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Library Faculty Assembly meeting minutes
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Library Faculty Assembly
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LFA Meeting – Feb. 20, 2012 Call to Order Approval of Agenda & Minutes (to be distributed) Presentation Online Tenure and Promotion Angel Kwok Folland: 10 10:30 a.m. will need to follow up with question regarding section 33 and candidates’ ability to view letters. There were many questions from the audience about internal/external letters. Naomi asked if there is need for a formal faculty vote to join this pilot project. Matt is charged with checking to see if a vote is, in fact, necessary. Brian clarified that the library’s model of support is very different from the academic departments in the colleges and as such some things Angel talked about would be a little different, such as staff bearing the brunt of labor. Vernon reminded us that Angel said some original volunteers were permitted to withdraw from the pilot. Point brought up by Matt that there is no method for mid career review as yet, so two systems would still work simultaneously. Chair's Report /Officers' Report Naomi: There have been senate discussions recently about moving to self insurance. The last senate meeting open discussion topic was on Open Access. Next steering meeting is today. Infrastructure still has no progress on College of FA space studies. CIO has yearly focus groups to solicit faculty opinions and they are in need of volunteers. Please email Naomi if interested. Administration Updates Judy: We have completed first round of FEO adjustments. The next round will be implemented at new fiscal year. Re: AFA, Ann went to a meeting regarding the process but she has yet to hear a report.


A proposal for taking down two segments of the colonnade will be presented to the Historic Preservation Committee. The initial estimate is much lower than the recent one and there is a question as to the funding source. The idea is to create a more open flow between the buildings and to open up the facade of Smathers. We are committed to asking for permission for the demolition but there is no idea of when the project can start. Budget: Submitted in December. RCM committee (Brian has a seat now): Judy feels that it was helpful to present to them. Last year they recommended a 1% cut to libraries. The link to the budget report was emailed to all staff. The scenarios for cuts are instructive to look at, especially the flat cut scenario. Judy feels that the 5% cut scenario is extraneous. The FCLA funds will be maintained. The Music Library question is still in limbo with no official decision made. Joint Task Force for Examining Faculty Evaluation Rankings Judy & Naomi Naomi: Currently there are 5 evaluation levels for staff, 3 for faculty: the faculty level of granulation may not be as clear as we would like. A task force will be convened to examine the possibility of changing the levels of rankings available to supervisors for evaluating faculty. The criteria of evaluation will not be changed. Potential members have been contacted. Judy: It is important to distinguish those who exceed from the real super stars. This will not affect evaluations done this spring. It may, however, allow faculty to consider that more tiers may be installed for the next year, which may help faculty formulate goals. Vernon wished to clarify that the levels will affect only evaluations and not T&P process/evaluations. Senate Updates Amy: The Provost talked about search for new College of Journalis Dean. Re: self insure: a PPO like plan would exist to allow options for UF employees around the state to have local coverage. The new Dean of IFAS search is in process. Action items: the good life course was approved and passed. A steering committee of 6 faculty will oversee the course and the deans fo the three colleges will assess the course, as well as the University Curriculum committee. Out dated engineering programs formally terminated. OA discussion: Isabel presented. Touched on the Berlin Declaration and made two proposals: 1) to approve the declaration; 2) to charge ULC to develop an OA policy for UF. These proposals will be action items next month. Main concerns expressed were about impact factor of OA journals and the OA business model and what impacts that may have. Scott Nygren, faculty chair, explained the Berlin Declaration but no real champion stood up from the audience to promote OA. There is a discussion forum open on the senate website.


Committee Reports Nominations/Elections Past Chair Dan Reboussin Senate: Amy Buhler is rotating off and there is now a second slot. We need two people nominated per slot. Elections will occur in April. The term begins in September with an orientation in August. Self nominations from the floor: none. Most colleges send their senior faculty while the libraries have usually tended to send junior faculty. Senior librarians are encourage to self nominate. T&P committee: new members are needed. Please email Dan if you are interested. Judy mentioned that the committee needs more University Librarians than Associate. Sabbatical FEO committee: Naomi is rotating off and needs to be replaced. Tenured faculty only. Naomi mentioned that the committee works in two intense bursts consisting of two weeks. Sustained Performance Committee: Ann and Jimmy rotating off; tenured faculty only. Career Development Committee: Several people have agreed to serve on the special task force to look over language in the handbook but more are welcome, especially those with editorial skills. Market Equity Committee in new role as group to evaluate petitions for review: David, Ellie, Vernon, and Betsy are the current members. Serves as needed when a petition arises. Terms to be determined. Old Business: none New Business Clarification regarding GatorCare implementation for in unit faculty Naomi: understanding of UFF that changes in health coverage cannot be put into effect for covered employees unless the change is agreed to. Matt: UFF organizers are trying to stay flexible. In unit faculty are concerned about benefits. Adjournment 11:30