The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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glen t of et ,. Mia ot ifa0tthull Anthem of th- relwa- ie "e
the ir, -jivj ns to loa bi A bLof Panama JoWto
r m*e nrd ,of, fae l a n S M -n...dr aoERi o I mtar spangled Banner"- A r I-
-a af6me .100 t rumobe joto d. t w"n aaoted outt U eDt r laxation o to
.....e e. .-m m uit f )W- hun .
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PUar -- riiotal. Pros-

Ca and It = Ma
W 4"w l "t,,/d the "rwt- T. IZelq t vialU-
in" o arderedA s 13 peo*pit N te& irif l t..
on t *141m to estacuate o the new
1t6:i which JMl been planned for
4. i Of Germanly. aow the Board1
S teldi and pas ilr li id floor of the/
9Of far nare In the Frensh -el ldIng at Bal-
ret6r of. Berlin. /ri.!
'" ~Sat Balboa m-I-
a UN 9, Reds 3 da wh half-hour
*: w 9, -, i .." / a formal band muse/
sobt,= June 7 (UP) mf-. a Joint Army-Air
tftf[te % sabres scored a ,-0 f.
w bin dogfIhtng over Korseat T _orual program will open
tll we. after lval of Govelnot
1 Wa' the second straight gnl bold at the stadluM.
WWk with no United Natie& gr rmted upon .-.
Ioe In air combat. r i and flourl hes
)Wt a Shooting Wtar a d .
I eMolquito artillery *. 0 I. iMMee Johnson., per-
Swere downed by Red i t hools. will act as
while one Invader lht IM f o-emonles. The fol- t
hber is mining on operasn irfp aogram hu been ar-t;a

Nicaragua's Traf 4sthmian

HighwayFunds In Senate Fight

WASHINGTON, June T (UP) and la b legal obligation to
-A bill for the appropriatioL M wM it.
of funds to finance the build- pointed out that
lag of roads by the Pderal.v- I* 0 .has already been e
p ment was eat to a. jo t op. th project, but the r
eslon of Congresi today mn a ey was taken from a special
tOrt% to coordinate the dilf- eB=cge fund by the Preui-
ferent measures approved by e wt and waa not specifically
I'. Hom se ad the aeP:te., apJoVedby Congreu.
. One of these m.taqtes dual ,oafaks Senator S. Hol-
With the approplationW 1 8,- t0, defend the appropriation
[jMOO fpr the conrtrueU ..of 6 -lpoilnUgout that the U. S.
Iteuasthunlan highway In N &P a la il, If not legal, obll-
ca to the highway
he Mouse version im ap, State Delartfmet
4d this approprist.ltobut ldeclined to com-
li eatb ha.s remMend It.4 13 i tches from Manx.
S edatlon m ftrpm SIe that Gen.S ml-
mut erguon will ask for the
I. ali ved that It VI lih he 1914 treaty be.
.da..ys before the 3jlat uat and the U. .
reached S es 'swelatterA M 1op-
construction of an
41: i c a 1 -

i M im" "

llamas O.limbjUMM
ifl.rle, *^llS^^fn.
. IhaveblMt
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- c(

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n' "be at the aoa
an sp to ad ofde
# b)i'nahi will leave
oibs rdwtorp amout

'will be aminmfM at the
ae.r will ble made on its
Troatporten both the
hu i mps m i

MW 41. 0 .,
Ofarm UAL, ki00

N W C d smot, -aAid an
SWof deltlB I ommu mist pois-
SMAN fR.A3. a, I (UP) oners ere tPPy witha x 1a1m-

Weit Coast and pr in ro the
extension of th A emen' ne p e A thM
f tihe t ioup....tded, only barbed wh etbowe After the
schooners, txJr -an ships Pris oW- I-Ie0W "e Wder to -.
carrying mItkrs M lt h1 move their blgates and them-
carrying miUtmy a wtos selves th eae. s* a me-
ar East will be Io o us ehan, h r 4 -tgger mseth-
had u r5 -w ed "for .aut s egeas tUaBle
Captain Cft i We s e, =Moa aMt. e fa
Coast be"d eo5 1 manner of p nre, t dea--
-n r7Of. tlh dl. uaoo -I
Mates and tot mid tacrnmet, *l tne rorew with ,e'
his u IOnU poethele lgger hd d -isemard
had M2011n tMM ta OW1
locked out lnt./his corner of the .aien.
union Mea rishle M T o Measw, at t l Ptamally
fe t .tha S-r proad tbe ground o und th
ft.,._..,, ,te # ~j ~,-' fld comPound ISethe skmoaq as.-'
wO r r ht Ra cution s -4aa mthe dig
Bhip to "The iMsmU-M had ban
nbI coming mysteurtoly hudtbe ft amh
Into WTea9-* I MW^ by and rocku oat out b al BMgW 4nd
pkketftgfte tentsath. commfl&
MeapMib of Meavwdlh. at ilt Pnmuaaiuf
the msilors' .. tr..e n. dbeet n V 10 U4
A ledwal aig Nationh aft! a thiw-
sides are g Io t day eg and 3l5 oat of th
the auttlepI S t conference te s bou waiting
frnttpta W. for Commi" mm*@fut.

terrttory. ,- -

twK Yalu rover, t
clear xuperltil itf.

Premier TPOe

haTm eli todk y i ii
Juast the eIfthe
t w of Nan Mt
a number of hi lW
htie "too tiechihuw-i
much money."
"I wal nval = jarj
a of imSttUlMI, Iw .

by ffr

Red mw uwu
I -Mm June 7 WMWf

- Val sN* rir
neMverse U the 21018"
of Japa.

pr Screening
June 7 (UP)
ew service alid o da
-apwisnatim of

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s Fleet-

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enty Usefui

ith Exactly

o Admirals
w i TON, June n -
otwb SwtserlIann
g no iea, hs f6 nav
& Z a growing flee
e velIs, however
Making the fswi
crosw flag well know
all around the Norti
San4 the Mediterra
existent a dozen year
go, "th SwiSs merelant ma
ne olay has 27 shps rang
n Iom 4t} to 14,500 toM
th nine more to be addie
A small factor in work
de, they are life insurance
tIhe Alpine republic where
tfines Maine's population
vis on one-half Maine's arei
Pe National Geographic So
lety says.
STwice in the 20th centuty
neutral Switzerland ha-
bhemmed in by neigh
Sso involved in total wa1
at they could allot little
pping space to the vita
and taw material im-
rts the SWiss must have
n exchange for their manMu-
actured goods.

ktly low on food supplies by
Sewar's end in late 1918.
A determined effort by th
Dwiss government to set Up
n organization for foo
hansport after the war prov-
d costly and was given up.
SAsWorld War II loomed,
e country's leaders created
Federal War Transport of-
c to anticipate the prob-
erf supplying grain, sugar,
oee, and other necessUtle.
a Agreements v e r e work
ut with Franco, Ital3, Spain,
portugal for overland tran-
fft between their ports and
She Swiss border. Switzerland
then chartered 15 Gr e k
The plan worked well in
Tahe lil of France cout off
lSad's main route of
B r, Sfttag

I Greece mt Otob M
Sbrring the Greek ships
the Mediterranean.
Lisbon became the port for
chartered Greek ships.
t ranks shipping from
heto Genoa In scarce neu-
hulls proved so costly
at th April, 1941, Switzer-
began the task of as-
bling a merchant marine
Sail under its own flag.
ith great difficulty, the
ranpeort office assembled 11
*ortehd vessels and manned
phem with sailors of neutral
e noe of the ships were lost
war action, others were
d after the war. But they
brought o0,000 tons of vital
at s and other goods to
iCse cities each yea'.
,xesy .rescued shipwrecked
pamen, carried Red Cross
Mds, and served in achang-
pig plioners of war.
Today the Swiss merchant
is operated by several
companies with the
went's blessing but
SIea of the operators were
d laIn the hine River
o freighters are
beg to ply Rhine channels,
reach more than MO
tnfrom salt water to Ba-
nnsequetly they are ex-
ieu Dasael, their regls-
load and unload at
atwe, Rotterdam, Ham-
s ,f ad Genoa.
operate from the
nl awan ports to can-
,J M lt Steal, and
Mediterranean trade.
Nationals choeon for
t marine duty are
in Xrttlab maritime

tonnage far ea-





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- bb S

PARIS, June 7 (NEA) .h I w d tferwtvomic bwchw*er
will be fone from the sem e lMsd .
That's whet Paris has Wcr I pt s' a.fose dark glosses, monsBtei
Almost gkne is more like It. d o
The fttien world says the r" & & lf nI te to tle department of
"bright young things..
No style-conscious woman over 25 wif t ort resorts in anything but
a one-piece s mW suit, unless, of coe ~, is.I n model or the possessor of
what our giraW others used to c lt a "Mlwlps
Doulevardner, scanning the The n be round mid-calf, or just a lit-
fashion prononceenta. see strap, ,veatI ielow. Iniibo
nothing wrong wltl.tte idea at or f6 's all a questionoflivfd-
There Is nothing really straps. fid re Ledoux, stylist for the
wrong with the oel piete Blac, bie and naty s t better class ready to-wear
idea, either. strand' eele, and the market, likes to add a little note
The 195t models .are brief, added t of deep rose r usually bone through the teal blue br even burnt Tre's a pair of slacks calle
midriff, and tln gto the body Jacques NHelm a ss "Ac"erebate" in black linen with
like paper on the wall. wear ws atomst0 leng se9 liarrow self fringe running
the atomite bomb, still S down the side seam. They're
Sizes in the younger s topped by a blouse in a "light-
budding starlets, and h 'I d ing" print.
observed the one plece Beach wraps are kimono-

tut, and vary from thigh to
tcalf-length In printed, rever-
bible, or plain terry cloth in
exotic colorings.
Even the atomic Helm In-
eludes one in a roomy Mother
. Hubbard type.

piece model med a
& BEACH JACKET of terry below with a five n l
loth ain exotic design is of twine finge.
r worn over modest black lUndernath are a minimum
e one-piece bathing suit in of black satin, visible when the
S current Paris fashion. breeze blews.
SCairvien, i"so a young pee-
pies' l lu t, favors 6te
AWOL Priv piece w t with eye-catch-
AW L rdrio ste Ing patters through the wadt.
r line whitod why he went AWfollow the we
Tells Court His e tery mveme dal.

He a s In the I au w departed 1
BYon or oft the beaoh, slacksthis
season aI j taper off smeweet iece, he

LiitnDngland June 7
(V!P) Pt. Cornelius C. Businessman rin
Knight,.2, told a court mr-
we she..harred a woman US Youths Believe

n t.. -he-- Wall St. Likes War
"I Just went amll tpiees,' he

eI just went all to pieces," Ike By WADE JONE
said. STR.= S aflew aad BY WADB JONES
sunbonnet in "KIeaOot" pat- NEW YOR, Tune 7 (NEA) -
He was sentenced to 4is days tern by M tgy o*Wf is Pa- A few casual words dro e
denosIat a o A few casual words dropped bya
detention. ris idea of resort wea for school teacher to a New ork
S___off te 1teach._-- diamond merchant a year ago
have resulted in some starting
disclosures on what our young
Ta T people think about war.
The merchant was Lawrenke
For Ma dl Mayers, handsome 61-year-old
S'N C F p rpwsident of theL. and C. May-
-e ors giftwares Win.
He was awarding prices to
winners of a Now York city high
school essay contest he had
S pnsored q; anthe subject of

marked idly to im:
"You know, Mr. Mayers, moet
of my stu entse .acq surprig e
to find a bsiailleman Spisa-
er ing a contest e the qua-
tion of doing awab with war,
They thought budeiles aInel%
sets favored war because war
helped businem." I
Mayers wouldn't ~,have beefl
more startled If the teacher hud"
tossed him the Xoh,4-noor Dla-
"I was shocked," layers says.
"I didn' t know wat to do. So
,. '.went back to m ,atoice and sat
"Then I noticed the Kiplinger
news letter on my desk, so I
wrote Kiplinger a letter. He's
aua. d to know what peop le
POOR MARKSMAN Leon Shuselaer explains to a Pas es09 think about things. I asked him
why he shot his wife (in the handbag) and then shot hiYelf If he'd heard anything about
-but slightly. Court attendant (left) appears skEptealL young people ti nlz a business-
Smen liked wl4r."
I Kiplinger wrote back that he
PA S J 7NEA-- -had found a similar attitude a-

PARIS, June 7 (NEA--Sp enrig students and he cited sov-
time in Paris is not all hand- ra t ents and he cited s
holding and wistful sighs along For el a e wrote, "A
the Seine embankment. orng mean as b e wrote, Na-

ing unfolded In the Court "of- tletating that he assumed, as
Assizes the likes of which Paris a matter of eouras, that Wat
had never heard before. aSet was promoting war.
The cast: O try to find out more about
Madeleine Schneider, 88, at the mater. Mayers this year ex-
peroxide blonde hairdresser, c- Vended his essay contest to high
caused of making a sandwich hool seniors all over the coun-
spread of chopped light bulbs,
tntacks and rat poison for her More than 3000 entries (um-
husband's lunch box. She dif't Itl to one from each school)
want %o kill him, she said. "I l ave been received from 40
just wanted to annoy him." states.I
Leon Schneider, 41, also. a The essay subject is: "How Dif -
hairdresser, the dark haired, feaently Would I Plan My Future
Alsatian husband of Madeleine, If I grtw World Peace Wete
was accused of shooting his Assaured For the Next 50 Years."
wife in the pocketbook. First prize will be a week's trip
It wasn't the lunch that an- to New York and a visit to the
noyed him. "She insulted me," United Nations.
he said. "She called me 'Bocho' will be 10 second primes
and I saw red. I didn't actuleY each. 0 third prizes of
want to kill her,utfriighten-and 200 honorable mention
The melodrama began after And it all comes out of Maye t .
18 years of stormy married e.
Maideleine wanted out. Leon Meantime Mayers is condug. 1
wanted her to stay. a survey of students in g W
After several prel nari h schools in seven eitlmsIn
atures, Madeleine went ash questions as "Do you tiom
mother, taki their daAh- q Auesrican business men uotb
tes, 18 and 16, with ". "DO yobu think nthe sme S
Inte then e ,Leon4dof businessmen toward ww
an the net t, Leon w ateIn f4.erent from the attitude If
e n and women in other fields
3e wanted, he said, to ap- 0edeavor?" and"ofDo tdfI
to hIW maternal feeliug. he ant profit. of Amer an bu-l
bedelded there was firms increase or dewres
naffitmg methary about bedud "_arim_
aW-,he s m a nt
Th ela n mm way. Whe n an e ma men ash er San CITOea th
hem at hemse had (1) 6armA- 3 mon" AWIN 3 0.le f mt Sthe
*h (1) swellowed I h wm.n .gean
%haf a M sa plns esenten e (she was 3ee 53 the ewee sad,
h! ie a r. l.m; lstaid i an lem -wln a
3 l ,,,,,, ersu.pei semiae. And where dae a! ths lead,

