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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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rynr- ~~tirr" -. ..- -- -



t 4 1?

eraft, one otf tea Mttwme actual *
Tha Nay~y is mutt Bboa t im l)t


*itte "newest sgA -iAt- C 1r the Nw ay's nurftce
US past the Status at LIberty lo New Tork harbor.
SSaln 8B-foot-long craft, but says It's faster thah

all Tally

MOO his ..tdard-
AlIauwcet Whaintain
a aSU ai*" count-
7 but
mats, Jos6
Rmos=Og in
A soid oe a In-
dians. WOOee M 11 the Ju-
rittr Of the 09r'Province.
r1kve IeyenoAn Lu overwhelming
ead in that area and such fig-
ures as the g vemsNt released
on the interVor M also gave
lemon an I apw en wide edge.
The Chlaristu todp, however,
$til1 claimeI 450y po win outI
Pn panama CIty ttwer hope-no
ful they cduld pp enough)
votes in the Ias provinceda
jet unheard lucs 1* OVercotne
emon's early advnta.
The overall ea t t ya stood
Remon 22,020, Ckri At .
Sroten down hintreas:
.. .... .. ...... 30 35
Chiarl .................. 3 05
(NO Ineldifg lNe Dimas)
R ton.............. 7124
i .... ...5527
SW v~art ..A......,.......1aa75
,- *mc C

.......... WWI j 4'w^4*ij

flUW ~ ~ M BW e to aWpalo cast Itra a *1

ftlikilllttai dfd *,i oinytM H waP 'CM^3 bmA.ap u |en
ed rn e.- ot .
-SII 5! ISA bound bta ran throft a Srd
6 1 raft on the Chubas River blna
WApolOTONx May 14 eW Uot O .decurtMy 1(Ad U fini,% 1 s a aCtopped flra falling Into f ra-
r O Sec R. iywAing, t oay. Ib e wvin- e |by a Iee .*h u o 0
ir" us of chemical "s t- h he ac1 by Inhl fee. teCrls n. of then or nd

expc# e 3. Einfl, te AToheda t Ine heCarla.nA. li a w the ol
N.W7 denod tomake baadwTklr seenueflamVaed to porgas
nioese a By Hoe sumGeed feut ero tha-
Ua n for s verald ayo.nI I-9 W U 'g ured facialB bou r
thatt hey coauid do-te lrn"** jqft, golm wagn The driver et the bus, Alfred

Ipustionothatethey could Gee-.
astothef t CorS mVe.e dTaylor, a PanmaguCapparent-
tha va 1181 asdo .o the ry lost contrnoft it bus at about
|Rtfa< brad, and that Vae ciif- uashry WS i A iUUo1-20 pMm., as he b w a etering the
i0le, .?poloxyethylene monov. 07era1 Sac1 iBgng of bridge, accordisbgO police.
Bats and related compounis, hoodna- aSiM. n n on The bus klanocked down the pe-

w n otbadeutly thestdfor tas l eap t y a baeb llo u mtG ge
* ot adequately tstestd for Infas ie sMdM the destrian guard rail, drove along
Thetu Consul ambS2 Swife wear at- the pedesttien iWSfpor about o0
3Ue new s4ndards. while they tacked by @ fathi o hile feet. then weat off the north end
W) to bread shipped by the drivinr ll waelSonf avenue of the brileo for 50 fe t on the
=eate Coemmerce Coma is- nearte0 OfoftcyMy -shoulderebofsumbabomert, and
, was expected to intfluente The le to atoepthe car headed for e betto sof the ra-
S locany produced brad. b thrtulowta1e8 as1 hurling vine Then the vehicle i a tree
Sbecom. effective Augst osene at te Consul ad pei
r and hisall h Passeouga ht the Wtald, that
p e hd aeTaylor somoed to be, s atopy rnd
e Tnodded hO b had bstre the
&&A accident.
Iopr Baseball Recrd s IS*Skscome@ brheir i
BWAM1 R ordCharyemmSwl be brought a gabst
W_ ^ S^the bd-ditYvr soft an ynves-
In Pa I n -- tigatlon of the earm- Iconcluded.
j rIkotsl5 InI b About an hr earner yester-
day a PanA Canal laundry
a truck turned Mos sn a ditch
when It blew a right front tire
BRIBTOL, Tenn., May 14 (UP) .- i swe Ron on the omabos oad north of
%bedWa, probably the first mailIn I eii ueball to summit Gaps=&
Ws ot.at27 batters in a reS s today, Three tPel"era wh* were sitting
-'9= jut learning to pltoh." In the befcof the truck were
The six-lost f lee-bob eN|eb b IntheCla 7-0 treated at the dispeniary for
*I!PTy last night over th Wen b the Clas minor Injuntes.
rappsaan Leagf. The driver was WWIl Ander-
Needs hit one man, the eateba a third son Wrow, a Panmanlan. He
*. Mml an outfield emw aolew o flea to reach pulled off tai road When he felt
jui prevent a posteet f W pSLJewsu pitcher, the blow-out. but tU shoulder of
qflyegpsgto the PIttsbrgh V a d^ es n option the road wa soft, and the truck
l-l New Orleans. turned over.

r' Apologizes 'As Bloody Elis

Cearn Mt; Cops, -Win
.'at inciting a riot Bad Itwt tn with his iee Classe at Tub *M today for
pithe peace. ~ fl^f1 be. too.- was the summer9an fisifes = the
I said he had students, e, Jc
the peace. fhe of- s*1 too, wasRSA tss frn
Tep ale
Sit was .basfull oat customS thir1W
Central 0 .- cream treat to= carts. and
I: oS by Yale !.11*'..pmrgsvea yssuo4aa
thYsretspoc Mm t oe Weon f the
-l wenreklni a. A n In :;;%,a Atos* E. W


q VW^ *'a W'Q:.P ^F"''

is into tbisl

All 'British Armed Forces

T1 Join Australian A-Test
S -
LON M, ;H y 14 (UP) UnitA of th3Bya1 Australian
Britain laworkl ;wr h
today lflat apd i M oyl st
edt S Spen (itAn h.-! squadron
the Ia.t.. qfft a we stcs.....h 14.t.

atm0 "AAl JaInoI 0ce detachedra
At> *noacoent fret-^> -^bfi not 17
S$lme m1n46e00 itdene, of .Brita
Aayse 4AOflw bjs ac-
In the test. lg pr-ser vek landW
10 wed e. t he Bi "&how" r asi the rl*
The ."anmoi t ended gate Piouth.
speculate t test would In addition the Narvik ,an
be conducted lb Australia It- the Zebnrugga both converted
self. 'tank landing ships, have al-
ready sahied for the test site
The Montw t Islands are carrying qw! "th .and a de-
S0 miles off ti% fsaaland, ad tachment tof Ral Engineers.
are OM. al-uow Ot f
Portha; nulhtaV.W Ais- a *.LW..L
tral. SPt
The test of the -weap Fr s
aln anouncemtgept monUK
s blact haVe utrefuly re r
red to it as a "L amom" ra'thr
thb a "bomb" soededFr im l
for sometime. tSlh i r
The Dov Street Cn- Anyone w* at a gwAto-solpl
emnent sol a special 'coati-mundifI, Isat, young
sw iron carrytf the main tapir, two tgd4.aloth, ant-efer,
to. f mwige. .a rrot. parfkeet or otter nud
Dr -jthe Z tw ons a baflek t um or n other
ex ma.'.two Monk-f. wretwtg fohp of lUe.I4 a-k-
>rf- AM AMI*-M TTnrl~m ed to bring.t2 tor'MS) for
will commmnd theWcatis,&SIU to the tiAMu Oceaoga-.
nh '^wSwiaa.^nee Ve"ss GA0the. whi-h
MMt Z.JT! 5& {, A Lmbe tied up next T TWsl4y

-. 44

A. '.'b

cemvetery, Anderson1 ladL.

Fruich Reds WEf
Pfrontest RidW s

Arrival In France
MORDEAUX, May 14 ( t
French Communists in is w
glon were given Instruct .
stage protestations thFs ao -
Sunday against General q
thew Ridgwa 'a arrival as Eli- ,
preme Allied Commander la'
Europe. a
Ridgway, the former United
Nations Commander th the W. -.
ast is expected to take over
new SHAPE post front (I
Elsenhower about June 1. '
The local Comm t
"Les Nouvelles," ub a
unique from rdeaux *TAe.
munist Party headqu arte pS
branding Ridgwa a "Korean
War criminal" and a "microe
killer." and called for "protets"
during the air show that will
take lace next Wednesday.'
United States Air
are slated to
show with an eih
maneuvers. arier igL
the French ComMS
organ In Paris "L'Huf p
called for mass pretty

.3 C'

Remon ................. 30
Chiarl .................. 40
Remon ................ 119
Chiarl ................ 0T 1
Remon ................ 30
Chlari .................. 31$
SAN SLAS (Uneffiek)
Remon .............. 812
Chiarl .................. 719
Sources close to the Chlarl
headquarters today made varn-
ous charges, of election fraud.
They. pointed partisl~atrty
to the Memo of thl Sao DiRs
filgufe yesterday aftetbeemj
long before the ballet but hid
reached the election jury.
The Ministry of Govrenmut
Ahbl morning denied giving
out the information.
Chiaristas also said they wete
receiving increasing evidence of
intimidation and suppteston of
theit voters in the iuterr. a i
Information, the sources
was being brought bauk to
nama In person since the way-
ernMen bha had cohgbtee wm^
trol of all communiuations.-sP-
temr to the outer reglon..
One of the teporta wa that
Chluiixas in cc diel Toro
were Dremnted, by fotfl, troft
ufo>nir ta S sal1t JAnOuWE-S ai,

West Virginia

Win Puts Taft

Far In Lead

WAShINGTON, May 14 (UP).
--enator Robert A. aft today
inrcrased his lead over General
Elsenhower in the battle for de-
iew to the Republican Na-
1 atel Convention.
taft scored an overwhelming
victory In the West Virginia pri-
pmark i pg 15 of that
St~f 16delegtel.
aTit I beat ex-Minnesota
governor Harold E. Btassen in
$'tertgya presidential prefer-
eaT# eostest in West Virginia.
taMs from 698 of the SbAes'
364 M ec gCave Taft S34.3
vote& a 8,823.
Sateubower. whoe supporters
wojid only o no delete,
entered In the "Pop'
v~rWot Poll.' results of qhlch
are t binding on the National
Convention delegates.
15ethe basis of Taft winning
15ficialVrgiflia delegates; un-
official tabulation of the dele-
gate elected so far gave Taft
3l3, gpd Elsenhower 320, Stassen,
R2 Governor Earl Warren of CO-
rUi ornia, seven, and Gen. Mae-
Arthir, two.
t takes 604 votes to win the
MfSenate Estee
f V deu ocrats elt
wF230 dolg- 'two of wIF=
hDu~wy anouM e = senator RAWt
deauver of 14i----. In san.

emr p

P ordered
his rnot
gWa "n front
.A-4 -. Flat '.,

.., to

IC **
a*- &!-

4 ..

S A "'*

TOKYO, May 14 (UP) Genm. Mark W. CLi
pSUPis United Nations Far eRf command,
Bri4 Gen. Francis T. Dodd and bri4 Get. ChwfmI
fr a strict accounting of their roles in ft KeI r
Commsnist POW camp mutiny.
bth generals, ousted succsively frem -r
coeun"Wdmnt of the camp, few to Tokyo freaU
day oftW lent summons from Clairk.
Thwy conferred with Clark for mmse a
6#W teir arrival.

Claim wAs expected to demand' qefdh' fiar hewn
a fun eiplmnatiou from the gen- lug Ispigr g
arabe of todd's kidnapping by efrpe sufl
the- rdWlowIos loa prisoners, euaataTh 1
and C.i_ "a embarrassing con- UISW1A#Aa
cesseion to obtain Dodd's release.
Cterk, oeviomy angMd by tat .a
the WM of events, personsly 3) y DoS pS
tok ter the Inquiry after"at s m plasam

US' of. SPU P. a


?1MngW L t~a. IA ITI W ittah, A&

J*r I"p NuropeanSM330n Offat,-
Dritish 3rupeau airway have
cancoDed 17 outward and!16 In-
ward flightefar the secoW sue-
cesve day, while one Or two
fights to Jaarta and two flUhts
to Cbracao also have been can-
ELM flights to South Africa,
South America, Joys atua-
UaS, and uopean flights have
not yet beeM affected.
The Aderal Wage Stabilzsatln
Board b s eekin a patteri-
setting pay formula for 0.000 oil
workers with the nation-wide
strike enterlag .its third week,
and the government is taking the
first step toward possible-gaso.
linea rationing on an area basis.
The Board meets today to rule
on six agreaiftnt already reach-
ed in industry.

He & p M ay

Ad Oit61

For Korea Ves
The House Veterans Comit-
tee cleared the way today for
an early committee showdown
on a "01 BUI of lights" for
Korean veterans by peaceful-
ly setting a row which had
threatened to delay the mea-
A new problem arose Imn-
mediately, however, when a
committee member proposed a
major change in the legisla-
Uon. As it now stands, the bill
would extend to men who serv-
ed in uniform during te Ko-
reap fighting roughly the
same educational benefits en-
joyed by World War H Veter-
The final measure Is ex-
pected to be approved today
or tomorrow att the comt-
tee decides whether to restrict
It to educAtimsal oealts or
to include loan guarantes on
home. famA and buainessl-
and special ancal socututy and
unemploynInt insurane.
snorts to banuM out a
fejl MU H for Mom considers-
tihn boggd dews Ip- week
when CommIMes Cnharman
John N. Reakts (a-Mba. and
Rep. 4ln L fg-Te .
MOM ovW *a own.
IMMnfisbaCOM *hilo-ruan-


k t gamwhy o
Ma p ea
Wart Cotoon.mauM
Int to Communist
eoWhad" in aweo
Wisa Colson at-mm
up St to rearatm

Sto enousanhavte wi

Ohiso AM slhave h

Clark onled then "u
Red baomitl
The OaSiu aawj

thn Inte theo
North KoneLLe
head of th ea u C n t
legatos carpd at tS
trucy tas sNow. that
bad opnla t
Red pisoflontojsq
ing submited to 3
treatment In violeat I
neva atavoolw

Ftir acr G. ri
PARi, MW 14 (U
lies laufaoei Sl ta
ticnwide Ssc-hup
yewm toay L' t v
lunatics who tubg
aIht from tw

five barnum mamasg
Vmi fl=aUt a a.e0
=aS mmj*an
Zve at

.&a7 Tt Touuae in
PonU waM thio
tion that th Ave
terseew in
Pari, and ma 3
510 'damwnsi -ttai
PurateiteG jR

SAO FA=L, I- a
m.~_ swno om
Phe tex- M

vmsa tub
In fl I

.- L- 7

I,.' .

- 4jI

4j .


. -* .1

* *"* -"H
*< *, ri
^ *-,S
f ** .n'^.

~4f ls.~

Called To E


I <




- i~riWI~


i tN P'rA Po oC a4 tAMA I foP P
PaMfeps lftNiIm'raYvivrs JOSHUA U POWERS INC
$48 MA .ISmI AVE NI VOnII t117, N V
l sOem.. -N a r.o-..** **'70 *, 2
laU I5 eaMt, IN ADVANCkELg o i s.
EO WfrARB. Ill DVAeVll-.-.-- Be B4 0

