The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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S5S, British Fleets Swap

*Knowhow In Everything

From Gobs To Jets

LONDON, Sept. 27 (BIS) The first "Atomic Age" ships are joining Britain's
a Navy. Forty streamlined anti-submarine frigates, many of them transformed
t destroyers redesigned to resist atomic attack, are now being prepared.
Their superstructures have been "streamlined" to present minimum resistance
atomic blest, and so rebuilt that practically all the ship's company will be under
r and sheltered from atomic radiation when the ship is in action.
Gone is the. traditional style of bridge. The commanding officers of these new
-proof ships will control them in acfon from an operations room with an ar-
ent of periscopes to give a view all round the horizon.
here are also other more conventional and powerful units joining the fleet.
chief among these is the giant aircraft carrier Eagle, largest ever built for the Royal
a ship of a hundred secrets, wh'ch has two squadrons of Attacker naval
I .hters.
H.M.S. Eagle took part in the NATO maritime exercise "Mpinbrace."
The tradition of adventurous enterp-ise in design and research has for more
than five centuries inspired Britain's senior service. In the swiftly developing pattern
of -modern armament, the Royal Navy is still out in front.

HM.S. Rocket, prototvne of arm" of both the United States ed aircraft without any prelim-
the Royal Navv's fast anti-sub- and British fleets. It emplovs inary maneuvering by the ship.
marine frigates. is now in A- nearly a quarter of the Royal It has e ven launched them
rican waters for a two-month Navy's manpower. down-wind, and-in certain con-
at v. to show. British methods ditions-when the carrier has
o0 beating the U-boat menace. fet Planes been stationary.
S etio uderlinee the close co- The British were the first to
o ration between the two larg- rate jet planes at sea and Among the United States car-
navies in the world. they have perfected many types riers likely t have the catapult
The United States Navy. the of jet planes for naval use. in- will be the U..S. Forrestalnow unthe
Sost powerful in existence, cludini the de Havilland Sea giant flush-deck ship now un-
as for many years worked in Vampire and the Hawker Sea der construction.
arsony with the British, the Hawk which have hit power- But the first American ship
; t work ranging from ex- fully at the Communists in Ko- to be so equipped will be the
glas In personnel to colin- rea. a n
g ton in "ironing out the The British Fteert was in a- Hancock, 27.l'0-ton cavier of
P of producing atom- t ,on InKoreanm w a few the Essex Cla. She i srow et-
1 ered submarines. days after the Communist at- Ing moderneed. and Is expect-
Sg -resslon and some 10.000 British ed to be ready in 1954.
trhe two countries pool ideas sailors have been serving there The British Admiralty ha re-
Intthe standardization of naval ever since. leased details of a new and pow-
e pment and methods of op- c e erful anti-submarine weo. It
0rtlon. Research Scientt is now carried by most British
t ,,- Research by British naval scl- destroyers and frigates but till
Snsinucable Carmer entists may revolutionize naval recently was on the secret list.
tactics. Britain is far advanced
The Royal Navy has a prime with new-type torpedos which Known as "The Squid" It Is
I*ponsibility for the defense can seek out their prey how- a multi-barre ed mortar which
nt only of Britain ltsel-' the ever it may try to escape. fires haba ahead of the
able aircraft carrier"- The new BrNth steam eat- warships. These conslto atun-
t also of keeping open vital apult for aircraft carriers has derwater be ombs whioh eans
plylines throughout the been adopted by the U.S. Na- crack the toaphest submarlne
Fore most amng. th.e at. v. 'The steam c4t ,t.m nakes hmi yet mab.
-..Forem.t amongths thesat e series largely inMpend-
S esent timeo s tget sp- et of vagaries of the Wath- Britain's latest fast frigates,
hromuh for the sVpi r W o specially constructed for offen-
h 3 rftanI frhtlg a- Tests have shown the equip- sive action against submarines,
It Comnuini .s. t In Ko mernt to be so efficient that a are armed with this weapon. It
S M aya. t.-. itfn carrier is now able to operate can find Its target and then
itaion s hte fJrsi her aircraft without having to aa Wanil ir uatomatic-
l rn ao ;artegwirc t aw '-trne o w ith -It gently
bhout the wold-"ntry .s escortn. force. by a o .- ..ok.-
such gas Gibaltar, Malta,_ manen s a.a 't~ble deuce of
K Kong Suez Singapore and Steam Catapult the way anti-submne wea-
Utilizing steam from the ship's Pons have developed sline the
partnership between the boilers, the catapult has launch- last war.
. tited States and British ma- --..
s essential to both coun- _
;ts in their global dues. V as \ l lMKt t r
aec aulse of its world-wide Ks Uin iness Sti N Imwrtant Fa t rl
armmltments Britain h a s six n _
Separate fleets-the Home. Med- s r "l heIf r .I U.J -
lolpanti FarEaste(ridefSouth I
aa n Spite eOf world-Wi Tenm s
Rteed in the Korean war), and --o -
e American and West Indies
(lased on Bermuda).KNEW YORK Sept. 27 --Kind- era. ItI isn't restricted to cormn-
ness is universal quality that trw to deadS
;skihe w bt AuksOf
100 Ships Building hasn't diminished as tensions Ot h s fl ri
between nations have Ires-lettetrs wsit
;The present strength of. the ed, according to a woman who oil. naP91 told asta ofperson-
*Aal Navy is over 500 fighting nhas spent so years as an inter- al WlglS sog
toser aother to %6Intw=-
Ips with nearly 100 more in nauonal soci a mothrlrker. o ao ttert tetMBaL-
~ructeon. Rut
Tbe naval program includes white-haired woman with a re- gnd0? ( tSl e ^lmdh
ofsx otar-assuring opinion of mankind, w OaS s l o
carrier, eht dero- insists: t at to
,24 frigates and 200 fte- "After a21 these years I'm aJskl l i tmt Won ,8811e o
nitti surpcised at the number of "w "iofhe weri e
v aviation Is the "lons people who want to help sh totIrtie Lotr

c nall I f0 a 1e
Doblems of ....

othey caed

U we.-_m-:
47th Street. t k S l tOan
ohan for t ve wked form
b gmesbyaeowuft

oe to airport. We
aoq I. IN Ladue. It

a- st .: -,

* '



