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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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The oldest scientific reference drastic mistakes In his work The o
That humiliating human at- probability rests chleiely in the
fliction k gown a hangover has fact that he won'L do any work. no
been t mu njyurved.n the Sn- The aspirin bottle, cgaet pack- *
mt mH~pm 0 meilfde of in- afle water cooler, men's room,
ia whi wa. pr rtlced before window and the clock ma et
the time o Buddha <568 B.C.). mo'e attention than usual. To
Ayurvea enumerated these con- some, George may appear to be
sequences of the misuse of al- lost in thought. Het I, far
cool: "vomiting, loss of appe- as business Is concerned. Th is
tite, heartburn, lassitude, con- one of George's days.
Atinued thirst, tremors of head "But the day that George spent
and limbs, palpitation, weakness as a half-man at .the plant or
of points, respiratory difficulties, office will never appear "on the
sleeplessness. giddiness and a record. Very few people will ever
reeIng as if one were wrapped know or care that this was oqe
In a Wet sheet." No more corn- of George days. For George is not
.ehensive description of hang- a half-man every day or even
lover symptoms has been corn- for the majority of'his working
los-d in the subsequent 25 cen- das. Such days many appear 15
tu,.Je-. or 20 times a year: they may dt
S Only In the last few years has may not follow a regular pattern.
Inuch bepn learned about the it s Important to note that there
*physiological causes of these is alws a period of George the
$vmptonts. Until then hangover compe ht. dependable whole
owes considered a minor and man, which follows end tends to
'hus iiros irritpnt. not serious erase the memory of each half-
eoouL'h for scientific study. But mns eoisode."
,during World War II it was dis- The Indirect costs of such days
.covered that It was responsible co beyond the mere loss of
'ifer great unnecessary wastage George's work alone. If he works
]of manpower. Today some of the on an assembly line he slows
-natlan's greate"t corporations down his whole team and affects .
.smong them AllIs-Chalmers (a the morale of others. If he has
tlone-r in the fleldi. American's "front office" lob or any job
t ephone & Tr'erraph. Conso-.involving relations with custom-
sidated Edl.-n Eastman Kodak.'ers, clients or subordinates, he is
General Motor- ore cooperat- an even more positive liability.
Ilnr with the Ynle Center of Al- His oualittes of courtesy. consid-
'ohol Stud'es on the problem of e r a t ion. Imagination, humor,
fpnqover. It h. erime to be re- lidinnent. pll the Intangibles as-
lized that Alcohol is still an In- soclated with "beine eood with
=dUstrial problem even though an neonle." are dulled. "Bv defini-
floxleated man on the job to- Hton." says Dr. Bacon. "the half-
da tois a conpolevot's rarity whifh man has lost Just these capabi-
WYe unions themselves helped to litles."
uJmi'note veprs ao. Anri what "about t h o se who
e ate hangaver," declared boost that they never havehang-
e tdteYA T ebghe, n aedqnrson
t represents the bla Bt.Nolnts out, do not know what
I ustry, and frankl-l they are talking about. f they
a -i0s to know h"o to day-t6t hanging one,on every
t accurately." jn* liven a light one. doesn't
ism Is one gaut t aiffet their work. they are tool-
ts that the problem (nuA lMg themublves. They never feel

*r in Industry losa es 25 to 30 their best. They may have for-
working days a year. Through- gotten what their best feels like..
out the U.S. 175,000 men sty Bt they never measure up to
away from their jobs every work- their true capacltleu in any way."
ftg day of the year as the result Before we can understand how
ef drinking, making a total ot alcohol operates on the human
Smillon man-days lost a year. body to produce hangover it is
his is nearly one and a half necessary to understand some-
times the number lost in 1951 as thing of how the body operates
the result of industrial accidents on alcohol. The mechanics of in-
and nearly th times the num- toxicatlon and the problem of
J it f rrlkes. Yet alco- habitual drInkers-to-excenss have
ab "Monday'lready been analysed in this
-t 4loes not tell he nagaslpe ("Liquor," LIFE. May
-- .fNor do any of tt e 27, 394). This account will be
1oal definitely attrlbut- confined to those factors which
h = cool. euch as hospital- are most directly connected with
ltao. disability paym cents, the problem of hangover.
turnover end the cost of replace- Chemically the ethyl alcohol
ment. "The hidden costs," Mr. molecule, C.H,HOH. is related to
=iedrfa n says. "dwarf the ones those of sugar, fat and starch,
that show un on paper. They are and like them is oxidized byh the
tramen body processes that aIs to my,
Dr. IAnen on, diredtor of yt Is turned a9 a fuel and eoh-
the Yale tCenter. ilustrates Verted into heat bnad magy.
Sr o b lem with the story a Over and above its phnaolo-
hypothettiral George. "the half- gical properties alcohol is thus
.' "When an individual Is first of all a food. The dSad-
l-it frot ndflJOb." Dr Bacon vantage of alcohol as a food Is
ints out. "the loss is clear and that It contains no vitamins.
surpble. But the 'half-man minerals or proteins. Like sugar
a different phenomenon. He It produces quick energy but no
a, be a salesman, a supervisor, true -nourishment. Beer and wt
janitor or a meanber of the con ta4n some eSentlal food
rd of directors. On this pr- values, distilled liouors none. I
cular morning he'Is on low- The Important fact about the,
Chemical UaS* woul methbollsfl of alcohol Is that c
very little obhoti in 'his unlike most other foods It re.-
em: he responds to ordlnpry quires no digestion. It passes dl-
u"t : If asked. he will say he rectly through the walls of the t
't feel up to par. stomach into the blood without
s"f t Is one half. The other under-going any chemical c
alroratlcpl Wtrnose9 the change. .4
an n't there at all. He In ac- As soon as alcohol enters the .6
nllshlne nothing. If he blood, the body starts disposing
Iald do something it won't be of it by two processes: oxidation g
wone we1l. prom an industrial pnd elimInation. Of thee the
no'nt it would be far better former is the more important in e
both halves had staved at a quantitative asns. OnIy a d
He is neither the whose small fraction of the alcohol ab- hi
Sdrnk and obvious, nor the orbedd, never more than 5%. Is
lo man sober end useful. If eliminated in the urine: perhaps a
Is on the floor, working a s to 15% is volatIllsed in the ,
t h e his arms and laes go lungs and exhaled as vapor. B7 n
Yono'h thb familiar motions. f*r the largest proportion of the hi
his ability to dlrriminpte. alcohol consumed 80 to 90% t]
haic flexibility were is turned off treauth owida- h
1.M f.'mutlRt is own tu lili any other baod. The first a
h i.flle its n, It his nan in this aroMse take place 8
is lsk wok. he Ih lihe'v to In the liver with Its comat ve w to-
St his cek with corre'-ond. tern of enWvmes or ferments. The
azeot, imemon. annrnxl. r ,te at which the liver forms
n the kpl order. Very this job s constant and maorm u
he Won't make any for everybody, emf rtinkmers

.UR i
t i 7'h


,w '.,

iTO7t'S NOTE: The mageAfe Lift prfiS Hths k e on J conditl?* SB
r as ner to some as most p sA Mf f weftFrity. Publiea W t
ot imply endorsement by the Editor _of the 0ate affairs discussed by ilf
Pthen. Any similarity between tfe Inggowm itd"~egr in this piece w ttty
inmd American reader, ef6f&w er-rW.qrt-NitWl is purely coincidenttel, espj*
ci'lly on this Smrtty mimdsgf

The Prince of the Night Before
and novices alike. It can neither, rent theory holds that an anes- death, is never strong enough t
be hastened n6r retarded by thetic somehow prevents the irritate, much less harm, ivit
eeroe, sweating, deep breath- herve cells from utilizing the cells. Such sensitive orgAninm I
Ing, cold showers, dr or an- oxygen In a normal way. Since amoebae, human spa tltag
thig else. The echantisn the top of the brain Is most en- and the like survive comfortab
the liv asn aipartial and in- uitive to oxygen shortage, all in solutions of alcohol ma n
cor ,pleM timeeeper. aesthetics, as well as alcohol, tates stronger than can ever b
I OEAN OUNC fct the oortex first and thce attained in the blordstrt.
P OUS ,, ress to the more resiatant I the end all the alec
In thb cae 6f A hMAtl fh et levels. Their action Is mtord in the blood bteat "
of 150-180 pounds the liver will qte different from that of nar- into harmless by-producta whie
burn from one quarter to one cotles, like morphine, which de- are normal constituenis of
third of an ounoe of alcohol (less press the respiratory center first body: carbon dioxide and water
than a jigger of whisky) per while leaving the cortex uncloud- p o t mortem examinations
hour. If he wished to drink slow- ed. Alcohol is thus not a narcotic countless alcoholics have fale
enough to enable his liver to bat. a neathetic. to disclose pathological Chang
Space with consumption he The implication of these facts to any or ga n. including
would have to dawdle a full hour so far as hangover is concerned brain, that can be ascribed t
wkt a single pallid highball or is tht ts disturbance are pri- alcohol. Entire generations c
Sof eer: he-Would expert- min the aftermath of a period anil have been kept deeply
neither pleatre nor pain. of aOxemla, or oxygen defcien- intoxited l laboratoaty teat
Sstintae m t peopledink more c the blood. followed by througheW t their l witho
dliny thianm this thealcoholn t deficiency in the tueany _uto tus effect on t h e I
lborb continTues to Mroul- ttO central nervous system. hSalts longevity or progeny
ate in their blood streams and s istoxicatioh the nervous psg- (The rvlvng offspring alco
produces Intoxication, tM isa tarved. Like any other hol strains were blger a
It Ia in the difference between a ttue that mistreated, healthier, though fewer i r nnm
mar's variable rate of tconmp- It through a period of hy- ber, than those of sober parent
t and his invarible rate of per ty. As the anesthetic age).
adetfn that all the pleaumres ln alcohol tapers off the Te oM y malady that can b
of Orilski and sorrows of han- a r patent L. aomes aware attrftt directly to alcohol
lowe te. The With o.i ese. Other anesthetics drunlhem ttd the tr
weh te first drink Is "elt o mee actly the same after- that t result from it. At
dtell from the fact that the effectsI. i cuaes of carbon mo- .ta g af r which alcohol ha
itiuioa y system carries blood no kor5 paooning. the victim un- long""i led 5Trrhools
to th ain more qukly an t a sequence of intoexa- the wc e rltoiKi e
tmore generoufii ti Mir to that of a person a wferhm tons"
pfamifen to weight than any gett 'ftrak, followed, if he and ofuneI"mm a now aiow
er gan of the body. survlves, by a severe hangover to b domas of manutrItmon
Mt people experience some phase causeib the addicts' custom
Int iwhen the alcohol AITM lRY DISTUBANCE ary aySged of. food The alcohol.

ow % ure aritrl fi- the c n nervous system. It isla h 4 o
ed dld test on motor- not the vult of Injury to it. The as y'a victin of over.
late0 proI of sobriety. The bodily changes that attend It eating, a more suicidal habit ant
ol t Awleh the varioe bratn are transient. functional and aue daf t to interrpi
ce ? are Mldtant verslble, lasting only a few hours. 0t+!inteit.
and I n -the final lhue Even In the case of an addict at- '. -S y afford ome
Sthe -r to -week bing the effects e to engo"r Is.
ualthe ner last ne more than 48 hours. tia It paifuay easou
asn ofut hoe the WOcO can- Hangover is never accompanied of ft imnedate penalties ol
y" ri blood cache s by any structural damageor. overly symptoms
1%: teS a. aSih osnIt za. Fsgen i hange or tinue alleys., seem n tp1 to enjoy aaorrll
8or .'r.. dale aol dlct lon. The concentration which riu S little unI
never deeolow a truehyolo- alohoI e r e hu in the blood. -siB.tbUpens he
0ical olorate" in the Arfe SteMam, .even at the point of t
01m 0%m. a taaahkiS

jr thatrIn lmmodiltdIH
in the central n

th y o i t o of
'les d thi rst,

Il descend f ro

fehr, r | ritor Wnerarsi nt
Cl pre. The patoowa I a

dWty of o us

uolarl e, s a doehatings
when It is dli I

t h evn s in the M
S tttcenltrations
h dOfflet.u

te l st the
M arshift
CO :7re $1

btoe: sreoexe e eclfx r9ec--
esatt of t alcohi t
the body, however, s t '
Sof the bulk of 1l pble.