Wa lter Winchell

In New York

Rafael Trajillo. Jr., son of the Latin-American dictator, Is
SL rtIn Ptrk Avenue's Mildred Rochman ..Gruenther lost the
I A 0t-ob bedmes'he has no sense of personal publicity. After
4 R igway got I, a newsman mourned: "Gruenther knows every-
a mg exe thow to toot his own horn" .Eleanor Hohi was hud-
-lin w; wifh Mike Todd, who hadn't a swimming star signed yet for
'ts Jones Beach event...Tab Hunter, who co-stars with Linda
rnell in his very first film ("Island of Desire"I, weds Joyce
Lockwood of the Sonja Henle Ice Show any day Ina Ra> Hut-
ton has jilted television to resume with her all-girl band .Selena
Walters, In and out of the courts husband -trouble), has a new
heert: Jockey Jackie Westrope Mike Romanoff is giving out
"I Like Mike" buttons.
The Senate Judiciary Comm. will again attack Judge Mc-
Oranery's-nmilnatlon as Att'y Gen'l-charging that he has al-
ready given orders to the Justice Dep't on important issues. de-
gPlte the fact he has not been confirmed...Ambassador F. P.
gorrigan's son Robert F. (he's the new U. S. consul at Dakari
weds C. Jane Carswell of Glen Falls, N. Y., on the 15th.. .The
'"Moon is Blue" cast were upset no end Thursday night when a
group of Southerners shouted -"This is the filthiest show we've
'ever seen!" and then walked out.,.White House staffer D. Niles
tells friends to discount the persistent talk that Truman will ac-
cent adra'i. 'Not under any conditions!" is the quote.. From the
eol'm of Apr. 21: "Best Bet to win the Derby, according to the
Lindy's crowd: The Ben Jones horse Hill Gail. 'Sure to wind up
in the iiMoney.' "
El Morocco and Horace Schmidlapp, after a furious argu-
ientt,have divorced.. Jean Sinclair (Lex Thompson's ex-wife)
and Jeff Jones are a steady duet at Viennese Lantern, anyhow...
Top Hepubs are running for Phil Regan, the singer-chum of top
Deam' They brag about a "dossier"... Jack Coleman, the Gillette
'heir, and Virginia Bailey have reconciled .Medics can't figure
what 'ails Mala Powers. She's being fed Intravenously... Peggy
Joycelgot $75.000 for her film life-saga. She used to get that much
for ust fluttering her lashes.. J. Barrymore, Jr., has been tapped
for hS Army physical.. A Cong. Comm. has evidence that a Red
agent (never before mentioned) infiltrated the Henry Luce staffs.
A U.S; citizen: a Soviet sp) since 1937. Still on the payroll, but no
longest on Time.
Automobile heiress Virginia Willys, who became Mrs. Mark
-Bartih only a few months ago. has filed in Florida.. .It's a boy at
(he Dudley tMGMi Wilkinsons.. Mona Knox is MGM producer
Pa4ternak's top consoler since the breakup with Dorothy Dar-
l '.1ll.. Pam Blumenthal. who just got his freedom, is expected to
'. rry actress Lisa Ferraday. his nightly heart-thumper... The
Io.aWilUlamses iJunior Standish, are experimenting apart...
'ViE. Stanleys are trying it acain. He's the batoneer. She's so-
',lety gal Denise Breden Marilyn R-s,. who debuts at the Latin
on the 12th, is the big challf-rni to Dagmar and Denise Dar-
l's Form Divine Nina Foch. who dates local beaux, is serious
b .Aput actor Ralph Meeker In H'wood...Carm Williams' new hob-
I. sy a producer Leonard Key.
Ex-Champ Joe Louis's latest business venture will be a whisky
Sbtr bearing his name on the label ..Big brawl at the Yonkers
: rek a week ago tonight between a Pinkerton and a member.
e~ ~op landed in Harlem Hospital Kid Chocolate, ex-feather-
Prhbt champ, who grossed a million in the ring (and had 3 cars
4tMd 100 suits). Is now working for the Cuban gov't at $70 per
tmtb.. Songwriter S. Faln's wife served him with back alimony
S Ii. nGloria Miller, once an editor at Harper's publishing
eds a coast banker next month... The Glenn Nevilles
(he's t e Mirror's Exec Editor) are rehearsing new lullabies...
Wick. the .reek, played dice 4 days and nights without sleep. He

t ,ooo. ___

Arthur Godfrey's stage manager, Chet O'Brien and Elnora
KySS got their legal separation last week,.. Gene kayburn, the
.a5ybrn & Finch disc-jockey, was mugged by hoodlums...Yeo-
iBan tick Lvvendahl of the Navy and Patsy Lee, the songstress
th Dbn McNelll program, merge May 24th...Lydia Rosador
0he lovely dghtr of Teddy, the Taft barber, becomes a bride June
?1h. e is Carl Maisel...Helmut Datitine is making like The
on mental with Sigrid Soelter. a pretty German fashion design-
Sn ere.. Al Capp and Shirley Potash of Time mag are try-
n Arts) helped frock his first ex-wife (Adelaide Mof.
tt) o other comeback debut at Cafe Albert. Three New Yorkers
a to totally want to help each other


-o -
meil Mil is an eMpen twum fop rmaden of The Peane.a Ame
i LgM. een received atefully and are handled ik a wholly ec*
a' sntrilbute leSa r don't be impl ani t It doetsnt appear th
Len a ren published in the order reheeved.
S I tto bkep the 4ltten limited to one page length.
1 t I letter writers is held in stritest confidence.
p ew mper emes no responsibility for statements or opinie
l In hitenm from reade.

I would like to bring to your attention an article that was
last week re lottery vendor and Panama Businessman
Pieces of 3438, first prize of May 4.
men's story may be right But I would like to point
you that there are hundreds of ticket vendors who give
tickets and chance tickets to unauthorized persons to
peclally on Sunday mornings.
? ee unauthorized persons include little boys and girls who
nors that have absolutely no responsibility at all.
cneoafte the tickets are legal tenders and may be bought
anyone at any place.
opie even go from Panama to Colon selling these tickets.
B rry no identification.
Ba- w e we look at the story another way. A ticket vendor
friend some lottery tickets to sell. and that sub-vendor
t turn the money to the authorized vendor by say 10 a.m.
Kp tickets were sold then.
1 l .ftb authorized vendor reported that he has lost his tick-
.-fU they were stolen what would become of the public who
-|acht these tickets with good faith?
oildn't the vendors display their badges at all times?


er newpeer carries the slogan "Let the people know the
'the country is safe."
'6ar Sunday supplement of April 27. your roving photo-
r took,a few pictures of the streets of Colon and even
Saudsacity to label one of them "another of Colon's wide,
-ta8b If the pictures are taken from a great distance
lltIaed sidewalks will not show up, but to one who
4"k these streets every day you are not letting the peo-
Ute truth by publishing such ill-captioned pictures.
-. tthe timp for the people of Colon to elect a mayor
40ough civic pride to really get the streets and side-
up and kept that way. I truthfully have never
i tmew and sidewalk in any elty.
R t Judwe Hancock has departed from these
.aumlingn," how about litt fig the people know the,
illdsi .UiltioA, which I stand was published
VIP do you f to to be to keep the truth from
A Crilotabals.


. '

Labor News




o By Victor ael
But for the grace two 45
calibre bullets you'd never have
heard or Robert Wlhlams oL
the utippcer Bronx.
Now that he's alive and the
detectives who dug the snells
uut of his living room wall are
questioning suspects, it's time
those shots were heard round
the world, especially by our
boys In upper Korea.
Until those shots threw lead
over his head and shoulders
tlhi other night as he relaxed
with his wife in their street-
level apartment at 3860 Bronx
Buolevard, at the edge of Newi
York Lily, Bob Williams didn't
really think he was caught up
In a global cloak-and-dagger
operation. Now he knows. He's
thunder police guard.
He was aware, of course, that
the Army had placed secret.
orders for highly mysterious.
rockets in his plant. He knew,
too, that the Signal Corps ban-
ned his union leader from the
The Corps just didn't trust
Jim Lustig, the union chief. .
Small wonder. Tovarisch Lus-
tig is a veteran pro-Sovie, sym-
pathizer, leader of a pro-Soviet
union, t he United Electric
Workers, and now out on bail.
supplied by the pro-Soviet and
subversive Civil Rights Con-
gress, pending his deportation.
Brother Lustig apparently
didn't take kindly to full speed
ahead on those aerial torpedos
we're trying to rush to Korea
to match the new Soviet Chi-
nese rockets now mangling
some of our troop. Since.
Lustly controlled the Amalga-
mated Machine Instrum ent
and Metal Workers Union (UE),
which in turn controlled the
skilled workers unde* contract
with the S. W. Farber plant, 'he
could set work rules. And,
brother, did he set them.
This professional proletarian.
now under indictment for de-
portation and loss of citizen-
ship for conduct unbecoming an
American and a loyal human
being, eliminated all overtime d
work. a
He imposed restrictions on c
work loads and speed. All for
the good of the working class, t
says that Lustig fellow. s
Well, with the pro-Communist I
union's contract running out a
June 1, Bob Williams and a num-
ber of his fellow workmen who
don't embarrass when they're re-" l
ferred to as decent Americans, t
decided the time had come to be
represented in that highly secret
plant by a decent American un- 1

South Africa is a far-away land that Americans
lon't ordinary give much thought to, but there's
a political crisis down there now which should
command our attention.
This situation is rooted in the turbulent rela-.
ions between the whites of European descent
and the native blacks, and between the two main
European strains -the Boers of largely Dutch
ancestry and the British.
Prime Minister Daniel Malan, a Boer and the
eader of the-Rationalist Party now in control of
he government, precipitated the storm. in. Its.
)resent phase..
After he took over, Malan adopted a number :
of policies involving the critical racial -igues that
beget South Africa. e
-. *on. a familiar with tha full details onf theae -

according to the rules which the Parliamen
self has set up for its own operations.
In the case which provoked Malan, the PA
ment had not followed the rules.
If Malan should have his way, the door w
be wide open for his or any ether government
perpetuate itself in office indefinitely, to ei
ha dictatorship. The Parliament would a
have to feel that It was bound by any res
tons, even those of its own making.
What concerns us is not only the danger
poses to political freedom, but the threat it b
of bloodshed, strife and possibly even civil
In South Africa. Reports from many sources
cate this prospect is real.
roimii thp a&lfish view. neither we nor an



teelma, the 'acting defense mobile, o
it pr aW-a-ton price increase for *tl,
WH i each aove in this direction hsa,rt =iahl.t ..
qluet. Imant opposition of an-ex-governor from
ArPfliaty refuses to budge.
SW~tRough ieetinl Just
Riorease 'em all dl"a w
e ertmase 'm itU t to *
"Anta WMtl't mahd a bit. Heevn sounded. 1 S
r the-Who know him relied tHat he'wt dMaldl ftebupM
t I ertae 'etN all riqht. But you'll fIt to g.t -you
elves a niw Price Admintistrator. ..- ,
The (tt that of Arnall's resignation was enauth to tp
further actionn. -
1rtt otwe, he was backed Up by his immediate .mnipeb,
aroer Puthtm, a. jnanufaeturer ftom SprlngflId, iut., .-
noW t it's like to make a profit and meet a p .
dirRau 530 produced figures showing that m 4t '
could Ay the pekage wage increMae recoommentd ti d
Stabuleatlon Beard and yet reduce lta profits onjy 12 O B cm
under the lIh profit base from 1946 to 19T4-aftb" S3k1,'
Arnanl likewIse showed that the steel industry. aftt t
th? Wa increase, and after paying taxes, would have a
M. Y l 20Ot a ton less than its reecord-b'reaking p.ofntf.
t a y ntl wen steel dividends soared to an all-t4ie S
a R rel" t of the Korean war; .
He argued that the steel industry should not make meftn yat
the expense of the Korean war. He also pointed out that'-MR '
profit Were after taxes.
The dteel industry has not challenged Arnall's figures.
When news of the Court of Appears decision first -inehued
the White Copse. Justice Department officials Wanted to t tei
an injunction against the ateelworkers, forcing -thef to itbI
to waork.
.eucltor General Philip Pearlman and Holmes Baldridge'
sistant attorney general, both argued that the workers iwee r ,
ing against the government.
17. o CmmerceeI a er h ever, opposed. BI% tned
that t_ ." the overnmamiitji by
t oo f nation.
ft it- ;Utt itt .lthat'biw t Brol" we W ,

ray htht ealto Phil Miu.
would The t ttrne neral trma to
nt to submit a nelP"R to
stab- -if-nee 4N e a ile!Stl intet
never herentf
hetc-it,- -.

in, -I

v of

They looked around and policies, we Americans would certainly differ our friends of the free world can be indifferent
chose the AFL Allied Trades widely among ourselves on their wisdom. Since to the development of another sore spot on the
Council, led by a chap named we are not thus informed, there Is no point in globe. There are too many already.
eorgeth V orgerk st in our entering that part of the controversyO South Africa la a producer of gold, uranium
Sl and other metals and materials of value to the
wanta niotoriusly prto-Con Where we can rightly express ourselves Is on a security and well being.of the free nations. Seri-
Sthem in a plat hppingt constitutional question that has grown out of ous clili strife could cut off those supplies.
vitally needed rockets. Malan's program. But the greater point is that we should hate to
The Supreme Court of South Africa ntilifled see freedom disappear from so important an out-
The lefty union called meet- one of the.laws he-had engineered to pass~ag in post as South Africa.
wings and spread its terror thick, the rIational Parliament.
The lefties are never onesfor Instead of accepting the verdict of the urt a As idealists who believe in -liberty, we are glad
sophisticatedubted ly.valid Malan has now uder ken to curb the the South Africans have it todav. We are sym-
If we catch any of you sons court's power over the legislature. pathetic toward the aspilrations of aitr u16 the-
of b----s playing around With rish freedom.
that AFL union, you'll be sorry Apparently there are a great many learned oreed
for It," the rocket-making .mee- legal arguments on the issue of whether South Moreover. the South AfrIM lo of It could
bers were told. e Africa actually hag a real constitutionh or aot. not help but menace our own imbrs.
Bob Williams didn't think of These are not for us.h Every shrinking of the Wot areai of liberty
himself asthe central figure I All we need to know is this: the South African puts in larger peril the untranmled life of the
anhimsel atrigus the central figure ourt wasn't contending that Parliament. Lacked remaining free peoples.
He knew that he was In the the power to pass laws without court approval. Prime Minister Malan should he made to hear
wrong outfit. So he worked, or- It simply argued that the I1- .' must be passed the voices of protest.
qanised for the AFL and went -
+ home as he always did.
m hn'a few nights ago, the .
buliota swooshed through the '
window of his ground floor T ft-Hb rey
a0 tPment one passing over
his head, another missing his B y eftf
Now -the police ballistic experts ,o --
"a*e trying to match the siells
With a gun If they find the WASHINGTON (NEA) Recent pressuft-o tied before the old contract expired for 4 -aL-
revolver. President Truman to use the Taft-Hartley Labor- day raise.
But even If they do, what's Management Relations act to settle the steel d18- When this contract expired June 30, 1 MS.W tre
settled? Suppose no one had ever pute makes timely a -eview of other labor dspte was an eight months' strike in the c lWt y.
shot at Robert Williams. upper handled under this law. Matters were allowed to drag along tIlt eb. 8,
Bronx, citizen of the world? This It went into effect in August, 1074. 1M.0, when a presidential board ws asmed.
land, under its laws, still pro- White House records indicate that Presidknt An injunction to stop the Attike was granted a
tects the pro-Communist union Truman has Invoked this law nine times., week later. But when the miners did not return
operating in the gut of our de- This has been to appoint boards of inquiry to to work the government moved to have the ublam
fense mechanism. report on disputes.during 80-day cooling off cited for contempt.
Must it take bullets to tear periods.
open this cloak-and dagrer This the court refused to do, which was a iVe--
oneratlon? What about the National Labor Relations Board records show torv for Lewis.
other left wing unions? What that it has been called on in only five of those The coal operators. filed awit 1f $Ifion
about the copper mining n- cases to conduct employee elections on acceptance damages under the Taft-Itartley 1w .W
ion, the Mine, Mill and 8melter or rejection of an employer's last offer. Buat in the settlement of March I, it.
Workers, the ITE's brother out- An Interesting sidelight here is that in wsatjy Ing the miners a 70-cents-a-d fit, which right now is pTan" every one of these elections, the employes .V- cemnt-s-ton welfare payment. Bsut was L
nine to hit our vital copper whelmingly rejected the employers' best oie0 ATaft-Hartley board was named
field without the wiprll haoduc n and settlement was made on a different bas. Telenhoma workers demanded a a 13oft el
tion of which we will have no raise tn May. 1948. But there w s .IB
defense machine at all. The first case in which President Truman St. and no strike. The case was settled Swae 4
The copper crisis will come at yoked the Taft-Hprtley law involved the Amlri- no tarreaqe. Later that year A. 7. a i.'rlt
theworst possible timrea for ue s can Wederation of Labor's Oak Ridge. Item.. an ito-12 ent Increase. .I
Right now there are desperate Council of Atomic Energy Commission .mploye Maritime union strikes of I290 inoc bfWt
closed-door conferences at which working under the Union Carbide and Chemasoal Kaworemen and seamen's union. 'm l o-
Defense Dept. officials. ml aeR Co. contractIn March, 1948. fronts, both AFL and CIO. In a log eMOOWIN.
De t. experts and warmobilizers n election. only 26 emploes voted to -.- Involved di mutes. there we twore
tal only about one thing n e emloyerIlast offer of a 10-cent4a. beards Investlr'stin and reporting. 11"
-These men ae aware that left hour inem ase and177 voted to reject it. series of Injunctions.
wing -elements in Chile have out A strike wasU revented by injunction hI p
us off from tremendous cooper March 19. .Ma. to June11 But four days s r The aft-Hrtlev y aei y SS r
tonnage there.uWithin owee heInlunotlonT was lifted, the union settled M a rindto UMMA obl
well have to dig into 15-cent-s-hour increase. .te'e- .o ac.e of.rejectm .
stockpiles. *--Iw o st c owo ui n f and
By this summer, when the In the second bi Taft-Hartley case. Involmtig otJhe r nwdo i maly boveottd th eloetift. On
Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers' ckint house workers, a orealdential barwd M _l Gulfn anIr nt coasts. the ninMs mleted the
leaders plan new exaltmeWint n mted to0 nvesti te. but no inunt nm WM ovirwhblmingly in local vaB.
well be so strapped for ceomr a ka f for Md .no NLRB election was held. .. ;
strike will simply stall war ,IM- AIum il settled early tor a nine-cent a Theb after the Taft-aartlew pme-tIre had
Yuction r Iancame..splitting the union ranks. tr n Its eomre. the variloms tmau immatme s*Mils st-
Yet In Washington today Cm- t er wage creats W s of 5 to M with
reMonal committees babble m fttinMtbsomuw Workers demanded W .M a l l t vertia ome-on.-eu
and on about means to end pr ap hour anad struck Armour. wilft andS omf mf war beg gan. Tafl-wrek
Communist control of salons. ats from-arah 17 to fday 21. 197. Wimmg ) a*. w1 "been invoked b Presildent
The answer is simple. Tbe struck' til Im 5. All were Settled at Ia ll .4 f 4t A%. asP" th.e non __rwma s
who choose such leaders, nI'earewa.nhWr Inerease, the employers' f1lt *S*-m r the fall of 1951.
their r ht tounloa fe.. .-
rT onwf -sJch SS* JS L. Lewis' United Mine Workers have *01. ates we' s board of lneuer d aptwo
should get givernimet iroc- led with the Taft-Martley law- three O .F Ut M m ag-i. e to 1 o. 2t. 'sbat -'e Name
ioan. The ftat eaOsein March. IN9, was over 1B--L 411 "iled bob "
It's now oe world for S Tbrt e 'lwS-a ussidentel bord iU. b t waa iN
W llisU of the upper tW itunction against a a ri. e.=M S
amd o a rnanes o Iow In she em id coal ease. In tne. 1t a
*h* world e606. sough. : re was a t a aMdise
Chil. 2 thp he, e @1himof in'4~' wasnan~ ~t m iX

of iew Jerey. whl(h bad_ t4 ww i wit s te utuae Wl
for an ppro ate 1Q ents n hour ne boot
extra pay for n t shifts) and didn't want the rest of e In-
ustry to go any higher.
At one stag of the heotiU4lons several 'big eompatl4, hi.
eluding Standad Oil f nIriana. Continental. Phllps Pottoeumn
and Pn-Ah SButhern Oi, TOPL their original orf o kOf a 10
cents An hour (b"a ) .9r th4r eployet to apprimately
cents an hour." -.
These companies were alho offering 6 cents an hour add1tibl '
to workers on the second shift and 12 cents more for t hlftl -ff
0. A. (Jack itnight, president of the Cdo Oil Wrke r l "
chief union negotiator, had lowered the unions' demand for a S "
cents an hour increase down to 20 cents and it looked like 4a ag-
tlement was imminent somewhere between 15 and" 30 cent, "l
the shift differentials. ..
In fact, Ward eas fhtbed back to Washington fremt bargaltw t
Ing stations -th hout the country that an agreement was nwb ,
and that 0 trl refinery wom s, drllers. ri-buiM-
en, etc.,..would be" g the j in a matter of hours. .' .
But just at tMt ait congressional anti-laborit, lei I
Howard Smith of Virgnia, got into the'act. ,
Suddenly Federal mediators noted an uncompromising ftigi & ,
Ity in the once-friMe4dly bargaining sessions.
Standard Oil of Ne jersey was quick to selse on this m h" -.
logical advantage and. grapevined. word to settlement-ndt m
companies that thy would be foolish to make an agreement l .i
more than 10 centh until they knew what Congress would do abhet 1
stre legtIation ... -
Naturally, if other oil 'workers got more than 10 cen ,t s .-
ard would have to reopen negotiations with tJdeAe
employes. *

- f

- -~ ira,
- la~u.~'.


