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Canal record
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Canal record (St. Petersburg, Fla.)
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Canal rec. (St. Petersbg. Fla.)
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v. : ill. , ports. ; 22-28 cm.
Panama Canal Society of Florida
Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
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St. Petersburg, Fla


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Periodicals -- Panama Canal (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Description based on: Vol. 10, no. 4 (Nov. 1976); title from cover.

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University of Florida
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% A l

I" 'f 04m

President's MessE
From the Secreta
Editor's Corner
Legislative Repre
Reunion Coordin
Highlights of Min
Retirements ...
This emblem is a Registered Reunion Informal
Trademark. Unauthorized Where Are You?
reproduction is punishable by News Clips ....
law. Your Reporter S,
OFFICERS Arizona ...
AND Arkansas
FOR 1991-92 Colorado
Florida ....
Mr. Robert Van Siclen Georgia ...
President Hawaii ....
813-397-5366 Illinois ....

Mr. Virgil G. Camby Congratulations
1st Vice President Weddings .....
813-321-8566 Births ........
With Deep Sorro,
Mrs. Faith Brundage Letters to the Edi
2nd Vice President Looking Back ..
813-527-6925 Announcements
For Sale or Want,
Mrs. Muriel Whitman
813-544-0214 Zonian Amigos....
J. Grigore..............
Mrs. Jane Huldtquist Zonian Report......
813-397-5846 FRONT COVEI
Heights. Painting
Mr. Chris Skeie Houston, Texas.
Director BACK COVER:
813-973-0892 Commemorative
contributed many
Mrs. Betty Frassrand
Past President
June 17-21 P
Mr. Robert Johnson July 10 P
Legislative Representative S
813-789-4858 August 1 A
Mr. Harry Foster August 2 P
Sergeant-at-Arms F
813-541-1019 August 7 P
Mrs. Dorothy Yocum September 12 P
Chaplain C
813-595-0846 September 18-20 P
Mrs. Barbara Green September 26 G
Secretary/Treasurer S
813-391-4359 (Office) October 3 P
November 6 P
Richard W. (Pat) Beall SI
Editor December 5 H
813-391-4359 (Office) 1:

itive . . . ......................................
of Scheduled Meetings........................

- updated ................ "A" to "L" (Yellow Inser

. .. .. . 1
........... 12 Indiana ................ .
........... 13 Louisiana ..............
........... 13 M ississippi ..............
........... 15 New England .......... ..
........... 16 North Carolina .......... 2
........... 16 Oklahoma .............. 2
........... 20 Panama ................ 2
........... 22 South Carolina .......... .
........... 23 Texas ................. 3
Viroinia ........ 3

W.B. van Ingen. 'hoto taken by William "Bill" Diez

and Ink drawing of Balboa High School, intended as
e, Class graduation of 1979, by Dan A. Fiori, who h
wings and maps of the Canal Zone.


a.m. 4:00 p.m. (See "Announcements").

2t010 The Panama Canal Soci

(A Not-For-Profit C
To preserve American Ideals and
S8050 Seminole Mall, Suite 334,

The CANAL RECORD (USPS 088-020) is published four time
The Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc., 8050 Seminolh
Second Class postage paid at Largo, I
nc ranama Canal Society of Florida, Inc. reserves the right to reft
cluding any advertising not in the best interests of the Panama Can
Ideals and Canal Zor
Single copies for sale at $2.00 each, plus
11 .. 1 __ ^ -- -__- Tl -- / --^-' I

As I look back to June 21, 1991, when I was sworn
s President of our Society, I wonder where the time
gone. It has been an enjoyable year for me, thanks to
ibers of the Executive Board who gave of their time
advice, and the members who sent in their opinions
suggestions, to which the Executive Board gave
ful consideration. I
And of course, many thanks go to the v
LUNTEERS" who gave much of their time making
social affairs so successful. I have mentioned the t
es of those volunteers throughout the year, and hope t
ve not missed anyone. c
Soon after assuming the office of president, I v
Painted Pete Foster, chairperson of the By-Laws I
imittee, and asked that he and his committee review
Society By-Laws, bring the by-laws up to date, and t
take the by-laws clear to all members. J
Pete and his committee have completed their task,
the final results of their efforts were printed in the 1
ch issue of the Canal Record, and it is now left to the r
ibership to approve or disapprove the revised by- I
As I write this, the ballots for accepting or rejecting 1
REVISED By-Laws are being received at the Society r
:e. The ballots will be counted at the May 1st
heon meeting. I personally, and in behalf of all C
ety members thank Pete Foster, Betty Frassrand and C
othy Herrington for serving on the By-Laws
imittee. I
The results of the voting on the REVISED By-Laws, c

y of Florida, Inc. o-HES O.

Canal Zone Friendships ''
eminole, Florida 34642

a year in March, June, September and December by
Mall, Suite 334, Seminole, Florida 34642-4712
>rida and additional entry.
e to print anything derogatory or of a controversial nature,
I Society of Florida, whose sole aim is to Preserve American
2.00 postage to members only.
cciety of Florida will become the property of the Society
anal Society of Florida assumes no responsibility for
he Canal Record.
anal Society of Florida, Inc.
Suite 334
lumet St., Clearwater, FL 34625

Number of votes cast 116
Number of invalid votes 2
Votes needed for adoption (2/3) 76
YES votes for adoption 111
NO votes for rejection 3
The majority vote was YES, in favor of adopting the
EVISED By-Laws, therefore the REVISED By-Laws
11 become effective on June 1, 1992.
Much of the success of this past year is attributed to
- Executive Board members who gave up so much of
Air time to attend monthly Board meetings which on
casion were of four hour durations. Virgil Camby, 1st
:e president; Faith Brundage, 2nd vice president;
rectors Jane Huldtquist, Muriel Whitman, and Chris
,eie; Harry Foster, sergeant-at-arms; Betty Frassrand,
st president; Legislative Representative Robert
hnson; and Chaplain, Dorothy Yocum.
We have moved into our new office space, March 22,
91, and it has proven to be a good move. Of course,
uch of the success of the office is due to the work of
irbara Green, secretary/treasurer and Record editor,
chard "Pat" Beall, both are doing an excellent job.
embers are welcome to visit the office and see the
memorabilia displayed in the office.
My personal thanks go to the committee
airpersons and member of their committees who gave
their time, Fred Huldtquist, nominating; Jeanne
heeler, budget and audit; Pete Foster, by-laws; Dorothy
ite, hospitality/refreshments; Anna Collins, Sunshine
immittee; Eugene Askew and Al Pate, service officers;
tith Brundage, telephone; Beverly Williams, Society

history, and to the co-chairperson for the 1992 Reunion, Also, many members do not realize that when the'
my wife, Nancy, who by the way, has never been to do not pay their dues on time, there is a $2.00 charge. I
Panama. is too costly to notify each member, reminding them the:
At the Executive Board meeting of March 28, 31 new owe an additional $2.00.
applicants were accepted by the Society. May 1st will mark my first anniversary as YOUF
As you read this edition of the Canal Record, the Secretary. It has been an enjoyable year and has sped b.
1992 Reunion will be about to start, and reservation so fast. I still make a few mistakes, but thanks to Margi
figures to date are slightly ahead of the 1991 figures at Foster's patience, I hope to remedy that before long.
this time, so we are looking forward to a big reunion, Please remember, I am YOUR Secretary. If there il
with many members attending a reunion for the first anything that I can do to help you, please let me know.
time. (They really have something to look forward to). A special thanks to you for your expressions o
Contracts for the 1993 and 1994 Reunions have been appreciation and kind words for the work I do. It i
approved by the Executive Board and signed. We had to encouraging and really boosts my morale. I will continue
accept the only open dates available for 1993 and 1994. to do my best for all of you.
We will be returning to the Twin Towers Hotel, Delta I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the
Orlando Resort and Holiday Inn in Orlando for 1993 and Reunion. I'll be working, so please stop by to say "hello.
1994, the only area capable of catering to our large Till next time.
group. Barbara Greei
1993 Reunion will be June 9 through June 14 Secretary/Treasure:
1994 Reunion will be June 8 through June 15 (813) 391-4359
The 1995 Reunion will be scheduled later in June, as
we have done in the past.
I did contact the Greater Tampa Chamber of
Commerce and asked if Tampa could handle our group
for a reunion and was advised that there is not a ,..
sufficient number of hotels (close together) to handle our E ditor s
large attendance, and it was suggested we continue to go
to Orlando until such time as new hotels are constructed O F 9
in Tampa. This was also confirmed to the Society by
As the year draws to a close, I look forward to seeing
you at the 1992 Reunion, and meeting with many
members that I have had the pleasure of communicating By the time you get this issue, many of you will have
with throughout the year. already left home, headed for the reunion, to take
Robert "Bob" Van Siclen advantage of the discount rate at the hotels to enjo)
President Orlando and vicinity before everything starts. It looks like
it's going to be a big 'un.
We welcome a new area reporter from Colorado -
R.T. Stewart Brown. He will be taking the place ol
Margaret (Meigs) Molloy who has been the Coloradc
reporter for the past four years. We will miss you
From the Margaret, and buena suerte for the future.
A reminder to our members: Newspaper clippings
SSecretary that are authored by a staff writer or newspaper reported
of that newspaper cannot be reproduced in the Canai
Record without the express permission, in writing, from
the author and the newspaper. Photographs also may nol
be copied if credited to a staff photographer unless he
Issues permission in writing and if the person purchases
a copy of the photograph. This process is often time
consuming and permission is not always granted.
It's that time again!! I no sooner get one message out From time to time, members have received flyers,
to you, my friends, when it's time for another, brochures, etc. from commercial or professional
Please remember to send in your change of address organizations that were sent from what seemed to be a
on a timely basis. Everytime we mail out Canal Records membership listing. The Panama Canal Society of Florida
and Directories we get quite a few covers back from the has made it clear that it sends the Annual Directory onl.
Post Office with new addresses or notices that members to members and subscribers in good standing (dues paid).
have moved. Each cover that is returned to us costs the (See Inside Front Cover April 1992 and page 1 of each
Society YOU 35 cents. Then we have to send you a issue). We will not and have not sent copies of the
notice advising you that your cover was returned our Annual Directory to any other, and we cannot be
post card costs YOU another 19 cents to mail, amounting responsible for members who loan the Directory to
to 54 cents per member who failed to notify us of their others who are not members.
change of address. And that's not all it costs the I can read typing real well, and books, magazines,
member an additional $4.00 to get the book replacement etc., but I sometimes have trouble reading what some
that the Post Office destroyed in the first place. This all members write me. Even with a little outside help, it looks
does not take into consideration YOUR Secretary's time. pretty bad to me. When you think about it. with our 5.00C

rs, all with a different handwriting, getting 95% Presi
rould be a pretty good percentage. So if you have their
1, very un-penmanship-like, please have it typed or
r me. That way I won't have to embarrass you by stimi
you to do it over again so I can read it. Saves time comI
money. Thanks so much. within
the March 1991 issue of the Canal Record, I listed won'
( address for ordering SAUCE ARTURO as: The comI
'ing Company, 196 Newton St., Fredonia, NY their
as a case of 24 cans for $15.83 which includes meai
ro minimize red tape and possible screw-ups, auto
add: "Attention: Julie" on the outside of the i
)e. Although you order from New York, it is still with
I from Indiana and if it doesn't get to the right new
in New York, your order may be delayed for who D.C.
how long. (It has happened), see z
y thanks to all those who have said they like the you
of the Canal Record. We try to keep it interesting
seem to have a "following" for the Looking Back Com
Since a copy of this book goes to the Library of Flori
ss as well as to some other libraries, hopefully adop
f our past, in a more intimate way, will be kept for comi
.y. We were pretty cosmopolitan and our way of gene
I our culture should be remember and for all to tax r
ianks again for your taking the time to write, to ]
I to the Secretary/Treasurer for her expertise in they
.g her job as well. We appreciate it. 234-(

Richard "Pat" Beall
Editor, Canal Record
(813) 391-4359

lent Bush. Most will receive smaller refunds on
1992 income next year as a result.
he idea is to increase 1992 take-home pay to
late the economy. Federal annuitants who
leted Form W4P before 1993 directing the OPM to
old a specific dollar amount from the monthly check
have the deduction amount changed. Those who
leted the Form (or retired after 1983) will have
federal tax withholding based on percentages,
ing they will have their withholding changed
affected annuitants who wish to increase their tax
holding may submit a new W4PA to OPM. For a
V4PA write to: OPM, P.O. Box 961, Washington,
20044. Annuitants affected by the changes should
difference in their April 1 annuity checks. (Guess
[ready have!!)
'he Florida Taxation and Budget Reform
mission has issued a report recommending the
la Constitution be amended to provide for the
ion of a state personal income tax. In addition, the
mission suggests offsetting any increase in revenue
ated from an income tax by reducing the state sales
f members are interested in in Legislation update,
nay call the NARFE Legislation Hotline at (202)
503 which is available 24 hours a day.

Robert Johnson
Legislative Representative
(813) 789-4858


January 14, 1992
Bob (Van Siclen):
The front cover (picture by David B. Young) is a
of beauty" (and laughter) "and a joy forever!" What
It talent David has as well as a delicious sense of
r!...depicting the two ships transitting, in different
the locks of the Panama Canal. I continue to
and laugh at all the creatures shown (also
ng)...from the iguana, monkey, parrots, and toucan
tree-top, to "flying fish" and little butterfly just out
ch...big frogs leaping into the Canal, and little ones
on lily-pads...followed by sly "Mr. Cayman"
.tor)...ant eater drooling by ant hill...boa constrictor

ramm-Kuaman--toumgs elnmnmatead ur

I our members to write their Senators and Rep- Scho
ttives of our opposition to it. High
e latest update is that the House has voted to class
nost of President Bush's 1993 Civil Service Benefit both
)stal Service cuts, and the Senate Government
Committee has formally opposed them as well.
deral employees and retirees will receive a slightly
paycheck (about $3.30 to $6.65 per week on
e. denendinc on marital status. The increase is the

* required

If you have dii
'e your local r
)blem they




-- -- ------PAN CANAL MU M DN we need photographs of the following:
I John F. Warner, Founder
S Robert S. Houston, President, 1932-1933
IEnclosed is my contribution to the Panama Canal Philip C. Gorman, President, 1933-1936
Museum for the amount of $_ Rev. C.B. Mitchell, President, 1936-1937
S William H. Baxley, President, 1939-1944
Please make check or money order out to: N. Fort Worth Robert W. Glaw, President, 1944-1946
SHistorical Society. I Walter L. Hersh, President, 1949-1951
HI 1Xn7I:r. 1 I-- D--,:,'A- In i 1A,21

A.M. Bouche, Jr. Mrs. Sue McCaffel
1750 Faust Street N. Fort Worth Historical Socii
Englewood, FL 34224 131 E. Exchange Ave. #1
(813) 475-3971 Fort Worth, TX 761


1993 DI

OCTOBER 1, 1992 THR(




Macon A. Turner, President, 1958-1960
Keith E. Kelly, President, 1960-1962
Photographs can be in color or black/white; any size
portrait or snapshop (clear), alone or in a group c
people. We will enlarge or reduce each photograph t,
show the face only in a 2 inch square, with name an,
years of tenure in office below each photo. The Edito
promises to return each photo to the sender. Please sen,
photos to Richard W. Beall, Editor, Canal Record, 805
Seminole Mall, Suite 334, Seminole, FL 34642-4712.



1H SEPTEMBER 30, 1993!!


193 DUES BY NOVEMBER 15, 199;


Highlights of Minutes

February 8, 1992
Howard Johnson Hotel
St. Petersburg, Florida

The President called the meeting to order at 7:30
p.m., followed by the Invocation by Dorothy Yocum. A
minute of silence was held for those recently departed.
Harry Foster led in the Pledge to the Flag.
President Van Siclen welcomed all to the
Carnavalito, including Lucho for coming to play. He also
acknowledged Past Presidents Anna Collins, Betty
Frassrand, Pete Foster and Jack Morris.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read and
stand as read. The Financial Report stands for audit.
The Slate of Officers for 1992-1993 were introduced
and members were reminded to vote. Results will be
announced at the Annual Business Meeting in June.
The Carnavalito chairperson Betty Frassrand and
her committee were thanked and given tokens of
Pete Foster announced that the revised By-Laws have
been submitted to the Record Editor for publication in
the March Canal Record. The existing By-Laws will be
published in the April Directory. He encouraged
everyone to read the revisions and vote. Bob Van Siclen

am Regular Meetings


Carnavalito '92, which was held February 8, 1992 a
ie Howard Johnson Hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida
ras once again a huge success. Over 200 members ant
guests attended the gala affair. We were fortunate
enough to once again have Lucho play for us. Lucho get
better and better each year. Between his magnificent
laying of the organ and his magnetic charm, ou
members couldn't help but be drawn to the dance floo
nd stay there all night long. We had an added trea
then Lucho was joined by his son Frankie, and his long
me friend, Tonio Reva. What wonderful music thesis
gentlemen created for our enjoyment.
Many of our members wore costumes an<
anticipated in a parade which was lead by President Bol
an Siclen.
Our thanks to those who donated door prizes, Dottil
ocum, Pete Foster, Skeeter Camby and Chris Skeie
'he grand prizes, a weekend at the Orlando Twih
owers and Delta Court of Flags were won by Clan
[omandin and Virginia Wood.
In addition to the festive decorations which adorned
ie room, a special artistic surprise was put together b:
:upert Turner, Jacque (Crowell) Vowell and Charlil
'nwPll Mini Chiva renliEat were. nlanrep at .anrh tnhle. fnl

1. Lucho Azcarraga with his conjunto. 2. Carnavalito Committee, L-R: Ed Wardlow, Vicki Sizemore, Lucky
Summers, Rupert Turner, Lucho Azcarraga, Betty Frassrand, Virgil Camby, Chris Skeie, Jacque (Crowell) and

-F f6- __+;__ -11 k- ---ll In ~n

g i', |

I.. II -


. .. -

El Organisto Fabuloso, Lucho Azcarraga, at the

Wardlaw, Lucky Summers, Chris Skeie, Jacque Vowell,
Charlie Vowell, and Skeeter Camby, we'd like to thank all
of those who attended Carnavalito and helped to make it
the success that it was.
Betty LeDoux Frassrand

March 7, 1992
Fairways of Forest Lakes Country Club
Sarasota, Florida

The President called the meeting to order at 12:05
p.m. There were 127 members and guests present. The
Invocation was given by Chaplain Dorothy Yocum, and a
minute of silence was held for those recently departed.
Harry Foster led in the Pledge to the Flag. The meeting
adjourned at 12:09 p.m. for lunch.
The meeting reconvened at 1:20 p.m. The President
welcomed those present and invited them to attend
regular monthly meetings. He also introduced Past
Presidents Anna Collins, Muriel Whitman, Al Pate and
Eugene Askew.
Minutes of the previous meeting stand as read. The
Financial Report stands for audit. Questions regarding
monthly losses were raised and explained.
Bob Van Siclen mentioned the March Canal Record
is in the mail. Included in this issue are the revised By-
Laws and ballots for officers for the 1992-1993 term. He
asked everyone to read them carefully and vote. Revised
By-Law ballot results will be announced at the May 1
meeting. Election of Officers results will be announced at
the June 19 Annual Business Meeting.
The President read a paragraph of a letter received
from Frances Whitlock praising Dave Young for the
December 1991 cover drawing which encompassed the
locks, flora, fauna and animals found in Panama.
Bob Van Siclen, Co-Reunion Coordinator reported
that the Twin Towers Hotel is full, and that we are above
the number registered at this time last year. The Delta
Orlando Resort and Howard Johnson (now Holiday Inn)
still have rooms available.
Keppie Travel, the official travel agency for the
reunion has advised they have been able to save members
money by tracking airline ticket prices on their
transportation to the reunion. Pres. Van Siclen




Snapshots of several tables of members and guests a
Fairways, Forest Lake Country Club.

ling Sarasota Lunchec

g, March 7, 1992 at The


Wv' II

iorms ana miormauon on me mway luncneon. ms report. k,
resident continues to look for an auditor to Pat Beal
anne Wheeler on the Budget and Audit at the maile
and asked members to advise him of a different col,
placement. that Jeanne
uldtquist, Nominating Committee Chairman, Reviews Indi
one to vote for Officers for 1992-1993 through at the reunic
Pete Fos
late advised the next monthly meeting would ballot was in
d dish luncheon. Laws are in t
collins, Chairman of the Sunshine Committee of the By-Lai
et well" cards had been sent to those ill, and for all to vot
o attend the May luncheon in Tampa. Dottie I
te's assisted the Allgaier family with proper delicious foo
filling forms following the passing away of Anna C
;aier. those membc
residentt thanked Sheila and Phil Taylor, had sent get-
I Mike Green for the great luncheon and Gene As
hem with tokens of appreciation. He also friend's family
that volunteers for Registration and recommended
Ri4te. at the. rep.ninn are. .till neepde.d vimnlifv nrnti

E. Billman, Capt. 12/11/91 Pilot Divi
iond W. Blackman 12/31/91 Canal Se
J. Duda 12/28/91 Locks Di'
Im G. Elshoff 12/31/91 Locks Di
lo Enrody, Jr., Capt. 12/14/91 Pilot Divi
iond W. Engle 12/28/91 Mis. Tecl
ne E. Fulop 12/03/91 Off. of In
k Levene 12/31/91 Commur
L. Maher 12/03/91 Commur
J E. Minshew 12/31/91 Locks Di
lold R. Chandler 01/03/92 Motor Tr
i R. Flores 01/03/92 Canal Se
ca A. Menzel 01/03/92 OPA
cia A. Panzer 01/01/92 Off. of E;
rd S. Sweeney 01/03/92 Sanitatio
les M. Umnuss 01/03/92 Systems
nond Novak, Capt. 02/29/92 Pilot Divi

Where A


ing now for the 1993 Florida Reunion. Where are I
Please let us know. A small donation for postage
d be appreciated.


iryn (Argo) Taylor Nancy (Kariger) Eide
Mt. Almagosa Dr. 7726 Clover Blossom Ln. N.E.
Diego, CA 92111 Bremerton, WA 98310
)277-5000 (206) 692-4609

Barbara (Egolf) Dedeaux
8415 Loftin Dr.
Pensacola, FL 32514
(904) 478-6951


25 years 09 months 18 days
es 35 years 07 months 15 days
>n 25 years 07 months 10 days
>n 25 years 03 months 14 days
19 years 09 months 27 days
/cs. Staff 20 years 11 months 03 days
general 24 years 00 months 18 days
Services 30 years 08 months 12 days
Services 18 years 00 months 01 days
mn 28 years 05 months 06 days
Div. 30 years 04 months 19 days
es 22 years 11 months 13 days
25 years 02 months 01 days
Admin. 24 years 09 months 18 days
Grnds. 33 years 08 months 13 days
vision 30 years 10 months 25 days
1 32 years 11 months 14 days

e You?


I, Hyman GORNELL, Roy QUINLAN, Patricia
EY, Marjorie GRAHAM, Gerald QUINTERO, Manuela
ISSERI, Enrico GURLEY, Alice REYES, Rafael
ETT, Jackie Kohler, Dolores RODRIGUEZ, Alvaro
JE, David LACLAIR, Warren ROMAGOSA, Larry
MD, Robert LAMB, Frances ROMANOL, Mary
WAN, Emma deLIMA, Sybil ROSS, Robert
AN, Charles LUTZ, Mary RUNYAN, Paul
JS, Donna LYNCH, Beatrice SAGER, Charlotte
4, Jackson LYNCH, Kay SEARCY, Roy
N, Peggy MATTHEWS, Arthur SHIRLEY, Eleanor
H, Phyllis McNULTY, Olga SIMMS, George
ELAND, Annie MOIST, Jean SKINNER, George
), Joyce MONTGOMERY, Rollo SOTO, Julia
), Robert MOORE, Jean STARRETT, William
PO, Doris MYERS, George STEWART, Roxy
DN, Elba NEAL, Kermit STONER, Nancy
CHER, Anna NIX, Charles THORNTON, Richard
ETTE, Raymond PAINE, Margaret WEEDEN, Viola
ES, Edmund PONCE, Fluvia WYATT, Linwood
YUDINE, Herbert

Anyone knowing the addresses of the above, please
e or call Kathleen (Boni) Moffitt, 721 San Luis Rd.,
ekely, CA 94707: (510) 526-9392...or Margaret
others) Braun, 3104 Little Creek Lane, Alexandria,
22309: (703) 780-5647.


Becky wants to find her father's co-worker and good
id of the family. His last known address was: Cliff
lers, 10915 S.W. 52nd. Drive, Miami, FL 33165.
se send any information to: Becky Walker, P.O. Box
Coweta, OK 74429.

