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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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%, A'.14 (UP) -- A gaunt M
. ad. apopeeor, iefe of ypoun
a buyin. Macow, hufl me-erra
riing information to te Soviet


& I..- I
it ha fliaba its-h *

*II end In In
ered certea
f th
I-gob L

Sbetk Fears M-W

Opien s lo etftlt f

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Ba rman Goifwsn7

nipenih CiviWLbent
,. ...*' Ar-1 ~-i

I nOftial S"M Act.
His a OccuMs of pessin Sehti iN to Pv
"two Cond msresty of ft hWisevtEla-.e

Take Europe'

Soya Sdey: LaSdu

S an ... .
mm4m 4mil9
W-en =. m~.chefo

t1 4i Port Authorf ,
Yorn* rel York And N
a ch'n p ,ekmovone that no
Iat n aid ap de'nt ass will be

el hnoof permitted until a ruhway over
Sm*5Mtaben and fel that Newark. y ii finished Nov. 1.
A t ad tl authorities that ta% 4-o6 son runways lead.
b btrpayd siflner of the ln to tl abeoth .or Newark or
B.Ve I W topped by 100 fnidth be barred. and

a .> least eat 'and visibility at
Y' Y don't wait the thing leasout three aules.

Panama s Dispensary Units

STo Be Given- Point 4 Boost

'The moble dspenfary units of nieal tables and other medical
t1. Re9epub1 -of Pknama wU supplies.
U "& a tranaformation short- Women will be selected from
.Jii In.lbe tranla of per- various localities and trained to
SeIn S- eQ wu on the perform the duties of rural n0ld.
ithe 1 &te of Inter-
Affairi, WHO,'UNIC3l The agreement also till Inten-
BtH Panama Departmbnit of sity the local campaign against
P health. tuberculoals. All mobile units will
i^H Th e srempnt was signed be equipped with X-ray appara-
d*i lW .a recent visit of Dr. Al- tus, fluoroscopes, laboratories
VIeto Cal, chtt of the depart- and speclallsta in TB.
%igt i to a e United States. Installation of a central labor-
e program will begin with- atory of public hygiene In Pana-
w t t ext four w*ka with the ma City also has been taken in-
1 4Ct qut m exprts and *iU to consideration In the agree-
SaI effect for at east ment. The laboratory win be
i equipped at's cost of $0,000.
tR ent of a model dim. With the arrival of t*e four
b teayunt In Chorrara, to give foreign experts four Panaman-
AOd train per- Ian experts will be selected to
I be the Mfi step to -work with them under the dl-
to, reaction of Dr. Calvo.
The' tneenat Inludes pro- The entire program will be
M 9 vld t b fe .dlamn ary units under the supervialon .of the re-
I -n thaHmteror ,- equipmamt onsIal office of the Pan-Amierl-
--.: the- t Frou pto' an Sanitary Bureau In Guate-
m *di crtosa ecopes, lle- mala.

SDebuanes Curtsey

at Ice Cream
A -i, [ ", M i 4 S- h t ] RA, o. f. '
r::- :' i "il ,,ij "l I -liiink^dam. t, h, ut.e ,. w,, th. h.,,.. f .*.,..

k the aueso and.4ka .-ml

w wh are -moet ardienty
= meeting thp culdkidey 'of
L .ttan- bot Oslo Plama for
the top U.N. Job are men who
ervd with him at the San
rranetsco eelence in 1946,
wMer that b warformed. and
.wh know .- ony his breod
SMe sw ourld ifft,.

century tyl.
The stratefr of his suD pp -
s I to mek further baWWIt
= tm the Near FAt -W nt
Ille astew delegates, who
it Is believed.weald rather W4
a Ua ams ena. than as-
other dt la In the poet.
This would ensure Plaza Q
least 30 votes and make him the
stdllOest contender.
Loster Person, now 4s0n
Aftlra setetary of hims
CMowd.. j the likeliest ptaWut
ai At lo-,merican nomiaefto
take #s's place.
NOTE Although all Pa.
wants right,,aow is to roung out
his term and go back to taking
care Of his extensive farm. he
would probably not turn down
the U.N. ob.
"You can't decide about seme-
thing that might happen two or
three years In the future," Is his
only comment.
(Copyrgh t, 1952, by the BO
Syadleate, Ine.)

anf'- wau. UUWsE .MWS Mf-l,
an lbhold without trial W 'r-
sci~,sted of crimes aglnst
ty service alsn w
OWTe of hu kn uo r
Awithout court w oert.

Ancree Vode-.
wit ilshe hatos iat .n
tte dher a hts in on
4a.. i uthe 14tree ateb f
ertature o- a prtom en-

a'e day about si weeks ago,-
adr aa Renee fed up.
with cvlit she hat donlon.
OShe dressed huerselt f in goat-
near I the tree.own ofTl beime- -
She amte roots sad rnit, play-ee
One day about sit weeks ago,

The cope heard reports. These
things aren't done in France.
So they went out and grabbed
Andree raised Cain..
e insisted she'd go back to
th ee. They argued. Then
they compromsied.
MdeAn wil swtpg In Ithe trees
Ier ..t''s4e test all day.

.s ns4atUore 0 .er "The
j- o.. t mOwes.
*&,Ro mbaC c of t1e Men

arrto igse, Oteur and dl-

French Crackdown
On Communist
Proceeds Apoce
PAMS, Jau. (UP)-France
Lftnewed a. U sitoa-wide
eradowm on loal munist
Party headqu*rtes, -
try of te InteFo. aa eed
police ra1s nar aris au near
the vital naval ame at Toulon.
The aslnounce Mnt ca&= as
the authertiesa dtloed that
five ilitmant Comm=ut were
arrested following a dlh late
last night between the wed and
the police at St. Etlmne in
southern France.
Interior Ministry officials said
raids launched early this morn-
ing were vert Isuqe l at Tou-
lon where two to-m Commu-
nist documents have already
been seieed- in previeas raids.

SEVILLA, June 14 (UP) -
Seine s*, pees m- baoght
lottery tickets wie woen
B in la the bf Oxtobom
. lwticlBut tmI-e eut to be
fogerIes, sreed oay to ask
the sefveramest to pay them
their ise moy wit the
II S peseO awbhh were
sid whea the petoe ematur-
ad the I eg.
aeh teiket wen a prie of
7,W6 pesetas.

a.5. and the "proueend reet"
tb at W in reO American in-
OW IN es'ftty M stoweed
the Rusians from Invading liu-
Brad ley lued the warning last
month to the senate Subcom-
mittee on military appropriations
during a elos-dour session.
The e-eon adatisa part@ of
Bradledya a were made
pumb todayR.
Uras y, a tted that the
armed mig of the U.S. Is-to
feriw to thU of the lwtel
UnIon aM that ussila Is I-
ereaming he Smise Capabtty
and the li er of her jet
planes. a dd*d:

"I think we will continue to
stay ahead In te atomle bombs,
but one day Ruls will have such
a stockpile of these bombs that
her sneak atk might be very
effective and income measure
may counteract our numerical
superiority In tombs."
Bradley declared that he per-
sonally did not think that war
with Rusia was "inevitable" If
the U.S. continued Increasing her
forces, In which case "Russa
would hesitate" very long In at-
Bradley testified that the
opinion of the Joint chiefs of
Staff was that Russia would
reach her maximum of armed
might in mid-1953 and that the
position of the US& and her al-
lies willto better after 1M64.


vits. Marshall
and tod the
17 don't sn any mow
plying for ball .myeltA
to get the matter ove
Aftan oefwt
atked are Mauw f
screened n m itusly
employs p09

He ndlcated, howea.
had been no reen resfl
Marshall returned kerWn
of duty In Mcow. .

ra e n

The PanamA ae ss
ga, with 1 N
Portmar In ta mum
reach Balboa about
The Tabogn alItane
the Portl, ar frmw afW
after the freighter hadi
driftn with a dIsbbled
from Balboa.
The Camento
Quabrancha N left
in the disabled no
cllan which has b
about 260 mthmles ro
since Thursday.
The port captain at m
--t **d **

.m .ow Quebraneha or the
. a.m. ........... 3:20 p.m. did not know when
10:00 p.m. ............. 3: 9 am. could be expected to'

Lifeguards Alerted To Save Swim So

As We l As Swimmers, From Going Do

ATLANtk CnTo ., Jlubn
14 (UP) The t M iC OIy
bach patrol s dIM at
arted ahis f ti t
ban "girs weztarg n luht-
tg a ite but be MltS the
rogtatlsa will -e OatW
"DtO girl in a iKfsh bath-
hg suit would leek d ngm .'al.
another would
satid SupI Mct.iei .
So he left It W S lb-
guard to Inspect V& sie* e
"fitm experience wht i de-
eent.," A

m be a "mremeh
SeTatr, an0 6w

11- ^ ** *

Ungate beach oglers pre- by Huges ba bsd aG
dWlted te boash patrol would nsane pIasd lAe 4
maintal si reputation a ne- hiding peniltes of-
ver havita aresSed anyone or jail or a S et
wear a too-abbrevtated tea- ing a
tuie. "four l .M4WL.-
AtMat City in more wor-
tied abmt who uses the beard- "The Eam t
wall, anw sWs wast
The nttio forSdddlg not," at e- M d.P
batheS fo crossing tbe -
foot-wl W tbadwalk la striM-ly "TM wAt bathg
etcsb W tR July 3 whst taes. bbt fW p
the &aq a S.

e Ci h .a* -?
glas p a to. ee ew
-Sc -lg*ast .gth

*- /. .'

.,- W-w".

' I ^ -

. -. ?


, ,

. '-4

. _


jete, in perfect -
formation. ,. .
perform a
maneuver as
they climb at
& SO-degree ->.
a"t le during L
manM.euvers in
he Suez Canal
area. This
picture was
taken from an
; aceompaying
Meteor, flying
F| close to the

IBritons Made

jflantic flight

: LONDON, June 14 (BIS)-

". 0 ltplane climbed un-
teadl into a 40 mph head-
hf4nd above St. Johns., New-
Vfoundland, headed east ana
;)janIshed over the fog shroud-
e4d Atlantic.
i $tlxteen hourt and twelve
minutess. later, at 8:24 on the
JIornint of Sunday, June 15
au,.aw frail, bx-lke ma-
chine touched down awkward-
ly in a bog at Clifden. Coun-
tV 4 lway, Ireland.
i. It Osd ftowh 1,890 miles
lnd made the first non-stop
liroMing of the Atlantic.
I At the controls in the op-
an cockpit of the British -
tuilt Vickers Vimy bomber
,Wree two men, 33-year-old
gCaptain John Alcock. an En-
illahman, and 27 year old
Sleut. Arthur Whitten-Brown
tiom in Scotland of United
1. ln most of the jJM _,
ly acres the ocean a
age speed of about niph
uBt they pioneered the way
Strans-Atlantic air travel
qight years In advance of -ol-
nel Charles A. Lindbergh's
erole solo eroding from Min-
la, Long Island to Paris
May, 197.
was not an easy trip. Ow-
1 to fog, navigator
itte Brown could only
.btain four fixes of his posl-
n one on the sun, one
the moon, one on the Pole
Nar and one on Vega.
0 After landing Captain Al-
W k, the pilot, described their
F "The bank of fog was ex-
Semely thick and we begon
have a very rough time.
The airspeed indicator
ammed. It stood at 90 and
didn't know exactly what I
Ia doing. It jammed through
et freezing an it and it
elt smoky.
"We did some comic stunts
I believe we looped the
Sand by accident we did
steep spiral. It was very
Mta~ g; we had no sense
Shrisn We came down
S 4,m ft. ntll we saw
Wate a very near."
"ht gave me my hort-
a gain. We were within
t. of the water with the
dnle practically on its
"The airspeed indicator be-
Sto work as a result of
Swift dive. We climbed to
6A am.m the machine was
_LR _with tee. Browa
aesilnaUy to eUmb to
pelf the lee from the ra-
t with a knife.
"We ame down and flew
ter tpa s 200 ft. It was
Ie lout but we .uld -
e sun. t viable -
radio mMuaeat. all."
During the flight the two

u w? warm suits which
Btected them from the Icy
laid Whitten Brown:
"* cockpit was cosy inside
when we peered over the
*. sleet and Ice chewed
out of our faces. Sated
ldbyrsde, for a time we
ke comiunluaaan tet-

F butter four bout
O kdown. After that
h i t hout"'
hladeI (wh
m Is am to
lwssee M ?1
aa saedt

S .

1 .

-.--, -

1st NoSMtop

June 15, 1919





curate details of the Army's revolu-
tionary atomic artillery shell can now
be revealed.
Enough piecemeal information on it
has been disclosed in official speeches
and cleared by Army censors, along
with brand new facts, to permit a good
composite 'description of the shell and
how it is fired.
Except for size, the projectle when
assembled for firing looks like any
conventional artillery shell cylin-
drical, flat on one end, pointed oi
the other.
The size of the nuclear charge inside,
and the thickness of the steel casing
needed to eonine the fission process
long enough for maximum efficiency of
the shel, determine its dimension this
should take it approximately nine feet
long and a little more than 11 inches

That' not much larger then the
rmg t;L-ard Army field artwllery
shes e 240 m. wither, w I
are a t te more .the nine Inches
In Mamere and four feet long. And
It's smaMer In diameter than the Na-
Iy's I8nch shell, which Is six feet
long ...
It Is ztteitd that the shell uasE g-s

machined iftto several different sec-
tions with threads, so that they can be
screwed togethst This permits safe as-
sembly of tq ell. The different vital
elements, s a the critical mass of
plutonium, tith Ie fitted into the, parts
of the casing'pmarately.
Then somA tiMe just before firing the
parts can be, ctewed together and the
shell made t edy for detonation. Thb
fusing device Is probably in the nose
and put on Wtat of all.
There's nothing more complicated
about the actual firing of an A-shell
than the dislcharge of any big gun. The
shell is loaded, then rammed into the
barrel the proper distance.
The bags of powder which propel the
shell are packed in by hand. The breech
is closed. AntM When the gun is properly
aimed it is fired.
Secretary of the Army Frank Pace
reveals that the gun can be fired with
accuracy comparable to conventional
artillery, and tests indicate it is much
more accurate at long ranges.
Largest coflveftional artillery round
is the 240 mm. shell. Its range is about
16 miles. At this distance it is very ac-
curate. Such things as moisture in the
air, wind velocity and rotation of the
earth are all figured in for aimin
The ateIat hell is expected to have

lt"oom abt 6fl

considerably longer range with pin-
point accuracy.
Most secret and conmpli pkrt at the
A-shell is th e device and tthe"
tonating the nuclear ma*= -ag
the explosion for the pMpq sUtuj
above the target for maxkum i
Best guess is that a peatdimi t't
whichh ban be made to go off at pre-
set altitude or aver a mals of troop i
a key part of the detonating sytem.,
Pace also gives these othr detafil
about an artillery piece which can fire
this atomic shell:
"Carried on a platform suspended be-
tween two engine cabs at front and
rear, this highly mobile weapon can
travel ata speed of about 35 miea ft
-, 1. ''

aolow-cost housinff projects but

operations." .
ff venty-flve tots 1s thr ow ,a
ler than the total wlt. of tilt 40
mm.. howitzer.
This great weight Is aeounmted 1 h
the bigger size of the pnh aMi sf
the engine cabs at front and sarSWb
it self-propelled. It also has a new hy.
draulic recoil absorption device.
The gun, using convenUtonai hlh Mo-
v e shefis, has been fl ro tna1 y
t.meU The Army dlalf*, tat it'll th'
tt rtt r vyweapon e* S$eip

admit they are only a drop in fed last May 8, dtthre 4 n-
Sthe bucket. s t ve of the date the French
oerg pThey realize the seriousness took pver Morocco as a pratec-
Independence rgeof the lum housing conditions, i sae
hs rabe celebrated as "as day of na-

Te--se peoplelity The bigger shanty-towns, In A visit to the native quauft w
the coastal cites, are inhabited of this capital city of Morocto
l-- ---- -- earuepivu;-. transient Arabs and and of the nearby town of Sal
yB7-,rawnaway. rom SALJshowed ta'I i'
Near US Air Ba ses easV 4the -l "- .


