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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.





ea'to ers

Ex Presidents

To Testify On .

I :P-CZ Trade.,
Specl heAriats on a proposal cation of the 'Buy American
to reaffinm the eoncern of the Act. '
Panaanan people" over the The Buy Ameritan act pro-
- comMei activtes of th videb that the price y tan
S*.. Canal SBItchheduled to be frrelgn gos rhaa by U.
,'"hel- W by the foreign 8. a les must be of eom--
Sltte of a- p abl ty and atist U
~' 'V .ne tote per cen, 1al tha the cwo reented to the same tood
/dy byArn .tSthe Ue ates pis s .
'in 5' r Velaoguez, aby p Ke '
rbVlddS for pre leg- Another point set forth by Ve
rs tor to on recorikl the se il was that "the inequality
laSt lAsiebly did arl this alles for Panamanlans an
r. rteln "the- hope 6 talal dlscreminatlon exist-
tht the M an ereo- u the Canal Zone are no
Wpl, l of since
tynam." t. the people
Sl. .d t o n be .
T net a re th de a
the Pa a ano Coon Onam. Th hearlngu were decided
WMtCon aae of the Parw" u Mpo owing a li vely dcus
mafto'Mfunt Marine Boctt- o0, motly In flavor, of Vela-
itaspectors, former quar' proposal. 1 H
i npd Foreign Minis-
terp s l IZd ftn C- M
t ex-Pruden tianude Dr
,grHfl8o Arias and I.Ricardo Ui flu^




Traffic along the Trans-
Isthmiao and Thatcher High-
ways today were almost back to
normal today after a heavy
five-hour rainstorm yfstetday
caused three sizeable land-
Except for a small areaon
Thatcher Highway wl~are A -
tenance Division crews are= tll
clearing a small section ear By
Scout Hil, two-way traffle:was
reoDOeqd U" Y.'*enft h
Yesterday4s ide near te Ga-
tuno ve enn eteIy blocked the
hWay.wbut heavv trucks.etr
Ibis to ke a hath trowhthe
amud h nw to keep one Une
i o affe ...i
,aj tlld slide occurred a t
fle 14, hond Buena Vista. Thik
section a also been cleared and
ce Division crews, rt-
Dort U, there are. nv further
es. way traffic will ~n-
tno4th flagMen at both Onds
0141) ide area.
Th heaviest rainfall reported
i this morning for a 04-
hrperiod was at Candelaria
ktatin o on the Peouent River
where ftbere was more than S-1A
tnehf*"*V rkinfll'. In Balboa'
which had 2.3 2 inches and Cris-
tobMl. eqhe Of rapaft. noi
06zu toktr..
UMauiear m *U ztLl"Jed Onf.he

Prit "

0 -

Rent Fight Only

Start, Hammond,

,Lovelady Aver

- 0 -

"As long as I'm president of the General Civic Con-
cil on the Canal Zone, we're still demanding a thorowuh
investigation of Panam6 Canal operations," deetli.
Charles W. Hammond today.
"The rent is only a small, item among .4B
issues which have to be thrashed out.'
Hammond said tonight's Diablo clubhoese
of the Canal Zone Emergency Legislative Comsi-
may name a permanent Washington representative,
Presumably among the lobbyist's first duties wliI
'that of pressing for a Congressionet investigation
Panama Conal setup.
Right up beside Hammoned is All the$s, epresen
Rufus Lovepayiprelident of the strong for, athhiag 't
MCZELC. ; msnd forfat' anyt
.Sa1 Lovelady: "If we win on Hamulo.6a'idt
the rept Issue we should n gve in mind irl Wh
up our demand 6r an invest%&. & r who
tonl intothe -riilpif of opwe- toa
fat be ofle Pana a Canal CWi -
Vpany. w n. liawr
"This woaUld head oft mnv tluii 4i

Setr Traftie Safety Week parade orl- eno aa
ninaliv scheduled vestordry was "t ady said'he had spoken pointed lowar MunroliGO
-. .. .- .. held late this morning in the with representatives of all bo- rive representative ot the .
"' Nor. 4c ityVehicles n ent diem represented on the CZELC. trial Labor Union-MetlalTr
l iaper a t that. te hulk ur wee pardsdl alp ng Centra thi during the d 5 -ess the ren Ae
the q ~for aman Tr 't Week parade Sponsored by the Pan racA '.,ioadepartment. In W s h ouknw le n because-
q.u Ith abot the 0o, proGo Panamantan poy Scouta are carrying a "traffic accldtn, victim" to ia0- C he A rl' B i ;g n andao a

pauen Bing Crosby Family Called Defese Grills To Storm-H Suar Wokters

it and x A Ot r S ink lnto oa t HAVANA, Oct. 2, (UP) The dreda of fallen trees and tele- I But w.. want labor toe go a
St 11 In otrsctkS l w ln b Cuban Air Force and Red Croass grnh rs wt e fig t "oct
aCt wb or ofhrft, today bean aa alrlift of medical Uno 1 reports said that 41 lag of labor.
t iiding le and other 0 supplies and clothes to thousands simgar mls suffered severe dam- "This fight is not oaly
rt withance again HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 3 (UFI -- er were married Sept. 20, 1930, of families Isolated in the Cleae- 8ges with Idwes of up to 70 pda' to help us3w-tatrs to et
ere ehe100,000,- DixLeeCra in Hollywood. a de Zapata area swamp s cent of their sugar cane. the pr e ve tbt
e~asii ;h, l~ D~k Le wi.e -b W/ 'Otmea fn- in Hollywood. the iise
er Hing Crosby, lis In a coma At the time she had achieved 5CJI nnd keys along thc souwest it WIII h a ftrs i bi
today and her fami has been a greater measure of fame us a -:oast of- Las VillasI province since Pru__Lmtb y haveledsh
of S A wortof air- summoned to -e ade. starlet than had her husband. l-- Inst week's hurricane caused .W the ls
wn antrtw Ir placed. Larry Crosby, brother of the Her studio boss, producer Sol While his attractive brunette heavy seas and rains which In- ma ad Its businessmen nr
vra g Mf K worth of fu star, reported Mro. Crosby Wurtsel, said: "Dxie if you wife sat ing quietly in U undated the coastal zone. bally physeally and financially.
fo ris. Ita- "suffered a rGlaW'* Sunday marry this Crosby character District ourt at Ancon tod N At the "me time. the Cuban
Le1 u to make spare while re uperat4am Ai i oe from you'll have to support him the the re-trial of her50-year-o Navy dispatched two small war- an rep
i sforA. terms and a ma abd l operation rst of your life." usbandl lLlosach 'ships to thl? stricken area. It was b K0reO cI. wa. have replortd
et he uderwent a month ago. .. Crosby then was singing with edwith ttory rape, went- doubted, however, whether the ren-prte letters fro
-- tilhett anda Is abdin atnrsnzt oyourolife"ed awithbstat% fo r ape wt
S "She is in a com ad doctors a quartet known as the Rhythm to its ey ships will be able to reach the nins, aid te
Alf w-f, or W th of con- say her-conditlon Is highly crit- Boys and was appearing at the Two overn ent witnesses aboreline. due to the fact that It 8D0 4,O k 29 (UP) United demand. *he Congrei me
tI I, .%m st r e ectronrcs ical." Larry Crosby aInnounced. Coconut Grove in the Ambua- ere cross-exined by Defense was destroyed and that people Iatiol ltafrymen shot and are delaying taking poatve e-
Srdar ets The surgery was performed a dor HoteL hel Chrles Ramiredur were huddled together in the ayonated their way back up tl l r the outcome f
-'been cs mon deth red well and Mrs. Crosby had e blonde actress br ,h morning's session open-and even on trees. Pinpoint i on sniper Ridge in the rent hearing promised by
spokesman said. signed for picturee two years Lt. Eugene Shipley wsa ues- s of cloth in an apparent at- t
AShe was so muc better aid. signed fotr piscoring a succtwe on ed fr over ha s e" S- tempt to call for aid. ed the crest at 10:30 Speain as a natilmal vie.
81- u M~ vftv"She was so much better Bat-rpresident W the AFG. I&"e
Surday that she met Bing at the the stage in New York in the mirez today in an attempt to m. Meanwhileherded Communist su- p lady said tat W be AF Lave-
trApp" he sLrd.""But dndoy ht As Crmby' fame groew, she Doie meth ennhod h e crop of Covdongs Mill near with gztnades, bayonets and r- gain the present tell
aCgheid.Buradu r ouht ofplc defa n s eeClenaga was destroyed and it f ie Ch w"We leeltheyae ntoe low.
suffered a relapse."h gradually dropped out of pic- defdant and h onsequtwas doubted that the lU will At dl Inreports, Allied troops
Mrs. Crosby, mer n rearing their children. e participateinnextYeat soLhad two platoons of He wept on: "We don't tl

MWis. C. a fo Yerterdr the c aiM tlt- hine wIe trctulred Irm lT S ttIfwred *n oltooet B i.
Im nr;.l ip bu that em player herself, has been unher Paice detective JU. TFrenae y duct on. retrew"i e Mla- abou t 8. tnat ipf we w the rent fi
"a tat a nt me e arsince un A was the second witness croaex- At the nearby Horua mill. other UN. forces and then ie up the i
ed at Fort ao ao, the strs brother and be t n amined today. Frenaley wem with more than a thousand persons reputed five Chine. attacks a- tion demand we wil have a-
e a t w erea n rM nat hne r teno l Openlh rbt I P S The Cuban N sy said that aas dt, dr inew ere were no tahi s avi--.
S thei mo on ttel In the area on U doctor Identified a "J it rdine on Heartbreak able up to this afternoon to
b, rc a 3atce to carJ 1 tails of t who was brought to ta e time an wheth more we n the promised rent

Ju.' nation are 1ll taipW jla t a ned their latest of a smaB boriltakerau 70 t ta
em s dMm.. a. h. gy& l. h word of ae r &, left the Villa Pro ani t dents to h e ary twh e y

glii, "ldel1O yTemploye Croby had et* OP Yesterday the cl lCaIn*e a-d damages the f atl dkead l1aen 4olat e on the Cets waort fore day-tlm,.
employae Crosby had beeneht ct.i29d(Up) 9a14-3par-o -_,anmcitewasalso addedtht I n Cham llev mouth Of Iron e ...
who0 r ,Io (U)a w ,A z esleft the share In aNowge"uDIaolev suo Irow
rn 3=1.g am but lie Wa sUnoctt.Xlrl a. a l4tIf
m. m. w. -. pin. M ster Winston Church- rl, Identified the banr who
I I.hem$- ndated a the ban n who eve, on small boat two days before the Ie l Zje Marine Corps also
-.rob-yesr-a(_ .a amid. ..t.beeremo.y next June may se ightly in .LYbS Ow abue Red bunker@sW'#A
Mrs. Crosby. 40. andthe creoa- betleftedfiecause o a wdspread, eeIf all th. missing are dead It
hurlltto le had l d.e m t hould brin the hurricane total Mkn. Uo. Thunder.ets
r ,o o men oliaenstaeio,150ann wer- to 10, Four were killedsInAgua-amd marine lanes
-' ighter Con O n .hi Cabinet. t athe eth-crinof- lag his false teet wbi made d de Pase'~ros an OWat RA". Communist headauer-
hisCbine tetthatot he cmeras him look diet.. das of a heart attack durlane thie t r oi cs'nu-$ .. _J-
of-AM Atr ri -i ,WOOdWestminsrAbeysomsheight flag buildings at 301V. |RCgi.
m.revbewus The trial was continued until I fe ah W ef Wortan capital Of (UP)-Maf
.,,Uv o r IAWC E1:30 twafternoIttoll would mount whenat e- teachers dr wud an man
mc cn tocar- tails of thelusbr at Oa Istgthea Isame time an Eighth more were slnidnf 1a.earl
iI*learned. Slowlr01de m ma paeneida that these lost" when o fell ot
in word of aA-madbjWlW battle for sniper Rldid dents to q nearby mashore re-

Vimd o"teb.I, .n sex"

l;..., W H ," .**("
., a .' .i .'i
I. 'f* i *

S. -
* .-.- --

. I .d

F #




',. a^'h0


w~t$u3m~AW, ~,OTOrnW, ~

THE PANAMA AMERICAN Voice From the Gutter
57 H SY*aa? o0 2 194. PANAMA.It O P P
LOCA. my2A It Comment .
O-C ONE YEAR. I&O VASo 400 WASHINGTON, Oct. 29 (UP) "r .' rew D rron Say: SWorn testimoltv fuI.e MC I
-John L. Lewis and anthracite D re wotit cWg;
THIS IS YOURFORUM THE R ANM H WN COLUMN operators were reported near city is important; Woe. board 5t~s
day increase for 65,000 hard coal .; bitte.or row over cool wog.
T M I. .. A I 3 miners, the same boost he aSnor vt
i... H ,Ml tilated for the nation's soft coal\ WASHIOTON.-Little was pubulhebVabotn.
hanle ediggers. while Seator MCarthy s een ltterng Ut-i
Rpenf iteloe. Informants said the operators t in When Vae btgaifartant o
'-he Mi so en.. f.rum e. r, -rs of The P ,eem Ae Indicated they would bow to the e C arn l
Le narettrs ot *v oont.liv and rme handled ina oiv eAflthWage l mands of the lI-'h United toa yisa
me mr Mine Workers chief after Lewis S ent he startled the o l made at WheeUD W.
;" AR",ment whIIchO1 8 ne on ts made ata rtledlt V.
Itoge i n .tr .ute .don. 't be Impatientit it .oe*st appear the "laid down the law" at today Y13 : VAmhe sa iein h
Leters art p Ihed fcin "e r received. babrginingd session. ssion o 0 0 en0 ndtletsai Coreitdn wn t.a l
le r" rs k "*u i0 e sited ro onmheP *-b* ..* due to -th fact that no Co.oinf tist
'1 mty f a**tet hemo i s bald inostridnt confidence. Meanwhile, most of the na- h ben ind te nat, McOalkthy hs been
T w e. o n sednsiOe t tion's375,00, soft coal minerse3e e on, mod d uthe dI".
0\ ioh -nrw raled out Va., ]saw Mao ~.t day and heard him speak...

