The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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gc WASHINOft (NRA)-1%6
of Oklahoma bbracert
A presidential notati presents

S ithe.nDemocratitl 'sIntmermna

Sre4tred amm bv semi n t At writing *tator
V. -n4 C plEdged fdtegatft v*
ssa b I nboa.IMgo
RAW eemet tor o err school of 8aso80
t aIng, the four m -of --
..- have no thabee i nup
-. '*" man with a good fhalce to win.
S" l the nomination, ey. if he is oh-
.. e sely fifth best bet o t now.
ting this letter as an appeal to I& t-e tertaen ly f best bet "
S.tnniresMasona -and pNM Thisab
W Trt ovean tnhe bitter vein u a w M t 7 It. h ) .
at e Drets died in the ObrgMseca Brer
..... .,9..1.,
b6 a retired Army Civilian having adv d in Ma omy *i -It
and e Ordnance Department for over I yWpAkrsa a. bue tM m
a fd the Fraternal Order of Elks and dMor, uler- agaiMst a .
Itapt E ts given a Masonic funeral. t y Mt m ~ ..
t After him death the usual .committees from the Esb and Thew of inhtrumg-
Iam called on Mrs. DeFrees with their condolence and offer- ed dele t s to Demoerale
their assistance in her hour of need. Convu now n .. .
SKefa ver 46leo, itor
From there on those committee failed, n i performance. re,. Aveirel SW man %,
thek duties; they did not take into considerati. O a as .
ce of woman in her bereavement and get ,4"0 UPs j iKarr %.
her troles, yet they cannot actually be a t.e A .- of 1i "ia, --
ts which followed could hardly have been f Elem d'" sashe k n
:a for that matter any one else. has lo behind -K- '
Sther than knowing her husband was an l' and Mason, xt' to the
that he had served with the Army on thp lep e an Border. ._n w.
was discharged for a disability on July 31, 1017 and soon, the e ne up a
was employed by the prdnance Department end served ,a. A r- -
faithfully uptil his retirement in 1940, she labored under at ar .le. ptr .t ___ ._ .
belief she would be entitled to some benEftits from the Civil *eW lte.y e ovr "
e which would be ample, she being the owner of the house iTe8e. e
Husband buillt a few miles above iSaba-niti. the Trans- n-", -.
Highway. From there ]a where Mrs. rees troubles A. sreD tD4 .i an l-
by some 'varacle he would dc.- .
A letter was written to the Civil Service Durw wbd in- ble hib m ttrenwi Sth d tle
ed her that under a certain law there were A.iOfelith due e w lave M, -
and that the case was closed. .Aerd ak to W. g Ie hea--. .S
The late Mr. DeFrees was denied veteran's privileges while quafm .taeery, W.e "Demoera- t S
Gorgas Hospital. tie fUfll i *5 ma w on'tna treas I at et-A
A m'er-hls death a bill was presented Mrs. Deifits fotr over allow It r t t, disturbed, if cr townr ig- a rem4 catm,
e th she ha paid. Incidentally she wa~ never notified ha, e te atUM nu Ma of his e-expoate to the ere
death until 48 hours after. Auld o Ab.bfas, ff" Moscow.
Mr. DeIrees died without leaving a will and the widow has though he hias shoWS T a l i For slewal rahons. t Isoftat
$00 inheritance tax on her home, she has no means *to ar1&1M deIgaO aheadnew Amba lad1u to theh V .l is imme1a. K e thI
FAthis tax as she has no allowances. of the VI. urably a t.itoanit-an tdebtS
=-- According to &&m ie Karr The latt o F .. .
A Aetter was written to Senator Byrd of Virginla, the home a 8 t ft ra rp tis IC atd e 1st to& *ma K
te of Mrs. DeFrees requesting the case be taken up with the Russel can't get the nominatiol able team ,of
I r Department. A terse reply to the effect that Mrs. DePrees, became he's too gobhen. AveO- other Da .rls e w -
tier certain civil service laws is not entitled to slay annuity. ell Harrlman figurel to have ae sb7". to al c acuA* lated "li
Another letter was written for information a to whether no great popular appeM. e rr owaf f ne4w d the l t and a ree a r
dow of a World War I Veteran was entitled to certain ene- definitely counts Stevenson odt In KIe& eel, "Mi. .X" in YtO d a 'e *- i.
and also requesting authorization for a erab to be placed The 8834 delegfles that Gens- fura,f Zeni ahinefl po pas.
grave. o t MO na.adel flff h M OU f e of ll A- e ht
asnine reply was received reque VA li
ofires-who ae not aware serial;
hermsdgiven enlisteden until 1916. and Pa
d wer another letter was sent wI 'tht o e e .mt a ,.."th a
lIastdischarge which showed he tE ata 011. eaha '0n4Be15 S meflAs ho tla
1 National uaard, Field a Artillery-tapa a half ve f It
from Nevada and Montana.,WAlnd. IIt
r;. *re This broad, aeiht-Sgtte reps- aW wouela
Sreplyfrom the Office heofthatii leaves Sonatalote. aAg 4 et .