= ; among th, hn-b s. ho s's "May, e I I inm lit- a
.. .....NL~i9 U =' ~ '-

Ascetic W

Land For
NEW DELHI, India June 7-
(NEA) Mohandas K. Gandhi
once summed up India's No. 1
problem this way: "Even God
dare not appear before a hun-
man except in the form of
Today, a man who is popular-
I acclaimed as Oandhl's suc-
cessor Is showing his face to
vMore and more of India's hun-
gLy men;
me dares face them because
he comes with loaves in the
form of land acres that he has
been able to wheedle from hard-
headed landlords.
He is 57-year-old Acharya VI-
noba Bhave, popularly known
as Vinoba, and the face he pre-
e6its to the needy Is the lean,
bearded face of an aseetic.
His rise as a religious and so-
cial leader has been as spectac-
ular as the achievements of his
Bhoodan Yagna, or 'qand gift"
movement, as he caWs it.
During the past year Vinoba

I 0,006acresEIS" V met
of it In Central India, to be dis-
tributed among landless peas-
Travelled over 100 miles on
feWt, going from village to vil-
his quest for land do-
S al of 2,500,000 acres
ected within the next
A by himself and his
Wtt ib to check one revolu-
tian M I want to bring about
anther reolution," explains
the etonsier.i
UlW OaGadhi's assassination
in 19I Vinoba was unknown
t b a eeit to the Mahatma
and to a few members of the
religief Boominultes which
OGandh founded. His entry into
pubic nomte was a dramatic
In the stunned silence that
followed Oadhli's death, Vino-
ba suddenly appeared in Delhi
The' B i cose for his
prar MfhlW was the spot
where 1%f body had been
cremated, W he attracted tens
of thom as&*e ng solace for
what to thlM as a personal
bereavementr horm then on his
role seemed at out.
The "lad ft" Idea came to
him last y fa walking tour
to HydenAWd.
There; peasmante in 2000 villa-
SaIs i- l itVe lands, kick-
ued 0V the land set up
their own Peopl's Committees.
It took a army of special po-
lice over a year to subdue the
"I real'ed then," Vinoba re-
cais, "that the mal distribu-
tion of land was the canker
eating at Oew heart of India." I
On th ton; Vinoba was ap-(
by group of "Un- (
a" With the request I
ioalod this at a pray- 1
V m wII s was amazed when c
ia M er promptly offered
9 repeated the experiment t
at other meetings with the i
ae moenas, Md he has been
l ng It ever a ce. I
Work Etope a6 the villages
wben word m thal t his ar-
rimal Is ilu and old and
g ffob* m e-et him on

What e see is a

beard. *

Un a e -

f v i3


Ul D" Um

_-_--__- *L*AW* Ir l
BIKINI 3U- bye eoutb Brtata hn h S
moded, bult we mgsa 'le 1lO 1iS whehIN i
when they mbue beeh see- m 'sUper ptorityO in.
n y like this, designed by d *.

ith Ulcer Begs

India's Peasants
*' '*.4

ra M


r." ,


MW R STARTING OUT eu I &Id s wal, P V
BUav has his feet bandaged AW se, mi e t
the road, his way lighted by a from his wora, t th m often
hurricane lamp. clamoring for he at ntOn
lU S. he arrives at his ii- With their offegtf ., 6oP
Lage desttlatlon about four ,,
Mianr lster, followed by two "It's real vw g ive jI
secr.wt- Bd an entourage of AmeAntre buimatLan U. NW
aboutla m aen o ponre. DelhI who V"iwe .
ba's progreda "a4 it could
Once atved, Vinoba's pro- Urpen on in
cedure is te elect a tree, usu- he ing is act Iwwj so
ally a for shade anhl to easy.
start prea I
St some ovne Vifnobas
"All people wj children of the words have a ta as as
soil," he Wil bei_ "and It stony as the SBS
should belg to tem just as Kis mot ta r eesa
a mother betoas tO her chil- 'It been tl pro
iren." lace of UIftar h, where
meit of tie 10,0 arem ware
Then he r ask' holders collected.
to consider '?*a nrtL
and to give R nht seha of TI am only an instrument in
their property ce benefit t hands o God," Vinbta re-
of the por. ceatly a er audlanc.
Landlords listen at first wMth dBow othe ecan people
misgivings, who fight even for a foot of
By the time VIndba has fin- land be Inspire to five hun-
shed talking 4adw t er de deds of acres teely

AN the Sf'

m.p h.) lia rAiB WW -w

This Month t3 11!g
scheduled Lmdm-J
fht ha bn spp
sohre rern a weR
Lner ,S.we. 3040 a|l

to use the Coet on t
BSingaore service. .
80 only eht
flylnft with a ninth due h a"
weeks tme. .
Production Is now about 0 6i
month but should be doubled 2.
ter 1964.

Gen. Mark Clark Gets Caught Padding

Figures Of Enemy Streng ht in Korea
*y DfrEW flARSO
WASHIRMTON, Ams 7.-It in't uod to l would have an N a m .
be mentioned outed e litaary ,abuy," but wUelasWtae and a better 5tM a ihn 9
Gen. Mtbrk Chait been oaaht by the Jtat w revruaL .
chiefs of stat ffl Korea battle re- ~itl they called a tt0to9 their 6M
ports M twen General Ma .St
In his flast amob u Biest, the new l r imne %Clark's ew m Mge' and
Eastern mavammli qMtet lifui the anm~r C(ak for "eattlstiaaton."
if enemy trouwis W=V. 1019
It wa obvia eOn w MB 0p, libonV., Sth| -Ge eral MaeArtbur t.t
,00, new taet b t entered KWa, ud o r l a al
hat- Cltrk had a wanted labor battalia lt M a Itha
and civilian uam ft i my troop e t of My
The l=% eat M M ta'
ng to a 3 hiuthm1 .^
,- --T ,

p.; -
: -.

-~ 2

* I



. ?



.9 1..

M. --

3: 10-.- .ssli c. m

8 1-

thena bttond

w M


Taeslay, Jlua IS
' AJL *


8:00-New and Woumentary
go0s-Veteanme of offein wa
JtOt a r ABd
ito: W O I

' b



AlIt -
& as aLa

a n fii .

4. I. Pl. 4
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SM I Customs Are Changed

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E- R ba e pays a little or as much as she likes for her bridal
hIaw't and is bn fashIon either way. But just one hundred years
o, fashion decree a misimum of $500 for a wedding dress and
$S1i5 for the veil! The veil, however, could be worn as a scarf later.
NEA Woman's. Editor
YORK The bridal with a wreath or chaplett" of
u of 1952, that of the beau- flowers, a custom that had last-
t white dress and misty v11, ed since Anglo-Saxon days. A
hasvI always been with as. In decade earlier, Queen victoria's
Colonial days, for i nat n ce bridesmaids wore chaplets of
brides wrrd bright, flowered white roses as they tripped
brocades and cherty-and-prim- down the aisle.
rose 4damask. It was a Spanish beauty, Eu-
Bul once white moved into genie de Montijo, who held the This yert Wide l be as formal or as ktl as she l'kes t be bhip Insert. She wea m .leIa loves. Her Wioa
the tlshon spolight for Wed- unofficial title as one of the own w EiMn She can spend a little or a wear a log 6r admirer. wear bore b lt ile' tHmed Wth
liic, brides took it with glee. most romantic brides of this era.: drem. No what her choice, Amel.. lWsF have mU i wide bands of chaaly la as c that sweeps te the
By 850, C1odey's Lady's Book She became an Empress of It that dh'll pretty. Junlor bride (l reinaftl, t6W back in bustle pu. beldb ( picks short lao we6diag
w2 able to announce that the France through her marriage to skirted short Ina white cotton lace ever piak tafeta. T ItW dress n pale pk maeet lWer'up bolere. This is a
dr of o f ahin must pay at Napoleon III at Notre Dame Ca- line is cut to a g V. Formal bride (ce ) wares lutr9 s pea dress that need not p tedl i am I si s pipee r when t h
tW for h dre a. Andthedral In 1853., d'angq lace backed with white iatin. A fall rt trans ff 1te 6 a Sing's over. A verml slWirt f met it d by a lace apnr Iee.
tt th m a ded, As his wedding gift. the m- traln;Isleeves me short. Pleated net is used for Mb and repeated Wthe waist is cinched l hi withreri1ti sl ash In math pl.
reasonable' peror handed Eugenie a 51-ca-
lrice for the veil was a mere rat diamond and, not satisfied NEW YORI -(NEAl- True now, have peked white In pre- 1952, however, the bride may less at the outset. They are per-
$125 and t his was a strictly that this was enough, added a to tradition, that's the way we ference to any other shade., wear a short dress it she likes tlehrly adaptable to an Infor-
.-prtctteal expenditure since the! pair of pendant earrings with think of weddings. But actual- In 1952, however, many junior and still be fashion-right. Tra- mal wedding that requires only
well could turn up later for eve- drops the size of almonds. These ly, wedding fashions as well as brides are choosing pastels and edition no longer forces us t9 one bridesmaid. Further they
ming wear as a sort of draped once had belonged to the ill-f- wedding customs change from are passing up the traditional choose one .length only. ellinfrtk the additionftl eense
overskirt, or scarf. i ted Marie Antoinette. year to year and sometimes the bridal veil in favor of little The formal gown I still the ineurred by the formal bride
Once paid for. the veil was Eugenie was married twe to change s a drastic one, com- caps, sometimes baby caps trim- wedding dress that moat Ame- for a tdres to weat to s atll par-
adjusted to the bride's head the same man. She W n t pletely upsetting tradition. med in seed pearls. They also rican bride- prefer. But, never- ties when the wedding's over,
through both the rellglou and show a preference for tiny flow- theless, brides with a practical
Scivilceremonies. The gown she Brides, being women, fre- ered caps with just a wisp of bent like. the ankle-length In formal length or sbor
in church was white atin quently change theit m 1 n d s veiling, dress, the streetlength dress, length, the favored fabrics o
omen & skirt tiered. The fe about the way they want to Tradition once dictated that the convertible or tWo-purpose thi year's brides are lace, lk
S ca of frosty lace. The bpdiCaelook on their wedding day. But a bride wear a floor-length dress. t, n tulle or eit t-
was clasped and. l* =h a brides, for many years gdWn with sweeping train. In Usually, these dressed cost ga6f co

By GA! f AULEry try and soon American brides m er un Ma cared amorF
I BY r&T were wearing seven petticoats,
NEW YORK U".tUpJ The eaoh dee flounced. .
alad secrets of the star are out. The rea y great we tdi ng '-
Tyrone Power likes combihia- ceremonies reached a peak n n o .
tion salad. Gregory. eck pre- this country in the last years
.ter wilted letue. Dool"y ,, p Of the 19th Century when
So. ..oes for .aed fruits and ,churchda were huge. N moes
crtelofpe. Betty Gra ble e swelre mansions many o them
tiediath and olive and Bing Gros- Tre eno t to his br wv
by, ntly the bowlairfierd et- thousand guests swe ease. The ,

too salad.' pr of auventrs of solid m le or- for
* The as.1 t 1 pperalem ces, _of s ou-wvedd ng gf thet u E K a
tdoea of cAmerican ad aliesh Dri. n the 1880's and 189n,0's e ne
are inued creen a npr sald iest was thecustom to carry br- __ __ __ __ ____o___DBpd
,ookbook by Bebe Daniels, Sac- dal fans rather than bouquets.
trees, a Jll ABc goop Da elrit;h This was also the heyday of the
res, oaned Jill Allgood, a Britsh. orange blossom: brides even
.n.o w r i t e r pu e a nhed I n l ard er t o b m k ..t
iower'a preference, as rey- wore them in large knobs an
ench bt re fat ors, calsor 15e uftheir bustles as they glided al
ed by the authors, cal s for to- tar-ward.
matoes, spring onlncu, lettuce. What was undoubtedly the
faillaod cucumber, hard cooked biggest wedding production of
egg, garlic, and a dressing of the last century was staged at
SlUve oal, vinegar, salt and pep- St. Thomas' Church n New
t York in the year 1805. It starred
e starts lhi salad withConsuela Vanderbilt. who be-
-heads of least lettuce, wash- came 'the bride of the Duke of
opped In -lien tand -Chil Mariberough. The entire nte-
..Phe=cris p leves' rior of the clburch was decked L.
S shred into valad bowl. out in boatloads of rare orchids A dab ofCporortha s! el e in W Ib IS e -.
er with onions, sliced thin, brought Irom the Duke's estate pared-down f p le- twe es
trips of hot, fried bapo. pred-downsuits. EW-W wVERY new bride d know
d another layer of lettuce, IThe Duke's gift to his bride her pocket. At right th Oup bt new ;" .Et with tw theimportat eID
aud alternate with bacon strips was a diamond belt. Her parents er i nkerhefs, b. Sk, d nked ithe J t ly to look at t ym ...
#until the bowl is filled Use handed over some pearls that oversie andke td," On I heard at ay:

S Lamour'sn recipe to serve a pearl-and-diamond dog Femininity a relative thlgIf the scent is poured on di- jN the e tsive Philo "Dairy hy of Be-
Iour, calls for I cup diced can- And, in that same decade, if There is no standard and unil- rectly. Allow a fine mist to set- Ear," cdgr, stflih, and huge rets." seed
teloupe; 112 cup diced fresh'Vou weren't a Vanderbilt but form set of rules for every wo-Itle on the chiffon so that when- 0a0mOlty. !thilo Dairy Bar fo spend so incubi as It.
; ; 14 cup French dress- wanted ,to show off just the man to follow. Rules are only ever you take your hankie from also Seatoris another contrilpu- La Creaa m io a iplay
lettuce- I2 cup diced ap- same, you could rent addition- valid as they apply to you a your pocketbook, ft gives you tion of Philuo's constant search lovely "Kaygila I'm
; 12 cup chopped celery; al crystal, plate and clocks, to- an individual, and those with you a sense of fr irmlprvd, reTrigerator service mare you won% ve,

-ut sd on lettuce With you as a womate h an wibt mpe mani with dots the00 O o kSDepartment of
e~m ,. ble taste-you'll be intereted"salFrench peas up to huge ,.
W sable's tomato and In the new -trend to mSke 1panish coins. And to allow the
olvese to serve four, calls iod hankies an important world to know that you aremalt
4 firm tomatoes 6 olveson accessory. to the added attractiveness of
;I1 tablespoon chopped pi- They are being tucked ned perfume, spray a fresh young-r
lto; 114 tablespoon minigied pocketbooks, belts, sleeves d t ten carry o purcrse i oh -
3let e rthroatllnes definitis for"d- tainer with you so you may
Scorationas well as usfulnea. maintain your ura of trI-
op. ehThe yda rn-dyed e
floly ne-and wot e b, race during every hour of Meorfur
sonewandm s ,can .bed
hd eyworn as a, neck or In the21100..
maps la spicy or woods y fragrance.'ra beautiful accrssy hlll r1
sprayed ondt"e andcerchlf ive.oand thoseayou r toSO
tonad will seem so compastble wtbonuh of beauty, alifts oa
l, othe fresh countryair.rOfG tomroutine atdap1y It.
2111 Turn. ly~onif you are in the mood for an.

e wthar parsley._ rlVAg It.foA ever wo-

hen- a P. A Want Ad

et a lab P.a e's n hId.


