The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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alter Winchell
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.tNights: "Of Thee T r'n ." o4 of th Greats tia theatrical
Was e xjmei asr- gL dTheater, where
dim m The b-ilotink. was
rceG &riaerlftg tho rites'
-ck Ccrrson fi *a In the roles of Winter-
t i -ttt-.: ) ed, and Timesman At-
IeAe: ".tli I hi ti t r rtneht amusiscal ber-
.. halfle Alrig," a sae" hit over 20 years ag6, came
wrogawy Theater lrt tT: day evening. The oraclea re-
It has iost s jeoahfai k rg and seemed more old-fahion.
uhaui at old frien&t. ritio Wm, Hawkl a declared: "The pres-
if!t o les f:Lc, p2, diatinctilon and gay.ty".. The Tryout
ba61dt glowtig tiltftog. Variety's observer In Ph ly col hmend-
Pa ces of I 8 as testeflil, art.Ptic, and unmistakably en-
a~tg. "A hap-y endingg" he added, "to a pretty dreary sea-
t .. Boston rev.Lwers embraced Shaw's "Heartbreak House,"
l1b rite of them noting "it is as topical as the -atom bomb."
f W Mr~gic Lanterns: The swordplay is the thing in "Scaea-
goach,' an enertaining pageant, Stewart Granger i at his big-
Mte eOst..."Tne Wild North" Is an adventure saga in the ear-
paff dount:y. Lovely Cyd Charisse keeps you warm... "African
Freasaue" o-'ers the fami li-r jungle-bungle. The animals are more
envincing thin the actors..."C-r)ine Williams" stars James
Kwatkt in a tc se tre about a convict. It leaves fingerprints on
in arine..."T. ? Atomic C:ty" ignites an explosive exciter....
e1 rf=ectioni-t." a Gallic import, strives to be arty but isn't
Wty latistic...A sup rli-r French film is "Under the Paris Sky"
, ."Te M'n from Black Hills" co-stars Mr. Pi1htush and Miss
the Networks: "Ellery Queen" skipped the customary elue-
%et'ng and cff:red a ecmTrelling drama about hooded terrorism.
gread slam et emicacs ofteted spoofs of
lest films. The 'est was Mliton's Berlk.. .Teevy tried to record
i* r-tbeatts f "The JaM bingea," b 1t tfaled to apttre that
itg throb.. .Radio lhas come up with a n mitotiO of "The

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Labor News



By 'Vt er lfue
two three-minute speeches made
eight years part, by men
woll Ids apart, which dramatic-
ally disclose the passions that
move the leaders of both sides
in this massive showdown fight
between giant labor and giant
The first talk springs to mind
as Philip Murray and his 3,-
00 CIO steeiworALter' delegates
meet here in ConvenUon Hall
to cheer the Preaident of the
U. 8. and jeer the preitflents
of the big steel companies in
the very auditorium where
k.arry Tiuman, back in '48, had
to fisht for the nomination
against the same steel union
leaders, who then wer6 f or
General Elsenho0er as a sure
That speech wpa hurled from
the p atiori by Phil Murray at
a Democra-Ac-labor political
rally in Pittbulrgh in 1944.
Calling for the election of
franklin D. Roosevelt and a
Democratic Congress, Murray
said fervently:
"I can. remember when our
people were eating out of gar-
bage cans. We've got all our
eggs now in one basket."
Then, a How, that baa-
ket was the outSpoken coali-
tion with the White House.
Then, as now, Phil Murray
feared another recession
would cripple labor's power
as it did back after the
first World Wars when Mur-
ray saw his union, the mine
workers, ckly and thinned
down to 75,00 members -
hile the wfMi aw kids of


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tel," who ldt -hi sponsor. Th" radio version is titled ,. .. 1 141M &I" U/.
a." He murmurs the ide &ettl airy nothings. .. Phlo the other f e4rds of thou- f
presented a potent tale played dllfuly. It was a rare sands iftvd off the doles
*: $'e scripting was sprinkled with bighM lReOauality.. and garbeje refuse, liter-
ights every teevy dra s amurder...Makes you ally, during the depths of
see strrs doi.t one-minut eominewreats.... The novel depression. Bllitp.
of prre"rd eI* song titles on The it Parade Is imagination RUAR.I
Vit est Imaginative. Murray fears such, a reco- -
Io. n again. Once more his ex- '""" --
-ge Ftrance: The Pter ribbon for et Playr went to o- erts, the. :en r s. ,t I NEW YORK.-I have always regarded the tele- The other night when I was engaging in a bit
amri for "nThe Shrike. The aUllhor wrote right other own in nii W iv'onl -i- phone as an instrument of torture, to be used of sociological re mrchsihn Houston, one of the
f|ore the's one wa footlighted..TheY Were hopifOnJohn quarters, tell him that the steel only when the wood Won't amoldik on the igtnal guests came down, with telephonitis. and before
woi ld take over Jose Ferrer' starring role in "Shrike" business is falling off. And if fire and the Indian runner had died halfway the dawn crateen he had called Sitch diverlnig
SIt is decorated. Ferrer had sed the closing notice-; you look closely you'll find a between here and there. .' addresg- a Nova eet Caornia, Iad Cun.d
of his film commitment..." Ingand I" and "Pal Joey surplus of steel here and there. He al. Ad New oand nt
only two "hot" tickets n town..The American Legion In In the highest CI circles But the true torture of the telephone may be pains to d a brw i
picketed "Tovarich" because two of Its players were ther is growing concern over appreciated fully only it you have spent tome cartaln *W t slub aY
ose go as supporting front groups.. mVirinia De- the coming receson. There's time in the WoKo where Iti's rega ld as aweM insure iw Uto geIt
in "New Faces." is rated ap a newcomer "sprinkled less construction. There will be miraculous than penicillin. on Some MIbty future 1z,
me. neve r on, Was to get her pe th Soth ht which epidemic across the e finally tracked the water-captain to h
e KTHuneri nn"The C B utIitcola psed inTh ere a dbeunemloym tent418phome dragged the drowsy man out of bed, Ian
b- n expected. In a a rsto even eeln uspOcially in nlexas, the feeling of the man for "Nell Bob," the man *ild.

w.seasse i' n the papers (about Life & Love) reade ...l wor era s, Mra B 's tidy title bake invention. T ,* .rria tole-
e r lt_-i'R'tNI.. .Ceel B. DMifle was ent of dues to olanl'l"i I .il a -o .. i
Aw er M (by Pr ilne) for his folbec. "amn so a Wtriepb aeatonrtPhl Tha b a te* e la to hit down, preferably at ri.r prben "
CeJtury-Fo"e T"d y e. Rurek laned Ma"eo i, .l dnb ya e against abopt 3 asa. an, d remein r fondly all the old layer pla into the
S ,ise p a. treto (am ms L ris wov' droppingmrany in dli. friends who uo v in the istl where ie th even dy ho reoaid. malts.W
I *JIlltpr, is the t ok f^ R, P* P horom this guaranteed strength "oGmr e long distance." they say, and that te a minute."
g e ... k:. "Ps f'r .N owras"ige,. i,A O .- will bring, there will spring I know one resident of lahoma who made a o she switched mn her
i." Her hvsbp'4 ois" ili. ta'' i'" q Bauh.'.ranteed power in dealing court-martial during the last war because he d the diMe back at -
L* t'r i'rson rise her erag t IA h tW. i with the companies when they wanted tocaU his atta from Australia knows what cost in
at beeve'.l .nuet slash off workers and The average late-nt on b t ieto
SWen they ask for pay cuts t He finally got her on the phone at her home consists of a few e toy
S M breaks out. Hello, maa,am this is Jack. What you doing,* and the answer, d nothl
bai"Nothing, son. What you doing?"
i I All of leads us to the 'Nothing, mama. I'm in Brtsbane, Autrala, 'the onversation contiftues
S I fr li tte -it Io un n d n second revealing threen- Where you?" thse ltes until someone oer
Sl minute apech Thie s e* "I'n honme, son. Where'd you say you were?" the extenon cord and brie to
,.i e i *, "6* 9* em v t Te Pim*oAMW was made in the w t h Brisbane, mama. Look, mama. When youwpiaB ler t deun end "i
natr te its I sors rae ewa eem w3t < House some 0rs t o wsn n that 10-gallon keg of corn licker I got agngon am t an advocate of ut I in-
y *. r. e eMShrg and are use e leader O t" the back porch, will you give it a kick ever Cerely Believe that somu detector-
r utons eesa dsm y paint ang* 1withthCoa. K nes w-n nt e I sure will, mama. You beo careful tee officers w all people of
t-bewo e ******e e*h fihs,', chairman of th e bofafw rd of rkesS foe they are allowed to a after
-eesus spas6 af peg n Steel, ohe taeed Mr. Aftersonny-bor stood his court-marti, e night
TOW ilan wrh n f S Ib o hed:Hlo at s eheiisJse. k, human's roubleshootrs, went over to Ptullu and drove the Jap away y.w m .yi
ff. beenWPMaiOned r yt n e.wntbeii h uea.s oe plsNew there will be no unions sap Wh hi bare hands. lay when my time e rld
Sn t om rrdes. n his plant. That shoul it Is pnsumed gave the keg a kick on b"dy, and maybe I had ra no
o -e carry there ontroersy while. to m .ep the charred oak working with Ptonrally, I wish Ameche
S-HAT TOWN through four or five years, the molecules in the whisky.l brt
't8 "fair" little city of Curundu is in dire need of some ss~reays het'llex readtt
in housing conditions. retire i *
ft of all. in regard to the Army's Coet Consciousnesa rte D1: 4illk,
there are a couple of high paid officials who sIt back This Is management's view. r i i I u L
t V0nature take its course rather than seeing that quarters It, too, wants room to maneuee ed
.ts itary regulations. ramely painting. InI n t any depression without coa* l c Iftm- dmy And
y to m o are either required to live in filthy quarters teat ,ltintg the steel union il ye o ed P" e belt sSOp
: t been painted for ears, or pant them yourself with which the n lonsr sposuhs lll t
Sc nt. your own ruahes, your own thinner and your r concentrated nl
I r.' the aay eve oeant a th n'uus tr i sere WAI OTOu-(NI A)-A new system 6 What it takes to be a. presidential t andidtato e
-n most cases the hallways ae even worse than the quar- therdeterminatn tbo ard iet lta thete hwso. butn pNrthe t-w asnret te in pblrianc .Iy -
,n ._. ...lThe owtdat ohe t t o the 11h is son d a l tte a a
11 othe outside the quarters look bad enough, but if you val h "op and t la Aver aes f sa le returasdo t ft ae wrote "TheA I eaw 1 er
at then tke a look Inside t he caliti cal neckts now hawke a- bad's campaign er.
I t residents of Curundu prefer to paint the quar- h i anwd hthe eIO. maS_ d t country omear the rat d I ~ In next few tm3hei l btov l
|e e.s rather than live in the filthy places as they are. 171n4 to force on them the po- iegakin eaw. others with *I IUke Ike." 'tg E partor the united states .. ....
51 .1' IS this necessary when the Panama Canal and the upy of sharing manage t ith epublcan" Taft. arad my wardrobe m not eqlat be
e Em to manage so well without requiring the help of the rights with labor. I tI mid-April, sales of the e Keauver tie fad "the best dressed woman'nat it
ltrs in painting. There. for example. n U shower and Taft tie sales by an Overall in which I'll find mySlf, but r Ill be
-I oear they are paintoni a s dew of the Curundu quarter t Inchalvely outspoken ref.ePlc*a- of 0 per cent. comfortable if not, the picture of
can't they go ahead and paint all of them? fi cepting, of of management's sentimentc "
h, te ouyrr already paintind byew the occupants. a r than from eem Boulwarte the In the eouth,... h t e sold per cent "Thle wardrobe problem em to
a would not only boost the morale of the residents, but energetic vice-president of Geno better than the other two. But In the mid-w~st interest to the general public an _
Io reserve the quarter and bring them to health eral Electric. 'the Taft tie sold best. interviews I've had stress my ,ela.
S, The other day he cut loose at In the lat few weeks however, the sales "All this sonds a little illy 11-
time Curundu was a fair, proud little but now, the government a d ve changed. als of th Esenhower ti ated. Actually I'm glad to pa
e dirty, drab rundown uarters, one ashamed to ad- characerstic bluntness, he umued to 2 per cent over the Taft and Eaer Small detail If they help in the

nt beVe anyone would oblet to paying a little extra Be had just received a tl- sals leader bas muh a 10perct. W y I can."
a change for a decent place to live. dCrsutam fromhhif Fderal me- the ties in ew York sasys that tsre eptblican National Committe bo Ltter
dw Cthor t erin om ing atim beso-selling Itai they have. He says ha eebLuIts .i'port this evpledtion given satrbe-
4 n theo d R L eb airaSft gan turbine plan tied oUsbht in with the announcement of ll.e' he d eNancytly :ift..