; had o a aeThe, the ine walked th e beNend the to r s cnemb o tt o tai a-
S, IDENTIFICATIONd. CARDShbzd .hlt tade an y&. I,
be. Not only do the employes not read the name on them, but them back to the fitldg after l1 lS bentr tb andi wun. 0ontkibe 1 ang
If they did they would not know who the person Is after they president Truman and EconO* the sounit t o 1 to tc Wh no
read it, and chances are one-third of them are color d.un- .br b.l Pnd.a thataBn Wie.e SNo. take the lanond, tonmer al the menenth
For example I have been using for the past week, a volun promea to review the c..ta e. .atatn epr o taen Mte t name all the ment MoI e
steer fireman's card, which was issued to a personwo iot mi alos teorer evi edwteait (ase aWi be naaned a2sp 6at e e me eers otf
even on the Isthmus, and when I present it, the employ says w tilafter next TuesI"An SSct the ...* t o nd istafn mb t ot a rngb abe he1t ,ate-
"Thank You." tion y le then oa ist t as insam thatbwere omaul J ... to"
May I suggest that we be compelled to show thes w cardsomy 4 thel Se"rItar rf Shat thW of 1=0f nthe SSmiffta
at the Postt Offi a persona pmi. Th moake a ch f Hard coal negotiators broke proa m a e c hi mksteS yi

I the ty anpay lken ehr wou d 'o "-
as for the children to be required to produce a identification into four-man teams to Iron Witns nA dirtor Paul A. e te
card for the purchase of bubble gum, and candy bars. out final contract terms. Lewis ti led he roead o9l a int cIt the a ftertooB of a eb.
nojrtt -Bewsdered. led the UMW egotiators. while andit contaietd t- above oga- d Ps 1 he rea an St -

Sthe to buy thelocal p outdeindustry grop i hl. he add onofhe.s / -eeh"b.I-no te- 1 wet-"e n-- t'-
N o wt hat. ndfofb y E d w a r d o o r ., nre s i d e n t o f l awgu a g e t- r t h t m h o t t e n .e e r di. d l
Now that tne furor over the rent problem has Anthed Phracite producer tried to .- Readingt

temporarily .some a eat thing n ew. exciting, and much moral dea areemene nitrin Coal and Iron Co. blngrtteatn twtwhflefur w i
has arrived on the scene. I refer to the absolutely he h create on irtig WAatTO-(A) Future development demanded a refund a t e e

te asn ar et a betnwr ,excitingandmuch 0morlerr0 dep may inolve di t bo Texas hc a netted only akeot B mflli On ift. .Ml. ery. intsrviews.b &nejB, N u s and
on commissary ,aids each time a purchase Is made in the Zone. Informants said "definite pr-be IWtnkdren.epner a or thingWFeb.10
It is difficult to place tie unblame on anyone for thi s rather gres" was made before bargai- f Wonr tetd he ar whe tiloFe 10
absurd regulator anCanal made it, but it was no doubt Ing talks were recessed tilm ocering c s ho mh o The operate cop or th xas ee lete tr of t rn
forced on them br someone else. it Tt e Thursday. They said a e osettle- ., ac or e a rith. all our n tad i a we he
Iw am not in a. position to know how much of the so-callede ment ems likely en O C., Pymout and no sue: tr ing 0 rm

1Os aoe whad o betakoene.lertle, .wm em m.,..h-..ent-- the tt f U O o. iThus b Ut f the i O
uotlegglng was going on, but it was probably enough that some negotiations are resumed. &Meno 4-WWVA asstant M nMill te-
But I on if it has to be done in just this way. It does It also was reported that the d t e. N. A t
seem quite silly to have to show your permit to clerk who has anthracite Industry will seek a T t nit.u fe nt ve a we i h to.t te lin
been waiting on you for any number of years and who knows 0g-cen a t increLe ni tl eo_ on d heardth .t20 lsate
pelestly well that you have a permit. price of hard coal If it oagreisnedhtile&languaae.

j eente w ube m r to the $1.90 P aydlke. This would c on and the atB B
..even the clubhouse manager. has to showW permit require a substa ntial boost In

dto-,,-,-l-d'serviceman, whO.-wtlth a swish of his 'pen--encOm- 5*ox)(ou e ..t5 The b t "-are o-f tb--o- -d "-W, Li o r"-tnderon '.. .T..-o re contrast Mcca.r.-h on ri ---. 1-6--,e. .... a- n-
|,pow.An' am sure that tj he as We rhere to rotet o t t governor himself i.t emt-now e ceiling pri h e-ce of e ,-t- oU n anthracite Ir if a O fii s ...
Just to lWlusfrat. how inane it Is, the other morin ich"issuedtasoaahome-heatiFig
got to buy the local paper outside the club, so bought y 6e. wIyh cont.raa wMc_ Pa o _vy rhmnt ad t se w .an .
Instead. And of course I had to show permit. baI f. ot e e.e t.. ets B o
And then y had breakfast, and the same clerk mho a ..Anthracite producers tried a lear. y at
seen me come and eat there for four years had to ask to see delay aeemet on the full ain ar4 eon the rte e.M nee eie,
MY permit. And 1! I go tomorrow and the next day, she'll have crease on grounds that it would triaredo otifi reai *oC wt aspchwu fr
isnfright to criticize unless you can suggest a bett was reached in the soft coalein- O U. 8. Of-shore Oil dositsmay Involve rmIt. Texas has netted onlyabout.$ lon so on S'1, 191 Intervi
way, ot I e cvlrs who are handling money oul dustry. But LeWs was Said to hudr amoft lons- m to 100e billiop- ofa-sore, way ou ontnen sls b d that i st, d h tnoou Uae

ed wtho the local proale than owe y wo n e a twe o t tter have demanded A quick itte- dollar o and knows for s ure how mucthwet opera some 40 feetrating company for this TexasI iaeI eon fromSecretary ofstatmed mWal mer. ,
vae three-year tour. hnm..p _l i'to .mh tfteyfdo a ellorateon wo., oe tt is. That is what nl the Is the Ohio oil Co., of audlaO ..actingfort a t alte, ud npere ta mteh t a.t8 uin the Isad
wage scale, and en make It -lain to nem a Inateed.r s e meant. argument h has betwrh ten th Isgovern- Melben Oil Co., Plymouth Co., andSuperi t bot n the
In is w n gy, t h ey will be.quite su in teir own mind that e e t a. h eea n t o t lm er0 a A

.the customer Is ligi. ae same time, they will be ablewT exasand" tof Cadetermione rsh otee p__0~-- a sain 6a- Wen m
It w be q i s in ti H ro n m i nd th at m nent a n t h e stteio fw nle a i e a l 0 1 1 0 0. s eatte rA rt.e ha s re te i miOt h e oswitio n of u n
to dus their on logma mn u t inthte amteyr utabwllbe anl- derwater oil right. off these states. Because of the regulate Texas coastline., atk to alibi tfetacttt aotufthere now ed
d d In t tAh fl r a minue th ey aren't ca b s rt the Stae Dparnt; le a I d

arond CCttor h r ,p ntidetermining the boundarIsof ..
oAo P oSf ots gre aor tedt I oe anshfi1i6tiabthnheDlc1e w

Co. ,of the military, pos rhhr, Wenjo the same $f a o ttoun d e end a u s se s
,;e seCvice, C t auft on,4 ,
disgruntled serviceman. who-with a swish of his pen-encoM- o ot t tb The set Shae of Ibis, round *50 milAlim, tusanna's oil rights under dn Oh
asses all three orvicea when he says, "We re here to fVwaI it Feel It read now e ld in escrow by Secretary of thie lteaig- lelar 8u fds, the 20nto-g O mile straath of tuom rred a. a alsaeaddoo r attId sho tl -

3 2l-ihs, ".u Iintho m nitk never "4ot d. ; u tpe t .-. wa no w and. /tecivlansbote.sett heeR i f LanaL ward fth e minK st1.0 a
should the people in the Canal do so?" "We could ntacobertthai ond aaldgoveat ret and th state of land eat oast and r cota thb d.0 cagae t ofh 1.50 aa
tor S-l et t. etcs"y u or. This money ha- ben pi g up sitce 194'. ret. But yds e ar, the adu ofwe to5
e iony .. o .. r t e Lari Preslnt roYalty pS.yeUt are aout $12 million era government cla. Whimen the tc f w i
-.cres, but I commend a I sincere and unprejudiced rlP I t h p to Magnolia Oil Co. hiMas wells as far as 4 m alte oee hy eq.jtae o

ied tish tu oe problems than "we" would be in a two o save Pthere's oig eby th 1 101 O Co. a gnd t ohe Southwest operating in so 40 feet of wat pr. n O t m -l h lii ct si lt
.ong I-A Self-Appinted atepre, hs haps taken thIs sue les %f-shore at tead l set in the aim, o.ngotn and
ost taf e federal iaflingement on its a etlumber cas."
d;is ruplAnswered- 1 ii re t actually has only one tidelands alo ro oa subsda f tanda Os, led b asette. o -
So- Ntinetar Ia *aun Co. well brought cInto production the Loeaeuiat wn casws taoaten waMlinLosaa 1t60 rneB re onp on t
plan t heat Calan na hlvestnh ees ole aeidentAle to bouth the t*o 'Th otige watiet
ORIZONTAL Iuse egg d.- g own, so it tally is topping margiDal Ota December, 150, the6 pa2men t t
crS"o t3 Premntory neierr *ghtsI government have asounted to 6 miliontt tsch innd In
Sctress ofd 4M~ ayourhritak i oloellase oft carried b 1947 e duea
radio pleintheCanadcuy4 on thi basis oa$7,u00,000 bid and federal government would be about .t aflie wrt09OfLhenl WO4e
9 Iroquran 7 Biblicl name 8L "* ditto1 r-eal g,6ra tnear, until the Bu t eo acn e oun wtinho habeealm hane ots tough rkpid anttsats an&
10 a onlydol aIp Expunger am the.a remrk othsel sit r 0s7 ten tal l ofn50a0 do vonn federati stlatm be

khe 1n in fi io Mueet cnt L cmanhieytnrLtht "I teenIt ii I O do t 1 819aaaMON
. .S EChesistick 12tr0,d hsmMgoi inOsrel Hau faran
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-Svetenits lflCt 2n"we"ubn00Wom efromthe1oneabig dV4 o- tf- he,1wy0utn hen ft I ab .
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Sthroea=44 ho 2 ei4oseW JOE bn~a'outtten oju
-A32Evenin orn diBeach field. enlikeallse lVlk1to.4alkern
I35quanderepointhiorse$s.nec3 Meah, liftnhamas both
_3 u WoaddeWe mi fas tfa en I t hnow, i len w e' tile. W0bne id ij i'eenthe
;t 'I:ktedeeitf d eral---- ing Ire RI ontitseor
Anser ds spr=ogt S god Aght buht itsbeenlo tn e tidSand au o_ _____
Jlemish Usn -of oCr.alfornaral otherpr
otdf A or soAe tn.Te o that is a8 WOelan.a oe.ofoenwto. t
o s reltered 0ideI de310e&rtOb the o__er____d_ _e_
t =to det t I to sbll, and ct iuhdaurth@ ____
13 Ecclsiasti 11119-11, g4o.I tc 411211an

61 t Metal rod 3ut Ibot1930 there was a big snaft as waas s w omn.
VERstCAl. an & Odra sate ith womsn began ttngthei
Pertaining touf tw a 1l flMM
there we Intol t he eeuutV 54 and P& IIIteu f* s

it Wt 04iMIt fWould't be so "Bad ut IV&s
am I o
Dog Tired ODve7! ...

OM*ppS.g neysy left iml mele All

aF A

I. I

A *-' .. ~.- *

*'-.' *,u*.-.*U.,*


.~A ~ -

on ,-- -w WAqlarla"-

rarviLmA AjmAmmvjn an anarawmmimnA. unaux nawiwnirm4p

. I --momm



.. .. .. : 9... .. ..







Miguel Gymnasium,
a :00 pm.. Ref rqs

Branch 1,
of Organists.

andt Mr. Frank Ma edl
sts., .and the Catheda
in a concert of sacred and
al music next Sunday at

: :' .~1.

x/mel .
Latest & ldeg ~


.- .

