The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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We- as3'
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WI a# Nei .

s ,, ''- a "." -j ,,,, *a

H oE MAns N o

thgi Me gus .b em ~ fb 6 PA RAof
Leases g .ftIUEe glw l g ufI d m -- deobautl, of.-
IS me ebut els a UAg, den's be 1m51t, Af $I .i ae that we cannot
as .e Lasrs eig publisl ed in ihe order s eceasei munte a they ght us.
NRHt o a_ cannot deal with tn, aa.
nseu ss l h el. a d i ere "' Stalin would deal with 8thIl~,
:w &o-t n" thee the '
*Si atum as v b ruis I have been told as Gil
E OI died, as nation after nation waa
CURUNDU HOUSING osyoneted, as hnesmnen and ..
i sbusi*essmen were Jailed and L A

any of us here 'read with Interest the letr from ulick e for ransom. led nd
S (Maia Box. June'.tpOm u
;rsid. uick i'lvlin. you will not finer-ou rainbow lea tha oma to mwnFdeasr
( IG pot of gold i ending in a housing area lif' tUnmdu. Invest ators moved quietly
S Mrated that we do have a few new houeo in Ofrunflu. into Cigtor not too long ago
an a tw people do move into them, after miach to an n to poe not \t o1 t a o
th t seems, that once a family is established in a new Ame1l.m gin Comris ,st orgita-
hoe neither the incereeing nor decreasing of his family, nor tion and p ropagfda. T&hey .
an other rhyme nor reason, ever changes his status. (One can OUda wnesa bt lost them
l ys rd a dependent or two to claim, even it they are my- aerts ft wer y -hate uf to
thi i caractBers.~J can otlwithunn, o
Sof m see, Gull lCivilian, how much chance we ever have I those s t o talkud to C'Onu
of lasl g the Heiglts. gressioal invweesttor.
ew York used to be called the melting pot of the world. These witneseas told Hur
Th wp. before the establishment of Curundu. of Repaesentati srcht t
We have everything in Curundu. Everything from ffles to that It was worth a broken skul
all breeds of dogs and cats and horses. Just to get up and oppose Com
mlso every known breed of people. muntsts In some of .the pro
Added are the f a~ toles who move in to spend their vaca- Soviet locals of" the Packing.
tioi ftLm the Interor. Whether they have passes or not is house Workers Union.
un postant Just ride in. The loyalty check is only fr o *the TO talk to or testify before
the0(employe. the House Un-Amerisan Aetli-
M *We'have a large maintenance department, and are amused ties Committee on Communia
to he how quickly the Navy painted Cocoll. infll.ration into our food paek-
S rhe'lrmy has tr e to paint Curundu for yibars, but they Ing centers could mean youi
S do even keep up tW new qdartera. life. p.
u .can always dloour own painting, not'o~lAW trrthe There was the 4n for a- i
en quarters but uD on the Heighta. A fewbhave been paint- ample, when the House corn- .'. .
ed ceoly. lteemen got, from a reliable
ur supervisors confine their labor mostly to truck driving source, the name of a pac
)e nest highly paid truck drivers on the lsth us, house worker who had J l1
nheAying "Talk is cheap" Is not true in Curtula. To any the Communist Party on T. "
on iof our requests or problems we get plenty of own, so he could luatlrate
Th government pays) high salaries for that. h eya'r nm- trator's atd ... ew u "
SIut if the rent g@os up, as rumor has it, sodMia of 'il them in his unloit. -.
to twer back where it hurts, and demand a little bit for our He took minutes of seat .-W g l-
mdlev and not meekly accept the caustic rera'rks we now meetings. He kept a diary. ie he hsG-
ge; or our's and Uncle Sam's money.. had cpies of all records. But e o e as time
th f a thorough sudte were made in Curtndot especially In he apLo learned of the Party's e aotau e ows the
th( woodenn or slum area, I'm sure the Arot* would pay us a new -Inner polKoing atem. wore
bos to live here, rather than increase our. thi. f i rt use;da to talk. wJh w .A b
llhe common anser "You can always ge-b ,k" Is not night kepI him. ...t- tl ose w' -te ,
for!hn -Army civilian, as some of us have found Out by t No cloak-gaggpe' sif/ thi..' men Bis unhappy -. t
to B back. The industrious and careful' has hbed a chore.ak 3oersa' hur
Only those who know the right people In the right time investigators of the House ban called "We're led." Mt'.
at tIe right plr"es with the right papers can ever get back to committee hAde their records Allea I always just a little gloomier When he re-
th4 a. On leave, that Is. We know we can go PAA or They know, d some of a turns from Hollywood than he gos there.
.ny know and can r "Th true Callfornian." sa "o am
U layn in 1 Ro-e oT the r orashher
S"b u PANAMA'S ECONOMY those packing plante whicnpiom le h or nharu soeI
'mrih is an open letter to the Secretry of the Panaga _ee .the ury. n
SCh fbep of Commerce. Wheq this was epe .here o l
F e Panama Chaily of Okinmerce hoas trted a campaign and the Bouse odmnmwoee e- Wper
the Zoflne Commisas le PK's etc., t which it cided to aw its Investigators
onh Tae k n such ee to ne of lfe." into Chiu-to nlTayean ont e