S, Ceter of the World." Ching ..d w..t. a letter-to the setie, eSa Me
'e gards to the local yokel called "Looking Up." we (the wMated bim to come to Wash- Clarence B. NBDal, presldme aet r lang Steel gift. eA beiw tore the h'p i
IMB), will just vet ritht of the earth for you. aigrto for a confeenie. Co. and a chetf ebsean for tlhltm ladibeny 'catmB pagn-
S tr yourself ra Zne peon. n. you can say that again. He id het'd go, batir n Its campaign unt Presld oeort tr iSel- sIightly dlff Iest 61
aP lestof.cera t rs like v since m.y arrival here and d that tho r Ws. n effect-, sure. wu asked -. wou. hae hea tie.S pa an k
i a s believer that ven are tahPin a rut. pCMot del better the were president mad .if he wouM aeept We- 1ari nlgWMnA iIII
would you be writing about if there were no aircraft 3lss und the comment publican presidetial amiale, at a lAMoMal lst ia Tf
S m sa a submarine off the coast launched a few ptr- r gitm br tof p it if sPre Club lunmrl.
bet,- uTrewiy? wu bor late fuve m to e a i union His reply: "If I had bee eradet of the U n a w llfnMld ,od sMefbit
S h a wa bae g lad to hJave theo bd sto. Ad he piqued to re.- ed States. I would M ll y oath f of-. =M lL
glum to be thorOUgly heckmed out isin the -o of t tB fI wst St. flc. which was to i MB M ittltt d ll JPC S ^^
mitem o tAn d a of nthem ce of These are the facts of indus- fnleue the l. nos of .C o

te !-1 m.vt aou cn adypt'aitredMed out. e htanow meabout sle ane te n t h oef r t l e Ca "is wdb* po lemKi tMo 0 f
T e I t Yhe Bl th _fa IeiNthl e w ecoNl old t a, l ali lsi IN .--I
1 :one.tM ay nla fa ihroudPoltrte Da.y but e gn mnaad, avSlemofthrEsehmwe %tActullIm'mgl
"IT .ev are w n r aisigh s L 's haveuadth.positupnsotfAMD[?IIofith iAdetr inan

afraecn td lie gat from hif Fera me- Shmee eall n Mtt ro **f thee sd Bno tha
that the bigdj Ii o i abn set Ino n'elm. : 5



, ,/
Rid ** IigI

Ho-lvtr, Cgares, at eross-purposea With thMisao p BVaM
the "Buy AamO n Act" requiring the VS. gJoverme yT
American products unless there Is an "unre a e" diffe
in est.
An "utnreasonable cost" ha been interprets by the m
Mervle s$4 pitr cent more for American goos than or
Aa teat 0( th I act, the Army Ungineera have r"il at V
fron Ivrraau, Lnt ., of London on nine transformed iat W
Tu Is Gonsiderably le than the nearest Ameritan af
of Allis-Chalmers for sf.O06000.
Conaglerifg the fact that the British price ticlut des j
mist of !.0D 0uty, plus a differential of 178,000, this Wuld 35
a cansloerable saving to the American taxpayer, and mO _o .
t.e diplomatle corps are watching to see whether the AtM E
ginrers carry out Acheson's policy.
SBiggest boon to Copgreassan Frank "All-lismad-t.r
"kini n his recent prambry victory in Alabama was
_IM Graham.
Only a few weeks earlier in Washington, Graham aitd:
...I have avoided .pol ti" like the plague. I would never t-
4 Olved a otih capa -
toure parm t loo!m ajf Mmi ~tt

'Fechteler's ettement was published t N W "t
Yo4 Times of Parist. gneray frieadM*
I lhteler is reportedt4o have told feKa B t I
cill isa f 'Olish to plan on Europea baes and that the "oWl
to Iop RuNsa s by constructing ugeSait ttftel and naval a
In the Medlterranean and North Africa.
Ambaandor Dunn has been instructed to find out here the
usuallyureliable Le Monde got It information.

tnslde fact rgardng senator Gillette's backtrack on prob
the press Ia that hi colleagues on the electionsoaminltfe
him to do it.
Without informing them, and apparently egged OtA ,y.48ft
ator McCarthy lletle ham sworn out subpoenas -e w a
who report thait committ inveastlgatpt wantedW to nv ;
of thentoaeharges ag atmtorecarthy.
P h thre pa Iblwhing the story were the P netl e,
R.I., Journal thje nCpnols 8tar-Trlbune, and the Deo e
Where 'the senator ftom Iowa dy l ot
the Prov=dc Journal to the wtHe it m-threa
with contempt for failure to name he nwa ore. -
Later, Omlette shied awa$ from tangling th Clark oll*n-
hott of the Des Molnes Regifter Tibut.I-n .liette'! owa sto a:
--or with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, which i ow14j4h
"ame family.. .
However, when Benltor Monrone. of Oklahoma n-
nings of Missouri heard of this, they hit the ceiling. literally grab-
bed O.lette by his senatorial lapel, and shook him verbally until
he called a peu onferen d asounce that he would aot
pursue the Provldnoo .
Meanwhile, aenatori Oe t p ggeoting to Gillette
privately that if he's worried about leaks he 6ught to in-
vtante a more hrto1i ist omm .
Sn ]m that tIlI of
odahouI a atl of m. ti a
Ito IMwaththe o te a1a0nt1%ell mel
*. MoC ar At .m. M .lasi_ li w"rd w e ud
have gen .
T We hadn't e0mmitea
violated lhe l .. *h..s
Although w aboat this o breach VM
igored it intea.
eno h~e- a dftt who ran tagait Govera
loblr of l by GOP poitco to aI OU h
itor priay in eptember.

aof tM ard of diratoaat
ret News Ma n A B

l h we 2 1N oIt com ta to
Las V Bn. op*

." ; .la bi .- oh
fa 4AB tt WIl Nf
i e fror


* .. S "


S ,

th t not AsNinl rher PO r -
PM.4tfaa5ent the top lead e at 'tM6N6
Thes ettatfents had been artfully timed to eitI I t
gseu of paer in the world, including lpWhpft VM
RutJunt t the climax, General Dodd's deapture 1f t91 o
truce uimatun off the front pages.
,,It t&e us the laughing iteOk of the AsitlOe mId,* N tt
"taee- t for everything. .
Wfiat burns up Secretary of Defense Lovett ltt iUM
Dodd and every other American general In Korti thatii
was an extremely Important moment in the truso take .
beent WM e ultra careful.
.N.. ae Army Is now investigatilg how one a
telephone haened to be installed inside the prism e ;
why Genet lal dd did not have armed guards at hand
him from being dragged inside the compound. r
A significant test of the "Buy American Act" Isr nw W
the Army-nglineers, and the entire diplomatic cotpis watUi l I
it. i .
The ca Inolve? the purchase of nine truf0oufam a l ro
Army engineers for arrison Dam In NOrh D 0kt .-
lsretay 6f tate Acheben has repatedl y mBaMi- "tA:li t
we cAhfot our 3uropean allies be MtobJi9oa
If Wi r'e aot ill wml to buy, their goods



Ott t. i- -*, J4r.

fhr-Congr -lwIhtiv eOppro-0
priations bi fwhlth was p a short tim liter. .
House Demaoat leader Jh41 4) 4 edueId tidtd-f tor m-
Mccormaelt k taeuuo tUe t fi l power

The Buaru bad ruled that nate it uP e. net.
for tax pu"Qf., Ofaorel Ih n ad pr-
Ut remldontSat W h vitd fiath the of
tn nd the district the ongre, t unent print-
pretat. Ing olfci id g leboatenIc jar- ,
Thus, th ar aow to den.
deduct theiryw A1IaI d 1gI
Undtre aame' pr

could bi changed Off on income
tax returns as busunes expense. .n AtA L w
Thi could mean a conder-
abse savng, particularly fort'"
congressmauf who llve in lancy NW YOR e May 1 (UP)-
ousen members also voted to The n. w nltit nbw ulls dru
aliow .hemueiva ap to voe 1 .. Wl be fil on in thu1
oplgee au 1w a a vitamn cop-'
qenadIee s suh, an inwdulry upokeaman amid--P '.'..
other- Federal oualdlnr Ben- todysY .-l' q*. Kg. '.,
atora ." have a Wa..,o. ..'' .
ou ne tl onde, ui resident of U. "Oh, ye, h chilOdren are finel Two of -.
the Ufn parmetdmulent, aply H. offor. S. '*Oh, ye
eo a Sreu l ^p n ,ie vitamin rp., the latest firFth M I'm wil ith th e ether cfl ..
aoelD-'., =*s lt r g1 doo w bjp into Ishl.
78 ol m esmbes oteo. ep.'lotedtoheunewo"nl

roil al bui* 14 no t eceU1 la il name for the ding that
Aenougn :j pp s to already hu brought d ramath,
la Genpe rtA s aid the McCo- r nielt e in the treatment o

ymcak pare Irval d tube rculos ti proul
the editUaod obetm law, r m s uat o idtr hi mpan sl
Wolum set tl t ea coga rd, s name ford anda the driu i ll be
ea hen e uter, when teu nave There are about namt co-
3o Cuaet p ea h on rj4 dre Bur pan ics making the drug whlc lt
expense a luowa.c,, Vsc. from is now h eine sent R &roud tah
aTs we as their 1nei0 a yeiar n a to
salary. .,hum n, arfit ,. wT
onthmembers ater be put nsot by duimir of
fredl by tl, Bi-O. t to ta asit Laborat topl, h armaRm E FUOt

year whe they were lncre P Amrle. 1 wh
gde rather thano o, n. depend o n."gw c hih. U o

the maoB C gtime l ..punod b ereJ *a n usedt& o
cousdem mipsetme' wile ln an, or SOa ,ie, 'd "_,
the wi .l appove to qjj intol

7ona e ar. e p. h usiiehta yur oe n iaXIS -
Would splie: ..a. lreth mubl.u areag d, .ramtS
Ti Given each congireessman the ndensle of ther diseo haen
SO, rathe thl M /Teee~oe h~~~rrahfe t.beulosis.".
of the dawli.0iegruelonaviO ..t b Bu s i s9.wu
cord, a n belnm ol awme 0Z2,0 hn }ew 1O1k'.- l Vew- lion-
2W MLyn eoossongressme f -pidtoel a dorq giI fo o-

two, instead of three, free bound eral dimtribulan by the -ii, S.
volumua o the Record, Having r food and. D*g Adninlfttlron.-
.of $16,000 annually. The Jpeak, demandd for 'the .
3 Cut each congressman's drug, Burns said will eame pa
sLationary allowance from *$100 eIde' is that approval l aah-
to $500 a year. nounceldI.

ye We are Minpacking

was.e.. ........... ...* THE ARMED FORCES
dtncg .t~e Sper.e,.-. ,,, Mao 17th

t IUZbna ft L"Vom oaun e a t ..."oi .a* ft

-WNow Fnda mo

..... .u DRESSES
......... b o for all aiopn..

Chrime Coektsl 3
foA. a .......... "' LIN G ERI E

ad eTns..... hNYLON n RAYON
0 at very low prices.
'eSairt SHOES
T. yto complete your outfit.
s s hat ae* .I



." w .., Mb, afternoon

e 1 ett Non

Tutr Plefte

Tcnuntty Ptel


21 Central Avenue TIvoli Avene
___ ,_


A Salute to the United States


Albrook Air Force Base 1 P.M. to 6 P.M.
Coco Solo Naval Station 9 A.M. to 12 NoM

.h- ea, -s Vpo i Ns*Slfer. M L- for .a ay oudtook as well
."-' .^ : a .. H: 'go rt.

d r ism I me^ --,dn wuofANA.

I. -
a Pont-

:-'a.f'-" I "

S *,e. Av Fmr de o1 Ow No t3J4

* ow

T7. H- 2-186

* -I


$56T, .60
lkinn M-In40 *

IA hee....
,,:" ..R %. .. -.I'
Yew" S-. W

0 been.

