The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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H goi g e, 411 #p foeea mI t leo e...h aT TIMW Penis Abi
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'I have never been in an area where Americans hmve beer
so anappreclative of the fighting forest that serve their coun
try, -.z
S It s e1s that unless m ch obeoutymn Is provided with I
blueprint o the defense ietup h Massumes it to Me inaMduate
L on thinks he l,a tcviitn general posseilng tle mtar.
ak how superior to those in command of our Armed Jtus.
kHow About That-(Mal Box, June 21) coplsflSJK lg
awte protection. He perhaps would have ordered tlW udnti
f1e plane shot down without considering that It might e
commercial plan off,course loaded with his fellow countrymen
How About That?
I would like to ask this civilian a few simple questions thai
he Should be capable of answering with that ado4 brain o.
'-Where Is the permanent peace Mr. Civilian poised the
returning serviceman after World War U? wife.Jsl the
pperiLy promised by Mr. (Cilian? r-
"How about Mr. Civilian's tax collector and hftk'lhl and
eh4ating. What are you doing Mr. Civilian abotit tO' ctink
wemservicemen from individuals like that?
"What ire you doing Mr. Civilian about the rott4ims that
hb crept into our government and all the civilian tidy deals
th have cost US tax payers millions? We want 4oMe protec-
from this sort of thing.
What are you doing Mr. Civilian about the strikes that are
vingt our figiiting men in Korea of necem .., equipment
,; use against tne enemy? If those men are doiag to protect
yeo thej are going to need arms And equipment.
IHg lout Mr. Civilian who bought up 'all -1 surplus
e lpEMt and then sells it back to returning servkenien at
t the cost. 'I couldn't buy one Jeep after t wAr, but Mr.
Ci.l n had no trouble in buying hundreds.
;Now about Mr. Civilian that spent his tlipe In a defense
plot. while the soldier fought on the batttfrilekl1I4t did not
t6 thi poney Mr. Civilian drew? *
,How about Mr. Civilian who ducked away to tax free areas
to Iscape the responsibility of supporting hit country ,and pay-
ing taxes like the rest of the Americans?
I could go on. How About That, but I have a watch to
stand. I suppose you believe you should know where? Just
soop -around and you'll find out where.
A. M. B.
n reference to the "protection" the C0n. Zone receive
s ae weeks back when an unidentified aircraft flew unmolest-
si 0,er the canal:
SThe civilian who wrote and said he was grateful for the
f e-ctlon the servicemen gave him on that Occasion little
.l_3 we have no aircraft here which etam.n terept such an
I l he's so grateful why doesn't .e, w. M W. servlce-
h-nave same, so we can prowteo w p -al) e al
AnS while hfe's ta-It, he should also tA drdtbnd to

* i- ___ctor -OM M-

There la A me h -. I YOU
your aoul to call rem that

Making even more bat

andd ate ma sqa Amelrican
boys as possible with them in-
sides. mm
There prpgn A m ont-- It y ; iB-- ""

This s propaganda the skilfully
whipped up to keep high the
morale of enemy nations now-
supplying the soldiers to kill
our young draftsft in Korea.
n To get aboL to make
themselves ums fpr
briefing in JiMoscowe to be oble
S to sit as "Amrleda refprets*ft
S tatives at Peking temae con*
i ferences" undlr kAmericaf
flags, and to charp. that their
fellowe Amerffeats" Ore using
S horrible vermin lsad efrm
I plague bombs an orean and-
. Chinese women aid children,
these Ambricans, whose names
t I give you shortly, have tied
to our State Depawrtment Pass-

heir dotInutlons. They have
used aliases. They have betray-
ed their lend. '
And just as the overworked
SState Dept. Passport Division.
without an effective security
screening or policingsystem, be-
kin to crack down on such
non-innocents abroad, along .
comes a U. o. Senator to attack .
the Paport Div se and o- .. -
Splicate l thves of eof wus red
who air trying to iposm the
of Orewon. reads in na typical I.
professional lib'a1l style. Not P t P
real liberalism. Professional lib- W R
erallm. -
You know the kind. ft taker WASH11 1'. iW). A itWe;. on the of families will be inacfnd fr4j, today's It
such obvious and cliohe pose t s ot in ..j has just 0en M ade by million 'to 6. million.
lions. Old as Karl Marx bear .i Addent umLA's M aterials abc) C bmls- This s interpreted to S na that 19 million
and carbuncles. The Setinato on. This five-man group heae py1lilam new houses and apartme* must be built In
sneers at the Passport tivi-- d. Palby of Celumobla roadcrstig Co. has had the next 2 years. Conreplacement of
aton's efforts to keep thee So-9 ,taff of over 100 experts t work for 1bl dhobtlafnt means a aea r ap to 1.l million
vieteers from going abroad. Months. new dwelling units a yktr. ons comes with
-e shouts about uncheckedd Its job has been to make a lon-rage Msurvey the peak of 4 million Aew unite in 1I
powers.' He wants a Review on U. 8. requirement, s M pply and In atmo. it is -tft tt tL nu-
3ogrd. demand for such bse natwr b cop- kt of car s Imorei tliv e
When that happens the fel- Vt, lead j, d m. tine; eeCtric owner B et'Qleom 9f Oft tar la vy tteC ot V S'W tof 6or
low-travellers mih at just Iwell rodctcoM d mber. et*ry two to wo and a half 4lt
build themselves a bridge The Pak ,#evbon ho%,t bover n 80 That means mtM tabb e ow by
across; sea and air travel Pa in o. W be o. by It ts annual a e uto
couldn't te.r load.e el m n aic wL e' ",of, -
Arid .sAt, ws the U n

