The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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U no Week "T *
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m. H *7, r-'o k S, N., OP P. amin "
I x c Y iPHONSE PiIANA Pi -d"A 1. i. L bor Ne LJwsr
.. ..'. gate Ao o MWWa t PANAMA
T"h" Mail 1. IS. NAL Avenoum ftWrUe 1rN 1M Th AND I PM AenTSCnd
pfy i pahPrr-cNTAfleJfle JOS ipHUA i. i0t90wesn ip hA i
** Lfc 45 MCtElOe AVYI NIW on 7 N Vt p r io
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N ALVACIOk. 0 1. 70 6ro le ls otrle
OAe. IN ADVhNC d the rO 140
%,' _, "4__.
Sum Irev OiiUM -- open RFADrIS qr
This l the stoy'e omen who
:-TH L M r L and television airwaves for their
pro-Soviet friends. Nothing less.
0- osItHere Is the prootf.
-oT a A The documflntatlon Is In the
The Mail Box is an open forum for i-d Th Pam er records of Congress, Just re-
H1i. LUcttrs are rece:vcd rateluely and ore handled IuI wholly Confi- leased, t unforunaelY
nI .t:l manner. ported n dramatic detail untU
If you cntrilbuto a latter don't e Impatient if It doesn' appear the now. After tis, It w ill b rea-
ot dhay. Letes arne published i thce order received. sAtonble to ask withat thoe who
e fry to kheep the lelton limi ted lone Page lointh. charge pro-Soviet inlfithatlon of h
Iwodw;er kas wsumr s eorm in bifr ertt @anofioo. our troublesair air never al be
Sith. nd ispapr n etumi nom re pnillty for ot.netmhte a linion* ieaerde as i "Red-balters" or
snjit.:d In lat'efrom ipmad. "witch-hunters."
-- This the Story ef mea who
SALBROOK PX eontrolled the uao eof radio
,Ptwriterso- who prepared tof
pie r entofr'the-mass words f
iNI ) lareby n a eo,006to1A d-
iIt seems th.t the PF; here In Albrook is being run by the as daily a"h who ref sed
C Aia- n m L.aker prnimrily ior the benefit t the brass and their to pernalt that am sto o er
deW lnents. It s service to thel gerorustt
in tim wpet', utm of
His practice of keeping a list of special customers who are writers who te"md Is bathe
nolfittd of tue a rrlial of "demini' merchandise before It is put the Berlin airlift. Men who
*oubon sale to the public so that these special customers can get refined to uppeft lurt twrops
fir*t choice veritime the fact. From personal observation, no against aggression tIn Kre
Sdoubt that is one practice which helps him keep his job. Here tIs a story wth amee,
l, dateI and plaeeR.
There is also the matter of placing special merchandise and Conjure up first a conference
Sredulced merchandise on sale during the latter part of the month room on the night of March
whtai most servicemen's femllies are stretching their pennies. 0, 1048, at 6 East 3S at. in New
Sho tl they will last until payday. York City. Leaders of the Radio
S -i wonder if the Commanding Officer Is aware of these and Writers Guild are In National
S ther discrepancies which now exist, and condones them. Executive Council session.
Si er i ovr, thaton. An anti-CemmunlBt writer,
SDItsfled Patronl, who somehow had iesoed the J -
h n r C .purge of antI-ommunImsts from
othe National teeentive Council
J;EE J OURNEYeINr) Is reading a resolution
i. JEEP JOURNEY which says In part:
bt',1::m "Although the N C is op- o p-
About three years ago I lived at Ft. Oulick with my father. :on wase r nthe m awar-monger-lm, %t W_
Cm who is in the Army.rInesve r that w mand f itheu
Now I Would like to come back. But instead of coming by revthtn agIth
ship. two friends of mine and myself would like to take a jeep u. S. governlaeW t proaims
T C Lnational emergency or dilaren -,,
; and try to make It Ly land. f eti t
; While 1 was down there 1 belive I saw In The Panama that this country Is at war with
Amcrican where somebody had already done this. any other country, the oun
S Also I would like to know it it s possible to get any Jobs and membership of the Radio t
there, working lor the Civil Service or the US government. Writers Guild regions will re-
We would also appreciate any maps or pamphlet that might quest permission of the Authors
be obstanabe regarding the Pan-America'n highway. League for the Radio Writers TIM BROADWAY LI
Right now w re going to college, and lan to leave as soon Guild to offer Its services In
as the term is over. the national interest." oe Htla .il
1 Any cost of thesis favors I shall send by return mail. should Then, the minutes of this *gjjj ftPfget" 4k NT.)
th:v not arrive COD. meeting reveal, according to sea*mAm herNO
mCongressional testimony just, l mn a t n ei
i" T. G. Coyer, released, that: .i Md. = =iSSls'm
b-4 Columbine, "Kelley said that this resolt- s nel (Gre
Denver 16. tlon was Intended to help us irWi 'hiSt p
Colorado, USA. In meeting problems that might Irmed e ire
come up In each region. It I p eft .
