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Canal record
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Canal record (St. Petersburg, Fla.)
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Canal rec. (St. Petersbg. Fla.)
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Panama Canal Society of Florida
Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
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St. Petersburg, Fla


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Periodicals -- Panama Canal (Panama)   ( lcsh )
serial   ( sobekcm )
periodical   ( marcgt )


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Description based on: Vol. 10, no. 4 (Nov. 1976); title from cover.

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1990 NO. 1

FOR 1989-90
____________________ Congratula
Mrs. Betty L. Frassrand With Deep
President Letters to
Where Are
Mrs. Joanne "Jay" Stewart Looking Ba,

Mrs. Jane Huldtquist (E
Legislative Representative Apr 7 PCS
Drake Carlisle Apr 28 Okl
Sergeant At Arms May 4 PCS
Mrs. Betty Malone Jun 2 PCS
Historian St

Virgil G. Camby Jun 17 NW
Member at Large cc
Jun 21-24 PCS
Aug 3 PCS
i Aug 4 Nor
Aug 5 PCS
Sep 7 PCS
Sep 28-30 PCS

's Message...............................
etary ...................................
report ....................................
dment #14.................................
Minutes of Scheduled Meetings...........
inator's Corner ...........................
zers for 1990-1991 ........................
port ......................................

Says ....................................
............ 19 Louisiana ................
............ 20 Mississippi ...............
............ 21 North Carolina............
............ 23 Northwest .................
............ 24 Oklahoma..................
............ 25 Panama ....................
............ 31 South Carolina ............
............ 32 Texas .....................
Virginia .............................
Ins....................... ......... .......
........ .................................. ........

e Editor ..................................

:See Notice Page 78)



ling & Refregeration...82 Chris Gunderson, Realtor.
Ls...83 Zonian Amigos...84 PANAMA, AN ASSESSMENT..
test...82 Aurich-Armbruster Travel..IBC CANALGATE.


Regular Meeting, St. Bede's Episcopal Church, Cov
2500 16th St. N. St. Petersburg, FL. 12:00 noon.
-uncheon, Knott's Berry Farm. 10:30 a.m.
arolina Buffet Luncheon, Ming Yat Restaurant, N Augi
Arizona, Spring Luncheon Meeting, Sunland Inn, 11:0
Regular Meeting, H&D Cafeteria, 130 37th Ave. N.
.tersburg, FL. 1:30 p.m.
la Picnic in Oklahoma City. Call (918) 299-0374, det.
Luncheon/Meeting, St. Petersburg Yacht Club, 11 Cen
St. Petersburg, FL. 11:30 a.m.
Regular Meeting, H&D Cafeteria, 130 37th Ave. N.
tersburg, FL. 1:30 p.m.
nsas Annual Picnic, Agri Park, Fayetteville, AR. Br
d dish and utensils.
Regular Meeting, H&D Cafeteria, 130 37th Ave. N.
tersburg, FL. 1:30 p.m.
st Annual Picnic, Bruceport County Park, S. of Sout]
WA. on US 101.
uncheon. Call (714) 927-2908 for details.
Luncheon/Meeting, Sarasota.
est Coast Reunion, Bahia Hotel, San Diego, CA.

ONE The Panama Can

(A Not-For
To preserve American I(
P.O. Box 1508 PALI

The CANAL RECORD (USPS 088-020) is published fi,
The Panama Ca
The membership fee is $15.00 annually. $10.00 of thi
Second Class postage paid at P
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to the Panama
The Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc. reserves the rin
including any advertising not in the best interest of the Pan

IlILCU Uy -I~VALr to .- .lll.J 11..

The past three months have been tremendous]
busy for the Executive Board. Besides trying t
take a little time out to enjoy the holidays, T,
were busy trying to find ways that the Panama Car
al Society of Florida could assist with the sitt
action in Panama. We started out by having a locu
food and clothing drive at our January 5th meet
ing. This was a tremendous success. We were abl
to completely fill a pick-up truck and loaded tl
rest into the trunk of my car. The items collects
were delivered to the Ayuda Panama people ar
transported to Panama. We then decided on sendir
a letter to all of you with the request that cor
tributions be made to a special account we wei
setting up in an effort to purchase items the
would be needed by Panama. Mr. Virgil "Skeetel
Caby agreed to chair this venture and has dor
a tremendous job. Contributions are continuing t
come in and we are excited about the projectE
final balance with which we will be able to put
chase these goods. A full accounting of this ver
ture will be placed in the June issue of the Canm
Record. I am truly humbled at the response to ot
letter. I have always said that we are a uniqt
organization. This is only further emphasized I
the response to our letter. Our members have oper
ed up their hearts and have truly shown that T,
are indeed a very unique group of people. On be
half of the Chairman, Mr. Camby, and the entii
Executive Board, thank you so much for your gene
osity and support of this project.

society of Florida, Inc.

it Organization)
and Canal Zone Friendships

ies a year in March, April, June, September and December by
society of Florida, Inc.
)unt is for a subscription to the Canal Record for one year.
harbor, Florida and additional entry.
.1 Society of Florida, P.O. Box 1508, Palm Harbor, Fla. 34682.
refuse to print anything derogatory or of a controversial nature,
Canal Society of Florida, whose sole aim is to Preserve American
Zone Friendship.
plus $1.50 postage to members only.
Society of Florida will become the property of the Society and will
y of Florida assumes no responsibility for advertisements placed
tal Record.
ma Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
s Hill Road
Florida 34683
19 Calumet St., Clearwater, FL 34625

Additionally, pursuant to the request of a nun
ber of our members, we have looked into the ques
tion of why a family membership only has one vot
on the ballots that are printed in our book. Thi
is a question that has been brought up in the pas
and the solution that was presented at that tin
was rejected by the membership. Although an amenc
ment being presented in the past does not prohibi
a member from bringing it up again, I have review,
ed this with the By-Laws Committee and we are ur
able at this time to reach a solution that woul
be fair to ALL of our members. Therefore, th
voting process at this time will remain the same.
There are several items of interest in thi
issue that I would appreciate each of you takir
the time to peruse. First, there is a by-la
change to be considered. Please read this propose
carefully. We are attempting to change the dat
that the dues are to be paid. This is done primary
ily out of consideration for the secretary. Or
can not imagine the feeling of having four or fiv
boxes of memberships coming in to be updated al
while trying to enjoy Christmas with the family)
Our secretary makes every effort to get these re
newals and new memberships processed as quick]
as possible so that applications may be submitted
for the Reunion. At that time of year, however
it is a tremendous burden that we are trying t
alleviate. We would appreciate your consideratic
in this matter. The ballots for these amendment
will be counted in May and if passed, the dues f(

Due to some slight changes in the renovation i'
schedule at the hotel, we have had to re-structure
some of our activities. The schedule will stay
basically the same and we will have our usual
functions. The Executive Board has been very in- Another year has passed and
volved in this and have done the re-structuring Socty is growi an
keeping, as always, the needs of our members first taking in new members daily an
and foremost in our minds. Please read Reunion Co- ti n n O i a
coordinator's colum the Reunion in Orlando is already,
ordinator's colm. ..
As per usual, my workload i
The Luncheon and dance reservations are also high during the month of Decer
in this issue. Please read the instructions for What should be a happy season i
completion of the forms so that we can avoid any shadowed by the amount of mail
delays or problems in obtaining your tickets. gone only a week and when I ret
The Luncheon promises to be another smashing shopping bags full of mail waitir
success. We are planning a tribute to our Roose- ately, Cele Marceau opened it f(

We are looking forward to a great reunion in union information comes out. The previous Bylaws
Drlando and hope to see many of you there! Send allow a member to be current until January 31, and
in your reservations early to the address shown when hotel reservations are sent in, we would like
for the Reunion Coordinator. to take action immediately but cannot guarantee
In closing, I would like to thank Cele Marceau those members will still be active after Jan. 31,
and Dorothy Herrington for volunteering their ser- which can present a problem.
vices to me in helping to open and distribute the We also ask you to vote on the new officers for
mail and in mailing out the membership cards. We 1990-1991. Every member is qualified to vote,
do appreciate our volunteers!!! whether you are in California, Puerto Rico, Sweden
Marge Foster or Panama. We must be close to 5,000 members now,
Secretary/Treasurer and the representation of votes has been in the
(813) 785-8555 5-10o'/ figure. I would like to think that more than
1C% of the members care about who's running the
Society. We have a good slate of nominees all
C or* qualified and ready to give their all to the So-
E d ito r's city. Let's back them up! VOTE FOR YOUR CHOICE!
A 250 stamp is a good investment to help keep the
Society functioning properly.
C o rn er By the way, DON'T put anything else in your
officer's ballot envelope. It will not be opened
(813) 461-1377 until June 22, our Annual Business Meeting, in
"Operation Just Cause" has been the topic of Orlando. If you put dues in there, you'll become
conversation these last several weeks. Many of the delinquent; if you put Dance or Luncheon ticket
members were in touch with loved ones in Panama forms in there, you wont get 'em and if youput
and incidents and stories were passed along frcm hotel reservations in there, you'll be camping on
one to another, augmenting the TV channels report- the gras outside the hotel if let a'
ing. Our thought and prayers went to all those in- Our congratulations go to Joe ood and Ray
evolved. The deaths of those four civilians were Laverty on being chosen as Acting Deputy Admin-
keenly felt and we pass on our deepest condo- istrators
lences to their families. We note with pride that This week-end of February 2-4 is when Mary Lou
the Commander in Chief, Gen. Maxwell Thurman has Lang, our assistant, put the book together. I will
officially thanked the Panama Canal Commission for answer all my mail after that, I promise!
its support during the operation that the P.C.C. Pat Beal
Fire Division earned praise for their efforts Editor
:hat the backlog of ships to transit the Canal is (813) 461-1377
)ack to normal that many volunteers in the Canal a g
krea helped fill in at the post offices, kitchens L eg isla tive
ness halls, and in many other ways helped out -
:hat hundreds of military personnel have volun- HF r
:eered to help clean up the city that many of R ep o r
:he civilian personnel, both in Panama and the
former Canal Zone provided moral and physical sup-
port to our soldiers and that a new spirit of INCOME TAX: Income tax returns, due April 15th,
operationn between Panama and the U.S. prevails, were printed prior to cancellation of the Catas-
Je are also proud that the Panama Canal Society of trophic Surtax, so Lines 54 and 55 of form 1040
lorida got into the act quickly and is helping to are not applicable. If you have paid any Medicare
providee clothing and food to those in need in the Surtax on Estimated Income Tax prior to the repeal
Republic of Panama. It would be nice to say that of this law, however, I would advise your contact-
ill that is left to do is bring the criminals to ing your income tax consultant. Please read your
justice, but much remains to be done. We hope this return very carefully for any other changes that
:an all be done in time. might apply to you.
In the meantime, our Executive Board and Con- CATASTROPHIC ACT PREMIUMS: In 1989 an additional
nittee members have been busy boarding-up the gaps $4.00 was added to the Part B premium for the ex-
and glitches to make our Reunion in Orlando one to panded Medicare benefits under the Catastrophic
remember. Please read over the new yellow insert Act. Beginning with January 1990, this amount was
n the Reunion, as several minor changes have been increased to $4.90. The Social Security computers
nade and you should know about them. were already programmed to deduct this amount from
Please read and vote on the amended Bylaw noted your Social Security checks, and will probably
in this copy of the Canal Record. This issue has continue to be deducted through April or May. The
S. ___ 1 _1 _1 ....... I 1 ... __ -- -- 1 L_

not entitled to Social Security, who have been
purchasing the Medicare Part A hospital insurance,
will be paying more in 1990. The Part A premium
is rising from $156.00 to $175.00 per month begin-
ning with January 1990.
employees retiring after December 22, 1989 will
receive their lunp sum payment in 2 installments,
one year apart, of 507/ each. Prior to this change,
the percentages were 60 and 40. The change was
brought about by 1989 budget reconciliation legis-
lation enacted by Congress last November. The lump
sum payment has been available to retiring federal
employees since June 6, 1986. It represents the
amount that the employee has contributed to the
Civil Service Retirement System during his/her
working years. IRS has determined that the lump
sum is taxable, and if withdrawn before age 55,
there is an additional 10% penalty. The lump sum
does not qualify for a tax free rollover as an IRA
or for income averaging. A lawsuit challenging the
taxation of the lump sum is in progress. All writ-
ten arguments in the case should be submitted by
mid-February 1990, which will have passed by the
time you read this article.
fer to page 9, "RETIREMENT LIFE" magazine publish-
ed by NARFE, for explicit coverage by Medicare for
certain eye health service costs. The American Op-
tometric Association has published a free handy
leaflet that will assist you in your entitlements.
Send a self-addressed, stamped business envelope
to the Commmunications Center, American Optometric
Association, 243 N. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis,
MD 63141, and request the leaflet entitled, "YOUR
NURSING HOME COSTS: The Veterans Administration
has a benefit to widows of veterans confined in
a nursing home receiving Intermediate Care that
many people are not aware of. It might be benefi-

Federal Fnployees Compensation Act (FECA) benefi-
ciaries will be in the neighborhood of 4.4%/ effec-
tive March 1, 1990.
chant Marine and Fisheries Committee's Merchant
Marine Subcommittee recently approved H.R. 44
which would give veteran status to those who ser-
ved in the Merchant Marines from August 15, 1945
to December 31, 1946. Merchant Mariners who served
from December 7, 1941 to August 15, 1945 were al-
ready accorded veterans status by a Secretary of
the Air Force decision in 1988. Veteran status
means eligibility for service-related disability
compensation, pension, medical care, certain sur-
vivors' benefits, VA-guaranteed home loans and
burial benefits.
In 1986 legislation was enacted to give civil ser-
vice retirement credit for service in the Cadet
Nurse Corps during World War II. Unfortunately
those wmen who served in this Corps, who retired
before 1986, were ineligible, however there is a
strong lobbying by former Cadet Nurses to include
them in this legislation and anyone interested can
write to Mrs. Dorothy Larson, 2816 Prairie Road,
Topeka, Kansas, 66614. It could amount to 3 more
years service and increase your pension consider-
PLANS: It is too late to be considered now, but
those Christian Science retirees, who had to
change health plans due to the cessation of the
Aetna Indemnity Plan at the end of 1989, may be
interested in knowing that the Mailhandlers and
NFFE Plans contain Christian Science clauses that
cover practioner fees. This information was re-
ceived after the Open Season had closed. You may
want to send for these brochures in the fall when
the open season commences again.
If I can be of service to any of our members,
please do not hesitate to write to me, and I will
-- C-'-A -I--4f:-- -.

nursing home, who is reaching the "bankruptcy" Respectfully submitted,
state and does not qualify for Medicaid. This pen- Jane tHldtquist, Legislative Rep.

Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws

o: Chairman, By-Laws Conmittee
: Chairman, By-Laws Cmittee believe this originally was determined con-
Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc. sistent with the Fiscal Year of the Society,
rom: President which, at the time, was a good idea. However, the
Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc. enormous growth of our membership in recent years
has created the problem of too much workload with
subject: Proposed amendment to change the So-
too little time in which to accomplish it.
city's dues year.
The Secretary/Treasurer has always had a multi-
Article III Section 5b states that dues shall tude of year-end reports, including the year-end
e payable on January 1 of each calendar year. I audit, due by the end of December. She receives

s from the great majority of members at the Existing
i time. The latter workload has grown to crit-
.- T h,,rn accrl t-hc ith tho ARTICLE III MEMBERSHIP AND DUES

Article III Section 5h states that the Fiscal
ar of the Society shall be January 1 December
. I do not believe that this needs to be
anged. The Fiscal Year, for accounting purposes,
11 still be January 1 December 31. I propose
change only in the dues due-date, as indicated
.the Proposed Amendment.

Respectfully submitted,

signed) Betty Frassrand, President

(Signed) Betty Frassrand, President

: Members, Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.

om: By-Laws Committee
Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
The By-Laws Committee believes that Mrs. Frass-
nd's proposal to change the dues year to October
September 30 would be a distinct improvement
operations. After our investigations, we rec-
nend the adoption of this proposal for the fol-
ring reasons:
It is essential that the current roster of mem-
rs in good standing be completed by mid-December
that the Reunion Coordinator may verify a per-
n's eligibility to receive member rates at Re-
ion hotels at the following Reunion. Timeliness
this procedure is vital.
Today, the membership stands at over 5,000 -
rice the number 10 years ago. Although the work-
oad has doubled, the "workforce" of one remains

for a year's subscription to the Canal Rec-
ord (4 quarterly issues) plus an Annual Di-
rectory Issue.
2. Delinquent members' and new members' sub-
scription to the Canal Record will begin
with the issue immediately following their
reinstatement or election to membership.
. Dues shall be due and payable to the Secretary/
Treasurer on January 1 of each calendar year.
. Dues are delinquent after January 31 of the
year they are due.
1. A delinquent fee of two dollars ($2.00)
shall be imposed on dues payment not post-
marked by January 31 of the year they first
became due and received by December 31 of
the same calendar year.
2. A re-instatement fee of fifteen ($15.00)
shall be required of those persons who apply
for membership during the calendar year im-
mediately following the calendar year in
which they dropped their membership in the
3. Once a person has been a member of the So-
ciety and has dropped his/her membership,
they must pay either the delinquincy fee or
re-instatement fee, which ever applies; or
they must wait two consecutive calendar
years (beginning with the year in which they
were dropped from membership) before re-ap-
plying for membership into the Society.
. Dues for new members joining after July 1 shall
I A, -r

Printed below is the existing Article III Sec- Society meeting, notice of amending dues
:ion 5, followed by Mrs. Frassrand's Proposed shall be published in the Canal Record and
amendment to Article III Section 5, as revised by amendment procedures established under
:he By-Laws Committee. Article XV, Amendments, shall be followed.

IL. 1 Ld.L ICCU. UJL LiL JUI JLY IitlL UC JCUlUCLY i---I U- -IJ Y- L _*-- w--
December 31. issue following their election to member-
i. Multiple memberships residing in the same domi- ship. They may receive an Annual Directory
cile may request that only one Canal Record be if any are available.
delivered to that domicile. f. Any member delinquent in payment of dues after
1. One member in a multiple membership must pay notification by the Secretary/Treasurer shall
the full membership dues. Each additional be dropped from the rolls, his/her Canal Record
membership may pay the portion of dues not subscription discontinued and all his/her
allocated for the Society's publication, rights and privileges shall cease.
provided the following conditions are met: g. Reinstatement may be effected by payment of the
a. Reason for elimination of the portion of full current year's dues plus the delinquency
dues allocated for the Society's publi- or reinstatement fee, as required under Article
cation shall be for health or age. III Section 5d-1 or 5d-2.
b. Approval of the Executive Board is re- h. Dues of the Society shall be determined by rec-
quired. ommendations of the Executive Board.
SAmendment # 41. Recommendations shall be presented to the
opo e Ameiment # 4 members at any Society meeting as an amend-
2. After the recommendations have been pre-
SECTION 5 DUES OF THE SOCIETY: sented at a Society meeting, notice of dues
a. For the purpose of paying membership dues, the amendment shall be published in the Canal
dues year shall be October 1 September 30. Record and amendment procedures established
b. Dues shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00) annual- under Article XV, Amendments, shall be fol-
ly. lowed.
1. Ten dollars ($10.00) of this amount shall be i. Multiple memberships residing in the same domi-
for a year's subscription to the Canal Rec- cile may request that only one Canal Record
ord (4 quarterly issues) plus an Annual Dir- subscription be delivered to that domicile.
ectory issue. 1. One member in a multiple membership domicile
2. Delinquent members' and new members' sub- must pay the full membership dues. Each ad-
scriptions to the Canal Record will begin ditional membership may pay the portion of
with the issue immediately following their dues not allocated for the Society's publi-
reinstatement or election to membership. cation, provided the following conditions
c. Dues shall be due and payable to the Secretary/ are met.
Treasurer on October 1 of each dues year. (a) That the reason for elimination of
d. If unpaid, dues shall be considered delinquent the portion of dues allocated for the
after October 31 of the year they are due. Society's publication shall be for
1. A delinquent fee of two dollars ($2.00) health of age.
shall be imposed on dues payments not post- (b) That approval of the Executive Board
marked by October 31 of the year they first is obtained.
became due and received by September 30 of j. The Fiscal Year of the Society shall be Jan-
the same dues year. uary 1 December 31.
2. A reinstatement fee of fifteen ($15.00) k. Only for members who have paid dues for Jan-
shall be required of those persons who apply uary 1 December 31, 1990, the dues for the
for membership during the dues year irme- succeeding dues year (October 1 September 30,
diately following the dues year in which 1991) shall be eleven dollars and twenty-five
they dropped their membership in the So- cents ($11.25) Effective January 1, 1991, this
city. paragraph shall be deleted from these Bylaws.
3. Once a person has been a member of the So-

Peter W. Fo
Robert E. Van Si
cut-out ballot is provided in the Canal
:o be used by you for voting on this as
Please mark your vote, fold with vote
seal with staple or Scotch Tape, put
_J 1 ^1 ^ *J / -_~__^_ C-

-a--i-i-i---ii mi-n-- -------mi -l i--



game mme mmmm mmm memm eme mmmm mma mma

-------------------- ---------------

0) CL I
Se I
eE I

4J UJ g


3 H _


Sa P,
- -- -
z < I"

-9, -W- -- -... -- ---
Mrs. Marge Foster read the October meeting min-
utes and they stand as read.
The guest speaker, Mr. Hugh Barndollar, spoke
n the Catastrophic Medicare Bill and answered
questions thereafter. He awarded 2 door prizes
. ir-h ,.ryt hi-7 Mrc, Tvhiwthu Fla-t.4wt-Iw prnd Mr-

om Regular Meetings

'ate Setzer.
Mrs. Foster read correspondence she is sending
o members requesting dual mailings for their Can-
1 Records. She also read the financial report and
t stands for audit.
Mrs. Frassrand reported that the Desk Top Pub-
ishing equipment had been purchased and Mr. Beall
s having it installed.
Mrs. Frassrand reported that all information
nd reservation forms for the hotel for the Re-
nion would be in the December Canal Record and
additional information would be printed in the
larch Canal Record. Also Mrs. Stewart was assist-
ng the Red Cross in South Carolina with disaster
relief for the victims of Hugo.
Mrs. Johnson reported that over 80 persons
attended the Tarpon Springs picnic and had a great
ime. She thanked Drake and Colette Carlisle who
handled the games and entertainment.
Mr. Beall reported that the Society would soon
n roroirlrnr, s-lh Trnr-nrmlL fnr +*ho{r lr^n

I o


Mrs. Frassrand reported that our legislati
representative, Jane Huldquist, was in the hosp
tal but reported that the COLA would be 4.7% a
open season for health care insurance would
November 13 through December 8th.
Mrs. Frassrand reported that Mr. Joe Colli
was in the hospital. Mrs. Dorothy Pate report
that both Mr. and Mrs. George Allgaier had al
been in the hospital.
Mr. Pete Lang reported that the nominating co
mittee was receptive to anyone wishing to run f
Society office and nominations would be accept
from the floor at the January meeting.
Mrs. Frassrand reminded the membership of t
Christmas luncheon meeting in December, the cove
ed dish luncheon in January and the Carnivali
on February 3.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:07 P.M.

December 9, 1989
Holiday Inn, Ulmerton Road
St. Petersburg, Florida

Mrs. Betty Frassrand opened the meeting
12:02 P.M. Mrs. Dorothy Yocum gave the Invocatii
followed by Mr. Richard Beall who read the li:

o0 0
M 3:N
3 N
3 -< nm
I c ( 3
;a 3 00 W

I m -(
m 3 3

M 3 m
m 0
r- r- 3 ,
>m m
I,, -0

O mmm


I^ CdO
uo -<

ha a -* --__*aa**_ aa-__aaa** a aa a-a

of those recently dece,
led in the Pledge to the
Mrs. Frassrand welcome
recognized Past President
ter, Al Pate, Bill Wheele
Mrs. Frassrand adjourr
and re-adjourned the n~
thanked Mrs. Whitman and
tree and Mrs. Pate.
Mrs. Frassrand rec
members who had not recent
Mrs. Foster read the mi
and they were accepted a
pondence received and wr
report which stands for a
Mrs. Frassrand reportE
ing was on schedule and
oroeressine normally. St

that reunion plans were
also reported on her

Zonian Amigo cruise.
Mrs. Stewart reported that all is going well
with reunion plans. Mrs. Foster reminded members
to read reservation form for hotel rooms carefully
and send in one night's deposit.
Mr. Beall reported that 4,826 December Canal
Records had been mailed. There was a short delay
in mailing them as the printer ran short on the

a poem rrom fananma. 'treaty. Mrs. Prrassrand stated that she had receiv-
ed one but had not forwarded money and each per-
Sson would have to handle this individually.
I]r i*Mrs. Frassrand stated that Mr. Foster still had
a few Panama Canal brochures remaining for anyone
S' who wished to have one.
| -^ Mrs. Whitman presented door prizes to Wade Car-
S'lisle, the only child attending, and Mrs. Margaret
= ,,H IMfartin, who won the round trip airline ticket from
Delta Airlines.
Mi rs. Frassrand reminded all of the Carnivalito
on February 3rd and the January 5th meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:28 P.M.

E 'i "4January 5, 1990
,.St. Bede's Episcopal Church
St. Petersburg, Florida
George and Gertrude Allgaier.
The meeting was opened by Mrs. Betty Frassrand
at 12:25 P.M. Mrs. Dorothy Yocum gave the Invoca-

Shirley (Bonneau) and "Skeeter" Camby.


.Inronh-ino Att,-fi nMid Mf'ni lnmnnn3

flag was led by Mr. Drake Carlisle.
The President welcomed the 60 members present
and recognized Past Presidents Al Pate, Anna Col-
lins, Eugene Askew and Carl Starke. She then
thanked Mrs. Pate and her committee for the lovely
pot luncheon they arranged.
The President temporarily adjourned the meeting
for the luncheon at 12:33 P.M. and readjournec
it at 1:35 P.M. Mrs. Pate thanked Mrs. Edna Ogel-
tree for the coffee committee.
Mrs. Jay Stewart read the minutes of the last
meeting in Mrs. Marjorie Foster's absence and they
stand as read. She read a letter from the Peg
Donovan Scholarship Committee asking for contri-
butions and Mrs. Frassrand stated interested mem-
bers could obtain the address from the Secretary.
Mrs. Stewart read the financial report and it
stands for audit.
Mrs. Frassrand said uis Fhdara of Panama con-
tacted the Society for help with relief for people
of Panama during the present crisis. She thanked
Mrs. Edna Ogeltree and the telephone committee for
contacting members to bring donations to the meet-
ing. The President and Mr. Virgil Canby had ar-
ranged transportation of the donated goods tc
Ayuda Panama for transport to the R.P. The Board
has drafted a letter requesting individual contri-
butions from our members for the friends of Pan-
ama. The funds will be put in a separate account
and the firm of De Gracia & Associates, Inc. of
qt- Patcarchli rn T lhpny n-,rt i-, rM. I-1t t r1rirt-

ing. ihe moneys will be used to purchase items in
bulk and to arrange for transportation of the
items through the Ayuda Panama group, the U.S.
military or other agency. The President asked for
approval to spend approximately $750 to mail the
request for funds to our membership with a Feb.
1 deadline for contributions.
The President stated she had spoken to Mr. Joe
Wood of the PCC last week who said the Panama Can-
al people were all right and had been let into the
military commissaries. She also spoke to Mr. Al-
fredo Maduro, President of the Panama Chamber of
Commerce, who stated that the people were in des-
perate need of clothing, blankets, medical sup-
plies and other things of this nature.
Discussion followed. A motion that the Society
spend $750 to send out a letter requesting contri-
butions for the friends of Panama to the member-
ship was made by Mr. Kibby" Bouche, seconded by
Mr. Carl Starke and carried.
The President said the Christmas Luncheon was
a grand occasion even if the Board had to sing
Christmas Carols.
Mrs. Stewart read the reunion report.
Mr. Pat Beall gave the Editor's report. He men-
tioned the cost of a bulk mailing permit, and that
the firm that normally mails the Record will allow
the Society to use the permit for the Panama re-
lief letters. He reminded members of the deadline
of January 25th for the next issue of the Record.
He also announced that Mr. anfredo is the Tenp-
orary Administrator and that Mr. Joe Wood is the
Deputy Administrator, Administration and Mr. Ray
Laverty is the Deputy Administrator, Operations,
of the Panama Canal.
Mrs. Anna Collins reported on members to whom
she has sent get-well cards.
Mrs. Ogeltree asked for help with the telephone
committee, especially for Tanpa, Sarasota, Braden-
ton and New Port Richey.
Mrs. Betty Moore and Mrs. Anna Collins asked
if we could publish something in the newspapers
and announce on TV about the contribution letter
to be sent out. Mr. Terry Armstrong asked that the
TV stations be notified not to address Noriega as
a general.
Mr. Pete Lang, Chairman of the Nominating Com-
mittee, gave the list of nominees for office for
the coming year:
President: Mrs. Betty Frassrand and Mrs. Jay
First Vice-President: Mr. Robert Van Siclen
Second Vice-President: Mr. Virgil "Skeeter"
Secretary/Treasurer: Mrs. Marjorie Foster
Record Editor: Mr. Richard "Pat" Beall
Board Member-at-Large: Mr. Paul Roaneski
4rs. Frassrand then asked for nominations from the
floor. Mrs. Anne Pemock nominated Mrs. Faith
Brundage for Board Member-at-Large; Mrs. Brundage


accepted. Mrs. rate nominated Mr. Buddy Wilians
for Board Member-at-Large; Mr. Williams accepted.
Mrs. Anna Collins moved that the nominations be
closed and it was seconded by Mr. Enest Yocum.
Mrs. Frassrand asked for photos and resumes
from nominees be given to Mr. Pat Beall for inclu-
sion in the Record.
Mrs. Antonia Simsn read an essay that she had
written about Panama and was given a standing ova-
tion. She then read one of her poems in both Eng-
lish and Spanish about her homeland of Panama,
which was beautiful.
Mrs. Frassrand announced that Carnavalito will
be in Feb. and the March meeting would be a cover-
ed dish luncheon.
Mr. Starke asked why we, as a Society, could
not give directly to a charity. Mr. Carby explain-
ed that we could not because of the way we keep
our books. Mrs. Frassrand said that the Board was
looking for a way in which to do it without damag-
ing our not-for-profit status with the IRS. Mr.
Eugene Askew asked if we have an attorney and the
President said no. Mr. Canby explained that we
were trying to become a non-profit organization
as opposed to being a not-for-profit one.
There being no further business, the meeting
adjourned at 2:42 P.M.

