The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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1..'"............. *e Wi L0 wrnta l- WASHINGTON, M
SThye do 1 WIth the additional xeeption. of which w e now Ge s emI bum d g
stlll unqIa *l Malaya. where the two are pr- l for apn"'Wtur K* f hlIWo WV Ww
f 1 o. Be stly exactly even, Rommb ho lds Sritish Carlbb itoIrs ar* H
vtlnr ibotwer t advantage. Pn the Ited States t
polled 6,51 t o tf r COla- The breakdown: sM gue them for opera-
rl In the lgoolrd- PANAMA (3 peamate) u ty weo to know I
Ing to the ft Chlarl ..................127 e 1 k li t se1 1 ie4
roe y. an- Remon ................. .35 ,bes w on Ja alc,. i h
i DARIEN 5, Antliua and St. Ludtl. 01, len h g. enR C
Snonof lRemon ............... 171 TM d was the cite of an A sNIp cemtm ndev, coml
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aciumfl% y I ChlrSOCASDEL1TORO co mint ilr and W.,fir tWs relteas.
eminent, OthiA out front. Remon.................O ep Ma sfiel (D-Mon
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Air ioroe Aecretary Thomas
3, Vf lteir had made the 3B-SI
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4durit ,views. Bs contended
itaroralt technical Informn-
then hels, the enemy but dos
Snot" isrest te public.
* But Air .Force conceded
today t o lon- r i "practlcaV'
to tr to Ade ertan dnlet
o{ te B-4. which presumably
can carry atomic bomb lo to
Ua parts of the world.
Now thbt the shlp Is being
flight tested at Seattle, Wash..
Boxing can distribute plotUl
which have not been retofetd
to conceal certain features, as
,wa the case with the first pic-
tures five months ago. 4

Costly Watch
Awaits Claimant
Canal Zone Police today wereO
looking for the owner of a coItly.
wateh they found.
I he owner may cdlm the
ore-pece by ideSIInf it ad
(I-cbing where and when; It
L*1 lost at the Balboa fl el
a tatlon.

ig-a earAanA.F For reckless drlivangm.
tI AR Naal D om$d- corporal Today wasm a
lint. at It 1 am.,,' the Balboa Magistrate's Cw.
The defendant, Luther OCiart
Wii o Sparks. 23, was charged with
driving his car opi the u-oo
St ol the road ona Oa
way near th Civil
Sl8di., Re wasee Ipursued by a
sanal ane poalceman who .-
3rtod Sparks was driving over
S0 mles an hour. The w odler
isechd to ComrA,3r
W.LwU TC- 1sMmat ry, at Iort .obb,.

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CLU T .T mAn cIln Arme e=ploe, at
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,LU'.-TCo Meet a effiifr."so toSV

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Tho Wlinds Due
To L ve Jails
.nC a Soon
i :May 15 (UP)-The
Mialsters today ap-
p 4_decree panting am-
nety t-hat was expected to
be t thousand prisoners In
TaMin of the 50th
of Cuba's Indd-

A spokesman Aldd
S able to determine
the nfimber of 0r1-
ho will be set free.
t was pointed out that
Sexclude s only the
r "causes of Wpe-
r such as those
terrorist grouiw
th 'special cruelty"
Jad a others.
A*biatt* includes the cancel-
lditi of criminal records. I

Irftn Missing
S a ON, Delaware,
Ir (U The. 240-foot c
S WO allons of 1
L e. uploded ml
arly today
a thter In
and Delawarn CL

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poids on the proceC0 of two reset dance The lqdosme official stated
recitals 'Itedmer a that tmany that ItnG e whsten sci k per- tihek
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poseaid announceBeut. "upw t sa dyl *endeavor, an
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Sof dua the proceeds f o s Latoer, member n other e a I
M.0 given on At and Sg adt the yeaar the rOeds of similar g
e e t ot- Balbo aMu by th re m t a l e ri to by the e Dorisflo
N~~tea~l~ em- agerASh 0be ClI|DeaIn iion the Prsflet ChrfL Co iiMA
Adr wt. an W Bte M et the rrL em rn ltr
civic Cumc*w, uoa bued the again be the beneficiary.
r as ta we original 6kIomipemttM A statement to ta effect w aesA
P 9W Z= croot Iiformed fa Panama made at a Pacific Counl= meet- *
SWr ow foAmericanes d or that the two lng during te period when t-fr
aik for every- perform Ma weoe bhed this eta for the dance reeltals were
Sthe '#NM Deal' year by the COubboums Division being sold.
* w.- ca of Teti Later, when members bseam
t fermi' woajies advert lganndowefidentals. aware that any ronts wen go- toan
d a utthelp able to Indicate whether the per- council members tod Faule t
lr own bets- formanees made at lost money, aide residents askS for a clari- xc *
I he said. It a net prfit results, fiction. other a

Shpoeiy -Marilyn Monroe Misses

On Krojewski's Smoke-Filled Bandy
M I G aS (P) the school's g- ,faper. Aaked what he thougt hisown aW
eSw i had berly that, chances were, he sid. "I t it
a aui Ms Sa iMa dieban- mine are abhut m oodas *m
drooon- don etna i te hir be- ator Kelauver'."
O astes BMaMy half aet atem d eUsaid he was a Oeart
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am san at srt-- endowedd wstue t alM richm -quia r a
U0m1fh*r7 1yn r misfe to be i poedaaa h1
So a -te om My a- o llon r-S.*t i ine aDuty
P imeS l i ,- primh.p atorm a
STheppen ae pmted out Earlier, Caera bad deds
i.' arant that bsh i f A ato be ed his poiea teaU salla40
sat4 mDw"ta*a rM=aseon- Sof rfa smae a boeP eNflpt
C ofdON afa e tebmem he re- from lacem tax ad that tln
N" no quvgmw ea Ag 35 gove

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AEN Pme wuLwo m iy =t w OMAN Pa', mINC.
"U ,NN N =eson nlo si s
.' ? *7 4fmTer P 0 3ox 14. PANAMA. R. OF P.
.' 345 MADIION Avs. NEW V IN. HTl N V.
*.01 iJANTH. IN ALVANC- *91.70 *932.5
*fel 3X MONTHS. IN AOVANCE 9. ,0 1 .1'-
pop I YEAR. IN ADVANCE- 9650 -' -4.


Walter Winchell

In New York

S The F. B. I. took photo% of the May Day paraders when they
gathered In Union Square and vocal'd "Solidarity Forever."
S aught in a closeup was a famed character actor long suspected
as a ed. .The Raymond Scotts (he's the Hit Parade conductor)
after a long separation will linally be put asunder this week....
SVeronica Lake wings back to the Coast on the Sabbath to see the
tots, she says. Intimates believe she will finally file against direc-
tor Andre de Toth.. The Bruce Cabots have reconciled.... The
Peggy.Ann Garner-R.chard Hayes rift is healing.... The Marty
Mays (she is Chic Johnsun's dghtr) are Hellzapoppin'...They say
Faye IEmerson got $100,000 from the sponsor when the contract
was abreg' ted ..Critle Geo. Jean Nathan a virus victim again...
Margaret Truman's last big laugh: Her salary for teevy in the
Fall will be $4.000 per wk.
Paul Robeson. touring the nation to raise funds for certain
Red-I'otItL'rs, ut r.o en-,.ur'agement at Oakland. San Francisco
and Seattle, Awhere auditoriums were refused for his concerts ..
Nanette Fabray, no longer Mx, D. Tebet, Is getting used to ro-
mance again with Freddy de Cordova Jean Dixon shrubs off
quick closings such as her la.t flop. "To Be Continued." Jr-an and
her husband return to their Cape Arnne Mass ) retreat, where
they clip coupons when not reading new scripts. .Kay Thompson,
currently at the Palmer House in Chicago with the 4 Williams
lads. is writing a book. Nothing to the printed reports that she
will niarry a Lrenchmaii From a coast colyum: "Ed Wynn has
Inv-nrrfed a new word, Fenmmedinns,' for tap teevy comediennes'
.. Yes don't say?
Keenan Wvnn has the film industry miffed with him because
of his spec. I in Omaha allegedly rapping Hollywood. Seeeeelllllly
b. y.. Peonle back from Europe report some mardnees advertise
S1eilW W;nters as "Vlttorio Gasaman's Sweetheart!". ..Dorothy
Mas" ill's mother Is very ill.. .John Lardner is ailing. His News-
week' nd Look pieces ale ready weeks ahead. After they are used
-sula will take ovCr They link this and that belle with hotel
heir David Srhine but the one he prefers is Kay Crespi .Pulitzer
Prise novelist Herman Wouk ("Caine Mutiny") has rented the
Snost'eastvy showplace at Fire Island for the Summer...The Deep
SBilyer Boys open at the Blue Angel and Valailda Snow debuts at
't Cfe :8ocletv tomorrow night Mrs. Herbert Berghof has finally
Pwreed to step aside. Leaving her husband in the heart of star
Uta Ragen.
dSnator Brien MelMahnn. before announcing hie cnndldacy
for President ch.:rkrd .into. New York Hospital tinler an as-
b4 sumetd nam( i to cofii-m that he Is in tip-top shape .Lanny Ross
' soon delebrPte; li1 20th year in show business. He was one of the
i' eri'lwal Yele Whffennoofs ln 1928i that-put him on the ble time
-. ..Ell Fitzgerald's gift to her reconciled husband (after her tour
-abroil) wps a cabin cruiser She also brought back $20.000. Perry
S Como option with Chesterf'eld hasn't been renewed yet...The
eha ne scene alone Broadw:. Five of the biggest slens are
now edlecred to Tcev'. Miarin Austin. lest seen In the film
4 versr of "Stri-tly DI;honrorbl-'." I- now leading lady at the
Fr-rtrg' > ,- ."-1: r'--t .treet Scene: Edward Arnold glaring
at starting 5th Ave. pos..erby.
It'n Washington sniscruhers: "Call l1. M.,rlnm" seats (for
the 4*weet'Q) are sold nit. / nnlv Run"' n F"nd for down-front
'EWtxcutive 0150.. Joe DMarreio. who irn't ouite used to the
Iw "wd of pace, alrnis to the coast Sunday night while the Yan-
Sl*Umr for 17i A. *she ofe sional hisMers ere planting their.
in the najial (m to dsp a Job on Eiqenhower. Two
L ectedi froi' bWt lux the other diy.. .AnmusihglTlese
gW s tor Dayi4 Nivpn dashing blieatblessly out of the sw lkr
P 'thitnt Turf A& Field Club for the $9 window...One of the 1otel
9i" p'g's e'""ntric ruests commapdeered an elevator the other
,lttmWese p"d we"t on a ?n-minrite n"ree.. Berle was in good form
'"Ut tite Friars' festimonjl to 11am. is puln ahn't, Bishop Fulton
I 9Pean winning over some of his audience: "He uses old ma-
s. erlj too."
S b" One of our favorites I first colvm'd years apot was about the
. prout( mw rchnr wh'"e -rpndeon's first words were: "Moma.
pa p, and cabordine!" It finally mnde paee 29 of the Mav 3rd
. New Yorker.. The editors all over the lpnd on Monday fell for
i tories p'nnted by two nress events for different act,'Psses in Hol-
'lywood. About not hiding their forms in eirdles. Dull places even
with the ac-nmppnvin" rheececake Greer GsrFnn's husbPnd has
a private plane standing by In case she decides they should tke
off frew ri"'r, A-l1ne D-"l h.s hbd her namp In mprr'iee lights
but she wanted it on R door It now rends- "Arlene Dahl Enter-
prises" at 'br nPW office,' n ths Emnlre Sta-t bider-whper the
ster I rnuu""',"" b h-" wpalih. Shp mnnlni er,,roS 'dile' honprv,
s eom*ttcs. lincrie. blouses and writes a syndicated beauty col'm.
D. Gimbel of the dept. stnop cl-n end a Mi'e Taylor were
planning an elonprm"t veqterri'v. She's a b"iintif'il rpdhand.
Obhavs say they are ehonning for a Park Avenue ant. Mlrtha
Stewart is up for the lend in the new Guv Roltnn-Eddle Davih
mutilal. "Ankles Aweirh Swell title.. Teenagere are onenly
elilng reefers In the baleonieq of some 42nd Street theatPrs...
sTotlces for "New Faces" In Philll were verv good. It Is due at
U l pvale Theiter here on the 1fth. The Inutifrer critrl reported:
I mt i an Intelligent and beautilfullv mounted revue".. Repub-
fleMn% who eniv firhting that way. are digging dten into.the
lirt in Demne-rnts. They've struck fl1 on one of the avowed
UemnUiAates.. ntI,'e Raid. who mkeqs her debut at arnerie Hall
m. it t, fi only II T. ".nr'r'Id's newest ('RS nrorrsm starts
k"n ,Tv nirht at 10:45. Tif"': "vn'o" urprl'4p Qtore" featuring his
M l.qeynekle sisann. nrnd I."w P-rker. Fr-Kinr Zogr in't hannv
Q oueen Geraldine's plan to work as a saleslady in a 5th
it dress shop.
Ite of the Presilent'. friends has dawned an oil nalntinc. of
n) in the Mexlcnn National hockshop a qov't Inptitutlon.
lco City It Is abn'ot 30x45 inch,,.. Paula Bane. married to
tonalre. has i;ined Battv Cierrorf Larry Parks and GeorLer
na nersonn Bpneanrnerr tovir The quartet were in "Call
ster" M'Trllvn Monroe lanu-h; off the talk that one of her
*1 reftrc fin,"'-;- P rich n-d noworfiil roast nrndil-er "Then whyv
rAo I'lve in thin tiny anartmPnt?" she rebuttals "eAnd where pre
r.y flirs -I 1cwplrv?" l,'ve Crnnp nd his Parisian wife.
i rtine C urrol, called It off via the transatlantle nhnnes .Toney
er- r Hatfcild of the swank Cake Circuit and the MRvor of Istan-
-u are wa'gl ng tongues In Athens. .. Denise Darcel's rent
.too Peter Crosby. has fallen hard again She i.s Betty Miles,
a.pilhr r '-'"os nss.. The 177 rpad met will nack Blrdrland to-
gltortw ninht fnt the Art TPt',m-Erroll Oarner concert.. .Jack
all Is midnighting with Eloise Swanson. an heiress...Ariane
iletl1nR'os. widow of the New Yorker editor, is booked to sail on
.Ua j u.Tune 4th. If she doesn't. It will mepn she was talked'out.
if ib'bv von" Ouaranty Trust executive Arthur Merrill of the
c. '>oyi Register.


lasiess ante mesetwed gwIe#0Iv 9ed em handled I. whuly ma.

aaW ma mate aa o -pea-ll- se gemene e- epaml
is lisas a m dees*** -


Mother sure is right about Tom in the Dispenary.
I've ewS mt in the Panama Canal mer
of moit sonfcitonus. He gives the mat of
m and ad deritandiMn i help math a b
ism m....

