The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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IN WAUoNIByview- -

IIIUM a & aIMA W N BOSTON: Labort pbitical .
league reE su flts. b mm.'

SI M A I B leue Sm hut tB l h b hie .
SftilS a on isan oym towm 1 a reedars ef The Penomo Amer- whos ae aes *.now by-words
S luft a mre reed i tefullr and am handled is wholly con- I America's jW4I% have there-
@ibfo. dre .decided to take the AFL,
Srsestrisbuonh a i ht don't be I elerIst f st daeen ep the i 9,000,000 i and its
IaeIs af p t-hed in the = a -, fds Ital-million t p0lar agt-suries,
tloe a ag u l ne m limadl to e o legot, arslht out of tl.t politics
of i e e lir m p istei held I str iltst eoaliden atetr the PreaulIf electiecl.
ae IluSme he umrespnibility lot oelebm l or91u)Ial In their reot ir t "a.
mr,010h1 fom prit'ate delib fat= -_ t. 'he It
o have rather sadly pmftted to
., .... GULICK HOUSING themselves that they are1 ,1
.,,':: "ahead of their the, that
ft r' c ding Gulick Civilian's letter (Mail Box, June 10) there is no solid labor vote.
'U e to add my one cent's worth. that, if there is, t ey can't
'm sure many a person thinks the Army civilian doesn't deliver it and that lte the
t ~~ n housing. expenditure o0 moE s O dol-.
S----ised to a ie place in the States would be willing Jars on nation Cur hook
y aresonably high rent for a cottage or an apartment, ups and t ons l e, Po fo
e were offered to him. there just isb im rank-
n'tFrance Field be turned back to the Army for its and-file interest political
Un tle Pacific side there's Curundu Heights. but here on to thermou t n nh -
tlantic side there's no choice. One either lives in Oullek Furth ohermoret n al
labor chiefs
e pay a lot Of high taxes, and the Army et d a big share split Wd ope r abiiPdttatil
Semr for its different departments. Isn't civilian housing one candidates.
It 113 covered by our taxes? In laoor's top echelons there P
1 ..hw there are boats and planes leaving daily, but if is support fort Gen. Eisenhower
a like te Zone. likes the bosses, likes the people and most and Sen Taft.
i le.l wthe job, why go? There are ehamrfplon o Ke-
tat a bIit of changing and one could like the bvufag too. faluver, arPIrman ad itevenson
Hodse Hungry. and Jimmie Petrillo. he
oe u wants a man lbyh l e of Marry
LEmRIERS itolt LAGOS Truman.,
-*$ .o it's b hkt to the old political
our name and address were given to ne oby one of my policies of a little cigar maker ,..-
tO fr i La os, arill take up my pen to write to you. who somehow IlWays found T t
MRla to ztroduce myself to you as a bSy who is himself the friend of the man P.ts,_
en frlers in your country. In the White Notie ---* the late -'B alop P11%",11

1 in- eyes Is brown and white, my hitrs fe black arnd both parties e agai b t h oLher.
17 ears is brown. Now most AFL leaders are in
is a clerk at C.F.A.O., -Lagos, -my--mother is a plantfing to play It btrilght -
I is a student of AhmadlyYia H th School, Lagos. to unonine, not antagonize an RUAKRK
1 be ery pleased to welcome both boys qnd g'ris, men one major part~ aut matl ally. ..2. -
d omen of my age who wishes to have me as-e pe4.rfnfink. 'There Will be no purge list 9' committee, o tni
a on is the capital of Nigeria, which is a colony. Popu a- released this year by the AFL's NEW YORc.- -1te take ore e to the for the second time, t hiely headed move, eave akde t
I the country is aboUt 1000,000. labor's L.ague for Political fact that they U81feed a grow lligb out of Inenlt to have him fordl wh .e otd will net- h _
y hobbies are. Footballing. swimming, boxing and collect- Eduteation. And for olviwous ream school for growing a mustache than I wilt muster ice, that While we ld m litilly ttoend, h al
2 tS J."* N eso c. "over the appoiment of Oen. Douglas Mac- dwindled down the hairline to g io is fl limnl wit N
SNurdems KotuLa Thlere is, for IS0 e, the Arthur as keynoter of the Republioan Itational laik What JueMedina and finaipaSI e.
e0 Lomomu Lane, case o0 Sen. Md6 W7F ,61fR y Convention, eine 4t seems to me that th e first Big Tom Murphy, mbo twmstell men It the
Lagos Nigeria. AP'L polley makers disagree Is more vital to OMr tiMle than the techd. finest tradflon, bre thinking of this assist mo- Aabout
with him. They tried to drive This is a fine dotlfltry, Indeed, if a youfg man tion in Binghamton which flings a child out of BMfle A bset
Sall due respects I forward you these and I im m the enae t tme, of 16 cannot grow a lip fringe and still maintain grade school for the sin of cultivating foliles
h It will meet your krind conslderLions and approval.n but the APL postal workers his social standing in the ninth grade. To my on his face. t dant
S it will meet your nd consdetions and approval screamed. McCaOp ran was their knowledge there are no laws agaisMt the sprout- We may have lIck d I I tWdding P'aident in t antea of
y entire desire in communicating your est~emed journal man. His record Ond aid to ink of facial adornment, savet the siMple law of embryo so to speak. A boy with guts enough to
i the ubileation of my name in the flont pae of your Federal employes was terrific. abil to sprout same. brave his room with Wiltlam- o d Tat het
Caing for eh pals in every anglesg of the states. Result was a &piWt in the AFL s is a urely personal see. I my first ortal under hias nose cannot lac kng i the1
Will like to e C hange lAmerican Bootlsa such -T shlr r i? 1te oojdnl. McCarran mustache at 1, t, and th tta. afI' o *Of o CouragueWe need ty. geese, titt"o
o Al etc.. r Ngr a a defeat fs elected. Therf federation wl.tontln .t. o15drwt e l" Whtaty d14d n tl -n withll MU
iu p vens, candy cardsl, newspapers, yob"touh fith eta e atdilO Depar ja wa iaktn to, 'O Uti Lu m itht, t iu
,n late sowit p rv ey r o r g erstr ichkg hadidn't look Sm art. Lookg -g .Mail B oxe a _h to fe e eIa"ri o ft lalyAt nd Still
ated wth ornaments, ostrich feathers, snakeskin bags, More recently the A high Iql e o fTfM ~ a Ofa lnd Attae aboN ti teeth with Ml m1I
t b as crocodile skin bagh, slippers and all Various More recently the a, A high "e ak, II OWCleg to hareaa im t as
galy, Y of toi pr l nt hd, 1A hmk t a
ov er ee. command met In hoston. Here a kll, Tbfo14 we a04 l l d
f ly waiting for ralto of letters from all It of Canal they decided to f ight thr nhe re- 8 m t nt
S t et leetion of there Be nators l e ndw h11a rdete- a
:" tafeeu Akanni Sanyelao, bu IMe It as reported as the fl ;t on1r, wh ha t th e. Otl ye 1.a eari y ,i
S2 Itolow Street, 1952 purge st. No woman can AdeI and this, but te strlhs athis tpl hair on te a ear
Lagos, -Nigeria. Ote was ell. XnoWl n4 of times When a man is constrained to o lt hll. lo the ihyste'a. but I am real t in
't B (Mal Boxt -r ~ nforpaa. y. lid. lke the young amsonh, and whenarftceh of a i0tett l a air ro loo 11e
Of HOUSINGR re, rstn t leso m 0 ppoplet Wil. iMrS to --cut -4t am t no mAlasobts 1. a n pAIhr
"IA wt d? o toW the A-dFLe ...a.n -hi a se falls down, fnit Issd al
ying to Lxt (Mail Box, June 10)Y another 0I against Sen. Brewster up in Some people are bor to wea mustaches, and otff the edg in such a gtegoute fashion that i gsIni I
ling Washed by the Pn Canal tides: Three cheers to Maine, where big, heavyset Gov. beards, as some people are born to run tfor offe had to anow the lawn and start the rass allf e
Sputting in print your housing experiences. Payne Is running against hi or be_ generals. I oant think, for instance, of over again. eolrtiMn
Stunatel not ll the Ols have had t.he*4Mee -S the Repubtomr f"n o an, ]ArthTfr uas tabig but a general, AVen i t aemts to me tlt. We81 pend, children ft oft
primaries on June 16th. as d e looke i general. from school for enel2 i the hatural growth to w firm
Au G.atL-us jUst rinned and conforthed with what the What sense then oh there its anoththe go&e d re t to on anlyi a
ItlM dished out consequently the bills that pure ist his yea, the A Along the s anme ed Hthis Tony Valadt saest estt n me e tn wte
0 eIv-d were climaxed by an eviction notice. -. 'Prgiist ?T phlitisa t he A -tf00er1 feltathat something wu missing. ..t Vj WWti ln tmb I u rnId was ader.
Yai, t are on the mue path no doubt. howe Ut, you. ape ioL' 'naely Wil issde a voting ia- There is a certain Vkeancy of face, glPV ...This 0s51 WMac .
118 YOges t t tw bldelelfnIn theeMirror .1 us sonht atrgo enAt 'elln a sn einan o
Ino te housing ttion. Thee addition ia hair o the li. Tt hortens i Of the party when the elephants convene in Chi- s ort
In my own a~a e I was told to be out by a c retain date anMd An this has been bbgh nose. thins the upper lip, and str thens the e lo tat month. lo_ t e ht
t no further Pan Canal housing would be atlable. So with-,. 'fa 19409. The / ig ohin. that oit looks ike tho Taft ,nd of the h
alternative, we left, and to this day those ruta o r.taensti a ll th- ansdie i a ery few people are e -sable of living up tofo aad Old P.rty haM up and lkgd the umpire.
saInchOhasaltot"n "" t leaders ,h elp heavy demands of a nmustache. t 1 may be crileet, but scarcely S ens to be the
n anal stech has left an unforgtale meAy ol us 'ound te year When ov. DeWe blew the Preidentsal de way We play beball, ""HOW
without a doubt, but by voich ig your problems now, maybe tfb InItQ1.-educational drive (pt ci g ot
adtitwtrateon twil take heed and rectify the past injusticesi terning the AFL afte pte ed Cafark.t
Ot t OI and civilian middle class families by the hous- n a he ha n

