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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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UK Businessmen Arnulfo Move tid

Hear Germ War To Shun Polls t S

Confess Stirs' Panama ger R
Observers speculated today on ,
Sthe bible outcome of the de-
butlne on by the Panameflitt Party 3
Sfrom ay away from the polls dar-
nes e Red f norg the May 11 and 18 elections.
fToorded "' h party, headed by former
lan wiar t to President Arnulfo Arlai, decided
e sril to go to the polls Saturdayy *- -,
Idrua:lt meeting of the
S&idwrent1 directorate and It s 'TED NATIONS, N.Y., May 5 (UP)-A
Wex M Ide, saI of consUltanta. d.ii m-nosts aremugging dop JIto
deported that the first do pots S0 smuggling dope hato
ChineM i of n *a ato stay away from ahd m proceeds from the satn to ftnec.
are mted s nly during the presidenatd .ttOW d obtain strategic mairials for
olesioni scheduled fcn e ntybo IRhe r'iUN
y said the Chines. save davy .But a laterdec before the UN Cemmissiew sw
names of Americam airmep 4 e abstention also to = the r Anslinger, U.S. norcotic llscMtm
Bone busined." i re leetlons scheduled T, orcotcs chief said large quet".
]owed espU s i don. d eleeg smuggled into Jopan from Heag
d ?o ^ce '.t sArls la scheduled to give Norta K*M.
a Csflyers h jia tonight i. 7:S0 O er
drpped Ofoffered docmmt&
h read a amerlcani? offered documften .t
t the with other stationM rl lot week that CtiUMe-I
t and nav the ountrytor meltit to
Sfor i party o wre osterit T "d m
ton t st away from the p idi dope fo
ti address is to be followed
a a maniffte by the paf's Ans bedr h CM
fees i*M.

f M t the natknIan tvd p tft l*] r_'
Nt^ *..t^%
if repor"^ts 0 at-I

y 5 (UP)
taut gun-
t become a
Sa Toeks
~t a bank
foar years
.the rob-
Mstld for

ptal worker.
ad freed on
k his public
ed sema

was the o0-

I day

Eke BuVE~a~r

5 L

by 5 MkY)..1- M- anwhile, offlo
"A .d mo1. et_ 3IU Workers' Int
m t fd 'California, =nd ,1
S es "nt toion .,
in- + ... ers in ti 7V
& tie- puld not A set A
r..t ted to raw out.
ruwnment~T The terms of the
i day. and .,

r Se oWr kers' ia.,on
mllar ,offers haysb
sn o e the walkoi t nle
[ Limfited N o

I Nhe 4tw *a twk *t. N

nWm rs eaF oe CZ S tau

Washed fom oe. Mate

Is, .an "M
3 le a f tel


'2' :hi

,P- -The Dept. &f ure an-
6 Pf nounced tods thai t to order to
f avert an antfdiplted shortage
f n pu- l Paamaa wilI urehue 10.000
Mldspoq- uint"la of .0114 rd e from
Patten f, cuador, afttlern down of-
at the fers of ioq 1s ibniM fms.
Pat Chalk In Is dek w _u y f foreign
out crops a w BAC tt, depart-
P ndment ripped purchased
r will be made At 1.00 per quintal
n fan for delivery In Panama In May.
Can- Propoeals by three local bus -
M fte ness firms to furnish the rice
Stom c were rejected by Panama's
Banco Aropecuarlok Inqustrial
t now, because their prieea were too
try to hih qnd they would not guar-
a elowly antee delivery within the stated

IU~lJ_, Ma 9 c(). cat-

German ent bus vetoed
of a seminary to train prits for
posts In the Soviet Zone.
The office of Wilhelm Wea-
ksamm. Cathole Bishop of Ber-
lin said that Premier Otto Orote-
well has prevented the opening
of the theological academy in the
Esat Berlin suburb of Blesdorf.
The seminary would have been
the first Catholic seminary in
Communist-rfi Germany.
Since the war, Catholic priests
for the Soviet zone have been
trained in West Germany.

Johnson, ho faces a 10 to 50 robbery with me," he said. "And
year penalty for the bank rob- I think the aent can find
bery. told reporters be would them when I tel them what I
try to convert the Inmates If know."
he s8 sent to the poatlentiary. Until yesterday the Kansas
"But I hope I wl be granted Bureau of Investigation had
lenIency," he said. conadered the other two bank
"I think the Lord can de- robbery dead.
finitely use me in his service Two men killed In a car ac-
"I want to tell all boys and aldent shortly after the May V7,
girls how easy It t14 fal ito a 1948, robbery of the pHt.Ken..
life of crime. Wht I want to state 4nk. were Identifled a
do Is preach the gospel." n ohe ct tL
do th "But I demt even knew those
Johnson. whose education end- men w h UokiX" Johnsoa
ed at the eighth adse. told the sald.
church congregation that pay- Immediate a W ladopeo-
Ing back the money he got en d in IitweitU .
the robbery was not enough. KanMas atte
"I had to give myself up t o a 0
find pem he ad. "And I MOM
have fad It." Ls
Jo asem aid he wmuld mae
another o eales "today to Ma i4
aents of the sKaus Bureau of MeAd* but M -
Investliatton. vism i
"I can tell them the names h is bb onta i .
of an older ma a&d a younger ?z bopd, wii.
maan who took part In the beak addr that th *


Twom IM Owe

The d or-Ahes w
gistrate's Cout, wat
Herve r.3 a id 4u

l e
fined oft dm or *1

ci h rs e ikmh "M i
the An het .
In a state T _

influenced him to
bhe Hart Bank
"1 needed inn
said. "I -O-d
car and had
to appear ha seort
The repentant
share In t-e hM
Two w a
$20 to
as a f1rtS bui
-o .o *

^*j. *"*a-'A..e <*- *' ,
4?... -- ^&**1*^^

- .- ~-. ~.

~Iz X

,, U

robbing Gunman Takes To Puli

rses Crime To Congregation,


-- .1 1 ----7 -:

1 .

ITS. INS : ~

I li 1 1.lui

. (

I ft

i War 7i 7 1'

*.i.. .


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A P 1A- Al TfltW W '" I N PAP*

RT s. *r. 40 11A1MOUOl0 ARIAa. EDITOR
7 H STILI P 0 BOX 0 134. PANAMA. it. W P.
I-1 MAniSoN Av( NEW YORR. 117> N. V.
01,2'LOCAL a11V MAI
n N A DvANC ____ 1.70 2.50
M TH 0 N ADVANCE 5 80 .00
IJWP.zl M I3, R. IN ADVAN 185 240

W alter Winchell

In New York
.p i _____^ ^ ,

Stout Town: Esther Williams.'the mermaid, In from
vietoalton Big Business: The swimsuits (bearing her name)
t maker richer ..Betty Hutton. the 2-a-Daydream...Au-
Tottbaanother Hollywood honey, on the town with Victor
... Johtodlak, whose acting in "The Chalr Wrew the
lutes of eery drama critic-except George Jeon NItthan..
h Century-Fox's Walter Lang, who will dirt "CaB Me
aam," witnessing the Ethel Merman hit for the fth time in a
S k.. 6. Garbo strolling in the rain. Frocked in hocolate-
w* polo Oat and felt hat plus umbrella of th-a4nV.ue.. ,Sir
ic Hardwicke trying to convince Stork Clu house that -the
ng Saucers are Real... Eddie Cantor, 60, wWse hair stays
Ight-black, a la Irving Berlin's...Champ Sugar Ray Robin-
R rocking the Paramount audience duetting "See You th Ms" with Billy Eckstine.
Broadway Sideshow: The Show Business crowd were enjoy-
1g this one last night. A ham actor suddenly came home and
tend his wife a sight ..Both eyes blackened, several teeth
iUing and her dress in shreds.. "What happened to you?" he
ked.. ."Oh," she said, "that agent of yours. He came here this
afternoon looking for you and got very fresh".. ."Really?" was
e Retort Typical. "Leave any message for me?"
Memos of a Midnighter: Lill St. Cyr. star stripper of them all.
d her husband are Renogotiating. He begged her to reconsider
tJe trrnaoun left hinm In tatters The Ella Logan-Freai
offe divorce, often denied, is expected any edition.. .Jim-
y rarint played Cupid foi his writer J. Barnett and ex-wife
n Colby. They may re-merge in London...Bugs Baer's dgltr
tra 'on the Journal-American staff; goes to the altar with N
vatoro oi The AP ..Singer Diane Adrian and her husband
ave turned it over to barristers.. Big feud backstage at "Shuffle
g0gg" beiwecn writers Jack MacGowan and Paul Gerard Smith
..Pam-'Blumenthal, married to the same wife for over 20 years
rill be free in about 20 minutes. ..Just before sailing Gloria De-
aven canecilea her troth to her merchant prince.. Jane Fowell
d groom are 4ing ...Chan 'Cunard Linei Howard and Bunny
rper of the James Melton show are knots about each other .
-hnnie Rays price for a film. lOOGs.
New York Melodrama. She is the source for the miserable
m..n la letter to this desk... She says she can't believe it
pan ie to her.. .She always read such thinp about others ..
tolmnyv years ago she authored a best-seller and the smart
mlul featured her articles .Those were the days when she
and other finery...Now, she says, her most intimate
Cndr wfoln't recognize her since the Breaks Went Bad... One
bappy front page story after the other sped her along the
gan... Her latest sleeping address, she adds, is in the sub-
ys.. Ursula Parrot t!
Square Tabletalk: Ehel Merman's medicO pal iDr
-' ily friend, had quite a time professionally, at the
an lt part e lor Ethel Dirictor Archie Mayo suffered FA
ea -attilck and then Pat Harrlngton had to have medical aid
.I)rnaC'itc Wmn H.-.wkins ha-, taken charge of Shirlk\
.h' en? c'rtiLnilr(,t. Jack Ca'sid', was in the "South Po'ificr
ahst vL ,'ek No'\ he s ii. l romnnce lerd in "*Wish You Were
I* wilch lta:,c reht.eali, Monda .. The cops in the pa k
i ivn their troubles with the Screwball Set. One feinmal
d her apparel and put on her own ballet the other night. Thi
nt was hushed. She's a teacher.. Keenan Wynn is the
to take over Phl- Silvers' "Top Banana" role at vacation
..Bandleader Freddv Martin's car was burgled right under
e Broadway lights at 49th. They got furs, gems and luggage
e Atomic Energy Commission asked Bob Moses to inspect their
nditures He sent his regrets ...-Terrible Rumor: That a disc
key program will debut soon in the staid old Oak Room of
The Orchid Garden: Tony Curtis and Pi Laur.e in
for the Groom"... Joan Dexter' ogs at.'
.Anything Jane Frofln logs at the Kie Mt -
Dresnew song, "Why Don't II"' (RCA-VtSWfl...f
ers' new winner: *YOu' re Not Worth My T4eM,-
Manhattan Murals: The Paramount Theatre bldg. between
d and 44th on Broadway where Gen. Washington met Gen.
tnam--but the historic plaque is no longer out front. It Is
led in the foyer...The gold nude over the Southwest 49th
reet corner on Broadway. Advertising bras, etc.... The silver
ce over the main door of the Waldorf. Posed for by one of
hattan's most respected young ladies-on her first model
Show Biz Is Like This, Too: He was sailing along smoothly for
on radio.. They always found a spot for him--so versatile
he...Prom announcing news bulletins or commercials to play-
leading roles in soap operas... He always said he coualn't
Sfor television... That would be his medium-to crash the
w s-and amount to something.. .Poor chap .You never see
Son it or hear him any more even on radio ..On his very
appearance before the network cameras his own co-work-
S gasped .The execs had to drop him. .The cruel cameras
more devastating than x-ray... In the closeups especially
couldn't miss it...A limp-wrist manner...It put him out

