The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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, J;-ARV

,.- ; ,,.** .' ,' T
, .,l. ,"'' "- ,', ,,'t' lls '
**>"'* I .'" .', .-.,." ^'
"" 7, : '" :, ,- *.. -.* ,\ r "' "
( : 1 ../ ,,f '. "~',.

L .i,, ,, .,). j .-^I '- ", ,} '.

eggs ,U. -'

^S!^aSd Was Walt
HiJ ~ a Chii.g- # .j *


- soid

I. P. ..
gat' la tarw


I"I7I -

1h1 IIC MUBO a sL I a Nea gt AN ,

LQ AL *D MMli '.R.g "i u
aMOnTH. s ADVANC So 70 ge fs
4 g *onoVrr ., 1 TvancA- I so50 5. .
es _am. Af. V bft." .3 38- BDy Vicor Rili
w a Sa fOt R UM ,- nf m miH i OWNt OcUMN
...... T.... ... ... Lt's get down to braS taIks
A Aabout some brush tinkle t "-
M A L5 Q ( fore there's blood on the bal-
S r ne1 streets of the nation's i-S
gest city. ..
S. Tony Anastaslo, waterfront
STh Maill h Is an open f rem to rmodurre The Plen- Amu-. Inc's unpleasatlte, has round-
le. Lers a received gr tfulli nId aehadled in a wholl ces 6d up a smal y of muscle-
inil meaner. men to smash the first anti-
i ffy I etiutae don* bk imn if it dmt ppe racket ca a a reputable
sIet do Latn m published inm the i re eiW. a na E i.
Sines to ke the lttelimited e one pegy lanth. It took Just e phonerS a
.Saftov t 0 writn a hemld In *thst cntIoute. 0soe m Whours ti roed
Thbis newpepr aumes no responsibility f' stateleffi M e pm ea 1 out of the
ox~nnd in 1~1 tnhm ownmfrtih one flal mob to ah-
SI f m other to r Tony, laughing
boy of the Ke viar TV crime .
STUDENT JOBS busting days,. e round up 30
toughs ready to do mayhem aIn
Sir: what passes tor a fairly civilized
community poleed by 19,000
I agree with W. E. M. (Mall Box. August 11) that some of cops.
the local rate employes should be glen more money, but how In a few hours the knuckle
bout the students who want to start making a living for them- men assembled In the Williams-
selves? burg district in Brooklyn. As
We can't live off our parents the rest of our lives. I'm sure trucks laden with ladies' gar-
the other students are glad Lo have been given the opportunity ments, made in mobster pro-
to get asudent Jobs during the summer before going back to tested non-union shops rolled
school. forte bri one s ho ps rolled
-But how about those who have graduated, or who will t tthebridesto abonhttan,
graduate in the future' It really Isn't lair. We are losing three The truc re bein r-
to four months of time, and believe me that is a lot oi time. The trucks .,e being pro-
We want to get out on our.own, but how can we? tested, as Al Cape and Owney
Madden once ran their beer
Zx-Student.- Wagons.
They wnre tding at high
PETS' QUARANTINE noon agalfst the pickets and
strike casl t by Dave Du-
Sir: binsky's flwtmnsttonal Ladies'
How long are the pet owners in the Canal Zbne going to be Garment Workers Union, with
9g9oed by the bureaucratic officials in the Health Division of veteran lsidore Nagler as its
PaCanal. field marshal. This strike,
:.It Is obvious that the reason for a 120-day quarantine of launched last month, was no
is merely in order to get money and retain an "empire." mere uniosfanf whim to sew
A competent veterinary will verify tbp fact that such a long up a nMon-nima field. It sas
quarantine is ridiculous. a campaign to drive the na-
The dogs and cats enter the Canal Zone free of disease and tion's toughest. mobs up to
Snnoculated against rabies. They are also in good general health, standard or out of the par-
f After exposure to mosqultos (which can cause heart-worm. meant field
among other thing.) arkd continual confinement, their resistance It was an absolute necessity
Is bound to weaken. Thus the quarantine period achieves the financially as well as n il-
re-erse of its alms.
There hasn't been an outbreak at rabies here for over 30 al'.
yetas, but in order to justify their own absurd Actions the Canal The legitimate ladies' gar.
Zote authorities are now trying to pressure the Republic of meant manufacturers, who turn
PF mA into imposing a like quarantine. ut si5 8555,00,000 worth of
'Are pet owners to continue to be subjected to the nothing for Amerfcan woman- NI
ar trary actions of empire bultd ng" officials, without resource? hood, told the union they just fyou
suggest tat every pet owner in the Zone bring this sorry couldn't compete with the dalsh- aw
stall of affairsto their congressman and senator. ed wages, heap trucking and "
hin "pressure sales of mobster WU
Pet Owners. shops. The union had to r-
geniee them and set standard
rates. h
Sir: .This the AFL gT ent wo* t
i would like to put in a few gobd words for the Vet at Co- ere rying to e
p l animal hospital. dercover InvestM taros of th
There has been a number of written articles strictly against Net York City Aau--Cre Ob a-
his policies. Many don't realize that Dr. Oayle Is only enforcing mittee discover that iAmastalo
regulatlpn set up by the Immigration Department. Is running Intertrece for the
,It makes no dlizerseqe how well animal may be, if the reg- mobs, and th be
IlIons state %tse i is to be confined in quarantine taor just 'one of t
m .et must see that the regulation is latter day
la tr "

i nUave has been treated by Dr. uayle and
in Iny perbWaWl is the best I have been. Believe me,
he -mows hIs busin-ess.
It makes no dilferrnce how long or what kind of treatment
is necessaryy Dr. Gayle will render service on an animal until
tho best treatment and medication available has been affected.
'Be a little considerate, animal lovers, we have a swell vet
w us now, one who knows his business and isn't afraid of a
little work. Stick with him and I'm sure we will all be thankful
in the future.
One Who Knows.


'The stories to the effect that Army, Navy. and Air Force
Iftis will hereafter pay $180, instead of the former $560, to
Side on our luxury ships brings to mind a question.
For years the PanamA Canal employes' reduced rate of $30,
-latte*0. has been called a gift.- The department for which they
wuld., it was said, had to sesuine the difference between thle
redtced rate and the cost per passenger as a part of Its opera-
ianal cost.
this were true, how, then. did the military emplyes get
O t de the ships without the extra payment from their em-
: -s I, as a Canal employee, think that there should be an
.. back payment.
I.ithe military units pay what Is due, the PanamA Line
I bes able to pay a fat bonus to the company and perhaps
may even be a reduction in price of staples in our tax-
. S commissaries.

tit. ~



k -*


W E- ,



W YORK- There haa bi uh talk of Tem was no
hel hoodlumasm in th W ately and much vweld havi
r reodi o wan tt y pimply e of te little
Son innocent amt the Ab ent awl
remd the beadle t the twqtunior mr beand it.e
~who ..o a trsnk f l and t I fuO'a til
1 therisg tatfutmn p i fae you bulA !lIulplpw
the dope adlctlon v3ag "the young and or a baetbalu
mudgus au thrll suriesa.

rorimmo eEua

the AfL's Interi
shoremets Asan, I
hardworking men
Judge fairly.
But the fact is

E or a sip .Aa
wd Iam d-A"i, *f Mf
and for what? .
ueasy ittle boedias who wa t
war to the Sl tte othal S wg
tibme m anybow, A iqp Vh
a delicti to hevty tfsI-tW

I -
Wit a fair bweor, omo^lr
s"115l dute to lack
M4 them- toll'"M.