,-,-..A.... .su _1,A..-us

AuDI Ln, rAsrtmu a Ajnlzc nuikurj, JKmi uutui

contact one of the following:

Alice (Fairbrother) Myers Pat (Heitman) Lenti
2119 Coachman Road 1805 Crystal Drive i
Spring Hill, FL 34608 Arlington, VA 2
(904) 686-2641 (703) 920-

Carmen (Hernandez) Massot Robert E. Wh
Aptdo. 6-343 Estafeta El Dorado 3208 Trails Lake
Panama, R.P. Medina, OH 4
(011-507) 64-3174 (216) 725-


Where are Toddy and Marvin Barsness? P1
contact Capt. and Mrs. Henry K. Johnstone, 9301
Street N., #256, Pinellas Park, FL 34666 (813)
7286 from October 1 May 30; and 164 Central Ave
Bricktown, NJ 08724 (908) 840-9078 from June
September 30.

Pay Dues Now!

Doodle a note on your calen

Make the Secretary's Da


---~ -- ~~

make Panama attractive to the international tourist,
end result is a better and more interesting place
everyone," he explains.
The Panama Canal Spil1
April 10, :



In his first sp
as president of
American Chamber
Commerce and Indust
Panama (Amcha
Richard A. Wainio sai
has been motivated ove
years to be part of Ame
because it gives himn
"opportunity to control
in some small way, ti
organization that is he]
the country deN
economically and, in
process, improving
Richard A. Wainio quality of life for all of
Wainio, who is also the director of the Par
Canal Commission Office of Executive Planning,
elected in November and gave the speech at an inaul
dinner in January.
7 He was born and grew up on the Isthmus and b
S working for the Panama Canal in 1975 as an analy,
S long planning projects. Master's degrees in internati
business and economics prepared him for subseq
posts as an economist, Planning Division chief, Econ,
Research and Market Development Divison chief an
m present directorship...
7 Amcham supports activities to stimulate comrr
between the United States and Panama and to prol
and protect the free enterprise system. Its member
includes approximately 250 private companies locate
Panama. Amcham's committees organize semi
produce newsletters, analyze commercial activities
communicate with a lobby group in Washington,
about laws that might affect trade with Panam
member businesses. The group recently published a 1
titled The ABCs of Investing in Panama...
Wainio's goal for this year as Amcham preside


When Industrial Division Chief Collin Corrigan looks
)ut the windows of his corner office next week, his view
vill be very different from that of the past ten months.
missing from the scene will be the massive suction
Iredge Mindi, which will soon be leaving Dock 15 and
turning home to the Dredging Division in Gamboa. Its
absence will signal the completion of a $3.5 million over-
iaul of the dredge.
The Mindi was designed and built in 1937 by the Elli-
:ott Machine Corporation of Baltimore. A number of
improvements and modifications have been made since
hat time, beginning in 1943.
The improvements made during this overhaul
included rebuilding the cutter shaft reduction gear and
nodifying the pump machinery, moves that are expected
o cut routine pump maintenance time in half. The life of
he cutter motor was significantly extended by redesigning
he cooling system to include an air-filter system.

Suction dredge Mindi, final overhaul touches.
Photo by Susan Stabler

The main engines were completely overhauled by
EMD Service Contractor, a stateside company
specializing in this type of work. In addition, the crew's
quarters and galley were completely refurbished to make
employee work environments better and safer. Working
paces were also improved.
Georee Patton. the Droiect coordinator. says. "Dredee

'ery piece ot machinery was examined, leaving nothing
The Electrical Division also played a major role,
particularly the Armature Shop, which rehabilitated the
riable-speed, 1,000-horsepower motor that powers the
e dredge's huge cutter head.
Several pieces of new equipment, including air
impressors, an improved sump pump system, new
edge pumps and new ladder pumps. In addition, all on-
>ard dredge piping was either replaced or modified.
among the improvements planned for a later date are
e installation of a new chilled-water central air
inditioning system. Additional noise reduction measures
e also planned.

Pat Williams, the acting chief for the Mindi, notes
that its technology ranks high in comparison with other
dredges in the world. He adds that it performs 75 to 80
percent of all the dredging at the Panama Canal,
removing an average of 600,000 yards of material a
The Panama Canal Spillway
October 25, 1991

Jeri Ruth Wheeler of the Canal Zone, Panama, was
one of 63 Southwest Texas State University students
selected for inclusion in the 1992 edition of "Who's Who
Among Students in American Universities and Colleges."

1K '

and dependents.
trial disease that is contracted by ingi
ted food or water, cholera is best prevent
good hygiene. Hands should be washed b
or eating food and after using the bathi
Id also make sure your food is adeqi
d cooked and that it is protected from flie

LV -- '' Y I V A I AV L 1


d and beverages from street Panamanian health and la,
- ". ......... T 14 .... -.,..,.. .. l "f...-.

'atherine and Eddie Filo went to Tampa at the CST and their son, Anthony Ted, lives in Castoni

The "Ancon Girls" are getting together every month
o talk over old times and happy incidents. I think we
ave all held our ages very well. So far, so good! We
believee it is the Chagres water. Like the fountain of
Hopefully will see all our friends at the reunion. God
Catherine (Whelan) Filo
(205) 794-0145


lad visited with his mother, Jessie Matheney, in Florida
ast October. He said Jessie would celebrate her 99th
birthday on April 26, still plays bridge several times a
veek, plays and wins in bridge tournaments. What a
remarkable and beautiful little lady she is!
Ed McVittie confided that his lovely wife, Grace,
vould celebrate her 80th birthday in May.That seems
credible; she is so beautiful and young-looking she must
iave to show her driver's license to get a senior citizen
aovie ticket!
Jeff Hirschl and his wife, Melissa, are expecting their
second child around the end of this year. Jeff's parents,
)an and Miriam Hirschl, are still very active, both
working part-time; Miriam as a teacher and Dr. Dan as
Pediatrician in a Phoenix-area clinic.
Mary Ann (Carruthers) Honey and "Sis" (Hayes)
'hillips enjoyed a 14-day Caribbean cruise on the "S.S.
golden Odyssey" this past winter. They said the tropical
plants, Calypso music and dancing, and "Bajan talk" made
hem feel back home in Panama again! Mary discovered

mother CHS grad (circa '32 or '33) in Sun City, AZ,
)orothy (Birkland) Harrie, and gave a luncheon in her
lonor and "Sis's" for a number of her Sun City friends to
reet the two ex-Zonians. The luncheon took place on
)ctober 10, 1991, at the Westbrook Country Club near
iun City.

lary (Carruthers) Honey, Dorothy (Birkland) Harrie
Ind "Sis" (Hayes) Phillips, Sun City, Arizona, October
0, 1991.
Ted and Emma Englebright were not able to attend
he Spring luncheon-meeting in Chandler because Ted
vas hospitalized with pneumonia. He recovered very
quicklyy and is now at home again. Emma, herself, was
ather laid up at the same time with an injury to one
oot, which has responded nicely to rest and treatment.
Fed's son, Ted Englebright, Jr. (CHS'52) visited his
parents in Tucson during the third and fourth weeks of
Aarch, 1992. Ted, Jr. is now a resident of Topock, AZ,
on the Colorado River.

Jane (Dickson) Cox
(602) 298-3147


With the dogwoods and redbuds in bloom, warmer
leather has returned to the Ozarks.
Want to remind every one in this neck of the woods
hat our annual picnic usually held on Fathers' Day, will
ie held at Agri Park in Fayetteville, AR, on May 31,
992. Hours are from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM. "Y'all
Alice and Red Nail report that Red attended a
union of his grade school in Cullman, AL. Also, they
Lave been spending time in cleaning up the tree farm
after the disastrous winter.
Betty McGilberry is okay and looking forward to a
rip to Colorado during the month of May.
The travel plans of John and Polly Michaelis to
rexas and California have been put on hold or I should
ay moved back to this fall because of promotions of
I-' _

Herbert Engelke, father of Rita Grammer, has been busy with her job as librarian for two local schools.
hospitalized with a bout of pneumonia, but has recovered Etta Fay Terrell is looking forward to an extended
and is doing better. Rita just returned from Scottsdale, trip to New England and Nova Scotia in May. She will be
AZ, where she made the acquaintance of granddaughter accompanied by her daughter, Andrea, and son-in-law
Carson Page. Says she is "beautiful"! Harold has added Paul.
real estate to his list of jobs. Maxine Reinhold is somewhere in the Caribbear
Jack and Joan Corliss are busy getting ready for the enjoying a cruise as this is being written.
wedding of son John and his fiancee, Dawn Brewer, to be The Huffmans, Kathleen and Willard, made theii
held on May 2nd, 1992. Joan also reports their daughter annual jaunt to Oaklawn Racetrack in Hot Springs, AR -
Leslie and husband Steve are building a new home on stayed three days and contributed their share to keep the
Beaver Lake. They are also planning a trip later to horses in oats. Left there and spent Easter week-end al
Copper Canyon in Mexico. Kathy and Will's home in Wynne, AR, had fun finding
X4n-r I -n .4-_ll- VFth- VI-,- _- _nlr U T1-1* 1 f-_. _U. A X ,1 nl: 4..* KT_* +-:v

11, 1992 to c

school in
a spring-



On March 8, 1992, the PCSSC met at "Pea Soup
ndersens" in Carlsbad, for their annual Business
luncheon. Four former Past Presidents; Francis
.tzpatrick, Conrad Horine, Bill Quinn and Edith
simmer and Joan deGrummond joined the greeters,
ddie and Lettie Moore, Bill and Eileen Finken, Leo
rziza, Esther Condry, Mary Lade, Jean McLean and
ill Quinn in welcoming guests and members. A video,
)mmemorating the 75th Anniversary of the opening of
e Panama Canal, compliments of the Panama Canal
commission, was set up for viewing during the "social
)ur" before the meeting by Senor David Hollowell.
The meeting was called to order by President Joan
:Grummond, and after the Pledge of Allegiance and
vocation, a short Memorial Service, led by Missy Will
allowed. All quietly remembered our dearly departed
ith a few minutes of silence.
Adele Argo then left us chuckling by reading a poem
titled, "What you can do with a dime."
Special guests were introduced by Warren Wood, and
e welcomed Paul and Luz Sewell, guests of Jim and
elia Henderson; Betty Hummer Hemenway, guest of
ster Joan Haugen and Joyce Goorjion, guest of Francis
id Laverne Fitzpatrick.
Dr. John Hansen (CHS'45), David Hollowell
:HS'42) and Janet Nesbitt Lashinger (CHS'39) were
ir guest speakers in our ongoing series of "Canal Zone
family Histories." Their colorful autobiographies had us
1 smiling..musing..laughing..and remembering. We all
membered that life was like a "slice of America in the
opics" and that Freedom experienced by growing up in
&e Zone helped to mold us into the interesting people
e are today. Thank you John, David and Janet!

I UUIIIIlUUIU wYJlL a vvI aI L1 LY., 11%', o~aa uy
vid McCullough, donated by Eileen Petersen. Bob
>ser won a brass tray, donated by Leo Krziza. Bill
iken, Evelyn Wood, Tania Sanderson, David Hollowell,
i Eileen Petersen each won a pair of slippers,
icheted by Letty Moore. The Lottery winners were, 1st
ze: Gloria Moser, 2nd prize: Elva Waddell, 3rd prize:
in deGrummond.
Our next meeting will be the "Memorabilia
ncheon" at Michael's Restaurant, Aug. 2, Los Angeles.
>pe you join us, it's more enjoyable with you there.



lard Meeting: L-R: Bill Quinn, Conrad Horine,
ivid Lane, Kathy Taylor, kneeling: Jack Taylor,
)rma Horine, Joan deGrummond, Edith Wimmer,
d David Leroy Smith.


'L 4

r, ACG Frankfurt, Unit 25401, APO /

to hear from friends. (Palm Crest House, 3501 Cedar
Ave. #407, Long Beach, CA 90807. (310) 492-6632.
Dick Tatelman, cruising ...again, aboard Cunard's
Vistafjord. The Canal transit allowed him time to
disembark and enjoy luncheon at the Brazos Club with
cousin Jimmy Doyle and friends Pat Leach Bjorneby and
Sunny Morland Mizrachi.

Luncheon get-together at Brazos Brooks Golf Club for
Dick Tatelman, March 1992: Pat Leach Bjorneby,
James Doyle, Sunny Morland Mizrachi.

From all reports...the West Coast Reunion promises
to be another grand undertaking with coordinator David
Lane at the helm.

Linda Reimann Morris
(619) 272-9729


On New Year's day of this year I stopped by
Margaret (Meigs) Malloy's home in response to her
request for help with this column. We had a lot of fun
talking about the Class of 1937 at CHS and Margaret
told some good stories about luminaries of that era.
Although Margaret is no longer able to continue
reporting the adventures of nomadic Zonians, ever in
search of their roots, the Colorado news bureau will
remain open, and events will be reported as they are
received. more or less Of course any news bureau is

other hand, you Coloradamanians are now in the han
of one who might make up things, or even submit son
of those 1937 stories. Things will undoubtedly go bett
if you just call me, and I'll look forward to hearing fro
With regard to my own background, these days I a
a clinical psychologist here in Boulder, but was born
Margarita in 1947, grew up on both the Atlantic ai
Pacific sides, and graduated from BHS in 1965. What el
could possibly be important?
Stew Brown, Report
817 Quince A\
Boulder, CO 8031
(303) 440-84:



Had a nice note from Aura Erickson recently abc
a surprise birthday party on March 12 for Flo
Madison. Friends brought covered dishes for the evei

er, Edna Wertz, A

uuu 12,1u e

Front: Bud Erickson, Flora Madison. Back: Mildr
Harper, Betty Scears, Aura Erickson, Vera Smit
Edna Wertz.

In early April, Aura and Bud Erickson had a hou,
guest from Brandon, Vermont, her brother Hiram ai
his wife Marge Huntoon. They enjoyed being in Flori<
and out of the snow.
Eleanor and Howard Buehler also had guests visitii
them. Harry and Beverly (Smith) Lippert a:
missionaries with Bill Rice Day Ministries. For the pa
several years they have been in Sorocaba, Brazil, the
part of the year and summers in a camp for the deaf
A -- .... 1- -* 1_ l ... rL_ f 1 ... 1_ l_

Sara Rowley's birthday aboard Costa Marina, Jan. 4,
with son-in-law Davis Stevenson, daughter June
Stevenson. Sara. dauahter-in-law Beverlv and son

Cheryl Williams and daughter Katie showed Chip, a
chocolate Labrador and Ariel, a Gordon Setter in the
dog show held in Balboa. Both dogs won the title of
National Champion and Chip won the additional title of
International Champion the only one in Panama. Bud
and Beverly Williams are proud of their "other
Sara Rowley (and Betty Snow)
(813) 531-7339


Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Neal attended the engagement
and approaching marriage announcement party of their

n i.pnrllnrV // In HnrrTrnri r nn

Skipper Rowley with cruise ship Costa Marina in
The retired Canal Zone Nurses gathered for a no-
hostess luncheon on 14 March at the Clearwater Beach
Hotel. These monthly luncheons are held to share good
fellowship and honor the "birthday girl of the month."
Those attending were Ann Butcher, Jackie Linker, Tillie
McConaghy, Johnnie Strickland, Kay Talercio, Kay
Butler, Marie Corrigan, Fran Stock, Irene Ladrach and
Betty Snow.
The girls got together for dinner at the March Polo
Restaurant in Dunedin to celebrate Coleen (Lawson)
Mate's birthday in late March. After dinner they went to
Gladys Meade's home for dessert and coffee. Those
attending were Josephine Attia, Judy Hooper, Ellen
Freund, Margaret Leigh, and Terry Blog.
Jim and Virginia Wood were surprised by daughter
Ann (Wood) Suescum when she flew in from Panama for
an Easter visit with her parents and daughter, Virginia
Ann Suescum.

Aronson at the Marriott Hotel.
Then on March 21, the Neals went to Panama City,
Rep. of Panama to attend the wedding. After the
ceremony, a reception was hosted by Esther's father,
David Robles and his wife, Silvia, in the Ballroom of the
Marriott Hotel in Panama.
A letter sent me, signed only as "Canal Zone
American" goes like this:
Title: Who Dey?
"A while back I ran across a photo of two brothers,
second generation Canal Zone brats, the one on the left
is 12 years old, Born in Newport News, VA., the one on
the right is 10 years old, born in Ancon, CZ. The photo
was taken in 1926, boy, das 66 years ago.
The two brothers served apprenticeships and retired
from the American Canal built in Panama, as their father
did before them.
Both brothers are still alive, one in Panama and the
other in the USA doing well thank you.
Look for a follow-up photo in the Record, titled '55
years later.' Hope you get a chuckle out of this trivia."
(We'll be waiting thank you).


- -ANN _

SLlv T^V* J LPflfT k lrYPTT L^J

an.. a...uflnC a L.ot. .'. %-,U-m IlU 'I.I 11a 1alJl lllaai I l1 tL ,
launch assigned to give medical aid during the races, if
needed. The next day she was an observer/photographer
on Rick Doubek's official boat to pick up or render
assistance to disabled cayucos and crews. Betty is proud
to report that her niece Cheryl Allen Williams patch boat
won second place on the 3rd day's race and nephew Pat
Williams' team of 16-year old high school girls placed
-_--.11 -- f -- -A --- -- 17-1-

Who dey

r;- ------ -- -- ---- ---- --1 ~p~

Hope to see all of you at the Reunion in June. I wi
appreciate all the news you can send in. Remember m
as I will remember all of you.

Gertrude Allgaier


Bill and Jeannine Carlin welcomed a visit from hi!
brother, Bob "Bozo" Carlin and his wife, Flois, of Sar
Antonio, TX, well as visits from other former Zonites.
Bob has recently become a member of the Panama
Canal Society and while in Sarasota visited his former co-
worker from the 15th Naval District, George Walker anc
h; Afp &t4.- -Ann ot thp;r hr.n Tio,,r --rA ;-;n-IA hk

vcItnt^i 6at.aLo ..tL LULA., LJ1f %..,U k km ftIAlAl V'A*/ T ., ftlV', .
and Linnea Angermuller of Zirconia, NC, and Gil Smith
and his brother, Joe Smith, both of Clearwater. Gi.
retired from the accounting division in Balboa lasl
summer and moved to Clearwater with his wife, Susit
(Pincus) (CHS'56) Smith and her mother, Mrs. Alict
Almond and Diane (Skinner) (BHS'53) Snider,
recently returned to their home in Falmouth, MA, aftei
their annual four months trip to their vacation home it
Sarasota. The Sniders recently became members of the
Panama Canal Society and attended the P.C. Societ)
March luncheon meeting at The Fairways in Sarasota and
enjoyed meeting some of the officers and members
Diane also attended the C.Z. Monday Morning coffee
group while here. She is the daughter of Zonites, Ralph
and Carline "Snooky" (Wertz) Skinner and often speni
part of their vacation with them at their home in Wintei
Park, FL. Their permanent address is: 115 Lucerne Ave.,
Falmouth, MA 02540.
Mike Greene was honored on his 83rd birthday with
a dinner party hosted by his wife, Marion Greene, for
over 45 guests, at their home in Sarasota. Out of town
guests included, Mike's sister, Mrs. Earl Fowler, his
nephew and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fowler, all from
Pensacola, FL, and Marion's sister Esther (Neely) Burks
from New Port Richey, FL.
Recent guests at the home of George and Maync
Walker were Pat LeBrun from Sacramento, CA,; Gail
Ward whn rrhinp. in Oranr~np Rl ccrnm Cardpnfc ft I.awl

IvilalUiL1 I11 UI 31L. ri ~I bUUrg. UICy WC IC blaU guCbLb iL I IC
Monday morning coffee group hosted by Kay Miller.
Pat recently returned from a trip to Panama where
she visited her son, Bill LeBrun Jr. and family. He is a
Junior Pilot with the Panama Canal Company. Pat also
visited her brother, Doug Smith and family in Deland, Fl,

Sylvia in Titusville, FL. Enroute home, Pat stopped ir
San Antonio, TX for a short visit with her daughter, Julih
LeBrun and family.

Early in March, Lee and Marian Kariger drove tc
California to visit family and friends. While there, Lee
who reached his 80th birthday on March 30, 1992, was
honored by three birthday parties. First, Marian's sister
Joyce Green had a party for family and friends at hei
home in San Diego.
Several days later, Lee, who is an avid amateur han
radio operator, was honored at another party at San Juar
Capistrano by fourteen "Ham" operators in the area
including his son-in-law, Darrell Eide, also a "Ham'
operator, and his wife, Nancy (Kariger) Eide, ol
Bremerton, WA.
On March 21st, Lee's children, Robert "Bob" Kariger
his sister, Nancy Eide, and their families entertained
twenty-four family members and a few close friends witi
a dinner party in Long Beach. A large birthday cake was
A ------- ... :+U -..,, 11 +U_ -1- -U --- 1 _.

When the Karigers returned to their home ir
Sarasota, a dinner party, arranged by his wife, Marian
was held on his real birthday, March 30, 1992. Guests
included co-workers, neighbors and close friends made
during their many years on the Canal Zone. It was greal
fun reminiscing about incidents and happenings thai
occurred over the years.
Lee received many phone calls and cards, including
a congratulatory greeting from President George Bush
and his wife, Barbara. What a happy climax ol
celebrations for his 80th birthday!!!
Curtis and Emily Bliss of Rockledge, FL were guests
of his brother-in-law and sister, George and Maync
Walker, and celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary or
Valentine's Day at a family dinner party.
Tinsie (Bliss) Barnes enjoyed a visit from Calvin
"Bud" Carder and his daughter, Jan of Ridgeley, WV
Bud is the nephew of her late husband, J.O. "Barney'
Barnes. They visited several of the Florida attractions,
including Busch Gardens. They also enjoyed our beaches
and especially our beautiful sunsets. They are looking
forward to a return visit.
Stella (Boggs) DeMarr of Bradenton, FL had a
recent visit from her son, Glen DeMarr and his wife,
Lauretta of Scottsdale, AZ. Glen is a Financial Planner
with the SIGNA Financial Corporation in the Phoenix,
AZ office and had a week's business conference at Marco
Island, FL. His wife, Lauretta, who accompanied her
husband is employed with American Express in Phoenix.
Tapn Mlntinfrp an n mipt nrr;vP frnm T|l2cn CT fmr

U' -Alnr .. -nod Ufe -li

share in the birthday celebration.

Gladys B. Humphre3
(813) 955-190C

.. q t

TT -1-1--.. _TTi. i- '- 17 A. CV

1 11 to.

T-'--* __ -'A.f. A.I_ T> r~t /--_----_.

Do you ever wonder why the hats made in Ecuador
called "Panama Hats"? Read on and you will soon
A great "Panama Party" was thrown by Jim and Kelly
thenais during the month of March. It was
rnavalito in the Grove" and we enjoyed many treats;
che, empanadas, arroz con polio and more, not to
ition the good friends that were there. See about
to for faces and facts!

mny Gaul, Julie Pollack, Roy Vasquez, Armando
mntes, Tim Calvitt, Mr. Nickisher, Kim Vasquez,
. Nickisher, Tom Frensley, Mary (Jabowski)
nsley, Paul Dolan, Lori Nickisher, Cooky
vlon, Jim Parthenais, Stacey Vasquez, Lee Gaul,
)bie (Pollack) Randolph, Rosita Pollack, Fred
tkins, Tom Vasquez, Kristin Gaul, Stephanie
lock, Jennifer Watkins, Michael Watkins and
ki Gaul.

Anna Calvit of Kerrville visited her son, Tim and
ghter, Helen in February. Tim Calvit has recently
n certified in Scuba Diving.
Visitors? We've had a few these past few months;
yn Dumas and her friend Ken came from Santa
bara, California for Cassy Dumas' wedding in
ruary. While here we enjoyed eating stone crabs
rn at Government Cut and watched the cruise ships
)ut to sea. They also made a trip down to the Keys
a visit to see grandparents and her mother in Tampa.
-een Hanson was here for the weekend on a business
which took her to Palm Beach. (It must be nice!)
ry Lou Pascavage stayed over one night on her way
k to Panama after training classes here in the states.
is a computer systems administrator with the DOD.
k and Lynn Cahill visited and watched a pre-season
-ball game. We are warming up for the Florida
rlins. Albert Saarinen was also here on his way back
'anama after getting out of the military. He plans to
k with his wife, Zori, at her law practice in Panama.
Okay, here's the scoop. The expression, "Panama
t", comes from the late 1800's when all goods from
th America came through the Isthmus of Panama,

interested, it is published by Vintage Random
That's all for now. See you at the Reunion!

