The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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VIE" MM- E"NagADCRS P W4 MN y urnat
A forgotten Irishman
THE MAIL BOX witsfi4naSl hot
The eeend began,[few
t m Mil B. Is an open foum for redr p The PUsP Amer po jut about 70
1smi aM vye ars ago.Th:a were the days
1Neamt. wh lilttile Jewaish eigar
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ftal Iey r ee hm peyrs. the world's most powerful labor
coalition, that he Walked to
,ADVICE TO EXECUTIvE work in b bedroom alippers fo he
ADV coudn't affot mo When --
is expected that many persons in the Canal. Zone would the Alr .had -g
rested in the following recommeindatlI made to the ea w -
of Directors following an independent labnpartial study MW. *O AU
CO W pn e c e e .' zone Govern f
the Panama Qanal Company and the eaa oat Gtovern- do n rate -
.This ixgenedateon are submitted bY an dent That's a long, bng wai f
stand the directors will use this r fentl when from te uidome 0I toar .
It they see fit in the making of volly. However, because uior pr to ho
se pwrary directors of the and exeEqu- pal, w real es.d
Sare m reldtve ly d, tste ( i el. gers
a have had ex, on fos w) "m-
Sh resent situation, to assume mutio plti- cn.
ar amendments to tion an be- mtfio BS d a 5
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forea.PY'i a 0mmayr~ La Jb Day weked.&o l
Sted .t t. The raroa n e ame e ad JaS a e raled, .in
of the company, and the V Transporta- the nSTW Yt m Saide alu da
d a a reueathe attblg of trantL ott s a. ot-te
vioe (a) be Weected. *O wdk are advised g ioale the Curpates Union,
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Cago and Feit---Ships and

Arrivals adr4.

Burma Plans To Test Russia
Reri1e Fling
On Her Intentions In Asia M
TOKYO, Sept. 1 UP -'Asltia the strohgTy pro-Communist l 1 oridas 1 Sickness
leaders and foreign diplomats in paper Lu Du. Apparently It! gateway to (med.)
the Far East are watching witcnfears the outcome of any such Cuba 2Metal
great interest the test that IitL-conclusive examination. 8s O the other 3Box for alms
Te Burma Intends to give Rus- In defending the government e d of the 4 Foodstuff
lda. policy of accepting Americ eM. Temiami Trail 5 Florida's Keys
If carried out, the test and and British aid, the Tribue 11 Take into are--s
its results are expected to have said: "It ia no Use asking id custody 6 Cylindrical
a tremendous effect on the from the other countries. They IS- your 7 Turkish titles 2*3' Oms.
"cold war" struggle in Asia, will not give money or material friends at a d lanft 5 41 *
where the conflict more fre-;- only Ideology." Floridat 'ssrt
quently ttlin not Ia marked by From Japan to India, eyes are resorts 1 0.Re.g* .4L
sactal fighting. focused on the outcome of the l4 Florida la the (eneb. form) -27 f -mbs- u -atsw
The Idea of putting Russia's experiment. Asia polteneiat s'ee of year- 12 T ie De8D am*
"good Intentions" to a test o it as a brave effort to force round bathing1gyptian rssue s to ry
prime minister, U Nu. Russladoesn't come through- 1Noaha' mount 1 9M la -hsioa "a4.*Ol.W
oI Russia out InLo the open. If I1Pertainng manorytfishing m tro i s 4Citud
He said his government 1s and without any Strgs at- to birth m-any fishing tps s otud
going to ask offletlHy for eeo- tached hAe will suffer a big 17 Disorderly 20Ce 3 seS3t .wGr)
nomic aid from Russia and-loss of prestige, even in pro- 1 Ecc~esastic ,20 (* .
pointed out. the Burmese could t lommnirat esrnles. incense be!t 2Bize of paink mlAct
find out once and or all Antl-Colnim~tat leaders and 20 Wapon. 2 Bhield bearing
whether the help would beanti & Communist diplomats 24Chemical
forthcoming and whether It from free nations see the "Bur- -alaloid
would be given without an ef- ma test" a a maneuver which 29 Andet rish
fort to turn Burma Into a Com-'mght bring any "fence sit-, .
munist satellite. I.ters" into the camp of the dem- 30 I'eer Gatf
The plan devised by U Nu ocratic nations.30 iyas
has won the praise of many IMAI
newpapers in Asia. ,31ada 32 LOperi sole
s 1 W s. Madam 32 1 br .....
The idea appeals to the small s HA t e le( 3A 3 orm
nations of Asia, especially those: t Hat., I e -A 334 o im
wbleh hope to chart a more or to t Wh an, e oowinge m 34 C as peterr
3mw neutral course and main- 35T'V HVNIfl A Middle as lfake w ra 2
taen their ful anyd e t It She couldn't see the r PitaWs
pn meeting. on the U Nu ,"Pre flbWers" alalong a high-
Commenanegp n I.doesaway bwEebse of "all those weeds.11
e ts a ovalnd The weet explained her hus- Grrt
pointed out that uP to now w eesOme of Nebraska's t p R
have no concrete proof to,'-" ..t
eomlpqre the willingneSs of A- _S peop
muerlca nd Russia to aid Asian go to Plarida 4
contrie in building their na- OMt BAEU T 1950 Buick 4- forhn
%ions, It noted that it was d oor ft*.ynaflaw. r- northern
very interested in comparing ig 1 lMss cadilte. Wint -
the conditions that each side SMOOT V UNNICUTT, S. A. 0 -WOnm
mdnht attach to any such aid. 18th Vt. Central Ave. 61 haizk weTker
The pa pr, Times of Indone- D el, a n00. 10do
&la, st d had heard much au TOI l-
about Russia's willingness I with
no strings attached) tO 'aid the
economic build-p of the new
Asian countrtes. .
"It is about time that thi S.A.
wilagnesm be put to. the test,"
it declared, suU M gthat I- .
donesa also migh tA W
V Nu plan.
In Burma itself, the U 1002
Intention to test Russia has
wn the support of almost all *4041 Pco Boyd AVe.
publications. The only exception Col6n. R. P.
I ,Sldsmo.t.e t-to1r s.- FRESH BUT -
an, alle. t RICN ICE CREAM seam
lestle seat covers, low
Celr Salm at
t UNNICUT,1. A. In
1. ,Cuy.
Aft..._.. '_ '_,