-Y T"U w'tt't ?ying With
Labor News.

And ..

Comment W

By Victor Riesel *
Unnoticed by a jittery nation -. y,
and, a nervous government
caught in the tensest strike .
wave since the '37 sitdowns,
reckless wildcatters have been .
unleashing rebel walkouts cost-
ing millions of dollars in wages
and profits.
Cocky second-string union of- --
ficials, who know that their na- 1
tional chiefs are either in, or
watching closely, the battle be-
tween giant labor and giant in-
dustry, are going to get slapped
down hard and soon for -
throwing picket lines around ==
plants every time a foreman
uses earthy anglo-Saxon lan-
guage or anytime It looks like
a nice cay to knock off ana go
I fishing.
These are angry moments.
i1.ton chiefs and industrial-
ihts who have kidded each n
other across the dinner table
are cussing each other out
Ifow. But none of this fury
should wash out the a'e
voices, whatever side they
are on. And one of Phil
Afurray's own CIO vice-pre-
sidenls has just spoken
sanely and rationally, coil-
tng on.the tough little guys
down below to remember
that unionism is no license
for disruption of the me- '
chanism that gives' them
their daily bread.
In the 'bluntest words yet
thrown at & union's member-
ship In my memory, Le-and
Stanford Buckmanter, scholarly
leader of the 200,000 men who f "' "
make America's rbber, warns {PE /,
them to kick out the local of- *.- *"-
flcials who don't lead them In- ,
telilgently and who lead them
into useless strikes.
"If your local union is plagued
ith-' this'^ wildcat business N
and has officers who encourage
or condone such action, why
doesn't the membership of the y BOB RUA
local union get rid of them?" y BOB RUA
lie asks in an open letter o the -
CIO's strike-plagued Rubber
Workers Rubb NEW YORK. The guy had lumpy shoulders arou
"Vote them out of office and a Toughneck's biceps and he talked real ing
elect people who are real union: profane. "We got just two things left in this h
people and who have the aili- country." he said. "Honest newspapermen and a was
peope an o have the ab- few honest cops. There ain't anything better than grow
ty, Intelligence and courage tO either." He
handle the problems of the Most people in the newspaper business want to ceas
membership In ,a sane, logical be columnists or magazine writers or book authors look
and ef;l!Ient manner." or some other esoteric outcrop of the profession. diriv
This advice from a national I ot a guv for you who Just wants to be a built
labor official to his people is newspaperman. And he has more profound pride He
blq news to me: It Is the other of craft than anybody I ever met. on I
side of the strike story, which Jack Donahue is the assistant city editor of saloi
so often appears to be the only the Houston Press. He doesn't write much any T1
activity which has impact on more. but somebody handed him the distatesful copr
the public. But Buckmaster has task of writing a little piece about me the other baCS
more to say: day bhd he gave it as much muscle as tf he were a, m
"Uniortunately. some of out. rotghtiecking on an olg rig or working on an Ja
members in some of Qur local exclusive out of Winston Churchill. hum
unions have developed the reck- We talked about a' lot of things fot a couple of his
less and dishonest habit of hours, and this guy never asked a trite question. DC
taking matters in their own Even on such a dull subject as ne he was prob- cord
hpnd with aers n their own in deeper than a psychiatrist. as tl
for t wh a total disregard Donahue has lived as tough as most people then
or te contract, for their local read about living tough, and it has given him a He
ln on as such and for their tender love for the foibles of human beings that be a,
fellow workers. is wonderful to see. it is.
"As a result they bring dis- He has long since quit judging people accord- hanc
credit to their union and they ing to the book basis: he has a capacity for sym- He
inflict a severe monetary loss pathy that is amazing. defli
upon their follow workers, the He can see as much humanity in the messy about
company and themselves." murder of a shady lady as in the coronation of a trad
Buckmaster then relates the queen. H(
story of one rubber plant which He has a pride of ownership in the paper he you
was wildcatted so much It was works for that should gladden the heart of the Is bH
shut down anywhere from guy who owns it. H4
"one to seven days each week It Isn't the boss's paper. It's Jack Donahue's as s8
"No one bothered to pre-' aper. and God help anybody that steps on it. Ho
sent a written grievance me has a heavy hand on every word tha appears wife
Each time work stoppage In it, and he will kill you for a comma. tle b
occurred t hwe Or sppae Donahue has been a stickman in a gambling I
ourred ommitt h e rvance joint and a hobo and a lot of other things tht left.
acrossthe would IV a Ik do not qualify you for the Chamber of Gomatoree, htm
across the stonnereet, meet wt but he also has read more books than anybody C er
the Personnel Director, and
ba leAt out until some sort
of MSttlement was reached "
Finally, the Internation- n
al Rubber Workers' Unfon. M an Of C
headquarters expelled 60 of
the WildcattersBy J
"Each appellant was asked By Joseph S
the question: "Why did you -- -
pFeage?" nButhese work stop-' WASHINGTON.-Last Friday, the man tof des-. j
age" of thBuekm appellants, tiny came to Washington. oo
"Ny reasonable of the or appellants gave GOovernor John Pine of Pennsylvania Is a e
swer. One fellow came u wi h a smallish, plumpish man, neatly bpt far from *ubj
thswer. One fellow came up with nattily dressed, his balding head gleuiai fi
"Whe prize answer: epanse of pink, his face comfortably beowpl- Wn
"Well I shut the place led. T
caedown otn several occasions be- At first glance, he might pass for a not 'er sa
cause it was a nice day and I successful small businessman from NantlWoke, whe
wanted tho go fishing, I did not the grimy Pennsylvania coal town where he Bt
want the other guys to have was born in poverty. if -
more money in their pay en- But what Is really interesting about Governor be a
velopes the next week than I Fine is that he controls the largest bloc of un- tatn
had in mine'." committed Republicafl delegates (variously es- about
Now this is wrItten by a mill- tipated from thirty to fifty, thg Governor's own G0
tant CIO vice-president. He figure) still loose in the United States. Com
knows that a point can be As the Governor himself rmarked last Fri- havi
reached when stupid unionism day, with visible relish, "I'm itog knda wooed." posi
can ruin Itself. The results of all this woeh mightiquite dida
"Why do workers behave Albly determine the.outcome of n ,
in that manner?" he asIs. "convention nla July. This Is what makms OOv- dete
"Well, there are always a ernor Pinel a man of destiny, be 4
fetow of them who Just don't A visit by General Douglas MacArthur 1o the he
glve a hoot for the rights of Pepnasylvania State Fair at Allentown some time flee.
other people. Some of them ', 9 i n turn very likely to affect GoveEor W
believe that they are -mak- !e's tOpre, at least inittally, nati
ing a show of militancy Pine 'is a profesgioVal politlan from one of all i
when in fact they are sim-" Penfswlvania's toughest constles, and he is un- one
ply hiding behind 7*f a w ataimed to onsum'tng with the great, e is Or
teotlon of the Uicn.. Wls a H rathe lonely man. an when MaeAthur ero
that happens the Jocl sat discuad lofty international Isses with imae, over
is no longer at orgmsa- anod was nice to his ohildrea, eMet el a T
tion it is a mis_" spl was cast on the Peu m hoaat e i

Regardless of anyone's .W- As of the moment. aceoIsrdU a
tion on the recent CIO naUton- obviously strongly Inclined to throw his E last
al strikes, here ist C t herd to MacArthur on the first .bll at t i c de
showing laborstate- e s tare .. p bly by prior arrangement with 1- nT
So did the aSllm, 'oft--i l Orundy-Owlett Old O Guard Peuaylv k x la hw
erudite Jack Kniht win hen
to ash orn o it the last election, in one o the bitt .pII n e
So did Ph loMrn oaywhabe litical Sigts in recent pars. ant P =s V
took the leaderabipWand'at I avsM Utwith
his million a workers tasm i seml wia.
wildcatting. Phie has been l0 recent and st
Conflict we'll arays have. with MNArthur, and he would t SS 2 a
That's our de e, be the Nader of a MacArthur iovi nag
kInd of III &'afta
itre 9alil at
a 4io6d rate D a a

Children, YOU K r





nd and he has a reverence for the daljl writ-
trade that I 'thought had disappear, v
he only reason he stopped over In
that he could see it grow, and the prold 6f
wth enthralls him. ."
e has been here a long time, and he' Mver
ed being thrilled every time he wa np and
s at the rude, brawling town wh cab
ers can't find the address becau- .. .tust
t a new street that day. '-
is the local expert on everythill& as
between the Shamrock Hotel a- t
on belt. -
he murders and the brawls and l-
4ilngs and the heartbeat of't.t
r, and he is as jealous of the
in was Jealous of a woman.
tkf Donahbe has more sense of t
Iqn beings than anybody dimne Ernie e. and
nieo is not so demure and coy as wa Ernie's.
nashue does not want things in his paper ac-
ing to what they should be. He wants them
hey are, as humans do them, and he wants
m simple.
is obsessed with an idea that news should
s it lives-that it should coae to readers as
in the most graphically simple form that the
d of man can produce.
e does not wish to preach, or prescribe, or
ne. And he seeks no higher calling than roust-
iting in what he feels is the most exciting
e in- the world. -
e will dissect every feature of his paper for
and tell you what is good about it and what
ad about it and where the worth of It lies.
e is as hard-boiled as a movie reporter and
sentimental as a child over what he loves.
e drinks whisky and brags about his fine
's fine fried chicken and his three tough lit-
boys and his first true love, is newspaper.
didn't know whether there weany a ike him
But if I had a paper I ~fti like to have
on it. for this man is proud and jealous and
wishful of news.


art Alsop

Is admiration for MacArthur Itiel* 0f a
d deal about Fine's political vews. The wa
talks about 'foreign s di d related
ects puts him ideologically I rather
iy in the Taft rather thathe aghower
thereforee it is a reasonable asw that Fine
Iso strongly inclined to switch'to Taft I and
n the time seems right.
it the time will seem right if and only
- Senator's Taft's nomination will thereby
assured. Otherwise Governor lie will cer-
ly very easily overcome his private doubts
iutoreign spending, sad turn to )iienhower.
governor Pine is not, oat frse, nto a mood to
mit himself about suc t nature contingencies,
Ing achieved his present anilue and enviable
tion by refusing to take a stand on ay can-
et the basic facts of his pe''d k, wiah'rl
ermine his course are clear enough.
could ask for and get #ust aHit at
wants, he has no hankering fr t l o-
When be says this he asom nds enIcI.
hat he does want is to tb a big ftM in Ite
onal political lake, sad the tbWAt frog of
In the Pennsylvania pod. This is
reason why he has made'M pas with the
mdy-Owlett faction and 4be Oruady-Owlett
wd will certainly do their -l to t1. "ie
to Taft.
et if Fine i to be the kiat of ready t teg
wants to be, it is easaetal that the
ms win, especially in PhlUaiei w1U
in the last election for e tre M te Ia de-
he Philadelphia leaders ane str~ily 1en-
er-minded, on the teory t Mabower's
tatls are longer and stu= e tb Thl'f5.
afly. it is Abeolutely usssail1 6 Pae that
ltould throw bles uppat, *MB1 th tMeW
to the winner.
acms the W otl sm toe l s
In w- l tI atAS m L V M-Ib

al clearly belle, an c e bg noet

* -.... .. l.,

ghi lia ." .^ .e .- ..
.- .. -
a. a.

