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Library Faculty Assembly meeting minutes
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LFA Meeting Minutes 16 April 2012 Call to order: 10:03 a.m. March minutes to be approved at next meeting. Assembly chair report: Steering committee discussed ULC’s statement regarding librarians serving on the ULC. They found that there are no restrictions and librarians may serve on the ULC. College chairs meeting and the steering committee meetings discussed only budget concerns. Past chair’s report from Dan: The LFA libguide is now published with committee membership updates. Information is still being populated but election results, bylaws changes, and other information is available on the guide. Amy Buhler was officially thanked for her role as LFA webmistress but the hope is that the libguide will ease the process of preserving documentation and promoting communication. Ben Walker was elected chair elect and Christine Ross was elected secretary for upcoming year. A 60% voting rate among library faculty was a vast improvement in participation over previous elections. Admin report from Brian: Recap of RCM system for new people. The Comprehensive Budget Review is available in the IR. Judy requested that the CFO put forward the library’s proposed budget due to the fact that inflation, etc, hurts a flat budget significantly. Average of 5% cut across campus and for support centers (such as the libraries). Student credit hours tie in with how cuts were assigned to colleges. Run down of budget reductions available at HR, but the cuts are as follows: UL: $1,192,382; HSCL: $195,569; GAS: $1,387,951. Budgets approved for FY 2013: UL: $22,550,805; HSCL: $3,708,805; GAS: $26,254,611. Brian feels it is important for everyone to understand more about the budget so he wanted to speak on that and show reports for a moment. Question from audience: deadline announced in the Sun ; is it true? Brian said we have not been given a deadline (but the colleges may have been given a deadline; he does not know). Question: is the announcement of cuts while students are still on campus advantageous for the libraries politically? Brian feels that yes, the exposure seems positive but there’s no way to know for sure what outcomes may result. Question: is this cut set in stone? The approved budget represents a 5% cut so if student lobbying, for example, changes the Provost’s mind about our cut, the cut will be made up in other support areas on campus. Naomi: At the steering committee, the Provost said Dr. Gusick was looking at re allocating the cuts, but there’s no way to tell. On Fiscal Services web page: Budget reports and links to Comprehensive Budget Review. Individual library budgets are broken down by reports to show budget allocations. (Expenditures include encumbrances, fyi.) All of this is an effort to demystify the library budget. Question: Legislature said that budget cuts aren’t permanent; can anyone clarify? It was


suggested that they say “temporary” because legislature starts from the beginning every year. Naomi suggested that the budget crisis may have something to do with changing demographics of Florida, where 25% of budget goes to support prisons, for example. The “flagship” bill was supposed to allow support for autonomy in setting up budgets, but the state allocation is in a state of continual shrinkage, which cannot be escaped. Matt Loving: Cuts were based on funds that the university was holding somewhere, but the “pot of money” myth is really a myth. Question: since departmental libraries were on former chopping block, there would be deadlines for layoff announcements, correct? Brian could not answer because there have been no deans meetings due to travel. Brian said that if there would be layoffs, it would be handled at the University level, and that notice periods may be funded by one time funds. He can only speculate, however, on that process. In the past, a vacancy went to people in positions that had been identified for cuts. To date, carry forward funds have been used for materials; it may be necessary to use it in other ways. The core mission of the libraries will be weighed when it comes to a question of staff versus materials. Question: will funding for shared storage come from us? The plans are for it to be funded in part by the SUS; the Provost will fund the UF part. There may be relatively small parts that we may fund, such as moving our staff, but we should not be required to fund the interim facility. Question: what is the approximate balance of carry forward funds? Around $800,000 on the UL side of the budget. Senate report: Margeaux Marc Heft elected president (from Dentistry). A long discussion of RCM from president’s and provost’s office. About 100 students showed up from Engineering (a peaceful protest with signs, standing along the sides, remained the entire time). The response was that the head of the graduate student union was allowed to speak: a motion was put forward to vote in the senate before a college could cut a program. The motion passed but it was an act only to reinforce the existing bylaw that states this is the process already standing. Amy added: the self insure bill will most likely be signed this week. The preeminence bill decision should occur within two weeks (gives ability to raise tuition to national average). Question: why didn’t they give five minutes to a student from the CSE? It’s a time for senators, and the question time afterwards ran out; the president had to leave halfway through the meeting, anyway. The students kept trying to address the meeting at inappropriate times. Question: concern about preeminence bill’s effect on students. Naomi said there is an open forum where questions can be posted on the faculty senate site. The tuition would be set for all four of a student’s years in school, too. There are also Bright Futures and Florida Opportunity Scholars program scholarships. Question: will the LFA officers have a meeting for brainstorming cost saving efforts? Perhaps that could be an agenda for the May meeting, but that occurs late; a town hall meeting may be an appropriate forum, and an asynchronous method of meeting would aid communication to those unable to attend.


Task Force on faculty eval report: Chair is Joe Aufmuth; Ben, Pat, Besty, Steve, Lois, Nancy, Brian, and Bonnie are the members. New Business: none Old Business: Bonnie reminds everyone that Academic Affairs will be here to present to the libraries on tenure and promotion. Sign up on the HR training website. Adjourned 11:26 a.m.