I Mial]" or "nece aa 'one peraon. Standard of iving, warge pilak t as
lo eto one sacts ed "or restricted g a lower standard. robera wnt ce of the sllver seraen.
e; ^ o ve that your approach to this matter sa wrong, for it 0 uhio there e These include the ot lis a of. ob I
t o go far anugh, and sla not practical no helu foo rthcoming. movies, so ddtheat a become
Ane writer, during his e ame 35 acras of residence in the C.hican.s anti inuat ovire, so that a man maery become cthinoue o
* I Zone and the Rpta~bc of Panama esee te argu- unin acfs would no r- thee h er t th
f SwSatItteh by you brought up on during moeit of ate. Not one of th ,men PaWho "All tye
" Iwith no practical accompli'hei n oe
_uu dllr qetio I -r why~ a" adt'ndencoewr -U la see Such-and-Such at the Parnmnit.' and the
a sd free entry, commary, lueho tae, a k wit the llIu b .e- me Ft the bottom of the cup. When the man
e, bsidized housing and free schools, giveto iz h'j Adat a t-me"hen Bi eats his sinkers and drinks his coffee In the
of t ePanamaCanal Company and Canal Zone Government ,, must union are part of the orn, he inmmletely strt thlg a
they were originally extended to the U. 8. Rate, or "Gold apparatus whioh plans to run.a movies."
.em yes in order to entice or persuade them to leave their big prore de ral't --st -e 1 '
in the States to work in a pe"hole. forg the lajor a;Wl w it
Iney were never intended for the "Local Rate" or the then there. para met t
ir" employee, or Panamanian citizen or resident. They were hen Moscow rio w.I' ,, l N or
l b already, and needed no special inducement to get them to the world htr o Io sn n wh i a to et."
for Uncle Sam. .r *u l .. *.*.* .1
Oltho seh Panama is no longer a pesthole, but one of the whieg ''a has T .
hiest places in the world to live, the United States Gov- e at a o tA -e "a M- "
\ ent agencies must continue giving special privileges tq on '
S 7e r States citizens in order to secure the more-or-less s t
type of employes needed here for the operation a olrli .i W i, J W
m tenance of the Panama Canal. Ion *
Ser, by convincing all parties concerned that Panama can CaM h l PreM)
bta eare of its own citizens, whether they work for United I ahfgy he ., S i |. t i ge Ins
6* government agencies or not, and can do a better Job In eI* have awth leir .of tfon- --ff Hi!tea It
care of their needs than any outside agency or govern- I f noes with theri
Smoothly parole for Local Rate or Panamanian' .em an
^ working for united States government agencies in the I. of .Otfailunlat Ceitnu-t ... Iil il-il
a Zone is more than $2,000.000. If this money was spent i.n l ago, thi Party man a .. l
la ur etabllahments instead of in the Canal Zone establish- e dercover headquarters. Im t im"t
m it would be a great help toward staublliing your eco-
no a .. h T A t don't .nrlse be- Div-ris.lia uo
| f e United States government agencies are Mi|al H n ther hte I t0! a a p e..m .
| *iu nto on Local Rate housing, free schools for Loel aN *F .__hfm w. It's aa eS uon- Co -whose w1'l^ Wtt .^n 9Nfs o o
and dependent, and on medical care for this class. W barbersop c for a w ...D a
f these losses could be eliminated by your foernment aK- 1' In the old ade .'when oM, whose M.. OMt wnt hiM dgre. ae p-
lg:ver their needs in these matters, it would ti possible r Pole of mae V- daW.. .Olitia hAas ha tmmatu Ws-t
S ama Canal to Increase the rate of pay fs an Local RaM A--o lined picket IClWs e a n ow y she ut twhea.- --il tel,,a ,r1 tI
a which woun to eliminate the rge of dl ** ....
Sn so frequent 'made. ?--- ,ll.... 11.-ulwh to us. I Se OW" .rt* cY, esonly gttnt...a.en -
I therefore st gested that your organizat~oa Instulei ." Or towifth aURN WOf or m ffel.p lsasyer u~alg t et e
ign based on the following :' ~ot authority, for- "t.mat- i v g Mt "
a) The mission of the United States Government hr. to a. I ,,o- Aeh!... dlF J .? ee oth
to rate and maintain the Panama Canal. 7 ip remlnd IO leader ,n i MM n ,
of thit mission, and request that all other rprAiseu r 11 rg.I to.nel h oter fa ea
tal to aid missalon, and the welfare ofthe welfare of the anapla g -. fti t t
Sttes citizen emptoyrb be eliminated,. te doll" atalns-t Wat f The Dep. of tee
ocal Rate t t t atm t will surii three top disthllers with anti tua

C Ia employee privileges, such as fram schools, n' thega gsthe a yer a u
S cal care, low cost housing and Commlniary and ut the oth r de tax Mte ...6~t Dep t
iiaes, to be limited to U. 8. Rate emlopes, c ij th e iSb taw htheoland is a ibwer
uh a mqlorn as outlined would not only kulp to staM ums and oullerfsit stuff (bl him gmieeue th,
a economy, but would greatly reduce the cost of the oI a ated Al mtth In ie
Setien of the Republic of Panama of th mes ttodlltapo
now domifiled In and under the jfcater W ...7.t (th #
,,.I..-r. _... .... -

A 4 pal owItlon to such a proam will some im M. y
na_ M~tU who IUe ,al e .thter mfa tr C' al ,, .. .O of Atan_ s h .
Sto make Wr particulae r jOfts More ad l? L ag be utged Bi3
wmre anSmi -aubordlnates, red tape andat .tt '. i- llr awn. '
nA. rlr.. heas A"
II.'l-T -0 ,l -- .

:k.~ 'j..




fA M p & 4,
^ >-^..l ,.:,n ^ 'i~J--^A**~fcilh'.**.* t-ae -

-*T ~..- -11

nd Alleys
- ,

Libel utel
but ot when

Farmem 12

efld has onit enjoye d sued
at th maowe dodge, which.he n ev*t took ve
' tiooTiv so lont as the radio show command
the bulk of his attention.
Put TV more or leas slew the com ic aswcte
1,'dlo and Fred dtdrntt wet nlorn very well wi
TV. so With tvq SIlI t th I Pb.Inv,
cut tn hika TV'lt A wal iA M th H
hack hib satisfactory old days of Allen's Alley
theo radio.
In ordwe to do this. ho of the luuMbeloau nt
must now Tbeome a*tUM t, I lead. or momq
fhine enalyv revolt Idit 11 nOt iiftl
me to ,ee bim vp pvlit IwnUles. 04id reftrrivtf
himselff as the rir hi'a tv 8t. Mr. All
hgs a most inve nt .
He 1r nat reptly andt PN
Ivwood. He Just wants tNO radli, t
hard way.


the a

# aHven tuM f teM bepaiM U'rtn
& aat weeLk. mev MO tM i
-it, the prortet I Raie
' MeCables: VicOri ugena,
.*eJtlng of Spain (Alfonso) was
Me dicitts at LaIammne, awltet
r % dghtr Lucia Is mew Sitter Mw
Oveil In Rome last week...Prince
announced his engagement in
1 helaigh Sadftd-Johnaon of i
..Viscout Torligtm an
asttched.. .Toneeinrry Ratf
Met's Cesare Seplt...Nita Ime, J.
Godfrqv Inc, es'anent nereb
Mtnlatrv of Labor) to en routa to W
Uedkles to be a waltewt.. .iTt flurs
Pee's ex-husband dwells Ou a
tAlied Belchassew means "good-&jp

Bemocratle t asMm are plgufagy
tqwe. In desBpeWMi he wow
VWft for N ... B
hBI Menow he

bVusr itten. i g "l"
ther UN ugmo

B will emr np alii
OWiee A-mat em

=)her 41 soW .