"Jm "Jim Hart ido he ulda see lge .t a
JATeANESE STAMP COLLECTOR that si O sf an md r i wI
air T owarmotelR IR itself 4ha 4-ad -e acm m
rn to ateanote the atel ph.h ed M
,; I am very ha b y to wiite to votu. You may be surprised to 'Thls sort resolution he ole g.t n t
ifeeve this letter from a Japanese boI. Istay In thils Momn' heatsl ttb f K
We a we amld.-Hlroshima Student Stamp Club two years ago. We not seconded ." e t-ol-- U >el

Even 4L has sepiqWneea- fzlto exchange, but .--teilj7-m "--o U
M esve hsWy-iriend in vor mowitoy. This letter Is to ntro- an fs the s3ESh ot3. |W M g
ume us toeM colctois oAf yW r country. er ba ifterWa at
tt gtwesttrfe wars. orI the IEflio Wt stiln i r5 a
V nmnvr7 n embe wrt En nllh. and some German- or dStol ofrg tieb Siss ti u "iC^E- i
. We sincerely hone to cant ct wl.h you people. Hoping to t i d of men a the"e? vi..IS tnt l a ,
h oere tfrftyou -ople uson mT ac rers is: In A.nust l ewdy Se s
m'e we ha sm w'ir I a-smiessa kselgobh uea seNan
S0"Hiroii ra them- towards the tPusiatrper- lj) t'fot_ gUSSS
2pan metrter the first of 33.606 deed uanvec ama come.WO
L Tm.CAn American soldiers, Kerley pro- w b"A l sr

GG TH ON Keey wanted to place theoent
'he d O Rad..o n,' m supptrtiLr if the eTer s.aOfMn* Aff o
S I: U. n te world crisis created l- t o Wes ort Co
by ;%he. okrean war. It simply jeealDy hi
S pI raud with dl.l.t he P.a n Conal dl-cctor' notice in the pPedget speratlon with Our, "pam e tiDu" na Ni
e r A.'8 Apll k.e'- V2 ,, .F. reh rced one onb i per own gOwSieoUt. rota l ingtrn
Ion. we a:,./cci. r';'t:'./cr 1i. 17 neIp the Compay l.iM One council member Im- tics dbred
*" 41 B. That ner'fon liv v.'ill an ve us ,'.e cents a week. laedlutelw shouted that he '"Hartl' o terco mae
"r?* was one naper I mls*:.d the week before, and -at tead aot vote for such a re- -- ....
V n ^t have been the one with tl-e notice that esgs G ere ine m t a because "the sole puar- in _.lfPee
Sfr 88 csntr to 2 c-nts a lozen. Ljes the Board of is -pe.f A. rcan occupation la Kialflrl5
SMhave cn hing to do with Co..;misarv prices? i rer was to smash Korean o iiua

r-GYn 38 PlOfteNII Wndopc th e ti
l ae lpS It." According to. hkawk pooPldn'tu

R adinsporfte .4renot;MOW
Theaw was lmt Hart again. Be N, toi se w
.KAL VU AL ia. aia-woAa sro-Caomte low blowst' etah M
t. re ibh fh Cni 'm, thw.r a. .ke .e hse
A Pee.r in-theLoeaboperationwith1or. -. (-"
*eW*e it. v1 nltthe m O e ou n. memrsin t he The 0 nl A riedm
2counoi, seMi. Such a mO- acleeof Oar Ta of Ltd

pln S-r Flaw b aid. _o -
J-P ui~t 70rientsl coin Petto flight 40 Heredity unl k i yjII tJ a IS
S MI e 8h. Apple-like 26 Put forth 41 Concerning o v u-
iaah S fruts 27 Liquiatetat 42 Greek porch a 1d 4 p.-cause"thS_ I2 M _
UPfZ i8 3 Mohaimmedan indebtedness 43 Goad "ofesiow-fme ria !-w.. .ao. in
O -h mi tieo 28 Knights 44Dunolish s wacs tosashRoma IS At!Boo
1tt10 1'n toy 20 Geht away 4 IPsmoUI m
1 I 1 French from the fish, Enlalish school -S Bt m e gBO
sumiuners cat! 47 Short letter 2t U 1
-IM 17Fmy 21DiXigods 48 Red mullet Is am-om
--f I F ios' honem 31 Portents *o alIed cled'nt 0
ZS;ssem 2.Flsh often ---fIs Of wh at
24t All (prlefx) -- the hook 50 Pull a1oBl ternal

o ma ofi -
~~~~there Is. -. ..

_Iillh Here ls a uigmat
wriers, e

d id political naiete 41
writers, thesewo

Ala :n.h ::.
'el be"--dij~ng sd etS

Jnid o 11 %1
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Wi l In N York
Wincell n Ne




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simplicity and profound faith ID
er..."Without WSoar tA tb4t l 5. r
from an asassin. A -d r...
rub- offers a 'jungle dih et a I te
.OOw "Ivory Huhter" Is 1W *
ovie venture. Howt-*j..."Th Il
see's Kirk Dougla beg
bth- a vIgOrbus outdoor aagt jf..A rb !Aa* I
sen- ed "Btanty for the min l A wmlta
ule." whistea..."Bea TigeM" adM-a, h
.K M m..-- A ITe a n AL 01 Akf -$1W

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12 M. Mor'
5W *D -~tU' '- ^.. ^ ji
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PAM Sbir'B

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Pla ne '' a"l' 5"ian

9 and Freight-Ships and Planes-Arriv a
-._ ." ^ im 'al ; ". I -

- tImqr .auale Is invited

Tell Probers Some More
BINTON. Iept. 2 (UP Moore safd tn his deposition
.tiMveUigatpors wtll question that the Jakr Drek Watson. U.8.
Justice Department offt- attorney in fit. Louis, admitted to
T. Lanmar Caudle behind him the Justice Department
1 doors later today on solight to block the grant jury.
as that attempts were'tnvestigation.
to bloek a 1961 grand jury The inquiry later led to the in-
finto St. Louis tax scan- dictment of St. Louis tax collec-
,tor James P. Finnegan.
Kenneth B. Keating (R-I Keat4ng said he expects the
ONid Caudle, former head subcommittee toast thirireek on
eepartment's-tax division, his suggestion that Supreme
par before a House Jud!- Court Justice Tom C. Clark, a
a- subcommittee investigating former attorney general, be in-
I',artment. vited to testify on a Detroit war
.tIng said Caudle also wi;. frpud case.
B**ed about the backgroundd The Detroit case involved
aM, nistratlon" in tile agency. 'charges against Norman E- Mil-,
Sudle was ousted from his ler and Associates, Inc.. wartime
ce Departmeht post by (engineertng drafting firm. It was
ent Trumah fbr outside ap- started By tke Justice Depart-
"incompatible" with his meant in 1944 but dropped six
al job. years later afty tt became "en-
'rebled by age," according to
subcommittee i-n v I Le d committee testimony.
e, former Atty. Uen. J.' A letter madt public by the:
dMcGrath And former 'ubcommtlte showed that one
Atty. Gen. Peyton L. Ford of Miller's attorneys thanhid
After receiving a depo- Clark for auggestlng that both
last week from Federal sides agree they would not men- I
George H. Moore, who or- tion that Miller had been con-
the grand jury investiga- evicted of robbery at Davenport.
