The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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bued b.u,. ufi f yat e l p.

S k .spubyT liner to onfouad the ...Paslette only in a showdown M etwMi
J a n-e d. Abaewador YStanton rk c n 1 s the million men rprsented by o
C. Heaet Cad aa Pat Ptto the ,- 000 delegates here And the \
and N. Beries gagtter 5. Evens relied to Greenuwideh... Ty Te i ntryr. th.h
a son is critically ill..Thomas enet, son of the late meant that P Mrray, under i
So on withartistHenry..... noagtte s ediren h strkeif hae g otanying les Aa
Vincent Benet, and San Francisco socialite Joan Ore- meaty that P h \o il ua undnr
to wed at Summer's end... Aquanetta halted the divorce havy stre was
tov from Bambergt o toU ll don strike if he t, anything less

s comes up in Santa Mn ca month The Ray- than what the goerent wage h
(Hit 4 Para ubP Scotta were divored In MexiCo over the oalrd hid already recommend-

_'' / _Turning to hi own supremee i
Gen. Bisenhower Is due in Washington June 1. He will hold a court, the Sirth Consitwi-

91SS' legates in N. Y..' ."The Dewey crowd says Taft can rica, bedrock o/the C/0, Mur- -T\\ I i I-- i S .
Son onlyne McCormick whowas recently elected del- ray lashed at the t o- July
inSaen Island.H 95 will be for Ike, they insist... A former patyn exegatves as "mel te- I -" '-- ",.
internationall Sialmaist is being flown from France to Wash- ous" and "hysterical." i i
Sas a surprise witness. He will blow the lid off the Owen I say to tem go to hell\ ,
Vtnore c e.. Bookie Gross has informed city execs that he and I mn it thl mornTnf," I V
andr 'a d ealihns directly with 'Dwyer...C. Vanderbilt. he shoutsd. I l I i
Sightene locals by predicting war "in 30 days"...Under- "when the courts et throu h, .. w Pet l
wriShxecs are conferring right now on the upaet bookie tax wh hat happens? en all e -
Htam law in an Atlantic City hotel, legalistic aspects are over
eventually an i gr ement hts to
ie. Judy Garland-Sid Luft wedding ptns are being retard- b arrived at. You anid the in-
by a eitish entertainer. .. Rosemary Cloonty. s new ihateTetis dustry will finally have to settle to
marlrid. End of Item .Jean Pierre Adimon t atd Germ.n that. We've been to the highest
. lttm Hlldegatde Neff are Living... Cynthl i Cavangh of the lab or court in Amerieca, the 6 f .
b Shows w,. finally freed from John Sebastian last week. HeWage Stabillnato Board." h RARa____t__________ _
heart his been Herbert Fields, the Ilbrettt.. Helen As the delegates of the work- any
ost consisMtent dating is with Paul Houlthan, her ec x era who pull the steel put of i
admn.. Lela Lane, the widow f Rolanld West, et o erc s milltl ed te Listen Geni ra .
bitt tmore than 2 million after tales). The Bb Orabam s Amr tia mis ch ef ys ereda" t
a little cracker, a girl.. .Win. Ringlin Northa(of the Ci us) ay fule f l their figtln chi ef
es ... Kae R Hrs t I s a hewould stand by ty B0 RUARK seIisC
a The Jadanese Royal tribe rejected Prince Akht. of responsibility, ,e reported NEW YORK.--el* uat a stranger here my- Fliers are supposed to and not argue. Jack Porer.
.The C ed a cmmor. Hcs 19...Yvonne de Carlo who that the CIO steelworkers al- elf, I feel a touch me Mti Alice le Wonder- Prisoners are supposed to stay put, with o
Io la teo fed a comferr danelng with Prince Aly Khan, aIs ready had delayed their strike land when I keep r a prisoners bargaining powers. hor
iot her puilture in th a RIviera musician named Paul Esco'o by more than four and a half everywhere doing things to the c rin the Prisoners of wiar ae supposed to obey the rules between two T

.htri ts .nd David Horto n arrived in Paris she wore a but- through government hearings, who are there and writing about else they would not be generals or wardens In
ia...When "r'. avef '... Ella Logan reported seeking her "Why all the hysteria?" he All I know se that a general, R W generals, the first place.. Ire wo
b-g: oh a ef e ..ported doing the Paris cafe asked. The steelworker have dumb enough to get aWucted bI the prioers It is psible that 1 sound SBghty luelt. lihtr of t
te sien e depted the rules" and ill teeate a lot of ooo deals blit, holy heaven e l
t with the brg "handsome And he indicated they would rwith the prisoner are not wort' into W x d A Fo e

mo Hoan.2Mike Ld o an wtsohru sahed from the coast t m ca mills. That might st be for thheAr ofeunr ety Thickens as r t lud. n of the t
tl a- ndla, i.. ha.W ll 'or the o t PhilMur ray's words reflected thLt complete le ates confernmie ol w'
ar i final to one of the bi thw e arguments of his sot-vlcd the at or
S..S owell Thomas received ai Sn oafl netw counsel, Arthur Gold r g, I wn wat kind of war they run out, lhie I o't lan you ev aye some sot of a Sy,-
Tis t his Tibet film... Constance Davis last in Ho e Supreme Court at the very know, any mn te Inow whttik nd t dna railroad or a world.
0," has turned it ovr to her lawyer.. Veronica .I'W moment when Murray himself system they operate .l of the fyhtem dhow. fp frlghtetling a tadltraw
tt oring to H'wood early this ayem. Says ahe les doe_ it was speaking. Goldberg n the The first l of o l h the y the uytemd a lttiA
days. (Kindly Omit Flowers).. It's a girl for the T. pe tas austere Washington High Court they have no cvi liberties as construed by the whtlh will wreck It if y let t i
Mother Shirley Deane, formerly on the screen. urged speed on the bench, fore Four Freedom. If this mock general ho got hielf .
S thrush (Jo Hurt) i flutterin the lashes at Jams Van log justice Jackon to warn People in ail are supposed to do what the man captured in a camp hse o s seem to rn, i .
e, the ingerie mint. him not to set a deadline, says. They are not supposed to take the an and and if his successor, uo wihb got canned, s it
e te a Neither Murray here n o tell him to do what they say. allowed to rmain in t Armye I m log a lot CHt I
The Washington Wire Gus Hall, the recaptured Red le oldberg n Wasington were On the same p of the paper thf it in e Army. y t hndle so
tas in the Fedraln goal..Eugene Dernis was operated on drawn that time line. There "Clark Reads The Ri t Act to Dotd anot '1 tl lnta chore as keep flok o otltlvo e n t tt
th albs ment at the Atlanta Pen.. .New York Tax Collector pa until then there is a subsidiary story which says "t linaint amuch of a warrior. In my boo. h I
ouot aprnentw ai t the Atlanka PNen.. New York Tax Colienti'O wouOf sldsdehpeacny Fw-Mwui -%u3% '.
i (ousted by Truman will fight it. Says hei personal tl bn' But both meine aates d 10 Texas Ptson ar, Kiap Mothete ans n pame a pplles to all the wara~t ethe pri- wr.
sq uwadHonles "out o, .t w... the n resigned that nothing coud keep 'itages." taonaIhat have made so ma nhseft IS atel. SM the
S of the Revenue Dept's racket squad. He la the new Chef the steelworkers flrom l h It to me that l have A prin t not a un ion It t IE theles
i gator oftheN.Y State Crime Commisaion...Pearl Primus _. w ot that has to do with anhn but to keep them away frm -
emotic daner) hitad her passport taken by the P State Dept aske.Tcen thed Wehom have nou ri ht totII whether kep thvem ae d ay rutIIh .
We of her o nternationl s t o Nm e lanation '.... ml e :s AS rer-a thte "ate o t o" ",hea vicinity.hv
asP Gen. Vaughan's phone after Truman's. won't r an- pr i aes not even dhe Th. flouting ,of Aut ority a -t a to b t a C iIe i .
k toaft- -artley loaw. dehl c not only in the nt lat in the W rl It uc1n't control 'emIt A r l ga td, was
:b l-ent. That was obvious when PhHI We had the recent rash refusals to f by jal. and deserve to tt
rank iCostello was heard In secret session by the Ipecial Murray reverted to his old bast- officers of our own Air lorne, and motly. y Re ntly I have felt li q ftoas
,I aets Grand jMry. Questioned on the ltero wlito bung ring technique right out of b eem to have gotten away with it. Stfxde and I rset I Indn out
S at is flr .Thae ank O reenberge are etilI his early days when his ora- What appears to have happened is ft ad newt wouth e'a rice
3510 .n .-way s Lie Thi: arne'wllu tojy won many a bitter battle evolution_ of rone who have no right to W that dwn
th. 7 Avenes wi ettheir noi'e today.. Th i Bryn- fdl the l ated Mine Work the tf that is a verb.U ot eio rlnc t
N-tle. son filu, ra Manae Genheral H over the l-hSnd. battles now rewritten in al- -----* Aii -ist-it, a-et-""-- :
detonui'd. John Ferndley lout an eye after an opera- diggers' history so old John
tew sonr hIt is titled "It Only takes a Mrment to Fall in hise own specially built tra- I n U S iT -
'i ist the er m ionlsteryineersteo n astig genis..e. Lewisan lae curredit for thint El

