The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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S0 --Te t
Eniwetok Tests

S Adult Expected To Make

Meet In School A Bomb Old Hat

LtpONN May 24 A new o -
tp college for adult Chris-
= education has opened in By DOUGLAS LAWU'N
Moor I. k, a 17th century man-
siOn Osde arn 7 in urrey. WASHINGTON, May 26 (NEA) Some time early
Its oft is to present modern
problms against a 'Chrstian' this Foll, Joint Task Force 132 is gO'" to explode his- :
ackg r keround. tory's first hydrogen bomb at the Ewetok Proving ,
Factory workers, hea.
Olerks meet with oeren who Grounds in the Pacific.
hav e rolled fESB tiry If the testis successful and it's certain to be -
ropa c They H ten the event will usher in a new era ft warfare, just as the
in many fields, and S first A-bomb did.
the relationship of man to
mrrent world affairs. The military men and scientists who are working on
Sixty assorted people of all the project don't regard it as just a bigger atomic bomb.
end debating "Chrttanty and With a potential explosive force anywhere from 10
course called "Vocation" to 1000 times that of an A-bob, or even more, they re-
was attended by 3 teenagers. gard the H-bomb as a brand new weapn, creating new bmb teat ~ileei at
rA of students from an tactical and strategic problems for it 1 se. *on ti.sEM 1 ft
art took a course on the th- .
great part which religion has Following its police on such
played In the development of matters, the Atom t EEnergy scimakent a lir
art e Commission neither confirms
Workmen and their employ- nor denies reports of impend- ferentl& ~ een t
era arged their relationships. in tests. test
Em oyes from an aircraft re- ut based on cautious AEC R 0li
searc establishment discussed and -Congressional progress re- plof
the roll of science in its relation ports on H-bomb developments, an ee- i n
toLmoralnty. and activities which can't be need o lto
Laymen and churchmen de- kept secret from the public, un- '! assemlm -'I
batewhether the film was the official observers now regard is a
friend or foe of the churches. the upcoming test as sort ofT okeoutsidered
The opportunity to form an open secret use itr ia
the new college &rose out of Under the direction of MaJ. missile o fr delivery by a
a publih appeal for funds to Gn. Percy W. Clarkson, Task bomber.
save 'the uaniSn, which ft Force Commander and of the
where Jonathan s vlft, author Army's top nuclear experts from
many of his works. More than p"W arationB are already un-
enough money was rabed to der wy for the historic event. Task 'reoe 132 doesn't
ove the house, and with the to have al of the details o
ret It11 was decided to Start y scentlt from Los Ala- hve r fi ed Oat for the
the college.. Y erti~ts from Los Ala-
Can. R. aA.mParsnsthe new H-bomb plant at -blaust'
during World War8 n S. C.. and other AC t be toasted
zetay O th Chrchs COft-irnt- attlons have already said test ernmaers
mtt fo the Chuprchees Cn m- good-by to their families and sim elated eimaftt 'condit
m1 2 for Supplementin Re-i are on their way to Eniwetok.
aiobe educationn in the British Giant Air Force Globemaster nlfke the Itomic bomb,
mthe f~ agre to start cargo planes are busy ferrying its hyaluc ae more or
_the TShe public response the botate new electronic fixe b t e seed of a 'it
'asf 't teach people Just testing oes and other spec- H-BLAST 361is ? Maj. Gen. mais" of phlitE .r our
h t tch people Just lal equipment needed for the Percy W. Clarkon ommannder the H-bomb ean be ad e
nby ll ., "te wayn tet to the tiny group of Pa- of Joint Task force 185. large or as .small as Its
fif *' -i want to cifle tia. signers dehirey controlling the
M dn The idea Supet firmed reports of the existence amount of tatt7n in it.
tf .he dea Supeg mtasurea, In- of one.
S-goKing came eluding derwatir, aur- Soon after, articles by promi- Its minhul m an se li s note
___ .__ face ad l aI of the aMa nent atomic scientists revealed than an A-bomb because an A-
Mr '- have ba e by Clarltson. the following facts about the bomb is used to set it off.
RkOut 'hereI a mum motive new-type bomb:
for espionage in This variability accounts for
connec the event be- T the statemefts that It can be
cause pt the 8. a made anywhere tip i 1000 time
(up) s ig ine eas n more poaerfa itibthe A-bomb.
lt -0mb, generat eIn 4:
b eto hborhood of 50 million d.-
v'"the. .-acentigrade, to "trigger" an
i USduwjebrate the H l-bomb. :gt 4gW
f ho&Slr t he- .. The AEC can and is making b b Sto b
eO t aceived a Off a- .Ad BiaSaiiOn in its plants the special hyro- t 1A, *19B se-
two "burglars gen susbatance, called tritium, et.
First official admission that which is an essential ingredient r assumed, that
r larags" turned out to a superbomb, or a hydrogen of the H-bomb. lt0 be ne i g blast
o rookie officeag seat- bomb, ws possible was mad6 by It is likely that there Is no r t a ,fted .
ed in the night club drinking President Truman, Jan. 31, peace-time use of an a-ob .
and flourishing their guns. I190. with the announcement or its nuclear reaction which A I111 b e the
were jailed and suspd- that the ABC was wofting on called "fusion." It's stricty a 'of
48 the force before they sudh a weapon weapon of detruction. oi nd
had ne one tour of duty. This was after many uncon- Key problems facing r e A C -ts againstt
In creating a usable b o na tuoops.
were timing the ex ploion' 1*
e *A-bomb to the mf llontM f Also ebetod tI the
second required for
wMalaya is A-Building fusion ,ro^ gSum &m
Pdn V n putting the whole. *flJ0ag
fha deliverable io.
een Voles, That Is) Problem MOe i
--0-- I One nf theM nrnmbli t b ta S t

WCALA LUMPUR, Malaya, The trainees visited the lamh
26 (BIS). Side by side hospital where they witnA
She battle against Commu- three operations, including a
Sterrorist in Malaya an un- Cesarean birth.
tig campaign is being wag- Dr. Megat Khahs bib Ml t
p ralsethe country's stand- Omar, State Physician, Pnig
La-ot living, spoke on rural health, and In-
latest step In this the ch Almad Salleh, Inspeptor of
g of modern methods of Malay Schools, gave talks oh
Rg=. planting and animal education.
-ldry -- s a training course
e hiefs and village head- Civics, social welfare, Malay
Sponsored by the Rural cUstoms and traditions were the
I IdDevelopment subjects of addresses by other
Olry. authorltue.
ty-i of these leaders The course inspired the la4-
e completed an eleven-day ers attending to action not onl
M at Ipoh. in their own localities but Also
hitltp were so good that collectively.
Authority, assisted by the Before they dispersed they
Ie government, is planning decided to form an assocIAtion
r country-wide course covering the wholk of their
{apong (hamlet) leaders State so that they can disws.
Among themselves their preb-
p e uslastic were the lems, reach solutions and ar-
Strainees :hat the original range for refresher courses.
I for the initial course had
i changed.
Iad been arranged In four r
OMs the cultivation of. QiG PlA iv-
Dtpadi (rice), rubber and-
crops and stocks -In D Or f l
the trainees were invited
whichever they chose.
Sto attend every LONDON, May I w)
iaid asked for opportu- are em .nig to hUWiM I
1. attend further courses. Problem of r "is"Wa t
SGovernme ntdo- art is a om" en
l provide the techni-al .Iand et u
and assistanoeIukn
Pea 1 Bcl demonstra-, A e i s
..15- sfure there ws" w -m
6 5 ans ml IfiLrmary. 1*4ein
wsi.ithe local w chhisr ft troei Me Wm s
headmen learned, I bs l
).1ed of r*eafgt tat ws.

I.hesir "sle w -. I. -,

Bet se i t mean ""a A"
R So slo a w am
Kurt is 1

dltely been liced. A e K
announcement a yeo
#, series of "successful
uelear tests" had bM
dddeal at EInwetok Is
muomed to mean that eW -
Sthe problem of MF
atomic detonation to Met
Silum fusion pro0ess
The nuclear fusion thnus i
ed is similar to the
Which takes place in the stt
starts creating heat and
Thert's no official M litary
announcement th the eff t
that all of the details are work-
ad out for delivering a n-beabt
to an enemy.
But constant refe it
U a "bomb" rtnutyrl
than as a "nuclear dei." it.-
dicate that they have. Atnt

-Mbh railway offlcials
a w problem -

Igads le t lg1 M
asip to iMs.

Swp the lusanb ae-.
O -- st him n "anas R-
10 to %**m tI D*<. -.

" mesiek."


I up the clouds In tju.l l t>8 b7y Mlt atomle
'rl*lng Groun nds In te art u whieh i ehow
t 4-Bomb brlllliance will Ief e3a t fst fl-Boemb test

a were debated
Y. and United

Nful detonation of an It-
are increased Cemman-
amands for outlawing it
Weapon, or for some inter-
al control of H-bombs.

I doman A~m erlss
iox tans and 4 dgl
m i his steea la practit

ier You?

'ii 5lCh fen.