I point of view in regard to pay 71oBL E j3-.AL U t

e are a great number o civil o in the N C when, -year, m

ueuuo'sceero ...' .... dIfrrw rs bar n pa ts new fbers, the 1n

Sohe ld also "no et et tei n f hro e.5,iom19 t 121 3 to eep t he, i tject t e teas t. flB M. .
m ecse up to sort time ago t di not ha T. outfit, first expohos ed hm tb m
*o0 0 ftie. and culd p dodge the di oyran ft. aW yer% nag o os r s r. byriganeas tyruseorai s be
su t that If you pr civilians nl t your nearest rules Veison a Wile the Pale s intSed
center. teeaea larg numbe~hruoe rpad b- two no tr oosfhf-'btn wohen ithet Q

o wil CORPORA.s AND wDo, The Jo,. Aoduldde.en vafe ohha n t r,,e. orgsas t Iifl ar med ',a W -'

e.. a nrth .v tyoor eluo ues I G.klo -p. the .atebeje ra-bta tee o r

u cl g a Cgotna o hitte and ianti aned .a he b. 8. y fs nott gmA1 acultnew a prydgtetw 1Wl
think But 8M.l June 1,) co'l. be t.e "ool. ^ ^S fe3 fflSanght shor .i"f ,oan~. s _s _e ndbe....."n fo er .. _..
P a yel nyou w-a-dnt g to *-0 There is a "po commli ter i 1to uro ard telz aa. to -at ,olmf ,,,., t
ireJt uk tly .ro.mra wtte, U f te tn erC o h mai amarut dma nd rta t the U. Pale ommsalon tade m .
I4Lbe o in"tuta nice taurngtur, became a corporal's A a hr e ftdr vats reh athowAI t hete lMf wnu t
t rtanda it .B o t ft i l pee abot I a- of factors aa d to tafhnte ntion -'

Nge t a elor needs I to marsted ind have a aSl to t en comn As- N of 40 mon t year. m A s everythet .

frm N .ims holes, a Pn t on the platuW tpreem. a 'or
1e mttUreUPt .asorttimg e .Tise, o eutfitirst- exposedra -- --b y- ,

1 40 W.... _n o ld-o dge tehmeera t.o90 r did -not ... "the S W W1, ie _MnW ybwet&1t W
think D belagoInr ; co .ld be thet -

bi n tthtet IYoup f our yom,, T r, t,, .. a_.Cre. c donfmi aa M...M l
cetrtto h al g ea*u m. be a ,lp rd S-lLo n toroj eotib fe Woal Pt ryld ps10 6 f

e .s f- om m. th ne .l wl.e a- bout. aIw ..f fc t Im ir eto-* taf Iat f .. ir to-
coul d e mlsoeo C s s t mso 1* 8 wh t lt- lw le-I st. would

I t and i se in a r c4ral s ou W f 40iislno ri V. "yife ..
td T e n1 he willun 'oii -tb WI twad ysat o4 e r .'te r o" a
I 5in IIIsWle Wc I ns Eh e
I-.Jfe"forth& Ipe 'Moe I pator o SOAT SO a-+

My gl tud a im. .. I m Les.&Wt M,-wha t I M .,,- v -. u

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where A
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ik A.S 1
^^^.., "1 "


London wift
war, and tm
uteratbm e

fainly, the
to somebody, hn
nor of Illinos.

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K ^ ..,.. ', -_. -a ,
t Q A) B- ~ h of the lte Mark Hellln- it ^S*i- ti
r ,`%3y Tours: Starring tn a ser. J %m Bhop has Just turned rwinthfis%
IJ!I541htph mo.e without saying over a thlke manuscript, 215,000 I a Make 21
aisw6l'rd imiay be right down words Ioi, to Appleton-Century- 4 2 31
-w 10.Mar"'s aley, but Ray Mil- crote t inp hers, who will have .4
0m2 ebonfeesing he's nerwr the ography on the bookstalls 13 Walk dow. Ih
N" d o har In all ofhis 0 thisfall. I *atoonn }]
years in Hollywood. oi n 11
As the hero without dialog in Mickey Wooney's still denying 14xelmVat i
rt.hfier Harry Popkin's 'The talk about Jane Kean becoming o atemst
f t tief," a chase movie in which his next bride is lowe Wrt 9 i
o hsoe says a word. Ray told me: "We've been friends since wej lFrnch 10 I
"I've discovered that dialog were 14." he told me. "It's just a arehitec
a multitd -of sin Tn friendNship-.beHeve me." 18 Invest "
iHas l nd be thinking I quizzed him about the fall TV i 2 Youf ch*kt nll
li n11" put with. show. A grown-up Andy Hardy 21 Ontar f
,if year saPi w sn't on ro'a for Mickef in the on-film, 21 Produced a IT D
a doing, k shows up story-line half hour? colt 19i
Wt seroe aUplevb me, Ive "How can I play a grown-up S4Polet an a
etp re etiefs I never knew I Andy Hardy." he asked. "I have arrow in 11
ri. not grown an inch since I played archery gI P
i of the silent films even Andy." S Elephant.
compared to his role, driver
words w re flashed on The autobiography of Mae 27 Used in
I can't Even open my Murray. the screen's original sports (var.) 1
"Merry Widow," is in the final 120 Constrieted L.
3 writing stages with plans for a 33 Hawking
Hayden's pals are all film version. There's that '35 Unusul ,
a.. The big, rugged star is Lou Lurl, who recently tried to 3 rnmgwsi
eant again living under the same buy Warner Brothers' studio, 38 Adjective
..with his wife. Betty, and will finance the film. .umx
this time t looks as though the -3- D sMbll ed
reconciliation will stick. The Mrs. Bessie Taken, school 42 Reposed
stori played Cupid in their case. marm on the Fox lot, was ex- '4CMindu
,.... .. -plaining money values in the 45 Nhteral 'jt
Ted Donaldson, a child star studio classroom to six-year-old 46Poloponies
only-s few popcorn bags book. Georgle Winslow and assorted wear thee L
leaves for Europe in July to visit kiddies who work with Joanne 48 General
.10 countries in a college credit Dru and Dick Widmark in "Big course m
t. He's 18. Man." 51 Her pa1t ne
Finally sble held up a silver was eatt "
an Wynn offered to do dollar, dr on her desk so apples
Ui ng-eveh ba l his ex-wife. that the could hear its 52Bring forth
SMrs. Van) Johnson. into clank, and Lyoung
it cut down on the money "Anybody w hat it is''" 53 Comforted
S ta e's bepl shelling out "Tails!" ou i the Winslow 54 Moies
a b etsy Wynn did the moppet. 55 Followe
8 e heart aet to his recon- -- ....---- Gets up
livtop plea. er
o f artv Peters win get a quick ammi nmml es
".-vdrre from Robert Merrill by
,.hg4'Ip Mexico. /er reasons are
-~a. h"ir-raaing. They lived together WI.A ,W
chlytwo days. S
"-" .;. Roth's big chance to .". .
Of v thjat she's in the Ethel 8HELBV lLE, Tenn., June 24
.*$lImn league as a musical (UPi. A nephew paying a
1 cegfthIy star has Holly wood weekly visit found 8u-year-old
*- ttr4ng. Big-voeied Lillian has Charles T. Pink London ,a- *
.; lead in a Broadway-bound vagely hacked to death, .joni.|
lasical. "Gumbo Yaya." with an don's 71-year-old sister midaing
"' N 0 ow Orleans background, and three mysterious notes, o-01
---- fleficers reported today. ..--
-"" h'h Ford, who played golf A search was begun for -the -
s ard Ben Hogan in "Follow the sister, Etta London described -
Sun," Is still steaming about as a "trail otffan' who was
why the film wasn't titled "The last seen Friday. Some off her
Ben Hogan Story." clothing was missing from the e *UIEY
He complains: "The ads for farmhouse where the elderly
the film read, 'The story of two brother and sister lived about
rollicking kids from Texas.' Can six miles from here.
youw imaine that!" Two of the three notes read -"
Troub'. with Rita Hayworth "I did it in self defense," said ,
,dur filming of "An Affair Sheriff Virgil Orr. But the notes
duui .4i"? a were not signed and the Identity
sa^ S cot .atinn Ji ofn the Witt ek not been de- 00-