A t

'p .~


1 '5
- a.- -'~
I -

S- '.

-,.lb .i
,7 ^
, _- .. 'a^

if- ~
-~ -'

bTW Mrson Soc: Amoll

I e A ib f t f a w
FrlinuIty ihied frbt uling "ifi
I ( I -
MT .-Now that the stl millsjr
ittrtbn leaders are canvassin mes
t the steel in ust
of &aw* -' ..N_ r

I -


*T*-*"f -7,14! Y'-*. \ ..

itt". /v
"$V~'- 4agW/

South Africa

By Bruce Biossat
"I *

I, ',

K a.s La


- 1.


-V *'



I^"y /l --^ "o. A .^ --_-' Written fen f A r MC *

ILMINGTOA, C May 14 J **vIwt i d3I. KOrn -
Gilliam found 10 ex-K&u Kikluk oI .4 *dA 143
king the law into their own haimds i lTot .a fl og
Nd conspiracy yesterday and sentenced ix iof th m to rs4t
T e stiffest term was five years o d e ese of two J108o st 9ns .
nt* given ringleader Early L. Breeks 44, of Fair Bluff, '#Js #Q
.C., who will enter Federal rison od he finishes a J 5l A to T (T
e-year state sentence imposed in another Klan flog- X! 6 6. A
'Piour other men convicted were gihve u sp nded sen- a n
nces hd .ere laced o n tprteation. They included Both sies v iL o
rooks' 19 yeav id son. r58 110 North
In the absence ofa jury .or a wan Whpiped until his bak I N.T. Pass N.T. Pass
rsmand for the deth penalty, w3 eotanePd csWith bin,. .n N -. o h Pe an P ue f h
ttor'lney. Bld' t m aximu attey said the Klanlme l Opening ieed- 5 c r I
nalty Oilkam ighltht have I- seea- t l thut of dating, not P
osed was life t prison. How.- an to-chureh and f dis-
fver, the ov6ttumbat did fot arbn g the eontui"ity." "What is the right play at the ,j. -,
sk for a severe puttishtentv iill(m overruled defense ar- first trick on this hand?" asks a
Gilliam acquitted one other m juents. that the kidhapingl In- Portland, Oregon, reader."Should -
nment char sd st ter B ncaol h eree un wap0rea aceenthas been chosen "Mother of the World," by the International Committee of the Ameri '
er es u as f-a inted ar- inolve hen the hand was actually Mother's Committee. She will journey from Santiago to New York, to receive the award att --- w-
iters a nd e d O the a e thvictimswen ene t claimbducted that played, South fnessed the queen luncheon, on May 9, Mother's Day. From left, Senora Gonzalez-Videla's eldest dute, Senorp
unty and ued cial wers de threat of bodily harm" and f spades from dummy .at the Sylvia Gonzalez de Campos, mother of one daughter; Senor Gonzalez-Vdela; Senor Rota G
rcement and Jical powers de' threat of bodiually harmed and first rick, and he came to a stic- sales de Claro, her youngest daughter, arid mother of two daughters. The children are in foregrouil.
Mth o jthe 1a and Frobe band ty the floaing..arm end. East won with the king tte___frm____1______________
ask. Brooks and Edmunds were o spades and shifted to dia- .
The casletiion. 'were the given two year sentences on as- UNDER THE GUN-Guarded by an armed civlltrn, I*eal of monds. Involved had been able to para-
first, Ptalneda en teloyi sault and conspiracy charges in those who brought off the recent revolution in Bolivia, Urn "Dummy won with the ace of chute from the planes.
eha growing out Of a wo ve a state court at Whiteville, N. Sils Suazo, leader of the rebels, works t his deal at La PaL He diamonds and returned a club. As rescue units were contact-
ef I ,iolesnee that swepC O, last we#k it another flog- recalled exiled President Victor Paz Estenasoro, who told bolivisnot East played low, of course, and ed ad planes sent to the area N 0 TIC E ,--
coastal Carolina last year.- going but were acquitted by a he will nationalize the country's tin industry. South won with the king. Now the Toledo wenp at flank speed N 0 T C
Th. ease Itself was the first jury of state kidnapping charges. South couldn't get to dummy to to the scene of the accident, to qn
In whleh arstes were made Brooks is free under 7,500 re lead another club. He tried tofget aid possible survivors. d' pI: o '
after a "ely a score of vietilm bonds and scheduled to begin his there rewith a heart, but East took e Stocn olders
were adhed and flogged by state,. sentence May 22. Ed- the queenoff hearts and knocked A Coast Guard cutter and CO MP N
robed ad hooded nalhttiders. munds' ternh was suspended. Ig The we nooper aout the king of diamonds other small craft in the vicinityL ,.
Manly of the eases are still un- After FbI arrests Ik the' Mar- "He still had the ace of clubs ,als rushed to the scene from I AAfl (t li,
so ti3n-rainger flog .State 1u-o a 1- bas entry to the rest of his dia- here. iM Ig ^I ; l }asJ trt the r e tofhsd&he
ecd tin -Gre y^'*" gr'flggin n BIden"W ith otes don t d ou t e oTe y Io Thed amnb Coast Guard NAMA GOLD g DREDGI OMe N
Convicted of kidn reu of nvest alon agents monds,so he was sure to iset the
Convicted of kdn Mrs. and Columbu ounty, 1.C., 'Sovieto Mt contract. The amphibious Coast Guard ,
Ro oth Difard Mart, e ead authorities Made arrests ofsome o "South knows now that he rescue plane quickly took offot meeting. ot
rind rmer ofai two, ardBluff Sen 30 men on various eharbges In 0 should not have taken the finesse from San Diego and within stockholders of this company will be held May 19, t
rainer, 4, of Fai Bluff, three other flogging cue. Ieda ha minutes had reached the area 4 o'clock in the afternoon, at the office of the t
tionurrental flo in lasti I rta n a teppares on th is particular hand. He n-arort No. an iy Repuli of a
S ertat, authorities have nic- WA GTON, May 14 (UP) sooint of i t he clear on St, however, that it was the about 10 miles southwest of for the purpose of electing the members of the oard

t o years on ac nn ention s delibered proper coaibutlonseo fihd aot eoire na tboeumrgha hesoesn't know ron Marc Unitdd riea towi l oo t
Brooks, exalted cyclop of the madte. and lhraln offered t oday to the Soviet government to avoidpercentage' play to take the fin- Santa Catalina island Directors and considering and acting upon such bu
now disbanded Fair Bluff Klav-. made..andFranceoff cooperated tath the Soviet Union the fruitless negotiations the ewse. Is this true?" As the Coast Guard plane; as may properly be brought before the meeting.

erosfasormer F a4, irBlucfd tolicehree Wern te ovetUn ionsoo bcreate t ehegoiaions St esn h n e tn w adv e settled on the water, the Toledo wa
en and former Fair Bluffnpolice in seekirig anr overall German past."I ptwa already there picking up
chief. His sentences will run peace treaty provided Moscow The western offers ntwas tpre- t'm happy to say that Southeiws ared y thr e I ckal u.
concurrently., ifts the Iron Curtain in eastern dicated on this series of steps: was mistaken. I'm happy about s o t w o
James Robert Hayes, 38, sen- Germany. I. Appointment of an im- sIt, because It woud be embarra- The men picked up by the
enced to three years on each In Identical notes delivered partial commission to find out sing to come right out in print Toledo and the Coast Guard
count, to run concurrent. tto, the kremlin by their envoys, immediately whetheron free elec-and advise a player to finesse a plane all were "in ood shape."
tross on. ac, conteto the Big Three Western powers tions could be held in Berlin, queen when I know in advance Search for other crewmen was 5 ad S ,
three years on each count, to called for. immediate creation Soviet-ruled eastern Germany that the finesse will lose. In this carried out by both the Navy
run concurl tfu yt, of ani lmpartl ecommission-- to and western-occupied west Or- case, the percentage play for and Coast Guard on the water
Horace. trtk1Sit, 3-3, t1iee nvestliate whether free Oer- many. If the commoesion found South Id to refuse the finesse- while air and sea rescue units ?A,,y
years oan aelth outht, to- run man elections ae" possible. Rus- proper conditions did not exist, even though he doesn't know from March Field flew low over
concurrently. eMl has optated such a com- it would recommend steps to where the king of spades ie. the area in an effort to locate
Pittaml atruiklk a 29, three mlolora. create them. South doesn't need two saade other victims.
year'r i ~aon 'collt, to rnul In ,flfect, the western powers 2. Big Four representatives tricks to make his contract. He '
on this price tag oft their will- Would then meet to consider, must bring In the clubs no mat-
Cailthe 0 "i to yeark iess to.n otA l oate f-At Oa r- the commission's final report to ter what luck he has in spades.
ma 'Ofte"e 4abandumnlmtt of reach agreement On holding If East haqthe king of ps ea, a
Btroos 19* son of e 2miuni atio seeAt police tactics, free electiormns finesse will ose; ad ift has
Brook W66 on o Ielimination of rigged elections 3. Big Four agreement would the king of spades, the finesse Is
Be ount, suspen lt ondE and discard of east German be required in advance that any unnecessary.
mount, s spend e d plad d" n laws pIoviding jail terms for Gerran government formed a?- Let's see what happens if South
three p M. Anyone opposing Red rule. ter elections would be free and wins the first trick with dum-
Sherwood Miller, 0, 12 monthS The West's offer was made Independent.
mi ea0h ounit, susE9nded, placed against a backdrop of growing "A German peace treaty can my's a ce of spades. He immed -
on three years probation. Communist threats to take stern be worked out only if there is l own hand with the king. Hei
SSteve h munds, s6, two yeas measures to block big three an all-German government leads to a spade dummy with a di
enzor, the trcklan d brother ower is. brought ut by mier plns to grant western Germany formed no a result of free elec- mond and leads another club.
placed oRhean mmediation.ely honte a The y practi mi rndeendence later this tons and able to participate East can takehis ace then or on.
L. C. Worley 5, two years. ond tha al ros, tbl e Pln y Pink monthR and plans by North At- in full freedom, in the dit- Es nn e tics, b t wha can heo
each count, suspended, placed ot" blout oms n the Ar.on lantic Treaty nations to use cussion of such a treaty" the the next trick, but what can he
n three years probation, desert. O-h acsures.erman manpower for western three powers said. "t is.d from theresent do? *
Brooks and his so Hay at i widest pit, eauty of the defense. forenot possible to hold di If East leads a spade, dummy's

zrh8t~ r~leCk d brothers fowe i, boh tIn 10-word notes, the big dfrotal possible hold din- s me".
zor, the Strickland brother ower is brought out by e Diplomats viewed recent Co- cussioth now about the provi- queen will stop the suit. If East
and Riphatdn the immediately photo aN The Uny, practlc- mbnist-led riots in Ger-many. sion of a German peace now nearnty leads anything else. South has- s.,1 9. t A*" F.,,

.%ned not*oe man unity, election of a free alo- conclusion between the western iS,,, +Saul ,, .
led notice of appeal. nd was allY invisible blossom is oe Red threats of a new Soviet At the Sovame time, the Allies nneuld (UPmmediate tricks.uperort
set it O,60 for Brooks and at tae "etn" in MoypBible In. blockade of Berlin and rising served new notice to the Rugis- 3SaS ir ..,
.2.500 for the others. stitute'," .s-igiou-&on",ee. "0 lro"'"'*-+'+ '--ado-"-'

A fr lS It'an f so sulth 1e u ri Weste tension. cermhgeaai s sians rtght of International Marine Corsar fighter yesterday .nn -

Glla f The thro pe sa1d tey asocaton and a permanent over the ocean off the Southern e th v. im
Swy op arrested coun ts d re- -Taest as the forerunner of deflected from their preand security California coast, upeflole
da ttor upn a thedFBI las t p de rougher tactics bv the Corn- plans to'buhe d a peaceful Euro-pe," the The cruiser Toledo, 168
orl we e oa t a ment on the ight for ar-t pean community.. operating Theyagainn the area between
Character witnesses and bead man ig rejected previous Soviet pro- Wo ide Over OceanL Cle-' W tcae t ..
for lenieony. StnteS ep.dJulub r mf|during -, .,+y allied e.,r,,le
Powell of Whteie, N. C.. old,0 o notes. th NEWEST mabign o ceban German alliance up
on t led t erdetoldMosco- w they were With other nations along thes o water

y a ready to talk again about Ger- lines of agreements now nearing che ma a d by
alwardTho Hail- T man unity, election of a free all- concluleadin between the westernover DUTY
have to mak forthe m"'Gw i-German government and con- powers and west Germany. LONG BEACH, Calif.. May 14
ame te palle few t e tI elusion of *a German peace "The Soviet proposals would (UPi-An Air Force Superfort
Questionof the powe-aInt of treaty after seven years of Eut- mean permanent shackles upon carrying 13 men colUdtd with a
the a an ae ult West tension. Germanys of Inernaonal Marine Cors air fighter yesterday STORE PANAMA
me The there powers said they association and a permanent over the ocean off the Southern
the law It ." were ready "to begin negotia- state of tension and insecurity California coast.
da were arrested In a pre- stions with the Soviet govern- in the center of Europe," the The cruiser U.S... Toledo,
Fab. le afterOWeeks ofy the3 a- meant on these issues...Just as note said. operating in the area between
e.i aftent tekst tg duriniga-tIsnWsWo.'
the day and taif. long trial the Armed Fore infor- .
The ai dW anr a aysf inga-, t nHaE W Smation-office to'hae.PpiTkedAup
in atWrled supb Ien rmade- sevennsurvvorff mth waterU.
ndt... i while a Coast Oad phibian
Wesl h(secreta d scte sfip- MrAThe Air Force plane from MOVADO WATCHES are
ous ir Bluff livern, dis-AL--L-ysC A5DOMarch Field was making a sold and serviced by
ane -secrar olin oo'as lV ONe-0t

of...ia acquitte 0 e o r ge CoM .- Fte so h a nt' a atN
Millet, 18. brother of one of the i PRtCnamEr STO ESaAN.A

to. e .-"h db ord tMl FOR ONLY $10.00 MONTHLY
fvis-inch rttbberized cod (O-O IzI-"iNiC
Introduced over defft O
tons u thea USE YO OLD RADIO AS
.Ale%:W S-nlyON3' 14V5NI
othe straD was fou-O Pat ADONTCIL
Brook's hUme. 7
mm,'m ammli

W41 X Cd -40 -'
die "m* O% S CEr4TER -oi6n
beaten htaek tea -eu

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" ',^-a

r .., I -- *i ,


.- ." .. -'3

g -- *(TI* T PANAMA

Irgo and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals and

Shipping & AirLine News'

b. Santa Cecilia Among them are P. A. White.
today in Cristobal 'nliet of the Dredging Division.,
* Rhe'Orace Line's Santa Cecilia captain Arthur J. Troup. Chief
i tue today In Cristobal for a t the Fire Division: and Peter.
southbound voyage. Among the F Shrapnel. Chief of the Au-!
prominent passengers aboard are ninistratilve Branch.
Dr Luis F. Guachalla. Bolivian The complete advance passen-
Ambassador to the Organizallo .:r list follows:
of American States. Hans J Jiik- Mr and Mrs. Winston P. An-
ting. Finance Manager of Chil's mnaith. Mr. and Mrs Erreti R
Ford Motor Company Russell P Albritton. Mr and Mrs Frank
Merrick of the New York Trust 4 Anderson ard son, Mis Ruby
Cornpany and Gen. Jose C Villa G Austin ann daughter: Mr
nueva. Minister of Air from Pe- ?nd Mrs. Clyde Bain. Mrs Pan-
ru. arista Balluna: L LeRoy Bar-
m --. J, A ._ON T ...-*..