,r.; .,. *....

hewt I jot IS

a h .-One of the
dispute whth aly te or fo
Trume and Ol-chiat Phil Mul
too O btsonal term'


hg gHe ltad ,ggg pickcu up the ph beI w li( Sud
a sed e hin.
.M 0 UP and see you." replied Trupan. he dod.
91 ru9intmo tHe rdom I ahe or iolst, t w.
tSMt Mutari didn't wait for Murray to open the oner.
lIow what you want," he said, "and I'. pto to d.
i WOt on to iay that he knew the CI0 eI fain wanted
I ,tbrtw, that he wasn't goflg to db VI, lWlL
At Of that.
-i 'ytel. rsm bat follow Mu rray was not Iited to the
imer It bor leaders a he .w td
t n asCalled In

and the

0W Sttatl mau of. tE

Verve' fie W-Wrtb tf Amtl-
RegisterTrlinL w Bg
committee as dl Etddle tMh lefto

ister-Tribune stated that the stories

However, Gillette has threatened Milne with jai unless hb
re s his source, yet he hasn't served a subpoena on MeI6fthotf,
though one Is all signed and ready.
eason: Rhode Island is a long way from the voters of
while Mollenhoff writes f orthe b est circulating tpaO is
Incidentally, Mo nhof Jn' lducking the 'ub
around the C pitol Mf dAy, ea to*' at et aMerv
jUst doesi-t havethe ..
Mean wile, the entire incident h67 uhl=
Ing their = sources indicates the extent toh w e ."
been under t f thumb of Senato arthy, st -
posed to probe.'
What Milne anditsN e nhoff wrteo al
tee was that its own saift had
the chara .Setnator fenton wureiud

pr A a w T
den lof ArI Bthe,
tioa1ld Gilletti
were sore.
Pew people, even t
have Alben Barkley lg wire
The other d .3inb, elf,
Pinletter ad haf tlcaly
concerned .about the r of At
from Boo0 to
The trt &r'Y. r' been
beina mdde badk to Ktky.
Meanwhile the sN A ed
tigating why the Air pwe6 Ment
base from. Kentucky. o Oh aM
doesn't know, ttatt th Veep in
Tennessee fnd of Senator
possibility of hltin to i rail
ele tion campaign. ist tooo fth
and climb- up fo, l ms .&o they la
pla form speeches.
Senate seet .= Biffle has b"
elderly Veep for Pd t together with .1
retary of the Interior, Ocar Chapman. ffi
WIMn Ardent Truman greeted bhi.
er day -he te'*qecl1 point of shaK
Randal [ .t:.'fblland Steel, who hi
lvn n to-.l, *i "




. i .



* '*,.'.

a 'iB 1

__5, _. .. .g -

aga now



1r*:) *.


. Iir-ttI
, -j

3 o <

tw 1'ts 1l-

- 'I. 4..,'.S '?j
i ,

* ~ ..Mi:

-It., 2




*. New Shipment

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Decorative Furniture

f Renaissance stylings in bronze.
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Take a new Cadillac home with you-use it with
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The soundness of this prediction is attested on
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There are many and vital reasons for this enduring
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Small wonder that the car. keeps its youth -and
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* ..('*-..
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' .And. then there is its sound
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but,a .: svof a. ,y-. are M W.VfaJm-.W ,
are M andldipiad ir kair vW rigktw
Aid then of course, there is the wonderful CadilUe
name-whic never loses its signicance, no mar
how old the car which bears ii. Year for year and qP
for age, a Cadillac is always aside and apart from
other cars.
It is not unusual for a Cadillac to pass through
four or five or even six different famliesr-each one
owning it with pride and driving ie with pleasure'
Think of this when you buy your neat car. If you
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, will be eager to own it when it has served you the
normal span.
Why nnt come in-and see and drive this wonder-
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S. A.


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Your Pontiac-Cadillac Dealer



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EaSy to aoly
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t.o. t

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It Will Be in Demand When

The Right Clothes

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:" % ,

V rco and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals and

tU I ilMTr7 1 l lw l_

-iund This Year
y 15 iUSIS' Protection
among the free nations of the
World thl; year will be more
then sufficient to meet both
c* vl-an and military require-
; ents.
Th' wq. the forecast made
in a Ut'.; -rd NI: ons World Eco-
n-.-- c Repo.'. which disclosed
t'-' tThe .'o. ld lar year prn-
d' -rJ more aoods than during
gr" oi'er year in hjTIorv
The annual survey of indJustry
-find trade was made public here
S1unrdav in an effort to helo the
S N Economic and Social Council
'sEccmc) take stock of the world
fvtutlion. Ecococ, which opens P
On-week res.1on May 20 recom-I
S tends in'ernp.tional measures to
Iterrove economic conditions. 1
The UN document accepts at
-face value reports that the
S' Oviet Union Communist China
i nd other Comn'nist rDupnet
Opw.ates c!,'med high r:-oduct'on"
*I nd cuts in the cost of living
..'., A careful check of economPi
S-- actoi in !pr-,i k,,-, op the I 'o'
i .Curtain co "I'n '. ; with b::
I iw w excel '
,d'of the we ii b-o' -
m the economic shock r, d cdan'
brought on by the Korean con
4, T -,e World Report stated:
"' As to the lrrmedia',2 future.
It do-s nI F -:1r'P l' k lv 1
raw rr tn e '" ; will cr P
Sto'be the icter 4n r,
ltion to further expansion o.
S production.
( "Should the current rates of
increase in mn.mments expehdi-
ture and production riot bei
greatly exceeded. it may well be
that the increase in supplies of
primary products which mat-
erialized in 1951 together
with the 'i.-ease in 1952 which
Swill rer'.: "f:rm in' -e-ments in
'-d--dditiorl ( '- v in 1950 and
1951 will sufi;ce >o meet both i
Sivillan and military require-

4-i 1I

vi tr -f.

INMM M. on lrop

t P oSIfwI lo

*KIIS WELKIN, Planteer



w -'~

FINE FORM Janet Collins
limbers up in California sun-
shine preparing for a role in
the 1953 edition of Icecapades.

Nb2 ..ffl

Written for NEA Service

6 1083
VJ 109


6 K 9
K 7
68 A8542
5 *32

4K K8
4 A QJ 108
North-South vul.
West North
Pass 1 *
Pass 34
Pass Pass
ning lead-V J

Great White fleet

New Orleans Service Criut3bal

8.S. Inter Skou ..............................
*S.S. Chr niri ......................... .. I t
S.S. Quiri ua .. ........................ ...... y
handlingg Refrigerated ChM am *eaa M g dg
New York Service Ctt al
S.S. Veragua ............................ .ay li
S.S. C bao ............................. ......,ay it
S.S. Cape Ann ......................... .. ....H y 1"
S.S. Jamaica .................... ...........1fty 24
S.S. Cape Avinof ............................-May 25
Weekly Saoling to. Neweork, lige. t 41 .A-I-.
San Pranelso *B s' .a5
frequent freight ailing from Criatol -1 Wt Cotn
Central Amerlean pst.

Crist6bal to New Orleans via
Tela, Honduras


S.S. Qurigna .............. ................. a 13
s.S. Chiuigf ................................My 2
S.S. Quirigua ................................My
(Passeiger Service Onl*)


- PANAMA t2-O4 -


S.S. Bayeux .................................y.... May 22
M .S. Chill .................................. ............ May 21
Llberte ................. ................... May 24
Colombie ............... ............................... May 25
Crtotml: fRENCIH LINE. P.O Sox lt Tel. 3-M67A & 1818
V'nam6: LINDO T MADURO. S A. ox IS l

L.. el. Ftanama I-161 1-13- |
Ale &nder Nusho' -recent ly:
became a Life Masterjthe'high-
eat ranking given b e Amer- mond with the king of spades, trick when the hand is played
can Cotr- T play forced declarer to lose that way, and he therefore
ter on&v a -ick. makes hA me. contract.
S' M d now he could take
In ibe' hand sr sday, We- the 'ok an queen of spades, but -
sinoff came up with defensive West'wafisure to win a trump '. '
play that produce a. e score, tridk with his ten.
Uusinoff held the a lt t~pnd. io t
keep yoUr eye on that hlisd andff NoW see what happens if East
see if you can spot the right pray ruffs with the seven of spades in-
ahead of time. rstead of with the king. South
West opened the jack of hearts, over-ruffs with the nine of K
and East took the 'ace. East i- spades, enters dummy with a
'turned the three of diamonds, al- heart, and leads a low trump to- '
lowing West to take two tricks in 'wards the ace-Jack. East
that suit. West then returned a 'lay his king, of course, and
thi'd diamond Pnd East....Are South can draw three rounds of
you r'',,v with that fine defens- trumps with the ace; jack and
ive queen.
rrffrd that third dia-' In short. South loses no trump --


S-JA D0:W,. CU l
TWE 6M4ETI,14-
wif "60E.I



rwPia rM rar6
wrr A WM.M -


9 -'

0 #UR WONT 1 0UW. IMPfO w0
MOM'N rLe.AN TM 6"rWIn foiUm





In Captivity




'TIN- s 1.%Ns-

I3R UOARDINO HoI .* .. with ... MAJoR OoPL OUT OUR W4w

&sAD, Boys6 #4is6 iS THE .. 16 THAT WHERE 'bo .) SET


r //

V- -A-

lo ^w

Kind Kid


Roof Caves h


T V, T. WhNMi

Ilow's That?

-,\ T SE WWt

aIW 1.-
1 f I AFL *

3! t~U~

Human Fly

r "rl TR AN YTI INe& TrrI

Putting Their Hearts Into It

Bt i B.



m dig eg

r,.~ *.* 4.-'..
4.. V ~'

4 4w ** 4 L** J&-^&^ 1* "*'
(i,-..*,.... ...... .t~w ^-- ''"" m '- a jiK *r lS jw '" *' j



~, *1


to d her he. I,- 6. U e
ds y. pt ouAnd* dIa e A.
SalS e Ohf oanma em e b M ud p 0-

evKialSnb of U^i C nl Z oe
f'o f A mu.. Oi befo m e

i .,,1 .,, I Armed eed Co i d ttee
or ervhiua ein teddt

iethy ota ff l O Wk arop tI pto. c
a. : n se h.t Wudgma',*IE bemaebu- tA*oo enled TIhot
a n yo- cIiP 0t r o7,0 a monthly cofC n an l 1, front 4:00

ttKB-A3 fo reill or ltld D ,f00,0 ,, t k D. Ht ennow e w*n-
t. harctoM tkn the vote ir th "mat a tr In the

tpid1tP0pV8As openin7-6f

g gCd'ch4 xarye 1 (U)r"t t A. Tinaft t (-alif.)

.f^^ t^eJ ^ W r ero. u ted te. Vo mon thly mcfure tfonikur~y'Tttnd 1, acn-
t I'I mer prlreient n asrt tey turday defeated a Thr a l0 wa s ,proposedPby
MuSAA.r9red tllr parent e 7l4ah a p f othe 0- ig v or o had onended it
*re~oi O $6,OMOOthe in- als hnf th Gun.
u th e t6t ri" d would takenthe vot butn tkhn "mste board while the
AI"m ^ Psa w v t.,tLa

l l ve of s* e p ir

.,en. e lipper A. med Serup vlet tie uommitt e ~ bo a tteo wm hive moer

SC ur, i 'ra Cred ran. end oenldtt in B. h ne b~ ehan, aol trhe board cuwhile thep-
- ^ .; 1z IdU i.s a an da reserved the ight. _"bl to for 6 provide f le
.ii Davitt /. es Baml (D-e. H.), Wl pe- a au y sh st con ide adt .O
Ogd .a -,C'nh ... m m ne wr ap 'a

wes u Anel etall Others Y a iet T iar AtteMpt to retCe

D;. 7'i0 4( thn a1d Srelce a Co te foro
up ti the ut were bloc a t willeek ohaver th-anter-
S. and 8 g *5el e tdhanT hU tr and cut, the* p e-
P..and 1 eprsen pIawec aon toh e p deir Ie
1 imt tle L (UW H. $6,9K ac9u 0a10is P O consid r en.

^ f .J T he reivred wasent tow alar
(R- walds. w uedkovr th eat .

o he bill and that was eou .
(calin.) poar ned thaIre -
t blaoaeteplan and the me pre
A MODA AMERICANA more emhas should bet
Sw. 8,tdeoenses.
Knowland al6 offered-but
102 Central Ave. PanamA aer withdrew-s -an St
.t o lm n ahi menta
,-, M t.. 2 -1. planes to oth=r fr t o

tlon until U. 8. forcM a. Ta t l y
...,,. a~e foourpped.
On". ToI-^ 'ielrd ^ ay offer tht amuisndgent
1VC ARHltvt5n.t ur te1 bmi rea 53a.en-

I.7 annce

S.,,Y to A, M yCA h COSTCA Auto Pointers. Pbody-an
n day "I e "flying ) Intgurol nc.

il l *. f"inand i t ) 'll ResU a y Tl '
S35. rod ( dp) e. July_

e. v.o" et oT y by Waiter Q.. ,
T.1, .A cGaonat. u o therd, body h

"'d MULU. D1or va, r otreservedthe ig

-u I-rsB .%%y i we C imRnRiur

"r -)-- ii r

SIt. Jam. WhWds

uOtedbt d to take tia at 1:W
f.m. next Wednesday abt i.
S.Ime9' Church, itea Tank., whm
tc btaad df candidates wil bW pre-
g ae ted to the Rt. IRev. R. H*bur
goofdn, by the prierf-In-&uarm,
a uy toev. tatid A. Osborne.
*-^ *' ^ ; '------------

Sto th general public .


at t

if brotight

Sd. ueterief. Ca

4W /ii-uW entran
W# Ade of I

^ !.1OWN="




he Hotel

I/ rvttes
by I a.'m.

ihlatod-carry only


-F- .4 r .,

S -. 1 .
" "' :"'i q p .., "'" '/ "
\\ ^' Jot'priv prtjc. ^.not as gy pink..
" t l ll. i 0' ".', ." '" *
* *' "*^ A '.' ; **i'. .