. Sounds hin the Night: At the Versailles: "Every man Is wolf
every woman a wolf-catcher"... At the Polonaise: "You're
1 off easy just being investigated. They hanged Nathan
S..At Gogi's: "Is he crazy about her? Take a look at he-
drobe".. At the Elizabeth Norman: "She's a deb. Came
in 1949 and hasn't been home yet"...At the Lesters: "He's a
drunk. Always spills your drink!"
SThe Late Watch: Barbara Baxley snaps her fingers at that
about understudies never getting a break. She was aeelaim-
Syears ago when she took over Jean Arthur's "Peter Pan"
I June she will sub for the vacationing Julio Harris in
"...mSammy Puller, once a copy-boy on a local gazette
Mbs a air of former editors working as pres-agenta on his
f 1m, "Park Row*.. .Charles e rMs, co-owner of "21," IS
from surgery...oThe F. F. French real estate firm has
hit t a flock of stockholder suits involving millions. One
fw- for $1,6U,e1 in N. Y. Supreme Court was filed by K. E.
S...Esther Wisams is a ciggy-Tirl at the Embers. Gloria
-cheeks hat at the Cops and Nancy Carrol tIs a assm
K-4e Latin Q...Next month the High Court will decide on
=Me" Sam. ThV ruling will chart the course of fin aen-
otr all time...Comle Geo. Givo, the "Greek Ambasador'
Will," does a Plina o Inreverse Monday cve'g, when he
'i- s debut as a concert basso at Town laRl.. .Irony: The
i-s. T. Manville, killed in that ear crash, was wearing bet
'*geod luck" charm.







e NWashiNrgton Shw.

wt1k L if^^tm.i-I

Labor News



0 By Victor Riesel
WASHINGTON-A strictly se-
cret report prepared by Presi-
dent's Truman's defense mobi-
liszers for the Pentagon was Ig-
nored by the White House it-;
self when Mr. Truman seized
the steel industry after warning
the nation that a steel strike
would delay our atomic energy
program and and slash our Air
'fIhat just isn't true, this re-
port reveals.
Drawn up by the defense
mobilizers' keenest experts, 11
reveals that there is no basi
shortage of steel, that therefore:
there 4s no steel emergency, ani
that there hasn't been one fo
Not even a month lone
Teell strike would affect
production of more than
I violated types of munitions.
the report indicates. In a
real emergency this nation
could struggle through two
months of cold steel fur-
races before actually affect-
:ig the supplies of our Ko-
rean forces. There is that ,
,much steel available.
There was no emergency when
Mr. Truman's side, Charles
Murphy, certainly no labor ex-
pert, wrote the President's fam-
ed seizure speech.
It is fairly certain that the
ClO's steel leaders have not
seen this report.
But there is no doubt that
the wearied Philip Murray and
his counsel, Arthur Goldberg.
were aware, when they decided,
to call a strike over the long
distance Cleveland-to-WashIng-
ton telephone last Tuesday af-,
ternoon, that they would not
immediately slash war produc-
Furthermore, they knew that
down in the mills the 650,000
makers of raw steel knew there
'ere surpluses.
In all fairness it must
be reported that they called
that strike swiftly to pie- a
vent the men down in the d
mills from wildcatting all 1
over the country, damaging b
I millions of dollars worth of g
suddenly cooled coke ovens, fn
open hearths and blast fur-
vace3 U
It !s accurate to reveal that P
in his telephone conversation t]
Slt his counsel, Murray said a
he believed there would be i,
spontaneous walkouts through- t,
out the steel industry.
The mills would be shut. a
There would be no standby w
crews to handle and protect w
property. There would be angry is
knots of men, not orderly pick- iz
eating. w
Virtually unknown -to en- t
TIof, there had bee eight. seri-
eas wildcat strikes i te week
leading up to Jusflee Pine's de- ;
oelson. Murray and Goldberg
had settled those for Secretary n
of Commerce Sawyer. tb
The men had been held for m
120 days.
Murray had promised Mr. el
Truman he'd do that. That's
what the President had asked p
late in December, saying to .i
Murray over the telephone that re
the White House would not In-
voke the Taft-Hartley Law If dl
the CIO chief would postpone P4
the strike 100 days or so. Both
men kept their bargain.
But by last Tuesday after-
noon the government had been
running the steel industry for
three weeks. From the hundreds
of regional steel union leaders
down below word came that the
men were restless.
Tf there was in.lnn t4- ha -



"She was not generally engaged in commerce
She was not running for political office.
"Apart from a little" sentimental poetry, sh
did not concern herself overmuch with the art
She did not compete.
If she worried it was routine worried r-worri
about the household, about WiU e's T about
Papa spending too much ml i -a corn
saloon on Batu.y nights, u hiake I
the oven -and mo It w
more of a yA n prn con
centrated. .
"Nobody 1 medical reeaarc has f iain
ed tU s5e0 Mth e stomach ulce
U 4- F as% possible tU
the mental s t man
grounds has sponsored the f uleen
I can't see any other reason."
I do not like to say. hyou sc
but Iw been w ei consti
ants f t ths ltosr
pass Papa would buy 'em no good.
Just being a woman is trouble enough, with
out embracing extra ils M njoyed onl
by the other bide of the sfl.?VWe have never
encroached on your right U'hav babies; th
least you could do is leave us stewardship of ul
cers and gout.
Which reminds me, as a lctt'of got, tha
the other day a strange lmya ahed m
in a restaurant, with a hard- g of triumph
In her eye.
"I just want you to know," she said, "tha
you men can't claim to be the sole sufferer
from gout any longer. I got goft,'too."
Ah, well. You have stolen our trousnr and yo
smoke our cigars.
You run our businesses and yod spend cur mon
ey, and you tell us what to do In terms of you
It is meet and fitting that you should pay th
penalty for success. Pass the crackers and mill
to Mummy, son, and tell her to wear her nev
triumph in good health.

". .. "This Kefauvei
WASHITON Tomorrow in Florida, the

a........ r .... ,,, Der toi1Irgt hold their last really impor-
atoppage, Murray felt he had to t 0 riU L- a straight-out test, on oattth-
control and lead it. He called mn een Sen. Richard Russell and Sen.
the strike, telephoned his Pitts- ste ke ver.
burgh headquarters and warned an. 2Rasell is solidly backed by the state or-
his people to keep order. Ianisto1, and if Russell wins, the Kefauver
S will be sharply deflated.
There was no doubt that But, at this writing, the baffled experts guote
the veteran steel leader, a the odds as even, and If Sen. Kefauver wins, be
patriarch to all his people will be pretty hard to stop.
and to hundreds of thou- Hence this-Is a good time to take a hard tic0k
sands of coal diggers, too, at "thTI fl f-uver thing," as the higher echelon
knew his men. At the U S. Democmt peevishly describe the Tennssee
Steel Company's Clairton enator's gras-roots candidacy.
p0 excited workers mob- From such a look two points unexpectedly
=, a local union official. WG tiD.
who they believed did -not Wt- *n4 most curious, the Kefauv cdI-
W read hestrike order fast tcy ha ad less high-level professimal help
-noughPlnt ie= hmany mar political movement since Coa-
rescue the men's wt reeatly. Sen. Paul Douglas, of lleots,
leader. In Pittsburgh, the has climbed aboard; while the late Robert 9'-
union's national headquart- e astute henchman, Gael Sullian has
era, high in the dust-bitten jti gke W ,over the Kefauver national -
Golden Triangle's Common.
wealth Building ordered u unWtl then, Kfauver's only professional
sound trucks in t o mill aIdstae was provided by the ex-Oongress' m
streets warning the husky from New Mexico. Richard Harless. while his
stee lmen to keep order. most nmta b Intellectual advisor was the tor-
mer C e,-rf the Justice Department's AntI-
And although Mr. TuTrumanTrust n, Wendell Berge.
swore at his aideshwhen th Al ~ slaything but national figures, Bar-
stol him Murray had e s afS ldthe inner group of Tennessesa*i
steel strike putti hit a -r-swedr are capable men.
steel strike putting him O For e t "est, Kefauver has rallied sou- a
the spot all this meant noS~ lecti of obscure lame ducks and minor po-
break between CIO and the Ad" a,. jtmebes as would whiten the hair of
ministration. e-W Senenal-mindeG political manager.
.Kefauver clubs have sprang S
The President had wWorlm8 r m.try, and Kefauver has won pdl-
S ths. lie a air after Onmary, because of the evmangeagt

Steo their every erlttlM "
ft* president a t 'htas-Umi
wmeid out o tlhe- eSMOt t
the V. 8. Nor has he creoad
Murray Just decided the l
old-fashioned way was the
There is no emergency. af te
on ----** --^ *


r Thing"
spirit he somehow arouses. One eminent sup-
porter explained:
" 'Be's an institution. Thai damned coonskin
cap has done something. He has dedtly on his
side. It really seems like God has t O is hand
on his shoulder and said, 'Oo f gor nanW man
and be President."'
Second, neither destiny, nor l nor
bull luck, nor his supporters' notion tt Ke-
sauver is the special pet of the Almighty, is the
real explanation of Kefauver's success so far.
The secret lies, in fact, in the man himself.
Kefauver is tall, amiable and immnussily taw
of speech and movement, and Is thus so at-
ed stupid by many. h .
He has been independent and is thus held in
low esteem by the grandees of his party
He hasa occasionally gone wandering of after
some pretty strange Ideas and l thus regarded
Ai a tishegt. .
But there one thing about Kafaor which
mo one can doubt who studies his relrd. Be-
ind the ile, the public handshatWO and the
g ticed lolianess, Kefauver conceakml m-
f politics anda greatpowe of cool cal-
Kefauver has also disclosed another nviable
political trait.
Consider his simple, good-tempered statement
after beating the President In New Haabi,
his amiable buit tough attack R ca I. Robert
Kerr =in Nbraska his wily approach to a diffi-
cult business In tlorida.
All of them prove that KefaIver Knows in-
comparably well how to handle h ett- bow
to may exactly tha right thltngI at -Iy the
-a br the candidacy of this w ho has
gone so far witti so little bet ,leneme &
yr'y series matter indeed if the fIhut a- of
,=,.t, |









Seller of Songs

1,4 Radio-TV mountains
sisg-seller Rodents
10 Dried (var.) 7 oratnaval
12 CItrs fruits engineer (ab.)
14 Dogwood PCcurs
513ti pan 10 W. 'idWar I
1 LEa s m n "big push"
a so 13 Laminated

I Beastof 18 Diner
is.Burt 21 Sharper
burden -- Abandon
23 Depression 25 Fillip
34 Mascudine v
appella Festival
M R radic band 32 Written form
IT Foe8 of Mister. 3
0 Relate 9Demeter's
31 Precipitous '
14 Hisboard of r "d
critics judges
songs on their
SYou can--- -
I aTV -
i. hkaonthe

aWarpyarn m
.41, H ra 'st Is" pit
42 Bitter v-tch e

46 BiMtis l I
J ofacscuat
46 Abed
48 Ocean venaij
.apet ,:-....
I1 leaves
* rEats away .7-
VShhlCAL --
2 dsn
*S '1" cLJl st

a1 Cms- -law URn qed
of aid (var.) minacutn are
32 Cylindrical 40 Tarres
33 Church 43 Hundredth of
festival s right angle
35 Laundry 44 Diminutive o
inatcdi, Flora
36 udllghtte, 47 Internal
3Reh --oen ra oace
radiosed -.I
tuevislwi 4 fl1maii

ffa -


'This Kefauver Thing'