S so that you surod
yoursnelf 'and your clothes -with
a subtle aura of cent. Let your
ae tell you whether pen wij
dmo suea ecutiea ng brick mt 1e -

gLIf a O MM 4 Ws

bom eA-
; .op

We am C v ag g v UU C
bimatoft hat%
it, wei *1"A
h1 a bufftt 65mh.
Pe the .avocado and out


HOW"ant, sueh s ger
ML IM& MnAM I- kt

, g '1 ,

iis: m o To,
And for top bed pudding, ice cream or ak
come across a auce than t Ms. '
Here's bow t6 make it: for a teamy 5 ubto. uIng
probably enjoyed this smooth-pourim cane-.
many a time on your tfies, pancake ad M
there's no need to rem you how delicious It 1 e
t 4 Pantry? LoEg Cabin is on staple you .o wht to i i '
you prefer, try thk with pufed raisins if odf 9Wrtw
puff them, cover 1 cup raisins with hot watel and : b5g-
utes; drain well. Add, to au0eM and eat with enjag t.-.,
I cr p Lo LCabin Syrup
3 taosepoolu butter '
Dash of saot .
S cup light cream or undiluted '
evaporated milk
% cup chopped pecan meats
Boil syrup until a small amount forms a soft ball In aqM i_
(or to a temperature of 2360P.) Remove from heat. 4
and salt and stir until butter is melted. Cool. Add an -,
pecan meats. Serve on ice cream, cake, or pudding.
cups sauce,
THIS GOODESS, why not miM these days of h
up a cake to serve with youth and ofte to balance
sauce? It doesn't take much get you like to plax.An
time, and It iaa't hard. Just be pensive meal. TWh you
are to use @qalty ingredients you can also cut
-among these, a flour made Ing an inexpensive
specifically for bakes-and fol. Instant Po3tuMSbr-
low your recipe exactly. You'll mealtime dWnki W.i
find several recipes on every less than coffee d
box of wonderful Swans DoWn than tea: Your
Cake Flour. And if you've ever the flavor of
wandered why thee. like most cereal drink, o w
baking recipes, require that you several times a Weeki
sift flour more than once. here' perfect ending tor S .
the reason: It's to make sur. and since It dontan MnOi
you do not put In too much children can ey it
of this Inredent. A flour as as adults. O ome
fine and dee e Swanp rocer's toda-
Down Is apt to get packed down penny-wise Idea. A?ae
before it rea9es ys aso you other hint: Instant- i
must sift it back w e oridginal *lightly awlea de .o
lightness beiM. you meaure it less suar when' ia-
In order to be wre Of Wetting 1
the tender, 'hfgh-ddMM cakes WO AT 4km
you can hipgh = snUme you eat the proper oodswe ae
flour. The Iond iftUM hel d oa a
to give even d tlbstlon of oth- fresh fruit and oore
er Ingredients Sach u bakaig mportanA, and both n" m
powder and aO which are useaten at leat
aw INa 4 Ofded at # Breakfat eemis the.
Ia inte We alg"
^ tor~l~tgr. fai eattt W-

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aims1^^ ^ ^ *^ ^/ a1 the isiting CtfllCmble Clunead wish al
aUS Cities Grabte on l in a w

t wll'M 0 M dl ho' At i. ... t "en .en.
Thaun Tn w abs ha be9 'F'5 crstamoe es lasaea^ as lam callis o rg f r A
aa.o aes asre in tl d a ote 0oJ..*
SMs Out o rold ineg square as en t
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lLast 3U o as ot sore irs Recia will Ilp
10la s v Citi esAMdpoutlyin ogt&y&g territory
pellu t t np,

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Ai 'W nder Artist'- Vol,-etMpyt on

umIf.M -s. Wt one of W te c theM a
kdjj fwme, otFuofr anto lAlitL
Noo -with tuasonveed m haauu r a a
if M "no. t, s o.

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m isastimh muit tois c at u ent fiqm dieeit Oone o Sfgoo r aa M i
is. r .. S Was pMti e e A -.It
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aln0noe wmso-_ Tor.. mmo m.EM S,

W99 i event a e cosththebeWfeCtof te a = e

a .%t matt e s hot an aRlttt w l 'r
I* st det at 6100 Prn u t the bigs.M uesVl ton Tb ,08 0N. PlnN -ndM ^~ !P< 9 N* 1r. (UP)a v isit- th s A s ioete ou t, foro thef or Club Held P
^4fia A -I upune a laTA.?n -obo
t in3 t he c eenoe of Aim ericael Ifete rrtitor. o-Vr rl I s1le t. 1 ddf v w -
--WW 'Wt= WU f, t Mf fr", I3 ,t ite, 1,H, o. o, of_ -00, a *ai !g '1666 1 tb&, a'-',r-j .-

good or bedhtheyufiNubthat 0i ae1tht CoIWt-have- nest'ethe
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you were 4&- me, OImS OF 3IG RCAVILces
Grhflfth and ch oded trohe aol 1- I o at lts dm .at.thermfarc

-'300 loaftlei Vaeers, Milolonnp--

thou._,populaton"Annexed $o

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hays .neea nn

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-s i'r ," Y.- -

Sou Sell 'em... When You Tell 'em thr P.A..

ta. vl e avr Ad Wide one of o

Lewis Service
,4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2201, and

mur Agents or our offices. 1 No. 57 tl"
No 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

Salon de Bellex Am'ricano Cariton Dr t
*55 West 12tI Street 10,(01 Melindes Av i.* AM W
'" **T ?- : '* -.,I ...

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Automobile.% Household Do Va. h ate. ad .e Gr.4ki PROFESSIONAL b lae i:",
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Service Personnel and Civilian FOR SALE. -Kelvinator 9.3 refriger- 0 j0lV. E. I soto '.. WE TOLD YOU SO I ... ",
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p 4.6overnment Employes Fiona.e Co. FOR SALE:--One Kejvinotor Freezer C l ..,. d3 4A 8u lb.e READERS DIOESt
De Luxe model. Both n nood con- PanarnC .uAb tOU you what a wo.def ,,
wher" you tinance you, new 8 cu. ft. One G. E. 4 burner stove PanamA 897, Cristabel SiS h 0s 1 what a weederfal
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'4453. OIItelI Tel 8-40,1 In.1heb
S. FOR SALE violn $25 6 vene- FOR SALE: Goldfishes $1.25 pr., t o Tel. 3-471 '-6 a. AI lan C
.EAVING.--9 11 c orcela.n Wes an metal blinds, never used. $7 throwbacks 0.50 cents pr. turtles ALUAMMA APAITMI TS WAaiM OTOff, Jne I dS-twa. ,' -t-tuden
Snd"i 1 3-r. 3o0-. Quaer- Igasorine washing ma- 0.80 cents edch, we need pace. Modern murnf.ed unfurnlisi M RN AI mlnib '6 Of Americana pr
.chnr. Singer sewing machine. come and get them. ACUARIO ients. Me .s~ite qptind. MODERN FURNITUIt e t ke to the wa lC 6n
ast-.r ,nle bed nd mattress. I portable with light $60 00. Sun- TROPICAL, Opposite Juan Franco tac. affin i la0.O Street, co-maer o utl ta I M "III DoNIC
r$15 0, ::a'es. eights type btam m,xmaster $20.00 V. M Stables. Crstaobol. ilupmii 1386 5n. Slpcover oeapbelhteteD .lp i tm e of the iwlming
00. c.r:erh 5u00. ee 21' A.tken. 273 5193 or 2-3300. FOR SALE=:-'oxe pups AKC re- FOR RENT-N. I buhgolow. Sli c ot o e o wolli O SI~o1u ofuteUi alli tb
S 5865-B. Dioblo. FOR SALE.-1947 Plymouth Station mastered with pedigree Sire and screen, bedroom, living and dinli. dselagUgsm.1o l!t".. d.
Wagon. new paint and tires. Car dam from U. S., with champion room. Aluo -~prtment with 2 2 a lt Wye claimed more
.: i-OR SALt in excellent condition Price $800. backgrounds. Ft. Clayton, 87- bedroom. Tel. 3-1773. I-U I u
Duty pd. Cll Gmbo 198 or 3215. FO E Screened furni e l admonition w a
Real Esta' see at house 1 .-A, Gamboa, any- F REN reene f
S,-.,O PERTY or sol Borgotn! S -fortable shoes. You want shoes that 4th St. Central and M.lendez, Ca- o kLnuerd, w.
Fil1 Sudron. Cargono Beach. FC^ SALE -English Ford Consul ess will wear! and Senior Jumping Ion. OWhipping, moving, storkep' w a l&w" td in oo haired 40Aho
SALE --g-_ 5 mothers cleared here new fcr over eahteen hun-1 is between three and ten, then rtment to bedrooms b We pack and crate or move durhg the Iw1pinter, the t* if^11 haio
-nd:e-, mok erob ch...i tha var d. orSnrginl er.h Jac ou tIour h F-OR ,REndNT:r Jc k n b: .u .. r- aurnishe o e ai nd
cRI ,old, you may ove-ea .- th,0 3eud a-'^ ..60 0
.nd nfk ed -h 1ro po 2 V. M nred dolls -- bargain at eleven buy him Senlor Jumping Jock .. rooms, telephone 3-3336 p. m. 2 anything. 'Phone 2.2451, mat :your staying power. O1t O rb andW
S.J.'I insured. Tel 3-0444 for informa- BABYLANDIA for a perfect fit, o t-2562, Panam ut t he a I
I/i tOUND Tion. you kePo e to feel chSlled of..
No. 40. 44th Street, Bella Vista.o tred. )ot stay I o ge ISTs3 s i,
T 2 old wire hair fele Tel. 3-29 FOR RENT to to th e other .t i
Fo ~O2oootCocatf ord e Position Offered Bids will be received In the office Canal d Dp Ownrt that lou have exe t1of e T 1. "
| Fox Trrier dg |oun dlr __n___Ze__o_ yourse too. ptS ledr exeepuoe onr r" a, S 3 5B. .,
Mar or Sn Fanoc de al Cale- POSIION OFFERED:-Spanish of the General Manager. Commis- ROOlever ay uat loi the O Yo may 'e
r o r Sn F an a o lish sT making young girl i sory Division, at Mount Hope. Co- FOR RENT:-Furnished room with tleighbolrhil kh m t e Foo
knowledge of bookkeeRewad. Call Panama ish seakin oun g ith al Zone. until 3:00 p. ., June kitchen, telephone and gas, aso the t bt i the Red Cro pointed ut. on a
19 knowldg of bookk and te- 26 952. when they r be oen- rooms with meals. Tel. 3-4625, n1 Out 0l -4 YVE OWNd b e Mo t Arow ng vi ttem A
'tL E S 5 S o as n oc. N ed in public, for furnishing 2.500 45th St. No. 34 stuck. wi tha e Moa owig ovitis ae t'o. ,ta
F, -a- "f'aWANTEDt, beef steers, from Awug.ust 1, Fo of I Isom Vesta a law nit. Iof of the t torl"Jm
piarve, I cn make your child enloy 1952 through January 3. 1953. IOe RENT: ktshe'la Vista, larg Iwo "thmn Ih vtir oimitations .,
WmetNI.T fur4aWmen' T Forms of proposal, with full par-. lcely furnished roo, kit chen litrd $any, alS, Mom AgMery, Us thei of lmtio sidmaat si nV1140. KAex Ave. 69, lefir 41,rd a p.fbe mifen. "
fa'rs mr 'ioo4 bevylfit St. Phon. 3.0553. for meid alSo
S lss of. t. Children 3. -2 to 10 office of the Supply and Settce St. Phone 3-0551.. pice Ih ieK-L bil l,01
s "titeiWt.I rn -n doss. WANTED:-A few shoeoo of Caten- Director, Balboa Heights, or of the FOR RENT: Furnished rooms for earied .by ye ad atod d spV_
i I l Mrs. Heffmen, mboo 333. to Panamd. Tel. 3-2864 after 6 Genriral Manoager, Commissary Dii. bachelors. Call 3-0494 43rd albe 3.348. o n supervited
-. p. m. vision. Mount Hope, Canal Zone. -A. p elout ley wIY be an ll-
____________ rower Alone peecnes ---*
Help Wonted n m .,ty Wiofl the snall ... -ear."an-a*
T] TE".-Nu5, holes, as dt mge oV'a+vet___ M8_ _. InvInt-
mai Aid Red Propaganda-- Wiley wH X day.-t ho, wdd.oea
in, help with core of thildre. RU- ISEOLD EXC- ANu efor g, make s gre the teewaie WboWA s
Toli ,_ _co. WASHINGTON, June 7 (UP) are guilty of contributing to and rf UNoD IN PAN At h %Wc water graduilol f l r
WANTED MAID:-Ta live ~ wo --Sen. Alexander Wiley today feeding the Russaln propaganda den N adre of el rt
adults only. House work and f un- accused American lcbdera of mill. Reeb rntr.w 5o01 re- slt In numbness o au'g1dl at i cats
dry. 239-B, Pedro Miguel, phone contribuyin to Sovieb propa- "So-called American leaders .. ....REOFrea o, -- r ucet moin 'bi e
,4-337. -" ganlda by talking "as If uirpower make reckless, ill-considered Rw and "br-thinngta
WANTED-M n El C- alone" would win a War with statements to ive the Germans We. 4 p.11 rtry to de- rOta3 o 4..aI
E Iongreio Russia. to understand that we are cmapg~t alIYhs you don't ammualtds..: i.. l a
area. Must sleep in. Must hove reo- Wiley. ranking RepubllaMn Irresponsible, that we do not 'you don't a.rism ii utai li.. A ", d.
[ reences. Te'eohone 3-4021. member of the Senate Foign intend to hold a line at the Elbe. v It a .r.
A Relations committee, renewed "They talk a lf airpower alone merven lon... li s A
his appeal for a bipartisan for- would be declsive ind as if we tance M W u d tell
11erti~ A.Tf n M ~~ uoewr cuidb nI a

1961 Chevrolets
1951 Buick Special
I1 t Frasr
1951 Fe4ds
S1951 Sfltudbaker
. 1951 Mercury
1950 Chevrolets
MIe Forde
350 De Seto
1950 Mereurye
IM Pentlacs
13M Stadebakers
1949 Buicks
IM- 1Mwolets .
1945M v sofhsu
1940 flldsmobiles
1949 Pont lac
1949 Na-h'.
149 Ptur'etakers
1993 Fords
1*18 FordsT
1149 ('hevrolets
I1948 Paekrdsa
1904 Na-h's
1948 Buieks
1947 Pontites
1*'7 Chr-ler
1947 For,'q
1947 Nr'-l's
1947 Willvs Sta Wg1.
1M94 Pe "'
6"04 Hu0 ons
I Pn-tite