North African city is a vivid lesson on a subj t he It t t nthat A
could one day be of vital importance to every Am cen. pretty Po tical situationortherft a ve
The shanties are made of flatteneden-ct tin cS and ad& love thaleran tht ulatMea
odd bib of wood. There is no sanitation m.i n m to e ED WOMEN w o wp for hospital in Moro i v e uld. tl. fo
Al W ing, so-coled street itch s, e wom's t blm Y's backward It r bases.
profess ly story tra ers, traveling musicians, W- ,hl hn h ousn r leit, 'Wch still is M ably cent in former e n'tep our ause
Isn, vivid andc r tesitua im :w .-the nationalists any by l Onr-
bers ply their trades. that you can put your finger e trench admit they hkve now 34 hospitals, ln their Sultan and dealing
Half-naked children frolic in a large puddle ft by on. it still, ia only o aspect been unable to prevent children with. a W of 9284 beds in the dorecty wi tne Mrench on the

wich. i eh o o Mor e themrF a Pn d iMt lsy a? bIt larel
ao this mrmia g'st. rainnea the French a th e ans at oey ontt- hosthe rural district. nut eo .mop u broht

Tmherse people am mstly- nerbers and Arabnfs, ot Theb tp Ii the,-r I aT he bi ad utoe practead are baslde q ir Mr k!r-1anw pr
wde.n squart at the emrance of thnei whe their the oorM" shall in ay count y where fathers lna serve oI mist s A tilve.t i s. or e aled .ae
given the freedom to rue put their children to work for tal of doctors and 107/2 sltnton.
endlessly and stirring pots of cous-cous for the veWg themselves. wages which the father him- nurses employedd by the MI IRE
tllmmeal.n w _ss e_ ell-collects. r anPublicd Service. e u
Saei t a y Butnew otsalffro the world be- over $ 21inand more than.o

At one Intersection a pitiful demands which eed cation and equaled rn standards. eby hiring some national- CRlN M a
attempt has been made to build tons like that in dan leaders. Afat cent of Mists on a project at the U. Ait
the minaret of a mosque out of --could bring about Of the native popultiol I"M -And It aould be noted that naval base at Port Lyaute. t'r e rt- of
old rusty cans. And some of things In Morocco whaI would iterate. Whthra e ot lives luxurious- all Mos and JewishmOne of these -waseMohammed rieoehmutua.
Those canh s are of the I variety, not exactly be condua o "And whose la this? y in ple attended by slavesy cano e treated free in Health A. F an ardent lead er. the t to h n
which Is where America comes ability m nativonad eandemnt Sthere a te i ns here, in a institutions
bil-on,. ThedY.rob olnM-O f_.h thepra~~OwS shanty-L herGeb agadh ena appears a ohro onasn wasr busye stirring pa- u ipa .pear
rocofive nt milary ar ntaonlsy aalidoelatsIIto =sn.han I= the desert, Wo-. 'Wom ner that seems to lie with o__. n, t e M
Within.the lastyearanda And stability i...... cer y te help or o r ..eman's lt In iMoroccoIs all the the Moroccans themselves. hrs1 Is t t c h. fleuch.
Within the last year and a rulethemeIc-same. Dr. Sioault ts out that outrofhMorcotandtbI e fustgot to be
....... .atmosphere America would pre- ed every obstruction 1inn the pat onr aut onm _gled him out of Moroy.omno a t e
bllfio n i dlteo bitatesl governM-iey o the purincipaler ation- oberhd co... o. .n on
fer for the future operation Ofof native advancement. She owns nothing. She Is the are now practicingIn ther a r o e a
rocco five giant military air bas-a.l.. complaints against b heSCHOOLING and master, whose word Is law. an American soft drink aotpa- united. Nati e.
es for the strategic defense of French is the fact that about ni oat pn ot He can denounce her for any Native medical students, he r. i
WesternEurope.e0oaion.,i. s to,, reason whatsoever, and there's says, are not a interested in As far as las andm ot- experts besdes
W250000 people In Irene Me- that after four decides under era like him are concerned, Mo-undertake'the
TroccosowetinotingrtoItheIothn an nhereh ottarkathe ya
The construction program is roVo's population of about 8.- Frenchrule., h g in-w-,.t--,t famt se sate.r spe-ihole twrg ane n h...ust a .ot e- -
being carried out by 20,000 Yanks 00,00 are living in sh aty- able still to only savea^perse* f He can bring as many wo- private practice. Freach.n a V.t .
military and civilian, plus o-towns. of the Moslem children. a e wans f t the s s To r a he Fretheobloodtht
The French have begun a few French put the figure at 15 per 84e can't even complain. In Morocco, but Dr.hicault hand sweat and team .wIch-have a th AlnftSz.i.
The aneverna Moroccan woman had "onl baftT D.W t. .gone Into thevo, coutu bqr S
-------,, ..can neither read nor write, to study medle abouou te _ta Ied_ y .m
And the Moslem tradition ofo nd
outs... -e;.. .h me keeps all... ..... rNA IO AL SMworworld wars when we* wn ut his bean grea t o
1, to fight for the AllesMkt Saud&
:-.... .......trelatively few young bits .Thespirit of 135. 3*lletRandREADY Olt N TS owh n ot am VAIN& "
;.-{ out a; ~'.'~outa year, out of ttpn7 t .F rule in I9 .'
e, only 24,000 !- t t a ste .4 1..a s Ir
alne-,-o- 0b. -" ,e asthese.
attensde, i also a mat- .n--ho rta--epared to a answersto. a t questions

.AL TH n aVti' that the
This matter of health, taken abme, ech s e tsa"ate of-
te" of concern. ficilals believe tie natrs are
The French have made con- not rejdy to georn tb&islve
tlkla mendeal progress and they l st aumi as
Rut tey have had to t6 back y their baef.
eaetna- rn =nunon to the general
even to- bakwardness of the country,
awSki the &kns ofthe French sy tee Is no me
tZ1ah tt a ee are greatroP eeeta u V ,
ca 011,a tTeinthebl 9a

y --
toinm rranbarmam r rAtm~r~ PSt

I- d

I +,--


- -

C4 .- .-. ,:n -

, .. .. -
. .... --'. -"... ^* / ^ s ; -' .. .*^ .r

.- ~

r ~

7 7 b

n a

t ad LI t"

r i b Msson, bori Chn
WI Wanqd as

A. ot nA. 0. aHad ol iand rd n
ahlrand M m a nt. ere Pt nd an ,
-A-B- and Wlaft ra a and
Now 116000le1 to of RO eTab yvenun g I P*t* '1i._r
G rio"..a it"
I, ot the blr day Yfbr their son It pl .
c. et- ww tet h .,Jur e"r sid on a aiS Howard, augh-
cbMi j'u b F 1t T Andr. Weiu 2W. AdL terof Mr a M tALHow-
T h4re elected at a meeting at &dI t a se was srved rd Of trttobal8d Triday on
s Ad at e IAUWC to the iuastk-ith other refresh- ahe 1Paaa 1he ll nd the
SL w C IftI rIe ments. T young RUests who e- T her ir. Mrs.
cen r L. Kol tw oy- tIe a rnoon were hi Ua be An at nd her
meeting. brotiet an Dljktra Alexis and 100 TO In Pittsburgh,
fter t-eellM~t. rs. Koopka Sheila tndara, Ralonclto and L
gave, ,IClf teire of the actl* Rilabeta Bmiltani, Charles. Da- U.mR1,Miss Howard
Viltte for the yent and anniounc- ld and Freddlq Ann Gallatdo. win ereeni 's training. 8he
ed that an iitallatten luncheon oe Pretto BArty OwrVf, Rebecca asga ro Cratobal
would be held at the Hotel Malca, Pofia Cohen, Deanna and .School With the class of
We.hington on Saturday, June Dinar Ltudo and Pat and John- I/
2th. Mrs. Samuel Puller and ny yew. .',
Mrs. MaqUel OiWrUo were .ap- D Re. l---M. 16gS elon
pointed ad chairmen of the lun- Mi Resla Given Visitel er
cheon. 1iarvations must be In. arwe Party ^Mrs.'H. J. Fillies of polon and
by Thursd, Jute 2ath. tA moup of end gthered at her two ons. ,ritlaand An
bTheh-flwInR were elected tO the -- t-a m tMIe Wednes- w, left th Istlhmus by plale
fill o resident, r Mrs. Mar- day ennt to hower Miss Jo- Thursdayon route to Lima; Pe-
t st vice president. Mrs. anne Reecia with bon voyage tl. he will visit there with her
ic m glJto h4A e.lumbr .Wr- moher. Mrs. Fred Banders for
&Late r ord seret pant ed. MsRed one M-ed tein durit p summer Ioaths.
Irrn lando rrespon witr h aIH nd their b -IMl .In
ere 8an Mrs. He gBmer UJPicaWPl Cjo! In ee"l- :. Mln I .
ret Co 0 and er t er- The 4o m ting olthe M h-
StMteaer, Mrsn Audrey Al- sity of Colorado as a freshman, blem ub No. of Cristo ba
i ter Miss Pat Oasiwell of Magarl- wI o have been held\ at
i ta, who returned from a te' t aM Tuesday ev-
1 vacation Monday, chaperoned 1f m.. been cakp-
lh the young ladles who Includd ell 3 ,.. wemeut
A -.,.LeneveDough, Mine Nancy h ..."Uld oil
AO.. -"A, ,, ,.-6v."

' E'srcher a md ZMrs attic hand-a derrickman.
Bertha Si4eafr.K gave axman-a worker who reports
a, donation of t0 C4Nkvv. Re- a fellow worker.
list frim thelitrfare fun-. bean a well down-to drill with
p were made for an Insta workers who accept enough
la ueto which willbe held pay to buy food and take the
Sd Mrs. Virgisa Hill dance In shares in the well.
to serve Ia chair- bird dor-geologists who smell
d ain uet. out oio.
and Mrs. ally Moll- bounce hiout-ask the boss
'ler were hostesses for refresh- for a raise
t for the evenin. bully-any oUi-fleld worker.
eatAs for the evening. cats and kittens large and
.- o" smal caterpti ar tractors.
ThsMi "' circus. Is coming to town-en-
IM;. WI Lm Badders, Worthy gineers are coming on the
Maon pf Corl Chater, No. 3, job,
otn, loa the Iathmus Thuasay clean pair of nox-a trip home.
morni by plane en route to fire in the hole the bon is
Miami. ne was met by her hus- coming; get to work.
band who left here last week apd gutter gas-intoxicating drink.
by her sor. William. who resides hang her off the bump post-
in Mialit. Thev will visit with to stop a well In production.
the James Mauldna, former jackassabe-lmpassable road.
Iffimlan residents, and wil at- knuckle buster-a wrench.
tnd the Shrine Convention man on, the pot-a fireman.
which is being held in Miami. prune picker-California drill-
They will return in a month. e
t aew the button on-to com-
Car Party to be Given plete a job.
Th mbers of the Jo widow maker a dangerous
cle of the Gatun Union Chur w brought up n
are spolmaring an evenUngof Mrs. Boone was brought up ir
crdf ames which will behed the oil count.T of Texas and Ok-
at the Catun MMasonic Temple lahomina. She made her first ae-
on Saturday, June 21st. at 7:90 quaintance with the allman's
p.m. Tlekets are one dollar each language at grade school in a
and may be obtained from the Texas town where she learned
airnman. Mrs. R.B. Ward, 5-368. that her school mates' fathers
or any member of the group. In- were "toughnecks," pumperss,"
dividual table prizes will be lyv- "toolles" and "swivel necks." She
ef and a royal Doulton figurine is at pMssent teaching at the
resented during the evening. University of Florida.
refreshments will be served_
Players are asked to bring
their own cards Sociologit Says
though ome cards will be avail-
ble. Sco a and ene Women Taking Over
be furntshed. The general pub-W R Wng uw
Sis nvited._._ MILWAtl1X, (UP) The
aPlon a.yem Celebrates woman is taking over as head of
W S= y the house, says vend Riemer,
Vlrgintl Ronaine, young sociologist.
gughter of Leutenan Mrs. Riemer, a un sity of WVI-
W D. lonay^neer couMn professorW a YWOA
al0th bgrodaye Tt Bni up here that W pr cent'ef
-f B pbcVaJatintlon n"w Is en-

ptirW Sf# AWi

Point Wdy ToNo Afth e
0 -

UNM~IV ". sa ." ,"
K. dtd' ^ e, men who
slid supply 7 to 3 M M oso
are ot the a beaches
to@ come t I. 3a1 the new- The w as followed
u ,s T Plrove to be ya '*1U e expedton mem.
the most Miuuora. crew plus a
It was on Ocpe Columbia, tr 1o
northernmdalt of Ca- "ad I returning
n it e Iin June from tre. tu "
Or ternin from pM 1. iM. aA again ,M
hard-w of the 190,a r S t out from Elle-

0r1. 4aa di e marked Mw
It carried arid di-
tihee puniobe to copper ,In moelb his supplies from
plates. th Uc t" up to his jmp-
nBelow the Arms of the sign, inl-off fate, Pear also twice
In a frame oered With l estblL a chain of relay
to protat Ist to m thM weather, stionsai the n6rther
a n el a4 dated land ftI. Tno the entire
JuM 12,_l...: miles route was otted by mi-
"Thi monwnet marks the terlal evidence of his expedi-
point of deofituare return tiona.
of the I of the
SW eb In In 19 t ahh a Tarthest
the1*0' theNorth" o _',he built a clhe.,
ort e *g In 1900, sit the Pole itaelf,
"'The menber.of te pe- left doetmte and a srtrp of
tdion tan W ta Ithe his flag t a la bottle wedget
sledge workf were1i Bml- between two blocks. It is not
lett, OoodUl, Mnio Mac- likely that these markers still
Milan, Boftp, & ,. survive on the drifting, ever-
"The voM o ei ds-16 cehangin" Joe..

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R arson.
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In all colors and shapp.
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.Dpends Oh Early Understandg
B B i h.,O/REE
SNBEA Staff Writer omen. IVoo

..... 1Sw&-A,. m th .l.. f .^4 ..

Plan orf f e Whilet1a4f
By Adele E. Streeseman, M. D.
Written for NEA Service
Thuis the first of alsix a~lt by I noted
... There is a current advertia- woman medical adviser who she women the
ing campaign which features sound and sensible approach Ut Iddle age. An
the picture of a famous movie authority on psychosonitle m_ m e, Dr. Adele
star and beneath, a line that Streesemman has practiced in llIl medicine,
runs something like this- "Will served as a psychiatric eenstnalut, and for 15
you look as young as Gloria yars has been medical a4dvise tthe Women's
Swanson at 53?" Prisn Asseeiation of New Yea cty. She is a
;t's a springboard for thought. Fellow of the American Psy mtle Soiety
B t that's only one tenth of and the author of the book, 're Human, a robe is more
it. Actually, the question that Toe," pubilhed last year by Coward-McCann. and Sumd e
.every woman who's now in her 1o a va,
E 4B ra 6ttledti ale,a teda, mottorefr' o twe aes or her thirties or ev- e te r iht ti -,t
Oldhb u oVabt ery schechL o01e of 1 0bRe..s _enner early forties should put took (right),'All'
bl/Ye d i a motact wait the*drec toWide bae in to herself is: "What kind of like saving Up for a rainy day. prny women who are nid tl6- k, liply r- rt ; U9,

-W YORK (NA) -- Never ping e and de .t C i ally, financially just what you through. This means plan- em antagonism t wards the Don't look now but your skirt li, *,ttile
hold your baby at mealtime. in-selvers," she "rilnt5 out y will I be like?" ning ahead, many years before World. These are the women- is-pettioat ia wing. It'$ 911 ro of 16ee antlbbS, 100
t or ay t ai ss he l s o d- The first step in building a your children leave home, be- so many of them who did riht, thoi or ti s s1ekson dellht ully
Don't pick the bab y up when stand hy hwe reac t to people e that's sound emotionally fore your looks change or ot plan ahead, who did notfashion ntn to tiny wa- from
hecries.Expect andandtherwise in middle age is Look about you. Look at thesave for the rainy day of midf- lines nd billowing skirts puff- taffeta overski .
to a rigid pattern of behavior child study experts have taught to start while you're young. It's discontented, unhappy faces of die age. ed out with pretty underpin- An excltin bit of fashion
Sai s like we're heading usmany things about our chil- schi my da o th e dtoner.
back into the dark ages of children and their pattern of devel ad A ite up of ty -i Asc variety of colors and ma- coa tb e B C t
care. Well, before you start opment. working"lifeAi md "ou puoftybleewa y butAndmoreth,
3t Ing to help just such Uofiefw. leewayta keep eraldmoth- o to pelt tealut.
pulling your hair out, these un-I "We have come to understand a Ct .d fmk 3 J ea As they pass through my office er e nd t

S.1dem u r e e ho worr? teuhf years, nowtyle or ad d ea ox
g tc suggestions for bring-ithat a young child, coping ilth color coveg ver.nag pls e e wonder-Fr goNn PUNCtea.

uest p your baby, are mereTly the strange hostile w o r they unfold haunting stories of ful e of completely yo y pets.ta.
n*W5year-old ms oriesa Of P about c him, need chthe wa, rmth,m e t o l wan youthful years. n od wh- n.. washable fabrics robe, the fln en g t 1
zince edto, Mrs comfort and equity of hi s pa-,g a P .Jhi tuyn h av eir i Nre ac eda mp r s on nets and tricots are er is trhe ,, habdeo ,
r e dLrttle elt c t rents' love. "1d ahrat- ltoigh oin' th eir io at tme uappby fes petticoat favorites perithanent- fabrics espe'oly te
S ttledal.. r o an s'd oTare" t io stand they are unprepared. Th ey o ee I l ofin ished to retain their stiff- o
4nged," Mrs. ittledale says. scientific, serious research per-. .. it l h arde suffering from e-7n dhn at l"i &
'There is still the instinctiveformed by men like Dr. Adolphn kind trauma. ome of them retain a youthful energy and uking..u a eliminate a Always ke .a
urge to give your child all the Meyer of Johns Hopkins Pay- -o indav f hsban wo ar stahemad. re oioning i you. finger u l o

ho nhpt ehi arco-tric Clinic has also done have 'husbands who a re t st ray- low. h b yu.r her -ddn r ,
nd help to make him a Others have worries over A woman who look n d close gathers or tuc. impy panng clean, too. e a
es of bow this can be ac less formality and the juning financial insecurity, or dread of dr ses youthully in middle ae the material trough stiff brush d
S hiatist tan d c-hs oaiy a the ng. being physically unattractive or d to remain attractive your ingers slowly and fir e t e
Shed are completely dif-:of rigid timeschedules. fear of the "change of life." to men, these ads imply. Thus, tIte, organdy, plisse, or-eay ber e i u"T nm
Brand. I think, much more 'Then. too, explains Mrs. Lit- [. she's in no danger of losing dotted swims make ideal under i tire grn t. .
.uthd realistic "o' tledale. "motherhood and father Al to geter, their stories make her husband. t O
.-1. ittledale, a mother and erhood are taking on an almostO up a great parade of woe. And Is theis t arue? divorce o ArtsWI .
grandmother in her own riht.,professional coloration. Young, -- p rtas a parade that the woman re ve ante oe to trwe co ~l

well-qualifed to sit In her women study child de velop a ments o ue. th s p I o thv nd ot ta 8
-paint ed modernistlcally- and parent home relation- t aI nwho iours young now need never aroh the m pan es thfely
hi ,S aw t Lan wd e lve bas tedpiih ye a age i e ratpshe grea te ss iglhoead.tS middle- aed womet t"
h ew York office and ships in college. Nowadays,e as t ter an d usme n nd tin f e wt pan ahe aras and yoouthful-
el nRave chang s ed in the s considered quite manly for difficulty women have to over- them for one r on or another. t r
past ron ap e father to take an active In- f e In approaching Middle age It's. beyond dispute that to bpckage w b yt
Not only has she worked with terest and part In the life of.o action's Immature wse slim in middle age i healthy d
psychiatrists and doe- hisobaby" qualio'si.trIelwor-oslimoinrmiddleNageRiOsAhealth
si*pH. your ha ir teodi y M o u h. Lea f throw ugh a and that to be attractive is a 16 dn eo

torS in the field of child s tudyM Mrs. L ittledale i Es not pro- th e m It'S fil led with ads g taid to on e l It o o f
but she has personally spent posing, however, that we haven u .lz 0. llfiltedoithowt lot greater s ,olt onte's morallesds But B-s c )
Mch da time working directly reached a stage of perfection Una- p'urlolSwSIn how to g not lte s ion physi al. appraes d i. rJe0 Bute avo f medP o .
with children in clinics and 1when it comes to understandingho o tha mntH atnphsclae earned. Jh Emi of muhZed rvi tha caap it4lea
%arery schools. and helping our children to de- tI. .oe a l en ust ,o.. eu __,nd % up.wae r t- aUIt tha
P furthermore, her post as ed- velop into healthy, well-adjust- You'llhreiac I l-i.e akn i tol. ool. h rekt Ia ad wtfb1-
2lor has permitted her to keep ed Individuals. o o t ba y dt e a s .d s e (this keeps sugar crystalS from nettlil to t390 bt-O0), IS .U
her finger on the pulse of the ablThere are still parents shet ta ble Ylo' .kee oort meo mo.i I theo r Afermnint e u orei ents.r t
American family through all POint out, who Insist that their (me thiskta fn7t p'nt_ ca hpls f uraircd s O*frang et a
yearsofchangechildrenactllnker"littleladults."NTO;Mno time to mix the reS le etamanti.n gI o
ytrememberacnge e iThey want them to repress an- a-Ee. tw squeezing, yet you change surehoeof rttin the fltsh o
s,'" recalls s o L .. becompletelyr o lrunselfishac" sr .ee f vn d ut rtou o urelm Mreic y, son l teI .oi

