The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Rnoie aniTTivrt JAta Poweis. INC.
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Nowsper ei e e -as r Npowbill f for seteorien oe *OHM
I** 11 freon he rweden.


1ttfl6ed, Civillan's claim (Mail ox, MAy 10) 1 esorlfec
tthe AFPR" is for the men and women in the services,
l 1like to ask a few questions.
t, why were the ball games taken off the air till B p.m.
Oh yes, I read that the broadcasts would distract service
A trom their work. What a laugh.
1 It must have meant enlisted personnel only would be dis
~4 ied because Just go out to the golf courses tentnia court
lobwmming pools In the afternoon and see who's there.
ond, why Is It that we get the game about the fourth
and then sometimes it is cut off with the excuse o
IpA tlng difficulties"?
ese difficulties seem to have no effect on some of thi
programs that follow.
s, but not least, why can't they keep the air clear, with
Ing two or three other stations on when the baseball
a are on the air.
see. Satisfied Citizen, things could be a lot better, bu
says that's the way it is to be, so the men and. womer
i choice.
fBseball Fan.

ae d a farewell party the other evening with one of our
for two swell fellows that aft letting tin Maintenance
arty was a huge success add abov all we believe It
the morale of the former Muficipal Division employes.
ere's hoping that it will not be toO long until we can ali
other again and celebrate "The farewell of all farewell
Two Bits.


Some Peter Mike IMail Box, May 0) you know so much
abling by women's bachelor quarters In Paralso?
yo lot .35 lat week.
lay ord salt. Play dice games In my quarters but
1you 1ngters on the knees gambling sad
B I iga~lg-language.
rBaW oi*c Ci Be uen and
o- ers to take caution with the sons?
tsa l the poUee station to send the green hornet Ca-
ele take thee praying youngsters to see the judge,
poi n that you want to do your good citizen
Sth e what happens with these boys?
.l, t you tre happy with the games when you
but now the fruit is sour you change your shoe to
ywav Peter Mike remember that Ome 0A *h e ~
la the house by the womell ha'bild*t' U hI e-I
tepr public gamblers to me iand'pity.
What happen mhen the aol=It policeman .fomh in11 18 area
around and ays: "Get hmovig boys, yW dob t haVe
to be here"? '
lahybe you would be the fir t one to say th. government
does not have a right to (d it, he always piceLon us peo-
Tou say "Who runs Paramit'? Maybe you don't know, Peter,
ltnobody runs a town moe than the people who live thete
-Who do you help run the 4own Peter Mike? The Govern-
people, who ate trying to help us live bEter, or the par-
Must be the Sparrows, because .1 you bad helped the Got-
mnt people, the Sparrows ad other trash would not hang
miud so much and the younoater would not be gambliag
SLWy not wake up Peter Mike and make the town gelW and
a by doing your part.


1 has been said and written about the air planes flying
to get to or away from Albrook Field.
!h of U hat been due to e schools being right In tOe
opinion on this is that there should be a mass hanging
liOd brains that were on the "hill" and allowed the build-
these school buildings In the location that they are In.
ry ar they pay. a fat salary to a safety engineer
r. don't get me wrong. I am not blaming the present
tration. The fellows that were responsible for this haWe
Slog gone.
we Still have a safety engineer and. I believe, an Sd-
iLtof and I have a problem that they could no doubt do
UK about.
BE if the civic eouneil took the master up the aest
way the problem contains to the flying of the Navy'#
ovr Margarlta all day long and some times half
StIs a continuous danger to the lives of men, women
fren that live or happen to be In Margarita.
Ruse planes do In fly In circles and practice landings.
water and are in the air again to make another circle.
i a tllmes wonders It they ever manage to get out of
W" and If they do, do they find their way back.
Ia"qn Isn't too bid with them just flying over to land.
Ml e wind has changed and they are taking off
S r-town.. With the motors straining like they do,
baw the house we live in does not get s Iw
Iam iS a Zone peon and-have not had six yeam in
iIM.t to t a with the public, but its i
~i&i wt fl f aroutrin the oth di-
AtS Oftt eMomunatIb altogether.
'Si &M WWat will be that the
V6 t to"tit in ad I t ll im.
J.- IiI _ii I kii

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" -HAi One Red


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Labor News

By Victor uiesel
Crime doesn't pay -t 1I In-
come taxes.
This being true now as it wau
In the sudden-death days of the
late and unlamented &6arfAC
Al. the Justice Dept. has de-
cided to give th "-odern mugs,
who've made m =lan In labor
. rackets and hidden terrbr, the
M. Capone Income tal evasion
J tSlowly, but methodically, the
Justice Department's Criminal
Division Is surrounding the
mobs who've invaded industry
s' with big money investments In
'respectable" businesses.
Special agents of Criminal
Division chief Jim Jfelner-
ney have fust returned to
Washingtoftn front spot
checks and oot the
same kina of experts who
t, clipped Caponse toi fl f %-
I vestigating the bO0ks of
hundreds of manufsatdring
* plants in f ities f/rm feto
York to the Oho border.
I/ the laber .raokff reach
into Chicago, Detroft end as
, for west as Los Af eles -
especialll in the muWfl-bil-
h lion dollar garnlAM and
trucking industries the
pe hawk-eyed Pederal u nm-
e iners will simple lnket
the country. .
They'll look for hidden ex-
penses, pay-offs and camou-
t flagged profits.
n They'll poke their pencils In-
to payoffs for "proeetion."
And then they double back
on the mob. tseuelvs to
check on the perIonai inele
taxes of those who pocketed the
folding stuff and developed
galloping amnesia aMound March
The stuff Is taxable no mat-
ter from whence it comes -
S and the Crimitnal Division will
take a dim view of failure to
report this Income.
l .... There is no doubt that
a "survey" will reach into the
biggest money in literally thou-
sands of legitimate businesses
lit t!e thought of by the public
as mob territory.
There's been so much
bugle blowing about crime
on the waterfront that the
really big mobs which
reach into th Mhighest po-
litical circles have been
delighted with the dock-
side "e posures ." 2' he
stories hav efha itthA par
that the .n1 m at Jeu '-
the piers.
money is In the ear=enet
and trucking ftl. .
That's ezact.y where the gov.,
hinment wdillnow conceatrite1!
Chief difficulty will beItl
cooperation out of
labor leaders who just do.
t many of the Pderal D.Akg
r regional pollem chiefs
In sotie eitled, for extm pb5
I is an Open secret that flay
Of the men who a0begedu Ca
Dane and his enforcers i.
With em Je violence 1 In
Subtlety, reach eten nto
@eraj Judiciary.
These labor leaders ane
uver probes touched o
Which ge left smoke
OUt of the big blankets
eO the1rM by y federal Prust
Ia attorneys in m any e a
Thi, despite the efforts
ItVr up men now more
wart1 n than Capone or p^ r
Co-1eo Over Were in
by, Private and state il
ghtions are ready to rip
=001Wide open.
aS the.tJuatStee Dept. new
eft With a race to k# e0
to from new Scandals. .
.for hi anted, for ea a
St there Is full and comN
detailed knowledge of
mob operations In the handle
he York state lnvestiga
fo right

~o~r-~ pollce wil break
staI. ,an loseh feo must
Roae of this ias se-ret fr,

0ge .sh7e i a mnt h I

.... years his mea.
t6 nd much of tlhi
Ifsr's labor In geneastl ,ma
Mteuhr and the au"
'i IUrtleular.
i war In Detroit late
* oir, the padron,'s Ilug.-
WWW *~e Mar.eta for plaeticlng
w1mwphem on auto work-
wg lik. o _

