The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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peb alemg Almue. at th6 owner hi .
In'the PO a I S mantle oI lt a ce p
in.mtateht Ae r m l e t Anothero manifesto wU n as ie
poe of lat wefl l'3ht Iabst night by the Co
snder a pol a" Asd ,tPartid e el Pueblo toiwhi th
"all the adaitlnratiave ma t- party urted its followers teoti
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Presldents, rtthi psy will.*do all
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Pal Of.Suon's

k Providence Diner
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Di staj&D(eaovlt pal ovinWe diner'e -s ni.
Suto's also W a wanted for Whe Walter tone. of Pra-to
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Ga. nUJOM, ores Ma&0 a, aa Pa"ge aon ad- 4 illfaklQer
i(VP) Oen. James Van 01f jlou tt fra it-minute meet-" ."
aid today that apparentlyy the wth to Indliattoi of pro- I Rhode w wi ta be-
Reda don't want an armlfl$s" wp'tward the solution of nn m o the twetaourto a.x months., it is
d At the same time a CogS e be major deadlocks hdld-F- e1Aso now estlmi t.
itt neweman sad the irn ap armistice. e PB- The first Wbrk to be done s
ist nlewmmanemaid tethe8riti orore
Stalks "Xppear to be entering the agreed to meet again the pl pefor to
S t c lal deadlock ao they for their seventh pie- danag street layout
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an Fleet Commander t ; ..n. l te plas aurea still under
an outfight th g rm is read .t ervice tuyi. t ,
%ramOgtblng. Apparently thedm a Inwh asev as clear erd o the Panama
bohth sidewremsade am __ wnted aI n teorp- d I o nae0s~sThe area at ow
The gloomy statinete io t want an armspteof i r. 1 T Ca a k or but o.
.ere made a t I n wanted an armsle- 9mleei tn r, It will .E5 lM for abeut
both ,w #W- ll have plte a.i l n 30Utndis ,
so na o mamehavsfctu-ni
*Uaha 'mun M~VW about their delaying of nd, fine wtareous aner "I l
onnw m a. ct n, --, Oct U h. ,95, The e .a t user Or type of
ft ouseement of I ast year ei u M .a'th. quarters toS w ui te at Coroal
ll l wi. o accepted In goodM1 `_ R1.f bro w.ul not b*e u trM until a
S"entn twi today com 10. and 191 complete town of a is co-le

p ratil on o h io n n the trou d rto ti m ewfoma 1921 les '-
ler detonation e a per t Communisattion ifn Mlte work" the N o May (UP -

Uited States soee ea *o adepublic of Korea Uoldiers in M t. an-d Forwardlng The i t rcraft carrier
Weather pern te operation of the reoUle nHobson Surdauhtvivr Mrv. WvP lnto port thorsn-

i expected to exple r fite r aW brief roft a lrillo Isng wisthbyrtwvros of the de-
ADA. a 300oot an Fleet reiterated h con- TaM. L .Wet, oftroyer which wa split
early morning dadmcom o Itn ofthe UN truce oeo- l and T.O.Lowery in a etwith the Oncarrer
o r. I *.*4. n I nd pradown oed their' "paound tof Vra. during sM aneaq werws.
Sto Republic of Korea soldiers Na y Novel Th carrier

"Stat 01w01k, hepndebtdcoFo rwadin
Weatherpermit,, the operation adof the reco lliem tnmedaughters rm.hWasp 51WInto Portt tis momn
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cnt o the a u Anrimunmrefuse to compromise twta ar *i noel *meoan.
there wer esainjtlea i ssu e.' thethfir
ver blast will ie teosity, inee t bet-elln Th preie ithe ed of 1-.
n~fide sme f s se1ta an ldthe United Na- eeper I the P- Other as te Uproot-
n thett whole t drama went to ed" for nar te A of
of.S,, orteo, b ad If the unted Na- be who wrot e the te a r of te
~ te tions standa pat on the qua- n 'The Srikei star-"United ..
a l Fill t Ia of returning war eaptlvee ,isiCU, the story of a Meusl-J. Ihey i d of al -i
-I N "they L e now being driven in- A u "i m-
a eO DS m dnIs Uproot- e
Co .At- Auc. 4 -'a o the IsUe no" do SS I
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CIise 3.
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ed by tki thai Bhill a. i--

Salt wM a eerv4 h e 'lne
bmor e World WC': lI blit wM
dropped Ium wM am whet
fye wa rMw 41 alter 6
cad of the war..
ainst i hat Bl EItlan ain-

Moe Armts
Fdlohw Mexico's
May Doy Riots,
MiiIcO cfrr, May 5 '(UP)
- Mea. ecvtdi Mksid
today that 12 mora Ceo-
p have -
qu f ai the bloody
May Py gau battle between
Reds and M can "Gld
They said mre than 40 mrsn
and women were bein he'd
in the Imnstlatas of the
downtown rot w h killed
two PiM aom t ju=ed mac
than others. Meat of the
arrested are C mm nists be-
lieved responsible for starting
the shooting.
Police detled newspaper re-
port. however, that one of
Mex o' top Commundsts, Dr.h
Carles Noble, WMas among -thos

The defefdCs%
t of elCileand m

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ptly to am bft
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w~gto 'Impon -ve i

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cee, e witht 'a"
of o s tio t

----. of pm an nu h i i

Calie Mutiny'

ulitzer Prize
Wake IansSd in their conference ular Ametres au
of October, 1B." baK."
Tb h abtehrafloaI reporting The awSqA-teMd 1
pre west to Job % btowr field of
of the "r 00 prim a
of Mw e affeti us .NWJrfl~l m4 Jb'|^
during the yitma 1
The editor i writing award a4
went to Loao La Com of the SL vteay
Ulas Obans-.mowerat for hi THas
editofral "The le mtate f pub. of UM t
me mJos"
The award for *' dSelgStebatj
exaftpe aof a at work"
Vb La fioff
"Tour Stome f to aie more "tea N
sean th o t what I ay the
Th mew amh awarlX tn.**

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S. .. ;. M.-

S *,mS ag .. Labor SNews Battles--I Always W in!"
"'7 N N Stoit P` i0 el ,4 P-A, At a Om P
VgLfgPso.I PANAua K' 074.* L BIaAn
." CmBL.orlo ~PAe" A 0 IAl, PANAMA
tFFICe 12 'TO CkPIip Avg F!I1*Nfk ia? AP4 0 13n, ?rl
3' MADic O.N Ain NEW Y01eR. N e a Comment

d.. WASI.NOTON-There is now -
new and reasonable evidence
V alter W inchell orthebeliefthatMr.Truman
W a l e ninca e l wants to leave the Democratic move 40W
Party in the hands of a labor Fr5htt eur at e tpo a kMtt
I coalition as he retires from its
Stitular leadership. WASRIN'ow-ror the firat a
I 1 n N ew Y orko To insiders this evidepce1- 1 l"a heanied Statie
record conversation some -"Re
I BROADWAI SCEiNE months back with one of his M
former cabinet officers ent
First Nights: The offifiI premiere-attenders and the critics stronger even than his steel- l B
probably I--e r ruvcvi.:d 1,m rii"Book 'n Ladder," which skidded seizure speech Which was abso- V to *e ti
tanthe Broadway he story boks as the quickest flop of thh lute and frank support of the he l
amply did not show up for the second petfo rmance... CI
STherald Tribune's oracle concluded his obituary: "t's play In that conversation the Pre- wld n.t think of nee to
like 'ook 'n Ladder' that give failures a bad name." Others who sident committed himself htoIt t anwho as Bnato arry
Were there are still shaking their heads Two of Arthur God- another speech on the night whi lt anstlsat thePaue.A em
t'y's chef gaguriters, it appears, wrote it, which Should con- of May 17 during which he ner these c tansh m!
Wiace his averest critics that Mr. Godfrey doesn't depend on will tie himself even more close- leeho ss ra fa M .
l ,teants.....Happier news came the following evening with the ly to the rest of labor. 'luncheon by
e0dv of "The Male Animal," the art of James Thurber and It was back in early January e n n a
z. pIj Nugent. The Jobilant reunion was celebrated with super- ,hen steel was just a baby e nNetler l .t
ie for the dasslin eomdy plus the wizardry of Mr. Nut nt crisis, that Mr. Truman reSevd- us: 1) reate our o to
this delightful leaing lady, Martha Scott. The Times men- ed Francis Biddle his ex-Att at a r-c s: bode auor o d
E 1 t called It the funniest play of the season"... "Much Ao e ed o r ancls l ddle, hi ex-Attor- edurp dictator ats; n
About Nothing" attracted several citations for Melville Cooprer ney General and now national 2 because Posident Saihoa, he onaw ;o
W ClaireLure. albeit the negative notices reflected the title. chairman of the Americans For ieat eleotns nl e e Prri-
JCfhle Kerr groaned: "A relentlessly e~btune evening." He meons Dg- a group ,.v g theg t
t lulle...The PresidEnt Theatre was the was the scene of the best known as the political al- Ca revolution an arTaloS ip V .
t, k's finale, omniously titled: "The Victim." l e ance of suchr New Dealer, as trev oluio ah ar an.. A, e 9P
or Mrs. Roomsevelt, David Dublnsky. afngo rQ a aicarapuanp n
In the Wings: They uwere orem itnlclng about .theater-greatsWer eethe old riens Ri
S te to Wlton a. kveHis usth c wit kept his name In the velr t. cae Orl t the ta t r

n No for a ckawer o sustat lOlic B kerapo nt Inlve iL, mo e ntllhnea dresiden so aed oio atlar
veat tohedPanhearCiulated ot h eater matne and medVtone o ge and aid tes los of the co nt-y ar. wilh Be 7-0ac ing, o ak Dtfnn Roroose-
d'ilna eolyums long after he pased. Once as he slumped in a Bddle had a dinner Invta- m A k e o na
e on as he e"Mp lo or an a d n n r .n ta election, su er gy arold dI., now -t .. --
S a a isn hclub. a juvenile approached and said. Mr lion for Mr. Truman. Would the Gne moa, trad y te Uo te ta
S yeyb how does it feel to be a great actor?". You will never President speak at the annual ourm a e to evacuates thee threw out ste
know!" was the Retort T terrible .. Heard n th e foyer of a flop. ADA banquet PrE a ent his unle -u a nd became Preident d.
"eheY talk so loud in the second act they wake you up!" The President, who had been 0 aUAK r uonle oned y ean
S o onod m. rejecting speaking dates abYrn aioutAA AO. on
'The Cinemagiclans: A peppery Gallic farce called "oThe Prize" as rapidly as he could dictate ..a"A. out 12 years.0j. _r.
w04 cordially greeted by reviewers._.. d.vlPl marrae of ar dSipomatce oreples, aeepted this A Ir edote 12y set 1_ 1 at,,
rity over the script. A musical that ends youn out of the "r went to be with your pe- lo,4.e HPood twt flcelhoweverehad tee w
hIerta -humming.. "a i Gande Patrol" oers the familiar pie." he told Siddle, And iidl- a's oa-ne a-law I head of the tPubir e alth6 '.
sml lhpersiflage. The gunfire, of coure, disturrbsyour snooze... cated that he believed these rolevol ILenet' elder son tA knbei .t
".isoeo," a tepid melodrama, takes you to the orient with chop- men should carry hisL mantle. ir hleAnoetherehvhOerh__l pe u re adsfSA p.o onGMA o
Coytrimmings. It bulges with action and lane Russell...N ever .an th.. ...aso.a. .tt t... d- me e

e,^ thet you woull thntwoP theesit-stlartedtooustla oatre ohe r When h w n
Si-No for an Answer" by Paul Galileo is a poignant tale, ten.- Who are BiduB#Si people? hnl te new con eide tto rted to e a ousFir SAeon d oen and bem d..VAittoroeTeay a.orm o eaongser ni.d,, ,u o are the leder os, tT] m Les the son-I-l n th a e blced ne v t ie -oes.a amnbsoso t Ot e
M i.nta is a nugget who will grow up to be a g ldmine. tAl and CIO ant the mant th a ates.
n en nd olsenators and governors wh oo noorns daughter, Lillian, however, enjoy d tha s k ju

t l tldr and beautif ully pla y 7 nao rnader and enrethay p ih eae w ee r. ha oea' supe porq Irmad an y prgceabio Intestwepuppet Pint fouu4ppn
The Airistocral: That was a strange truce on "The Town work closel i with them i of Washington, so such a move could not be toler t
.ng" battlefield when Congressionl debaters agreed wih industry ia states. y JudgingW O Rer W euponaomo supposedly re
each other. Cozy s afternoon tea and just as monotone ... rom the list about to be By BOB RUARK thrown out of the palace with enetn o
'Cludia"i is a romantic confection carved o it of marshmallow subm tted to the Secret u -- I u n the roleeof dictator. o t
WNfI -- P resident Rooseua lt, less worried about ddthatov.
oan MacCracken's playing embellishes itl..."Playhouse of Stars" Ser ute for tight security HA -rABesiTdeT.--To hnwoulleer the i st qn t an, reSer u onfia i i
offered a suspense Item burdened with talk. The yawns outnum- reasons'that night, such lab- like to be. even Hollywood was sufficiently shocked by un- I tglo twice.
blied the shudders The Mr and Mrs. bickering on Love or leaders l Davci Dubns- For 3-odd years e h a been a er y fine paint- contrived honesty to buy it and make ro movoe o eiS

Istaf r -oes w ras h andld hismTlinepait-cntr bve dV honestny totri buyIt andmkaMoi aOHe may be n s.o.b., tsaidLri, anut he Jiea a .
I starring Debf Arnoz and his wife).is generally mein .b hut kt. Walter Reuther and Al er. For all his yea rse has lived in this area, be- of It. A
eIsode of the other night was more frantic thn funny... Hayes of the A Machi- cause he L likes the sunset on the town and he I have hTero-worshipp ed authors before ad d hh"n, w.II '

is thgthe d to ntetypewrter and Write it ile T to Imt av ereenont o edhokiml u eDer n a s g a moee
that you go right to theot mtr lfblrite t cs alongside of the President When he was l i a war he pa at he saw. I am now newspaper bl p bl aA ,

S ilir stae rred in a CBS boo meet s rdrletifeo that clutch- o I T no serel al rd atM. oL the eU S. Nepebih&peSa, in ha
s Ae Fr o panel of i sand he hinted It extreme ye was what no living man has a rigt to paint that good rTuman's oft-th-cuff remark about oV*tr
kind n thenetwoks, clebraed it 25thseasobeininteest- So wilal such old Roosevelt as- is called ar, "
25thseas beingnteot--1ethatWnee bet tatana e d gerdte ad. that go. ma have blockt edon ettisen a timo ela l f
ening. an orn goodl Nom they are talkingofFredeee eno La omeoub t slightly depraved in Department Against certain nuew Rale s _. a .'
Scanwat ofeenlightentningtan 'Lo"al TV actors The other Democrats, such as outo-of vs h nmohae h onre r l the oull O Dpeat emt be u
potno, atgnMr"m ,p ,raft andM ."Stubo ee lha senator lK.efauvr and rerett Und wh r on rather than the not'. broad anti-tat pm rincuthm t ofnewster m g- and-
ta, : ldoi a&rha eincM.,ae nohr down with the rank and file. k. a mighty preitoue thinjr and asubL ba e ade, al
R. -'E Z iqsw+ There lmao doubt tbhht Mei-