"I Ahore ri of rs cede to all demands and re- If your dreams of shimmer- ise tones= 4fStrodue tre a n oa.On sndsnr i son- a te 5'
---ls tand a rrton dt megl si lver-gray hair m beent l platd .i n.umo 25ae lle tht I wise to? eeseter-l 3can@ 'ofl wl, hrW s t.o a
s"ch e lfco p rib i tlrquests. Mrs ittlemnJdauleSaysshe eEslY roma pre there easies wa oie
schi duRocng spoiled the baby u can't help but wonder how shattered by an unatuIac e, soft and flaitteing. freewlha ka san d f rtment of your rcasth
il osucking waspaild thereby 'man ea n sch er many adults can possible ad- tawny-yellow cuat, there more room and ato oal i
ICbt wchandod to besn-to d thttp-ey poses ssuh ped r-to the solution than a blue or HELPFU HINTreaSe r a t ri p udr ssuch tn r
sking wvasada s onal qualitiesy ch per violet color covering.h rGmIT
4a a1lCots. Itrwas healthy'CR o an qultoies -fh ropncayURYObAr
eian nfanoft cry even if rdn.lalobel Perhaps the most Impoortant What your hair no@eds Is acupsug e e'ar"ss RN R Ta h ,
1ooCried because he was hun-,fact that Mrs. LittledaDe's re- reparation that willkO_ lPlte; Whmn v ou slpcve your fur- rt E5 rae .....
M jale, maintains that that children are people but not shade that comes through h.h- i seatsho aide Cha too. If you LI
.....ddthe;like, use the leftover decorative I cup sparkling
rserdved o" dsfh!grown-ups, and must betreat- lighted, of course, with Ubtlle fabrics forcetrtain tiebacks. bh on. e re a
aoeodu thodso caring ea accordingly. Applied to our steely glints. o
tor our children for many and own family relationships, this OCmiew re- Tohu orol Co ater sauaansi
i e 'theory might profitably change Happily, there is suceTO l stirringuntil un ilm i
"For one thing. we are learn-lthe Coursee f fevents end"ssleprdio qucrt fa tr, thin cot o hln .and mix weollI. ove ih lee:cub e
-- cou ef ens. markable product erk va ia-lae ne streakatit eh with drnmo et-..r
the form of a rinse. hatf to Ie-, a well mo before .adm llhn cb a
itecanabe washedndwe shddtrputting the aft uInto the sudsbP cp unch.
o y ouh rsof eyoure hair at will. AS an or launderi." w. apliew tok in O VOR GETleae tahEt
ouadded protection, to be c O EyourTO GEEHER0, the results can be well-bei
UPsyour skin Is not sup-
tive to the rinse, each a c Between fs u, remo like butterscotch and chocolate, eavy mel-- nl
By GLADYS R. GRAHAM contains prelimin ptrarNCEaLuxury, but now a ne- here's a yummy pudding which .antkt tptly to
Author of "Tropical Cooking" and "Panama Guidebook." test instructions. Follow the with a 1we W cotton awtu- .
rections carefully for perfect rated with 00 or tOilet W- "coutae when I talk about cars
resulns eIon Ju. Ice iI"ter.I m taldki abomt CIVA your wobut bet overpowered it

%%at to do about It except let2 one you buji And here's some- eat-ever way to t pI
Iamoe. Some people who pe=IN TH STRANGEST P ACES
Only mildly allergic to the M.ake a syrup bybl IN T HE STRANGEST PrLACES pubi fldat tll have ex-BY a yt, ti
it find they can eat them bolng tended the tim un June 16th. lengthy
uked. Others will brea outnu an wA er toe er isn't this RAND?... of course
In a ruah if they stand underPut t.- tghdgi taiking about NAZAR AMI- "
Sa am~ngo tree. But some people stra em ure through a aI-RICANO "Nabae ldhers and no trsuMB
1 all8rgie to strawberries, too. 'r"ier."Ad f he ru nd a n.tailo to men of good taste." 0 B
S.AWAAN RIT SALAD m~ecihan ical refrigerator. whi randtmms tru M
Sa R diced papaya the cream before blending w as fu of a th a
; fresh or canned pine- ..the fr uot
a -hs o c and cluttered MDsoe ak. iUi f
avocado, diced .PA classified ad sold the l o
aagoes, diced "
.. to a happy amt1We aidiol-
am , light- p

SEvery msi. g r w eek vy day s i
.. THE PANAM AMN I carries MORE CLASS ea. ,'e i M s, -
ADS,,. .DaS th4a d r* s b PiAM or
hm .h nYo-Ww

,. r-r ..

* ~c.

. .... ,f -."'- '. *f ". -.. ; %. .
*"'. ..".; .^ *

N'ss "cck-' ..4ioR S outh Y2h

"-s a Russi n isTl listed aMt -th
the id the White the Bf a
to at b lo in the aki .yia @f thila. The nem*0- 9H7

Ske t Party nor t lin- a

l "t td&tleln'd
tilt W miuch eS idthe a ifh f. lygy l b w rstmDC

t but 8ptalingl if oevolutions, as 't ralpeland to .tes -Up
.ed of the Pr r S mar. nrIh e o l thd of sion An- 'le so"eto o
I^ Iln is" Of oa-m for~ 1 r n

T a so r an r tenp on Mrs. Jpo- gdetle len Thu t. Er mMlttn on t'ewerent. Kgml eRanchvertr Te- bre l n wth-r oe n h3-
wim tyw Mos re den i b e.d ca y Pteeee an nd m a o
O'Lean Pa- rm. D In g his work, first published a h r nd t s
o r eb oa, ns, land on ter to h d Bito D r o nr ed hoe ar ee la nes
rroneih ral id h thin__abpo tho an. ib utr oDandws oe
,ete t, y Renda ldeen Th ilE3 n a tohnt is eed forse s ie l isobth treVa o yreCU t3o ignthe now ever, vi e thCMrfeay gto Ote thefaL o _. ment it W i

r $(It -11. Moore^ rananenti rest*." 4 0nce $ n D aiel b Al14 egn t i p e a nd thIe 4Do'er %r? naomnn the saei causegaineddersL hd th i asn dns how ar.d t ir1.
wiAn 98. 8. Sth re ontan. rer.ein5 l at .h Mh e ers t t oe clubouauted K aloel twng oiantw the l aen t or were red ov tertci, burding mn the o ses riser. WQ tdshe ha. fe *nu- sy
y t S ii.dtthe. ni rd ha nh rdf Ra. Ma- il te nth t di- r or htfor u to market, hy h _ob ie, t l 1g n U. ",e pa cl
a ls i, eM rs. A",ustin maertt m w rmit D an.w. vide r the two 'lala n omranb invontelof i!.-- the. nt ei t -u .i ea ut um or n meadows to, te An bl ne, the

*s h eoli Army Its e a h l aM t in t he laofth sai d .omnsa eor m e Inht. 6a 4mrard ng a r r GT 000Sru cte d r7ho6Agb
4cr in CphiRie tpmy oi t he tceai .lait ste a shoe thiWiet h .nmI

. auiba h will be at De artng ReTIdeTW ed for a everal t nine loeks, hee defend tnte1th ceentury, IThSe tee-ear drought, hr- in aurTheisl er. oein the
i their f at 9101-3nd h 'tand Mo n The ason mFlint a .nthems h.tIt hasoalreay, he Dope level though sor e Rusian of thi cent;- ever, ms deied liin tre o w c gen t leaeman Du --

In Ourundu. velIS plan to sal 1 on the P .a.n "ami n eo ga" dthe oaeorc c nih to. t"he o P Don fnds ra rb le r h-5 to less then s Tn o ostru t his rotao on t.e
o bt ee aveleer anroOr- ev at wwdmnostrat eehordsas- okue 5t Pr'es roto fid s ey1n Oeedthe oes o dwnedUmaoip*in hte o e *e ondhd yT ea "_ L.1 ,wr.s-h.'.-

f eess l 6 on I vided of workng from modlls Ianch a id). Ayfueit a in oe p e men In c-a, H e ytio nn so andaptradirio er. f O ld brat n
S b a pa on Jui pae 4 ho w t ien), I t), the canalet f e Is a am corn Tslmlarltles In all tour relu h- The n y eRal m ,g o-l

iil. 'lly Moore i uet resie n om il lo Am Al pet and is n writers aretns their o ues, loders, hatve t is iii received their o C le oblgd the dman toii
i nvtat s or a ontanomea. Mr. Fmint is with the erb. two o s nu -t~ r MIX.... te w ty mm e cr r gie cl e nr an. rks',.owo
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Sioitlrf and t peru in Am- wf b a visit to mae or e t den i. tgg fore S aul" tnd M m er er abe o eun letv l On o 1d ats Way, n t aio es wh ere cherry-red bee senr The b t-threng reple
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i esiun .a I t e o l Ran. to choem8nc 5 new I o a theI ne s.chapseue80 %tP re a 1 arad an0d spurs. 0 to r h custm on ra neds i

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s- S r- -ottii nTr- paar f to aknhe r )- s I tolaf rist te canalfe-'It of tea n'i Siy- Is not the nF r sarrige to the ls te
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he, issueradpe wpotifr De r Wi ndbl .or Ierbridesoo rk
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CP, .n e ry and Amys a Nv n a thorough -nellectual an- tra t htheae r ieuale Arcaltties- yT eto cmw-o up the w. .eho.rme
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.. 'n Sdd 'll p.erlpe rented The perognram tinlehwes: Site- r, lt ese e'
on-t Las p ien eIgo" e l e phony No. 1 im, O noI.t -o(a uel s. os r o la*an. wh -hdha -u rsrOl'. ofr Chebon-te
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located at
the end of
the sho png
accads. You
can ak by
the Hotel garage
s*t walk up
o flight
to the


Sp fif. squadseI AwMbl.foee of.,trwS
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0E u Se 'em... When You Tll 'em thru P.A. Classifieds!--

S';I ea' ve vour Ad A ith out of our Ageint or our offices l, Nu. 57 "'l" Stree Panuaa ma
No 12.174 Central Ave. Colon

ti Service \ 1 Saln de 6 a Amiricano Carlton Drug Store
1| Titoli Ave.^-PhQne 2-2291. a'hd *55 West 12th street 10.059 Melelider Ave.-Phane 255 Col6n
rittie's :" Agoacia laternacional de Publicaciones Propaganda, S.A.
trth Julv Ave.-'Phone 2-0441 .t3 LottlT3 .laea .- Phone 2-3199 "H" Street corner Estudlante St.
SPhones 2-2214 an\ -2798
I' # I ," -- = .. l' I .

.~ *fv:K

liiemwmn for 12 words.
ia xeh additional word.


pi tE: '- 1949 Westinghouoe
,gerietor, 9 cu. ft. 60 ccle.
.00. New Cristobal. 360-A,
Srnd Marietta St Phone Cristo-

ISALE:-Single bed. mahogany,
sprfngs and mattress Studio
Breaklost set. table, 4
irs. Kitchen cabinet. Ch no or
tk ca:e., wrhogaory, cedor chest.
ffet, mahogany, auorteraasler
Cell .Bolboa 2494
1. r'SALE.-5 piece livingroom set,.
ists of one Studio Couch, 3
S ls, 1 coffee table, $115.00.
ifso I Zenith Trans Ocean'c Ra-
dio, 80.00. 387-B, Cocoli.
S- IEAV|NG:-2 bamboo chairs with
Ottoman and table, $80. Chinese
carved wardrobe, $65. 0803 Plank
St. and Gavilan Rood. 2-1520.
SFOR SALE:-Venetion blinds for ba-
che'or aportment. Mahogany. Tele-
"* phone Stand. 9 Ft. Westinghouse
Refrigcrotor 25 cycle. Four years
guarantee. Toby mugs, kitchen
tab'c, toaster, kitchen utensils,
: waffle ircn. House 0430-G, Fran-
"* gipani St., Ancon, C. Z. All day
*A"R-SALE:-9 cu. ft. Westinghouse
refrigerator, venetian blinds, wash-
ing machine, Q. M. furniture, mis-
cellaneous item:. 5524-D, Haines
S St. Diz to. 2-1871.
Stst seIl before June 17th. 1952.
New 60 cycle Apex washing ma-
Shine with automatic timer and
jutMp, $150. High choir, $15.00.
.lhdgony occasional chair, $25.-
01). All items practically new and
in excellent condition. Ca'l 86-
I'T 107. Quarters 297-B Albrook

J Position Offered
'SVANITED: Experienced beauty
m" -perator to work in Fort Claston1
SBauty Shoope Salar, guaranteed
Phons 87.2231 or o 3-72E9

j" Help Wanted
".Iri4NTED: Mai in El Cangrelo,
S ora. Must sleep in. must have re-
a ferences. Telephone 3-4021.
7 -


1951 Chevrolcts
1951 Buick Special
1951 Frazer
1951 Fords
1951 Studebaker
1951 Mercurv
1950 Chevrolets
1950 Plymouths
r 1950 Fords
1958 Dodge
S 1950 De Soto
s 150 Mercurvy
1950 Pontiaes
1950 Studebakers
S 1949 Buickl
1949 Chevroletq
1949 Plvmoulh%
1,4 Oldsmobiles
1949 Pontiacs
19419 Nash's
1949 Stu ebakersi
004 F ords
194q Fordq
1941 Chevrolet s
194S1 Packards
194% Neah's
1944 Buirks
947 Pontilaes
1947 rhrwsler
1947 Ford<
'947 N-h's
S947 Wlllvs Sta WI
194G Fords
Iq45 Hud'ons

W JT AS ,,!


T4URS lac
wdh Ford
b now
" I-lI


Service Personnel and C
Gbverr ment Emprole
Insist on
C-overnmeni Employes FlIto
When you finance yur.
cr used car.
AGENCY '01"""
No. 43 A'ur Mebfh
Phone 3-4984 "
FCR SALE-- 1952 uick i1
cocr Riviera. no Dynatlo
mileage. For in.eormatof n
boo. 2-4437.
FOR SALE:-1951 F'ord VI
ria. Perfect dondifion.
W/S/W tires. 0428r-A 'A
ni St. Ancon, 2-4263.
FOR SALE:-1951 Kaiser, ni
radio, etc. House 338-1*, r
ton. Telephone 87-2121.
FOR SALE:-1951 Pontiac 8
no, 4,500 miles, cream or
w/w tires, hydramotic, ra
rect;onal signals, spotlight,
coat, all leather upholst
like new. Phone 3-T421,
1717-A. Old Cristobal.
FOR SALE:-1949 Ford Cust
cellent condition, radio, w/
$1,100.00. Curundu, 2153
FOR SALE:-Model "A" Fo
door Sedan. As is, where
$70.00. Gamboo, house 0
FOR SALE:-M. G. 1951. Du

7,000 miles. Cash or will tc
in trade. Panama 3-2809.

FOR SALE:-1949 Tudor Fo
Sedan, w:th radio, excelled
edition, can be financed. A
duty paid, willing to waiv
House 1550-C, Gavilan Roz
FOR SALE:-1947 Todoot F
don. Very clean. Mechanic
feet. Good tires. 5437-J. I
FOR SALE:-1951 Lincoln
black, Hydra-matic, radio,
undercoated, seotcovers, sp
winshield woshres, back u
7800 miles. .Dodge & DeSo
er Tivoli Crossing, Panama
Will trade equity on 1951
Hydramotic-8, 4 door, for o
2-1597, house 5183-B

Real Estate
FOR SALE-1 lot 960 meters,
this side of Los Cumbres
meter. Coall house No. 50
Av n-c, Son Francisco.