By Joseph and Stewart Alsop


b lrtme t's official p oie -
knew Truman would not run again.
WASHINOTON.-A lot of people are still apeulating .UN
President Truman may change his mind and e1Nt
ed by the Democratlc Rational conven to ,at the 1il
eapeally If the Refublicans nominate T whofn .
does mnt ike.
A kM friend of Mr. Triman, who once tf
an an mf dor and aecompani ed hi to Po t
mind w=ihe told blm that he sho not Wt. tel f
tion Where he edtuld not ultimately be dr ., I.A
Th situation might be such,thi elder statesman CA Mil
where t he demands of the party wou ld be to ompellin.
"You know me," replied the President decis ely. "I'm a mule.
And when I mke up my mind nothing can chage It:
Chip Bohlen, State Depattment cnveor, .waed ipn to ba
State Department staff Aenftrni at 12:30 lsTh uraU tWm
perturbation written aver his s lspave visage. .
"Hold your hats." -he excalanL then told how the rI iatt
had dropped a diplomatic bonihell at big p, 3 conference st.
garding an alleged "ufttmatum" to Russia in 1946.
Sinee our Buropean allies are on cpntant tenderhookb
our trigger-happy relations with Rusala and c stnntly
that we will drag them into war by just such an ufitttut
State Department worked for abo.t tw hourerpr a d .
matic refutation of the President's off-the-cuff remark.
The State Department couldn't say so, but it was equally tn- *
happy about the President's previous burble about the possiblUt
of seing the press.
Thofih he qqrrected this later, the State Department Itage
it might affect the fate of the freest and fairest newspaper,. I
Bolivia, Z^ Raton.
The hew Bolivian government, which is pro-Argentine and
i has solne Communist links, may well follow the example of.Peroa
'and Seize La Razon exactly s he seized La Prensa.
S On top of this. United States diplomats for some time hp
been atgung in the Vnted Nations for complete freedom of the
Not all Latin American governments agree with the United
States on this point.
Several have ijoWe4 Middle East and Asiatic countries in try.
ing to get the U. to adopt an amendment which would require
newspapers to print statements by governments "correcting" sup.
posedly erroneous news.
These amendments, in the opinion of the State Department,
would be an intfriigeinent of the press and could be expanded to
mean government interference.
Therefore, he6n the Chlef Executive of the United States
announced that he has the power when he sees fit to take over or
control the poes, it Jt hlft in direct contradiction to his Own
official representatives abroad."
Remarkedfohe Lan A lean editor who had been listening
to American delegates argue for international press freedom:
"Maybe the U.S. press had better start worrying hat hws
to protect itself on the. national leVel rather than on the intena-
e. tional level."
>ie Most of the Truman cabinet were caught completely off bas
ts. when their chief made his dramatle Jackson- Jefferson dinner
announcement that he woUld not run again.
es But Generallssnao Chiang Kai-shek in far-off Formosa had
ut been informed In avanc, .. .
er On March 4, the Oenetrajsstmo and Madame Chalng W tter-
n talned Undersee'etary of the inteaisr Richad Searles alttnner.
as The Oeneraligsimo did noC alk mueh usMe hedoefletspeait
- EnglUhb. But at obe poit. h leaned toward esarlEa-Sdnapesk
ing through alltsrr *, r >i'
3- "And bow is Pr et Tiean's health?" -- ,
,er !11ne," replied earle. "He seems in xeellent health-and
at Xamt.b '



ALBUQUERQUE, N. M. One of the more
urious aspects of oUr times, medically, is the
ppearanoe of the gphtric ulcer among the la-
ies of the land.
This was a medical rarity until recent years.
ut today the l1cIudsce of the ulcer among the
als just about rlvas-Its occurrence among the
The basic explUa btin of the everyday ulcer
s that a nervous condition causes a defnite
hysiological reaction resulting in ulcerStlolt of
he tummy.
Its more common causes are strain, tason,
nd worry, and the man with the nervo j
n his head also winds up with a perforated eit-
er section.
The ulcer has always been the. proud badge
f the advertising and agenda business, which
re Supposed to contain so mu i. mnsecurity and
which operate at such high speed that .ffts
without an ulcer is regarded as a failure. The-
s even a restaurant in New York that special-
es in bland diets for successful agency men
1th uneasy digestive apparatus.
ulcs appeared in all professions, but most in
hose that stressed high nervous tension.
SA the0th Century stepped up its living tem-
SWe Incidence of ulcers climbed. But not un-
I jt recentlydid dames have 'em.
Tris, tells ie something. This tells m thit
he females have finally fretted thermselves Into
sarly complete equality with menfolks, and jew
Key too, own the proud badge of acdemipNah-
ent-a duodenal ulcer.
Oh, boy, Mommy's got a better ulcer than
addy has, and she didn't even have to kiss her
bow to achieve it.
A distinguished physician-surgeon whom I
asitively will not identify, in order to protect
dm at home, tells me that the female has just
aped the penalty of emancipation.
"In my mother's time." says he, "the womon
d no; consciously think in terms of active com-
etition in a.masculine world.


:'.v. ." N -_.,... .-. **' '" .--.... _B

t PanB. .A I_ .. o .t-- .... o .

wr Ll.lho .d S)Wone0M.odheraonth ai-ar e fe ( 3t3 :0)0u a h f 095 Noipra

Da w l Pt t t. 3Si.D en d he byn n nRuthon .l _ivs, ill ,erieoPrlu 8:00--.w, 3pr, aSd So ,
Nom bro tt Mw tTet A f the wp ee to e a d 7 IB i 8 f yh gr,1
- n n -o "d 7s :-ABBT SPORT nVOW -BO-ArTtlaR .rdfe r

bel nea.4 ith ~ ftk he Aobe o.nd Te of d heat n Ae rXe HoG aen :15-8a40 (Vnod ": ..So
. K Pa t ,o d led ttM ihe onlo wn b t u-i the *o-M for Mn f a O-Jm Seon ' t f d b to T S r America thm a A m omy. l
the ~ymaAn =erh n_ F .h Whn1r6i0of 0" .,--S.A.

CaAaBsh f i Co rt -hntotrhhisormbvree: irllbe aiCadordwmn Dd in:tU O- ,ado'
st peal n C otrito l Je n JdgeiIny Roft th 1 wm r- He. ..a .Bh :30-ts, for Maond
Cag" n d wt Jenne m W in and The Woi or to organi, 6:15l-HaaEeni Salof n C A u i r u. f d i

e al ;irclland a ahe he o" An cn W oF1hn and en oet si. Oe n ItonJ th*ou. m.led :0 0T he OWp n Co r e Ty S a

stafi of the Fr th van Dia rint lpha hsn Yoa urraivt e u nr a r emen n o er ersns nt s 'a m n" the ,,a. *-As -e"
ftfet. ur. iColey, nVeif t Ma, tIoe O rithr h o fh e Bo- w ll hCld Vios rl eNewso V, W '
_uea eld i n i i aoo th cd rao.ra, M a Ay JUAN. to Ri o Th ,. as -uore ln :80,-PAsT he Re O
Isoe of theu hna ra h r nderrths FM esarlt h aAriC roa ah e r S
I.uarm Pledje. upe her Upd8 CLEreaN CSAy
n m rt heLy and s v't Ma th ur rlo the pa ros banta their dvee B ilSane-on 13 s w t 0-- w S a Co -
l-nchon-,eh of......... ... T" b. W orldrow5 B 4 deve d u:fo iW si g net -: --O eth e ro S e dt at VG:i .
ad r. AF m er. Aw e a ner L Hike ne eanl r italn f in tho ub e a 0f e An lu e r bIan oes O. pi. a ol B h the ll A V "'
Honored At a b faeri C a of 1 u t ouf r r T o l rotary
Sn g u h e d I m e an' ; s nd t We l c s e h u:bA nd5 o fP Oa n e r c n-rS4 Do dd,=1 t4L S POb eT Ser a R OV EW

a .-br f C.merre wihae e rt mbe" present were: Anm, other pero,,a n .A On Alam Cl. L
uncheM att the Leg a chapter te me Minm Betty w be bth t O ALL DA from 8:30 -. to A p.r EA
nFor Capt and Mr. Coley Jeanne Wilfeno Beverly Byrger, Mees Tomorrow t bigM f. NFFE o a a. u dQhil:.t

As f arewed to th chief of Ann Wichner and Jean Coy. theet-dlon ineuv ur a e Y like tao pj66-aawai 0e1 l ii -
Ao ta te 1bt er isthe P e a s t e e he r ta ii

apt oe l hu r tr Charmlotteo -f e wilthe.l i
ta etes, t ainedw .le as a.% o illt be D raoh Clo e anmes a ned a yn-Pa
lntheogivenof theirr e en e ad vMAlMssAnetta Burkewathedelop-d griculture sinc tah U sp.- 1:0-MCeet t U a d g a a t

s.ol.ttam o u aR nder' of "0t c omse" n

don ifat al.rThe csin grtalefor on

them wll t We phawapirw.sitALTME
Abuer t. 1 th e sts ro aofte. thabe-n e t o& rer eing ra- galid S w e n
et orI dpl o Tns M et fdarehJtnt e, i:_ nl ha 2 0 --P a r

De eroota nnicnnersu olf riendts tNe mYeZ ottthan and e t a orr e. .ri rlt o a:
oveiit ina t r tann ue Wn i tlo- ofit S r if .aldo th .ddetheeran &oMo n__
aleen dag sfrom F r lenheeced trarsanlieGenieoWlliamsuI#eo&
Oetty Loule Tei Vi egni lar 7:3 pmond thl et- vlode will be ati r44conduc tedt CAE
rhu and Mr Aleand ber emofrLo al o. 95 Nain a lackoRive r 10 f f ro ry an Jsen. i
u cp loer ,A their qu lar dersin Corthnb e r ohel .hurdy May

Olad eton Friday evening. 11, instead of th e at cond ge e. .
c- About f4 merte were prei nt hauterday eton thwe remonth. D 9 s s -0

Jeandny Wonsilstrnieae Na nete the manal zone. The ting for l one ggg @
Foro apt. andMsd .etrol ey accompanoem bro 110"I"
As, a ofarewellt t he, i O Ann Wa chn er dJenCoebeorertodo W the... ..i.....

Patfoftd hen1ther ooNte wTl inld ge r es ntapr mit tese terif tc B ARoINf oalR9a oISeI
Nonew atssirm enit anntuhe Uitei ad L ommituseteeA erey a ST I M o
2 0o IGoanh-oeni D Car UIN with Te off 2w.Iork"ewra t In.A-..

Far eweloa table wia o be a Ahierei oe4 'in *a
dette Marian"Loipscom Thon ou c mnpredeh tt disawn'he B n
hXar. Eou thesaenteac edth e R eutasoaaee.....we bhdM i
tae beuem tu.To T oset No.y 4 PECIuAL SALE...... OA, M
sorority O Meweet May,7nr. .'c 00 bDR SE F'
Misser' s GOria siLahing, The next regular meets of -ari-
Dorothy Ann WichnMer. Jeanette the Captain Starr i. Wardiurop .... ..I.) an Res
Kovel, Mary Jeanne Wlsen, Pos No. 40, Veterans of Fo
wileen Adami Barbara Curles, Mlgn Wars, will be held on ,.s L o
Betty Lou Hudgin. Ruth Mc- Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the '
Arthur and Mai Rteraber Win Memorial BuldnB B Sport n Dlesy Evening i* Cot B
received the "Jlwele degree,ouommander John s. ian a
and a "Jel *ororlty Iin Wa announced that a represent- iE So s, Ind d "
, Buff-etv oL ,. p 0 a Ci the al EAITH ErTABLISHCED
chao"ng p her pledge pin. Igfey Section wio l be presenta ti
The banquet W er officlan y to talk about civil defense on
open d by toatre Nanette the Canal Zone. The talk wl PRICE
Lynch, who weloOmed the group be accompanied by movies. A PTCRE '"
..-:-,.-also GIRL'S DRESSES STOR,
MODERN LIVING ROOM SET Don'. BM...ri. BAGAIS W. ,elrs ar a e.o in .3 and '
CrMa ons never seen In Panali! means re Vn for you!otem e tin fo on', 1 o "
2NDIo. S 39th Street Vta del Maer lea. O n Ell fel9d WA are grateful for -
2 DISCOUNT ai an for the warm frNenahip Cehtowe ,

w a vtAnt to utillrze081, opo aio m Lb .oet

with freef Spial Dasber cor,._lete...,wor,:_

and $19.50 per month, please to ,, ta .dvange of o..ithhoff"er

.,we .,,,e'/afo,. the a/ance ofll. b aa are:,

Clothes Wash Whiter Clothes Last Longer. many wonderful surprises in suwe for yo.
There are more APEX WASHERS in use in the
Canal Zone than any other washer. W H Y ? CaedzIa1I C
.w" """Casa astl ch
Because as APEX WASHER gis superior per.
By Set or Pieees formance, has eager Mied COSTS LESS than
MA s~any othercowpeiml wa wae.
CR* CREDIT *a, CLUB o m~ Ys wU. ...' ,
I r Yuates 25 or60 cycle.

Fr %V A I O ,-0
.... A1T 0'
-oe out"I -&"
.-- ,- -.-" ... .4.5..... ... ."............. .5, "
F.e1 6-
" "':- ".
J.. : I ... -, -.. -.. .- = .... ,. .. .. ..: .. .. .