.eGrath also has accepted the' Clark headed the Justice De-.
oftommittee's invitation and is partn.nt's criminal division at
lheduled to testify about the the time.
middle of this month.

8. h -................ .......... .
SHi etfiritwd Ch illeam i bMl are"

..tB Inif ............... ...
NEW YORK SaIff EK, -, *'* *m
8.8. Ca pe "a ....... ...., .,.. .
.8. C Y a ...... ;

Passenger Salate to. ails r

S.S. amirt ..................'S t .. ,, ,.. B.. t.
Weekly eigs tiwlfv Passage M
c =am mew L o w Anguls= =


We wish us ammeu~ee anew ~ui
ShIM k? 3rnrnsg~,e~u
veek~ kern
retwuheg ft~rn Lea
moUths, effeethe Sept.

o.w ,
r *-

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3b.e~ ~z'
b ~.

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Tenrvist Acks' ed

SBin i Named

.Ob bS ly Herizog

In a prsia- -mtw .nt
"The Communists are fretting
. ever the .Stllbty of the govern-
int. to iVS Aeltal and econo-
SPr a hI added. "They
want to te an epoch of
Sl O aigd.'vigence.
"'thev needed a pretext, and
1ig ter oWS' on two minor,
S [ai ment officials will serve|
thomait ly as an excuse for them
to ~~~taBon, mistreat, attack and
If ne-seary 'liquidate' their ene-
IDBess. '
Imlm m

nv $AILR: CheWohmion l
IBLuxe 4 der Sedan.
bluek. ust lMe new. Easy
I1k .t. Central Ave.
Ceo6n. Tel. 300.

. awI WLDIM rPlasIe
lfl l 7Eif ATONAa IZA V
.~KC A g~s


t .. '.I.A'S POW'

._-. maill .1h

theS Fdl
and sve up to 21%I
It's a beom travel year to
EIrope.. meeW mI eoreo
Pw e*go ng@O CuEd, be.
***** A shm boWkf lOW
S.. e*n If yW*'re going in
kil, wam --hed si A dal
Semm~, tMiem lleM dinshie.
tt i, by Vofug Iner ye
saM onR yoer icle rd in
*pefetoel Phone we tfMy...
er Wervices a Aflo

II v
1I0YD BNTHmn. mM

SNo. 3 "L" St. Less Park
Teal. 2-2m08 2-3M

/ McoaeRPMAtHa aI mIN S tOAtURM 1*4

Royal Lines Ld.

B.S. "CtZCO" ............................. S.. e.. pt. 11th
SANTANDIR and t 44 M.,tot

S "DURA ............. .... ......s.,

Pi. B,

a@ M
OP .,;: A ./

F fr t AST A M UteI& lIA
t.LOOK* vaEYv TaeHIWs a /PN aT
11FE444v3I Ea:im y
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;"* '0 '* '*'"" -.*':' '". ^
. . . . .:.- *..A.. *. ;.!_ ... .*y .' ;'-.. *',

MW.;, H

t-aw at

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4rn utWyU in Swa W

AMuOK ebple Club
cl ub of the
: 0tt Church
6*-mmwaSwi at T:30



3. ,

4o l .1

S M wi1st MnmMUs oW
4Sevs ep 66 250 pound by
Deitking Nescaf6* Instant

Tim Precious Flavor in Ne No
i.Swafed-lftil she moment yrm

*A* Wlle Put a tsapeeft of

4EBay go Iry dM'Strenga to
Suit Evwyone 1ri4e FLily.
or" 'WwidiAn or Pure..
N fltSiwst.oc46.

It,^ -;Yt

ill Hear

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~wrwu~Irrwtr~nMe alt
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Bwn^ ^ aaIL

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-- .5.


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I' &

"You mean White HorJ"

thiop o W feane the rich and'm l o- .your
WlsHaa whisky. From where etnalso eimoBm but
Sutilmd&t.- hos af Scoath wht, wht WiM abm
aMd mehMbeOawbied to ptorods th *of tuks.*
White Ri isa penanent m !ap h.e 4oMid
and welcome 4

yoiumtein vky. foty

WH..-ESv..S J .. 3'- .SE .
Ilk tr ^ J _. m ,i ?' tml fi it ^



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t~ jtNtt>IaPt-**.AtV~

*' ^ ..i ,
- ,' -m t '

You Sell em...When You Tell em thru PA. CIas s

I leave uour Ad with uuof ul ur Agents or our mofitcer iu No. 57 uH" SH's-- a a i
No 12.17Q Central Ave. Coleu .

I *


Salon de Beileza Amuncnao
o5b West ISth Street

Cathou orm i Staftr
io.on ulamtdqi.ti-p4one m

Agencia Inernaimuul de PuMkicacinu Prpaga k.A.
ts Lottery Plans Phaoe 3-ls1 a" tS Imt s

"^. ,c M, 1* u

hed ot asulr
when he wa' .ivea ft

Ia bAterAnn* = Choa

ik th


I Mill

SF..-OR SALE OtTS therertowK
.. -.....'I. unl d s1.g C OMO& S .c...g tO toNA be mlsifno whenP
go e hgheh a deals -el- Pure ed- w ith t g In s Caled S to report btkkI
Sel A An e i crvice PersOnnel and Chil|,la FOR SALE. Mahogany bed with = %m. A eottm iel
20a1 nce n Z ____ ov Emplove S.mmons mattrdes, white night 11',t "S1
SWENDEHAKE medical clinc iInsist ert table. 125, baby-stroller, 55.00 l daero d ltoe W h authorities belt
Estud"ante street No 140. between vermnt Enploves Fnor ce Co high chair, $3.00, ddies, cooking af l edto' to 80uth ARi'etA
'J" and K Street Phone 2- wh ,a y le uo new utensils and flower pots $25 liv- ltsith
3479 a. .ngroo suite, $200.Phang 3-
CASH money a good 4 door car' ?Y 1UH1J N 390. ng R, ,EMOQABLE ALUMIUM Ur SC
S K T Church School
195 1. Thmas aReal Estate Agen. Nl. 43 AitemaeM SRw FOR SALE:-Solid mahogany bed-oPn visit or O SCRE. FRAMES
cel. Central Avenue No 259. PheaF 3..4 8-4985 room set of twin beds, chiffonier 1, Nt ., ntit n Sundtay d..F.
