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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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bs Med Ae" s anm spew term tI wfso1 1 Tile Pee110
f IM Letfers are m eeed***t***U d a am handed is WW
T Ie se aribe te a lIteld bl sb impeHe0its j seuN9
ItM de L4tterj ie publuhid in the or" ifes ved.
Pis i f keep s tIners llmited dl oNe page IwN
Miall it lef iwri s a ild I sntreetws celntieM
ThiS newsppe t sim me spemvib ir fteeenh 01
I Ns Ismeo leers from leaders.


.n regard to a rent bill we received from the Pansi
salluat week I would like to make a plea to all other 0:
tAr families living in these quarters.
none of us pay this bill before it is due, or at lea
July 1. I believe the Panama Canel will stop trying t
od over us.
i it bill was due "on or before June I." The o01
was due "on or before May 10."
tllis one is due "on or before June 20."
hat makes three bills In six weeks (to be paid within
weeks) for 12 weeks' rent.
0 doubt we shall all receive another bill round Ju
aid before July 10" and another one in July
ore August 1."
That time the bill will be from Sept. 6 to Oct. 4
'itbt can't stand the strain. Can yours?
"It takes about $120 a month to feed us. Clothes that
4t&have to be replaced. The refrigerator breaks aown
; 4 ybe you're paying a modest furniture bill of $80
Sisthe only way you'll ever have nice things.)
Syou have children, It takes quite a bit mote to fee
te them
Ad you may have a war bond taken out every month
r- ane GIs got a raise, yes. We're all thankful for it,
tIj s the PanCanal sends out bills trying to pet their
;flers on It before we've had it four oays. (Besides, the
m a't much.
Every place else you pay rent a month In advance.
Id we pay it two months in advance?
The Pantanal commsmaarv won't permit a 01 to buy
rator on time payment. I honestly think the only r
r this is that they want to be sure we have enougn n
o t pry our rent bills when they send them out every two
S would like to see one of them live on a Plc's or a
Slor. 'p pay and then pay out $120 in six weeks for rent.
Nobody thinks it was out of the goodness of their 1
St they refunded our money the first time they raise
S ut. It was because there were so many edmplaints.
These complaints were justified, but they raised the
Smtually anyway.
Our rent bill from July 13 to Aug. 9 will be paid before
', but not before June 20.
S it every 01 in the same situation who reads this wil
plainm, im stoe the PanLanal will stop this anilly-shall
lJust Trying to ti
'| t .. : .. "

Panama, R. I
[.ar ~~tfs:
As a friend of the family of the late BSt. Jose A. Ceb
Pan tamanian who was killed while serving with the US
Korea, and whose body was recently sent home far bur
uld like to correct an error which appeared in The Pa
an under the photograph of the casket,
o..v-t was stated there that the wife of Sgt. Ceballos atte
-ia e9arl-ation ceremonies in Balboa.
| JP For your information, Sgt. Ceballos' wife it the time h
SleC, Mrs. Frances Ceballos, is a resident of New York Cit:
yas not on the Isthmus when his body arrived.
Very truly yours,
1? I- Neighbo
Editors Note: It is regretted that the report on th
S debarkaton was incoirect this respect. The erroneous
i. i ormation was supplies to The Panama American by
1 government .unoy.


R ding recent Mail Box letters concerning condition
d I would like to let you folks over there on the P
h in on a few goings on In Oulick Heights and the cl
These quarters, as you may or may not know, were bui
ge Army cillian employes and their families. But lau
Slopgera" civillen housing area, as the brass has de
m it as they see fit.
2., one begrudges the assignment of military person
re quarters. Only it appears now and then tait civ
families are unable to get large enough apartment
0 the larger apartments are occupied by military persi
Scases without children.
cass In Oulick Heights do not have any set ar
Sot the painting and condition of some of the quo
money" in always the answer.
T.t certain quarters on the post proper are repainte
it bl shot doesn't like their color, not because pal
lT t of apartments haven't been repainted since the hi
iumlt, about 12 years ago. unless the occupants have bo
themselves and done the painting themselves, or
It done.
an curious regarding the female vulture .of Cur
her neighbors are ordered to move out because
hter. do thee occupants lee their Job, as happen
liao read of two occupants of Curundu quarters
and coming to court, where one of the parties were
S thIf lady's husband Jose his job, as happened in
Oa itain sergeant living in the civilian area doesn't
Sting an important member of the armed f
hib neighbor for disturbing his peace.
ghbor was take to court on the say so of the
40d .W Me, was fined, evicted from his quarters
w hie this serIeant made a noise running outb
IWM his quarter at amy and all ous, 'or- whe
S fl d Uftg vliftors lsIoud enough iW ae fol
I ortwhn h t dog would whine and bark tor now
: a smlanft.
uaWl D this Dick Tracy would get up in the
o 0 R 3 SI the *r Bno M reported BUM -I
=m time after the dog spt a b-ting it
'iS lat s go brokenw. s *" seri
llkam loaMmm 6 6 &i W a s Ia
---il Wfljl 6- IM -' mmy ,
hi QueenS Iav y -i troubis. b

S-A v -

t like "W certainly don't want our a they lo natori canc for eht. tte
orces, fighting forces losing desper- t ink he Demoratic ow. canddate"
ae seer- aYneeded equipment. We do ventlon with clao to 4 delegates which will be Ve Pradt al ili
s and ~a to see our people -los- a lotihe dwUgIloe, N
Imm A. l*0 _10 Me f wff faih iOp _Fy OIrats to nsaj 5a.
e w.. anf our disputes settled pote The Owuverates i be .en a
board igem' the contracts which we witted from t =j *60

% S vowdit ._. .,_ it_
m no peile tuonis must betel_ O _
_,.,, uch of labor's I sa' shwgt IM .m_ B l- -- .-.
I was wt Mthan iseea n. msl Tram" go
IM etastMeof thMeMdMltlitam
am. of t h SSSe .l

