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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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LOP. I ON ---PANAMA '0* -7 ,70 1
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s 4s MAsOm N AVu. N'E yDl etN. II N .


I you contribute a letter don't be impotent IIft uden t appeaI t
", day. Laftes ue published in the oudI recoNved.
PlMso ty to keep the leIters lImted to sm pega legth.
Idetiy of letter writers is held in sctmte confidence.
eThis owsppr arums no reponsibrlbt fo istfnments or opinle
S eel h Ileette from reeders.

The Naval Station bus service is anything but a service.
There is one place all Navy wives must get to the sale
store at Corozal. But Navy buses d.e. American Transport Cc
buses) don't stop there.
"It is not in the contract." the Motor Transportation super
visor told me when I phoned and asked him about it.
He wasn't at all concerned when I related my sad tale about
having to walk from the highway to Locona in the rain wit]
two small children and two huge bags of groceries.
He nastily told me he was obliged to do that very thing too
but I know there are two black cars parked in his garage-spac
every time I pass his quarters on the rickety old bus.
He drives one to work, and his wife drives the other one
Bo of course he doesn't care anout other peoples' difficulties.
Furthermore. those buses aren't safe for women with small
children to travel on. The radiators boll over, the tailpipe fel
off one, and they are dirty Inside.
The Kobbe buses are much nicer, but are not accessible ir
the rainy season or in the evening, when the mosquitos ea
you up while you are waiting for a bus service that doesn
even have a schedule.
We've already had cases of malaria on the base, and I don'
want to be a victim too. when the wrong could be corrected i
there wasn't so much high brass involved.
I'd like to call up the admiral and tell him my troubles
but they tell me he's a two-car man too.
A Puddle Jumper.

On Thursday last week our maid, through no fault of he
own, was almost two hours late for work. This made me tw
late too, because I could not leave home for work till she ar
ohe said she had waited 45 minutes for a bus, the green
Naval station variety. When it finally left Ancon it had to tov
anocner bus all the way to'the west bank.
She said that though everyone was provoked, there was n
other bus available.
But the passengers were really flabbergasted when a police
Inan poked his head in the bus door at the Balboa YMCA bu
top and told the driver he must go straight to the west ban
and not make stops, because he was blocking traffic with th
stopped bus.
Of course the driver paid him no attention, and made at
or eight stops for passengers along the way.
It seems to me there ought to be a law to prevent the n
of a public transportation vehicle as a tow triek 'while it
A D rying passengers.
4 I hope that the employers of the other women en that h
S lea thad is, and real~e t twat Btha.e tie ault they we
~ When, I wonder, is public opinion going to put some sta
Sn our "finest" and some sense in our traffic laws.
Still Waitlag,

Labor News



CVlCAOor-lwt ampshlre's
handsome, ldiwV-haU d Oov.
Sherman Adams was the man
who led the first successful
primary drive to win delegates
for Gen. Eisenhower. The Gov-
ernor's campaign launched the
- first organized efforts of the
A- Eisenhower enthuasthss.
As a pwdminent leader of
he the Generals forces, I ask-
ed Gm AdMf to discuss
lI's atttade tOward labor
and the alesl riss:
ms "Preetsely W aft "President'
lmeaow6r's solution to the
steel strike wouMd be is not al-
together clear. Yet his support-
ers can now hazard something
more than mere guesses.
"To begin with, the possibi-
lities of colleedlve bargaining
s would be much more thorough-
. ly exhausted. No one can ques-
tlon that the Intauson of gov-
Sernmient has weakfted the
'hbole fabric of b ac g pro-
t cedure,". said Gov. s.
h "Yet there would be some-
thing definitely more positive
. in 'President' Ike's approach.
e In an emergency it would ne-
ver be a wholly let-alme poll-
e. y.
"Do-nothingness has never
11 been one of Ike's strong points.
ll That Elsenhower would bring a
new approach Is dead sure.
n T"For one thing he would
t bring a genius of comPromise.
t "Beyond this, theft would be
some new human mechanics
t employed. Rather than a raft
f of new statutes, regultory and
punitive, look for advisory and
conciliatory groups coming in-
to the picture to work Om both
the labor and management
front for a better understand- ,
Ing of the responbiliUtle of
both in this free industrial sys-
tem of ours." he contained.
"The cynic who still thinks
that Ike is a novice in helping
r people get along with bach
o other should better understand
. the reasons for the amazing
enthusiasm which ordinary
people In free countries have Senate
w for him. ente
"This enthusiasm was not bWl fO
o bought with American dollars, i0
or a give-away program of atSOi
American goods, or anything Ires n
s but an understanding of the overieU
k qualities of character which 21- but it
e senhower possessed which en- t~e
able him to get decisions made & l g e
x and constructive policies fol- have ft
lowed by human beings of wide- tobe a
ie ly differing points of view." giving
is Ol's W


Permit me space to say a word on behalf of the men work-
Ug lor the Housing DiviMs.
In 1961, janitors received a file-cent across-the-board In-
4rease authorized by the Governor, but in 1952 two cents were
g Out off to put these men at 47 1ants an hour.
It seems that Janitors are always 'being taken advantage of
because they have no one to step forward for them.
The janitors are made up of two groups: one group takes
. ars of vacant quarters and the other of the bachelor quarters.
At present the government Is not painting the interior of family
4larters after they are unoccupied and the Janitors have 4 to
wash all the walls, ceilings, wires, floors, etc.
They have to travel from Balboa to Ancon without trans-
rtaUton. In Balboa when they are working In the Flats, they
Travel with buckets, ladders, mops, brooms, etc. While the le-
JAWs in the office and In the bachelor quarters make all the
aumey, the Janitor does all the work and gets peanuts.
Retired Observer.


faving seen the many evils and wrongs corrected by articles
in your Mail Bx has prompted me to send In this
happens to be my first.
wondering what aw taken place at the Camp lMard
here of late. Conditions there are deplorable when
to service in the restaurant. In the mornings espeelal-
I' lDot help to handle the trade: In fact there
M4e attendant t handle a line of about thirty or forty
meal tickets from- the Dredging Division plus the re-
If you happen to order a cup of coffee an8 a bowl
bythe time you receive your cereal, the coffee Is so
isl. Is iacuci uieless
t the mrhtidise section I see there is only one
t o handle the trade. A few'months ago, In this same
iwas one sales-clerk selling magazines only, an-
e, e osmetcs and another for the sale of
,toheco. making a tbtal of three salesclerks.
o people (right in the clubhouse) remark
is t .'Wbtry to take lakfaAt there in the mornings
g. 4he poor Mrvice. (I feel quite sure these condl-
-sia t in any U.8. rate clubhouse for one day).
this article will be read by the higher-ups
measures will be taken as the letters ap-
ur iMall Box always seem to bring results.
"Di.ssatislfied Customer."