S .weepetakes. Call a ecp. ie ad industry violated Wl
ko tiskt ib atp rel fmal ong for aphn ko as Te lrthi supry oladthem, .B-y5 l im p .- ,.
to utr" Barbara Scott's rondnce with her leading man a"e rules of common decency. WAN i O ON.-Not long ago, tn. R A. S l.iy .nJackson and rS* Wm l tai
*I Kirby is Impregnable but certain ople are trying to ae people who are violating Taft lwas uetedt as Sa er eq had. It y them if 8uther
it, anyway... Mara Lindsey (of the tin Quarter' en them rules are not going to h a tr le for the han 4 % ly ecentrie .th
Wos fsp ae a netGo Ing h te Thefirstrua*rleforftheely.ndi.mtw p a frightening
Sand N. Elliott are h-huney. Her pops an Army say with it. "We Are nt the ear. Apparently d el
t..A Park Avenue dowager is being evicesd. The landlord to allow it. "I charge thet etatly an auiseltous year ft t the dIf the apt rdh M .c)gnea
hd a nightly crao game in her at. Involving neighbors industry, particularly, with be- Is one the enator's In. pro-enhwer
sea v .5. Str. .- .y ea ns. .'
servants ..Gareth uges tone of the silent screen Idols) dent." t on a let of other politicians c entons. -
high post in the monastery he entered 20 years ag0... then tame Murray's objee- bketcie of the looming contests for and the --
s secret visit to own last week was to confer with oil firm te and Louisiana Republican delegation. t of the
who want to sponsor him on teevy. The deal is almost should like to ask the 1912, it may be recalled. Theodore H l lldl
ured.. The incoming New Faces" revue is J. Murray eaers iof the steel industry the Wi of the Repub-lan ran a cthe state .
11 n's 0th show... A. F Mitchell starts his BOth year as ta be men and reWspect heir e Wonll Howard Taft, P ot Pyplert fmAach.e cholee of they m t
ierk at the Algonquin ..5th Avenue gem shops now oiler obligations fLm one.n f h rr trolled the Republican Party machinery ... atioi

"Of Thee I dSblug ) ierah of Ameri on the remark lAh, yes, but we've got the wl g op-ing tn the
'a racet qud. e stenwd the Wage Stabililation coftiti. .L.v i dls et M ilm m
SYOUR FORUM TH READIES OWN COLUMN Board's recotmmendations." At the convention itself, the Tar i all
SThere were other words credentta committee duly seated TS. t gest lt e
'. -of t ---- ,t ate Crime Cequally harsh for it was not pro-Taft Ie ate. t from tsTah .. .f&.S
Sdancer) had Ahr aknbthS at Dteel't daon. ont thhe CO The pro-Th a convention chairman o _dn l '"..i
ob r Itrl tor I S e A convention. There was no steaB-roelttwet the convention into d ttso S
IT :n E- rt A A du:bt that Murray was girding credential committee's finding Slltr I2 tU
en Va u ans h e aftes m an s T". on'tI un all CIO for the figo t -th II violent was the feeling at t i
c mnot Mo et noi ian m u sat now e ine. h ado1 Otf barbed v iitiui Ad-g
ha dth e s Duenttsc background for Sobyt thh n Rpabicdn nenll 'ati11 U
eaerbt W w ** Mitray's speh wers eequ a i Ia -P
seilto _* tmhte wurds ra t ple-robed ?bL t" twI"st of historical IroyAh3r t h aenedtol -
-1Thseal L. .0. AdasflwhnS Wiop o aM3 s again threatens t I
-7 aths-fir -M easlh, etenergeae"eeting nd I me t anpeusl iZ
a lxW s.set iwo A bWIMlered people, COee- Itua the y e adw h blav igh to ye ta dw
4 h l w- o t tdet s BUnuitled ieWornke f tltui even mote ehlutet
1M.~ e song m un t wnt re w sittnI e ba itteon iIHn Lotnu S i inranse I 8 f
HhtRgs H msi ai gn ..- ca tOaketcretlimi have been taoresaio

oift low Iot i

bfelo ite tt h fl hm ,0i ivrt

otht 19

tm he wnoeietheStite 'Dfr J AlIA leot of

lilBt 1 1 4irt ferI. .otu t ti

FitM W itt_ a '

W wa a""r. ..u n"i* .. lM
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a t401". et wh salts..,
itI w out nve
u ;e ga MOdule of

I vlriv t 6liltfon of th
0 he 3h_ rthe l 0l twa W

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" Gals" .

1.p.. ?

IjtS to kww the value or approximate value of a- iken0 ent sml a tart. h'I Stical career w .S
Hesad s. di theel ul so l asa n lt
ISnas (Ica leftsle e ft a head and on tMhe ra" supenam sn mstt, BIn th
SK head). On the bask Of the dime the ire b &a be vlev SI' t for M"6lat
*e waeds ImoftlS Samss of Amuotes. that as 't .
dew. LS uu o fs h mewl a IWM half oafer oj lajorml Wlmtheay n
I be" i n befl smd am e f e sems bt eor sole, am Ai"e a eaStra. l e imtai
oit __...oI w t tmwe

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pu so rmana,
do Leila and
o enul In PanF

', ifrBr of nIB

eats lS and M


Aown on i
E. la Cria- I
Ait: :n. 11

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m h yS4 t h RN .1or5iWt ..D.
'di. ib ik Ee1"'*P a^v..akl ra.
r Or Bpital0014. and rMa. d Peterson servW in s-
aa hoateea. 3u. Muron are asked t0 b'
d-w v .W-P 917 he M It'riu Id tlhi orm If the?..1