Deliver us, please,'from this deluge of rt and, subtle, l uaU h 'y "m dsoh't .r
local Winchells w4hbo are frantically tr "Why dow
t ian verbosity and cleverness lover the sln't confined unst to the Whn TON.-Tre orsw dohsquie t.ape sie. it all, he han acenutZtd mdowa h ha,
reVOlving about these lumbering, ant R-epublican labor can through o Walbg after twg o amunt a every o

weary old titets so laborIously thr the air over labor, but to the prominent: n .4 o 3. o sqi0 sufflent to urta an ,egR emd et
a Ic ide, and to whih the Navy refer as defense tbor wIorried about e It atrsv P at "e pued. nA duration, .' t e indhi
SWitht out even racing a smile. ea worried about he but et n a .t- the enmy w-rlt h
ohe latest purveyor ow garbled gulf, Just Look ng (Mall Box A .belg linked too closely 18AAkgg i oreai p i aum woh to launch the heaviest and moset sW-s sped Ls
ll even got In a casual mention of peckingn a portable o party even if it' their about the outlook f sum er. attack on half an hor'qe A
W he clears hi throat when he mention 'M arty. ist u e other day o far as can be discerned, these shock WIe Oeneral Tmen C. Van Plmt ill errd not
$1 ei like a pro. Yes, sir. ....... Tobin said in one of hIs have two .um epiaenters. s weas GeneralMatthew tha the .N didn't see
double is the wordy mumbling of these poor clunks rap- ding editorial: l 't is in MOoW, where t "hate L I ie-n-depth an .rutr
S cl apa ECIArion. tto Ruark's T ,and sffr t true that the CIO and about our w ek ag, and h been mton a c ine
S let's get back to fundamentals in the Mail Box. some other organizations may ttdLta ti i nge. ",AC Arbor wod ia o
elit's tompe on the clay feet of the bureaucratic Idols who 3e Dt ster l ad may ot Sg A -8p8 dpaws 6oulatnot
IM i ,h us. tae Democratic ticket, but the o t tOaeThats
lt's tread on thl a of the lower echelons of bumblers rank-and-file of the Aimerican ns tOs41am a od may pe re emi
aboutthese bring
.IV-dmen f nMount" ted 0 a post r to any party.haveIuop- ndiats, Th6 ge .atures o -t-
some ig remarks donee ..,' instance, I tonir vote for 0are a out .-vIagi emphasis .
rtratin to e eocratlc nominee I the 41 ry of the A in. eu 1y aoMn' ttmst r de
Shv wheon ev always have but there 1 ffort to latr the isl.1Iilent' to fur e
T.. lworri Boab n rut the btlMnre a a Wetegrn ethaties the K fMt
O tut h even n the konomine expe -- l thle .and going out and dats nW sentlnW% .ed .n
'apitesttnvey grete. The votJt Ii '5 umBtreedaysng liskedtoot i. tl uot t
one eaeoftthe acr moniou. el-,ovoenag g and e. e front a e, "

for the better to be made. !of exatl. y he the h at hlel o I'
11) eTinfcilpu That puts It exactly, too, Ct ''plt wice evel'.d. -.a 4oh n

__pes, In that the Truman for- fhis ,.ta pl.a be,"e 0
I. -cthe widest rank-sad- Ot" ep bhage 'they take it a, S
W MCO poiiy aRIaUppdrt asauf- 8 jdgln that -uitahd abunrdoepd hope attheremA-ll
Jas ever shown. et ate Stalin's eo-*iwteace." s6% dha d been withn th" in a
at -l ae. I tt he4 p r i v a t e.t e
o n h lae tft e bu e u rai dos w o 9a t the polms V te stMs a
aa,* i, ,al



iAug tlhis Fall.

ber a.
umg o 1Go
~~^ khk *Iu.4r


I '

t l .U .. "" .. .. -W l7..
ring the past
""" *- -'T'^ *r ^l ~

. ; ,, .r -..-, : -

iol ear .t

igtfoiwedUthe Sg lobby's line during l
I elhmilyutadtteM twe-amendmyts.M,
r K akitaMttto ath, Ui,, ..
me i ertslainet. .
Brooklyn hoewiuvew t 4.050,A t.. ,, t o A A .

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- ~w.
'7- .*..'U'

us ir monefis ad



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Tv- d .'r. ;


''''"* -' ,+.-, H H

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". +- ',J+ ,I 'l

"* W i ,+ k ; Wlv

Svw~., I ~ap~ oe#it km hIM'
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F -g'" I

. .-



hard Cox ho- been bhoeen
rade marshal for tbe fourth
aly parade -on tHu Atlntle
* parade wltl tw fi-
le for the dy .a IMtt uSe
v Inin" teSBM=

had started te trouble and i
Bant sbhd not be penas foI
an out-ot-turn bid. I
And sa long a North inlated
he had not ppsed, Landy rld
that the "Goops" was a bid of
less than one club.
The bidding continued -
ahown In the dtaam and South
became the declarer at three so-
trump. This ai a normal con-
tract, but eat defenu delfet-
ed It.
West opeMd the nine of dubs,
and NEat prpely played the
eight of MINbe -istead of the
normall" play of the queen. It
was clear, ne Wet had led hbe
higher 610b, thag" had eN-
jack-te In .t onlt 8rth wM
Isin to win two club triake aid
Ri wofni f1 ake tat
*4& -j _*jj^ -* ^ tin*

I ll!*

-. --r t- Y ,. ?, .7 + ,

a i.... 2 lir,1 T h lM",r~Irs

ua w. .. .. .,"-W i ,'.L.




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CA* S t An G C MA

tink* ftwwm

wf nn ,"


TOMOR.W napanrn

In h-rf-q of
1 .

/ o, .: '. ;.

S ...I .... .. ,,j,, .:

UlM Sot war.' M!t;he, it he tfigtk
aw Se- it was a god Id to tw %pYr
ofl p1e blow bo wte,
bean electedd hasMad nA eastma. *m
a vtti. n tt'twfor atlvr-
I I I eair- M' 'truiU, but wild
et 7yl- he dOp ot fao v it at the aome
,e Us 24, tiMe S the drah
adetgt d "We Tavl.hed man y
pha ad ungbecase of
u edele- ,o tt1nIn he said.
wa Behoer d in amww to

Ai u -a i4 agr
momAn -.

Et .
-w *MB
T;." I -mi-w Zm

qt en

A I.,



r ~ueni

iuernor; the ISu th-esoldp't moebh b
Colon; mem- tract without the dfafsiondu,
soe Corp; the moment he led aSter
or o mond eat stepped a with
Ii, CIo see to eash the ret of thad
I1 Polce and Two dlamnMds and thmE e
o Docruet. were enough to set th g
ton on the contrc.
Mperating in If n had played t
e main Iin of clubsatthe firat t
N-itl thi would ham played the t.
lagis. disaster would Wntinue the
work, tbe Sput OM win w ti
March of ow W t would be out e
Fund, the when he got In with the gqea
ad -'mfiulN dbeaIdK and South wOdld 1
md fraternal time to bring in the lag i
I community. nmnd all.

lnb.lovam i wS e nmek one o'si espeos tnlge s
dent at lb Univerimty. of the Aun4 eamwf
ise plnme_ to a d a I the. ArWNy tug-of-war wit
deal of tt thet b St: "W a the of- the fl
month later he was appoted and a lg of beer for the
supreme Allied commander Ip phaea
retad Brig. Gen. Arthur I. fldant George Allen, another
Netin., an old friend of im-, Iong time friend, own the eqtp-
hewer, manages the Irm. ent at avestock togheter.
teenhower own se rnm, AlMa has an adjoining O0-acre
but he and White House ca- farma.

Born 1820-

still ghiig

with a strong



q. I

- I -


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rrr' wlf w grow.

- u w- -

a. a A # I f4 Ar *t
r aa ..... + ,, f ... ..,;,- y. + .: ";Lr&

WE*g5T. a muds* '
i-er. -o wi, hm atw. ,..
-th -.w kp I u mma E *Il

*7. '*jt
L. 4; -
*,. ..
tf !

Tbo wrd. k -mr
L&Kr MAngumember
- atay*wbme arnk -pel
ao Am.anb o -
25 oftAstomh U. L
iat ea bipm sBt

*mb s '.a ta~.

15B FWBIST *f*p

B I .. *

..... a.."I.




9 .4

$,1* ::


Lt -" .-
9. .-.. 4,
V-a- s4*- (>
1. 5.' (



w war we

'.. -- -- I

.. -. T714


' a .



~ ,*

*- I r

- w rn rwu
*ate meeting at
"". 'j" ].w

*.. 4

;-- +.]

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q -:;


d maotkower
,* U M lt.29 x


Uyts over 1h rr 1-
of Telertaleo--I
is the nallen' aop-
-but she's lot Ip-
M o any old big-sren
because she's been
uawe has to be right for
WNa .ld.1"I almost signed
ktnabs for a Technicolor
%at the deal didn't work.
n6w there's a picture
SU seed at M.1 1
P~_at of her TV character
M"bby Deal Arnas for
her reif"i to the screen: "Not
Wecemuarly. but we'd like to do a
meiver. toeether."