.5 ^~


C ,
5. -
)~,.' .-A












servamon and hMuoul
r 8hop
Clock tonight In t4"A
on the entrance rea t
The hall will be lO

ol I

* g

9.', -,


Deanna Durbin

Returns To U.S.
NEW YORK, Oct. 29 (UP)-.
Deanna Durbin. the singing mo-
tion picture stA. returned to
the United States for her first
visit- in two and- one-half years
todav and said she had no In-
tention of-- i~erforming again
except "for fun."'
Miss Durbin, her husband. mo-
tion picture director Charles

I- ---_ L &

- .r a"a.
oe o elatnerea,,Presideat anqd.. awarded
i toe e .b'en terms
Mrs. Jose Mario Velasco a. fi to dn thI Pe-
ra, wife ofM E .Wr School Ad-
ra wient of uadoe arrived on mialon is 10 -cents,
he, M lahe !
au etof Eli tado -alr BU
?bw DotiniSleh.U Lee A Affltrni3r,
barrat Soenate to the United da atof Mr. and Mrs. Wil-
ta en e .e uAfeltrange% of Balboa,
wa ho to a grour of her
-- -and t lldee ifends recently at a party giv-
, Leava forTe en in celebrationn of the first
The .t of the lm vesry of her birthday.
tia .ay_ 1: "-_- Oter thn the birthday cake,
ral .,,u..IX. hIch, 'was decorated with cas-
,n'.le3s 1 andbunnies, a Hallowe'en
he Imu 0o row mo0 theme prevailed. The cake was
q .,plane bBout An Mrs. Merwin of Bal-
reAdmial Bledso win- at- loa. Pictures were taken of the
.an-ota the s pile set" by Mr. Wall
S-,f. Cents o bi a lerating with e yng
s '- tive. hostess were Webster/Mhewln,

aeo' n Johnstdn, Oc. fir
" O nW- L Paula WedJaneKuy, Novemtr 19

--. -- wns. I te fo mthe d league of Luthtran w m-
oh loth-, dh MichaelBateaGaf f op,

-r. e rwl n Owen anh-e--

th. e L oen d ah ter hold their baaar .t the
r;-S H. DownsjLutheran S.ce enter on
Son .te. aMo rMecetly "a n .
ivn.Mr a omlb for aw,-o .
ot da the th-a Ame r c- eno orme whne

S plansto hoor Mrs. ula
af Vernpirer Rsldst. jwOnWe atnea luncheon meetg 1
, 'and"Mrs. LeStl-p ierre "v 1. to hl 1 *W.
Bston mof ,,taJ olombia NOvember 4. ,'ne meeting wIl
S35e.,',ofethrCuzS.n-, n.: begin at xe:0o am. and the
o...e th birh ,,f daudS. ter l m dub luaeeon will be
rnnwu Lyon Jonsmton, on Oc served at 1130 first
th"IMrs. E inag was tb e Ire-

M.A Johnton Is the former sideont otee W auxi
,orothy e ." daughter, of Of he Pedro Mlguli on
r. -and Mrs WalDtero wnge o- Church.
SlSrd, 0o, former Canal len of M. wing as
The ..terna grandiar*nt. well as members of the Auxl-
r,,Mr. and SMrsCL, 0udent -Aervite to attend and
ie Isthmus recently to. visit Jaoaeon at 4-580.
'Ith her son and daughter-in- -, .- Mi "
hi_ _otat Aotis members a fthe Canal
owarh Io' Zone Branch, National -League
*wad 0 was hst to have painting now hanging In

t lictryhome tCorona move them bH October 30<
if dnoes for the occasion _Blht-wil be Plaed. tomo-
ere the Dean of 'the CoUlro it at tnhe American Le-
d.n MRogs C. Hackett. Mr. rn Cub xin the For t Anado

fr and Wa lmten. e-tea amiirc d

S1 op leaf table, graceful chrome base, and colorful
chairs that match the table top. Red, blue,
green and. yellow. For women
who take pride in the home.


&t/-1o 3521

4;f0 .,m P the Cathedral of
St. .Lue In Afnco". .
bThl coneezt
brston bf, the thl teM^
asr of the htaliUt axaic.
The .public is nvwl, '
Tre~ 11 Toe Meet
Troop 11, Senior oir att
Troop, will mqet on, Saturasy
at 2.00 p.m. In the Balboa Lit-
tle HoUSe.
n-l P aer" Taaee r t e
p brduction lamor: lime Jim
presented for the time
this .eovehli at 7:30 i he Da-
blo Clubhouse.
Saturday Night Daoe At
Pnuua G U Club*
The Panama Golfu Club Is
planning a dance to be held
on Saturday evening with Luis
Azcawraga urnlshinlr the mus-
ic. u for the to recent
to puMenta "The jiuso" and
"The Sen Um willbe awarded
durihX the evening.
SThe -nammgemento requests

DateiAti 1111k
The a zy t Golf Club
,hel aual Hal-
'1iA bost on Fri-
daq enlng. Pr. zes will be
ava= .for t4, be t costumes
but ll M-are welcome whether
in cotume.-r not. Tickets may
bpTeha edfrom Club menr-
be: or at tie dbor.
Cha-i ar xhlbtt At
A exhibition of work by Da-
na Chiar de Oruber featuring
pottery, textiles, and batea
oped recently at the Jewish
We re Boatd oGallery in Bal-
boa, This exhibition is sponsored
by the Canal Zone Art League
in cooperation with the U 8 0-;
JWB Armed Forces Service
Military personnel and their
families, and the public, both
of the Canal Zone and the Re-
public of Panama are cordially
Invited to attend the exhibit at
the JWB Gallery on La Boca
Road, The Gallery is open dai-
ly from 9.00 a.m. to 10:00 pnm.

Dane Classes To Begin
Firtf Week In November
Dance Instructor Ivy Harnett,
at the Balboa YMCA will re-
same hero claues the first week
in November following her te-
turn from the United States on
November 3.

r Wilim 8. L4ofBr, well.
known American Legon Auxil-
iary tnd i 'rst ad worker, left
for the United States Monday.
to be with her family upon
learning that her brother, Navy
Lt, Fred V. Bryan, hI been re-
potkd missing in ction+ b6r

Her husband, 8ft. William S.
remain hefte on duty with the
Toist QM avg. DeL, it COOL

Tonight At Eight.


() [ ]) () 11 L


&nart Jo


h real egg*

In dnW Shempee OW V V
m as heir meineI

ITbere's eal egg in th ia aupb shmpooha liquid, 07
-a'me used in the RichrMd uodakulifth Avme Sadlon t
Ssh e "aik easier to d %aose zMRnaMasae. It caresses your
airt ao asantus loqutaes, stiH w marmal beauty, rensoaves
Q s1" 4mmdl-i, leaved b a M.m bome penam-
g mekq' bet.' 1^ hi, g^ V;W4cwxRaastd-a little
1 wqei~,i tther delightfUl
W ~ ~ ~ ~ X md~~-iu~thi.wy~i|i^ Iue,
****^.b -*^if ** rr* Tr .-_-. fC *B i lM. 'P __ .


ikde Afe

we- t:.
t" IIIrO

R 1t
*o e .. *

"(Rocket ?

4 -.




*l. '


Afe. JuIM ArseampM I y Calle 30 Ave. Mel6ndea y C...
.Near OI,' .i Pool) P Pt
SPtMt PwanmA, R. P. 4Coln. R. P.

David, nad their 1month-e.
son, Peter, arrived board
liner lIe De France. to
friends .here and he Mretq
Their heme Is in a suburb
Miss Durbin said stMhes
works 9t.her singing Ibut "o
for my d*n personal fun."


f + iI e

Entries Due Today Through

Friday for Big CZ Art Show

today, tomorrow an Friday, Mrs. R. K. Morris who Is Mem-
lt and art-crft n of the berqslp Chairman for the Canal
Ithmus are taking their work to Zone' Art League which is affll-
t.w Hotel Tivoli .to enter in the lated with the American Artists
Annual Art Exhibition in cele- Professional League with head-
usation of American Art Week quarters in New York.
Friday ls the last day for entry. 'This Is the twelfth year that
On these three da., members this 'annual community exhibi-
of the Canal Zone Art Leau1 e tion lhas been held but the first
will be on hand from 4:39 to 7:30 year it is to be held at the Hotel
to receive the pictures, label. Tivoll. Formerly it was hung in

Artists should have paintings vember 16.
arranged with. sceweyes and All civilians and members of
wire for hanging. Peastels should the Army Navy and Air Force
be under glass. Watercolors and at invited to take part either as
graphics should be m a tted. exhibitors or observers.
Sculpture, ceramics and wood- i -o
earvinx will be arranged on ta- o hi
Each artist is entitled to show R&ha 4o n i emv
six pieces with not more than H
four In one class. There will be French
a small membership or hanging
SThe committee to hang the pic- DIOn Of l0
tures will be comprised of Bryan
iVabUghn. President of the Art HAOI, OWct. (UP) Com-
LeaKe; Plutarco Raodrigue, Sec- munist rebels blew up Red River
rst ; Col.O tephen Beaudry. dikes today in n attempt to slow
WlUliNm N Taylor, Judge 0. .French 'preparations for the de-
Crowe and Don Dewey. fense of Hanoi.
The paintings will be arranged Flood waters from the river
n' the ballroom.' the lobby and spread across the plains west of
the writing room of the Tlvoli. the northern capital in the path
The exhibition Will be formally of French and Vietnamese forces
ope led- Sunday' afternoon at trying to bwld a strong second
tee 'celock.- o. line defense behind the main
At this time the prize-Winning outposts strung Along the south
nieces will be marked. The hos- bank of the narrow Black River.
tess for the- afternoon wil be i I
mA French high c om mand
0*spokesan said that Vietminh
aibinuism tsi consolidated their
b n m ne aesr fr gently in the rugged
0 UW o huncbith between the Red and
t Black e utves above Hanoi to
Because uf the forthcoming launch 'ew drive southward
holiday Weekend-, contributors in 24 tO 49 urs.
a* asked to send material to the r
society editors as early as pos- Reconnalsance pilots said the
sible for the Saturday and Bu1n- Reds we e massing in a four-
day columns, as well as for next point pitch-fork formation
Tuesday's column, spreading s o u t h and west of
T43 Panama American will not Nghlalo, a key base 90 miles
be published or Panama's Inde- northwest of Hanoi. which fell
pendence Day. Monday. Nov. 3. to the Communists 11 days ago.
Oontributors are again remind-
ed that all society Items should Some advance Communist units
be sent to the society editors have already crossed the Black
whose names appear on this River for hit-and-run raids.
page. Items cannot be accepted
by -telephone at the office of The Admiral Arthur Radford. Com-
Pnami-Amerlcan. If they .arrive mander of the U.S. Naval Forces
by mail. it is necessary for them in the. Pacific, arrived in Saig9n
to be re-routed to the Society with five aides for conference
Editors, which often causes de- with American, French and VietW
lay. nam officials.

STo Padticipate

In New OAS Center

For Rural Teachers
-A new center for the training
of rural school teachers from
Latin American countries will
be estabshed In Venezuela by
the Organization of American
States, the Venezuelan Embas-
sy has announced.
The center, a project of the
OAS technical aid program for
Latin America, offers training
in the problems of rural edu-
cation, to students who are pre-
pared to teach In the rural
training schools of their res-
pectiWe countries.
Students will be selected from
a list of five candidates sub-
mitted by each of the partici-
pating countries. The minimum
entrance requirement is a de-
gree in primary school teaching.
The OAS will organize and
supervise the center, pay 'the
teaching staff and' provide the
students travel, lodging and
medical expenses.
Panama and ten nations 4n-
cluding Venezuela, Colombia.
Costa Rica, Cuba, e1 Salvador,
Guatemala, Honduras, the Unit-
ed States and Uruguay will' par-
ticipate in the work of the

Roy Rogers Adopts
Second Tot In Week
DALLAS, Tex., Oct. 29 (UP) --
Cowboy star Roy Rogers, who110. 1
1-64th Choctaw Indian himself,
and his wife today adopted" a
seven-montA-old fullblood Choc-
taw Indian girl, their second a-
doption within the week.,
The girl, black-haired, bllack-
eyed and named Doe, has been
in the home since Its mother
died shortly after she was bon.
Rogers and his wife Dale
Evans, who is also his leading
lady adopted a flve-yer-old
boy, Sandy, in Kentucky last

at its b tt...


.. with inadequate facilities.
no certain finished look, and
no ituarante-when you can
have a professional one cern.
Olete for only 97.5S! It will
last lniwr and look better?
These can be had

talboa tlubbou.. aMftns
Make your 2-29
Appointm ent .
Ms. Bates Wleman. Mtr.
Op er I2a tmo I Mpm. 1n




.~. .-~

* ':12
L ~j

a gay collection of beautiful



PRISM LITE-Perfecti*
Diamonds the onl0 ;*
fully po0lhed
on the mar et." '
*Reg. Trade Mak .-


Immediate Canal Zofe or New Jersey Delivery

AttracdtiO Off Floor Prices

Liberal Allowanees For Your Used Car.


The Jewelry eStW t
137 Central Ave.'l1.3I'w

in tme for your holiday fun I

B 1W T0
HlA'TS a


in most beeonwig styles. ,-."-



' .

. q .





Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals and Departures A1. -. .R fw..c

I& u P, &A&&


Ship's Engineer
Dies at Gorgas
Aristides Sarris, 52-yea
chief engineer from the S.S
lantic Star died at Gorgas
pit 0 yesterday.
He was a native of Grefec
funeral arrangements have
announced as vet
Fernie and Company are
agents for the ship.