w th discrepancies letLt writing td red might put htan in fourth place, t*' aand istnKremot
t p lately In need of help. ado it to nut vol reni toteteitstn v has e0 et.
Bi le nnot asking for oblfty, lhhe wants be asist- thre 3 e Mdorwt herim If,-lte ta.1 SI P1 t ha's forn enwould
a th. iseresd talT and If there are iy annuities workers report to headqbltl o en1lwe, of YWIW scul la mv er m' fo rmur
Sa e shown that there att blo k of i Tn iwud, p f for wbp tla mr.i no mWYn. I t mam surar aated,
InI. .btel ateir s mbe st IL"iaf n aflttd t i bs o a
ow te motive of is eer is, will the fratern a ata olratu-n bfeiatndd ds Th. *bb n knowd hie'h 0 to IS
1d uhich the late Mr. Degrees was s member, the VW ln the weeterh pl*ins and htso
Aerican Legion appoint an Investigating committee to as- Mountain states whlsa n t Gpe wual eaiscIt. P athMOWe 4real.
.d ai. Mrs. DeFrees in her actual hour of need. WS'5lled safe thI -flf 't g O em-- 'Wea' nh heh 101.
i 1lfs not think the late Mr. DeFrees was a member of the ,ln come the convention, 1I eoM.sN1tbI
t dt the Legion, of the former I am almost sure he was ...t t' M rgt s.t rha In .frut snales rd e
S I do not think tor ae two powerful lse anstforwiuttstv, t l o el
*timr membership rolls the name of l 'b oe-o come range satry Of ahe The chan. of yd IS.l 6i.d bemg
f assistance, the Honor roll of our country show the e s the po pil A moe, accordin to t n0
'ed had given their lives for Democracy and free- sntlat t of telty is woy. of ennee rnot C M.
oat the enslaved, to what do you qay comrades sow the ut even mhu hot what the set an e. Yet t lonR S That the
aritan spirit and raily to her cause. ..~a~ter states shplad go sia -hs mle in Kenda ts ai f I
vran of the Philippine and s"ai-m_ e campaign h Senator K thg i" sudde tmhbs er. even if sbt- tb
Leinive hpon main ni n* etoat bookmaum j'p 1edoubtfrul and umerfth"i ,
.Mouataine tatawhi 'Niae.fM o Idhe e0oktan ,uar ..

a' 'Colonel, .l .n ne n ow-is gt e
senator Kerr's hopes arise ,thtisunt about risk a aIaa, Wart
tIdontti:tee w r alof np stsen, Swesapds eto contu u the UuUSSI

t national conmsttflio, Is a i- ""..

all u trd e. ChmtY
h idgvntere, former stete thaor- .De"oF--ny.ed.rie_
E Jn--10Mstangdociae,1a r-s MAN can -I R o.n I.. ,The S."
Re- oteted, operate ing .-Ul-er unit' ".I.. ".

Each with a half .vote, '48 et o
'the or*glnsl Kerr-far- *B r
Invwheent coman1"".. S "t
COhMng]ont-egri etAuns to n eeir A" t-
Si4se at least 10 out of 1 dele- 41@
Montana Auotie unit rule-

=--.a ns nma sa ote -gj

sale asl, m r

wato at aitam aI

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ho.V -mA

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fe. Wtill-
or, are aed,

W9s R. H
I.' Robert
.t. Ben

Md Co}
d^j W. I


thatt srac-

.... pleasure.
Demorvaa Pany Salling on
*Aalaton' rIayfor State
.Henry L. Donovan, Communi-
ty services DirectOT, Mrs. DonO-
and 'Iaghter, PagpY
'ign e150 psageh-
'dtwd to sail Friday
tor 1WO. Tork on the
Shiner Ancon. according
vane .passenger list.
an and his family ex-
be ayay- from the Isth-
about two months. They
visit In Boston. the home
and Mrs. Donovan ind
iplet advance pa-ef,-
for the S.8. Arlcon fol-
l : Bath: Mr. and Mrs.

Sus. aa u snw er, Mr.
^. r;
0 Eckhotf; Mr. Zera X.
- flter; .M]iDo[t ir ; Mr.
and MIs. tOrmnberry
e an two onme ; i, aMd Mrs.
I Anthony J. SG j'SonD; Mrs.
Helen H. tpl B eanne
- L. Hardle; Mr. and Charles
J. Hectkfn anid Mux. Ha-
Iel M. e IM j'ree lchil-
dren; Mr. and W. Theofilo
Homsany; Mrs. UElzabeth L.
Hudgins and two sons; and
Charles 3J. arey;
. 8. Martlen Pit, r. and Mrs.
nDonald IA md daughter;
Mrs. rfflfJ= e; John P.
Laidd; Mr. ~ Louis 8.
ILeland and 'Ot; Mft. and Mrs.
William Lieklider;,Mr. and Mrs.
James A. Lorns; Mrs. Mary Mc-
Cauley anc daiuhter; Mrs. He-
len W. lmtan. Mi-ss 'lelen
Maloney;'Jf Mary L. Mar-
mand; 1S Helen Michek:
Ralph J. Nevme; and Mrs. Ora
O'I'ary and Son;
Mrs. Ruth -D. palmer and daM;
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L.
and three children; Rev.
Mrs. M 5. Petso
three c fl.Mr. ahd
toy 8. and child; .
Nyra Belle ley: Mr. and M
ry 0.. lbbinson and dauh4b
; Ro Bchwarz; Mr. and
s. M K qmith and two
children; 9$ R.chard T. Spilth;
oward Jsug e aund three
Il drefl;S Bd Mrs. ?oseph J.
pgringer; d Ralph
N. teIwart; es y. -tart:
Mrs. Rublet& S Bud4b and son;
end Miss Ulm eth a. Lh weeney;
Mr. andd*t Glyan L. T.r-
rell and two children; Henry Z.
Townsend; Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Tirman; Mrs. Evelyn Van Eve-
it; Mrs. Dean Wainto and two
sos; Dr. nd Mrs. 0. H. Whip-
ple; Miss Andea Whitaker; E&.
E31er P. Woods; and Sgt. and
Mrs. Hariy H. Zeaser and son.

Ruler Of Cristobol
ks Gou To U.S.
Itax_. 4NM



Swedlh MOtel

SAtI N AR 21
accepting passeng eror

DeluIe tites and single rooms,
all with peate connetHg bathroom.
This faMt V |l'tI $ arrive at Hamburg July 11ht.

C. 't. POtoe & Cotmp y, Int.

?dl. r pl 1784





L*i -it. -
-, ..
P4& *. ~.. ,Yfk.