I u

Lead Story


HOUSTON, Tex.-41Murdr is not generally re- socials. I do not wish to die over the relative sits laha thty were.- U ISk tfAMni hI btI
gArded u a pao Volat pastime but in this par- merits of a box lunch. I'&i Bin19 but ws4h nit If he
Ucular cty. it Is .atl an offshoot of a natural Just why this free-style murder ia more pecu- M bowed at
exuberance which might almost classify killing liar to Hougton than other towns has been a Dit mted.Don 06.16, khn 1niatre
as a sport. mystery to the sociologiste. since Houston is a iI fauver dol he
Certainly from a standpoint of news it Is as pretty suave city In many respectS. You eacan ci te
thriving a business i conitruotiofa, cattle or oil. generally have more cp trouble over a itraffle In bk
I have a Angle tfraft-page in front of me. ticket than a corpus delctl.
There Is no reference on it to the double ur- Nobody seems to be able" to. *plain the wa.
der of the day before, In which a dMenchanLed penchant of the Houstonian for outing, with his
spouse goed his ever loving bride and then bawg-leg and blasting a little daylight into t
remove ftM all pM of prosecu- finrmfled. or drunken companion. tri-
tiob. Vick- pteMnt In charge 1of murder for my
ot. *bere t0 a-b 1 4-l I Tu A'kAll Sg. outlet fte l M er
e m'ttof & t Ims .. ea.., :. i l^_ w pwue ta, &AWillin -, .ii4tl&II|P
Mhot It out M a a ge.tts an. whoe, 64dMs, "rt o hoot peop m =O ad that they t
appeared When te oun began to tff. Jumt flalmt OvY In ethIe 156eet," says, t'
.."A WIll cal-th e o and tel 'em to ..g -s
On the same page the banner Sit KWOon come around, because h be Just ragged his
widow killed pbi se st stol," andr h e best frMead, "mad when they ak him why, he tit ... =ays "Mant, 6, P Anot to b"7' can't remember what the N & Mid to annoy e 62. .
tls what is called rottsne hews ta I e ty i hi. It may have beet o mple e Wht thePresident
that a JudPe once called "th4 muardw pNtal of a cuss-word, but the iMtai Wt agkyn ca't?
the World." remember and the old bo S fl etM hadn't
Therl it no beyond day story on a i aler oare less."
here because there la always at bttr 1ri er Thi is ts town where the tn-a youths of t, sne letB tlt llRtOa e H em w h ha i b a
story for ood. good family keep a .t46 le In compart- u itm -
A dity ca hcia e t so much vidlenge. ? iment of their convertibles, # Is not eumg- t Lr ..
terday i 'or E h tAhm kifes Wither biftil the gerating or making figitra, Ie 0ttlIa'-
fteri fruit of t0ty' gunfire. gan to n as mch a part 41 f equipment a, ai at o
h asthe windshield wiper. .. hief nf the T tittl dvilDn
Tuef is a fine and lusty state, but I Mtir There is seldom a sec 4a s a whether oh mim tobe att
I wpsurpretEd to dlsoAet that the od te. der herI The reason L tM tlie tosyn- IA n chaupof e
"Ius on gunplay wAs still in In teris abut it. I t na n
it it dd with ly th id, IW o "This s such a vibrant v pnH- to
v ta ken it over. dent In charge of sudden poi artl- o,
Oit of one days I expect we W t"re fVe just got to be doing t tumb." tuat 'toldlhim
$o recruit some It Mt trterefi to man f 1 ft (Cpteyret sm ont.Ma
I theb YT.k.o visitors to atmnd by United is1

tkM* a i -- at be never abo"lt
Behind Thew Korean CrisiWs a e

'i a" ,h um n

Sof the". r 6enably dest 6t Iii s t -eto In ur to erIon1er so
m tf i 98M that A Im rft i% I S M.
Either of the dIy or anigt. t a now may be o. i l
or hidden under Ih tn to t three years, 4 0 Vp e4n b S divion, is about So "
.feift tha. .h I *t ,t M thrneUon may be m tllat.f SP. SK,, tj .,
a, ~mpie, the matter of theW (ah tW i tn to four years, ue si .igNw"tt l b le to
United States Whtieh I l st Iwoeve atl air defense. 2Mttbr Ihals A .i
Sirt dease so htb tbft iee aed one othe e s9
lal i. it aea taftas o O t
tg. tdo be la ANI"-Me.-- -,,

I^ "W A yoft o lietwo to 0 o 1 0 .. ,
kA. aof .. .
eL. a,... ,nt-M-M
for rFA

a IUDes A

[via .. ..

ofIt p hfetl -toa .a -
veftf f ht. hei~otfttt afef l~tpty Mig^



~-c --, *- -

*-i .A.-


- w. .. .-- .-.. --
,, ': --" :.-h- .% "



I. ** ,

.... Z :-" +-a a I


w .P .

,: '


*1 r'-~* '1
-. I' -. -

;4. ~)~77t

'*Fr -'-'

-:~ ,.t
K4(c. 7 -

* -


rt 7d0. ,A
att .tVo l t

n rb6; lear.a ig

Fjt~s 1w wll i Malk$it 1 home.

a -

May 1 (U An offt.h thei
Corp. tntified today ta f h
McCarthy (t-Wis.) took the ilnIt
S16mny to buy his hooUinS i10,06W
frmer preiideit of the tunC u,
n irmi told the Ii'ki- Ew-
Sis dientory on the devils of

ition by
ig, Jt, .n io. andl ifa_
id Me. "*W li ('biI l n F=f
en the H n A'en e)
Sthe coe...
In oblJectin to- Mrti M-
fi.tele- Carthy's dtflcult u delag 4
whichh subcommittee members a a i
.nted that McCarthy's I dbtedGaW
he had no. bearing on the proprdl*y
F of his Lustron deal.
rthy'si _"All of ua are In pienarl'to
e~~~~~~ corn .nna taznbacsnaa

J1a Dom- is fneal straightsWeisocelsna
or a oP HeftPings sai& "Th fi~t**
ousin'tatg ,4 mn hasn nite 'or 13A'
,oney Ua Ino point In is effotam
Igto obtalh money.
.. .t o ,al- Sen. Robert C. mdlsctan
flttof (R-N. J.) said he tWI to aeet
Sedetor. "asme evidence of wrong-dolnt
bebefore we go into, 'itm- n's prtd-
t 1a. ate financial fat ."
I The testimony it
try's tax affuirn..*f
th 5115 0 i 3 te rswere Stanley S. P aher 't
m M InMda .Investigautor. He ,
re Mads )to save ator bad to pay
Income On hill148
th 1948 In; taix when he wa. -
7 article midkn to coimC
Soe mbut r l. The paytmet aIs g, w
I Paaq lig f d $Mr 4theclaim. ipang R ,the
'4bout gnt
...a-. jtht a pt h -is ar:
tase..or ool ha bi-
i:i 1 with thatf famous I enterps Ma t b hart. hwilltn
'6 t troop a number eof.,%"
."iase aldn will be held .h latod ad mone twiftOT I
30 P.M. at the rthe Cmait Pasy X W.t
rational may e e C iin i 1 1-
-- e ili6_li ot mlltrl Mrs. Pn-JM*Eiitddi tl oificeveelgptilu _him. He SWll
bea Mrs. Pn- tosecure a Reds want him oasted Ite
..; Mrs. Both..dfrom the kante bees_.e-
M and Mrs. m~~omanlst in gveinmeP
Sthat esapsiNSn.
Party In At Its opening sesqIW
Ott7A IU l-to-s p ual- mbunittee; went tw.defl
jr Arthis a a,:M'em r etrh tsax resords
i oftjAbe Canal zone Weh *baiBa t,- finnual tramatfM
S00Pen w" o-h !mcarthy himself wau adp
fix.khaf wime
in di ad ao sm p. McConfo, r

w~betlitoentsp welt 7a 380W
h I4 'teaUt e 1it. with O atgenerala
Eupo snt. sorbn a.W.afoe thegPip.t b Seatr smtatkeifs t
BT afal agil81W.-Will. open terl, 10 rhtY. belirt WN w IV~g
Labout .0 month when S
btS .Wo. Pr s a tw g the ,rthy. Th ,
ne no 4la c entIt8leduon *

ca." Mr. d cocdd/ ~ ~ 1EV Wic Itm~ ai.#
oai aman M.asb ou ,a.

d, alln for i th e -

a,'that. Unaint f I S. f m a lla
io EA dadun he. w b IsnameWORM m

AWilla be fifty nentsoperhtod. .ld .re l .