W -n "'. -
NEW 2 gg4 (NREA) cost of tiving?
NWnsensel ti .masty Vrp e by old-
aM food, nt homes. For
tt typ o l haps prices. other.
But for e t us the gW- thntt snuff
and chew ,taal-S Wd their time tn arcades -
these are 1"e. There uaf'sn t of essentials
wlich cost DO hore, t not u and e, m their ever
did. The al t B fa3e Iron. w ie at the penny
laroade still aCdepts ueales gey..
Official statcsredv a sad stbry of soaring
prices, but don" ilude th that really
batter. Chewtg Rmu* t abse a p eit hehas chew-
ibM tobacco. eaYou eB eo t Jawn om inex-*
Shoe laces -cost ast t the as did n pre-
MIlation days, too. That's a m y -i s factor
our economy. What would* tas az without
M laces? A nation of shu tlen
ea can still M lay the Juke bbo S a a ltcM. You
Man still et a package of zinia Ad for fa o e. As-
iin IS Mtilll obea and a o t
Actually. thete are many .thbo iget Uisted
Inflation. Some have gone down ,l ;w; thalo have
Une up so little that. balanced aBMI W naereased
income, they've remained virtually swot
Looking down the Bureau of i ia In-
dees of Retail Prices, there are. cr il Items
of clothing thot have shown Uitt3e t ce
bttember. 190.IL.
Five of these girls' slips. d&MN. Mo b* m, wo- ._.
lans nnihtgows and men's leather ftnlU -- tud lY In 1-a lw
Oow lower prIcM than they had mwr y are

The ut4e0 lch have risen t beh a lae: he3at
Watei *Htta and bumIea ; f %W- 7814
dfirts, lo Nv E o shirts,

the.. .
.f.u. e
T I'inctreiO af7f 4w9ll WIW- ^M 'kl~lI*lB**N^

Tue7. ItW. UN' GUll Le w

St e 9 -between 0a
laws Weather r o man .

within O mil.
gut r,.. ..01
eabOUT an

Sneme At It Chsm A h mo
Ando So is G

- MAijWm .

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rmm~ ~.

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i_ F 'imo
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Sb, tP 4i 1 t^i,>

StOfdea of art

i d have
I, if the ar-
3 alo in tak-
SE3ffel Towf.
it wa a trat
a Elffel Towet
1 Into h
he awbLl

I on me one
it I could st


The *a

Lre onitl9 .
othe forerurl
N como
nSn of cot-. EA

mood esad

S M ,durit n he

lr world, iA-
Aiware of the
InnafMtarl th
K* AM^K'iW' JW~t~x su*icidet
Vicr^^s. "^^^*^^^wsi~

am_ -w.w e i.. ,T-r". -

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. ''i *

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....:. ., ... .. ..... .... ..Iay,

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-snobs. f caic n.n

fr14a krvw

..-.) ...... -U
* '.,~..,, ., A ._- -", T. ,.., ^,-,. y; +," ", ... 'lill ll
.......... .* ^'.' ,,:' .-. .. .. .......AN s
g ."" ..',
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a.M*a .b.'e'4W

;tme --god

itake d- Ipb.

4 b..v -. u

rcownt., j M

so~b tam~lnjt

* "An^"-.

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fit PqNmms Tflru MN.y SIX.

r II


In Cohnb: Jam. 2I 7rh. 73L%

, ;'..- "',.V,.

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* I ? "



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- G-, .M r4


*M r


OW.NIA veret i n
bJjMT but a few wHlt, wt
e Nto bwame hehr" h
or"Am eating s n d
made several
ne.oesulut, An a

a e r "' .

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sIT-W ,-7
..P- ,
. *i *... .. :: ,' \ ,^ > .. .. .

R: HOG.840-
t ,f wnn rin -u

I Presents

m m4ay f5 -* W*dBmey.ey MU U t mayj, -
AAbA i

..o... bi t0,8 6. ..o f o :

10:0&-Of the Record11:
*" j e(..--. ti Tempo of JaM 10:0-ttff the Record 10
S1ksass Sutr Martetu 1thu Resod (Co0t1.)
S*1 :11.-O t te e B. a
h.- 8Aa aft Ri 1:-aooand LaMheo Mu-o il
* a t o ed moart Pero- dos In t ra

: 0 eihe VMus le 1: m rade 1: Parade

-. -----:10-Mu.le for Wedneany SJ i endO-the-o < i
'S. : ta Laoure abvIa 4:0s-oda and Poh1on S to ert

-e ,ThC t.r (VOA) 3:0- tr Cour oaevoret oh
S t30-Mmicfrc In Wednau. s I the Or

SU t Taf lit ( MVA) .OaMw Your Fav ot i to, LJapa
oft y M 8y M:doa 1 of A < rl b convey 1
4 (:00-LindalMet Love Ca. andchRO
o o .oa r-, S A L o : O r d "
SuCoSert lall (n ) : ohas a fa
m uct Hour (3 C) ment n no M

ST. f yench In the Air (W)ca.Te Clr I
ea--ay, may N. (V A) 10S : of Amer ic all0 re in su
a U. fnO a tators g Diges I : raa of PC4 a ee, e
Met (ub O ber people tid *
S: Go (BS2aC) 11:.E Thta oc potlJ If
9: unting Hour 1. a.mne
10:ouae 0

III s Rest aa""m ,r ana h
is: Off att:0My

et an s 3:4 The Japan ,TIn
*Wg Ounidy, MayN 6: On.-Tthe A larm


I:s" to 1:4- u Io (. c w.
S:E LTam I 00N@C:10- o:"

..lB--Aturnooa lfl M 4 :0--Chldren' ." "N" UIi. : l
Ich0.-usi- s uvk N'S nor g

0,.. 8:f. E .l r v ...
.. Reta 2*:-sa or D i,8:4 Mu. .

S 14: Tour iB a : .- ..' "
First L.M4 am CC* L 24m5-Tour be

S:co-esmmentaor Dra lot ( BC)lu"amJo
S .A I = 0 91 h ( Y O A ) :0 T h Os ,-

m-a de-:00-" tg O"A.
r-o- M tuy (V )e 4:.l- B H 0-s : .. s s atI

C. 3:S- A t"(' ,, ,.o
CamA" u :s-m 3:00-Americ a b .'.s- hC A
*:oo..t*or 8A)l:015-The Little

Bt 4W-o Will.wa -fi55ISLittle show 6:2 15-Mutewe Sm Woe
g 2 l0:0-3ulc for 'I ami ab$
0: M-st * BCia. r 00-1B"t6 -b. fat
hucsefy, m my 5V '*:s- Cive anum i.iamTak


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P much Mp~
S ..P.d .o

i 6def tremeti0
t lt w el -'tt ,,
. tm tby the e .5
teatfe hat
Z&LZI im^roven .fll-.F-J

of a S71'w"
** 4*. Jfl-ig"qO IL r

other advertising. m ium IsO''

lst shipment of CAMPALE in#-

bs through spot -advertisng.

i .- .. f .

sold oh tie alflqpowrqt

o -s 'i", i **
S, o' o ws!

a ftt
.if -': '. *. ,- 9 .
;ft ,t .. .. .- 4
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, f. "" : .,^^^ L.^^s^^w^^ .. '. **r *^ '' "

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ft ftd~h: ~-A.*
v-ft K.
-r- -A ft ft ft.




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* ff. of t.
. .o -. .
' ; .. :... ...... ., .. -: ,- .. ___ ^ ~

:^ ;, ." .... .. ..... .,.. t" '. -
= .. :-.., ;, :. ** .. ... *. "i. .. *.: -A .
'* < .o ,-'': ^ -.. -. ...... >
.*f ft.. .. .. f .... ,

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-ft-S .. *ft., ft.ftfr'.t .



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mb. c vn *,w-,
, a; wn

mt W I m "",Adaf. -


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gIm belou
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the 4
a bm


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Idt to


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.tase-was a
S..d e-.
le awdA a

w "tvn who elala
own is goingsto

W ong: ....

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I. o.M. Ip.
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- m1de ,lk, ih uitatsltM h f Amris, ,
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to know. c'.
In the
thet *t



Bga wa ages

.act-, I
WC .

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10 .1

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~^L. ^^^9^^^^ M^SitSM '" -'
vV^ 1^* ^B^B^B *'* '*'*

-'s:. ",

Yu Sell ee..mWen You TI em thu P.;

I4 nve ~our Ad with one.of

Lewis Service
*4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2281. and

'fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-9441

our Agents or our ttffle"tio No. 57 -- "I
N6 12.17Q Central'Ave. ,olon

Sa46n de. B9leza A.ricaM Carton ohit.
#56 West ttih Street 10.050 M 5l6*d it p

Agencia InerKiaconal dee Propag"e 5A, d '-. t Hf 12 mod.
#3 Lottery Plasn Phone -111 "H"' Btroeet t St. 2O
Phones 2-a0t1 a .M. lU dtil od