mciu. lain P'TeaP Or is Wflirni
Kl y I r Db u a i bele

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Labor News

And o

Comment VOW

FARMINODALt. L. I.-There's l A
a squadron of 10 Thunderiets
which never w Swoop down -
Mig Alley to rrpiee the 10 shot
down in the past two weeks. 11
The planes will never toke off
-- for they never came off the
h ALul assembly line.
a re- aThere was a strike. A wildctAt
strike by a teuay bAn. ao set
o. a themselves up as t1 V xoIfter
leaders of 22,000 airos ft work-
And they forced that strike -
eesa riot for higher wlet not for
better con itions but because
they Just didn't like the taste
of the drinking water at the
Long Island plants of Republic
Also they wanted power in
the union at the plans So to
a Ca- prove they have imne 'es they .k. A
Is and painted signs. They threw up.
rl-'* t lines. The disrupted
at b e- production and the Air Force
to ride .,. i t'u mst .e 10 jets
lame been le to cur Opera-
tion Strangle in Korea.
ne be- 1.
When the legitimate leaders
of the International Ass. of
those Machinists (APL) tried to
hrdt off the wildca aer;, and
ane 20 hit the local radio and tele-
"to be islon airwaves with denun- .
ciation of the illegal stop-
4. My page, these real union theiefs
were threatened, their wires
t wear and their kids, too, with
re- violence. "
Midnight phote calls have lr
to $40 harassed their families as rau-e
cous voices told wives that their
d and husbands were arousing with
S other women and were not at o
h. union executive Sessions asthey
but it said they were.
greedy And the as anbly lines were Spet Sp e -
raise halted at the j'nte which in Pt hflft hill
the past have delivered more B OW RUW
Jets than any other installa- .-- .
oWhny l, NEW YOR .-A t wn't know ae you. but this 'blood, sweat and testa," and inist t feared the
a re- klon picket lines. denoun- young man has resolved, in this aye l r of the Germans out of an InvMSlb Ittiat ent with his
reason cedy the anion's ..i.. .orceiul forensl, to pay very IttNI MFtion to graphic threat to fightthem oh the a hes and
money al headquarters srl its rc pve- the exact text the speechifyn eldates and in the te shops or wherdtoe it is that an English.
money sent adI the ihop
weeks. tentative, Martin ane'-ley, e-' concentrate mote on the mood t man, man makes his last stan.
or-spite threats that he's to be I am a chronic dstruster of all speechmakers. The late FDR, as tasnd a ham as sve delivered
mauled soon. were respected by especially the lads Who are trying tO sell some- a line, ripped a leaf rnitt out of the Churchill
hearts thousands of workers who there- thing, either themselves or a near and dear cam- book, and arried hje a ht% titoOwanb
d the by crippled several of the twomodity. with h Whileet or making
10-hour daily shifts. Speeches. writ by hand-generlly by somebody promises e had no intent oif keeping.
rent During the first day's strike else- and either read or memorized ennot pos- Truman has carved aa la to
Monday, last week no one ap- sible mean very much, because naturally the man weeping that tkens a pc-t....I ,
parently asked way tni.L, on the rostrum isagoing to tell youmwhat he thinks put-upon common man 7At a lmo miblj
e July lines were there. They Just re- you want to hear. heavy les4, ot else by stral ttf n ly, sneer-
s pected them. You may be certain that all speechmakers are ing and/ttia.t 'emr1 0 dds up to
i also That, It. seems to me. per- very heavy on economy-unless they are looking noise.
lying. verle the traditional sanctity of for more money- sad very firm for right as a. I thought Ike dtdal't do ltbad is his virgin eof-
y the picket,. against wron g. ort in Abllene, He didn_ to flock of ild
e. I never heard anybody S andu t motherhood or promises at burning acun s. dd heDe-
l. _ere tos .4 basd.eft men, c dmn dogs or ish ta Ut. W4ere nasty moCra ts 8ha been in a ,wd
Ws e expe fled from the union te beastly who t tbdu ta j ifm j
r inefficient administrat ion W na aman no ; t" eqh ot' s ynl
-which puts it charitably kn e underlying p at oll tat thingp have come was a n.e 2 ern. A e friendly With
pulling a strike at Thunder- to; pretty pass, a. re at of the opposition 1 one another n d not? i, n ,to
p. let pLants a which are rUnning msitandling, and something should be dome.Isay e .ach ot.he g for spa:e.
at capaet- y for the Air Force. and say again, my friends, and I cannot stress He said otb ption was awmratr ta inflation w
These men had been brought this too heavily, something must be donel a bad thing and bureawwv, ws wicked and
ballots. upa on trial and ousted alter What this part eol t something s a the ualO. ment i de its deals
Aru ta a reurn som e ,v the U a IiYfrom me th e l da.r .
Army a election in which voting rets lost in a lot hearts and flowers, fine He Is a lousy norator but land impression
nama aoitated to show their r maker is a real cutl, or has a good. lively I am weary of Corse of the political
PoWer. he will hit onto a catch phrase wall his evess rostrum, who wear their sideburns too
Th knew that one of the arch his neke and the eager listeners will je long and dwell I theUl laft lBngd hrase
ended tlevarces In the huge plants him by the gag. YO take Williama e1ena.-nd giveme
was the bad tassng water I can practically guarantee that nobody r.e- a candidate who is not hil degree in
which Is bacterlooL aIAy pure members much of what Gen. MacArthur id Public speaking....e e
, wi. but Just bad testing. They knew when he came home after Truman gave hi W This is the year I do l lt Wt 9 .tI'sO in or
y and that the company had spent hook but I bet that his, eitaphwillb this pant out of uniform, but will linsto the an-
sr. latobnethCnt n tnchllhasm beenthe master dot .p conferences with uti mele-
r. latble. knew that this w ught tho r-ti .es, because Winnie has a so otal question mongers.
Buta ihey knew that this was ar for popular corn.The a good lyric writer, aN There the essence ofIa fLq eosl"etlor Is
stail an issue-arid they aecidted1h never blushes at the possibility of orotund mr likely to appe ar, for Ytl lilntir
to Call an unau. eo. ,ed t "kin. of deliverythat an'y bum Can Way& IF= diM
S Toh coM pate uthe l I.H, Re practically won the war with one phrae s 'lee has furbished up is a
a foreman's advan-es-u-to .c
ld. TIhe ladles Sluigged ti K f P
Unrtunate but the omp nye uve r sPrcspects
did ask the disturbed bimvArSZ5
to file complaints, whihk they BM
,n in h awn't up to this writag,
pacificc ,here was a minor pay griev-n ,-- -

ley t the plants' thousands 1 'ot e tial candidate t after l weekt vale ..tor y
ec nie raft makers, voting in South DskotS Sd CPlIfornte, the And in the last fortnight when i h '
earl5 shift right after the Sen. Rates Kefauflrls ftps in both pi- Chairman Paul ltatc Tru-
ilians Decorauion Day weekend ho- martes would normally him well ant in the be Would not accept a draft under a
ts be- Ifdy, ?they "respected" the lead for the Democ nomination in all ir- stances.

,. worth vital sud manager oncede hat # r. Roet A. Tqtt 1. 8 lan, r ev um '
arters t o the compounds, the Republican choice, Democratic Party is ]rr. Truman and Stevluso a" .41-_
y? These were thrown up almost .ound to draft 0ev.bdlsi Stevenson 0f IIl aonte, only two major osnisdaSW
d be- iy .nsurgents. Everybody knew ioles. If Taft is nominsed, the surg of feeling ..on the wh mocrant. geTiothern s ul, B W
d be Yet they took a holiday. will be too strong, the U e Sit S e I.wnocannot et eorther,
Int-g .Why ere so many people their own forces or for ll fatfla n1ols ,- 4'ver ll Harriman, a _te _trur __-
ouses pic:et-happy' The national erno0 to withstand. -I so ys-t by many Democratic ieue m_
ought union leaders, under President On the other hand, the Kefauverites are a- t the Southerners because- his
wio Wefit on the air with ,l their man will get the -Dimisretle nomination f .s. this situation, the KCtauweer
rundu. f a return to work, have i~d ~p ea Dwight D. _ienie. as e .aa n. that the real danger to their 1
they or effect: choice. Nor are they tt t, esn b ti prehsntl, inactivean 'e
ed in I "We have a contract whilah second-bet o1lo Aen artley and 8i.te
sdi "We haveacontractwhic They have almrea a talelon Rayburn. If tbsp could eOSi
q ar- s for grievance mnahinery. ton into a major m anidta. tt h eir both g

folau of ttfas 5o5?

'a 3 tpf4 of modern hoen7=t
*or it VI, flLC .Bi mfELII

tD -S

500GSf was at the age of St a 5Mb
*ra n? n S4,S Vaf

Wt made n6 o more nolituIal 0 %"t
e k lu hi fBlted Webt FPoit wk "t -w.

tirhi pntloal enemieslt the im aa -"
it AM

si sal tu I 'oftt hi ior m .t .-S. ', .
a i ,.. ..h .. H a -i .

L many 00
the tdOOas
f!LwlnA I

Rf Uma


enpower was tryi o it
puikan Patt over to te at I.
p P 'Party. :..
,"Oe brans ( t _tuta )" *e. "
Jco Day atA. "s t &i
ttrgant*, and reoaln. l l the s t e men
their ifinuaittlIe( Cum. Aldrih, mad a tftwlw Uti-
pto *,%a to an1,

to M or ooftoMteatin an M -e"

t r, i as to vote for 'the D .
lieti b teok they need me ad ftli5
dlore at., .rani ,

n .m ,
^iK.''tatfstoiflta sash reM si?
Me iau, a. Mffiigw Of @T *

thAt bfewibe .i M borfn) a
the vote of the d t

A' uaer e am of E f o
mk a nejt 4f^ ^ ""

^ ^ iK-S anf^ is s

W- A.*

,. *. .us, (~i p

" ,. <. 1
Vs I

i.,:,": -


. f

( : *

,.*. '..


1.n, .-, .sQ

a V~~..nst, f

tniiift-"&er 6bl

*:"T- Mae- -**

1o iln^Si

the -. .. .

-. te-f



' .


* .
.A trip you've always wanted to Lat!

ISor~wd by 1tda El Panema

p -
CiltS WSAAts Amte si:e as;l Mbaaum'iiciubb 3,M.faVy.

WSAT T -aic
^. a."^MiJiWi^'


IN: C-alaffme' et m d s a CMa.
CATE -.REyIIp auts. .Miw COtoNNel.,
Can" ...

For raervatiotn:
See your travel agent
or Call
Jungle Jim,
Tel. 3-1Se





Sbitg MW

*. um

- '.r.

After Sb


up. a. -
Io ana..s a

'5 a


:.- .. --
!.' ; ". ,:
. -"

4C4u *'OWL s#
MACB S AMwmY P9 flU A flw

^W^f.^^^^^r1rnw ^^~^ En WI Ut 'j^flu^
14 A.

" with
SI an

mart m

-W 0f -w

out ti T had ids ef-
fort to Mrtify him at the tiNt
UIIt do, s not mseMttJ
up Wt oie ofe vdae A
"arbe tlu videnos.

hipt ur Sal
"oggg ggnMOSO,
:" f

0o mI
' ., i

o an., au
L. m

mtartcr named *."wir

zasur't haul ms 2 wuh
~ te fihd teat r-

t i W., "AHi I oM o S",
kMt the line taut d I who
Sout st ~ eM
tha t a S .:

W l: ma Le-
bt. hS' --
taW oga T Wl ap fip
-io s." '4


** ..W V'. .
o Wnaf r.^^y

|,I ,t. ....Atdt

. s i
|Tw'.^ To*'.

f MEW > \

"J" W snd
4h o July Aw.

1- 41, "-

Does Anyone

*- .

It's Dur9n

W A wA .1111-

the m abb~es to d aAim
'eigo4 MlattI s shek5 mad plaOSe





Impnted TIES




* S*


lT cam- anTwd wtC



-.: ... .l-,A


a T.


