The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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Thb Mel S a b peo e em fee osiest ra tomeS, APe'
LM, as e ..etaehr *** s o S mi* dles eutht or jt Pole, t
SlSiIil S. w4lte1 S al In-
ewe op. bestg oe p>leAed il b shie esNeeMS. vesth sa multi-
bum s t h ft* 1 (* eap la be ISin b fl billion dollar b cot
whrn at Moan bll MM iYi MSe 1T and gone. And t
* eTh-ifU .pleer m-e a- ueepenfti fee Sletylk p iumnhe a l 0V an h some -
the operate wll
S ra But was soon at no one wa
I answer to the article written by Bachelor (Ma6l ox. looking the bos ho provideroc
J ne 18) ssue. r fightiAt In t modern
far as Pan Canal houin oes. I'rm sure Im not well fortresaeS for *BlueIy o-
Sldbe but t totheubjt mnt oncetan makl
n. I can truthfully say, I'm as well Infred as our B- the big buck. -
I don't think anyone I biting Pan Canal for thO number On x be.a tuhray& de of p
S children they have. At least I they are, I h never diet iles e a t t se
A ffar as the term breaiding goes, I lway toufrght that w oa0 Ar bwO= 1 fe0
S'fat God Intended us to do? If not, for what purpoeD were an oe tht iil g
So86 P nan Canal is we to the servlcemnen's alW a month hnous- mber o o o ae a of
S lloice. Well myelf. I think there are a greh t many fit
" e em r aportnnt thnts th wt would bwfdt Pt Can" f A M
n o my opinion, and as long as this la a free country I have tm ertoot
A a shelor hs forgotten n his Mother was a woman and un- eslrisght nr e htN of te
douotedly a breeder a ndsgo. r nfodaIn I.At
IAnd while the Pentagon look
Could the reason Bachelor la not breeder be because there the other way, for some reason,
SlB6 womAn who will have him or could t be fe Just hasn't onme private. I eit agen
p the right one as yet. So you are "Permnntely. Happily. es still bite 0o 0 out Of
Wiseyw indeinancially set." Well good for you. o a I. t pay of Aperican workers
Only my hapi em is on four bundles, not eou. They a wllingtto go Into the fro-n tu%-
,my money n the ank. and ra or the malaria hands to build t
You are going to be a very lonely a Bachelor and al- an nettewor"base ner J-
you show it. work for the people
StThe statement "You were hired and brought Gown here as Ts is dlrecl in iolaton of
Sworker not a breeder." may be very true but eome one once a Defense Department order pro-
t id "Behind all great men, there was or li a woman." But hibittag contratorM from hiring
maybe you. Bachelor, don't conalder yourself a Great MMa. men for work abroad through an
l hard feelings but feeling sorry for you. emplo ment ftenaby which w irl l OVe
my hapi iMother of or ur B healthy Children., charges the men a tSe. t
HARD OF HEARING 3OW 7irst. I'd like to -throw some 3g BOB RI
By lightning on that tundra. Theld .
Sthe Balboam theater there s one row set aside for the use the secret Arct o le base n
at "hard of hearing people." Thule, Greenland, Jut under the .NW TORKh ohoulf ensta to conaMl ina
Would the manager please let me know how we go about Pole, needs telin fat the
l a seat In this row? Every tie I try to get a sat Tere some ,00an must eat ties we pay for being aorivO Th
a thls ow o I can ul e the phon I rent from him ind the and leep at mess hals and Tennis i hs a game which -faced people to te
Srowe occupied by people who are not a phone quarters provided them by the bt balls back and forth at eah other over a their
S Why not reserve this row for the peopl t are hard of contracting company. The le- net. Then they drop dead from exhaustion. on t
bSttg and have to use a phone? shtag A SSlug b arra we nstuted I believe that tennis is basically aillier than with
the goCernmIen at lrse S sie o lf, since the ball never actually arrives any- them
MO OtULCK N .UBS nthovetor thwsnetit Tthe where, not n in a hole, Ut perfect con-
oo lig t htIpgen thia b ttndra. keeps bobbing beahk and teth forever. Got
f: 1 trpped in by Navy tram- eBnet a sport. is erroneously au"''a' to bums
z wol T portnity ot B k oteldier be a rich man' playthJ asd eoxtee s*social. bums
ea, June 19) because It is ers he I Tet tbhe me. r irig o ll ort uy wrdh ad unde