I ~ -

SHousehuold "Amtu ohale, Do ye be *e 4takiI plbrbaf
'i.--- W-Ake"* A Ymomou. -8"
SSALE: C plte diningroomf Service Personnel and Civilian 20|1 AMi" cE.
and bedroom sets and solid mOho- Goverrment Employes fIL ONS -
garw mode bv y also reriner.- Insist on PICIL tWIONSI
aoar. gas stov, c.ou.ehold utensils. Gormment Employes FInOrve Co. Fly Locso from Ponorma to MEXICO
After o m. Apt 8. Melendez1 When you finance your Ae# one way $85., round trip, $135 115
Aventc 301 ., Colon Tel. 731 I or used cew. da,-limar $146. (good one year);
-- AGhNCY DNmLIN4Rft to LOS ANt lf5, one way, $149.
6ptm SALE Furature tor enlre No. 43 AuromeblNe Row 15. round trip $252.35, (90 day-
apartment including ,efr.geroaio, Phone 3-4984 3-4985 I'm'l, Panama Dispatch Service, op-
S venetian bl"ndo Vers reoscnoale or buyng your e posrte Ancon bus stop, Tel. Panama,
hlou'e 0430-1. Ancor Tel. For selling or buying your next auto 2-1655.
.421.4 see: Agencias Cosmos, on Auto-----
, "I -- mobile Row 29. We also sell FOf R ALE
"'-OR SALE -Leavng for States must GUARANTEED Used Tires and SA MLE
sell 25 cycle 9 ft. Westinghouse, Tubes. Tel: Panama 2-4721. Sa- Mridmne.s
S all porcelain refrigerator. In very turdoys, open all d ay.
A~^~-F condition lbo 1524K OR SALE:-1946 Chevrolet Sedan WEST.BANK LAIi$S: Complete
:,: ---::'S SALE: Bedroom set, dining Radio. In top condition. House 500 beauty service convenienty aval-
Wble with six chairs. 717-B, Co- B, Curundu, C. Z. able, Genell Bliss, Cocoli Clubhouse
S. coli, C. Z. Bea,'ty Shop. Experienced licensed
S, FOR SALE:-1951 Pontiac Super De stateside operators. 4-557, open
FOR SALE: Refrigerator, G.E. Luxe 8, Catalina. Two tone, Hy- Saturdays.
25 cycles, monitor top, porcelain, draomatic; radio. Accept cheaper FOR SALE---
good condition, $50.00. 7 vene- car in trade. Phone 25-3933, after FOR ALE:-oxer puppies. Cham-
S tion blinds, metal removable slots 3:00 pion sired, apers available Quar-
52 x 60. $13.00 each. 0251-C, pmters 383-B. Ft. Clayton, telephone
",,, Gamboo. Phone 6-338. FOR SALE:-1949 Ford car, radio 6205.
,., ,---,E_ -cu -- t .r-,i-re .c perfect condition. Call Balboa --
FOR SALE:-6 cu. t. Fridaire$45.conditin. C Bal FO SALE:.GrI's bicycle 26. I
-" New Cristobal 355-B. Coil 3- ------- --grass rug 8 x 10, I piano upright
,1880. FOR SALE:-1939 Plymouth 1947 I HP 25 cycle electric motor. I
Kaiser. See D. Scheltnreyer, 510-A rabbit dr Hamster hutch. 6 com-
.,4fOR SALE:-Rottan livingroom fur- Gulck Heights, 4 to 6 p. m. apartment all steel, I lawn mower.
V nature, carpets, solid mahogany beJ "--- -- -- -- House 1580-A, Balboa. C. Z.
d.... room suite and bookcase. Baby FOR SALE:-1947 Buick Super con-
' crjb with mattress. Kitchen tobla vertible. New top. White side- FOR SALE: Stainless steel oqua-
with two choirs. Many other mit- walls. Phone Ponama 3-4169. rlums and aquatic plants. House
ci.oneous' items. Call at house FOd SALE:-1951 Ford Custom 6 Se. Isabel." 13th. St. Melendez
No. 1550-C, Govilan Road, Bal- with radio. 8.1,565.00. Phone 83' Ave. Apt. 3 13 to 6 p. m.i
boa. 6185, Cururidu. FOR SALE:-Porn hril. nnl A,4A\
618, 'urU&.FORSAM Poy bridle and saddle

2R. SALE:-7 cu. ft. Frigidaire 2 Must sell next 3 days, 1937 Packard,
. 1-;. sl2 yrs. old. 60 cycle $150. Also ood tires, runs K. telephone 5-
Sh chair, excellent condition, $ d tires, runs K. telephone 5-
h chair, excellent condition, $5. 135 after 4:00 p. m. or 7097 Jus-
00 Ft Gulick 88-236. to Arosemena Avenue, Colon, dur-
.arOR SAL. ingday.
.s. r FOR SALE.-Ford 36, 2 door, good
.'P1 R PllI E,,tae engine; duty, plates and inrance
~:'---'--.... ... paid. Five fair 6 ply tires not re-
FOR SALE: Two choice lots No. treated yet. Cheap transportotions,
A 498 and No. 499 at reasonable $160.00 or trade. Cristobol 3-
:,;. price, in Los Cumbres Party leave* 2985. HOuse 351-B, 6th St.-New
g- it for States. Phone Balboa 2- Cristobol.
S 3436.
1 SALE:-Beautiful lot at Villa A
i Carmen (uon Franco) 2nd. Position Offered
4,', istreer. Call Panama 2-2731, 3-b...
S. 1421. Responsible bookkeeper or account-

L OST:-Wallet containing personal
!* ? ^Keep then money *tt please
I:m m" wllOt tem C. Z. Polire or
> Trons Baxter S. A. I no questions


WNTED: Associate or partner
S with money to invest for reason
of expanding successful business
In San Jose. Costa Rico, Box 395,
Ancon C. Z.
fe ANTED: To buy 25 cycle fan.
1K 853. Cristobal

ant for lore concern wanted, apply
Bo8 32S. Panamll.:
WANTe:--O eoashrr1. bookkeep-
ers, salesmen, application, must be
ocomponiad small Iplpho and
references. ttre to B6x 5035
Cristobol, C. Z.
WANTED:- Spanish-English speak-
ing Office Assistant with know-
ledge of bookkeeping and corres-
pondence. Telephone 1386, Colon.

Samoans Claim

Right To Fight

Gentle. hone 7-88-702. House
s20 France Ff ld.
FOR SALE:-Plane. Excellent condi-
tion. House 560, Quarantine Area

Eric LaMn erer

To Give Concert

u CZ ThsWeek

Eric Landerer, well knowvm
.plnIst oft Mxi0co Oity, will be
presented In a concert at the
t;O-JWS Armed Forces sbr-
vice Center, La Boca Road on
Wednesday t :1. p.m.
LaImbere fl e remembered
as., moiber of the faolty of
khe ConervMtorio de U60o- y
Deolamacl 6n in PanamA. He Is
bn route to Venesuela and-bza-
xal on a concert tour.
Born 1912 in Opava, Czechies-
lovalua, Landerer received 'anls
iirst piano nstructIons at the
uge o01 five, showing unusual
tie was later sent to Beilin
ana Paris to continue b e stud-
He made his debut in the
former city Wien he was .WX-
teen, and -corea an extOru'odi-
jarv muena with i tat .MA a

Grarndich nt Clar.
tofrses. 66ericIc'al
6-441 .

Poramlia J- l-cCA
Casino Srant Cwlro. Dottci. 1
Casino At ce No reservat '
ceauay. May -24th and ,
Foster's faimr cottag-es, ,
beyond w $nto Ctlro. Gas ii
ators, ranue Special rat o f
ly or monthly, private
beach. FPar omtiaon tAr'|
mar. TN2O Avrue No. 6a i
Panama 2-41 70. :- f

I~uft R~NT

Madern twurnMd unfurnl ud W-
men". Mai d *v o.W pte.lo. M
tact office *"1. lOlti tre,.t -
Cribtobol. tePhore 1386 CbIoe.
FOR RENT:-Furmlished or unfuf"tri
ed apartments, Vista Hermuti
Furnished or unfurnished 4Wsrt-
ment, hb. 4, Central .Avnt,. .


at It. St. P rry PIll; 'thT R
starS, office, .r agency, wfth-r '
without Its own warehouse, .pI"t
call 3-4106. ,


FOR RENT:-Room furnished or
furnished. 4th of July. Tel.

Dog Helps Promote
March Of Dimes
FRIANT, Calif., Way 24 (UP)-
Prltz, a lllaik and white territe,
unknown become a ofn
coflecton for of Dlme
accordg t OWers Mr.
Mine. AlfredfM~i.

over -$2.233 of 'ig I 's earn-
Ings to the Mbl h Ofm es bt
is unable to infot'r trim dog that
the campaign eankot accept 37
slugs and a b4"Mt which Frita

