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Library Faculty Assembly Home Archives Documents Officers Assembly Committees Career Development Libraries Budget Nominating Strategic Planning Special & Joint Committees Faculty Committees Faculty Senators Sabbatical SPEP Tenure & Promotion Other Governance Committees UF Faculty Senate University Libraries Committee Future of the Libraries Committee myUFL login required Library Catalog Databases Site Map SearchFaculty Governance at the University of Florida LibrariesMinutes January 28, 2008: 3:00pmMarston Science Library, Room L107 Joe Aufmuth called the meeting to order at 3:00 PM. The agenda was approved as distributed. The minutes from the previous meeting held December 17, 2007 LFA meeting were approved with two corrections. The approved minutes are posted on the Faculty Governance webpage. There were no member comments.Chair's ReportSmathers Travel FundingJoe Aufmuth reported that the amount that was actually expended for librarian travel for 2006-2007 had been used as the budget for travel for 2007-2008. Paul Losch, Chair of the Travel Committee reported that 100% of the funds have been allocated. Amy Buhler asked if there were plans to redesign the travel procedures. Paul reported that review of the procedures and allocation criteria occur at the end of each year. In the past, membership on the travel committee has been an appointment to get the committee going; however it could be considered to become an elected position.Senate SeatTerms and Representation: One Library Faculty Senate seat will be open. It is currently held by Michele Tennant. According to Amelia Bell, faculty senate secretary, the senate election will be at the end of March and the slate needs to be in by mid March. There was considerable discussion how the three libraries are represented when Senate seats are filled. Carol Kem and Amelia Bell had reviewed how senate seats represent the faculty in several of the UF colleges including the College of Medicine, Business, CLAS, Fine Arts and Education. All try to be representative of their faculty and locations. Only the College of Education has a formal policy where one senate seat is set aside for PK Yonge faculty. Joe Aufmuth expressed concern about institutional memory of decisions. Carol Kem reported that the original intent of UFLFA senate representation was to ensure that one of the four senators would always be from the Health/Law libraries. No specific seat is assigned but, should there be three senators from Smathers with ongoing terms and one opening for a new senator, nominees for that opening would be from Health/Law. Judy Russell suggested that two Senate seats might be considered for Smathers representatives. Carol Kem suggested that the procedure not be written in UFLFA Bylaws, but the goal of equal representation be maintained. UFLFA Nominating and Strategic Planning Committees were asked to work on drafting a statement of policy regarding the Senate Seats Terms and Representation. Vernon Kisling noted that there are several bylaws changes to be considered in April.


Faculty Recruitment Policy & Procedures CommitteeBrian Keith reported for Denise Bennett. The committee's webpage is The committee is meeting and reviewing policies. There are several activities scheduled: Feb 14: Journal Club on recruitment to identify best practices for enlarging and focusing the applicant pools for our positions. Feb 28: Town Meeting focused discussion, based on the examination of recruitment policies and procedures at other units on campus and at other libraries. Feb 28 March 9: Survey of recently-hired librarians, recent search committee members, supervisors, and everyone. March 31: Special LFA discussion in Marston Library-to react to the draft documents prepared by the committee. There will be a brief mention of the committee's activities at the Association for Academic Women Diversity luncheon presentation meeting in Library East on Thursday for 12:001:30 PM Brian will send out (did send out) announcement of the meeting to the library faculty members.Library Administration UpdatesHealthBeth Layton announced that Wallace McLendon has been named the Director for the Health Science Center Library. He has been Deputy Director at the Health Science Center Library at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He will begin Monday March 3. Beth asked about making the meeting available for the participation of faculty librarians at Borland Library. Joe is hoping to use the polycom set up in Marston 1-A for the next meeting. The March meeting will be at the HSC Library which can easily be transmitted.LawKathie Price introduced Jessica de Perio Wittman new librarian at the Legal Information Center. She has moved from SUNY at Buffalo and her are of interest is in Distance Education.Senate UpdateNaomi Young gave a short announce on the happenings of the Faculty Senate and directed Library faculty to review the January issue of Academics and the minutes of the January meeting when the are posted on the Senate website The agenda for the February meeting has not yet been distributed.Committee ReportsNominating CommitteeThere was no report from the Nominating Committee. Reports from other UFLFA committees and the officers were foregone to allow more discussion time for the proposed Smathers reorganization:Smathers Update-Proposed Reorganization, Strategic Planning, and Budget CycleJudy Russell distributed the proposed reorganization structure which had been presented at the Library Council and the Town Hall meeting. Reorganization will enable Smathers