* ......

it, .49
y. -

,' 4. ,*I

Walt as 4088

- -- W, WUWl i""-
I. il i in- la*i. 11 *IIIMIII ^>ii inriii ipin --i-~imi~i

bXaited ...
i Zone
ks will _.-

YIN.tar LcOM AToo
1 ft Emugu.

Dog Ttred Dove

Oa4M w" a bM9 tIetI.
shomfl n e O agg n W I allows
WoI aeet wtan jfa eA' brabt
Why est teaU eM, Wb Ok Oafe

We t gspan

*' J Ill
- ^fe JH"l

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e Stk

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.' .. ,. *.

71 P-

, A-

irM., elegr
^ftrattng Xkb

' HaIS 7t
* r:in tt*t 's

," N I Nb
. -



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.. _'" -, i w *^ .":^ -'

...*. ', W ^
: .. J. 4 .
':" ,",*< :<^P ."h

....... J hE t lii
Zj..:- a

A **; .- --
d ^ ^

* .
F" 4y"

., *,
,.- .r.,f. .A.,..

Nd Il

.'~ '.

I. *

not for minu ...b
-. *' '" 1


A" Q, N
N; W f-
* -. ^ i

'4 .. S
I ~ -. ~



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. *71



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4 -~ .4



. (
1.; *
I, *- *-( .
!- *. i

. 1 ; '. *

, .:< .

I */ ;

Sel 'em...Wm You Tol thr P.A. G

I eve your Ad with one of ouar A mtor our (fficet io No. 57 "H" Strel Pptt o
No. IT C-4 central Ave. Cole

Les Service S ~l "i AmiWcMe Carit Drug St
;.J..yoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and #56 West 1t" Street 10.0 MelUtdes Ave.-9t2s INMS 0c

of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Agelcia ioMal de Piubcciodne Preu p B, S
#3 Lottue -- Phone -2310 *H" Street corv' e tIft
Phones 2-M14 ad I'm



~5 ...-.3 bamboo theirs in one
Margarit 8027. Phone
SH 9 cu. ftr. estinghouse
er 2 year guarantee. Q
'.. cOuL 3 pillows and covers.
Af diningroom table, 4 chairs.
Di. ,enhan. tlnds. House
D. Haines Street, Dioblo

F L Leaving Friday. 1949
al Refriaewotor, 25 Cyl.
aohoariy diningroom set.
Sny beds (ship's bunk
stylel with springs. Porcelain top
kitchen cabinet. Dresser with mir-
rgr. Kenmore washing machine. 25
cycle. 3 pr. wood horses 10" by
40". Miscellaneous household items.
1422-9, Carr St. Balboa, phone 2-
FOR SALE.-Norgq ice-box 9 z ft.
Radio INC-183i. House
-G, Balboa. Telephone 2-
SALE:-Gas stave. Magic Chef:
burners with oven, like new
'iMuse 2166 Apt. C West. tih
i eer.--Curundu.

SSALE:-Big cornered sofa with
table and shelf $65.00, sofa
*wth three seats $45.00, 2 arm
chairs $15.00 each. All need new
holstery; plastic table with glass
$5.00. Nicanor Obarrio Ave
.37 from 9-12 and 2-6.

SALE--2 steel dressers, $14.-
D each. 2 straight chairs. Steel
'ht tables, $2.50 each. 48"
bdes, 60g. Itaby scale, like new.
5.00. Telephone Balboa 1549
abuse 5865-B. Diablo.

F SALE:-25 cycle washer. We
. ve Thor automatic and conven-
,*Tnal washing machines for 25
le operation. Easy credit terms
S Carnal Zone employes, Casa
.'i on. Central N9 223.
FP" SALE:-Easy washing machine.
i'ljr.ion rug, nev tea table. Every-
n't'g in perfect condition. Tel.
_namu 3-4398.

1 lE A : Coldspot ln eratie,
condition, $50.00. OuUarter-
fostr furniture, very 'cheap
I 181-6-A Old Cristobal.
Fd SALE:-9 cu. ft. Frigidaire. 60
,ycle. Deep Frieze comportment.
As new. $200.00. 1488-D,.
.*iBft -- -----


Jli"V lmena g M
) To rent by North-
6pn couple. Two bedroom
apartment. Furnished, un-
or part furnished. Call

: -- Unfurnished ,apartment
-, J'B Ow or two bedrooms. Phone
T ,l l El Panami room 732.

"W TEBD.-1950 or 51 Ford Heat-
Catt 118.896 _
W LtED TO RENT: House or
Owtment, 3 bedrooins, 2 bath-
SIs,. garage, etc. Phone Colon

nlsthebuy: NO Clhev.
It 6iAem De 4-der
lam. beautiful emottln.
v mileage. Be, $-*
i. Kesy payments. For
0 at Bmoot v Emanulcutt
. Uoi St. Central Ave.
WE IL Moe.

Antow. tN -

Service Personnel ad llon
Gioverrmnt Gm i
Government Enptli. l Co.
Wher you f -no
r o
Me. 43
Phieone .44 ..i 5
FOR SALE:-4 tires 6:00 x 16-4
ply brand ca % in h .. Phone
3-2316 afier 4 p. .Marga-
rito 8027. a. .
FOR SALE:-51 Studbaoker Starlighi
Coupe, 4,000 miles. Reasonable.
Coco Soltao, 2-G after 4 p. m.
FOR SALE:-1951 2 sweater M. G.
5,000 miles, like new. $1,500.
FOR SALE:-1947 Chrysler (Wind-
sor) Sedan. Good mechanical con-
dition Gool. tiru. Ntew brakes
$800.00. 17T- ,'edro Miguel,
after 5.
FOR SALE:-1949 Chevrolet con-
vertible, block with W/S/W tires,
radio. This car is in excellent con-,
dition. Prict,$ ]29i5. Con be seen
at Quarters 590-A, Ft. Kobbe. Tel.
Kabbe 6141.

FOR SALE:-Radios for your 1952
Dodge or Plymouth-cars. Colon Mo-
tors, -Inc., Panama and Colon.