CMehal Mn Wins will e old at
Btt, OrhCmiI1 Rt Dm fthe

ubiba R:9OTCs Top Award -'o e
A" Ritetd

Tw -a0 oig bthOol hoT dot sextet Thorsrim- h
Gattelte aUrfll Awards mi. CGaaetAli8oh Tfpt, Csdet
ali a t nisht at the Army- t1gealit David Bhore.
5vy o Fat.tRt AniMpd. The Vetertanu of Foreign Wart
aff wllas well ateaed by Medals td Cadt Co ral fMillet
c -a paain uM, nad 1 tkVA
amn w ...Af

,inm, th;.B. 'i ae V&4ttAuh d cit
*l icilre, Amod htioiln

of 1 i. 1i e: a lditrd Ofink er, i a dvi
ns %a-iSt iuFlbeat Win WMaph

S+_nt n ddS nd tadet Corporol Do-
S o t egt
i tb4I

the i ? 'lM wrer r rntntod, 0s
ept oO et n-,

l ft eanO i le Holiday. Captain w am Cman.tu
int Carib-
beas ei BOun ,al Cmo _'
r, U??%er~~tsenma m. An an-
and Cad0.MfltLr ergeant Jan lent -ell ae plst to
r nd1 fMN....l 't iS at o0wte's modem srath
q qv Aup and WaMlB lrl. The Ahool wu
MM~bb t .dtksat Albert am twl rith a lt latest
Di e, OMi M Cater Ber- l aet p an eleettle boll
e_ JailBr rcIt, and CaI er Nin. Te a i n owell i- te:Il
t ren Lowe JentC. Ue until the eew system can
a e a L a M da C to abe,int ,ned. -

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puyBywuaqunsww u mamw uae
a*'ttq 4 u fpdRajy calling
.1 WIIT ey. 'Balboa-
A0: or, MsiSable haffar, Ar-

Biar idasn Tenight
An t,'f- e Oe Is ol this
i 0l in
oatta d A .barn dlee At the
Balfs 01b th0is, e*ft.

Orohestra, after completing t
illllIhUSM 1at the e'ter(tmtA

.e k.. C.. in tort kobbs.
se dtie W begin at O:0.

-land. b J arrnte t la l btlht
aDswu vilt i *ih h br.AMU.

UN, avid4 Je0kin of ullMa.

.r X.y i eiU mer td
W.Ii. tFb6 t
EIs.,= d rd V.
Tld MMa eorge J.
IOfLudf A. Murer

ehlidrIa Mo. A. os .
i rAlbert L. l ei; M i W:

del=T, ev'-t and two ,rn
,thaoth sel $ub le I*tMioR, k
nd..An d. nth MH. d 0. i
The foltlwu q k he l it.: Mr. And r. ArthUat
areh t the ie Chris- a
stp urch 5 ltel. M, ltherlne M, Thnmb.
Ir Mot l.Tyler Mr. d a
ki l9v WeIl John H. Ifh t

IGreat Whi. rhun

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NwV York Service C lfI

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9 i w .lam ........ ..................
IlL. i ............................... iy

Vregmui isdb faJ r P CowI

cdoeiI to New Oriems p

Is SeiIsfro.

aTis1 Hoadurn


uu, PsOa City
IWso J4-t m I Tekst Holdwrp for thes adllo
rifBwhi"h Wi t* be' rtfflud jtanrr6w May kIth,
th w;?t tgenM pp.iend. Tme MW OAT #FORm

Alf' OKY""' 606.\^* .'



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iedning lovelier, nl
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"" 1. *l l >l 4 1
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................ ".......May 21st
.ml A" ........... .... ..... '....-..May Mrd

V. RINA sDL PACW~ .May lit

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TTo Non lM.rn
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WMt.wa n
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Mrs. LXM rN a
They We eqs
(CeiUwu -

W W LT, 3TRBEVEI the dU(Ete of Mr. and Mrs. Wal-
1 ee of Fort O7eJ 3 Znme. whose wedding to
aughFlUn of MdI lwmill be a June event.

r. and Mrs. Waltr i tort G.nHok Cael
tee the e-Sara#n : Shreshn pofto


and children WOd i. and
,Tolph Xrvhlx.
16. L. &. tfleld galed Pr-
da and ill vacation in the C6a-
salk until he Is joined by Mrs.
Bartield and their children ear-
ly In June.
Mrs. Wlere Herr with Jimmy
'and Johnny i st the thmus to
make their BrDle In Ohio. Mr.
Herr will leae the Uthmus next
Farewell LMm
Given Mrse abi .
Mrs. L. 3. t Jeune of the Na-
val Station at COe 8olo enter-
tained atr W R rldey noon
with a luncheon to compimnent
Mrs. L. J. DEote. Lt. and Mrs.
Duoote wtil leaV the Ithmus
by plane Sunday mOring en
route to their 'new staton in
Waihlnhto, 0.C. Tho e leave a
large circle Of mends oa the
Isthimus. I O
Included fl Mrs. Lye L.
Koepke.' MUt. tM .-Ap- i .n, Mrsn.
A. P. 80o109.Mra1. 3. Cur-
ry and Mi. V e A. Se"welt-

Robl Sl Robais Mere
during t1e = k 4 e now re-
siding at Mke hNal Itatiom.
GeOld Cn OUl- Belty Met
MrP. Bflery. Sal wa the
speaker folr, e vein= at the
meeting oW f t OeldOCOMt Orchid
Society ww*i t O at the home
of Mr. and 37bw na _Tuma ee of
Oatun. We` easigW Mr.
Butcher ot Wf"o seent trip to
El Viot. and ti orchids and

m topic for
e e .~~,is your pro-



t.who attended includ-
Wi s'r,. at
SAtd Mrs. Leslie Croft,
4nd Mrs. R. T. Ray,
C R. E. Small, Jr.,
Warren R. MeNa-
S8. White, Mrs. 0'-
bw. Marrita Buteh-
Vfibon, Mike Dare, 5$-
.et, Henry Lawranhev
J.Hoo e Mrs.
leu The next meeton
ld June 6.


SM'- ,


Anned Wlfes 2

?^/ U N ITy
Our Boa WiAsO
I to

a~is -i""'3ss*.Tsa" ss





(For the 45 RPM Records)

25 4



$20oo '
ONLY 5W w. ...



* 44W'

2~ .8

r 44


-m 0. B knp
', \

, Tort
i The
Halrh IA'

3822 V.w.



'Iw (r01meri .