_t r N .o-o alm a. .,l
0roar vsHEo1 t h 2'years. p Mace to be A sign ofdJb hles ag panl!t;catte s
SSO, acfc'S" ete bmlge Is E p..e..eDi... mnhs eL
ifp CrolCasn. wastNrt'td democratic Party and the labor wHelse. U-'o -" t .".b hea..,.andT.-ondertlC y oly qesti oru l b to
oba ko rhit hde' s eofldrt e loIr elltt _buoalg Isn-aew nmovementnit, ese.thpainrcatlr. ia new s aeI
U-Leawis h an h mtatee, and ear, oyees on h second book The nr ftea n o
ThshowSeason, if le elseha. a triumph for There now appearshappye p aThol Country," and po question of refusal by the Wli l
p on.tiJoeyh"emddna'vnoerthatoabe,""sima' a 'rali the .first five paragraphs, vertlers also patronized a coftpetil lg a t a t .
Gist AnhUivolre'attracted the most suritherthat some foreautumn. when It W I be However,jutic-e Burton, Who hat_
fned sympathtear by Varet's Nes a e Would ney's sake. try for autumn,
bhysMsileeen ws p'am'lieom ethe land, Ohio, a4jutaeent to LotIn, and Noeb ..
Lee observer. "Maybe," he slrhedL"th a eon.n ip it.into hit ageramt he brorofm -It y Ada
a. wobiearter hea shed ,"theyas wi It it hit tombeathen b oorenoughofItt donehetheIllustrations for It- conservative meter W the court w entt
pepois before It isetoo late"sOltya w hl U aihea I andtal_ ae datTrm be hopom. Bu ." Wttle capsul inis of quality that twice Department expected In upholhinl Its positon.,
gagoRtOsp Lae"s ,.bhsh.d h.,or-actidteon of a ehtld .toethecountry Armed with this 7-0 .ruing, wt t tl
fingers at the a heUmfon who hammeid her Candida." sncth e loite h oe ab evehyth h s w1 itahadlaa jt ofa g 1
oos be outweihmi te wtihe me hnle o tedp~t1t ele wiTh l.1 Weetre not for the technical skill in- Justice Department was consideting broad moves
nrndo totorfd eor dlAtres fr an oan td Ma- Mo ete t i
aMnsthe de ...Wnht om e ,1 `66wo l- .... "I- hhotnewspapers on monopoly charms.
Wde h so mfkw'ddeMoa .l skeleton to the news serve: "M garet, they now have a ee- and life aind or ar ~Ybe g
--o e in e esorasletondto ts he e" Pecosst"TAYnfeA IM btest eIhnothingg lib In Ttm L4ea, i r lrt,
gwmndlfatbehy. architect FiPn Lloyd Wrirht, wore oly o red omsh on chofice to Mr. "Truman It h ouxe ",hislife. rU11 MONOPO I..
we eeing night That'srrmangl. mm ber'pjIiamtl, alfed "Ther ate i. that af r t W the televison .ae, the public roe-
He will have tremendous lab- about bidu ga ".at more t book a 4oss an. a lack of glibness is a Woladeous thing Previous totzhL MOrNiT orenaly Ms I _
Quotation M arksmanship: Geore M. Cohan: ,Fameleaves by or support from 'most of the and the abi~titiT man to match te A _hold. actual had considered three monopi
the same door that conceit enters.. Tv Cobb: Nobody ever Ie rn15Politically active unions efe ,t denier w i eth hs personal coww"'4" It toh Texan can be sa-eyed, that's Tom, One was again1 the Rochester.?,N Time-Unio -n,.
winning...Wilaon Mizner: A hero is one who know nhow to the teamsters. k Lea ntowa about courage. Re rMf1bse4 WIft a chud's enthusiasm for what he thanks is mocrat and Chronicle, owned by 'rank dannett, who also"
wh you canbuy o nger. Antrim: Never borrow from a Not Insignificant is the re- t-iff through me 2tot his experlen 1inl*. a radic. st tin I Ifoteslter.
mutagrsLMcn tsiofoeA la Lea was only a professional Dal s-111M ,_ wme I haae lunched with oest Mothr was against the Omaha World Herld wh.]
a U the Gods would destroy they fin*t make popular... A"on: .' James Loeb from the White but what he vat Into "Brave BuIWd wad I oprats a radio station' and the thi
r is no better exercise for strengthening the heart than house, where he aided l the average Iobnplished write hq.te r4We t %e" DiMagglo and er nard 3reh u t Times and Star and Its radi sa %tion.
Tlft oedowen and lifting veorle ti Murphy, Mr.Truman'shote Be edid not know the medium oP l 1t .never spent three bette hou with a Ater dcdedPnot to m p to theLeranOUrind"
Mr.onn. Tro u m-shheT the %dbeenthIWitt uo. R s deied nt to loe ttt CatW.
Tl Hi ESiADII OWN COLUMN lanky Jim Loeb, a mastco o lfe awthn acuS ejrye fora nIn*attL'-a6n ms1hlas ea,.ta Ur.pofeN w Taft4 Sta closetent.NodAs clyos- e
potent, militant and energetic pointed his w or.s wish I were Mr. Thom. aS, then I nix orde' to have any apprectable Intertte airultlon,

A Ian ckmpaimn, Just openingl Iteo f Roes t was tw ntatively decided to proeee

..a. _: The neat. candidate must Ie f~~l 1iretgl hmlled thrjeat qg war l pp win gprt of i I1 gqmm-a to tak 1bp etl .SoePlvsWO nst

The illustration In the Panama Canal Review shows the ruysIyoy r's choice ud a er prevent the comleton th SEwa, nb Btli an 1aM ff BieSb e ______ r
floor of the building snuggled on the bosom of mother This. too, must be reported: amn"IVei Ajda tya only one way .
The "Diputs' were mindful that the commissary sell The labor aders on that plat- t OImpossible, then the fa ur twothe'Bag Str- *
sticks" to fight the dampness of the lower floor, but form that day night wl n be to the French Chamber o w a
of the bachelors who own, or partly own. automobiles? make no secret of their ho man Bu ot of rarifying the ii e the al m A
It be suggested that a garage be built near the room- for a reahgs"ent of polial As to watform the Kremlit's ad 09n9 aUM eaJt t S l Od J an
providing enough spee for a car assigned to each parties sueb a p Bakin tkm tlhis r there P only t .
or room in the buildingvet a WedaWillke rather thn soBd evidence. rt a Tienna blockade 1U be nd mb
also covered walks from the garage to the entrances discusing lage f ateprf*for a blockade -19"6 Mct than a BWrIM b*
S"ft no doubt married men whose houses have y o O mtnh indytheS -
*M h the ssaLn *La.-D 4.B. h'SoIds, s1,- lmn- bea
M gst Ierried and drv out. Hon am in his to i ha
Role-....Qeb. hame. ,'-elan noe16Ce,"
ho_ wmThey tal&sked of the -ra -t NN- -"' at'-e a a
mI l.mWtCI be ](17c 1apart- to wmal eM"e, alM'-a. eda ureth ft
tMa R outer hMO am wi e m d .7.. am

a' ..- ...a.s,*..
ofsWmt R fu nm fl3 .y E.I-
otiWs f-- tht e -S t..C.AN-.

f t o 01WhtA '- "" .. .. I I III ....-
t .* .. : .++- :" .. .....-,". .-+. .-. +. ": -v-' u .+ .; =.:. +.+- t. .-+- +

I? ):4 's.
-..'~ .5k*
.1~***** S .5 4.
I- **'. 5t*.*
S I -

t S '

-. 5r'~'
* 1~



1;* r^ *


.... .. ,. : ': 4 .-
'" j ;' .:; .. '-'A 't. .| *. +
*+ .'F +' *

rs" were a

a saiu

t. vean


+t~Ulna, M r, a O.dbl,
.naL ...L a.l .b_. -as reh so. -" t a

.10 fa *

, Avgh a..',I

=IN& Vn P at, w Mwwuw- ---, mom.- -*-

rstebk vc te .en'?O r5 3 t the 'nior party;
2011"Kea 6ttoam SultIngtIn-

I. 0. T. C. will. review FrejVy Ihosr otthe aenlors. Thils
F, annual .emdu a on tt t it.okd forward to by
S4 abMr b fthete 'L 't. -eS or meafge. ot the
,0. T. C. will soe be the reviewing galery.
frltde there will be M b a abl at which the stuentSwho

y A ,- w %-* ..ho a'S d M U to s.
the eorage et, gt bay and as*
UI long until next wek.

sie. Aysmrury St

The anniversary iamittee sof. Szab ct
usthceL X eaS O W.
ih to dlas further .planaoentr had
S..t-IW.. "
The *mwtllwm. be hotld at 35r
he. Iltals O t l ..ap WALA W
ato!. a wn t t. -






. r -

*; .4 WMRa

anis $ItI$L

,,. ";. .. a
I .' ..- -..

- 4;, *
*-J '1 %)t :r



i ji

me a

".* a .
S .

b" f* or--. .2 t

lfeIttp8 QUinp ed a in .the
Sos, N1. The mbmorndum
l In an rly oofaft a tM tW e
on 'the teoe c e to the
an'iM window thee they
S a further rd4eses from
1. sthe Irocedu'dq.
.dn d ,il ptoips- A
lthlf o t.. W tMo


W -smo at .

Y,.. -".
eao be the buO lt
ade a new "AMsseblT
in and white
. MNalir's room and the
t Ip unfolded, mMakian
y that may be clWI

le Week, the Canal Zone
Sogram until Wednes-
has, judilously 5Been re-
nd community choir and
I promise of being out-

theo CoJeI e 0 will hav its
to r Mie thiN. a
,asawI agatol wovirlen f
isus. -

mte pme





* ~

ON&y, tiWay, May a
:0--iVrle for Tuesday
4;00-a Story Time
4: ?' Your Favorite
6'i>--hat Tour Pavorite
e: oPlst Love Cla.
8:1 Qslion
7Ti t- hrltlan oclenen
':16-.aU interlude
7: rto Review
7:4-jm SeasiMIon
8:00--fles and Commentary
8:16-The Jo Stafford Show
8:90-MTlMe For Business (VOA)
. :4M--Co4 mientator's Digest
*:Qo-MuIlca Americana (VOA)
9:50-3U of the Bounty
10:I5-tusIcal Interlude
10:30-Variety Bandbox (BBC)
1:a-Tlhe Owl's Nest
,Ildnight-Slfn Off.
: Wdasuiay, May 7
=:;0-A- rm Clock Club
7:l3S-Morning Salon
1:1l-Hews (VQA)

' 9fe M ,
O9;1- BI:me And Get It
9:30-F dand Fashions
10:0.,JA I Sbee It
10:nSi1 the Record
11:0--Off the Record (Contd.)
11:1 t1e BAnd
,L: Bheon Musico
11:30-aptolir Music
1:15-Personalty Parade
1:45-AaeStan Palfltues
2:0b-Amerloan Journal (VOA)
3:10--t'e Time to Daol
3:30lfteMrnoon Mo aa ]
:4,-0oe on sts
3:00--" star Concert HRal
a;l -The Little Show
SI30--inde for Wes4_day
4:00-Mude Witakt .W
4: 1-treneh in the A*r (VOMA
4*:-WWM towtn P*rits

*: I-avening "als
7:60-Over To You (BBC) '

7:4-Here Cornea Loula Jordan
8:00-News and ommemnta-
S:15-Jam SBeston (VOAI
:SIp-The Amerlean Deokshelf.
8:4&-Co00mmentator's IN east
9:00-To Be Announced
O1-Te Haunting Hour
10:00-UBC playhouse
11:00-The Owl's Nest
12:00--lgn Off
explanation of SByambl
OA-Voice of America
5BC-British Broadcatingtt Corp.
-Radiodifftulon FrancalE


V 6* tsr
-. .:St.

. .-

S.. "

pointe out 1.1ldm Snaal
W. Boost Jsoa
th itomu -, hN e
portd that "sthk MI
cases of cknem have beal re-
ported, there h? been ome if-
eral outbreak of diesse of e0-
demic proportion in the' &"
under the control of the VUI
WHO provided a staff of 11
mediCal officer and 10 publies
helath experts to help prlVetI
epidemics in Korea Dr. Owbt-
slm'a report laid. The wort of
thea speelalsts w as n
emergency nature, he said,
cause of the eonditoat *htleh
WHO hka also offered to Mhlp
combat the reported eptdeOZIo
in QoaIgmnalt controlled North

Trhe rport, to b*sprt -
KON, but theoatrs have rt er

to tie .dMI d
Assembly opening here MI
also 1bowee tbt i
who started technical slstaneI
M eetj In 33 countries apd
e, including fIYoa-
via aM Turkey. Most of the
S r esin the Fa r and

Thies projects, Dr. ChISoim
adS jot off to a rather lA*
stark Out are now making ropid
n Do.IFreetor Oeneral calle.

ties" in the
1d infeetimo
ei oteerted
idleted that
101 sll how
i61 the death
aMt In thme
provide tealt
report also

.'- a

.* *

tiae lif Aft
and Stmb I
water ft
which deertt
rowboat whee
on how toWP

The IM t
age is ew o ltt
..* -:n "
-- -:--- -- ^-;-- "- '_ .,

a w- wv -MfW



agi ,":

mIw.Ze SWA 410 ULG

'mW Nmw- @C 0

wII liBgg SINPA, I

For ImtUn, Bar paefut. gtmnbg
Copper's hard to get the dis-
and itw dub y welcome whet t
t b e nse for yowr WwPe.-. .,
p soienktsa of offeaept sd.'w tJ
o(evoapiot t. w as .

SLEr S.-O *.. .-.a er

. .'" fh I ..

-.. ..B-. ".., -,.
/'. ...- ?.-, .. ..


-5 **~~- S -
~54~ S *4 *

r "".t "-"
&^-.-' -* ...... ..
,fi .-_-^ .i.t.: ,.--,,.:r .;~

rt; I



OPEN MALL DAY Ir' 8:30 as. to 8 p..
Io Cmt AI Amso Tihghes2.. -is




w__-. _


r.wMl r .l W
... i:+. +B^At~ *e-ti


' ws *'
*-^9t ,

? l"-


A .. "-"
:. -.-. .,..

*m .',.* .
. . . . . -f...-. ., .

- .** ;-" ..i ...*-. "" ":.*--- ',^i -. .'--.

arg and Freight-hips and Planes-Arriv

(argo and Freight-Ships and Planes- AnrivaK O

Shipping & AirLine News
, Former Panama Canal Dredge nization's annual awards lunch-
En Route To Bra7il eon at the Waloort-Astoria Hotel
The former Panama Canal rriday.
dredge Las Cruces cleared Cris- Accompanied by her youngest
tobal breakwater at 8:35 Sunday daugn.ei. Rosita Claro Gonzalez
_morning, en route to her new Videla, tne Latin American wo-
"--Rome In Porto Alegre. Brazil. 'men's leader is visiting Mrs.
SThe 24-year-old dredge, board- Eleanor Roosevelt at Hyoe Parki
ed up and rigged for the long before returning to Santiago
voyage during three weeks of from Miami by El Interamericano,
work at the Industrial Bureau's May 18
Mount Hope shops, was In tow of -
the Dutch tug. Rode Zee. Yacht
Rode Zee is owned by L. Smith An orler lhas been placed with
and Company and is out of Rot- Jonn Brown of Clydebank for a-
Serdam. She arrived In Cristobal new British Royal yacht to re-
4 April 30 to pick up the Las Cru- place the 47-year-old "Victoria
t ca ano Albert "
SKidd of Fernie & Company, She will take about two years
Swho handled the tug here, said to build
tnat the voyage to Forto Alegre. The vessel has been so design-
Swhich lies between Montevideo ed that in wartime, she could;
about two months provided
weather Is favorable. --
The first step in preparing the
Sd'redge for her long trip was r.Amlin
S laclng aboard by the Dredging Kremlin Agents
Division of the two 51-ton spuds m
which hold the suction dredge inlind Hung orions
a digging position and bv ras-
ing one of which the craft can FOrging Figures
be swung in an arc
The wooden patterns. fro PAR6, May 6 (USIS. Not
even the Comtnform's Council for
pahich parts can be dast wereiM .tual Economic Aid could swal-
placed aboard the dredge beforelow the Hungarian government's
the work of boarding her up wsboasts of nroductlon records and
started at the Industrial Bureau. dustrial achievements. and
Plates were welded over all the The New York Times' chief
Windows and her main deck was European correspondent. C. L.
made watertight to a height of Suberger. reports today that
three feet above the deck level.the puppet government s boasts
by b eam welding. _. have resulted fi cha s of alsl-i
The dredge's safety wires were fleation of stutistecs nst ffun-
e evrended. to lower the ladder carian Communists.
four feet. r Stzberger sid that suspous
The Las Cruces is a cutter- SKr etzbi r said that suspicious!
Shead pipeline suction dredge with Kremlin agents robed ngars
a .........epip. industrial reports arid drew up a-
a .4-nch buisltharge 'ElP 1 thick document showing that In
She was built y tie altt their zeal to achieve records.
machine Corporation in Hungarian Communists forged
^r. in_ 1928 and thrwe 1 production ligwea. A copy of he
nal Zone January re the follow or was allppdout of the ron
veis 299 feet overall, has a Curtain country.
hb-n of 50 feet and is 15 feet
l-1. She displaces 3.110 long Sala
.- ,e was sold last December to
DerkWf &Coma vfas ew 50Sles Called Off
A,* the Consolidated inter Amer-
n Corporation, also of New There will be no retail sales of
Jrk .salvage property at the Property
Disposal Yard, Corozal on Thurs-
"* dv a g to an announce-
t Lady Of Chile I cn1t W o. A. A. Debp. Com-
Be honored In N. J. n .llm -Qmcer. Post,' porozal.
"Mother Of Woed" How.vv. 7M. Dobak td that
Se first lady Mreile, Mrs:.' retail sales will be resimried May
I de onzalez Videa. wife d 15.
ident Gabriel Gonzalez Vide-
i a fl"n to Miami from San-. -- _
Sl. the.Chilt n capital. aboar, i..
Lter-mWetic'o today en route
New York. where she will t ,,A
ored as the "Mother of thA

[he title was bestowed on -ri
rizalez Videla by the ITpV -
tonal Committee of the Amer-
n Mothers Committee th' ft-
Inltlon of her activities In we]-
r* work, child care and wo-
rn's rights.
Following her flight from the
;'-an capital. Mrs. IJ ez
'-la Is traveling on to New
-'; to be honored at the orga-

-. '

Slim PFt Aw
ir fat ruin. your ly mu-or Iak
ou short of breath and ari
our health. u will finr t=
o lose a half pound a day with thi
e Hollywood method CORiO
'ORMODE. No dr led ifetlngrw
ierclse. Absolutely Cafe Ask yoelr
'wmVit for FORMODB and utm3
*ni "ln tomorrow.

ti um n


OF SOUfl A.' c A
MV "REINA DEL PACIFICO"...................May 7'th
M.V. "SANTANDER" .............................May fth
M.V "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 tona)........ May 31ht
M V 'FLAMENCO" ............................ sy 13th
M.Vi "SALAVERRY" ..............................May 18th
M.V. "DUIVENDYK" ... .................... May 11th
M.V. "DRINA" ..................May 18th
M.V. "DURANG6" .. ............May 7th
M.V. "LOCH RYAN" .....................May 13th'
All malllngs subject to ehange withgt DomIe.
ORD CO. INC. BALBOA-Term. BMO. Tel. -1





Luxury Suites ad Single Rooms


Appi: C. & FENTON & (0. NC.
1TELS. 3 -1781 and 2.10O8


The dance sponsored by the Q)epartment
of The Canal Zene Reserve Officers Asso-
ciation to be held Saturday May 10th,
1952 at the Strangers Club, Colon, has
been changeI to the Fort Gulick Officers
Club, Fort Gulick, Canal Zone, from 8 /
p.m. till 1:00 a.m.