* *

. I ,

,*-* -. .


-. --a


or the UNITED KINGDOM via CoaftieM Ports
JUNE 14th, 1952
For Passage Apply to



* .4.t, ,



Masonic Temple Bldg.
Crlst6bal 3141

___ 'U

Shipping & AirLine News
,a. "a -0-a s
Arne Presthus Runs Aground; "Gravel Items," carries on its
Towed In To Cristobal front page an Item headed "Bra-
The Norwe.gian ship Amrne Pres- niff Features Panama." The ar-
thus that recently ran aground ticle describes the recent cam-'
.... on Quito Sueno Bank in the Ca- paign by the airline company to
ribbean about 200 miles from bring tourists here. "Truly one
Cristobal, was towed into Cristo- of the wonders of the world," and
',:;' bal for dry docking yesterday by "only a short few hours by air
Sthe tug Merritt Chapman. from the Un'ted States," are a-
The ship, an ex-corvette. Is mong tl~ advAMtage stressed in
owned by A Presthus In Bergn., Stateslae publicity.
Norway. Preliminary surveys
shows propeller and bottom da-I M
Smge, however an estimate of the:
extent of the damages has not:
*, yet been made.
The tug is.regularly stationed'
in Kingston, Jamaica, but was
called to tow the Arne Presthus JACOi t @04 BItN l
into Cristobal Fenton and Corn- By OBWALD JACOBr
nany are local agents for the By oswAnJACOBY
Norwegian ship. Written for NEA Service
Braniff's Asunelion Manager
On Dutv at Albrook
Dow S. Rhodes. who is manag- NOBRTH
Ing' l Braniff Airways office in AfkQ3
Asuncion. Paraguay. has begun a VQJ82
two-week tour of duty with tl'.? **Jo8
. U S Air Force at Albrook Field. 6 84
Rhodes. wheo is a maior in WEST EAST
the AF Reserve an da pilot, will 68742 AAJIsOeI
Spend his twn weeks vacation 975 V A 1008
from the airlir.' company serv- *532 04
;'' tIng with the Air Force here. 4QJ7 *101 ,
"Travel Items" 4 None
Stremsse Braniff's Tourist YK4

..I *k. ;:.B k.-l' il -
,. ., ,'


4worlse.. senla C

.... ..... .... ...... a...
memo" aMS andmmO CW t mG Wocars.
_Nw Vork Serv.c. Cri

Cristel. to New Orleas vmi
Tel, Itouras

*. .. :. ..-
W, v HLr/ -1f~iiiiKrri

'S t

Pal ILSeB AND= w Me-no

A .

-.1 J....
Mk .. .
. ... -. .:- -.? .-^

Sails fre


. a .................... ........... Jaune 1
................................ June 17
S................................. June M
.S. ....... ......................... July 1
(Passenger Service Only)




i; i


f* *'
41' ti)

PAM to
,'**s- ^""
rtM^ '.*

0m ,,


RoIyal Na LU Ltd.
M.V. "SALINAS" ............ ................ une 14th
8.S. "CUZCO" ...... ....... ..........June h m
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO"' (18M0.tons) August 1fl 00
M.V. "SANTANDER" ............................June 20t BOOTS AND M
M.V. "LA UNA" ...... ........................June 20th

The current International edi-I' 6AK62 TO NORTH PACIFIC PORTS RIMILMt
tion of the travel newspaper, J North-South vuL TO NORTH PACIFIC PORTS4
I Swth Wes Nwla -Mt M.V. "DALERDYK" ............................June 11th |"TOPw"coW
i Pam t3 3 TO UK 'CONTINENT ,
Pal- Pm 3 6
6 Pass Pass Pass M.V. "DONGEDYK" ............................June 12th
Openinglea M.V. LOCH AVON" ..............................June 18th
Op n la "a--Al- ADl Salung SBbjeet to Change Withett Notiee.
W N W H fMargaret Wagar's of Atlanta- 1 AN*MA-Ave. e t eS 1/l .n S
Sigenesral dge P hy Istoa PORD o. INC. f A. l..
Id a lot and then pla~y hecards
carefully tn0ough to aiae Wat
I1.- she has bid.
This plan works very well for with a low trump to the eight in of spades. at covered with the'
S" her, as you can see from the order to lead a low heart. East sace and declarer rufftted with 6
'" U fn l- r'W r hand shown today, which Mrs. dared not play his soe, for then king of ditanoas. This enabled
pf'i uWager played in a recent rubber declarer would get two discards her to enter gaumy with tes
*M. %l$ b M g was onlyame mildly on the quren and Jack of hearts. jack of dlsM dts and cash the iP AiD EARt
Of T ihebidding was only mildlyand a third discard, eventually cueen of spaes to discard th
S- amy gitm "Mw Tsr sl aggressive. N or t h' s s p a d e on the king or queen of spades. four of heart. It was then easy
'strength was almost wasted, and These would take care of all of to cash the top clubs and give up
declarer would gladly have the low clubs in the- Suh hand. one club trick.
A W swapped the king queen of
S padress for the queen of clubs. East therefore played a low Have you noticed why Mrs.
Much to everybody's astonish- heart, and Mrs. Wagar won with Wagar played thto three of'
ment, Mrs. Wagar's first play the king. Now the plot changed, spades from ommy at the first
I, 7tLh ALV i, m u from dummy was tlU three of Having "stolen" a heart trick, trick? If dumB)f .plays the queen ,
atb et. St. spades. East shrugged his shoul- Mrs. Wagar planned to discard of spades, Eat. plays low. Now
g M T ders and put up the nine of her lo heart and thus avoid the South doesn't -low whether to
SaHi.. TWi UAE AT RANIY Bspades and declarer ruffed with loss of a trick In that sult. discard a club or a heart. The
i.rt 1 .3qt, S h I tthe queen. She led a low trump to dam- choice cannot be made until af-
Dedi Srnext entered dummy my's nin.? and returned the king ter the first trick in hearts.
F .. .

B I WELEIN, Flaesteeir

rnwi-me&tI tma rIuI WV

r'vu ar sri


.1 1



Big oe mlot Away

im A vainr

- -. I..

4 *

jM tPelr


." ^'. .. .'

^fl~r '^*isi mahi'rtilmt
..I .- r :, ". "-, ,, .
*wn^, w I u ;tl,
httft~ fl IZP tw





heepy-Tkae' Coota


nM morPSB ar ,.

tatX MAY


* -



a k~. C -

, .

. AL


-. :.
2. :7'"-.. ,I

.ih^ -
.. a"*,

* .i'!4 ~.7 4-

- tr-- ..


pacific Terminal Bldg.
Balboa 1258


lI-..'- *



S e-





I kwomf, flMrr~
I tjf *", -"."


^.- .

.. Ira Brl& ....... ......................J-
U. he ...................... ....... Junt
8.8. Talamane ..............................Jaumt U ,
B.S. CM* Avie of ............................ Jn M
W*eb Sa~ Ne w ft SSNuSaSuteu LMAngeM,
Sm tae aBm tol o cm
Ffl-t ftI~*W lam 0

.** '-- w -6" y .. ...
, ^';. f'W l^ '*^ ^

SpttlIng a aScero


. p IP

,'.. A. '.';
'; =. .' .

"S -: I -i -",
,* +*j^^y'^^^fyi^i^.v ,' ^


rent U0 doi
Io has b t a e|

.r6, r Cel

e woman's8 Al
Itah In Ooelet.
rlf*,4A k 4*M x

hi* f


i ', Mrs&. Eur. -
ifok. I. R etie
,Vt MisG Unit H a.
It Bnson *mi M lgkin AnuUw
will hold. It regular muotl
na-- ti a *, nleO tt t Umb Atr'le
wernury DInner Leglon Cltib. IpHortaan *ITU
qtnof their $5tt nn p t w g

Ie... s smLw*.

-. *&H

a Jue. 1f
1S 1 Qin '

* .- .

* And Got It
.* t.

Iord (Cofttd.)
t .