*** ***^ 15w
1a4 h J- I



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P tiaM i'rt, !b.-

~'at~ RW~1 Of Urn
Whit I hAt!


-mtintiana I
00 hour.
15U*Om'h I

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N aM @bowedft

ot 90]p
agt ^lAn.

- U ~ SW ~ -
~ Nfl1~

-t he i
, man,

e'r te 4ph July ..b i .
*-' nse c- oM sm

4.... 8 W ea Avm m m


S- ....-
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. vry I K

Wif- '--.-

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:2' : ; f
o! ***'" *
[..' 'hi'^l~


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- ;~ S.

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,-* .^" =l s ",, ;,' =. .^ .... .
,.x.,. L I

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. -*. *a ... .. 4
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.- -. ,, :.'',- :"
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,- .** > o ,'-^ f-*

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. t,'t ..

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~~asa4~wa- eq.t*ar A

"4 ther R Chanrict file48
r (ArmscD) ,38 Dre' ,.

"AUT LArmC" IS A BEDn OM TYu a tmr
a travellft hotel, if youh l *,a t sof 0mA '
* B display at the Rome Auto h. tib %boomUa ,de atS
waterproof ftabric mounted colavl steel ,
S- equledwith two rubber ma c. foste
411 and measures seven y three ad on .


4 .... .. .. $. -, t.... .... ......... .. *.

SS.S d ........... ....., .. ..
S t cltse, d from alltoo oftlav r eS. .-. **"** o.. ".* .. ." .
Soefisn'tbowe to use g mori ftle to- *"* t *
-ift to when they Ing to eir
oh a husband d#b tti -a .
-AAnd tbe fact tha I When tnt ht Cnd of hg rigt"f 46 OtteW vM B
5an long enbqcm a huaf .ust
frB^A j- -no ^^ tium bal*IM dirw to v- %.

'ts the matter Sui- t .. 2.. ..I.
lt intat lte that, anyway?" subtle a a ............................
It could be that yw'ie Uah5 co00ie out. .. I ..... .4.. Q... a... ... .
MM, hW-tetiv s on him and
creating ltagehim In- __Normal To V *
pera .
It1 I t huban,

St other person, so that he .. .
d want to do the very thing gt st id s e tm,
-at him todo. it te rm.

Sand wa tt for him to ise to the This fast vie s HI u tiwqe at Hamburg July 1.1thi.
Or you'd state a problem and St.
pWhat ,do you think we isi muic IT M

SThere are endless Wys of sell- mslwpigWgl lgI s. u -
Sanother person a Idea. But




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^1 I DON'T KNOW/-1":y
ST Wh4AT I'[ V .
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me N s w mnur man. aA *AUIIA **w.
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S*to o. off

M11rmt "W

Syesterday at tomorrow for .a vacation bf sv-..
eral weeks td be spent at targa-
- nac Lake ana New York Ci0.,

women ii it;
aJthe aaAN .'

th py -vertlloI

illed. .
wt a! n d, le
Ptok bly eviry ea

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14- 014*p0Po
W M pmentasm are not. This Ahus po-
a.'". c- i t moot eflectlve when you 1: I's
iwerb are non-vulnerable asst1 rul. ,- 1:00 ^'km-. SMg O

E Aally playd, Westbappeedto be roa tlg
r tey or t R.tyfaquon rmncuiset
** fIved fotf a niat I ,.

imta rsk l ,Ma j o

oam#i to Sind
fn with em
ther. .
nr& ma asu wiv
aat edll edts a r,
9entattyveri jl

to brtno g sieratft W
level it a

-Ohtb had reqwihd both aides
to the tapjte tolMeet to Wubl

beable to 2 fl jl m ao 4
~reques~d G to t another
meeting date.
The .oln Is stkeing a wage
iheresw ofE S seats is hor
whle uw 409 fl~y ba offhmd
five 'luaai I-oenht cout-
of-fing orreise,

. pinanel and non flHmmelal
mnember o the tar of po grea
ocetay fte scheduled to attend
an' Isportaft neettn tomorrow

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A dlawe fueh

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S-FELIX t. R e,.
rred S e,,trAl Ave nue. o

Jn .. .. f" '- ,
how:-- I

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8at -th tre

SJust i time /or the

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I ifltn Rant>

Come for
lunch or
Come for

Try our
Sw ASS -c

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-" B- ". .r ff .sl.

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l-Smddidom favors, o
Shns rfiio mu tor
5o0.l -

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I tW^^^ 'P

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a *=umawn

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anass t

You Sell 'm..When You Tell 'em thru PA. i

.tean l your Ad with one of our Asam or our Offices lu No. 57 "I' Street -
- No. 1A,19 Central Ave. Colon

