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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Io -
-..The Men :0 4 "f o *e** **im si Peame Ame -

S If eW de ba les d*"**e 'N 6 *bd **e I"u pp I
ist day. LMan ea n published i a st f ee me .
p ftes ity at k e ethe nei limi s Ow e po p O 0.
Mu51Iy uS lkes W rsis NO mid N eeeso eumfHdeme.
Thh m ewspper esum re iM mreop alY fe temeh or oplekmi
S uped In lIais from eedea.

S Ir:t Secretary of the Army Frank Pace or the Congressional
committees spend much time in ainalizing the Stephtn Ives re-
ott valuable time will be wasted.
The 24-year-old pipeline auction dredge Las Cruese was mold
Sthe highest bidder after considerable delay, and after bid
fM had been sent all over the free world.
l think that the US Navy or the US Army Engineers were
of the sale of this dredge is foolish. There was a high
W official and a high US Army engineer in a position to
more about the sale of this dredge than anyone else con-
t with it.
SThe Navy or the US Army Engineers are not in the habit
'ot ting over for their use equipment as old and expensive as
It.1Ais Cruces was. They can get it, if needed, new.
The Las Cruces was declared surplus due to the fact that
te Mindi purchased for the 3rd locks project) was on hand.
*' Tne Mindi is a newer and more powerful dredge.
S &Apparentlv there was not enough dredging in the forsee-
i;6 'uture fur both dredges. The Mindi was active and the
44 Cruces inactive.
SWhen equipment like this is tied up it deteriorate., as fast
or even faster than when active. It also requires considerable
.S intenance to preserve it so that it can be put back Into use-
gMuService. This costs money.
to allow it to deteriorate through inaction at a time like
4 would be sinful.
S -- there is no fairer way to sell or do business than by open,
eoAVpeitive bids. The dredge was sold on this bas s.
Representatives of many firms, from many foreign countries
40Lwmi as the USA, came, looked, made note ad went away.
'7 -opinions were their own.
JC. Berkwit and Co., New York City, put their money up
mU .were high bidders against world competition; and there
' _e sofe big outfits came here to take a good look at the
Sf* a'at the big outfits failed to submit bids would Indicate
1t0 they felt tnev could do better elsewhere.
S o- Tnat Berkwit put his money up, ano took a chance, Is good.
J _arently lor him it paia ofi.
I wonder if this investigation would have been made if
'wl had not been fortunate enough to find a buyer or a
Qlo" the dreuge, and if he was still the proud owner of the
p^Cruces on which he could pay storage, maintenance, insur-
u' tad general expenses.
I 1-11 haa to get out and sell it, or put It to work.
The Brazilian Government has in the past few months al-
otted money for the Improvement of harbors and river ways
their coastline. Tne contracting finm for these improve-
ia n is lucky to get the Las Cruces.
I Actually. it's a good deal all round, and the equipment will
i.e aoing the useful work ior which It is Intended.
SThe men responsible for its L declared surplus, the cot-
Sand circulation of bid for %*e
I. here in the Zone should
i -Rted. The Investigation .


. In answer to Just Trying to Eaxit (Mall Box, June 10), it's
V ut time this shameless rent practice was brought to every-
dy's attention.
My husband is a Panama Canal civilian employee, so it doesG
taBfect us. But we feel it disgraceful to treat service peo-
n Imow it to be a fact that host service people have paid
S. from one month's 'pay over $100 for two months' advance
The majority of these service people are no more than car-
porals. Some have four children. How they have enough mo-
Sfor food from month to month s beyond me. I'm sure
ey must make many sacrifices to manage.
; Before they start correcting the LocAl Rate conditions, how
V dot doing something for the US taxpayers who pay for it?
I believe we have always been generous to others. How
S ut a little for us. for a change?
My husband and I have lived In rented aWartmenta in the
tited States, and we have never paid more than one month i
I tvance. .
Come on, OIs. Write your congressman about these discri-
itor deals. That's what we elect them for, to help us get
k am uone who hun't forgotten the s0uTlmai, who might
.o .time be called to defend us again.
1DSA Oldila.

Son't blame Just Trying to Exist (Mail Box, June 10) a
trompiaining of Panama Canal rents.
aIl lmy complaining to my con&reasmnan. The hell with
"pople here and their little world of thetr own. No us
4' 9 reason with them.
iW they refunded our money once because of complaints.
Stmcuse they had no grounds to raise our rents.
Si bope to find out whether they really did receive orders
W bhington to raise the rents 100 per cent.
*n. no mathematician, but according to my calculations
ti ur every 17 days Isn't a 100 per cent raise.
e people here do not consider us defenders of the Canal
SCeel they could even do that.
tu s t al yqu GJs and your wives write your congress-
i have methng done about this rent. rigt now.

Swith Just Tryg to Exist (Malil am. June 10) tat
slCanal was the one who enjoyed getting our fl
SM pae t g sut t Lt fully for I know the -tin.
havew^ w tu hft throw'a family out In th
i fnet want paid We due dats.

.gms, Panama Oana, Gent you have any consider'.
uervBnemean? st ied to be eoUlecd t ve
i t sc.. le- wso many months J nma. It doit
"ten don't earn much, and we have kida to tee
I,^ a Odi CSal, j ed fvle children If you o-ly
tia And eat C that same meW
sige a seas St WHe thie aly clothes?
'is't aj6r gut M se ad ptaee- for meas.

MB Dow l NMIe Na=r that an
~ rm W"- matm.i o tfe
KID weH mi smm a -uct e

line of bua-ness. I.
Smith peddles hitars 1 ti h
son frqm tow to. w
Is how he got to bfto
But after the rlra .T.
bired the venerable O ".-i t
Meeting Hall for a f .
Iy, he e an about C
Te.tal fee. Smith .bt rd'
bW a conspiracy of
No ane paid M l a w
je = havin g the
h geMtting his n
rint. Tie civic and refic
w P ps in town had agiW
the strategy of not muar 4
cwbalo i tssu e out the batiat
publicity bring oSt"B
screwbalJs, the ntcptm~u
and the curiosity WlepWt 4a
pay the guy's 1re &t ".
out not the Commini
Te next thing you %W& l
bas from the InternatifM r
and Leather Workers and thO
Untted Office and Polemssicu
Workers of America and thb In-
ternational Workers Ordrg we
Inking up their mimeograph
machines and scurrying around
With petitions and running to
the newspapers and distributing
throwaways and hiring round
trucks and, all in all, for
everybody in Boston to show
at Smith's rally and protest
Well, Sunday came. The hall
was jammed. There were 0
Other outside hoisting placards.
Smith never got a chance to
ak, the booing and Jeering
rowingg him out.
But he didn't mind a bt! It
was a regular circus with fmo-
Mns running high and he
couldn't have gotten more at.
tletion which is what he
he thrives on if he had hied
a covey of Broadway prMs
Agate. Smith became annoed
,o, when the booftg let down a
Staflt was a huff 3 d*a-
atic spectacle vlrtoabtp -
ad for Smith's X~tttMr g
Crusade by the Commusjs
2.e bum even streak s msw-
r' pose, complas*sing eht
Denied his freson
,eech, cand sure enough a lot
of Chumps r de to hit
s t. hBOan puo taffhe
tia tsr end fea t 7he gre-
RIi besidWe.

JW o 4 out te iMt5

E Telh ou mr hear h w-t
t6 f.t fam s.

*. I .; ','.
4, ,u.

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Labor News



By Vteor 11ent

BOSTOK W 'wtra are two
crusade aM ,wt .pbnd their
who havi ljus9t > t t AeIO'eabs
troublemaker$ b -
What choeked these JnvSti-
gators most was their eteout1lt
with tht commWllgt' seths-
dical explatattao the heart-
aching misery th. 6..1ria
from a slur 4 6M r. mton. a
creed, a color.
No inner hurt of people
is overlooked by tU COaBmun-
1st apparatus in the service of
the Soviet's foreign Interests,
these investigators for the B'nia
B'rith's Anti-DMamatton League
found after survgeing every Inch
of this nation. .
As we met and talked 4n this
city, I matched tRIlt vlatjons
with one of mine.
Only recently, I slipped into
a Communist rally in Harlem's
Golden Gate Bhllroom to sce
this "Operation Exploitation"
first-hand. On the platform I
saw the sorrowing widow of
Willie McGee, the Negro execut-
ed in Mississippi after being
convicted of rape.
Whether she knew she was
the guest of an organization
found subversive by the U, S.
Justice Dept., I don't know--
and surrounded as I was by
hundreds of utterly fanatical
Communists, I kept my mouth
shut. But undoubtedly she be-
lieved that she had comic to
a memorial for her late hus-
band, who had been cham-
pioned by this group. And soon
enough, the Communists re-
vealed why they ha4 import-
ed this womaft as the star of
their ghoulish show.
I heard them turn this me;
mortal meeting Into a raily to
save two convicted spies, now
In the death house awaiting
execution for having stolen ato-
mic secrets for the Soviets. The
personal hearbreak of the wi-
dow was turned into a propa-
ganda weapon for Sotet es-
Now the two Investigators. Ar-
nold Forster and Ben Epstein,
who have just published their
findings in a new book called
"The Troublemakers," tell me
here of another griomr prod'
paganda tr bk M by thek
comrades ia otesn.
It began whet- tat ipeMler
of anti-semittean, i4pa L K.
Smith, put on t1 tgk e-
ahow here sone Iso a=nd

- **4*~ @4


s ^ -,-,.-,. --..-- \.^,4
tM,4- AA

f A -
.*S *, .w ,,"-. '- .-'=. :
fr' ..*':' ^' "