"? It was one of the
G~hM let her out of
and her Cockney

Rehearing dance routines for
"The Farmer Takes a Wife." Bet-
t Grable got a howl when Jack
Cole placed two chairs on the
stage and said they represented
two horses that will be used in
the number when actual shoot-
ing starts.
Race horse-minded Betty went
to her dresing room, got two
$10 bills out of her purse. put
one on each chair and announc-

After a Hawalian vacation, "Now they're horses."
Desal make a personal
ie in Minneapolis July Ruth Roman's doctors have
t go to New York for 10 given her the happy tidings'that
she's past the danger sta p.? In
Vance, who plays Bill the stork derby and can venture
ey wife on the Lucy show, out of her home once in a while
el vacation at her Cubero. N. ....Evalyne Aster, the pretty
"- ffh.' daughter o fVlvian Duncan and
tahe "I bought the place Nils Ast.-r, has been secretly
t atomic bombs. Now married to Pn Armv enlisted
.s a rocket testing station man since ChristmaF .Con-
Fid a irnium mine nearby. I'm fusing note: Director Stanley
probably in the No. 1 target area Donen. who once loved Liz Tay-
of the .U 8 lor, married Ma-ion Marshall at
"-the home of Jules Goldstone.
"iNeiui Clooney is yelling, who's Liz's agent as v.'ll as Ma-
"to" about reports that rion's.
=mninc "Come On 'a Myv
t to Jose Ferrer. She told Paulette Goddard's beaming.
l,. ra vee never more than Erich Maria Remarque Is back
I"ftl.nds and never will beiin the U.S. with an unfinished ha% never been talk! novel under his ar mand a mar-
.imarriage." r tying look in his eyes.
"'*be MalP Hprem." a irate Hollvwood wolf to Harry rim-
t b&elno tpllor.'d for Mae West's ring: "What with inflation these
comeback film has been retailed' nayv. blondes in Hollywood are a
"WMaumre Chest." That's one diamond a domen."
bAuMd Huruhes overlooked for--
Jai'Rtussell When the Palare resume' the
twn-a-day aealn. Donald O'Con-
Now that all tl-. collegiate nor mav take over where Betty
nty-snatchkin is over. Alan Hutton left off. The oort-
Wilson thinks that a colnlege'rnan's Lodge iq serving Johnnie
sho d be renamed: *-William Rav cocktail-twn drinks and
Iik ,Mary's vou g.t hysterical
*~Wvnn's ipov wordage In John Derek end his Patti are
"ectin movie offers for his life beaming over the tumo in the
"v: "Biographies don't neces- health graph of their two-vear-
.uily make good mov'.-'s Get- old son. who's mending after se-
clearanres from Important rious throat surterv Welter
DIpple associated in a perf- m- Lantz' next Woodi, Wnodrvclker
aer'Wer Is not ear- .-d the cartoon will be "The Greatest
VA@e-Wfsh often '-mes out ichimo on Earth."
lMg-wseh when trrn'la'.-d to the
.. ___ Movie Producer Robert L.
-iAfeela Lansburv is shplvingWelch's explanation of his many
thlweavv drama dramatirs and TV appearances: "' m trying-to
amkinw a -bid for a sonR-and- scare people back into"
d .chan.e of pace Remember I'*. Rand 'Brooks' direction of
her one big chance at war Ing Chicken Every Sunday" for a
wb,.n she sang "Goodbv. Little local little theater group was In
Yellow il" in 'The Picture of he triple-A league.
,- ......- SHORTS


In 1820. Robert Olbbon John-
,( son, of New Jersey, established
(fame by publicly eating a toma-
to on the steps o the Salem
county c t nlolie, 'T.-bmatoa
were betnr itown as oniakment
// fruits, but were called Wlove aD-
ple.s and reported to be poison-
6'' o'dinary turkey is the
duaber bird in the world. It YOUNtEST OF YOTNGEST
V"PiI stand with its head thrown.
*ek ind its mouth open in a i Benjanm Franklin was the
stdrm until it drowns. Our nvounges- of 17 children boFn to
'..rA D odd. who allowed Josiah raniklin. Curiously. his
i if to be captured by the direct ancestors for five genera'
i tobe captred byt tons had been the youngest song
It munist war prisoners, must younucst sons. Franklin wa
ye-a near relative. -' ,@ N A born on Jan. 17. 1706.


W, eu~wieu


IS ;. -

N". *~~'



Institution Guaranteed by the State
P'ays 2% Interest Anually on Sa4is Accounts


Ve make loans with guarantees on first mortgages -
or other securities.


2 s. SOc.- $1O and $

deposits are accepted thru 6 peribw
of 48 weeks.
S; I ... '. 'b *
Individual safety deposit boxes, for jewelry and
documents. in 4 different NeAf.

MICI' in 'BwIm -
"ieat *WO OL
JSr.S f WmSlt,





p *. -l;
1. "
/. ,.. ,. n ( r ; -, : '.

Look Out S MoWp

HER utjrniuq

t4s od feIO

rest St. t e
of Th St.


ITem :m a.m to 12:30 p:.m
SATURDATY: e :m :M a m to I2:N p.m.


Frml lu


R.14 It' Wbsh~

-4;' ~.~1i~is .rtj14 'IAd,~ Ic' '~
~Ft'- *'t~- V ~ hiL


i"hw**e "" "-"'w'..
I" -" "-^^ r


ouro Ia

- 4' -~ ~'


LA'S Puor


Small Beginnlng




l i /

tW* "NWe .

", L"

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*- -

"4 led


I, Sr. d MrSM

rn Mi. DoMld

SWilam Wohrbach,
= ;It and

.rs.m- :-- ua. i -. ..u'n-. .

l D. 0., June

a c ira v a,
804- golrih the

Th Goddei of LibtV a
le1ated b~r Orover Olevelatfa
years sg cob Do
SThe. #e tu ew Y
to the Ubtled Sita es tm
France co*imotrktlng Amer,
can idepad a.
Sfmon Patiflo, "tin king" of
Bolivia and one of the wealth-
leat men In South America, wae
once a t o was fired
wor t "MDtinm in l-eu of

No. a1
ihdo of
alM" *P

. 4

cnuera ww. Awmusic ouur nu

tae OWW Sndty eisn. at
i -

The ,l- MAOnce oi-

June 21 h1 l8 f shifted to Juft
Min Delia Campbell of Pan-
a a seiated. "GiOlrl of thi
at" i'thday dance I t
rir. tlon was m e
me. Waho

of tie for
t: ron by2th-eO
T?" -**Uec >'B

in to ITSr$
Itive wM force

niot eltt -t-al Wh boL &
A swined the eall to fight for'
na penee t Sughout the h

m i n ull the mission waU to wi
e freedom; today the msitin s to.

pa i"B ie. Coptein Parsons
. At t ebrmnh BcmesW Chief
woich N Of Navigation Div.
tlaueny tacIe ^ dj of
the R it The appointrant of ap
W formed William B. Parsons, OVIobsi
port n ptain, a chief of the
waI i00i0Kf, AM Hataow Division WS 64i
Sder thin t- Tiomne yesterday at
St igrei Capt. Parsons also boomers
e .,M chaiaidn of the board ef local
S an the Inspeatrs and a member of the
all Of Board of Admeuawreomt. Ne
ow il ont navue as Port Captals In
SaD Crlstobal.
eVrary Makinw He suoeeeds Captain M 1.
t the theAr- West, who Is now MarK De-
J'n. .ohe tor, I'lWi three new pfliha.
', OP other armes has been in am
wr form Zoae ste last Augusrt. er
the nu as Co- to the Isthmus he wa
lJanal the id the BNth .fan
Qarmlttrm5 6mandr Ad- DtOr t
utft t mark of
tfico~agday. ana 611 of Tralabs.
.* i ..


rsrrwlfte of
drea of the

id w
-'., [

I b u

e' a man for you. '
J Z q i s.ana. to pe1suade you
a tiuve ean't get away
6 :1I t farnCi a

o So-.

- k
IM 11

iaauuy~ ~U!I


aldent oill
saoe one
road b a
says the
-t Odudiu


flod Ian-- t*l -
does not night
Times foboys and grls

as, t .
111k-the Ids4 .016. r4
utliAthe ALRr WELCOME l
*.in .S. .- ..,.- ** W di



SYET f. w days call for a nove.
aaph s I the baslc vsalu in UUft,
l^ )f- *stnnt lA typ with the timq 'wnd
wbiheh challwtengese o* Jvdivual to oreats fr ow
'* '* pIritualtl and ethlicl ede .-ei to live by ""
morning, at 10:30-A Chqar4lrt op* nr AG" Vp
at the J.W.B. Armed Formes tr,U La fUleRad,

Church Membership i U" :
Protestant Total: 75% --..t wts 4%.
But in the Haltl of Pirt .:_o t t# a7titin-
LgulsWed Amerilcnrw re Ui .. "r

sie. jk Cou
a owen hodWt
lateyU&Mp ef tf

mafe Geyer -ie
end and ME$. M aMA
ion adusie ~at
r, MM~ae woo&U
Jult guet ad h
t Incrli~wul= A~

Prg e, Tommy aton
lM ir rawlord,. Oharlk
TVapon, Ben Favorite, MI-
eBal SfteMho. David Lane, HRW-
beft Lewis and Bill Cain.

u.ran Wrrc Prd Hodges of
hance Field returned to the
Mthi Mooday on the "Panas-
fer three month's State-
.. -,. They visited with
11 th IKolr. Ohio.
ltaet son, Fred Jr., was d-
= I n tr i Ne, York State
Jun oe New York
City O June 3rd and Mr. and
tf. judges attended the prad-
I101 eSereteo. touing Hodgee
vr-led the commtisson of in-
I" In the Maritime Service
d wa graduated with i B.B.
D Mree is at preset ema-
ST)rd wish the
V fM# iLine and
Wan route to Panama.
Abil m Marie"
ally Morland, the
dsnhSr of Mr..Mid Ma. Oil-
bet C. Morlmnd oftbal,
arv on the Wed-
y after a year' abs ee.
ian hI been with MrI.
Mr br -w and
S Mr. ad a C,

polI&dt er.d-

Ing Club to-

mew CrflB
nrw alw AILs
& ~b will
%t 11"A. ,C. MUMnB
ew COrit pean te o n Ay

he Utr on test 0ho

vice from ash fno- an

Tw Sfrm e los of-


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E-miw m


ctII events i Canal o
1at 4" She at

alb ThM AOweetAb Joe bitt
aw" hold im hot

ilrS, no on EAs

muno gum" were enooed
dgthe a*scn and pls
AM M MOiMa* andA, WO AN
FIa I M* mad MR. Lamt itZ
club. These present writh oe-
*oaeen a were s. baenjoyed

Go Cousin J t. Joe ihorus,
rd tz o. 'Cari l He
GttB Mrs. rdi e

, mtnihs.r n j Maurite dy,
i amrNi Ai, Mrs. Da cl -s
nic ft, Mni. Ma Mararo,
M. Wis L aNuMhlbon and TM

Ira Via Bsua ames are

Ieabnd Jeaw, saet. 'M'I

ltMnr. .Tl Wbd.,
fle S. A Iktelawt -s

lNait Thme Omst. ail -,
t Wluat
-w malrg, 3KVIV

Juliuv anddlow ct- Tat. i0.

mWr. ChmN W*t o fs
The Myllow. n so aeh eae a"

@4-nokumedk sor ldIatr emtm- o

Julltm e andr. R0. 0.B


-* 74; ~"~*
.( I.