Reunion Coordinators

Please read the Reunion information in the yel-
low section of the Record. There have been some
changes and as our talented Annual Luncheon Chair-
lady, Betty Malone, says, we are acquainted with
Mr. Murphy.
The renovation of the Twin Towers convention
space is about 4 months behind schedule and there
will be some construction confusion, fortunately
not in the areas we will be using.
Actually the changes have made your Board of
Directors and Reunion Committee rethink and come
up with some innovative changes that we believe
will make the Reunion a lot more pleasurable.
Be sure and look at the schedule of events;
there have been some changes in the times for reg-
istration and vendors.
In particular, we are going to have buffet-
style meals with plenty of seating so that no one
has to wait on overworked table servers and the
kitchen. The food bars will be scattered through-
out the meeting areas with empanadas and other
good things to eat. The Twin Towers dining room
and coffee shop will not be open, the banquet
kitchen will.
Get your room reservations in early; the head-
quarters hotel, the Twin Towers, is almost full.
We have added two more overflow hotels so that we

now have three: Delta Court of Flags, Howard John- Commission on the Bicentennial of the United
son and Day's Inn. States Constitution.
There are so many things to see and do in Or- On August 2, 1978, Crane announced his candid-
lando. We have made special arrangements with Sea acy for the Republican nomination for President,
Wbrld, Cypress Gardens, Church Street Station the earliest declaration in history.
which includes Rosie O'Grady's, and with Orlando Philip Miller Crane was born in Chicago on Nov-
Entertains which has King Henry's Feast, Ft. Lib- ember 3, 1930, the second of five children. Phil
erty and Mardi Gras. These will all be fun. The Crane worked for his college education as a farm-
shopping in the area is good and there are a lot hand, and as a deckhand with the Dredge and Dock
of good restaurants within easy driving distance. Workers Union. After attending DePauw University
We are going to have the best Reunion ever; for two years, he graduated from Hillsdale College
there are lots of people who are joining and mak- in Michigan with a B.A. degree in psychology and
ing hotel reservations that have never been to one history. He completed his studies at Indiana Uni-
before so there will be lots of old and new faces versity, where he received an M.A. degree in his-
and new friends. tory, and his Ph.D in the same subject. He is one
SEE YXU IN OCL OX) IN JUNE! of a handful of members in the House to hold a
Jay Stewart doctoral degree.
1990 Reunion Coordinator Crane is a U.S. Army veteran, having served in
Europe as an enlisted man. He taught history at
Indiana University for three years before joining
the faculty of Bradley University in Peoria, Illi-
nois, where he was an assistant professor of his-
tory from 1963 to 1967. In 1967-68 he was the Di-
rector of Schools at Westminister Academy in
Northbrook, Illinois.
Crane's varied career as a farmer, teacher,
soldier, historian, politician and author has
brought him many honors and awards from such
groups as the Veterans of Foreign Wars, B'nai
B'rith, National Taxpayers Union, Freedom Founda-
tion at Valley Forge, and the National Federation
of Independent Businessmen. He was named Illinois
Statesman's Father of the Year in 1979. He is the
i 'author of three books: The Democrats Delenma
(1964), The Sum of Good Government
(1976), and Surrender in Panama: The
Case Against the Treaty (1978), and has
contributed to numerous other publications.
On February 14, 1959, Phil Crane married Arlene
Congressman Philip M. Crane Catherine Johnson of Chicago. They have eight
Guest Speaker children.
Congressman Philip M. Crane is serving his llth
term in the United States House of Representa- WICHITA FALLS MUSEUM TO EXHIBIT
tives. He was first elected to the House of Repre- WICHITA FALLS MUSEUM TO EXHIBIT
sentatives in a special election in 1969. It was MEMORABILIA OF THE PANAMA CANAL
his initial bid for public office. He has been re-
elected in succeeding years, and in 1988 he car- The Wichita Falls Museum, Wichita Falls, Texas,
ried 76 percent of the vote in his race to repre- will hold an exhibition of Canal Zone memorabilia
sent the 12th Congrassional District of Illinois. during March 25 27 May, 1990.
The Illinoisan is the third ranking Republican The Museum has been able to renovate an adjoin-
on the Ways and Means Committee with jurisdiction ing building, which is the cause of the delay of
over energy, taxes, trade, Medicare, welfare re- the exhibition as reported in the December issue
form and Social Security. He serves as the Vice of the Canal Record.
Chairman on the Trade Subcommittee and is a member The Wichita Falls Museum and Art Center is
of the Health Subcommittee. The congressman was a located at 2 Eureka Circle, Wichita Falls, Texas,
founding member and served as Chairman of the Re- 76308. Their telephone number is (817) 692-0923.
publican Study Committee. He currently is on the Society member and Panama Canal Historian
Republican Research Committee's Task Force on Adrien (Kibby) Bouche has been in constant touch
Foreign Policy. with the museum and has provided them with his
President Ronald Reagan appointed him to the expertise and guidance for this showing.

The response, as reported by Virgil "Skee
anby, Chairman of "Friends of Panama" has
Ktremely gratifying. The mail return has
ast and fully responsive. At press-time (Feb
ver $18,000 has been received.
Prior to using monies received, "Friend!
anama" will contact Panama requesting list:
items most needed. Those items will then be
nased wholesale from the Tampa area for deli
3 Panama,
Donations received for "Friends of Panama"


. I

Slate of Officei

Betty (LeDc

It is an honor to ag&
quickly and although we I
for the needy in Panama
jects, much is left to I
attended St. Leo College
and was honored to be
WCMEN, and more recently
Representative, assisted
being 1st Vice President,
nomination and I hope ye
your President next year

Joanne (J

I was born in Minnesc
and finally just north c
U., graduating with a ck
two sons and my parents
Division. When husband
until retiring in 1984
children scattered from
rently 1st Vice Presider
tant to the Secretary/
Cross volunteer.

Robert E.

I was born in Ancon
from Balboa High School
office of my father, al
of Law in Tennessee and
Tenn. In 1941 was admit
C.Z. and Court of Appeal
ed the Navy as Ensign, s

sfor 1990-1991

Ix) Fmssmnd

i be nominated for President. This year passed very

,e accomplished a great (
starting a Foundation,
done. I came to the Cam
.n Dade City; been invol
clouded in WHO'S WHO ANE
i Reunions and was Dance
:hen President this past
r confidence in me is s

'al; our own Relief effort
nd a number of other pro-
. Zone when six months old
ed in community activities
have served as Legislative
chairman in 1989 as well as
ear. I am excited about mn
ch that I may continue as

y) Stewart

and have lived in Wisconsin, Texas, Kansas, Panama
Tampa. I attended the U. of Houston and Kansas Stat
ee in Physical Science, Geology. Went to Panama wit
.n 1959 and was employed as a geologist, Engineerin
)b Stewart retired, I became Supervisory Geologis
My husband and I have numerous children and grand
anama to Florida, New York to California. I am cur
of the Society, the 1990 Reunion Coordinator, assis
easurer of the Society, and an active American Re

ran Siclen

Hospital, attended Canal Zone schools and graduates
1938. Served as a law clerk after school in the lai

missed the Tenn. bar exam
I to practice law in the 1
5th Circuit, sharing off
ved in the 15th N.D. as di

and admitted to practice
J.S. District Court for
ices with my father. En
defense council. Transfe

1947 as Lt. Comma
retained as secu
of six. My wife
cnm-evy nc= n mrF

Virgil "Sk

I am a 3rd generatil
tired as mule operator
My mother retired from
spent four years in tl
the U. of South Caroli
Inc., a commercial wal
I am married to Shirle
organizations and havE
member-at-large and C1
serving you during the

.red from Mobil Oil Corp. N.Y. Headquarters and was
Itant. Am the father of seven children, grandfather
I I moved to Seminole, FL. in 1986. and am presently
By-Laws Committee.

ter" Camby

onian, born on the Atlantic side. My grandfather re
3atun Locks and my father was a Detective in Balboa
. Army in Ft. Clayton. I graduated from BHS in 1962

I am the owner and Presid
treatment company serving
onneau) and have four son

ent of Aquatech of Flori
central and south Flori
s. Am involved in caomun

-al youth activities. As EF
!nds of Panama," I am looki
is 2nd Vice President.


Charles "E
Charles "Buddy"' Wi
and Nellie Williams j
schools in Balboa, Ch:
He and his wife, Be,
Charles retired from
service. The Williams

iF.- p2--A

rn in Bridgeport, CT.; graduated from Warren Hardi
red into the Army in 1951, being honorably discharge
in Ft. Kobbe, C.Z., he met and married Lilia Flore
ie Army, they returned to Bridgeport. He was hired
in 1955, working at the old Cristobal Commissary u
He transferred to Gatun Locks as a Guard and in 19
and was a Detective when he retired in 1980. Paul a
eph, Jeffrey and Robert. Paul was Atlantic Distri
>n in 1959 and received a Public Service Award fr
in the community and with Little League coaching t
active in the Elks, Margarita, and voted Outstandi
,,as also awarded their Life membership.

rving as member-at-large on the Executive Board as
ress of the Society. I have attended most of the re
lave worked in the Hospitality Suite for the past
ions; worked on several different committees, such
e, Registration at Reunions, and am willing to wc

i Zone, I settled in Massachusetts; was active in t
of Insurance Women; held office of the Director
rd member for 8 years while there. In St. Petersbu
he choir, am president of the Woman's group and am
also on the Organ Task Force.

Idy" Williams
mas went to the Canal Zone with his parents, Charl
315 and was raised in Gatun and Balboa. He attend
3, White Plains, N.Y., Washington and South Bend, I
y, are the parents of two sons, Patrick and Pau
Panama Railroad Division with 39 years of governme
!side in Palm Harbor, Florida. In the Canal Zone,
gue Baseball, Elks Lodge #1414, the Knights of Colu
Amateur Radio Club. His. hohhie inrclide the .Tanane

IF US Army Coamunications Caomand in Corozal.


Panama Caz

of Florid

1989 Audi

Mrs. Betty Frassrand
Chairman, Executive Committee
The Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
St. Petersburg, Florida

Dear Mrs. Frassrand:

Your Audit and Budget Committee has completed its ex
ama Canal Society of Florida, Inc. for the period Janual
All ledgers (Receipts and Expenditures) were audited,
der. All check records, deposit slips, bank statements
taned and verified as correct. All three nettv cash func

As or uecemoer Ji,
:aled 699. At the end o
indicate an increase o:
they renew their member

m our pacl menoersn
December 1988, our p
193 paid members to
hips, our total menm

[/F-,- -.UL Ll-wajrllL. \J. .UC.O- -
We would like to note that as of December 31,
1,497 at the end of 1988, or an increase of 988. It
reached out to and motivated our members this year.
The Society continues to grow and is still in a
crease in dues in 1990.
Our findings, recommendations, and comments are
get, and the Statement of Financial Assets as of Dec
We would like to compliment the past Audit and
the audit and budget. Without these guidelines our
They were very thorough, including copies of sprea
counts. These will be preserved and passed on to fut
We would also like to compliment both Mrs. Marjc
outstanding job in the performance of their duties





lal Society

a, Inc.

t Report

January 19, 1990

examination of the ledgers and accounts of the Pan-
ry 1, 1989 through December 31, 1989.
balanced, and verified as correct and are in or-
,, bills and all other miscellaneous records were
Is were also verified and are correct.
i9 stood at 4802 and our delinquent membership to-
;hip totaled 4609 with 636 delinquents. This would
ty. Taking into consideration our delinquents, if
lid and unpaid) would stand at 5,501 compared to
i9. During 1989, a total of 450 members were drop-

9, 2,485 members prepaid their dues, compared to
d seem that the publicity in the Canal Record has

Solvent financial position. We anticipate no in-

ached hereto, along with the projected 1990 bud-
!r 31, 1989.
get Committee on the guidelines they prepared for
would have been more difficult and time-consuming.
ieets and details of each item in the Society ac-
Audit and Budget Conmittees.
Foster, and her assistant Mrs. Jay Stewart for an
Secretary-Treasurer and Assistant Secretary-Trea-
1 ready for audit. They were always available when


Toano-a M- Whaalay

Respectfully si


Josephine Attia


Having completed our audit on January 19, 1990
December 31, 1989, we, the Audit and Budget Conmit
findings, and comments to the Executive Comnittee
practices for the Panama Canal Society of Florida,

January 19, 1990
the period January 1, 1989 through and including
respectfully submit the following recommendations,
its approval and implementation for good business


.7% Cost of Living increase be awarded to all paid
. commencing with their first paycheck of 1990. It
y-Treasurer and Record Editor receive an addition-
ers of Social Security have increased in 1990 to
ill receive only three quarters for the year. With
:otal of $2,040, the $4.00 increases the total to
y and are dedicated to the Society, this committee

earned in December of any year be included in the
with the interest on the 1099's the bank reports
ecretary-Treasurer to call for this information to
;cember 1989 reports included 13 months interest,
d in that year reported.

FINDING I. In the past Social Security from er
centage but then rounded to the nearest dollar.

will appear in. The Record Editor is not making
printed. This recommendation nust be followed to ve
FINDING V. Federal Uneimployment Tax is not cha
in the year. We have been paying Federal Unemplo)
and we will apply for the credit due the Society.
OCMENT I. Mileage rate has been increased to 25
used this as a guide for years in the event we a
for all claims commencing on January 1, 1990.
(CMENT II. It has been noted that we do have
have implemented serving refreshments.
COMaNT III. Telephone expenses are much more
much as possible. Also any calls that are for Reuni
up as Society expense.
(0aMENT IV. Desk Top Publishing is here. Pat I
ing, learning and ironing out the bugs so it will b

Jeanne M. Wheeler, Chairperson Jea




should always be replenished when it approaches

record Editor is not following Recommendation IV in
>py of the ad and identifying which issues the ad
), of the published ad from the Record after it is

La-..ccaL c I d-LL Lc Imalc dL L LLUI nLIL-1y LLC-LiiO u L~ia we

budgeted. Care should be taken to limit calls as
expense should be so noted so that they do not show

and Jerry Boswell are getting it together, train-
ady for use in late 1990.
Respectfully submitted,

nn Josephine Attia





Checking A
CD(42 mos.
CD(1 year)
CD(1 year)
CD(1 year)

Dues (incl
Annual Reu
Other Soci
Sales (Tag
Sales (Can
Tn+ a 4-

RY 1, 1
ires 9/
ires 2/
,ires 6/
ires 1(


7,275 J
.ls, Pir



prepaid dues)




in mn A

of Funds

c~~i U -`~ K~

Annuadi union iyau
Other Society Reimbursables
Canal Record
Taxes, Federal/State
Taxes Withheld and Paid
Postage-CR-$2,950.00, SOC.-$
Supplies-CR$535.70, SOC.-$2,
Telephone-CR$553.03, SOC.-$8
Equip. Maint.-CR$532.12, SOC
Monthly Meetings
Travel & Transportation
Cost (Tags, Decals, Pins)
Petty Cash CR-$273.04, SOC
Bank Charges


145.59, REFR




CD(42 mo:
CD(1 yea:
CD(1 yea:
CD(1 yea:
CD(1 yea:

of Funds
AT DECEMBER 31, 198!
Account (Unlimited)
.) Expires 9-2-90
) Expires 2-2-90
) Expires 6-27-9(
) Expires 10-28-<
) Expires 8-9-90
ANCES AS OF 12/31/8W




*1 7 OC






Panamanian Deputy Administrator Fernando Ma-
fredo, Jr. has been asked by President Bush to
continue with the Commission beyond December 31,
1989. As the Coxnnission's senior executive, he
will, on an interim basis, become acting Adminis-
trator upon the retirement December 31 of D. P.
McAuliffe, outgoing U.S. Administrator.
Also on an interim basis effective January 1,
1990, the Office of the Administrator is being re-
structured to create two acting Deputy Administra-
tor positions to strengthen the support provided
to the acting Administrator one for operational
support, the other for administrative support.
The Commission's Board of Directors has appoin-
ted R. P. Laverty, present Director, Office of Ex-
ecutive Planning, to serve as acting Deputy Admin-
istrator-Operations, and Joseph J. Wood, present
Director, Office of Executive Administration, as
acting Deputy Administrator-Administration.
Further announcements are expected.
December 15, 1989


Praise and a genuine thank-you is extended to
Panama Canal Commission employees and dependents
who, during the height of the U.S. military action
in Panama, performed hundreds of good deeds at
both ends of the Canal in an effort to be helpful
or to see to the comfort of others. While we on
the Spillway staff have no way of knowing every
contribution that was made, we felt we should
share some of what we've learned.
Amateur radio operators worked around the clock
to make contact with families in the United States
who were worried and uncertain about local rela-
tives and friends. Several employees and family
members volunteered at hospitals, and the Canal
community contributed items of personal clothing
when Gorgas Hospital ran low on hospital gowns.
People prepared hundreds of holiday cookies and
meals for the U.S. soldiers and others. Many indi-
viduals made phone calls to the United States to
assure the families of the U.S. soldiers that
their loved ones were all right. Employees and
their families worked with Panamanian refugees,
comforting them and trying to meet their immediate
needs. Volunteers also collected and sorted mail


on both sides of the Isthmus; others filled in as
cashiers; and some even pumped gas.
In Panama City and Colon, as well as in other
areas, neighbors helped each other by providing
security against looters and members of the "Dig-
nity" Battalions. Residents also shared food, baby
formula and other essential items.
Two employees even risked their lives to per-
form a heroic humanitarian act. When a U.S.
soldier was seriously wounded in the Balboa
Heights area, Jack Shea and Tom m Lean disregarded
their own safety and took him while under fire
- in a private vehicle to Gorgas Army Hospital.
The Panama Canal Spillway
January 5, 1990



A new Panama Canal Commission dredge tender,
the Ganboa, arrived on the Isthmus on October 27.
The 102-foot-long, 32-foot-beam vessel navigated
under its own power to the Panama Canal from Lou-
isiana. where Houma Fabricators built it at cost

its sister vessel, the LChagres but with more
effectiveness. Like the Chagres, the new dredge
tender will be used to support dredging activi-
ties, move non self-propelled floating equipment
and provide dredges, the drill boat, and cranes
with fuel, potable water and supplies. The Ganbca
includes a more sophisticated foam firefighting
system comprised of 2,500 gallons of foam, a 1,500
gallons-per-minute pump and a fire monitor. It al-
so has an auxiliary crane, a new fendering system,
a rudder and propeller guard, a different sewage
treatment plant, a chilled-water air conditioning
system and larger generators and wheelhouse.
The Garnoa 's characteristics and dimensions
conform specifically to the needs of the Dredging
Division. Marine Engineer David Bishop, who exam-
ined the equipment during its fabrication and ini-
tial testing in Lousiana, says the Dredging Divi-
sion is very pleased with the new acquisition. He
idds, "Houma Fabricators has done a great job."
The contracting firm from Louisiana is current-
ly working on two new towboats the Unidad and
-he Victoria for Canal Services Division, as well
is a fuel barge and a submergeable pipeline barge.
All will soon join the Panama Canal Commission
November 14, 1989

I -

Your Repc


Now that the Christmas season and the Norieg
episode is behind us, maybe we can get back t
normal. Hope all had a beautiful holiday!
Our annual Christmas dinner dance was held a
the Sheraton Inn on December 14th with about se
venty members and guests present. The tables ha
beautiful poinsettia arrangements in baskets
These were used as door prizes. These baskets wer
made by frgaret Hern, Muriel McGriff, Vera Rya
and Mary Hollowell. The Society was also give
about 75 electro-gold plated bracelets and sev
eral chains with cubic zirconia which were use
as door prizes. Each lady present received a bra

Christmas Dinner Dance 1989

Stella Nita drove to Gastonia, N.C. to spend
Thanksgiving with her grandson, Ted Hotz and hi
wife Hazel in their new home. Her daughter, Hele
and husband Tim Hotz, also joined them. For th
Christmas holidays Stella drove to Tallahassee t
spend the holidays with her son, John and family
and Grandmother Jan hiitney. The grandmothers en
joyed the grandchildren. Daughter Toni Nita joine
All of the Freeland Holloll family were i
Dothan for the wedding of David Hollowell an
Area which was on December 22, 1989. Freelarn
Jr. and wife Penny (Hall) of New Orleans, LA an
Laurie (Hollowell) and Mike Reinhart from Guantar
amo Bay, Cuba. David had a three-week leave frc
the U.S. Navy Great Lakes, IL.
Ed and Wilma Kermerd made a trip to Oklahorr
late November and early December mainly to visi
with James "Andy" Anderson who was a career Nav
pilot (now retired) who had been stationed at Coc
Solo during World War II. They had not been tc
gether for 45 years. They tried catching up on th
who, where and what of the old gang. They also me
his wife as well as did some sightseeing in th
Chickasha-Oklahoma City area.

*ter Says ...

The Ker erds also visited with Margaret Fess
ler, a BHS '35 graduate. She is confined to a Tul
sa, OK area nursing home. Wilma says that Margare
is unable to write much but is in need of contact
with the outside especially with former classma
tes. Her address is Margaret Fessler, Bixby Manor
15600 Memorial Dr., Bixby, IK 74008, phone (913
366-6210. Those who knew her are encouraged t
comnunicate with her. They also made a brief stop
over in Memphis to call on Lois (Leib) (Ceshir
and Mrs. John (Bea) Ratcliff (95 years young)
Lois (niece of Mrs. Joe (Grace) Irving of Lagun
Hills, CA) and Wilma were co-workers at Camp Coin
er during World War II. Bea lived in Pedro Migue
for many years until the Dredging Division town
site of Gamboa was constructed and departed th
Zone in 1940. Other friendly stops were also mad
and we were lucky enough to avoid serious weather
until arriving safely home for the SE Alabama dee
Linda (Patton) and husband Mike Bashan wit
children Karl and Susie have moved to Enterprise
AL after Mike's retirement from the Air Force


.. i

Coordinators for the 50th Anniversary of
Balboa High School Class of 1940: Front,
L-R: William Monzon, Doris Etchberger,
Fernando Tapia, Maggie Janssen. Back:
Tom Etchberger, Vern Seeley, Joe Burgoori
Bill Sherlock and Hugh Norris.

Panama during the invasion. Hugh arrived at the
report at 8 p.m. the night of the invasion and
ports he saw nothing unusual. He returned the
y after Christmas on a military plane. Mary Urey
nt to visit with daughter, Lorraine Dugan and
andchildren, Tricia and Brian and Louise Hunt
sited with her daughters and grandchildren. They
y it was an experience they will never forget.
ey were more or less confined to their homes and
ry said she even cooked hot meals for the troops
o were in Los Rios section. We all hope every-

We extend our synphathy to the family of Mary
se who passed away in Tampa, Florida on January
t. Mary will be greatly missed.
A most Blessed and Happy Easter to all.

Catherine (Whelan) Filo
(205) 794-0145


Can any of you believe it is 1990 and all the
nazing news from Panama at the turn of the dec-
le? We had a letter from classmate Lionel
Wudy" Stenpel and his wife, Anita, written before
ie U.S. invasion, telling of ever more miserable
)ression in Panama under the iron fist of the
)riega regime and asking for prayers for all of
iem still in Panama and for the "nightmare" to
ne to an end soon. How grateful they must be for
ie developments so soon after that. Other than
idy's being sent by the Catholic Church in Panama
1 a mission to Lima, Peru. They have not been
>le to do any travelling for three years, not
ren to see their daughter, Ursula, in London.
We also had a letter from BHS classmate Robert
*hultz with whom I had the privilege of singing
Sa classical series of programs on Radio HP5G
i Panama years ago. He is now retired from his
)sition as Secretary-General of the YMCA for the
untry of Panama, a position he took after retir-
ig from the Department of Veterinary Medicine on
te Canal as Meat Inspector. His daughter, Char-
itte, teaches at Curundu Junior High. His son,
bert, Jr., is a colonel in the U.S. Army, and
lughter, Mitzi, is Medical Records Director of

;till living in Panama, now spends much of his
ime at his beach house at Coronado, Panama.
Other Panama friends heard from include Martha
Bradley) Wood ('I'psy") and Adelaide "Cindy"
lMaaco) Seldon, now of Washington State and
'lorida, respectively.
Mopsy's sister, Peggy Bradley, entertained us
.t a delightful luncheon early in November. We
alked for hours about Pedro Miguel school days
nd school friends. Since Peggy is also a Tucson
resident, we were able to have her with us at our
ome for Christmas.

o --- ---- -- h--- -----h ---- n-t------in- h ---
one ho OT hhr _rncy o h "i o'Ynort-ino hptr nn

.ri, 'no' anu uon, also an ex-Lon-an, now live
SBoise, Idaho.
Also visiting Tucson in January is Marjorie
inglebright) Presson, CHS'44, who now lives in
linois. She is staying with her parents, "hET'
Id Emma Englebright. Ted was laid up with broken
nes in his left foot last fall, but is fully re-

ered now. Marjorie's two sisters, Beverly rtaim
Dolores Harris, are now Tucson residents,
ores having moved here from California recent-
The Englebrights are a closely-knit family and
e planned several excursions for Marjorie while
is here among them visits to the old settle-
t of Tubac, which is very art-y and pictures-
,and to Old Tucson, the Old West movie set
i created and used for western film-making.
Jacque (Crowell) Voell, now residing in St.
i's, AZ, reports that 1989 was an eventful year
her and her husband, Charlie Vowell. In August
company Charlie worked for "downsized" 2C(0 and
clie took an enhanced severance package. He
centrated his job search overseas and is now
Loyed by the Saudi Arabia Consolidated Electric
)any. He was scheduled to go to Saudi on Janu-
14 and Jacque, with their daughter, Casey, and
, Kye, hope to join him shortly. They are, how-
r, running into difficulty with necessary pa-
work from the Panama Canal Zone. Since the Can-
Zone no longer exists, Jacque says, it does not
aute in the State Department.
Jacque broke her ankle at their county fair in
member, but she says, despite that, the fair
Ed well for her and the children. Casey, age
won 5 blue ribbons, 1 red and 1 white, for her
wings and craftwork. Kye, age 3, also won a
a ribbon for his Pez collection and a red for
acklace made of playdough. Jacque won many rib-
s and also the big blue rosette for being the
rall winner in the needlework department. She
been head of the Needlework Section of the

e uue to a oau uacK.
The Harps, Harold and Jerry, went to Boulder,
o. and spent Thanksgiving with daughters Jackie
I Mary and their families. Just returned from
iting Jim and Betty Stewart in Manchester,
n. and also a visit with Robert and June Lee
Picayune, Miss. Spent a few days in New Orleans
h daughter Rebecca and family.
Betty McGilberry reports Marilyn Amnen was back
m Panama for Christmas. She also gave an early
thday party for Marla Annen before she left for
ia for a semester of study with others from
ren Wilson College. Marilyn's son Martin III
olled at University of Arkansas. Marilyn has
ce returned to Panama.
Pete and Sue Warner expect daughter Phyllis
m Long Island and son Robert from Alabama
,und February 1st for a visit.
Polly and John Michaelis spent a quiet holiday
son at home.
Norbert and Peggy Keller also spent the holiday
son at home. Her son, Brian, spent two weeks
Christmas with Jessie NeRard.
Etta Fay Terrell had a good time with daughter
trea and son-in-law, Paul Oliver, on a trip to
ney World. On the way they spent the night with
ph and Virginia Harvey in Dothan, Ala. While
Florida, visited with aunt, Elizabeth Jorgen-
i in St. Petersburg, and Allena Kelly of Semin-
. Another stop was in Newport Richey to visit
ra Madison. Her children, Lance from Austin,
as, and daughter Andrea with husband Paul came

f-r ,. n- +- % Tra-ore- ti Yn T. I I mice it T. h'n litainT iin thnlWrl ctI n t- n rv-r r n fi (-thi~et-nme in

)uiar ex-zomnan wini oe nu.sseu coumuius, un, n win son, icnaru, Jr,
Sand relatives now living in she will visit daughter, Barbara, in
pe to get to the Florida Re- Minn.
~_ ... 1__ .-'--_ r-.- ( ..J- *I--t. -L L- __I_ 3"_ _t _J IL-.

leaders at the Arizona Spring lun
(See Announcements.) All former
:Icome. And don't forget, Arizonans
Is and pictures. People out there c

(602) 298-3147


This is a reminder to all of the ex "Zonians"
and around this area that our annual picnic
1 be held at Agri Park, Fayetteville, AR on
te 17, 1990. Please bring a covered dish and
Mary Lou Engelke reports no visitors for the
days and that Connie Engelke stays close to

sye, came for Christmas.
is Evelyn Engelke, who spent
n, Ill. with sister Frances
;, Dwight and John Elmendorf
Evelyn reports that sons,

liversary of the Shuey's in Neosho, MO.
Marion Coclasure has had Volume 6 American
-itage Print Shop Graphics published by
Iraries Unlimited of Denver, Colo. Addie Cocla-
-e reports that son David and wife Iou have been
insferred by Boeing Aircraft to Huntsville, Ala.
work for NASA. Since being in Huntsville, David
Stalked with An Marti and Ralph Shuey. Grand-
i Freddy has received a Pell grant for another
Eester at the University of Arkansas and grand-
1 Danny is in the process of applying to various
leges after discharge from the U.S. Navy.
The tHuffmans Willard and Kathleen spent

. Uar II i l m iecon I I a~w C-LC: IlL L-LMiLL.

TL ..- --A .-

Thanksgiving, Betty prepared the usual fare and
we had Bill and Charlotte McIue for dinner.

Robert "Bud" Balcer
(501) 273-3754 Elaine Johnson, Ruthie Brown Robertson.
Taken at the Del Coronado Hotel, Octobe2
With the New Year's arrival came the FLU and
many have succumbed to its ravages. The much-need- Elaine Johnson, of Jonesboro, took a trip west
ed rain has finally come and rather dampened any to San Diego, Ca. with her son, Dr. Andy Hooper,
anticipated trips for the time. They visited Elaine's daughter, Betty Phillips ane
The Higgins are fine, keeping busy with nothing grandchildren, Elaine and Andy Phillips of Laguna,
new. However, Ed took a trip to see his relatives and Miguel and Ruthie Brow Robertson. Elaine anc
in the Oklahoma panhandle. Mildred's aunt, Peggy Dr. Hooper stayed at the Del Coronado and RuthiE
MI Kenzie, died (See Deaths). and her son, Grady Robertson, were their guests
Winona York hosted an enormous family Thanks- at dinner. Elaine enjoyed a brief visit to Ruth-
giving dinner. She said they were bulging at the ie's apartment where she was served cooked plan-
walls!! Keith is looking forward to a cruise on tain and mango pie! That was a special treat!!
a nuclear submarine, the DRUM, which is named
after the sub he was on in World War II.
Glen Conklin of Springdale paid a visit to
Georgia OwQnn in Springfield, Missouri. She also
stopped by to see Herb Engelke and his wife, Wil-
la, finding them in fine spirits.
Fran Whitlock of Fayetteville, AR stated that
she had prepared Christmas dinner for her family,
Minnie and Mike Burton and Bates Wienan. On Decem-
ber 8th, Fran received word of the arrival of her
31st great grandchild, Adber Renee, born to Chel-
sea and Jack Whitlock of Clearwater, Florida.
On December 28, Frances held a mini Canal Zone
reunion at her home, entertaining Brian Albright
of South Carolina who was visiting his mother, Peter Butz, Sr., Esther Butz Clair, Har-
Jessie Newhard of Bentonville. Guests included ry (Rickey) Butz, July 14, 1989 in Bro-
Luke and wife, Betty Palumbo, Petie and Carl ken Arrow, OK.
Maedl, Minnie and Mike Burton. Brian had not seen Lee and Harry Butz of Springdale spent a de-
his former Cristobal High School teachers for lightful 4 days at Christmas with their daughter,
about 40 years. Brian, an underwater archaeologist Esther, and son-in-law, Bill Clair, at their homa
at one time, associated with the Smithsonian In- in Broken Arrow, OK. Christmas morning was a gal
stitute, brought a picture he made with the Insti- event with Peter and Janice Butz and their threE
tute, searching for sunken ships and treasures in sons coming for a delicious breakfast before open-
an area off the Bahamas Islands 20 years ago. ing the many gifts from under the beautiful real
Coach Palumbo rented a movie projector with color Scotch pine. Even sister Schnauzer puppies werE
-Afl inA n4 r- ,n Rr-An -r1r 71-4 tort, r rncr lx., C-1- ---

dinner ASCAP, or American Society of Conposers, Auth-
one re- ors and Publishers, sent David Leroy Smith greet-
ings on his 75th (really?) birthday, quite an hon-
ie Shaw or. David's most recent composition, "Little
'ayette- Children Everywhere," was composed for their theme
song. David is recovering nicely from his carpel
ior Butz tunnel surgery.
Reporter Mildred Higgins sent a note from frigid Arkan-
756-6852 sas. They are really getting a cold Christmas. Her
brother George is in Panama and unable to get out
with all the strife.

and son .4
, for a
5 Zonian
Ion was
Id David
The late Col. Edward M. Browder, Jr. and
instma. Mrs. Browder as they celebrated their
ins her 60th wedding anniversary, January 19,
ughter' 1989, at their home in Rancho Bernardo.
he sis-
ale and December 3, 1990
a din- 70 members and guests gathered to enjoy Knotts
e table Berry Farm's delicious luncheon and see and hear
memories from old friends from the Zone. No snow, but the
exper- spirit was bright. Missy Will gave the invocation,
followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
so glad Joan de Grunond, our new membership chairman, in-
not too produced new members and gave brief backgrounds
nce she on them all. New members present included: RON AND

fairly often. Dot and Bill Allen and Dot's

1) Santa Claus (Conrad Horine) sitting on
holidayy Luncheon, December 3, 1989. (2) L
nd Estrella de La Pena, Marion (Snyder)
'ood, Bob Provost, David Hollowell, Kathry

1) Celebrating his 100th birthday, Bob a
2) PCSSC Board of Governors Meeting and
'ice, Victoria ("Pete" Hollowell) Allen,
'riend Evelyn Whiting, David Lane, Donna G
-R: Rosa and Bob Dill, Susan (Allen) Mac
'CSSC, Charles "Buddy" Magee, Anne (Magee)

rzizza, was won by Laurie Schrader; a conquista-
or plaque, donated by Lucille Griffin, was won
y Stephanie Johnson. The Lottery was won by Eva-
yn Wood, Mary lade and Dorothy Hayward. The love-
y table decorations, fashioned by David Smith,
ere won by Bill Finken, Jolie Seeley, Laverne
'itzpatrick, Laurie Shrader, Joyce levy, Charlie
bid, Evelyn Wood, Grace Brown and Joan Austin.
Aside from new members already listed, attend-
ng members were: ADELE ARGO, GRACE (BIRKLAND)
ILL and 12 guests, BILL and EILEEN FINKEN, FRAN-

e lap of Kathryn Argo Molinaro, at their
Helen (Seaman) and Tom McGuinness, Sara
ce. (3) Christmas Carols by L-R: Warren
Folinaro and Missy Will.