at ar h is tryi o jusmt arut. ape _NaEW lYO .Keshroud, oyueo.onid other a
Wo l thetmoa n tifel y r t wa ona e fiThe top fche. "Anyone for tetnnli?" ha. be- an
MauI 1,BMar 1it hme m p honei ren tfomhm ti nd e 9 a V t canod T aistiscal temianwce deonfag applete toate
Euds B!lfh .e so a t as i Jfil. ae ttuo.odBit.l. .. 'it
ami byp oosepll hoare to 'a 1"ne) qat e rs i roiez ry Thea t1 o ba vindiotive sport tha teo.- a '
ian a ,t iesre it roes to be forgotten W ac e that the conecrh Mrcco T aa pe nthey but tdadlton demands, ooen o the
sttwans aretmua mhore Impor tat elast. las. wwa S there are formal ceroaBone. such -leap- teunhi
oe a l stb be tra uts, Thi means the Blue tay Cons- wceh is completely aSu t ie tha
em e r to clarity ,he btioCn e nor nee "f.snn. m te n O c hpeb on ethvtaf ooria-ey T
builders. hy? rut o sakee thebaudl ofteaa onfother ise e Te
made the complaint. and to o one else but Mst ln too m oi caught his foot on top reakln s to andb
Stent to the effect that that atcused T al sts & ted." ad made tW his
L he usedt profane language is not cruet, nd t am 10 The
eoe witnesses. TYO should be aware of this. .lBgiJ5Za S The ampprioua spwrtaanship of tennis ehll one e
asuertion about the language of the overbial drunk- ir y eb s for your opponent tA-mnmble "beautiful aSt" moth-
SMie aem out t plwac. The word proveria owas no dobt a ftha he you have t iluckeds a drive that flB body
t e m e l n so ar e
anm l lnrebn' exaci you o p"yving doubles, you Spend mast peroory
St wSrI m jsttorme emeept Tracy and the *t0e. Ee&te big cotities in ofe your time anng'Rise shot, partner or ea.
SLehus ,o GokIdler, that you were a resident ag f~y. "O lh. Im oS4 whemn you keep hitthg other
nlr ash t e, yt are o well inaformea unl s es a "yo thon. into the aet or aising the easy one, oj el
sealved ye0ur armation from someone else06. The shne kind of rnnntemmet 2te0 players iate each other, and aTe Poel
Anther bit of food for thought over the aCoused employ1 Set a hundred reasons, -g, elo of eah her. This is especially tS But
tht his indts ad neighbors. including his fello* workmen, eoptruction at tSaerr of ttwomen stennia a p pi
eto have ions ammsinformed fors over 10 year. Yes, tat's pnt.of the deftge We S a woman s the tents bat becomes aa
Z Ig the Siailian ivedG in Gulick, and never any trouble in down in somnolent Mgerose.
3e and his boy moae in and took over timers we contracted t war five T
Swr about the nvetlgatlon by a dist ted party, Ou- I a comparatively hort IeI
Nowtd ic. JkrSt to put the record straight, w&aOt o e Of the ahr country's air force waCs toe -- w saoe
tbmmmtts a member of the same office s f Tracy ad have bomber fields at Wa1o I o-t d tai
lB,' agd haven't they no doubt done so sine? D femasiauhim and Ben Oto*arl. 0 o -
A familiar with one of the parties cannot ecfduct Now well into the second year
4 itna vestigation. we bave two bases, at mid- S e.MMO TA SO SdaOR *el t tt
to the fired civilian employee's appeal to a OrleY- Sane and Nouassei. which aight On. 1lesenhewe has bomn toM It ts later tha asneta
Bag sttke our big bombers but be* nk....He hopes to come out with an "e- Warre
"J did'appea. But maybe Guletk Boldr Isn't too familiar whih mig h t not, for they're Uaeier Plan" to measure thoe who fear his Me t
l rvii e taons. One most Impetact point of uetling here and there is- lea s talk wil hasten inflation... Be wa ag It
ot hav to be carried out. The ibad han y The others, the experts say, ter sde...aBaa although the ta-
A hIher authority has the final word. Wtn't be ready until 194, wy carman, is the power that will aswur. *1t,
believe evryone Is as gullible as yurself Gulltk whith time either the hoisEttfte Taft convention stream roer.. .By Soe posed
SIss y-I flu meamion the amount of rent ael ny AoMy Ibtrartist, or our commercial u So permant t harman -e" up his fate
Jk aA N el tImAUs. Army enfnul are gida quasem n eg might just ta wel be us- Mael the back se t inea have tee eg
y oue git it and gfve it back, Simpe. A livrlts 13ham as vacation field,. a- upGo..e 'he Caveation seatag of the