Get Their GI Homi Los

(NEA) The discharged NO
rean war veteran isn't gettl g
the break on home purchase
that n4any World War II vet-
erans had. It's all a question O
mortgise money.
Veterans of the Korean war
were recently granted ho e
loan benefitsnder tPublic aw
550. Technloally they rMtelve
the same benefit of VA iaara
anteed hoe 0loans did vet-
er nri ok World War II, but there
's a major difference.
In 1945. 1946 and 1947 there eg jsr as
was plenty of home mortgage
money at 4 per cent avallab B
To ay. however, there is
drastic absence of money to ...
loan at 4 per cent, the VA home
loan rate. De shw lai w
As a result, 01 home buyhin
booms, such as tho* which o &
curred in 1946-1 4, aren't like-
ly to be r epeated despite the Doffy, empien Wh
recent easing of credit restri c-ff a i
tions and the new Increase in longgin g to rvW N Hoek
eligible veteran buyers. bL dtte, W ,t a a etwW
The Korean veteran there- smart eNbe om I
fore, won't have as good a deal Hoas bab pw e. SeoT Wh
-at least for the present-a-uwp .
his World War II cousin be- wi tthe Sh.t :b
cause of the critleil shortage of sitters, his monel
mortgage financing In all areas. 8flITS BILL f Koreon s ie himt
Mary recently discharged Is ied by the Preltondt. he'd qive him shbt
veterans, who have had" bothjo.Te-t s o
World War I1 and Korean ser- sent national emergency ts tar-e l. The ltum m
vice, mistakenly believe they mngatedi. that Doffy wwkd pt1
oan guarane e ed to double ees Home Under this statute, active hard at t dit y ska d
Loan guarantees. service must have been per- did dll rights teO. Only thief
This is not true-with one formed on or after June 27,
exception. 190, to whatever future date that bothered hNm was ft
World War II veterans who is set as the end of the emer- baby'k bowllngh He wade0td
hate used their guarantees can agency. f h to hii
be accorded re-use privileges if he should throw hiM a
under specific conditions laid home loan provisions of the bone. But he finally gave aup
don by the Veterans Admini- new 0G bill are very much e -l iterally ed out.
cal a pn lati--- ....the one set up for World War-iterally
Total applications for 01 II veterans, with only minor
home loans, since the start of chan es. The VA still guaran-
the program in 1944, now num-tsf d o per cent of a home loanr t
bet 0 1,Veterans Admnis-u to a maximum amount ofUt
tratlon reports show. u$n500.
In June there were 24,524 ap-. The direct loan program has
psiataon for such loans. IThe been extended so that loans can
woved loan amou averaged be made in certain areas here
JW'A ofcashvtun. 4 per cent financing is not
VA Oi nalsave t turned down available. o n ca n
rqNuests to alter the present 4 For the vast majority of ap-
pa -tent interest. plicants, however, loans must WASH1Ial ON, et. l
That stand, the home build- still be obtained from ank another wilderness s falling .
Ing industry claims, is gready other private lending institu another modern motor vehitle-
restrietint the flow of mortgage or en i fore the moderian motor vehrnm ente
money for VA-guaranteed home Recalled veterans will have Onadian government e-
loans. ed etens r ports that traffic over the I120-
unused loan entitlements re- mile Alaska Hghway is at Ieast
eroplaed by the same amount Ofdouble that for 1951, The tou-
Other factors which tend to entitlement under the new law. dlethat fo 1 rowh th-
hold off any present 0I hous- In this way they will not ber is beginning to crowd the
hold m" o wolf and ptarmu gan for room.
ny Korean veterans were cutoff date of July 25, 1957.s.-
O in World War II and Ple- Some loan benefits are not
gble earlier under the first OI afleted if veteran has e contrary. They must be repaid
bin. ceV n d other benefits under the in full.
.st servicemen be 01 bill.
MI ll v an andulean4 a U g tle edttal mne- Pcocedurus followed bxnMO4
nlle f ro l to t *a f fits, for Ins tance, hks n Wabr- vhaet ounsrt to h puel clom t
Wsfl b0 A4tcderfte p lg on gettingtea tbe loan.m oohome under the rplanS a n rd
ome -prch tses. 0 to select the house or w lass ad
Since it Always takes some The VA classes World Wr tII building lot desired. That with
flame to set up the edministra- and Korean veterans with 1serv- plans and d .schar e c; tt,
tion of a n w or expanded pro- fce not dishonorable" as eligible the bank or lender Is cotcted.
ram, the volume of applica- for the loans which may run "Shopping around" in fnan-
(ions for Emrean veterans is as long as 30 years. cial circles for mortgage money
expected to be slow for many Widota who bave not re- is recommended until the vet-
month Married alo qualfyran finds a lender making the
The Veteraps' Readjustment Due to, the recent credit rq- most attractive offer.
Assistance Aet, or "Teague" bill, strlctla a Iverage loans do not
signed into law by the Presi- exceed 38 years. Lenders have necessary forms,
dent In July, providesa *par- Goverr~nt-guaranteed home information and will forward
ante" of loans for Korean vet- loans aft not gifts in any wIy, applications to the VA's loan
erans for 10 !2' after the pre- despite erroneous reports to the guarantee division.

t, ,., t *- *" *--r., --rt., i. -- --, .*,... ....

Crowd Pfotarm as

Highway To Ad
1 the genius of the American YVV MIW tl ij
Army oineers whto !ll aIt f t

In rGeowt te, "atheaa"
as they caUel It thel wd
through sme of the fael n
fish and gam usuaty ef
North Amete4a a
It traverses the Peaee RAver I
farming plains, skirts bhue* lakes "
and majestft mOu t an tu& B
visits plctureque =la viHat
and esBs. Swift't'M
purest ater, the Nattn. O-

t Alaska.. -
Vsal to rMah Mn Dsaws1'
Creek jumpoinpouf-aaem h S r
tI frOrm Prince GMI, B. C.,,
over a new highway. The old
trail was a suuate*lr road
from dmi ndton, AnMet a
The United 83 mGllan U

IKAS, the Vnts
took wfl D e s
its l,bm.mJB Mbr. CntI
s"t Url fti u wl= .-,
refraled from imi_ WOa i0





; .4 '

I ftn


- ; t.


; 1


.' .i '..-.
1 ., --.+

- ;.0







"", -e a"
,_ t. t My~.* w. ,l 4j

wornti$ 1e:'



I1' -

5$" .

AX ... i .

r,..,-. *r


iii .. A

~d ii.-'.



t, p
... ^ .

.ift ip .

0. 0'



.. .. .
-' V .


ii afu

.: ', ," ,A '4 .. '
" -*i, w ." ..
r. .rs. r' ;

..;... i *. -

_Mm jtolj^ e* '
a 4~ii'-'

,"' ''*

'-- p "

I- au



The More DIs Ounly Beglas
T sear our lm isfor OhriMtmp Mtetild .




* .; l, .- ., .
'n *;



S NS, s just r-fhmad

S rooms at '- '

,A. ., -... m-|
.. Avei .J. F. d hi, ,
-.. ..1.4" :.
_~~~ -. R ol ._,


,. ,.,-. _,.
... ?*"

C/AND 0'4"
A ,. :,;


e. 1,.

.t~' ~ar.'7



i '..- r '

''* ,1'' '-- -':'**"* !
,43__. j .u -.,

,b' U '


I-. .:s
=* r
'- ...M

I ob

p-s *1~~


" I"


9u ww


* ''cc4


, ,* y ,
.;*. ',:
*. ',,,.

s '-,'.~.^,

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- F*

3nch3 WMh l/ea )w4y


4-7. w*-" :.


kt SIBAMED PUDDING hrom Californl has rclh Saver of
esolate and prunes served warm anm pumsent with your bet
hard sance.

NEA Food and Markets Editor

S e's a wonderful new|2 hours. Allow to stand 10 min-
pudding from Callfor- utes.
*"HI2lt combines chocolate and Invert mold over serving
and served warm with plate to remove pudding. Serve
.m sauce is a flavorful delight warm with hard sauce.
teamed Chocolate Prune Note-The pudding may be re-
(Serves 8 to 10) heated by steaming over hot
One -cup cooked prunes, 2 water.
kres unsweetened chocolate, For something delicious In
l cup shortening, 1 cup gran- the pie line, try -this recipe:
kteod agar, 1 egg, 2 cups sifted Luscious Prune Pie '
arllpurpose flour, 3 teaspoons (Serves 6-8)
tk powder, 1 teaspoon salt. Twenty four marshmallows,
tup ~iilk, 1 teaspoon vanilla 12 cup milk, 1 cup cooked
tract prunes. 2 ounces semi-sweet
Cut prunes from pits into'chocolate, 213 cap whipping
small pieces. Melt chocolate cream. I baked 9-inch graham
ever hob water and cool slight- cracker crumb shell.
b.'C l shortening and sugar Combine marshmallows and
4tflher thoroughly. -Add egg milk and heat slowly until
= ~ begt well. Blend in melted marshmallows are m e Ite td,
eelate. Sift together flour, stirring frequently. Cool until
'kbai powder and salt. Add to slightly thickened.
*Wtdotee mixture alternately
"IA milk. Meanwhile, *cut prunes from
Mend in vanilla and prunes. pits into small pieces. Shave
lWde 2-quart mold and sprin- chocolate finely with a sharp
.'SV *th sugar. Turn batter in- knife. Whip cream until stiff.
"To'BMo@d and cover closely. Place Fold cream, prunes and choco-
*, an rack in deep kettle of late into thickened marshmal-
* W g water, so that water low mixture, and turn into cool-
S .es half way up sides of ed crumb shell. 'Ohll several
ld. Cover kettle and steam hours before serving.