,i.i l ,l


Short or tall, large or small-the answers to all
your figure problems await you in our corset
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.'. .4'

-, ........ :. '-:..e

* ~-.

,WW*~ A r' '

*w* '-". ,; ,,,
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veeIhot pink
"^ .for lips and
r. ,matching firtip

I.. .!~



.v 's. "". s1 / -....,e

Wear it Snight (ad uaus sMs mtm wha.t hA|

a, ii
* 4...

'8 8

L~ _

- .4



9 F.

4 ', -


~ r~"4~4

* -, n''-

'S -


ai F o fM1 P iiI

tELI .I. '* 1

(*Ime see wi tofi

i First ltiice.4 I

Per fit, for .wwforta br
a Sweetheart ef b wuaI




, .' .*. .- :-** .^ .^
-,ip .l -

.. ,, .:1.- .. -, .
~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~' .. ...ilr,: ".'.,-,:Z....

L..' ;***'" ,

. .

* 4'


. I




. Fh., .. .-



You Sell 'em...When You Tell em thru P.A. Cas -I

I eawe your Ad with one of our Agents or our IOffices i No. 57 "H'' Street Pttia
No, 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

'Le is service
"- Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2281. and

a4*ourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-9441
* *

Sal6n de Belleza Am:ricano
#55 West 12th Street

Carlion Drug Store
10.059 Meletndez Ave.-Phone I5N Cot6n

Agencia lanternacional de Publicaciones Propaganda, S.A.
*3 Lottery Plaza,- Phone 2-3199 "H"Street corner Estudlante 8 .
Phones 2-2214 and 2-27"a

Minimum for 12 words.
3c. each additional word.

I .... ~... -- -'El

Hune lie b Auhtm hileb Do you have a drinking problem Foster's furnished cottages, half mile PROFE SIONAL
r SreenldWrite Alcohelles Aenymous. ioe. beyond Santa Clara. G refriger-t
OR: S-LE --Servi electric -rfriger Serv2ce Personnel and Cv.lsaon 2011 Ance,. C. Z. alors, ranges. Special retes week- WE TOLD yVU SO I
'. ,I j cu fr 25 or 60 cycle or Government Employes TRAVEl OPORTUNTY ly or monthly, private road to
Sr3,o' g..Od condition Hru-e Insist on TRAVEOPPORTUNITY: Enoy beach For information Visit Dag- And now
r-A. Ne' Crntobol. Phone 3- Government Employes Finan.e Co. your vacation in cool Costa Rca. moar. Tivoli AveAub No. 6, or phone READERS DIGEST
I after 4 30 p m-- When you finance your new Fly LACSA. PAA aoffiliate, only Panama 2-0170. t ha oea l
F1 Leo o0tm er used car. S35 00 round trip. Inquire Pan- -0tells you what a wonderful
wFOhALE -Quartermaster dre.. sert AGENCY DIEHLINGER ama Dispatch. Tel. 2-1655. across Reserve now for MaGMORIAL Day
h mrr. .. Qurers No. 4 Automobile Row from Ancon bus-sop. and OURTH., Shra 's houses, Insetiide CLORDANE is
eal. thout mrror, 58 00 Phone 3-49184 3-49185 SPOT REDUCING: Reduce aI.l- Santa Clara. Phone alboa 2820. In the April Issue.
Balhroom stool 51.50. 3 kitchen It's the Kller In Real Kill
Pcar, ediin3c 20l. Quartermaster The biggest used car sale in the line. hips, legs. quickly and sate- t HOTEL PANAMRICANO n It's the Killer n Real Ki
c. wach ig p0llos and covWer. History of Panme. cAll makes, all without exercise or diet Call 3 BEAUTIFUL COO El Vaoile. Buy it in the aricultural
s0ap v ivin oosehl con des a price. S54 5 for appointment for f ee Phillips. oc ana a o grade for your farm
$Z5.00._Maplevingroom set conmedalso aldPrices.___tri_ _tregotmenen
sg of: a, ivingroom chair. SMOOT & PtAREDES rial treatment. Clro1. RI- 4#. Balte. Phone or garden. A
riking choir, table, smoking Your Buick, Chevrolet Dealer 'We just received goldfish with "Fen" Panama -187, 0l18bel 1.167F
n $75.0. House 08 5 7 tails, $1.25 pe, extensive as- GEO. F. NOVEY, INC.
,ande r Place, Balboa. Phone For selling or buying your next auto sortment of colors, all kinds of FOR 1 Central Ave, Tel.-e4
1303, Balboa or 82-516. see: Agencis Cosmos, on Auto- plants, food for tropical and gold-
O- e mobile Row 29. We also sell fish. Jerdin Le Inmaculeda, I Ave.
FOR SALE:-One refrigerator Serve GUARANTEED Used Tires and Ave. No. 58.
Elctrolux, 2 door, good condition Tubes. Tel: Panama 2-4721, Sa- FORRENT:- eooOT A oh chalet, 2 baod
2; cycles, cheap. Apply 31 1 -F. Tubes. T open all day. NE OFFER the beot and more rapid rooms, spacious living-diningroom,NuOV noI sTaNmembr the t Uli;I G iss
oeos. turdays, ropen all day. registration 'service. Repairs on garage, big garden, completely fur-. Nua neo is a member of tihe ntei l Girls Service
a :e p ok i e biggest used car sale in the any make'of refrigerator (domes- nished, near Golf Club. TeleT one nVENETIAN Orttion and a Jumor toftel at the rvie dances held
FORSALE:-One complete ak dinhistory of Panama. All makes, all tic and commercial). "Silen" Re 3-969, 4 to 7 at the alboa Y.M.C.A. The first d g in the "Miss Pana-
in9room set, (12 pieces). Phone model, all prices., es frigeration Service, No. 2 Ea -- BLINDS ma" contest will be heldMay 25th a la Belleza" at the
Pgnama3-499 for appointment. SMOOT & PAREDES 28th Street. Telephone 2-4547, FOR RENT: Chlet livirooms Hote bath immedaPaam.
FOR:SALE-Large radio-phonograph. Your Buick. Chevrolet Dealer Panama. droms, aid's room, garage, small ei .immedia L te s pe aner
siX dining choirs, pottery s. FOR SALE: 1946 Willys Station We repair washing machine, refriger- garden. 34th Street corner of Jus- n r
sNyl vwashingu school ite s Wagon. Excellent condition. Rea- ators (domestic and commercial) to Arosemena Avenue. Telephone Tel. -113
btycle, various household items sonable price. Servicio de Motores or any kind or make of electrical 2-0207, Panama and 527, Colon. r#22 E. 29th St. Baoa
ts. 2127-C Curundu, afte S. A. Telephone 2-1746. appliances. Telephone "Slen" Re- FOR RENT:---Cet m.
hours. Phone 3-5179. r g rsbppi usrvicUS1-t547,APel r
FOR iSALE-1951 Ford Victoria. rigera(n SerGringotown) 3 bedrooms, porch; N RKE')*F O .US Air Resces
isAE good condition, orcelin in-er dio. WSW tires, two-tone blue. ara. No. 2 east 28th Street. kitchen, breakfast rtook, maid's PANAMA BROKERS. 4 INC. c B ahn W
i goodcondition, rcelainn- 0428-A, Fragpani St. Ancon. FOR SALE room and both, ploy-room, 2 car- Rotel El PanamA As ecala9 feature to fOCUS the ui
sie nd out, can be seen any FOR SALE port, light, hot after, Rockgs, SELLING: Panam Cement, attention of Pacific Side local-I The nal Zone Fire Division
tre a onFOR SALE-1949 Buick Super Cony. unfurnished, $100 monthly. Box Fuerza y Luz (preferred) rate employes on the mission be- has ordered its first aerial lad-
1971 Lightgr'y, red leather upholstery, __ __ 2036. Ancon. Tellp;one 2-2587. and Forestal Products. g accomplished by the U .8. de fire truck Captain Arthur
S white side walls new 1,565 miles. FOR SALE:-Rodio and heater for NG Coca ColacuSquadron at Abrook
OSitionf This car is like now. Priced low for 1951 Ford. Four oak dining chairs. FOR RENT Tel S3-4719 --Io u Force Basen, hwill be presented 2-o ,m inwi
ANTED -Young lady with know-I quick Tale. 5437-J, Diablo. A ti Clubhouse t 7:30. carriesfu a 75-foo0t ladder is ex-
lA ge of English-Spanish steno- SMOOT & PAREDES FOR SALE: Female Bioxer pup;, N dU Cumentaty fim entitl ed, pected in thly.
g orphl o., "Casa Central" No. OR SALE:-1941 One twenty Pack- brindle; two months old. Call 83- ALHAMR MODERNFUNITht "That rs ay Live," will Addition ehew pce of
9126 facing Post Office ord Sedan. Fair, good tires. Excel- 3208. Modern turnlhed unfurnished aport- CU tI -.UU-LI state a typical air e equipment will enable firemen
Colon, lent running condition. "hone Cu- -----ents. MaId sece option. Con Slip over Repi ste.r search and resctte operations to reach -the upper floots of the
" FWANTwDM-English teacher fortele- rundu 2187 after 5:30. FOR SALE:--One Ercoupe, two pas- mentl. Mai .eatil. Con-
d28 fseng0er AirplaEne E75 Continental ct office 8061. IQth Street, New VISITr OUR nOW-roltsI frpm start to finish. Port Captain's coffee, the Distriet
;WANTED -English teacher for e- L 99PcdS singer Airplane 75 Continental Cristobal. telphone,36 Colon.AlbrtSsaCat.JohV. E 245 sner of Flight Court, the Administration Bluld-
n'btary private school with expE- .'OR SALE:-1949 Packard Sedan, Engine, excellent condition, well Cristol. 1 1 Col8,, t. rt Air Rescue Squadron, at in u, the elementary and hih
nce. Solar, $80. Send picture radio, white well tires. leather up- cared for. now located at the Pai- FOR RENT: -Moein, new apart- Alb k wll be the guest pe ol brings i ba dr
d general information to Box hltery, 12,000 miles. This car tillo Airport, Panama City, Re- ments, 2 and -3 bedrooms, Exposi. Tel. 1-4421 8:a. em. t oTe' e.m. ~. any Other of the 72 b ildire
76 Pm,. is like new. public of Panoma where it may be' tion. Telephone 3-1773, Panama. The program will be sponsored ot now aeceaible with the pre-
SMOOT& PAREDES seen by prospective buyers. Termsby theedu on el sent ladders.
WANTED. Experienced solesgir, SMLET 195 hArleS sen c pe ctive buyr rms. FOR RENT:-Convenient 4-room fur- .Et oo a Chapte *in the ne*06of
th. e nishedapartment.$100.frO DR.B L. S It cob mite of t5Sthe rdap her, Teehnleally the n*o pl'ee O
knou Enalish rand 7panis. cash. Sale to be confirmed bythe nishedapartment. ] B.1n.. L Toiocal .9 -
after 2' o' m at Dgma-, FOR SALE:- 1950 Chevrolet can- United States District Court. Such months. Cooli, 4490. oca the men and wom e fr m knownas

sad mse will bm orn Maypat 26, at hUNT.-Room whorAtut". th s lbia 4l ita ghe' rl ad
T d A- ld. --W ._ 6 ye Svertible r white aldae wall fir sae ile Rade f lMmls. a S tie, i e ~ o nn bf "Atourm way combine teon" t toll s

4m I ar k. A-fouro'clockx in the.afternoon. h eFOR ...S.... md,22tisprteso h r ST tl" A' o at ,4* !t ta"
n&t.n ed 'FOR SALE: 1051 Mor; n '*t t': 2 -8 3- em B iski RAR E om w o r wi tst JU tet, Aresieonna 'OiBR Se
SA0.Eu :nI. 8E10-te S n h em M e oe 0 feor BRASS e
id, 3586,\^ftier, ^^ I* Briski Movi~e -Top-for ofltr visibility whetimd-
WATE-- ai mustti e in 61 R Camra, with case magazine food. FOR RENT:-Room with or th Ave. Ct ieso n c mers, Captain TlRup
____A, _____________Blvd.___ FOR SALE,.-....1951 Merrill tiOmi.' Wollensak Revere 13 mm f1.9 meals. 45 St. No. 34, Tel. 3,"(Contined from Pace 1)'ted out.
eN ED:--.Boy for messenger and Iobis. A real th entre M n. lens. $75.00' Phone Ft. Kobbe 15 o 462C.
Finr work. Apply Robert Dixon, a SMOOTa& P ARDIS 2282. n .wltesBarxtFo, S. rA. e r Whichi nine Inthter Fr S to n Sa nd 0
Sd CA ntral.andln.4th St FOR SALE:-1948 Pontiac, Hydr.a- lol. ..Sh inu, mo g s e.A. alen d, arnie s White10p. dau b hio w ch cma be fitisedo to teIowerade
a osu Referenceo wheomon t Wei s E TtrosdoMn1rtuuu3bd N EL ik ad aIe hie, 'auhh e lrl d
A Duty free. $875. Phone Panam6r We p k and crate or move Gatun wig im.leet the Command- at the front of Wre rear oect n.
E 3O4N 69.rntien 2 5 o no by er e :1-Muslorhar I dou a" ? i e'Phonen2-2451,teneral,. Caribbean Air the new combnatiorl will have
.rih$ e eseda re a in t A d rtll ke -oda mis Momn lisphg 1ag *ntotoommemrne,* ana take command at 1yi000-gallon pUnl. ai250-
L IelA h piacnei e oslh bin t a of eme s tAnw aem e t A-- r-2rTh YA Ns 5 11.00 a.m.r galon Water tank for-use in

siasthomn--e oader, wt 0 htart AeNoed l prora to tbe b)% 00-lnU d Of irstLoe a l i mOnT heir' moe hs Aect lon tour smafur tires or when water to llcnot
N0.00 or five with $150,000 each. o PAuID Co m ni S in ia f re i h
S porductivebuinessoG 1040Yourach. a th ae wAite rSchool andrt heshops at thePa a- carries over 1,000 feel at ofe
V s productive business. B ox 1104 Your Icekl edrletnWiefte rVOna EW YORK, May 15--Ltfel nama Air Depot%. They will then hose. m
an. C.Z. a mgunch at the aArnoen's Mes Hall. -
SoOR FALE l- ona g el magzne)announced this week _