*ied 49ivllan was asked if he eated to remain IB the *JS- 1@ Sol i s h crusmkg tat theun fight "te ebrs to
I be wae ol of the Sntt t not ae m, to p e .. --ooB. t ni
wetor U w itll Sed a after tle ara Stow wg Bt a irmw -8w. aot --- o s
*f1a steuaa, sad an honorable oone, which itr heis dar- lme hebiOeUm Sat tnet. te ha I fee coantend the ewe Araea
*a sl t. an d ea tten from hIs commanding ofewer and fao fautantosn a proga the e-pw oe epj mr.L
s a sMien misAier forg the dame y fidadp ear Y f -Oe gu sot ca ws nesw t T-eoan..'.Aouten e0sW 3S Dens M
feet to t antln,1d iknBlder, that DImk Trau cant : slet can vomen Me lat ount.. .Ae that ms

w ease-he should one day find a dupate of ifidwaft LA ww g Ji*m wa w a s ito wel 6 the Tomas DeBMnwetapw
ata s is Mm a into athe f'mati antaOti to a mtl
i igt aelo ast Dick Tracy about the other two civilian algo". sWWp the alt lolats t te tah e
l -i had fired. They are back at weok, I am M t s& a 3 a SAem t tims wtB tt in Xombe
Of Diek Tracy, pictures and all. ;hlow,- _saomiao -lrlt. -t----- SiS
O.hB Oek WWIlM, set .aSaogs Mimi.e-e .,**i *,o man tbA It rarnt tM Wr
--- a d ther (el te I 1M* whn 9 be Tranes (lbtu
: A nws'"..A ana* eadM OW )Aies d POWie -aNM k" Ofr t hte ei
ADM SWto me agment tu Gultvk Civilian O. Gallet fl. a ftoe to %geal omgW the wartr wi th

ia fed b leM of the stry. Oles
St D stooge s it al
avgr usedfl ea tory.
ie Sar aM taM ti S te eI
91 tilrlmMiaMad,, e ia t" flas
fl gh sr t


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Sreplied Mt4 i

eli ontIts a
asstowma I. 'anon' Ias;-at

bG.a Ul. mpe A.A.

Sete a .a
i t Is lte

r, and each sit**k e ft knife thu't .
vltabilityt of oWt wIlan. l Oa WA
e Morst hamnisft nltgt!the in siot tblong .
nn. Tennis play r we fortvr ilafti Bult aew later, new AttnM G
bro~r to denotegh taitg f,,ull le-i < 11t*over InWrin uon on.another
e cout tohamster 1.t4arar t s & strgo ^' a n
n 6 Sthe heAlve -ti nme _Davidl a- head of R.A-
selres about in alld hilio n. a# & Co.,asd a e .
contract. me
id amateur tnn rM ar called tennis d ing t he
, emi by thmlveoTM. They ar e0.e6 nB +..
r-tW@ dollar, th enasew f than e ad i AAi
r club ta. t tc bhaO l t end
QRe to be pure aMAsers and Uaginlse
s eao .s of tens ar ota ridloulo s
more, stIhn 4shot ft"ve Wei.e ppM i a
omm atd men Ske but ,te old dal of .--lAlMi
rhite nfnnel p itBA w mb 9-/lfo h i B-f-
se resmble e da of S bdin nadja
Irawlng-room em, eaY.l I .ll at d- Mli
Sirli have even senb ,Me short pants Sne gl
ca eture.A. A M namd ue Gusts gMo-S .
ecame fa med thfuoh uttun ime fri ls .
Tr d rm a. .= ." ,_, LOf M i ..
nis payen aft S lI b through host ..A. .
oveIrmttion. ThW Wsubt. to pneu- tf I
because they M. trg.
y ate highly reinembet r *t .
rho could not play lB hae an old t a
bit sweater at hi itl scwhen some- al oNa
swiped it for a gag t" W u aftnguith. ho g a.a
nis players believe totbe soSflt
to all other a lplay-/ w ..ay s .

egant profanity, SIM& Coward dialogue 1
re e one -conISg tiiQ ten- Iiit iNs W1e0e0at amO-
ayers. I ttheyI it IL4 Sh a4 .t
me exhausted and dp't 00 a of
uI as- he

iat the voters in the Wiseouts aI
i primaries were assured that a v
n and Btamaen wu a vote ft .. -A
be Republics spit Is aso 9M6
easy for th 'tent .
bower backers
yoan the chairgse t tAt
Procedure am unfair W .4,
lures were lai dews by D ew
ms in 134 a"d IneM...te '

lected...aut 2W th.4.
ai e... ate isS i a"

6 n ssM a-ll oust w a

in the am in .
rffts... The 1
emt. amd sae of o
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ti~t 1-

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0 10 1*1id Stafl l '. u aEu -'- g v.r w

eem.. RUTH MII1 t Srjs.1 1S.d-
itl e w 1
Tl 1 il a I held at 1 th1 ti1 r hel a W M
qsre tu I a blad a noMgs ..