"e Sal6a de elleza Americano
lU-- Ave.-Phone 3-2201. and #M West Ith street

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 3-0441

Agenca lfternacional de Subicackoes
#3 Lottery amw Phone G-810

L "A. for 12 words
P" t t aim I 11l

Household AlutowUchil Do: ov a u*gie*m FOst*e5 f ti eROFESSIONAL "g, *"- b -A
Wri AlgeheltnAoenymoue. beyondcl "108
FOR SALE-9 c. ft. Westinghouli Service Person*l aid Cilian 20z Amns. C. Z. aZ. tors, rfl Spec t S ,,,
reffgerator, 2 year guarantee. Q Government EmployM "-OTOG RAFIA SOSA" ly or monthly. print ead twe Ct N .' .
M. couch, 3 pillows and covers Insist on Aeach.EFrr"I
Q. d nigroom table 4 char Government Employs FinanMs Co. Will remain closed from June 28th beach. Forn otii 18. ALL OUR FAULT T.
Aluminum venetian blinds. House When you finnc your new until September 3rd 1952. for re- ar .u dealer t of end
ebor used modeling. Any one having work phone Paneio
Tel. Balboa 1871. pe Di p AGENCY HINE pending please call for itbeoredote Williams Sante C* AL K ILL w
Ne. 43 Auste.U*k ie)k mentioned. tog"s. Two bedrodib b;i eiddi.. .vte 40,-
end table and shelf $65.00; sofa -r r-2-3050. Economikal p taot how.couldr we know voteWy
with ,three seats $45.00; 2 arm FOR SALE:-51 Stuadeibakrji light CANAL by diesel launch, $10; to tar ren"no a ccpowlnsu enly to brek an e- arit..
chairs $15.00 each. All need new Coupe, 4,000 miles. -Retinoble. Sn Bias Prtobelo, $45. m July-October *stailwlt ove, Act itto reaal e.p
top $5 00. Nicanor Obarrio Ave FOR eALE:-1951 2 stator M. G. uorly 4 5 m, 6.o 0 Jug e J i y trA- hlticidesi flt uetiHenrbU
N9 .37 from 9-12 and 2-6 5.000 miles, ike n. $1,500 o El Panama. 660. Enioy the SANTALJIAd t W A shipment f dueth wee t
accommodations 2 r. !0. F. NOVEY, INC. r "f*t"l|--------
FOR SALE -25 cycle waher. We FOR SALE:-1947 VB ;'TudoR one way 85., round trip135(15 Caretoker on premisesM or phom 44. Ds*%ribtutera mi4ieeT -.
one whave Thor automaay $85. round trip $135 (15 557 days, 4-230 Etenings, or Cu- W: Central Ave. Tel. 3-0140 Ings on lIttm ai r7toned .
have Thor automatic and canven- Sedan. Very clean. Gbd tires. day-fimit;, $160. (good one yeorl ) ru7du5261 anytime,. ailooatW. .
tional washing machines for 5437-J, Dioblo, mornings. to LOS ANGILS., one way. $149. 526 alloatd.
cycle operation. Easy credit terms -he _______d etfee_ of te
to Canal Zone emplaoes, Cosa FOR SALE:-By owner, 195 4 door 15, round trip $252.35, 90 day. Gra ich's Santo Cipra beach- The cqdttned effect Of the
Spartan, Cntrol N9 223 Sedan, Pontiac. ExxclI condi- limit Panama Dispatch Service, op- cottages. Electric ice boxes, gas amenAdment. It finally enacted,
pron, c o tion. Bargain for cash. Tel. 3- ositi Ancon bus stop. Tel. Panama stoves, moderate rtes. Telephn. LUX would -.
FOR SASE.-Easy washing machine. 4885. From 7 a. m. to 3 p. m. 2-1655. 6-441 Gomboo. .1) It- 1 13 ,1 S .y '-'t-
thng n perfect cndtion. Tel. FOR SALE: 1951 Lincoln FordorF Hotel PAN-AMERICaNO In cl VENTIAN eEu tP ."'
Panama 1-4398. block, Hydra-matic, radio, heater Vacle offers B Dw rSw for Iumtme mri' I 6 I1'1t
-_ undercoated, seatopvers, spotlights Vacations. BLINOS lVuSnesi s Item that 't
FOR SAL Coldpot Refrigerator, windshield wahm, back up lifht Casino Santa Clara. bance musk y rationed 9 d.
good condition. $5000. Quarter- 7.800 miles..Dodge and DeSoto NOUSE OWNERS. HOUSE Casino Aces. No reservations n o-) p At1 1111oJulyp31 911S .t anJ
master furniture. very cheap dealer Tivolir Craosing, Panama. MANAEIRS. cessary. Saturday hd Sunlday. --* pric-l.power ~ad O na
House 1816-A Old Cristobal Tel. 2-4631. WE REPAIR plumbing "fixture at PHILLIPS Oceansde CI -machinery W be aboliahed.
FOR SALE.-9 cu. ft. Frigidaire. 60 i- SL:- 1947 your place. T2e Rois atL l tg*a p JWfg
cycle Deep Fre. coport. FORSALE: 1947 Studebaker 5 We guarantee prompt, neat work. only court in Santa Clawith 2 t. dow t the
cycle Deep Freeze compartment Passenger Coupe, new paint, tires, COMPAI41A ISTMI A DE PLOME- Oceanview from all.cottages. Steps .O o. a -.e of tl .- a-
good a new. $20000. 1488-D. and overhaul. FJdg. 356-6, after RIA, S. A. Phone 3-3350. Justo to beach, Rock Go, refrigeration, tr., rola W 81 writing _s Ikh IC '
Balboa.- 4:15 week days, 2-4175. Arosemena Ave. and 29th St. Edst. barbecue and shuffle boord. Pan- N atIenOiKtS, WfuesAttn -r" 3
FOR SALE --The famous S xtomar FOR SALE:--Prctimy new.1cyl. s FOR SAL F:-Singer sewing foot me- Box No. 435 Balboae. Il PaSg I.rt lad the .i ,L r ta
ight meter. rust and shock proof. 4-door, two tone Mercury. Just chine, Simmons couch, youth bed, .. ...BJWUWO E
reduced tor, $24 50 Pars, Plaza 4.500 miles. RadIo seat covers, pan. Phone 916 Colon. FOR RENT: Very cool furnish heFag P Fra ste.Iset lmilrri I l
bumpers and fender guards. duty apartment with Frigidaire. Ao!p Vk ad.,, t heonIn sl- TonetheSeae t, Riltid9
d Mayo, Pnam. po io. 52,700.00. Tel. 3-0339. FOR SALE --Caterpillar Bulldozer 1- inspected. Via Espaaa just bfore se b oeist-B- to the o9Rl the sell, ateto ."
FOR SAL .-25 cycle Coldspot re- -- 6 or D-7 new or used. apply tf Juan Franco. on to its cola bill soon after .
frigerat Good condirton, $40 00. FOR SALE: I Ford Stat illnueva y Toifhe Cle. Ltd Mr. Trtlmei .A 1. I-ked for a-
Hallicrr 5X-25 receiver, $60 Wagon, new oany body. 15th St. No-2 East. Tel. 2-F R0. FO RENT 719 *4M- thorty tBa-s e the t d- WAuHIo Tun ()
bookcase. 5 shelves, glass doors, try. 4 e1".' "
00 CaCrstobal 3-2591. tables 2131-A, Crnd FOR SALE: 1939 Pontiac Sedan I bn ie *town (R- (R t e fat
FOR SALE:-Stove and refrigerator 5263. bsxt, Duly paid. (2 new tires & aOu OiilA ed the Hl ise pgro v na
brand new only three months use battery, excellent transportation FOR RENT:-Furnished house, threat MODEN FURNATURE further m Iret" the t P i-
Phone 3-2587. Panama. Gall from $12500. Also 3 piece livingro bedrooms Altos del Golf for dent t lken the FTRat-ar
9 n. m. to 400 pm Mr. West set. $125.00. Call Panama 2- or two monThs. Call Panama 2- Utpeo u'.- ley Att,t his prop "boa1 I A bae .. jtot
FOR fAL -Porch glider and chair. Fishing Cn opening forl 0074. a defeated. to
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washirtg machine motor. 25 Cycle Must hav agh expriince in municotion system, complete wit FOR IENT ft i 4 Ul
B -.ding 356-6, after -4 15 week Commercial accounting, payroll and one master station tend 5 sub- Tn
r ,. 3-4173. general office work and furnish station. Tel. 337, Ccln Apii B .. T t.L l lC i..
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---e willing to learn. Bring referen- _Te_. 37 _Colon. euetcnooul^ ,( ie.NennpadntSee f 1t" q reaC l o. a"
er 1con. C Z. goad condtIon. 0948 kAor Rd FOR RENT: Furnished or unfum- 1 e!0dd r lce-w -Q.Adu1to

