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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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kuador EIKllon
QUITO. June 3 (UP) JOam
Mlaria Velasco Ibarra. twice de-
posed former President of Be m-
dor. went ahead today in Sun-
day's presidential election count- Y
1b7 on the basi9 of almost deo..
plute returns.
No returns have yet bMn t
tiel'ed from the hill provinces.-
traditionally a Conser v t I v
itronghold-and Ruperto Alar- _
mwn's supporters predffted he ,
would grab the lead when they -
be'tan coml in In. _
- n a radio broade A ;
olle-basked Alarioe .
liumed victory en a
brtvate reports from < l
ir kcts. N o official conl
was available. I
Neutral observers here
that It was too early to re
B fWtlve victory a
ltt r4 peared to M no
mIe election has resolvy-,
p 6-*Vace between Vel t*.
1., od Alarcon.
-to support fthwi
b" of t*h oro-governl -g
eiWt Alliance and tL
I& W ho teo.

an Wiaf be

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r own side of the
binM the Oeace St-
lt the Santa Gu
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5ill Acting Up

OJ M ,e (UP- An Si
cM~ -I ug t, of fire from
u hal by machimtgn PftM
ed a t prisoner of war
SARgUMnothr on tub
POW t 'today.
It wta t third shoothg In.
o. tmo.w hours to Mpr
and -i ft fit. oft, n.e -
don X iftmer in hh is tfwts
to reswre eder with a m*tli-
muan ofW Vieded.
TedOulf in the com polMd
he ghtemd today an the .-
era deMately raised a new 3ag-
pole t gsplace one flatted
yeter by a Paftto ttak
The W&s mocked the UtiW@ed
Natlons eommsad with. "
eraP' iervicee for five prwain-
era kIdUd when a work delall
revolted Aday.
The prisoners refused to re-
lease the body of th' victim
of today's firma. or to e$nd
out the wounded man ifr fvd-
ical care.
A prisoner was weand yen-
terdsy by a South morma
pIard whom be had le ad a"d
stoned., d other Was li" to
the leg Kait night while trying
to eessa f km his eopoam
SBut sftteris habte lila et
to his ptoym of seeking pce
without bloodshed.
Se granted an adleamm' te
day to three spokelpn tul
compoundsi a, 32 and W. 4A
these compOa hold esnated

rate 4&ns Parade

S3 a Survivors
Sand the a.a __ and elpa snu or

anUs to E Oit t
^g sm'yl.10


lo.w. l .uine .vus

fmm ou u .,

,to & 9 .. o
Sma a
Ma1mi h Wt
trol bramA ?

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Weat didft'L.

Cbde "Itaanag
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Mrs. 's tw

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.CAN^. Smear Campaigns
Me 4b

54(5 i~A. I swN V & ean-. oitNi v
.Al e. ..... *-N *I

1L yo"

1 HE MAl LBmO Xb M,
avee etribute a leNes dowlben pbe s.MltHi te deem'S* eppe
6 4 Mle rs m ae published In the Mdie eewA
noft ** ko thi s0er! 8 Im 1 ft an I=Igh.
Sof elh -lovet wereH a MM id itne *i at* e-.
hIf" -essnes a sobsims it s *epe**llt f fte emmige6 1* Oel0ed
@easee I es IW m ,mdemr
-- 0----

As the Canal Zone schools are closing I wish to write a let-
tb the parents concerning a summer class In painting that
1laft Orgai tted at my request by M. J. Ced6flO, director 6f
S iNat ainal School of Painting in Panama.
With three months of unorgatnized activity, or at least par-
activity, it eemsn to me an ideal time for talented teenagers
td persue aome art activities, "adventuring In art."
I Children of today are going out into an uncertain world, a
eianglg world and should be prepared to meet much conditions.
a New methods, new techniques, new attitudes and new ap-
.=oaches to art should be laid out before the teenager that he
rby e able to judge and evaluate.
Art as a means of free expression has been found very sat-
i acltdy and enjoyable by many adults on the Isthmus who
er before have painted.
These same adults have felt the restrictions of early indoc-
tAination which should not be placed on this generation.
Parents who encourage'any form of copying such as look-
Intat and trying to reproduce another person's work, are doing
&.ditinite injustice to the child, establishing a handicap that
V*y'last a lifetime.
SAdults who dictate or who try try to dominate another's work
aste likewise hindering progress.
u It always amazes me at the readiness of the populace to
Sedtisze or offer suggestions in the field Of art.
i Music they accept as is, but not art.
SPerhaps if they had had a little experience in eXpressing
em oelvres in art they wouldn't be so eager to "horn in" on
ppled esother person's production.
We do not cling to the past in other fields such as science,
dal studies or langtripsuage. We may reviewsit mse th the idea or
lrnting out sthe contribution that that prticulere thage hart the
t. Thmodern lead e but wup feel proud of our progress.
SAnd Just went years makes a difference In the appearance of
et and the mode of living. With nsuch rWd progress why
Mr. Cd progress in art be stifled? Wh Ar Inshouldte in children be
crippled esthetically?
has reIn our isolated position we are pt in to become ingrown met
w ando not look around and see what the rest of the wrldekIs
On vacation trips people should visit he same u and art gal-
e will. Museums are no longer two or to ree iere the art o the
S ot. They lead eight ups veryto the present day.
And so I feel that the children of the Canal Zone shoulil
W0t the National School of Painting in Panama with its neM.
wasery and ts alert faculty.ter from An l Loer
Mr. Cedefo why th educated inhm the Art Institutey, Chicago
d has returned in o keep br inging dogs touch withl new meth-
S o.auand new trend o leave ill open a cladigre the thind Week f
X t the Belles Artes Building (the tame 40Ub" in ch
e will mee with the clmpres two or -threre w rhangs A Couplor

o dozen dos on the whole Ivery small as. this is -a o M nt
S The BellesCn you Arte uine our locate on Avwe ll these unck
eow the French d fo zaar do t seems t me to be can andsetu
S tina group of teenagers to get the fel of rt throey are

Beatrice Sturtevant Gardner "Catch, o


ThI was glad to see the letter from Arnimal Lover (Mal Sox,
May I ask whykeep the Isthmus is so overrun with mangy, half-
s~rsved dogs?
!_The law pertaining to bringing dogs to the Isthmus has
caused many pof us to leave their pedigreed pets behind. We
ZtUY a here with the Impression that threat it perhaps a couple
y r dozen dogs on the whole Isthmus.
Can you imagine our surprise when we 4e" all these un-
Smt uncared for dogs trying to get into garbage cans, and
alokting over a morsel of bread or bonevias though they red.
never fed?
SCould someone please get himself appointed y hs "Catcher of
Uh trnourished Dogs" or "Ctcher of Unwanted Dogs Who 1ang
This official could then conduct a dog roundup which would
hkeep thae isthmus as pretty andas whclean as It pe now in
ti spots where the dogs don' to vote Ammt iates .

IThe Housing Oftic of our community periodically issues
SWhat wns Infoalling us of wbat I being W done or the health,
iart and happiness of its residents.
. These periodicals also Inform us of rules and regulations
tut must be strictly adhered to, hnd if we know of anyone not
dIng bj al d rules we hre advised that it Is our duty to
empty vportw tteve the.

u tfor some reason every tenant hb is assigned quarter

.mig through a movie and seo me-ast an bt
UMseVr partomsu during the eopmm of a M It.
these Prd av evenins moVes an se am or
M iMte. o". but I set no reasaW aMi

lawn be iU theses-caled ladi ad pMtl=k'
Mi un eg b roe the -

--M i -n i p e 9 I "f
yB i e .^" .. '^

Sink US Politics

To AHtTiin Low

The "smear" as a tactic is as
old as politics. But the last two
decades hav6 seen It elevated
to vastly greater importance in
* political propaganda.
Today wt must sadly ack-
nowledge that many men of
professed decesuy sneverthelesa
*either empWy or condone the
most virulent attaeks upon
other men.
That the seM of the smear
include so many who think
of themselves as decent is a
mark of what has happened
to our moral standards. It has
become quite commonplace
for political candidates to
close their eyes to the pre-
snce within their camps of
the very lowtet order of hate-
A lot of these candidates of-
fer themselveA as shining white
knights ready to d6 battle with
the terrible enemy, communism.
They apparently do not rea-
lize they are giving strength to
a doctrine which tis part.of the
very essence of Cgmmunism.
They are acting as if they be-
lieve the end justifies the
In other words, in their often
totally sincere conviction that
the opposition is bad and must
be routed, they allow themselves
to be persuaded that any tech-
nique which does the Job Is in
the interest of the American
Perhaps suth tacticS will
work for a while 4n a time
when people are t'.culed
about who the enfey is a nd
there i, is.
Peha&ps the sttp Fn of re-
Riotta and racial Athaeds will
be looked upon bWtlfly with-
out great indigndftn.
But sooner or later the ele-
mental sense pf dcenc, of the
American citiZeO4 will revolt
against the injeetibn of such
poisons into the political
Sooner or later the men
who practice Or condone the
"smear" on a grand sale will
be thrown out of office.
Omie of the most dismal of
modern ekperiencesa fto listen
atio a men aatisL de ding
himself t oha he
kno 'Ue t iutda
S& Jares
that I is Victim of almear.
O.gni e technique? It's
straight out of Moscow.
American political debate
kas within Wsf h t five years
sunk o d epth Wsot equalled
for a long time.,
A*gard for truth, for honest
Presentation of issues and
men, has slipped into the
background. The great cry :
"Beat 'em, no matter what
you have to say!" )
'In the month or more before
tht 1956 national conrIcb.ons,
we ill be in for some Intonse
Politicking, particularly on the
Republican side in the fignit be-
tween Senator Taft and GeneralI
Eenhower. I
.Bitterness is already rite be-,
tween these camps, and seem
Mre to' mount as nominataig
time nears.
It behooves all sides in both
particle to take stock as they
o0 Into this critical period.
The degenerative process In
political debate has already
gone too far.
Men of real moral fiber
challenged, in the immediate
days and beyond, to arrest the
trend and restore political cas.
paigning to a level of feeency.


read this

if you're


Y. wouldn't b

Mt if youse a Wide-awake
itneeman concerned with
1 ,tfrrai p sad gi premo
Hmeu. vouU want to toon

rmlesse oer rea the aA.

erzmnt way d m-sai eOmU

ggei meeth -, ly
owe "F.. o pk



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'.v1" "1


on tideland" Vd t 6 ten Ts 5-hten Wthert ia.tin
SBOB RUAK In tht .s A a
S_ a .h+ -el "l.," ked" 'his old Rpublic d,
SPete b l l and to the-maim i
senate, Fred Beaton. In order to change
NEW YO .-I am sore aft or the na- guiih if you point up th fact that nman is not a _eaton, who eviously voted against Te ina't Oi
tional sense o humor, which sho embracee an little illy in the condug o -his life. government, eft for eu arod ll
ability to Il at oneself a an Individual and The satirical approach.. the foibles of man- However, G. Peterbn when asked a .
hlso at the kind t- a pretty necessary sauce, since It MReNs ture. commented:
It seems to me that the mail testir and the min from beml over-stuffy alnd extra- "Beaten don't vo e thLwa. I want him to. A s oh a .
testier responses to some of m 44les in set is ways. Kidding not only fn for the Mind
the line of attented,fun-mai or ad bur- kiddie, but it sometimes prevents those on high "' ee t ti to a
lesque, and that e customers' tendency is f king themselves too seriously. t two d oh
to play it straghL dd Was forbidden in Germany under i .
,,. Hitle; U w forbidden in Italy ; and I aIm sa ..
Yoau know uh A that deot.taeMe t' kid n adnybodiy in RuTsa today, s t
too nic e tonIumll 4 e a beok t IAt If11"o1 ot Iih twha .Otso Ch, no Ra le h ".. .
copynapMtlec aonudll, but wto he Ar ... M t a. a T sglo tIe wgthb. li
back and commit an obvious outraug exa- Out bte base humer iase from the d rl l
eration or a piece of pure blapstl e a5 ta lk n .n colors and creeds who built itet a Isii.l ll l
ess and m les, people are getting i point, count, but racr and retIus humor l ty and ben t aalo.sdi
Mad they get, ofr harty-feelifnedltey get, but r today, and 1 am one who does not
oaugh they his pek l any race or any religion is above a lit- "wit fG n te l oL. 'wo "bo a.i
he tm the ant f.t r a-pking at ets flaws. Those who tal With a ta WraAti d i
It disturbs me, because I eat offer Writer dialec is diead today youh would have vialt in Washin t theto
snicker I may be able to pry out f a e of o blrt Twain, io Oetelus Roy Cohen, no Roark little shiver. aot b Rte-elh tiob h a a .
Copypaper, and I am getting to htAe afraid Bradford, no iontar Gl 1 a sai. The sensitive Yertainlh he -sae low ant Wteomparge wft m Oe i
to kid me or anybody ele too roughly, groups would boycoU them as subversive, or About Lone ar political t subm i
We do not seem to be ableto ableo take t o good something. In conferences with sBpea am Ra burn the 5.
any more, and this certainly applied to me, Tr I k fa meek a a mou1e. u m utn, ha, h th ei
wouldn't be doing this piece. An eeamis of what I mean is that a night- Likewise with g senator Lanidow Joheon wa fi s IV ,he
The last monthly a m e has conted otb -d_ ct lb < aWt me d Busta r Dt down in Houston, that a soft word truneth sway Wrath, n adve
yelps on pieces concerning baseb f has run up a onhly am w t And gently' sr- aftordingTon isl Ad wh e
tigar-smoling ladies, tcetrs, Taexn, hee string I wwfleh he Calls "Texas Ta Demnocrats attributed Pta to the speh o
ate and kings. f CA sh ver' Omles oppendt. Ralph Yarborough, M .ade la
tls al poke'rentle syttheT scu t&aeantL.ey explain
I write a piece lAunhian about th and. I am momentarlo y expsictino to hear icaos Yarboroufficthrr the Corted to White Raten adev a tre I&
tendency to cry, musicallyandyou buster habeen lynthe# at lstfihot for be- gelled by Tkar. r stations to submit his spefeh
though I had assaulted motherhood. -Ins:so.rer ol.T n rWrW.rodadvance.t, ,sim. rnrp
It Vitmed we used to bf toted toI & -agi tht ditties asoso h ight*club And th1 mka ov. 8hivers 80t an advance
sense of humor. Wi Rogers used o eth lnt Oant of th neechn he was en route to Was
people shkrplyad with tore acid than yf- r .he Lo rd knows we have not had muth to fIC a y to disuAe s tdelAne s il. but Petul I v to mtateIn"
number, today the CoMmisi would e laugh about lte ly, s ie the day's dit of news MERRY-OO-ROUND t
him 4a fascit, and the One Hundred cmt o s to spile horror on horror and tupltdity on _.Pentaon planners now have a new wtrt for ".sat1" the
Ttotal Xmtirrticans would be ealIlta h a00- S tE e nd ti onableakness. h World War 11 term meaning a snarled. Whoenl th aretow
Ml e,*bd all for th e l.nof t e hnl sui t 0 hae me rrotnoM tkihsm ohly no.the ntahone a sahavoinalits
II-ohohos.thatMani just as well askW todropIttrouble Ilandwherthe., r
I have an uneay feeling that one DO 'e WIw-rankinig officers at the Pentagon have takento
.thl willlbe sacroseact, and he who jeag 18V 71 sIb waf o ig.n.le tpriMa_ to d themselves s"fenders." "We take All the mud from the w ;e61
oart bound hand and foot by 1: let's not lese lgt of our weri=lewa- A press officer at the Commerce Department mad
agps who flood you with propagana, egim, no matter how it, or hew little, you are burtuMet's comment the other av when an emba hief :
Ipopagand-draeched Indlvldui crea x out there. .. .. a "'.- 0 news ticker.- "f that'- the tru.tth.." h