dri kTe 3toe
Sh o h mritat eotinal i origin, o
St and t iellay M a in

The quantities of liquid, whph Vbl .n -

Scult s ritng the clta; m~tI e g tp E
t annly pour k Into tt 1 n-
extracellular upf and th el vtf
rik through himlt i
hl tf onft o Is ttort
s en the ay*f own in n .
triea process restore tHt we- Tha e -
o ter balance tat hangover irt a ." O
i disappears. ft
SThe water shift has an kn-
Sportant heonomnta't. e, te '" "t
Scours a sht pob the M
e elect e e-eand
slum *nlat fato1
or therssi os *e n iii i

>f dMn a pWeron d In

San impbitant factOr t -
lo tn asae tcoer tit 14T

r functioning of the v ", lts e
Su what it does hift a a en s
Slashed. A malnrt ;
S enthe ith equal parts of
occute tajatyf of
whose presence seen ms mtlfe~ dite their beeL p s
e headacas. k. In coneentratrtos of b1MB in s
SIn certain Individuas W 20 alcohol is not irr- quic
other phyteal causes ttinf to the membrane Of the hen
e dele the hangover hea. koi hOI A lO% solution aanbe wor
Sresearehers claim to have i the eye w t rr a
Sevidenes of allergic wts ever
V in hangover. Theg eetot fTe gastric disturbances of sam
Is Import a In Moo hrovenr op"t andesto ntayh
i or the yvolat4l oil s adg oiam @2a direct ase t alcohol
I. eti enses that gi ve. tdent t of the stomch* whia
Uqsa Itheir characsterktl loa- w take en een when the
or: and bouquet may Inoft. fis injected Into a vein.
felo pt ano th e IM %t I
-*u use at Bdeh 2) a O town, )
*ly ulgiant In hangover b 4. It is w c
1 acAe. nalety, worry, umoKMn that oaLe or two drin W
t i nem which aM isaO nr musthe thap- de
St *NSSov. dbrt2?uSe eite thood. It is belief
It In S Sp~eat oi alcohol on the
ats meareisn a eh 5S3 "MB5 oh rel n -
little r nsiag tche baet in bduc y the fe 0aa tofe n
hs adEup t ieW. oi s th e aflow
hn lp,, apkltl bfotq
Sn er. and the cordial t aG ISha btana af5terfrd.
dUa ttWbryw & I When aprn drinks a
rpesachersclaim orl HW e am te eaach, the entmi EB
of aoflhol ag .11 in 0 enri
hIangover Th e TInng aditurane s ofme
Ithe af mi ttlt In of to parsons with slere. i
late vot, ileCsat rsAtes- aSdity otf the gc if
mert -buem a (it-LI cied b7 eadpInal .

l 4a anInd patn atiets an
some atme." .The added aaogtse
The Tal..-r hopss to en- t 7ll a
agM 5Ma .tit theAP.o S
bjifo. t stwlee
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m~A&-T -t

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whteh It it StiW
s takes te MamI n
samne amoutot Ml

. shot RI Me
kly than a i
oe it is thD
Hng whittkydm
rbB thet ISrtsi
infg. But i ,tar
e weight t at l


- i e n a -.a. -

---YL-.L~_ .I ~-I------~-.. __.~L _~I --- ~-~---------- -- ----' I-o.~rr-- _r

--I. erUYIW*T I-' .-

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t boundless and yn d a w pleaded gtity

^ I 6* Ipi e other county. ,F
sI peArus atl flto be. fr nus a minor xusy.
matithout the o

bed OldaTimers Knewa W oun' la8wyer,
Weia ,,atpede 81dsty igA
.ohler t a m toa

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WONrreener of the Yale Center tihkndloati apdae teapemw
llqof ahot biatdies, "will at th oure area with ahonep y- Burbank upolile warned tshe
Lho eet,11d, too*hn.e sI ," yovhtostoy away fromw i Mrss1
At Ci ce I a haeoneaand by te Far
Io m s o .drinks&uby.nwaa -Orr wryRaye
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heart )jjnr reher 'em

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HERCSnod today,
= smunt ar a me Imsp Which would Yu'rather be In wliaor. _11 i. fIromdl d flo a tymb0J rl)nokk
In ter hbig l ie today's hand .-So th, playin g-th~ l Q a I Isl m sh or will
ieelol ter, tyO gt beat tIn~ le'l&Old lailfa No the Wag e *ll in fteX4 of wN ca s. 1115 to! Ma~th Alb11, i~q wl

k. u 1r tm inam- should the deflens beat him? be. announced -Wi h arrival
nl.l _per hApa If West opens a spade, mouth in Tml, tWi ll L ii
-1' applie t o a AraM, MUM easily makes his contract. Heatner to the Ko
notion Ahat mni- Wh~k nood.Cesh wins the -first spade trick h nlio "bamp rt, r/et Kin.e
w 111opponents can now do nothihg dd id t
h0t Ithtl~lll. sl--'imrtt.rC, or-m. tiigsy better than continue the .P- "
u'enr ,1a a Viaetvntuol winning two spades and forced Ddlo succemm toi
b f sJ~lt,.. : -.t.Y and two diamonds. make conem
ver the 1 Lo e Tr ta ObCase
IveAM to-The defense has a better Boatnen's msaem at Kole
SAW NO MWOMEW q:tan in chance It West; opons the of willbe Annoolood by the Far
,i~~~.a II i enough to win the o fm e y U W
With l trick, West Chom up Ws the Me "M-
7 1t ( a Tuklmsuit Is led in order to ret !.n him
iP n that' remaining hea..
ntr wto. o .kodW out d-el :" "-

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i'SAT. Aug. 23.t

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that wilted family aptite iou 2JaetrS. BrirtifonoafCforriterii/or-tm
I, chilled carbonated Cubed lamb, Irankfurt.ers scal-
and skewer broiled shtsf lopsn kidneys apple ycu ions. but- (tei U o
ter -brushed on mushrooms and liver ., Intthat l had :ad
.broiling may be done trips keed in ribbon fash-
|5 using sharpened green ion are all deiciou9 when skew- o t
S if Its a pinicain-the er-broled

t Or the broiler in your oven Heres another hot-night trat.he o the oe
pan; place far Seafood Medy

below at so that drip- (Makes E 25 servings)
wn't atch fire, then slow-w
the sewers by hand tin- Four cups cooked c aned
od is done to your liking, shrimp 4 -ounce cans tuna,

m. i S n? w oited s oflaked; 3 cups cooked lobster or
slt Kebabs on Rolls e rab, flaked; 1 cup French dress-t
e sr esF 6 o ind g; 2 quarts minced celery 4
- 10014t cubed chuck beer, onion: 1 cup a liced stuffed olives,
A caungea, 1 green rep- 2 teaspoons salt: f 2 teaspoon pep- i*.
fSut4cilu l onions. 6 frank- per: 2 b cups mayonnaise.
a se -oerolskl Combine shrimp, tuna and lob- Don't let your husband, brother or use threw away that olilh'*L aS~on to your collection waterer. Alliesta ut h lb. ten rte
ster-b. Pou r French droos and lisng over It has tremnous fashion possibIliti for d t. A Ittle utalt U* lves and collar, leaving the d, s a
eces of cubediling may be and this. Let sketanwerd in refrigerator 1 pus scissors, needle and thread can transform any mber of s eyelet dng. Dye the shirt ay you like. If ytappe

hrnto a varct of acessoriem. This hews will be espeelally valuabbe rotdealing with a shirt that is too wosta to bol tct value as a
rs using shaened green ion are all delicious when skew- to the tall rl who can ne keep er si whe te be blouse, It still has possles. t d of a
" oll fates o, and mie long. Imane, for instance, the versatle uses of ar the b tck-a roller in youre (right). color ar oven Here's another hot-night tr. at.e atrt AL times I have reflect-
n h h o s like the one pit Ctured at the left. It's epsy to make, toe, and leeks so a the bottom. Your urests wil v er -Imazrkte Its naai I ed upoP tile giet btlO
yty be usedr-just rest skewers It's really a treat.o i sIy'Wt

cut tip anto d n quares andle on- moundedoncrispttuce leaves. a .. to ":
..A.CIpAR;teacelflrfSeheood heMedley
^ r 5-1 .A LIIA pt BARTy ftwen Smarked center points and everything you will need' to emff- rich an o p0 I
n telowat' NA ea Editoo that dri top armhole edges cl(Makes 25 servings)ntl ete the make-over. myb o we rel know at
S ia e oni'tatch fire. then slow- I I hae.
e sewers by hand un- Never underestimate the ps- Should you ae ned the mood to g their new e a i ha .
is done to your liking, shrp 4 7-ounce cans ormed into a blouse, night- for you to remove the sleeves and leaving them white allows you delude a

A- Y A Y r us coodgown serving ron an a va collar r of. the shirt, l g t sorts of color compbinato oie t
h eb nRolls crabety oflaked;cf uprenchdressther fashionable, collar band. Pink raw edge of -is, cannot e

Sr lat-in-the-season ari eRine, shake w el to w YORK, Ag. 16 -ar the If youre ant m ay anprobe eax teedy ts ehdt gnt. u
-cucumbers, diced: 1, cup minced oion m ma

rent water fashions be uIonion; cup sliced hsan advance cuffed olives of corona- er magc easy and to to. Ith o ate
Svariety of greenta e by the traspoounks salt. The corona of a teaspoon pep-- Ga a a
Qeobelh flngit It slo n'a le ai aund rcon- dic Se *0 t wawo rkt Tahed'hnor htb odyou c t a- dnof< your hahte meo wt en tI Y
pyjesa n steAr. Pour French drosaing over i etionstrJuneoutalrebadyethestaortwithAdlittlerlsleeve-end,,leavi

eyelet embroidered ruffles condition for reasons to come. Not s that any of them has at- ad tryreacaro t he shr to onybderafs *I Nwo r to se w.eit wiogive youn botRht an Dyrtayky gn start o
.b pieed onto th e pand bes and t. Let stan tempted direct cpes of the and pin it in place at the ufer In orde that you may have ndr po n to work er

halves alter nately orl hour. Dran Combine ithel- t a vareton of a ories. n each shirt fron; eight n dropl to Make-Over Shirt valuable materials. uas '
B ~ &a t buxcle knit, eniFtherm. Nicroaer- Isal e 'Actually, the designers are ff- betk Mark the natural wafbtilne. RAoxar 1446. New York 17, N.Y., t hTOptnd Is Its own pl.i
S. back to the rtodeigul n of the first Then remove the shirt, and baste yo. will ceiti, free of charge, Only one las t hing to re Itelf ake
Rwit. f ahera dCmed babersdo dee long. Imart P e, for i nsf the e l centerseama. thk-e whole story willolor m be m ch esr yo h S ALtmes." I have reflect-
o hasdy to serve. Place on yonnale and f wrework an d filigree sug- down one and one-half inches tions fosht- other make-over ch a sh- surely face a sudden sho r taere He perfect examples of MuA 's
S alte o-ve foundwth green mixture Chill thoroughly gestive of both the Elizabeth and ra the top edge at the tenter ons, and Wii probably provide discarded shirts that will. stateent;,Napoleon had 1 -
it t In o squares and on- mounded on crisp I,?ttucekleaves.vtto b6

it teu our mind to U Victorian eras. front and center back. Shape the you it Ideas for omany vrisan-ver your plans before you wgee th that me generally yuan
i t ndlne in a smooth curve be- tons. Itar itemizes, in addition, started. for m lory, power, rieknows; bat
.. Once.YouthaveYtheCshirtsOplaAy.-inwt ds lared a, "n .

tes o a man shirt. Wth ve-make a shoof a swim suit entails more Daphne du rt ngauhier. bown, all the wardro, dye th chunky stuff." said Jnni em to w l3v~ onviaron that has ha

grinding it Into a tight wad THE HOUSES IN BETWEEN Walker of Kramer Jewelers. It's nreA on piness In my live." onathan
ry little effort a costIt can bepreparat that neceag flinging it into a beach bag. Howard Spring. lady-like ... dainty and femin- .ssary o color s-laase 'oumot.I hcouth otser hand seWn ithin Parislen.a
S Tiny and granules hidden In Artransfrmedntoablousenght-fryouto remOvetheses d lavts Sligh Turnbull. "We're using antique settings h white allows you a red: "I a tot1 so Yiu
Screvices can in; serving nansure and's- lar of. the irtlaut THE CRUEL SEA i the rtofofor rhinestoneslorombna peatalI and em- e Ml t
Bi l :'o -r r r o --Nicholas Monsarraty G eralds," she said. "That's done by OfehramobeteenrsdPkk rdbalitie .e
u eisutn sheorie THE HIDDEN LOWER blackening the rhodium.. .mak- (UP) e eneed hand with a needle ad Makingo 'llt tt
ltleft in the fabric may pwe dutrytreadearlSu-wll fnd the make- T p Buck in may appear tot look lkbe d i d th (Or tit.
t color or material. Nons-Fition "Everything has a oeroyal feel- -oraweeo thbe thE last day o rt
-,.I Ong/ta spokesman at re- estatee toM butatcals t berr ? -Jig

and If Whittaker Chambers. Rou e Jewelers are showing all Undoubtedly we would become
e. rol Itart with k carin fully loun ase THE se cross the sht between the un- athemetheaEA AROUND US rhinestone chains with large "rea awae of mcVi many beautitu
towel As soon as you reach ilRted bachl L. Carccessories. gaCare will pendants and with and eatchng shirt three one-hdthings which surround us and

le, wash our suit in luke-' WINDOWS FOR THE CROWN earrings and pins.- wch, blinded by our egoise,
yegs soapeuds. PRhNCE. Wrheuekepgthe designeorscren't con*inharfectnotD.I example cbk"N
St t ther e ray etras in "the regal manner." half up from the dr- band. Now you r ready to sew. tah your Young daughter howto j nge