$.6-, 7. 'LM

ITUA. '.ifArke. V1

., .-*

LLYWOOD, (NEAI Ex- will play Eddie Cantor in "The
ely Yours: A mystery wom- Cantor _tory," will wear brown
relating to be Marilyn Mon- contact lenses throughout the
't mother showed up at the film to match Eddie's eyes. His
Studio and legal lights in- own peepers are blue.
7',.Vttated her story. I
s and places, say the law- Make-up trick of the year:
don't -soincide but there'Making Lana Turner look boyish
Sbe legal fireworks. i for her role in "Tribute to a Bad-
Marilyn's real mother. unable man" ... Mario Lanza. who
.'rovlde for her after the death weighed 275 pounds when he
Or father in an auto accident. checked out of the Army, is now
W*m.ed her over to an orpnanage down to 157.... Angela Lansbury
-teqn she was a tiny tot and dis- may be Ty Power's leading lady.
*ap eared into thin air. 'when he goes on tour of the U.S.'
'in "John Brown's Body." 9
iiDoris Day and Gordon MacRae -
will co-star in a 1920-back-' Edgar Bergen will make a 30-1
Grounded filmusical at Warner city tour this summer breaking;
H Others titled. -By the' Light of in new material for use on tele-1I
QI 9 Silvery Moon Cameras start vision in the fall.... MarilynI
TolUing late this summer. ,Maxwell and Rock HudsoA have!
S- 'reached the five-nights-a-week1
Now it can be told. Television's stage.... George Montgomery is
lid Caesar minsed out on movie sinking some of his own dough in
Stardom when Columbia decided 'Red Blizzard," which he'll film,
to team newcomer Aldo Ray with in Montana.
Holliday in "The Marrying
S 1d." Garson Kanin wrote the Judy Canova's confession : "My
screen play with Caesar In mind. mother told me so much about
however, and fought for him as the birds and the bees that I had
Juiy's co-star to the last ditch. a terrible time getting Interested1
S-I in men."
There was an ironic twist that
escaped mention wnen Clarka- Oleg Cassini won't be design-
ble.and Lady Ashley were divorc- ing any more gowns at Fox now
ed. On thp same da Till. t-e that Gene Tiernby has decided!
w of movie oress Raent Otto that she can live without him.
Winklpr. won a divorce from her She's notified the studio to ig-
w-i.nd husband Wink er. who nol-e the clause in her contract
tewas Gableds Cpr agent ar th stipulating that her glad rags
time I and throte L.,,,arda ,,aecan't be whipped up by any oth-
to- e'her in that Nevada plane er designer. -
hsrc 6

T P r n Fo re at odJds June Haver, still in ill health,
o nsht op nd "r tract T eets her way about the dances in
on h't n o..--.yar contract TY .iThe Girl Next Door." The rou-
w1ptv a Fort Knox fEiure The tines will be simple instead of
tu.hi on Fan economy binge. ack-breakingly elaborate.
v'-.n'" him at a lesser salary. A UI movie company shooting
'**-n e -r,-o raiser the '"Willie and Joe Back at the
.-rane-? rio' e ra5tin switch Front' in Tokyo are wailing a-
in film history A British murder bout the volcanic dust whichI
m terry film '"The Clouded Yel- constantly hovers over the city.
low," is playing U S. movie thea- The Los Angeles crew has dubbed
terms. Barry Jones. a kindly old It "mogcano."
-d~sra-ter actor. turns up as the1
a e murderer although Jean .Current Events Dept.: A group
.-7- ,lo i .ihe ica..l sus.ect. io Marines at Camp Pendleton!
c1.'.o lserce, don't know i s. st na--ed Marie Wilson "The'
t.* f*n ihe rlinal script Je. n Girl We'd Most Like to Be Dead-
,r. -r-o.r-ere, and for the locke With in the Korean Peace
1f- '-lf of th. picture played T ,
r cle as such. But with the __
f tf completed. Producer J.
Rank re-wrote the plo
e )ones the killer instead::

.is .plotting a filmusleal'
rternatlonal Revue." for
In.,'opdon. Revue acts
p1 over Europe will be A
... Keefe Brasselle, who A

,ehc g 1

hag aees m-. or m6 rON r,
T. P i llsni t) lke* y"o um u or f ri
Ujp Nighl* strns. eJiaur .&'ri,
Itching Panauges. .*.r r
Ilim. Rheumnisasin R lP. hahe. ai
Cifelas under E) t. i.aetlen An.
o Ap petie. I.netg. deay t, be'
kidY Whie h i sbnul futdr bloodrb
0 btw oVft n old and polsonp noi
to Joints and mupVies. Cy~le,
yout74111PIhiy0 11 ways: I HFl. I
Nut pOtamnnus saldi 2 Combtr
In the urinarv nystmrn a
SandameIrns Irritated ititup (Ile e
91 fr'm any drugIlt' Awt now
S- *,nvs better r A r IV

WVELKIt. Planteer





STAMP HAILS HAWAII-Hawaiians were m o eV ihe~ 'l
80-cent airmpil stamp (Inset) showing the 1dihd" Diamond
Head landmtads that they spread the word far and W 4.- 4"a practi-
eal way One florist airmalled, under flrst-day orchids to
100 stamp collectors throughout tlh U S. Above, p s Pat Barrett.'
n Honolulu. displays some of the Hawaiian-doftlga boxes in
which Pan American World Airways sent enets" to
mayors and poshmsters in ll principal citli = U. B. o sonm '
Of the straw bonnets-called "papalas" are smm f photo.
1 ,'i ,

may mnea kidney trouble 1
A function o the kidneys is to eliminate
harmful impuritie from the system. If the
kidaoey grow stggius these impurities-
in partiutaaaeus- 'wad-accumulate and
Settle, and Ieeom t m* e of pain and
MifEting injobbeaP nsclf.t
The way to taletberoot of h-ptrouble
is to help b d in. s They should be
tone ap wi D Wit' Pil -themieicme

ls t. .

rb 1

Your Guess


OeWltt's Pills
W atd. apeclHy lot j

r '^SlfPiUs are I
aateo Vstrictly
conditions i
4 Fa10
a. IKffW- ^


IMA1LLkaV Awrur. e p Iw-



Try This for Size


L- 1 Fa 4

11fS J5~

That Did ft



MlY.'Wt aM
fCOMfc WH N M~tt



S~O~t1~ A ~ ~O~a3.

iM*ftf A* TO
a*LY C0095 1
0P.C OtWlt

~O M~Ib~
'owt~ ~

'-I ~


Likely Story

14E AS TAL w

OR rAA At,
tee ugvg)






COM! 2 OUT OF To 0e 8Ls/- Come


Rail's Ida

, .,, *- *:.
..4.;*-~ *

BT V, t. UMlat

at MICUAMa 014A=2

A amuomv ,

I iWW4 PPLa i

mOoPLn sCT OcR mat

. 4 |.

- -r -*

i "-I -"-- -- ---_ -M MUV ~ lfl

-- Abffikw.

TolBLy IMictaT. rrSxnowvNsl
lit re~o



- L




.- ti


Wft be present
l'as staff. Re.
*e Yrved af.
,.. ,, -


'ii ,.1-..
t'* A^

Supertntendflt fbr Bethlehem
Steel'i iron miles of Vqnesuela,
bcefotipanled by Mrs. Cherney,
ill arrive toQ by plane es_
me tAo te Ulfed Stated fo
k vwaifti on
, outing teI* tl on the bia
pi. Mrt. and r. bMr nt .hWiA
th G posts of captai7

,Mr. a*l4K r 1 _. rt Nar'

r.e hitaled new
i 9A 11na Phi
In Cunhiau oft
iat. Mis NauOett
d at the Installa-
P,l'srted by Mlu
II, Mias M argie
ad Mrs. Marian

g oath of offib.

-o. i1



the beautiful siltv hUai a to
idat to be held in. iii .
/orAi. June mul4t in, its ,
a all-e/panse litrto the
foUlowi0n beat? olok.i a
lowl otrchants:

Pollers estume
Eveinl dresm
BSM drig dim
CoektU drs
Two haidbeag
He & flbee
Summer deim

'9 "4.


agell ssea
roux a. NMaijM 3.A


',.,, ,,', '- '. s.- .., .
, *^ ei-imi .i -#...........;.. ..... ,i tg '
^i -L, "* ".'. W I~c > f E lr J
'*rtftA Inac
6 ..a ', .. .... "S '4
L dpumtd foally'b, Ii



w ith h ..- i' .
* WTALtUSwith$Spfinsg& td ea\..
rg, t Mttre) ....
of b ER < ..A. .v <.I *'k
N Piece Leather Oversetffed Living Roo ft
Office Waith g Room Set ./...........
Odd TABLES ................ '
CHAIRS ................. '.. *
WICKER CHAIRS .................._rom

ALSO: Daks, Wordrob", Cb CM dS
buffets, Double Inc $pdq
and many other urtides.

All Pieces Expertly i

41 Automobile Row ,

May 17, 1 6 pti. Aibtikt Air Force Base
9 12 n6on .Coei olo Naval Base
T --r-- -tflr u "JT -*- -

Faltering Philip!

Atpit e Is flimd l wib hb ae
as-w steme am reno he use

P .4. Clofeie. It rifbt eled

k ;* t ,f h

- F.



a'___ *wm M rs
Mr. Muargn L Mt. Doro- Art"ri* I colpl tier
e1*l flSunw, atey i rh
,e IK M. u- -A

,ro taMmu 35. x,. e .p- "ln ,.- ri
d sad thei auihil, Judiths Nanbier nul l,

dreivet iOsf.I f 4* s b-e)io')sf

C 1te, A (at of f
the ship.
Mr. and Mrs, Robert 0. Lasts Vgi,
and their two chUdtrn are taw -
hag today on the same mship foIrir _
I te. r e they will
Dv i si. # i= 9 Ind1 ana
and Lo h a lCtl nia by' ., r
th. continent, they will Atop S i
* alt i e ty ,,- !u ..s ,
th p _.... .' .- .'

CH O L.'S .S
Pan o 8 J
If" t MLr

- ~ ~y.r q~j'~s~.
...*.~.. .1.

Tq c6m~aar K
. .4..4. ,i e4
.. ..,.. *- tq...x.'._
*. i *'' : *, .* j i
bwU *...


j ,r. .~' r. J .h ... r t.


so ( ^

Platter Fans.., Yt I kome Our



or *s little 5.. 0
Iro can be o fiARr o Ab l atest "-halt....
I w what W t ite o" oy oiot/

log. 6MiI o I
SNo. I j At.,O W Ag. Fa d)
friwH Ill~^ CW &*noM Pbydmtd)

4. KEMb ) Aps-u
L. KLIM*U a &.Ln*k. SA

*_ -"p-**' ^*
f it s[ 0^B & ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ L^ ^ ^ ^ l ^ ^ ^
^- B^^^B^^^^^^^^^^fl^^pjj^^Or d ^


' -9Al,



1W W/





THE CE ntratctT R I
.'-.7 r it lamy.n,
*liaagCK^.Si'^ IW^. -^*..S KaK ^" -0.*f WWI;*:*.* ;^iT;*5tljH^je!^^i^;Je*^ ^

s u.,' .

, J 6 .:
.,, .. < ~ ..

who au
bf the
mant I

';;-.* -".' '' ^ ^ ,; !"-'-

V 4 ,,, r a.,

-i, *'8l' V.



?' '
.' J

i v.
i' ^

.4 *



., ,,*.'i .,t

/** .* -.J.'..
,' -. '=k\' :

*. !

.Z-! ".

fi Wnm


*y- :'*' ,-*-

, 1-.'

. 1

.* S-* *.?-
* ^
;.. '.;** -. ^ -^
-***fl.rsc.,-;-..',- .. j-Wt*

; .

ron ePN&MA

- *r ..... i-: .... i
..J.ek ....-.- .
f .. ..4 .,
....e -us,.i. : .- -. ., J,- .

You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Cla

Iea e your Ad with onu of

Lewis Service
34 TIvoll Ave.-Phone 2-2281 and
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-9441

) v'
.'_,., .UL

. 44... i f"-4 ,4-4,J*AI-fA A
'. ...-

uur Agents or our o offices i, No. 57 "H" Strqet -- P- na,
No 12.174 Central AMe. Colon

Sakba de Belleza Am:ricaom
#55 Weat 12th Street

Carltos Drug Store
10.060 Melendes Ave.-Phode IN ColOn

Agendcia Internacional de Publicaciones Propaganda, S.A.
#3 Lottery Plaza Phcne 2-3199 "H" Street corner studlante St.
Phones 2-22314 and -'IW

l for 12 words.
additoual word.