-80nhhnrest weightatdhthe1hom foorM U
iA "t. Weite ld '5 fromeA aid.n "aithr 2la_1-A W e ,
Of Marg ..1.7NS5;galsn eowrittenrbtii part .im ...r-

h...i i rwr- LUby Sentor MeAoI* 0stIn
Of tatheVkI wo km v- fan ofthel3610a na o
Me oWars Amxay;nf a on husin."aW hi
90 9 Pr yoee s ar e s to A*on6r- so-* ft
*1 op Mow" Iheg homeword rX
ot ZR-19' t7midy o)bhin&$*. i V ,"commented !*qlP, etllatdrM

itsirlie e os, 101-A Wat ey
An olan a" Of omerON 2 have8 pD. UX TH M'9'
aU Mr s. d conceded .1 b* -" stK b a
..hi it t6 on m][i- t'!iWesteafeld 83-5 1fMN! j:..lo ny Other 801.bI= 1i 4.609k"0 iDback
A hch ai m a n

tweis oois a word!, tfor Ion .ri mpwn

,.a The Womens A .-es -44. th- s, e' 1 -
l ll I t / l.... f ':; ." .... : ... .. iWW

r =


Shinf r i


., '. .
I" ,,. 4* ..

dlah said thpt StrandluId
'"ltltiated he had Ptor
Itflre within the aet i
tio and in Conltress."
rh opening the hating oha
mw Ouy M. OGflette D-lU.)
oeled that carry no b
ad we are lo to do oar J
od that bus."
. He ut McCarthy's letters d
nolanohg the subcommittee. I
*.l life record and comment
S they "do not ma .4
:1l1 qller."
ienton who is not a memtb
M with the subeemmittee a
weed into the record a letter
f last October eus
She investigation lft
tWe y's activities prior
election to the Benale





ThAre. er ne,
the Unity a d s
and their m iM .
continue e Jn

L L .,,
n. Cemtu&nAM"




Sit!. diew


Clothe ,wash whiter
-l laM xourr

S21 t$ em r
2* A f- 0

r. m .. .. i :

I I- '

7,'" W-
- *^

.I .


i .. -

.. (ren I to il pin.)in
OnfUAT .
and V





This Is Armed F'aw Day-a day on which
every Ameriom itie upelal priden hi p '
ing, onoe agn, wtltmon. o..onfMiden. ...h i
the faith-filled emdeves o f they who serve
for is fin unity aMdaeTreSg*.

It Is In this way at ** show .th* I BM
hertleft uppot b-e t'. thien In wht sav
".ommon om" fi r -au e 1" :M ..
"t- a .. .

I A.

*a6 as a
.i i

1tt A


I' '

mi -PA- N ..AMA AM

Sand Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals and [
J-' -' NOR M-


*:., -.' ;:- 4 ,w
., --

upping & Airline News UNITED FRUIT AC
maicain Stowaways discovered that there were Gre.t V F'lc
on British Ship five Jamaican stowaways aboard
en the P and T Pathfinder The British ship was en route to
in Cristobal yesterday it the West Coast from Kingston.; New Orl s ers Vicer ,
W. Andrews and Company. the, s Innr Sko-
d ~ship's agent. sald that the stow- *S.s. Chg riqul ......................... .
W S.S.Ciriqi..................
I3 aways would be repatriated by .*s.. Quiriru .........................
air Friday to Jamaica The ship
US- Rat Sc ol transited the Canal late last *Ha.dlCb Merirated Chilled and General ii,
iUS-Rale School* nlht a G .
Amuiyel va Paul Sullivan in U.S. New'Vork Service 8 AND
'3ppUVv For Short Business Trip S.S. Veragu ...........................
',sl h Paul Sullivan of the Sullivan S.S. Cibao ...................................
A new salary schedule for Agencles left a few days ago for S.8. Cape Ann ...............................
.%eaCebers In the Canal Zone U.S.- San Diego. California. on a busi- S.S. Jamaica ................................. PARTY W'
ate schools has been approved, ness trip. He is expected back by1I S.s. Cape Avinof ............................. WiT, LDA
.1n principle, by Governor New- Saturday LT
foler. It was announced yester-: Weekly Safiag to Now Ver., Mobile. Charleston. Ln Atlh'liM
.-ay fAt Balboa Heights. ,85 Is Fran sco and snite.
SAlplication of the schedule. request freinih ai'Ias Irom Crilsthal to Wit W N
t.%, will be subject to the; cer-ual Amearican ports.
yatbillty of funds.
Under the new schedule.which
the.same as that used for Crist6bal to New Orleans via Sab om
teachers with bachelor's and JACOnY ON IDG Tela. Honduras
iaiter's degrees in the Washing- -______osonn-AWNP_... .
.m'S D.C. schools, teachers will BY OSWALD JACOBY S.S. Quirina ............................. ,,
'41e aid on the basis of their: S.S.hiriqui,.. .. ... ...,. .. '..
.ranffng ratHer than on their as- Written for NEA Service S.S. airiu........................... T
gr"nent'. (Passenger Service Only)
e A teacher holding a master's NORTH Is TL NES ... .
n degrje and teaching In the ele-. AAQ1093 CRISTOBAL 3181 PANAMA I-34 -- MhN 0
Snientary schools, for instance.VI 104 ,l 811T oP -
will be paid at the same rate as! 10954
-. teacher holding a master's de- A *A7
V ree but teaching In the high WEST EAST
| cbool or the Junior College. 46J IK6
A ,ts per cent differential will ,J 73 A8652
-be applied to the basic salaries. K Q 87 62 IMNCORPORATD BM ROfAL C IAR .
The plan. as approved would 4,10984 46532
1L teq the 195 classroom teachersI 80UTS O D)
the U S.-rate schools on the 67542
hmi l nton s alar schedule fby. V Q FAST FREIMT AND PASSENGER SERVICES
date increases for those KQJ BETWEEN EUROPE AND WEST COAST
S 'in the maximum rates Io" North-South vul. OF SOUTH AMERICA
'grades. South West North East
These immediate increase I NT. Pass 3N.T. Pass TO COLOMBIA, ECUADOR, PERU AND CONIL.
Sbe reflected in salaries pa V. "SAMANCO ................................ l th
t the beg ning of the, Opening 10 S.. "KENUTAN .. ................................. M
OLM year next september as
hers are pal on a nine- .-- -- TO UNITED KINGDOM VIA CARTkGENA, KINGSTON,
es of the Teach- When today's hand was played HAVANA, NASSAU, BERMUDA, CORUNA,
o ere Informed late in the recent Life Master Indi- SANTANDER and LA PALLICE MOOTS AND HER I
of t new salary tschei Dr .dual Championship, some of M V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 tons)........May 31at
ring meeting with r. the experts managed to lose their .-wa. -* --
nson. superinten- 'contract of three no-trump. The TO UNITED KINGDOM DIRECT "B.0L" .t'
t of hools Division. iaverpge player will find it diffi-
Irult to believe this, since the M.V. "FLAMENCO" ........... ............May 13th
|hand is practically cold for nine M.V. "SALAVERRY" ..............................May 13th .
tricks What's more. it's very ROYAL MAIL LINES LTD./HOLLAND AMERICA LINE
lhard to blamee the poor fellows
who clubbed the hand. TO NORTH PACIFIC PORTS
WW t, M V. "DUIVENDYK" .............................May 18th
The ten of clubs was led at M.V. "DRINA" ...................................May 18th
practically every table. Declarer
won in his or. n hand and flness- TO UK/CONTINENT' -,
'ed the queen of spades. losing to
i East's king. East returned a club M.V. "LOCH RYAN" ..............................May 13th'
to dummy's ace. and dummy laid M.V. *DONOGDYK" .............................May 9Sth
Down the ace of spades, discover. All sailhuas subject to Wchsange withll s'e.
1BbIng that the suit was now solid.
wn e ( i e. a PACIFIC STEAM NAVIGATN CO.. Crlst6bal M. 1654/5
What now' How should South
continue with the hand In order FORD CO. INC. A-e- M B Tel. -
SU I 1 6 to make the I a r g e s t possible, AlbMO--Term. Bir Tel, 29-16
ii."ugdIIg i .M.uzk number of tricks?
open" f conmfo It should be remembered 'that tried another diamond finesse, played low, Karpin played the
this was a match-point tourna- hoping to win three tricks In the king from his hand, and West
ment. It was Important to make suit. played low.
the maximum on each hand. In Instead. Weit won the second Now Karpin ran the rest of
this type of contest extra tricks diamond with the king. cashed a dummy's spades, discarding a 4
are just, as important as making club and then set the contract by diamond from his hand'. He*con- b
the contract. leading a heart to East's ace. tinued by leading another heart
-h AV. The proper line of play was to. from dummy on the assumption .
74 th r. Some of the experts decided to go after the hearts Instead of the that East had the ace. This line
wsi s St.N E W go after the diamonds. They took diamonds. When Fred Karpin, of of play broulgst in four spades, O fl
AtMi l ATM O UM one diamond finesse, losing to Washington. D. C., played the two hearts, a diamond, and three
4m1pt1Is. *.aM isa .i-m West's queen, and West led a hand, he tried out the spades In clubs, so that Karpin made his
third round of clubs. Now South the normal way but then led the extra trick without ever serious-
got to dummy with a spade and ten of hearts from dummy. East ly'endangering the contract.

