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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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0a 11e dreams t oS10 S l

:With regard to all the so called "protection" th* gioor Ivil-
as receiving from the noble military on the Cnal= .
4 hve a few words to utter ua a former mint o kunk
ii W1 inducted heroes who are soe ably prottil=
down h le this Paradse are no dob well m -
t hem know that fully 65 per cent of Army and
rbn e.vilian eofl ronethisM tug V*t of
War I and II.
anWiethe call south snd again wed protectionn able to p the
et rur Ceiving fromand we don't haveltary on the tnal Mne
S do wful hr the lay civilians are o dust well -
I would say that most civilian male employes down here
*ive more know 'how and patriotism than most of yo griping
iuctes. We have been through the mill and m&re16 laugn
your so called protection because we well know that .l any
sl war we win Mvem to light the battles with the gds you
4dlers, sailors and marines keep -greased up f -.
It is wel 'known that in any war the civlt t the
ttle whi peagIn the rewulars brag ,they
It painsme to all this but I am you
d' allied heroes griping in the Mail Box. A real soldier doesn't
k toou want to gripe about how the civilians are not in your
you should also gripe about how your officers are
l ve clts which you are not entitle tto go tbt.
eigH~f clubs offer the same prvileges to eing asdNl;f.
That ts ms-e than you can expect dh yor oI
ai n enlisted man myself but I had noetty
polled boys. I realized that there we ertae n6 s -
in the Military and was always accepted at my own
11mets 1- the civilians.
I f te. when the real war comes, I hope that you in-
e w.the wars. You can have your me ylm.
1-lu~ted Veteran.

I was deeply touched with the little article entitled "Protec-
tion" (Mail box, June 211. Maybe the Armed Forces will have
fe do a lBttle bit better work if they expect to keep those "poor
ftulded 4vilans" happy.
It this retain person, who composed tflNUttMmeatl, IM.
.eadeerne with his own personal protection, the best advise
11-'rW"T l im is to'get a space on one of the VIWllIa
Which leaves twice a week for $45.00 and head back for
A Untited States pronto.
S might be a hbtle safer there. This poor over-worked in-
I can choose his place of employment while the protect-
ii -an goes where he is sent.
m sguided civilian knI r what kind of protc-
L^B l him, tShbt n ht when "he otIl*eem ?.
S b n igh **W
Sthia t person should let the
ctCan then w nbout the rental rates going up and the
that he ave to pay more income tax. That was
Sorry a e .elV~InS not too many years ago down
1 w About 'haV' will have his protection and ca f Oton
his Wy IN lot of the servicemen have dMIO-
MIlDl" of ilgrwd women just like him.
Peer Mislguled Servieeman.

A is my opinion that Bachelor (Mail Box, June 18) shows
a2ost LO CaNl employes think of the Armed Forces.
Pau Canal people think they are twice as good as we
Iow e to slip tnem a clue. Their salary Is admittedly
but that is ajI We are all Americans, so 1ei T ,ge
Fot Bachelor's information, my quarters allowance is 45 a
S a. not SCO. And the Pan Canal really takes that each
f-h for rent.
While I pay 845 month a Pan Canal employee living in the
.uarters pDays the old rate and draws twice as muoh sal-
1 all the OI's in the Zone would drop a Une too Ir oo-'
there would no doubt be a change Fn Pan C al po-'
"WeFW sent here noticee sent not volunteered) as a
..10* for the protection of the Panama Canal and its
didn't ask to come down iare and get a iie soft Job
K -a gb salary All we get is S8 to $15 ovMea pay, and
worth it.
.a war U none of you boys will be spilllag yoar
.C1d You1l be sittg back with you. ;at k-
and drawing your nice salary.
how about h lt9g uP a little and giving the boys thet
foe you a breA, huh?
E l__ felag GL

of St. Paums Church. Panama Cty, I weald
M ys lacere congr nations to fatbi etOL o
sn pMrt emm he preacbed W tMo f
l t tIs the best we have heard in a l
uergmaan. It t isad to know that a A
loved brch w l the next 10 days.
bers atE t. mre hoping that he will fid
seh hie ~a~rmnr at our ebhurdh thbi
y the help of Goad.
PI-!< our bte wy rich wish the r

uet Y eur wileY

wa swo h Ifl
m ~l ,'U


**,_ ^afaii NPew


~ a tt rk h *

alrn hay
.m .^ 4, k"fri

>b6h. -leader Sff thf
oset powerful and
S7fluentWi umion,
a, vet&Mus of v
"lZes ta a theul
., it aumNeMld I

wrtahe. they w Ik Tr
to ru ," the momra'
Party labor committee chlp
told me this Week.
"I know Pr iddent Trumaha
tery well, perabWlly.l To m,
he's still a you ag an. V A
He has no pr t Hel' not"'
a lawyer, doctor, teacher or Il-
versity president. Where dde
he go froal here? Brry is a po -
Iteil. leader by rsslon. -
"Therefore,. I Wan't -ll
o Iven ona, tlot he o .t I. ,
We bacan 't 6 6nSt -. : +
e eleVeut a nadA dest pe- -
It tIs we have. don't
that disrespectfully. He is a O
that. He,knows his way around& -
"I preMit that tartng som Ae
une:.eted landab fr reft'i,
Kefauver, who istlyA chttelml tough er3 b the ar
because he's the mah to fliht Dbemocrat, wit the ponssiality ltth
this new crime wave, or Harri- crats were neV* happier.
man, who is a good man hnd a If I am a ban tody an it
friend of labor, the city ma- hui ry and the wall at
chine lede will go toMr. ~ru- In. have sWoeen ,tared tt a
.an. They flan to tell him im -U Id first,
i mut n to-.the If party, .Md less o$
"And he will get up at the bred th
convention and say in effect, t election the
'if the country is that a, .beis
can be helpful In keeping us Oliatien. ..< '
out of war or in achieving do
melc pe..e at t omnt 1 re
of labor-management rss.I oU I
^"roif,, ^a3' Aft" ^,H110b