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apr aID C alt o le. Must have references. N9 26. best slicing machines, Globe re- Tel. 2-3354. S1 to e ontro 6 1 ier. aif'n binA m

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M ajor Brooks D. Anderson. M isp eaki gi d' F R S A L F r a s o re nib S r e t rf t egt c o t Ios t eb
Provost Marshal of the Post of an le nr ndOeW uousolf acontrolamA'Ss
u Mday with the Republic of Pa one child desre furnshed 2 bed- w o kslptoi m o O e3 ms..,;r# 2-r4 I f c ar redInae C .lNWobanki gO lc ot f I a s
nalbrs Order ol Vasco Nuftez de room apartment or small house FOR SALE:-Motor launch, 26 foot. l Exhibits Worksg -pr-y.. a t t Oe of in
Commander a Ycht CluOB CA llMCo. W Ws N9 102-A. ;;5 Cret .
a iBrotn the grade o! Kn.ght I a2 months. Panama 2-00"70. at controlCs, o Cw "a Of Slanish Artist c "= s.

And.l received the decor- Of U 'arrently bowing at the TWB st .p c 6 t x t
action li o the Minister of For-. E l Ne M Art Gallery Is an ehion of w'ned thlt alt m con. t '
Sl d eWNof Panama. ItD: co-g a -n U AJorraas P J-al to- know -- a u 't1tt-lta 5yP oe

in Panama It was awarded 0to jA EAtor Tatf a bof&t aa suha is at xponeat of the LPSSS agant S muc acta OnAe. t MN ) D aaiItt
Anderdon for two reasons: pic 7 \ aulitian assoc"atoon ttn-- modern ImpreMloniltte move- lrdren told tIo ie that. '
roaratsh Steele was meeuetor tot, whose principal field of.Ehb
One.i Or the hfh spirit o co- WASHINOTON, une 26 W .123rd nam t n th dmts a ge -ri io fr o le
o*, .ration and understanding" -Sen Robert A. Taf L sal4 _ise: North amaolation of diam of water colors in which he SLU $ ITS gross'IO ends them, *S Ol !* a ldnthMt il y
hethas ashown In hsnrelations day the chief foeemg Etion Chilatlan church- s I Smng below f4,aasts ,
with the Panamanian Police differences between W7 E n cn e. 'rican S B. tobr a a 'l
Rince he has been Provost Mar-1 Gern. Dwight D". E T, hibit lto sponsored by LEE c. lI.n o ,er mo so s tolss uta he
thal at Corozal. that he would spend less l".. buoat, & a my opinion the f ltma Mistetryt o s uca-t reqire anP attto esal .
ney on Europe and more time nd.", t ii cooper n with the C- th .
To. for the outstanding ani attacking the admnitration. fcay, w called for nl one Art aue and the orn ma n a ur
constructive vork he accom-' "We seem right together !wtIf a tr pledge to continue U80-JWB Armed Forces Service La f tSws under i Y- w l Is El
pllshed with Panaman RM.n police- no basl, differences that can constructIve eRffrt to curb Oenter in an endeavor to pro- w amendn$t o a uvlt wlich ia e
men, who were sLuc.:nts at their be reconciled,' Taft told a t imperISime e l u the mntes ae cultural understanding ban- r. .e C -aa iton f h iS
Mill 'Palice Division UAR- conference as the race or hold ea to between Spain, Panama and the w t t.l ad
CARIBt cool. when he was iReublican presidential .m thenap the r Canal Zone. is a nTx ea-widesR ue. ati. "'
chief oft,- division from Janu- nation moved into Its ?haI 5a pledge koh e$z ..E b an ise a
ary to I une. 1951. stage. aid with the I U. Prof. Alfonso Raas Sucre a- Ac9eptei S. reeamS-l t. mmft ytr St3S Se,
c The Chicago oJnen ( t member of the Iculty of the OUZAoJ Pal 8. SI.) e .I 1tr t ee ""mlers admo
-The7Chicago convention fopens-s- ofn P Sana and a t Dr. A. I m emj. ThS-e a1110dardM AcO
tla n under 7.ndi f 'Rrd aN r, for the showing of water colors Dh. 'l meCMO a* findbl
wi'the h Pnmanin-Plricedifferences in p ewe T
ua. betautul oamlli maid. "I don't put -.. bymBouhs Vol-ed pe- thi
In mie ae, fIve g ai' d so hligh. I wouldn't The ehibt oen to the u-
tnee. Easy b Provots. F r much money in aght .D... .Theexhibit i o.pen t o hed p um. ( 0 L7I e r M llon i a -.
, ,at Snoct v Duhulot Eisehower does." .cEf r o m.o...m. dal Graduates .,tion i cm ms'a. audit
| 1th Sa Central Ae*. Tat also saIpd thet a n T ly_ .,--____ oIvedt to r lst inprietma n l- & T fp t
all-out attacks on dtoe t wi e.C- rg ti Cr-ii Scia.fl)
71%o. or th outst nding anh tians and disastrous r ation-r.. le 'of calldern l'Z"eAr Lxusula of, u r
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Wiley publican platform committee
a Senate speech to wrise
"constructive" foreign
plank and steer clear of
val-minded men" and i 'e
curealls." 5n
Wiley. ranking OGOP m
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feltid the Phillies 4-1 in the only scheduhd Majr Na8u0

an&Dutdh Leonard combined to making his first atartlg debut, St. Le....5 33
limit the Phillies to five hits and rear ed Mkaager .1ou Boud- Cincinnati hte *erowholffi- ^.2i --
Sauer, Toby Atwell ad at Detroit which the e r 7
to Cuba. makiten-hit attack on tirg homers in a 10-a Souton vic- t enh ts n .
SKat Drews and Jim Konstanty to A six-run raly in which TODAY'S GAMES
hiter t o top the St. Lous Card game beyod rec. ll
intis 3-1 as Roy Campanella lit Rookie Bob Niemanb homer (
Sthree-run homer to provide all in the onlyeihth gowns Major NaESTERDAona'S RSULTS
he ew York Ght cia nts remain- kt night to aip their mNe k 010 0100 --2 I 2
S ed tour ames behind the Dod- made 1 o Church, Smith. (-. 5 and .- l r
ers in te National Leagu e bob Kelly pitRhed ox rookie NDYw de inick; Gregg, Koal (5-3), Lae
angle.Du"to Leonard combined to m| h Ps first ntd debut, gt.'= 1o5i,..... 13 light

malingmit three PhUstraight o fiver the 1hits bt oe Collins age stopped d Y
One run which was unearned reau'.t faith with an e-kht--itter Philadelphia ...... 35 n B ,.B K--.