O7 _onu a ts?:" wp Ar

r e ec.o s t ^ t he t ss m y fa orft mone& ekh thatr hov ea
-.0 w ei g I I n sdeM- _e oontln

-- It her I t a. lasrttew- Sifnae weramg tt ble twe-
har aoNd"it qM o crtN:m
e--------sa Uss s odn lut ytt ini* 3

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S/hia eheE i mld^l f- a Q% '71b itoteter eq

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Ar ... O Wnd .a- tWsMY-. pe2pl Wof one

an o s ond Sb a *t a a f fijrs tg I ko -A cat i at M o sf
;4 5]t' n

o.ld ois a Ryter of night at 7230 in the Pacifirc Cla "It eafre,. of course, fr -s

mt rts a-A Avwu in house. to trmpt ta
bood heart to h1 a tibeS the dopree of Rports o aLocaPa exeeg Snd men aI knowl
o In herelot- is m Educe- tire board moiqiOusak
.altotry by lird- hona te.nt. tuirlifty of Ve- ent courts y boa "
Ing t t 0 ae and then ast d StAgri uiteral at vernor John 8. ebo bo a that
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e t~uof -.i the mn i ne nu. e eg m. a m r l
reea r O eaW_ K. 9
imels.. fn. c o",.w"i"
WIS, U so MMY a MU arO-AS:t....
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CItarghs a1* P e fa U aA

Caro end s and Ptnem Arivals andl Dpeut

. 5.


HOLLYWOOD -- IN.AI-EX- heir Tom Hormel deny the ro-
..,ib.t,.J ouI: A L.ei-ion i s :ance rumote. It's Just that
...anMplg ~s t,,y M oA..L ,t re- JsaniLe Is very paly-walsy with
., L ee. Lejl.e Caron, wook' married to
huj .uod'a famous man o iUcorge Hormel, Tom's brother.1
iew toid rue iian L a uS V *
.ua opminin o tcievision: UI officials are alarmed about
"Al sjuss counverlaavn. You 13-year-old boy soprano Chet
st wtth your friends and watch' Allen, snatched from TV and
,our or Aive TV flowa-mste- given a $1080-per-week contract.;
.,es and murders and some tIow In "The great Corn-
deaten-up dance acts. a u even- panions," the lad's singing voice '
*,a a mnsApieie conversational i8 starting to change.
io .' I .
SsAp, that's what the man Shirley Temple will bring
Saa. Lhda Susan and the new baby
l* to iollywod for a visit with her
The late Robert Waiktr 1 tu pa.cnis. Her doctors advise a
10ms, wAu hiaven't oeen happy l.g rest and tons of sunshine
away InuLi L-aiLmutL ,i after her grit bout with
oacs In nuliywOOa any (dy LL....I pisurisy.
'nea New iorz senools o ju.n *
maiqa Jennifer Jones ana ,ua%.u, A young Hollywood starlet
u. deiniciz..Jenniher waui eiL.u. who refuses to even telephone
inem in Calilornia schooL tiromiltie mother who poured thous-
now on. lands of dollars InLO her drama-
tic training Is Inahes away from'
The grapevine's twisting with oeirg front-pagea. And only a
the report that the hstbt. ,n,- few weeks after Mother's Day.
Hrams-aen Gage marriage craft *
has sprung a teak but inat Ls-
tber's balung like mad to avoid Those Hollywood censors!
a divorce plunge. again. A boat named Sarsey,
Fanny figured nl the plot of the
Ria .Hayworth returned fro m few Betty Grable starter. "The'
aOuln of te border wfnl a Mex- Farmer Takes a Wife. S"o the
lean gun-carrying permit In her clean-it-up boys made the stu-
purse...... Jos re.rer and his dlo change the name of the
wile are spimig divorce taik by boat to Sarsey SaL
having her Join him In Paris'
during the tnlming of Mouiln Eyebrow-lifting gag in "Son
Hoges." -, of Paleface: '"Bob Hope lost in
Humphrey Bogart and George;wild went, spots two culturess
Raft un start howling. Jerry following him and crac ks,
lawls will do a murderous satire HmmmMartn and Lew."
els their movie gangster roles in Red D u st. the amazing
"Scared Stiff." Director George spaniel trained to do
Marshall even has Jerry flipping jispringerbspaniel trained to do
& half dollar a I Raft's famous absolutely nothing while owner
bn "Searfae."ob Williams knocks himself
I out shouting cues for tricks.
Teenager to her gal friend makes his film debut in "The,
while gulping popcorn at a r Ar Sln gl ." tTh uof
movie: You know something. stae "dog ser for he ound
I don't like double features. 1! .*he Bob plays a straight act-
always et too much" InR role in the film, s exbur-
ways ea lesque stripper Ann Corio. She's
Rosemary Clooney's singing Mrs. Williams.
Of "Come On 'a My House" solu
a million records and Colum- SnT NTS IrT ,ARE BOOK.
bia's predicting a repeat for her .STDENTS GET RARE BOOKS
latest novelty song. "Botcha LINCOLN, Neb. (UPi -R-
Ibe"----'ki me" In Italian. Don't LI LN Nb. IU e-
e1 muprsedI nI Parian.n team search students at the University
be surprised f Parsaount teams of Nebraska he asccese to Oe
ut Bn Crosby and Rosemary rare books whILare kept behind
after her movie debut in "The locked doors. 1 are Hidus-
Stars Are Singing." The Groan- tani ma n. ori*..j lard hand'
or's hailing her as the best femi- on palm lea e the
nine singer of the day. original Outebi t.ble and
S many I 6fth and Ith 11 i* l fit'
Lberate the lane wizard, editions
Teplace binah Chore on her ;
2W show for the summer. .
s. s
Line from the script of Ur Is I t tied
"Oitte Kate" Ilalnlng the
shapely dnee h hostesses
Who work for MIureen O'Hara:
"These may not be fallen wo-
men. but they've certainly done
a lot of atLimbling."
Clark Gable's being linked K:AVS &
with a sippy French pastry &
umed Annabel, who stous at a ATALAWtA BRAND
aris saltery. Not to be confused
wl Annabella, ex-wife of Ty ae offered by
Title of William Saroyan's T UIW'LOS
new book, due In September. Is a ea y
an eyebrow-ratsr: "Bicycle Com I IA Y
Rider In Beverly ills." .
Janice Role and meat-packing -