DNAmi -imid

bagm 7 dumtu
uiustaSoa Bse and Otlt-.
. ggg,

the tough
ain? nt four yeaV M.f*nu
President Is what to do lil
our surplus production.
"For some time we '
grown more than we couML
Wheat, livestock. cotton,
toes and lard have. been
plowed under, dumped o
bank, given away, or other
disposed of, when consl
weren't available.
"The same situation will
in steel and a eat variety
manufactured products
military demand fades awa.
"Back In the 1800's the
ropeans sold to us cheaper
we could produnee most of
commodities; Just the reverse
the present.
"Then we imposed a tariftl
their products, a labor-he
device which the Repu f
Party thought up. That peo
saved Amelican labor from
competition of a flood of eh
European goods.
"We are now somewhat
the same petition in which
uropeans were 60 years .,
We have too much. We
want to sell them what we
not need, but we find they
nothing with Which to
"When we tried lending
meey to buy from us it gall
work. Our price wn
"With the highest prod--d
cotsin the W d, te- a
they could buy fro, Argt e-
India or Russia, whe
produced thin qchapr:.
"So the problem wil sul
what we are g to ,Ado.
omR- surplus. e are
find that we can't flnd a
unesm we lower our -M
a smaller way, it t5
exactly the same alt
confronts the New
tile industry at thU
time. .
What part willh
In all thi ?
"The next Prelde.t
Congress will have to
problems. Not only
aggravating proble-
ment, but It will ag
derstanding of the
skilled and most
or pool in the wa 5
loan workers.
"In addition, tu
shock to millHoni 4t
investors to find M
vidends have beea
considerable extantW
saole of surplus goodrl
under a edar ly
program, Tem
a new kind of '
sident* Be. Ten V .


a Rult of
-- .di


to be




No More For Vets


YORK-It would seem that a grateful niquew government that we have
has st passed a bill that should have been f .i I aa against.
the oB before.-4 bill to limit the re- This the war 4 er whtih youtPay te
veterans Of the Korean fighting to future to win a double-.batled ca olt N
ut t their content or special Cn- any and Japan, Wt
MtI Wr tee. short of fus and eqapmeu ut hI
bt maehd an possibly be twisted and tical butter. This hat ba. Joke.
decs r t e the President's w m. that the .
id have egeq placed In force after But I cannot i 44ee l
Mse with the 7J~ I the last one. a Congress can eal
eb the ry old reff and ht in w
nd 4hg* Us a s. t'opte-fora=.
atrth ateI aa '8 b io
W1,9itiftE4Ian 'I Sm'
~~xtid.a "It'_sifc

a re-
eabsence efe am"'oB ri s tdraw-
lot of tired'old traBtes. w W ar n
Into service, while men who ever served
eSmnbries at all stayed home,
itse Wight have been some e for the
isUmt of married wtranms f Kr ean"
r 11 not been dubb a "oWl ictUon" by
f-wise President-if it had massive
OMsad of a minor meddle. 6ea has
h a war thae It had to b e ht under
purely political reasons, *ifhall sorts
and restrictions n its pro-
a war In which oen, MacArthurget
g to win it: this has been a aL t
control its priners of war.
wSar. a war of G. Bo0dd and
Oed warriors whn .lst a third-
,"Onmo, their own POWs.
"1 a police action that has d oan for
!, with t culprit still lma
a wr te which old e. the
o0ean. turned his allies i around
bgan to enforce the same ghager tech-

lAg*t < I2H
SS-m tht
S o .t .1.the

Uhl this summer. He t sf, plane. m 'A eM-
mhit In his peak yeen profealb,
Mlab h wi awit i btUba .td .vlBWe for. Mil
Is ck in unior. Th flew s
missoni t Paeft e I the last WR.
iCman a poeeman?
Xv mail s heayw with letter from mefW
t coinpletely cynical about their second wi-
meSont with the military in 10 8vars. and -oft-
"&a6 conteamtutou -of the wai in Korea. of the
Ma d Idels that.-free their feet.
pecflally in the cae of ~ffleers,. this makes a
SIftMtay force. And you cannot blame them.
wye been cheated.
tse active-reserve boys knew the risk they rv
of teeall. t a great meuy Involuntary
"Mt tboahtt they wefe etof the service Ar
jogd Wa all. And they oe~ themselves break.
to" their homes and W~t their bustoev
s'fo tt a "oile0e setla" me" ver believed tt
I have a hunch that m will not, ret
self somOletely off the hWk m itts election vear
by handing the lads a featbi p for the future.





riag Mae West); "leases f4" (with
siq- vys .Douglas) a d a pa ofted "a
b 1 umes." Thy were rmmMs 4 t as too fral
the Main Arms.

-* 'e

n redJtw fAl-

,msk: "1
-i I u* p


The Ttetbea
b "All Star

fe ftes
ju r a
is engi


U'-^ -- -^
* .- '
-* i = ', *-2* '"

. .4

w' r"'- f *t: f
..h l- **. .-j ^rJf ,-^ 7

-. *.* T- ^ ^f l lr

i. Z.


l;w-- -,

$ r4:

" I. -
'. : **I- .

* ;-,; A,^ B ^
.7 ~~.7 r *\


Ei c '- ''

,- *:- *-.' i

'.' ..* ^ '
*f. $ t
7 '-"'' ., '

L'c'-" ".A ^
% ': #7 "_
-*'''- ''**i^M S i

4S~ .
i -..-.

trte 3b e
aly the
ofre tho
sim the ai
SIou ll
6 i, t i attend


the 3B

.e '. .,.i,.
:- .
i :" '

4, -- *
i4. : *
b''' *-
W I* <-.

, =7.1

S~~~n. I ilalfate*e ;OCN"KC

71 p~

2. .tcntc"
u : ,!. .,. ,.... .. ...... .

F, baddf
P4110 later To lay ,.l ek. .u ra .nc

rO ,for the fnAoC -- f meet
r.t n., A wo thsea whoa sim .be of a gn wn. -
740 so Skite 9....

C O L 11. .0 a dhhe so r af

w~h he ew binegweteetllng the plaeirl Canal tra murn c' C.
S.the tr u Govern., pwrigadier Ge nswon"
ranll of Or

t fl I pr wethld $400dd tal, dsea Gerl 4m --,, .4y -- i -
a 4 or e s (- toef Mre0haAamu na
gJ ifGym- mm Ujsboa _.,

iwill not be ann a have vited the A

.0of*nds.oon the late Prealdent.
Mbmlbri it Symbols

fo h ~etandaassa 10.CS$MemII. MGromia] an
mUmE Ses oAsna vof in -' ei.- oi -

rANAr wv, _...... A. 5... B. B t :z e.n:.:
wooks* iftu atthe x l

......3 so s sugm'
*a ewasannualhM e.served
IT As preiged 1 lS the Acesidn Userve dra
a im of W 'CAoliIce offhea isto n-m

0% hobGolCla dext lhb
,:h'w' ,,hwh"e" re he.