*nse t re ftrnef.
on fwhIsther athey

Q', -- w1tt r...
Don'l wq- -.'#It dt

Vgoal o you
and do wIedui q wi
.anMing loweler,. gast.r
loiing,' cw biwIoloi Sq
Relsx and teite tqin t
our! For Roow ON ShpW

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;> wl-^vooo^&-Ljaa^Ji


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tobal i
a #A
he sI
olm tt

a J. *MwB*
er -09"


Adby, isotel
5 Sunday
1:00 .m.
the fi:fbo
and hii or-
-...-i- j~>


' A ,CAT N

. ..O



s-- IT, i!

SeN 'em ...MWhen You Tel'e tA

ye r Ad whh one of our Agent4 or our offices Ia Is: S T "U" W9 es
i "! No.' 12,179 Central Ave. -- Co "
SService Saln de Bellez. Amuricano canto Drag St
tS't9-ll Ave.-Phone 2-291. and #55 West 12th Street 10."n Mea es Lun ,A Sb w i -f
l. oM's Agenda Interfcional de Pubilk lcot Prepagas, SA-. or 12 wt l-.i.
of ulyAve.-Phone 2-0441 #3 Lottery Pla Phone 2-310o"' treet. 1,l4 lk a a sli M1 1( w r,,.

I itSlausjehold Automobile. ""' -*,- .,PM.L.* PROFESSIONAL ,
SvaWestinghouse refriger- Service Personnel and Civilian 208 Aems. r" L 3 Oceanly c u rtM nti w'
.t _, r 9 C U f f U a ra n S e r v i G o v e r snm en a d E m p lloye s . . Oi
141 lain, 90 cu f. T able R aGovernment Employee CRUISE through the Canal to histo- to beach, tHok a reG7g ALL O R
1"'" 1.a G player. $60.00,T aInsst on rical Portobel and primitive San barbecue 4 Wiffli board. 19 I8 ALL OUR FA LT RoaW
tr pHousey8020-D, Mar- Government Employes Finance Co. Bias Islands on'the foot new fifty- am 3-1$87.,..twritia 3-1-,rk ,ffYour dealer is out of o e.
M 1,g5lu Whor. you finance your new toot diesel unh "Pwscadoro." Box No. 435 mie lb p A L AKuIeL L- s" W
i_" e. home 3-1590.or used car.T(June 20.1 -WW KL '
SLE-endx, automatic wash- AGNCY DLINGR 21, 22 fr only $0. Sponsored'u bsyd S attaA L -s iLLA L K i L
S O machIne. 60 cycle, excellent No. 43 Automobile Row by Hotel El Panornm. For more de- aborn, r nges, 5r l P rat s 1efrf, rtow could we knoi plmentam l be
.Reasonable price. 5-296. Phone 8-4984 -4985 tails, reservations, ee your travel ly ors, manthlg, privlrate road t -IL ow could we knoly epartent e m w il be
LE~-Leaving 9 cu. ft. re- FOR SALE-1952 Buick Super, 2, agent or call Jungle Jim,Panoma beach. For infpatmoion visit D -W mt to break pre- r Weternet
r West.nghouse, 25 cycle. door Riviera, no Dynaflow, low 3-1660. mar. Tivll. Afmirse N 0 e ious sales records for eef i Ooge a llz a M A
Condition. Tel 6-217 or mileage. For information call Bal- "FOTi IA I "OA', phone Panam 2-b170. Ammet lcides in Panama? w
t %ne 157, Gamboa. boa. 2-4437. Will remain closed from June 28th Casino Santo music b A hpmet is due this wk)
L-Twelve-p.ece mahogany FOR SALE--Hudson '48 Commodore until September 3rd 1952, for re- Casino Aces. No resrvatoen CMO. F. NOVEYr, INC,
ij hgroom set, No. 32. Fiftieth four-door sedan; excellent condi- modeling. Any one having work cessary. S! .g1r nd ~Sunr. DIr ibut6r...
reet, Belle Vista, telephone 3- than; five ne tires, radio, acces- pending please eil for it before date Hotel in Ave. Tel.
%...series; 33,000 miles. Can be tinan- mentioned., oiH otel 5PA r-A E fod7 A"" taAv. T-0
S14 Wtih o ced. Reasonable offer accepted BABY ORCHIDS, Bouquets corsages Vaoileo fferstM. rasformum Bri ru, aL
ALE: 1949 Westimghouse Telephone 87-71195 during day; or delivered anywhere U N nto mA B ER NC
a9e8 $ P Bl o FOR SALE.-1951 Ford V8 Victo- 0771, Cristobel 1033. stoves m b Co adae T a2, Panan t h a' Qu, Uf. ue 14-- E I f
l e w Prtosl-4bA. C s b your. O rtvice In ,any 3 -kind ofmtr. E I L e Co. (o mo )-*niee P t -, 5S ,
*wth springs and mattress Studio ni St. Ancon, m-426$. o teograph SwrkE in colo or black FO monThn e VM ou o f this St.
.*reakfast Sdt, table, 42 meograph work In color& or black Rtel ire d). .' l V cm
lrfchen cabinet. Chn or FOR SALE--Nash 00, Foror Se- and white. H. St. No. 2. Ask for Ro- i. 8-4719 3-am it i almost
bok use, mahogany, cedar chest. don, radio, seat covers. low mei- mero. Tel. 2-4763. ".0e F
mahogan. *leage. good tires. Tel.2- 1281d FOR RENT:I- Furnished hoonwiIeJ a Nte Tn hloflcod S 1yE
.hf.Call Balboa 2 rtr94 masr Tavernilla.St 807 Balboa Finan- cycle, new enameltunrt excellent Arrailan,WestwoodNT: Io.r 4mswey.iTelesperitF tutm f 'tit'ot 4fl-beganOand t. ". j ( t3i fl4""'
StLE. 5 Call Balb oa 2494 O A LE avail ble, ________ Se- condition. $85. Phone 6-322. Balboa 27 5t mpe eMuel1aRe bebitme the tn- -* ft.tot.."Mbe
.-tansiats of one Studio Couch. 3 FOR SALE.-1950 Buick Super Se- TOPARENTS OF 'TEEN AGERS:p P k It"1 | "ifflt ebec Ci.Wr ma tH
cheirs, I coffee table, $ 15.00. dan W/Wv Dayton tires, new BallroomInstruction s a must for "OT ova snowecMom ILe ethVitattws
Ahle 1 Zenith Trans Oceanic Ra- mileagcoers. CPonen-l0 t 5 ow Bal nroomt 7wdea el T must f 0ar1 racial P-ftf (Mi. d Wths repoDrt
Als 1 Zenith Trans Oceanc Ra- every child. It Isn't enough to lust W b' ed afi'.t pOrdi-ftS asid "soml e be an eblb,
4dio, $80 150387-B m.It. Gione o .a..get by." It isa. greater Invest- Ofam uesm-f CA perbtl ei ii Wured. oft % 1ni ig
SALE Phlippine mahogany FOR SALE-Willys Jeep, Commercial. dancing l essons than to buy ox- ALNAM W MTM WM -tw The- n Inrke out Ine .am on ds'
ssi ype doningrm Excellent condition Late model. pensive clothes for a dance. Re- Moduernat r o rlen ot lei 0""l ,01oo "' reaut n apend m" 8
&chairs, fft likenew, ContactMr. L. Fos.9Coca2Solo, pensv e n c thes far l a dnce.Re- Bodeau Shiul A hStM biflRM* hab9tt^ o4 resthiC, Mr. H. L. Fs Coco Solo.
$ 00, "avefs and Pond" up- gi Mr. H. Lster now for the 'COTTILLIONS" I 2h" ohW' s-s9tes iatr 5Al ho i 1
piano, good condition_____ _________ $200 Tel. 754. beginning this month et "El Pan- 'Mo 1110t 'SM. in,,t h re e, 01 h wauw sII, t i"v316111 jlBA t 0111 Mt
plaood mahogany drop leaf .omi." Telephone LLONA SEARS, Cristobal. reel 11 "t hebot the ou offin anda hte
e 4000; Ladys Englsh FOR SALE:-h191 Kanser. new tires, Panama 3-1565 for information. FOR RENT:-Urele October, two3bed' Wu movi1n g. sffior sg ifpeIltgt6-e0, 0st I11 ..'
ri-ita boots, cor n radio. etc. House 33R-O ar3e EE e gd -
lm ng boots, hardly worn radSo. etc. House -33- Ft. Clay From Balboa through the PANAMA room apr erI, Be -le, Igs 1b M*ad the lo a tel, t l
si 6 B. 55 00; "Toastmaster ton. Telephbn 87-2121 CANAL by dIesel launh $10: to $125.00, to or only respanl thing. 'Phone 248
faster, $12 00. Call Balboa 2319 FOR SALE:-1951 Pontoc 8 Catal- San Blas and Portobelo, 50 (f ram family. Call Sudlea 3-0932. -,2t2. Panam. tihl', h ugal t
or may be seen at 144 Prospect. no, 4.500 miles. cream and blue, Cristobal. $401. Three big de FOR RENT:-.5-m ll irntfl'nihed ep dt.inthe ,o
the one way street to Quorr/ Hgts w/w tires, hydramatic, radio, di- June 20. 21, 22 Call Jungle Jim, ments with comltg hotel-usrvile,
f.l&L24E2 Porch Partitions. 1 with rectional slbnels, spt lght, under. Hotel El Ponrni, 3~.jd0. hot and cold Water, rivate birth, Ee tam .In t,
Sr*t, shelves & closet $25 00, coat. all leather Upholstery, car SO A telephone service, 2 rooms and WS l AuZUtoI .Ow
I with bookcase $15 00, 1 Rattan like new. Phone 3-1421, Quarters FOR SALE balcony at reasonable monthly .2 yarw autoaebile is
eaRie with I chair complete with 1717-A. Old Cristobal rates. Haotl Roopevelt. Tel..2-- A Soe lwurano "'-
B os $30 00; 1 large bamboo FOR SALE -1949 Ford Custom. Ext Mi-ellawMt o0700..
with Ottffoman, plastic up- cellent condition, radio, w/w tirellaNOUN mu ,-
u l tered $ 35.00; 2 mahogany $1.100.00. Curundu, 2153-B, 83- WMAaNApIRS. trtmt.Frwiths.
.- mkers $8.00 each. House '"89 5166. WE month.CoAIR plumbing fixtures at O nt".Cll o1r o b-0057. _s"-
n Ave. Balboa Phone 2- --- our place. hethgo
-2bamboo chairs FOR SALE--Model "A" Ford two FOCOMPAIRIA ISM A ateS atwr. FOR sfR RENT I .'sA
.bamboo chairs with door Sedan, As arc re Is. Price RIA. S. A. Phone 3-3350. Justo us y e stareda
nesSd table. 550. Chtnese 7000. Gomboa, house 0271 On. Arosamena Ave. and 29th St. East. uiO. o bi bsm ent, t
n rd wardrobe. 65 0803 Plank Rdge. Mindi Dairy offers a limited number tOR RENT:Rooran fcrished. P#l- Avebe t
2 FOR SALE:M. G. 1951. Duty Paid, of high grade Holstein halfers, vat entrance. G fbrsl huuAve. i
7.000 miles. Cash or will take Jeep from I to 20 months of age, to No. 2, first floor. _..i ii_.
in trade. Rename 3-2809. h-i sold individually or In groups. FOR RENT:-Furnished room with a A
FOR SALE:-1949 Tudor Ford V-8 Interested parties may inspect the kitchen, telephone and gas. alto
Sedan, with radio, excellent con- animals and obtain any necessary rooms with meals. Tel. 3.4625,f
ditiori. isto..Apgl information by contacting the 45th St. No. a34.YPrl
duty pal#, .ilng f ve.,duty. Manager, Mindi Dairy Form.
House 1550-, Gavilan Road, Bal- Bids will be received in the office of Position O ttr U IE1C=IA OE (UP) 'ofas.
Sboa. the General Manager, Commissary i th s"mae h h
FOR SALE-r- Tas Fer ie Divisian. Mt. Hope, Canal Zone, WANTED: Experienced beauty15_ Amo' ofm or-sla
don. Very Mechanleally er. until 3:00 p mn., Thursday, June operator to work In Fort Clayton. 00,00i% ben ie mn
fect. Go.od 7 547-J, Diablo. 26, 1952. when they will be open.- Beauty Shoppe. Salary guaranteed. Wfraiiel-o Cif av
ed in public, far furnishing 1,326, Phone 87-2231 or 83-7269. 1um -e, -.
FOR SALE "--1 949 Renault. four door 000 pounds or. alternatively, 63,- '.:an
sedan with radio. Good condition. 000 poundsor altnrantvld Hel Wanted 4 R. W- acribed enough
be seen at Qtrs. 573 E Curundu 4 prticuiars, may be obtained In the WANTED: Maid in El Cangrego "ofI... a b
Heights. office of the Supply & Servial Di- area. Must sleep in, must have re- '
lk Ai FOR SALE 1941 Pontiac,. goad rector, Balboa Heights, or df the ferences Telephone 3;4021. eabt31111 nt-tha
condition. good tires, Paraiso 103, General Manager, Commlseary D1- MAID WANTED:'- Mut be good
Apt H. $299. vision. Mt. Hope, C. Z. cook with references; to live in. -'
FR SAELE: I sewing mjjj'n"j House 2321-A, Contractors' Area, .
L E S SO N 5 reigerator. I bridge set. Msc. CuJrundu.
--""f1f Chevrolets I'l Modern Popular Plano mePlaying ins eturday.r A yaer O WANTED
,gp f os Begin to play the music you w R EIM sera l l
semi Verde to play offer only a few lessons. er" Series 101207, like suw, anly Quiet American family desires vace.
"UZ Studebaker Bennett's Studio. Member Intern"- 3 months use. Excellent condltit tion quarters in the Cenal Zone Ito ue
jM'Uenuary tionol Piano Teethors Assoclatlon. A, Joly Phone Panama 2-240.. after 15 June. Three bedrooms
6K h~rnletal Panama. Box 3142-Tel. 2-1282 Poa SALE -One model 513 dwelling desirable. Contact Plymp- ,, ,I--
MU Plwm stha SOansh for children summer vaca- target rifle One Rsmi*ngta. Mi i Tivoli Hotel. -t it a.-ci
e"tion at Mrs. Romero. morningS or Wmgmaster pump. 12 gauqe i on ted Position
afternoons. Estudiante St 77-A, gun, both brand new. Curundu, 'il. Endedt T Q.Pos o...
.. No 2 83-2147. Salesman, Panamanian, speaks sev- -
FFOR SALE:- 'Where d s *n 1." eral languages fluently, 25 years
F PHILCO for 8.400 00, ORIGINAL W ,. Box 134, Ponom.
ltReal Estate $2,100. Tel. 2-0369,. FOR SALE .u.-a .as.-
011 Ohh~FOR SALE- I lot 960 meters, 1 mkle FOR SALE: German Sheserd
this side of~L Cumbres, 1.00 .upples. pure bred. male end 'f- Motorcvne, "