I r r. 16 b atA M. Me
"I'm afraid my father is about to go baiArupt-l'v ea ed
so much baby-sitting I'm no longer a dependent"

Swedish Motorfiner

accepting passengers for

Deluxe suites afid single rooms,
ill with private connecting bathroom.
st vessel will arrive at Hamburg July 1:

C. B. Fenton & Company, Inc.
-I. Criet6bal 1781 'Balbo 1066
.. I

B AND mIS lin u sB




gert y-A *.;,






Sow's ThaI, oeyst

arB V. T. .gMMs

mCa WBa., Pveem

On the Right Tsek

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I*r UNVW^ff slt- TlA^^^,

Plcr..uscns. IanAI, "* a.'..e
_VBHdBBBal S*i* .7


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Neutral Swedes

Now Consider

Joining NATO

* STOCKHOLM. June 23 iNEAl
- The unprovoked Russian at-
tack on two unarmed Swedish
planes has at last awakened tra-
itionally rnutral Sweden to the
realization that Its neutrality is
largely an illusion.
The two planes shot down,
Tplus disclosure that a widespread
espionage network is operating
in Sweden under protection of
the Soviet embassy,, has brought
Stockholm to serious considera-
Alon of joining NATO for the
2irst time since the outbreak of
1he hot-cold war.
Anger Is sweeping the small
41candinavian democracies. Swe-
tish experts on Russian affairs
see the shootings as another des-
rate effort on the part of the
remain to frighten small na-
ions away from NATO and pre-
vent ratification of the recent
Bonn and Paris agreements for
Incorporating West Germany in-
to Europe's defense community.
.Instead. however, the '.,ast
which is likely to happen is that
the Scandinavians will form a
elrht defense alliance in close
collaboration with NATO.
The Scandinavian man in the
street, not generally given to
hysterics, freely describes Rus-
ala's latest act as "deliberate
.Norway, and especially little
Denmark. which is but a stone's
throw from Moscow's strong Bal-
$Ic submarlr., bases, take a grim
view. Unlike Sweden, they alrea-
dy have stuck their necks out by
joining NATO.
Now they wonder, if that is
how Russians treat neutral Swe-
Pden. what act of aggression Rus-
sia may be preparing against
'two little countries which have
thrown In their lot with the
A prominent Danish statesman
told NEA Service he believed
that unless NATO powers react
strongly to Moscow's latest at-
tack, Scandinavians will come to
the conclusion that Russia is
undisputed master of the Baltic.
The Kremlin would thus have
Iained another important stra-
tegic victory in the hot-cold war.