. .. ,' .' ,r^ ', .
"'" ,- ""i.


q( too and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals and Deprtures j

k L __ .....

I h.
-~ ~p-~

F. YO'tU, ar, TWv Fipt t 00
Congressman Blasted .i.p.


Great White Fleea

T psy-Tattling Charges ,,,
o _New Orleans Service Crist6bal
WASHINGTON. May 5 -UP)-, crucified on the House floor and *S.S. Quirilua ................................ May 11
SRB?. Ldwt Aithur Hall accused; pilloried as few Congressmen *Handia RefriSerated Chilled and General Caugo.
hi4 Hous'..olleagues toda; of ever have been in history."
"oore of tr most cowardly at-i Hall said he will not take the
Sta--s in history' and said he criticism "lying down." A rives FREIS AND RIS FRIENDS
mnma" have hit nome with his New York Service Crist6bal
suigesrion that tipsy Congies-~ _-"-__I___
Smen are revealing atomic se- S.S. Hibueras ................................ May 10 &, ,,IR$-r.TF- -E
SS.S.Talsam nca. ...............................May S10 0.E AT'VS .' F
Ihe New York Republican, Weekly Sailinp gto New York, Mobile. Charleston. L A.ngelRs, M AS RE
a ered wo. a blisftrin Dbi-par- San rrnrisco and Seanitle. I OULNT BE AND L
he n a aare l o a itWednsa Frequent eight alIInt from Crlriobal to West Co. AR WiTp.- O 8E HERE
hi i as a resulteo a O BRIDGE Central American ports.T MY SWEATER! wnHOr IUT
night campaign speech, saidT RI C
the House members were in- Y%--- A O Crist6bal to New Orleans via Si i RACK '
terfering in an e section which BY OSWALD JACOBY OES./
"*the people only heve a right Written for NEA Service Tela. Honduras Cristfhal
to decide
Hall, tho is opposing Rep W -S.S. Chiriqui ..................................May
S :erling Cole foi the OOP Con- N S.S. Quirigua ...............................May 13
gresslonal nomination in the nOR'' (D) 1s
Bingha eton. N Y.. area, had' 6K43 (Passenver Service Only)
described Cole as the "chief AK 10 ,
cocktail mixe for the New J 1 5
York delegation and questioned, 4 Q7 5 2 rELEPHONES:
whether tipsy lawmakers were WEST EAST CRISTOBAL 2121 PANAMA 2-2804 COLON M
revealing A-bomb secrets 6J 1098 8Q72
republican and Democratic' 76532 84 ALLEY OOP
members of the House respond- 7 32 KKQI09
ed with a standing ovation for 44 4KJ83
Cole. a member of the Congres- SOUTH
sional Atomic Enemy Commit- 6A65 P AIRDON
tee. and a stinging denuncia- VQJ9 MEJUSTA
tioh of Hall. 4A84 MOMENT,
Tliev accused Hall of imply- 4 A 109 Bo-'
InR that Cole disclosed secret Neither side ul
ino, mation. North Ea. Sout h W st
ialU. w-ho was not on the Pon, Ps,2 T ,a.% OF STOCKHOLM
House floor at the time of the 3N.T. P OPas TOCKHOLM
attack, fired back today in a, Opening lead-, J
statement pointed in the Con- ANNOUNCE THE SAILING OF THEIR
gresslonal RecordA
S After accusing his critics of VERY MODERN MOTORVESSEL
lnberfering improperly, in h,,
primary race with Cole. hr A sensation was stirred up .
added in last year's Vanderbilt when I A MARINA"
"Perhaps the questions I a team of young college stu-
Taised hit some guilt\ on- dent. won Its way to the final
S etences and they yelled to high round. FOR HAMBURG, MAY 9TH, 1952
heaven. The youngsters were eventual- _______ BOOTS AND HER BDDI
T he two long-time House ly beaten by the world chain- BOOTS AND ER BUDDIES
Mntnber-s are opposing each plonship team (Stayman, Ra-
otber because of a Congresslon- pee, Crawford, Becker. and imIry IlM a Singl Rons .' %O'
ial'redlstricting in which New Sc'henken.. but there was glory LUl$an JoC dl Jnd inllM-AR 0 11 J'0%& GW..t'%l
Yotk state lost two seats In the enough In winrnAg second place. o t w rle S?
fluiae of Representatives. Their Proof that the success of the ARRIVING HAMBURG MAY 21T
old districts were merged youngsters was no accident may ARRIVING HA BURG, MAY 21S. TO M
Ball, who said.he ouli going be seen from one of the hands
to cocktail parties some time; played during the tournament A f B ENT I (f Mt
ago. said he found the voters! by Miss Gloria Turner. of Chica- .. & .
back home seriously disturbedigo. a member of the youthful
* al ut drinking in the nation's team. TELS.: 3-1781 and 2-1065
*m tal. West opened the Jack of
cause he dared raise the spades. and Miss Turner won Ii
question about cocktail parties 'with dummy's king In order to the nine of clubs. Miss Turner ?
in his speech. he added. -"'I was lead a low club at once. East continued by cashing the ace of
properly played low, hoping de- clubs and then led the queen of TAGAROPULOS
ight clarer would go up with the ace. hearts to dummy's ace in order
Mexican Freight M Turner made the per- to lead a fourth clubINDUSTRIES, S.A. *
centage play to finessing the dummy.
Truck Overturnrs In"- d. i ,Phones: -
It was good luck. of course, East took his king of clubs
Injuring Fifteen at ths finesse held. What ol- and returned the king of di-i 1002- 1003 CAP-A# AST
slowed, however. was good man- monds. Now Miss Turner couldi
TUIANCINOO, Mexico. May 5' agement take the ace of diamonds, enter 4041 Pco. oyd Ave .--
(UL,.- Two persons were killed Mi Turner sw tha,. E dummy by leading the nine ofi oln, R P P NEITER TU
nd 15 critically injured when a Turner saw that Easthearts to the ten of hearts, and :o6n. R.T PLAN EP TO 0 NOR
freight truck, loaded with 30 had the rest of he clubs 'which cash dummy's queen of clubs. FRESH MILK CLOSE THE DEAL, sU
3ir-ating workers and families, was actually the case', sheThe ace of spades provided an -a VNi IN-I4TED ON COMING
overturned north of here. would need three side entries to extra trick. FRESH BUTTER
____ '_ dummy in order to bring in four RICH ICE CREAM
rWST A COINCIDENCE club tricks She therefore led If this young team can man- vK'I CH E IC CREAM
WINSTON-SALEM. N C .Up, the Jack of hearts to dummy's age to get to New York for the: Everything
Mrs. M. W. King and Mrs. M :king in order to lead another 1952 contest, keep your eve on: Inspected by the
'W. Clng occupy desks side by side club from dummy. the reports from the tourna-, Health Department.
In the bailness office of the East again played low, hoping meant. It may walk off with the
Forsyth County welfare depart- that Souh's ace was now blank., championship this year. HOME DELIVERY.
Aent. They are not related and declare won a finesse with ii,,i.


A Guest?

Marion Is Offended

Still a Mystery

The Accident

]k 4A64W YEf.. A MAN AID


An liea

.M*-SLEA- __i

I 4-32V "--,m .- "-


New-Any 4eations?




114 1i THE POINT, I
s loo,o iNTRISUS VOL)-

3~ N~3Rikk s'iem~



mt m'TmtWum


-"U.--. ,


*8 MWNv


. -: ^-'*

. with .



, COLo_.)
3TU N.)

.,, .- ,.', ..1 '
A '. ...~. ..-" ..
.". f ."" [ .' "-' :.",."; r t ':
-. P, + .. +-

.&r -

-n a.t..A Amb PUOUT 3DA*t M8NWPAM

Ir w *w Iu ..- I- .1 -

t ^ a take plaia in Anfist. .
I "-

bowl an d Mrs. Viftlam Brooks
eM a1 e0 a te.
sin att r -" PetW r a. 8tamue
ufday evenif wthe a dinner Brown, Mrs. Grace Gravatt. Mrs.
rty then lb oSiye t6 Dr. Nelson Magner, Mrs. A. F. Pate,
6 Mrs. Wayne WldeO r of Nw Mrs. Nathan Ashton, Mrs. Mil-
Itoba.l. dred Pat, Mrs. T Bngle-
r. ad Mrs.t Gilder WWdl bright, d-,ictor May, Jr.. Mrs.
8asa ptoncKo tdmoottf ard tls Maerit Lint to .iMrs. J. Mrs. M. Reccia.
a msTeMnl moth s in M's. i.e R 1. Wlls
ied 4tea. .. Mrs. Ri Mrs. Ruth
ank o., Mr,, and Bers.s ll Mrs. B,
ank to: $4ot p Agd eloin. M. Marion Middle-

oton, Mrs. Charlotte Tully.
---.... Mrs. P., Kaplan,. Mrs. Agnes
enin# C ol Mrt. Bdth Henning. Mrs.
Fort~ri. MM. tot Leeser,
Mrs. Hawkins of Fort a Ray
ick4t tIedat her uar. ~ Mrs.
SWW IW ibrning with & O ladys
ffee aranged In farewell r. th, Mrs.
Mnrs. B a otegh. Mrs. Blma Wanlo. M. ra Bell,
irbesl eith tnd Mrs. Morris Mrs. M. Larrison. Mrs. B. D
Ilktui who will leave the lath- Humphrey. Mrs. Helen Helm,
ts in he near future. Mrs. Catherine DeLap, Mrs. Nell
Twenty guests were invited. Waldron, Mrs. M. Rankin, Mrs.
Lillian O'Hayer. Mrs. R. Hudg-
ft Shower ins Mrs. Gertrude Algaier. Mrs.
r Mrs. WelmeUn Mildred Turner, Mrs. Billie
Mrs. Q. R. Holmelin of New Crump. Mrs. Nora Green, Mrs.
latobal wbo plnas to leave the Floyd Forrest, Mrs. Fred 0'-
hmus In tIIe Mnr future upon Rourke. Mrs. Frances Gilley,
ir huh n .ttret ent, was Mrs. Irma White, Mrs. Ruth
e pe bt or sat a Jutpr*e Bain, Mrs. Ann Pennock, Mrs.
Bd a 0.y Tnursday e'ft Homer McCart,
I at l.'M t Mr. and Mrs. M Norined brennan, Mrs.
ed HuMtq at ot New Cristo- ftta Willumsop, Mrn. F. McKen-
d. e. Mrs. Pearl .shop, Mrs. Ro-
Mrs. luldtluist. Mrs. Muriel berta .ell. Ms. Ithel Leves,
nold and MU.. Jehn Maruard Mrs. Jsephine Marqcard. Mrs.

ng it Worm bE? maafna
Ground floor o the Huldt-
home with pahMf and tro-
Illta.- eM vart colored
.I hfte eanAln allver
raetl a nt e heof

I s shape toodw-

Arnfl m d d Franes Ann Ar-
Kenneth Billing
Feted by 4:15 Club
Keineth B511"g. who plans t,
leave the Isthmus within thi
ninth, w a the .guest of honor a
burtfi party gOven by
meGSy 1 s3r ye"Four-li ee
01W at the Hotel Washingtoz

m included Cpt



Otyaeb Sciety
Walter 0. Pel -s ,
Orchid lorle .
Molds Meeting
The OCd cotst Orchid oieletp
met at the Blockhouse In Gatun
last Thursday night for their te-
ular meeting. In the absence of
the president. Mr. Thomas Lu-
tro conducted the meeting.


I .............................

