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Library Faculty Assembly meeting minutes
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Library Faculty Assembly
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Library Faculty Assembly Minutes – August 20, 2012 (approved 9/17/12) Attendance : Smathers 1A – 35 Borland – 1 HSCL – 2 Law 4 Call to Order – 10:04 AM I. Chair’s Report a. LFA Officers Meeting with Admin i. Reviewed proposed evaluation criteria/levels ii. Discussed need to draft a mission statement for the Libraries iii. Invitation extended for LFA chair to attend Library Council meetings b. Library Council Updates i. Branch Moves/Closures 1. Journalism – all materials and furniture either assimilated into Library West or moved into storage; let Pat Reakes know of any items on Libraries web pages that point to journalism library 2. Music – will remain open through end of Fall 2012 semester ii. Capital Campaign concludes 10/5/12 iii. UFOAP renewed by Provost for one year only, continuation depends upon assent by academic deans; Library Dean will be sending monthly letters to academic deans about their colleges’ participation in UFOAP iv. Storage Facilities – various stages of preparation/readiness II. T&P Committee Membership (report from Dan Reboussin) a. Refer to summary report send out via email August 7, 2012 (will be posted to LFA LibGuide) b. 2 vacancies – appointed seat and elected seat i. Chris Vallandingham – elected seat – approved by LFA by vote ii. Jimmie Lundgren – put forward to fill appointed seat III. Report on Joint Task Force for Annual Evaluations of Smathers Libraries Faculty (presentation by Task Force Chair Joe Aufmuth) a. See final report of Task Force posted on LFA LibGuide b. Evaluation levels to be tested through “shadow evaluations” in 2012 2013. c. Evaluation levels to be voted on by LFA by secret ballot if approved, implemented in 2013 2014; evaluators/reviewers will receive training on new evaluation levels d. Feedback from LFA


i. Proposed levels appear overly focused on criteria 1; concern about how they will similarly translate for application to criteria 2 and 3; what terms will be used for overall assessment? 1. Response – extensive deliberation on application of levels – consistency is favored thus all five will be used for three criteria. Shadow evaluation will help shape process and application ii. When will vote on evaluation levels occur? 1. Response at least one month lead time to ensure up to date voter roll in election system; also need to allow time for everyone to read through full proposal and bring forward any remaining questions to Task Force and LFA iii. Where will new evaluation level language be located? 1. Response – needs to be determined by LFA and Admin; may be in CDH iv. How will evaluation levels translate into larger university T&P context, including application of “distinction” requirement 1. Response – a variety of assessment levels are used by other units on campus and have been successfully interpreted and applied by larger university T&P IV. Other Items a. “State of the University” address at faculty senate meeting on 8/30/12 at 3:00 b. Presidential Search Committee holding a by invitation only focus group on 8/24/12. Associate Dean Diane Bruxvoort will be representing Libraries at this focus group; Naomi Young was selected for participation by Senate Chair Cheri Brodeur. Meeting Adjourned: 10:45 AM