-- -. ------- ~r nr~jprr

Household_ Aulomu *thIle'
SALE. Served electric refger-' Service Personnel and Civilian
13 cu. it. 25 or 60 cycle or Government Employes
very good condition. House. Insist on
A, New Cristobal. Phone 3-' Government Employes Finon'e Co.
1 4 after 4.30 P.m. When you tinonce your new
..... --.-",- or used car.
LE -One complete oak din- AGENCY DENLINGER
I m set. (12 pieces i. Phone o. 43 Automobile w
ma 3.4899 for appointment P .-49.4 3-4985
E-6 Ft. Norgi Retr'gerotori ,
LE -6 F. Nort Rergera The biggest used car sale in the
Good condition, porcelain 'r.i-:. P m, All ke
I and out, con be seen any ry of Pem. All makes all
| at 547-B. Cocoli. telephone SMOOT PARapDISas
1 -. 'I Your 1i"k, Chevrolet Deeler
SALEi-Plstic covered daven- For selling or buying your next auto
$170.00, four beds wit .see: Agencias Cosmos, on Auto-'
ngs. $7.00 each. two mar- mobile Row 29. We also sell
s $5.00 each. one violin GUARANTEED Used Tires and'
S ).00. porch screens for flat type Tubes Tel Pnama 2-4721, Sa-
Se $15.00. 1462-C. 'den, turays., open all day,
St at. Telephone Balboa 1302 tudy.oenald.
ST Bboo-- 32 The biggest wead car sle In the
JjPOR SALE:-RattOn set. history ofPan All A mkes, all
'7 piecess, twin beds mahogany. d s, pm
SC 'I 2-4456. After 5 p m SMOOT & PAREDES
K.WFOR SALE: Aluminum venetian Y ur Beetc Chevio let Peeler
blnds, wooden ,ene.aen blhnds.'FOR SALE:-1948 Hudson Super Six,
Ssplit bamboo binds wooden bind rdi cheap. Phone 2-2588.
ithone Balboa 2106 House 5753
K' D iablo TROPIC TOPICS-If your windshield
K. a--- ,- -- -- is Cloudy replace it at mo-
WR SALE-Bend.x Econormat Wash- derat prices with our expert glass-
er 60 cycle. No plumbing required man. Window channels changed
-- $160.00 or will trade for automa- while you wait. Tropical Motors.
ic 25 cycle washer ',Na'v Phone ,; ',-
.228 .O M1 A 199 sw1ot ick Sopr Corwn.
SALE:-60 cycle Apex washing r Wed let,er565 Wphoe.
itwehinea excellent condition. Call Tl4 e tn Ik e sew. Priced low far
PFrt Gulick 582.- qu9itl1eb.A1
ftsit -nOfered I *ARID
position ere FOR SALE:-1941 OnPtw atyPack-.
ED:-English teacher for ele- ord Sedan. Fair, good tires. Excel-
elm'ty private school wth lent running condiflon. "hone Cu-
ce. Sal S Send rundu 2187 after 5:30.
OW gd general information I OR StAL.-r19. Packeed Seden.,
S F 476, Ponemai. radio, W e well tie. leather up-
.-w... --perienced salesiarl hit"11. 0120O Th is car,
SUet know English nd Spanish Is Io .. m13.
AtMY after 2 .m 01at Dogma', -. r,

Do you he'. a arankins peobUemf
Write Acehol eymew. e
2031 Ancem. C. Z.
We just received goldfish witi "Feon"
tails, $1.25 pear, extensive as-
sortmeni of colors, all kinds of
plant' food for tropical and gold-
th Jerdin Le lmacaltesd I Ave.
AMe. No. 58.


roster's furnished cottages, half mile
beyond Santa Clara. Gas refrigr.-
atar, ranges. Specid rates week-:
ly or Monthly. private road to
beech. For Information visit D0g-
mar, Tiveli Avenue No. 6, orahon*l
Panama 2.0170.
Visit RiT"t PAMMlIlCANO in

Pon&= 1.111 Mlll1 l6 13

FOR SALE-Radio and heater for FOR RINT
1951 Ford. Four oak dining choirs ,
4,7-J, Di.ablo. _____ um"_______
FOR SALE.-O-ne Ercoupe, two pas- FOR RENT: Chlett livingroom.
senger Airplane 75 Continental diningroom, 4 bedrloms,. 4 bath-
Engine. excellent condition, well roOms, maid's ro6N,- garage, small
cared tor. now located at the Pai- garden. 34th Street corner of Jus-
illa Airport, Panama City. Re-1 io Arosemena Avenue. Telephone
public of Panama where it may bel 2-0207, Panama and 527. Colon.
seen by prospective buyers. Terms. OR RENT:--Cholet in Los Cumbres
cash. Sale to be confirmed by the (Gringotownl 3 bedrooms, porch;
United States District Court. Such kitchen, breakfast nook, maid's
sale will be made on May 26, at room and both, ploy-room. 2 car.
four o'clock in the afternoon. Daport. light, hot water, Rockgos,
House 5824-0, DiOblo Heights. unfurnished, $100 monthly. Box
Phone 2-2583. 2036, Ancon. Telephone 2-2587.
FOR SALE:-l steel watet tank, ca-i FOR RENT-Smali cottage with gar-
pacity 1,500 gallons, for use out-. age. New Cristotl. 'Also one fur-
side of the city, 1 steel tower,j nished opbotslmrent i.0I Me tndez
80 feet high, special for radio on- Balin Deabate 6029, Balboa, Ave.
tenna. See Mr. De Leon, Construc- Colon. Phone 475 or- 517-J, after
tora Tropical. Tranisthmian High-' 6 p. m.
way near ltebto Brakner. CO'DM-- 7
wa ner l Brakner. -_. FOR RENT: Cornmpletely furnished
FOR SALE: Upright piano. Good house in residential fzne, plea-
condition, $125.00. Qtrs. 127-B, sant surroundings, from June 10
Albrook. Phone 86-3143. I to September let. Phone 3-0550.
Angel fish, 50 Cts. o'ple. Bring FK REN I
container. 787-0. Tovernilla St. A pa h
Tel. Balboa 2-3010. rA m*t
Mindi Dairy offers a limited number ALNAMMA APARTMINTS
of high grade Nolateoi heifers, Modemrn fturnahed ntur ished nW a
from I to 20 months of age, to mient. Mld e Mv I CAo
be sold individually or in groups. tOct o911 8061. Ota .Ml', N.
lntereshd parties may inspect the Cristabel, telepft re 1396 I Cle.
orniols "n any cessarv FOR RENT: Modemr nWa part-.


And now
Hfly y what a wonderful
ticide CHLORDANE is
In the April issue.
(It's the Killer in Real Kill)
BUy it In the agricultural
grade for your farm
or Rarden.
I CentralAve. Tel.3-014b

Hotel El Panami
OLMING: Panama Cement,
y Luz (preferred)
and Forestal Products.
BUYING: Coca Cola.
re.' 3-4719 3-160

Silpcove RItenholeten
van OUR Miow.-mm,
r I eu (Albeta b tw
l. I-IM .- 0:1* ** 1= *,

7th St. & Justo Arosemena
Ave. CA6On Tel. 467

Tmwsportes Baxter, S. A.
I fthinoinr. moving. a stra.I

TiOli AvenueMNo6. FOR SALE -150 Chevrolet n m -.. ""., .. '".. ments, 2 and bedoms, ExIoi.l -" --
vertible, white side wael ies ager. Mindi Doy Farm tion. Telephone -1773 Poanama. We pack and crate or move
WANTED radioGood condition, $1,600. FOR SALE:R n a ouch-F RRENT--Convenient 4-room f r. anything. 'Phone 2-241,
re s 7Phone 2-4460 Mrbathineft, typewrtr Tel. 2. 100 r 2.262, PanamL
FOR SALE: 1951 Morri Minor, '. -" 375 ,"_ .; 0 o2'4-290 | .2, P. "I
D:-North American Couple. Rodmon 3584, W after 7:00 p, m. FOR SALE--.4nglih style b yc p k
im l unfurnimhed chalet for about i iALK-1 fi g practically new, $35.00. Phone Theate-r. tw bedrooms. ,aids'-
* midille sued, me children, wish "-"^ A .e 5219. id's -. I T
M; A. agedn oc n te A eall h lat$45.00.F Kb roam, 100. ,11, 36th Street
m 15 In quiet l action In.Ex- 31o6 # PARIC FOR SALE'-s pinet planeto, rkse nw.l Patterson. 3 I. IIX
1osliqlon area, between AvenidaePngPa .....o. "o I .I
Ecuador and ZSth Street and Peru FOR SALE:-1949 Mercury 6 pas- ndoe tablet, gold bend gsand!SlLDEXCHANGE
SJAvenue and Balboa Avenue. Tale singer sdh. Radio, direct signals, and shrbets paintings, tuxedo
one Panama 3-4743 from to sat rs. Excellent condition. inexpensive desk. 822-X Apt. T ONLY TOR OF
S e 2 o a m M, Cll Pt. Kobbe 4246& Craton Street, Tel. 2-3027. al II KIND IN PANAMA.
12 a. m.- 2 to 5P..m. Md C- *7"- .., boolII ,e.d..Ihelm New an
r. through Fridaoy.. FOR SALE:-1940 Buick 4 door se- U Ml n iweJll w_ ,_uto beabaj.w and
'WANTED:-Laot model Station Wd- don in A-1 condition, tires good man who will be on- ia to "' "- 1 obe s I m n o w I.
S en, can trade In 1942 Ford Se- and body good, radio, new up. exa tree of charge, m any J i'o R
n I n emcenllent condition. Phone holstery. May be financed. Call vl&'s w.ath for the asking V i t -4T
Pt. K bbe 5219. Kobbe 84-5259 between 7:30 nd glivi each a complete heek-
4 o'clock. p.
Jc lWJck.J .wo ...W ear sale In... lU' BOSTON. May 16 (UP--Mas- ILUARN,.
Help Wanted TSe b w ei a .d.. .. The. )ngmneers will give aw suchusetts and -Rhode Island I
...-.. ._ m ust..le .- e e AlM m6ks, aN historical mtps and the I r- authorities today began a pains- II a-- -
,WANTED-Maid, must ive n. 610 -eda, $ -American Geographic oblety taking check of the try told by t bne !
SA. Ant on Blvd. SMOQT & PAREDES ill be en hand to pass out In- a Cranston, R.. L, inmate At It Best!
Your Belfk. Chevrlet Dealer formation. Surgeons in the crowd who said he knew two of the J ,.. v J
OR SALE TROPIC TOPICS: Hove you driven can look through micre sepes "principals" in the $1,219.000 e es m I a
the best little car on market already set up while the at Brink's, Ic., robbery here. two Ou.*
Real Estate SINGER ROADSTER on dispy at from Washington over the We-e At the same time Atty.-Gen & D- -
town) ChaletLos 3bedrooms. o FOR SALE:-1947 4 door Na 60e will be a scale of c during pacing a 24-hour ALADDIN
town Chal. 3 bedrooms, prlor i ue Excellent condition 'reason U. Amy Caribbean OSiaf.Lrd around the Williasburg ao SmAN LAM
,kitchen, breakfast nook, encld able price. Phone 94-319 or 94- phots and Ordnannoe w1t iM, .hod eo th.ei inf a n B.- T anI3 I
perrh, miod's room and both. ploy- 360. ive a me alzing pro-e.s ad !M 41-year-old ex-race track tout U1 'air and
iwd, two car port, extra hall lot 'T Dnia Cot 0l Ar d GI ao.. ..e. il s__sI
cite light, Rockgos. hot water. FOR SALE -1942 Packard 4 door w irinileerel in FIPht -A e ... Piol, .i
C down, $2.800. balance long 6 cylinders, like new. Owner leav- T'O4 t m 3 n H tn .t. c..
monthly payments Box 2036 ing. Tel. 2-1636, Panama.o Anow Navy ex .hibitfo Mt i -,Kwlya ag ha a as cI.. i,, ."eih'AV."
an o. Telephone 2-25787. ea&s Armed Forces Day In be-w..p is f i yJ'j .
g. supplied by the Military ~e dren when he told his story
V A\ Transportation Service ( T). yesterday at Cranston where he
MI W a n n NAVY It is a large map of the world l awaiting trial on a two-year-.or nine slipped through a
W-" r"- 0l cO (RontnNed from Pa e1) giving the offices of MSTs and' old attempted robbery charge., enes ot locked doors at the
i t Ne ( inued fto s Page 1) theshipping routes of M8TB In ely, who discussed the story Brink's garage-ounting room.,
iUplay NI ew messages to relatives in the her role of supplying the Armed todav with Massachusetts Ptb- tied'ap fte fthe six guards
siJ States. soc8 throughout the world. le Safetv Commist&eW Danil on duty, aalted eiT money in-
P-- a S raintgIEgs The Air Rescue Service wln Pamphlets wil be given away I. Murphy and other law e to canvas bAgs and escaped 20
Shave a display of live snakes and and pictures of some of the forcement officers, said "from minutes later without a shot
VW a9nitings by Mrs. Lea Lane of an exhibition parachute leap will major MSTS ships will be die- now on it is all police work, fired.
S Cristobal are now on dis- be made by one of the men of played. The diving exhibit is. be- Investigating and checking."
t the Hotel Washington -the Squadron. I gset up by the Navy, silar Rhode Island Atty.-Gen. Wil. When Gagnon ws arrested
s the Hot eWashngton. The Army Projects Officer.,to last year. itam E. Powers, who interrogated in 1950 eaL charge of partici-
.; MI. Lane is a newcomer who when asked which exhibit of the The Supply Department .s 5Gagnon with Kelly. said Provi. pating. I&an attemptedd Provi-
d on the TIsthmus last De- Army will oe outstanding this adds another exhibit with inflor- dance police "will investigate all dence robber. lhe tOld pol-
it idr from California. This islyer., answered. "Everythingl" nation on the Navy's cosat c n iales of the care and I am lce t e be had heIed count
t exhibit on the Atlantic And well he might give that an. elaryation program, shown, c Conident that a thorough ti. some $3W1 tac Brink's
swer. downs I expenditures. The us- t will be made loot.
Amn theAryi'munIs atons Department yand If Gauigon's story checked o4 Little W rde was placed In
r paintings were previously ch be1rm 'of interest, Force In showing unifloatio it appeared he would be brought his astmran1 a he aubse-
i n the J.W.B. Center in m people. Guets wilu b e 1i when it comes to aerology a nd before the Suftolk CountyGra=nis jo eban" n to
for two weeks. Kited to dial a regulartelephone weather Inaps. .Jury here to name the two menflai-e w b e worked as a
exhibit will remain at the number, stand bcknd watch There wilbe a model of a e ad were art of the gang saaleM i. e* a. asnmtc I
for the next few weeks. the mechanics of the unit select cargo ship and Information on of swift-moving, masked ban-name. SIed a ea'th ago51
the number desired. iargo hendlng while the US8 g.ts who staged the daring FBI agai ,Is e bloa ot bacl
i Civilians who took the Anti-If'ecovery 'ARS-43) will give den.- holdup Jan. 17. 1950. oo PrWe S.ivbl e a it tet!L
AILABLE FOR IMME- Aircraft Civilian Auxiliary pro-%nstrations in diving and under- In a joint statement after the
OCCUPANCY: 17" gram recently can show their water welding. Interrogation, the two attor- t Caib
feet wa rentilad friends the exact gun with which neY general said Gagnon told
l hubte eMce m fleerbw they trained, a 90 m.m. nutar The l dsptys wBI be eope to them he had advance knowledge Luake abU t e r is y major
lets l pikldag nearby, n battery. which will be set up SM pIO M beg mit at 1 p. of the gang's plans and that leagseS plaB r to catch
.re as stds. M. toesrorw, and the regular they "expected no trouble from ti=re S n almese Te
Uwe MA EO The displays. bigger and bet.- Sio srts at 2 p. a. ES bts the Inside." thr eei W FrWrel
I ,-3 *- ter te year, aeoerag t tthe w.u remaa *open aW i t gets The bandits accounts vary in l ., tM.s hI W
I .. -1 Army, eld.e a master match I rk. ....... as to whether there were seven and i h la no

