The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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y GLADYS R M give your a new
B.o o before you leaw home. W
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t hem OW sit impressions aW rush
o one ar two in ten.-t 114 te-poon vaa or anise
women have hair aperM-ent on
the art Uf frynr Mi. SM'up of the -f that staple is cream. 114 eOuW i sa I u- I the way Strough to
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bottom of the pan that is voring and serve ot. While you'take your morning
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SRICE inepenive, but t e a-
ry hono-s. Once, hen I was q r you bake a cake
feat 2 Tablespoons cooking roesm trying rov e Pa- di us a
or lard in a skillet. Add mna's met thoyel Itebeau, I slghy lower
washed rice (half of caught a tM of U O~SSI gm 5 a4 t called for in the
1 cup called tori and cocontiiT W i .k du reciuipe.
teaspoon salt and stir un- was TAMi W-
ft turns light yellow. Add thM la=4d 1 a Your vaew cleaner can do
1 to 3 cups water and the dhaWWWv3 "Mt Up f t an exos zte ob of cleaning
of the rice. Cover and ouW a -6I waltrM was the inld"O pI r athe
the heat to medium for t w uph orthe e -
S minutes and then simmer noe o doe s hl b, no eS
*out 28 minutes, turning w-a the e utlg tg b t e 23 sen
fully once or twice. I dashboard-an foreople
'I sOus too moist, finish un- out glove compartta -a
st re" '"?e next day, the guests were ash ta'gs. y"oae- 0 "at
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j moet balls, pork chope lach. ravel when i WetHe S;I
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Peass*)** an"I gW .aw3
I cup washed rice to to
rW7boiling water Take outV
beginsethe whole me
wae begins tou2 uice of
.0 pk 20to 25ofa "cowno -4 1.1W

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fWra Aent You-on.5

A.- 04 -he2.-7.1and West 1thWest

ggypg80B'g Agendla IntteraDonal 6M 1$
gVotiMof Job Ave.-Pnoine I-0441 *3 Lottery Plan a w-Ph 14M""
7 .7., 44.

4.... .. .... ..i -."* .. ...-..,.
~~~~~No 1Z,179 Central An6, Col .;-on,: "

Wv. a dulkhb b".OWNe? AutfPROFm
......* Ser.,rica -saind and Civilian SALE: --, plece set
Aci, C I

Government Emplove Philippine Alipttn fenntue-. a
kCIAL EXCURNOI Imist dn youth bed. Dial Q-169.
PROM PANAMA TO UEXICO Gdvermens Employee Finance C0 FOR SALE: -- ny bed te danrof
way $.85, round trip $135 (15 When you finiche iour no Simmons mottree, white $160,, (good one year); orundcar.Simmons in ro..ieanso..
ANGILE. one way. $149. ASINCY DURLINUR table, 5125, diujroiler, $5o
S round trip $252 35, 90 day- No%.. 45Ae-b3 Aa MAe -w high chair, $3.00 dishes, cookr
imiti Panama Dispatch Servicea op- ute nl49d4 j..4f nom5e, ps2501Phnet!
Ph ilit' ,A-co. .u. s.;'. Tel.. Po'" -n"

S2-Ee55 FORALE:-1951 Plymouth Cam- 469.
bridge. Excellent condition. 14.000 FOt eLthem Biuelo aste
CR WENDEHAKE medical clinic, miles, radio, etc. Phone Curundu FOR SALE.n9. x 12 Bigelow ..,
Esludiante street No. 140, between 8$-6141. sq. aluminh m tub. Offie chdls R OVt "
"- J" ua nd- K"E KStrt o t d. P h o n eu2 8 3 -6 1 4 l .u ,._ lgr ay i a n d Pii t M ay t ag wo s mFi 1 30 % to 4 0 %
34, and FOR SALE:- 1951 Packard. Almost Swivels & T t bok. Desk,.. mate ..
NE4LwFAES D new. This buy cannot be dupli- 28" x 54" -ess. Qesk. lace.i7A .