h 'urchls Success

LONDON, June 23 (UP).- A
breaking storm of contrc%,rsy
aged around Prime Minister
VInston Churchill last nighL
*ith demands that he resign
or at least surrender part of
his powers to Foreign Secretary
Anthony Eden.
Leas than eight months after
Britons voted their wartime
leader back into office, even
tome members of Churchill's
own Conservative Party were
questioning the success of his
rule as a peacetime Premier.
The pro-Labor newspaper Sun-
day Pictorial flatly demanded
today that Churchill get out of
office. Its writer, Ralph Wilber-
force, said: "I bluntly state that
the time has come for the old
1pan to retire from active po-
ltics and to leave today's cru-
al problems to younger peo-
Conservative newspapers have
been increasingly critical of the
present administration, charg-
Ig that the blame must be
laced at the top-on Churchill
. The Conservatives lost heavily
In last spring's municipal elec-
tions. The leadership has been
accused by Tory supporters of
Smuddle" In managing the na-
-ion's domestic affairs. There
Are rumblings of a rank and
Mle revolt.
.; The pro.Conservative weekly
The Bonomist, one of Britain's
ihot Imfluential publications,
oid in Its latest Issue: "The
dahtforward solution is that
'. should give up the
ktam UOffice and become the
ime MInister's deputy In fact
SweIll ab in name."
If'am Eden and Churchill
emNVelves came only silence.
\Those who advocate Zden's
&fWt from the Foreign Office
Ift three reasons to relieve
hirwehill of heavy duties, to
je the Conservatives more
you1su leadership in Conm-
sa tin prepare the 55-year-
M Idan for the mantle Chur-
,-BMM au selected him to in-

alii M d

I;- Jvyw


"Let tr people now th hs c r ,




PAN4MA, R. P., MONDAY, I3 33 3IN-


How much do you know about what's hap-
peninl inside the two major parties as coen-.
vention time approaches? Here's the pene-
trating story on the struggle for political
power, detailed by John Gunther, one of this '
generation's best-known reporters. This Is
the first of his four articles on the Demto-
cratic Party, written exclusively for NEA Se -
vice and The Panama American. They wll
be followed by five more "Inside" reports oa
the Republican Party.

The greatest single, overriding
advantage the Democrats hhve
in the campaign about to be
fought, with no holds barred, is
the fact that the balance of
power between the parties has
changed drastically, with the
result that the Democrats are
now apparently the majority
party in this country, not the
Recent Gallup polls are il-
luminating. The Democrats can
expect to poll 39 percent of the
total vote in 1952, and the Re-
publicans 34 percent.
Independents-people who say
they have no party choice -
make up the remaining 27 per-
cent and will obviously decide
the issue.
In 1948. the Independent vote
went 57 percent Democratic, 48
percent Republiemn. But a poll
take in Mareh. 1082, upped the
Republicans (among Indepen-
dents) to 45 percent, while the
Democrats dropped to 38 per-
cent, with 19 percent still un-

Even so, to win the Democrats
will need to take only six mil-
lion Independent votes on the
basis of an estimated total elec-
torate of 55 million. The Repub-
licans must take nine million.
Figures, like delegates, are
not very fixed objects. They
may change radically between
now and November. The Impact
of a fresh, glowing personality1
like Sisenhower might make
millions of voters move about..
The Democrats don't know who
their own candidate will be,
and quite pogibly he will be
somebody very weak.

So unprecedently fluid la the
whole political picture and so
uncertain Is the long-run future
that I heard one esteemed spe-
elalist say, "No matter who
gets in, he will be a one-term
The second peat advantage
the Democrats have, according
to their own special view, is
that the country is prospeinus,
most people are getting along.
fine, and the average votJer a
better off than he has ever
been before. Hence, he is going
to vote for the status quo. nSo
reason the Democrats.
The Democrats with sub-
stantial aid from events have
kept employment full, and both
farm prices and wakem diaine-

the ifl~maeeUSriTlT(etsk),
and the P le few, who will
forget A the oing io-
pie and brt nI NUOUr HO-
ver depnreiulon wlt read o 'neU
R e b u t t l t a I & *
_ch"ne that teyft to'
"aboghlieo" Am J Ipoo.
crat willR 4 that, on the W on-
trary, their raftan wmIR Aie It
tri fasee earprif s ashtma, mid
that the fR l.olt of the New
and PWlr btt b lU pro-.
duee the niow .prol Zis ia-
tiobal Income any country has
ever known.
On budget and tag .- e De-
mocratic viewpoint, tIr dfnsive.
Just let a Republlicma' admin.
iatrative try to rm t boautry
without high taxes, a ay.
Third, Oommuiiim d fbr-
eigf policy. The l'e n c

*. l .. .'- ; ..