FOR SALE:-- 1947 V8 Ford Tudor
Sedan. Very clegn,. Good tires.
5437-J, Diablo, mornings.

FOR SALE.-Leavlg. July 4th. Must
sell 1948 black 2. door Custom
Ford 8, $750.00.' Telephone Bal-
boa 1549. House 5865-B. Diablo.
FOR SALE:-By owner, 1950 4 dear
Sedan, Pontiac. Excellent condi-'
tion. Bargain .for cash. Tel. 3-
4885. From 7 a. m. to 3 p. m

Position Offered
Fishing Company hes opening far a
a Spani.h Eqglish office girl
Must hove thorough experience in
Commercial accounting, payroll and
general office work and furnish
good comrravtat miserenme, A.
ply. defoillng Z I ,d pnl .
viously and Taft minimum sal",
desired. Do ndt apply unless you
qualify. P. 0. Box 1306, Paonrniia.

*o I* t*o* bkin g .*.mmyI
Write Alahel e Amnllyme. 80
2081 Amnm. C. Z.
Will remain closed from June 28th
until September 3rd 1952, for re-
modeling. Any one having work
pending please call for it before date
From Balboa through the PANAMA
CANAL by diesel launch. $10; to
San Blas & Portbbelo, $45. (from
Crstobol. $40). Three big days,
July 4, 5. 6. Call Jungle Jim,
Hotel El Panama, 3-1660.
Special flight to Miami, $50.00.
June 26th and 28th. Panama Dis-
patch Service, 4th of July Avenue.
opposite Ancon Bus-Srop. Tel
Panama 2-1655.

WE REPAIR plumbing fixtures at
your place.
We guaranteed prqmpt. neat work.
RIA, S. A. Phone 4.3350. Justo
Arosemena Ave. end 29th St. East.
FIREWORKS 4th of July Hotel Pan-
americano El Voalle, for reservao-
tions Box 1818, Panama.
FOR SALE:-Singer sewing foot ina-
chine, Simmons couch. youth bed,
piano. Phone 916 Colon

FOR SALE.-Caterpillar Bulldozer D-
6 or D-7 new or used. apply to
Vlllnueva y Tejeire Cle. Ltde.
15th St. N9 2 East. Tel. 2-0540.

your vocation fun by looming to
dance. Summer course, $15.00, 3
months. Balboa YMCA every Sa-
turday 3.00 p. mi Harnett and

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE:-Motor, launch,. 26 toot.
Excellent condition, can be seen
at Balboa Yacht Club. Call Co-
rozal 4136.

G/.1i Help Wanted
G.Crw WANTED:-Competent maid, mi
.(00l.lHHI VBjl^Ml Mbe willing to learn. Bring referee
250 t-7 "'. ;J 'c os. 0536-A. Guyacon Teau, A
ne *p 'i onds lb can. C. Z
line posioluour*,Ueorza * best clows SUprUt'tzz
war. -. Countess Granted
At Panmaunjom today the mw
mun re negotiators t' Divorce From
the North Xormemlr
said the ,. 80-Year-Old Earl
the UN ar LONDON. June s 2(UP)
In Pusan. V11Sm Cuntes (Patricia Helen) s i
under arrealt-fi6y=i 0101ll was granted a decree
to assassinate Syngman Rlhee-t b 1"'I I" in a divorce suit agkr
what Rheea eupporteta -&-. Bertrand Russell, 8euqTeao
plot to m e a
tiled as an here t" day.
President'sVt. 'I tHsell did not defend t
I04 in whieh his wife allay
When Ion since April, 1
crowd of said that the matwl
squre. performed in Ssaunm
10 kinlthe _, when the Countan w
of the Kore te ml years old.
asasThe couple has one Sc
feet of Rhe, pointed Ma 15, whose cstedy w
4Wole a ,t l ad to his Moasr.WM
StSww^ so$ off ussel's secretly.
atm Jwnfltni3,W 2hipen. w M ue' ^j.
at a M7d&itb7 -hl-- ,"tege Of 16 Cal
M ,sm --w-i ow Wm. Este's

U.S. Army eomander In Wl lam 3. Ut h od _
Osaza area, ws flYhtly IToms' l awiK"
when a demongtrtohe U gUix m ntt llness.
bottle of adid at his car. b ied yesterday afternoon
ahiid, slDatterg m5 of i City.
cide. Clgrken. the Werran C-of Mr n.a

Receives JutiorI Ivn o- y de
It ome o ta were CIt.y.16
i.--.-- wue -u.'et. -r .a-
ColMge Diploma 3lsf
l8bert C im. J, tr r. f 1da:r ns,
Mrs. Nellie Iaucy JOM sad aRotrt .

nyton, iujelold Msa
an emu 10.-t mrT l o l
day, June 10. 3rt^.h legildSI SE
ae-M~ xndi t~id^*^*aemb-r1^ti









Gremlich's Santa Clara beach
cottages. Electric ice boxes, a eg
stoves, moderate rotes. Telephoa
6-441 Gambo._a.
Boar Restaurant
Cartago Cota Rico
Beautiful and quiet lituaetd at 1.43
m. above eo level; medium tam,
perature: 68A. Fahrenheit; hao ai
hour from ft capital. Splendid trI
by car. Horse back riding, hikfn
Dutch kitchen exllent Servi
Moderate prices. Proprietor; Cornellis
Kop Jurgens.
Foster's furnished cottages, halt mile
beyond Santa Clara. Gas refri
ators, ranges. Special rates
ly or monthly, private rood 1
beach. For Information visit O -
mar. Tivoli Avenue No. 61 O.
phong JPanama 2-0170.
Phifte. Ocetnelde cottages, Samf
Clara. Box 435, Balboa. Phot
Panama 3-1877, Cristobol 3-160i
W.Iliams' Santa Clara Beach Cot-
tages. Two bedrooms. Fligldair E!
Rockgas ranges. Telephone Battib
2-3050. Economical proposition.
for renting a cottage luring OQ#
July-October bates leave. Ac .
at S* ,AW. W ,e .range.
accommodations and rates.
Caretaker on pmmises or phone 4i
557 days 4-230 evenings, or 4 .
rundu 5261 anytime
E ff -- -----" )