ana the public. Two yeas 4ater
ne was awarded the oovled
-MA m inAreooalter, he toured -,.
ropes main music centerS. 4,t
PAGO PAGO, May 24 Ameri- a visit to Barcelona lieA ,
LODI, O. (UPI A veterinar- can Samoa (U.PI Two thous- neard by Pau Casals, who Wak-'
an, Dr. H. H Mabry, Is happily and American Samoans would ec 'nUm to appear with the .or.
lending a midget Palomino colt like to Join the United States chtesra "Pau Casal," a rare
whlcp he believes may be the armed forces but cannot en- nonor for a young artist. .
otil. one of Its kind in the list because there are no re- In 194U he played Vi ftlels Pl e
w40 crulting facilities here. for the Australian Biad4eabsti
is is what I've always been Gov. Phelps Phelps claimed Commis.iion over a period 0 1B
for," he explained, the youths were getting "no co- px months, without rep t-,
ho .O-tt the tiny 614den colt operation in enlisting" althalN rliUa a single wonr.
a silver mane and tall, 'but they were "crying for the change sHe has recently given pre
didn'tt think It would ever.hap- to flght for their country." than 150 concerts in LtiaA. LA
pen." "Patriotism is not dead," attica which were highly in'
Phelps said, u hort-hs brica which were highly ^
Phelps said, "but short-sighted
"IPss Fancy." as the colt .i .- ena Department policy claimed.
Sas 24 incy hecs l and Kng it in American Samm.
wae poInhesblonghand With billions of dollars for di
aed 20 pounds e haven't a cent to spend to re- Harris Mee H .
by, who intends enter-cruit these volunteers in Samoa. aM
Is 'prize In pony .hows. es- "This penny wise, pound
that the chances of get- foolish attitude is inexplies- FORT WORTH, Tex., M U
,a Palomino are about 50- bly stupid in the face of ihe (UP). Things were o
ile the odds for obtaining unanimity of support for the for a couole of minutes when
modget, are about I in 10. idea in the press, in Congress, men' walked into a dry cle B i
Ssire, a shetland, was be- among the veterans' orgail- business operated by C.
sted by Dr. Mabry for a nations and in Samoa ltelf." ris.
er bone croscp. Although The presidentially-appointed "U. Harris," said the man to
stud h .d "a.t three -o.ther executtve of the only U. 1. tor- Harris.
they ve al. Of ntor' ritry south of the equator. "Sure." said Harris. "I'm H r-
ll mte. '"- .ud Congress to enact a bill ri. What can I do for you"P
S ..-., Rairedby Rep. Fred Craw- "No, no." said the man. "1'ms.
F.Ala FPancy" was a first coll ford, (R.-Mlch.) requiring the Harris-U. Harris."
4 'Twinkle." a azed forces to establish a re- "YeT I'm Harris." rephet .t
.S ting station in American now confused C. N Harris. I
r tao.ed the new RoHe.laimed uItu wa .p--"Wait a minute." said. u
ithei4 dubt thenew oHed in mhe Hose% armisd other. "'I am U. Harris. I came
She wthorld.tubtthe services committee. far my clothes."
A Coast Guard vessel recent- Al c t.
STO n nly visit tingPago Pago with sev- tlantC OC .
T wn Boys eral Samoans on its crew is (Continued From Pare I VEl)
bringing tour more Samoans to
Iin A~my IRonolulu for enlistment in the Gustavo Rosania to be
SCoast Guard." Phelps said. Graduated Today
P.OKER, Ala. 'UP--, "The commander is sold on Ba- Oustavo L. Rosnia,thesAon of
first. Joe's on second jmoans. Hundreds besieged him Mr. and Mrs. Joam m nsa of
L;t's at short in softballifor the opportunity and-lt was Colon, will be graduated today,
,. Necessary to draw lots to decide with a Bachelor of Arphitsdture
'A the Lale of three Law- on the lucky four." Degree, from Kansas State Col-1
lls, men who thought The official maintained that lege at Manhattan. KrNsas,
Igitr'chkldhood asoclat.iol.SBamoans. ha ve every moral where he is a member of KmAppa
0ir.-ftr 3 ve-rx whnlhtIn She _world to be allowed Sigma fraternity. He has been-K
lduetor t e teto rhe rmA- to.serveinthe rm ed forces of away from the Isthmus daring
a.D1931. ourat Wnt .artmenthe five years requWire for his is.
speek at Fort .Deven 'Trhe an epartment course -
t.a. Jasya w esmoh i a too_ alar wy C laudie Rosa fla, bis bro ter.
,rot J o l a 5 e O will M-attend. aS0mestM an e'-m '-
itin lo gi Cnlaudb ha )not flnihed!
a the distance from pre-madical osw"e at man- diest bes
who "* to Honolunlu." be-said. sState di OlI dpatd he Va- 1
Almp. In ad- Phelps claimed Aep. C IsOmd' vatl hib parents ad fatl- s I*
S&Pa* n Wt bHI would die in the anOed ser-. 1 em we wlB tern to Ahe ow a"
iM ( 1*1 t1 -vie. conw attlee -untes friendss Isthmus via Braniff Air Ltee. *-S i a
An t '_P f uomea in and out 1of C- utao wUl come howte for a
___ u 000 .bbit t 00." ...,l .im .,.-_ -,---



And -now
bll you what a wonderful
%tsecticide CHLORDANE is
In the April issue.
, (t's the Killer in Real Kill)
"'y it in the agricultural
trade for your farm
or garden.


a19 Central Ave. TeL 3-910

Del very.
TeL 2-1713
#22 BE. 2kb W

Hotel E iPnami
UELLING: Panama Cemnt,
Fuerza y Las (*prem)
and Forestal Preeqeto.
BUYING: Coas Cola.
TL. 3-4719 8-10_


cumw ~DftJ
8BpeoTver tt
T d ref *M O-OMI .
u. b n o

Tr.spotes li.., S. A.
Shipping, movkg, storage.
We peek and crate or mvee
anythhg. 'Phom 2.241,
2.246, PanamnLa

tomobil ; ew
'Tel. 21-011




w b Service
a TeL -211A3

Voodoo Or Not, He
Es;. ed Uninjured

#- l.tXS llS (UP) Voo-
4 U, AtMl a & tInstitution
p XWmowii J. Jut ask Walter

83-year-old auto
M ,itound his front
t. the best voo-
flta rough crossw
i o wod and cypress;
a M ar t canned okra,
4' gum$m .k, two pairs of
ea i N. r &f men's shorts
,' *lO a w tr w screen and
S .glMeseid his porch
M1t for tm-a Tidet A street
i- the side of his
- 4 ut mafiurt, Manning
*f -,d~t t bk the vwoo
a- -di& we bad anything
to do w th .the Owdbet.
"Z )UKt d0idnst -'tbe striet-
ar eQTLK" 20 AOL

tendanti it ad Wt .
Three- e tet a eutry
Iatey 1Loet Nllhitncale
took a mip i tf t ~ m anes
with hr to f4gao to tend the
woeadod of the Crieah War.
th the toe of Indifference and
f PIVrence Nightin-
1gMB sttun soB reforsnd
lAFbI "ftal that the death
rate Otapped to an unprece-
deniud law 22 in a thouMsad.
rVt" years later, in 1859, Henri
DInatM, a young Swiss banker
an pJilanthropist was traveling
In Re during the wars of Ital-,
ian tiflteatlon. Forty thousand
dead d atng and wounded noen
wreb Jftt*eraed over the field and
,heap'Mlt haVines, their suffering
increased by a lack of supplies
*nd medical care. Dunant did
etWhthe could to aid the wound-
d y organizing the local wom-
a corp of nurses, by en-
W boys to carry water, by
buN and distributing supplies.
M. volunteers were not suf-
:tte Dunant succeeded, how-
S a enllisng a small band
Stelauded four English tour-
et, Italian priest and several
dOOr threat* a whom were Aus-
truana. He led the women I6 aid-
lag the wounded; and the tWom- I
te, teeing he made no distnc-1
tita between nationalities. Tol- I
2lWed his example, treating all I
altke and. often repeating "uttil
fratel'" "All are brothers."
Denfnt's account of humoi sut I
fertg, A MEMORY Or ROUrE -I
RINO, aroused public opinion in I
behalf of his plan for a world,
conftenm "to form relief soce.
tie fr the prp of havn
Gate gve to the Voundd It
%A' ltUuikhly q a Vned vol
teeM&60 at further adv
"t these Doc
cog'gat great service d
Itemica or in d
s as oods and fires."
alftter the outbreak I
the War between t
Stat vrelnteer orgalzatio
thila States Sanitarl Con
misem, wsu founded in Neo
yorkt. tIs perform services for
troAops ft o care for t e
wft--, o both sides in muc I
the an"manner Dunant had
propos-a .It book.
ohe- t of Dunant's
pamphlet intern,
tional W at Geneva in
1883. Ilb a to the 1M3
confersm j?.to estab-,
lish in e:Wunktrles vol-
unteer ll serv-
Ice to rom l
,thase uWU al the f~it

adoption WV 1
high officlIs
members oft
mission, but S
until Clara I
Interesting '
the Red CMo
the Red C9
ted ian It"
ry of t"*

With the KN
gressional cl
Amerloan N0
was reco pmi
unteer reUB4
permlulisi "b
armed khu
eharter, w" 2
Mabel T.
an earle (If
sively after fat
of EuBr=
The r
providtB .
ment ,di 1
counts ai Y
War tr
ed the S-
to the
sick and
time of warE
To"-Upa i
loped 1 *
each nLUU
any of OW
eva).... .
To al

tween theag
sMas ai -

A 1%

'e t. .

nt sftee hof S ,

reM 111tted ft1.
oedtoh s to it
In me-t vt n .!et <
nityKe1rie hag Uib
meatt 6nprtalitAstMBI
ties t I.
the fM.o

rthak e t th
In American Cdtcm p,
with the egRatat s \
xdentM i
or divlQB of .mpt I

tor i waai nAVOW0,419,

o e.

t- baocil
me m
-- tfum t
at. pm.
chabe, C. I
t.ton wli
Milton A.


