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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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U -"that clas struggle I've been ,
p* ed^icire ---M Pt*eident Tidnu- i-I
man may moon discover that he w *
A B O E .fha not the friend. of labor he
.j C IY^rI ~ C) thought be wua while playing *t.....
m h, emUpm hm ,% i s, 5Sm ;.mom i the third man theme in this
esg a s emedpehtel au Mt atle epundld Ii who lly ca battle between giant labor and
il ,o kno after reu n hm e a th rac Had he not telephoned Phil
galMurray last diritmas and pro-
I lle sretIIsn IlmlnI m 1 m sed the IO support, wadch
tso kep it naturally isabbed, we'd have
e yo t.ves wokN a. held moist cd exaogeM pt had a iao or tf ee-week's win-
nse sa a I eeuedIle to ea oMae h L 7 ter sari e. And e' have fi r-
lNe m md gotten it as we ve forgotten
: -r o lts #even the Wagnerian walkoutS of
.- Now we a showdown- .
not a it hele ui.f e. A show-
S,,, down at to out ...s coun- l hs la t
BestsM ago 1 had the pleWaure of vBie ag Pnam, tryhiea if tur, w he pl n gess.
Sthe world, and I'm steAl in somewhat o0 a aside i eliiftlMr fttto a ciLUs -l'n d 6 Nsetlon, hive be
-alh soenot t. I ste se 16 o vroer mv satthe he of I.vhis
e of a pot to rlbly asaIbe sj- Tty .e hIv wpbat has been .ap- n sipsona
aid wonderful your little Republie UWho, C penp, g n s so, ., lesad- .. p
that "reaio ,ing to tis new bilter rea, is
You know after returning home and to the ranch, it just phone call Phil Mu. y b oe last
ea mighty lonesome heoe. week t .h m some steed1 a t us w ... ii r I a
C Sttle from daylight to dark, it Just p int the same. and talk before the Sup reme O men t
I Imnas the quaint little streets of Panama City, 1 miss the Court dt T1on.
ator boys at Hotel Ey Panama, and I also miss all of those dispa. ,ed his trats d co. nue- a b a
tful enoritas. orh Art older, to gaw eeorkn. 1 Log... .
If you publish my letter, I would love to hear from some 'thore W~he talk- Le te ones. '
4 yog natives of Panama. We might could exchange post cards Murray, i view of the govern- NEW YOlRK....t was not as 1 e agO that a lowness of youth toward a true appreelatton of
#d souvenirs, arrow- ment's support of his iight, just multsoly tme4 1irl named as thrney the time when aOu dont have 6o ran so hatd And
My hobby is collecting curios, such as cattle horns, arrow- couldn't take 'less than the turned 'flSi q5.~Vitwrin befa itotd ll RFberts, kehe mour f rts cooked at tbe time.
lmd ftld spears and I would .like to hear from anyone Who ae 8tablltaon Board had cOmm, rA lw penoptls l te it.. .
o o4 be Interested inaexchahging thins with me if not offered his people. Certinly not She i wan't gpna aboard the new The taiese the matri ch the head girl
Itth s --- then letters, before the to e Coort ruled. groom eI 4i 4d taun un t and married around the hOue. wl
_* TWho knows I might even get a letter from a certain e- He'd wait so long, he could up With 0.. o .te Or t hy count 'em "M'n see," a g m I0tel A -ltte, mete .
inits I saw in Panama City.ary wait a few ddas d e If the later it s""old man," i e by fgre tht e nof rap t.
Until then I'll just say "o lon r hh court u erhirted Tthe Pre- an-i ourthe B Ad hinted at know a 2 h-year-d '-thi t tbn r who is Naled
SpTrenttal Cemf of the steelCtehe ty b~iL had beeepr d fbr laek "m'aee," which means n e't f ul good at he i
at wishes from "Where Tthe W t Begins tills, Phil Murran could have s of ch business.
...ra..cout dIh. e t he th ddeih thig. hu calledd the state But over here in thi., satge waste of cvillesa-
Yoarwell '"Tex" Chatwen sige a.. .tc t theo lad th, an that she had ten we have placed a -mium on asurious
1710 Burlir Street ertment giving his million fol- been foaled In I95. 0wh/lh her a fast 42. youth, which to as er a t L the premium we
SAbilene. n oers the fohell e okage reco instead of thelt shhe sae .p w. place on fashor tabo e theitrss for people who
UA mended by the ncudng Ths t ore c thn n ccustion ought to be bh fat ad old if they played it
otq lf t union shop of b ldne.8.r. straight.,
SIf the court decided against. During m thefe among the ladt l-which start- You got to stay young 'M ot to stay thin.
COMMISSARY lOU i the President, then Phil could ed early, since one of them produed me-I have Whv, for heaven's sa s, whn he inclination a i
Y bargain. In any event he would never really dug this sensitivity tso ge that keeps against it?
.:lose nothing by waiting. the girls in Ruich a dither. The men are just ahisit as bad as the girls
So he waited although by You can e wp a gander at a lady's face, and tell when It comes to cheaatin on the birth date
With reference to Discontented iMail Box, May 31 having this time he wished the Pret- her within two months'of when she was born. aftPr they brush into the middle thirties.
Sget her Commy-employed husband a second hot lunch, with dent had not interiered and This applies to girls who have replaced the This fools nobody, either, a 40-year-old man
is 12:30 to 2:30 noon hour g afraid I hadn't thought of that hao permitted hn to settle the divots of time with surgery, as well as to the does nOt look 0, and a f 0-year-okl man does not
l.rtler angle of inconvenience, but have found that long dispute in a good old fashion- madens who have let nature do its own greens- look 40.
*-hour, and late afternoon opening of the Com fmy plenty ed strike, keeping. He loks like what he is and all the hair pieces
ie lvenlent. myself, as a housewife. Now, like un, the class and false teeth and he-girdles In the world will
? You can't buy a roast, for instance, that late in the after- Tar is busting O t all over. There is no mystery on the age of the female, not meep a man from looking what he i.
Won, and get it cooked for my family's early dinner. tver ody will ,have to take ald you do not even have to check her teeth, as ,m the boys figure th ke buyingA a touch ofr
Ive heard a great many grumble about it, and wonder whya, ede. First liIfew yr ie ~.i with cows and horses. You just look her in the e r with the lie a ot the are they are
Sstagg tering Commy employee' lunch hours, the Commies ending of all labor people In Tsand you can name 9r birthstone. d a sad sina to theiMlve.O fow the girls
$uldn't remain open all day, as they did during the war. the thousand of feti hsna ut they will l mostly lie to you about it. and gat w round In the aoMr" department nud
BCouldn't half of them take their lupeh hour from 11:00 to now going on. h0sPlcu ad ha ey think it bu em something speeal and I stblckr their little heads off, the white deluding
S like other em- eased up when Murra sent know what the S l hng i. It is a yawn. B her about their own space In time.
.do? 1 o lohhis men back to whore r e The rare one will tell you an approximate truth. .
1 a10ndte other thalffrom 12:h o 1. h' a
A a nlot of timesedu ing tnoonrashour ony ha f men alter A t-r j At Dietnich and SWha htv a tallapped on their m. goat is ,an old deat, and whl. he may
f.t, ew lotlof te girls ole w onon themha to sop hat. non ls anhenoni 3ame5t00,000 tma n-daysl I whichn ii El T At'hndmothe ing orI goat, dei at his. lok
t h uL ob i # 1,000,a 0oa s str4kehs wct k so a1 c a nominal eh ng personal senility with some.

-L, eur n wkt gatig?0 tan. gf Bei n c Bh -t ptuI have hear gts who wert'e 3 say flatbl t 440. I tan mlbAth did n0t argne
the Comy much befoirthat dg. -nPelYe JT. r i uat they were 21. and I have heard 78-year-old- a portion of psee
the -0 m. he 4bi0oeIuJ ury re.. a swear they were only 72. What difference It A les I wast ad white har I desire. There
n o a 3eek requires It W -- When Phild sent his men back dinlrt make h isc am to track. oe n aoxanl e piedfor ponh and anh.
VI U..lh.. .. tobe ome oR fat 'And h ol dI me th. playe It
aon eased all along the front. wonderful ach element, and should be i -,s ar t it girls to say he doR t look a dty over t 0,
"T HOURSTthouea P is of contracts were on ulrdt( d appropri tely as an adv-ee from the -I -hav e nf reality I am baly. h puahincl i2o.
We have read, with interest. the background of our new the way to being resolvexd,- s =--'.