'Dbnell. back to work
bt bnfdhs after her sa.
Ihow. aundfea attack, is
,hr m.=lase. A year and
mally is required forl

. tcoaas legal giants' Jerry ,ds"
6eisler and Jake Ehrliek-M-rry a"y .
represented' Walter Wanger and
Jaie was Jennings Lang-'s lawyer LA
-4m3 barely nodding these days.
They've been staunch friends un- JACQI
tU now. police V
-- Iusual ow
Studios can now M t3? bidding an ornt
for the movie rifs 'to the blo- lawn of

b .: ., .. -. ,. .

MinerOi rock
arate nrwe
Month A amti'
ovellst, 30 aM
Onudat" ath ot
1artheware 31 U*^1, t
ragment 32 Act
eclaimer 34 Be 'pittme
ngredlent of wUs
tomn bomb h shipieckinh
Rate ss1bts
leasure walk 37 Hunth dofg

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awl hairlook handso
*ndhe~l~iy^^Htingt y^yBoeooof- J^
C, too ... w dmpsadayl I Tr
and me for-youre lf
f- I I0.. t hgaaghM B.M

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A *ap Op.~

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Smasw w mw iirfea. B Come.

I' nl.A' l M

t los w.c Girt

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#8 M-
47 Dne
100 r

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L lint

Senate Defense Cut
!s..a a

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i today I

It con-
conmi- tial 1
J .Blah -Pe




A litMercurio "
Mnims it possible!
Cdie. in today for one
of these smart, 17-jewtI
pgofiled witches, with
,hgrbome golMfilled
biu attached

Mea's and ladies' models- 'di f

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ta.*. -"ia

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Wgr us L' '.

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bow and

SWI 'w WfSwr
gtgagen Un Ter a y.

*iw IM fND S chao e ssythe pro-

neg u a 2,89-
.' k~ fw as lU ~lu
at* are, n~.O and sh UM artyW
i arme6 l^|iO .. ...

S r.


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" *4t B ..i- ; -

- a-;-r.l clef g iWh seke paJ iiile i .t
*, .^ M A. Mmol l i
a r m w. ; a.2'd"6 o f I n ,...., a w l =s s

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m. t. -*.*a*-t



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p .1 ,4$:"' -

oe el pow d

JW "- i n
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r 7 .%'.1f_ ,7 : ".".,.." 1 ". 1*
I T .hi' I.
* .,_ ......... J'"- .''-'..*".' ..,* ;.-

a wait

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.i^, i
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FY T-A -

aw,:n w d.near k IV

, ':' "

pBa mar
autop ~-kj
gjagg fup

.*-.r ^ "+ *:_i+.: -. : I I -, .
.. 5 '- ". ;- .*'^ ;- ; -4L. .-- n ; j
+ -. ,' .^ "-- .. -- T ^- .'
. ..S Y.-.B :. .

,' .i'.',;

I'ou Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em Athr P.A C ife

I leave your Ad with one of our AgenWt or our Offices io No. 57 "H" Stsr e Panam I
No, 12,179 Central Ave. Colo

Lewis Service
*4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Sakli de Bdelle Americas
*# West L3tb Street

Carltou Dr"u Statt
10.0M MeleMdee AT .-:a* te e CoM"i

Agecs termacioal de Pubflcaciomne Propagsuia, S.A.,
S Lottery Platm Phone $I1M "I" Street owlt it
Phones -M34 Mdo =-

... for 12 word.
* Ib* lNmntiol word.