wtf ind econtactOare as .'f rty a t 3o
high as they are vast, as- M WgotiTt !'
serts that he believes Mr. r e,4In the days, amch
man thhiks he can sw d j and si. ar
e8at Amy Iepblca n oa#adfn et stu a tn
date because of the bft nd f-tnaAM
, 1~ itnsidethe G.O.P. i-
phving not d rs t
The labor leader, who is ape '$nt, I might iay it contules the fenc e elemente*tt
of the two or three most .on a
ftuentifi officials on the Ai. TexI bmthm+fti10wiugt e ,edig
eral and labor cam of the the home ofe the Eei h e shro e thge l .,t mev '
Ua Uratc P rty OM n t orWherp they o an th m. ev rti .e
contention w i ltWh 3 1,, .. ..
Am yver nor Harriman urtInsng of te U.enhower de t he a ,
Stv. Stevenson, for aatev a*01o s
rel.ns, ableto w the n "i to me like old eartv ostrona*e on a tw -letelv refuse to = RitS*ai
resons, able0to win the 011- h%. *as valued gbove. r' beyond the bab t I rtanL4f thesait W fort*
Pwesident Truman who, aSftr a (TaHliftlTentt af dliv of tbh Vntfotr four r 6t
iAl, controls a 45ie, o- '41e ist't0., t l t ti id st o t. "e.w at ? '
' ,ventlon delegates. ,- --
'foe feeling is that Mr. Tra -
Sun would cot nw~M V ltia
do., be appe-Ting not I n tc-i
the Jabor vote- but jbg toiInw
blus "of unorg-niged meaga." -..' -.
If he were not the agg t e
WAT 3*tried
aIs bascaW ly carNested -u1i 200
Sh CIO officlRsA who std Abo ut tit $1.200.
Snot be named -beaw.e i ofi ,- _.
I ensitivity a the sOel and V a bea, m- w 2 ork NewoleM
t Srodat thr, an e my.. 5 On 1

doate. the A a i
o100 c1 amas hek Et-i
S he months be erfusend to
la the T ft r lw wi Imbersoad r
B-1--1 abald""gt out. -

Lr a u woe
gmwfor her
l al with
,.Xthe tie.
M m em.iib
ma as un-
ea mtab.


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so of t'e *

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eve Wl -ie

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lb, eten
8 |t ytas i'at ever
two- puhi on a the
w8 Vt" mof comrtlsl New
Werk dTmams.
S Lured tb Hoywood to unleash
bi Mr tnri charms on Ray Ml-

lot in "The Mrder." deal
wll guarantee Mons o moft
junlor-mish roles.... Yvonne
Hover, the t s brutiet bride
of Cfro's HD.'over. keelo turn.
tag down the movie test bfters.
Her hubby's wishes.

intd In the no-talke. all-action Reason for the tension between
'the Thlef,b' orgebus Rita told Barbara 8tmnwyck anda rak
e: 'Fay, her husband before latK S
their adopted son, Din, tow
S"Ti fti of tsurfl- the Army. Frank hasn't oen him
low seetkle. irt~ slee the tad aecompa ed him
A i at a story on a on his ljst road tour oE "%ar-
M t Mine to es mine a avey." ,
ae forlo sn vaales. Woelywood
too folrtIer TV We *HiM n m- .
h1e bet0otiuatlon (a shady .
Bmy) 'm delar in this movie ne-
,r eaM be as effective on a
half-hour or hour TV drams.
Nee O jut won't be time."
Rltat@ j a cort8. name for .M& .. .id

- "Are you kldddIg?" New Yqrk-
bom-mW-a-ted R queried.
_~~~~~~~ p -j .; ;i 1

Th wi' es sonw of
the )f! Kitber cash to
h& Q ,, T the late
dhn ~' ae left a
uA estate-will lift a lot of
frows....The Pegy Dow-Wal,
tr Relmerich I heir, who's ex-
d to arrive in October, will
t mllons just by sounding
t Infant cry Ooh, that

AtmfWitmn says he knows a
wmew st ee is treatti ng so
Smovietam that
IM eoh s up for an AeUemy

,W,-1-f melee In- ito*
Sed Skelton, his Georgia copr. 51 9B
d night owls in front of t .
I Ie beverly Hills Tropics in the *
Jost of the wee hours was wilder
Ut anything In Red's TV
Slows. A nleq prea agent saved
Sie day-or father tWe night.
George -Raft's mansion Is up
fir sale. It's been a Hollywood
l etend that one of the rooms,
W built and decorated for a beauty
never became Mrp. Raft. has
b kept mysteriously locked




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Sudden stabs--
ot crippang stiffness
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#10" AaD G smtwW

low bIowa


bs wiln be mf b the
6t wife... Denny 'Kayos
price-NSM0o,00-t hold-
aup his deal with roz to star
'Mabel and Me," ... Dan Dai-
and Mart Allyson. who's a
icr ftWINt Gble, have
t whle w ao eftf for a
Meedme .
ol who plays Don.
e TPriday in TV's
kmwel-'wflvatepe filma
wewintg out of the next 13 be-
Iue of. a date with the stork.
if the. wife of architect Cralg

The Johnston office censors1
*tre behind Producer Ida Lupf-
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*: u

M. em ...W h "i.e m thru P ..A. .*I P

I our with on of our Ae r fic to No. S._-(r...a7 P Ma
No -12,1 Ave. Colon.

Le Sale i bhw-Carlteh
*4 qm#.Phean 2-2291. and *55 We t h 10.0"0 M luS
Agencia ide PUMWicaciome Pre e i f 1 1to |
ou July Av.-4-hone 2-0441 #3 Lotter M Pla g Phongs. 3t 6611- 7 M"Xititat Wok,