MAN'SIZED Ernie 6,
Clearwater, Fla., contr
stands proudly by a 156-p
six-foot six-inch tarpon
caught in the Gulf of Me
off Clearwater Beach. ft
largest landed during the
tuwn wenk.a of a thre-

~j_ / 1r A S
LWV CV~j UL inre-m
ru d-i-(FA

..... -.. FOR SALE
Barain. 1949 Oldsmobile ~'tI i MWeors
?-door Fedan. with radio. OLITBC,SRD MOTOR, Johnson 22
*eat covers, spot-light. five HP. gcod condition, spare prop.
-.iod lires. easv paya5nts. barga,n 195 ptPh p p -322.
For sale at Smoot v Mun-
n'cutt S.A. 1lth St. Central REFRIGERATOR. Ca'dspot, 25 or 60
Ave.. cold6n tl. 00, cvclr. nw enamel, unit excellent, 585. Phone 6-322.

Practically mew. 1951 Chev.
rwt ol tv W ou iE2-deer
Feda., i n bhea'lJ hbtae.
S~ly m* Vor salb mo
eom i e SA.
hr'et A w.f


1M Chevrole e el a f
A mew tire, womd Ma
Esw Psvmeot ls mb t
Son"t v USmazit L
Ift t. Cimd I Aw. CAI"
etL UL.

Studebaker champJon 2-
door Coupe. with radio, seat
covers. 5 good tires. excel.
lmt eomdjtu. eaVsy awy-
ments. For sale at vour
local dealer ia toew. Smoet
y Hunaiuatt 8LA. l4 t.9
Central A., Ce6a tUel M.


Bargain 19 Chryrw 4-.
dear Sensm with rale.
hatbw ashgetvm. -

Awg. emi al. imae, F
noL U SEW1~

II4 Sk"le s per 4-door
Sedan, with Dy 1mSw. ra-
dio. Meot emp wey good
shape. sawr iWv t. For
Sale at f&RA vso. Icutt.
S.A. 1ath St-et COtsal
Av., Cdt a&4 .

110" IS
=*= MaNl

Ri b,

hee inf t anpr
corn and a roodt PansTm
Concerning fi -O Pf na
major 1vesbnk MW

= Cheessi
t~r Ma.d

it let
%da :o

I ma-V

I ~.,rt

he1. -

, *,' ,- .- -,.<,. **"'
I s. "..- ..wt .' -t .,'- ". .. ,
-a ~ 'L e. *'* '.- 2***.'

Tfc '


D you have a driskng problem? Foster's furnished cottages, half mile* FESSIONAL
1 aWrites Alsobeol Anonymous e90 beyond Santa Clara. Gas refriger-
20-1 AnconC. Z. actors, ranges Special rates week-
l ly or monthly, pr,,at ,road to
"FOTOGRAFIA SOSA beach. For information ste Doa t 1 ALL OUR FAULT
ev. Co. Wil remain closed from June 28th mar. Tivol Avenue No. 6, or i Your dealer is out of
new unt September3rd 1952. forre- hone Panama 2-0170. ,
modeling. Any one having work phone Pan 2-010. -
pending please call for it before date Casino Santa Clara. Dance music by ML-A I. L
Mentioned. Casino Aces. No reservations ne-
-985 cessary. Saturday and Sunday. But. how could we ow
cnAL-KILL was sud enly
super, 2 BABY ORCHIDS, Bouquets corsages Gromlich's Santo Clara beach- .ing to break all pre-
W, low delivered anywhere U N IT E D cottages. Electric ice boxes, gas vious sales records for
call Bal STATES, PANAMA. CANAL ZONE. stoves, moderate rates. Telephone intsecticides in Panamdt?
Tel. Orchid Gardens, Panama 3- 6-441 Gamboo, (A shipment is due this week
0771, Cristobal 1033. G 4
R0. From Blboa through the PANAMA Distributors
rchgip s aAN Cdon diesel lunch, $10r to Apetmoents Central Ave. Tel. $-0140 CHARLES f. WHITA.IE, tTV. Consul In Colon, shows the differenCe btWn 3t. I'o- des-ol
Sa Btiwals and COTILO bdall50room LMR p7- T ET, BOcorn own locally, but one from im roved seed, during the s it bheh mah M A
w tires Cristobal. $40). Three big dayr, rALHAMedro A APARTMiENTS the FLat Day Exerises held at the Crlatobal High School. auditorium. Whitaker'l t le
ew tres, otJune20, 21, 22. Call Jungle Jim, Mode rni hed unfurnished onp et- bounced that with the help of the Point Four experts it is expected that hot ech~l a r
SCly- Hotel El PnomA, 3-1660. ment. Md rv optional. Con-LU disappear from Panama within a year
SPECIAL EXCURSIONS.1! tact office 8061. 10th Street, Newa.
Catali- FROM PANAMA TO MEXICO Cristobol. te-lesOs is86 Colon. VENETIAN l t a
nd blue, one way $85., round trip, $135 (15 FOR RENT:--Small furnished apart-
dio, di- day-limit), $160, (good one year) ments with complete hotel-service, BLINDS
ery, car 15 round trip $2 35, (90 day- telephone servi 2room and Lin A m eo ie w s P a n a m a
Quarters limit) Panama Dispatch Service, op balcony at reasonable monthly DDelTeryL A

poite Ancon bus stop Tel. Ponama rates. Hotel Roosevelt. Tel. 2- Te 1 A s s P o in t F o r U P oli y
ore. Ex- 2-1 655. 0700. Tel -171 S'
/w tires, TO PARENTS OF 'TEEN AGERS: FOR RENT:-Furnished one bedroom # 3. 29th St.
-B, 83- Give your child a life-long g ft-in- apartment. For two.months. $90.00
vest in dancing lessons. RAgister a month. Call Tel. 3-0057. "The relations between our two years hog cholera which has 3. In modern times
rd two- now for COTILLION, ballroom PANAMA BROKERS. INC. government and Paname are long been a serious obstacle to first became selfgn ft tatUi
is. Price classes for Junior and High School FOR RENT: Well ventilated two ote El Panamio very Important. There Is no oth- hog production here will be sugar in 1946 and r r
Students at the dEl Panma." bedroom apartment, 2 baths, maid's LIG: PanamA Forestal r Latilt American Republic with stamped out n PanamAr through substantial eortslll .
271 an' Students at the "El Pnm l" room t installation, Mlio nmiFo, w A prour.govaernmenthessote work of the Point-Four ro-w 4. Tine o rrNrt onaft 66-
Foxtrot, Jitterbug, Waltz, Charles- ro hot after installation Bella roductsPanam In which our government is so the work of the Point-Four pro- 4. The rtt
ton and Swing will be taught, by Vista, 49th No. 32 Apt. Tel. ice Co and ua close~, fiated. Other Amerl- gram." ment industry a e ove a
ty Paid, Lion Sears telephone Panama Tel. 3-0815. Lc (common ad eblis look on this as a Whitaker also spoke on the or- 000,000 worth ltat
e l r t one o o (c mmon and pre tesing ground of our Latin igin and history of the Panama- ytar.
ike Jeep 1565.eR RENT: New, modern apar*- faepkd). American licy," declare nian flag. Noting the many Soy .Panaf i nowzedM.l
ments, 3 bed rooms. Suitable for T 719 -190M0 OhlmO. les U. ta er, United Scouts present, Whitaker laid: twice Au mit caO 6 ia l
ord V-8 office or residence. No. 22, 4th Consul I Colon at the I am pleased to see so man 1940 and still oriU
nt con- FOR SALE street. Tel. Panana 3-1773. annual ag Day exercises held representatives of scouting ou about 70 er l At
ilthogh MODENN FURNITURE last night at Cristobal High here tonight. I feel that cout S t udl i t
e duty. Miq|e____ rti Fhi._ Ls i CUmi. 8- School auditorium. The exercises ing has ita great influence in C. .al ode study.r
ad, Bal- HOUSE OWN S, HOUSE UEIIn- leuniolstew were sponsored by Elks Lodge building ood citizens. A short 7. In about 40 rl. US
ITo f s en rin No. 1542 in Cristobal. time agoe in connection with one has built up a pf to
--S- WE RE MANAGERS. e a i ftur Itrm ooT cainteeOW M 'No"But, and this ai the important of the citizenship merit badge, system fro m lefte.i
od Se- WE REPAIR plumbing fixtures atVII I tII t all J one A tm e l e point," cautioned theIt u e sat we had several family disusions t9 a university
lly per- your place. ,. IP. Trye Jlai e aAtmn obii i lle fnwt speaker of the evening after about world problems affecting 8. B P lt ml, of
Dioblo. We guarantee prompt. ,neat work. -e a-00am -i aamn e comparing the difference be- our nation. I wOl like to tree its n tl
rdor, COMPA4A ISTMERA fE PLOME- Currently showing at the twen two ears o corn, one of commend this phase of the Wh' b w .1iT
Fordor, RIA, S. A. Phone 3-3350. Justo Art Gallery, La Boca Road, Bal- the common type grown here and scoutingi and sugegt that each other laut
heater Arosemena Ave. and 29th St. East. boad, is exhibition p hoto- the other ls own localbutof us tomorrow whert we sit dowIn
ooight, ___ _exhibition fpho- G the other also grown locally but of us to w o wn
t di Dairy offers a limited number akenby Henry T. Mc- TraAfsotes Sxte S.A. from seed smlplled by the Point- to our dinner a suppler hr %=.h
light Mini Dairy offers alimited number Keni t o f 10 risoaly, .9tour Program,e"all these pro- family di(ciUPi) -Iabont r re eott woe thei. _Nwer adA
)to deal- of high grade Holstein heifers, The io.;ographs depict scenes Shipping, moving grams o our government, all the can sti Utseu nw r de ratlm tof meOtt
Tel. 2- from I to 20 months of age, to of the "dreamboat ball" the an- m ing, efforts of our Embassy in Pana- standing sat nd it h dSataIn a atl
be sold individually or in groups, nual Beaux Art dsou tIs su We pack and crate or v can be nullified overnight
Interested parties may Inspeot the by the Cana I rl on 'Phone2-51,e 1eeat sn a r y eat i sch e n
ti anirials and obta any necessary which was held recen ly aatbhe d p c tly onts t with the Panama- toeel start the discuss a e
ler car information by contacting the Hotel Tivoli. 2-2562, Param. an people do not supporteand Panam has the third l ar tIn wh
D Manager, Mndi Dairy Farm. These pictures do not re re- complement these program etMerchant fleet in the whor b a to it W
Sent, a collection of salon pr it, the example of our daily living nd only to the United States help tb f o f our
Bids will be received in the office of but rather, in the torm of can- "No matter what programsor andGreat Britain mant I ralti t -f t
the General Manager, Commissary did-shots, record the artistic government may have, we are 2. Compare the aeublie of ad 'otUtr in
Division, Mt. Hope, Canal Zon eeo Moltons of .t as well a C l Zone Auto Ownen! e ones that Panamanians see PanamA, which is no yet 50 wrld' a.* o
until 3100 p. m., Thursdoy, JurI .-oun had bre~ -ho, at- E wusto mobile is inaed wth as examples of American Citi- years old, with our cbUtry v50 tZbing et I
26, 1952, when they will be open d and helped thmae a ths a-f. T e AmnItan urance Company, zens, andit is from us that they ears aftertthe signing of r ship t our
ed in public, for furnishing 1.326, fr a success. the 's noE tra premium when you draw their conclusions about the eclaration of Independence the new world."
I mile 000 pounds or, alternatively, 663,- McKenzie is a member of the ship it for te durnghat vacon United takes, its policies and its
s, 1.00 000 pounds of Fine Granulated Atlantic Camera Club and has Or. If Ybu're picking up a new car Pe p e.Ol emhszdl ri n
Third Sugar. Forms of proposal, with full several prints in the Current At- t the factory well ue bnder onsul taker emphasized
particulars, may be obtained in the lantic Camera Club exhibition letter here t wll pide Insu race that it n important part of

r The ga llery is open from a.m. ana ae Asenee examples of the many fth6e Uni,
FOR SALE 1 sewn marline. D I to 10 Hem. da siy., n e mmen 2.34j gible steps takento W peen PARIS (UP) ntdr e ame out the se-era rce
1rectgror B ridge set ights, orf oTe tohe s dreams te bo a houmbsg. Yun e, ited t atsofpi-Satidd tascendn ,,, n th ern d .... ,. *
H HE Fednl ,aero Boyd No. 4C Apr. photographs may be ordered at ge inv e9l MevIhe. the tW uld tit be re- misphere a f t ndlyF nd prosper- ed a wr m delf -

rodor AD. Appitafter9:00. the USO- quired. W oceHere s a at hant of e years. '

Vision N it e. ZS a-e B, c t bid < 6S .. --^c .s, u ni t e-
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refrgeocr I bridge set Misc. Copies t s of the "dreamboat ball" Room aili n 14. that policy sid. holding up descending again into theewers Ing diseasee ando adM-
Mircdar Apt. Appld after 9:00 a. thre USO-JW office;"Here Is a n tecical ear of corn haunt oft by dit e mae n e years. ^'

m.FOR Germa Shepherd BRUNSWICK UP he ew and re ilesitioro grave robbers nn inspiration.
pupp. Due ed. me and fe ant ive oak known as the Le at resent. It tes y reactions sch as "The Tours enter the as bthh
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i rr fnetree area manager. 41 tembile Row cultivating. To h ver tfor centur- They a the vanguard ofthe spot where the

you have toe ( b over 12ree This hn eil wosrl Br ish hasdb eeAe an erown f

L oes, even befh corn th field, ao ut lighted by the flicker of torched a
seen at Bud ,ang 826 Curundu. Tel. three feet above the grIrmd. At v tha the cornfie w h fiat bottomed move
3- Xat point, it branch into ten ptfnS our coEteh ally 'the

FOR SALE 1 1949 Harley Davhdson l-mbu, each r-easuring from went forth rinto the offe=.truh

S, 2 ,, agon O p50at TheiLo nr Oe so Uaed S yo
SIt bestalesest of drawers n20bth thmet beneath ts branches same fied and uder theo of e n n f n .thmur

Olothes homper. and tables, 2131-fveteran on 1736 when the British per ear as _wtor f. I sewer Manic. Ih.
FOR. CAL U. 83-263 occ German Shepherd BRUNSWICK. Qs area. (UP ew d reitione lust. the s ame conditions f te tors e
PUPP es.Pure bred, male and ft- giant live oak known as the Lov. ture.seed s.Now these coMrn eih"do mon ths.e i tft

,R E .rtnoilco- By lcOmietructr ilse 'bid;Th e--chie fe h caatitcSnorfku c ornrle red o pa t
eurn Or Ofce equp- I A aol Dr.'E. A. PEREZ seed are no row: there is no sewer victors i that they tu
-.4 F uther nform n call ducttion says H. E. Rioux, Davey i.Tettheon of their ,, UnsI aarut e ft
S Nal ton Rod- KALA ZOO. Mch June 14 Day ml Nigt Service tou have to elimb over tree This is an evil world hadinsamenam irn athe
MOa e UP-It s still lega l to whetle 4 e lr m -Te.- p trunks two feet thick, and tall misdeed and tragedy in 1,000 iXa

0 at, oe,. You wa, Ihoes thor but th" beaus can't serenade pamiles ofwt.unelln their deed
F SAL -F ,1 Sdrawenr Jumahogany et trees of its kind in thmore iou tiin en
S chh. L enor neJ $55.00 May be wi c thrr a o trunk diameter of 13 feet trot. san ld ato
S r un At the t ce whistling than the cor n in I ,t lighted by the flicker of torches
seOR SAL ,tBi Har.o uwd Cly hat I,,Tl. t brovanchesitotn lehAtorfils w the as flat bottomed boats move
8p she nt. ranchesinttnl.out fi slowlythrough the lowest stream

1mnth .r dLE mo949cH ytrle Davidson limbs,. each rin. auing fo t went forth Into the wiM of life.
125thI o motorcycle 25twelve to 30 Inches in diameter..Yet, dder tocal con ,1 tl,_sterice o lt
194")-Fo-rd Slihn Wagon $1,500; The Lover's Oak, so named be-yoet erhT pic o

aco. ter headtntenba o~napooo a n f ~i uto. ae1tcr poi~k ol e Gae 1 -cityf




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.. .(.. .1- a."Jtal..., aat:a, sIe w f
Ta ll erf4.ilhO. bI I s it
2. rhe oifB: *a Pfm fa ,m opproeu
Imt whi. c- ..k bleTlh Outi, the mlidt actor,
Ronald Colmn, ay Cooper hope to an a ole wth Gary
and or 80 ato atr tooper nad 4 othr lors oVer
"too old" ,fa movie love making, Six feetNallIn fplnilteld Rf.
can start blushing. fle." hill' mIng: I'll be a-

Ho y movie, "The Olas no mood to forglve and forget in
. W ll." ..... l a hu~jihtei hi blait about un-

b A lS'.'t i -o 8ive .Ma -. Btitt luthon's contract with
,th Aittlif te. t ^ ftrmeAd ed4 uptin a ygo arId

S MtiIi qetlon pto- Ite'll resiln but onl for onem
.mTiaw$8 it *sid: :-. movito. 1y aISentny Riintag
"Loe scene with Sylvan I her a chance at TV and the op-I
il "The liabe no mrtilty for give andrgent pro-
I aue er. e",thew with ubblasaboutln '-
* eBA Sn let offlr CorI t i Calvet and John
e gl- ntt I at planning to adcontract with

e bt New York a ld....hnunie Ra ydollear.
S. b.he Oas Wal," n soon resigon the marontfo. ep
vanTore Producton withSl Max- t'lla '..e Dik Powel mthe o
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184 '01;a$Mon offi- Cold Calvet and John

OOSh ih all d Chal em- ita. t W. baplan ingp o r
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ra Ton dc >wit% ,Max- O lutr .. -Dic aPowell may

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Martin aLiwas.Pamznmy looks I

"6 V-tLlSL a1th

It' MovifIme TODAY!.... (anan

Ob1' 6#.- 2:30.443. *:30
WlederOMO m ANr on

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a well.
Bui$ Lancaster, whose
iatj 1!( A. sccompishments