latroduce Kids To Records

Adt Teach And Entertain

I wh6 -sa introduced 1h. tolory Af Ai
'A Mren. says "recordings ffer one of
* to.,4each the f-)me meaning of America's

., So
Stop worrying
'tbe effect comic books,
'e Mjovtes have on your
', and do sonm eon-
ma ing instead.
advice of Nanette
of a special
dn's record that
i "oter things, the,
rd, who has had a
fled background
sung in many
turned her
n's records af-
T. ee .records
from history
In language
0thWt youngster can

DiaAPR ed period for
id owl ," she ae sug-
4 don't leave your


neiica on
the most

Since so many young chil-
dren are the pros-
pect of going to school, Miss
Outlford has also introduced
recorded lessons in 'such school
subjects as arithmetic. This is
certainly one way to get your
youngsters off to an early and
enjoy Ible start in learning.
"Records," says Nanette Guil-
ford, "are one of the most poe-
itive Means of teaching hl-
dren. Pleasant and entertainng
to listen to, youngsters remem-
ber them with delight rather
than, annoyauce."
It might be fun to stimulate
Interest by giving record par-
ties for the children In the
neighborhood every now and
then. Allow each child to pick
the records he or she likes the
lest, and then write the nqme
of the child and the records on
a slip of paper. Put the slips
into a box.--

- Nxt, explaui to ae chlldcra.
how many recoas may be pay.
ed, and have tsem pck the al..
loLted number aof .l trom the
bax. Yonu can aave tta unused
slip tram one party to Lae

"Children love to daydream:
to ecape from the realtte of
life Jut as we grown-ups some-
times do," eapamins aMs OUl-
ford. "With loving and thought-
Ial guidance tsum you, the4r

w" eo Y' -ad'l e
urges women to be daring w, M
For the slender, frale-type ie ma
t strn bib of graduated 1to r atfa
Pumetal colore&baroqreati Ofof tsf
teardrop giUnetal pemt b h"tbenter MteL
Cluster earrings of white &eek Th ei. 611rette ,
woman, In the opinion of 7, ahboud iwor rows of w o
necklaces, while her yoeuger Nlomsher tht g I M*sk1

"Stop thinlsn l of jewelry as earrings.adeaesks; Beta a "
just ano',her fashion accessory, l d ny V ,Witwh -jetb
assert deimer Madame Mab Mle lt wi 6andrhineston.
leska. Vchsea to suit your ow ut to y ne N. Th 8a pr S with gold
tndlvidl e altyel cerlai lwagood. for .ie oftlesto en "",.
apd beautifyl effec." ll U am
--adame -a-, k- isoaponeer 4
Sthe. realm ot unusual ewelry crea
combinations.-. Shb refuseswl de to B bk wrAN W TW a
acow tsel m edhre ad m~rn- &

"The important thing t*
learn," explains the deslgner,s
"is how to treat Vytr individual I
proportions so they become aMl .
asset- rather than ta liability." .of
One way to acoomllah tly Of
in her opinion, t- to wear lwge iMnu
pieces of jewelry to accenrotu
your tiny figure and Just the ts
opposIlI if you b4ppen to be '. ,
tall tnd slender. ,lt k.eive

SThe d'lgner tofirm t
r ideal about mature fig-
ue. "Ther's noting wrong
wth ng fulblown," Mae
Madapm .%ajeska, "as l"ag s
you dont go around trykag Id
giv the impression that yoK
am re realt aader."
\ She recommends that wommk,
with large figures wear heavy


.-i "

to accent

- *J ."
6f ,-.* .

-i *

.- .1
-.u jow rj<

ffaydWregotalhs add
om^t mhea-test
leuemu diA

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nWhue a

m .b m

, -

I .- ..- -.. .".

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a wll





1 ~ *Sbsb N AhSt ~ ~IbiW isbN

S 'fli Af t ta.f

* 'n

S' a.m.tbl

a5--'I. -A

o A o P.,
fln* '. '


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b te ottft fhen he aed

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ete AI M. wA

OrQf the .ristibS
:W'ill W t
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The fl meeting of tn Club
yeW wi be k Octoler,1,
wdot&a, *t 2:00 p.a. -mMthe
Wed l. T a ps the

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attended as a epesntive of
the OflaSM Cal_.

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and she wwiB be M-1
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We e tend at eordid weleeme

to the nttiuraten of PWmii's President
and Minite ISm
to attend ow TROPICAL"
to be hMMl In tm honorI
Tues. night L 306 Ing the eli Vta Roof-

Feasb a batm ohs mt .7hete.f
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SWu Set 'em ... Whei You Tdll 'em t PA. C.

i- t^ rcrEi*r^-*
-. i|t. ft* *a.


I eave your Ad with one of

Lewis Service
#4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291 anad
oarth of July Ave.-Pnone 2-0441

our Agents or eur I fflems 1 No. .57 4"t Street a PatSt!
No. 12,179 Central Ave. OWon

Salb. de Belleza AIeStabo b
#55 West !2th Street

CarWton IDm f Store
10.060 Melanddu Ave.-Pbtone S O ot

Agendcia lternacional d Pw ft madoes Propagtlda, S.A.
#3 LoYtery Plan- Phoe fW O" Street omer Ibt t 1t.
Phones 3-Uil and 1-17

- It,..
* ~j4. 'i ;iC~,

Mlsitaum hr 12 wahs.
Search adittie lntd



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"4'.'* ''