Rosa Dill, Oceanside, CA. Oct. 15, 1989.
boring Bill on his birthday, L-R: Marion
'id Hollowell, Hedy Sundberg Seedborg and
,r Bowman, David Leroy Smith. (3) Seated,
SStanding L-R: Edith Winner, President,
very, honoring Bob on his birthday.

A good time was had by all. Sorry we missed
Kathryn Molinaro
(714) 927-2908

Barbara (Evans) O'Shaughnessy's grandson, Neal
arker, is going into his senior year at Univer-
ity of Colorado, Boulder. He went to Miami to see
he "Buffaloes" play Notre Dame and visited his
grandmother in Palm Beach that same week.
Penny (Pennington) Grahan, Lakewood, Colorado,
as been teaching junior high Spanish in Denver
public schools for many years. She now works with
panish-speaking prisoners (Cubans, Colombians and
ew Mexicans) in a federal detention center in the
southwest Denver suburbs. During the school year,
er volunteer work with the prisoners is one night

iw working at the Administration Build- ginia to be
visited them here in Boulder. husband, flei
us. Dorothy
January to j,
Heidleburg, C
I saw Mwri
nme some news
Colorado Spr
their grand
Capt. Mrk S
Sn ried in that
5Y The reception
Club. Marrel
Bill Collins

d Phil Larke with Bob and Nancy in 1945 and
On the 15t
Sewing Club
RTY: The planned trip to the mountains were 32 of 1

Texas succeeded in turning a bad start into an e?
perience of a lifetime. Peter Foster, Zonian Ami
gos Coordinator, made arrangements with the cruise
line and they were flown to Panama where the
boarded the ship in Gatun Lake, climbing up th
Jacob's ladder like old pros. They were given
rousing welcome and were just in time to join th
cocktail party for the Zonian Amigos and Comnis
sion employees and friends who had boarded a
Gatun Locks. Kaye Ritchie, representing the Pan
ama Canal Commission, presented the Captain wit
a 75th anniversary plaque. He was accompanied c
board by his wife, lenore, Daryl Bullinger, Gar
and Howie Laatz, Mike and Sheila Bell and Andre

Brown Baggers and their husbands. Channel 13 cor
ducted a live coverage of the party for the 6:C
P.M. news. Marge Foster prepared the Arroz Cc
Polio and the other ladies furnished the empana
das, plantain, salad, french bread and dessert
making it a true Panamanian dinner. Needless t
say, the topic of conversation was the invasic
and concern for loved ones still living dow
Dot and Bob Herrington have notified me tha
they have volunteered to start up a Panama Cana
Society Bowling group for a chance to get together
with friends and have a good time! If you are in
terested, call them at 796-8120.
Sara Rowle

Mid-East Coast

3 Lisa and John cCarragher came dow
.* for their son John's wedding. Mary i
a iltheir other son. Chad. for Tihankqsiv

Mike Bell, Gary Laatz, Lenore and Kaye
Ritchie, Andy Lim and Daryl Bullinger.
The visit to the San Blas Islands brought back
memories as the group looked for their favorite
molas and snapped lots of pictures.

Edith Cotton, Edna Ogletree, Dotti
Yocum, Dottie Pate, Fred Dube.
Dot and Bob Herrington hosted the Brown Bag-
ger's Christmas party on December 20, 1989. As it
was the day of the U.S. invasion of Panama, it

r moved from Hawaii to Davie. Florida.

Mary flew to Kansas to see her son, Jim Phela
and his family twice. The last time they went tb
the Barnum and Bailey Circus. She went to Orland<

Grimes who is a fourth generation Zonian, also
hard to find. Mary will be leaving for a trip to
Panama next week and I hope that when she gets

Balboa Elementary teacher. On the way home, they
visited Don Steffino's Mom in Ganney, S.C.
Leona Sanders Snedeker
(904) 228-0022


Birthdays are such a memorable occasion, just
like having your own personal holiday!!! How did
I spend my birthday, you asked. Well let me tell.
My wife Monica had planned to spend the holidays
with her parents down in Panama City, Panama. With
tickets on hand and with bags packed, we made a
phone call of Dec. 20 at 11:15 P.M. and not a min-
ute after we had hung up...C.N.N. reporting "OP-
ERATION JUST CAUSE" was taking place. The chips
were down and all bets were made!!! We cancelled
the trip and waited. On January 3, 1990, day of
my birthday, I got a remote control plane from
Monica and while celebrating my birthday in the
company of a few good friends and my Uncle Vie
Enyart, who flew in from Huntington Beach, Ca.,
C.N.N. reports the "GENERAL SURRENDERS." What a
great present that was. Remembering the words of
the Late Martin Luther King, I said to myself,
"free at last, free at last, thank God we are free
at last."
Speaking about Vic Enyart, he is just about
ready for retirement with Southern Edison Power
Co. of California. He spends his spare time build-
ing hot rods and pushing them to the limit for
optimum speed. In fact, he has managed to build
a hot coupe and runs it at the salt flats out in
the Mohavi Desert. He has done so well that even
the Japanese have come up and shown interest in
the concept. Good job, Vic, keep on trucking!!!!!
Just recently I heard from Rebecca (TxIpson)
Sorsen now living here in Pensacola since '88. Re-
becca is fifth generation Zonian (hard to find)
and graduated from BHS'72. She left Panama in '75
but says she's always a Zonian. Her sister Jaye
(Tonpson) Barrett, class of BHS'64, is also here
in the area along with her mother Mary (Rilly)

Libby tells me that the only thing that Aldon has
caught is a winter cold!! Libby managed to squeeze
a holiday trip to Maryland to visit with friends
and relatives.
Jo (Marti) Roebuck recently moved to a new home
they just purchased and has been kept busy paint-
ing, scraping and constantly fixing something but
she has also found time to do a couple recitals
during the holidays. Jo plays the organ and she
is pretty good at it I hear.
(harlene and Ralph James are doing fine and
would you believe they have taken up "circle dan-
cing." What in the heck is circle dancing? I hope
they don't get too dizzy! Ralph is taking up golf-
ing and just the other day he shot a hole in 52
strokes for an average of 275 on a 9 hole par. You
better give up, Ralph, you are supposed to score
low!!! Charlene was here in Pensacola for a visit
with her mother who has not been feeling too well
lately. For all of you who are going down Char-
lene's way during the Reunion, she says to give
her a call and to stop on by since she is in the
Lady Lakes area. Her phone number if (904) 753-
In closing, I'd like to thank the few of you
in my area who take the time to support this re-
porter in keeping the Canal Record alive. Till the
next time, good day!
Wishing Happy Birthday to Monica Rogers Tala-
vera, January 28, 1990!
Dennis A. Talavera
(904) 478-8096

Mike and Marion Greene enjoyed as house guests
n (MacKenzie) Kozar and her daughter, Kathleen,

party in their
al Zone neighbors
iniscing about th(
Joan and her daug
sell and Elena (
bourne, FL and ha\
in their area for
Myrtle Hughes anc
-Christmas cruise
the Star Princ(
Later Myrtle flew
with her son and
uighes, and their
Jay Cain flew to
Lstmas visit with
and Sherry Cain
a's mother, Nadi
1h Spencer, a Mian
'our generations
together at Ormon
Frances Orvis of
his wife, Julie c
and wife, Lotty
s sons, Jimay 0
r Orvis, his wife,
Ohter, Chelsea lee


honor. Guests inc
and close friends
e good times "way
Phter have also be
DeBoyrie) Oberhol
ve recently rented
Sa longer visit.
d Jay Cain enjoyed
around the Carib
to Deer Park, TX
Miami for her
her nephew and f
and son, Jason.
ne Cain, of Hous
ii resident.
of the Orvis fam
id Beach, FL. The
Sarasota, her son
if Temple Terrace;
of Daytona Beach,
rvis of Las Vega
Linda, and their
SOrvis, of Edgewa

luded former
;who enjoyed
back when."
'en guests of
tzer in West
I a condomin-

ed a ten day
bean Islands

for Christ-
Tom and Lor-

annual post-
amily, Mich-
She joined
ton, TX and

ily recently
group inclu-
s, Jim Orvis
and Bob Or-
as well as
s, N.V. and
8-month old
ter, FL.

IF U L~t~:


Orlando, FL when their son, Robert Bedersen
scher, graduated from Boot Canp.
Vicki (Baldwin) Fischer, daughter of the Rev.
Llian Baldwin, former Priest at St. Andrews
iscopal Church in Cocoli, C.Z., and the Walkers
re neighbors and friends in Cocoli, all through
eir school years and while in the Canal Zone.
Air daughter, Kristen, worked with the M.C.I.
ig Distance Conpany in Washington, D.C. for the
st three years, prior to leaving with her family
r Florida and Hawaii.
Along with the Fischer family, the Walkers also
joyed a fine family get-together as their daugh-
, Jeanne (Walker) Wagner and her husband, Jack
per of Anchorage, AK, and another daughter,
role (Walker) Miller of Tanpa and her sons,
mas and Michael Peregoy of Richmond, VA, were
citing at the same time. The group had a great
ne with much reminiscing, picture taking, laugh-
- and fun.
The Wagners, Carole Miller and her sons also
:ored to New Smyrna Beach, FL for a visit with
! Walkers' other daughter, Micky (Walker) Fitz-
*ald and family. Jack and Jeanne Wagner also
sited with Al and Marsha Sprague, who are recent
;idents of Naples, FL.
Kathleen (Kay) Nelson spent a couple of weeks
.r Christmas and New Years visiting her son and
* wife, 1st Lt. Jeffrey and Mary Anm Nelson, in
SHawaiian Islands. Jeff is assigned to the
lical Corps at Schofield Barracks on the Island
Oahu. A visit to Pearl Harbor and the Arizona
iorial, off shore of Oahu, brought back many
-ld War II memories.
Kay and her late husband, Gotfred (Bip) Nelson,
*e married in July, 1944 while he was a young
;ign assigned to a troop transport carrier,
sporting troops from Europe through the Panama
lal to the Phillipines with stopovers, including
Hawaiian Islands. Kay was completing nurses
lining at Bellin Hospital School of Nursing in
,en Bay, Wis.
The Nelsons visited several other major islands
1.-3-- ^-I-- I.-- *- Z- -- -3 -r TT---- -- t -_ 1 -1 L_-- t--

ors, back: i
of Alaska,
it: Carole (To
Mike, and G,

Capt. Gregory Fischer, USN Ret., and his wire,
dki (Baldwin) Fischer, accompanied by their
fighter, Kristen Pedersen Fischer, visited the
>rge A. Walkers of Sarasota, en route to their
manent home in Pearl City, HI. The Fischers
;o visited with "Pete" Pedersen in Largo, FL.
*y also attended the January 16, 1990 Pass and

1islanu o0r aual, rer,
3." They enjoyed a la
te with whole roasted
y other attractions. 11
y visited by rental ca:
lery, canyons, waterfa
apples, sugar cane, e
a lived on Oahau for o

reu co as -ne 'barue
sh Hawaiian Luau com
gs, hula dancers, an
y exp red the Island
enjoying the gorgeous
-s, beaches, miles o
:. Jeff and Mary An
r a year and were abl

plan Lor nis nuoner's visic weii in advance or
arrival. Jeff was born in the Canal Zone in
5. They are really two "great kids" (young
Lts) Kay's comments!!
Buth Stroop spent the after-Christmas holiday
i her son and his family, Ed and June Stroop
Kissimnee, Florida. A good time visiting and

Hikers holiday
Iker, Jack Wac
archer of Hawaii
'h sons, Tonmy

)awn was expecting their 2nd child in another 3
:o 4 weeks, but braved the weather to get together
rTith the family. Also attending was Ruth Stroop,
the matriach of the Stroops, Rose H. (Stroop) Car-
nrvfv Klrra, (.-- y T,,hl'f r.. -h h-,,1- F-,rmli, VU-lrh

In early December the Brenton Reef Restaurant
in Sarasota was the gathering place for the annual
Christmas luncheon for the Sarasota Monday Coffee
3roup/Birthday Clubs, which also included the
3.E.S. Canal Zone Past Matrons Organization, and
other guests.
Mary Orr, the Chairperson/Coordinator and her
committee, decorated the dining room with appro-
priate Christmas decorations and candy canes for
each of the more than 50 persons attending.
After a royal welcome, the poems "Christmas in
Panama" and "Christmas in Sarasota" were read,
which put everyone in a festive and happy mood.
Besides the Santa Claus gift exchange, several

and Santa Claus figurines were given. An attrac-
tive floral arrangement was presented to Mrs. Ver-
nice Moody, age 89, the oldest member of the

Mary Orr welcomes guests at the Annual
Christmas Party in Sarasota, FL.

Many Christmas greetings and expressions of
hanks to our coordinator, tary Orr, and her con-
ittee, for a most successful Christmas Party were
iade, and all departed for their homes after a
fappy time to begin the Holiday Season.

Gladys B. I-phrey
(813) 955-1900

South Florida

Over the past year, several people have expres-
sed an interest in a local, South Florida, get to-
gether. After speaking with Lou Seldon, formally
of Los Rios, we decided that it was time to get
the ball rolling. First, we need to see how many
people are interested and most importantly, find
volunteers to plan this event. We could have a
picnic in a centrally located park, perhaps in
April or May. So, if you are interested, please
write or call either myself or Lou. It would be
best to just drop either one of us a short note
giving us your ideas and address with phone num.-
ber. This way if flyers are sent out, your address
will be readily available. We will need scmreone
to chair this event; also, contact other people
ho you know might be interested.
Lou Seldom Janice Cookide Newlon
8937 N.W. 3rd Place 800 West Ave., Apt. 836
Coral Springs, FL 33071 Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 753-5647 hm (305) 532-6525 hm
(305) 522-2713 wk (305) 373-5400 wk
Lou lives in Coral Springs with his wife, Suz-
ette and two girls, Shawna, 13, and Leah, 11.
Dick Parthenais visited with his son, Jim and

lives in Winter Haven, enjoyed many sights here
including: Miami Beach Art Deco Festival, Vizcaya,
Key West, Center for the Fine Arts, among others.
He also visited with a friend in DelRay who he had
not seen in over 13 years.

Janice Newton, Dick Parthenais, Kelly
Cahilt, and Jim Parthenais at Miami's
South Beach, FL., in January.

In Boca Raton I visited with Jo and Lloyd Kent,
Beth Trout, Bonnie Kent and Mike Trout. The Kents
have a lovely home in Boca and it is always a
pleasure to visit with them. Not much else is new
here in South Florida. Please be sure to send me
any news items that you would like printed and I
look forward to hearing from those who are inter-
ested in getting together this spring.

Janice Cookie Newlon
(305) 532-6525

Greetings from the Florida Keys where it's al-
ways sunny and everything is beautiful! The fish-
ing has been great and as usual it's usually pret-
ty sunny. The Keys are groaning under the influx
of snowbirds and their mobile homes, but such is
life. As for Zonian happenings, things have been
pretty quiet lately. Patrick and Myra Grimison are
still alive and kicking in Key West from what I
hear. Unfortunately, I've been unable to hook up
with them recently. Bruce and Anna Barca paid me
a visit over the Christmas Holidays. Of course a
mandatory visit to Sloppy Joes and Margaritaville
were called for and a good time was had by all (as
evidenced by the amount of Tylenol consumed the
next morning). David Payne, formerly of Balboa,
called recently. He's now an ATF agent in Tanpa
and our line of work keeps us in touch occasional-
ly. All is going well with him. Rob Valentine,
formerly of the Atlantic side, is also doing well
in Key West.
I recently talked with Monty Seals, formerly
one of C.Z.'s finest and later Marathon, in the
Keys. He is now in Georgia with his family in an
instructing position and doing well. I could fill
a book with fish stories from the infamous Monty
Seals!!! Congratulations are in order for David

Kelleher; he now has a beautiful baby girl as well
as recently passing his second class examination
in the Naval Reserves about time Dave!!!
As for the news from Panama all in all, a
hairy situation. My parents, Ernest and Jeannie
Hickman had a close call with looters around their
house, but Uncle Sam came to the rescue. They are
now doing fine. All seems to be quieting down now
and only the rebuilding remains. Condolences to
the Dragseth family for both their losses.
That's it from paradise. Anyone coming my way,
give a shout and I'll try and hook up with you-
ill. Buenas suerte.
Dale Hickman
(305) 743-0291 (W)

St. Petersburg

The Christmas Luncheon at the Holiday Inn was
most enjoyable, the food being very delectable.
4any nice prizes included a round trip air line
ticket won by Mrs. Martin. A short meeting was
held. Our officers and Executive Conmittee started
us with Christmas songs (humorous).
Thora Mahoney wrote to tell me that Mary Lerch-
en has accepted a position in Lmaa Linda, Ca. and
has moved to Box 1513 Redlands, Ca. 92373. The po-
sition is in research and sponsored by the NIH.
In March Carmen Eggleston and Marnette Wenborne
will be among the new tenants of Lake Seminole
Freedom Square Apts.
Rita and Warner Hoyle spent the holidays with
their daughter Virginia Lankarge, husband Phil and
son David in Connecticut.
Eunice Richard spent some time with Virginia
Reece during the holidays.
Mrs. Carl P. Pickenpaugh tells me that daughter
race from Columbus, Ohio was a house guest over
the holidays.

Lorraine Grose with her new Appaloosa.

lorraine Sousa Grose, husband Jim and daughter was here to attend the funeral of her brother
Christina are enjoying the first horse they ever Tams Reyes. During Bea's stay at her brother's
had (an Appaloosa breed gelding). Lorraine will home, she was visited by friends Aloha and Ed Bon-
register him with the Appaloosa Club under the back of Winter Haven, Florida, Jeannine (Dugan)
name Jack Cody or Captain Cody. and Bill Carlin of Sarasota, Florida, and Arlene
There was a real good turnout for the January (McKeoien) and George Tochternan who recently sold
5th meeting and covered dish at St. Bede's Hall. their home in Wisconsin and are enjoying travel-
A big response from those that came gave generous- ing.
ly for the needy in Panama like clothing and
canned foods, etc. Maritza Reyes Susan Kelleher
Gertrude Allgaier Reporter Reporter
Reporter (813) 968-2885 (813) 932-1420
(813) 546-2245

Tampa Hawaii
"Winter" is here and we have had much ua (rain)
The Packers vs Tanpa Bay Buccaneers game at- for days. We here are sorry for the sun-seeking
tracted a few Zonians to the Bay area. The Toch- tourists. Enjoyed a fine visit with Marjorie (Wei-
ternan clan had tickets for the annual "Packer gold) Gardiner of Florida and her daughter Margar-
Backer Party;" in attendance were George, Arlene et Brock, who lives in Las Lunas, NM with her
and Steve Tochterman and relatives from Green Bay. husband and two children and raises and trains
Also in attendance was Arlene's brother Toanm Keo- show horses (one of the horses paid for this trip
wen of Jacksonville, Florida, Walter and Susan by winning a futurity). Marjorie was out in Los
Kelleher and Lynn Dunning. They were all enter- Alamos all sumner working on computers.
trained at the pre-game party by Wierd Al Yanco-
vich's uncle's World Famous Polka Band. During the
game they heard a Jamaican rap and it turned out
to be Rory Egger who was with the rest of the
Eggar family Richard, Maureen and husband Andy -- .
Nhitlock, Kyle Barsness and his father, Alice Fur-
long and her mother Mrs. Furlong, and Willie
Clark. After the game everyone met at Mr. Bars-
ness' party bus to continue after the game activi-

Lois Bates, Sis (Hayes) Phitlips and
Mary Ann (Carruthers) Honey at Honolulu
Elks Club.

SSis (Hayes) Phillips and Mary Arm (Caruthers)
Honey of Tucson and Sun City, AZ respectively,
visited Hawaii during their travels. What memories
especially of the Cristobal days were shared
at lunch at the Beachcombers, after visiting at
my place. (Sis was one of my idols whom I'd lost
track of till recently.)
Helen I mise Dudak of Orlando and her friend
Kay Yuhl had a grand trip with the one-week cruise
Bill Carlin, Jeannine Carlin, Bea Gunn, of the Islands of Maui, Kauai and Hawaii, followed
Arlene and George Tochterman. by a week in Honolulu, a first-time visit for Hel-
en. After pupus at my apartment, we had a night
Steve Tochterman has been temporarily assigned on the town with their friend Florence Austin
to Panama City, Panama with the FAA. While there, across the street from me). Helen described the
he has met with Fred Watkins who is with the U.S. pleasure of meeting frequently with Barbara (Wal-
Customs; they had a great time at "Mongolian Nite" cridge) Debring, in both Denver and Orlando.
at Albrook AFB Officers Club. Via the Panama Canal Record, I had a couple of
Also visiting the Tampa Area was Bea (Reyes) welcome calls, one from Freddy Dietz, who was here
Gum of Paso Robles. California: unfortunately she on a ship (Military Sealift Comd.) doine special

in Balboa, attended BHS, and now lives in Houston
his mother Lucia Dietz lives in Tanpa. Freddy ha:
returned to Panama for the Carnaval, as he doe:
every year and joins thoroughly in the celebration
on Calle Abajo in Las Tablas. While in Hawaii h
went to the Pipeline surfing competition (Tripli
crown of surfing Hard Rock Cafe, Bilabong, an
Corona contests). The $50,000 Bilabong contest wa!
won by Australian Cheyne Horan, and second placo
by Hawaii's Derek Ho, who was also rated second<
in International Association Professional Worli
Also heard from Drew Waddell (BHS'74 + JC) wh(
has lived in Hawaii for 15 years, sells computer
and thereby won a trip to Central America, though
he didn't take it. He and his wife Joann and soi
live across island in Kailua, and as of deadline(
for this report, their second child was born -
named Jordan. Drew said he had more fun living ii
the Canal Zone than anywhere else, including Ha-
waii; that it was a better lifestyle, so clean anc
open, enjoyable and free a fortunate environment
in which to be reared. Wouldn't it be great tc
have someplace like that to return to? Drew talked
to Larry Pankkoft, who lived in Curundu, CZ fror
age 3 to age 19, and is thinking of returning t(
Panama to live. Drew wonders if some old pals re-
call painting the bust of Balboa tri-coloi
(gasp!). He is now a member of the PC Society of
Fla. and would like to have any old friends call
him when visiting Hawaii (tel. (808) 261-4267).

Lee ("Nesta" Morales) La Montagne anc
Katya DeLaMater, Honolulu.

Hank and Virginia (Ridge) Dolim visited L.A.
and then took a luxury cruise on the QE 2 from En-
senada to Honolulu, returning in time for Christ-
mas with their family here. 1990 will be a stay-
home year for them, they say (I doubt it). Virgin-
ia has talked several times with brother Jimn)
Ridge in Panama who said he will be visiting
Hawaii after the Shriners' Convention in San Fran-
cisco in July, along with other chaps, possibly
including my brother Billy D. espero que si.

her 40th BHS class reunion at Dothan, Alabama, ar
Louise (Rathegeber) Hunt is in charge of tf
event. Before that, in late March, Margaret i
taking a trip with friends to the Galapagos Is
lands. Her niece, Ellie Young of Berkeley, visit
Margaret recently, along with her husband, so Mai
garet and her daughter Cathy went with them t
Kauai Island. Margaret is now involved in a coop
erative art gallery at Kaneohe.
Lois DeLaMater Bate
(808) 923-276

Imo m anA 1,

a.-ca mLLU a LMLILaUn u uiKd ct Ct~ L a c.I CLC.LtLtlcuiCLUt
that hung around for about a week. The only goo<
thing about it was that when the temperature
changed from a minus 18 to a plus 18, it felt a!
if they were having a heat wave.
Claud and Ruth (Wood) Lyon celebrated Christmaa
at the home of their daughter, Marjorie (Lyon
Meredith who lives just next door to Ruth an<
Claud. Although the pre- 4
sents under the Christmas
tree covered an area
approximately five feet
long and five feet wide
and three feet high, by
far the best present was J
the birth of John Wil- The LYON'S latest gra-
liams Flowers, Jr. on ndchild, JOHN WILLIAM
Christmas Day. The new FLOWERS, JR. born Dec.
baby is Ruth and Claud's 25, 1989. 9 Ibs. 11
third great-grandchild oz. and 22 in. long.
but first great-grandson. John weighed in at c
pounds and 14 and a quarter ounces.

Claud and Ruth (Wood) Lyon and their twc
daughters. L-R: Marjorie Lyon Meredith,
Ruth Wood Lyon, Marlene Lyon, Claud Lyor

Elena and Ricky Lyon from Panama spent most of
:ember and early January with Claud's sister and
>ther-in-law, Leila (Lyon) and Hobert Mills in
iisville, Kentucky. However, they did spend a
7 days with Ruth and Claud. They have since re-
*ned to Panama. As you can imagine, they spent
lot of time watching television whenever any
is of Panama was being announced.
Marcel and Jackie Webrouck of Mishawaka spent
enjoyable few days during the Christmas week
I with their daughter Elizabeth (Werbrouck)
oey and her husband and Marcel and Jackie's ten
ir old grandson. The Dokey family lives in Gal-
1, Michigan.
Jackie says she has been busy contacting CHS
09 and 1950 graduates to invite them to a class
inion to be held in Orlando this year in con-
iction with the Panama Canal Society of Florida
Lnion scheduled to be held in June. She says it
i kept her very busy but she is getting a good
ponse and has thoroughly enjoyed the work.
Marcel and Jackie are making plans to visit
kie's mother, Frances Whitlock of Fayettville,
ansas, within the next few months.
Jane MkCauley of Terre Haute said she had fol-
ed the television accounts of what went on in
ama. She said that one of those killed was
Iky Paul who had been one of her students in the
lal Zone.
Jane had also talked to John Margaraet Morales
resides in Missouri. They have four children
the Canal Area and had heard that all of them
e all right.
Jane also reported that her friend, Josephine
ngelo, who resides in East Chicago, had been

ul Bierman, Chris Gordon, Keith Mead,
d Jim Parthenais.
Qhris and Claire Gordon and their son Quinn of
lianapolis enjoyed a visit at Christmas from
11 Bierman of Chicago, Keith Mead of Tallahas-
e, and Jim Parthenais and Kelly Cahill of Miami.
e three Floridians flew to Chicago and met Paul.
e four of them then drove to Indianapolis. The
rdon family and their guests attended the Indi-
i Colts/Miami Dolphins football game.
Claud E. Lyon
(812) 256-5842


Rusty (Mrs. George) Folger had daughter-in-law,
sa, and the three boys with her in New Orleans
About six months while son, Wayne, went north

au[Iu.el-tX l anlu JaI UUUgL, jmaLeru, CHILLetLLdtLLU
in, John R. Gough II (BHS'64) from Tarrpa; Louise
lissy" Hixn (CHS'68), a registered nurse in New
-leans; and John's brother, Lawrence C. Gough,
Ilf, Ill., who were in town for Bill ough's wed-
.ng in December.


'd Kelley and Ed McFarland in Key West.

arian and Gene Gregg,
ndeville, took a seven-
y November cruise a-
uard the SS BERMDA
JEEN to Key West and
xico. Gene hoisted a
w beers in Key West
th ex-Zone teachers,
I Kelley and Ed McFar-
rod. During the Panama
evasion, Gene kept close Gene, Marian Gregg
urpany with the tele- at the ruins in
lone until U.S. forces Tulum, Mexico.
-cured the area. Daughter and son-in-law, Laura
Id Juan, live in Diablo and reported bullets were
.ying. Young Gene is back being a student at LSU
ter a stint of National Guard training in Cov-
igton. He expects to go to Fort Lee, Va., for
.ght weeks of Advanced Individual Training start-
ig in June. Gene reports everyone in Zachary is

pipes in the December freeze. Bob, Gail and 1~l
are fine in Enterprise, Ala. Helen expects to
busy at LSU and Southeastern this summer. Ge
writes that he is ready for Orlando and his cla
reunion being arranged by Lona Snedeker and Hu
Phyllis Gross has settled in nicely at Flori
Southern College in lakeland and is enjoying h
studies following graduation from Beavercreek Hi
School, Dayton, Ohio. She is the daughter of He
ry Gross, who is program manager for the Air For
Audit Agency, treasurer of Aley's United Methodi

L.F. Hallett Sr's step-father Charlt
Brown (left) with Mr. Sears, in front c
engine 328 that C. Brown operated wh
he went to Panama in 1905.

L. F. "Bud' Hallett, Jr., Shreveport, was brow
sing through some of his dad's papers and uncover
ed a treasure of Zone pictures dating back t
1904. In those days when pictures were developed
postcard information was printed on the back sid

U tllJ4 ) ^AUU JUoL JUL 0 LOW LaLCOO t
them, affix a one-cent stamp and mail. Bud h
been active in Boy Scouts for more than 45 yea
and calls it his labor of love. He enjoyed a r
cent party in Kerrville, Texas, and reports he
found a new Zonian in Shreveport Billie la
drum. She worked at Gorgas and retired to Lee
ville when the Army took over.
Ray and Helen Edwards Magan enjoyed an Octob
visit from Helen's sister, Anne Edwards Hale, a
her husband, Hugh, of Yalaha, Fla., who went o
to Colorado for a snowy experience and got i
Also visiting was an Edwards' cousin, Joe Ebda
Jr., who with his dad can be seen in a curre
Oldsmobile TV commercial.
Dick and Ruth Mallett had a busy year with Di
taking a Dart-time iob as a security guard a

Kenny Morris III and his dad awaitir
the arrival of Hannah.