ReL &CLRD'.'- r1TiONLY WqCL? f--

. I



. tw

Gal With Outilton
N> .

ST. 4

sup it



- .
*Ti iUK

Talo's Car


WELKIN. Plantemt'

igne to Rune




Depmjed Bow You Look at It

'vmLa wm oaOsew I e*or
iTH' CAt W IP, AN'
CaMe~ IT A4LON& fT3
S mtagm WsM.,yj


* 'ft .' : -
I t.W



.. .
* V...'. .**~'~'
,.. 1.....-






. '. ,._..: -. ^ I... .i. .. ..

i L/



(r Il/ j



S r W AL'S


-**t f .
. te : _-.losi

* ~ Wims

a! SheluS,
stud will
ti T A

t on
I the

|an .at f H...

D- "-ot inC-n, w
ed twgettan 0Xi1 9
U oill. sI& a.,
montehsd tr. PIM-_ _viaNltE AUD, CanallZone rt twhoew t9
lnon in Kani City, lun and bited .,. in a onc-maUn show at the itU tl -
Aiber daughter inoeveland, 0. Takets fle t Beu x At11. She is shown here with her oil
At~enai the uaceon were te a AD Bgoa.J f leay" which won an award in the recent Arft
zs. Rose Mrrop, Mrs. RKuah *teMB 5 the e on re=b 5 s tt the Canal Zone branch, League of obser
I rank, Mrs. Rut laUlenL.e irau ionort tne uVSr o h mirn Anim WOmen, sponsor of her current exhibit, t.on
AIrs. Helen 'l.Facher, MrS. MaN V1 ioin te. 1"I. j ielBtel toi a --- ..
Lou Dolch, Mrs. Hannah. A. Srhi ilS t e K l ad u5 ul3X. ToBkt oo

S* r *n* Eisenhower Farewells
faWt warte:or T97-
botr G Mia.i ,sP. o M B U.Ma In a .
Sh ord,, 1 14WillhlItaly NATO Troops ia
,o &o p- -to-wo -..*e MMu ,nnsM'. it wi oinnin.. hol
ned take In the ne ar t r S. Il ats o ar tME, May 6 (UP)-Oen. Castiellone. corn man de ofr
otuCret.a ar nd.n ser- m Catif 'r to4h, pridA T ~J ad ml NATO land forces n Southern o
of Cristoblwe and Mri. Johoin IL R Ppn profr pl ayersfand1 ytoor urop elpre so n edhim with a
Carter of Las Cumbre dgaveitc ?mbera of Islodgeart the ba invited s c oant |hat bronze statue of the Lion of St.
opAef C A elV Jth thn-ro yett the dinn quer "l.l osAtl an- Mark,. symbol of tihe southern
eon saturday at MM Carterdm 0. t ,af ref epon the dofmneaswill betU4 main- cnimand, and said, "I present
re id Ro a 'hRorrIhad a aecelonl s eirt 8 p. m n
Fouren B0e p41sult at foewrmuere a e. )AIY .t A wbegnning at 8 p. S a tai wV4 this with best wishes that you
o a t the ibne einlfower. h ait. Ura) a t E.or NE ,IeSai uora might enter the White Hou ."
at the lUneu den. hower.s Yo ll. p .WONDMERFUL A ewil e wato ha ler Aide
-or yater ]se n v Birthday Par1, Tons., Tn(UP) de s1o par andoR al. pdzi of- During hi Inspection of the
Mro Eueathoe a c i celebraron of her dauahdter a0ly are ,c9anariegs ilelafrl Doodians tnear t lyhs Alpine Bigade 2 -year-old sit
Mr. anl Mas. RKo.bert e Enirtc maie ALbd" rta ay, wfarS v, if you all-r viewrten t, e e honor guar d.
GrE o I CoCo del Mar t re. ItMrs. Edward A. Murdock g .ave a ed T rbeed.Dana hatch- er aasodirso hoor gar
turnedl by iane from tNew Yoik party eday at hoer e lu ed 1 baes durg one eight- o din '- d ne at isenhower walked over to
on Sunday after spending sev- in I urundu HelCita month period. Udie .ayd I hr emory for him and said. "I am happy to
erl weeks aeaonngnitted re- Paule prudent were: the Mife .. Tfhe chauffeur w too labo satores areyo uing hiefotopef s
rope. Copl-oe, Arcollk Vpd JIMMY the bfe itd squad."which made eienhower
ie and Rt Al and Volanda Ar. h to do more than uble provnorary the Atoic ener
Betrothal nou t V Robert Fuller, MnA 1 Olgad At Udine 10U0 etalian a- to further pehonor ago.
.The engagement of MiS inta- Charlot te w oier, i ana 'rant ma~jorof r1111n ho l m
bel Ouardla to, uqn Remon do Dilly Gough, l .k Peg- guard t an She Man who made
Rou`"t on *f he Mlnister at gyand Oracey 2a1, Shiela and him anhonoray corporal" of O
Aloverf n a ste and Freddy n order, and ineer, alpie unntl tanAfant e g- Ul I
Mrs. Ral Rtux, has bet eng a- Pritche rAd. t JA-Y N4" j11 ment last year. d
nounced bL her parents, Dr. Patricia Anne nd M, ael And at the ee airport he rS P cd l
and Guardia. ays, Anmita and Vauito Ar- OSlWALD JACOB remem*rd t ,he twain d u leeh o
eNo datOasbeenset for ext dry asena be r Cr Eduardo and to InWpi or ad ce etotopetoeeen thc country
wedding. Jam d, I r d Yoiandita ,e or per tide a t. and 1,100 radoatve pe
d.iANArdWu. ttys nove d e pture shipment to r in ther
Returns Freom Waaehlton Younsi;ood, at L tKelsey M- 1 As the w. to his car he
Mrs.Eugenec.rof.o AIrosemenar.,Billycan-a (D shook hands with the sergeant- WASHINGTON. May 6 (UIS)
ElCoca. ugene. Maraetud r- dn aendward Murd, Bean- *OE (D) chauffeur anqA asked: "How are -More than 600 American unl-
cently by plane from the Unit- Adults assisting from the 10A you yong mau?" veasities, hospitals and research
ed States. wbere e visited re- Pacific Side were the Minses The chauffeur was too amas- laboratories are using Isotopes
latives flu. Virglah and Wash- Rita Arias and Yolanda Arias, .! 7610ed to do more than mumble. provide, by the US Atomic ener.
i.RoeoFle,.n0aAt Udine 10,000 Italian So- gycoulisulou to further pets-
ln~ton. D.C. Mrs. Robert Fuller, Miss O lga WENT dAST-diere-Infantry, artillerymen. ful uses of atomic energy.
7wai Beand3iOlaSta- 14Q .76 cin re, alph units, tank five-year sumrOfthe
Sae4tlitir ..Adult Shueets from the ArrAndatheadash- s
Following communion at the tic Side were Mine C h AX42 Q a at m t...i...o. r the program shows wise uses in mod-
s o'clock. Mass Sunday, mere- coit, t lor Maa M ,nidal research, diagnosis
tremtMnlt, and toseaeh in
.71m-lun 1 feld s us biology, --u att7

Rik11111loson- *. aInm otopes to users in -thincountry
sum. r ftIU e et r wnwi31 or peer sdoe atang. and 1,100 radloahtive isotope
...... MAN& f., .. ... d1en 1 t"he picture ahdpments to users in 01&ben


Certified Public Accountants

take pleasure In announcing their
appointment as Agents for

Putl, Mrwck, Mithell & Co.

Certified Public Accountants
of New York.



i -- -

rove the bidding or play of thi
arid. The South player happen-
ed to be far behind when this
hand came along in the 134 A
Vanderbllt Tournament. His bid.
ding was an attempt to get an
unusually good result so as to
get back into the running. Thli
a1mpt was spectacularly a-
Samuel Stayinan holdlth
West cards, opened the of
clubs. When hli partner,
Sahenken, dropped the quon,
Stayman continued with the asf
of club. East discarded the deu&
of hearts. and 8tayman the0
Ohlfted to the deuce of pad.
Declarer won hM f'pi* &ot
with dummy's ace of sd sand
returned the ten of damonds.
Beheaken covered with the king
._ of diamonds, and declarer wof
his second trick with the aee Of
- diamonds.
South next led a heart to dam-
my's ace. thus winning hi thIrd
trick. He returned the Butoet
iAlemo.ds from dummy, leh-p.
ken covered with the Ite, and
Routh won his fourth tkwith
the queen of diamonds .
At thii m moment Schenke
vuletly showed the reet of his
cards to South and mnly ob.-
served: "I 'think the rest are
D meclarer looked at 8ehenken's
I hand, glenced apologetically at
his partner, and folded up his
hand, conceding downdaev. l.e
loss of 2000 points on tlm hnd
did not improve South' chance
to avoid elimination frOm the
The unusumi part about this
bim get is that a defender found
himuelfa in position Wto adt t
st ven trick ., in time Otm of
which he could draw the rt of
dodelarer's trumps.
ZIf South led the kin of heart
to example. Schenken could ru
with the five of diamond draw
trumps with the e and s
of dianonds, ad thei _ti tb
rut of tOhe trin ohw
... -S I

rhonel Oounac of
to America.
OSI TrsMan. In a letter
ijp lng groups. lauded
or ifvut new reco ,nitin r
i mhfiortne of the fweri).
arotvanee. he said, wil ve
ASndp n a chance to ei-
, lipfet and see how rl
Intke tfrt:er codvntrih'tlord1
SKtea of faniv life that isF
ert to the Uited States.
ifn the first of the week's
reos- waee the preenta-
l Sunday of thp "American.
of the Year" award, ini
iltion of a if-ther chosonm'
t American Mothers om-
i s exemnilrvlting the IdesI
ir. This year It went to Mrs.
en Ooon, a native of Chingi
devotion and work hrouchti
ht children the advanced |
1lon she lacked. &




Sl Price StarwfA at !119 .*'
To be Reduced ZS.0W Ustli ldl
Bulak Chevrolet

we air contInWi c i

i .~;






---------^^-------^ ^---[


L1bei' Vegetable Soup is a great family favw h ltl a
ricl, invigorating bed etok go luctoum tomatov ma pem,
ima beans, crisp car swep golden corn, mand f
gardep-freeh vegetables, each on. cotribtitig ita eu-peue:In
tapting flavor. Thats why Campbel s Vegetable Sup ie*a
deeply nouxhfng...and eating for all the family atay moaL.



Amirosfa meal in fet


, h sN w l, briu. M .. its
SIefs...s m ew, s iudy tr atila n~e d
leei. e : ler tha ,,mila.._ t

UwabrnSeiia X As. kue a. es Pe u p
e- g uil s iAd1 Nw*inii a seas
.:\r-^ ^ ~ ~ ~ ~ m *w'-"~B"'.'^^


* --** *--- -" -


.. "

I i" .- ..- ". 7- M --. '.
---lm-, O-'.. ,.- _, ....-..., ,".-r .'- F -'' .
;A3.T.* ,


'". ~
:7 -


***S* ** *0*0* *0* *



-CASH- c T -

-. ^ : wrjjji
..:'/, ; :kd _;'-. N .-Hw -


To '

<. c .-.




^e- 1

You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A.

I eave your Ad with one of our Agents or our Offices iu No. 57 "H* Street

Lewis Service
*4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2281 and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-9441

-, .
1^^ -

,. .Iw "
si= .-.
,.,* f-" .; ;. .'t l.l, J ^. 'i. n..".

*., .* .:_ = .,.$ : :
.' r -.** .-. .

N 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

Sal6n de Belleza Auericano Carltom gvr.
*55 West 12th Street 10.059 MelE A, ,

Agecia aInternacional de Publicaciones Propagands, Sk rP (I 2 words
3 Lottery Plan Phone 2-319 "No .. a", S P 01 wwd.
Phone --T a= Z,

FOB SALE:-Apex washing machine

FOR SALE 6 p.: wie v,.oe er.
2 sets co er afor cuih.onS S,
21 12-C E. ''th St. Curundu Phone
..86-3162. otte 4 p. m
FOR SALE: Complete and
bedroom furniture. twIn bed' First
St V'.ta Hermosa. house No 27
' RR SALE --Berd.x Au~omar .: woh-
er. Fr.g.dare both 60 .-cle. ga:
"tose All ecellent card on No
64 Mexico A.enue. Apt 3, phoneC
Panama 3-0 39. .
It SALE Zenih 3able model
comb,nai:r., radio and s-poeeO
record pioSe,. 60 cycle $85 00
S Srrall RCA riado *:, r r,, c l.IP.
S fl5 GIO No 64 M oexc Av.enue
Apt 3. Phone Panama 3-0739.
a-- -
QOR SALE---CherrN Red Ruq
9 x 12 mahogany dining table &
chars end tables lamp'
tables large table for krch.n or
*Orl,'hop. 2 mohogan,' chests of
dtsclers large metal office deak
Sstud.o couch picture frames No
...64 Mexico A enue, Api 3., phone
'-Ponama 3-1.,739
P0R SALE -Household good.. quor-
"tItrmaster bed and mattress, wood-
*in dressers. tables chairs. enomel
""'Ip kitchen table. de'L i. child's
wardrobee south bed. book shelves.
rrisc items. House 309 Ancon
rOR SALE -Wetr.nghouse 9 cu fl
refrigerator excellent condition
boy's bicycle aood .'nd .t'On. ex-
cept point Tropical fish and bowls
House 309 Ancon Tel Balboa

ALE -Maytag 25 cscle wash
S. machine $75 Three Poece
Slb rn suite double bed w.rh
S or is Beaut Rest .nnerspring
S ress. dresser,. chest of draw-
$70 Small dining room table, 512 Three .-.e S
*' boo window 'hode f,>e regulhor
m colored windo- shode' 'I'
f for ?5 Tab'e 2'. S2
ne 2-1652 alter '1j ,p m
r house 1429-C. Carr street, Bal-

jI SAL.E: Piano upright grand.
,Sin-er sewing foot machine Cold-
;-s6t refrigerator 60 cycles, mo-
*,ho.onv livingroom set. grl's b.-
WGye. RC6 radio, bgby crib..Phone
16 Colon.