Janice (Cookie) Newlon
(305) 532-6525


This past Christmas we went to St. Petersburg to
id the holidays with my parents Beverly and Browne
rcliffe and Skip's mother Sara Rowley of Clearwater,
ire going on the Zonian Amigos Cruise. We were
ed by our daughter Renee Rowley Friedel, her
)and Brian and our granddaughter Miranda. While
e, we delivered our other daughter Adriane, to the
ipa Airport for her two week trip to Panama which
spent with Don and Barbara Vose and their family
in and Bobby, Darla and their grandson Shane.
iane had lots of fun spending time with her friends
didn't want to leave.
On December 28th we drove to Ft. Lauderdale to
,t up with a pre-cruise gathering at the Marina Inn.
following day we boarded the ship and began our
,n day cruise to the Western Caribbean. Skip was the
one in the pool when it opened. Reminded him of
hp trinc thlt hP hliA tlrn nn th-0 Pn nm T ;np T-Tp

board Costa Marina. Zonian Amigos in the jacuzzi.
: Pat Williams, Sheril Williams, Paul Williams,

I i- -, ~ -

0 -i. 1 _u I 1 I. I r H. .1


"Big Bend Zonians" of Tallahassee, Florida. Mongoliar
Seventy five strong. Can you identify your old friends

We made it back to Tallahassee in time for th(
annual Christmas Tree burn at Todd and Lori (Husum.
Allen's house. Skip was not able to collect as many tree:
this year as he had last year because of his world
schedule, the cruise, and Jimmy Bradley had moved t(

plans oi an upcoming picnic wnicn is pianneu Lor ivii
30th. He and Laverne Larrabee drove all ov(
Tallahassee scouting out picnic sites which we are no
awaiting permission to hold it at one of the nearby Lake

Beverly Rowh
(904) 422-215


Mariela (Meggers) McNally was telling me ho
active the Panamanian "conjunta" dance group is i
Atlanta. There are twelve dancers and they hai
performed, not only in Atlanta, but in Alabama an
North Carolina. They were invited to perform at tl
Aulmsta College in Auimsta. GA to a canacitv crowd (

Bar-B-Que at the Golden East Restaurant on March 26, 1(

back in July to do another performance at a larl
theater. They were also invited by Coca Cola to dance
their famous pavilion next to the Underground Atlar
and in fact, were the only group to be invited inside I

Panamanian Dancers, Atlanta, GA. Bottom L
Mariella (Meggers) McNally, Rafaeil Benites, Mar
DfFa-hl _laxrar Tr;i;illn Palrelino gn;ftae Tnnr I


eak from the Merchant

kndrea (Byrd) and Lester Smith with daughter
Christine (Smith) Romero and 5 mo. old son Jaenon
Jlatthew, March, 1992.

On the first of March, Lester Smith returned from
S3-month assignment in the Marshall Islands. People say
hat wherever you go you can find a Zonian. That proved
o be true in the tiny island of Kwajalein. Lester found
Iinda (Kapinos) Punchon living there. Linda is a
3amboa girl who also happens to be the sister-in-law of
,ester's brother Robert! Talk about a small world. Since
,ester was gone for Christmas and New Years, he and
Wndrea celebrated both upon his return. Andrea had
wanted to keep the tree up but you can imagine what a
3-month old Christmas tree would look like. Their
laughter Christine and new grandson Jaenon Matthew
Romero (see Births) flew in from Ft. Worth a week after
,ester returned for a short visit. Their other daughter,
imberly, drove in from her college in Carrollton after
earranging her classes so she could also spend time with
ier sister and nephew. After Christine flew back to
Texas, Kathleen Sheridan, who is now living in
California, came for a visit with Andrea and Lester. The
wo ladies have been hitting all the Country Springtime
'airs and having such a good time that Kathleen is now
thinking of returning to Georgia to live.

*I 4J

Davis and I drove down to Lakeland, Florida on
April 11 to celebrate the 90th birthday of his mother,
Muffle Stevenson. Muffle's birthday is actually April 13th,
)ut we celebrated it early to take advantage of the
weekend. Among those former Zonians attending were
Sara Rowley, Mary Lou and Corky Elbertson, Jane Ruiz,
Pauline Small, Lori (Stevenson) Snow and her husband
Virgil and children, Allie and Nick, and their
housekeeper, Julia Carvajal (from Panama). The party
was held at the home of Muffle's youngest son, Sydney
ind his wife, Stella Stevenson. While in Florida, we also
;pent a day at Busch Gardens, taking in all the sights,
plus an elephant ride. Busch Gardens is a great place to
spend the entire day.
On April 4, Bruce and Jini Hearn invited Davis and
to be their guests at the annual Steeplechase Run in
Cummings, Georgia. This is a BIG event, where
.horoughbred horses come from all over the United
States to run five separate races on a dirt track at a
privately owned farm. Some people come for the races,
)ut since this is one of the biggest social events in
Atlanta, most come to see and be seen. The ladies come
lecked out in all types of fancy clothes and the men
either drive, or are chauffeured in their fanciest cars. Big
ents are set up with grand pianos inside, and all
refreshments catered by waiters in white dinner jackets.
Obviously most people aren't watching the races. This
was our second Steeplechase event, thanks to Bruce and
fini, who have been going for many years, and we all had
i great time.
Danny and Mary DesLondes stopped by for an
overnight visit with us in April on their way to North
Carolina to visit with Mary's mom, and also to look for
furnituree for their new home in Florida. It was great
seeing them and we drove them around to give them an
dea of what our area looks like. Danny tells us he is


Oth birthday party of Muffle Stevenson, with great-
Iranddaughter Allie Snow. Photo taken at home of
oydney and Stella Stevenson, Lakeland, FL. 4/12/92.

,oco Restaurant in Buckhead. Word is that everyone
ordered something "Spanish" to eat, and the beer was just
ke our Cerveza Panama.
Keep me posted, y'all, on happenings. Till next issue.

June A. Stevenson
(404) 995-7537

id many others, especially those of us learning to f

WII1 lU. pdlia llu Wdb WI C -cU LWU CupiC U IIICU LUi aII 1IU
several other accidents and both the Atlantic and Pacific
flying clubs were closed. Barney's wife, Tinsie (of the
famous Bliss family), was one of my dance and
personality inspirations for years at the Sexton-Sears
dance class at old Cristobal Clubhouse a bit of a while
My cousin Helen (Worsley) Cook (daughter of the
late "uncle" Bob Worsley) and her son Bob along with
friend Pauline Wells, paid me a welcome visit, after so
many years, coming from Mt. Juliet, TN their first visit
to Hawaii. Our paths had not crossed in decades, and
how sweet it was! My daughter Katya and I took them to

uIL tLL ,A" U. a TV V lL, A A U.' UJ gl. J
11 U72C F..XJ ipl1 rpppii7pA onA th> c-. i,-

At lunch at the Tahitian Lanai (which some of hope
to save from demolition), I learned from Frances that
Joyce (Masters) Danford (BHS'49) visited Honolulu and
had dinner at Kahala Mall with Frances. They had not
seen each other for 40 years, so there was much business
to discuss. Joyce, who lived in the Zone about eight years
and was a cheer-leader for CZJC, now works part time
as a nanny for Tom Selleck's three-year old daughter.
Also, Bea (Reyes) Gunn (BHS'49, CZJC'52) of Paso
Robles, CA, recently called Frances about sending her
some books on Panama.
Capt. Gregory and Vicki (Baldwin) Fischer of Pearl
City, Hawaii, have just bade farewell (and returned my
Lucho recordings) as they were moving in May to San
Diego. Most of their children and all six grandchildren
live in California. Meanwhile, their son Robert is due to
arrive here after three months' WESTPAC deployment
on the USS Wadsworth. Gregory has been consultant for
Digital Systems Research, HI Office, and Vicki has
thoroughly enjoyed teaching Spanish in Hawaii and hopes
to be able to teach English to Latinos in California.


Norma (Stillwell) Martin and Charlie Heim at the
hrimtn -f RAr anrl i Aro Vinr^n* Iat Prklnj /D;rr^i;


At the Poconos reunion: Tom Halliday, Shirley
(Edwards-Gerchow) Sargent, Gene Hamlin.
Submitted by Elaine (Bohan) Hooper).
From my dear friend Elaine (Bohan) Hooper of
Jonesborough, AK came the sad news of the death of
Charlie Heim's wife, Hazel. Though I didn't know her, I
wish I had. Elaine also sent me two photos for my report,
adding that last Fall, Norma (Stillwell) Martin spent a
couple of weeks in La Mesa with Ruthie (Brown)
Robertson and they drove to Birdie (Tedder/Hele)
Cerbone's home, and Charlie and Hazel Heim drove to
meet them there. Elaine visited California later and spent
a couple of days with Ruthie. She also thoroughly
enjoyed the Poconos Reunion with Norma.

^^p-'^ '^/

An outstanding occasion was the visit of Barney and
Betty (Comley) Forgeson, following their inter-island
cruise. They invited the Henry Dolims, my friend and me
to celebrate their 50th anniversary dinner at the Canon
Club. They also enjoyed the dolphin show at the elegant
Kahala Hilton Hotel pond, the Studebaker's, everything!

.. n

Sissie (Olga Rowe) and Bill Spreuer at Elks Club,
Another fond meeting was the visit of Bill and Sissie
(Olga Rowe) Spreuer from Capistrano Beach, CA after
their island-hopping trip. We shared much aloha during
those few days of visiting, dining with Bill and Jan
Taylor, my daughter Katya and friend Larry Redden and
the Dolims, and with cavorting (?) at Studebaker's and
the Elks Club and laughing at Sissie's amusingly told
Bajun jokes.
Bill and Jan Taylor have grand travel plans for
October, first attending Bill's flying school reunion in San
Diego, flying to New York to board the Concord flight to
London for a visit, returning to New York on the Queen
T ." 1 .a .r -1 .I "e _.. .1 __" ._

Back L-R: Bill Taylor, Barney Forgeson, Larry
Redden, Virginia Dolim. Front L-R: Jan (Koperski)
Ta.lI R3a4if nrn rrcn^ I nia atne


Dan and Margie (Morris) Hanesworth (BHS'63) had
a nice visit in early November with their nephew Carlton
Morris, son of Bob Morris, and niece Mercedes Morris,
daughter of Charlie Morris. Carlton, from Dallas, Texas,
was in the Indiana area on business and Mercedes is
studying for her PhD at the University of Indiana.
Aunt Margie and Carlton even braved the cold (20
below wind chill factor) to see a Chicago Bears football
game. Mercedes and her sister Melanie, from Panama,
returned to have Thanksgiving with the Hanesworth's.
They had a great time showing the girls the sights of
Cr- -_~o^

L-R: GRandpa Elmer Hack and the Salaban f,
Jonathan. Marv'hpth Hack. Peter and Becky.


Jane McCauley of Terre Haute, Indiana is exp(
a visit from her daughter-in-law from San Bruno
Carol McCauley and Carol's daughter Meghan. NI
is in the second grade but will be on spring vacati

Grownups, L-R: Claud Lyon (husband), M(
Flowers (granddaughter), Marjorie (Lyon) Mer
(daughter), Ruth (Wood) Lyon (wife), & children
(all great-grands) Becky Flowers, Angela Mere
John Flowers.

Jane has been invited to, and plans to atte
celebration at the Indiana Statehouse in Indianape
April 21st. It is in connection with the 175th annivi
of the founding of the state of Indiana. People in In
are called "Hoosiers." The celebration is a recog
ceremony to which descendants of Hoosier Fou
Families have been invited.
Jane also reports that she recently spent a cou
days in Avon, IN, visiting with her daughter Shell
her family.
Our reporter Claud Lyon had eye surge
February to remove a cataract, implant lens, and re
a growth. At this time it seems that the surgery.
Ruth (Wood) Lyon celebrated her birthday,
month. She won't say which one, except that she us(
correct numbers but rearranged them and claimed
was 37 years old. A four-generation picture was
S with some of the family who attended.
Claud and Ruth are planning a trip to Medina,
later in April. They will be visiting Charles Stepp al
is daughter Judy (Stepp) Pariette and her husband C
at Claud and Ruth are also looking forward to a vi
in May from John and Shirley (Crews) Finlason o
ie City, CA and a visit from Dick Parker of Palm HI
's FL.
er Claud E.
(812) 256

An urgent letter has been received fror
Asociacion Nacional para la Conservacion d
Naturaleza (ANCON) in Panama City. More than
Amigos de Ancon have made $25 donations to
'g 85,000 trees in Soberania and Chagres national pal
S the watershed of the Panama Canal. Park rangers
n been equipped and trained and more than 500 temp
jobs for local inhabitants have been generated. AN
ha, devpelnnpd a drtailpd mnnao-pmpEnt nlan fn

~- -~~-- ~~~~

lill Hatchett and Jim McKeown with the Panama
,anal Zone Express.

A golf cart known as the "Panama Canal Zone
Express" masquerades as a cross between a Panamanian
hiva and a Mardi Gras float during the annual Irish-
talian Open at Ormond Country Club. The creative
ninds being this invention are BHSers Bill Hatchett and
lim McKeown who know how "to pass a good time" in
Jew Orleans.

.-R: Dona Helmerichs, Rob Spilling, Cinda Spilling
and Megan Spilling. Front: Birthday Girl Amanda
Spilling and Jenny Tassin.

Dona Helmerichs in Slidell just returned from a trip
o Puerto Rico to visit daughter Susie H. Duncan. Susie
md Ray are stationed there for three years. It reminds
hem very much of Panama. The Duncans have 11
:oconut trees in the back yard. Dona's other daughter
Cinda H. Spilling lives 15 minutes from Dona. Her
husband, Rob, has started his own shipping company,
amiliarly named Riomar. To celebrate granddaughter
Amanda's eighth birthday, Dona and the Spillings went
o Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans.
Cinda is a substitute teacher at a preschool for boys.
She and four lady friends recently were treated to a
seven-day Caribbean cruise by their husbands. All five
iave small children who stayed at home with their dads.
rhe cruise sailed from New Orleans with stops at
Vontego Bay, Jamaica; Grand Cayman Island; and

ozumel, Mexico. At Montego say tney enjoyea a ratting
>ur and in Cozumel spent four hours on a party barge
enjoying Mexican dances and rum punch. They brought
ack lots of souvenirs for husbands and children and look
)rward to another trip next year.
Loreen Ridge Philyaw, CHS'78, of Columbia, S.C.,
honed to let us know that Alan G. Ridge, BHS'80, has
een transferred from Alexandria, La., to Germany. He
an X-ray technician in a mobile unit at Ramstein Air
orce Base. His address is S/Sgt. Alan G. Ridge, PSC 1,
ox 3873, APO-AE 09009. Loreen is the daughter of
Ibert "Bubba" Ridge, CHS'51, and the niece of
largaret Ridge Coffey of Chalmette, La. Margaret is a
-tired RN and lives near her son Richard. Richard has
little boy, 4.
Lt. Col. David Warren of New Orleans had a good
ip recently to Bayonne, N.J., for extra training with his
rmy reserve unit. His parents, Gret and Bill Warren of
few Port Richey, recently enjoyed a cruise to Nassau
'here the abundance of hibiscus reminded them of
anama. They were pleased and heartedly recommend
ie Star/Ship Oceanic, the official cruise line of Walt
)isney World.
Through this column the reporter thanks all those
,ho have donated old eye glasses and contributed recipes
)r a CZ cookbook and those who have sent in old
earbooks, and programs and yearbook updates from
scent class reunions. Thank you for your interest and
Patt Foster Roberson
(504) 774-7761


Catherine and John Boswell of Hattiesburg
:lebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a 10-day
ication to Curacao in the Netherland Antilles. Back
ome lots of interesting projects develop in the Boswell
workshops. John is busy these days at a work bench
outdoors with his latest hobby. He is a rock hound.
The Boswell's had a call from Dot and Bud Sabathne
:cently, trying to set up a schedule for seeing old CZ
ends. They moved to Hot Springs, AR last year after
ving many years in Chicago. The Sabathnes were
atertained on their 50th anniversary with a dinner party
i a Chicago Hotel, arranged by their children and many
ends. The Boswell's and Sabathne's met on the Zone
bout 1941. The Sabathne's returned to Chicago shortly
After the war ended.
Keeping up with the Boswell children and their
families is a project unto itself. Daughter Deanna and her
husband Pat moved into a new home in California in
inuary. Pat has been working on Air Force contracts
nce retiring from the Air Force. Daughter Jean and her
husband Dick will soon be moving to Aruba where Dick
president of a new oil company. Their daughter are
:udents, one at Duke University and one in a Florida
Boswell daughter Lynn and her husband John
'urner, an optician, and their sons, William, 14, and
avid, 11, live about 15 minutes from the Boswells. John

enjoys long-distance biking and Lynn preparing gourmet
dinner parties. Son Gordon and his wife, the former
Helen george of Gatun, and their daughter Ashley, a high
school senior and outstanding pianist, visited several
times a year since Gordon retired from the Air Force
after tours of duty in Germany and England. He now
works for Teledine and Brown and they live in
Huntsville, AL.
Victoria Fuentes
Green in Sandersville
phoned but when we called
back, a recording said the
phone had been
disconnected. Let us know if
she moved? She did send us
a picture taken in March at
SCerro Azul, Panama. The
place certainly looks
civilized after the jungle we
remember. And where's the
Victoria F. Green of This reporter
Sandersville, Miss. accompanied Gerda and
Owen Smith of Osyka to a performance of the 1992 Tour
of World Figure Skating Champions. Baton Rouge was
the third stop on a 40-city national fund-raining tour.
Fresh from the Olympics, skaters dazzled the sellout
crowd and earned a number of standing ovations. Gold
medal soloists Kristi Yamaguchi (U.S.) and Viktor
Petrenko (Ukraine), gold-medal couple Marina Klimova
and Sergei Ponomarenko (Russia), and silver-medal
soloists Nancy Kerrigan (U.S.) and Paul Wylie (U.S.),
among others were star attractions.

Patt Foster Roberson
(504) 774-7761


Hello again! We're back to give you the latest
developments in New England, but unfortunately there
are no photographs this time. We promise you great
photos next time, especially if the luncheon we hope to
have in May comes to pass.
We had, what I hope to be, our last snow storm in
New Hampshire a few weeks ago, and are on our way to
summer. Summers are great days here as the humidity
levels are fairly low most of the time. So if you think
Florida or California is great, you'll have to try a vacation
on the Cape, Maine or New Hampshire.
My sincere thanks for the responses to my first
article. I received a few calls from people who either or
knew someone in the area, or just wanted to talk, which
was great. Donna (Dondanville) Dickson (BHS'45) called
to say hello, as she used to live in Maine and remembers
her great garden and all the beautiful flowers that grow
there. She passed along some information about some
other New Englanders she suspected are in the area, and
she was right. I spoke to Mrs. Howard Wentworth, Jr. as
Mr. Wentworth was not available, who confirmed they
S-. I r i

late Howard Wentworth, Sr., formerly known as Jiggs to
many of you pilots and former Canal Zone pilots.
Howard, do you remember throwing cups of water on the
girls on the train while traveling to Pedro Miguel?? I also
spoke to Mrs. Noel McGinn who I discovered is living in
my town of Arlington, MA. Mr. McGinn I understand
travels quite a bit and was not available, but we hope to
meet soon. I received a call from Mr. Jerry Gorin
(CHS'34) of Rhode Island, who is a successful attorney
in his area. Jerry had quite an interesting story about how
he ended up in Panama. Thanks for calling, Jerry, it was
definitely interesting!

onians ... we made it dov

or west 1arnstaole, MA, in Marcn, locate on the cape.
Their gorgeous home, close to some cranberry bogs, was
filled with wonderful memorabilia of the Canal Zone, to
include a hand-knotted rug of the seal of the Canal Zone
-- ,I 1_ _.. ,1 -,_ l, ---_ "~. .l- -

auL I Lu1111L u 1.,u. Z-1 UULLI U1 lkUi LU LI.ULU Wila I 1L U11UiiLLU
as a token of our gratitude to re-initiate Bill and Cheryl
since it has been a long time since they tasted the ole'
firewater itself. Cheryl told us that Priscilla Husband,
/1 r C'L 74\ .,:':CA l-L -- __ I _- ,_ ...--A __ :_A.-

ield Kirrai
iut the prot
Reunion a
n brief kf

aam, move to Lcanlorma. since ner marriage im lv3Y to
hockey player and coach Eddie Kirrane, Ann has lived in
Brookline, Mass. Her husband coaches high school
hockey and is the director of Dexter School summer
hockey camp in Brookline. Her four children (ages 24 to
31) are all excellent skaters and two daughters plus son
Bill played hockey. She laughs as she tells that her
grandson Sam, age 5 1/2, is playing hockey and is a
member of the Brookline Ice Mice hockey team which
won the gold medal at a tourney in Rhode Island.
"Growing up in the Canal Zone never prepared me for
this life," says Ann, who had never seen snow or a hockey
game until she came to Boston. Now she confesses to be
an "ole' Yankee."

Ann collects anything from Canal Zone days but
mostly post cards featuring the Zone, construction days
and the Rep. of Panama. She has many old, rare and
valuable ones and would like to hear from others who
collect. (Are you listening Hambone?) Contact: Ann
Field Kirrane, 93 Eliot St., Chestnut Hill (Brookline),
MA 02167. (617) 566-4483.
By the time this is printed, we hope to have had our
PCS New England Luncheon. I encourage all to stay in
touch and participate in any activities if able. Or, just as
I mentioned before, just call to talk...

Debra (Boyle) Farrell
(617) 643-8531 (H)
(617) 463-2529 (W)


Greetings from North Carolina where our dogwood
trees are now in full bloom, a gorgeous sight.
Our most faithful reporter Alice Roche is
recuperating from surgery which will explain this
substitution. Pat Patino, our faithful treasurer has been
through a seige of illness but I am happy to report that
he is looking well again.
We have lost a very beloved member as Eugenia
Sanders passed away on March 6, 1992. Also our
condolences to Rosita Joudrey Suarez whose son Frank
C. Suarez died on February 7, 1992. Rosita was in Ft.
Lauderdale for the funeral. (See Obituaries)
Now, for happier news. Bill and Betty Dunning
welcomed a new member to their family as their
daughter Lynn was recently married to Jeff Harp,
formerly of the Canal Zone, now living in Rogers, AR. A
formal church wedding will be arranged at a later date.
In February, Betty and her sister Freda Stohrer enjoyed
a trip to Williamsburg, VA, where a niece Tracy Wolf
Dickey from Petersburg joined them for the few days.
Willy and Wilma Nowatny had the pleasure of
showing off our beautiful area to Willy's brother Klaus
who was visiting from Kitzengen, Germany for one week
in March. Over the Easter holidays they were so happy
to have Willy's son Willy Jr., wife Sheryl and son Brian
who had come from Tampa. It was a most enjoyable
Congratulations to Lee Kariger who recently
celebrated his birthday in a big way, in March. Party No.
1 was given by Marion's sister Joyce Green in Santee,
California. Party No. 2 given by Lee's son Bob, wife Nell,
and Lee's daughter and husband Nancy and Darrell Eide,
in Long Beach, CA. At this event all enjoyed Lee's
special gifts of wind up toys. There were 27 in all which
included grandchildren and great grandchildren. Party
No. 3 was held in Sarasota and at this event the napkins
read "Lordy, Lordy, Lee's twice forty". Now on April

24th, Lee and Marion wil be off again on another trip.
They will visit Lee's sister in West Point, VA. From there
to Silver Springs. MD for a short visit. They plan to be in
Philadelphia, PA to join other Amateur Radio Operators.
While in Philadelphia, they plan to visit the Shriner's
Hospital for Crippled Children. On their way back to
Murphy they will visit with friends in Reston, VA.
Gene Sexton Clary had a birthday party for Ruth Sill
(93rd) at Carolina Village recently. Ruth's son Fred came
for three days. Had a grand get together with luncheon
and lots of talk about old friends from Panama.
Charles and Alice Latimer were in Miami, FL on the
16th of April where they flew to Quito, Ecuador and on
to a six day cruise of the Galapagos Islands. They plan to
attend the Reunion in Orlando and following that event
will depart with their nine year old grandson for Europe.
Dr. Latimer will be presenting two workshops in Istanbul,
Turkey for the International School Counselors
Ron Angermuller reported that their daughter Britta
spend a week skiing in Ruidosa, NM recently. Son
Larry's ship the "Abraham Lincoln" is now permanently
based in San Francisco. Ron and Linnea were in Punta
Gorda, FL for ten days and visited with Jeanine and Bill
Sam and Norma Irvin were on the road again the
first of April, this time to Dallas, Texas where they joined
their son John, wife Julie and granddaughter Patricia who
had driven from San Diego to visit Julie's parents. Lt.
Irvin will re-join the Carrier "Ranger" in August.
On April 5th, Marty Irvin Tanner with more than
750,000 of her close friends went to Washington, DC to
stand up for the Women's Right of Choice. This
important and exciting trip was an anniversary gift from
Steve for her marrying him on April 15th twenty-two
years ago.
A Canal Zone no-host luncheon was held on April
21st at the Western Sizzling Steakhouse in
Hendersonville with the following members attending:
President, Ron Angermuller; Vice President, Louis
Everson and wife Ruth; Treasurer, Pat Patino with wife,
Agnes; Marion and Lee Kariger, Maenner B. Huff, Gene
S. Clary, Malcolm and Jean Stone, Pat and Jack Hunt,
Willy and Wilma Nowatny, Ruth and Bill Tillman, Sam
Irvin, Elizabeth Quintero, and yours truly.

