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Canal record
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Canal record (St. Petersburg, Fla.)
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Canal rec. (St. Petersbg. Fla.)
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v. : ill. , ports. ; 22-28 cm.
Panama Canal Society of Florida
Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
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St. Petersburg, Fla
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five issues yearly
completely irregular


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Periodicals -- Panama Canal (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Description based on: Vol. 10, no. 4 (Nov. 1976); title from cover.

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University of Florida
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JUNE 1981

NO. 2

VOL. 15

President's Message ............................................... .2
From the Secretary ................. ........................ 2
Editor's Lines ............... .. ........................ .2
Legislative Report ............... .... ... ...... ................. 4
Minutes of the Scheduled Meeting .................................... 5
Reunion Report ............................. ..... ................... 9
Reunion Registration .............. .. .... ... ............... 12
Golf Tournament Report ............... .................... 19
Annual Meeting Minutes ............... ... .... ............. 21
Mr. J. Wood's Address .............. .................... 29
Congratulations ................. .. ........................ 37
Notices .............. ....................................... 40
News Clips .................... .. .. ................ 46
News Condensed from Spillway ................................... 51
Weddings ............... .............................. 57
Births .............. ..... .. .. ............................. 59
Deaths .............. ............................... 60
Sale and Locator ................... ...... ................. 94
Annual Luncheon Reservation Form ............................... 97
Financial Report 1980............... ........................ 100
Late News ................... .............................. 103
Singapore ......... 65 Washington, DC ... 78 Massachusetts ..... 87
Panama Canal .... 65 Florida ........... 78 New Hampshire ... 87
Arizona........... 65 Georgia ........... 82 North Carolihna ... 87
Arkansas .......... 65 Illinois ........... 83 Ohio .............. 88
California ........ 67 Louisiana ......... 83 South Carolina .... 88
Colorado .......... 78 Maine ............ 87 Texas............. 89
Northwest ......... 92
Vigilant Real Estate ............ 24
Security Realty of Florida ....... 28 Sky Plumbing .................. 41
14 JUN Flag Day
21 JUN Father's Day
3 JULY Panama Canal Society Picnic Lake Seminole Park
4 JULY Independence Day
1 AUG Pacific Noprthwest Annual Reunion, Ft Canby St. Prk., Ilwac, WA.
5 AUG Panama Canal Society August Luncheon, Holiday Inn, Airport,
4500 Cypress St., Tampa, FL
4 SEP 1:30 P.M. Regular Monthly Meeting, PCSOFL, 5730 Shore Blvd.,
12 BHS CHS Reunion, Catamaran Hotel, 3999 Mission Blvd., San
13 SEP Diego, CA
13 SEP Panama Canal Society of So. California Luncheon. Catamaran

The Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.

(A Non-Profit Organization)
To preserve American Ideals and Canal Zone Friendships
(USPS 088-020)
P.O. Box 11566 ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA 33733

Russell M. Jones
Albert F. Pate
Mrs. Jean B. Mann
Mrs. Anna T. Collins
Record Editor
Daile D. Keigley
Budget and Audit Chairman
Mrs. Dorothy Yocum
William F. Grady
Legislative Representative
Paul Disharoon

J. F. Warner


Russell M. Jones

Albert F. Pate

Mrs. Jean B. Mann

Ross H. Hollowell

Nolan A. Bissell

Carl H. Starke

Jack F. Morris

Mrs. Anna T. Collins

The CANAL RECORD is published by the Panama Canal Society of
Florida, Inc., for the good and welfare of its members.
The CANAL RECORD is published five times each year, once in March,
June, September, November and December.
RECORD, all persons MUST BE MEMBERS and pay ANNUAL DUES of
$10.00. Entered as 2nd Class matter at the POST OFFICE at Saint
Petersburg, Florida Second Class Postage paid at Saint Petersburg,
Florida, Post Office.
Lown Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33713.
HEADQUARTERS of the Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
5094 40th Street South
St. Petersburg, Florida 33711

VOL. 15

NO. 2

JUNE 1981

My Fellow Zonians: It is with difficulty that I try to find words to thank all
of you for the confidence that you expressed in electing me to help guide the
path of the Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc. for the coming year. This
past year has been one of learning for me and I hope that the knowledge
gained will be for the benefit of the Society in the year ahead. It has been
with the wholehearted cooperation of the elected officers, the Executive
Committee and many others, that this year has been a success. Our annual
reunion, that we have just all enjoyed so much, is the result of all the
committees working in harmony that made it such a success. Again, I say
"Thank you all."
I will do all in my power to make the years 1981 and 1982 better than the
past year.
I would like to express my appreciation to all those who stopped by my
desk at the Reunion. Your kind words and thoughtfulness was much
appreciated. I think that the Reunion was a great success. We officers and
committee people plan the reunions, but it is you, the members in
attendance who make it a success.
I would like to also express my thanks to Anita (Morales) Buehlmann, of
Boca Raton, for her help at the Reunion. Anita has worked with me for the
past two years and her help has been invaluable. Thanks Anita!
May I once again remind you of changes of address? Remember, the Post
Office will not forward 2nd class mail (our Canal Record) so do get any
changes to us as soon as possible. Also, we will be glad to hold any copy for
you if you are away for an extended period, and mail it to you when you
We are starting already, to plan our 50th (Golden Anniversary) Reunion.
So you should start thinking about it too. If you have any suggestions for
this very special reunion, please drop us a line and give us your ideas. We
will consider all reasonable suggestions.

I was thrilled to share the honor as our Reunion guest speaker, Mr.
Joseph Wood, presented the Society a Master Key to the Locks on behalf of
the Administrator of the Panama Canal Commission and all the employees
of the Commission who have benefitted from the works of the Panama
Canal Society, mainly through its excellent publication, The Canal
Record, which has played an important role in helping Canal area
residents maintain their close ties with friends and neighbors who have
moved away. I rather felt that perhaps I had played a small part in earning
the Key, along with all who have submitted items for publication, since I
have been the Editor for over five years. To all of you, Thank You.
We invite all of you to contribute articles and stories which would be of
interest to fellow members stories of construction days as you remember

them or as you remember your parents, or other relatives relate. Any
interesting episode during your employment with the Panama Canal or
when you lived on the Isthmus. We need imput from the Commission
employee members one of you should be the Area Reporter and report for
each issue. We need an Area Reporter from the Jacksonville, FL and many
other areas in the U.S. Please, please someone volunteer, you'll enjoy the
time spent gathering news of our members and it is very rewarding when
you realize how many ex-Zonians read the Canal Record. Let's continue to
keep our members interested in our Society by each contributing a little bit
of interest. We can do it, if we just take a few minutes to put our memories on
paper, or a tape, put them in an envelope and mail it off to the Editor.
Many thanks to Georgia Howard and Dorothy Lavallee who did an
excellent speedy job of getting the list of members who registered to me.
Georgia wants you to know that she may have put the wrong couple
together, but they did their best when "Mr. and Mrs. Brown" did not register
at the same-time. And, if your name is not on the list, perhaps you attended
the Reunion but failed to register or we inadvertently omitted your name for
which we are sorry.
Most of us in the Bay area had houseguests. Mine were my sister Rita, her
husband, Perry Washabaugh, and their two sons, Jim and Perry, Jr.,
my sister Sue and her husband, Bill Graham. We had a good reunion at
home when we were not attending the Society Reunion. One evening Jim,
who is a CHS 1970 graduate and is in the Navy, told us of his recent duty on
Diego Garcia Island, British Chagos Archipelago, Indian Ocean, as the
Cryptologic Operations Watch Officer. Jim got to travel extensively to
Kenya, Djibouti, Oman and other nations in the Persian Gulf vicinity. He
showed us a coin collection he was able to put together from those travels
and he also became a "honorary Boomer" in Air-to-Air refueling operations
over the Northern Arabian Sea in an Air Force KC-125R tanker aircraft.
Very interesting.
Prior to the above guests, our daughter Jennifer of Troy, MI, her
husband Dale Thomas with our three grandsons, Brent, David and baby
Ryan Charles visited for over two weeks. Daughter Lucy, her husband, J.
Scott Graham, and our grandson Bradley John, from Tucson, AR were
here for a month.While they were here they took the below Graham Four
Generation picture.

(Left to right) Gerald F., Perc F., holding great-grandson Bradley John and
J. Scott Graham.

We visited mother in Jacksonville and took a Four Generation picture.

(Left to right) Susanna G. Kotalik holding great-grandson Bradley John
Graham, Anna T. (Kotalik) Collins, and Lucy (Collins) Graham.

Please remember that our Secretary/Treasurer compiles the Annual
Issue. This year with a new printer, Jean must get the publication off a bit
sooner. Therefore, if you are moving or if you have a friend who is interested
in joining our Society, or if you want to give a friend who is not a member, a
Christmas gift subscription, please do so in early September as Jean will
need these names and addresses for the printers the end of September. Your
cooperation is always appreciated.
The submission of news deadline for the September Canal Record is
27 July 1981. Please include your name on all articles turned in. Thank

By a decisive vote, the Senate defeated a move to reduce the cost-of-living
increases for federal, postal and military retirees and survivors, Social
Security recipients and others on entitlement programs. The action came
during Senate consideration of the budget bill.
Several weeks ago the Senate Budget Committee, responding to the
expressed wishes of President Reagan that the indexing system not be
tempered with, defeated a move to modify such benefits. However, when the
bill came up on the Senate floor, Sen. Ernest Hollings, D-SC, offered an
amendment that would have saved an estimated $2.6 billion in 1982 by
using an average of the national increase in wages for cost-of-living
increases for federal, postal military retirees, Social Security recipients and
others, instead of the Consumer Price Index. Because wages are increasing
at a slower pace than the CPI, the cost of living increases would have been
But the Senate rejected the amendment by a vote of 86 to 12.
The General Accounting Office proposes even more severe cuts in federal,
and postal employee on-the-job injury and illness compensation benefits
than those proposed by President Reagan.