Kenny Morris, Covington, was pleased to have
tis parents, Kenneth and Diane Morris, and sister,
'elly Morris, visit for Christmas. Everyone had
I good time despite the 10-degree weather and bro-
en pipes which caused their retreat to a local
lotel. Kenny and CZ buddy, Keith Fearon, attended
:he Sugar Bowl on New Year's Day in the Superdome,
enjoying their fair share of "dome foam." Keith
md Cindy Fearon were over for a Cajun shrimp
etouffe dinner recently, too. Keith P. Mead, Ken-
ly's best man, is expected for the Super Bowl and
Upcoming Julio Iglesias concert. Paul Williams
From Atlanta may join them.
Ed Parker, Slidell, spent Thanksgiving in
Thornton, Colo., with his daughters, Ann and
Cathy, along with Cathy's husband and their two
girls. For Christmas Ed went to Cathy's in Copper-
as Cove, Texas. Between trips he enjoyed visits
From Mary Jane and Cash Paulson, Cleo and Bill
4lntgemery, and Mel Meyer and his son-in-law.
Vera and Lewis Phillips traveled to Ohio in
June for the high school graduation of granddaugh-
ter, Phyllis Gross, daughter of Henry and Beverly
Phillips Gross. The Phillipses had a surprise sum-
ner visit from Gary Alexander who was working in
Selma, Ala., on the annual Sears audit. Gary lived
in the CZ during his teen years. Lewis's mother,
Kate, passed away in September, just a week shy
of her 96th birthday, and 10 days later Lewis
broke his hip. After two weeks in the hospital,
he's slowly getting back to normal with the aid
3f a walker. Son, Ken, and daughter-in-law, Bever-
ly, did much of the work in caring for "Granny
Grunt" and keeping her comfortable those last
The Reillys (Velma, David and the girls) are
DK in Panama and sent us a stack of newspapers
about the invasion. In November they became first-
time grandparents to Justin Michael Scott. The
Reillys plan to retire in 1991 and move to North
David Warren, New Orleans, enjoyed a happy
Christmas with a visit from his parents, Gret and
Bill Warren of New Port Richey, before having to
leave for Reserve duty. Bill is adjusting nicely
as a new insulin user and the couple was off after
Christmas in an RV caravan down through Texas and
Mexico to the Yucatan and Cancun. They'll be gone
until March. Gret happily baked an extra turkey
for David's freezer while in New Orleans. This re-
porter was delighted to join the festivities for
a delicious holiday dinner.
Patt Foster Roberson
(504) 774-7761

Meanwhile, from down off the farm, Owen and
Gerda Smith, Osyka, came to town to attend a per-
formance of "The Nutcracker" by the Baton Rouge
Ballet Theatre, followed by a Christmas tour of
homes in Baker. Owners of homes selected for the
tour go all out dressing up their homes in extra-
vagant holiday finery, both inside and out. The
Smiths drove to Hagerstown, Md., for the wedding
of Owen's niece in December. The minus 2-degree
weather put Owen in bed with pneumonia for several
days. All better now, he's back down on the farm
making a garden.
And speaking of gardens, anyone interested in
a spring crop of luffa sponges or birdhouse gourds
or Southern marigolds is invited to send a self-
addressed, stamped envelope to this reporter at
2801 Allen Court, Baker, LA 70714.
Mary Sneed, Gulfport, reports that grandson,
John-ienry, is so cute she is trying to get Tor-
rence to move to Decatur so she can really spoil
him. She went up when he was born and refused to
come home until her Gulfport family drove up and
brought her back. She was away something like five
weeks. The Hinkels returned in Gulfport recently
for John-Henry's christening.
Georgia (Mrs. Jimmy D.) Sunrall, Pascagoula,
writes that her brother, Charles E. Smith, and his
wife, Phyllis, came visiting during the holidays.
They had flown from Maryland to spend Christmas
with their daughter, son-in-law and grandson
(John, Dianna and young West) in Chipley, Fla.
Then they drove to Mississippi for Georgia's 47th
birthday on Dec. 30 and stayed to bring in the New
Year. Though cold and rainy, they went to New Or-
leans for a day and did the Riverwalk and Jackson
Patt Foster Roberson
(504) 774-7761

North Carolina
We extended our deepest synphathy to Maenner
luff and his family on the death of Antoinette
Huff in January (see With Deep Sorrow).
Helen and Don Boostran from Birmingham, Ala.
spent several days with Ruth and Bill Tillman in
early January. Later, Ruth and Bill left to spend
two weeks in Phoeniz, Arizona with Bill's brother,
Ross, and his wife, Mmriel.
The "sewing group" had our Christmas party on
December 11th. Ruth Zelnick came from Tulsa, Okla.
and Betsy Hoenke from Florida, to join us. It was
so much fun to have the old group all together
again. Betsy and Truman were house guests of Jean
and Jack Dombrowsky and Ruth stayed with Ruth and
Frank Prazak.

ant. While there, they wer
ee Marita (Joudrey) Lofti
heir way home, they stopped
t Kay and Roger Howe. Also,
isit with Gilbert and Lers,
From Elizabeth (Betty IL
aite a fulfilling Thanksg:
nanda Tanner, and fiance,
o marry in my yard on Frid
ost the whole family can
ie bride's parents, Martha
2r came from California,
mountains, bought a house a
january. Aranda's brother Dc
impa. Carol, Pat and son, J
nul and Amanda Schnddt al
I's' from Silver Springs,
county police officer in Orl
minced her son, Michael Byr
is college in KY. Barbara's
io is an Orlando city po]
et leave and is still hear
Lme she missed! Sam and No
is wife, Karen, daughter-
) Sam III who was at sea) a
3lun Tw al c mith ryn I-

t to Ft. Lauderdale to
i and her family. On
at Titusville to vis-
they went for a short
r Joudrey in St. Aug-

vin) Quintero: "I had
ving week. My niece,
anmay tcGhee, decided
ly, Nov. 24th, and al-
e home for the event.
:Irvin) and Steve Tan-
fell in love with the
id became Tar Heels in
iald Tanner came from
am, Manning and Beth,
came home to Gran-
MD. Barbara Bron, a
Lndo, FL came and con-
ie, to drive down from
daughter, Lyza Byrne,
ice officer, couldn't
.ng about what a great
ma Irvin, son Tom and
-n-law Jenny (married
id granddaughter, Jes-
u0 cr'np_ 11'ip Turlr]idncy

is beautiful, even though the weather was cold.
ie groom's mother, cousin and aunt attended and
id blended in well with the 'Irvin Clan.' I don't
link my mother and dad (Dr. San and Mrs. Bessie
rvin) ever dreamed so many of us would end up in
lis glorious country where they retired in 1951."
Bill and Betty Dunning had quite a crowd for
ie Thanksgiving holidays: Lisa Hunt Johnson from
nmseur, Terry Hunt Watkins and her two children,
Lchael and Jermifer from Miami, FL, Laurie Hunt
Ainca and her two children Zachary and Justin
-om Durham, N.C., John Hunt, Jr. from Boone, N.C.
id, of course, their daughter Lynn flew in from
mipa. Bill's mother, Elva Dunning, has decided
) give Hendersonville a chance and is living next
>or to Betty and Bill. They are looking forward
P) at (Dunning) and Jack Hunt moving here upon
ieir retirement in February. Betty and Bill spent
iristmas in Tanpa with Lynn.
Sam and Laurie (Hunt) Trinca have resettled in
irham, N.C. Their address is: 3409 E-Oak Dr.,
irham, N.C. 27712. Anyone passing through the
.ea can stop in; they welcome any visitors. John
mt says anyone in the Boone area for skiing,
.ve him a call at 704-264-5159.
I had a very pleasant surprise in a telephone
ill from Bob Coffey. He and his wife were in
iarlotte visiting his son, Tom, and family, late
1 November.
News from Dr. Frank P. Smnth: Nicholas P. Smith

-1 -- 4- % -J/ -L < -ml

cermber 30, 1989. They will live in Charlottes-
ille, VA, where Nick is a Clinical Psychologist
i the Public School System. Andrew Smith is a
civil Engineer with the EPA in Durham, N.C. He and
is wife, Marcia, both graduated in engineering
tom Clemson. Their daughter, Carmen, was born in
irch of 1989. Margaret (Maggie) Smith (BHS 1979)
is returned to Winthrop College to study art af-
er several years as a Hospital Dietician.
Linnea and Ron Angenmiller had their children
xme for Christmas. Larry and his wife, Liz, came
-om Newport News, VA, and Britta from Houston,
L. Britta will be transferred to Atlanta in Feb-
In early November, Sam and Norma Irvin went to
mnsacola, FL to visit son John and his wife,
ilie, for four days. At Thanksgiving, son Tom and
.s wife, Karen, came from Washington, D.C. John
id Julie came on December 30th to spend a week.

Alice H. Roche
(704) 692-2127


Christmas cards came from far and wide with
ews to share with you all.
Jack and Lera Walker are enjoying their daugh-
ers and their grandchildren, and also enjoying
ood health. Their daughters Joan Smith and Ginger
taham and their families gathered together for
very enjoyable family Christmas.
Roland and Isabelle Steamer their eldest son
ot married in July; "Stem" ran unsuccessfully for
ayor of Mukilteo; their daughter will present
hem with a grandchild in April '90, and they are
cooking forward to March for the BHS 50th reunion
n Dothan, Ala.
John and Garnett McLaughlin attended the annual
one Christmas party hosted by Floyd and Beverly
aker and had a good time. The MlcLaughlin children
nd their families will be visiting John and Gar-
ett this coming summer.
John and Winnie Towery drove to Las Vegas, NV
o visit John's Dad and brother 'Cito." While
here they played the "slots" won some and lost,
hoping to win the "big one!" Not to be yet, they
ad a good time. For a change of pace, they visit-
d the Red Rock Canyon enjoying the different for-
ations and saw 16 wild burros looking for hand-
George and Dorcas Cooper their son, David,
ssumed his new job as Chief of Police in Connell,
a. Fern Glass of Diamond City, Ark. visited them
ast April. George and Dorcas were installed as
Eficers in Eastern Star. In November the Nooksack
iver overflowed its banks flooding the area, tak-
ig out the large and smaller bridges leaving them

.olated. Their only out was through Canada to
Illingham. Dorcas wrote an autobiography called
emoirs," which was published and delivered to
r in December.
Margaret and John Klasovsky visited their
ughter Toni in Georgia; Ivan and family were
use hunting in Florida during July; Mike stays
icy r.ri *1 hi c raonhnriwlo ine > nkl mnTA.rl/or fnr

hristmas. During the holidays, the Chans and
guests took in the San Antonio River Walk to see
he living Nativity pagent.
Adela (Snediker) and Andrew Raymond heard from
radley Pearson and Isabelle Gibson. Adela's moth-
r is residing with the Raymonds and extends
meetings to those who knew her.
Betty Clarke joined her daughter Diana for
thanksgiving in California. Back home to Las Veg-
s, she sees son Chris, who is working in a lot
f construction. Pretty soon Las Vegas valley will
e full of houses. On one of our phone chats, I
r- t c-r nl-rmhtlr T ha a ct-rcnn hlimrbh on for

Sr.r- l rvsxr-tit-H- I -lntr-rrit-

ome ana you lose more.
Lucille Davis took a trip to Jamaica and had a
wonderful time. She ate her way into a few extra
ounds, but enjoyed it all. To name a few, Akee
nd Codfish, Plantain and banana fritters, flan,
erk chicken, pork, papaya, mango, alligator,
ear, breadfruit, pineapple, melon, gongo pea,
oco rice, pepper pot, callaloo, punkin soup, on

tughter Carole in Denver, Co. Graham Brotherson
.cked up his Aunt (Ethlyn Wood) and drove her to
ie family gathering for Christmas at Graham's
tughter's home in San Ramon, Ca. All had a very
)od time celebrating.
Clarice Hewitt traveled around Nebraska, spend-
ig time in Lincoln and Onaha visiting daughters
id their families Rosalie Boehmer and Betsy
Lchols. In October she joined her sister in Lex-
igton to assist in cooking for the harvesting
few. Her comment, "I peeled more potatoes than
had done for five years!" Daughter Pinky Dokken
is an exchange student from Mexico staying with
iem for this year.
Robert Blake traveled east this last year. He
s chairman of the AIAA/SAE Littlewood Lecture
xmiittee and attended the AIAA annual meeting
4ay) in Washington, D.C. He went to NASA's Aero-
)ace Plane conference in Olayton in July. He
)ent the month of September in New York and New
gland visiting friends. On to New Hanpshire and
ermont to look up ancestral roots. He also at-
ended a weekend conference of the MIT Aeronauti-

-, ~...1 .

3 often as possible. Max keeps active with two
ridge clubs and the Panama Canal Sewing Group
which meets once a month. They flew to Tacoma, Wa.
) celebrate Earl's brother's 50th wedding anni-
ersary. In September, they drove to Grand Cane,
a. to see Lottie Tinnin and found Fronie Fender
as also her visitor. In October they visited
heir son Chris and his family. Son Keith and his

ing forward to skating on the Erie Canal.
Alan and Natalia (Bender) Broderick spend their
summers at Lake Michiganme, Mich., and winters in
Sun City, Ariz. During last sunnmmer, they drove to
Michigarnme, Kalamazoo, Chicago, Rochester, Yellow-
stone Park, and to Portland, Or. visiting family
and friends along the way.
Harry and Gladys Hatch are traveling again,
this time to Piraeus, Greece, where they boarded
a ship en route to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. There were
numerous stops en route, Nessina, Sorrento, Pala
de Mallorca, Cartagen, Gibraltar, Casablance, Ten-
erife, through the Antilles, and a first visit in
Martinique. Their biggest event of the year was
the arrival of another grandchild last February,
David Alexander Hatch, Whitney's baby brother.
Dorothy and Ira Brandi had a very busy year.
Dr. Ira Brandt retired from Indiana University's
Medical School faculty, and Dorothy retired from
the Embroiderers' Guild's National Board of Di-
rectors. They then sold their home in Indianapolis
and moved to the Santa Clara Valley in California,
the citrus and avocado area. Their home is now in
Santa Paula and they are getting resettled. Both
are becoming acquainted in the community, studying
Spanish and trying to be computer literate. Their
children, Elizabeth Thmas and family reside in
Victorville; Laura Nmrray and her family recently
returned to their home in Cambridge, U.K. from
Serengeti where they had been for several years;
Bill working and living in Tempe, Ariz.; Rena
Spurlin and family in Speedway, Indiana. In Febru-
ary Dorothy and Ira are looking forward to a fam-
ily reunion, including all five grandchildren.
Vera and Alton Jones have leased their condo
and moved into a split-level home they share with
their son Harry and his wife Lynn, near the Indian
Rocks Bridge. The "latch-string" hangs loose and
visitors are welcome.
Tom and Marilyn Marsh did a lot of traveling
last year. They drove to Concord, Ca. to visit
daughter Ede and to pick up their granddaughter
Heidi for a trip to Disneyland. On to Ontario to
visit Tom's sister; then back to Oregon to pack
and fly to Florida for the reunion. Bill Turner
met them at the airport and they spent a couple
of days visiting pre-reunion. They had a wonderful
time at the reunion renewing old acquaintances
from Zone days. Marilyn's sister Marjean and hus-
band met them at the reunion and afterwards. They
visited Epcot before returning to Oregon. In Aug-
ust they attended the NW Reunion in Eugene, on to
daughter Billie and Lester's cabin near Bend, Or.
From there to Gold Beach to meet Ede, and south
to see the Giant Redwoods. In October they flew
to Minneapolis for a week, visiting family,
friends and especially Mrs. Metzgar, Marilyn's
mother, who at 96 years is quite frail.
Doris and Neilson Etchberger had a busy year.


Latimer, Mary Latimer, Bob and Margaret "Teddy"
Morrison, Bill and Doris Etchberger, John Dillon,
Richard and Carolyn Dillon, Bob Herrington, Fred
Huldtquist, Yvone Mmnsil, Arthur and Bergueline
Coe, Betty Snow;, nephews Howard and Jackie Pauld-
ing went to Australia for a business trip, and
Richard Paulding who survived the Bay-Quake safe
with no damages. Bud and Beverly (Chan) Williams
flew to Panama to visit son Pat and his family.
Claude and Mary (Plummer) Thomson last Febru-
ary, Mary flew to Alaska to see her new grandson.
In August, she flew to Florida to be with her
Mother before she died August 24, 1989. She is
missed by her family. In October, Mary and Clau-
de's son and his family (Alaska) visited them in
Winston, Wa.
Herb and Jackie Raybourn's daughter Elaine is
living and working in Guam, while their son Herbie
graduated from college and will return to work on
his Masters Degree in Engineering. Herb is the
Latin American baseball scouting director for the
New York Yankees.
Ed and Marcy Napoleon Ed will be a coach for
Houston Astros again this coming year. Their eld-
est son, Eddie, will return to the University of
Florida to work on his Masters Degree in Anthro-
pology in June. Its too early to plan for the sum-
mer activities, so will wait and see.
For those who like to plan ahead of time, and
would like to join us for our annual NW Picnic Re-
union in 1990, here's the information you've been
waiting to put on your calendars: first Saturday
in August which is August 4, 1990 at Bruceport
County Park, located south of South Bend, Wa. on
US 101 Highway. For further information, send a
stamped, self-addressed envelope to our hosts, Al
and Anne Richardson, P.O. Box 206, Naselle, Wa.
98638. Hope to see you all there in August 1990.
I received a very interesting letter from Car-
olyn Dillon relating life on the Zone prior to,
during and after the invasion. It was a very frus-
trating way of life with all the harassment that
was taking place for so long before the US inter-
vention. She writes that she, Richard and son Bob
baked many many dozens of cookies and then bagged
them. The next morning, December 25, Richard and
Bob took the bagged cookies, cold sodas and ice,
and gave them to the kids on guard and running pa-
trols on the highways between Diablo and Ft. Clay-
ton. When she's referring to the GI's as "kids,"
she's noting "that many are not as old as my
kids!" She continued with, "they were so glad to
get the ice. Most of the kids came down from zero-
degree weather to Panama's pea soup-thick humid-
Carolyn wrote that her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth
Rowley, 81 years old, died November 5, in Alabama.
Richard's 7th grade English teacher on the Zone
many years ago and residing in Scottsboro, Ala-
bama, Hazel Matthews, also died recently.

From your Northwest reporter, I am planning and
looking forward to being present in Dothan, Alaba-
ma for the BHS 50th Reunion. God willing, I'm gon-
na make it!
Martha B. Wood
(206) 694-0536


In November Mary V. Graham attended the 45th
anniversary of graduation of her class at Tulane
University School of Medicine in New Orleans. It
was a three-day event which allowed the 75 attend-
ees to exchange gossip and renew friendships.
While in New Orleans, Doctor Graham spent an af-
ternoon with Virginia ("Ding") Stich, former Li-
brarian of Gorgas Hospital Medical Library. Ding
has completed and is almost ready to publish a
complete history of Gorgas Hospital and the medi-
cal service in the Canal Zone from early construc-
tion days.
The first week of December Jean, Doris, Scott
and Laura Burns enjoyed a week in Puerta Vallarta,
Mexico. Cathy and Eddie Goodrich, Apollo Beach,
Florida; Elaine and Bob Donaldson, Rockland,
Maine; Debbie and Frank Lee, Dunnellon, Florida;
and Gloria and Ed Malin, Jacksonville, Florida al-
so made the trip. The twelve spent seven days at
the Jack Tar Village Resort, toured Puerto Vallar-
ta and participated in all of the activities of
the Resort. A fun time was had by all.
The Christmas season was a time for many ex-
Zonians to get together and celebrate. Ron and
Alice Jacobs flew to Vermont to visit Captain An-
drew Tomlet. They were joined by the George Cole-
mans of Florida, the Snells and the Calkins, all
of whom had served as Captains on the Canal. This
get together was topped off by a real sleigh ride
complete with horse and sleigh bells. Ron says
"Jingle Bells" will never sound the same. It's
nice to know Alice is doing so well following her
renal transplant.
The Butz family gathered at Bill and Esther
(Butz) Clair's home for Christmas. Harry and Len-
ore, Esther's parents, came from Springdale, Ar-
kansas and Esther's brother, Peter Butz, and his
family came from Sapulpa where they have recently
moved into the new home which Peter built.
Jane (Mrs. Kenneth) Vinton now lives at St.
Simeon's Retirement Home in Tulsa. Her two daugh-
ters, Kayleen Vinton and Janeth Cannon also live
in Tulsa. Janeth graduated from Balboa High School
in 1956 and through the years has remained in con-
tact with 12 of her classmates by a round-robin
letter which circulates among them. They are wide-
ly scattered and during the December turmoil in
Pan-,m Janeth saw one of them. Bobbv Eismann. or

in Panama City. Janeth and her husband will be
leaving in late January for a two week stay in

Darrow Cronin Reinmuth, Mary V. Graham,
Eunice Richards and Marjorie Woodruff at
Darrow's wedding in Dallas. Four friends
from the Canal Zone.

Jimnie Wickham spent her Christmas vacation in
Panama. She arrived a few hours before the U.S.
Armed Forces did and spent time with friends in
La Boca near the bridge, which was closed by the
U.S. Army. Despite all the excitement, she saw old
friends and had an "interesting" time. It isn't
everyone who gets air evac'd out via the Army be-
cause there are no commercial flights on December
30th and she was due back at her teaching position
in McAlester. Jinmie says it was amazing how
quickly Canal employees resumed their duties after
the invasion.
Jean and Doris Burns drove to Clarksville, Ar-
kansas during January, spending the night with
Marge and Doc Scarborough. The four of them then
drove to West Memphis, Arkansas and spent the
weekend with Berqueline and Art Goe. Jerry and Bea
Williams from Harrison, Arkansas drove down to
West Menphis to the Goe's. The Goe's son Frank and
daughter Judy live in West Menphis. Judy took Mar-
ge and Doris on a tour of Menphis to Elvis Pres-
ley's Graceland home and the Hotel Peabody. Art,
Jerry, Doc and Jean worked together on the Shrine
Kitchen Crew in Panama. It was a nice reunion for
Mary V. Graham, M.D.
(918) 587-5251


Isthmian Newsreel

For this report I can hardly say "Nothing new
going on..." It has been an incredible month, to
say the least, and a historical one for Panama and
the United States. There have been many, many won-
derful and heart-warming stories, which will be
told for months and years to come, I'm sure. On
the other hand. 23 of our U.S. military men paid

ity still nouns the loss of four of our own very II


Oa Amador Causeway Appears to be a ligi
Refugees at the BHS Gymnasium. helicopter completely wrecked.
Photo: Anita Seifert Photo: Kevin Jenki7

~I ?. n. s. I : I~ ~ I i a r ~&sA

.. I

December 27, 198i
Some of the $3 million confiscated fror
Manuel Noriega's home in Panama City. It
also shows several of his passports and
credit cards.
The Tropic Time.
December 27, 1985
Photo by MSgt Pat Nugent


U.S. Secretary of Defense Richard Cheneh
addresses the media. Photo: K. Jenkins

"Thank You U.S. Troops From the Panamc
Canal Employees" sign adorns entrance oj
the Administration Building, Balboa.
Photo: Kevin Jenki

Manuel Noriega's personal jet plane de-
commissioned by gunfire, thwarting any
attempt to escape. Photo: Kevin Jenkins

Search and detention in front of the
Administration Building, Balboa Heights
shows one of the more than 3,000 de-
tained. Photo: Kevin Jenkins


-r:9 .

4n apparent "Hit List" includes Ronald
Reagan, Ambassador Arthur Davis, Sen.
Jese Helms, Lionel Stemple, Casper Wein-
berger, the Spadafore family, & others.
Photo: Kevin Jenkins

ormerr Balboa Police Station, later the
'alboa PDF HQ. All that is left now is
concrete slab it has been completely
'emolished. Photo: Kevin Jenkins

For my part, I was extremely fortunate to de-
art from Torrijos on 19 December to spend a won-
erful Christmas in Gainesville, Florida with son
tichael, daughter-in-law Shawn, granddaughter Mad-
line; son Patrick who flew in from Dallas; son
lanny, daughter-in-law Kim Ann, and granddaughter
auren, who drove from Atlanta (took 24 hours due
o ice-covered interstate being closed they took
shelter in a Baptist Church in Jasper, Florida,
o include their three dogs!). I returned to Pan-

ina on o January wicn tum Ann ana granaaugnrer
Lauren, who, I am very happy to say, will be
spending the next year here in Panama while Danny
finishes his last year of college at Georgia State
University. Needless to say, all of us are going
o: have a wonderful time spoiling the baby!
Wishing all of you a very happy 1990!

Mary Coffey

South Carlina

On December 8th we held a pre-Christmas lunch-
eon at the Hounds Lake Country Club in Aiken with
:hirty-seven members and guests. Food was delici-
ous and the Club was beautifully decorated. Car-
iline Westendorff sponsored us at the Club. Those
)resent were: Leona and Paul Badonsky, Blanche and
3arl Browne, Kathleen Burkett, Eletheer and James
Citron, Trudi Clontz, Velma Couch, Kathleen Cy-
ova, John Everson, Betty Galardi, Nora and Char-
Les Green, Grace and J.B. Hartley, Evelyn and How-
ard Hilborn, Olga Holmes, Peggy Hutchison, Hazel
Cilbey, Tina (Kilbey) Luken, Bea Lee, Billie and
Bob Rowe, Lorna Shore and sister Alice Tretzel,
lane and Jack Steele, Ethel and J.D. Tate, Josey
rIlley, Marjorie Thmas, Caroline Westendorff,
Phyllis and Jack Woodzell, Sis and Bill York.
This was the season to change command. We
thanked Evelyn Hilbom for a job well done as Pre-
sident, and welcomed Trudi Clontz, our new Presi-
lent. Peggy Hutchison stayed on as Secretary/Trea-
surer and Grace Harley remained as Vice President.
, Eletheer Catron, am your new reporter.
Verna and Andy Kapinos had daughters Carol and
Anda and families in Aiken for Thanksgiving. Ver-
la and Andy went to Maryland to spend Christmas
rith Linda and family. Carol and family joined
:hem. Carol's husband, Col. Robert Smith, is in
borea. They have announced the marriage of their
laughter Melissa to 1st Lt. Carlton Sewaney of
bhaw AFB, Sumter, SC, in early January. The proud
grandparents Verna and Andy Kapinos, attended the
Leona and Paul Badonsky celebrated Christmas
n Aiken with both son Leo and family and daughter
haula and family.
Dorothy Willenbrock is in St. Petersburg with
daughter Susan and will return in late January.
Sis and Bill York had their daughter Nancy Cof-
ey and grandson Chris for the holidays. They all
;ot together on Christmas day with daughter Norma
blder and family.
lorna Shore had her daughter Sandra, son-in-law
lob Davis and grandson Adam in Aiken for vacation
n December enjoyed the change of climate from


1990 E



Wednesday, June 20, 1990
Thursday, June 21, 1990
VENDORS: 12:00 NOON 8:00 PM.
Friday, June 22, 1990
VENDORS: 12:00 NOON 7:00 PM.
SPORTS EVENTS: 2:00 5:00 PM.
Saturday, June 23, 1990
VENDORS: 9:00 AM 11:00 AM, 3:0(
ANNUAL BALL: 8:00 PM 1:00 AM.
Sunday, June 24, 1990
VENDORS: 9:00 AM 11:30 AM.

Chairpersons Frei
The Eleventh Annual Chagres Invitational Golf Tou
at 5353 South Vineland Road, Orlando, Florida on
section for exact location). You will be required t
All players should be in the clubhouse no late
table. No late-comers will be accepted. Reservatic
after that date. Make reservations early; the field
You will be given an identification button whei
prominent place as this is your entry identification
The tee-off time is 8:30 a.m. with a "shot-gun"
The entry fee has been increased to $39.00 per p
Orlando area. This is the lowest price obtainable
holes, Luncheon and Prizes.




00 PM 9:00 PM.
NOON, 1:00 PM 5:00 PM.

00 PM 4:00 PM.
M; 1:00 PM 5:00 PM.

N 2:00 PM.
1:00 AM

:30 PM 4:00 PM.
AM; 2:30 PM 5:00 PM.
M 6:00 PM.
M: LUNCH 12:00 NOON.

nd Jane Huldtquist
nent will be held at the CYPRESS CREEK COUNTRY CLUB
a 21, 1990. (Please refer to the map in the yellow
mrnish your own transportation.
han 8:00 a.m. Please check in at the committee's
deadline in June 13, 1990. No refunds will be made
L1 be limited to 120 players.
ou check in. We ask that you wear this button in a
o the luncheon. Your cooperation is appreciated.
rt as in the past.
er because of the location of the tournament in the
ie fee covers your Greens Fee, Shared Cart for 18

Id). You may play with players of your choice, how
iup flight. Prizes will be awarded in each flight ba:
Information concerning foursanes, etc. will be oi
ernoon, June 20, 1990. If you require a receipt o
elope with your golf registration form and check, i
the committee.
The luncheon will not be held at the Country Club,
the of the Royal Banner Conference Center, cammenr
nd of golf, go directly to the Delta Court of FMI
notification button received at check-in time at the
Submit your registration form and check payable to:
th St. N., Seminole, FL 34646.
NOTE: Professional Panama Canal golfers are welcome
amateur event. Please so designate on your registrar


President Bettj
Exhibit Hall. Meeting starts at 10:00 a.i
Show your interest in the Society by at
ducting the business of the Society.
Only paid-up (1990 Dues) members will be
You will be given a lottery ticket at tf
drawings for several prizes. You must be

Chairperson S
Exhibit Hall. 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Fashion Show, conducted by Andy Lim. 8:00
Do not bring your own drinks The Twin
immediate area.
No tickets will be sold at the door.
Children under 12 years of age will not b
Transportation will be available between
Cut-off date for ticket orders is June 3


Chairperson Si
Exhibit Hall. 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
The Twin Towers Hotel will have cash bars
No reservations (Except Reunion Committee
Semi-formal dress NO SHORTS OR JEANS.
Tito Mouynes and Charlie Cooper's "Copra
Transportation will be available between
Children under 12 years of age will not b
Cut-off date for ticket orders is June 3


r each player will compete in his respective age
on the number of entrants in the flight.
losplay near the Registration Area on Wednesday
our entry, please send a self-addressed, stamped
erwise consider yourself playing unless notified

t at the Delta Court of Flags in the Empire Room
g at approximately 1:30 p.m. As you finish your
for the Awards Luncheon. Be sure to wear your
untry Club for your entry to the Luncheon.
F. Huldtquist, and mail to R.F. Hildtquist, 8447

o play but are ineligible for prizes, as this is


,. Frassrand

nding this meeting and assist in con-

entrance of the meeting. There will be
resent to claim your prize.

cy Parker

.m. to 9:00 p.m.
wers will have cash bars set up in the


permitted in the dance hall.
in Towers and the Court of Flags.
?or refunds, June 10.


,y Parker

et up.
embers and Past Presidents).

nd" will provide the music.
in Towers Hotel and Court of Flags.
permitted into the dance area.
For refunds, June 10.