K :, *u 's S ( .: '"

* 1C -,*


0" A

\ *'




Cagey Tactics


NEW YORK. Once more we deal With the This Is a harsh view to take, but war is harsh,
Koje prison riots id wonder aloud If the entire involving death.
world has Rone Oletly mad.. If a prisoner gave me heavy trouble and re-
We are repofttl oje casualties in terms of fused to conform to the order of my camp, I am
communiques them days. as If this were a sepa- afraid I would give the pionMr the choice of bO
rate war fro a iStea-a thu', test-pocket war- having hbme or dyt vUy suddenly. The
within-a-war, ft s like fighting a two-ocean war choice would be with tk Man, and Wbduld be
while simultaneously being styjnied biy the prin- backed by my might, as jalor.
plpallty of Monaco. Certainly, I would not l tL ru a munlitions
I never hear of a war before In which the pris- faetoy wi-n the gates, Mttp In ay way
owners are allowed to forge weapons openly in which was displeassi to m a. aStor6 .,u.
their blacksmith shops, where The generals get HeaveAt Knows the Kontf aB en u
kidnapped as -hostas and where the succeeding filenti ine .itts1 .lm." 5
general signs a separtepeoac w wt p tho t
ia. d eMn. M'. "-*I

knew Colson when he was the
of Gen. John Everlovitg Lee in 't I we
then he was more of a valet thn t. allowed is
tent on petty detail. 1 gurte agel
That he is busted to colonel as n i*A t Amy My logic A
di pleasure does not surprise me. -; : t that aln
But this Boatner lby who ey e g tisaH
went in making *t t-mn aa ._ .W"-
modtly to have t nWolved t I We ha b
with people we '. "on, s ow

ten by madmen. t em ars t a barbed wire
eles to Impre we auread lo p. You could
and tIhe lie. Aa rebdI, witt th not for the
vanquished, wthtlN -.. that the Red
I should hate t 4 19itwe b e a f.. .parate p
north or south,b t-f t tit* 1W.__ in the proc
Koreans seems to ms ti ultimale 4dioey. special Ame
I Would say that the etre Caf is not I oth woenat u n
esa life on our side, but maybe do't know aye th
nuances of modern wlur, whim you fight to M cauonn
and prisoners ous yu m an r tha r a t
_nsty-at-large. ..... a a war

Iv NiL bMf

WABINGOTQN-(NEA)-When Pr dt6nt "al- While sul
man turned down CMarSdo's invltototto a t hem bill paa
the golden jubilee olbratan of ysra' f, a.r has rea
under the Reclamatia Act. the C o t-4a. I partIcular 1
ed around and invited Qeneral sefem. time posit
Democratic headquetrs In W eppon UtW ae ream
up at this on the grotmd.thtt woad turn tu r mtaas
big June 17 celebrmion in the Oreef, Col., l Men1 datl car
ato a political rang. f r the Repllicans. Of nl 98ngs B
course, i PreSlet rTman had attended tn Newest p
wouldn't ht've en any political I tflos at a t t a
&l Oh, no I i
Secretary of Interior Oscar Chapman, who .Ne lng. :
tended all along to atend the O les celbrahl t to
tio, was at first adved not to o to COloe M or t
neral seboWr was invite td. oe. *".
Swl-nfly. I's mn ez-Colaadan tae J tB e
ll e being principal Democratic n. a ed t
ito he bas a double reason e at at
oenral, nmenhower Is due in
Dfne I. after viUltln New lork andD L
hell be handy for the Green water f,. faStlru.

'wts o know ho he stai a .M




Mn Kefauvf MAL so45 Il i ,.
hat he was the fmrst
ndidate to vias the as

Prhend of Oems

now Federal IrIt
SCaliftnia In to
e recutr JUaMm
d to do that, but in tf.j-
a stimulate a'few amCS^

fonal CoM n
af aff
sIdeust o .mASt

N3 pcoMe soI f : .-



- S WWabAUII 5-

-j '-
WI- *~ nwawv5

Ala down.

boltI up, It 11 out and bo VA
RVaUa lor it sre IS that s

Q Ntbew H -AMWltuprtMt.t I

* Myh ^i]l'1w

ieiiWCt E~tea fit only astisti -|
S bat Alt di'ay.

rn aa a n t-,e ..-,K

-fet t
In theI

SAC90 so",0
r -

RACK Bu bbl ONOKaw~ft d.^^
toamw e BW r L. *
a'M Jit
- wal 7 J.I ^^*^y *f~"^f^"~R"^^^^^'

a ..t --w-smpu-

"'* '.'-
I ...

.. ; h IE. :- ...- .; iJ

'-s.,:.;-. ^." '
.-r :*'* ; :
: ..- ...:. .^

9* 1-~~ -. -
.4 *4

- .*-- re^ -
9. *1.. .-:.''.

rI'*..wfH ji-.& -
pow..! t i-a'


FL BB ->


mtat tAOP
*intia tok 13 *M

6 .'

( -


-. '


1 '

, '"-,.





,. ." .


.. t.'. .-

F.. '.. -j:, :
| : j -, ... i

,----,rxr :w!-v.
i Tiir-T~iji -, iiiti
-^ 'TTA

1% -. ,, ,. : .."-*f.

-5 *
,. .e: .. ;t


1.. .i -,./,< -',-
r .F. -..


SgftwgS. puS
* Map nmw

zipor*. Cauhmete.



.1 ..:
. J

mt. d: ht en.
fW; An ~.

&vi na ffewt


$125.00 pr.

P d from

,. o aeao
*., ,


*.,~ 'p .-. A .

$37 .


/. -

ej 'r !

:P P-., .i


** ,*,.*

-* i--.,



Mob Cfwu fi

-r mwm wocn
'*.. ... $;

Pokd k" W 5


~'l. .-,. -~

.7- .5
* S


_w gol e a ... ...,.'............^, LeB
.pl ct pvaobw M... .....'.............:.i l L. -
l tt c p raek, ................... ............. -us.M -

,14" s o uou. f -e in s....p @....... 40

.... traf rete .

e m r J.... x..... ,. -
G> p *WjumI'-..- buttEf^^

aWu'5...,........1.4 leA


, . 4-- ^


S$ 1750.- fi

*l ~ l V : T. ." ." -. ,. ., St *...

22" Ta, Hmildy E ched
Witb ColorfW Sea"y.




t F ~

lilt 'V.

I .,1
saaB &~ .4



Da'Ws I.rlok skis oppfhashfy se bgy REAL TRZM L

YTo eb ca rest BMirtS thate w* l aeS r ine. *wP

Roeflam Yoa nb rw cai P
". ,5 ,~~y -. -.


I '
lo the
flet U.tift
. dtwnt
ow oftf-
y tu-

-. I



th 3
r ..r

etC r!.. 4

s .*


"^" We ore

*5~ *

k- .f

.: -.i ,'-' .

17 I

-V;. ..' ."