'r xc

.* : -* .
, --4 ,.-

-M the

cot him loowd agB to teo
and roll a few ditt u mn A .
he eventually kilt acfita i
aw a the state e ft i.n- m -

the 'bad beeaue.there m .fl..2
t opit titihn arolid ei lt'
tonry ot we ie otry--ao _Wte tiilI
that, m "undmertandl," i' iil
aMrn evythtlnq.
WHat I tbink we need Is a twrssks
hickbry asitch, the woodphed. ud a mtAl
parental control In the eld-Asthbned f
a chI'd don't ss hi old man without
cool him down.
A hand lack bundle was Il 1O nrs
,ed4 the other night, to re-tinsl aSttme
for elders, and espaly .a On
doing no harm to tn ,.-

ectotions .

SArewer to
SCall to the Colors

I BONTAL Care of teeth
Ing RaiseUnmered
a r 6Not sensed
he sk color.7 Lmprey
rock (World War I)

11 Counsel
(arch.) 27 Be near West
1 7 Skin ies
S.hereS. Irritations 28 anrt
k1 Come in 29 majesty
28wo Performer 31 Gnawing
24 One of a animal
]Mnnic people 33 on
W 2M Glacial ridges 38 Deft
t dent 26 Compound .40 Warms
M lm ether 41 Stair *,art




42 Bemte Isrva
J5evada city
MCtY in sener
46 feubinre
47 H him
48 Noed S pla
30 Pouw

.v WI I a rSm
B iiat he Kaq

* -A ~

JZL&.. TC#$

*ai. q
~4 4
1 3 1


A -.
r .-,-:*, ..,
4& D-:i i



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iI. Fr;; 6 !,



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o44 *

. .. b
W ~i ..,; \' ..:?

..... 4 .w, .will;

Mac i ao
as. iwv~a am^f' s^^ -du

-:, .-..^ & t. ?*:,

-.. ,,. -..y
.'-*i, ;-.**" t1-"

kU *. 'j 1%. iw
4BW W "

bo ..
11 lAmas ""



"' & "' R' "- '-,
rw* J 1a- f l
-.'' ~ ~ ~ w. WaSm~ -

"."" .7 $

.1 a
E -


o f '-.

YM A A 9

wan zou or wa Ks nn sr neem
an. -4 re V

-* A


I -h

I- '~
4 .2.
~ t~ ys$.

4Ii A Y "iA .

:C fE !NTON c& M

. T

",; "" ". ""
7- .... -:_ .. I
.' ..- .*S*.

at S r.. "v "s


-t.. O A

S*^. ,, -saaeB

a, .

.7 AiFa From P-|^
.. -. I.
, ..."-' ..M W' "'

"t4. Jlte.B4.k'




-~*~4 -4

* *4. -

*, I-- "" ".;.A .
,, ... f..,


I' t %m

0:-' '-
~' ,.?





$2. 5. t


0 was antm yfln|,n
L..h. ,UWJ vy bS1 meWr

masign aHi~iii~~ifi^ittttrainand .
msuim% mmm*. 44embA t

S- l... .t
.4 : .-
I.) .;: ;'S






. ,- ...., 3 : .

* ,
.'- .



'; ". "" "-

" ...m. i,, /': : i^ ^



tiF0 HNUsh: Jennifer Jones' to-
gS.ptsde-tin-Italy movie, "Mag. Jack Hawkins, Claudette Col-
.. mw.e," sl one and the same bert's co-star in "Planter's
S-. "The Scarlet Lily," whic.i Wife," will have the leading
S" *vid 0. Almznick bought for role in the British-made v-r-
..I"rd Bergman once upon a sion of the best-seller, "The
S lie... Joyce Selunick, who Cruel Sea."
- _,, ned her one-time flame, Tony
Curtae, on the grounds that sh. Camera genius Leon Sham-
discovered him in a New York roy Is totin' a load of heart-
., dmuptore and was squeezed out, ache bver Mary Anderson's re-
as his agent, took an out-of- portzd engagement to Director
court settlement... Daria Mas- King Vidor. He'd like to go to
*ey, the gorgeous teen-ager in Europe to forget, but Fox has
"The Iron Mistress," and Steve assigned him to lens "Call Me
Rowland, Director Roy Row- Madam."... Patrice Wymore
lhad's son, are a youngster set had to shed 10 pounds before
S lawe. she stepped in front of the
camera for her role In Warn-
ers' "Back to Broadway."

. The feline's no longer under
contract, but about 15 fan let-
ters a day arrive at Paramount
for Rhubarb, the cat. The fan
mail department sends back
photos stamped wit'n Rhubarb's
paw print... Alan Ladd hasn't
even left Hollywood for his
starring role in "Red Beret,"
but the sniping at him for
taking the role of a British
paratrooper has already start-
.%n him

It's alblow to British produce
W'.io have been making milli
from the release of his p
tures in the U. 8., but A
"The Man in the White Suil
Guinesas is turning down
zany comedy roles in the 1
ture. Even vetoed a big pi
in the new Clark Gable I
ture being shot in Loner',n.
Bob Ryan's after the lead
U-I's remake of "Counsellor




wayne Morris gave up ins
Hollywood manse and moved There's a flamed comment
to his, ranch near San Diego, card from the sneak preview
the better to supervise his of "Outlaw Woman" in Jackle
avocado groves. No retirement Coogan's library. It reads: "I
from flickers, though.... A like t1e bald-headed old man."
bunk of Eleanor Barker's own The bald-headed old man
savings is sunk Into "Panic was played by Jackle, the
19tricken," tie movie that her screen's one-time kid star.
husband, Bert Friedlob, pro-
duced. Betiing Pays Dividends
'. MEELY COINCIDENTAL? pore's revenue from duties on to-
talistor bets and sweepstake# in
.rlch Von Strohelm's novel 1961 totalled $4,529,600.20 iMa-
L _a demede or so ago, "Pap- lay) an increase of $1,946,778,34
," is now a paper-bound or.,r 1950.
W gdnd the main characters .
S10 outO to-be a girl named
8 and a man named
4f rl... -Katharine Hepburn's
I Into Independent film
etion in lnglknd. Her
'%q fst" lohn." a thriller
foft John UBZan~' novel of
TO SM be 'title. M's the author
of '39O Steps."

of the movie executive
40 ever talkie
rlton Heston are- sr-
that he's laniTeda i

-~ *~



i '

aT.MMuapof. -r
INAWI"slwinaly gotyow Wge
offlos, M n 6 0 s -ea 8
-enly@ i

Borm 1820-

Siwith a .t

following -j


* .. '. ,' .

,.sr t to tore a *vaiae 4.

-yw p"otp nity I eaI n get

me movie *da. which pro-
'""rn hin ma the bicgest hunt,
S n-P ti eabie al&ng Bs(1M
4W .' .11e Chbrlfti.
S o me on the "Ruby
Entry" set:
"If they think they can sell
me In movies by saying that T'
hp'e two heads, it's all rigl'
with me. Thev know better
t'sIan I what will sell pictures."

-dullah Felsel, grandson of KJng
Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia, got a
big kick out of the striking v\'ew
at Grand Canyon. He arii his
party, touring the U. S., spent
two days there.

'-V V ". &


Fine O ld So l' Whisky
John Wahar & 'Bns Ltd., Smo c I WbJy Dilem, Kilmnmagdr.

^^^ off


C.lls WELEIN. Plameer

HascadJA' pur

TheSame Ship

Not That Be Cae

.g s*s>

M a -

U.., *U~MI WAU

..-"vtRCK -4

i~i(.ltf-k!&Ja t. .

.'. 7'"..-

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*-'.:,. --_i^
* 1., '.'- -
'.a ..

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...... ..

causgce -^ ^ .n~lMf J
ro oftva s

W If
'wuo ..r rim~t! i

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f iSSS
EMHQ~r dr



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ometo ta the

f ymfl
r tor a to

a a K
I^dyiU frw

eM AMt.