(813) 973-2805


Chairperson -
Exhibit Hall. Doors open at 11:30 a.m. -
1,000 person ticket limit 10 per memt
Seating will be at tables for 10 persons
Menu: Chicken Marsala, Chef's Choice Ve1
pie, Coffee and Tea.
Cut-off date for ticket orders is June 3


Chairperson Nai

Please pre-register yourself, family an,
union and/or ordering tickets. 1990 DUE;


ty Malone
nch at 12:00 noon.

ables, Rice Pilaf, Salad, French Apple

For refunds, June 10.


Van Siclen

uests if you plan on attending the re-
orms printed in the Canal Record.
RATE) along with your check or money

he Hospitality Suite during o

e. Tickets will not be mailed.
Tickets for Golf Tournament, Class Reun
be picked up from the Chairperson of tha


Chairpersons: Jay and Bol
Vendor's applications may be obtained
Chapel, FL 33543. They will not be publ
Vendors must file an application, address
the Panama Canal Society of Florida.
Space is available for 20 Vendors.
Only paid-up members of the Society wi'
application will be based on whether it
Panama Canal memorabilia. Authorization
Instructions are outlined with the appli
Vendors will not have a secure area, due


is, Past Matron's Luncheon, etc. should


tewart, Bob Johnson.
am Jay Stewart, P.O. Box 7200, Wesley
ied in the Canal Record.
ibove. Include Vendor's fee, payable to

be authorized to sell. Approval of the
for sale are related or compatible to
ill be assigned in order of receipt of

ion form.
. --.-- -C _


1. Kids Nite Out, from 6:00 9:30
nites a week. Charge is $6.00 per
with no notice; up to 40 children
2. GROUP RATES: 10 children minimum
3. INDIVIDUAL RATES: 4 hour minimum
Volley Ball ai
Contact; Barbara Agar, 1-800-822-151
may contact the following:
ATS Health Services Fairy Godmothers Child
1801 Lee Rd., St. 165 4775 E. Anderson Rd.
Winter Park, FL 32789 Orlando, FL 32812
(407) 740-5650 (407) 277-3724


Transportation from the airport to
or other commercial transport.
r%. r '- _- -1 _. 1 n 1


If you are not a member of the Soci
union, you should submit an application
Box 1508, Palm Harbor, FL 34682-1508, be
Underage drinking will not be toleri
urity may request proof of age. Anyon
underage individuals will be dealt with
Hotel Security will be increased duri
The mixing of your own drinks will nc
the confines of the guests' room.
Chairpersons of the Society and those
to place schedule, pictures, etc. on ti
Any schedules and other reasonable inform
ed in the Hospitality Suite or at the Ir
Children under 12 years of age will
the Annual Ball.



" (For residents of Court of Flags ONLY)
. No children under (4) or over (12). Seven
hild, includes meal. Maximum children is 20
ith advance notice to provide more help.
$3.00 per hour per child.
$5.00 to $6.00 an hour, subject to service

Croquet Available

ig available. Those requiring that service

re Nursefinders of Orlando Super Sitters
701 Altaloma Avenue 1862 Winter Park Rd.
Orlando, FL 32803 Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 894-1112 (407) 740-5516


- Bob Johnson
a hotels is available by rental car, taxi,

airlines, and the official rental car agency
special rates for our members.
n Tampa to Orlando for $23.00 This price is
e schedule for leaving Tampa is 11:12 a.m.
Lando is 8:13 a.m. and 12:45 p.m. There are
ill 1-800-872-7245 Group Rate Desk.


y and are planning to attend the 1990 Re-
for membership to the Secretary/Treasurer,
qeen now and the May 1990 Board meeting.
ed or permitted at the Reunion. Hotel Sec-
observed supplying intoxicating drinks to
3 deemed necessary.
; the reunion to prevent vandalism to hotel

be permitted in any of the hotels, outside

of non-Society functions are not permitted
walls or furniture anywhere in the hotels.
ition concerning your event may be display-
,rmation Desk. Contact Pat Beall.
ot be permitted at the Panazonian Dance or



Room rates at the hotels below will be e
om rates are on the Hotel Reservation Fc
funds is May 20, 1990.
rking is free of charge.
1 hotels are within walking distance of e
eck-in time is 3:00 p.m. Check-out time i
ere is no limo service. See section on Ti

Game room, Junior Olympic-size swimming

namo rnnm I cT.wmmino nnnle t-n r eo I


!ctive from June 18 to June 27, 1990.
. The cut-off date for reservations and

1 other.
.2:00 noon.

,children's pla

und and Teddy Bea

smani cniiuren. nesLa
1 4- -------- A-A C--

Game room, swimming pool, Sea Food Grill

Swimming pool, and Denny's Restaurant on


Headquarters Hotel -
Participating Hotels Delta Court of

Hotel reservations will only be accepted
1990 dues and all reservations will be
phone reservations to be made directly t
a. Rooms will be assigned by the hote
One room reservation per member at
b. Reservation confirmation will be s
c. Cut-off date for HOTEL RESERVATION
Hotel reservations must be made on th
Record. Please print or type and fill ou
Mail your hotel reservations and one (1)
P.O. Box 7200, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543.
a. The deposit is payable by check on
able by U.S. institutions to the
piration date and your signature.
tion form. Please make checks for
prices for Luncheon, Panazonian Da
There are a limited number of rooms avi
required, please note on the Special Req
There will be an added charge of $10 per
The hotel charges as listed i=on the Res
or 4% resort tax. THE TAXES WILL BE ADDE
There are a very limited number of on
$120 to $180 per night at the Twin Tower
night at the Delta Court of Flags. TheE
by date of postmark of reservation.

.th small children.

, Cozy Bar and coffee shop.

the property.


Twin Towers Hotel
f Flags, Howard Johnson, Day's Inn

from society members who have paid their
made through the Coordinator. Please no
o the hotels.
Reunion rates.
ent to you by the hotel.
S and REFUNDS is May 20, 1990.
e RESERVATION FORM printed in the Canal
t completely.
night's deposit, to Reunion Coordinator,

a U.S. bank or money order or draft pay-
Reunion Coordinator or by major credit
other). Don't forget the card number, ex-
U-^1 -- ---, --4-A -U ----

.e exact amount. D(
or Ball tickets.
able for handicap
t section of the I

lot include due

guests; if on
ervation Form.

ation Form do not include 6% sales tax
ind two bedroom suites available from
nd a few one bedroom suites at $98 per
7ill be assigned on a first-come basis


Make check/money order payable to R.F. Huldtquist. Mail to R.F. Huldtquist, 8447-140th St. N., Sem-
inole, FL 34646. (Tel. No: 813/397-5846).


NAME (Print)




GOLF and LUNCHEON Persons @ $39.00 per person _


SAGE GROUPS: (A) Up to 30 years, (B) 31 to 45 years, (C) 46 to 60 years (D) 61 to 65 years, (E) 66
years and up. LADIES FLIGHT (Only one due to small field of entrants).
List names of foursome and age group you wish to play with, or we will pair you as in the past. You
may list handicap, but it will be used for pairing purposes only.



SProfessional / / Amateur / / (Entry deadline June 13, 1990)
I------ --- --------------------

S11'X27' 26'X44 BUILDING 4 TO
55' X 57'
U nl


IMPERIALROOM 30 X 25' 30 X 265'
47'X 72' 3 C C3 [!I c3=
51'X 60'
L Oo30dX 51'

Dekae Court of Fp Orlando, Florida




30 X



3' x 51'
51' X 60'

25' 30'X 25'


If you plan to attend the 1990 Reunion, please complete and mail this form.
For Office Use Date/Post Fee Rec'd Dues Paid I Lunch PZ Ball

lease print or type: Member's Number
member: Tel. No.:
ity: State: Zip:
List name of each additional person in members group:
ame Residence State/Country


re you interested in attending any of the following?
ea World Cypress Gardens_ Church Street Station_ King Henry's Feast
Ft. Liberty/Mardi Gras_
Do not detach

1990 Reunion June 21-24, 1990
ease print or type:
ember: Address:
ity: State: Zip:_ Tel No.:
arrival: (Check-in time is 3:00 p.m.)
departure Date: (Check-out time is 12:00 noon)

rlando Twin Towers (No vacancies) Single__ Double_ $60/night Triple__ Quad $64/night
alta Court of Flags Single__ Double $62/night TripleQ__ uad $66/night
award Johnson Single__ Double_ $60/night Triple Quad $64/night
ays Inn Single__ Double $60/night Triple Quad $64/night
Children 17 and under occupying same room as parents stay free.
Rates are per night plus 6% sales tax and 4% resort tax.
ames of all room occupants:

heck enclosed: $ (Payable to Reunion Coordinator)
ard Number: Expiration Date:
member's signature: Date:




There is an agreement with the part
that requests to hold Class Reunions,
Panama Canal Society Reunion must be a
the hotels will accept them. Initial re
Jay.Stewart, P.O. Box 7200, Wesley Chap

We feature Chrysler and other fine cars

offerin Flori1i's widest svlec4l
4 C661161fl,"', c0wpd, intermediac,


el,110V j little fivsh
,,iir Aml fir-



Charlie Cooper's Latin "Copra" Band


pating hotels and the Reunion Coordinato
ncheons, Dinners, Dances, etc. during th,
oved in advance by the Coordinator before,
sts should be sent to: Reunion Coordinato
FL 33543.


ECONOMY $ 21.95/day
COMPACT $ 24.95/day
INTERMEDIATE $ 27.95/day
STANDARD $ 31.95/day
(2 DOOR) 139.00/Week
PREMIUM $ 33.95/day
LUXURY $ 36.95/day


These rates are in effect from June 14 to
July 1. Minimum days rental is from 1 to
4 days. Weekly rates are from 5 to 7 days.
Unlimited mileage. For reservations by
phone call 1-800-237-4584. For reservation
by mail, write: DOLLAR RENT-A-CAR, 8735
Rent A Car Road, Orlando, FL 32827.



STwin Delta Court of Flags

^ wDR.

ImpriSK.l n

ision 4 .0

thos ,71 lttj~

TWin Tob
Hotel and Cc
5780 Major Blvd., (
(407) 351-1000 Telex: f

SJr Olymp Pool

Exhibit Hall
,|Annual Ball' El evau
,Annual Business Meeting,. a i i ,
,'Annual Luncheon, -

All structural renovations to Pai

Tito Mouynes and his Conjunto

ers Hotel
mention Center
ando, Florida 32819
416 Fax: (407) 363-0106

Gueal Rqiisuanon
~I MainEnirance

mnd Registration are not shown n.

-. AR. **< SMB

'i:~n i-i'^'
"~~~~~~~ "" ""' BlASS'


June 21 24, 1990

- ll Al Al


uOClicy is uocnng spccial rtacs w1mcn aiiuru a 070 00uu
i States and San Juan providing all rules and condition
mber 1-800-241-6760, for your reservations 8:00 a.n

This special discount is available
ONLY through this number.
' discount offDelta's unrestricted round trip coach rat
ive a 35% savings). Seven days advance reservations an
advantage of either discount call 1-800-241-6760 toda


`"'"""'b ""''~`~1~"~~' \~~"""'~J I~--`-----~/'

We have a tentative offer of $321.00
line. I say tentative because Eastern anm
tie on the sale of Eastern's Latin Amer
the possible change very shortly. If Amn
1 rpn~n~t -1' t-),O cimm- f n-Q


UI ,we Ze 1 .5 ac


In route system. I will know more about
can does buy the routes, we will have to

ionship with the Society and continue to

)98 28-2709 28-2642
ward Mall AmconSocry
4-4880 ofTrowlAgems

e Road

I "t^ AIIf'AII I





To Remember!
Reserve your tickets for a full day of SeaWorld fun.
No Florida vacation is complete without a visit to
Sea World. It's the only place you can come face-
to-face with mean and monstrous sharks. Shake hands
-or flippers-with the stars of our shows.
You'll also see our "miracle babies"--Baby Shamu and
Baby Namu--as they perform and play together in
their 6-million gallon nursery.
So be sure to set aside a day to visit Sea World when
planning your visit to Central Florida this June. Reserve .,

Not valid with otl
on the purcha
multi-visit p
rloanlinP fnr

----------------- TICKET C
June 18 throu
$16.95 Adults (12 years and ov
regular admission $25.40
I would I
SAdult tickets
Send checks payable to:

1989 Sea World of Flo

IS May 14, 1 UU. aomlssIOn IS
valid for one day only. Discount
offer is in cooperation with the
Panama Canal Society.

Sea Wrld.
Orlando, Florida
ER FORM ------------------
June 27, 1990.
$14.95 Child (3 through 11)
regular admission $21.15
Jer 3 free.
to order:
Child tickets
). Box 7200
esley Chapel, FL 33543

, Inc. All rights reserved.





Lake Cane Area Twin Towers I



S,.?... .. .

CE ,R R 9 :
RD i

De ta Court of Flags



If you're driving from:
Daytona-Take 1-4 West to Exit
30-B, follow Kirkman Road (435) North
to Major Boulevard, turn right and
we're on the left.
Jacksonville-Take 1-95 South
to I-4 West (Exit 86B), take Exit 30B,

Major Boulevard, turn right and we're
DR on the left.
SSLake City-From 1-75 take Exit
IUAifllA 82 to Florida's Turnpike, take Exit 65 to


z A q1 "

j turn right and we're on the left.
Miami-Take Florida's
Turnpike North to Exit 65, 1-4 West
take Exit 30B, follow Kirkman Road
S (435) North to Major Boulevard, turn
)A IER DR right and we're on the left.
Tampa-Take 1-4 East to Exit
S30B, followKirkman Road (435) North
S to Major Boulevard, turn right and
we're on the left.




) Nora (Hewitt) and Charles Green.



L.E;; ll.U i

(1) Grace and B.J. Hartley. (2) Bill and Sis York (3) Eletheer and Jim Catron.

Florida with 50 temperature! Billie and Bob Rowe buffet luncheon at Ming Yat Restaurant in Nortl

John Everson spent several weeks with brother
Fno and family in Sarasota and visited Phil and
Polly Downs at Holmes Beach.
Jack Woodzell is retiring last of January from
Sherman Williams. Phyllis says they plan to do a
lot of traveling.
Ethel and J.D. Tate went to Brownsville, Texas
to visit daughter luise Schtegel and family -
they had a bonus as grandchildren Kristina and
Erick were both home.

Happy 1990!
Eletheer Catro
(803) 648-751-



exas to visit son Gary and family over the strong, with lows around 4 to 5 degrees, and win
hristmas holidays. They drove up to visit Gladys chills too cold to talk about. We all got a goo
nd Bob Thrner and saw their son Robbie, who was taste of a genuine "Texas Northern," but th
making off for Europe the next day, and Bob's bro- weather managed to thaw out in time for a beauti
her Menzie. Peggy's grandson, Wally, who is in ful Holiday Season. As usual, Christmas time wa
L^ ?0 4-- 4, A M4 ^-. ^ ^ \A ?IT-- 11 ^-4*- 1 f.147 s -1-4P t ,- ~ r,---1 '7-- -, 11- -- ~,- t- It


to spend the holidays i

th his pan

ending were Leona Badonsky (Paul had the flu), tu gathering for him and the Zonians

that wei

borothea (Harper) Catron and daughter Glenda. We Noreen Hanson, Bricky "Vol' Pattison, as well as

1 family visited us during Christmas with him, trom Alaska, a delicious si

Oulr next n-ptjncI i -chPdcrhrilpr fnr Manrrh 15 n Innopri in a trarnil oyiir.

R7?i'1i7 7 n1rl Rnh 7RnM.o In) Wm.Ini, nv/ RI1on

n~n l///"Y I H/ r/ln /1

d -

--- --" --- --I-- F--- ---
Year's toast at midnight, Panama time, and aga
at midnight our time.
And, in the "last but not least" category,
want to mention something about the turmoil of
Christmas that some of our friends and family we

Arizona, to visit with Matt and Heike Parks c
their little ones Brian, Kevin and one to arri
sometime in March. Congratulations to Matt c
Heike. The Parks drove down from Killeen, Texe
to see Noreen Hanson and take her out for dinner
I got a chance to fly out to San Jose, Califc
nia, around the beginning of December and viE
with Doug and Pan Sanders. Doug and Pam have
beautiful home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Abe
a month and a half had passed since the earthque
but signs of its terror were still quite visib]
Anyhow, I had a good time helping them cut dowr
hr-nct-mc tipp T1-uipr nnlx h1inro foT drlrwacn tv

was the fabulous "Salsarita" Mary Fehrenbach a
her boyfriend Dan Bolhuif. Margie and Dave Fehre
bach were there along with Albert and Sue (Hiror

The ceviche was excellent (thanks for the chao
peppers, Buck) and Spike and Wendy provided t

success. There were 116 reservations. The cormd
tee is to be conrnended for a job well done. The
out-of-town guests were:
HAYES, JOHN San Antonio,

Carrollton, TX tion table. Elsie Larson was in charge of the
mailing list and registration. The following day,
San Antonio, TX several of the out-of-towners and the locals met
San Antonio, TX for breakfast at a local restaurant. The Austin
i by Rev. J. B. Fields. group has agreed to host the Christmas Party next
I us, singing accapella year. Yea!!
ree" (a parody of the The holiday season opened with a Great Grand-
written by Carrie Nel- mother's Shower for Clara Chamters organized by
harmonicas. There were Marion Wells and Honey Fealey. Clara became a
the "'oteria Nacional great grandmother twice within a short time,
ir prizes. The winners therefore there were two "cakes" made of diapers
prague print donated by and decorated with dollar bills. Marion wrote and
liriel Johnston oil read her clever poem. After lunch, the group play-
brma Mynarcek Santa ed Canasta.
y Bob and 'lelle" Drnn; Honey Fealey hosted the annual Christmas Lunch-
bster PC Safety Match eon/Canasta and Bridge Party for 30 ladies. After
hi Lessiack; Henry Lee a buffet lunch at the Alpine Restaurant, the group
harry and Thelma Chan; gathered at Honey's home for the exchange of
lies donated anonymous- gifts, dessert and cards. Each table had a Christ-
tys Liljegren Panama mas Cactus centerpiece that became a prize and
young; Ruth Allen cook hand-made favors.
!s; Gladys Liljegren Marilyn Carter was hostess for a luncheon and
ted by Iris Hogan; Lor- card party at Gallop's Restaurant. It was a fun-
road playing cards don- filled afternoon.
Clara Chambers honored Mary Orr with a buffet

:mas Party, December 2, 1989, (1) Fred Wells and Maggie Dillman
Sue and Bill Graham, 41st anniversary January 7, 1990 (4) Bill
lob Blades and Menzie Turner. (5) Marilyn Carter and John Hayes

tmas Party, December 2, 1989, (1) Andreis and Nathalie DeBoer.
'.. (3) Dona and Gerry LePage.

the first half of the luncheon and card party at the Inn of the Hills
Lyn Carter who was in Restaurant. Clara had several "ice-breaker" games
id door prize drawings. to play that was enjoyed by all.
nna Young's granddaugh- Marion Wells and Mary Orr were hostesses for
Carter was in charge of a luncheon at the Tick Tock Club to end the holi-
ing was in charge of re- day season and for us to say goodbye to Mary until
prizes. Muriel Johnston next year.

L-R: Elsie and Ray Larson, Georgia and
Ted Corin, Eugenia Lee, Marilyn Carter,
Harry and Thelma Chan. Henry Lee on bum-
per of the Carter's Dodge touring car,
sirca 1924.

Rodney, Donna and Jeffrey Elliot and
David Day (13), Donna's son.

visual. Elizabeth Davidson went to Florida to visit
friends for the holidays. Marilyn and Wade Carter
'lew to Seattle, WA for a week. They were in Seat-
:le when the earthquake hit San Francisco and were
;o happy they had opted for Seattle instead of San
Francisco. Beth Waddell had to cancel her Christ-
nas trip to her son's in Arkansas due to the flu.
She has recovered and flew out on January 8. Sue
and Bill Graham's daughter Donna visited them with
-er husband, Rodney, and two boys for the holi-
lays. The Elliots are stationed at Schweinfurt,
Germany and have 1 years to go before returning
stateside. Bill and Sue celebrated their 41st wed-
ling anniversary on January 7, 1990 and Donna,
xhRoey, Jeffrey and David were here to help them
celebrate. Sue's niece, Joan Barret Molinaro of
louston, came to help the Grahams celebrate. Con-
gratulations Bill and Sue!! Kathi lessiack, her
son, John, and his wife, Dawn, and their 2 year
,1d daughter, lauren, went to spend the holidays
Aith their family in Panama. They arrived a day

Lert on a Ivia~t riign rromr nowaru rD Lo njlaml,
going standby, with a low priority and arrived in
Miami 24 sleepless hours after leaving Panama.
Needless to say, they are all happy to be back in
the good ole USA, safe and sound.
Bea Rhyne
(512) 896-8643

3ob and Anna Calvit at their 50th annz-
)ersary November 25, 1989. Yellow rose-
?ud arrangement sent by Mrs. T. Casser-
Fy and her sister, Denise Stenger of
Pittsburgh, PA.
Bob and Anna Calvit of Greenwood Forest cele-
rated their 50th Wedding Anniversary, November
5. Plans for a celebration with friends were can-
elled on advice of a doctor due to Bob's poor
health. Also plans for a trip to Florida to cele-
rate a delayed anniversary and Christmas with
heir son and daughter had to be cancelled. How-
ver, a few friends stopped by and cards and phone
alls were received. They were married in the Can-
1 Zone and have lived in Kerrville since 1976.

Anna Calvit
Kerrville, TX


Eleanor (Lewis) and Pete Johnson with children
auren and Peter made their annual and most wel-
ome visit from Panama to Alexandria, Va. in Sep-
ember to visit with sister Glenda (Lewis) and
lichael Kochel. Good times were shared with her
other iry Ivy Lewis, and Aunt Louise and Uncle
'ields Robertson at a family reunion in Richmond,
Our no-host picnic which took place Oct. 29,
989, at Burke Lake Park in Virginia turned out
o be a fun time for all. The weather was just
beautiful for our little reunion. In attendance

MRETT, Ev (Menges) and Tom Sellers recently hosted
)WELL, what is hoped will remain a "traditional," bi-
, JONI annual reception/cocktail party at their home in
IURKE, Manassas, Virginia for visiting members of the
ALLES, Panama Canal Scottish Rite Bodies. Attending was




I~ ~'~t~E ~ZJ1~
~i3 ~,c ~L~

Carolyn and Bill Price of Alexandria attempted
I full-scale retreat from the cold of the north
:o the sunshine and warmth of Florida for the
holidays, but to no avail. Following a couple of
elow-freezing nights, the Florida weather did
-ome around.
The Prices, once again, spent Christmas with
lena (deBoyrie) and Rusty Oberholtzer in Mel-
iourne. Joan (MacKenzie) Kozar came down after
hristmas for a much needed respite and change of
cenery. Rusty is a "HAM" and through the network
f fellow operators, they were able to keep
breast of the situation in Panama.
Sarah (Barfield) Cohen hosted a New Year's Eve
arty in Daytona Beach and everyone brought a na-
ive Panama dish, all of which were reported to
ave been very good. The New Year's crowd included
oan Kozar, Bob and Lotty (Stevenson) Orvis, Bob
nd Marguerite (Neal) Ztubado, Sarah's daughter,
lizabeth, Sarah's parents, Lionel and Doris Bar-
ield, Lynn (Egger) Malo and friend, the Obes and
he Prices. Those who stayed up into the wee hours
are treated to Mrs. Orvis' "little boy Bob" at
is best. Following a short night's rest, all were
created to Bob's encore at 7:30 A.M.!
Bill is again urging all members of his CHS
lass of 1955 to attend their 35th reunion in Or-
ando. Everyone should have received information
)n the reunion from Bill by now if not, call
lill at (703) 971-7165. Please apply for the class
union and your hotel room ASAP.
Louise Russon and Jim Murphy drove to Grove-
own, Ga. to spend Christmas with her mom, Virgin-
a Russon and brother Wally Russon. After Christ-
as they kept on going south to visit Carla and
blfgang Conrad in Ft. Myers. While there they
ere able to visit Barbara and Ed Healey at their
beautiful home in Ft. Myers and chat on the phone



Lilia Tanzi de Stroop has been honored by
aron's Who's Who in American Real Estate. This is
publication primarily in reference as a resource
nd reference volume to corporate and residential
state clients, investor, major developers, li-
raries, media organizations and institutions. In-
ividuals are listed because of the positions they
ave attained or because of noteworthy achieve-
ents which have proved to be of special import-
nce to the Real Estate community as a whole.
The goal of the editors of Baron's Who's Who is

to Willie Moore. Jim and Louise went on to see
Dave and Polly West to have their sailboat in Key
West. We just might lose them to Florida.
Stella (Boggs) De Marr had a lovely Christmas
visit with sons James De Marr of Penn. and Barry
)e Marr of Arlington, Va. In spite of a cold,
Stella enjoyed being with her grandchildren.
Diane and Jay French
posted a Christmas party
_n their Burke, Va. home
)ec. 17, 1989, in honor
of Jay's mom Marjorie
French who was visiting
from Fla. The guests were
John and Lynn Everson and
:heir two sons, Margaret
)'Brien, Katie McCain,
att Baas, Glenda (Lewis)
and Mike Kochel and
children Stephanie and
Jason. A nice time was DIANE FRENCH AND JASON
iad by all. KOCHEL
Our family Christmas was interrupted this year
ihen Michael's parents, Mike and Betty Kochel,
aere in a major car accident on the way up to
share Christmas with us. Michael's mom spent two
jeeks in the hospital and then two weeks here with
is recovering. Both of Michael's parents are doing
iuch better now. Seat belts saved their lives and
providedd our best Christmas "present" of all!
For all of us that are close to Panama no mat-
:er how far away we may be, December was an an-
lious time. Our prayers were with all our friends
iho remain "in country." May 1990 be a peaceful
rear of recovery for all of them!
Glenda (Lewis) Kochel
(703) 971-1077


becomee leaders in the field of professional Real
Estate. Lilia is working as Executive Assistant to
:he President of On Top of the World, Inc., in
)cala, Florida.


Congratulations Steven Boswell from your family
n your prestigious appointment to the Director of
operations for the Central Florida Division of
blockbuster Video.
This is quite an accomplishment when you con-
ider he has gone from being an assistant store
manager to the position of Director of Operations
n two short years.

Steve is the son of Jerry and Shirley Boswell
of Holiday, Florida, and he graduated from Cristo-
bal High School in Coco Solo, C.Z. along with his
brother, Michael and sister, Debra.
Steve is currently living in Palm Harbor, Fla.,
with his wife, Carmel and two children, Steven and
We could not be prouder, Steve....


On November 10, 1989, Ronald and Florence Owen
of Scituate, MA., celebrated their golden wedding
anniversary at P.J.'s Country House in Scituate.
The dinner party for 42 family and friends was
given by their four children: Jean Young of Scit-
uate; David Owen of Panama City, R. of Panama;
Rene Goodrich of Scituate, and Philip Owen of Al-
dergrove, British Columbia, Canada.

Also attending the party were their six grand-
children: Liz and Jennifer Young of Scituate; Mark
and Catherine Goodrich of Scituate; and Sean and
Jessica Owen of British Colunbia.
Ron and Florence are from Wallasey, England,
and were married in New York City at the Little
Church Around The Corner on November 8, 1939. Af-
ter a honeymoon across the United States, they
went to the Canal Zone where they spent almost 40
years before retiring to Scituate in 1976.
Ron worked for the shipping agency, C. Fernie
& Co. in Cristobal from 1936 until his retirement.


Mr. and Mrs. Donald Meline of Hawthorne, Flori-
da announce the engagement of their daughter Lora
to Dr. Denis Healey, son of Dr. and Mrs. Edward
Healey of Cape Coral, Florida formerly of Coco
Solo, Canal Zone.


L I'

The bride-to-be attends the University of
Florida, majoring in finance and is a branch bank
manager for the American National Bank.
The bridegroom-elect is a 1980 graduate of
Cristobal High School and a 1988 graduate of the
Creighton University School of Medicine. He is a
second year resident in Urology at the University
of Florida.
The couple plan a May wedding at the St. Augus-
tine Catholic Church in Gainesville, and a honey-
moon in Jamaica.


Gene and Ethel Askew celebrated their 50th wed-
ding anniversary on November 22, 1989.
Their children honored them with a lovely
luncheon at the Islander Restaurant on Isla Del
Sol on November 25, attended by friends and the
following family members; Nancy and Christy Good-
win, Linda and David Gomez, Bob Maurean and Claire
Askew, and Steve and Sonya Askew.


The children had not all been together for a
long time and this added to their enjoyment.
Micnino wTro Marrncu' hdnrnd .Tzare and thpir tawn


a -s

Pete and Helen Co


Dal and Bessie (Babe) Hei
)rings, Forida, celebrated t]
niversary on November 10, 19E
ed in Balboa, Canal Zone in 19
Their Golden Anniversary we
lughters Beth E. Heilman of Ft
id Janice L. Pepper of Woodst<
-iends and family members att(
on held in the family home in

Family members included soi
paper ; his parents, James and
.tusville, FL.; grandson Jame.
.fe, Sonya and great-grandson
i.; grandson John D. Pepper,
icksonville, FL; Sarah E. Phill

\TE 50TH sister Betty Donatelli of Barnesboro, PA; and
Dal's sister.
rasota, Florida, With 5 generations to celebrate, a great time
iversary on Dec- was had by all!

Church, Balboa,

'.^...' ILouis and Mary Scigliane of Stone Mountain, GA.
"" ';' ... were honored August 19, 1989, on their 50th wed-
Sding anniversary with a dinner dance at the Stone
Mountain Inn. Georeia. The Party was hosted by

their four dai
Leach; Gene c
Garcia and Bol


;hters and families; Bill and Mary
id Louise Bauman, Henry and Janet
and June Lane. All seven of their
are in attendance.



AN'S 50TH .

en of Altamonte E A b
ir 50th wedding Over seventy friends from all over joined the
. They were mar- family to celebrate the joyous occasion.
Louis and Mary were married August 19, 1939, in
given by their St. Peter's Church, Brooklyn, New York. They re-
Clayton, Panama, sided in Curundu for over 30 years while Louis was
k, Georgia. Many employed by the U.S. Army and Mary was manager of
ded the celebra- the USARCARIBAIR Federal Credit Union. in Albrook.
Ltamonte Springs.


Whitney Lee Russell,
3-year old daughter of
Donald L. and Janice Rus-
sell, and granddaughter
of Rose M. (Stroop) Car-
mody, all of Sarasota,
FL., has recently begun
a modeling career, and is
now a model for the Beall
Department Stores. She
has appeared on two of
the Beall flyers during
the weekend. Whitney has ..z
inherited her great-grand .
father's (Edward Clyde I
in-law James W. "Red" Stroop Sr.) red
Thelma Pepper of hair and is a real cutie.
Mark Pepper, his Rose's niece, who is
ficah of Dallas, also Karen (Stroop) Wolfe's daughter, Ruth Ann,
is wife Lisa of has been modeling for Beall's and other areas, in-
)s, Babe's mother cluding J.C. Penney for several months, plus ap-
ford, FL.; Babe's pearing on TV commercials in the local area.


Nida Fernandez-Flynn
nht-inpr hpr Ph.-. dpcrpp

to the U.S. Department of
Conerce as a Supervisory
Statistician and later
transferred to a Supervi-
sory Management Analyst,
later leaving to make a
career change in the
field of psychology. For
about two years, she was
a Family Counselor at the
El Toro Marine Air Sta.
In 1985 when she started
the Ph.D program, she
left the government to
work in a private clinic.
Starting in February 1990
she will be working as
a psychologist.