; WELKIN. Planteer
IC'E"CKMA t OK. WATER 1ILo." ,' .. .
. EWLOW W0V To MPOFUTWi t- "'" ''



Man With Steam



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IIAvi Tuifl RwIU r *il*' LUCK,
THE~rBAM~pil&MCW4c --i..,

Dark Viotory


ut1 megaPw): t1.gaL*MM'
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Sat the MMB ims SEs .

hadst. ; t)t ftrje, the Tot-
hI adu favorMe T1he ot
lto ona]quet
*SUn flitsSaua w ws



IH.S. Notes
By Ann Mmv

*dto rfl-men

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IA 111

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I a- to
"W/" U
Ur M

' Lkums

I I -i
IS~ 1a4
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as m oten orfoo-m.i.,,_i a
t.lwwuvvr, Xcan imprem swthlmulou.
imlwt hmow important theirUm JIi M la
tftd al- Wie in your dcietealM.
g S5,- Arnold Mau g1 B4 Vrmn
$be. platoon who a e1 Friday.
L lr and review ano thud



Maeybhw. MMara Th
l osoupet again. Hope y ime.


S- wA--


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orU,- *N...-"'

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L71-.. -"
Cd7 .. ,1*

) 3- U.S. TreaBMa a
Trnm, real s ats o* flh-4
Om Win- worth-for l "o Gaew
MW as- o t"
amwr ias mw teal Sm
* haahave-,er
TOa aM 1nted. as
an *0 d9s a b
oegats baste m eg
rn-f te pae .



$ ni1r. ti aia d M

aso Bm a i Ww bw an-etf

IR ea m it0 Jasea o Ma


.9. -


to yow

T*l list of the w ltuen of thit yer'I
*a twak. T on thle Il a ti*
S it who receive the v
W h a~~b nK Wor of 0 a M4Md, M
.. awo 1o contanune. coseb
llkhas been a heavynortsflchsef

a aeeend plU.

TI nowiJ



ta: 5*15g wmafl
C-a-se th, #qr Aig
and on J3U fl it

ft. MwbQ TItNT

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to O.m


* I e'M ST* C T 5
* Jnqht Soo


M' w oCOd
~co -n C


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*r. f.'.:, .;.



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w o ,m w nss ac


".. : .

b e-atl
An- pmd

-.m4 ^..

*.- I ..

--a-.. .. ...

-- -

You cSi 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. ClasilSdl j

I #ave your Ad

with one of our Agents or our Offices iL No. 57 "H" Street Panaua
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

Lewis Service
r4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2281. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-9441

Sal6n de Belleza Amnericano
*55 West 12th Street

Carlton Drug Store
10.059 Meleisdez Ave.-Phone S i ol6n

Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones Propaganda, S.A. *
#3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 "H" Street corner Estudlante St.
Phones 2-2214 and 2-279B

" ini.. mum for 12 words
each additional word

S *. A


* #11

*i *' i

Ill -.- "--il

Ho.mIhoedl Antomn ilern
COR SALE --Serel electric reirnger- Service Personnel and C;vlion
ator, 13 cu ft 25 nr 61) cNcle or Government Employes
gas ver., goo,1 condition H'.uiei on
90-A. New Cristobal. Phone 3- Government Employes Finance Co.
1194 alter '4 30 p. rn When you finance your new
or used car.
FOR SALE -Quartermaster dressed' AGENCY DEHLINGER
with mirror 1I 4 00D Quarlermos No. 43 Automobile Row
er dresser w.rhout mirror. i$ 00 Phone 3-4984 3-4985
Bathroom tc.ol. $1 50 3 kitchen
chairs, each $2 00 Quarterma-terI The biggest used car sole in the
couch w ,, 3 pillows and rcoer history of Panama. All makes, all
525 00 Maple I.ingrocm set .on-! models, all prices.
S;sting of sota. li.ngroom cha.r SMOOT & PAREDES
rocking choar table. sm-oking Your Buick. Chevrolet Dealer_
stind. ?5.01', House 0 8 5 "7 For selling or buying ,our nEt outO
Oleonder Place. Balboa Phone see Agencias Cosmos. on Auto-
1603. Balboa or 82-5I16 mobile Row 29. We also sell
FOR SALE -8 p.ece solid mahogar., T GUARANTEED Used Tires and
d.n.ngorom suite 25 ,ycle re-'rger-" Tubes Tel: Panama ,--4,71, Sa-
ator washer and parts and msc turdays. open all day.'
article,' 78:.-B Tavern.11a Balboa. FOR SALE -1950 Buickl Super P.-
Phone 2-3.16 viera. R/H Dynallow. 4 USi RosolI
Masters Call 86-3145 See at 62-
WANTED B. Albro.,k .k_
llneone The biggest used car sole in tl
history of Panoma. All makes, all
ANTED BY MERICAN FAMILY models, all prices.
unfurnished h'use, 3 or 4 bea- SMOOT & PAREDES
rooryr prefeIbly with spacious Your Buick. Chevrolet Dealer
gardenn El n Seibert. American FOR SSLE-- 1946 W.i,s Staror,
Em 3- ___ ____- Wagon. Excellent Pea-
WANTED -"econd hand coa. Must sonoble price. Serico de Miovires
have sold aod, Priced from $200 i S5 A Telephone 2-I'146
00 to $50 000. Phne 2-4225.-
Balboa/ __ ____ !FOR SALE--1951 Ford '..,:oria Ra-
"~T O1f r dio WSW tires. two-tone blue.
POSI n Ottered 0428-A. Fraogani St.. Ancon.__
WANTED -Young lady with o no,- FOR SALE-1949 Buick Super Conv.
ledge of Englsh-Span,h ser- Lghtgray, red leather upholstery.
graphv Apol, Casa Central" No.I white side walls new. 18.565 miles.
9126 Bolrar. fatoing Post Oftic This car is like new. Priced low for
Colon quick sale.
Help Wanted FOR SALE- 1952 Singer Sport
Roadster, just breaking it in, must
FOR SALE'-Experienced maiod with sell Coall 4-339 4 7 p m
excellent reference. For housewor I FOR SALE:-1949 Packard Sedan.
laundry, cooking. Call after P p radio, white wall tires. leather up-
m. 742-A. Enterprise Balboa. holstery. 12.000 miles. This car
WANTED:-Expert Cook. female ri is like new.
male Do not apply if no eper- SMOOT & PAREDES
enced Bring references Hotell FOR SALE--1947 Chevrolet 4 door.
Roosevelt. perfect condition. Will accept
trode for another No. 27 East
46th Street Apt 12.
ZJC Lists Names "'-
FOR SALE:-1951 Morris Convert-
ftf D r an, ~ ible. A real bargain at $845.00.
Of Padiicipanils _.SMOOT & PAREDES
S 0 er w ToFOR SALE'-1948 Packard De Luxe
in ConcerTo orrow Sedan. equipped with electroma-
thc clutch, overdrive. rdio adnd
I other extras. Best offer over $1.-
INames of participants In thel 075 00 accepted 24 months to
College-Community chorus con- pa. Trde in accepted. Call F
cert to be given tomorrow niaht Kobbe 2 186
In th lhikb... 1r t -tlpf .iks Thl I1L _"Hi_

in ell llUnrriV Uoi aIUUa anhll
School building have been re-'
leased by Dean R. C. Hackett of,
the Canal Zone Junior College.
The program is the observance'
of National and International,
Music Week. Admission is free.
Sopranos in the chorus are'
Marzaret McCubbin. N e I Iree
nilth, Ruth Daniel. Laura Cran-,
shaw, Phvllis Zipperer. Annie
Nicolson. Olga Stanzlola. Carmen
Rosa Recuero Markela Perez. A-:
na Sierra Barbara Dennison.
Evelyn Light and Wilma Hidal-

FOR SALE -1942 Buick 4 door se-
dan. Perfect condition, radio, ex-
cellent upholstery. Loas Sobanos,
101. Panama.
The biggest used car sole In the
history of Panama. All makes, all
models, all prices.
Your Buick. Chevrolet Dealer
FOR SALE -Truck GMC 6 x 6 with
10 .,res Tel 2-4624
FCR SALE 1942 Oldsmobile. 4
door sedan Hvdromotic. $300.00.
R-12-C Rousseau, after working

i hours
Those in the alto section arc:
Dorothy Broadbent Barbara Mil- 'J
lard. Elizabeth Carrlneton. Eve- 'July 4th' Group
lyn Branstetter Dorothv Webb. 4h Group
Blodwen Turbyfill Mar. Oilles- Plans 'Owl' Shows
pie, Natalie Goodspeed. Jovce
Dugas. Marjorle Price and Kath-, To Raise Funds
TV" niniea-moeTR isF nd