AirLine News Red Bandis Alack
te_ Malay Police 6uard
lust ten year. after he was Bul Are Repuls
transferred from New York,
ir-old he joined PAA on the SINGAPORE. Oct. 29 (UPI
3. At- .omptroller's staff Jan. 21. 1942. Fortv Communist bandits swep'
Hos- Moving to Miami In December down on the security police sta-
that year. he assisted in organ- tion at Pekan Jabi today. killing
e. No zing PAA's General Accounting two officers and wounding fou.
been Office, now located in New York. others before retiring.
Reports from the regioti in
local In 1945. Drescher set up the southern Johore State near a
J atin American division account- oal Air F orce airfield said that
inw apartment becoming its the ,nolice stood their nrou.nd and

Toomey, Drechierf ;ad During the war he handled
Promoted by PAA the accounting on a number of
Humphrev W. 'loumev, mana- important t wartime contracts
,er of Pan: American World Air- )ertormed bv PAA for the gov-
ways I atirn American Division -nment.
since 1946 has been elected a:
vice purciaen, of the company. Drescher. a native of Brooklyn
wit,' h.-.ciciuatter, in Rio dc Ja- i< a graduate of New York Uni-
netrr. PAA President Juan T -.r-sitv's School of Commerce and
TriDpe announced in New York. Finance class of 1930 and a
Sueceedine Toomev as division member of the board of directors
manager is Edwin Drescher who ef the Bank of South Miami.
has been division accountant for
the past seven vo.ars.
At the same time. Trippe an- -.S. Ancon
nounccd that Harold E Gray. To Sail Friday
vice president in charge of PAA's Paul A. Bentz. General Coun-
pacific-Alaska Division since .el will sail Friday on the Pan-
1949. has been elected vice presi- ama liner Ancon for leave of ab-
dent In charge of the company's sence of several weeks in the
Atlantic Division. United States. He is one of 52
All the appointments become passengers who bae to sail on the
effective Dec. 1 Ancon, cefdfWfi tthe advance
oomey. who began his avia- passengerr list announced today.
tion car.wer as a pilot, has served, The como!ete advance passen-
. in' many executive capacities, since he joined the company in
19130. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. At-
Between 1944 and 1946 he was kinson: Merrick B. Banks; Mr.
regional director of Pan Ameri-jand Mrs. J. 0. Barhes' Paul A.
can. operations in Brazil. Argen- 13entz; Richard A. Bernett; Nolan
tina. Uruguay and Paraguay, a jA. Bissell: Frank H. Blakey; Mrs
; stton hbe assumed after organ-;Dorothy D. BroaIbent: Miss Ol-
iztla ntd managing PAA's Afri-j a Bruning; Mrs. Elvira L.
ca-o nt Division for two ears. yrne: Mr. and Mtr. William R.
S 4cflr wartime contract with the Calcutt: Erid A-Cleuih; Edward
U I ,It 4States Air Transport j Cullen and b'ahi'Mrs. Don-
Coni .4 ,ld De Vito.
ldas the "Cannonball Ex- .
presI the Africa-Orient Division Mrs. Edna hEngel: M;, and Mrs.
ferried enormous quantities of Boyd W. Ferry and daughter;
vital materiel and personnel from Mrs. Marguerite Fleener- anhd
Miami to the battlefronts in!daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Africa and the Orient under Heppenhelmer and 2 sons, Will-
T6omey's direction. .am Joyce; Mrs. Mary P. Ken-
Before organizing this war- nedy; Warren H. Lawrence; Mrs.
bqrn operation. Toomev. as divi- Etl.'l S. Leaver: and Michael G.
slon engineer of PAA's former Letchko.
Caribbean Division, had a big
hand in construction of th. nu- John W. Manush, Jr.: Mr. and
m rous Caribbean and South Mrs. James Montague; Mr. and
Aniltcan bases used by the Mrs. Burto ., tN ...on; Mr. avd
"Cantibnball Express" Mrs. Ernes e Ia OsaO abd 2
He was named Caribbean Divi- sons; Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert B.
lion engineer in 1934 and later Owen; Mr. and Mrs. Robert F.
served both as engineer and as- Scott; SanfordSeVfl: MissGlorla;
sistant manager of the old East-!/.. Shelton: Mr. and Mrs. Albert
er Division of the company. G Terwilliger and Mrs. Olive
freseer's promotion comesoWard and Miss Elanor M. Wt.
t.,-.A .s5- -V4~

held the post.
. Enemy casualties were not
It was the first large-scale ter-
rorist attack on security forces
and follows a decision of the Ma-
* layan Communist Party to guare
against inflicting civilian casual-
d ties in order to win popular favor
Yesterday. six Ghurka soldiery
on patrol wer ambushed by 30
terrorists in the Perak state. One
soldier was killed and three
were wounded.


CARVER. Mass. (UP A cost-
conscious Cape Codder has con-
structed a cabin of empty cans
in the cranberry growing cen-,
ter of Edaville.

FT" r7outsMfNAt4

M.S. WinnJpeg .................................... November 2
SS. Liberte ....................................... November 5
S.S Colombl **..................................... November 9
Cristobmi. rENCH LINE. P.O. Box S15 rel. 3-.2476 & 1t1
Pametft LINoO T MAURo. i A. 1 a'm w
et' ran sm# 1.3 S-1631

10 flwh

c week

Recovering the Fuel gBT RU08 WNITRRBOTEAM



.g'L-Jm ~-

-- I

fI( FLDI Crime School






* '* l Wi *

;% 04'ANV



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6' -.1

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b ** y **w* F w P G- 10 *6 ja i faPmap ame v Ae"e mil fA.

WiLKIN. Puvteer

/ --' ---. C T 1 TO W "N TW '.
L" Dh*J5I, AND ?ONT-r

g ...............

. &.. A

lo -^
jo._^_, ^

'^ '

V.- -W. F



wukgspi~ oc~om u. isa !IE' WAIF SEA L)~ICAN LW ~ND3?V1DENT DAILY w~wsvaiu PAGE FRYR




The i i0ane ball to
celebrated wa given
by Up CollonI
Olb" 1 the Hotel
iallromE, was a huge. suc-
Mr. and Ms. John Blenner-I
hassett ad Mr. and Ms. Henil
judged the costumes. The
winner eewe: Mrsa, Ae Allan,
Ms. Vera agrt, Mr. Viole
SMr. William .J,. M-
Jr., Mr. W. W. Pat-
tone Cat L 4.Allan.
G of mebn aof Ih
dlub er: N. Mrd s. Blen-I
lnerub r: ans4Mrs. Robert
y. M w dL A. T.GCat-
ton,. 6 I Mrs. vnrp
Mr. and Mra y Hr. M r.
and Mu. 0 Mr. and
Mrs. Earl Mr. Mr.1
H. A Do Mrs
S Mr. 4 U Bal-
er, and Wilder,
Capta d M. n, Mrs.
Bert fey, ad M A. Power.

Wr. d Mr. RIMllard Pincus,
who have been spending their
honeyoon on on e Isthmus as
the uestsa of M. Pineus' mo-
ther, Mrs. Arnold Pincus, left
by pl today for the bride's
home *, p.C. They
wilm l r from there to Cali-
fornia w r they will m s k e
their home..
Mrs. Plcuaswas the former
Mias Cecslia Mrqen of=Washing-
ton. Her ma.'qto Mr. Plhicua
on Septem was ot lIter-
eat to a arge circle of friends
in that eifr ad on the Tsth.tus
Mr, alnW
. Anaeg4es Son .
Mr. and M. Varl C. Orr, of
New Odstobal announce t h e
birth uo pi a at the Oolon Has-
iltal, tober The baby has
been aned John Thomas.
Mr Is myed with the

nrs. Margret Jen kinsa, a
t ift ftoa Raalegb North
S; wa" almO a guest of the3
Stea e teredF



We wish our
tWtue to U gir friends
; "\ r r
*.ynl "and flpral offei
I. Mctka!le
^^Mttrs. noSsi

mA ma...t. n.
eAA, al 5 t 379
19.5, Calas atn 3 78

TEA Martin J. Mienett. Mrs. Paul N.
i Phi Selertty held their O 'yan, Mrs. Howard A. Pat-
a iitOGSSuday ftenea, tera,. Mra. y
Mm. B6ltudl.if0ta. n .
wk for th. aftemoon were: Bugh UM. -c lNU ,. ."fb-
uyM ,amse M INth CMse rr W. BITam r. = C.
I VoIL m W Mercer tStump iad Mr. Coa M1 0U5y.
Ifoa we uad Mn. "G.raft

Betty Lou Hudns, Mrs. A n A to otee
Welch, Miss May Jeanne Wle* awe bq m aan
sen. Mrs. Beverly Erger. re T O the
Bon Voyage Teaom e in t( W'
Compliments Mr. Owen Csr, nm took
Mrs. Euene Shipley and Mrs. their friend to te ama
Jack Suthrland were hostesses the.iren -n. oNel P in
for a beautifully appointed tea, for0 ,iuch ehw haw iler
given in the lounge of the Hotel ha m %ad or
their mother. Mrs. Owen, .. f -
weho is leaving Friday to maS
her home in JacksonVDo. ila. bSr Ar e of Caita
Carnations and regallffiewaswe dMrWo Catai
used on the tea table and on the d Mrs. l retmrnd Friday by
individual tables. Presiding at i"-ivirM his s d tour of dua
the tea table were: Mrs. Geerge fe g hes s 8ttu o
Poole. Sr.. Mrs. Leon Ugol tif with the .. nie states Wea-
Poole. r., Mrs. Leon o a or Bureau In the Arctie. Mr.
Mrs. fed Willoughby. well wasatttioneat Eureka
Mrs. Shipley had charge of the EIamere lAd, in Ca.~
guest book.= IslAnd, In Ca, "n. ad an'Northwest Territory, al-
Mr. and Mrs. Owen changed i- s at the Ar Teic Circle.
-their address yesterday from 4 "at the Arc* Circle.
Margarita to the Hotel W ahng the
ton, where they will reside unl Gest at Spris, Shower "
their departure. A trisee Shower and morn-
Shl ong coffee wasven for Mrs. Al..-
Surprise Shower .tote P e ar her home in Ga-
Honors Mrs. William R4.bert tun hy a trop of friends. Mrs.
Mrs. William Robert of Fort Wthe Planned the at-
Sherman, was the honored tueast ilver Ten( icauided.
at a surprise showed given at the r participating Included:
fort Sherman Offi cer Club byat Mrn. J. D. Lowe, Mrs. Ann Mint-
group of friend&r The hostesM hMri. Virgionla Russo,
were: Mrs. Jamoes Doran. M s ildebrand.Mrs. Inez
19obert M. Chourrett, Mrs. Murro .Uir, sM. Florence Laing,
S. Johtion. Mrs. Thomaia P. Soe. }- hyllis Conrad and Ms
6hrest, Mrs. William Butcher and C e.
Mrs. Joseph W. Tubinis.T -
A pink and blue color dobeme etefit Tea for om Girl Seouti
was used on the refreshmeht ia.- A lUver Tea illbe given at
ble. A large cake was decorated the Strangers Club Thursday at-
in the two color and encircled te fronto I4:00 to 6!00 p.n. to
with paper bootees in the same raw 'fdsfor the newly organ-
shades. tiedl oIn Girl Scouts...
Games were played and prime pW Itdies .ito come
went to Mrs. Joseph Cherry and. p, play oardsa wll b most.
Mrs. Charles W. Snyder. e. It i hoped that 412 At-
The guests were:Mrs. Arnol ith e iWe Ladies will participate
L.Bardon, Mrs. Primus Bennett, ei Making this a succeful af-
Mrs. Lloyd S. Brock. Mrs. To- f; a .
mAs W. Brady. Mrs. Andrea A. J_ -e
ROetron. Mrs. Howard M. Dut rif ntd-btpDinner Party
field, Mrs. Arthur N. Duplun, M. .a IMrs. A. W. Jackson,
Mrs Myron A. Everett, Mrs. Da- who celebrate their birthdays 4n
mon PFlemlng: Mrs. Charles the rmanth n of October, were
G. Gunnerson, Mra. Robert C. guests at a birthday dinner given
HatcherMrs. William J. Healy. by Mr. and-Mrs. W. A. Wathen at
Mrs. wT mam J. Helnecke. Mrs their home fit Ndw Cristobal.
Cecil H. Hrlaie, Mrs. William A point Venice cloth covered
R. Huggn Mrs. Stuart M. he dinner table and was center-
Jonjes. Mrs. Peter J. Kinsella, e4 with a centerpiece of colorful
Mrs. Cletus F. Klrkwood. Mrs. flowers made in Costa Rica,
Robert J. Lamatch. Mrs. Orime flanked by tapers In silver hold-
M Mrs. 3 Lerna- At A decorated cake w as

Miebs ou Chea en Aleo pfntwere: I to AY
Menngls. Robert B. eerce '
Mra. R Z. Murray. Mr w .

THANKS rzttmn^^ du w im S party lo
rather J,. Raympd Machate
C F lM.. at the arism al of the
sincere thanks and gra- paotMUber.dal reat30
The hbnone is la ngt the
for their expresiolns of Tsthmur after =tba forO thr-
teen yeas fr DO o hi
ing* in our bereavement. people. He oI to New York,
and rli be th-0pWM tpn his
aid Fani arrival In the Itat *
*.Sti~lSUM d FSeiiy. Ma dn Lucy AMUTll. T
Followed by a af i
1111M j Morningbyb.the 8e.ftV.e

L --

*- '.4
. ." .*- .-

"1 ** -')'-
.. ,I..
|* .." .

r>. ) .. ,

S.'''' ,


~ ~,*l, ~
C '


Slstig scent

S, "i- :.

, ",.,- ,' y .

SQcielfr ~

- .4

'Tody [same ,o:,e.
S:4Yl9S IT1 ': ;".

Oa Translthmian Boad. be-
hind "Artu- y Ofteles" eheol
sh IM A OS


Another i Attraction I

Peefyi Admission for this
Shar sponsored by Corn-
J.rMf Inter- American
.eI s Cub:
e TICKETS $1.00

It's MoviAimo TDW IGHTI .

tPanama Canal c&f/ealeff rua..

S I A Wiltaa LUNDICAN 0 Jane GR O
= ,nurpTh y .*eh And Fury"
DIABLO HTS. Motion Pictures Canceled!
"GLAMOUR BOY" curtain 7:30 p.m.
.r1t* a ,. :"GIRL OF THE YEAR" *
. Inl(Tftlor l Timr sdy "'CLO BUST"'
p n~Thnsy *-rAZAN's aAVAef rUE T
GA T UN 'Y'")
MA.A. RITA van ;U LN velyn KEYES


John DER=K Lee J. COBB
Thu. 'y."-OMrnTHG TO LIVE FOR"


... / //.