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Gordon MaRae,' who
a campus eat-up in "-
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S4h .mo SW
sbellk on own im e,
ather a owat whe* hot
hi fath7y.
Gene bison, a sports
last who has put his W
SWea' S good 1e nI* I
aular gyunasliunm i utl
the new Technicolor m
"She's W6rking Her
Through College." is a m
many hobbies ports,
in, and cooking. usky
de 1a0.. "r
aent aw*n"rbp' W
at least Od bby that R
on the jat rization. J
moinWe ea Ron
champion, he spends a
;eamt)f af* )eMse time i
;' i a Orti I ,' q in a w
Ilandth- Scott. Is an I
able oltefr when he 'an t
li law and order to '(
Cli%" o some embattled
ad Reagan goes I
hore tbrodln and gun c
I, wl hi
sticks to her knitting.
her hobby, knitting; also
lectin records and playing
And you ever can tell
hobby will be turning up
i star practitiour next..,

r rantgetr raves le e

In TheWild North' AfBalboa

( ftr wh.o i gk t o c ahoflon a win l t tai

W e*n iefalh the two met tolvilia i pa
AloInt.~te1nd e ip s
e The pltur, fut to be plo- thy make their wa fre the irl who hs atah
ptoswled in t ew An roe Astie, tightg, off fto Jules Vincent as
SC lo, .w fIaS on location wolves, narrowly escapi death 160is eager to share
nla reo aI n, with avlane, eatl a Me fromn North.
t (he reund sWeM d Kn g d er. tt tinr role ar
taken 0l0e hwastela e ilol of thtle -assri as l
Sdurln winter, r seas on tdd le, one captors the ote r of the
devod t la specta mtl sone; and th an MacDonald
iaa lai < o m thde h ilea t.Vie 7 a a a pair of d
ge C'a la a t d. nd ois v.idlted of the harge n arlo a r th a
nibft thee final af.t aga murder Int a surging climax in O, uid Howard Pet., a
ildatast breatt- aof i Wano is dashed'
W"I Gg i a the rocks of- a perilo
ars f ', x citi I mke for a rma he Wild North" was pr-
,4d screen play d byhi taI lta ipetue -with ton d Stephen Ames, diret-
woofe othe e tease eeltenen{ Ii9Marton and pho-
SMounted Police th persab- very met by cod rt ir.
I mems irp of e Albert r ranger rfct co-directe "in So
acro. Pedley, wh !f during choles for the role of thn'svirile Mines" and Aadenl
; 1u -T" Aaw.-wlnner Wurtee was re.,
till spouItle the magilfiemt n
laIs came work on that plitues.
4s Herbe i1cox, Anna Neagle ,. owM| off
SsitsA ..s uy e screen a fascinating" Z
CJ --.,.. A l TYT C ..... --.- ad nttre-drama. Ani



man of

Am I



" lI

Canal &heaters -

cocoLI 2:30 -.6:15 --8:10
S rdon Mtefta dle BRAC K-N
"ABOUT FAC"' (Technicolor)
Meaa, atln, m oMR .r

*o .. s Pc .n w-u.. Movie ruact 0

Her rtil Wnd Anna Net- Sit Laurence Olivier a teoh l- On The Records
gle, ta's oriasoat prodi o- 0lor verslon of John Oay's irs
tlon t .lp, alno e they have "6T s Beggar's Opera," return feel
Concluded an agreement with ed to England on the Queen of
Herbert J. ates, president of BUisabetht after consultations on NEW YORK (U.P) Art du"
Republic Pictures, for the pro- the proposed series of pletane Tatum, whom Paul Whiteman Joe
duction and world distribution With Taes, who flew In fro onee called his favorite am pi- to
of a sm e fiay- .U coas t especially to neet the aat,.hast a lgM-fingered style
i e "rasing Wiloomes. l And ..MI ehicgiatlon- a wha
tilt hrf and Hol- combMiatlon that ias kept M"
i*fod, S' ubjet already scheele d him near the top of the jam, fer
Tis agemet 111 bring to- for l MaUctn, dd to heap for nearly 20 years. He cpi
ether for t firb time the the ne-Wea e are demonstrates both assets in a *nv
top box-office star of Amerima, Dhn Du Maurier's beet seller now Columbia album, "An Art mM
Joli Wayne, and Miss Neagle, 's- Oe -t gad Tatum Concert," in" Wheih he to
who. ha#. ded a boxwofA*rI aep M- as every type of SctIon f
f ilen d1f the t rad'sdamatic story of e to
An ori".i 't o I"5a I s' r is, t for top qts of ter mile-a-minute version of fe0
wt ,arod he personal d gad to i- "I now That ouKnw The ie
be on af AfdAa ti th l o d aulht Ame." Al subA Talum conet in.Los Angeles
comparable to Th fr-Am#r l will 1be fled in coler, in May, 109. a

Sore aP shwin musc In "eor- u
gYrand Bess," a Dcca albumA
oera ever produced In the t Pen-
teBttes. "Summertime" and um
'1i Oa tPlenty, o' Iu tin' toa
ar y ton of scongswho
cOn UnnowNingbo, t Ilach
PANAMACr" and his orohestra e umen a cn Cleo
Vaart varsim of thelovely farl i

I T naharlem =" m, r
'." IraInsarnp, m lcal contra ea,
oiFer lowdown, js In "Don't ",,A
Flee the Scene saf0llty" and his
"KingfIsh" an M--M....

I'=. SM:. V.-I e ft -2

M m knew th. fury of his fls woaNs
knew hDi ,i,...

i -klt!,Z Y'~~M-itfgf '

AM -.t=-4.1sr ..^.g

LUX Theatre
Orient's Iran Cur-
tain.... m.h
tralnload of U
HlP ExirlvBI


Starri A -



usew a gss emson..





- -_ ..

N' Cnrt
COry Grant eB W
Drake. In

-rns ow ; L Beat

.t "i '- <

Stan Keat". iad hi or-
cestra Play two bsgrumea-
taIs ea to a Ce re-
leDow, "Nags am so
Don Bagley, a lamt oeeth
Amraean "a "D ado" ...
Dick Stabile and his oehes-
tra romp thror", a fine Dixie-
land version "Jue Because,"
backed up by "Dlip Jlem Blues"
an Decca.... .
Anita Oay l'ads the vocal
parade wlith a mo b version
o! the ibasf meod "Key
aro, an Coral The tp er
Soot Whip.. M
"Judy" In a L g pie style
On Decca, l.with iMarls" on
the other slde.... t
.Perry om1 y hinhs uMu-
Leave Me" an4 "Lonesaome -
That's Ann" (lte.... Betsy
Jones scores tth !'Linda
Brown," a catchy mg with a
snice Intmb*l elakd up by
"I'm Leaving tie the re-
verse ide (Coal) ... The
Street Singers ewf am pleas-
ant cleeharmony Oi 'I Don't
Mind" and "Smtokit -anf
amiln' ", (M-G-M- ....
Guy Lombards latest Is
"More Than LOw" sad "Come
Bac_ (D.eaa), it Keny
Martn cntrimw e vocas
=- "oae Jenks.







I a *-

Sis the e-life story of the 7ve.
it fabulous spy In history at a f
d Twentleh Century-Fox rousing
by has eitoded it an old It.
C*I atmosphere. All of the "5 Pl
stor scenes were filmed In done 80
Bam and Itonbul, Turkey, at WlI
the intrigting hippenngs Meded
elh,.cam e a e the 3*1*t 10
lO course world blstory.
q"ay important in giving
Sdnating producton per- .
t verleimUlite was the cast .
killed players which Pro-
er Otto Lang and Director
ph L. Manktwle gathered
atho. James Mason I the
Sof the fkatblous "Clero,"
a itote the "cret of Oe
seoW, Cairo snd Telheran co0- -
*nop and even the ultNa-e-
t lans for the Allies' D-Day
asion from the British lln-
my in Ankara and sold Stem HOLL
the Cermana for a fortune, a
ma a masterftl permance. b a
elt yn s h- agent, 9
by Dtnlel parrleim tX a rotary.
me fatale role. MIha a- dieovir
as a ritih lnelene era.
wtai- eapten as The
87= Anbeeesdor me wel" who not

elst o -.

am NoieNo

r a anI


ler the noes of the British picture 1
baezsdot. The spy's eplolous
e so amasig that Von Pa-wuwl
i and the Peman high comr A
IL a tra a by thet Srile beaE
id out what was hea
Iwo. I toa

gue, hman flndis tme, to W de IN

untie Me ISl-e

s l aga t tw as e t o s m.
Sces egasp ing.

hte these sequenceM thm to
wr OR wrom be C t- su'i pa=

ya-Be toy sQltu b st eitut

n Carun cases
s oeela of the mtos nik I
iS that tt ever bt put keeps a
m ceen. U wd
aL u stig to c mur- comni
kog 39 wasnaf- sib" toam- _I oMUae


" S


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Am fle

I *' *t Nt ;'. '

,. .- I,.;.-,
l I ..ROP .'

Mtu- I '-Pt' -'A"
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rx. *E^ isSi ii E


- BA S A 430 6-._30-43 ALSm.f
j g ,i J (N Ol9J |M
f /9l IT i
*1A a.u Wan'Ml





*i*i V..... S :::.......

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-- S~l'lllIHR-.* .
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al.s .. -
.bua1e.-'s. .-.' ..1

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--P-fl- "'frt ~~-nw'.' flfrt."~q, p

- W*- *% ..

- vAi-..s.. ..- -- -. -- -- .. L~.______

r7- -

il : ....
it .- .* ..',-.' --". .- .
-d.. 933 SUJNDAT Atmm.....


aees Walop Indians. 110 TO

Program Raschi Hurls Fu hitter;

T ay's Cubs, Giants Win In N.L.
1st Rac b -I*,Native. 6;4 P.R
Purse ,-oiC's 1 :45 NEW YORK, June 14.-VJ" Raschi's brilliant
First Race of the Double four-hit hurling plus the hef hitting of Yogi
1O- Bround VP Qrdoez 10 Berra and Gene Woodling sp*rh*aded the Yankees'
3-Manolete B. Aguirre 120 11-0 victory over the Indian While the White Sox
4-J. Hutncho V. Rodriguez 107x
5-Volador J. Parada 105x were whipping the Red Sox 44 to give the New
6-Tap Girl A. Mena 118 Yorkers sole possession of fltt place in the Ame,
Udr t B Moreno 12 F rican League again.
2nd Race "B" Natives 61 Fgs.
Purse: $350.00 Pool Closes 1:15 The Yankees are now a half- 'Ict over the Senators. Hal
Second Race of the Double game ahead of the second place .9hitq Was credited with his first
1--Disna L. Pefia 103x Red Box and Indians who are .via In relief against three loss-
2-Petite B. Pulido 110 virtually tied. ?s. ToM Ferrick, who replaced
3-Golden Tap A Mena 110 This is the second time this Le later in the sixth inning.
4-Annie N. B. Moreno 108 season that Raschi has white- v t losing pitcher.
5--Amazona V. Ortega 120 washed the Indians with Berra Resdes Wer z' roundtripper,
6-Winsaba B. Aguirre 111 and Woodling respectively bat- the. Tigers slugged out two oth-
ting in five and three runs. Ber- er homers-one by Walt Dropo,
3rd Racey "G Natives 2 Fgs. ra started things going in the his eleventh, and Steve Sou-
Purse: $230.00 Pool Closes 1:45 first inning with a three-run chek's third.
One-Two homer, his eighth of the season. the Naltonal League, the OLY pEn oe the t
1-Bozo A. VAsquez 107x Early Wynn was the losing Giuts and Cubs both won to new Ih 100-yard rord of 3 minutes S nendsa-in 1
2-Rosa B. B. Moreno 110 Cleveland hurler. Sam Jones, cut the Doders' lead to three White ty Stadium. The Milwaukee btle tion a rInan
3-Galon J. Bravo 114 Mickey Harris and Bob Rozek al- games pending the outcome of Olympic Games, decided to a the tWs r shorter
4-Escalerilla J. Phillips 109 so saw mound duty for the In- the- Brooklyn-Cincinnatt twl- -
5-Excelsior G. SAnchez 115 dians. night doubleheader at Ebbeta .
6-La& Niha E. Silvera 105 The White Sox knocked the Field.
E Oleft, ad ta Cgid, ya 4h Red Box ouIt of first place with The Giants edged the Cardi-
DUBLE TROUBLE..Hal, left. and Stan C Ya 4th Race *F-2' Natlves-6 Fgs. a two-run rally In the eighth to nalb 4-3 on Wes Westrum's ninth auSen
Mee hanio after siting with the New Yt ricans' Purse: $275.00 Pool Closes 2:20 break up aptchers' duel between hoer of the season in the
hamton branch. Identical tws, they lyed hortto ndQunela Mel Parnell and Harold (Skin eighth which broke u a 33 tie.
,md base, respectively, for the University o southern c alifornia 1--Arqunedes A. Vasquez 117x ny) Brown..Nelson Fox and Or- The win was Larry Janesn's sixth
3-on Tiki G. Moran 113 ing runs. Edde Robinson hon- o er was the loser.U nder Eight W eek Expen e Rule
L O n 4-Golden Fan V. Ordofiez 117 ered for the winners and Ted e Ph allies broke a four-game I
le L ne Onh 5-B. Tardes V. Rodriguez 113x Lepeio for the Red Sox. losing streak by nipping the P-
i e Os B-Filan B. Aguirre 115 Little Bobby Shant became rates 4-2 as Russ Meyer turned
7-Romantico 0. Castillo 120 the first hurler in either major in a five-hitter. Meyer needed aB JAWaM A. BSURCaRD regulationss' sas ItiMar. "even SIue mad' Bautt lHrbably
8-Casablanca G. Graell 119 league to win eleven games as relief help from Jim Konstanty t A Special Correspondent if I try to crack down, players will be named on the via Cup
Mar B h9-Duque Jost Rodriguez 119 the Athletics coasted to an in the ninth. Bob Friend drop- can get special d nl uad, ke wl 1 o ef t h
lIg easy9-2 victory over the ped his seventh decision against NE "OR une 14- If the doctored g financial reports or for ummer play. -
th Race hD"oImsatrd-re Fge E-in-ldixiulous eight week rule is find other hypocrItimal
'th Race "D" Impted 7 Fgs. nine hits. Wild man Tommy ning triple, which became a runt (2.e he rt oleIButI
Purse: $ 00.00 ol Closes 2:55 Byrne was the !aser. on a bad throw, was the longest enfo pensions short- holes."e're t kidd ou Mrs. Tod i e hor-
Sy HARRY GRAYSON 1e t-BooJ I B. Pulido 110 Vic Wertz clouted a three-run Phil it of the game t. e bI&ped on four first selves."

a tim run-around by the Inr- 6-Balbueo A. Vsquez 112x marathon duel between the Cubs Summer are Vic Seixas, Dick Even with a 52-week leefy,
and Braves. Warren Spahn went Savitt and Billy Talbert, first, Americans still would 'as
RMtei onal Boxing Club, Jack- 6th Race '1-2' Im rted-6% p the distance for the losers nd second and fifth ranking in amateurs compared to the Au-
flad t pest was a little, in-y Purse: $375.00 Pool Closes 3:35 accounted for the only Boston the men's totter, and Mrs. Pat trallaT .
4 ticant light.- heavyweight First Race of the Double run with a homer. Bob Klipp- Todd, fifth tangl Woman.
,cow that Manager Hurley has 1-Hechtzo V. Ordoyez 11 stein, who relieved Willie Rams- All have been notified by Promising Ausisle kids are
wne the first big decision, 2 -Trafalgar H. Reyes i 11x dell in the eighth, wa$ the win-BHarold Lebalr, chairman of the signed by sporting o firms
forced the match with Rocky 3-Alelandro C. Lino 120 ner. Bill Serena scored the first United States Lawn Tennis As- before there out of asar
Mrclano at Yankee Stadium, 4-Cucaca V. Rodriguez 113x Cub run with a roundtripper. sociatlon amateur rule commit- school, thanks to a highy-oom-
f 3, Matthews suddenly be- a ., 5---Nehulnco 0. SAnchez 120 tee, that they have exhausted petitive scouting itterm.
BOis& k-ing-size cobra. 6 -Levndura J. Bravo 120 their 1952 "free-loading" pri- Blaengers Ltd., a sh,
Prr.e, O 7--Soberana II B. Pulido 120 vileges. Technically, they must has McGregor, Rse, OsIC
damob depends on whichksidet e 8-In Time B. Moreno 120 start paying their own freight and Ken Rosewall on thePa-
"onIn1t theoefithre out 7th Race "E" Im rted- --- -r e roll. (A former employee om
b tthews more-recent out-Purse: $550.e of e The super silly eight-week which. Rosewal, a likely junior
ainp woman and spcke In of teDul rule, still on the UBLTA books ha been Slaagngers .le

ne as n idea that the eltraveling or living expenses for o a year, as do the others,
in-the way of evidence ry" 2-Choice Brand E JAn 110 w th Itnioa deh nce of -