COW FARES.....AriHEDULE cated. Caloil 4-339 from 5 p. m 22" i 4" Fir, kMasonite to.
' fVICE one way T70 "MIAMI... to 7 p. rn. Rocking chae, cone bottom, me. 3 or 4
&j7.00.. NEW YORK,..$110.00 tolen.n,
UAYAQUIL.. $75.00.. QUITO FOR SALE: 1951 Morris Minor Mirlr.T1e wb stand. Dt 24" x keeping job."
586.00. Via AREA.. "T he cnvertib run 6000 Aliles Selal 1am p.6 Wl9 doors, will fit she ." .4 Frame hneu
'. Route of the Good Neighbor"' highest ffir. Cash only Phone 3- v in 6Und on 150 Veneti,, ,eeds R
EING 4-engine-plane--ROUND 4992 weekdays between hours 9- 1. 9 nll 0 1with hardware, f.need d- ,
.P TO..MIAMI.. $120.60 12 and 1:30 5. 109 4r6, Sren emvum
"A YORK.'. $202.30.. ,GUA- FOR SALE--iPnntioc sedonette 1948. FOR SAEu o50;d*
FOR "LE #%ly ijamnted ove t"111116 Admits i "r" W,
S Y.NAQUIL $135.00. .QUITO .... Eight cylinder, Hydramatic, radio. a 2,r brd K minotor, 45 .1 l.e
$154.80..For more details e Very good condition. Phone 1471, 1. fll Wf`k freezer chest 2,$5,OF O
Opposite Ancon Buss ap.. ~Tele- SOR SALE:--1950 Buick 2 door, r- 3-E At$425. ,sacrifice $350.
Sphone. 2-1655. -dio. plastic uohbilstery, 51,600.00. FOR SAL.-- months old 13 c
a $Q SAL : Sea a good clear car. House 2013. ft SeI rfrijerator AC-DC 25 ...T.. dr
B-, Curundu r "phone 83-615 9 d* r6760 Eas or keros.e e riT 1 A
H Rr7ItR useu.T l.2 % Wlr I ."F .3
I..,nnen..v Youngster Finds 3304. o1 .23,0 $fe 4ier
SMLC:-We ho* a few Thor ItosyTlEr
25. lutomtic washers qt M- E Sy To Earn keepRng .. -..-i
'64ced pld. Muberer(o Case Spar- L (DGa/s QftbahtAps..
ln,. Caneftl 223. Tel. 2-4591. WOO WayOTh Colele'
o oir--zmibyore than TUSCAWL00A, Ala. (UP)- -
-44.55 nt, RC-80 YoungaterP wh. find it -tin- ,
Garr&b 3-s 4.-.record- clally dIfSI ttp gp to college ky ePres .
change.. 2o t cycles. at Casa could taS atip ain arles A. t NA 0: (UP) niT.
Sporto n Central 223 or our WIIn t The Sinner t Saint Ambrose, Fl I
brcn-h at No. 56. B Avrnues Pan- The fliveuility of Alabama 3Iy Robert Raynolds (Bobb-Met Of CincinnatihtR i
ama, stdderitiej:da eqcndan hd ll) ins novel with a broadsAtu up en 0 *411 10l
thr hias fthaitIg nesI f theme-the final d&ys of Roane's tion onCU abUni320it 80 40
Mhi bbvm-ihath arm. 1 Lionel him'nbcottr than the avenageThe story is also that of Gragy.
trm. rmintinam.iione OMe. of ...g
train tranf ormrer. Both 60 cycl% m-time audent, Wson l, Adant of atmpu It al has given Interesting

cycl. A..,l-im, tudet, Vlno ...'r

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330-8,PedrowMig.ela hop i of he rsidelightson the busnedeas
P.. .e pt ,pnyhimse.Hisearch for OWofthe time's notabl es.
te, "agin Ing on sole at Iuatinftg fcy and a eed car tragedy andihappiness

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,. leaking fea furnished apartment, all elt earfrel and lack- i boundaries meant no-

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tir~a Ryland, the American n o b lsit
tz*7 id" ....e of theiiftle init.W 4. AND,
Shuo vorn of ancient Rome, iound It Ic the ta ta.6
l in the 20th century tio f. t. M.