* Jll UlL.Cias..U1 r i
As a painless method of rats-
Tenors: William Donohoe. Al- n funds for the Pacific Side
tBander McKeown. Alexander.,Independence Day celebration
.Bernsen. William H Alien. P. E. this year, Messrs M. E. Walker
Rodriguez and James Raymond. and W B. Mallory. Co-Chairmen
Balm: Jim Orvis. Winston!of the Committee. have an-
Webb. Albert Daniel. Homer Car-' bounced a series of five "owl
Sr. Steen Stroud. Ed Wllson.Ishows' at Diablo Theater. Ad-
aul Strauss Rel Reckenclorf, mission will be 35c. per person.
Anton Pederson. Kenneth Mil-:
lard. Thomas Johnson. William: The first picture In the series
Stevenson, William Quinn and will be the horror film titled "The
Robert Smith 'Mummy's Tomb one show only
beginning at 10.30p m. on Fri-
day night Boris Karloff plays
the part of the Mummy and
those who have seen previous
pictures of the Mummy and his
friendish plots and actions know
'Ithat they are In for plenty of
-- ^ chills and thrills.
Other feature films to be
U shown at owl shows to be held
i at the DIablo Theater on .conse-
,cutlve Friday nights include:
"Somewhere In the Night." with
John Hodlak and Nancy Guild:
"Shock," with Vincent Price and
Lynn Bari "Mask of Dilitrios."
STwo things slow up a woman- with Sydney Greenstrwt pnd
miskng up her faceond her mmd. Peter Lorre. "Framed." with
Glenn Ford and Jania Carter.



PRICE TODAY... $1495.
To be reduced $2&. daily until sold.