Reds as Cincinnati squandered aft Detr it which the e 5 rso don r...aa a.. 2r 37n. byi #l

eleven hconits by leaving eleven George Kell and Hoot mi At- Pittsburgh 010,01 000-2 7 be
mc h b e n on base. Shomers man Lola mea t the game Boston 001i101 x-5 11 re iot. o *
The Boston Braves aJimlso swept inty tory. A six-runnin y inh TODA GAME
Carl Erskine pitched an eight- Kell got a two-run Mittle put the Brooklyn at New York (N).

their to top the St. Louieries Cardwith- the inning homer b t te ox Pollet (2-8 Wils and ar
n~ eaten s 3-1 as Roy he Campanella hit tho e Nnd ere omer

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Sthree-run homer to provide all In the eighth yrat w E D ES or G t at .

e New Yaork Giants remain- n btth e A St. ero i1s. o hrewlt d Yoi- 00 0000100l-- 5, 000-1 K 1 tir
e truns wta hoean a wl tas- aaKellyn 200 0 x-nd 4 nr
ed eour a es behind the Dodg- mad e 16 hits o etf aly (e-6ae CY. church Smith ( and Rie ,n ';-ldl

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S man gt tis hree straight t over the no bet Joaie Coll nas n tnd rgs. G. .e. oe o re d e- a 1B
Reds as Cincinnati squandered afte histting Eifly t b i con- lo Chica goof I 1 01 i10 2' ..
elevegsn hits by leaving eleven Hoewvtrve ga meas. Laare- -I o dt 0 !t
men on base. Sherman LoW seet a gam a ndsburg 010,ur ges --2 7. is' t' Srt -ow*d of

The Boston Brave s a n-lso swept into extra theingr Wi ninth Boston. A b.... 1 the a ot e ..
th three-game series with thie Inning homer but tri be~oluet (2-8) Wil and r ,
Pitsb rgh Pira tes by whipping dropped a the goa urkon (5-) and Burrisc.n e er b t
thetm 5-2 on extra base clouting senators anyway wM8 Wan- -r --- an S-ut o neiohst I er ,.a. e

by Bid Gordon whto blasted co n nton scord ronr s on three t o ,Is 0 .. .. ..8 0 f.. i t-wa l so terrific that I Wit
tw scored on Whitey Lock- One of gderdom'r ggdst families WashingttBr.o..okn ... H00 4 f R e Maxub G ih o

omans single. is aby Jim Busb ong the ports world's Ch ago ........ n tle rounds t A t
e beds' Bubba OAhurch hurl-y proudest families tonight., St. LoUI S.......0 5 .4. 2 dares ored u oldten -"la
de. ve r or seven innings Fr Jim Tr -one of the Ph lpha .. .. rnan -l-. rou "IMnson and three Jnd orf o W P I
S his s The Senators made It three ....... 5th for ge Arh Abbot Koran ....
straight over the White Box. The "oeate eis sanr and anMpa .. ..

nthe game ain the eighth. He was hhf 2 ppoints Inge -hhy E....32
enoved for pinch-hitter Eddagainst the PSAyesterdsy. DAGMS victy oJr el at 1 t aon Gold er t Mtdi
Cubs last Thursday. yieldoubled only the After 25 years of hopel n Detro(Nit aght GameSt. o. time on record W 1

next lay, and Smith came in to ng Jim made a mashin00 0 coe (O1-nly4 10 2 eehled) W heo hi er ld ..
dthte singles ing run and suf- back to wipe out a threceo l r t he 1h and .. .
for his second loss in as many' fict. Re beat Chick Iarbert of 3STIMRDAY'S ULT8 vree, i naf e0 iam 1Ath *Alne ., .. .. 4. 1 0
daI t o the New Yorkers. Cal Northvellee Michi an.o Phel3 Philadelphib 1 1 10 0-1 A ea I had. o u#n champ- e fmiMght. ax .date l oG a.. .. .. I'. 0 .

P adelphiaer st s. Staged a Three times in the last ansnrdkatroth; 5Lgmo t ME a t heat otS. larg, mnr () .....
siarebyxdeootthe-nsshsma4t eIt-tAwl;-run eighth inning rally ter ^*otS A teef a century one of thetae. arria bnd Hoea. How er, two te are Soetill .. no r q
perun double for ad Keith Thoinn into the WASa... o in 1otT' Boston 0pOm 4 l of It for t.r a hhor. i wijm tide n hy l '
tworun eagle ion an i hill 11-9 in r1942 and Ma Bue hi 194.'. But Detroit 01Buhss. 000 St Loi s p their ta
vek teach t2sJime they losta ea ch tha a Brodowaki ) iWht a5 l84ti a at to f4I
the Reds on homers b Don Mu-t to et p m .

Bob mAn blew a -2 lead in be.o
ed Aehed in the eighth when Sor 166- e le that L* b

vrs touchedom off the In- Yesterday, F ow enr L.... e alk n i
dirahkls imith moved to second on B MDona. onw .. laced the spot t on the 4 4 ot an ege, an a.
secon chance forT Rogue (2-3 ) and t Byrne t n Cm rne this .. 2 3 2.51 jIrns maid they would .ae
.pineritter ,Roy Wigson's asacri- LOUInVII.t ,ausae 2be a el. d a .to lli f Te
the game n the Fair ways th prize... chmlohp o nght ame as oatrht ount- ad. 2 rl head -t. 2
end l ay ap tatin- t'or 9 pons a e Jim orrolns. ar V
L te,n T s amet f'l defewhhaen rhoT r ,n e DOGS UPn t
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wantti h de lpe 10 1ouay, sA ecoInd a e w isee6 N a i
daC a to the New Yorkerd. Cal Nornhvs le, Mchn o 5 in "* It nemen -V a orss wrich ,.0 0