5 swho e the do*uala in c d utiWW LAnr the fdCl s. A
touble-*deallng of any Caiar.Wbvl blonde DortWI
Rugh Madison, the U1. s, intelli- Ann 8tbier, 10, of
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by &X 0- 45_: lg MY

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and happiness of her OUA.,.. Met St. CgAA ean.

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Abraamst o en i -ta theeagn hM

bo, on Id M, ve a THE PRECISIGM I
NEW SHIPM E N T are bt such offsuMW
(25 cycle) fram

. '-WArLABLE AVE.Comm. m"
AVAILABLE Pep-0-Crn popped In atbigry.
VMat tUw nowaagga

S.9%,VA tt 1 r .
It .i~- m6' "

...... .- --"-
t 4 .',. .. .:
4 Ag
_,, :^.-P.


PMe 1l Win

| Berra Homers
i ", ',. 7 -. -. -- .1 "

W Yt~t Asf. L.A-(UP)-The Yankees
s*:th te m 4 6 at the Yanbkte
-p wtemuer Aanerican League lead to
Me-ofe-half emueM pending the resulmit of the
ihW*Wte Sx laMh. at Chicago.

1Wtlumxh of the Ma- four inning and never lost
M a by home commaand. upert dropped his
w its q bath seventh decision against four
uru. hbt wwn.,Yt toiles.
> st Iad at Al other American League
k tadn gas were scheduled for to-
AttktIOM&s% ddefeded the Cuba defeated the Reds in
ting margin right to the ti. only scheduled National
Logue afternoon contest 5-3.
.n'hA'a the Bob ShultS, with relief help

IE, to twio defeat. Losing
d e d way Ken Raffenmsbergtr of the
d10le w"a topped iris 12th decision
0 h ultz and Klipptein limited
#Ikt fl AA&AIS *fta4.. ~umf. -1* 1%

ias Calls


id Japan
sour -

I'^^ -t- iff T^ Jrj k -b ll t

weV SopU UC gur f whiie the
Cubs garnered ten safeties.
All other National League
games awe scheduled night


* Attrf h 3 Optia o10

5 Manolete .B. & re 11;

2 Dallda P. V. Dil~o 111
a 0. Bound P. rdofes 101
4 Mandna, K. IoreS 12(
5 Rio Mar 0. Cruz 10
6 Lolito G. A Iaches 1O

Srd Rac-"G" We# -4iF
Pn: PRoU I ecm:
1 Pensador Vlsquez 111
2 Kalsan ea 101
8 Excelsior G. Oe 11
4 Placina Mt. Asemena 10(
5 CoUrlo A. Verga job
7 Coran C. Rulz 1iN


ISLE-' "-*.,*

Id -~.:s;~1

hi'gof, tennis,

doltar purse
Fd man afford


4th Race "- % 70O.
Parne: IQ. eles: X:e t
1 Brese o Oraell 115
2 TLpac J. Chuna 11
3 Novelera R. Guerrall 2IN
4 La Chata) F. Rose 115 1
5 Laconico) M. Hurley 115
8 Costina Jose Rodrtg. 115
1 Bendgo K. Flores 11 ,
8 El Radcha V. Ordoftet 115

S -
S on

b measurear
, but-

-, ", P..,

ts more
he a
Lutri -
AU- Or*m

5th Race-"A" All pted-7 P -
Purse: 91,0m. 1t eles: *:I
1 Welsh Fox M. Arosemena 99
2 Royal Coup C. Iglestas 108
3 BooR 3. p Agurre 117
4 Keybaven F. Rose10
8th Race '"H IEperte MN
Parse: 4SM.O Feel coms: 1i
first Race af the 1beu.s
1 Betun R. Gomes 115
2 Mingo E. ulIan 11
3 Gran Dtia Bilvera 1I
4 Pvetlgio ) V. Ordoles 112

7 PI C. Iglmeas 120

It R*ce-"B" hIaautae4 M

r 'C. o 108

i ose WL .rtMlo r1
i Las V. Cgstillo Il
iab l

.*w '~


-. ."-_. J IT '



A Jj~~


-l.a ,. -,


ana d r. new,
.a guy AnhPla (s ioA
DMn Iny pluce on field. (14):
r- ---- ^

k ~
- 4'. ,,

* *
..**. a

et ats

at -:. -*
..---- .