__ __ RSALE.-Five drawer nmahegry le. Terms. Phone 2--513,

Om s Closet $25: 25 cycle mreik SW d condition, spore prop, ..4,

"1 i ,i~leem8 .,. ...... .. ...,., 9 x 18 $15;ho chest of c" e ,- .F m' .
wMe T:clothes hamper, and table, 2119 MOM
-'"1 -i.lftA, Curundu. 83-5263. g t
..Om~r Il., anthe ...m
IN "'DLE-Masterpies, 0 efindp utzayiegto
bewinski, Bach, SchubArt, W a], -mn-g .
-uNJ Profovelw, Thalenvki l, IRm B.e.
7n., etc. 78 t P MI 2a S haM -
Go".-rcialynwF auhours. :,.
--Gof ..

OMdm a i- Mllgd, mo. fM suhr en e-''j
ir$-- 0
-S.f.A LE.-,
so -,,rfurth r
)'eiOft4" exw" SPR8wS AsM

S .. .; *** 6 .1
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*J J -- ftb Uj ,. *-*rt/ '

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iu M. '.
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Sarcia Turns Back

-o -

fitsh Scatters Three Hits

Sl Whitewash Braves 5-0 5
NEW YORK, June- 14.-Mike Garcia bested National League
AJie Reynolds last night in a battle between the
i: can League's best pitchers when the Indians BrooAMn- W 3 Lost Pet.
10oded five runs in the eighth inning to defeat New York .. ....31 17 .646
Yankees 7-Chicago. 33 19 .635
Yankees 7-1. St. Louis .... .. 27 26 .509
., Cincinnati .. ..24 27 471
'Ie Indians climbed to with- Indians Joe Collins, with two Boston .. .. 20 30 .400
:ee percentage points of the hits in tnrec trips, was the best Philadelphia .... 19 29 .396
ofu heading Red Sox and the! Yankee bg tter. Pittsburogh.. .. .. 14 41 .255
,a in behind the second In the only National League _
*p e Yakees. contest tne Cubs moved into a TODAY'S GAMIES
Oarcia ave u hits only In virtual te with the Giants forl Chicago at Boston
the first, thd, lrlfifth and 'sev-i second pace three and one-half, Cincinnati at Brooklyn (T-N).
erth Inn4ngs and ran his score- games behind the league lead- Pittsburgh at Philadelphia.
l eIftina g streak to 23 straight, mng Dodgers when Bob Rush also St. Louis at New York.
f lAli before Yogi Berra slam-I turned in a spectacular nerform-. S
M) his eighth home run into ance. giving up just three hits' YESTERDAY'S RESULTS
the right field seats In the sev- and striking out eleven in a 5-01 (Night Game)
aethuring, victory over the Braves last Chicago 400 100 000-5 9 0
eftie rldrans got ten hits off night. Boston 000000000-0 3 2'
Rh1tiolds, who pitched his ele- Rush (9-31 and Atwell: Bick-'
e complete game Harry The w'n was Rush's ninth of ford tl-71, Cole (61, Chipman
Stpon. with two for three. and the sea-sn against three losses 91 and Burrls.
COat a himself, with two for and his fourth shutout triumph
four, leid the Tribe at the plate The Cuis got nine hits off loser
Ptfe Reiser also homered for the Vern Bic kford A rian Le u