Position Offered
CANTED.-B-linguaol secretary re-
. cently graduated. must be able to,
,'take dictation in English and Span-
S' h. Firestone Interamerico Com-
I ", lei O.r i t.. Avenu i

Service Personnel and Civilian
Government Employes
lns-It on
Government Emploves Finanr.e Co.
When ou finance your new
or used cat.
No. 43 Automobile Row
Phone 3-4984 3-4985
FOR SALE I 9: Ford Virt:.,..,
Perfect condition. House 0428-A,
FOR SALE-1931 Mlori. conert.ble
Dur paid Excellent condition
House 2041 3rd. Street. Curundu
C. Z Phone 7141
FOR SALE -1949 Ford Station W%,--'
gon. 826A St Monday thru
Thur da'o
FOR SALE -1950 Ford Four Dcc.r
Cust:.m Sedan 1.100. R 17A

Do you have a drinking problem?
Write Akeholicl AenymueM. osI
2031 Aren, C. Z.

Mother your child wants corn-
forroable shoes. You want shoes that
,,ii wear! and Senior dumping
Jacks give you both! If your child
-s between three and ten. then
bu\ him Senior Jumping Jack .
all s-zes, various widths Coll at
BABYLANDIA for a perfect fit,
No 40. 44th Street. Bella Vista.
Tel 3- 1259.
FCR SALE:-Riding horse. gelding
14 hands. English saddle, bridle.
etc Coill Nao\y 2388 between 3 30
and 5 or 7 and 9 p. mr
FOR SALE Caterpillar D-4
Bull-Angel Doozer, Winch. tools.

pwr., W.lW
Panma 3.1877. .CWba 1
Gramlich's Sante Clara he 0
cotfages. Electric Ice bomx, go
stoves. moderate rofs. Telephone
6-441 or 4-567.

Real EFtate
COTTAGES, Santa Clara, Land caped,
furnished. two bedrooms, will fin-
once. 826-A Emnire St. Mond*i
thru Thuridoy.


Modern fumrn.ed uimgOd alet*
mewne. Mold agrvicek Oftnl. Can-
tact office 1061. Iih at* N. MW

Rousseau. I etc. 620 working hours, last model Crito ll. elphone o13I Colon
Apoly Barrroda Vista Hermoso 304 R -C---:-
FOR SALE w -7 p FOR RENT: Completely furnished
FOR SALE _ewe -7-- bachelor apartment. Bella Vista.
MOTHERS'S DAY ORDERS ftor baby Telephone 3-0l f after 5:30.
Motorcycle cr,.:hids, delivered anywhere in -
FOR SALE--Fnest 500 cc Brhi' Un.rtea States, accepted until, May FOR RENT:-Completely furnished 5
FOR SALE -Finest 500 cc Br th. LOCAL ORDERS Mayc 1eeth M room apartment ti Tivoli Ave. No.
moearccle with all e>Iras iPr. c oth. LOCAL ORDERS Ma o lh I 10 opposite Ancon Post Office.
$40000. Call Panama 2-485.0 I ouets, corsages fORCHIDS GAR-l Coil Cagmar, phone Panama 2-
FOR SALE --Cushman motor score, DEN, Panama 3-0771. Allaorntc 00. Tvoli Avenue No 6.
good condition. $100 00 Cr.srobal -,de. Cristobal 1033. R
FORat otor I For sale to the highest bidder Build-'
oa8ts J Motors ing: Nos. 31 and 36. Gatun Sealed FOR ENT:-Specious locality very
o_ __ bids wi T be received in the office coal and clear. suitable for shop.
FOR SALE:-Boal 32 feet lon IghtI of Superintendent of Storehouse at deposit or Industry, with 5 sanl-
cruiser. with all equipment. Perlect Balboa until 10-30 A. M May 4 tory servIces. Situated in on area
condition See Vassil Loarforcogf ai 1952. when they will be opened in of 800 M2. Any change client
Pean Prieta. public Form of proposal with full wants cheerfully made. Call Tel.
parriculors may be secured in the: 3"-0769. office hours.
PERSONALS offices of Superintendent of Store-I FOR RENT: Site. corner of Justo
Shuses and the Housing Manager at Arosemena and 37th street. Suit-
HUMAN ENGINEERING Gatun able for business or clinic.
Corrective Adjustment of the I FOR SALE. Craftsman Portable
Body Structure Belt Sander, with carrying case and
GEORGE D. BARB Jr ten belts Used two hours 25 or GOVened
No I I, 7th. St 60 cycle $50.00.I 470-B Holden
Tel 2-38, 33 St rl3lboa l
8A M -8P M.8- P MM___ Ma .sm Admis
By Appointment FOR SALE -Winchester double bar-
rel. 12 G Shotgun, like new* .
$4000-107-8. Pedro Miguel. NuSo e
phone 4-506
Trniman Coducts TV .6
FOR SALE -60 cycle Whirlpool, ful- WASHINGTON, May 6 (UP)-
Tow o Whie use lyautomaticwasher year old. Clovi D.Walker der
Tou 0WH s Phone -87-6212 $175 00. gressional fire for allegedly eak.
INDOOR GARDENERS AND AQUA- ing U.S. trade secrets to an
,WASWNQ=ON, Majy (fUS5 RISTS: In stock. AFRICAN gyptian broker, resigned today
-Ther enthusiasm of Presideft VIOLETS 15 types). CACTI AND as director of the Agricuture
Truman for White House his- SUCCULENTS. TROPICAL FISHES Department's cotton branch.
tory, combined with the me- mouthbreeder black swordtails.
dlum of television, has made a etc i. GOLDFISHES A q u a tic Walker denied in his letter of
visu I acquaintance with the plants. ACUARIO TROPICAL No resignation that be was guiltyy
historic building available to I Via Espoaro. opposite Juon of any willful wrongdoing" but
more than 20,000,000 Americans. Franco Stables. phone 3-4132 conceded there might be evi-
dence to "Indicate some indIs-
The President conducted on FOR RENT relon."s-
Saturday a television tour of

-o.ny. J. code u[ a fu I^ -ue
,No. 39 the recently-remodelled execu-
- tLive mansion. Together with
television cameramen and an-
Jielo Wante nouncers. he went from room to
room, discoursing on its history.
D:-Exoerienced ironer. ne and pointing out where changes
d week 611-A Acon lou- had een made in the remo-
d'i y owk 61 delling. The program was car-
__evord .eried by three of the four tele-
vision networks In the United
.W anted Position State.
i Mr. Truman laid particular
liable colored moad desires work emphasis on the redesigning of
klighly recommended, for loundey. the Great Seal of the United
,hfieomwork and some cooking. States, which appears in sev-
Wtot and hones' Phone Panama eral places. He noted that the
Ml-0739._______I head of the eagle, which for-
'09 i:meriv faced toward the arrows
symbolic of war in its left claw,
LESSO NS 'now looks toward the right claw
which holds the olive branch of
or songs swing jazz and POD- peace.
ailr prano classic taught Zez
nnett's P,ano Studio No 9. He also outlined the origin of
S Sosa Tel 2-1282 many of the furnishing in the
.A k P 160-year-old structure. AmonS
them were a set of furnitm
Albrook Post brought from Paris by President,
h -- James Monroe early in the f19th
hiues Series century, and a sparkling cha- i
fues ries deliver which was brought from
vHO Tonight Paris bv Mrs Calvin Coodge
'O moral than a century later.
e Veterans of Foreign Wars. The tout was notable for the
ank P. Albrook Post 3822 fac' that it included the first
present another In a series public performance at the piano
Uthentic combat stories enti- by a US President AfLer conm-
"Minesweeper" this evening mentinE on the fine tone of an
station HOG old instrument the President
sat down to it and played an
e story will deal with a 19- excerpt from Mozart's Ninth So-
-old youth Inducted into the nata.
and his experience during

Id War II on a minesweeper
hilippine waters
S*. Comdr. Arnold Newcomb of
5- 1 15tt Naval District will be
t of honor on this show. He
adIron during the recent war.
i-;Ib program will be on the Air

Spot Coupe.
e. radio, seat

ma. Cal, l. a.

lumnedh 4-deer Se-
-8M. lat cover.
46we. i at Sieco
milMt 1 .A. 1oth St.
KI*'S e.I. eL We.

1951 Dodge ? door. leather
uph.. low mileage. Another

FOR RENT.-Two large rooms for
bachelors. Near Ancon P. 0. Phone
Balboa 2708.

Craftsman Makes
New Furniture
Look Like Old
(UWP) Thomas W. Allwork ls a
young Englishman who spends
weeks buUding a beautiful solid
ask cabinet and then spends
more weeks damaging it.
He perpetuates the craftsman.
ship of a by-gone age by chang-
ing new furniture Into prized re-
productions of 17th century an-
Allwork hurries the aging pro-
Bess by staining, bruising and
going the surfaces of his cre-
ations. He likes to fool visitors to
his shop.
"Take a look at this centuries.
Old foot stool." he will say, dis-
plying a Imonth-old stool.
Runga on the stool are realls-
toally worn as if by the sandaled
feet of generations of monks.
Dollars, dollars, dollars are all
over the sidewalks at Camp De-
trick and on one tries to Dick
them up. They couldn't very *ell.
The dollars are painted on the
sidewalks as part of the Army-
wide "aoOt-cOnsalousneps" drive.

The biggest used ear sale
ina the history of PanamA.
ANl Iamkes, all models, al
DrYeTour Buick, CItvro-
let dealer.

Senate investigators charged
Walker furnished confidential In-
formation last year to Egyptian
cotton broker Loutfy Mansour a-
bout U.S. plans to buy Egyptian
Mansour's Alexandria firm
made a huge profit on sales to
this country.
Production and marketing ad-
ministrator Gus Geissler an-
nounced Walker's resignation
only a few hours after Sen. Geo.
D. Aiken (R-Vt.) charged that
Agriculture Secretary Charles F.
Brannan had blocked several at.
tempts to remove Walker.
Geissler Immediately named
F. Marion Rhodes to take over
Walker's $11.000-a-year job, ef-
fective tomorrow.
Walker wrote to Oelssler:
"In light of the recent devel-
apments and charges in regard
to the conduct of my office. I feeL
that my usefulness to the De-
partment of Agriculture has been


And now
tells you what a wonderful
Insecticide CHLORDANE is
In'the April issue.
(It's the Killer in Real Kill)
Buy it in the agricultural
grade for your farm
or garden.
27T Central Ave. Tel. 3-0140

The letter said that to conti-| Tel. 2-27 |
nue on the job woud be "embar-
rassing to the department, and CSt Of Reading Cut
detrimental to my health." FORT WORTH, Tex. tUP--
Walker said the records "clear- Tardy book borgmwers got a break
ly indicate I have not profited under a lowefed. Sfinte schedule
financially from any of these announced by the Port Worth
transactions" but "evidence be- public library. Instead of the tra-
fore the Senate Agriculture ditional two-cent daily fine, it
Committee may Indicate some now comes to less than one cent
Indiscretion." daily.
,' =I- I


The binegt used ear sale
in the lgimery of Panama.
ADI makem. all min s, all
priueM. MOOT' & PARe.
DERS--Tr aick, Cheve-
let "or.t

___ ______ I'

1M50 Buick Special 4-doer
Sedan, perfect condition.
Radio. Seat covers. good
tires. Smoot y Hunnicutt
$.A.. 16th St. Central Ave.,
Col6n. Tel. 0.

Gemd transportation. 194
Studebaker 4- door Sedan.
eeod tires, easy payments..
For ale at Smoot y Hunni-
cutt S.A.. Colo6n. Tel. No.
1th St. Central Ave.

Wr easi won Buiek 8 r
o-deer iedaah, in V, f
eeidlilon. with dynalhw
'-saoe. ant sever. 5 |g-e
k -i^ A ..
mom, inett* k

my 1 i temle iPma
ltb ft. Centrl Ave.. COd,
TeL N. .

1Mw I k 2 dear 6 mk.

Low u=. new YM

gu g #adP "agg .

-a.Lce mal._,_

IS eaW s, Then Direct Hit
WA.InggBA Wis. 'UP) Ar-
Lhur Dealy, 64, swerved his car
to avoid a crash with another
and sq-ao ded. He got out to sur-
vey thpmS e of the m r miss,
slipped on the Ice, was run over
by a passing truck and suffered
a broken leg.

r srt.
mO -w

Tel. 8-1713
*22 E. 29th St.

Hotel El PanamA
Fuerma y Luz (preferred)
Fuerza y Luz (common)
Panama Trust Co.
Aceite Urraca and Brewery
Tel. 3-471p1 8-1660


Alberto wes
S"e over- reupb DIter
Ta 8_4 v*e o. .

7th 8t & Justo Aroeemena
Ave. Coldn TeL 467

1mU fl laits. S. A.
ShippMg, moving, storage.
We pack and crate or move
anything. 'Phone 2.2451,
2-2562, PanamA.



aeeNma-eiv fnafttare.
41 Atmobile Row

At Its Best!
Ialbea W

o 0 H on 2 Ia. of
=wl V= M% *ai and
Boy 1% kerosene
SM Loawaen Price
SDilmrbntotN: WONG CRANG, S. A.
Coldn: Pm i. *b Ave. Tel 303
s m f&, i 'nt-.l. Ave

1s tiT* o
aN''^^I /

b the hbury of PNOMMi.
AN- n'mb"t 65 =pift 44
*'"a. yusnL"? 74W.
rtiiir A fia~a NOW *ak-



After 27 years In the Canal ThMAWf the ye Carragton
Zone Major Leon J. Carrington, hasil aeive Id Canal Zone 6-
Chief of Supply and Maint6h- vie u MIe has bet A, metW -
ance at the U.S. Array Hospital, ber u* the Panama pCnal Z UN
Fort Clayton, will leave the Ith- Elks Lodge No. 1414 and served
mus on May 20 for the Army and in all the chairs. In 19S4-3 he
Navy Hospital. Hot Springs, Ar- was the Laigfa Xxaltd Ruler.
kansas his first military at- 81ies btoominl a member eof
signment in the United States. the Blrtram T. Cayton Post No.
On Feb. 25. 1025, Carrington 7 1t 1U4tihe haf been active in
enlisted In the Air Force U a Amertian Leg*In work. In fap-
private and on April 10, 1925 timbr of the ante year he was
without ever having been assign- elected ftn Commander. Itn
ed except in a casual unit ar- June I9t he was elected Viee
rived for duty in the Canal Zone. COimiaEner of the Departmip t
He did not know it then but at the Margarita Contention.
today will tell you that. "I had At the OObtentln hta B IA tl
fast artnted home." During those boa in July of last year he twts
first few months of adjusting elected Deuartment Commander
himut lf 1 home Private Carring- and will turn gavel over to sue-
ton served with Department ceaor at the 33rd Annual Con-
HeadqUrters. Office of the Ad- vention to be beld at Margarita
jutant General, Quarry Heights. this weekend.
On March 6. 1926 he was dis- Carrlagtonl was born In New-
charged from service but warm burypert, Masachusetts oa July
sunshine appealed to Carrington 12, 1o02 and attended public
so he accepted employment with schools in Newton, Ma sachd-
the Panama Canal Company. .etts. Prior to his mnlltient it
From 1928 until 1933 he held sueh the Air Force in 19M5 he was es-
jobs as Cost Accounting Clark. played by the Old Colony Trust
Payroll Auditor and Property Company in Boston, Massac4u-
and Supply Clerk. settf(; Boyer and Smanll. tAest-
Immnitt-Scuritles in Portlad,
On June 19. 1932. he was com- Maine; and, the LtrrUlard TObac-
missioned a 2nd Lieutenant in co Company to New York.
the Medical Administrative Corps Carringto said that t fe6ab
Reserve. From that date until he will "return home" aftta his
1941 he alternated between em- retiremett, "I hive alWata.been
ployment with the Canal Zone satisfied With my work I
Company, the bar business ln andt I l.u,
Pansmao and heort, tours of b4"3.t .!4
tive duty In the Army. He wt Duri ..
owner of the Old Ancon Inn and hat ed may o W
By 1941 Carrington was an all them he feels that better re-
"old timer" In the gone. In this latioris between the Ca Zone
same year he was ordered to Government and the RB plBe f
active duty in the Panama Ca. Panama is the most outstanding.
nal Department with the Stv- As he puts it. "I have notice%
tlon Rspltal at Port Amador. a growing understanding and re-
On Oct. 1. 1948 he was recalled spect between the people of the
to active duty in the grade of Canal Zone and the people of the,
captain and served at Fort Clay- Republic of Panama."
ton Hospital through several re- Carrington resides with his
designations to the present. In wife. Mrs. Nellie Carrington and
June 194$ O nlegton had been son Ronald. at Fort Clayton. One
separated ftw M duty but son. Jerome, is presently with the
nmmedtately rqenlisted in the Indianapolis Symphony Orehes-
grade of t sergeant. tra.