J-f the oi'itnmerg who required he tropical li 6n stjhed. The longer you Tare inn T
Sothe oht-modnd rime no in use. ee waite -r es iou lnggveobeen copfa ga nder t d e and tell w t omes o chssing t he birt ntely
aire gaone, or goins, now. te"bioargainin se sons, the more the rn rn a b the
S And l at the risk of starting up that old battle between restless the men in the fheas ie thathS the hairpi e
oing anmd non-work w as, could' W ot the latter trpy toos be tea Sea the reatoo ne w e
W considerate in gettin s their shopptnr done before 11:00 ba official strikes and wildeas. --. n -..y
f and 4:00 p.m.. Instead of addintal the confuse ion during money and DALLAS.-What has happened here n the Re- made no attempt to deny that the other side had
few minutes the employed people have to shop at es oon, and sonare needed to eal e blican Party in Texas confronts the nation l the real majority. The reminder made him look
y r work at night? thgu t and the ntouher nost .publiean Party with two of the gravest io sest a bit more shifty than tuait, but he did nt argue
Discntented Too e i on' it has had to oe .A.manny years. about it.
ratThis d u nt rW notceab Indeed, the longer one works to sort out th And when he was asked tete ajorities didt
everywhere among t he impressions left by the incredible Texas Repub- not matter in Texas. he a eplied Irit bl and bel-i
: an teoe lCREED o t c I cs teamsters, the miners, thle lean Convention at Mineral Wells. the b Migger tse lierently: e
electrica ani d eectronic work- uglier and more important these isues eome to Th don't in the Democrat Party in Texas
the auto induatrl/ where W ol- Tbe first iasue ba simple enough. With Ben. U 0. Tho peculiar explanaglet--.he t n n
DTring the pt year or s, it has been called to our attln- ltr Reuther has na led dow bert A. Taft of Ohio the lead, the pNothes s ular Jorities was Just Old f lel
U. that "le "New t k Timer" Panama correspondent reveal pease ot/th a sere of long, have been uustitlebly dmfulung the ekttoothis ae yode ling or testing the .mevneit Tii
h- w git t a lortain myst er aious antagonism towards e,0 contracts tweat hahs crept into the American vernm t analted by the State ViceMrs.
w e constantly determines s corrupt d And this comes ust as e a ut honest government fordepets ao. r.dWest aised that th lmle. o
Slnt. d arently reached the l po itce s. And the firlt issue presented by the ei- a. West admitted that the pe abower
Sund Ie n this foht ovex wince sent events in Txat d the issue of honesty i. ation "did comply with t0 lawe t exi
Panama, known to the world a a Grino's Paradis. is su- We were over the "spiral. tepliticsh tes t." She added, however. of la i o
ble to internal problems, as is any other sovereign nation. Now we're back 25 years -' As to this. there can be no doubt. A but the lsw do itar & party's
According to the law of political ethics, a nation is govei n- steeped in bitterness, and s popular surge Tor Gen. Dwight D. Eseter
cording and circumstance s of oher pele bu it t on the labor tae his adherents a heavy majority in t The final word w said b I.
er immediate problems. To compare ou oernment (P anag eent front. Tell at Conventiich n turn choos who ran the Zwelfe- ft te f
) to that of another ountwry is then, not only impracti- why: deegtes
but also Illorleal. The clamor will sta t aosgto. with a vast oily smIle and a fist i m. a hotS.
curiores rhsh iso he by-ways No one-has argued.Ito one has even suggested. On its face." said Boeno .eo~. k
-of'hey-wywhoteeu--dnn ty- t this pro-Eisenhower majority in tge tTa r Wrei. There's an exlant bIt
r country n our hemisphere has had its hadow of n congress for ant-s e bla tat Convention was elected er Maybe I wil
Remember the O'Dwyer case in New York. not very There will be no talk of u ly or properly. Under the law an the r u.i i l
vnd-ag herhng the Taft-H'uartleyb tee senhower featon had on ther ight n tch are the men and weaS ehe
whrciano r k ih even Sen. Taft has oee. Tdas before the Mineralt Mlr mbtrhg wl ie- the steal of the Te i
c olnet e ipondett neighbor adopt an imgrtisal prob aedvfoting to bring lh tides vined. ith the on-e- t ene
t lthen hope that r a future dalet h shell ueh together more amicably. Theme ut Texas National Committeeman Heary tlaal majnaers David Stolt dehi l-
nne, whtih htai t onw beeen theral topic of aspursao be demands for tough Eweifel had already promised that Texasu would Ie t Carroll Reece.
and abroad. Tsa on natIoal snrikees. be in the Taft column at Chiscao .Iatsecond a i ssed b thMis otgls d to
Mer will be chosen. Generfa "mWesfa solidly controls both the Republica-t even lTease te@1itA in
d atic l always Receptable to Isoety; it is Vital m ower, for example, will be te Convention and t Executive m tte. t l n
_qm_.again and Clain, by labor EheCrutilve Committee of the State Comnit- m Rlepublicaen whe., S
SA the industrialists, to stieg tee i turn has the Ipower to draw up thMe tem- elIrtsm for a change. -*r
S"thtae aoiasnad A. r_ position on the nrti~npl porary roll of the State Convention, makig a .This reporter elnannt, i.nas.a
dike crisis and new labor laws. preliminary choice in all contests for seat. and aull -hero in Texas, bu-t
.h t-s s. "l Samndreds of Coloosr seating those they choose on the convention t lor leading w Tewmasjt
Itg itog come out 2 W ith thlispower. 0seedyOld- uard polltcla s 4 at Mini- -
IATISFIID CUSTOMER hastily drawn laws malkng it aside the expressed will of a three-to-ce l and soun4.
m"a datory for the President on ma ority of many thousands of legitiimately en These -experts were
r! p t s s Sgminet countrywide walcn rolled, deeply enthusiastic Republcan voters. peAnt& bte aeVsr
_-ut7 _e_. When the temporary roll was drawn up b- Ph.t Texas wani o

i couple of days I ame from the USA to live on the n the pr t labor, s henchmen, ll the illelly hosen on d
I wono to the Comm i Out ailodentitionardt- Wa not just he 0C30 g. hasrower supported denied d. the Ienhower
wy much to get somethi for my youngster. I want men m ies on the convention floor wblth were iovmest.gasU tI
b toPt softethlnf lor my your. I wat _ft, w l
b1t. deibt"t. wha I met A young NJ" of about sV"' 4 W tyright at the ballot bo.I rhe nont S. g 18gilArmed deputies wore bought a the next att enP a t titef
d whetrtoulmogaderls W: fto make sure the Eisenhower laetion did net, i,- A than attgaded th
e- .Me with evw.thln, and was much annoye- '- tJt to senze what was tIey .O"
._ u oeh rv 71" phony majortl in the .ue. _"WM.TUM Mipt sit 4-i M' ( .
B3 a an -A~.-4 vote that n rIt wan alll I W

SK a 'JE W!o


CAN ww Put as as m m %
'rip ew

.a* lB t in m ,-botiw-, 40
@=~~ ...m-.y

t'~I~ "'



-"Y6u ko S t tWas who put peula the Jl IA
ment. It t it e. And I don't want you to go Iund iUtU*' Ss
and for l.. .
NN' iTh inpfeme Court lattr rulid aawftt 066a1Oi'
views o ft rae eleuC;
If the two rentlemen from Denver In the Presldent's Wi t
could put their heads together instead of pulling
mirht work out a -lew 1woWlnt. supply for the, UtlhJ; mtl
which would save mearinal i pet f-om oling out f Of
The two cabinet are Sef retarw of the f ntertot
man and Secrktary of Agriculture Charley Brknnan, both flro
Chapman il In charge of AlakA and of the Indith BtetaO,
while" Brannan Is in elhrge of the forest 9rviet.
In order to develoh newsprint It's necessary to o t h -0.
operation of Alaskan officials, plus tite Indians on whoe r smi
tons is considerable ber. plus the forest service.
Chsnman bm ha veral confersnces with ;ubUihelNwltr
a view to d6vl.obl ii kan newsmlt, but each Ua ; unali. -
againnt oppow ton ry Benin' li.
rMeanwRI i t su5plers have l9.
price so hhDo"'E R... "ai,
danger. a" l ; -
While th ilr A tit -A bhtoe h.
what it doean'llilA tt l '1 that theo..
dlvernlled orels Mi e to ,4i l,.hSlh.
And with new t.e t

.a orcwy uu "w 7cruwrUy muang 1- Wmw
6oF fOPt *W Rpmoftbl. who WiW
Ta n nWith the y ith A enwwhIh -

rtftewald pt rialtimore liquo-dsaler Iyan
oth B as 4nd re teMd bi t te teat t the V INr
Orinl rendewa usf i' Prmnea Thomas with the ow
ettotney general lust re MeGraery's e 9itMa
11igh eqme un in tho.ft .:.
Tlmmit AaTi M i tghin about the atteeok Sa
smtl'-pdor WilntlniConnWetian with tho NeW To*
uauy""I'e "& W.k4-VWiP h a-one of the moS popular Of
U A. wuvoys to 8
LMost Jonhus Daniels. the mh
lovedle. leN.C.. News an4MOberve;j6
the .ets t
O'Dwewr lern 4a ttle Bentnih t the am lh a tn.
art in fialmana. f 1, studied to be arilelt. hot IAw
n6swhd it up, apn. it speeches R t. n e iAl h ovr'
e haWlted ,and, now rik close to Danteai
in pe-u.lartty. '*
Absetee ia --"wan drrlve a Oa onglman f"r
votirhe pbi C y' runantn out on a
Anmnr rinw the crucial v on aid-to.
Curoe laust wlr weqk ; tykl of Alabema. Dorn ft p golqth m-
li s. Terln w of FIn frvtnf of Mitwurt, MeaialthtltNew Yoe,
Moul'der o rl of Von'iro,ws. secret of Olio.' Tat
of Arkansas; Witeh of MitMoorl. and Wheeler of Georgia.
GWne'l Rimlew" pr.tnrAyIly 'n'etected the Role Island 9
camo last Ftmre abd f the Peton that exat or
minor rbeomaep4st-w was: t sw i s with a oa.
It wr* smhorti OtW t"i t that trouble started.
Bttairer Sfm W= vurn was s orrnohd bv the way
cut the Puronev Aid oen rrieht after hie nRltiuUn
that he a & Mi 1W tO td turn 1S TV-r-I
ofof VhatP 14me
C P 1t tac]b iW

o- chaspreme B W R -g- "

hD a hM M iu*---

1 -* "

. .. .. I,.

- -' "' -

- ~--. 7

Btlii|r ftf,

w I "




a, paa
S to end the o anwat
out *'
t* heads of the six maJot

ied to aft Xtt

tel in t eea isiS
tmaobhf-tet (-u.imft P"

(Da .1. thIite fte Bankn
Ing- s to create a G ,
nsu tg e i .Crgy w1ge and
trice board to handle dieputes
Iuch aC the steel cailtl
The atk plan which Sen.
Robe< Tfft R.) brded
law, no' -f rnr4K
tndI Wan thO -lari&S

Vbe 51a5, oau, the ?toel
dient c

* :. .


ia, violence or
a rl
tM nt 9ma .0 pier ton
Une st.a fir it law a
bl *Nr. wherever

'renow. *, asa, may

of 1T-% onBto -n hour waI
tingknt 04ia l JO per nI
Inems. Tef firh o sare ein
to $ under- e CMehart p
The union a standing onV
Stsbllizatloi Board reeoin
dattr fnd r a ipaskee a
houry Ii reie and a a


men p~ v wou lw etT wT
hl prooe f wtich may come to
a today. put he a4
he b L bsa lfo th e4 01 .
ha enowA S ie atuq*p
I' tea ped -
'' -
Inent and labor ace"4
ed the .Wt Roum summns
renew nuoatIon .within a vi
hours afterI4t was Mmed. .
From Nw York. where th. r
wert-l* a& a te huddle,
company ft i lea s dl.
wetS rUi3: bi n 0MO "In* sW
"tt of Iveo and take."
Muly, resident of the Ul-
ted AI s i6Mon.bIssued
terla w Int to mttsbutm
saytlng "1 hyave ree.ved the oln-

Thbe PIAeer 1k Club ft
meet ton$igt at. the Court Wal
Iadl at 7:4 p. m.
'1t tL30 tb
ma wl h me~tain at the
iblqas Tn Church 0 od, 1P
A report on th contributt i
to the traw* fut4 fW r-

* Ptwo of thei 1; m ,
" ol.s agenda. .'

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:: AI C iekb Ms
Co- C10m

nen- RAO~L~H, 0., June 5 (UP)
-c-nt -.early 150 aonilets seized
Union three igird and seven civilians
as hosts today at North
riceaded t elym: 1 a *ulld-
n tate Pal W Nte
.ttting wit f. ton
re conva ctami t their
Iaeest ob ei the prison
oP M alt, .L4 MI- epoke*nsA
S W M fit' 90ow tha.
Ar. ar ig to a d -
eisdi utw v Wardse
Y b. ,019. at 1:15 t.m.
B "Therae t been no violence
or threats to harm the guard
tHMy are hong," .ald. "The
.ptisone_ OMBenpretty well-,b-
.haRed. Thly may have a few
home-made knives and clubs
but I don't think they have any
B g in thet.".
The Pmnew' action followed
Sthe pattern of lots in New Jer-
y nd Michigan prisoners re-
d tWUy exept that so far, ap-
.auntly, e ,had been sW.A
t.heCont simply clowd dif
the Ontrnce to the industrial
Sblding ltotaneouly and the
the puads and seven CVIllat
firemen who were in then at
f'taethe automatically became
^ bshg O" O'Neal reported. "8o
Sfar as r know, the NU
haven't laid a hand on them." .
The warden and prieqos -
reatbr were talking to the pA'
soners representatives at a wi*f
gate ti the fencc that eneloes
the industrial building,
convicts make license tass, h-
way signs, paint and soap and
93 R O to a print and shoe shop-
The various industries are ovef-
S by civilian foremen.
Warden Allen reportAd
through a _pokami atbe
Prison that the trouble stated
about p m. when th U e tI
tb Idutralbutlding Xan4-0


hoew elers
Hear t-ao
*asaf i amf~




stand-by alet. .
As OlQaZ rW pttd it, the
convict l isaldmiM i I* oore
they "looked p" that "there are
a few things we wnt to get
stmhtened om% Wd wI Want
to talk to Mr..Andirft '
L '2.. .