H..i.1t AUto,,,h.e. b YWe IIs tO FESSIONAL
J1, t 5SLE.-25 cycle washer. We Service Personnil-and Civilian esil-e Amate. C. Z. un ti.hPOFSIO A
have hor automatic and conve Government vooyleyesu n Lau. C.TZ 0. aSlnI rmhsWiane 6-441
tona wa..shing machines for 5 nsist Proftesor Carolina Gaytla has changed 6-
cycle Operation. Easy credit terms Government Empleos Finance Co. residence, can be reached at NO *M El ALL 0 l &
10to anal Zone employes, Cas WhenP you finand, your new 46, 45th Street, Belf. Vista. Veft t r ~ i^r dealeft -it eWf
sortR-- -- cu 'It.Frngidaire, 60 AINCY M.IN aR FORK SALE Co s Sr is by .. A L K ILL II ;- ..,- ..,,

good s new. $200 00o. 1 488-D. Ph -11 4 Mface19a8et cmsy. Saturday and Sunday. i how coulo we wmNo AtI-aail
Boalba _______ FOR SALE--5 lSfudf3J ht OWNERS HOUS Make retvyotions early Motef Pan, -9111, WVU a~dSI biennieJ vt-o
FOS.-The famous Sxtomoal. Coup. 4,000.. br. Wo lg -- Ee & I "o r1 S
light neter, rust and shock proof. Coc So, 2-G afte 4 m. WE REPAIR plumbing fixtures at an rticClass A etr
reduced to $24 50. Porras, Plaza FOR SALE:-By owner, 1950 4 door your place. 1A ipment Ix due this week)
,'5 de Mayo. Panami Sedan. Pentiac. Exxcellent condi- We guarantee promt, near work. PMIe. Oceneide cottages, Santo a hie d ti we
O SA,E.-Stove .and-refrigerator; ion. Bargain for cash. Tel. 3- COMPLAIA IaYMELl BE PLOM. Cmi. 3 435:. B|a. Phone l S .gaN E ls Che s3 ep
an only three months use 4885. From 7 o. m. to 3 p. m. RIA, S. A. Phone 3-3350. J Pma 3-1411, Ci l 3-1673. Drbut.
Phon 3-2587, Panama. Call from FOR SALE: 1950 Nash Alrflyte Aroseena Ave. and 29th St. East. Fotr' f l half mile fitvetral Ave. TeLn3- 140 Aa
9 a. to 4.00 p. m. M. We Statesman two-door. Built in Bed. FOR SALE: 1939 Pontiac Sedan tvyend tol ao refriger A--. I bW
OR SAE--Porch gllder and chair Confederate Gray. Beautiful seat Isix). Duty paid. (2 new tires & Mtors, ronga. 1s rates wek *
metal; 2 metal lawn tdbles. cover. Overdrive. It is NUMBER- battery, excellent transportation, ly or monthly. pritete roa to
washing machine mor, 25 Cy D 4-U 452. McMiln & Eagen, 125.00. Also 3 piece liviroom ch. For n i vis D- PAAMA BROKERS. INC
Bud 36, after 4.15 week Colon. set, 125.00. Call Panama 2- mar. Tivel n No. 6, or toewls u rams.a ,
days. 2-41 FOR SALE: 1951 Lincoln Fordor,"T 2778. ln Pm 2 Bplecrgh ti- o E. (

SSALE: Gas refrigerator Go Tel. 2-4631. lephone 8-6257. bedrooms. Altos del Golf, for one I urve oftl IAG 8 Cartographice Althouh t,
O*Roe 3ra3c3t.caonemw. C -FOR SALE: 1947 Studebiko s 5 CtoA- -nm months Coil Panama 2- choo trlpledliscrangoi outps n- w.c- 1to r 1 Oal
dlanunderCoau honme P.mFORRENT oisudn bhne .inthg e.on- has
. ifdeboard, table, eight choirs.l., Sealed bids, for opani pu r drg
$200.00; solid mahogany drop leaf FOr SALE:-1930 PFrd De Lure, will be received until 10:90 A. M. tlM T3 o SHOW-1t formity with e sInts reach" exception o
table, seats six, $4000; "Torst- Iel. 9 rado, ere- ke July 32 .l92, for N11ails, trod, oj A3me 8S ed with the PU0t rour Tehicf' Bank tateC.
master almost new, 12.00. Call new. New car gurcntee. SHINY pikes loc $ the Balboa Store- Modern lhAPAtwNm s r(Ar cal Cooperation Administration OlntI nehtela-wh
-3oo 23194.F BARAL.-1AN 9EEL. McMillan house. E5&7s le Circular No. 14 Modern risd M Canr- r and the Inastat of Inter-Am r- favorable to
Ae t ti iona lcan Anfr, tAO a eeta invetmet l. on A
coil sPring and Englander mat- FoRa SLE.O T PO nS AL -.-h
I "e Eighttubetable model Gen- 4-door, two to, :ur boen..r
0a1 Eecic ra dio. T- 4 mes nRi a s nied rooms for responsible single surveying, poogrammetry, ar- AS9O I latd b a
urt ermaser, conier. Thr paid, 2,400.00. f$o0339. O R SeAEg "1" A hos 12, Spping. moein. t onr p. toraphli drafting, god Itlc I _lW-'_It nd
Quartermoster wicker chair with FOR SALE: 1 Fdr Sta tion, Boat A n' Itil. 20f -34 We pack and tratt or mv om uo t ng, power, anpet reartadiauc nitrelec rc to
cushions. Telephone Balboo 2337 Wagon, new. np b9y bDoas a MOtrs FOR RENT:-Apartment 2 bedroom t Plnything. 'oweone 2M2e1 not power ndl needr SAnB
at SA tRsdio, player bobkcase. 5 FOR SALE:-Mro- ounch, 2 dining t and livingroom in Corras- r 2.2 P Am Accord Rab et t. autmo l tA e, B 1uk 'L .
cMmbntper" ano toste chars. ewNd lee. m n xSIllp e conditib, dan I seen ilsEM* A 102-A.n 1, MerAS, te /.a .t i
student couch, chase lounge, bu 5263. at Balboa YochT Club. Call Co- Ot RtNt: Very cool furnished organ to hf on-the- l w
reau, sofo. etc. Reasonable offer i FOR SAL:--l950 Ford VS Convert- razOl 4136. apartment with Frigidaire. Ariy jb trafitng In diest to &p-by ,o
accepted House 568-A, Curunduj i|, lightAreen, black Mcfia- .Ec s A I nspeted. Via Esqaia t beforoe- Pe proxtimatey InOuo Latin Ateri- bf clim t
SHeights Telephone 22363. drive, turn signals, radio, sport PER UNAL^ Jua 0Ct Y Prbefore catt own cotrlu: dur1 111110
Eaan .... .. -'t_ eM .r. ..e. ,,nvesment'.6"s l
tl quartrn-a.ter future for bck-up hts, heater, in- b TTENTION TEEN-AGERS. Double. FOR ON a t a. .. Ah .fe eliyauet

500.17-Mad.S.SlFOM 1912t. mmth.BlablvVw.
~-o .-u3turday 3:00 p. m. .Keet and RoENT:--One large room lh You
Sb 2-2574. Ford, 4,000 miles, radioeco.. MThis car Dunn. private baoEth in a cerrr..A.i.
-"m SALErd-Sr e drers% mers r10.00 s -.i. May be bd duply I st floor 6th street io. 19. i ona pilab*a t tt a v sa, b' 6ffr 'o "
bbshion ustobewegahts tye sen at Q. 2035-F. Curundu or Bos & \ro youFOIb apa4 ''.. .' 'h .f |rteInglSl Wt

s tud en with radio n tuchhconenio,1a illb e e o .. u t "S ..,l. ... r a :-. ''h

g t. BLC A "Zt,. *blyl-Ai-ir1 ,fllll- MiafA- *.I
S2933. House I560 Apt. A, Gaian cn C .M e r international Piano Teach- AOS rlt In that eo ftry.

