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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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. X It ._ .~I N ADVANCE


*piyllith 3 i &y\*
t l MUU 0 RUM u tm MAmN OWN COLUMN'.
Whether they are for General
5MJ A X aesenhower, gato t him, or mn .
H E M A Rdecided, most Americans art
... watching with been Interest a,
he makes the. great shift from
l.Mo1Io Dea Iois pan op uem lot moedersn TeF Pami A*S- 4idldier to'political figure.
amee a areeed gselfully and ee hemandled 3d willy soe- Inevitably, there is tremeond-
-ous drama In his shedding of t'
i ao mpe"uia de .dnt be impetimg e mdin ae~ las the uniform.

If nteT h o u g h m a n y g e n e ra ls h a v e
k letes ked f t In the White house and
Sof I~ %l held hiwu is ffi many more have hoped tb, it has
eewvpee flumes no rmweonaliky fI opmios ,been three decades since such
l.transltion from the shelter
-Ia M rn. o ,' r of the military world-has been
WINGS. OVER MARGARITA -- VL. The American voter will make
up his own mind about how
I--.' effective Eisenhower Is in his
S- .new role, and so will the Rte-
Me too. I'd rather read WW In this space .But itWalter publican convention delegate
e'over-or go peddle his papers somewhere tol4 ft ad who must help select a OOP .
Tallah.with An, also Johnmnie Ray. "_** Z. presidential nominee at Chica-
I'v Wad the e1t00s from Looking Uip, L.rrtw' nA kb- o next month. *
Out, etc., regarding the subject as capt i & e,: -toat But certain things are now .
AA 6f Looking 'Silly seek a chance to gicn my two cents evident to every et4Awn and B
th, which worth, at the present valuation od the dollar, may every professional politician, no
dfly be a stayed matter what his leanings.
Am not primarily Interested in the Margarita "overhead" First of all, it is Sear that
rges, although we'll go into that later. Besides, I live In Eisenhower is beat in t is
tivi and the only PBMembeis to be encpuntered in that first phase of his political life
hbornod are etry much on Lhe ground at the "Oasi.'" upon establishafg firmly his
But I am concerned with that phase of the correspondence Republicanism. His speech at
tten5 brthis character, Looking Out iLO'.. Thlrg JaellOw Abilene and his Itmalpress
taoe tidustrial Bureau name of Kellty. Mealile cEl- conferences the awn In the
e or something like that who said he read the piece and past haev all be esoarefully
ught it was sure a long-winded bunch of bilge. Imagine designed to envey that the
eoudy of tme Industrial Bureau accusing someone else of be- General believes himself a Re-.
long-windcd hah! publiean. ''
.a wplece by looking Out, though, firtea 4 tl He identified htlmsef broadly-' '
Disparaging comments about some o my friends with the Republican statement "'"
behs defense I feel disposed to peck the portaMble. of principles Issued Feb. 0, 1MO. 1 A ..w 4L ,
First there Mr. Bob Wilford, his age, and-his box cars. Mv Again and a he struck M ,
wledge of lox cars is limited to the roll of 12 on the dice. familiar Reppblican Ichords. -
O.'s experience probably stems from the countless years he More than this be endeavored
rnt riding the rods But under the newar. a.' fatedly to ulqpbte himself TM
o here, unless I am misiQ idMr. V L StiO55lt SY4 tPh*e
SEd Stokek (same age as Jack Benny) IC 1, I,.nWlinkatT a x- rltt e
at he take none home with him. i-. ait .Wi the Btc Party. R IIK "
This isa typical adminitrativeredundancy bcate hat is purpoeat is course By 08 RUARI
he world would Mrs. Stokes be wanting wit a $o6 *car unless, are lear. One. sImply to .
ybe, to stow her jewelry in eliminate any doubts about his
Looking Out inferred that Wllford was as I ias a PBM or position in he tfitical spec. o .A-T andrt tht ow n amuse mnt N it to but a u
Sverse. Admitting that he no longer s a8,i .lomber's trum.I a s NE y r ndrtdownnthat a t to ist a go-
Paul Doyle or power potential, tin noe e, Another and m overrid- bookamusement w Ame eemshort. Oh, mY, aim I not I l ,n-uproarlou e toy
lying the yardstick of time to a Yardmrto i to thosebu w tti to f w

Then there was thue snuendo beamed at poor Mr. Adams o, at whoseMM Sbe mary need wftueur s u men In wa a a to