Abnes homered fr. the Reds. hole aat Lbiswgft't I _placed I o_

ard ani, and varied-try a fe pesur the heat ft visi _bT
Ili-the American teague, e t h e e sco n t rack T Wn t ..) 28 10 .O
HPhiadelphia Athletics staged a Three times Oin the last CBarS ,_R; iemon, three (10- La BJ6 (A .i. be came .ot0S

sparked y Od dle odt's troe- nesas, nR Od msth tuneof a i6 lB nount and Ht T i .. .. 30 11 gl.. .

na to win this one. Mumma bordemud mhot from the the 65th defeated the t------ v
S ge 'two strokes from Banan prrke of and 23rd potlaa, dud- 80deth PA 7attbsli 6 Cov tep.
runwh will probably caKeith Thom s' into. the-- ve l tre t c w as the b lb a i ,ithr tLA -se a_ eKI
VrIry two strokes and it looks at eA tisn Amd-tch.dr Ahe Hospital far 5, th 'i held .fthtfl V~eL

lik urtains for Engelke. Gangle Ua had the l lea.gam, a for the victory. ScafanM rack- a 11 League by
s rokso e o e otr po-si-thon it rn won the -e watch 8 ar capac in 1 poln as his tam mo '' boling Cola, de
t Har._eom au giv-oon .+when H arbor jorn General L. -. .Whtt ok, ed -out to ~1-to 18 lead at half -. Ing Chmpkma, to i _n an r ,' ;,
Bobe hoe, hour be in- estrdy, on -mnn .A t-e and a rathl ~I, .n ee a

i .g trokesoto Ganle "Doc" mings a _o Ph Monday night, at tho Fort eued terms for l aboond thraMl_. ,
S ter sa anders fve obbe gymnasm. heir 5 to 47 victory. Frank In seventh vi- .

mAtokes a should win tis uley and Ed Harris were tory ag t e defeat, Lew 2L- .

S erb The blue led team for the Hospital with ten singer 4l &P
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gives Rr receives sixo strokes erI won I the cudet.e with he aod bla thehProm o

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8e not enough for Bakn r ,cial Tr. strlla e a ,id. BAbbeni was Tah., i s ..-., ... .. .. 4 1 + .
,to t Wi U play ank ine the h is. no ethh 15.f Joe s .. .. ,. .. .. 'the p 8 I the '

leven strokes. Wggd its rte-r. h lAe team, Whih took the lead Robe I ., .. .o.. 0

ano' paye or entelk e.r golf a,-n delue nti_; th e st-m.te .t ul ri al-, n- _- ., c. 1 1 ,.. I
Wi eadyo out r n stroke au th a- 1 molo to l. ther I sn
CUe too many for Tony gn- o hi ar 20oaanght 1- 1 airain the n1l sas th V"w inrf,... .. a ic-
lIt on hIanate. Miles aa bidi an er .. w r ,e rs V28 rto 1y It f ..n Ne ..T ..) I hor
son lays th.m h. .. to o oe th e2r).Jonso tes4r th t wosit Lane, .e T.. .. o 1 te t
y IMie won 5iand o n o l 6aomthscd 4.s hW l -se. N.i.. .. .

e Consolation light, up-. .. .... ........... ................... ..... 32 3 v
pa acket, Cl ton meets D l- A At inte 11le is tw 15 9
e high shts e Dai s Bt 1 1 2 3ai
oan twoeve strokes whih t,.eid. a .'. I A .. 0

ayke an even match; th- hea each Sr tthe hrl-, g i- T... ,, ST 2 10 .35
musth up per eight WokRhn h&. .t.. *. *. 2. 11 .3
V mat y b e just ther e ser ound, R, X Ry d ae 0 + .. .. -3 1.TAg
atheu~ Is Goodman sr*
t to win thiam t. fro 1gbUe "beg Up 10 65thn A .. da .. S A.

he itlotr th ems number. of. n s2i 4 aIy i.A, 3, 0 t012
r; Ca ms 31. one tgI Le. .." e ap1 th ...y., S%. .

e bI unable to .ay their f, sn .. t* li T' "
pleasee If.rm Barryo d4I ... K -NW "
1*. *. avia .....2I'; ,-I I .... .. ,w ++.+ -. .. .
""s"CI"lub .

lbm~we IDnz
In- s-
Natinoal Collegiate AthlW
owl t r uuall -a ....
amur. =_ .-.

- '


. .-A44 vo*

3- .

* *

Ma OA p p6mana




A 3*
ilf?4 ~- -

PAY '. ,

'^ B 5,. .
,-| rA. W..
, IL < MAoit;^

.~ ~-

Sll~ 5~_

... CAP
* 4 --.


. .i ..


3 Js Li




. '*" ,j .




re Hoax

': a TON, June 28 (UP)
Department dis-
that one of its top
na attorneys has been sent
to help prepare fraud
WF against the person who
ted phony tip that Owen
moe was planning to skip
1 country.
iti6if of the apparent hoax
S Iet meeret by govern-
IMtt ffl Ilas who were taken
S by the false report on the
ras Oepkis University pro.
I ever, the case was getting
r higheat level attention here.
e White House said Presi-
dent Truman has taken a per-
VO'tl h terest in the curious af-
tlr and ordered the State De-
9Wtment to give him a "fill in."
.hie Justice Department said
b el al assistant Atty. Gen.
JoMph A. Lowther has been as-
sigped to the case and flew to
eapttle Monday night to assist
Diat.Atty. Charles Dennis in pre-
e#tlna it to a Federal Grand
Jury Frliday.
W.-. District Judge John C.
3rowen of Seattle has called the
gtand jury for a special session
to consider the matter.

I" Jdtee Department spokes-
-0t heated an Indictment
be sought on charges of
ing a fraud against
false Information caused
te Department to take
l step of barring Lat-
Sfbm leaving the United
even before he applied for
e department said it had
an "official allegation"
the Far Eastern expert was
Ing a trip to Russia or its
It later as revealed
report wa4 erroneous
Stha it had originated in
and State Depart-
tMt officials still refused to
tiv the tipster or give
d tr letalls.
te Department's ban
travel by him received
r 'qa nation bed use of his
"*ectloo with the Institute of
Wl-Wc IRelations, a private re-
*MTh organization accused of
pricing American foreign po-
on behalf of the Chinese
M unists.
n pseph R. McCarthy (R-
accused Him of being

I5 Wrth
t er.

a agent.
re has repeatedly deni-
a Communist or Com-
I the report that he was
to flee the country was
mer's madness."
Irt apparently was re-
RChe Sta1 e 'Department
central it elllgence

Cawa Ofc
Craig Smyser has been as-
I to duty with the Panama
and will become Engineer-
rd Construction director,


", 0thr( people J*wte tho M



- .~

.1. .

e r.' t

The Democra irt
'; ; ^ : .