.'- -

* .,- .-"*. ,- ,. ,

a.-.t .~



mat idlyI

483 4A



"1' '~*j


naw m a

dreap Aw I s
h> 'Ib HW *bt
tout. as *-.-- -

,wu a

erd: ent at
*A dihoura
WI 've had ag
Bin HaUyw4
i Move we

of ale
who I
,," I I

. a

a mfret
Tuo," wPrt'
Foo Leasr

a w ~r~w ~

S, -.--m* ~p Ig
PWJis foar Qxt fo
'-q--- -

ymag Robert V
Waf-h At
ati Ath a

,. w .
W ,.* :

- ~ .41


8 am,." amso
Spuot ye throag
L. wTa bFae t

* ,' ~.. .j
* 'I.
~T *-
~\ ~

A. me

d ItA Ai

m aew =

la w "'. '









: ,--,,- ,' A r
WAY! .. .wm Cat

kw I II
SKS"^ ,_'^1~-;, _. "


6230 *

*; .f '

**' I' ~ I
I *** :
, .''* fr :


dg raves

kocher Gets tints To Septembehr,

SwaMi Takes Them Re

M1 4*AILM Only 'Larraine Day and a
f AMhnWmeet few ply knew about the
striamige .
- May M-Bal Toms l't know about
anages practice It until ati ppi plateward in
' ha African that historic int inning of the
on bhge. final gama in ie play-Mf. e1
is Iloweenm fore m fk tote box, Du
Durocher a winning rocher st h im. pulled out
the Dandy Little the caMpe_ letter and. told
11 o daft withMtt hibto read it. Prom the stands,

"It says hre," said the loqua-
clous Leo, "that you're goisg to
hit a home run."
The doc jc Thomsoh, k schol-
arly young man who could read
promptly crowded 'the plkte and
did you-knowLwhat. '
After the World Series, Du-
rocher searched to months for
Ow Il McTavish, finally found
him employed a a supervisor
Jn k Long Island biscutt factory.
Leo wanted to know how Mc-
Tavish did it.
"With science," McTavish
said "but I ain't tellin'."
*hat about 1952?" Durocher
' "It's too early yet," McTavish
said. "My system doesn't start
ovlin', tll along in the season.
don't worry, Leo.
"You get the Giahts to Sep-
teinber Ind I'll take 'em the
r t of the way."
While Leo Durocher is dead
serious about Jils discovery,
Luke Sewejl debunks the man's
special powers. The Cincinnati
generalissimo cites the case of
a Reds' fan who swamped him
with mail.

Duifv conasier the Sa-
c JIt 1B salicheat Inumation
,ce m 'inventiOn of the home
Weon McTavsh't Mine .to
he L nd an air of iver-
e4ce the clubhotus.
a wrote 'Duroeer et-
ter lre 'September as the Na-
tional.elaM race gI96ped in-
to thefihal week.
"We," were In Philadelphia
when it arrived." Leo recalls.
."The letter stated simply that
the Giants and Dodgers would
finish in a tie.
"It Ibo said that Bobby Thorn-
tem would hit a homer in the
play-off to win the pennant."
Durooh*r brushed the date off
a. 35. went about his bus-
Nesas. t when the ,raee grew
hotter, he dug it out again. As
'the Giants completed the mir-
usle run with a victory in Bos-
t=n, and went into the play-off
burocher never let the missive
out of his sight.
" grew In Importance dally,"
Lwdibe Leo.

Army Sport.s
0 -
4 yR KOBBE.- With Private five beated A Battery, 55-21,
Semple dumping in 27 Monday, May. 19. In a 59-25 tri-
to, nd Battalion Headquar- Umph over Service Battery. also
many threw the 2nd Monday, Cortporal Jose Lopez Ri-
3td Infantry Regi- vera scored 16 points for the win-
P 'ketball league into a nin C Battery, while Private
, previoly unbeaten First Class Juo Rodriguez bag-
S 68-55, Thursday at ged 10 for Service.
In other Snd Sound results, C
Sie ,layoff of a protested Battery dowed B Battery 44-82,
2nd Battalion Head- with Private Fr7 t Class Manuei
S had won, the winners Sejo of 18 Buttery getting 22
of the way. Private points. And A Bkttery downed
Glenn Trhltn helped Service 55-42, with Corporal Wil-
Si points, while Pri- liam'Agosto tallying 12 points for
aSerswith 19. 0 and H
muAt now playpf for 04th Flel .Artillery Battalion
Battalion title. and Rodb t Standis
111 Ii binshattry. Won Lest
K 8ts~ Headquarters Battery. 2 0
W Lot C Battery .... .... 2 1
|O pv ........ 3 1 A Battery..........1 1
By..... 3 1 l Battery .......... 0 1
Service Battery .. .. .. 0
carters Co. .. 2 2
.. .. .... 2 2 'D Company showed up as the
p pl.y .. .. .. ...0 4 team to beat in the 1st Battalion,
38d Infantry Regiment,, league,
the 504th Artilarydowning A Company 46-33,
O t r Tuesday at the Port Kobbe gym.
c Private First Class Leonard No-
is erapi ly moving toward wicki led the D Company show of
t.2nd Round champion- power with 14 points, whllr Pri-
q-domatrs. led by or- vate First Clsa Shirley Hunf-
'eMan ftU69ft, 4111 phrey scored 12 for A Company.
dfted C? Battery, 45-2. A Company came back Thursday
at Fort Kobbe. with a 47-37 win over B Com-
led by Banuhfl. with 14 pany. Private Charles Birnard
t -hadquarsers a and Humphrey paced the win-
hers with 14 each. Sergeant
rek. i *Walter Reed was the game's high
scorer getting is points tor B
ls Battalion Headquarteras
.-SISTO Company scored its first win of
the sneaon, a 36-26 victory over
"' M to rI it lWee taMN t.a C Company. as Corporal JOf
CStal TMA&-USoWaun- Adams bagged 21 points.. Cer-
) a in a m.Lg e poral Jerry Shepard scored 10
rt ig whO the for C Company. B Company won
fl P-P45 ite only fame thus far against
S 56-4 let Battalion Headquarters Com-
pany, Monday, 19,. 49-40. though
tfet.r^ battle with Corporal Adsal of lst Battalo
'BttedW u In tie Headquarters was the game"
dof 11e first high screr with 19 points.
First half. In the
VP5 employed a 1st attDaln. 34 Inantry,
wibthM a. Ba3aotbU Staudhalgs
dhangedV Won Lat
Bd to an D Company ........ 1
adva e and was C company ........ .1 ,
ffor the remainder A Company ...... 1 .
eadquatnerS .. *. ... 1
10 Iads in thescoring Company .... .. .. 1
u mprueman u_ ouhO,

A 110m STOPe Of 3.M Tol-
d closely by Naval Station
3.16 and V-45 with 3.00
VTARON-61 (45)
a pP Toam
S. 1 2 4
l 5 B 18
...... 0. 1 1
.. 2 S 7
Igdo 0 1 6
S 1 5
t 5 5
0 1 1

T3 2-3 4-
V. B4 (M IS
S. 8 M1
0 1 1
.. *0 1 1
.. .. 4 ,
~l'. 0 4
.. 0 1 1



;st Of Way
1 Q14U E WUL"L *m4


Re4 Sq
\ -N.


5th Race 'Native Theroem os'
7 Fgs. Pare: $3,00 ATA d)
Pool Close: 2:55
1- Saba J. Il 1
1-eJt Sambft) O. avn 'I
4-4forte%2a V.
6th Race "I-i" ImpeOfl-IPlet
Pmae: $375.00-Pool Clems: 3:25
TPt Bace oft the Sables
1-B. Cloud B. Afprre A_
-_-Novelera R. a X
8-GOran Dia G. Sanchez 1W
4.-.uraca F. Rose 4
5-Fanaket J. Phillips 10
--Trafalgar V. Ordofles U
7-Soberate nI E. Ougno
8-LuJoso L. Marts WX
9--Interlude E. Julian 100
7th Race M"Wbae
Purse: gJ.a00-Pool n 1
Second Race of the
1-lRocky C. Lino
-oo B. Pulld
-coristal F. Rose 1.
i-Plropo n) E, Julian in
5 f Lass A. unriqu
6-DOehelUx M. Hurle
-a-Supersatlclosa A. Men
8-PBrince Hamlet E. Dario
D--Pamphlet J. Brave
Lis-Caido n A VasquesI
ph seae "1-2" Imports "
kaune: S375.0W-Pool Close:
Quinelal .
1-Vermont S. Oar ds IVt
2-Walrus B. Agulrpe
3-Jepperin J. Baeza Jr.
.-Cradle Song 0. Bravo I
psicola B. Pulido I"
otch Chum A. Mana 13
-Ameno E. Julian 12
S Mago V. Ordofbqj g
Betun J. Brave
it- 'lcedo F. RoSe SI
Mla T Inmorted-6 4
gwe: $50.0e--Pool Closes: M
1-Bscandalo V. Ordofies 115
S-Wild Wire J. Baeza Jr. 12
.-Welsh Fox B. Agulrre I
4-Hurlecano C. Igleslas 1
5-Plncelazo J. Avila I
.--Pett Poes B. Pulldo 1
.7--Bedlam V. Castillo 11
8-Pinta' E. JuMlan 112
S--Phlox J. Bravo, 132,
10-Coragglo 0. Bravo 'Ul8
I13 hRaee "C" Ia fl-f l
floe: SO.0M-Pool les s:
i-43tduino B. Pundol
2-Paragon J. Av L I20.
3-Orisu) A. Ba IM ,
--1Montmartre) OrdoA f
S--aotable V. Cadflo .
6-Newminnter A. nrqu I
MBh Rase "D" yNative I
Mpiae: fM0.I-Peeal J
1- a lwa o V.
2-Tp.Girl A; l
-Manolete F. ag Sf
4-Proton C. twoB 1..
5-Golden Pick V. Al 2iU:
GOldg Pclak excluded Snl Sim

my nf
-- V .* *i



Rodgers ... ......
er .. .. .. t.10 0
Bosth ........ 0
Ellist .. .. .. .** .. 0
"A"' isOAR
Ati Bse ,rp. .. .. .. 2
700th M.&S t .,. .. 2

st inue .. .. .. .. ..2

Defense .. .. 1
Ar i .. .e .. .. ..1.. e .. .* ..