... 3.0
It... .. -, .. ..Is LII=I

S.h. "oy op wr:y, l"Vge. I a iiom." as
--s -tCteimuatrdai a aSO "mm ie patr Al G
,e tr oipiderf J $g a, s a himo ne w o un i., .
b~bn ff IGh SUW Mre th ao
not HesuM aI lianVrsam have visited the due emn
I, lVp ens.=Pvi-6.te ai Pesdet
Vat Wi bu

9, wj:t:...I.I ;-

. '-' -
.iijI l LI' Ii 11-1i 'riiit j

. -, 5
--., .- .

ottMI: e r liVHm|fc -..
. *.. ; & -L "; .,'
^ ?'. ^/,i.l(.,, ..... .^^ .
:ff.+.-,, ; i ; "::^


Go .

"ee$ greuAnw To

N .AWINGTON,Juy (UP) The Seate clearedlU l
th flyoadbloiI fl of e, die edeummnt 0To Ruta Ph
y d Con a"esi pining a c"mpromist
ons biebll ""9 ti rgy funds by $98,-L l
S t ill restap a idn
th. H6use we tmewmffl n to pdi g t with fIhe g "S' o
& eq ireuli worked AM ftli h conferees and thus allow in oaobtr
w wafty lewmakev e it quits, two daiy ites. .* how Is chedted
f ih conferees '1414 to boest the firds for te- bellm at :30 p. m.
filte *no expansen to e: ttf of *out o$2 iN10,000 oasta dr e
If the Skiate wouvlid satit "rid1r" whleh originally .usa IMs.l
stalled hft adjournmejlt *6. leturday night. 'el. Wflish, French and C
T Ica waa version range from
S eetromlfe fo he ltereuae wu made In a ee to fou feet aborter.
ma; e $2,989,8 tl $11Ml.976,3789 "catchaIRV bill for .
..ptB TrMa had f t aid, atoc expansios
tt-ia WeelS budget. an tary nructlon. w
er, the rider other stalled bill was I
to Energy 1 i appropriation for
AtLrtnwt work o *iV l funetiOn, "
St un ha all he Mot-o the Republican mem-
aete it. e already have departed f
WA il0e adjournment, wltb their convention and many DI-
Sthe lawmker at mocrate hae gone home.
;_ i ,, hadu, Lt. Mounblow
h-e,'on 1 =1 Is Croduoted
i, ,te, From Piot School
Gemmitte 3 3 AMR?0C2RCBASS, 7-
t-Hous e o So an.M July 80- SMed Lieutenant
^ '"rie '*V ota, m M fumblow o M
Stant the atomlo af tun, al wa grada*-
sto .in 1D. Johnston D- te recently at te UA arie
one of thi Southerners il Pilet Sehool (Multi-tnglne) at
d been fighting to have the Atire PMr P Bse, TeOtX,
priaton, restored, said with the Oater abers of Claet
was waWUn to settle for 4l In .2-D.
*On' "ioobalxatf' funds. It Bw O
de that gen. Durt U. Meumblow attended high f
) MaYbank (D-8.C.) also wasshobl at Cr eboal, c.Z., Wi-
Id ( ared.) able to compromise. pon oin'Wohn ton,
Maynik denied he W bo*. anDd A. A .M,
or pois-VA. WN19 0
K or for inlut tthe A. t obe u mAmucr ofl
ES Tfo' Scaf Gbbard and HM2e. We s a vet-

W.d"ML f irsti- ,PAtUL'S
Nao him Owto. ft" p-l-


Madurit d'

to00O Coentr AVt.
AR "-


=a rne

A L l.0
mivPrs i tc4c Qi
POirisman T BONE A


SSIAS 'I.. ......

,llr :
*' '-- l-:'l ,:' '

Onr OUND...... .4.7
amal MIS Slis

aUT -wimI

Tmi MA

Tp -M


- '6

*- v-,

*5 .4

. .. .

f '"A

- '~-
*$ f'. J'-9-.

Jug Unpackd1





.9., Ic



f~*'~' ifi

.F .

-7- -W A



r, ".:+o. .._ ,.

a..,g" ..

.~,:. V
j; c"

-Y -M-".NAMn.. .

te Fleet id

............. ..
................ J.. July 15
.... .... July 20
........ .t-.'-.. July 27
......... u ust I
ed aad GanesMl .

............,. ......
............ ...... July 1V
............. ;. .Jaly l.
....... ... J uly 21
ile. CharcetIS Angela.
id Stable. -
Critanbol to -~~*tat
an por .

Shipping & AirLine News UNITED FRU
-- Great Whi
i"er @United States' 305 crew members-pilots, navl-
3ocks at Le Havre gators. radio officers and flight
'Wth New Record :en-,, .ers-have made an aver- w Orleans Service
LE HAVRE. Fr I i. BUP ag- of 140 North Atlantic cross- --
The liner Unite sailed wings each. Between them the:,. .. ...........
Into Le Havre In a i, I urst ol have logged an aggregate total S.. S "' Kno
speed that toppled a second At- of 42.772 North Atlantic crossing .S.. If ................
lantic speed record left boat which represents nearly 130,000,- S.S. Maya .............
trains schedules, welcoming plans 000 miles. o .S.Mayarl.i.. ... .hi
and deck chairs and ping-pong1 Nearly two-thirds of them- N hSUe Meriueated 1hili
tables overturned and caught 189-have completed tl'elr 'cen-
most of its 1,660 passengers nap- juries" and 28 others have flown I
ping the Atlantic more than 300 ew Vork Servic
Her running time from Ne" ames. S.S. Comy-ap .............
York's Ambrose Light to Le H- Atlant lo .S. Cae A ..............
vre as three days. 17 hours sjl1i B O AC's trans-Atlanti c pilots "S.CTalpe ca ..............
48 minutes-marked cby a 365 ll of them--have registered a NS. a ..............
knots pace. ,total of 15.574 crossings betw ,on ',S. Vera gg.a.............
The United States already had them and eight have more than ,.5. Ca.. Avnof......
become the new queen of the 300 crossings to their credit. "eAi eeo M...........
seas when she sprinted past Bis- Te,,tdy have more than 200 Weekai llPi IReNew Ftork, Moba
hop's Rock. off the British Corn crossings and 77 others have em rr 'invslt a n
wall coast, in the new record notched over 100 crossings each. fl1ueal fteght ilfing. from
time of three day- l0 hours and Captain L V. i"Buddy", M.s- C tal Ametrli
40 miintes. singer. of 137, Chiswick Village, i- 4ba1 to New Orieans via
But her skipper Commodore London. W.. is the highest scof
Harry Manning was equally 'ing pilot with 373 crossings of
proud of the time to Le Havr.. the North Atlantic and the rec- nidurs
"Nobody pays any attention ord for any B.O.A.C. alrrew S.S. Qirigna ...............
to that," he said, "but it is a member is held by Engineer Of- S.S. Chirlqui.................
most Important record." licer E. D. Oilbertson. of F,'a S.S. QuiriM a .................
Most of the passengers. weary Mills. Bristol, who has made 381 S.S. Chlriqui .................
from the nightlong vigil for Bis- crossings. (Pauenger Ser
hop's Rock and the champagne TEL--PH
celebration that followed, still CRI -i--O- 1ST A P2ON dozing when the giant. CRISTOBAL 2121 PANAM
573.000,000 liner dropped anchor
Just outside Le Havre harbor. I
The official welcoming ceremo-
nies, planned with arrival today r^f a KO
in view, could not be stepped up JACOBY ON BRIDGE IR NoC
to me.?t yesterday's arrival and ..... W--
were to be held today as sched- BY OSWALD JACOBY INCORPORATE B ROI
S'. llten for NEA Service .