Area. TBealbo. era A n Pn. Pn 2 n .- 226-;eI.-l... "t
driSALE:-1950 MERCURY For- to live In, competent and depend- PERSONALS owntri4greaenro of
Sdor, genuine weather upholstery, able, Astte Nf .. .. FORR SALE Ne4O ". ... '. .,
'".0ic. w-e$gUaND TA CKM ia 6-ETftly .' ) tand '.
F-j ,.ft UP A CHIMMEY. M.M ladnhSUITS
Eagan. Colon. WAiV5.,. LE-194 ,rey SIT'OPPE .,.rwoo.,
V0.00 R1479-C Hole n S t. Ba.. us.____oo_1y 2ior_ ~un ur
TIRES25e .IZTOA N WANTED:emAmrbc -S langae tr
iT Pv bwoth,. a1 .e tl V ees csilN Y.Visitor if I *' EYoMI 7c. 6tB ,the *\t

F ord.s Ave. 0 m' rio. AVING! Drjs cr .i Dolores Mattr-1 D .
t.J ol Ar .pl yA 7 ys. *onst, aln of New T'or l ._in '1a. f
0 p reliable. Good oundro nd cMid- atfent a viltar e _th1.. Is
nyour car. -Leatherette Celluloid 1indern oge S. Wan't live i. 2- m a, thte honored guest at a 5oS I to s
ace vehicle registration card hold- 1549.C65-8 Dab ,et Voyage-Birthday Pat JIy" :
O De:ota onama Colon.. u,- FOR S LA i Sh. Charl -es Smlthft-I -1m- m-I
Fordor $6" bl0ck dirom2A4 5 85B honored Who t8 t o ne-he r, -< m -lyt j .im I
-vents. Nw car tw.CEinf..E -- R"nlE n de t Mr. and Mr. Sney Dr. A. ORIL AC JR. mrrs A no t,
AS A CITY SEW. McMillan & SSALE -Amazing lot 885 M, W lSSatal o e Panama, returns to DRLA R a tn
SFORSALE:-195 NASH Raeb 50 pr M Lt 2 00 M2 birthday ann ve rsary. 1

pdit .8n and a oney everdre, ibres 1 15,,"par e.2i-.-. Ellla ,, 1. .
B f tsid wl tirsu CITE alboaCl s036A nNaI. Prescott, K. Palmer Qrsf ntu ss O
293.HPUPs, M.M lIon Eagen, ca m.i, nr.Iro ian Tei STRAP TATION en. the M. Holnens, J. Walk- Off l s in n '
S The I Transportation 1 FOR SALE:-R1ad95 Ei y Jur e l, A. S...arlN Ron. R-d I / 't o- 1 B ... 'i
truck tiar gives more Ddor Plmouth ea. Com n | t ni I i Satr :o. r ,
m Bifiesabecauseitsthid. threat E' Arg ,fi, U.b fw* Aet A 1Ml.e 3-1-
S h tread i defined bFOR SAgLE:-Mon u el A f tul..t'r l .w P N *. 2 ter d and (1 block frou Law Theatre
te haul. h r.oar light pick-up, old or l6t _mET l. Jatpu. X. oOah,. Myrle, ... .l.h H or Bf..,',. t c1r of +tp-
a'U a S-r n itdifferenc&.TRED clea ea t em Aa 3. it ad N. Prescod n.^W Mda&e:
F IS K En COR nSALE.-195I HENRY .J ?*6" noL am :wuoN-G AsDR JES I | n tme
d k LTudori our fra lturprd.. 04l- M DEar a, t a M. |lll 'l f- f.
*- ''-- ^BEad sy ie seat Borwi. for 2v WSw. 3n fulnutmhLI/ aY_-.- Part Here of ,BtheHl~cB l i~~t.\a.A W bI 1^9 '

&PEw wormlan u aaSaa -IEm-OCWU
AMCAN AiEC. E. eColon. / *tfro U..e a- l l
SSFOR SALE:-1951 Ford corwe tSiW g tet IN S g R WW e el a1aIWi- lop and -i
SpornsmIon garm 4mther u0 .caste. s wae rh lI M I. -m Mar. -- .-
i 3 Savid t ry, radio, tpA hms, fen er ,. e y 41-8 am iI l it 1
shields. ,.low mibag. CeI l AIb o ;---' C aIOw-#-OUR'.
2103, Amasmn.

;,. i4M

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"I. ^ #*KSiktt *--

R1 with private annueting bthroom.
mwpw d*tW .inwwqi twmbqu dAljy lItk
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U'9d^t Tqaousw Sr
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.f __ ., it' ..r."


at Siam

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riS h M -it i'M
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riilm ,. i ,' '