I leaQ

"fo ld


,1 W

W m 1 .- lEE' Su r. A. l m

eeId of the r*- for the Arts ad C Craftl*-
W omn'u yea. mems at grvram of the Summer *.ret_

f Women bl tand pa t ae wi

PlreiMCt IAs the per ch88.5.
V Mo .,Gr South F rom P, .-

thra T oan a
i I f o
junior Pst Pr o e he In the W
Dalb. Wnormaks hoThe

SM.r. R8. A piacn l be hel South
i r 'd V ,Mrs. H. lorlde outht the Psa..
T Uo* Mo. 7 Fl

A. ". S.M a Mrs. HeatB i ner d
{.;, r ,
, M A. Twi b oa n ionor ofi

T. &. .by, thA. : Mr. the PCanarl rners ad
,T. a:J gnseaapgt?, 8 I. vwt b P A at the oentury sei,.
M.uoU m- _rU, M O. d ofU an Mn. Di s .
m A, t-.h g -b e. iO .-

Et Le A. F. & A. .
r. +,*;< ^ BALBOA, CANAL ZONE ..
-...,. s A iai .ommumlcation of -Darlen Lodge WiW'.
b'e hid on We nueday afternoon Jhm ,ifT 1982 4I .
.ip ,. -fr the .purpe of conductin t.Mahoni
S *.od Soeear r. the remains of ethe late- '

At oam eiuton Arm Le 4 =
WE,?. aeaI eerWsle- wM f bea Od aI OOW
'OW1A% IAPRL at 4:E0 p.m. All frfInd is
si'u~bd at the ser*ice. *
p. .a.'- ti wl -. o, .u01--. a
W.PL- ik 4:60 All: F


Tour Favorite j
7.7ii-iii* __ 'jib

..akwnJ_ sour FravUor.t
'tOO'.bS'pirst LOe t.
I .i : -s. _",- .,

.t41-.w and Cal aS
ye ) .. .
l- om m ti '" .a
5:09-Have A
10:00,-BBC P-w'i aL. "
ll;OS-The OwPI .
11:00-ign Off ,
rxplianatlau b fiWa
VOA-Voce of Amefia



S.- e o. thm
.atld he "o

lfItdden aie. "AI.

* derful foodM,"
IV lid

... '- :'r" ,d *
* *." *
A.i .


a 4


" IOLLI P "AV" h "

Jr. of Mter
Mri. and M, FPMOwyof

Mr. Stewart, the, son af It.
M. V. tew"t of Aianuftam,

rMtowart wathe presIdent of
bte eternity. Phi tamma Delta
nd aTerved an e i.t f the.

A aowan for Le Powell, tjerratetnity Cou01.
aof l Malmi d eaht, ., told Miss rancey plass to 1o mar-
doenMmttoe h had U.'- tried in Colon. The date will be
to state that ml sanenmeed later.
BeMOM would 9e %4ad to ,y the
cMt Oef tnI p t =e r- gfw GeIM to C-aipmeat
toil t"0. MW *aue DareM
l"les1 Diane .Dare of Gatua, who
J a F wed BSefiaht Bernard Mo-

q-anbylUwiutS Ansa- Pwaatt Reheisou of Oattn and
agltdoJM~ fa isese the loostessea wye the 3Aime.
t forD 0 ehleb- Barbara trru lt a Graham,
fmm am ^ Cathryn Daniel and Dale Rober-
fther pemiU. The -sftterm tea table was
centered wth ,* decorated cake
NOT 0V AR Wedding bells- were used In the
CONUORD,M. .4] t da bat d ipLTJ Htaee re-
i--a .oird i show Th Included; Mi.
44aTt osIgfe Miss Nadisy
Ic ugo, r Mge kathryn Argo,
Warwureag a month lss Carol Oeorge, Mis Diane
1,ens 1Me. McLani. Mlg e Uel Newhard,,
= Rl. ss Jeanie 1s. MIs Amalia
SFernandn, ler Joeane Persons,
Misa Dora Wleh, thi Misses Lois
and Dmine fd aeltie and Mils
Sheila MbegfBeS.
'*, Qamtme. .e speeBeen
In. P. M ..
or -. p.. Mthe. entertained

er -fTl w Is and Ill Maride
deatosTe e stri
*' a baai. lOam-
R Mn sh wI i a n Inv** f l- Miss -
A ftM r ,is ,'sad fta M Miss. Nar-
ato *the thh a a Ar go,

In teM tion~l' Mls MArdat Wi-
alndhb aO Wthleey Advisor at
Awe lJe .U be w*tmn

,ngmnat to G. Robb
rit, ft uned today ,

*- I

SColtews aousie the engage- The P Mt
raae, to Mr. 0. wU te ed I
was aswaI&
e ram f eothermr Me- IBM a d M
st Wlxie t8. .U. she was woM by IR.
yQ Mete Beerd sa w MiIt S pT
1M. S.M.".
QOtan Maionie Temple, and Ms.
day evenyag. Plans were and Mrs. .
S.for a 'lvwr tea WhiOh wM 3*. U. M.W
1W int July and a slumber gn. AMW g
Iwh. h wil take plaVe th Mrs. JC .4
h. boa, M. & a. m i
a Rfti ethe meeting Mr. and Mr. and Mn. o .
Xr, uWed C. Willoughby enter- Ms, A. 3sIW
taled for theit daughter on the leamn. -
Otsalid of her 18th birthday. A
laroo heart shaped birthday eake nm d 3.5
derated with rose and hold- v ts
tng* Madle was u e4 Mt W. V. .
oth ref wm ,ent. irthda d d bee dame
fMas anP weInre degea. fwineMr, 3W i. A 1
teda M B M r. B
Emmw A whose a0hday
w on Wednday. ot ema.
The foUowing adeft wone a. w-
ji~i **A* *-^ a ^c A '* J' ^ ^ j 1^

- .,

tain aNo PulthClB
Colomraft adge: Bthb Ia-
kowldd .. nt dl.l A l"
amppt Thoma, nPMt
Drawn hd Painm_ Ndge:
Donna Wrmti. Naftde:
ouna X eing HM- Btd;Bab


^^*A ^^



.4- V

r -A t ,-f *




1r Start-e,
-He Ste
Wb.hed, ., e.
IA- ALA-- %W


" j


-< *00 sobifiit, C
roefrlo. A* 1, WO
* -Mot*>, ,....



. Mft

M awl

iem. at m,
satwfttd 6"a

" '- a
1 .:! ., +i *
;. ;:,'

6 O .

,. 6, 7-:*V

pfl'~ .. .

,,flI PIfl U.

- .. a -


You Sell 'em ..When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classieds

O enwe vour Ad with one of

;s Service
.4 Tivoli Ave. Phone 2 2291. and

ourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

our Agents or our office ia No. 57 "H" Street Panama
No, 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

SaMtn de Belsu Am:ricano
#M West lth Street

Carlton Drug Store
10.IO9 Meleider Ave.-Phane 36 Colon

Agencia hitemcional de PubliacioeM Propaganda, S.A.
*3 Lottery Plan P(one 2-3199 'PS" treetcorver stUdAi te L
Phones 2-2214 and 2-31M5

tiltr 12 words.
OMnauMOi Mword.

- -- -~------------- I -- --

'i 'Llni". .<',, 'tEi
F ALE -- Bc.b, c..b, 2 0.
c -ar .i s0.00 Curtrao Msc.
Sig. 215 -B. Curundu, 83-
l 6. .
: f"AL.e. -- pc v.cker and cush-
:" s,, 3' 00 and 60 cycle floor
fqtel. radio-comoination. $90.-
House 540-B Tel 83-3209.
P.A.D Curundu Heights _
FOR jALE Household furniture
r 46 room 11, 3rd of November
Street. Panama
'FOI SALE--A two-piece :ectional
ifo. one arm chair and one cof-
te table Tel 3-3359 _
FOR SALE -Bedroom 'ci native n'a- i
hogan with French hini:h. book-
5ases. standing lamp drapes. Ben-,
dix Automatic woihng machine
Iai usnnhl 37-88731. France

Service Personnel and Civilian
Government Employes
Insist on
Government Employes Financ.e Co.
When you finance your new
or used car.
Noe. 43 Atemeklhe Rev
Phone 3-4984 3-4915
FOR SALE 1 i 2 ton stake body
truck Chevrolet. Good condition.
Apply 6037 Apt. "I" Rainbow
Cityv. I
FOR SALE -Cleanest 1950 F rd Ce
Luxe Tudor, radio, low mileage.
new paint, excellent condition
5437-C. Diablo 2-4293.
FOR SALE. 1940 Hudson Coupe
$210.00. R-13F Rousseau. Phone


Write AkloWeMlee Alaym sa Ble
2031 Anem. C. L
CRUISE through the Canal to histo-
rical Portobelo and primitive Son
Bias Islands on the fast new fifty-
foor diesel launch "Pescadora."
Three wonderful days (June 20,
21, 221 for only $50. Sponsored
by Hotel El Panami. For more de-
tails, reservations, see your travel
agent or call Jungle Jim, Panama
COTILLIONS:-Bollroom dancing forl
Junior and Senior High School
Students will be a complete train-
ing in popular ballroom dancing
as taught to the students of Ho-
race Mann and Dalton Schools in
New York City by tlona Sears
Classes begin this month at "El
Panam.." For information coil
Pnnjryni ^-}fm I

Tailored to fit YOU R individual
whims (and 5BU~ 1TI) Children's
swimming pool, playhouse, horses,
etc. Phone 4-557 dtys, 4-230 even-
ings, or Curundu 5261 anytime.
Gramlich's Santao Clara
cottages. Electric Ice boxes, g e
stoves, moderate rates. Telephone
6-441 Gamboa,
Williams' Santa Clara Beach Cot-
tages. Two bedrooms, Frigidaine,
Rockgos ranges. Balboa 2-3050.
PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages. The
only court in Santa Clato with an
Oceanview from elI cottages. St9
to beach, Rack Gas, refrigerotig,
barbecue and shuffle board. Psh-
ama 3-1877, Margarita 3-1679;
Box No. 435 Bolboa.
cAD nikilr