'ice Only)
A 2-2M04 COLON 20

'AL OEAt 1840
I-* a~wm

Cargo and Frei ht-Shios and Planes- Anr ls and

.......... .. ..July .
...................July 15
................ ...July 22
........... .. .July s9

2 BOAC Aircrewmen
Have Flown Atlantic
Nearly 400 Times Each
B.O.A.C have just completed
an analysis of the North Atlantic
crossings made by their 305 op-
erational crew membiers-exclud-
ing stewards and stewardesses-
who fly the Corporation's Strato-
cruiser and Constellation airlin-
ers between London, New York
and Montreal.
The analysis shows that these

Insurance In Time

Mrs. Bann Schumann was mak-
ing out a payment for hospital-
imation insurance when her six-
year-old daughter. Judy. was
knocked down by a car. The
'msurance helped pay for a
"broken leg.

V 975

t 10763

WK 104

4AQJ 8 4 2 109653
4 None
North-South vul.
Bast South West North
Pass Pass 1 6 Pass
2 26 34 36
Pass 46 Pas Pass

Opening lead-.4
L Prr

Koys Niu LINes LU
M.V. "SALAMANCA" ........................ Tuly 13th
M.V. "FLAMENCO" ..............................-July 19th
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIWICO" (18,000 tonk) August 23rd
S.. "CUZCO" ................................ mi --Juv
g3 ^ -.......... ... ... ...... g.
,,- .. _. .. t1 -1

The quality of the play in this ,u TU/I tN i irNTn I
Wet Coast classic may be gaug- M.V. "DIEMHRDY" .........h..................July 12th
ed from the hand shown today.' MV. "LOCH GARTH" ............................Ju 17th
I UAed by Clarence Strouse, of All Sallt Suabject to Chkbte Wfithot Notie.
.. M ,"!\wood, in last year's Bridge TR PACIFIC STEAM NAVIJGWON CO, Criet6bal 104/5
U A IS v Strouse's decision to bid four ORDCO INC PANAMA Per #55. Tel. 3-I /B
Spades was based largely on the FORD CO. INC. ALBO. Tl. 2-
fact that the opponents had bid
f ,you suer .p atabbin.g pains., e lqbs so A rongly. It seemed CX ltA
Mate re mle li ss your bloor highly probable that North had trumps with his king and led a wOre located, so he tbut up the
sw tbion. Aeun through fauev kdne~T no high cards in clubs and must heart, still hoping to get a rutff. Oof diamonds and returned A
tionrn ar ump tomsoid Paeq.. therefore have some strength in Strouse blocked this plot by tak- a ahab.
'ir ing. -loudy rine, metlng ne thered suts, where it could be ing the ace of hearts instead of had to ruff the club
t.Rna' C"ervoults. DIziness. Head used. trying a fiRn.sse. bltmnow it was eaoy to eash th
S0a Colds. Puffy Ankle, Ccles un West opened the dleu. of dia- He then led the ten of spades of diam~ds, -ru t a lo-
Ire. lacsk of he rouobe Ppt monds and Strouse properly from dummy and dropped the In dummy, and fore .
hella the Kdpoes u In sya.Hel spotted this as a singleton. He nine from his own hand. With to his hnd byreturning
m. it n the urinary yustem'3 sn_ ahe therefore put up the ace of dia- the trumps thus drawn, he led Meit. EIast could take the their.
S lm"Irritn as d tsa Get Cyste monds at once and trid to draw the nine of diamonds from dum- t dives trek with the.kiLng. o.
,hm ay arufalst See how qui y Its trumps quickly with the ace and my. Intending to let it ride for a hat, but then declarer had the
n the road to enjjack of spades. finesse If East played low. lust trump and two good red
West took the second round of East saw that his diamonds carUd to win the' ret.

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MiR!, WtELKIN. Planteer

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This Fun Is Killing Me

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A ./t^V" *WIM -MiBrrB -r& R M)O 6TUDM
TOM I 1 W eatf/-* I'M 1 v4*

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7 At. A--T.FATte? ag
^^*BJFhtt10R I@ Puu CPTO~l POLO \WO
*------N : l-'^OCiV WAG It \ t Or
^IP^HH~~~~4 441^B<1yo "^*

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SClark 14. .
, In a fIads let-

inwuJ i WI y' -s. i* WT S

n ,d Dev.ln, aie ftt 1
L M. mes.Ole aI. LKeute
U- and Mrs. Lo atter.

m4tnbate *$ at work. "tot
the then table," they admit.
. i- I --hesho
4ha thorn 'f. lntlt. Sh, alhe w M fld

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ut IdI Gitt^T ^
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,lhy ateal treakdov hi Lw'd
en st.' d ot o; ner rete
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g~i I Mile*
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You Sell 'e .. WItn You Tdi t wu P.A. C ifiedsI

I rave VXur Ad witb one of our Agents or o r a f1teMt Is N 57 "H" S Panama
, No. 12,179 Cntrl Ave Ctoim

twis Service Saln de Belleks AsmuIa Carlton Drug W
94.Tivoll Ave.-Phony 2-2291. and *#M Weit 12th 8treft 10.059 Meltundat one =W Caoltn
n 'rriio's .Agenda luternaclol P bcadM Propaganda,,


~'r ~',
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,. ./--* ?44rn

AMinite for I i


r' .*. -4-:-'T "^ ^
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I 1 I .

p fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441 #3 Lottery Plus 1 nmirlit -- P-1 Stree t D phones2-21 l O b las totr, nainlid all four
.f. her qtuds before the father
et fted 6% the births. The babies,
born with i 45 minutes, all were
t -^.*kfAl& t AaenIc^ doing well and none of them
....a......peeSnt Claa bL First orn at 3:31 a.m. at Os-
Wil t ne --inge n- l Aemttt ,liieW ll le GrllmllB va- SROantR Clar beach- ROFESSI L teopathle Hospital here was Re-
Ml hnesg. somdo anl., .ric Ice boxes, g a' beces, 4 pounds( 1 ounce. Then
me five dollars at CMbia MuhL Co Service Personnel and Civilianr s t.. X f rote rates. Telephone a came William, 4 pounds, 15
Ion of 930 q. m. Maoday phlse Goverrmout Employves 6-. ounces; Mellass, 4 pounds; and
drop rAet a ofe so I cori mail hirt ) b4t AQUARISTS:-ew troptal fishes in N eho d Paifth. Jah 3 po*ldB, 14 ounces.
my chq k M.M. Box 93. Colon.' Gq'hriment Employes Finane Co. stok. Panaae: Acuorio Tropical. PHI', side Cottages. The *U WrS "What a mes of kids," said
--- Whe you finance your new 1th Vi Espo A0, opposite Juan o Santa Clota with on ;' A Ithe father S1las p. Pinkham, 45,
.j. t 4 t J N ~r used car. Franco -Stabl hone 3-4132. all cottages. Sto ps when finally infored of the
... _AGENCY DIHLINS Colon: t06-A. 9 '2 Street tc k Gas, refrigeration, births by his father-i-law Har-
RE- 4 Aemeble Rew Phn 1251- urs9- shuffle board. Pan- No Me No births b hi father-in-law ar-
Terrier. whiter with browy m.ark] PhPe :S-914 3-4985 1-5. ,Margarita 3-1673. l sh e t ,s -aled
Reward fe phone 3.30 6 00' F'.R .LEW:-- platform Tru.k PT RENG ait bo"m rMdfather, was leaving for
at Pon 807. with winch perfect condition, good Take inches off hips, waist, or legENTo when Eton relayed the
.- i--- .-P m 2-.... I tires. "Agencias Globales." No. luicklv and safely without diet, ora n on eae the
L -One Pa.o Hunting Hound, 121 Via Esphato, Panomi. exercise. Can 83-5245 for appo.nt- .+ O iul lams have no telephone. IN PA ti i
wmon and white.- behind Albrcok -. ment for a. free trail treatment. M ra. Pinkham has a daughter key, as she w
.Field Pleas phore anoma '3 OR SALE:-LevInI; PACKARD FOR R ;. Furnished home, 9 'E .F NOVY-5' tRmanna, 9, by her one previous a Jacques He tid
207 A 4 doors. leather upholstery, radie, mlia i Ferry. 11 hectares, i' Bt l Ave ,.14 marriage. th Friday and
Sultramaotic sy se m, reason WANTED variuca trees. Call. Balboa "I don't know what I'm going
JN.lprice, ea* pyments. A S. Sotrdle, 377 ll to -do about room to live," Pink-
No. .I, Central Avenue,. Panam Mipreli m FOR ItE Chalet 2-bedroom, hm said. "I went to work this
S' 3 6 p. m. -- FOR REmT- Chaletivi 2-bedng room interior LU. morning because of the hospital
.WANTED:-Quiet, mature pem- dnnn livngroois, interior bis that will be coming right
U.J r SALE: 1940 Dodge Sedar. n fou'ple went ta' rent or live porth eorit, kitchen, garage, part- s
u A Remarkable condition. Good rub- ^ Atlantic side. Cottage or du- ly fuirnllid. Also with fenced in VENETAN C'oe had to get a night's sleep
irin, leaving Z 30000ne. Price ncld- plen'eprtment, two'bedroom and glrini, e itdoor tiled floor terrace. .letuse he had to put in a full
ircoitis eg in 2insuran2Cel. $1300.00. Call maod's7 quarters. Call -ulick 517 or Tephst 3-1979 Panama. 7th. BLINOS 's work today, said 'Mrs.
NY TTONIGHT : onson Navy 2290 or 2347 after 430. St. Avenue, Son Frncico. as she pffed an after-
"THa TlG NEW hours. WANTED: Cashoesnd'oiri of Ime T"t b t cigarette following the
TH hitW .. ~SALE:-1951 Sportman green Wd porae. fst speak Eng- FOR RENT D e Edruplets usually occur once
Ford convertible, radio, spot light- lish. Apply personally. Contina t.r t238 TeL. t ,Jod63 birtJ.Mhs but on June 1c
white sidewall tires, low mileage. Chicago No. 157 Centrol Avenue #22 B. 3t1 Jtohn J. Manning 27, of
Call "lalboso 4422. Arnason. Do not telephen.f 4AL A APARTMENTS W louth, Mass., gave birth to
1 SALE:-Immiculate 1'951 Lin- North American couple welnt to rent a ModArm ftlNished-unfurnished Oport- Wi boys and a girl.
.. con Seaon, block. 8,000 mdle?. on* bedroom furnished apartment m.i .. M W service optional. Con- CANAMA BROK I ', t round out New England'i
o 1- ridio, kebter undercoated, etc. In Bella Vista. Telephone 2-1956 tact offtcl 8061, 10th Street.. New ll e born today mul at l eth.isrial
Will accept trade In. 1579-A, Go- 8-12 A. M. and 1-4 P. M. Mr. Cristobal. tdllhon4 1386 Colon. SELLING: Pan testal t oston. Mrs. Gertrude
t car. rv A v, Area. Balboa 2-2104. Pitman. : Pradute. Panmf ietlur opA g of Boston gave birtrude
3I-112"- ,,- I -. FOR SALE:-1947 Chrysler iSedoni. wF R RENT nce Coe and t to boys and a &gi about an
I "God. r.ning condition. $,00.00. FOR SALE 2 0M. (comonab d pre- hor after Mrs. Pinkham's quadt
177-0, CAIC Lotus {jsro p en hora Pinrham' u itse. inbon
r~-t. ''-FOR SALE:-l,94 Oldsmobile, new U e. FOR RENT>.Purnlishd room, ri.- fT. 28411 -. al L
I ba y 10 i m4119..Iliu
IiR gpeint, tires vry ood. o- vote etrr* aend bathroom. No. L g "I
tNa' OF. THE r, $3175. Phone 83-4243, Cu-F P SAL:-Doub'i bed, wlrdrobl. 105 Estude stt t Apt. A. n a uN au
E Heights- si--C. dining table with 4 ihairs. Four* MuiN F a-- B ltfllUR NIURE .
S;BJ G ?4Jf jrundu Heigfs, 510-C. of July Avenue N4o. 3. Apt. 7. FOR SALE U1. --Mt- t1nlhw a aa
S i&^eajlr +Wi i"'ac i FOR SALE: 1950 Ford 'Custom OR S ee-r L-Bedro ut R ltt WI
Fordor. Beautiful condition, cor- R SA: bedroom furniture, oa & Meton a
4p equipped radio, guards. ivIromstove, picres.a
S.Mndercovted."etc. Never scoatchel eslp. Everything heleo No. 8, Co- FOR SALE:-22 foot saillng sloop d.9Ps We ,l l .
or dernted. lu'ty paid. Paortam 3- ia Stree Apt. 5. '"Dee__." Nw oils. At Bolb s Yachf iil
I CA .H 2331,. after 5 p. m. or leave mes- F6R SALE:-Westinghouse rfriger- Club. 320.00 or $S16 .0. Half 4- st *. COIMA y
sage.. otor. 2% yr. guarantee. 25 cycle. Interest. 83.4214. ,trol he
PUS FCR SALE:-1O950 Erglish Ford, per- 2 mahogany beds (ship's bunkJ Tts. A. no
S fect condition at sacrifice price, T scI YUTW U
Call telephn. S Boa328.mpight thaigllsh bicycle WANTED.- N r4p mtSad SSh an
C011\1416Asr E., Ccr Balboaj3 283.references. Tumwphnwin 3-3 3Ov'#*II Ownier leaving country. Duty paid. former 25 cycle. Mahooern fioor jeiy p t
FOR SALI.e4920 Ndsth 2-door -1 Phone "23353. -I e nThe- r Inn
tL-.- fON&v, .4 .bd *tcl S^LE75.- 31- 1 .A -I rnwLiiw a- NNi