ro m Banana Bill. In the latter's absence, he .econd ran wh tlon e: ne on of the dc. ,A eoal tmaBiTtnh m.. 01httle One &baie A a1.78 t gtBU
naered long goneRaymond, amay well pee off on LO in re- Whether ytChi coi rvention. t teey If yea t for e Yr u.
ion andthis matter on v his Adams appty.It le. Bu there is one l tolMeIae It ~~ edt ah Imhae Elshaower rWe taw th ou tteas
hadl of rminGeorge Jones, Jr.. le d Melsnge BrittenbCapt.Ca ett, tome Dembora t th" t wrtite- a yd e lt Miss -4 agpitot gas of todIp
ia Doyle or Chaplaing. rhich claims that Mr. Raymond is no to winZ t,358.12 ta % t f ub et to the hitalty lhe QA rBrai L
Other ble towas the innuendo beamed at poMidget, or Mr. Adams, or support amonewg te 1elana of earned come ea. Yeu W per- oaba -il.or-nioml tm
even hit Ball. In the latter's absence, wthe second rankingce. who alone can a him. n the b tead tly all of it.
nms Mr. Tony Raymond, my well peel ffn LO In re- Whether yolk bras o te a I3m 1"wto f 1 n"]i an Me 111." 7-
IUston and lay one on his Adams apple. But there Is one appeal toIr udeIs anM Ike i.sean.we 1 m me-
1oo of ring-wise atuient.9. led bv Jeff Brittenbach, one-time moms at Ol t, write-it you 861s WIt a ltia oim .
vy heavvwelght king. %lhlch claims that Mr. Raymond is no is really largely be the side income, and in SO f t theto
er able to lick one side of a Singer Midget, or for that mat- point right new. He 14 nno n of earned Income. ate .You muo "o prt
even hit Sam Brown in" the stern with a handful of rice. as a Repubican. cent o nstan. ply all of
I would not care to astitantlate. .Beyond doubt this same effort am nieaed teo ad w Juthi s,'lo t a
A Wrong again was LO. when he stated &.os cola S weio g me. tiaht e e alwaye for u. jug
egan witn whom Capttnr KoeniG was 4e frw1IhxS W.
golf match; because fv tVW 2WWW N0'V," T m
6la, le, it be known that it ItM AnibaP (tfla s r on bt re
th Doc iStranahani Byrd rounding out the tresome. Rt a real bond bet*eehif a Sit
hlnb to oe caught in an unplayable lie, my informant refused and the party of i to afif hto.mero t bostl
divulge the amount his opponents .took the captain for on Republicans will be effective? I am surprised ete Uftim te te a we ta
round. foa-. i.n k f epla will be oofectiveZ I Cisem eve* time h hbohe
am also of the opinion that this LO person exercised o an estimate ow th of advbsup w we l $12. t UO- r$ h e taxers
e stnme bad taste in alluding to Mr. Blgrays country jotint th general mlsht lose uP hh to
as a dumpp, a to appeal tdo oetabnBhede b- l an e oemade la" bea
But the most unkindest cut of all, and *ti ww h inflated pfappeal to eon knows of caat i thts O mae B t ifo m a b t t u
We can? No one knows, of ep WIBthi a In.Ben .
Steepest wound, was the impugning bf the dignity of my But the feat that he eer teen Wlnr, I omplle.fivle U att on, a
est friend Joe Dignam by Implying that he was a Bingo ed upon this satraeay makes abol t 100 magatinae Wno
er, when EVEHYbody knows he's a Hog Caller. lain a second point bout I ut all these tl Ii separate bottles d We had already pl:ow 1 ground with
The only complimentary allusion to be noticed was when Eisenhower, the political ian- cast them into t oe .d, bless Patt. Winston's innovation, yu're old
credited His Honor with having fillintn tet. Such didate. banvolent shat them rigt en what you rit and not
tery will gel him nowhere. But now that. t f1'fae noame That is that he has emlMkat of an agent, sublect to tax pnniysh'ha I .e'.t
grandfather up in Colorado last week, a ee out h new task with tbR ease We have Ike, too. l it no few
on his return may be tempered with a measure of mreto ml Re. Is not trying to hold iM, 0e Is a very capable & t. He not only of s ever make flve-tar 'our artistic
'a choice ot aeronautical nomenclature tq illustrie his to Ignore the mechanics 6L.1. d any stkff for prettV b r gi bright calioe.tlM t Ioltveee can be called a
'ltes muchifo be desired. He probably thinks a "trim itica. He has entered th e e actually gives e whole percent of what i This amusement el. i a-
I r heck you. get at the officers club.-The term "flat mble with a wiltUl .s s he not MIndl e Uenous man? *a, this pleea i not Int bat
ng," for instance, was ill-employed because flat hitting I a That I a healthy sign, for it I ohoho. Heehee Iaha. You must pard fl Itilng I e. Oh, hohoho an
Sand deliberate maneuver of roaring down to the deck, means that between 'now and ib" h giggles, but Ia tlust having so 4 d *etch the needle, moth pt is
out along the daisy petals, and buzzing the bejabbers outtof July 7 the American people will mulft good, clean frun writing this thing Ides ....
Orything higher than a cricket or a gopher goofy enough to see two fighting candidates, "
p his head up for a look-see. i." enhower and Senator Taft,
A prime illustration of flat batting occurred not so long locked in earnest struggle right
Od down and along the ground and ac ., decapitated a isahokewer ht A aviation G gasoline
er in a cornfield. The unfortunate plouga ai bereaved to a ay fears that as a l- At. P
luded four daughters, dhich makes it the onlp known case di*Ae would be suMit ;a,. "-
re the- story ofIthe farmer's daughter was lacking in levity. Ms Wlife. Understsdy,
It seems planula that Koepke's Kewples would not commit he has stressed his belief Ia 0 9 *.-.
*nselyv. to su ct hoolboy lowjinks over Matgarit in them .paramount pnv iof t* WAMHINGTON (MA) Thme*Vted Stat 1 0t6 of years. the }et f t a
-wing..bathtubs: .- **- -- .' '. 'a.f- iAn Amer-isan affair, wouM be extremely abet of iatt ti At the same late tb mig
These airmen are unquestionably compete, cautious, O the Iltisena a' tM is- case of a middben, ahlre mtRt-uan at4o"lla Uno, alM g, A ftor 4prowg l
r' capable: or by this time they would be 0_26 the t can fa.Uy w d-a m o *an. Germany or nt t p% A, L redue
eaCola at Pensacola, or at some avodlMmet- -.o the se dsf rau oh ees e Ttda slhor o avi
at Corpus Christi. 'thbe* who say leb t a This alarming hort Was strlkngalt revealed Mi oaaises, in a ti to
All have a consuming ambition to be known as the oldest mUitary man in iub f.* b1 the strike of MIO oil worked on. Apri2 s0. The first lflhI loss ot
alive, and re dunce any risk that wo 'idi Itpar t .e e Stte naturally, the -enetral Two days later the Ar Feoree hai ti ut#tfow'oft ADglo-Iranian Oil Company
ainment of that.*bG. Most are married and, like Any pipe- has tried, too. to answer other all military flying Mept in the an theater. >arst refinery at Abadan, .a
pilot or printed, have loving wives and chdrsurWin mio Me'lMasins leveled a'gaflt him Three days after that, scommereal airlines were. Itr uOded 10 perct ot t
Since to cone home to. They like the Navy and their while he was overseas. ordered to cut their nations 30 per em, for Rt sgasolne. When tht l
k; look forward to wetting down that extra strlve; and lpt e haas tried, according to his days, or until aft the Decoratin Day travel lawn by Ihe Iraflain gover$t
t of all to stick around and maybe some day take over ed-.; Ithta, to be reasonnaby rush. But, as many of the oil unlatM have been to U,. refineries to make -upw _
a Job.out the int w rcts and n t wold
eA yeoman told me that, depending on wing-load, am who about y "Wth e deon wrl, fhicri taslinrtf av a nd returniql t 35 f ldl.. -.
Sfly on onp engine. On these operational fligbap'ef'snoibed ar, e the General stands." at. The -eond factor la o e oue
lar pattern, wing-loading is maintained at a minimuim A tinys thin-s underlin te l tatsat itn comm rc1al aviron.
provides, we Ope, a reasonable safetfl .b *hqhef wmi e at em ha t his _The irony of this situation is that many U. B, travel ia 1951 was over 11 ileton
boats are booming over the Little Lea. %uta But d t Mdt r the nom tten eerts have figured Russia il not able to tart With was double the 114 itul W
bh 'engines go out beyond gliding rang of any water a un shg Ju r ot, uot world War .III n it lacks avltlotb l e IaS aviation rasi o su
neither the Yeoman. Capt. Koep,,ef t"tkin mte aS at i eng Itt ,alos devaoata .it.hi. ev hte n ot d e fi e I Mfer 7u ss .
will deny that,It is anything else but "So Long, It's Ben p Sian b ibome were a lto knoc out key Ues. If t the start of World W.
dTo Know Ya." not h it be were to out ey 8. At the start of World War
This is "June Week" up in Crabtown or Annapolis. In hoor of th? r l m i lta tdutpton would b even maMe n.MSo wts aroUn 40 -
me of its most distinguished htau ou e lentW
'l at some restraint, with a round-t'e. -disic 'hi mandAi t y fi th nmet of a lt" tt wold wa ," ^
g and Spanish 6ver the merit or demerit of e I w t teor, etense Moillsaton Adnsletrat on prods
tAs ti e "opo "id to the plane captain, asthm the Mai- ur, a"m dmduioe.i_ l ag-a dor a i .fil
% .."ig ff loae up in front of them, do't miss i. .
It the meantime, we'd best belay for fear of being classified =n 3 as B
-IMig-winded by some boso of the Industrial Bureau hahI caa
JUPT LOOKING. of *h fmww^a w evfi