S relet embroidered ruffles MAndition for C Easons to come. Not that any of them has at- ari the shirt ooer-sip, to sew. It WillveyoubtA -rnege mid
Sonov e panties Catherine Marshall jewels meant to do double duty pinit in place at the upper n orde that you may ha wonderful portuntd

on these spots and work THE THURBER ALBUM just as a daytime dress becomes
Strain or en of the James Thurber a dance trck with reimovaln of the first ThS s mo the shirt and bte you Will recee free of charge, Only one last ot o wh make a w
whnr deto mi-bsthae eisket. -ale, wla of the Jat w o h o ry.will be much wserfyott
Trdie!i brendustry Council. mention It to the urneInn',
espraytve of pinot which separates in Ot de conditions hae the top edge at the eneronsMd probably provide discard hi at

to clips.g TheN're of clear crystal. ie-to'do nhader'
lm e up our mind to keep CAINE MUTINY Victorn erad, or aphre s. front and center back. Shape the et In aeple, let's for many varia- yor p s before you take the genertll rn
It I neither gold orlver-alated metal. ek and new. It can Herman Wouk. row, o
be doe too. if ou realize the MY COUSTN RACHEL he trend Is away from that for raldin the State
of a swim suit entails more Daphne du Maurer. br chunky stuff." said Jonnig rer a d lnliat
Ms dnOtht into a tight wad THE HOUSES IN BWalker ostuKrame jewelers make sA He was taken to them
Crevices can Inure andut THE CRUEL SEA foearrings which can double for In l coffin. The
daytirr or evening. n theIr h the fibers Furthermore. Nicholas Monsarraam- eraldsi' she said"hawas aton done by w many with h tim was d-
p ratpier formon sun lotions chlorine THE HIDDEN FLOWER blacn ngthey're the traodiu tional ...and worried. But Johnh a -d..a.
the lorr materialNon-Ftonvbutton-shaped ornament. For was to. be thdr on. our'.

drerR e s. occasions, you Jusat-hing toa44 h re hils nd.tfl .

tach aRdrop or pendant.
One designer shows matoMhing ,d
Bracelets which lqck to makeA
necklace. Another makes charms ,,
with a spring-ring attack ment, ..'.. ,- ,.__ _
W so they cn go onto a bracelet,
necklace or even a watZbed. -

v &aMr/i ...t
1h~eU~C~ flhIM~bIf your bedroom ftem I ULn at
brown opaque shades WA) keep -
u s. the sun from e a4rn.3 y:1u
.ds.eep aft
esti-ick .' -.
Campers should urg. i
tMWl fires wtVCrfm
They flare*up tge fnw
.,-3fush bmst he kilt* S
A'- teSW fllCans. Thms
yake* "M7*,.. tflaOwe, to r.
.... .. .. .. .l-t"from S

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*.. .l,,' --. .., .- .. .
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iUV w ll OUW TagIUU aw r UIJ
da, The Literiry Ou d's Au-
U" choira.....
eNobody It Al0ly to 1 up
stakes anmd Jol toW Ma ief oa
the Sehycetll as the resuI of
reading The hpoa ob -o apbornM
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i. Elf' V.warin. ear oi Ktet

Simaay. % adlS a*eIe
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lnert fea thi trge nf
ment, must to peas, aB4iH,
doltlelI In rlt w.I -
tween and arou the e In-
land Iroup ftar the rteiun
ship Ines, 1,M mile fsm tihe
African e ',
He describe the ldands, their
People-t.tb e lro. dOeid
eoendants of t orit ae m
the Chinese and tHlluW w
are engulfini Mturitlus -- tQ#
waters around them Ant the fl
F In them.
Nothing excltn happens In
The Shoal of Capricorn, but Or.
manney has ih unusual tift for
telling a try....
EUo Vittorin. 44-year-old i4el
lian, Is reaed i In Italy ae
of her greatest new writln. *
Red Carnation (ew 0ow aa4
Is his third novelto f ab tr -
ed and UM inul a OIf M
should enhaboPW& S1
1im eb n MaiwdIju4 17" Is
hero of this WWW stoI of t a
in tm --j If

et ar" too often hued SSW
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fe, Leta t oan:

Get A Dicor:
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*t, had ,250-_IMt w mfor tme
I 8t~rtrrtckiwplgo-tiu a tfe

gate niA a course.
"About' tA yen
In a bar On aelt
and I tarted ta
Bwaml. Ots of t1
~Iet I 'write *
So I did."
Butto a bp
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A you4k a slUed IS cot
u.ajet, In the court oQ Queen
"I tea," answered the royal
caiemblan, "the unsophlatl-
aioe dayss of court Jesters ma
liapfblle of rnlvl."
lftlf*wlta and testers, las em-
n by Elizabeth
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and Mrs. Sa m oh. w*4m
Sfl um .omband oM. La (EU-ITeof
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Thom meroA b u fteUr ywe bIes Jis le '
fa-buev PRIe fambi as re quickly aesed. w
khave ofdo Mied armW( flair for huiurp
ervise bua et oe hem 6Ipliuld &.

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Your etwee of "two wond Ruli evl.s..
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Agencia Internacioal de Pubflcadone Propaganai & Mvwimum for i w .-
#3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-8199. "H" Street fi i Ic.each additeal-weiV
Ph ns2'II 1' L._ ;,.,' "

El _________

D. you have a drinking problem nuttI"'IVI., _
Write Alcoholics Anonymous Boa Service Persone na on
20"- Aneo'. C. Z r eGoverrmcnt Emp!oves
FROM PANAMA TO MEXICO CiGcvernment Emp'oyes Finon'e Co.
-, one $55 round trip $135 1iI When you finance your new
dov.-limiI. $160. good one year o, ro used car
' 1r. rcund trip 5252 35. 90 d'a,' No. 43 AutmrnobHile kow
int, io Param aa Dsptch Service. oo- Phone 3-4984 3-4985
pot te Ancon bus stop. Tel PonamE 1-9- H.l-man Min.
.I655 __c 000 miles. eceller'l c-.ndil Of
CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ',950 00. Cr.itobal. phone 3-
Merrt:r, end ricnd-. call 25-221E '' I1 9
or wr wrt? BOx 5-,. Fort mador f-C SALE --Nosh Rambler Statwr.r,

'Pir ;' Tun ng ond general repair
N Street hour- 1,. ,. J
Mo:cs. Anccn C Z
* Telephone 2-2386 Canal Zone
:" Parking Site: Ancon Commissary.
Coll "Union Taxi."
Rcn-olph Jacobs and his orchestra,
can be heard over Stat on H.O.G.
Monday and Fridays 9:30-10:00
p. m. Con be obtained, shows,
dinners, dances, parties, weddings,
Stc Panama phone 2-3066 or 2-
09" i
OP. WENDEHAKE medical cl.nIic
E'tu.cnte street No. 140. Be-
Iwe-n "J" end K' street. Phone

... ^Misrellanetsus
FOR SALE-1950 Mercury Consert-
ible. cheap. Must sell, also beach
front property. Gorgona Beach
comfortably furnished R S Coul-
thard, Ancon Police Station
0 t SALE. Upright pcno, gcod
condit;On Electric rrotor 3 H. P
'M :r-er 25 cycle. Ex-ellent con-
S aiton (Balboa, 2-1040
."Oft SALE.-One electric rarino-pho-
nogroph. Console set. 60 Cyl. Calli
after 4 p. m Saturday all day andi
Sunday 83-2293..

,;.41OR SALE--Tables. Extension din-
ing table card, typewriter, moho-
S' gony chest. G E. Iron, Davenolo.
Dresser Vanity 2 cameras, glass-
.ware. 2 Vacuum cleaners, attach-
' ments chairs, man's upholstered.
tform upholteiref. ocker, CiiPr
S |'ap's.pinup, Indiret. read-
S7-A, Las Cructes. .lboa .
SSALE! '- 'ad8fe e horse *with
die good size for chifdren- .or
IU ults Phone Colon 1103"-B. "

SALE-3 bedroom beach house
m'e cte'y furnished $3.000.00
rccc ff Acres. Tel. Balboa 3022.

DALE.-Wanderful opportunity
Il--M bf -irrn o iouse at Santa Claro
near beach. Bargain pr-ce Appli
~t: r 10 days, house No 71, Santao
Claora Avenue Standish
FOR SALE. Cottage Santa Clara.
I tile floors Rcrcl -go. stove, furni-
ture Coall 4-288
FOR SALE Fruit tree alarm, ligrt.
well and low. ideal taor poultiV
'mlfd pig roiaing, 10 miles trorr.
ranarro. F P Write P. 0. Box
2045 Ancon, C Z.
', FOR SALE.-Beoutiful form 50900
square meters 15 .miles o:aing
SChorrera town, about 700. faujit
bearing trees with a clean river
.2 excellent for picnics, also a wood-
en nouse Phones 2-0700 or 3-
2759, Mr. Chu.

\'Vogon. with while l %.. 1 tireS. un.
acrcooi. radio. Dui, paDd Can i be
told from new Phone 3-2730.
FOR SALE ---Chrv.lIer Wndsor 1947
$S00 2040-G Curundu. Tel
7290. 3rd Street.
FOR SALE:-51 M.G. A-] condition.
See Coco Solito, Apt. 35-J, 1st. St.
FOR SALE:-1939 Buick 4-door se-
.dan, new battery, good tires, ex-
cellent condition. Room 3, District

Court, Ancon.
FOR SALE- 951 Buick Convertible
10.000 miles, excellent condition
Dynaflow, radio. white walls, and
hydraulic windows. Phone Albrook
4112 or 7272
FOR SALE: New generator for
Choerlet 1938-39 1937-
39. Oldsmobile 1939 First rea-
:onable offer. Telephone Balboa
FOR SALE: Cadillac Sedan 1941.
good condition, gray paint, good
motor, brakes transmission, re-
cently checked 2173-A, Curundu.
phone 83-5176
C1 SALE New Morris Minor
convcrilble still at agency, or $1.-
250.00 cash Phone 3-0127 Pan-
ama from Monday on business

WANTED TO RENT: In residen-
tial sector, preferably in suburbs.
unfurnished house 3 bedrooms. 2
bathrooms, maid's rodfh with bath-
room. garage, and sorn garden
ar). arrange cbflhitt 'for'One year.
Telephone Ponamo 3-.255.
Responsible single person _deires to
rent small apatlmErrlt or house.
futrnlhed or unturriFisled. Tele-
phone Panama 3-2100..

WANTED. Furnished .house or
apartment. Good residential sec-
tion -Phone Ganmoa 6-287.
WANTED --By.Ameritan os milt one
or two bedroom opartn*ent, Unfur-
nished or with kitchen ftrnlshed,
Bella V.sta dlstict. preferred. .ele-
phone Balboa t572.
WANTED TO BUY--Used English
Underwood typewriter. Call E'n,-
tez Panama Steamr laundry, Jian
Franc.sco de la Ossp0 n pnue

REWARD OFFERED for return of
'Snuggles," 11 morth-old female
wire hair Tirrier. Cobt. Hoclysted-
ler, oQrs. 138-A. Albrook or phone
7104 or 3245.

Help Wanted ,
WANTED-Maid to take full' re-
s. possibility for housekeeping and
cqpking for American couple In
smpll quarters. 671 Curundu Hgts
Will Gladys Rhooms coll Mrs
Gardner' 83-2245.