'4. j. --

ml *ll~N

I* MQIm uN.0 1
dos to vM &. IW
Kuller, folmeo Ith
ta. at PmanMt, .&VA
ra. otibert oppE a,

Imond, La. .
aIs. Ede Is e rant".
City Lfo' Lat I
pa iaon*com leatl
bY will be g m to*


IfE ***J!"t*Mr


Bla wwa2N*
nto b) L

with as

Jugln aowea I
ths Mrs.
Earsh1i, H,
^J m~h *ftA~'m A

9iW~ 111T -

l, I

. U .

.-mnv..B"Mv. -.

:- -. .. ::,k( .J A M 'f. .. Ilk," .~m

,bAM. of
ad in the ade
of whuetiMe Si.
given the yoa
p prenot wu
- d.ate Ltd *ba ha

. ,;. ,; "

a:' ; '.

--'-' -*.. ,.

i isid O .hml

Mr. JA.
- o ?rS

., 4 .. -

- ~
*~ 2'
'a ~
A *l~

:-L. "-t,
i .4'.: ** '

'! ..: -"

A '.. C ,

-. 4,". ..... ,--,

. it :;:. -. 4 "". ..

,I "
:-. -, ,.. ... ,; ;
. 4 -... ,... .

-..- .-'-
.. ,, -..,: -,I

mdofl #u

a ItwP. aoat- *1
. m ew i.)..

niw *muneC |?-


Prot 007*
in .

S ,:
A r ...
I ., '
".I'. hA:r.,
i;-, .4 ..
. Z a -,

1* ,~
as Ss A# 4-. -

'&I~A4 12.1


- ..oei ccfftit : ........RIr~fl~S^^^^^
,. 1c^lmf* im **' f -1_7^
._ Sel i i..... r

;i w a" A -' *- ** '"*"
*SOW N oJft fI .X-41 ^R

as AM
*:a, ..k

sm n o, z Jowl....... ..

saw 6

S K -4. ,.. *'* & P.
_^ -t^t SteeS UILEA^ Coc
K' & ., -. ,.
,. -I ,::




:"'- -''- "" .. "'"I"

,*.. -'., : -t< ,'t '- t. :
,AI IN !'



0 : .a.,..
wi & .

': .-V..:
a- -' :,''%.

.',-. -,. ,-^ .:

/ .

.. ". .

uS ear *^s bmumf Mt M tf*
.- ,, ..- n ri. 'o"
mm s u j,

t m -~ 2 "~W 047

wjn aOh ag
: :, 'A '..
::. i. --, ,:'1 ,-






.-* I .-


ded Mrs.
phen J.
k. -ryt-

W.Ab.o'. *


2s 7:

wl be..g
f A A. M..

4w^-l14, ^^



. !

-- -*

.^ "'


ass..- -

You Sell 'em... When You Tell 'e tdru P.A.

I cave vour Ad with oune of our Agents or our OIffices i No. 57 "1" fs iwe
No 12.179 Central Ave. Colun

Lewis Service *
*4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-231 and

Pourtmh of July Ave.-Pnone 3-0441

Sa6oo de Beoleza Amuricuo
58u Waet 12th street

Agenda Internaciol de Pulicacnkes
*3 Lottery Plans Phnoe S2411

Carlton Drug Stea 'iW' '
10.09 Mdtoed es Ave a home i 0 6 -

Propaganda, S A. I m W
Pbonea 23-9 14 nlM M

-- -- --- -. -- -- ------ ----r-

W .have a Aben Aahmea.
an "a, -- MAen. C. Z.
o" n way $85. round trip $135
I. iy-limiti. $160. good one ye
W to LOS ANGELES. one way. $
a15, round trip $252.35. 90 c
limit) Panama Dispatch Service.
Speglte Ancon bus stop, Tel. Por

way $67. (August 191 to G
YAQUIL, $75; to QUITO. I
f- Leaving Panama Aug. 20
SAREA, "The Route of the C
:. Neighbor." ID-46 & Boeing
passenger planes). Round trip
Niami, $126; Guayaquil, $1
S Quito. $154. See PANAMA I
:1 t PATCH SERVICE. opposite Ar
O Bus-top. Telephone Panama
n. 1655.
Members and friends, call 25-2.
wer write Box 543, Fort Amador.
)imio Tuning and general rep
N Street, house 10, room 7
C Moses, Ancon, C. Z.

L :Telephone 2-2386 Canal Zone
f r" Parking Site: Ancon Commissary.
| Call "Union Tax,."
S Randolph Jacobs and his orchestra.
'can be heard over Station H.O.G.
p Menday and Pridays 9:30-10:00
p. m. Can be obtained, shows,
dinners, dances, parties, weddings.
ea. nom phone 2-3066 or 2-


TOR SALE:-1950 Mercury Convert-
ible. cheap. Must sell, also beach
front property. Goraona Beach.
comfortably furnIshed. R. S. Coul-
thard, Ancon Pollee Station.
tOR SALE: Show type purebred
Cocker Spaniel puppies. AKC re-
gisterd.. Phone Albrook 6127.
; Qtrs. 49-A
:; SAUE:-Air Extracter (Attic
Fenl i Make Robbins & Myers.
capacity 9000 c.f.m. Diameter 36"
speed 1725 r.p.m.. meter 1/3 H.P.
s 110/230 Volts, 60 Cycles, single
phase. Ideal for store, shop, ware-
house or attic ventilation. Brand
r new. Price $250.00. Tel. Panama
.-0285. Panami.
4MK SALE -Baby crib, kitchen ca-
'binet ceiling lamp. 766-B Borne-
'by St. Balboa, telephone 2-2790.
SSALE-Raelstered Cocker Span-
. il puppies 8 weeks old. 2181-8,
S urundu, A.K.C.
"R SALE:-Sterling sliver Flatware
almost new, for 12 persons, to be
Meen at Morrison Novelties, reason-
able price.

S R SALE:-Baby chifforier, coffee
table, 2 end tables, nest of tables,
Peruvian rugs, pair hassocker, 3rd
East St. Curundu. 2042-A, phone
SR IWSALE: Upright piano, goo
wqndition. Electrc motor % H. P.
"Matter" 25 cycle. Excellent con-
ltion. (Bolblel 2-1040.
A 5t SALE:-L-One electric rarle-pho-
-." fraph. Conole set, 60 CyL Call
IfWhr 4 in m. Saturday*all day and
I Sunday 83-2293.

RDa Esear
IUt SALE --Land with buildings.
I 'eme accessories. Las Guos. Inter-
'ited parties cofll N vy 246, of-.
fite hours or house 623-A, Col-
ft after 4 p. m.
, SALE-3 bedrem1 beach hose.
R -Co lely furnithed 3.q3, Ojo,
*ultfF Acres. Tel. Baoeosm22.

:. -Wor-derful opportunity
Ob tain a house at Santa Clara.,
-sW beach. Bargain price. Apply
S; 10 day. hoIe No. 71, Santo
S Tm Avenue. SE & Sh.
t floonrRawk-sstave, fumi- Cll 4-288.



Service Personnet and Civilien
Government Employes
Insist on
Government Employe* Finarne Co.
Whet ve finance your new
or ueed car
Noa 4 Aetemeble Rawt
Phee .-494 1-4915

FOR SALE :-1940 Nash Ambassa-
dor 6, 175,00, White electric port.
able sewing machine. $85.00.
House 1457-C, Los Cruces St.,
Balboa. Phone 2-3352.