^UM-, i~T^^K

OI 21e,.20 $2.20.
._$ (Kn.-TMil.)

- 4 W-L
'1 3. lv I
E "7.. I ti
[ :.i'.'.- -
^ -*- 1* 2' 1

. /


~ .e Grounds to
efl for finrt ti
the otteome
40A Phladdelphia to-r

stardff sa the stars or-i sf.
aned that I would use Bud a rY* Y-
Byerly a a 'staiing pitcher,"' day etwI
Sewel related. Iov r
"' yerly, at the time, had
dch a sore a rm he couldn't place in
ow the ba lto the plate on f the

starter. Mta l a

doubt by bounce
DaqeKoel sa 10
1st Race 'T-* Naiv 44 Fn. the raves 30 f
urse: Z75s.6--PoopClosas: 12:45 rune in
First 1 ase of the Doubles runswith a gag
O & a drove d
2-La Sueste A. Vrquz 112wt &
3-Sirena B. A Irre 115 Giant runs w l d1
4-Con Valor las 115 -
5-Embustero G. el 115 i f
6-Cosa Linda 0. Cruz 115
7-Avivato B. Pulldo 115
8-Strike ee A. Enrique 112x 7AASL 4i
9-Lonely o L. Pefla 113x
10--Carbonerb .Baesa Jr. 1115

tnd Race '7-2" Wative- F2s. I tlle I s f ,
Purse: SS75.0-Piool Cose: 1:15
Second Race 'of the Doubles 1s Rescue ted the
1-Danubio V. Rodriguez 117x 5700th M. ea the w
2-Resorte B. Aguirre 118 YMCA-5il0 TUp Ba
3-Golden Fan' V. Arauz 119 balC ALeI.lO W tcue
4--E1 Indi J. Avila 119 ahead 5Isuwmlt
5-Brochavito B. Pulido 116 of play, ad ve serlo
6--Strike To E. Julian 11,3 threaten a entire
7-Politloe V. Castillo 114 t em ooer
3rd Race "-" rtd- Fgs. I ther, d
Puse: 515.90-- es: 1:45
I --Canu a V. Ordolez 118 to a Close 0Hill '
2-Mr. V.AOrtega 117 doubt be e.fol
3-D Fnesourt J. Bravo 116 week to K the
4-Betch iun W Julian 112 pion.
5--Tupac Lasso lllx 1

7--Prado K. ores 116
4th Rie "I-2" Imortid r-7 F9 Lee .. .... ..4 1
Purse: 75.01--P'i "Closes: 15Di nd .. .. .. 4 1 9
1-Hanna V. Rodoiuez 113x Embrey ...... 2 .4
-r.TPd Muto ....... ....7 5 11.
2-Dora's-Tlme rl d. d 115 .1Ulhaffer .. .. .. 1 2 ,4
4---AthY Ari r 115i Douglas... .. .. .. 1 2 4
5-S--ndarin 0. Alfaro 1 w0 1 14 4
6-Flameuno E. Julian 115 2 p *
7-Haste Star V. Ortem 115
8-Mete Bulla F. e115 1T

A--*- no- I-n led.

*BPO y 22 7 .B59
NoM e 23 8 .742
S. 18 15 .545
S L 17 1 .581
hica 'a -14 16 .467
St. tl i 15 19 .441
t ,a ... d12 18 .400
t l .. 6 29 .171
i4g 8f&tl not Included.,

St. LOT LO C tcinnatt (2).
CheSPtrebur ik-
Brat Philaehia.
Vt fYork.

Cht 1n80 si -7 14 0
Pittol an fl 610-5 1
,Lf. t reenrd (7),]
][]ll k ,, -t d Z wards.' Pol-
et A-,-j. .(8)4 Min (8),
LaNPihe "I t ()and Mc-
Calough. O- a., Strick-

at. Loam No ow10 6-5 18 0
CinclaMb W01 M .3ft-11 14-2
S-14 a(4)
S=)L. r (7) and
D. ee, ta )M. Porkow-
)ki (4-.1) Sih (7) and Be-

BNoto 0o ON 10--4 7 0
New Tak. DI OR'llft-5 8 1
WilWIa )($8 S (8) and



,s-. We .fa Let Pot.
S. 12 .657
ata. .*8 1 1is jil
1 14 .J76
I 14 m

tl .... 1. 12 .400
'w '*s* e1 lud4ed.7

Sa n0


Thorpe, who drove la
HmtP runs wth three
trips anad -
Nomered. were e b-
for the losers. Jlm
the losing hurler.
rer National tW
Pirates lost the
5f when the TWtN
ard and b36 y
gave the Cuba Rem-
B hurling for the wint
Rade pummeled the
relieved Minner in the
h ning with the tyf
and struck out Clyde
n. Klippstein, in turn,
help Leonard In the
twb on base and fti-
V* game without allowing
i "Seeminick blasted two
S in successive innings-
d with the bases loaded
ove in six runs with
while the Reds tro=nc-
Cards at Cincinnati..
Harry Perkowaki won his
me against one loss al-
e needed relief help
Werle In the seventh.
tAmerican League, the
creased their margin
Second place Senatem
the outcome of the Ath-
ators contest at V "ah-
Ionlght. The Indians .edg-
owns 5-3 at St. Lonls.
Her went the distance
e indians and won his
game against twe st-
7 he was hardpreased
nth inning Wtem te
staged a IB1 in
ta or eir onlyTVM6
9 tfra blanked the firtj
Dom y a. in*e. U
nDoty sad Mikea


- --


*-,- i"
*,..A. r,



, '! .,-: ..:y. ,. ,

i t



mm 14b

ino a~f VON A


, "m 1 L ,
I ag e t"" 'il,-.,"

irali e hgh. hop.

one In Otitt

Mclanoth ran no
tmd ftem, turned _:

M A Meeverted foft6

none one. e
hire kwion La Mea
ove asy two days in nwoe-
dero he wes aske d ta

a home town, Bonh,
TOY, Upre was no baseb
iett. t eems Increduo
for Sohbam is a town of %
P had nothing no pro j
females team,. no M.-pro
Nam, he o luor legmtn/80 knolt
hole Ino s6h6ored tl tes
none things be-
where a ,* says .
V I sloftbll."
Vheft finnati allb ad-
ase tr*ut eap neanw.

ewal w of'

Tyler, .; i 8.i C

B. ooodmaii '.z too

The AM t =oored Wlas In
the vt. three tIen t
the e tgh44J the Yankees
5-2 at r0. E inder
scattered f I. a Wte
going Job w UWMkam
for his Cd t
th e lose .- .
rone I .
Walt koww With
a two-run ,s enth

Billy !!I-, | to

the loser.

M a'.
h. .

t', '.,. -" "-- '., ."

,' ". -. *," .. ? ..
1" .. *. 'i:,'. I: n

.; .- ;.k -. ,,* ,. \- .- -
jj&HtrlilsR^wmi gobs 8-^ kaslit '

A ~ 7 mV.

',"; .: -- .. -." *?* .. .- ," -'. *. ,

>~ ~ ~ *\ .. .:" *....-''' '" -
F" ... .'2'.

*...:. ,N,




~1*~ ~
4.' 1 (A




........ .... I, m .

~ "

(4) ii t Vt I '.
.a. bead a ... .. .li.
fts ada so
Al-----I ^ .--ne-



tot "

rFit '




4 .; 3.'-
&- '? *:*

- p1~~

- uk UIi~'uIu** h~



-Su ,
3 %w


ITs NE W!.
.'; ^ 'f


.UV N Aay WMWIJ i '
f a f clo c od to
In quantity, and
There, too, forth
..i 'SStep.. ;,

t^t*af A2

Apt. to
he now

k. I

a sUM m&av

n aitt^'"'*1


' MKLtk-

oft -I
MA.. Sh




.1. .
--/ -~

-,~4 ~
/ ~...2-..

' "J
1 .te

n. ..l



Me tao

hIapkF les .. .

. -

and 4
s a d (

vs awv
orA br,
eOBr ar
AL 46 -A




.,-J.- -..






i .-

" ',

.. *.