Jean C. Dombrowsky
Reporter Pro Tem
(704) 692-6454


Renee (Carter) Collins had a great time in late
March visiting with BHS classmate, Sue Davenport, in
Austin, TX. Sue invited her down for a weekend of fun
and relaxation, and little sleep! Also invited over to visit
was Lorna (Wiles) Moore of San Antonio. Dave
Melendrey of Austin, also a former classmate, came by
for a nice evening with them. Marily Carter of Kerrville,
TX, met Renee and Sue for lunch on Friday. She gave
Renee a special gift of a stethoscope in anticipation of
Nursing School in the Fall.

Sue Davenport of Austin, Texas, Reporter for Canal

^-- ^'I--^S


After several weeks of clandestine meetings and
phone calls, Mary (Chase) Gordon, formerly of Diablo
and currently residing in Port Orange, Florida, was totally
surprised when an invitation by her neighbors. Al and Eve

L-R: Joe Wood, Bill McKeown, (was Ken's
houseguest while visiting Panama), Rolando Linares,
Mr. Guardia, "Chipi" Azcarraga, Duane Rigby, Ken
Morris (holding certificate), Norb Kraegel, John
Haines, Mr. Laverty, Burt Mead, and Myron
On February 27, 1992, Ken Morris, recently retired
from the Commission's Office of Financial Management
received the Canal's Master Key Award, in the rank of
"Master Mover and Shaker" for his many years of
community support and involvement. The award, given by
the Administrator, Mr. Gilberto Guardia, and Deputy
Administrator, Mr. Raymond P. Laverty, was presented
in the Administration Building Board Room with several
friends and former co-workers present.
Joe and Bev Wood hosted a small "patio dinner" for
the visiting Engelkes. Bill and wife Shirley and son Billy
were in Panama to visit with brothers John and Lou and
families. For Bill, this was his first visit to Panama in 10
vears and for Shirlev and Billv their first visit ever.

= .-'T

Bell, to attend a 50's party at the Port Orange VFW
turned out to be a surprise birthday party hosted by her
husband Mike. Out of town guests were Pat (Chase) and
Leanne Thrift of Corozal, Panama, and Charlie and
Marilyn (Ermish) Chase of Euless, Texas. Also in
attendance were Pat and Robert's son, Robert, who was
celebrating his 21st birthday on that same day. Mary's
younger brother, Fred, of Palmdale, CA and Mary's
mother of Corozal, Panama, were unable to attend, but
sent many good wishes for the celebration. Mary's
daughters, Kim and Rae, and their families, long-time
Canal Zone friends and new Floridian friends also
attended the bash. A grand time was had by all. Can't

nt L-R: Wilma Engelke, Ruth Hern, Carol Mead,
f Wood, Darlene Hunt, Shirley Engelke, Ellen
Person, Kathy Stromberg. Back L-R: Burt Mead,
k Hern, Ron Mead, Lou Engelke, Russ
omberg, Joe Hunt, Ken Anderson, Bill Engelke,
in Engelke, Gary (Where's my wine!) Anderson,
b Wood.
Had a wonderful 10-day visit by my oldest son,
:hael, daughter-in-law Shawn, and two of the most
cious granddaughters God made, Madeline (4) and
se (16 mos.) This was Michael's first visit home in four
rs! One of the highlights of the visit was the
ebration of Grandma Virginia (Woodhull) Morland's
i birthday. We celebrated twice first on the Atlantic F(
- at the home of Henry and "Sunny" (Morland) (V
zrachi where Chef Henry prepared a delicious (L
.rmet luncheon. On Mom's actual birthday, Tuesday, M
rch 17, family and friends gathered at Mom's new
ae in Panama City to toast the event. Also a highlight
s a visit with grandma Mary (Melendez) Coffey at her C;
ne in Panama City where great-grandma and Alise 8
t for the first time. Enjoyed a wonderful overnight visit H
the beautiful home of Ned and "Mike" (Coffey) Y4
nnerhassett in Santa Rita on the Atlantic side, and a ar
ixing two days in Coronado at Bill De La Mater's T<
ifortable beach house. Michael managed to get in two ar
s of golf (Ft. Amador and HoRoKo) with Burt Mead,
Wood, Bill De La Mater, Russ Stromberg, and Robin
rland. Everyone was so kind in hosting us we ate
eight nights out of the 10! Now back to the exercise
gram! It was a whirlwind visit but a great one.

a gathering to celebrate Virginia (Woodhull)
rland's 80th birthday on 17 March are (L-R): son
Ain, daughter Mary Coffey, Virginia, daughter

ir Generations in Panama: Flanking Virginia
Dodhull) Morland are great-granddaughters Alise
and Madeline (R). Standing are Virginia's daughter,
ry Coffey and grandson Michael Coffey.
More than 25 boats participated in the 5th Annual
)t. Jim's Bass Fishing Tournament at Gatun Lake on
ebruary. Visitors from the U.S. included the Guest of
nor, Captain Jim Young and his wife Mary (Sullivan)
ing from Camano Island, WA; daughter Elie Young
I husband Al from Berkeley, CA; Bricky Pattison from
;as; Capt. and Mrs. Lloyd Kent from Boca Raton, FL
I Monty Trim from Texas.

Saturday, February 8, 1992
Gatuin Lake, Panama Canal

A nsn iry was neia aner me tournament (LnanKs t
cooks Bob Fearon and Tom Ellis!) where Mike Yount
Master of Ceremonies awarded prizes to the following
Largest Bass: Capt. Jim Young III. Largest Bass Ladies
Julie Young; Largest Bass Child under 12: Kelsie Dia2
Largest Catch per Boat: 57 fish, Capt. Don Chadwick'
boat with crew Julie Young and Jim Lee; Largest 1I
String: Don Chadwick, Julie Young and Jim Lee; Smalles
Bass: Celio Cedeno.

Front L-R: Dot (Metzger) Stumvoll, Diana Stumvoll
Ginger (Coffey) Young of Ormond Beach, FL, Mar
(Sullivan) Young of Camano Island, WA, and he
daughter-in-law Mary (Andrews) Young of Corozal
Back L-R: Lt. USN Chris Perreca of Rockville, MD, an(
Capt. Jim Young III.


Rich Stumvoll and Capt. Jim Young (Camano Island
taking care of an emergency in the laundry room. (Yot
hid the six-pack on the top shelf, RO!)

~;ir-;"'" --;i"' -t -..
I I 1-

Bea (McDonald) Gilmore was hosted in style at hei
birthday at the "Las Bovedas" Restaurant in Panama
Back, L-R: Diana (lanole) Williams, Sonia (Aliponga]
Dorfmeier, Angie Rodriguez, Sonia Valley, Bea, Tits
Akers, Ann (Wood) Suescum. Front L-R: Pal
Holmes, Patricia Maduro, and Ann (Batchelador.
Merlino) Richardson.


Dicky Zornes, outgoing president, Panama Jr. Foott
League, puts the Queen's sash on 13-year old Laur
McGuinness, daughter of Sam and Lorrai
(Huerbsch) McGuinness. Lauren was elected Que
for the 1991 Panama Jr. Football Champions Balb
"Rams Blue" team and was crowned at the anni
Rams Banquet. The Balboa Rams All-Stars also w
the Annual Shrine Bowl competition. Looking on i
Walter "Buddy" Bottin, MVP and King of the Cot
and Jill Bieker, Princess.

A dinner party was held at the home of Rich a
Dot (Metzger) Stumvoll in Panama City for the visit

Mary Cof
(011-507) 52-67


by Don Nolan (CHS':
Late Thursday night January 16, 1992 our gro
consisting of Donald and Gerlinde Nolan, Hen
Mizrachi, Roger and Giesla Stowski, Jonathan Gre
and mother and Richard Lopp left the Balboa YMC
aboard the SKANDIA A/C bus with Andy Lim's Theat
& Arts Group from Colon for the Chiriqui highland
Our first stop was Penenome for a quick snack and off
Santiago for a (you know what stop).
We arrived at the Hotel Fundadores at 6:15 a.:
Friday morning. After a few hours sleep our group we
on a sight-seeing tour of Boquete. Later that night t
President opened the Fair officially and we spent most
the evening checking out all the little stores that w
represented by six countries. There were millions
various colored flowers all over the fair grounds and t
people of Boquete have plants of all sorts in their yart
Second day: a lovely trip to El Volcan and Cer
Punta, amid the garden spot of Panama. For as far
one could see, there were large plots of cultivated lai
with all sorts of vegetables. It was cold for us wan
blooded Zonians being in the high 50's or low 60's. V
had a scrumptious lunch at the Bambito Hotel al
surrounding the hotel was a pond full of trout fish, whi
are shipped to the terminal cities for sale in t
supermarkets. on leaving Bambito we passed the house
of former Panama Canal employees Victor Herr al
lack Winkloskv. both of whom where not there. The c

nal Zone Boy Scout Camp was turned into a boy's
nationall school which still exists. Down the mountain
came to a roadside "kiosco" (Cafe) which has some
rific fresh white cheese and fresh mountain-grown
awberries and raspberries, with which they made milk
ikes. They were good and cheap.
Third day: We visited a new Ruiz Cafe coffee-
oducing factory just above town and given a first-class
ir by the owner throughout this modern plant now

king was always good. Prior to our departure on
anday we took another tour of a Preserves (jam)
:tory, "Conservas Panamenos" at the edge of town.
ring the tour we all had to wear a hat. It was a very
icient operation, offering a wide variety of fruits, such
mango, raspberry, strawberry, soursap and many more.

snouiaer sacKs usea Dy [ne natives to carry gooas or
Andy Lim hi-lighted our trip with his great jokes,
me of which dropped on him, like the time he stated
it one could see the whole Pacific Ocean from El
)lcan at that height. I asked him if he could see Hawaii,
d he said, "Well, almost the whole ocean."


e evening was the presentation by Vincent Canamas of
e Yacht Club rotating trophy to the crew of Snafit,
iptain David Kemp, Bryan Kemp, Tyler Quinn, Angel
illarino and Queen, Teralee Kemp.
Saturday morning, bright and early found the cayuco
aws eagerly waiting to challenge the most difficult
-etch of the race. Mr. Colin P. Corrigan, Chief,

tch boat.
Sunday morning found friends, fans and participants
the Gamboa Dredging Division eager to start the final
;s of the race. Mr. Rene Van Hoorde, Director,
general Services Bureau, PCC fired the starting gun and
Sleg from Gamboa to Pedro Miguel began. Once all
ews arrived at the Las Cruces Landing, they were given
chance to rest and eat and were then tied up in the
dro Miguel Locks to begin the lockages. The crews
;re lined up 12 abreast and the gates were opened and
- sprint to Miraflores began. The Snafit crossed the
iish line first with the High Auriety close behind. Once
crews arrived at Miraflores, the lockage procedure
-re again followed and the crews began the final sprint
the finish line with the Misconception once again
tossing the line first.

Lee Gibson, Tommy Ellis, Jon Hanna, Brian Wood

: V 7
.ike Wing, Billy Wing, Johnny Thompson, Brian Dugan
Sunday night at 18:30 the Awards Presentation was
.Id at the Curundu Jr. High School Auditorium. Prior
the trophy and patch awards to the participants of the
ce, several special awards were presented. The annual
folly" award given to an individuals) who best
present the spirit of Scouting was presented to Jay and
ri Gibson of Gamboa. Three special awards hand-

Williford were presented to missed badly by the hundred
itional service to the Cavuco through his many activities.

these awards to Mr. John Jordan, Lew and Sue Stabler
and Mr. Richard B. Horne for their selfless efforts on
behalf of the Cayuco Race Committee.

Jenny Navarro, Allison Huff, Lisa Sasso, Katie Goodwin
All cayucos then received the Cayuco Race Patch
which is designed by the previous year's winners. The
Misconception crewed by Captain Tommy Ellis, Lee
Gibson, Jon Hanna and Brian Wood won first place
male, as well as first place overall. The Snafu took
second place male and the Due Process crewed by
Captain H.B. Twohy, James Beattie, Chris Corrigan and
Tony Decerega took home third place trophies.
In the female category, the crew of Great
Expectation, Captain Lisa Hunt, Natalie Watkins, Joanne
Hunt and Jill Roscoe won first place trophies. Second
place trophies went to the crew of the Dear Dick, Captain
Caroline Hinkle, Mayra Nieves, Emma Scribner, and
Rachel Berger while the crew of the Bnised Reed,
Captain Allison Huff, Lisa Sasso, Katie Goodwin, and
Jennifer Navarro took home the third place trophies.
First place in the co-ed category went to The Most,
crewed by Captain Kevin Keiser, Shawn Fitzgerald,
Douglas Strong, and Tara Norton while Second Place
honors went to the crew of NIC. Mr. Most won the
rotating trophy for the first place patch boat. In addition,
several traditional awards were presented. The "Lead
Anchor" award for the last place trophy boat was
presented to the Destination Unknown and the "Hard
Luck" trophy was presented to the Utmost. The
prestigious "Sportsmanship Award," which is voted on by
all the trophy boat crew members, was presented on
behalf and in memory of Eph Leon Guerrero to High
Anxiety, crewed by Captain John Thompson, Brian
Dugan, Billy Wing, Mike Wing and Queen Nikki Meyer.
The Cayuco Race Committee, on behalf of the
Explorer Scouts thanks everyone involved in making this
event successful for all who participated.

Lorraine E. Dugan


The death in early April of long-time friend and
heart of the Atlantic Community, Andy Lim, has hit all
of us nrettv hard. He had been sick for some time. hut

On a happier subject, one of the most talked about
celebrations in recent years was Penny Canamas' surprise
birthday party. It was held at the Tarpon Club (yep, a
disco's been added). Her sister Alberta Wilder Corrigan
organized the affair down to the "barest" detail, and
Ginny Rankin had everyone in stitches when she read
one of her famous, slightly incriminating poems.
Attending were Billy McGann, Tiernan, Gerald and
Collin Corrigan, Vincent Canamas, Mack and Sylvia
Glass Landrum, Billy Rankin, Lew and Sue Lessiack
Stabler, Jim Snider, Dodge and Lorna Engleman, Ned
and "Mike" Coffey Blennerhassett, Wayne and Bonnie
Willis Seeley, Robert and Gayle Fettler Rankin, Wallace
Teal and Jan Johnston, Mike and Sheila Carnes Bell and
many others whose names escape me at the moment. We
all had a blast!
Chicken pox has been making the rounds, claiming
as victims Sarah Bell and her dad, Mike Bell. Mike's a
perfect example of why parents want their children to get
childhood diseases as children. While Sarah sailed
through her episode, Mike had a rougher time.
Gerald Corrigan recently spent spring break visiting
girlfriend Vicki Seeley at South Padre Island, and one day
across the border in Mexico, he bumped into old friend
Joel Saenz! Just recently, Gerald left here to begin a
temporary career as a fisherman aboard an Alaskan
fishing boat. His parents, Collin and Alberta, gave him a
great homemade chili dinner send-off, attended by a lot
of the same folks who went to Penny's birthday party. Go
get 'em, Gerald!
Gerald's sister, Tiernan Corrigan, plans to attend
Florida State in Tallahassee beginning this fall. Cousin
Dionne Canamas will attend the University of Central
Florida in Orlando.
George Patton's mom, Rufina Patton, is here visiting
from Boerne, Texas. With George and Luz Diaz Patton
in the process of moving to the Pacific side, Rufina's
splitting her time between both sides of the Isthmus.
Brian Plaisance is the new Commodore at Gatun
Yacht Club. The still holds its popular monthly "steak
nights," with lots of help from members like Wallace Teal
and Jan Johnston, Vincent and Penny Canamas, Gerry
and Howie Adams Laatz, Lew and Sue Stabler, Tim and
Theresa Snider Herring, Collin and Alberta Corrigan,
George and Cheryl Klein and others. Howie's also
coordinating the annual Cayuco Race Spaghetti Dinner.
Mack Landrum recently promoted several Boy
Scouts to their next level of scouting during an evening
ceremony at Fort San Lorenzo attended by their families.
The boys included Danny and Fabian Mallet, J.R.
Flockhart, Jose Alvarez, Scott Johnston, C.M. Landrum,
Tom Herring, Lars and Alberto Thompson and Matias
Tom Eckel's been here since last Christmas, visiting,
working temporarily for Kirk Kunkel, enjoying and
babysitting his nephew, Christopher, and helping a lot
with his sister Jennifer's cayuco for the Cayuco race. He
plans to return to the states in the spring or summer to
join his brother Alan when the landscaping business picks
up again.
The Gatun Coed Softball League is hanging on by a
thread. Our dwindling numbers make it harder and

School's team won the tournament and walked away with
mother batch of Mary Blancehett Shuey's famous T-
shirts. Pitchers Vincent Canamas, Robert rankin and
Walter Illund battled it out for who pitched the most
)oards, ending up with Vincent -15, Robert 14, and
Walter 13. On the receiving end, Billy Price and
Annette Egger got "boarded" the most of the season.
Warren "Woody Johnson" Gregory and wife Linda
recentlyy retired to Gatun for the first time since Woody
graduated from Cristobal High in the 60s. (See "Gregory
Returns to Panama," Letters to the Editor).
Mary Herring also returned to the Isthmus recently

Tim Herring and Lennie Huff rest in the shade of a
bohio during a weekend excursion to Gorgona Beach
n Panama.

e for both business and pleasure and looks forv
display of her work at the Marriot Hotel in P
y. While in Gatun, she graciously did an art "den
unch of the Gatun kids one afternoon.
Winship Dowell paid a visit in February to b

Henry and Sunny Morland Mizrachi made an
unexpected trip to Arizona in March and April to help
daughter Karen Mizrachi Atkins through surgery
recovery. I'm happy to report they say she's doing fine.


Sue and Lew Stabler and their daughter Leslie Griffin
and her fiance Richard Robertson get together for a
family photo while spending Christmas holidays
together in Durango, Colorado.

oia ooy nasn t even piayea ior Iour or live years. well,
after he managed to lose a ball or two to the lake, Ron
figured he better knuckle down if he wanted to stay
ahead of Joe. That's when the "old man" pulled out all
the stops and hit a HOLE IN ONE! Ron stood there
shocked, while everyone else applauded like mad. This
was Joe's second hole-in-one in his golfing career, and
Ron hasn't made one yet. So much for beating the "old
And that's about it rose apple season is about over,
but we're watching the avocados and mangoes begin to
Sue Lessiack Stabler
(011-507) 43-5487


There was a meeting 6 March 1992 at noon at the
Ming Yat Restaurant in North Augusta, SC and the
attenders were Blanche Browne, Lorna Shore, Ethel and
J.D. Tate, Phyllis and Jack Woodzell, Trudi Clontz, Nora
Green, Verna and Andy Kapinos, Evelyn and Howard
Hilborn, Leona and Paul Badonsky, Eletheer and James
Catron, Beverly and Oscar Lard, Virginia Smart,
William and Edythe Cooper, Frank and Fina Balinski,
Olga Holmes, Kathleen Burkett, Charlotte Mullins, BJ.
and Grace Hartley, Vera Jackson, John Everson, Sis and

k. U

sophomore at DrIn, as te OuLter lour ar alt LLCLnui
school in the U.S. Alan Matheney is in prep school i
Bridgeton, Maine; sister, Tamara Matheney is in hc
third year of college at Boca Raton, FL; Andrew Majc
is a Junior at Tabor Academy Prep School in Marioi
MA, and his sister, Laura Major is a Junior
Georgetown in Washington, D.C.
The next meeting for the Panama Canal Society
South Carolina will be June 6, 1992, at the Senior Citize
Activity Building, Aiken, SC at 12:00 noon. Guests ar
Blanche A. Browu
(803) 782-466

Annapolis. Karen is a senior at the Mississippi School for
Mathematics and Sciences, Columbus, MI. They will be

ship is in drydock in Norfolk. Peggy will
Reunion in Orlando, and her son, Gary, expe4
for the first time so he can attend his ck
T T-T'Z;)

at Maria's Garden. They visited Blanche's son and
daughter-in-law, Grover and Freddieann Matheney; her ei
daughter and son-in-law, Ellen and Landis Major. There ol
was only one grandchild at home, Anyse Matheney, a V

titute of Texan Culture, San Antonio, TX on January
1992. Gigi's husband, Bill, and their friends Elsie and
y Larson also attended this memorable event.

I had a vist from a couple of high school friends
ring March. Renee Carter and Lorna Wiles came to
,stin. Renee lives in Oklahoma and Lorna lives in San
.tonio. We had a good time looking at our old school
irbooks and reminiscing about the good ole days -
en life was easy! We were able to spend one evening
h another old classmate, Dave Melendrez, who lives
re in Austin. It was a wonderful weekend finally
er talking about it for a long time. Renee and I have
wed to get to Panama next year so we'll be there!
I've been asked to make mention of the 1992 Annual
11 Country Zonian Christmas Party. At this point, it's
Lnned for San Antonio. The exact date and location
: not yet known. One of the host couples is Mr. and
rs. Lester Wiles, of San Antonio. As more details are
avided to me, I'll pass them along. Be sure to put this

ristchurch and Nelson on the South Island and a week
Auckland. They visited Ramona's daughter, Marti
land Winn who is married to a New Zealander,
irray. They have three children. Marti is a Registered
rse and wnrks nart-time. Murray is a nracticino clinical

(512) 331-6919


The Hill Country Zonian Christmas Party will be
Id at the Embassy Suites, San Antonio, Texas on
:cember 5, 1992. The committee has been working on
e program and entertainment. It sounds exciting. San
itonio Zonians are hosting this annual event this year
d we are look forward to seeing all our old friends and
seting new ones at that time. The committee will be
ailing out the important information later.
We congratulate Gigi Fleckenstein who became a
.S. citizen at the swearing-in ceremony held at the

1Cgr iiu WCUIL LO ala ivuigui tAIiLUc, IVIltxLU WiLi mL11
.ss for three weeks of total immersion Spanish. It was
ite an experience.
Dale Bishop is recovering from his surgeries and is
ing well. Dale and Jackie hope to attend the reunion
Orlando in June.
Beth Wadell is recovering from a broken wrist
Offered from a fall at home. She hopes to have the cast
noved soon.
Marion and Fred Wells visited their daughter, Mary
aley and their grandchildren on Whedby Island,
ashington. While there, their son, Fred Jr. arrived from
; home in Australia for a short visit. They also saw Ed
d Millie Kennedy while there.
Guy Fealey had the opportunity to visit his mother,
money Fealey, in Kerrville for a couple of weeks on his
iy home to Washington.
Helen and Ezra Smith visited with Ralph (Bud) and
irothy Plumer in their winter home in Arizona. On
:ir way back to Kerrville, they stopped at a Gem and
ineral Show in Tucson, Arizona the largest Gem and
ineral Show in the U.S., and ran into Lydia Chapek

J1l anu uuy v u I rTcr oi oai
Kerrville and showing the Hill C
from Panama. They stopped for
Fealey, who became their tour g
While watching a movie on I
Rogers in the "Coward of the I
Largo Woodruff. Largo did a
playing Becky. It was exciting 1
remember her from the Canal 2
Rita Washabaugh of Sheffic
her sister and brother-in-law, S
Kerrville during the first two wee
were held with several Canal Z
Rita enjoyed her visit very muc

From Indiana to Mexico Bill
Indianapolis, traveling through
Jeanne and Charles Stough v
and his wife Gerry from Indian
Boerne, Texas. They had a greal
Zone days. Bill and Gerry were
pick-up to winter in Mexico.
Jeanne Stough has put the J
Index for the Panama Canal
compiled remember those
magazines put out by the Public :
began as a weekly, then mont]
annual and finally an annual m;
collector items and with the co
treasure. It is at the printer's n
ready in May. The researching
Index has been a dedicated and c
for Jeanne and much patience
interested in obtaining a co
information can write to Jeanne
"For Sale or Wanted.")