FOR SALE: 1951 Hillman Minx,
5,000 miles, excellent condition.
$950.00. Cristobal, phone 3-

FOR SALE:-Nash Rambler Station
Wagon, with white wall tires, un-
dercoat, radio. Duty paid. Can't be
told from new. Phone 3-2730.
FOR SALE:-1951 Mercury 4-door
6.000 miles, Merc-o-matic WSW,
will accept trade-in small older
car. Call Curundu 4282
FOR SALE:-Chrysler Windsor 1947
$800. 2040-G. Curundu. Tel.
7290. 3rd Street.
FOR SALE:-51 M.G. A-1 condition.
See Coco Solito, Apt. 35-J. 1st. St.
FOR SALE:-1939 Buick 4-door se-
dan, new battery, good tires, ex-
cellent condition. Room 3, District
Court, Ancon.
FOR SALE--1942 Studebaker with
overdrive, good condition. Phone
2-1107 or can be seen at Bldg.
49, 4th of July Avenue after 4:30
p. m.
FOR SALE-1951 Buick Convertible,
10,000 miles, excellent condition.
Dynaflow, radio, white walls, and
hydraulic windows. Phone Albrook
4112 or 7272.

FOR SALE: New pnerotor for
Chevrolet 1938-39. Pontiac 1937-
39. Oldsmobile 1939. First rea-
sonable offer. Telephone Balboa

FOR SALE:-Pontiac 6 Seaen Coupe.
Duty paid. Excellent condition,
$500. Telephone Balboa 3318.
FOR SALE: Cadillac Sedan 1941,
good condition, gray point, gobd
motor, brakes transmission, re-
cently checked. 2173-A, Curundu,
phone 83-5176.


WANTED TO RENT: In residen-
tial sector, preferably in suburbs.
unfurnished house: 3 bedrooms, 2
bathrooms, maid's room with bath-
room, garage, and some garden.
Can arrange contract for one year.
Telephone Panama 3-0255.
Responsible single person desires to
rent small apartment or house.
furnished or unfurnished. Tele-
phone Ponama 3-2100,
WANTED: Furnished house or
Apartment. Good residential sec-
tion. Phone Gombo a 6-287.

WANTED:-By American folmiwy e
or two bedroom apartment, ulrfur-
nithed or with kitchen furrfshed,
Bella Vista district, preferred. Tele-
phone Balboa 1572.
WANTED TO BUY;-Used English
Underwood typewriter. Call Beni.
tei: Panama Steam Laundry, Juan
Francisco de la Oase Avenue.
WANTED--.Stoinlees steel cut Film"
Hangers 2 1-4 x3 1-4. Call Pan-
amra 3-1061.

fIWAS *WI O 'for return of
"Snuggles," II .month-ol female
wire hair Terrier. Capt. Hochsted-
er, Qtra. 138-Ak Albook or phoner
7104 or 3245.,

Help Wtted,
WANTED:- M oid to, t" full re-
apOnsbility for heuieepMing and
cook'ng efar American Couple in
miall quarters. 671 Cu-undu Hgts.
Will Gladys Rhwems call Mrs
Gardner? 83-2245.

BUick SpauC |
CaMi Zin. a 3 I


Cal Ze Sr iM


FOR SALE:-Modern steel dressers.
In two tone colors. Phone 2-3708.
House 0954 Amedor Rd.

FOR SALE :-Mahoaeny bedroom set
of twin beds, night table, and chif-
fonier $175.00. Baby's crib $25.-
00. House 31-5th St. New Cris-
FOR SALE:-New Philco. 2 door 10
foot refrigerator, 60 cycle. Phone
FOR SALE: Zenith table model
combination radio, almost new, 2
matched grass rugs, Misc house-
hold goods. 2126-B, Curundu.
Phone 5240.

FOR SALE: Four occasional Rat-
ton Chairs, very good condition.
very reasonable. Any time, No. 10,
Tivoli Avenue, apartment 18.
FOR SALE:-Oak dining table, buf-
fet, 6 chairs, chest, dresser; ma-
hogany serving table wicker chairs.
shelves, linoleum rug, basement
cabinet, small vacuum cleaner,
folding screen, misc. items, kitch-
en table, 2 chairs. 771-D, Sen
Pablo St.. Balboe. Tel. 2-2193.
FOR SALE-Kenmore ironer 25 cycle
15 gol. Aquarium with Tropical
Fish. Phon4 2-2581. House 771-

FOR SALE:-G. E. washing machine,
Frigidaire, radio with pickup, chest
of drawers. House 9085, 10th and
Roosevelt Apt. 4, phone 694-J,
FOR SALE:-Three wicker chairs. 6
oak chairs. Dining table. 2 beds
complete. 2 night tables. Day bed.
Mahogany vanity dresser a n d
bench. House 95-S, New Cristobal.
phone 3-1580.
FOR SALE: Chine closet. Cedar
limed mahogany lower, glass, upper
with mirror back. House 8059-C,
FOR SALE:-Second hand Easy Spin-
drier, 25 60 cycles. Price from
8.50.00 up. Econogas, Lux Build-
ing. 34 Street, phone 3-0919.
FOR SALE: Diningroom set for 6
persons (rpahogary), BDndix wash-
ing machine I perfect condition.
Call 3-4741 Panamh.
FOR SALE: Nest of 3 Bamboo
odd table, child's rocking chair,
child's closet, mahogany China clo-
set, mahogany vanity with full
mirror and bench, portable bar.
Wm Rogers flatware far six with
case, demitasse set for six, 'other
Misc. items. 819-A Empire St.,
Balboa or phone 2-3182.

FOR SALE:-Bedroom set, bleached
Honduras mahogany, mode in
States, double bed, vanity, stool,
night table chest, Beauty Rest
mattress and box springs, $375.-
00, Rottan livingroom set $225.-
00. Wedgewood gas range. $125.-
00. Kenmore washer 60 cycle
$75.00. Tel. Panama 3-4260.

Position Offered
WANTED: English speaking Pan-
omnnian Slesgirl. Neat appear-
enee. 'Aply in person, Almacen
"d Pillle." Col6n.
E M5tP Agency, Balboa, requires
coWnetent mole stenographer with
offie experience. Request Inter-
Swly.letter stating age, notion-
fty qualifications P. PO. Box
BaioBea, C. Z.
WANTED:--Aggrsve salesman-to
bulld sale of automotive products
for A erican firm operating in
Panamao Must be Panamanian.
Req4uik fluent English. Thisjob is
totsV I"10 P*le1in is ken The
db 1 s hNevy, afIeIms dirty and
requW res enhlasic hard work.
Unusua"l ad anq t ,i "
tIe farwnrj men. We give all re-
Qwhe ta*%M nt mechinal wepe-
rlance, lugde Or hoie re-
quie1d. WrIte n Englsh, aS aings
rm. Wrihe A. S., am 1 -
ame, CIm .I-,,


ellwd 0slbS

Grarolidh Santa Clara beach.
cotfta. Electric Ice boxes. ga s
stoVeo mderate rates. Telephone
6-441 Gamboe.
Cosino Sant Clara. Dance music by
Casino ArmS. No reservations no-
ceamsy. Seturdey and Sunday.
Philip. Oceanside cottages, Smntb
Clara. BOX 435. Sblboa. Pone
Panerma -31877, Cristobal 3-167I .


Two and five room furnished and
unfurnished apartments; private en-
closed gardens. 8061. 10th Snrewt.
New Cristobal. Telephone Colon
FOR RENT:-Screened one bedroom
furnished apartment aloil modem
conveniences. Well located. Avail-
able. Telephone 3-461 Panaorni,
7 p. m., available at once.
FOR RENT:-Nice furnished apart-
Trent. military inspected. Via
Pbrros No. 99.

Per as 1,0W

'No Mesa Nd
No Brusbes -
Srbean Is astle I i
paint ..
Available tI '
beautiful -0
GEO. F. NO4 ,.t
2 Central Ave. t4'

HBtel P gft
Products. PM>*tPN AtetM .
ance Co. anl Iiw
In (.Como .
TML 8-4719 -

ca DPir i' --

rJ KC1n I
FOI RENT: Furnished room .with
breakfast in Bella Vista to one or
two gentlemen. Foreigners prefer-
red. Call I to 6 p. m. Avenida Jus-
to Arosemena 57. Tel. 3-2949.