I Lo~q m--
4I nch LotL fig I simply gather moisture and
ADL al.UL IUl dirt," not to mention the crea-
Lnlu Vi.&w n u tion of an architectural oddity.
U CW LaK D151 W. To solve the dilemma, *the
city arranged to buy the one-
BARBERTON, *). -iUP- A Inch strip for $1 to permit-the
jilng mIajc.Alclation new-city -ha to rest tight
ho abdut the smallest real against the temple.
niiacton in this town's!
nlw $7300,000 't hall was
jt 6 up when It 'came FALLL CITY. Neb. UP --
ttfl*on of engineers Sheriff Vet'n Atkins investigat-
a one-Ich space would be ed when a motorist complained
Ibetw a e he structure and that 'he had followed road signs
: l aseifen Templ neZxt door to Nebraska City and wound up
S was canchded that 'f coi- 20 mfles off course. Atkins dis-
It3 rtGIBh Wre allow d to pro- covered that a practical joker
*! ,,lthe .gp according to Ma- had turned the Junction sign
U.'Ch ei L. Parke:-, "would around along highway 75.

'Chevrolet DeLuxe

MImO P 1977.WE

Csevrolet Special 2-d
-Causl Zone SISM.0

& 9*naSEs I

-a r.-"; --

Buick Special GCope
Canal Zone 52473.00


Chevrolet Deluxe Sedi
Cisz Zone $1996.6


OImMwbl 3-dear -asa.
a, saeaes
af. m Eh t

FOR SALE--Modern steel dressers.
In two tone colors. Phone 2-3708
House 0954 Amador Rd.
FOR SALE:-New Philco. 2 door 10
loot refrigerator, 60 cycle. Phone
FOR SALE-Kenmore ironer 25 cycle
.1I5 gul Aquarium with Tropical
F'sh. Phone 2-2581. House 771-
FOR SALE:-Three wicker chairs. 6
oak chairs. Dining table. 2 beds
complete. 2 night tables Day bed.
Mahogany vanity dresser a n d
bench. House 95-B, New Cristobal.
phone 3-1580.
FOR SALE: China closet. Cedar
lined mahogany lower, glass upper
with mirror back. House 8059-C.
FOR SALE--Second hand Easy Spin-
drier, 25 60 -cycles. Price from
B.50.00 up. Econogas, Lux Build-
ing, 34 Street, phone 3-0919.
FOR SALE: -- Diningroom set for 6
persons mahoganyy), Bendix wash-
ing machine, perfect condition.
Call 3-4741 Panama.

FOR SALE: Nest of 3 Bamboo
add table, child's rocking chair.
child's closet, mahogany China clo-
sei. mahogany vaniry with full
mirror and bench, portable bar,
Wm Rogers flatware for six with
case, demitasse set for six. other
Misc items. 819-A Empire St.,
Balboa or phone 2-3182.
FOR SALE:-Bedroom set, bleached
Honduras mahogany, mode in
States, double bed, vanity, stool.
right table chest, Beauty Rest'
mattress and box spring, $375.-
00. Rattan livingroom set $2225.
00 Wedgewood gas range. $125.-
00 Kenmore washer 60 cycle
$75 00. Tel. Panama 3-4260
FOR SALE:-Rotton armchair end
tables. Good condition, reasonable.
2157-C Curundu.
FOR SALE: Wooden chiffonier,
$1000. Steel Buffet $10.00, 4
chairs. 107-B, Pedro Migu$li1
phone 4-506.

Position Offered
WANTED: -English speaking Pan-
omanion Salesgirl. Neat appear-
ance. Apply in person, Almacen
"La Famaiia." Col6n.
STEAMSHIP Agency, Balboa, requires
competent male stenographer with
office experience. Request inter-
view by letter stating age, nation-
alIty qualifications. P. 0. Box
2007. Balboa. C. Z.

Firemen Stand By

While House Burns
SALEM, ORE. -(UPi- H. A.
Barnes watched his house on
Drift Creek northeast of Salem
burn to the ground, aided and
abetted by the Silverton volun-
teer fire department.
Barnes bought the property
and wanted the old house burn
ed down so he could build a
new one. He called the fire de-
partment and they arranged t
take advantage of the blaze to
get In a little "live drill."
AL the neighbors gathered for
the "house warming" and saw
the flates raze the place while
firemen kept it from spreading
to other property.

Women Drivers Get
Official -B. uquets
WINNIPEG, Man. -(upi_
While women drI vrs may g t
sneers from mei they are get-
t-lnt Ivn ftt *i ^ffl ,n*Aa~li


Grormlich Santo Clara dr-
cottags. Electric Ice ai
stoves. 'dratf rots.
6-441 .b ..
PHHL5fP O wa"lelde Cnts *. Te
n Citu fn 2,,t -Cleft 4
Ocea rtew' frome. fl
to boehi, 4Wk .46,
barbox N. 4 lauffle.

Two ind five room fumished a
urrtrnlishd apartments; private en
lotsed gardens. 8061. 10th Stret.
- Nw" Clstobal. Telephone Colet
WANTEQ:-To rent, spacious house
'unfurnished in preferred resldenti
section. Phone Panoma 3-3588.

Panama Flag
(foattinued from Page 1)

each time stopping Just one short
of us. He and I were drawn up
so close inside the hole that th
one that got us would either t
our helmets or my knees (0M.
being the biggest man.)
"When we could we whispered.
'How you doing?' 'scared?' -
'Shook?' 'Naw!' 'Nope.'
"Also,on that memorous night.
I nearly shot most of thO squad
by mistake. And later en, In the
course of events, my fire tearm
and I were left out in enemy ter-
ritory alone, by accident. All
this. of course, will save to a la-
ter date. when I hope to be able
to gossip about It to you. directly,
"One embarrassing thing aboat
it though. is that I was sure from
looking at the set-up, taht I was
not a-cominR back. So sure was
I that I seat a letter of goodbye
home. I weighted it down, so that
R would hb returned for extra
postage, then if I were there I
could grab It (hih, of course, I
did) or if 1 was as I expected,
somebody would nay tOe neces-
sry'postage. Well. I got it back,
and am sending the bulk of It
home. The last morbid page
(the rest was all right) I am
keeping as a souvenir for later

"The chaplain has formed a
lertette to sing his
evenimtng services. He also picked
us tdr our regular attendance.
"Unfortunately. I am having to
quit tonight, as we move Out to-
morrow morning. We will be
fighting Just to the right of the
Pan-Mun-Jong Peace Talks for
a .while. thn we will go Into re-
gtammtal reserve.
"But as it will not- be back
here, bpt at Kimpo, I won't be a-
lse Itdgd any more."
Th letter closes with messages
to'* dildual friends. Earlier i.
th ier, Pfc. Harris had u=-
giA, o his Isthmian cories-
pondent that "all the nice pea-
lie" who had been writing letters
to ht since news that he was
wounded reached the Isthmus be
told "Just forget it. If I come
back, 21 see you later." He ex-
plained that while he enjoyed
the letters, he could not manage
to answer them while on combat
duty, and felt that friendly cor-
respondents did not understand
when they took the trouble to
write a letter and recinyed no re-

driving tractorss, u- drie (This Is the first of two arti-
companies and city traffic po- cles. o e second wil hpper la
licemen. tomemw's issue of The Pna-
ma American.)
Inspector Robert Still of the
traffic division said women FMl PierFishless
drivers in this city have a good BOSTON, (UP' The Boston
record, fish pier has been posted with
"They are more carefpi than signs saying "No Fishing."
men and have fewer accidents,"
Ihr explained claimed it never had and acdt-
One large u-drive ou t fit dent with a woman customer.

Here are their conclusions:
Women have more ability to
artilcpate road hazards in the
They drive defensively with
olme safety awareness.
They have r (ood sese of
roesl rsTponsib:ity.
T ame mech n ore oourt-

BuSck 4-dwM' U t
Cmd ZeM Swjm|


Chevrolet Bel Air

Canal Zone $122IS0


aSist y aNs me Iat
S A.


For the 101 SId
f0ousehold Paflotag J9%e

No Me *- No lihlft
No Brushes No Waate
Each can Is a eonvenlat '
paint- Ibmb
Available In many
beautiful colonra
O9 Central Ave. Tel. -0148

Day in Moscow, the por i
Ruufan planes on the offenpivf "U
Strexts below sketches i the S te t
boycotted ed Air PIl

" tr

Hotel S PapaMl
iELLING: PanamA oerns
Products. PanamA ruinu-
anee Go. and Peersn *.
Lau (common and n
Te. 3-4719 3 -160

T. --

ctomman-uIa I
lUpeover Repbohltery
l rr ovas3 SOWoani
AJbhey iWM

im aot ftea t A

i Transportes Baxter. &. A.

Shipping, moving.
We pack and crate
anything. 'Phone
2-2562, Panama.

or move

Dn. A. and E. ORLLAC
IPalmer Gradustes)
a 12 and .M

L awrnf f; n Lux Twewsti

Per the best values In both'
-iw and reeemidtioned far-

41 Automobile Row
Tel. 3.4911





SeufMiare md la:teri.
bg omurlAom as 'eW.: a-eas


I&PfS 9ES")

| q l' Z-- FARM
l.i ,*pn

CHOW LINE, LIIll+tj -Any 6A -
cided to prune the wMl0ines 41 om f the pot's*4 a bs
jobs and are getting too plump In the middle on regallec Army chow, g
a fixture at the 7021$t Area lSerieM Unit there. The qab ie t
low-calory menu." At diet table, left to ight1 A"lO Ch.o- laMI
fith, Uniontown, Pa.; CpL Albet xum, Washington, D. C. ad t
pine Islands. Pvt. Gp k eating standB t Army meal to shl "

-,.; r- (itP. a


Clarlse Guerette wasn't NfiX
priced when all her oftsprin
didn't show up to help ewr L
her 60th birthday. She hWai
children, 10 of wm aen
Also surviving are 41 =rt
dren, 88 t-grandcftlMre--
a total of

Parker Ca't Win ,
HASTINGS, Neb. (<) -
Parking meter installatAiot m4.n
kept a jump ahead oft on* lto
business man. Hlie parked '1
car where there was no tM
and came back that WIi W
find one had been inUtal Miid
he had a police ticket. TWO MR
later on another street, h el8
caught again the aot w.'p;


1002 .13
#4041 Fea Bo rd AV.
Co3ln. R. P. .


**^W^* ^d^

-, $26.-.

1lsr a ams -M

' .-"e


.0 a

{. ." ,. ; ( ._* I .*"' :



BROTJ$tW h* u:fj
f, /cmi ^"' '"

your'''B.UICKt WUME^(
YOU go.,:

C,^.. Nw^f .r&,Anr'

$ '.Y
*-i It *
,r ?. d -' Y !-..,

-. ie .9

' --4


.'s ~

* .

- *


-'.-. .-




W ,






. -, .'.*

-- r.

- --r- 1 |

F" A
,,, _, --.*; )r**; ^ .
m~.a n^j ~ .*? >'


IM .

S. .
, ..-, .ssi,..-; fnr.. .-7 i*4.. f<^'< ta-*t-ijl *(M l(rsYi

SSho wF
- .. -.


[ ; .

,- .
r1. .

AC R O .nC

hni I- madre t-and I
V t?'
q o gaseeiant or
dt tbs Wif S( wiiar

him until a kitt-sleeved work-
ing-man seated next to him
whD'ptd : "'am,'you got I gratI
mov t there;."

Clue to the coolness between
Lex Barker and Producer, Sol
Leaser ls that Sol Iso aehbig
for a female Tarzan to replace
his tree-swinging hero. I
MOM has given the nowhome-
layouts edict to fan'maaaz nes
on-glamor stars like Jane Powell,
who play teen-aged roles on the
screen. Too many babies around
the houme. -

ro Hb

hi Lodaon
WroD, Mt *It

( )

._1.. : -'-;".'". .

,.,,.oeil &r.- -

lr ,'" r" J -.tri t he

tl..l lIqts te
S.. .
Sae atmt hotr

*es a h'iar al

41f errt(H W~h^


Actress -
ElUs 6tb '1a4' -
lor, recent ly'
married to
English Actor.
Michael W ldlng,
hopes for a coo
, breeze on a

The star, who
expects her first
child In
Is back to work"
in Hollywpod
for the ti."
their irac
her ,majzge.