W E.. AT A lenhower not to permitt the vading army. -
football" In their presidential of our 'leaders' seeei to say.
r0 ub Recoiif campaigns. We can shower down atomic L
Ih f lPlwU Rem caHe served notice that he wvll bombs on Whatm Europe and
BRUSEL ,- T.. ask the Republican national blow their armies to pieces. /
3P-USEL,, Belgium, June.7'convention to adopt a utcong )- "The fact, however, that we
of the Win nhm,editor partisan foreign policy planki would beblowing to pieces ml- A.PEREZ
Itor, told .bWsaprleubIhon ts platform andtold his fellw Hons of Europeans does not Vetaltary ,r"on
ant owners from h1 national 5 -Republicans that t e Ahditlus- seem to concern some of these service
day tR2et the right of acceadto trtn has consulted them Wn so-called 'thinkers', whose lung ly I NIh STrvice3-1
news ,.gfi been "under wide: lfoletgn policy in Europe. power on air power reduces our 42 llMiaftelPeaoas Tel. 3-2113
Spread attack" recently In the Wiley. who han been criticized diplomatic power."
United States. by some Republicans for his -
Crnh.i.n addressed the Inter-.recent support of a bipartisan Wiley appeared to be sidin i
national Fedcrationn of Newspa-1 foreign policy, did not mention with Eisenhower wvho called LUXX
per Puu'."hers in Its fifth annual Taft or Eisenhower by name. iore airpower at a news con.-
con res I His Senate speech was .billed ference here Monday, but also VENETIAN
S"Whlr freedom of the press is as an appeal for swift ramfica- Sald that the foot soldier is es-
Scpreful'.vwuaranteed by the Con-i tlon of the West German peace aentlal. BLINDS
atitutlon, freedom of Information contract. Eisnehower said if anyone
or th, rizht of access to news is But his address was an appsr- knows of a way to get along mmediat
much ,ess well exemplified," ent answer to a camnalr Bpeecdh without the foot soldier, "I wish Delvery.
S La -' this nhrn t ri 'Taft made Sunday in which the they would tell me."
the pro te has been t rgt o Ohio Senator said the United After his speech Wiley refused Tel. 3-1713
sread n to a n uner Vtde"- States cannot afford a standing to label it as a reply to Taft. #22 3 29th St.
"There has. b-n more refusal army strong enough to battle e said that he voted for the -
-f access to ubic records n the Russia on Lhe European con- O oan in the -Wisconsin prt. -
i last fivv ears than In the pre-o.I1 W1.ey sat snter- Clowns Th tck Do-
ceriung quarter century. "Sometimes, WUey said, "er- himself In the Tft-ETrck Den-og
I "It Is for these reasons that t in of us here in this country Ilower battle. Aid lCtiOneering
Ameeric !, newaoapcrs are mobil- -
io in dare fltina new bat- ~ M N. C. (UP- ab
ties for the public they repre- Klin 1e enough
Canham sug.ted .that th D for spt.ppltal candidates,
nations investigate their rights AI mIa.leFnI1 JUal og irant,
of accca to Oublic records andoB Is 8safeds dog his stum-
asked 4 elegrates e m -af"tuild dog and a .
"Do ye kve freedom of so- gW O"@ Clwn.

Jo t. whole le blcklft the way? It
1* Is 15 3 a J'3c orff al. by wht
right does he Impede your entry
$I % reprap estative of the peo-
I C anhari said Americans werw
i iniJst)Ua o the right of
Srto ny given puolic official., am
r refused to be satisfied throy l
Public -elation officers.
I "We committed to
tratinz the Iron Curtain at
l droppedo.e'times between preo
s an goveinmeintal activities he
"in secrecy corruotlon Is brnd
Mc -.aT-ers mnut be active Ina'
r~4 N 1 ] .rtht and Lir into the;
d2.'' ,-i'es of bit-rteucracy.
,, "This r y be their irreoteA
tri i 1uti the IW2y*1'tI*

Size 00 x 15 4 Black ....... $29.40 I9.1I
Site 820 x 15 4 White ....... $37 5 .2J4

Suitable for Codillc, Pockods,
Buicks, Chrys*ers, Oldsmobiles,



Wi -syr w MW '.quw o_ to, Tmmli. W' 5L eg- &a-,
and a half after a mwbefor t MtMA oleen mdieal
swimming. MCoo
." ._; but attpMelned u hd bomfltt, m
Avoid horsplay the water surgical equipment.
- your oeaq 'Wideu _pead ivesiguat Io
be ,ro Turmel's previon back.gSN
Don't verto.l s _inmall was started immediately A tr
boats or caSO .s the cache wea founL.
kno. hbw StTo.n. Tonre prevoalywor"ed, s
to handle i .*a'lUa*ft. an orderLXt. M b hos
.-:--.. ._ .- from 2- to- MS1 t
Earlier ToMosd fwroed to S. Vte
.L L. same capacity '. Uo
Published Grl I ML Sinai. PoUli
rUisnfur 9 W rchter into s.. e
-p--n Y. p Bopital spoaeemen .a that
retht* te- Turne would 1 Aft"
hneW ,w tlWflee to narcotta, Ae rp ar
bld iyw. kept looked ad t"pep only
old Nellie Wl la Ity -registareOl A a& rders
Subtle -L, fill Little of phyas ittas.
paper.- tSI-a pub--eation Poliee said Turmel claimed he
madeltsfrst appw cin feI- was born-at Goebn. N rL' In
cember,. 1 6L 1881 but that be actually wa"s
......1 "born at Abasy, 1t. Y., 40 years
For a five -. pM V 'Iod. the ago.
Extras yoiiUL irS i type, Invesdators said atedly
.gatheredW. = a5dver- altered copies of. Any pw
timsi a at 0Lad atmeOftmen1tion ~ a4dS
circulation ftcimiJW U i--fo trra U fom AI* o r
Thenews p for the A Mthe MeIcal 0uorpe were-
most ~pat.- Mm, of found.
the western are' MDi ..Wsaid, Titners
bit ..1 s11IlW M T l th miMtary i*toi e Inwak. la

in which aN
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'or tae CApe a
nio n atim from costs.
~U~ Cargiugh sixth eorgres- u
imuIHUe f aeact is a
Smakes the -
Ip. e s To t, a Bar- -,
Sand Daisy,. a
Ttsam'mor h iladp U
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ax f'IN OMjwbfots;* .

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sonw iat fc
ltntmo coune ^--
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^ASkie of kte*trn
a'** I tewhaust ) ,f.

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Icecaw mliii hi

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L:-. all W .
NOWh --

one o sthe he e
,a L l*,th ...idt

and duble sor o alst 2
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foe' foea years, after tg
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routnwI1eon-rweayudo.n' rma
ora ae by l .e d .. ...a V -twhen it.'* piwaylweinbg avh .ie
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asd ti poeK aa uts of elusvel Tou: r m read lh Itae
deadly ein. qui othe y B oe r t ab Inrt o rma 'for authenticity.
t'e se tesk with it,I"t laln

Cat vet 8 I-cdl I'mi.i -I o uiIer, fo .
.ct whDW *s W bor Ia usually wee

Thishing l hepir,/ hth Lea l amo it.n- tee h e an d he played
Me,, er a trl Ikehdmo an I nanis -

gt sirietsn pionrnu lga al movetown wr itar o 1" on oe ff t he a hefelt it dh
Ssct the reen-p Tha oths.k," eC ror dthem? Wh he

D'omed p pf r .hda y T irh oce uo e qtoever thyo s tre, s et
sn a nti. uloqated by Vva tle l frdnee unhappy ao the"wery ayg on aw e thue

fthe et snlp-u jobrd n e by 4 lw n h e crwpth ter i
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SOne n M ery's haAbtr, W.a

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ianin the to te Sl aen Sel s the t he i were wrlttn

O 1 th o ufa a Psn t-u ,O th r ip h a*d r an K ee w n

drove to Ba ursehitr mo ie pisa new-
Sre s 'eu a.s c kextnAg on Tha net W1t fran d
serve to so*r Ao Tw

roma hce when t bee the ual way In the r o b iny ta b .
rrLa sS 8 'o th L s sW ytIn- 01c haooyl ss.idheplayedthe

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The white a -eMo tao pc O .l o gt ainta ase t pn"o t alt' and

andi te d..oco sat f g Re a y fhrt iOne" on rrepacd m n .o h" is st c ntract
folmane when ato t fethe the sUa .ay in"the i ae bu-y w br Bsese
S ttffon, wfle' EI t lte.. u n wI n a I at MOnwth a rtea u*a
ini a J~o~s ft tte me e e" atthti M iool B oadrel

i nt citeghirs d '"d "e aflcod "o viewr 's -'a"haf"earl
atr n dand* qb yaniag dum y. Y tMse e m -ouo gl oatbn d
nd hedoo aslsisted e mRe tarO Oareplace oan eSto h s yeeoS r c t ,

Jr J S wh1i e hel s oy ng Fg t toIn a in w th'a re Ieth rhe

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for satirical effect. uraqhot oe'trao t r-.
at Ma.neaa If i of the el te bCap- ai t WM a s there'a no

metr -d a major lot are di WUm t rS *b star
S SuM f r ae &hto tiem nwh thee famou r.l wt a r et a usn ale
e tarics t, u s i Donna Atwood an Mo ar~I t pictures
omTe wh a .a t would te co-s f o m b-. -ten, fare l .

-Ud.. Congrats to Gene i' *
n trd mo d Jeanette Mac t
e, nten Pflay whaIa soon celebrate mll
t, wenk in I oan a u a th ors fner a 3- a r e li h
tuOaI utth In Pkaitn 4 ajb a110014t4 1 .towa oo the ..odn

wsCfirst dra.sAJokeHANDSy.o
I "M er n will o to charity. aler Pepndes-
t pr he b eilmnt iof of .....l m eusial onum Wasnertfy and a h e

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ledciasn tts ri' eMes: n tlh star Is A 'in "the d!
the Calvet, a pdit.- "e JnR +Lorr theai t'. ne ond Bros"
point m m to Who-WAY, 0 of e lee Wit h atbl lor tnem to
tchef. n Ir eTtohe had e irs ronds to f theft a mous. v ig lll -lit Xse '
. ase doaqr ,ea havesigned -. o on naO re a s.ed .ane wal.t awn al ndge tW uvas
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the WMY-2,lp job dd o nea play bay flWI ha sh elm
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Upair meet on the 'ofodurd- on epe a tl ',I n Warners' wPillof th

torbo nd on a L W ro oml oo r. 0 0p
rWea atack. ,.e' .w a4e. -t school busra. So Xe--

'Jk & BaWeMi'nrIns i- -

Year Of Abbot Costello Tea

NUMMtlR, Calif June 7 S't 1W they opened the doors
Wls .I completion of te bthe le aon center into
agnP stewl st film o y a a their hl soto
St~an~am," for Parnr p
bO o Loud Abeot c BM trained ponts
so & prafetonal team v e, rPu. e_ .amd
UThe, AeIatlon of the t We pOtll delln-
ce ptStlcally sete a Ho1- i .tp.o n their energies to
wOOd reord. st wte afl clean
.Mtpo early amo ee "
ItMam would mae A' tk ld WpOnty
sW Lou have too much for Lou. The
"osbt Thomam e ta ma beame very
They have re a b.i st Idt and.detemlna-
sutaessftil and hlamealou Wtoo 0 lattdghlg pull- ha
e ugh the years is m- gfW101t slp. Now
completely diftfrent aha- Eegc ever OW
nt. p" to r
Wt Abbott, Lou's s oo, t ma. te hora ms
%")%y quiet, ma, ------

op &e^"",lnd int ptt- sho IS ol" l5
lkontically Abbott should W an o
have Lou's personity and vice MA
pind k b m a n e **Ww hfter of "
49 Wouat fcel Bd even lef the W14"141 In 13, W
we gunll & to a re a ai ad d i e e
y. a-i t, t P -

taa a upin I SOJbI i ,. re pin.ed ad l.

1cordtnL to Lou, it was Ma nS., where Xt me, 4oent J
Mli ', S X .pt o really -m-Din.
R iot. Caltew tfa snme to Splywood with w
'Stralht nm who SW 't to his Mnt attOn age of 1. Nlo"
liking, anld Abbot t- Umhap- ik t d a O h-noa e to _
r W, -, hebeen.a s Mle daughter of 'ma
working together ever since. .nsal. fUiy. But SaAne d6-
Besides makh* theatergoers fhitely "sonad like a Ilit from a o
laugh. Bud and Lo have turn- g M from Cofed., Mis. i Rd opm
ad their off& te=awork fMtuaUtaWv atsolved bwl. Hr e has ml
tonmoe -e6L0a The Lou troducing Anae % ba& hidmf U
Cotello Jr. T Pbdat uon member wftp hbed spent b fet
In Los Auab r utrprlv- chldleodt Oermawr. t e i
the son Lo o one, man and ttry had her
but probably th B atabi- learning wllt- e+ h clei
tioUS prQ~sS. The tea workedhier the OW to speak ftr e.
day and far M Ms tgu a trace of'lq

Its Mehti TODAY!... ta ua' 4

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DALO HTS. 2:30 6:- 2

',fl w read j 1w 1g


l MWVl 7.0 0 tu3m

ABOA30 4-
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abeseAuabrmand ag
a.b oaM ets r sfus*, 3ar e
^ysjiag r "en f stf for whom OMs -

-&VN*edemm to AN et*
satria af-loter Aesaalt

.... V.1

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m E



'm-1-A~-A-. ..--- -- -. a-- -. -.--- I


* .~ '

Ak 'Reynolds Pitches

3SHitter To Beat Browns

YORK, June Tv--(UP)-The three top
eseh league cause through with victories
W the standings changed.
Reynolds ttrtted a neat three-hit 2-1
over the Brons in the day's best indi-
I performance.
ds' win, his seventh oflUlx-run rally In the fourth In-
snn against three leaot ning. The Cubs have now won
s the Yankees to kee) eleven games in their last 14.
Ph the Indians and Red The Phillles and Cardinals
_o Won respectively 14-0 were scheduled to play at St
-9 over the A's Tig- Louis in a night game.
,_ Pillette. who droDed
rdl decision against 'e l
nri 01' Satch' Palgt IBtt-
Yankees to six hits bt
banks bunched them for
)nly two runs In the fifth M.
for the Victory.
ndiansa M ated Alex Kell- ---- -..
a Dick Fowler of the Ath-
r 14 hbits, including a fewo

the rt frame to e Ash
t, .i-- -tan- league
fl3oa limited the A's to TE4MS- Won Lost Pet.
ti0 while rarnering hbl-Cleveland .. .. 29 19 .604
t'lIumph of the campaign Boston ...... .26 20 .565
S es the loser. New York ...... 23 18 .561
*Washington .. 23 20 .535
Red Sox twice had to come *Chieago..... 23 24 .489
third to nip the Tigers. St. Louis ...... 22 26 .458
White and Vern Steph- hiIladehia .. .. 18 22 .450
,mered for the Red 8ox Detrolt ........ 15 30 .333
Vqlt Dropo and Vie Wertsa Night Game Not Included.
four-baser, for the Ben-
andv Gun-.pert. he fourth TODAY'S GAMES
uricr to enter the rame. Chicago at Washington.
his first win Ellis Kinder Cleveland at Philadelphia (2).
two scoreless innings to St. Louis at New York (2).
:l'e game. Detroit at Boston (2).
Whiteoxlf nv an4