TON 3 -1069 FOR SA '48 Buick converFtiObl ECrBta, pho ?* St. Nee C0o baphn t3-2 01 kI'% AT f .
EW LOW F S SCHEDULE dynSflow in excellent cotton St. N8w Criso=,C phone 3.-287/. Cra 1' t C l40anS Sth At St. uke's WTE ,
SERVICE one y.. TO MIAMI... with oil accessories. Con be finan FOR SALE: Diningroom set, A t lotggg. SUwifte ice bo 111 46, 11 111% to t0% hrcrat han WATE-- O V O-csa
$ 7.00.. NEW YORK. .11000 ced. Phone 83-5110. choirs. 2 arm chairs. 1 extension an y other screwt e Too the C a- ed sand a
GUAYAQUIL.. $75.00.. QUITO FOR SALE:-1947 Oldsmoble 98, table. Sideboard with mirror, ma- 6-441 Gnim.., 4-567 Pedre MIu LCan be removed or i o tiS. l .ke, pBisopBal, mn
$86.00. Via AREA...."The Hydraomtic, radio, good condition. hogany. Good condition. Living- ue. l ced In a eW. w pen for the ll seelon Lather
Rotet of the Good Neighbor" Telephone 2-4225. House 750-A. room set table 'with mirror, very W h. f or 4 rpoted wet te on rnday at 9:0 a.m. It was ernec
BOEING 4-engine planes-ROUND Balboa Road. cheap. No. 26 East 37th Street. F i lP oean dllR a -ht -t-liae" noh d today. It.was ---,.
TRIP TO..MIAMI.. $120.60 i rd upstairs. cO EN eeping job o i upr ten-rit e
.NEW YORK..$202.30.. GUA-. FOR SALE: Bargain 1941 Ford uptairs. RENT keepingJob.
..NEW YORK..$202.30.. GUA- Fmotor and body overhauled. Per- FOR SALE:---Haviltnd china service 4~-rame never ut rot or dent | as hl aupe by t A
YAQUIL $135.00..QUITO .... motor Id b odI2Per B-Ae for 8, no.w peatel Rose pattern.k neveuat&tn ot or tienet teacher. Course h I J ba
$154.80.. For more details see fect condition, $250.00. B" Ave. Bori 8, new $4..Cl Ro patternvy 2271. n.onie dt Seed sllt. Of witeho an hrCd As s
PANAMADISPATCH SERVICE.. Excelsior Shoe Shop. Panama. Bargoin $45.00. Call Navy 2271. FOR RENT: Furnished ho e, n ciour Pe -0,
Opposite Ancon Busstop.. Tele- IFOR SALE: -UIe tires, passenger FOR -ly rde double, 2 ll me alon Admiti more nr u d Ikht. pe. M mr I S
Sphone.. 2-165. & commercial at Agencias Cosmos, espeioally mode to order with w- Vista. $200. For InformationrTek
~- ?OR AL oen Automobilena Row No. 29, tele- karate head board and two night 2"0421. EO. F NOVEY, INC. he trnsportaton ls proved
ORSALEoPaama2-4721. cabinets of native mahogany. Roll- hedule can be en
out consists of deep box spring and FaRn9 An at the Debhnoues
h its ta i SALE :- 1951 Chevrolet 4-door Goodyear airfCm mattress with FOR RENT Tel. 014, At th sme housed g w
___________ De.Luxe Sedan, dark blue, with De Lux cover. $175.00. Currier,S Tel. ,140 At the awme hou r, the ad*bl- n m
FOR SALE:-We have a few Tho power glide, radio and heater. 167-A, G "ndaBo. A. vrtl 8 wth the toriRet r Pfna
FOR SAea few hl PO 167-A s he lau will mint at t2he (*%e- A1Ig.
25 cycle automatic washers at re-I new battery. Only 7.000 miles. 0 11s11.1wiy R ev.R IN C a wi the e R e. lee onc5ai S
d- $r. Mr 1,700.00. House 8-B, 6th. St. FOR SALE:-Sidebaord, $25.00. Ice A -LToMRAVO P IaM In'S PANAMA IROK ..0 INC. ra strJucr 0d B.i
clucd prces Muelerl.Co Urga Spar ALHAM B blANINrt.i m*taf_-s *. a oi
truCe 2pcs 90 e 2r 459 C as Cr t 1 box. $20.00. Colds.ot 25 cycles, Two and fi e rnve room furnished and III ** X ... .. it l o
ton. Central 223. Tel. 2-4591. New Cristobal. $30.00. 5723-D, Noble St. Dia- unfuraished apartments; private on-
FOR SALE:-Do ot pay more than FOR SALE:- 1947 Studebaker. 4 blo H s. closed gardens. 8061. 10th Street." LISG: Panf m Fellw Itm
B44.55 net, for your new RC-80 door Landcruser, $850.00. C an e o New Cristobol. Telephone Colon ode1 P iIsBmIn dVW Sa 9 Fr.

no rtn, Ctentral ve3, or nt our m. 40. Quartermsester m ttrm. jee FOR RENT:-Spacious apartment, 2 B- -es-tn mtl
branch at No. 56. i Avenue. Pan- FOR SALE:-1941 Oldsmobile Con- smoking stand. Hose -. Sh. bedr omsh, fvingroomS, dinlngr em, "" tr D
ama. vertible. Creme colored $275.00. St.Nw trab porch No. 27. 48th Street, en Contary to the p
FOR SALE--Carburetor, new. Ro- House 760-C, Barnaby St., Bal- Vista." sCtal r tt by e nse t thl.e pro
chester, for late Chevrolet. $6.00 boa. Tel. 2-2984. FORSA LE:-Wtnho ye, Irft coi FOR RENT:--An prtm nt th- MODIpN FUeeITURE you ct notmy p@m t and ,
Currier 16D A Gamboa. 1942 Up 4 Door W 2 O condition FOR RENT: -.Ant apartment with- MODER NFUfMITURE you are not my captivesg, ==md
Currier .D A Gambos. O___ FOR SALE:- 1942 Packard 4 Door, apply 1524-D. Govilaon Area out furniture. House No. 20, 13th Mte am l et e l d
Madge Locke's Dancing School Sedan, good condition, $350.00. phone 2-4164. St. San Francisco. Call Balboa 2- heprDe fW-l IIloMtII l ere.