Effects Of Aid Cut
rS F 11U Fi DII

n wo 6t to have
t I. an te eo
alt n l-ii adi mm .5 at

Still errow e e
M lu Ca.lit nia. favSr uiP

0 .0

ar m~uu

of Pon,

WASEINGTON (NEA)-Two principal motmi i. ean may cM*e further esuU s the bill
ae gv tfor the aonressimnal dsire to b a through the a SppropratiM emutttees.
ut dOllar or ir cut off PesieM Wia -eadt. t sUll up at thisa
MB's proposed $. billion tell M n W BA. SW.t and DeftAes offIlals a re-
for next year. l te to aske any estiata effete oW
thae ent. It bill take a ed amount o re-
The first is a sincere desire to balance the.U. i to termie what items will have to be
S. buet and prevent deficit fatNing. gI the Snoppinlg lt.
Th-te sand Is 1 erftial reaction to Wdse I
twu nct or rf Dem.e A fewr guds on what a irms M easts a
SMtU-*Millbon ar l t the ien MGlatary k..47W f o
In north Atria& aWd orenand s ou sens gp fi..-0* a. o f.4
I* emm. O t he V. AS. nft to re-I
*e nw BaSrape=a Us' bMen
lmIdana Rep. F, ward N erat Mt WMio. Beeh country fSom Is qwn la.
Mnedrmes on bed buying practles by the a iV- 6 eds. ua&orUM. M elte i bS
lrees had their effrt- e ulwMent.
0Me was a general eling that itf greater I-
lpit r was uned in military preouremet. i t O equip one fighter bOber adre wttb
Wi tmeuh defense wouldd be purebred mad a bHaM tMin alarriaW t st the U. hree
dollar would be asved. an attd afor _a a
I 9,O aifr t.o &
Mli.uira MIN Kt e. ground a -* ,, -
aw rf M 0el0-hI hebert A I t A am M

All .

-~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~ a***-.-w* .- *.. .. .. .-






25 eyl i moi treproof erml piel i-.


mLOAW j AS g

* o p No :'9;- KAU

A 4 $21 .so Lhasa
*< -

tnts or t t

* ^

* *,'u~-~'~'..*' .>' ~ -,4 -:vw~~4.<-**
.~ 'W~

, .

I79 65 Town.end, eae-

Rneeded. .. a \ f te> o se.,. Tolnd,
RoI "ls h bben su(pendid until Thurday -be. ( / h i Atlanti ic
ceusoef primary elections In several.gtdtes. 17 .pe t, l cn a s theS e-
t"illlaat the A yoge*I
ebsS a' "e .. Th^ mi aune will be an a |l-

I 1. ____ Fo Mfrn. M. Thoruhill
o ."e -l A ."e.T. -aten rial mass il .twll

- Hw .the. .t- o uch luck is there in abe f the late s. MiliS 1
r n tp-r en tatie_ out l cky asla? e.- t rhmU tomorrow morn.-

of or members, Springer a survey show-
n James P. S. Do- ed most c ges and univer- on onh wo7th e 5G that Irish mon ks liv-
verae (I. Iddi, Marine hero aties want, to renew the first had n o ing take oe sldgat the *ed in l ore m N "
of d War joined in the t r n duti rm In he fo i d settd th i
tre b.l and tehaerag ement d*:1r mWf^a In a t
Sstr f ths roup pad tution diret to the
may be to work f defeat of schools. He contends the new o oo tana
3th Sb on therIm waeb "rngern iscimiSey- swakTw
called up ar a t. riMe etchat, o lead, which ave
larbt MGlM, 061k We al 01e. eant tD ree the ) t aa.e a trick. frthe f ]

p od hance to offer hit" e spons doafthebpllrsaid a nhe hi e n hMnst. btl t n h.Mfi -i-the
Inev t. idt-savet, e.den c t hm coll et andwit tsade s, de cer ___verified ____the ___e

Th st a efnth a paid thiti oposn dc "If youtyo ghin. down to the beach therzg R Nhts e nt to dumy with a edart ande
oll e voewusld bhde. ^Iermyou It have all that walk for nothing" let a wdon Eastrput u

ho a '.tekg Juale Jind Leods Threu-Dry oiced 2 d

Radio Programs New ISAt smnl Trip To San Blas, Portobelo .lb.1 uhhd se o5en Of 001
az ffall. Ea threw another club, a
t mi Station Declarer next led a second her
ot tale muasni ar r a rat l e e to dummy to discard a spade on

A thre-day cruie being comfortable shoes ahd old the ace of diamonds East threw .
Tr I planned for June 6, 7 and 8 by clothe. Don't forget swm suits a third club naturally enough. t

______ ______**_ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ Jungle Jim. El Panama's twin and cameras, with plenty of It was now time for declared to
*l cl vote wdd be oe-oppose i engine dIesel youiser "Pe.cadora't f.lm. make the he decision. He was di.
Ma^. f oCapt. George W. Patteson, Jr. wil leave Pier 17, Balboa at 8 The trip wll be guided be in dummy for the t tume, -
ofd the le of m Friday, Jane wth pasen- "Jungle Jm" Prce, he w he ing ndthlub fn
t Chef of f o the fteenth bound for bal and oh known auhor ad explorer who an, that worked, he th

t al District eater re rta the fucruse to a ow tourist dvsor of El Pan the hearts would break s m
e Cpt. H. d. Cart wht o and obe am reservaon aun ou he fineethe deto

had been acting In that wllacaty For Juhoewoo have not yet Jim Phone 3-1, or your e h--
ed. T sp J. e aheVlatsro enherec mneaIntrn a0h the Pana ravel gen fro h W h
RoP os toy 5 k t N Tri T San bias Po in the hope tha the queen would
6:III nl y avorlte C o O .h fall. East threw another club,

8:0Mt. lds'e 01.asde a gopporud se A ew er th t hr Maovold-Catthehatlhally enk i on Ws
a o 1 w ar Declatrer next led ah second heart
steui leftnty me L I On atuiu to br dummy tno dit a ase sue Ion It
Glst 8 n m he A three-day cruise s being comfortable shoes aid old the ace of diamonds t threw
o-Cisi adeloIne r-O Srplannedn for tJune 6, 7 and 8 by clothes. Don't forot swim sult a third club naturally enough.
SJungle Jim. Eie PanamaDs trwin and cameras, with plenty of t was now time for declare to
tes to r th en i e diesel cruiser "Pescadora" film make the Ie decision. He was
W 1.,o. Capt. eorge W. Patteloft, Jr. leave Pier Balboa at 6 Te trip will be guided b in dummy for the last timen ie i
me to o Chief Ptroh grdtefrm forou r ndf adln t known author te n o d atanotba, if that worked, hopeb cono

A SW'o.heUNaval Ditrctdese re- era anthe full cr servto Sanmo w toi advisor of ul An-. theuh hanrts wou break l-
0ma e rk oe lbinC 1 f iS who andtbelo. ama. For reservations cal Jan- should h finesse the elineht of
: ehad beI aetin oin tht A acity Ft h who have not yet e Jim, Phone i, or your e hth e
odt, T uS9Cas ont, oU f has lsa duties An, t u VWoffers, a oArfi 4 b e o f rom nte f the West tck
9I:3-<4 "f th Bu th h~aatredty abar wther Aabtera n bed he Mathe magically sosakihalg_,'
itd wht Criwtebal ireqrdfl om arble

t: 'hat's Y Favorite noa npanye eaen ahoedh ner Throwen a heart
1te h e n t Eewue around "hrew chances to do so, I Eat
T:0--rsesitinn Sieonce r 1911- dA o' ti of wafttoalS until the boat leaves originally held three tiny hearted
command uoier vthe srab- 10:0 that night for the an as. would he ang on to them so
marine Use a-il. Ata 8csrdi on CLOCKS permanently7
:eThe new Navy t." of Staff dalihet torninT M. her e decided, veryoa-
:30--Sports Review comes to Panama from the Sec-aimpassengers wil eth their frsi cuateihat East sth L lnadtw Sesio on n .Na Reruitng Area i slnidpsof theSapictasue wil i .hearts hnd that a heart finesseno
:00-News and Comm entry more whhe sered as 'reakfa-wasth necessary no mater what
,VOA) eIpertor of NaynRe7f8b and ancld thDn the boathwillslaves theiclub situation laly esnoh A
8:16-The --0 It(Zford pJnem Nll Ofinamaure' fines snd ramorilndwiheepl.ndrof ped the ueifr o cluars antd
(VOn) Born at the Naval Powder ae- thetithSONfSldroppetheqeenofcluswi
8:C0--Time For Busines (VeAb story, Indian Head, Mary an4d, in paiP5ers will wt with thedbi.- theOnyid rt..
Chen rs igest ofStaffofthera ted f ers bomudiana and be shown the Interior "Jw utret and very lucky, to be sure, buthat
thvet Ui. Navatit dersor ate nrom of various Indiant dwelling plea- l most players would fa3 to take
:lsving 1apt. H.oR. wlns who Bich e. Lunch will be served aboard 4th of July Ave. full advantage of the seod luck'
9:d00au Frt Aericana (vny napoybe in 1chtdtJmhe-6dotha at 1210 after which the boat will and upehtteqen
harson..a..dt ..- take off to im a lore Nargana man side of the Wedger.

i .,.iii 'l, n ~ i | '. .rii ii

to M*.V

aOm pkm wMOM OWma
r e4M0, Wte, e, r h-= i MD
or kiW i ld i '. d
we to war3mM. r-um sst, aMOWr.
Ira#e we rapk.idmd
&- -aAl*-- -tiuiW~t
Pare your ear n the
square in front of our I|i
Mste. Johnny Telada
(Poee Serpeant with
ba No. 445) will

d. '* ,"

M ^tf^J4 ^fa -- l f M
,N ,,. l ttfrW



with a Great..