- .. ..
'p + '... "1 m


aH Should Be 0Iod

16t MANZI 1tlBT-
Dot AN9 Wo

t i~


Designed for style, beauty and comfort. these chairs re
lso scientificaly designed to keep vou and your staff
physically fit and therefore mentally alert.

w^,] -w *W .j r
'fr=, rmijl
ue 715o1
'wW"ld- no le

I. *

Tel.: 2-2010

lXB8 WELKIN. Plm~tisr

- No. 14 Tfvol Avenue
'namu R. P.


.3Z.. bm.

C'. CYT.
2 I_.._ows-


Dity N.ld

S, S. A.


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665 UUIIM3 P-feat 3muWi~


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C.- P_-.,
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'" "M -
i wfit- 1+ r-+. +, -.. ~-H'-, .+ o. :-.! *... .- .* ... *.




~Semi. wea
Api ins s
F, 4J ;, ,l^f*1" WMtDU 11ea


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=iutn. MOO

ett -ones oal)
sam onlcker 0i


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UM -4 0 ",s

A trew ftetl
broke up their s

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I.0 M
; u!!.'*.b;


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a. ye. 'Vt

'4 S.

1 *U. IpWW Jl 'ge-V j
sp # .*C4 -o tqU
Fe ^wr^ *


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between O n
p. a
taimLt Tt I

- v

w .. .wrw

1.nit Saa ft
K lyft bail

.:.- *. "^ ^ ^ w^^- B.. nH..+.i.
S -..W A .s "

.' .. -- -. i
.', + -- ++. .i

CA ... i CiSTbAL '
Is s. JT A T I

^' AAd tdl..,. 4 0.-

truwuwuuM w

,* .


YaiaMosfotn a

Ii nIa -_







,. '.Ig

- *:--..-a
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S i-.