p aNk siam Doer


Do you have a drinking problem? Phllips. 3MDami a b. Msnt PROFESSIONAL
Write Alcoholics Amonymous. Box Clara. BaOm 435. Plboo. n e
2031 Ancon, C. Z. Panama 3-1821, CriesIbel .1673 WE TOLD YOU SO I THTS QUADRUPLE-MOUNTED CAt .50 MACHINE GUN
TAVEL OPPORTUNITY: Enjoy Grmlich's Santa Clara beach- And now rom the arsenal of the 65th AAA group, Fort Clayton, will
Noui vacation In cool Costa Rico. cottages. Electric lee boxes, gas
Fly LCSA. PAA affiliate, only stoves, moderate rates. Telephone READERS DIGEST Armed Forces Day. Two weapons oftil type will fire blank
ammunition at a rad o controlled target plane which will at-
1~5 00 round trip. Inquire Pan- 6-441 or 4-567. fells you what a wonderful mulate strafing runs over the field in full view of the specta-
ama Dispatch. Tel. 2-1655, across Foster's furnished cottages, half mil Insecticide CiLORDANE is tors. Other displays and demonstrations by the Army, Navy,
from Ancon bus-stop. __beyond Santa Clara. Gas refriger- and Air Force will highlight the theme of the day "Unity,
SPOT REDUCING: Reduce waist- arors. ranges. Special rates week- in the April issue. Strength and Freedom."
Ine. hips, legs, quickly and safe- ly or monthly, private rood to (It's the Killer in Real Kill) (U.S. Army photo)
I without exercise or diet Call 83- beach For information visit Dag- Buy it in the agricultural '* *
52-15 for appointment for free mar, Tivoli Avenue No. 6, or phone grade for your farm
tral treatment. Panama 2-0170. or garden.
FOR SALE months vacation or for holiday GEO. F. NOVEY, INC. Will Sho Skllf
and entertaining). Our completely 279 Central Ave. Tel. 3-01490
-1 1 gMiseelaneousI furnished ocean view Santa Clara W Sh, il
FOP. SALE.-Packard Sedan 1'937. beach home: 3 bedrooms, 2 bath.
res almost new runs good. $125 rooms, modern kitchen, children's w fcers
00. Also have 25 cycle frger- play ground, swimming pool, horses, A LUX
r $75s and typewr ,er$1g5. Very reasonable. During our ab- The 33rdAnnual Convention of
ouse 4 -B tun or call 5 sence in the States. Phone SHRAP- VENETIAN On Armed Forces Day-Satur- the American Legion Department
Houe tun or call 5-65 NEL. Balbo' 2820. day-the 65th Antiaircraft Artil- of the Panama Canal Zone was
FOR SALE Notional Selectolel. BLINDS lery Group of Fort Clayton, in held on Saturday and Sunday at
SOJ-3, Electrovoice speech clioper FOR RENT cooperation with the Air Force Margarita.
Meissner phase modularor, 25 cecle '* Immediate Navy and otherArmy units of Distinguished guests represent-
plate transformer, 750 volts. 200 ES Delivery USARCARIB will display samples Ing the Armed Forces and the
m.I. TVL coils for 15 and 80 me- of the night which provides the Panama Canal Company were
ters. Phone Balboa 2-3173. FOR SALE:-Small cottage with gar,- Tel. 3-1713 antiaircraft defense of the Pan- present.
age. New Cristobal. Also one fur- 22 E. 29th St. ama Canal.
PERSONALS nished apartment 20J,1 Melende. 9th Officers elected were as fol-
PE_RSO NALS Boirn Deobate 6029, Balboao Ave. The combined displays at Al- lows: Commander Waldo Gilley,
HUMAN ENGINEERING Colon. Phone 475 or 517-J, after PANAMA BROKERS INC brook Air Force Base, in keeping Atlantic Sfde Vice Commander,
Corrective Adjustment of the 6 PANAMABRO mKERS with the 1952 Armed Forces Day J. L. McDermott, Pacific Side
Body Structure RENT Hotel El Panamia theme-"Unity, Strength and Vice Commander, Frank Hoh-
GEORGE D. BAlB. Jr, FOR eRENT r, l ing:rr Freedom"-will demonstrate to mann, Outlying Vice Command-
No 1 1. 7th. St AFuerza y Luz (preferrdcommon) the general public that unity er, James Parris. National Exe-
Tel. 2-3833 Panrt ntF ama Trust (common). and strength are the foundations cutive Committeeman, Nelson
8 A. M. 8 P. M. ALNAMBRA APARTMENTS Buying: of freedom. W. Magner, Alternate Natlonal
By Appointment Modern fumlhed-uMfumlshed rt Aceite Urraca and Brewery Heading the 65th Group dis- Executive Committeeman, Roger
men~. Mld m arv otlol. Can. TeL 3-4719 3-16M0 play will be a giant 90 millimeter H. Greene, Chaplain, Rev. MU-
Sact offi ce 061. thStreet. AA gun with all of its allied fire ton A. Cookson, Finance Officer,
rR ilO r grams Cristobal. telehnme 186 Colon. control equipment. This weapon S. P. Nelson, Sergeant-at-Arms,
o. Coo. MODERN FURNITURE will be in full operation and will Russell Mann.
FOR RENT: Modern, new apart- M FR t demonstrate its mechanical wiz-
ments. 2 and 3 bedrooms, Exposi-C- H P. BRUILT ardry in every phase except The American Legion Auxiliary
Your Community Station tion Telephone 3-1773, Panama. Slipcover- ReUpholstery firing. of the Department of the Pan-
MVISIT 05Th I OW -so-. Also on hand for the edifica- ama CanalZone held their thir-
O- 0FOR RENT J. IP. delso ~IOieA1 A-s tion of the visitors to the Armed ty-first Annual Convention at
H O G -m R 8. me i Aunefer Forces Day observance will be a the same time and the following
Room@ Tel. _-Ss S* ..eL to T. aL. 40 millimeter AA gun that can officers were elected:
Where 100.000 People Me FOR RENT: Furnished room a be used with deadly accuracy a- President, Louise Griffon, First
SPple bachelor only Furnshed room to ny against low flying enemy planes. Vice PresldentiLois Vesla; 1Ugir.
Presents telephone, all screened Tel. 3- DR. B. L. STONE Another familiar sight to ;on- ndVice President, dlaralSheloa,
1648 Panama. lans will be caliber .50 quadru- Outlying Vice President, r aft
Sonm. Chiroprseter .pie-mounted machine guns Honey, Chaplain, Edith Me,1t)lg
TTown in Korea as "meat chop- Historian, P&alIne Little;
Today, Tuesday, o rMay STfNE CLINIC e 's." .t et-t chArmi. Dor way
P.M. frTe y7thSThese caliber .50's will be u ona nal ExAecative
330-Music for Tuesday th & usto Arosemia during the afternoon to chal- woman, bett Crawfo&l, t
4:00-WFads and Fashions Fi $i For Ave.- Ool6n Tel. 457 lenge an OQ-19 radio controlled nate National Executive Co-i-
4:30---What's Your Favorte I VI airplane which will simulate mitteewoman, Lydia Nadeau,
5:30--News Y o F ur -v T strafing runs over the area. The Honorary Chaplain for life, "Mo-
5:35-What's Your Favorite Trafic Offense ThspatS Ba er, A. plan, which will be controlled by their" Engelke.
6:00-Linda's First Love- Cla.s 1st Lieutenant Melvin Holst,
Alfaro, S.A. Shipping, moving, storage, commanding officer of the 38th The Annual Awards were made
6:15-Evening Salon A Canal Zone policeman was Radio Controlled Airplane Target by outgoing Department Com-
7:00-Ray's A. Laugh tBBC) charged with forcing another We pack and crate or move Detachment, will not run any se- wander Leon J. Carrington.
7:30-Sports Review car of the road In Diablo and anything. 'Phone 2-2451, rious risks, however. The ammu- Lt. General W. H. R. Morris,
7:45-am Session rates Court today a Magis- 2-2562, PanamA. nition whidh will be exploding Jr, received a citation which
8:00---News and Comm entry with a deafening roar In the was accepted by Major 8tutler in
iVOA) The defendant. Jack E. Smith. eight caliber .50 barrels will be the general's absence.
8:15-The -o Stafford Sho' 32. was charged with reckless blank. Captain Joseph Willams wag
iVOA driving, when his car forced Cpl. other th Group uts part- presented acitationofthAF .
8:30-Time For Business (VOA1 Robert Clayton Brown's auto- cipating in the Armed Forces Also present were Cpls. Robert
8:45-C ommen tator's Digest mobile, going In the opposite di- Day events will be batteries of Potter and Bunting.
IVOAI reaction. off the road on Walker [HOUSEHOLD EXCHANGE the 90Sd AAA Automatic Weap-
9:00-VFW Program Avenue in Diablo. ons Battalion and the 764th AAA Mrs. Lois Magner, Mrs. Wini-
9:30-BlIgh of the Bount;1 For the best values In both Gun Battalion. fred McDermott and Mrs. Louise
iBBCi Although there was no dam- new amd reconditioned fur- Griffon were presented Distin-
10:00-HOTEL EL PANAMA age to either of the two vehicles, alture. a pri frJR Lists gushed Servie Citations for
10:15-Musical Interlude Brown charged that his year- WE BUT AND SELL their outstanding service in the
10:30-Variety Bandbox (BBC) and-a-half old baby who was in pril rand L egio Auxiary n
11:00-The Owls Nest the front seat received a bruised 41 Autowmobfle Row American Legiotn Auili ry and
Midnight-Sign Off one as he swerved to avoid a col- TL 3-4911s promoting a ivities o f the Ame
Slision. y rican Legion and Auxiliary.
Eagle Scout Larry Cox" wa
Wednesday. May 14 Smith. whose beat is Balbo. Mrs Fred Frank Dredging vson presented a ertificate ofpp-
A.M. said he was driving less than 25 ciation on behalf of the Amerl-
6:00-Sign On miles an hour. but in order to Chosen As vsMother
6:00-Alarm Clock Club retrieve a box of cough drops s 'The April report on last can LegionAulary
7:30-Morning Salon that slidover to the far sideol Of Day' At JWB month's work by the Dredging A Gauvin was presented with
8:315-MNewsn VOAi the seat. he momentarily lostwD ay Division listed a number of spe- a certificate for his work with
8:30--Morning Varieties control of the car, and swerved cial projects carried out by the the Crusade for Freedom.
8:45-Music Makers to the left. Mrs.FredFrankofBalboaws Division outside of the Canal Foreign Minister Ignacio Mo-
9:00-Newshe lookd selected as "Mother of the Day" proper. lino was awarded a certificate to
9:15-come And Get it However, he sald he looked In last Sunday atA special program be presented in his office at a
9:30-As ICom See It t his rey car-viewn mirror and didn't comriemorating Mother's Day at Most interesting of the special later date.
10:00-News was no accident evolved, he the UBO-JWB Armed Forces work performed by the reading Colonel Taylor accepted a cer-
10:05-As I See It continued on his way home. Center. Division in Avrilwas athree-day tificate, the Annual Inter-4mer-
10:30-Off the Record Brown meanwhile, who is with job. core drillin the circe ican Award, on behalf of ooonel
11:00-News the 5700th M S Squadron at Al- Mrs. Frank was presented with fronting the Balboa elementary Pumpelly.
11:05-Off the Record iContd.) brook, followed Smith home. and a corsage by Miss Dorothy Brick- school to Investigate foundation r '
11:30-Meet the Band then reported the car license man, assistant director of the conditions for the O ehala Me- Mrs. Vandergrift and Mr.
12:00-News number to the police, who made JW. morial momat. The drill at orsley were presented with -
P.M. the formal charge work on thisDecial project sank nations for outstanding service
1205-Luncheon Music---- The program also featured the a core hole to a depth of 50.8 In Community Work.
12:30-Popular Music Freedom Not So Sweet annmncement that Pfc. George feet. Nelson Magner, Niatioal E-
1:00-News Freedom Not So Sweet Krnglick of Fort Kobbe was the cutiveCommitteeman, ipre-
1:15-Personallty Parade ..- winner of a long-distance tele- Other special Dredging Divi- Cte with o stinmafl, 5 l-
1:45D-American Favorites 0I NIED. 'UP -A phone call o his home in New sion jobs during April includedd v we Citat i aS t-
2:00--American Journal IVOA 14-year-old boy knocd on ihspecal core drng for the 15thvce Ctaton
2:15-It's Time todDance door of the Indian Boy's School speNavcial Dicotrit, handling equip-
2:30-Afternoon Melodies a correctional mSuLuLo,'l. ana The program included several meant with the heavy cranes for
2:45-Notes on Jazz asked to be taken back He es- poems read by Pie Harry Z the military services and hand-
3:00-All Star Concert Hall it several days before. He Shoul ,piano selections by ling material and equipment for IT
3:15-TheLittle Show llusaid. HM io rough on the Thomas Jdbnson and songs by the Locks Diviahon and mooring H R I
3:30-Music for Wednesday apples to eat in four das Au Joaqu'.i. buoys for the Blto Port Cap- f-so da.s.A
4:00-Pads and Fashions i thorlles took him in and fed- tain with the craneboat Atlas.
4:30---What's Yout Favorite him. -.----- The main wprk of the Diviidlon
5:30-News I was its primary ar dredging '' .-
5:35-What's Your Fav orite functions. Durg April the a, c mil
(Contd t e ilal Pipeline SBaction Dredge MWndl It
6:00--Linda's First Love -Cla. 5a D I ea was in service an maintenance '
Alfaro, S.A. VI II work in the CaaPs Pacific Cn-
6:15-Evenlng 8alon > i MB ttrance, removsng .360 c.y~b
7':00-Over To You (BBCi yards of et, aad ad soay, "
7:30- BLUE RIBBON SPORTS which was p p to a Upow AA legS Pae ls i a
REVIEW IT 1 dump off OGtle Point. U.S N.** lm
7:45-Here Comes Louis Jordan i There was&no eImbftfeec with t W toPU- S "a
8:00-News and Commentary-: : i z YK AN Y A shipping during th moBth be- abhes ?aiiLIm RIW W
,VOAI Pe*e Y younger cause of .h.. tot w. ter si ...., but
B:30-Th American Bookshelf Look Youn g r .: t e ninge m e* .,
(VOA, -uncs^ w-B,"'- but the m Mflrsdtary lgitgrar CBB-lel|-- Ml. .
:3-The Hminin gowa ss aeMMo gsfa .aL *ra d
3:4---Co m mn efntator's Die t g ,.mba tcd.u .a through bad kiitdr;...ta.&- Lda...a. j carred ot WW ^L l :-'---- -|.... .

10:00-BBC Playhouse ,_L rA r4 ., e, be.. ~- Wth the f V a tO-
11:00--The Owl's Nest .omes wh|.- h abouldflltor blood M.- -.-a. aa = or
120 -.Sg O .o.i usies.. a.i... A .. w repairs to a

VOA--Vole of Ameriks asm a ri.ay. M
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tt r e. Mwon & > joining three different d.r ,e il o dtar as a three tA e bottomloe the A ytll .. .. ..
Seh round. At t a t fl ord thr therlnd, be
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he -,a t e ZW .Te iii, .-hoI teall SM S i of our .er, total of ta. f ad rter e 1Bahneier, martin W i, rt .. ., r. n..