. ... k r i>

LYWOOD I(NEA) Be- book will be a young actress
Sthe Bereen: Dorothy La- named Theodo ia de Coppet, who
Ther is .ba.k in a sarong after was a member of the famous re
ftht years, with a question: pertory company headed by Co
Shat's so wrong with a sa- burn and his wife. Some year
tiR?"' later. Theodoald came to Holly.
SThere was a big sarong-burn- wood and blossomed into a stall
Stk party when Dorothy bmlles- under the name of Theda Bara,
'ted a' the movies' jungle queen -
i MB*now how's ctfnlemlus"- "It was ... ....... .
ht n' 'ke's cnfesing' nIt waiver' Arthur RuKnrteln bowed out
a g* pd publicity gag obut I nev-f of te cat of Lab'@l "Tonight We
? ally thought TI des pe sarong. -
'es. A st.m i Idtilboing Sln on grounds that acting wa
sIO ng aicite1 when I'. we ari t difficult t f'or him. Now the
a a".tr R a..." istudlo's r'natically searching foi
It aa b.other Hubbardh Sea Is another famous pianist to replace
It's bak to he S Se s
land AZ.'u:i .,nct the fish and,hhii.
the o1'. ,3 'JI U. 1 oV as a Balinese r
pri -e .i ", H' He andto Bli.g' Hattie McDaniel. faced with
A, ~ s.." **T Roadt's to Balrole mounting medical bills at the
SAnd s .esid I.s t e_ beR oe eight-month mark of her illness,
she's eveir had in a -Road" pi- ha sold her famous manSaon.
ture. y entrance on Pat The ailing Oscar winner is now
I instead of on Pane 45on e permitted to leave her bed for a
Instead of on Pag 45, wheel-chair twice a week.
The Balinese-type sarong may,
.not be as revealing as the ones Josephine Baker arrived in
e Dorothy once wore, but itls a lot Hollywood for her Ciro's opening
xTer wl w l a hie loaded down with six trinks...
"The wolf whistles aroundhe lTere's money in record albums.
lot." she whispered. eem to beLoretta Young, who waxed "The
much lower and longer Littlest Angel" years ago, just re-
Esther Williams' talks wilthiceived bhe latest royalty check-
W Todd about starring in a big $4. 000.... Jon Steele's definition
etodde t ones Beach this inflation: "In 1929 you went
tuQCader at Jo re d ,broke, so you ate hamburger. Now
are tting closer to the PetIyou eat hamburger and go
reachhig stage She flew to New broke
York at Todd's expense to get

S her feet we: in the details Charles Addams. who spec
.fter Twill izes in those horror cartoons
If the Maureen 'Hara Wi e New Yorker magazine.
Price marriage cracks up be asked by Boris Karloff to
rumored-fiends claism Maureenar The furniture for his 1
can't be blamed. She's made a York apartment In Hollyw
selc .effort, t ay, to keep for Ul's "The Black Castle,"
the bome fires burnine
Bruce Cabot and Franchesca ris told me
de Sffs. who reconelled last "I'd like to give the apart
December. broke up. then recon- light, graveyard touch."
ed again, are expecting the lht, graveyard touch."
stoak In September. i
Pats of Shirley Temple are pre- T l TT C
dieting a TV career for her by the RU I ILLITTI Jays.
time her newson celebrates his
six-month birthday The offers
are pouring in. WNVt,, 1m. "To butto Mn
-i T fl nr.1' q ni ,.i ,t '_, n'
Barbara Hale and Columbia arc owner W. B. Booth for 16.1
calling It a day.. Greta Gar- Ich.lolIn" that Booth l,"' i
bo, of all people. Is sporting ala violent rae, and beat. him
poodle halrout ...Don't be sur-lafter Lambert orderpr a hb
praised If Dest Arnaz is announe- burger and removed the onic
ed as the producer of Eve Ar-
den's "Our Miss Brooks" TV That Incident mav strpi
frtiln m 'nme folks. 't It doesn't s
m r ip. Fe' w"eri" no 1
Janue Wvman' nex[ movie for "" irI' V "ni''n" an"r ,,-r
Col4mhi'. will be "Hanpv Birth- -lb l-"*rro'ine rem.iltt
d'-- froni thp Heirn Ha- : stac -,.. i.
i..t.;... r Bil' t 'rn,'d dci n a *v.r,,l ,,. 1 ,, ,
r. icrn F-.'s -The Frmnrr Tpkes '. r
S 'a Wir His explanation: :Thy vn mepn "o don't we
wRaned an actor-rI'm a coic.'" ',vthmng' orn t?" they s
T- 's a bum thatSt anleWhen T admit that is whale
rns a bu th mean the look T ret is one
Kramer will make the heavy icomolete andi utter incredulli
"CVate Mutiny" a Merchant Ma- n- I iet a shrur that mnuge
rine officer instead of an Anna- that vnli-rin.arot q-aal-kind
.,plls man In order to appease -'-neople while waiting on t
the Pentagon. bles.
Watch for at least one "Bon- The .scond hblnw Is whe 4+
r o-bongo. I Don't Want to Leave and-",i- "--ivet w w i
he Congo" dance from OGene "everythlne." I used to send t
Kelly in 'Invitation to the l"eir for the nlalrn on d I'd
Dance." Gene recorded hours ifliered caret"illv In tho ft
native chanctntg and drumming "l the ron-i v, wos severe t
on his visit with wife Betsy to Ihn t abnoo half of the 'Ceve
.French Morocco. thinno" 'turn f= the sand"e
Charles Courn wont talk to lightly used-looking cbn
publishers about his memoirs. .
but he's secretly putting his lift; Now T lust keep what I g
ttery on paper One of the char- But I haven't riven up orde
acters in the earlv part of the Inc what I want.


- 35

PAINTING RESI'ORED-Nardo Di Clone's 14th-Cmtsy Master%
piece, "St. John the Baptist," is shown at the haII-wa Vott in thf
restoration process being applied to 14 Italian Reunaims"l painUngs
which will be placed on exhibit at the Yale Art Che, Nes
Haven, Cotn.


Institution Guaranteed by the Shite
Pays 2% Meterest Annually on Saviug9 Accounts


We make loans with guarantees on first mortar
or other securities.


2c Sk and $40

deposits are accepted thru a period-
of 48 weeks.

individual safety deposit boxes, for Jewelry and
documents, in 4 different sires.

In Central Ave. at
corner of "I Streset.


Frett 84. "at Meatr


From 8:00 a.m to 12;0 p .m
SATURDAYS: from 8:00 am to 12:M0 p.m.



0R wro Pone No. AP HE PA#ED IM t
cieI TPA56E-D7 -- ir 1

I Tu y s




Webb Soy


('. ,~
'K '9

, '. *.I I


I ~LVflI

You're Stuck

That's All

nzI avtM*
L .~ Ar'$
^ ~ ~ ~ = _______ l..^u!.
,,~ a R'-- i fA|l
r, +ii^I~^^

c .s | o
^ M 1 *-


NO welp tret

at Laos

I visi mm -



- YiEs

* a -* ca wveDeatective

w Pe. AM
17~~ /**
i ^Wh 11^

Ay (mAn otwAu



That's Our Pop

5.t M,

Ma a ,NN



.i -'#1. .7,- i tf.


"II "',








.J U MU ** i '" <

mse* The address by A
Sit us pi&pd a serls of apch I
S-- out the ntiSh an
&.A-sle ale&mcivilian offlalst
Mo.. '- third anniversary of
tf cation the Armse SDS.
man of the.Joint, o.l f
76"and thenation's too u
oioeer,old the nat needs if
-all-powerful. air Fares biaked
by strong Army alidNayt '
-,ed an-" "I a_. the "pleccmel at=~ia$
W rethat "seem to be typical of the
st ..war by satellites of the Sviet la
Gen. J. Lawton CoMllgJrmy,
Ma ","Mthef of Staff said that e ace-
to-suffIees ided misllel "op
"SA"able 6f hittIng any part of an
*s-,..O r entire"aump. front"esyt' "in
the hands of our soldiers the

ADoom..He In oslI t t now bo e wd
giv a ** egr"..t$ldsjjwto:

,.s.. ,. .., .de.rt adverwar from bYe ath n ,
.a. ........ t ,onso r... dakness.4 0 w
1hWsmamli-lft an no. 151Aitwould be ditlai r
44g ajjj maid thetr 8e

o, i scomple of ll noan ofU nt.. -
In Xotfl tnot be din tat-

.&I. softe a th al fa hth-t

itslac w l rniito if-
,B......i e c"am ot be Said o oIften'
Al.lI Uthat we are carrying forward si
Pump-a progrmin which Is Iatomuiud
6 ofi..6613 gpevent war from bappiatslug,