Wheduled to play a night

In.,th" National Learue the
* DO ra ;ored an easy 11-3 vie-
taY Ove, the Reds after chasing
a lD Chuich with a five-run
raM i the first Inning to gain
their Afth consecutive success.



lst Race "F-2" Natives 7 Frs.
Purse: 5275.00-P0ol Closes 12:45
First Race of the Double
1-Mona Lisa V. Ortega 120
2-El Mono R. Ycaza 117x
3-Cafiaveral 0. Sanchez 120
4-Diez de Mayo V. Rodgz. 1llx
5-Duque C. Ruiz 116
6-Avivato Josa Rodriguez 120
7-Casablanca 0. Graell 117
8-El Maflo A. Vasquez 109x
2nd Race "F-2" Natives 7 Fgs.
Purse: 5275.00 Pool Closes 1:15
Second Race of the Double
l-Ro.nantico V. Castillo 118
2-Golden Girl 0. Castillo 116
3-Sincero R. Vasquez 117
4-Arqu'medes G. Sanchez 120
5-El Lndio Jose Rodriguez 120
3rd Race "G" Natives-4'2 Fgs.
Furse: 5750.00 Pool Closes 1:45
1-Malquerida V. Ordofiez 109
2-Galon C. Ruiz 118
3-Excelsior G. SBnchez 109
4-Piropf. G. Ramos 105x
5-Escalerilia J. Phillips 108
6-La N!fia E. Dario 106
4th Race '1-2' Imported-41 Fgs.
Purse: 5375.00 Pool Closes 2:20
1-Antecede 0. Ramos 112x
2-Apology) A. Enrique 112x
3--Haste Star) V. Rodrig'z 112x
4-Tupac R. Vasquez 115
5-Dora's Time 0. Castillo 115
6-Forzado K. Flores 115
7-Bosforo E. Julian 115
8-Gay Ariel J. Chuna 112x
9-Athos J. Avila 120
5th Race "A" Imported-1 Mile
Purse: 81 000.00-Pool Closes 2:55
1-Keyhaven j. Phillips 111
2-Pinatd M. Arosemena 102
3-Dietador A. Mena 106
4-Newminster R. Ycaza 100x

Detroit 300 132 000- 9 16 0 6th Race "F" Impoited-I Mile
Boston 020 251 O1x- 11 13 2 Purse: S500.00 Pool Closes 3:35
Houtteman, Hutchinson i41. First Race of the Double
Hoeft (5). White (0-2* 15, and 1-Coragglo 0. Bravo 110
Ginsberg; Nixon, DeLock 151, 2-Choice Brand A. Mena 114
Masters',*n (Io, Gumpert (1-0i, 3-Delhi R. Ycaza 117x
Kinder (8) and White. HR- 4-Pironn II) E. Julian 120
Dropo, Wertz, White, Stephens. 5-Corls'a O0. Chants 120

The win allowed the Dodgers
to mintanl their four-gsme St. Louis 000 000 100-1 3 1
margli over the Giants. After New York 000 020 00x-2 6 1
chasing Chburch, the Dodgers Pillette (5-3p, Palge 181 and
ooflunnrd their hitting suree to Courtney: Reynolds (7-31 and
nw a total of 13 hits ltnclucf Berra.
gft Carl Furlleo's third homer of -
the season Cleveland 730 000 220-14 14 1
Phil'delphia 000 000 000- 0 6 0
"' ers bv .Tim Hearn and Dick Garcia (8-3). Brissle (8) and
,fl$ims aided the Giants to Regan: Kellner (4-5). Fowler (1)
AM t tne Pirates 7-5. Willams' and Astroth HR-Easter.
oundtripp@r with a mate
't.'e Giamti vitorv mar-- Chicago at Washington
$ft "I le peer was the (Night Game)
waning hurler in relief. Bob
Main lost his fifth straight National League
-" ..

trCubs walloped the Braves
'. their fourth consecutive
-h their Logest winning
Sof the sebn as Fred
' AIr scattered nine hits for
bpVrd win of the year.
Cub b anged out 14 hits,
g Hank Sauer's 18th
S e run of the year The win-
d ~up the game with a

Count Scores

it Stakes

t YORK, Bm (IIP) -
fWDllam JeMea' One
it; ,idem -Ae Arre
fte iBls ft4CrIw l own
psVqul hewhen
Soaw there lengths
d 4lvBwbebning favorite
an. One-eyed Arnaged-
ridlen by Corn M,

4L 4 D~ W-

a 11000.

TEAMS- Won Lost Pet.
Brooklyn...... 32 11 .744
New York ..... 29 16 .644
Chicago ...... 2 18 1 .609
Olneinnetlt ..... 23 24 .489
*St. Louis ...... 23 34 .489
'Philadelphia .. 18 25 .419
BEoa n .... .. 17 26 .395
Pittsburgh...... 12 38 .246
*Night Game Not Included.

eow ork at Pittsburgh.
Brooklyn at Cincinnati (2).
Boston at Chicago.
Philadelphia at St. Louis.

New York 021 004 000-7 7 2
Pittsburgh 011120 000-5 7 2
Rears, Spencer (2-3 451i. La-
iler (6) and Westrum; Muir,
Maln (0-5) (3). Wilks 161. La-
Palme (9) and Garagiola. Fitz-
gerald (8). MN--Garagiola, Wil-
lims, Rearn.
Brooklyn 510000320-11 13 1
Cincinnati 010 200 000- 3 7 1
VanCuyk. Rutherford (2-1) (4)
and Cqampapella. Church (0-2),
Wehmeier (i), Nuxall (8) and
Soul. HR-Purlllo.
Boston 002 001 000-3 9 1
Chicago oo00630Ox-9 14 0
Surkont (-41, Cole (5), Chip-
man (8) and -Cooper, St. Claire
(4); iacker (3-11 and Atwell.
R-SJethroe, Bauer.

Phlasdelphia at St. Louis
(Night Game)

l Wd tttThreatens To Quit

: Unless He Gets Fair Deal
NT PHRAIM, NJ. June Champion Charles before 21,590
) -Jersey Joe Walcott dit- at the Philadelphia Municipal
new Independence today Stadium. 38-year-old Walcott
us second victory over Xl- will receive $103,123. And So-
hr Ws, and announced he yearrold Charles will get 882,478,
"get a square deal from copromoters Berman Taylor and
tm nattonal Boxing Club. Jim Norris announced yesterday.
.. ." Norris hopes to match Walcott
and Manager Felix Roc-for a b&ptrmber title defense
ku declared they would 1y .against the winner of the pro-
K their exclusive contra d bont between Mat hews of
'remoter Jim Norris' out- Seattle and Marciano of Brock-
SWiven 45 per cent of ton, Mas.
5 .eceits far a title -di

or am

6-Paques A. Visquez 117x
7-Pamppro IT V. Ordofmez 120
8--Miss Fairfax B. Aguirre 120
7th Race "D" Imported-I Mile
Purse: $00.00 Pool Closes 4:05
Second Race of the Double
1-Dommnador) A. Vasquez 112x
2-Chabils) A. Mena 115
3-Welsh Fox B. Aguirre 112
4-Flambaro B. Moreno 11A)
5-Rocky C. Lino 110
i--Grisu V. Ordoftez 120
7-Ave. Read J. Phillips 110
8th Race "G" Imported-6% Fgs.
Purse: $450.00 -Pool Closes 4:40
1-Alabarda B. Moreno 108
2-Vampiresa A. Vasquez 112x
3--Miss Cristina 0. Castillo 112
4-Sismo 0. Bravo 108
5-Wild Wire V. Ordofiez 120
6-81r Boss B. Agulrre 110
7-Begorla V. Ortega 120
8-Cons'l fl C. Ruiz 110
9-Mariscallto A. Mena 112
9th Race "H" Imported-1 Mile
Parse: $400.00 Pool Closes 5:15
1-Pincelazo V. Rodriguez 120
2-V. a Terie' V. Ortega 112
3-The Dauber' A. Enrique 103X
4-Honey Moon A. Ferndz. 120
5--2Dofia Eleldai V. Ordoflez 118
6-Escandalo H. Reyes 117x
7-Lujo-o, L. Martlnez 114x
8-Pincc'i V. Castillo 116
9-Gran Dia G. Sanchez 109
10th Rare "B" Natives 7 FVg.
Purse: $350 00 Pool Closes 6:461
1-Winsaba E. Silver 107
2-Annie N. B. Moreno 109
3-Lolito 0. SAnchez 114
4-Amazona V. Ortega 120
5-Diana B. Agulrre 110

Juan Franco Tip

brir (itd) hat- "But we won't fight in New
*y MWrclano In York in September unless the
New York Cominlssion renews
w contract with my manager's )Mense," Bocchite
h two yearo to chio assertpie. "Wel take owur
S t o s fight scmewhbere else." The New
fbt York Comurifiln refused to re-
The n- ew h!s bes because of his we G C-Ciff Chambers, u-
1001 m thr early criminal record. ihor of a no-hitter last easmon.
O- i it t. I Felix Isisted that the Champ reminds batters of a bird about
i lat al should have received more the to ly when he goes into his
P irt =' s Thursday alU t's $108,123. ]la wind-up. The large Cardinal
Lakld It was peM bly the fnlt left-hander is off to a splendid
gp i ~ ~ Lhea h0 rWiKht shutting out ti GIMUts

7. -.- .--- -e 9 C

Correct Gt And Stance

Lead toiPiece Swing
4 -^ A. c


'~ R
e a~

1-Tuira $10, $8.
2-Mafolete $3.20.
1-Juan Hulncho 8, 30 $220.
2-Dommo (ei $2.40. $2.26.
3-tRlomar $2.20.
First Double: Taira-Juan
Hulneah) $74.80.
1-Tropicana $10 ,7.40.
2-Navajo Tratl Wo
One-Two: (Trepleana-Navajo
Trail) $79.80.
I-El M.-io $6.40, $3.20.
2-Novelera $3.20.
Quinilea: (El Mago-Novelera)
1-Bedulno $4.40.
1-Porter's Star $4.60. $2.40, $2.20
2-Hign Mount $2.20, $2.20.
3-Vernmont $3.
1-Booji $4., $2.60.
2-Royal Alligator $2.20.
Second Double: (Porter's Star-
Pooji) $14.20.
1-Battling Cloud $9.60, $3, $3.
2-Pre."lgh, $2.40. $2.20.
3-Alto Alegre $8.860.
Quintela: (Battling C lo ud-
Prestigio) $8.
i-Mingo $.40, $6, $4.20.
2-Hech' ( te $4.40, $4.
3-Alejnndra $4.60.
One-Two: (Mingo Hechiso)

n-.q- VI-
***, s ._ m4 ot

Fourth of a told
ry Oraysq.t

If you feel raad unstralta
in making a t you pro;
have the coi tace.
As Gene ni points out ,.

't rakes t
second natu
The co a
loe and
and easily t
one pied

8 ee oa i e c01

you canM
Tackle .ha tension
knees slightly during the94
Once you have the proper
and stan-e x swing the elebyh
own way. .Lie batters t base-
ball, every olfer has his own
little manhetlmia.
As a general rule, tall players
should spread their feet far aw
part. The tall player can spread
his legs because he has a h
center of gravity. A tall
who does not spread his feat,
inclined to lose power because h
stance causes too much body
Ordinarily short players play
with their feet closer tether,
Spreading theth legs would cause
them to lose foot power and
muffle their stroke.
To a certain extent, the length
of the arms goverrns the stance
best suited to theilayer. A short
player with short arms often
finds he can effectively employ a
more wide op stance than an
equally short lyer" with long
arms. A tall player with short
arms probably Will feel more at

Juan Franco

HuluS Dividends

I --
I ,


Vdmpanp Of th~tt65th

mandrT lrr W
tatlon of tuetro
ly fIo ow0te 0heq
Car onpany's vie
taann *ft i.atfl*, Ltob I

the rebou
me. And,
the men fi
le finding

The whining team was pro$-
ented with -a trophy for their
company and each member waq
pregente With a Jacket. Mesw-
bers.C the runner-up team also
won, askuts.
The following is the obh seate
of Friday night's game:

516T1 CAlR- PG
Navia. .. .... 4
WlliaM, .. .. 7
iEhlers .. .... 9
Baker .. .... 1
McCarty. .... 3
Hendricks .... 4
Kesey .. .. 1
Totals ...... 20

Kin .. .. .. 0o
Helinger .. ..
Boatrignt .. 9
Wolman ....
Romero...... 0
Cintrot. .. 1
Totals .. .. 11

0 4 8
1 3 15
0 4 18
2 3 4
0 4 6
0 4 8
00 20
3 30 61

1 3 1
2 0 2
5 2 23
4 1 8
0 2
0 0 .
12 7


|^ -c i ti. .,' liy -

.ffee --t A.ij "e~.tiilo Jila
w~jp unro *.Byyf.j>.'8i-;*
et~~~~t^~~.^f .. adQ tN
/*r-1''' 3^~ri~^U.

m.'e ... *-. .

Ma* E, Ui.....d... ... ....... ,, r .

aftu La Imb asm


HUDSON Wins Clgain!

Dick Rathman, of Alameda, Cal., and his 'Hude smrnet oem.
pletely outclassed a field of 30 entries to w*h the i4 4 Ntional
Circuit stock car at Langhon* Pa. on Sunday, May 451. 7' Hudson
Hornet piloted by Tim Flock, of Hapeville, Ga, faiduawd flnd.
Rathman, who started In asomnd position took' J.hqld on the
second lap of the one-mile oval and wasenever headed lnatjcrace. His
winning time was 2 hours, 21 minutes,' eleven miles a.ilf th third
place winner. He mude omy :one pit stop for-.a d trk final laps
of the race. It was the season win of the season for._' and the
eighth win for Hudson Hornets n the nine NASCAR ras .M.'to date.
Langhorne Speedway, rated as the faptept mi -t'.-ak in the
country, proved to be a sidprcne' tet of -auonoalw flb and dur.
ability. The turns, freeohy peaked with dirt ahertye race,, M
came badly rutted during Ule early laps. The rough'g.c drove m'ay
of the cars into the pits beibre the haff.Way mark. Of the 3M oars alit
ing, only 20 comip te4 th rtubus grind.
Rathman attributed hi victory to Hudao's low &amr of tt
which gave him a dflaet advantage on tmern. .. tur"e ns Wr
murder," he said, "but m'tgny took- tn with eam. That. t
with Hudson aocnl rlat m l abty to tie It.' w0i raeW. W
I. It "
Rathm ain We -ewir l ng drivers Uar'shlU Tag'e, Harb
Thomas, Tim Fleak end i *a. *have ber- demioaing the
oar race cirouttao we ltSie 1fl'j Hll it Yew.

. -7

; j .' .s4. -- .

is .- A u -$4DtY SA

*~* ,~*;
'- ~


I '(Profeslonml Gotler Phiot.)
i te 0how % 0"
low makes atev some
soosnd nature. (NSA)

ese in a wider stance than will
Ion an equally tall player with
long arms.
Address the ball with your feet
St varying distances apart until
you find the stance in which you
feel the most relaxed and free
from muscular tension.
When you have that feeling,
you probably wil have found the
stance best suited to your parti-
cular physical characteristics.
Then you are ready to master
th. otl er fundamental of good
golf-the swing.
NEXT: 'he swing.

from 'b
ens ho
wbhle '
als. Rt
Bosox r
finh t
We V


TiA4 dlM


T. '

Sr -I. f
I II-'.-.- .