4 Wit
,a d A ti ....... *
M ,,' .

, da.8


v" *W ,

Pf"ice Search

Stuffed Birds

For $50,000

24 tUP) Police searched thru
stuffed birds at the gun shop
, of amateur taxidermist Howard
1ildebrandt, 25, of West War-
wick, today In an effort to lo-
cate nearly half of the $100,000
loot in the armed robbery of the
Quonset Point, R. I. naval sta-
tion Credit Union.
Some $27,000 In bills was taken
from the bottom of the Paw-
tuxet River in Warwick In a
leaky plastic bag weighted with
lead and tossed some 30 feet
from shore.
Another $8,500 has been found
in the home and shop of Hilde-
brandt, held in $25,000 bail and
charged with thr robbery ini
partnership with Robert R. Lai
Plante, 27, of West Warwick, be-
ing held In $40.000 bail in Provi-'
dence County jail.
Hildebrandt. who is enroute c
from New York to Providence in
custody of a U. S. marshal, told
police he spent $20,000 of the
loot in a five-week New York
nightclub spree with singer Flo-
rla H. Fazzlna, 30, arrested with
Hildebrandt in New York as I
material witness. '
Some $50.000 of the haul is i
unaccounted for.
Meanwhile, the shotgun slay-
ing o0 cafe owner Carlton M. 0'-
Brien here May 17 remained
under investigation. Named by
jewelry-robber Alfred Gagnon as
a Co planner if the fabulous .
$1,219,000 Brink's robbery, 0'-
Brien was cut down in front of
his home In the fashionable
Natick section as he stepped out
of his car.
In Providence, two representa-
tives of the Brooklyn, N. Y. dis-
trilt attorney's office appeared
at police headquarters and were
reported to b: planning to
question Harry iMad Dog Bis-
tany, *pal of Willie iThe Actor P
Sutton, now Inr New Bedford,
Mass. Jail in lieu Of $100,000 bail.
Bistany, charged with a $1,100
Westport, Mass. hotel robbery,
is wanted in New York in con-
nection with the $29,000 robbery
of the Brevoort station of the
Brooklyn postal system.
His arrest touched off a
roundup of 15 alleged bank ban-
it from Boston to Chicago
which included Robert G. Duff
of Boston, an alleged accomplice
of Bistany's in the Westport

-~ .~.-b., .

kLMa, LA


"Let the people know the truth an! the couMMiy"b e"


Goldfish to Bras...It's
EDITOR NOTE: Ruth Mil- security of not knowing what Iing Much a, 4
lett, whose observations on the tomorrow holds for them. lAaints be Wi
current panty-and-bra fever I "They try th act normal most "The l S
on college campuses appear be- I of the time, to plan ahead for that it was
low, is a noted woman com- the future and to work toward Mnent the ist
mentator on American life. A certain goa0l. But as one stud- and50 so 0-
former college dean of women ent put It to me the other day: take P *s 1i
and now a writer for NEA Ser- 'No matter how hard we try to won't siUT?*
yvlce, her column appears in act normal, In the back of our the ne*.k
nearly 600 newspapers, includ- minds is always the question: "It M
Ing The Panama American. Where wMll we be next month? momentary
Will we ever .to carry out the slon of
By RUTH MILLETT plans we are making today?" about
NEA Woman's Columnist prank,rt t
"That Seems to be the general less aenb
NEW YORK, May 24 (NEA* state of 1h20 ,and to escape from in the ;
Whats behind the latest and it now nd ten somebody thinks campus
silliest craze to sweep college up sometIng silly to do, the destructlS''V
campuses? sillier the better. to be dle !
At one college after another, "B-tas .f
that question is being asked in "All of a sy#den one student cipHnary fble
the wake of organized raids by will ay;. t'sa toss Jim into the Oeem % 11t
men studenrta on girls' dormi-, lake' Thseei a wild fight and thas w I. ,'
torles and-sAtority houses for sc .a 40 '_d pretty soon a
the purpose o swping as many "buriho't fto0 ge6boys are creat- SO thefftiPi
airs of pantif and bras as the
boys can snitch from the girls'

Duff is being turned over by
-fewark, N. J. FBI agents to
Massachusetts police for ques-
Venezuelan Airline rebfe#d. ,
To Fly To Panama Hah H.- .
CARACAS, May 24 'UP)-Ac- M.. Mayor C O Halt .res
eording to the newspaper "El -
Nacional," Vedezuelan Cornm- MISSOURI MELEE b ;.-
Miunicatlons Minister Col. Oscar with panty-ralders like RISING SUN. Ind.. 4 Pateaid hs request was just
Mazzel announced today that one at Stephens College, end- RISING SUN, Ind., g4 Pate said hhey could turn was just
within a few days the Linea ed Win riot.omen and grils tbw -that, and -they could turn IL
Aeropostal Venezolana will inau- Ihuit legs ani midni,- in sBiorLa down." He also .appeared re-
uralle flights to Panama with The panty-bra brawls have and haiteis today in opf ft.igned -to defeat.
Codstellations. spread like grass fires from cam- ,ianoe oi their 74dyear-dI "They don't like it much,"
-1 pus to campus, throwing house .ayor. he said. "They seem to think
h!',i. ._ mothers into hysterics, embar- they want to drea a little
Srassing college authorities. ald' Mayor I. H. Pate, who alsl, Cooler, andI ges they will."
causing a good many people to Is a MeLhodist minister, wa
wonder if the cultural advant- learning how rash it t 't tdi
ages of a college education are a woman what she should -not Mis
all they are supposed to be.
The dean of men at one large He had taken a new
state university told me: I advertisement to ask
S. males over 14 to stay o te S
"I-think these panty-bra raids streets while wearing blatels R K
are Just another example .l the, and shorts for the asks "of"
.. I kind of emotional outburst 'that "public dignity and decany." JOHANEB1URO, May 24, -
have been rather frequwMt on "Why, do you know, I'Ve evWt *UP) lifty-sht persons were
College campuses during the past been told that a couple f.gli. taken to hospitals today follow-
Sport ew years raland women actually h'fve leen Ing a riot between a mob of 12,-,
Nowodays the principal export "There seems to be a general seen nude on the tre~SOt A 000, many of them yelling and
of this Country is money. e unrest an'ong college bogs to- night," Pate said. asreaming women, and the po-
day. brought on. I think, by the "That's going too far." lice.
About 50 women of all .ages
up to 50 donned shorts end The riot started wlien a crowd
Shelters for a protest pe tde gathered outside of the city fall
.. ':*.. "..two nights ago while hlf r to -protest the arrest under anbi-
this Ohio River town, Of 2,0 ommumist laws of Solly Bachs,
ogled. a union official.
The Protestors carried The injured included 41 of the
d ; "Iewe never been c toon Ha ve- BLBO ESsumrged screaming bla,
reading. "Rah rah iomi r rioters and 15 policeman.
"I've never been dowiwnl RHundreds of screaming bladk,
-, In a halter or shorts n ynMY W end half-caste women
." lise." one scantily-clad t*Man d forward on po-
said. "But nobody'sSi n Uto ed wars aring ono
tell me I can't do it." licemen this morning when they
One parader was the b.s'ear- arrested Sachs. seer.atary of the
old mother of six chlrbe, 80th African Garment Workers
whose daughters also tr&laed- Un
Along. The mob tried to rescue Saedi
Several women said they as 5the police dragioKhim up the
joined the parade "just &s front step of the my 'hall and
S protest we don't Intend to through the big *gf entrance.
wear short on the street t. The union itlliugately issugd
gain." a strike call,
But the normal Mhofte'dum- A Union sa lid 0 to
halter set was out in full f e strike 'will n mr f ,u-
today, raising more c aSment to "we get Saohsr- .
than eyebrows. The city wa.
The whole issue w thae he riot, but the
'talk of the town and. friends were remaining as
S(NEA Telephotoe) of Pate said it was B ne the
mayor promised to "do Iee- For Bigger am .ls .
.003 .9MD 34 SIN 0 ROMMRR Gloria Dole, 30., a a W thing abont" when .bBs for
office agiiz, next NEWTON
I1ht,-alub singer (right,, and Howard Hildebrandt (left) offie ag t. Wiln e EA1HugNn
lice g t. Wdit"= X.-adilt is
lvain New York in connection with a $100,000 rob- BALBOA I wurofhearEsi al t
eQuonset Point R. L. Naval Air Station. last Iarch. TODAY TIO *'idnh
t is charged with robbed on a government reserva- 4:4 withL the rd
AF iW Dale is beina keld ua a material wittfse, 4:51 p.m. A. be n
i ...... b-. .


p Youthf
;.n's explanation for t~e tanW*
S raiding cog6 stden
wfced with uncertain ind fSa
t *the future, reactinto
n they are undeby %.-
'.f. authority to rabIse CAnMT
i.e silliest, most hart- baiwed
Yay they can devise.

as the tro
it into f i0


v maore l bI WR

ha 'd


When he Is one of a.gan
Some Irresponsible Aspr
'*l1 cause a lot of wLfl t
ftent, he is being sev.eles
y that h doesn't have'
0 understand .
If there is any explanat
1. for this whole bI
'0 the bra and paty T
perhapss that It it.

the ti

Aanmy at
taft' o-
o .

bank earn

l :tit S m.

~.: '~<


hon I
the I


;."* '* ,

e Car
a 6 all
.helte ir

bit VA.

gf o

., ., .,, ,,

cu iuu ..- wi, -
hundred~* ot aty
Ma'ge-scae .e.tieR, tt!
iaunt- Mhnmus. -.

Lrn iV l to coln e to ; tW. .. .
I over typed. Whtn Ci T' ae led, B*
n the we cah typtelt bM'd i a mat- Its n
teranus ter -of a t r -adt .. CrMss- solo work
rated matching t~t dase at that turned
pled- tthne, anad hoe
la -I to be typ, e hardly I
rd 0. Woald i t to
e* areto F at eryhltB co
U 4 venltence.". ""

n-, a wavr
l. t- tween
these alas lw.wlf mak
t Among 'the fta mres
take -vening was' asan n t aid
?~~ ~ L11 ii. ^^Ba iiitlii j,/ i ~ ,

, 39, ad
of c-eds.

Alem" l

A... ..
.U~ ^Y. = -. /(.. :.* IL ****

,,,~ .-' ...."Mgi .,g.


- ~
V ~' 1'
/9 .'

9 1 *~9-'.

9,. 4 -

-(', ,, ,1 ;
M ".,'* ., *..



I. i



* *

"I 1',


rifT( I tit tm ... ..

= i. d = yi




. T .



. J

"-I .1.



A -0 I ., X .



4L ,

t of the roof skq

in the $50
"L --.