After the basineps session the 8) Mrs. GOa lud O. It iOi Capt.
program chairman present the John .A NfIuWO,
subject "Insect Control". Joett14 aU anid W t 1 M. Porter
evening's discussion. H. Ma.lo n anl Mr 1Batnuel
Priam of orchid pladta were a- Rowley;4) i. d Mns. Dick-
warded to Mrs. Thoma' Lutro, erbon; 8) Dr Harness and
Mrs. D. 0. Sauernmhan, Miss Dr. George Oeger.
Florence Nlbrooke and Mr. .
E. Orvis. IAWC P*1a0 TaaT- o 4
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. McNamE The Colon Unit p1 the Inter-
were hosts for refreshments. Ainericas Womnen' Club will
Others resent included Mr sponsor a card rt lad tea
and Mrs. T. Phuberg, Lt. and Wednessday. Mf14t, atthe Coco
Mrs. R. 11. rown. Col. B. 0. solo Oft110 01 .
SauerUnah sgt. and Mrs. B. All AUtte laf* 11at-
Harshaw. iqt. an4 Mrs. Allen be welaome. at
Lloyd. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas tend Shou aeiUt t for
Pels, Mrs. E. E. Orvis. Mrs. H. reservations.
i. White. Mrs. Ralph Graham,
Mrs. 3. C. Stelbrits, Mrs. R. G. This will be the beginning of
O'donner, Mrs. B. A. Cox. Capt. the club's canasta tournament.
Stuart Townshend, Mr. B. 8. but friends are iviteo d to attend
Geyer. Mit Dare, Brian McNa- the tea and card party whether
piee, i. B. Seymour R. Orvis, they wish to entit te tfra-
W. J. Wilkinson, Martin 8. Saw- ment or not. Oth card games
yer, Sgt. Clyde Ward and H. E. will be played dli the alter-
Small. Jr. noon. The tourn nt w ttril run
The next meeting will be held for 12 weeks at the'Intet-Ameri-

It's Movietime TONIGHTI


Canal heaters --

BA L A Dwis DAY 6, ium, Druo ms
TI'll Se You In My Orooms

I;I -ar .In 4 r

. .... .s ... "e r...,U IL i .
,,. "CH'rInA sURwmJ' _
GA 4UN wward PnAlIFajWAU




It's beautiful and wasbhthe
,,_ ._ t .

May IlA he ma atig place will
be aa uned later.'

h l.ave for
n -.-else d w ers


m t %d eAlbse sl uOlted.
Wmnbn tat to I'9. games
mieludd: WrthW aO St 1)
Mr. Julius Leb Mr. W. E.
Oibsdlft I) Mir. Mt- .YPasall-
aivue and Mr. ,uu lelr lgadu:

can Club building in Now Crists
T n wn of ts4 oboitoB m
to raise funds for charity, A door
prise will be given and refresh-
ments will be served.
Atlantic Group Attes Srefrity
The Beta chapter of Beta Sig-
ma Phi enjoyed a trip to the Pa-
tile Side Wednesday evnfIg
when they Joinedmembers of the
Alpha chapter at a Founder's D47
Banquet held at the AlbroMk Of-
fleers Club.
Tl1ree Atlantic Side members
took part in the Ritual of the
Jewels cernmonly preceding the
dinner: Mias Mary Jean Wiesen.
Mrs. Betty Lou Hudgins and Miss
Ann Wichner.
Four members of the Beta
chapter took part in the program
during the dinner hour. They
were Mrs. Arden Welch, Mrs.
Kathleen Huffman, Mrs. Violet
Deakins and Mrs. Jean Coffey.
Others who attended from the
Atlantic Side were Mrs. Jean
(Continued on. Page EIX)



The Fight of the Year!
The fight that broke
all indoor attendance
recordsf... The most
bloody fight of .sll


-vs. --

(For the World's Middle-
weight Champilonhlp)
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Panama M OTTA'S Colon

K .-


MH ance spoewored by the DjWIrnent
ot The Canal Zone Reserve O aW o-
cilsn to be held, Saturday r th,

t 1 fa 8
p.m. dil 1i00 a.m.



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She be I.N e MN.. She... Ypung.

on= M A"fl GOIZWW


S4*45, I'9l 5:NM p.M.
IPer you r broadest

Gand y on-

rCOne More"

WAiMAtND, in



.4( -ul



Complete Pris-Winning Numbers In thie Ordinary Drawing No. 1730, Sunday, May 4, 1952
The whole ticket has 44 pieces divided in two series "A" &b "" of 22 pieces each.

First Prize.

Second Prize

Third Prize




prim. Mso

MMI 11m
13iL inI
ageMe 1Ms
URL... MMu
assa 11*8 see


122.U I
112M =

lass. am
ma,.M am
12.M -M




2.N 4M
arns *-

nue am

ilai -
.Mg,* S4U8


132.M 3 "
2.2MLM 43 2
132.w 6
innsO N I4



$ 44,000000

$ 13,200.1

$ 6,600..

Im IHe
14.3 2.2n.M
7538 132M
Tin laSM
sMs 13 "

1U 3L IM L

IM amn M-
3ss IAM. -a
3753 1U.3M M

n IM" S
______ __ _


.- m ....----'------
Derived From Firt Prime --_

with Charles CQIURN -- Wanda HENDRIX

gne ganfir wa toup mf th touh-
se o aN 0'Iu ...

Alm: a la MMto flM .. e,'I l

Joan Crawfowd Dennis ohn Derk, in

AJ q m ( WeTumcller ior
Ray Mlh4d in ^jJohniyWmewsmuiler. in

'** _--^ S ^~


S.M 43 4G4M am

446.* I 2441 I

a.3144 N *uIs.*W
0*S 3"4s 446* M

A..s s atlmins Dived From S"in "frt

S II m I i .A N a I SM. I asm I SA n S I i

Aa-i D ,wwervd Fri. whir Prms

I -

Msa erl

Mx.' su2

aMS --
NII N 134


I I-
I1uis UK

"I -
om WIN
MAf i M


3a MM m -
1 fs"

Pri-wiunau numbers of vestefda Lottery twran were sold: first, senmd and third In
.eb Iu asIw e n ets ets sa ais Ms ts e dw sM am am m uisAD -MW t'
TheI whole ,oW. ba I..- w~Miob cA -a s t A sm-, A
igne r a i s a.s, 'overr _to P ."n..: S a

AMwo oPp sa OICOm Ppill dn a


, F r

00 ", My 5 )-
Sy tr r
ailS 11 Om ilmlsta an
r lq-wlg miitarlstic "Gol
h under arrest would

wh n one youth was ed
and more than 50 persons ina

ly 200 other rioters Were
relied ofter 54-hour quoetl" -
ing about the wild gun bas
between the two groups In Non
of the downtown Palace of Iioe
Arts building, where the "Gold
Ini" Wtook refuge after the
seoong began.
Police said the fighting broke
out after about 150 Gold Shirts"
burned Communist literature
and destroyed placards carried
by Community In the May Day
No charges have been filed
nst Mexico's two ladin
Ofnters, Diego Rivera and David
lfaro uelros, both of whom
police said admitted fighting for
the Communists.
The two artists claimed the
Reds were victims of "a teacher,
ous and cowardly attack."


.A ..

Pkk a Prefly


I -- -- - --. -

" II I Ir

S'. ;

t; Im ... "ft


aum WAAWAW ..- .. -

Sons of the MtRf~ f
i In Techncelor) ,I
Cornel .

T R 0 P f"L


sa n





i ,.

... n-. -1 ., -
in. *.. i

in-.." .~ in in4i V.'
in in ~ ~

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SaloM de Belleza Amwricano
#55 West 12th Street

Carlton Drug Store
10.059 Meleidez Ave.-Phone hob L...un

Agencia Internacional de PUblicaciones Propaganda, S.A.
#3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3159 "'" Street corner Estudiante St.
Phones 2-2214 and 2-2 78

Minimum for 12 words.
Sc. each additional word.

I ______ ---.- ______


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Iew Source Found

For Manganese
NEW YORK. ,UP'-The Amer-
ican steel Industry is keeping its
fingers crossed A new method for
recovering manganese from slag
may make the nation's steel pro-
ducers independent of foreign
,suppliers, according to Steelwavs.
the magazine of the American
'Iron and Steel Institute.
"Before 1949 Russia. for example.
supplied the steel industry with
a third of Its requirements for
manganese, the most Imoortant
alloy In making steel. Tn 1949 the
source was cut off and since then
steel industry officials, with re-
presentatives of the US. Bureau
t Mines, have been experiment-
g at Pittsburgh with a blast
furnace designed to process slag
for manganese.
Says Steelways: "When t hi s
ant closed at the end of 1951
expand Its operations its blast
murnace was producing three and
one half tons of 20 per cent man-
Banese metal a day from nine
Thns of open hearth slag "
* Experiments are conti n u i n g
*Ith the construction of a con-
_erter with four times the capa-
Ity ot the original one.

2948 Chevrolet Sport Coupe.
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Jeanne Beaudry Has

One-Man Art Show

AI Tvol Gallery
A one-man show of paintings
of Jeanne Stauffer Beaudry, ta-
lented young Canal Zone artist
is currently on exhibit in the
Little Gallery of the Hotel Tivoll
after opening yesterday.
The show Is being sponsored bv
the Canal Zone branch. League
of American Pen Women, of
which Mrs. Beaudry is a member.
Although this is her first one-
man show in Panama, her paint-
ings have already received con-
siderable recognition here. In
November, 1951 her oil painting
'Patterns in the Sun" received
first prize of $25 00, donated by
the Elks Club. in the American
Art Week show at the YMCA.
This same painting is now
hanging in the biennial art show
of the National League of Amer-
ican Pen Women In the National
Gallery of Fine Arts, Washing-
ton, D. C.
Two of Mrs. Beaudry's paint-
ings were chosen to hang in the
opening exhibition of the new
National Permanent Gallery of
the National School of Painting
of Panama in the Bellas Artes
Building on Avenida "B" in Pa-
nama. -"-7144r
She won both first and second
place awards went In the recent
iennial art show of the Canal
Zone Pen Women, for the paint-
ings "Limestone Farm" and "Le-
hi h Val-ey."
Ers. Beaudry presented a one-
man show at the Allentown, Pa
Art Museum and participated in
a three-man show at Lehigh
University, Bethlehem, Pa. In
New York City her paintings
have been exhibited at the Na-
tional Art Club.

Since coming to the Canal
Z7.i In JTl. 195E with hmar hit.-i

Clara. =- ',. c= P,.w
Ponome .1r71. CrmtbmA *S.17
Gramfich's Santa Clara beach-
cottages. Electric Ice boxes, gas
stoves, moderate rates. Telephone
6-441 or 4-567.

Real. Estate

COTTAGES. Santo Clara, Landscaped
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once. 826-A Empire St. Monday
thru Thursday.
FOR SALE:-Cottage, furnished. E
Volcon. Available July. Detail
call W. Brown. Blboa 3727.

Modern turnmlished unfurnished apart-
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toct office 8061. 10th Street. New
Cristobol, telethem i1386 Colon.
FOR RENT:-Modern, new, two and
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22. 34th Street, Exposition. Tele-
phone 3-1773.
i FOR RENT; Apartment, 3 bed-
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age. Calle Colombia No. 3, call
3-1875 Panamo.
FOR RENT. Completely furnished
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Telephone 3-0190 after 5:30.
FOR RENT. Vacation quarters.
House 1460-C, Los Cruces St.
Phone Balboa 2-2434.
FOR RENT-Furnished modern apart-
ment, in Bella Vista, for respect-
able couple. Rented for three
months, from June 1 5 on All mo-
dern household conveniences. Rea-
sonable price. Call Mrs. Monzon
Tel 3-0766 or 2-3438. Panama

Four Pokemen

Wakhu "n

WHfe In Bck

NORRIS, Tenn., May (1UP)
-A hail of police bullets killed
Charles W. Allen, 38, here to-
day after four officers and hor-
rified neighbors watched him
shoot down his wife with an au-
tomatic rifle.
Henderson County sheriff
Bernard Vandergriff said the
four policemen opened fire on
Allen when he Ignored their
pleas and shot Mrs. Libbey Allen,
30, in the back.
"I must have gone crazy"
Allen told police before he died,
according to Vandergriff.
The sheriff said Allen, a for-
mer worker at Oak Ridge and
Norris dam, died in Mrs. Allen's
front yard a few minutes after
he was hit by three bullets. Mrs.
Allen was in serlouS condition
at St. Mary's hospital.
Vandergrlff said Allen, who
was divorced from his wife a-
bout four months ago, apparent-
ly hid in the bushes outside
Mrs. AlIen's home and surprised
her as she and two neighbors
returned frorn. q party.
He said Allen. using a .22
caliber automatic rifle, shot a
flashlight out of the hand of
one of the neighbors and then
cornered Mrs. Allen In the yard
and made her sit down.
Four policemen, who quickly
answered the call of other
Neighbors disturbed by the In-
cident, said they found Allen on
the yard holding his wife at
Vandergrliff said the officer
tried to approach Allen and he
told them "don't come any closer
or "I'll shoot my wife."
When the policemen started to
advance, according to Vander-
griff, Allen fired five wild shots
at the officers and Mrs. Alien
got up and started running.
"Allen whirled around and
shot her twice in the back."
Vandergriff said. "And then the
boys opened up on him."

