo havO
"The law says that you must d ed or Who have moved from '
be a resident of the state forone district to another and ,,
at least a year, a resident of the might try to vote In boith."
S Mallee said that the most fre-
quent telephone Inquiry.. w as
"Where do I *eglster?," followed
by inqdUries concerning length of
"A real pain, those residence
,, requirements," he said. "Wybe
somebody just mOved heri from
Ohio, and when we teb' them

WITH DABLING--Gov. AdIal Stevqnson reviews la.nsi for
maklni campaign TV ihovie with actress Tallulah Bankhead
in New York. Movie was scheduled for release this week.

" LEND ANt EA3-Gen. Dwlght Elsenhower leans out o his ear
to listen to an enthusiastic woman .as the OOP mqtofea
tours Man Attan's garment center along Seventh Ave4t
The lIepobicn standard-bearer criticized tbe Adi*an I 4
"tlqn *'s. n policy in his day-long tr-p of New Yogk .,w


hhin iot-

mtRm -~~t

Raindrops prov It
In test after eet



wa ThemyW C.Plms fy t wy w

* Tml ritwe oe ItIn-i td
ardor too%

Wfi n q thei d w
ao *

ate -hem -h / Ug i --'W

-, .. .
**! tr~nil^^~iAhlMI^BI


L. t. johNMao A t
_- -. __.J"I,"^*~


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. .. r ..






Ie Voter
after he, had liatehzd toft
son on the other eon, .
mebt, he whisper
was a student at a
that students al e
Board f ieettts a
Prealtantlad yi.. a "r "n*
"Lif in d.;lftr'i y, youlm
dr'al w o -I t P
tied here, young "mn n
babble Of Pmte ased .from
the receiver, and malew said
mildly, "Now, UOW l1 didn'tmakni
the IaW." Si dr tihe' t el
phone back i adte.
NImt,we wVp ke6in official
who said there demand for
civilian absentee ballots waa
running far ahei of 1948. a
was the demand fr tal ab.
sntiee bldot Othat thepriint.
lg budgtfLr the eMeton wai
M93.000; bht the payroll for
some heve0ten thousand inapec-
tors. o whifh four are aailned
to each election distiltct and for
mveral h u p dr e d temporary
chirks and tists came toa cool
lI8O.O000 q and that he attribut.
ed the extraordinary reiration
to a mounting enthumiasm for
On our way to the elevator
we looted into a room labelled
'Hotel and Lodging tBouse Re-
poto s" in whlh oy.. clerk Were
bObbing about In a sea"O ianlla
*v1p and printed torma.
re d Jpaper, one 'Of the
clerks sod, "We got eleven
tbolluld ftels, board g hou-
Ms, an .flophouses in t hility,
nd every last one of ttihas
Send us a list of i iNutlt&
ranset. a otherwise. -oW
wnt d lot of flot .oteft lling
ui at the -4h". :
Even as he spoke, the formau
apped higher. i

v w


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