Household Automobiles hD & wy h., 1 4S.l pes1e-d Gram-ch -- Mnte C r b- PROFESSAI L us
HMhdyWoA emes. S t cottat E EWdliet abboxes. gbt s '
"iSALE.-Gas Stove "Prosperity Service Personnel and Civilian Z013 -. A gM 0.3 s. itoves rd at rtd L. s. Vs wdL.e
S, four burners, oven. storage draw- Govemment Employ s THE TRIP OF YOUR LIFE 6-441e SGt, .4-54 Pr7 Mf*. ,. yor
*..-. Good iork, ng order. $40 00 Insist on THE TRIP OF YOUR LIUFE ue,.O& m
"" Coll Panama 3-2 government Ei~l~ae Finance Ca. AND ONLY $451. .4.6g
AI : -_ 2dr.0 Whrmeny ce your now A Jungle Jim Jaunt ?hru the Penamesi" LLIPS Oceansi-ede 'Cohge. he *W
V 2 cr S Canal. to Colon,. xSon S, and only court In Soant& Cl with st and& S A
I or usedca ar
,.doo., all porcelas i Escelleni car.aDOSD
do 0 0all porcelain 2Excellen AGENCY DEH LINGER t Puerto Belle! Oceanves from o 'coat. ges. Ste s
Coit.100 0. R 12A Rou- is- BN.4 CAuto noR Last Tour Of The Year to beach, Rock tos, tref ielero REMOVABLE AlW p.-lNUM
:FOR Nav 315 1 Oct. 3-4-5 barbecue and Omuff blrd. ?n- A&M K'I. '. Uspt. 26 (UP) ;suhl..
Telephone Navy 345 Phone 1-4984 -495 (Soonsored by the El Panama Hotel' am 3- 1877. Mrgelto 3-1673. SCREEN FRAMES .... s;5.nt
.* 't SALE- h ouse 1 FOR SALE:-Used tires, possenge "Pescadora' leaves Pier 17. Balboa, Dox No. 435 Balb l. t e pl "o oly, and
Ph one Balboa 2831 ft H e r 4:301 & commercial at Agenciasm Cosmos. Fri day 6 b 2.N0theseMo ly l e- "htte'0 RN ft a' .a nd! "
OR RENI- .di.eting it quality tant
S.ce m phone Panama 2-4721. P. n 30% to 40% cear than r b t Sf taes
S room set. i-dewa bed $25. Desk FOR SALE--Chevrolet 4-door Sedan Blas ond y9:30 p. m. for San andy be r-s reo o- b 0- : .lren
"1$25- Camphor chest $15. 4 bo9- 5; De Luxe Power Glide 5600 Puerto Beillo. re g furnCo lon Sunday 0 RRENT:-House of- ths Clen ta ae be omu aderf by me n s ctWurn" 1 hi a nM
Sbopa chors $5C G. E. wash.nda aeS_____. Call Panama .2515_ afternoon. rooms, two bathrooms, porch, -ml bBr 4 pound weight o mas ;a t old oBerlina ow '
chme g115.s Dresser $5 rug4 FOR SALE'-Ford 1951. 4 door se- leaves Strangers Club, Colon, Mon- room, also garden with plifty ,ldAd, n 4 0l2 "1e T aar14.r ti i
S Misca teams Haoue 216-A. Dore day 6 a. m. and hot water conneatr s. Pre fit- a n l iob. whtto trsandI mho*r win( 'ti
S cn boa 6-169. through Canal to Balbo. able responsible Anricon family. w UidshJl. la
...P .. E .Balboato San Blas, return to Colon For Information, TkvAve. House lime never rusta. rotia it an eand p r
R SALE"-Thor"washing machine FOR SALE -198 $75000 $45.00. n 14, Apt. 13. Daintinge t. ta e aceandS Bince the R
riiOR SALE--Thor .Weshng machnuse FoPackard Sedarn 1948 $8750 0 From Colon to San Blas and return *k'en easily lrepl tace.Ing te es ,-
SFrigdare, 7 Cu t esnghchue Pmos Fackard Sedtation Wa 1949 85.00 $40 00. Rlon Of Ula cot. The a : the .Mult e der lat summe, fte
9 o. ft.. al cycle onThru Canal only (either way $10.00 dinits more air and liht. B18 alteb a 7 c r ec the o
....maroon davenoor-bed. 29 x radio new upholstbr, new Meals cared by Hote Panama pa 8- nd
.wool pie rugs. maroon. 2 smaller t.res, $750.00 Bring slacks, shorts, bathing suit. ..rEO. F. NOVEY, I NC. A.oee als el imet. Eight
S wood rugs, moole plattorm rocker, Chevrolet Panel 1942, 1-2 ton $275. Iflippers and spears for under. ALFAMRA" APAMINTS F, .l 11 i0 ple l het 11
*i nnerspring mattress and o l international Truck I tont.f e brst o r 10 der- V gRAMORK A;Ag m ton W le rage n5 m ItdW B it an Burild M atdB
Innerspring mattress and cod Internonal Truck I on. water fishing), light jacket or I' and five rom furnished ad 9 Centm &e 0Behe, ht overt 000in 7uly, and t Ahi-
S" spring, double bed sze: Twn bed E-senman Used Cars, Peru Ave. No sweater, and don't target your ca- unfurnished aportmentsl privets oha TeL 3-01 itelL of 4-.I l P tthe
complete ; 2 F single mattresses and 8, Tel. 2-4516 mer and rolls of color film. closed Nrdens. 8061. 100 Street. I of i r tru Waste m -tionast .etfl til
S ei m r e 1 a n F O no h .e a w iOh 4 ch airO DEsFr 9El I *o M W a Ua -,
.....D, nD te 4 Cass .' S ;- ^."s, ~ New Crsls r ,ba,. Tele;.' Colon"-pe -1 .1 ft h
w. riors. i enetD w h h s.1 FOR SALE:-198 4 ton Chevrolet Please make reservations early Ne -cr ol. d Tterrihion,, Cltn e Ijirou ll t m" "

b PO Miro36 soner ndr3 ei i. tru IG bpRcoul wiot children. Colly iUha al Stht li nt b
.Wardrobe trunk 6Electric c oc canopy, new tires, very go cn through your Travel Agent, or phone, 1386. high h a5 o in w e 1atrT1 s
.. Electri mixer, chairs. cherts d tin. Excellent for farm or hunt- Jungle Ji o50m at Panama 3 u tsE-1660. cT -ordd afyti- UrIofl o .my r ho-rhna #3166 Ma rd b h igh Ame aericanU
ht-. lamps Dies; Fiest, th Sree g Phone Crletl 11. (This Is the last Son Bias our until melint with omplefe' otel-aervice, CUM foet .f tt SOuetaof Wtosw'etGen r fW .

For. F-- auartu wh Motectoex tyear. Anyone ea ed rngdt of.o T gei NortAi gentlemf ippingM m strBe datln Thtoe en a will be
Misc, articles Leaving. 721t-A FOR nSALE:- 19t ya .Ano esrig o hat and Piold water, pervote bath, H u26OWv -R I n leather over a a rub w be tooher SilI.a
"- SALE:--38 LASALIE Coupe charter "Pescadora" for San BIas telephone service. 1 a, 2 roomsm VIT O .o;.*eiU e at Wvill z "1;lateruhil
'Prado., Balboa. 2-1695 poor condition. reasonable offer tour Guided by Jungle Jim may ald bplconsy at reaIorio moorhly AWilc d tte or m two saety c nt b etat f

D s 1 a e le gt e D b o, Ca l S it Phons e C uo. D 617 2 anlntr ete d.- Seeling Bade, 25 n SPr e E gls h Pr e ferabiapm othly an ottt i lP h ln 2 i a H i i le
FOR SALE:--Frig.daire RefrAgeralor.F bus t. Phone Curundu 6140, do so after Oct. 6th I a .onto .2d t2 With an over-lslm weltht ms a itteh etle
60 cycle. 9 piece diningroom set. Mike Dew_- ABY$ORCHIDSc sRooselelt. Tel. 2- ft "'l ib.1 6 les than LOW pounds the I 9wS pce 1VA1; tin S
NewACristobal. 7th St. House 13. FOR SALEu-1951tMercurySedan4 evT eet 4M Uma toI O"m. seed will exceed en free Berl almost- $ l0.,-
FOR', SALE:o enet o s. 4 i door.over drive and cundercoated. Sdeiveredas My whereA in d C NEU fo00 f 0 b ei N at-
doo r sAE--500 oe b1refriger- $ 194 0er y oor. STATnE alsomPANamaEand CA- E WA EDe lned roen a standing start In S ra
tor, I I cubic foot. 25 cycle. 4 $1,900.. 1940 Mercury 4 door. NAL ZONE. Telephone PanamaM. 'y o 6 i0iphur
Stan $25 00. House 0260-C, Gambo 3-0771. Cristobol 1033. m is o ,ellamerix,, h "n
'" .year guarantee remaining on mr- Tel 6-219. ---EE g sumption l average 35 miles Buil Oi B ~ w ft ia ist
tor. Fish aquarium with reflector. gtAll Radios Repaired (regordles ofn Noth American gI ntleman Th mving. tor. .llon. -e en e will be
.- aluminum frame. 15 gallon. All FOR SALE:-Plymouth 1934 4 door. condi, tinl $3.50.Extra ptS we ith rebUble position estn l We pai and crater move l Led. NEW .. L
day Sunday. Hiram Overall. 5330- good condition. Pueblo Nuevo, 2nd reasonable if needed. All work small furnished apartment in W pack and crate move
SA. Dqvs Stree. Doblo, Canal Street House Na. 4417. guaranteed. See Butler. 25 Street sdentii district. Call 2-056.anytIng.Phone 2-2461, Production at first will e bm
: Zone. Phone 2-2567. M FO p t- C dlaot 4eroorE as. Bidn 17h n s eq, R20 resid distriteCal I.S 2 0 .. .
.. -" FOR S,_E.-1952 Cadillac 4 door East. Building 1, R-20. from B op4. to 5 p. m. 2.2562, PanamA. limited as the oarwill be MAW"
/FA SALE:- venetian bnds. 54 62 series. Bargain -. wl accept n W Rc ..factu eby8. Ua WANTD:- em ty t ld. Norie pe o
t: by 35, $25 00; one 9 by 13 fiber 1946 Chevrolet Fleettine or Ford LOW FARES .... SCHEDULE WIED' 4 wheel drive weapons ha el..
"' rug. 2 nh-e foot bamboo screens. I De Luxe trade-in. Hiram Overall. SERVICE one way TO MIAMI. tye carer t uck. Box 164 MrMui aplex
a, a30-A. Davs S reet. Diablo ,0Ca-' A 00. O .$10 re. t- ahead of Its time. b ada l a
Fii Nigh folding screen, srall book-6. 5330-A. Davis Street. Dialo Ca garita.