,, ,, ___--_______T

1atlehp USS MW y on HeI. 5-- il
10:o-s-0TZL EL PANAMA ter attended the tlpbSharine Corsn de Jesus Islands further
10:15-4lel m Interlud. school at the U.8. Subnmafn e doWn te est. n t
10:S0- OWi tdoa (NBC) Ban.NewLondoth.en- will return to Porvenir (Gover-
ll:0(-The O1CW' Nt nateing n 1927. He was then or nor's Island) for a swim and
MidnightSign Of dered to duty at Peal Harbor, dinner. At 10 that night 'there
T..H., where he served forfou will be torchlight spearing of
weapseday, jne 4 ears in su marines. Following fish and lobsters and a welner
Ail. 'AMntourttofduty.1Patterson -wV roast on the point of the W nd.
f:00-sign On then attached to the Navl Ac- who want to slep on t SEE THEM NOW!
6:00-AlarmCokclubdemy as an instructor in wlectrl-f will stay on Governor's r-
7:0-Morning SalonlnttandP firm will stay o Governor's I-
8:l--New SeAlsining there until 19S4 when he land overnight, leaving Sunday f
8:15-News (VOA) came to Co olo. hen morning for Three Sisters' Keys
8:30S-MiNWUU VarietUes cam s to oo and Portobelo. I
8:4f-ica Makes In 1936, Patterson re to At Portobelo the wil v
9:0 An dtews. A2Neuworint, R sof itheN O three old Spanish forts which N
9:15-Come And Ot It Tpoating o teal were sacked by both Sir Francis
9:30-As I see ItTorpedo thion. utly oemng' Drake and Henry Morgan. They
10:00- ton of this duty h M will also see Drake Rock, named
10:0--AS command of one of the i diinew After the adventurous Sir Fran-
10:0- IOff the Record U Sa. un July. i41, At c who wu killed in Portobelo,
10:06-Nfthews(co nd) 86that t nime h ulyeca0e 1 Atthe Treasury House and the Old
11- te ecord (ContdA ttt- Cathedral which contains the
:--Mfeef the Band (Co antOffier-n-Char ntil Jan-famous statue of the Black
11:0 et the Band 1-43d and then Offier-1-
o rqnsI Schoola f The rChrist. [
12: "Nbillet he rD iti After lunch aboard the boat
2:0 hbiieron Mu hejo w t t will then head for Colon, where
son MuPatterson w om ed t passengers will disembark. Those
12:n J tu Coandwasr om mhe nwho come from Balboa will be
l:0-- mahd foteowP i"sr1onJ 1fWdu S at able to catch the 4:40 train back.
:lS.--PerSfmauty Parade Nw Loftonb aseommnd- The package trip from Balboa, I.11gZ|
:40-A=tWftwvt er Of SDivision 1 through the Panama Canal to
2:T-A rCoaoo JournfOA) a w rating theson 0an Bis, Portobelo and eturn
2:&5-It's T one to r .Dance a lthwSrt P ,el later was I Cristobal will cost $5 per per-
:0C- onMeoda Ssinessd to du yonthe t f efr of do. or wolswho. woi imake V-l TM-0-MATICa 985
a:5--tea 0 --- the Commander of the Smeth.Mtrip from Criutobal)oS n
S AU-intar C rst. Comm and *a ofthe gs I ms10 Portobelo and u to *w a wotbwieth
3- Tur h w r e as SubarLne Cristobal the charge will be 0 ... pl a d,
3:w -u w as Ipr Wednesday f per vorn. The trip through the n b he Slm Switch
4 a ndi cOLO alone, disembarking at m't "a1 e,. trn. off, sh
4: a ashaa.-MYo FCOLO"rte aw the afternoon of Jume =yo
5: Y-News The siy has a dark violet-gra will cost $10 per Reron.
our Favorite aearanee at a h t 1 Those plannlngto make the 'VM mdlc P.
:-Wh' our ortwe and turs bdlm-y at ttr ar advised go wear saoks. i-uIsbc amd myt wry.,
6:j0--iWS t L.v CU. higher altitude o *to e ,. ico.r. h. -

4 :-Ms Snow powrs TAGAROPULOS Ub5u U A lwa. 0 l

P. _;- o e flo
*7.- m s i L.ul. Ye: L .. ....1A

.. ...,.

I _
I ~'1


THAT CJit 2be tc

*. .-.



..- .. .... *; '..- ..,

... -- ..- ,.' ;.~ 1

1'........... rf^"
w v
-;. s R JI*'? *.'!L:

- I., .

AY Contilaes




* I:


,.* '" f *

. T

1 .
, ef, 0

Crgo and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals mdi

1 .'.IS'ntY
o 'IY~'V~Stp Nuts A' "

b t. II &6'-- W. lWw

-- o -
I"OLLYWOOD. iNEA" Ex- turned night club singer, but
*'WI''usively Yours: Holl'wood's mis- Hollywod changed her mind. As
"aken if it thinks 'Limelight," a flip Broadway entertainer In
SI bji/e on the screens soon, will be "Bloodhounds of Broadway." she
-" Sar!.y Chaplin's last movie. will impersonate Humphrey Bo-'
't[ff grapevine has been twisting gart. Katharlr.' Hepourn Lionel
H ''"" tb the report that Chaplin is Barrymore and Eddie Cantor.
V:'" ',jy to mothball his make-up:
b o'for good after selling his stu- There's the understatement of
-". and his old films to TV the year in "Clash by Night",
Si'T' That's ridiculous." he told me. Keith Andes tells Marilyn Mon-
Nothing In my last. I just don't roe, "You're pretty, you know.":
S'Ink that way. I'll be making and shl" replies: "Yes, the boys
thoies when I'm in a wheel- whistle a little."
But he is admitting that the Marie Windsor's flip wordage
Chaplin library of 15 movies will about why she found no romance
be available for TV "when the while in India for "The Jungle" :
_3.', ,t4!e is right "All the maharajahs are mar-
p ` Chaplin's opinion of TV come- rled, they're allowed only one
S,,'.dions? wife each. and they can't take
'**Sorry. I haven't seen any. In their money out of India."
S,'.cet. I've looked at TV onl one.'." ,
H 'HPf a dozen Chaulin shorts. Ella Raines' eye-opener about
,._jlif-ed prior tn 1918. are often her happy marriage to Lt -Col
""laying on the v'ir'e, oireuil Char Robin Olds. the let pilot: "We
ey admits. to his embarrass- have a lot in common. The U S
.Air Force is just as frustrating as
-jBnt. the move, business "
They were made," he arin- -.--
.td. "in the dats "when all ,ou Title change of the mnnth:
'needed for a movie was a rame- Fox's "Old Sailors Never Die" uill
fa, a brick and a policeman be released as "Something for the'
-Birds." ... Barbara Stanwyck'
Hollywood can start yelping and Jean Pierre w.'re a surprise.
i;agan Mrs. J ames Mason's dinner twosome at the Beach-I
soutid-off about movlerown social combers .. It's full leading-lady
cliques will be repeRted in an ar- status for Zsa Zsa Gabor in John '
tidcle she's wriline for a national Huston's "Moulin Rouge." Zsippyj
'., jnaRazlr.'. Her original zippy Zsa Zsa is on her way as movie-
quotes started a near riot. dom's first major threat to Mar-r,
lene Dietrich

Dagmar and Lilh St Cyr as a
'.,ouple of Amaznns In a snace Scor.' another point for Bob
ship. They're beinc oaeed bv Pro- Hope Just before Binc Crnch'.
ducer AI 7.esmith fnor a ne"' sel- eoes into a song in a scene for
,..eno-filcion movie tItle-j "Space 'The Road to B Rnl" Bnh turns ro
G'r1 the camera with a wicked leer
and says'
Lnmmimm r.-pr Arl ne Dihl "This is (he time to Eo out for
.w:s siniig rhr pral~es rf her vour nopcorn, folk--he's going to
Lex Earker and telline of their sing."
co-starrms plans onhl a few
hours before the bust-up of their
marriage.. A current rirlv-' FRFE DWFI LER.S
1.girly magazine proclaims "The; Gorillas live mainly in trees,
:.x Life of a Hollywood Starlet"i where they construct a shelter
,,ron its cover. But the boys who| n the lower boughs for the fain-
* plunk down their quarters for !ily. The male is .;aid to sleeo be-I
spicy reading are howline'. The! low, with his back against the
layout features Cheetah. the tree--a favorite attitude for both I
.-movie chimpanzee, who's female. sexes-to keep off leopards.
Talking about Producer Sam
Katsman,'a rival producer snarl-
ed: "He makes off-beat pictures!
-r4hey make money." AW el *

Plans are on the front br.ner'
for the life story of Frtch-
Phanting Josephine Baker. Joe'

WI 19 I1)

cq)4ctted for, four books about i
h'r. There's' also talk of a filmu-
usteal, "St. Loufs Woman." L W
Josephine's demands: Techni- 2000 moderm
color, choice of director, ward- 20 o rO M
robe designer, cast and final say- both-rodio-Muzak
so mn song material. spotless comfort
Mitzi Green swor.? off her fam-
Cos impersonations when she W I

5ifm Pat Away
it fat ruins your figure or make h A
1fou short of breath and endangers 7thOVC NFW YORK
your health, you will find it easy at
tloae a half pound a day with the
new Hollywood method called ON TIMtS SQUARE AT RAN CITY
WORIKODE. No drastic dieting or Afl:lad ttW M n, I5Iuim., iuUpam
exercise. Absolutely afe. Ask your
mist for FORMODE and taA
S minr tomorrow
am- ^t -, ,, ,, ^ r .- .: _

CHV'g WELKIN.Planteor





1 --soup
7 Appetizer
13 Egg dish
14 Celery and
15 Colorado city
16 Most pallid
17 Groove
18 Ogle
20 Born
21 Eternity
22 Minced oath
23 Wisp (Scr'
24 Scorn
26 Indian
27 Greek letter
28 Winglike part
29 French plural
30 Rocky
31 Communion
34 Thrive
38 High notes in
Guido's scale
39 Roast -
40 Malt beverage
41 Is able
42 Drink of
43 Jutting rock
44 Country in
46 Delay
48 Saltpeters
49 Heavy
50 Odors
51 Mr.

2 River in
3 Fruits
4 Landed
5 Spread to dry
6 Earaches
7 Contended
8 Wing-shaped
9 Nothing
10 Grand genera
II Spanish coin
12 Respect
19 Bring forth
22 Consumed
23 Former
Russian rulers
256 Removes

May.- o r O lO





A~tWU 118 ,


28 Apart
28 Shaking
31 Salted
32 Visigoth king
33 Raccoon dog
34 Green
35 Procession

s6 Cheat
37 Ruler
3 Metal
42 Earth
48 Tribe
45 Fruit of haot*
radish tre
47 Ever (poet.)

The Pacific Steam NavigafA (Company

Royal Mails Lines Ltd.
M.V. "SALtNAS" ................................ Jurie 14th
8.8. "CUZCO" ...................................June 19th
M.V. "REINA- DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 tofns)... .August 23rd
M.v. :,LA UNAA. .............. ...................June 25th
M.V. "SANTANDR" ........... ............... June 26th

M.V. "DAL RDYK" ...............................June 12th
M.V. "DONGDYK" .......................T....June 12th
M.V. "LOCH AVON" ............................June 15th

All killings subject to change without notice.
( PANAMA-Ave. Pert #55 Tel. 3-1257/8
FORD CO. INC. ( BALBOA-Term. Bldg. Tel. 2-1905

W Iiry i i a ia fW ,



OurwpE/I MOPE !

Uff^ ^B

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Memory Coal*


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eso/ ^W w!VA% L Oi oLt..
--- ,1 C W


3? Y~ ?. SAMLI~

Bow's That gain?







k-i LE6ITIMr16s.

Duck, Men!

MAtl.- -


Dog's Best Friend


.-t-- 5EEP ,TDS FAP/- I

lTrH OE ,, ^ .-FOR. TO
A. B. HOOPLA, e, r O&

' SAY--MID NO) '

me TrHEE P"


Tells eN Talea



- eI'

On Their Way

. .. _-No Oxygen0


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.... -staWtS t .

Maz IM

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0 are d Sti a def in te chtora In

4- ad, ehe1 t wm ilchange u kWd
U .lane t o se do that.) r fodn
..M EA.Nairtte hehe wher I'd aephd

1 towbIweiU, a couple of simple tesse

.CMP row at B OB b and, l inner dres and petraps on
A-yo. n eedtos YOU through this ,period.
ownyh..3insV atte tell you that Your *reigbt wordsl f h are
a sc ale l terstt that willObe neo-

S~r a to n atibwt Ohosrf r-emi of ; S tt S Bbecoming. L M I
Smus.X"lost plal Ptlants and Their toftm0ii voi U ew howhat,. help to perk up your
Irsn t.le tJae b~.~ C' ,foff the unroee-e .
d NL "d d lendsley 11. ue ," a Yourself.
o Mige --- pi m Children 4 that you'll build a psychological Wu -
l e lunl On were ba the organ tou ke. epeind the kind ofn pert
A. 1 U ne A. Mlior, O bteakgU, ueld ren wil re-nreakt

ht gr ot h i g it th e Ho9tel T Io rhe n v y ouW
h# rit P an Cl g r inter fa tre Sumnmet Rer a s
tioln P agera -tomorrowank I 00 tiut crambl to Goff or kim Milk ( cup).

lit In Gtaabp on; arbr Ely, Patr a.I against the nion tat "Ft this
s ate, .ke an thlly, A I N on rld the L heo
Sthr ViE plane. Deltan rPa Oant Breahfu t s e iW a chocolate sundae or a bo .of.
sobndhAt Itsa debacealarebtp
ba nd stoer oteaPfast can dot a geat deal of harm I

atesfrt,_ tu Go a Dela Pi rat al the DlinatIOver for ag est "or' ean) a h 4 lhes ng)
.nrx vr theo 1 Canal ZoneJunior Junllgr SeA n hay and oitofo W ewlE Chard (M Bup,
a t-o
lsetu the t honor edtumeng pe tohomorem aeqii pf lemon In small gls of hot water.

th te lunh aeon were bi thOrgani ation. ea the cfort e was held Sunday -gm .L d-when Dreakfast
ra ttho e. ,,Tivoli.