From Anna Calvit: Passing thr,
trailer on their way home to CQ
London paid a surprise visit to A

ticipating in the show. quite ill in hospital. Sully is out of hospital and improving
nmerford, formerly of slow but sure. While in Dothan, Anna and Frances,
Marie Bierbaum attended the C.Z. Women's luncheon.
'ere in Kerrville for a Then Anna went to Pembroke Pines, FL to visit with
law. Bob Blades and daughter Helen and son Tim. Both are doing well. After
2 1/2 months Anna returned to Kerrville.
Antonio, were visiting Tim Calvit flew to Kerrville to spend Thanksgiving
ntry to Cecilia Wright with his mother, Anna Calvit.
short visit with Honey While visiting in Hollywood Debbie (Hele) Lopez of
de. Lake Worth, FL came down to visit with Anna.
recently, I saw Kenny Irma (Patchett) and hubby Andy Kruzich returned in

ivincmg job ot n
iize Largo and

sylvania, visited
Bill Graham in
rch. Gatherings

ths they will go to Swi


land to visit friends.


reception held at the Panamanian Embassy on March 19
was well attended. She assisted in auctioning two
baseballs signed by Rod Carew, Baseball Hall of Famer
and a new painting donated by Al Sprague. "Operation
Smile International" is a group of U.S. medical doctors
who donate two weeks of their time a year to travel
abroad to perform plastic surgery on indigent people. A
medical team visited Panama last year and will repeat a
trip this summer.
Rae Donaldson hosted a large cocktail party earlier
T this month. Former Canal Zonians were among her
S guests who included Tom and Cheri Fulcher, Larry and
SMary Forseth, Rosemary Gilead, Sarah Storey, Nancy
(Morrison) Brown, Eileen Angle, Barbara Sanders,
Michael Glaser, Rosita and Clarence Payne.
id Gerry Ward from Plans are moving along for the pig roast and "Pan
II Country. Canal" reunion on May 16 at the home of George and
-e visited by Bill Ward Sue Cotton. About 70 folks so far are planning to show.
olis in their home in Watch for details and pictures in the next issue.


fishing t,
', then
azine? l
plete In
r and e:
nd conr
of ChE
or w
See ad%


n the
, bi-
be a
o be
nt in
Bob Nordstrom, Pat Lenneville, Manny and Irma
hyne Quintero, Bob Whitam, Michael Glaser.
8643 The group recently gathered at the Tivoli Restaurant
in Rnoclvn Virorini Rnh Nnrdltrnm and Rnh Whitnm



George and Beverly (Comley) Dilfer of Boca Raton, Barney and Betty (Comley) Forgeson celebrated their
FL celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on April 50th wedding anniversary, February 14, 1992 in Hawaii
15, 1992 in San Francisco, CA following an 18-day cruise on the S.S. Constitution cruising the Hawaiian Islands for
on the Love Boat Island Princess sailing from Sydney, 7 days, then spending a week in Honolulu. The ship's
Australia to Brisbane, the Great Barrier Reef, Darwin, Captain made their anniversary extra special by having a
Bali, and ending in Singapore. bottle of iced champagne in their cabin on embarkation
Eleven members of the Dilfer family were in with his "best wishes for a pleasant and memorable
attendance in California for this "Golden" event. George cruise," plus a special anniversary greeting card and an
and Bev; son Bob and Chris and his daughter Heather invitation to join him for dinner on his "Welcome
(currently attending the Univ. of California at Santa Aboard" night cocktail party! That night was super with
Cruz), son Jim and Lynn from Panama, George's two 2 strolling Hawaiian musicians serenading Betty and
brothers, Howard and Corky from Woodland Hills, plus Barney at the Captain's table with the "Hawaiian
Bob and Paula from Encino, CA. Wedding Song," and during dessert, being presented with
After a fun Happy Hour that evening at son Bob's at a lovely anniversary cake by all the dining room waiters
Menlo Park, the group moved on to San Francisco where converging at their table to sing "Happy Anniversary!" An
the George Dilfers hosted a Golden Anniversary dinner invitation to another cocktail party hosted by the Captain
at the City Scape Restaurant at the top (46th floor) of later, completed a wonderful Golden Anniversary cruise.
the San Francisco Hilton Hotel. With a beautiful view of Betty's sister, Beverly and Mary Jane Lacklen had
San Francisco and dance music to suit all tastes, the surprised them with a beautiful album "Golden
group enjoyed a romantic and memorable evening. Memories" with many pictures, cards and letters from
friends which they opened and enjoyed in their cabin
during Happy Hour on their DAY! In Honolulu, their
50th celebration continued during the week with sight-
seeing and fun dining get-togethers with Canal Zone
friends Virginia (Ridge) and Hank Dolim, Lois
DeLaMater Bates, Janet (Koperski) and Bill Taylor and
Marge Daniel Thrash.

b i

George and Beverly Dilfer
Beverly and George were married in the Balboa
Union Church, CZ on April 15, 1942. Beverly was
employed at Gorgas Hospital until her retirement on
June 4, 1986. George held positions with the National
Distillers and Cerveceria Nacional until he formed his
own company, "Compania Istmena de Diversiones, SA."
which he managed until retirement in 1988. He was a
member of Abou Saad Shrine Temple, and a member of
the Elks Club.
The couple made their home while in Panama at Las
Cumbres, La Boca, Balboa, and the "Fish Bowl" in Ancon
until May 1988 when they left for their beachfront condo
in Boca Raton, FL. Barney and Betty Forgeson

married in the Balboa Union McCONAUGHE

------------ ---- -_ -- __ -^_-----------
in Ocala, Florida.


e and Audrey (DeCastro) Watson of Sarasota, FL
ated their 50th wedding anniversary on March 21,


Panama Cane
8050 Serr


ration hours, airport ground transportation to/from Reunion Hot
ng a reservation for Reunion travel, the members will be sent a 4
cify frequent flyer numbers, special meal requirements, seat local
nousine transportation and other travel needs.
vel, in cooperation with Delta Airlines will offer Society member
: 28, 1992) a 40% discount off Delta's roundtrip coach fares an
options Also, if there are fares or routings on any other carrier w
1 be advised and given the opportunity to choose the carrier wl
to ticketing the lowest rates available on all airlines and Amtra
available. Also, all travel documents will be sent directly to each m

planning to travel by commercial carrier to the 1992 Reunio
orts by taking advantage of the Reunion Transportation program
cated on the bottom of KEPPIE TRAVEL'S AD. The form in
ation which may assist in obtaining additional rate reductions fr
data for select support functions.
>ur reservations telephone Keppie Travel at their nationwide ti
i Canal Society Specialist. The hours of business are 8:30 AM
i Friday and these hours will be adjusted as need dictates. If you
and request the Panama Canal Society Specialist return your ca


The Hospitality Suite was conceived as a service ti
little more pleasant helping them over some of th
surroundings. The Hospitality Suite and the Society I
working hours. Our staff is expreienced and have volu
We can: 1. Assist members in finding a restaurant
2. Assist members regarding their Class I
3. Advise members of location (hotel onl;
4. Advise members of local transportation
5. Assist those wishing baby-sitting service
6. Provide detailed maps of the area, witt
7. Help those who wish to worship at the
8. Guide members to proper channels in
9. Place your message on our notice boar
10. Sell Society license plates, decals, curre
And we also serve free coffee an

KUAY, JUINt LU, Y:uu A.M. I:U1

vents are going to be offered during the 19S
:e advance pre-registration for an ever
lity/Information area on Thursday and FriA

rnospiamniy/inormauon area. I ou may pre-rgser ell
register as an individual or group of people, you will
Thursday and Friday, June 18 and 19, 1992 to find out y
you will need to re-register to confirm that you will be I
have names/teams for awards presentation.
Bingo will be offered at the Delta Orlando Resort bet
staff at the Delta Orlando does a great job of calling bii
an accurate count for the Delta Orlando staff and to det
Please pre-register at the Hospitality/Information art
confirmation that you will indeed by playing bingo.
Volleyball Pre-registration:

Names Ages

Mail this form to Reunion Coordinator,
8050 Seminole Mall, Suite 334, Seminole, FL 3464C

- Pat Beall

r members attending the Reunion, to help make their sta
ugh spots they might encounter in an unfamiliar city 4
nation Desk is open to any member during the publish
xd to serve.
_., ._ 1.,-:- --A.. ^,.. 1 ^ tI ,

me ranazoman vance ana me Annualm au, me mystery r
:he delta Orlando Resort and the Holiday Inn on Friday, Ju

,2:00 4:00 P.M.
John Disharoon

on a volleyball tournament and bingo. If we do not recei
ill be cancelled and a notice will be posted in t
e 18 and 19, 1992.
le elimination. The times and teams will be posted in t
as an individual or as a team or group of people. If you pi
placed on a team as needed. Please check the boards
team assignments and game times. Additionally, at that tix
ng so that we have an accurate count for the tournament a

n 2:00 4:00 P.M. We will have several great prizes, and t

__ _______________ ______ ---

1992 ORLJ

*C.,. As the Official Tr

The (
Cy: A iS

Appointment of

Agent for the Reunion
eial Carrier


to ai
r 409

e Panama Canal Society of Florida Reunion
embers a more beneficial and efficient method
s program will provide data to improve present
Please take advantage of KEPPIE
ke your travel arrangements early Comph
ssenger Names:
hone:__ Senior Ci
Frequent Flyer Nos.:
Departing From Originating City:
Departing Orlando Date: PI
Limo Transfer: To Hotel: ]E Yes E No
Special Instructions:_

41 N. FT. HARRISON AVE. 813-4
Ask for the PANAMA

nges can be picked up and delivered right at the airp(

imittee instituted this new program in order to prov
arranging their air and land transportation. In addit
d future Society Reunion arrangements.
AVEL's reunion transportation facilities.
is Preliminary Travel Form and mail to Keppie Trav

'ity/State: Zip:
n: El Yes E] No Rental Car: ] Yes l No

SDate: Preferred Time:
red Time:
From Hotel: El Yes E No

i332 FAX 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM


S Honduras SANJ
o u ,o Honduras ,,u, Rico
Guatemalae B
El Salvador
rosta loe I S
PanaiW I MEDELLIN l-. ,
Colombia % %
CALl ,,:.1

17 DESTINATIONS Panama MontegoBay
SMexico Santo Domingo
m SanJose A SanJuan
IN 12 COUNTR IE Managua MedellinS
San Salvador Barranquilla
Guatemala e Cartagena
7200 N.W., Corporate Center Drive SIn Pedro Sula al i
Suite # 110,Mi, FL 33126 SonPedro ua ali
1-(800)-FLY-COPA, (305) 477-7333 Port au- Prince


For Office Use Date/Post Fee Rec'd

Member's Name (Please print)
Panama Cana
8050 Semino


Limited to 3000 Capacity
$3.00/Ticket 6 Tickets per member
SNo. of Tickets Total $
No children under 12 allowed
at the dance
Limited to 3000 Capacity
$10.00/Ticket 6 Tickets per member
SNo. of Tickets Total $
No children under 12 allowed
at the dance



es Paid Lunch Ball Panazonian

Membership Number

te ZIP

city of Florida
Aall, Suite 334
)rida 34642


Limited to 1000 capacity
$14.00/Ticket 10 Tickets per member
No. of Tickets Total $_
1. Member 6.
2. 7.
3. 8.
4. 9.
5. 10.
Cut-off date for orders June 8, 1992
Cut-off date for refunds-June 8, 1992


^^;s )^

&7 L:r7I |



Lake Cane Area Twin Towers

; /Q

4 4\$5 DR



f)t D

MAJOR L Delta Court of Flags

nAk' DinfIEC D l

UL~qntV=f=1 dilW


Hotel and Conventis
5780 Major Blvd., Orlando, Fl,
(407) 351-1000 Telex: 567416 Fax:

-. .


Seminole Orange ---

/ n

; ) Phones Conien on Reitra ion
f T
Ua~n E=tr=n U
Pms CmebnRffarro

n Center
rida 32819

Bdr J ~ JrOlympic Pool q ,,

Elevatoras a
------ 2 I~~i. -l ----- --1 -- --- --- -- -- --I- -

BJ M-T d
Bor.a jna *



8050 Seminole Mall, Suite 33
Seminole, Florida 34642

(Membership Renewal on Rev

I, I III I I 11 1
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Nickname (If Desired) Maiden

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Employee CZ/PC ..........................
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Employee Shipping ........................
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Parents Name and CZ/PC Affiliation ............



I I l l I I I l l I I




I l l I I I I I

Year Graduated
mber _
let/Year X Ret/Year

k DELINQUENT FEE of $2.00 will be imposed on dues not

NEW MEMBERSHIP: $15.00 Annually per family including
Half-year membership for joining late in year (Apr. 1-Sept. 30

REINSTATEMENT: $15.00 shall be required for those who r
he dues year immediately following the dues year in which th



at enclosed $_ Check M.O._





int enclosed: $

ny other changes from previous year:

Society License Plate: $3.76 + .24 Ta
Society Decal: $1.41 + .09 Tax.

Smail to:



latests Qty. Decals Amount enclosed: $.

postmarked by Oct. 31 of year

Children under 18 years of age.
) is $7.50.

e-apply for membership during
ey dropped membership.



iL Membership

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e Zip

World J
Aason L
.. .1 -

nd Flame A
in recogniti
th in thl n,


es Page Hil
d Northwe
oyed at Bel

Nathan, a
r l .

U"-iu' Jl:l ,V&I_3 SJ 1IXV1 KrJSX %J1L'LAVAL-JlJ "L. D U Lj.03 JIX. IIAVVlVAlllU

Dan Jenkins, who Gerald DeLeo "Budd" Bliss, Jr. was honored at a
served as a Florida State Masonic ceremony on the 'presentation of a 50-year
Senator in the 1980's has Commemorative Masonic pin and the Golden Veteran
been Chairman of the Medallion for his 50 years continuous membership in
Jacksonville Civil Service Canal Zone Lodge now Ancon Lodge, AF&AM of
Board for the past five years Balboa, R.P. Ancon Lodge is under the jurisdiction of the
(an elected Board that Grand Lodge of Massachusetts who authorized the
oversees 12,000 Civil Service presentation following a request from Ancon Lodge.
employees) and will be Mr. August "Joe" Collier, Masonic Inspector of
running this summer for the California made the presentation after commenting about
F lor i da House of Mr. Bliss and the honored medals. Mr. Collier was
Representatives from accompanied by Mr. Don Nozawa, Master of Charity
District #14. Lodge F&AM No. 362 of Campbell, CA and the
Dan Jenkins lived Secretary, Mr. Alfred L. Ware who arranged for the
Dan Jenkins in the Canal Zone during prestigious ceremony to be held at Mr. Bliss' home due
the years of 1951 through to his ill health.
1971, working both with the Schools Division and the Following the presentation, a family friend sang two
Police Division. solos, one relating to expressions of Masonic purposes,
and the other expressing Budd's Christian life and beliefs.
On display were photos of Gerald D. Bliss Jr. and his
ATHERINE HERRING BAPTIZED father, Gerald D. Bliss Sr. and the medals received by
CATHERINE HBudd, Master in 1946 and those of his father, who was
the second Master of the Lodge in 1915, and
Catherine Elena, daughter of Katrina Herring, was instrumental in forming and receiving a charter for Canal
baptized February 9, 1992 in Cocoa Beach where they Zone Lodge.
reside. Richard Grimison, the proud godfather, had a
beautiful white pollera made for the occasion while on
vacation in Panama. The godmother, Elizabeth Gonzalez-
Hurst, was unable to attend. Christina Grimison stood .
in as proxy.

Masonic Medallions and Jewels received by Gerald D.
"Budd" Bliss, Jr. and the late Gerald D. Bliss, Sr.



Congratulations to Ruth Foster (Rose), (BHS'48)
shown here with her flag design which won her third
prize in the Citrus Flag Design Contest. The contest was
open to all citizens of Citrus County and was conducted
to design an official flag for their county which will be
raised in a ceremony commemorating the County's 105th
anniversary on June 2nd of this year.


Iuiru rrlzu wuIurB numn rosier wiat nuir uy uUysil.
Rose chose the manatee, a very prominent
inhabitant of the area as her subject, along with the
insciption she feels best describes him, and will symbolize
that which the residents feel about their county.
There were 84 entrants who submitted flag designs
for judging by a panel of judges selected by the contest
chairman. The three finalists were presented with their
awards at the County Commissioner's meeting, held in
Inverness, Florida, on March 24, 1992.
The three winners also received awards in the form
of saving bonds sponsored by local banks and also a book
donated by the Citrus County Historical Society.


Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cotton of Rogers, AR announce
the engagement of their daughter, Kristen Brooks of
North Richland Hills, Texas, to Michael David Begneaud,
also of North Richland Hills.
The prospective bridegroom is the son of Ralph
Begneaud of Cypress, CA and Sandra Begneaud of
Torrence, CA. He is the grandson of Eva Eldredge, also
of Torrence. He is a graduate of Torrence High and is a
real estate broker for Caldwell Banker in Hurst, TX.
The prospective bride is the granddaughter of Mrs.
E.L. Cotton of Largo, FL and is a graduate of Slidell
High in Slidell, LA. She is employed as a marketing
manager for Pace Membership Warehouse in Arlington,


Mrs. Anna King of Balboa, Panama, announces the
engagement of her daughter, Tara Ann (BHS'82) to Greg
Lynn Werner of Cannon Falls, Minnesota.

Greg Warner and Tara King
Tara is a graduate of the University of Texas and is
currently employed by GTE Electronics Defense Sector
in Quarry Heights, Panama. Greg is a graduate of
Mankato State University and is Marina Manager for
Rodman Naval Station, Panama.
An October 10, 1992 wedding is planned in Las
Vegas, Nevada.

S/ t / /

Escorted by her father, the bride was attended by her
friend, Nancy Owens, as matron of honor, and Carol
(Peterson) Heintz and Elaine (Peterson) Little, sisters
of the bride, and Trish Pearson, sister of the groom, as
bridesmaids, and Christine A. Heintz, niece of the bride,
as flower girl.
Joseph Pearson, father of the groom, served as best
man. Ushers were Joey and Jeffrey Pearson, brothers of
the groom, and Timothy Tuck.
The couple are residing in Sarasota.

Donna Marie Trainor and Michael Travis Evans
CHS'74) were married in Sanbornville. New Hamoshire



-' 6


included Jeannine and John Clark and childri
Levittown, PA; Melanie and David Filas, San Diego, C
Harriet Carlin, Mike and Athena Carlin and children,
Miami, FL; Jennifer Regnier, Brian and Tita Regnier a
laughter Ledo and Rose Lemus, all from Chicago; a
Dan and Linda Powers, Key Largo, FL.
Many former Canal Zone friends from the Taml
St. Petersburg area attended, as well as others from o
Highlight of the reception immediately following v
the music of Tampa's "Uprising" band who kept every
on their feet.
Special thanks to Gil Smith for his music, Ch
Lopez for his toast to the couple, Julietta and D
Morgan for their special shopping in Panama, and
Kim and Julietta Morgan for handling the Bride's bc
and distributing wine bottles with miniature carna
montuno sombreros.
Following a Caribbean honeymoon cruise, the cou]
now reside at 1063 Gantt Ave., Sarasota, FL 34232.

Following the marriage ceremony, a reception was
leld at the Perry Hollow Country Club in Wolfeboro,
TH. Guests included relatives and friends of the couple
'rom several states, Panama and England.
The couple were then accompanied by the groom's
familyy and friends from Texas and Florida on a week's
:our of the New Hampshire mountains and the Maine
seacoast. The couple then departed for the West Indies
or a week in Antigua. They presently reside in New
Hampshire near Wolfeboro.





)wn" who share
ibert T. Russel
i and his wife,
ieir home in C
A. J1 ....11 !.-

I Michelle Li\

sister of the g
is best man a

rorgas Hospital and ra
irrently, Jes is Brand
ichinery and material
iorp. (SPS) in Orland(

his wife,
Robert E


Tammy Dillard and Julius Little
Other members of the bride's family present were
r sisters and brothers-in-law Vickie and Mitch Davis,
ana and Jim Luce, and her grandmother, Helen
Members of the bridegroom's family include sisters
d brothers-in-law Mel and Ted Henter with daughters
daily and Elizabeth, Lynn and Karl (Butch) Nehring
th children Jennifer, Karl and Kevin, Suzanne Nolan
th son Jason, Laine and Johnny Smith with children
linee and Larry Ainsworth, and Cindy and Dale
gleston with children Dale Jr. and Lorraine; and
other and sister-in-law Norman and Lisa with 5-month
i son Christopher.
Many former Canal Zone residents also attended.


Capt. Bobby S. and Thelma (Teddy) Parker proudly
nounce the marriage of their daughter Stacy Lorraine
Brian Geddes DeRaps on March 14, 1992. The
room's parents are Donald (Pos) and Gloria (Geddes)
irker, formerly of Margarita, now living in Inverness,
orida. (Brian is the son of the late Henry C. DeRaps).

While overlooking Tampa Bay, at the Hyatt Regency
Westshore, they exchanged their vows. The matron of
honor was Betty LeDoux Frassrand. The best man was
Donald (Pos) Parker. Bridesmaids were Patricia Austin
Pruett, La Donna Lentz Sarna, Breanne DeRaps and
Leah Vienna. Groomsmen were Jerry Coffin, Joe Ender,
and Michael Boswell. The flower girl was Meagan
DeRaps, and the ringbearer was Derek DeRaps. The
usherette was Tracy Scott Herring.
A reception immediately followed at Armani's
Restaurant, although it was a small wedding, it was well
attended by our Canal Zone families and friends, as well
as our stateside friends and families. Brother Scott
D' .o,-r- fln,-, ; f-, tU_ -.,,lnn -l A f -,^ Alo l,- T"p .. l,,1


R: Leah Vienna, La Donna Lentz Sarna, Breanne David O. Navaille, brother of the groom.
iRaps, Patricia Austin Pruett, Meagan DeRaps, Pennie and Richard are employed as designer-
*tty LeDoux Frassrand, Stacy Parker DeRaps, draftsman with Wink Incorporated, Consulting Engineers,
ian DnRans. Dnrnk DnRans. "Pon" Parker. Jerry New Orleans. After a wedding trin to Disnev World the


Jacqueline Marie Andino and Alexander Navarra
III were married March 14, 1992 in the Holy Spirit
Catholic Church, Jacksonville, Florida. They were
attended by the bride's sister Nicole Andino as maid of
honor and the groom's brother Adam was best man.

Jacqueline Andino Navarra

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.E.dino,
. -. _I-- n ,1 .. l I r- -

V- ^J-li ^ TV iT t1L&lV^1 J. A

Catherine Moore Konstance and William Joseph
Wichmann were united in marriage on February 15, 1992
in Colee Hammock Park besides the New River, Fort
Lauderdale, Florida. After the ceremony the bride's
parents hosted a reception in Paesano's Restaurant

Catherine Konstance and William Wichmann

The bride is the daughter of Frances and Dr.
Emmanuel Gregory Konstance of Manhasset, Long
Island, NY. She graduated from St. Mary's High School
in Manhasset and is a Fine Arts graduate of the Cooper
Union in NYC. Her paintings have been exhibited in
New York and Florida and have been awarded "Best of
Show" by the Museum of Art, Nassau County, NY.
The groom is the son of Barbara and Bill Wichmann
of Talllahassee, FL, former residents of Los Rios. He was
born in Gorgas Hospital, attended Los Rios Elementary,
Curundu Junior High and graduated from Balboa High
in 1973 and the CZC in 1975. He graduated from pre-
law from St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas in
1977 and received his Juris Doctorate from St. Mary's
School of Law in 1980. He is now in private practice in
Ft. Lauderdale.
Besides the grooms parents, other former Isthmian
residents attending were Sis and Joe Bongiorni, Barbara
Bongiorni Browne, Frank and Carmen Baldwin, and
Raymond and Chave Doyle.
The happy couple spent their honeymoon in Rome,
Venice, and Florence, Italy.


Thomas Fredrick Overstreet and Stacey Anne Goss
were married on November 9, 1991 at St. Andrews
Catholic Church in Roanoke, Virginia. Thomas is the son
of Mary Overstreet and the late Edward Clyde
Overstreet. Stacey is the daughter of Shirley Goss of
Salisburry, New Hampshire and the late Stuart Alan


uth Carolina, are making their home in Roanoke, and Elizabeth, 9, who are very big helpers to mom.
-ginia. Thomas manages the Spinnaker Restaurant and ....,.. ....- r..... r ..p A --A u.. ... 1-


;arwater, Florida and I .
bert and Terri Smith of Jaenon Matthew

Benjamin's maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs.
lurt Severson of Oak Brook, IL. Stella Boggs DeMarr


Phil and Judy Breunle e
of Aurora, Colorado are
proud to announce the birth
of their first grandchild,
named Brittany Elisabeth
Brittany was born on
June 6, 1991 to their
daughter Melissa Malnar
who lives in Fort Worth,
Texas with her husband,
David, who is currently
serving in the U.S. Air
Judy is pictured here
giving Brittany (would you Brittany Elisabeth
believe) her very first piano Malnar with Judy
lesson! Breunle, Aurora CO.

Richard and Nohl
(Swain) Boyer are delighted
to announce the birth o:
their second child, Tristar
Richard Boyer, who wa:
born October 12, 1991 (or
Cristobal Colon Day) ii
Sacramento, California. H<
S 'weighed 8 pounds and
ounces, and was 21 1/,

Trista Bor sis formerly of Gatun
inches long. He joins bi

months older.
They are the

Canal Zone.