Reopens Saturday. Sept. 6th. Regis- Paraiso, C Z. 103 Apt. H. Tel. 4- FOR SALE: L egtrotor, 25 cycle eightt wellake It car
trtion 10 12 noon. Cur ndu C m 268. FAR SL* -g- R thttor, 2 |yl. o .. d SKwt- is .
lng taught. Beginners and advanced' F OR SALE bedt. Phn 44.2 6 -. ,u,,. af'y e
Rcea at t R greon e .., 0ethoom, kitchen,
Real Eae FOR SALE:-2 Rttn armchair, I age maid' t East 5 .o -
WANTED SALE-Lvin country, house ffee table, I foot Stool, ex ellnt No. 20, mr'- Fe
INDOR ALE :-Lean cou-r, hue condition. 46th St. No. 44, Apt. Ave. Apply upstairs.I t,.
"*'e nroll sPOnS B 6.500 Call 2-1991. Le Boca 4. enr ance Cell Colombia OR RENTl-- ii pi vi-
WAN'TED ..Service mon and wifte Od n Altamir, Tel. 2-3473. 8.1 .e1 or
looking for furnished apartment. nI- 2-5Pl- o
No children. Call A2c Gene So N : dMeei B Iti Anad l lt
frebIeltrorAlbrok 2218. r- lro Ur e st pryce ttt age, P I-
WANTED :-DOIel motor boat, mi. WS .Cw., e li letter a d- .OKEN...
nimum capacity 90 ton, 400 H.P.doeto: x it
or emore. Must be in perfect con- 1 roh l Pdd- l -- *n-lO p .Mao "t: almor e34, h ise ne the to efl_
dition, patent up to date, prefer- h p rya c ouiti-lsgl aea le t an tutanl W tatS t heLR~. u
ObIy fishing cutter with refriagera- o te G, a RaCe C. ttreably witha uditinge ; e 5ua- service aW d indepdm n t lawmulwsSt Tst able "s,
Na. 15. apartment No. 5. 2-(UP-Retiring Prif S tiOn eooparlence In letter eddreaed to m rsOf. 3t St. and Gils
WANTED: Araerican couple. No stronger con trlsl wanwarmArnegnEmb_.__ 31s1M- ,e i,* r v t
chen. Need furnished prt- ed tht "the cost of FOR EN: urnishd room to ame oldpate med t hispastlife.

i Fort Clayton. meets again. -"a^J AUg a._
WANED: -mericatean family wants pe before the C aholinas*l%".t-fam ts *ga t he ade tt.i
f be r aPartment or home in Association of Retail Cloersi ", Ad*l w, I ehis _
Paomma. Phone 3- 697 *ro 8- and Furnishers here,8 Aovebr
12 t1:30 toe5:00. said: 3o ilm Mip mre tt Prea O Nov. 1 wr m
WA IDGood home for 3 healthy I. for one, believe itunwise I-CMe.'t.1b' IblfU M tertd in N oroval C.Z.. a7ed w_. s-
gepfTr. for 3 months or perma- until the next regular session firs tMolth of the Unlited Na-ani adbPp P h lp frtem fM
nerrily. Telephone Panama 2-3067 Of Congress. with a price con- tions drive f an Ari t we0^ t .'horrbly tautg-m A few years back ee1 dTsd
6:30 p.m. trol law and weak as that whichrUiTouah air power in orea a."-
we now have." wrwl'C 28 pre-warned North -. tatthe.J "4.ruImn his m Wh
Frrec noc na whsteppeddow tayA ammeM. rlth lo. Indochina w o the ame ate. f K's Suspension
Ca Now Repulhse aa d f i .sa, waofne. .rve t ht a "a11w-Co rl of Habeas Corpus
Attacks By Reds called Into pecial session to wair-wery North Koreans and apWprna-p thatMf abea )se pu T
Enact a stiffer controls law. their Red, Chne msMteMrs po l appc the amAor
le "Moreinternationaletroubleen niOketo ata=hMANUA Se ptd( (UP) Theld
CON, Sept. 2 1UP) -- A"oe itarrt atny th r Aaoul eN Al's nid rh i iS' nehP

withi at reinforcements.cident, ~hee~mbined effects, o T.el almalof eo3000 bes dbomb : i'Ids.he i, hb
Srb rrorste High Corn rsaid. land the cost ofrlivingcam RAug.5 that 78fttesghwouldb e aSt- er o mnArtsent dagas

-sereaong benoughse the enemy's creas steuhd drotth wl 1 ag-e satn et"
ebls Age inp rebel attacks "Even without agoeedrI n-t_1606 0Mr ea ndse,,. isse u A d. couright reectheda president
Witnalawt reinforcements. cident, the combined fft ei r Of _W ad tewrift of habeas rsgS.
the risngmepeltibaree Sw nb- t*g* of o*tof W as as haln g m ag r as om
me tdld a Press conference tonal defense the lied eathf naplm b aan oitsee w Urk ...r..u i.n.o. fthae ascodnowb m
potential was declining, and the tantially to the 1pv"1 e XVpI U nam 1 e He hasalaIiin rn itonrado, ,. o

A2FEW & o e.... ....."
rebels A-ige Incapable of launch- of the aver amydUaring ,#,,.,a $be 53 awaitingVeneuea t

Smidinah ea thegr Mi .5 M Mgt- y .7:=-

BUIKS & CHEVROLETS Koen sideof 10i..EZT
for delivery at n t we el,.a
ome. ofrme r trimn'
NewNrk N R EJ, ...."

Cana Zoe ..

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at pramt am.