The Margarita Recreation As-
sociation recently voted to con.-
tinue their sponsorship of Cub
Scout Pack 1, j was jointly an-
*nounced by lChrles H. Bath, Jr.,
association aresidept, and Will
R. Price, Atlantic District orga-
nization chairman, Boy Scouts of
SBath will serve as institutional
representative on the Canal Zone
council and the Atlantic District
Bruce 0. Sanders, Jr., who was
elected chairman of the pack
committee, will be assisted by
George P. Bonneau, Leslie B.
Clarke, Donald R. Bayton and
Howard Clarke as members of
the pack committee. The comit-
tee is comparable to a board of
rwv ernn-

Brayton, .Jack Brayton
French, Mlvyn Fields. Phil
ders and Paul Ebdon.
Any boys In MargaAQl
tween 8 and' 11 years of WWg
want to Join the Cub Ap
Invited to contact any ord
Pack Officers, Bath said.

try's Aca y. Tania Salas and and Indians were the boys' fa- as.
ReaA Csutlo danced a "Minget" vors. Cl"iyk f ,
vy Paderewski accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hare
Mids Bather Miller. Mariana Mil- with*Marilyn and Jeff. of Balboa J U I
lard san' "Youngest in the ram- wer. Over for the party. The oth- r U
ly." er young guests, wheo were ac- --II mi H
Miss Petty Tarr danced a companies by their parents -mll iiHi
atea aompanied by her me- were: Will. Laurie and Margaret r r
Mrs. Terr. Th I obsr Will. Chief ie White, Pat. Colleen gn M -q
sanK another number ,Wudly and Stephanie Lawson, Sam, Ma- The 77th Annual Meeting of
We ld St. Mary Acgdemyf and ry and Ann Puller, Bobby LT- the Panama Federation fo r
were followed by soloists Bob Pi- tourneau. Kathleen DeLapp. Het- chrisian Service was held re-
Ion and Martian Borden. A -daneem tie Van Dam. Ann and Doreen gently at the Margarita Union
number was done bY Jean Bea- Baas Ellen Zttzman, Mary Fran- Church, with the Wmrnen'a Aux-
man, Loretta Voight and Marit a lcis pala, BIll, Jim, Lauray, Dar- iary of the Circh-ashostesse
Cabase. The singing of the as- nell and Robert Will, Rosemary for the morning. The ladles who
tonal anthems of the United Rearden and the honoree's bro- arrived on the morning train
States an4 Panama closed the their and sister, Patricia Ann and from the Pacific Side were met
program. Richard. at the Mt. Hope Railroad Sta-
Father Vincent J. Ryan, O.M., Prizes were won by Ellen Zitz- tion by some of their hostesses.
served as master of ceremonies, man. Kthleen DeLapp. Darnell Mrs. John Muller greeted them
Two spiritual bouquets were pre- Will, dUeen Lawson, Sam Puller, with coffee and doughnuts and
rented Father Machate from the JimWill and Richard Brzezinski. Mrs. Carl NeWhard and her com-I
rIsters and students of St. Ma- mittee were in charge of the
try's Academy and from the Par- luncheon that followed the
Ish iof the Miraculous Medal Gatun Halowe'ena arty meeting.
Church. .The annual Hallowe'en party The president, Mrs.. Ph lipI
Present with the parishioners for the children of Gatun will be Havener of Cristobal, presided
were: Lt. Commander Edward X. given Friday. October 31. The at .the meeting at which one
Praino, Chaplain U.S.N.,-Lt. party will be given at the Play- hundred women were nreent.
Donald Gravelle, Chaplain U.S.A.. shed and the pre-achbol and kin- The other offlceri are Mrso.
Father John S. King, C.M.. Fa- dergarte Uren will start the ger H. Greene of Aneon, First
other Robert Doherty, C.M., and Lffair with their party from 3:30 Vice-president; Mrs. Prank Sule
Father William Finn, C.M. to 4:30 p.m. The first through of Diablo Heights, Second Vie-
The evening's entertainment the fourth grades wll have their president; Mrs. Carl F. Maedl
and program was arranged by party fronr4:30 to 5:30 p.m. The of Crstobal, Recording )o*re-
the Catholic Daughters of Amer- tifth t the eighth grades tary Mrs. J. A. Snodgrass of
cla, the Holy Name Men and the will have teir party from 6:30 Gamboa, Corresponding Secre-
Knightaof Columbus, with Mrs. to 7:30 p.m. The Junior civic tary; Mrs. C. Jacobson of, Pe-
lvanhoe Selxas ..and Mr. Jack Council party starts at 8:00 p.m. dro Miguel, Treasurer; and Mrs.
W as chairmen. F. s. Pierce of Gamboa, Assist-
SRefreshments were served at Five prizes will be awarded the ant Treasurer.
the close of the progr m. boys and five for the girls in The Reverend Mr. W. R. Arm-
eacrh group having either of the strong, British Methodist Min-
Mr. ada"Mrs. Ridge following costumes: prettiest, slter of Panama City, was the
Chaho t Reidenee iunnlest. most appropriate Hal- guest speaker and his topic con-
Mr: and Mrs. Jack Ridge, who lowe'en costume, most authentic cerned "The Eternal Word in
arte lEa*k early in November to character and most original, Contemporary Life." Special mu-
resilde inlTrenton, New Jersey, Refreshments will be served, sic was presented by Mrs. B4rt
have given up their quarters and Mrs. Leslie Croft is general W Watson, soloist, and Misa
are residing with their soht and chairman for the affair. Freda Flenniken, pianist.
daughter-ln-law. Mr. and Mrs. -
Elbert Ridge in Margarita. Mrs. Aurellaadarits of New The delegates from the var
.A .C.' Rummage Sale Cristobal returned from attend- ious churches and societies were
Donations are still being re- lna the Trf..nnlal Eastern Star called upon to give th ht h-
Convention which was held in lights.of their reports. M s.
i~el for the Inter-Alerica~nIMirneapo.. 'She represented jor Martinez of the .vatlo.
Woman's Club, rummage sale Royal-
easti nodag eBa e l e report on the work of
BIlding ri Central Avenie be- bal. Army with the School for the
twee 12h and 13th Streets.* Blind in Panama, and the new
reoT e5--'- --toM AM Si-neng xSchool fortthe Blind, now be
Party Halloween -fty 1ing organized, in Colon. Mat
e Troop 40 of Margarita Halloween party for Marga- Louis Fisk of the Seawall Met-
W1 celebrate the birthday ami--rita school children will be given od Ist 81 In Panama gave'
versa of 'the troop with a hal- iday atr starting at 4:00 m in Panama and the Interior.
lowemn seotumesparty Thursday p.m. at Margarita Gymnas- In anama an the Iner
a at the Margarita um. The children will be divided rin tdd r ion to the uspal o
g_'j into two grIups, grades one to tn'ib.utlm to ph.lanthropln ad
T' p4ghborhood chairman three and tour to six. Two prizes missionary organzatLns, a gve-
and tb Comnmilttee members are will be gven In each group for clal gift was made to the Amer-
invidted.committee mem the most appropriate Halowe'en lan Bible Society in recogni-
costume. Refreshments will be tion of the recently publihed
Mary IMichaemuBrseaski nerved the children and their Revise d StandardVersion of the
Mmeft~ M 1Wthda y Anniesk a...narents. Holy Bible. This gift was given
lebrte rthday Anversary ants. in honor of Mrs. Raymond R.
Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Brzezinski Saturday evening at 7:00. there Gregory, who l' now living at
.ntertained with a party at their A111 ,, a shirt-tail dance for Penny Farms In Florida. Mrs.
home at Brazos Heights to honor high and junior high school stu- Gregory is the wife of the for-
their daughter. Mary Michael onent at the gymnasium. Re- mer secretary of the American
her 7th birthday anniversary. Ireshment will be served. Bible Society in Cristobal.
Favors of funny books were
given thqrls and toy cowboys

We Recommend
This Picture-
Very Sincezetly...!






in --
smow: 1:15. 3:11, 5:7., 7:93, 8:U p.m.

At 9 p.m. WAHOO!
with 1,200.00 in Prises:
- On the Screen: -
The most dangerous of
all love triangles!
doctor, Wife, Nurse... -
iea Dulle


a Dig Psi zq


I aW'6a

ma 1%



wAE" ."n
,'-'A- ,0


:S p.m.
anm VAL

"Wait 'Till The Sun
Shines Nellie"
with -

O (In TeChnALo)



Donald O'CONNOR Lori NELSON, Ina

Passol. and C'lS.e hthb"
(PRO ITEDa R ... N1




A Ladd. In
'IO ON" ,

'-"I j

Fred L. Workman, newly elect-
ed cubmaster, will be assisted by
hMr. Marjorie French. Mrs. Betty
gat heber, Mrs. Lillian Clarke
and Mrs. Barbara Clarke as den
Cub Scout members of Pack 1 SINGING FOR JOY1 t
are Jim Will, Dale Clarke, Bill Whate a d tra*t
Will Howard Clarke, Frank Me- Yrfl6 M mltf'r1wcmg..
Harry Butz, Leonard Wertz tobefedoPreach'.sBdSeefdlP i' ,,I
and Allen Jacques, in Den 2. hMeverythiShe deeds=4Wutos ,,,
bim hap and keep him healthy. N 7
Den 3 is composed of Cub ordinryseed this! Everypetdhems -
Scouts Bob Rathgeber. Tom pu,testediaredientsandasdpecdiNd
Cunningham, Joh n Cronan, Biscuit. Ths unique blend nMhespera.
Charles Tobin. Tom W i s o n fecly balanced diet th keeps your p
Worden French, Donald Bon- looking beutifil ad s tging hist f ot-
Beau and Maxwell Sanders. m ,-n,
Cub Scouts In Den 4. are Rod




; I




.* ~~asgmab.~~y. '
~ 3'_1~5Rs.






* I

..TD Truman Declares MW'on,
You Sell 'em...When You T ell em thru P.A. Classifieds! Truman Declares M f!. on es
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57- "H" Street Panam W ant e Lists Their pes
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n antG, Mi. Tnm
HIBBING, Mina., Oct. (UP) Presid.Truman abouv -
Lewis Service Sal6n de Belleza Americano Carlton Drug Store said last night that "millionaires" watt to so a fe- cameI up ~ e
No. 4 Tivoll Ave-Phone 2-2291, and No. 55 West 12th Street 10.059 Meldndes Ave.-Phonj 255 Col6n publican president in the Wtj Hobsi, but that the De- Ther3Ie Ns
mocrats are the Jit bet to maintain prosperity and pro- Tork zie *
.sAed PPropaganda, S.A. Miimumr for.2 words. vent a third world'ar. 'oer fo.m er .a^
Morrison's Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones "H" Street corner Etudlante St. ace, U"4 i 0, d illio. ..a. duledmillilns of t
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441 No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phon 11-3109 PhOnes t co- r 4 and ae J. each adkitlol word., The chief executive si Wmillions and millions of including a ]t u,
S-1Phona 2-2214 and 22798 dollars" are flowing into tbblcmcd pffers from special am. and a
,,__ ,- ,* a ,, *, ,, interest groups. s uare -_ o- m'
But he said the choli of ioters 'can oni be the *
FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE RESORTS Io MMERCIAL & Democratic party" wher 'funm.ental
DHousehold ave a drinking problemD? Autnoblf. Gromlch Santa Clara beach- .PROFESSIONAL pospty, peace dand C11 ties. S
House"o w, A I i ym -m .otta Electric l coi-ae i boxes ga e ei .I".
wOte o mtre.pasngrI FOR SALE'm-Used Atr, Trmpralsed Oov. Ad- '"bit rartontwould make d ae& llt.
FOR SALErt- Bamboo d ingroo 20O11R- AncoO. a stoves, moderate rates. Telephone
FOR SALE: Bamboo dnngroon 2 031 Ac.. & commercll.l at Agencdas Cosmos. 6-441 Gambo; 4-567 Pedro MI-. -- lm. Stevenwon, the -Democra- Tepot n:-IOok Uke chicken He, lIo de r1
Bambooe, six chaise Lounge $5000 Travel via "AREA "the Route of on Automobile Row No. 29. tele- M tic presidential nominee, as a feed," '..tuaan as.l, charges~ tht he. hu'e5h ,
Bamboo Chaise Lounge $50001 the Good Neighbor" NO INCREASE phone Panama 2.472 RATS are "superb" leader who believe in e said the Naional Assoca- declaring am xtl
Bamboo table $10.00. House IN PRICES!.. FREE MEALS AND Houses on BEACH at Santa Clara. EXPENSMIV GlEST the "true equality" of huian tion of Manufacturers expects sae an howa noiae d
France Field._COCKTAILS!One-way to MIAMI. FOR SALE:-1951 Chevrolet four Phon SHRAPNEL Balboo 220. Ip OU RLY W beings and the polities "that a Republ an victory to resultt at. Chicago." ,.
iwith door De, Luxe Sedan, two-tone IF YOU REALLYWANT
gOR SALE ;-ivingroosuchair AMA DISPATCH SERVICE oo- K$. green, radio 4 n tionly 6,000 PHILLI 5 PS Oceanside Cottages. The TO nT have made this country the 'ptl e o anti-labor m ea erein, is o

FOR. .. .. ...h Le ste Ancon Busstop. Telephone tr ex t s, good condition. Point ATTENTION: All rents red ed (r. eTruman's speech a ib- n into o ffers of the lhm r Ac-
tarblscu.dt41e76, 2 uy.2air G 1655. e Low m e will scri- 'on Foster's fum o GE hed w a ottagesun GE F.. NOVY. IN. b ir n ha rp eA u e .e. ,
three wicker ucairse bed $86.00 Round trip MIAMI $120. ving Isthmus November only cort In Sant Clatra privth on TM leaI iron he re,, f e appea .-r ~ S. "e arhe.*'L110 e th-sepe dnu ed .
FOR SALE'--Frigidaire in god con- 1 '^^ 15 For information coil ot Dolmorsi ,au ,v* :- aO' Mipnesota tOr the state and .ainpecua.tor e r P eeroezora tfew.a&
decssr, r c table, 60..R NEW YORK $208.60.. will sell for best offer over $I,- O ce 2iEew fromlo FURNtgL Steps ITURE ac tfudd th epicthr"he s fare ea a W eae t

dsemena b agree female boxer pups. f.wn co- e500. Call Panama 3-2Bm Cocolrn, V- t Hotel Panamertcono i bout- the rh. therwn O w aay of on J n who was a -
FOR SALE:-10 ft. Norge refraer- vccinted, $75.0 ech. T- Lews, Tel. 2-1094. fUl El Valle for a cool .inexpensive- R F R I fear empaign tattes of tlinel." u ated t Chigo.- I hate changed
laneous items. Call Balboa 4309, TO, $154.80. BOEING.4-engine barbcean3.877. bard.tPon- 67. s oaapr etehex e Y t ftml5 "an 4g

tor. Bargain at $50. Leaving lephone Panama 3-1892. Calle The Union Oil Company of o- wkende7 Se aeph R. McCarthy (R-e Atf Paul ereald at nl g t oe il
Isthmus. 1-6-A, Jodwin, Gamboa. 31 No. 22. fornia, Panama Office, will accept GBNELL BLISS' Sahta Claro private a r .) the OOP .a d o ol n ng the i re
FOR SALE:-Westinghouse reriger se.Tlehooion- 8san1 millons of dollars areserdmo