(W Not i Keyes, on exhibitors and the moviegoing
public. What happened to Ingrid *1
y profl- ha been happening to women
i n X fai~s.I now since the world began."
to top mte wolves of Susan Hayward, after a spark- /
tional set by saying ling display of wrestling holds f / .
different la agess" in a fight scene for "This Man Is
Peck, moaoft at tales Mine": -
disaoint at losing "Look, when you raise twin I
AcadeLhy awrd,: boys, you have to be pretty han-
or no awards, I'm we- dy with your head locks and leg
ine thhi g aibel an a- snatches."
W. s gs mfM tee that Broderick Crawford, on being
Sj pletrte wtftl be any a screen toug&r guy:
ap likely to make a "It has Its coapensations and
ine ot. Tt' rfjt its problems. It arfist be wonder-
-*' 'at kee feenlg ful to be able to Wialrif to a bar
S beenuse aren'tt without expecthag that some
T Mr." ctcha.uc*er, trying Ito mpress his
*kford, explaining her girl friend, is going to invite you
oklpraphy hobby: to step outside just to prove how
always been before the tough he is."
Now I'd like to be be- Marta Toren, on reports she'll
d It and master it the way it's wed playwright Leonardo Berco-
ered me." vici:
Terry Moore. on acting: "He's a very good friend and .
"I would like to live on a stu- that's as far as it goes. 'm old
suo a stage-and never go fashiorned. When I get married, I
c-.' --jn' ii'' r--7-. c-.- r ovIe want to stay married."
another" I
1" io Gasrmn,. on mar- Charles Lemaire. Fox ward-
o- -: krob" director, on censorship of
i American journalist ask-, movie queen's gowns: -
re the other day who's thel "S*ome of the things that they
s now that Shelley and I are;won't allow ts to do on the screen 5-lio ,
arrived. All I can say Is such a,ar.' the very feminine things that T M u. P.LOR.
ututlon would never occur to an make a woman different from a i'm by NEA i,rug. hL
tslin r.-wspaperman." man. And what we can't do,
shows up on television. It's all. "If you don't find anything wrong with
a wrong. The censors don't have it in u twir- n't ti
ZsaZsa Gabor. on love: he woman's angle. How could *uit seeing you twice a year-- can't st
"Men love with their eyes.,they? They're all men and they between visits!
IL yev love what ihev see. But'go by what th'y like or dislike
Smen love with their ears. They personally. If there were two
4& m to hear what men sav to women and two men on a board
"he:m. That is why the ugliest, to pass on screen costumes. we'd
,i ho*lest. baldest man can make have a better deal for Holly-
ghi, Mlost beautiful woman in the wood."
i'-l1 fall In love with him." I jo- Fontalne about '.. r new
. --er Kendall. movie pro- movie, "Ivanhoe":
In answer to the "Would ,*Tha horse were beautifully
~. "Inrid Bergman?" ques- apprlro-ed It's a classical west-
.. r.lue her g-rnnor-eous color nd it's~o-
r ith hr uto. be tremendous success- e r if
rt, r- with hr rieds-c j Here is real relief
Diana Lynn. on "hr career Poer real rehe freom rheumatic pam it is
bliI essentual to corrnt their cause. When
b p"I wantto do stage playsand they are due to the accumulation ofbodily
television as weU as movies. You nputis t mesadlp to filte away tse/
last a lot longer that way, I impur.Code--re e1 gtisb and ay
think. I learned more about art-. need a medicmneto' toe them up.
ing In one year cf TV than I did De Witt's Pills a.e specially T-
ln 10 rl eq *aq a motinn picture prepared for this very purpose,
actress In Hollywood." They have a emnamg and
Anthony Capos. movie dinr.?' antiseptic action on the kidnys,.
director, about ballroom danc- soothing and toning them up so
SIng: effectively that these vital organs swiftly
S"When a men and woman return to then normal function of clearing
dance well together It makes a the system of impurities.
S happier marnlage. Tancfng is De Witt's Pills he een widely based *
S 'stimulating. The happiest cou- all ov the uam with great Imcees .
DIes dance together. It malk.s Thius s amply coad d by thadlkftul
them more aware of them- letters ent to s by people A loinged for
% selves." relief frombeoaut pa's Ua foaed it
Mary Castle. on oast publicity after trying De lftt'1 PNil Wiy O mo
boutt her resemblance to' Rita try themiform Wroubl? Go to your
Havworth: chemist and oMa s apply right away
F the studio st ed ar-
uress. Newspaper people would
ask me how it feels to look likeD
.. Rita and I'd snap at them."
SAR Columbia is search for a mu- all
liCUTDOr 'S AWARD -The ,sical comedy idea as Judy Holl- asasSS
ausell by the National d'adryng 'r
ot~neil of the Boy Scouts of' Kind." Judy hasn't used her
f teo- se' pipes and stems since she wax a
for noteworthy act- member of a night club act, "The
Vic- tin boyhood. this year goes Revuers," a decade ago.
-.ul" Ochs Adler New Revuers," a decade ago.
YTo"k: Roy Chapman Andrews,
New York; Frank Learovd IN CONSTANT VIEW
oy yden. Deerfield. Mass;
I rttt"ia' D. -Denni,. P11Lburgh, The Bit Dipper never goes be-
tPa. Ga'e Johnston. St. Loui'. low the horizon north of latitude
Mo: Carlds P. Romulo. chief 40 degrees. and even from more C
lepre-.rntative to UN from the southerly parts of the United
.Pbillllines, P,'-i 1n'il John Ptates x ost of it remains con-
Taber. Columm'u. 0 tinuallv In the sky.

I Rff WLI.IN. Plamteear


What's in t


Perih of Paweathood

AtI eiR ratm"

* .'. j~:v3~Ii




me, I going to '
and the suspense

Coming mtown -..


MW. P. .
I W~ttftH mw^ Coewe OWL,.
__IL 10 W.-.- L .A<%

lMmcCHE s aoj0" W

NTil ageN


T V ly-Pi A'

,J ,^ r '>

Cofu i- %-
W~n- r0r
'WW 6 W-' i~~s
W. L
ss^ 'ji^aL

Waash $

I % P. 4






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If :A&Tr Ei M aSsFtr, AM1LCT Tt

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^.- 'v~- **', "- '
, .. .. .. '. .' '. ": ', "
I. *- ; .,' ..' *** ':'
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tow Out. of thie Ikn a ur Lo Vwa P R tt
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V would be jogr
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s to of )mi t ;tA4

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and what eq#Q be v de
than our j Cotton s adn -
and be*%M2


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SSdl em...When You Tell 'em thu P.A.-

e your Ad with one of our Agents or our Oiffices lu No. 57 "H" Stree't a ?na
No. 12,179 Central Ave. -- O(W

i Service
voli Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and

b of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Sale6 de Belleza Americano
#55 West 12th Street

CLthes Drug Stn.
10.05 UMelOnde U.vflfN o

Agencia Internacdonal de Publieaiones PropaSgaSe, A.
#3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-81I "m" bte eoru s~lg! BtL.
Phonu 2-314r'MW


E--Westinghouse refriger-
'. l porcelain, 9 cu. ft. guaran-
5 $150 00. G. E. Table Radio.
, RCA Record player. $60 00, 2
f le beds. House 8020-D. Mar-
S iae Phone 3-1590.
1l 8ALtE-Bendix. automatic wash-
"" ing machine, 60 cycle, excellent
' condition. Reasonable price. 5-296.
-F. R SALE: -- Norge refrigerator.
v practically new, 60 cycle. Reason-
ab' y priced No 80, 25th Street.
L room 10. Chorrillo.
TOR SALE:-Leaving 9 cu ft. re-
frigerator, Westinghoute, 25 cycle.
excellent condition. Tel. 6-217 or
see at house 157, Gamboo
*OR SALE -: Lvingroom furniture
set. Real bargain. Justo Aroseme-
no,-. Avenue No. 88, Ponama.r
FOR SALE -Table model Philco ra-
dio, outomotic phono player, both
60 cycle and 25 cycle, excellent,
$38.00. 40 in. x 30 in. Square
well mirror. $18.00. House 1514-
I, Akee St. Balboa.
R SALE -One 9 cu fr. refriger
'S' dtor Westminghouse all porcelain, 1
' meohogapy night table., mahogany
(l dressing table ,ith bench, any
time after 1.00 p m 720 "C" Co-

-.PfO SALE: -- Coldspot refrigerator.
'. 253 cycle: 8 cu. ft. Excellent con-
I edition. $60.00. Phone 4-312.
ip SALE--Twelve-piece mahogany
. hilngroom set. No. 32. Fiftieth
4, tk Bello Vista, telephone 3-
ri'i aT^^.


Service Perjonnal and Civillen
Gbmrnment Employn
Insist on
Government Employes Finance Co.
When you finance your new
or used car.
No. 43 Auolimebllie Rew
Pheme 3.4984 3-4985
FOR SALE:-1951 Lincoln For'dor,
black, Hydra-matic, rodio, heater
undercoated, seatcovers, spotlight,
windshield woshres. beck up light
7800 miles. Dodge & DeSoto deal-
er Tivoli Crossing, Panama Tel. 2-

For your car:-Leatherette Celluloid
face vehicle registration card hold-
ers COLON MOTORS, Inc. (Dodge-
DeSoto, Panama Colon.
FOR SALE:-1952 Buick Super, 2
door Riviera, no Dynaflow. low
mileage. For information call Bal-
boa. 2-4437.
POR SALE: Latet 1949 Pentlec
Convertible, black, w/s/w ti6ee,
se lights, lther eceaeoriek. lE-
cellent eondilten. Phone 4-402 or
may be seen efn day Friday end
Saturday evening et qtrs. 211-A
RI Grande Street, Pedro Miguel.
FOR SALE:-Hudson '48 Commodore
four-door sedan; excellent condi-
tion; five new tires; radio; acces-
sories; 33,000 miles. Can be finan-
ced. Reasonable offer accepted
Telephone 87-7195 during day; or
84-4290 after 6 p. m.
FOR SALE:-1951 Ford V8 Victo-
ria. Perfect condition. Radio.
W/S/W tires. 0428-A, Frongipo-

-- I Vf A| n, St. Ancon. 2-4263.
SALE FOR SALE:-Nh 600Fordor Se-
'Za l.A& Motons don, radio, seat covers, low mi-
Sout- league, good tires, Tel. 2-1281,
t RA 1O H.AK Mercury out- Tavernillo St. 807 Balbooa. Finan-
bd motor. Very good condition cing available.
,Plbe18026-D, 2nd 91.. Margarita...-- __- __-. Buick Super _e-
fo Cristobal 3-12* any weekl FOR SALE.:-950 Buick Super Se.-
368 m don W/W Dayton tires, new
rfD seat covers. Conventional shift, l4aw
S OR SALE mileage. Phone 2-1020, 5 td 7 p.
.. ^'l ")ttJ CFOR SALE-Willys JeRkCommerciaol.
....-.-_.- .. ...--' Excellent cdltion. La.ote'iodael.
sirNor, ton rli nortionol Contact Mr. H. L. Fos, Coco Solo.
-JpK. single cylinder New. 1.- Te. 754
'iles. Terms. Pho" 2-3518 Tel.754..
IT s 2 FOR SALE:-1951 Kaiser. new tires,
Sj radio, etc. House 338-0, Ft. Clay-
fton. Telephone 87-2121.'