... ....1 Y a lievethatwarwill not'

If a....... aW eIM made in the tr ea in
so wL WWik
J& J a.m* 1, arens t medthSothat Ittwil bp ab-
V "oiutfly cleat in advance that
.any attack wil run Into MI!-

4 icuity.*
ismAchan rejected as' "unthik-

ab We"hthe use of wars ai or-
ism NF I I, *

-. s ,!s ................. ,o..
.t .for war--fara ........s
,so- Canned Hams -- 'npasn.

m.a s. ,m h.................. Ple," he d.
itil Z oN s"It eomeasby4effort. The de-
mit a. Cor-going __ YAK ~ 0-N catens made In th,~e in1nrmt

.-. .I AM TA,..... :0thsar
agie, a mM 00 Owlipikieton Uefreewrd Mby
... *..i..* tiSm e om .ioma
].ev. 10, .-.L

,- ably .......n R,8..:201,'C
IL~if OEMImported

.,. "w melr Vi'8.. it*A InN., nd H s

A., ,.e,3 ,tSuI ... p-.g

Bev .... ...-.-". .... ..... ... ....
,Iwyi sn" ,,' 4,. O a. Ch..d.. KRAKVS,.=&

Q No TM JIM e odf@y$ by


41... .Gu..-am Men :::AM AL1
-m -. ,r..p

"D L M 11 .-..
A LSa.:: i L ... ..M
Ifl &r "liblt d wea

wSM. 4.... 40

am OkrdOue oOit tP
wanlsu sotatie~t. s

aso a ak ;:;9

"K" -:::
,., ,. ..............::
So. .,"t"Sao o-


VO 1

antiy nwi
g the th

dn tt fruak

- t*t
- -1-

Wf W-m

..tory and tp

S.ot made," Aceo s
' .7 o.

f C etic r CmT o
TM Teete

1. K Ielland, chairman
nof the gast,-

-* ~**I
." ... I "
' 4 -..
f "

T .-.1 .


Salutes to



SCmtral Avas-e Tel. iU ll
ftlUt Avm. Tel. IS 4toa
A .,-- i 4'

Affilt, ,to the group of
Banque Nattonale pour l Commerce eu a9 miuai 'w&I
16 louktvard do Itftlls, ParFt (9t) Frane
A Un IV mat in"r r,- lF,,.a
AsoolioIn It.ras4f ti Pnh Up h, tat la, srloift Oka s
U~twd %lngdom; 'Orqp! F Ma Ik Far Oee. ..
Ceeupsga~yt agueft. Rmtk w .*

We speelailse It eumnet sad was', agema, dSeumetaSy uSBte--, M
.filsa exebans eltm a Male f Talerm Clbes.

CalT ""' NO. 20
STelegrmpc address "PATCO"



TdP.O. B 1774
P.O. 3m Na 1774

National Bank

of the City of New York

TsS retouree over $5,446,79,593.8

General Banking


Witn -

EightDESO .:
"CUSTOM,,4 '

C. a.g-D.

,, w.-. ,
i ,-, "CL ., -

ai 4'

"' i~.
I,.. N.
t~~:'. *'S?


, A AH




We Specials in Financing sImports and Expwte

i ~ *j *

|V emI...e YouI Td StniRd
S..B.a vnueA.. w a Af i, N.7- ,,' S e '

': r... .r Ad with ow of eur Agents or our (offles ih No. 57 W" Sireet

tewi Service
*4 Thell Ave.-Phone 2-3481. and

M rniso 2-
(PUligt ( .rluy AVe.-Phkno 2-9441

SALE:-Servel electric refrigl
ator, 13 cu. ft. 25 or 60 cycle
is very good condition. Hot
90-A, Now Cristobil. Phone
FOR SALE:---6 Ft. Norgt Refrigero
in good condition, porcelain
side and out, can be seen <
* time or 5471t, Cocoll, telekih
j FOR SALE: Aluminum venet
blinds, wooden venetian bin
split bamboo blinds, wooden bin
Phone Balboa 2106. House 57
K, Diablo._
FOR SALE-Bendix Economat Wao
er 60 cycle. No plumbing require
. $160.00 Or will trade for outorr
tic 25 cycle washer. Navy Phc
FOR SALE:-60 cycle Apex washi
machine, excellent condition. C
Fout Gulick 582._
FORt SALE: Complete livingro
suite with extra set covers. $150
00 takes it. House No. 8, 4(
St. upstairs. ________
FOR SALE:-r9 cu. ft. Westingho
refrigerator, 2 1-2 years guora
tee. Reasonable. 1451-C, Ow
St. Balboa. Tel. 2-2141.
FOR SALE:-Frigidaire refrigerot
as new. Curundu 705, Apt.
Tel. 83-6118_
FOR SALE: Kenmore Ironer,
cycle, reasonable or trade for de
r i china closet. 1433-D. Pho

..- '1

I, ,

No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

Sl6m de Belieza Amuricae C elt D SE --
*6a West I2th street I10.a AV Wri

Agencia Internacional de PubHcaciones Prpaganda, S.A. ...MIMA for 12 wards
*3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-310 *onH" treet c rte fdital w d.
Phones 2-Sit4 and e. s.ticSditloaI wad.

dpAfts bAL-a AO

. e I rlar 5YIi b'ME Id ,.

Astomnhiles fbt* rIN&*dtm pmblem Visi"
Wr e AellellfteAleuymous. See 1 HAU'
Service Personnel and Civilian 2011 Aufe. C. 2. M .
Government Employes We just receedg I wi "Fn" Clr
Insist on We just recanl AI wi% "Fon" Cbr.
Governmment Employes Finan.ce Co. tails, $1. pe ,extensive as- Pm
When you finance your new sortment of colors, oall kinds of Foster's fumt rnd 1 01
or used car. plants, food for tropical and gold- beyond k w 1e 1 a1
AGENCY DEHLINGER fish. Jordia Le ilemaeelde, I Ave. stars, re"i W' "-
No. 43 Autosebile R.w Ave. No. 58. ly or pf w- ,
Phlme 3-4984 3-4985 We repair washing machine, refriger- beach. Far -1 t" 410
Far selling or ng your next auto tors Idomeotic and commercall mar. Tivol Agqve No. 6, or p
see: Agencias Cosmos. on Auto- or any kind Or make of electrical Panarria 27 0. 0
mobile Row 29. We also sell appliances. Telephone "Silen" Re- am 2.
GUARANTEED Used Tires and frigerotion Service, 2-1547, Pori- F0 R NT
Tubes. Tel: Panama 2-4721, Sa- ramo. No. 2 Ear 28th Street.
turdays, open oil day. ____ -Dr. Wendehake Medical Clinic 140()" r -' "
FOR SALE:-1948 Hudson Super Six, Estudionte Street. between K J FOR RENT: h 'Clet livIitbntm,
radio, cheap. Phone 2-2588 Street, Panarni 2-3479. Day and diningroo .&4 b drooms, 4 tbahi
S -- Night Service. rooms, mii's Tnoe, garage, m.e1ll
FOR SALE:-1948 Pontiac, Hydra- W-- T -AK LAI- garden. 341th &reet corner of Jo-
matic. White sidewalls. Extras W ST ANK LADIES:- Complete to Arosm A Tphn
Duty free. $875. Phone Pa beauty service con2-0207, n oand 527, 'Eon.
3-4169. able Genell Bliss, Coccli Clubhouse -
.. ___________ Beauty Shop. Experienced licensed FOR RENT:-'Chelet in Las Cu
FOR SALE:-1950 Chevrolet con stareside operators. 4-557, open iGringotowr) bedroormn "= ,
vertible, white side wall tires, Saturdays, kitchen, breskfat nook, mnltd's
radio. Good condition, $600 room and bt play-room, 2 ear--
Phone 2-4460. WE OFFER the best opd more rapid port, light t water, gelc.
FOR SALE:-194 M r 6 refrigeration service. Repairs on unfurntsheW $40 mwothly,. fx
FOR SALE:-1949 Mercury 6 pas. any make of refrigerator (domes- u6 mont
senger sedan. Radio, direct signals, tic and commerciol". '"Slen" Re- I To l phone 2 !5I7.
seat covers. Excellent condition, frigerotion Service, No 2' East OR RENT9iw ceriottage with
Call Ft. Kobbe 4246 28th' Street. Telephone 2-4547, age. New i l. Also a r.
SAL-17 4 r h 600 nished201
FOR SALE:-1947 4 door Nash. 600 Panama.