rd-hi on of the Idaho 3-. rightful gator 0 Afaro 120 action permit s year round a s a
e his armor with some Iof the 4-Phe Athlete, as 8th Race "F Im Bravo 113rted Fs. TcAM- Won Lost Petp tournaments o team match, sous mweek, equally wonder many off-
She calls Matthews. Purse: V500.00 ool Closes 4:40 New York 9 19 in an ple r. National and see -clly states re rd Au e
athndfs.raon.TwoVot A master of ballyhoo. Hurley Quinlela Boston ... 31 .5ation,,1 championships don'thou8-and-out p.ell
ef an I dseta. the builds the otr guy as well as 1-Aetador ACleeland League traveng or living expenses foreign play tions a year, as do th w e another,
allows in history are being lChio ...... 8 25 hurdle the uncouththe sbet an accredited rep- like that in this country.
qmsed to something border- 3i-Vampiresa A. Vtaned 1-I x F..aiy. .... 24 25 .90 resent ve, But he does insult upn more
the legitimate for the Before the Irish Bob Murphy 4Pus B. Pu 116 Phideph .. 2 24 478 tournaments or team matches mal rules, so the many an- Ma ian f is f n th e At l e in ealt an s-t ac"F ri o 2 S $2us. $2.TAS. W23 31 .46 players and many o ficia who take expense monepacrov the
Thing is for sure. dan, Mar. 2, 1951. heu had every- -Cado II C. L3o 120 ..5....f n.
ati r ai T body f feeling sorry for The Ath- 7-Miss Failrfax C. l 11 .. 3 ount, ftr does foreign play f Lebir don't t tdn
u which h ou lte and the rest o f the larger 8--Pampero II V. ubSIs an accredited rep- like too hard this eu try. ad-
fellows inhistoryns n Maine ragy- k n 1 o o rvo 113 tWELCOM AA Whicagt ........ 2) confor2552 the Federation m
e names of Pete Fuller southpaw. e steamed up is.23426 players and many officials who take expense money across thel
utime. .2,1951. he had every- 6-Cal do1 c.Li a120 Detroit. .163 .2
eor that, Marclano, thes fore- gate. records in Porfor The Ath- 7-MisndFairfax C. Bovil 11400o-YooM S rB orn amio maxdneytt otoh aorot asstho.
prletesnder to the throne, dhferrins to Matthew las t On-er -Tlo 1I5V.o tdb a .atfe t oston2At. RESUL For.yetR
urley got everything he important -way and hinng 9-o The Athletes ca- 3 ldn Wire B. Aguilrre 11o 6 Aarinterfering lt.DeNt(A) C.ere-an 0 a:0 4n 0"
r e n stof Pte Puller r fr mthe ewagely-s t r I k hag 10tgi-Coragg-o 0 Bravo 113 UNWELCOMEeA Washin Philadelphiat 0t0ouit (12).
reete u Fncp -w--listeamdupad rr:Wnetook PhilaeiYtkiatStlouisan (2). on Flt

rethaene taiso t he thoe are odin otths lane Pae: $450.00 Pool Closes 5:15 o the box Boston at. Chicago (2).
eater tong agement w it hpn h0- cleo a Bravodez 114 hYESanHTERDAY'S RESULTS For y
B dy goteverything heNDhet 2-oPinct LaVA. Castillou 112 was ejectedou tFr 5010e 13
totestpingd that mrear y Mtthe3-Wild OWira e B. Aguirre 11- 6 for interfei f N ) Clevelande i 0000N00- 8 ) and
fgromphl IBCed avod -- Isa isao A. Mena 1062 ,IS RC

tednfrom-the rooh riL neu. CastAarlo'114.
t one division of the to kid anybody about ythis nve .lSnimno ROdrioez 11 zekn to, oand Began. HR-Berra,
theater M J2televisionanhe ha to d sno is etARodplg-e ton l L PWoo dling.
do. ltlhe Ghastod olde Frparnocesort .7rnl. uso } and Wh' N .. ...
took the stand that Mar-' Erry Matthews can fight. 10th Race 'F-2' Native"-F nPala4 V -a.cd8 7 aor 0. 40.

mhad to ilre-establishhim-pursAes Pre 0 o oll --ulat $620,S.60 t. Loa. uis C- 0 002 000-2
s longest point was that BdY-CLOlRe i 3-El Mono P. Ordofiez 112 dn ) T RACa, s Overmit 2 0re (8) and Moss.o

orgy oncredInboNle meo-Lkedryvevto A. Va s uez 1141--Menundeo $412, $2.40,$ IDetrt 010100-2 5 1
el oe o pinNe Yor k MaueonBod Manoletde a 6-Piroo R Guerrae 112 2--El Mafto e$3.420, $on abe 1 *2.20. Bsto en an0 glu
them by a rativ 2-PetieGoldenT asp 3-rResorte57.ChPcarneg.Hudso n(8)0and1 W

hed wonthe aor gu-s 5---oiD flambaro i-Don Arcelio A. Mena 115 First-Double: (Golden Babe- CIO.

medmp entire t1 .-....rqmeesr se 7.5 1-Tu oa $ 2.60. and L f-onn L
t, including the part ha- ewi-LevaPur In Time 2--DanubiOtJos, Rodriguez 115 T'ullhySaba)325.40.
do with the shorter dis- 7-PhloxF Royal Alligator 3-Strike Two EiJslliiO115RTHIRD RACE -ashington 010 221 000-6 9 0Wrz
WeillilyspeawkinDmioGoarldenTueraed 4-LaWSrierte A. Visqpoz 112x1-Molngo 5$440, $2.40 $2.20. Detroit 011L00203x-7 121K
wemnes i f areBegiIa Wld i 5an Lady B. Moreno 115 2--Prestgl o A.e $2 0, $2.20..e erk (6
hdeld out for 15 rounds, o-LDe d ta. e r dMa i a 6uHere .orgael15 -DBer2Eleida 'ri$ t ouAan deRinalun

Niga w New Te Prie King spared t ,o have the d ACE Pittsburgh 00000o011-2 5 2 LOUSS ....... up ... 100
left hooks to the hea I nthe2-Rio Mar $230.hried (h-7 .Wilk s .() a nd .....4 u..

h... .. Mr AutWon w, W. Va. A '

.IOr & se sion Sma-. W e std(
_*S a o wfp- St. uis whe n -. ...
S n .S' ....EfiI!No..t. 6_''-"t
'= '- 4", "% m+ ',a+ s.... :x+ .. ; .. .. 4 uds L


,' '7


o r

Chcs A.,



.. p -

NoUvut fYear

SldWdo a fd ie t
plan? ...F its csp M e, Y etbuIetlo ., luxur-
Jou ti itmiodatihs low cost farea its
excellent toeals? Brainlff ~fItIV t oilf-tt -
plus the priceless advantage of-m9 yI ffyg (
experppet.' As we ewgr oSt 24chttrfet' count
mote than2 bimiqOa ps rter sitess 4lnw m corn-
plate sfety--4d hearty lvo e of confidence .
from tr*veleros twou eoftrhn~ts. Next time you
have a choice of alrJin. fly lraAt.! Enjoy the
fInet 4i modern, dpeAdaMlf 1 !itr aII

.IU -.. a .. .t -
-; CL

in Phi-
Nt hO reea nofl _M e lm ._pi_ _
f OW4 lj, second ttour4 a=t before com-
fl- peting with the United Stated
* Wightman -Cup team at Wim-
bledon, June 13-14 and then
another prior tq the Wimble*
don Championisal.p, June 23-
July 5. Engijsh cities said the
17-year-old Uh=*d Stales cham.
pion was take a breath of
SpiSH (WA)

Little League
311 JON 1ffCALM
MlA Staff COwspwident

Arl M lb r rc l nawerde-
YelrtnVtaimty have to Wait
til WIecmt and his wrlnes
bis ta J t~es I

d&n cMa' affos to.
After another richly de-
served year of. basing In
bri r r the crown, w* -

er and *h1-They hane
he ame th after he twice
had othe deck ad was
the AGM a
nmary II o. They y
rpeaed U Lis put a li
In had ilx month later.
You listened to it again after
his first two outings with
OhrlWe ad when Rex Layne
swafhed .l over him.
Ydu ard It. the loudest tGe
I mon feeding the a9-
set in wt, ert thn.
Bob immons gives the
pertical Walcott something at
which to shoot.
Ruby tlI'ewho acquirEd
Wte beoavefgrf championship
at 2t 00 lost t at 37, knocked
out real toughest in Ru-
Un and aSor Tor at
38. Be was 40
he failed to
Jim Jeffries kneeng t
Ir eight.
intemunans wae 41
wd thoe light -. hye
championship t e
Oardner in 20
rraniseo. At 41, ita a
dehaJack OWi
13 rounds to disf ht gr In
San rrantaaeot4Vwhn TJack
Johnson'did the le thing in
two in Phfladel p-a
He Idu t oanlder h imlf
ready for the laundry untl he
was 47, when It teok ilPLang
12 round to lAttn hi In
L Wi the oppten reBd
today, the amMlna.&-.*l-.

as wen

Dons DI/ewr*-

'aftjtnl S* sV

SM f A.' 1.1 '-

ore ate slply too goS for
m," deelatus America's chIrf
hope is the 0 and 10,6W me-
S* e asit rn their ht of
lifas," he Is, I*AadIere's
i ason, me ave, say, one
10,A0o-meter race a year. quo-
peOa rmnners have one every
AtuAlly U. 8. pr ots In
ehe dtaces an brighter than

"3tt at the same time the
Uubpehn have imp ed too,"
Wka oaMts out. "which puts 0
back tt we started." I
File agent names Ozech-
oslowdala's Emil Zatopek, Ger-
's. Herb ehade, France's
Aw lSn, Sweden's BBrv
Albertasmn and Norway's Mar-
tin fitakean a the fo t-raeers
most at to run away Mf the
SOVWM 1OAl R-mettr mtb.
ZaMteek holds the world re-
cord for the 10,000 meter, 29
m minutes two and six-tenths
seecm o. As a means of eo-
par ., Wilt toured this
6axnl examinatIon of s an-
ina In. hOy under seI1 ds
A Ie' day.
k has run the event
one 1_e and 50 secods fast-
o" Cnmm Iml" A 0.. d

NEW TORK-JOne 14-Only r rever sove. I
a tiny fractiOn of the thous-d @ SSZB I6
ands of LtAM W tte there 13 M _
'A no* one etreit for every go-. .C
00 population in the ountry- der L,
will have the dream come true SI^r-J.- iiL.s ,t
of playing In the Williams- d uw ssuk e
port, Pa., World Series. T
but merel aW Isla goa Is
MAorJy wil lfbdl t anattain- Zg! I'4y o.

out2the elmftoQ, Mao ^ff in

4: New Jersey, Delawlare i M.
ryland, Virglzla and West Vir- ,, Wit track fr
girs.a I n m la,
oh Alabama Georgi aa -i ".Sa. considerationn.

: tl'. atia, llor di, -
Michigan, Wisconsin, Mulnmao.
ta, towN Nebraska, M aorl
and Manitoba, Canada.
7: MlessIsppI, Arkansas. Lou-
Islana Tenas and New Mxlco..
8: Arizona, California, Uta, -
Oreon, gWashlnton. British
C:N1ot a, Alaska and Hawaii. l onr s alwas
Artbhur Daley the author, re- nt nirao
eallK the time the Houston ... .rd ....
teat had to travel to Tbeneu i, ',,w _t..t .
see for the regional champion-N&,' 5 os B e
shi agtaiwMn, a breath- "'tL" ,1 s Reeler,
"Bver Seen outside Toexr' S."_. .4 "htSe
asked Jeff Croas, Houston man. _
Saone-time Cardinal In- .i w* fh

"INosir," replied the boy.
'What's the longest trip you
ever made before t' one?"
prodded the amused manager:
lTo Meico City," was one
startling answer.
latest survey finds Pennsyl-
vras still leadln r the LL
movement In number nof ealsme
wI MN. New York Is wr e ,
175: J"ersey next -. M .-I
.8hOr a 130; and Tex th

Pf mslvania regonpsb are set
fbr Wuamnuport, Aug. 13 i1.
The oter seven regional rb-m-
plaptia wil be played OBm
mM 1- weell before thel.Utlt!l
tesu. World Series.
ood luck.

Mae&eftese caw a
A: 2itoo *M bmm*i by the

QpSkates get
L h en So. l anabs. aIn
InedeM mThme 1 (t a the
opyewrt fin viae" MSon<

ltr m msemd e leiag a
Q. How 'Uy pntlons did

thati qss hoes
at he It sw m at sasW-
4 and UMSE -Me, to e tet-
H21, ImsW- al ed *Wia lbI
oftbe hutiwng feli wat 5-7.

Puts His hntgIl
f YOR June 1 M ax


to babit of olfolmg

W N Bogers Hornsby rettr
e6 16 aitage the BrwM 1w t
samse he said the midgets and
clowns must go so Cut-Up
Pal htmplIy took the a to on
the rout
A owrvatlve estimate fig-
Ur akin %=will entertain more
burd a hamlets from Port-
land= Me., to Portland Ore.
SNilfl Vek, the unfla8lin
trfeRH, teamed Pattin WIT
J# PrIc In Cleveland flu
ye ao and the any pair al-
most put Lou Bou4reau In a
straltjltc .t.
flftlet show I ever saw,"
ch6ekles the Red Box pilot,
then running the Cleveland
"lverthing was great until

MeKmey Sits

IAnd Then Rocks

Thi spring, after the Boston
elCts closed ,their Natonal
Dookell Association 0att.
tt, Bones MeKlnney was .ar-
d vhfat he planned to do dur-
ing the Summer.
"I'm going to spend thTreeo
months sitting In a spklng
chMrx repied the former Morth
Wo Mate All-Amerlm.
AnE what are you din to
do the other three smen 7?"
piurled a listener.
"Ott-JIt rocwrW.r

-_wo wry-J _

frst time Bylor's Laf lp _
thrw a football it was good for
143 yards and a touchdown
igaft Soukth Carola.


m sem

d* re
Uti be!i

they terrD I6W01 f u.W.
ptlling t .ze. of sns'
putC abakt Taeold
semnyS M0 she'd wrtS
W* W~badto lot 'emnf
fie VA66 time nCowie
saw P &...perf ,useCal

ge~tliumwh"ewff-t -
I lunI, b btrdhis B~ar
to 5 them"=t
wall. ,'

whenT si vn--e
fle~t~minds teg
the ptej Tile YS k m
aelel -. t:t-!
NAM afaxz

"I ml
u i

Su, ,wh Ir
- n5 s a algtJ






ilB'-^l^'" 'd.i

A AI WhmbtF fleJbw M


11 jit _-, I

,,, I<." I

I '

N ,.-4 rl
f- *- .. ;.'1i
+.,~~ ~ ;t, ,a ""..o+ .
S." -,. -. *6 .
^.- + -s .'

3a -1"

(-'* "

* 'C. iak.

a ~ -~..sit A't~C?'

Dte~ete Wins
Happy Argo 'Cop
M3r3ORK. June 14 U)- 't
Svetain e1iU eri past thi up-
S.W iir n st f, run-
Inum kM f* Its"tt A-- M~t"
is^ -a N*pw atpn hIIpmB~t
Fail"p Aduet

Is,. be suge litfrwgM^

naa" by
-own"&s" a






- '

~- .'----
I'. -
E~i~-. -


Literry Lion D '