*w on aj
d to have been
for the Ta5,
IN O wthnB
iML. ngi'Iu' Ift

"4w a

N aL.

? 7

s, tlelrra

that a tUeali

1 pennant c
Rkharde of

' ae of a exoeliat wrami
isa' i run-o'-m l
't hb will be employ
Ind isurane.

'retmnit had to ltev'up 5o03

i enough an
or who can

- f I a "W .MnuMun omWL
that. ,
Over All, the low* Tiger
taned uste more than eUl
Tit aeal leaves Red 1
more desperate than ever.
Night Pi1shg

:.w 'as -_ ."


sarg ypwwuawaa a- --

revrt16SMformB et .w FyME

ta W. W l,


1'. ~

21 ,.
lir. A

In blocking the plate he say:
"The catcher who does
things at the plate miiibe
nedy to have nasty things done

Berra takes rbbn like tbh
Champion he U.
erall," he mys, "The
baseball writers have ot to
salMe a uvin', too. But I S u
theyd dream up some new g-
hbOut me. With r many Mt
! au to appear n tule
running ot of material"
hi RizzutO got. better
te Scooter doem B
jtrh~albatter gea Tankeo
r. n a wlt th
SThe take har
*twuen two younbrtergm
dnfield together. .a
B 42 yearY", tm, e*

t'oka whe t t aret
f e doride c d f .
hbaa tuba an M oi at ta a

Best KNO Dog IsYour Kind

wivWM* _cj-oga~t

fB rJaWJ. U *. d.

I stau iesta v
%do th ap" C

must have

rema m



l is the

mfi did. -
as mean my jind?" It
ou that he thought I
plying some kind of In-
mnt you a dog?" I ask-
." he said.

"" "

-. Goes-.


"Well, the kind you have la "The is when h
b ofl dog." o.w "*Jt yI1r a.
a d utt n- a pure t' y, and -
brad I." the driver 1d as t*oOwner by ShW d
e m through traffic. red "s bs not ou w
"Yoi know It's funny." he ot and d tad
eoAttned, "he knows my cab it bu ick agia.
whtI rv home at night and
h' ap In the window watch- "You should we ae elk on
mfor e. The wife sa be is hind m Wlae l e a
ctheu rtains dirty, but I h.We at Ahe doesn't minS She ugb. oe was A
mheCoualdn't be fed at the lot of dou g
buti notice he' a- e wan
Rad nt tor notion feeding" hl War
'm Yigubal and you .,.- for four dy zn he
MIS s fhunt for It. Just say ed up s" e and ow he's
r ier ball' and he starts ook- ine
In_-i every corner and under at wt know,

Rot Turns Up Nose bt ht arse utm, m
At Cheese; Likes ". a iimp-
Human Beings S-Sm / : IP
JACKON. Mis. (UP)- MiUke
I a n ordinary rat. .
w t rup her non at

, was born fmalrl
rate at M rMPl
,grew up to star in
atIrS experiment on
t &u a campus pet
and to various frater-
id sororities for enter-
aite stunt Is to perch
wakeet on the shour l
A of her many student
ud smack away con-
at the neck of whoever
g hebr around.
r, psychology prote.-
e may g et an Infe-
inplez. She finds It
tto when women she
"aMW-sreaia and nml

14 -o



r k-

Iboll Masters
t In Fall 1
SI-D, od. Yt-. .

mam 4k W4


*hat Ms ib iWad
tag seWralf Ohf
Spounader, but tam a
i quiet senfde-sdo "I

r mIusc pla a hot one-

.nim 'I' 4

Now... The Most Tre


ea ]be ymn on

FREE Bok Tells How

It wau neer eaer to own this
For ovWe s Ms .M M em .NCYCLOPAS-
DIA DirS'UNIT hao been ackaowl.
edged as the wWgmest authoritative

- No o~an t i on m-a aI a
mah to a ili -la i mumIm-i
a"d saen i uM I eduad
etnaM I why it. is V
p, t u te with.

to .amwf Ae-aft of at urI
tta ..'-xu. H^a-. .. .. .. .. .,. .


fatal an a


& v.bta ""S I -' :7'
A -, .ia
." t -" .m-K -" ',.

r TIB =HI0
*A A
i. i m 1 : ^^ .'
*~~~~~~ ^^^ ^^^ ,^gl -fl ;A i. .... *

l [PU~ iNN : .;_' ;....

bb WUe 4

oft* :'* oo* ,*

.- -

llbllM^i' ; .^
s"^ ~ ~ :*". **.I
i*- ,,.. ..*a

,i, a

tolls" t
pe __opr

ri a

-'... 1

. 1


OW d

W._ Tro-l'- .- -,
i,-- "

N' -

*"+. +.+
..', '. 'i


?t. *(' u

i.en Carpener

Succeeds Ceely






WA BINGTON. June 7 iUl
investigatorss were to
today 'that comedians school
In thea "bawdy night life
New York are bringing Ameri
off-color televiSion.
Paul Harvey, a I hicago ne
commentator, test ifed th
BroaWway is a welspring
nmutty humor whiqh is floodi,
the rept of the country wi
"purple" jokes over the tad
and TV airwaves.
Lloyd Ialverson, spokesman
for the National Grange, sai
telisileon Is the greatest men
ace to creen-minded farmer
sitce the traveling salesman
George 4ewts, director of t

,*A.A, i. P.. SUNDAY,

-6- ,


., tI


ion: 'Greast enace

Travelling Scaesman

P) Wra)toral Efw tlhon of Oag- program iOWr gathegl,- himself as "a representative of
old writers, _. d with Harvey demft B B Broadway. "
ed that the,'" material stems the t at. "The peopleof New York
of mostly. ieqra comedians who ias. It .S ust as provincial if not Itl
ca migretl to .1 ilaton and ra- perd *b rovincial than the people
diAo rr fli bs. rest- 01the cunyKl
ws d tlhr 'W were sub- tI' mantma. d. "It's one of the clean
at mitU to f speciall House sub- o c g reites in the country.....
of co Oteilgating morals. I"thili vC S e eJuengen te Chis
S or -ado and ret of. 'A s ta t sews a ays to "
TI up comedy KleitLNew2 Yyu tk C asb


" e a, Greg Carpenter from
Reene, New Hampshire. wiLl las-, ISO yo
asum the duties of the Public e. l
Znformaticjz Officer t leat- a^"k a i
qukftr Caribbean 2 Cwis i. C t Robs,
RUre of. Lta. Col. W. C*y. I
o adthe. last year Carpen Greee ou again xt yr."

C drrentu PIO Ceely will leave seven men inft =f all the Arn- ce
e eet n located.s bouIn theen- Confederacy.
oJu. with dutyCInKtheRAiPO. une
public Relations Division. ( To ncre 16 ib years old men
The major arrived at.CrISo- ,shook hands in farewell yes-
al a ingMay 24 withhis year chterday ano metried to mean it
Doreen, .from Ensenada, Puerto when their ready voloess .
our, and tuarree childrenghts, wsreg ysee you againre te ."
pMaureen. 6 and I These were two of the as
Current the Ceely will leavepb- broevenght a reft tf all the him-
the Ielationus for hi new aessign- dreda wf thousi nde whb fought
meat In the states about mli- for the' Conhderacy.
S the military Bothd the kees years ago.
Sy .during hand.three Y M chancesal f meelinj in oil, ls
tour at quarry Heights, was year are r'emote.
estabishing the ecellht pPub-brou-ht a reteM ,to a ha
lie relations now etjo*S _t b.: field where )* afo ght tiN Yt
twi "'the military acd 'the oet- kees 8g years ago.
s .g.oPan&=and.the C Ifa
ZOU. Out of 22,000 Confederate *
ft a-graduate of both Stetson who fought in the siege 6t
Unlversaty, Deland, Vidsfda, and Vicksburg, Gen. Wil Im D.
aPublic Information Officers' Townsend of Olla, La., Is the
sbool, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, only one left. He foueS that'
with his former.asign- Vicksburg has changed since
as Public In3fomatlo ..3. -
tr of the All-Weater Fying TWO LOtT *MitrQ e OGreeters" A' ,1e latest
Wright Patterson, "The grass is green here prite to be tftered the oer of the inte contest. /.
Scolol has beetS able ow." he said. "When we olbt o uSunbeaim TaflWt aulmdldbe. The final cont et.and "*S
to cotribute substantially In here, the hills were scorched. P ma" to represent IWi country at the "MI Universe"
usqtlinting the public with the and slick with blood. contt, will be hell ilBt>- hotel El Panama toM t. "Miss
aSan and activities of Car- After their battlefi. d tour. 1 anama" will go to Is Reach, California,. On nlew PAA
ha4 Command Townsend and his "old S'1 Constellation service toT .tke k t in the "Miss UnWr" con-
,D ~en. William J. Bush of a- test, which Is being w ald by Pan American tiways, Ca-
re r eortn' to hi"s assn- .gerald, GA.. 'ended their three- a Swim Suits atndlraI International Studlo. As
,te rep panting tohasien a a' day .reunion-as-gunats of van w; Sli as a convertible, 1701 lb. trophy and numerous other
pluth his moher IConfederate o anizatious. prizes, "Miss Universe" will win a motion picture contract
w ays with _is mother Inh, Te auxiliaes have been' valued at $5001
ordda. Lt. Col. Ceely and Mrs. meeting at Jackson, where tn hal e "
=" two children, David, age 'reunion officially ended IWt. -
ad Susie, age I. night. Down Paym ts On Homes
RALBOA TIES Weary -General Townsend badn Pay ents On homes
to go straight back to Louli.-
f eLow lana after the VicksbUrg tour. *
isM. 9:48 p.m. The faded eyes of both old ft me Ea V N xt Wk
,+m". 1MRh a.m. warriors turned misty when Becoma m s NIel w ee
They shook hands feebly.
"Good luck, old iuddy," sal o -
SBush. "I'll be seeing you nett WASHINGTON, June 7 (UP) has been anticipated since th
*** ye The Oovernmcnt eCpects to board suspended all credit con
Townsend brus hed his whb-lax Regulation X go larnl trols on automobiles, radios, T
with th uf f his raown payment and mortgage sets and other consumer goo<
witals nd rh the cu lofhised gray .irements on home pUr- last month.
meiatals and rep ed "Godw -B1 hases early next week. offcab .
you. The good L rd willing, Iu c ohass early next week, Industry officials said almo
see you somewhere nezt nS74.' t "* no houses have been sold sina
As they parted, it was 1,W- They said Federal Reserve Mousing and Home Finance Ad
---- likely that Johnny Robs would Board still has not made a finl ministrator Raymond M. Fole
ever meet again to talk over decision on the extent to Which said a few weeks ago that re
Sthey l oved and bled for uthld the regulation will be eased Jastion was in the cards.
Sthey loved and bled forac and but that It is considering these Informants said the relax
S who pops on They turned then opposites and two major changes: tion has been held up in bop,
'ptedkneusuallynedsverol Sion The Confederate 1)i Minimum uown payments the Steel strike would be settle
: i_,^ bPck n his s try is a whel-chair army now now range from 20 percent on l.ce any consequent increai
Stry s a w homes costing $12,000 to as high in demands for housing migl
_-_- i ......--- -i ___ as 50 percent on homes costing increase the demand for steel
about $24,500. They said It Is now felt th
The new minimum on a $34,- action probably will be take
500 house would be 33-1/3 per- net? week whether the ste
cent. Other down payment re- strike is settled or not.
quirements would be scaled Regulation X went into e
clown accordingly although per- feet In October. 1950.
Shapes no by the same percent- .It specifies now much cas
a .. AL W aa age. a house-buyer must pay don
2) Down payment require- and how much of coat may
SiwImentL on homes in the $7.000 covered by a mortgage.
to $12,000 bracket would be Terms for veterans are not
S"smoothed out." In other words, atff as those for non-veteran
SEase misery of heat rash, differences in down payments and it is expected this featu
chafe with Mexaana. Sooth- in various price groups would of the regulaton wll rema
ing medication in' special be less sharp. muahangai.
' r Anylumnbm Mclasem itch.tlng. Officials said there also is As It now stands, a non-va
You feel marvelous relief- some chance the board may re- eeMs pays 10 percent down c
/f, fed it. et! U it of m move outright the present re- -a house costing less than.,7,00
Sqtei ent r at least 10. per- a Baeran four percent.
giHc- a cent dow an o huses costing Pfr a house costing 87,001 1
.les,. than $7,000. .$200, the down paylnel
4116 145"111 Thyemphasizsed tmt asuspen- r~as from 15 to 20 perce
daon of down payment require- for non-veterans and 6 to 8 per
ts n ments on these cheaper houses cant for veterans.
Sold not necessarily make it between $12,001 and 324,5M
.. .. .. 1any .easier to get bank loans non-voterans pay from 20 to
lmam ed t Ai n -- am o such houses. peroet down whlDe veteran
tm4,L* Meigo uet M he mortgage market already pay 8 to 45 percent.
I "tight," they said, and re- Above $24,5Q0 there is a fl
.v moral of controls could put requirement of 50 percent can
moJU" prospective hanMe-ownW% ft r ian-veteranm and 45 perce
San 11 te market and remit Ia 6 t& veterans.
+rl tt fighter money 'market. Thie maximum for non-ve
t also was emoMebed tsIt wrami is expected to be deq
the reserve boacd pmted .to 38-1/3 percat for a hoe
to reserve the right to rtpes M 924.100 or' mae. J
.gy1,,,,,,amm ,4,k, tthe housing credit Xmt tI me- -rcntx for MlMinbag
... ...A.nea-@-0mm11 hl 0 C cary. W1 rr tI S"n$1a r1
.telazation of RegulPalhi ae down oceqallag








starvey, who commentates for
Lhe American Broadcasting
Doapany, asserted that come-
d as fill the airlines -with:
"gidle gags" and "unseftly
at~ements about ladles under-.
garments" because they arel
'Playing to the pits. of tltw

' might be "hitting below the
belt line," but Harvey faM- 4
l4 It was "a fair lnterpaes-
"We take a perfectly good
vice president trained In the'
grass roots and send him to
New York," Harvey continued.
"In 30 days he's just like the
tast of those Manhattanites. He
thinks 'This is America."
SSubcomatittee chapman Orj1
lirria (D-Ark.) said Hrvey1b
appearance reflects the mort-
ueSe of the investigation. omOt
th tre newspaper stores, traot
td. have trlted the hearings
M "rather a .omedy."
M'fimln wanted t knw If tar-
favored ino (lmt st-
from New Tom go CiM-
The witness replied that he
doesn't have "any recommen-
dations along that line."
The National Grange state-
ment hit at the use of "swear
words" on radio and TV shows.
-It aid that .never before
' e Warma homes been subject
to forceful" laftences as
tlhe on ,television.