Blue. Excellent condition, reason-
able price. Phone 94-319 or 94-
Or, 360.

FOR SALE:-1942 Packard 4 door
6 cylinders, like new. Owner leav-
ing. Tel. 2-1636, Panama.
FOR SALE:'- Chevrolet 2-door De
Luxe Sedan. perfect condition.
equipped with radio and extas

.f-I SALE:-Refrigerator. Hot Wa- 1,450U.UU. Phone Navy 89.
Per Heater, 4-Burner Gas Cooker House 84-B, Coco Solto.
Condition guaranteed. Phone 3- FOR SALE:-195 I Lincoln 4 Door
2791. Sedan, 7,500 miles. Will accept
W !WSALE:-One Hollywod bed. I light car in trade. Can finance
chrome dinette set, I chest of $1.000 down. Phone Albrook 4191
jretrers for child, apply Federico office, 6207 Qtrs.
Sated No. 4, Apt. 1, after 4 p. m.
S Apt fter 4 p FOR SALE:-1949 Ford V-8 Tudor
-.---- -- Sedon. excellent condition. Can be
FOR SALE:-Westinghouse refriger- financed. House 1550-C, Govilan
qtrr, I -14,s, old, No. 40 freeze Area. Balboa.
chest, $20.00. Collins. House
191, New Cristobol. TROPIC TOPICS: Prepare your
ALE--- R ll ---a--bd-s--ngle.- car for tropical rains seal your
fR SALE r-4ol0-away .bed, singe. windshield glass and waterproof
imsbr sprainn mattress. $25.00. your car by. our experts Tiicoal
-l oo aqgg~ 'be~t case head- Motors.
W s eodSf tOri, "plastic cover.
er am mattress, $125.00 PANAMA CANAL COMPAY
Cell Belboa 2--3048. 250 OFlS VIHICLIS FOR SALI
Coi al B m2-A048. Seoled" bids will be received until
IOM SALE:-Venetian blind 5-2" x 10.30 A. M., May 26. 1952, fr 12
10-3". Refrigerator Coldspot unit trucks, including pick-up, station
requires repairs. Wood table, wagon, pqnel, stake and lineman's.
tabe, kitchen extension. 2 end located at Cocoli Garage and 2 dump
tables. Miscellaneous household trucks located at the Ancon Garoge
articles. Black floor length dress. For information and Inspection con.
site 38. new,-Tel. 4-280. tact Mr. R. H. Ford, telephone 2-
2175. Bid form may be obtained
ANTCE from the above sources, aor from of-
WANPII i flee of Superintendent of Storehouses,
Balboa. telephone 2-27177,
MMi naueeu FOR SALE:-197 Cadillac Hydra-
WA$TFD:-North American Couple, matic. radio, etc. Di tly paId new
middle aged, no children, wish tires, 51,500. Calf Bolbot 1723.
smell, uhfurnished chalet for about
June .15 in quiet location in Ex-
position area. between Avenlda Position Offlers I
r1.,,o .an 7,,28h Street and Peru

I Avenue and Balboa Avenue. Tele-
phone Panama 3-4743 trom 8 to
12 o. m. 2 to 5 p. m. Monday
through Friday.
WANTED-Lapre model Station Wa-
gon, can trade in 1942 Ford Se-
dan in excellent condition. Phone
; Ft. Kobbe 5219.
.,IANTED:--One partner, with $50.-
000.00 or five with $10.000 each
Very productive business. Box 1104
SAncon. C. Z.

,.. 1

WANTED:-Young lady with know-
ledge of English-Spanish uterno-
grophy. Apply "Case Central" No.
9126 Bolivar, facing Post Office.
WANTED: Experienced executive
secretary, English and Spanish cor-
respondence. References required.
Apply between 2:00 to 4:50' p.
m. Agencies GlasgJlI. Justo AM-
semeno Avenue No. 73-A. "el. 3 .
4934 or 3-4935. Pornamd.


FOR SALE: Radio mnd heater for
19l1 Ford. Four oak dining chairs.
5437-J. Diaeblo.
FOR SALE:-One Ercoupe, two pas-
senger Airplane 75 Continental
Engine, excflet condition, well
cared for, now located at the Pal-
tillo Airport, Panama City, Re-
public of Panama where it may be
seen by prospective buyers. Terms.
cash. Sale to be confirmed by the
United States District Court. Such
sale will be made on May 26. at
four o'clock in the afternoon.
House 5824-D, Diablo Heights
Phone 2-2583.

Boalin DeW '6O9, Balboa, Av.
Colon. Phone 475 or 517-J,
6 p. m.
_* __ /

FOR RENT: *- Complefely fAinlled
house in' tMtdential zone, .I t-
sont surroundings, from 10
to Septqntbr lvt. Phone i 0J50.
FOR RENT :-eiCompletely fu*.d
3 bedroom chalet at Golf teightq.
For additional Information please
call 3-4351. ,
FOR RENT: Completely frished
residence with office, free bJi-
rooms, maid's room, etc. Phone 8-
FOR RENT:-T6 married couple. Top
floor of house, ocean view. House
facing No. 137 Via Porros.
Mre onkT