Sleld 365-A FOR SALE:-'49 Ford Custom. Excel-. rvl UCNI I
lent condition, radio w/w tires, $1, Co you need any typing done' Manu-
SALE -25 cycle We:.inghouse 100 2-153-B. 83-5166. Curundu scripts, lerters or anything.. Save HiOII
*frrgerator. Over 3 year guarantee' FO SALE- M.G.wo--er, yourself time and money, expert FOR RENT: Furnished house In
on unit. 9 cu. tf. ice box Chi's FOR SALE -1951 M. G. two seater' low cost. Phone 2-3412. FR eit house In
Srib and mattress. play pen and black Good tires. Car in perfecthoe 2 GolfHeights, bedrooms. Call4-
pod Magnavox rad.o phonograph condition. $400.00 down $45 00 lephone 3-1890 after 4:30 p. _1
f5 or 60 cycle Stemmed glass- per month. Better see today. FOR SALE FOR RENT;-Smenl furnished chalt,
1419-A, Carr Sik. Lialboo 2- Smt & Paree 2 bedrooms. $125.00. Informatten
I _D. Budkc-Chevrolet Dealer i gChlma au ll45th St. No. 32. upstairs.
E -Comfortable arm-chaor. FOR SALE -1951 M. G, Sports car. HOUSE RS OUSE FOR RENT
Itul clock. Persian rug. moho- cream, this car almost nev. CA MAn AeRmRt nS NT
de-k. ceihng lamps. bov'. real bargain for $1,25000. Can WE RPAIR plumbing fixtures at As.. ..
bicycle and other items. All very be financed, your place. I A_______I
s, priced. Tel 3-.1789 1Smot & Paredes..
dr-ulck-Chevrolet Dealer We guarantee prompt, neat vaorkl ALNAMUA e Ar M
SALE.-Mahogony dirir table ui-C-- l D COMPANIA ISTMERA D PLOME-Modern fundllhad-uAif ltnhed
ehd four chairs. (Curundu' phone FOR SALE:-1950 Oldsmobile Se- RIA. S. A. Phone 3-3350 Jusro ments. M e lenol
3-6126 dan, plastic seat covers, new tires, Arosemena Ave. and 29th St. East. Poct office 06I). IO1h N
JSE .--One 9 Cuit Refrge- excellent condition. Reasonable. FOR SALE:--Hanging ferns, Simmons Cristobal, teletlo% m IM Colon.
;qSALE.-One 9 cu t Refrger- 37-88-731 France Field 365-A. ng mmon
SWestinghouse all porcelain, I innerspring couch double bed size, FOR RENT: Furnished apartment.
Qohogany, night tabe, mahogany FOR SALE:-1952 Buick Super, 2 when opened, misc. items 1553- For information 37th St. East, No.
S ressing table with bench, anytime door Riviera, no Dynaflow, low B, Calabash St., Balboa. Govilan 26. upstairs.
ter 1 00 p. m 720 "C- Cocoli mileage For information coill Bal- Afea R-A
"--A -- ra.----r -- boo, 2-4437. -------FOR RENT:-Available now, lovely
SALE Refrigerator; Hemp furnished two-bedroom apartment,
4* 4Ugs, bamboo choir, mahogany FOR SALE:-1951 Mercury Coupe A- FOR SALE--Typewriter, Smith. Ca- in Bella Vista. All conveniences.
Pble. orthopedic bed-board; baby I condition, rodio, fender guards, mera Argus C3. Dining set, reason- Coall 3-3363.
g., porch blinds. Coall 2-6309 white wall tires. Cash $1.80000 able. No. 65, Apt. 7. Mr. Arose-
SALE -Coldspot refr gerao7r,-8 Must sdil, leaving Phone Corozal mena FOR RENT
IIu. Excellent condition $60 00. 85-2148 Call between 7 o m. FOR SALE Double barrel custom -
S c 4 .?2 Pcrdro Miguel. to B a. m 4 p m. to 5 p m.Con- mode 12 gauge shot gun with ReemB
S1., 1, .._... 4 fact Sgr Rome.kie leather case. many shells. Reming- FOR RENT:--Cln furnished room
S Buick Super 4-door ton .22 rfle Telescopic sight and v.ith private bathrooms and en-
1.L' uith Dkupnalr -door Position Offered aimmiunitn. Morlrn pole, two trance. Kitn privilege. 43rd St.
1" t M veri s aw d e ---- stfiHsh poles. Penn enotor reel fNo 1....
aemasy mell SF POSITION OFFERED:-Spanish-Eng- wRh 600 yards line, Pflueger Tern-
R J 8 e lk oMmat y U Itsh speaking young girl with pier 1420 1.2 reel with 500 yards ENT: Furnished room for
t. 18h Street Central knowledge of bookkeeping and ste- line, two sets harness, tackle box gentleman or couple without chil-
.. Cl Ma tel. 8e. nography to assist in office. Phone with gear. Alto saxophone with dren. CallN Darien No. 8, upstairs,
-.njj el. *.nograph y1386, Colon case, 48 base accordion wth case No. 8, in the .back,
tBIf- *All excellent condition. Bargain RF N
mI tI---...a ,.J h.i..:a.:st. prices. Phone Colon 264 FOR i


i w ureau rosiuron
Clerk-Stenographer, PC-employe on
leave, desires position for June-
July. Telephone: 2-3641.

Ma I MiaceI ag


Buick Special



Seta Wps.

WANTED:--One partner with $50,-
000.00 or several buying stocks
totalling this sum. Ten years realty
business. Investment duplicated in
first two years. Profits in ten years
totalling five times the investment.
Information personally. Box 1104,
Ancon. C. Z.

Help Wanted
COOK and Maid needed, to live in.
Very good salary Recommenda-
tions necessary. 49th St. No. 17.I
Information from 7 to 9 evening.

Boats 4 Motors
FOR SALE: Indian motorcycle.
Single cylinder. 218 cc. Can be
operated with scooter license
House 5155, Diablo. telephone 2-
tires sthe buy. A 19S
Studebaker chamolaon 2-
door Coupe, with radio, seat
COMrM, 5 good tire, exel-
w it eowat nife oy pay-
merts. For sale at your
local deer In town. meet
Y wunnieutt SA. 16th f

Table Reservations
Start Coming In
For Painters Dance
Table .reratMU0 for the first
oe oa otee e Pan-
ma Auto Palinter Association on
July 26 started coming in this
Wb k, It wa5n a-1ouned today
by Walter F. Drake, preadet

DMka Bald the dane wm bw-
hel In the Balboa Qrden pDn-
per and will not have to -bi
poiitwed, even ai tI mirau
the 114bt of the ft;m

--* ; -1

FOR SALE--8 mm Movie Camera
with case. Best offer over $60.00.
Phone 2282 Ft. Kobbe.


LOST:-Boy's black English Viking
bicycle in Diablo. Please call
Michael Taylor, 2-1327. House
5852, Diablo or Balboa Police after

LOST:-Block female kitten, about
4 months, with white paws and
white mark under neck. Child's
pet. Any information, please con-
tact Pedersen at R-16 Apt. A,
Rousseau. C Z. or Phone 3308.

Real Estate
TiMl IT OR LEAVE IT. Formerly $7,
650. now reduced to $5.900.
"-iNh and quick, concrete 2 bed-
room chalet on 11.65 MI lot.
Transisthmian road. deep water
well .all year stream, hydraulic
ream. Wolff & Co., 5th street No.
22, Tel. 2-2388
FOR SALE: At Coronado Beach,
steel trailer 21' long, 7'-z' wide,
8' high, two wheeled, no tires.
Some furnishings, adjoining toilet
and shower, fenced lot For infor-
mation call 2-4272, offer 5 p. m.

1304 Chevrolet panel with
6* sew tires, new paint Job.
Easy payments. For sale at
Almest y Hunnioutt SJ.
IM St. Central Ave. Celia
*a mo.

FOR RENT.-Space for store or of-
flice. Francisco de lo Ossa Avenue
No. 36. Tel. 3-3404. (Automrnoble


Dargain. IM9 4Mm9bile
3-door Sedan, wotradho.
meat covers, spot-Vlit. fi*t
ood tires, easy pRaymets.
For sale at SAoot y IhBa-
5I0tt3S.A. l1th St.VentfH


Ave, Coion tel. sN.-

Martin Giavelli
Of Pedro Miguel
Gets Bsc Dege
RAPID CITY, S.D.. te 10 --
Martin T. Glaveill of Stemro Mi-
guel, Canal Zone has completed
requirements for a Bachelor of
Science degree, with a major in
mining engineering at the South
Dakota School of Rilel and
Glavelli has accepted a posi-
tion with Oliver Iron De-.
luth, Minnesota, where et an
to work under the company's 18-
month training program.
Hn, Is the son of Norman Gla-
vell of Pedro Miguel.