FOR RENT,-Furnished house, t
bedrooms. Altos del Golf, for ,ift
or two months. Call Panama i-


Modern furnimhed-unfurnlIhed opirt-
ments. Meld e rvia l.n. Can-
tact offle 80wl. Iwreet, t
Crispbol. tle$aone di65 Celon. .
'FOR RENT: Small ground-floer
p0artme n cittoa. Subtabe. fo
AinerltMa **l>p. W lty .le
quiet, cool. indepilMt 'Sue ifrb
4 to 6. 8 '1 St. 9079. Colon.

A -.

(USIS)-The seventh anniver-
sary of the signing of the Unit-
ed Nations Charter. will be ob-
served tomorrow.
On April 25, 1M, men and
women repremeUng approx-
Imately 6O nations met in San
Francisco to begti wok. on an
International organ-itM.; The
-meetings were held th the-.
francisco Opera Haio o.- .-
i4 as a memorial M 44
W rf Warl r- To:r'. .. *.

Sn this memorial building
tlee people mgtt a -- -
lag monument tof pm .
tatians, an i anlitqfl "to a'e
#0ceedingi ensUo roatbe
,amp1 of ww"*g.
In April, 1945, the ce habad
not yet been utA-y etab
for the war was still Int
the clfic. ut at ta, on
Mu, 1945,. te late. Pniddent
Beawelt bad A We
shaR have to tao
sllty for world ra.
ir we shall have to ear the
espolnslbilty for another world
The spirit of unity that had!
be ea responsible for the
of the alliu against
m waa with the Ae-
legates at San Franctsco as bey
prepared the framewack for
latig peace."
Pr r gdutit b e
da not wart to lie ether
war, we t learm to i-
arther ta e oi." .
Mrf aWabldtao I weNk ttI

tat thartmer mW -e0dtat tk

g 'iB L I. .O.t I M. .
dea la Is .e

IA L -K 1I L
how cold *e
Ito break
i ds ales
Sh eslpment ha due t ia w*a0 )
Itral Ave. (6

-bb : .


Te2. 8-1 Mth11

o. andi I vA .
S(ammon ad .
Tel. 8.1S tlU0.


!rTtawfh? T

tl Ip- moving, orl.i .
Wb pak M Wnto or iv
anythmy. 'MPhne 2241, a
2.2562. Pfnami.
. ...- ..." .. -

You Could Be Sued!
t su et -e Injfued in yoew C-'
nal ZOMal MBwtnml, if yar matid
in hurt worckitg. It your chwid
acaldentetgr blW another. End
for mny ow "W e *ceidmnt.,"
you e4 6 sue r a Lzeae
aIm of mUoo.
Our Cmh PeFrss L se
sult (a .itf nd medical Mble
up to K01U lO-per-yer.
AIme'rfi Imawwnce Co.
.- -y

51 .- ....,


1* DW.'7C.

b: Cioao


A3 U N_ ii' fl-



a lti. eta aSI
hftmld for betto *4t

.I c "te ee.ttt niotcr

ktel sdm,,'a
ak of ateM dy at4 th pftfIe
i lk4ept d i Bt y tele Wh

I ft amb onia
coBU tttee. r h >ve
I ipntda will eil With&. ^
MSS thu gelors t%* e
FThe w. ,0eWbe ,

idl it.'' ^
onearng the Oovsru

tni Contributnk h of Ve

s F er.. m-In. %
riant y, htavan -

krw .. Lid.. .

A. Mpg ............ 4.0
r Na Onal ;ao. fP

a lllTe e .'.;...' fr a
r, osamesbGut ..
Se iOf _-.Y. k'e

stabrs .U W 4mX I 4 U TE.
rto a n of ft

S#amie tNe. F 1r
M6 1W 11 ai In.c

mh A


ttaw?,t f ,

s to of t na
gift of fat dit ht-


iit tleny

ia itone. a ,

!wseu5m .4 brmn- w Tm
oXn th moaimJame
in 2eoS I ag
.^l-aas^^^ ^',


dMA SeJolamd -Ae-y
Saew s
in no WlSL .

mmagu as

7a ;%Lk,

- I


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, ^. -. ,

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sayB w 4
,,.L:. i
* rn

-f .. t t
I nd AumF I

Iss V

a fothuerW is
Et amose i oelhe
w.:a tmn.



I _

ma Canal .I .
h- VA
IA'I1.111 .I M<^ ^ .|||

ith MVt l
at, W a
I thah 1

p w- u~w W -
aubLgigi hai

is. m .
fmIs anotke aI IwV Bi
b J" A .S t



- .. 'V -.

r';P *

,~ *-~.--

.4.- -~' -- -J

3 .

I "-. I

'* '^.. -. '" I ;I;T 1"

reader at Fort WilwIti DW

he. Alumiae' an ft. .. '
Simy wtll 'a r l ,
Church of Q.* at

m N rGwyol w oul p

PrMtae al Roach, .uplalR
it thr )e* art f orentmi oa
'"Of dIMt develop molTe *tar
Wr mIOntb mid tbmt et-
l That's reveru a-

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did ORWITOnn at .

paUo f 4 |
mesfte~pd f(( *
- ;; *


. '.. ___ __ N*, -_

i~.~ka~j^^A..&K-0 4~~kf~i_'^ V*uk- K ^f..u^J*s-

,* d. .,
4"7. -" "" "- ',, -",- .. .* "* -
-^ ^- .all q ,.t.."- .. '. "' '- I "'

. r ^J t "L A r, r ..j-illt.*:,, -o -, : ^^ H NCJ.I

-du-r I "f
*'M A o's

. ".