CuruPhone 3-2863. House 21609-A, le Roal table t 1655. excell, 1952 one Studebaker 4-door modster's furnish vhed cottag... a.IN. ,n the heart of mrich RepUCaS a .artale .
Old Cristobol bo y o diti fi Sedan, duty paid. CrUnit may beobal mile beyond Sant Clara. private M sitab iron ore range,.capoed "Maybe sthe Re bl m- I hpe a ltewerand i

FOR SALE-9 ft. 25 cycle porce- Pnam 3-2 60 in4 House 50 Escobal Street. office, 4-230 ievenis. T tle-stumpe ingt th at al e tatiee at same t te

lOin refrigerator. Phone Pana FOR n SALE:---Crib, 6 year old, $15. the hours 0:00 -S 12:00 ond FOR RENT $. | ".plt pveige" awsenacedso ctM ad fe pepe h re a
2-2972 or 3-4466 before Novem- 00. New mattress, $12.00. Apt. 1 2:00 P. M. 4:00 P. M. fSport, bxter S. AeC d o11 mi tonalrea -ex- suBlieott. th.t they *Ul tOr- t''me. : "
bar Lst. Florida Apartments "F" Street, El t pe o et coot-ro2 of 7the.t l-;get the Tssues. I fo
O -o -One dinngroom suite. or SALE: Morris Minr, 4 do Shipping, moving, rgeh n0itoret o re- Mawhe atevee to" d n, tl i
FO DRSALC:---O nd sgoodlsuite. 5 C08 OReSALErongr Plyi' laords Perftcondition. ce F OR NT n resdote We pack and orate or move ,-ae ee- oWt n a -e
MetoriSALEns West aringhousee rir- omptY bsc ns CI D i regional lights, overdrive ssion tNo. 6,Tiv phonlAve 3-n phone 262, Paam.e *emcat01 o ye ot th k0t-i"
Cheop price. Can be seen FOR SALE:-Two months old pedi. 6-A. Hureads 34 Race C m. etc. SAf- OEPanama2-017.MDiP aauRepublca dht.aep ucmaa ,tme*

Rito, No. 174 Central Avenue or Cu*nu. .i I0Pli0 *Ortant "88t"08 .'***- nOODB "'
call Pono6 3-2201.( W noted Position WANTED TO BUY -190 or 1951 Aent t o he Democrat ttl
SU Pontioc or Chevrolet 4 door sedon, NITUR uH minee gWt a tumlu, VW* ,|-
FOR SALE:-Or trade for 60 cyce Young female graduate of the Pan- in excellent condition, cheap, with "5ALNAM5Ri-A iAP nbeauti--N so e nen ofA!mid- i
estinghoue f ie or e ig Am erican Institute d esires$75.00secre- or without duty paid. No Dealers. Two and five rdool funexpensivea ond O.A. O.t 1 | hn he .a rtdi eI-
c Bargain at $50. co lephone Panama work. Experienced as biin- Telephh3one .Panama. -1272 be-uy rnished rtmen fr pr amvate'- Oci0f yhg tNewYoh H
tion. house Di5blo- Hromts gual secretary. Phone 2-5691 Pon-, tween 10:00 ond 12:00 p. m. 3- closed gardens. 8061. I0th Street,- a .-. saand a e am. City and New Jersey, climaxed
tOR SALE-Dining e Ttablhri oand1 80.choirs, Z. __iCoae. 1386o. (1 .bloJd eph ei. McCarthy (R- At Of,' Paul the reielet W Mid no;di
con(R REic:HiMoer t|e bedroom FORt SALE:,l a- e .r g f6.3,S;
lens;uRoty p aluportab leo1, W 1 one St 4-doo mpren sMo .oc, Hallowemen Party,

iVordrobes from $40.00. Com\t inspect iutlled. -0. Com. and fet -_ ep pa t-30saeaspi
bds with new mattresses 3000. FOR ALE:--Vcotion qu6 years on or the hours now. FOR RENT: -- odem apartment, FrO aambeooa Kids oedat welet c He tond the Crowd one- Jta
2-2972 or 3-4466 before Novem- 00. Newut November. No Apt., .A. furnished 2 bedrooms, livinT-dih o e F nEic tha e O te 1C.Fo."New mod-rn chair partiesore.ets. Serrovic mioc bh P.M. FM ,r .a-Foti.A.,6a 4 orky 3tchn iltoa t reub- saetsc .SetfFortime
CASH OR CRDIT American couple without children, m cldrren wfll obe heMld -W offshore o la i unpopular t.
household Exchange, 41 Automobile need 3 bedroom unfurnished P i n perfect condition. Office AR RENT Modern r ,Cter uloder ves., c Aistrl-lARmind Of 2
ftow. Tel. 3-4911, open all day apartment as soon as possible. Pre- rWthe.tpervilson of the Phyaltal 7o re al.
Saturday 9:00 to frige r Belly Vistau El Consgrej n for WFOANTED: S. atie n e a.oledaldy WAN.TEC-Very dmid, e ation and Recreation De- :or&thiIS.OhnH2 2 He nad isubtantia1 imprve-
Chmpo Alegre. Call Room 301, wated or lare oncern. Exncelf'o.main tlp al .honewAr-1 43 D1 b "hsod latl:o m bo f
Rita, No. 174 Central Avenue or _t.FOE Ire -mbnRti a h o mny -

FO E- Or trade for 60 cycles. Tivo.__________gduof e W Ac a xlent Ern condition, o- fences.Cll e 0" Ba b the O--e p,0---n o minor191atai wonm.diI--r i

AmeriancIt uef ods-Am. W it iBox32 t .y p o st-* oa Road. Thursday Clubt PaNrent Tearher s. Two nd five rdom a- o Or of b.atA and ORAreen. yo oaAid
'Accrdlng To -i ondexrn A--r -- d thw.orkc.ocl re t30x "wieaadsas *... .bi.lin-0 pteA. d. Mr ed nia -
In cubi 55 fe G Goo c0 nd'ANTED: ai r k xolesren fdr dome-i-iT p ha n1 22the Prty.e In addition u urn (shed -art"pr'ate( be an-Hvoa ded It t et i ts oh ke e S or
H f gual secretary. articlesPen 10:00 and 12:00 Pr. m. 3csed ghayouatewie ay 23-en ,0Toity idelt ers y L'e dk

to 4:00Onm Dlaeab HAnglghf washinols machines, etc., ELECTR r. .- :S4det,1raying dthe pense. 2:0-.H 0 6 8400ord hopx with its 1" ". *
to 4:0 p.m..Do .. a mFrom 2 to 4 p.a.m. i 0. BWetx.r656:3Ad.ct. ; P 7:30 27 .IF r( ) "sla2T tor l Ne J lif.

OS... A, MeNhodist Crisat .ba l_. r lW Clioia r _MI t"by aM rallyIn.ason E
nin e"According to Doyle" a one-rS l CIO to p., 4th. 5t and th 7:4 nch n e A Ran of -Alabama.
act comedy goes on state at 7.30 OakBuffets from $18.00. (1 g ad Luf a ma n dipl Gaen
(Guaranteed from $55t the 00 MeGeddes all. Stewards To Meet aartmnt, suitable fo. < office, :- re w. a ...d a n -
PontiacTSadistpforomodei 1%9sup. sidenc No. 22. 34th Strt 0 eApt.l e- swirling down 7lalB. Se

N dressers with mirrors $1 o5.00'; oCdhenyo h. Nh n d1952.did no to mak le$10. Tod2y .P reetgre," "m
Wardrobes fro$40.00. Com- t teBuffnto Joneses omoow Oen. ma air vInstalled. Ce :-Te t. la S an e I .

ds with ew ma 2 and th mliddle-clas Casse chle o taff this time." o r0:t~~0$TeAT OtD OaH reod te r n Ie
S19.50. New modrn hose wiplanrtis or petsa love match A regular tewrdounlr Pontiac & Clc er. c.dom mandingh general on A a a
S3 been the two families back- meeting o the Cratobal ChaPpter of the Bt Air Command 1:--The tOw'e o
WECASH OR CREDIT fire when the psychological will be held tomorrow nh at with b at Oma, Aht y on
4 91 open treapartment as soon as possible. Prhe lo office in W reatdl Nb .d Nthan A Tw he.- lwi ad h' nome a
SK65 4 Q 10972 Adding a touch of variety to Th- educational and rerea- atol hoge 7Alons, a D ent h been .Mr td o f eb in a ite" t,

J62 1098 the program are a number of tionl committee wll sponsor a m nomnat lroad :00- n Ausor res on
lent....nsocs and musical ttemo wnoc lh trooram observing Panamoods o-: vice rhused Ast mer, dthi wotill take Clocok l -erv.tton, ,, toh laid 6, ,W~ ._

wi be rderd the young- dependeence Day. con. m i 3.onitteahit iAent uper- WhtMs eo ts "
Aer8 o3 S 0 tann ehodst A Sunayo rris C he mist Needed ."S ST i^ ,I.. a third wold ttl
oh sOoW have been gresponsblerfor the DiCh N LI ,t urb .,tone.. ws0 gru mh- 9:1-8 a P S.ce Ki
,, 1 Pass 1 & Pass The'Chemical Offler.U.S. Ar- at -ths time was a l _.: rn ro ae 33-A3 I af. ;. "" '*f he elr l H.
Acco i s two emnin trumps, my Caritbbean, hta. oeed .r tSal ad S tit. eroi r Iy tun.on E .
penng lead- 2 :heret of the heart. We ounn materieeta aaty aitionhelfanal- 1:0- f tr keeps
'her4eore returned the jack of I ntertted: ersomn av submit Ai 18 ,Owilll0ay25:00et-Todls. 1w:05-i-tOs ro et ".
LclubS. In ,ivil service appchi ton et or, m w.._ e -f ..o a e 11e:30-.Meet th the a
Sam almost ashamed tu South now had to abandon the (57) to the Civilian Ponnel Of- .Cerayl ein od in the Noon-eNew.- e e
h today hand c ause rum and also had to abandon SARCARIB (Paama Area tot Division IM. t

No-th's bidan was so outra- ummy's established hearts ro He 2r o ta4n addtonp.m. normaton at t L ,e'n- 0pism. o n me
eoly ambitious. I cannot resist washed the ace of diamonds, ruf hv telephonln 8-M or 82- tnd' various uper, 12:30-opular .W na
shown it, however, because fed a diamond with dummy low 41. lihout dth 1:00- Lew .'i b '
South play. at this apparently A .rump. and ruffed another c tCb O---n----- Sa st iy ae Atmade su.l:l -PMnl
actnopeless contract, is worth look- e his own hand. At this point e irJoaesd.tma8.:45-U .a Pa h h ad no3
W tStoniut d ahte trc ocha det Stewa rd sAWASiaOTON Oct. 29 (UPiId a 9 :0ao0 ll j 0l-H a. *ou

nd out gulped hen s volmake hs ateround the newly-rich d d ni vSn 2 anti I s
the dummy. He then played a low mykn o spades or s osn Dr. edo R the ,. 3' pernten- he Ba.n ft to dan,
club from dummy hoping for theur.Gn. On Me y International Orl Zanto Ti I A deMrted -Aa the Ide
best. Eat properly finessed the Note that South would lose bla Ct Troop 5. 6 and 7 of Cha- -strdayonff t thisM vertn Ie Canal 3:1 I-TBe A K .. '
eight of clubs, and South won ,,,ntract if he led a trump trea ha daathbt at the Youth en imSS .to .t.Metrpdtoa Zone sot ldhood; A- 3:30-MuraCe^< .g l' ., ... : g'i 'tc
th f E l the u ads dummy after rff r wre open. to d Zne Bth c ,-diegte IginMlidpg as a isharopper'a
South saw no. tnse in giv.n., ick of clubs. West n, id step the wubt=e 5ro 6 p.m. throuaM w b wl n2 train atepda l& ahool and 4:lB-Bob Bberly r It Stermag .
up. so ne boldly inessed th~nlith the ace miles back- i meeting of the C ristobal Chapte for te rsat OwfirerComma BaAr 4:30-What Ow's Nt t he as
Queen ofir h ents at tthe psychological will be held toorrohe second hils l .w thjecher Dr Dw u w aded one du 5:-Ew a
Streatment applied by young Ro th b the r the Iatelocal's office In cri t-slNeb.,van ce course (Aenn F. Twin-AP *ht av
of & urom0 the program are a number of tional committee will sponsor a P.edthdiy 'u n atea- A. ot
wil windd by the dyoung. Lis '.io.iceonNv. 2,.ndwilltake Clc l

South was now out of danger. HT m U, Ir melad eo 016
there led a low trump from Wmadw at '0 8
i~~~~ liK^^^ B- 'S^^oS S S^^up
I r^ 1"^^l< ^ B'dy bia1l4OlDtA= PM L aI & Alhs -wf~ Is
Is nd and won with dummyi M ^er ab MF Pf g
telac at's nine of s5pdes looked I
-,m a to South. and he there .16=,10l an rttmew.
Iore Srel-cd for a way to mAi- fm !S^t S OW at
bb c tract even against a 4. 0
-m break. UM nMNg,
fter. some thought. he led 5, irew W k=
rt from the dun!Nn and di- Cero&ftII H | A
ded the last club from his ov, n oMr tIS1I6i
'b.West ruffed with the six of MmPu5.M t a l
4 and wnn$.nred what to dr, Q.1
S He wouldn't afford to lea c

Myh- aBig
i WT I
:. ,

* ,...2'..