Jehovah's Whesses

jonellf U *, ,iUi WJ il eACr AUs
band. Lt. Col. Stephen J. Beaudry, .J T ..ft M
who is profesonal training o-eDay
ficer at Gorgas Hospital, an her
two sons, Stephen, Jr. and Jef-
frey, Mrs. Beaudry has taken an A three-day assembly of Je-
active interest in the Canal Zone hnvah's Witnesses was cltmax-
Art League and in the Canal ed last night at the Pacific
Zone branch of the National Club House by a talk "Becur-
League of American Pen Women. Ity in a Troubled World" by
She was recently elected first T. H. Siebenlist, special re-
vice-president of the Canal Zon- presentative of the Watch towr
branch and made chairman of Society.
the Little Gallery. Security, he said is to be
found only under the theo-
The public, both of the Canal critic government of Jehovah.
Zone and the Republic of Pana- Mrs. and Mrs. Slebenlist wil
ma, is cordialy invited to attend leave for Colombia tomorrow*
Mrs. Beaudry's exhibit which will moaning.
be displayed through May 1.L

Praselor am-,M Chev-
rolet -4der Steam Sbdlal.
as paymeMl. Per sls at
Smest y Ime... 5&. A.
NO th St, Cetel a6Cali%
sIng agI,

Sargain. 1M94 OlN
dea Sedan. new
semt eem
gim Beed co"
a 9 M m~l~i

Don't be a
"Bathroom Jiggler"
Install an "ALERT"
Flush Guide Valve.

ance of dripping toilets
As reported by Readers Digest
"ALERT" never falls.

I 2 2SCentral Ave. Tel. 3-0140

Tel 3-1713
#22 E 29th St.

Hotel El PanamA
Fuerza y Luz (preferred)
Fuerza y Lu (common)
PanamA Trust Co.
Aceite Urraca and Brewery
Tel. 3-4719 -.165

Slpeover Reaunioltery
nan ih a sOW-ROOMi
Albert Bem
Sr eiften.Tli (AfeoweiMnw)
rr -Rutlmme Flfc-1 A Delviw
rel "-4aS A."M a.. e 1l i

7th St. Justo Aroemena
Ave. Col6n TeL 457

Trasp'ts Baxter. S. A
Shipping, moving, storage.
We pack and crate or move
anything. 'Phone 2-2451,
2-2562, Panami.

For the best values in both
new and reconditioned fur-
41 Automobile Row
TML. 3-4911

i -

Imain-.B-I BWok Road-
le -4or Sdan, with
raodi, a mt-Ulihts, very
e, merated, xelent
coditIn, low mieae, for
al at Smeot y Hnnictt
A, it St. Central, Co

Fawr Klls Seon

AMWt To k Sol

NowU H.plbl
BELFABT, Maine, May 5 (UP,;
Charles M. Collins, a 67-year.'
old poultry farmer shot and kill-
ed his mentally deficient SO-
year-old sm Robert, here yes.
terday in what authorities de-
scribed as a "mercy killing" to
prevent his return to a mental
Deputy Sheriff Erlon Payson.
said Ceins called up and said
he killed his sonm.
Paypom aid police found Ro-
bert body lying on the living-
rooi floor of his father'S house.
He hlo been shot in the back
of Up head apparently while
llte $ t the radio.
C taarney HUI D. Buz-
sell tt was a mercy kill-
ng eUlU would hbe ar-
raigmen a maudte charge,
proa today.
uiuO Mead that COtlins' son
Charle Jr. wa at the shAriff'
off aFing oue t paErs to re-
comaMit Mobert to ae AA r
State Eptall before bles father

nsm sEM

Lvel Says R Tussian AAil

Remains Greater Than A"mernat

WASeIMTON, May 5 (UP) -
Def$ua Breta aert A. Lo-
vett a Congress that
Russai a tit- Lft moe akMia
than the nIste a ttes because
of a "full three ears" bead-s rt
in the mnlltary production face.
Lovett's testimony was given to
the Senate Foreign Relations
committee in secret on March 19
and made public today on the
eve of the scheduled start of
Senate debate on the $8.000,000,-
000 foreign military and econo-
mic aid bill.
The committee already has
slashed the bill $1,000,000,000 be-
low President Truman's original
request and some critics of the
program will try to cut it aj
much as $1,000,000,000 more.
Administration supp o r t e r s
hope to prevent any further
drastic reductions.
In addition to Lovett's testi-
mony. the committee made pub-
lic a statement by Gen. Alfred M.
Gruentber that Gen. Dwight D.
Eisenhower's headquarters be-
lieves Russia will find it "abso-
lutely impossible" to attack it
Western Europe continues re-
arming with American aid.
Oruenther toM-the committee
behind closed doors on March 24
-five days after Lovett testified
-that war is neither imminent
nor Inevitable.
speaking for Eisenhower and
his Western European military
aides, he said:
"We think that as we build up
strength, we will make war abso-
lutely impossible for the Soviets.
because the pain. the travail and
the losses they will Rgo through
will make an aprcressive attack
absolutely out of the question."

Lovett was explaining how
much longer it takes to produce
complicated new weapons when
Sen. H. Alexander Smith (R-N.
J.) broke in to ask in view of thin
why it was that the Russians ate
"so much ahead of us in produc-
"The Russians never let down
at the end of the war." the De-
fense Secretary replied.
"They took the German tech-
niclans and put them in and
kept their plants going, so they
have a full three-years of head
start on us."
"It is true then. that they are
ahead of us?" Smith persisted.
"Yes sir, they are ahead of us
in the monthly rate of produc-
tion," Lovett said.
Since the Defense Secretary
testified, the House has voted to
clamp a $48,000M.O0.000 ceiling on
military spending during the 12
monte st 1.
argue this would delay delveries
of planes, tanks and other heavy
The committee's across-the-
board reduction, averaging about
12.66 per cent left $8,620,317,000
for direct military aid to Europe
and $102,5892000 for defense
support, fuel and raw materials
to support europe's own arms
The bill would allot $529,614.-
000 in military aid to the Near
East and Africa, plus $4 .038.000
for technical assistance to that
Asia and the Pacific would get
$533,8600 in military aid and
$358.354,000 in economic assist-
There would be smaller sums
for aid to Latin America and
120,962,00 for the United Nations
International Children's Zmer-
gency Fund.

Soviet Paper Says
Stalin Russia's
Best-Read Author

MOSCOW, UMay s (UP) -
The government newspaper Iz-
vestia maintlinfd today that
Soviet newspapers have a total
circulatlci at kM,OOO, that
Soviet Premie bf Stalin ti
the nation's best-read author
and that Mosoew University it
graduating Its first class In
Its reports came on the eve
of the celebration today of
National Pree Day, marking
the 40th analveary of the
founding o the Coamunist
Party newspaper Pravda, whose
first editor, btan, described
the press as the party's stron-
est, sharpest weapon.

Atlantic Society...
(CMetlmue Fen Pae FIE)
Judge, Mrs. Marie Moecaritole
and Mrs. Beverly BRrger.
CrbltbaCl uab ears
The members et the old and
new boands of the Cristobal Wo-
man's Cab a aurd to be pres-
ent at t NeOaW' meeting to-
mrrOw t* ur at M. at the
Redl CNa liM ta i old a -
C.anmia m EM swgMerw
Mr. mll H. leaes F. Cran-
dall of Oo000- ai mMneO the
birth of a %dte, Candlne s1.
at the Naval taI' m.

The (Crtie's Corer



fRA u MAY 1)
Have yetou always dreamed
of a vacation In urope?
Sensational new "Air Tour.
ist" rates are making that >
dream a reality for -thou-
sands, and they can for
youl Round-trip plane fare
to Zurope Is now only

$41TAL This year take your
Solid abrsild. a us ar-
SEE US TODAY advnm tmmw taum
hotl ammtiyn itfunBsth
rv ~ ~ =CLM = r** KA^ g. e]e.we =aok
no charge for our servia.,
areass Based om New York.

-N .. Tels.t
"L" ma pst 2-3000



inin.t4.~in in ~ in in in -.- .4.--.-"in ~ -. -

.'...-i -.l .u in. .
is., _" -T, .> *.i.'i ,; ,-:

a. ?sT

'5N5M~_A~S~*~AN Mt


r C

~. I
I: I
in I

* in.
in I

Itmeth 4-de4 r SO-
Mg., weat eevere.
44g0, r se at meet

Qsuin. I2nLhm.



An example of art applied to daily liv s a
modern playground equipment for army c=Ulren. ri
this progressive thinking goes to the US Armta
approving the idea from its Special Service. fen .
a fallacy to regard art as an isolated thing. it not.
Sconstant part of living. We are always subjeted
that require taste, sense of order, evaluton i &T
and desires, such as: the selection of a coifu, a
tie, a new car, a color for an office wall or the ta
toy for a child. Therefore, it stands to reafon th af
thetic understanding of art principles as well a its
use is necessary for a vital well-being. Since play Is an
tant part of child activity the playground aswel
is a serious integration of his experiences. The
ture about the army playground Is the modern e ptB
which it Is based. Ths new type play equipment pi
the principles of abstraction, one of the movement of
To understand this new project, let us look Into the ma
of abstraction.. .its definition and its uses. From a format
of view, the art of abstraction is the extreme opposite of
turalism. It stresses the abstract (the universal)E InMed of
concrete (the particular). It Is free invention of desiga
graphic or plastic medium that is entirely non-representatk
al. Abstraction involves composition (a& in musie) which
their Imitates nor suggests objective forms. It is aid Wat th
Is no more reason why painting and sculpture should
upon depletion or suggestion of natural objects than. their
for music to depend upon likeness to natural sound. One
look at an abstract sculpture and see a lump 9f te wI
bumft here, a hole there, and a protrusion on top.
apparent that whatever value is has, it must be found wl
fferent esthetic order. It is upon this order that the
equipment is based. Astract sculpture best illustrates th i
ferent appreciation. It is appreciation for pure utadultera
form, relationships of masses, beauty of texture, beauty ol ma
rial, proportion, kinetic balance, color, surface, and mood if
sculptor so desires. This movement was developed aboutI 1
In most cases abstraction was based on geometry or co
tion. Those based on geometry were graphic compositions
geometric designs. Those based on construction were act
ullding of plastic forms. Poet Mondrian Dutch abetrietld
reduced his paintings to geometric patterns of prei
balance. This kind of painting influenced modern amchtc
design, typography and even linoleum and fabric p t. ta
traction tis b s also of many other things in our l lifef
sides architecture. It directed contemporary industl-d e
We have streamlined. domestic appliances, modern furml
streamlined atr and land crafts and modern kitchen and
nor ware. Le Corbusier' French architect and painter, say
follows function. When an art concept is reduced to this.,i
form and function also become essentials, relt.. abs
Hot do these principles apply to playtgrouad equilmentt
is simple when you reahle It. Let us study the d first
cators and child Psychologists are putting Inereaosd em
on supplying a childs immediate needs rather gha giving
satisfactions aimed toward fulfilling his future adult neeel
The controllable area of time Is the present, pot the future
future is largely dependent on what happens i the present.
young child hat no special ation. It has npt lived iand
enced enough to know objects and form aha h
are sensory creatures who must use thel rb
culties to acquaint theti with theg,
body arms, fingers, toes. etc. t Tla..
takt' defines this best. It meanifee tI
entire body, complete participation oft 6
sensory s well as muscular partlolpato.
slip and slide over objects. Jay on. thi n a o
ap oA aorm, rub their. agait a a A
inl' h mou u oth. 5
Inquisitive and imaginative ini ye ao "
are fMcin by the unlimited p Mulbiles m
tlon of the abstract.
Though modern sculptors, palntps ad.&reMiectsa & ft .
the designers of new play form, tey have not m -id-nge:
be the only ones. Community labor has presided the
thing, perhaps more representatlenally but s 111.fadatudna
satisfying. Skandinavian countries have been foremost SA
formal sense, in building these sculptural t ans. g
success has been without comparison in that mleld:
understanding of children and Imagination are the
sible effective factors for success, no necessarily exp e m
terial. The benefits are many. It is the maet directly n
ing play-arrangement ever done for children. It is maer
and constructively cheaper. It can be designed as a corap
movable unit It reduces supervision, cuts, grulies ad i
poly of play by older groups.
Pew are aware that we have a modestly equipped plav ay
of this kind rtght in our midst. This unique creation is
ed at the Post Home VFW. Post No. 3822 on Curundu Rbad.
C. A. Wilson, member of that organization, is responsible for
The units are somewhat static in form but more Iapesmant,
the fact that it is an excellent and intelligent app
the same fundamenals from modern art. flrst hand obser
tion there of play has again proven Its unquestlonul ab l
The play form constat of a large cyltnder tor crawUng
a pile of logs and an abstract eqmposition of walls. H
projects in the United States are rapidly tagnatio g tis
of play units. In Norway, they utotiplite w lkblnt
free logs arranged into an Interesting construction. fe
Time magazines have featured "play sculptures." ThA m
publicized one was an Easterr egg" form full of exciting hi
smooth surfaces and contour slides within nooks a=d
A sculptor designed It originally for his little girl.
Beginning May 1. the Canal Zone DivlSlon of School
open an art exhibit of elementary levels. Tls makes It an
cellent opportunity to see the subject of this artile not n
Ir the VFW play-equipment (the plastic interpretation) outa
in the art (the graphic interpretation) produced in an t
and controlled situation. Do make an effort to ee both, M
details and information on this art how will nlw ait a Li&