'Ite= 1 teandidaitek In the
bare btn nv itedra sa

Airman Involved

In FatI Accdent

S6 Vey Sickk
Nathana .oem an Alto=
who wM B e on e t
Avenue Monday when his .-
oyel tsa over and kifled 6 m.-
namanla. farmer, wae tUli on
the .ario fll list InM rw
Clayt. Bo al today.
et ~ Isho asmigned t9 the
5700th M and 8 Squadron at
Albrook, to offering from mMa-
tlple headI alre, acedtdtipto
hoepltal dwi5of. '

y Je/.t






and VOIL
Luxury In everything
but price.

White asmad Ce

21 Central Ave. 8TI A'e.



Yve ca't mi iMl Lee
ly Dres ati wto
esare prcw


- U' I

~A. ~
.7 1


9,7s 4.95

12.4X 6S9

1415 -9.50

he to blame for Gh
Inthe accompanyif
Ia a Oedar Rapidi
ndMe his re-doubM
Wirth two overtrhisk
110 points In all HO,
wft MriMeltk with the jafk
Of entered dummy wMt
1a aS d fnessed a club
to Ves8 Queen.
"Watied another low de
iPtstU-with the ace of
i n the two high pd
fWMnn utt w the rest of the
asd)me diamonds.
-wfcttbe pt y ended, wOl
r ~ btfi MAtYrl that in
str" dtabe two di mmmaq

S th re-double of O*
"that It was Wei
main the final p .
W9"F eiMd haw run out to two.
spde."In fact almost any "
out WuM have been better th
.M 1610 points to the oppo-
Wh -was the vlain of thf
.l sa y that West was the
T ,'bvt I wouldn't pin any
nedb anZBast. He had a e asn"
td 9 five-card tgt, idd te
eare that he should have
W. This I n r
Ctf-ent, however, sei"6 Is


4th of Jufy AM.
-- .- va.

.. : .r a '


&Wa Jadileh continue .wiA h uwa



of opgade 'mnds w'ka


te las f eral Jd.-enkb 2
mamd our 9;weeml
advantage o/ ema goodlikv wl

(fem.m w 4ooac00 d Oc.s atf tOr*d C
/igh ul a gin) anid w cm
Iris" and cleit "ai ow' )wmfoiJ4
will prove equally uimpmuve aD
-'",. .', A Je -
wo :: Post#

., frw73Aif


. '

Whid of thmse lovely tirls, chosen last week by the five-man board
of afudg, wl be the luoky winner of the beautiful warydobe deaama .1
by locale su.haantsa a n trip to the states and r
ril et ,remmm n tle ep onubi at Lmang eU .
.e ell nia -i' the wqwkd-wMe beauty contustr ko> cb.2. ,


." ,.
f iwd r nmay also be the haprT
jsm o now omft I .,, w or o p'i
w ,om mm in he mut.
at~l Wls omade d tcontrt ....
then~d e Bf ,t^
': ~J I tlpB N tir. they w a et .. i
(Poor d .s w be mmod.eetf A
'L -'. ^ fiA .




*. .



r~1,~1 I qq~ b'c~
.L4~ ~
7~****~ .~0 7
A -



a5id .0




coi m andtiv als A =Oft MW *
, thO S Pam" beauty Cottw
Hidyr, June 8, at 90* p.m. in the BELLA VISTA tOG
Made for Aacug by Angelo Jahps orahestrr
pslalty numbers


~: GA.::

, 1

I .1 4 .1! v ^ 1 i .


T -

I. ;

* \ !.


and freight-Ships and Pmnes- Arrni
a Not

{.. a a- 1 l SIDE CLANCEt

pprng *ArLmine news
Passenger Ship vehicular traffic on'top at many,
wed Throuoh Canal points
0 -ton Danish passenger Educational high spots were
I hl arrisa that was badly visits to Fort San Felipe which
Sb fire two months agowithstood all invasions from the
Iltd. Oregon. arrived Ini 14th to the 19th century, an au-
lboa this morning, and was tomobill caravan to La Popa
towed by tug through the Convent abov.- the city and a
Visit to San Pedro Claver Church
Sais en route to Rot- containing the remains of the
where it will be repaired. Papal Saint of the city, who is
Al l aft id Company are the lo- said to have baptized 300,000
'' Ca en. ~slaves.
, .. Oil Company's On the lighter side the public
taker Makes market, the shops. dancing Un-
bt f ,hal Transit c.-r the stars at the beautiful
The 555-foot tanker Santa, hotel del Caribe and surf bathing
Maria built recently in Sparrows contributed to the enjoyment.
Point. Maryland, transited the Participating in the activities,
-ator the first time yester- were Elizabeth Kennedy. Lam-
'day W route from Baytown, bert Champion, June Champion,
.Texas, to the west coast were Irene Ladrach. Edwin Eaton.,
he'll pick up a cargo of lubri- Melvin Veatsch, Mildred Linden,
li -fttng oil for delivery to an East Dorothy Chase. Quincey Limber.
Coast port. Anne Gregg, Leo Gregg. William
Clark. Alida Clark. Patricia Gua-
x '" Th new Union Oil Company verro, Doris Edlen, Charles Ad-
tanker Is equipped with latest ams, Mildred Piper. Jo E'.anor
prdte'ctlve devices, including Piper. Jeanne Browdish, Frank
"flame arrestors," which help rid Oakley, 'Lacadia Clarke. Grova
- VI ship of gases, and a sprink- Nell Dickson, Bernard Frost. Ar-
ler system to cool the decks in dena Frost. Benjamin del Rio Al-
hot weather. fred Sereno and Stella Ogden.
4Th7tSanta Maria has a 140,000--
bare 'capacity. Pan American Buys 3
\ DC-6A Cargo Planes
Cartagina Tour Pan American World Airways
Taken My 27 Local Ihas bought three Douglas DC-6A
People Over Week-End cargo airplanes.
A delightful-excursion into the 1 Pan American's DC-6As are
past was brought to a close last the cargo version of the airline's
Sunday evening when a group of 'DC-86s, now in u.". on trans-At-
27 under the sponsorship of The lantlc Rainbow service. The pur-,
Colon chamber of Commerce and chase brings o 42 the total of
Fred Busch, tour director. i'-f DC-6 aircraft either in operation
turned ;to Tocumen Airport from or on order by the company.
Cartagena, Colombia, one of the The long-range. over ocean
oldest cities in the Western version of the DC-SA designed
emisphere, founded in 1533. for Pan American will carry a;
payload of 25.000 pounds. They
Situated on an Island, it Is will be delivered early 'n 1954;
completely surrounded by a wall and cost more than a million
so thick as to 'permit two-way dollars each.
-- -- Cruising at more than 300
miles per hour. they will make
S Youth Served tl trans-Atlantic crossing in
..Th.VAN d UP) -P.ros- 113'. hours They have the work!
SULLIVAN, Ind. (UP) Pros- i, f on 4
pecthtv.customers were invited to, capacity, o olf D wtcao with
enjoy free sundaes in celebration t.heuer -6Ini dverne2Calectex
of the opening of a new ice cream the Super-6 in every repec, ex-
parlor. One youngster, resolved .ceptfor the special cargo provi-
t6 make the most of a good thing. sns" .
was still going strong on his _
sixth trip to the counter. "I cut
him down to a cone that time."
the. manager said, "I was afraid
the boy was going to get sick'"

m000 miodm re-s
spotless cement

7ik AVE. tw
INM flm SlAuE AUT IM t
I.Wt o.sf* *t t LNimp=n

O WELKIN. Plasteer


via .a1'





Precious Oxigen



.Gett !
....... Greetlaga'

~-' 111~9'
*r- w~~u

--, 1 ^ T ,

'lv t'aI___ ___
'sy Atswfl teB
L~jV WAL .-

- =:- = at

A P"

o o r--o or *.

OUR BOARDIwO Ow 3 .... gm ..,.


Sailing June 10th


1 'a-.- ..._
'- 1-" *," *. : ". .,.-,. .., --- .-. '. '
r ,.-' :.-,( '-"
; 't -. -, "_ '.' "^

- I,'

'*'. ':- 1 "'



* *d cl ~ C

2; ~1,Pft
I ~


I oo

"When ar you bankers going to Ui
If Ow govmnt run. on a .. it S
overdre- ",- .

Accepting passenger for



31ePs M

sy eg ** MT

Iis's It


(De-luxe suites and single cabins available) | m's t em odc.o .PO
T |\\ mh\ 7STw1t' .w.t at)

Tel.: Criptobal 1781 -- Balboa 1065 |

'Mr. P.A. Want Ad' attracts
a following
-O pqvpm mkgty f w*
Whatl mcr -. .*. sip;*
them quickly
On the dotted line!

Vour classified ad wil at-
tract a parade .f good pros-
pects because everyone in
Panami and the Canal
Zone reads P.A. Want Ads
regularly. Try them now
... the results will surprise


~' ('~ &..a

Right Thit W, B6o

ON 1f IF.a A

WHATW~Xt F v OLL0i" 1-- 1
JKAL *v TM)S AKCI-e G i Z -.
*S>__^ POC.U*TLL =3n-f
meB 3 rm .eT.

That30 it

Ig ktmWN*ton

"X AL LVnEau




. ..

- "r.T

-- -...






Al *

N, June
P~evoted ye^
controlss nex{^
afterr it had al
JW d but to ^^

to settle w i
Vote to end rent controls *
" wa 48 to 34. .
fle Vice Preident Abei
had ctt htA flt
i Congreslsiono Ses- w
a deadlock In the pt
Wisse Hlsue. I,'" %T

r M A*loh
i IOge tto
Bet gave a
iowet atha

do d 1-lll for the first child in
sc.i f ha wand fit & cents .

yg mUTH mLn Sys

a If you wart your husband to
Busan r be proud to introduce you as
av Mi a he his wife don't make any of
themit Saltakes:
i L S Gutting into your OWfi clothes
budget, so that you can sp=ns
o mre on fhe hilren's eloth
a t ea* thr s bMue. T4i0

at* J j Aher het the
band feO protds
lip-shod abatt ytd

I. rr"~ tnr'rr,

ofl r., aid trs. William T. John-
twenty. gi elected w modte fash-
i In conjli tbnt*f Care" ma"
show eold recently in the 1Me-
Ihon show wa'to honor Chcaglo's
thousands.of them working in the
'Two Weeks With Pay" fashion show
ring and summer wardrobe suggestions
of any g e
Sf(r ctumes In the show .-- a ull
len coat; a j-Oleee suit of bege raw .
arel of a Itwaffle-weave fl*e.
and whtp drhi. for town or conly
show were televised.



ft ;..i.n, %-



; ra.