1081 Cheroletm
I1 Btlek Special

l51 SM debaker
S 51 ~fmury
Ba esmwaths

110 Po1 tlae
-w 8t tde10nihken

b:- g. lo,
an ,..Wa.
Sa-a N
.. J '

FOR SALE: Black, 2-door 1948
Ford Custom-B, $800.00. 2-1549,
5865-B. Smith Place, Diablo.
FOR. SALE:-1951 Pontiac 8 Catali-
na, 4.500 miles, cream and blye.
w/w tires, hydromatlc. radio, di-
rectional signals, spotlight, under-
coat, all leather upholstery, car
like new. Phone 3-1421, Quarters
1717-A. Old Cristobal
FOR SALE:-1949 Ford Custom Ex-
cellent condition, radio w/w tires,I
$1,100.00. Curundu, 2153-B. 83-
5166. ___ ___
FOR SALE -Model "A" Ford two-
door Sedan. As is, where is. Price
570.00. Gamboo, house 0271 on

New Books

S"Sailing to Freedom." the
story of 16 Estonian refugees
who sailed 8,000 miles in a 36-
foot sloop to escape Soviet op.
presalon is one of the new books
placed In circulation this week
I by the Panama Canal Library.
The book Is written by Volde-
man Veedam and Carl B. Wall.
The little group of men. wo-
men and children left the Swed-
ish port of Smedalatten, atop-
ped briefly In Norway to caulk
the badly leaking sloop, ran in.-
'to heavy weather in the North
Bea and near Ireland and flb-
ally made the Portuguese island
of Madeira. They stUl had 5,000
miles to go before they reached
the American coast. How Un
made the last lap of the 128-
day Journey and bow AmLiic'
received them climax a sus-
pense-fille story.
Books piced In circulation
ihis week are:
Applied Solemnes: Practical
aYvesvions and yatch repairs,
?lme Arts: Darly American
cents: 1703-1814. Sheldon; Now'
to play big league baseball,
Literature: The best of the
beat American short tortes,
115-l5io, Fol; ,A short walk
iom n the etaU lc, cOileyr;.
a'uwnt, mtpephy, HEmi y:
a g to freedom, Vedaem;
Wate Colli a, a biography,
Duven, (Life of a great art
dealer), ehrman; I never grew
up, Wright; Trail driving dals,
Re-* ins: oltaph for a spy.
h uby; 'Ihe misAl face, Aymi;
Sto t1111 l eo1ilto Dee)-I
-u ms; mrMnae, vites; JaM-

- ..1- ----I


Do eN hboe *aaldItS pleble
WM rA LieSMeft ls Luma Is NwN
2018 ALeNr, .
CRUISE through the Conil to histo-
rical Portobelo and primitive San
Bias Islands an the fast new fifty-
foot diesel launch "Pescedora."
Three wonderful days (June 20,
21, 22' for only $50. Sponsored
by Hotel El Panarml. For more de-
tails, reservations, see your travel
agent or call Jungle Jim, Panama
Will rernmain closed from June 28th
until September 3rd 1952, for re-
modeling. Any one having work
pending please call for it before date

one way $85.. round trip. $135 (15
day-limiti, $160. (good one year)
to LOS ANGELIS, one way. $149.
15, round trip $252.35. 190 day-
limiti Panama Dispotch Service, op-
posite Ancon bus stop, Tel. Panama.
COTILLIONS: Ballroom dancing
for the 'Teen-Agers follow a scien-
tifically planned and progressive
system developed from the Arthur
Murray and Fred Astaire Studios of
dancing. Learning to dance can be
fun! Register your youngster now!
Call Llona Sears. Panama 3-1565.


WE REPAIR plumbing fixtures at
your place.
We guaranteerompt, neat work.
iRA, S. A. Phone 3-s5. JuMo
[Arrsemena Ave. end 29th St. -Ent.
Mindi DOairy offers a DiMited number
of high grade Hotoln hefers,
from I to 20 month of aee, to
be sold Individually Iro".
Interewted ponies may Inmct8the
animals and obtain any ne"Msory
information by craoctinBt tie
Manager, hAd' N fr96

For sale to the higet bidder Build.
Wings Nos. 1077 at Conoll -OwVt;41
and 1009 or Le Boca. Sealed bidl
will be received In the office of S-i
perintendent of Storehouses at tel-
boa until 10:30 A. M., Juln 24,
1952, when they will be ope-W In
public. Form of proposal wit all'
particulars may be secured in .ef
offices of Superintendent of $1ftu-
houses, and the Housing Manager. it
Balboa He.ghts
FOR SALE. Thoroughbred Cdch.
hund Puppies. May be seen at
1578-A. Cacaco S. or cean J2,
FOR SALE. Coldspot refrigerafor
$40. 1407-D, Carr St. Phone s2-
Bds will be received in the office'f
the General Manager, Commi
Division, Mt. Hope, Canal Ze,
until 3.oo P. n.. Thursday. Juw
26, 1952. when they will be open.
ed in public, for furnishing 1.32#,
000 pounds or, olternatv*y, 063i-
000 pounds of Fine Granulated
Sugar. Forms of proposal, with full
particulars, may be obtained in thg
office of the Supply & Service Dpi
rector, Balboa Heights, or of the
General Manager, Commissary Di.
vision, Mt. Hope, C. Z.
FOR SALE: I Sewing machine. I
refrigerator. I bridge set. Misc.
H-H.E. Federico Boyd No. 4, Apt.
Mirador Apts. Apply after 9:00. a
m. Saturday.

Rtith Brathwaite,
Daughter, Former
tP Residents, Die
Word has Just been received
hee of the death .Mrs. Ruth
anthwaiLe and her taught
Jhuette In Br recently.
Jeanutte, 10, who attended the
St. Vincent's paroohal acheol
here, died on Apall 21. M5.
Brathwalte. who r e in the
Ban Migu el are t hus.
band and daughter,taskfluaf-
tr e chfl death md died
a June 5.
IThey left the Reina for
Barbados last March.

dame, E



GromNch's e a" b ia '
stevm modhW .vow. Telp ,
6-441 GQ o 1

Hiille OceeniA cottage.O Soi
Clara. &aa 435, aleboo. Pha
Pomam 3.1877, Cristobal 3-1673.
Casino Sonto Ca 0. Denee music by
Casino Aces. No reerveatlons ne-
cessary. Saturday oani Sunday.
Hotel PAN-AMERICANO in cool El
Volle offers low rates for summer


FOR RENT: Furnished house et
West,wood Form, ,4 miles from
Arraijan, on highway. Telephone
Balboa 2756..


Modern amlfllIanfk fhel eapfl
vies. AA0WI usm uIvl C11 1
tact office lt1 I. K rt. il NMw
Csltoboal. 8t16100 RUM Coe.
FOR RENT: Well ventilated two
bedroom apartment, 2 baths, maid's
room, hot wetar i ltallation. Belle
Vista, 49th b. -32 Apt. 7. Tel.
Tel. 3-0815.


FOR RENT:--Clean furnished room
with private bthe ooms and en-.
trance Kitchen privilege. #3rd St.
No. 13.
FOR RENT. -.In Belle Vista, large
nicely furnished rooe kitchen pri-
vileges. Mexico, ASvNue 69 near
43rd St. Phone 3-0553.
FOR RENT:-Rooms furnished. Pri-
vate entrance. Gabriel Duque Ave.
No. 2, first floor.

(Mide in PanamA)
A quality Prodet
4 New Low Cit
W* wiAve. Tel. 3-01

: Pansmi P mal
^b ets, Pondan

(common am- B m*

1 -41 -iA

T-uXei a o W
Saphe M~w-O~
tow.k mown
an -sm


.miu kte.k s. LA.
Utoaig, moving, atorwa .
Wmok and orate or mwi

3S PnamnL 2 .

Irt sol f


IrA' speaking young;-'gi w
knowledge of bookkeeping and ste- *. OfWIn
nography to assist in office. Phone
1386. Colon.
WANTED: Experlee Obeouty -
operator to work in Fert Clayton
Beauty Shoppe. Salary guaranteed.
Phone 87-2231 or 83-7269.

Help Wanted
"WANTED. Maid in El Cangrelo
area. Must sleep in, must have re-
ferentes. Telephone 3-4021.
MAID WANTED: Must be good
cook with references; to live in.
House 2321-A, Contrectrls' Area,
WANTED: Experienced mold,-fo.
. general housework, plan cooking.
No ironing. Call 742-A, Enterprise
i St. Bo0o0a

'WANTED:-To trade feor 1951 4-
oor Plymouth, Dodge, De Soto or
Chevrolet, a 1950 Ford two door
sedan and difference in Cash. Tel.
Quit American family dnole voco-
lian qlurters In the Canal Zone,
Ofer 15 June. Three bedroom
dwelling desirable. Contact Plymp-
en. Tiell Hotel.

Ets Flog Day
iSoc. To Ham As Guest

SA N Wlta.&kr, UnMted
Sttm-Congul IJ Colon, wil be1
the ,mat speaker at the amnual
g serm'ices to be luad iby
the tobala Lodge on

M snce will begin In the
rm'm 4, p. a n

the Army d ,

BW. Saw W. Me Obeewlln
na $ te Athe Jule tt fas g.

e Auto Oww!t
. tmwranee
ar premium ye
l du f that "e

'at Vol s

-Peor ithM bo i eth
ltr *a uiitto a Ik
um *" -- *afffur.

To Be O ftaB

be observed morning
with a ht eMs at
'St RaphI tliange

SB;hop AlDtyt 'wi of-
To, wBe Ob- wt d

The feas oftaftn wi
be observed $u-i- moing



7 t-


m. p-iag-an m.*so ~ Br,,

_^. AND^ ^^^''"


. ;* 4 m.', --.*
:' .* o(ai.
m" 4"

. .. .' k^X ii. u'



- Ultrau" 3250)


HapS Suits need no introduction

... but thru specilu arrnganmnt

with the factory, the AMERICAN

BAZAAR brings you the mihsa.
t l i ...: *I 1 1 I IB

tiopp ;f Ol I

I '. i'O<,-flfA- nirta~



Chot TWO from our traim

stqck (size up to 48)

( .
a1. ^

t. -



AVti Uas r A l- ...