,-r' ^ *'**



You Sell 'em...When You Tdel' n thfin

I eave Vour Ad with one of our Agents or our offie hlu No. 57 "1" Stret n h am
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon
Lewis Service Sal6n de Bdelble Amerkcma Carite A- -11W
#4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291 and *165 Wet 13th s8tret 10.0 M AI.t lWB tw i
Morrison's Agendcia lterioil de PubiMcaKiom Prepasii,, $A t Minimum for it -irt4 .
fourth of July Ave.--Pnone 3-0441 #B Lottery pl ow- P Uho w 11t "Ketskr c 3. each addi Iltf

b .ve d.kig prelemAutomobiles Household Sam buoch- PROFESSIONAL
*Wrt "s Mbealls Service Perisonel and CMivln FOR SALE: Mahogany bed with gto, tmi velIerates. rlepwane
W l An. Government Employms Simmons mattress, white night 6-441) I r, 4.-p 6 Pedro Mi- Protect )our home
DR. WENDEHAKE medical cln.c. Imist n table, $125, baby-stroller, $5.00 P. y -
Estudiante street No. 140. between Govenmnt Employee Finance C. high chair., $3.00. dishes, cooking a~ h the danger of mosque
"J" and "K" Street. Phone 2- When you finance your new utensils and flower pots $25 liv- Phi a nta and flies with
3479 or sd car. ingroom suite, $200. Phone 3-. it n. a e. Phone
AGINcy SE LmunE oI 3090. ___ __ a-.&, 3m1673. REMOVABLE ALUMINUM
FOR SALE MN.. Aris i. i- R SALE:-3 months old 13 c. F 5 hLt: SCREEN FRAMESh at
MPhone 2-4984 2-498 f ft. Serve refrigerator AC-DC. 25 Gd1 9 a tubmond Santo Ca- SCREEN FRAMES
Mieaeos FOR SALE:-1951 Plymouth, Com- or aU cycle, gas or kerosene., ,. For IfnMt lntl visit or pho Note these moneandworkV C A
FOR SALE--We have a few Thorl bridge. Excellent condition. 14,000 House R 17 E Rousseau. Tel. 25- D0,mr. Tivoli Avenue No. 6. 2- Nlethese aving ey and work C oUIfTxas, 4.y
25 cycle automoltc washers at re- miles. radio, etc. Phone Curundu, 33-. 017- Par E 1. 30% to 40% cheaper than that city and the a m

changer, 25 or 60 cycles, t Cs 12 nd 1 30 5.* room set of twin beds chffonier -v rt u ihe and keepn lob.
duced prices. Mueblerla Casa Spar- 6 3-6141. iR SALE.-? ft. 60 cycle,ren.. .er-a. hteoCT
ton. Central 223. Tel. 2-4591. FOR SALE: 1951 Morris Minor ouror almost ncw, 3 1-2 year guar- oE t Can bme removedr rotr bo- U .
brnch t No 56 B Avenue n- conve SALE: run486000 Buick convles sell antee C$150bol. Teleone ran3-2878. c B,~ 1 h placed in a few seconds. II Ol fte'

FOR SALE -Do not pay more than o in excellent con* _,. 3ALE:=T-s1,ing benwithmat- and8623pho. oro4 pouny plae an aiierViM:ad
644.55 net, for your new RC-80 highest offer. Cash only Phone 3- a-3ma 46puwic,ghnamh. .At makesTto iFo rt, en Tit le Bl'reAU.The;rd