SI : .. ,


.stiller F .,i

ahian'TeamX I* Races NbI2S9

P y For Gala CloiTomorrow For 2nd In Atlantic Hop Loop

The 1M 962 National DIstillers Best Bal Champolenship will lt Race "F-I" Natives-6 M
come to a ala elimeax Sunday at the Panama Golf Club with PISAt It. 1^P of the DOuble
tb t it the three fligta slated for tee off at 9 and -onk laM acnhe B Wn' de bra h
t~A S a celteration scheduled to start in the elmbhbeu 2-La 8erte A. Visquez 112 n .; '
3-Pesadills F. Rose 1u s 1. 12*.1
|B? .t__ rnooB spread all the feed you ea eit and all &-Eclipse L. Pefie lx R .. .t ,cop.
yu can drink Is beino put on by National Disttl- osa Linda B Pulido S U. *. 1
tori the playIs who took part In the tournament this _-Fllon B. Aguirre. 116 .. .. I
. ye...a .year that broua ht eat a record number of 176 starters. 7-Con Valor II A. Mena 115 ... .. .. .. '
Prizes will also be awarded went to the finals but their op. -- .'' i4 I
S dIAif the afternoon shindig by onents. who had to c o m e nd .Race "F-1" Natives 7 Pra. S 1
N l, Distillers' Steve Ter- through in extra hole affair rs be: 5$175. Pool Closes 1:15 ,- 6 -- eR i
Sthe winners will be? during the eliminatl6na, cannot Second Race of the Deoubte t Jl n, ; 2
Byo' try and piclk 'em. ever be regarded lightly. 1-Danubio R. Guerra 112x Iu 3 1 0 3b x
i "eOChampionship bracket In the second flight final Ha- 2-La Negra B. Pulldo I 2 0 1 1 1
lit J*@e de la Guardia, for milton and Wood will oppose 3-Grito v Plata E. Dario 19 2 t, ,- er 7 1t 1 90 H,
y e o othe outstanding am- Lally and May. and this one la a 4-Rio Mar V. Ord6ez 117 C.DrViIbea. d 0 1 0 rli
at iA Panami, will team up real tosp which prob~ly won't 5- que J. Parada 106x i w
i eady-shooting Rey Valdes be dclde until the party Is well lden Girl F. Rose 112 At sketball 0 0 m
(d o PanamA's Secret Po- under way. ed W.3.. f- t. .. wi
li1er against the sturdy Summit The afternoon affair 1Ai the Fg -Mson .t* .a 1. 13 Ru
Gof eorge Riley and clubhouse wl feature a buffet. 3rd Racee "D" Natives 4' i F, r's .I t I the 10-- 13 52
S/ai. Jr. drinks lined up from one end of Purse: 5308.00 Pool Closes 1:.61oteb----u -Gil a ,n G P e
ppr,'Ianybody's. match. the bar to the other. all kinds in One- To tu j 1 Gl'iS I station- P 7 -'-
One-Tw =1A closing 1e 3. .. 3 1 51 '7 ne
t ombines scored easy all quantities, presentation of 1-Redondita J. Bravo 112 three m a of to ove I *. 2 0 2 4
W tr march to the fin- prizes, and whatever else goes 2-Piligrana J. Phillips 108 come a f Statistt 4 n
Seek De la Guardia- along with such a gathering. 3--Mandinga E. Silvers 116 lead and, in a foul rud. .. a 5 0 4 10 na
-fe.,_(brother of George i 4 sponsors Nation a: 1 stile &-Don Pitin H. Reye 1i14x a sa. "ed so 0 1 0 1 rle
anI* wMe ethe Trim-Riley out- makers of Agewbod, Booth's, and 6--olden Pick A. Mena 114- ,.Its% se" 0 0 0
fit was similarly trouncing the sundry other kinds of alcoholic 7-Mr. Espinosa R Ycaza llx f. 5 3 oo a -44 tr, fflIg 0 1 0 1
Hocbstedler-Thompson team 4 beverages, all of which will be -d e. dolf., orett m.. 0 2 El
and 2. available for sampling by the t "the .attereo t ... 1 0 3 2 b
If the eal could be given to champion golfers and the would- 4th Race "" Imn rted--4 Fgs. won 1 eifirI pme of the aft- -t- lin
anybody they would have to go be stars who were among the Purse: $400.0 -VeIl Closes '2:26 -O-son gA 'alt ae of.te Ta- otals -2 723 51 the
to the Paspmanlan duo since record-breakig qualifying field. Quine. statn........22 23 51 th
ty are. (1) on their home Come early stay late!. -Portbr's Star V. Ord6Aez 108 ECOND GAME na
eor s lMd ( 1) r ,-t now at 2--81 Boss A. VAsquez 109xl '*Th lr ond place tdebaker- PG FB PF TP tic
Rthe t ip _ow their game a1 C U 3-High Mount K. Flores 112 will be blki i it Mrgarita gymlhuk.. 2 3 3 7 Slb
been combing es r-12 tng.In thr s re -ee Rd 12 -". e of l .... 5 7 5 1' b
benkabiwe.Tim...eispei.l N iae -5-Marlicallto F. Rose 120 evening, m tii n S aS t7 o'clock, ard.. 2 2 2 $3 6 AM
markablwell. Tm, especr lly R N ES ---Riding East G. Prescott 120 Powells will take on Naval St.- iles 9. 4 2 1 10 str
has never been better and Riley. 7-Troplcana V. CastiLLo 112 tion these iquadawl l be bat n. ... 4 I 4
N ti MARINIS. *-lA TO MET -oney Moon J. Chua 113x tl for sole possesMon of the 1
al..ays played the Panama course IN .45 TOL TCH n 117 second alo. tals .. .. .. 1 1413 44 ea
In the first flight final the (f- Archie Turn r, the-pistol man- P The winner will move to with- qu
tSondy ominkle ow i ak tnodeager of the Balboa Gun Club an- dmin a half gamc of the Gibraltar T ackseB .- P FS FF TP ou
hro mnobin teamo of th.a r ounces a shoulder to shoulder 5th Rae "1-2" Iprted-1l M Life five., who w.ll be idle to- ..8... 8 0 2 18
to- and t'HinkleiaG. e Istol match between the Marine Purse: 5375.w0 Pml Closes 2:5 night On tap for the second ..rit .. .. 3 2 5 8 to
tou "h match-pla team of H. 0- aBrracks team and one rerI- 1-Athos J. Avila 120 event are two teams that have G nnon.. .. 5 1 3 11 Wh
nk.e ad s,,it ,.LeBrun. The sending the Belboa Gun Club. 2-Dora's Time J. Phillio 115 been unable to break Into tPe Paradise. .. 3 0 4 6 thi
k are slight favorites be- This match will be with the .45 -La Chata 0. Castillo 115 win column thus far. The U- IRtrling .... 3 3 4 0 for
cane of the smooth way they caliber pistDl.,a1l wilH take place 4-Gay Ariel J. Baeza, Jr. 115 ,Ineester. .... 5 1 3 11 mn