Larry and Sandc

announce the birth of their
second son, Jerad Michae
Smith, who was born oi
January 8, 1992. He weighed
7 lbs. and 4 1/2 ounces
Jerad joins his brother
Stephan Ryan, three and
half years old.
Stephan Ryan and Proud grandparents ar
Jerad Michael Smith Gil and Sue Smith o
Clearwater, Florida, an(
Ernie and Beth Sylvester of Chesterfield, Missouri. Al
were in Tampa to celebrate the arrival of their nev

April 17, 1992 Bonnie (Gunn) Abellera and AJ
became proud parents to a five pound 15 ounce bab,
boy, their second child, which was named Robert Lewi!
Wescott Abellera, The proud grandfather is Lanny Gunr
of Venice, Florida and grandmother Dorothy Lawing o
Asheville, North Carolina.

Claudia (Hanbury BHS'70) and Lorin Bleeker witi
baby Ann Louise Marie. March 18, 1992. 6 Ibs. 15 oz
Siblings Cisne (8), Nicole (5), Chase (3).

Claudia (Hanbury) and Lorin Bleeker are pleased t(
announce the arrival of their daughter, Ann Louisi
Marie. Ann Louise was born March 18, 1992 at Hol;
Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Maryland and weighed (
lbs. 15 oz. She is named after her two grandmothers
"Ann" Bleeker and "Louise" Hanbury formerly of Balboa
Canal Zone, and now currently residing in Silver Sprinq
near her daughter and four grandchildren.
Joining her siblings, Cisne (8), Nicole (5) and Chasi
(3), Ann Louise makes the Bleeker household an eveI
and pleasant half dozen.

Eric and Sharon Bridges of Panama City, Panama
announce the birth of a son on March 8, 1992. The bab
weighed 9 pounds 14 1/2 ounces.
Maternal grandparent is Mildred Hicks and paterna
grandparent is Mark Bridges, both of Pea Ridge, AR.
Great-grandparents are Phil and Velma Holzkampel
of Rogers, AR.

Douglas an<
Cindy McLain are happy tc
announce the birth of theii
third child, a daughter, bori
)". December 30, 1991 ii
,- Stuttgart, Germany.
The baby, who ha:
been named Rachel Gen
joins a sister, Deedee, an<
brother David.
P a t e r n a
grandparents are Glady,
McLain of Sarasota, FL an<
the late John McLain.
S, Doug is Bane
SDirector at Frankfort Higl
School with the U.S. Arm,
Rachael McLain Department of Defens<
Born in Germany (DODDS).

. i tt- ep a rr- -
Op ,~~,/ ,,~~I~ ,~^~~^,

I)su married tdlth Kowe ot the Canal Zone. He
)ened a very successful practice of Optometry in
'ilmington, and was an active member of the Retired
officer's Association, the American Legion and the
FW. He was also a Mason and a member of the Para
lide Club.
He is survived by his wife, Edity (Rowe) Alley of
'ilmington; and a sister, Margaret (Alley) Broggini of
m City Center, Florida.

George P. Allgaier, 84, of St. Petersburg, Florida,
missed away on February 12, 1992 at his home. He was
)rn in Reading, Pennsylvania and attended Keystone
institute and received an associate degree in Mechanical
engineering from Pennsylvania State College. He worked
ir the Panama Canal Company at Mount Hope
ommissary Division as a mechanical supervisor. He
ter transferred to the Industrial Division as a Lead
foreman Machinist where he retired in 1967 with over 30
ears of service. He was a member of the Panama Canal
cityy of Florida; the Elks Lodge #1542 Margarita and
Le Cristobal Yacht Club. After retirement he spent 11
ears on the geneology of his family, traveling to many
ates and Europe, searching and collecting information.
.e completed a beautiful hard cover book of the Allgaier
unily dating as far back as the year 1700.
He is survived by his wife, Gertrude; a son, John, and
daughter, Louise; 10 grandchildren and 11 great-

Robert (Bob) Asmussen, 70, of North Muskegon,
[ichigan, passed away March 2, 1992 after a long bout
ith emphezema. He was born in Muskegon and
*aduated from Michigan State University and enlisted in
&e U.S. Marine Corps. He served duty in the South
pacific and Panama during World War II, and while
ationed on the West Bank in the Canal Zone he met
id married Anita (Jr) Daniels in 1945. He was then
ansferred to Coco Solo before returning to Muskegon
1946. He was the first Marine to be granted
missionn to marry on the Isthmus in 50 years. After 17
ears in the Marine Reserve, he retired as a Major.
He is survived by his wife, Anita (Jr.) of North
[uskegon; daughters Carol A. Moore of Lansing, and

isan Asmussen of Grand Rapids; and a son, John of
older, Colorado.

Laura A. Atchley, 86, of Fresno, California, died May
1991. She was born in Tennessee and was a Balboa
elementary School teacher for the third grade.
She is survived by a sister, Carolyn Thorstenson of
-esno, CA.

Mirt Bender, 88, of DeLand, Florida, died February
,1992 at West Volusia Memorial Hospital. He was
irn in Barboursville, West Virginia, and retired from
e Panama Canal Dredging Division in Gamboa in 1966.
e was a member of Balboa Lodge AF&AM, the
ottish Rite and the Shrine Club. He located to Central
orida in 1985.
He is survived by a son, Merritt of Houston; a
tughter, Rosemarie Trudell of DeLand; three
andchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Col. Edwin Bishop, Jr., 73, of Colorado Springs,
Alorado, died March 7, 1992 at a local hospital. He was
tired from the Air Force and had worked as a real
tate investor. Col Bishop was born in Lowell, Arkansas
d had served in the Air Force for 30 years, and was
carded the Legion of Merit and Air Medal. He had
'ed in Colorado Springs for 28 years. Funeral services
,re held at Peterson AFB Chapel, and burial was at
)rt Logan National Cemetery, Denver.
He was married May 2, 1942 at the Pedro Miguel
union Church to Susan (Ewing) Bishop, who survives.
e is also survived by a daughter, Joanne Matthews of
)s Altos, CA; a son, Eddie of Menlo Park, CA; two
others, Howard of Lowell and Wade of Fayetteville,
rkansas; a sister, Genevieve Pharris of Orange, CA; and
ur grandchildren.

Lola Elizabeth Boyd, 75, as associate professor
leritus at Vassar College and a resident of
)ughkeepsie, NY, died February 10, 1992 of heart
ilure. Lola was born in Panama to Jorge E. Boyd,
plomat, and Elizabeth Bolling Boyd, niece of President
oodrow Wilson's second wife. She graduated from
ilboa High School in 1932 as valedictorian and then
tended and graduated from several schools, among
em Vassar College, The University of Panama
:dagogical Institute, the U. of Maryland and Columbia
university. She was the author of numerous articles,
ipers and books on Spanish and Latin American
erature and Mexican folklore. She was listed in the
'orld of Who's Who of Women, the Directory of
merican Scholars,- and the International Scholars
irectory. She was active in several organizations until
st before her death.
She is survived by triplet sisters, Mildred, Elena, and
dith Boyd, known in show business as "The Del Rubio

Auvie Hoyt Byrd, 78, of Clearwater, Florida, died and Archaeologic Society.
April 24, 1992 at home. He was born in East Point, He is survived by his v
Georgia and retired from the Division of Schools, George of Westchester, OH ai
Panama Canal Company, as an administrative officer in OH; a sister, Ella Cartrell of V
1973 with over 36 years of government service. He was a nephews and many other rela
U.S. Navy veteran of World War II and a Methodist. He
was a member of Elks Lodge #1414, Balboa, CZ and of
the Panama Canal Society of Florida.
He is survived by his wife, Frances; a son, Ronald A.,
Panama; a daughter, Andrea L. Smith, Lawrenceville, Helen Anderson Dalton, '
GA; a sister, Vida Clinkscales, Atlanta, GA; two died February 7, 1992 at Arlin
grandchildren; and a great-grandchild. illness. She was employed a
Department from 1945 to 1S
become a full-time mother. Sl
Scout Troop for several yeai
Elvira Lindgren Byrne, 90, of Napa, California, died Orchid Chapter #1, Order of
January 26, 1992 at a local hospital following a long than 25 years.
illness. She was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and studied She is survived by her hu
nursing at Mounds Park Hospital School of Nursing there Dalton of Annandale; a daugl
and then worked at Mounds Park and Midway Hospitals Jonesboro, GA and a grain
as a registered nurse and anethesiologist until 1927. She Elizabethtown, NC.
then worked at Gorgas Hospital, Ancon, Canal Zone as
a nurse and assistant superintendent of nursing until 1956
when she retired and moved to San Francisco, CA. She
was a member of St. Mary's Episcopal Church of Napa
and an active member of Community Projects and Irwin Henry C. "Hank" DeRaps
Memorial Blood Bank. 1992 after a lengthy struggle w
She is survived by her brother, Chester L. Lingren of resided in McMinnville, Oregi
Napa; a niece and a nephew. She was predeceased by her Palmyra, Maine and entered
husband, John J. Byrne, a sister and a brother, was assigned to the Canal Zc
Canal Zone Police as a Lc
promoted to police officer.
Armed Forces during World \
Kari Jo (Galloway) Cassidy, 27, formerly of Atlanta, Manila, then returning to the (
GA passed away March 23, 1992 in Knoxville, TN after retirement of 1970 as a Poli
a lengthy bout with leukemia. She was born in Houston, Commissioner of the Boy Sc
TX and was an active member of Cedar Springs Commissioner of the Boy Sc
Presbyterian Church in Knoxville. President of the Margarita Ci
She is survived by her husband, Marc W. Cassidy; member of the anal oneT
two children, Christopher Marc, 7, and Laura Kari, all of a member of Elks Lodge #15,
Knoxville; her parents, Karen (Clark) Tibbetts, Mexico an avid golfer, having two hol
Beach, FL and Joseph C. Galloway of Sarasota, FL; a Country Club. After retirement
sister, Anna (Galloway) Adams, Baumholder, Germany; at McMinnville, Oregon.
a brother, PFC Darrell Hunter, NY; maternal He is survived by his wif
grandmother Evelyn Clark, Shelter Island, NY; and Tampa, FL; a daughter, Cher,
paternal grandmother, Wilhelmina "Billie" Galloway of two step-daughters, Jeanne J
Sarasota, FL. both of Sandy, OR; four brotl
Wilfred of Caanan, ME, Bert,
NM, and Ernest of Hallowell,
Santa Cruz, CA; seven gran

Thomas D. Erickson Sr., 68, of Pensacola, Florida,
:d March 8, 1992 at his home. He attended Little
awer Catholic Church and was a retired Navy combat
teran of World War II in the Pacific. He also retired
>m the Panama Canal Company after 10 years service.
Survivors include a son, Thomas D. Erickson, Jr., of
verside, CA; a brother, Carroll E. of Pensacola, FL; a
ter, Margaret M. Heeth of Jacksonville, FL; nieces,
phews and grandchildren.

Albert Bel Fay, 79, a businessman, diplomat and
:publican fund-raiser in the 1960s and 1970s died

laughter, Marjorie H. Peters, Columbus, OH; a son,
Clifton A., Lebanon, NH; three grandchildren and four

Alfred Houston, 83, of Winter Haven, Florida, died
larch 12, at his residence. A native of Gulfport,
Aississippi, he was formerly employed by the Santa Fe
Railroad. He left the Canal Zone in 1970 upon
retirement from the Supply Division after 29 years of
service. He was a member of the Panama Canal Society
if Florida.
Survivors include his wife, Ann Houston of Winter
laven; a son, Carl Schumacher of Carlsbad, CA; two
sisters, Martha Bragg of Laplata, MO, and Mary
Iouston of Kirksville, MO; two grandchildren and four

ulIeIIIUIII b; cVIc Wdb IIIUll ill aia), I CAd UU
')A im i 4!-- ri....i 1D --A 1A ..-- Tv__ ,rL ^,-

rn-mhir of thp Rnvrl Palm Chantpr of thF. Ei ct

bodies to science. Paul and Edna lived in Falls Church,
A for many years after retirement but moved to Dallas
because of Edna's illness. Paul was employed by the
electrical Division, Power Branch, on the Atlantic side.
dna worked for the Commissary Division. Both were
residents of Gatun for many years, and of New Cristobal.
aul was an active Mason and Past Patron of Coral
chapter, OES. Edna was Past Matron of the same
lapter in Gatun.
They are survived by a daughter, Mariella Lawson
lorth, Dallas; and a son, Tad Lawson, and several

Alton J. Hayward, 83, of St. Petersburg, Florida, died
february 4, 1992 at home. He was born in East
ridgewater, Massachusetts and left the Canal Zone in
)66 where he was a machinist for more than 20 years.
:e was a past master and life member of Ancon Lodge,
F&AM; Knights Templar and Abou Saad Shrine
emple, all of Panama, and he was a Protestant.
..-,_., _1-A_ U.. :,:-,lV, -CK..nFP r1 Uiln

She is also survived by a son, Alba D. Hutchings, Jr.
of Panama, and his wife Valley; a daughter-in-law Phyllis
Hutchings, widow of John B. Hutchings of Pompano, FL;
four grandsons and granddaughters; one great-
granddaughter and six great-grandsons.

Lenore Schick Joudrey, 70, the wife of Gilbert
Joudrey, died December 30, 1991 in St. Augustine,

Elizabeth Ann (Tonneson) Key, of Dumont, New
Jersey, died February 28, 1992 at Englewood Hospital,
Englewood, NJ after a lengthy illness. Her father and
mother, Aanon and Anna Tonneson were residents of the
Canal Zone from 1915 until 1945, during which time her
father worked in the Mechanical Division. Both Elizabeth

School in 1937 and also attended Canal Zone Junior Evelyn (Paradis) Lowe, 74, of Dothan, Alabama,
College for two years. Frank's father, Frank Murry Key, passed away April 20, 1992 at Flowers Hospital, Dothan.
a Roosevelt Medal holder, went to the Canal Zone in A Mass of the Resurrection was held April 22 at St.
1906 and died in 1933. Columba Catholic Church in Dothan. She was born in
She is survived by her husband, Frank; a sister, Manchester, NH and lived her early life there. She
Florence, of Melbourne FL; and a brother, Jack of Los enlisted in the Army Nurse Corps and served on active
Angeles, CA. A brother, Elwood predeceased her in 1979 duty in England during World War II, then moved to
and a sister, Agnes, died in 1986. Panama where she worked at Gorgas Hospital from 1946
to 1951. She resided in the Canal Zone for 30 years and
after her husband's retirement, she moved to Dothan.
She is survived by her husband, David W. Lowe,
Dothan; son, Michael of Dothan; daughter Linda K.
Margaret Hirsh Percy Lambert, 70, of Elkview, West (Lowe) Maloney, Hanson, MA; a granddaughter, Sarah
Virginia, passed away December 1, 1991 at home. Her Maloney and a brother, Roland E. Paradis, Manchester,
parents moved to the Canal Zone in 1909, during the NH.
construction of the Canal. She was born in Ancon, and
grew up in the Canal Zone where she married the late
Willard E. Percy. In 1947 Margaret moved to West June H. May, 70, of Clearwater, Florida, passed away
Virginia, near her brother Don Hirsh and later married April 28, 1992 at Morton Plant Hospital, Clearwater. She
Ted Lambert and had two sons. In the Canal Zone, she was born in Columbus, Ohio and came to Clearwater last
was employed as a Records Clerk in a military medical year from Holiday, Florida. She was a Protestant. She
facility. She re-visited Panama in 1984 while on a cruise, was a member of the Panama Canal Society of Florida
She is survived by her husband, Ted Lambert; two and Sweet Adelines, Panama Canal Zone. She was past
sons, Jeff and Paul of Columbus, Ohio; two daughters, worthy matron of Royal Palm Chapter, Order of the
Patricia Percy Shaffer of Charleston, WV and Clara Lou Eastern Star, Canal Zone, and a past mother advisor of
Percy Case of Virginia Beach, VA; a brother, Don Hirsh Rainbow Girls.
of Charleston, WV; 10 grandchildren and six great- Survivors include her husband, Victor H. May Jr.,
grandchildren. who retired from the Panama Canal Company, Transit
Operations in 1976 with over 32 years of service and was
President of the Panama Canal Society during 1984-85;
two daughters, Sandy Robinson, Clearwater, and Vicki
May, Houston, Texas; a sister, Vonna Hamilton
Andrew Parnell Lim, 60, of Colon, Rep. of Panama, Huldtquist, Clearwater; and a granddaughter, Jessica
died unexpectedly on April 3, 1992 of a heart attack at Robinson, Clearwater, and a sister-in-law, Clara
Santa Fe Hospital in Panama City. He was born on the Chambers of Kerrville, Texas.
United Fruit Plantation in Bocas Del Toro, later going to
Colon to attend Cristobal High School, graduating in
1951. He was well-known as an artist, fashion and scenery Bob D. Maynard, 79, of Lake Placid, Florida, died at
designer for his many stage productions and Colon Lake Placid Medical Center on December 10, 1991. He
Carnivals. He also acted as tour guide throughout was born in Pierce County, Wisconsin and went to the
Panama, Santo Domingo, Costa Rica and Colombia. Canal Zone in 1933. He retired from the Panama Canal
Known to many as the Southern Command Network Maintenance Division as superintendent of plumbing in
"Foods of Panama" announcer, he began working as a 1968 with over 30 years of government service. He was a
youth programmer for Youth Activities in 1974. He was veteran of World War II where he served in the Training
instrumental in establishing the Atlantic Players, a local Command of the U.S. Army Air Corps as a flying
theater group. He directed many plays and musicals in instructor. He continued his flying in Panama, where
the Atlantic community and he was awarded both the among his many other accomplishments he conducted a
Silver and Gold Honorary Public Service Awards by the Flying Club on the Atlantic side which produced many
Panama Canal Commission for his civic services to the proficient amateur local pilots.
community. He was also a well-known author on the He is survived by his wife, Kelly, of 46 years; a son,
flora and fauna of his native Panama, as well as for a Robert of Jupiter, Florida; four grandchildren, Eric,
cookbook whose sales proceeds were donated to the Justin, Amber and Summer; a sister, Mrs. Myrtle Olsen
Atlantic Army Wives Club. His recipes were regularly of Ellsworth, Wisconsin.
featured on SCN. He was an active member of the Coco
Solo Lions Club, and as Santa Claus, distributed toys
donated by generous friends and stores in Colon, to
children along the road from Maria Chiquita to Porto Lloyd "Mac" McConnell, 82, of Kerrville, Texas, died
Bello. His kindness, generosity and gentle heart will be February 16, 1992. He was born in Canada and lived in
missed throughout the Atlantic area. the Canal Zone for 21 years, retiring in 1971 from the
He is survived by his brothers, Alexander, Panama Facilities Division of the Panama Canal Company as a
City, Alvin, Pedro Miguel, Miguel, and sister Angelica carpenter.He was a member of St. Peter's Episcopal
Wong, Colon; Arlene Gamble, Aurora Holloway and Church and the fraternal order of Odd Fellows, and he
Alice Lim, Dallas, Texas; Sandra Aubrey, Diablo, R.P.; was an avid fisherman and sportsman.
and many nieces and nephews, as well as over 30 god- He is survived by his wife, Flora M. (Sosa)
children. McConnell; a daughter, Jean Wassam of Templeton, CA;

a brother, Mariner McConnell of New Brunswick,
Canada; three sisters, Theodora Alcorn, Vancouver, BC,
Doris Wood, Huillsburg, CA, and Bernadette McKenzie,
Weed, CA; five grandchildren and four great-

Frank A. McIntyre, 79, of Austin, Texas, died August
28, 1991 of respiratory complications which led to heart
failure. He retired from U.S. Army Communications
Command in Panama as Foreman of the Electronics
Branch of the Telephone System Division, in charge of
Microwave and Television Transmissions at Ft. Davis,
Canal Zone. He was a member of Fairview Baptist
Church, VFW Post #8925; Pilot Knob American Legion
Post; Disabled Veterans; Elks IBPOEW; Lions Club
International; and was a veteran of World War II as a
Major in the US Army. He was also treasurer and
charter life member of the Black Texans Historical
Society, Inc., Austin Association.
He is survived by his wife, Lois; a son, MSgt Frank
L. McIntyre, USA, of Austin; daughters Elicia Vernon of
Austin, and Adela Farinha of New York; and ten

Rachel E. Millard, 85, of New Port Richey, Florida,
died in her sleep at home, March 2, 1992. She had End
Stage Renal Disease and had been undergoing hemo-
dialysis for nearly four years. She was the wife of Melvin
F. Millard, former Safety Officer for the Engineering and
Construction Bureau. She was born in Lake City, MN
and resided in New York State before coming to the
Zone in 1944. She lived at various times at Gatun, Pedro
Miguel, Balboa and Los Rios. She and her husband
retired to Florida in 1968. She was a member of the
Panama Canal Society, St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in
New Port Richey, and a life member of NA.R.F.E.
She is survived by her husband; a daughter, Barbara
M. Armistead of New Port Richet; a son, Kenneth F. of
Los Rios, R.P.; nine grandchildren and six great-

Jackson J. Pearce, 78, of Bothell, Washington, died
January 15, 1992 in Kirkland, Washington. He was born
in Berkeley, California, and retired from the Panama
Canal Company in July, 1970 from the Community
Services Division as Housing Manager, with over 30 years
of service.
Survivors are his wife, Lillian H. Pearce; a daughter,
Dimity Pearce Beckstrom of Davenport, Washington; a
sister, Winifred Pearce Tallmon of Palo Alto, California;
and a grandson, Kyle Carl Beckstrom.

Pauline M. Pender, 101, of St. Petersburg, Florida,
died February 10, 1992 at St. Anthony's Hospital. Born in
Rutland, Vermont, she came to Florida in 1952 from
New Orleans, LA. She retired as a telephone operator
and clerical worker in the Panama Canal Zone. She was

Survivors include a sister. Jessica Mathene

Angus 0. Matheney

vlatheney, both of St.

w moosKi, vermont ana came to the uanai Lone witn ms
parents and sister. He attended Canal Zone schools and
graduated from Balboa High School in 1938. He served
an apprenticeship as a pipe-fitter in the Mechanical
Division and married his wife Millie at St. Mary's Church
in 1947. They left the Canal Zone in 1950 to attend
Georgia Tech and graduated with a BS and MS in
Industrial Engineering. At his retirement in 1979, he was
chief engineer for AFPRO Hughes Aircraft in El
Segundo, CA. He was active in the Canal Zone Society
of Southern California, geneology, coins, stamps, Intertel
and the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry.
He is survived by his wife, Millie; a daughter, Naia;
sons Robert Jr. and Rick; and a sister, Lolita Provost

Edward S. Reynolds, 74, of Zephyrhills, Florida, died
March 17, 1992 at east Pasco Medical Center. A native
of Martinsburg, W.VA, he retired from the Panama
Canal Company Locks Division, as lockmaster in
T"prpmhpr 1077 uAth nr7pr 1'7 upnrc nf anvprnmm nt

Division m Mt. Hope and the tower branch at
Miraflores, retiring from the Canal on November 1, 1960.
Subsequently the Ruoff's had lived in Fredericksburg and
Austin, Texas.
He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Betty Wilson of
Duncan, OK, and sons WA. Ruoff of Houston, and Jack
M. Ruoff of Kingwood, Texas; seven grandchildren and
eleven great-grandchildren.

Eugenie C. Sanders, 90, of Hendersonville, North
Carolina, died March 6, 1992, at Park Ridge Hospital.
A native of Martinique, Antillies, she formerly lived in
Panama. She was the daughter of the late Eugene and
Clotilde Cap-de-Ville Courville and was the wife of the

therapist at Sharon General Hospital. She worked
Gorgas Hospital in the Panama Canal Zone as a medi
X-ray technician until she married, returning to the U
in 1976. She was a member of the church, Wimodaugh!
Junior Wimodaughsis, Canfield Extension Club, Canfii
Chapter of AA.R.P., Youngstown Nature Club a
Canfield Republican Women.
She is survived by her husband, Joffre R. whom ,
married in 1957; two sisters, Mrs. Marie McCoy
Liberty and Mrs. Ruth Bowman of Lisbon; two brother
Lewis J. Speece Jr. of Berlin Center and Daniel
Speece of Lisbon.

Hannah B. Schwartz, 90, of Sarasota, Florida, dj
February 2, 1992. She was born in New York City a
came to the Canal Zone in 1942. She left the Canal Zc
upon her husband's retirement as an electrician in I
Locks Division with over 32 years of government servi
They lived in Miami for two years before coming
Sarasota. She was a member of the Order of Eastc
She is survived by her husband, Fred Schwartz
Sarasota; two nieces and a nephew.

Reuben Seidman, 88, of St. Petersburg, Florida, di
April 16, 1992 at St. Anthony's Hospital, St. Petersbu
He was born in New York City, NY and retired from t

deceased by his wife, Lilburn Seidman.