case, excellent condition. Phone nnl Z s se. Phone 2-2567. GUAY AQUIL.n. t75.00.. QUITO (N ftr fIt n. system H X1MS11
Balboa.s23173. $86.00. Via AREA. T $.. WANTED: -Smpl furnsed p Amwow
Baboot 2-1 n. i FOR sALryE.-1947 Chevrolet 4-door Route of the Good Neighbor" meant in good section, by Am lan (,
FOR SA elE tce Boda Crystal sedan. Good general condition. Ne s BOEING t E ... en. eseplanes-ROUND couple without child Q-re-n. Call Lynn 8%SON1 U0in

',t conI rover uso, $6000n4 Pilec b attery, new brakes. Call Balboa TRIP TO.un.MIAMI. B$120.60 Phon,- .kflhr1660..
'4 0al t. VnQabe elnDish, Bread 3040.n *.NEW YORK .$208.0 .GUA- WANTiSD:? _Tb Pu;;f ry TIE GEAlelow""
,bei Sldipver Plat r f3O.ut0. a p- F cYAQUIL a135.00. .QUITO .... kitten to E eone' iLL.t.=g..I ,. NeRar
1W.n Abojo, 8toh St eet No. 285 SALE $154.80. .For more details see Tolph Aelboa. o.m "9 t tsl
lien 9 aPA dNAMA DISPATCH SERVICE.. p d Ltso nsmn-o-, J 9da 1 [c.n ....o..h.
SBatse & Motors Opposite An con Buop.. Tel- He We noted
Tomof el egate FOR SALE:- oElectric Motors 1-3d ha.; phone. E- r ll. o2 o1 61 5.dt* I i ol ,' t
is 2 h.; 1-2 hp.; 60 cycles; two re- FROM PANAMA O MEXICO work, no ckiln. M sleep In.11o bl
.. -Dai frigeratlon unlts; several slow speed one way $85. round trip $135 (1 References. Cell 3-402 1 lnt c 6 i o ,guiin tm t o8 8.9190 1;t theftrst 1 _0 '
2e roit Meeting 25 cycle motors; and several dc daoy-limit), $150. 'goad one yeor); or after 6 i.. .m i$IOLDrdt'
tit eingmotors. 1445-A Owen St. 2-3630. to LOS ANGELES. oane way. $149. WANTED: Eployment for maid. Fo W 1' v*obltIs-
S" '. sthieassstat15, round trip $252.35. 90 day- Well recomrlended. References. Rw oI tOld .1 50 sb..-*,0an MA
tp9F uardo rechtiao, generalot Virus Is Suected Ofi limit) Pbnoma Dispatch Service. Inquire G. W. Adams, M. 0. 2- I1tre. 5 h S
tP h Ca.ond Ft e ZognnersOf opposite Ancon bus stop. Tel. Pan- 1695', flh0113 AND SS&Lm
14 7eOfsr k eb4. e i re & C m-rin oulsekeesp lt us lit 1 DRIV-ft) I!Mui $
PAW .,. In delegate to a two R HOID, oCalr, ept. 27 Olntere:l-Meeling Stucent lican- speak English. Preferably Jamai- t i /
oan ermence of 24 of athe -- (UP) .- citntis at the cpar course, under Dr. Barnes. Box can. Take fullcharge for North- T MMN OA "A
CfJSpalnys executives, f I e I d University of California experi- f1447, Cristobal. Tchrp. Best PayiF-3 4u0li-
nanagers and representatives oent station here are invedwtn- PARENTS OF 'TEEN AGERSfd: ughtooll 3-3430.
1ow nTbeing held In Detroit. gatilng a virus suspected o f The social graces afe ao0 poart ofN lnES PULLED... "-,
causing root rot of Coachella every chlid's complte education. RUH oIo her .
Seventeen countries are re- pValley date palms. Lessonis in ballroom dancina and 'UM1Wk.
"" e nh Pknown the sochil amenties will give your
The tte malady, known to child poise, grace and self-assur-
On f the overseas visitors growers "rapid decline," has once. Enroll your youngster now According to a recent survey
Snaonal of the countries. destroyed about 700o trees in the in the Catiflions starting October per cent of An erican husbands
t are coming rom Geroat valley, sad Dr. Ellis t. Darley, at "El Panama" under the dires- help their wives with the 4ote-.
,g).hlin, the Easetern Mediterra- plant patholodgist. h on of UOna Sears. Telessanl work. 1
.a region, South Africa, He said testing for the virus Panama 3-565 for Informatien.
f..lerlnd. Itndila. Pakilstan, was difficult because It is Ian- SAThat figure seems Incredibly
kPhilippines, Australia, possible to bud or g-aft from FOR hE gh unless tuegmen queried
e a4Dutest Asia. Venezuela, Mex- one plm to another. However, TOR S E hig n le ashe W
BIl, Bragl, Argentina, Puerto most viruses have a carrier, said Misce"N"Iftte I3hey.could eeresL=.C
- o, Panama and the English Dr. Darley. and insects found aeintheir bMemoriest
,&c ast Indles. on Infected palms are beingFOR SALE:-Pedigreed Cocker Spae had ever hung up their o
tested.el Pups. AKC I clothes, made the MorningCo
mot ol' t P eCMig el-fee when their lwere trool Fll TOwe *toIII "j?
ip, Pa mnao Plans SHOR S o4-402. Phone Jedioo Miguel r ttoo Ne-t"tt heLMBER
k hion Show S O T FOR SALE:-2pFrequeny Chanbrt move the pidan o hounOlacif eaA
IOA-tI condition, 1410 1280ne.
esdo Night SPLAYS TOO RO3H HP, 3 phase. 25 cycle, 2300 volt R T SN
T.LOUIS. Mo. IUPI-Mar to 1250 KW & 937.5 KW. 3 -but let's not quiaWrel with sta- 3,41
m vin Ringering. 15, who stands a phase, 60 cycle, 490 volt, 300 -&t-csA Let's couuider what you A 43
a i1 Panama will feature feet tall and weighs 145 pounds, RPM, Westinghouee Units wlih gmntt.O do ni yoer onA
Ih show po resde ngted was only "playing around" when Starting Equipment and Gel sn al0 belongs to that- e11i .mal ilmic.o
la"n Tuesday night he pulled his father's leg while Panels. Also 11000 Ivolt, 2e w til e
Dlla VIta Salon. at an the tatter si on a couch. The transformers to 2300 volt 9 notin h.uue
In honor of the visiting playful pull sent dad to the hos- with above units. For lhfewedte10m0 nos wotrorkkr
missions who are In pital with a fractured left ankle. delive.. call Electrical Equipment V inan's lork.
4o attend the Presi- Co.. Inc., Davenport. Iowa, U.S.A. Shall yOU try Shaming him
i.nauguuation. DUCKS DE-FTEATf1ERED 3-8059.wforiinspectiontand t1o the fact 'that hisgwife '1 -
A MERIDEN, Conn. fUP)-Park 3 ont. ftheuuwprtvlleged 5 Po'
-easWion show which will officials were puzzled when five FOR SALE2-Like new coamplettdorka" of ARNMotui women Whose
at 0:30 will -be an defeathered duokings showed pp. rom equipment. 16 MM. lae x husilbanlids the t o lend a .' S'..
atkctio n to guests din- at Bruce P.qrk Lake. They d'i: Movie Camera with 3 lenses. Pr- Rtiond the te4'Se?
6nelng. There wil be covered that the duckMngs had jectoy. Scream. Tiler. Professianal 4 shouldd y00"t** desolajs SO %. a,
ohargn and no ben stripped by Jealous n l- 8 sta nt, lanjo Mandolin Cow, am0y ha g .d him. the tn.s. fl.-
dbsa The public is In- lards who didn't like the new- '$30.0; '5716 Shounts Street. tnt next timn you srt to ..
corners. Apt. D. Diablo Heights Road is,. wa site "Mrem,
(A-poorstte Diablo Camera Club. e.Ie#, the honeymn nl ""
-rWah 444d publisheS toduady. C wo FOR SALE :--Modernized and cat th e tlci r mid r I