Ex-Tax Chief Nunan Refuses

To Tell Where He Got Cash
WASHINGTON, May I (UP).- committee was aot conducting a
Joseph D. Nunman, Jr., *wore un- trial and that it had no right to
der oath yesterday thit he ac- pass sentence on anyone.
opted no outft fMu w hi e he "It appears that I am a de-
was Internal Rvue oml- fendant here." Nunan replied.
stoner but flatly rused: to ex- Subcommittee counsel Adrian
plain where he mt the cash for W. DeWin., who had been ques-
several private Invetinmnts. toning Nunan about the case of
Nunan, the nati's ch ef tax lz oseph Applebaum, New York
collector from 140 tO IM7, asO wine merchi= t ,then took over
accused the HDM Ways and the ueestionig.
Means Subcommittee investgat- He asked Nunan:
in tax scandals of trying o do "Do you have tq mind crimes
him "irreparable. usti- that in unswring the quesas
flable harm" while he is ing about Applebaum) f r whMo
investigated by a grand jury. you might be hndicted?"
"Yes ir there Me."
At the conclusion of his test. King's any verbal aault
money, Chairman cil R. K ng was prompt. d by N.nan's re-
ID., Cal.) said h l that IttwasI fusal to teUm barobee gfthAe
"a sad state of at=f"a whme a'ssb tor a $1% M bank Itphl1
former high government official 'I 1946 and for a stock pur
refused to cooperate with a Co.n- In 194.L
gressiaoIf littw IS cinW
Cof manu ma-Nan te nto Of it!O
Nunan remaitead sautte In the 5th and 6th IBt*, In.
face ofKig's 5. Including the "ht et be re-
face of r Kg's w Bair. .__ _j .^__. .....Ast
But his *ttOX Richard quird to a haimal -
Burke. said .. _ld not self.
have exorcised eia t*b e bal
exercised today t were, not WIfe Ies
for the otd9Va gra jury in- HASTINGS, Iab. (U1P -- A
uC. RHastings faqer returned hcme
At one p t, wb hewas be- tr a v ii to lswn to f0d his
Ing quesudm Joban W. wife sitting in tie treoeer hourn
Byrnes (R., Ws.) N an aid the 'with the alchs"s. ma fter
Sixth G S grt d t Ira* to Wildr NQ a I
Lhe right 01 tm W jI un h- ae and a
Byrne& Ttat e tuab-





-s ,A

S- *~ri

it, -
- ~- ~g.. ~




Ali I

, .. ..-1,;. ,,



,*.. 1

Qylngton x gn.a UN.. Harri
wen. Mrs. Jme,"rW. S*arbel4
.gh, Mrs. O. W, ienatdy, Mrs,.
Ibert Piccrilli.' it. Arthur Al-
ight, Mrs, Haid R flarris,
rs. Fred A. Newhatd, Mrs. J.
. Cunningham, Mrs. Beton
herlot, Mrs. Leue Croft. or.,
rs. R. B. Wad, Mrs. Fred
chwarts M. ohn M. Fahn-
tock. Ms l Gibson

Capt. and Mrs. Charter C.-
anquell and Lt. Cdr. nd Mrs.
red C. Roake were iiven a ban

;i'h *^ ^ 1

TblY on
th6 glyest musical hit
ever so" I
(Iit Technicolor)
MitcRi Dale


The Most


The Most REciting
Manhunt of All Time!...

Unreervey Recommended
For Adult Moviegoers I

area W You To See
a Picture Before You Allow
Your Children To See It I

The Shortest Title!...
!fll-*SttOi SEhrtt!...

Reward Luther


and Mrs. James Humes, Lt. (jg)
and Mrs. L. A. Snead. En. and
Mrs. L. B, Sboudets and Ens. :.
C. toter.
N.C.O. Whites
Ceffft Party
Mr. Michael Minnick. Mrs.
tarty ppare, Mrs. Russel)
Man m d Ais. Arthur Ctandall
wef ht f tfor a morning
cohe party for nambtrs of the
$.v.o. Wives Club at Fort Ou-
liek last Thursday. They met at
the hole of Mrs. Arthur Cran-
The party was atrlaned as a
fafeWell to several members who
will leave the Isthmus during
this month. They Included: Mrs.
Kenneth Phren, Mrs. Roger Sour,
Cey, Mrs. trnest Beck, Mrs. Id-
na Mandes and Mrs. George
Marsh. They were presented with
the usual ben voyage gift from
the club members.
Guests who were Invited for
the affair included Mrs. Jack
Bartlett Mrs. Orlan Clary, Mrs.
Cleo Melh, Mrs. Rudolf Hanckel
and Mrs. Nell Scotto.
Regular members who attend-
ed were Mrs. Dominic Platt, Mrs.
Charles IBrech Mrs. Roy Smith,
Mrs. William en, st. WUilla
Carlsou. Mrs. Adolph TrJilto.
, Mauife Towne, Mrs. J, B.
,ft. aain Mrs,
Austin TiOip, .1 Joh1n C f,1

W. 3 q ,4---
Wotd has been reclved ga the
ItiUbus of the b bith_ of, a third
child, their first daughter to Mr.
and Mrs. W W. Ilvane of
Wadsworth, O. The baby was
born April 26 and has been
named Sandra Lee.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Mcll-
valne of Margarita are the pa-
ternal grandparents.
r. Ti. W. Mcllvaine is attOd-
Inig Akron University at AkroI 0.

Couples Club to Meet
The Couples Club of the Cris-
tobal U-ton Church will meet at
theVTUpt tonight at 7:50. Col-
ored slim o the Interior of Pa-
m, espetally of the Interior
S w be shown at th
tiat by Mr. Milford K. BUaily
All members of the church and


tanami Canal J/ ateGs -r

--. \. t .. -

TnD jAaBull.
Miohesa Day a SBatudly
S P.O. lIks No. 154 of tCris-
tobaM iii sponsor a Mother's Dav
Dance Saturday from 8 p.m. to 1
The dance W 1 be held at the
ks i Home In Brauoes Heights.
Rebekuh Club
to Meet flhursda
Members of the COrstobal Re-
bekab Clu wil meet at the
home of Mrs. Floyd Robinson,.
House 3.U0. Mararita Thursday
evening at 8 p.m. Mrs. Elmer
tern will be co-hostess with Mrs.
All members are invited to at-

HoI- Name Society

014- mi To Honor

M*kern Next Sunday
The men of the Holy Name So-
clety of.Our Lady of Good Coun-
sel Church In Oamboa have com-
plet0d plans for Mother's Day,
Every second Sunday of each
ionth is "Holy Name Sunday"
and the men rerre-e Communion
in a body. As t' "and Sunday
of this month is Mother's
Day. they'have endedd Invita-

V .. ... f .
M i, -ie rr left .to! r'4 g UMr-
ION to ih eos W
wa I t, Dea Whvaeg.
y wultten in the Drese Wsft
with the show.'"

M Stage pAll Set

o. S
Fo D.omeI08 W aites Show

With a wmre days be-
fore pteeenM, the Derese
W aes anal af e revue "ON
WITH Mt SKOW Wfll again
appear in the Talbet flter on
Friday May 9 andTesd y. May.
13 with perfoi'alisfte sohleduled
for 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. re-
This revue promises to be the
best yet presented by Miss
Presentation will be of interest
to all ages, comprising as it does
a program containing ballet, tap.
toe. acrobatic and _,medy num-
bes. A grofp.oft tots will
dance their lterprettion of the
Can-Can. A large up of older
dance students will present a
classic ballet routine titled
"Cheplbianas This production
will include solo duo. trio and
group toe and balet work..
A new feature will b a play-
lette, "In Mistres Mary's Oar-
den," set to musle and rhythm of
the dance. You will ae the silver
bells, cockle ellsUa, nd pretty
maids as called for y this old
nursery rhyme favWrlte.
"The Candy Don" la an espe.
ci4lly effective number. offeriMU
an opportunity for the younger
members of the company to ll-
play their dancing wares in coi-
tumes representlag them a s-
sorted candles, a candy gTl, and
a candy baby, etc.

tons to all mothers and -ives of other number s too numerous
the. Sodalty of the ar h, to meatlire ate ohluad tosJkq
join .- a X-
lowing the second Mass at nmeat of app a
a.m. ., but 'tot least *1ll'e1'
featuring clowns, acrobats, and
A iproam featuring a short Wild West riders. This routine
address by, Rev. Charles Jacobs:; will be of speelal interest to chn-
the pmeentatlon of coeagee and dren.
a lftta the oldest mother or the I
mother of the most children; ho- In past years "ON WITH THE
ly cards placed on the table with SHOW' has been' repeated on a
words conveying the sentiments subsequent Saturday morning
of the occasion and denoting the tor the benefit of the younger'
seating arrangements of the set. Due to the unusually high
guests, will be presented. calibre of the show, this year,

however the second performance
will be presented as a night at-
traction in the Balboa Theater
on Tuesday. May 13. following
the Initial presentation on May 9.

AFRS To Used

Entire Day For

'OprWilon Jackpot'
The facilities of the Armed
Forces Radio Station at Fort,
Clayton will be used during the
entire day Thursday when
the joint Army, Navy and Air1
Force Diaster Control Center
stages "Operation Jackpot."
Brief announcement similar to
those that would actually be pre-
sented during disaster activities
will be given over the air all dur-
ing the day.
Listeners of are warned that
the announcements are strictly
for practice purposes. Each re-
port will be preceded and follow-
ed with the statement: '"This i
a 'Jackpot' practice announce*
mentt"o Insure that Itenera do
not misunderstand and become
alarmed. ,

Annuuncemente will be as real-
isticas possible, They will warp
persf.s tathe -vela; "Parents'
should take t r children to a
Child care center in their neigh-
bofriod before start disat
rej- duties," or "do not ue
t except for disaster

For purpose Y of the exercise,
i btw I be aseme4 that the sta
tlon as bee knocked out by the
atomic expleMslo. So, for a part
of the day it ill actually broad-
W with "emergency eq.uimtI|
frm the Dimaster cnrol c er
at Fort Amador.
The announcements will not
Interrupt the regular broadcast-
ing schedule, but will be given
as "spots" throughout the day. i

TR --- -h 1AT TU
TROPICAL Theatre ]



- V AT fw a I Helewn WALKER
_I i nil& _Wi-wE_ P-A EBa"

-MARTARIA MtIgcqpuxe r m

wed. & ite.. "ry3 comma flr


S tA 4. V ,hoome'^
,... .-- c .omn"ed that he Would no11 -.f .t
ay s (UP) Jaohn mmit aggreion."
sated today the
jwarn'iulles asked if it would not be a a s l
TilM'lf""' rm"1 my u better t g o uad $be warning itlif
aSmtallatlcn at aid. that could be done witif a
of the Wet'Vs the framework of the tJoted Na-o "b "At
tions charter and phrhap with i to a *Ift AM
: .t t foreign affairs the help of such agenele 1s the lt o l" threat of
e French National peace observatio1 commission." t agremon." -.on.
eal See Institute e1is
apeh a public warning ..:-
i agglreslon before t | e -
". ^ hwab on etar ke0t, DiaRh M .,.
tntrp Problem" and noted D a

Sportance oftheeHonoredBly RadiOTV
was underlined by the feettwu -as
dftributed by the U.8. Enb-a s --
sy. DiUles conferred at length NEW YORK, May 6 (UP)-.The of Shows: Stua
jderna the weekend with en. Academy of Radio and Televtiort Love Louy; dratma
rwigt D. isenhower. Arts and Sciences Monday named year Pla1ybose;
Red Skelton "best TV comedian" net; panel qgas, 'i
Dulles noted the choice trane- of th year and also cited News diluioneMin- at ew.v
port and. communication target Commentator Edward Rft. Mur-Press; fore Aamo.'
la t cmia and Red China and row, Dinah Shore and Tallulah of the Air; musical ye
called attention to the West's aed Bankhead for "meritorious a- Waring; daytime pro
and air power that permits It "to chierment." ry Meo i low: a ism
hit an aggressor where it hurts, The academy made its third e It Now; eemmamewn
at times and places of our own annual award of "Michael," station, SBehliS beeo; bw t
choosing ." broadcast tng equivalent of the tion. biography shoe di
Siberia and much of China.Hollywood "Oscar," to eight stars of theTown: eb tldenl'
notably Manchuria. ire vulner- an un programs, Zoo Parade; announcer,
able from the standpoint of Special citations were made to Funes'
transport and communications," olan Carlo Menottl's opera. IN RADIO ANDT
he said, "Amahl and the Night Visitors" sportscastr. Mel Allen:
"There are ports and lines of and Theodore Granik's televieloa "~-u B Sa h'..r a
communication which, If destroy-.myouth forum. 'Youth Wats t oir P r,
t w ih e H~ edrio ut forum. "Youth th o
e'. would paralyze Soviet knohw.- alP'W, -rryCmo:ba
strength in Asia. er s t ah ftSkem. won her th ird, rO' "T o
"And, of course, every despoe Mcthaell and Perry Come his Tk- '
pollee state being dependent up-* ja sn q a "mbest voeaHti a EdaW rd DUolai Te
on highy centralized controlsto Milton Berle, last year'a win- As el.
vulnerable to the disruption Of ner of the "beat TV coinedlaa"'
its system of communication. award did not place this year. During the absence an
"I It not time that the C "I* 'the winners: business of Zdwaud A.
eee Communists knew that. If, IN RADIO: Program of the'Leonard M. Broeoman
for example they sent their Red yarh, the ig 8Show: mUtleal, the as Personnel Director of
armies openly into Vietnam (in- 'Tlep0 oe our; drama, Theateri nama Canal Compmry,
do-4Cht ) we will not be cot uOuid on the Air; news program, bounced yesterday at i
tent rarely to try to meet It rd R. Mu*row; public inter- Heights. Broo tna A
armed forces at the point they etp, Mepotaq opera; claslfeal Personnel Directr, ,.A
sleet for their aggression but by musk, NBC symphony; mystery,
retaliatory action of our own Dragnet; hldren's program, Dolan left by
fahbloning?" Grfteet atory Ever Told the weekend 4
IN TELIVISION: comedian. D.C,. where he W O sPEt .
"I saugest that we might con- Red hselton; variety. Your Show two welks., ,,
slier whether open military a&g -
aresion by Red armies could not
bau be prevented by the readi-
nees to take retaliatory action,
rather than by attempts to meet
the aggression on the spot where
it occurs.," he said
"It is not possible to create,.
thruth the vast Asian sector of
the frontier of freedom, the kind
of local defense which sl J"g I
crested here In Western Europe.
"The cost of that would be h --" '
prohlbrlve. .
"So long as Communist leaders P n
can pick the time place and
method of aggression, anywhere
In AMa, and so longas we On
rush round sroopte meet It
Us _w s it th e ... ......
stey select, we are at a MdaId- i
vantage which can be fatal. *S #tg rW f h e fttru

"On the other hand the free
world possemsse, particularly in
sea and air power, the capacity
to hit an aggressor where It
hurts, at times and places of Our
choosing," Dulle said.
"If a potential aggressor knew
in advance that his aggression
would bring that answer, then I

MNC WVWf W ird
WTXI fAio* Ubecar '
Ursa a t UVe flflas )~ ge e

* JANI1 PAIO!, in

8I1.LLs. A*.V.I
The bat mixed
ata I*tx mad

tn .

Mystary..!. Swp'me..!

Ray MILLAND and Charles LAUGHTON, in -


Tim Ber pseruva or Tam maI
TM ht ASaWem Awadi<
l mm KMULT 0 L'MmB CAmw

"G-- s d W-- -- i;
At ,00 p.m. WAa .
"'"... "ii ,Fad,--int


m-m -| D M

Dorese U,

WAfffS ;

presents I


." --'

.:~3.j ;.'
I ~
~. S.



7:30 P. M.

a r h~t -



6:30S P.I

-r -A. ~'.
I ~ .?
4.~..--- A-.c..tL4;.v:IA--t2: ~ &-~4t&.4~. ~Ct It :;~~5w

- ..'-. I "I.




'4 3

-.. -


r- J-Z-RWl


. ... ,

.......... ......


, ,- ..:.* -
.;. ;-'* ." .

. <-. :- -

.'... ~:,) *1 ~,. f

Former Yankees


Atlantic Little League .