IA F st o. -SR SALE:-1949 Weetinuhoub. Rel- L L amm.temt a
W TWO frit FOR25t 9frgeroacr u 2fC tdt e ti statement S
t I V ,__ FOR SALE:--Thor wash. machine tee manin t 70.00. hi nc ft of
"ti eval table with l4 chaef tpaill. 3 hst
t 11^-' a' national-lesti0r defrator, col1S. .Aeach. W G-e ATON. ftyem0 Stase Old& he is "td Con-
AMe r' h!s r$225 00. Deo oer' wifrt orh e mir- c 1.00, eh. l-t -f--e ryofthe Intd riat POers c. templating any chan ft In his
An ran. $t5<5. Rodl "lle" 7 band fa$15.00, both sales OamO 1111'L ChaPma"s aid that Pterle Ma l W campaign status, ini- >M he
A e Tlke .ar. e, te-I a s 27 Cuu' 7 $5.00. 25 cycle mahogaonyr OO aand the United States an re has "no thought of with"ir iSl
ra n Le;T n5$5e2c 4. Curundf clock 5.00taa new re0l CioaRg from the meuldential tS
SFOR SALE:.-iSerrhn.Shepherdo pup. Cristobal. across from Co W h ay well sre r a Ibel Despite Stamen's stt it
iON THE AM&: Pits, pure bred. MWay be soon *al. Phone 3-1348. Mtt & a world dwrk h thee were reports that t
end ofpure d Malbeo Porrs eenead, next F. hn 4- and distruI." his Minnesota delVW
Sfof rlls .l. Porras rd, next FOR ALE: Livinroom -M dhtrutn" SUITS -s t M n.wig
,, too Boricoa del Pueblo. Son Fron- set $90.Wa00anro SUTSr4 etch to Gen.rat h D lbI1
S' e,1 M de l oC o. r 9 not.ere r etc om BLOUSE S SRTS feeerst o th gney
da tadentablepelectric their flrst-ballot obligadt
SFO$. St: r *tr. -"gardeh tools; electric I St the former governor.
type vacuum cleaner. 25-60 cycle vibrator, flower pots. Justo 00 1FC. Sn. Edward J. Thye, ofkn-
All aothniments. $40.00. Call mena Avenue No. 88. swn Oem m p tlm As am re I Sies. reward a. Thyi -s
I Ballboa 2-4275. between 4 p. m. FOR SALE:-2 osect the aterior 3 strate on the part o te
'-- "sofa p.s... sf as 2 side t ,b ies *nd o e K O M "Mth d et. w oatuto th o l 'wit
FOR SALE:--One Doberman Pinscher fe tabre; of in good I a h adl-. d to the canTidte f
Pup. Five weeks old. Male. Cll l Carngreja, cole C. No. SS, Tt ev t teir at a critic o
Balboa 2i. '3..3335. sitl *anrs O ea. meant 1 the convention.
FOR SALE: Secil offer. TLE:--loiChapmanoneaseve Re-
best slicing machines, Globe re- five months old, 515 0 .- :"CMC Ofb) n dia. cus ed u beptwee -
e *Ii 1 conditioned. Ofr m $125.Mup. See 128. P,~ Miguel or phon e prose candidate In
themeatFibicaNaco Sd ockbetweeMi
"ichasE_ 1n02 er0-Ave._lh-ne Taft of Ohio, the current Piace-
chino.SAL1mderwOO2 t v P a wiri t a r 340 PvestiWhether he has any chn =e
chinis. Underwooin calculator, Siter ofren a ale Of In- of turning the trick la problem
,osless, Frden clcuaoro Smn ofe fa M for$10-per
mons couch, baby strdler, crib. The Canal 1nie o0l10 a different a have a person There Is considerable setit-
So e 0. ln iTh welved O W.a e t c title a menr wsW Ar :Dough t 3
FOR SALE 4-4 x 5 b ,ejur profession- ctw gderU bti..fs d Arthur to the ticket it a
P hane< 83-4243, Cueundu o u' d ab clev Cv.j 11
Hapress camera, 10 c. t fim holers, rope i Oi Stoafl t= ta'in btaheW uetue-e l, l ladso
film pack odapter, flo h gun, -cese r at Ro h o mys rial weve o. S a 11
$ 3125.00. Phone 83-4243. Curun. t tor a loncool
||n tofNlI ta.'k -.7 4%_ bell
.OMIsRaid h

|FOR SALE -Lar- eleic cylinder ltgm *1.o]' ImPS ffl S SSJ^ '^.'g. ORILLAC SJR e, s o uw ge aid New
TaM (tFeo.R td. Phone 3-0i47. r PaneS, a iot.l fl .. .sn
FOR SALE: Stll further redred UW M IW ITN T