At~~AJ.. -. ~bmmuwt

NZLC.Lk.. ~'~j ftU RI-



I Rider's seat
7 Steering
13 Small space
14 Antenna
15 Pineapple
16 Receivers
17 Retitle
18 Javanese
19 More savory
22 Tardy
25 Paddlers
of boats

6 Facilitates
7 Nocturnal
flying mammal
8 Perusers
10 Perishes
11 Etruscan
12 Princess of
20 Laborer i
21 Phonetic foot I
22 Young sheep S
23 Asseverate S
24 Edible 3

I idl. Mrs Joyce Bassan and two 20 Australasian rootstock
Anti-Tuberculosis Fight ni'laren. Miss Raquel Bassan, pepper 26Chinese
SBeing Aided By Airline Miss Ivonne Bassan: Captain 30 Edges dynasty
A 28-pound package placed a- and Mrs. James J. BOnd and two 31 Anger
Board a Pan American World children: Mr and Mrs Jam?; P 82 Sea (Fr.)
Airways Clipper In Mexico City EouKalis and two children. Mr 33Corm
(very Monday for delivery in anci Mrs Moitimer J Brennan. 84 Compass point
Port of Spain. Trinidad holds Mrs lvonne Btesh and two chil- 85 Rich fabric
the key to a enn--rted fight a- dren. ana Mrs Vida Burwell. 37Old
Sgast' t'berculosis now being Mr ana Mrs. Benjamin S 38Forewarned
Scoducted In the island Chisholm, Marg M. Craig and 41 Chemical
t m c he Ion Mr and Mrs. Samuel R compound
S i this small package is a tfunningham afid 4 children. Mr 44Color (pl.)
wekt's supply of the %ital BCG and Mrs Richard F. Daniel and 48 Unpolished R
* iBacllle Calmette Guerin, vaI- daughter. Mi. and Mrs Waller 50Sire
'ea,.being used ov thr Ttinidad A Daniels. Mr ad Mrs Rich- 51 Sickest
- th DPpartment in a mass in- ,id J. Danielsen. Mrs Gladys L 52 Without end
Soclation campaign nrisiine.1 10 Ediwards and da-ughter. Frea En- (poet.)
A"le the island of tuihrc,.ilnlrs ci. Mi and Mrs Herbert 0 530gler
S hln ten %ears Lng(lke and 2 children. Mr ano 54Perch anew
N Mis John B Fields and 2 VR ICA 'L
* 1burtng the t'wo-'.0R pi lOd of ratihters. Mr and Mrs Frank V'ITCAL
Stff program the l I '' pa'kapc j Gerchow. Edward W Gifford: I European
t from Mexitn Ci, % tI r>F flov n Miss Rita Gonzalez. Mr and coal-mining
bv, Clipper via P.naia Cit,I ti Mrs. Gregory' P. Gramlich Jr district
a Trinidari evrr'. apri. to provide, and 2 childrenCo 2innish name
ammunition foi th ficht Th N Mr and Mti Ramoind L SCollege ofcial
iVaccine i; proriurFd in the l.a Hai'e\. Mr and Mr; Henr. 4 Give
tratorin' cip' BCG In Mexico Haus. Mi and Mr: Rrobr rS 5 Beast of
yt Herr and daughter; Mr; Mar. burden
Her' and 2 children. Mit Glad'-ys! ..
Holling-'orth. Mr and Mrs
'.env r LI-1 For ter. Mr and Mrs Charle3 S ID G LA
da-'i Sailing in N.Y Howe and 4 children: Mr and
*A long lis' of pass-ners are Mrs Clarence Jacob:on and 4
a eduledr tr. sail Frida.' from children. Mr and Mrs Marcol N
Cistobal aboar-i the SS Ancon. Jimenez, Georgia R Johnson.
.Ng.' York bound and Mr and Mrs Gordon F.
--" L Kariger and son ,
Mr and Mrs. Robert G Laatz
I LITTLI L.I I Jand 2 children; Mir. and Mrs. -
S -'v Lealand A. Larrison and son;

i, terbach; Ruth H. Lewis and -
I .- "'- /-' I daughter; Elmwood Logan; Don- S /
o .i aid M. Luke; Mr. and Mrs. Jas.
)..:i~i -11I 'A. Mable and 2 children; Pfc
Kenneth L. Magee; Mrs. Marion
Middleboro and 2 children; John
iB. Morton and 2 sons; Mrs. Ma-
r ie B. McConaghy; Joseph M. f'& .
McGovern; Miss Mary L. Peter-
S json; Sfc and Mrs. Walter E.
Trying to ppear wealthy has Rahte; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Res-
caused many o mon to live in ler; Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Rich-
poverty. IaA ardson and 3 children; Woodrow
W. Richardson; Mrs. Gertrude
M. Roberto; and Miss Beverly J.
Ut~p~l 1Rosan.
Mrs. Lorna M. Shore and 3 "
Canned Haoms children; Mr. and Mrs. Peter F.
Shrapnel and daughter; Mr. and "
PEK Mrs. David S. Smith and 3-chil-
dren; WOJG and Mrs. Chester
DRFWS D. Snyder; Cpl Alfonso F. Sol-
dani; Mrs. Lena F. Sullivan; Mr
KRAKl'S & and Mrs. Wesley H. Townsend '
STA,1A4NTA aRR4NI A and 2 children; Mr. and Mrs. Ar- M
,, IA AN I A n ^ thur J. Troup; Mr. and Mrs. Al- .-,.
Share offered by len G. Tuttle: Mr. and Mrs. Jo- .-
seph M. Vandergrift and daugh, ,

AGAROPULOS eMr. and Mrs. P. A. White; Mr.
I' h C A' II land Mrs. Harry E. Wenteler Jr.;
'COnM ISSAR Y Mrs. Edna M. Wertz and 2 chil-1 **I'l teach you ways to save
Phone 1000 o16niM dren; Mrs. Mattle B. Wieman; can start by fixing all
ROME DELIVERY Miss Nora Wolf; and Mrs. Eliza-!
beth Zirkman and 2 children.



-'..! .. --- 7-

Walking on Ceiling

*Ni6UT 99 A



7 Sea eagle
i8 Require
0 Impetuous
23 Flog
6 Worse's gait
17 Idolizes
* Small candle
0 Puff up


By GColbrait

T. klMft. U. I. pt. Ofl.
Cepr. 11"2 by A S. 1. Ieh.
when you've married-you
our leaky faucets!"





0 WOWS ARb OO Wk )
*00 o w o .-
?LNG xo.,l-iw~



.oE 6oM TO S AY O ows W 1
' M i Co y ow6%, C.N'.l "oM % o C f WA 0

1. MIN
.. ....



Out of Sight

PIgrcTL% TOMApA'T TCl06 '-'OLB.





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* ~ *.-. -r




. J. .'.

Nice Thinklng


Foozy Catches On


Like That

.__ '*


A ACTerso's

;' .I- 0
By McoB (m


r. m2& a IE 1WU re.


.__ _.

'' L,811lt-


--- *

, 1- w iL- ,/ -, ,f d- .a -_, ,

To Alw a, .ln hW ,r s.,- a
-m-h'IJ.ln ofS the e John- -
a 44ut4 s orrop eanof sbler- ne9

tide dturt v iIretwo Jmtn u in Daal by tha 1 ,o to s ol 8 0. TI
was judge the W, te a will take 4 a oniday at 1100F AltbU seIed slobT.AdRiEb4a

saort alk lArt. Ath`uf)- ntOP, 1U oteld S .ara th aifar at is lel te an e- Dix ,he o r
a ug" vi ta 0'D tom of Hotel IB1..F fthe t h ae
a deo wd *ero, 1IOPta 110I .
to a ohnllwN= sw alorde001 ------ -1-a Il yn n it

nItoe Ta so'tpb plane nT r- a southern DatE derab s prtrpoal trimmed to 000,000 with Hre'ht' in heri-dual o
ter alwee P rom e 0,000000 oren yrd tod ewen the closed PrAm in- the middle road to pleae man
y on s 0oe ilUntl" and A mee began be held n- the w that are nnt
ti Ms d ubo ward l chairman Harry alnt But o him thout giving the
St ti tatrei- ah.o that da that h hant an other
h r hy aSlow-n, tion tally nec- beore the v6te. n nd

DT an. nouncdunt .m.U The have trimmed $1,000.000,000 Mo at ld hardly t he reec 4 n and
Ifmme F Jrnm Meetlng1 10 d Mir W.W
s .m. a ro e r s a t d to man not onetMr. and M AUT U
e r.Louo rs Rer esent yetetrye, Inter- WAed..onohn esnlease im

w rd t fr m whc. w ill be & dh n waredh c thverUm iTe m ut rport h* a H A r r *
r.tSo utheir0ne, Vofe- T eoto Slash e0 .o sote no oe
M l Vls asked for a re-fill
S oon for Rroa yFdO dinner last ev- M lo Ai f

L*st4e r residen re ted by Prella 4ldent Trnian In addition to Byrd, Know- i Detroit Grow s
V14Mr. hIn hon Gorinof duardo. Lyndon -dntat the mo- r. I
L irnitri WTi s vis ling here
frhenj I.. b A 0 RdINGT ON May 14 (.UP) could Wreak the European de- wfe n a. n ishes to Th A e
at Are n of le to vio fee tmteAfari. n man is likely to get an ex-
-WoilTh-e bieat a hig lyun- Sen. 3it .e. Taft(R- recent a:. wo- aggerated idea of hi own m Forces of The jted States

U etuon comtee asnehighly-s e .
Mrs. .Gifford Ieont is pan- usual 4-hour vote yesterday on coittinds tie ram could be a ae eatesa Ti i
nMlt to ive by Vpla" e on' ure- a Southern De mdrats pfbpoaal trimmed to .M ,000,000 with- ar he I act that his wife I5,an Inn...

chopsh n o .D.C .. after os ot 40 .0 00 out- ..setiou ....... Hr b e x*n huer! visual too,

d tW,*whington. ^g-----e D.C.. aftert oe#damage
xptn dSii averal weeks In Piam from the $6,0P0,0 00W 0 foreign Byrd tol d wi ..en the c ised awnv"ormd: 1. is tir nue T he wife's best way is to take A
House vueation ited aid bill meeting began with seven sen- u li o o tahe middle road to le ase mMan
aMrs AOU5pso aV n IaImtyhe t.d'a i O c her in the ways that arelbanrtanteM

~hi~e d St rd maldKno dm~ay- Blryrd tldnewsmen that Hr, SENSATI NAL Pued Wheat withathoney I favored eanayoh
atdb y.heavy absenteeism on _T senate and House Foreig. mself 'U l a rted shoul aseRhersef part of theJupour
.. -te com ittee -W*ill dt be an- el6 ens Committ saleadOy s it k l mea3E'"and gmp m le byhry easerh ncislr n id

Vaeto ha unpaid that the 1.000,000ody. The hav trimmed$ 1000,000,000 so e hardlyU t her preferences finow and watch
te f at PRICE TOlAY....$147(. ethe bill. en.

tho v .(SS To Ro rdce S2f. d ly geti s so.oiledb
Sit UI.Mre Ig-would a Ifect both military and t mtcaodedatto llAlUOad BETTER SE m IT TODAY. .
r f ( iblait B.'Ruselllla.)y and Itta too. And then nothing a wo-

na rr i n gbfter of r th cII i.a Ther STenate satatedodebatewo S OOnT & PA ve-D evoiB Sn--TOSUPLY
hranis, Dr. Leopoldo Bards A majority of the si mere- a surprise mQve- sent it to the me to aiioa does an l oeaehin.
d~dan.and Mrs. Dbrda. will be berm present yesterday voted Armed Servicessgroup for fur- dawned on te hatIryingsom an does can please him.....
mridtErcA efor the new reduction which other study., hard-to plee n o erh I had
married to lEric A. Gude. would bring the total aid pro- The committee must report loet all of m y owl-Gndmvidality. (All rAihts reserved, NEA _

Le.s hn T. Gertion called ye e4uedted by Preident Truman In addition to'Byrd, Know- trit5.hThd tDetroit Growine
Mt. John T. Garin mailed -y.tq trenalthien thin country's land and Long, Sens. Lyndon B. of his annoyilpitrtRia.That Detroit Growing
terdem r& the S.B. Metapan free a tsles. Johnson ID-Tex.), John C. Stetai- didnt.make y 5t ieat the mo-
On Oft Francisco. where lne. (D-MIM, 11 I Btyls Dridges medt.haut rh d gvhim w t' DETROIT. (UP) A record
he i. e o *." reduction, pro-INH,, t d d peahae h .. wasn'tdquite otal of 55.632 babies wre born
"V non. d Detroit in 1951. Third* or
n PdofMutual cinistra-rfine.'
.own aoWAyndandtso

Mrs. ,.- -.-.a-
anlthei r us ttibA 4romt/'ser _____.
aCalif.p w raou t an u entl ent S .Un o uOf thefurther,%.itj0 .,i.ts on: gd

M on Motiday from. New York try's forces are fully u ie msiliry y of fourth limits on
ato vacation Of 8ev- with toem Pemititaryaid.
e*t11 e a .In -the United States. fe3'rd S alod Kn oW Jsmd may of- SdEW eatwAtTaIoneNfa e
S Theproposal on t floo. Byrd told newsmen that Har.-
P Ramondt en. Dwight gienbower rimean and other witneases n.o
mnidonto restore the $1,0009,-4OnK timilk or cream... and watch
10*7ymeud of Vista reduction miht have .serious 00a alreadyatyimmed
dd i4m refin fto effects End ti ut000000 already trimmed from the whole family o-ftr this
S ,. .~ t, ,the foreign aid measure.
.-.... Absenteae from the eomnzitta PRICE TOPAY... .51470. Money" of a ne* cereal!
________ when the vote was taken a Ttoel'
alablh In funds were Doomie To be reduce $25. daily solhd.
oVre.Adential candidate I .TR IIioO
.Ffauvood V aennu,:AlsoTaol
oaC. Hunt (D-Wyo...

I y .- -^'a,, Perfect'for .tw.- ,

- AU

. pr. wAoFe fafly pu as
im wo keand eW.
ib needed fot GOOD
HEALTH. No other
d a*p lm--- i..,, I


at ts best...

Scaled Nat Woo. '
der Food.E atshdailyl "0 .Wf H. AVEo O E
w3*3 .. .***... lobid Beeua tJe ulm

St.ioo.A0.iA......d.....s i .d MON-"AYM sII .-T
itlMMMIfmNT..a..% ipiai"lbedo4lb0suar MONDAY jhm TN F"
^^' '.. **Thaa c-ha -be MA

SBAL ..OA ..
- *



,* Id the secret of her charm is Odo-Ro-No. Don't let
offending underarm odour spoil your nanual fishness. Your
bash temporarily washes away unplmsant penspitafm odour,
but i will nor give you the lasting protection yu an rely on.
Odo.Ro-No safely stops esp*o* d
odour for a full 24 bound.
do-lo-No stay cmimy t aleut-4 s pme
Sifty even in ope jar.
No deodorant cream is haemalae m iaics
as Odo-Ro-Nn.
: No deodorant creaM is goinl
"esitiuve skin, and It is K I -MI%

rm.1 1fiR

Good tfo rkid4|.oo-whept .
tke special h Go~d.
for faves,

It'I m to eat right out
of the packh6. And you'll keep
on nubbl and nibbling.
Put:* *, Sugar Crisp
on yr Spocery list nowI

boa hl -poMeU-

Ss ,.t. o a.

o WS ,w.

IA~7 3II~W
* .4 ~


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*.. ..... .:-** -. .*', 'A.cMO.
"-. at ..