L.^ n Sarval sad Aal0 Mev off or TR (nIiMn< hcrn)p)
Air to wereCast Aflrezshur;Louistill tith. ofrutt gmetlr)

eei ga t i gt of taer Frank& minute scramble to ffol ort)" .Skim Milk (Q cup)
yfl S In Gambpa oon; ardr ,y, Patid o addbs that should baiesn .n
r d' 3l e," a tes,:r.,w an nKelly, A nie n t alyon tl .ine.a done that morning or even do
hr that you Lar white Pt to 8 sherbet glathybefore and chill.?
i te Wih Girl In es A o ne alue cracker (2nch square

Sv yu w Or do y0 all
rOL M., ne 3 chairman of, a alative co- tar ade the first w oe o 4eor Steamed Perch

Creob.leWeimai sI refoS goveor woy attrfle? P MtONGER l

Ml y~gM .W have thatl *meof.,have Upe, Your ,mwcr to qu.tion Ihe .o|-t
sA r tt having aw(l I atuaUon will r (I lean) ( hes long)

ato % ae ese of tate.' t r r not you are !

6rgible" boyT, It -was Junkol clti d to ha m ew i n bM an you would rtM* Sww **C d
.a. Allat, 1 have e tthn-a d o rJ 1 64 to ( medium, 34 nc hem long)
e & it to the t rthe- Ir F

in et of the a reor Allee IV Ia the e5 reforta reaxl a cofot h Swi)Ce oriyCss na e Char.
with t ering of three xop of- athe a aS bAil exthe .1--y u r. f t

bout a of the 80 male in- It would continue it Inquiry hundred and fifty-three a8he-

mate a juit left. thle week. Gov rnor White lor of Ars degree d o ..
The 0 irl Juvenile den- ud e would hold the trustees erred a t the 74th Mock ur

qut ade no effor to join reasonable for whatever had Commencement exr o ,
S mned at the. chol June ,

^~nea lhad that Marion te ousted tupert"tedent, tr OvM UrankSS E o ,

y ahoritjgg had caught Mayfeldd. stend te charges Ambassadortothe~altV intoneowM st 41 (21
26 othve and about he chool politic l be he co

the shuOf patrol wa con- ally inspired" art ofWalma-e peaka er ?r
Reform School Guards Said tasmnu uiat tiay Are most .- Poutiu unnwe 2a
fden oher would be- e neuvr to supplanthim with a The fraduathonr which wilyse.. wte. and chll
e.t' e. d th.P oul, kcindI6
tfibMote With Gi rl Inmat &Aes w'oonlud on 070 do o
^^ o tSme0ou or do yo._ u ._ up
a bo efo het r aM your atte ntion
Rep. oh Junk.,a o e Natchairman oat a lqn. atve co trn and departing
(t0)_-t A.nda. pl .the n0Le mites ulohl td tile Settg 'the .tent of yO w
r.ab wlfl mee]s -remtNefoa o maoer worry a~ Ifies? L NG

.LtEae Hol Nome Ofie t pO estYournwer to quton
fw'pa t, hav ing uv. W hu al in- eac situation wil rleq0T e

wth To Be Instll ; A
"to ss se 1 or mats.," whtMr dr not you are
I gbe" b uysIt, -Wan3unkinhcl dan"d to Ae nw et" Asyou WouldEf
da R All Wt I ave Affldavitug bT rI E k no

A,,rea* eh. other school-fitre fAnd claimed* nowGet' A a,4d ,adn
esn M V s id h fore au haatual jpve Bnu. dom- -isa T. T T m D.
with the firing of three top of- the scft0's Wbard of truateie,.
ficlals, it wan explained, and Jurnkin's 'ootmittwe announced NORTHAT,. M-
ihOUt l11W! of the 80 male in- it would continue itsI nquir hundred and fifty-Win 3SahJ-
mates Just left. this week. Governor Whitew or of Arts dewirest viii wea,"
The 30 girl Juvenile demn- said he would hold the trustees ferred at the 74th l; G.l
quent Made no effor; to Join responsible for whatever had Commencement aerpaes i ... "e .
nea happened at the school. JUne 9.
SMrsid that Marion The outed superintendent Sir Oliver Purank. 4h/Spbh00XUp LuC.. :.m.
O _aWtYuu0u4qs had caught Mayfield, asMtgd th ehl.s% Arabs esador to the V tii.Tmt.
Re of .the, i g gttves and about thn .hooj w, Ol will be the coMmefl-8W '
the tighy vpa rol wan con- ally inspired ,As part ol a ma- speaker.
fident others would be- re- never to nuppiAft him with a The graduation, which will 1e ,
tu0rns0#oon. man "who.had bU sed openly- held out-of-doQrs hn the Q ua"

ap Mafield,.busineop mittee intovlewwbply two of Includes a Baccalaureot-4ervle
sathlp"c.d..e Walker and the scnool. 32 Mnaye, on June U and ibe oradt tf"al. ,T1 e ras: Men Pepukl. M e l P.1.P
aJfer;,tecehrlugi*I the gov- efforts have dIaIu be Miss Barbara Lue;- P.... '
a -o|led a' A"Shocknjg and for those childlea aentt tsr of Mr. a,"_MU. W- i

,. .;- U




SM Sri

tnay. 51


S vW jm


-- mlaiar"iuiM st v ,s
a;-* I' ". ket dim.e.e"-
I'- i




fithe th0e
SrIn the t* gand rtP. P. Ford t
mM.-aMinMed ene' Od utkl, jmi ion Paul, Jrt,.
daid presented the to toJ ns b stationed at M eitAe
So Thobawhf det.d
e Mra. LuMte flenl- OfM th w thr oM ,
Smother of the ,Ivp sand Niey will vat reawttd heart
R. 'r. Sr.g r, u f .nd Penn- .
bhitley Vauobst,1Kraih
Harrison. Ms. Jean 114-r, it John UMe of 91A
Max Welch tad Mr. few C with eir daugh-o.
o Crump. tern Sunu.nALorra eine Bdffn nIS .fM
--- rridd to Vtition for erl weat.
Mt. fMLaughlln Arrived months. They were accompanIed iatfin*ds b& p li
Morning by Mrs. Ur' s-nt0. Miss fiel- vai e a
Mr. Philp L McLaughlin Of la Anne ia, eiof Balboeoa Te de a
Midland. Texas, arrived on tho wil motor tbton State. Mr. tano Mt.
IstbmuA early Thuraday morning Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wnewhrd Mr.d a. .r.
via Braniff from.Houston, TeXa. and sons. i;'e. am and I
Mr. MtLaughlln will be the gret will spend three months visiting rm *e to.flow.
0o Mr. ana Mrs. Walter Reeveh in the Northeptern States. Dur- 'he r
of port Gulltck. the parents of his tng the week they were the din- will mBt t
ftaneee Miss Bevery Reeves. ver r 'tsm of Captain and Mrs. nic e ple
The MeLaughlin-Rresve wed'- L. A.. Skeel, Mr. E. S. Mao- M O q
Aurrn.e Mr. and dMrs. Richard fto- a he
'dn will take place on SuPdayl Iff.evni and the Fred Newhards Maude LaWTaTee.
Ji2m 5I at the Fort Davis Chapel of Gatun. '
rP Mr .. Im-- t of*nf at.Howew Mn r
Gfeuap ,Enjoy San Die Trip ea Groeup .Met WmhiseSf.f _' t
s group of Atlantis Side jread fe Joy Oroup of the Oatun The Mnfd Adrf
dents left Cristobal Thursdan uion Church met at the church Mat v 'Afielvw w I ti
rnmaing aboard the "Sea HorsI" Wedneeday morning for coffee. Parlsh 1i 4.t 4 of .SI;
en route to t'. San Ba Islhands M. Alice King and Mrs. fta- L of t fa
hey returned to Cristobal Sun- Graham were hostesses, morrow at .. m
eday dining. Those who travelled MR. ,oeore D. Poole presided The ean a .f rt t
Ith Cpptaln Parker. owner Ot at the buaines meeting in the r oswee and.f I
peIvM. included Mr. and Mrs abnaes nof Mrs. Fred Newhard. forW of W clii
ma terftes, Miss Beverly itM were m ewr for a csrd'.a l ernodt 'i
eae: and o er fndWce tr. Phil- srty which will be held at the nart. The da n .
01 M, uh. Mt. ah Mrs. baiun' Masonic Temple on the donated by ti. la
Alae d Parker, Mrs. A. Imwi- evesakt of June 21. Tickets may wts won iv Mrs. Wa
nt. Miss Ann Irnswiler and MisS be prnehad from the chair- Tme second door s1It.3 t
Paa Lsawiler, Mrs. Helen Moet- ran,, Mrs.. t. B. Ward. atut nwins. wa wor n W .
MIr,. Mrs. A. leach and Mrs. 3S., or any memtor of the aroup; Oenltau.
Geoe Cardy. A guest prize and individual ta-
ble.--- be sa will be given and re- WeosrMn.J.4 '-r.VW
xtarulta Dupfeate Winners fresstments wi be served. t11u1iWSj _01
fifMay 26th Those wop wlre present for the The tun w _
Ahe scores for the winners of meegtg Included. Mrs. R. B. wli M &l
lahtst week's Duplicate Oames WArd, km. India Parker. Mrs. Chu l'eTflvdtV-g
were: North and South: (1st) Freda Boydston. Mrs. Leslie ut4Mdent. Mr, X.
Julius Loeb and W..X Ibson; Croft, Mrs. John Hotz, Mrs. Per- w prede. "
(2nd) Hrbert Delado and Mrs. '
Harry Green: (3rd) There wad a
usree-way tie for third place: .
Sidmey Pansallaigne and Dr. Gee
Gei ger; Captain and Mrs. John
M. ahneaftek; Mrs. Irl Sanders r i*
Vind Mr.. Harry Betsz. East and -
West: (let)Elrgekat and Mrs. "
B. Diokereen; (2nd) Mrs. D. .
Shine and Mr. C. A. Talens; ,. .*.i.
(3rdi Mrs. .- an Wr,. I-u"I l

The folowtlr famfites left d- -
board the 8.S. Cristobal Frdid I '- .
morning .
Mr. and Mrs. GObert Furey ol
Margarita with tbeir young a l,
daughter -llena wMl vacation I -
Washington, D.C.. for a month
and a halt. They will be joined
by their son, who is employed iI
Teax, and ty thYir daughter
Miss Mary Furey who was grad- *
uated this month from Purldue .,
University with a degr.?e in "Sta i

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pen-
ninwton of Gatun witir Kathleen
and Buteh -. ;w Ttatlon for
three months- at the Jersey
Shore. -
Mr. acd Mrs. Ralph Malcom *
of Gatun and daughter Judy will
visit in Long Islmd with their
son-it-law and daulhter. Cap-

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.You Sel*'em...When You Tell em thru PA. C hd ..

I eave your Ad with one of our Agents or our Offices iu N. 57 'i" Street Iia.eka I
SNo. 12,179 Central Ave. Colo
Sfnwis Service SaOA de Belleza Am.rican- Ca.ton Drug Sto
Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-3291, and *55 West 12th Street 10.0M Melandes Ave.-4t S6ft 9Mtds -T
S rrin' Aencia laernacioal de Pblicac s Propaada S.A m for 12 word.
urth of July Ave -Phone 2-0441 *3 Lottery Plaza Phone 3100 8 reet caero d1Ianw a 3 eBCh additional word. .

ran Herouehod Automobile800 toe1 2 fno r. Agen t 3or our fim "" mNoO7E
W FrdiFRSLlNo.u12,179 Central Ave. -d- Caelo "

FisOL service rm t SdeBelleza nd Amln rC. E. PnmS 3t1877, C l -1
Tivoli Ave.- Phonet-3' 1. and n55 et 4.ak9tre M .di 0 Mo n ele ni de, 2 ey -rA fut s op rd -d o
areison's Agelia Inrernailo nl de Pi7blicd.s. bPeag chdo, S.A. ortnf ]aor 1r2d%*Msen .

urth of July Ave --Phone 2-0441 # Lottery Paos -vPhoneASe' Sr"NStreet.corherl tw6 L h
W1Pbne. heroes in c o d ton SA ee a p gD -2214 ana d o2-0r= e F.dEch additional word.