-.',.i .?,..a ..
_ .. **." .

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;Olle 0"

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[]1 i I now P

fr"omA a thi nOmen Mft
;"l la' ,..''

theon was
that .oul
ean r
em AlbN

'Wr W Sa

was looke
deUt and tm



4, .-.. -
* .' .. ., ., : .. *. ;
.- : ..
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-c'. "o-_ s -,
0, wp i-^ "
-*^^"r'A.- ". -

Me Pi t tde Raffle of the two Hihman
B is u ir 1aatwe date. The raffle
j~.~~fly, Jome.i.

-A -- -

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-t '>1, ct.:.-


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The th


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oll .Meuf--turer
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,A-- tto Ift
F=who I
th Wit the bo
i moret p
7I 9A grave.



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flu x'- r' 4
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van '"'
- lit .iue

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iYoc buy a human huet

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sad,mand tam.

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1 I ,. I -, ,r14
will f 0] > -"' ,
w 11" ..S
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~ Li

The" plsi- .

The Plastic

" I

S".fptl completely flat,
t 'washable In-
^ tfor walls, cal-
, iul, woodwork, ven
henm and bathrooms

Made only by
Cgneral Pat..

Dries in half u
hor,_ wa hash"
SI white and 75
"modern color,
Ose oat cove.,
ajmoet anything.
Come is snd h*
us deawanshae
k& e.. s.w'fl.

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Prd of Enirh Mminn.-w '

Wat& r t Dol ths Cam-s Lak. eDO.-
that w oi t me o Upy Ismo
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du aUf, &thrq t

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Pr 31

I t, i HSI!CS,

8. Sants Marts

he t pR
Theodore IrazeS
;t lawyer rm W
an international
i water power and
k Santa Maria Is
kraiso and will sa

*tttteaa, is important ht
0oly a rt but M a tams
which ablppin point where mr
o are transfrred froa river craft
W. to larger wTele.
anmen- The new Rhine-Amsterdam
u, a link is a reality, but it fore-
lscon- shadows even greater fse of E3-
1 au- rope's Inland waterway ian-
d con- portant trade routes or cent-
bound turies. Projected are approved
11 to- canals between the iame and
the Danube and the Rhine and
thte Rhnna

ToBreak Completion of the projects
's Speed Record will create a waterway network
Nl rRI NEWS, June 11 capable of handling heavy ton-
3? (lP)-oThe new giant Amerl- nage between the Black Sea,
m luxury liner SS United the Mediterranean and the
states may break the Queen North Sea. Almaot every nation
Mary's speed record for the At- in continental Europe will be-
- -lantic crossing when she makes nefit through faster, cheaper
t her maiden voyage next month. transportation of bulk goods.
... England's Queen Mary's has Amsterdam la at present the
held the record since she cross- prime beneficiary. The city -
ed in 1938 at an average of New York of the Netherlands.-
S-,31.69 knots, but the United in addition to Its port activity,
States cruised at better than 32 is fahmnu for its banks, and as
kr.CL.- of the coast Monday dur- the home of the diamond cut-
Sin speed trials. d ring industry.
'ie, giant vesel .sterdayi- *
made an eight-hotir rut: at her __
.ti4 165.,00 horsepower but re-
0'port'oh the run were not made W

Ohicials of the now S .0.000.000 1 V S
6' liner refused to give the exact *
Speed ot the ship [or security I A Y ON I
reasons. The 53.290 t.n vessel .JAC0 .ON. BRI. M E
was built by the Newport News By OSWALD JACOBY
Shipbuilding and Drydock Co Written for NEA Service
for the UnILed States Lines and
Sis designed for conversion to a
troopship in case of war.
in trials last month the liner NO1Ta / a
developed motor trouble but the1 6 A Q 87 4
defect has oeen coirected and 9AK 85
t-iralte--this week 15 miles oa i J8B
C: 'e Henr', Va., have been A
WhOUtit a hitch." WE8T .'AST
.e iiat!o newvest luxury is 990 et long and has Kie 5KJO'2
twelve decks ., her speed trials IJ AQH Y 752
a.? approved oy the Maritime *KAQ102 *7542
Commission, she will replace the 6107. 682
)a ,rJ6 America as liagship of the rUTE (D)
'TTnited States Lines. A 10
QO1 6 4
New Canal To Carry Rhine 4K 9
Traffic Helps Amsterdam OQ J 43
WAIHINGTON, June 11 (UP) NWMtbrlide vul.
--Amsterdam's Importance as a Soush Wet NtI Eat
world port inafa.ed recently Pass .-A Pass
with the openintf a new canal 2 W Pass
connecting the butch metro- Paso Pa
polls with the lower Rhine. Opening lead-V J
The 45-mile canal replaces an --
antjquated Amsterdam Rhine
waterway whose shallowness
anid' all locks limited tonnage
The rfew canal reduces shipping When today's hand can&I along
time between the river and the West wlk and tire of all
port by 20 hours or more. the si aoppone who
The canal joins the Rhine at bid suit stlLthey didn't really
Tiel, the Netherlands. through hold. This was one time that
one of the world's largest in- West was going to show up the
land locks. 1,170 feet loni. It phychic Wdwso that East would
S190-foot vertical gate know what suit to lead.
be operated at high
6So West double. two o s, ne-
6f up e 4.000 ton, dia- ver dreaming that tb4 hand
t now may ply between would be played there.t'StrajI-
erdam and Basel, Swzer- ly North re-doubled to show the
Some 500 miles up the power of his hand. East couldn't
very well run out to spades and
Increased traffic on the new.he shuddered at the thought of
waterway is expected at least bidding diamonds. Belides, he
..o double the annual total of hoped South would run Lt. But
T00,000 inland ships with Lon- South was happy 'noughzo stay
nage of about 23.000.000 that; where he-mas. An( so w& West
passed through the old system'-for a short tmne.-
of canals in 1951 To cope with
the increased shipping, the 15- opened the jack of hearts,
mile North Sea canal, connect- and dummy won with the king.
Ing Amsterdam with the ocean Declarer cashed'the ace of clubs
oak Ot'lmnuiden. is being widened. and entered his. hand th the
"" The..IJmuiden canal, finished queen'of hearts to lead te jack
'in 1876. can accommodate of clubs. West hopp-ed p with
ocean-poing vessels, which en- the king of clubs, and Ea- drop-
I*er it through the world's lar- ped the eight. This conirimed
Sest sea locks. Amsterdam, like declare's very strong suIpicion