Bruce Smith, 57, was killed in an airplane accide
on April 20, 1992 in Schrollbach, West Germany.
He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Charles

organizations. He was President Emeritus of the PCS:
and president from 1966-1971, and a member of t
PCSOFL. He will always be remembered for his beauti
singing voice.
He is survived by his sister, Aileen Smith Hoyle
Morgan Hills, CA; and four nephews, David, Brian, P;
and Gary Hoyle.

Harmon Bishop "Sandy" Standefer, 74, of Az
Texas, passed away on March 1, 1992. Born in Tampii
Mexico, he attended high school in Houston and colle
at Texas Wesleyan and the U. of Texas at Austin. Duri

Lauaerdale, riorica.
He is survived by his wife, Denise; twin daugl
Andrea and Summer; three brothers, Edward, J(
and Roger, and grandmother Marina Joudre

Edna Dorothy Terwilliger, 87, of Inverness, Florida,
1 February 4, 1992. Born in Bridgetown, Barbados,
came to Florida from the Canal Zone twelve years
SShe was a protestant.
Survivors include a son, Albert G. Terwilliger of
erness; a brother, Clyde V. Bank of Savannah,
)rgia; three grandchildren, and one great-grandson.

If you see, or are aware of an obituary of
ormer Canal Zone resident in your area,
ase clip it out and send it to the Editor,
nal Record, after you have dated the
)ping. Please send to: The Editor, Panama
nal Society of Florida, Inc., 8050 Seminole
ill, Suite 334, Seminole, FL 34642.

Letters to t


Tprri RnlvPr Frpnclpv with R*natnr trnm Thulrmnnd

ry (Salyer) Frensley with Senator Strom
Senator Thurmond spoke at the dedication of the
ool Library. Terri, a former Atlantic Side resident, is
Protocol Officer at the School. She is the daughter of
ries R. and Lois Salyer of Jacksonville, Florida.

Peter A. Tortorici, 72, of Inverness, Florida, passed
y February 14, 1992 following surgery at the Munroe
ional Hospital, Ocala, FL. He was born in New York
, NY and came to the Canal Zone in 1944 as a
tain in the US Army. After his discharge in 1945 he
;nprl in thP r"nial 7-nn I1ntl hMe rptrpmpnt in 1o07

ie Editor



When Pete Lang arrived at the Countryway Golf
b in Tampa, Florida, on January 20, 1992, he never
ught he would see the sight behind him in Florida.
you gonna' be putting for an eagle, birdie, par or
ogie there, Pete? (It was heavy frost).

Bradley Pearson, 2 time U.S. Olympic track membi
visits Ervin Hunt, track coach, University of Californ
and Ed Miller, assistant track coach, U of C., Februe
29, 1992.


The long holiday weekend in January was
occasion for Randy and JoElla Deakins to open up thi
summer cottage on Lake Orange in Ocala, Florida.
They hosted friends and family including Rand:
mother and father, Roger and Violet Deakins, broth
Terry Deakins and his wife, Sue Matheson and si
Mark. The Mitten twins, Sue Corrigan and Sheila Ste]
came for the weekend, including Sheila's husband Ter
and son, Michael.

L-R: Sue (Matheson) Deakins, Violet and Rog
Deakins, Sheila (Mitten) and Terry Stepp, Ma
Deakins, Sue (Mitten) Corrigan, (Larry was
Panama), Joella Jenkins and Randall Deakins, Ter
The winters chill didn't disturb the serenity ai
beauty of the lake. A perpetual bonfire at lakeside ke
everyone warm and cheerful.
The weekend was an opportunity to celebrate t]
wedding anniversary of the senior Deakins (more than
years) and the birthday of Terry Deakins (less than
years). Randy and Terry Deakins showed off th(
culinary skills by setting up a banquet style breakfast
one of the out-buildings of the compound and cooking
on an old fashioned wood-burning stove. Everyol
enioved the set-toeether and the oovortunitv to discu

W'I i HT Irkiv


We thought friends might be interested in seeing
enclosed snapshots taken last November in Savan
MO. The occasion? The second birthday party
Elizabeth Marliese Morales, November 8, 1991.





Top: Grandma Margaret (Kuhn) Morales
Elizabeth, age 2. Bottom L-R: Roy Morales (P
Roseanne Morales, Alan Thornton, Janet Mor
(Mom), John A. Morales.


Dear Mr. Beall:
I just returned from a tour of the Hawaiin Isla
k I enjoyed every minute of the visit and saw every]
there was to see. We spent several days on all
n islands. I went there with the Holiday Travels and
y tour guide was outstanding. She went out of her wa
make certain that we got the best of everything there
d to see and get.
At We arrived in Honolulu, March 17 at 5:00 p.m. t
time, which is four hours behind ours. The place is c.
e and are very nice....most everything is very expensive
0 you need to shop around to get a reasonable price..
0 place is like that now. The Japanese are there as thic
ir fleas on a dog's back and all the shops are owne(
n managed by them.
it I had never been there before and I thought it w(
e be good to take the tour. There are several people f
1_ 7 ---1 : '--- -.1-- I__ .. T ---..I

was not listed in the phone FROM OLD HE

nc the. na

of Palms Cho
petition in Jack:
ing to do ev
'at both sing b,



Paul and Mary
SEmma (Smith) McDonald
of Port Royal, Virginia,
.. tK fl1 i

Frenchy Barriteau's well-wishers on his 16th birthday.

Barbara (Yerxa) Horton, Betty Yerxa and Betty's
house guest, Teddy Parker, from Alaska, drove up from
Orlando; Zip Barriteau and his daughter Megan were
there from West Virginia; Danielle (Barriteau) and
Jamey May with their son, Buddy, arrived from their
home on St. Helena Island, South Carolina; and the
"Yerxa Girls" Donna and Brenda and their families drove


Petia Kritselis is seated, she is Harriet's mother. The
New Years celebration was held at Harriet's home in
Richardson, Texas.

L-R: Frank Corrones, Harriet Corrones, Angela
Bloemer, Robert Bloemer, Paul Corrones, with
grandson Paul Corrones, Terry Corrones, Peter
Paul Corrones was with the US Embassy in Panama
and Pete and Frank attended Balboa High School.
Robert J. Bloemer is a retired Panama Canal pilot.


After seventeen years from our last visit to Panama,
Eugene and I were finally able to go back in March. Only
our daughter Kelly was able to go with us.
We stayed with my sister June and brother-in-law
Rob Lane in Panama City.

Back L-R: Ray Underwood, Louise and Eugene
Bauman. Middle L-R: June and Rob Lane, Kelly
Bauman, Henry Barker and Bill Brunner. Front: Ken
Underwood. March 1992
All three of us really enjoyed the sun and warm
weather after coming from Michigan. We were able to
visit some of the old places and see some of the Curundu


In March, Warren Gregory (Woody Johnson
Gregory) returned to Panama (Gatun) for a visit after 2(
years with his wife Linda. A lot has changed since Wood!
has been away. It was exciting to go back home but also
disappointing to see all the changes. It was Linda's firs
trip and she enjoyed it immensely.

L-R: Bonnie Seeley, Linda Gregory, Darlene Seele)
with Woody Gregory, Wayne Seeley.

,oMr rIMi.l Ul u-l

By John F. Campbell, Master Marinei

Continued from December 1991 issue...

Autobiography, Society of The Chagres
Yearbook, 1911

John Constantine, Pilot Panama Railroad Company,
was born at Piraeus, Greece, in the year 1849 on the 10th
of July. He received his education at the Academy oj
Athens from which he graduated in June 1863; immediately)
after graduation he entered the service of Pacific Maii
Steamship Company, remaining with them until 1873, when
he joined the forces of the Union Pacific Company, which
company he served until 1881; from 1882 until 1887 he
served under Count Ferdinand de Lesseps, in the Canai
Oceanic, as captain and dredgeman, leaving that same yea)
to return to the employment of the Pacific Mail Steamship
Company as a stevedore at La Boca. He left their service
in March 1905, to enter the service of the Isthmian Cana,
Commission, as master of the craneboat LaValley unti,
February 14, 1906, when he was transferred to the Panamc
Railroad Company as Captain and Pilot, which position he
still holds.

Captain Constantine was born in Piraeus, Greece or

The Gregory's stayed with Wayne, Bonnie an
Darlene Seeley. As luck would have it, the Seeley's havi
the same house in Gatun that Woody grew up in! Ever,
day was spent sightseeing all the locations that were <

would like to go back and visit sites on the Pacific side,
They only hope the Seeley's are willing to put up with
them again!

Antonio and Irni (Irina) (Kolufi) Constantino, and wa.
baptized John Antonio Constantino by the Parish Churcl:
of San Dionysios in Piraeus in 1859 (this document ha,
either been lost or removed from his personal file)
Nothing is known about his parents other than his father
also followed the sea and was a shipmaster.
John A. Constantino left his native Greece to seek hii
fortune in the New World about 1873 (1863). Shortly3
after his arrival in New York the same year, he
Americanized his name to John A. Constantine. Mosi
records thereafter have his name ending with the letter
'e' instead of 'o' or 'os' which is common with Greet
An early employment record shows that in 1863 (mosi
1 1 11 A- 1 -i .. \ L r_ -1

Aspinwall. It was an American owned company having
been chartered in 1848, and by 1873, over forty steamer!
were flying the red, white and blue swallow-tailed house(
flag of Pacific Mail. When John Constantine first joined
the company, it was running vessels from New York t(
Aspinwall (Colon); Toboga (Panama) to San Francisco
and Seattle. Later they ran vessels from San Francisco t(
China, and for a short while were engaged in trade tc
Australia. The Panama Canal records, newspaper
accounts, etc., do not list by name even one of the vessel!
that John Constantine sailed in. But evidence at hanc
proves, though not conclusively, that he sailed witi
Pacific Mail between Panama and Seattle, and perhaps!
made a voyage or two to Australia.
A ,C _- _1 r__ A._ < __ l_ T _- --

P P I 1~

John Constantine left Pacific Mail Company and obtain
employment with 'Union Pacific Company' as
'boatswain' for forty-five dollars per month. When I
later (1906) filled in a pre-employment history for tl
Panama Railroad Company, he failed to mention wheth
the Union Pacific was a steamship or a railroad compare
The only companies that I was able to trace with simil
names were the Union Steamship Company, and Uni(
Steam Navigation Company. However, those company
were trading to New Zealand and China. He must, the
have worked for the Union Pacific Railroad Compar
Other records and statements tend to substantiate tfl
surmise. In another 'Record of Experience ai
Employment' submitted to the Panama Canal, he statc
that his place of employment during this period was
San Francisco, and that he was 'afloat.'

transshipped to the same market via the Union Pacil
Railroad. For this operation Union Pacific must have h,
to maintain tugs, barges, and other floating equipment
order to transfer cargo from vessels that were arrivii
from China and other Far East ports onto their rollii
stock. So when John Constantine claimed he was 'aflo,
during his employment, it is more than conjecture that I
meant he was working on the tugs and barges in S,
Francisco harbor.

It was during this sojourn in San Francisco that Jo
Constantine must have established residence and becoi
a naturalized American citizen. His naturalization pap(
were supposed to have been issued by the Superior Coi
in San Francisco in 1888 (no month or day is known).,
has been previously stated, later in life he was to ha
some difficulty in proving his American citizens
because his copy of the original court records wc
claimed to have been destroyed by fire. It is o01
assumption, but those papers which could not
obtained without undoubted documentary proof wot
have shown John Constantine's correct age if they h
been produced when called for in 1917 and 1926.
One account states that John Constantine was a S
Francisco Bar pilot about this time (1890), and mentic
he was on board the Lady Mine No. 9. Captain Aken
San Francisco Bar pilot, who has recently been making
serious study of local pilot history is quite certain tl
Captain Constantine was never a San Francisco Bar pil
He says, however, that he may have been a crew meml
of Lady Mine No. 9, but there are no records to prove
disprove the claim.
The fast side paddle-wheelers of the Pacific M
Steamship Company made frequent calls at Toboga, t
company's deep water terminus on the west coast
Panama. It must have been during this period of servi
(1863-1873) with them that John Constantine becar
familiar with the Isthmian scene and people. When
left Union Pacific in 1891 (1881), he made his way to t
-1-, --A +U_+l,~,n trn ~ L_~ L-A I lrn

received. In 1888 the original French company failed, ar
John Constantine returned to employment with Pacif
Mail as a 'stevedore' at their La Boca operations
Panama. For this service he received one hundred fif
dollars per month.
Actually, this second period of employment wil
Pacific Mail not only fits in with the cessation
construction on the Panama Canal by the original Frenm
company in 1888, but gives credence to the captain's ov
admission earlier, and to his autobiography, when I
stated that he worked for the Pacific Mail from 1887 1
1905. As if more evidence were needed, the writer ha
with the kind assistance and diligent research by Mr. i
Harmon of the San Francisco Maritime Museum and M
David M. Jenkins, Deputy in Charge, Cristobal U.
District Court without whose help I would have bec
unable to unearth many details has resulted in turnir
up two unknown facets in the life of Captain Constantin
The first is a list of vessels, with ratings and time ,
service, that John Constantine sailed in when he was wil
Pacific Mail. This new information from San Francis(
does more than substantiate his authentic second peric
of employment with that company (1888-1905), but
indicated that he did not spend all of the time in I
Boca. From time to time, he filled in on company vessel
probably as a result of crew shortages resulting froi
deaths/depsp.rtinnt_ Fnllnws is a list nf thn.e ve..els.

Steamer: Rating: Year
City of Sydney Seaman 1891
City of Sydney Boatswain 1891
City of Para Seaman 1895
City of Para Boatswain 1898
Newport Seaman 1901

Secondly and this is perhaps amazing when one
considers the legends that have been spun around the life
of Captain Constantine that it has never appeared in
print until now he was employed by the renowned
Judge Henry A. Gudger of the U.S. Circuit Court,
Ancon, Canal Zone; as a clerk and Spanish translator!
Moreover, this employment makes ever more creditable
his statement that he, ...'left their service (Pacific Mail)
in March 1905....' because he started this Federal
employment as a clerk and translator on April 4, 1905.
This service with the Federal Government was never
mentioned by Captain Constantine perhaps because of
its short duration. It was also overlooked by the Panama
Canal, and it was never accredited to him for retirement
As a clerk and Spanish translator it is surmised that
it entailed the translation of Spanish legal documents and
court records into English. Therefore the captain must
have been an educated man who was also fluent in
several languages because his native tongue was Greek.

dollars per month. However, he still retained his position
as clerk and translator with the U.S. Circuit Court until
30 June 1905 on which date his resignation became
It is only surmise, but either the dual employment
required too much of his time, or perhaps it was not
permitted to have two incomes from a Federal source at
the same time, or he might have resigned because they
were unable to furnish him with quarters. Housing in the
Canal Zone during the construction period was a scarce
necessity, and one would be prone to transfer from one
government department to another in order to obtain
housing. This surmise is based on the contents of a letter,
which is now a part of the captain's file, from Charles E.
Magoon (Commissioner, Head of Department of
Government and Sanitation) to George C. Schafer
(Paymaster, U.S.N.), dated 24 June 1905, which states in

...There being no quarters for Mr. J. Constantine, clerk
in the office of Associate Justice HA. Gudger... pay him in
lieu thereof commutation of quarters, from and including
April 3, 1905...

Five days after this letter was sent, John Constantine
resigned his position with the U.S. Court.
John Constantine worked for the Isthmian Canal

one Liovernor Lveorge
05, Judge Gudger said

ruary he was, as the record
aama Railroad Company as
position paid one hundred
_." _.... 1. .. ... .6

t L I1 lIIUi i U1 LII lIlllil .1a ail)

quarters or in lieu thereof tne regular allowance. nis
gentleman comes to me highly recommended both as to
ability and character and I feel quite sure after examining
as to his qualifications that he will give satisfaction...

On April 18, 1905 Governor Davis reported to the
Chairman, Isthmian Canal Commission at Washington,
D.C. that:

...I have the honor to report the appointment on April
3rd, of Mr. J. Constantine as Clerk and Translator to the
Judge of the Circuit Court of the Zone... Mr. Constantine,
Judge Gudger thinks, is especially qualified as he is an
educated man of mature years. I beg to ask that you will
have Mr. Constantine's appointment confirmed by the Civil
Service Commission....

In other correspondence signed by Charles E.
Magoon in 1905, it is noted that quarters were not
available for John Constantine, and he was paid in lieu
thereof fifteen percent of his salary.
John Constantine left his job as stevedore with
Pacific mail at La Boca in March 1905. On the 29th of
the same month he started what was to be his second
connection with the construction of the waterway when
he accepted employment with the Isthmian Canal
Commission, the successors to the several French
companies that had previously failed. This new position
with the Isthmian Canal Commission was as master of
the steam tug Alexander LaValley at one hundred fifty

the Company, and others that were arriving with cement
and other material used during the construction period.
This new job required residence at the Atlantic terminus,
and it was at this point that Captain Constantine took up
permanent residence on the 'Gold Coast' that was to
continue until his death.
During the time Captain Constantine was with the
Panama Railroad Company (1906-1914) many vessels
were arriving with both immigrant workers, recruited for
the construction period, and supplies. From 1913 to the
final completion of the Panama Canal the emigration was
as heavy as the preceding immigration had been. It was
during this period that Captain Constantine first became
known to the 'deep water' shipmasters. His skill as a
shiphandler was admired by all, however it was the
combination of this skill and his exhilarating personality,
that won him many friends within the maritime scene.
From 1908 until his death, Captain 'John' was
especially popular with the United Fruit Company
employees, both afloat and ashore. From all accounts,
this company and its employees that knew him, revered
him. Vessels of the 'Great White Fleet' had been calling
at Colon and Cristobal since 1908 when the S.S. Cartago
had the distinction of being the first Company vessel to
stop at the Atlantic terminus of the Panama Canal.

To be continued.


Retirement party for Charles P. Conlan, Chief, Recon
Shrapnel, Rosie Byrne, telephone operator, Bill Wigi
official translator, Fred Mead, W.H. Metivier, Bill Hardie,
Ralph Gomez, Cambridge L. Lupfer, Chief Clerk, AK'
Conlan, Richard "Dinty" Moore, Doug Lord, George L
Marian Blair, Plainfield, IN.) (Names by Fred Mead).


v .

Boy Scouts aboard ??? ship, at ??? Some of whom we
Wally Dyer, Todd Lipsinski, Paul Disharoon and Joh
welcome. (Photo submitted by George Chevalier).

bureau, 1950. L-R: Albert Evans, Walter Allen, Peter
harles Cross, Henry MaKibbin, Enrique A. Lapeira,
b Campbell, Merril Patten, Edwin Jones, Dick Peglar,
hiladelphia Phil," Kneeling L-R: Mrs. L.B. Moore, C.P.
in, J. Taylor Swint, Arthur Oldershaw. (Photo sent by

9 identified are: (?) Poole, Harry Foster, T. Sherlock,
owery? Identification as to where, when, and who are

A PIONEERS: Some were Gallegos, hardy
REMEMBER backs from Northern Spain. Some

men were still dying of fever, coffins were stacked at the
edge of camp, and workers in the mess hall gulped
quinine and rum.
There were no electricity, no roads and no women.
He lived in some old wooden quarters left by the
French square structures built on stilts with no screens,
no walls, no windows. Mosquitoes swarmed in from the
jungle and morning fog settled over the beds so a man
getting up couldn't see the next cot.
When Russell Potter arrived, men were lined up on
the dock waiting for the next ship out. Perhaps it was the
long hours and hard work that discouraged them. Or the
heat and the bugs and the disease. Or the endless
monotony of the jungle.
But it didn't discourage Russell Potter. He figured
he'd give it a try stay six or eight months and then go
back home. He'd gone down for the pay.
And the pay was good, $100 a month. Enough to get
Russell Potter to quit his job with the Pennsylvania
Railroad and go down.
Enough to get thousands of men like Russell Potter
down there, away from home, to a place in the world that
none of them had been and few had heard of before.
They were being paid good money because there was
a job to do. A big job. A job that had been started two
__ r n- 11 n i 1 .

S. -, -- I L -, ,,-- C

the earth, push back the forests, blast out the rock.
Excavate a mammoth ditch that would short-cut the trip
From the Atlantic to the Pacific.
It would be a miracle of engineering, a tribute to
American Know-how, a modern day wonder. They were
going to build a Panama Canal.
There are few left who remember the construction
days of the Canal and the men who built it.
Some of the men were "tropical tramps" transients
looking for adventure and enough money to keep moving
on, who wandered from job to job across Central and
South America.


The Gorgona Foundry, 1911

Every trade there was that could help build a canal
and support the colony of men who were doing it.
Russell Potter, 93, is one who remembers one of
the old-timers who lives now in retirement in the
comfortable climate of St. Petersburg, Fla., which over
the years has become a haven not only for the old canal
construction veterans and there were a few but for
most of the people who worked over the years for the
Panama Canal Company. There are close to 1,000 of
them clustered there.
"When I got off the boat in 1905, I was 21," recalls
Potter. "They took all of us to the Canal headquarters
and gave us mosquito netting, a tin pitcher, and tin pail.
Then they put us on a train to a construction camp called
T7--=-: --. -1---,..^ -..- _-- *---

were no waiis ann anl vnn mnr was

desperate conditions. -
desperate conditions.

Some of the Construction D

av workers on the Canal.

"There was yellow fever still going around. Men in
the quarters would suddenly get fevered and the next
minute you'd hear they were in the hospital. Some came
back and some didn't.

"We had to drink quinine all the time for malaria.
was awful tasting stuff. They tried to get the men to dri
it by mixing it with wine. When that didn't work, th
mixed it with rum. They couldn't keep the pitch
coming fast enough.
"In the hospitals, under the legs of the beds, we
pans of water to keep out the ants. Nobody cou
understand how a man going to the hospital with typhc
would end up dying of malaria.
"Then they discovered that yellow fever and malai
were spread by mosquitoes. And those pans of wat
under the patient's beds is where the mosquitoes brec
"There were no American women around and t.
men would work 10 months and get 2 months off. Fast
they could, they'd go to the States and bring back a wifi
"The women who went down there in the early da
are the unsung heros of the Canal Zone," says An
Fraser, also now of St. Petersburg, whose mother toi
him down in 1908, three years after Russell Pott
"It was a pest-hole when we arrived," says Frast
"There were no roads anywhere just the railroad. The
were three trains that crossed the Isthmus every day aj
every train had a hospital car on it filled with sick me
I remember playing in the canal as they were diggil
it, walked right down the center. On Sundays, when tf
steamshovels weren't working, the railroad ran
sightseeing car down it. It was an open car with bleache
on it and ran along the canal bed. It made a great outir

The Sight-seeing Car

In the summers as a teen-ager, I worked on tl
canal. My title was "Boy" and I made 10 cents an houi
"I was raised right on the banks of the canal," sa
Lucille Judd, now 78. (Lucille was Secretary/Treasur
of the Panama Canal Society of Florida for over 20 yea
- up to 1970). "From our little house I could see the b
shovels working and I would go down and watch the me
They wore long-sleeved shirts to protect them from tl
sun and they worked like dogs.
"When there was going to be an explosion, they
blow a whistle that would blast your ears off, and you
have to run for cover under the house if you we:
outside, or crouch in a doorway, if you were in.
"Lots of the men were killed in those explosions. Lo
of slides came down and covered the steamshovels.
"When we got there in 1907, there were few familii
at all. There was only one rocking chair in the Can
Zone, and my father, knowing my mother and I wei
coming down, had taken it and hidden it. When we can
down we had the only rocker along the canal.
"On Sundays, the San Bias Indians would come ridii

down across the canal there was no water yet m it
horses with wooden saddles. They were very ge
"I remember when Teddy Roosevelt came down.
wore all white and he knew everyone by name. He
us to be mighty proud of what we were doing, and I
There was never any doubt in our minds that the
would be done."
Russell Potter, who went down as a young man,
Andy Fraser and Lucille Judd, who were taken dow
children, did not leave when the canal was finished.
Like many who worked for years building it, 1
stayed on for most of their lives stayed on until the
of retirement, when all residents of the Canal Zone r
Potter worked as a stenographer; Lucille Judd in
commissary; Andy Fraser in the Dredging Division.
They and their families were pioneers in a master
effort to conquer nature. The Panama Canal was t
life. It still is intrinsically tied to their own persi
histories. Although St. Petersburg is where they live r
the Canal is their home.
"We were in it from the beginning," says Pc
wistfully. "And we put many years in keeping it going.
sort of glad we don't have to be there at the end."