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em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. (

if fi-s i- Nu. 57 IM".- S
* ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -.-.--.. .. .... ..-;. N .S S p ~ ~ iii

,: eaive your Adwi uu one of our A.g..i u.ents or our .ll1tc 1u Moy-a 1.
SNo l2.179 Central Ave. Colon N South Africa' constiutitenal heldlb
V crisis brought new charges Ing U .l.
wis service Salon de Belleza Am.:ricano Carnton Drug e Iernment today, anh demons t crt aS D h
Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2281. and 55 West 12th Street 10.050 Melendes Ave.-Pbat g 06 nents today, andeostil- Rho ".l
clanm of the thlted P'i''-
ison's Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones Propaganda, S.A. i um for I words, o Ipose Pr it te'nleMaill be aisd to
treet1orerfSout0A11bcowrt de. Cotttionih
qrth of July Ave.-Phone 2-9441 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 "H" Street2 3corv kldh dii w and his plan to curb the power an "
,. that the tires of United Party 4ri 6 tf the l4ubmemnbel. At.
....'-leaders autOmb-les were slah- Ma fuflrs of the evening will
-a m.----saEOU ed while they were attending 86atat, t ooft 2visli
......vadinin roleMIIM" 9arO1er In, Pretoria, the Inhluentialebe*smo Those Wh oIl
Household Automolile o you hve FESN AL Rand Dl Mail demanded the s Mde ate. Dr. A. HM
FOR SALE.-Servel electric refriger Service Personnel and Ci,.lian 20W1i AlcAhi. on, yeC.Z .Pnoe Cl. e1-I. TOD OUd0recalofGeyer, the south ArL- kt. llit Charles ilthsat, a.
2 or6Gc 0 A ,CZor WETOLDYOUSOI can_. gh Cr L h Boland and
ator, 13 cu. ft 25 or 6 cce r Government Employes TRAVEl OPPORTUNITY: Enj Grmch don, he round that he Oo to. eyllhow
gas very good condition. House Insist on sour vacatioPPORTUNITY: Enjoy Gramlch'ses. tre a overstepped authority by theOi plltJOnbtn to be o-
90-A, New Cnritobol. Phone 3- Government Employes Finon,.e Co. 'Our vacation In con l Costa Rica. cottages. Elecf m n ape boxes,olit ical ph .ytheire at wo rk h af tob
94 after 430 pl. m enyou finance your new Ily LACSA. PAA offillate, only ts stoves, moderateL rates. Telephone RADERS DIGEST mkneyer a pePliticalsp ondn terestect Wth tled subjects.
o179r- after 430 p. m When used car s 00 round trip. Inquire Pan. 6-441 or 4-5.6*. s you what a wonderful luncheon and defended the A eie hlbit set from the
FOR SALE---Quartermaster dresser AGENCY DHLINGER ,ama Dispatch. Tel. 2-1655. across Foster's furnished eatfgaes, half mile iec;ticide CliLORDANE is anti-court bill charging that the PhOtb *o a Sel ety of America.
with mirror, $14 00. Quarteimos- No. 43 Automobile Row from Ancon bus-stop. beyond Sant Clara. Gos refriglr- .iLntANi. s opposition to Malan Was d by oadeh Of winners from the
or dresser without mirror. $8 00 Phone -4984 3-4985 'SPOT REDUCING Reduce woair- ators, ranges. Sclt rate week- n the April Issue. a "aomi-mlitarw organization' 14th Mt iaon,-will be pro-
Bathroom stool. 1.50. 3 kitchen lg. quickly and sate. y or monthly, private road to (It's the Killer in Real Kill) with wild talk and extreme leted, iith 'comments on the
cohirs each pillows and orter, history of Paname. All makes, all I ,,Thout exercise or diet. Call 83- beach. For Inf6rmation visit Deg- Buy it in the agricultural measures." photographic value of each slide.
$2co0. th 3 p.ingrom setnd cov models. all prices. A245 fcr appointment for free mar, Tivoli Avenue NO. 6, or phone grade for your farm Attorney A. H. Broeksma of This set of 50 slides has been
$2 f 00 Maple livingroom s con mar. MO, OTall pr EDES. rl treatment Panama 2-0170. or grden Capetown, ex-Secretary of' De- loaned to the Dlablo Club by the
of of groom chair. SMOOT PAREDES or arena, tense, meanwhile refused to sao- Atlantic Camera Club of Cristo-
oSI rn chair, table, smoking Your Buick. Chevrolet Dealer Cr Wendehoake Medical C.,nc 140 Reserve now for MIMOSIAL Day cept the action Judgeahip here bal.
ta $75.00 House 0 5 For selling or buying your next uto Estud.ante Street. between K and FOURTH. Shrpnel's house G O. F. NOVEY,IN because of Maan' Court Bill. Guests are cordially invited
Oleander Place. Balboa Phone see 'Agencias Cosmos. on Auto- StrreE Ponamh 2-3479. Day and Santa Clara. Phone Balboa 2620. T7 CentralAve. Tel.3-0140 He said the Court Bill, pre- attend detltinvg ad be
1603. Balboa or 82-5166 mobile Row 29 We aho sell Service DO YOU NEED SANITARY sented 'to Parliament was a acquainted with e nyactlv-
FOR SALE --8 peace sold mahogany GUARANTEED Used T.res and We ut received gldfsh with "Fan" Visit HOTEL PANAMERICANO in "violation Of pledges" and the ties the club offers I members.
diningorom sure 25 c,,cle re'riger- Tubes. Tel. Panama 2-4121 S- tails, $1.25 paol, extensive as- "Prdce Depar aud."
ao, washer and parts and misc turdays. openall day. ent of colors,all s t FOR RENT L Ux ) "Prie o Deaitme t"
articles. 786-B. Tavern-la Balboa. The biggest used car sole in the plant. food for tropical and gold- Hou VENETIAN new and- t Act w
hone 2-3516 history at Panama. All makes, all h Jardim La ,nmaculedo. B Ave Boom_ __ VENETIAN new anti-Communist Act whichNe
FOR 'LE -MahoganI, d.inng able models, all prices. Ave No. 58. FOR RENT--Moder chlet, 2 bed- allws n BLINDS o appeal to the action against 200
q,'- chairs, mahogany reakfost SMOOT & PAREDES FOR SALE rooms, spacious living-dningroom, peroactionagain
b*f. 6 chairs, mahogany, dresser Your Buick, Chevrolet Dealer i garage, big garden, completely fur- Immediate The 20, who were all listed as
I re mirror, small mahOgony desk FOR SALE 1946 Willv Siconi nshed, near Golf Club. Telephone Deivery. Communists, have been sent t
33. Iop FOR RENT *22 large beh t,.pw, 3-w s too.m."rForce
lamp large bench t pe. Wagon. Excellent condirion Rea-. 3.1969. 4 to 7 p. m. notices restrictlng their move-
cdbet for kitchen or .hoc House sonoble price. Servicio de Aorore: FOP SALE.-Packard Sedan 1937. FTTeL O'2-1 8 ments and activities.
-A Empire St. Balboa. phone S A Terephone 2-1746 ires almost new. runs good. $125 T 22 th ROW news Of Albrook Air Force
t"__33 __.__.-- FOR SALE-1951 Ford Via.ori -,F 00 Also have 25 cycle re riger- A R s P themu fndu Its oway h week
FQ ALE -On6e refrigerator Servsldo. WSW tires. Two-tone blue. aCr $75 and typewriter S15 ApaPri iACr Isthmus finds its way each week
F ALE -One refr.goeraor Serd d,o. WSW t4res, to-o,,e blue. House 41-B Gotun or call tpe 5-6. PANAMA BROKERS. INC W l to the four corners of the earth
6rolu. 2 door, good c.Fnd iOn. 0428-A. Fraogpani St Ancon Ao on. B Ro t e R a naa Is 18told in the current issue of the
,cycIes. cheap Applv 3 I--F,1 N, e fuottedu rnellhed El PanamA -e, airmen's news weekly "Caribbean
.cycles FFOR SALE-1949 Buick Super Cenv. FOR SALE. Naotional Selectolet. Modern fumished-ufrnished apart. l ng: reee."
boa.- Lieh 7lroy, red leather upholstery, SOJ-3, Electrovoice speech clipper melts. Maid srvlc Opteni o n. Con- ersa y Lu-s (preferred) "* BreEe.
F OLlghtr-yo ur dhleath r upho ster., M eissner p hase m od ulator. cycle t ct office 60 6 1 i S r tF u e r a y L u ()
,-rof-ALE --HOusehold good; Dono. whit, side walls new. 1 .565 miles. nFurmo.uutor. c ta ,e commonn ) Aulclbahn ,ott g ow1 ar rec,- r ..
riht. Excellent tone, 12;. 00. Thi car Is lik new. Priced low for plate transformer, 750 volts. 200 Crestobol. telephone 36 Colton. Panama Trust Co. I AuI a Albrook' lines of contact the
hrters Ixel Albrook. 86-111" qu Tisale. P oii. TVL coils for 15 and 80 me- FOR RENT: Modern, new port- Buying: W W5VWWUlE
--- quick sale. 11ters. Phone Balboa 2-3173 FOR RENT: Modern, new apart. Buyin: publication says:
So ALE:---One complete ca din- SMOOT & PAREDES ments, 2 and 3 bedrooms. Exposi- Acelte Urraca and Brewery BERLIN, May 14 (UP) -Tom- "lach and every Friday, 52
S f m set II 2 piecese Phone FOR SALE:-1941 One twenty Pack- FOR SALE -Radio and heater for ton Telephone 3-1773, Panama. Tel. 3-4719 -1650 mygun-armed Russtan border timss a year, more than 2,000 is-
a mo 3-4899 .r appointment ard Sedon Foar, good tires E xcl- 1 o Lok dinng chs FOR RENTOE F s n r o r a ca
sil FOR LE : ,lver ch-e 2 lent running condition "hone Cu- 7-J. ablo. _I rued States and British military r-e fh Pauses lert o
t ras rug 60 cycle 1ong m'h- oe T _____o 3 -J D Ci-oo gu t-ine today prevented normal pa Uofe re distributed not only
chIpe 3 peace .I.ingrO.':m .u,ar FOR SALE:-1949 Packard Sedan, Pr FIXTURESR m Inc. oe 'OiRENTe Ro o ,h SUo-Bu terf Bein y esnedrmal so prsonnofthebse
bedroom sute metan bed ..- a, whitt wall tires leather up- o ,santy ware ;n white or cor. meals 4 St. Noo ,w Tel.or V 0ot f WN A U.. military pokWesman re- y to a p personnel within the Ca-
on mattress, and coi .pr-g;I holstery, 12,000 miles. This c rwa.rWa closet complete with e potmeedta he St. No. 34, Tel. 3- Or ib en
A ta b le a n d 4 c h a irs 3 9 m e rc l i is lik e n e w $.ha r d w a r e
'frame with sprigs I o4- SMOOT & PAREDES Lav watries$30 50 cporthanged" this morning but saidstheaUSAir'Cm man din c ent
Kbbe -Tel 32 5 I-O Lavatories complete with t"l. -mte -- e. ne that Allied authorities were close- and South Apsrilc tatra -
FORFOR SALE:-1951 Morris Convert- hardware 13 50 ta s fO 111 ly watching for any new develop- stallations d So ter ttli,4 h,)arIetn1
FOR SALE-Large rodric-ph.-.noaroh iblie. A real bargain at $845.00. Bidets compete with hard- Bi hCWh w I ments e Cal lonCerrll tl tU. .a,'Wnt ' chairs, polir, dh. SMOOT & PAREDES ware 22 00 C ments. offer aid to tte t watlon. i
sim4ii .rl o).SALE --1942 Buick 4dooe aEspana No 37 oa 47 Aparrad DR. B. L. STONE o ar Soviet authorities have dcas dgto e ta$o
bicycle ar house h ndt ion. rad. S775. Telephone 3-0160. Panama, )vt I W at ie op i i alse dn gn srA
eetrthe ban of Western ihway pa Individuals In the U.S., lropiK
Q.-. Ptr s ne12 3-C C urundu ele n ,uhohTter',l Los ebof Posonp
S1rs Ph-5one8-579. 01.eePaL SabnasFOR SALE: Very reasonable 60 trols from the Autobahn W Orient nd a eiou -ed con-
WA TEDT get used car sale in h Cycle Refrigerator 9 cu. ft. M or ot Hubby-S.mugSto AeLemmC n automen 'td 1t eedwith nCI.
biggestsMnued to use the rerl-Helms toe o wi
he gst used ca sa inA k es 1 master with all attachments, Roost- o AINESVILLe. la.. May 14 v. ol e 4 tevnt hh e way itouf h ondrace
S' i ag mo -dels. ef Prioneom. All mk)e ll e, 386-A. Cocol. NEVIT .r Fa fe Ave. -- oe TelP. 45a ted highway wt out he dreance, the lssoci alte Pr. 1ed
hiStOryE of paoma. A EDe a6'UP' A 16-year-old wife's fa-g he ay mi ti ndare:oe
i- SMOOT &O PAREDerS FOR SALE-.7 weeks old Dachshund tal shooting of her husband e from ranitkfut aryptess. IneaI, t e'i .erv-W
WAED -Second ca. Your uk Chevrolet Dealer pup. 5607-C Hodges Place whichdeveloped after "a few train from Frankfurt to n erlnaviaOuotfsbe e alad eh ,e
A5E sold body Priced from $200 r e i o g rDiabloe n0-, oe P words over whether to p cr put Tr arrived on sci u theodule and had e lo .Paragdr eil bta -
1i t o $ 5 00. 0 0. P h. o ne 2 4 2 2 5 rt er e t o L rucr is G Ma t w t .-r o ve rs e s t o t o c e a m d a t h e S o v i e t b o r d e r cEchi l e tza d o r ?ah oI
I tbo h 0 p el 6FOR SALE-- tlres andc the a Justi fiable homicide by was uo d Shipping, moving, storage. ac co ding to railroad authorities Haiti. El Salvador. Nicam-
rV ton sta k e t el -n tebe 15" Justiftable homicide by a taro s- J Communist East t Ge r m ann e uar Pue o Rico. Japan, e ot rm a-
D. ton stake truck n good shape for recappng, also one her's jury here today. We pack and crate or move meanwhile, steppedaup their pro. ny and Alaska.
fact condon. Write Box 1191PREXY t vise. 4 nchlawsAny The young wife. Mrs. Lucille anything. 'Phone 22451 paga barrage an effort to "Correspondents for 'News-.
S on. C.Z. Y reasonable offer accepted. 5607- Pons who sobbed "I loved him" prevent the signing of contrac- week' 'Time,' 'Life,' Reuters..
o. ,(Continued from Page C. Hodges Place. Dioblo. after she fired a rifle bullet 2-2562, Panami. tual agreements between West the Associated Press, .United
'tion Offered drove his patrol car up to t. FOR through the heart of her cowboy Germany and the Allies chedul- Press, International News d er -
tOR SALE husband, was released from jail G ed on May 20.a h iee, Acme,rnThe New Yorvt.ttes,'
D:-Messenger bay wanted turned it on again and remained without charge. ed on May 20. 0 e, Acme, The New Yo.' iftlaes
J street No. I1. Agency Eurel there to guard it. Boat &r Motors Witnesses to the shooting tes- [J e T "he nmo o m t Party news 'The Chicagon, 8tar Ane. rald
Thedenat'ir day s hitFOR SALE -1 motor scooter ,A tified that Thurman D Pons 22 l.jU l, paperL"DE-OfttEsc hIan dill American,' 'Star And Herald,'"
Help Wantaed policemen finally was dispatched condition, just overhauled, new although mortally woundedwby thepne ain 22t chcIienclpiade oe au
d dEw 9Co smal fn amil1 drov s aEmpire 5f Baba turned his heartsgrabbed he rifle EXCHA NGE lin. The paperal do several public Information of-
--ook ted down along with the stud 817-A Empre SBalbo. ured hs heart, grabbed the rifle T ONLY TORE OF "There weald be a perfectly ficers and public relatiqs dire
A i a famel}ily. e0 d et e rrie d the i from his wife and struck her ItS direc -o ANe and Paama.
t know her k o well. "Bar ents. drove the rioters behind the from his wie and struck her ITS ND INPANAMA. simple solution to the question i tors throughout the Canal Zone
at know her work well r- gates o the old campus. The gate over the head before hrhe fell dead We est a both New and Ai eroi a s wold not consider and Panama.
oanad rWaldo.nt o rCu adel Furniture. W est Berlin their hlIttap( spear- "Cooies of Breese go to milita-
Wt '1aef.retrdthShannevmo, "e head and the 7M fa or the provo- ry installations and civilian com.a
SWIth peace finally restored, the Shy. and nervous, the teen- 41 Autom Row cations." nanies in New Mexico. Ohio. Ca-
streets around the campus were it aged wife took the stand to tell ATel. 3-0R1 lifornia, Texas, Massachusetts,
SESSO N S ered with broken signs, pa- re the jury in a whisper how Pons ,aA New York. Illinois. Missouri. Ala-'
per and the remains MOB 'o threatened to kill her several PlanS tBei de bama Maine. Washington D.C.
to ply the psano eas. No crackers. times during an all nightfishing LARN!! Coseadov W e e hinton state.
Zerb exerces. No e ent need- Most of the traffic signs had and drinking party. room For weekly ne paper include author
Zez Benneo 9 Tels 2 282 Juan B been torn down and an Amer.- Four Congressional Medal of "My husband said he would aning OfMemoi l Day Louis Bromfield, and Toms Cu-
So t ican flag and Army recruiting Honor recipients were heard kill me If he found med she said the Director of Press and
poster also were carried away. last night over station HOG 'so I hid In the bushes all night" '' Plans for the obe o thdio for Panama.

rro enng a students, townspeople and r L the interviews o e times but did not hit his wife. mem". .i ttG Lnanto fets MOeorg L ao fo
Io ~ece i sh Awardst p7%meVet Cm .Teransofs nedamittee of v esaeorn e L. Hannah Jr.. a Totme
turni so f ln diers of 198,wemn wor he evr bad Bl b M. ,hes a A -----------Mrs. Pon T n said she snmeaked U e Ca ofe n il
t eI d eo se ofAwards tuin ld the Wol d The Veterans orE Foreign back into the house when her el a iea yIe' T o dn yeL U pt llt oe aew B i
P hdThis bloody battle started Wars Post822 which sp- husband fell asleep and grabbed t that wa pilot for en. Matthew Ri -
rrow evening, at 7:30 when the students jeered the irked the program, presented the rifle. Pns awoke ano d threat- se. at oa a t r 1 t

AM th in oulartlb CoMC sa nil was kewlled during a ha terai that es ohenr if u.lPd Vse dawe caus ahw d an Btthreat Rotary CObbabG Sjciloolo
tne Balboa YcAner -townshemopl dring a lae and Lt. Colm George LMabry. hox-ened her again, she said. arsA mnumn a hnoit o ment "Oece s to oa
of Merit ar obe the soldiers thought they were ecutive officer or the 33rd Ino- f y0is am The speaker at the ixto C Vile of the It Ma-
r at getting the raspberry. fntry Regiment Cmdr. A t memorial services at Creal lean Defee oard in ai.
Sr ewto 8panishA. spewing Nttdewcmeo the UR e Tre o. UHm l dge and wanted t ,ase memorial, wa s n. t o e *AA
leeolwbomb.ote h..en-atknowwat I was doing with the Colonanr: Unh o m ah o e olemorial Day will be Oig. Ga
A who have satisfactorily Back in 1841. a fireman was ton. based at Balboa, MaJ. rifle," the young housewife testi- ftnerital ercn ave Edl LIC.IEL, Calbhulan i ton, who b
ted, course instructiqon killed el the climax of a long Keigler E. Flake, with the 10- ed. el a-.... c ote aul r-ep ceR.

ai are expectedIed between Yale students and rine Barracks. 15th Naval Di- feMurray ~. served Paul's Ch"h tomorrow mo- master to b l meeting tomo rrow. e miled
se reIs open gto anyone t fire dephartmen t 3 3 "No Hand Ma. Arlie l. Wever and my hus wl be provsa id hed for ng at 9:30. urial will follw carrier w Ite oun the t- The meetg twrl be held at

in opulaterested. Coure man was killed during heater cream anyway." dancing, n the rrer Cemetery ter job pa M the Brao Brook Contry club.

of Mrs. Abbie Linare LOOK AT CIVA'S USED CAR BEFORE E son, Harvard underad u a t e Games Saturda noon at her home on East 17th BUY!!