5HZ ,, .r ,, ~
FO AL:Pwp" Sum' u"i!Mas*j

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Ts Leads Assault

IBlack With 3 Homers

YDRK, Sept. 27 (UP) After losing ten
lames, the Braves today walloped the Dodgers' a I ?s" %
-.will probably open the World Series against 1 Rt N ts W I 11
Wednesday 11-3. Rookie Ed Mathews led 1 Rosa. I12
on Dodger ace Joe Black with three homers s Arr J. Bravo 11I
4 Don Ortega 10x
two off Black. 5 Resorte B. Agir'ei 11
also clouted 1 I for the home run leadership 6 J Hulncho Q. anchie 116
Sfr the Braves I with his 37th circuit blast of 2! nd <**F-A Nat 9 .
Snider. with a horn-|the season as the Pirates went .uru:lsj P. if .ie : 1i16
was the only Dod- on to down the Reds 9-6. Joe seelmeg S l Mb
any damage to the (qragilola and Gus Bell also 1 Mr. espinosa O.bches Ia B
Virgil Jester. ,c uted homers for the .Bucs. 2 Volador C.I 120
d not hit a homer' The Cubs and Cardinals were 3 Sin Mn A. e 1lI
d all yeAr. scheduled to play a night gameS 4 Diez deMayQ 0c orV 120
National League at St. Louis. 5 Campesino V. cuffslo 120
Phillies topped thI In the American League the
aud St uffel, the win- White Sox clinched at least a 8rd Race "Ca D"Nati e 7 Fn.
walked seven Glants tie for third place by whippinR Purse: g2,5.e Pelo.elibes: 1:45
n before he the Browns 8-4. Marvin Orls- ONP TWO
while ,M ari Piorene sam wom. his twelfth game with I Tuira R. Ouerra 106x
awie prfive teone relief help from "loe Dobson. 2 Arqulmedes M.Arese'ena 99
te up fiv. free, The Indians smashed out 19 3 Mndina E. era 1
h lnng, Ihits to wallop the Tigers 11-6. 4 Valaria) B Ariel
and Bill NicholsonlJoe Tfpton homered for the 5 Lolito A. Pilp 121
r-baggers for the Tribe while Walt Dropo and Joe 6 O'den Bound P. Or e 113
rGinberg hit one each for the 7 Eloina M. Zebailos 121
,)iner tied Hank 8saeer Tigers.
4th Race '1-2" Inpor e .
Purse: $375.00 Pool closes: 2:20
1 Alto Ale Castillo 120
2 Piragua M. Rafael 120
3 Levadura H. Reyes 117x
4 Jepperin J. Baesa Jr. 116
5 CprIsta A. Mena 120
6/E Mago R. L. 'Gil 119
-7 Interlude" 0. Cruz 119 w
5th Race "D" Imipotel i.-
Pule: $00.00 Pebt~ : 2::5
"..... 1 Avenue RoadJ P 1ps 116s
2 Montellto eane 111 5
3 Orlsu Reyee 111x1
4.Anglia R. L. Gil 11. 3
5 Cheriberibin V. Ottega 112
.8th Race "B' Imparte d6% gp.
Purse: $400.00 Pool eloese: 3:351
Flrk U ee of the Depbles
1 Ventre a Terre J. Bravo 111 t
2 Gaywood O. Castillo 114 t
3 High Mount K. Flores 12b t
4Do9 a Eleida R.L. il 1 f
5 Revial H. Reyes I1X tb
6 Delhia 0. Bravo 10a
7 Sislo J. Phillips 1 I
8Trafalgar 0. Sanphez1 10 l

tro 'N ,ar "1 ttm c 24 conle9 were inteWuted
t ee Klpper, Idmntical twin guards of W Net Weo
eemed set for Pricelon, bit ended at Dwt.
,,Mouth. (N.A). ----

* *

Ith Race '1-1" Imported M
Parse: X75.0 Podl eovm: I.-5
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Purse: $376.0 c ..Ploses:
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TO" ... a"s 'a

Iob Stopper

efn Coast



YO, Sept. 27 i UPI The
*Nations Command said
* new sea defense zone has'
set up along the Korean
* to prevent Communist,
mnlcatlon with Red prison-
'allied camps and to stop
tng. I
said stiffer measures;
e taken to halt Red traf-'
ene zone.
_ will be under the direc-
Of Vice-Admiral ftobert P
e. United States Far East-
aval Chief.






Th v'r

On' 'Is5


% Te new controls were order- i 1 T
Mbir the purpose of prevent-
i ttaks on the coast and WASHINGTON, Sept. 27 (UPi tory, the Michigan Republican pan fittmleftm eltoip o pe sccm
United Nations Com- Pr.%sident Truman asserted was the symbol of what Mr. Tru- for evM m." efe
*Md lines of communication yesterday "the old Isolationists man called "unpartlsanship" in "These u 'oft'the U.N.," d at
preventing the introduc- have grown bolder" in their the conduct of foreign affairs. he said t, of g dkyo pull thli
Sf contraband or entry of "'growing attempt to undermine" He said the "old Isolation- out of at e o--k oa t0A ft .1 -
y agents into the Repub- the United Nations. lats," in their attack eon the day they tell s to extead 1 % Pr
X4 Korea territory." He said they "are urging us to United Nations. offer "us no conflict even hf*ttr." t8
i. t*abandon our allies, to pull out of o
UN announcement said Europe and Korea. to slash our t
ralva units have been patrolling mutual security program, and to I AUS NIP LA I, I CU
the'orean coast since the start turn back in our onward march aW :
of tif war. They said howeverr, toward peace." *