Hou. e R3n" -,uunuPon ctag es Elc tric e bou res, g s...,!- ef3..h.. .,
SaFORl, Ls E FOR SALE EIeA EOlSt at s. n. ectiade OffLORDANEL i
P an Tr 8um00lto, 2hAutomobiloo. C bona ed.4 Co6l 8-79i5 smIn the April _ssus.___
SFO SALE-Smll-- Three pece ful blue Fd oster ur a l t' the Killer In Real Kill)S e s l CiIun'laa. bo-4t1,Ciulbo -1P" w-
lmps and tables floor l rad W & W FO SALE:-Ve p. Large el- beyond Sa l. See at Apartment! Government EmployI.n the arOL cultural 0
Roa. "441hth No..3'4 between I and, Insist on D r.sW a mehak 35Ml lic 1 l0 SHRA e laa Beac ob 1tAndbnow

S occasional ch onniverru clock er rEmployes Fino.e. Co. E tud, n e Sture 2eter, between K and er.w t ges. TObeldro es Friaee, d e NErAN mr
i' ond aiL. Lngole bet e,hme- b I t Ancon. Phone 2-4263. Street, a9 m. t o 12 noon and 2 lyord to ofk YOUR indBivaREAoa DIEST
Spne Rattan. o $100 For further SAL- c n R S eri GEO. F. NOVEY, Side. .. ta*n
Pan-nbo from 8 00 to 12 noo .Nol eonePanalboa 3602. gage on e Webster 3 speed .e- Fhoe-5 tral Ae. Tel.i.AE A Pt
hbooncase, smbal wbrng desk, ron- an ,at eleven hndre Hudson cord plbyo uaed only ,hree week- Graml-ch--- *Snt-- Clari blho*i aSet t h Selth relacI fi
_household Erticlen 0851 Batboe dailyr 8-4290 evenings. After FOR SALE: Stlde projector and 6-44i GarboS LUX v ,,maeres and enhanta .(Thrd row)
SFOR SALE:-DinIngroom se, 7 pcs FOR SALE- i Ford ConsBeau ul, donblue dF k xurorme, Foster'sande toes o diooe0s, Frdaire, EIN Ral K l )d I M

mps 9 p m. t flveninamp or 2-2766 office shop including othe, table saw Delvery
SFOR SALEG E portable senl1 ours fr further information. baWFORnd saw jig Vrchw, table selec-nd beyond S a Gas rin the cultural caertach- FOR SALE.-Lke new, 950 B-. Frangck and portble satonder, prayer, K-2-2814. FOR RENT: Chlet 3 bedrooms Tel. -173tes w rade for our farm
mens. 5 o 60 ngle. bed100tres. n. Phone 2-42 R/H U a 25 cycle motors, 12 hogoan.d 2 y two bthroom, wimminvate ro #2 E. th t.
l787-A Taveri S. Te. ebo R er. a, ok rs. 62B paint hardware, hand tools, etc mands qua ers, old Golf Club ch. For I-formion visit D P

FOR SALE--Mahogan dreser co- 86-3145 for informatioFOSAE-on FOR SALE: Philco Radio Table. FOR RENT: Furnished house in .NAMA BROKERS, INC. rn w A ae e ca -no m-tato hve 6en
set, scored dresser wardrobe, 4-i FOR SALE -1950 Ford FordorDe wDth porph. Co. Delvole Golf Heights, 3 bedrooms. Call fe. liotel El PanamA WRel 3ActUn SmmStI Iteudents oillan or military, ed; na epere^ IB Tettiyd
Taylor Ton.b carrige.o bob) bed. EChevrolet in perfect condition. FOR SALE- Seeiverallpiece g l-PmarT .-A1 u N .-p"e i.

Hepc.nbombco e, cnole cbonHu Avenue and 8th. S lephone 3890 after 4.30 p. ELLING o the of Industrial.r- of th. ftn t ed n hae enn ot ae rt3 sat
ton phono-raduo witr recr o, FO 5 SL e4. 2.4300Hd OR SALE: Complete garage. I FOR RENT N.- ca* Cola & Cement. a boat case. s, cang doesk, on, l sacrifice equity n 1948 Hudson cord player, useNG:Coptihod onsen paths of po ly three weeks Grombrch'A P e nta Clara b Wn a dr
Smix ,boys Engi sh bicycle png- ike new, 5 new t res, low ee. House 2321-, Curunlu. Phone cottages. Electric s e th better it will be for a te reg.traon planned to script et-

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household article! 08c Ia FOR a d LE4-1949 Sedane te. Cy. ALl poci Si x mao andy M e41 Gf mbunhed um a ap OD arU- bookU, 952 o Fe i u n o w or a l t *lsr on annou ce ta t l t g a

dai lyD 8F-4290 eveningsicAteerFOR SALE: Slidebprojectohandad r na with the MDEp softe i
gidoire $o .o Bendi w ng $50000 p. 0 down. Balance in trunk Oc er o c CrMM Ko- Wilatmsl.' ISn Colon. lshains toBt IsdaeT e o. llf the Ur'- r R tionll a I.w e 'a
B 9000. Ki.chen set 25. dRately. Phone Rodmon 25-3848 set of silver ware, rsetnders, FORes. Two rooms, Frith CIOdaire, VENETIAN i Thlt wll be tott
Boakn eeaeabedroom ci Phone Afner 4 p m. all 25-3760.hundred andffty od.Ia r p *
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Sdton Agerrvng co. 6,37th FO for pass gr AE. ke new, 1950 Buc in Wortable sander, sprayer, e FOR RENT: Chalet bedrooTel.3-71 h
1860. Balboa. Gong to best price quoted. Call 0 a d, Bb A. 30s the .ACamer p f itc. Is r IMia el 2ffe a0Fused to

RealEPaSte O S R. S.n Ave ond 29th s- East ?e2.319. t Commalt gents are trying Msssachuaetta wa* 'aiatbrla -A
FOR 'SALE:-Country Home n Chro- 86-3145 for E information e. FOR SALE OR TRADE:-1948 Buick. e F OR RENT: Fur Amishedro c e. o i N BROKERSINMune a A rl nsain o tes Nd o
t, For nfordtion telephone 2-, GeorgenD. -Grb Jr No 11. 7th Super 4 door sedan, 17.600 l te o. miles.rom.C0- leEe6 So l I AMs ociatl b aor Y; ela
d 2 p. m. to 7 om b m. By appoinOment white sdewllFordFordorDe undercoated, ver FOR RENT-Clean furthed room. very hunger and disease to tm atiking of a spir f- lder lvlra nt
OR SALE -33 hectares farm and de reen 1,400.00, cA n be n- Best residential fter4n. m.Nch G: batter sitAads Of living, fleer and the guilty party, a rtt or ht
cae land Code Rep. of Pan- OSllon Offerd d. Also Bby Cr mple prvlee. 43rd Street No. 13, Bell "hey ar exploring resources, evident of Plymouth Colony,
oro. Bargain. Leaving country L. --- awn Sice, aind mattress, $20.00. Quat- Vista. ld buidln railroadI, establlahing "Was-bound nec -and heels" Idi 2 Se g Of
De tvs Phone Crowobgl 3.2934. I WNTED Sard l.t e kin SAL 2-BE Fr. Clayton, phone 87- FOR RENT -NTcely furnedo one Cola & Cement. i l s eeking stronger punishment' Her funeral Is hed .d to
OR SALE: Three lots n Rio Aage FOR Sh andLE:-948 Pontsh. App M- weekdays or two large, cleon and cool rooms; .t i:otp talleom g rchosen paths of prnid o lle her home at 331 Atal
Ebilo cash or credit, cheap. Ask nstic. Tudor Sedan Excellent, l modern convenience, hot wter, t r a Ave to He
Sails t, b 24S. Guochapali. House I condion. 6 CE N4 Hater5l C -end locd o dd t e h as W ANTED Ar
S-Lower eft l a n wa. ARTNEi WITN li TO teacher David
ORALE-A sacrAllorcelain. Sx mce pice two Lern Spanish with a rapid system hony Modern nis ad-uurnsh a rt- build a t w Inter Asr.'ri- 1 CApIL rot to ai ste t
adaRning beach fron lots at Coro- Mrs. Romero Conversational Spean- dnngroonthiIbi a hhrs. te rOne-smeAMlbllotma-5r,6 sbot llIe nltwo hea r"agcates
-R-- WwWesILhiL. oi e 9It fr eri-!iMODERN-FURNITURE

OR wes ou rl. E t hogny table.aOne steSamer one t7fice.. 0 htreetNe strength of h republic will active for silent t a cain 1913
Baboae $14287 o00Ru p. m. r easy paym for ents.Must -c eya World Events. Lamps.U ae rp r to the people of the Un it- es Radio Statioa n. ICr

e $90 00. Kitchen set $25.dtely. Phone Rodmhemisphere today asserted that n 5-3848t 11 atmes the CIO posdee. onstlwwrite "- She t uved y
Eipetienced nursemaid, American or wses In view of the present world or ems in i vast differ aivgoage d3stUralist" Apartado 597, a brother, W~tar .=
w brolb pelnuiieeokLoNClebpJe 52nd r3.nuer thees Amsi er eIN* culture and resources separate PanamA, R., giving your Allen one softs a ePc
W St NT o. 12,R aptme nt 4fanc W o r-The Unite d Ns at dons orces n a us. The a to phon e nuabe r e, hno, gands on md
o in, help with care of children Re- t defense. the sc. greatest cause or all the policyart forramthe
ferences required House 404-B FOR SALE-- De low. 1 -Ao Ro cause of Rollectomve security and B81^^^BI' rmt t o t_. __ g'i 4"
Tov9 Ave. Anmon.W h B[rigadier General Andrew C. world peace and the cause of "This Is the itoric sitalon
Se otTychen, Director of Staff In preventing a Third World war," i soviet agitators t o exploit s al e.t 1 T T
r. ae r AtLor 8.G.In a recent meetinjof the Ca- he Inter AOUS merOWican Defense according to Trygve Lie. a sley to ian medla s e. i e H A Td
WANTED nal Zone Art League, te orga: oard, made this point in an Although the United StaTesey Btacome wan stable sad
t. g atlon accepted with regret the re to some 250 members of has bowie the main brunT and' -462 onI ly stro5ngr. became
4 BElMSeelliaeeg loss of two officers, Mr. and Mrs the Venezuelan Chamber of sacrIfice of the UN Pight against I ?f thnis wuld rob them of their p95-' Ace lin assen rs for
Ernest Relmer, who leave soon Commerce of the United States. aggression, he said. 22 other Na- pgds weapAs. CCpng passengers or-
SWAinD: One or two bedroom for California. 4 Tychsen recalled that the tons have participated in the t o nos eL S AN
apartment r houe n ood resi- Remer has been an efficient DeensAe board was created tn tion d more than 40 have "But our nations and In th e AmericaLOS ANGELESlo
Sdent section. Call 3-1789. treasurer for four years and Mrs. yeaI ago. It was the 3-350.t time rende economic and other aid l 2 cnate no nn he ieas n tly. t
A D Associate or partner Remer has been membershi in history, he said "that na- well commonderes that money to invest or reason airman forthe same length of tions, not all of which were at The UN Secr-Itary Generil thr t l ea
*f ndin sucesul business in time. In addition they have both war. met permanently to make spoke here yesterday at corn- tBotewst to asset e Latib Re-
eanLE: country, Bome 395 been active in all the Bodyart active. military plans for their:- co-mencement exercises at the Unl- helo them realize h "S STELLA MARINA" .
rr. For i n format ties in te Canal one. mnSuper defense dan vrt17.600 of Nebraska. H.k told the ni rations. to.-77 1 e1n-eryw hmeB asO n
A C Z2 8Reimer, having with an inven- This spirit of collaboration graduates that they are cement Cey work toward a better ife for ,
Hand 2 p.NS WANm. to WN tve turn of mind, has designed still exists. General Tychen ver into a free world in the midst room. Ov their people. asking June 10th
Spur hase clear photogrphs of new easels, Onew ty pe picture said, in practical form, as a of "a great rearming effort' de- eit
whe washed ashore at Sud frames, and has played with group of nations solidly united signed to discourage aggression New World nations deal wi (De-luxe uites and single cabins available)
Spicus offered immgan. L eav ately. coun oodc ng and woodworking against any external threat to and no to prepare foranother each other on a basis o mutual bound ne nd he"
DPhmve Panama 3-1358 evenings ardly and exhibit has gone up the American Republics, Indi- war ; f-respect, and the faster the C W lfj
Sonoma 2-0744 in business without e efficient help. vidually or collectively. Regional defense arran e- iti J5nt pL eples ms anoie g their v *l evel e Woe tW
I its. Ask for Miss Greenp. *Ask Rimer has spent much b imenUnledto thene TON Charter, '111MNo tel chosen paths of proa1Ot, the betr- A we i
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;..T~vh Ae.An~nIl ~lII ~ ir r~adle Oner! Adrw C woldpeae And AUS or"Tis s te t1 Jnd

1W In accepting the resignations duoatieon and agreement However. he stressd that non.
SY of this c o u ple who have been among the delegates, mer e defenseallianp can be
outstanding for their common mre dfent without world can be-
interest in art on the Cranal Zone. "Accordlngly," he said, "those sufftent wcthout world collec- l
the League went on record with of us who sometimes prer to The United Nations can estab-
a vote of thanks for their valu- see more rapid action must re- h .itea -an astiI.

rta 're lbe plan f o dense, aiding the peo ureg a dlsa dtel-' g '" d s..enwide
able services. member that Geare i At-o pestp, the n aIseuandi td t w etgh
valUS AodgMBffl 'ncrs^t lid1 smtrength, peaceful settleentsof

N v ofnCol. A. A. Dobak, Com mandn a n seity ad i- ter" Iove ,roment mp a the UN d' v d ...e ge of
SOf f0cer of the Post of Cor s Ti eb, become k *tet Dio- design for ieadr abld-wide g1en
b" awdlaleavehe sairra the a *h DIIoil d al Ci||| t 8 A m am.
hemisphererstephewe e d y w .h e ted the ewi of the,"---' --
r l rO fr t h e y o Mr .k i l t*.Wthatom en
to he e CgamA b ak iornatein g thethe h speepan ng taat onheamd TheUN

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clg.a. A. W L s .- .. e.said e .i int an d t ro ohe
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Officer ofthe oal 7Wbi4-.
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Fnirly DOns In hi ap t- al. B-ol h't a .andmak I. nlt et tMIr
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NEW Ah w a n % rt at comnc tet ane an a I.n- me a Parrakeet. sai
Sd t atet n ra mont.liEtues for the gra dat- stumIntl Iteor ho we di curtain on the chapter of our ves las
as a 'human bomb" tried to el ofr alboa highbmntht ated that we Will i Mir her as the beat part. Thouh ft "b
u a hbank opposite Grand cl begin in the alb the irdW 3wtow itch alm_ l- nev-rs r as in, we will have our happy S. .A
Ctra station In the heart of e r bymoIag t ter t ending monies soi1v And rememr. Pardon me if I get senti-
UKnhattan today. Rob bI cape and gowns, ut lrine FrOftateanokbr mental, but! sIpeak tor tA whole Senior. ala.; in exprerang thu
But. he fled en"te-hade6 .members of the graduating las audible n thet oom. Our unhapplrldsaAt. leaving BHS. Naturally we are happy toI
then a fist-uiovuna drop-. *lllnUItp'11hethiateir t@te r- The bIsiow investigating start life an our omw but Balboa Hi will always represenS the @"I
so to tlar' ud unitedd" an doesion, "Macho RoMane ," pueMt tgala fl b ra- happiness times of owt live ps
Al y by the abool of UNo the f lo m It would be Impoele to thank everyone that ha helped thi
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S, tO, ole o tbe Vtor l s titd t. a great deal ofnih, ot there were many people who a
conO floor of a bUihTIft at 100" 'wte natif will be given by POrason ii- titsted In Joining n Much to see as t ilulh. Many of them will go on belp' Ge
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atto the ground schools, who wi award the dn hh newL
foor -aa2nd i treet.bou.hisnow gingit l0byAugust
is upotacaerthree armed 1.;ed.o- Wei
po hr Hi mr#acasment here.Whboil
'MMis In 6eGrand0Cothttaby A. H. a. *. namerI e h la
Aut15opoi weIn the tick .Clo abth

St n ymeaboutA
j her. O caime to the C4d "n
zone irom s ForthLeave fltt
mismbert of the faculty at the

holds a degree in Cavil Et-
5gipeering from Cornsul, at weso

Instimee of Technlogy.for retuAsie

If re lookiyfl a ror perfect u lLt yeI'tl$m o MV -

tant at steeead.fisNa poeR

bec mame ktow as asn stance

PSo eZObwuariNO $ the 1414


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: ..._... M a k-. a AA. a -- .