Yugosq T~mx
- Sitg
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"}. '*. I -. "

it SiX

.ewls Service
t4 Tivoll Ave -Phone 2-2291 and
ourtI of July Ave.-Pnone 2-0441







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Yankees Win On Homen in iid1

. "
iL 4A 4-,

Scarborough In 4hree-Hit

Victory Over Ex-Mates _
a --
NEW YORK. Sept. 2.-(UP)-The Yankees L
came through with a 5-1 victory over the Red Natio League
Sox by hoisting four homers into the high wind TEAM WMe Lost Pet.
that lps'ied Yankece Sfndiun at the tailend of the Brooklyn .. ... S 42 .6
coastal I'uri nc. New k .... 52 .59
St. Lents .. 7.. 57 .5
The Indi?ns pouirded out a -9 In the National Lea.ue. the Philadelphia .. ,. 7T 5 541
victory at Si. Louia tut th"" ,lGants stayed nine games behind Chicago 6........ .43
dropped a 2- Ilii-inninz- srcoigI; he DoC(gers with only 27 more Boton ....... 56 71 .41
gem-" decision when a tol-r o ola by, winning 3-1 at Boston Cincinnati .. ... 57 75 .32
rainstorm vr-med out three run then losing 5-1. ttbu ......
they had record in the top o: th. Th Cubs topped the Pirates 8-0l
ai:.t'h thcn loot 5-4 in eleven innings TODAY'S GAMES
Th.' Athletics who now hair The CardirrIs defeated the Brooklyn at l Pilladelphia ()
won 14 of their last 19 eames ant Reds 6-0 and Cincinnati took the No other N.
hve f.rious d 'ern' on the pen-I second contest 3-2. No other games s eduled.
n-nt, split at Washington where The Dodgers at Philadelphia EERD' ESULTS
thvy won 9-8 in ten inhings then .nd the Tigers at Chicago were First GameDAY EULTS
]r-t 4-2. .ritnd out.__ nicago 100 000 014-6 9 1
_. ttscurgh 000 000 000-0 3 VI B..B,
Pollet t6-15), Main and Gara- ennis Champtonship,t ndTIa A LMIS

r, lo 0,oV3 1e7 $350,000 TV Tag On Big Bout
S iSecond Game

New York 000 00o0- 7 1 i T $ 35000eT J Ta OaBigwBo t
S "iBoston 2000 001 0-5 0 4 1 o
nWilson (rt-13) and At-Cooper. et. U Ts (By P.)
S "Second Game Ntion al ne n
New York 0020 10 100--1 7 1 The manager of Heavywihtt

Boston 200 001 20x-15 9 t it Sl a l iiiea s o ie o in G0-1 and Westrum. tghU Cor bhe til.
Johnson t4-19 and Buros DIOat.orn delphIa with Rock Mau -
on a Despitre At ostpo n lemTen ts
St.oLodusm0 000 000--2 7 2 h nhV e ohd la Bocchlichlo mes h-"Wh
Cincinnati 000 0r 0 00 0-30 4 1 -- 0, rn dg1l 1e S. ,069 por l pa
Mizell t9-1,, Brar1 e and Rice. trat-op n m ns R..em llfA flqhj lsye]lply
SSecond Game Tennis Championship have e- week. a e
Ja. Louns 200 000 000i2 7 2 cAded to keep today gnal Today Vie exas of Philad- oehihio admo there

Perowsk '11-, and Rossi. Elwo Daveort Daveprt made this Jo k 'pero of or. In anm .WUtt and 8r. d 3.

tte a Brookn bwli aley lmatche today as epe ste a sCond round mat. may Na-
nnts f.tthepmdsributin a A eaturat a newy au-omaic pinsp tt.rt says his committee .l 3. h
z mache employs electrical, electronic and mechanical C TEAM o Lost e' sti f u da. Toen ll sec s t -lgh .

Sball against pit cshons, n which a switch i instlled. ( A) C velm ....... 75 dy to mke or the o .
Phil elp ao .. .. 69 61 .511 'I tial strt could btckfire. is .e pl n hortdw a' .
Slo nd G a.m.1.. .. .... 67 62 1 C lam p UIs ilp IUvs ham pi to!ne ke

S LAST W EEK -Yes, S r. ''G2 reunion, Lop 0 to B oay, i e1 ohiachapn eaut uCt
CniTODAY'S GAAd.S s heule 2.h Ja Amadops itxapOi ,bSaeltlechnea3 40w

Ites the LAST K to stretch your dollar ago (o). t h veteran shooter outlasted the Mahi wt
with our own during our ANNUAL SALE R a at Washinton you g-hittng Pe Bill D- agenda at our annual aets
which es SEPTEMBER 6TH. -N. arncrgw to cop the club Montreal.a
Oo teheader Po s e main Seet1 nsaile. T. winning margin,
and entire Suits won't be seen again e1 ~t~1aoe is A eed of thre e thousand Rfet i E.. May d
PhidOlphk 11 0i 1-9 10 t wi .h tad for the Ct Q Tarack and .flGHT: E. Ham Ul-
HKellsNYr, k.ucab, Powler. Hooper ,t-iC' mMall game which were House,
(8-141, WrIght and Astroth. heltd t e La Boca Ball Park, T fD FLIGHT: M. partner
SEC RT Marrero. Johnson (0-6o and L hNc. lien c hed hi
LrLR LeJ K lmatchenioda claned.mayPLIGHT: DN. Kissing
L trtiE nGe- cau e sprint crown of the ed ed. usln 1 up.
hSeneedtlme Rep10010024aReby nosing out Swaby in PIG f tHT: e. Wood lick-
alat-CnPhladelphiat 100 010000- lo 4 0 the 1 m eters. Faustno Lopez, ebi Jf. a6 and 3.
bPanama -- 0olon W-shndton Am11cN00e y1x-4 8 rillant _namanian mier toy-._
othebo (19-9 and Astrith. ed with the field in the 1500 me- "-7-
t6 ayThe reupT:e A &
Cleveland 040 030 020--9 14 1 T uldt
a. #110 000 010--3 7 1 100 1 MEN. A: 1. Al- e
Wand Hogan fre Or ; 2. Oliver Swaby; 3
U flIWEVK Y e/S i Beardc ct-4, yrne and Lester Time: 11 seconds.