In order to balance the brake k 18 6h .780 1 t *WAer of the St !our y woia be minte for Laura 8alat. Pomin relieved oyKirk-iEnklad, f .. .. ,t.. .t
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ata w begin deten t 04 .4r .r n R on b t. w b

i oroA the b co d rda ittaburgh t0 th e m. er the t -I a10Wn Little.M Leamue r
Mta wl's tcondt round inhe- k.0 ar dwo u'l e tLa the latm F out ro lnd ,
Ita t i h. at d tr a t w ih reunw f-tr c the th ..AZm. i .
wittrl oI L whil e hi e t w t Ceo ha Thn e t to aast S ne a.l.. "' .

h"S the an ond re the P hitt dlph i t ,. n 'in e," thene os (nd-r,, .',. i mdai r e th bt wi th one

oUhet opponent in the Amer- ht). ame p oM I etfur T ng a record of 10 Wi d three loe In thirteen e. b ate ton. e i whn with two out Batesto n e : Iby iiS
ha contingent when a wu WMther ad wet gr d l sTha b a I h of the ti.' remen m une tUfiwe e te andd Po u_. 4ruWP. i ser der i r b lintte p omp oey, -otolnd -
CupSerl oMin Itordon. WIN b on daana i

atn eoers In3ont .Ble .Whtle o oe bHthw1 terto. ntTir 1e the a I tcsnt lis 84 erltu att e B tr i o the f i st s h o to
i __i- ia. arll. h h no Ine ., o wildM h M ft i-t f t twe r oune r M .a, I .

8 r tldje ent at tilaeo 1d j L W I the O e bi Ofr they op e g sir s sy thd ei t to ali Pa eel u i t only l Mtcaoet he tying..... i I0
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Of r eve Aier l oans In- W 3w R In i .ithes wihi e ife .d pte S I+ 9 1nobald aind probal y wop.tei t race i c up th e, m Then two .urie, i .
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MIt.:t... 1B i f y T PROiUDlLY PRESENT2fe tp""
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0or Armageddon Emulates ire UMTY STRENGTH FREEDOM + a,

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Msl s l l e/'n P- t IS Mislons The Didlhguluhed Flying* Croes

.----a..STATIONN H. 0f
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IN- ..-d- am
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Air Force Asks fa, MY

For Anoher .Due Shortly

$5 Billion 9ai l

I- ep. Jackson






WASHINGTON. May 13 UPi "gLet tlhe people know the tClth and t40 CO*fl8 ..t a. ".' Ht.LmOlo. WAl*INOTON, May 13 tP)-. )
-T'I Ai', Force dlilusea today .s. of the Joint IMt M
that it will need a lease s forWENTY-SEVENTH YEAR PANAMA, R. P., TUESDAY,,. CE .=
L..... ,, etra,,,i bat thet
an expanded air arm of 143 l Ul- acS Ven
wings, I n in t he _ear futu 'V in
Air Secretary Thomas K. Fin- ,eI .e M. a% m on f

SsommGovernment Attaniey S rkesl th
which later released heavily- )i to m d:" n d ur r bu
censored copies of his testimony. I_.the development o0 I
It was the first estimate ofa I c ,' I pow..d submarine.l woa r" "H
how much the Air Force will
need In thewayofnewbasesiote)are now i doe&"
expand from 95 to 145 wings..soe bs
need inutewaoe ,gmtobbeasolved,.but we shall
the cost of addL onal planes ehk atomic-diveninsubs in the
and personnel. WASHINGTON, May 13 IUP railroad unions who want it to Perlma ft. ed tl e Defeus fort- war. The same thing rmilgthr f saidur e. exect
A wing includes a combat -The governments cinlef attor- set aside seizure of the car- ~1.M aid th w ot apply to other items."- to, r ,s frt atomic xpect
group and its. base. manten- ney was peppered with a bar- izers. gave Mr. TP wr to try Earlier he had accused DMl. marine in 1954. t
ance. supnly and medical de- rage of hostile questions from The white-columned Supreme and settle, de of Ignorine the .nonplema r-
tachments. five of the nine Supreme Court Court chamber was packed with through aI llgency which prompe Mr. TrMr strength of a combat Justices yesterday as the his- interested lawyers, government Board a. Ode the Tr- man to seize | Iindpat d m
group varies with aircraft roric steel seizure battle opened officials, members of Congress Hartly At of saying 'practically n w. .bo.u.. ,r_, th &
t.,pes. For example. 75 fighters before the nation's highest tri- and other dignitaries. r n o i at all about the vital nec.n__t Fornud i k l a -t i PMeeo u tMidh
or 30 medium bombers make bunal A long queue of capital tour- He als the industry lid to keep the steel plants in o d mb elev
up a combat group. Acting Attorney General lists waited outside the room not object procedure un tlion without interruption ofayW and p l 'th.I
1inletter asked for the first I Philip B. Perlman appeared to but few got in. til after L'board rtecom, kind." settled .th th CI .N
installment of $1,916.845,000 Im- run into trouble with the court The specific Issue before the mended, l t hourly pay "where are the lltlton?' Ei TO V. N ".r.O .b discovered i .i- e at
mediatel\. when he failed to cite specific court was the government's re- raise for a e t eelw orers. .......
He said another $1 622000,000 laws which he said gave Pres- quest that It overthrow Federal The 7' OlJad ksvis toldon headed .. ,
B5 bill be requested early int ident Truman authority to Judge David A. Pine's decision the tribune that Mr. Truman sppO a seluret t All Army, Navy and Air Force -
1953. with the remainder to be seize the steel Industry last that Mr. Truman's seizure of the could hvbe u t the Taft-Kar- wages would be st aektal demonstrations, planed
sought before July of next April 8 to prevent a strike by dustr was unconstitutional. tley law, a .l. the .sted s a- ,ei o theot the Armed Forces Day a oer-
The Air FYo secre tary.ed of n pjst dpt Etknow Wnl"b the en tire.
Tnfe Air Force secretary led of the CIO United Steelworkers. Impiicit In the case, how- dustry a". contend tat ,, H btn Ml onn Saturday have be '
esui rov In hear gson a1 Perlman defended Mr Tru- ever, was the broad Constitu- he hadt t, ee said that w M of this I." AS t lel due tothe o dl o onsis-. ,x
027.752.000 base-building pro- man's action before an Intent. tonal uetift of just how Taft-Ha the book-t he "The end. is always.i nl IthIn ]O i program., a Canob .h.*UIr
gram for Army, Npavc and. Ar Jampacked courtroom after the much powr the President of President dot have"lft- c"ri,' perlmanme sid.nvle I d snokesman.annoW--
't h e Mf aim spo e s t o .c o n s i t u t o n a l l a w y r e t h e U n di, e s h a s c l a i m edn t.- o_ g /ec ep
heo guard i unyroum tsiethJohn W. Davis, argued the in- Justice Douglas said he was Davis Itigabed a an lsellthition ofl 0
hearing room to protect top dusty's" claim that the Presi- "confused" about the laws which merce Charles Saw ith Jackson when e said Mt the rial shows at Cbmo -- eta e .
secret documents brought from dent's seizure was illegal and a the government claimed back- govern 'nager ~rl sine t he Rvl bee e a S th conservation i_ ord. ent- tiolk .tiat
the Pentagon in support of the ..usurpation" oup Mr. T an's seizure. eed Wa there have Mb en 4ee g R aft hathq.conservation P fro B ..
legislation. Davis accused Mr. Truman of He reminded Perlmani, that he passeron the dustry'sir pro acs mtingedPthe pren dle to te strtkes .at tit we'., 0. .ahrgei. e let o rm
s. .addition to Fin leer's cen trying to assume *"kingly" pow- had promised to cite specific perty. R -mHeni orndr "the late 1.erVeral m*o de to thneresn tr es- tet ptrlent I h"irital h l fi
scored testimony. the committee ers. examples. And he to14 the court that Rsevelt's or. der Avkipg O. In ted Staj or refineries ith Othe li r Jury U ive tlrtm Jntdellphon
made public a prepared tat e- He said the President should "I'm relying," Perlman said. whatever decision it reaches NorthAme Aaton The Defense Departnent t*o aI candaSa In the-aSt. L- In- for at .S am) I.
mfent, byWdepuy Secretary of have used the Taft-Hartley law "on every single law-" **will be as latifas the lift o une,1941 wh M. sued the order after Chairman ternal iMvenue oIffne. rlward Mttht s to nplAt
Defense Wll"am C. Foster. Ifn the steel dispute instead of "'That, doesn't help me," Dou- the Rep i It sel f.". tcso, wh twas; .. r. .... /u D. temall eo the Dereafte Mu- nhtrlid an F ficek L. Cho (D-/ ao u glea t,,I
The latest, post-war Air Force proclaiming" a law of his own glas cut in sharply. .Douglas a d Perlman if. the velt'. attorney greral aid tae D.oSmallr lof the Defense Mu- .hian. _k L. Chll (D- abou It while
abu.t 500pr.0 gram ts.alld and then proceeding "to execute "Let me, your honor. goV.rme.. hWa contending tha t North American cas, i. nd a. denart mengk o au.-ituhe tt heK.')ld W ,: leC.
abo u st r o n w s t pro ra too-t..,ooxacu was ap- It.* 'Perlma n a d- Otary de sh m e'kSia to? a6n -
proved by Co ng las -t ,,erntan sra S padding: "Every Itt could t er " food and Pet ie nt_ _---, thathe d ta e o-um products. l .'R ug e. l a J-u!u tdalu m
proved by Congres last Sep- Davis was hardly ,,,,,,,questioned single law ped iaed n recent other comI ldtles" just as it looked it upd quite carelUy b.e- as a result jalu h IwIMIncludee tlPadd& S e."a. ''
Both..ffic hals pointed out at allun is presentationn ofyears." t" didtCoaoR n e
Bothat this and earlier post-war th e industry's contention that "Would you mind sometime "No," Perifaalo replied. this you would lay at my door." roughout the ,service& oft I her.adlauYr .=
program this an earer post-war the President has n o authority giving one single law this seiz- "There was peed for uninter- "forth American wvsaunder lCIta. Witteomore, deputy fore- Wlb-, d l
port -a were restrictred to hat ganed in he Con ure helped to enforce?" Douglas p ruped roduction of steel ret conract to the goern-ur
oo5i incling 0stitu"Ion or by Congress. But demanded. cause 84 per cent of it is neetd edofJackson said. ~?"AshMn'1sl"'
goal of 95 wings, including 80 man was interrupted re- these pie
They said the new goal of 143 quently.t k -..- i on P erlm n o I are o.f .
Includes 126 combat wings. Chief Justice Fred M. Vinison "Weuli Vtii Ii t Q E'I U M affdav+ts." Jackson re u .'9-- -- --U.
and Justicees Rober .t Jackson, D o ctorW h o I nh e iaff..idavits."Ja..son -.,u."J,-.
Finletter and Foster said the ans Jsfite RostbertH. Joa n deom l aa mnt mpe ,d t ihat.. e -
$5,000,000,000 will put proposed Wl liam n0. l Df.g rerd is the .PreIldent's duto Co -a-i- ur." s
Air bases on a skeleton operat- burton andt fill all military e identam
In on cut i tn at variouser to thwith 'l ta n .e
tmakr ate ask for nece additional e o put Prlm December n the death of a Yale edal chool n spite re ted what he did he ot poce renorcements ed howhe -
thorize to build baeions required to bring fenive. e appealed them wealthy spinster patient wh o be bured and wi a b t. lte were rushed tr neee bar tle .