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**" .; -.. ;. .,/.
.;* '.
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Wide Range of Makes Selection of Models and Colort

All Reconditioned and Guaranteed

Ye NWinCedibe Desbr-

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a.:. s..

ner Ines 4i a i
ulton, U.S.A.."



aS ses a

i iulas


chial shower which was arrang-
ed us a Bn Voyage yesterday at-
teAoon. The three bonones will
leae tor a sft vacation dur-
ing the mp .
The part 'was ea by t
members o 1the ueday After-
noa Sewing Club it the homa
of Mrs. Glenn Terrelln of Marga-
M Mrs. Terrell was aseistA-d by
M. Iruee Saflders, Jr. Othets
Btttent included Mrs. tirry
Mrs. Charles McNeil. U8s.
a. Nrikeon. Mrs. J. ,Di-
Mrs. Richard.Parker, Mrs.
'L-nd Scrahton,. Mrs. 3. A. An-
eiemiliar tsad Mrs. Mabel Bath

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Irving of
Oatun entertained at their home
Tnesaay evening with a buffet
3 pasty which was given to
Bipllflient several of their
friends who are leaving for the
States in the near future. The
guests of honor included Mr.
an Mrs. L.. B ed. Mr
ant Mrs. i jr. and
Ma. James
dia Parker. were
MC. ant 1tM seosge schelb.
Mr. and MIn. alugott
li'f n ,. l a. tai kd
S i l. eillWeiotet.


Cristobal 033.. -Club
te MaWt Thuftday
The Crlitobal O. B.. Club will
bet at the Crlstabal Masonic
Temple Th n mty, at 7:20 pan.
The president, t. Irma Jeffer
lee, will preelde atthe business
meeUng. Mrs. Hold Chambers,
irs. Catherine Jpudry and Miss
Orace Williams. will be the hoes-
tumses for the social hour.
Mendays nials u Mulele ,
The o venW Mucal
w e eld. 1A w e home
o ut i; kiu at
hd, rr hm were
Mrs. ,r its* at per ort
the life history ofthe. t R i-

a ond Johnny k; --h
W. % 61"i Liebe and Ga- S u t amii
ryT.rting. No* ;re enjoyed ap m, ,..
.Br ka the spper b
J. A Cannlnfham
celmbtes. 14et Birthday The Hop. Rowland K. HRat d
W. ad Mrs. J. A. Cunning- wis the principal speaker it a
he of Gatun arranged a surs Fnly Communion. .atr"t I
IPHU deo s birthday party for held in BtL Mary's iAll in i -
thdr son J.A.. Jr.,at the oatun boa 8tnday. The' brealkfaist was
01lhue 8tunday afternoon. served immedIAtely following the
TiTyoung guest attmeued the S~lock MaM s .
matinee. Thoe present .were The iolMy Namne Soclety of 8t.
Jav's sister Lindt, who auited a parish received Holy
with the 6eo l iher malou In a body at the 8
I Oe'loek MWs. In obeIse*ne if, i t. lM. bers' Day the 3o96 MV e
Ralph D= Danny Oeorge, men and Fath e Lonis Storm,.
Mike Morrson. Tom GiObson, pato of St. Mary's. Invited the
Flood McDermitt and John Al- mvthets and wives to lot then
bright. In a Family Communion and the
--- Ibrbeakfat that followed.
Geld Cast Orehid Society The Family Communion Break-
NMo Tenlght fast adiaxed A Parents Retreat
The Gold Coat Qchltl Society hqld at WM. M starting last
win meet at 1 thi6 at the Fittay.

Se* Something

"Se BeaSel"... *steaiserl".. Ye-but until
you- pRmy lipecieda ddve thd 52Nati
Suuua** "oldOe Ablyte". yell be flBogi mosr-
ial an you d so may mew, eat
p~-i2Ms7 r pInIan"c-iM ewing -aN-ew
co-mafat w yisihty! I
Tlbemalmyury ridsa te 'Giadee AblydtW" iaf
-thrau buy for 1952, now at our ub Deatrs!

un gp. 1

1iei Censmtp Stefli

W *t a.o se els aMee

j4May. Wedateiy, May 14
I l.-UuAic for Wednesday
4:0-fada and Fshlobi
SW-O aS' lIrt ove (Cla
Aifaro. A.J
7: 00o-over td no (C)
'7:3o-0-WOLnVT9 SPORTS

S:00-News sporetm and com-

:18-Jam (VOA)
8:30aThe A ea 'k.Shelf
8:46-Commentator's Diges
9!00-TO be Annmounced
9iSo-Tbe uiltUt.n Haul
lOi0-The BC Play house
11:00-T OWye Nest
Midulgtiht-ga Off.

6:'0b-$ L The Alarm
8:380-Mrn U1 S6en

:I W i (V A T PRO

10: amkW
10:'-l te tieead
11:30-VW the Baffd

1: Parade
1 Na IN 801-
2.18 to for Dancing
S:l A Melolies
:46 atge 4: the Ba1ds I
eIeme a Debut
3l:l5re littlee Show
:30i-Mumlc for Thursday
4:00-Tads and Fashions
4:J0--What's Your Favorite
e: 0- aAe First Love-Cia.
afs. S.A.
6 :lS-Nven=g Salon
7:00-Make believe B a ll r oel

734s-Jam Seasmon
S00--NeWs, Sports and Omal
metOtary by Rapyifl
Swing (VOA)
8:--Arts and Letters (VO)
8:8-Radlo Univerrity 1
a:41-C ommentator's t
9:00-Bitmm (VOA)
9:30-Take it from ene (am)4
10:00- iee Music
10 -: Intiel nitrlude
IM10.lon t Med
I.-:--The O'sn Nst
ISU0.-Slgn Off
Rxsimmatltof Sy StS
VOA-Voime of Ameca
BBC-British Broadcsting

Ianfr o e
M ff- -

. ..dMa a -

ry. by the .way ,-It adhe
lth foul film citfioe tfthto
git him on te Adotted ie.The
movie wA.l be bt-wd ea sne
Fowllert blogrSpb7 wNel Tsuy
has approved e pt f Vjles
inference that J z I self-
conscious about ose.
"thatfe id Mi rs ta-
my lov theat-i."
Hollywoed Mealmaissanese:
There's no Ava S atra in the
rYwol telepe b boou, t a
nk oaMltsBt d.
i ergman Roarto
~Rot/in^.romance Is more slie
thap e, Ikith the M
/,t. itl.b.l:. 8 f
t e _tu o eia -
1I." Blk's new in Hollywood
far "InvasioA, tS.A.." ard re
'That man ReIollt has a
/ wih 1 i0Md. He', got the
me7Mt Unae of disalg 've ever

OCrael w side's blushin about
tropical growth of virile
natng on his nchet on the bill-
eds for "At Swords Point."
I mgrte Gutaof the wave as a
Sestar sinee his click
In "The Gratet how on
lar," Cornel a e."d:
p guess X have an adequate
ASiouM tsair on my chest, but
not foe Howard Hughes. Thu
mabsq deprtmoe"t Insisted en
Snte sugg ested a cer-
al stor ftr a role S his new
stEr "The Ridiag Kid," but
w told by I's casting depart-
e the actor was teeo
sw be algebrush perform-

him-n an ? Se4t

Su E a e PlO AM have be
aste @ *sh fl I of
Gseat Capontese

alg 'o Of uAlgier s" the
Vagth LfteB desert and he
- mse -o ly four English
words at herU: "Baby. you slay

.2e'aft balls of England
:de|j,>?: 2aarbeaks, Jr.. has
ce th Cntory man-
pain a isenington.... Orsqi
W wh's 4 whodunit all to
his nM book--a murder mY*-
W.. ft. meneors are clamp-
akdown Peggy Castle's way

PlK O me oar-bells sod
deie W4 g stored In bi
mant.... Jeff Chandler I
know itatr Ui has sanoft
dla warrior role for hir.
famous redskin Osceoe I
studio's forthcoming "Sen
Olean Warren, the four
old sAo of AJmes Warren (0
Swia's leading man hi"
F learm C'C'), showed
father a drawing of a man
els arms. ,
' "Why six arms, son?" W
oGlen answered: "Oh, I
Hollywood sebarater."
Mindy Carson, nightinga
to thunderous applause a
MocambO, is admitting tha
wfll brave the "copycat" 1
and sta *In a 15-minu
songfest for NBC patterned
MDtnih hore's program.
offers are pouring in for l
who resembles ngrld Bie
but she wqn't sign any coa
that prohibits TV.
And still the movies wi
asquences roll off the ue
it's l"Taxi," a yarn l
01 who weds a colleen in
develops amnesia upon h
turn to the U.S. and bE
the object of a frensled a
by his war bride. The happy
Ing comes when the Iris
spots missing hubby on
show. Applauding Dagmar
Wheel Denise Darcel sqp
dInto a bathing suit for 2b
time in her career in Esthe
special permission from
When Wet." The busty I
ISal plays Asther' opponent
aglish chmael swim.
Vittorlo Ousmin, UllIa
to's' romantic piea, )U"t
tli me" of '1 Star

"Ewer, don't whistle t
pdoph have to stand up."

New~~~ Ssono

The summer semester .of the
Louisiana State University as-
baln = =a wi begin Jane 3
tng to an ansfoncement made
i week by local repreMenta-

CollegU-level classes will be of-
ftred in history government,
econemles, puey gy as Bag-
The current ring semester
wl ed durIng te wek of U
IA to a ow aof l.sw
meter ml "med o e
t9*d semeetr the -ismt
to one academia year

Dring the yethe IS
giam. At irt s, two Mi ,r
elases we se d te the aCa-
ns! lmee, Uto *4U ekes. are
offend It ten s m Thsl I
dstu lases held In
Pu ortlo
On or abutt.t IT all of the
re- aept WM-
Ia ofheWFgAr will
return to Jthesiatl y. The re-
turflag ntrnost se: Dr. and
ML Cfa L. Seb r, Dr. and
Ml. arlaa L. NMBacben. Dr.
esoas N. EMS. Dld 3z.
stanord Raftal AM Theo Mo-
b0 ateri f$ as summer
sesioa wEbe m LW n and are
expected toM arrian M.


n_ da that aWiAN
as Mand city poWl
in ore the bandit's

S m Va., construction we- l
.! Of mb driver Wulllaim
vie A m rushed to a
SS wound in his Beek
ft ondit ond was not be-
i e ed He told offlef r
02._ .lt t in shot hima when
IT he. 1 oed the cab to avoidte
wit wa carrnto yng a i ee car.
l a hoppinged bag and stagCoing heir eehe
year- injured.
,-year- Sid Richards fore"
larre i od toedrive to Sal the, vebag in Chicgo o
The j ft from here and to enter
with was carrying a

with money from two teller's to ra. Left to right are Turli
he's a eages. deputy r of public information for US tA, sm 4
.ime, representative for the UN. Alm of te
Foring Booze to accompany Is to restore Kdre's war-lost chicken popubdtid.
lisn them Rbard herded Aers to
t bh e Wntwng cab and spd off on
at gbe buy Wlliamson Road toward H
taunt. &oinoke.
te TV 89Metrooper C. T. Garber,
aI after arertec by radio, intercepted D IA B L
Movi thIe cab on the outskirts of .
klny. ioW ISe and city police joined L 10
gman, the dMe.
netract Grber said he fired several
time before police cars hem-i BORIS KARLOFF
mef n the cab and forced it to
p. Now dhurt, MUMMY ivTO
Sire, Pe barracks at 8alem under nm __ .... -
Js re- =36 areid.
Nomes The F I said he would be /
arch ehaed with bank robbery and rA
le charges may be filed. RIO
r? 0 Fire Chief For The First Time nOur Stage
e first C S B 1G
l the &an
Prench U#l r the Direction of Mr. 0. f. JORSTA
in#% Capt. A. J. Troup. chief of
Se Canal Fire Division, Is sail : 5 .
big Priday on the 88 Aeon fcor | AttractiMs 6::5 9:00
Vftr n two-month vacation in the- P
united States. his ab- JOHN DEREK DONNA RE
Wt-lied by Ca Jones.

et graduation from aut al||*
pta' nursing school of their
ra SIonWime during their lemn,
RH Captain Troup will also M
courtesy calls on officials of the
. New York Fire Department and
l is will s manufacturers for w
some of the equipment used by
I the Canal zone force. PA AMA UC V'



From 1:0 to U-.pi,. j


16 New Caroem. ad andI]
Shorts... 16Rb of Rels
talnmentl... Two Houra of
Merriment for MALLItI.

Petartwi -

Stairlagr fU & SUET
-PtnS: -



I .

5'* MwI wo*

". @ ".m .'" ..


.. I ,

. S" A r. -,.
S. *- .-.*

MS .



A .et



-fle a ma en ss.

YOU Nax wm:
* A trip to Cafte mal via
* van .O suranmt-
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If's Movietime TONIuT

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| ." P.AAMA

ndians, Nats, A s,



^ ;. .. .... ... J _-


Giants, Phil

Score In Na

dians made it fotr straw
topping them 10-6 and
the second place Senato
4-3 at Detroit.
In other American Leagi
night ames, the White' So
blanked the Red Sox 5-0 at Ch
cago and the Athletic stopped
the Browns 5-1 in St. Louis
In thke National League. th
OGiants remained In first place b
drubbing the Reds 7-2 at th
Polo Orounds. Curt Simmoi
pitched the Phillipes to a 610 di
'+. vision over the Cub% at PhllR
S UeTohla and the Braves beat th
S Prates 3-1 at Boston all nigi
S games.
In an afternoon game thI-
Dodgers outsluaen the Cardina
14-R at Ebbets Flelf.
Cuban Orestes Mliho..o drove I
four runs with a two-run home
into the centerfirld bullpen an
a single. Lefiv Bill PiPce pltchr.
his first complete came In blank
Ing the Red Sox with seven hit
Southpaw Bobby Shantz wo
his fifth Rame for the Athletic
S by holding the Bro'vns to fiv
ianele' and himself doubled an
tr. filed.
Larrv DorW. back in the In
dian lineup sparked the tribe i
drlvlne In three runs In thei
Swin over the YRnkep e The Pn-
1. i-r. tillieprl seven runs in th
i Inn

RIEEDOM--Milan Branovic,
Vlde international news re-
flIsing to return behind the
Iron Curtain to his native
Yumoslmvia following the Eu-
ro[pean tennis championships at
'Rome. The 26-year-old star
plamps to live in South Amer-
ica. (NEA)

