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Library Faculty Assembly meeting minutes
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Library Faculty Assembly
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Library Faculty Assembly Monday, August 19, 2013 10:00 11:30 AM LE 1A AGENDA Call to Order 10:01 am Approval / Modification of Agenda -Approved Approval of Minutes -Approved Assembly Chair Report : Ben reminded the assembly that the actions of the assembly represent the will of those in attendance. The more people participating, the better representation we will have. He asked everybody to continue to attend meetings and to encourage colleagues as well. Senate Report Library Admini stration Update : The RCM budget allocation was flat and UF is looking for sources for the supplemental monies requested by the libraries. Presentation A) Brief Presentation of the Career Development Handbook Committee definition of Distinction (M. Crump) a. Distinction in the Libraries is demonstrated by: sustained and high quality performance, contributions, and working relationships, and recognized leadership in the candidate's field(s) of expertise, the profession, and the University community. b. These demo nstrably shape library services; foster productivity, innovation and creativity; and support the University's mission. c. Distinction requires not only consideration of the candidate's fulfillment of assigned responsibilities, but also a broad scale evaluati on of effectiveness in fulfilling the responsibilities attendant to membership in the University community. A motion was made to accept this definition of Distinction into the Career Development Handbook (CDH). Efforts were made to word smith for more fl exibility. After much discussion covering the need for this change, the source of the request, and the needs of the T&P committee, the motion failed. B) Brief Presentation of the Faculty Merit Increases for FY2013/14 (B. Keith) [link to PDF?] Brian presente d the information provided in the handout sent prior to the meeting. Questions were asked about the current status of negotiations between UF and the Faculty Union. This was answered from the floor. Negotiations are currently at an impasse.


It was clari fied that faculty not covered by the union (out of unit) will be able to receive raises when they go into effect in early October. Faculty covered by the union (in unit) will have to wait until negotiations are settled or some other agreement is reached. The question of the need for a secret ballot was raised. The opinion of the LFA officers is that the method proposed to distribute the merit raises does not reflect a change of method from that expressed in the CDH or go against established precedent, b ased on the previous two merit money opportunities. There was d iscussion of the need for faculty to either add a plan for merit money dist ribution to the by laws, which would require a balloted vote, or to come up with an alternate proposal for use in fut ure merit situations which could be approved ahead of time. The complicating factor have these discussions after the fact. A motion for the LFA to endorse the prop osal put forward by Brian was carried. Other i tems raised by the membership : A question was raised about the pending vote on the 4 tier evaluation system. Ben explained that he did not wish to have it wrapped into the merit discussion. It will be revisited at the next meeting with a vote to follow shortly thereafter. A point of information was raised that LFA cannot call for a secret ballot vote based on the collective bargaining agreement (CBA). LFA is part of shared governance and not a bargaini ng voice for the union. CBA issues within the library will have to be dealt with by UFF membership. Under current CBA rules that requires a separate set of bylaws, among other things. It was suggested that a presentation on what the LFA actually does would be useful in furthering the discussion. Meeting Adjourned at 11:15am