IhOu ld Automebile a e s b M .eb I sm. E njoy thA lAt A SiESSIONAL
.... Wile .ee.stin m M u. m at mossWELso. Wide rf af
yR5SiLE=p.tefrnerator 25 or 60 Service Personnel nd Civilian 205 Aiib, accommoiartlons and rates ".
*cycle. New enamel, unit just over- Government Employee "POTOeANIA l ee.1" Caro1AL1t entpremises or phTi.e 4O
eCyc. elle.ncodt. $75 Insist o7 .-230 evenings, S -o r ALL OUR FAcT?
Phon 322 Governmen Employ F e Co. Wil remain closed from Jun 28h rundu onyt5ime. Your dealer Is out Of oa
00. Phone 6-3 G___ ent p yoyu finance your new until September 3rd 1952, for re- 56anim O ......
F-b-SAhLE -Kenmore washing ma- or-- cr modeling. Any one having work Foster's furnished cottages, hoH mie A L K ILL
"chine. 7 cu. ft. Coldspot refriger- AGENCY MHNLI-M R pending please call for it before date beyond Santa Clara. Ges refriger-
.ator. Call Balboa 6335. B&trween No. 45 A -emebie Row mentioned, ators, ranges. Special rates wsk o. w
ly or monthly, private roed a .fthow could we know
S Phone 3-494 349 From alboa through the PA MA beach. Information isit-ILL was suddenly
FOR SALE: Household furniture. FOR SALE:-4 tire 6:00 x 16 .4 CANAL by dmies launch. $10; to mar. Thioli Avenue No. 6. at to break all pra, -
4mahpgany leather upholstery. Gen- ply brand new in one lot. Phone San 1Bos & Paertabtb, $45. From phone Panama 2-0170. tiS sales records for
electric refrigerator, new con- 3-2316 after 4:30 p. m. Marga- Cristobol, $40). Three big days, etlcldes In PanamA?
.eril elr cherip It Street. rnta 8027 July 4, 5, 6. Call Jungle Jim, PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages. The (A shipment I. due this week)
edition Selling cheApr 13. Hotel El Panama, 3-1660. only court In Santa Clata with an
JP-r Mill' house 7. Apt -'.--. FOR SALE:-51 Studebaker Storhight Oceanview from all cottages. Steps S O. F. NOVEY, INC.
l 9 cu. oupe, 4,000 miles. Reasonable. SPROM AL CUMiE=R ONS! to beach, Rock Gas, refrigeration, Distributors
S5 cycle. ExcelMlent codtion. n Coco Solito. 2-G after 4 p. m. FROM w ANAM85 Oui 1 MXICO barbecue and shuffle board Pon- ilitralAve. TeL .3.410
:o Migue. hosel1ent C md__ __- one way $85., round trip, $135 (15 ama 3-1877, Margarito 3-1673,
dro Mn uel. G FOR SALE.-195 2 seater M. G., day-lihmil, $160. (good one year Box No. 4-35 Balboa.
hone 4-430. 5.000 miles, like new. $1,500. to LOB ANLESL, one r way, $149. No 435
F0 SALE--5 bamboo chairs in one, 85-2145. 15, round trip $ 52.35. 190 day* Williams' Santa Cl ar Beach Cot-
V$M $15 00. Margarita 8021. fPhoneiFOR SALE:-1947 Chrysler (Wind. limit) Pnoama Dispatch Service, op- tabes. %Two bedroom, Frigidiere.. L U X
-12316 ----- sotr Sedan. Good Mrichanical con- posite Ancon bus stop. Tel. Panoma Rockgis ranges. Telephone Balbia
SALE -9 cu ft. Westinghouse dit;on Good tires. New brakes. 2-1655. 2-3050. Economical proposition VENETIAN
Mrgerator. 2 year guarantee.. $800 00. 77-D, Pedro Miguel. Special flight to Miam, 5000.July-Octoberstes leave. At BLINDS
couch. 3 pillows and cover., after 5. June 26th and 28th, Panama Dis- uckly-
M diningroom table. 4 chair FOR SALE.-194 Chevrolet con- patch Service, 4th of July Avenue. qu ickly. a
mnum venetin blnds. H verble, black with S/W tires opposite Ancon Bus-Stop. Tel. FOR RENT e ,
24. Haines Str ee i radio. This cdr in cellent cen- Panama 2-1655. l
Balboa 1871 9 diton. Price $1,195. Can be seen ta i H ou Tel. -1713 l
S SALE-Leaving Friday. 1949 at Quarters 590-A, Ft. Kobbe. Tel *Ea FJ r R- 22 E. nth St.
.Westinghouse Refrigerator, 25 Cyl Kobbe 6141. FOR RENT:-Furnished house, three ---
'l p ahogany dningroom set., C E --1 liU bedrooms. Altos del Golf, for one
S mogan s beds Iship bunk FO ALE -Ri s, rou NUSE oHOUSE or two months. Call Panama 2- AIIAMA BROKERS. INC
J4 ll mahogany bedslophip' bunk Dodgr or Plynouth'cars. Colon Mo- O Nu wNi l, Heusi 0074.WBO,
:(rle, with spring. Porceln top Inc. Panama qnd Colon. MANA Na Botel 91 Panidwi tl
ktchen cabinet. Dresser with mrr- I tr P WnE PAI.R plumbing fixtures at RENTesLIG: Panami oretal
:rI. Kenaore washing machinPe, 25yupoe nO-ered u rR ENT lua*..cen .aI for.
ic4cle. 3 pr. wood horses 10' bv Position ere guarOnte pft r neat work. sA sn mce Co. an d Palnsy
4A"I Miscellaneous household Ltems. -rsablebilingual.Panani MPAIA M tPLOM-.- Los (c mon aMd wI-
Crr St. Balboa, phone Presentobla. bilingual. Panamoni COMPAA ll !M PLOMI- w (omon e-
22- Crr Bbosaleman for high paying position IA,. S. A. Phone 3-3350. Justo ALWAMIRA PARTMENTS ferred).
.'?53. -.. with established concern. Mail Aroserene Ave. and 29th St. East. Modern furnished-unfurnished apart- re.. U4*1K -lO i t
F k SALE -Norge ice-box 9 ft. photo and qualifications to Larry, FOR SALE:-Latest model 120 Bass ments. Mad service optional. ConFrench
Netonal Raodo NC-1S31. House Box 134. (Classified Section. Accordion. Case nd iuona tct office 8061, 10th Street, New iFrenand