Real Life Friow lfom Up

In Movies For Big Ptu s
rhthe, J, ye p _:
Hollywood, where the but of ther, Jim who play bit
friends ha the entertainment part; .MS.. Betjy ake
world ar meeting these days, Rol Wwid Wi nrle n
can th n saPme real life friend- and oth W, Jr.
shins lor a number of the big Jimmy, who acted as technical
plctres that are on their wa adviser for the fUim.
to the theatres of the nation.
Burt La4caster an 4 Nick 'Tbl tongrtdaamtg utrand hip
Crafat, wo grew- up together of Joha~ Wayne and Robert
and .teled in a circus acroba- Fellows led to '"Bg tm NeLin,"
tie 1 iB e movie audte&eu the i O'tIti by the two

to. even more spec- rn Wayne sand NaAcy Olson.
ta ~ of swashbuHct TWJar Ia mtt
in WNorms produce
hn for Warner Bros. git friend of Way'-John
" !Th l Pirate," filmed the apsi~ dirte r.
n td m ~ mland, t sea a~d
it th island o1-. rw, bwi S Latd
ha Italan coast. ie&to ;aft&in th
PA and baritone Rob-' ^
art sA to, whao appE ..
kM^^L^Bi'Qadwajb.I~t~~l* Iftf,1 ld,, 1.1

if Crosby, HspqO o .r.

ngo On 1 .'Re d' Trip

me~lys -- .% ---s

to yewenth M ie

the others It wl be an aopest TneaItlea.
eeoedy WithM aneal 0 -
a inteNpffmL *ussht$
Hparod by Pauil7Sme.
I mot first do th e o e-
Miatse Hete to sar," In T M. ecfd
Msaret e report, '!
I exeeted to soar. -i

"Little y Lo



HunBa and Oracle Allen have
Joined th i rowing list of tte.lwt
operteAmera who are havitn
theirseow put on fitm bu$ fl
tranit n was not made without
6eine Ia.p.
"Are ye* nervous?" saMdbody
asked Burns the day they report-
ed to the studio for thetr Mat
er~u?,t' repeSted Lu "gu
Throxt pikilng up his. tl.
"Why siHofld I be nervous g
n show aDsiness stame I'w 12.
e ait the lighted end t th
ealltr a b mouth and it was
st minutes before H6 could
talk apin. When he could, he
stood in front of the plwsr fs-
l:tr to Biorn-Alen TV audoen-
.l and delivered the itroduo
S ete stood by and beamed.
f ijt It wonderfulu" she chirp-

At one pointh','Sugar Thrt'
eord ht yl "aerglthlng' W cwn-

the hula. At Mall upnuWl-"-,

nl know my t wer real
B5t uninhabited. towe
the hula. At tre rnd, ti rew
i, Y Orae blushed. "
JUihnlnow a a hipt.wer. really
that unlhaned."
At owln e tWhe caei shift-
ed to the net set. Oracle eld
0o her watch to her ear, looked
it it and frowed. shook It and
l-ned agftSb lbously without
It's noO. Oearge. Time for
lunch," e said.
l"How do y ow? Your wateb
"My tbma hasn't. I was tl-
in time by tWat long before yoq
tough mse watch."
"TwelW. o 'loek,d" d re actor
iRalph LevO dried lust at the
right tte. "We'll break ior
lunch. tdUe-
sr or&ise beamed. And
eo f sollo'ed her, mosanif
Thratthe oht her wrist-It
,ust to hb the diamondm
Nor tOlb te l the time."

a t:3.

* Whwyou ir dww p mn
maybe te guy ho Ihm in ft
poat is bowoffu .

ITo cebhrt to tat
t-a *tq ; -
&e imwq&4Pgo

MWi TCOB Aug. 16 (UrP)
Tbh Maot famoi jest trio la
-usl bewtiry i the. Benny mexi
ttPl, which trom 1n86 a,%u
5Tm establtshed a standard de eSe
tor Mln combination solo and dce a
alSh a rn that never hu Pl a .
been niaeud. Record by the fa t
l -- rj7 on elainet Ted- s 4A ".
Wy W nts Oa piano and Ofee J-Bd In itMw
-gom. on drums sond Y" MsdverMUt7 e ij
today as the day they olytion.
*Tr l e up In 1.. on the nr
when Ge Krupa left the thony dMl.i
Ooofman bean. The group nev- peci inti for
er P a c o inj pubtlc until lrtalenameot

S the original mia the ra trse (ea.
! radio ert on a id Leaeo w
aeto ia n In the Ib te nie R w adom
o pla th raSord tssion ehoil, *iSl
erre a lfterwd in e colle- and- t A"11er
at a .edm prtce. t wJ r^kp
t distibution wags attd. wdoAao
.-New Columbia thas flte i ambi i .
Uh radio e cert on a l-1hb GIuelt Mamendf el
AlMplang Irecord that de- haunto i "AdlS .
sense a place In every oa-SO you3coaw s' wTm
tor's lbrary. Bermny Teddy iad M s arit
Gene, a bit n ty Ar all g a
years ap don't play with, s RggrtO
toe t ie pohih and r le- "Yak lo
thy did In the old day, erse (
but their rendition of "Chin Staerd chans as "M
fPSafdofod-mms So am
Boy," Bnnn' WfaK "-lm "onBl e A tol"e
Fit SOWl" Ond "Poe Roam" wre O" WOUMBb&^ v
thanamt Vaughan I* two vi
I t low, to 10 heard these "'eet or4m
v .a oS ,.o
obtra I -o, t nXi. t e
Bndlh an W JoinU*


S- .
rII;,A Tul

Ac1xL&TRr .4X4vosar

o. tm .. t 's "

CbLt n a-sUM
BAKL! G'As31 CB--

I- V.-.

Week end

Bebert Rya'-

"On i

I A I?

TR 0 P ICA L I1TH A.TE 7"'
Steve COCUAN MSerry JAChSN, to

n f


, e M ,. o

6' lua'al


3 'A.
n~2 F.

S ...

a trembs.
Itln T ,ft&

P .W ...

ting ask-
yokes on
Dx Powell
ia about
lean and
u their
e whole

. auer
'. -a 1 .1


t. '
NOW.' '

1U'3 ;

,? ma/~r~ '^hecaqo

. .. .. -


. I t ,-. 1



>. -. .-




.a .ngI




abe Cm t

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NEW YORK, Aug. 16 (Uh)-Yogi Berras tne Moti a tW '. P s Jo
run homer in the sixth inning turned an marse: 75.0 oolcla:t:46 iM i A-'s.. who -
certain defeat into a 5-4 victory for the nt mnaee of the ible l' lu e wnh W ,
Mnnole. E. an 120 "
over the Red Sox in rain-shortened en- 2 Golden Babe J. Phillips 110
that was called in the sixth inning at Fen- r Casablnea J. Bravo 117 ooi
Pek 5 Duque A. Vasques 105xgue t
6 Bljagul E. en 105x
btid Box led 4-2 goblg Into rough and Berra drove McDer- Mirad B. Pu3ao 120 u r'ate ithop, a right-hand-
h. RaScarboroughgav first itch Into the ht 8 Romntico E. Bilvera 111 e Ottaw club. I
o Phil RitUO and field stands to give the Yanks a Ue club lb.
bckey Mantle. keey 5-4 lead. Sad Race-Y-r" Natilve-4% n he .
replaced BcaSbo- Reynolds then blanked the Red Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 1:16 5o rge r i I
-ox in their half of the sixth Second Race of the Doubles n _- to givn him
after which a torrential down- 1 Piroo Mh. Zeballos 116 a
p~9 rented further play. The Maru B. PUlido 117 roo I. .in
umpn was Allie's 5th f the La rina J. Bfavo 117 e
'sea on 100th as a Yankee. 4 Avivato A Vasquez 11s6 x -~T4 -getjfteo heVs,
The diana remained two 53E1 Indlo Jose Rodriguez 113 A V of the Cle-
games off the Yankees' pace by 6 Tap Girl 0. Bravo 120 oioVtlk nl T 1
edging the White Box v4-3 at in help his clu In Ifa
Cleveland. Bob Lemon scattered he p i
nine hits for his 14th win. Billy 3rd Raee-i"G" N atv-% Fi. ., dAE
Pierce, the loser, gave up only urse: $850.0 Peel closes: -1:45 i S ,,rtd hi 1,th Sla one oft
six safeties but two of them were ONE TWO tolerh wins -hdnes- h Stoe k:..
ai ml ILeague rounedtripter Roberto Avila 1 Kaisan Ortega 103x to e a'ogetr of t .m In ..
UIV-aeI a-gb u ej and Dale Mitchell. 2 Pensador B. Moreno 106 te ltr ere e t"l'h t
The Tigers whipped the Browns 3 Bnceridad E. Julian 113 -job". leto fbe ao ,firt .zB
on Lot t 5-2 with good relief hurling by Pscna B. Aguirre 110 center of the gut and bounds ti hLe s i eas lt t to to t ,
n C L .Virgil Trucks who saved the vie- 5 Excelsior A. Enri ue 105x h l to t
o .. 65 r Td Gray, his tenth,6 Coran \C. Ruiz 120 a Te secret of the volley is lm- lup," ly. n Rose., Davids n
l....... 65 when the Browns loaded the 7 Arranqui n J. Bravo 114 le The ball hits the racket. The ttd bd breaks ,tthef club to
351 bwses with none out. Trucks pro- blce le .,
ba sm needed to retire the Browns racket does not swing and hit the is a sM points pi..t
4 63 .452 without any damage. Bob Cain 4th Raee-"F-2" Nati-ve-4 Fgs. b vlley is strictly a b a I a
S. 49 65 .43 dropped his eighth decision as Parse: 5275.00 Poolcloses: 2:2 he vo de le is strlctlya d shot, executed pl einOn this ewl 1
b..-- ......34 s .291 compared to eight victories. QUINILA or deflected shot, exe in one AGors l, is.main gft P m ed :te. t
gam sot Ilu do. In the other .uo I1 Fulmlne B. Pulldo 120 lorward motion. ILop.. also eIs ma.lnd ,
no.l... e oatorsjm_ unidor circuit 2 Don Arcello 0."rescott' 120 .her. is practically no lO. willwin thea .A.tee .a.t %e aeo
3 Juan Hulneho G. hez 120 r Lithb L i" itsp Jr. Coi
YAthletes 10-3 behind the six-hit 4 Domino J. Bravo 120 od of training your eye .for t h th'asl.tar. -l a.
ono at en f urling *wlh on the 0 ene md tile,...
oastt Mae.. t. York (2). hurlin N Wat Proton V. Ordofie 120 volley shot is to learn to catc r ,W 's o ."aMn u dii~~
Pbaielp at Brooklyn. In t e National League, the 6 Dixiana F. Rose t112 balls tossed over the net on the stit so el-e. Wer t
at S (). 15-Dodgers wide a rlloped the IPhil1es face of your racket. Naturally ~ gu behind -
5-0--the widest margin in these 5th Race 'A & B' Imported 7 Fgm. they will bounce two or three =ach te."
history of the I.eetin s of these purge 51,000.00 Pool closes: 2:55 A im bIy ke o eye ta attb.
sd at the end of sjh, rain) ning game that was halted be- 2 Petit Pole, B. lido 1 2 it finally comulbbe to rest on
elphla 000 000-0 6 4 cause of rain. 3 Montmartre V. Ordofiez 109 01Lft. i of the racket.ll om oret
an 350 411-15 15 0 Billy Loes whitewashed the 4 Keyhaven 0. Castillo 119 1 There are three things to re-
S (it07) nsen (2). This for the third Straight time 5 Royal Cnoup Bravo 116 ath of 1 lesson articles h
(3):: e .Me:whil -e" uphiseleventhwritten for NEA Service member:
(11-6) and Canpanella. success of the season against six 6th Race "-2" Imported w eBl for Service ock your volleys. -0.wt S
a 1-6)--2 0 leases. Curt mmon. who was Purse: $575.00 Pod clam: :S RBy lECEf RBEABSLEY xnoe nvollswe m bi t e auern b" .
Po 6-1 nd a 1 Im ee or ee 1 BFa Te a Do not valey fom b indg e theD t t.
go0 100 000 000-0 6 1 t u eight runs, dropped his Ca edear C. I lesias15 Fmous Tennis Coach e rviceline.n a o Nw.. "
ner (11-8, Leonard ( wins. 2 etun R. me15 To play a sizzling game of sin- ---a-- Deachsed five-unewk wI. r, .. .S 4
CE i. Andy Parko (, Gil Hodges and. Levadura Bem Jr. 115 gles I t's necessary to be a good NEXT: The pendulum swing. ,yeste, to te C
Carl Furillo all blasted homers Interlude V. ordofe 115 volleyer at -the halfway mark Ikas tft
at New York (1Postpn- for Brooklyn. The vcto u Bend Bravo In doubles te volley is almost a as Cit Open Golf T *o : h
tan). the Dodgers .lead to el ht 7 Ms Matto J. Bakes 115 In doubles import, tha ae volley is almostheFraCO Middlecoff, who led fter rs- t
S. mes as the seon place t hot. The volley Is a ball played days first round, s hots oea -- t *. 1
Cinetanatt at St. Louils (Night ants were idle because their on the fly. Sisal Ihu der 68 for a 26-hole card of 1w. .I
) scheduled game with the Braves 7th Race "1-2" Imported 7 F n. For the most part, the rudi- I lVMi .. .. 0
-- at the Polo Grounds was rained Pue:375.006 Pool closes: 4 s ments of the vole are similar to *m .. .. ..
oaut. Second Race of the Doubles strokes you SaVe already learned. : .. .. .
c Lea e In the only other senior circuit 1 Bartolo F. Rose 112 Thefootworksu exactly the same FIRST RACEd.. ." < b
upset the Cube 2-i beWtnd Mowie 3 Delhia) C.a Cuis 1 fr gthround tr ke one step 2-aor $3.45, $2.50, $. 00Su s
or ...... 8 48Won Lost Pet. Pol5 ret's first-hiting round 4 Danescourt) Sanchez 114 forward with the right foot. 3-Golden Girl $2.20. straight a yeter w..... .. .
York6 48 .56 rena's first-inning round 5 Apprise B. Agirre 1 In both instances this brings OND RAE s semit- ae of t, "
4 .......65 490 deprived Pollet of a shu 6 Scotch um r yor body a 1-Buenas Tade$.2$3.20. ta n...
S,6 Att Mi nner also gave up ixs 7 Armeno J. Bravo 112 give yod better control of your 2-Pesadilla s$3.80. Mnhester, Massach2nis. 50 9.
ton ....The Cardi weight and body balance. FirstDouble (Clongo-Bue- Kanter, who upset ......
5ls........ B .TO CtLoui sr. nicht geduledrte d *M t p a It makes yoroTardehl 88.20. Thursday, eili inateda. 2 0 ,.
imp orta tt i ayesheyu asTinIRaRnightAgameCE1boRaceofl-2eTrtRDortimer of lnd,0t ,L. .......
soz .......7-_ Louis. -- r" $35."Pool clo es: 4:40Isee the ball on the racket with i--Pesn .$14.40..$3.60, $2.20.
I1PortersStar V. Ordefies 113 A good exercise is Illustrated. 2-troe T 0ree $2.20. ahne Fry of vr aelso QFle"M* 0
TODaGray.(10-13), Trucs (9) and 2 ipartano CR.Gomes 10gAssume your ready position, fac- $one0Two (Peggy-Ros aB)her on av
t ( Batts. 3 Pincelao v. Caso 11 Igt net withdg o your racket $370.o Second ranked Dick pia Ofl t2 1 Tf.. >Ot
t Philadelphia n 0003-10 12 0 5 Par JoseRodriguez 120 Balls are tossed to yOUas POURTH RACE ed the semi-fIns f .. .New- .. 4 1 .. 1
aPhilade phia 000 002 001-3 6 1 6 Pe ola A. Vasquez 112x toul you were going to catch 1-Malaa $11.40, $?,. ort, Rhode Island, Casino t. r .i .$
Masterson (7-Ii and 20 d- 7 t ty F. Ron 111 them. Judge the distance steady 2-Don Jalme ? $7. ni Tournament.A.. ...
WSTERDAY'S T (9-11 Wright (9) and Gand stll. The ball strikes the 3-Fritoe P aSavI-tnoutlastedJ n Sotrat S0?- 0 0 M .
0030000- 0 K As. 9th Rlee 1G" Imported Mile ". rile rtten of Fort O tajB. .__bu 4
d 002 100 0lx--A A Pwes: $450A0 Pool closes: 5:13 me)__IRACE____andKenie)homato join Vde Se iabof '3 10te
(1 a.eOI p 1,2-R e ,Ol oadm-ter $5.60, $2.60. AustrahliaIMtheeond.f.. .I .
2allsed atend ofme)$ani)O'TN4RACE adetphira an d Ken Mo*a
bts 001*(7001-)27an0 B--tonldtdO t 90 U tluper O.BravoS 1Ia h n s IIe5We 3"flfl,,,,, a. -
eno 7ds n a heDauber Bravo 112 4.80, $4.20, $2.40.46,804,3,26,- -.e. -.
(8-7), Fannin 40) and (6), NrWand. White, 6 Mrs. Cristina 0. Cpastillo120 RACE "