4. "him

ALE: 1949 Buick
I seW ,ti4l radio,
aiat&. M accept-
. 2-454. Pae L-

' 1

1IINE 'PAY 'Qll1iRi ,I I ."E. .A"77- A-U7C. .. -- ,I I N E ,L I S'",i lift ll

CZ Swi mmers Win U.S. National Jr. Olympic Cha npion hips


Tickets For

Smoker Se
Tickets for the ort Clayton
Benefit Bqtxig Smoker are sel-
lingfat and persons who desire
to have rn ets ae ted
to aet their, t0aketas raaly as
p ble. ch ohan a eig
rlacedoo the g aumm floor
handle e 7I0 r seats and
approximate 4 leniral ad-i
The smoker is scheduled -or
this Friday evening at the Fort
Clayton gymnasium with th
first bout getting underway at
7:30 pm., All proceeds of the
bouts wlUr be turned over to the
Children's Recreation and
Christmu idand. \
Tickets will be available at the
unit WA&R Offices which have
fighters participating in the
Smoker until Frday morning.
They will b turned back to the
Fort Clautou Spedll Service Of-
ice at tha time and willgo on
sale in the Post Exchanges at
Fort Clayton, Fort Kobbe and
Albrook Ait Force ase on Fri-
day afternoon.
For theoe who are unable to
purchase their tickets in ad-
vance, they wiM be sold at the

La Boca Sports

The Intes hool VolleybaUy
League among La Boca and
Rainbow City Secondary Schools
was terminate with the surpria.
in, victor that La Boca Junior
College* R d nbow City Hi
Junior College easLly captured
the first iame 15-7. However,

7bae third and dfele" game
of the conteat.a equally ma-

by the
'5001r rt
MO.Wacl 'W"wrrw c h

-i -

Fw L Pet.
LaBoma .4 1.800
Laioc I FT r -,""I aOO
Rati bow mit m '1 4 .200

.J,-e LInteuuebel

'SAW Atf
S14.. 16 2 ..
and 24

\ surerdn weather r ust about
SClayton fra y' w
1 1 1 1 1 ^ | U l~ + ia ve m d4of te d t h at th e 1 n g o
lling Fast w ** FR .
In te ud t It ns
..... s.en whh te bettr mud-
jymnasium. Reserved seat t-
ett are one dollar, gpniol a5- With a definite
m ission f f cent and, f in the et
cessiry. stan g room only M- ine asn d. Aiult to a _
ket Will be sold for twenty-five atel ft \ eume. O
n dacents. pAt afra)este e orat* a
Seventeen bouts are listed on otven. fatd te
the tentative program and i len. Rms ,the f t tied
ty of action M suared o h thJmore -then
fight fan who ,tend. Th wiis ,. Mh -.
be the last Snmker prior to the A, t the&ambOtO thb Who I
Armed Forces going Torna. paste -6 at n t TlT
ment which opens ao N + ad n t Gren
1f W lgh-i cefMdket ee f 1- vie-
held rtday nlornoin nd tht $ 011. r0 a1tnArtl I rew tlhe
final card made up a t t ime. i see atd but
their depnden, C n to ott h
workers and citizens of Panama the edge.
are Invited to attend these At any rate the football fll
mates and get a finallook at b rt of the Isthnmu are in for
te fighters prior to getting plenty of thrills. Both teams are
down to the serious busin ess 01 oaded with talented footballers,
tournament fighting, with bruising linemen, fast. tric-
ky backs and both also hive
Margarita Leadin of pure ower
Sht a h lt hLUU IIIl W ll idaend heavily
Team Of Atlantic o7
6aoo Uth fmr C htdl an mxtrayodinary; Bob
1s l pounds Of fullback;
VolleybalL League 5l eton, fg t improving
mIIwadlt $of Mr. T himslhf, Ray
After last Wednesdao even, Nld"3Jrr
wgplay M arata.stOWlol a In order to make this running
two game edge on the on-om- attak there are a few lads
Ing team. Although, they arop the Dorward wall that must
ped one game to an Itneatpkrio- w aitioned TSekle Jim .Fi-
ed faculty team, the ker OOari Wjelihav thei
from Maregahta Showed eign r o r idnof iaMott l the
Championship Play. holes. o1fs ifretamoassisted h
The first game of the evening $fr Wiat eany, Bob aiUd
resulted in a rfeit win for C ad atr offensive ends thai
Solo over the Cristobal A. C. In do a in job of blocking, Tommy
volving two gamo since th Don Huff, and Bruce
first game was not played.
The top game of the n iohnth =
featured Battery 7sth agn A irwos
their Army rivals Ft. 0lick' i he Firways
This match was by far the best -
played game of the season, with
Battery B 7th taking two hard The B2at Nines Tournament"
ftoul ht games, while t Oulek of last Thursday was keenly con-
too the opener.eedand many god scores
The final same saw the 01- On the front nine Doris t-
lwalter Lie six tak te meeute mtiton had iuet 34 afnd Jerry
Share DutAlios TEm
W 7soSoloe W' -e, 0
Tonight the tlwing SM" and Doris r o
C IM.aPt. GOulick vs. 0 1GVbr- b % ,
:Por reTrow zwr tourn nt -to.
CIWO A. AC .. ,., ,-.
8:30 ph. Margarita s. Navy bte ou~ Coco Io. chu.sday Dee. 4 thefe *1 be
P.M pm. Faculty vs. hote te usual we turnament
Dattall o n 1 6owdba

S 3 fornt by 0o t r

Flllto1A. 1 S 1. The contact cals ais.
wafIeattalion 0 pound Ui t.,


WE5t- HU

. -*





ipij' AWAMP AS, S. A.

r : '. .. ... .

Football Fans To Get Another

'Mud Bowl' Tilt Tomorrow PM

rransito Kid Shifts ,

Camp To Ft. Clayt+o,
0 layton!

'Larry Segel

Cops 50 Yard.

Free Style.
The Physical Eductou n end
Itecreation traneh of ae CmB i m
ohb hals b e ofIc t notif i
iY he Amateur AMltoe Union i
of the U.S. that four Cn*l Zone
4*1 "wave on United
tats Natieonl JIuor OlYplO
Swiamin C nha ships for t
tLarry Slegel t won the Narion..
tl iemf the 50 yard free sty,% i
wlththe time of 26.6 stoilds. Ini
k ad lon to winJnip o A. chain.- N
,1onlhlib i th )50 yard event.
l io wimas ag member of wae
20 yardNotional ChampiOnshIp
Sob Barnes, Tim Days ad NilB
b od-a als ol Nation a i o z CHAM ONI'P BLA! T EAM--From left to right: L. A i
ehAMplo lshll itais a membei r Siegel, .oIteBanos, Tmu Days, .NiU Lendsfors. These b ysarttie
Of the chamPionship 200 yard e U. B.National Junior Olympic 200-yard relay champions of
free style rela team. The na 03. j Siegel Is acs the U. S. National Junior Olympic 50-yard
t ,am of Baos, DaA Turne ree styBalboa e champion took e
tors ,and t u r oin ed te tle tUonrangde Snday. _oh f

i^ ovr*,,^ fd a brand ofew Magnum target job with over eight r
itie fl 2S:08l o or the dO00 ya fi re- i i i01 a l 01
eeantevet. n
not cana l Zone :unorlA.A. .s.. G n Club Notes 8
mOlynPo swimming meet wash .
at mboa oo n t e included M- Charley reer,

Agoladcasof Gat, Margart* the Captain ack Kennedy, 2-. center tire, fourth,'
e ghb ulst a" De scoreton:
feori awa events were senttthe it
national A. A.. head Archi TurnTa er, the Balboa Gun Club' pistol manage, took 27
New York. The result t home first in an any caliber pistol match over the Na- P
ee roared with from tonal Match corse fired at the Balboa range Sunday. A 77 269
The11 over from Unthe A.A.Th fired ndnCe.....w ...57 Magnum trgt ob With overig92 88 ht8 258 -
Individual turning awards folttest inches f bart and his 89 over th slow fire part of the course
,time in 4t41 e8"tt w lotga wa pso the day. His total score of 272, including a 10-point ai
Oted fateiom eChamptry Hand.alp.for the center fire weapon, just did beat out242 nIrv
Ove w0 T. N.Y. inthe 270 With the .22 (that "menacing mass of rust")
S a mte 15inwa Ott Lt score or the day. t10 18
TMr. John .pet l Brownc home a handsome silver belt buckle for his ll
Sdalboa ei & efforts, aid eod mighty pleased with the prize as well as
S@ g Hllh Schools" StUdnAs- with the n6w ounnap -
soolatl i ad the Rreaon hoote included M-Sgt, Charley Freer, M with
Aooltlots of Gatun', MaS the th pt ck Kennedy, 2 center fire, fourth,

mt! be 1, a nd
ta Crlstl. and 1* +(9bae. 2M, .2I, fifth. '
Chmpionip emblems have Detailed scores follow:
been awarded by the A.A.yV. to Gos Nt
barne. Dais. Lindfors and 4W CO Slow Timed ItspId Total 3 'ap Total
gl The emblemsow bill oP" Arc Tln...........089 8. 2202 10 279
tentve te 19 Junior -..........81 93 o
FrId n iaht ttheBa.bOaym- Frear. ................. 77 98 96 269 260
Flntzi. Jack Kennedy........... 8 87 79 249 *0 259 0c
wtorisfn S these. awards follows: Freoed wl ............ 78 97 90 255 2d56
have-bnRn A THLEItrom ke W rcc-k........6 o 74 92 252 252 ao
AB-TilJam ...y.............78 87 86 251 251 ra
of the UnitdIS tea Sturdy Todd .... .......77 .80 80 237 10 247 s
S Offie of t ISteery. Hank Ross..... ......70 88 68 232 10 242 n
Woolworth Building Low An......... ..... 78 77 2323Shorsc
2 Boadway Paul Andetrson.... ..... 39 72 197 10 207

SZoe sePnama a le highest governing body n
Do ew orwn N.Y t one d ......returnin baseball met behind losed doors
evt or has been a meber o toan do t rosters .r a Ne York to survey the 193
:n or f Next Year s Pennituatnt Rac

a. sgle eble Is there- areY h jor nd minor leagues
on the fin as thing of iour
pftlatlies in the I tJunior eo:
Ad eorwJ A fellow named Uncle.Sam Is ere. The Pirate rebuilding pro-
ealdr 1 g roam ilin. to take a bIg htand it It scheduled to a t ai lift
havbeoned won i p atonhletes.from nae- 3~. pennant races--Qo e swo e servle dischen anof
o ave-a envd Wob have eazfed Waom -i4otlr. shortstop Danny O'Connel alhd
S right tob named Natin o tn,- -l the h dtd, wh c on
j Olyme p. Championsgfor diaceth 1 safe iwni ad lost 10 In 1050.

1%.- s. rrw. s A ." s aol fort
A st of the shap lo i st of the'shave 8 O o.
a n listed on theattach. 4om p lay lot of baseball In Sports-ShortieS
1 e6 etalit Wllbe appreciaf th=e live d may wind up as
wArrfl anefo e P!roper r :u.ars- or stars. At an rate,
diisltbution of these aWards. =tiabre oun4 to get a chance, e g
.I those res. ear n aeth. weekiu H aj ee re Thrdhest governing body
lot hes .on imoretaug O no toe ie tm -sonbaseball met behind closed doors
e t or habeen a member of reta InNe York to survey the 19
orn el"$ .is1t I situation.
lao adugliates kWves Z re. unmn the clubs who stand to MJor and minor league
e6a0T0. A digle emblem o is thera0 p. t ite ane the Now York Tne o a

a behpforodd. tohn thfor a de w t e ofet b theexcu co l-- with Oom-
Sed and thoeptts- mlniloor Ford Prick president
ua ov mth.i-cs t f Of e- also made plans for the an-
ateloe JM~ein yd the"1 six orl f i0 n.ual meetings at Phoenix next
ent eta o l too s hfheytode on g eoember. Under discussion wre
t dalpation In tis a n-old mioimw uch problems as attendance,
ItsanInt' ets l ea n large bonuses, radio and tele-
ad1 1Mwe, a re a- viin wna the possible shifting
oO. | LtOagin Unc l l dm f f key minor league franchises.
Ferris j ea l 0n A n will be announced at a later
seo.e m asned ln U-e- + hd vlued t his r aiu

A list ofthe oshmpout In tFe rllo,.

:S.7 In the two h issudred Of ya lBre isredrd
tMmapared to tewae MondP to the
xl&. *my murgessM2!raVIn Wash-
arrme U se ,bi e an-

:35 5lK th w ie.
Bo Crnc lotot n h 10 I uand lstdovt3bN-

.The highly touted Transito
Id, an early favorite to whip
lvester Wallace in a scheduled
t-lound boat Sunday night at
he Panama Gyml,-has shifted
is traialtni headquarters from
ie'- 'aJama ruMl *o Fort Clay-
T*e Eld's handlers revealed
hat Tranelto will workout dally
t Clayton for the rest of this
ek. Alfredo Peret, the Kid's
ainer, has also predicted a
ranslto victory, probably by a
Transit looks better every day
ad may center the rin Sunday
I*ht a prohibitive Choice over
alleee. The .tatter ls fast re-
vering from a molar extrac-
In last week which required
enmtl sureer and caused Syl-
tster to lose several days of
Despite the big odds in favor
I Transito, the Wallace camp is
ptimistle and act as they have
sure winner instead of an un-
WaIaoe is hittingan hard a
oer and stands a good chance
stop Tranito if he connects
t a vital spot. The experts, how-
ber, do not expect thi ts thap-
The co-feature, another ten-
hender between former Ban-
imweight Champ Cesar Leal
ad Vicente Worrell, should
rvan to be a humdinger. Leal
as been established an early
hvorite but Worrell thinks that
eiy hate the wrong dope.
Both of these boys will be go-
Lg all Out because another los

Sports Briefs
The British winner of the $50,-
10 International two weeks ago
- "Wllwyn" slipped while ke-
.g led off a plane in London
id pushed one leg through the
amp. Owner Robert Boucher
ays "anpaionl_.there was
o break but le" leg was badly
watched." /

The bout between Tommy Col-
ins and Lauro Walas In Boston
as been postponed one week
Md re-scheduled for Nov. 24.
1as, the orMn*it Ughtw ht
hamp. from California, ased
ir more time-to accustom him-
elf to New England weather.
odlln*, who claims the duration
satherweight title, agreed to
he delay.