3I~E -

5it- L4, V
' 71- YI

1st1 w -6* 1*

,7j w -jII S .

F t a hi

' T O .".""

Ihb .4% iI
-. ,, .. .

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A lidoAf mit
.a .. adm



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' -1-1-4

1 wmU purvraw5 un I




q -'
-:: :' ..

. .. **

d .

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a .** -

SinSoif '

4 .

- ~ --.

1. at~ia

Ca,, ii .
-p : .- .'2 -r :.* **-S
'h afc ~ ^


71'EW YORK, June Z5.-(UP)-MNWmWagfn .A ,
CiipIopt Ray Robinson's handlers are uinyg Nauon im L 9vel
vywelfht Champ Joey Maxbit al-
.w -V," ^M- Won Lost ft.
3tV toetht's scheduled fight *t a ree rk .. 416 .
Ta li-- New ork ...... $ W l I
y *. Chicago.. ...... .
org e Gainford-Robble's ager Jack Kearns and' ftner Al St. LOUIs. ........ 32 .l
tioeer-says. "Maxim Is def- Del Monte-complalnd because Clcinnall.. .. 34
a beaten man because of the New York Boxing mmis- Philadelphia .. .. 7 3 7S4.
ure to work out Monday sLon ordered anO.ther h-in Boston .. ..7.. 3 j .A
af he postponement was an- today. Kearns ay thb! mis- Pittsburgh.. .. .. 49 i
i d '* sion s breaking Its e o by .
ord says Maxim-whose setting the second for .DA AMS
t ill be at stake-will be todayinstead of Pittsburgh atI'0 -
Aen he gets down to the The rule says- ote- St. Louis at
l wei ht limit. Maxim "In the event of a ement ClacianatN ork.
after weeks of train- due to weather cqlpdt new Chicago at Milpa (N.
e-weighed in Mon- weights and physlcSI'k ( Ina- HTugS t n
esiorsvnrounds lowing day." (First Game -Aternoo)t) Aov a rstay 8ks a S.Li 0000O 6
t way,", says aiford, hardship d theBrooklyn 030100 x-- 01
l I'sweight wouldn't have wei h-in fr yen. Pres o(4-4). Cr7isln, Yuhas
gotten the jump on him." teray, fafker man- and Rice; Roe (7-0) and Campa-
The odds-makers apparently ger of we could nela. I
shares Gainford's belief. Before have kept, s out. He -
the postponement they quoted had to wor i n 2 rounds

Monday, has no weight problem. more trouble th The latest Rce Van CU (6-4), Labine
middleweight champ worked forecast calls for showers this (6 branca (8) and CamIpanella.
rlounds in a gym after the afternoon and evening. In their
potponement and another six event of a second postponement
-yt orday. the bout will be held on Thurs- (First Gammr-Twilight)
But Maxim's handlers-man- day night. Cincinnati001 000 000-1 3
Perkowaki (5-5), H augtad and i em lo wel-
_Seminick; Hearm (8-1), Lanler e Pasrella wasnd"1
favorites Advance Steadily and". -- to

It Wimbledon Tournament IN"oork Teea 004 el Ox-7 l
o Wehmeler (7) aan Semuinick;
Ja sn, Wilhelm. ( -2) (4) and
EIMBLEDON, 'England, June Vic Seixas of P a delphl a and Yvats.
(UP) Doris Hart Of Coral ric Sturgesa of South Africa al- O.
Florida, began the de- so scored a stra at set victory. (First Gaht) EL
of her Wimbledon singles They defeated ward WaltonlCh..n. 000 -0 -
Iisotitle yesterday with an and Clifford Howell of Britain, Philadelphia 2tfWc OOx-6 12 0 MtAed_______ th
two-setvictor y over a sub- 6-1 6-3,6 -3. Rush (9-4), Ra l ell, Schultz
Bt Eritish player--Shirley Ham Richardedin of Baton and Atwell; Roat (9-5) and Wifm 4 i's pitt0- sm i tL rtl t t is n Ii.hoe
Miss Hart beat Mi d- Rouge, Loullan and Ii trg Oe e .ar .r isMa
6-1, -0. of Australiabhd. the harest wha te l a,
venteen year old Maureeni ht of the may ybfore wim3ng. a 0 i : ,
'Rlnolly of San Diegothe U.S. eybad to come from behind to (semi -Nght) I thipkT i .B ttell. o A
les champion advanced defeat Alfred HUbter and ai anlChicago 00 0000010---I 6 0 f cob his is tl _u totn .i wlfon e in l5 2a
a 6-2,.6-0 victory over Mrs. Redl of Austria, 2-6, 7-6,17-15. Philadelphia 000 01 l0c-2 10 1 big llght-h ightbalttl. u i ellt. fight
rai Moeller of England. ThIs 7-5. l lppsten (4-5). Wtnt (81, time t*r tft s e ra diotti- 16 pes and it
i Ws e Connolly s first appear- 1 t* d of m r eonard and Edwards, Pramesa mtg t go as as the" yfac *wh e .a wthe
Sin the Wmbledon tourna- to -seeded ande f ( Meye (4-4), Konsanty (8) lightes do on t reM lenup l in eht, the a
slit. ^In~ Furank Seaian and Ken Mc- and Burgess. te a0 oblo.
oulse rough-a three-time Gre g rnso aer'Ntq sbt (Nia Gatme) .Wrt lnd ae a *la ot r a
ledon winner from Bever- P e e,,, 616--~ Pittsburgh 000400 "0-4 8 4 kes o1 lWtk 'and .t .,t t u a Wae
CalUfornie G o 0310 8A I Boston 100 902 001-4 10 4 "
iew at o i 5-, 6- Vladislav ia45-10)t aot" 'sragela,. in
in a first round match. Pole---ad Wio(7)' 4) in