GAO proposed to Congress that the compensation be limited to 66-2/3
percent of salary for all those on the compensation rolls. The present
maximum is 75 percent. Also, the GAO recommended that within three
years of an employee's earliest normal retirement eligibility they be
transferred from the compensation rolls to the civil service retirement
system an action that would mean a substantial cut in income for them.
Reagan also proposed transferring them to the civil service retirement rolls,
but only at age 65. Under the GAP proposal, for example, a person age 55
who would have had 30 years of service at that age would be transferred
from the compensation rolls to the retirement rolls by age 58. Further, under
GAO proposal these employees would be subject to a deduction of 7 percent
of their compensation until they were switched to the retirement rolls. Also,
their compensation would be subject to federal income taxes. At present
compensation is not subject to federal income taxes, nor is there any salary
deduction for their benefits.
The fact that this is not an election year may have helped persuade
legislators that the change to a once-a-year retired pay increase is a way to
cut the budget. Both the Senate and House Budget Committees have
tentatively okayed the one COLA per year diet. The House has not voted
yet on the proposal, but if it doesn't it will have to come up with an alternate
way to save the same amount of money.

Gulfport Community Center Auditorium, Gulfport, FL
2 January 1981

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Panama Canal Society of Florida,
Inc. was called to order by the President, Mr. Russell Jones at 1:30 P.M.
The President led the assembled group in the Pledge to the Flag. The
Chaplain, Mrs. Dorothy Yocum, gave the Invocation which was followed
by thirty seconds of silent prayer in memory of those who had passed away
since our last meeting.
The following members stood for special recognition as their names were
called: Sue Jurado Highland Lakes; Grace and Jack Carey Ann
Arbor, MI; Mr. and Mrs. George Poole Schenectady, NY; Francis
Hargy St. Petersburg; Leroy Wilson Gulfport; Bill and Leslie Adams -
Mr. Jones reported on the activities of the Executive Committee. He also
informed the members of the progress of reunion planning. Mr. Jones also
informed the members that the Executive Committee had, in lieu of a raise
in salary for the Secretary/Treasurer and Record Editor, granted a $50 per
month transportation allowance for each position. Mr. Jones reminded
those present of the cost of gasoline and also of the cost of living increases
that the members had received over the past two years.
Mr. Jones welcomed the Past Presidents who were present. Welcomed
were Mr. Jack Morris, Mr. Ross Hollowell, Mr. Dewey Goodwin and
Mr. Rob Roy.
Mr. Jones reported that the Chairman of the Nominating Committee will
report and present the slate at the February meeting.

The Secretary/Treasurer read the minutes of the December meeting. As
there were no additions, corrections, or omissions, the minutes were
approved as read. The financial statements of the Society and the Blood
Bank were read. As there were no questions the reports will stand for audit.
The President asked the Record Editor to report the news of members and
Legislative Representative, Mr. Bill Grady, reported that the cost of
living as of 30 November had increased 3.5%. The Increase for 11 months of
1980 was 11.2%. We will continue to receive our cost of living increases twice
a year for now. Any move to reduce it to once a year will require a new bill in
Mr. Jones read the letter from Mr. McAuliffe informing us that Mr. Joe
Wood, Director of the Office of Executive Administration, will be our guest
speaker at the Reunion Luncheon.
Eight members would celebrate birthdays during January. Best wishes
went out to all.
The Sergeant-at-Arms announced that there were 78 members and guests
As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:15 P.M.
JEAN MANN, Secretary/Treasurer

6 February 1981
The regularly scheduled meeting of the Panama Canal Society of Florida,
Inc. was called to order by the President, Mr. Russell Jones at 1:30 P.M.
The President led the assembled group in the Pledge to the Flag. The
Chaplain, Mrs. Dorothy Yocum, gave the Invocation which was followed
by thirty seconds of silent prayer in memory of those who had passed away
since our last meeting.
Mr. Jones called on Mr. Eugene Askew to report on his recent trip to
Panama. Mr. Askew reported that the backlog of ships numbering about
180 was cleared up about the 15 of December. This was accomplished by a
deal with the pilots which included bonus pay. There has been a rent
reduction on housing in Gamboa and on the Atlantic side, because these are
considered undesirable places to live. There is a proposal to offer 10% bonus
pay to those employees working on the Atlantic side. Panama plans to build
a bridge across the canal at Miraflores. Panama receives 306 per ton on each
transit which amounts to approximately $5.9 million per month.
The following members stood for special recognition as their names were
called: Paul and Elsa Stewart Memphis, TN; Gladys Conley Sarasota;
Tate and Toodles Setzer Sun City Center; Ivan and Nina Jenkins -
Deltona; Leonardo Hoffmeister Lakeland; Vernon C. Douglas St.
Pete; Nancy Wikinstead, Lyla Essler St. Pete Beach; Alice Beck St.
Pete; Elsie and M. B. Woodruff Dothan, AL; Jean Herbert NJ; Jo
Conover NJ; Betty Boyer; Dona and Dorothy Knox Sarasota;
Marge and Bob Hardman Trenton, NJ: Mel and Mim Smith New Port
Richey; William B. Smith; Carol Saarinen Smith; Mary Clyde Beck -
NC; Lillian Ryan CT; James Trower New Port Richey; Gerry Audy -
Springhill; Auristel and George Poole NY; Walter Jones.
Mr. Jones reported on the plans made by the graphic section for the slide
show at the reunion.

Mr. Jones welcomed all the Past Presidents who were present.
The Secretary/Treasurer read the minutes of the January meeting. As
there were no additions, corrections, or omissions, the minutes were
approved as read. The financial statements of the Society and the Blood
Bank were read. As there were no questions the reports will stand for audit.
News of members and friends was given by the Record Editor, Mrs.
Anna Collins.
The Legislative Representative, Mr. Bill Grady, was absent, but he had
phoned in a short report to the Secretary. He reported that there had been no
definite legislation. It seems that Congress worked so hard convening, that
they had to take a twelve day recess. The Cost of Living on 31 December was
4.4% and this increase will be realized in our 1 April checks.
Mr. Jones called on Mr. Eugene Askew, Chairman of the Nominating
Committee, to present the slate of officers for the coming year. The slate is:
President ............................... Mr. Russell Jones
Vice President ................. ............... Mr. Al Pate
Secretary/Treasurer ..................... Mrs. Jean Mann
Record Editor ......................... Mrs. Anna Collins
Mr. Al Pate, chairman of the bus committee for the Reunion, reported
that the buses will depart from the South entrance of the hotel. The buses
will also pick up reunion guests for the ball from other hotels, but
arrangements must be made with a committee member on Thursday or
Friday. Bus tickets will be on sale at the reunion.
Mr. Jones called on Mrs. Georgia Howard, chairman of the
Registration Committee. Mrs. Howard reported that she still needed people
to work on the committee. Registration will be held on Wednesday night,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and at the Ball on Friday night. She asked the
members to wear their name tags to the ball because duplicates will not be
issued at the ball.
Sixteen members would celebrate birthdays during February. The
members sang Happy Birthday.
Mr. Jones announced that the refreshments were provided by Happy
Tours who were present to show a movie of a tour to Alaska. Mrs. Gladys
Scott of Happy Tours, made the presentation which was well received by all
those present.
As there was no further business the meeting adjourned at 2:15 P.M.
JEAN MANN, Secretary/Treasurer

1 March 1981
The regularly scheduled meeting of the Panana Canal Society of
Florida Inc. was called to order by the President, Mr. Russell Jones at 1:30
P.M. The President led the assembled group in the Pledge to the Flag. The
Chaplain, Mrs. Dorothy Yocum, gave the Invocation which was followed
by thirty seconds of silent prayer in memory of those who had passed away
since our last meeting.
The following members stood for special recognition as their names were
called: Barbara Cunningham St. Petersburg; Helen and Dick
Tomford St. Petersburg; Walter Jones VA; Connie and John Wright -
Pinellas Park; Everett Rowley NY; Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Wilson- NC and