FOR RENT: Furnished room with
balcony, private entrance. Jost
Gabriel Duque Avenue No. 2.

WANTED:-To rent, spacious house
unfurnished in preferred residential
section. Phone Panama 3-3588.

Bo6ts & Motors
FOR SALE: 26 ft. Bbet. Mine
Yowl. Marine Gray engine, excel-
lent condition. $1,400. Call Bel-
ban 1214.
FOR SALE:--Boat No. 501, 21 foot,
6 foot, 64 Inch beam, cabi, V-8
engine. At Tarpon Club. See B. A.
Sechrest, Gatun, C. Z.
FOR SMLE-The Motor vesail MARY
F. Length 41 feet, beam 11 feet,
depth 5 feet 5 ins. Operated by
Diesel engine. This boot may be
seen and inspected at the Pedro
Miguel Boat Club Call telephone
Ponama 2-1320 between 2 and
3 P. M. except Saturday and Sun-





in Newto, N" *'Jms

cumpeove l
Mipoom aetfium

_t e, time wy tam ae l
tihmasa Meb a jIno
4A M- so am. Q J i wae
.-s_ .... .. .

TraspoWes Baxt. S. A.
Shipping, moving storage.
We pack and crate or' move
anything. 'Phone 2-2451,
2-2562, Pannma.

TWWlL stan oF

I Autlmobl New and
1I Automobile Bow

W"' V'

Stx ndow War
In k City Hall
osursa nraC= (UP)-The
indW r s on again at tle

w in defense

VO .iklmd t Ohr eyloof
g '~Wmi a n-U, o p -t e

'A. -~'#

mlt Nmow M53


pst Unftelt mh ay soon be toni down to'i
00N ft Mlttyt, r.a m ee ground of the fo
" teald by a moei hontn project of nearby C
-srried dB fre m the hillsides ma buAlt i
t igt, decorated *i k tttional religious tyt fiti e At
wfbiper. Other pbtt shows the exterior, with a belft il
-. been able to And a bel for IL. -


Operation Distaff worker
were congratulated ThVf
t or "'a maI
o Gen. L..

UUU V Ve were
the e* fl e o toral v
wof a dependents of Canal
Zone military personnel for dis-
aster control activities.
The futures, disclosed Thul-
day morning at the third mmt-
inR of the exeoutiv cer#uNc ot
the Panama area-Wide uur
councils, showed that four ta-
ana contr olrbt .ta .l.-a
reacheo. M *BWS
for traId oreW a
ieets andt two m bad
tuasly attal'fl 8A63 aP L
Three others were Weolv
9* per cett t S-AA
three pasd ,a
point,. ,
Theme. t G nub sb
dtan, tort Davis anu4 Oseomi
sones were the recordhl etrs,
follOwed closely by tis Itr

ind es the 16th Naval -
trict) reported 95 per cent ud
the Quarry Hteights atd Alrek
Zones 93 pet cent.

is a dIteSt ratio between

be- meqayra- Powe

11-Thor-Old 014
Writing 1st No d
Long, wheb 11 tis
Is doing her be*
the dIstractIoas mll &
karme full 9bmwe 9t 1.

fort to f3b1 v Bc-
Ruth, *B
and aeobwA; bfx t.'w wlu

L!a VIOBft W VI*'t, ft
wivf. pfts ien'
wffl1-' ti~fian~i *. IK t

mi .Society..

afi tj forld commerce,
S was a iri e t to l .
to. tl ree Zone !o .n
0old, lt t
W- .u bu of dollarn
Poan ltdled of Puaath-

*g meeUtin was Celled t
ta, -.: Lt. du has e to he

ed S tw o *- a S r I

in officer t tSew 10I-.. After
Svit w al resa In bUea
M e.Y, witi a ew VoW&ds. w
#A. Mo 4 266 ft 9
. L. PsO s. c. A. Kraft are
MsJWs by PlVas for Wshing- g
ton, D.C: Lt. fraft has com-
plethd a twodarf torW as execu-

to toe command of the OSN PC-
mi and Mrs. I. R. Danly f X
ertSmlned with dinner partseK
Rbe Kaft's during the pUt sek.

mtig wlam W
Van W0

Liv eldest ts ,
te waptw

'.. a.-S ,
*^^w' Isfi^^ w

" A11T .


w."' .r -

bus- *'.

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C_ -

K- 'jar "

--, I .%

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O. I




sM9T a

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-j I -- ---- --..



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*y (*- .* .- ** "--f

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*27.'. -^^
,* ,.... ^...-.. "',-'1i<

hew CS



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(s1.e~e $


tS in

R Age
ir ada 4
to st Aa-14
femhe ofi
- thdt-da.

I: -^


gfe. fSS
LBmyh, 6 s-- A k

L 9ht 'uPnk

r 4<4 ** **S
it'14* .AIM q~ji M a

U' .wam!Mis -

3 0.1.- '

wF wskw

S asint ArI a
WAS i PAslMS' o0UNd
s on 4 ti!

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Via Abs ntk~
Psalm fl@ IS ma efl~
I. -


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Sn. I

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a**. i

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edi 6 Mu.bu v ad N mut




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U"rn .: -:
1 ",,---, '.:: .


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rtr- .



77^^ w. .


*4Gj t

*:~ 'js.C
rv .S.4'-~


mwr wM


U.. '.-- o:- ,

. -.-
' ^.:".

The Chose National Bbnk

of ft ft st w Yak
T.E PW f w M 7AN ,k..


. .
. a--.


*If 44*

Lam ~

1 4*
~ I


p" .

.4. t
.JirtW. *~



....., !',

S. J4



-t -v'- *
'*. i---' >*"



vm'. "
*** >. HI* *

,.' i "


-. .. 1A U ui j ^
.- o;- m & -H ,b1
"" .,"/.."- "-.' --'. m ;- =- 2
: ..- :

:.- r :-.