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t.a.w B jn.M reft- W tw x i Ignore the newt l .__ ._ d

.+ move@ against West ay foi g ing separate peaae with t he .

iouth Dakfota Primaries Tod

4re Taft-kte Presfige F
'INRR a. D.. June 3 (UP)- ..
n. Robert A. Taft and OClen. S m e -,
ight D.- lsenhower teat their a u-a
r tlofdty in the South eguiSre Dance I ium I W WliM
kota Pretd pntial primary t TT
Slt direct contest between
i m *" invention An DU CEIf Ra riPa s"
T J Victor eaJohnson
.d Nqee Igglas MaeAthur's o
It- ote support for Taft is -
mtd to well the margin of LONDON, June S (7P)-Buck- them at the Ottaw s
" for the Senater, but ngh Plac soon will ring Anthony (Tony) wM
Ih" r supporters scoffed witbi suh isty tunes as "De- first getaterested I
at It wMuld have no effect. vW'e s mad "Ragtime An- dancing when e wae a
The heated battle and a fore- ile" 'wt ntern square 12.
at for fair weather wera eM- danfe mWel that Queen ,_ -..
Ied to draw a record vote in both ld thoroughly on W.'It. t
i 009 election. her a
The a Cor- si 9M' had
The pris at stake, 14 national poration dloed that .three le" '14P 0
tea on a "winer-take- -p records have been / .
" upwas not lar in terms pr a tl here in co-aJQ -s-t
contlon strength. operation ith he Canadian RBf "vedS
Broaet Corporation as a n she' aSk Se
aml both sMes re eea- sNo them CaSasK1 Mo
JIs teat resu ef thk elee h. r dads Elz"abeth o hl
a wibe ublkda-bt and Prin p can have a "
m* bee kfrusticr tle eing of -ansing almost ,h .l
6ra to li ketheAn-wolke thUe one lat Otober in n
ast, temarew sto spa his Ottawa wh1n IMab h th hwas -&a d oft"ana
bth wasted a pmae"s -In a ( sarN add a Grfinwo
etery M-to Ab1181, "moplms olly, amp. Q6
So the he r MM ap oewa
f o.ery c a U0W. 1ami r .S

aI I1-5- 4
1f 1 .utplseiM Ifee that ao Iteior tlear- aM-t Sllz,'.'lH
bert NuMphr ot Mu otea ti O k Vaey." M.
the first banot W lt ce wl be at Mthat S &fWt -
of the same man who caned a-nd .6. M go ,- ,
.efauver asa wars iUBl cam- --- th iuai of it .
In 0 to, ^ 10"' that Oov. *itued Andemon to-
rft cmpae ouy day cr-1s -s, clara
(month a tdfth helat straighttfrwar."
press to a succession of high- Governor st he was re- At GVdWfl
l supporters that over the ftrrinf to advertisement which n Si ..
ekend included LL Ge. Al a red In -atua editions "
rt Wede.e ad 80b wve :lePe C Ja ue Journal b t
t M f it but did which obert fecheri ma

hr others.stats fm m l -- aih School a P.s.
The MacArthur endorsement glMty M lr ft hmaete 1a- Camp Blerd tMheater. -
me In a letter Sunday night to siavm10e 0BIn e n One hundred eSAd M
forPer lovw. -sle Jason, -*g411g -i" seniors 8d boy t "a
10 also came out for Taft. The ad ie dating .. .
Milekelson, however,, declared how to vote he of 1ion y wiM bq
Rt the end~aeitnt WN *tave slate pledge to:te by 0. 8. tharley,
effect on tsh etem seau Earlier Mtelson accused alpal, to Dr. LwmassE|
Pa'JE biwts Tatt fortea of uwrois a.a Saperittedent ot
at theeafr "plosonous of" letters will award the dq
IT ener and Taft leaders fiers at the
E*tJM 4 countered w charge of "*s- e1t0 the pogemi5esl
a iwe seeWJ tort.onsin s tie ohls thestr, are: Wa4
n wSaein Prizariy the OOP race has president; Lloyd
gteOWa ut 1a been led sa test of Taft's prealdent; Ensest fa
tt appeal to ti-g farm vote and rtary: Junir swiiF
The rmieoowers Soplarity. Both seestary, and WvTIa
iizdate u ft gba hIMaed ides hhave ,2ic4"tory. tresarSv

R must se i sGIFT STARLS fiom
be annual vEft ibth e -
bldt usenam n. S POX FATla'S DAY,
MMer La l2 JTN Is
aT June b1ck. t aus FOR, F lie 1e -

be Schl ;re o 11 ,th a1

an todr to 14

S uetds tSwi

.-.',. .t--,' : -' ; .t'


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'. .-- '.'s ..IMHT DAIL Y!

Va quish n its

5 I-4 M... .. I S. '

SSenators, Athletics Also r UFavored To End Jinx .

Triumph In Night Came S Of Hey Ex-Champions
0 .."
SUNIatioEal League By .STEV SER,
NEW YORK. .Jhne .-The h'g'-flying Card- NEWYORK, uhi 3 (tTP) -
inaln sent their three-7ame series with the P -nte. ITEAMS- Von Lost Pe tE old Jr lIav ore dte
a o fatinl them f, -in last nin- ,ht in St. L touis 5 "l New York .n 2.7.. 1 11 .1o lod t P ag eia l hi O
-lit.inSt.Louis,51- 1 NewYork27 1327 3
alon b.dling Fal Ma:rie hbi first defeat of the o Chicago .. 2 17 585 nevetst
St. Louis .. 1 22 483 ''nt.
-ln a -ftrr hire strai l' Vi stories. Cincinnati. .... 2P 22 .476 i and tte )ref erence to e
I hiladelphis. ..... 19821 .4621 heaIyweiht chafmpa. ,Doe.
The Cardinals oeat the Giants lime this eason with a 2 Boston. .....2 aj me tta t. etaff.r
by corn nR iron behind with a victory ovci the 1 white So at Pittsburgh... 11 34 .44 L g th e eavywelht crown. 1
three-i un lixts, inning rally Boston while t h e Yankees oft climbed
Sparked b. pinen-hitter Peanuits hlanked fhe Tribe 2-0 at the TODAY'S GAMES he t"tle tl It ld 1 tl ithet eA
Lova rieNV kyv run scoring double Yankee Stadium. ,Boston at Cincinnati (N). ed wi th bo r oef tiall It" t aS e
and lemus' two-i un si Else he- In the American New York at St Louis N). pemve lA11vw f t f "t "
g g2. Legue. 'he as onis hlng Senators' Brooklyn at Chicago. f hters tth8O sot eao- Cofh0 Iothe
Snfe luants nad it all their hune on n third place one ame (Only Gmes e Scheduled.) tt who were lder th i C
w* .,' earlae. as Davev Williams, nut of the lead with a 5-2 vie-' -zrd's current total of $1,'. w i o fach
* Tht.i-on al, nonrld buL Ma- in j;on night crnnteat and the YESTERDAY'S RESULTS .o .
glhr. who van turrori7zrdL the 'tlt.-lNtopped the Browns 2-1 Brooklyn 100 000 000-1 6 2 Old Paekppy Walcott s e te torind."
Sclu smalll o .r ine league. coula- in a Phihdllohia arae l2ht duel Chi agj 120 110 1(.;--6 8 1 comeback guy himsed and on relief wi t
n', pio..ct a 4-1 man. Do Lerhardt who h maiimade Loes t5-=0, Labine. Van Cuyk dahearte ed and on rs Joe w ithPI1 tho b Wald t t
Sae Cuos held bar,: the Dodg- an error that aae the White Sox and Walker; Kelly, Ramsdell nelgerd wfaly, Jersed y e a fs 1iht 3 A h th b
Ses. toppmna them 6-1 on the rine a 2-1 lead- n the top of the tenth.' i-11 and Atwell. onoertlewa wh eied upio li a he htAi" that l
relief pitching oj Willard Rams- atoned bv hittizn his seventh; er t-amII hpe gt himse f a go im b- b thatM -
dell an.r homes b. Hal Jell- homer .'nct hlssecond eand sl am' (Nilght Game) badk payda against Jlrmm Iey- S h Wiotin weight n_
coat. Bill 9ciena ana Hank Sau- lob in the bottom of the same New York............4 t P i'sIn 1946. tel exactly w t. arles will bewi t
e nnoo bror National League con- The ed Sox had tid the lla .r61d Walcott was then but It a a dIe 5 slow up. A until tJi f42tA
Ste. t .. .bra, knoc 4' to e or. at 2-2 .hr- n nDom DiMac- (Night Game) dteh he was at least 3.p Hd u h' s toT l
laboring on the docks, picked ue
I pi t c by a 4-I ,co on ihe dealok run Then with the hCincTnna ............. ola n ah rati c h 'Tll c.I ome to. i h-e
.. so .. s nu t-hitte l ri h-scs Raded Leihartci' hit t he o8, few dollars on a supporting t I n o
ni nrritgm- first Ditch for a tremendous OlyGaescheuled. ard at MvdsonSquatreirdenhe 191, andru bna
.ue .01 1.. C,,i n, eleventh. hnmer ,nto the street bond left one night knd the trail quickly, ht. W at *e tt was more thll.a
i a ae ianu u he n o fild o on v2led to a challenge e against heavy-u I t el Id stale a 12 n ell a
t. .. i, r.?eSUCIl iot0 4 i. te a.e Allie Ren.volds. hooha.r ricanr League weight cha pion Max t 's B1I
..... ,,,,and pUitched six-lit b nced I. Lopat as the No. I In- e B 1 Braddock stabbed his way to the d fth thf e weligh- %, I A le a
i.. %. Sa.i,, ai none ant r u an -. l mc for th Yankees... .. u ttitle. ve the ers mol t We rrsW I gll to Wowet to was infl.P p
k u....A, oia, C.gel, pitched a n Tr-hltter to hand the TEAM-.. Won1 L ost', he tes fu-w le
... a ,,i .' ,uwtce a four- .dmen their tnhd ~t t los Boston. ....... 2 17 .585 C't onme haok once they'd held co'e .t ft tUt ,aB
h I..... t..'eu A sn.ou when Rob. L.mnn also eve o onlCleveland.1 ..... 25 18 .581 DIS OL-PatW ul' hes low beginning ]her 1 the title and lot it. 1a llasat entut o t taCellie nt
.. ,i L..1 a ii ,l i n four. hit. but the YankeesiWashington.....23 1 .1 the evet ondon ee Womens Atheti m- of the modern ig t-Ot wi be
|,ii ...... .. V [,iuet' L.''Uu.. I Ihbunche"' three oL rhpm for their:;New Yorkn........i. 17 .528 pionshihp1. T1whe pretty mii is a ebidate for the British Oe mPIC *utre ack Dempsey and l And tliS 41 wil not ced n a ulateafiv
h._.._a_-r.Io'se' .. 22 21 .512 tesar&. (EA)_Louis, prime killers in tir draw. Rt mU go. to Out Of the wM maintain
rl, ih. tileM-, ,.v inc, put wild plh tnd Gene Woodlng'sI Philadelphia 16 19 .4b7ay..ntw ao t o. whiml
.. l .u to La. i single orocuced the first tal DStr. Louis .......0 25 .444 Among ers b trin leda t e |
Sin .he Aier.can Leaue, he and Mickev Mantle doubled In Detroit...........13 27 ,alh Recreation ot h i "ers whtiend tlf l
Su of fir.t plate for Ru uxknocU the I. nuiansthe other. aa ffe atefr Bob Ftmmona, and Cha.o". Tpry. tcharou t derson o
t o ___ ist -a l .oJIMst u. CorbePL. restd. Wa Ot J ogged tte, id po in each
L. .. 2 .uI fifth ame against one de- tODAY'S GAMES r o l th s probably rated the best One-hal m de i n the mor rn 100 to
La bl D a io S frat as he pitched a nine-hit- Chicago at Boston O tchancef any when he tried his anid took a one-mile walk i the te
ter while Mickn v Vernon and St. Louis at Philadelphia (N). i Dhae'b a l a 1 Iftn
rookie Frank Cam os each Detroit t Washington IN). 0 -- pie of years back after retiring Charles aaolu hie b e mA n
LA. V OA A MLN.; JL ., u.2R drove In two runs at Washing- Cleveland at New York. p f of the features reiig.lof the vshltes for to ase m r 1
U P tULL Ltt u to. L to n the1 sue er atn Balboa as udeferted c harmplio. lerlo 3work ,ut beeauehe "A" d
kles Ned arver. suffer-. .. .. YESTERDAY' RII SULTS Summe. Recreation program at follows: a s had run himself out ofe thought bete w rweght ood CO
Won Lost Pet. ing his sixth defeat against two Cleveland 000 000 000-0 4 0 the Balboa Gymnasium is the Opening Day Activities: Hobo' hcauetiN bltrgets after knocg Oil T e-Vying on him p
rs victory 0 to put him far behind fine list o special ave and ay for 8 yea old aven- out Walcott, and called It quits The cae cotne ith
Trot-CYO 6 his 20-,tory timetable of 19,51. L mon tea. Teb events to oe held for the chl- ger Hun 9 to12 year lds; until nlal prere my ays
Las Guqutns. 5 2 .1cn mve up on"- five hits to the As Ietts; Ry (6-3)and Berra., dren of il .ges throughout the yride anaAwrnlng Party forh pride got himo in withets
Deptors..... ... .4.. 2 tb Ltit two perei homers by Gus Zer- n d-- summer le ng things off to a teen ets, at Juner s 1ag drIf th t nderesto hi