r.1 TBrtlsh-born p lay.- besiOt- tf
Dvia in Los Angeles, lost
Dorothear of ra flght"IlFr bm the itddlewtgh
2t tlhy Read of o- O .Pew ... 4
db els S .a of ..,, nanii.* chbr i ,dd Rdbbro
Thelma Salo of Fin -Ar ed Moo. ** pou'-t.r -
'a ita d met ."I I o V, s Blx'.sat v 16. .d tpo oaste It. .. p o r iso ad-
... d he their "Y" -ld ._- *..S.. .. t.att bis. .M_, tri at a we will have. p
1b opening matches of the i the '' tau.Au ... s -. m .i1 t u ., Rhla ien, I .and mi aelf
uleufatubaes section also.fol- flheir S wd na ft .IMf.s id tt.. l nsImmenl wf
i-"r ..--todner eayoInnrstitatgh a idd lew .i ght edh --Ot w t.Coett to win the
seeded Dick o avittuOfdinner con tiut7 e da etd ot go es t o
"Vowew r dGard na r C om mIttee&EofEAY of IP. Sat hT h!inudAZ ,eachmthe dif-

of of h ol- yJeea nd-eetin .a u
o Y ev e r T r e v o r ,an o u tt a n d P h ,ys ica l_ .. .,,,. .. ., h e
illia..s of outh Afrinaer made the :p"e Ia" ..a eh f o Aort t o S1 Ad ,Henry a t rle'

I M mWBWnrtiforo tanin at bM the w eraus t.le-
-6,,-.. Herbie Flam of e 1Air Naa .oup r 2out equal to will not be i' from an ab n
Hl s and Ar t Lahe er n. .. et
o Cal ornis eliminated Albrook Air Fooresen4 =1. ._10 o rle lythm of i movemen o nt abe -

og a me lrd toalhed b ata I. the A. -5 l-om (Br yecmme on of itn titoOt beade
t Cape and B n Wood1- 1 ae toalas te naW 8i 1...v.ed........---. ""a ny o.
9erSo ohAfri in sria three- five wins noleord
10 ch 6-4 5-1'4 h-6nd45- t o hl-ce l7,t 78;-n .
DorfmanSs of New'Yor. of Albrook Wh d-.T]ya oI Ll '. -.
olden of Chicago al -- -.--.- long. T, ..nts V IM'= 'n. -
beatin Australians fente team Ift (M IMhtlGg a dbtrittle helf theiparty

6. 6r D5trict with tee honsh-e, Kes- ssda -n e i tb over m a lwstpnoeh
eeS an'' lerate his S 0e
b u o EgpRynlMrO ".Rynolds (9-4) and s MfV iI.Is inteftiy A. ap at the
dCneelare e o. T A1and Gull- re follow ;ma ( oombo (). nO e r Mo.mentofoa1 n s nIas topt i to e
M lerlo of Itiay In w ai thA" ate NInal- t'- (6)an ,memy .ac Kro l oredoto
l-4, e-4. Fourth-ranked Ar I .l f. -rveworked
.4i T R L CH Co mnl t o iler .. .. i 0 6 o ... 4 60 r-1--- o -t. cYOUta Mtdisparitye
o04th FA p r....'.'. he 0gtr o- WY_ .. .. .7 10 ~5M3o .toe full re-
manshFA....d 1o theTru 181nd S0-t; enr h the calen-
q. former White So / "o" A GUok on (. -4),4 K loo (_), ,d nB lereQ_'_ at.rt oytn ber l_. s. one in -
eclared the 1052 Holy TEAM- by Maj1oAlona (O),. tow (7) and t great a M V1M if and o ind e 3 ikeotoe Tse
Ieball edition was the 15th Naval E*trdh .. 2 .- .eely .mV41wil.e toma n_ e him, labored to
d college eam he Par Fan......... -... m.2o p
h ---i 1s1t.|A.A.C. ........ .. ..-2 -....... (Night Do *) e )e t01vre -.ul.m r s on om e1ouragement.
see. U.S..Hospital '.... t.........1.6,..7 1 2 10hatwer -ow I tcome.ou&4.IalWays get
Slsopreented the 7 1 Robinson for anul.
ma nshpSuadr noa the () Scarborough (2), Nixon There is however. Rn intangible thlt ae hope. It
a nSqd of Adbrook yC.Iis the dread that Meer, 41soflosinge t..t.ho. is
U ohand, ed-b M-jor U. g become an oemi...,n With him. etit oda again.
U-- Widlund. The 1978C teoa l iU y te -Jay.11t "a wa s a a ,

---,a -nk--ed by the Air Polcee team wifth flu a&. w5.,4- 1Jt o1*r10 hUom e.- w t .o -

u min the
_uldn't know
hi the results

A a

Wias aukin o um 1y*


-N my

-.v I .:

. l*ow

.. .... 0 0

' *' 3U.
a *. *ft*

Straight complete .me as thi
Yankeea breezed 4 victory t
scoring four Umeaw--" the fin
and coasting the UOande
the way. Joe OCa"i safe]
in bla 15thIa

Early nA b3th f0 i
The Tigers topp tRed So
with a 12-hit b that i
cluded homers by 0af PrIM
add ex-Red Sox Jaw "raftmfc
Virgil Trucks pitcWed ft-hlt
for his third victory.

Preacher's SUmftn
Hmur, um .. 0o a0$ ,
Sch'dtenst, Sb 4 0 1 4 i
Muslall, cf 4 4 1 1
Slaughter, rf. 4 9 3 0
Lowrey if c
Johnson, 3b .3 I 4 .
D. Ri.e 3 Is I I
ler. b .

NBso. L. .. 7 1 e

kra.n. b.4. *
/x, c ....

/'r .
,kah ..-tI .'
Raeft b. .I I 1 13

?ur~ori, ^y *
Fffm~f *;-*'l

,. -.- 0 -"

Postponement Ex1

To Affect Light-H
ii -o--

4 C-


..a .. U a


W4'~'~ ",



-~ ~.



r / A ::




* I 1" .-.