i 2 TosO

SAre Freed

, June 7 (UP.)-
Priceidt1 Ells Arnall re-
mf.Vd el prices from white
potatoes rloerdany In the wake
of the i vote to kill all
pte a on fresh fruits
:ad v E after June 30.
The -VM-resh Fruit & Ve-
getable lat n. In a state-
ment el: t the time Ar-
nal's was announced,
forcast lifting of con-
tree 'w" the black mar-
CW.^ Ben, executive vice
BMSito ,6the group, said that
"t13 8sau or two weeks
usMe=s would be able to ob-
etaiU*s, a through regular
retail ,uwf. t
The .-taSntl Potato Countil
said last Attibthat the current
shortage f spuds would end
within thtn a* four months if
price omuflOaere removed.
It predAd that growers
would tiftlaw production If
there w .-asalmIst on prices
charged ft potatues.
The .*mt Thmsday i1ht
am."aed M asm ndmeent to the
ittimft IW m ben Henry C.
Dwonrhak t-xa) to end price
ceoMliaws o h trults and ve-
setables. Ptaltes are the only
Ite4 i thfi h *egory now under
Arnlall M. o.V t ba view of the
Senate's ae would be "vir-
tually I lWI" .to enforce
ceUilang MR- potatoes dur-
%He Um4 4 f.gotrols were
can u 4_'F M encourage
off the S he a

tic g r id ag- a

It ouuut-
^yyyg~of~l hBtHn


Tn a ar co s fl .t .t ( B U 4 -tfu
TIM COAIMP COVERS UP W (right) ind a gi
"Al i I.I h- A- Ann

on to rethin title

ON"*Qum,~j iffBiu
i '# o
altr4 It

The atw- qal I
600,00 this
S I,". qoU

_y unanimousaem isonu ... ,

Below Expectatbh

June 7 (UP) of volunteers and r-enlist- cids onB ow. W lUat'
a call today ments, and training facilities appropriate t. t.e to Ut
in August available. ces. ',, .
July qota .
ma than the rThoe ea n said tidte Topj def let *w
average for OtMtt caM t!thorad warned, h ftI .L( &ti 1lk
nt business M-emsgth, mut 0me believe the tary aerv l m have W. out
military is hisidl off because back Itf Miht11o4,lk'
wM bringto5 ot training gan not be ed A., O id $4a-,6
or men cixed nalUed down UtUl Congress de- spending netypB.
two t"ont .. \' ... -..

of fleaFUb ~a 48K' July

of tho
said l&ast onth t ml-
litary would dra-
tees during .1I or an
average of slightly -more than
50,000 a month.
The marnus accepted their
last draftees.a In Us W le t0h
Navy and the Air rMo have
not found. It neeaLry. to use
Selective Servie tlee Mrt oft
the Korea war.'
The Defense iMld
a total .t 60 mO t0 stm
is the target W- tba e vn
thLough caes ar Me t two
months are .ae atwSe
It daM the ni de-
pend upon te atttk -
dters to be eiedakut thie umber

mr. w. r. tm
'^k w ,w^^


-- r "

9 .J-.

- IS'^

t. .. ."* .
- .,'- -...

"Let the people knohu uNwh ant. the cont .,





6 *lj

. mnw


. '.


*1~ .4j'

it' 4

, '
. .m etaa

ass '-i
^'^l^^^^^^^^^HI^~ftLe *W4 AflN

' ** -.' ".
i't ( .
.,. ; ; "

' r
.?' -


* 4W

strem M, w an..

. -,t t t e. i l ow flhr ,lm o

*s: -.:& 'win 1 A. r aw i uh) (bg, Mwr S) t
bes a Itlu em (s ESmt l as MI w m Sb W

W' fai" WW wallor w.
'___^ j___ _._^ __ _____ _.__^ i_ *.^~ 1' ^ ^T !* W M l0 *-0 ) w


Tvrf .. IP

S X 'u'f ? m Gm -
a"'s. s Us.a stood.

S.must Atkie

o ,. -d I~
,o as w'Th

.a ?T Hy. a p* utO it out ,S.s Sut-1e tM sh aroup- wont |

S. rd a. bmd Ik LOUIS. H e
*atiy Octw v oY"sion 6btm ad ,

u.Ntw itt WI&,alts..
S" Ihumt SIfn.b O Wrn wh AS
; 3SO i,,m ,, Jfads"t tut-cUan-fgup-- 0tqm &4

-! teaSqv rue & Ott Moucow. *- 5h w hyad

A0 eocanY. Al

a att W o t b
_....- .".i. ".'. ,,- ..b yth e NSA- b t

ft.. i '. thf n I -fe- h
O t t,'. l bad W almondd fw. i. b M P
Ste m apdea. ...
in..hod'.a .a lime
'i the- ..,,,SPSLa

-- rA. *11 a a tIY w6 s: -"-.t.
'7 dt. iay ndZe"aQ...... a A a;. w'" "


War*1 to

,, ,

onef~ttl <

rbhey C$a-A Spt ChOk in $pace
i 7 ,00"

amn t'i alnk & wa a
- 0 "m 'so a t w"Sma
U .ott& e d S

Tbw ~lt to .OHMw b r an
thw p.Wth .E s1u MMeb -vfily
M"d wtew. Thbn a to doa to
wft fhubt %aw owt" Iam..
Afty PeN&M no, t -NNw

1. 1

*' hotS l fat fl~o *M a Swin

on letter W ... h
u v




a'. '. JS

f" -- "a" Sfe A i I lJl
'* -A *a ." wa a ,.

For Ckwenik Fans

t emd sIh bD
Ml **a M

*I IAsl a s

leg w agggeby aduml o rney fw" a.

e amh of ettledwordsband m LGt
No em Must bpmusb Wy ,
Siwd1 W oPW ban:

I OWAW =U 9T0 i '
I**. i alga

tt Word. t tt M popular

tie a h low, uie onu S e
o.C.r a a, ha

atm an m nou- m a a oa
ba e oqu ein r uto maue owu wem eq
three rme sflan fme

00 T0

Prift. alf tG
h mg9m as

4e r rdMC

urnf O-t

Al ,
:S'-*., i

; '.4-.,-



p A ,,. ,.... .

-* "-

,-f 4.
f' ,


~t-~r~w- '


'u~ C 1s~
I *.~*t .1'
~'-. -~

AT SKIPPIR is Capt. Hendrik Kurt Ca risen, who won inter for his gal-
"nt but futile attempt to save his ship, Flying Enterprise, from .;oIti %lke Atlantic.
apt. Carlsen tries out a model sailboat on the pond in the Tuileries 0u "S!l:Paris, while
as ship, Flying Enterprise 11, picks up some needed supplies at e f ort of Rouen.


nAb. Vice Ad4t. i r t
aj. tries to relax betw*itI
at 'Pamnmunjom "in Kor*.


lck-. "*" .
L .. -- '


f w

*euve ow. a-y .f the, i l

t f .f fes..
I if h9fwuune.

".. .,.....

f, ',

.1 ,,. ... ..
o. i
.-'- '.\\' ",L;3


^^^ ,: ,

b ^laUf ine pIgly c4ry a 'a t tt2.
THERE TO CM r4i i* te-thal's no *bbletc for
'students fr Iot iP-1 ft,. Tie, Vassar and Briatblfl.
Yhey just look-up tB sde rules and head'.Ar a Carib-
:$on holiday In Sat 4 _S. Rico. Typical couple is
". Susan Connelly of6 tiao l'D.. art -major at Sriarcliff, and
4jim Larkin of 'Chathti,p$. J, an engineer at Princeton.
..On a holiday they da jwdItn'nd go sight g.aing,'visiting
Sthe governor's .alace., exmirdn. tilver relics left behind by..
Ancient panish-. artidsidd aliM g beside the cannon tjt.
once guarded walls of the .ci1,from marauding privateers.

-. :' *- ..
P...-. ,x
a, *7 ; .

I'~ *~

#1 .-

.1~1 jC'~4~

* 1~.

* F.-
tF~ .4




* 4



71' ''
, I;\.

--& -:~
* 4.

', .- 4'


':. "'i',:


.4. -

~. -~*;5~>


^ -7.4
it:, T .,.- ,' i


aITes. at

jgs s a* as wh
with tWe amatton in Sed=e f

"h*l He mary and Air mrcasared flto their fftf termb'o k on the count of itlA'^ B
too. ^^"f The t]$Sa~ny bbean bat ort o i hfttlonst converte-
pat grdadate IM students from 8 Latin Assuer hctmaSfiS GS
can country sa th- e Air Pc ree chool for Ltb Am- OlM intT ari h t m Mll
es Law ITS udt..a l diploma after a 2M- Is aheain -
week co,. _,e airraft prcpple. m t h e, o od
It a wek ll of ccdentaa bway week forpo- ,..
lce. dotors and ia tkersk. ee r pw-a
'e worst re thAsyear counted two dead and an heairOn t o
too. US. C to a apanepe freighter th at pFrt o get diB owtr of g s "
A The and e-rd-one-halif hour fire rtAfed tin the en- Is t &A

jgine-room, following an explwoeln,-and te pire De. aB(l-des wt f~ U~f~re~eafM~
epartmet's1bestuwerecaelledipltomeasi atehAthsnSames. "larB
The abpsth in J engie er w found dead abortl af t bg OO OM
i ter the re wMa put out, and another crewman h "a h me na fo Mt e 6'1
icritel cocnditlan for a few flays before he too died of else delilale se Vnwudve Mte 5%is drtegee~l
aewve burns. for Cea centuaM .
IBudtwhlsat servtlceas were scheduted for the two rapa w. a
ese ew- members to af Ul-fated vessel AskBsanm I ,la iih O t 0f i'-he k
thwen route to Japan. Th ship woll be deantee Has,;; -ego er ge, f
betweenn t0ree and four weeks. t. mq1 hit oa e e la tm r IMA a "IWob al
W o t*rietey a1 2FIin Oftraal
Am **theH ablp a N-feat tenu editor ama l Met SSSL a&1**yb.* W
IPname wAeen tsfte ek. it the as-ra enw Whether e e right or not. July in C aoeh.wMll I i
gwoe-roonii followinga b e3 t, An amB pre. wwa w"eA show jE tI a
pa Jts -.*est Were caler d h Ti to me anm -e- M BO sen
Te *s* hsthwirde sghBeeriom.a.x mesW d eadeshteortlye terf to ttM angenlcn battle wern
l soweIr. am nIoIiM.i yB.WtelSO th e .

terthe fe rseas wapu e rn an otherBslama 100t1 w 10n W entat o
criica cabpitin fo a eswdaysbeor ehe too 11 Of she th 48e T=d

| v o UM paignS pr opet oinamN4 ton .wto 1|~~
A .pBebu.ant.farewcl] _"bouQuet".wa t d ot Cs H COgmeMU _
ne school teacher th week, ,Mu Sf Core, weo _S.awne to th. (e f a e-, f
known as a le tomi and father a wlo l bved be uk e Bet upe r ce
of "Cabalero" th te Order of VasoIU de Fdt bot fi qbr torbrlmn
&=y the government attA.mhe ersrantokw53 use Sett te Md the Aagft alSK
' wMnMed Miss Core because of ther important cetrei- e. fe th' "ftll tortu oI n'Wr. V II
wtion t spreading Panamanian folklore and custoM .- 0 -e lm 1 B
Sthroah her books. After 90 years faithful servlee ax _ameBMe Osat jtdget. got e f tO lgn r
a C2 Teacher, Wta core lert te Isthmus, with many PreMeat tn, Monaa told the 'e.
fnd Bm idaries. Bes tho* e ewt fon ^a teel sore. nGIir eh
-- o -- get cot **Mer
SIn toMS when Domtofn Dfas became Preatdent to -Bnts
the Renubllc of Panama he had to work with a mAm- W^>girt ay weteg. C i^.HrA *5 Ir
ber of theo~noostion Prtdo RevolutonaroAatentteo, agarty i Oflh. ate d ot san ti |t
then had py Dr. Arnulfo A.rias, asaMW the Ma yoweoen f".Pogt dmo iaa ler %Ome.."lt 1itli F
'T's week It seemed that Preatdenteleet JoeV Ant Am w ANh' se *a* egg**
;tlo Remon could be confronted with the samre altus.a-io laiS ta!r1?-!ge1^1 SoJ^^-!! tlon when he is wsalo in on Oct.1. I.ili he w alkey Sm Kfc^ ss IP
Wth the reolth of 101 of the r atoaw moT'S 1s O fe- il "g f ey* thivaset, l s Man
eincts already tallied, Itndependent eddoro Patifo ... 61
I ai nnt in front of RemPns candidate, Migud Anel he tot ar gave the l.
t.rd6her, by 171 votes. lb o va eR CO WO som o W1JAM A
a Tmmenhtr IBMrtr. cl I unitef imwortta BBs. mft jb
I is nt a s impenesw kas tt Patiseo eMaowt Nw ,tPsj ip Mores f OWneoo ouned himen eaat t
't le ri- s ,,Ny wm-$Iom obr bb t Wa wth the old o ry ff oof t entre.t O om
S",,t .oat the CAci, t ,.e el, nta be e0"ont 1 e .. ..
\ 4.. **mataay Pattte sreatwwhld. E leakes as thema. the SseMete Otrt havig rte^- B
WP*se nrneanets are located in San Plranoleco, Rio ab*?e5t ? :As-'o pnd Juan Dias. that ther eeM empsot to have tlheir ebteatast ft@*B i i
Th' totals Prwday niDt when the Municipal r lesi de tC t of te t br ntoe t UlaCtalp. M
toral Board oot work for the weekend were: iPatin, two etMTiO 1 rt2 i Wre aw ne0oalidV erAt i
18.828: OrdAfie. 13.157: opoosition Chlartsta oangc emd, agging stwtt aomeBre mgtiitag.. ElSel te
Date Manel Solia Paa.. 1MW. fnd independesnthe Sa f tfe Ant4n o1rt obkat get l on the Ppno an- --.
ConserMtive Angel Fera Mwndez, 9.TB2. awaKRI Iw4w tal&, A Iter
-o -- o ,, 3m:!ta
Tltsweef that wSlleemed r that e new Preddent of Oa. WAt WLS waHft orrigASF exaeaeaM g
the Republic started semine to light this week. Atoiu 1rNM .B rillabld & .tC~ JVl *at tiaN gi Br
I them were: $500.cud be otwed Wthe smoamt t Se a go nmaIN B got M N -a..
to atonmobe Isalen nrernde taM. ad .-Ea Bb -_
aV the t of dresta 0 t administration ot mhe Chadzns ae h BJ l" b 0 theetv Nom il
.P"intal. beadt wlie money raed ey the li.o Chl te Paihnl
I th lude e m milak
m **duelmeby 11 vors. eltap thadt aCO Segagwpat llS
It ye vt muse faBeasiodw kalbul hG ugarte ql sk etw- labbVMau

rowehera wthen m of the ipteldrt Ato be eM C006m.
I.PAa e ael Fae m wheohave rsee eIter arlrtM.e geot the meraea. .**J to cader dBiSon to retac M t0ft. t Ulte Lh A. L 1.:.'
Ba- rdw, eeroiwo ark frg thWor cokndwar tWea. 1 gg14GRU M mi- abMW
I ae dBl alms. hA. to | S.efam fckle Vthea p 10" CG rt n*Wft t p4= _1PW* .
.C a* -a*the AM wl .ldg K e % l 9 m. iru. .r m' -".trs

;r*n th* -.Lemo Chafb omtlted, e r,- o fa aml
-r ^a ha t will Con fr t a e M. a "n Ao f U.L ,e , vah tt
; e he pdautistatedmMan bat om gehbwmeet dek Lf tMas&W :f -
th emovt er : af tlte ald l ee ran by the aauk**$ at ri i 904 no ft *'WOW.
tr-'*n of the Weantomas optlW. .*;tSeBar^ and'g. sold aB.I
mt we auiam helped a admimnisro ato ofS kthe Dam ae A-beOb W w doIAppeL some"
.:.w -"*Itab b tht the tr"p-tal ws not teDOWaC ".B 00l0 ,-

the --rvies for wieh It wa attended. Aascihr JM1 weed senelve .f-e, '-
wa enuesedms na oc,,,e t anuebss.seeo th m t .t.l ,ode
.A 4-****i e 4 eaugncl ai* agare Ug s i"

em^Lai m: DSS^^- Q ....k^^^J^^^^^lB^3^_^ ... ,. ,. -'
.20 ".-*eiw evss ao2me ee oa r ** st s1r .
sees aetm amau eft Owarmonmal. ee J OOqttl eie 9

t ;- V-:

-. ,. ;"_ ; .-
o"t40V -Maehaw
., n r l ig i l i .-- ,,^ ... .

| th.
am M74".b.a
*' .- ... iW B ^ ^ ~ a ?", **..
ilk& sad**Gsrftd'.:

Bh sa rod new a Matt aB-~ap^

gueag a two-WadeMItf $ afti
t tt sectator and Htarted: nftti^
* .- .. ,' .. -*-',['. '. ,
. _1 .] !.._.. I*-*^ i^^^ :.^i...^ ^g|^^^ ^. iii i i^b H fih r l A l fB -h f .__:. .