4t "sitom Lt Met et ,rt ai Ttalr.Of r Protest
pr reohf and, shock prw 52!am 5h.ot ldat IMLsbes uAmuieuasqzu-oilu-jS UI

filmpac o_____cofOrtEo hedrmS:. ,C

dio. Phot Cl 3 ter wao ies "abate K Al TeL i-i i
$1p2.P.ho .drne.8C 4 .m ltgU". .t 0g. trs Lu Theate
-,IN.duH- -. -afkAca0oi H 'wX e F i ta- Otf
FeORiSAect o:r- a talk -tr ot tsvPi. a u ofbi

ia.ma0 R4 ot.ry a ts Mw.g -g .I;M1n

WIIN a r,^ and
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Suter Of Year

eO eio .; m I.- s wam

b9 b allu uEoa a W e
a urb re tXrn aer

M bet 9t e ou
b,, 4*U left

W I|k- k ed
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Hope Given Up

for Panama

, Olympic Team

film sthe peoph Hi ml the co

sfae," AbrahmMLten

Ifrench s

Hope that Panama would have -_ .,.
some sort of athletic represen-frWNT l-BEVENTI YEAR IAMA. P., TUESDAt,g 12 in
tation in the World Olympics at _, 19152- _
Helsinki, Finlalid. this month B
finally died today as the Pana-
all hopes of getting the money
to finance the sending of a de-Body 6-Hour Rot Strews
legation of seven athletes.r
Anibal Illueca. president of the
committee. said efforts to get the
government to compromise on
half of the $10,000 requested
were suspended yesterday after
an interview with Comptroller
General Henrique de Obarrio.
The committee had hoped to MEXICO CITY, July 8 iUPi- the army slowly began to with- Salazar titead Communist stu-
raise an additional $5000 through An augmented force of heavily draw troops, leaving only shock dents ft e .tiIng the riot. He
public donations, but the gov- armed police restored order and troops to cope with the isolated said:
ernment's refusal to assign any were patroling rubble strewn groups fighting back with rocks. "Theu* *iMters are Reds
part of funds allotted to physi- downtown streets this morning bottles and clubs, and tht arethe ones who start-
eal education to send athletes to after a bloody six-hour Commu- Newsmen and ,photographers Id this- '*
Finland caused the committee to nist riot. covering the riot often had to sahir-inn g police rounded
drop the plan. Illueca said. The riot last well past mid- dodge behind cars or into door- up 395 ittIrs after breaking
The committee. had already night and during this period at ways. Robert Prescott, U.P. Bu- up a dmtoMatration shortly af-
talsed $800 -as a result of a casi- least three persons were killed reau Manager In Mexico City was ter midktnt. They remained on
jio held over the weekend at El and 73 were injured as the mobs momentarily overcome by gas the alett for a fresh outbreak of
Rancho Garden. protested the victory of General but continued reporting the riot violence.
However, efforts will be made Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, the govern- as soon as he recovered. Gumatn, who finished third In
to hav.' at least a symbolic re- ment candidate in Sunday's United Press photographer the elections said he did not
presentation at Helsinki by com- presidential election. John Abney was struck on the cause tthe lot, but warned that
missioning some of the Panama- Two of those who were killed head by a rock. The governmr.?nt he wouM lead any movement a-
clans who are going to the games are believed to be Mexican news- permitted foreign newsmen to against t"e government which
on their own as observers to act papermen caught In the burst of report the riot but clamped tight supportedCortines and has ruled
as unofficial delegates. fire when the riot squads opened censorship restrictions on the Mexico f r 26 years. He said:
It is understood that Panama up with machine guns to dis- radio stations. "II .1 teadv to comply with
ortaman Marco Gandasegui. perse several hundred unruly de- Police Chief Leandro Sanchez the pe 's will."
bho is a Unite-d Nations func- monstrators. --
Monary in New York, Carlos M. A small child was trampled to
la Ossa., Panamanian Minister .death when the saber-wielding D
to Sweden and Norway and oth- mounted police charged into the t RA
ers are planning to attend the crowds. In this same incident the Ei n W 11 Sc
Helsinki Olympics. child's mother was seriously in-
Six of those hospitalized were
TPL believed to be mortally wounded A t -
gThe and-were given final rites by Ca-e d ilo m ufISt Leader