Courtney.N 400 Y MEN, A: 1. Les- lTy RACE
s th LAo '-ch- ter Sobert l. &ric Waldron; (. 1--.T. n $35tt.40 s6. $5.30.
wiho..o...w.n. ruL wALP.0.. m.: aa .s-hgn.i, .ag....",

Cleveland 00 00--1 0 rnkia.Tm 3-U
SgSt. Lous 020 00-2 2 0 1500 MtTRS, MEN, A: 1. RACE
wSP TEBRTgan. 3. Jose Aluas. Time: 4 min. 53 2-T-ra $. g
Palge (10-9) and Courtney. es. s
~ g,~ j(Called on account of rain). 100 METrRS MEN, B: 1. Cal- OOst) $1(.00nJouin-
in Hall- 2. ndwin Dennis; 3. Sola)9.m
Boston-New York doublhead- Charles blackman. Time: 11.5 T- RACKE
er postponed. One game played es 1-- Leb t 4 4.
wat night. a mu.
DI DNeok 150 METERS MEN. B: 1. Char- -- .
DISTI DAND BOTTLED M lbOt-_ 2 1les Blackman; 2. Vern Fletcher; (La laresPrtal) *30.80.
New York 2aS 000 00R--5 1 TnAne:8 o o usCaE
,IN Kinde"r 4-4',. 1rodowai, De- 41 0 Ms-t S, MEN. 3: 1. Vorem C IO re INEn. 3.E0.i
ANlock and fhe. cflft he, 2. Ernest Lee; 3. Lester1O V ltoeD2

header Pospmed. Lab). i00 MrTERS, GIMLS: i. MarIa (ae *5.40.
_obers; 2. Dolores Baker; 3. El- -
fll '0 Oscar. Time: 13 se30 01
iHAS VSE PONw AT SIS i--mgag nme, pwe.6s
iA METERS, GIRLaB: 1. Cona-a M F T G

ESTABLISHED 185s fish, tsk to.hem home aJhse 81-nand ar.T is ia $3. $4
E COput tTe mn t. ubn eMs M -c In the softball otween 3---Rod e HipdI.
... ..... I meritin. Tht n t .mlerteoy 'e A dn J .' AlI at n 3 and.

tcheib( ansmt h e Paiftih Af Star.. the Pad- iACK
1Terry with a fh fl Sde te m won a brilliant 3-2 i- aSSP. -
et*orno13-.2J and Reg.m,_r !rplota 2.Oliver oward.

for Ses amrn.. We--.Ti)e::- --e
Cleelnd 00-001 2 ads

Samuel Smu g!i -t Jf ..o
JL.J -.-. S -gr -, _Comm so~....

loiw same a .mar ow ,torue
|1e fluqb'be eqs seuce me tee'
.he| r' asa wir says
'-., .....-.b,

I '-. -

.- ;,:; .- ., .' -.+*-
2.-'j r *.-.-*

* *JL
*44 ~i5'~

-D -


were given.
The r t
10 yrs.:
Hiam Bam

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b. Tw.^

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l,^r, i"

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Ask eyiaptisticated travelers. ieme fnhl ttealfeIf p
Iendly f or Swtqo ft, ei ..t ,iS or d a n
othw things. Buttll et'tiklm t e'susquti f 6*. l
juit a te'm *a different m *b a.a1. + 0.1
panting and espy. M d MVit uy Wfly .-
lt flyiqn .at A fimH ,- :W fk 1- '
.rvilce: Ii C nqvfitd -luxvry.DC6 w-m -
or* U Ipqfnsf t n e t ,SU *.U0I

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;^'~ ~ ~~ k-*-1fi ^ '^l
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" >' ^" -" :. : ^ ^ W,+- 1 *'-."* :-

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.++ .. +. 'v,., -., ".fl ;:,-g;.J+,.-
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Top 500'


"Let the people kno 9wi. tke e,'wtA d ekry I wfl
0.- 11 11 1. 1

btsNam fJDC6WRA

NEW YORK. Sqpt. 2 'UP) -
The I.abor Day weekend total of
accidental deaths climbed above |i |mI
500 today as Americans ended' L in Je
their last summer holiday of the

Latest reports to hand show
515 violent deaths occurred be-
tween 6 prm. Friday and mid-
night last night.

Spark British
r l* ua I

A United Press tabulation H IIy l I ll yU -
shows this total includes 393 on JIn V is j
the highways. Drownings claim-1
ed 42 lives, plane crashes 12 and
miscellaneous mishaps 68. FARNBOROUGH, E n g I a n d.
Highway deaths were well un- Sept. 2 tUP)-Test pilots de-
der the 480 predicted in advance monstrated 700 mph speeds at
by the National Safetv Council. igmonstat 0m ph, speedsI at
trffeas wa Dthe all erful jet fighters at today's
461 traffic deaths was the all- opening of the British aircraft
time high. industry's annual flying display
Heavy rains hit much of thand exhibition here.
E daThe star of the week-long
rMidwest and East. dampeningf military and commercial show
traditional labor rallies and fes-which attracts visitors from all
tivities and washing out many over the world, was kept under
major league baseball games. wraps from the speed point of
New York City was hit with'view, however.
strong winds and heavy rains
that were the tall end of a tro- This was the Gloster Javelin.
pical hurricane that earlier a new all-weather interceptor'
claimed four lives in South Caro- fighter with an entirely new
lna departure in wing shape-a true
lina. delta triangular wing.
Chicago also was buffeted by Pilot Bill Waterton kept the
an early morning storm that Javelin, which has been ordered
tore down trees and power lines. Into production for the RAF,
The three-day weekend mark- throttled back as he put it
ed the last summer holiday fling through its paces.
for most Americans, and for mil- But the combination of ef-
liens of school children it meant ficient wing shape and two
they would soon be trudging back 800-Ib. thrust Sapphire et en-
to classes. gift )Oleft no dEou that the
Javelin to i spetsonic, and
Taker a m n peculiarly fitted to Britain's
Tauker FeaBmau Wo need for a fast-climbing inter-
ceptor to catch high-flying jet
SLUr d %6rAk bombers.