Ew help form
torn, Mich.
7 ... '

', and why not.-ft
'in Hawailan ish.a-t .

* I

S,, ,~


4 I'




'' "- '1

.,"'* :-

: ~. .. ._- ** .-
:-* ," ; ."; .r' : "1;

.. .... ; **/ .' ,, ,,. .-

. .- i ^ ... ,, ..., ,,, ^ J.,.,,

IS -, 'Ak*tii ft defutpagne, ~~e rthied ts tfl s t vy"t eweo t .arllAibaitnr
ne the PSVM-l, gets'wready to uiese ith thr Beet -at the ,ortk, Vs., Naval Air et


RiBFOOTr kidsrod i
l. wnup a n gler k I
p0boots and boaits ae-ot
e;tookout for basI trut,
i'e, muskelluAge. ad l
oferel in the rivensand
kes of Quebec, Canqda's
pgest proVince. '.Th6
tdk of families fromm
irth, Central and South
erica will spend th4ir
nations there fishing,
king pietuies. bragging
d, telling the skeptical
O:badk home about the
hi Oey had on. the hook .
ty to let it get away.


TRAIIN whinddown the north rim of the
view of- tkee wonders of the canyon, ,wh

C. ,a

' "


4-. *.


- -rip
, 4

.. ~. -


S".'-:, ".

"1 ^
,.- ^

** *- is


7- I4 -a p
* BsoT M-WB AT. 3 te thi '.wlt
a get pa ,, S

w o r O k _
o e-w~-~. W=IW 5j'eI ""W6

t n. r-i to fto, e M r to- do, tal e a t ...

-., 5Ijq-O- so- ON" be leed m

;. 1 n" *..pd-trel.l "
A' f the aUn ouermnt et Actig oeuro m r *-
f. :bst D. was m ia I mtam e Me mm aml tlama
t. .I., ea office als ea t Csd tI, A ,. Ri. 1i3.
* W 4 Whbi Ma d Wi "l heid wei = poete O

MW e, wo ap- wr au o' u oss whe o .,, br n *
A t of Mat EsEl s at g u .semne sto 2 11ImaS
'L M te as of food i m om 'W Ii..!Ai ,
e d to ue at the end oft thf men th. h hi
"Alm_ o Iib gnation. ......-Me..,. .6+
t-s, onI a L U t In m mm o VM .. .... .- :...,- hI
to' p*e il don's welfare laseft, m g t a*,

.wTe 4 on a e lW-tn Wa-,,ea wM .r-
upmtnary To n m met a ida ae- geg T ,
g:me a a tenm. Due anaaaersm w n Wa. t 1 to
m ,mmB p ouumanowi.sed. ind tht ee Wes Iee aS46nes) ead F-O wrM bt
aSWOed by MW.. G. Gwo -W. Rie. ot. to It4 -
o a- a fter l w .

I*vIn. we ,a.n ,. iu, -,f a -, -- nL ftU&R

w, sse i hae *g l ,, 7u. u, ,1 ,,e ,n, a .... .
JS4 week- t adesu mine stm wee oi *sw en ** ,

"we gktrd to b eboue st10t M O B ro

d.i.. ---- -- -b* Vt et ..
A aghmeti deh aMWi. Ue Ga' I Wataromtet and souma artbare n .mretl. be am ag iye
at 1 tIen-day stay h.w P m mmaln imepn. SNo
Combracliw a fa f asIn So mev N
~"iwUet c t the *l Ma y's r.ipab -"u&*etam"w"
e w.t he ,rem e w ere : Aiae *loht l the wl .
S o"--r _e Ct rar tPer Square I"t t. a b e, 'at e
m Isat- mother mcam.t OiiwSbe
h if i. on a 4kM.le, e2-ear crte, was te. i
tmmmwithmoncopiasAm onwf mh asmul"sof amusuam d04
'39e ml, i nteNof P w L a. nd w. ~n More o. m SV
San e .Uof animals t.ey Sought here for air m.A of lU .
.-- ,V Panama side ofthe I baU r ed .m....asi4"'- ," -"i
4 IstW!OB Ofcha oot^aIu -u 4eth r lebui Jg le aOf S t llinO.O
Ie* V east h the Pfte uao l MaWL L NwA I.twas
#s- yua *eteme asmcma as MARI"Aas he s8
*e pwanuammts cameaSw e, forw pem (a Pen n ow '4mN a

a^'ets eage*ais el oiB t cehum mb e s a b" we Shle g lle e Now
err**. O ad VO b b a se kdb h a e m *____law
0 Usfor ow v mmet 4wsor-e 'em" meI.i" 4 h

mte^." hwfa *te Uwe %do g. f MB& Ahe h t .
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COLUMBU I shall come. Oh, I 01 ftBme
(From The Poetry Chap-Book) But eme r, I alo trkag _
An Intolenuit lands"pe o04
This serious man whom Time oW.n--
made necessary. An ancient, evambling wati
I Imagine old timber like one of Seamed with the subtle tones
- his qips, of time.
the bright p present In And a lonely cypress,
the set of his lips. Dark with pain,
and the arrogant head riding a On a brown hill.
subject sea. PETI M. URQUHART.
I think of him among the doubt- SUPPLICATION
ing men, his hands iFrom Canadian Poetry Maga-
tiller and helm; the light strikes zine)
molten from the sun I sine)
and the wicks of bis eyes blaze Run! take up your dreatSa nd
with fire of their 'own, ran.
whose core was kindled in a Take no heed of lved ,N m a-
vision of far lands. Nor of sacred thins -
Bear the datant eIf,..
He is a ship among my thoughts Do you know th t .. elg?
where like a power 'Tis the cty of Wibaderlt *
he moves equally, and the cen- .
turtles are seas .WandeOing o e a.
parting before him. In -that The firM Of fcws
head the destinies low
of men unooll into this contin- And ithe ant-d,
ulng hour. he. peak n ed,
iThe e ... _
The sovereign winds race round Touches 'a tremulous lm aer
the earth enclosing him, chord
and his asbps are vapor: but see; And we must search blindly.
against fle sky ,For our Insatiate minds hun-,
that forward figure filling It, a' ger
prow raised high. After dreams united.
and the horson in a flame that
will not diml Look eastward to the sea, -
OLIVER HALE. Mandalay, and wait for ma
Leave the castles standing, i
COUNTRYMAN'S BRECTION Spain, and wait far me.
(Prom The Christian Science e i
Monitor) Oh 6od, just let me see, .
Before time grows too oid, nrt
Take the lane that runs be- 'A sea so blue wit gh
tween the hedges, 'I cannot comprehend ftR,
Presently you'll see a five bar- But I shall know, h God,
red gate, If I can only find .. has
There's a footpath short-cuts And there Is a plabe e..
through the meadow. I cannot hope to find again, -*v Sae
You will find the way is mid- For when I was a chld I found a _tn get
dling straight. | It
n straihAnd with age I lost It. I 61MI, iI
There's a clump of beech trees But perhaps .. if na est-f
turning yellow PasIftyliam
Just before you start to climb Look eastward to the sea, 2A.
the hill: Mandalay, and wait lr ma& b e
You can hear the village church Leave the castles -standing,
bells ringing Spain, and Wait for me. ta1e
From the summit, when the M GAN A.9lh
air Is still. MARY JAM SLaE.
Sometimes you can see the stec- Tpl
ple clearly CONVALEA OCB aMOD gBrM
In the winter when the trees (From Vartegation) w S
are bare.
Down4he hit you'll find a small' Pause quietly beside the stream, F t CAk 1M"
thatched cottage; knowing the cleavage ;tw yf wfti
That's the place you want of spirit and flash; Ieene.
You'll soon be there. the dtr is cold, wever, ti
GWEM CASTLE. and I yeor ears b~Iek ts look
there t the rush f strange wa- without an a
(From Variegaton) -
Your hard glance Wonder .hangs like game
Promidss ei the bright alumi- over this landscape Per ten a
nmn cities of your retum g- d
Where weather has beer abol- you have trade ar, 'A"
Jshed; far as the crve Its dil
The taut technique of the ten- of the distant horIzon, ri dl bI
donned limb although yea did not leave aId a fidu
.ffclemnt, Impersonal, austere- this room.
The pleam of a narrow per- 'M.
1fet' HXLKN FRITH STICXN %T.. ira ine

Herewith find solution to Sunday Crossword Pun- Ito.2 .
zle. No. 425. published today.

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6Ue Whots of ifa fmemer r
-"ML t is a quiet toUmn,
4*W-moe resideat Ha hce,
,-1Paama to0e40 *
k tIom the wa.e obe houses
S n L onS range ot dfierent
ty"p. There are few assets -
oniy one along bfti an aftm
010i OcN k Sher"d'a ast og*
Ws2M Air tFoe tr-ak wiloM
S w byd the Inan hio- earb.
.tar a e=equipment in %se
:Q %.S island. These two alr-
in mtre not welcomed by the
When they firet want.
town for t ON
ita driving the ear to tbetr
andent car-less stret%.. --
Then after several emmerge-
ews had occurred M 4 the Air

- A.

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A church was -
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years ago
.. '* .* ." ."'*. -'- ':-*
,11 :" ~'- .' / "':^ ."- ",-,;., .:v

Peru IyOIF
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a '-* ^ri' -. ^" .-r**
**I -; ..- .. r. ri" *, i-. -, r*^r' ii r-, m;r. l, ',

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t ^ -.-.?- ",. : .. :

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uI 2/66d



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