OR, SFEinALE Coo ane l oel rg es 5 G 8 ra tailored for Latin Ame- For the es alueseinheboth and thne 3SSeTee ihdeAnosri- oPduct Mmoriaalm
rica.oouecher p blansed forculato es," 51the ThenPlntResu e Squaoronl UgggMemoial
Zone To Parl P Sent. The firs issue of the inter- new a d reconditioned fur- nspecti on tower l l private
FORSLE.- Smat Bl cottage 2i |gar-E lenationally-known poic torI a nd ca reta I d Ieni of eal Air Fore Se im M ay
S Nw Cstobl. Also one fur m r te w R magazine wl be dte r underanding o W AN e LL alnesi s wl be hld lothe Albrooki Rev. M. A. CBok chairmanI i
Z apartment '01 1uMelendez."rI nlffoCtSNw Today, Thursday, May 15 January 1953 and promise to beTheatre. of the Atlsenntin l Memoral Day
3e 32 lo u2naaal r s i etve lo tsiathe e. r4K1I At 3.30 p.m. all the Generals comi tte ono nd today that

n. Phone 475 or 17-J. after Acting Governor Herbert unnouernst ue fapintre s1 the 3 tnd Admiralsw9 M aseUOblerat pa hS
o Acting Govyester noday urged all :30--Music for Thprsday hemisphere, the Armed Fort Radio Station. the May 30 memorial services at
-:.Al m A. 2R glyestera al lto 4:00-Fads and Fashions < a where they wil We on the air sea
oAl --At R.g Rita 9 ri-es'sidentsdof the Canal FZone 81ri-e i d lo.....e. o'.L I n rerit tlSi a
age on tcpate actively e :- at's Your Favorite p dent slater in the aft~ ~ i Chaplain X. Pralno of the
CresDany pogrm ato, bome :00-Linda's First nc uliserof the Coco Solo Navwals nttioon will con-
a ad. .,rn'.__ b e 5 oe....sres,Forces Dayhprogram, to be h. e, c., puFentnr of the se W the wrk,4TaLoan
siL Ohmon RoaUd. hloe, 3atu:daly- T Alfaro, S. A. magazine in1 uIto iot the 2s oa n dbteirs m
Suitable oo fam l r at r day.s a na:-M- On Saturday. dorit) the oi ntmduct the m services to be held
Ply oultr rearing Apply u In review ceremonv fIr Armodeaboard a Canal tug at the Cris-
S rstobal Col,Vogel als asked all pub- 00-M Believe Ballroom I the first yearIs expected to e SoturdY Foarces Day at brook eld the t6bal breakwater.

assoBox8 itobalCl officials and agencies of the (VOA) exceed 100,000. youne GenIera s ei lAssiosting him will bde the Sea' bi
SPanama Canal Company and the 1:30-BLUE RIBBON SPORTS Publication 'of the magaine Arnmd exp irnes Day will be cele- will stand In the rivIew a Scouts and Gil Mariners. Thc -
TEOCUPANCT: 1 -Canal Zone Government to co- REVIEW t B p anish oes beyond thf e broninid *ftJa dance at the Cris= iTh will leave pier 9 at 1p.m.
ALE -Los Currbre GrO operate in the observance and to74-j es rey comm4i t o .or ,. edu- tobal i Se r tte rAi comes sunday.tho, M day, n air escort will be provided
&) Chalet. 3 bedrooms. parlor extent every p le a e.--Jam esson.ctUn Lase s p, fe tour al amed Servies YMCAe e aa
tChe bros lo o. o ble a tane. 8:00-WorlNewsand tUrm o e venture, ot and thn, bak to seo an. y asron 105 of Coc Solo.
ithen, breakfast nook, enclosed in the development of a pro- s a feels atir
lp3h3maid's room and ..lay- gram.(VO )81 :15-Arsand L ettersinacabetobte head of i ll _e d r a td The 8 A wP
9 ,two car part, extra half lot
e* light Rockga' hot water. Participation in the obervane8:30-Radio University (VOA)aArmedt Fornes,m the dance willt Aec g rm s ntl A aeT h
1- "8:'45--Cormentators tDIn e a announcing publication plans, Ae ges e an e il
Gp down $2.800 blance long of Armed Forces Day, Col. Vogel 8 VO eA) r D. -Larsen "We hope that tribute members of the Armed I ,
monthly payments Box 2036 osaid, will not only serve as a. E "(B)Usnhorn ofry Tet dForces toned on the Isthmu
S.2587. publc expression of apprela- -n of ries
n.- :, Telephone-2our_,- r --ar-e eThe Soci] alrtivrfifescommittee N ON AS.
tion for the men and women who 9:30-Take It From Here (BBC) W he:30.-A re will contribute C he so a committ ee 'IITaLgB
tor-amne n of the "Y" has Planned special
ia Is s N AIIdemonstrate their patriotic de- -,00-Dance Music a .ong etherAmericastandingI p r and doration f Piano-pla~na i
L. E- 0 U N S votion to the Nation by service 10:15-Musical Interlude th, that understanding,to-o..casio.....Russian -,d.'
Lea -o play the/pianoeaiy. ~n the Armed Forces, but will n0:0-Moonlight Mood even -Mer friendsip, oa ,
-Loom to play the pianoeasily.Noalso ..mphasize.... ...r l00--TheOwlsNest :T.. l,. .. 13Revoke.
*bsome exercises. No talent need- a lonship of each cizen tO the 12:00-.Sign Off the language of the majority of nish the music for the evening. I 15 L ,.i
Zez Bennett's Studio, Juan S Nation s continuing effort for Friday, May1 B Latinn fterlces a r as well s nthe 16 15Lireg 10a
U No. 9 Tel. 2-1282. peace with freedom through the' A.M. universal."language of pictures The Crintobal YMCA-USO pro- 17ru ift
strength of a united people. 6:00-Sign On and Alarm Clock'1 Lifer hop sutohe wh ptepea Thes reCu lar dancsfree f ,uote it. ow
T Atr r 7:30-Request Salon pies of Latin America its highly charge to servicemen. Members 2O el~tS asietic '
tion Is-directed to all residents- 8: 15-Morning Varieties developed pictorial reporting of theOttla Service OrganizationI 1*~'I e 3aedidatof 3a"edic
S A s wel as o patrotic groups. 8:45-Music Makers which has had luch a deep in- act as o stese for single, erv- n2no1 n ewt na23 Soa
.. veterans' organizations, women n's 00-New fluence on Journalism here and iemo while married personneltt s warble


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Mrs. tdWvrd Cox. Mrs. Ralph teta showed ST per cent. for lUrt 5. Wild Utit No. I
Oraham Mrs. Dixon Daniel, "the Intallaton of the newlb
MrS. 8. Mauldin and Mtn. On August 15, 1948, an aree- elected offlomes S olbirft. Wald
Carl N mintwff. :"j wbe the nit No. 2, AmdstaLegi Auk-
ee Vs Ir w_ m az wUill be hild at the Amid'.
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U AndUMrS. William smith i9t a _____"ULOO aS l .11_
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1:30. A covered dish supper pro- ganthe tl5 "l e on* $0&.^ Wat. aarrrasVn aiC
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Mrs. etty Cddera Worthy timl. h and a t b pr.lan.
11atroa otyi^~~e~,p~d Veu Of thj -ea~ ofi MUd~fON r n
edarli whQ tlzu~e tM gessg were elation, Bi Blvr faces Vale V. --Of blon, 'a daughter,
Caytrer whi tme ltleata were sioaU@ pronblei of health, M at Colon Hospital.
invited tr d6 the Initiatory work. sawitation, ho=tng and nutri. Mr. and Mrs. Jo.
Mrs. Betty Crawtord, Worthy tion. Thens being Reh Red Tank. a Won, May I
Matron of Fern Leaf Chapter No. met succe the it aits ,oMpital.
4 at redro Miguel and Mr. John joint effort of Li orea and Mrs. Dewitt
Muller. Worthy Pit@on of that MInlr"t of Piblieth and of Balboa a son, May 3 at Oar.
chapter were present as was Mrsf. eolal Asstance and the IAA. ual
Aurella Hadarite, Worthy Ms. A tLt.y r eport of theta IAM!U, Pvt. and ine.
tron of Fern Laf Chapter No. 4 activltJe se thato total cob. Rafael of Panama, a daughter,
t Petro MIS el ana Mr. John trlations ofI te Salvadorean MaIy I at Gorga Hospital.
Mgar. Wort tron of thatr and United males -o0'ent ATORLYT. Mr. and Mrs. 3aoes
chapter were present as was Mrt. ha aamemounted to Z.861B B. of Balboa, a daughter, May I
AurwlNa Madarite Worthy Ma' 4 tat *m1h ta at Gorg Hospital.
tronof Royal Pai Chapter No. I waer suppswageW i ADONICAN, Mr. andMr.Ioda
Th tOMffic persNo1 %nU et ,anitalt of Oamboam daughter, .M 4
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I oftues ecreamongrthe; 21 2 pro- g w 1'gS ^ 3f, Mr. pan
M. O 1 f l e workers Tno strongA;.J ae LS.Do a ac km aI
13lalvadorean health agent, lt GOMM ,a
*B! zouT., of Anaon. a dayht@

salutes the men and women
of the Armed F'ere
In their okeervem* of

Sat. ky17

and urges the public to attend
the open house to be held
t4S* .m., Abrwk A.F.,9
.2-Ws.em Splo Nsvpl tamp.

aL Mr. and Mrs. lJo
of lanWa. a sm. MayO at'*
PA&Lt. Mr. and MMrs. -
P. of 0" a amon, may 6
w i.kDr. and Mrs. i
tof maB daughter, Mo
. I .-and Mrs. oU
vf L. of* d Tank a
ta, My I at cwmr HAlm
P(Hl ,u Mr. and Mor. an
of 14 Soa a daughter, Ms
at OGrgu tguptal.



It's MwISm

eQAname Can

t. r11 1 i

e?"ilw.oi' "ill1"S

"edasi e.

to MO" for I1senhower.
31ert Ryan brought m a A Press tabulation of
o of himself i the ep-sea tA f teae chosen so far
a outfit he wears In t's hed fS or Taft. 322 for
eAhth the 80. for Stassen. 7
tv-Iaded fear-year-old Er m. warren of Califor-
O, h y,hyhey, ltek ene he at it nie. fo Gen. Douglas Mac-
M shvisehed "not *psdy! Arthur o 132 uncommUitteod.
ie dyg t a part In 'pged Pa- ht tut 604 to win the noml.
*. natfor.
UpAas said In a statement
Mlargaret Sullivan's reading that the West Virginia result
"Mis Brown, My Mother" as a ,iarly. establishes Senator
p polisiblilty for her next mo- i 'splarity with labor and
ile....AsurveylJust madetfoprthe g"W cdaifi..-
movie Industry predate a a p oer candiate I his-
cent rise In box-office grossesftr torO out in e fro m wt
1952. These's a 2 per cent in. u2h ai clar out mandate from
crease In box-officepalr y In the amb ad file of Republican
the TV saturation markets. voters," he sai
There's an amauinn el IOnt w9 elect 13 delea
between the movie, "eT uierI &4flnU fluomoro. taft
r^^1W, =B^^ but writet-in votes
land ITIN 0hat105 ThoWIf, the jq11j be counted.voe
Log Anelee nier." t pIc- One Of themain features of
ture old have een taken dt- re imary Is' the first
reotly from the films on the Tho- ^ st fl between Reen-
mas case. hower and nn.
A hks eaterd are Stua-n and
8ert. Wayne Morse, both of.
whom titnMasenhower will win
TONIGHT the neatlon,i MacArthur,
Wo he ba Inot a candidste,
Smn eatur. Louis lawyer named
171 0featers I VW 0. Schneider.
_______ In other Republican delegate
W1 -H P s elections scheduled this week,
e St .. te Otval amps conceded that
oyirk# fAAf stag~ l TWft ha< on edge of the 14 to
beaA na tomorrow, in North
ft*hkoW aad Benhower is s -
SyS vored for the 12 to be amred
N .y "eN~wP a W'm *owr tone ; were end-
U\ Jc jr AiNt wi 7th two 'mag delegates
M elected yesterday IAn Messouaft
H W" seventh district, Mn tb
OR010 f r tW t i*a t the
l-s~~~t~ tiiu ^ oS.f S
The Oregbn primary wasleoe&
mm s.- .. uas.v.a. w n rn.