Come. In today and makea
" Come in today and make i
delivery, color and r


lies, Braves Carter Hevy Favorite er La

itional League Sales In Title Bout Toni t CAES -
o ht Il le Bo u t Ton- 4h I tadl
1 *--- & .ft -iJon Lost lt. hot P .
'ED PRESS National League t- i. ... 2 s1sS4 aoaaI. ..2 0 1 s 'o
w;ih ..... <|, .. .1 I i: 1 1 1 son 15t
S14.-The Cleveland in- __tta wasa : e4 o.. L1 md. J l.a
aight over the Yankcc, by TWo n 1oat ret favo n 0t" efl0:: .1 000e wacloped or
kept two games ah-ad of Nr-% York 16 5 .7621 ag t .h-- ip bout tro itT'Mrop. O 2 .000 tos J
Drs who topped the Tigers ookln .' 1 6 7 4 th is city. o
CChic ato t 14 0 .583 Carter, fo y s won iu his*r o
St Louis 11 14440'we ,errors ...nd,...e
a vs...CoaM the .I they co~ebted
ue first four innings to lead 7-0 Fhiladelphla 9. 9 13 S 4091rn: ea the Thura.Lh e t
ox The- knocked lefty Bill Miller Boston. ....... 9 14 391 bhape of his lft. -Will t o. alboa. got I te ,
i- uut of the box In the third and Pitisbugh 5 21 192k Walln t*W .N 1 D I n every IW.nning epi MtAg
ed Eob Kuzava in the sixth. getting -- 1291/t,.W.a y y .-nning .Opt afirs...
even runs off both. Bob Hogu e TODAY'S GAMES .an ove st athe i-;. os o Le td hit.
b% believed by Joe O stro w ski. L o u is a t B roo k lyn b oyl-6 l s C"u w''t e t _i l o,1 m i th, e et- s n.. a h o m er ,a t -
he The Yankees reached Steve littsburgh at Boston. I l1MKI3f"+ 1 A 1ILl e., bv 3or ,
ns tromek for five runs in the Cincinnati at New York test. however, Cartir was0 o al Leda y 4 ih- "-
e- ixth and seven and Lou Brisse hiag at Philadelpha anvas n the 15th and nal ieeo4 toa triple.
a- or one more In the seventh .%r-- round and appeared weakert t Aa for ten safe-
he Early Wynn finished the game YESTERDAY'S RESULTS bis opponent at the flalbh. ties, g. w in- k sp 6 I ftni
ht lut Gromek was credited with (Night Game) S and hi. manager claim nnor twirled win-:o
..he win. The Indians' Doby, Dale R HE that a time there will be p 2 16 t who he decision m
ie Mitchell ann Ray Boone all Chliago 000 000 000-0 2 0 4I2. --aa to the h1old, i Cmui, i
Is iomered.i hla 100 120 20(ix-6 11 0 tre MIxican-bors battler. la fe.. d M 1 .
Connie Marrero boosted his Hten. Schultz (71, Ramsdell to lunch out a clear-n -
In record to three wins and no locsts '8h ana Edwards. Simmons and, / .et" r h tei me. I ena.d .p.. i
Sen -oat.cu4e1 Of Ma i time. arsn ,
er by pitchin the astonlshin Sen- Lopata. .e experts and betting men Iem ndtpeard ae
d tors to r ninth victor in are d lidly behind Car- R ~I e e bat Of
-d he last ten games. allowing' onl (Night Game) a Itr The oHa d In favor ofl the NewdC arm -. _
d r noncilnnati020 0002-4 10 0 k tpl l, T bef nhlkslme i
s. tiiart also gave up only five hits 4ew York 003 400 00Ox-7 10 0 snatinHy since yesterday. Uana l= seeato aml CanaI e
n 1ut was the victim of two un- Wehmeier. Byerlv 141. Smith,' homered for OptP llhrllohen1 i
c, earned iuns. 18, and Rossi. Jansen and Wes-' Mo F" hot mered for the only riur to be on adrge
p 0um fca .Uet for the only surp to be on hind
S ST LOI$S.Mayv 14 (tP) um "B I i rW A M nlthV n. pio the team In theat clds streak dow n.
The St. Louis Cardinals have (Night Game). ou Mo tl f.. ,, 'iic.t"e ri S o
traded outfielder Walh West- Pittsburgh ICO 000 000-1 9 1 tIheI box Core: on Memorial Day.
n lake an4 third baseman Ed- Boston 100 010 Olx-3 6 0 -i''i /JlI. tl Ir -
tr die Kazak to Cncinnai or Pollet and Garaglola. Bickford' rneY JSaturdlUay OPTtA SOBA Last.yer Rodman Nune
Bobby Thoielder Dickmson slammer anadndand Burris.C fore d .. A date- ld 3 0 w oave thetar., a Mtt rg
ie shortstop'" Varu St Louis. ., / m it AA. Facrquharson, rf 4 1 2 son, Panama C
It %as straight player swap Brooklyn 124 040 03x-14 14 1 A AT .R ne, lb .....2 1 0 The e- u ia's in
with no eashwInvolved. Presko 11-7, Schmidt. uhas. 3 1 1 runoff their with tftS"
Bobby Thomson slammed WaricaRoe, Wader 0-1mand Cam-n R 'u M ince, .........3 0 0 who have the ear
,Lwo-run homer and a three-run panella. .. .. .. Summit gill Golf Club the C- Rave u, c .. .. .. 3 0 0 plons.
Double to aid the Giants win over, place. The monthly P. W. A. n C b f .. ** .. .. .0
the Reds. Woille Mavs. and Bob Tournament will be medal play riffith. 2b .. .. .. 3 0 1 Foremost threat Il RWl -
Elliott also homered to give Larry BOSTON RHUBARB Boston Red Sox manager Lou Boudreau with handicap allowance. Start- Tudor, .... .. .. 2 0 0 Robinson, the 14 l'a
Jansen his third win of the sea-tmerican L center makes his protest to umpire Jim Honoctlik, who call- Ing time 8:30 a.m.... -burner, who c a thes.'
1948. I t t. nning play at Yankee Stadium Sunday. At left is sox pitcher representative of your home club LAn Aatthe, won In hslt'mie'
T P s r i TEAnd1- w.on Lost P8t6. Mel Parnell. Yanks won, 1-0 of your intention to play. Entries CLAUDIO CEDE A at the Olympe ,
The Phllles' Curt Simmons Cleveland .18 8 .696 us t be posted with Toby Ely r A Ri H
pitched a two-hitter over the;Washgton o. 14 8 .636 2-3626 by Friday. May 16th R. Daniels, b .... 4 1 1 In line for a or"k at
Cubs and struck out 12 for his Boston a 14 10 .583 t This will also be the finals of A. Farrell. as.... .. 4 0 0 championship are Sidney
secondd win since his reurn from 'Chicago 12 2 500 i A. Reid, 21b 1 1 a anta Cruzped t
'he armed services. St. Louis e 12 13 .480: Satra U on n a Ten n a e Salte.\wa r the Intaer-Club matche s.. .. c f" r ,c.. ...1. 2rio l P' -Wli l
thwaried sbe rviesuen Wfr o m n as Gnao swimmingoatunuElem entry SchoolPaTPna frma '". .. A Tt k c1Pr l--ct"i ,6e-
The Braves downed the Inept New York 11 12 .478 Ald players from wi theransportatic E. Gordon, rfn.... ....1 0 1 Pr e Pan, *
Pi rates on Vern Bickford's nine-Phlladelphia 9 13 .409 from the train will be met at c A a
',wheson w Vsrnedickfod'shh ine- ...3.. 409nSide who wish transportation E. ro.. 1 0 1 ulTrowfa
.Ix. uB the 1n e tfrom the train will be met at.,tParris, c i.---" r 'ts h .... -"
hitter. Ed Mathews hit his se-. Detroit .. 5 18 .217.. T ian le rswii1nWr oe the Pedro Miguel Railroad Sta- as, p B-,. .. .. 4 2 v. J V ..e -
venth homer and is now tied with o T i an d M im eetTi T Lowe .I .. ... .. f
Andy Pafko for the National TODAY -GAMES o d Thee standing of the teams to B.. .. .- .. .-. .... ,-ii
League lead. Washington at Detroit. I date: "I 's L. Parrls. ... .... l
Preacher Roe couldn't hold ai Philadephia at St. L.ouis Ni. Saturday morning a swimming 2nd Callene Salter, Margarita. Amador 16 L. Smell, rf .* G. b ..I. 8
six-run lead'over the Cards and e New York at Cleveland tNi. meet was held a the Gatun 25 yd. Free Style Boys age 12. Fort Davis .. .. ..10 V. Wilson ** *' .. -' 0
was relieved by rookie Ben Wade Boston at Chicago. Swimming Pool conducted by the Ist Jack Willoughby, Gatun: 2nd0 Panama ... .. ..10 Sa "
who was credited with the win. Physical Education and Recrea- Sam Rowley. Margarita; 3rd Fr- Brazos Brook........ 7l 1..
-The Dodgers blasted ix Car- YESTERDA-S RESuLTS lion Branch for the elementary nando Gulot, Margarita; 4th Summit ... .4. 4.
'dinals pitchers for 14 hits, In (Night Game) school boys and girls from Crta- Edward Folse, Cristoal. ** **re by Innings:
cluding, homers by Gil Hodgesa New York 000 003. t210- 12 3tobal, Gatun and Margarita. r' ,. e r tica am L A m
and Wade. Cleveland 004 300 OSx-10 15 1 This was one of the finest 25 yd. Free Style Girls age 9: C-aud.o O.f .00 .-.
Miller, Kuzava 3i, Hogue 16 ever held In Gatun A gratify- 1st Twila Walsh, Cristobal, 2nd A
Ostrowski t7 and Berra. GOo-eing number of parents were pre- Pamela Therlot, Gatun. AooLA oC l i .y
Taxpayers Can't Win mek. Brissle i7'. Wynn 18. and sent to encourage their boys and JO LAGU7 a er
STebbetta. -egan 8). girls. 25 yd. Free Style Boys age 9: .on Last Wetten .
INORWICK, Conn. -(UP- -- .. .The participants were true 1st Billy Thrift, Gatun: 2nd Gary O. it .. 4 0 1000 .
Here's further proof that tax- (Ni ht Game) compete tors. eager to do theirIrving, Gatun; Michael Steven- r .sso
paHers can never relax. After 72 Wash. 001 010--4 5 and thoroughly enjoyed the son. Cristobal: 4th Russel Weade Los Dques I s0. .ue s I wo ld I
years, officials finally managed Detroit 002 000 001-3 5 part they played in making the Cristobal 5th Melvyn Fields, Derto evalle 2 .500 y rule on. t )
years official finallyc manged n hMarrero and Grasso. Stuart meet a success. St. Petersgr 1 2 33a .f 1 2 e And -two are r

to pay off theirs mortgage on the Shant aGind Astroth. Pg. TlletteE 25 yd Breast Stroke Boys: st n ; M: called or tse b t
city hallMhoney Eve and Mos. arn ry K theepersatun: 2d ey were doJohn- John yd ree le o 1st a d b. od, t I
pasfo spn di several S t. 013 (00 0001-5 8 1iClre WhIte. Oatun: 3rd Nancy Flelnniken. Margarita: 3rd Ma- -cad misdscond Ot two
p forsp nding s al Louis 100 000 N 0O-i 5 0Gibson, atun. rilyn Smith. Crlstobal. had Week Sscored. 'Se' W ^
I. Mahoneyi and Moss. Harry Keepers. Gatun: 2nd Johnl 50 yd. Free Style Boys I1st JackMay .a .Peters OO "ppW
--- )Bennett, Margarita: 3rd Irl San- Willoughby, Gatun; 2nd Sam Ma 4 eRlandovo Dtelv V.umpire, pointing -L
(Night Game) ders. Margarita; 4th Juan Hall.,Rowley, Margarita; 3rd Fernando Departivo Rolando Glttens. didn't touch the
Chicago 5. Boston 0. CrIstobal; 5th Paul Legnadier',Oulot, Margarita. CMay' 15. Los Dqwus vs, Trott- was called out. ID
S ----- Cristobal 25 yd. Fre Style Girls age 1 YO. ortvo n count?
Bombing Bums 25 yd. Back Stroke Girls: Ist ,st Jackie 'Walsh. Cristobal. 2nd Gttes v P r lando
/ Bu sGrace Argo, Gatun: 2nd Linda Nancy Gibson, Gatun: 3rd Claire Ma. y 17. ExStoPrs vs. Los Duques, (b) Runers. a Te
St. Louis- AB R H PO A E Cunningham. Gatun: 3rd Kath- White Gatun; 4th Kathleen Cox.1 V thirdd. t.ou5. 'e t.. te .
Stanky. 2b 5 1 1 2 0 0 leen Cox, Cristobal. Cristob.; 5th Kathleen O'Brien., 1 ground ball to. third beMIB ,
Semus. as 4 0 1 0 I 0 25 yd. Back Stroke Boys" Ist Margarita. 'n b A, U who fumbles e m'mut
SIwrev, rf .4 1 0 3 0. 0 John Marshall. Gatun: 2nd Eddie t I J r time. mke athe t1
Mtuslal, lb 5 3 3 8 0 0 Cunningham, Margarita: 3rd 25 y4. tree Style Boys age 10: l ons. i'lllfter l i
Scho'ndi'nst. 3b 5 1 3 0 2 0 Richard Thompson. Cristobal; 1st, Joseph Deming. Margarita; .'sUdes to .
Westlake, e 5 1 2 3 0 0 4th Peter Legnadier. Cristobal. 2nd Paul Legnaldler. Cristobal: BROKLYN. George smalL throw, but in di O 'o
Miggins, f 5 1 1 3 0 0 25 yd. Free Style girls age 7- 3rd Mike Barfield, Gatun; 4th '59%. IS rooklyn, knocked eat u d stheM base oPl o~M"t
D. Rice. c. 3 0 2 5 0 0 lAt Tie Helen Gearge and Mike LaCdlox Gatun: 5th Ray Jimmy Herring, 159%, New York The r nZer on thb Dem
Presko, 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 Charlene Oraves. Gatun. Gulot, Margarita; 6th Fred Shute, (9). the run eount?
Schmidt. p 0 0 0 0 0 0 25 yd. Free Style Boys age 7:IMa ritg, t
Yuhas, o 1 0 0 0 1 0 1st Joe Coffin. Gatun. I 100-d: Pree Style Relay Girls: PROVIEN'CE, R. I. Dtcky 'rank l etle,
i Werle. p 0 0 0 0 1 0 25 vd. Free Style -Girls age 11:1 lst Gret Argo, Claire White. Marciano, 186%, Brockton. Mam., 218 Bacon St.
a-H. Rice 1 0 0 0 0 0 1st Rosalie Radel, Gatun: 2nd Lindi Cunningham and Sosalle knocked out Bernie Reynelds, PittaburgI. .
Over. o 0 0 0 0 0 1 Marilyn Smith. Cristobal; 3rd Radel, -Gatun: 2nd Kathleen 1 85'i, FaIrfIeM, Oemnl f t%("
b-Slaughter 1 0 0 0 0 0 Carol Flenniken. Margarita. Cox, Jaclke Walsh, Carol Flen-_ --- A () A
Bokelmann, p 0 0 0 0 0 0 25 vd. Free Style Boys age 11: niken ndi. Katherine O'Brien ON THE BAL Walthms- PHILADELPHIA, N. J. -.., ato (Slit ta|
-,-.- 1st John Marshall, Gatun: 2nd Cristobal. tow Sid Gerula Takach. 135. Trenton. N. J, it- f a tail
Totals- 40 8 13 24 5 1 Irl Sanders. Margarita: 3rd Tom- snatched the -Iall from behind pointed Leroy Tate, UUI, mlw 1 I ilthl ,
] .. ------. my McCullouph. Margarita; 4th 100 y4. Free Style Relay Boyvs Chuck Fitch, L"eo.'s outside York (8). eo.) ta. Usie
Brooklyn- AR R H PO A E Tie Leroy Werlein. Gatun and 1st kack Willoughby. Harry .jight. to preyet a r -- duri-nga.. l- as the I_
Reese, ss 4 2 1 4 3 0 Jullan Hall. (ristobal: 5th Rich-Keeper, John Marshall, and the final game of the Pootba- CHICAGO. Jen HalWe m res lte l ~ J li J
/-Gox 3b .. 5 3 2 0 2 1 ard Thompson Cristobal. Ilerov Werlain, Gatun: 2nd Sam Association Amateur Cup Play- 20. g Chlcag. aiJtow 3 a~mt ..IB irlmllMM'
/lKM --- rRobinson. 2b. 4 2 1 2 3 0 25 yd. Free Style Girls age 8- Rowley, Irl Sanders, Eddie Oun- offs at Wembley Stadiun,, ult- Schnneler, d- C1 c"ag (6 '[ t.E "
HrS^ Campanella, c .5 1 3 7 0 0 1st Pamela Thenrot Gatun: 2nd ningham, and Temmv McCoul- side London. (NA) .
iPa.afko. If 4 2 1 2 0 0 Lynn Coffin. Gatun 3rd Eliza- lough, Margarita; 3rd Richard _.'_____ I 1_ A
/ -lISnider. f a r -. 4 1 2 0 0 u Obeth McLaren. Ontun Thoah, Edward Folse. Peter
Hodes, lb ... 4 1 2 11 1 0l 25 yd. Free Style Boys age 8: Iegna er and Paul Legnaidier. Balboa Swim Pool
Furllo. rf 4 0 0 1 0-" 0Ist Legnaldier. Cristobal 2nd Cristobal. U
.R poe. 2 0 1 0 Joe Coffin. Gatun 3rd Edgar iv Tn Be CrlOsed For g: ..L.r *er=,G To-Co d o
) Pick .. YoUR i .-: 7:. 2"2- '=- 25 yd. Free Style Girls age 12"'tud; 2 Rod B ler, Marga-
# YOUR Totals- 39 14 14 27 10 1st Linda Cunning ham, Gatun;l rta. 2 dlle t.Ce-ani.g Friday t
',52 FORD a-Popped out for Werle In "b,_Balo_ '-_w__ __"_1_ _...ab7w
5 28th. nounced tiIayy tthe Physical b, w n *" p _
t IrPLouiI T1,i .00 40 0..202-H...... 8 IS Eductio j* R. creatlt n I -a. Easi m ry of heat rash,
Brooklyn O- 4 041 03x--4 The w _- hO _.- t "h'e q chafe wti Me=s=m Soutu-
I L MERCURYI Muifl.-* _.
I Ikifl I 2. SnIder 3. Reese. Westl ke 2. conimrepiet eu t ime -J he o. fe eleaicIiVles em *|
SII UAlL .. .-..\BSn "id r. Sh.oendenM t. r- e t -
Westlake, Wade. 3B -- Hehus. P-R "
in any of thes. Hodges Miggins, Wade. Mu- I k a=- -'
sial 2. 83 Palko, Campanella. g, I= ggI .IIgg ,
SIXTEEN MAJOR Cox. DP Robtlon.t Reese and pB, nmoB ,- i. -- --,"

SchmIdt 3 Yuhas 4. Boyer 1.
nodel of your choice. I...ho l ... ... \ '1 1I ..,,
s~OD9 hI7C 1. WI ZI41egmiU5


Telk. 2-1033 2.1036

5In 2 Innings., Schmidt 1 la 2-.1
Werle I In 1-3, Bover 1 In 2,1
Yuhas 3 In 2. Roe 7 in 3 (nbne out
in fourtni, Wade 6 in 6, Boakel-
mann 3 in 1. R and DR Presko
b-5, Schmidt 1-1, Weroe 0-, M;Ber
1-1, Yuhias 4-4. Boklmam i3S,
Roe 4-4. Wade 4-2. WInner -
Wade (1-1i. Loser-PriMo (1-2).
U Gore. Stewart. aiUemo.
oan.a. T a:a. A .-. -J1.