- *-..""(.." 4q
. . . . .>. -.- **T. I,
..4 '.
-. :' -- -.,

C~ndians Edge Browns

Red Sox Edge New York

3-2 In Fenway Struggle

NEW YORK, Aum. 16.-(UP)-The Indians
batted tp -ill to bc-t the Browns 7-6 in 12 innings
in Cleveland last night and move to within two
grmes of the American League leading Yan' ees
Who suffered a 3-2 loss to the Red Sox in another
bn-ht duel.
Harry Simpson tripled honm.! out Sheldon Jones, an ox-Giant
the r'-inin' run for the Indians lptcher, came In to get the next
after Ray Boone ringlelI in the I three batters in a neat clutch re-
twelfth. The Browns had a 5-0 ller role.
t- lead In the first three inning" The Cardinals topped the P-
but the Indians battled back. rates 5-4 in a St. Louis night .*
picking up two runs on two game as Red Schoendienst dou-
walks, an error and a single by Ioled and Enos Slaughter singled I
SBank Majeski in the fourth and to break a 4-4 tie In the seventh. (. T t
th'--e more in the fifth when Ralph Kiner blasted a two-run (NA.... Telephoto)
'Luke Epster socked his 17th homrn- homer for the Pirates, his 25th BOOLA BOOST Jordan 011-
o er with two on bare. :of the year. Al Brazl" not.-hed var, a'as".tant football coach at
The Browns. meanwhile, had ils ninth victory as a rel .ver. s^e, was-nam.ed heam wach to
added another tally and the In -1 resI ed his e -a Hr co"ntkr, t
diana deadlocked the me offI after serving h ne^one year,
reliever and loser Sac.l F1 Paile AI nh a Olivar was forv rly had coach
"*th an unearned ru in the Atlantic Junior at Vilanova is loyra. Hick-
Seighth. The teams then battled rah will"enter Wvate businesss"
ecorelessly until Simpson broke It l .. ,.wi presumably .n tlvlion.
The Red Sox moved to within
th. trr.'-and-one-half games of the
4- lYankees with their victory. It was' U.
Sachkyed with a two-run rally in The Atlantic Side Junior Olym-
stohnay Lipon connected aI The following Gold Coast boys
soft'Jended single to brinir Inand girls will participate in the
aleet flies. The Red Box bad 'Canal Zone Junior Olympic swim the sackm on a single meet to be held at Gamboa Fri-
j Weoot Evers. Dick Gernert's a oay, August 22.
d oable and an Intentlnnal nua 25 yd. Free Style
t. to ammy. White. Sid Hudson. Eric Thompson, Weldon Bernis. NationaD LeagU
with rlNef hels from left Mel Ross Smith, Jackle Walsh, Helen
'F- nell, won his eighth rgam. George, Dorna King. I
robby Sh'n'z managed to win 25 yd. Back Stroke TEAM Wonr Last Pct.
his 21st game for the Athletics Eric Thompson, Gerald Hllty, Brooklyn .. .. ..72 54 .1
'f "'from the Senators although Russell Weade, Jackle Walsh, New York .. 5. 65 S O
S g up 14 hits Including hom- Kathleen Cox. an4 Helen George. St. Louis ..... .. 6 "
'{r b-v Eddie Yost Ken Wood and 25 yd. Breast Stroke Phiadelphia .... u a
V ekle Jen'en. However, the Bill Hanna, Gerald Hilty, Bob Chieage .......56 5
Athletics made 18 hits including' Hatting, Jackle Walsh, Eileen Boston ....3 4 .
tir by ettrher Joe Astroth and Cox, and Carolyn Holgerson Cincinnati -.. ..-S 65.1 0
l tree by P.-te Suder. Bhqnt, him- .75 yd. Medley Relay P urh .. 33 S .4
If doubt',d and sinleI. He went Gerald Hilty, Bill Hanna, Ross
Route for the 23rd time. Smith. Kahleten Cox, Elleen Cox TODAt I t" UN MES,
In the National Lepaue. the anti oi a King. Relay at St (N).
illes shaved the Dodgersn-and-o fine-half Eric ompson, Weldon Bernis, Phladelphia at oklyn
e lead to seven-andt-one-half Ross Smith, Felix Karpinski, Pittsbergh at Cbeago.
ftmen over the GlInts when Ro- Kathleen Cox, Twila Walsh, Pa-
n Roberts beat the Brooklyn- tnela Theriot and Helen George. TESTEROAK'S RESULTS
S'.ln for the fourth rtrateht time 50 yd. Free Style Twilight Game
tiis year 8-3 and the ninth time Sam Rowley, Julian Hall Jeff Boston 000 000 013-4 4 0
ireinst enl," one defeat for his Slaughter, Grace Argo, and Ma- New York 110 000 001-3 6 s
earcer in Ebbets flid. i :-le Blakley. Wilson, Johnson (3-1), Jones
Connie Ryan. Del Ennis and 50 yd. Breas rroke and Cooper, Burris.
t-M le Waltkus barked up Roberts Rodger Sanders. Franu Levis, Jansen .11-8), Wilhelm and
Nif the Dodgers' runs came on Leroy Werlein,. Clair White. Pat- Westrum.
p two-run homer by Gil Hodges, ty Caul and Marle 'lakley.
aVis 25th and a roundtripper by 50 yd. Backstrole Night Game
Xeorge Shubs. Charles Levis, Dermnis Corrigan, Bostonz 000 100 C00-1 5 0
The Gnts broke even with Julian Hall and Grace Argo. New York 000 000 x-3 0
-"'Use Braves, winning 3-1 at Bos- 150 yd. Medley Relay Burdette '5-6i and Burris.
Ibn on the margin of Hank Charles Levis RoddipSander.s Lanier (6-10' and Westrum.
ompson's two-run homer as am Rowley. ae Argo, Clair
*azo L tched a fhiers White and Marie 'Blakley. Night Game
Lanier pitched a fmbve-hitter 200 yd. Free yle Relay Philadelphia 000 030 140-8 1i 1
to take the opener 4-3 with laughter and Imotne Werlein. Roberts (19-6' and Burgess.
me runs n the ninth inning- 50 yd, Free Style 'Landaurnm d-I, Wade, Van
SunWearned. Danny Ramsey, Wayne Bath, Cuyk, King and Campanella.
r p aibsy Williams and Clint Raymond Croft, Kathy Cheek,
te btfr gafme homer's Lydia Smith and Terry Lewis. Night Game @
Lorry ISuse a 2-0 lead 100 y. Free Style P tt rgh 210000 10r-4 10 1 0
eph lisafe as he pitched Judy MCeullough and Miretta St.Loia 010 030 10x-5 6 1
4 lt ba lB or seven innings. Cheek. Ne oelt, Hogue. Main (2-11)
ltet the Brave, picked up one 100 yd. Breast Stroke and Garaglola. Fitzgerald.
Pont Inthe eighth on pnchbbit- Lavrence El-hll, Brian Cox. Chambers, Brazle 19-3) and D.
t Bb Thorpe's single and Sandra Hughes and Dixie Good- Rice. .
'lea more In the ninth as bead.
e~n nd Thompon1 i e I yd. Buck 8. k e No other game scheduled.
~Tltly errom P Lawrence Elwell, Kafty Cheek. ,No ... -- -
Jhe Glants got one run in the 1503yd. _Me. .l- CA ,i' I ..
*$ X n a single by Whitey Lawrence Eiwell, tilon Cox, Ame i!an LefhhmIe
: l43an and Thompson's triple Joe Kat. -e i l b
200 yd. Free StyeRis
Brian Cox, Danny Ramaey,I WANM Won Lost Pet. d
otefied' t Wayne Bath, Raymond Croft, Newt k...... 67 4 m .m
Woterfield's athyCheek, LydiaSmith, r-. .566 4
F ipid C l Wins ry Lewis. Sandra Hughes, "e 49 44
V .NUGoal Wins 0 yd. ree tyle.... .. 55 o rs
N Q 1AM Richard Elwell, Tom Catan- s .. 56 5 l g

CHICAGO, Arn. 16.- Rudy Smith, RiardElwell, D .... .. ..37 76 .27
(U[P) -The Lou Angeles Pat Kelly, Mary Brasel TO S AMES
.- ........ IiI yd. Bre t Stroke DA.-. GAi.mElSd ^
R, is last n8 lRt lammed Tom Catanzaro. Il'ekSta B o'
fr a touchde'n anrd a Tom yCanre. St. los 0 Detrolt. m
$1-yarid field Wrsl by Bob raa ,y oa /aU"wa. .
Wtaed fnl15 Bob HattingO, terry laughter, a_5nso
terfieM in final 15 l arpink, orn KingX,.A=--- ..
minntes to beat the C9l- ae", Olbson, Leroy Werlein, N'ew-V ai Q 12* 0 ri
i te AiI- a10-, J g Sanhter. P a. wlRay'Bi?; -- 1 .

"_-______________ ___________ 4a4dw ParneUl, Benton cc

-IT'S MOVITIPME TODAY! 1Nightsc : w '. '
.. .. .4 Rod %. ; U_. ,


Alr-Camalloni d
4:15 7:30
iVGM presents -The Pinest
In BeSreet Achlevement

tz ow Ta.nsAYI

cy ters --

o Doris' DAY
Ronld RAGA -
sunday W'3 35Mow"
o Parley GRANHOE
iley W .Y
asIM. n-rLoAsI*rr coush-
sunday 3RED Meuwruaw

5' and Klttt*W91
Shata 3 -
NightG e ....
St. Louis 302,4
Cleve. 000
Byrne, Palfe 6-4e i
nay, Moss.
Garcia. Bristle,
t( J and Begai
Na other game So
The Cheboygan sos ,
Republican club bo o
ring baby-sitter to O
members to replter
e city hall.