1573-G, Balboa. Teephne 2- Fng Company has opening for a ookn.uded Casurue andu, ns tion Cristobol. telephone 1386 Colon. MODERN FURNITURE Intnmd tc
4402. a_______ __ a Spanish English office girl, FOR SALE: Large bookcase with FOR RENT: Small ground-floor COWlto AeKu L| -Co "
Must have thorough experience in gloss doors, linoleum 9 x 18 green Amertent in cottuplage. Suitable for tlitpcow I oReplatM
Commercial accounting, payroll and mahogany sewlno chest, small Amei couple. Newly pointed. MaT me from m E
general office work and furnish clothes heamp *d table 1949, queto c(Al, itdependent. See from (A ul.Ii ( e
Miscellaneou good commercial references Ap- Ford Sttkl mf. "ftI reljiS -4 to. J St ..07.Q.teils. donum-"S sop]
ANTED. To rent by North- ply detailing positions held pre- mhae 1'.Sl- I-A, Curun t ."
*Americon couple. Two bedroom iously and slate minimum salary du,,ju263b .
lbuse or apartment Furnished, un- desired. Do not apply unless you F .
i or part furnshed. Cal' qulfy P. 0. Box st nd hock
fu- 4. cal. *( 1ff1ter, rusto nd pil priW.E dtr lle bite.
*NTED:- Unfurniahed apartment I.. Pato ""s Poteo g S tip fri t lnti SIl.l i "
'wlth one a two bedroom. Phone LOST:-Dork p riptierin FO -G Sh Pup- i il sect W k nd rate or
f El Pn room annex oft lboa Commi ry or es'l wko 292 Old En- an I" 'Phone 2-24*1,
'A kb.f:-- 0 or 51 Ford Hlmdt- viclnlty. Tel elboa 164. tA 'Pnd banmme lf Club. Tel.3- .Flt RENT:---Furniithi ro with
r. Ca 80-9. T 3008 kitchen privitlge. Mall 2."'257, 2-M22, Panama.
ANr.TO BUY: Lot apprO> .x o
4f in Cong)o. ElgGolf, El
Coco, jCensp Alegreor other suit- Y.
ib tgtan. No Mide men, will. Jb YouCou r ...d. BS
leal only with immediate owner. IfU W W It nured In C.
:Write M* E 134 Departomento I i .FOR RfT- f, t, 1 o- nl n Se irte your maid
Closif icdos i m The Fort o0obbe Service Club catid-at No. a- AnJ 18h P i working.l if your alld
u celebrated I ts third annivesaiA Now oFcupi'ed by hri's Asuco- t ame ane a
TasSunday afternoon with a birth- rer eLa 1 Estrallo." Rent-100 y$ could be suet for a alieJbli
WARIWO JYune S (UP) 4tY 'at the Service Club, monthly. hone enama 2-=7 or sum a mouv.
lU* S IVl IW W 1 -The Bena tS. mueW ymtera atrnitsd by more than 900 3-0763. bOur Con e atve oPersonal Ls
to conakdes a proposed constitu tt. blilty Pa ywn ote outlyo
Mtional Lmendampt 'Which would entertainment rwa offered up ato t far anls 10-per-year.
have barred the Wlsldeit from by the dub's Instrumental
i, ---- -- j seizing the steel Indatry, or riP, the lrt Robbe combo American Insurance Co.
A f any other private property with. club's quartet, rendered a canIl m
w Ars AK (tIout the consent of Congress. oAmber of popular tunes. In Zoom 10, A fNo. 5 142
The deadline for registraon Th52 to 3 call vote was 'Motion, the 711t Army an
.#Th~e deadline .for.r9 trltlnproceded by an angry row inz0i qed for dancing from 4 to 7
WI the arts and craft summer which Senate Democralft Leadm -
reatlon program is tomorrow er Urnest W. M3f l pa* ia pro Uffet upper was served the r
most Canal Zone commun- tested that MecOaan brou t ring, which Mrs. Dorria I SSES
Iii, it was announced today. up the proposal without con- ~g tell, Port Kobbe service
nlldren who fail to register sulting the Senate Democratikc director, estimates was the SUITS TOPPER
chairmen by tomorrow will leadership. l dedIn the o listoBry. SUITS TOPPERTS
t be accepted later, the an-uded ang the n st LOI IRT
Aimcement said. b~eun ma McFarland .was supported tn re Col. Robert Douglas. B
will be ordered only for his position y Benate Rub- Iandif 'Ofler., rd InState e Prices
Sof those who riste. lica LedOar Styles ri-s i l lRegiment and Mr *
of the programs will be- (N. H.) and Sen ate GOP W las, who di the honors o c.
nthe week of July 7 and can-. Lveret Saltonstalln Iu j telling the giant birthday Cake, t 5c .
Aug. 16, for two days The big fr noIved a ues- A4D111glas also held the
week. ,Lon e tve procedures jM1"' Inl aadoor prize num-
alboa registration for both ter than the eure que t of b ash tray
and crafts and woodwork- tloW. Mioi Tolanda AnMeha won the Bolivaw a
will be held inthe .,Balboa i.Wayne Morse (dK t7. ofsthe
Sfrom 8:30 5.3. l Joined Bridges and salto=flI Company, 1 Pare, o
working clans Is apatr P votn g with M M Ofa the winning door prize N E IW COMMEMORATIVE
arts and crafts and other Demom4 .. umbr -among the men. was Stamp own sbove, cmmem- IDr. A. OS.LAC JR.
from eallncommunittes "tRngy F.uMhSe V4Va.r .0wlrdld an overseas telephone o1ang the Rth snulvmary of
will be Ima011 on Othyer Dhe tab u of o Dr. ( LLAC
and Wedneday sit e rm, who the Ruhmore, D. Nation rk
fm 2 to S p.m., b legin- port of 30 Republleas, uonvictswill go on e Aug11. . ., e.L cted four Convids Evade -sho w- the.h .-
July 7. differnet attempts to givetPeie- George Wastngton Thomas
and m dent T ma power to aie the fntinuSd frm Page 1) Jefferson, Abraham vUnal and Pa r uat
Ws. C arles s ra ke by the 00 CI 5WO- IPW- --4ca e i htim em bin sculptured on ti ,p d*&ti ,s