' U." ." "e.,

. A'D rn ,4 '


..Don't itemise your bill for all theen

mostly th ing my husband fild Mi '

that West had started with five South, so he discarded two .L
trumps. modm oan the btrth and
West shifted to spades, but hearts.
dummy won with the ace. De- Declarer no had eight % % 5
clearer then led the ace of hearts safely home. It was therdtN i
from dummy, allowing West to safe to had ie Rat trump,
ruff. This reduced West to two Ig west Into the lead. We nt
trumps, while South had three. toead away ftm his diema 1
West led his oth .er spade and after Nl nilit 8outh an
South ruffed. Declarer next trick.
cashed the queen of clubs, leav- South scored 710 points for the
Ing one trump In his own hand re-doubled contract with \
and one trump in the West hand. overtrio* a more than
Then South returned to the value o tf e in rt
hearts. was made at most of the o0"
By this time It was obvious to ,
West that he could not set the SALTY
contract. East's discouraging dis- Brin from the Groat
cards In diamonds also indicated Lake. Utah, contain, a.
that South held the king of that somewhat Sm than 20 Mor
suit. West didn't want to ruff a sod an t abou
heart and then Iad diamonds to fourtlaV tomaidn m salt,
I l il I l l .....iiill MUU H^rH.. H

I. '

ro Cmors:
M.S WinnI pe ............................................ June 14
To COLOsMI. UADORt. & *a I:
Point L v q .........................................e.. ue
MS Washington ................................ .....-July .

Liberte .............. .................. .............. a-n 11
Do G an .. s.' .... ......... ..... .... ........
Csio.' .gf l, P ass U1 -- Tlsi E a
Panm s taS .i-I S -L e

Little Saucers From Big One



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Z Sl fl *e .Whne You Tell em thru PA.. '

y eur Ad with uv of .ae 2 .n e or Office le No. 57 'l" 9
No. Ne, t217Q itMral Ave. Colne
Sovice SSS ide k*n Americaie Cariton
S Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and #M6 Wet 1o 4reewt 10.05
'a Agsl M onal de PuOicacionem Prepa ,- '-'r i 12 wod
of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441 tt ail-t* oe 2-313 u S. wte
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usehuoie Aut wtflny. "a n hoy a d Pemhb e vm 2- lI L
----------------- 543-c Do -4293.sPK s IUM. AM.. an 0
Service Personnel sahd CivIlRn 20X1 o fSt t t. wl h
FOR S4t,-.A two-piece sectional Governrment Employas V'
oa. arm chair and one cof- i hl.Isit on CRUISE through the Conael to histo-
tee n loTel 3-3359. Government Employs Fi A e, rcal Portobelo and primtrlve Sn E D O
:oR SI 0:--25 cycle Wetinghouie When you finance Vut .w Bias Islands on the fast new fif ty- 0_tIM
refrerato Over year guarantee or used car. foot diesel launch "Pescadoro." mwhat a Wit 1n f
refr Urator. v. ice b Chear lds guarantee AGENCY 1 M I Three wonderful days IJune 20, Clare. eCH IODAE
on ugi,, 9 cu. ct.oice bos Chid om, 43g cor 21. 22. Aor only $50. Sponsored pletena & 1 l iCHLORDANE ik
crib and mattress, play Pen and N. 41 Ar o t h 2!. 22' for only Con. Sponsored Panam id ajl, b the April iue.
pabd agnavo radio pChonograpl h Phone 1-44 _.45 b. Hotel El Panam. For more de- Gremlt h' e r Forr d
pdFnR rAt 0cyolpe o rt ela pl s tals. reservotions ee yar travel a4 th ?...
dof 6 0 de Stemmed ooliss- FOR SALE.-1 !a ton stoke body srcaae b t lthe miller i n Renaly M%) --- I
FO SL.- "0 nsycleA agent or call Jungl Jim, Panama T tr
ware.. 1419-A, Carr St 2lboo 2- truck Chevrolet. Good condition. 60. A M .. t .I t In the aricu .ltil "
6367, Apply 603?7 Apt. T Otnbdw R .de for you farm A
City. Do you need any typing done? M anu- Wults' O1 Sco2.
FOR 5ALE:-Mahogany dining table FOR SALE.--Cleanest 1950 Fordr Do ltooe. Tr or any th i g F.. OV e ,g io s M T
and four chairs, (Curundul phone Luxe Tudor, radio, low wAftge, yourself time and money, expert c Lirtkr00.F NOM .,PMC
83-6126 new paint. excellent condH lon.thn -*2. 8414V
5437-C, Diable 2-4298. 5PECIAL EXC URIONSI A
FOR 'At--One 9 cu ft. Refriger- FOR SALE:-1951 M. G. two seler, o OM PANAA Oy Mni. Tal Ored tXo iiit" to i.
Foor 8nghouse all porcelain, I black Good tires. Car sine recrt on-e wa $85 round i $ (1 'Bwhil eie o( MtChiucldthw
01cr 46c day-limit. $160. (oad one year) LUX (L U l
mahogany, night table. mahogany condition. $400.00 down 45.00 to LOS ANGELIS, one way, $149. swimmilng B, hor-ee,
dressing Thble with bench, anytime per month. Better see today. 15. rcund trip $252.35, 190 day- etc. Phone 4-.7 E1, 4-230a eET-
after I 00 pm 720 Cocol. S nest i Paed oe lAs Pana ma Dispatch service, o wings, or Curs 4 nytime.1 VENET bte
FOR SAE: Refrigerator: Hemp FOR SALE.-1951 M. G. Sports car. 2-165 .. ToPl Pana LI S 'm Robe rastse .ekb