..baondcob ,rNation an nnCmt Dies Alone in ConHme
especially in the area around Ko- United Nations Day in the White A H.
afid Cheu. has made necessary House rose garden. Mr. Truman
te Institution of stricter con-Pleaded that the U.N. and other
tlworld problems" s left out of ROME, Sept. 27 (UP) -George torap. fe first beftkhe ublish-
'They p .olitics. Santayna., 89. united Stabes- ed a"lona" aml O1et'Ve
heat on of past incidents educated Sanish philosopher in W iftarklngi ng wee-
ofvlolenec on the part of terror- "We must withstand the et- and poet, dei last nikhtIn a Oatthodirn to nate .am.
lst Crmrnuni.t irlsdoers of war folrts of those who would play single room in the Convent of saaydtna retatedhis Spli
held or these il: ids has shown polities with the security and the Blue Sister which had been Ish ship an de-ath
cotlelos've they were instigated the welfare of ear nation and is homre since the outbreak of t signed
'and gbei.'- by er.,my agents the freedom of our allies." he World War .t 'c ;eConsalbi
landed on 'L:- -" 'il-.nds from small said. Living in almost ascetic seve- 'aa half t1 40
l*salded O v t- 3l.nds from ama nsd. rity with his books, Santayana t1on 1Mintot
rot an d unlst headquarters n "The world problems we face rarely ever left the convent atf- I of Lori W eotM l
h Koa." headquarters not ordinary ones. They are ter the war, but tie received a po when h
not-and must not bcome- constant stream of visitors from
qusin fprypltc, all over the world in his due- e
questions of varty politks, room study and home. Ant"
"They Involve not enti the faterm da e.
oo o nPicket .nbt ft Along plitioal work entitled P -
-uwa of~ our own naon bt ete "Dominaotlot and Powers" was "Nv.,
9a 2 _. hopes and aspirations 'of mali- 'ubllahed to 51 and aatyn .k,
kind." said It woold be the i
Mr. Truman did not name the prolific output -b which t oa' ,
l u As tCifslr&A L oBut he said that despite the mental philosophic works. 'th
WI W SkiIke great achieveinnts of the United lao wok
Nations and the hope that It However on Ids 88th bl'thdb y
KIRMOND, Va., Sept. 27 holds for all mankind, "we face he was still busy putting a five- the ork f cond
,-)- Housewives picketed a within our borders a growing at- volume "Life. Reason and the to bry om le fe ca
W headquarters lare today, tempt .to undermine It." Phases of Human Progres, b of doing e ob "as well -
anding settlement of a "Since Senator Arthur H. Van- lihed in 1905 and 196, In a ter han could do it ,Iyse* ,
against four 1ichmond denberx (R-Mlch.) died," he one-volume edition. ory was present ti Rme
ba isthat has W1de their said, "the old isolationists have anta best known for his a d
driver husbands for 2 ron bolder." an t known for his *
M a t&on followed t filing Vandenberg was
t i tion with .W truck can exponent of
and helpers "* ay" r -partisan foreign
are filing to our rand after World W 'S s
a return to t based His death in r aet
th c TnIM otter brought an end to an "a-ftlill' atach. nt
do =0n ake ich a precedented unity in aba e1rod ued p loe h ter'ste ealh
naa ly. .e-i ; foreign policy. 11aN rad ly.
est Perkins, e of Perhaps morm than any other lie will be burtid in Rome
Women n declio d c single legislator in modern his- where he spett mdit of the past
a bZ d in lneV-low collee-125 years.
W ietaning proenduma. said 27 years.
"iau Is too long for.~.ron --'o rd Ostrid S yana. a one-time -
Moderate O crmMtaN yto Richard professor remained alert
Vif out income." T is A and clear-minded despite his
wiv to pIkebakery truck Trains At Navy age. e showed a keen interest
paraded-4 Ifrn o t orf Inworld problems but last Yea
S headquarters ring nter In US he ald e k laced answer to
lang 'ur Children world problems he had fi ft.
t and "We Demand BAINBRIDGE, Md.. Sept. 27 Years ago.
tA Our. H bands pork." Richard Ostred, son of Mr. He was born in Madrid e ot
Jean Patterson brought and Mrs. Antonio Oatred, 139 I 1863, the son of Agusa
her eIght-year-old daugh- FVia Bellsarlo Porras., San Fran. Ruls de Santayana d Re
ed .elgbt-monfth-old twins aisco. Panama. is now under- his mother's second husband
H a r plackets." Ioln recruit training at the In 187'2. he and his m o0th e r
1 Involved in the strike U. S. Naval Training Center weVt to lbve in Boston where she
closed since Labor here. had previously lived with hb
companies have of- Upon reporting to the C@n- first nhughend. For financial rea-
't 700 striking bakery ter. he became an integral part gOn bi f a t h e r remained in
1W a five cent hourly wage of the Navy along with some an.
aihealth tnsuranoe plan, 70-brand new sailors and will 'Me was elolled at the Bostgm
10 t4hreu weeks' vacation after spend seven to eleven weeks in Latin SchoOl, and then went t
i ears servieoo, Intensive instruction. Harvard.
IHe studied 'at the Unlversit
-of t erlin two years on a fel-
lowship and retumed to Harvard
-to obtain a detrts degree in NEW -- M li
He joined the Harvard faculty the White Wt
Shortly after he received the doe- big c

a1 7

rt itj t. a' < PplM Trli.
-iSa~aYi, sths.. a -

In. ( Wl.ker'(R .) The b OW, titled '
lt 6thrge g was Work," ayt thaft W
K s af.9c Te- I atimlatet the.
c1b6 the MnAc Pty." w r Mhfli*r Iss
Bables MZennla the sub- IK .L

Sfetb have
i attitb oa me
Ie, I. weurte, 1
Wqb buse, 3
k A ttwr Eht


Weas and dl
rA I
SLatin &
there =u.
*la J
I,* sh th '

Mai, Im
L44 W,*u
"0 iLtume
ill Aih-ta

Don't be

Vague -

ask for

New Version Btbbe Jo

By Baboa
, Dual observances to lSt th
first public appearance Ab h ig
Revised Standard Version t 'eV iM
ealy Bible wil be held W l pTl
em both ides i te
lboa Stadium gn
Will 7A.80 while tb -At-
lantiUc at the Iort
her at '7:00. ,
The purose of the vgje to *
Standard Version of the aa 3
clearly defined In the foUwt
quotation which Is the hat
purgrph of the preface to It: 41
"Te Bible is more than. a awes
hktoril document to be Ie- or tl
mse. And 1 Its Up tban a -ti
emIok 1 En'o ah Biotu to be--
BIR O deal-
Aug inR n thalr of "di tla- f
iS*!SI>B.D.S mS" J5

* *,Jk

uw -
opta I


'13 '


tA. 4
;s Am
Ir B.
of ThS

.ofer a

Jbe (lei

r B.

I -

4 .. ..

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, -JA. -;
" .-lfc "
:.- ,- ,-,"-




U ...?


' 4,. 4.:,

" et thf people Imme the tru. h am! tw R t r O-.--.


* <] <
- P re



- ---------

.- ;T ,. .. ,

.D m ,_ __a .



114 e,
- aa*
- .
adh1m' .'

4 4

, Y .. ,

44jktj 7 F BFA 4w
mo' Wu Mr the nun"ry i

in a Meso&tu

*v. ~.. ~

/ -. *'*' >" 'y "v. "' ;",,".
, .- .. .,. .
*........ *.'

V "' '. "



lRING A PRETTY PICTURE herself,,Tooue Oadillac of OW.eraf oly,1
.rtryside near Colorado State college t.. y .qt"

I4 ,


* pg D


".. ,' -

r ,J ". .. '
I S'

*1 ~.
C: ",
--. '

... .

-: .. :; ,.