Tossdd Out OA

Like A Cat
NEW YORI, June 1i (UP)-
ry lio h the days of bathtub mn"".-0zs

'of GreeWch Village, TWENTI-SEV PMANAMA. R. P., 8.I J Ib 1952 TEN CRE11
cast etvieted from his iTat twice
i twRegir days.Ion OUS
V aone-time master of the
frank lo* novel who shocked
Amfericans in the 1920's with
Ii Bohemian tales, was out et ,.n f
on the sidewalk with his wife. ,..,
Ruth, 38. Tearfully he said he
"hadn't any place in mind
-o. b"In- Panama To Start Jy 1st
possession, were dumped Into
the street$Thursday by order of
landlord Morria Klausner.
But wi the aid of friends, rt o n o a ae i sh a
the couple moved back in All male United citi- station relative to his name, of naturalized citizens. their na-
Thursday night and slept on a zens residing abroad w oare address, age and employment. turalization certificates.
mattress in the bare fifth floor subject to regisKdWt under Those in posseseaon of United Any person required to regis- U ., .... -
walk -up.the Universal MillUt Traning States passports or certificates ter who knowingly fails or nelt- .' M K
This morning Klausner got and Service Act,.,fate required of :ekistratlon should submit lects to do so, or otherwise )j Vlll S1MO ING OU1 TT M DETAILS -Tho eo&M eon) aniMW
oblce to" turn them out but to present them for re- such documetlts Vfor examination evades registration. is subMeat tional Convention begins a series of meet: l r.COhicago, Ill., 3V
gave the Bodenhelms S50 "to gistration before a S qpfd States at time of registration. to the penalties of fine aid it before-the convention opens in July. Pat. Is ft to right, Mrs. Oil
kelp theae get another place." diplomatic or conT officer, Perens not in possession of imprlsonmeptt Impped by the man; lOt~ George Gabrielson, OOP national ot a#irnan:; Mrs. Cht
Bodenim was so desperate according to a pro Un is- such documents abould submit Universal SMIRti Trantntg and fj Walter i.. lanan, vice-chairman and ItalPh F. Oates, general
thursday night he placed a sued by President Mtnan on birth certiTleales, or in the case Service Act, 6. 4 mended. expected tO name the convention keynote.
bowl on i chair outside his ap- April 17. --------.-.-, -_ .
Aytment With a sign saying,1 During the period comemeuc-l'lordi t Li i t Trapp d
n egTuesday July Iand ending Hardiest Linguis Trsped t sofFrench politics
SeveIn passersby dropped Thursday July 31 the following &";-%we who have read Dick-
n ontrutions without know- male United States citizens phabt alon b ale ro blocks can
... thateer- Wa& wnoe *must register: r~ ye O ld so l of Two Cities," know
men In Parisian reaurants. hose born on after Aug- maeerioal o7n
The one gay leader of the ust 1. 1926 but not after Julyar
ge in-telligeog 31. know, however that
.d...frm...hinkilg "and w hosetween the ages of 18 and 26, WAMNOTON, D. C. June 14 phabet alone but altered pro- same blocks can keep a
govel, "Replenisht n Jessica" Those born after 31- 1934, -Many elementary schools in nunciation. A hundred years la- wacover w m e
ut himin the vanard e sent the El -speak ing countries ter, N .-c on q uerors dfovery wen made by
Rationly youne literary talnt-shall -e -thoazt nch friend of Inald Wil-
aid only one police to turn a ta-titration ontther t 1It a *r up their. y t spell- b lit hw ids ofren Dresden, author of an ar-
a nyd elc r to-tain their 18th eday or. ug Mres, an thood reason. word- and eftanged practically "Paris, Home Town of the
dity. OrS Ing bts ano e-"ao wn t
tHe said he would ask the city within five days tiN ea r. MES1l1sh; the Nat&iU" Oeogra- all the spelling.," in the June National
welfare addepartment aswhethert Members of the Armed Forces phiiec lety obt*ea is about Arother reason was the in- hi t e Magazine. onal
decision had been reached on of the United States, including as hard to spell as any language difference, in the past, of wri- Dr en writes of'his friend's
the request for home relief he members of the reserve com- In the world. ters and resaers to variety in de*eration during a cold win-
submitted three weeks ago. ponents of such fdes who are Ary spelling-bee contestant spelling. No ome seemed to mind tel'. Conventional fuel was ex- -
reu tofrschstlwehsin ar-etearCroonv in soundSetreo in aetl 'enot And the on fase -
-"-- on active military WeIOT ho drops out of i ne has sym- If the Islife W or the e pensive and the young .fath'es 7
rUredunited States reite edt B'English"A tht, either d1ffeTN t n 'r from his apartment, the
Un moe tStat cltttt ort ias 'l was subje
in the Canal Zone who are u as the mother u-30aIe or as Vws et was paved with wood
tect to registration under the atforMgn study, consftnt ohahge. Scribes, a&W'lock.
President's proclamation of English Is the most widely later priute"s, sometimes gave
August 16. 1951, are not requir- language -in the world, new aWpellings to old words or One night he stealthily fill-
ed to register since they will re- ra long ago made it the pronnmations. Sometimes they ad a mack with the blaes, "MIS LINK" IN RED AVIATION-Tw-asiulned let .
sister or will haI- .gitered 1 l = on tgtjeve4sd the p eOr rated on to haveO aN GLINK" INR EDaviA, Ingt o
with the Selective Board ha-a overtake _. ''e. in Rbsia military aviatie.. according to A it A.
I the Canal Zon7e. alwflOans .- Tefh i der09theno&I
United States citizens subject find the phtl 14n. Btl oB a y .-- B-ea
to registrtalon may register In expresOlve bfSt Oad o e a e Let otsibee A*i will be wartm
person at the Consular Section completely unreasonable. No preserved in print, and thu monsieur he said. "I h a v e
of the American Embassy in other Eulropean language has modern English follows basical- three of my own."ri -o
'4 Panami City: at the American such wide differences between ly the comp lex and illogical "
Consulate. Colon: at the Amer- spelling and pronancatheno. spelling of 0 years ago. Paris policemen, it is explain- C ,
lean Consular Agency. Almlran- One reason for the discord To be sure, Ye Olde Shoppe ed, are not gendarmes, as is I
te; or at the American Consular between sound and spelling is is now the old shop. Olde and widely believe. Themen with
Agency. Puerto Armuelles. the political history of England. shoppe ued to be two-sy n wh
Upon reporting to a registrar, Few 'ier languages have been words. (Yea'w &always 2*1 .s blue, 404es M aid Them seli vs J e
each perOh who Is reered to so chaIged by succesive Iava- oed the.) But sa n ...
register will aign a reglltra tiom t son. simpHflcation is g .K iter D. C. June ,14. t4
questidmnnae dinfo- Romans carried the LAtin al- Fer inoba c ei k .ninhd tont."ofgot
M e t el n t E noM ei o nst
norrl_ the Te.tons.Da t tlpr.c.. .,taider suA 91andlI
Sin their turn, left the al- appeared centuries ao. ImpVr lion the v acaai- h h., ands 'e I allpame.
.t he is at home home. Shkes are frequently cte
I-, capital." w a"o abipped
It was r express. A a
s trictor flewt

TFFIC EXECUTIV- h d o noh Pe ean e ta
above the traffic, this policeman leadcoud to his prop- r the.t nUn of
In Hanover, Germany. sits in ., er eould tohi sprop-ii. ctt which
ic fan), and drectsevral auto Coty U W. Sche.- the ask- w
and pedestrian crossiop by re- MM of .e olInts in ft Way sny fallacielsa, W tiolos ninhe- f
enables him to dress down of- work*hON.- am' Iatbe.ns 4. ihs and .aliasr e -aThe more *
anders in traditional fashion.w aw i-, IO .- lfla h .i e p.
.Among t.. h listed were: tage,-ge e for a

r the 00, 'beca use

YoU My be short. medium or tall-it mal
Kayer's Proportioned Hoiery ive
flasuering fit. And K ayser's paitetd "Strat-
your heel for CUmfort and guaranty
A vanity of -apoable bdes, tloel

: .
*.- -

" -. : i-." :-". .

OCKKET PtACa-fofth American F.- Sabre Jet ttes iN
ftve-lach rocket* H in lounnery range near Nellis Air Faroe Bae,
Nevada. Carried in lusters nuder each wing, the rockets can be
Hired singly or In mdlvs. Rockets like these are in use to Korea.

Murder wiU out-Actually, the
ber of uftUelved homicides in
tisa country is emarmous.
The eyd a Seceased con.
telns the tme prf the murderer
S-This is omO8aMoe and without
1galentific rounufton.
Murderer 'elW s returns to the
SBene of the etiuss-it happens
*Inetimes but by noe means Is
n4versaltr te.
Dead men Ad P0 tales-What
they tell depends solely on the
eare. dlllireno and efforts of
the lnvestigatera.
A drownkw g raon g6es down
three times before staying down
-He may dtllWpear the first
time he goes under or many
continue strgivag until becom-
ing unconscious.
Fortune tigers, clairvoyants
and mediums ash give valuable
Information in lmrder cases-.
Wonderful, indeed, if possible.

Parents -Seek Divorcee On Morals


MiiiM A-lk .Si' .uii a

SAy Wto~ft teI.4Ies
reached ymr 4oit
Children W 4 Mgimetmues
stiH are tnaed wth A -rOw
tinatlons ad entrustbdt -
ployes who make eare tm 4,&
do not gut lost.
Animals I the Uni States
are comnan y b- **
press or feght, awh bees
and small ailsaa -OW wU-
ed. In Britain i3 Is am to
post a cow or a 4.u ed
the beast Is daet h a
ropearougs a '
aIn fh e8.gaed


She Took Off With Their 17-Year-Ok
SBURBANK, Calif., iA Ported discovered by her for- A scene named and police one of -the- i
(I. UP) -- A cm ht r huba. Armand LeTour- were called aso arrests were The ne.:
cDt, lbut ing to oM whom she was l- ae as t turned ov- eed Mr.
of* minor todw jbB speed March. r to the It-nii,
.to. of the at, e c t e he went to hisre .1 pSt:the pr. th,
l bedroom w- &;qw5^rtedthey
"ler .E s leep 5 up thie A
4%"h*ol Mr8s VirAinta .wdge- sn-d cau o Pfentie as convinced
M wen t roes tp ~ yWth h eait seeing
l ,sa1om a 4Jam*- tStIM = d the loos 18e boo. lb the par- Capat
Sm her. heroin te a M- LTour- thr
T complaint rs The entire party troped bak ,m The
tardtbrneau with tan the front doadw T=e p s. J e- shek B
to 1herwin's vu were w como by the divorcewa. Teneau thr the rNi
Hby Lt. WEmro, t*ltat a sttth oW dates, po- pei se 'W"h l
ce Ju a l aM, m r is at-
q his .if mr a ta Pse, M hair wM* U.S
tl the i to .b tthe w- M-On ts
ad m a f" to sad. ever, the


-','.' her

VS.. A f*_mr11

I det
At chairs
nlttee iJ


a Var.

4ere and so
it, but their
ify them of
e vibrations



'-' a,''-


I 4"

,~- & -

, ,-,- -. .


i; "i

- -


.., I I .. z' -j


. l

~jnq~' ~'v
f-v *1~'


-. 9 *1*
S ..t -
I'... *2~

-l ,

I ..


- .9


" -. .

*' i
*71-.' .' '-.


* '~' ~:

1 *a -


'~ ~ ~ V.

. 1-

etm W ay eta
lre pd t tes*
through woiot

at at .l I"
o*&illyO guwft
Sight eou oq 1 A o
early evity.
lumn hua sheh
seven sheln.

rhp ( p'et e0 o 0, g141 am aid Isthi
A, t atsm# *a #eNes wasw ee ohm "no
ufiptetib Leedrk elesl aWB Ne W "a 9. shrimps slyly
seaed t. tlp t the right and rwel o ie .sealingsixty eftn
sea l*-elis s ently
f,'.or m o ,er ellt et een oue 9t nacklingr MSoe Snlt
. rt t Wa. .epW low .almoi.
wHma. *" otbM.N-i l ivesM aLt. tari'

S14 Inohes Takin
mO1 "'" fta mapll lntteh | q

."NMt"tAmr '1 IIn

digit numbers can
I 1 have in
p5 cents. O e.
aT" I..*

. ..- I

f an Inch apart,
ntmaine four ver.
c tuntti an four
s iares do theif.
yff out ster. What
e nol sttn-law
o.ttmad oa tersM gn
f -the other, 1W'
M :':!I. .0.4kste

F R I5ST Ameor-
s a soldier to
attalp the rank
ot enerl ofthe
Army Of the
U. 8. WaS not
Washington but
the geaeral who
is the subject of
oIl rebuL. To
find h% namea

al k a I ..n tag
equOlti baeste
te s Ion, then
truAwler the let-

spaces at Jleft,
Wben you have
ilo this, the
,e'eralr S ast
JasI will appear.
adnbin is the-i

IT MAY take a Ilttle time ?or
Syou to make t out, but a well-
4 5 I 7 I known 1lhakeaprean quotation
is written out In full In the de-
sign above. What I t T Hold the
Spam# (lowe ,V ) parallel to
)our eyes, ito M 41 and con-
tinm tunuval t. paper to the

Someone s Calling fora Drink .
S Bcult eleek
^^ Mkaky Wneak.


*' -.~.*

-& .. .* J
-c *'.



h i m ,

opie 1 Iia e*A .. 'tp
AJNOtWM t Ixty seconds ,t
Hot tmoh nI 9 plu 9 plus
t"e 8 t times time $
times tMe sen rot
jaLus eq -. )aGo jo ''wea
oJ-dq eIqItqtpuw iuna n Lay
Wa 01e .o q u,saqj, ) ACV

M tWl Twister
WIAT frantson, composed of
VV dW"e'ett numbers, when
turned upelda down bha exactly
the game value?

B olttin to
"Clue Deodle"
apptale lse-
where page.
.lok for store
"Quo kedle."
neat week.

Ltoedl 'hy-a rlygg.

?emoepesl~ of belfl.

' *i

M "wu PmAnL

You Be the Referee in This

fIt. MIS weighty prebita, you are avotrddpol*, apotbUsI and
A O the rferee of li6hty troy. In th ate the amsure-
-I beheothsm In l ents Ire to be ma d ite1I the
M eo w ntestants ocupy9 t"
611lt0 ame. time. YOu'u de avoirdupois scale of M 16wem to
WWt the total w h d a the pound.
ti partlicdpatlg. lMATCH NUMUBI I plta the
W111ght, of eouse, 14 defted Sturdy neotsmsa at twetyltone,
by the dictionary as a ineure against the Manoheste Mauler.
of the amount of forso with at twenty-one stone. (Although
whioh a body to pulled toward there have been other valee, the
the ferth by gravity. 1Dtdreat only legal English toae to arek.
tailhtas often use different Aat- oned at fourteen pounds, a d this
dardM. Three common staouards Is the weight to be used.)

g a Turn for the Verse

m' .

ACQIH o ,ho,,n tott **d.
eawrl the performer M'o'.
It t tss left hand, thewM:-ls
isrce over It Ind MiiW-ae-
tatsn are then uked to t fa ir

hands beneath the hadernileWef
And feel the coin.
All will agree, of coupe, that
the ooln to there, but when the
perftomer removes the hahdker-
chief, the coin has valbad.L
BOW r'SA DON: A O eder.
ate Isa the last peron to pt hi
Band beneath the handierchif.
He, of course, remove thM eot.

-rowngat .
S-Where wee,,th bones of Saul
ad 111. a d? (As1 S .

1 .e .. (her.)



at pi"

'. & /' ..

*., -
k boak dt '0e


MATC2 RI nS I has the
-Great Gant A" 1/1.0 a ton.
Ing three flflt. A
men are rot twherb mta
long ton ti mndm r e UoKfti
(A huaMremi I ft t s
MATCI 0m inVhas Pat'
uel Pete whoe pal mI is two
rose, wremtlang leore Steve,
poudat 1% Sfae.
MAt N1 fSlS X a has
Battlinag Bull, welgaig twelve


I '. -.
^! u

1. A subate tos painted black on
all its faces. It Is then out into
27 umaler oubes. There will be
oub painted on three
faces; cubes patned on one
.fae; eubem psbeted on two
' fae-; --! eube with no paint
S1iae on a trvet.
7. ThWis to grind.
8. three in a sw.
1$. West IPoIt, whih Is now
ewbnmUaft its see tatealal,
will t eo I on t d n eamsul
3--A'.%-. fr, .' W w ..
1. A guest due at 10:O P. M.
Monday arrived at 1J0 A. M.
Tuesday. How mam y houm late?
17. Needed: An end live
rather than die

L a"Dimr at ."
S. The veim t 4 bo xes of
metal at $ pi p& et If uach
box Coonta basM s t a ,sh bar
weia. s poudd. ,
& A stit Wfl4-anU ant.
&. Hiuddn fae ea me to-day
whem out wmet ytrday.
& Knockout mauNw.
*. Double tUneb
9. Number a Jt in t e club.
i1. One oht to. gt thti.
S11. Ruh hlout.
1s. Puhmni mxty.
18. in the parlor there were'
The girl, the parlor lamp and
-- i ompany, Mnd no
Thatt i why the lamp ent
14. Hours In a day.
IL A football Oa.
UI. Vroaua dIe July.

21 "Is? (Jude 9)
1 ii's brother (Gan. M:

I Mt

som in pounds against the
Wathn Rtedhktn, wa e weit
in peud itn 0 etn. L
tou w Mti R'lfmurs U
What to the total Wlght of ea
toms -a the dto 1


A Killing Assignment
IN TN *early
hours, of one
winter ay In the
ChiSage oKAp,
four men enmag-
ed in a slerion
Stgusnt that

noet a, not one A c the crowd, w stately

Included in the uageots.
of the foowet ran
away after the
shot but were

eenally caut. f w e byO y t h
qUAtes A n
noonat ea, not eoe of the rd, as on o tely
VrM the followlag facts can you tell who the
murdere was, who the vcm withs, and wh the
innoent em w for tw
Mas was e of e poweq d
essn11p ,e e at s ors se tse,. a'*
iatm wp Wstoop dtd Memwde w nft e
ethe fal lm w r me hiMBaber q nI
amew he ubeealt0 geWa go w a ide to I va s
Saolwlev1 -.o. A 7
orer Is pal ewMof Xmks saa em of as
iMe ken1u lfo ler bIar.
616M w inwm-hIe-Wlk hi- Sirl ,ha evealms
of as Under amsblaft seen CCarer for w".e ,ear
wp.w' DiA, .
woo"A"me- w a
MOMo ,Amne F se =

uneso0 Sop sugin M

DtRAW a coan-
that does 't
croan its e. Iut
creose, ona, all
the linea t dota
In the figre
shewn. The b.-
ject you seek
brihtens up a
Uving room.
Solution Is ele-
where In page. To
be earreat, of
Comm, answer
must comply
with clue.

-I I- I

nitlona iven beow. I you op.

ply thOe comet terms. the sam
word will appear In the vrtlo i
x I

l.Mee awlcsr square. 2. re-
cltos sbea 3. Lht wate aft
StateM. tWet. 7.Cnnaweri
worsa. wLIt Se. ttar

Whts win atpe in ,P ertl Pa.
clou ata *3 L 1h4w P5r'ltt












e .'


* ~*'~ 7 1 -
~ ~:.

I .I, .

Poll-im i

..: ". ".

-a- o ..
... .. "t-





iTING UP for the cameraman, "Peggy," one of Hollywood's anidt*l stars, shows her direc-
Jr how she thinks it should be done, but on the golf course, she isn't such a "big shot."

It'S NIT 04 HAT. this tried
strawsi bMding the edges v
turning them into hot padi a

*,. *: ,..: 1'-'. ,
removing the top of old ..
imght wvool stitchte, and
press s Virginia Mayo does.

t*EEDOWNS ITGM TERS, regardless of 1 e branch of e*rvI1-wkich they belongjill get
1 special recognition and homage fro. the folks back home M3y 17, designated as."Artied
Forces Day", in the United States. President Truman, in 1950,-st aside the date for observ-
ance of the teamwork among the men and women in the coun' 's uniforms. Armed Farces
Day takes ti(p#fae of the anniverMa!: atw which had rated by the *.4vidual
services an=t" theme o -the o erv bw 'Vftity, A t -.
tense Robert A. Lovett says, the 4ky is "'h timely omti defitral tt
working relationship of the armed forces,' give the public a brksd view of the natiogt's de-
fensive strength and emphasize the democratic ideal to which oVirts are dedicated t)- to
put it differently, a grateful nation seids out a "well dle" m erTv t~..

..A *~

ty; N. r., stein


In Vilseck, C lu ;
'*' rw "1"


rg grewndv.
; S- '--- ,

-f"tlig "Mks .*'.Ia


~b7 Vptl~

"tbut medic crosses stream at a battle indoctrination.

Two Navy

LW,.. U~ *

k. -

ima W&

4wn ttt"e6.Ii

hi lIos a
Kids wSa

- ptl1



..* ^ *- m ^^ ^ ^ y w 2 ^^ ^^ '
** .. ,. .'. ..*^ y -.. '.' :.'- .**. ^ *' ** ,' ... ,* ... .....*.. .' .-r '.-
.3. ..-.
-* I*, ..- ..
7- c.-l '; : : ? : .
1 "4 .. -!-'N, :._.