i ,- ,.. ,


S0. Oin 112
5 0. B 2 120
I1ftl ~ "F-" Native 7 Ps.
Pmse: Wf.0o Pool Celes: 5:40
1 Iceura A. Vergara 112x
2 HerolO G. GraellU 115
a Dcc jlme V. Ordofes 115
aiUlero J. Baeza Jr. 115
S Sanches 113

Ce7t E. Jula alW
a iB. M. Arosemenma,


*** .nd,

m'^e?' wpeeru, us

and "soft to

the adam.


La*- S
nm *.-v

S .

.V '" -.

*.7. sJ77 *.
^*-fr^ ~~'^-.?.
* **^ .' tf- .A A

" .






.4- a


3., ~'.
~~*.** 7

L 7'W ..

TeL 3t-M

;I is wfceaia


. .- ,

.: it't. .,..


. Imti

, .'.. ,
a '.!,


'.* I.. ; I

ty mift.


~-t. -,~


- ,w' **. .rwr&tt a



I&/: 1/ *~ i i" i
'*~4 '* ;' ,"'


rwENfT-SVm4f la

praHi 4 o fl ,a .s., sT &'u.eta
etrolsor speed up miltaryp
At the sas time, the c -goy- -" '
t aas efse that..
0Mdmul lI nt:"'he-

ttBelsaw'ai tould Draw TFarh Aid

WASHINGTION Aug. 30 (UP) "e of indep.t ich
,owler told a news conference -Sen. Robert A. Taft will Insist Onc. les of the p China to ceA
i1k Ice e betWeen Achievin that Dw t Elsenhower ad- nation have tt in 1947.".
If t t rum'tUiitary security goal opt a selling presidential cam: r CIVIL RIG I
TS e present August, 1955, pa=gi battlef plan" that lam- oserts wM a Democrat
liate rem tiup moit the scandalouss" go to Negro
Production petence she adminli'agtraion tlle fact that
Sno peonlr eommen- and emocrats in "unhol yo" I It L 'exclude
s hat hoa d be all b With criminals. ths aolrepa" a Y let duria
The was drafted by thed
Senate ~olican Pocy Corn- ht finding ofe trnment
Sbal of Tjr Stalk m- ,, liftl.tM a Tatn. Serat Cnrmmittee, t Negro 4ftf
4Jiswpowee a dueeSinn tree- It'O4 -poica campaign a t ot ew York Ma "
dwiCl~m three- m baied W -,nftack cwt A bout to the Mee *tice
* i ShI. at one per cent In every4&l Iwue from thepr l eb"ust as a grwt e *AtoW t a
W Waill sft aioe weeka of com t Era and holdse- urretene to *dep
Intex IS e b lurb 9 1lip s dept j Tapn personal res- make' or the ; in the freted
.'-t-'- mS -l swems D.ow for M'ee "moral tote" of and connivanc"Sr ere
ofl Wmthe Agricultare D- milt*traton. teen t"and polntlaN olf
NO t tS August puIce of Taft iWd Eenh6wer will dis- In the nd of Trumsl.' *teary. AS tW
products, hogs. o a e It when they'confer In the Ei pns. CN aiMd Jackson CAf- t artrnout I, ,
o a atoes nerf1utiures. ty M& ru g qt 0 "
W- obago. sltries hard at m A
5 l i t m a k, dops cattle. a ?0nable m oe 181 cloamh assoltl ate "rt,% S8 e .n
Strap and st Va
iiwe lover. faa id ha S Wi itary ai |il
Srod ancion -Ie alp,'- -In
*- sre-"
a .ah. In 2'g

"M th p e .ewi those who were
o, dwng swhea to JA< .W alit a

two-^ ra.a l.ot apsW X, We"

S $13 t- tu abie ant -efefs i ts"I
ent a ** #Ph wbG@V. U Ms f ta who pee fat 4 .