Ith Base 'C Natived 60 -$2" -a fled
Pamr se 6.00IPool LClOs: 5:1irN

I [.. oHehs L. Martinez ion ecTi r..a j $.0....rcw-.4. ,,
F ETTrafONlgr phipm 114N EA....... :1 e ,i S $$1 b .... .....!1 oy ----'-o.- llil. I I ... s so .- -
SoApIc.etaAdor B. Aguirre 120 SAFETY &oae2__-0a ,

u h Pel clo...e : ...L"RACEV .
bahoosRTLA.56 -C69~inL'lO



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nc FAVOURJ. M: oa
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FARE to 6CUBA -- ...Sa:: : :.::

During September, 1162 .._
C46 40-passeoer DISTILLED Afl TLED iO
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The finsk blt mesaures 9177
yadmti on f e cots 'ro
oonly no'- W of 6 yard.
.nine m 34 yards,

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I going Winnie ChurchAl's

lowing Prose Loses Magic

Without Action To Match
LONDON, Aug. 16 (NEA) "We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on
the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in
the hills, we shall never surrender.. ."
That classic of defiance Winston Churchill threw at the triumphant German
armies June 4, 1940, just after they had overrun Western Europe, forced the" Brit-
ish out of Dunkirk, and were poised for what looked like an invasion of crippled,
S fftering England itself.
That was 12 years and a world war ago. Since then Britaiq surely has suffered j
and continues to suffer almost as much as if she had been forded to fight the Ger-
mans on her beaches and in her streets.
The other .day the same Winston Churchill, again prime minister, still tough
and doughty at times, but now 77 years old, made a characteMistic battling speech -
about the perils besetting Britain from within and without.
To which a middle-class woman shopper replied: "So he's after 'fighting on the e
beaches' again. Well, we don't want any more of that."
And comment in his own party as well as the Labor Party was hardly more
Some think this may well be to be put in a straightjacketi "Good 01' Winnie himself,
Churchill's last beadh. more and more of whRt Britain as ready as anybody to ad i
The point here Is one that produced had to be sold for ex- bow tough the sailing really s.
will come as a sl ock to many port to pay the bills, and as a "Lamds antd atti c whom
Americbns the old fighter result the standard of living at we defeated I1, war or tes-
who led Britain to military vic- home became poorer and poor- coed from MbJeeUin %i to,
tory in the greatest peril she er. day more soll fymi of rnl-
ever faced is by no means the The British pound before the ing their 1v that t i-. M ..* .. -
peacetime hero he was in war. war was worth $4.89. Ten years he intoped rwoUly-'% twi it e p
Britain sla burdened by later it was worth $403.. One moue style. .y c
many ills at the moment and year later it was $3.68, and the country.
: if Churchill has not caused following year $2.80. There was One reference ot well w ve llU
them, which of course he talk recently of reducing it stfll bee oo. Germany, with who Une
hasn't, he and his Conserva- further to abou' $2.50 or less. theritish Parliament has s *
. ftive government have done ratified .pr nry World War Et While
Little to alleviate them in the COn Of sO Living I acf* b etea e aborite g
S less than a year they have A .L
been in power. An index by Churchill's w|n m .-
tlmuema-urr.v c i er. n snows T

conservative government shows
Getting Old the cost of living roqe six per
One simple fact is that Chur- cent in the first nine months of
hill is getting old and he shows It current administration.
I He doesn't hear well anymore, Wages rose, too but not
he Is forced to rest more and enough to stem a tide of work-
S work less, he can't concentrate era' demands for more money.
for long periods the way he iAd still higher prices are In
S Londoners don see the fa The Government has an-
Londoners ?. don' seet h f eanced it will cut its subsidies
saree hmuched fiure t of certain foods by about one-
Htreeta much anymore. half af d cut down on the sup-
mHe was ner mg on eWarono plies of foods it does not subsl-
could dodg the rtedum Inar the dize. That means higher prices
Interest of getting the military to the consumer.
job done, ngver mind the cost.
But mon6 and goods or Less Tobacco
father, the lack of them-are
Britain's great problem today Automobile manufacturers
and many feel for this reason soon will deliver to the home
Churchill Is not the man for market only ont car where
the Job. they delivered twoe before.

There is even pressure now.
loth from elements of 'his own
conservative Party as welP as
the Laborites, that he
WtAiber retire or turn over some
Of the important reins of gov-
-' -aunent to younger rm n
ut what to do with an old
'*emO is by no means the most
of Britain's problems.
'tez are several, and they
t- i1' olved, but probably the
Ntimportant IA figuring out
bo keep from going, literal-
ExVpr t t Effort
'. 'a ghperate effort to
A -l a st,' Britain has
X w hax a ports to oth-
W imtM1i by 4 per cent ov-
% if e -war level. At the
n" at-e her imports are on-
21 M per meant higher.
."b pltll becomes further
fr t when it is realized
'.-~. with 380 people per square
miM eB compared with 50 in
MhW lted Stats, Britain grows
'p eSiton, rubber, or jute, pro-
dieMs no oil, -hports nearly all
It supper, four-fifths of its
Wol and scftwoods, and hall
ito ted and tron ore.
AW the .expats say that
S Ah e one escrption of coal,
B ritet has little hope of pro-
SdMaet more food or ra, mate-

Ana its to oe much the same
for bicycles, radios, washing
machines, and smlaur items.
There will probably be even

Higher T axes
wr i axsp for the wor
British taxes, considerably ment.'for
higher than ours. are also high- Of the,
er than Germany's. epl em
Germany hasn't the national Pn the s
debt to pay off that Britain i a
does. e
Germany produces much et Sitre
more food per capital than does aM%- t
Britain and German economy Oft WIg
Is now moving healthily into ment is Int
the black with an excess of ex- tile Vades
orts over imports of $59 mil- have beacon
n in June. mesac ones
aI this b
That sort of thing hurts the age, only
British, who only 12 years ago idle. Today
thought they would have to re- 060.
pel an actual German invasion Aere, as
of the British homeland and ernrment h:
then went on to fight five years p-some o
1in helping to defeat her. iEl- bObs in
And unfortunately the Chur- prottleton.
chill who led them then is no
help now. Mi

less tobacco available to British- under the Labor government, Some o
era. They Import it a large which the Conservatives ousted duaeon w
amount from the United States 11 months ago. Britain nation- by th*e a e
- and they're cutting down on alized her coal mines. nearly gram I bI
imports generally, all her transportation system sad vo
SControls of all kinds are many tncliding railroads, canals, and elsti.
ahid varied. They cover the pri- tIckldlg companies, and her Chuli".ll
ces of all essential goods and steel Industry, been rtd
their distribution, especially raw states, Bca
materials Labor Era fluemceo Kt
They cover Imports and ex- Britaft
ports of both goods and mon- Whd the ConservativeL, came much fMtra
ey and even the movements back Into pxower-they promised but she ex
of the British people, some &e-catlonaltsing. months.
For no one camn ake more They haven't done It yet, Not 4ft
than 25 British peM ds a year but thE're getting the paper- emlmznt
out of the eomutry for any work started. The question wage
except -strieM* business pur- now b whether they can stay ed down in
poses. You can't travel far on in power '1ng enough to do the More th
that. job. worle n L
The controls cover even the dustries
distribution of profits by rom- Even If they do, a serious for bight
panies they are allowed to problem still looms, making ni
pay only moderate dividends. iThe Labtrite have dowed ish wor
All this is tough for all but to re-nIltalllM, fween d t have boee
the lower Income groups And! they get lMk teo r- ed in the
even Churchillian rhetoric can't erything te nv- or so.
make it less so. ernmet dew While no
long th WeM eMAe- .llh of the Eu
UnsocC izsing economy c ;ud wMa wt. Britain att
Sof puDing and a1 ift a viions n I
As If socialized Britain doesn't question. prodgl g "
have enough trouble with the Ment than
growing specter of bankruptcy But whatever the .coolo pan NATO
she's 4ow stuck with trying to Lives do about de-untolfe g, according
irscclallse part of her sociallza- it's general'v concede _4t.p statement.
tlon. won't touch Britanta.,

d War N emst Britain
pe*-quarter of Its to-
sith. To pay her way
early days f World
, Mre nad-lease, she
$me to faddate ner
0 ermo-s Moab Itn-
S 'hMiUbs in mtawleanrle
s. us am ten
CMw-he, at hjob beft
1as t" lad
yD aq"M ed a.
1I oeit terms .'
dMMa llants to
laet ,.r rest of
r ZO.s. a M. ""-