". '



eh "nwt jhivir '

. I


-",-'- *: ", A _' __ _
*-Ti.^^Mdk~f.^.ftM~ft:^ ...Jit ^ii

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.* ; :'.- r


t k .

13 words.
hod W"












1.(uft Pcmnel 29J5

4 c-

." -S

I .

Il Q'

m0otlou Porty

tuMeft toe u
WORE *Sm Wtaflo U
o ; "* '' *''I

"^USS ii^mud a
Al "- ..
o a .. .i

. -. 'r .
._ ,-


* f




qw~aIm Weft w
s.hme ta a

.: S*SI II or e1,Wy gl. i

1.:45 aO.-m "-ir -" 'ia m"

: .a I i A

mifrg y..I 'y...,; p

*. 7:fl pa.-'-stkwasa Chum-ha wh o .. Bip 9w

... .w&. N. N=y ,tnt f e wAs4i.H
uae 'see- In an -- ro
--' --'- -* *i -" *"^


of Paraso
I ndldate
PI' for -tile

present 3yn |M
Of vat"i Is(.
Friday nisbgj
4 on C mntm i|

18i, have

3. J .... '-- */.r
Y tt"* *

~4 !'~


1 tmp _i. +fll",,

aeSekguaos moon
Switch ainude by i Wo Aeost's orchestra
- Min to 3 p.Bm.
C'a, for s e mkea othe Bibe.SMW r i
a S.i -' l-= 0 b -, the
L5 _!4wma

*\.. k^

Whther .ou ome to Ff* ., Mw or
or Borfw Money wk .Ior 4A
Vanislhoer Dootop S, a smply to ask .
anolal ueSoM.M yeM ,9WP; Wyup find I i
irien(y weoperatlon..r ., ,


. f..tioMp e -,w
le -* t -" I .



s4 i ..



". -, .' '-- "/ ,
I. -. ;. 4.
I -- ... .d... ... .*.

I /t^ilft
" .. "
M E.. -

.5..... .
si R.I*
i 1 '"

s sIN te M .W

aw. Anm15


' f *i i

-1. .


** 1-. ^-.S.



., .
a. I-' -

., .' .~



,2w .f s. .-, A-e w f.l .

. s n .m p-...a -

>. ... : -iiease .... ,m..'e .-' -

VMr. 1 u


-U" ^

J a I


' '- -




. -.. x ".

77"-7 W,'

i J *



. .:

an -em'

Iat/antic &nSoty ****

242, -

-4 fl.i. s
UMph 9.'..

jg3S DIANE DARKE WEDS ents. They will return to the
GEANT BERNARD MCGUIRE Isthmus tiBp ,.-mber.
Terry McNltmee, who was grad-
Miss Diane Elaine Dare, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. uated with the class of 1962 at
D. Hunter Dare of Gatun, and Sergeant Bernard James Me- Cristobal H.ih School will enter
Guire were married yester jay at a ea iMelight double-ring State Cblle e, Pennsylvania. on
service which was held in the Chureh of the Immaculate September 7.
Conception at Gatun. Canal Zone. at sAi thirty c'elock. On Sunfty evening the family
Sergeant McGuire is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dents Pa- were he uests ofMr and Mrsi
trick McGaire of New York City and is attached to the 764th Donovan S. Geyer for dinner
"C" Battery. 903 AAA. The Reverend Francis Lynch, C.M., and an venhg of movies.
"': officiated.
.4. White carnations and baby's ments. Miss Dale Roberson was Mr. and Mrs. Seranton
" breath were used upon the altarin charge of the guest book and to Visit Volean Country
.,'-of tL-,L church and the pews were I the Misses Jeanine Nix and Bar- Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Scran-
marked with clusters of white bara Egolf presided at the punch ton and son Lennie of France
-blossoms tied with silver bows.'bowl. Field are? leaving by car Satur-
6 The candles were lighted by the: Sergeant and Mrs. McGuire day to send six weeks at Vol.
-altar boys. Danny Kissam. Jackie left immediately after the wed- an. They will reside in the
Srennen and Joe Hannan. I ding and will take a short wed- home of Wallace Bain.
Mrs. Joseph C. Hannigan.' ding trip to the Interior of Pan-M-
, -church organist. plav.d thl e tra- area They will be at home to Mss JaequeliMe Hunter
"ditional wedding marches Pre their friends after June 20 in Returns to Training
S-Robert Pelon. soloist sange Pa- Margarita. Mrs. McOuire chose Mr. and Mrs. Blrd W. Ste-
nis Angelicus e was accom navy blue and white linen sut phenson of rCItobul with t- eir
"lned at the organ by Sergeant, for travellin and wor the or- daughter Miss Jacqueline Hunt-
__ William Schultz chid., ortavelnhatws he or er.and their grandson Sherman B
The oungride wasovely in hid, wrae that she scarred at Westover. left this morning on NA dit6
it her ballerina-length wown which the Panama. Mass Hunter will .
. "was fashioned of white embrold- cocktail Party Given return to the Rhode Island Hos- NNo a tlother g t h ks over s e frot e er-

ore a n ory chatre d u o aofers fror Mr. and Mrs. Jr e the appe ly a td g nI p r, -o ct,
rwith flowed French organdy made with or aroup R tal Schol of Nursing at Provl- re tly M sh tes are
der-length veilOfdenc fusion which rylandwhere she willtake finish herm are* -o J twopIi n it comes to fruits, ba-
I a A no-host cocktail party wasl hs t nt n
full skirt was topped b a tight- held at the Officers Club at Fortt ne
fitted bodice made with off the uic Tueda afeo nf They will be met at the dock in th redaiefltne y packed iea to keep the fr I.lnto
-s hp .aefes She tour until six, as a farewell for oc o York by their son-n-ilawiand fo W0H about parkg 'Crnake cupcakes, split totem
woree a tiny white hat coveredia group of officers and their ia- and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. 3. theti ftyt ."and middle and fadslt deln
""with flowers that held a shoul-e who wl leavd te pst Rl Westover of Pawtuxent, Ma- Fresh SIt *ptettes are In .
dr-1 hW aSt--.engte vi ofil.shI n ghe month to make their ryland, who will take Sherman shrp,. OJt oe or two la f.en it comes to fruits, ha-
-" covered her face She carrsd a homes in the States. All officers to their houtr. Mr and Mrs. main dta med corned p are easy to carry on an
mother-of-pearl Praver Book an dthelr ladies residing on the Stephenson will visit in Missou- hash t e. faortl. To So are apples.
that was topped with a showered Post wereI invited. rl and take a trip to Florida, be- just 1t4t s..& skillet witl nedD
-white orchid corsage The bride fore returning here in Septem- es of tmate onllon and ar red Beef Skillet Dinner
was escorted and given In mar-I Th. ?party honored Colonel ber. pepper. main 4 servings)
rage by her father. and Mrs. Maurice E. Webb. Ma- Another d~lclous main dfh U
issJoanne Reccia attenKen and Mrsero K Dorothy Knox Has 9th made frohin three canned pr oTwo 1-pound cans corned beef
'the bride ashi old of Hor and jor and M st. Byron Dn dc Is ee ban -of Paart
e asMaido honor and Major and rs. Hrry B. Gard- Birthday Part ducts- e aof bak 2 tomatoes, I medium on-
wore a gown or chartreuse em- nr aj r and Mrs Holli Mr. and Mrs. Robert 8 Knox one of aliqe apples and tw6 green pepper, coarsely cut,
bossed cotton, made ball.rinaprers. Captain and Mrs. Pascal of Margarita entertained for Vienna Many are the t, pepper.
length. The fitted bodice was Adamo, Captain and Mrs Stan- their daughter Dorothy on the varieties ;ewratd meets wWhid corned beef hash into
fastened with rhinestone buttons, Capin d Mrs occasion of her ninth birthday. today offer a spectacular oor saucepan. Slice t -
-"nd she wore a coronet of pastel-y TrumanL. Bennett and War- Favors of whistle balloons and bination oft flavor, nutrition, and onion over top; add
e f lnwe s y o n whv ehad S h e e c o n o m y M o nv en n c e 'k p roinko nw ite r S lt
S~eolored flowers on her head She rant Officer and Mrs. Stanley J. lollipops were given the young economy d cven ce. I pepper. Sprinkle with salt
tarried a handpainted French guests. The birthday cake was nic, they e tops. paper; hea t to serving ten-
' fan showered with flowers and e decorated with pink roses and There are ham and liver pra tu re.
3' fl on shfeIoSpreaTs, ter ry e ntanowps. n
Lbn eaCoffeefor was served with other refresh- spreads for ay bandwh.nsk.
MWiss Leneve Dough was theInformal Co ments. The hostess was assisted ings, there are canned hamburg Vienna Sausage Plenk Skillet
bridesmaid and was gowned in Mrs. Lowell Parker of Fort by her sister-l-law, Mrs. Will- rs and f terms whichel- (4 servings)
"t'he same fashion as the maid of ie fork in- lam J. Knox Mid Miss Peggy Inate thl4 rd of catry
honor and carried the same flow- Gurmal neighborhoods or ain Roddy fresh m n hot weather. tOe 1-pound can baked beans,
e.rr ngement. tHerr colorswas rml nehbrhWedhe guests included Tommy sure to te along an effleti tNo. 2 can apple salles, 1 table-
blu e. Th coffee romplimented Mrs. Wilson Ernest Heitike, Bill can opened pqon prepared mustard, 2 4-
r e little flower girls Carol Pascal Adao who s ean the Hodges, Peggy Roddy, Ellen A good tip In the Leverage e-!e ce cans Vienna sausage.
Cn LaCroix and Patricia Han- Pascal Adamo. wl Mr-av il Ziltzman, Johnny arid Celia Cro- apartment Is to fill your thermoal" Combine baked beans, apple
Luwerk s charming in ther ...L u siusted Mrs Parker. Mrs nan Stephane and Beverly wit cr S e and ae yoses, mustard and Vienna sau-
l frocks of yellow and pink. ohn Tallbone and Mrs. William Dreyer, Nancy and Gordon Sah- child ca oe r bottled bover-- age. Heat to Mrving tempera-
ey Carried white baskets filledAustin were also guests. ders. Prinebss and Charles To- ages along separately. Tob erve,tre.
Is and tied with ribbons A .bin, Linda and Barbar a Erik- -, _... .. '' ......
h their dresses. Mr. and Mns. W Welnmee son, Twila and Ss Walsh, .
ter Jerry Brenran was the Sauled Thsl M eang Shirl.3y and '06 M neau. BOTTLE ING AT S S
bearer and wore a white iMr. and Mrs. War R. Mc- Barbara, B I1 .- my
bth abart trousers. He car- Namee of Gatun and their ehil- Knox, Wayne~, Chuckie O'
ring.on a white satin dreop Terry, Shella, Brian and anti Chrt.aft. oro- Thebae'rneetotworryover,
edged ith lace Dennis, salle dfor a Stateside vas thy's sie.arg-bdeim d
h U attended bycation this nornint aboard the ret, B. M wda o p "as
binmasbi g mana. RThewSaen-bBalty. Baby ath digest
were Gerald 'Dare and Ar- guest of Miss Stella ifor- gritsohil- ksoaly and sie p
O ti k dr seNS aOlebn HOW H e ad.e-
aIsflur reualprectorooffa oNt Mdt _..
rl bitm, S wore whiteMNeuberg New York. _ey wlSi l& -W l"&
llovts -..a large white aso visit with Mrs. Henry Dip-
S ewasolow of Coco Sollto who Is at pre- .ufl
s,, it vacatoning in Nuddieston, ot Ur:a e~o Cl,*..apr
Ir reception for Massachusetts. The McNamees of old CrWtob sw- ltea.ving-
Sthe family was hold at plan a motor trip to Quebec and congratulations "f1 tNSfriends
te d f 'the bride's parents a week's fishing trip at Brett, on the birth of- kC-
letyollowing the cere-Ontarioll after which time they Ion Hospital fl The CT *
A *"orfted wedding cake wills. cvble1#f ung. Pennaylva- baby has been -NJC.1
With other refresh- nia Dft ll rdanee's par'- DeLapp. Jr. Mee a .I-nd .,
the baby returned .lt ome l e