Brooklyn Veterans Lead ost'o .t... .596
Cleveland ..... 32 22 .593
Chicago ....... 27 25 519;
Star Ga e Balloting ashingon.....24 24 .500
Philadelphia .... 21 24 467
o St. Louis .. .. 23 30 .434
CHICAGO. June 14 iUP'- Two ues to dominate the vote-get-~Detroit ........ 15 36 .294
MWklyn Dodger veterans have ting. The Chicago slugger al- TUDAV GAES
zq*e the biggest rains In the ready has polled 28.112 votes. Aashi t Detroit
idat count of fan ballots for the Other .-aders, in the Natinnal Washiadton at Detroit.
July 8 All-Star Game in Phila- League, include Whiter Lockman Philadelphia at St. Louis.
*dolphia. of the New York Giants at first; New York at Cleveland.
Onteher Roy Campanella leads Bobby Thomson. also of thp GI- Boston at Chicago.
S'the next nearest National League ants. at zhird: Gran Hamner of R
*bMktator by more than 10.000 the Philadelphia Phils at short- YETriDt AY'S RESULTS
'votes. Ja2ile Robins-n leads sec- stop. and in the outfield. Stan NNight Game)
ond b women by 3.090. Musial of the St Louis Cardinals New York 000000 100-1 4 I1
Ou5Yl.der Hank Sauer contin- and Gene Hermanski of the Cleveand 001 100x-7 10 0
Cubs. Reynolds 17-4) and Berra;
Americrn League balloting Garcia 19-31. and Hegan. HR-
Tu b shows Eddie Robinson of Chica- Reiser 3Ld. Berra 8th.
In The go at fir-t; Nelson Fox also of
the White Sox, at second: Al R-Y' Hoop League
sen of Cleveland at third: and *
L I) UPhil Rizzuto of the New York
Lia ier BOX Yanks at short. Larry Berra of
the Yanks leads the catchers. CRISTOBAL
S .And the outfield, so far. shows
I Dom DIMnggio of the Boston Red Fasrnr.-105 crept back into
S it Cristobal, C.Z.1 Sox in center, Vic Wertz of De- third pli.e in the Cristobal "Y"
t.ran Editor. trolt in right. and Dale Mitchell Warm-Up League by downing
S Panam Amerlcan. of Cleveand In left. USARCARIB School by a 72-36
be .oytocount. Sparked by Carey and!
iu Ibe so ki r" a to rint Nestle, the flyingsailors had lit-1
umn as soon as spaceprovildes erwise. -ail] ever explain. As the tie difficulty with the weak op-1
I do belLvse that your coopers- English. the originators of the position
tia on this matter will help to game. will say, This certainly
avert a very unpleasant situation Isn't crickt, Old Boy!" The 3rd Guard Det,, one of the
on the Arlantlc side. Now this is a challenge to the most improved teams in the loop.
Council ,?), to deny and success- gave Naval Station. the league
EriT'S DEATH UNDER THE' fully or convincingly explain leaders, some stif f oppoiston be-
A 1P2TCS CRICKET COUNCIL that their recent actions were- fore succumbing to a 53-37 count.
%,. CRLn't designed to help Excelsior Gannon again was high scorer
It looks like a group of poor C C.. or Mr. Griffith. Imagine of the evening with 22 points.
exusesM for sports-minded men Ithe baseball commissioner help- 3rd Guard Det.- B FP Ttl.
calling nemselves the "Atlantic Ing the Ynkees orLittle Phil out Hinton .. .... 2 2 6
uncil' has finally suc- of a sinilar entanglement. It Keepple ....... 1 0 2
breaking up what pro- certainly isn't baseball, either, Gannon........ 9 4 22
a good cricket sea- Old Man. Maddox ...... 2 1 5
trying cricket on this Incidentally, Excelsior, if they Condon ..... ..1 0 2
long time to come. are not guilty on this score, -
ought to do something about it. Totals ....... 15 7 37
SBecause they choose Tell the officials to sto fixing
%1, they have tried and things iu so it looks like you
d u to this point in do- have you: hands in it Now if you U.S. Naval Station-B FP Ttl.
thing to please the Ex- are gui lv it Is a horse of a dif- Ma zel ....... 2 0 4
Cricket Club' Finally, be- fervent color. Frost ........ 2 0 4
-Ecelsior's star and the Stephan ...... 3 1 7
l's best bat could not be An Affected Player. Belviy ...... .. 5 4 14
present for their game with a Hellerud. ...... 5 1 11
ft place team. the Council i i Carfrey ........ 1 0 2
saw it fit to put off this game, Zigmund........ 2 0 4
thus changing an entire sched- West .... .. 1 3 5 .
Ulfaffecting six teams Kennedy ...... 1 0 2
On previous tries, they made
fillWy excuses which passed be- Totals ..... ..22 9 53
cause the younger fellows want-
ed 1b plav cricket and did notj Refer s Woodcock and Lust.
believe in disappointing hun-
dreda of older men whose sole Fasron-105- B FP Ttl.
recreation is watching a cricket Nestle ....... 7 0 14
match after a hard week's work Simms ........ 0 1 1
But the Council ',' has misin- Campbell....... 5 0 10
tarpreted this for weakness and Soderlln 6 0 12
has consrquentlv made a move Haskell .. 3 4 10
which no excuse flimsy or oth- Richardson.. 2 0 4
Carey......... 7 1 15
Stemplen ........ 2 0 4
swift...........1 0 2
1:30. :20. 5:10, 7:05, 9 Totals .. .... 33 6 72

B f11 ......... 3 2 8
.... gee ........ 0 2 2
..W.......agnan ........ 8 4 20
.m. .sey .......... 0 3 3
SStewart. ....... 1 1 3
Totals ...... 12 12 36
Referees. Tom and Sanders.
01 m m IBIME PThe standings
Pf9tm f InL TEAM- Won Lost
U'- n GWENllldO FWrN ,Naval Station 5 1
o-m e.,~. s~~m~t-~,.~sn~e7mS 74th AA. Bn ...... 3 2
,AHSwYE N10U1 Pmo. CamII -, 3rd Guard Det. ..... 1 4
USARCAdfB School 0 6

p..1eLoses 2nd Game

$75 in CASH Plus: VALUAMBL GIFTS! -The Fuerza v Lu. basketbaH
ON TBE 8C N: "iRE COMES T OM" eda from Panama lost 1t
....... an 49-36 laint night to the Ferro-

SAt he end of she first ha,
the Feriroviarias led Fuarsa
1m W4-13. In the second half
the Panamanians played much
more qviritedlyS and eat-
rlay tied the s$Gore but lagged
again in the clos"
31Wr an ~aW. v ,,

....^ I. ,,

Johnson Quits NY 'Managers

To Join International Guild

4NEW YORK, June 1 (U) -
The prettoefl @, the NeW York
oxng ManagM Guild, Chaley
Johnston, has ant to tske up his
duties a ptent of the rval
International exg Managers'
Johnstn, who manage Feath-
erwelght Champion Handy Sad-
dler, Ias been presaMent of the
New York Guild for saven years.
He was elteted president of the
International outfit In Chicago
durinX April.
The New York Guild members
have protested. The)m ay John-
ston could not head the Interna-
tionl rong since the New York
Gul! has never joined it and
never would.
Just before he resigned, John-
ston or anized a New York
b r a n e h of the Internationsal
Guild. He says the International
Boxing Club will negotiate with
his group because--as he puts It
-"we're the men who have the
good fighters."
Tony Kelly, a board member
of the original New York outfit,
saya Johnston quit-in Kelly's
words- because he knew we
were going to consider impeaeh-
lng him at a Guild meeting set
for June 25"
STRETCHINO IT-Surrounded, Johnny Wyrostek of the Phillies KeHlly says many members
shied away as two other non-professional nuisances fell out of thought Johnston had acted
the Shibe Park stands in an effort to retrieve a foul ball hit by against the organization by "at-
.- a Giant. (NEA) tempting to make our great New
York G 4 a mre servant of
the .Votmp y pby Interne-
-tilonl Gtid."

Santa Cruz Sports

TEAM- Won Lost Pet.
Celtics ........ 10 2 .883
Rens ......... 8 4 .67
Walker Bros..... 6 6 .500
Sultans ......... 12 .000
The Celtics moved out in front
with a wm over the sultans while
the Rens forfeited to the Walker
The dultans drew first blood
and eotLtiuedahead $or three-
quarters with the following
scorea-1-i-9, second 28-25 ang
the third 40-37. In the final
quarter the Celtics found te
rw41 V ent gong sound
ed for the eiof e game, th
had outscore their opponents
58-49. 'he Sultans once more
played a fine game for three pe-
Top scorers were C. King with
16 points, N. OGiffith 14 and T.
Burns 13. high for the winners;
for the losers, R. Millet 14 and C.
Small 10.
The Walker Bros. won two
games in one night at the ex-
pense of the Rens (by forfeit)
and a 15-point victory over the
Sultana. The Walker Bros. blank-
ed the Sultansa in the first quar-
S. ter, 14-0, The second was 29-9.
The third was different with the
Sultans outscoring them 19-4 for
the quarter. The third placerq
...... .went to town in the last quarter
LITTLE MO-..Wearing an outfit especially created for her, Mau- for a 18-7 score and the game,
reen Connolly polishes her ground strokes at Surbiton, England. with the final score 51-36.
The 17-year-old United States champion plays with the Wightman Highpominters were A. Griffith,
Cup team at Wimbledon, June 13-14 and the Chalupionships there, with 23 for the whiners and C.
June 23-July 5. (NEA) Small with 16.

It's Movietone TONIGHT Panama Canal J eaters -
DIABLO HTS. 6:15 8:10 COCOLI 6:15 8:05 PEDRO MIGUEL :
Su Technicolorl DRUbI OND" mTee bilel


J\ L Air-Condifti
BA LBOA ^4:30-6:3
r i m -T K
| WolfPack I 02AM=u
A oo-L.eem

A s-AI i I
A Imimown m
*tmeatni nes

IMs raoplis d
a frail am and dt
koSage arg 1 tho


With 7-1 FouwJIiE

* 4 -~

United States. Wieoters

Training For Olymp0es

AMXB, Iol, june 14 (UBIB)- appreciates the skl of fOim
wa etate Colle, here in the wrestlers. He Wts fo
heart of Aerica, was recently mpres wh
the scene of nation-wide elim- Turks, the w es a a i.
inatlon ontest in the ancient
nd unilveral sport of wrestling. Coach Swart^ howev* t inkm:
From it emerged the 16 yo jg the Olyzpic Uaies she d ml
men who will represent the Unit- be regarded as merely ai t
ed States in Wrestling this Bum- tons of athletic prowess.
mer t the Olympic games in experience las ben,"e .
~ehlnki. Mthat the Games ae a Kt at
Two hutndled and forty wrest- movement for ntena
lers, winhers of regional tourna- derstan4hig. During my --
ments, competed In the Olympic tlon with the various cont ft ts
trials. Bouts were held In the I heard this epreaslon m y
eight Olympic weight classes times: 'We are delighted b
with International rules being meeting with you gentlemen in
used. A winner and an alternate friendly competition'"
were chosen in each of the class-
Members of the 1952 Olympic ou Places
wrestling team range in age from
19 to 33 and represent a crost
section of young America. of the
16 athletes there are nine col- reCen
lege students, three naval offi- n Rook Piersll
cers, a seaman, a soldier, a police [)f l 0ki Ple
officer, and an aeronautical re-
search scientist.
The only member of the team BOSTON, June 14 (.UP)- The
who wrestled for the United Boston Red Box have placed a
States during the 1948 Olympics tight picture censorship around
at London is Henry Wittenberg, their fun-loving rookie right-
a sergeant on the New York City fielder, Jim Plersalu.
police force. Wittenberg won the
eight heavyweight title last year. Manager Lou Boudreau says no
Ths year, however, he will make pictures may be taken of Plersall
the trip abroad is an alternate, without the elub's consent. Bou-.
His defeat by Dale Thomas was dreau explains by saying he
the biggest surprise of the trials doesn't wot any pictures taken
here. which woald make Piersall look
Wittenberg has been one of ridiculous
the most tciadtentlv successful
athletes in the history of ama- Piersall clowned on the bare
teur wrestling in America. He is paths Wednesday night so much
the only man ever to win seven he upset even the veteran Batch-
national AAU (Amateur Athletic el Palge, 6t. Louis Brownie relief
Union) senior wrestling titles, a pitcher. Paige walked in one rub
feat which he accomplished be- and gave up three passes during
tween 1940 and 1948. that bit !f Persall clofting. The b
In English-speaking countries, rookie also has helped the
freestyle, or "catch-as-catch- ground crew roll up the tarpau-
can" wrestling, is more popular In and played toss with buIlpon.
than the Greco-Roman. In the catchers from his rightfleld
latter style a contestant is not stand.
permitted to hold his opponent
elow the waist. In the freestyle
method a wrestle, is at liberty to
seize his opponent by any part Wof .
the body. In both styles a wrest- .
ler must pin his advereary
shoulder to the mat to end the .
match. On an Oltic pream
there Is competition In both .
styles of wrestling.
On June 25 the U. S. Olympic
wrestling team ll reprtto
Coach Raymond r t*I P,
weeks of Intenive conditioning I
befooitaing f Rei* eiunM. An
ex-Zmateur wrestling chfai lonf
himself, oaeh fwart knew the
value of training. Am, havlga u
served as a Jg duerf th e- I'
Olympic wrestle tg aehe e