4 M0 A M Batho MeVTJ Wf I nkIA

'ROa FOR* gi m
MARGARITA -wrcwM Anu"Sr)


Let Show DIAILO HTS. 10:30 p.m. FRIDAY




SFor The Pinrst Time On Our Stag.
Ubser thy Direction of Mr. 0. E. JOISTAD

i \s Atffaction 6:15 9:



Wnt Adeliciously fhwo

crisp gree *b s1

uF~i~tLWiNSILLn59 SOA.
* *^gf'g^ S
uek Lebel w i ey
..... .t .l.y ..
ata a- 1*. Iui h tK if
aK^ .""""" Aaat^ n^rrrs


feoM w Etiouas"%
the nwy or eigsh Tan mesa
who file for diection as 41441,0
Mee who would not be benad
the statewide Presldemnttal
terenee primary.
Wour*e*. of ht
-- -- -- drotrn the iea
n primary, where he had the
backing of ltenn ower OBet
against a full slate forTaft. The
Ohio senator got WsconumB's
other 24.
The Denoeratte vo iti in
Oregon offers a test of sorts be-
tween Sen. 3uOA Kefauver .of
Tennese, in SMowed candidate,
and ov. Adial i. Stevemnson of
Illinois of Illinca Who said he
"could not accept", a Presialden-
tial nomination this year. *
The name of fupreme Court
Justice William 0. Douglas also
Is entered.
Kefauver ed t t at least
two of West Vl l s 0 dele-
C to to the t na-
al convention iir the taeo
the slow counting 0 Tuesday's
voting is com C#d.J

Friday Is Moving
Day For Pnum.
Line Ticket Office
Persons wlal to. a or
passage on ma a Si- *ip
or to pay for tbnfortlUon were
reminded yet 16
Panama Lie ii
lalboa will be closed all day Pit-
oay May 16.
The office Is moving riday
from Its present location In the
power floor of the albo lea-
as office to the Buld ro0 Oe
he buIldilpg formerly eceua;U d
Sthe Balboa SUMy. To
*ce will be aped lo day I?
I new location. -


/ a


L. -01

- 1

a. Dwight D. -bnhowor's forces fought for
bk1 i1 the Ong primary tomorrow.
ared to have won at iAt of the West Virlnia
West Vlrgin4's i deleates were uncommte,
the Re bUla as- boeetlr, were the elht dele-
Mtton Taday gates of orth Dakota and the
lbenhower booter six of Vermont which were be-
position. big ehqpn today in their state
owed under Harold oonveuions.


CAS FASTUI S 20th ** ImI

This Saturday

Mifer last weeks sensationalsdcresS
of selling fily 400-day clocAs withi

a few minutes, we are certain to pleast.

our friends by offering a large

quantity of



Sat the following puses:
9'x 1i.......6.4M
x O 10'...... 4L
6'x9'....... 33.*
4'x 6'. ...,14.4#
*i 4T

3'x 5'....... 9.0
2' 4J'........ 4.
o m .. a & A
SDoers Op. at 9 a. Zaf y

PAih maMA




Jamum C i..

nTOr we m dUn to lovae boyN a u
and Maee...l
(J TUCiNUcoUi)
aB uto. *o M.



6 rustriwke
M THE ,.Inu-

Errol FLYNN and Mrar = USWDs, m.


The aombiU CmmaT of The Yar...I
*AHGalJ IN Tm g*erraHB.P
with aul DmaM toua wolk
AM: -


At ai- aI


4'3t'r 'b-<~4 ~ :' -
ta/$ .-jL*

s, q


" '- R

in gull
rd Gu~lt

WAxool At -t:tar
$IMa ineffla
label wwIKKW. It


I -

I :


. ,: ,
"' i
.. A i;'_._ .*.ia ',.

Yanke es Break Jinx ainst Indi th

Sain Pitches. Bauer Bats

New Yorkers To Victory v5
-0- -

NEW YORK, May 15.

- Johnny Sain broke thl

National League

Yankees losing liijin tie IndinII by getting (own-
the Tribe and Bobby Feller 5-3 at Cic. 'nnl.
-In another Amerlcn League who lost a 5-1 derllnn to the' A. York Won Lost 17 5 .77
rtght contest, the Browns out- Cardinals at Ebbets Fieldri irooklyn 15 7 .682
slugged the Athletics 12-7 at St. In o0her National I eaiue Chicago ..... 14 11 .560
Louis. The Browns ended their ::1nes, the Phlllles won their sec-:Cincinnati 14 11 .560
hitting slump with 16 hits and a cnd straight over the Cubs, St. Louis ... 12 14 .462
pix-run rally in the third Inning 'nming them 9-2 at Phila- -,Philadelphia 10 13 .43
td defeat the Athletics. Gent nhia as Russ Meyver won his,Boston .. 10 14 418
Bearden wiAs credited with hi- first game alter four loqRs. At Pittsburgh 5 22 .1 6
first win with relief help from '-oston the Br;ves topped the
satchell" Paige. Pirates 4-3 in ten innings.
atchel" Paige. IMaglie despite the constant! TODAY'S GAMES
harangulns of Reds Manager'
After losing four straight to Tke Sewel. who claimed he was, t. Lois at Boston N
the Indians, the World Chamt- throwing a spit ball. allowed onlv Cincinnati at Philadelphia IN).
glon Yankees sparked by six hits at the Giants won their Chicago at New York.
pitcher Johnny Sain who scat- 14th game in their last 16. Willie Pittsburgh at Brooklyn iNi.
tered nine hits and added a key Mays and Wes Westrum homered'
hilt and a sacrifice finally for the Giants and Roy McMillan YESTERDAY'S RESULTS
downed the Clevelanders. Sain for the Reds
won his third game, aided by Gerry Stalev beat the Dodr- R H E
Hank Baner who drove in four ers for the second time this St. Louis 020 000 201-5 6 0
runs with a homer and a double season and won his sixth vic- Brooklyn 000 010 000-1 6 0
Vic Wertz slammed his sixth story with a six-hitter. Andy Staley (6-1) and Rice.
h f th I the ei hth IPafko's eighth homer of the VanCuvk '62-2>. ) ranca and

LaeiW Salas Scores Big Up*

In inning Lightweight Th&
....? .

111r Sal:A%% Ia
my Carter of'bw Ye 'ft
S .the world lhtW
Ionin aR15*-Lfubse ti

I .. 'S


Tie littleMexipa,1l
ed ill over tbhim atpl I V a
final ronnds., IMUeaI I *4
venting hip f."%a
round.,Gajter terv UHL
S&Ola had pre* l a39
fplit dbcflonI (4. ArtInt
other titib enE ub4 IT*
city. SWlsu sto hel4d *it*
nia featherwogt e hftml ii
There were ano
the fight. At the start o, t-.
eleventh, the United Pre geaoor-
card bad Carter is ixpoliut ahead
btlt from this potat oi Sales toik
commajid. '
In the 12th 'alas opened a
deep cut on Cartek's e1ft Sheek
and In the 13th he added a gash
over the champ's )eft eye. At the
aihA 4 t V#-. t m &L

over his charge
in the'

- .,

inning to provd Art Houtteman. Soly emus orove m in three he two jdres ve ted for ga- M
wih thne margin for his third cardinals runs with a homer iChikgo 2 000-2 11 t otedfor 1a- m a Rfr a
victory a six-hitter over the and a triple. Phila, 230 010 30x'-9 11 0 la and Referee Frankle Van t ,
Senators. Pat Mullin also horn- Russ Mever won his first game Kelly (1-3), Schultz, Lown his ballot for Carter. Van scored
Saul Rogovin pitched a seven-, Granny Hamner and Willie Meyer* (1-4) and Burgess. Ila. judge Mushy Callahan gve C ll
bitter and blasted the first White: Jones' homers. Hamner account- Sals 84 points, Carter '
ehx homer by a pitcher in morejed for four Phlille runs. Hank Cincinnati 001 010 100-3 6 1 pv Joe Stone voted 83%a / to e Ir n T "r me
han two years to hand the Red Sauer got the Cubs' two runs New York 130 020 02x-8 12 1 favor 1f Sala. he Canal Zone Track and make it a one-tw o
Fox their sixth sra ht loss. The.with a two tally homer. Raffensberg er (4-3 Hiller, Per- Cha pionships lated for Feritndo Bra t
Vhte Sox got all their runs in Braves' pitcher Max Sirrkont:kowski, Smith and Ross. or, includes the er-Bell re ha th
he sixth innn as the g alned his second win of the Magle 6-0 and Wstrum. o aey 50 Meter Classic nama City
uckih sixth I as inning las the segameh o with" a rhomer by pinch-I a- ibu -..f rt girls should be a whirl- Adeline rrd,
to I tter George Crowe and a bases Pittsburgh 020 000 0001-3 9 0 Aif ekcemeut. beat.
ue .n.loaded ame winning single by Boston 000 002 0002-4 9 4' e" ldo fans generally Over at La Boc. OoIt
l r ookie Pete Whienrn, in the Munger, Wicks, Main 10-1i and tty Irene Robertson. 20. of the Spartan Ladies cncde the 100 meters to Char- ment stated that, ith
In the National league, Sal tenth Inning. The Pirates had a McCulloug h, aragiola. A i ,ies graceully over a hurdle tranmmng for a berth U lOtte Goodien local track queen, starting, Oooden
Magile gave the Gianlts their brief lead in the tenth on Gus Surkont (2-1 ahd St. Claire. oan t'a. Olympipc track and field team at Bishham Abbey. UJ II baUt feel thai their speedy Dq- heels to the field om
.fifth straight victory in setting IBells homer. r To.-yinlaS llM ars taking a coach's course at National Physical lores WbrreHl and Esther ewart to 200 meters.
down the Reds at Cincinnati 8- I Tnin Center. (NEA) can take the measure of the La
:3. It was Magrle's sixth win of The Yankees-Indians game |m_ kC eteu A 0 ,can jet In the 50 meters u Wit
'the season against no defeats. scheduledd for this aflirpoon m Last year at the champion- ome W
*' he Giants increased their at Cleveland ha, been pot.- T shp, Esther Stewart copped
hir.t place lead to two full games potetl on account of cold -- I y o Tay both the 50 and 75 meters event N W O rk Ne
er the second place Dodgers weather and rain. TEAM Won Lot Pet. nosing out Charlotte Gooden who
S- -- -- Cleveland 18 9 .667 The Panama Golf Assoclation was making her debut among MV_ (
Washington 14 9 .609- b announces the playing -of the the topnotchere. Alt VanueM^'^H Ai
SSotballcago S le y)? on .. 12 .5 ro und ouchy By Critic Cobb championship. tournament bright about a arrtlnr-old
St. Louis- AB RtH POA E St. Louis 13 13 .50 is one of the most popular of all in local track co tied' l at ]iell t
-o-remu'. ss 5 i 2 3 0 6 0New Yorkhi ... 12 12 .500 o- golfng events and Steohen Ter- glrl. Esther has ot slipped, i
,'hAn r-h f '3 40'dp .. 1 .thoe en-aeral manager of a- fact she has improved as was .. tat
S'ho'ndl'nst, 2b 4 0 0 1 4 0 Detroit. 6 18 .250 By HARRY GRAYSON him leaves 46 without the use of tional iser has gone fallout when she lost a slt-u Onle
m m T--m lusial, c: 3 1 2 0 0 NEA Sports Editor homers. totp previous yeadecion t Dolores W el f d o
lnl lihit Mnsr. If 3 1 2 0 01 "So deduct the)12 times at bet p sy olympcs Stadium last on tr &
iraughter. rf 0 0 0 1 0 01 TODAY' GAMES NEW YORK May 15. -_ The in which he hit hoatra from his In addition to silver bowls and when a new Centl A
Sister 4 0 0 18 0 0 modern boys 'have thrown so total of 531, ad u have 48a mint Julep cups National Distill- record, .3 e- .w-.M ll
Urn i dnaJohnson. lb .. 4 0 0 18 0 0 Washin n at Detroit. at 'Tyrus -Mymond Cobb t at bat t 46 rt erwill provide A od Black e.-0 PIeU .
the A iterlcanlD. Rice. c .St.'LoulsIN). that the old Gei *gia Peach is go- d iVen in. Label, Booths, Old Crow etc., ftor d l
lort Amador at18taley, p 2 1 0 00 0 New York at Cleveland (N). ing to let 'em have it. "I am wonde"bg W-ere he had all kinds of special even A. Getsa eI se R ik
Sp. m. tomorrow night. thel __ Boston at Chicago Ty Cobb threw a one-two punch his bat all this telW'1 partner, golfers and get set for dash at the OlKympic la t e
.Plfc Softball trophy winners Totals- 31 5 6 27 18 0 ESTE A RSUL at the current crop in Life, in- an outstanding tournament, but showed that Deal bi
Receive their coveted awards. -- -I ETEDA RESULTS form thth correspondent that he WILLIAMS COULDN'T BEAT Place: Panama Golf Club. condition wheh t t a new it
Don Bowen's Firemen's In- Brooklyn- AN R TO A | 1 Is about to add the grace SHIFT HITTING TO LEFT Qualifying round: 18 holes on Central American record of 13 HMg,
lCnee team will be awarded Reese, as 4 0 1 1 0 Wash "010 100 000-2 6 Oin father publication. May 30, 31 or June 1. seconds for the itA meteta. ere Iad llb .iJffio' 1
League championship trophy. 3b 0 0 0 Droi 100 001 01 In one of his previous Dieces, Cobb didn't mean his criticism 1aihts: 2 flights of 16 teams Then there is Adeltne Bernard, ltmd ca
Insurancemen won both Robnson. 2b 4 0 1 3 3 0 Detroit 100 001 O x-3 r 0 T. said, in effect: "Today of Joe DIMagglo and Ted Wil- Coach Bellilaire's hope who, th WhO ran
frst and second plf with- ampanella. c .4 0 1 1 1 0. Houtm on (2 -4 and Gibe. a player hitting .270 goes to an llama as blasts, "as a lot of the Teams Teams to consist of two 1951, reeled off a couple ra third .
n offk 1 1 0 0 0 3-4 and. owner. states at he hit 30 new sports boys and players Teammes Teams to consist of two 1951er victories over wooden. Home Made
SHzln if aper of h Fir e Silr 3 0 2 B n 0 horners, and wants a raise." misconstrued it. players, both of whom MUST BE Coach Harold Scott Is cofid- four-M and teM.
's Insurance team. will get 0 ago000 3 t conscence, assumed I had opnons of the so-called mo- Entry Fee: None. Worrell and Ether Stewart will seconds on a
Vue winning pitcher trophy. Lew Val1b 2 0 0 7 0 0 Chia 4- a h uilty conscience, assumed I had open agmi of the so-ralled m o- eli at hisher l ore s nin a time w-
Won 24 aesincst only lossesfor h Van Cuvk. 2 0 0 2 1 0 Henry '4-1i and White. him In mind," writes the great- dern era versus the era of my Entry: No blanks, no telephon- .
n 24 for aSh'ha 1 0 1 0 0 0: Regovin (3-11 and Mast. est of all ball players. "Well, of day, 1905-28 1 did not purposely Ing-just arrange a match with
the season. b-Williams .s 0 0 0 0 0 0 o~ course. I had no thought of him. use any comparisons or point outianother team, appear at the club,
Branca. p 0 0 0 0 0 (Night Gpam.) I only picked it out of the air, the individual records of the mo-1 notify the committee that you're Continued Success .
]gob Taht. from the Elks team. Philadelphia .......... 7 so to speak. dern boys. I only meant to be ready to qualify and tee off. Ito
o-the winner of the batting I St. Louls .. .. .. .. .. 12 On the record. It did not fit constructive. ma Prizes: Silver bowls for the o
bhits In I11 official times at the b--Ran for Shuba In 8th (Night Game) K a ned to have hit .30' champions, mint ulep cups for THE ARMED FaORCES .
Tuate. Bob also scored the most St. Louis 020 000 201-5 Newv York 003 001 100-5 6 0 and had 42 homers, far from the pointed out Joe's failure to re-Ithe runners u and second flight I
runs by crossing the plate 50 Brooklyn 000 010 000--1 Cleveland 200 010 00---3 9 figures I used main in condition during the winners and ack Label, Age-
times. His sharp eve gave hm Sain 13-11 and Berra. Feller t seems you have to be off-season wood. Booths, Old Crow, etc., for A
the most ba.res on balls with hm RBI Sisler Johnson. Pafko, 3-21. Jones 1,6. Brisle (8) and awfully careful with these high- n h to point out that a varietyof peal event.RMED FORCES DAY
toal of 34. iHemus3. 2B Mlgins, Hodges.,ebbettb. salaried boys of today. Willi' Inability to hit to left, Type: Best ball. Each player Ma 17
fB Hemus HR- Pafko. Hemu. "The figures I hoapened tq counter the shift. was plays his own ball and the best
Stag Skinnle DP -- Hemus and have used a:'e very close to Ous an awful thing on the part of score on each hole counts for the V IWV TT
dd will get the home-run trophy ef-tr Dangerou Game Zeruial's record. Zernial hit .268 aAeat hitter. team. ..UNITY-- STRENGTH-iFREEDOM -
for the second successiheve ear'lyn'. 4 3B p Van Cuvk 4. Branra and had 33 homers. but he seems ode had best not argue Rules: USGA rules as modified
oar- thrie V 8eo du Ou ppers :Int"la 1 nain Cuy O TheAfrcat to en exception roew for local cn condition. HOTEL ROOSEVELT
- several door and m,ot proves 'a I in I. R and ER --staley p c L a c th co e Present Champdom": Mike Ku- E E W Ie e h a d
ll be awarded the patrnn< of ll-" Van Cuyk 4-4: Branca 1-1. acular elephants, lions, and l- "Since Kiner has advanced to li kowski and Charle Wood of W. 3. RECKR, Mgr. Phone: .-70
dance and an interesting HBP Van Cuyk (Lowrey) nos do. but many big game the 'front' so majesttcallv, let's'Kne- --ras r o k
Ithie is assured for all. Winner Staley 6-1)1: Loser hunit rate it as the most dan- look at his record of last year.
* Tickets Pre available at SI $100 Van Cuvk 42-2'. U Stewart. Rerous to hunt of all African an- I did net use this irin the Life 1 T -l In C
ler 'couple from any player or Guglilelmo. Conlan and Gores.limals. A buffalo bull will t*am- story, or, in fact, any story. nc K uw1 Tenis y Se
manager. T 2:03. A 6,235. ple and paw a victim for hours. WHERE WAS KINER'S BAT 2 Jffkr W
K-iner Is one of the highest- (By U.P.) .-. -'.:.:.'
,____ .. A. 4-t. r -- pai olsa. rs in history. -- I r S tmHa v