Bargale 194 Chb w A-
detr Sedan with rmdb.
leather uphoietery, good
t re, exeellue t hpe. r
ale at t s Ilityti
A. ls StrWt cuI W ual
Ave., Colonia teL. a.


And now
ft Ym what a wonderful
bmetdt e CHLORDANE is
in the April isue.
~t the Killer In Real Killi
*I0 It In the agricultural
RIRde for your farm
or garden.

mrital Ave. Tel. 3-0141


Tel. 3-1713
-:. #22 E3. 2th Stb

flowalete) e PnM
LNG lPanami lre il
rmOucts, Panami Insur-
Race Co. and Fuwn y
Lu (common and pre.
Te. 3-4711 3-.9 ,


IAeM waes
.0aufmtt mo
atoows men

Tfmportes Satr. S A.
Shipping, moving, storage.
We pack and rate 'or mneV

k-25a PanamA.

A pr mt correct thu t le* or
hooh. PMt po'p par the dotor hU l
or court sahmit If a "bid uset"
hits momoons w damages provtT
lo0-pe-r will bu this a ad
ditiolina l RtaUW n intee= t
for yourel "a f-a y. m I
your appflcell foer lMdllsta o e-
Americe aurnce Co.

(See us, abm,'ir year automobile

We deal illt ew and
tingdl wgralture.
41 AUtL* Me ow
Tel. 3wO11i


Before aU

Sire 00xI5/4, Black. .29.40 $19.11 thea
Serme ge*1
Suitable for Cod$i~Icf Packards, W I
3 icks, CkyIsn4 O0mmabihs-




La mI eSdl P with two I

0 Doi









("Sir Preme" 2950

- SI Ultra" 30)

; -.i .., A. r

"' .~
With the foctoryr the. AMERICAN:1

BAZAAR brina ABMu W:enuc!j

tioe offer



Choose TWO from our tremen-c

ck (sizes up to 48)



AlteraiuuH rNS as ESl ...


I i~.

"" -. -y ~ : .. *s "; <
:- k".1 ; t iOF4ER

. : ..; ..1





H~~~a". ;.i-r '*^ '' k'"*'- *-


it -


-f: A .#.e ,f I

.r. -
I -"

'"C.... ~





. 1, ...- ;.'

I 1

.- ** --LL



'r ; -.

. .









Cs Y p.a-. Ttt4 |Si


F ma a-1 .U .
to- ae Ihe ebal.-

hPmonal [eAlow .if "-Itsi PANAMA"
.AndTI A- I -of M i n .


There weadot
ad r vast wham
bwyM VP|d

SMaw e Wy. A sis n

nt that upor now be call-i
h l Oman Of llUntlOf?" b
p Omone IMd. loan enny
a date In ,fp. Ptty tv
* w mod a&aid tlSta n

* uma, .w,
L + .. i



L A-us
oe o
'Id Et

took ai
and l

..- -W .. u
s ais o n record
on record wh
., ended 93 foodlem dAys
glow ministers who wi
Ot- fMw allowed to i
Spt to dimuuadse b
carryingI out bla pMrp
bu to no avail.


"Ten-Kl and Askce"
nhU n fhi f, ,

At 2*u si 5* pMa
On T MamSe:n.
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witt h Tt and Betsy DRAXt

-flop g her a bad Mah.m.. aSd w m i e up t lL..
& a D oU i IEf .AnU, If
A Cmwrms Lwr eUANI... Emf..

$50 IN CASH!!
PTA%: '

* 2 Gos* WaCu (tasa rauca
* 1 WA nO IrWm (,umA iM
* 1 U 1f ...l.S.....,MI.

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I A g -uS st o winners s ,IaS,,
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I9US T .o,,S S.A to f at
lo ut I don't th
*0 2PhoO2 jJust t In
1002.1003 1..
96r Imm--ww-

1' Mi Moo. Boyd Ave .-..t "- '.
C01o 1. L. P.* ,.

.. -* JsA. FLY to CSTA RiA-35. CA .... sm .-

S..- TO MI S.wCt *s&t. Qf$83. -. 5L.. -,
t.y d day a. ) vM d see iow or your ure ddeunt
-a T- -4i--- '! I'*

. E.N C A


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*t.& ZMltc*fa*
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me sganewMB,
Raufl Bom Uvk


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'M.i ."

*._ TO M CO.~$5 ... ---$135r.--d..i S .....

D. TO LOS. 0 $14M l .$W5e-$25P35 ...

f-'w ,

iOmW THM a I.

12 Jeer UM ti M


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d..Al U p :, .L; B1. ....

Sox Also Ua L ieLa B Seor

a d With 9-8 Triumph

NEW YORK, June 10-The Dedg*e, wie left
id western road trip two-and-one4mlf ames
ekind the Giants, zoomed up into a flve-!.!me
"-e'adon top of the National Leagute over the idle
.,V nts when they came from behind 20 in the

* 9

Softball Leopue

Hanbot .. .. .. ,.
Opueason.. .. :
Spdr Cht........I *
Aea Lam .. 4
Spea1l Troops.. .. 4

* -
*~ ~4

;- : -*


I mpro~.