J, udg 'B ch The riot which came unex-
pectedly after Sunday's peaceful BERLIN, July 8 (UP) Com- the U.S. setor to the Soviet
e'ectlon, started about 6:30 p.m. mnlist agents kidnapped an of- border four meas away.
1e near Alameda Plaza. a favorite fiscal of an anti-Communist n- Linse was knocked down by his
A man and woman were carg- tourist spot in the heart of the derground organization In broad kidnappers 4nd dragged into the
in Balboa Magistrate's Court capitol. daylight today and drove with taxi with West Berlin lictse 1
Is morning with carrying arms About 2,000 leaflets demons- him into the Soviet-Zone under plates. He had just left his home C,
at out licen .year-old n:' treated for General Miguel Hen- West Berlin police fire. in the borough of Licherfelde n
agun was sentenced to serve riquez GOuman. candidate of the the U.8. zone and was on his
days in was il.en Communist backed Federation of Three armed east Zone secret way to work when the men at-
When he was apprehended in People's parties, who was over- service men dragg d Dr. Walter tacked him.
4rent of the Rodman gate, he whelmingly defeated by Cortines, Linue of the 'Tree Jurists Inves- Eyewitnesses called the police.
ave his 25-caliber automatic the candidate for the govern- tigating Committee" into a wait- Two radio patrol cars were a-
erman plastol -tfully aded- ment Party of Revolutionary Ing taxi and drote at breakneck lered and gave chase, but were
to Lorenaa Agufla. ahis fyOear- rnsttutions., speed through crowded streets of unable to interest the kidn a
dd Panaimanian comnailon, who The first wave of mounted to- pers.
WIt?. her purs. The lady ac- lice and mobile units which was Both police and kidn
was gren a suspended ordered to quell a mall dlt sturb- fired on each other, but Oan RnRT
-t-K"-er @entams Mnancefellback sa the rioter tosw- Co.Craig Smy eny the kidnappers won hot
f Sergeant James Cone. .2, ed a barrel of flaming gasoline e H T h it.
flned $25 for speeding on nto their midst. D HD er. T blhDr. Theo Friedenau, chairman ftp
aird HghWay at 70 miles a The police countered with tear of the Free Jurists said he wll
ithi n a 40-mile zone. iuedro PIs and bursts of machlone gun protest the abduction mmedi-
A brook tField. uad fire and hundreds of the demon- atanly to the West Berlin Corn- lt l.t tt mi n
Manuel Pantale6n Diaz was strators retreated down the bread wander as well as to the West a m
fand guilty of loitering around tree-lined Avenue Juares. Berlin and West Oerman Oov- ....
Quarter 0809 Plank Street in The Mexican army rushed memts.
alb during t h Is morning's troops with fixed bayonets, ar-
session. The 32-year-old Pana- mored cars and light artillery to Be id he will demand arms
tanian defendant was sentene- key intersections; while other him self and his colleagues antrtacts l. .the COm-
'ed to spend five days n jail. police units with riot guns and protection against similar In- iiry mv a a six-
On two counts of trying to ob- rifles went into nearby bars and ts. He continued that Com- spp t have teen
-ln money under false pretenses cantinas. at secret police must be e to for namamnian
a 17-year-old Panamanian boy Many of the patrons ran out that "It 14 a risk to at- e de at prles of
who pretended to be a collector still clutching their drinks. All tree man." gre"tem" .
for newspaper bills, was sen- the theaters and caf.s were cls- beoe Germans except policemen .P6 aMl the
ced to serve a total of 80 days ed during the outbreak. a wed to bear arms. was "esRA teday
jail. only a few shots wereboeard vee JurUits q an organi- oandral iett.
The o u t h. Ismale Antonio as the clocks tolled midnight a d which'lteh informs- frCo ea
wo has an alias of Milan Repe s o an A ne
subscription money yest- Bonifdce Repeats n Avenue M IS-A
arv fromtan Anconpolicemana.qm =- at
When the policeman asked Bedbug.Attack
th SSdtcnnhn a Bedbug Attack e**** Be Reopened .K
1ica to come Into the house af-fln Dtn Ua ftea gc:
br his au spicous were aroused. On Rival Hotels CO LONL CRAIG SMItS M a Avenue in Balboa bi ar i et-
he youth tried to run sway, but HANAU. Germany, July 8 (UP) Is scheduled to arrive Tweo. 1 ble reopened to through rb sotbhe, ms 13-
e aterland caught him. The -Portly hotel owner Paul Son- day to succeed Colonel .ws ir ats entire length at 2. ,5 fatbeef er
acond charge developed when nenfeld today swore never aan i Wthprs as Director of Sm Wednesday, it was a min um lvewfht
A from 1506 Akee Street to wage insect warfare agaist ,srneerira and Constractm n emoce d today by Frank H. md, will total closto
ntled him as the man who his competitors. Bureau. Lo* el amyser was .reg, Maintenance Engin- uads of t11e -1ight
flected $3.20 from her on June The court took Sonnenfeld at graduated from the a en pr. ro n s .e t
.& posing as a newspaper col- his word, and revoked his four- S.s Militry A my hSeor A vene, hc r e of the undderIsIs L -
,betor. month sentence for unleashing West Point toha 194, and ml !es lboa Road and Gor- oflheo io ,e, IsaL =
wAnd another youth, who stole bags of bedbugs in rival hotels a degree I Civiln En hag La h been closed to 4fp:r e,0 h"a ieatB t
'from his mother's locked oonnenfeld employed his ne- rom the Massachasetts _u tra t fa for several 2 re-& thea e e
',omer drawer in Gamboa, was hew, Fritz Timm, 24, to set the tbte of Technology. Me was because ot quarters !
sentenced. bug hordes loose while regi sted born In Leavenworth, Sin sW coastrttcmn fvtit in this a "- i a vi
This mother brought charges at other Hanau hotels under a Be worked oa the PeVote At sctiUon i
eMln him, and he was sen- false name. Dam. in Mont a, sad A s"
looed to serve 10 days in jail. Tmm was fined 240 marks and World War s was first k sint kutd ... .
eso rlbied the youth as Bonnenteld 300 marks for the where he weke1 S1 LL ia, ua e t
e h plot.son.and later= e he of ck On IJ Oardiahowe unable tosup-
he stole was boyeing held N n. Jobtt ae M, I t p mre thathe amount called
. his mother for a friend. Named Vttamln Lord Mountbattei in laCa. We ei, ats c fotract
SThe term vitamin first was wvstfC htah Cgt1 1a unnA..Darden. 1peolcatias for the bee call
Wdnus, ed in 1912 by Dr. Casinir Funk, ,rheate^rnin SLboa PO for it st betwWn three and
BALBOA TIDES who gave this name to the sb- the war he was aSke yte dS utyato- lx a e waeihing not
stance obtained by him from Deaer D et r Pa ce Station The are to be des, live weight.
Wednesday, July ....... rice-polishings in an attempt to rin afnd2 v acation In Thes are to e delivered to
a.: m .m S1 ah folate the f r actorwheo e fteo, g t ohea
11.2np. -is.res.nsibleforas Polie Lt. iope ha the period between Aug.


~~isem WismW - of aw-w..



ia cr"s-ef-eod

Meanwhile Ande t011, editor
of the Comnhihfat newspaper
Humanite underwent a tx hour
grilling at Paris pr Is head-
Authorities said the doeumeafB
under police 46tn1y at the Inmo-
ment are those seIWd in raids on
the offices of the Communist-
dominated General Confedera-
ion of Labor (COT) France's
biggest trade union group.
Documents from the one Com-
tauhist cell, in Frejus, have re-
aled details of Communist ac-
ty dating back to 1940.
These details cover not only
th party's propaganda satl-
but also plans nd re-
'W of sabotage of coaches be-
g to the Provenee rail-
and the sabotage of rail-
icks between Freus and
Mb Raphael.

Pollee inquiries on these two
8 891 thetWents had proved futile



en while Stil, who has been N
Lbte prison, Paris. since his
May 25 on charges of plot-
nt the Internal security
S yesterday for Interrogation.
Bought before Instructing ma- .
prate Pierre Jacquinot, til I
Subjected to a six-hour gril-.
g by the magistrate, and af-
rwards was taken back to his .
During the questioning *a ItIlo lI ... .
aited he was the victim of a"L Sfy.. rVWt
government snti-Oomnmunlt po- 1""" Wfti
,y, and demanded to be rewa- -... V.- -
from prison. Jacqulnot re*e
this reqauet.
trench penie last xight A-
unted the afot of are-
abtIln a member at' 'et
imiLtte of the trench G :-
ant Prt- also on ch. e..n
W = Hi -

til later i. th week du ths
morning's ndalon in the l a
Magistrate Court.

Mena allegedly entered build-
at eramb wi th intent to eua
mit theft. The defendant la in
meddon in the

atl awsItie' further es

Bain of t ixed rape on r P
1949 formbian wh e served oe
Andg the nDredgi of a PanamaniOn
thagmbd With returninten to t-

Theft. The-old defendant t n
Rosa Deluds was deported Apit
24, 160. re tuturned last Sun-
lay, and wf igked up on eial-
oday, and bai was set at r
Her r oo Canal Zone rae-
ords show aconvictions for
toany. of a e rd 30 dao y In
1949 for wchhe served one W

S ..,*


t .

gI^ L gIll I PL--

-io W-.4"."


- I

.* ... ...' ..
.* ; ->'Ff .y

*,:... ['.,,

"A&' 4

* ..4~*
* I'

'A" ,e,,ctt

Foal enartls'i@

-.- -.,.;. -

A. Pollen




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