Calle 38 Este.
Calle 37 Este.
Calle Isa. Perejil.
Calle 2a. Perejil.
Calle 3a. Perejil.
Calle k3 Eate,
Calle 39 Este.
Calle 40 Este.
Calle 41 Eqte.
Ave. Central.
Calle J. Vallarino
Calle M. Arosemena.
Calle H. rPurin.
Caili "M."
Calle "N."
Calle "O."

Calle "P."
Calle "Q."
Calle "R."
Calle "S."
Calle "T."
Calle "U "
Calle J. Estrada,
Calle C. Icaua.
Calle J. D. Espinar.
Urb. Chanis.
Matias Hernandes.
Juan Dias,
flabans .
Juan Frpnco.
Carr. Aeropuerto.

that the bills corresponding to April 13r a ready for payment at our offices.
Furthermore, we shall appreciate your cooperation in paying your bfl
promptly in order to avoid unnnocesamry Ineonvenieness and loss of time due to
suspension and reconnection of services for noa-spyment.
We *'rrel to advise customers that. In spite of all efforts on our part, w
are unpshir t n ruarntee reconnection the same day deflnquent bills are paM.


ias boem.bIi im a! lEal be a adr 1 1

* .' '"-" -- -' '-- .j -- "

., "A star should be a leader and
a developer.
"Ralph, at bat last season 531
times, did not once sacrifice.
stole only two bases drove in
only 109 runs batting .309, with
42 home runs giving him way
the best of it.
"Say only one man was on base
when he hit hall his home runs,
or 2L So say that with homers
he drove in only 63 runs.
"This from the 109 credited to

Stanky And Sewell
Happy Over Four
SPlayer Exchange
(By U. P.)
Both manno;ers are happy to-
day omer the trade which sent
Eddie Kazak and Wallv Wept-
lake to Cincinnati from St. Louis
and made Cardinals out of Dick
81iler and Virgil Stalicup.
Cardinal Manager Eddie S ry-.
S kvy. says the deal means Stan
Mtuila can drop his temporary
first base assignment kad re-
turn to his preferred spot ito he
"I'll play Sister at first." says
Bi&Ma "and put MusaialI- .in--
tore s deal w should I- -
A us -4ensively ba b BI |iW.i
file and the outfilld.* I ..
SLuke Seven l o
eg l rees. "ader lb
SIN uhe'sf a better

S The withdrawal of Kentuckym v $ w
Derby innrer "'Hill Call" from _. .. ..
1 Sat ay's Preakness Stakes may A combined Vt. Gullel-Coco
result in the largest field for Solo Tennis team takes to the
n the Maryland classic slqce 1949. clay this Saturday, when the
h Wilh the Oaranet colt out with netmen face an all star aggrega-
Y an ankle injury, more Owners tion from Colog in net play, at
feel they have a chance for the the Officers' Tennis Courts in
e $75,000 event. A field of 12 may Coco Solo. Starting time 1:30
* o tf the gate. That's four more p.m
s than tarted last yearand three, Hirhlighting the Armed Forc-
above the 194' mark .
i .Gall's.withdrawal also has,es Day event will be the retur
af ueted the -baiting and play oyf top cedld Lt. Cl- Wel-
Ilast four colts will be well back- don Laiche, who s scheduled 'o
ed at-ast-tinte. Dixiana Stable's meet ToJo Young la. singles play
'"Sub lieet" is rated the favorite., and who teams up with Lt. Bill
but Artbur Abbott's "Blue Man" Coleman in the dowaleg matches.
increased his following 'by work- Ialche is present .holder of the
ing -six furlongs in one minute. All-Army singles championship
12 anid three-flfth seconds Tues- which he won last year. defeat-
day. Bab Fleet finished second in 8got. Joe Lockman by scores
t 41. Hill Gail In the Derby, with of -2. 0-4. 6-3 i the Invitation-
Brle an tlhirl. Others Ilkely to Tennis bh'-a.n h-
L et aoed support are "Armaged- 91.Tennis bau .u.m.p. .
Son Vtc pp anr the Withers l Below are list of the pairing:
Mile at Belmont last Saturday, Ii Bl m.S
and "Qusalb1 Oil." which won (A) Lab va TYung (RP)
lke eVents before fin- (Ni BiLow a QlfIld (IP)
MWfhh llth mi the Derby. (Ni Peae vs .nrimue. (RP)
(N) Robbins vs Taft (?P)
0 5iOrts B t (A) L h.eAid 0010 34n v
BrYoung ied sdftl
(NI Barlow .a d LpietchT w
( o zip.) Enriques and Chbrtl.
Thew i o. f h (N) BRebts aMd LUMbe vs
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Home Financing


Eased Shortly

Housing and Home Finance Ad-
ministrator Raymond M. Foley
slMd today that the government
soon may ease its down payment
rftulrements on houses costing
more than $12.000.
,The Senate Banking Commit-
tee meanwhile unanimously ap-
p,'ed a bill authorizing various
Federal housing agencies to ac-
cdpt an additional $1.507,000,000
in building mortgages and grants.
Foley told the National Say-
ifgs and Loan League that
there is no prospect that the
government will abolish entire-
ly Its regulation requiring down
payment minimums on homes.
"We do not believe it should
b.'temoved at an early date," he
;But he said It is "quite possi-
ble" the government will reduce
ll down payment requirements
Oit houses costing more than
This would be done by revising
Xfgulalon X, which was put in-
to effect in October. 1950, as a
btfke against inflati on a r y
Regulation X requires down
payments of at least 10 per cent
houses selling for $12,000 or
14. On more expensive houses,
down payment requirement
i'pges up to 50 per cent on hous-
u~osting more than $24,500.
-Last week the government
spending Regulation W
Rilch set down payment re-
Kirements for durable goods,
"Rch as automobiles, refriger-
ators and television sets.
Foley said, however, that Reg-
ulation X will not be abolished
In the near future, despite "a
great deal of demand" for such
qetion from the building indus-
-He said private lending Inter-
Scontradict the builders'
8ms that Regulation X is "un-
paessary and that it is unduly
rioting the market."
'.rhe Senate committee cut
iye lhan $1,000,000.000 from the
tagq e authorizations origin-
proposed In the bill spon-
[d by committee chairman
met bank (D-SC.1
I a ; iiators agreed that
MP National Mortgage
eda loea alsould be author-
4M to buy up another l9M,-
S In mortgages on de-
e, military and disaster a-
M heaing. Maybank had pro-
.Med a $1 ,O00N,0 .authort-.
ition for this financing.
*She bill also would increase
f Federal Housing Administra-
twe's authority to insure home
]lrtgages by an additional
400,000,000 instead of the $1,-
000,000.000 requested.
It also authorizes an addition-
al $112,000.000 for loans for farm
housing and a year extension of
this program, which is due to
end June 30.