Gulfport; Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Kleefkens Tampa; Grace Sanders NC;
Winton and Dorothy Webb OH; Ruth Preston Rogan St. Petersburg;
Gene Kirk OH; Muriel Whitman St. Petersburg; Mr. and Mrs. Warren
McNamee Davie; W. H. Esslinger St. Petersburg; Janet Cunningham
- St. Petersburg; Harriet and Nick Elich Mt; Bob Knox VA; Auristel
and George Poole NY; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stock MD.
The President welcomed the above and also the 136 members and guests
who were present.
Mr. Jones then informed the members that the March issue contains the
amended Constitution and By-Laws. He asked the members to please
remove it and keep it handy. Read it, and become familiar with it. Mr. Jones
also spoke of the large number of new members we have received since the
Annual Directory Issue.
The President then welcomed the Past Presidents. Those present were
Mr. Ross Hollowell, Mr. Robert Roy, Mr. Dewey Goodwin, Mr. Troy
Hayes, and Mr. Eugene Askew. Mr. Jones said that it was very
gratifying to have the past presidents in faithful attendance at our
meetings to lend their support.
The Secretary/Treasurer read the minutes of the February meeting. As
there were no additions, corrections or omissions, the minutes were
approved as read. The financial statements of the Society and the Blood
Bank were read. As there were no questions the reports will stand for audit.
News of members and friends were given by the Record Editor, Mrs.
Anna Collins.
Mr. Bill Grady, Legislative Representative, reported that the Cost of
Living as of 31 January was .8%. There has been no new legislation
introduced yet, but much talk of budget reductions. The national debt is now
985 billion dollars, and if we could operate in the black at 10 billion per year
it would take 99 years to balance the treasury.
Mr. Jones informed the members that Beth Grady gets the oranges for
our reunion name tags from the Florida Department of Citrus in Lakeland.
He thanked the Gradys for getting them for us.
The President asked all committee chairmen to get the names of their
committees to the Record Editor for printing in the reunion programs.
Mr. Pate reported that plans for the reunion are progressing in good
Eight members would celebrate their birthdays in March. Those present
sang Happy Birthday to these members.
Mr. Jones reported that there will be a monthly meeting on 3 April as
The President suggested that as the members get their coffee and donuts
they remember to thank Dolly and Eleanor for their efforts in preparing
and serving the refreshments.
As there was no further business the meeting adjourned at 2:10 P.M.
JEAN MANN, Secretary/Treasurer

3 April 1981
The regularly scheduled meeting of the Panama Canal Society of
Florida, Inc. was called to order by the President, Mr. Russell Jones at
1:30 P.M. The Chaplain, Mrs. Dorothy Yocum, gave the Invocation

which was followed by thirty seconds of silent prayer in memory of those
who had passed away since our last meeting.
The visitors were introduced and the 98 members and guests were
welcomed by the President.
Mr. Jones welcomed the Past Presidents. Those present were Mr. Ross
Hollowell, Mr. Robert Roy, and Mr. Jack Morris.
The President then informed the members that plans were already
underway for the 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1985 reunions. We are growing so fast
and becoming such a large group that it is necessary to plan our events
many years in advance in order to reserve space for the large number of
members who wish to participate.
The Secretary/Treasurer read the minutes of the March meeting. As there
were no additions, corrections or omissions, the minutes were approved as
read. The financial statements of the Society and the Blood Bank were read.
As there were no questions, the reports will stand for audit.
News of members and friends was given by the Record Editor, Mrs.
Anna Collins.
Mr. Bill Grady, Legislative Representative, reported that the Cost of
Living as of 28 February was up 1.9%. Although there has not been a house
vote on it yet, the house committee has voted to continue the twice a year c/1
Six members would celebrate birthdays during April and four couples
would celebrate anniversaries. Best wishes went out to all.
As there was no further business the meeting adjourned at 2:12 P.M.
JEAN MANN, Secretary/Treasurer

136 Attended the Golf Luncheon
111 Played Golf
400 Attended the Annual Meeting
1400, plus Attended the Ball
747 Luncheon Guests
1502, plus Registered at the Reunion
Yes, we broke our record in attendance at the 49th. Members came from
seven foreign countries and 36 states. There were more of the younger
generation, or the third and fourth generation, here and these are the
members and guests who will keep this organization alive.
Our weather was perfect, even though some of our members thought it
was rather humid. But aren't we all use to the humidity after living for years
in the Canal Zone?
Registration under the direction of Georgia Howard and her committee
of Vance Howard, Edith Jones, Pat Beall, Ethel Askew, Louise
Barnes, Billie Beaty, Louise Bissell, Eleanor Buehler, Jay Cain,
Olga Caisse, Grace Carey, Gladys Conley, Agnes Dalton, Mina Dee,
Deats DeVore, Olga Disharoon, Chris Pelps, Johanna
Freudigmann, Viola Fuller, Marie Gangle, Beth Grady, Marion
Greene, Dorothy Herrington, Mildred Hickey, Mary Belle Hicks,
Ruth Hicks, Margaret Hollowell, Myrtle Hughes, Gladys
Humphrey, Fran Jones, Rose Jones, Vera Jones, Betty Jorgensen,
Dorothy and Chuck Lavallee, Betty Malone, Jeanne Mathews, June

May, Barbara O'Connor, Mary Orr, Dorothy Pate, Sarah Rowley,
Lillian Ryan, Frances Sharp, Henri Skeie, Mildred Sutherland,
Mayno Walker, Dorothy Webb, Grace Williams, Virginia Wood,
Bonnie and Leroy Wilson, Jan Wilson and Dorothy Yocum worked
from Wednesday evening through Saturday morning. Georgia was thrilled
about the number of people her group had registered.

Muriel (Holmelin) Whitman, Leroy
Leeser, Fred and Jean Kirk.

Dorothy Yocum, Vera
Jones and Ernie Yocum.


(rront row, lent to rignt) Marie won,
Pauline Holmelin. (Back row, left to
right) Dorothy and Al Pate, George

Pauline Arnold and Frank McLeod.

Bob Corrigan

Joyce Bitsy (Gates) Buckley


Pictures courtesy

Dave and Fanny Kaplan

Fern (Horine) Dabill


"Sugar" Calloway
Arthur Farrell

Isabele Gibson

Emily (Horine) Brooks
Edna Wertz

Gladys (Bliss)

(Bliss) Walker

Ginger and
Tom Egger


Dorothy Lavallee from Pensacola, FL brought her typewriter with her
and typed the following registered list:
Cecil and Veronica Vockrodt.
Leonard Hoffmaister.
Bob Bowman, Lynne (Frauenheim) Hock, Jim and Barbara Slover.
Clyde and Velta Sharp.

PANAMA, R de P. 40
Lucho and Ada Azcarraga, George James Booth, James Bradley, Carol (Schafer)
Christensen, Leslie Clarke, John Coffey, Jr., Arden Cooke, Gib Freund, Leon and
Cecilia Greene, Julia (Durfee) Guardia, Josephine (Ender) Hilty, Rodrick Hubert,
Tom Kaufman, Frank and Nena Kerley, Dora M. Kridle, Burt Mead, John and Edie
(Medinger) Meeker, Jr., Gay Michel, Albert Mittag, Marina Nolan, Bill Neal, Bob
Rodgers, Sheila Rose, Robert Sanders, Sra. Olda Sierra, Sta. Olda Sierra, Betty
(Chang) Snow, Robert L. Strey, George and Arline Tochterman, Steve Tochterman,
Carlos Tello, Carl T. Tuttle, Lisa Weise, Joe and Beverly Wood.
Philip and Barbara O'Shaughnessy.
Joseph and Rosemary (Dignam) Martinez.

Georgia (Sicberg) Allen, Joan Belden, Dorothy Benney, Blanche Bishop, Ed and
Virginia Blount, Mike Carpenter, H. F. Chase, Tara and Huey Clark, James and
Frances (Davenport) Coman, Catherine and Eddie Filo, Max and Bernice Finley,
Alice (Knapp) Fowler, Rudy and Marie Gangle, Era L. Greene, John and Cathy
Harris, Jack and Margaret Hem, Ermin and Laurel Highley, Arwin (John) and
Maggi Janssen, James A. Jones, James H. Jones, Joann Jones, Thomas T. and
Lucille Jordan, Monica Kolaya, Bob and Ann Lawyer, Susan (Knapp) Light, Peggy
Lee Luke, Ed and Muriel Neill, Margie Neill, Jim and Nyra Riley, Fred and Vera
Ryan, Sam Roe, Lee and Frances Sampsell, Ellen (Jahnson) Shirer, Jack and Lois
Smith, Ron Smith, Marion and Emma Taake, Hugh and Lois Thomas, Kay Wallace,
Travis Wallace, Diana Ward, Harry White, Eunice Willett, Marion (Woody) and Elsie
(Lawyer) Woodruff.

Fern (Horine) Dabill, Martha Griffith, Robert and Evelyn Matheney, Wes and
Eloise Simpson, Cecelia Wensing.
Jack Corliss, Julia Maggiori, Pam Thompson, Bates Wieman.

Bud and Eleanor Bliss, Maria Boynton, Engrid (Errhalt) Bryan, Dennis Barton,
Marion (Bundy) Cannon, Lola Cheeseman, Larry and Ella Mae (Morrales) Conrad,
Chick Daniel, John and Shirley (Crews) Finlason, Erma Forbes, Nizia (Boynton)
Greig, John Hawthorne, Conrad and Norma Horine, Al and Ann Houston, Pat
(Ryan) Hunter, Paul and Rose Jones, Lee and Minnie K. Kariger, Leo J. Krziza, Bill
and Betty Lawson, Ida McDade, Helen (Daniel) Munson, Art and Ora O'Leary, Mark
and Maria Paulson, Beverly (Post) Gregory, Thomas and Marion (Snyder) Rice,
Rocky and Reeta Ridge, Paul A. Ridge, Bil Roddy, Ray and Betty Scears, Lloyd and
Margaret Spradlin, Sally Smith, Hampton and Clare (Vinnings) Tedder, Howard
and Rita Will.

Al and Norma (Evans) Harrington, Douglas Harrington, Roy and Dorothy Kennedy,
Diane (Harrington) Leinweber, Margaret (Meigs) Malloy, Virginia Malloy, Belle
(Jones) Schroeder, Richard Swearingen, Leslie and Betty Wood.
Charlotte Herr, George M. and E. Catherine (Beil) Lowe, Lillian Ryan.