nrow ~r atma proved an amoAagt ',- *yowitness on Anchieta --i-- a --4 pm.
d only from en w control law qum the break i d about a ata : I .
Mo the community. Truman to invoke the' a.min. Pridgy. A woodcutting party
lons at Ft. Gullic?1Jaftley law to end the walkot. Outside the prison wal over- Pel Am. TeL 3-1
until July 2 at the JThe House is e-pected to p'1. powered the guards. Other o- (1 blok A Theatre
Past o 3lhan he. a similar amendment Wed i-vita stabbed the storeroom

5 to 11 a.m.: A urandulthero a ngend dtaebing ton oard em d a guards and prison an- ANOE
Jouoe, 01 to a m.; of Its authority to settle din- at e ass es.m I h
ymn, i to 2 pa.. jates. MoCarran's a r.
r--- weuld hai wr*la into w at Wln r Ifmb we i
aDnsttutiem a patsylelo oer l e atlw n were

lpemn a giut Ielp t..

iinal s'ram (UP) -
m,. =,=.=.e,,' =

W4L m S ,__ _

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m-- r --

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;- -: .+..

I ON IN fNPbONIAaM"OtsmWmt Ardok0e 40 w b n
ett Nam forms sae M an am i ItW fadi il.t t.e MoDuc roon. Ts
o destror e&sd ra ." y .I... .
Ax Mtn' i ;)- .---ri

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iM dec-bdA-
is ./ ew .. .- .- "
"_" ...- o ,. : --

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aVI eeals
A4Aerlftu (VOA)


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Tpe PAMA AMhftCAN n.MeHi
Saw, eit 9 P -iM

Ilisad '!D158, sit
ho'S Mff~'Ing to domoliji gbseN lUI
g~a1Ier~ ueven-pound @ui tue iii

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Panama Canal


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quite safe. Ive tif We
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tnt case, of course, muth
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146-" somm ntator's )g
! (VOM)
9100--MaI A 00 (aBC)
i N..WtM aunUtn Hour
1i0-Th-Mor OUIld on'the Ai
11100-The Owl'a Nat
1 ;0o-I4ga off

of America
UiBrondcautn Cor1 -
Rpr ufl'on FtmuaUm


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over 75 dffret patterns

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'3 t.~VhItSiL~ 'ati~i~* I


Yankees Whip Browns 1

Joe.Collins Hits 2 Homers

'o Extend Hitting Streak



~..* :~ ~

..'N*W YORK, June 21 First baseman Joe
Cq.;ris, extending his I'itUng streak to 14 conse-
cutive games, blasted a p.-ir of two-rin homers p'us
a ,louh'e to snarl the Yankees uphill drive to de-
flrt 'the Browns 14-10 at St. Louis and increase
tWi'r" irst place margin in the American League
toq*'tf nd-one-half games.

TAMS-. W6dm Lost Pet.

an, .3


During Collins' hot run he has Red Sox uprising at Detroit In TODA ME S
collected 20 hits in .53 times at which 15 men went to the plate. pitt bmrh n (N).
bat joa .491 average. His first Ivan Deloek went on to win his C. l-1 aLl0at--bJa (N).
ho jir last night broke a 7-7 tie, fourth game although he need- St. t jjVi. i
in 1le i"th inning.anid the next ed relief help when Detroit scor- Cointurtl t ork (N).
on. tlth lghted a four-run rally ed four runs In, the last two In- .. .
In te seventh as the Yankees, ninys. Walt Dropo homered for YESTIRnA.'E RESULTS
pulu Am'ayv with a 17-hit attack. Ithe Tifers. (NIt sme)
Rizzuto. Hani; Bauer and i Jackie Jepsen. Mickey Vernon.IPittsburgh Nl .000---3 p5
r h firp Bridewelser also Jot,Jim Busby.and Mickey.Grasso Boston jofxo S B
tlSapiece in the three- made two sapeceasteen-Friend (3-10) alme 8) and' them pair.
h -o minute marathon played _atrs an eaChicago.e McCullouh, aragiola (81; Cole,, anof d
inZu-degree St. Louis heat. F rank Shea with late relief help Johnson 12-0), (5).HR-Bell 8th,' SiortUP nnd 0coamd bas .(N. or v wery o S
e'Redl Box took over second, from Joe Haynes gained his fifth Mathews 11th. ys in 0 game. (N.A-
plce by winning another slue-1 victory since comnngj to the Sen- .
gile batle 12-6 from the T 'ers ators from the Yankees. ST. LOUIS at BROOKLYN
wlp'gn'r.even-run fourth Innin. Gus Bell started the Pirates off Postponed, Inclement Weather)
rally whlle the Senators cooled in front with a tbree-run horn- i flr 1 9-" "I. II
8n the only National Leaptie .I' sixth and went ahead 4-3 ,Postponed, Incntg'nt Weather)
ge.-e. the PErves defeated the after rookie Ed Mathews banged! 'Pot e .eater
PI tes 9-3 The Cubs-Phillies. his tenth homer. Then they blew CHTCAGO at PHILADELPHIA
Rs-Glants and Cards-Dodgers the game wide open with five Postponed, IIemient Weather) Tm
a ere rained out In the Na-'more runs in tie eighth as they -"IWo nf w f a# ,Tra u tn,
ti I JLeaerue and the Indians batted around ,and Pittsburgh,1 W. o" ..r
a A intletics were not sched- committed three more errors-l, Ael
ul In the American. two by catcher Joe Garagiola. Am icaun leU *
orep Kell and Sammy White The Braves made only two hits .
ea singlcd twice during the big In the rally.. ., TEAMS- ., Wn Lost rt.
-- .New York v 8 ,5 2 ,p '
SC st6kal Takes 3 of 4 Op ners : Chicago ...... 29
ALCleveland .. .. ..*-35 29 .i47n
Against Margarita Jr. Hoopsters St.ult :.... r : Ol4
Philadelpha .. 30 .4-1 4L-
o Detroit .. .. ... I 42 11 In the first game of a twil- tey both have Intentions about
Friday morning marked the dresses. Libertad and Lamis were bill held Sulnday night at tlu. l, p e games in their favor.
oneqlnj. on the Atlantil side of high scorers for Margarita with TODAY'S GAMES Balboa Gym, Charlie Brow~ aILTe two school teams, Balboa
thefp'nal Zone Junior Basketball 14 points each while Luna scor- NeW York at St. Ueulm (N). Madur team defeated the .bo W th and Junior College, seem
Le aue. v.hich is sponsored pnd ed .1 points for Cristobal for the Washington at Chncago (N). from Farfan by a store of have an eye on each other,
co lucted bv the Ph'slcal Fd1u- scoring lead on his team. The Philadelphia at Cleveland (N). 33. The Mlduro outfit shoWbd arid Farfan outfit is out to
c amn pad Recreation Branch of final score stood at 35-32. Boston at Detroit (N). they had the fine ball qlob amend their misfortune in the
thyr DIvl on of Schools. i that the fans anticipated. last game.
Tbe Class "A,' "B." "C." "D ", The box score: YESTERSAYfS MSULTS Ed Capablo grabbed the hon- The box scores:
ana "E" teams of Cristobal and' (Nihfti Gt em) ors for the high pointer as he
Margarita clashed In the first Margarita- FG FT PF TP New York 0400V2 401-14 17 1 tallied s. fielM goals for twelve MADURO
games of the season with Cristo-i W. Wetzel.. 1 0 2 2 St. Louis 401200 210-10 13 1 points. e tate l ie t
bal taking three pof the four E. Scott 1 0 2 2 sca tRet FG 78 TP
games,played. Marearita scored R Oris..... 0 0 0 Washington 02.L 000-- 11 0 upIa* i I.i Fe" on .. .. .. 2 2 6T
itsa anlv victory of the day in the Libertard .... 7 0 3 14 Chicago il01h 0--4 10 1 Fr, n 4aM'' l ch" .. .. .0 0
Cib1 "D" competition. I Lamls ......5 4 2 14 Shea (5-2), ymesa mad Gruas- Ftnt. -'" t gffee .. .. .. ..3 1 0
S Te first grme at Margarlta."ennett ... 0 1 0 so; Brown (1-2), en edy, Do- j ,-o .. .. .. 4 2 1 10
be e;..,the two "C" League Taber ...... 0 0 0 rish and Iollar, SHeely. I nthle Becond',-hit apbl .. ".. 6 0 5 2
was a walk-away for thel -E-s c-. "a 0 12
Crlb-boys who showed more Totals....... 14 4 11 32 Bston 001 '(14 i".a 0 -2
experience and had greater re-, Detroit 0l-1 8 8h '" 1
serve power. Final score of the' Delock (4-8) .aaborouB and ed A -, n
game stood at 32-13 with Haw- White: GraOy-'( ',oftWhfte, rickd 2 t., ..s
uhorne and Rov Ferkins lh' Cristobal- FG FT PF TP Johnson and Swift, ihnsberg. a ck'# 1po' ...... 2 0 4
scorers for their -teams at nine 'rl- .... 1 1 1 3 --- man f 'rw
anda an points respectively. Anderson 2 1 4 5 (Only ameasedbedued.) tS ttO BN', t ob ', 50
M T eox score:- ,'-i.rada" 2 0 2 4 -- ,-- tlatken to make .,a T_1 BB. -5
MRrsmra- F FsFT PF TP Custer. .. 3 2 1 8 hI b pooW-g.etter P *tri. o
D01e st 0 0 1 "C ,'mn .: 6 1 3 3: _3-'_ ___ _.. -" "._" F A R F AN_
-rey .. 1 0 5 2 Vargas ... .. 1 0 0..2,.
S ey: .. 0 0 4 Tra '. 15 5 11 3e Oarta V4 boy seem FG FS TP
Pe-tins... .. 3 1 1 7 Box scores of the "D" and "E" T, I ne sl ot, lII l ro French ...... 3 1 7
B .. ... 0 0 1 0 Lnue pams were not available n e 9pectal ea~re WeFt .. ...... 2 2 6
c J.. .. .. 0 0 2 at this writing. to gle th and Stoke........0 2 2
.... R..asr't.. .... o0 0 0
Totals ...... 6 1 10 13 ...i es ." .. ; .1 4 6


