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LFA Meeting Minutes
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Library Faculty Assembly
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Library Faculty Assembly Minutes October 21, 2013 ( Approved November 18, 2013) Called to Order 10:04 Attendance Smathers 31 HSCL – Present but couldn't see to get a head count Borland 0 Law 0 Agenda approved Minutes approved Assembly Chair Report today's meeting will be mostly informational; we will have more to discuss next month, namely the four tier evaluation Senate Report (Val Minson) • Open access is a complex issue spearheaded by the Library input sought by Oct. 18th • 52 proposals for faculty hiring under preeminence bill • UF Core town hall meeting on this is coming up • Faculty events for single faculty and faculty with children • UF Online director hired, 5 new degree programs going online starting in January • 2 Dean searches ongoing • School name change to Rinker School • Citywide transportation initiatives road widening and repair, rapid transit Library Administration Update (Judy Russell) • Second round of preeminence proposals called for • UF Core will have ripple effects on the Libraries; FLVC resources to support Core curriculum there may not be enough money to support core collections • Presentation on High Density Storage Facility to BoG working group; will probably know after mid Nov meeting of BoG where this project stands in their priorities • Renovations there will be no bridge any more at the back of the building; 3rd floor final stages of approval of design, carpet is up, asbestos is gone, room should be completed by end of January and move LAC there in February, and conference in March to unveil the new space; • Panama Canal model was donated by museum in Netherlands set up in 1A; model shows where the new locks will be once they are completed on the actual Canal • Allotments have been made on monographs purchasing; DSR is reducing amount provided to us for collections $85,000 Provost working on preventing this from happening • Elsevier contract still in negotiation


Research Opportunity Seed Fund (Bess deFarber) • This is the 1st year libraries have been are invited to compete for internal money given by UF for research projects • Awards max out at $90K; Libraries can now participate because we had over $800K in grants last year • Libraries intend to come up with one strong proposal to meet the criteria to get this seed fund money and then we would have to secure external money to further the project • Brainstorming session held four major ideas came out of brainstorming session; Oct. 25th is internal deadline for submission of synopses of ideas, list of external supports, identification of who the collaborators will be, and timeline and budget. • Next week Feasibility meeting present the ideas and have discussion of it need to have expertise in the room to answer these questions want to make sure we send a very strong proposal from the library since this is the first time we have been allowed to participate in this competitive process. • Future topic for LFA How can library projects be research based? Campaign for Charities (Judy Russell) closes Oct. 28th; major campaign to support charities in our area; goal to raise $1mil for 9th year in a row Strategic Plan Update (Cecilia Botero) • Nov. 25th in Smathers 1A – planning session on four strategic directions – create to do lists for each strategic direction. • Four strategic directions: o Collection Building collection development plan consistent with University mission o Library Spaces what is the librarian role and service role o IR/Archives plan for that, where they meet and intersect o Collaboration on campus, new partnerships Core Competency Matrix (Bonnie Smith and Judith Roberts) • Staff competencies training matrix applicable to Library Assistant 1 through Library Associate 3; 2 categories of competencies. • Demonstration of online matrix http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/competencies • Next steps identify and address training gaps, evaluation in May 2015 after 2 performance review cycles utilizing matrix Open Access Policy – (Christine Fruin) – 31 library faculty voted, 16 in favor of mandatory policy and 15 in favor of voluntary policy Old Business 4 tier evaluation tabled until November meeting; Adjourned 11:13 Next Meeting – November 18, 2013, 10:00 AM, Library East 1A