shown v with tp. awards at
Tuesday evening's t anat the Palette
Group Of Morgan's i. show rlet the re-
gular 14ay meet l .tnF e 0 deon Club In the
studio-asra e ot t le is, Mirallores.
The first pr Of aS f[gl as the'iey A*ard, was
won by Mks. Nourso of qt1 ".H her "Dry Season,
o. The prize was donate$ tah second tipie
Oby th wife of Major Oeneral Julian aCeY, 'a former governor
of the Canal Zone. Mrs. Sahley studied with te palette group
during a visit to the Isthmus Iast year
Mrs. Oglesby's painting "Tellow ho. With Fruit," won
the second Primze, whteh was donated Ry-te LCardernas River
Garden Club. The Palette Group Is the itaio wotrkhop of
Pete Johnson. Canal Zone artist. Missa It evant Gardner,
Canal Zone artist, juried the 'show, hirt1h ll be on display
at the Morgan Greenhouse in Ancon tbftgh Friday, May 23.

.A it CaIeI lln

Alter Brief Illness

home was In Old Crlit6bal: later
she lived In Paralso and in Bal-
Her husband. George Cassell.
Sr., was employed with the
Mechanical Division from 1908 to
1921, as a Marine Machinist and
Production Superintendent. Later

Mrs. A Cassell. a resident of he was with the United States
-the a t one for many years, Shllpln Board which operated
died late Tuesday in Los Angeles. and co tr.lled shipping during
CaIL., after a short illness. ord ,il w
of her death was received by her World Wa I. He died in 1934.
son, George H. Cassell. General
Manager of the Housing Divi- In addition to her"' on, 'Mrs.
amn'a.Bouthern District. She was Caell is murvlved by one daugh-
A native of England. Mrs. Cas-ter. Mr .Robert Hanson, of En-
ell first came to the Canal Zone cine Calilfrnia, two grandchild-
In 1908. Her first Canal Zone 'ren and six great-grandchildren.

-TO -
Armed Forces Day May 1.7
Albrook Air Force Bame -1 p.m. to aim. y
Coco Solo Naval Station 9 a.m. to 1 fon
!a"& .





Sqp f\ Tip



43 AstM leow

Govenuamst Employees Finance Co.
, /.
Ask YTr Local Automobile Deaer

1Sth and MeMndez Ave. ,



'4', *


%; :, ,> *? ,'e *** ,' '.
:. t, ,...t ? .. JA- -.
& '4 3, JiS" UV
I 4
*** ** .*' ** 6

I.. IIN ..

.t 'V
,. -



Wide Range of Makes Selection of Models a Colors

EASY All Reconditioned and Guaranteed S

C IVA, S.A .


I* -.


.'~' 1



S &'








** i "s *:
': '* -' -

*?.:: "


; '.', :..' MR.
9f fl 1 L' P 4. \ I ** *-

k -- uG


brS2 ;: I '- .75 '
-I 4t (P

ias w o -tap ao.tge lto 4 Tour o uit ic. d ae'
"erfl".ogle .st r..Carl J" tis ", a "t aa teenope

to-, -d and Mr Ja r. t futllu dte due to the .

'aehn. danai ,r. i.I 1) -,atfs,. i mi uc. a K ,.. r-r i I
W.t. toa T er .. -dL. Aos ,tahsrne (,. r n
t... f P -and e ae(a fl "(ab.) .

Hiao ,"t ip N o." -ie ..C: .. 'a t r 1 ,
M yrow en with a. Iq e dce and ( -

wi ra. I t !f' memn nha .0ni.tmers of l .S K I t ,. b | LLsiJ

to ond and Mref. r mea fond Mat s t re die due. to the hlp -:4SS-n*%.IWft est / h I I

l hM SaM ela a ll P. a Ncm.aa1we call 1:*.l-aa I' I _o4CL On. -
rde Do O r iolls pmt it t e Vet ethut W *'adth eann g. .B (o ,HMI -.a ..

H errord!b. hy teinertri nvi toeda gum. NS H fs r
dI w idwhto tanrld oin o had co n-the for:t on..-e o.! her '7". -1iI,- .. i_ i iCA I
extdd to wlei e dor the .ioon oh kion 4nl.. Cl ain- 3:lffd rd3:Ir of P. C, 4g id I--
b Mr., : l P.m .wa o/_e- e, H. C al.l l l .0 .b1 W t_.. ..Blft^ 1IyI I

the Cata Tont ad a t M sarc Rudet thired To- achItun. (0 I f e NM.I[ /
liar da en complex t srroue- bitt Ptrieci leade l 8 e r Ay- 9e:45- TheA In kOteme e -me4 sI
donts f rs Dntrin wits not made e n Pama WelNal- and vt tab -S ..... t I

t-ho r o tuom -he l..l-- --, ',--is ti Uus h'.S. S ,

l U ol,. r r ,- : r Ou t else t "" B!.. I .

\,0- will plesa t Mike Ut.. eo.if A arl9 ia n Id

I c;'.'.^.._ -. .0-Mus- for tar,, fu Ha l t IA, -a d Yo Isp ,m ae-Now I

IS. i :: : prVS Review S- A R. .EAl mily wilo~eV4.Serwit often. I
Yet, I 3 misto.s umAbpsble*Ie.. k-hiGGy 7:45-Janm 88050lo g eh mls of V4 hV d bMii ri bled of,
hI e wl ho riee..d wI ** e wdo : .-N O ews. Sport. and COn 4 i u ... .- Cm I i
I ge os--c ii l' j- mentry (VOA) I r "--- you myhvso. --l --l"-o-e e /II
hIo i ~e- .,-.. 8:15-Dg C**hroab Show (VOMAJ) ,.- --U mim ari I u
NO HEAT L fro CongreE k
NO PULLING MS1 "b: obsm.e00 teParede of C i~ouio. v i h. *
t O VOREAKAh To: T a t C ite p ... ...
So e p"slsnesl look n 21 :o 0. The Owls Na ..,.
-. 'sode- Al. hdhlemuufgio--ml.g eew -,..anaien, mf- I
A l.l.... ... fI SH 1 I "" '-'" ,. i:*|.,-+ *s---I __

I W-C UEI M: At RU IUW^ voa-vwoe of Aera -


.- .. .
Mine Meriteselea seas44
de ue theadlow


_,r ,., -

^--PITiI ^i T

OurBeag Wi.m
-n 4 -


Alboek Air Force Base. .. I p..
Coc Solo Naval Sidetoa..# 8.9 tos



21 Central Avenue


* TolwU eamy

Yf t

,mW b

JWw --wfE--^

1 m -I.SW 7t ;
,. waid:e pfEr of el tMs I Onio$bMts a ifrtg I
SAq&ig ufutemas d. yel. your ..angmE *SM
lbutilawipmla O b
i~e .~e udmruds mn~s~mae IA

as s. a Emvatswb... av
* Od.3.N. .sys a ny loegm-evv
ritty era in ope jar.
W N dadn caen hso hamoub a famrie
a Ode-Ke-NA
* No doodbramn camB i ea ler a e
euutive skin, mad it us mmy to as
if YONmrfow'so Up d Ads.
wsk for 0do-R-N. iiVid

Y.The odseu* .tbow ams .

- -",.- c, .


,.r ,sq<-
Matr -- -H

i -., e




New &aw
Nim Fragranc!

Jas as

.4f 4K .: ~. .

-.'" .,,Aoe

* ~4'. *I

* Ct


For delivery
within 3 days...

"CUSTOM" 4-D Sedans


. -R#N.

, 1



k .


I" K#dm -
mix =VM,===4d

..=EMEW~wktw on^

vrtur Opposed Ihina Nationalists Peter mre nel
*il'ry Man C tre Reds And F mily.eave
US President .. For 3-Month Trip
_' In 6-Day Fig t -_ Pe"F. Shrapnel. Chief of
talasO MacArthur in an obvi- RANGOON. Burma, May 16-the Administrative Branch, has
reference to Gen Dwight IUP) Chinese Nationalists been granted leave df absence
,enhowr. said last night that operating from Burmese bases, and he and Ars. Shrapnel and
reaction of a military man for penetrated 52 miles inside of their daughter, Judy, sailed Fri-
fent would be traic. Yunnan province and captured day morning on the Panama
r eArthr acddressed a oiint 311 Communists in a six-day liner Ancon.
* 't'on of th- Michigan Legisla- foray last week, according to the
e aFt Lrnsiln Ehglish language daily the Na- They' plan to make a cross-
tion. country trip by automobile to
Ba* i Or-nn':.'l .aidr that "the the west coast to visit their son,
tor" of the,' -,o'ld show:. that' They said, the Nationalists. Dr. Bliss Shrapnel in Califor-
lhl'c and democracles Ben- operating simultaneously from nia. and to return to the Isth-
!' lI.t inair liberties by way seven points along the Burma- mus in about three months.
Floasl, from a civilian to a china frontier attacked specd-
ll-mllitarv sratts" I fled objectives. During his absence, A. H.
N Evans, Assistant Chief of the
Ne arndrcl that rnnihlng w"as Thev withdrew with 32 mule Administrative Branch. will act
rw condit'ive t0 arbitrary. rule loads of captured goods as Chief of the Branch.
P : l l il .




were 26.00 to 46.00
NOW 13.00 to 23.50

* Porcelain and Venetian GLASS FIGURINES

NOW... 2.95


were. .7.50

NOW... 4.10


a'~~ C~f/



Cof eii' .

The coIOelaftSI today b-
manded an ap6y fromth bt
Senator said the things
about her just are0It'o. '.'
Main characters aft rs. Ltta-
ard Haseman. wife 61 Itete'-:
ant colonel until teftetlv aigR-
ed to constructtlh of afr fields I
North Africa, and 8n. Lynddn
Johnson (D-Tek.), chairman ii
the Senate Preparedness Sub-
Johnson's group recently aire
testimony that Mrs. HASemaM
"rejiggered" plans on an air basw
housing project ih Morocco so
she wouldht' be so close to her
It's not so, Mrs. Haseman told
the United Press. She likes
'With five children," she saMd
ruefully, "I think neighbors are
pretty nice to have around." .
Subcommittee testimony re-
vealec dhat Mrs. Haseman inter-
vened to change the housing pro-
lect's 65-foot lots to 120-foot
This. witnesses testified, cot,.
"mtlions" of the taupatye'*
dollars because of a necessaryT
redrafting of roads, &plumblng
and wiring.

Piper To Speak
At Girl Scout
Bi-Annual Meeting

Merle Piper, Director of the
Balboa YMCA, has been chosot
to be guest speMker at the i-
annual i ner-lting for adutO
In Girl Scout nto be heldS t
6:30 p. W at the 00-
co Solo Offl b.
Piper. who, m'a member of the
recently act"i constitution re-
vision committee of the loast
Community Chest, will speak 0 t
'The Community Chest is Your
Also appearing on the program
will be John R.Barr. directoriol
the Boy Scouts.
A color ceremony will be con-
ducted by the senior Girl Sco't*
and the address of welcome will
be given by Mrs. Stanley, Hamil-
ton. president Of the Girl Beout
Men troop committee members
and husbands of Scouting adull
are invited to the dinner, as re
*ill senior Girl Scouts on the

.7' S. .1

~ hose INu


nIft"tD KA i M,--Almos a. ....
Ow k!W*4lmas frimm an elaborate flB
.the b y or The late Prime Minister of CeO .t.
S9 tIouissand school children led the mile-long
n. i Coloui .