I E EL &-A V. V A
-i: Kia ti, S S SU 1
Me women
Janm r iLaG Mm EUMAN, It

Through theS 1: 4.' .i e ..
Orient's IronCur-..
atn... rushesm a AN

ta-n11e ,I, g -In
jph c". | "I WANT YOU"






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YMkam .m

tbM W5AHWYCK%&BjoklG
*.ow-lux .5^ *

pew ]n ...d ._e._ wi as.
IS^d I=tq


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Vim LUS 0 Tva

NCAJTO. c")ITO ro.

-m-P-o -uwI*tmnN

iD>W^ W Is.P

T-' i







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to* .

tam dte Ae rads,. .
*"- ,r., lg as .* t Uhbo wM
w&11,.l.2tl al maot pll Rptratlona.
ii team woatd be nequtre mes al ittltfrimittn
pnente, the ietus winner to be denies On a
* A nanblhia nnroIo l 1t nIJ .. .ia -

4-4if.em r oi
r11w-r,0 i

p p sa.1 at gve roan to Ie tJoeo
hiy no f rum CogniUtn. But M Oft new 111 I.aJBaI aa -fl7ho io T tS. .., .
M N .?""" sl -eo eGas y.. 10 0- NeeltOh1asfe1ssTE lS, J a
te t d thg c k. fluae 4id or r I i tn.d Mk tue mt h d f i af rM MixS
_U J uelsa hrhfiwa ,fi^^ei e.htAtim," t" h Me eolet.,_I ,.-.
isre Tf nOg i re3 IrauIng fron IMt d otr IrMVo9u t *__.tI
'avwouuf*fO ,; --Ar You $S1ng Or Hook6n1 BUll? Iy a 0 s
.W ,?d .I K "v .. aoi I.M ndh ,.. -ti s fe ied"
t o a61, 2 6 k10611i 'MA ee-A D OE ast Walc t ?e. i W eot-u a e c
elk11 1RiA tita ai lW I' ,a i.or 6 YourGotI Th. B a ifi N f .

rhe .111111T t .. hd he 0
to0 AI l.aIf wiusitln a poWha t tis- Ceo r"e s,. f.rt ,B -
10 P a 1 ea b a t ,l eord1ton eTenthl al 1 1 H A rryat a, Aeke rSaa1 o,
itbZVI .I oo l td

tmoetleWetanrt f i vMtmery untrt KE bt b states a stt el-

SL.I is o w l only a few se ; : of ^ Bas2ballaeoily"
*h wftOrSoy a sIdLO asu! OMet
II f g the 11r0 b hiIOJUltoL etdue toefrng

'ait uai r lt fall "be* fleA to ex, ro.s. t toe l i hou em y d.tVorat

meRalh ran true to form UM n V lac antressivene .I the g0rth f Ddy egotuteantl ovetheDt Tg gg
eily coan bor- a~ un ers r m piIople." orn v was tei rns? major chace to.
o*n "e rAIIIrJUI ..Uraifu8 r; o 7
hejWoThe. L
mass s oan, .? renut m ,fGr veutr lhv e lean -t t .M .ew o l *- po s hI menL
Sa ,aWltl, i d B efy DAVD h r on s 1 T I ah

a t. 0111u1i i t Is thea l a. 5 o i ?*il" ( *ew* *
3 b~ wlld -s-a~-ve USC kllf fi Mir Hse Lun ba in
.... t -.- e *te Wal a Ltoft-. c and a tf1ookn ,.D Ia'3 ci i exac stroi e ftevr fC 05 ot gabiR i s ewh e ther or o t us toIt-
clolinised M at~f e {. -ASS____________e s0ne 01 Of d7a= o ho getflpqgep),,, i l oaJ 1' k

drawdtel Wnet *aftif J Baseball ae codal ".nv.ite e to- ^ to.
Pound, JystarttWalcoftLOikeuennyu jjA IA All fttrn Ae FO e

hole.. y 86 r i. 1 Afad "aec ivtio DI N
-with I Oto efj th-natI c -- etc. anpotant o u
Baseall,64b1Tren YforweattthamI e yur pt _
sals 1 o f1 stroke vrston e11=nt
a-I."" o ,,,titeksit? If o (1hS l f o -tto yo ado bahethertor..ko- ,y e t. __ _
Vie had k11 "autheI'vieS to 01 ll),yourstrokewe recn W wl te all= .heIst
alt inacN elrg-yg5I Vert i r,.00 mb your putts curl Sw t a....
s on era uApen bd *ofdlfttSpe ,ucjeraet or. le, yoawr ne sawn ftf.erilldtL
r nt off i dh of his takesoonlrywanB toere- e. They are eant o samea so, p or b ese
te aneplayersata aae tido paespenialinvitatir
de adlineA epproaFeod. .....g Ranaiar muqh, lut not rt.u16 with1tIe
ylav ou wws0 thiss of 11eau'se1 M t sure y h18 It
COLUMBwSet.leJ nte thisA ulsi, r, .hc oo re d -nati i.
i' Ja ah o eom 'Wa ltt&_ is i ntheterlietohr o r T0,Ilf o"
flnparents' W wwo
Re- C real true's .*r',t whattwenttam ....hall

wyptTTeIChase National Bank e ye
HocallbWe stormoA 1 The .- them
~. a,., &. ~Wk nlid3 oWr putsNowyork lhy A&,v eal Whtrie -

..e '" .r" .... the,--9--- It Owe alwW=rI-

. YORKeJuqe,1y-C;A P"nAAersey.Joe- aA.-t wIcossIIER-tall

y "__I..3... .. ...... ... ... .. .a 4 4 W L d bo T u s --
r*fl '#ore 'e F amd;N % = oyurblsca.ig R

"-' .... p .... tm...
... Ma...n.,

RawdU 5lh R$tig t 76I p.
M tFraun And Ialy-Man, lht W L

ii I.

.4, SIjcaI
AA "'

to attend.
Ohpia l i uA
6& MNdlet s fea i
Sheat" 6 m

'A UMa d Thefieea6ea

I Sln.i otid v'" e.u trr Men to A e .
a r q ,c e t n O --n -- a l s i i'*" D a d t e A i n a n d t h e t r l 00ar t z v .e
E,#ta.r.**s.._m .-aa ....*- .. .**, 0 s,, n, tes
~egtph~a bu Sll. lt ethti w M l t a 7 thlt ow f l ya?'"oSi s
IJ~ut ta Jnn )~ Ab t. M Cuwhr tai k"P onkJ Gaeo 2. v I *lnner'41tlil;

ate- f oy, vy cta d .I 1- rnm m Aust alln.' ,to a. wee th ws .me e rwtoseuce trae, ,h.d ige N AOO A
- .e .. ... -__IS fl o sa.. aa v.... lth A .,na. Itt e aa ..hi 2 .,.. ...).
f 1ld1 rp u _::w e. uj .a, o, m .E Val W %,
e~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~hl ,at MoI h p.U ht tfea u hr mia i "..
tof Wi e bold I ,, udOr f r Wltdlk:0yit
'~i lo m101 1h a ni ~ m mp o l ~ d anms fl. ~ .PeW .iJ ,.. ..,'..

1 '-"