EiiOE ,tr t O9.Hwe s.
,ow,-,72flo7 at&sft guc6 tmek Is

I,~b i~


iseOT -ait times-but also visibly I
.toay in close p and as London c:s Fe him,.
lt -. W

. How Sore Is 2iE rnp

program, so ma ---
oervatives in tat ONDON, Au. t
me con no onl to .at .1f .

tg_-M eyed. Itetsol o ductlio.
king man. Unemploy- Meawb Lh LL0 h Me b71 We

instance. W 7- It reeac sion on the Welsh c t ar us
ploybd ing the coal ein ved technologically.
teeS is, f port sanh e ienortant oin about these guided miMis isn't
0.000 weoare nw thlet flygt p g06 to wtenoot
than. ae oe w, re-nwit the ta hAvrtsew Ehichared tr t -e i
Ithe pa.stheay-. Aft ferf stys, e irt inwo Vt i te tI elthat A tA
fnieldof uinthaemploy- ,lWa v te GtflYS ridd e l -
the clothiongfanmex- Thimp Poisn pit Uatoat take c es ewuideda me lst
where export males tfi tastig target of a itself o r tit mgrt lt
e as difficult as do- h er It is to achieve this "gu g" tha t 7 kig ,
business only a year btxt cifltific brains have been applied since the'.a d ..
10.000 workers were the kW to -
ther i e a over 150,- te u. o aly i
Sther pareor g t thing to have a rocket and to banag t oft
hn America. the Go- te sti a rrow in the air it fel to th I OW mt
was been able sto takedaa 'l
g the slack by offic- wie basis, but it takes years of work to shot's tecfhe
n expanding defense orff d Itheo make it home itself on to a direct itont a
beias' which is taking evasive action at 700M t.
litary Sales That is a big step forward in inventing and Odi t-
f this defense pro- rin Ay1iim methods.
rk is made possible the push-button era really comes in, tit m
wr United States pro-e ..T I
Eying military goods t iethese rockets on to enemy aftac
meant from ether s i missiles which might be fired from bombitters
, who has always ftu. twi target. But t is a complicated problem, of
high in the United there i still a lot of development to be done.
Swieldvaluable In- ne ing is certain, says air expert GardnerW tfi
wasn't benefitted too dys *f the old-fashioned fighter vs. bomber gun hbet
*this program so far, o4*4A over
pets to in coming .
.At te speeds and heights of modern war, the de-
t btdemands for e ,eds of a maneuvereabitiy whith no ordinary fight-
aes have been turn- e t j-eit W sind and cert a human.
i recent weeks. *Rk gid in c ti e n
Ban .,)o cnw British w cn twst OW t
itro and teel in- ib it u ur or f times those wbic can
had their claims
or wages refected,borU. e tef t cvir tiTftb
ariv ,00,00o Brit- t 5e, c g|yittg the th the o- om bomb,
e refused or suspend- w $ for f igtS-te"
last three months PR *"fw e kl 4 kow tKke
:0 16at 90 Out
t an official member -0
aropean army plan, Uf af O st 4ui4 the Success of
H maintains five dl- th twtit -uJ tmfs.-
Germany. and she tc I. h

'more military equip-
all the other Ero-
countries combined"
to a government

.p Jfi ters

addition. lhe is bearing
y load of maiutaaning
l = g -round troops,
OT napo a In Korean wa-
*a a W M of o RAF
trne wagser Obruchill

bom s ebuwted w l the tusk of t
^ Wtket waqpoes r q various op- r
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B f iing
-Qitywwx t^F ~ilU~~tt fmA.

a;U K -t ..

one yeftt* .-, "**
our dd
Whnph in L.
to Dil
6Ud. 15
en brk r's,
ty swir. We l
plosiona o

.*eVC, ftd un*
Ut. tBA h*al
qurot abai

"**A MA

Il 0. L i,

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4 4



ip cunteIY CUntU I=. r
Std firtan 'stotieUd a tiv
tAntly. Then i heard a u0%t hena
behind the tWoh1 ep' qa t .t A
US had ret LhainO)
Sin his belt f es
I an a *A ta
He appareMtly tUllttimtt o
W$W5 fired a shot. 11W
Id: 'Excuse me, se'- glti hI&Sai
Without adding another when they as

JLhicken A4

R. D. Wozn
at it alain.

.- ,,
,l ..; '/, "
.,.^ .I .-! :

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S." 1 y :-. -.,

;* -:.* .** .^ ..,- if :."**,* c



nft- eun-

mother to


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lue S


'*' "aufit~

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L uthek _


"4 -: ,tj %j a]"..- 3t(;" .",;*.-." .-
- .. .' o \( /J .^ : ] .- .- 4 .

*' .* ., ..- ... ; t. -..
*-4 -'-", : '. =} -1 :^


S. E'~r _

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- ;w ?

,lw t to ew io 4
eiM O fl the

on-bA ii

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mrteaS a r-

SWlht threN* fI mu .
bfI rive ?

.0 .009" "s in a". p.W aftl s 1n
ZknAnim ai hisw Su .e i &-a a m -d;
1as dM, o We M irammy the eq ,S
demst or towtat*Si laB~Bt k a et to tlmes '

Saqw in R N is i k er itt e Ml M0 i.
.,AN" isane1gtheo twdy
f in l I pl6 s pipe.. ilthatB it dae toere* j
s. ha The Ilf Iaif I*
Ofr sB N o t bat wht nanlia boo
"a t'*et. '.... IIn th aest.. t t o a S
ic f *l *."... & t,*W,. 8a 5 rf i .

&Sronm nfor Ack-Ack Acuracy

4 el tr049il

,,* .

1,' -.

--. .


Iiif ...
lIL5 :"/

', ..

ti eaSd Wmet, LASJ UwmWaS* 3

,lrl, aR.ri A ftlft
m nat fat Wl0te 1d

hat, Ik aNu f in t o a. I
lye l eUd s .q.4
m f. tgs et A w
'As d lMs d uae ualy Ie. AA I
r t0e 4 o iei w us tMt it a i p with th
I& vWStwt t d ppiend tlmy I w a

o Sl e aR~s aPe,.

awho lo gdOwlN IsH o Ftatr .hdtow
l d I, the lets_. am

f as sl a gai S aim any-
*tm flaou awth yeaslrad as flotwpr.

'uts your wa c. A pnt, p *"iUsSiti Fafor the
haf he of Mad0BM. (1,If
ou be tha dataelw What alm pMAiU toward
Bantr (uumss

Simple Divi -
1 A za word o Irtatm. MtA
Ig the t'pl my ainy ti two ad y r
A. a& bayve my rat. idi M y o mt by
.twty and you ave a t.M t,
-aI pmde my thdrd by aUId $oa
have my mseao or fourth.
MJ~ia38ffM ITAID 01-mf -

SM .

.1 -:

S** ,
: ';
-. ; st" t' '.. '


'.-" VfWa L

1 4

m. -- ii- --

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lpeeve iMh vs Mt whltel

.MamI anyf

oew m wa w s+4- 1t+ sX e X S X X O
Saem q ae A Atpl*oPne"

Maw NA 40 da r jwa
Sarema s& wgod it"a.
for ow t ..,., I .. "|
NaO UR taga te W Ca

tSe itr usza" aeptt

a mt poaw a t --- -
,ram pa ag m a
4. awnte pls h .a- ni
s. VeuuegpahS----- ? i
Now dd or subtrmet, e a lt -
ateed, to produce new wort:
e. ilq i plus a nu m
7. aeMi plus AlBmta s
to -?
l. Liem plut A mlm I
ae -?
S* 1------T& T
I.AM bgN I f=a L l|

e- M'r ag. o
IuSO .~ mn Sme lo w

I- "-,*- .- ,
* w
* ." .o.

-.. *.
" -. ., 3O
: -- .w



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IL, 8**
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47h.,. 'y lhk, I ..

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* *- 4*.-~. -.

- si

! IWGING INTO PLACE goes the center section of the world's largest 1restressed concrete brid&to fort another link in eWSHi O e I1
tM $0 million super highway that runs through the foothills of Andes between Caracas nd. La Guaira, Venezuela. etale planning


-4% 1

. .

*1 ,"


FLAMsLi FAVORITE Jame Wurster hopes to turn from pos-
ing for news photographers to acting before movie camera-- .
me!t. "Queen of New York Press Photographers' Bal" in OVEHEAD American jets flash rhyhSmnation while Queen
l1, she is now in Hollywood seeking a career in pictures. Frederika of Greece views performing t at airport in Athens.

FAVyWRiMNuC rr m i outneasrrer wyomfnng


. ..' .l


* n

* v-.,. -
.. -* .
,- -.. f
t "..*. -*_,.* _'iw. *

* p.

7r1 ES SQUARE MEALS a day it 'total cost of $1.35. Where can you
A L-cd such food bargains? You w,*tld have to be a cadet at the United
StMi Military academy at West i Y.; to enjoy such cheap bill of fire.
esat ahaf Mat Gowen, by mass f.O* "4i and p streamlined, gas-operated
kht turns out some 8,100 me .sq y tr 2,400 men. Each day a ton of.
zOnaXfe is consumed and every ,m .th rqadets put away 80,000 pounds-f'r
l J1S000 oooquarts of milk. WauC, thee's no ripImnsboutclww.



1 ..,,.

q t, '.% .,, Q i -s

:-.t' 'r "' : ,'-' r .'"r '

,. : -, -- _:.... .,-, .- ..:,_p



ry ":

21 .






,,,, f Gw en.v



m -1

"-. ,- -





new rates wete already in ef fr ence?
trtwel a *
Whe t ged for clar tleaon, Am also that
Were ae to help saying only sat p nnel

own expense eto Panana U.e a 1. wed MAN
But that still left wophl-blVa" not currat
work for the CAnal right baekwre h be. the to
fore the Increased rates were nas hat w
Could they go up to the States beim Ot. 1 on the t
old rates What If te_ were in the 8a now abd far?
wanted to return by Canal ship? WOaUm tt. now
have to pay $11 plus tax? 9 so "the Ca
Nobody would say. cle, and W te
.a u oa> otOWN, etm,4
men were W their jobs with the i
alon as A rwt of the curtilment orf ..du t, tr t"
program tor this flecal wyear. ut f wetLs ai
sure whieh Individuals were getting te *&a... o tr
whole noutit wa having hsple In the n e
Pive different units will be affected by the force atokS
reduction. hfl t
Meanwhile, it was learned that the Canal was try. Vflee.
Ing to take steps to offer soaee of themepaploages other
position within the Canal organization i mtch Tae den o xai
Jobs onae available. udgM tbw
o wrftl I
The U.S. District Court got a real fresh start I". w= atMk the
day when a new Judge took hise place In the newly- Wa be, h wra
tiled courtroom.
*A Jammed courtroom testified to the curilty of plexng
UIthmiana who turned out to give the newoea te tftDwefe a t
onceover. was w MIe

"r*s. he Thh e
S ectators were apparently favea bly ard a r e
with youthful Judge Guthrie F. Crowe, who rte e U, Aee kft hard
carefully to defense counsel as well a to the gover o t Ibig
nouncing sentence and who e srwe abd u to be oe
Sea-ger toa adjust to territory. Thoeih a I
He amr said he would m Ju hdge unk Gardner's p. t ed as I

a Seta Is Indian, who tried to rape a M behavingg been
and was flound guilty of burglary whona he cut a Mie went bM

sing by 84 being Kotte l ta
Grant, help up a Panavaunan, threastend to shoot ouaU ge
him with a gun, stole his car and later a chased e"d of th6 week
Acrm the Mne final surrenderr. I

-0- Ion we adttat
iTh as ea net day waes anno -t to Its
noMntal thete, rent aeonday r. iaptMeawasa. Art d Ne We
Tdnto %br, k 4dfOR sefe.t at The d e saeut d mte
aed to C toU ca d the following ct
of a alt-weekr Chem*c1l a
docket. Inm~It Ko UiW

e 0 i of ethe rculamt te T. 8. Se theor
wat ,e,. n, N. V. a h a e State.Tu day.
too "UlS IlossBan Ors oft Pa. peace talks.
V. begane a stwatdes at Pan American tr. P. .
was cater a three-awe d briefing course in me
aL~b. -a Punfa npl
Onted to ahe at cadet h sergeant at The tadV i theUSabotlt the

Astxatahe board of te.NatisonaldUniversiyf cat"for. regnIm camf B
wd iha flat of the crricu t the astU. eeno
Ta deas cae dd Pa, t. lard tnog Teay, da
byeat BeS Laon" oa oChiefe ot o hta, Pans he tai-.
wibee e a stewaftm= of Pan American World Ai. Ofm

taat Pe-w brfing sCO IN IN Miam P ic

The A- v. the. algglmAl
---a-a MA-
a the Pa a40 side afa1d I o Ave. Ur tatl- tbe a Ethc U
Adtrauve board of tbeP Nati a T (Ory .' pcm ri the Cmn
otfON boee de
WTh) denialcaae ditsont tMocI
at anaatti MRut Uidam on t!L f f
tory profmavv Cuar LIt wao
S eiard atnt em "dIheelrfIu I iMwasgr" up ami WE

The Pa Ia Anti tbw tt*t. Noathm

lo). >Mpportunity to he
OreM 200 TepreIM ntain b". am M e Anlzatic r- o

ergC 'vo1w_
lk-B~l'Ai-etotgR, I ~*a Wl cat -f-Z:**'g^O*


)IML. ,. -- ^ -V

".i ,,*- **


his Wa .