~I I

New Ads ppI a.

Okl ippII

eason.. Quick Remsif

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Wrong foods and drtInk, Wnw., vN-
work, and frequmt oolia .iar, puts
strain on the Kidneys. nd idney end
Bladder trouble. may awem- l B

"MsniMy Pas" st1
or omnmuznial mlved
In 3 wi o f 4 fed-in dAlems'e M

g -S" i-n5u

bath temporarily washes away unpleasa pespiration odour,
bur it will not give you the lasting promotion you can rely on.
Odo.Ro-No safely stops permisaloa aMd
odour for a full 24 hours.
OdeoRo-No stays creamy longw-um gets
gritty even in open jar.
No deodorant cream is so hamlesae. fabrics
as Odo-Ro-No.
No deodorant cream is gente, sem
sensitive skin, sad it is so easya mA .
If Yo prefer ail disoiJN s,
h8 for ado-0 4gsaDof.

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N btMUCE ON TI9fft )wi
dow-S bairage on eets 0pr 3i, S.I ISrt
ars, olhosrfl

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cardinals weep Se.

-I0 -. W" "

1 American League Top Rces ers Se

eams Emerge Victorious Tomorrow 96.
By UNITED PRESS -'. N .. M l', -
-0- lot Rhce "'-1F Na -IF

L ed to within a half -game of the second place Giants weo l me l
rae rined out at Cincinnati and to within four ameIs of the 2-31 AMfo A.VRque 11Ville MUAna I I* *-
place Dodgers who were crushed 15-10 by the Cardinals. 3-Lone v Molly .v 11ve all
The Cubs came through to a 3-1 victory on Warren Hacker's 4-Resorte 0. B chez .
Ite-hltter over the PhiWes. Del Ennis' homer spoiled Hacker's --Villnatral Joei Rodie 10a B
tout. O "I--rene. R. lo 0V l "es 10"a 0 1 4
The Braves topped the Pirates 11-2 as Paul Burris drove i 7-Domlno) V. OroBe 120 .
X runs with a homer, double and two singles. 8-Opex J. Terada fe0 12 W 11a -
In the American League, the Yankees wound up a success-
Shome stand with their sixth straight victory over the last and Race "A" rative-4% ts. l o ln o and
ce Tigers 3-0 on Tom Morgan's three-hitter. Purse: 3 Plel Mew 1Ci mLs tal of abd Nto
The Red Sox stayed right behind in a virtual deadlock by Second itaceof the Double %.WW ( )1 n 0 te111
beating the Browns 7-5 while the Indians put on a sit-Ten i-Lolito 0. SAnchez 110 coverd tme
Ily in the third to top the Senators 7-4. 2-Tully Baba 0. Bravo 194 TAMS- Won Lodt Let
bters with a 10-4 triumph against the Athletics. 4-Mareeoleua B. Aguirre 110 New .. ..3..1 t ta pe tU at
The Whit ,ux moed into fourt plac a ofe -La .. ,,0 : 32 19 .. .. 1..1.. 0 o o1." "
!sewhere In baseball bigwi s Inary examination and Bays no 3rdRace '1-1 VuerW-4% pp. St. *. .. .. 21 a ,*= ,%
inet in Columbus yesterday o statement will be made by any- Purse: $3765,0 -pool Closes 1:45 m SI atti ......a 2 .... m 1: p..
liscuss a report Issued recently body attending the meeting. -One 5 ..e,. ..... 2 ,a .. .. PTaker and i
ov a Congressional investigating The Uovernment Committee 1-Pomdo J. Flores 112x Philadelphia .. *.. t ?i... .. ..2. 2 *. both of A N
committee recommends that Congress keep 2-Bend:go 0. Chants 115 ittebmei., .: .. .t14 41. ........ 1 8 en ki -
This report, based on a 10- hands off baseball'q controver- 3a-reptlgo) 2. Reyes ll7x .. t "' a l
donth survey of the game, was slal reserve clause. It also sug- 4-DO- a r.elda) V. Oraofez 120 TD AT AS GAMTEB S TO DAY'S Ap bu
enerall" favorable. But base- gests that major league baseball 5-The Dauber V. Ortega 1Y0 Chicano at Boton all executives want to studv its be extended west of the Missis- 6-Mito E. JuliAn 115 Only GaT fled. Game Chedled y.' .
recommendations. Minor League sippi River. 7-Nijinsky Jai-Rodrinues 108 tie--- T 1 .. -- "I miht halve Roe 2.t ffi.Sl J a grow '
President Geor e Trautman de- __ 4TSTKDAx S RESULTS TUTrKDAT8 RESULTS other mile, but I W woldld I U fon wi U. B.
scribes tie meeting as a prelim- Among those attending yester- 4th Rac, I-1' hored--4% FP.SL. Pholadelpala 00100 000---1 ru 0 o._. 000 000 0-0 3 1 want to do it again totaw 'mAL :are lming
Sday's meeting were Trautman, Purse: $ IS rel Closes 2:0 Chicago 100. 1 lOx--3 11 0 .York 101 000 10x-3 11 1 said the weas Mis WolEai- eto l- _I n.
attorneys for both major leagues, Robaert (7-4),. onstanty d M2t 2-3), Trucks, White and rubbing her el 'o"rnS- t
BI f vice-president Bill DeWitt of the l-Alto At Agulrre 112 Burgess; (ac-4er <(1) Iand -Atg, Morgan (2-3) and "Idon't feel t goinig g S
I;f) K0' ir at. Louts Browns and Harold Ro- 2-High Mout K. nores. 114 well. myself" aald Parker. ll Brok-
Ia Boca SeniorV ettger, assistant to the president 3-s Mago V. Orofte' 115 -- --Th handsome water siki t.A"Sn
of the Pittsburgh Pirates. 4- anescourt 8. Garcia 100x Boston 0300- 11 t Mn ld 006 010000--7 11 1 pert, who to an nstructorat the
5-Troplca V. Castillo 112 Pittsburgh (100-2 I gton 0001C0 030-410 1 ritIy BrthColonial I -?
I BOST 0 N. Newly-named aoaywood J. Phillips 120 Johnson, ett(8-) ai a 6-41 and Hegan; Bhea Nassau, Said the trio was a&1004
otTManager Marty Marie of the 7-Cradle Boag A. Mena 107 Burris; Mulf -). Main, Mtin- (84), Joanson, Haynes, Master- uneventul.
l L u dSt. Louis Brwas was sEpend- 8-Verrhont 0. Chants 111 ger. LaPalme and Garaglola. M b, Ferrick and Grasso. "We stubbed our skis a copte
a ed iadefinftely yesterday for of time, 1nut the water was good r U S1
pushing Umpire 111 McGowan. Ith ace C ported 1 Mile Brooklyn 1 110 002-10 030004 300-10 14 3 most of t way," he 1id, .
S STANDINGS President Bill Veeck of the Purse: 650.-Pool Closes 2:S5 St. Louls 4 iS08 11x-15 _18 p's 000400000- 4 11 1 As afterthought, Parke
'TEAM- Won Lost Pet. Bro ws played yesterday's I-Pamphlet B. Aguirre 110 Roe..i.,.ipe (3-2L) Ktng. m,. Stobbs (4-.) and Lol- added that couple of sharks C.: .
M~boa ... .5 1 .833, game with the Red Sex under 2-R'thUn Lg V. Ordofkez 114 'Podblel nd*C',1M* : Irk ell1ner (5-6), Fowler, Bchelb came a .e when they were a
ica S isa... 6 2 .750 protest 3-Notable A. VAsquez 117x nella; Cri ian, Werte Tiptcn. In the ream. l_ i j
Br Cola 4 3 .571 4-Rocky C. Lino 110 (1-0) and "e broe water and flipped
ncia Lam ...3 4 .429 Catcher Bill Sarni of the Co- Lulis 000 100 040-- 12 3 their fine at us," he said. t1s 1 J e
udlo Cedefio. 2 4 .333 lumbus Red Birds was a very N New iM to ena. M 102 200 l1x-7 10 3 'All I could think of," ld tdlaM
Jlal Troops .... 1 5 .167 conused player yesterday th Raee -2' I e-% r. Postponed,' ment eathe) ieto (5-4) Madison, Ma- Woltord, "was that we still Teatn M w a ,
"i0--ao -]a"In- on rl To i- '-----: htgeS.00 Cou .nrey, Moss; Hud- nearly 100 miles to go. m". embr U n kt t a n t W_.._
S NEXT GAMES ColumiLus was I In i To- Purse: 0 e i t t iDe oc and h ite.ab d. nem e m aoard th 8: -
aturday: Special Troop vs. ledo Weda y St Louis te -Bar 1-Alfonisto R. Yoeas. lx thre-- -- os hb t hc rash. Ca4ed aa W e bo. a te
Iboa 4:30 p.m.). n was o te B. Loi d,-2-Eng!and V. Castill6 115 ow bywelty s.
onda;: Balboa vs. Agenda nals had recalled him. Sa re- -Funito A Mna 115 "by wthy sP ortw T
turned to Columbus ard started A. Tige rs ty CarstaBis, said th am-
ar p v.cki-on to be told the Oar.. 4-Salccdo 0. CaotIllo 115 Signe r lO Tome Tigers I e ot "a I -. .'
tuesday: Special Troops .pe B-uyIVco v, Orde e 115 I" Bab tu % e_ _art. a..... II
udlioedeno. Lal d n their .d.. --Beach ico Ordoheg 115 um r A B R b.u A K Miss wToford, who has been .. ...i
.leat os r 'e nRe B in Ka 7-aste Star V. Ortega 118 iiy. si.. 2 0 0 4 53 said her back muscles and an-
S- ty. 7th Race '-2' 1x rtd P g. Almost ive hundred- regis- 5oo, Olb 4 0 0. 1 1 0 kles "are just one big sore ache ..
BIG six Al Rosen of Cleveland has. P e: 6375 lbs 4:05 trantk signed um for summer a WrtI r. 3 0 1 0 0 Both were protected from tn
SAB Hits Av. passed Boston's George mellin de e tivities t Balloa minalum o hck. 0 1. 0 0 0 0 ing d' lt s.tapyb u1t ,a111
'Welch -AL) .14 6 .429 Amelro n Le Lgue b, llotin1g dri I a tratItoa v oto L ed .. 0 0 0 0 0 a0 nes to releve thenyt
lla ms (CC), .. 10 .417 the third base jb In .the A-Star ._. Triiph) Ir. V .6Red -5 pla a iesday "ay M pe. ? 4 0 0 their beAt the end of the L