OR SALE -|--oldspoi refrdgeroaorb 8te bai n t Dal r 20. Canr forcLPan .rs clabssee ao t .r NS2. u ars. .a22 '
rugs, bb cr ahny cram thi--- cr as n- An COTILLIONS; Offer a complete

FOR SALEColdspot refrier000. 2 t ruck, Che1 ole. Good dealer on. TA PANAMA. CANAL eONb. e rn fue i45thSt. No i32 sied .rs o~. a n2 hetf1
cu. ft. Excellent one edition. 60 0. FOR SALE-1952 Buick Sup Foer, i held at l Pam li i" beginning
Pdrfe 4-312 Pedro Miguel. dor Riviera, no Dynaf low. low this month. For information call FOR RENT #AWMABR OKERt. Vs i.rrbytahe
FOR SALEWestinghoue refig ftionmileage. For information call al- Panama 3-1 565. A we nue # *w M*t.S na 1 tiu J

FjOR SALE :- Wesinghouse refrAger- block, Hydra-tc, rado, heater ,., $' -{1. -49 P*n N3?! M om B0 C.
tror. porcelain. 9 cu. ft. pguorceain ueroaed, co. 2-4437. BAcoRCHIDer s Bouqhuets corsage RlI d 1 aamiH ht.
15000. G. E Table Radio. FOR SALE.- '2 ton stake-bdcrib-play pen wy delivered anywherht t N 'AMUS uItel Ianam NR-
inon. cor ,play er. $6000. 02 truck, Chevrolet dod STATES, PANAMA CANAL ZONE. Modern # ,A 0 led1 T1. 0
Single beds Hous Empre 9020Stree-,. Bal- er TvApply 6037 Crossm Rainbow Cityel. 2- S2, Tel Orchid GardensPa 3- pi.neMi. h1.0.'A1nd ,,

garito. Phone -1. 0771. Cristobal 1033. ice ttusNw omo A 1 ,, b ," 5 Bfl
L 5 eoFOR SALE-951 Linon M e R.Fordor, I A % o
FOR Chinese carved wardrobe. tic doered W.o hAeIRr plumbing fixtures hit ii rn- t.8____a 3 l e N @lui

House 827-. Empire Street. al- er Ti voli Crossing. Panama e. ma .?S. Tel.2-3752,a t e o. peaN ELrNte -
bost. 4631. HOUSE OWNERS, Houseo_ ,uo1 ,,o*,.n. se.a1"_o.t 00 WW
ChinseaLve:d aro WePositionO WE REPAIR plumbing fixtures at Re*a spaes asd.

0,Plank St. and Gayl eon Rd I POSITION OFFERED.r-Span ish-Eng- We g uaron 6 prom t r. n oeat w rk oa -i ort

I ul y. Tehopt .-meat FOR S LENT cSEHO fCAG al W
aTk '.J,.h speaking young girl with COMPARIA ISrMEA IOL FOR RENT leaOn furnisEehed roomI *uE H
"' SALE;--' Fr~ d linowledge'of bo keeping and st.- RIA, S. A. Phone 3-3350." Justoowith pril-- bothroorw and en- belectuon,O I sls tal
nography to hsis in office. Phone Arosemena Ave. and 29th St. East trance Kitchen privilege. 43rd St. VenV
cyc4 1F75.00 Easy Spindr', wd;h- RFfeALEs prlvte T t Sea SmoaOrli
t 1WAN.ED '--r-iaef Fatieithnsprieg co60h double bed sie FOR RimT-- No 1.3. t
er cycle. 115.00. Ft. Gulick. WANTED Experi enced beauty ienr i elh ers trance, kitchen privi lege. FirMl St. li
irt t work. in Fort C-ton when opened. i items. 153- Shppin, movg, or t
.....i -.. B.aut Shoppe. Salary guaranteed., Calabosih St, Bolaboo, Gaviran l ble. ws e
Phone 87-2231 or 83-7269. Area. Apt. 5. W7e Panoa baYrateormo the a.5'.
-5iP isso o Brre-FOR RENT: In i. Vtem, h lMr .rM'A ai b lK, e p ami n*
s. Wont ostFORM SALE-Typewriter, Smith. C- nicely furnished roam, kih i pMi-
mera Argus C3. Diin g set, reson- "'vileges. Mexico Avenue n 8 wt
V.S ime. Clerfk-Stnogrpher, PC-employa on able. No. 65, Aprt, 7, Mr. Arose- 4wrd St. Phone ud 'e3. &hliwi Nslft j'tr
leave, desires position for June- mNeinO. FRo W38 pg g.
July. Telephone.: 2-3641. o 2 FOR SL:-DulbarlumRENT CA L of Cao .
oWA NTmade 12 gauge thot gun with Miseellanrrobl it". no pgblfle emh i OFP ..
WA NTE D leathe r case manyoshells. Reining-FOR RENT-Space for store or of- baph.rhttpay the iE InftMOS
.. ammunitlon. Marlin pole, two. fce. Francisco de Ia Oise Avenue or cewart ete f "bU1 chea" ao"
WANTEDl-O partner with $S0,- sailfish poles, Pnn enor M el No. 36. Tel. 3-3404. (Aulomobile bis Oe t ragt,' G-1. m", .p u a
000 00 or several buying stocks with 600 yards line. Pflueger Tern- Row i. d t 'l htt s-m ad .. dlatnm a.),, datedt 1uo
totalling this sum. Ten years rltyo peer 1420 reel with 500 s El f y ar mts fi. '' te r qa
business.. ,itvetirf duplicated n line,. two se hrne tackle box S LOST FOUND 'my e'-s "-"-".n
first two yLers. Profitsbs ten years with gear. Alto saxopho ,ne r withMEO oT
5totalling fti"e irl-the invebtnt, case, 48 base accordion wih toen. LOST:-Boy's block English Vikin0g Auml "s rauce C., _.ntit t Md4-e-;
nfour cio r Box 1104, All excellent onditi S bicycle in Diablo. Please callmaclsed W
Ancon, C. Z."", pres. Phone Colon 264. Michael Taylor, 2-1527,M Heuse lme n" oat-IO
F WOR Ated FOR SALE:-R mm Movie. Come rThursday. ei c ".
VeryCl Manlt ulneded, to liave in. Phodie 2282 Ft. Kobbe. 4 months, with white paws and eam jt tC K .o.
VeryGoodWarO. Recommnda- SA7LE--WLre :Astro- white mark under neck. Child's lrie;. Jos t Supum ," nt r Uli"
tnons necessary. 49th St. No. 17. sonie portable combination radio pet. Any information, pleae con. e1 t"at t'WASsAllh" l leuJ S
Information fm"m 7 to 9 evening end phonograph. 12 1 hr spmols. tct Pedersen at R-f1A Apt. A,
__________________ZitrXorecom930S.t ea layIntb
Sto live in House New. $225 00. Bargain at $100.- Rouau. C. Z Or Phne 08.
work and laundry. Balboa 1433-C, ----,- FO R SA LE VSE HOLI) 1(,,HAN UE U ? Ca "y t a. u
apply after 4 p. m. I t dts
Up8fedls area. Must I nsst have r- t Bestoffer. FOR SALE: At Coroad Beach. am UPwChapain
.tl pe rlds PenCAN.AL COM-PAN1.Y'stool trailer 21' long, 7 ia' wide, WEBU ma 11M. elate of it.--lsleawsuod
eh4i8 CANAL COMPANY B' high, two wheeled, no tires. 1wbe em nIPuNOfhtlands I.
1FO l .c:*-ndaar STRoUCTURESeFOR.SAILE Somefdrnishings. joining toilet 10aA.o., une anhhsu v"sAld. are given to tli fly'ip