" ei ent h inning and walloped the Cardim*Il 6-2 in waedneiny W~isi ceieI ;
s WSt. Lniris night game. T nn y: A O. A*--
Isi Law.
A two-run homer by Carl Fu- j n sin lk to put the braves a- FId&a Of4 3iYt E f0e10lal Stah nfut 1" told
1i1o in the seventh Inning tied head for good in the seventh in- Tr..
A the me at two-all and Roy nina. Gordon singled in the third: suwr : Blmk Spr i Cesi r J
p *h'inpanelr-. spearheaded a four- run in the seventh. am Jehrop (4:30 p.m. g )'
i" 'lY-Oeiih:-n-inning rsllv to sew singled twice, we twiee and 9. p .
1 ,.1pe the triumph for rookie Joe was hit by the pitcher. LEADIN0 RS Thr '. t -peas o
('Ml*Cek who hurled three scoreless The other Nattoml .League Avt type of
i* llef Innings for his second win teams wvOe not eC uked. R Nash (AL). 14 6429 at very i r
"h.,Phout 9 loss. In the American League, the B. Willtanm (CC) 0 one w
8"'an r.usial and Dick Sisler Red Sox Increased .their margin! Peterkin CC. .. 15 6 .400 The .
hpd hit rases-emptv homers for to a full rame over the idle Yan- Castillo 1O1" 100 4 e '
Sth6 Car finals to give them an kees by tooplon the tigers 0-8. J. Wetit (ja 13S 5 X ,He
.'Wfly lead which C!ovd Bover The Red aox came from behind C. Ook (rS.. 2 21 6 .#, yo't8 t te ,
T!otected with shutout hurling twice. coring the diningg run A. ReId .0 19 7 you tr"
1 until the seventh Al Brale., who in the sHxth on an etror by ex- R Bakl' 14 5357 ." .
name on In the eighth, was the Red Box inflelde- Iohnanv Pesky. T. Wll u ff 17 6 .33 I
., 1o6er. RookIp Jim Pieriaufl hRt a two- R. Joeaph *(0) 23 6 .340 tWl$em
The craves, faltering through run Red Box homer and set the* a 5 and
their se;tern road trip under pace by getting three of the Red LEADM I "TIWERS Vea
nmew Mavreer Charley Grimm, aox' 15 hits. W@Jt Droso clouted L. Pet. SO le
'-1ftmnaged to too the last place his fourth hotr4r pltnece being s Tudo 4 0 1.000 5 rolled
flhPr1tes 3-2 as rookie Bob Thorpe traded from BotOb& to Detroit L..islrw 5 1 3s t t i l
t i veteran Bid Gordon drove in and Dont Lenhardt drove in five w .Mri 1 2 1 7 5 a9 3
Sal thel- runs. Jim Wilson. one of runs in a losilr cause. Len- ee
the few dependable hurlers on hardt h.t a homer ahd two sin- lba. .ae 4 .I
tht BraXs' staff, pitched a five- gles. Inone-Wof ltved games he tt m
t, itter to ,ain his fourth victory. The B-owns and, Senators at in the i- te Bo a.o Hthee-e wt ,l
'Te Pirates' ,obby Del Greco Washington were rained out. nor i~. LMgue, Larry b
ails first major league homer These were the only American Cbanees i itML tlers cap-a for
wbo e Thorpe delivered a two- League Fames scheduled. tuired tI at by nosing out tition
C(Z Swim Chaimpionships "" O.4
.T- to, raa iPe-U Minningt s ad l W ht e m
SChana iion sh both^ d aenmaatlonal 5 Ore3
ad a when Balboa / lmSaSd_____ j
Set For Fourth Of July .. fd:av if he
She samga in ten four runs. t at Isr 'e bound t t oi a eve n n itthey m ake mo
S e.t tle- --lyIntheStwth., ftst he catww ".-B
The annual Canal zone swim- 20 Mts. Free Style-Girla-10 ly in the s i ss made fault here
teadl cham.Dlonshios Will be held and under. coura,'ous thie final in- The om*eI fer Islt a relaxed, easy practtce
"at the B. Ib Pool on July 4 as 20 Mts. Free Stvle-Boys--10 ng w h the two ed in and his I you eee d
r lt of the Independence Day and under. runs. show M. 15 ncedes o yo u probably have the
bblebration.. Awards for the win- 40 Mts Back Stroke-G-rls--12 Ht aine i fedn paup l ithe vie- in etp ees upb o te n! bae a grtQ
I: rs of first, second and third and under. t caie defeat f Walki Ideks b out .cab evethe
p-aes .-iave bee ordered for pre- 40 M t. Back Stroke-Boya--2 against del In H caa eve l K m ms are the bt tctor o
qntation at the meet. and under. er, the losin a Oer led for off a 10 on Ia short hole. proper swing,te h l an f
60 Mt's Breast Stroke-rls-. our ania third tanings then
e ,i 6.0,Mt.BreastStroke--.. gaveayt uann Tudo. Foaters t e.U,
Veatur!ng both junior and se- 14 andS under. hve waytroke-o8l- g T eoTo l~a th of p" fu te nth eS take
taler events, the Drogram is ex- 10 Mts. Breast stroke-Boys- The b,- score: gets -soR o efI theo out Of theW" the Ina s,
pected to attract a large number 14 and under. Optics leao- AB t h eats fun and fbrearmA
: f swimmers from the Armed Diving- -Low Board- rls--14 A. DeJanon .. .. ... 4 1 thrills he if he t
t. ires .is well as Canal Zone and under. F. Morgn, e-rf .... 4 0 rove. t
Scommunmities. Entry blanks are nr 0. Raveneaa, Ib..... to leaish of a Iakw, n n1
evallaole aL all U .-rate gym- Divin" -Low Board-Boys-14 Pesey, b .. .. .. 1 0 To the ltate ot fth
m nnd pools and from the and under. eph, .... 0 1 o ete, O l OthI
prvme les at naval Divev.MSust peWar.e o ,rt 1 10 -l.i t,
.ISne eet wfll get under, way 0 Mts. Medley R I1--Sr, c ........ a 0 S- .,w i a
-9 2:00 p.m., Friday, July 4. 12 and 'inder. Brathwaie, et ...... 1 r .
S- ntre close June 30. M or 0 Mts. Medley Relay-Boys- Thomas 2b ........3 1 1
dqver entries to Balboa 1ool,2 a2 a ander. -. 0. ....., .. ~ s maa "-- .-,nienttal
3i ,1001 Balboa. Canal Zone. L. Walker. p.. ....2.. 2 0 -'. .
EIO EOR .NTS S. Tudor, p ....... 1 0s1 a t
.-UNIOR EVENTS or he .. .
400 MrT&. Free atyle-Womaeft. Totals .. .. .. .. .. .. .30 4 8taye of ters t
Z 30 Mts. Breast Stroke--OGirTa- 400 Mts. Free atle-Men. --- shows th..
".0 and under. 100 Mt. Breast Strate-Wom- Sft. r ""
31 Mts. Breast Stroke-Boys-- en. Stanley. 3b ....... 210 are
: and under. 100 Mts. Breast Stroke-Men. lla.inger. p.. ........ 0 1
40 Mtj. Free Style-Glrls--12 100 Mts. Back Stroke- Women Lane, rf.. ......... 0 ..
id nder. 100 Mti. Back Stroke-Men. Soyster, c .. .... 0 1 S a
SMrs Free Style-Boy-12 100 Mts. Free Stle-Women. McGlade. lb ....... ; 0
," dller. 100 Mta. Free Sty -Men. j. ........ 1.
SbMt. Bak Stroke.-Qlrls-14 Diving-4 Mts.-Wome. l-,mufler, 2b.. .. ...' I r.. f na:a
Mt "'s. ck Stroke-b.oy- -14; .t:;: i Satress MLaow CaIor
d under. Women. '
S20 Mts. Back Stroke-Glirls-10 120 Mta. Individual Medley- Totals.. .. .. .... UE.. AlR to M.
w al under. Men. VAMoore By Isana .A- Sp
So Mt3. Back Stroke-Boys--10 50 Ms Free Style-Women. Optica SBos 0 0 0 -% o
pmi uncer. 50 Mte. Free Style-Men. balboa 0 0 4 switched the
40 Mts. Breast Stroke-Girls-- 120 Medley Relay-Woman. Ilba- 0 N Y Jb 10. C W -witched the
;,]%,ind under. 120 M odle Relay--Men. "L u aykees' battW*g '3 2 times. mo tm imove Irv
SMts. Breast Stroke-Boys- 160 Fre style Relay-W" Along The FairW The m a'a New York ve r
*and under. 1g0 _'ee Style Relay-Mn. Noren from nca to first base.anati-
Mts Free Style-Girla-14 Divers must submit list -o hI Isnot 2as
d Iiere d as anj the order In uiitc (Ntu RAND A? fbltoris otit
iMt. .Free Style -Boys--14 they wal perform them with .- .
under. try. In Lhe senior diving, iefe ens a a eerez l a te luo
S us,,t "lain back, stral The qualifyinttdWil A. b haas to be tIm.. the club,
pike) and seen optional fmboR Golf Pd M an that's ao o le i S by etach diver. ie ea n inUV Rail Is trouble w. w a, rM
ly' cea rrs must be entered SilReeekWil bS3IUd 44iftIsis w 4 rte f
teams nwitw as individual entry e week end of e 1-4 -' ed on ltt he e l s s atIer .' e
4f Igmfoud Pressure uaken. There Is no limit on the nunh Three-marter ( .a.inshe isn h e a myJoeb al cSth-re
4110". have s h t aet g^ .,atosTgree *ag
'l,,h.a e -on be ,, i of event an Mndividual mayn u-dhVW Joe b s h
hes, sk sav bath .run.d of an -L Sofrd t.1at 0000La

u first. seond a nd a u d third H eemed to f on e.-
tau ciong tht irt wtaeaiankte1h r
M ihs eill be an op*unitmr h f.
rops w... FIn individwmmanerveto ns bumswee ntS a inO r-caoSo

tournament pls%
plUes're Ingaed P davr. teams. (pai*,Whot in tee Wtsfunnr

Inteltho. alohe, ISabt, out, fand Lb. C t be
s othn mt aae u te a White t
t du ated Ina thefirst wekW Tte y ee a the nht

tournament t pab a. ,w 11

rtaoe M hla01.%am the am-,nD t
nDavis Vwl T-ge ie

.. ... e 0 is-- am b--o ,,,t ,,, 1 ,,111110 W m ,set

s MR sae per e.t after-dinnee
,- Lagmur. or tor sw ,Nways
isaftA -Brandy am aeda'e
-as -mre you ape ~ty Uartei
S a ansUomou glae

m mm. AS ft I
^^^^i^^. ge ^ ^'^the a^^
**gi li se x as far JIM
Rp m wth omHI I
a&d brlao
Ik a tISI ase.i
larc peam
y^^^^Pf as aH^^ ramfcy^^^K

n %ivet .m
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bed the lea
a ted WI

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d hole a~8I ~
issid's litat


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woe I L,,

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fit 4

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says KS .m.napr Apsn
.,- ... .,. -. '.; .

saw, i L

S. W first o oItf f C.

:,i w ffe first shipen of ,CHAMPAL

~* tu~

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At*. A. 1.
I..'. .~ -

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spot advertising."

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BOSTON, June IO (UP) -
frldent Bill Veeek of the St.
teals Browns tedaj an-
'*uneed that Rogers nornay
has been removed as manager
I the Browns and will be re-
placed by Marty Marion.
The Browns, after a sensa-
.,Ueoal opening this season to
lead the American League, has
now fallen back to seventh

I I.a :..m E:^I r

'. r ._ ._
.,. 4,-, ,.. .: ,..: "

I .'I .. :