-' '2


if-, 'q:At,,..j. ,%

~I do~l o I wow-

fetb aol the a

, ." a.

may push thAm into the prelli"
nary ranks. They have eoeh
their last two fights. Lal M Is
ning for a& early .KO KGwh et
rell hopes to oOttah C!i
gain an tUladus erds .
Mewggg> f rrom t perfe
manees, Leal he ulM oeth
with and lee Woe blkefeM t
eighth round. The eml eem
opinion seems to be balM
this reasoning.
The six-round eemlftai .
teen Byron CMlaborbate al
Battling Escudefo may t u e
to be the "fightSof-the-Awveto
because Cumberbtch Ie latIs
Esoudere returns free a.
month layoff with added i
tion. "
The four-bout proge whle2
will include a total ofIt
or less If there are Mkbeft4
will get uaderway with atw
tractve four-round rt st4aM .
Unbeaten amte To" Otia
of Chiriqul taekl- former
ma Flyweight Amateur Chats
pilon DlIllnger Dias.
General admisli for this exi
cellent boxing eard Is only 1
(one dollar).

Richer Races

To Victory In.

Cambridgesb i

NEWMAR ,ET Oct. 9 (UI)
Richer, a thee-yTear-Old
owned By G. BayiUs sad id-,
den by =ekeOy KeS GobthI
won the CambrldgeshrltO
Stakes here today. .
Sunny Brae was second ai4
Garrison Back third la a ,nM"
of 42. The b"ttIg wa sie(A U
peeteit. kiap of $pb*,ad
Antryelb were tea to oe"
joint favorites.
Rieher won by two letthl
with Sunny Braes batir Gar-
risen Rack by a head for s"6
cond In a photo flnbh.
Abookie. eor Maedman,
Of Gold M li i
sarowlteeh W the f _tr
autaia double. Fluh l yat
returned 38 to on. The
br esbr. was tha s eod e o
eo e double.

We have in stock TODAY!


14" 6" 22" and 24"





- ww


WEDNEAT,9! Y,ol= O1.E 1

-"'. *'*

.. I


A '

t ..... .m ;-, ;<,7

Church Groups Jap War CriminaT Testify

Speak Against At Ex-POW s Treason TalI
NEW YORK, Oct. 20 (UP)- land fortress,. fell. Orovo. had
McCarran Law wO Buddh isat robes or Japan- poached the f l." .
WASHINGTON Oct 29 i surrendered to Japanese troops "I a Jpanee am a **,.* "'.
Spokesmen for Protestant "Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln. n, Corregidor, a government Budroo ait'Ian ti r
gIouPS attorney charged at the open- Kove also said that ProvoAIA Il
Can bounced the McCarran is- lng yesterday of his trial on had been granted freedom arn
migration lawtoday as discr TWENTY-EIGHTH YEAR. PANAMA. R. P., WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1952. treason charges. rivleges bey.on those co rd-
inatory and out-moded and said Assistant U.S. attorney Loses ed to other prionebrs and that
eeling abroad had caused the death of an the .death ot Capt. Burton C. and Aseat retor, c l of
President's Commission on I t- I cause the officer refused to h 6-1a ton f. wa Oi Fle rda- .. to
migration and Naturalization I y bake him a cake. Hhh sar d Tosr wat o Tn rt s to fiw wed.aThoson' Helasl
which is conducting hearings He told the jury of seven closuree when Pr. at the POW r from .Qto, Ucuidr, for a
on alien affairs. The commis-1 0 Hemen and five women in federal nerosid he with a e wk ure-
son is headed by former So-court here that when the Is- raced him th a recipe ma.
licitor General Philip B. Perl-r O aset dno_ hi m, t e WS
m an I l Thomson refused. Pl a et t he2-
Judge Louis E. Levinthal, Kr to Japanese officers. ,n Ilo Ad lntetra-.-
Philadelphia, representing a The next day, Kove said,' a ton ent of at hch
Jewish immigration aid group, MENARD, Ill., Oc.t 29 (UP -- ers to bring the force here to the hostages, prison officials but the risohers hadeys to Japanese Army detail led by a is d ae o promote a better
said the national origin quota Convicts in the psychiatric block 120. played a waiting game. So far outer doors. .i i Fr A11empf Sgt 'selt&ro Fujtta took Thom undersf { the United
system is based on an "out- of Menard state prison joined Capt. Herman Nofs said he as was known the convicts had The state police and guards sonfromthe losur ndshottatesn r
moded racist theory" and "we other rioting prisoners today, asked reinforcements because nothing to eat since supper trained machine gunp and other' T I U LL LA him.- through the r of per-
won a war to prove this very storming a kitchen and seizing "we want to get on a three-shift Monday night and water to weapons on the cell bock doors II sons no
oa i a wes t block d4oo r sonsau .homns-
point." three guards as hostages. basis." cells in the east block was in case the prisoners attempted Fujita, now. serving a 30-year The voting Os al-
The new outbreak brought turned off. a mass break. An American and a Pana- war crimes prison term for ready been ivited to k for
"The national origins system to 10 the number of guards The prisoners, who began the About 45 state troopers and Warden Jerome J. Munie ex- maans were n the Balboa jail Thomson's i murder, will be he general public t th aton-
fiatly and clearly says that a held by the rioters riot without warning, demanded 280 guards had these rioters pressed confidertce the guard ay on acharge e of attempted. brought here for the trial. Ui~verityU telar Fri.
person born hi England is 60 Seven others were under to present grievances directly to confined to the east cell block hostages were a ve and un- rand larceny. Provoo's attorney George day evening Citl Program.
times more valuable to the threat of death in the east Stevenson, but It appeared un- scene of a similar riot last month harmed. .anrles Robert Noga, 24, Plo de ei all goveynm d The aas e
United States than a person cell block of the prison, likely that the Democratic pre- harleH Robert Norgan, 24, Pl2tkn ; deleo all gove ;r t Thea
born in Greece" Lvinthal said. The new outbreak came in sidential candidate would inter-Wlliam Henry Hussey 42 and cha told jurr Proo Union invited tlec-
Ms r. E. W. Swanstrom of the north cell house No. 2, where rupt his intensive campaign in Ricar4o. Antonio -Cajar, 19, were had'been treated as any otliher tur an tt .at
War relief Services of the Na- some 300 prisoners were exercis- the East. apprehended by Canal Zone po- prisoner, of war by the Japan. the Cas d zay
.an elie Selresofe-soe0 newee licemen they egedy tried to et-. 7 -, at 5 V t a r
tional Catholic Welfare Confer- ing before lunch when they sud Instead an administrative as- steal a 191 Chevrolet station wa- He said the 05-year-old Pro- of th- U ou n t. a I-
Ceran bill had ssage"d emoralizingc- den but rushed the drkitchensback t distant of the governor, Michael on park in front of the Bal- v0 a native .of Son Franciico alani wor ar invited.
effect" throughout the world Al but weredrivenbac Farin, came from his home at boa Heights Baptist Church. The wat one of.our sons lB i "nor- Although e will a e othey-
He said sets upan out- their cells, but the 10 armed nearby Murphysbore, Ill., to act charge tH y was dis-ml Amercan amily." appran wl.
Hed immtupan "Iic- themselves with klcthen knives as Stevenson's representative. chgemis n yesterday afternoOn.nw asteri faces a Possible death he wil debate t o f he
moded" immigrationpIi c y and seie three guards. Farrin said he would "look over Bal was et at $1,00 for Nor- penalty If h is convlsdeted of o el oWn r~p
which is "out of harmony with The east cell block was held ttae situation" before deciding on an and. Cajar and the case was wartime treason, o l
our ideals and gctlons." by more than 300 mutinous any course of action. ontand. nIj Frdayeaste wasn p la wnts, ie lotan
Dr Walter W Van Kirk prisoners who seized seven For fear of bringing harm to organ u he AnF rican oo nrl l t r
Dr. Walter W. Van Kirk of guards Mondayy night and NooNtNn,fy.the American, was his elye" a i
the National Co u n ci I of threatened to kill them if of- found'gulty in December ofldst DARKNISS FATAL 1 Glend a 8
Churches of Christ said the ficials made a show of force. | year of takin vehicle after a CLEVELAND (UP)- Hal1 recved hisa a I
act is not compatible with the The convicts demanded to U. 1i10nf 81 m On uo subsequet offese and was giv- lhEVELAND, 0.e (UP)-e t Halfb r docebe d v h t .i
principles of "Christian jus- speak to Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson. en a six-month sentence ,#us the pedestrian deaths occur be- I fr t
twice and love of country." The guards held in the kit-hal h ended for'one year. He has had teen sx p.m. and mldpght, h I S .
1He charged that it discrim- chen also were threatened with The er 10 j W convictions o etit larceny bat- the Clevelnd bureau of street from C bla Unveity n
inates against Asiatics. death. terry. disturbing the peace and and.trafficlghtn9g rePOrt W .ay
Van Kirk denounced the law The new outbreak came in a mina Movie violating the terms of probation l
as 'an affront to the conscience division which included active NoIm8iio O vi several t mes.
of the .American people psychiatric patients or those
ting M. Engel New York who recently had been discharg- The U. S. Information Center Tbeh car rgandstole last year
atWtey representing the Amer- ed from such treatment. will present the movie "Amer- belonged to Mts. Beverly Dilfer,
ic-iJewish Committee and the can Presidential Nomination"an employee i at rgus opital
AnU4DDefamation League, join- At the embattled east cell as a public service today to- It was wrecked in an automobile
ed In the attack on the law's block officials threatened to morrow and Friday afternoon at tAccident by thvee l defendant whs
quota system. "go in shooting" if the host- 4 0 .m. and at 4:30 p. m. at the hostaized sever ad mots
The new law, which will be- ages are harmed. Center's theater, No. 20 T" 1 hoe italizod f6rn 8evral months.
come effective in December, is The convicts threatened to Street, above the Panama Trust The atatio nagoa0. which Nor-
a prime issue in the current push them off a 40-foot high Co. building n ad Cajar are Joitl. cha
political campaign. cell tier if force is used. ed with atmptintosteal
SPresident Truman has angrily The public Is invited to attend longs to J. a. Chriatiphetand tI
denounced several Republican Authorities apparently were and to see the special exhibitsvalued t $ ,
senators who helped it pass over prepared for a long siege. State on display at the Information
his veto. police called for 50 more troop- Center,
FOOD FOR IKE-Dwight .D. Eisenhower flasoft. a.wrm smile ORflOB
RS as he digs into a box lunch during a.rally qt CoI AlrUniver-
U* OA sity In New York where the OOP Presidental ca t vslted raa E
the college from which he I on leave M rp Ta s Xpll W.. 0
Jaunt To Intedero BABY F
The- "Bookpiobile," a mobile
Information Center here, left 'I.- .I
this morning for the 1iteriott
of the Republic to inaugurate
library services In ENZ foods emRecall prepared for
The Bookmobile visltcd..Chor- babies you ind m t t iure, Savors
rert primary schools this mor- n natural colo Thes
a high chm and nabT dal color. These foods are
ning; Aguadulce high schOls
this afternoon and will visit made from choice freshIr-i n ts
the Normal School in Santiago only; they are h perty and
tomorrow morning and the pri. carefully 'strained in eam_ Hm .s
mary school In .he,, afte n; :hn,
and Las Tablas inr te r- assure fullest Savor and n1I nat s l
noon, and turn to Panana retained.
City on Satuhrday. The vehicle

Books will bae ove 1,00 bor a, p "

Republic. This first trip is an
experiment to teht 0perato.ns
... .. and the new system of book
vets who lost boll arms d ring tle war, lgh, a tuprette for 11am Parker, librarian of t
Governor Stevenson of Ilinos. loprati P tial can U. 8. Information Center, and
didate, during a breakfast in Boa sven by the V9 divialon be maintained In the near fu-.

tread lasts and lasts.. and grips and company the librarln. "
hold, the instant youltouch your B HFo Flh' -
the world's best safety tube ... buy F : r .a,
U. RYALNyln Lie.u'e Ahod ISISI W 'II" "

For equilp-
District Attorney Dalo ,I FYor PCa-)pTt *T
doval denied today thm t he capUtioI A 'co~O o
fixed hall for OW"i MaI, d teen-a ge paAM in in
of bng the assaala@tfof oe ined $5,
tall loltge manageress t g11 2aIi' d "'i -,.,
Foster, at $200. tece,. ond one yarHOLL
Slindoval sk h a J)l Ci. (P-
been turned Over to forwood
Investigation. but .that so far .. story
the bal under, Whc Mas is at Th YOU defe t l rod- e UtlOt of..U
liberty was nx v Polleee Wadl m, outside the United a.
Judge Miuel cevi6n, ester Mue g. In a letter to the lly
UM c by Mo& Fder d 907 toAFL 71in Council, the advaUti-
Ma acc by FEster ed listy to the.pel t .
of beag& a k dur- ini agte di.
ing an argume ~tAthe Louis- n .the Drewng o.' m
lana Bar, where she mnan 0Wa# "O. ,5 i ua cit enewm'. 0

turned in a re- b u '
!Uridi i

Di1s Ibatisirs:
FaP'nhma CoC 6n David ..- ... _,,-..
+= --~~~-T W" -: .. __,. i. I ': I I'III"I::I +II :I :Ii iI I+ IIII I'

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