WHAT'S inside the Dnoteatte Party?
Faest, the helttMie of lWveOlt.
9eeBd, the paternal flnse, whatever It may be worth,
of Mr. Truman.
Third, rival candidates, nne ot whom hate each other quite
as much as do the leading at n candidates.
Fourth, baffing n-Wb the candidate will be,
Fifth, important tIonsl dtfrences.
Sixth, confusion.

SBventh, in spite

of Ike And everything, some modicum of

peace. They say Taft's ladiatloc-
-m would be welcomed by the
-Ae to financial aid to Duroep,
Democrats WOl point oat
,at a large prqpo*lon of the
holteoy has been actually spent
h in the United States, and
!hahelped to preduee full em*
blewment. and OMaer4ity (ne

[ttpt tob o-Iate t -



The asser thlt
the ReL -r'tcua-rly -it
Taft is thealdee, woOld try
to pull ot~t "M, .o ar-
tNn aid, sy-g aiser otid

Senate Moves To GivMost

Divorces US-Wide Validity

WASHINGTON, June 23 (UP)..
-The Senate has pa.s.d Ab
unanimous voe te legila-
tion intended to lift the threat
of a prosecution lort ;:bgk
from over millidos of Ameri
divorced and sines remarried.
It approved add sent to the
Mouse legislation to guarantee
that valid divorces granted In
any state will be legal h nall
others, If they meet certain

ly high. They -have not 6-n The report of the Senate Judi-
given a new measure of g- diary Cormmittee. whose chair-
curity to people at large; they man Sen. Pat MoCarran (D-
are in a posion to premise Nev.) spomored the bill, said:
more and coatinuing seetdty. I7t is neither good morals
It is mostly the rh whowl noor good law to have a divorce
about taxes,y rthe Deam tel. lel in one state and illegal in
As to the puor, they a* in- another, so that a married man
finitely better off, n@d, no mt-. or-wi s beaine a ,crim-
ter whether you like it or as. mIal ". b py over an Ima-
there are more poor peopeta in nary line" and 'UAwch a situa-
this country than rich. '8hm&l tIon demands Coagrdesional ac-
look at comparative ineome f i
ures. The bill would ot nsaril
Thus the first of the .* M cover quicklye Reno divorce,
Democratic advantages m:a or those of tlstates .rquir
Into the second. The A&mnrkrn t rsece one ul um
left-wing electorate oaunu.abtSw P y.
the right w g, and the W hs.- ,Also..twuW-,-
crats -so thir My- 0ave the but the AM Nlo W
left wing sewedM .pr-p dl. ae.
another l w mtvee avan- ae way the ff*t jo &Wmek
stage to the Dm rats i h ito challen a t l
wlde generally of vo k based on "-b", -
glown Up BuDOW fbTH t iWt w Sam @1 ..
Democratic rule, many to recognize a0 *W aiht-
glaring fact the amb "liow fr- olltowln^i Bde Sin
PruMien that -%@ 1>Tfb dopes
veiL That acp& eaan _be uTam ".
whooped up lto a SIM t In a Tb. M- Mu 2) Ti
"Mi t, 101d at
DMcrat. wll be tb'. been =Fqw-,i -7YA
d.nmeS of )tul^b "3 IThe aNU .
i .m.aIe U .*was .-e. i

I it- -dpu
+.. .- .... ''. :
e. : -.- -O-

or appeared gmerally In the
ItA 'u. conaldered
broad enough toaioA*r the-hmev
majority or digrMt c ages, lb
the U. B. ii -
teS occur t ie 6f
Year. .
the bur|u' abo esuggSg
that 3A00,0Eg .wuy 900.0ao4W-
sons divorced MeutIftty Mar.y
agaln. .,
The Judjiitwqg mitte. -m-
port aid Ceigres "has beft
partly to .i I.e
fiur, SII m -;whn aa ag o.
turyv n a aiL-tD Ianel
alth aM Bud t Uame of tn
Cot *M.
Spesilltcy,to restive
faith and credit" t-a all ata
any divorce ivMd hve to t
the stadafet gt ja the
In a diment an one of .41*
most celebrated Supreme w
wmme of e
divorce rnhmuf

cmtwUia. Xrom

Ii vis Vauia m arra, dMs

may be taking plae).s
Finally, tin the light of all
this, what will D emocra ie stra-
tgy be?
"ie, to hope that Taft wll
be namiiated, b. auft e h* will
1% # h DemoeAMc leadert
|td, _aZ Aid 4Wbi tUhe ietst
ca Md4 to bet. I heod aon
DM uateMi luminary go lumin-
aft tMt I heitate o Dentlo
hisi n e Oy., &I puny :n my
k"ee ver nt mgt thM W Wi