at the Balboa Gun Club's range &-Beach Sun A. Mena 115 a.kinske" .. 0 0 1 0
at Far Fan starting at 10 a.m I-- Y B L ea -
S-orln en next Sunday. th Race "1-2" Imported-I Mile T ToU p L. .tals .........27 7 22 61
diriouIl Ue UU I | This -will bea 60-shot match, Purse: 5375.00 Pool Closes 3: 35T tal
firing twice over the Camv Per- Mrst Race of the Double --
|| J T ry course, which is all at 25 1-Nehuinco V. Ord6fiez 111 CRlITOBAL L a S ol S
lrr'mn!T yards, involving 20 shot each 2-Incomp'r'ble V. Oastillo 112 C TOBAL
UIIUd IT e slow, timed Tire and rapid at that 3-Panglo V. Ortega 115 sarcarib School failed tin Its -
J t.' distance. Each club may ene Wat 4--orzado J. _lo), 17xil '.i m ^ nthe velarmi- .
S ." many shoteW O eft- m._.i, but 1--A Mago H-. y1s .7x t i t e th celYolngate ..from La Bt A tab-
SMonly four high Borea will count -Cradle Song J. S. .t136 keb Leti wee t bed the I's shares ot Oath-
for the team. There will be one 7-Callmedear 0. Oraell 120 Up dstothet r a t ch-e Pinb the lseal ate I-
set of medals for the winnieW 8--8ndarin J. del Rk rio l100o 18 9v frm oc vy 3 .mCr R retton Voley Tour-
Charlotte Goodaet, Panama's four, as well as individual place 9-Danescourt S. Amrc tWx_ frt m ,RC o o-r cea with. n etn t ws w 4 s. ate PTa-
girl printer, was taking heat awards.. 10-Nijinky Cruz 120 eont. rsthesoldier w aleta I ytt h ae t pon-
f.ItB m Dr. Alberto Bis- Thie match 14 not restricted to ne p layer b h an d ode even so 4 a of y yldeal Educa-
mqwile in her the itary a s any ptol spirited bidannt ent I a creation Branch.l
defeat or a U ow b 6. r Hnt e "11"m-A sktermsWitt, thei rappov e ht unti t ottha mUnt, In wbhiL
ay. ed.3 W w 0 iMe.'ikn Fw: 1 89M*4tM helast few Minutes o r B ia 1t
CDoc14 ftIf Parchment. di- Informal, and should be enjoyed Segoad Ise A f 6 whee wbn G ii r~to OnoR ageterc ip W A
ator opaisical educational La by the participants. 1-Ameno i. Ju An 112 eUi P basket dm4t m el ca tlt In the s-
to.o, said be gave Charlotte a b t 2-Alejp. dro 0. '-anis 116 the basket. nfer b oo, soousenior rirS
e k's rest starting last Sunday B1"T. 30C. WI OLD 3-.Onde aIIJ M.l 2la @M dn. ri e elo-- b f P pdl d. ltoI boys' divl
te'en he dIaeovidhat nhLt'she had SA I 4- a rU V. U arearib School- i nch Sata
o her ret some three weeks icL-A KI-. seiaors o .-r......... ** ** ** 1 )3 Cre. _Irl nexed honors in thea
o when she tripped and fell BSlly Joyce. well known local 6-O6ld. Triumph I. Bravo l16 Stewart ** ** ** 0 1 1 i. .S dv.ioon.
wn tb utatra other home. rifleman, and son of Al Joyce, a. .l. .... 0 4 T rets:
FPamrcbn t saldit noticed the so well ln li l i .ema 1 h aee hre & NR BOs
-year-l suprinter walking tpovin in th'lta AsOters re: $S7. i Boc trnced Paraiso,
i th a a slight Io p but when he have done in the past, that the taole agno .. ...... 5 10 to 12.
etioned her she denied that local crop of shooters stands up 1-Royal Coup L Pe t 114 Weist ........ -. t 1 defeated Santa Cruz,
thing waq wrong., pretty well in Stateside competi- 2-Monttelit V. at 110 T.. 2 ai 2 to 13.
e declared she ran without ton. 3-Bo B. m 10 Toal *........... I JNIOR BOYS
mpin in practice and during A publiolty release from the 4-.Pavero J. Brao 115 ...urDet V T PIar*ai" w er Chagres, 37 to
I' t Snday's meet at La Boca military school where Joyce is a I-Notable P. RMe 115 Guard r u .-- 3 T Pa-. .er Chagre, 7 to
P In sI a.lost a close race to Do- student s the comettion --Rot r 1iM n I .ed .. .... 1 fnnt Grft
lis or a distaele of 50 met- for the l, ., ....n.... -
Ia. aantry .' .n y. .. I. .B- M.t.rtr T.5o t 11 i 0 a Lamwed Paras.o, 18 lo
After the race, a neighbor of "The trophy Is awarded annu- D ies... .. .. ... 0 -Td P o, 18 t
g harlotte came up to her moth- alyv to the company making th 9th Race '"-l" M -t- Fi. Maddox .. .. .. .. 3 GRLS
I and told her that she had highest score in smalbore Purse: $i.@M MLOeMs 5:T5 Luciano .. .. .... I La telleyed SilverCi-
thlped the sprinter to her feet marksmanabip competition. A Oe- ,.. t
day three weeks ago after gold medal is awarded .to l Bai- 1-Hechaio V-0 o 115 otals.. .. ..'..r..t' Wood mmed Ptlts,
e ha en a nble. vidual hg re and slv -Pla a 120 Referees: Colema n Wood- t-.m o,
Pprc said teaat an exam- medals 3Rp J -Pepsi Cola 0' lOS oock. #4 aleped Santa Ortu,
tlonW Dr. Blsot'on Monday member '-Pincela 112 i :
ealed at she was not sert- Cadet William J. Joyce Is listed 5--Beton V. A 115 i -Manolete B. Aalrre 112 i6 GIRLS
v injured, but he decided he on the bulletin as waner of the ---Trkfalgar V. 110 4-Diana L Peft 115x % agmas .ztiopped Chagres,
Iud give er a week's rest from gold medal for high individual. -Consul II C.V iz 12B __R 2IoI .ls lvr ,
Xi nI. p performance. Company "D" was 8-Tupac J. Biielt--. 115 1tth Race "I-" Impobrted-1 Mke o tled Silver City.
She st asheb will be back in listed as the winning team. Bill Purse: X375 40 l40t
lnlng today and will be in Joyce was a consistently high h Race "C" MNat'or M-i 1-Laconlco O. LUlo 115 ant .ruzs shed La iocka
Sdi to o to Helsinki. If scorer here in albore compe- 1: 1531.--. Pe Closes 5: Rechupete n I A
Sa roundoto sending tition. oartcplrly trDwnar and -Elosnaz Rase 120 ,-Afpperin J. aeO ased Par
0. outdoor prone shooting Batces. -Annie 3. Bravo 120, 4-Alfonsito R. TO M113e 261 014


.* ,.