Vwile be releived In fth office of SuI ) e A

Operated with scooter license. public. Form of proposal with full, l sCLY
House 5155, Dioblo, telephone 2- partleulaursmay be the #a mam .j ,Im .. i ;, li l

FOR SALE:-Fairbonks houlzontal 5, -ui Heig4tb. Only n

KW. DC: Fairbanks generator 42V .w t mming .rmdof.!.la a
-HP, 110 V: Ideal motor, 220 V. 3,i *a flb vmS 01111" eou0hteh24naudA pE gird fl ha e"t11111S11si

FOR SALEt ic=M' I. '_ i-t-_-k.aa

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Bkicks, Cit a OI;;;*ikes,

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ks Lead, Bosox DNp*. / T ia

!3rd; Reds.Edge Giants rites

E W YORK, June 11.-The Bm py National League

.aAm IS ,.3.._I --- Y


aga g ... .. #.*a., 5 ..., .
i _~~~- '. .', A4.-' a' k':- '"

ww. .ew spinif or Manager Martyy Marioni kUOCK- ------- .. S""
ed t. Red Sox out of first place with a victory T.s- Wen .Wot Pet.1 V
in ffame twice delayed by rain. Nw .. 86. 1 .. O i?. e ei
Te Red Sox tumbled to third place a the hbleago .. .. sI i ; -
Yadtees took over the lead for the first time Cincith.' "." 2 s i t oh .. :;
thbl -sason with Ed Lopat's four-hitter ctory V as1desI :. :: i 'W i r'
o0 the Tigers. Pittsburgh...... 13 40 .2.-4k a
".Indians moved up to see- with six In the 15-4 .ietory over TODAT'.GAMES i Veeck can do wht he
ond 1ace in the American the Athletics. Boston Iat tut (N) L but I dot think h
race when th.y defeated In the National League, the Brooklyn at( (N). With me as a mt.
th ors 4-3 on the margin Cardinals battled to a ten-in. New tYok at M l mati (N ) &eilms "orm io fe h. A te-r.t '..lh t -".: "
of Doby's homer. ning 1-0 triumph witihnapped Philadelphia at Chieg. sh ld uc sole bo8s of theat s
S bite Sox went on a the eight-gme B win- .. wiewnp. Veeck evidently di ad thv v.
to innin rampage, scoring ning streak. A t't Red YESTERbAtB RESULTB fl. g eed. er the stuf at
12 tnsi as m Mele tied the Schoendwnst after l/ Re lPmusa (Night -me). in y Hornsby: "ou thm h or two
modern .najor league record for walked produced the winning Boston 002.0 2 w I a the world in general that cutive v t rhe an he r thk
runs-b tted-in nl one inning tally. Pittsburgh 5100100 0x-7 8 1 rO ia 6screwball.I had a clause an lucky ti and t fl
Span (6-4). Jones (3). Bur-eto r*n wt contract which partlcul1asw ylkig ittle 4p a
In a 14-innlng game, the long- dette 15), Bickford 18) and 8t.o d run the club without I & 2.
Sest n t National League this Claire; Kiin, LaPaltr IS). Wlka too t ter rence from Veeck. He tried The unfort te beg '
CZ Local'-a Loop year, the Reds finally topped the (4-2) (St aod I rt"gerald. HR--- b *" :m ,, to Interfere." w whe ot f ''
S Olants -: when ob Borkowak Kiner th, Torpe 3rd, Strick- r i e ot a e
Bobby Adams and Grady HAt e land 3rd, Castiglione 3rd. c or nnclal settlemn cteAniroy
Trophy Presentation winniogethrui n1etsc Leth cotret The So -setl ant he h Is Bi t- .. .
Winning run. losthe Gi- (Night Game-Ten Innings) 6-ft.$.n r
1' ants m ms..ed a chance o gain o0 Brooklyn 000000000 0-0 5 1 batting enampion signed a three atom left nlr9i5
0 r ace the Doners who sti lead by St.Louis 0000000001-1 6 0 r contract last fal for $40,000tahis
five games. Van ~Curk (4.3) ., and Cam ~an-F ~m,,.~ pe .mperseason.r tan lr t bd hs uoe,
6 IFERBERT MOISE ella Presko (3-31 and Del Rice. Joauln ek believes Bays Hornsby: "There nt were lostn of the
The Pirates piled up a ,ck the 33d ty Regimron for two bosses n antap Andesonled
*s for t1he 191 -'52 Canal 6-0 lead on the Braves then NI"h Gim.-.14 Innings) baketbS 4 will be _1 aa u nieI'a*"3 rn aboluteb. d ,oss -at ndeton. lI
Zone l-Ra A t a 7-5 vctry while New York-...... 5 tkecaiItt Inthe no part of manage ng. t
ball League arrived on the IsthbreakinWarre hns five" Cinclna .. .. .. 6 mA Area AM rees 3 i t dough an r ot r in ia 4 eI eety P
d edthn'ly n hwilleasoo de Fmh wnnlal trea opla I101 100020- 5 8 2 Saturday June14e etewball yonu Te got to expect r d atT e
nviduald e adersng Teams trn Southpaw Paul Minner contrl- Chicago 030 111 40x-10 15 0 "We'iSe torn with saw screwball tactics." w ag it three in a ro.
phies, now on display at the Pa- buted a o orer to hn s own i-ca Drews (2-). Konstanty (7, of the tt h; we Aho Ironically 20 years ag Horns- r onl one quarter was Gib-
ralso Cluohouse. wlU be exhibit- tory and Hank auer, the N a- Hnen *8) and Lopata; Minnet hav eng ht to take hfed by a member of the raltar Ale to Ieep ace with
ed at all other Local-Rate club- tional League home run and bat (6-1) and Atwell. share ound; and te am BUlSr.,. aied Powella. the end of that ItAn
ihous leader. clouted his 15th eryoni on the lI-man sque a bar manager of teChi- m e 0 e ld a
pla 10-r ureaau,"-tn lLt aguelI Cubonrs. o 3r o cod bleArn l n1"2-
placechildren of e Balbo Armed trn veed the le n twill go to Paraitos In t ble i ear cont ct. T he wo ne 6i t 1 1 ....
Canada Drv who survived st o d o o-old shortstop will be a rtEe-d thtLh th Pite htilast three. rnc 'saan ..(s l .a. ,a pnf>AEUW
minute rush by defendingee chai ure oe pram w e Wtn t e t -manager thi lseaOnOblu row, to in
Ipons Powell Garage of Rainbow Y New tYok P......2 15 .591 r D a er s'ri"ctly a manager for the next 20 Wn. 'or the losers AY .e. .. o '-. -.-
iA Idoleitobe-jr.ed o ........-Chicago1... nU ..241 L. *e -- ae A late coUntsrft fielder tidkerulll ost n T 2 1
t w champ annual rain eishr to r hmmerPht 4 11 1 ae.n r va. Mmew mc.Le returnsthe o te eve
full game ahead of Powedls Two PhiladePphb*i .. .. M 23 .44B for this soabi' tougher* far Inb t% a otlnundn1inn t atr iotals-*..w..g. ...s Aamori3