Agenc.a Lam became a serious League Infleld are fwt bas"?m 4: al Toa .... .hundr..T 80@ 0 3 M4 16 1 foot wag tow rope. ". +' "r e '
t 10 the top teama by op Bd It be played "Jul 8 pt t of 4 this week. td Pi- En ro the and coc

Spl' ur Cola, defendtal mBh Nson ?x, b oh a l ac Wrave U11 ing shooting badetbal s 'bt drank water, soft drinksa^t A t '
*,Adftw All a -th III.+.e

(0S). .23 9 .391 hl4. atta. kYan-e th- a'ae f talro30 120 ords wl the 0 i03 Mi n ssrchfd 1 0 l R tasoe to them
ald Dudley twirned a eour- Rut._'h leading jeB h 0... 115 Mant, f. 4 0 1 4 0 0uley arrangement from bax

or the eSI n. 2 10 .385 A .t count shows Rose n 6 .eo T 0. g 1-1a ost l do ular a l oI t -M.. 4 0 0 d 1 0 t over be bathing suit and
boeBy ls o) 7-L a 1rr0 14 .a l 000 110 Il a a .0 pBsrs r 1 0 u 0 su Vio anwore a
... -1; a ,-. .".t.e,t 0 0 0000 dness to relm mve tensile on m

"+ Lem ... .... .. h 3 daeild 4 4ae -Ow h Bjjaje i hm e. m-ie ard o3 4te o Parae 4oluv., .. 3 A 2 1, 0 0 on 1._ A t the end of the
Agena Lam became a serious.. field re first bsma sm M ndat te :o1 a._ S... 3 1 1, 0 2 ti acute trees In :
to the to.. teams by top- d etoo i -and-
81 u r cosa, d 0ofl ina e on bmaila l orfLo ages of nine atid Iminrl bb bowl En ro-h they ate or-

& ab InIO*. ** la** BAR : :ng hooting t C o b 5o 1i
al ..,.. 24 4 4 go and g tn Musial of 8t tlg. ,bo and have a w taale summer. BG ber. Eya n dfi ~t soft drinksE
ecle a".aW- AB Ra -Consul milk .0 VtEm T Sn. r ---PeyDP atck ti
aid Dudley twirled h,a l. ..four- ..R.t. hel4 i dI -gaor anS i CIa 114 tryingnr thebull'sR, Ne I er ow rk- S Ho M ths t o A the '
lnor. the decio... Muller. La3 De of New York. The3 R 1 -12pOte g_ I Lga 4 0 1 4 0 0 Mculgey anmn ft t o
rone. 2b.... 3 1 hurl,0 ge u.4--LArmnu o V. 115 Il-ot popular activity of w Mo- haradt. s. 4 0 0 2 2 0 o .
.by Fitz Robert. Dae from Cleland. 6--Ato i 130 held r tot In pr-school clams- ls a... e. 4 0 0 2 0 0 dotw Gof.eraen who practiad -
Cola- 3b Ray Cm panel th Race o- Wrara 2112 P Ing claayms. Marti 2b. 4 0 1 1 9 0 heath service Inspectors into
rewb, ri ............ s 0 leadsl0at1bB~l League Ba 0--- Te Fivel toei--~g-. s d arele o. .ive. b .-,. 1 3 2 0 0 the water skiwe ,

I* Po. .. .. A. 2 0 te f at one o'clock.-Sal WhiMters 0 .3 1 1 0 2 0_ fire ra" 17.
ley, cp... .. .... 3 0 1 Giant -n re 7 etna (e) t 3-, A e 0-0. -: $4 0.0 fres
bl sb c3 0 0 by Thomsmn-shto tp n-Bochariton A. e ll1 -Black Sambre to se Cae&uifor Tbtckasgan (2-32 1" iO 127 Th ar h
tals ..... .. 25 7 P Rilaep i. t Mar aCGlo B. 112 at Bpa ttas Cled Losera-g-Passarel- loses a leg l
|M lb p...... 0s 0 xyneon hadelha Jakl 2-Turi Loud a rV. J 31 1IS O show up at ambaEtt wePners a&ied.ofor Trucks in beth. T of weight -oo gt-d
rner &s .2 0 The a outfielders are Bk uW S-Sir Bos A. IFoma 117X Carty to finish w0ith a hayridt Detrl 000 000 000-0 Apri a1nd Miss WoI-
I SATURDA S STErAi ds New Yo 101 000 SY X-3 ford EAv* Into the hop-
...........24 4 4 go and Stan Musal of at. L and have a wode. summer. py t e ulf Stream

Wash. lb... 4 1 1 1-Consul J. 1 120 J uoD _F U C rip gant. .-Pesky. DP tBut thatI ,,,- ,..,'U
ai1 2-a 114 yand Dropo; Mar-t
Brown. 2b 1 0 --Porter r Star V. 112 til an Left o i
.4-Luo V.a Goe .be N.w T@t IL Wte 2, .or- hardt.
-obe ts. cf.. .. .... 2 1 5-Cond. Leal I. cull 1II 2-Tully Saba I eh a. t. Trucks 1,
rcb. .... 1 0 1 11.-V. a Terre V. riie lWZ 2-M T Kahu White 1, 2. HO-W ht .
ittan, 3b. 3 1 0. 01 0 4-Ven 1 Tin a11In (tched to two GRASSROf'Vl%0@1XZ ... ...... .
es. c...... 2 0 1 nth Race t _.5-R k batters In .-Tucks In A *- ,----.
i.3Ifn Tim. D. pir 116 7.Btui (e) 2e0-OW- us ," his M


S 5th Race "C" Impoteds 1 Mile F5 hfae "D" Imported 7 Fgs., 7R "q SN

Purse: $650.00 Pool Clo 2:55 p.. .M: -so0. .A O..: 2 p.-. s E5W >-

1 PAMPHLET ------------- W. Aguirre l .................... .... .ud 1
2BL .. A. .......... A ie 4.

ASTHLIN GHT......---- Vie 114 3, FANaUAO ..... ......"11 .
.,TA .-------------- -- A -.7x .
.. .A. t .... ..'