The Air Force would spend Frankfurther objected to Per- The recommendation nw goes her death certificate early. er 's interpretation ote ar.away as Florence. In hi tetimoo, the Offial wh al bs at
1,516.000,000 on bae n this one point to let of mcellaneous to the S.tate health department Production Act meant o Depuy Natale ai there ere to lia- W l
country under the proposed ougrem arks by Congressmen say- which will, ot n., on May 13 with nothe sixth charge cone r to the h rodent acoul sen J. r. .n e and non-re- Vanech l l d a

legislation and another $400,- "ngdthey UdonPt bear any weight" meeting. Date of the meeting Is tse dlath of tthinr u1band of farms I, they 1ailed to produce ers lant M the Cnmunat- dent- 11-and 1 that he qua1fled as a fence In hl "Who. Who" ogra
to provide better falities for see where Peman's ar (UP.- The tte medal ex- tal whn'-she was in need. .ten perhaps .te mpdftrftlytre. Ifore p ..
Its personnel," Finletter said. menti were "leading," and 'mining-b .eOm-.. ". .t&,.and.with n i t 'n -ohgress at. .eto otune ri f-* .. '

846000 tor bases to be woper anted th o know Ief the Pres-c not known. ofe license m ng tests to determine the a ia.t dom at neral Confedera- non-redent phy to a B. deg o
overseas n conjunction with V on complained the acting Dr. Donald ibson,g b effects etmo d s on her. ed ren ad no tht the ton Lbor(GI would c n the St. Louca nean military acady at P
the North Atlantic defense pact. attorney general "bouedapperDanburyhyician clear- Gibson also was accused o ers were limited t ut pts all over Italy one-time o Prel- N.Y. w h d not a
SIn somTh e Army would geparts of the273,736,- aroundrld wit h his arguments and was charged chrgs last turning r her dix and gall blad the t o national emer In p or e tha n 400 In urent Trum an walf. ctd last gree.
akes t necessd the Navry for the A$237855,000. never sh ed a subject unrofDecemer in the death of a Yaleat De School Gnspite ected what he didhes the p. .Army reemnd to ohowheuct in voice He said the brra g er
Foree to build bases in several The court will no' hand down wealthy spinster patient who left her uh to be buried nanl 'id a glance through "pooal the hihwere rus hed in- nesee bar etl natioe W en he MI wimadby ,baSWamtta .
different countries. on the Presiden t. him he entire fortune. advising another doctor to sign/ M Ds a ldo asked if the go,-to the city tnhismoring from was not a re of those en..ce0 l e. and that he ma asked to hAv.
The Air Force would spend perhankups longer. objected to Pe- The recommendation now goesher death certificate early. er y bein terpretation of t as far. awa as Flohrence. In his testimony, he officilI wbelle .
project1,516.000,000 on bases in this the It agreedtion o mgivcellaneous to the State health depart ment dD tsbeen cProduction act meant mmrican Deputy aae partsaid the re two s a- WvW. .
country under the proposed In- Steeworks by Congressmen, and hour for au- whichol will vote oni atitsnext The sixth charge conce rnede th ch ent cut seietl ves them bor. of the port Won -dnonre- Vane
ludging aton and another $400sum ng they "don't bear anyd welghy fortun. te T widow of the fiother A grand jury d husband ve 'thea iledg t prode A a -dent-n tua a a e W

this purpose had miven similar time to three turned Dr. Gibson shortly 'after O.bson after the coroner charged authority to meet emelgences that J demands woud In
* for-bases-to-beMiss Ayresw death, the physician preclpitated Mfsa wirl there was no other way be res ntraucing
During the hearing, for bas t operated te courtnot known res deatMrs. Gibson. Froankept b prompt atio n of "Indep. ener partly Confedorkera- to a d
overseascun sadn conjunction with Vinson complainedthe the T the acting In a two-dah g before C. W e of New Mlford died
the North Atlantic efnse act attorney g en e r a ouce thase oar last Marchn, Drom a thatGibson 8 d bson was afte "grosr Gibly n ol- n said no, thrlt such te tion of Laor (COIL) would call In the St Louis-cm.iegn, milta t

I atndetective story claiming here gent"ID administering drugs teo ur Armham w er o ut' foPort as *va wal l todver rand one-tm C y o Pe* N
The Army would get $273,736,- around" with his arguments and was charged with sixrcountn Denof him or appendix tand ga llblad-l' t limited. ton ur s t r I n-
marofesk onal .t d eram Wasl oer II ondiesuik t rro ne nwil
000 andth Navy $237855000. never finished a subject u e mantaned that Dr. Genovee, a Dan- s the C ar. morning mle the U. S. Army agreed to

San y $ ,,.," the charges were based on con- bury physician, was reprwmand- .etteBu.ton repeatedly ask- tons of f. r. Anerican o l i
0 e The court ill not hand down cong from the death deatwo for- cat prDeematurely, Gibson waw onlyoeto l r March ohadu n office He
spent by the Defense Depart- a decision for a week or two and er patients bn acquittwas r ed of maprimand, suspenslaonu g t evoca- n a glance through oo h w t an re a t-year ail sen- r w h
ment overseas at unspecified perhaps longer. One of the -patients Who died, charges in the death of Miss h W old show that "from Itsalian ortemply with those tene da0,000 fine. an ked to hv
projects In connection with thefitd gre dtongie the CIO Miss ElizabethM. Ayea. a 74-.yres when Judge Kennethithe VOet begging the d tti- who a wrngInthe.non- tenc sw. i ,, 'm intteed, whichn.iin- It 4011."1b
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