NL .. beat, ft, N tuanse if
Tan mMig, t3. DemO-
MOu Tsty inmost tain to
Wow%_ pivotal t with
SUI* v~trtk, like York,
/ZlZ, LPnnsytvania, New Jer.-
Y. MgaS, and CaforSla.
(VtedmWiald that I as erely
Ye o a. Democratic view
ad Taft RepubVeana will,
of coneo, dispute this theory
hotly) *
aed, tor to the Re-
pubaega cad ate, no matter
who he ns, into the furthest pos-
sible roctl0nary position, both
on tAeig olky and In do-

To/mutw: What'-and who-
ruisn t M Ba ratMtic Party?

h ft uWd'i Cal

on (C
M LOT^ ftM 23 (UP)-M'-
g r eI-a here said today
that Pm.t ranetsov, second
secretary. at Ote Russian em-
aw"y ft legAden, will almost
Oertalbh not Ie called as a wit-
pea Ih. UMe Of British Por-
sign OMfee mlioman Willam
Martin o w, charged with
ping of l secrets to CuMi-
Kumietsov, f lth In order of
seaprity at ti London em-
basy. is pateted by diploma-
tic IimunlIty.
He cam be relieved of th"I
protection by the head of his
own WWaia, either the Ruse an
Ambasador Andrei Grouayko,
who has not yet arrived at his
Mnew Vt hf, at' the Charge
d'Affire at the ambawy.
No head of a diplomatic mie-
iaon coui- be enped to take
such wu Sogton without a
request frn thMe Foreign Office
of the e atry to which he was
It is N Improbable that
the ii S Office wil
make sk g ~set to the Ras-
lan aKuznetsov's

the WJ*aqis F-
gk^-gI UJ-U

ing &1^' ^^~^'^^~ ^-j&

--^D '^H^E -B ^ .5^B uaKS

Branch ofI

nmer "mg-ra-nmg mimnuI
and LithM hlaan diplomat *e -
uled to esttify.

GOO TVng, who now lives In
the Ut eates told ho, on
the night of CIne it-a1, 1 1, th
ift 8ovist roundup el fomrOIa.
bom .gpt under wa, mattig
the .bel6ning 6f "a period of hur
mlatlon a6d terror to the Et-
tonian piOll. He testified:
It b- related that aplotl-
mately li people were M
on that I"Dh and during (it day
of the of June.
"'The nests started 4
midtigt Whin a i "EU _
in fbthl t the vi t .b
three r] s 9ww edIM hi,
s -^ ^hg iarg
*o*t ot* -uwrainm

"1T Vvtnims were the pat on

T ta, then lt tw

were quartered In a
/art. Some of us8 lept at )
Ire, some on shake wooden
aor work we went Btno
which was seven kilom.terss
way, and where we were built
mud huts for munition
woitkere-deporteae r
/! Mi a idM ee wU -in *

m wread fr d for tte

"oarl oe rof oet 9 we r
/oala w Mk oe 1t94 ,w.I
were f-deportees. for te

Kotlas assid tance was b.
S .Facilitie0 t1

la-n arlw ved t aa exat.

"Steic ppe, Unable to go
no womedc a t their
reand dratoB atl.
w men wforel d in a te

to nians ted we

June. to Dp6 I-e camr
t.i the 3 nxpa
pKota' aia #1i0 t add e
Kaun arseeds the on as

come looted
no medaalM Wet
Ana d=

tbe w jg be _1W
*Oit D-T HIBaBB^Wf a^?*"d^^
cfl~gAyajg As
esdML' f'iS*'**


4 .. ,
.:. '- **.



-. ".

- .' nr.

*4C4~ ~


*l u-^. a -,.,
..i i- ... .+
, '*.-


E _- j- ,. d.. .-

-*i. -b 6 ..,. ." .'ATI

own rd
0& up aj dil
cas topoation toa
viet unmok SlId o6t I& ftt-:
I +, .- ,' CB mstara ,-.te j.

tloB tComhmittee on
a tr f t b
lave co tlo In the .
a r. -aumed its m tetino it
S- rlet f hic a fl i.4 U a.le

i/ .. ... ..,


. .'. ,*

T., 1' ".7, -.
-, : .
Sw 'W-.






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