Written for NEA Service
WHY. I asked a v/eightily prominent Democratic politician,
does the Democldtic convention always come later than the Re-'
publican? Answer; "Because we're smarter."
As a matter of blunt fact the Republican convention has
followed the Democratic only twice in history, and the last time
was back in the W80s. But the reason Is not that the Depoel'atl
are "smarter" rt. )planned it that way, but the natural coarum
of events and be fact that the Republicans, for prestige pur'-
poses, like to come first.

This year, however, Guy Gab-
rielson, the chairman of the Re-
publican national committee,
cautiously sounded out the Dem-
ocrats as to what they would
think If the Republlcans broke
precedent and held their con-
vention In August instead of
July, I.e., later Man the Demo-
crats. The cagey reply he got,
was, "Then Web hold ours in
September?" '* .-
The Democras, in other
words, think that there is a psy-
chological advantage to coming
second, particularly in this un-
precedently crucial year. So they
will meet in CiOago on J fy 21,
a fortnight *lr the Repa I-
cans, ang'Is" 4iolttites ,lg -
Ing dlegalftk ffl be' lIeO6. SMee
the total is 1230, the number ne-
cessary to nominate Is 616.
To analyse what will probably
happen we have to start wIth the
fact that StWAM M rUw lM,
strongest Wm ISW,11* 'adM
Stevensom. between now and e.
convention, cannot be prevaUei
upon to run.

It may seem totally inooueet-
able that the coon-batted K-
fauver caniaWiO- dHlM' 1ttr-5"
or even 1"trobg,' lb t ht U e
different powerful groups oppose
him so far-the Truman admia-
istration, the northern city ma-
chines, and the southern rqgu-'
lars-any one of which would
normally be crushing -enough a
kill any candidate deader than
the Duke Of Wellington.
But-Kefauver has impressive
voting power, he is growing in.
popularity all the time, and he'
will probably come into Chicago
with around 300 delegates-,zanoe
than any other Democratic cas-

ending Col. George K. With- Why, then, If he Is strongest,
t was announced yesterday should the machine regulars
moon by Gov. John 8. Sey- want to stop him? The answer
derives from one of the most '
. mayser. a native of Kan- quant and cross-grained aodt-
I'1V1esently on duty as exe- ties in American political flt'
e officer of the Chief of En- namely that most professat
r in Washintgon. He is a politicians would rather l es
ate of the United States with somebody they like than
Lry Academy with the class win with somebody they hate..
$4. He served for abdut a Kefsauer still has a lo, w
after his graduation with to go to reach 516. The
UMt Artillery before trans- for the bosses will be (a) to k]1
Ig to the Corps of Engin- him from getting there, whM o
means (bM that they wIll thamato
, and Mrs. Smyser and their unite on a powerful enough 41
young children. Sally and ronent. Kefauver, they afre, t
Smyser and Craig, Jr., will the iman to beat. But you ent-
ram the States about July beat somebody with nobody. Best
I Arrive here about a week Kefauver with whom?
The three children range The first, obvious 'anmweir
V from Craig, Jr. nine would be Stevenson..If Wsin
as, to Sally. 11 years. will not accept a ctdw -r i
Withers will be assigned would like gen&S*l pias.i
ty in the Omaha, Nebraska But this prsenO a punggg if-
a 'Missourt River Engineer ficulty in that, first, iul
et .iter completion of his himself says that he da t
i th iO CanaL He and his wsnt to be pre nt,
tvua 1o *ll fbr the States and, he Is one ofthe now Ve -
first of August. inent e.mocr oal haveA


to f, ,

~'- -~

left 1
Rleae, ,

p weir BMWum ____
'g fga .by
SwednMiay, by
Alylvanta. ..'



velt ofvhnals, w1k
lmutawr in le

Lw, yv. -I!
are. W e tl
"e ear.cnte

early eat of 'heh If -s --
(who w love 6 be Labor as hare to predict as n
S nC t he 41 to the weather. Titil7 e e about M5 ~ 15
p ); w too rite illon Ameria e Fd &n

In the
JUtice VlwoA rew be tan labor votem- tw
tempted, if U peaker s Ray- tt; sme D tc labor Vaa
40nm (who s ) ee that he leaders would ctad more.
im7ght not run, who else As there? ,A great deal .dep on who M
Pno? ie Repuiteath a bdlte is, as
only too obvious; labor _
SMast is Kefa* Tee' chief ( lough It has rit Elsen-
tmgth-not his votaftr power, ewer on ocCamu would or*-
the grim absence of anybody mainly prefer ham to Taft.
eAmong the Democrats, labor
Truman? No. H. ia out, really ,' uld probably tprn thumbl L
BLt, and I am ctaYicted that iWn brutally an Kerr and Rus- 7:-1
Uing in the w Vid---ot even ea, be on the fence in regard to 17:
spectre of IbaThtbecoming rriman and Kefauver and ac-
psdent--wll bring him in. lively. earnestly favor Stevenson
15 conclusion we' aeuld per- or barkley.
Mention three .enormous .
of voters, side from Ne- Ah4* the fara vote, there has
M owho will get par*ular at- been a natural tendency fr
from the. Democratic years to think of It as always
Mlldate no mutter who he Is. predominantly ftepabparn t;is'
i women. Second, Labor. Is neot cessarily true today,
the tawke L Trpral, be it remembered,
l s .a4e W* Ith1 g avs. a w"in l W a, la at Mast 9 r
,Roo*met couae "na l fth r t he l0 ;H
Anrwkaa woem over 21 the tzeuf loaslWuistrial stealT
=a by roughly 51 atf Nw Tof, Neuw er.e Mieil-,
Ulon to 10 Blton, 1tit in 194 gan and Fe antn tait he
M nr wsthaan wo- won Oge,. C i, an t at
'9rough1p W as a-,the Weats *wmewsta, WIsccalto
and eea lowa. famers, a byad



School Nutse
t4In Coioas

dowthe -

one uP-W

thep 1


. sw
'Vz *^*

K ~ N'.



-~1 a~~K -. -

I -


,~'*: ~- ~

a~, J




, *
rx 1

I,' *



:,4- "-.

LJ i

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