* I

.AI;L. ~


^^,__^. ~ ~ i~MB H b

"Let the people know the iii nW te si H

1b-ite -4

.... ._________...- _TrtA


Discovered in Congress Grabs SteI

West Germany NP Strike
Germany. June Ball As Talks Break i wn
]West Germany has discovered Ar.4
suFrtantiaram fiedst i neeel flmri -dereported. 'Weed on a two- r
substantial uranium fdnteWASHINGTON. June 10 (UP)- slike-threaItened defense inus-steel fi re reported red on a two-year con- am
mountains of the Black Forest, Congress quickly picked up the ry after seve ctae public no- offered th~ e atriki t compared with 1 T
It was reported today. nine-day-old strike of 650,000 tice. United Wa s a a recommended by these tb
The size of the fields and the d CO United Steelworkers today Congress coWaldM however, veto wage nr---B of 21 or board.
actual amount discovered were after the sudden collapse of ne- the seizure sMal pdter the plants an hour, t spared with t. ltunderstood the govern-
not reVealpd but government gotlations between the union and to be returned to the owners, cent "ptkage proposed Itentatively ofeedthe in- Ra
forces satd the amount is suf- industry officials. Shortly before the talks W8., ~.x-a $* & 4.50-a-ton price in- 181
of West toGermant the rements Thebreak up of the White broke down t y sources Sources doe to the The industry was expect- htvi
of West German atomic re- House-sponsored talks came un- close to thIlt l -scret talks Lions satd itti. that o try to bargain for $5. It la cuta
Search. expectedly last night only a few prevlated 0 tettdment terms question fl rentium Ad to about $3 under the b l-
Germany under Allied hours after officials had indicat- weid bectopeo those recom- Sunday a the contr Art provision of the con- Te

andIsnopermittae d to Inn .....ed.on- .rW
trol. enad In smll-le da settlement was Imminent, mended -y t Wage Stabill- union h d to. be r w. mi
atomic research at Heldelberg The talks apparently found- nation Wmi and oftnally re- before tlaettlement laI sou
and Goettingen Universities for ed on the union slop lasue, af- Jected by tfWe 'Inetry. ed. .
lMcadfbcotndli adtor cons ter near agreement was reach- Representatives of the major Both MfiMesre understood.^ The ai
duet atomic research for mill- hed administration salvaged b3l
tary se or to produce atomic ne major victory from the
Government sources said all wrecs ge of settlement hopes.
reaaos oorhave boren mtode for ninand industry represents-
mining the new fields and that es agreed to reoen some basic r It*
the nare ster ermn s eel plants at once to provide driving a t
thoed Iatenate nodvernmen si tioenough current steel production American employs of Mt
rehred Its ecological instttte to e meet ess ential military re- M imer ic an t oyte t
wjthfurther checks and scientific qurements I td $100 In court ti
tato. o oeuirens.tto
s m r y This move greatly reduced thea n ae
eds in the amoried ar r g e n c y of the situation. a ndd Ipth *
f e lnes are within the Soviet high officials said it virtually as- Npa fned ar od t

ne newart An In -Germang iae u heoero dar at to seei7 & Totenals eivn hhs ear too lat Q
sured t h a t PresidentnTrumanI l.ed ana t Fd t IAlbT a
medd Russia authorities artme-on re uld not invoke the Taft-Hart- le aoh ago, but he had be

nd to haver' qlpped thou- len Dlaw'sp. vision faor rr Bdavamonth b e n ad T
imls of forced laborers to the y a pr n es Tae the next morning for Mex -
Swourt Inndnctions against "-. to a d the case w as po t had
d hs. -mn sko
The new fields are located In tonai emergency" strikes. eoda .
that part of Western Germany -wasend d afterwards. t i-
termed a "strategically non-ex- menian ad inds okdes- urwast driving his ear too far
woed area" under the six nation men naid it w um to defse trig o n the left side oftcuandu
Zuropean Army treaty signed Ina g e n e I e s to determine how ,.4,when hi grazdnsrS
1arits lat month nd sare not many strikebound plant would gtr ear. He diad't remain
'within immediate reach of the e reopened to meet essential eel oes scene or report the Mit-

am-Trumaen to keepp its hands off the ez dorem- a malfno

o ouItoat ddexps es t ttee rnh -rtw Aid iorr v ra
m ny into a non-exposed and Msituation so lonk as a settlement d to r lJh

I se W. e nseaemed near, moved in t n d y I the tia re c t PnaTn A was d a
bpwne bIn thean wxedarpoa.n withgusto. TIME OUT A "No Contract No Wbrk pla flby OtiotKwowe&*,

bmnc d im n the 'eoxssad atm endment .o Mr.. Tu n spoke l g pelo Pe lden to .e surhkan order to poad has a "
Siel .er e man de t thlackFo S en. HarrysF.dBrd (D-Vator striking g steel workers pley cards to psws tl o the ba d otth t o upfabl ic nset
ate to the west of the exposed he would insist that the en- r Two of the Inland Steel Coamp e sam ath e b In i on r an toen p k ok 0
L ett weofheoeate vote Immediately on his pro- .IIIU4I.V urns n Re ,
;, enew Allied-German eavce osal to require Mr. uan ana o eted t an tnunto ist e Agst.en-w Cn ta
eontrets when ratified will en- us" the Taft-Hartley law.stooke I, de t h e aan a enten La
ermane to Increse enByrd said: "It Is the only thing A i t
titmwI strike for 80 days. andt will save r.u buiwn c
.. eurnelr nrs: d denueus 35.000.000 tons of steel" a s proa
Chancellor Konrad Adeur But Sen. Burnet Maybank el dtar'stee
.v emns for any German acti- for his own proposed amendment on Cte nin s nd e
We research or production. tthetnr dn. "t p e 'a o wut ev le rhe fneu
"Mhe flaw uraninmufindina trowi ll BcuMt .B o w
Smake W n Gran yT and enuralte Mvbank's amendment would n ie a id watch. He h ned no
ake Western German almost e prohibit a strike for a maximum
ndnt from forn ura- 120 das while the National WAHINTON, June 10 (UP) Mr. Truman aid the use of preoord.

miae legislaion." > During t weeCntBor wim pr geerieg 'pr
Imports, government sour- Emergency Board recommended -President Truman -cited the the disputed ijutMctlaon poWers ,'.od Panamanian
sos said, a settlement. The bill would per-A urgent need of steel to ip in the Taft.-artey, law would DelW, who was driving as
4buch imports are necessary attmit the government to seize an the United St"!t.W 'f b b. urosy .nair to the striking cr a Mimi cRoad without 'a ante
1. -pWresnt to keer the research otn- trdustrv if either libor or man- i m.e present world .sfltuo- a 'Steelworkers because they had validU t license, was fined teS
Ig at Heidelberg and Goettin- agement relected the board's re. as he appealed to Conweti to- postponed tieir walkout many $15*i t e has two previous fl* I
to. commendations day for Governmental author- timsbefore finally striking conT 'ron the same charge. troD
e pn. A. S. Mike Moronev (D- ity to seize and operate te na- Junte 2. o e a ina bus stop,r
RALBOA TIDES Okl.msaidbe would seek 'a vote toos steel Industry tl the Vl anam a
on his own seizure amendment current dispute between l1ab He said that if Congress wants Wo forvagrancy 'T
Wednesday, June 11 If Mavbank's amendment Is de- and management is settled. to obtain an injunction, against in Augustu, Cons tabe, John
'SI]GH LOW feared .the strike it should direct the 29, Pa am ana was sentenced Lam
am ..... Moroney's amendment would .. ..Truman spe In a Prsdent to eek such an to spe ay in jail. He has vi
p.M. 12:D8 a. m. permit the P'resident to seize a befie ajoint session the without waiting for the tapoint- two preovIO cnvictions. CMI
tIng board, as Is called for un- on two separate charikeReyj- thao
*ie said a properly, dtfsd der the Tatt-Hart?,at. es Martms, ear-old Pana- In
seizure law can assure steel pro- He claimed the Imetjy,- ^of mania, wa S oAdl $1a5ed oftfit
Auction, treat both parties far- a Taft-Hartley 'njunction wuld on one y 's. probation The fine ,l
ly, and encourage coIlecttvLtbar- I* unwise, unfair' and .apos-W. mosdrivinghis tn ck effel
The President said: "I 'he Slyp effectivee" a en Arid for having de- mum
Congress allatquickly festive ble e truc, e
willl.-- LsU Official tori. was placed o one year's proba-
""Me i. ue ot peace or w r From Puerto s ke ,11 Yu0
-loa In the balance, and'ste el forI
I,, vitall element ti the ut- IJohnson 8." C'daiat AdminIs- Commissaryr Manue l d es P1- an
to.ratr of the LOUI State neda, 30, Piaamanian was fined date
heseisae u t Unversity'seducatio program $1, in court. clim
-The Issue is squarely up to mInPuerto Rico, arrived at Al- -- ed.
congress. Itope Conressdwill brook yesterday for omWe week aA
**We hlepsation'" During the week Cim or will LprLU eeringo
meet with LSUJ offWLals in the whit
Panama Area to dWsms final The regular monthly meeting are
plans for the summer session of of the Castal Zone Central La- Here
Via program which, begins June bar Unoa* will be held Sunday Quw
,.0 in both the Canal Zone dad at 8:30 am. in the Balboa Lodge cat.


VI you wan to give the watcb that meets all tid
taudard ofr fine watobaking. give a Hamihla.
ir fmne-.emduing hb y and tatde accuracy.
= is. the amid'. met-"The Arisma-st
', ,

r (At j. *:. .

y'r at at emsa wtp -
wee the eflams flrElfurt.
GOmmny, wb mB. Arld ,
t, lett, ism U trK MA
Pfe. Oils V. Tl=i ta -
water, Okl ba-.t toug-

me Ap es. Hill. LAW

Old Jim Likes Own F

Gives Himself Anothe
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