soviet Contempt B\\mng u

Caused Break i RiVe TOiW

By Venezuela By Steel Strike

CARACAS June 14 et t, r people know the truth and th e ,am A mam Lincoln. WASHINGTON, June 14 (UP)
nezuela broke diplomatic rela- -The government cancelled
tons ,with Russia yesterday be- PWENTY-SE ENTH YAR PANAMA, R. P., SATURDAY, WI t14, ~b FIVE CEN plans today for relaxing builld-
.ause the Soviet "showed con- ,,.In.,g controls next month and
tempt towards the Venezuelan officials said curbs on construe-
nation," a Foreign Office com- I tion even may be' tightened if
Unique stated today. g n g te nationwide steel strike con-
The Russian mission in Cara- tinues.
eas is expected to get its de- A series of orders which would
,parture orders today. have allowed more materials
for new stores, theaters, schools,
The Venezuelan Foreign Office roads, homes, and other civilian
said that Moscow had refused to building on July. 1 were tossed
receive Venezuela's note of pro- out the window as the steel
test against the "undiplomatic strike went into its 13th day.
conduct" of two Russian diplo- With some 3,000,000 tons of
mats here. steel already lost, the National
WASHINGTON, June 14 (UP) submitted in 1948. It included is the r of false ideas of ber this: the President's (1947) Production Authority may im-
As a result, "Venezuela con- -President Truman pledged yes- a compulsory FEPC, a Federal racial .s tmty." committee on Civil Rights led the pose tighter controls, rather
riders diplomatic relations with terday to carry on his fight for anti-lynch Mi w and a Federal Dui nmenterent gx- way." an permittingmore construe-
the Russian Government as a strong compulsory Civil Rights ban on poll es. ercises h do degl stM e Asserting that "we still have tn flta d
broken, and has instructed her program even after he leaves the "I am net one of those who conferred Itn.ul RI. W a long way to go," Mr. Truman tsidt, officials sa i .
charge d'affaires in Moscow to White House and said he is "but feel that we can leave these mat- architect. thr and mOld improved race relations d said the alomobile in-
return immediately to Venezue- one of those" who think the ters up to the states alone or and Fed~ Jud will result only from "forward dustry and other manufactur-
la." states can do the Job alone. that we can rely solely on the Waring, iVn i.- I t movement" and not bv follow er, as well as the building
Mr. Truman took issue with efforts of men of good will," he Negroes allowed Ing the doctrine of people who trades, will begin feeling the
The Venezuelan protest note 1952 Pesidential candidates of said. In Southa rimi "are so afraid of roekt the pinch of the strike soon ..
which Moscow refused toore- both parties who have said they -The full force and power of Mr. Trtan Bald t9et s boat that they stop rowing." A sorry conducted by an MARION AWVI Pn. y Ma n (lower rh
ceive demanded the recall of would leta e the job to the states. the Federal government must been r n the fie u- He reviewed progress in the inatrial magazine when the ow .
ovetcharge d'affaires n Ve- They include Sens Estes Ke- stand bnind the protection and 11 Rih past fve y fields of political rights, educa- walkout began Indicated that new manager of the St. Louis Brow tudges dp dtly
nezuela. Ley Krylov, and his fauver and Richard B. Russell, rights guaranteed by our Feder-' and deril oprhets of do0oft" tion, and public housing and FAt manufacturers could
aide, M. S. Alialev, for using in his own party and Gen. at Constitution." who safd ha his program would took special pride in the steps B aomtwo to six weeks from the Fenway Park playing:l*TIl ln Boston aermptilp
violent language in protesting Dwight D Eisenhower and Sen. He warned that a feeling of divide and .eaken the country, taken nalnst segregation and wtho4t more steel. The two Bill MeOwan (left) ordered him out the
the arrest of two Russians at Robert A. Taft, among Republi- "racial superiority" in Western On thte .qMatary, he said, it has discrimination in the Federal weeks tokpiles will be ex- ) order othe night e
Mialqetia airport last Satur- cans. nations bha 'left its scars" on made it gtt0oger. government. particularly in the btABr thMorrow. tween the Brp'qas and Red Box, clot MariuI phUhed
a The President delivered one of relations between them and He said.ovi7 ntary action must armed services. Ford Motor Co.. has announc-
i his strongest Civil Rights declar- Asia and Africa. It is time, he be encou aMg, and appealed for Without naming names, heed pins t start shutting its him. Alnerlguie Prl ldent li Mbr ot rlt
Meartwhile the Moscow story is nations to date in a commence- said, to "reasie that much of more sta*t ind local legislaUtA. said that "some of our greatest s le ant June 2. Other -7.u,
that Russia severed relations ment address at Howard Univer- the trouble J0 the world today But he Sed: "'Let us refinm- generals have aid that our tJuutomakere expec26. Otheruspend -
first. sity, a Negro school which also f. orces ouaht to have segregated -uo--ers ae.expeted.tot-ke ,--..
Itwas announced in the Rus has some white students The 691 units. But our experience has similar steps soon, officials here .
sian capital that Soviet deputy graduates represented 35 states proved 1 hat this was nonsense." Pld. "
Foreign Minister Fedor Gusev and 13 foreign countries. Mr. Truman stressed that the Proldtint Truman discussed
formally told the Venezuelan r. Truman ~ told them he United statess should take the the steel situation briefly with
are da r Venezuelan will "continue, in office and lead in Civil Rights progress be- department heads at the weekly
charge daffaires: out," to urge Corngress to adopt cause Its people are "drawn from cabinet meeting yesterdays but
"The Venezuelan Government, the Civil Rights program he many lands and many cultures, spokesmen said no decision was
Obviously acting on orders from bound together by the ideals of reached on the next govern-
its North American bosses, left human brotherhood." meant move.
unpunished a criminal actionota d Pofrt The President cited notable A deadlock has resulted both
the Venezuelan police, therebyi"-"-' :s advances in the field of political from attempts to settle the steel
breaking the elementary, com- rights, but said the poll tax ad diste and to end the strike
only recognized practices of other discriminatory measu s petding a settlement.
International law." AIIRII should we removed in all states Congress and Mr. Truman
Five states still have poll taxes have been unable to get to-
Relatons between Russiadand as a e rm fre on n method re-
Cuba were severed followed an for N i onlie also said there has6 ben On a method for re-
airport incident with Russian ar- t remcitizens from mob violence iR*niitry and tht CIO Steel-
divals shortly after Batista as- ROME, June 14 (UP) It was mt that a Federal anm obrvi o nle hoe, been stable to
sumed power, learned that the Italian Com- law still is needed for such t "me= 0Iw eat 1n wages and
Imunist Party has instructed, its as "local law enforcement offl- the union, shop issue.
But then the Soviet only hint- wartime guerilla-tralned "Par- eCall in their duty." Mr. Truman's appeal for legis-
ed through the press that Cuba! tisans of Peace" to lead "popu- latlon to re-setie the industry
was acting on United States lar protests" against the arriv- hu been answered only by a
orders. al h,?re Monday of the Supreme II u "request" from the Senate t at
re departure of the Ve Allied Commander, Gen. Idat- he use the Taft-Hartley law, .
The departure of the Vene- Ithew B. lItllid i. orts -to give him se
a charg d'affares from Communist newspapers today' y be revived
can diplomatic representation Amer- published extracts of speeches the House takes up the
th .Russian capital to two held yesterday at a closed meet- ''9, L Controls Bill next Wed .
Mtican and Argentinian. ing of "partisans" in which one The bet guess, however, was
orator fl S mingle reSaeled war- Hiy, that the HO seil will go along
More than a dozen South Amer- time German Occupation and with the Seate amendment to i
countries maintain formal "the insurrection of. April 25, WW. YORK, June 14 (UP the bill calling for a Taft-Hart-
Jomatic relations with Russia, 1945" when Partisans, mainly b-u Doctor are doing everyth p le tl unction against the strike.
hve no representatives in Communists, began street fight- e they c to help a 22-year-ob Manwhile, there was no ap-
Aew. Inid..., Coldlphoto) recoverfOmbu l iet P di IO-al on the part of """. '
Oingag t e tr7 Nazis. FLOWERS FOM 9 J-.- "bn. Robert A. Taft il wep thohed with wom n a hospital at Ca Invoke the Taft-
ed at the Partisans meeting yes- a bouquet of flowers by 10-year-old Marlie a! rds (center) Spring, New York. Haitley law. 'NO L -. O IAr der
BALBOA TIDES terday to, go through with a of Larchmint, N.Y., on his rival at New Y'k's LaGuardia And if he lives-as expected- le refused-to say at his news an
L-, mass "At Itldgway" meetin Airport from Washington. Marlie's sister, Holly, eight, join he may o to the chair. conference Thursday whether York Ya tt at sond on an atte ted
Sunday, June 15 Sunday morning in the plaza oa the greeting. MIs flrimt for freedom had he would seek an 80-day In- fistt
9:*t32 a.m. 3:20 p.m. Holy Apostles, despite a police cost the life of a child. Jul~ton available under the i,
19:41 ip.m. 3:59 a.m.; ban. Why? Says convict Donald law but high administration of- stop, applil. e tag after pe frion *M
Snyder: "It was the only way I ficlils Said he had "no im-
_could e way. mediate plans"', for such action. b g. Unp is Beotty Aobb. won, -
Onyder escaped from a Green- The government is going
haven. Njw York. prison road ahead With arrangements with
gang. NHe made his way to Car- the industry and union for re-
mel, New York, about 12 miles opening enough mills to meet
away, and broke into the home "urgent" military needs in Ko-
of Marvin Arnold. rea. However, nothing Is expect-
";. He grabbed a butcher knife ed to happen before next week.
from a table and told Mrs. Ar-
nold to drive him to New York.
Just then nine-year-old Betty ,
LMal`- .1 son Arnold came home from
school. Snyder grabbed her and, T
holding the knife at her throat, .r.
,* _,,j got the mother to agree to drive.
Police arrived while the three
were in the car. They pleaded L H: '"LU
with Snyder to give up.
me, I'll sTab the child." EI-IC'O C a ne 14 (UP)

wounded convict then plunged ouy'yrguard
.,. the knife into Betty Lou's sto- Interior n later lrneto P
mach. She died two hours later. Uruchurta said that troops will
rbe sought to patrol the streets -
gross and Prealdent.
IKE (MIA Telephoto) After m The Army previously had been
IKE PREFERS WIFE Dwight Esenhower sports an 'I Like alerted auzaunst a ble Cor -
quarters as he cont-inues kim W am of meeting with GGP A the Fede-al enumnt ordered
aer more to evi t election in s-
....T."I N., June 14 -(UP'--A turbances.
spokesman for the Residency Urachur.ta WhoIs also head of
said today that French authori- the Federal Electon Commission ,
ties were Investigating an al- said that Army intervention was "
leged attenpt at poisoning in decided upon after a meeting '"
the p of'the ruling Bey. with .the regr estatives of five
Re 11 m t Tunlsean Premier poleical

e _saidh ounisianPremierpoliti
Stout fellow I He knows what sults formal deind withthe Re-OEL SOURCES
him and gos It In LACTOGEN, im sldacy lat flight to investigate Generally speaking, petroleum
modified powdered mWlk peer. the atter -deposits e in sedimentary
by Nestl6's especlly for ient Pollee were hunting the palace rocks. Most oi tis found in beds
b e m s1ico e fd last night after at an sadtem, or limestone,"
feeding. a palage sli01 caught him in withw ggmaony uase-
LACTOGEN peeled In a hiru -bbs av pgarig "a product" cnted r clay.
Auto. gi be se-rved at t"he.
baby can easily igest she gms.A~b u g ap
Ment neoeues" te buld firm flesh, kh5'ss official refused
''dense bone and strong teh, t whe W the product was
"est 3mh eehyde oMWid a emmunlque would-
4 lie Issdafteraborstory tests
'b"a boon asse.

;" or `% &b!""Jhangt Win asu Jr. the
S_... ,. ... .. A"eric
, Pomeranian, ha w*- eaq. .
trolee -in *0etbOOMIe dog and rabbMft-Ski T
-1. Mi~rls.a11.tgh.thm g k
47 -41*It fa
S ~ ,~.''N

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