iodira.,e d a hve noteYMCA, h M heely; sf4) fab (4), prac.e seta tohe pracs Vo at sond sacker liFo. the t opener whale ie
he ahead ofnshedelales ooN Wtiat e and.. 3 weeks. c tnnkbw sgh af- o n Be t third hms," ars
Jr., with Red Tank. La Boca and lDetroit.. ...15 34 .366 vie in the trnlam Ara. a wd close rdnohtaJuibe 27. endO frilay, tK were InA. cum- lc, lb f b 0
Obagres completing the league The Summer ror fort 9iheteg "
r"t1thd. u sr. g kee children of the Balboa Armed OphAl R- eyed the n te e a na nighteapi aS .u i'

on(eN). almost certa1--n-t o t he wo u The finnerst game w8
Service Y. M. C. A. will start ad (.l g head. We tl hem our fat me u, Iit.el r.T G-. *
tan coren Ured to Send oniMoonday June 23. The main st..Lso atS C5SN). Private uoeiaktmple, a1t clobseri nl 1* Mutro- uoine P ott with I8 pFt, Tel- a.. .. .. 1
,n ose feature of the program will be clevel*i ,ast htt. -(N).f oot sr-'nchf totmer Indta lhthe-a Manni- N, 3 r I i

Nationin Wrs als Y. M. C. A. Program ve Deton ..a.. ........ schoolboy star, will be c6untd l I E -' .
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ives Holing ..