Kenneth Roble Hutch-
ings received Naval Avia-
tor wings at the Naval
Air Station in Meridian,
MS., on August 4, 1989.
Ensign Hutchings was
graduated from Northrup
University in Inglewood,
California. He attended
Aviator Officers Candi- a
date School in Pensacola,
After attending Pri-
mary Flight School in
Corpus Christi, he was he was selected for In-
termediate and Advanced Jet Training in Meridian.
He is now flying the F-18 Hornet out of the Marine
Corps Air Station in El Toro, California.
Attending the winging ceremony were his parents
Pat and Jill Hutchings of Rolling Hills Estates,
California, and his grandfather, Byrne Hutchings
of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Ken is also the grandson of Ken and Sue MacKaig
of Banning, California, also former Canal Zone


Dr. Manuel L. Ibanez, President of Texas A&I
University has released the name of Gerald Lee
Graver, Jr., of Kingville, a senior Industrial
Technology major, as one of 60 outstanding stu-
dents at Texas A&I University selected for member-
ship in the 1989-90 WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN
honored be being selected as an Outstanding Col-
lege Student of America in 1988.
Lee is a graduate of Cristobal High School. His
parents, Jane and Jerry Graver are new residents
of Goliad, Texas, having moved to Goliad following
Jerry's retirement in 1987. Following his grad-
. F -- i -- -- -1 ------- ... _1 .. J

uacea unnma uaum Lauae. One is a menmer or oeLa
Gamma Sigma, a professional honorary society. She
is presently employed at Design Pavements of Han-
over, Maryland.
Her fiance is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard
G. Hoffman of Pittsburg, PA. He is a graduate of
Penn Technical Institute, where he received a de-
gree in Electronic Technology. He is currently em-
ployed with the Department of Defense as an Engin-
eering Specialist.
Miss Lindenmeyer's mother is the former Nancy
Webster of Balboa, Canal Zone, a 1960 Balboa High
School graduate.
A wedding date has been set for May 19, 1990.


The City of Kerrville, (Texas) is pleased to
announce personnel changes at its Wastewater
Treatment Plant facility.
John Lessiack has been promoted to Wastewater
Treatment and Collection Supervisor...
...Lessiack, who was born and raised in Panama,
came to work for the City of Kerrville on August
8, 1983 as a Wastewater Treatment Plant Mechanic.
He is state-certified as a Wastewater Treatment
Operator to a Grade B level of proficiency. His
duties will consist of overseeing the functions of
the entire wastewater maintenance and operations
activities and insuring the facility's compliance
with state and federal regulations.
The position change took effect August 14.


Lisa Michelle McArthur, daughter of Barb
Klipper Miller of Houston, Texas, and Charles
" A -C4 n-11-- .r-- --,-.A...,-^ T.T-4 U-

L-R: Charles McArthur, Murray McArthu
Florence Klipper, Murray Klipper, Dou
las Miller, Dr. Lisa McArthur, Barba
Miller, Robert Miller.


On the 26th October, 1989, Susan and I cel
brated our 30th anniversary, with a dinner at c
oldest son's house, along with our other tht

Sharon has volunteered in the Doctors Medic
Library since 1987. She volunteers also in E
Surgery, two afternoons, and in sumner was subst
tuting for vacationing auxilians there! Sharon U
born and brought up in the Canal Zone and went
She met her husband when she was in the typi
pool. They got married in Reddington Shores
1961, and have two children, a son, Steven and
dalahtp-r. Trw~ue who livp.c in Tnnrlnn.


Robert Pederson Fischer recently joined I
U.S. Navy and has completed his boot camp tra:
ing. The "Pass and Review" recruit graduate:
ceremonies were held January 16, 1990 at the U
Naval Training Center in Orlando.
Robert's first assignment is to Electrol

Kristen Pedersen Fischer with her bre
their Robert Pedersen Fischer after Boc
Camp graduation ceremonies.


Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Shuey, Neosho, Missouri, n
and were married in the Panama Canal Zone, June
1940. Shuey is from Neosho and mrs Shuey, whc
maiden name is Synnak, was born in Cologne, Ge
many, and arrived in Panama in 1929.
Mr. Shuey was postmaster for the Panama Car
Company, retiring in 1967. Mrs. Shuey was assi
tant housemother for the Children's Home in Bel
Vista, Panama. The couple has a son, Ralph All
Shuey, who is project manager for the Redstone A
senal in Huntsville, AL. They have two granddaug
ters, and one great-grandson.
On December 27, a surprise dinner party w
held for the couple at St. John's Episcopal Chur
in Neosho, following the evening church service
In addition to the church members, guests include
their son and daughter-in-law from Husntsvill
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Van Sweden of Miami, OK., a
Mr. and Mrs. William Nail of Rogers, AR., who we
with them in Panama.
On January 7, the couple will renew their ma
riage vows at St. John's Episcopal Church. A r
ception for the couple will follow in the Pari
Hall of the church.

Dynnette Boalt and Douglas Taylor were united
marriage on October 7, 1989, at Christ the King
pel, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA.
The bride was given away by her parents Fred-

Doug is a Lieutenant in the Navy Civil Engineer
ps. Dynnette Dynnie is a graduate of BHS'77
received her degree in Construction Management
s year from Hartnell College in Salinas, CA.
Doug is stationed at Castle AFB, Merced, CA.,
re the couple resides. Dynnie would love hear-
from friends she's lost touch with over the
,rs. Her address is 1452 Lansing St., Merced, CA

On November 25. 1989. Darrow Cronin and David

nr (.anr. wi I im ron .mmn rPTr

Darrow was attended by her sisters, Orian and
Kiedre. Diedre is a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy
;tationed in Alameda, California. Orian lives in
fashington, D.C. and is the wife of David Hyson
Lnd the mother of 18-month Morgan, who almost
tolee the show. Marjorie Woodruff (Mrs. Tim) who
tad recently returned from visiting her son in
'anama City, came from Miami Beach. Eunice Richard
rom Jonesboro, GA., and Margaret Rennie of New
lilford, CT., and Darrow's aunt, Patrice Wallace n
Trick, and cousin Patrice Wallace of San Antonio,
tnd Mary Graham from Tulsa, OK., were among the
;uests. Friends of Darrow and Dave from Texas and i
:Isewhere, including New York and Michigan atten-
led. r

At three in the afternoon, November 23, 1989,
view of the Blue Ridge Mountains of western
rth Carolina, Amanda Tanner (CHS'77) and Conway
See exchanged personal vows of marriage before
large gathering of both their families. The
ide was given away by her father, Steve Tanner,
i Marty Tanner, Amanda's mother, was matron of
ior. Justin Ivey, cousin of the groom, acted as
3t man, and Conway's mother, Mrs. Eleanor Miller
s witness to the ceremony, in the yard of the
ne of the bride's aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth Quintero.
arda Schnidt, first cousin-once removed of the
ide, scattered flower petals before the cere-

addingg Party; L-R: Marty Tanner, Ananda
*hmidt, Ananda Tanner, Con ay McGee,
istin Ivey.
After the exchange of vows, the many family
nbers gathered for the occasion, most of whom
i former Zonians, enjoyed a Low Country Seafood
ew, brought by Amanda and Conway from their home
Beaufort, S.C.
The bride and groom will honeymoon in Europe
ct year.


Lt. Col. and Mrs. J. Canpbell
Kathleen Mary McConagy and William Jose
Campbell are happy to announce their marriage
September 26, 1989 in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Kathleen (BHS '60), who is the daughter of I
and the late John McConaghy, has three children
Bill, Kristin and Courtney Moore. She is employ
by the Department of Army as a management analy
in Yongson, Korea.
Bill, the son of William and the late Ali
Campbell of Cutchogue, New York, grew up in Car
cas, Venezuela and Buenos Aires, Argentina. He
also employed by the Department of Army as chi
of Plans and Targets (J2), Yongson, Korea.
The couple reside in Seoul, Korea.

Jeff Hirschl (BHS'65) of Tempe, AZ., was ma
ried to Melissa Bruskin of Phoenix in an outdo,
ceremony at the Crescent Hotel in Phoenix on Jul
4, 1989. The groom's parents are former Zonia
Daniel and Miriam Hirschl of Sun City West, AZ
the bride is the daughter of Leo and Helen Brusk
also of Sun City West.




Jett was attended by brother Kon Hirschi
Philadelphia, PA. (BHS'76), while Melissa's mat
of honor was Jeff's sister, Janice (Hirschl) Sot
heimer (BHS'69).
Melissa had moved to Phoenix in 1988 from D
York City to try her fortunes in sunny Arizor
One day, while she was visiting the Hirschl'
along came Jeff and the rest is history. Jeff
a computer systems engineer with Motorola, whi
Melissa is pursuing a degree in elementary ec
cation at Arizona State University.
The couple spent their honeymoon snorkellir
shopping, eating, and partying their way throat
the Caribbean on Carnival Cruise Lines MS CeZl
bration. Jeff said that the cruise was reminis
ent of those great times aboard the SS Cristo-
bal! And shopping in St. Maarten reminded him
"adventures" exploring Panama's Avenida Central.
Melissa and Jeff now make their home at 167
Dawn Drive, in Tenpe, close to Janice and Stua
and a short hour's drive from their parents.

Tricia Ulloa, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jose
Ulloa of San Jose, CA., and Paul C. Brennan, s
of Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Brennan of Los Altc
CA., were married at St. Williams Church in I
Altos on July 1, 1989.


The Brennan and Marquard families z
Tricia and Paul Brennan's wedding. Bac
Bonnie (Marquard) Locke, Whrren Marquai
Paul Brennan, John Marquard. Second rov
Josephine (Brennan) Mirquard, Tri c
Brennan, James brennan, Trudy Brennar
Leonor Marquard, Warren (Babe) Marquarc
Jr. Front row: Julie Marquard, KelJ
Locke, Carrie Locke, Christopher MAi
quard, and Charles (Chile) Brennan.

Marcie Kassel was her sister's maid of hone
and John Marquard and Matt Peterson were best me
Bridesmaids were Risa Kolm, Jennie Prieto, Lyd
Jardine and Karen Deimler. Flower girl was Meris
Kassel, and ring bearer was Christopher Marquard
A reception was held at Los Altos Country Clu
Following a honeymoon trip to Hawaii, the new
wed couple are making their home in San Jose, CA

atricia S. Owen and Paul D. Myers were married
onber 18, 1989 in Holy Faith Catholic Church, b
esville, Florida. Performing the ceremony was J
ar Francis Lynch (the popular priest from the
ed Heart Chapel in Ancon, C.Z.). o

ie bride, daughter of the late Dr. Joseph
i and Teresa Owen of Dunedin, Florida, had as
attendants, Michele A. (Owen) Pepe, Heidi Sch-
, Jennie Lyn Herwig, Mary Alice (Myers) Al-
:on and Corin Piazza.
ie bridegroom, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt
years of Springhill, Florida, was attended by
C. Myers, Richard Grimison, Julius Little,
Ick Grimison and Kevin Myers.
ie reception was held at the Gainesville Gar-
Club and was attended by many C.Z. friends,
enjoyed great food and great Lucho music!
lul and Patty had a wonderful week honeymoon-
an the Island of Antigua, West Indies, and
make their home in Gainesville, FL.

harles T. Reeves announces the marriage of his
hter Pamela L. Reeves to John A. Wulff.
he wedding took place in Port Byron, Illinois. 1
resent, Pamela and John are at home in Naranja
ida. I

ophia Kozlowski of Poughkeepsie became the
le of M. Dean Sciacca of Lebanon, Indiana on
! 24, 1989.
[he bride is the daughter of Modesta Kozlowski
'oughkeepsie and the late Joseph Kozlowski. The
m is the son of Isabella Sciacca of Poughkeep-
and the late Matteo Sciacca.

Given in marriage by her brother John of North-
ge, CA., the bride was attended by Ellen Lobb,
cousin of Mt. Kisko. Bridesmaids were Chris-
a Henderson of Bacon; Susan Sciacca of Pough-
psie and QCeri Sciacca of Highland. Elisa Koz-
ski, the bride's niece of Dover Plains and
Iandra Digilio, groom's cousin, served as the
wer girls.
Gregory Bell of Valhalla served as best man.
ers were Anthony Kozlowski, Kevin Barnes, and
vph Bono. Caleb Koslowski, bride's nephew, ser-
as ring bearer
Following a reception at the Villa Baglieri in
land and a honeymoon trip to Antigua, the
)le resides in Lebanon, Indiana.
Che bride is employed by IBM at the Thomas J.
ion Research Center in Yorktown heights.
Che groom, an MIT graduate, is presently atten-
SPurdue University for his graduate degree and
employed as a teaching assistant.

native Zonian Patricia Anne Messer, daughter of
late Robert A. Messer (BHS '30) and the late
ha Ellen Messer, was married in Rocksprings,
is, to Rev. Philip Andrew Bell on November 11,

[he couple married in the Rocksprings First
:ed Methodist Church where Rev Bell has been
:or sine June, 1989; he previously served as
:or of the Brackettville (TX) First United
lodist Church, where he met his bride, a member
that congregation who resided atFort Clark
Lngs, the former frontier cavalry post near the
.-Mexico border.
Che bride was given in marriage by her brother,
rles A. Messer of Venice, Florida, and the

Richard E
by the n
both the
tions at

:tormea by
of Martha'
e service,
ends of t
'ttville ar

man colony of Fredericksburg, Texas, before t
returned to the Parsonage in Rocksprings. Patri
also assumed her duties as a third grade teac
in the Rocksprings Independent School Distri
following completion of five years employment w
the Texas Highway Department in Brackettville.

L-R: Robin and Erin Collins, Noel Gib
Trudy Gibson, Kyle and John Lopez, Je,
Collins, Hollie (Gibson) Dodson, Di
Gibson, Teresa and Guy Gibson.

Kyle Gibson and John Lopez were united in m
riage on September 17, 1988 in Houston, Texas.
The bride, formerly of Gamboa, Canal Zone,
of the BHS Class of 1975, is the daughter of N
and Trudy Gibson of Clearwater, Florida.
Robin Collins was the bride's maid of honor
Jessie Collins was the ringbearer.

Molly Hensley and Robert M. Orvis, of Napl
Florida, were united in marriage on October
1989, in an afternoon ceremony at the Nature C
servency Center in Naples. Following the ceremo
a reception was held at the newlyweds residence
The groom is the son of Robert and Leti
'Lotty" Orvis, formerly of Balboa, now residing
Daytona Beach, and the grandson of Frances Or
of Sarasota, Florida. The bride is the daughter
Betty Hensley and the late Jim Hensley.
The groom's attendants were his brother, C
Orvis, best man, and John Bushwacker of Ann Arb
Michigan. The bride's two daughters, Kari
Neely Hensley were her only attendants.
Out of town guests included the bride's moth
the groom's parents and his sister, Nita Orr

(ev. uaytona beach, nis granOnotner, -rances urvis
Jerry and Lenev (Dough) Stroop of Sarasota.
sted Bob was born in the Canal Zone and graduE
from from Balboa High School in 1976. He is self-
aga- played with Orvis Lawn Service in Naples. Molly
a registered nurse and is with ABC Home Hea
Ser- Services.

l t

The couple recently returned from a honey
trip to Jamaica and are at home at 1201 10th A
N., Naples, FL.

J Mary Lou Jablonski and Thomas Frensley w
united in marriage on January 2, 1990 in the D
s inican Republic.
sse Attending the ceremony were Mary Alice (Mye
oug and Mark Albritton of Tampa, Florida.
Mary Lou and Tom are now residing in Lauderd
ar- Lakes, Florida.





A wedding reception was held for their fam
er. and friends on January 27. 1990 at the home

2, William "Bill" Gough III. Kelleher of Tallahassee, FL., and Mike Rinehart of
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
A reception was held in the Church Fellowship
Las Vegas Wedding Gardens, Las Vegas, Nevada, Hall. The couple spent their honeymoon in Jamaica.
a the setting on November 19, 1989 for the noon
rials unitine Maurva Teresa Ridoe and Josenh

de's parents at Marsh Creek Country Club. friends and classmates of the bride's mother, in-
The newlyweds, after a honeymoon in Las Vegas, eluding Joan MacKenzie Kozar, daughter Kathleen
residing in St. Augustine. and Carolyn and Bill Price.

irried October 1, 1989 in Chip-

;nn nf Roinnld ,nrl Rnhin (.mift-h

guests at the wedding.
Daniel is serving in the U.S. Navy, and with
his bride, spent the Christmas holidays in Florida
with his parents and his grand-parents, John Rob-
ert and Elsie (Neely) Smith of Sarasota. Florida.

Mrs. Ralph L. Davis announces the marriage of
their daughter, Bonnie, to Brian J. Raftery of
Fort Myers, Florida.
The ceremony took place on December 23, 1989.
Brian is the Resident Agent in Charge of DEA in
Fort Myers and Bonnie is employed with the U.S. CHRISTOPHER, NICHAEL, CONNIE (
Customs Service. TANNY TELLEX.
Michael and Connie (Clinct
Palm Beach, Florida are plea
__ ___________ birth of their second child, B
was born November 16, 1989 and
SI B RTH SS and was 22k inches long.
__ Brittany is welcomed by
Christopher who is 2 years ol
Maternal grandparents are D
Kenny and Page Maisano Morris Jr. of Covington, Clinshard, formerly of Ancon.
LA., along with their son, Kenny III, announce the spoil their new granddaughter
birth of a daughter and sister, Hannah Elizabeth, as possible before returning
on November 1, 1989, at Southern Baptist Hospital. Great uncle and great aunt
Statistics: 8 Ibs., 6 oz., 20k". and Connie (Clinchard) Wright
Grandparents are Kenneth and Diane Vestal Mor- Florida.
ris, and Dr. Joseph V. and Gloria Sigl Maisano.


Andy and Linda Orvis of
proudly announce the birth of
a daughter, Chelsea Lee Orvis,
The paternal grandparents
Orvis of Temple Terrace, Fla.


Ad) Tellex of West
d to announce the
ttany Michele. She
weighed 8 Ibs 6 oz.

er proud brother,

Bill and Dorothea
ey were on hand to
d grandson as much
) Blairsville, Ga.
ire Gene Clinchard
of Pinellas Park,

Igewater, Florida,
heir first child,
a April 6, 1989.
re Jim and Julie
Firginia Weydeg of

Chelsea Lee is Jim's second gr
daughter, Kathi Grisius, presented
r (PAGE NAISANO) NORRIS, JR. HOLDING first grandchild, Michael Ryan Grisiu
!ABETH AND KENNY III. four years old.



Dan and Mary Sneed Hinkel of Decatur, GA., an-
nounce the birth of their first child, John-Henry
Farris Hinkel, on August 18, 1989, at Piedmont
Hospital, Atlanta. Statistics: 8 lbs., 12 oz.,
21 3/4".
Mary attended school in Diablo and Curundu
before graduating from Balboa High School in 1969.
Maternal grandparents are Torrence and Mary
Sneed of Gulfport, Miss. Torrence worked in the
Zone for Foster Construction Company and Mary
worked at Curundu Junior High before retiring in
1981. Paternal grandparents are Woodrow and Martha
Hinkel of Olney, Illinois.

Sarah Jane Catanzaro
Pattwell was born to Jane
A. Catanzaro and her hus-
band, Paul D. Pattwell on
May 27, 1989.
She weighed 6 lbs. and
10 oz. and was 19 inches
long. The family resides
in Red Bank, New Jersey.
Maternal grandparents
are John and Olga Catan- SARAH JANE CATANZARO
zaro of Houston, Texas. PATTWELL
Paternal grandparents are Tom and Grace Patt-
well of East Orange, New Jersey.

Mark and Lisa lamers
of Phoenix, Arizona, are
proud to announce the
birth of their daughter,
Kelly Rae Lammers, on
% August 20, 1989.
e6 The maternal grandpar-
f ents are Ray and Ginny
(Roscoe) Mici, of Bedford
Mass. Helen Roscoe of
Sarasota is thp hyhv1'

Rose M. (Stroop) Car- -
mody welcomed her 9th
grandchild, Haleigh Eliz- fB
abeth Russell on December
8, 1989. Haleigh is the
second auburn-haired dau-
ghter born to Rose's son,
Douglas and Janice Rus-
sell. Doug and Jan' s
first daughter, Whitney
Lee, was born 3 years
The maternal great- WHITNEY LEE, 3 AND HER
grandparents are Jim and SISTER HALEIGH ELIZA-
Bonnie Lewis of Sarasota, BETH RUSSELL.
and the paternal great-grandparent is Ruth F.
Stroop, also of Sarasota, FL.

Scott and Kathi (Over-
street) Sanders are proud
to announce the birth of
their son, Paul Iamon, on
July 7, 1989.
a He weighed 8 lbs. 1 oz
and was 19 inches long.
M The maternal grand-
a parents are Mary Over-
,. sastreet and the late Ed
The paternal grand-
parents are Doris and
Robert Sanders of Spar-
PAUL DAMON SANDERS tanburg, South Carolina.

John and Jeannine
(Carlin) Clark proudly
announce the birth of
their second child, Kevin
Daniel, on November 8,
1989. He weighed 7 lbs.
and 14 oz. and measured
202 inches. Jonathan,
almost 3 years old, wel-
comes his new "little
brudder" with pride.
Maternal grandparents
are William and Jeannine
Carlin of Sarasota, FL.
John and Violet Clark of
Fairless Hills, PA., are
the paternal grandpar-
Grandma Carlin was on 2 MO. OLD KEVIN CLARK.
hand to welcome Kevin and (BILLAND JEANNINE CAR-
help out, but mostly to LINS' GRANDSONS).
keep up with Jonathan's demands to play baseball!
Aunt Barbara Carlin of Sarasota, met her new
nephew for the first time when she drove to Penn-
sylvania to spend Christmas holidays with the

John and Kyle (Gibson)
Lopez are proud to an-
nounce the birth of their
first child, Christopher
Michael Lopez, born on
November 22, 1989, in
Houston, Texas. Chris-
topher weighed 9 lbs. 4
oz. and was 21 inches
Grandparents are Noel
and Trudy Gibson, former-
ly of Gamboa, Panama, who
were here for Christmas CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL
to see Christopher and LOPEZ
also their new granddau-
ghter born to Guy and Teresa Gibson on November 2
1989. Her name is Vivian Ashley Gibson and sh
weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz.

Scott and Anita (Bon-
durant) Baker are proud
to announce the birth of
their second child, James
Wesley, on June 13, 1989,
in Atlanta, GA.
He weighed 8 Ibs. 8
oz. and was 21 inches
Wes is welcomed by his
proud brother, Charlie,
who will be four in Feb-
Maternal grandparents

Mr. and Mrs. uerala u. tiuaa) Bliss, Jr. o
Canpbell, California, proudly announce the birt
of their third great-grandchild. Daniel Mark Welc
was born December 7, 1989 to their granddaughter
Beth Ann (Bliss) and her husband, Terry Welch o
Penn Valley, CA.
The maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Ger
ald D. (Jerry) Bliss III, of Saratoga, CA. Th

Daniel joi
Taylor and 18

, three-year ol

awdAetW1&efteAWtu' A4a d afon //em'

Roberto Arias, 72, a former Panamanian Ambassa
dor and the husband of British ballet dancer
MU-- -- 141-A 11) M-,-,- inon -C 1--,,

as a

grandchildren. Hard to beat that!
The maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs.
Jerry Loughiay of St. Cloud.

Lauren Marie Tochternan was born June 7, 1989,
weighing 8 lbs. 2 oz. to Steve and Mary (Kelleher]
Tochtenan and sister Andrea.
The proud grandparents are Dave and Betty Kel-
leher of Dothan, Alabama, and great-grandmother
Helen LedgerIood of Seminole, Florida.

---- ----- ,j __ -5- ,
jrvivors include her husband, Richard; a son
ird of Ocala, FL.; a daughter, Diane Wardlo

Petersburg; and two grandchildren.

Selma ("Sammie") Baron, 85, widow of the late
Otis M. Baron, died November 9, 1989, in a nursing
home in College Station, Texas. She was born ir
Bastrop, TX., and moved to the Canal Zone with hei
family in 1946. She and her late husband were
charter members of the Curundu Protestant Churcl
and were active in the ministry until his death ir
1965, when Mrs. Baron returned to her home state,
Texas, to live. She had also been active as a Girl
Scout volunteer and worked with the Red Cross ir
the Canal Zone. She suffered a serious stroke ir
1976 which left her partially paralyzed and en-
tered a nursing home shortly thereafter. Although
paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair for 13
years, she traveled unaccompanied to Panama anc
Seattle, WA., several times during this period.

She is survived by a son and daughter-in-law,
inald and Jean Baron of Houston, TX.; two daugh-
:rs and sons-in-law, Barbara (Pat) and Bill Scott
' Belleview, WA., and Joan and Jack Larkin of
allege Station, TX.; a brother and sister-in-law,
ank and Odie Laake of Bastrop, TX.; 10 grand-
lildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

Russell T. Billion, 7:
ed November 19, 1989 a
tired from the Canal Z
, rlrict-nhn RrTIn'Ih in 1

hanhassen, Minn.,
long illness. He
Lice Division, of
T-nc 1 cn T-Pfindd

teran of World War II, a member of St. Annes Ro-
n Catholic Church, V.F.W., Elks Lodge and had
tired from the Panama Canal Conmission in Dec-
ber, 1985 from the Maintenance Division with
er 23 years of government service.

ns and daughters-in-law,
la, Larry and Ginger Bry
th and Donna Bryan Jr
reP brothers. Kpith Rrv;

Robert Bryan of Pensa-.i
n of Bossier, LA., Ken-
of the Panama Canal;
n. .TPIrv Rrvan. and .Tim

security Division for 14 years. He was a veteran
f World War II. At the time of his death he was
Tployed part-time for the City of Eden Prairie,
innesota Recreation Dept. where he assisted in
he organization of men's activities for the Eden
rairie Senior Center.
Survivors include his wife, Bernice; sons, Tom
CHS'61), Doug and Brad, who attended Cristobal
schools; grandson, Andy, granddaughter Katlin,
mrn just hours before his death.

Col. Edward Marion Browder, Jr., 83, of Rancho
2rnardo, San Diego, CA., died November 30, 1989,
t Pomerado Hospital. Born in Dallas, Texas, he
graduated from Hollywood High School and from Cal-
fornia Institute of Technology in 1927, summa cum
aude. He later received his masters degree in
ivil engineering at UCLA. He was employed as a
structural designer by the Panama Canal in 1930,
nd during his 35 year career with the P.C. Co. he
ad a hand in construction of new quarters, indus-
rial buildings and waterfront structures. After
he war and during his term as Assistant Director,
engineering and Construction Bureau, the bridge of
he Americas was built, locks and cut lighting was
installed, among other significant projects. At
he time of his retirement in 1964, the Gorgas
hospital building was near completion and new tow-
ng locomotives for the locks had been construct-
d. He held licenses as Professional Engineer in
alifornia, Arizona, Texas, and Hawaii. He was a
barter member and life member of the Panama Canal
nd Panama Chapters of the American Society of
ivil Engineers; life member of the Masons; and
ember of several distinguished organizations. He
as a member of Panama Canal Society of Florida.
He is survived by his wife, (Martha) Marie
ughes Browder, a former C.Z. schoolteacher; two
ons, Capt. Edward H. Browder, USN Ret., and Wil-
iam M. Browder, a civil engineer; four grand-
hildren and one great-grandchild.

Kenneth Ward Bryan, Sr., 65, of Pensacola, FL.,
ied January 14, 1990 at his home. He was born in
exas and lived many years in Pensacola. He was a

Margaret Jean 'Babe' Knight Burgess, 62, of Oak
.dge, Tennessee, died October 31, 1989 in the
:thodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge as a result

LLy a uxdLuni LLt lUULLI, LLI
nmittee, the American Civ
.onal Committee and Amnes
Is also interested in and i
ons dealing with the home

iNauiunaL uLemocrai.Lc
Liberties Union Na-
International. She
olved with organiza-
ss, rights of child-

conflict, she and her husband r
one where her husband worked

ie is survived by her husband, Isaac Nelson Bur-
ess; daughters Kathryn Rachel Burgess of Oak
idge, and Elizabeth Ann Burgess Barrs of Oak
Ldge; two sons and a daughter-in-law, John Nel-
on Burgess of San Jose, CA., and Stephen Callan
id Jackie Burgess of Tampa. FL; three brothers,
Lck, Jack and Buzz Knight, all of Philadelphia,
id four grandchildren.

isrmrn (.mlrf ii n"I. r Mar

he Marine Bureau in 1979 with 30 years of service
nd made his home in Manchester.
He is survived by a brother, James W. Campbell
f Niles, Michigan, and a sister, Mrs. Zelma
readwell of Manchester.

Elbert T. (Chappie) Chappell, Jr., 69, of Ches-
Deake, Virginia, died unexpectedly of a heart
attack on September 27, 1989. A native of South
3rfolk, Va., he retired from the Industrial Divi-
ion (Gatun Diving Depot) of the Panama Canal Com-
ission with over 28 years of service. He retired
1 1982 as the assistant diving master of the Com-
Survivors include his wife, Dolores Chappell;
daughter, Nina DeTore; son, Rick Chappell; step-
lughter, Anna Duncan; two grandsons and one grand
I ..1--- 11 -C n -------I_


Doris E. Cox, 92, of St. Petersburg, Florida, Club, Massachusetts Ave, We
died December 19, 1989. She was born in Marietta, He is survived by one r
Ohio, and left the Canal Zone in 1958. She atten- Val of Richmond, VA.; fot
ded St. Bede's Episcopal Church and was a member Ford Davis, Elizabeth Ford
of the Panama Canal Society of Florida, and a mem- and Margaret Ford Partin; t
ber of N.A.R.F.E. and one great-great-nephew.
Survivors include a son, William H. Cox, of
Miami, Florida. Richard Owen Egger, Sr.
home in Tanpa, November 2:
Edna Louise Shaver de Boyrie passed away a tory arrest and artery
month after her husband, Dr. Raphael de Boyrie raised, worked and lived ii
died. She was 85. An Episcopal communion service tire life with the except
was held in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and will be country. He graduated fron
interned in her family plot in Winchester, Ont. followed by an Electrical
Panama Canal Company, staid
Cristobal Electrical Shop,
Dr. Raphael de Boyrie passed away on Sunday, Division and then the Loci
October 22, 1989, at the age of 85, in Kingston, came the Operation Superv
Ontario, Canada. to achieve that position
He iq ,lirvivud hv hi wife Rdna Shaver de Bov- ..

Beatrice (Glawson) Ferandez, 91, died Januar
5, 1990 at Presbyterian Village Nursing Home, ii
Dallas, Texas. She went to the Canal Zone fra
Texas with her parents in 1909 and left Panama ii
July, 1953, with her husband, the late Anthon,
Fernandez, retired.
Survivors are two sons, Robert A. Fernandez oj
Irving, Texas and James L. Fernandez of Dallas
Texas; four grandchildren, seven great-grandchild
ren, nieces and nephews.

William F. Grady, 87, of Lakeland, Florida,
died January 11, 1990 at Lakeland Regional Center.
Born in Wilmington, N.C., he left the Canal Zone
29 years ago where he was a retired pharmacist
with the Panama Canal Health Department with 3C
years of government service. He was a member of the
Imperial Polk Masonic Lodge; a member of the Lake-
land Masonic Memorial Team; a life member and past
president of NARFE Chapter; a member of First
Presbyterian Church, Lakeland; a life member of
the Panama Canal Society of Florida, where he was
awarded the Distinguished Service Award and was
their Legislative Representative for 17 years.
He is survived by his sister, Margaret Grad)
Weeks of Clinton, N.C.