-intlae rw i haddbeenbandhs s
York agby.u- oGivi nthe ppl your hug-
U a, -tAi o brew MidB- band Introduces to you a cold E '
throm lelan and calculating otee-over. THe V ..

a--a d netor MSt "' i

e oitar tk k Y =a.
40 ^nviS t'i to. ybu e talkte, t h

ey-mlde acq4alnL
ta And read )6 nets-

r iP h wPo n lo
:rhe hemACty mus isd

or serve me llftaw funeton. on in the world ,and eA-thie coopera
liladsa si- ear- your own community. NO man Oh ..carriu o'
Wld wth ll wants his wif to appear to be iue
remin ent of the dtys of the a dumb bunny when hl intre: -tCmmo
Plr ,rra and te,,in Cames her toole wao wnt Importia
er in tl aten woul bb sides children and SIold wllsluk tons
ei these tonks" fl
taug '$ to be nurMS aid radIo le" ,-- t chiefly in
opera mdwr the Kremlin rW.U3 your husband.I t tlon and elec
1 t27 r1t yo husbandattst.. o ae
Sre the in ip|I. 'ls i my
Iuni%-W flam iwa" treat ioi ta uch 4 wir .
throughot t Q.armv l. it It o n-evident you '
teach- rifle, Mia.WdE b t wile.
and similar tV OTl- VI" wim NwA
dren. : In.)



Muk .ir dMr by Mn. Ett. CM ,;
... "EW

9. Ato

,-,: ".2-
p. ,, .. ... -"- .k.

:, ..., ..7. ,;; Y

atio Of

dOr, 4wfo lsd t
s withb onrM cd
Ion, the Ur

ank and t Ia

Mole fl'-W tpef ant abrteUtafirb lt'-watiihtn.
r, Witten for JiA Seyvlee, ..
ipth ve you my Iai foP'teM& hkeflt, int It clearly
O* U*thlfr I do not e n eXhau g rOutaM which
ftreash t0 anytWI IS e.qe
w t[ .w it. xlreft can't help you reduce. If you weigh
250 i WirMr exaMipl, yeou 1II only burn 144 lfor es per
bu@i Ut ilng, and there an poximately 4000 palories en
I la.t, you could clumb to the top of the Impire
tat~ 34 eps), And you would only lowthaf a

'efYour- a & ano m you; leel tt d bend-
Iair st ng Udlt d m astrbend-c
it Salfow.l- complete freedom o( mAeMat. Low-
-Ico upoe,,Es' couxe, al a, "must."u
4 -'my tt orMt extre lu we ch I gladly aa you.
_1W 1. foDow med nd fo" ta!f W ing downV t" Wtl"ff.
il have to di' a.Vt.bloufpet plate mly on
t ,lo about three oha -"Ra l- both anw straight
00 you reach shOter hJ t '. -
; W out beading your rarmir moin lmn .and tips.
r arms from left sq r t. wis t wat, for
a lw tey times. Feel thAp r your Wst, ."t and
la 'exercise xi eaceleni or your p ettiU*too.
,. ives after you have lo t'sPr weight pyip Wan.t may 1
4w4 you to keep right on examislalug? It Wa1t te much
tUlMe,!bt will definitely help tUbep you lookflt a. feeling
*.: *.. .. .. -
~prt Breakfast JAce of 1 lest" In saail 1 of hot water
-iit, Id Oral.Juice or Puffed Rice
Wiu., uswe t.ned, (1 cup)
W. &te (enrk:d) Toast (1 slice, 4x2%xi InchU)
'*,. Cotti Cbebse B9111 0 ":8-z r '. .- ."
t-ikf or Tea Q 91li69k( cu4
> I Lmcheen
(1 cup) Two Whole Whet Crackers (3x1% inches
f gchsd on Steamed Chopped Sptaeh (1 cup)
kit sections or CuaWloupp Balls
.,1. talesipoo iJule1U pe) diam.)
be or Tea jh.M MW (1 cup)

Mixed-reen Salad BouLwbth 23 tbhleqpmopu,
S Mock four Cream OCeSl'og)
Utie5 Salmon Steti or oat L at 6 mb
',a inches) 1 Iaea ,3 Z-1h55t', e)
AtBo ed Kle (d
( 6d or Boud otato (% urteM (hloa)
saucee Milk
aug r) Cof e' Tea (1 CUP)
gI!-wia --y: t"awi.lm n_"" afut e
WWi'1 'with < 12%Vl %InSte) Whole What Cracker.
14*4~ --._ ---^ ---- :--- L ----

93f1ey1 "t vote ian f
S "ing.3L M. Ivw ("-
i Mretain the passlt.
of six pubiMle, I
to restrlet Its twers.
nale Banking ObriAMt-
recommended that rent
Is be ext-nded a full year
4 theta June 30 deadline.
tae Senate approved an
Mtiflnent by Ben. Everett M.
MDb (R-ul., who said rent
caroty should end March 1
along, wIt4 wage and price con-
4irty-seven Republicans arid
11 .Democrats voted for Dirk-
sen'a proposal, while 34 Demo-
erate and no Republicans op-
Were "the Senate approved
tihJvesA amendment, It re-
Jeted n-i a proposal by Sen.
P al H. Doulfas (D- L)
fWhtet would have conthmed
j erent wage board and
its powers to recommend
1 settlement of wage dle-
pl euoh as In the steel case.
S the wage board and rent
pr~opo*iq were In the form of
%aOn n'tas to a bill to extend
Ac Production con-
) Act.
The Ives amendment would
make wage board members sub-
jact to Senate confirmation and
the. board would be limited to
the mediation and arbitration
of 'age and economic Issues.
Board action could be taken.
oaIb labor and manage-
aian Tonsent and the board
odald be barred from consider-
Ing non-wage issues such as the
omaron shop.
The Senate by a voice vote
aleo adopted an amendment by
Seon. J. William Fuloright (D-
4$,.Y to provide for court re-
vlW oat the Labor Departmient's,
interpretdtions- of the Waf)rs.
nigy. reubvc titracts.
ov rnnt contracts. to

determined by the Labor pe-

IluiaIr tfl.e believes he
L pb e p' has m
Wp^$qaq ftthe la w$I
th1i eiU tW to lease t
issue to gbe epuns ,
WSI. : te i l Nathan P.
Felnstger s rke had "noe
comment" on. plpage of the
Ives proposal.
The amendment was approved
as a substitute to one offered
by the -enat, ,anklnw Com-
mittee hteh W-oud have re-
placed the present board with
an all-public panef aLd stripped
It of most of its powers. I

W diM
N L&_ Won for

ilelMK cno had joined
ith Sl Deidrts in suneot-
SIveW flWS to create the
i ofwlf Barkley broke.
tgrpa Slt the proposal
are '14 'peocrate and 2 Re-
he OVac'Edntrols bill would
tend wage and price controls
ntil nat March 1 and rent
ad allocation controls until
ext .Iun 1.
Ive* sat S R a ll-public wage
bxour ",tal't work." But
bte 00 ntS ,Im have threat-
ued I f~tt the wae
board It ist zMEraned with-
at labor rep eatativee.
The DMogis amendment
puld have mNiured the con-
rmatton of o public mem-
sra. Ives nluded provision to
require confh ration of all
embers at the request of Sea.
everrett Saltonstall (R-Man.).


other f r
has been
the daye
at the a

A requiA*iS l
St. Pasuri s
morning at 4: r
Lemuetel B. riy, tI
of wth oldt,06tt
P .' i-.+w

nvite. u/ouw

I1 %,ISYU '

*t "tP"i/4g?Ra 'o "a
.\ ily ..#1

r. r

SBety csawi t

you can uu dM Ywrdl t jel'"
advaantas for your p etiul pe of t. V..'

1" l ..F'RI Sdey to asseo.ev. 6
.t m,. to 12 peon and ftem :3 s S to
OCR AB-CONUftiOW3 mur-sm S

Maina Store "1 Cettral Atsn
,. ,
I I I I I | ll L _J_. ,ION


IdmI-ULW "
Diamond W5 '

wide 14K muleg. .e4 ul

$295.- 0.j
s O t .+' .. ,

$N50 if

En T



V'S *gwEIR isv gigt
- r W .tv .' f I
'. .-.. ..s. .


u e star1 or upi

ale- an a
Srt. .

r to

II lre-
at. a.


i" '"^
-' *1.1? '-

- -l$ -ut

'* *. A -.
i. 9'. aI




,/ ,6APP M--

. -

',.I sn
'W r-

SSell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A.

Kvour Ad with one of our Agents or our Offices iu No. 57 "H"
No, 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

#4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and
Piarth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441
1 *.'. "

Sawln ie Befteza Ame:rican Carlton Dreg Si1 .
as5 We3l 12th Street 10.051 Melidet$ Alt,.'. 1 .
Agencia InIei national de PuMicaclosme Propagandt, .
#3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-1 H" maStreet
Phones -2 am