FOR SALE:-I steel water tank, ca-
pacity 1.500 gallons, for use out- lAteiItutu
side of the city; I steel tower.
80 feet high. special for radio on- ALNAM& PARTMINTS
tenna. See Mr. De Lean, Construc. Modern fu Mll ullfumrledM i
toar Tropicok Tronslsthmian High- m"*"rS. M i r Sg ptlenal.. (
way near Pal*o 1rakner, .*oc efli L S1. 0Ih Streot
FOR SALE: Upright piano.Good Cristobol, W 186
condition, $125.00. Qtrs. 127-B FOR RENT:-C.venvent
Albrook. Phone 86-3143. nished apartment. $100 fo
AQUARFSTS FOR SALE:-Young CRonths .o'ii, 4-490.
Angel (ish, 50 Cts. a piece. Bring FOR RENT: Apartment near
container. 787-0, Tavernilla St. Theater, two bedrooms, rm
Tel. Balboa 2-3010. room, $100, 11, 36th St
Mindi Dairy offers a limited number Patterson, 3100 .
of high grade Nolstein heifers. FOR RENT.--2 bedroom apart
from I to 20 months of oge, to beautifully furnished, available
be sold Individually or in groups 3 to 6 months, reasonable rent.
Interested parties may Inspect the be seen after 6 p. mr. and all
animals and obtain any necessary Sunday. Apartment 8. 3017
information by contacting the lendez Avenue, Riviera Apartme
Manager, Mind Dairy Farm. Colon, R. de P. Phone 731 Cc
7 "-R. de P.
FOR SALE:-English styW bicycle --
practically new. 35.00. Phon FOR RENT:-2 bedroom apartmni
Ft. Kobbe 5219. hot water. No. 58. Cuba Ave
No. 9.
FOR SALE: Female Boxer pup;--_ -_
brindle; two months old. Call 83'- FOR RENT-Vcation quarters, j
3208. 6. Sept. 1st. 98-D, L Street, I
FOR SALE: Craftsman machine --C .-_ _..
lathe. Bond saw.. wander, air com- FOR SALE
pressor. Two refrigerators, 25-60 r I1 JOLE
cycles. Tel. 87-7140. house T-3. Real Esate
Chivo Chiva. ,' E a -e
S" FOR SALE:-Las Cumbres fGrli
Ru c s town) Chalet. 3 bedrooms, pa
S0. 0 e porch, maid's room and bath, p
shed, two car port, extra half
bn t.I I city light, Rockgas, hot wc
/ Cash down. 5 $2800, balance I
RPINGFIl"D. Mass., .ay I |term monthly payments. Box 2C(
smashed a wthdow and roemed r Tei phone 2-2587.
*Ix locked-in children f I0m d FOR SALE-At Rio Rita, 9 miles f
burning home today before heM Colon, with frontage on Transi
was overcome by smoke. maon rood. 9 3-4 hectares
Mrs. Emello Bartoluccd, a land. Suitable for farming, I
neighbor, climbed Into the ftt- ticulorly poultry-rearing. A
floor apartment of Mr. and IM "Masso" Box 804 Cristobal, C
fltanlev T Tn..S & -m f m -- 1 Js

yM--J JW aorwu to save le
children, ranging in age froMi 1T0
months to 8 years, who wee
trapped by a locked door.
After passing them out tfllt
window one by one, Mt. Barao
lUed collapsed and wasa i Ja
rescued by firemen.
:Jawora was at work when the
children started the e' wMle
playinR with matches. Police said
they were fying to loaoste the


wAR m


And now
tells you what a wonderful
haecticide CHLORDANE is
In the April Ifsue.
(It's the Killer in Real Kill)
Buy It in the agrteiltural
grade for your farm
or garden.
279 Central Ave. t2. 1-40M

Botel El Pnafi
SELLING: PanamA Cement,
Puerza y Lux (lferted)
and Forestal Protdafte.
BUYING: Coca Cola.
TeL 3-4719 -106

CumroM UM
Slpeoov ReIbolstery
watoum suoS*ow M
do IseN t Uenm
athelS Wat U? by

Tranportes Baix. S A.
Shipping, moving, store mtl
We pack and crate or m v latte
anything. 'Phong 2-2401, her,
2.-262, PanamL. mta

For the best ft n both chul
now and reeonditioned ftr-
alttre. Aa,

,I Autom_ Bile (M
Tel. S-4f1

r a, abt

Lux n

I for :
day Dr. E. A. PEREZ
Me- Veterinary Srgeon

alon gM tS TVI. S-2113 Dora


'. Mexla s WI

AcI Nti New

cm w ts er

Dr. P. L. Alexaltis of Critodbal
wil serve as acting Chief Quar-
astlne Officer for the Capal-
Zone until the arrival about
J ilaF of Dr. Walter 0. Nelson,
*t WVM announced yesterday at
Staom Heights. Dr. Nelson ti
Ni cal director for the UI. 8.
Pubbe Health. Service fot the
U. 8. Embassy In Paris.
'Dr. Alexaltis is relieving Dr.
704 D. Odom who retired the
ea" 4 April.


44 Students Get
Certficates For
YMCA Goduation
o merit were
a s r y niSht to 44
VbhO QOapleted classes
Oz .f- 8 Blpanlsh-speak-
t d as *t the Balboa
-wts stor Alzpurua,
Mr, nl Ularem and Merle
LS "W I ared in the presenta-
tios '* ti certificates to the
Vat ardw-s for outstanding
wokt i d In coopera-
tion Oft.kas Amrelcan it-
to Megia, oailUo
fdel tZWW Alvaado, Rev.
t Ana Vfla, Ida
M. ereno., Mar-
aed& Meluadk No-
8 are earrently
00 tor begin-
id advanced
nci w sparked

To Fla.

lP* wmo to e2

...... .- me -

. ^ i^'. ', B-

' F in


Sth. e $a


isa to -r

.t 1


ObMftlf atlon rites will be held
at St. Peter's Church, La Boca,
so9tne -later Instead of to-
mWS fight, It was today ap.
n d by the Rev. Lemtel B.

I' postponement Is o0- n. *
e.d b the fact that Bishoo a *a 10.
& o. Oodmen's was o@.1- b
. lieVe bor Califo tia i
obyand will be abt' t
te ZhmlIus for a we-k. SLS
rrow, Rogation Suaosay
bi marked by the Holy t- ....
:9 at 6 and 7 a. m., theft "H
Being choral. Scheduled f
are Morning Pr yer and
ch school at 10 a. M., evei d-a
and sermon 7:30 p. mn. tIdd i
mters of 8at. Peters are In- IS^ S
d to the diocesan te b it Orta n
Paul's Church at 7:30 p lMt
raday, Aaifenon 0d%, q avd s
r of the retfrtoent of A Murr
n A. F. iqgAtel t But he
ointment of lMthet "a IRnult
cceed him as rctor of ernment to I

l.iifrt Socle HIe o
kaMs 06M fteu M f tdl"y
.. .. tt" M f "
ponUor W-U Yvonne fltd thay tltk
*, Mb.. Kariger was .
est. During the tn -
I Mder was presented
into from the clubM

Oa who attended Inelaed new
tMent of the Wlub S- uld
Ahle Thomas, Mary
Nancy Rlamsey, Nelile
SJa nett McKeown,
msi Aurora Tm Betty tr" 14 .,
h;.wneMes Peterson, Mate prele j0no
t,- r KarNger, Joanne t oe f a
Ik, XL av Deugh, Margaret spfl ot I
Lewist Loos and Dl- b Map, Carol Newhard. ,au td m
.4.e and canine Welch. A ti
.e.**ra S ai

Mr. Jeffloues
To 35 1 S0 ihndae.
r. -. W. T. efferies
of %'rd their dret
Jemlv F. T .Jr,"rre

le plate
will crt Zeit tin a.
ctfic go.. aS
will be .I a t Ouet
House. TtWtr wbt tae invited
to call t"- Wita o'clock
untiltes%5. .,
Mr. saR .4-_' b gr
resided .l6 the past eeMa arz_ .M lave
a host oM f of
the I .
.r ." ., ..' -

o te pa"e l

.. .

beiu S gtint

ha $be unswo

IntdasWtry. lbd
a-a tm hm


ha M ansIis
^te r;M

ate unwuw to orrav an
factory .a W shut-
down protecting property.
l by ad- steelwork "Utead
at ismulthg theM uv ." should
e promoted to ordmaner the tee
tre s tonw pa the imeet wih
n ion t'-work out standby
ftr rotecting property.
awyer had been regarM
cdy the steelworkers sh
be promised to order the
ftmpatles to paj the Itr ist
ilblment of the WSB reoomn
mended wage Increase, but the
later laid such an 4w WW'Va
the realm only of ewnO
Siier Soger L. Putasi gfht
iftesl ent.
Waiter P. Reuthev
the CO United ASM
told the stelehmwrlnkut l. l
their figt-to win wnJ
etl at t -*

amuars.y Li
le said the
er. t a Y
to sta4d d



7- 1

No N


"'/>''.'' 4

.- .. SI.
,- 7

~:4 v.f~1 ut-



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~I~J A ~


i. Aneb II

, Smr Cof tm.