Louis Henry Hack, 82, of Cunberland, Maryland,
died December 17, 1989, at Memorial Hospital,
where he had been a patient for three weeks. Borr
January 28, 1907 in Camden, New Jersey, he was the
son of the late Louis and Augusta (Hoffeins) Hack.
He graduated from Balboa High School, Class of
1926. He worked in the Engineering Office, Admin-
istration Building, Balboa Heights, fo 36 years.
He was a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church,
He is survived by his wife, Mary; and brother,
Elmer J. Hack of Northbrook, Illinois.

Marion L. Hannberg, 78, of Cape Coral, Florida,
died November 27, 1989 in Southwest Florida Re-
gional Medical Center. Born in Chicago, Ill., she
left the Canal Zone in 1972 where she was presi-
dent of the Emblem Club of Elks Lodge, Margarita;
past president of the American legion Auxiliar)
Unit 2, Panama Canal Zone; past president N.E.C.
Womans Department of the Panama Canal Zone, Amer-
ican Legion Auxiliary; member and past president
of Ladies Auxiliary of German-American Social Clut
of Cape Coral; and past president of Americar
Legion Auxiliary Post #90, Cape Coral.
Survivors include her husband, Arnold A. Hanr-
berg, former employee of the U.S. Corps of Engin-
eers, Ft. Davis; three daughters, Jeanette Cotherr
of Ft. Myers, Cecilia Rosemann of Chicago, Ill.,
and Arlene Lansberry of Osceola Mill, Pa.; anc
ninp oanrlrhi 1dclrprn.

Mrs Hannberg was preceded in death by her son
Frank H. Rhode.

M. Belle Henry, 97, of Zephyrhills, Florida
passed away December 7, 1989 at the home of he
daughter in Lakeland, Florida. A native of Ne
Castle, Penn., she went to the Canal Zone in 192
to be with her husband, the late William T. Henry
She was a registered nurse and an ex-Navy nurse
They lived in the Canal Zone until 1944, when he:
husband, who was in the Navy during the war, wa
transferred back to the U.S. Her husband worked al
the Dredging Division for some time during hi
stay in the Canal Zone. She was also preceded ii
death by her son, William T. Henry, Jr.
Survivors include her daughter, Helen (Peggy
Muller, and a number of nieces and nephews.

Antoinette (Toi) Baker Huff, 75, of Brevard
N.C. died January 5, 1990 in the Transylvania Com
munity Hospital following a sudden illness. Sh
was born in Ancon, Canal Zone and lived in Panam
City with her parents, Donald T. Baker, who was ii
the lumber business; her mother, Sarah E.W. Bake:
and her sister Edith. She graduated from Balboa
High School in 1933 and attended Pratt Institute
in Brooklyn, N.Y. She returned to the Canal Zoni
with her husband in 1939 and remained until hi:
retirement in 1974. She graduated from C.Z. Junior
College in 1955, and was an active member of St
Luke's Episcopal Church, Ancon, and of the P.C
Chapter of the D.A.R. of which she was Regent, an<
later was active in the Brevard Chapter, D.A.R.
Survivors include her husband, Maenner B. Huff;
a son, Donald B. Huff of New Baltimore, MI.; three
daughters, Christine Fewell of Hastings-on-Hudson,
N.Y., Edith Willoughby of Diablo Heights, Panama,
and L. Antoinette Huff of San Diego, CA.; a sister
Edith Hampel of Philadelphia, PA., and four grand-

Arthur Joe Hunt, 61, retired Army 1st Sgt. of
Fayetteville, NC., died on November 23, 1989. He
was born in Colon, Panama and was educated in the
Canal Zone schools. He served in the Army for 24
years, stationed in Japan, germany, Vietnam, Korea
and various posts in the U.S. After retirement in
1973 he was Veteran Outreach representative with
the State Eiployment Commission until 1988. He was
a member of the American Legion, Disabled Americar
Veterans and the V.F.W.
Surviving are his wife, "Lottie" Kling Hunt; a
son, Donald, both of Fayetteville; Mary Parker of
El Paso, Texas; Kay Stinson of Fairfax, VA.; and
Jessie Hunt of Yonkers, NY., and two granddaugh-

.c fg

December 21, 1989 at Paitilla Medical Center, Pan-
ama, R.P. She was born in Applewood, Pennsylvania
and came to the Canal Zone as a nurse in 1932 at
Gorgas Hospital. She was the Chief Nurse at the
Gorgas Outpatient Clinic until her retirement in
She was married to the former Consul General to
Panama, Vladimir Ishoy.

William J. Joyce, 56, of Balboa, Panama, died
on the morning of January 24, 1990, as a result of
a gunshot wound inflicted the night before by a
masked gunman robbing his home in La Boca. He had
been with the Panama Canal Company since 1957 and
was recently promoted to Chief, Finance Officer,
of the Panama Canal Commission. He was a graduate
of Balboa High School Class of 1951 and graduated
from The Citadel in 1955, after which he served in
the U.S. Army as a Company Comiander. He was Pres-
ident of the Balboa Gun Club; President of the
Panama Armed Forces Officials Association; member
of the Ft. Amador Golf Club; B.P.O.Elks Lodge
#1414, and a member of St. Mary's Church. Bill was
a sports enthusiast, refereeing in the basketball
league and had a keen interest in firearms.
Survivors include his wife, Mildred (Gibbs)
Joyce (BHS'57), three sons, William Joyce Jr.,
Kevin Joyce and Stephen Joyce, all of Balboa; and
a sister, Eileen Rowland.

John Kozar, 70, of Sarasota, Florida, died
recently. The date of death is unknown. He was
born in 1918 in Pardee, Virginia and came to this
area 25 years ago from Maybuery, W. Virginia. He
worked for the United States security forces in
the Panama Canal Zone and was an Army veteran of
World War II.
Survivors include two sisters, Julia Leskouwski
of Wenatchee, Washington, and Pearl Polascik of
Welch, W. Virginia; and a brother, Steven of

Hark Scott Kulig, 22, of Jacksonville, AL.,
passed away January 3, 1990 at the University of
Alabama Medical Center in Birmingham after a short
illness. He was a native of Decatur, GA., and a
Jacksonville resident for the past five years. He
was a senior and honor student at Jacksonville
State University majoring in computer science and
was scheduled to graduate in the spring. He also
worked weekends as a D.J. at Station WPID in Pied-
mont, AL. He was preceded in death by his mother,
Mary Nell (Lee) Kulig (CHS'61) October 30, 1988.
He is survived by his father, R. Keith Kulig,
(CHS'59) of Jacksonville, AL.; two brothers, Gor-
don of Jacksonville, and Brent of Anniston; his
paternal grandmother, Joyce (Pescod) Kulig of
Jacksonville, FL.; maternal grandmother Mrs. Clar-

grandfather, Raymond A. Kulig, Lt.Qndr. USN (Ret)
of Hudson, Florida.

Keith J. Lane, 75, of Provo, Utah, died in hi
home September 18, 1989 of heart failure, due tc
diabetes. He was born in Los Angeles, California
in 1913. He was hired by the Panama Canal Compan3
specifically for the electrical change-over front
25 to 60 cycle, arriving in December, 1951. HE
worked on all three locks and rose through thE
ranks to Locks Supervisor. He was officially re-
tired October 1975 but was rehired to develop e
plan to prevent "slop-overs" on the locks, whicl
he finished and returned to the U.S. in April,
1976. He worked as underground wireman in Bostor
Tunnel, Mass., Alaska, and Geneva Steel Plant,
Provo, Utah, where he met his wife. He worked ir
the construction of the California Aqueduct and or
other construction jobs. He was a life member of
the Masons, Balboa, Canal Zone and is a member of
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
He is survived by his wife, Lea Nielson Lane;
three sons, David L. Lane, Guy S. Lane, Kyrt P.
Lane; two daughters, Holly Laska Lane Carlson,
Susan Wilkinson Linn, both of Seattle, Washington;
16 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren; his sis-
ter, Barbara Smith, Oregon and numerous other

Dr. Paul H. Loizeaux, of Spokane, Washington,
died November 24, 1989. Ken Bassett conducted the
graveside services and delivered the eulogy at the
Memorial Service at the church. "Herb, as he was
known to most of us, enriched the lives of all he
touched. He leaves behind a host of friends whc
will remember him with love." (Gladys Lasher).
He is survived by his wife, Gloria; two sons,
Scott Herbert of Tacoma, WA., and Marc Alan of
Bakersfield, CA; five daughters, Christina Sue
Crabb of Spokane, Janna Lynn Shaw of Irvine, CA.,
Linda Kay Kimball of Spokane, Laura Ann Line of
France, and Marcia Joy Becker of Denver, CO.; 26
grandchildren; a brother, Peter St. John of San
Antonio, Texas.

Lathrop Loring, 105 years of age, died April 6,
1989 due to a fall which damaged his left eye and
the left side of his head. He was a Planner for
the Mechanical Division during World War II and
probably came to the Isthmus during the 1920's. Up
to the time of his fall, he was very active; did
his own shopping, driving and cooking. He was a
dinner guest of a neighbor a few nights before his
accident. He is sadly missed by his friends and
No survivors have been listed.

retired life in San Diego, California, died in
home of her son in Ocala, Florida on January
1990. She was the daughter of a Roosevelt
.1 holder, and the widow of Anthony Maggiori,
retired from the Locks Division after 35 years
service. She was a Life Member of the Orchid
iter of the Order of Eastern Star.
he is survived by her son, Richard Conover, of
a, Florida, and by six grandchildren.

Peggy McKenzie, wife of Sam McKenzie and for-
-y of Pedro Miguel, died October 29, 1989 in
hester, Georgia. She was Mildred Higgins aunt.

honnas J. McManus, passed away at his home in
*ra Vista, Arizona on August 6, 1989 from an
.rent heart attack during a bronchial asthma
ck. He was formerly employed by the Department
Defense in the Civilian Personnel Office in
izal, Canal Zone and retired in the mid 70's.
,as a Warrent Officer in the U.S. Army Reserve.
he only known survivor is a son, Thomas J.
nus, Jr. of Westford, Massachusetts.

aret "Marge" (Finn) Orr, 73, of Newton, N.C.
killed instantly in a car accident in Smith-
-d, Kentucky, on November 24, 1989. She was
hiding Thanksgiving weekend with her son at the
- of the accident. Other family members in the
were injured and have since been released from
hospital. Marge was the widow of the late Earl
)rr, an Industrial Chemist with the Commissary
in Cristobal. Upon retirement they moved to
:on, N.C. She was a member of Royal Palm Chap-
OES; a Red Cross volunteer, and Grey Lady at
Solo Hospital for many years.
survivorss include her daughter, Mary (Orr) Arm-
_ad, (CHS'56) of Carlisle, PA.; two sons, John
)erry, N.H. and Earl of Smithfield, KY.; five
Idchildren, seven great-grandchildren, and two
:ers, Marion (Finn) Moller of Bradenton, FL.,
Irene (Finn) Mitts of Sarasota, FL.

lernard M. Parmentier, 76, of St. Petersburg,
*ida, died December 18, 1989 at Bayfront Medi-

years or service. He was also an honorary con-
rator of the police in the Canal Zone and a
)er of the Panama Canal Society of Florida, and
boilermaker's union.
No survivors have been listed.

Florence (Glawson) Prager, 88, died December 22
9 at Presbyterian Village Nursing Home, Dallas,
as. She went to the Canal Zone from Texas, with

i her husband, the late Jerome F. Prager, Sr.
i his retirement.
survivorss are a son, Jerome F. Prager of Los
;les, California; Charlotte Prager, widow of
late son, Lewis Prager; a granddaughter, two
it-grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

.. Sybil Reisch, 71, died July 22, 1989 at Mil-
cee Medical Complex. At the time of her retire-
: in April, 1976, Sybil was a nursing super-
)r at Gorgas Hospital. She had 26 years of ser-
e. Sybil and her husband retired to their home
532 S. 3rd. Ave., Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin,
Survivors include her husband, Oliver; a son,
lard (Wanda); a daughter, Jennie (David) Jer-
; two grandchildren, Matthew and Sybil Jerger.

Evelyn Reynolds, 71, of Zephyrhills, Florida
d July 14, 1989 at Lakeland Regional Medical
ter. Born in Cumberland, Md., she came to the
. 11 years ago from the Canal Zone and was a
ired payroll clerk supervisor for the Panama
al Company, and a member of the St. Joseph
hlic Church and the Panama Canal Society of
Survivors include her husband, Edward of Zeph-
ills; a son, James of San Antinio, Texas; a
;hter, Sheila Dillow of Ft. Lauderdale; a bro-
r, James Moore Jr. of Edmonston, Md.; a sister,
ra Maruskin of Lorain, Ohio; and three grand-

;ed away on June 21, 1989.
;he is survived by her husband, Roy
,wood; a daughter, Lois L. Gibbs of
-ida; a daughter Sheila A. Schobert

Lr Jul.U J ,

H. Rice of
Lake Mary,
of Cleve-

ants Ernie and Mary Hall of Casselberry, Fla.;
ister and two granddaughters.

ary Frances Rose, 68, of Dothan, Alabama, died
jary 1, 1990 in Tampa, Florida. She was a resi-
: of Dothan for nine years and was a member of
Colunba Catholic Church. She served as a first
tenant during World War II and was s super-
or nurse at Gorgas Hospital after the war. She
a member of the Panama Canal Society of Fla.
was preceded in death by her husband, David
-les Rose, and a daughter, Genevieve Elizabeth

Survivors include four daughters, Sheila Fran-
Rose, Tampa, FL., Eileen Rose Thomas, R. of
ama, Charlene Rose Burke, Tallahassee, FL., and
lerine Rose Brooks, Atlanta, GA.; son, Michael
id Rose, Memphis, TN.; two sisters, Eileen Mur-
and Betty Aunqier, Syracuse, NY., and four
idchi ldren.


r WARaWU ilisUIl ileCU) (cOULL, OJ, Uleu suuuel
October 22, 1989 in Cocoa Beach, Florida, where
resided for the past 16 years since his retiremr
from NBC News. He was born in Reefton, New Zealc
and worked as a court reporter for the New Zeal1
newspaper the EVENING POST. After becoming a r
tional boxing champion, he left New Zealand at t
age of 21 to pursue a professional boxing care
that took him to France, and eventually to the F
public of Panama, where in 1927 he met and marri
Janice Grimison of Balboa. It was here that he r
sued his journalistic career with the PANA
AMERICAN, the Republic's English evening neu
paper. (See Letters to the Editor).
Survivors include his wife, Janice G. Scott
Cocoa Beach, FL.; sons Edward (Tinker) Scott
Fremont, CA., Richard (Dick) Scott of San Jos
CA.; daughter, Janice (Jenny) Scott-Herring
Cocoa Beach; a brother, Alan Scott of Christchur
New Zealand; nephew Thomas Grimison of Satelli
Beach, FL., and eight grandchildren.

James Frarklin Stevens, 52, of Belleview, Was
ington, lost his life November 8, 1989 in a cra
of a private plane he was flying on a busine
trip in Washington state. A sudden weather chan
caused the plane to ice-up while flying over t
Cascades. He was born in Ancon, Canal Zone in 19
and graduated as Senior Class President of Balb
High School in 1955. He attended the University
Southern California and earned a B.S degree
Mechanical Engineering-Aeronautics Sequence. Aft
joining the Air Force, he completed Jet Pil
Training at Webb AFB, Texas and served three co
bat tours in Vietnam, earning the Air Force Co
mendation Medal, eight Air Medals and two Disti
guished Flying Crosses. He retired after 20 yea
of service with the rank of Major. Upon retiree
he joined the engineering staff of the City
Seattle, and later of Bouillon, Christofferson a
Schairer in Seattle. He formed Stevens Engineeri
in 1987, becoming an expert on the Washingt
State Energy Code and traveled extensively to pr
vide training to engineers. He was enroute to
training class at the time of the accident.
date, neither he nor the plane has been found.
Jim was an active member of St. Peter's Unit,
Methodist Church and was known as an avid outdoo
man. He was an active member of the Mountainee:
He is survived by his wife, Marilynn Abreu St,
vens, (BHS'54 and UCLA'58); his parents, Elmer I
and Vera L. Stevens of Ocala, Fl.; his brother:
John B. Stevens, a retired Commander, US Navy,
Springfield, Va.; two sons, James B. from Concor
Ca., and John F. of Belleview, Wa.; a daughter'
Lori, and granddaughter Aubry Canmpbell of Bostoa

U)OL. L.larencLe A. UIKeLAVWUU, UL OL. reULeUuuiL
Florida, died May 12, 1989. He was preceded
death by his wife, Betty (Haldeman) Underwood
He is survived by three sons, Clarence Roy i
Dallas, TX., Gerald L. of Miami, FL., and Keith 1
of Seminole, FL.; two daughters, Gail B. Tudeen
N.C., and Stephanie A. Underwood of St. Petersbu:
FL., and six grandchildren.

Patsy Vandermnon, 28, of Bentonville, Arkansa.
died December 7, 1989 in Washington Medical Cent(
at Fayetteville. She was born in Coco Solo, Camr
Zone to Henry and Joyce Engelke May. She attend(
the lutheran Church and moved to bentonville fr(
Florida in 1982.
Survivors include her daughter, Lindsay Renm
Vandermoon of Bentonville; her mother of Bentor
ville; two brothers, Robert May of Dallas, Texas
and Michael May of Spring Hill, Florida; a sister
Debra Rhoden of Apopka, Florida; and her maternc
grandmother, Constance Engelke of Bentonville.

Dr. Ira W. Wiggins, 71, of Naples, Florida
died November 23, 1989. He came to the Canal Zon
in 1966 and worked in the Outpatient Department o
Coco Solo Hospital until he retired to Naples i
He is survived by his wife, Betty, of Naples
a son, Thomas Wiggins of Port Orchard, Washington
a daughter, Nancy Audley of Toronto, Ontario, Can
ada, and six grandchildren.

Donald (Don) A. Yerxa, 57, of Orlando, Floridc
died January 3, 1990, in the VA Hospital in Tampc
Florida, of respitory problems and heart failurE
He retired from the Maintenance Division of t1
Panama Canal Company with 22 years of service.
Survivors include his wife, Elizabeth; thrf
daughters, Barbara Horton, Orlando, FL., Brenc
Manning and Donna Brisky, Opelika, Alabama; ai
four grandchildren, Robyn and Rebecca Brisky aT
Marie and Jennifer Manning, all of Opelika, AL.

Waldemar R. Ziriman, of Omaha, Nebraska, die
October 7, 1989 at Omaha. He retired from the Par
ama Canal Company in October 1965 as a contrc
tower operator. Burial was at Bronx, New York
where they had lived from their retirement unti
a year before his death.
He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth of Omaha
a daughter, Caroline E. Rice of Omaha; a son
Richard A. Zirkman of Elyria, Ohio; and five grar


50th mission complete after 45 years.
August 20, 1989.
(Ed. Note: Warren's one-way flight to Linz in 1944
Warren Ludlum at the controls of B-24, resulted in their meeting over 100 enemy fighters. His
W are Llu atris," the control, of -2, plane was cut in half and he miraculously was able to
"Delectable Doris, August 20, 1989. bale out. From the time of his baling out, then taken as
After take-off, imagine my surprise when David a prisoner of war and his subsequent release is a story
offered the controls to me. I didn't have to be asked in itself. A Bomber pilot's tour was usually 25 missions.
tuieip Pnt T Inct fluw n R-gd nn Tulv '9 1Q4A nn n nnp- Wnrrpn finall rrnft in hic turn full tnirc

VOICES OF THE PAST time through Monday, her enthusiasm never
She made scrumptious ceviche and enpanada
Who would have beleived it? Deemer did it! She her mother Jan's recipes. (Note to Jan: nc
had reservations that she could pull it off; but touched the ceviche and it was definitely
with support from classmates and a lot of phone with a wooden spoon!).
calls, the 1st Annual Slunber Party of the BHS Merri Bandy lewis, Irmo, S.C. arrived Fri
Class of 1967 came off like fireworks, and we headed for the airport ij Raleigh t
One must realize that Jeanine Deemer Peters, up Erin Maloney Kiley who was arriving fror
St. Clair Shores, MI., who was not a subscriber to ford, CT., (albeit four hours late!) and ME
the Canal Record (but now is) and had no access to Walker Baccigalopi, Humble, Texas (who did
the Directory. She knew nothing about our 20th re- to arrive on time!) Karen Burch Ostrea a
union, had lost touch with her classmates because Rowe Herold, Charlotte, NC and Patsy Rot
of moving, and was snowbound for five months a Compton, Danville, VA., had arrived alrea'
year! were waiting in the airport.
Through perserverance and leaving many recorded The party began! Empanadas were put
messages on many answering machines, Jeanine man- oven, the ceviche had finished cooking, a
aged to reach 13 classmates. Everyone was in conversation, reminiscing, laughter and
agreement, we would have a slumber party to beat were to continue for two solid days. We are
the 1,001 slumber parties we all went to in the proof that 40 year-old women can stay up
Canal Zone. However, there was one stipulation: 5:00 am and still function the next day! Mc
'We would love to meet each other's terrific portantly, we all realized that 22 years la
spouses and lovely children, but this was for not too late to renew and reaffirm friendshi
ladies only. Nothing personal.. .but just ladies." We had a full weekend of fun, laughtE
(She always did want her way!) tears, but mostly laughter. Thank goodness
Where, when, how? After 200 phone calls (thank Jeanine and her burning desire to get toC
goodness for Jeanine's 800 number) Jane Wilson with friends from the past. We missed ZoE
Parvin offered her home for the party because Iowa; Mary Arenz, Arizona; Sue Halley, Missi,
there were four ladies within driving distance to Sharon Mann, Ohio, and Vicki Schoch, Califi
Rocky Mount, N.C. but fear not, the phone lines were burning
This was the birth and inception of the first our calls to them. (Besides, now that their
annual slumber party. And yes, we do have it on been mentioned pblically, they have no choib
videotape, available ONLY to those who attended to attend next year!) Eight of us have de:
(It's rated PG to R depending on the time of day plans to "pack it on" and ride our "hors
the filming was done). Out of the 13 invited; 8 Texas next year!
converged on Rocky Mount, which will never be the The director and instigator just left
same. (That's why we are having it in Texas next Mount. My empty house is quieter now, but

Wearing T-shirts wit
'67 Zonian, back, L
Compton, Merri Bandy
mer Peters. Front L
trea, Jane Wilson P
Kiley, Pam Rowe Here

after a Las Vegas vacation that wi
when Lou had a heart seizure and en
Quadruple by-pass in Valley Hospita:
Las Vegas is usually fun and games..
Lou is fine and spending his recui
3 from the back home in Atlanta remembering the
s from the
Robertson the year just passed.
Mary and Lou enjoyed July's meeting
anie see- the Panama Canal Society of Florj
urch M Oso later, on August 19, 1989, they cel

In Maloney 50th anniversary in Atlanta with frie
lle Walker
tives. Among those who gathered to r
Lou pop the champagne corks were ol
nr 'a-fr-t-11 fyicinflc' '~ t IiT. # -l A IDJ- U.t

inursaay afternoon Douncing iiKe logger. rrom r naL .naggovL) marEin, joe ana IlrKy tarcla, nil

1, Kelly Gerhart and his sister, Buttons; Frank Sunday morning I got up and fixed myself a cup
i Mary Ann Baldwin, Richard and Frede Coy, Mar- of coffee. I put the tea-kettle back on the stove
Lla (Meggars) and Mike &MNally, Barbara (Coy) to heat water when at 7:00 a.m. the current went
I Larry Sheets. off and did not come on again until almost 3:00
d p.m., an eight hour blackout.
Bobby and Carl got the charcoal grill going on
the patio in 20 temperature. While the kettle was
| heating the boys took off to a fast-food place
that had auxiliary current and came home with egg
croissants and coffee (life blood) for all. So we
had breakfast!
It was COLD. Bob has a fireplace, but there was
no wood. So again, the boys went out and came back
with wood, slightly darrp, but they did start a
fire and kept it going all day. Even so, it was
510 in the house.
ry and Louis Scigliane with their
andchildren, back L-R: Aaron Bauman,
drew Leach, Todd Bauman, Greg Leach,
n Leach. Seated L-R: Jamie Baumwnan,
uis and Mary Scigliane, Kelly Bauman.

The Robert Orvis family taken on Christ-
mas Day. Back: Nita, Bob, Lotty, Molly
and Bobby. Front: Christine, Carl, Ryan.

try and Louis with their four daughters Lotty said, "How are we going to cook the tur-
id sons-in-law. Back L-R: Henry Garcia, key?" She and Bobby went out and came home with a
?b Lane, Louis, Bill Leach, Eugene Bau- Smoker. Molly put it together and it went to work
tn. Front L-R: Janet Garcia, June Lane, on the patio and we had smoked turkey. Great!
try, Mary Leach, Louise Baumwnan. Time passed and we were hungry again, so ready-
My own family attended the reunion with me in cooked chicken wings and enpanadas were put on the
My own family attended the reunion with me in Brb and that was lunchd
_y. This was the very first reunion for Jamie Wr sayd bhatnd u n
I Aaron Bauman. We, as a group, missed the Sat- high and there were spirits.
lay night dance because we shipped out on the 'Twas a Merry Christmas!
lay cruise from Tampa to "nowhere." It was a Fran Orvis
eat experience! Sarasota FL
We're all looking forward to the reunion in
ie in Orlando. See you there!
Port Huron, MI
How is everybody? We are all fine after survi-
ving the earthquake. We were two scared people.
IE ORVIS FAMILY CHRISTMAS 1989 Our house shook for 15 seconds and we thought we
had lost it, it sounded like a train engine pas-
The Orvis family converged at the home of Bob sing through. We ran out on our patio and that
I Lotty Orvis in Daytona Beach, Florida for the floor was shaking just like jello, we had to run
ristrmas week-end. Carl and (Christine and Ryan and grab the railings. The earthquake happened at
rived Friday night, and Bobby, Molly and I 5:04 and our electricity went off until 11:15. We
ran) arrived Saturday afternoon. We had a happy sat out on the patio until 8:00 pm, and I shook
ne and that evening someone said, "It's snow- for an hour and a half, we were so scared. The
y!" We all ran out into the cold. Cars were cov- least noise or cracking we hear, we jump, and are
ed with ice and the 'snow' was sleet. Parts of still having a lot of after-shocks. I hope and
)5 and 1-4 had already been closed, pray we never go through that again!

Afterwards we had to get away, so went t
Houston to visit son Babe and family as my nerve
were really edgy. While there, we had a thunder
storm just like the Canal Zone, so no matter whei
you go, there is always something you can't wir
I may come to the Reunion this year as it i
our daughter Bonnie's class reunion.
Well, I will close for now. Keep up the goc
Josephine Marquai
Sunnyvale, CP


The last year or so have seen a lot of change
in the Tanner family situations. Marty (Marth
Irvin) retired from teaching at Curundu Jr. Hig
School just in the nick of time in June, 1988. "I
used to be a great place to live!" I went first t
Beaufort, SC. to visit with Amanda (CHS'77) and t
Hendersonville, NC., to see my sister, Elizabet
Quintero and brother, Sam (and Norma) Irvin. The
after three trips across country with my trust
traveling companion, Myrtle, a thoroughbred "J
street hound, I joined Steve in Yuba City, north
ern California, in the Sacramento Valley, goirq
over the Donner Pass in ll
the first blizzard of .
1988! We learned, to our .
delight, that California
is not all just freeways
and surfing. The Sacra-
mento Valley is a beauti-
ful agricultural area,
but its biggest boon is
being a great jumping-off
place. In a couple of
hours we could go east up
into the Sierras, Lake
Tahoe, Reno and such, or
south to the Wine Country
the Delta, and San Fran- *
cisco. We were in San
Francisco just before the i C"4
earthquake, and we saw
Flo Olsen in Napa, went *
to the Renaissance Fairre Marty and Steve
and to a Crawdad Fesival.
A few hours going north saw us in the Redwoo
Country, a Shakespeare Festival just over the bor
der in Oregon, and the lumber country of Eureka
where Tita (Marta Tanner CHS'81) and Gary (Maso
BHS'80) were living.
In July 1989, Tita and Gary visited us in Y.C
on their way back east after Gary got out of th
Coast Guard. They are living in Orlando now, where
Tita is in a management-training program wit
Radio Shack and Gar is finishing his electric
engineering degree.
We haven't seen Ed (1st Lt. Edward W. Tanner

USMC) in a while as he is still in Okinawa havir
many adventures, but he is planning on coming t
the Reunion in Orlando this year. All the Tanners
are planning on that, including Donald (CHS'77
and Amanda.
Steve and flew back to N.C. for a family re
union at Thanksgiving and Amanda and Conway's wed
ding, on Steve's first visit to the Smokey Mount
ains and he fell in love. We bought a cottage ou
in the country in a stand of pines, returned t
California to pack up, and came back here around
the turn of the year. Our new address is: Rt. 6
Box 106, Hendersonville, NC 28792. But steve i
making a sign with the real name of our place
FARSWEGO FARM. That's an old Scandanavian wor
meaning "we're going to spend many happy year
here and hope all our friends will come to visi
with us."
Marty Tanne
Hendersonville, N'


Dear Sir:
I am writing you to ask the Canal Record an
members of the Panama Canal Society for your as.
distance in my search. The following is my quest.
I have been searching for 9 years to locate
anyone who was assigned to the Panama Air Depot
anyone attached to Albrook AFB and Paitilla air-
port from 1942 to 1945 and later.
My reason is that I am searching for a one-of-
a kind airplane that was assigned to the USAA]
during WWII and was designated as the UC-92. Ii
was a Funk Airplane manufactured by Funk Aircrafi
at Coffeyville, KS., in 1942. I am in search oi
anyone who might have taken a photograph of thi
aircraft in military dress while in the service o:
our country. If a photograph is located, I wil
make a copy and send it to Maxwell AFB, USAF His-
torical Museum archives and I will retain a cop1
for our association files (Funk Aircraft Owner!
In addition, after being sold as surplus ii
1945, the aircraft was registered as RX-33, Pana-
manian registry, and used at Paitilla Airport as
a personal aircraft and student trainer. I am als(
searching for anyone, or leads, who may know what
happened to this aircraft, and who may know wherE
it is today, or the last known owner or disposi-
I have been in contact with former FBO person-
nel in Panama, and our FAA, and a David A. Lewis
who was employed at PAD, but have not had any suc-
cess to date.
Any and all leads who may have knowledge ol
this aircraft would be appreciated. One Lt. Sawyei
a USAAF pilot was located who flew this aircraft
during WWII and supplied his flight log, but has

no photographs of the aircraft in military dress.
This is a last ditch effort to locate photo-
graphs and disposition of this aircraft. It is
hoped that the Panama Canal Society may have sonx
members who may have been interested in aviation
and may provide answers to my quest.