F Household Automi..hile. 'S. .. e ae lus*mu pmPrsble l.: .. .PRO.ESVONAL
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2-1520 or 0803 corner Plank 5' Phone |-494 a8-491 limit Paiama Dispatch Service, op- ateri, yi Spdel v te In the AporU B sue.
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closet. Wardrobe dining table. 8592. Cy. All porcelain. Six mahogany ACCOMODATIONS 4:30-What's Your Favorite
Night tables. 3rd of November i FOR SALE.-949 cream diningroom chaks. One small ma- Toilored to fit YOUR individual Isla mmefi 6:00-Linda's First Love CIa.
Hou No. 46,rood No1.Up-! FOR SALE.-1949 cream. Chevrolet hogany table. One steamer one! whims (and SGIUiT1) Children's ilN9 Alfarom4.A.
SN. r. convertible. Good condition can be wardrobe trunk. Hoer accum swimming pool, playhouse, horses, :15-venin alon
stairs seen at 549th. M P. Co Ft. Clay- cleaner 25 60 Cycles Lamps; etc. Phone 4*557 days, 4-230 even-. I 00- Ake Believe Ballroom
FOR SALE -Colon.combinorron gas ton, or 5454-J, Diablo Hgts. set of silver wre, dishes, misc. ings, or Curundu 5261 anytime. OA
S. stove-re'rigeroor. 60 cyvele. Gen- FOR SALE:-1949 Buick Sedenette, household articles. All priced very FOR 7:30-BLUENTRIBBON SPORTS
eral." Practically new -25000; ROodemoster with radio. W ILLI low. 1502.A, Govilon Rood, Bl- IFO. : RVIEW--
Stakes it Call 635-J or Cristaobal' AKI $a00.00 down. Balance in boo. -OR E TPANAMA BROKER&INC MA CatM A. ,
3 213 after 1 p. m. easy payments. Must sell imme.- HU W US fItal BI :001-w rews and Features Port I
SOR SALE OR TRADE-60 cycle al- dtre. Phone Rodman 253842. MANA HOUSE FOR RENT: Furnished house in SELUNG: 8:15-Ars)nd LetterCs VOAI f lt
Aer ost n4 elect m. Cl -30. WE REPAIR plumbing fixtures at Golf Heights, 3 bedrooms. Call to- Pausam Coca Cola & Collrt, 8:30 f o Univeralty (VOA) Detaohmmt. A'.n t
frigeator. washing machine, dish- FOR SALE.-1949 Ford V-8 Tudor your place. lephone 3-18K0 ofter 4:30 p. m. 8:45- entators Digest a Comto
woslhr. roaster. red;o. 1412-B. Sedan, excellent condition, only We guarantee prompt, neat work. FOR RENT: --G Chalet 3 b: Copa. e--. 1 A nthev l q ,le.i
Lo- Crucec. Balboa. Tel. 2538 20,000 (twenty thousand) miles. COMPARIA I5TMIRA bE PLOMI, two bathrooms, swimming pool, T 7a. 3-4719 -14'Lectures l3BKI regular Jib i tthai at of In ch-artme
WR ;SALE .-8 cu. ft. Freezer. $225 Can b4efinanced. Duty paid. House RIA, S. A. Phonb 3-3350. Justo maid's quarters, old Golf Club en- 9- It From Here C ttu,0Coal. With its WOW of 75
tn 8 1550-C, Gavil Road. Arosemenb. Ave and 29th St. East.10Musi
S00. Trombone $35.00. Two twin _____ trance, Tel. 3-2972 or 2-0693. 1B'--.*- us ger pres sure of about 09, o Setini
innerspring mattresses and springs. FOR SALE.-Dump Truck 4 cu. yds, AQUARISTS:-Lots of rew tropical FOR RENT:-T w bedroom chalet MODERN FUNJritlfRE :i ntere unique accompliUsheat
32 15.00 Qtrs II Albrook 86 used only one year. Price $1,000. fishes and aquatic plants, supplies, ,nadt "amO,! ^ .-'s so. 1 etMo
, 3217. 00. Cost new $3,000.00. Located ACUARIO TROPICAL, 11 Via Es- SIn dF nroom o nd kitchen. ChIOr 11L -.11:00 I'
..L .Taat 41 St. towards the beach. Phone pofa, opposite Juan Franco Stables, L San Francisco do Ia Coloto. 6th I$ r gg 12:00 Off,
R E fr -.5 c e- -0706a t Ehrmd tn.h b Phne 3A4132 AveCoc6 del Mar No. 15. Phone vu3r o, --Wpgg i
Leavig. must sell. Phote 4-403. 1 FOR SAL.f-B1eaoutiful 1949 Cadillac FOR SALE:-Stewart Warner refri- --. -To n #ay June 6 t
converting Duty paid, must se, g erotor, 6 cu. ft. $100.06. Meoic FOR RENT NA 3-6 i A.*
SWANTED lvin mus. Tel.87-3202. IChef stove with 4 burners and A.M. ,S
I. FOR SALE:-Oldsmobil.Moddel 98. oven $25.00, in good condition. :Ap M 00- Sign On and Alarm Clock A
ith mcinpp''a 1 o Code Cadillac body. Year 1950. Four J 81uan: B. VSoso No. 22 Apt. 12. S :80-Oqu oin f flfl 1
ANTECi- ..-e or partner new tires. F Icaza yCia FOR SALE -25 cycle motors 2 H ALHAMO r a NThsl a 8: 5-Mor r Ities
with mon-y to iro.err for reason HPHP7 Modern furnished allished apart.8: 46--MusteM PMkers t
i e t c ncrina :ucc-:Iul bus.nss In 10 RSALE: 1948 clg 4 dc House 75-Tman rubbTr llo t. Ba ents. MCm ry epa1l. Can w, invi e 9:00- ew MI AT 'o11
S r, Costa Rico, 40 .395, s-ed,,nes,. ni boo phone 2- ,veri.ot T a *. Wepk aid e or 15 e and Get-It
37, 1 .uild.npn,5753-e2. 1- -. T e ito ck. 60 cy21 e5.. 1hn 5-C, oOi RaNT c seokdrI"ti 5e Vy a
-1 C o FOR SALE:- w1941Me FOR SALE. -is 28 bicycle.nGcod LD EXCHANFOR oN sN b Ynoh* *1 0 0

e^&ye. direction ightf, whcit condition. 364-4 Ancon Blvd. FOR RENT: furnished room for cooperation with e t twe
met n Bell Vsta rea, f rom 12. Tel.2-3027. es, e T.. room. Also apartment with 2 1-chil 11 Paraecord Contdn of tate on
S 15 Cll 3-3496. t FOR SALE- oPly 3,0out 00 Club FOR SALE: Aqut orium, new l bedroom. Tellrin No. 8, upstairs, 0 ee commendatiol of the nt

S Will accept be ,6ffer over $1,700. bathroom set. thee p lf 8, n the back' g g W 8U g 21:00JourntVOA) CstndM onf theUihatfs il
Excellent condition, ca be seen ov- hndwi tubpical fish. Chromel Cl 2 11 Mt tafe dn RDFl Emibaay Ien Panama. ah
SIng. Building 5753-1. a blo.,it. i electric clock, 60 cycle. 1445-C, FOR ,1 N 1 1. t sn e r
c 2 2Owen St.H 0-a ar: 05I. ert Hus l of14 second, telr
eye. directon.-.I" i condition. 364-t Ancone Blvd. FOR RENT- m- urng7d room 1r coopb ton
.tires complete s ieHssoares, ex TelT. 2-3222. gentleman or coupO, Wifthout chil-, Ier _t a e n bo.IntStte O i
S-e t dren Calle Darien No. 8, upstairs, newv4 a uom"mendatioOf 111d : Prdt h oT
lent condition only 3,000 miles. FOR SALE: At ost price, w No 8wntebcaornic endhter oo then St
Will accept best differ over $1,700. bathroom set, three pieces left No. 8, ontheboahck.W -"ILL 2 Eb ss nJuaVOA) C nt hd
Con be financed, canhbe seen t hand tub, blueenamel. Call 2- s a P:02 oie- Une ne u an rs,
5658 Apt K, nssth goon Street, Die-r 0342 or write Drawer R Anc.nT C, C vto41 llce llt wo2 O MMedies Under the o.f .8 onOflmAn
if |. blo Heights, after 4:00 p. rm. feor Zn r Ponami, apartado 3407 "IIIij J[ 1 WJLa. 1-431! 0.1-.i tae Hall 1id te &athec r' ,

S181 Stadebaker well ,oil year streZm, hydraulic vol i Avine Apa. N r rday ame t34e V g 7C.t s 9:30-London Stheto CoB n %urt gas .speak
| 061 Maary rmS. Wol & Co.% "tth set N-q r from Ano olb it t (.B, r
information cal 82-52227 between 'fro os pNth i s 5o e ft ep Pa
:00 a. m.-4:00 p. m. ,Hep amnglo31p-shw onsteroreisnteo l parthe ee
4AN HE: F elpaA aid 4:0ratef Iate s wee

S15 SOSi A Lred Thelp government of chidrPanama 1-lsc Yake the company's city. a
F OR OSoi"W ANEbTivoli City auto.obe 4t, a cdprovidcheduled tor arrunve Itn tuck on ol In S 9orisqaidil nu 0rLn brisf 5
I p iss Av SE.t dealer approximately 00000 ma tp n dl"orAreliminaryi investigation offer thecitys Arab Scctl the; d-
SSALE:-At sacrifi i ce price, two WANTED: Mid with refeunded tax rences ith the dg doCristo the Japan- Io retance meent.had de.- d- -< ahe
Ii. adjo~ning eaach o tlt at Coo-r apply to building on corner of RI. efe t reighter, AasMan Maru, Iofayr.D JI ,10) trathraad- '' e* -ra a o
I tdebke il od Bchf Ceal rs Dcur ..le. p oardo arias St. No. 5o1, Apt. No.h re i wease p.rtaen: of de- altlhree -,-ot ahe practia et e Il A
S.,s Applyb at Tveore p. m. or. 0. ed7. House of D saLim d that -a-h to the fnvestigation of the ,tru f..tion and ma .t l tt hnel n' n
'-' w .rite Box 18-07. Bal office ca. rk WANED J l or tytthe government o.p damages. FrOce de not -lt (..--- e t. tats I atd e-
STAK.E IT OR WAVE IT. f formerly $7, Ings or laundry. Must live n. ApplysAy oh at abot $t0id000. N .. e trutt inp ieM
.I131 Cherlet 650. -- w reduced t to m$5,."0 No. 18 Ti voli'Avenue,"Apt. No.3, OAhe shi ant ord aind e __ obe.te h ne WnA t J
Ist o andn quel, concrete 2 bad, Trh eship'age, reW ilfo dan d o no .. I ... ,m so., the t a ryvoch- '

...MAGINAW. Mi., ) a other salespea the Tv. e t d n each- ta
SB lroomch-W alter Dietel os aa nd .S a .l taonretrd t s lyIe COHOS Jna h --w o, .. ,
13111 eelp s &Tronsisthmian, rood, deep water Experienced cook, apply No. I' Ti-..,anapproxi'mation siMce it woUl(OI ... :0 or) $ i educat]on, and ite -tary
151 Studebaker well all year stream, hydrauSlic p olm Avenue, Apt. No 3, Fid soe time to give aect1 9:3--Londo CodeCon eertse akd P" .
Mi^b.Mimury ranm. Wolff & Co. 5th street Noc. (crOsi from Ancon loysh- (HocS)`desrIteach ingvi:eWho rc iaW
22. Te l2-2388. 1 /e whut. -0: 00 de Of it4rIt A e, o e d
Meanwhile,_Buddhist__ MeanwhileeachunghisttfueralatVGA
,._2T FOR SALE OR RENT: 2 -8 dmservIces for the ships third en- TNIS. June 5 ,TP)-Nation-O
Schaletth lensr, Tatauya Kontmani, whoalistUnrest .fled Upgain to- 10:X04-Adv0e It.1 't4EueN o 1
chalt for wt ,cu 02 baths.Ready _IMperished in the fire, were post- day with six bombing attempts(IM |.. gr/draeta
ooiseser call Corozol 322"7,otor4l.... ... d-2wp.m.ltos&waitathetarriva]te=1:.m. 'I o. anae
I t .baers 1of the Mataui Line's representa- T.#lt. ..inore sabo- Expia W9- "t rT hmce o- dCot-"otew ,
.I M uh,'Ines ean tI r aSre wil-l
IM F, e ,s i POSitin ft rOThe government of Panama GUM Yike,aIhetcompany'stci.- A-_o heW, ue andergoa.brf
IM 130-1oumis I wnPanama City automobile |a"t, ii scheduled arrive in riazierssotuck n_
Ieies Gil Service needs-x..rt- dealers approximately $300,0"/danma tonight and wi confer the city'sA Arasb t oriertattheInsperiod
Fenla iam ha uffeurs. Decen lorin unrefunded taxes, it was re- with the Cristobal Port Cap- resistanre mcoveenit bad de.d- "a observe and partz
1" Fo-drs Apply at Tivoli U. S. 0. Infbed sources said that guard to the investigation of the strution and aknatloM"i if 1I (006dw~l ft.terns. In vuelp-'--- --ag-- n,.
I 11114 For&'iWANTED --General office clerk, tlJuly 1951 the government ship's damagesl,. ra mce den ot C1111..eut.irw
.11111118 .a able to ta!typeaload loel auto dealers on 81 d elayed between three and four nest few day.[hulf rechivm
_fast endA ceu -fes which th later sold Poli _e.. ... received t, ,-erea:yI.rand audlo-VgV 'L., aW:--*i r
no B Cana Opportunity to Canal Zone emp eswhoJ The shi'soterrrwenN- era' ,,- struct.on.l probWemL A.M
I--. lu .,- Acc'ding. to Panamanian l-awho was .badly burned In the owns who had been the obieawarande