-The House Veterans Commit-
tee yesterday unanimously ap-
proved a new "GI Bill of Rights"
which would give Korean veter-
ans up to 36 months of free
schooling, up to $300 in muster-
ing out pay and loan guarantees
on homes, farms and businesses.
The benefits would be avail-
able to all meen in uniform be-
tween June 27, n950-the date
U. S. forces entered the Korean
fighting and a date to be set
later either by Congress or the
All men with discharges other
than dishonorable would be
Before finally approving the
measure, the committee
acted to raise special safe-
guards against abuses which
plagued the World War II
The program still must be
approved by the full House and
Senate before it can go into
operation. Congress normally is
extremely friendly to veterans'
The plan would give veterans
who. want to continue their
education a flat monthly sum

K -~~~ ~~ *''***'^ll

Mexican Army Sergeant Manuel
de La Rosa, pictured as he re-
cently celebrated his 111th birth-

,I, 1 f ..ig, day in Mexico City, is the man
qn vmS. UOUNIEr|T7 who delivered the "mercy shot"
Sw 11. to Emperor Maximilian in 1M67
4 i A RE af when the Austrian ruler of Mex-
S16 $10 Fines ico was tried by courtmartal
and executed. Sergeant De La
IAMBRIDGE, Mass.. May 15 Rosa received a new home as a
S -- An attempted "bra-and-" birthday present from President
SBdty" raid on a girls dormitory, Manuel Aleman.
9t tRadcllffe College cost 16 Mas- --
agihusetts Institute of Techno- --
1S students $10 each in fines
I, district Court today. Navy Will Lay
S Te youths were arrested last
&k during a local outbreak of Atom-Subs Keel
16 most widespread collegiate
elaxe since swallowing goldfish N tMo t 0
I. -the "scantles" treasure hunt. Next Month
I gllar raids have taken place WASHINGTON, Ma 15 .(P
m ebraska and Florida. WASHINGTON May 15 (UP
originally pleaded guilty. -The U S. Navy said today that
were allowed to chance the the keel of the "Nautilus," the
i fleas to Innocent on npace dis- first atom-powered submarine
Fy b a n ce charges. They were will be laid sometime In June.
convicted by District Judge Louis The keel laying will take place
L. Green. at the Electric Boat Company,
In defense. Atty. Kevin hern at Groton, Connecticut.
told the judge- The Navy declined any other
S"They were going to Radcliffe information at this time. Hod-
SRsing." ever. it said previously, that It
-'hey certainly were mischiev- expects to launch the Nautilus
d ." replied Judge Green. J n 1954.
'"Well. I don't know how well
S I& v sing." said Hern.' LONG WAY AROUND
..It 17th student. Wallace Bou-
q~plt, 19. of Minneavolls. Minn.. OWOSSO. Mich.. (UPi.--James
originally pleaded innocent Hert. 40. fainted while operating
men arraigned last week had a crane on a $700.000 addition to
Sl case continued a week. Memorial Hoslital. A fellow
charges were dismissed Fridav worker, forgetting the hospital
tMIT Dean Frederick G. was onlv 100 ft. away. telephoned
tt Jr., 51. arraigned on peace into town for an ambulance. By
bance charges by police the time it arrived, Hert had
said he incited the raid and been carried in the hospital, given
water filled bags on po. an examination and was dia-

*e soup g
M- elte lihU La


"Let the people know the truth and the c sni



- .-J .
logo" i .. .

;- -~ ,.... '.. .".:!f 'J

SACK IN TB STATES -, Gen. Matthew B. 8RiiWg
with bhl wife and three-year-old son, "Matt," after
at HRanlton Air Force Base, near San Franciso, fro
Ridgway Is en route to Europe, where he will replay
Dwight D. lsenhower as Supremse Commxander, NA


Measures M

-Rep. Albert Rains (D-Aia.),,
who wants economic contop
continued, warned today thftf
i h- t m Lihcoln. there is strong sentiment In Con1-t
. ........ t freoss for letting the anti- a- s-
.! .** i* n ton program die June 30.
SSimultaneously. two Democri- w
....... i .. tic senators accused the Senate IU
9 Banking Committee of riddling
Sthe pending controls blU with a- re
I fI 1 T mendmenta designed to "weaken f
R ieg h t the dikes against inflation." e
Rains, a member of the HouseI
Banking and Currency Commit- ls
tee which has jurisdiction over
S r A f A Kmm the wage-prlce-remt control let-
m ] ri l I~ I r-_"cislation, said he thfi* the pro- A
I C courses gram should be continued.'
"I"But I'm not sure it will," he M
i otpr"arable (D-Miss.) said he would call said.
re Ciparabl e (-Mi.) sad. the Hous0 1 a Criticism of the Senate Bank- o
a to oex. te possibl anUdthat Hoe is con- ing Committee was levelled b Wh
(en hs splt fident it can be enacted into Democratic Bens. Paul.H. Doug
00,60,000. law before adjournment. l(Mich.) and Blair Mo (

Sh victory for both Rankin and yesterday to "adopt a single W
emdo-ylm-t Rep. Olin E. Teague (D-Tex.), a strengthening amendment favor- A
tf -up to $m committee member with whom lng.the consuming public" when
*any as 52 Rankin had feuded over the it acted on the controls exten-lw
o-oaRed 52-26 right to sponsor the new GI bill. loen measure. They accused their-
ew wide cri- committee colleagues of drafting U
The committee compromised legislation to favor "special In-
this Issue by taking some of terests." I
n '. Rankin Rankin's proposals, not support- The committee voted Tuesday r
___________ ed by Teague. and adding then) night to replace the present tri-
to a bill sponsored by TeaguSe paxtite Wage Stabilization Board a
Swith an all-public panel sippedI
Thus the bill as finally ap- with an all-public panel stopped
proved carries Teague's name. of any power to recommend set
proveague na element of wao, disputes.
It alhlo voted to extend wage-.
BALBOA TIDES price controls for only itne
months to next March 1, instead
of the full two years requested t
Thursday, May 15 by President Truman. Pt
High Low The committee approved a Fe
S7:50 a m............. 1:36 p.m. one-year extension of federal lt
8:07 p.m. .............. 2:08 a.m. rent and allocation controls. .

Agriculture Department

Loses 'Screening' Rights

-- 0
-The Justice Department ,has
stripped Agriculture Depart-
ment officials of their author-
ity to "screen" crop shortage
cases for possible criminal pro-
secution, Senate investigators
dtclosed today.
Chairman Allen' J. Ellender
(D-La.) of the Senate Agricul-
ture Committee made public the
The order was contained in a
letter, dated Tuesday, from as-
alstant Attorney General James
MK McInerney to solicitor W.
OMTolI Hunter of the Agricul-
tue Department.
The committee is questioning
Hunter about a possible "lax
einordement policy" by the Agri-
culture Department in connec-
tion with crop "conversion"
caas by private warehousemen
who store government com-
Hmnter denied charges by
committee counsel Paul Cotter
that' the department's policy in
some cases "aids and abets...
cheats and frauds."
Cotter also accused Edward
M. Obulman. an associate agri-
culture solicitor, of "defending"

Trade Unionists Of
Germany Demand
Voice In Industry
FPANKFURT, May 15 (UP) -
Wet Germany's 6,000,000-mem-
ber Trade Union Federation will
be Itas nap1enwide series of
t strikes and demonstra-
to In a mounting campaign to
Win an equal voice with the man-
igement In the direction of all
private industry.
The first strikes were schedul-
ed to bagin this afternoon in
Duesseldorf, Cologne. and Gruns-
wek, adding to the growing ten-
siom and unrest in Germany over
the controversial contr actual
agreement and rearmament
treaty now nearing completion in
Boan d PariL


* .


several warehousemen who were
allowed to settle shortage cases
Involving flax seed by merely
paying up.
He said Shulman "sounds Ulke
a defense counsel... for these
people who were attempting to
defraud the government","
McInerney, in his letter to
Hunter, said the Justice Depart.-
ment feels "that the delegatiah
of its responsibility for tit
evaluation of criminal caset is
neither feasible nor lonft
He said the Justice Depat-
ment believes that this "screen-
Ing agreement should be ter-
Rmiated and that in the future
...all eases which appear toin-
v o v e criminal violations...
should be referred to this de-
partment for evaluation."
The Agricutlture Department
got Its broad authority to
"screen"'- violation cases from
the Justice Department in 1943.
It was described as an emer-
gency measure because of the
heavy wartime load being car-
ried by thd Jstice Department..
The committee Is 1Investigat-
ing shortage Involving some $7.-
000.000 worth of government-
owned grains and crops.

ranging from $110 for single
veterans to $150 for those with
They would be' entitled to a
maximum of 36 months in school
-equal to a full four-year col-
lege course.
Undet the educational sec-
tion, the committee flatly
banned such avocational
courses as bartending, danc-
lng and Oersonality develop-
mnent which stirred up a storm
In the oMld program. Pilot
training would be permitted
I ft It ead to a Job.

The benei* *
to those m. ,
GI'OA of WW10W
which the
more thaMn ,I,0
The 0ly ,
from $t ..ta
compwaskti a
tweebU the -
Ciab wbMeh C
I^-- *--i l- dif-

NANK, f*M RVa ail to t iA KI at Tocumen last nightM
before taoig off t4 "'et kelr father in the United States.
,bind the boys are, 'rom left, Mrs. John Wiley, wife of the
Bd States ambaldor to. Panama. Bill Taylor, Braniff's
Pan ma manager, and lMs. Gifford Pinchot, who is travelling
with the lade till they meet their father.

Three Litffle Panamanians

Fly To Ther Polish Father

Jan. Frederyko, and Jos6 but immediately sent $20 to buy
Grabaki left Tocumen thismorn- the children new shoes.
*ing at 12:45 a.m. on ''raniff
flight 604 en route to hilla-. Meanwhile William Taylor, lo-
delphia to Join their father, from cal Braniff manager, took an
whom they have been separated energetic interest in the young-
for more than seven years, sters, and through the generosity
This. however, was more than of a number of Panama and
an ordinary trip for the Grabski American residents of Panama
children who are 11, 9 and 8 City obtained the air fare for
years old the three children to Washing-
Their departure is significant ton.
because of the manner In which
the children and their father will Mrs. Gifford Pinchot, who.has
be reunited, and of the efforts, been visiting the Wileys and who
and arrangements, which will was the wife of a distinguished
finally bring them together in governor of Pennsylvania, delay-
the United States. ed her return to Washington a

week in order to arrange for the
It all began when Mrs. John return of the children to their
C Wiley. wife of the United parent.
States Ambassador to Panama.
gave a Christmas party at the She is personally escorting
Susana Clement orphanage, them to Washington, D. C., where
While writing out the cards they will be Joined by a priest
for gifts, she noticed the names from Baltimore, Maryland.
of the three little brothers. Up- From there, the group will go
on further Inquiry, she found to Philadelphia where the cwl-
that Mrs Grabski, who was from dren will live with their father.
Panama. had died of tuberculosis.
The father had fled Poland
following the Germarn Invasion ,
in 1939 and had married here In JH lM JhJf Rr k
the Republic. wW aaf mBad
Grabski had later gone to the i
United States to work, and Join- I A
ed the Army during the war. [tn RVW bery
Then the Sisters of the orphan- ,
age took charge of, trained and If h
educated the children. As, u HmIdN VM
Through the cooperation of
Father Banlak, chaplain at Al-1 CRANSTON. Rhode Island, Sp
brook Pleld, the Ambassador and 15 (UP).- Authorities saai
Mrs. Wiley succeeded in locating Alfred Gagnon. 41. a
Jan Grabakl, Br., who was work- jewel thief, told them (Sl
In in a factor yIn Philadepa 1.219000 Brink's robbery bi
ee could not afford te ares ton was an "Inside jW b.
.__ named.- "two principals" ti -
I LIT i country's greatest cash haul.

A boy s* g ui he
wJild otne BJ itJOrn
.mmO 4-M

Attorney General Fraieoe .
Kelly of Mamchmmetts mad Wi-
liam E. Powers of Rhoe Isnd
said they questad IGo Jarlo
more than six rs hMO niWt
before sending htm back to TIul
In a joint statement Issued by eas
Kelly and Powers they Ist: /h VMe
"Gagnon baa has the SldA
nuams of two ii a i Sa

4ram .


~ 1

Tg-.fe d d m r n, f re'oldn' y
dthtlmm m out completelynew *d- -I .
N(p GoUm Air yt. -.
3a li em ayl m -n y M abty-t wuin Aw Il
m yW byPnikA earff am *i



'. *..'.-" ^ -" iW .

t ,
..-. -*<


iKorean 'GI Bill (

Has No Bartendin

he's a w Kid Or Todyl

S .4 'a.

Arngtu countered A
06 that required tl r whe
iot oea0 "A .bto bout st
Wolettbld the Inflatiehn ete
purely "pollttel" and It "it
St bebgc1d. .odd
igmea eOILt by tB

ue ks ooB wHiafea g|ing t
L! 4'M16 Koa. '
Olbilxtan Uurst R. biaybank
D-6.), .dinotemin' the aetUn
C his jato B king Commit-

sDted before March 1 I
nere t~ $ wVUd be
ad a with Atabllitl
M4*bank said the commlttte
etion to curb the wage bdar a'
wrs wasU "by no stretch of the
ftglnatkon Intended as a slap
t unilons." /
AFt ptedldent William Green
id. bmab 111 bolt the stabliza-
oft pigtft ifthe board is te-
But aibank said the con
itt0 e W that labor disputes
oultl db handled by the Na-
Anal Labbr Relations dOard and
federal Mediation and Contilla-
on service.
Makawhit, economic tabilt-
r Roger iL. Putnam told 1 r1ft-
all federation that the ateel In-
ustry demanded "ftwatrftnted"
rloi tpuEses.

Theae films, b ee
eor Iallyi
IB4grie, Aft *It ah I O
throughout thA Irk fo
countries ,
dn of t i T

Isthmus unt.
of the Inttrnat
ditrlbutors. IP
fit Alfaro.. A.*
ance of Henry
einebr of B
' similar eh U
ture wil be
Chaftmber .
.- / .^ '



*-h. .-. t

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