Now "AIR TOURIST" rates

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{$rot the I mot or r thgsuar__ l., B D, C. Wh t Yankee. AtMetla sad Bed
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Plastic HA..... 195n o d to an eay victory. The l o a l
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'from hi.P. pick 1 om *, .ii :. -121 U. 4UKelly and -00 1 00-L e at the GrahlSu amt won from Jim r

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'nd G a- ame_
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I$ believed to be the first on.Wahrno veinflo wt'hvea
the history of th -leagueI inrLa dth1-aT hr

three saioer.-to report for Walker.. 145''195 161 4906 u2fl e Loke--woEk
P0oshloHANDBAGS22...000... 5I-Ptquts021 $20,, -.P. o n
co mpetition. ..Waltin" Cain Handicap. d 10'109 109TODAY'S GAMES Trott- YO 2 1 H1Na- T O- W Nll A x "hS e to-i.2 five btt
-so ee ie, ,for the-A.;ohnson I I .50Q r ad Vic.-Cra l $3.0.

Cleveland. 101 020 500-.-9103w ileth ls wersWer collectliag V.0I
ail Boston iO 00- .o S I including ute You'll e6 joy Seagrm's V.O.
a n ranyoetherart, J ones g-a ha Colon and Sprin c. w -
McDermott (14tlokBrick.Ot fr bi first win, wood thtit it i yea old! Hoaoured
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-n~lj d "W, aftdG.Sinclair each connected 4 is the Aint, cnt t ; U. &
iagW hWt lbas many times at bat whky you have ever enjoyed.
I S Try kt... i Aed ar. Cornm in today and make arrangemts for mabkal 'I
The undefeated Euitors made Mh. bps auvry amer and moyel muss.
ItpI t en a made whln .good Ots bpdal lle de"ry, oolorT NT and model of r s
-IbJ U S tin up 11 runs e rm s ..
-. r -' "f S j Sa oV M an Oxttored hits, --"
EmmiU Palogaeng- sdd. ,eSda.d-l the winner, A.Davis was td V
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^ : .... tlo_, Au -a e ,-- -......... entiretie distance.
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SHINGTON, May 5 (UP)r "Let the people know the truth and the couHtrry Is wt" Abraham Lincoln.
-G0en. Ho t S, Vanderberg dis- ,- baamLnon
closed today3 that the Strategic .. "* ..
Air Command will be equipped TWENTY-SEVENTH YEAR PANAMA, R. P., MONDAY, MAY- l, t18B FIVE CENTS
with elusive new long- range
fighter-bombers capable of de-
livering atomic bombs against
*i key targets deep in an enemy's
is dchinte rnmyI Pushing Prof Produces
Because of their greater 0 u si P oP r
better maneuverability and
smaller size, such fighter-
bombers will be harder to de-
c teet and intercept than strate- U F H a en
gile medium and heavy bomb- i B
ead icSt mach UpsetForHasBeeans__
The air Chief of Staff told the ,to_ _
United Press in an interview
that the new fighter-bombers BOSTON, May 5 (UP) AIfected in pill form, he said, "the, eating is never. replaced," aa ,ich has been serving seafood
would be an important adjunct college president who thinks the ground will be cut from under Chico, head waited. shice 1826. th ti l Ia d artC
to strategic air power. world will be better off when the greedy." Manager Angelo Buonacasa of "They're doing so much," pro- M aV e LaUnW res
But he emphasized that me-would people eat food pills Instead of Food fancying Bostonians were the Coliseum, t a eca for Italianprietor Lawrence Greaves said of
dcotInue as the str gie Ai lporterh house steaks produced a aghast. food fanciers, was irate at thesclentists, "I believe they actually Nam d Ou andin
Command's major planes, gastronomical upset today among Nothing, they declared, Will re- thought of customers poppingcould." n w I
nr the m rpseeable future, clam and codfish conscious Bos- place the Boston baked bean or pills in their mouths Instead of "If the world didn't have to .
we will need both the medium tonians, the codfish cake. winding fards of spaghetti oneat, then they wouldn't have to 12 A Mothe
and heavy bombers in the num! Dr. Robert F. Chandler, It., A pill followed with a water their forks. work, either," he observed.
bers called for in the 143-wing, president of the University of chaser won't ever appeal to gour- "A pill can never be to a Greaves emphatically denied
program," Vandenberg said. New Hampshire, created quite mets who like their lobster mes- hungry man what a plma s," that pills could ever be steam- PObt'IAND, Me., May 5 (UP)
"Only medium and heavy a stew when he declared at the sy, either, they said. Buonatca sa mi. "Or lmsagna. ed like clams or dipped in but- A widowed Chinese-born laun-
bombers, with their multi-place weekend that peace will be Beacon Hill chowder socie- There Is nothing to compare ter, like lobsters, dry woman held the title of
crews and their intricate elec- easier to achieve and keep ties, Back Day bean boosters with that. And they want to at "I'll stick to food," he said. "Aerican Mther for 1952 to-
tronic equipment, can guarantee when the hungry are fed blue- and lunch counter sandwich pills. Several housewives, weary of dayj but she gave her eight chil-
delivery of the atomic bomb in- plate tablet dinners or pills on munchers banded, together to "When yey can wrap a pill working and slaving over hot droin all the credit for her suc-
to a highly defended area. the half capsule in place of voice opposition to Chandler's around your fork like spaghet- stoves all day, said the meal4-n- ec a ful said
"T h e strategic fighter- food. gastronomic faux pas. ti, then Ill take a look." a-mouthful idea had its points m wfully gather laundrs.
bombers will not be able to Chandler told the region- A note of alatri was soundedhowever. Toy Len Goon, at her lunry
tiarry the largest and most al convention of Beta Theta Phi Jack 0. Solomon, co-owner of hereme very happy.
powerful atomic bombs, and fraternity that one of the main Jack and Marion's delicatessen, itmakes me ery appy.
the intercontinental bombers reasons for war is the problem of looked fondly at a dill pickle In Great honor. Happy to be bless-
*-such as the B-36, B-52 and an overpopulated country seek- also from the Union oyster house, | I s ed with eight fine children.
3-60 also are a necessary ing new food sources., his showcase and grumbled that J iAI 1 1 Mrs. Goon, 57, a native of
fce-in-the-hole' in case for- When synthetic food is per- no pill could taste half as good. Canton, China, has had no for-
eign rases should be lost." "It's razy," he said. "Everybo- Ma education and speaks Eng-
One of the first strategic dy would be thin. I'd go out of lIsh haltingly.
fighter-bombers to be tried out in business.'" OnBut she has encouraged her
Wlhber b e o XF101 which was Young ifanirymanN o h T children to go to college, and
Ordered recently from McDon- And, he added, what would shouldered added burdens of
r Aircraft Corp., St. Louis, happen to his famous "skyscrap- MONTREAL,. May 5 (UP) near Montreal's "Back River," work so they might be free to
SAircraft orp., uis er" sandwich, a mountainous Hundreds of prisoners at Mn- Rivere de Prairies about eight study. Her-oldest, Carroll, 29.
Vandenberg said that the six-inch morsel he regularly slaps treal's Bordeaux Jail rioted yes- miles from the heart of the city. a doctor In Salt Lake City,
XF-101 and other similar new WiR M a Htogether for bja customers. terday and seized five guards as Dr. Zenon Lesage, governor of Utah,
S laries will be tested at the Air W i IVIa H "Pills would take all the fun hostages and set fire to the the jail, refused comment on the Mrs.- Goon was chosen No. 1
Force's Elgin, Fla., proving out of eating," Solomon said. chapel, riot, which came at a time when mother by the national jury of
Ground and by the Strategic Air WASHINGTON. May 5 (UP) The owners of Locke-Ober's, More than 1,000 policemen, the staff was reduced because of the American Mothers Commit-
Command before a decision is -The Army today awarded the one of Boston's most famous firemen and soldiers were rush- the weekend. tee M New York after being
made on which will be- put into Medal of Honor to Opl. Jerry K. lobster dispensaries, were indig- ed to halt the riot with fire hos* The riot came ten days after named Maine's mother of the
S operation. Crump, Forest City, N. C., who nant at the thought of serving es, tear gas and machineguns. prisoners at the Southern Michi- yearr-
S. twin-jet plane, the XF-101 smothered an exploding hand little pink pills for appetizers Early reports said one convict gan prison at Jackson ended Her name Poritgnaly as e-
was, designed for long-range grenade with his body to save with their dry martinis. was taken from the prison: in-A A eir mutiny. and Profesional-Women's Club,
ilasions and to perform best at several comrades and miracu- "The pill gives you the nutri- ambulance and that one gaard Batlier, the New Jersey tatte rwhtl said Mri. Ooon had been
high altitudes. It can be re- lously survived his self-acri- tional value, but the pleasure of suffered a slashed face In- the prison at Trenton and the prison retarded hiBhly in the com-'
tueled In flight. ficing deed. fighting. farm at Rahway were the bcenei munity for 38 years.
Vandenberg said these are The 1-year-old infantryman, W The riot began when up to 500 of convict riots. She ca here aa young
essential characteristics for a son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. of Bordeaux's prisoners started Hostages were held ir the New brie, anher husband, DoGa
S tategl fighter-bomber. Crump, Forest City,, now is at- 1i fighting with guards in the din- Jersey and Michigan demohttrk- opened a laundry.
e said such planes also must tidned at CAmp 'Ruker, Ala. I g hall. The mutineers then tions, which were staged in pro- He serve" W. World IW
bave high-performance automa- No date was set for presenta- i broke Into the center sellbolck, test against prison conditions,. and had aleg amputated7t
tic pilots and special radar tion of the nation's highest 'I where they set fire to the tele- The Bordeaux Jail accohomo- hs discharge. At his dea 12t
lutpment for navigation and award for bravery but Prl-- a phone switchboard. dates about 1,400 prisoners. All years ago, she was left to raise
bombing. dent Truman usually awards | DUfiB C Then they set the torch to the have been sentenced to terms of and educate the children alone.
He pointed out that flying a the medal at White House c- chapel, whereSunday serve two ears or less. As the children grew old
strategic fighter-bomber will be "Tyre mostly drunkards or enough, they helped her at the
&.most exacting one-man job Capt. William T. Lyons, Ha- NEW DELI, May 5 (UP) adbeeneld only a few hours sh re mos drunrds or "a u h, they helped her at the
barerand actingon as meeilt n Y., who wtnessed tched unbattlein -The rioters broke Into the can detective said. Mrs. Goon ha notime to
flight of five to 10 hours, or soldier's action in covering the the streets of he betan captal teen an looted It'. t helfouationjurydidnot holdt
perhaps longer. grenade capped a series of he- of Lhas with angry Tibetans Every available policeman and yards Of Erin it agit her.", found
rolc eploits near Chorwon, Ko- demanding the expulsion of the fireman was sent to the Institu- she "willingly took over the
rea, last Sept. 7 o. h e sd tid reports reaching p onand f soldier s Make BirdiesSing children's duties to free them
Sti rlA nA Crump's unit, part of the 3rd ee saequpped with tear gas and ma- for participation."
Liber tI e U1110H1 1Infantry Division, was under Press reports which also ap- chineguns were ordered to duty Over Italian Cop She managed to by war bonds
-attack by an overwhelming peared in Calcutta said bands of at the prison. Ita M) or the youngsters with money
DS e fmanIs F Communist force. Tibetans surrounded the home of Fifteen fire engines rushed to NAPLES, Italy, May 5 (UP)) she a e
AgdU- D ndn rEK Cm rump and a small group of cabinet minister Swang Ngahou, the pron and poured streams Fourteen British same All ha received good educa-
wTA INGTON, May 5 ( The American Civil Liberties Un- pied a defensive position on a treaty under whh ommunist the rioters, incge St. Paticks's Day on Richard, owns a Lynn,
Ion today urged Congressional hillnear Chorwon. troops occupied thecountry. Ne 1 curiosity seekers man with a guitar were to be Mass. television store.
approval of two bills to establish At about 11 p. m., a small The Tibetans demanded that ammed the area around the trted tomorrow. Edward, 2, is a graduate o
a Fair Employment Practices enemy group attacked an d Ngabou begin action to clear the building and traffic wa halted Police sd the seamen, most- Machusett Institute of Tech-
Commission with enforcement Crump forced the Reds to make country of Chinese because of the at the three main entrance gate y Irishmen, were wandering a- nology. He s teaching and
powers. a hasty withdrawal by throw- general distress of the population t the 0-foot fence thatsr- bout strumming the guitar and woRensselaer Pol dtorechnc In-
S "Congress has an obligation to Ing hand grenades, and the famine conditions which in the 30-foo fence that r singing when inhabitants ob- at Reni eeer Polytechnic In-
Insure that all citizens should have grown since the Red Army rounds the jail. Ejected. A fight started and it statute.
have equal rights In employment About four hours later, there seized large stocks of food to feed The riot followed a wave of took 60 police to stop the sing- Albert, 24, is an accounting
in interstate commerce," the un-' was another attack and in an- their troops. five major prison mutinies in the ing and carry the visitors off student at Boston University
lon said. i other three hours the enemy United States. to all and will graduate In June.
"This principle should apply to threw the entire weight of its The Tibetans began throwing Passageways from the chapel th 'trial was postponed in- Josephine,' 32, Ia working for
employers and associations of force, more than a battalion, stones and the Chinese opened lead to all the cell blocks in the definitely while the injured the government in Washington.
workers alike so that the protec-' into the sector where Crump's fire, the reports said. massive, beige-col or ed brick policeman, the prosecution's Arthur, 20, is in the Navy, at-
tion of Federal law may be ex-, position was located. The natives returned the fire building, and the mutinous con- key witness, recovered from his tending the 1. 8. Naval School
the basndedts of men's ability regard-Ik Lyons said Crump time and and the gun battle f Ila red victs were believed to be making injuries. His throat was badly in Washington.
thebsis of e n elit a gain fired his rifle at point throughout the capital with each their stand in a cellblock just off cut by the guitar strings. The youngest, Doris, 18, ana
less of race and religion. side suffering an unkonwn num- the chapel. Janet, 15, are at home.
"Federal law alone can fix blank range into the onrushing ber of Injuries. Doris is working in the laun-
fair standards for the nation." enemy troops and twice rose The Communists rushed in re- Smoke from the chapel fire Trend Reversed Dori working in the lan-
from his foxhole to charge inforcements and the battle end- spiraled upward from its dome. MABILLON, 0. (UP, The dry to earn enough money to
them with his bayonet. Four ed swiftly The prison Is built in the shape price of a bus ticket dropped in- attend a secretarial school. Janet
times he left shelter to bring in New Del hi reports said the of a five-pointed star. The five stead of going up. The city coun- is a high school student...
Mack Sennett wounded comrades. Chinese alerted the entire Lhasa wings radiate from a central cil lowered the fare from 13 to Mr" o n will be honoredas
F Finally an enemy grenade garrison following the clash and court yard. 10 cents on the ground the re- the foremost her at ln
OKs Bikinis fell into the hole. began searching for leaders of Built before the turn of the cent three-cent raise was too eon at New York Waldorf-
Lyons said that Crump, who the revolt. century. the prison is located much. Astoria H next Frhosaiday. the
CANNES, France. May 5 'UP> easily could have escaped with- knew all the time she would
Mack Sennett. famed film di- out injury, dropped on the win aned another clebra
rector of silent movie days. said grenade and smothered the ex- twn on Mother' Day, May 11.
today that the current French plosion with his body to save i o oh_ D__1
"Bikini cuties are great" but the wounded men around him. ly I ivI _________iP i
no greater than his less-exposed: After the battle, Lyon said,
troupe of "bathlng beauties" or Crump refused medical assis- W T n
19 vears ago. i tance and evacuation until hisI .
The white-haIred movie veter-, wounded comrades were treat- i
g beaut" set movd audiencesIQuarters Problem By Merging
gping In the 20's. Inspected the enemy dead were counted To W dnesd
scantily-clad Riviera ba t h ing around Crump's position. SAN FRANCISCO, May 5 (CUP) creation center In an area of become Christians," Pastor To
beauties today, and came away Crump s rerolsm. said the young -A Negro congregation with the city where many Negro l Hlawes says." "If people become
S Impressed the Purple Heart with one Oak cramped quarters and a White live. Two years later he con- really Christians-then, I feel. Funeral yS for William
"It's hard to stop looking at Leaf Cluster for action, in Ko- Presbyterian parish whose plan- secrated the building as Hope racial problems will solve them- T. hoffman of ar i'ta, Cr15-
them," said Bennett. rea. eers built a church much too Presbyterian Church. seles." tebl S 5nx'eau drafts-
large for the present 50 mem- Almost immediately he had Both the white parishioners Tmur lhe Wedn
Users solved their problems yes- space problems, finding his of Westminster and its new Tuday a ill i Colon Wo-
ad terday. house too small for the congre- Negro parishloners from Hope daat ap Colon o-
5 l ep it nM The Westminster church, built gation. Westminster Church was Chur'h voted 100 per cent for p Tle will be conduct-
Sa He ati In 1867 In a fashionable section having other problems. Services the msr ed Se Balboa B P
S The .miI f of Ban Francisco, has a new were ing held In a small "Thia thing has brought a 1. lep No. a1l .
-' RU I. I Ipastor. Negro Minister Wesley chapel adjoining the church new 1le into the church," said 0 ui .. 1
SAlways keep L. Hawes, and has doubled its and even the chapel was seldom one iMlte-aged woman, a long- -.
K *I a e congregation by taking into filled. To add to that, the pastor time amber of the Westmins-
ES- -kSal Hepanca membership the Rev. Hawes en- left for another assignment, ter gartah. Yale M*M Ta Mer
on hand for tire flock from Hope church. The hew. Hawes' new parish l --
gentle, speedy '. I "From now on we hope to be The Rev. Pyron McMillen, as- has' bat cited ma an example
S relief when conlddqred simply an all-Chris- societe general presbyter of San for the Christian. of the Unit- AU m
headache and Uan congregation," Pastor Prancisco, told what happened ed Stalm and a demonstration i -
,- -healuggishnMs Hawes. a slim, scholarly man. next: to the Co-muli~ta of real de- L T4
Isreggishateim said. The 25-year-old Negro "The people from the two macracy. The qunet acetic pas-
your day minister has a white assistant, churches met and discussed tor saMid t is od answer to a Yale mue'tuluaU In Panama
a he Rev. Orville E. Chadsey, 27. their mutual problems. prayer." and the Canmi ane will inet
-,- I.- The merger of the two par- "Because they had a problem "At a time like this, when tomorrow at i:3 pa. for a
-1 *,. isnhes is the first union of its they leaped barriers which or- our lamscrwy is being rmidlculed luncheon at tih Ho el Pa-
k' nd in the West, according toldinarily are not leaped. frab withbl and wtbhoaut, our nama to found a Tale Club
A AmonUCT of I church authorities. "They were ordinary people, new ebu'h is tSIitble evidence of Panama.
.--- BigOlMYIfE ... In 1947 the Rev. Hawes started getting together of necessity In that Ot wq o Ife is good. I All thmn who havew attended
--B^K 9j^ wlth a small house which he a very Christian way." It IWM|IWW ip I gpwool0/," L.ala, at. Jetat sau
...- ducti dMa Ama galf *- "M tamk Is to hebip people U u d..jn si.. I-, a ae ,'