-- "Of Mic hgrao F an si," n l"e-nth On Firan Knittg .azi l aw -, A& A t I

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yi^0 new Roks II e
Libel Suit 'Ir'L$s

i J .rial Hearing

W lUSS _(UP) to prove that the State Depart- on the ruling family.
t-- ,m liutc ttt ment la Infittea with Commun- Thil s overs Quen 1-
a ll te itsa and fellow travelers. sabet l f dlngh ana.
Sl. a A one in the hearing, dian isit t the itd
.d If- M Benton "sla not States M brief African eI
=et.t-th here." PORt ,to the me olpt
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Bl na," iEl warned. "That's W death. she becaft I
2I 3 '- not 1w M .o y.uJ" lI soverelm.
a nobes t it n- At ah point, McCarthy A estlon a brief
m uL t la ber, tia- wrote told the laer to "be quiet un- tbop o gOf i-- ft.e
lb* *I ng- atil at e 9 wlarle him- twil IIt -1hobe .as t et I
tM "I'm gnn to defend the legal well of n d's ruke
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SJoevaa nl B Nt.o John M, he". was not ," aps 9 Klendcl. 0 oo0W in circulation
jUHt and Mea the A mmm. Ia t "J gnlemen," MaCar- A*M
in r s ate and thy 8A CINCES Invest.
T# D "" Kn 'af t D0Id funds. lonrood:
A i5 Twc. met re .lr.y Bt e- U that before Inafgreatest-a -
ST To Claton Toight ltots. ,ts ltoi U AT ,-Moto',a-.
Lha Is n. ..a b, tentions o Charles Vandevan, r ARTL-Moto's auto
ank Jonea. r A a Clay lI ttu hy der at that time publicty 1. -epe nti Moo fp ,
Mrs. H Sernl'e "U*. C, *L recto for the Democrati e a_)w; t paint wit. a
lam C a floor 01a9 Rq 8"tte. 5R 4-pua meehantes spoe I=
I 0n. Uo -M 0 am f rom WieaP' anA d. A mnd. dc *rle
Sera d .u a But he nlasated that he U rA Ame"do
S; i10t ntoI d the idea of much a? aO 6 S I f i -

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5)" bjj leodou t atr He added that l r i he was fb-* aALw M
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S7t. en C a a former as-Benton. nurse. Boywwn; Littl Um ruu*

e. t a e taryofState te titi:
'A star t I "no doubt" but that h Iopt it' true." he said.eW MoPar- RA mel a W-13=03

ItuA MYouth Gets # 1 W lotOrid ot Istones, ^
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son 2. 2Sster,
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Also Triumph In Night Games .. But Hady A
B, tiTLD PRES ,.j Li on the approach and,. lpar4.A14.*
B I PE e S uarded by three traps. A ve
S- Nat nal L e par 5. The front alf of ong
,NEW YORK. June 5 The ,Dodgers moved "to full game t rn slants downward, mak- b to a b
ad of the second place by the ii. e the -h Sf f las a wlll-contruled approach a1 p ar 40. 1AI v
-, ,ofthe ond pl ac e .... "
S-4ar d kt ,, h B waves 6-0 o l rI oyd Bo rr's [t .e r T ,n , ra eM 1 ,o4 450 t th.W eint o ,& e tr .ay
-'SMd the Feds outslugged the I'hillles 10-8 in a weird game in Brooklynm....... 29 11 .22 72 ate. m- 4, pa: 4 450. hog-backed,' sot she
"which each team had a seven-run rally. iNew Yk 2 14 14 5t par long trom an elevt thated towill titransT. A h
In the only American League night game, the A's edged the Cincinagin.... 22. 2 1 5 dro nt a eatednyon Awl hln he en

Iteny Groth hit a roundtripper for the Tigers and Eddie Joos Boson 16 24 .....400 aYnr 4 40. rhis is ti o uh- ,par.M tA .I
The tbdy Bo.on p with Second bman Nelson Fox ot l ns round b t "i g
Cfrl Erskine. %ith ninth inning o r el itp from Billy Phoesia Cncnna. .. .. 't. oar t 420. A long, straight ofa Iteh rLe ..

SThree e\-Tigers figured In lini plut at Yankee Staai---- toh t 3 and(S a bat drive ws needed to car'. over a 18 5 4 410p This one 4,
'Wos the Dod er nnin oerit Clev He had home rn helt fr a om f T E an u P ll fimrway rg te A neld tree closing .
Jackie Robinson. ho clouted his fifth, and Duke Snider, wh TODAY S GAMES TS _- .t res. N ee ,aw. do g ls th0 l r ,nd "s .

b tckit Tn.o place by three own xo11 tip s d a d. ltkh..hal been atbreg.d to shot blind lo a green flanked by the. r.
prcenitaTe ponmt. Third base- p id n nw director of the Na- ...,. m i w pproximati our traps. -i -
S man eorg Kell and outfielder, tionagl C.-eralna, A. .....a.. roo, 202U020-7 t par4 42045. The bongdary ai Sports Shorfes
RootEveis each homered. And t.,,.up at, Newa cttItbu .uh 200 .1.-001-4 9 brief descripon of on te left side of the fairway. A -
so'sthan e Dizzy a"n out cOmae oat in Yor: Is sic Ke ,.i 1 o .,1,., gr -,, -1, L.oes and each Hole: Trees to the right pinch er far- .... par 4,
I e fnn nr,1ine to (t the win. sports Paltor o( the St. Louis 'amPna..rend 3-6, La- 1, ar 36. way into the shape of ane hour-i aIT.n18tr.0 Us --Wine
.E,..e G omek took the loss. Lar- ... -1 .2 its Laki owe the job on' P.l.e .. W l. .. .8and5Gara- 4, Cautroue players glass. There is a difficult downs Rutm n and .he .... ...
Ar Dobv henas .ed for c('... ipni June 13 Bo Quinsn. Fox n .. was hi g tisi HRT_ er th, Robinson pilly will use three troke to i ie n theWnd shotwhilten-elt-mreencianaplnMg
ack. A r co b in six runs with ae s direror of the museum the ,th, Snider 5th. cleargtwo large traps 100 yards should ctrry to a hard-to-Judge eor'th a id ews c.m
lpdcnt.i e points Third base- 'ihonora direcon top or a hill, Na- ghy 9, par 2200. wael)ae o u alt up.mytorotnrd
m ..eaue an iv oamer e Yankees, Fan.s et their annual chance St. Louis .. ... .. .. .. 6 .mle o. U race at the. ki -I
C ~.Citrao, 6-3 at New pi. -Yor: ht playIcr for each r --L(4-1' Loes .9ian e* oL nol S rtate Fair n pringfield onfair-
1 "a Lopf'r i as the winner: Joe m. or .Piaue all star team start-' (Cmp ht Gamen) .i e La- G4. IVt a oAugust 16. l
Do'bon. he loser Shrrm Lollar inb. tomt-rew. P id..n .. .. ,8 i an G t... s pf"r- I nn
,olmn homed 10 Cin ti .. .. .. .. .. 10 players glass. There is a difficult dThe Montreal Alouetters o the;
Sor D o" B". 'r i o'ei n hi vca'lv bnl Un with, New York 00020000--2 6 1 Khe le rillon the second shot. whinU teed Ix-foot four-inch endl
S Tomer. ripi afternoon came in ste f-an.s RedLn. in their. r selec- Chicago 000e10r50x-6 ad 1 iRed O'Quinn of Wake rest.
S. a .0 La was at Ch ons orai the teams which willr Janscn it-2 e). Wilhelm r(7h, -- -- rMontreal Coach Peahead Walker
Sn ague rr B go. uh vYaon nkees meet in the AllStar Game at Kenneldy i' and WeOtrum; Rush Th al Zone TraIk and 400 '.Its Men h*B" (Aleman aya: "O'Quinn played under me
seventh tra.6-ht. The Cubs beat: Phlade.Ohia on Julv 8 Thea poll 8-2, and Atwell. HR-Sauer Fieh S loptnlhp cut-off Jr. Cla'c, .four. years at Wake Forest, and
*S .... .... anl.s 6-2. Hank closes c riday. June 27 and re-. 12th.. near thte-wa. mark by_ e- 400 Mis, Men "A" (Elk Clas-i he is one of the best..."
puc hiasered oft loser Larry suits of he ote foster teach of the art-(N rieht Game) Mav si I
rhr loser Sherr Lollar Ing. .omercw.'Phuladolpaia. C. .,j Track, Field M eetAugust16

; Jrns n. eght starting positions will be iwi e thifl ta, a at 10 o0 m.-One Mile, Cycling., I rner Tulane q
iEl* enere in hoaseball announCincatl to das later. The *.I th L he tealNovices Dick ambac has oftenver
f hlninnli optioned infield- Rtwo managers ll! announcer Aa- L 00 Th*oh wat formerly 1005m.-75Mt Grls "B director
er Johnny Temple to Tulsa to New Yohc p .' sy d rI,e.vesswihort-, New York 0re-se00or Jm2e 18, has 100 c. Girls "" Leroy FerCanter. Baumb ach, sinl e le
make rnom for outfielder Wil- i:l afte, Caci y Stenel will th run -- been t neg000110 50x-6Sund the 6,us Clasc, ter TUled e in 1929 replace oreHot.
S lard a.hal. The Reds at C Le Al'ton .n Leaguer- Leoteams which will Jree-2t Atlanti de th- 10:10 Wm --200 Mts. Boys Jr. ace RenetaT who becohmed pUbllkc
bouh hal fom he Bos- n nis meet inr. the Nall-Stnal League All- TEAMdyS- Won Lost PRet.u s 1e many adttv ta High i'Cl '20 C'i ." relations drectord uder me
: ton Brirra Tuesday night. .tt-'s. -Boston.; .. .. .. 25 8 .581 n lta r e l "1T on ete Gold .2a00 Mts", Men "B" (Eduaci6n -- ---
h 4veth:trazght. The Cubs beat: PhilAdeuhia on Jtl 8 The poll't8-2)and Atwell. 1HR-.Sauer Fieldios97 cuIs'.,IkicaClic 'hisoyea t k F othebest. an

!New ork ..... el 17 .5531 OnD. the liher n a. 3 Mlles Cyc.lngl- BO8 8TON (UP --Thomas. F.
SPLICC hrimepred oif loser.Larrysuits of suu juts. "A" .. Io

S t d r .mmani Scrc. d rn. o is s u th, tc i the ,B. 2nd 2C" .Pd. trhM- 35-year-1d Rokbury
Jnscn.lg .. starting position will a We at en. hht10 00 1 m ranking senior at Boaston.
r" / I i lT is n ,DtrM ...' ?.. M 2 ? .7 .0"ondue t was the Discus. Men, Oen. UntvertIty college of business ad-o
r Johnny Temple to Tulsa to pi. ondr- 1 0 s hort- Ma Broad Jump, en, Open. mnirato. He entered thie ol-
make rII r outfielder Wi t 100 ts. ir B" (Coach lege under th bill of right.
tCleveland.......26 o519 ontapf o r 015 on the *old 00 Mt., Men00 "B" E(Mcnn der the ei h.