- *1.

A~ii~~1 ~E

e* r

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$1sys i

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bel7ong to d h
I, Uthe are
or 4 tuft as

I "agt su 0 I

"~a"~ btyl.-


Pf. ....A y

I lm ;a
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: ijcu,
*II1.4 ^^'., i


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:,- .

<"... .

~t"~ ~


~ "-:. ... *'' :.."" "

World Court "

Oil Hearing

E AOAGUE, June 13 .UP) "Let tri people know tMe tow&ah ean tWe sf e we "S tu
'I'HE HAGUE, June 13 ,UP)-
britain today ignored "trrele-
vgnt" clams of Iranian premier IrWENTY-SEVENTH TEAR PhANAMA, R. P., FRIDAY, It 1, 1952 -
Whamed Mossadegh and told .... .. i..
International Court of Jus-
tice. sitt!g here, that it should
.make a ruling in the Anglo-Ira- M efWs
Mo sadegh launched Iran's
ea before the court Monday,
t has not appeared In the
court room since.
Iran's Hossein Navab told the
court this morning, before the
British cane opened, that Mossa- C W lsft W ar C in
h was in feeble health, and W Trial
aed the presiding Judge. Gus-.
tava Guerrero, of El Salvador, to
3xtuse the premier's absence. PARIS. June 13 (UP) -Pudgy understood that the Nazi did the 1927, though the demonstrat"to ed him wthb the teft of
Jacques Duclos. jailed French burning themselves. had been Banled by the gover* Mg i efcase. The other hBarr-
Before the session started Commutnist Party leader, today Duclos said that French Pre- ment. polcee withhehe ft of
Iranian newsmen distributed defiantly warned his government sident Vincent Auriol, while a frames Dueles ad was
photographs to other report- captors that some day they may Socialist deputy in Parliament, Duclos a&]o-tormally filed twoe, envelope in the brWeAS.
eM on the courtroom showing, be forced to face a war crimes himself marahed .in a Sacco Van- suits with the Judge. so announced that he wl
they said, "the abominable court. zetti protest demonstration In One obieh the polUee uuh wli t against two Paris morn
circumstances In which the Duclos uttered his threats as newspapers, Ce Matin an
for mer Anglo-Iranian Oil he was interrogated for the see- -Treur. for their aIlgedl
'Company's Iranian laborers ond time since May 28 on charges _. published stories nayin
and their families lived." of acting against the Internal lce had found a mfl tar
The court registrar forbade the security of France by participat- with notations on It iDu
called the Iranian newsmen's ac- and by possession a loaded pistol ilos arrived back at his cel
tion impolite, and a bludgeon. ate prison in a milta&
The British case, claiming The Communist leader. who anice. under heavy guard.
that Iran violated agreements has been sentenced to 30 years while at Toulon, the bl
by nationalizing the Anglo-Ira- imprisonment in his lifetime of atn ch Mediterranean naval
Alan Oil Company, was intro- work for the Kremlin. but who two more arrests were an.
duced before the World Court has never served a term, took ed.
b Sir Lionel Heald, Attorney the offensive today min his three _men arrested were Etin.
general in Britain's Conserva- and a half hour session with ex- ltano, director of the Com-
ive government aillnlng magistrate Pierre JaC- andaily paper ie Petit Vk-
tHealdon said: 'We shallconfine uhi nt, who heads an Investiga- n th le salsa
our remarks to the issue of ju- tion of Illegal Communist acti- Dock Workers' local
raelction, and not reply to the vitles.
address uf Dr Mossadegh, since governmentes iekin
It relatre.d almost exclusively vto Duelo pointedly recalled the e that the Communist.
Matters which are irrelevant to fate of rNau Germany's Her- trying to filch deferse se-
thes question of whether this, mamn Goering, after declari n In the naval ya.
epurt has jurisdiction in this case A there is a "strange similarity"
or not. between the French governi-r t
meant charges against him now
"I leate his address with the ad Goerinrg's charges against l h th e Y" e
meo amea. that the government of the German Communists a tf-
It United Kingdom dispute the ter the Reichdtag fire in 1eM3. o r
v hus ,llegateon e which he "Remember what happened to
Mie ai9ainst Itself, and against oerIng," Duclos said. -. "
t0e Anglo-Iranian Oil Company,
'tA hm been mentioned th According to his lawyers, ting theu-
One matter which is before the clos told the judge:
rt has r d longest "There is a lmilarity between. "a r e. to e-
m c a t we and those against the Ger- A LAW Addre AeIme
"I would remind the court man Communists In the Reich o.
ng ares oat In the In that trial Goeing accused
at 1 e Kingdom, too." the Communistsst tof tettingothem ea n Oa 4e e r ea r 4
tgh contended nThatsthe- tgaae tster ,- aroldanteadaHou ea o'se toft

d aCourt i uins notccM \ Fire ompetentr he as- -ok projc nal Stome se has0
Iie on the dispute, whicko nthe b e ,W WooI d on
im* is not an Interna b e il s irth. n t t t

cour might like to pdstpone on Lawioca- Road without urand. .teelgao caLebatythealt theloba d t e e o 8
one between Iran anIdre lE s e Ul d aI th vanaltre un
but a commercial one J I es' Junio
n the government of nmacrfrsc be e for emepnletye
ti d a private firm.D A lar, uainw ws of vedfoh B ev e Unly.
court h firstA to decide loawhoma .A le foe

ha o "A s d i ne lm r in
g it has power to judge For cryg too m y ers te Le ter his bride of

0a' Ice Po th carr ying-too--m--n I0nal Vea" 11 wrCting by
,i spute. sengera In his bus.A AlvaE A5 h to m a year. teg i the for-i
vtecdes it has nJurisdlc- tram Cave, 35-year-old Pon ma- a ka woeis aeen fteor-
then Britain and Iran nian, was fined $5 this morning ASSLSI, Italy, June h (UP) An exhibit o f.the best art ,l )mA .Hlnz, Is postmaster at

Sof Iran's seizur e Of Anoth erbus P of thelc 5 T ee s Of at. e nta or e&ez -e rnwor at Yl e t ne
be asked to argue out the in the alboa Magistrate's Court. Fire completely detr the a- work produ b Ca a S ne 3r ule hts. Mrs. Lester has
of Iran's seizure of Another bus driver, Pedro' Re. rsty of the loWer bala of St. eremenar en i' 2u t wbork at Yale on e
Itish-owned company. driguez. 49-year-old Colomnian ranci f Asasl tod blned ing the o o t yei is wb her r'sedegree In music.
nin suggested today that was fined $10 for driving abulqe r nubermo eidn l _6lt alon display 'bot i l4.ei tZone
rt might like to ptpone on La oa- Road 'w It h o ut a tures and relilo- rthlobbyof
,4deeblon on whether It isdriver's license. and eelsndah i f

a BALBOA T InUM ., ann.mA'ns H JB Hexteth onH
till It has heard the rival rique Dim. 39, Colombian Wassaint who founded toblstO jrdft- T he o^t^,^1 a ^^^^^^^H- ^^U

C-.te-t tEos w io wase, til tha hadeh r u3 mte De artmdent ^nca hee^et*,"hj^
a ls c fined hc $10. can s ornlkTe p. Oa ik| ,tHws 1-an. A m
Thp fire caused an ut tedtdplayst g nt s u loct rolrs
WdaNNgOsamagte oi many lastmonthIre.e'It.k Watercolors, -r
wasYdiscovoered ear h rlychro u finger paintor01. ,1 uT xagn
Ing as the friars pasmL tough Ploting as 5 dS a O hree-4-h
othe sacristy to the ste.ple to tollImenslonal sente of a Callforula
the bellq.roil field wh-ic MI 2made a ta IIm. bhune 13 (UhI8
eN eFiremen from Asl class project' t es Unitedstates
wiaeIMte.d.ootJo.verame the eoxtendth
wind. Iseselemefthe flames;-lyodwngra idi-s ta oreeme Ifoo18
for a wclle threatemft tfter by.of the Oivll.AtairsgBIldlU. mon 30 days notice
church sult EnmtoI])ofu l elroea t Ianes lh tghe ntAtofr1r51
mbasiralice.ediseemto-rGbyetovterminate the

cause Incy b.d.hem 'to h, dask te h" c' oO. work as
e pterdagy from ti e mr.v la eIo oe-algwree rs
to, agreement, t of reeme5t
cause rocesson hldo ta e lan oetyipeaheitMo thehe

art.or.t frosiermeu ld t not beyond
e.proess heldweorwItwll remain on dlalay Decemehrs., 0t. uelCs ter-p
taln rL the for about one month. Xnar not le a
t 3atpers s0 In writing by
They had noteither e Se.r.JaAcOuntris."
Yhen theofir e omroed2M fMiesBArBof ar tIfonAr treForceolsBALBA theehoere.
oa d u wereaKortukrdat, Je 14 pointed "cc a Iem-
1. kLItwllpem.n nA mercy m~ssion1-9was pe"c ert

3oi. nL le s qo rA Sey m e a in d s ,foavidoittontmonth#4-"

_____________________________Thetramwpr the I~ itk

pNW.a. AN2-40 p. m. NO W I
Teh Pure fotr Nilght surgeams tp.. W
ZDan and -apl. XIev a
I' fK1IJM, dir and looukowab 'ina PA.tI In the.
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Sl ..Observed
GIW, Jane 13 ChY
ClO ittd-t4be-ea will cel
cofaltgAM Hitt Sunday.
The I lmuch in the el
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