:-" A;

.--.*' *^
. ..**w;


* 4

**, aino9 1i WW V., qd, .

*1 S -,

47_ .

f .


I'.i .,

^ ;3~


.. -

I -' ...; .- ....-- -

r -,

: Ze

4 --

9 ** 3

-- *..'.-

. '" ,*


- I -

TCQWdl.aatr the -,w 4p4f

theft tal rep ort bhia when
-0-- *_-
narlier n the week, in a unprecedented putli wel
come, tQ hew m ror let hd reewdA i part
f. E~ tMtnf at a ma eeresaeny hd at the
LAM"._ at weft .v ae d foor to hoe for w het
canlft and Ihwer Hing statndas," and e lo

The Wesr y s w ae s crled te be'a to takeff ct
ther Iwie e whi ng leafiund better scheduleas
were diverted pto w Orleans.
tfree tof the ships that elt the strike this
Oorme i aown thePseafaril ersefo rdtirac i oelna.
nwged, p onex MWt oa for the WesA
were diverted to New Orleans. m a
.Three Of the 8.. ps that felt the strike 0

thaotsevera thdir freighter were befng
The strike was called by the AL Saflonr' Union. on
the Vacir Who were demanding better working Ot.
ditlonhsaud wages. So far, no settlement seemsto be

The Panama Catnal' s Mneand only remal ta In
good condlt U. the Tab ga was working overtime t
week, as two emergency calls of disabled ships keptl
her on the run.
As she left'to aid mthe fighter Portmar that had
enine trouble 20 miles at sea from Balbok, the Tabo.
Ra tke down herself, and underwent rapidS tepat
to bring her back into shape.
SIeodoro "LoU O" Pao was clone today to becom.
tIn te enext rapor of PanamA City.
Bet his nearest contender. administration candl.
date ex-Minister of Geoernment and Justitee Mguel
Angel Ord6hez, was using all means to Manteb the job
out of Patifio's graap.
Daring the week the maicpal electoral boad re'ach-
ed precinct No. 118 Io the counting of votes eat in
the muntolal elects9s ot A&sy 1. with Patifte o s
votes ahead of Ord6les.
In the eight precincts left Patifio was believed to
have a majority and would have no trouble going on
to wi.
But t6 National lecftal Bwoard teped In and
ruled that ballots which. had been set aelde because
two or more voting sps were found in -.envebpe.
should be counted asome vote. praovdi ter wne
all fortlhea candidates This repotity avred
OrdM.becamehe had More votes et awMe than
all otwer candidates.
The' Mapuclnal board stopped counting while It
awaA a ruling on wrooslure.
Meanwhte. PatMe eefter.-mehed wift a re-
smest er a inlmctUim rs the cwsert of Adains-
teabve Llgaations. use blametlev wan hacked
dow temerart-ly e Priy Vfawy westR W M*1 ta
All ti there werumors that the remain-.
in bpxes ed In a vault of the Nation.
al Lfl had bes ctaxpered wrth.
Tfthe %twavs demhd after an lavestintalho. by
electoral authorities, but supporters of Patio dec4 dd
to se up constant vt* -aromld tile MWter offigh'to
i nsure aftalmt attempt to alter the results It faetr
tho. ad.inttlatleni eandldate.

asmnes was 'et lwf r'oaermn eime'W pmqir
avthomths last week.
And District Attorney Ale)andro A. Calar said he
vm m the oetiom that Tharthwana was being ue-
led Iatt PanamA City In laraM oaMOuNtie from thw
lsln9 s of fte Arehioelage of Las Perls.
Cajar was coumderin shaking for ea v-
ne, ai the P llnta b h e. where t leved
U't siuSents 'o 6".01t' ane na tEd mad
taen kOht intr.w tt. .

.- .-l v -- .; .-*---,.

I 4*0 tW e th es EM- hewb e,
9r* man belang lld* t aAaa. flotmrWl .



m 7--^. U


fl liU-
; / -*.^ / *

.al ', +.ti

of wtaey 1qi0L r hn iqNn tMe-o n .,,-. ,

lam of me rtain a- eatI o Wr
should do what W wit amndit of Mo .
Vdlausslo s -gdto have ended i Inaw,*
near's favor. ..
Now If he could beJPW I a.n lour or or
disoumton with f n. n WMt.
might find thtesws to eia'haq4 we)4. 4
as fighting for freefome ed yf. -
Russia continued nmed Wand
faithrUlly to staY ad- o-r -

aMdveo, the Tattera d pe-tod NQ45.
MaeArthur.*be teette von Ica.

Sat the An my i W o
aatd pr ione l trs .
It let pocal aits wtflacAlUr on as he kted.
A UI weather m Non anm ne tfilrfa went nlri.
slag liday on a flight which would ake it near Via-
One inference emM be that tae Superftrt was shot
down by Rusaasn item, as was a weather plane
te aIBe axesa ~aatear .-..
flamsblv ao that ualms would ag .
whetamr their fthiert MlD banged-sway at W
fert. the USAP a 1apan dalmpd a peurity
UlaB'. dtyent. eg *. ." .
Wh the' paae wentf l at U e

Bet e ;-
a. .-



wwahn ty


L a l

is y Tue.


I. -

1- -......:.- -F- .a.- W
-4aVtwsM -k-i




.. :


.. L




m.U^Xn^--_ .f^^^^-----^,.t A, p.a -t,. Jhf

kmp on e;
Nl'ia-K t i .osd t fetor,
Im^incbe 'oi


':. ib ar**

4. -' *
*.a* olTQ
I -*

of boom




^- .9-

S II 11

* .. -i

* ; '
* I *-^

I ,

I .*









W-H-lub of
*a *h1
. vauely




'.. ..

' *^i

... ;



4; '**-I

tr-". .- ]
.. o.1-
'U-L '.

5--.* 1" I. .Iin u
41vallAN& -1#s-*n
11n---attf 6-4.y Ire

* trt T-. ww- WftIar

0 x13 lt-lodute T7S-Pakieo
so. urthla -** akvia 73-Fas

at s-ovtue f A LiM4-s hl w-un
If ISaf in- B s-kmle on e? p
ite.Nl tSTKUt 3 *

U-U f a- t *.'
*th dis Tftugelil I~lt t^~
it Cm*a Of ft a-"^mRes atmead
brf asslema age-Cistom 7T-Mafe
r agage fi-Dwel~ar relatv4
fe ^-kthe ofibtny W-*8e m
- Ul..n..g.east Or-ter SW -Puffup
^.. hala stftl tnhreaer
r ~ff JafrtiMterm lo-
jtf AMattes t-4Flue a M
(teygrii stai eqhdua r
sphse rflAmaeteege Al sw^^AlU^~ mttb**** I^BVt^M^~



tSams, wnr .r.euI m w -W'.
$ ; ,




HAiMODoTO A RlB* mDiToft
8 7 H ,T w o. O S [ Oe .< > .
4 .4 A son Av EW RW 171
rFo OR S Er. I c" SI T ot


f A Day's Walk'* M bones will .Uft wild wild thk*t,
(From American Weave) and tl b ong heard, -,
will A tilf out this note
1 and this song note.
Never has the wind over tht
Bifted with such heart-break-
ing sweetness. WIDOW WOMAN
(From The Dublin Magaiste)
In mid morning the wind
switches She has sons, five, or I don't
And dune grass bows, rubbing know how -any
Fine circles around slim stems Redhea on blcyces; moun-
in the sand. ti"lra
Coinln 'i uavej A1 In
It is good sand, by the. teady a ti le
surf In the =oun bodies *ith
Powdered long ago out of D ocean Mantto eF7t-
rock. And yet not noble laok all week
Your feet set d*p tteaks 1 1A I
In its turprIiig. warmth, andl6a Wita farms wft farm
as you I .. : w e .
Spring down ste slopes it is t e only with .ti washing
As down nmountas of sponge. Obd thei i ,
aTo" "id tU to a hair
And t that 'oAtntain-
Patches of wind slide on the' ed them, her fences fa1l,
water, Must she pay a ploughman, the
Here clouds gather and vanish rent is due,
All in an hour's tine. Even They come home only to 6at
The dunes do not reit, they their fill,
voyage They're ingrates, spendthrifts
Grain by grain over the desert. and the world will know:
But she sees them in town, and b
3 her face is a rose
In a bowlof water. How the w
On the way home there are no good drop shows.
tracks, f
Already behind you the loose PADRAIC FALLON. l
Sand closes its mystery on t
you have been. .
Souvenir pebbles are colorless
in your hand. THE HAXItO
This is the earth's land, (From The Poetry. Review)
The secrets it keeps .
You only borrow for a day's A windy sunset turbulent
walk. with gulls t
GALWAY KINNELL. Over the little harbor, and
my blood
--- Alive with you, whose image
I first annuls t
SIGIL Then quickens these bright im-
ages that flood
(From The Virginia Quarterly The part-dishevelled, part-do-
Review) mestic hill I
Lit comfortable houses, thrash-
Now let the cycle sweep us here Ing trees,
and there, .And arrogant swift rock. Only s
we will not struggle the will
somewhere, Distinguishes your image nbw
under a forest-ledge, from these I
a wild white-pear Importunate flashing voices of
will blossom; the skies, : t
Confusing sense and substance
somewhere, in a wild
under an edge of roLk, Delirium of glory, till my eyes
a sea will open; And ears are one, the seer is
slice of the tide-shelf reconciled I
will show in coral, yourself, With what he sees, nd all this
In conch shell, i
myself; tossing flood ,
Of fight and sound your heart-
somewhere. beat, breath, and blood.
ever a field-hedge,
a wild bird L. A. 0. STRONG.

Her tn, solution to Sunday Crs$o*"r PN-
zle. No,i2, published today.



Drew Pearon ys: I a- considerslis
itically ave; Wsenhol* r's crfttktm of
S nect on his 94 friend Oeo I n Ft
Marshall supported iChlang Kg ahk itI aM
war more than Eisenhower. ,
WASHINGTON The White HomJb a
following with great interest to 6S mi-
y General senhwer' mailen 1M at5 In
the political arena ..
The President, who conferred p with
Blsenhower' Just .tW -days before tI
peech, was not exact preparedto the amack-
n-the- aw attack whi e his Admlnltelon got
from the man he had once u9tt
the Democratic ticket. However, he -gaSw vi-
ible Sign of being peeved.
In fact, on the morning after 'hbilene
blast, the President ot of a wea I indifa-
ting that "Mister" enhower had quite a bit
to learn yet about politics. '
Talking to Eric Jonston, head of the Point
Four program for helping backward areas, Tra-
man said that after he left the White HouMiJt.
wanted to assocltte himself actively with Jon.W
lton's work. .
He praised the way Johnston was gettilan
American experts to help increase agriculture
and Improve production in Asia and Africa,
then added:
"You know General Eisenhower thinks we can
solve these problems with birth control
"I told him," continued the Preent, ."Ye
make that speech in Boston, general, and the
Democratic Party will carry Massachusetts by
200,08 votes.' "
In the Pentagon, some of Gen. Eisenhower's
old comrades at -a grms watched his Abilene
speech and press conference with the keenest
They were interested not only became they
favor Ike persfOally but also beba.l hey are
a bit worried aver t'eh Idea of a military man
getting mixed up in politics.
After the Abilene events were. over and Ike
had put Itm aelt on reeotd or eneral MacA -
ther Wa mR d the less o m ina, one friend
reaWe un huksidt In WVl-id War I, we Gen.
Gog Marh k, th en chef of ai summon-
MaratU persona~ly had p-ae tMe North
Afrisa a-n-o-1 but wIthout telMg UsenhOw-
erwhthe In was& eafildim t an
showed a fon I was charted the

"Yo a'd better, it t back a rated
"You're Uasof to be Ie ommmann "
That vm wam@ 1a break In MeenhoweU'
life. It put him oithe rzd to being a national
here and the PuuikMecy.
Yet, at Abilene, Ike's old cenradi pointed
Out, Ike bated U. China pocy, knowing
faH we n that Gea. LNananll, as ambaador to

40- 1

*'~ ,.-... '- i*

erry eGo-bm


au tuerlnj ie Hit ." m*
n '.rge art it was th~ natural t uof-
betwen dert theater commanders or
men, .and materiel when there W'wrent
guns, men or material.
maenhower in the theater bn
ng up the wires to ngtn for more
more guns, more gasoline. Churchill was sup-
porting him. .

ang Kashek w adng for more gu,
omml wi v sufpatclo.was
it wals peroii loftlcA WHi ^F!..

am.. 2 c. si ate a
3d more aupll forf BDr-
me _4ai. moidi; wanted to ooneeatrate on

It wae nes Mawhrabmaln O any-
pe;ARexe|49L At Wedeaieyer IW u~ed

to too of






. -A .1 I &

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,, :, .. .

. T .'. -4
^ia!- I <'

- *'* *


*~ *




- U-

perten hto. wow[
,i At home over e: -Mn we
iueCIO-steei industry talks In th wi
told the Induatial leaders they could sv0
u If there wau a quick settlmeht Ma thi
V1 few days.'
(wri Into a> aircraft manufacturing uaials
S beli' get for the It of Jun H.
LWA'erleah Aviato pl in Lo Anieo

l~a tfia imeJr Vapl t"% :twkol~


- V

. 4


SWlaer bomm wbem the U. 8.
award her a te reumd f
.%bhe hbot a wrveus ~th
Irk sam. .. 4w *
.10esLae s -


~0'P' Smyi 1'

f 'we wM" -o" *- wsM o w e"*
i?~L tg W 9 WOUM be y~aS

.1 -

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m Z.*"i
-MUM pi 4-

I" -

,4 .



p -




V ~>


.11x a(. -

W train with the M.P.'s ing some high-brow nmBer by
at Fort Clayton and pull ate a string 4.rcrtet wh , aZ ptrol duty with them, .ey tion a 4 tture
Srt their own company, ey "Al our ob m ,"
Sp on flashy dress drills aall said anet Frst -
&th Ipadegm- but their prima- ard C College, who beeh
raht to is none of these. It' with the d more 4
tfc year o B the men In the bt
SCh9at's the thumbnail story have c secondary mis-
n t 71t Army Band, rt ge plays traM-
C ,yton which celebrated its t, ministrati qpeak-
Ila anniversary tIs moth. ig, his ondary misgson la
tea, music t e ~am lob of that ti t Sergeant.
3, oS enlisted men t ad ar- Cg-1, for InstanOt, is not
rant bfflcer Robert W. Cons band leader but oommand-
Icommanding officer and d car of the Before
eI of- the band. Obawell these f s, he
ihl men can be see ad h to the tr1pet and
at all parades, honor guards e orn.
and other offielaa ceremo6tes Master Sergeant Ainslee J.
'at Pacific side Army poets. They ktBiI ranking non-commisalon-
Ican also be hear at elvilvta -A'oftfcer of the band, not oit-
eCmitonles in the *-Canal Zone, ya the trumpet but tos as-
sueh as during Governor Bey-C band leader and Is in
bold's arrival a few days ago. harge of student Instruction
Weekday nights, you can hear as well.
'.dtife orchestras made up of The 71st Army Band only
.embers of thp e .tt Band at eoptinental band en the tt-
SevsCice. Cubs on the dutf- tMu existed format. air tee
soeta. Weekends, you wl Army *Droindg
IlV&lf.h bear them at eaiae NOO ohtl, but t .t li
iJ r private ogilbatilon 4 Rw 'tte 't
..OU may Mocbe hear^ i9,A


. ,'-.1 -

'^^edi^^ 6^ ^

~,spills ever I-fe the first tUMeto rleepesro h P
mmte lake behind ft, but Carla DenotS a her brother, TerrY. 5.
We re ore interested in their own Ortvate irrigation proJect. Shasta,
I' second largest dam in the world. aids in Oood control on th* ee80
I wsnto River, and mfasnds melting Sowsa rgm the Campad* range.
T *c 48l7-foot flH to three tirwt s higher thIMn qNlt rm014C

4"' 'Pl
t ^*^^

* i,,.y .boMt her age. refuses to t L

s.0.O. altlNCo SmNA9IAL *'
p er," and his wife count som of th*.
printed in his paper <(inet). Great 6t
., ~. o^ ^ _. ^

-^ 'Tlfti^ ^^f^^

t .'i 5li. f4 .

S I ., .- .. .. It p'. .- ..
. / .- .. .' ;. .... : .,-.


* ~ ~j7

* 1,**r.

ed a combn
force BDtid.
ii past ye
71st rense
forces with

i~ '~-~

, 1

* .:~.-. .'.

* (. "
a. .. -

WAM~vsdr I*ft

*wEw~.$ ~ j
~ npd m W iwik

- a pl 'w. r Uo.j' r .lqw *t e

. y A', .i"


a. S, '



*; .' -

STRIVING CONTRAST TiO ad man looks b tw yrthiA. sA a.

.Iv a Harper's Bazoar model in the doorwae of ot OoMld..*

S Tobooo. .

Ii- 7.
7- *t7~ *.. I

-" 7 -

I- *~ -
,- 1'




2' 4V11

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1 -- .f
.t* .

S I^.. ^-*' ^;**-"'^^si-f~a

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'1 :**-

we .



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*""* ^



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*'.* 1

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i^ .* -*. .( ^ '* *

j* I


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* V,


K ~
~. ~- '5,

s- -.
*.*'** ^
:i *'*** **'-^u

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WL 4i^

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,-..A* L^

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'" .' *

F 94


.~ .4,


-* :4!--.CUT,,

. ..
I I I i I I I i i I I I I t I'

. i .

V. 0

. -. .. 1 .,-

.1 .., -..



LL., T.oTS. I 1 .U E EVI
^ AL.CA.! .^ FOR' TL4

0 IWowg- M



>'->*'- 1 "*
*&'- *

,.mow. "A E
|^BZJA(v^ f-OT^t

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