' ew ,

- kd '.aw .
r an
nner i a b B f worked
as set tp o
After" "
e .; a e
T. Clat ,Te o ,O t two homers w t
ll, 71; T. ldq u I t ,.
, 72' evan
;I M. Wuond4 ; h -e,
es, ti M:erki, s ,.red t a
ri d 11. 1 M
len ae pa and thb Y fora inaant., :it s e
rdles and to Cleo rGlnt Paw t more aiteri as 01 i
ne xdevah and Cleo uaisor ti R movie tib. th
e meet tuumber of p., Bomea IBt own Idea, some oBut rilgt ow
Last but ygt least, celv Sp a w re b' itt a w
galer, ved lteR UI anR w s t
ecli a of a le stin of 1 el a11-
Idtk temos hr poanotherOt a
fokes. MelVa very grme 7ly in fad u et h o
ve M. Taylfr her choie of hfly Thilst* 'tW" I
banana- to console hr fo spr ingIhowed
eh of Lth e rok Mar n -re-1Sa .. ap-
irf ally holed
he ho sponsored this 'p-.-
umrnaent, nd ali the golf en t -n
ho competed wish to publicly Amt e vetet
ank the United Fruit Company Johnny and :oh
their generous donatlonas to who had spilt duty ith -Anne N.
ike this event possible, the year before, plus a S la epS'

P 1 '. '

Pt... ,i),

'-. -!ri Tournantee Committee i
Golf Club will have to find a nitpli p .ui
signadon or the second group of cotenden than
"Consolation" Flight in the JUVENIA Watch.
I qiArflerno being played.

When the prizes are JUVENIA watch very.
.flt become a "Champ hipio 'd
kn6w that the 3 "Bills and 1 "W"-.
aware of thi fact and will be pl cim.-
ship golf this week-end in order tM au ij
a JUY IA t watch by paraWpas
on July 4t.

** ** ** ** ***"
.. ,- *********-"t"*.*r:***** -

I. 2dI M6. 7th RACES

3 3rd i 9th RACES

o ". .: ATTHE
rmm mrme of i i-IA


i Race "B" Importied 7 Fgs.
.$: 750.00 P9I Qe.: 4:40 p.m.

ROY.ALcOuP ........... G.Q P. e*t 114
.. T .................... .Io

.9.. .. .. .. FI
m ... ...................F,,.-ge 11
Hi Bty* 1' .. **.. *........ II ~i I U4 I II
Ig..i .....LL- .i

:, -9 -
I 7 oURace ",.---I
S1 PHLOX .....
2 ((ABLIS.....:
IV-t7 ..: .. ...
S~~Ift OA I
jm -,E C .... : :,

Ii i. .

| Mite 9 .Roce "A--' J
em: 44l i o m Pg* $600.40 :
il- ;. I ---- --.'. .. .* .

: mlo
torw 51 7:41

-, -. .'

L.~4.. .
-. *' -:


j .'. I- '
,-'- : ? ^ r_' ',.'_- : '

~ie coli

our patros we t f oin*
opevaIlal bot al the
'AAVOY., .,

I 06


a ...... .

S,- .^ c L __

- 1.-.- .. S^..* ,


:r r





I,' ."~*%~ U
4 -
* p *
t -




S *<4, i

*% w *
s ab e **4
: s. ** **

I. ~


S f

f ril




.. -..........-..., -

- 2 I,
-*, .'




.i* l -' -...

. .

I -



SekStdke P

'ION, June T7 (UP)
A said today the na-
Ide Ia strflTe is biting TW NTTY-SifNit VRAR
into military production,.
maUelt Truman dropped a ...
Me-M that h still does
use the Taft-Hart-
IFroimd the waWout.
Army announced that four
[tra either have stopped
eh- Army trucks or will
by tomorrow night. .
ii utput of other vital
ltes-Including tanks
ouncemeft came
irr b told a group of
, YMCA visitors at the I
l11 s at "sometimes it T h e

i |




S y '-... .
.. : "i^ -.' i'^ -

RUN '~A :~ A
t ~ L1T~

1 & ,.

Re pubiit a y
p_ -?"^-,^- --

yt A lew hours earlier the
ottse Sea said Mr. Truman
a not changed his views
Xoe last week when he told a
* na conferencee that use of
t- unda eonsid-
that Congress can-
StfeM- him to invoke the

teth the House and Senate
gone on record "request-
the President to get an 80-
Taft Hartley injunction
ast.tbe 650,000 striking CIO
Lteelhworkers. The strike
hth started June 2 after the
eme Court overthrew Mr
an's seizure of the industry
is nt its 26th day with no sign-of
-. Iddet has said that
be "unfair" to try to
kt u cties because the
S delayed ts strike for 99
. i--8I more than provided
| Taft-lHrtley-w h I e the
., ,e Stabuiuation Beard stu-
the disa te.
S ealse has said there is some
1T 4 -court would grant an in-
n l pr that the steelwork-
:.fIf ttwre granted
-mr M onen C'Wt e doubt-
Tha US Traman would in-
the law before Wext week, if
i He deehne t 4 my whether
the deLy had any connection
: aregt from Rp." Charles
' Mk (R-Ind.) that a steel
tib t Is expected within a


biwet Ior flbe sIU ute-
Ies I V= 0. M

Wi etfleme oW the
e Army ald production of
Oi trufls at General Motors
stopped last Frida asnd pro-
on of tequarter ton
s at Chrer halted Mon-
feel of Willys
M:dilrEound -to halt today
i of Studebaker's 2%-
ME w D stop tomorrow.
e Arty said Cadillac's T-41
tank assembly line will halt
derWl Motor Truck Compa-
hvy 10-ton truck line is
ue '*to go down July 1.
it trmy said Reo Motors
ablv wi l be able to continue
uctlon of 2%-ton trucks un-
Uly 10.
ere always was the possibil-
that CI president Philip
my, now in Pittsburgh.
tjA* a resumption of ne-
tW J between' his steel-
ev on and Imdustry offi-

evious talks were said to
broken off mainly over the
Ssop, recommended by the
a bard and rejected by the