I.-- I
y, NEW YCRK, June 5 iUP) plon Hill Gall. has been scratch-
" -The C. V. Wnitney colt Cold -d by trainer Syl Vettet.
S Command-is giving the Bel- Says Veitrh: *There isn't ay-
jn L t ket the cold-shoulder on thing wronv with the clt. we
stteii ".ust don't ltan Wto ral huh In Me
t'o Cnmmand, who holds one Belmont "
km 'wlin over Kentucky Derby cham-: Another doubtful starter In
"th e 4th Belmont Is Olvmnle.

Chicago at New York.
Cleveland at BIMton
Detroit t bftlahsphwa.
(Only Gamsb R uleTd.)

a I The EncHish-bred colt turne[ in it beaa pi,..hsmb
S ira- ri es an Imp," ssive workout yesterday (Night Game) at "
JctJr.i Briefs mornln. but trainer Ivan Parke Detroit 200b 001M-3 7 0 0M't ., M.A" ,,, a l,
UNITED PRESS savs he won't decide on starting Philadelphia 002200 00x--4 6 0 ,w M .., Mm.., ..w ..
UNITED PRESS mpi: until tomorrow Olympic Hoeft (02), WhIte (7) and
spun through a mile and an Battl; Snantz (9-1), knd Astroth.
BASEBALL-The Br oo k ly n eiphth .n one-56 hnd seemed fall HR-G.-th 2nd, JobSt ifth. :.a.m ..&Smn "A,"
Dogers heard un encouraging '1 pep JI tte finish. r... l anama '..P,4ascT;:
rep rt iii lly Cox yesterday .nd 1 (NI t Game-rostned, Rain) "o m.- t Omi -i
beup, tethld basemanC still wCillymlc and Charles Oohen's t. Louis at w hbTngtnm Hh JSp, e011 .
be out f ar' io nhe next week or Flenomi, are doubtful starters. --- d iM ""
.so o oven other three-year-olds are Chicago 020010 Q00--L 7 1 ,35, .... tM, s..sGirls1B
,* -ras taken at Lone Island -Imo:.t certain to go. They are New YoiL. 022 00SOr-8 I I dT i 191.0,, Clas ,.
Colee Hoial called to w Prak s Stakes winner Blue Dobson 17-31,S.tobbs (64, Ken- 50M. ,1fGs A(rernando,
ny orcen bones In Bill s left th one-e ed Armageddon,, nedy t7 and Lollar; 4Lat (:3), B .l Mla s BoY, Jr
"elbo*. 1 Heroert Fctte says the OGolden Gloves. King Jolie. Mas- Hogue '1;1 nd Berra&..fl-L1olkt ,9:40,-a 10 o y,'
nury Appears to be R blood clo r'uIle One Count, and ob, 5th, Colemnan Ist. Ber0 h. 10 Mts.. Men "B" (Clifford
e4 is th only cure. Cox was .et. Frdie Arcaro. Derby wint-I --1l01
,itmn the arm the night of May nr with Hil Gall. Is scheduled Cleveland 202050003-11 I 2 o a f .Knightsof
EI CLvincinnati pitcher Frank '` shoot for his fifth Belmont Boston 361022,.P1.-Ia 1. 00o .m .* "A, (nigtsn o
, .% n ct n aboard One Count. Feller. Jones (2), mlutek (8-2). bus 0Thss 3,,..
___ --- (3. Hearis 8 and Belat Par- Boysaf,, X
Strikeout whiz Ron Necciai ha Stewards at the Ak-Sar-Ben nell, Trit 2-5 (5) M *ber. High (Club 0 C ).
alken Lhe iumn to Class "B" ball Track in Omaha have suspended_ -
4n stride m oer Flmer Rorick of JohYaon, .
*' ..tcciai mzide his first start for 'arsa.s The stewards say a bat- u k i
Burlinglin on the Carolina thrv w, found woven n the uick DIVil l I -Jdenid -
iauMme [uesda, night and struck mnane at Rorick's norse Precedent TnDu ll w .
out 11 hatters whilee beating 'erore the start of TueMYf I L
l,inston-:,alem, -1. He gave up -':hth r,.re. Also suspended were Cleveland- AB R HPO A E I
* hits. Netciai is up from Bris- O,-keys Eddie Buts. who was to Avila. 2b 4 1 1 2 2 0
tol, Tennessee, of the Class ..D. ave nldep Preaedent. fl0:Boone. ss 3 2 1 2 01
..a..i iana League Ahere he -noes D.nald Burn and Rose n. ,... 1 0 0 1 0
I "nnrd '; 1itieas while pitching George Kelly. The case has been Dob'. tL 5 3 4 1 0 0 T-D A V T "
a no-hitter turned eve-to the Nebraska Rac- Fridley, f 2 0 0 1 0 0
,OLF -hUSGfina Commission. MILchell If 2 1 1 1 0 0 ---O- -
COLF-rhpUS Golf Associa- Easter b .. 0 0 4 0 0
a *' *' ill ..nnn-nec pair- Gu!dall. exampt from qual~fy- Simpson r 5 0 1 0 1 '1
Ias too Lt, National Open on ... r1 Tuesday. RHe ~n,"' 4 0 1 10 0 1
,liq In the Ope Me Feller.p' 000 o0o0 0 u0 0
A, .,-ui.,nment will be pla\- Entered in the $15.000 aia-Jones. ') 0 0 0 a0
ed a tIi Nor;hvood Countr' .. tuday at Ardan,1 a-Bera. io 1 0 0 0. 0 0
Club an Dalla,. tirtInk.hJune J2 ,-'. Amoo, the ml gb o aI ja
.An other bert a.s filled f01 vill be Bqn Hogi. Sama H S it S 0 0 S
Tuciday when ., raydddleoL *. ---a
Btan Mosci of North Texen'Stath .. -t WrW Ment 1-.a -R 0 eiser 1.. -
S .. ,,a t'L o-tinpcham- "A"*"-1 Middleooff: i:l'Ttl s -"20 '1 -' -1I _____ __ ___
S.n Ra.Dh Gul.!abi of Chl'ag tiring for the Open. Tota5
Bosto.n- A IO AItN
Ji DiMav,!r cf. 6 2 2 3 0 0. .. .



SOON ...


4 w-(med4muu
*:Il M

5:15 & N:0l
au :

Priestle:y' asaic .
150 Mts., Girl 'A" (Syl Callen-
der Classic).
10:35 a.m.--800 Mt., Men "A"
(Lesterlo Ifill Claste).
10:40 a .-One Mile, Cycling,
M. 1sengers
4t50 .m.--Relay, 4x100, Boys
Ji. High.
Relay. 4x100, Girls "A" (CIO
Relay. 4xi00. Girl "B."
Relay, 4x100, Men ."A" (CIO
Relay, 4x100. Men "B" (CIO
Cla ic).
Rete'y, 4x400, Men "A" (CIO
Cla ft s
0 ,2 A.m.-5 Miles, Cycling,

S for
New Tire Price

Teld. 3-4596
"temt bile Row"
*1 J'imo.s de la Ossa Ave.



-' b., mm___ ___ wi _

IX:f, 5:0, 7:00, :00 p.M.



PTeod vot tthdi b

to his
th r0'A hens1
mrs. W Iarann
rtta fit Btwo I
Wht and 16 ll the :

to his rOU ltodA1
the sco40hOritt
nera. W 8tt adtn
Stankewh r0e
0,iuwtnl 11 1 irxtvr5S

dep ta l w
ne d


c c







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'r **
Ti it t

f onou jto q.- Daoo n cUe...J

"LtTTLEE Cr 'fPT *
mt .wCHNrCoamo

y ki
Down... Dow...
Down... a
Infwnernoa @ksl
smke julnp.. li l
Actions nce
filmed befor..

'RetliSkies t

flailin peble~-Vestuie

They iwa ne,
and -ist

Canal lmhras -

Two Tkalrea Idway"
(TSehnteilP-- M-IN "ten -TI

rl i

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5:.0 :m .

0 e as



1 m.". a. .t < n .
S > '< = i 1 'L ..-'1" r i "
+,=...ti SaO i ,- r.< DOW Saa OW .,-,- n .



.l-VE Froi" mtt + +m-.

*--^- ,..--1-
.4' .,ei -Lt a

- o.
R-AM M ,
rom y I'eit P6iLt


* 71 -t

P c f T

rM27 (ii
ma un.-3cr-'


,':-. T,. h.e .
iEhsier Than Oikand

4,, Ii, 1. 1,',' Wl .ri i els 'w, i'i
-t .il .'1 ,i,',l: i",i',, ,I it ,' lSeni 1 _

I W.. A I III l ''... .--*.l", / 'a r m
.*" .t s ,
L *%woes

J -
S -



Wlma- -ud -
*NUU 'ut- A
1" law q> w.
-- -* *.*

Kell. 3b 5 3 2 2 94) ..3 0* 2 2 C
Evers. ii 4 1 2 0 0
r Wood, i 4 0 0 0 0 ]
;enert. Ib. 1 i 0
-1WiberP c i 1 O 0
'= Parneli. p.p 3 1 1 0 01
Trout, p 2 0 0 0 1 6
S Totals 41 13 1 5 8 1
Sa-Lned out f Jones At M.
b-Wai: ad for Gromek Iat h.
e-Linrr aut fr Harris la S h.
Clevelan 202 050 ff2-U
S Boston 831 022 Omk--i

Boame ., Slap-
epheas 3, Eveni
h'3 2B-S*epb-
Ael 'lnkw *aaL

tidelaad 7
4, Trout K.
mte L Bo-
on 1. Ore-
PBerO 6 In
D: Jmes 3a

Z a I
Bkztes e



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^'lbe egwith

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6 .4P. 0 1t k

99 5 mql Im" uP'

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lt, C.
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;o his ex-

PS O AS' 1

lorn To f, ut

Id The 'n1ti*
+. 'll t

r wavil


!soeUIj~Vi4~;W NbA
I~flHbu listed

.i a -

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laIr 0


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13 oala m. e aT

i4. 0-0


m "M e,.

t. %W YmMu (WE tlw
It t A is *wow ~ : 0"l

rib. I 4Jmm it | i


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S~M ~ro it ttIf* ~iM~ldM
^^jrttm -JEW rtftfffif UAr~vw'

mOred. hll i p k

not a

at llmAu

i, -'% @~ i ,.i .. o,+B ,j.^ ig ir .. .

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,. ; ^ .; F ^ .I; "'-?^ / .:+~if-~iW .-

E: + +m'^ a^ A ^r +ima ,'-.
Am ua*.. .. umt.A

Ova ,1 -,, o
-W A


- I *

La Boca Senior'

Sfit'u Leagu.

,,i : -;: i i


gr. 3 1-I

am % did

my pe~r t f (Bdrin k
jett WOOv.Pd
Kft play it bta circuit. A]

V th"J'Eb
t citem.

ya' has *0 have K
bI ln *o .
Ij11 w I i ,,,, .,,.* ,,,,
dd;_, I-

Id_.--.,.., i ,,,,me


Army Sports

faS~i t~no~a *A~


yed at the I
olum. the S7


3 )- *' y l

Ilb .. ... "
1toy it.. .. .. ..
oM rl ... ..... 1 ,
to rf." .. .. ...
r .... .. .-ul, 1
r. *+.. .. l| ;i

# .. ? i

|A>;' .. .. .1,,"* 1
brtI.4 ijiS,,
4 ..-..- 4^*~ r i

nI shtfarmt
ry om Mt
k fourth 6

MO aS 2I
*W ~ ~ ~ ~ 4w IB*ti^g_1yMB E^^y^^^

Atn Iw .@

| from 1-12 La
4:30 pA.
t ^ ^


*3 Cuh*%~-e


phmui: S6~


._.d h.w.T, -. .f Car.