* ~- ~. -

u 1 7 twhI Fmeet
Xf, h.o1980e11 ot17
Sto the bchepeet~t~ of avi e m a
a.St Olese quarter pad as
exteAded trnIe4 ftoy ws to "po theIr
PMae on Ianpleation liut."
Army ofleaP. who only !tuAoAih tUncieed thwl
E Marrey of eOvillan housing e6 UHaff I athOu. tease '
"lst the y As1M would be raUied to conform to ailtl
, boeiotng.
When queried thi week. they stated the-y a4 .
ilthend to rnie0ee their rates ao*th to meet i* Uew
bikes Imposed by the PftpmA OCnal.
Te at rest crowd f Oveiu Sn fa ne .S.
't*rit Court in Ane6n fo anrwe h a a e
'* W- tea %ulvday whon Obs aflP tOtwa Vt Whre
-'letWe1 the "Stbnrse Geaw" b4 to 1,t. a.
t*au*e U.. Army l tw polle ft W on iitI t
Wft me AInelp nt pftd 4Pk h,*e% W re

Swee .Wtth leont mfe a. CR

.tea.d .of ptatrollte wi ~A.w in. n Ar it.
I' sewlete wihth a Pe a b tl ea so Sarn Mt i'a*
The trps*M ff n bftticweeua Pmami bfftc pofce
p(d the U.S. Army mtlifary Police wa on agate thia
Iwat -W attM SUOM hr=
:- atead of P9UoDtIrA tU wUay In an Arf
joint bighway n-trol wi Rw oO teeaMt t twe M%
'- cvoles, a PtamA poHiema n n m and an MUP h
1t Other.
The Trans-lathmen EhVbway fa the tin v aAMs A
Vfch this patrol wIl loerate f- Ohe aUn O Ble f uMl
dmiverz have Mae eautloned that on tfe gpa". BitOd
St0 miles W~~nha lty Bmita -d 40m n a opo

Pewr men diedas a SAult of tWM ebiM af-
N.. icaragua caught fe at Oe Mtew k
A ai A*0r0.t 9n- ,M-

I u/ at MCM I tahn. WW w td *5SHh f

I .m

S3 Mt OuMcil were 1 nain as s te Aw htee-
AMUit. W4or W .r ebw, w..Ue aM.I
athett. who sthe we iat.
tmoard repreent"awe. snot setaWy Blu rn
for these ame taCews.
tiredd Anrmy eneracl a1s &. OUchefmelt. SeOMS-
S-d h hins Chwoe tte were Oa PaMt l we
I Tt tl Ter" general was IeMeg for cgen-
aP te 71 planes that w"re eeem to a amrie em-
z ..t operates out eo Pfaruoes.

:". .She. CeEmeim Lm 'r^ -
SM O o fw ~ tihe inm-6- Some I0A
aer 0Sb bant 4euISea to at l

w,' Mi ums uMw w et. L ImedIty ta-
'*Magw fial and ammitutitatew refo" r.
'lhe warthiw by the World Bank official sa ire.
eai. vabouat a day by the announdement Mat, 9
RUtbStu h a ut up 8t2f 000 toward an Mtuo-
p roBrami forPansmA, which kicked In(jP e.
aifIies eliot. Tuan Maa sufttered paItafel a.
when a broken propeller stefrk tIs
a e B th laudetg at soas delr Tom
MAit4lla1i hgb3p0t1l.


3i $~

X i *

Mt 0 ae t -b -.^-
twot irawe.tA ^e-04

t e"r msa..m


tet- baf W CTO
ea(m mas -

ager M0-

-?% 04
MI,., 11*

11 ^
i- 1

69W.... .i,.

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", ,,1B ; ti '^M tr j'

Ci.' F' .............


;.m n ,,e~4 ....." .. ,

1k *
:- '. .* .. "B' ,

,.,,-.,, A 3 "- .;"'
Ali1 i-. ,.: ,
iita rBI- Ff,+, 1 "" '3^
B ilo,.B ^^^ RI.-^f! ;ii o, -; ; o

* ^ :' '" -1i: ... ime ,," '-"",.Bi^
,,'N ''^ a '^ 1^ -.'- .* W P9 ,-- ^'
@,,...' .. Wl^ .'; ^ .' _.^ -' ^ "^ ,.;
',... ?s :" i :..: -- ,.1...1

g ^r:,
i'f ^ < -l N W;, .- .,.:....,-
'": ..' .. -'T, : ''-...... : .^L :. .*:_

r -


- .. ..,*
a' .-1-.

o iakme. wfaL : "


The peareM trop c moIon Nts dow
,Vpon the tsimmeinng eM,
While o'er the waves, fotidV otg, frown
The walls of Chiriqui:
Those hoary walls, now mre with age,
Whose tragic annals show
The heartless. crimes of human age,
The depths of human wee.
The vagrant breeze, in fitful flight
PFrom.e'er the distant hls.
The still and solemn air of night
With doleftl music flt.
Around each shadowed *all R sweep
With Welird and IOaffHui fl od,
And back the dismal echo le ka
Prom dungeons n mersmau
Ah, ruthless Wind, that howls at night
O'er regioqi dim and vast,
Seek ye to bring before my sight
Gaunt shadows of the past?
Ah, fretfal wind, that moans and raves
In cadence grim and dread,
Seek ye to call from sodden graves
The long fojptten dead?
The golden moon In regal state
Reluctant sinks to ret,
The night bird, calling to his mate
Flies circling toward the west;
The solemn tolling midnight bell
From far cathedral tower
Cast o'er a darkened world the spel
Of midnight's ateful hour.
From morbid Fancy's wan domain,
Now' troop before my gaze,
In bleak and melancholy train,
Dim shades of other days;
Stark wretches,- lean and hollow-eyed.
Of high and low degree,
Who, here have suffered, pined and died,
The Ghosts of Chiriqul.

., : ..A i.',
'...- .i...o. Z
':, .. -_

t .3


r 42-

The bearded pirate, iron nerved
In scenes of blood and crime,
Stalks toward the gibbet, long deserved,
With stoic mien, sublime;
The heretic, who has presumed
To scoff at tenets old,
By Holy Inquisitions doomed
To dungeon dank and cold.
The petty thlef, impelled to crime
By hunger's griping pains;
The Indian slave, in manhood's prime
Who sordid work disdains.
The honest man, whose life is claimed
By enmity and hate,
Hie patriotic fire defamed.
As "Treason to the State."
I see, in painful retrospect,
A stalwart, .handsome youth
In rich and coutrtly dress bedecked
A-Cavalier, forsooth;
He treats the guard with princely scorn
As, proudly, through the gate,
With flashing eye, but soul forlorn *
He walks to meet his fate.
Outside the grimy portal stands
His newly wedded bride.
In tragic grief she wrings her hands
And lain would reach his side.
Ah. gray and gruesome prison walls
What cruel toll ye take! ..
Whp'o tuer ia yows fedow fea.
What loyal hearts ye break




The eastern sky, with graying light
Portends the copuag day; at.
The prowbgwritx of theli.w
nod M ftetao wn l
With cheering sound the ad Iurb(g wa U
Come tenlangt ort. the e SW
oki to ie*.-do& im..m m -.
ye ,hS of C. .tee .. '-

MIN t ftifili

* -

I 1
m umOSi


* S S
T.~ ~


I -
* Ii

W fl5

- .. -

/ -

o v nt v "
..*.. ... .. .' : -.

S. 1an Pak*&&

Mbil "" today "p
" :.; -

~t L '~: ~

e,. -, --

" .. .- .. ,i .:.' i ,
. ., ".., '. ,
*.Y'*-*. -, *i* C-X 4

'- .. % r '_ ., .-' ;" !-T ^ H ^ H
ti i :* ,.* [ ... 1 ( E

h Nl il,.'t^A .. "-. \, -.i i ,4
..MiSf^ ** ^'. -'.^^

'*1: 1. I

~' .'o- 'P" m .. *, <"' ."* W
-: ,... .. .

' *,

-^**^*^f^^^,^"^ -" ^^ .

l^^sy^?^^.^- 71--
14 Ilk--



h~ 3s~~

~ :~.~iW.*- -


~Ii~v .3'

'~ b- ~

-, r g -***'*-** p p- t r t r t -,
. .-'. -"-*- ..A4 3 < '- 3 9 ^







. .. ..



. to-4. .rA
.- A. 7. 7"

-Y -4

&-l .'J'- .(*t4'






m 1;


7 'N .


~,. 4

i-- :\ ..'r.^
- "** -^

i .^
'.. -- '* >

'. ''*i.

*''*'*- '
v ':*

^. I
" r'' i ..^**?
'' .^

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