Hary Jobs

ble reports have been "Lea tk# gep knewsthe 111111114;
r fr9m the US Civil Ser-ti FWENT-SEV1T.YEA
vlomission and the Bu- rWENTY-SEVENT Y TEAR PA 4 I
ref' the Budget on a bill to
ame annual and sick leave to
provide equitable treatment for 9e 0
certain married women employ-
ed in federal service. f
The Bill, No. H. R. 7951, was
Introduced May 22 in the House
of Representatives., It would
amend the Annual and Sick..
Leave Act of 1951, according to .. "
Rus Laovelady, president of Lo -
cal 14 of the'American Fedra-m s HeWs Le ss
who received word from Wash- KNOXVILLE, Tenn., June 11 on Gold before testing him he too, i i S her husband passed t
ington. (UP' Alfred Dean Black, 47- was subject ib arrest. w.Stg e a actually came from
year-old chemist who admitted He said W court-appointed uo .f y .of-date German text
Under the present graduated stealing defense secrets for the attorney at first Informed him a e said that if he a
system as it was approved last Russians, asked a Federal court his case would be thrown out of k. e *e ee to the Germanr t
year, only certain people among yesterday to set aside his 15-year court because he had co-oper- ie 1025 copy of thel ,irllrb
those employed by the Army. sentence o espionage charges. ated with the FBI hasW i 12 American Chemic al IoIety
Navy and Air Force are entitled wut ai ftWeek advised him )St il &id could have proved that thl H ...
to accumulate their leave up to In a petition f1led before to plead lit, 1sk said, hi view loal i eulas were not secret.
90 days. Judge Robert L. Taylor Slack Rig-ht up to the last, My hbr f tIAWt OF JOLLY
alleged he was led to believe he alnd expected that the case a- t ~.pteut1inment of servt
In most instances, women would not be .sent to jill at all iat him would be thrQwn out NSed States. They aft t
who are married and who are or would receive only a Uight Lourt," Mrs. Slack Maid, we*.
residing on the Isthmus with sentence because he had coop- ,
their husbands cannot qualify rated with tfie FBI by supply-
under the 90-day leave accumu- ing Information on convicted .CZ- W ide Sum m er Program s
nation provision, but must take Soviet spy Harry ,Gold. "AA o r
their leave each year or lose it. Slack said Assistant U.S. At- A Canal Zone-wide f sacks or
Most married women here do torney James Meek advised him A Canal Zone-wide ra, paper ack or moth remor' t
not qualify for the 90-days be- to plad guilty when he was r play und d u of mother' t
cause it was determined that brought to trial at Greenville, pool activities for e etl people say.
they are here due to the fact Tenn., in 1950 on charges of gil- e U.S.-rte m lets scheduled ffr
that their husbands work here. ing Ru ssin agents a sample of munities got under wat elude games, finger
e highepasse- saorl tellin and
And the 90 days are given only the high xploive RDX produc- In every town I story telling and
peopit who are here primarily ed at Holston Ordnance Works ad La Boca. / dancig and taubl
because of their employment, at Kingsport, Tenn. Boos startedto itdbli e it flt i liestgropp; ar t ,
He said Meek told him he program wi l t u ttt basketball, tumblin,
According to the report re- probably would receive a 10- sy. The summer Aports t. te. -12 year 8; ath-
celyed by Lovelady from AFGE year sentence but would be- wll last In the U. gh Aug.te c 0 et ball, volley bal
National headquarters, a second come eligible for parole in Ile h will last through Aug. W@0I nta for the "itee
important feature of the bill is three years. In the local-rate towns Wau instructions, sudisufm
to provide that travel time of Instead, he received a 15-year Aug. 1, because of the hae* i iclases and swimin
employes not entitled to sentence and was sent to the opening of schools n t n e Rb scheduled for the Dl-
ac umulate 90 days should not Federal penitentiary in Atlanta. Comm lM ".Et the ma lt .
44q charged to their leave. In His petition also alleged that is.The Art 1:1d 6j_ / d iaoly, thZone .vit, l b f
_7 r o words, a civilian employee FBI agents who arrested him at, Wt a l n er tha Ul coa
-l ias 20 days leave, should Syracuse. N.Y., in June, 1950, in- ttee and whi11itA Un :baitliA 11: .: Al1
ealloted sufficient time to duced him to reveal Information Chestfeban wh10 : AK ta tl a.s
reach his destination before the begtm W .obf, -et
leave I charged against him. beg inIttt otw t
Only Army, Navy, Air Force he
and other than the staff of the LuiU R t the n V e. t a '
Canal agencies here on the al i a.
Zone wll benefit by the passage VWaIa tla *.
of the newly proposed bill. i .E V sta i
The Canal agencies leave re- -y: vte an, eventsdl
ulations are governed by a a nTspe-& 'ena h
In A t-OOP pC red MA oft M ?iguel: etnphakl
GUATEMALA CITt. June 11 Dwight D. (right) $VOSStheh
I(UP) Official and private re- B. I Me T w Ctr yn
portm said i loy tatt a lumber erl6's er Ba8
tofanti-Comomunist "disturbin. man of -otfl sa l oe eon ,< tlterdy
ces" including an attack on said his W t"a f .fi e of' tt h ps t Of f complete
an Army garon have occur- deerppo hasdin w
red recently in OGatemelan in- in l ."The fshof
terror towns. rvt eLLdb- :' rle ball, etc
er'acoZ esf f the fKy. l games on
L large-scalt disordersSt Clamotan and theison. -4ea
and San Josd Larada, but no pre- sgoup a allenall
esoa casualty figures could be ob- down the pa at will pla b
St bainled. m 0 n June 16 -a. t rt h
.- .. A number of leaders prl- S AT e 111 ( 0d withl ris archery, basket
sarichmans e, government farm groU were re- elh hopacotee,
., ported amng the de. tora hobo g tcs- k and life SAOg -n
O 0 ? Interior Minister Ricardo Ch- IRt was the f l fle a e hparde andIai ftl n
ve Nackmln said the govern- wab 440 in A & tabe races and have squa
ment I s in full control of the d oli w hledo." bt. t children and
A tuation. Tabbigans rescued frl 6 acked gm e T w Oldads will caele- r activities wilt
MembrsotheCo essionl. Dyafter their sa aeral tboad ft e = brt 5d with ft scavbe .(*te 051un t
committee discussing l a n d s, unday, several bo dtns were n te ay with bRo c v-bne a( i Gite n atnd
Form proposals said In a radio Ainerican learned hand for thi d i1 S-i will get under Gults and a stoy
TMII broadcast that "enemies of re-i Is atoe ,
T I 4 form and revolution" were to TeI Tassne_ s. ill W for an hour ls.nlde"
#EP blame for the outbreaks.t; ^tleb, a 3of-year-f. e Iwor4Pit ',i d S Mn Jlyrb laam fo rhe tt
Chivez charged thattthe tdl- tIe the la l P S ime Ato assemsnbling at the archerr, lsl

(ThefGuatemalans Government Barlet I e .iad apf tdaTh
W orders were oristlgated by w a- for- ,h .t l or hr l *
,r Comml ." un'tts aml and Aar StWt W, The vi|i- to *A ^lwed by a hayride atdI t / i l
Cmun sts r Bartlettwtied up thors with -a ot during the ftthe S
c has been strongly pro-Comm t c a% i b .. a
it st for more than seven years. the captain's b 40e throw by L bAAd i wil
Anti Communists have been he sighted two ea al aWbytt ,I hidel pnOde a r block dance witui, te
r. Wdemandig with Increasing. and down in i carnival il i
stence weeks that outer anch Ddat on July :
Commute m' it be uo ut w 1 2 ll.4. .eQac AItfather aindso
and owt dismissed I'@ It was he, nott tmb'01 1-n.. tS a pg9 rather and S n baseball
cers, who reportaspededp.he at; pirate handicraft,
government 0ieba). Cas;wao andpundpichufi
ColC C. Voilewal e two men It tIe* a but the loahi ojWhA tB eat

o,, Hm.rnTcIun Of Defense Board *here he works in the *ad t lnet the ,rianio" '~. mtial.r ist n ons se
c cs mCnce- in del. Caliito C. Vaelle l Unt vegetables, d, p ,

ea.r bean Air Comman; a d Headguert-

ADO e Board ded a brand dew dn ce the recent reorp- of the Army, now ..,
Washi according to an an- writes Latin American atm the g-
nouncement received from t toward Tomlinaon in am article s db ene as the
gmadk wiik a o Ir. boa r chairman, Lt. Gen". Olar In today's "c u.a o" < u. a~esere:"oentor hdiu't eecat"lns head. El" has
agg M Ii tsll a sour ston Board is pa international milt- changes which Ssfea a .iti
S.. tanry orgiusautla5 charged With them. a r um aspmp
J I a n n int. the deaenoe of In the future theas will misti w Si .mew4(u nofthe
Western p e. It ia som- closer cooperaton a Mae as t e. ., i

'Currot Will Be ,m. frlt .i pa a
Of-f oH ** :i '-.....

In Di fl d Fwy -., ., .s. ...o
A MtelnMaaI fu sc S uiam mr
that to the Clubhouseo, i ,thef
cut off tfromI s to IM MA. ILsj tw wet asthe t avy
Friday, it -as samnounced etwts onameS units
by the flofriet DtvisioL. lansm'&1=s l l tave begW-110
The service Is to be Nstm do- wla 3 whem e
ed for thIs huaf-hour batain
order to elsMate the fl, reS "a
of 2.300-volt electrical ,W. 01" '' f m *IA
tion lines ma inqulrt byAs..r
dicott at

4.$0- .....
" -- 6 :.

.- 4. -
' "*" : : .,



t> jS


* e ..:






Y .4~w- .,. -



,F ) .'-J

i. ;:"--*


;. "i.' *".

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