IAmlJlAsWN. 4Mj-

Iyttt files

Ube, -

on 6 W -
oi 1019 -~N
inrth PS

..... ....-
t^ ^^'*PTl'^^

k. d dqllk b mtay-* mmWo
.*Al a
-- MM~t~ilfftfWN .1

^ ^^^^AM

l,, ,,
- .77 7

F ". .. ,.. o
* '. .J* ^..z' <' 9
,,- .. ^ ,."o h M

a -l

* r'I-
1 r "

PREE $ 6.50

* '1ArII




* P'rI'~I *~
'~rl '

A*, .-

I .I

.lA AS mb ,

.*11?1^ *"!?9^ V,,;-

;;5* '**"

uo 'aA'




. i I A. *

* ,-: .. -.


a. nlt

,~,' t'~

o- W

4 -
1~~ -

.5** ~

' .

. ,



tICK IN CIVVIES -- Wearing civ4lla ese a
VwIght D. Eisenhower, accompanied .l, wife,
leaves his hotel for the Washington ai.pWt;ItW.' # S
lene, Kans., his birthplace, where he made le' fltI
uniform political eMeech..,

S. (NEATel
PREPARING FOR IKE-A workman puts the finisMtag
on a "White House" float for the Elsenhower Homo
parade in Abilene, Kans., the Generars birthplac

EyiTest Mochitne Saves Boy's Si

It sight-testing machine She told him that IU e
14Wh the North Carolina de- eyes examined he i
mental of motor vehicles fitted with glasses th
been credited with prevent- qualify him for a lice
Ing 16-year-old William Landis
Bryant from going blind. An oculist found young
4-,liense examiner, Mildred had a serious eye condl
)DoaMrd, said young Bryant eventually would have
fal;w to get a driver'a license him. If it bad not beem
balete, the Ortho-Rater show- ed pr y. "
^ -.,

:- I f ,-

"+-+ v, % "";;. ,

Abelidi tender Haddock, Co* and Pecml
' learned, lleted, quick-frozen immediately after
the catch. There's absolutely NO WASTE! Ever
- m'a.unce ik j r fiah-eating ... you'll love BIRD
.)tYE FISHt Baked, fried or broiled-any of theb
e ia wonderfull supper dish!
-Ueatwod in your commril '
ISL ,,, ^* *^'!


*5 1.

"- .


' 5.. -...; ,'." haL, .. ... l
':.; +,..,..,,..#_ # a4 l k:,LJ .

rWl-ttwBBVNT TEAR I JUNE 5, 195 nVi

SAmeric Cintinent Must B

} Bound ? !oher-Eisenhowe
San.June S (UP) u n i.aden4 nd ERNMENT- Bureaucracy-help-,within the framework of ,oe
S-Gen. wight Elsenhower said ho than lA ton o less to iad older e- Conetuton. Te federall V-
i here td: te Id f refl con- crity and prosperity-il dO no ernmnent n.tst be so org nlted
"I devoted to the idea otf I a better in America., that we feel confident weave
Pan-Ambfrlcanism. We must cer- Ity Here, our first need In to pro- nt -lost tight of such things as
tainly get this continent bound TftfON lon tOV- mote efficiency of govmmaent thrift frugality and economy.
eleph) t. .eded also i&the e
,itn,. ti. The epocan Presldential "ao .o- ( a o{ 0vermentat
i,. M cand d'i qtnkated his po- a nd the curingof t
Sto Abi- tion o Wn t the tho eight United flMS into new and overlapping
tout-- & ?taC ficy hould be to other t T C Tt fw
republics In the Western Hem- GR ENED CTIapmoI
isphere.. f e salvation of every free
He "pokae n answer to a ques- rests ultimately in the
tion by one of 350 newsmen who de the hearts, the minds of
qultebd him today at a news Wn citisena.
conference in Ab gene's lag I est A opntial part of that high-
movie theater. anr cO ienship is the alert recog-
,enower o ened the con-, ltibh ofe exrnal as well as In-
ference by ,rsta ing his position* t* fl dsegers.
as aReublO can. Dtarng the past seven years,
Refermng to the statement of %e trave economic, social and
political principles and objec- IMilitary problems begotteas of
tiWe laid d wn by the Republi- orldt waters onavebeten of
can leadtrshlo in February 1950, p rd rthe announced An inm-
3la e u scIertd *.bne^f si dby th a u a ha-
Eleanto riand. e hostility of the Dower-
'I am ein onmal tceord with Communist dictatorphp.
mt statement t of political phi- a has accepted the
leasl.., ae. success depend upon
w rwmeW.. certain specific e enlightened support e b o
details are a little different enht
from what I would say." M ENT SECRItr-
Eisenhower ltunched his cam- mystery must be removed
pain for-the Republican Presi- ftr foreign relations-our e-
dential ni hnatlon yesterday sellittalrequirements and objec-
-with a nationally televised home- Uta Must be clearly set forth for
coming ch. us lid all oter toead and to t
H ol\ gh it of thi speech were: ioSreanend A-ertoieaanst n
Tm c e rnal and properly dread the
Si .at or cf ner cie Ol recy that surrounded
r Ailen aI orna it

childra An 6 st .his eyes frlm i ta as he peers out over the Pent Audl- h hornS h it nertse
rwe to a t to ti r f he have so e
But because necessary expen- coherence.. .taarAstty a to it M
dituTes are so gteat it becomes a oftntrte i 'o wt.t. a
lephotq doubly necessary to see that pIn* 'ANO1 we? lk o
h Waste, aupli:ation and extrava eI pe ieve we. chtr loi.
ecoming gance art- eliminatd 2t u l. future costs
re. In particular, out entire arms the sn
program must be under constant i a 1 Ieo tO f ni
scrutiny that not onq dollar be n i culation, no
sght *t ritout ful vsl l nreey- cei-D k a l a a s ra t Importance
ed. Armnament, of its. nature, is tue r that ust ti
sterile; hetdless expense Is in-DG out hat-must u t
veAtm in bankruptcy. ir 0 S Dt t er to .ff .n. -
aver ve NF TION-A natona l. -, th Ma "rncl
s had eminent can always P forv t. metica's political heath
might, anything, even its own 0 by PI, E, .senhowerUr 5 genuine two-party
at the dangerous expedient o in-, Sen Robert At *td tehad won by abo eath endangered
nse.- floating the currency-no lower DWight D. bSnhower fought I ealth, s endangered
aUhorlts can. down to the et in theOt So 'k. elson said that I' aMparty, by whatever means,
SBr Firm action to bring the .na-IDakota Presidbonil primary to- not fng" be ase the f- m or too-lo
tion t tonal budget under control in a day and Tatt headquarters e ivasu may reverse the oe a
'bllI time o great p-osperiy is te cllmed vie ryon the basis of In consequence is graft
first step back to a sound dol- a few handed votes. a lmpence in remote and
lar.. b how ver, a e t places of gov
It should be "' cardinal paott Am '1s# leader *lso il 4 elq.ii-,this something
of national policy to usethe le asM it ad this tNome" jIM iny~ y, this sa somethans
gal autrority and great l hat Tafth-nt 600aber thisa today one party has
ence of the government to limit, votes, but re to concede. d Risen- betMn powe too long in this
both inflation and deflation so As returns cI tthe drmasl ,, x0"aN..-Disahonet in
that our country may continue phtfinish t ted In. f lUM"nI- ILCtyisasevlla
on an -.en keel. I heldafleadlof=vot tac A hh uetopeatIsina
LABOR DISPUTES-Ule as ll Is of the states 1e lldwestai
rrn195mIFrrp oiasK .eimiawtd e in
of us are prepared to apply re- s
Ssponsibt citize to otur pob- votes to 63,0 fe t "r the inmate each a
leins, the alternative Iresortt,
S masses of oun twe laws .q, Aurw swf td ire dliMdate,.itwa w nth
The- ettlement of disputes and Ib oWlh tm, Taft's hnead- c as i te a *vtlt.
grievances requirea.-togepetber, of Lrters sal4 "It appeas t that At lea stch iny n, by de-
course, with simple and olear 4e-Io Taft's ite s chet." VAca Isceit,
gal piuesses--- climate of pd.The. unofficial tatly Q Tes- smare bol sheir
will, an anpreat of goodcit- day's election II the evil wys willbe
i'enship :'nd responsible dnaeln Republican ptr.sji e.'1 *that there will, be swift and w
for all the people-and-mast the year. O tbt changes, when a
Simportant-- public confidence in A record I 1k eal snk is t-
o the fairness and Inwartialyt of warte cost but 4emot$ ,uI
appointed agents and agencies. the ofial H a id.
for America as to be found in anI Former Gov. George T. Miokel- the tW1 the OOP national b tad
cOpVeMtios. bower nibbled

Latin American AirmenoEndge'"li"wdeleAte
Zb iWof ethe A clhsse A n igate? sn-
sh e A1 01 ea e tertfafmlent M C 0 to Pana-
USAF Course At Albrook Aw Beain ait TmManight.
a- the xte
Some 178 stutebta from the country's Air Force to app IntheSof
sir forces of 12 Latin American newly-gained knowl'.dge Slim prini aron d
countries received this morning In practical aircraft mafl-a- aioaM l con- wo ,c a ,.the
diplomas and badges Of profi- ance or as instructors..antac-r
noy after Iedl_ Cours now taht t d etee
. a S. a is ar P School for Latin ,m
+ craft pr tat t1 'Un cd include aircraft mainresssmeN
ar States Air Force Schol or La- aircraft electrical systems h e
U Un America. craft sheet metal. lonk thainu, lfefl te' ca t 's hwit the
Presentations were made by aircraft armament, aircraft ". days cam- thfled
BS Brigadier General Emil C. Klel, truments, aIrcraft propellsrm us dat -an.-h ,ad "
e emmanding. general of Carib- dio maintenance, radio -td et l. .One dd
bean air C nm d Lt. C. parachute rigger, wearier
ant of the Caribbean A O- tar. ..
miand and 14. Vol. 3d 8 SU.- ill courses ark corn

On=J_ s4,- series of visual aids, ue wa high-. u n i

ed m AMlr r Force SchOOl for Latin Aqu gS "'
of Latn hA i. are not new to Aibroot a
The countrim ag ested in people of Latin America. -

ane: this (90 (Ib .studet. over 0m n me .

-" -T i .. "

FAfLL T A '.l- 6e" bWi '. .. Wct;itul .
-p *i .

wf A cai. ,


-m I

- I.
A ~'~: i*
~1wt Ic3*:

, I
^ *.

*... .* "!* ". '. ^ *
,. ." .e;'.,
, ,.. .-. ; -
- .. d .+.::.+.
. "^ ,,-'. ..? .,,^

9S. .



a, i
* ',". S


, .,

' 'itt )^_ T

. A, .

r "
- :-9



1 (


.... ',." o.- -

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