Elmer and Bellamy Abbott, Bill and Leslie Adams, Laine and Larry Ainsworth, John
and Irene Alexaitis, Shirley Alexaitis, Bill Allard, Willie Allen, George and Gertrude
Allgaier, John Allgaier, Frank and Shirley Anderson, C. F. Anderson, Howard
"Andy" and Garnet Anderson, Norman and Aggie Anderson, Pauline Arnold, Gene
and Ethel Askew, Ken and Bitsy (Frensley) Atkinson, Gerry Audy, Judy Avery, Dow
and Gail (Harvey) Avery, Manuel Azcarraga, Frank and Coqui Baldwin, Gladys
(Lowande) Baldwin, Kathy (Clarihew) Ball, Dick Baltozer, Arthur and Marilyn
(Roth) Banks, Dolly Barbour, LeRoy and Doris Barfield, Emma Barlow, Andy
Margaret Barna, Paul Barnard, Paul Barnard, Jr., Alice Barnes, Jim and Ellie
Barnes, Louise Barnes, Anna Bartlett, George and Betty Bates, Bob Bauman, Cap
Beal, Pat Beall, Cliff and Billy Beaty, Alice Beck, Rex and Helen Beck, Rev. William
and Jean Beeby, Bill Beil, Carlton, Elizabeth, David and Vickie Bell, Charles and
Nan (DeTore) Bell, Mirt Bender, Betty Bender, Ralph Bender, Edward and Jeanne
Bensen, Betty Berg, Curtis and Margarita Berg, Phyllis (Phillips) Bertrand, Bill and
Cathy Bingham, Bill Jr. and Debbie Bingham, Nolan and Louise Bissell, Steve and
Irene Bissell, F. C. and Dorothy Bitter, Jorge Bloise, Joe and Sis Bongiorni, Donald
Bonneau, George P. and Digna Bonneau, Linda Bonneau, Roy Bonneau, George and
Virginia Booth, Robert L. and Betty Boyer, Lew and Norma Braden, Jim Bradley,
Hap and Beth (Lewis) Brandenburg, Dalys Bremer, Jim and Bevilie Brigman, Jim
Brigman, Jr., Debra Brigman, Larry and Margaret Broggini, Ronald and Winifred
Brome, Dennis Brome, Emily (Horine) Brooks, James Brooks Jr., Stew and Kay
Brown, Walter and Pearl Brown, Jimmy and Dorothy Bryant, Skeeter and Audrey
(Duncan) Buck, Bob Budreau, Lynn Budreau, Bucky and Eleanor Buehler, Ken and
Anita Buehlmann, Marie (Dube) Burns, Tom and Alma (Symonds) Burrow, William
and Stella Butler, Jesse and Elizabeth Byrd, Hoyt and Frances Byrd, Dan Byrne,
Harry and Jay Cain, Nelson and Elinor Cain, Leonard and Olga Caisse, Ray and
Louise Caldwell, Thelma Camby, Skeeter Camby, Jack and Fern Campbell, Jack and
Debbie Campbell, Bill Campbell, Dorothy (Browning) Cantway, Andrew and Jackie
(Whaler) Capron, Grace Carey, Tom Carey, John Carey, Dot Carlson, Liz Carteret,
Alma Cazobon, Jacqueline Cazobon, Felipi Cazobon, Connie Chase, Jack and
Dorothy Chase, Art Cherry, Joe and Helen Cicero, Rob Clarihew, Lynn Clarihew,
Robert and Ellen Clarihew, Jeff Clark, Howard and Emmy Lou Clarke, Connie
Clinchard, Stu and Joan Clemmons, J. B. Clemmons, Jr., Mike Coffey, Sarah Cohen,
Harry and Graciela Colbert, Harry Colbert, Jr., Roger and Joyce Collinge, Anna and
Joe Collins, Robin Comer, Tom and Gladys Conley, Pat Conley, Eleanor Connor,
Marion Connor, Richard and Elaine Conover, Pete and Helen Corrigan, Marie
Corrigan, Alice Corrigan, Tyke and Edie Cotton, Lee and Kay Cotton, Bob
Coulthard, Doris Cox, Mary Lou Crawford, Betsy Crawford, Dolin Creel, Michael
Crocker, Shirley Crook, Phyllis Crook, Doug Crook, Harland and Georgia (Butler)
Crouch, Barbara Cunningham, Frank and Ann Cunningham, Ed and Judy
Cunningham, Dick and Lynn Cunningham, Ralph Curles, Esther Currier, Ed and
Hazel Daggett, Earl and Charlotte Dailey, Robert and Jesslyn Dailey, Agnes Dalton,
Ken and Alice Daly, George and Marge Daniels, Richard and Mary Danielsen,
Mahlon and Mary Davis, Norman and Vera Davison, Eugene and Cathy Day, Mark
Day, Kelly Day, Roger and Violet Deakins, Mina Dee, Tommy and Florence Dee,
Debbie Dekle, John Dekle, Norman and Cele Demers, Jerry and Kathy (Detamore)
Denton, Linda Densmore, Richard DeTore, Bill and Marion DeVore, Deats DeVore,
Dick and Rose DiMeo, Sugar DiRoma, Paul and Olga Disharoon, Frank Disharoon,
John and Liz Disharoon, Bill and Maxine Dixon, Conroy Dockery, Marion Dodson,
Paul Dolan, Henry and Irene Donovan, Bernard and Grace Dorfman, Vernon and
Janet Douglas, Phil and Pauline Downs, Fred and Marie Dube, Diane Duncan,
Robert and Willie DuVall, Fred and Bev Ebdon, Joe Ebdon, Joe and Rae Ebdon, E. N.
(Pancho) Eberly, Charlotte Echert, Doris Edelen, Thomas and Ginger Egger, Harry
and Mary Egolf, Robert and Nellie Engelke, Tom and Alice Engelke, B. V. and Elli

Escalante, Lidia Escalante, Lyla Essler, W. Houston Esslinger, Carolina
(Hulsebosch) Estelle, Sophie Evans, Emo and Fi Everson, Bill and Maggie
(Haggerta) Ewing, Marie H. Ewing, Hap Feeney, Brian and Chris Felps, George and
Susan Felps, Feonia Fender, Ethel Ferguson, Cy, Mel, Ken Field, Leon and Virginia
Fishbough, Jon and Sue (Phillips) Fisher, Ruby Ford, Barney and Betty (Comley)
Forgeson, Paul and Melody Forrest, Jay and Debbie Foster, Harry Foster, G. J. Fox,
Kerner and Foy Fraunheim, Neil and Darlene Frauenheim, Johanna Freudigmann,
Emerson and Viola Fuller, Dave Furlong, Bill and Jean (Ward) Gaches, Billie
Galloway, Dave and Beth Gaul, Julie Gayle, Ron and Helen Gentry, Doris Gibson,
Archie Gibson, Bob Gibson, Isabele Gibson, Francis Gilley, Lorraine (Terry)
Gilmore, Al and Dorothy Goguen, Mel and Marien (Evans) Goldstrohm, Helen
Gomez, Lucille Gomez, Ed and Yolanda Gonzalez, W. Dewey Goodwin, William
Gough III, Rita Goulet, Bill and Beth Grady, Greg and Gladys Gramlich, Mike and
Marion Greene, Art and Rita Gribbons, Barbara (Hickey) Grinnell, Stan Guest,
Landon Gunn, Lanny Gunn, Rose Guthrie, Hugh and Anne Hale, Phillip Hale,
George and Elcy Hall, John Hall, Jr., John and Madge Hall, Mary Lou (Webb) Hall,
Mike and Ann Hall, Penny Hall, Scott and Tanya (Schoch) Hall, William Hall,
Carlton and Mae Hallett, Carlton and Josi Hallett, Jr., Sue (Mable) Halvosa, Vonna
Hambelton, Dorothy Hamlin, Pat Hammond, Robert and Mary Hanna, Dorothy
Hanners, John and Mary Hare, George and Marilyn (Camby) Harley, Daniel and
Doris Harned, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Harned, Mildred Harper, Charles and Florence
Harrison, Chester and Hilda Harrold, Neville and Eva Harte, Ralph and Virginia
Harvey, Joel and "Mimi" (Gougen) Hawkins, Jim Hayden, Sid Hayes, Martin J.
Hayes, Troy and Evelyn Hayes, Dal and Bess Heilman, Ted and Emily Henter, Sr.,
Ted and Mel Henter, Jr., Maria Kerley Hernandez, Mike Hernandez, Bob and
Dorothy Herrington, Thelma Herrington, Joe and Mildred Hickey, Nell Hickman,
Judy Hicks, Kenneth and Kim Hicks, Mack and Dorothy Hicks, Mary Bell Hicks, H.
R. and Reba Higginbotham, Beth Hilton, Leonard and Carolyn Hirsch, Rod and
Jeannette (Will) Hobbs, Ross and Margaret Hollowell, William and Skippy Hollowell,
Pauline Holmelin, John Holt, John and Dolly Housley, H. Vance and Georgia
Howard, Tracy and Kay Howard, Ava Howell, Claudis Howell, Warner and Rita
Hoyle, Myrtle Hughes, Fred and Jane Huldtquist, Tuck (Charles) and Phyliss
Hummer, Donald Humphrey, Donald L. Humphrey, Gladys Humphrey, Janet
Hurley, Ed and Ellie Husum, Lorrie Husum, Doris Hutchison, Daniel lanole, Thomas
and Gloria Jacks, Dorothy Jacks, Donald and Balbina Jacques, Corky and Nina
Jenkins, Hod and Jen Jenner, Josephine Johnson, Robert and Carolyn Johnson,
Ellen Johnson, Owen and Isabel Johnston, Jackie Johnstone, Alton and Vera Jones,
Lois M. (Hollowell) Jones, Edwin C. Jones, Francis Days Jones, Harry and Nancy
Jones, Russell and Edith Jones, Pam and Charles Jones, Lowell Jones, Charlotte
Jones, Walter Jones, Josephine Jones, Betty Jorgensen, Co Joustra, Grace Joustra,
Rosendo Jurado, Sue Jurado, David and Fanny Kaplan, Lambert Kat, Ted Kaufer,
Virginia Keenan, Wm. C. and Madlyn Keepers, Dale and Elizabeth Keigley, Bill and
Marie Keller, Louis Keller, Barbara Kelly, Jane Kennedy, Lloyd and Joanne Kent,
Frank and Dorothy Kerley, Sheri (Alexaitis) Kimball, John and Margaret
Klasovsky, Jack Klunk, Gladys Knapp, Donna Knox, Mahlon and Dorothy Knox,
Martean (Metzger) Koperski, Robert Kosan, Joseph and Marie Kuhn, Raymond and
Mary Nell Kulig, Paul A. Kunkel, Pat Kunkel, Mike and Dorothy LaCroix, Irene
Ladrach, Charlotte Laurie, Colleen (O'Connor) Lau, Chuck and Dottie Lavallee,
Daniel and Alicia Lawson, Judy (Hallett) Lawrence, Helen (McKeown) Ledgerwood,
Frank and Martha Lerchen, Beatrice Leitner, Yane Leves, Don Lewis, Fred and Jean
Linck, Jackie Linker, Norman Little, Joan (Crouch) Looker, Gene and Alice
Lombard, Genevieve Long, George and Ellen Lord, Mike Lowrie, Val and Mary
(Griffin) Lynch, Lou Lyon, Charles E. Lyons, Walter and Marj McBride, Albert H.
McClain, Richard and Juanita McConaughey, Dan McConaughey, Stacey
McConaughy, Jim and Elaine McConaughy, Almen McCoy, Tammy McCoy, Mac