Lieotr,vo Devalept 3JJniiandE d Fdie Joost which soup- Ten Innngs o dann y will beC w the DLittlemMather' oll |Day, girls ta ita e oe e te Ehi o Rolanyr inch nlerl rookie Harry Byrd winth alllcr aro b000000000 1-2 8 cbTheb Day ver chnldrtw 5 to 8r5 to-,28.f.w misae of hils tentd..... ie a
n ...... i 400t to 000000005-6 vears, aand, oaveger Hunt for Block DancemfaTeonree1.Apte 5w lfor Teenagers, os.e le l 1*
ot. Peters r2 4 n Holcnmbe (0-s. and Lollr the 9 to 1 year-old and .tahe Je 2.. nghe a.
i aes, Ju n tdeh ae. .. .n o le r a oa how oin Andr8year 0od k O ', wt .,

Ntrh '-e IscF.. I 4 h. .. ... a d Foor Tae oep 0t :Infc.w* Co. A 1 She d ~ P e1
A uto s day, Juone G blackien f d on nGe m. T ru.... fCo bDa mb n edhed 12 ol- tleLd '. 04 A 1 mhineofhesaim
Sto. s Vsnen tELY I mnta PIn. Pe.rout 10 4 n reoswiOydid, tl h far n att DI katsiCRIhE"
aWt. Vincentmvs. ..dAutos Johnson. t"lmt gn.t /rn o..rI- -.o"odne. eterhoonoofrt hesur e tr15t VDog D)aY for boyse Tain ust la overth te ath ,lt *
NEXT unaeSe L n Loure......../...n2 /d a/of te samer ptoavogram as ShUe ldfo -uyer o26 de, kIfolg ayr
Tueday, June 6 3. P.i fThi......arip Chief.....ribe.Jne aivitl. 'Jut1 8
Depxito s vs. St. Vincent !wmueh contelll .oLwith thebarlous o' t"GPenisAg. thT i h od e t e
Saturday. June 7 Cleveland-/ .A..R.O A Church Sehoblg as possible. Re- '"U'etA, U. '1 "Patty has proved time .m4
Dep Dcivalle %s. Dep. Giytens NEW YORK June 3 (NEA) .. member all you Hobos. your day .1tajM & &bn'a Horseshoes 9- sain he's not to be t Ui0e
.a .r .n. .... ... ho t g e r u .Of Sim p .on. if 4 0 0 5 0 0 to strut your stuff w ill be M on- _18 your dO.l A Ug. A. '2. au v wi oth
otpoNEA's Fied & Stream column osn. :b..2 0 0 10day, June 16 at 1 p.m. Don't, VWbal.Aug..g specimens.
r lvt-v eportivo and The Panama Ameri can, h Roe n 3 00foet, time of this activity has efed z with one blow to
The Trou-CU, defending become th'e first big game hunter Mitchell.' I 4. 4 0 1 .. 00 been cheged from 9 in the ro .- win the title last summer. HeT
in nearly ha a century to Easter ib 8 2 0, mornt to one he afternoon. 8. Lsays he'] ao it agai but the
champio of la.tar-.,=-o' chainch.shoznone of the rare glacier Combs.'s2"01iThe Scavenger Hunt will or- lFree Throw, Aug. 12. odds art with Charles to end the
pionship r by defeat -ing Depoai-,bears found only in Alaska' a-Rese' 1 0 1 0 0 ganize at the Gym at 2 p.m. that Vs* % M 12 old o sayh'l "they never come
pon e 8 to 5. 0. ,-Yakutat Bay region. Boone.- s .. 0 0 ,0 1 0 same atterumoan, June 16. All you lib'a4C e. Teenagers ,back."
,i. the winning pitcher and Deep snow and bad weather Hegan c u 2 0 0 1 1 0lure to 12e at the gyrn by 2 o'clock 'Auge'..
W." --clir -"....charged- *i' combined to make Page's task b-MeCo;ky 1 0 0 -0 0 .. .at t ergymsby 2 o'cloeInAg.isi.i
defeat The box score' l-U Pag is..belonievedrth iTebbetis' v 0 0 0'1 0: ~at tebgoo av so engvai h can t in fto ISAug At e artiVSLi3t-
L .2- Page is belAeved the first ...11wards will' S to the members t y Learue Meet
O' "Y "A sn R Hsin-e 1906. the vear Hardy Trefz- Totals 30 0 4 2#10 C0-of-teiingot is'tremendoIswimming,
Perez -2b.. .. ..2 1 1, p ger. one of the guides on e t he--- e Aener .Sl. 'Iated T om orAo I
Bosct 'c C ...3 I, &. ,4 a1uat A1elaa aMantle. rf ,, 4 0 1 1 1 0 roast. swimming party, and hay- The AtlantLeUle LesguI
Campl ..-3.....4 1 "The animal was killed on a RiZuto. 4 0 0 1 prevent e tillestarta o" at the "TE CLOUDED L
Campbell. r..... ......1 0 1 .rrp slide at the very tin of Noren,.,f ..3 0 1 L"00CoUentry Club between 4 ant5the Gamboa 5i a--eting ua5P1iilla
Hall. rtat Bay.0 t hoBerra. c .. 2 0 0 i 0theA afternoon. Children are to Margarita clubhoune. Meting
Willia'mI rf.".....S..... 0' u r h a r^lb.hled down Mb 3 1 1 0.,A CountryClwu hotd b ewen4 n 5 II to start prolptlylat'7:3JR.M.
Diaz. 3b.............4 11'3 0, wrote friends.Mc oualoWnl. c ." 3 001 10 .0 -un- theirpwfot dogs, an. "inanciala e-m~rptand all-re
Mende?. lb...........4 I. Thp 0tier bear al-o known 'os,lb 3 0 01r0rmtaadtcatsup forth e- '
Ashr. If-c ..........4 0 I the blue or Emmonk, no wMartin..2b.g.. 2 2 .doggies.. Fial M eU L., .-= .he Balboa p eri to eL7C
21Key2nolsA ft 2 0 0 -r eating, the gang will go, ArmedgSy -....U.Sso. Be
utave.p................n in.IL phose f---he--o--.tothe Gamboa ym and swGm-imadm. w-aket!l League to ,-will be el eted d andplans fm o0r Dea--
blak TotalsZ. "-2 2 42' 12 0 .ming pool "for games and swim- 1be aIC Nt Itweelr: t 9[w be maoi..
F .-m t S.x'. 130 m i e.%lnorth Of Cleveland 00i 00 0 pt' dc th hMay and mr uten dedotvhe. Air" PrllcH.. ,s
S LA R H s.attleand 300 north and wePt New York 000 010 .'x 2 leisurely return to the Balboal. Wed 7di, 9O pm.-AA i of the L, le LegaR ., falmsyou
W illiam s c ...........4 1 1 Sope nm ens var y In color from BIT- W oodling. M antle. 2 B -'like to -e o rn thi zp rty be sure to 1 5 U v .)s. U a n !d friends. uym ee- No~ eW teW
Sinclair. cf.....4 0 1 a soiled whitih cat to a dark Mitchell. R. .er. Noren. Mantle. register at the Balboa Gym by flm w. U 1-1gpnm.-Air Blase ng. pa ... r ti n aom "' """
the lit,i of the month at the lat-,IGroup vs. 5)00thM & S; 8.:30: trattve ormin N5l'ilb%..e ofi
Dudey 3........ 0i s a-,." DP-t, Comb est.A c harge of 25 cents will be p.m.-- 1 vs.- ar P an I heb -urgd ,me t

It's Movietime TONIGHT!

SA I 0 A Moion Piciire% CancelledI
Balboo High School Graduation Exercises
&: P I C K U P"
C 0 C 0 L Vn HEFLIN Yvonne de CARLO
.:. .. "TOMAHAWK" (Technicolor)
Wednmef., *"BORnDERLINE"


G A 1 U N John DEREK Dnna. ZD
l. day 'I'LL BBa YOU IN MY DIREAMuf'

i ,' q9W**-.- wmmm f..wi *



Seifns Play Tonight
More than two hundred per-
BOBe are expected to be at the
Pa lfic Clubhouse to witness
the table tennis exhibition be-
tween Albrook Air Force Base
and the Isthmian Club to be
held tonight beginning at 7:30
The Albrook players will bring
NEW TIRE with them a truly impreulve
S 'record, acquired not only at Al-
SAFETY & tooK but from some of the
APPEARANCE popular table tennis centers In
for the United States.
L Bs THAN Asa a result, local savants are
LESS THAN already conceding them to lie
RALF more skllUful than the local
y iNew re Pa players. However, there are
some exceptions as the slth-
and Club has several players.
TO NE dated for participation in to-
Smite's exhibition., wh rank with
the best to be found In any
part of this Republic.
1-456 It ta not yet Inow who are
the apponett ain each match.
btt after betI .ptains ket
tgWther ft eXpeeted that
t" *1 WM be s W1
*Mi 48 MW W -06-Of$ ~e111-
4 I---

'ot RAoWme .. .
otptim'D -......


Marines .... .. .. 3 '0
]Nrmbr D ... .. 2 1
1m8ta iM rklct.. ..2 2
For an W .. 1 2
AAC ...- ......... 1. 2
Ofitl .. ..1. .. 1 3
I I: ..

UIft~Jffjj, EW


Ax. ip m

i t-rSAW.:

im 'a


w-a ft1 eoa






h. ~


i II


.4 t .

"' ". i

. --Ulla

a-'- .



.~ IF

t.,$ VA.P .. a -w* O -w J .... -'>o n -aI *- S

P, .W U O. .. .

.fM-1 3 SEE

"htse Laiti or age T"rs Idr %U ttA?'s factor, the I I0 iiS B-peam
mbw'. *fl Nf" S lme ". w" y'a4mo "" Pit In S .
. I- Iwar Min a n. 'l
w e 9.tM. .a

lull, nar a so Rt te S m ers s TheOt Ithe oi u

S -it la t the-ya-od nume.eb.,A- -8, i-.a oe o M
'Te Broeklyn can't beat right-handers this eanon. Kelther ber hIrathe the e-yat to win. "e' on &tar
de ttiang. And ere's nothing cOrfnJ about It. Their InkV&t Io 1M6, it Ia the trate e as e r.
Sting pow. TAi9 p .ptl .. the second t t A ertoi stake. cel ar cu,. .a .......tanidd pt
Sgave up so much to get In oies from the Weadlng-u If eht a coaxed Into the for th ...r t' ara t .t
ton. U.e tae t fat th.t young san A hoV e. hit .800 in the gate The mft Stakes will be ,
bi leagues. pp to now lie hs not been a hshttarfl bees wart $JOI It Is Witnessed byf Clahk &ifftth has the .9:30 .
but he Was tie beet aval-ble for trade, so the yanes, whose some $ i&l. farm a:m In the count .
molicr' Is Wt now ahd let ture tRae dart at Itself, ok te Yet nually The Belmont TIaKSes.
Sk. 1 pt to e r i. One; M.n than le g take. s presented as nothing ,
pAsta okes ui"whf ring r" amas morn tfnh the slat race at the
-tt uf e n Se mae pt NMA f l- uI I 'W,.beutiful oiBe mo t pla n cont
ri -af t u ae U by

dot. a9 M1UeAMSonUS

th>j. W tt f avinoal t A t t Th d a t.O.,&

started th like Jon- 0f
w 6 _a.l1 pme iantaUo Mm bo ce downsln front. the.- g

likiethe deb.uat or-trackethetsfor-u"IsaYomete hNni no ._

ting dirt In his face. Harry ru*g usure seems ha ,h wthe'
ins wlnaer of the Withers ae. Ifr no &&r reason
.he may have f his stuff, .ta Count turned in th fet