"f ..*'**22 "' or
.ww il" ... .i.r

d -.,f6 .
.' ..M ...

S.. 4
S. 4 -P'
TW O"(p
Bf^L-jL **p< ^i
**--*^*.k a*^*
wiwy'..w ..e.,.d %
r--rfF r as *r* p4,
a>1 so ^

. ... .. .-N U..N, ,,


Ow Pow-A *i ,


m 0t 6 a on i 0
-0) 10d OrasO Wyl

Noren-! d
ITO a"".

QmP& To
M. Lnuis n:A

I '*w*' -
.~jk. ~::L~

"> Lfr.


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f w- -


,. ,na .&
hiI ** .4pk&>*


L.. .


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* *,. -


J:m*I~' S

I .F- k .


- I _F ..i

* 1I

SUv .Z mi

78iey Lie In

h.r Teeh'

Says Lovef?

ti .*.-.'

* N


r- I
I*'*"~ J .:.

* -a .3..- ->.^. -.,.. L,*,i- .ui &L"a.^aS. a m'J?'"L^.

WASHINGTON, May 17 (UPI- -- Leg ie p eWpc imw,
iDefense Secretary Robert A.
Lovett angrily warned the Com- WENTY-.SEVENTH YEAS
matisat yesterday that if they
ever use poison Ka on allied
troops in Korea they'll "wish
thfe .'had never been born."
He told a news conference that\
the .Reds apparently are keep-
f up the Korean truce talks. W i
Jht to have a sounding board
r their "false and malicious"
But .he.said the United Na-
,ions negotiators have no idea
of arbitrarily breaking off the 'oI l
He said anyone who says what
he Communists have been say- PORTLAND, Oregon, May 17- wfhettwr
lg "lies in his teeth" and that 'UP)-Gen. Dwight D. Elsen- Orego.n
t* would ."add .some adjectives" hower yesterday added Oregon convent
in telling what he thought of to his list of victories in Re- Incomi.
*ielr charges if he didn't have publican Presidential primary froA MB
to restrain his language. elections. c i -ql
Lovett noted that Red truce Sen. Estes Kefauver won the to
negotiations have changed their Oregon Democratic race. and
abominablel, malicious and corn- with it Oregon's 12 convention
pletely.. false" charges that the delegates.
Unitted Nations has been en- Returns from about one
gLneg in germ warfare. third of the state's precincts
They now accuse U. N. forces gave Eisenhower more than
of using poison gas. he said twice the votes of all the other
'He told reporters that &e Republcan candidates, and
Cmmunists have been knew m t t nnr ov
to chargee other nations "withclosest runner-up, Go
the crime they proposed Earl Wqrren of California,
eoulmnit.' But if they u1 gas onceded victory.
4r germs n Korea, he a. the Early returns were not suf-
United States will retaliate la ftIcknt, .however, to determine
'They will lose just the sapie," -
he said, "and wish they h*d -
never been born." N *"W 20D e U
When the news conference
veered to the recent Koje Island i
Vfison camp Incident, Lovett f
was all but speechles.
Be said any remarks he might (B C Mt
t t th time would not be pk C8 11
portable unless the newspapers
WeWe printed on asbestos. 'he Hotel El Panama had de-
tiwett said he has asked Gen. eared May 20 the closing date
Slrk, U. N. tommaS en e .i the "Mh s Pe nama'
y wy possible l re- We day with at eoow
r'on how one American gen- wm be octpied with groonig
happened to be captured by the eahdaatest for their ft *
ft prisoners of war and pubhc appearance May $5, 'Via
em'ade embarrassing de la Beftlea" at the Hotel El PiL-
I" to the prisoners namnr.
ilW Lovett said. he Many attractive girls have al-
W e -lf restraint and wait ready entered the contest and
fc *-.before commenting. some last Milnute entries are ex-
pected from some of the girls
BALMOA TIDES who have taken entry blank.
dLow but have not yet sent them fto
f.otfl.WL ,.. ....... 3:42 p.m. the hotel.
JSoB .......... 4:22 a.m. ThU Is the most excitopgncoon- -A' "
.test that has been held Pan- 1a ,
_______-goo_______'__ ima -for h'a yagm. ilep
______im___X tlunfop rpao gibrtthat Wl~t of
Sn thei cote~ttt 4 net f -the

alie the waerWzm pVahmw.
The winn* wit have sI ex-
pense paid trp to the Stat a
brand new wardrobe and a
chance to repre*sWlt he cCOB-
try at the mntortioe gi "Mi
pter" otete.-east it
LFig DaRch. looi.
win one of the five ltWieM thC

S- a Mlter IWhen beby mwstbeW Uo-
led. your litl e su mh
'best. oflee lo, oL p
byI bslm's eepemlgft hi*l

BEN you ean ret mIVlh wE
tuWIa fu N enfl l 4n im ft im
leds. for LACIOgasMuwIs
he* s oftaw fe mit gM

10 8sad e SWAP d ...-" *.t .

' ft. .,c

Ih Oenhower will get all KeIfail
S bltcah national crat& c vm
,,fti',e tal reports Jtttoe
tr ar Jtte's 2269 pre Cot, .
aye JBMhower 36,880. Dot
fSr ,emfii .t, Ift

region ;

who asked voters to ignore his
hame, got 5141 and Stev
Who ran under the same cosd
I tons, got 4111,
Confronting voters of bth
Sarties was a staggering lid.t
more than 400 candidates Tr
offices from president down to
VsQtice of the peace. .
In addition, voters also bad to
decide on many local Issues. \
The bulky ballet made count'
ht early vote was char W4
to the standard time-daylil*
time mix-up in Oregon.
The state offleally is
standard time but mon of t
Ji n t* cities are 1p sf li,
Sime. Voters wto r
Wcat ballots before thoe g~ f.
-work were unable to do am 1-
&ay because of thk .om
U In m opening of thlit '
1'ft expressed mamoetiq
coine of the 0r eg
conceding aB 18 etegt
ifenhower, his c$f s
t a the national OPe" t"i
tat4 nomination rtoe._

.2 -'


PM, but 'hayr. -tk
8$t in. th s y & tld


whee t'll therowd
S .oua '.l ,
'- a. e. .i. -es .. ns_.
-*, -_ '. 'T ,

b" 4 thi'vote
wvbt D. 3how*r,
at* ad apenti 10
W, e to vote
a .

latdr wi
*nwe' I aN

~ a ham.aunt
I ets4 ,tmNinth -
pftBd teroustht the-
f~w Im tcum-i
L4"I ~''lBl u OOAT ,

I- |

ame cars, now with new a
evt'wrtpowrifUl thanits

The wed"s )thagu ag-h- t
car aLit M0il0, pe
e*ab Aa, Aa .eOnder, ,
L- dhivA s

T* Rei Aou, em
a. 25tAtoat7..ooe

'N ~'

B -. .',* ^


". L
'**w^'5'-f *I

j -. .- ^

v. .., -..

~ '~.

. .i,

;/:7 :,,; ;,..






Br ^
.. A



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