and Snookie McCullough, Judy McCullough, John and Anna McGlade, Bruce
McKeen, Julia McKenzie, Albert and Sally McKeown, Johnny McLain, Glen and
Dorthea McNall, Warren and Kathryne McNamee, Duayne T. McNeil, Al and Joy
(Randall) Maale, Ann Maale, Bee MableFlora Madison, Ray and Peggy Madison, J.
D. and Marina Madison, Dick and Thora Mahoney, Florence (Kerr) Mallett, Rick and
Kim (Howard) Mallett, Betty Malone, Edward J. and Jean Mann, Tony and Anna
Mann, Kay Marshall, Jim and Kay Marshal, Eve (Mendenhall) Martens, Lisa
Martico, Billie (Bowen) Martin, George and Margaret Martin, Milton and Jane
(Paulson) Martin, Ron and Jean Martinez, Ray and Carol (Coleman) Masino, Jessie
Matheney, Bo and Jeanne Mathews, Ray Matson, Irene May, Vic and June May,
Michael and Patricia May, Fred Mead, Bob Medinger, Pat Meeker, Della Meigs,
Robert A. and Martha Messer, Vic Melant, Harry Metzler, Ruth Metzger, Patricia
and Roger Michel, Allen and Kay Miller, Don and Ginny Miller, Gordon and Janeil
Million, Jim and Edna Million, Borge Misenheimer, George and Boots (Olson)
Mitchell, Fred and Trudi Mohl, Tom Monin, Deya Morales, Luella Morales, Ralph
Morales, Jack and Grace Morris, Richard Morris, Helen Muller, Earl and Sue
Mullins, Flo Munger, .Ray and Diane Murphy, Alice Myers, Gary and Lynn Myers, A.
C. and Carmen Nagy, March Napoleon, Gerald and Marie Neal, Bill and Mildred
Nehring, Butch and Lynn Nehring, Stephen Nehring, Bip and Kay Nelson, Alrick
Nelson, Virginia Nessler, Ned and Dorothy Neville, Cookie Newlon, Dorothy
Nichols, Bill and Rose Nickisher, Suzanne Nolan, Della Noonan, Elmer Nordstrom,
Margaret Nordstrom, William and Nancy Nordstrom, Edward and Eileen O'Brien,
Gary W. O'Conner, Robert P. and Barbara O'Conner, Agnes O'Donnel, Edna
(Hewitt) Ogletree, Art O'Leary, Mary Orr, Fran Orvis, John and Evelyn Oster, Helen
Owens, Daniel Paolucci, Bill Park, Poss and Gloria Parker, Dick Parker, Mike and
Sadie Parmentier, Jim Parthenais, Buddy and Pat Parsons, Mary Louise (Warren)
Parsons, Tom Pasamante, Al and Dorothy Pate, Jim Paulson, Leo Paulson, Cash
and Mary Jane Paulson, Harry and Virginia Pearl, Gertrude Pearson, Ann Pennock,
Gus Peterson, Ruth and Pete Peterson, Monroe and Marie Phillips, Bessie (Joyner)
Phillips, Donald and Ruth Piper, Darwin and Shay Pope, Doris (Currier) Post, Ruth
Powell, William and Laurena Powell, Clarence and Tess Priest, Lynn Pridgen, Jeanie
Pridgen, Susan Pundt, Tom and Louise Pustis, Betty Quintero, Linda Ramey, Otis
Ramey, Mildred Randall, Joan Rasor, Virginia Reece, Olympa Reeves, Gene and
Diana Rendon, Roy and Charlotte Reyes, Janet (Barnes) Richardson, Rosemarie
Ridge, Edwin and Hua Rigby, Craig and Randi Robertson, Thomas E. and Sandra
(May) Robinson, Philippe (Butler) Rocchio, Ruth (Preston) Rogan, Willie Roger,
Richard and Helen Rohden, Betty Rose, George and Tommy Roth, Sam and Sarah
Rowley, Robert Roy, Jeff Rozmeski, Larry and Katie Ruehinger, Leonard and Mary
Ruppel, Paul and Helen Saarinen, Clara Saarinen, Hal and Fran Sander, John
Sanders, Milt and Mary Nell Sanders, Derek Sanderson, Edna Sanford, George A.
Sausel, Ann Savela, Joseph and Marie Schafer, Ruth E. Schmidt, Ray and Anne
Schneider, Morgan and Carolyn Schoch, Fred and Hannah Schwartz, Mazie (Curtis)
Schwarzrock, Merlena Searle, Jose and Sylvia Segura, Reuben and Lilly Seidman,
William Sergeant, Carl and Harriet Serger, Toodles (Warren) Setzer, Roy and
Frances Sharp, Shed and Lois Shedlock, Jim and Ruth Shirley, A. V. and Maria
Sigfried, Beatrice Simonis, Jeanne Silver, Chris and Selma Skeie, Henri Skeie,
Evelyn Slowick, Robert and Barbara Small, Bill Smith, Bob and Terry Smith, Carol
Smith, Christine Smith, Doug and Anita Smith, Dudley Smith, Edward and Trudy
Smith, George and Gisela Smith, Mel and Mim Smith, Rob and Elsie Smith, Shirley
Smith, Vera Smith, Leo W. and Elise Snedeker, Leona (Sanders) Snedeker, Steve
Soriano, Irv and Angie Spector, Norm and Dawn Spector, Charles and Marie Stahl,
Carl and Gini Starke, Jerry Steiner, Nikki Stewart, Phil Stewart, Vera Stewart,
William and Fran Stock, Johnnie Strickland, Dee Suisman, Mildred (Owen)
Sutherland, Tony and Peggy Sylvestre, Ana Szymanski, Fred and Gloria
Szymanski, Jack and Carlie Taber, Kay Taliercio, Twig and Ann Terwilliger, G. G.

Thomas, Jr., Shirley Thomas, Jan (Farnsworth) Thompson, J. C. Thompson, Ruth
Thompson, Gary Thomson, Richard and Helen Tomford, Richard Tomford, Dennis
Tomford, Wesley (Red) and Virginia Townsend, Frank and Marvel Townsend,
Stewart and Margaret Townshend, Doris Townshend, William Townshend, John T.
Townshend, Wally and Beth Trout, James Trower, Marie Trowbridge, George and
Charlotte Tully, Sharon Tully, Bill Turner, Linnie Turner, Clarence R. and Betty
(Halderman) Underwood, Joy Van Vliet, Jack and Ann Van Hoose, Bill and Jean
Violette, Ralph and Toni (Klasovsky) Vitola, Cindy Wadsworth, Bob and Roberta
Wadsworth, Al and Ceil Waldorf, George and Mayno Walker, Gaddis Wall, Robert
Wallace, Olive Ward, Marj Jane Ward, Joe Watson, Marty and Judy (Paulson)
Weaver, Adrian and Ruth Webb, Marrill and Cynthia Webster, Jerry and Grace
Welch, Oscar and Marnette Wenborne, Susan Wenborne, John Wheaton, Joe and
Peggy Wertz, Edna Wertz, Ray and Jeanne (Mallett) Wheeler, Sr., Oscar Wheeler,
Mary Wheeler, Cathy White, Muriel Whitman, Ray and Gertrude Whitney, Bill and
Barbara Wichmann, Bill Wichmann II, Carl and Hariet Widell, Ed and Kay Wilburn,
Tom Wilder, Grace Williams, Roger and Dorothy Williams, Nancy Williams, Drew
and Karen Wilson, Lee and Grace (Schack) Wilson, Bee Winford, Marie Wolf, Paula
Wong, Jim and Virginia Wood, Bernie Woods, John A. and Connie (Clinchard)
Wright, Jean Wruck, Marilyn Wruck, Dan and Betty Yerxa, Ernest and Dorothy
Yocum, Jayne Yocum, Joe and Connie Young. Nick Brooks, Peter and Joanne
McBride, Llewellyn (Butch) Zent, Gene Clinchard.
Pam Baker, William Clinchard, Dick and Frieda Coy, Jerry and Pat Detamore, Ana
(Jacques) DeWolff, Mae (Jacques), Wilbur J. and Eve N. Dockery, Bob Dockery, Evita
Dockery, Jerry Dockery, John Dockery, Donna (Currier) Gude, Marianne (Field)
Hockin, Jack Johnson, Rita Johnson, Carl A. Mable, Jon Norton, Eunice Richard,
Carolyn (Holmes) Rucker, Louis and Mary Scigliane, Harry and Ellen Seaman,
David and Bev (Dockery) Vaughn, David Jr. and Cassia Vaughn, Bill and Nell
Waldron, Robert and Linda Wheeler.
Bob and Betty (Southerland) Malstrom, Al and Jan Carr, Andrew and Bernice
(Rathgaber) Jackson.