Viut a "Smuggler's Istlnd'd CDe
Saturday "WI A o0gwr A I
8:15 :e "TH LAW AND T

RO __MIGUEL pt Ca 01 1 of'

*-7 -s

Lim ra P
"8,CHI At
asturesyr LAW AI

Wf* GETS TH t 09 ul Summit, two-and-one4hatf years
id, doesn't give Ue talking erow, a chance to give him
the bird. He has his boost him up so he canAtake first crack
at the crow. Deacon msm his first appearance of the year at the
Children's zoo in Bromx Park, N. Y., accompanied by his trainer,
C.Orrine Dalsgaard, right.
. =- .* i.>. : .* > ..u ......l --- & -------- ,________

* .

25-Midy OS Ace -
.DETROIT, (UP) Police irj
]Mk i c o Patrick C. Nance, 40, sprung his
a IN Vlown trap when he broke into iM
v uaal k office building by going through
non lromu m the elevator shaft window on the
roof and sliding down the greas-
SEOUL. May 16 (UP). Col. ed elevator cable. He was atM^
Vter 25 Mahr in, who has frantically clawing at the cable,
II and over Korea, was shot down trying to climb back up, when
by Qamr unist (lak Tuesday dur- officers arrived,
nih W first dtve lOwbing sortie
by it s itr-tle Korea War.
bresa. Which have bested
Red fiZ In dogfights, were sent ,-
agia ft Nlorth Korean air strip BA L l
near on the Manchurian
border rail yards in the ll
sam ] Jo Tor their first dive I ..... .., r
bombing operations. i STARTS SAYtOUM.Y!

MahlWa was lost In one of
the strlMsfti the rail yards at
Kunu, his third mission of the
He. porte l by radio that he
had flak and did not
thrill mmke it back to
Hea listed "missing in ac-
Sabre pilots said their ma-
chines wese immediately suc-
ceeit ip dive bombers.
3f0ierfu they have been used
to 'the slower fighter
borniMe -principally Meteos.
MU Thund er j ets andr
Shoot ar-., from Migs.
The tied jets are based on
Antuag airfield in Manchuria.
just weOs the Yalu River from

At tmer base they stand In
plain ight of the UN pilots fly- _I
big bow the Yaiu, but safe from

I i Ills
. 54W. Ew

'l 91

SGA U1 a

MAR. Gk A Lid;i"Lai"
6:15 ,t~ t
1111 i n TI" i i i~iiiing iSS i* V

'er wed' tiMed to love beyond "aU
and p ce...I l
(h1~ E~flHC9LO.


* i.*


A %olute to The United States



Albrook Air Force Base 1 P.M. to 6 P.M.
Coco Solo Navia StSati- 9 P.M. to 12 Noon

go AW 1 1 l i A



4* WotS Ka.RLO

MUMMY1-S dlkft

F! The Eiiitui.e on Oar SI*

fMik.O. JTAD

4 .4

i& ^ Y'


low. s,-_
, a -,
'Mee S~el F~er A

^W(, t-, 1-

.'.~i !~.

it's Mo*ettimeTOnoGHrt

* I* ,

'iAL 0OA
4i .ii

Canal & eaters -

lizbeth TAYLWI Mtt.l i
"Love Is ett'r Then
ftlurdsi "B'IEL OF NMW








*- I' V wWV1

- ~

t .-

- a




tet Incorrect," said the plan s ithe
ld that long before the ii.. I
her husband, since re- an apol. *' t
to the United States, and thlgs I '
thief, Col. George T. Derby, Hasct-sA. ;i *.Mt
Seed on plans which would state9iarit thiet
St houses about 50 feet a- shouldn't Iarry sue
She said she understood or that wive ahoild'tl be
t this was in accordance with ed oversa s."
P','or~c desires. Mib..
.,Our house was the first to be vkh
qpipd." Mrs. Haseman said. .ptitwttf e
use we were about the first ree VeM vrtit.fir baby-.t-
"hily to arrive and we were the tiu with er c W..
,iest family. About two weeKs i said a tenmporay' supeHn-
4er we moved In, the surveyors tenint.dld get an foaey-romi the
4atrted staking out other sites prgje-t Mtanager to baby -lt Eir
atd placed one so thpt it would het, B lt she said he had chU-
hkve been 25 feet away. dren ot his own and &aid he en-
joyed the job.
T'IWhen I saw that I asked my Mrs. EHaaman hed.the em-
'hiuband about it He checked ploye refueWd payMeit offered
thO plans and discovered a scal- by her husband. Sh said they
htg trror." had "no idea" that he was sign-
It was to correct this error that Ing overtime slip frJ iork.


-4L -A

='=T .r., -- ....


! "

r ", lN A l A


'i .,'

. ; .- .;. ?;:.-^

ltU, 4
Ai .

ow I's


adthe Demooratil
hauttee will Imet
0o .Mt st amp o-
= sly teem.Ot


-r iau 't. mgmlw a en e
d. .t me eI

mUwa i- ya bipe of a
I Tmre Aney. hee. porty OoMeL'

I At

.4 .*. a,

For Play Time, Dance Time
and Informal Parties at Rfloa


rem, F


Gay California Cottoen;,.
Sklrt FP',7 To nl gay
Carnival Colonrs.

Hand BlocAl India Prila
Skirts wi 4armoeltSag

aboard e

norh, itm e, 1 v W -- w .m.U

Sde rtment. re .
horesntg thould 'd d W.tttlet

l an mart n mi
la overAweanw-mer

. m, o r.- l .r. l -,y n U .r
ov aoa. erble- oaI to Di fl d irectly from tommn
nt aton ,pected with.- h. ...e e nd then ntahtt.- to
:. i e I T "k a'' oI ^ X .PaY royaithr io ; i nmd" u 0'

to1 0l bquieotly m poealpe s, e o the ndo

t I athe adnate st''-tristh e'ippers, travwlich tnis
.. ". a~" ., ..wa needed In im .e a t l,"a
J. #l Oheerbwn':of
VhbwbdisuhbhuwntAgeriisto *U .

pent. .ac-t-on 18 sieced"wit U OateUmlar anId then noAtsoi to
tt .wbal.lto to t oli. r to O ih e tr adq ti
"- tts t IW the fasetpet t io t m aaePt
co oftr crsUd, ith Anmo chang of lasl#

masses ,, tts Anel, tre a\r aedInt"

lansuol..figr to a F ud.. and 1
o aabPAAle to
ASt to the Autda nd he O .L

J ."o,.t. ; V" n* w.- ir w io,, \O

-pon ainan
wn t lAmerics b- 4r,h thte ueta ,f

Is*at..6 Sledwe,.
4.,.. t

I "' -. -

,* :




Visit M7e YArmed cForces Oay SxAikt

Albrooh Mir Jcorce Base

f:oo p.m. to 6:00oo p.m.


ha-^/.jfK *

" ~%;'-tti

'ft ocrt-

to lol I mtI
0nal for ha
)t .zrv


I.- .r
".- i,-'

Iv. .1



Illag ,7ik




Tae -rtAAMA.

Phill ies,

~~1' ~ -



-o -

s, Roberts, Kellner

Win; Trucks In No-Hitter
*I NEW YORK. May 16 (UP).-Three of eight scheduled Major
I la u contests were rained out yesterday, New York at Clove-
i n the American League. Chicago at New York and St.
J at Boston in the National.
Ia the National League. BiUy Loes in his first Major League
laut after three winning relief roles blanked the Pirates 2-0 in
I t Ebbets Field night duel. Both he and loser Murry Dickson
t six-hitters.
Robin Roberts won his sixth straight game while allowing
0 m. hits to whip the Reds 5-1 in a Philadelphia are-light con-
n. I the American Lealue. Virgil Trucks pitched the season's
1 i no-hitter in blanking the Senators 1-0 while loser Bob
t efleld allowed the Tigers only four hits in a Detroit after-
II ; game.
Ray Scarborough blared to a four-hit 1-0 triumph for the
I4 Sox over the White Sex In a Chicago afternoon game.
Alex Kellner pitched a second straight shutout for the Ath-
& am oter the Browns 6-0. a four-hitter, in a St. Louis night

Loes struck out seven Pirates and walked only two in a
r tt lapse of control in the seventh. Pee Wee Reese's. Jackie
V bMlnson's and Rov Campanella's singles and Duke Snider's fly
W ae the Dodgers two runs in the first Inning. Murry Dickson
Shielded only three more singles thereafter.
Roberts limited the Reds to four singles and a homer by Joe
decoek in the sixth which his shutout. Jack Mayo hit his first
SLg League homer for the Phillies while Richie Ashburn got
three hits to drive in two runs.
Trucks had to be almost perfect to top loser Bob Porterfield
who allowed only four hits. Both battled 0-0 until Viec Wertz
clouted a dramatic homer with two out in the last of the ninth
to gl"e the Tigers the win.
Scarborough allowed hIs ex-mates only two singles and two
dejbles by Al Zarilla. walking only one batter. The Red Soex
veered their only run in the fourth when rookie Faye Throne-
berry walked, stole second, took third on Phil Masti's wild throw
WM scored on Ted Lepelo's single.

National League American League

.4 .

ubutgh. .



! 1t. LO:is at Boston (N1.
Pittsburgh at Brooklyn.
S Cincinnati at Philadelphia (N).
;. Chicago at New York.
(Night Game)
F Pittsburgh 0000 00 00-0 6 0
IrOoklyn 200 000 OOx-2 6 1
Dickson (1-41 and Garagiola.
oges (4-0) and Campanella.
(Night Game)
Qincinnatt 000 001 000-1 5 1
Phila. 120 002 00x-5 9 2
Blackwell (1-5,. Blake 17, and
ROssi. Roberts 06-li and Burgess
Chicago at New York.
postponed Raini.

Pet. Cleveland 18
.773 Washington 14
.696' Boston .. .15
.560 Chicago 13
.538 New York 12
.462 St. Louis 1S
.458 Philadelphia 10 1
.418 Detroit 7 1

Washington at Cleveland fN).
Philadelphiat at Chicago (N).
New York at. Detroit.
Boston at St. Louis (N).

Wash. 000 000 000-0 0 0
Detroit 000 000 001-1 4 3
Porterfield 3-74)" and Klutftz.
Trucks (1-2) and Ginsberg.
Boston 000 100 000-1 3 0
Chicago 000 000 000-0 4 2
Scarborough il-11 and Niarhos.
Holcombe (0-31, Kennedy and
New York at Cleveland
Postponed (Rain i.
(Night Game)

St. Louls at Boston St Louis ............ 0
(Postponed iRain'. Philadelphia ...... 8


dodgers ,

.- rw- ..

t to
.W;t-U ... ,

it waU touch and go battle
dbtr t-.Im fact that Furon
ru t^J !to ,. po1 t 1d* i:
d e emrs m ana4 wasdeaA- Refes: NPGIha nhd 1Wf

