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Library Faculty Assembly meeting minutes
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Library Faculty Assembly
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Minutes LFA Meeting – 11/21/11 CALL TO ORDER (Naomi) AGENDA APPROVAL (Naomi) MINUTES APPROVAL (Naomi) CHAIR REPORT (Naomi) LFA Web Update o Migrating to LibGuide o Creating an IR Collection for current and historical LFA docs o Hope that process will be completed soon o Link to go out to all LFA members after migration is complete Senate Steering Committee Report o PhD Review in process and report is due 11/23/2011 o Discussion of UF doing self insurance. Earliest date to go into effect would be January 2013. Infrastructure Council o FERPA training review. FERPA training may be of interest to LFA members because regulations could affect how librarians write letters of recommendation for student assistants. ADMIN UPDATES – (Judith Russell) Market Equity Raises Handout for Market Equity Raises is available in the UF Insitutional Repository: Most recent changes to this handout are in Yellow. Provost has requested that the Equity raises take place in three phases o 12/2011, 07/2012, and 07/2013 Faculty with pending promotions will be prioritized. Individual criteria for Market Equity (ME) is fixed until implementation of the ME raises is completed. Base Salary calculation are from July 2011 figures. Letters of Notification are going out today, November 21, 2011 and will include individual faculty market equity report. o Individual reports will accompany the letter to explain criteria Questions raised: What about the lawsuit? Answer: The 3% raise will come, it’s only a matter from what source. The first installation of the market equity raise will appear in the December 30th paycheck. The CFO of the RCM budget committee says to prepare a budget demonstrating a 5% budget cut. [Last year’s cut in purchasing power was $690,000. An additional $270,000 was cut from the materials budget. This coming year, we should expect a cut of $750,000. This year there is


also no money from FCLA for technology. There was a total of $380,000 cut in operating budget.] o Two years of lost purchasing power leaves us with a flat budget of $2,100,000. o Judy recommends that selectors be truthful and cautious with their faculty when identifying/analyzing items for cancellation. o A freeze in hiring is in effect (except for the exhibits coordinator and the Baldwin curator) until the budget is released. o Sam is working with a legal team to scrutinize the broad language in some endowments so that those funds may be appropriated for salaries. Senate Update Amy Buhler reported that the October action items were all approved in the November meeting. Those items: o Proposed amendments to the constitution of who makes up the General Education and University Curriculum committees. o Graduate Program Renewal Initiative review o Gator Advantage o U Matter campaign The November meeting notes: o Decrease in the College of Medicine’s credit hours from 40 to 36. o Master’s programs in FYCES and Health Sciences are terminated. o The president’s report: Pursuing a 15% tuition increase. Asking legislation for ability to self insure. o The teaching and learning center has been put on hold. Their website is still running. o Academic calendar change proposed: Classes will be cancelled on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. o Homecoming proposal 2012: Nov. 9th and 10th with Veteran’s Day the following Monday. Committee Reports: none Assembly Officers Reports: none Old Business: none New Business: Modification to letter to solicit T&P reference letters: Rich Bennett. The right to waive letters section will be rewritten because the letter from the chair often quotes liberally from those letters. Rich will email with more details. Call for participation: Career Development Committee: Naomi. Bonnie mentioned that this committee also handles the T&P trainings throughout the year. Nobody volunteered at the meeting. Announcements: Question: AFA/Music library update? Judy answered that there is no new news; that the space analysis is still in progress. Naomi announced next meeting dates: Dec. 19 and Jan. 9. Adjournment at 11 something.