Holds Annual Banquet 5

The A!lantic Little League ef- Dr. -larry Eno, presented to.
lebrated tucir second Annual' W-ne Wall.
T.-,thionlal Linni:. at the Elksi Ronn r-Up 'No. I,: Coffee- 1 j I
Club, Lod.e No 1542 In Bi70os 't.te, donated by Jose M Gon-! lonal Leagu
'-ifMht~ '1..e was attend-l alez og Mue ilria. Colon, pre-
ed hv tvo Ihuncied loyal boo-'- senlced to Roy Perkins.
e:3 of Little League baseball inl Runner-Up iNo. 2': Parker TEAM- Won Lost
honor of tine plzvers-, sponso-s. No. 21 Fountain Pen, donated by New York .. 12 4
umpirei.s 'i9, coaclvs and R ad i o Center, presented to Brooklyn 11 4
offiClakb of the Atlantic Little Clailcs Chase. Cincinnati 12 6
L:-ge Chicago .11 7
Lnit J. JPt.,ca the ever-,iop- BEET EARNED RUN AVE sthicLouis 9
uhlJr iBU-'I : .. ,na,'Ir In .pitcilir I I I Iiu'le, Boston .. 7 12
ae cu a ...n-'s h ted by M M,* S tanley Pmladelphla 5 11
t.- hucc-3- .l airan ell ii-.t, pie.nted to Wa .ne Wall. ittsburgh 3 17
1mo, t in ..v ,rl',s BEST FITCHING PCT Trophy
at ..c ,dclI .. ionm tin Pjrilk & Figu.ine. donated 0' Dr Hairy TODAY'S GAMES
a13C. RLi,., Lu., vJ.n Pit -ICerit Ino 'pr .-s t d to Ga i Malo .
of ute taci:,c I,,le Le..,'a a'- Runliei-Up .I.o t. Enara'ted Philadelphia at Pittsburgh
comnpanied b'. Mis Ri.uin, Love- Iden itlcatron Bral..t donated! New York at St. Louis iN
lao : I ,.d i.iuh! nianac i o1 the C. Ca Io J cvfA Store e- Brooklyn at Cincinnati tN
FirL i n ; tb a.1 W 01 1.3 Fainic .r c.,-i' i o '\t,,, ni Wall Boston at Chicago.
Li.Ile Legtr 1ia.,1 Willam Hlam- Run r-Up iNo 2, Trophy &
nta. e..'..--cidetii, oi tie PciliC FIu.rlne, donated D\ B P. 0 YESTERDAY'S RESULT
LILLIe Leau_ weo Lilte minia-irv Elk, C. Z Lodge 1952 presented YESTERDAY'S RESULTS
o.g'anizer (,i Litile Lc:t ',. v w L nail-l-E tlich.
ball hereo.i the I.,l,n.i i Mr and NM L aBl. [00'h R00
Mr, Leio ( c li.. Nil. Mt I % 'th MOST IMPROVED PLAYER & N York 101 000 000--2
her s,S1.-i Ml., Hjobit E i *( -l SPOUHTSMANShIP AWoARD: Tro- Chicago 101 000 00bKI-2
tile 11uoi b tliiiO' 1 1td a, I % ry prl & Filtirlne b Noel HeaI, Kennedy il-Oi
successiii Do.nce Recit.ll lor the E Gib,.on. presented to John Weutlurm.
benefit of the Atlantic Little Bennett. Mlnner 12-1l and At
I.ea-ue during te month 01. Chiti.
Anr.l at the Marearita club- ROOKIE OF THE YEAR i
housB. AWARD. 10 Ib. box of Fancy Bls-.
.7.,er gtiests attenuliri were cuts, donated by Henriquez &,Bfooklvn 010 310 00-5
'M.. and Mrs ThonimaA M O'Con- Co. presented to Fr e em a niPittsburgh 000 000 01-1
nor,, sponsors of the Malliirta Burge-s. Branca t2-1) and Campane
tars; Ernest C Cotton, Pres- Runner-Up iNo. 1i. Eversharp Friend (1-4), Main and
Ident of the AtlaniL LitIle Pencil, donated by French Ba- raglola.
League: Nol IE C:ioson ist Vice zaar, presented to Phillip Hadar- tCalled on account of rain
Frez.; Hai.ld P. Bevingtoni. 2nd its.---
VlceS Pre" J James J Reccla.' Runntr-Up (No. 2: Little No other game scheduled
Eusmnf s Manager. Jamies F. Lear ue Baseball & Bat donated
Alc joj). rcreiai',- Ro-.% Cun- ay 1. L. Maduro, Jr., S. A., pre-
,.ut ra ves. ,. American Leagu
rinmhai, Tr'azurL;i. Walden E. 'stned to krank Leves.
;.--.h. Pla'.er-Apenit ir. and Mrs. Thomas M. O'Con-,1 c L a u
nong tne managing and nor sponsors of the Margarita
cc .K."n-, j p:i.oi,nei attending All Stars presented three of their TEAM- Won Lost
Se.g harry Doc.ery of the Lit- outstanding players with baseball Boston 12 5
tie Motta's; Leoipe Tullv. Police loves, they were: Melvyn Field, Cleveland 12 7
Pals: Ma'; Sanoers. Margarita Roy Pergins and Jon McGraw. |Washington 9 7
,rs-; 1.ace Ridge. Powells; Following the presentation of St. Louis 9 9
Ca, *'ZJewiard; thief F. Karpin- awards a movie film of the 1951 New York 8 8
aSi-; Joseph Kenway, Charles World Series between the N. Y. Chicago 7 10
Ea:h: and Dick Swearingen. Um- Giants and Yankees and the Philadelphia 6 9
tircs a tending were: Umpire-in- Basics of Little League Baseball Detroit 4 12
hnleft.Vic Ma3; Ed. Rathgeber plus the Little League World
and Gene Leves. Set of 1951 were shown on the
GC,:er honored guests attend- s, TODAY'S GAMES
t in and who have all contribut- Atlnti Leaue
ed to the success of the Atlantic wl s to anthak litthoea who Chicago at Boston (N).
title League were: Mr and Mrs.playe to thank all the very u-ose St. Louis at Philadelpha (N
Stanley Guest. Mr. and Mrs.!played, a part in the very suc Detroit at Washin gton IN.
,et ...ger,:,, Miss Crace ,,1cessful season of Little League
bert Berger. Miss r aceWi ., .I le here on tae. Isth us Cleveland at New York tN
ilems; Charles Reilly; Harry oaseball here on e thmus. C a N r
lria. John La RLe. Wm. Willi- YESTERDAY'S RESULTS
fbrd- Gerhard Lust; B. Donald
71 hrey E~iv.;4 qmlth, Rich- RI
ard .ox; Aoy Srnith: Captain Cleveland 000 000 010 3-4
C(ad4la Wall; Trevor Simons; Boston 100 000 001 1-2
Cyrus Field; David E0erenz;* Lemon, Wynn (4-1) and
hi)chael Brzezinski and Fred Bell. belts. Hegan.
President Ernest C Cotton Parnell, Kinder (2-2), De
avt. aded Certificate's.of Merit and White.
and Appreelation to the Sponsors, .
players; officials. umpires, man- (Night Game)
agerp, coaches and donors of St. Louis ..........
av. a i.' Washington ..........
PRIZES AWARDED ." No other games scheduled.
The tolloV. uv.iL isted awards
we, &: pi'esenteoa:
A "'erpeluel Director's Trophy Wynning Pitcher
i,arded to tne Litile Moa's, Wynning ither
Champions of the Atlantic Little
League of 1YS2. donated by the
Members of the Panama Canal Cleveland- AB R PO
'rarpbn Club.C eveln an- 24
..''er A'.ards Included were: Simpson, cf 5 4 2 4
M(iST VALUABLE PLAxER: Avla, 2 b 5 1 2 4 1
N....:,s..ds..i k~.cyik, donated by Boone, se 5. 1 2 3
1:arv* Biigray's Furniture Store. BoMitnchell I 5 0 1 0
presented to Wayne Wall. Mitchell, f 4 0 0 0
Ruthner-Up tNo. 1,: Geneva, 17 Fridley, rf 5 0 0
Jewel Wrist Watch, donated by nesterI b 3 0 1 3
Casar Fastlich. presented to Tbegant, c 0 0 0 5
Chajes French. Begn, .. 1 0 0 1 0
Ri.uner-Lp 'No. 21: Ansco l enned 1 0 0 0
"CAlpper" Camera, donated by a-Kennedy 1 0 0 0
Unv rsal Export Corp. Ansco Di- l r iN' -Lovely Jannette Wynn, p 1 0 0 0
vis:oi, presented to Roy Perkins. Bua.. bbck frun Winter Olym-
ItThOME RUNS: Trophy pi .petit at Oslo. skims Totals-- 37 4 9 30 1:
Fiugine., donated Do Dr H: rry .,o %ai.e, a .. iivess Gar- O
no.'-Iresene0d to Wane Wall. L ,.- ..... Ga =.Iow or sea. she BostOn-- ARB R POA
no present ed to Wa done Wall.d Exiioi,onship style. is, DiMagglo. cf 5 1 2
S ypria Sopl predonated mf., er nat,,nal water ska-, Plersall. ss. 2 0 1 1
S eria E o Presented to jumping titlit -and will compete d-Lenhardt 1 0 0 0 0
Oha, es Chase u lhi 3.ear'.- sixtil annual Dixie i Stephens, If 4 0 0 1
HIGHEST BATTING AVE, Wate, Ski carnival (NEA) e-Dropo 1 0 0 0
Trophy &, donate bi V. Stephen. 3b. 0 0 0 0
Bttfleld. 3b 2 0 0 0


p e* a brisk bridle-path workout,
l fans. to make you fWet fitter, e
ter. And-nothinglike the famous w/-rw M
"GO-Second Worknut n make W
dp feel fitter. hair look better 50
' brisk masange with stenulattrng
and you PEEL the difference in
alp prevent dryness. rout flaky "
f. Then 10 seconds tr. comb and 'w AW
: = difference m your hair far
e r. he allhter-lonk niug, neatly A P eavmd a te I 'NMip
I ft Viau todayl

Newl For cream lonic fans lighter-obodied
Moves your hair that CLEAN-GROOMED LOOK 4 0
Throneberry, rf 4 0
Wood, rf. 0 0

b-Pesk .. 0
Parne3, p o 0
Kinder, p 0 0
DeLock,p.. p 0
c-Voller 1 1
Totals- 35 2

1 17 0
2 1
0 0
0 3 1
0 4 0
0 0
0 0
o 0 0
0 0 0
7 30 20

a-Popped out for Lemon
b-Struck out for White
c-tHomered for DeLock in 10
d-Struck out for Plersall
e-Struck out for 0. Steph
in l0th.
Cleveland 000 000 010
oton ... 100 000 000
RBI Stepbens, VOfli
Bowe 2. Avila, MtcheU. 2B
Dgeagilo. SB Rosen, Boc
MR AvAI, Volmer. 8 -
Mafia, PlermlU. 8-. lemon.
- Piersu,Lepclo and Goodn
2; L Plerml and oodna
Left Cleveland 9, Boston 7.
-Parnell 4. DeLock 1, Lemon
Wra 1. go Parnell 2, DeL
S on 3, Wynn 5. HO Len
4in 7; Wynn S in 3; Parnell 7
9 2-3: Kinder 2 in 0 (faced 2 b
term): DeLock 0 in 1-3. A & EI
Lemon. Winner Wynn (4-
L-wr Parnell (2-1'. U M
iflg,wgarDuffy, Summers

.m Imitton48. and

jMSS; cn t amost .tuf
t'M wioh K sok- Uo
daWSmtt ef NYOX toy sey st





H E;
5 1'


8 0
4 3

MTO XX-.-Bobby TIh
)ul ba H ofthe bat of th,
npire Augie Guglielmo.

on landed smack inne mps of Doox i
waves' Sid Gordon at the Polo Groul
e New York Giants' third baseman

|plgTll |trymns vnuuy
i. Rhsbt on top of the
upped the ball. (NEA)

One Dozen Starters Expected

To Go In TPreakness Stakes'


may be out ol
The Red Box
it up agen in
tenth with fc
Clyde Volnmer!
aI daa lndh.

B BILL SANDERS bore down and
Unie Press S Iers Writer Lenart and
piain h~iourth
e BALTIMORE. May 5-The field S ta uzlergBobLem
for the Preakness shaped up at oThe Giants T
about a dozen today with fresh o -- of the Nationa
Petr horses ready to challenge Ken- sult of beating
.706 tucky Derby winner Hill Gal in Child Health Day was celebrat- a um displaying the beautiful
.632 the second of the triple crown ed with all tie pomp and excite- colors of their uniforms. Turiblo
.563 classics. ment at Santa Cruz School Play- Martin and his skill squad of A
.500 In sharp contrast to the situa.- ground sponsored by Physical balancers displayed some of,the
.500 tion a year ago, when none of eucation and R e c r e a t ion best atuits there are in balancing i I
.412 the first eight horses In the Branch, Division of Schools, vari- on the Isthmus which was highly
.400 Derby started in Maryland, five ous activities was carried on dur- appreciated by those attending
.250 of the first six Rose Run finish- Ing the day. th evening's activity. | e g
ers are expected to renew hostl- Starting wlth a parade for t Clarence Verlv from the At- L gue
titles in te Preakess a week student ttedin Jr. H lantic side of the Isthmus ac-
from Saturday. students attending Jr. companies by 5-year-old Celia
Hill Gall, latest of five Ken- school Gym classes, followed with Johnas of the Pacific Skating THE S
tacky Derby winners bred and drills, balancing and tumbling Club gave a fine exhibition of Team--
N). raced by famed Calumet Farm, demonstrations. The field was team dancing on roller skate.s Pacific All Sta
,. headed the Kentufky con- then cleared and various athletic Armed Forces
i. tingent. Sub Fleet, second at competitionsatookaptlace', Evnts Atlantic All 81
Louisville, Blue Man, who was"were. Softball. Baseball, Relays, Gui. fi C 01
third; Count Flame, the fifth Rickball and Basketball, etc. lUl'it-LOCO 00 i O
horse, Arros, who ws ~it Result of the day's program: NEX
H E also were expected along with Baseball Throw For Distance I Wednesday
7 2 Master Fiddle, fourth In the (oys)iton Warrades 4-5-6210-- 0 IS 0 Armed o
Teb- Derby. was not nominated for Grades 6. ffe
the Preakness. 2. Harold Barker-Orades 6.
lock As Hill-Gall streaked under the 1liam Millette-Grades 5.
wire two leaillaa es r o.'hi ba Throw For Distance eon
closest pursur 4o give Iainer-, owk). 0t 1
Ben Jones a sixth victory in 1. There Malcolm 1368'7" With three practice sessions ""-S
1 America's most famous horse Ora 4-5-6. under their belt, a powerful Ft. bull L s
13 race and ockey dle Arearo 2. Romajean Grat. Gulick quintet is expected to take bhed e ll n niu
fifth, he thoroughly convinced 3. Chambers. to the b o a r d a next Thursday J In oon
the thousands packed into Chur- Shuttle @ elay when the Green of Gulick take P. 0. 1J
chill Downs and the Millions 4x38 yds. (Boys -Grades 2-3. on the Fasron Five from Coco Youth's Dayp
,lued before television sets that I W W alker's 3rd Grade. Solo in the curtain raiser of the 0oth att
he was a better horse than those hiuia Relay 52-53 Y.M.CA, Warm-Up League. events that W
journeying up from Kentucky 420 yds. (Oirls) to the ball gan
with him. 1. Mr. walker's -3rd Grade. Heading the list of newcomers Each of the
But yet to be proven was ShuBttle Rel to the hoop circle Is 6-4 Fred presented In th
A E Hill Gall's mastery over the 4x30yd. (Boys). Bunt former semi- pro ace of a prize In the
0 0 "new blood" awaiting him at 1. M. Walker's 3rd Grade. Roscoe, N. Y. Bunt, according to Charley Leves o
2 0 the old hill top course in the Shuttle Relay Coach Bill McBride, could make tie League wo
4 0 outskirts of. Baltimore. 4x30 ods (Girls) the difference on the boards, center field to
2 0 Among them were Greentree f. M Thompson 2nd Grade "The boy has the height and test. Bud Krat
0 0 Stable's Tom Pool, the 1951 shutl Rela with a bit more practice should
0 0 juvenile champion, who came up 4x50 Y. (Boys) be the key man around the buck-
1 0 with a fever after finishing sec- 1. Mr. Wlaer' 3rd Grade. et."
1 0 ond In the Wood MemorialShuttle Relay
0 0 Starmount Stable's Primate, and 4x50 yd. (Grlas) Height will be the big actoron
2 0 Max Kahlbaum's Jampol, both 1. Mis Stewart's 3rd Grade. the Gulick aquad with such boys
0 0 injured during the running of the Relay J. ighBoys Girls as Bernie Llaley. Larry Feeley,
0 0 Wood Memorial. Charlie Me- y Dan Toomey. and O cil Price all
- Adam, winner of a division of Rel4a yM hovering around tbe4-3 mark.
2 0 the Flamingo Stakes at Hialeah 1. Mr. i0ttens--0th Graders. f the. smaller boys, Pela Hill
who was knocked out of the 2. Misses Waterman's & Leach's and Bernie tevart have ,he
I E Derby picture by distemper; se Wa n & Leach's court savvy and speed, when
S0 S. Smith's Handsome Teddy, who la e o.mixed with height could tell the
7 0 was not nominated for the Derby 4xI00 (Girls) story.
) 0 but won the Chesapeake Stakes M. ottens'-9th Graders. McBride says M h the Ideal
1 0 and the Paul Revere Handicap;McBride ay tt Ideal
0 o and Jet A Dandv, a Maine .-Mrs. Hlnes'-7th Graders. set-up man, as he's equay good
o 0 Chance Farm colt who won his Relay 4g elementary Boys & on offense and deftuel. "He lacks
00 1 only start. G 4-*-6. the height but makes It up in
0 0 ie aPr tsekness is run at a 1 x ( y s) drive and Is mot afraid to go in
0 0 mile and three-sixteenths a L Mr. tn( es'-th Graders.. all the way, as omse of the taller
S0 a sixteenth of a mile shorter L Mr. jtno*ls'e--6th Graders. boys are."
S1 than the Kentucky Derby. And 2. Mr. OSboune's-5th Graders. bos are."
0 a sixteenth of a mile from tnheBe h Lt. McBride does not plan to
0 0 finish of the race Hi Gall was (i). o along with a two plaoony-
6 wihging along in front all by 1. Mr. Mlc '--4th 0 readers. ten. "I'll stick with tlAe m.S to
0 0 himself. with a belaboring Sub 2. Mr. Oane h Graders. man and switch to the Onven-.
0 0 Fleet trying valiantly but ketallFs- I tonal 3-2 zone if I ha" to.
S vail toclose gap. Elt y GmeAs 4-5- "They're two platoolug every
S vainly to close gap. sport and tb ho be
0 2 So Hill Gall was hailed as a 1. Mertn Grant. t% ae exception.'
solid favorite for the second of 3. L. Bowena 0. Thomas. te e t ti r ste
in the triple crowp races. For he Girls: Rounding out the Goren sIlt
already has beaten half of those 1. Bentes. are four teams from COoo Solo
in expected to challenge his supe- 2. L Chambers. and one from t Das. All of
the games will be'played Wed-
riorltv in the Preakness and ap- The day's activities was closed rfesday and TI ny teS at
Oth. peered to have too much speed out with the Jr. High Boys & the Crlst6bal T .CJ.Al starting
in for those meeting him for the Girls play tg ball and the time 7 a.m
first time. Ee students, kickball. '
iens Missn % first grade girls
SAdefeatb"0 Moore's first grade
-4 lrl, ie Miss Mere's Bs doe-
1--2 I JJ feated1 a .mtthA b _.s M. ..
e. R. ThOm mi
apt boys