:oeuiii *N*I. *". ^W "Po
T r i s. *t~l e ,i.ME5n-M,` 3t h e bemb oe
The first thing to say, looking Into the epaosed Viac of S t a y a the f poliths1a
the Republican Party, Is that thUi make-or-brek camps. i p s .---- :- -s .- ....
probably the moat critical in Its history. Andor sefl rea- *, .MI0 by John G bone of th
sons it differs strikingly from any other presidential campaign goemraf tons t-ka h- This is
in recent yqar_ As to wit: Oh first of hi he artluteA M fthe Repab-
1. For the first time since 1M one AMd even say 192 heat I"wty ,ntites *1dSI -t* N ;A 3t
- both conventns, not just one, are as opea as a sword awal- viae s a he fltma A ln MM. They fol-
lower's bullet. For more than 20 years, the American people low hhi foe "9mele" re.%nIbt the Demo-
have watched the campaigns go into the home stretch with the eraMf Party, pubmtthed.
candidate of at least one party unmistakably visible. But not -
today. It's a fight at both conventions.

2. For the htt f"me-ie 19M.,
neither caelile' 18 an 'Intcie-
bent of the WhfE House. For the
first time in six elections, the
major issue is not that of re-
electing somebody. (Hoover suc-
ceeded himself as candidate in
1932, RooseveR *Mrted four teris.
and Trumaii's lldfl ramMta
1948). '"
S. For the first "ne sinae 38U,
the Republicans do not know
what they will be Wap against.
When FDR and Truman were
running the 0p toan knew et-
actly whom 1 ts i ,t.
4. This 1 A 4r e
ltie ouItem r Ie u ,r m
less hapartla aadlny-

5. Not sraee the MeAdiM-Smth
fight In st 4le tora ieev n sa e
stem Tand EMnabower

isr qope say, "It
Yetcidle The ft t people say. "Tha
in Sa .iOnree tat an'vlval.",

Isterrepted yesr and 20 years
is I long. lon1 time. The taupe
goes beyond such obvious items
as that the OOP to avid for pow-
er or that the Democratic ad-
ministration Is fraying at the
It is not meely,- the RepublM-
oabs ay., that Washington lt-
peratvely needs a change of
face. new direction, and fresher
blood. What counts, on a high
level. is the survival of the Am-
erican two-party syKtm. 01V
the Democrat o hbr 4 yv .a
gd the two
Dead a'WA 5 ,
Hence, ma"t V ,t- dphr n' t. d m
some convinced Democrats ate
expected to vote Republican this
year if the OOP candidate -t
somebody they can gVlp down
without too much pain, like UN-
enhower or Warren.

The sriai g trepetB am a a-
advantae is inu the rtal ofa
able atf f t
AWta .bhai.ek tn imnma a NAM

The totet uof Tafte eIppeM I- on r. En waS A t a M I
in. P NIe.i4;nwtreuw r than e mley.
top ein 1sWw htut the elephant h elled,
they a regular army ner- grown from hs cs m,
ial I a man highly persn way pl.: i "t
i and are determld to jW-RSSOe of this countryfl ftepnbliabm matter of

.Nt is at stake s et moe A rThecent GOP elhant (tgl the Thi ot on
Ia 1M has eAlm party coams- middle 30's) wa awlosatmcaly
j a aMtaw u mo for Preei- considered he i o.:w H -l
paddet. %r f the nlMM fd n than the kfereflbnc-y. t -
velt-the SInKIt M tlhter MalBut the elephant has shuvelled.1 *t for.,
become dpredkemt and Ti. was and the donkey has cardinaelly ubi-'ca i
nt a regular army ofd. fibcer. grown at isnd n
7. ftla manner of recent rkgeP
what Is at stake Is not merelyW A recent Gau p a ,working If a lot ol
presidency of the V M -St-ic the balsi of on ear a elde-
but-the 9S* s i&W Ibe `41ek torate of 55malo,..puthe O..
excluded-t 'trluMieWO of Wold. publicans at 18,) milf e-nd in-
The great overriding advim- dependents at 15 WIB M. If A Rati
tage the Republicans have, as candidate, to win, mst some.
they see it. is the desire of people thing over 27 l m ies, this HIGH
for a change. The Demoertta neans that the Demlarat need -:35 a. m.
have been In power for 30 ns- pick up only mallM ladepen- 9:43 p.m.

oi VWt.

m mnubj u
MfcJ ."' _

cidentalr. ftrvMr to

prim ati q ,".U tl At
moral" and a "ont-
f Democrat don't voter

urday, June 38
1: a. Mn.
1:54 p. a.

NA. 4.
It U
Al- ondi
AcistWn dm
. -a -:!4iA


o -,.ut f 14th round, .Ma* ..w

t a s'u-n' -. -. -

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list at blrit~j
it m~. mats

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St a pot ex- r
warned to ex.
ddilra wr dl'h.


"" m' 's" "m, m ft" "

btMf .l

Jeveqdmmargini nheat crops
1 'cA rv twiet r overtu:r3
Struck and damaged houses
SPlatview, Texa.

. HMuSea Foray aa

s slashed
PAXt. &-jA (UPtn) -Tnin, ,

Mluiflg ta ol[atr and P-"
cEsw vori ta i museum
raid today. 6t a u said the

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F&4 *~3~- fl~t

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Al %4PI0;000(04t. 6v
* glkuuenug am Inwe
n4" snd by pending
W an tah ck&s. *a m -



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Si, .e. Iinid P,-,we'e m p.,-t 'A.e E

fat kerro-
* trmine
-;- w face.
uS2od in

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62 ,
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N I-Illg .h m -N

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Ai ,.,



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