Marion (Evans) Blair, James C. and Eleanor Cross, William K. and Geraldine
Yvonne (Morales) Arabie, Robert and Cathy Jones.
Sue (Barfield) Chelette, Edward M. Fetherston, Rusty Folger, Eugene and Marion

Bill and Lucile (Pierce) Cockran, Norman and Doris Dugas, Paul Elia, Grace Fortin,
Bill and Katheryn (Phillips) Herblin, Woody and Jennie (Loveland) Johnson,
Charles M. and Maxine Keenan, John and Irene (Taylor) Kromer, Frank McLeod,
Julia Shockey, Charles and Ruth Van Steenberg, Ann (Medinger) Stillman, James P.
William E. Johnson, Louise LaChapelle.

Mrs. Barton, Joseph Flynn.
Art O'Leary, Jr., Ruth (Horter) Spooner.
Hugh and Chita Cassibry, Jean Wade, Lee Wade, Tracy Wade.
Sidney Smithson.
Gene and Carol (Beall) Fritz.
David and Helen Ebernz, Jean D. Herbert, Jo Dennis Konover, Julius Petersen (Pete),
Jack and Betty (Searcy) Rathgaber.

Royce and Sue Lewis, Evelyn (Shirley) Scott.
Yvonne Dekay, Joe Dolan, Izzie Egan, Modesta Kozlowski.
Bob and Trudy Blaney, Don and Netta Bruce, Gene E. Hamlin, Baile and Ruth Hicks,
Larry and Mary Ellen (Stacy) Horine, Maenner B. Huff, Sam and Norma Irvin,
Luther and Essie Jones, Joyce (Herring) Stewart, Frank and Wilmer Tuberville, Jr.,
Bob and Jean (Rockhold) Wainio, Betsy (Bell) Williams, Janice Wilson, Leroy B. Jr.,
and Bonnie (Kleasner) Wilson.
Mary J. Hoult, Fred and Jean (Holmelin) Kirk, Homer P. and Libby McCarty, Robert
R. and Marie McCoy, Lloyd and Elvera Moore, Bob and Pat Ridge, Winton and
Dorothy Webb.
Margaret Davis, Ralph Morales, Pat (Adams) Toenves.
Doc Cochran, A. Tommy and Marilyn (Metzger) Marsh.
Barbara Barnes, Emerson A. and Carlyn Gilmore, Donald and Hilda Gilmore, Tom
and Marjorie Halliday, Thomas Huff, John and Karen (Lowande) Nagy, John H.
Poole, William R. Poole, Francis P. and Rita Washabaugh.
Carl and Blanche (Adler) Browne, Bitsy (Gates) Buckley, James and Eletheer
Catron, Vernon and Trudy Clontz, John and Dorothy (Watson) Everson, B. J. and
Grace Hartley, Loga Holmes, Donald and Peggy (Sealey) Hutchison, Andy and
Verna Kapinos, Larry and Sara Keegan, Shirley (Howe) McHenry, Sims Priscilla
Navarro, Paul and Gloria Reynolds, Robert and Teresa Rupp, Dolly Smith, J. D. and
Ethel Tate, Joel and Myrtle Thompson, Anne (Shirley) Welldon.
Warren "Keke" and Fern Morse, Francis P. Washabaugh, Jr.
Ernie and Nellrie B. Berger, Albert and Wanda Jenkins, Rick Mahoney, Jack and
Ruth Paterson, J. Morton and Macel Thomson.

Ted and Polly Birkeland, Lil (Halliday) Boyd, Bob and Lois Byrd, Bob and Peggy
(McIlvaine) Buis, Patricia (Gibson) Carson, Marvin E. and Marjorie Cockran,
Edward Coyle, Milton and Thelma Davis, Estle and Elizabeth Davison, Bridget and
Suzanne Dolan, Joe and Ann Dolan, Dick and Mirelle Erbe, Arthur Farrell, Cyrus
Field, Jr., Gene and Lynne (Wellington) Frauenhaim, Bill and Sue Graham, Marie
(Wright) Gibson, Steve and Val Gorham, Florabelle (Moon) Helmerichs, Irene
(Stewart) Wright Hollowell, Charles and Bonnie Bell Howle, Valerie Krueger,
Charles L. Leeser, Jr., Leslie and Eddie (Lowande) Lam, Grace McIlvaine, Gary
Miller, John and Mary Jane Mitchusson, Alice (McIlvaine) Pennington, Ray and
Jeanne Piper, George "Buddy" and Pat Slaughter, Don and Jane Spencer, Roy
Trachtn, Robbie Turner, Robert and Gladys Turner, Howard and Pat Urick, Mary J.
(Lowe) Yaeger, Diane (Delaney) Yarbrough.
Ida May Cotton.
Dick and Shirley Cox, Stella (Boggs) De-Marr, Frank and Jac Dorsch, Leo and
Madeline Eberenz, Paul and June (Bunker) Ellison, Rosemary (Millett) Gilead, Al
and Lola Jones, Bob Knox, Gord Rief, Oscar and Kitty Ward.
John and Michele (Green) Bundy, Les Clark, Mike Cunningham, Teresa Sandidge,
Jim Wood.
Leo Ehe.
Gene and Anne Hermanny, Bev. Buehler.
Anita (Morales) Buehlmann assisted Jean Mann in handing out the
Ball and Luncheon tickets. Jean was busy throughout the convention
giving out tickets, receiving new members and selling decals, society plates
and books on Panama.

Golf Tournament and Luncheon
The Golf Tournament and Luncheon on the 30th chaired by Joe Collins
and his committee members Gene Askew, Pat Beall, Jane and Fred
Huldtquist with Jim and Perry Washabaugh, Jr. helping with the
Hospitality Cart, was a great success.
Lawrence "Rocky" Ridge from California, donated a plaque to the
Society which carries the Men's and Women's names who won the Low
Gross and Low Net. There is space for eight more years winners. Winners
for this years tournament are as follows:
Men's, Low Gross 73, Jim Riley, Plaque and $15.00 Gift Certificate.
Men's Low Net 66, George Hermanny, Plaque and $15.00 Gift
Men's Low Nets 67, Cap Beal, One dozen golf balls each. T. Jacks,One
dozen golf balls each. D. Bell, One dozen golf balls each. G. Hamlin, One
dozen golf balls each.
Women's Low Gross 91, Jane Huldtquist, Plaque and $15.00 Gift
Women's Low Net 71, Margaret Broggini, Plaque and $15.00 Gift

Women's Low Nets 72, Doris Post, $10.00 Gift Certificate. Connie
Wright, $10.00 Gift Certificate.
Nearest Pin #8 Jane Huldtquist, Canal Zone Golf Cap. #11 Doris
Post, Canal Zone Golf Cap. #8 G. Hamlin, Canal Zone Golf Cap. #11 J.
Coman, Canal Zone Golf Cap.
Consolation Prize Ruth Powell, Club Covers. Eugene Gregg, 1 Bottle
Chagres Water.
Eagles scored on #18 Tom Jacks, Golf Balls. R. Michel, Golf Balls.
Three Birdies scored by T. Jacks, D. Francis.
Two Birdies scored by Bob Bauman, Jess Byrd, D. Gual, Jim Riley,
Bernie Dorfman.
One Birdie scored by R. Michel, Ed Neill, Bob Lawyer, Jim Bradley,
Stu Brown, Bob Budreau, Jack Johnson, Joel Thompson, Bob Diaz,
Howard Clarke, J.D. Tate, Fred Kirk, Bob Coulthard, Ken
Buehlmann, Fred Huldtquist, Bob Boyer, Doris Post and Bob
All the above were given golf balls for birdies scored.

Bud Thomas, Fred Huldquist,
Jim Riley. Bob Boyer.

J. Wright, J. B. Smith,
Dr. Herb Mitten, Gene Askew.

P. Fortin, Hod Jenner,
Jen Jenner, Jack Kromer.

Jane Huldquist, Dot Post,
R. Powell, C. Wright.

Hoyt Byrd, D. Francis, A. O'Leary, Emo Everson, Pat
Jack Campbell, J. Byrd. Conley, Frank Baldwin.