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"Let the people know the truth and the country to safe* -



Little Wars Greater Thrt

Right Now Than Big One-Ike

WASHINGTON. June 3 'UP)-1 With regard to the place of allied countries take care of
ben. Dwight Eisenhower told a Spain and Yugoslavia in the' themselves, and "we must keep
press conference today that he Western European Defense. Els- ourselves highly alert and highly
believes the chnnce of a global enhow.?r said he always believed mobilized."
war breaking out are "not areat ";the United States would "go to. When asked if he thought
But he said the possibility of a war only in defense of n free sys- military expenditures could or
*satellite" war remains a cons- tem, freedom and dignity of the should be reduced he said there
tant threat. 'Individual.", Iwas no doubt that there were
Eisenhower gave his e-stimate: He said that from a military, many many Instances where
of the chances of th war n voic- standpoint Spain and Yugosla-;, money could be saved.
ig a flat endorsement of the via are of geographical Import-, "He said the business of
"concept of collective security, ance and he would like to see In foreign relations should be ap-
He explained that **when you those countries "a little bit more:proached from the "stand-
throw over the concept of col-I enIghit'ned concern for the ba. point of enlighted self-interest"
elective security you must come sic aspirations and forms ofl ov-,because this nation's fu-
pwithan alternative The alter-!ernmen." 'ture Is tied up In a struggle
native is the way not only tol
stop the marching armies, but _. .__L
to keep the nations .from .
apsing one by one by subver-
son and weakness "

'Eisenhower said "our own fu-
tute is tied to finding a satisfac-
too solution to that problem."
T said that the worst danger to
free world at this moment is
w n opened assault by Rus-
eMn Armies, but the destruction
Ft'ree nations from within
lisenhower said that the con-i.
fliets in Korea and Indochina
have "Just as important implica-
tions as in any other section of'.
the world."
-'urning to EuTrope the Oeneral
Ift o the United States cannot
afford to be cut off from that
great nool of enlightened oeolle
and skilled labor. He said. "we
would be very badly placed" If
Western Europe were to fall to
Communism and recommended
that the Allies must remain
t4onomicallv strong end main-
tain a "military equilibrium in
those areas in which we are con-
ellsenhower added that the Al-
lies are not Interested in "build-
Ing up a force that can be used
aggressively anywhere in the
world." He defended his record
on air power against the criticism
by Ben. Robert Taft, his chief ri-
val for the Republican President-
ial election.
Taft charged Sunday that the, (NEA Telephoto)
deterioration of American air PRESIDENT GREETS IKE.-Preialdent Har, y S. Truman shakes
strength began while the general hands with Eisenhower at the White House door as Ike arrived
wasm Army Chief of Staff in 1945 for a conference after flying back to the U. S.
to 1948. Elaenhow.,r gave report- iNEA Telephoto)
seeomplishment in Europe of the He asserted that any na- between Communism and de-
past 18 months lion, including Russia, now mocracy
Eisenhower said "I have fought planning to start a global Eisenhower added that the
for more Air Force thn ever was war would be "very foolish." cuts in the Foreign Aid budget
grante-d by Congress In order to start a war Elsen- of $7.900.000.000 would neces-
When asked if NATO armies hower slid, any nation must sarily lower the calculations
would be ready to move upon be able to do two things: upon which the Lisbon meet-
any sign of a crack in the Iron ing of NATO countries have
Curtain, Eisenhower said he First win instantly, and sec- based their program of cooper-
glpeves it is impossible for free lond. be certain it can win a atLion for the coming year.
entries to maintain forces global war in the long run.
fdy to strike on moment's He believes that no nation However he said that the
-lee. can win a global war instantly, Lisbon calculations were "not
pointed out that he i1 not and in order to win a global sancrosanct that he was not
Sof those who have insisted war with extended combat, he responsible for the origlwn
reaching specific military Isaid an aggressive nation would estimates and could not .T
Mx this year or the next y'ar. have to stockpile everythin owtey ene e
rather in keeping headed for needed for such conibat. own defense needs Therefore. he said the "chances
connection with European of a delterately planned global BEAVER BAIT BAGS BOICAT
e se, he said the "progress is war was not great."' e warned
." Referring briefly to air however that there was a TUPPER LAKE, N. Y., UP).-
4 ground forces, he thought "constant danger" or war on Having trapped four beavers,
e abshould be a reasonably the fringes of Russian power, Augie and Jim Zande decided
e balance. Elsenhower said apparentiv referring to cases to bag a bobcat. Using a bob-
Int we all must recognize that ilke Korea. cat "set." the boys put In a
United Sates cannot live ex- He added that for that rea- beaver carcass as bait, They
Tvely alone. son the United States must help trapped a 16 pound bobcat
worth $25 in bounty.


Omii Td GW
OMltA, NA., une (Up) -
A Boston minister threatened to-
day to p!aN charges against an
alleged c gi he said entered
his hoter rdoa to "liven up" the
He sad he had a hard tiMte
getting bi.'t her.
The 9Re. Quentin Leisher tld
morals quad officers that a beil
hop atsirO*ihed him Saturday in
one of Ol sa't swankiest hotels
and asked =f be wanted some re.
male coaiijonshlp.
Leisher, a trtvelling represen-
tative of tme American Roard of
Commisltiqra of the Conigrega.
tional Church; said the bellhop,
offered to send up a call girl.

The minister said that after
his conversation with the bell-
hop. he waited to see if "the sp-
cial cancer of prostitution wAS
being carried on under the guise
of respectability."
Then, he' said, a woman, '.a
peroxide blonde disupated in
appearance." entered his room
for a "visit,"
"After she entered," said the
clergyman. "she had a difficult
time understanding the fact that
her service were not wanted."
The bellhop and the woman.
were arrested for investigation
and released on 8100 bonds pend-
ing an appearance in court to-
Leisher sa Id Immooallty In
Omaha Is causing "a stench
worse than the stockyards."

Point Four Chief,
Named For Mexico

Dr. Rosa E. Moore, US Agricul-
turalr expert, has been named
director of the Point Four Tech-
nical Cooperation Program for
Dr Moore will represent the
Institute of Interamerican Af-
fairs. which administers Point
Four projects concerned with
agriculture, health, and sanita-
tion. fisheries and mineral re-
sources throughout Latin Ame-
Dr Moore's most recent posi-
tion h.s been as deputy director
of the Office of Ferign Rela-
tions In the Department of Agri-
culture During eleven years of
service In that government de-
partment. he planted and ad-
ministered cooperative agricul-
tural programs In Central and
South American countries. lie
also acted as consultant to the
US Export-Import Bank when
It granted loans to these coun-
The new Point Four director
Is a graduate engineer He per-
formed research in soils at the
University of California for
seven years.

Cultural OffiwSeys Glees

Have Specift Job ,In Word

Wright W. Kirk, Culturll Ak
fairs Officer of the unt
6tate Embassy, stated .
horning at the 18th AIMI
Commencement exercises of
Canal Zone Junior Co
the world has a specific
he graduates to do a
they cam do it.
Speaking before
friends, and teachers Ag U
Diablo Heights Theater1 tk
Counselled, "Your next ete
enter the world *ith your ta
up, realistically recorpilIg the
fact that from this period on,
you are definitely on your own,
and the road ahead will prOb-
ably be rough." The Cultral
Affairs Officer continued:.
**The whistle has blown and
your coaches can no longer-call
the plays. However, your educa-
tion should have taught you"
to need and want those .things
that are really important,
among them universal peace,
universal law, and universal re-
pect for our fellowmeni- the
ability to answer some of the
problems of human r6latlons."
Kirk, who was the principal
speaker added:
"Bome of you will probably
choose to continue with your

41 New Employes

Of Canal Agencies

Include 8 From US
'orty-one new employes, eight
of them employed from the Uni-
ted States, joined tlr. Panama
Canal company-Government or-
ganization during the last two
weeks of May. according to a rb-
port from the Personnel Bureau
at Balboa Heights.
Twenty-six of the employee. I,
Including 19 student assistant I
hired for summer wotk, are class- I
ed as temporary.

Three of the employes comingi
krom the United S rates are re-
joIning the the O 0 al organlia-
tiUon., They are Noward A. Brett.
larle B. Johnson and Thomas C. !
Brett, who was born In Wee-
hawken, N.J., is a look operator
'(steam engineer) at Pedvo Mi-l
guel looks., His previous service. C
from 1941 to 1050, was with the c
Motor Transportation Division, a
the Mechanical Division and the q
Looks Division. a
Johnson was a foreman In the '1
Municipal Division from 1940 ton
1943 and a rigger in the Me- 0
chanical Divisalo from 1943 until d
1948. A native of Helona, Monta- d
na, he Is returning here as a rig- t
er and is working with the In- h
ustrial Bureau at Mount Hope. a
Robertson is working with the c
Electrical Division in Cristobal as
a distribution foreman. His pre-o
vious service, broken by two years
i4_ .8W Au-. wa.n f, n. A1 0nt "


in irii- Army. Wal nromin i wav li
1948. all with the Electrical Divl-
alon. He if a native of El Paso,
Other new employes who were .u A .od
hired in the United States., heirIi jW
birthplaces and the location of
their nreeent employment, are:
Health bureau: afael Alvarez. harlesU.8 M Ority, Consul of
ona, P1erta tic; Hospital R the U.S. -a In Panama. be-
n, Puerto Hospia l Re-lieves that students in the Canal
Lde,"Aia; ion, Zoms one s an father ttter relations
Looks Dlivlon: Throas C. between the K"to of Pftnama
Laing Front Royal, Virginia and the R ~W O df teL
Look bpertor Wireman. Gatun,
Ward I. Lalin, Green Bayv. Wis- Spekin tnday afternoon to
oonsanl Lock Operator Machin- parents, s, teacher of
it Pedro Migu Nl: the eight i ade Oedn class
.ni-neer in Division' Charles of Balboat J il lahooiat,
cf. Munde Illeen, Texas; Cl- the Balbeo lttheater,
vil Enginoel'Diablo, Gerrity told tIe itudens
Railroad Division: Albert L. "You have s nttl here
Pope, Moorefield, West Virginia; in the Canal e O etm =n-
wod and stel carman, Balboa, official Ambn- aeIlM ff wUl

Wednesday, June 4
Ugk low
W1: p.,. 6:18 p.m.
I5il:35 a.. 7:W0

'a *.* -." '5.


In helping 0
still fourth
friendly rb
tween our sti
amA and ow
He added t
dividual's af
knowledge 0o
Oenrrty r e
students man
the lanSuae

:. Luke-

Yah Cl0 Wo EMa
LmHsGm TmwT

- ~


j~ hf~V

the. Q-

Ait re.akt

So te rMang
fr mag
Swh would serve
at ad woo would

aUtdatial program th $t
United States; some w re
and accept qatlon nite
mus, Both be p wro"l
heater at = ,Im aw
tan in years gone b
problem of wum ty w ei
have b= 9me amoteNt
Family inheitanee and sm ,l
have iawlned, so that oi
once readily available tfor e-
cational programs na Iht
disappeared r a*e very limbtte
nd may even hav6 to be
to mbet the increased cost
living, thus restria it not
elimot ing eomnpleteI, yOu
plans tor higher editloaf
Kirk continued:
"The rapid Increase in popula-
ton and trained labor, with
which industry has not kept
pace by providing jobs, leasva
feWer avenues open for those
who elet to discontinue formal
edition, or the competition is
so great that you, aM beginners,
may find difficulty in finding
the kind of employment tor
which you are fitted, since at"
plicantM with experience, whnB
you do not have, are given pre-
The Cultural Officer ema
phasie4d that:
"You 'are not the first gra-
duating elan to face a or-gi.
Every clasp has had to face a
crials: World War I. depressionsa
World Wet II, threat of World
War II. the Korean War, and
threats of atom bomb attacks.
to name a few. It Is perhaps be-
cale earlier the graduating
class, have not accepted the
challenge and faced their orikli
adequately as individuals that
the world la in the means it in
T' speaker continued his Im-
pressive talk to the large au-
dience attending the graduation
eXOelsea by adding:
"What advice, you ask, can be
liven that we as graduates may
be captains of our fates? I A
be frank to tell you tiere
nothing new I can au ast in
the "fay of advice. Th late
Bernatd Shaw. in reply to the
luemtion of what aMinee he
wvoud give to young gredute
wrote: "Nbne unlen he AA or
t, In which case warn him that
you are not infallible, and o
are a generation out of dao
Oenera/ Luciu COlay merely, J
Be a good citilen.' eG
Oeorge C. Marshall Wrote:
cerity, integrity, and tole
ire, to my mind, the firsty4
ualrements of many to a I
strong pharactep.'
"The word I leave with yom.i
attach.' A merely well-informtd
nan ls the most useless bore B
odi earth: he must be ablei1
do o*wething.'i You are an *
Ividuta. You can aid in seti
he vorld aright... The world
ias t a iflc job for you to io,
ind only you can do It," Kirk

uS CMW Sees CZ

vcyou hear the confident throb pft, JI
4fHvat eth trmed, *
**N y). to fly.over oceans and onIttie*tA t
*lr.ttfit. Andes. How easy it It.
. 'd it o eit, the fla" tt teeh" te i i th&
U V. trt~d d t tkoutan t f hoar to.utdut

,araIitatt W, -f
> .= W7,.., ",- .



*'' .

I i j S ^ --jlil @ill
IR ~ ~ ~ ~ i N' NlW- tWslggr h T.- 7

'^ .



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