usMJU B earvey
n, of the ost sought
Ol1gI in recaot ydMt. bad-
4d a Iiemaininl year of college
dalbility for S5,000. The De-
-44 t Tiger prime led the Big
Ten in batting thit pat season
with a 444 average. (NBA)

Army Sports

-'.ORT INOBE After drop-
pbag its first two gaines in tae
PanamA Area Armed Porems Ba-
kutball League, the 38d Int1aty
Regment hit its stitde, whlppin
the 7461st Signal CorfU tam, 51-
13, Friday night, June 20. at the
FPort Clayton gymnasum.
The Blue team frant Poat Lob-
be took the lead at hOwtlpft and
coasted to IttI fhI I L.. Once
again Matthew 8taunswlth led
the 33d scoring, h .ftft 2 field
goals for 20 p fIeri h
haa mcovedE o ,1.t *
3dl Infantry- PG T IW W I
Cmorey ...... S. 2
Adams ...... 2 0 9 4
Stankewich.. 19 9 V e
Ieed.... ... a '
Troutt .. I.. 1 1,
Besmard. .o.. 4 9
Totas., ,, q "i ,* !
741ft 7M
Mabeney .. .. 1 I.
=ebrien.. $

G0F-The Prost
era ag&th

Totals. .. .. .. 14 4 5 32
The "A" Lea-ue game whirl
was by lar the best game of the
io ing wnt to Cristobal In the
6lnit moments of the final pe-
ioW" afthr Margarita had held,
the4ea4 throughout most of the
l .These two teams show
ise of some really first class,
b1n1ettun as the season pro-


wed give you no anxieties

I M iad be so Mrtless might, no tears, no baby disord,
-* Y. ho Aw 't a Pasnoms Infants' Powders handy.
iMbij i ee bwr e wearM abe found them soothing mmd
w w Whs bu-in slwheugh sen ithang, mad, bme of W,

Ga gher .. ..
annon ....
Mclain ....

.. 2
.. 0
.. 2

Litwack .. .. .10
Chrstlleb .. .. .. 1
Pulifam .. .. .. 0
Wolbtook .. .... 3
Jitko .. I, 1
Dtwe .... .. 2
Hilzitger .. .... 1
Cfabtree 6..... 6

Davdsn ...... ,. 2
ay .. .... .... 0
lburne .. 0., 0

'ansee .. .. .,. 1
Mtlelr .. .. ..

oas .. .. .. 0

:w -- :-0

cr6d ChtaIt" Iatld 1liKe.
eh. The llwl youMatera plaYed
southern C iBnia, mIde 6 double

No Place

win, Frick

United fCorto ta t
COLUJ, ., June t (2 P
of all AtBr--agues, th'bd
.l Ele out
btY, roing tan
womtn .an t join a tea .
The -behu 1., 24-y aii- 6
brunette wtO fully inlg
but resigne "Baseball is Ak-
ing a 1f take in keeping M
and other woften ou the
sport." sbhe sad. "WOan
able to play it and the obfTials
should recognize that teet."
The Iarrisbugs ea., Senas-
tors of the leM atet
sgnead the
er e A iiiw _
off a 6Ge t
her "t o ',
ht houae wdit a .
deelane ge wMnewB let .
irantman,, #2s F na t
inie. i ann= e
Baasball Oou toner r
Frick a o woman .eow
play b l. A club wh *
ed a womsn t would be pU1= _
he reld.
Irs ngle bit her lip to f
back the tears when she reei
the a4 e* at Harrisbarg.
Sthl&t abeball U makhn a b
miaten." ahe said."But I sa 5
have my accordion. I'll just keep
up my entertainment work.
"m tu9M h with baseball."'
She a-dM ban)b Tor the Har-
risburkg pla#e& who didn't want
her qon itte sea. "I still feel 1
can bat 4 1. just as far as any
of those e ."
Traithlf Uflttd that
there is m-ltg In baseball
rules abOt tf 6 of playerS.
But he *MA tMt hdwgatlg of
a woman w e lt a "travesty"
and "not ta the bt0t lWterest of
Trautman sMi4 *nto contract
with Mrs. Engte.teBr ws exe-
cuted by th gs5~b, but
that he wo0td n,.rdM2 "t, any
club which aW t "g
through the osinBt ng dgn
a woman,
Harrisborg Gent Manager
Howard. GordIonl a d
signedd Mrs. ot
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US Approves