. ."t


An WWr.
aown 0( h M B
ik to M0e

A ilk
____a 0-OP- F...ism~

e that he'll hawv to
of the neat acbkzAm .

lB W9 T--T .V WI ,M
n team ir

di g. aff o, I A d

a tAm a

ae -o aarllq

amm bwmir

lt ,

:-***;** .-^ 'T _' *

s '*-
'* (l;^-
".'* *' 'aa's
?-:*-,". Wfl
.uLli. ..KJE

*W I
ank do


= m

. 4-.. asa

H i "'.'*'

*, ** ,: "./


- I-. -

-. I


I- am. jim.

I ~-a

p'SkNas p *Mi 4 p- f,-a r :1 4 4 -in N9A


vEl 4


',.- o'-* .{" .'"S.
4. -
'* I ti^
ti* ; -

:.- 4'-


S. -.. t E ma

S..p 4 imsoft
1 fljtN 1-tx. '- *-**?r
Sa t. 44-A..A i er
1 I P- !tu tt -Liead with as-aa /
a use hatb 8- uh Iri
S"m e-n *of nt tp

of s i- ti-Stda trw er
R bW6Iu -odiltt --

n yt ~- U -t at It ,tSag-
n. l. r S -i--too"ow

$''--No* -L" '

"-fr" ::i "ai r

In S

ras.m4m 1 ';.

*$4. f *l'$Dw 7 t .[ t
SA ^ :back. z


i-. .U .-
-. igg




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*-. it*L**

*"' .1*

& I




/*'*'* -:*
,1 *'' **
/ <;***

'* -' '*^



F,& ,'L-- L .1,-A -

I---- II- I-~--------- --- -C -Yu u-~_- Il_Il-ul-----~_..


flW I
k2. il-, 1.-



I- w



A uia.. '+

I TM AM1 9 "1rn h -ft
P NM. V.
e*o 9sp
18.50 Bs
te.5o ma

o --'
NILE VALLEY The damsel Fortune still denies
The .a that yet delights her
The frtile valey of the Nile that that yet deght
rocked Ts bat our manhood that she
The cradle of mankind, and bred ttte a "
the rac the Oia Pyramids he'coy to those who doubt and
That built the Giza Pyramids, rear;
and shSeked Shell grant the suit another
The savage Into courtesy-this year
place Another year!
Of horses, water buffalo and H.?re's "Better luck another
muls. year"
Of white felucca sails, mud huts She now denies the golden prize:
and herds But, spite of frown and scorn and
Of Pharaoh cattle, prehistoric sneer,
tools- Be firm, and we will win and
This fertile valley tamed the With home made glad and good-
restless tribes, ly cheer,
And taught them to renounce In better luck another year!
their wandering ways. Another year! Another year! a
Subdued th? desert beasts, and -W. GHnaere Blama
That life goes on forever; A PROPHET SING OB
through the haze These things shall bel a loftier i I
Of sandstorms, famine, locust race
blight, and flies, Than e'er the world hath known
This valley looked on Death and shall rise,
called it lies. With flame of freedom in their
Willrt Show souls,
IAnd light of knowledge in their
Than this bird nothing eav.r was
more blud; iNation with nation, land with
sapphires, gentians, lapis laruli, land
the heart of fire, nothing as it unarmed shall live as comrades
flew through light to a high free
branch of locust tree a nd through the world's great
to sway a narrow moment and to heart shall throb f
sing its unbelievable song with The pulse of one trabornit.
utmost grace" Ir
among the pendant flowrs.reat minds 'haf rise with at-
fluttering in morning's wind like lner powers, ,*w r "
tattered antique lace. IA lofter wdotomG '111 l00"'k Dw w 10MaW yatrt Im- Itom! 1
And art$ ..Wll MMMat'nobler m _14 2.' W"s r
Vouchsafed to sight but for an An mold. t all _la usedto onIoblerwi! =fc ?! lebe to n I
instant here. And mightter mustc thrill the Acmhmn wIl-WIM a 6 n m
this now becomes the measuring heart .. Hd in
b-irht shade ear wASulriff,. livrt l WRM .de .l.911
by which all other blues shall The wnt and se, amn'sin and L 4 S a._-
disaupear hame, ,tatm e o h.
to insignlficaine and therein W6 me a ha triaamh neathh mil nale.Sr 1i
fade.- I the Ais, Is h
O lorelv circumstance, that fly- and Mevy lhfe shaM 1ft its son, m "
min bird JAnd earth he s99h paradise.
should eive such meaning to. a i nd ath b
1y-dGaX iiiamits
mortal word! I A
Sally MP Gray .1 A DOG COMO RAY : I ,
BETT L LUCKA ANOTHER Yi L aster flthfuil to hiMdlM Men
Oh ever sink neathh Fotrune's as I am to him. May he be 0 pf-1--
-o n, t ced and undecept.~Ie as I a -
Bat her with a shout of my he be true to trust reposed anan people'
Sin hi as I am to bis: give hm L. of y0
An- nit her fairly-face her ftae cheerful lt unto mBay W At au
SLn ,-r tanl: ve him spirit t r: 'te Is t .J
Shc r y stern to those who ttatitude like uato m licking mian embasy ar an *I
-. ,.. +. ^, ,resg. Fill him With patience Tt0tth mabab, ne f .te 002 .
Bern *Better luck another u,.,h mine that wait- b T1It *1 .ha e .. dos"
year' "k, mine h m t .,,wa ++' t s his._ s._,e .' P _-" ._ q., .
year' footsteps uncomaningly for This is the same asy
Another year! tr: fil him w my wat eh- aar itier MLr Wh a .,.
Ave better luck another year. m ss to sacrfoe e rt c" ?m l ., m taod it S
Well have her smile Instead of fe a him ys In to ie wm t M A f a. 3t M.
.'1... I hj.='-' e-'<.d rwith he 101-T" O"nd c ihtm"ee
A tho--d rmnies for eVerv tear, rit of p ven as hi
Wit made gl&d nd ood- as is a man as I am ado ,tle non-I
A "-.Iyear- k him worthy of me-his dog. a, las at Ites
Ax .- -- et arotmwur year-C w- rI* b m. ,A
._..__ .. .. ..... nd mone o m i. L Ads,
- -- -- *asos f4iW.sp
Wi b e be he=%-a :
ierewitM ad solution to a t ay Croswerd Pe ealaee gabd hBeam eM-a lot or itB--gl1
te. No. 43 ~ puMWited today. vte..
+ IT mt only bea ,lm

the IL
-a .,, [] ,, ", "A.
I mmn.40d
ll~~~lm~OIm-l .. 4 tn3 ] a ..

~'- .1-.- ~


R MONTH. I i .. .
. .I I*N U.O- t- A5W
Pon twouR0 5 AOVA,.
?aen .e mus asam sss
Pe @ I eg*m ~ amlha

'tF 4*~
t, !.

1 7

ae e or r goer at te lr >. "

71 r

ter to 1

mte bid
A ji
-r Iai

4 J


L_ ~

-, ',


i. .'


how atte D whoorai So *to
OT UB net tbR

6 ~o Pawre deparkWeO "
iaat c mae d et W, toe."
It-M dA< it, s od ma t,
*We wUI be l a" ar
San [pt~igjS ^


tL M '

I al u Ta.r a

-1 9- C-u Mtp;

- -cf. -' I-c -

.s r

Wei Owl
.I ,7 iN


!- .. T .-

fof for the Union ChiA,
center of Panama" City,
sor a Carnavalito a little
naval for the students.
It lasts two nights. di1
evening thee is the
at Which the Union 'ib
of the previous iv
*.,; pears In her corot
with her court. !er6 d
Ing and a gay tim
.. Baturdy night 61, s
celebraiov I M queen
this time in ateverv
she chooses aid the memei
her court are attired he
same manner.
S*In the accompanying picture '
Qeen Lfcky I of the
Club is seen. TiBn vi
: lovely queen set the te
dancing abd fun through the
night till the burial of the Mi
., at five In the mornLg.
A "comprea" 1 is a gop
people dressed in AdenUcal
gng atheme nd aoU &>le O
..... th e .v .. :,, ,
rst comparsa to a at
f teiCarbav.lto was te hfub
-fewweeks Y
tela Chlrl a" tKer oee t
the Matrons, anhlIa w re ally
a qtgere.
arrived t-A1ti
work tI nn hhe-at

Sone baby. o
SAs played, they..

th. leir a tamber t tt inSo --
t k utl al eir hus-
:. a r .. hen the uten-
S' flew n "116 -drections as the
a e nadnIced the arms of
A circle, fomed4 others joined nouth0re t allm h
In and soon the entire ae-ey
ble was engaged In a eumbim, so eap
fo e by a tamborito. ..,me D

to enh:r b tle."e i t- ... ,

Sth ar Rt Wm-

.O '.M eb 0uy .
i~, S. a-hewn *t~'f ^> i .-<.-

-~ "w TW t *,r iwe m-bat ^^Al4 w<<'*M. .^^f,.^-^
**.,' *A *f
X~iu~ityuwj hi^ niif~~ id&t^B HBMiajj|^fl ^[^^^^
S'lS'^B^*.*BK M^S^*:8i!."SB~1*. ^ saS^~li~lS^Ba~g'fWWI-^^B

V .*- ^

I '. "


t~* ~I~*2~j

b~p~~ ~ -

; ""

~.'~ L'


-- .. -


* -
y., .. ,,s 3 a....

f^ ,r ." -,* i-" "1 -. .. ., -. ..

T A. "- ..
.." ",'

-- ~.

a S .a. V -_-m

,* *

*t.. .,






-7114_-,e. ".: ::,-1,

wi ` v

~ ~ ~ I *mIne^^^ q IF 11^^^^^^
MIP !r*'1 I P!41.-!'
* '^^^^^^^^^^

't ^^^^^
*;-"-^ ^^ ^^ ^^

- '1.




L;4 I '

A *



4e' 3.,-f
a P *

E -1- '..

a i ,-. **

-~ P -
h ~~.3-~

*? 1

, *

.L ..


: ~

~4 ~!
u! "I;

+ ,i


d k

L .;i;

~ ri

^* ".
~ ,.<,,' il.,,1

',*. '. ".'.. '7


~- ir~t~' ~,
'' ~ -



I *

*~*. C1






-~ .-
I i

-, r.
~;S~.4 t ~

I h.


r z -.

.. .
." .. ,
gi~j^^ ^^^^^^Ki
''^^^^^^^^^ ^^:^^^

1-^H^^B ^^H

^^^^^^^^^^ f
^*^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^R'

iHiBHHHBHB^^^BHBM^^^^^B^B^^^^^^^Mr 1-
' ^H^^^^^HHH'^HHHH^H^H

*'r^^^^^ ^^^*

-'. *"t -" Y '; % 'i ~ l,*^ S ? ^l
i; 1,;'' '**A ,- i^ p*
^ r '**- **.-- *(*t x'i*? & -.


"i i

m m

"~r:&q-;:,;;- ~I
BT?~ il



r~ ir

'';~s ~:ti
I .

I (I

r. ...
: ;
F;C9~ :~,
ri i:'





I 1 f


'- t; '

i.. f '

.. ?~
"f~C! ~-:



u ~~c;C~P~v "~:

~ r

L.?., ,r.


f ,


* -. .- ;*-*: .j -* : '- ( "K

-. -.---*--?.'i :.-. --p:^ :B --

- --- --- -----I~U .~;7--

1 51



j ~lr

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