Races John Lorlen Rides 4,00th

Tomorrow Victory To Set U.S.A. Record

1st Race 'F-" Natives-7 F98. mw 0 My a
Purse: 8275.0---Pol Closes: 12:45 A C 1 *t 1 --FhmMU yoBy -
First Race of the Doutles wP 9iif lt1 i Ra fl I den rode ht Wthwin ty
1-Embustero J. Baeza Jr. 110 / I IIIIn lhllt re lSW d1 terdeeaa aorW 'I
2-Opex B. Auirre 110 ,thed, t rerd Fr e a
3-Broohaclto B, Pulido 111 ," the teird ro at. Kll
4-Politico. V. CaRtaLuo 111 IW141DI'fb I in111dI-Parkuoaftei hwi-n ,ia
lo l I"200 Meter S im Record f n ine ady.o
5-Cafiaveval 0. Sanchez 120 ra.-..,u. 1.. AJ tI a fintC aW days Of the agw ,
6-.Don Arcello A. Mena 118 r- The victory yesterday t
7-La Suerte A. Vasquez 107x the tension at e t t _wiW
8-Con Valor II Luis Bravo 110 Arline Schmidt, Balboa High S.-Elleen Bleakley B. had been mSunt ln
9-Strike Two E. Julian 119 School Swimming star added an- since the start of tim mm
---- other laurel to her already S0 F. 8. Boys Time: 30.8. Tuesday when Letsm i
S"7 ladened swimming crown whe. 1.-Gerald Pierce B. 399 wfAners, rode aot the
2nd Race "F-" Natie-7 Fg. she sprinted to a new Canal Zone $,-Bill Biel B. entire prerm eaeh daay tad
Purse: 5275.00-Pol Closes: 1:15 and intercsholkstlc record In the $.-Hardy C. could get but one heose bot
Second Racee of the Doubles 200 meters free style event n the per pr m.
1-Romantico V. Castlllo 120 annual Balboa-C tqbal H ig 15 reast Stroke Girls The t-year-old rtder was
2-Volador R. Ycaza 08Schools Swimhttg Meet. The lime: 1:44.9. given a thunderous ch by
3-Redndit Bravo 117 meet was held at the Balbota .-:-Jo Jensen B. the crowd as he reached h
4-Golden Girl B. Pulido 120 Pool Thursday afternoon. I.-Shirley McNamee C. goal, an all-time Amnedlean
5-Golden Babe A. Mena 114 Getting off ato fast start Miss 3.-L. Scheibegg C. riding record expected to stay
B-Resorte C. Iglesias 114 Schmldt led the other contest-. unbroken for many years to
7-Eclipse F. Rose 4 ants all the way as she set the 4 Breast Stroke Boys- Come.
8-Campesino A. Vasquez 117 new mark of 2:42.4 tor the event. ime: 1:19.5. Although no jockey on the
3,c .... I g The former C. Z. record for the 1.-Al Sears B. Amerlean turf can come lease
3rd Race "G" Natives-4, rFgs. 200 meters free style was 2:42.8 2.--Clive Barrett B. t Lengden's mark, the record
Pool Closesne-Tw5 established by Marny Dryden oat 3.-Catanzaro C. still did not equal that of Ea g-
V. O rdoz 109ne- August 7, 1933. The former C. land's Gorden Richards who
1I -Filon V. Ordez 109 interscholastic record wks 2:45.6 SM F. S. Girls Time: 2:42.4 rode two winners today to
32-KGaln J. d el Rosarln 1I.L set by Joyce Zeeck In 1949. Ar- (New Canal Zone and Inter- reach a lifetime total of 4,08
S3-Karano J. del Rosarlo 110x line's performance erased a rec- eIholastic Record). victories.
4-Libertino Jose Rodrg. 110 ord which has been on the books 1.-Arline Schmidt B.
5-Calongo V. Ortega 116 for 19 years. Later I the program 2,-Yolanda Dibz C.
0-Escalerilla J. Phillips 108 ,chmidt established herself as I.-Joudrey C.
7-Enriqueta A. Enrique 104xan outstanding medley swimmer
4 Re ;- -iN--,~t 'as she turned In a fast 1:50 for SW F. 8. Boys Time: 2.36. 5. -
4th Race "F-1 Natives-I Mile the 120 meters medley event., 1.-David Mcllhenny B. LA BOCA BEN'O- SOFTBALL
Purse: 75..0--Pool Closes: 2:2 IHelen Edwards of BHS. the C. .-Hfenry Cruz B. LEAGUE
Quiniels, Z. back stroke champion, capably 3.-Ray Boyd B.
1-El Mono J. Baesa Jr. 115 defended her title turning ip a Standings
2-Tuira B. Pulido 117 fine performance in both the 100 IM Back Girls Time: 1:33.6.
3-Luck Ahead F. Rose 120 meters back and 50 meters free 1.-Helen Edwards B. Team- Won Lost Pet.
4-Batan J. Avila 120 style events to give her a double 2.-Pat Kelly C. Optioa osa 2 0 1.000
5-Diez de Mayo G. Ramos 104x for the day -Mary Hamma B. ur Cola 1 0 1.000
8-Miranda V. Ordofez 115 Al Sears also of 1BH1 was the a .. .. 2 1 .067
7-Rio Mar R. Vasouez 112 only boy to turn i tw victor .- Back Bo0s Time: 1:25.. Bencl a am 1 2 .333
8-Duaue C. Ruzh 115 Sears butterflied the 00 melesI 1.-Joe Fuller B. Claudio aedeo 1 2 .333
9-B. Tardes J. Phillips 112 to take a first in the breast, 2.-Dave Sundquist B. Special ederoops 2 .000
h _ace 'stroke event with a win later In ..:--Simon Faygensbaum B. Special s 0 2 .000
5th Race C Im e -1 5/16 Mile the 120 medley swim to give him NEXT GAMES
Purse: 51,4W0 (Added) two wins for the day. Diving Boys Saturday 430 p.m.,
Pool Closes: 2:55 Cristobal's Anselmo Arias again 1.-Anselmo Arias -- SC. aptl Troops vs. Spur Cola.
AS"HORSE OWNERS S proved himself to be the number 3.-Henry Cruz B. Monday:
ASSOCIATION CLASSIC" 2 one C. interscholastic diver Aneia Lam vs. Balboa.
1-Beduino B. Pulido 128 as he garnered the 3 meter divingN M F. S. Girls Time: 1:27.1. Balboa easily disposed of the
2-Newminster J. Bravo 115 title with little difficulty. The 1-Laura Walston B. Red Tank Claudio Cedefto soft-
3--Montielito V. Ordofez 108 Cristobalites served notice that 2.-Marv Hicks B. ballers with a 6-2 effort beh o a
they are on their way up in 3.-L. Scheidegg C. the -hit pitching of HesinU.e.
6th Race 1-l1' Imported-61i Fnsiswimming as they battled the Bertie wlllana took ovt II
Purse: .5375.00-PoolCl :se 3:35 acifc de school to theefni,188 F. S. Boys TimeBertie llar took owt V
First Race ofM 1 ted- D s w dn to the fDIbnish 1iF. S. Boys Time: 1:14.4. the first ftom Gerald Dudv Vo
First Time f the Doublesno in every event. I.-Ray Boyd B. had opened the gates forth
2-B. Cloud B. Aguirre 120 Results of .the Meet (All 2.-Dave Shore B. Balboa runs, Dudley was tagged
3--. epscola A. Vasquez' 4x distances are meters.) 3.-Thompson C. wit hthe defeat.
S4-Betun A. Erique 103Ax50 F. :, Girl--Tmhne: 34.4., The box l ore:
4---lBe on A. l]s 103 1.-Helen Edward B. i In. Medley Gir -L The :
-Salcedona. Phillips 108 2.-Laura Walaton B. Time:: 1:50. CLAUDIO C160 0 "
6-D Elein V. Ordohez 1125 1--Arline Schmidt B. AS R 111
) 7-Curaca F. Rose 125 2.-Shirley McNamee C. R. Daniels. b .. .. 3 0 0
S-Oran Din ,G. Sanhes 115 7-Alabards J., Rodriluez 120 $_-Mary. Hamma B. A. Reid, 2b ., .2 0 1
9-Tamesis II E. Julian 115 8-Honey Moon B. A irre 112 A. Rei, 2b 2 1
10-LuXoso Luis Bravo 114 9--Plncel Lis Bavo 114 1 Ind. Medley Bo, 2 Reyes, cf..p.. 3
10---Montielito V. OrdofAez 120 Tia: 1:3.., P t ....
7th Race q-21 Impgorted-7 F 1.-PAI ears-- .aOr cef-1. .... 3 0
Purse: L05.00-ool Closes: 4: 10th Race -l' l nported--- r 2.-Heny Cruz B. i .. .. $4 0
eweo itSee of t Doubles Purse: 5375.,-PooCloses: 8 3-Joe Fuller B. A. Ill, ... 4 1
1-Scotch Chum A. Mena 118 1-Beach Sun IL Julian 110 L. i 1
2-G. Triumph) J. Bravo 120 2-Hanna E. Alfaro IUtx 111 Medley Relay Girls G. Du 0
3-Mr.Foot) V. Ortega 112 3-Mete Bulla C. Ruiz 115 Time: 1:42.4. L.Pa02u-l '2 .4 0-
4-Vermont S. Gare a 108x 4-Espartano V. Ordofiea 115 1.-alboa Hamma, Jensen, -
5--Walrus B. Aguirre 114 5-Bartolo C. Iglesias 115 Bleakley). Total mi 2 I
6-El Mago V. Ordoftes 120 6-Bendlio B. Aguirre 1111
7-Mariscalito B. Pulido 120 7-Laconlco P.Ardofiez 115 12 Medley Relay Boys BALBOA
8--Cafonazo A. Fernandez 120 8-Callmedear. Luis Bravo 115 Time: 1:31.1. AB R
9-Tupac G. Ramos 105x 1.-Balboa (Boyd, Shore, Fay- Stanley, b ... .. .. 3 1
th Race I-i Imported-4,% Fgs. 4 subaum1. Taht, 91 .. 3 1 1
ith Race "H" Imported--% Fgs. Purse $375.0 -Pool Closes: xxx Hellinger, .. .. ...1 1 0
Parse 1400.00-Pe5l Cl*ses: 4:4' 1-Breeze Bound B. Moreno 113 M P. 5. Relay Girls- Soyste .. 3 1 1
Quiniela 2-Hechizo V. Ordoflez 109 TIWe: 1.52.7. Engermule; b ..... 3 0 1
l-Clpayo K. Flores 110 3-The Dauber .V. Ortega 120 1.-ahloa tEdwards, Walston, Skinner, rf .. ...... 3 0 0
2-D.D.T. A. Mena 118 4-Soberana II A. Vasquez 117x Mi ley, Schmidt). Evana.Ib .. ...1 0 0
3-V. a Terre C. iglesias 10 5-Alejandro B. Pulido 115 Hale .. .. .. 3 0 1
4-Miss Cristina J. Phillips 112 160 F. L Relay Boys Jones, ct .. .. .. 3 1 0
5-Mosqueton C. Rus 112 J ET Tp 1me: 1I45.
6--Porter's Star V. Ordofez 112 J n ranco isp 1.--Balboa (Boyd, Faygens- Totals-- 23 6 5
7-Piragua B. Pulid 120 By CLOCKER baum, Pierce, Fuller).
8-Alto Alegre Luls Bravo. 113 Score by Inings:
9-Levadura R. Vasques 109 AWarm Too Late Claudio Cedeo M 000 101 0-2
10-8. Domino B. Agulrre 120 1-Ca-averal Brochaello PORT WORTH, Tex.-A bur- Balboa 801 200 x-6
9th Rae "" rted- : .2-Redondita Golden Babe glary .at a FPot Worth grocery
9th Race "G" Importe .3---Calongo Filon wasn't discovered until workers DEER WRS
Prse: $450.00-Pool Closes: 5:15 4-Batan Riemar got ready to close u and BEND Ore., (UP).--,3 and traps
I One-Two ---Newminster Bedutno go ready o ose up and wa te he o haa
1-Phlox J. Bravo 112 6-Battling Cloud Donia Eleida flipped on the burglar alarm, tand watr'te'ttheonb oandS
2-Mon Etolle P. Ordoiez 110 7-Mr. Foot (e) 'Marisealito which began ringing immedi- to plague golfera getin n ae
3-Fair Chance A. Mana 117 S--Cipayo Miss Cristina ately.. Then employes discovered few early spring oM et com-
4-Vampiresa B.Pulido .112 f-Phlox Fair Chance burglars had entered the store plained to the grounds-keeper of
5--Pta E. Silver 100 1S0-Callmedear Espartano from the rear while they were wild deer brWUg along the
8-Riding East G. Prescott 114 -11-Breeze Bound Beehazo busy. fairways.



1f Threl AI.

Tel. i4-

4' ;




.a *^-
. 0(

I l

fr. for that extra distaa.. t
. endorsed b leading pro
world over.

Av. Justo Arosemena No. 73.4
DeK 411T Paaasia cityL. P.




S I and 8th RACES
11 II I II I


"C" Importeds

Purse: $1,000.00

1 5/16 Mile

' 8th Roce
Purse: $400.00

"H" Importeds 6% Fgs.
Pool (loses: 4:40 p.m.


Pool Closes: 2:55 p.m.

.9t Race
Pt*awes $450.00

"C" ifmporteds 6% Fgs.
Pool Closes: 5:15 p.m.
"O'N14g.TW O"

"Horse Owners' Association Classic"

1. BEDUINO.................-------------- B.Pulido 128

2. NEWMINSTER--------- J. Bravo 115

3. MONTIELITO----------V. Ordez 108

I 3.
I 4

, 6.

C( PAYO ..................... K. Flores
D. D.T....................... A.Mena
VENTRE A TERRE ............ C. Iglesias
MISS CRISTINA .............. J. Philips
MOSQUETON .. ................ C. Ruiz
PORTERS STAR ........... V. Onloden
PIRAGUA ................. B. Plido
AL LEGRE ........... L.
LEVADURA D .............. Vbr q
mvm "-

118 1.
110 2.
112 3.
112 4
112 5.
120 6.
113 7.
09 .

PHLOX ... ........... J.-ravo 118
MON OILE ........ P. On43f46 119
FAIRm MA- N .. I 11,7

' M .a .
MayN BS 1.-... G0 P 11*'I's 49
r_ V.r

* .v


ist, 2nd 6th, 7th RACES

3rd and 9th RACES

For the convenience of
our patrons we are now
opera t ing both at the

5th Race


. 49- lm


L .... u

1u -

* I



""A "W 6i

S- the halt val ecw.

In the Io Sd came of the ..'..
ea the Ad uard Det. Uk .*4
j tokI-S l-tdin the first on01 ..
tuaIlte it wero unable to hold Marco 1
Vt1t as Onales broke loose
wtth ie~~s ~lice set shots to 24
give 7 Tai t half lead.
3rd GUARD.
P1t la the final half was do- B
minan b artn and Baltac of Gannon .1
the Arty team and Gannon of Kneppl6 .
the Ma s iies. .Wannon wa high Lu~cano .. .. 1
scorer of te evening duping tchell 1
35 of hl teams 4 poit.ton
Dries 1
B FP Total Referees: Lust and
Blr .. .. ..2..4 2 10 Y A-U
Malm *. 2 3 7 Cristobal YMCA-U
I *. ; .4 a 8 Warm-Un League.
C f..... S 2 Team itatnl
parks ..... *
S. .. 1 1 Fasron 106 .n .
*enI V. P.4 .
1 10 42 Naval Sation, C. c.
10 180 ~27 Mth AAA Bn. .
Ft. Gulick .