|prllC2 S0 ICuiatali- Bruce Rateam n tiomhtlife
?S ItfPta paruai wad the Op slugger, tA t he atr In
ock I the PaclfalcVM 7 wtla
non ion baLtV AaIM _l9 10r
7 in Lo t 1952 season. B--- 1a1w In
at- 2= Mneilmroomt ESkhitting Bruce collected the most
hits 47, and m a *the most
.1). h-'ss uw f runs with 6L. h io wo rtind Come In
Wc- .@OilMll mi-lli Ivia the s ttfa' e 4oW Come in1
.se w -th n tt
i. T e bb M dI l m

Idofth Dm he APCNm 4

Ur if5t" bum r bels
S :hat____
Md laft no $Mom

f action for some Alvin Dark e ing4 tor two runs
and the winning tu ly a when
tried varnly to lMUlhner erred on a bunt tV
their hkf-o the Whitey Lockman aftue which
our pinch-hitters. Bobby Thomson tripled.
homered, Dbm Dl- R&lph Branca pietched a four-
id but Early Wynn '-'tte- ud struck out seven# a
d struck out Don the Dodgers ent the Pirate t
Walt DrFpo to _.elr flrth straight deet ad
Victory while re- "It' in "eir last 1 Kfae a/ d
non. Pafto lit hto iem i tet ma
remain at the top Gil Hodges h first. Rai
I League as a re- the game to. be topped the
the Cube 3-2 at eighth.

Forces, Pacific Little

rs Clash Tomorrow P.M.

TANDING Forces Little League won the i
Won Lost throw fm home plate to wseoe
rs .... 0 bIa conStt, wh t boa Rytw ef ,
All Stas .1 2 the Paelfle INTe de-
tarn 1 2 feared tesutma. B f te-
-- man and t I ft thed
bas elrong elntesta
T GAME The eonto"t we uiM AaiF'
it Pacific Little perveon ofLItl Lany "Re '1 hate
re Park. and Ha=ry toswnnd,a tdtB
m All Stars vs. Ruler of.Leo4ltbuett
All Sta. winners. withBm t 5 s rtel
,-- = -

I wan Joe t M
Be Tch Was tuecky Det t rwneraen
e 1414 of & aemnd twfte third once.
pietom of the R of
m LOOANBPORT, A (Up). -'
Little Leagues re- The Harry Skinner .St u
e tournament woa new wrinkle In alarm e e. Te
three events held family was awakened at oit
of the Atlantic Lit- o'clock by a robip "kno king" on
a the throw from the front door. Bach morning the
home plate con- bird has returned at the same
tmoh of the Armed hour to sound the alarm.

k ilkitaCs lF

f^- 0 -1

Pick up YOUR

'52 FORD


in any of th

Us. $Cm

today and make arrangemeUts formalnld
very, color and model of your oholos.

Tels 2-16S 321066

-~ .~.*f* -~ ~.a

%' .' ." .. s ~i. -

: ..



r id A




Shea Hur Foue

Wilson, Jewen Sta
By UNI flb PRilgN
NEW YORK. May 6.-The arSeWttm e stom-
Inde it three straight over the wth
cruhing 18-1 victory in Washingtoi hot ht
S"pec" Shea pitched a four-hitter fo r ,a ih i#n
and Archie Wilson and Jackie Jensiet rrd a
the plate. Wilson bated in five runs on a dou='
and two singles while Jensen banged a doubi
and a single.
Ned Garver, the Browns' 20- Chicago for their seeth cose.
game inner last year, was bat- cutive victory while tht Dodger
ted out of the box for the third tagged rig behid ind n
straight te. place with a 5-1 over
In the only other American the agging Pirates at urh
"eague game scheduled, the Red in the only game played the
Box clung to the top rung by a senlor4ie i
slm .margin despite a 4-2 ten The nts e r
inning loans to the ndlans at Bos- ht-ff the Cubs
ton as the visitor' three-run Minner but #t w a ey
splurge In the extra frame. needed behind t A-
The Indians put over three sive lag y and M Ktt y
rums in the tenth a Be oby standout relief p .
Avila's homer p lus ue- ve
triples by Al Rosen andhay Kennedy took ever for Jim
Boonme and Dale iteheI'm Hearn and pitched a oem hitter
single. for six-and-one-thbd i -
Ells Kinder, nitching in relief I -'*".-' the Cuba hitluMes Or the


.m mma




; ** ::;.' ,-

* V.'


7T .-..


~w -

* .---... --*=-~- -~ --I

'"'a- S

cr ms

M .. I. ...l_"

M kt a tt at t otinon will receive R
To Make engel Result Of noan Elementary Balboa Jr. High

Ae. pAbout DIeal School Ti-Angl Swim Meet Cops Swim Meet
. t I ai....he g .o.. pam ,i aUe naa "88P eO,, l&,
rzMR ....j .and Maelm clal ew- fl--- f1g gn 1
S = ,and- eItraeft t offalo of the ew a
ple .n or o pesed laowil lon ftp r oe a d rs -.M v0 A.
Sri I Irv No' nYlobi -Waking ih

be sein 0eifie dae Oi t .e ftlohi p eae. d f a arat Saturd meore mata o 4le t W eA t I

I8 re I &,IOr IIt .tI 8. -" I- r id te l ir o wo am. Mae tesk OrbN. / le n w
be sent I tArind verified, e in wh t f a aun d t.
I W~- last tall a tomIon ale .ad. r ls G u M M e MoIII nnmnnpa
ee tfl n? RbhUen was npten. Atud I at W lrl

mM fl1 54 jj Eimi elemaentry h M istwfl i nw h n-H;Sinoloeto .n1 M} p .t a ".Ef tm
.r oo ,h P tme t I reporters ei lnlnrere thrS t tett I1 a red Oo ln Oasun; ilrolI]Deb W.- L werto, oa ,. :
sOfa to. 8e0 Thf turoo y a i "rnoo n TO bi t i~ wEeai the tro-s ya TS a.e tu p r ari w ,1afh e1'" Ma
fyUith th thr ae il- e Y n r sy, nf? prM xi, in; t h aees l lr io f ea y Or to r

isar n. e ouotbede hr ao pl aenmcnW shaul n atnoS od atun. mo wlr un; d Ily mie deu
besen. .i eM o leod 'l ol uffl. ofe f irs me a or.g a sad i ta s m rey, tr k.
t r., 1t t i t nw amddleweighR .Slueto3 M a l eLin t Ms pl .nn

1t 1 re thr a efgeredhi o thieght tohe rw ilonU a, r e dos.t eGlat ctia r d W-

e pi5 ) In tth fitet. game q 8 to *%J4 "*n n a o 11m. Gatun: 12 Mick. 1 SM- h iae dirig a-l' t RuallO f5 .' B
. 4 1 0 _i .n d4 on n o.. e or. nt o h, Crito n Ln t a.wi-S i

^A" Urd arnd _e *n lfm Csi, D.- .40 om onv .tun I u M w-i f. AnanS oS. a5 -hm s |r
0. c hta ;bb9 h i"n

Ser th d ,e-o .N -,- --. .Hg la... Joe..Awa m t erde. o .. tod. -y. rs,"tro NewI"' .,o Sr. ue )
Pai. Dnt -S....... f.95 er .t. maj ."o "M U
ngoie o ml mrrantum e e n'oIna'a mint s
d r- .t etS a tro1- 1 in are anuWau f
ter-firhe game a t4 D PrSMkalS plc OdAM10 2 0 O l M tt S ada t on ,Amoneon. w Arg ret S

ite t o n roatErw nt C,. .mu bn ,t odtob a rim s. e Jd .
1 l S Guhi-flf OA2-00M= MarA s"s. a& Ma r"T
ei nth I o o me who.. 9 tuI;eh aI 4th Iia a o
en t gate of t ae yof et Mhunoer, w the "P--,, 5t Oweo tawthhn Crotfoth; se OU. R.

oi .%e1t'i n. ta O ila. do a mATtSike gta O1-- hl e Cuan o nin -" fIatft--
aiAs Parke92C rowne"4:0 ba Ito W* *naElWer, ,QrtAd; 4th M Lu5'n be1 10 I t a nd

obl- Bigletry. a~g~its

Sa d.yo I., on t 1 1,pa o a 1 o mtn m. BBrau.s
"ray an r1a e to- ,o"" "sid e Il t h rest Sm. C roit obl un; 3rd 0011 p Wi M II 3m- -an

on... .11r). lams a.d ,C ; h .i dl 1aM oe a .
.e.y tobehpayed Thr.h tadig hbetia m mou va Mterl I wl s n- w n

r1et taBBrog..b 1 .-, lt y,,e?,-T,.,-
..e3 o 0 heeits Ro lbinon_- er i- e

gamie, ofS oCOh er Of**.* -.l, ,.I oeod^ e 5in: Jatu n. an riic 5k
t.i.m. dIhThor stun;, eMt pwiy e. C rstob;

Ltdilbese tho fSE.........t 5t.95 ime t ,-_..i
.th.onoa H S EO A ppon taRbnoao z tdmad.
.i9n p biee Janeua ry LeNI ES ....7 5 ,l bcha ionhas hl -, f
L91mastched-- Stel atJnd iHO Edi n. t.helight ,e.n a-j .3I35 l 'g"PI
'ih th i g0ae eulene as onM

Milblg^ftlilJ Nf"I ad, VA91E MIA, tol b
thI ittotr Rr iNCOATSn .y 1.95111194l 14 n dmhrut' ler i s 2n
e.. a .,

Ketc INC A ogta ara-a oort ,laytt. .ti s t V-eI teIm-
/t .......he..kiks 4111"'q"'funlnth
r oft Aerw .o1storn& t a .athlete.b-tb vase may,'i i r6tgh. 6-

LesD i r akSSES.....:.. -5.9: e _a.Ia I",f .

'4 GUNo o.1ranatOosige. .. oin5arg Jh Mt
d-efr 0hrilae1-14M7
r un., .W.Julian Hall, WeS
n Suherlnd, ho o- iL n MU I d r so wil coditin atPomton r~atbalti-. Wa5Ina-1fr1 ;'uM

s asg F IP ~tear.MreMILaW~~d unt-*n



Padfk hftb

Fina .StatutIc.

.... ........ 3
.Aflo *S


DPORTA5T WVClS Don'et gt the wUS
DANCi to be hMd May 1fth (PMf.) at 3:3 a
of the PACC SOfAILL am
frtea $.08 t erceple. a 9v 5 1t ~,a w
say elub a sasg itfhe is so lodip wEI

ie Veterans

Foreign Wars

POST 3822-






LU.m s n
I _______________

- *. -- -'tt, A -*< ..O-r-

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ido ..................
Phbmpp l k tta.a ...... .......

. m a. ..

h namtm W lst a, 1". '
gr %-

a.: li i
... 1. 1

s -. ..... tl 0 10 0 .
.. ...............

-won w-R Wm Le d,

.022 ., .... 18 6.
-- pt .. .. `f tl t ,
O N .... 1i SB t 70 I .

Si ..... A 2 18 11 ..
-te -it

n R.o- rAA r .. o S eT S 8 g ":.
Dun PSr. -"Low m." -1 640
wor -t CA Tat JM-- ot* ..-'m

hM* .. -- -. 1f 8 IT ,,


' 5 -SLI -- < 1 U ,.'
wad -_M i 14 : f '5.1

4 13 T I

WI hr 16 11 0 s3.
tt e- 8 -I 7 K 0
taser-t*... 47 13 8 10 It 1 0
. ...9f.. -. 1

ewhO P, a ..i -, a
kee .. .. 47 13 5 .I
.Aft L. .. 21" T 24 1 '
!Mqp4-- b 11 IT is1I
-Iva ._ EfA To 1 s 11 1
42 10 6 2 1 0 -
fedMa-is..I. 6 1 1 s1 a 11a
ene S. CAA.. 90 20 17 12 a -
' -rdan CAA 75 16 1 10 2 2
ieho- .-PR. 47t 10 14 6t 1 1 t
unn Fl. ...fl i 3 ,1 0 3
hoore CAA. t I N u

. -I:.I !



~*~r *~g
-. ~,C4: $;.