SQ hlTHINQ-BUby Tlmon of the New Yf0lGi'rt* j
Crds in this hit 6f atios at the Pole Grounds. It iiW
tnmt by Sal YVars (7) ent foul. The Cardinal catcher
umpire is Jooko Wonton. Bobby had to go back to

h. e,_, .

Phil Cavaretta, Cub Coaching na

Stff Receive New Contracts

i ^. .^.t lftt t

Fans Wonder Why Browns

Gave Up Garver For Wertz
.- -

(By up.)
o C- .) .
The big baseball trade between
tM 'Irowhs and Tigers Thcaridaj
hM caused. many fani to won,,
der wly a seventh place team
ould give up-' pitcher who won
200 games for an outfielder who
Is lhaying a badyear
At first look, that's what the
St. Louis club did when it sent
Ned Garver, who won 21 andlost
1 last year, to Detroit for Vil
Wertz who is httflg only .249.
Six others wer invo ed It the
deal, but Wertz snd OatVer are
the big ones tn Ve tranadetion
which took 3lb aI week to
hManager Marty alwton of the
Brown hasa the explanation.
"t wha pure nee.o ity, says
i9b, tts aImlpfly MAu to0 Jve
Abr neah. Voteh W.'ieMeen
hsvtsroft 'good a .t be
ratS. an we 'cfKow ,e < -itt.
Lnd -hat's more mlmmpor t-
we aw bhe hits espeelan well
a our pat'."
Osfltr also is having h offI
Ie, wfth only. even wi and
08. )Ms to date. Sorhe boball
ta feel he has been it
hW I hopes of being tried,
but MiaIon would not comment
I tkwtitheory.
Ac=. Marlon-"He's still a fine
0tlin. He may do Detroit a lot
e(5enf ye milgbt even pift a-

P round- Sporh ts

Chare McArdthbr's B.league
aeefelba team* invaded the C- -
ro Wigutel Gym on Monday .E
norntfl-t hand the home team
4 oti*4weat In 8 games -
5-30.d-" '
Dotw- ma showed geat ap-Ij
it atfo ftt, which made
;ame g and close. Ancona
unM t br w early 8 point laud
taitly 'ough Duane Rtigby's v
The r en'ied 21-T8 in fkvor
Ane*,. as the ntm played
ghter deetnlive ball. J. H -
aond *m ed Pedro Maguel to
e up tu e ame at 29-29 at the !
id of te third quarter.
Pedr'JfSel 'took a very s bert
re U Swuring the final pe-

- -' '.

'V. -.
1~'- ft..'

"t us this weekend, but we
neded.tlie added hitting power
ibre than anything else."



For the paSt seven weeks, 37 WM
boys and girls between the ages the
of elglit and fourteen have been Phi
participating In a summer chil- ha*
Iren's program at the Armed hia
b tces YMCA In Balftboa. The O
program consists of ope -h _f(
war of gym work and an H ac
of swimming Instruction. tra
As is the custom of the fYtA. ea
t1b children have been taoki( in
the Nattonal YMCA Pregr tilve Sn
re o t .- art of t1 -

uma3 ,ampes C. PtenI e V t

rett eph Pri atd te
Thb following c tildren have
coe pltaietl their Minnow Club Z
tst 1 _Are pow working on
the nt uebo tests; P Beby, who
Leo Breekman, Rlckl 6 te
Brockana, Melton itdy, Barry Yan
Miller, 'Onte Herndon, Donald Doi
Witn, bert Lott, Herman cha
Smite, iaMteon Bradley, Dandra
Br Charts Blair, and Pat righ
Mill. he's
TIlt Mi ow Club consists of ever
21 belmera is ranging from he's
ie lw WDte toWm 20 meter i In
-good *3. a p Fish Club takes ball
in ,fl water, diving, and "in a
n riA ftad'etance of 10 me. theI
ten form, along with
,'ItmN qbg are working on the start
'MBW (IOb Tests are as fol-
jjg Vtwvud Dunlap, Joe Bethea, j
m, Robert Myers, A
U.feanadrett, Tommy i-
nea&. allBradley, Richard rea
McConaughey, Da- rm
fl1sM David Kelse, Pat Five
'r, Jonud Beeby, Sharon awr
COX '. lyn C ftlel, J-o'
Waks tefjuror udv Myers. Ju- 4A


d .~ '*4 4
rs 4
'I-i j',
~,c' 'a~

I'.' ft

me uC h Cae c u b s 7va w
Ja4e Ffl Oavarett ,

he Cabs announce that !il:
its for the 1953 season hem
nh Nifed by Cavaret& a

it agreement run tt
Year. COva
'teatsi th July 11Iftl
Sftintede. seventh.L
t, tlKy have droppadg
hi place after Having
d earlier In the year
h _qg Persoinel ire
. Mittw Who anoced
-igInlf, he aMd Owtbr
d< "an' "ogvawsrl'jot
i ceal'n.. "

kt ht e -Stoqr
Os 'Tliufl'jtey
asWhlo"U hu..

mtbpaw Jehmnn I
wan trNdd fre
oklyn ItMlbKa tUM
ks-two weeks at.
5023 ntverCSf'
mer In'thi N
ready to p
She's ded
not''e ntlie NO
to New ttiaittGIf
ace piciad u

ue badtolebita

tlestat the
j d wh" a

on to, attend ift

fro iwnorto ek


^ malt1

i .. -

si ,.

-I n '

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.'* J 1 M l ia l +



- ,L
. 1

t6 mow
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ew'it wCaWro1m att Bow lso .a=

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*.? ~


, -I"..; -
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"~ r


. .W *. 4.
'. .-- =. ., t^ ,1";




I i.~ ..( 2'.

, ... '* .'
.. .* ,..-. -;- l,, .- .

", ^ : i |

..g. ~*

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'...'.. .~-
-4".... I
r g -.
S.- *~


S/ ':-,,-: o.
:.. .: .r .- "T,

-. '4

. ..... *.. T *. .

4Z .' : .,.

*. *.

-' ;, ,,.*: -, ,- .*- .-

: I .'




, -.^, *
- "J'-.

r. _> *'?

- .. '1 ,

. -' .