SI proving
The American seaman who
was rushed to Colon Hospital by
launch yesterday after he suff-
ered a stroke was considered In
good condition today.

The Javelin can probably
elImb to 40,000 ft. in three or
four minutes.
The 700 mph fighters which
displayed their speed publicly
were a De Havilland 110. a
Hawker Hunter and a Spe-
marine Swift.

He was identified as Edward -
rFenton. 34, of Malden. Massa-
chusetts, who was working a-
bpard the tanker Esso Asheville
when he was stricken.
The Emso tanker sent the e-
mergency message to the Cris-
tobal dispatcher yesterday and a
doctor was summoned immedia- v
tely. The ship left yesterday tor
Wed e da., ept. 3 If ofellowhos te jack nhis
MeGR LOW pock tody, hemustthawanae
2::3 a.m. 9:00 a. m upshisstv.
2:57 p. M. 9:23 p. m.--------- -.

WM Peggy Sage, the internationally famous
hand-beauty authority, brings you direct from her
Paris Salon ... a new, an infinitely better nail polish-
a different method of color blending. Now gone
forever is any trace of muddiness instead
Crystal dear colors that make possible a vast
array of couturier shades. A finish
dat sparkles like an Empress' Crown that
ha a jewel-like hardne which lasts and
las. This is t e performance of Peggy Sage, I
prseated in the mot beautiful nail
OtwM hotk ia the world!

P. M kn.ow its mowl
*.Mjgt ( Sae a posi suiAr the
. Iee ofi L.Ppy S t lks.
Si* -w vOa LOMUOn


~. AL.




GEORGE o GIUE& (sec 0a
from left,. t6Wi) got one -44
on the Cove r'Ls CGup .yth-
day when e piloted h Is t.
62 Baby yidrptaue to 'e-
tory Io t' -e -mie Labor
evest on Irorea Lake. tI
p to be eld for opt yeAr,
Is beig rented to the w.IL
ner by ., "Hateett, Oreri-
dent Of the OWnal Zone Boat
R k AaoclatIbL Othera in
the ie ture 'are J. Kolti*
rieft vkI*iesa t of tht
association; Uoyd Kent (sec-
ond from right), runner-dp
in the raoe; and William -
ger (extreme $ght), secretary
of the ammoolatfen.
AFTER WAIT for over
year, Dick Itwa (tgt could
nbt wlt aay longer so.1
JumpMd off the dock, loth'.
and afl, and "wam out Iq
congratliAte TEagy Eg
on his victory in the Cla V
Runabout evt, Tommy aP& .
loted Dick's "Salver 8tad"
a brilliant maiden wia.

Gale Toys

.fh B-3 -iombers

" 1 +. .
,;...'-,. .^. ,: -:

W I In a (tnoti uto
Hbih enMced his 1i
v 'shg Mc~hulsktesld

As Storm Hits Air Fdrce B. see -
PORT WORT v, Sept, 2 iheve to get their feilies, deaths by trIft c lethes aI AS-
(P) C=l = officials k and equipment to high- t fn et highways. Cer016 I1 her lotr,I 2*
todi were surv= A estima s. a d. w KCarolina, usually one of yst' Coati IU A lStI'
ted 10,O000600 tt dama Cape Fear Rtver was ex- the b=dIM states in the nation was sei rnced to sermv
from a O00 mph gale ticb toW e. W to rise nearly 25 feet iInla abr of traffic deaths,re- i n Jail dir th is lboa.m h
ed B-M bombers rod kI toys. 2*rs. Dangerous crests were p"er S nty five for this week- eso n nth Balboa
In four mtauteas a t a d i. trte's Court.
wind aud rainstorm 4 e4 pollen Roanoke River : The defendant was Lu1aW
one of the B-36 A-etera. e against the new Kerr Dam n while, from Manila It Ws Mareela H6nr who was =ound
servywlvely valued s B Island, Va., a $78,"0,- that the Philippine 0- gumty or ptit larceny. The
*c ad amagaemt x control proct to eP Soeovering fro a t value of 9t g roo.ds e tonk
ftlbP-30.s statioed II.- foaIn the P0061e10 Pd pSseveral days ofdri- fro* l the home of LtU.BWawa
Swere* a ice gates were ch caused 80 deaths ton of Fort KoMX .wU
onX 0A'at, InN tt X n ot all roads in the new damage a ontiag t 4.
aid were d area have been reloca- to of dollars.
a AnR al count listed t A aecad pty la y eao6
l-'M i ineswere aown mr-d us tern Zambo& L.h- teardtbea ingnim rAw -
^ e Ot ^JIn. fia Sront JSMU~ao two doy& : %it- 1yaotdP
Wl 'e, the eb N Wty... .eatia flooded large ars t_ oca 6M f, whis.BSM
b pot atir, O ttittered a window in an s ed disastrous latf. at aOf 4 -t,
was the Atle t h. In Mlhatta ad L '.t and 8ar pro the lI m
So90 agh as te ee to cr oM ff- to e Aee-e -L wa given ten ta li
stotm left a wwk aft rtaof tErioack h to New Yoak. ccq0Bicol region ILL
acremv0 s & 5tt Va'3po V= x the La oLuon were alo
Theew m aa faten of thousands of per- flow .MLaUilroad communica- r rtvl his V a I
ferocity to the lower Gull tn naI S% Seupted, am i b r
as its Urmmwu billowed mga tr,' ltce 7.W.-
New "atanu, leaving i ints Va* < fam IsFn, was.
four paraap .-dead. two *h4 A mfa-cha rgo
flooding. a Lh bretw
The mw distarbace .was adIs-. .
swling 260 mues s I =a P iSe

Or I IheAam
i ZZ = S,

of 13I

- fh~ ,.* X%.

*;A-'- -T '. -
h. & .

U' L..Lt..
*eq eawu~
~ U

l .. .. .

S .~--




1 I m

Olt i a lt ,

ebit *tfwt0r ~ j~

of 9t "or-"

la .br
aotm nn ^,,'j

go^ta^ ,*;a~
teh -



, nwdv

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