Forty Ninth Anniversary Reunion
Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
Bayfront Concourse Hotel, St. Petersburg, Florida
1 May 1981
The business meeting of the 49th Annual Reunion of the Panama Canal
Society of Florida, Inc. was called to order by the President, Mr. Russell
Jones, at 1:35 P.M. The president led the assembled group in the Pledge to
the Flag. The Chaplain, Mrs. Dorothy Yocum gave the Invocation which
was followed by thirty seconds of silent prayer in memory of those who had
passed away since the last reunion.
Mr. Jones welcomed the 400 members and guests who were present. He
also recognized the fact that on this date Emerson and Viola Fuller were
celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary, and Dorothy Hamlin was
celebrating her 85th birthday.
The President asked if there were any Roosevelt Medal Holders present.
There were none, but Marie Wolf, widow of a medal holder was present and
was recognized.
Mr. Jones recognized the living Past Presidents of the Society and pointed
out that it was their diligent efforts in the past that has brought the Society
to what it is today. Those present were: Troy Hayes, Eugene Askew,
Gaddis Wall, and Jack Morris.
A motion was made to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the last
meeting, and the reading of the financial statements of the Society and
Blood Bank. Motion seconded, Motion carried.
Mr. Bill Grady, Legislative Representative reported that the cost of
living as of 31 March was up 2.5%. The Senate budget committee and the
Houe budget committee both voted to cut back our COLA to once a year, but
it hasn't come out for a floor vote yet. So there is no further action yet.
Mr. Al Pate reported that there were three city buses to transport people
from the hotel to the Coliseum. Buses will start from the Bayfront
Concourse at 6:30 and will make continuous trips until 8:00 p.m. The buses
will start their return runs from the Coliseum at 11:00 p.m: If anyone has
any questions or problems please contact Mr. Pate. The buses will stop at
the Princess Martha and at The Edgewater Beach Motel to pick up
Mrs. Mann informed the members that whenever possible, seating was
made where requested, but there were quite a few instances where it was
impossible to seat people with the groups that they wanted to be with.
Mrs. Collins, Record Editor, expressed her thanks to all the members
who send in news and to all the Area Reporters. The success of the Record is
dependent upon these people. Mrs. Collins then introduced her assistant
Mr. Pat Beall, who has been working with her for the past 11 months. He
has been a real godsend. Mrs. Collins announced a meeting with. the Area
Reporters at 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning in Directors Room A. She
expressed the need for more area reporters and any wishing to serve should
be at the meeting.
Mrs. Edith Jones, Chairman of the Luncheon Committee, informed the
members that each seat is reserved and there is no need to push and shove to
get into the dining room. The doors to the dining room will be opened 1/2

hour before serving, and those requiring assistance in walking, will be
seated prior to the opening of the doors. Tickets must be shown at the door,
and will be collected at the tables after the Invocation.
Mr. Bill Roddy of California then addressed the members. He brought
greetings from the Mayor of San Francisco, Diane Feinstein. He then
recounted a brief history of the Panama Pacific Exposition which was held
in San Francisco in 1915.
Mr. Jones asked the Secretary to read the proposed amendment to the
Constitution and By-Laws. The Proposed Amendment #2 shall read:

By-Laws Article IV Dues.
3. The Society shall grant life membership to all living past
presidents in gratitude and appreciation of past services.
Mr. Jones explained the proposal to the members present. Motion was
made to amend, motion seconded. Mr. Stuart Townshend spoke on
several rumors which had been circulating at the reunion. Mr. Jones called
for a vote. Motion carried.
Mr. Eugene Askew, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, read
the slate of officers for the balance of 1981 and 1982. The Slate:
President .......................... Russell M. Jones
Vice-President ........................ Albert F. Pate
Secretary/Treasurer .................. Jean B. Mann
Record Editor ....................... Anna T. Collins
The President asked for nominations from the floor for President. As
there were none, the motion was made to close the nominations and the
secretary be instructed to cast 1 unanimous vote for the election of Mr.
Russell Jones for President. Motion carried. Mr. Jones asked for
nominations from the floor for Vice-President. As there were none, the
motion was made and seconded to close the nominations and the secretary
be instructed to cast one vote for the unamimous election of Albert Pate as
Vice-President. Motion carried. Mr. Jones asked for nominations from the
floor for Secretary/Treasurer. As there were none, the motion was made
and seconded to close the nominations and the secretary be instructed to
close the nominations and the secretary be instructed to cast one vote for the
unanimous election of Jean Mann as Secretary/Treasurer. Motion carried.
Mr. Jones asked for nominations from the floor for Record Editor. As there
were none, the motion was made and seconded that the nominations be
closed and the secretary be instructed to cast one vote for the unanimous
election of Anna Collins as Record Editor. Motion carried.
Mr. Joe Collins, chairman of the Golf Committee, and his committee
then presented the prizes and trophys for the Golf Tournament. He thanked
Mr. L.R. "Rocky" Ridge for his financial support of the Golf Tournament
and asked him to come forward and award the prizes.
Mr. Conrad Horine, California, addressed the meeting and suggested
an Annual Reunion in San Diego. He assured the Society that they would
have the complete support and cooperation of the San Diego group. He also
informed those present that he had copies of the Balboa High School,
Christobal High School, directory that he has compiled, with him and also
information blanks for those wishing to be in the Directory.

Mr. Eugene Askew, Past President, then installed the officer for the
coming year.
As there was no further business the meeting adjourned at 3:25 p.m.
JEAN MANN, Secretary/Treasury
1981 Golf Plaque Presentation

.T I-.,^* ? .lni-m .T P(llin.t "R-L-rir" Ria. (r- A.L-ou

oil -T v -

Members at Annual Meeting.

z .C* ,.._. i, .j...

Vice-President, Al Pate; President, Rus Jones; Secretary/Treasurer, Jean
Mann; Record Editor, Anna T. Collins.

Graduates of the Class of 1941 from Balboa and Cristobal High Schools
invited all other Canal Zone graduates to help celebrate their 40th Reunion
on Thursday night, April 30th at the Bayfront Concourse Hotel. After a
cocktail hour and sit-down dinner, Jimmy Coman, as Master of
Ceremonies, introduced Roger and Joyce Collinge as honored guests.
Mr. Collige spoke of his years as a teacher at BHS and gave a tribute to Mr.
"Zip" Zierten, another Balboa High School teacher who recently passed
away. One hundred eighty six people attended from 20 states and Panama.
The oldest graduate being from the Class of '22 and the youngest from the
Class of '73.
We had one Roosevelt Medal holder attend the reunion. Mr. Thomas J.
Ebdon of Sarasota, FL pictured below.

Two known widows of Roosevelt Medal holders in attendance were Mrs.
Charles P. (Florence) Harrison, Sr. of Palmetto, FL and Mrs.Frank H.
(Marie) Wolf of St. Petersburg, FL.

They are talking about

Two Offices to serve you in the Clearwater, St. Petersburg Area.
5503 38th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Florida Phone
2468 State Rd. 580, Clearwater, Florida 347-3161


During the convention Eva Harte of Holiday, FL had a wonderful
selection of framed molas, purses with molas thereon and many other
unique items for sale. Her husband, Neville, had a large assortment of
golden huacas pins and pendants. We had two vendorse" with Canal
Zone belt buckles Mike Carpenter from Huntsville, AL and Gary Miller
of Houston, TX. Bee Winford of Lakeland, FL sold photographs of
construction days and Bill Roddy of Foster City, CA sold a variety of
commemorative items from the Panama Pacific International Exposition
of 1915, old books on construction days, medals, etc.
Friday night Al Pate with Gene Clinchard, Ernest Yocum and Paul
Disharoon saw that all members requesting transportation from hotels to
the coliseum and return were taken care of.
At the door to the coliseum were the "ticket takers" namely Vic May,
Carl Starke, Leonard Caisse, Dorothy Pate, Dorothy Yocum and
Olga Disharoon. These members really enjoyed their job as they got to see
everyone that entered and did more kissin' and huggin' than anyone else at
the reunion.
Jean and Anita were at the door also to sell tickets to those who had not
purchased them and to give out the prepaid tickets. Exzonians came from
6:30 p.m. to after 11:00 p.m. to see old friends and to hear Lucho.
What a ball inside the coliseum with the crowd of over 1400. It was
difficult to carry on a conversation and we were hoarse the next morning.
The members enjoyed dancing or just listening to Lucho playing the organ.
There is no doubt about it, Lucho was the center of attraction at the ball.
Folks were having their picture taken with him, getting his autograph and
being reminiscent. Many were dressed in their montunos and polleras and
one or two women in the San Blas attire.

Norman and Agnes Atkinson

Dorothy and Al Pate

The Jimmy Taylor Band

Bob Gibson, Marie Gibson, Lloyd Kent, Bill Webb.

Bob Coulthard (Singing)

Lucho and fans

Mrs. G.G. Thomas, Bud Thomas, Lois Thomas, G. G. Thomas.

Jane Yocum, Beth Brandenberg (Lewis), Carol (Beall) Fritz.


Bob Coulthard joined the Jimmy Taylor orchestra and rendered a few
vocal melodies. Bob said he would return upon request.
St. Petersburg's mayor Corrine Freeman, our guest, could not get over
the comaradie of our Society, especially how the crowd all enjoyed dancing
to Lucho's music.
The Jimmy Taylor orchestra was excellent, however along about 11:00
p.m. when it was their turn to resume playing, our folks would not let Lucho
leave the platform. What could Lucho do, but invite the Taylor band to play
along with him, which they did. Hats off the the Taylor Band! At midnight
the dance was over. We must have Lucho back next year.
Back at the Bayfront Concourse Hotel on Saturday morning, Edith
Jones and her committee of Dolly Barbour, Jay Cain, Eleanor
Connor, Mina Dee, Olga Disaharoon, Myrtle Hughes, Rose Jones,
Mary Orr and Mayno Walker were busy placing menus and numbers on
the luncheon tables. When the door opened for the crowd of 747 who partook
of the luncheon, there were Henri Skie and Louise Barnes with Edith to
check your ticket and tell you the location of your table. Agnes Dalton,
Jackie Linker, Johanna Freudegman, Sarah Rowley, Lila Essler
and Billie Beaty picked up the luncheon tickets.
President Jones introduced the head table, Chaplain Dorothy and
her husband Ernie Yocum, Dorothy and Vice-President Al Pate, Edith
Jones, Beverly and Joe Wood.