Perto Rican


- The Senate yesterday voted Its
approval of the new Puerto Rican
self-government constitution.
The constitution now stands
approval by both Houses of Con-
gi'ss. However. because of two
amendments added by the House
of ReproeShtative and one insert-
ed yesterday by the Senate, the
doeume must be submitted to
a eon a ce committee. A final
verslOi i then be formulated.
and 00t to both branches of
The ifrovfilon Inserted requires
that any proposed amendments
or revisions of the constitution
-nust have the approval of the
US Congress.

The House of Representatives
had deleted from the Constitu-
tion one section of the article on
human rights. While the widely
r wn basie right such as free
ch. freedom of religion, the
r ght to property and to freedom
of assembly were retained, the
IWgmakers eliminated certain
hne r "rights." including the
ftht of every person to obtain
rk." the "right of every per-
i to a standard of living ade-
4ate for himself and his fami-
ly," and "the right of maother-
hod and childhood to special
(ge and assistance."
many lawmakers felt that these
were more properly aspira-
Sthan fundamental rights.
*The House also had amended a
provision for compulsory public
education so as to protect the
fightss of Puerto Ricans to send
thir children to Catholic schools
I.'they preferred.
Vhse two changes made by the
se were retained and approv-
Mt by the Senate.
The Senate also voted down a
;al to amend the constitu-
so as to limit the term of of-
ls of the Governor of the is-
ltnd to four years.





Democrat Darty

Written for NEA Serviee

The Democratic Party, like the Republican Party but morb
so, Is not in st d t truth a unified party It I*, but a lelly-lfite
coalition. It w~ve up in a variegated, loosely-tifd bundle pea*
pie and Inter b In a.? states and sections.
The easel wy to prove this, if proof te needed, is to ask
-What rauns It
Answers: The so-called "solid" South. (b) The urban
machines in big northern towns.
This Js aR if, let us say, a potion were p be made of ta
and ink. 6A factors in apparent Irreconaiftlty, conao r
merely that the white South is overwhelmnl etf Anglo-Sa1 h i
Protestant ,i''li; thbe great northern macs rely on vhse,.
largely threCt n born, and descended qt, foreign bo |
Or leot iioWgt? .
A list of leasdng Democrats, not
including cadLdates, will em-
brace men like Senator Byrd,
who is to the right of 3aft;
James F. Byruts, who is scarce-
ly on speakJag terms with his ti-
tular leader, Mr. Truman; Per-
nard M. Baruch, a very different
type of character from Byrnes,
but one who probably shares the
same feeling about Mr. Truman;
old New Dealers like Supreme
.Court Justice Douglas ind Sen-
ator Lehmaa of New Yorkt: en
who hate tWe New Dal like Jim
Farley; pntidlluvian eity bosses

'i ) s~ ioftt's hUp
p-i we ^t *e V- con-
.emt t a' W 'the, pets-
i, a, ,l, vit e of this
'iI i~Um~~prH yThis is
mt 4Mrl h- stm s Fg i Demo-.

,ee.- tkhbe a P i ,they wil
M fw She by lMe t(;'i r, prts on*

,i -. .. ,.| '..1 ,,
e- Ton

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rw with #A
"r, t, w
the me .40

to bent-*

S FA- -l EL- ve r"ei' iPM.
. 'ASA FASTLICB--Exclhuive representative ia Paus.

Uans and oneeedp qwfb. South ai, s, at
What then,SU" -ipWWrt, ihivable I *BO
rthe Democratic .aTAnd mst u
holds It togethdrT bly by whA t Mw 'Wata t, ~ e i
The answer ,s, 1 1it4 aWIth '. civil rights. Inr. a 1'
political pares. the 1 0r, 1 to "
in office amid ian =a 4 1. The (white) sOWfi wtV 0 S, 1%mi r.1tat th n. wayim
as mentlon in, 1 a t goes w IMoUt am. n io, t mto mNatdd u te ie An
article, the o.lnosu :any Demes t Wm t,
Roorevelt and w Bi w fctsOac t W is true t it would
set up a propa toW which ab ive won ewry a U y as
DemocratsA stI gve u Ien f he bad I .tha a t
at least, for doing aaswftling Jor uth each time, p TuM At OuSi
the common ma n. won 'o 1941 Mm g b he Jo
Now take elemages within the outh Carena, Ala W I a A1
Democratic Party en speatfle Is baat and Lo r toS U- A Air Fore
sues. By all odds the most Impor- iserat. atm OPcrashedA Pd
tant is that between North Mid cWhat countIa 4 that the S oth a S Aruf ha t A
South on the civil rights pre- such a qice, t t otA *Afa In IC mi __g_-all
graMn.t etel Vo1btl; s -st ew. It was the
Roosevelt captured the bulk -d the Democratic aoan ft first bomber Mf Its type- to
the Negro vote In the.North, and' oat with these vot'snmugy s n is. crah In Britain.
Truman has consolidated this. po.uet, and wWl Wed 'to piOk up .
Negroes, it is manifest, carry the. ly aerthern state to wn.
balance of power in a conslder- ---. EN QUICK
able number of claiIy conftepted Asnhwer Ad Taft __
northern compntStemo; the w et gfiM a gIB CUM, u (UM7)- A
gro Vote caan 4s diwve sz r 9P40i.^' Yshub, .s
ford to le i. lo se ILo.
For instance in l9 Trumamm aB be m ia e
carried Illinois by the minuscdle agu~tIaM M wMe emDOMOu.i4 SMwt





D wwaft l bn
pvenhd Au
.ro warBs
.72. .AVIk

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Off t'M *I.
amm rbf .i



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'-M ftj. .h-a-r ,.A 7 ` "7 ., i ^.- n ..? i

t^lllqe~f'Pl~l M!B*W li. ,.HII ll^? I,-., '"..-. -'A. ;. ".?.:,


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