* .": *t-1. .,"-'. ,r *..
.' '." *, i P

* *.*W


AN INg"~~^^iK^L IU

Ieta thie peopileknoui the truth ane th countrIsy jfla" ** *Ah

DENVER. Colo. Mav 6 ,UP --1. ..d-., .. .....-- ... ...... ..
'The Federal government paved,,
the way todal,' for the eventual rWENTY-SEVENTH YEAR IANAMA. R. P., TUES
'appeal by Fsident Truman I-)
96,00 oil workers to call offa

eas t UN RunsShcrtC
The Wage Stabilization Short(
Board moved back into the
dispute as the gasoline U N R uns
made new inroads on air
transportation. The exact
course of action by the WSB
was not immediately learn- I

might refer the case to Mr. Tru-
man with a report that settle- WsASHINGTON, May 6 (UP)-! capacity or available funds to th
melongt efforts appeared futinule so Gen. J. Lawton Collins said yes- give our Air Force planes that m
lon as the way would thenbe ar terday that shortages h a v e are second to none," he said.
for the chief executive to appeal forced the rationing of "im- Knowland proposed that the "k
for resumption chief prodexecutiveon in portant" types of ammunition $6,900,000,000 foreign aid pro- ta
ther strikebound industry on in Korea and a senator warned gram which the Ienate is con- an
grounds thewalkout threatened that half of the U. S. planes at sidering be sept to the Senate ac
national defense walkout threa the battle front ar outdated. Armed Services Committee to pe
The WSB move came as aR Collins, Army Chief of Staff, determine whether a larger ar
second California union signed told a Senate Appropriations share of President Truman's
- new pact with producers Subcommittee that some of the budget should be Ulloted to the FO
Snew pact wt pro most important ammunition U. 8. Armed Forces. nc
The government, mean- types have been rationed among The Sedate adopted his pro- tr
while, ordered a form of ra- Korean troops because World posal 40 to 33. to
tioning to resellers and War II stocks are about gone Collins warned that there It
large-volume consumers of and "production still does not no backlog of certain types of
petroleum. The airlines also equal normal battle expendi- ammunition to send to front t
were limited in the amount tures." line troops if the Korean war
of aviation gasoline they Collins joined other members continues "or if our troops in
could use. of tMe Joint Chiefs of Staff, Europe Were attacked." r
including Gen. Omar N. Brad- He said they would have to
The independent Union of P- ley chairman, in urging the depend solely on what came off
otroleum Workers and Union Oil subcommittee to reject a House- the production lines. in
Co. of California signed an imposed $46,000,000,000 limit on "Some of the types of am-
agreement late last night which military spending in the fiscal munition most important to out
was alment reached last Friday be- year startIng July 1. front line soldiers have been U
tweent reahe UPW and Stan Fridard They also protested House cuts rationed in Korea because pro- W
Otween Ctheif UPW and Standard n President Truman's $52,000,- duction still does not equal nor-
Ol of California. remal battle expenditures, and'
-Although there was no plan- 000,000 defense budget. s World II tocks either have
ned reduction in service the na- Bradley said that "Russia's World II stocks either have
tion's airlines began to feel the growing atomic capability" been exhausted or have ap-i.
pinch of the oil strike. haj led the Joint chiefs to con- proached exhaustion," he said'.'
British Overseas Airways aider "the general period of Bradley said that Russia prob-
saBrid its planes may make a 1954 to be the most danger- ably has made more atomic
specaidl fueling stops at La- ous for the security of the progress in the past five years
bradr, fueling stops at La- United States." than the United States did ft U(
brador, Or fly by way of He and the others warned l
the direct North Atlantic that further cuts in arms spend- U.
route, with needs full fuel ing would be "disastrous IE
loads out of New York. ful They testified as Sen. WAlliam Wti
'oeul of N w ere F. Knowland (R-Calif., told the pt
No schedule cuts were an- Senate that half of the Amerl- or
nounced by United. Continental can fighting planes in Korea Nt
Transworld .and Midcontinent are "obsolete or at least obso-
airlines, but all Indicated they lescent."
would be forced to curtail ser- He also said that U S. places W
vices if the strike continued, often are outnumbered "two to
Both rationing orders for air- four to one." in
iBhes and re-sellers went into "or is my belief that men cl
effect at 3:10 am. ED to- have unnecessarily died in th
day. I obsolescent planes in Korea vIE
because this great nation of pe
SPlans ours, pioneer in the field of UL
Pdro Miuel Plans aviation, has not the present co
Fist Aid Classes Labor Makes Gains (l

For Zone Civilians In Great Britain's ,ti
First-ald classes for civilian r e- T
sidents of the Canal Zone will l
begin Thursdav at 7 p m in the ,
Pedro Miguel Union Church LONDON. May 6 'UPi Bri- -
The 20-hour course will be tain's Labor Party made Impres- ,
open to anyone interested. ac- sive new gains from Winston

roCung to Lng rIIml1 an a Of 1 u uci i*i 5 nviiti LU CaUm
the Pedro Miguel Civic Council. as returns came in from loca
who said the classes were decid- body elections beine held in sma
ed upon at their meeting yester- towns throughout the country.
day. Altogether there are about 20.
Two Canal Zone firemen who'000 seats at stake
have been specially trained will With about 700 returns in th
be the instructors standings were
be the instrultors- Independents 293 (six gains, 1
S Classes will be held for two- lo-ses'.
b hour perlodq once a week. on Labor 274 143 gains, seven los
Thursday Blological atomic ses
and chemical warfare instruc- Con.ervatives 132 <12 gains, S
i tion will also be included in the losses'.
firnt-aid classes. Liberals 4 ione gain. 13 losses)

Sone of these

lovely patterns

for you

You ran leel the better balsneM
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**, authentic Gorham Sterling pat-
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pieces you'll receive as ifts!

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representative in Panama.

*I 'ra 1


)f AmM

he equivalent years of its ato-i
ic program,
He attributed thiA to the
know-how" which Russia Ob-
ined from German scientists
id to the "betrayal" of British
dentist Klaus Fuch,. who slip-]
ed atomic secrets to the Soviets
id now It in prison in Britain.
Gen. Hoyt 8. Vandenber g, Air
force Chief of Staff, said le is
ot ready to "concede that con-
ol of the 4air ha yet passed"
o Russia.
But -he added that time is
gradually "whittling down"
h advantage which this na-
tion enjoyed with its mg-.
ange bomber force and ato-
mic sperlority.
Adm. D. B. Duncan, represeht-
g Adm. wilmun M. Fechteler,

fest Gorna. Radio

uys Jews Ntesed

i Red Gmann Zone
BERLIN, May 6 (UP)- rnoe
ommunist East German stettc
as started the persecution .9
e last 1,000 Jews living in
ist Germany, closed do v n
any Jewish-owned shops and
urgcd Jews from Communipt
garizations. according to the
northwest German radio.
The Berlin station of a b g
est German radio reporte.
at. the Communist authoitiei
a sudden action on May 1,
osed Jewish-owned shops In
he five state capitals of So-
et-occupied Germany and eC-
lled the owners from their
Ly homes to small country
imm unities.
Jewish community officials
West Berlin could not ilmme-
ately conform the report.
bey said they had no infor-
ation of anti-Semitic
in of the East German J*v..

;zech Reds Would
ry Prague Bishop
ut Fear Revolt .

Stage Set For-

Truman Appeal

To Oil Strikers

Las Cumbres C

" To Get training

In Civil Defense

raham Lincoln. Las Cumbres remains leader
a one-horse race for Panami
FIVE CENTS tan communities who hi
shown any interest in look
after themselves in the event
u n itibombing or'any other emerg
iuit o IThe Las Cumbres civic couin
iu n1 1 o Ihas arranged for a team tO v
Panama Fire Brigade headqu
ters this month to get so
trainthg from Panama Civil 1
nse director Luis C' Endara
e V eO S I "e training session will
conducted with the permiss
Sof Panama fire chief Raul Art
Siaval chife of operations, said go.
the $46,000,000,000 arms ceiling Th' Las Cumbres civil defe
would delay construction of a- team will put in some pratt
bout 500 Navy planes and 80 with fire extinguishers a
ships. Small hoses.
He also said that "modern de- It is understood that End
vices" for detecting and destroy- has, not exactly been besieged
ing enemy submarines would be representatives of other Paxr
denied many destroyers escort- 'communities Interested in sav
ing troops convoys. their lives and homes in
event 61 an attack on this
k spot In the communications
Japs Taking No the Western World.
Leader of the Las Cumi
community have also thread
SA ain t their. way through some aimr
-y -bombproof official channels a
arranged for a May 19 show
Mission In Toyo of the' Panama Canal saf
branch's civil defense films.
TOKYO, May '6 (UP)-The This will be the first time thi
Japanese Foreign Office said films have been publicly sho
toany that Russian represen- In the Republic. A Spanish
tatives have no legitimate busl- terpreter will be on hand.
ness in Japan and it "pre-______________
aumes" they will go back to
Moscow soon. Sj u t Li n
Foreign Office spokesman flflul BU
Akira Miyazaki added, "But fCr 1S UU ie
the time being we are4 not t-A L U E aL h
sins-c any ouw. vu.LUIat TfAr lT IU BIU kMU- KR Ui



icing any wa To iotB, T-..... I I 1M IM IR K RWW3
.to leave."
Russia refused to sign the L
San Francisco peace treaty and f In rLu
still is technically at war with
Japan. AIGON, May 6 (UP) -
The staff of SovietMaj. A. P. French officials said today
Klilenko, former member of the that a 180-mile defense line bf
now defunct Allied Council for spaced-out concrete block-
Japan, has kept within the 8O- houses is nearing completion
viet Embassay Building since around strategic Hanoi.
Japan regained her independen- They explained the new per-
ce last Monday. meter built on orders of the
The Japanese Foreign Office late Marshal Jean de Lattre
spokesman said the Soviet mis- de Tassigny, then high comis-
sion has no diplomatic status sloner for Indo-China, is 'al-
and could not communicate di- most ready to be put into
rectly with the Japanese go- operation as the main bulwark
vernment even ift it desired to against Vietminh Communista
make known its plans. pressing constantly from the
Kislenko refused to answer a north.
written press inquiry on the The new Tonkiness Maginot
Soviet's intentions. Line built in 14 months by fou'
Miyazaki said Kislenko's staff battalions of the Foreign Leg-
would be treated with then helped by Army and civ-

courtesy due government re-
presentatives but "we presume
they will leave Japan since the
mbaie has nothing to do here."

US North Pole
WeaIher Station

May Stay There

l ROME. May 6 1UP) Cze- WASI 'I N May 6 'UP.-
choslovak Communists would WASH. GON May 8 'UP'.-
Sho lovak Commun ists wold A permanent weather reporting
like to put Archbishop Jof atain mnay be maintained by the
eeran of Pragute on trial' for Unmed States on a floating ice
Slleged anti-State activities, isipd near the North Pole.
but are afraid it will cause A weather station was estab-
"revolt among the people, listed on the ice island last
- according to the Czech Cathof- M rch 1 on a semi-permanent
Ic publication Veritas, publish- balis.
SL. 4.J ed by the Christian Academy Capt. Marion F. Brinegar, one
-- of Czechoslovakia here. of the four men who set up the
. BIG SHOT Pvt. Robert C. station ad stayed there 22 days
Busch, of 27th Signal Company. They said the Prague gov- said they may continue during
blew York Natonal Guard, ernment has actually been pre- the winter Xs well as the summer.
cleans up a king-sized M-1 rifle, paring for some time for the He told reporters that the
and is only too glad that he trial of both Beran and Bishop North Pole is a "weather fac-
'doesn't have to pack the iasnt Joseph Blouch of Cesk Bude- tory" for the vast majority of
weapr.n on maneuvers.. The ovich. wealheir tin Alaska and the Uni-
eight-foot-long replica of the But despite preparations, iheFletcher Ice island Is one
M-i is used for training par- Veritas said 'there is smallof'theisvered by the Air
poses at Albany, N. Y. chance of the trial tree discovered by the Air
place." Pletcher is about four and a
half miles wide and nine miles
long. The Ice is about 175 feet
Love Congas Everything retio e atan aveg of
Love ongas EverythingIt is moving in a southeasterly
direction at an average of 16
A C CWhenthe weather station
As u W eds His DD washed out in March it was
S. about 115 miles from the North
MIAMI BEACH, May 6 (UPi -| Cugat protested that the whole Pole. It has moved to within 54
Rhumba king Xavier Cugat and thing wai a mistake, that Miss miles of the pole in four weeks.
singer Abbe Lane clmaxed a Lane at the time was simply
two-year tango of troubled love changing from a sequined show- A Usw Meteors
here yesterday with a simple gown to a more comfortable! Ul Si tr
penthouse wedding. dress. / t L d
The middle-aged maestro made Nevertheless, Mrs. Cugat the trfe Red Harbor
brown-syed young Abbe his bride former screen actress Lorraine
in a tender atmosphere of gar- Allen won a divorce last Jan. SBOUL, May 6 (UP) Royal
denies high atop the oceanide and the maestro is currently Australian Air Force Meteor jet'
Casablanca Hotel paying alimony of $152,000. fighters de a concentrated at-
Only very close relatives and tctofi on the major Red
a few newsmen attended. Miss Lane sued Mrs. Lorraine I atar an o, seaport of
Cugat. 52. made his third trip Alen. Cugat for $500.000, charg- op11fbu il
to the altar in a dark blue suit. n'g that she was "bruised and sP 3 blew up 11 build-
The 20-year-old vocalet.Wtrom nuhed and shoved" during the ase 11 others
Brooklyn, her left hand weighed hotel room roundelay. __mM a 1 others.
with white orchids and a 10- But all that, too. was covered
carat solitaire diamond wore a In the $152,000 settlement.
Joan Abbbtt sami-formal Jeweled The master of the morracas
white for this her first marriage. had married Lorrane Alan solan!
A local judge voiced the rites after his divorce from Mrs. Car-
and there was no wedding music men Castillo Cugat in late 1947.
neither Brahma nor bongo
drums. Poar months later, he was fist-
Thus was the baton lowered ightibm with Oleg Carsst fath-
on a ad samba of amorous acti- nJn creator and then huand of
vity that ticked off treuble- as paos Geae Tfre.
fast as the click of castanets. "I found Larraine dancng with
The harmohloust ceremony cm- that drefs dOsgner," he expla-
iducted ty Judge Vincent Gbad.-
was in sharp couterpa to A$ w t i U., a. y ryM n.. tLr- w
that night of cacophony in 2nu- fal fl.WApt tat he 110
ary. 1951. when the second Mrs. &oqe Ca-da alced z do=sum,*,-, i E
'Cugat and a band f Izvate i1- eMuyi n4.n"as" nw o"mag. n,
tectives found the Thumbe kl k n .a881 is a -1S10dam w W of e L -w w M .. ]
in Miu Lane's hotel roe ljin ...,



Now Daily to the


In the past, thousands of international travelers
waited an extra day just to enjoy Branit's fkinmd
brand of courteous service. Now you can enjoy
this same fast, direct service any da in the week.
Fly the luxurious El Conquistador (non-stop to
Miamin' on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday; via
Havana Monday and Thursday).. enjoy spacious
reclining seats, superb full course meals, court *
ous personal service. Or fly El Intercontinental
and save up to 2596 on air fares. El Intereontl-
nental flights leave Panama for the 1U4S y
Wednesday and Saturday morning*

e *g
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complete schedules
ad reservatios.
v He't o I PaII I
Vt.e bpS 111
Telphmne 3-4726

Cli Teket Offit
isespheme m

* :, ~ -~

ire t AS 6EA.-Using "Blt the TWOt 4 "
tnd t" theev et o n a Ito h*
Undtfl4Sta Ph t11 u 'a Aublic Sehool 153 explaise
ara W taiwverr The Civilian De(fawe'i*
aby K 'ttla=me' m be seen by 40,000o,0 eaho delUMi
tma b thl. next few months.. -


lanl engineers is vast in con-
Starting from Quqng Yen on
the northeast center of a
river delta 60 miles east of
Hanoi It runs across the north-
ern approach to the capital
to Viet 30 miles to the north-
west and then curves 50 miles
south to Cho Ben, 25 miles
southwest of Hanoi.
The line is not a wall-like
defense arrangement. The for-
tification is a chain of about
200 concrete "redoubts," each
of which will be manned by
about 50 men with machine
guns and mortars.
He considered a network of
solid strong points would ef-
fectively break the force of
such a future offensive.
Military sources point out
the line did not mean therq
was danger French Union forc-'
es would adopt a "static men-

Governor, Dusmoor

Sign Pledges For

Walking Bood Bank
Governor Francis K. Newcom-
er and Acting Executive Secre-
tary Forrest 0. Dunsmoor yes-
terday joined the parade of Isth-
mians pledging donations to the
Walking Blood Bank. Both New-
comer and Dunsmoor expressed
their thanks in being Invited to
take part In the Blood Bank
drive, sponsored by American Le-
gion Post No. 1.
At their offices in the Admin-
istration Building they signed
'pledge cards, promising to don-
ate blood when called upon, for
Isthmian emergencies.
Signing the blood pledge is one
of the last community activities
in which the Governor will par-
ticipate while he is on the Canal
Zone. If an emergency arises be-
fore he leaves, he will be called
just as any othet donor, to help
in saving the life or health of
some individual on the Isthmus.
American Legion P7ot Cpmman-
der Eulle Bennett pointed out.
With the alganig of their
pledge eardL mwoeemer and
Dunsmoor a became
Invited guestsat tme r
Ing Donor's Carush to her b ll
hood donors on t$3. Tbe
Varn'al will tao* t b
America. Legion 095 is
aemor. The atf"
sen, an~ed n an 41'



-V. .




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