Chicago Tribune Press Set
September, 1
Submitted by Janet (Potter) Cunningham,
St. Petersburg, FL


The Pacific Beer League was a post-war, dry sea
recreational event for many years. Games were pla
Monday through Friday afternoons, after work, at
Ancon Laundry Field. Originally, teams were made
from employees of the various Canal Divisions, Pol

iade sortOau League Une ot tne most popular loops
the Isthmus was scheduled to get underway this afternc
on the Ancon Laundry diamond at four-forty o'clock w
the Gamboa Dredging team crossing bats with I
Accounts and Doctors. Six teams will fight for 1
pennant this year. They are the Agewood Athleti
Electrical Division, Mechanical Division, Police and Fi
Gamboa and the Accounts-Docs. The National Distill
of Panama are sponsoring the former Office Engine

A? V


:I ., A,

eorge Stanley, Willie McArthur, Dom Vasnick, Bill Wi
)ster, Jack Schierloh, Dale Bishop.

ecutive Dept. team and they will play under the name
the Agewood Athletics with Freddy Mead at the helm.
LAGUE Agewood Athletics scored an easy 14-2 win
the Pacific Side Beer Softball League yesterday
ernoon over the Accounts-Docs on the Ancon Laundry
amond. Dick Dehlinger hurled six innings for the losers
th Mike Corco taking over in the final frame. Rufus
velady started for the Agewood A's to get credit for
- win. Wilson hurled after the fourth inning. The
counts-Docs scored one in the sixth. "Mooney" Huff
I the losers at the plate with two for three and turned
the fielding gem of the day with a one-hand stab of a
er down the first baseline. The Agewooders tallied
*ee in the first, one in the second, five in the fourth,
ir in the sixth, and a single run in the seventh. The big
irth inning rally was highlighted by home runs by Ed
yz and Tommie Alley.
)FTBALL BEER LOOP The VFW maintained their
inning pace in the Pacific Softball League by defeating
: Police, 13-7 at Ancon Wednesday. Ornat pitched
-ee-hit ball for five innings and retired from the game
hiding by 13-1. Reliefer Lee had trouble with his control
the sixth, walking 6. A triple by Lawyer and a VFW
ror mixed in with the walks gave the Coppers six runs
d ended the scoring for the afternoon. Bishop (VFW)
d Levee (Police) had two base knocks out of four times
bat each to lead the hit parade. At Pedro Miguel, Pan
quido defeated Buick-Chevrolet 14-6 with Ray Wilson

150. Top row, L-R: Biff Clarke, Bill Wigg, Jim Ornatt,
iann. Front L-R: Ted Scobie, Joe Bongiorni, Harry
Photo submitted by Bill Wichmann.

sing the mound for the victors. Jim Riley's home run
Is the only extra base blow of the seven hits he allowed.
ead homered for the Beermen in the first inning and
ck Baldwin had a perfect day at the plate with 2 for 2.
This account of Isthmian athletic and beer drinking
;tory is courtesy of Fred Mead and Bill Wichmann,
th of whom were unanimously elected to the Beer
ague Hall of Fame and have certificates to prove it.
rmer Beer Leaguers can get copies of the write-ups,
x scores and prints of the attached photo by contacting
11 Wichmann, whose address is in the Canal Record


"The mean Pedro Miguel kids," I first heard that
m used at a Canal Zone Reunion. I had never thought
us as mean, I thought we were just normal, then I
gan remembering some of the things we did. I'll share
,m with you and you can decide how mean we were.
We Pedro Miguel kids went to junior high and high
tool by bus. Sometimes I wonder if any of the parents
-w what went on during the bus rides between Pedro
guel and Balboa. I doubt that they did.
There was the problem of seating, there were always
>re students than there were seats. So, who was going
stand, the last to board the bus, or no, the standees

-* : .'*** s ^ ^ s W s m .m

always the smallest or the weakest boys. The
ig order was established by the simple act of the
;er boy hauling the weaker sitter out of his seat and
occupying said seat. The new standee had a certain ON
it of comfort with the knowledge that the next year
uld have a weaker boy he could rob of his seat.
ur bus went through Corozal an Army post, for
of you who didn't know or lone remember much F PR

- ihU

FI1111~lllvj J"C

IIP~rr Ir~asCP



Anyone who has memories of Gamboa or pictures to The advance guard of the Reunion '93 committee
e and who plans to attend the Reunion please met in San Diego at the Panama Canal Society's annual
act me at the Twin Towers Hotel, Thursday meeting and party. Ron Wanke, Isabelle Zemer Lively,
lay.I would like to make laser copies of any pictures Joan Kenney Hoyt, Betty Chan Snow and Iras
care to share. Write to Donna Gillis, PSC #2 Box Remington Gabryelewicz spent a working Saturday
APO AA 34002. making a tentative schedule for our class of '43 big
Fiftieth to be held in conjunction with the Panama Canal
Society's September 1993 Reunion in San Diego.
Plans include a class cocktail party and reception on
CHS CLASS OF 1942! Wednesday, arrival night; tour of San Diego's Wild
Animal Park on Thursday (or a tour of Southern
California's beautiful wine country tasters must be 21 -
Join us for our 50th reunion in Orlando, June 1992 your choice) followed by a private Class of '43 dinner
injunction with the Panama Canal Society. party; all day trip to Ensenada, Mexico (with a stop at
ere? Orlando, Florida. Rosarita Beach) on Friday wonderful chance to stop,
en? June 19, 20, and 21, 1992. browse or sample margaritas at local cantinas; golf or
it? Dinner and Dancing at Twin Towers. whatever you choose on Saturday maybe a harbor
Cook-out at a private home. cruise, trip to Old Town, bungee jumping, ballooning -
Breakfast at Disney's Beach Hotel. followed by the banquet and dance with the Panama
ie and enjoy old friends. Reminisce. Have fun! Canal Society on Saturday night; farewell brunch on
e to make your reservation is NOW. Sunday with the Pan Canal friends.
1 to Marjean (Metzger) Hang, 1379 N.E. Viola Rd., It will be a great reunion...come...everyone wants to
n Park, FL 33825. Tel: (813) 452-0760. see YOU! Please contact Ernest Pierce, 6810 Ramsey
Place, Dayton, OH 45415-1459 with suggestions or ideas
and say, "YES, I'M COMING!!"
Joan Kenney Hoyt
[S CLASS OF 1942 50th REUNION 432 Cederhaven Way
Anaheim, CA 92807

Has it been 50 years? Let's plan a Reunion in
indo or in San Diego or "wherever" in 1992. We know BHS CLASS OF 1944 50th REUNION
re some of you are, but need to get in touch with
I of you. We need current addresses. Send us your
e, address and phone number, plus names and The committee for the BHS Class of 1944 50th Class
-esses of other classmates you know so we can get Reunion met at the home of John and Ann Mayles in
:ed. When we get your address we will mail out a Homasassa, Florida during February 1992 to make
stionnaire in hopes of putting together a roster of preliminary plans. The tentative schedule is to hold our
;mates with current information. The following have reunion in conjunction with the 1994 Panama Canal
nteered to help, please contact any one of them, Society of Florida Reunion during June 1994 in Orlando,
ling your name, address and phone number, plus any Florida.
rs you know, and we'll get rollin'.

Kathleen (Boni) Moffitt
721 San Luis Road
I _I_ -_

Alexander and Pat (Heitman) Lenneville. (At left is John
Please refer to the "Where Are You" section in this
issue for names of classmates for which we need
addresses. Once we know more addresses, we will be in
contact. Preliminary plans call for including classes of
1943 and 1945 to our reunion. Please let us know of your
ideas. If you know any addresses please contact one of
the following:

Alice (Fairbrother) Myers Robert Whitam
2119 Coachman Road 3208 Trails Lake Dr.
Spring Hill, FL 34608 Medina, OH 44256
(904) 686-2641 (216) 725-5087

Carmen (Hernandez) Massot
Apartado 6-343, Estafeta El Dorado
Panama, Rep. de Panama
(011-507) 64-3174

Class of 1964 is tentatively scheduled to be held in San
Diego, California, the summer of 1994. Please keep in
touch if you are interested in attending. We would like
to keep our list updated so please send your name,
address and phone number (especially if you have
moved) to one of the following:

Carole (Salonick) Barber Jane (Holgerson) Thompson
404 Marble Cove Way 476 East Yale Loop
Seal Beach, CA 90740 Irvine, CA 92714
213-430-5800 714-733-2789

CHS & BHS '68 25th REUNION

Plans are being formulated for a 1993 25th
CHS/BHS get-together. If you have addresses or know
of any CHS/BHS '68 classmates that should be

Renee (Ballou) Krimminger Rae
93 DUES ARE DUE 5917 Cherrycrest Lane 500 N. Roos
Charlotte, NC 28217-4031 Falls Church,
(704) 527-5745 (703


Let's get together and renew old acquaintances. Plan
now. We need all the addresses so we can find you all.
Start thinking now for the 1993 Florida Reunion. Where
are you? Please let us know. Also a small donation to
offset postage costs would be appreciated. Please see
"Where Are You" column for names we need addresses
for. Kathryn Molinaro Taylor, 4909 Mt. Almagosa Drive,
San Diego, CA 92111.


Our 30th Class Reunion is in the planning stage for
the 1993 Panama Canal Society Reunion. We need your
help in locating our former classmates. Anyone interested


It's time to start planning our 20th Reunion! Please
start sending yours and other classmates addresses and
phone numbers ASAP so we can start sending periodic
newsletters, etc. We plan on holding our reunion in
conjunction with the 1993 Panama Canal Society reunion
in Orlando. Our first newsletter will list the various area
coordinators. Any donations you may make now will be
greatly appreciated to help defray costs of materials, etc.
and will be deducted from the final cost per person. Let's
hear from you! Valerie Krueger, 9804 Marlborough Dr.,
Austin, TX 78753. (512) 836-5829.


Our twentieth anniversary celebration is tentatively
being planned to coincide with the Pan Canal Society
Reunion in June, 1994. The reunion committee is hoping
that the BHS 1974 Class members and/or relatives and
friends will contact me at the address below so that our
files can be updated with current information. We'd like
to hear from ANYONE who knows of a '74 graduate! If
you can contact me soon, our networking can help reach
many people in time for others to make plans to attend
the reunion. Thanks, in advance, for taking the time to
help us out. Don't delay write today! More info will
appear in future issues. THANKS! Ann (Walker)
Haynick, 2780 Sleepy Hollow Drive, Kalamazoo, MI
49002, (616) 323-2278.

We wanted to give you lots of time to save up your
sheckels...the celebration of the Thirtieth (30th)
Anniversary of the Graduation of the Balboa High School


Plans for our 10 year reunion are being finalized. A no-host potluck pinch
The festivities are planned for Thursday, June 18 at the 11:00 a.m., Saturday, Septembe:
Twin Towers Hotel of Orlando. The "PUZZLERS" band Campground of the Gulf Islanm
(as seen in the Class of '80 Reunion) will be featured and Highway 90 at Ocean Springs, TV
the party will be opened to all interested Panama Canal in the area or passing through a
Society members at 9:30 p.m. for the CZ banner at one of
Classmates who left the Canal Area prior to along your favorite CZ recipe
graduation and early graduates are also welcome to works.
attend. If you would like to attend and have not received For those with trailers
the March correspondence, please contact one of the campsites with electric and wat
following as soon as possible: station. For camping details
superintendent, Gulf Islands ]
Kathy Barrere-Llorca David Sutherland superintendent, Oce an Springs,
4615 Hazel Grove Dr. 105 Teresa Lane picnic details please contact C
Orlando, Fl 32818 Merritt Island, Fl 32952 (601) 542-3441.
(407) 578-1828 (Home) (407) 459-0879 (Home) (1) 542-341.
(407) 423-7782 (Work) (407) 867-5597 (Work)


Through the members of tl
You are invited to join the Isthmian Collectors Club, for who live in the New England st]
an interesting Journal on just about everything having to all former Canal Zone r
do with the Canal Zone. Little known bits of Isthmian l m Canal n c
history; meetings of aficionados; picture post cards; Enpland/Panama Canal Lunc
planned for one day in late SpI
books; stamps; medals; tokens and coins; memorabilia; The New England states
and values thereof. A fascinating history of the Canal e .ew... : g.,: states.

ips. Did you know that Christie recently auctioned off In o
one Canal Zone lot for $35,000? Those old envelopes interest) o
ours are worth something! If you want to get a stamp interest)
the 100th birthday of the Panama Canal... call: Mrs
Don't Let Them Forget Us! Hill (Brc
te to Bob Karrer, Isthmian Collectors Club, Box P.S. Gro

7 1y, (t

LX W;upy U i L ILLV JUUlUIil.


Social Friday, June 19 3:00 5:00 p.m.

much fro]
map or cc

s 1!


Idillu all V IllIUIl
rder to best judl
in this reunion am
from former Zoni;
;. Ann Field Kirra]
)okline), Massachu
wing up in the or

others who als(
y of a map of tl



1 -f


The annual Hill Country Christmas Party will be held
in San Antonio this year at the Embassy Suites at 410
and 110. Bill Casky did extensive research on the various
hotel alternatives and we feel we can have the best party
by making it an afternoon luncheon and then taking
advantage of the amenities offered by the Embassy
The party will be held from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.,
December 5, 1992, and we need some volunteers to make
it the best Hill Country Christmas Party ever.
The committee, at this time, consists of: Jerry and
Nivia Brown, (512) 673-7225, Chairpersons; Bill and Jane
(Wilson) Caskey; Lester and Celina Wiles, (512) 675-
9232; Bill and Fran LeBlanc; Jim and Judi Wheeler,
(512) 590-6202; Andrew and Natlie DeBoer.
Mark December 5th on your calendar. We need help
in areas of Receptionists, Decorations, Programs, Lottery
Vendors, Donations for Lottery drawing, and probably
other areas. If you can help, please call Nieva Brown,
Judi Wheeler or Lester Wiles. We look forward to
hearing from you.


The Annual Picnic/Reunion of the Pacific Northwest
will be August 1, 1992 at ALDER PARK, outside of
Eatonville, Washington near the Colombia River. This
lovely site includes a swimming beach, playground, picnic
shelter tables and grills, a bathhouse with showers,
restrooms and a boat launch ramp. Alder Lake has 78
sites so make your reservations early.
Applications and reservations can be obtained from
Tacoma Utilities Administration Building, 3620 South
35th Street. P.O. Box 11007, Tacoma, WA 98411. (206)
Alternate lodgings: Clear Lake Resort, Eatonville,
WA. (206) 832-4477; Mill Village RV Park & Motel,
Eatonville, WA (206) 832-4279; Silver Lake Resort,
Eatonville, WA (206) 832-3580.
Past reunions have shown that as much fun and
games occur before the actual picnic/reunion with old
friends meeting at the campgrounds.
This year's hosts are Rusty and Cindy Vaucher, 5314
Viewpoint Dr. N.W., Gig Harbor, WA 98335. (206) 265-


If you have any old eye glasses that you don't know
what to do with, please send them to Patt Roberson,
2801 Allen Court, Baker, LA 70714. A group of area
opthalmologists make annual trips to Central America to
perform surgery and distribute eye glasses, where they
see about 13,000 patients, perform 700 cataract
operations and distribute 7,000 pairs of glasses. If you can
help, please do.

5 thru 7 October 1992

PLACE: The COMPLETELY renovated Olympia Spa,
Dothan, Alabama.
PROGRAM: 5 October Practice Round (make your
own foursome) socializing.
6 October Mexican Best Ball Tournament
(Scramble) shotgun start.
7 October Mexican Best Ball Tournament -
men and ladies divisions shotgun start free cocktail
hour banquet awards.
PACKAGE PLAN: Includes 3 nights lodging, 3 rounds
of golf (cart, green fees and prizes), 3 breakfasts and 2
dinners from menu, free cocktail party, banquet, "beau
coup" prizes, and special lounge prices. Taxes and
gratuity not included.
COSTS: Per couple (both golfers) $395.00
Per couple (one golfer) $315.00
Single golfer $245.00
Single non-golfer $165.00
Cocktail party and banquet only $15.00
NON-PACKAGE PLAN: Inludes tournament, prizes,
cocktail party and banquet.
Club Member (golfer) $59.00 per person
Non-Club Member (golfer) $95.00 per person
GENERAL: Make checks out to GASHOUSE GANG
and send to Lou Hunt, 2810 Evans Drive, Dothan, AL
36303. We'll make your reservations and send you a letter
of confirmation, plus more info regarding costs for more
than 18 holes daily, etc.


Committee: Frank (Abie) Anderson (205) 797-7623
Jim Coman (205) 284-0771
Lou Hunt (205) 793-4690
Vera Ryan (205) 793-6316
Bill Sherlock (205) 794-5933

i "

S JULY 25, 1992


In conjunction with the Panama Canal Society
Reunion, the Class of 1972 would like very much to invite
you to join us for hors d'oeuvres, dancing and sharing a
lot of fun memories.

rpilp. 134 Mnnnrcidre Dr Hnmlntnn Tepae 77015 1


Rt. Wor. Donald P. Garrido, invites all Masons
associated with Masonic Bodies in the Panama Canal
Area and their Ladies to the Annual Luncheon to be
held in conjunction with the Panama Canal Society
Reunion in Orlando, Florida on June 19, 1992. The
luncheon will start with a social hour at 11:30 a.m.
followed by lunch at 12:30 p.m. at the Delta Orlando
Resort. Dress is casual and the cost is only $10.00 per
person. Once again, Cliff Beaty has agreed to accept
reservations which must be received by June 16, 1992.
Please make checks payable to "The District Grand
Lodge at the Panama Canal" and, if possible, list the
names of those for whom you are making the
reservations so that appropriate name tags can be made.
The check and information are to be mailed to: Cliff
Beaty, 3922 Barcelona St. W., Tampa FL 33629.
This has been a very enjoyable event in the past five
years and we're looking forward to getting together again
this year to continue this addition to the proud "Canal
Zone" Masonic tradition.


The 1992 Poconos Reunion will be held from Friday
noon to Sunday noon, September 11-13, 1992 at the Hill
Motor Lodge (Best Western), located at Exit 45 on 1-80
in Tannersville, Pennsylvania. Reservations by phone at
(717) 629-1667.
The rate for the weekend is $65 per person (double
occupancy) for two nights lodging and two dinners
(Friday and Saturday) at the Train Coach Restaurant.
Golf is available for those interested, and if this is the
case, contact Billy Michaelsen at least two weeks before
the reunion to make necessary reservations.
If additional information is required contact Billy
Michaelsen, Reunion Coordinator, (904) 271-3097.

SThe Fairways
\ 1-75






The BHS-CHS Index provides a ready reference
your friends and fellow alumni. It is organized by scho
and class with an alphabetical index in the front. V
would like to include your information in the next issu
To get a listing form, just send a self-addressed envelol
to Conrad S. Horine, 16136 Lassen St., Sepulveda, C
There is no charge for your listing. The Can
Record will announce publication of the new Index. I
cost will be nominal.


September 12, 1992 .,
$12.00 per person @

tC o rL C t 1 b

2401 Beneva Rd. Sarasota, FL 34232 921-7979 921-7970
The Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc. Septembc
luncheon will be in Sarasota, on Saturday September 1:
1992 at the Fairways of Forest Lakes Country Club.
The Luncheon/Meeting will begin at 12:00 noon.
London Broil with Bordelaise Sauce will be serve
with your choice of Beverage, Fresh Bread with Whippe
Butter, Garden Salad with House Dressing, Dutche,
Potatoes, Fresh Vegetable Medley and Boston Crem
Cost is $12.00 per person. Deadline for reservation
and refunds is Wednesday, September 9, 1992.
Sheila Taylor will be our chairperson for this gal
event again. If you missed the first one, don't miss th
second. The food is delicious.





/i -1

s won't crack, c
Send check or n
iter, FL 34621 (8

II. .. .


Of Zoni
(Acceptance b
( ) Scenic New England/Canada Fall Foliage Tour
person, excluding Air 15 days of 1st Class
( ) New Years's Celebration 7 Night Southern Cai
$1780 with free Air to San Juan, Puerto Ri

( ) Spring Economy Caribbean Crui

() EUROPE A Panoramic Introductior

( ) Please arrange a Tour-Cruise

( ) Please add my name to the Zonian Amigos mail



320 4th Street N., St. Petersl


Please Call to make


Also c




S 2389 Citrus Hill Rd.
(813) 785-8555
vel With A Fun Loving Group
ns And Their Friends
Ised on space availability)
nd Cruise October 3rd to Oct. 17, 1992, From $1469 per
ibbean Cruise December 26, 1992 January 2, 1993. Fromr

e (about $800 per person April or May 1993)

(Approximately 2 weeks September-October 1993)

ng list. () Please remove my name from your mailing list.



iurg (822-6600 for Reservations)


Reservations for Corvina


n the Menu:
30 2:30 5:00-10:00 MON.- THUF
)AY-FRIDAY 5:00-11:00 FRIDAY & SI

-: c*^i* << -: -Li

* If you visit, are
transit quarters still

Is CHS still open?

Did it rain last


D1 Z
to fini
the Ca
il:::::: w ^ L ^ 11&
i^ B ii:^

ind the answers to these
and more by calling the
fian Report. "

ut what is happening in
1 lately. (Open 24 hrs/ 7 Days a week)
.95/min Avg. Call 2 3 min.


:hing all


.......... .

---- I VVU I 3 111
Panama Canal Historian
American Canal Zone
"Hail Router of the Plague of flies! Hail Ischmian
Conqueror True!

Dr. T.H. Warren
Upon conferring the Degree
of Doctor of Science
upon Gorgas

Oxford University, England
$8.00 POSTPAID March 23, 1914


Julius Grigore, Jr.
,.- Captain, USN. Retired

How the United States Postal Service
GreatJont Venture With the United States Sevi
ated the Panama Railroad
The Greatest Engineering Project
Since the Great Wall of China

The First Railroad to
How the Panama Connect Two Oceans

the Selection of the Panama The Richest Railroad
Canal Route of Its Time
,The Oldest Railroad
in History
Postage Stamps That Relate .
With the History
of the Panama Railroad
About Men Possessed
With The Advanced Idea
How the United States Navy
Protected the Right of
Transit (er the Panama
What is Told Here is Destined to be RTims ilroadm 1850-1904Line y-three
Repeated in the New World of
Outer Svace

January 1992


I i; Luiuutmiryirn-queuLe 1avj raiIsye .uaju;el.uu

How the Boquete Navel Orange was Saved

for Future Generations


Two Roosevelt Medalists
Julius Grigore, Jr.
Founding Member
Panama Historical Society





The Conqueror of Y



Julius Grigore, Jr.

Captain / USN / Retired

Founding Member Panama Historical Society
ton fin Dn-.-.-n

end all ads and checks to the Editor, 8050
Seminole Mall, Suite 334, Seminole, FL 34642- ARMOR REALTY, INC.
4712. Make checks payable to: Panama Canal Ta5-assee FlrnoCentera 32308
Society of Florida. Ads accepted from members
only. There are no Commercial rates available.
CHARGES Realtor- Associate
Approx 3 1/2" x 1" (1/20th page,) $4.00; 1/10
page (business card size) $8.00; 1/5 page $16.00; ofHce: (904) 89-2525
1/4 page $20.00; Half page $40.00; full page Mobile: (904) 545-4394
$80.00. Page size is 7" wide, 10" deep.

1 $1o000 Off $20000 Off 1 $1000 Off
Air Conditioning / Heating Inspection PURCHASE OF A NEW HIGH YOUR NEXT SERVICE CALL!
40 Point Check Certified Mechanic EFFICIENCY HEAT PUMP OR FREE Second Opinions
SUp To 2 lbs. Freon included (when req) I No Overtime Rates
Washable Filters o50.00 O ff All Makes & Models
*Mobile Homes. Residential- Heat Pump Specialist
SMobile Homes Residential- PURCHASE OF NEW HIGH Free Written Estimates
Condominiums EFFICIENCY CONDENSING UNIT 90 Day Labor Warranty
Reg. $34.95 Now $24.951 FREE ESTIMATES. FINANCING AVAIL Year Parts Warranty

CHRISTOPHER J. HOLT, Formerly of the Canal Zone

e #CACO 5(

s3 938-8494

Coupons Valid Thr

Petersburg, FL 33709, or call (813) 544-1014. $6.25 each
includes postage and handling.

FOR SALE: Double lot at Cape Coral. Fast developing
area off 1-75. $6,000. Contact: William J. Kuntz, 2705
Dippen Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15226. (412) 881-7927.


1993 DUE





SLtret maps i DaI0ooa riats, i.ncon anu reuro ivuguel.
Also needed, a copy of a 1942 Canal Zone Telephone
Directory. Call or write to George E. Muller, 1102 S.
Peregrine PI., Anaheim, CA 92806. (714) 776-6116.

Reasonable prices paid for C.Z. license plates in good
condition. Write Kevin Burke, 101 Walden St.,
Cambridge, MA 02140 or call collect (617) 876-8430.



SEPTEMBER 30, 1993!!






)STMASTER: Send address changes to the Canal Record,
150 Seminole Mall, Suite 334, Seminole, Florida 34642-4712

(USPS 0880-2000)
) Seminole Mall, Suite 334
linole, Florida 34642-4712

^a ; <. ?., '. j
s ^ '" -'s'.- ^



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