71 1111
'. **- *
..... -.-- -,. ++.. fi ,* *,

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o'. 3.' -1

r be4te 1fH
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ai~t~t7L *1^ tie oretin n that ld d Mlea agent.r
A e 100 t tmom*o Paoa 4A D inmaq, Mftm t ts .
See y han ra
B rav unT t a jL ert two
-:.etoa-an da eleven g low ats o0 on ea 1 0
Dbnkbtempolton tellsI r

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1^ ^,tit '.g. dor ^ .theiere reaso the A dt hatsup chot an ORh
SBti pi. H could e v drte ith seneconde re-
.ugp o n a ga^ s U~a .a n mn d omo"n a e .
Nu = trs X loharo oversheas,6hss.
It elicized
e.dt A a do In e- a lfl Lo a C k tofel i w0
Stsen, b ikit a ri a tha n a adahe6- antd heise-

.S 'a toi a o' dW," s T00 a ny defeated Head-tt

,S tI deem afef to fla two bucb er rnm rter-? a the ?51 to the It .a n
I-L to

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l, n W h The tg peo1e1 of ourh 're not the lt e aeth Minri

31 SM aet ent B garte C #ethe cn afford to etr or not. It thy WM th se our champtons went away a nd a h e m naa. che
t r a n but th window have a s Weet t c iter raine. mal test wa oe
Sova e, hoe tnei tha hmght* getw etyft would I
Sut wt k lerabely tat a awhohaan cev r
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SA won The member must be careful in nfo in rging the beat pull th hot
tole drm uW D~Th Mh betil us ween 'lega tng bt ooe and l, Gamb lh thei p iatry t lo a toa at M1 oeonh ,

WnOfnal rd l Co. m. S pr n on rees. Nobody wants to put the likes of C4 w tAR Opia sao Then fe Het pes drpeiang
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W 'awi1 0noute0 at -J Hay B r the win o It g hi misanderstandinS that fosters alarm od lay-p on a tart break to settle
drt qu faoitt hee th we mt ae 1 K, t fir troo l t bond a vlctorles overt
S a e iet A t en th e hi f federal law r I on took fie-and-a-half He iutd ers o m nth
_-1- a "ea0da im to bet who elar f od an d s all they did a he
LvL %jrs ye j 9 e et a sef.Om tfe h omr so sis. B Yn d e e it
I d ee m mealhe iI irisktwo bu ks~ 4r t aso in the f qatet ny defeated Read- he r
w t ep l l o k l e Qd s l o k l t r e a n e t h lo to.s t h a e e t a

gt at t sport 20 years a go lt the two teamaf, 4f. n

atuvigour I ot"tnotGtforlokminctes..butAlli Y udaNG!
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aThkig ie no g h w see our champion, went awayI ayuho
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so Wle allawb eatker _bw Hat rom your sness instead th r ea dy-de Wen It ti ang on
RiftAm Pr. ct iUdz S R .'u wW(a tathtikely you'dhae bfernotinIon in the The final quarter found rs v
at torara ihimA m ndin faclli s ..y7 o f yud et N ik,-tndai Gross Car CI=C cont yInui t hte
1wereters, noieldthwetonsoiewontookfIva, d Al pTirwoys a., mt up a 3,
0 in Ohl-oC tWas Is.tothbe .teth ntt l hook cnag into rheedesdirabidlity US Y io ai ed the
RM en LA won tisfshtbetweeanPsoh must be Info rmi-ngey rn.O=dt defea Rp ad
iS, 0 J lday n;htd1 legfal'iQngr the rookie and lega- ow1e oe & uaw oiea 5t o I each.
toa W Com ana n, -h wants to i ut the like.r mof or b meteunl eamer, th rletourn
at wouldIbe Id.1 a D100e an td:400- amlchmj nderutandlng that fosters alarm rrj na-ue one-pee th chn
um. alc e here the u d federal law requiring the a e a the fU ear en e
me.hold0.maMb-soagr e to tax utymp0erh puts thean busifness and a shetwonteams.#65. a
..Ti -atle i nmadue-themAr ged es.aorthetoa.e fsaorbin

abut 0w ina d ow. Wh i har e goi to g owiu.p?. ..e...u. s. cas

In fretan *t tyghte' dI I'_- od it wonabi forfeit fromh IALLDAYLONG!
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Cancer Group

Donates 60

Radium Needles
A quantity of radium, valued "Let thi people know the truth amn d itheCUT4"l C 0iham Lingoln.
t $2800, was presented this -
*orning by the Canal Zone Can- rWENTY-SEVENTH YEAR PANAMA, R. P., WEDNEIDAT, fj l,1 FIVE CENTSi
cer Committee to Acting Oov-- .
ernor Herbert D. Vogel for use
th Canal Zone hospitals. The pre-
sentation took place in the Gov-
ernor's office.
The radium, in the form of 60 Dp
Slow-intensity radim needles of
various sizes for use in the treat-
ment of tumors, was purchased
S by the Cancer Committee with lI
Packed in a lead box, which ur m er e pl
weighed 50 pounds and which '
S had walls two inches thick, the
radium needles arrived Monday The 1952 Armed Forces Day Hangars 2, 3 and 5 and on the amphibious equipment demons- water welding. The Navy Hoapl-
aboard the 88S. Ancon. They con- celebrations will be staged on ramp. tration by fftmbers of the .270th tal will p-esent a display includ-
tain 122 milligrams of radium Saturday, with exhibits and de- Under the title of "United In a Engineer A*blliblous uprt Ing an iron lung, ambulance and ,
element. The low Intensity ra- monstrations from the three Free World," the United States Regiment. dirls by men of oxygen tents. & THAN LIFE-SIZirE
dium will supplement a quantity services at the Coco Solo Naval Embassy plans an exhibit fea- the 65hi *iftihireraft Artillery The Air Force which has had r when rftm LIFE-SIZE
of high intensity radium which Station in the morning and the turning photographs and other Group will follow and at 10:00 to curtail all flying demonstra- cr__ smen at thes
is already in use here. Albrook Air Force Base in the af- material dealing with the Pan a.m. a mortar demonstration by tons due to the oil shortage -
ternoon. American Highway, Point Four the Heavy Mortar Company, Ft. will display a B-17 with boat at- '-
The radium needles were or- Trlh public of the Canal Zone activities, the vessel Courier and Kobbe, will take the been. tached.
dered last Fall from the Radium and the Republic of Panama are the work of the United States Dr-
Chemical Company of New York invited to attend the celebrations formation Service. Troops _fr units Involving all a f r RED--
COty. They were shipped from at both posts. Pan Canal will present two 9 services wi participate .i a
and were sent to the Bureau of In this third Armed Forces by 15 foot relief models: one a joint review ceremony, i r "
Standards in Washington, D.C. Day, the slogan "Unity-Strength- project ot the Panama Canal at which Metude will deliver him,.
fbr calibration before being for- Freedom" will be emphasized sea level, the other the Canal as address. A march In review by
Awarded to the Canal Zone. throughout the exhibits, not only it exists today, the troops will close the morpitng
In making the presentation of within the services but also by All line outfits, sections and celebrations.,
the radium Gayl 0. Kellar, Exe- the non-military organizations. departments of the United States
cutive Chairman of the Cancer The Unitd States Embassy Army will present some type of After the everta are over, the
Committee, told the Acting Oov- and the Panama Canal Compa- exhibit. public will ;' able to visit .the Dr. D. F. Reeder, who ham been
ernor that the choice of radium ny, as well as The American Red Two of the highlights will be many static -elhibits prepared associated with medicine in the
had been carefully studied and Cross, The American Legion and a large teleeon screen by the by membe of -the three emrvie- Canal Zone and PanamA ailoa
the low-intensity needles order- the Veterans of Foreign Wars Signal Corps and a display of es. Army hibiU s inclCde dil- 1906, will be the speaker at tht
ed because they will provide the will also present displays. Instruments and maps of the plays by the tsARCARIBS& oot, customary short service held Me.
most modern means of treatment Coco Solo Naval Station will be Inter-Amerlean Geodetic Sur- the 7461t All Sgnal Corps, the moral Day morning at Goras
for certain forms of cancer. open to the public from 9:00 a.m. vey. Disaster. Control Center ll0 the Hospital.
Members of the Cancer Con- to 12:00 a.m., and Albrook Air Atlantic Chaplain. 4Wep-
S mittee's Board of Trustees at- Force Base from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 An amphibious PBM5A plane, ons exhiMta will be presented by The ceremony tradition n a Il y
tended the presentation cere- P.m. a apanese Midget Sub and a the 33rd Infantry Regiment, the takes place at 8 a.m. near the
money. Although Albrook will open its facsimile set will be featured in 45th Reconhaissance Battalin plaque commemorating General
doors at 1100 p.m.. demonstra- the Navy exhibit, as well as dis- and other, line otutfits Vt the Gorgas The plaque is set in the
iIC Co il Give ons will not commence until plays by the Ordnance ad Sup- united teArmy Caribben. wall of the ste leading o
| Proceeds Of ShoWS 65th Antiairc rArtillery Gru pP e d ame o the C1n
wibe turned over to the Balboa l fire quadruple 50 caliber s onandby the Miitary'Amateu model Pe plane and mended- Dr. Reeder came to the Canal
Theater to build a dressing room. using t a onSt atini A will be Zone in 1906. lef than two years
Mrs. Rennie said she regretted planMembers of te 504th Field main fetu atsCo the Air Force owner, oaft a truk were Throat C whh he held to be-
Margaret Rennie, pres- The ROTC cadets from Ba o Displays wl come Chief Sanitary flcer Dr.
that the public had been n- tery Battalion will how their tewh each fed 1thReeder served 1isrie tepwo .50 at
dent formedof the Pacific Cderivied fromun boa Hefficiengh School will then take feared bythe Latin Merie the Bal a trat Court to oin the derrick Clinic, now
eol, announced today tbeen h at the over and pet ent a idrilln p-Xi School, forMatfon Carnd TheUlcdid work InJ both lndUTL"Isautta Panaa sptal.
poceeds of the recent Doreae tion and ten the 3trd Infail bea Command. Guearther, 9, aW unet- r driv-l I
aionPrram as in ce presentatious years t whe33rd Inhfantry te ent again The irt number on the force Reserwithout a cene 1911 iat,

The Civic Council president wh a simlated itle platoon a. gram at 9:00 aim.r cill be an owner, I 1cenre 8pmna, 47, whA
be turned over to the Balboa will fire 60-miiter mortrsi .mended Dr. Reeder for the post ime"t s fPned Aer the 6tlPat

t A ne en, od o sth earnka anod macni gNM en- I r cate of th-
Theater to build a dressing room ., using r drop ammunition. b The loItlg sessi on th-.of Panamanians, the drl ve of Chief of the Eye. Ear, Nose and Iewasased probability of rat-roniiil
Mrs. Rennie said she regretted Members of the 504th Field Ar- event at Coco Solo wl u1 and the -owner, of a truck were Throat Clifec which he held until geqt enlarged ield 9 vi
that the public had been w ill go sin- tillery Battalion will show their minute with a foil ad each fined 10 this morfeitedig In he It e anal Service in 1916 carries two .50
folubrmed that funds derived from efficiency by demonsating hw e by Lt G. lorae the Baioa iratea's Curt, to join the errick Clinic, nowPana-
the shows would have been turn- fast they can get into firing C ous maer-in-Che provided by the river, Juand autista Pana hi o spitl.
ed over to the Summer Recrea-nsition and t tn the rdibbean beanCommand. ue to the court to a fine for drv-
tion Proram as in previous years. try will enter the scene again The first number -of the Pro- ing wl without a license. h nd the1
The Civic Council president with a simulated rifle platoon e dayt- gram at 9:00 am, north ., ill -be an owner, ete Spina, 4Aven, ho
said: tack with tank and machine gu. .. was rkU* with Guevara in his
"A amergtdsuso- oown truckwas fined for ailing
thsA t s metin d t s c e T he Marines from Rodmana-recently n tog- Yesterday, certificate of in-
tuesi to used ve tat 3 p n at was mention d that thth th co on of was driingn i vehicle. d lh- ma m
proceedswould go to the Sum- val Station will pesentpublic was anr tresaing Inathe Lag s Wdw fb oeerhyI 4

clarify the allocration program. Last m mounted drill exhibits at 4:05Balboa Heights. wald C ommissary, a 22-year-olds 2 -
year $315 was donated. pam., and the-find number will be JUaoma ary, Ava,-year-sl
.'rivedome time in the interim, the display of chemical equipment Panamanian, w as dismissed. The was
Sanwaschangedwtand thethe Panabenema andmuboundarynitions b the Chemical fined $1 on haler Road.0.
th-of the proceeds will go to the Office. By Ihwn o KIeold Coroal Bail of $10 was forfeited today
Olubhouse Division instead. A joint retreat and review ce- byin Paralso, Ferera 20,Pan
-"The funds will be used to de- remony with troops of various Water service providedas bethen n Pnmanian who as played t o appear a
fray the cost of constructing a units of the Caribbean Corn- Panama Canal Company to the courtwto fiswer a charge ofi
Mlern-to dressing room at the mand, led by a point ArmyAr suburban ears,of the onof Pa- r suspenson. Andut a cha rgeur's oI-
Balboa Theatre. to be used for Force Band will close the day., nama, north ofbeen ekTuerMuein ra 5 n Ecuadoth of July Avenue. ur
community affairs. a I n c e the Until the demonstrate i 0 ren Road, has recently g- Yesterday, a bus-driver whan six
theatereating 1.300 peole. tart at 3:10 p.m., and as soy brn mented with the completin of ches driving under the speed 1i- ... .
motionpicturesMay th andre overwill last through- a new -iyears nch water malin, it mit was brought into court.

rThe Canal Zone Cancer Cou- condition.
"IT take this oportunitv to mately 4:45 p.m., the public was announced ye wll provde a Ad however the cadrove against Os-
clarify the allocation of funds de- may visit the static ehibts at Balboa Heights of wald Ja l ice e, Nam Godfrey Myers, 28,
rived from the al of tickets for cooperation w the te is new water mthe Cnal nets Panamanian, was dismissed. The
the Dorese Waites' shows, the reservoirs on Engifleers' Hill charge was driving under ten
American Cancer Swith the Panama bo ry in les an hoboundur on Sher Road.
Sper cent o the undsthe vicinity of the old Croal For loitering n Buildng 07
i o mRoad. It supplemented s 'A old in Baralso, Ferdinand Alder, 20,
ie Cw. ter main which l be In Pnamanian, was placed on a
DriveBegins i service many years, connecting year suspension. And a charge
tance for these same points, with connectich of ntoxicatio Wed ne tted CMayiro Mo-14
miThe annual drive to afford trouble has been completed to n ra, 5. EcLOWadorean $10 fine.
ncer campaign will gethunder way breaks have occstaton d n Cor ill 6:57 rom the curb, George *
May 15 and will last through past few years in this dQ Ia* HUill, 2, Panamanian, was fined
May 31. are used a result of its7: detop. 1:00 $5.
m( AThe Canal Zone Cancerd Cor condition.
t late for which is headed by Gli The new line will provide an And because he drove without
Sadddingnl 900,000 gallons of waeath- a tlie td, NamY Sing La Lee A, 22,
v.'rks In cooperation wth th ter peray at the CCadil Zo Panamanian, was fined $5.
American Cancer Society. even- Panama boundary nd a ed. ot, wider front d

percent of the funds collect- ana tio system Itn suburband *don t- B ten 12 of those whose di lya ntdirhockabB
ed here are retained for use in ma Is maintained and opmrted BALBOA TIDES

the Canal Zone as finance Commital by th e Republic of Pnmmaole d't* Wte of bandit Ju- "
might be sent be able to room th Ad- ne now the b eg "completed to a bet- iO t Ltandru. LOW igat-e-rofthecar...m-
minecessary is tratio n Bu t. There wipart mes were pump station tin e looro al PoHe :57 a. m. 12:44 p. m.layngs _ml_, p__i_ _plle on f__dew,l c i
of the funds are used here for coat about s250.000. 7/:12 p. me. 1:09 a. m.
cancer detection ared for public
l Ih dong the calendar year 16 H ll wn e n ToLsrr ie dr A 1o n-
been compiled. 34 deaths in thes 9as d SS earsi n tl

-e-.d w u o i leading cause of heath. or ita bi You get advancreB lithe uo7.' l
p t su acDonations to the fund may .e CAGLIARI. o ardinia, Nay l4l after t was done the secretary mr Rpe ontirnol-- ,w improved l wa
will be appointed for each shop. terious deaths filtered diown to- Snlce ten 12 of those whose dia maailymountadlarshockabseullwaud

It N fro Orgoofl, a towniof 2,000fliim mn- MO-i q the amot no- *'* Ce -fum144". ph. t!e 4-dear,1,u1-
rUd "At centraleardll te-a"of bandits. tai '
gave this version: .satda:.

1. .1h sag u w.rCathedral. n -l l he ;.
InBach na th2 u w spaierd bni od timed
Met tr le starts el b d e d

.'. ." -**";'*.*"..

b k~~*ewwmie~~.i.

.,' .' .



Itsdus I


~ is


*.r a M e r-.. ,.'

^ ^ I B. . .T.,

I T -.


" -t

'^ '




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