-. ~ ----,- ,
I~- -- Ii..?'

.> ^'....

- t- ~*.,,.

Il-fated ear, after the er&g

Ft. Ciaytoa Warrant Offku

Kille In highway Smath
John B, ,anleley, a warrant of- niely came up oh .. .
ficer assigned to Ft. Claytoh, was truck and swerved to
killed Insantly Saturday night center of the rd t6o la
when his 1147 Buick struck a avoid crashing into It.
traller-truck loaded with cement The accident o oi'd at
parked on the Trans-Isthmian m. one mile north' t Of 1
highway. Roosevelt and Ma tiOa ig
Joaqu.1 S1m*nez Morales, driver Junction.
of the trailer-truck, told police
he was repairing two tires when Danlely was trav ling to
the Danlely car rammed into the Panama at the til,
back cornr- of the truck, bounced He was 0s 1 to Co
off. turned over twice and wound D, Fort C0tV thR
up on the other side of the road Battalion.
about 100 feet away. His survivors a6 his wife
There was a heavy fog over the neva, of Fort Kbbe, and hil
area at the time of the accident their, Mrs. Beran M awel
and Indications were that Da- Missouri.

Louses Do It Up In Grae

Style At Cootie Slaughter
---0 -

The military order of the Cop-
ties, Veterans of Foreign Wiarn
entertained over 300 eontaminia.
ted guest atId their brood-, t a
Cootie Slaughter held at the
Webster 3Rtate, Rito tiato. Stut-
General reaction. of all guest
was somewhat vague and an at..
irmative eply Wpm Iposl)ble to
btat asearly 4 &ja, SU
Xlht new ibera we tsI
thef outdoor AtteA on
*ventfal day. krbce 2
rs, colddtogs,- and undiluted
ointment was served.
Some did manage to live
through the first course and by
1:30 p.m. the air was filled with
moans and groans as well as the
stench of firewater and cervea
continental. All Cooties were
pretty well loused up.
Most mighty of all louses, Jack
kingfish) Warford and his louse
bound assistants, Stan tCo-Pilot)
Boleck, Arnold (The Voice
Hiannberger Percival (The lye)
Billings and Scratch Rooks add-
ed to the heavenly misery of the
owly nits by paying very special
attention to non (laughing boy)
Hughes and Sonny Boy Wester-
felt. of the Brooklyn Westerfelts.

Payoff of the entire Inltll
wts the pUbln .at a
truck rol to th1
the Wou*Mb# -WM m ..

8lon 100% pure otant ensd
juice, PenaltlU litdietd,
most e.ereM ,.. -' -' -
ton t
In the .,4W
shoulder, one bellsva au
and 309 aitti headcftM.
This wa without a doubA
louslest uaugbtt Iver jt
a perfect bunch of il g

Lyn cburg buslner* M I
up $200 to pay puldnRM
for blood donors. M t'U
long as the Imoney IMN
ists may receive a l
their parking fines byprom
a receipt showing they I
given blood.

A "''N'N' EKMPL.
A-. SE

of whet this wonderful

poI1Ar will d1 for your ihoer


6t ,'

- /


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