wan l *gaeatagp atthe." ost ormai.stffljiokia t
jlowojleel Et Aose, o Sper aame it sm*
7 a scd .. .a

34"aagm.Bed ar- oe of TM |reVIHx" r" iI wea
I w "or anV% r8 1USWa mn

3 4nricep tIt s Arc ture.i en ie op .
hi -e'!inU..fitr .....' butA ilno uye.4

S1* 1 v "y om H i es. 0e i n '
.0-' "an ne III0U.t.Germao"flea Stied '" i .. w -e
... ..,..-.. to W est -*and (Ago

We. 6.1 ....

'" o -
., V

I. h ane
Bath w8l is
huge Air P ftA
VWl to be

C|moi-are on a A
a1 ta IRe
-^-2' DnsJ

tal ws

am of ,.i
mWuo. by
* x tez
l vipdf

Z -. .
*.r *+ ^_: -' ^I

. pi-,,

*.* iii
loe; mel

t*'- .' -






* I.. :

.1. -.

buU~~ ~

* *:- -\:

' ._.; ."- .''w ,- ,.. .
IB '-. -..:* 9 .~.' l f *^ fl -
Mo -"-" v .'

A-le _ipme, the next "F&
SW.11 Age e prize-a"Vi4
,fa. *Hat has platter
,-*itong. I re dolls with the
an p donkey and i

I e loaded tA l

myrVOI em Ing -to tpy si
aggibap "Is eady to zoomy
the mdh, Itries out JWrP
an aip -More sedito la
~t 34t, who on earth,, pVu
-e girL w -s .4ized switchbom


I ml.




S SEAT with lk.
ias, knowx a.)

s New, YWrk'I
er of lo5." w.eel
:^ b .. iA it

4.,h;t* a
a' m~ut



7 W 4


Iwm I:I

-;: 'A rii ^^ i
I _7

.. 4,
^B jM^ -4' ^^ ^B^Tlr

.. .. .. ......* ~lh ---
;-l .- -
04b^ 4o Vl*`,i>S jl^

K '^^^^^^^H~-IwHz^^^^^





-' t


A --7
O q au m n' p" %a

a "W imt to t oo r talk|
S.s ..

o, us .b ttq s, ,

An'a Weaie for poo MoUa0
:._. si .. A

i l aw
Give Vsa. to b lo,

s, zasea la me a

I ramea-) na-

At tnt'&" yno eI -

>f Bo M ifheii o -

--K W-

afoet alone co^s T as
: T lo t .tr .. .t,,ii J

am-.. it
Se meww'% i ea*g r' 1- 1

...e.ta,- -'l.ek

tN eart and wa .. -, .

a m lt-btsaddaes a -v
a" ew Wadwsu*as
A 48lr ,,be n Ba '. .. v "

,ewe'l .nay sl*

. r. e a "at ls
o,.ya r be 2BH"

Md it hae J*e e rw

s,, wa I frbJ
ra s be I
4 uk N


.A--, .,: .
i. '. .n '** -.!

:. :'. .

42,11n."', A

0 q
RN i'l va

X s-A









-~, *0




'I -





~ K


M1 m -



V4 -





.4 .4t4



$*^^- ^^^ ^^^
2 '4- '^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ls!'



A^^^^ A^^B



4 *1^^ ^^-

z' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^
4: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^





R7 A



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