FOR SALE: Zenith rado, record with alO l accessories. Can be fNnan- tress, $12.00 each. One ice o fraction of uual cot. .
amspeed automat in n w excellentwconditionu L- 4ALE "singlebeNedwCitembo- TetuI. n Coo.ScreeneasilytreplacedatTyoo.SIAE:t3rmsnlThihmt1.fat
player, cobra-mric arm. 1 Lionel ed. Phone 83-5110. $20.00. dresser $15.00. Side- n 2 Admits more air and light.
330-8. Pedro Miguel. Hydroamtic, radio, good condition, mattress 1200. Codspol refri- No. 27. 4G Street, Be EO. F. NOVEY, INC. Leaves For W ashingto V a
Telephone 2-4225. House 750-A, gerator, no gas, $30.00. 5723-D, FaA A It4T ..i
Fresh picked strawberries, flown from Balboa Road, d ioble St., L iablo Hgts. FOd wiENT:-An apartment with- 279 Central A ve .
Boquete. again going on sale FOR SALE: Barta.n 1941 Ford Lr e.0. B rgie out furniture. House No. 20, 13th Tel. 3-014o CHARLESTON, S.C., Be ..1 tLi Jo-e, 8-year- ld a
Panama Canal Commissaries and FOR SALE: bodyrgan 1941 Ford Per -2 x 8 1-2 one Underwood prt- S San Francisco. Calf Balboa 2- (UP) The troplol storm w ch Jones stepped ot toen m
the mare popular market places, motor end body overhauled. Per- 1-2 x 8 1-2, one Underwood port- 1464. ,'hr
the more popular market places.fact condition, $250.00. "B" Ave able typewriter, two large Chi-. ___*_____________ __ Bl hl *ed tw o this area with burri- wire and was electrocuted .Sr
Much cheaper than before pro- Excesior Shon Shop. Panama. nese vases, 8 blue slip covers. PANAMA BROKERS. INC: cane force yesterday whirled ff Amateur radio mrwae- t2
duced in Boquete, Panama, by E ce House 90-A, 6th. St. New Cris- r G [ L Hotel Vl Pmasmi towards the Washington area to- Walterbro with twiro o biJ
Rubio. FOR SALE:-Packard 1942, 4 door tobol, phone 3-1794 after 6 p.- U1LLING: Prani a Ptestal day, leaving cloggd roads and moving slowly eer ast A
FOR SALE: Singer electric ma- sedan, duty paid, $350.00. Good m. Iroductsa, pSmara 2? Ins I alk1 ng ln path actolia d with limbs and tileu I tiwr ml
chine. La Boca 1006. Apt. F. condition, owner leaving, Paraiso.- 10 r anc Cod ut. %e a a C ri Viiia .
C. Z. 103 apartment H. Tel. 4- FR SALE. Dhngroom sets 4 Co erA .r
machine. wringer. 103-C New Cris- FR SALE:-Usd tires, passenger table. Sideboard with mirror, me- Present A Musiele next 5uAd&" re, 8-4719 8.100 bled Low country eaterday, con- linen could be restored.

An. Posion Oierr Rockwel O Club, Re. 4n CoA. a ili d communllae wer e age Wrt adone bya. thi etwen 1ea .
WANTED:-Service man and wife WANTED:-Young man, bilingual, oart & etHamleto Mrs. Clemeta V ws L a ( om ose a nword termed through l Ave. r
looking for furnished apartment. for general work in store and to Oatt Otord martin, Mrs. Olgai Thorpea e wIl enS patche dScommunications thW eere f w
No children. Call A 2c Gene So- makedeliveries. Must have drivers FOR SALE:-18' speedboat in pe7- a en er C: i
aANTED:r-DihIel motor boat, m. "new opointment. Central Avenue-a Twelve egri o families, co- '"
S- rDouPsie lio Aff ck Wifes 4 Po..s
abiv fishing cutter with refrigera- l trh PMt*d u ntr y a lIcshis on Inc.
tion. A ppilv A V.. North Avenue oomraer i Chod of our ch, It ,,I r wfnocd1 d ;v 4,
o No 15 apartment NO). 5..le Wlr No 2, eal beeof-eap. No. 26 Eas 3h1 Street, ttda,^ S1 )t trad as the a Pi s Weh la*% of
; WANTED:N- ATErican caupha. No a """oprs AF Ser eeIant aat2n e U 1 M wers aw
children. Need.P fumnis he .. P sin od wthae rl l Btt i Waa9itt. O. Mt Wl
eTmber vth. Post Office WBox WNTD:YO, Nb, ilt1. -- bi to & Ktoi.Bn at 8t. J- s tS l To a
S6 Foto ( -f A grie f-treken Air lea's Hospita l in iux uCity. *o e n I e-
dtnpeueoarefWe-ful lflb orinfu al Kofleranpu;wAnd. pi
or ma t rfect con- 5 I o Am Wife&eebarfatAertandeabowrhimahere"h nytofiothe"h
o2 -1 .30 to 5:00. h5I, andea F ae AtC rITeo~ock nn dlren -_ ; r ore A .into Fatek
I *people's Poike' C.,t., .,! as 2: ".- 09 a--of -c sVA to
SA 1 Arl* oto d tiW ii sbest U.a Ige anr age r aghten m n le S .i h Il h lonw-T0ple cottoaw a tl ioenm.t
2hl" d. H X NedmaniRed dnsoeb ..a :a
ml Pol a wie, n t t irl M wTOR I Oharleston itself offered h,
P .tanaa Curtain in f d Mr. aHleiot oir D O W nd soier hu m r- ee n -pterto-petionpsr et lyVlM baitde-Vy."