S. ** Y .
..^^ ': "o ^ .; .

... -.. .-- -. '

*"1, r.' ," t
il ,. ....... 4, Y,.,..

* w;.. .p~'y'w~r IYrn~-.~-~
,42.L,- ;:.*..~

i6 TY
esby Ting

Knked Movies

fr $2 Mion

EW tMOOD. June 24 (UP)-
A survey today showed that na-
t$AI-wide motion picture box-
ofie receipts dropped off more
tb 2,$3 ,000 la- st Saturday
ZWbt night when Bing Crosby
s other Hollywood stars went
o a coast-to-coast TV mara-
The 14 hour program which
iarketl Orosby's video debut was
produced here in order to raise
m to send the U.S. Olympic
tesm to Helsinki.
4* ,odby. Sob Hope and Dorothy
Latlour, eo-stars in many films,
obtained pledges of more than
$jO VW0 .from persons in an
w ks of life, thereby surpassing
the goal of $850,000 set before
the program. \

-- 2 ~'- ~

* *.: -.

*~ ~


flVV ? .IR ,
1- -1T. 95 ** .^ .
11> -MM I _

~A*1 ~ -



T he Democi.ic
I~~~ ~ '*k I. ) mMy^ f filt tl1"
f ,s LriU.ri.- i:c

RW U9~ -


between announcements of
ledges ranging from a low of JOHNN GUN R *
cents to a high of $10,000 W aTen for NBA Ierft
many top names in the athletic
and entertainment worlds con- I HAVE HAD the pleasure repItly of dtaks with e-
trlbuted specialty numbers. fauver, Stevenswn, airiman, and. 1Cer, 1 ln e-
The drop in box-office recei pts. mocratic spirant e,nd at one t dor ye md-t t
wbh In some cases was as nh man, BarkIey, Von Rayburn, Hmphi r on.
% to 40%, was more acute do they add p-te?.

n i s br-- ato eson tqe 5 not finally clwaMted, .ait a ver does
...etiur.lto th peak of a by de the fate of all t Ot i

sher east where the show makes him a birdndeed a t oMe%
ted later, people merely stay- truly does w t to iTM.
o. onie that night to await the I met him an hicago, rstened
S _____ to him speak -t a meeting and
then had a drinkwith him while1
he ate half a grapetrqlt (be
iin l ReVie doesn't drink Ol#er dinner, tmdI

Wlriln $Swdbw
.,L N, June 25 (UP) The
ets today revived their pin-
tactles against Berlin by
down traffic on the 110-
Slifeline highway between
four-power city and West
the same time. the I ts
bered military police pti
Ift the super htehway.

not much befte). The ext
morning we l.w to 8pringfleld
in his guberrnatial pla, ha4
lunch and later talked again.
Incidentally, I learned thkt
you pronounce -is first neaMe
"Adly," to rhy B With "Bradli."
The determinag reasaa why
he It reluctant -:t that he .1"
that it is lJdiparatlvea
voidable duty tiuan foet gW
nor of lMitIn~a'ft, win 41 I
sible, aSd put ,e a6ffatrs ow st

* It t, .- :
that he wii ito at -
-* ._ .12 ._ ^ & -


r-*u a

r A M '


a^ w

of 4oimsee 1no 40sm..
re to have W4 Wted It tetM04 dMI italt
bours for clearance due run, he w ll "S f tls t
Wiet alowdoWA si withot WrONat. -t
Cesrntt hot bWelWttag st V
tate 6 b ee Oamnin- M
we aedmpeit thefr thre u0 h i.r Dm inthi
r pIn psoees, where -of bOM t ft
ISv Zoe. 4%, ad the race i probably *mI
sed down for several easy (as ny Day ll
liHer today d4e to new liee It would be aghiln tA
I, but were reopened but not willing if it lo t a
iy change In pus pro- :
' b rdr Onerois -and gitatedM
lw bordermancident, the Ibeing exerted to mati
Police" yesWderd k id- son declare. it is difflo
at SSrkS aS; teke on extreme for any public
er of the Bri and say a ample "I wont" '0
sectors, 8tark h nad- presidency. Eisenhower
made a few steps into his same dilemma lB i n l
rritory while erecting a There is only one .
mark the border, when can unhook Stevenson
Ut "VOPO," police ar- is stevensan himself. fe'
d abducted him. he does notfinally,
unequivoc~ly aano
Joi n O will refuse to be a can
if drafted by the
rword Arsenal there t bound ot
!OR, June 25 (t Stevenson's madvan
whip joined the arsenal m y. whe aUke
Mdrworld toy Patrician weh M e JH
ive youths questioned Othe people. He
In Brooklyn early to- alone among candidsta, ,
ashed a bull whip and every president meeds
t the patrolmen. -a combination of boalh
te were arrested, and istratte and polite,
t welder, Alexander ence. Hle has been an
was charged with fe- governor, and he
Mault and possession in public service. He is
rous weapon, labor, Negapes fndf
cy. Yeist --
rien A.uto die-ot-the.T,. T .
rivM Auto both wnp of ie par
pp phically and he
; .i fVImph toughmlnded, wily and
gable campalgaw. 4v
M. Uilfum, June 25
awil'a mmi-leeret IefasT C I a
SAwMr M tomeblleH friendly nlx vbt*
e t 4 m-ph am a appear to i or
I -sum hre this him. He has n exf
record in Congre '

Rie M_ l
ap. i. .t e *

*I~w ,m

S .
^je s
* tta,1'

m 0"
. MaMtf
MeR gg


;./ '. ,. :i'. ." ,.,.'" ^"

^ '' ,'_ ^ ^ ..
: ,-'? .' .


I'@ hap-
-s eea-
(B "**

this *

^y wdil
ifets -

I ** ** "
j ,.;
h ll-



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