Kiner To Enter rd Det.

Johns Hopkins W


a, V

I' p
4 V

S '' .... .... *'--' i '* i ., ,.*.M
.:.. "^ *w'^1'-.
i~i-.,/- / /.,',1
., ., ..' .- ,


r .- an

.W4 S
~tt I

't i

mu muuu In
orF lbms

W .' "- ";"

la r

"a'Illdy So, we ht
. fit u't
osurn ha to

* or yw Uo
1 rw' ith
Vi to lUP a

up0 wIl a

be Afl

Ste c mes nLit urA So p
aour eV oo
Sageu 5U ft
em-Ivt i

Santa Cruz Spit

notare a

alU t* -M r t L.i *t Iao


L. Bd

PaOtUy0*tt ititorwds
rr whichh4of me.

e w t wh a 54- a n apis t

S &Moo Wthenlookit.r .o r
.. ,-. at or Sale sip.tnhem the dad gameWI
. -PO P adaIsd the utt, teo-e ,A A. Oullatte, I
.... I 1 -.. A tU*Fed. their

sum BMALLTAROGT .point 1 point v
EU W l'ID,7U,- tU.W

vla., (tmA).-FlonlXix A. U
a rare species. S I toD g
high, weighs 50 da ^W

EtIA) -o

Si. .L ik

is", .
'"'' t r"''dl^ fM faa e
'V t_.~^W w iirppm ^f

.^ a. -.*. ^b~^Ki 2** -I^A A^ -'

i whe it WM
I .a.stnl

-" P '.
., -

o with 1io pinnt wN
n the winner and
nta for tb loers.
"-' -


t my ashool BAe
sme to writs Wi
one Albms ml,.
didn't hae a er
U.- "I'm Sure I can
w mt e a chance
p eM do My beat. be-
"m I$ yers of ax
January 5, l9.
OWN AMB g ilve me
Islad In Teag" wa In
Ma& Tore were only two
4 do "Y Gcommunity In

e to know if the two
rom couMd support owr
We ciEan md one." ishe
ft MSW bfst enoa
a, Seoa. Can i
-lpw ge tea to i be
WiOs club would be

-: a..

k sAd

i the M
i A*

y wr om
ytooX f
* returned

rae ULA--,
-o Si an d-,w
1'jA-r .. .. ". Jiittdl lN t .Jl 1^ pff~i

im). atu
* -- ,A,, "o"- U' ir
at). wwps a' remin r ef... -6

at. M" A I aia os
AIM). -ea a 1*&S it

'a m
th ** uMjnI0

7yu sU MU
make dini

I. __. IN

S0ortsr IM


...4. a

Tkoi thb Key

...Tak# ti

L k3f

u -auw'.

ma.. a0


w'as!llob. 'itaer
,ry H, iaih m iidli,":J.t


~ ~

- S .

m~ aS S U

r4.~4s.SAjn 4j4

" t l I 5 t ILr
. -...wni i *il ....L,.. MI *lol ilt '" .


PANA' A autosAUTO4 .


A t* A mL AV.6b Mt 7 Ca s

- .*-i. -- .C-,:t r .. i *m mm;,
,.-_ ... .. ...

K? ~'j- '.V4


r'~3~4 VS4fl**jjfl~j~j~*~ ~

,jr -
.'i C

: .. -

Iwo I for=
m bow, -qo
40, WOMA

v im woo
W3 .. wg


S .-., .- .





*-a'* a

-.-.. .- .

US Gives Up

Efforts For

Nexican Treaty

By DREW PEARSON "Le the people k `M i h 8am 1T 03 U coln.
Defense and State WDepartment1 r 1 i4 i r i. i 1<
btficlals have reluctantly given
S u trying to iron things out Io
a mutual defense treaty with l
Negotlatlomrthe agTre- Servicemen ,To: Ge Aby Hike
sIx1r6co could be drafted In the uture, T o the alv H ik
-eaLt bogged down, two months
his Moncae of noisy op- Sig
from left-wing and ua-
#atliast elements in Mexico. '
S However. Washi n g t o n was T t I f
hopeful that Its nearest neigh- fig n
bors to the south would come ,
around after they saw Ecuador., i '
eru. Chile and Brazil sign up. WASHINGTON, May 16 (UPI obt by a Snmate-House confer- .'ebiAtit 9 l t Include special pay rfor
However, the Mexican govern-, -Congress completed action eft committee which dropped 41ttee Im d soldier who shav
ment, frankly worried by a new yesterday on a bill giving mem- a- naf9e-pprdved plan to pay. %- Tl carryingg the IbMt" 1O
political coalition that ncludesi bers of the Armed Forces a four a 10 5- ~'nnu combat bonus to tt4. the Korean war.
opposition groups all the way per cent "cost of living" uay men-Ju ior tal fireinkbtra.ft r
from deep Left to far Right. has raise plus a 14 per cent incre'j Ho me hbets re ed fi to c- was more than 10.,000 caWl-
now made it clear that there in food and quarters allowances. cept liWt'amse they had held by t taS .so far," he said, "more that
will be no further talk about the, The bill now gees to the White ho hearing. Onthe subject. CXagAPo -.. 00,M have been ground
military treaty hot o tato" at House for President Truman's Vtrnaa told the House he tery a troops."
least until after the July 6 elec- signature. "h0e8" the Armed Services acot o .
tdons- Oo fftee can consider combat Re0~*'a He noted that special hpurd
.nf .e fori obseeers The House passed the corn- ,py Congress adjourns a neAber se pay is provided for men in t -
Ib.a hat t1 m win Mll promise bill by a thumping 33 abd out a "definite ip- i erVoeeu rll.eae.. marines, fliers, paratrooper
be lthtodiscuss the matter to a 0 vote after chairman Carl ach. Rep. James Z. Van I t I0 M" d others whether In or out Of
.n.the less offlal Prs. Vinson (D-Ge.) of the House sandt t-Pa.), a committee ttie combat.
ntlal candidate Adolfo Rul Armed Services Committee gave member, satd he took this as a bin relu a ie t'
Cortties wins a thumplag vie- assurance that he hoped to take -- The 4 per cent pay ncre
tory at the polls whieh is up later legislation providing Iwould go to members of g
no longer considered likely. combat pay for men in Korea.b CMari rP
Gem. Miguel Henriquez, the Diablo CameraCot Guard and eod
"unity" opposition nominee, Is Senate approval of the meas- vI rwy. the Public Health ge9-
expected to get better than 40 ure, which will cost an estimat- V. s ee e., officers of the MarivU
percent of the ballots even by ed $484,000,000 a year, also came ai AS0 on .detA ms ulonand
the official count with his on a unanimous vote with only tl4antom at the military aid
varled supporters picking up per- six senators on the floor. aval academies and to avmatite
traps one-third of the seats in o cadets.
SChamber of Deputies. It is retroactive to the first T e Diablo Camera Club has to It also appes to retired
T-----of the month in which It be- bee"tit%& d that it placed sec- -eene s ie. M tar l personnel.
mTruman signsI t this month. co ries be contest c oue fhA
L"d m1 e -T Give %Gum horee rrconte.s. d t the Arl condutedfor,
Senqals9 present when the c dia e by the PhQtora- Aa The 14 per cent ilnrea ,hi
Sn m d Stod voted on the bill were S l t allowances would to to el-I
lM a Uw I Sens. William F. Knowland R- ct of Aerca. tve duty prsonn
Sp't- Cwrn t af.), lppresiding, and Francis "suc.h pibl CJrk. in the ch benefit.
t a ram hial C R-S.D.), Lyndon B. John- A~fvl f au competes w th 4
Sit Parlniva l son D-ITex). Herbert H. Leh- chs .i hfUnafl od.tates durnl l
man (D-N.'.o. Hubert H. Hum- the'Ale. f contethro ALBOA T
t ig. William DeHaan of Ft. phrey (D-Mlr, and Pat Mc- out th n year., 'he atesA submitt-,
make his 17th free CA'aI (D-Nev.).L ted k the April contest were ihday,
onat1on at the walking The final version was worked t
Mabod bnk carnival of the lbhe1Toronto Ca worldt -8:4Teh.'m.
|o so H"e; sid Seevs bN noo a o S SoS ,o "?t.ha '"tl
ipe oan LegA t.ion on May23.It wn o e9 or l : P
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a lm o w d fighting with the gLs t. T d ,-l photographic work Of the mem- .. E K pW alla-
thmbed Rotterdam, his birth- slide submitted by the 'loial
n f bo wth a Pearl Harbor blow ovclubewnto maodllual honors. .* *- M use a o -
_round-the-clock bombing. h n t
the attack was over, the o A dsndh entered Iy hr. A.,,B, A 1"0i"1 l
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P Ean' father, mother, sister PHADELPHIA, May 16 (UP of UP S)Ban D ia s-
a yoUnger brother. rPiui wur ll net h rotmld br. tp.ehe eCti .n etid
btethe.IlOUni pesiet aofh od sLWOO May4 6- loWy, wich are used W10-1
"I wl never know," says DC- told newsmen today there were f b l the 28r d enter -The y a d e
m nbut what someone's "nolnegotlatocns waofer" h e ofa the Inclb. o*ten oo plretto a nd
wol b Mht have saved my sight today with sWel operators. e dwie-n ha t W andr can-r
ry Ifry could have had It. in their long contract fight. Tlw BelM t of thd"Il 'o v, th-eMm ,a k e -* -6ve rent has been de-
Ipe nc to do _my pa rt .lUn p faM aeW _x" sw Stff l tlel o
lI can to helpdsome- at said there has been no Club. lm C. KoUa, wo a te t -b i these metals gra-
ted a can ow- honorable ment-ft h 1 s -e 1 ot b ack I he nths.' but Fowler
'w-ts needs It. It Is the least word from Industry on the new n tre .al bnly d' of the i. te e has not come do.B He bas ver accept- wage talks since the union open- or1 Old Iftt .K1 te 4 1axed ct!Dtl on trolltng all materials
for a donation. ed Its Sixth ennial convention Able Imeatir also was warde*d- Moe buldtSg. and comnmueral h I On, however, were part
"W blenood bank donors of here last Tuesday. .,. e-, o t e ssprtad control Pat-
the Isthmus are not to be called -, 8tart5 1, home btldtt .rh pat
oa for blood unless an emer- The convention may end today, .h ty use 2 pounds of fumi-
cy artses. When their blood after the adoption of routine re-D -.. ru.m f ein yse eond strs If t manih. announced
I& needed hospitals will call solutions and a speech by presi- TlAV %vii ural se' in m, esofte-famiy 4liotmenlts for schools,
them from the roster of bank dent Walter P Reuther. of the 1 .lenag r uf w. vue, in aditiio o their poe- *TlJ 10 Miigway and corn-
members. Both civilians and CIO United Auto Workers. y DI.. h A^ GtIy se#Lt small altlwacees of iteel p Q0ta^l. letructon will be
military personnel will be on a .One resolution wi I t that l i t copper. a mMed in the third
stand-by basis., ne-resoution will In ats41,MY I.
the union be given a union shop ILLYWOOD. CaL lt. Ma r Ofciald "many hundreds" t Ju
All blood donors who sign in the basic steel plants a big -)Doctor Albtnstnf of bowg alleys, small night A ey lst week the Fed-
American Legion Pledge cards stumbling block so far in thecame to the aid of1at 5 r-oi. clubs, swimming 'pools, penny ewn.0I 1e board suspended
will be guests of C. Z. Post No. 1 contract talks. rl toay who was ba.fle -y a arcades, drive-in theaters, and Bano. W, their key con-
at the Legion Club at Ft. Amra- pane geometry prlt.- sthillar Atructureb will bd bat Tush SiwgNa1 with regulated
doar for the Carnival. There will Murray indicated strongly h that b 6.. I w ahe a hnd credit terms
befanclng and t big floor show. the Steel Union had no plans for ,a.a*Mna MAnkitw ,d Trerk., pf today's a rt&h. t.television, ra-
Iance sob e people cannot again invUiting companies to Ne eby ;A.eNeon, In',ost cses A 9ml1 04t household ap-
dtmate blood, yet want to at- bargaining table. neid she nor er Wa
tend the carnival, non-donors' Thus the next move,% up to htens could &owe,. d d a te "Thers ar 10 ap- 0
tickets will be $1 per person. industry, or to the gevedrnoft. l _tter gving JltpH pm4 p" I at%"t for .I. aol._ .. Housing and
_________________________ ed to binet*. aoW, an o 1A dmlnAstration
... .~-ute R ---.-- IvaeMumX.~4,..W. W -. the 5 Sth at Regulation
^ *1Ou1P!rOd t3O's jboSfti, purchasing
STOP A COLD hthio,-- r w offers l.l housescos-
fb h to solve t. t normal oBt
BEFO RE IT STO PS Y0 11 -s."A,-e as.arateact .... -.
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s tfsamh. LISTERINE Asmiseptic
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kill mil ions of gern
with add& and m edum
Use the de pseameletm thu
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