10 toylum 5 n the hwle db attc f a shave taken ion t-t mell- i V anr reach m es-- had screen ltenJ
p"- strickenn by s Ieg. Air Ioniteand that Curles u .O- d g Tttort appee, ad ao he ol- -ll S

Pe to th heardWe n len to. Ju- .Itt b tha i tab. et mhe d ta s elan- oetfore rti has lt n1 baote at teadgv er n mn
o ,C- arples rn.r Bl ,o "lmde A Myd s arfic proalct sn aM ughtersan iple lush long-e stape hato e it gold wa In & w
S adtarted. An hour ter Wt to te o tr* an o a Mass and her of outfit a ng loylt, warm back early to Frou wre
mop rfgee center opened fro thee % been 0M p blymer e-faithft t which tim e orhM .J back early pain ign The own kpcaltS 2 di
S'ost XroThura eL .po.ns snt of a
,.ownt to a fraliTm drms and6 aent h

-i ning five memb230 German of t we on hoe sh ame1 to. b y nsler tUa ten adeiy Aeuch M "'tNo Storm at oy Mt toE weiAh he hNe
0ossiuntst People's Po ee and his le e, Ipres Brda i from a. ofduced to the standttsard efasfefe rO Bfch, rull Acomodaton ft.
egIMWar, aeekI ag aylum 4"B1 went ln awrhen 8,. eagfete A r Ch oere Ir piary N r ateOIIy." n 'B gold ds pik I .q wl A
ro Curetainr i Au- An M arsd Mi0 almMfiwIs. ofaske tarto b ud he b use- rfl t par oaS- I Wh C Inrsuerficial damage.W C reported. rdS pled up t tarb l ay

SoTaylor, in.,h eale hl f bte d bCaid. rom om the sB Ing the pst war when labor At lHnors
i Iy =inu i nc A U I ffyh ot i net .. ,stn nte tI ne thi s ",rO

1 St. CentIa n Ave. crfive of their W M d le r on his way hea wife "Almost ce the eeptio i who had n a screen

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17 Will Be Playing

College Football

Again This Fall
NEW YORK, Sept. 1 (NEA) Where are the West
Point cribbers?
The morass of scandals and expulsion into which 90
hapless cadets were dragged is more than a year old.
Time has cushioned the first shocks of indignation.
They still have the rigid honor code at West Point.
They still play football there.
If a recent facetious release from Vanderbilt is to
be believed, it promises to be better than the hollow
brand of 1951, to wit:
"Regular linebacker Bob Farris, who last year was
the best sophomore lineman at Vanderbilt in the past
decade, has transferred to the U.S. Military Academy aj
a part of the rebuilding program for Army's team."
But what of the ex-cadets, the boys branded as crib-
bers and dismissed en masse in the Aug. 3, 1951, unheav-
ol? What of 38 of them who were to have been the finest
footbell team in the land last year?

Thlt Fall many become eli-
gible to play football again, on
campusba as diverse as William
Jewell and Villanova. as far
fhmg as Sy'racue and Houston.
NEA has paluetaklnglv fer-
reted oat thetkr stories of the
last 12 meats, their desper-
are rambdlaa to continue
eqlefe edueattons, their at-
tempts to forget the nifht-
mare of ruaned plans that en-
imlted hem and altered their
They remain sharply aware of
the public glare, and sometimes
atigma, thrubt upon them.
"It you happen to see Col.
Black," said Jack Erickson, a
tackle from Sr. Charles. Ill., who
migrated to Iowa State. "tell
him I remember what he sold
about going to another school
and showing the people what
re&a mtea were."