-~ -. ~

KIfuver Opines

Gambler Costeto-

'Etitled' To Jail


_ N!"UqErw

.W YORK. Aug. 16.-(UP)- h,
!e"Ris entitled to what he's SOLO, Iw
tt." said Sen. ates K efau- P i
W, yesterday as the government ........
V t o Frank Costello in jail, a TWENTI-8VENTI T EA T
Vce the notorious underworld
ze had avoided for the last
Kefauver's Senate Crime Com-
n the gambler. Storms Hit.f
"I don't want any favors from .
anybody," said Costello. .
He got none as he was u-hered k
to a cell to start serving 18
months for contempt of the Sen- I
defiance of Kefauver's commit-
tee. .
The 63-year-old boss racketeer NEW YORK. Aug. 16 tUPI- and pip have been swept away
sent word to reporters from his Storma were abroad in the In the flood, which began yfs-
dimly lit cell through Deputy world today. terday.
marshall Al Gibson: Nearly 0 people were maroon-I Scotland Yar4 asked the 8KC W
"i1l the boys I've made up I ed on rof tps above swirling to broadcast .. ngs tp tas tw
my mind to come in and do my En lan" Country. lers to ke. ,away .-rom the
Mt. I don't wa t any favors England riv- danger "
from anybody. I want to be t Lynne, ABout .x0 .
treated like everybody else.' swAng. Wtlla-t ital rip,. West a8 It4 w
Sen. Kefauver, who was at bar*t i t flooded ...r
McMinnville. Tenn., said: "I DVWOK2iege carried away, swfot dbwe
think the courts have spoken and roads oua saM villages isolated. e l f- t 0 k
l)tMk. he (Costllo) Is entitled to Three ly _couts on holiday of eveirythi a Wgt. w
what he's getting. We of the were pBrtWdiy drowned. to a tam .r f t.
Senate Crime Committee felt he The 7 SoMeret County fire inches.
was in contempt and deserved brigade, ratorced by volunteer In BelAja_ at least m11
what he 1b gettiMn." boa.ta, '~riAed throughout son was Joeste by a h i
It was the first tim.' Costello the n t1 taking otf maroon- storm which swept aMlohOM at
had gone to jail since he served ed i 2ffea. Belgian coast yesterday. eoe i
20 months fn 1015 on a gun-car- Ma .y sheep, cattle, horses ing cellars and drenchlfg the* ,
rying charge. N oi

CMt v wn the first of 4B
wtnesm who balked at an-
w ring tbelons of the Sen-
.i6 %Crbe Comittee to be-
etm hes rmw etmi ,." t .i
f thie esaset we peaMtI., 22
bane been tried. 14 were ic-
u'itteo and three e.sVitlW
S ter were evened.
6 wealthy man who turned
aletofeers from mobsters into
m.. -ulmmen" Costeno ate htis
ju .nch in jlU-_and a iheeme
qinwnwieh, salad, coffee and ap-
ij tile.
I* instead of the delicacies he en-
id at MIanhattan's beat res-
srants atnd the daily tonsorial
ouachins up he got\ at the Wal-
S .f Astoria barbershop. he now
? 'Wd penitentiary tare and a pri-
b haircut.
Ju. t where he'll be taken from
. jhre was not revealed. He will go
S a federal prison, possibly at
PMn Oon., or Lewistrr,

bg a .fe- I

W I.e was convicted April 4 by a
S-V rsal court Jury on tO counts
t gmpt for walking out on
t ewhme tcommitteenDbm tMh,

S re almost beat the charge -In
S1revoa trial. In which O -W
,* .t as deadlocked. one jauwr
been reported to aVa.
401a out against convicting him.
S *' was sentenced April 4 to 18
O thu in prison and tiMed $5,-
The U. S court of Appen 10 count-
.Md seven of her al out onl
,'ts. and lowered his fine to
.e almost beatld the hall term.
R strictly a rdutl e, prisoner.
d0 e ted

wl out against conv.ctorle
P O was sentenced April 8 to 18

h e U.S. Court of Appeaftue t

t. and lowered hae to
_. but It nhld the 4all term.
Sarl. official= said he woud
; tr.ctly a routine prtioner,

taa eaasn o a fpee d


Americawn Drinking Habits

Fascinate Spanish Student"
-o -
NEW YORK Aug. 16, (UP)- have won Nobel priUa mve vi
Pedro Chlcote has spent SI years ited my mose Wbema '
and approia0ately 20,000U buy- befee I am a .acqeiw, Z w
Ing bottles of liquor but not one 1eV the ele to p
has been opened. Chicq tae, 3N a
HB feels that entitles him to waved Ma n ti
talk about the contrIveial ruby c
subject of lCohdic beverages b'igt ue. ci

fromin a Paurely Aistorical paointl of a few- cdamenai o
view.* *dtabhif htbit, ssin he m lso Is
proprietor of a fahIlonable bl
Here on a brief bottle buying next to the museum.
spree o add to the collection 'Men who Wb i ito bar% W h
In his unique mraseum kn Ma- women are more Inclined .
drid, apati, Chtote was greet- drik too much thIW men V
ed qa the world's %otm et as- eeme in with a pa7tyf
thoNrly on l oiu of all cout--men," 4e cosn'ente l,
tries, sAoid alnk m ii he
He visited scores of cocktail Umh d his education and wda
lounges to marvel ovw the ft- In his werk. If I Were a
ciw conaction AMaferlmcan man I would pass uch a w-of
Hfke A drink and 4ame away rule."
more( Micnat&ed wfih tine sleek Wowever, Chlcote feels
oa r im ifntlig han the man- dmig habits today coan
tr mn the glases. M oe elsely to t h of a f
m Pranol the people know t es back that mist pee
most about ftbe wines and leale..
quort, but here you hbae the *'Oi this trip I boe t 21
best eqameat 'for mixing and ties as far," he =oinue "
servri te drinkss" he said ad- e lglg a fruit and herb d
mInifgl. that comes from Indiaa
Cbloote. 53, speak e Eo a Chinese liquor madte tan
gr me, ao hs streana ef at- Mhm- of flowers." Obkte
la m-e Sp-Oinsih was twimlat-, the U t ofhotel owaer
e4 ',hier the ,intw ra(;
OW hIthm'#t. aVt frienIds all wOver
"Lam my uTW.l bave 'jMO 00 .but when I make biste-
1,1 5r evei u oUtd -t Iat'.o1 % to your bars I of
Sworld," Ih co:*tuaLL e, .he said. ",Not mMy
AM two bottles .A ereiteaie d In l
d 0 and aWUIetf1 feuM the labels on the bot-

and one queen mand ix mmn wm aide, dk e
. .

or cm
of t

Sm Li.coAi~.

Igiu M-




FW. Japan uOr Ni nwa,
Meanwhile in Wahfhv *
Lifted States weather tg
lWaBst subnormAl r
II normal
f t he coh i ~om
TIs. spellea be
soutuer t" ita
I the New t -
t came on the be Agr
iture Department Z
rday adding Rhode AiBl
kt of Oklahoma an i*
the list of df
ere farmers are ei e
ibral loans.
A month of subMlorpil
IL is predicted otr all-W l
thern and southern
'te country.
*. 5* a^ '''.'

as Tna paw
The domeB
ii IWie ted
Increaseg the (
federal Uentee
confltO tgo
a1 PenB
LM-.. <*w&s

G. Dogls!-f
0and 0. M
Opeduled to 1V1WS 4

m swurted bed
Who was edon~fte64
company ela snam
.,~mn a PArt Ma i
office for tCe
- eis a cerel
S Oeountant la se.
a failing MIssouri.
4,4m, ew York, and
y active In prWesstin.
pBataB, serving =s gtlwq
-f 1te Calborna suog
00 d Public Aeoagtent"
M=br of the aftfH
%=pber of the
eW.lerican Inatitute
DBWfa tr two terms.
. been on a numbai n
4, .comiasttees of
- tAft tandte e04M OU k
hac~lulng the rih3Bg
FHille t sa o 1t oi.
Iwank mir aton A, 2i

as P.M. ..s a.

T tagjg lu Airam a-ns Iimc 4mM|. on
cuc ..ber w gr. gild s 'g WIle a whelm
This SmYi*sd5e t at. knJmapan'deght
asb cuke, which ian seet Awa ea an ea t ls 1p -1I
a mes

1** -

* C-"~P' 2C'

-. ."" ~

'-: ,r

' *. '"* IA ]

'~ ~ *'A *'*^iss^
~.. ". ,. -
"'.-* a p -:5 .*** .* {.-*

*.**';.aF "i\-" *-^ *****
.-1 < ^^

At ,...- o
. 'r :. "
i..o ";; .


h.'. ,-i .. "' "-
4'- ". 'Ii -. % I
'. .
"^ **-' ?/, t, :. ;.





19 17 uIlntfle

Ubeh .l
tw =tMr~iS

..M .E +r :.y

** ."*

' ..


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