Libraries to align for new opportunities and give opportunity for a lasting tenure home for librarians. Building activity/ function of Library West was a consideration in recommending that they have branch status. Librarian administration is a tenant of the building and one function that occurs in the space. They are looking at managing central services differently. The following are notes of answers to questions: Cathy Martinyak asked for clarification concerning waiting on the hiring of the Chair of Marston until the new Health Science Center Library (HSCL)Director is here as was mentioned in the Library Council. Dean Russell referred to the portion of the Future of the Libraries Report that addressed the potential merger of the HSCL with Smathers, and stated that the report recommended against such a merger primarily because it would be a financial burden for Smathers. Michele Tennant, a member of the Future of the Libraries Task Force, noted that the recommendation against merger was reached based on multiple factors, including those related to HSCL client needs, service provision, and the potential impact on the HSCL budget. Dean Russell indicated that she and Wallace McLendon will meet within his first six months in Gainesville to review the potential merger of the HSCL and Smathers. They will develop a recommendation one way or the other and present that recommendation to Provost Fouk and Senior Vice President Barrett. Dean Russell suggested that it would be reasonable to leave the Chair of Marston position open until all avenues of the merger are explored. There was a question about the detail structure of Marston and Smathers frames in the org chart. Judy stated that Shelly Arlen will work with Library West on their branch structure. MSL will consider their structure. The plan for rotating chairs will need to be fleshed out. The existing branches will initially work with Shelly until an Associate Dean is named. The goal for the recruitment of the Associate Deans is for them to be in place by June 2008. Regarding faculty involvement in Associate Dean searches: It is expected that the membership will be both internal and external to the library with the process managed by the libraries. Jimmie Lundgren asked about Tenure home departments. Some existing groups are large and some are small and how will this change with the reorganization structure. Judy stated that there is the idea of 3 possible tenure homes 1) all branches, 2) Technical and Support Services, and 3) Special Collections. Brian Keith had done an initial look at the numbers of librarian among the 3 columns and provided those numbers. "Tenure home" is not only for accruing tenure, but also for voting on tenure, promotion and special pay increases. There will need to be Faculty Assembly input to these issues. There was discussion about the unit level. Where there is a named chair is where the aggregation will occur. Things are now grouped, but the structure is not identified. There are a number of ways to organize. John Ingram will be the functional Associate Dean for the branches. Under the tenure process the chair of the department writes the letter for tenure, what will happen in the reorganization? This would probably occur, but how the unit is structured will have an influence. What occurs will work so that the best packets are prepared for the librarians being considered. Naomi Young said currently University Policy is for current chairs to write the letters and to obtain input from past chairs. The Scholarly Resources and Research Services Council is a place for reconciliation of policies and priorities and it provides an opportunity for discussion and resolution. Judy reported that no single model from another library was used, but elements form


several were used to create the draft reorganization chart. Re: the Council it was asked if policy questions would be referred to a specific person. It will depend on the question. They are looking for autonomy of the branches and coordination among the branches. Patrick Reakes remarked that the dotted lines are very important. It was suggested that there be representatives from Health and Law on the Councils so that inconsistent signals are limited and deliberate when they occur. Adjournment: The UFLFA meeting adjourned at 4:00. Discussion of the reorganization continued until 4:30 The next meeting of the Assembly will be Monday, February 18 in Marston Science Library room L107, 3:00 PM 4:00 PM. Depending on the ability to teleconference the meeting, the meeting room may change.Staff Web | Staff Directory | Library Hours | RSS | About the Staff Site | Privacy Policy Send suggestions and comments to Carrie Newsom 2004 2006 University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries. All rights reserved. Terms of Use for Electronic Resources and Copyright Information Last updated December 20, 2007 cn