"Tm not ashamed of bleng
one of the famous, or should
I Innfannos 90," said Gene
Mpel of $aeramet., Calif.,
who will play left half for
Vlameva. 4q do feel some re-
ft"m at tow"td t adet s

who lied to remain In the
Academy and to the many
guilty ones disregarded by the
officials during the crtbbing
Bitterness lingers over what
Erickson calls the "incorrect
and unfair manner in which
the investigation was handled."
As of last Spring, 22 boys had
not returned to their home
Vie Pollock, a 28-year-old
half-back with pier air corps
service as a gunner over I20-
rope, with 75 missions, the Air
Medal and three clusters, me-
reosely washed his hands of col-
lege football with his dismissal.
Phony Rah-Rah

malalby t a tmen
sosolh betCe We t rat,
ignored by then afterward.


_^|i' Pvtck~a1

Stane month. ft a
retain to a
SImSa*id mv a
pWh afjordt f. To as w if
t itaM =" tam 1 mab
Seula, I seeks. rd 4: to
Durmi the past year he work-
ed in tht drafting department
of Betheehem Stel, and tA
pat June he W married,
"Lwih wu tmotW than I cou
to t Wet Pint," quipped Ve.
In the' S ei, *fuSA at
Olean, N. Y., the l74-pouader
maae an early Imprs Mo fta
quick-itarting halfbek With
iou of savvy.
The oribbling seacall o
preafet MsipS*taeac
tat ws a oVmets M
W l W UIL.
At Wet Point he V8 t
Sglaer eftntvwe tackle. M tam
Spleted his ubnhograduagwIog

.from a mnftmn of ndisdt plnt A"d
Nut f tCetAM ttter /-

But 35 of tl r team rates eF.-
rolled in other ebook last Fall.

Pollock will pfay pro football
with the Pittabrugh Steelew. So
will fabulous fullback AI Peol
lard, rejolning the Vdlahalitta

wa, 3

bwli.Wr, d

No Moipede
: s stampede of recruiters
acitedw after the Wt Point
tWbga scandal threw 8 gla-
iatar o o the one muscle
lUast never mateatUsed.
W M that there weren't nib-
=[ m.Oe Southern university
0kaf let It be bown to a
4a1LM few that $10 a month
l -5 0 2expensee acidted them
mkl Wt the MaMI *leonU line.
a pabety abde most
ai _Shenla j bein their Ivy.
/ Mfc apte, o aching
em ear as m Meek of
eaAn State sad S. B. Whit-
Wt:'er Oklaboma A.t*L ran
up distance phone bills.
ngs State bagged five
p later t three of
% 1 >gd the AggNes bMtted a

NOW... Years

...But No increase


You'll enjoy Seagram's V.O.
Canadiap Whisky even more now
its it is years old! Honoured
dhe rld over, Seagram's V.O.
w the lightest, cleanest tasting
y yoe avew ever enjoyed.
Sa... ad long.
m..,:.. 1 .u A.

-4. 0.

mhe tea heaahe bets
mrufpt pToat4y w- at VMs-
Owmak map MONO. m
hu~ m" on wwa
lm'ass a- Denek.
M PllAPlk, mNShm a eIond



'So eeaeon,
... t"V er

/tfhou cf

string halfbet., br
Penk game with tw
down rutl. The
Ipotuaa .,tt to m
man a

bpeter.ot wu4f

'*, Ealk was ti me ss
I west to West Peta1? reaH-

bfg SchooL The hmer of
we6m*sp a aifies wayed
"I cribbed, and I admit a. 1
do not defend what We did as
morally right, but if I had it to
do bfer aga1n I don't oe how I
could have avoided the cribbing
OM-ilt was ao wrealent It-
slanped you right in the face."

tAke. ,

PGt pMnitg by Wtl U

scslmenti efal



po MRTAkT nMlO& aI
tm pM t* BpVs you

YOU abwrias pok AlampA*

Satd nem '&.%

We It btter only be
-rafMWf_ seniors of
us 6a the river"
t tIasists half the
impaled In cr b
a b oabe moe was 0
U IfVlarova, 9
the'-s aa's HAt fAri
pSwrlancy bis firb4.
Wa lttaing out *
nmpMs he perforul.

..& ". O "
loea Evans. a.

pub et Don Mimj, -"
and t a~~ angd
3e1db was here a *r~ tsrt
got the re
here tor three ye 0 f
ed tbh well." '

t, now wft the

.wit Al4Wa-4
* / l -, -g
FL ft W -'
Yom? .*

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.:. '?, ,--, ... ....,

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