Louis Chap
Vice President, Funk Aircraft Owner's Assn., His-
torian and Researcher.
2530 lone St
Sacramento, CA 9582:
(916) 489-443:

care of our little poodle, Missy, 1 years old
which was given to us by Beverly in 1988 when sh
was only 8 weeks old. We don't travel much as w
did a few years ago. I guess age is creeping up o
all of us. We will see you at the Reunion in June

Jim and Dorothy Bryan
Tampa, FL


A I ... I- ... .r I I

in special investigations Section-Nar
Some other ex-Zonians in the Depart
Serig and Ozzie Austin.
My son, Stephen, who lives with m
Shore) in South Carolina, graduate
school in June and is now eoing to tt

y mom (Lorna
J 4- L-- l

iarTOiina AIKpnTI CTIrnilIS. lHP n;

My daughter, Sandi, who lives at home, is work-
ing in Cutler Ridge. She's the mechanic of the
family loves working on old cars her favorite
being old Mustangs.
My sister, Charlen, works for Dade County. San-
dra, my youngest sister, is married to a City of
Miami Police officer and they have a 6 year-olc
son, Adam.
Am hoping to get to the Pan Canal Reunion of
Diane LeBlana
Princeton, FL.


During the month of November, Jim and Dorothr
Bryant of Lake Carlton Arms, Tampa, had as their:
guests Dorothy's sister and brother-in-law, Beula
and Elton Dunken of Grant's Pass, Oregon. Also
our daughter, Beverly and husband, Warren, of Way
nesville, N.C., came for a week-end visit. It ha
ben almost nine (9) years since Beverly had see
her aunt Beulah and we all had a lot to talk abou
hearing all the news about the rest of the fam
ily in Oregon. We celebrated with a tradition
Thanksgiving dinner while they were all here.
Jim is playing golf again and enjoying it ver
much. Dorothy is busy running errands and takin;

Letting everyone express their view was simply he:
In sharing her opinions, she gave a lot of though
Offering great insight that so many of us sought.

She had a wonderful sense of humor,
And a smile that you couldn't ignore.
A woman of compassion, strength, and patience,
who loved and lived her life without pretense.

Kandi, thanks for all you've done and for beinr
the person you were.
All who were privileged enough to know you ar
sure to concur.
You brightened our world more than we can say.
May the Lord bless you, we surely pray.

Mrs. Helin was killed the latter part of Decembe:
in Panama, and this memorial was written by he:
former neighbors;

Chris, Evey, William, Bryan, Stephen Dishoq
Merritt Island, Fl

i -

Health Bureau friends get together foi
an evening of fun at the home of Li,
Beall in Largo. L-R: Virginia Lee, Li;
Beall, Barbara Stover, Mary Egolf.


Bill More is still in Panama most of the tir
with Agromarina (a subsidiary of Granada Corp. wA
bought their interests from Ralston Purina). Bi:
is V.P. of Granada Mariculture. Betty More is
real estate saleswoman with Caldwell Banker/Blac
and Cannon in Crystal River, Florida. They lei
Panama as a family in 1981 after 8 years.
Russell More is currently working for Dow Cher
ical as a computer programmer. He has his degrE
from the University of Houston in Computer Scienc
and his wife Leigh Ann is with American Capitc
(an investment firm) and is supervisor in stocks
She has her degree from Aubirn in Internationr
Lance More is a Junior at Wabash College i
Indiana. However, he will be attending Universit


Susarne Mitten Corrigan and Larry Corrigan, w
are making their home in Tallahassee, just r
turned from a 10-day trip to beautiful Guatamal
Upon their return, Sue stayed a week in Miami a
visited her old friend from Panama, Cathy Atti
and her family and triplets. What gorgeous babi
they have.

the U.S



Enclosed is a picture of my brothers and me
a Brown/Smith family reunion held at the home
James G. Brown in Houston, Texas, October 18,
1989. From left to right:


Theodore E. Brown, Pilot on the Canal; Peggy Broi
Smith, widow of F. Harvey Smith, P.C. Electric;
Division; James G. Brown, (not a P.C. employee
Allen S. Brown, Gatun Locks Machinist.


My dad, Edward W. Scott, 85, better known
Ted, of Cocoa Beach, Florida, died suddenly 0(
tober 22, 1989. (More in With Deep Sorrow).
As is often the case when a clan gathers to b:
farewell to the "old guard," most of us were ab
to be in the same place at the same time.
My mom, Janice Grimison lives in Cocoa Bead
where she has provided us with the opportunity i
be near the beach since her retirement from Panar
Canal in 1965. My oldest brother, Ed (Tinker
lives in Fremont, California with his wife, Cher
and son, Reece. Ed's oldest son, Edward, is an ai
torney in San Francisco, while his daughter,
Heather, following in her grandfather's footstep!

JIJ--Il 1 L .. JLJ&.LlL W11JI J L JL L. I L L_ I IUl

Bernice "Bunny" Billison, upon the passing awz
of her husband, Russ or "Bill," is preparing
'"Life Sketch" for the grandchildren.
She asks that if any or their friends/membei
who remember them way back then, who would like t
share any pictures or memories that she could us
for her book, would be greatly appreciated.
Russ passed away November 19, 1989 after a lor
illness. Her address is: 7281 Pontiac Circle

achievements. Geoffrey is a student at LeTournr
University, Longview, Texas, and still has h:
sights set on the aviation industry, not havii
had his spirits dampered by emergency landing h:

mer. After being extricated from the mud by some
very surprised farmers, both pilot and plane con-
tinued their flight, uneventfully, back to Texas.
Brian is an air traffic controller in the Air
Force assigned to the 401st Tactical Fighter Wing,
Torrejon AFB, near Madrid, Spain where he and his
wife, Alice Seyrayani (of Brussels, Belgiun) will
be living for the next three years.
I plan to live in Cocoa Beach and adjust to
being in one place for a while, having just re-
turned from Belgium (where I thoroughly enjoyed
living 1-hour from France, 45-minutes from the
Netherlands, and 2 hours from Luxembourg and Ger-
many), and, I might add, enjoying seeing "real"
dependable sunshine once again.
Janice Scott-Herring
Cocoa Beach, FL


With my oppressed and bleeding heart and in my
absence; memories of my dear country come to me.
All I can see is ruins and destruction, a zoo of
wild animals, the smell of blood, the hunger, the
pain. In the name of God I pray for miracles; for
Him there are no impossible and with Him we will
conquer the Dragon (Manuel Antonio Noriega). My
dear country, where I saw the first light of my
existence, even tho I am so far from you, I suffer
and cry for your sorrow; my heart bleeds for you
day and night. One day I know there will be calm-
ness and the rainbow of peace will shine again; it
will cover the villages, the seas, the palm trees.
On that day I will go back to my country for a
visit; I will kneel and kiss the soil with rever-
ence and love; and I know I will hear again the
tamborines playing the hymn of peace.
Translated from the poem "Con el Alma Triste" by
Antonia I. Simsn
Clearwater, FL
November, 1988

Gamboa Girls, neighbors and friends from
the early 40's. L-R: Mabel Cooke, Arden
Lou Cooke O'Daniel, Jane Hearne Krajcz-
nski, Molly Cooke Forrest, Judy Hearne
Martin, during a party in Stafford, VA.

This watch fob(?) was given to Chris
Skeie of Seminole, FL., by his father,
Christian S. Skeie." It depicts a steam
shovel on the front, with real gravel
taken from Gaillard Cut. The obverse
reads: "The material contained herein
was excvated at the Panama Canal. Built
by U.S.A. May 4, 1904 Jan 1, 1915.
Approximate cost $375,000,000. This
item was patented in May, 1913. Can any-
one provide more information?


We had a very eventful Christmas this year. Mom
and dad arrived in Houston on December 22 to icy
roads ansd snow. On December 23, the temperatures
were down to 9 Our pipes froze and broke in
several places. Half of Houston was without water.
We were lucky because, although we didn't have
water, my brother Guy lives only 5 minutes away
and he had water, so we spent a lot of time there.
While mom and dad were here we all went to see the
Houston Oilers get beat.

Noel Gibson, Kyle, with Christopher and
John Lopez, Trudy Gibson.
Christmas day was cold but we all enjoyed our-
selves. The following day, dad and Guy came over
to our house to help John fix our pipes. Mom and
dad stayed til after New Years and then headed
back to Florida. Probably to enioy a Rood nights

sleep, because they were at Guy and Teresa's house
with their new daughter, Vivian Ashley, and als
at John and Kyle's house with their new sor
Christopher Michael.
They were both very happy to show their grand
parents that they could cry with the best of then
Kyle Gibson-Lope
Houston, Texa


Leo and Charlotte Cagley of Tucson, Arizona
visited their son and family of Marc Cagley, c
Mesa, Arizona for Thanksgiving. Marc was born i
Gorgas Hospital in 1955. Marc and Jerill's tv
daughters, Rachel and Holly are shown in the phot
together with grandpa and grandma.

Leo and Char Cagley with Rachel and Hol
ly Cagley.


Plans are being formed, stock being invested i
AT&T with the 'hundreds' of phone calls being mad,
in an attempt to find all you 1960 TIGERS! (Se,
'Where Are You" column) To date, super-sleuth Mik
and Company have managed to track down about 70
of our class with everyone saying they are goinr
to make plans for attending this year's reunion
for sure. For many of you, this will be the firs
one you've ever attended!
The really fun part of trying to locate every-
one has been not only the success we've had but
reminiscing with all of you getting current a
what has been happening in your lives in the las
30 years and re establishing old friendships. ,
few of us got together at the Space Coast Picnii
in Titusville, FL., last October for a "mini-re-

Hopefully those of us located in and around ti
Maryland area can get together for a cook-out
etc. this May at my place.
Mike and I will be sending out a newsletter t
everybody with our reunion plans and a mailir
list of the class sometime in March.
Joni Smit
Gaithersburg, N


I grew up in the Canal Zone while my dad, Davi
Baglien was a teacher/counselor at Balboa Hig
School and Canal Zone College. I also met my hus
band, Dr. Gary A. Dauson in the Canal Zone when h
spent two years there doing research on marmoset
for his Ph.D dissertation. We've been in Michiga
for 13 years now.
I teach elementary school in nearby Charlott
while Gary works for Consumers Power Co. in Jack

Gary Damson with Evan (4) and Julie Bag
lien with Ethan (2).
We have two young sons, Evan (4) and Ethan (2)
and expect a third around April 1.
Although Gary is a Michigan native and love,
this climate, I'm still not sure about it. Ironic-
ally, I remember Mr. Ron Cappon, my BHS America
History teacher, praising the state of Michigai
during class lectures but note that while I'i
here, the Cappons have retired elsewhere!
Julie J. Baglie
Onondaga, M

Next Deadline

(Must be in by)

April 25, 1990


The late Ted Scott's (see With Deep Sorrow)
INREADY," with its familiar Don Quixote de la Man-
.ha mounted on his aged horse, Rocinante, lancing
it a windmill, was extremely popular among its
readers. Its social and political content covered
aspects of local daily life and people, as well as
opics of international importance. Ted was an
interestingg and flamboyant character, as were the
any people he met casually or interviewed profes-
;ionally and wrote about, to include: (Carles
,indberg on his historic airmail flight to Panama;
ir Winston Churchill, who had him thrown off a
rain in New York; President Franklin D Roosevelt;
'resident Jose "Pepe" Figueres of Costa Rica;

,ne next -) years. uuruig wwIi Lol InL&ai-, ni,
ias deported from Panama by President Arnulfo
trias and its pro-Nazi government, where upon Ted
worked throughout North and Central America for
BSC (British Security Coordination) collaborating
rith the OSS (U.S. Office of Strategic Services).
lis position as Vice-President of TACA, the Hondu-
rian airline, owned by fellow New Zealander, Low-
All Yerex, served as his cover. During this en-
leavor, he met and worked with Sir William Steph-
nson (better known by his code-name INTREPID), to
establish Camp X on Lake Ontario, opposite Roches-
:er, New York, where Brits and Americans collabor-
ited, recruited and trained for covert operations
iimed at defeating the Nazi movement in Europe.
Their friendship endured until Sir William's death
nd it is regretable that neither lived another
rear to see the destruction of the Berlin Wall,
and the overwhelming demonstrations against poli-
:ical opression around the world.
When the war ended, Ted returned to Panama and
resumed writing for the PANAMA AMERICAN for a
short time before establishing residence in Hava-

na, utua, were ne continued to write nis iNifK-
ESTING IF TRUE column for the daily English news-
paper there, THE HAVANA POST. In 1959, Ted was
arrested by Fidel Castro for counter-revolutionary
activity, and released rather than executed, for
in fact, he had continued to perform ad hoc in-
telligence assignments in Cuba for the U.S. and
British governments. He said, "it was due to the
persistence of the British ambassador, who kept a
noisy vigil at my cell door until he succeeded in
assurring my release and safe departure by plane
to New York, or I wouldn't have survived to tell
you about it." Having had a long association with
NBC News from the early 1950's as a stringer, Ted
now pursued this aspect of his career full-time.
He roamed Latin America and the Caribbean before
returning to Panama once again in 1962. He wrote
his column for two more years for the interest and
benefit of its English-speaking readership, mainly
those Zonians who dedicated their careers to the
successful operation of the Panama Canal. Ted left
Panama for the last time in January 1964 during
the heat of the anti-American flag-burning demon-
strations, having been declared 'persona non
grata' for an expressed pro-U.S. position.
Two days immediately prior to the outbreak of
the Six Days War, Ted was assigned to Cairo, Egypt
where he stayed representing NBC and making daily,
on-the-spot newscasts for six years! Being a New
Zealander, he was allowed to remain in Cairo years
after Americans had become unwelcome, indeed when
many of his journalistic colleagues had been in-
terned in Egypt.
After retiring to Cocoa Beach in 1973, Ted
spent much of his time fishing with a cast net and
teaching anyone willing to learn his favorite
sport (particularly his grandchildren and their
friends), and kept in touch with his former news
colleagues. Although he spent his last years
living in the U.S. and most of his life supporting
pro-american sentiment around the world, he was
always at heart "a blown away Kiwi!"
NOTE: My dad was not known to have a 'low profile'
and I'm sure many of the readers of the Canal Rec-
ord have stories pertaining to a particular inci-
dent or long-association with him that we haven't
heard, or if we have, would enjoy hearing about
them again. I would appreciate it very much if you
would take the time to share them with me. Please
write to:

Janice Scott-Herring
119 West Alachua Lane, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931.
Tel. (407) 783-4316

--7 -00

Where Are You'



Send addresses to: Bea Gumn, 545 Moss, Paso Rc
California 93446.


If you know any of the above, and address
or telephones, please contact:
Mike McBride Joni (Page) Smith
1860 N.E. 142nd St. #7-F 418 Girard St. #T-1
North Miami, FL 33181 Gaithersburg, MD 2087
(305) 947-9048 (301) 869-4666
'New Address.


My name is Elizabeth Webb. I am making inc
ies as to information on my mother's family
lived in the Canal Zone from the early 1920's
til possibly the 1950's. My grandfather was
Earnest Pearre (born 1888) and my grandmother
Mary Elizabeth Keyes Pearre believed born in ]
Would you have any information on them? John
rre worked as a machinist on submarines for
U.S. Government and I believe they lived in B&
C.Z. I have a P.O. Box 482 Balboa, C.Z. listE
a letter written in 1936, the year my grandmot
Mary Elizabeth Keyes Pearre died. I know my nme
graduated from Balboa High School in 1935
worked at Gorgas Hospital as a registered nt
I have found out that John Pearre continue
live in the C.Z. after his daughter (my mot
Annie Elizabeth Pearre returned to the U.S
marry E. Norman Webb in Missouri in 1946. A
she got older she was called Anne Webb but mos
her C.Z. friends know her as Arnie Pearre. I
also been told that grandmother Mary Pear
father lived with them in the C.Z. and I have
a slight idea what his names was. It may be
liam Keyes or D.P. Keyes. Would you have an)
formation on him?
I am hoping to find any information which
A lead me to relatives on the side of my mot
Because John and Mary Lived in the C.Z., they
touch with relatives in the U.S. and I have r
known them. My mother died in 1982, never knc
that she had any relatives living besides her
mediate family and I wish to locate anyone i
all possible.
Elizabeth A.
300 Beech
Little Rock, AR 7
(501) 666-2252
(501) 372-7865



Please send any of the above addresses to:
Jackie (Whitlock) Werbrouck, 1309 South Sprint
Mishawaka, IN 46544.

A Aa

998 West Miss
San Diego,
(619) 4

ame: Organ


SEPTEMBER 28, 29, 30, 1990
Bay Drive

* ***** ** ** **
RIDAY, Sept. 28 11:00 8:00 REGISTRA
ATURDAY, Sept. 29 8:30 am- Golf Tournam
9:00 4:00 REGISTRAT
6:00 8:00 pm No Hos
8:00 1:00 am Danc
No Host B
UNDAY, Sept 30 10:00 am REGISTRATI,
10:30 1:00 BREAKFAS'
Dancing t

OM & MARION RICE 213-662-0547; RAE DONAI

)UYNES of Panama
S* ** *** +**** **
). Mail checks to: Panama Canal West
115, Oceanside, CA 92054. Make checks

.akfast: $12.00 per person
ile of 10 @ 10% discount $315.00
:er Sept. 18: $39.00
:akfast @ $12.00
:al enclosed:
phonen: ( )

IN AND OPEN BAR. (Hospitality Suite)
- Tecolote Canyon Golf Course, $18.00
AND OPEN BAR. (Bring your favorite

iar and Dinner Ballroom
to the music of TITO MOUYNES.
Raffle, Lottery, etc.
- Ballroom.
10:30) Film or Talk. Raffle, Lottery,
iusic by TITO MOUYNES.

VID LANE 619-434-9710; KEN & CELINE
-927-2908; DAVID HOLLOWELL 619-424-5704;





The BHS-CHS Index provides a ready reference
7-n- f-i4--A -An f.1 rvlj -i m Tt- iC nrannim7.C(

The BHS Class of 1943 will have a reunion ,
June 21, 1990 at the Delta Court of Flags Hotel
conjunction with the Panama Canal Society Reuni<
in Orlando, Florida.
Classmates and friends are invited to oi
afternoon get-together and an evening dinner. Co:
of these events is $25.00 per person. Be on tl
lookout for a registration letter from Erne
"Bud' Pierce. Deadline for registration is June
1990. For further information please contact:
Ernest "Bud" Pierce Betty Chan Snow
143 Woodbury Drive 247 Sunatran Way #37
Dayton, OH 45415 Clearwater, FL 34623
(513) 277-5288 (813) 799-4769

f 45TH FOR '45

send a self-addressed envelope to Conrad S Horine, held in conjunction with the Panama Canal Socie
16136 Lassen St., Sepulveda, CA 91343. of Florida's 1990 Reunion in Orlando, Fla. Jt
There is no charge for your listing. The Rec- 21st through 25th.
ord will announce publication of the new Index. Mannie Quintero will be sending out cards
Its cost will be nominal, test your interest. Please reply as soon as pc
sible as planning takes time and the more time
-------------------- --------- have, the better reunion we can plan for you.

S Next Deadline watch your mailbox and reply promptly.
Next Deadline !____

>e in oy)
5, 1990

The Cristobal High
I friends, have scheduled
- cruise aboard the Gmrc
22 from 11:00 am to 3:OC
qnnrc.q unvilnhlp. arlt-n

ungj I.J-I u Ju i rn nrini vLI\JI\ I IL ILunv In -fj4.j)U hnich includes cruise, iuncn, tax ana gra
uity. Round trip chartered bus to cruise will
The 50th anniversary Class Reunion of the BHS $8.00 Total cost: $42.50 each.
Class of 1940 will be held at the Holiday Inn, There will also be a Happy Hour for the cla
Dothan, Alabama, on March 29, 30, and 31, 1990. and friends on Saturday, June 23 from 3:00 5:
Cost per person is $35.00 which includes regis- pm. at the Court of Flags. See you at the Reunio
tration fee, a Deli Buffet on the 29th and a Ban- Contact:
quet Buffet and music on the 31st. For those who
wish to golf, tee times will be arranged at the Leona S. Snedeker Hugh Hale
Olympia Spa Golf Resort. The BHS Classes of 1939 127 Cypress Circle 101 Waterwood Dr.
and 1941 are invited to celebrate with us. Reser- Lake helen, FL 32744 Yalaha, FL 34797
vations should be made no later than March 15. The (904) 228-0022 (904) 324-3406
Holiday Inn at 3053 Ross Clark Circle, S.W. is
holding rooms at a special rate until that time.
They require a credit card number or check for BHS '49ERS
$38.00 for the first night of lodging, and that
should be mailed directly to the Holiday Inn. HELP!! HELP!! As we are having our '49 Cl
Other reservations and check should be sent to Reunion in June (along with the BHS Class of '
BHS Class of 1940, Louise Hunt, 2810 Evans Drive, CHS Class of '49 and CHS Class of '50), in cc


I am missing a lot of addresses of our classmates. numbers, and most urgently send addresses or clues
I have received a good response so far and am as to the whereabouts of any 1955 classmates not
hoping I get better after the holidays. I need the members of the Panama Canal Society. If you know
addresses listed in the "Where Are You? column, of any such classmates, encourage them to join the
and I would appreciate any help I can get. Send to Society for all it offers and to reunite with old
Bea Gumnn, '49 Reunion Coordinator, 545 Moss, Paso friends. With a little dedication and hard work,
Robles, CA 93446. a joint reunion of 150-200 classmates is possible.
Write to your respective BHS or CHS representative
r H CHS-BHS 1947-54 "CONJUNTA"( immediately

DATE: JUNE 22, 1990 7a
TIME: 2:00 4:00 P.M. Joan Hensler Toscar Bill Price
LOCATION: EMPIRE ROOM 6181 Yellowstone Dr. 7321 Wickford Dr.
DELTA COURT OF FLAGS Daytona Beach, FL 32019 Alexandria, VA 22310-4214
Thanks to the grand response, our "CONJUNTA" is Bob Zub Joe Wood (BHS'55)
definitely scheduled! All CHS-BHS 1947-54 class- 1106 Oropesa Ave. PSC Box 2472
mates, friends, guests, teachers and classmates Orlando, FL 32807 APO llami, FL 34002
from previous years are invited to join us.
Jackie ('Whitlock) Werbrouck BHS CLASS OF 1960
1309 South Spring Street
Mishawaka, IN 46544 The BHS Class of 1960 will hold its 30th re-
(219) 255-8279 union on June 21, 1990 at the Delta Court of Flags
in conjunction with the Panama Canal Society Re-
union in Orlando. Cost of the event is $35.00 per
BHS-CHS CLASS OF 1949-50 REUNION person and payment must be received by March 30,
1990. Please make your reservations and send your
Your Reunion Committee has been advised by the check to: Eileen Cox Cobwell, 639 Honeysuckle Ln.,
Twin Towers Hotel, Orlando, that the construction Severna Park, MD 21146. (301) 647-2630.
of their Convention Center will not be completed
in time for the 1990 Panama Canal Society Reunion
next June. CHS CLASS OF 1960
Because of this construction delay, the loca-
tion of our Class Reunion has been changed. In- REMINDER: Our 30th class reunion will be held
stead of taking place in the Reunion Hall of the in conjunction with the Panama Canal Society of
Twin Towers Hotel as originally planned, our Re- Florida reunion. For further information please
union will be held in the EMPIRE ROCM of the DELTA contact:
COURT OF FLAGS. The Delta Court of Flags is with-
in walking distance (one block) of the Twin Towers Mike McBride Joni (Page) Smith
Hotel. The change of location is the ONLY CHANGE 1860 N.E. 142nd St. #7-F 418 Girard St. #T-1
being made from our original reunion schedule. North Miami, FL 33181 Gaithersburg, MD 20877
We look forward to seeing you on June 21, 1990. (305) 947-9048 (301) 869-4666
Bea (Reyes) Gumn Joan (Powell) Arndt C9
545 Moss Ave. 50 Harcourt
Paso Robles, CA 93446 Akron, OH 44313
(BHS-1949) (BHS-1950) Our 30th Class Reunion is in the planning stage
Jackie (. Iitlock) Werbro\k _for the 1991 Panama Canal Society Reunion. We need
Jadaie (hitlock) Werbrouck
1309 South Spring Street your help in locating our former classmates. Any
Mishawaka, IN 46544 one interested in helping organize and plan for
our reunion send your expression of interest, cur-
rent address, and phone number. If anyone knows
the addresses of other classmates, please let us
BHS/CHS CLASS OF 1955 REUNION hear from you. For further information contact:

A joint BHS/CHS '55 reunion celebrating our Shirley (oeau) Hlda (aborie) Bosemn
35th graduation anniversary is in the planning 239152nd t N 379 Avenda Abetas
St. Petersburg, FL 33710 San Jose, CA 95123
stages, which will take place during the Panama
Canal Society reunion in Orlando during June 21-25 Louise (Allgaier) Barkley
1990. We need your help immediately. Send your 5490 68th Lane #D
expressions of interest, current addresses, phone St. Petersburg, FL 33709

SCHS CLASS OF 1962 Cost of the event is $30.00 per pei
ment must be received by March 15, 1:

other names and addresses of former classmates yo
may have. Need help! Contact: Edna G. Foster, 154
Pawnee St., Orange Park, FL. 32065. 904-276-5543.


Our 25th Class Reunion will be held in conjunc-
tion with the Annual Panama Canal Society Reunion
in Orlando, FL., June 21, 22, 23, 1990.
Our Dance is at 7:00 p.m. on June 22 at "Las
Perlas Inn." For reservations, call 1-800-327-2114
and ask for special rates for the MBS '65 Reunion
by May 14, 1990.
Cost per couple is $50 and $30 for single. Send

%1,,% % -nJj% uI -uJ J 1\LUI*UIi
The Cormittee has offered to contact as many
'65 CHS grads as possible to plan and coordinate
our 25th class reunion. We need the names, addres-
ses and phone numbers of our classmates. Mons,
Dads, brothers and sisters please help us locate
As soon as we have your address we will send
you all the info there is to date. If you have any
suggestions or can help in any way, we sure could
use it. Let's make it "one to remember!"
Carla (Chambers) Spafford Fred J. Ryan, Jr.
2915 Bristol 620 Mockingbird Lane
Denton, TX 76201 Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
(817) 382-7138 (407) 682-3530


The BHS-CHS Class of 1970 will hold their 20th
year reunion on June 21, 1990 at the Delta Court
of Flags Hotel in conjunction with the Panama
Canal Society Reunion in Orlando. Florida.

See "Where Are You?" for names of those whose
packets have been returned due to wrong address.

*j0CHS CLASS OF 1971

We are organizing our 20th year reunion! Please
send us your names, addresses and phone numbers so
that we can contact you. Anyone with knowledge of
the whereabouts of our classmates and friends,
please drop us a line and let us know.
Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, friends,
we need your help. Thanks.
John Martin Chris (Bailey) Pbtt
1301 W. Meadgreen Dr. 5474 Bellefield Drive
Austin, TX 78758 Theodore, AL 36582
(512) 836-8719 (205) 653-7458
Hila (Lyman) Hanly
2921 Sycamore Springs Dr. #190
Kingwood, TX 77339-1303
(713) 360-4067

CHS 1975 Class Reunion

Party party party June 22 at some as yet unknown
restaurant in Orlando (Maurie is doing the leg work).
Trust us. Please get in touch even if you can't make it, so
we know your address. Be there or be square. Margaret
Kienzle (703) 524-1242 or 1225 N. Pierce St., #505,
Arlington, VA 22209. Fax (202) 477-1569.


pictures of classmates or school related activi-
ties, please forward them to me. The pictures will
be used in conjunction with our upcoming 10-yeai
reunion next year in Orlando. Any pictures submit-
ted will be returned promptly. Susan Kelleher,
12602 Forest Lane Dr. #1004, Tampa, FL 33624.


fe are beginning to make plans for our 10th
lion. Please send your address and addresses of
!r classmates you may have to: ]
Margaret Bivin
3517 Normandy Ave. Apt. 3
Dallas, Texas 75205

-. BHS CLASS OF 1981

le are beginning to make plans for our 10-year

'lease contact us if you are interested or if
have addresses of other classmates.
issa (Knoop) Thacker Stacey (Follett) Stilley
S.W. 305th St. 11726 Quailbrook
!ral Way, WA 98023 San Antonio, TX 78253
5) 941-7006 (512) 679-6201


Che Panama Canal Society of Arizona will hold
Spring 1990 luncheon-meeting at the Sunland
on Interstate 10 near Arizona City, on Satur-
, April 7, 1990. The no-host bar will open at
X) a.m. and the hot and cold buffet will be
ved at 12:00 noon, in the Copper Room.
rhe cost of the luncheon will be $7.00 per per-
, which includes tax and gratuity, payable by
ii 1. Send checks or money orders (payable to
Panama Canal Society of Arizona) to Mrs. Bev-
y Fraim, Secretary/Treasurer, 445 N. Wilmot
?, Tucson, AZ 85711.
Directions: Drive north on I-10 to exit just
-h of the 1-8 junction, marked "Sunland Gin
I." The Inn is visible from I-10 on the east
a of the Interstate. If driving south on I-10,
s the 1-8 junction and take next exit just
th of 1-8 and cross under to the east side of
3. The Inn is on Sunland Gin Road on your left.


anyone interested in throwing a few gutter
s and socializing with friends, call Dot and
Herrington, 796-8120. Dot and Bob have volun-
ed to organize a Panama Canal Society Bowling

Lne rier nextz co uoc weDoDs senior uiLizen's

rhe food served from the beautiful buffet with
orted desserts is always a delight. The Club's
:sphere overlooking Tampa Bay is a great place
our members to enjoy the afternoon.
A fashion show is programmed, displaying men's
women's clothing, so pick out your new reunion

rhe cost is $14.50, tax and gratuity included.
nust have a minimum of 100 members attending.

i1 Ly DotaLt:I.L- LP


Approx. 3Wx1" (1/20th page) is $4.00. 1/5 page
is $16.00, Half page $40.00. Full page $80.00.
Write for CO4VERCIAL AD RATES, (Businesses).

ORIENTAL CHINESE Edited by Victor H. Krulak
RESTAURANT Lieutenant General, USMC (Ret.)

Wanted: Looking for ex-Gamboa residents. I am corn- UNITED STATES STRATEGIC INSTITUTE
piling the history of Gamboa and would like to PUBLISHING OFFICE
contact anyone who has lived in Gamboa. Write to P.O. BOX 618, KENAORE STATION
DIkma Gillis, PSC Box 926, APO Miami, FL 34002.

IA -- A!- 9-- A---- T0---- -A--

State Certified -

Low Rates
A/C and Heating Inspections
Complete Systems Bryant Dealer
No Overtime Rates "TI

following: 1969 3 books; 1972 8 books; 198;
40 books; 1983 33 books; 1984 3 books; 198'
38 books, 1986 15 books. ALL BALBOA HIGH! $30.
each. Send checks to: Mrs. Joyce Hanson, Yearbx
Sponsor, Balboa High School, DODDS Panama Regic
APO Miami, FL 34002-0005.
Wanted to buy in good condition "Rails Across 1
Isthmus," "Maid in Panama" any Sue Core book, $i
50, or trade for Tivoli Guest House silverwai
one piece for one book. Jean Flynn Stough, 8t
Bold Forbes, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78006. My tel

licensed Insured

SChristopher J. Holt Owner
(813) 938-8494 (Anytime)
1421 Pilgrim Drive
Holiday, FL 34690
;mart Bet" Former Zonian

Anyone interested in a pictorial record of OPE
ATION JUST CAUSE, please contact Kevin, belc
Packet includes 24 ea. 8" x 10" black and whi
photos with captions. Cost is $53.00, incluc
postage. Kevin Jenkins, (Official P.C.C. Phot
grapher), PAC 227, P.O. Box 37301, Washington,

FOR SALE: Seal of the Canal, counted cross stit
and needlepoint kits. Cross stitch is $15 p]
$1.50 for shipping. Needlepoint is $27 plus $2.
for shipping. Jeanne Wheeler, 12504 Wild Turi

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