?*. --.,

- a -.-. .
pe aw a loLalm t ttb wee
Sfor h oiG r her .paf -a w r .
. wheen the ex elegt tkek ahee

se g t ,o .... .. ta. -B ."
ceI Q I. I- the .
e. eaw .i
Et- at Iet b.athdibrt .
i r9th. bPil -._.

444!11'!* -

.* ..

*' *-
' 'M-

lU U-
.. a"
--- '*^
., W-

Ki -
* leewo


.0 ~. A~~4



t nt r muto- ar

C rl. o ".'-B .C
O ma de 'iV-.ra h
ft te lp Xmtogp
.p ASt4 de. 33 -S-C-mre



* .1


,. -. (
Uf--.- -. '

?, r'
i J" ""*

-p -

A"< l

c .

ifl-' --""H* '
UftM^ *' *Htftfl ''"
'*W'- -^ e**y^_.
L<> *^--Mipin
AT h4Nrt
- ^ w^mtf-o,


. .'-*






Fo.4O -R6 S A 0. I 1OWSI"NC.
arss maws*w" AlE. 'NNeW V I, oylift Y.
PErn MONTN. U OYvalma %" *" S eaIS.e
,OR 6,k ao.70. W.. ...a."ior
WrOE ONE YEAR, a rA 54


THE utMISBtrl And. wbhen you can't *e the
I*jt way, Z 1yto7 "WILY,
What do I ear, with my ear to Do n 'rnd in treadmill
the t ture? ircles- .
Craning my eses to catch its Clmb a tree! I

and bH not again.
What do I we, as I scan the
time coming? iWhen I'm attUn' in the twi-''
Seeking to read what Its me.- light,
sage may be. Sort o' dreaming' dreams so
Figures I know not; Queer por- line,
tents coming And thinking' of the folks I
Boding som fate undetermin- love
ed for me. For the ate of Auld Ldax*8Sme,
Tben I use you plal, baee6
Can It be true that the place Me,
I've reAuented And BMy courage s ane-
So long, will not miss me, when Ie totd t Ve u tr eader .*
I am gone? Sioce a-meetin' Up ,w1t M
If I shoab au nt it. my ghost
be ree d And I'm thinking' that it's it3
Can I plead y for w edon tor- ater
gane? When you love fotalk, not to
wait, 1.
How can I tell? But I wil not -M teN 'm so, and let 'em
dissemble. nmw,
Here Is my ife, and my witness PttC, it gets too late.
I give: So I ay the stars shine bright-
Not for my fate need I anguidh or '
ad tremble, And the be, bt br Muel f .
The Future?. I make It, today, And the Uare a Stjwet-.. 9 f
as I Ulve! r, '" irc w'-vu i
R. H. MOTTRAM S ince a-'Meefti' rp wit you.
Yes, I'm glad the gods det'eed
"A S NG 1B IS!" -t, -- .-
"t matters not it heads be SO other we emM e a .
white That Nee's greater fo" 11a 11v7w' 3p a hine anmi fIet w sveat Mg h
If hearts be two-and-twenty; T'aa them ot erter wb ui a', -Mlek's .war Ine. s"m a .
Though griet and Narrow try b ; tl. k eas -.w ., a ,
the soul, And. I'a pealdkin' to at S
Of joys there are a-plenty; w.
For who that sees a day raborL 1tt Set you know o tte, M t baw lot S
Can langlth In its glP? That I he been elAe happl- a in, th .6
Or who that thrills wtspring r T tu5
can call By I-aeta' p with Ih 1If,
C. K SODOIN. a W r dpk Wa" m w
His life an outworn story? VII t at i S
"Away with al your talk of age! --- gag 5 emwf, U
Speak not of youth's declin- yain w ti thrn and has fi
ingD O IT! 4 beehlyO tf library of
o r still cont lnd If they give a job to yes, -0t at fMa m enabe iss dated Dee.

A song for me, a oyous songStick right thee and ee tf. hop of a wort wgr o as to rebalR- pa
And give me dreams -pton- nurowt. tate our oWtry tIs Zpal to the (Amm-
ty: e Do It. tIM) IusMa" u .
It matters not if heads be It they thought you couldn't do of the ..
white Such a job, and quickly t a am di M War to t-
If hearts be twe-and-twety." TheyM not give the work to aze uearh 9a046
O--, tert soi-llnni* Bo( aotds ,M,.
CLMB A tso0 W do t. fr; In a cableda Jul M- Me
Look ahead! look ahead as far When n 00 yO tiak Is laid, after the Invalion, t ie S a
as yeu can sel I Do It. that they murt be patlt about Slir ip
You can never ind the pasBoasses never walk about extend the Korean wr to the ret otf Ut
With. your eyes upon the grass;, lvftel work to mena they doubt tie mainland.
If the bushes hide and hitner- So when they have picked you "Whether the Chinese Couiun.atb a0 4
Climb a tree out, troops to torea or not la of .eoIudaK. i..,
Do it. ltane th. Chinese emblialy smb l
Here you are, born and reared- Stick right there and play the "But the war in South Korea wMl be
this they call "youp lot." man; in any case.
It would seem, to hear them, Do it. We should remain patient at itime. w a -
talk. They who ordered think you .her or not the war tl attend t r paW f
You were on a cabbage stalk! l tarope and Asia, We shwM M ta W tUbt 0 -
Shake a leg; my friend, and' Do J. tet and wait for the delqmopunt of th U-a
show them Newer doubt yoftuelf, tbut ay: uaton."
That you're not! "'tey have faith in me or they} aaMrently, the Matonalast Chinese had VMt- 1
'Wmuld net throw thi chance muwe believe that eartala of their American
You can move! you can rise my way. friend wouM ia to spread thn wart hethB M
you're live and free! Ill do It!" er Chinte COmt cat e ant o K a or ot.
Get on somewhere every day, -Autar Unknownl 8 Ism Icabeamde it Itear that General '1
-..... "ircArtur was one of. tht Js.

mhrewith lad md atdi. to g towe. 0MIN W M M1 aau easbm a .) oe.
aw eo. a,sI poIbtSb 1,t e a
Sgmd a Mort of at m..
,an rqrnfla dato fCtf e4h
rnes ro r ma~ Otlne m N ut s ..
ite -big m, i m a t owfe
th ".- o a a s "m.a.. e .m I

emsly, LL GAmmA 4
t an Na:ln thu
==asot to10w w 1aimd r6
be oahs (tense GWa Am

mo W1'1ghtm Wlta em


r .-




- s

* ~ a'. fl;.

~- MW-



i~ -

- ..-.1~

V .-W

amdL, m i

.wmm~~ 7

-e m .als w m .a

w mos

meu. -



~ ~q~d ~. easa

~ If.

ma!ts to rA1top pse sB-

ODls own Woo'eas srnsu ta
erasE ha n highWar '
I*Q *H 3^^^^ ^ yibm -- -

w Iow a~
-t.e be s -immsa
l-nvd owi- Oir IeN, Ar=

45 a .-
""-- m e. -.-

t a Isfo.- lr no > sS M f *

~T -


; ..

am. MRi


im dm

' ,


'5 .1 -- -' *


!,. e.. ..;.-
SmA small, whi*te- -uBlw '
long bowsprit. and toncetle4hW l 0i6
pass through t Candl -dc 1 t 't
The.craft, "WoderAor it" oily4 IMit ,
-is the smallest rhip ever to 4ie medt tmh 6-4 i
sage from England to Pa ow .
She has covered a totel ~ U,300 miles Wder
: sail sailing because. se has h entngl i- trd
the two-man Austraolin crew he to sail on fref
Panamni back to their homes in Sydney, Autraol,
which is a further 8,000 files.
Here is the story by Frank McNulty, one of
the crew. Of what decided them to risk their lives
in such a tiny boat across te widest oceans of

the world.
And how, after bottling trugh threetormi
in the early part of their voyqte, they nearly lost
"Wanderer" on coral only 20 miles from Crist6bql





S'- .- ..
-:;" -'+'.; '-:? ; -:' "Y ., '- .' -L .' .


mtkmmmmEmrwm ^w^anbimteden'

Perhaps you have sometimes ache Would be just too tasy
Thought It would be good fun to for him.
have a boat of your own and For my part, I had learned
,jAst set off to sail round the a few. t btng) by j intc
world. Or you may have at one around 'fney Rafter m int!M
. .rMme or another settled down open s1"ln boats. I dot
in a comfortable arm chair a bit of a ing and rtg
iand, possibly with an open At- for those boats and this, we
Slas before you, dreamed about thought, would probably come
Other countries you would like in handy.
Sto visit. It seems so easy from After a two month arch
that arm chair to draw your we spaoted a yacht ca it ed
-Anger over the wide oceans and "Wanderer I" Up. th
lH !,the grtat land masses of the of the Isle of W t tV
globe. near Southam th ar ft
6W"". 1100 miles from London. ft
S Just twelve rnonths ago of looked sweet to A r.. eybe ani
; Pa cold, rainy and overcast day we bought her. This boat wVa
in London we were doing just 16 years old, in 'good conditio*,
;that. We that Is Bill Howell but small. At firt "s e seemed
Sind myself decided that we almost terrIttyinly smnl.
I would like to get hold of a Hut Jer size hia 1etI ~l6ta.
sailingg boat and set off for the ted as much by pocket as by
.- .tro1bes. Our tentative objec- the fact that we needed a f acht
lve was our back In Australia. that one person t and e
'AXt the' time we felt only too easy on his oen. T wi' W r
i willing to trade the sleet and came for most of te tme at
[ frosts and snow of England for sea one of us would be. sleeping
.he sunshine of Panama, of the while the other was sailing the
.I Tribbean Sea and of south-yacht. *b
'W' t Pacific islands. You see, Then teo. thene wf jt l
;illn had been working in ang- the ehlnce that e.h w ..
lAnd for two years at his pro- myself mdght fall overboard.
S Session. of dental surgeon and And if this hab ppel one
i.'d had three years and of erpsoealft is sa Wold
course three winters over there have to be MeN tb ftn the from F oh n the
S workingg for newspapers and ship arMond anr ty s *all westeram u t
'Reuters Press Agency. back*na the hobpe pielng for ,At *. i. a
us whoever was in thWe water. WIt0l 4 as a U
We were both pretty youeL, "Wnde-rr" 's actual size .t 24 Atlant fe had
at twenty seven, and al- feet fro end to en q fl. at tl Hti ship. .. "
thAouh neither -of a tha waterlne she t Is nly feet 8es cra ed on- git,J '
one very much yachtlg we loag. The widefit rt of her tesa torteo nte loothBs
ian't let that upset a msag hull to seven feet. It ee w feet ahd- tit easnaded.reena s.wg'a
of os fldemoe that we cowi were to be our bnthni#W4 for in the cab lt. With dtet
-. succeed with the plan. at least 12 m oth., dio retelve, a *aa ,
Despite this, there were sev- fy the tWim that t lockers PUnip. sn a Water -
eral points in our favOr. SMi hbad "tin lled wlvi tied And. ch)B eteir el to we
had learned to navigate wi"t other lod' more .watpr tanks back to Falmouth In col sod-
'ho Royal Ausatralian Air Porce *owed away and 4and den clothes.
&during the war and as he .was rpe and charts taled side, "Watadter had qa.le& only
a dental surgeon Be should be the interior of e theny hull 0 of the 14,000 odd Sites la
rble to handle many of the Di ws so larger paontf.e Inside A -..
'we might develop on board dju- of a" average atto nomble.
Ing the voyage. Of course tooth- On Sept 14, 1M, we.r- To th a e tie J :

S-owi e ngw asaw 4i
bei at. the eis hyS tr

Mn below be

and out t -
made Washer '
Cape. t.l

;0 0 ft .'"la" 'oe6-

h Ths c tae.1 -
"Dd "-ir i- .


-' 1'~~

.;- ..-
'* .f

^ ., /*--^.-< .


... -i -.R
-.i .. toD l

-I ."', I. -, 'I ".

.. .' .', .


* I
~v ~a.'-.:..P .~ -- -

~I*jt. ~m-q



.. '-- '*-:' **

;5',, ,,

..', -..,

. i
t*4 S
., at4

* net

' ,' ,w -
. -- '

^- '" A "is*

S. .
'- ,

A, -




. # ,* .

16' *- s


. -J .


~ -~r


~' 4

~YI.v *.~



r~ -


*, "!
." ,
L :-

S'. J.




I, -~

.4 4

. ,,,

- ,,.
r -

57,r .- .


* V -

~.4* 9~,-

-~ I.

- -'

-* .-.



rla y- .--d

'S. *~~*'~




~ ~:~-*~
--'.4 -



- A



^ *
*. '* -'.t,

i o



6 o

- '1 ..

* t 4&~W'- 4~4I~ ~ '~
- *4~): -~

I 4
-J ..*

*-^ yT #. .

? :- "

:'.. .z h.

E&.t~ '&V4
I~. ~





I -


I ...

,* .> -1*

' -. p *

, 1


r. '*o .
's -


*' 4 e


* ~ -


w -y :~. l ........






*t A-I


F 4,



.. *.- '
ZIT, .- ...

M .. : J :"... .- .

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