Annual Luncheon Head Table



271 Ulmerton Rd. S.W.
Largo, FL 33540

Ask For
JACK MORRIS, Associate Office: 584-2188
Past President P.C. Society Evenings: 577-3588

Capt. Frank V. Kerley from Cristobal, R. de P., our member, then
presented Lucho Azcarraga with a large beautiful plaque from the YMCA
and the Rotary Club of Panama, an award for his lifelong service as an
Ambassador in the field of good relations among all the people of North
America, Central America and South America.

Capt. Kerley, President Jones, Lucho Azcarraga.

Lucho was in tears and when he regained his composure, he said. "If you
tell me how to say Thanks in English, I will say, Mucho Gracias. I love you
Mr. Jones then presented Eleanor Connor and Dolly Barbour a hua-
cas, given to the Society by Neville Harte, for appreciation of their untir-
ing efforts in preparing and serving the coffee at the monthly meetings.
After lunch, our guest speaker, Mr. Joseph Wood, Director, Office of
Executive Administration, Panama Canal Commission, on behalf of the
Administrator of the Panama Canal Commission, Mr. D. P. McAuliffe,
presented to President Jones, the Society with a Master Key to the Locks.
The inscription reads: 'Guardian of the Chagres Waters.' Mr. Wood
stated that the Master Key has not been given to an organization before.

Mr. J. Wood presenting Master Key to the Locks to President Jones.

This is a first, and without a doubt, it is well deserved. It should also be noted
that the certificate bears the Seal of the Canal Zone and the signature block
is that of former Governor of the Canal Zone H. R. Parfitt. The new
certificates have not been printed yet because a new seal for the
Commission has not yet been approved for use. Of, course, it is only fitting
that an organization so closely associated with the Canal Zone be the
recipient of a certificate with the Canal Zone Seal. He stated that the
Panama Canal Society of Florida had provided a great source of
information and enjoyment to former Zonians both here and abroad. On the
Isthmus the Society and its excellent publication The Canal Record, have
played an important role in helping Canal area residents maintain their
close ties with friends and neighbors who have moved away. More than ever
before, he continued, the Canal employees need the continuity and the
support and comfort that The Canal Record provides.

I 94*^.

6- 4'k

Luncheon Preview!

i mwRK,



Mr. Wood then preceded to show slides and told of some of the changes
taking place on the Canal. One interesting event was "As one comes into
Fort Amador, the first thing you'll notice is that the entrance is manned
jointly by U.S. and Panamanian forces. Sometimes they have
communications breakdowns. In a recent incident involving a
misunderstanding of who should give the signal to proceed through the
gate, neither the U.S.M.P. nor the Panamanian National Guardsman
waved cars on. So as the cars stopped, waiting for someone to wave them
through, the Panama Guardia started going down the row of cars giving
them tickets for obstructing traffic. Needless to say, that was quickly
resolved. .. The speed limit in Amador is now 10 miles per hour, and one or
more National Guard personnel usually stand behind that yellow sign with
a radar gun and stop a great many cars for exceeding the speed limit.... You
may have heard that last summer at the Causeway when a group of high
school graduates were celebrating they were somewhat roughed up at knife
point and gun point by two off duty Guardia from the Amador detachment.
As a result of that incident, the U.S. Ambassador sent a diplomatic protest
to Panama. While that particular problem has been resolved, there are
others ..... One incident took place at the Golf Course in Amador when a
golfer retrieving a stray golf ball in the Guardia controlled motor pool was
ordered off the premises at gun point. As a result, the Guardia Nacional put
up this sign at the 17th tee to remind golfers to ask for permission to enter
the Motor Pool area. "Golfers are prohibited from entering Guardia
Nacional Motor Pool to recover balls without first obtaining permission
from the Guardia National." On October 1, 1980, the Guardia
detachment at Amador celebrated the first anniversary of the treaty with a
huge party on this field in front of their barracks which spilled over into the
Golf course. Some Guardia personnel, riding horses, trampled on No. 18
green, causing over $2,000 worth of damages ... The Causeway and the
Islands at the end of the Causeway have been the site of Sunday afternoon
rock concerts sponsored by groups in Panama. The crowds numered in the
thousands and the traffic was tied up for hours. A big problem with this was
that the Canal Pilots could not get to the main dock at the end of the Cause-
way to get on their launches, so arrangements had to be made to pick them
up at Pier 18 and take them from there to board the ships in the Anchorage.
Recently, we had the "Saga of Ancon Hill," where the Panama Tourist Inst.
initiated a program to have busloads of tourists go to the top of the Hill to
sightsee. The only problem was that they failed to notify the U.S. military
that they were coming, and consequently, the Commander in Chief of U.S.
Southern Command closed the gates of Quarry Heights to the buses. With
considerable publicity in the press it was turning into an emotional issue in
Panama because Ancon Hill is a symbol of sovereignty, but finally the issue
was resolved before anything serious developed.... The Ancon Elementary
School and the gymnasium are not being used by Panama as a school for
the handicapped children..... The Masonic organization, located in Ancon,
sold their building to the government of Panama and it is now the Home of
the Panama Museum of Contemporary Art .... The former residence of the
Maryknoll Sisters is now being used by the Panamanian Institute of
Human Resources as an educational center ..... The old Civil Affairs

Building is now the home of the Guardia Nacional Joint Patrol
Headquarters; the Traffic Court for the Ancon District; and of course, a
Dairy Queen operation ..... Albrook Field was the site last month of a huge
fair. The crowds were estimated at about 20,000 people daily..... The used
car area parking lot on Gaillard Highway, Panama has fenced it and will
be used as a container storage area. People no longer have an area to display
their cars, but we are still looking for a spot ..... In Balboa area, the Banco
Nacional (BNP) is in the old Balboa Commissary Annex ..... Changes in
the Balboa Port Area Over night a new restaurant sprung up before PCC
officials had a chance to authorize its construction..... A tourist shop in the
building formerly known a the Pacific Luncheonette. One slide showed a
junk pile in the pier area..... Most of the bowlers have moved to the Military
bowling alley ..... Balboa theater continues to operate, show second run
movies and have serious financial problems..... Stevens Circle continues to
be a place to buy molas and other native handicraft, but on a much
LARGER SCALE..... Panama lottery ticket vendors now sell their tickets
in the Balboa Post Office ..... La Boca Gas Station is operated by Shell of
Panama. Canal employees buy gas at the same price there as in the PX,
however, must buy coupons first. Gas prices are currently $1.82 for premium
at the Military stations and at La Boca..... Panama plans to build a bridge
across the canal at a point past Fort Clayton and Miraflores Locks. It is
expected that the bridge be completed in three years. It will connect Panama
City with the Arraijan Expressway and will relieve the congestion from the
Bridge of the Americas and will make travel to the interior much faster for
residents of Panama City and Gamboa and the Atlantic side ..... The
residents of Paraiso, Pedro Miguel and Rainbow City have been the hardest
hit by the treaty when we transferred those townsites to Panama. Their cost
of living went up by more than 50% overnight when they lost their
commissary and duty free importation privileges. In addition, Panama
raised their rents and electricity substantially .. Along the road to
Gamboa there are some new things There's a sign identifying the new
Sovereignty Park and the Old Summit Park..... The Penitentiary was
turned over to Panama on January 1, 1980 it will be used as a juvenile
detention center for about 600 800 inmates. When it was operated by the
Canal there were less than 200 inmates there..... Going across the Isthmus
through the Forest Preserve, very large heavy trucks have caused the roads
to have large potholes .... Most of the remains of the U.S. citizens that were
buried in Mount Hope Cemetery have been relocated the cemetery still
operates, but it is not kept as before ..... Aside from a new El Rey
Supermarket, which opened last week in the old Rainbow City Commissary,
and a new school in Rainbow City, most of the changes taking place in the
Atlantic side are part of a $130 million project to build new housing and
schools, expand the free zone, to develop a new commercial center on Front
Street, a big new mall. All of these actions should give Colon's economy a
shot in the arm and improve the quality of life considerably.
Some of the most noticable changes that have affected residents of the
Canal area have taken place in the private sector of the former CZ. The
recreational, social, and fraternal organizations have been hit the hardest.
All of these have been affected. American Legion in Fort Amador and the
Balboa Yacht Club are struggling to make ends meet they gave high

labor costs, they pay Panama electricity at rates three times higher than
before and they can't import duty free items. They have raised their costs
tremendously. John Coffee, who is in our audience today, can vouch that
he recently paid $19.00 for prime ribs upstairs at the Legion. Drinks run
around $4.50 ..... The CZ Credit Union has gone out of business. They have
just sold their building for $125,000 to the Savings Bank of Panama, better
known as "La Caja de Ahorros." In addition, they sold their safety deposit
boxes for $4,000. The terms of the sale will permit the Credit Union to keep a
small office until next April when they complete their liquidation..... The
Balboa Elks Club is also struggling with high cost. Because they pay duty.
on liquor and cannot buy States beer for resale, many members do their
socializing at the military clubs where prices are better and States beer is
sold ..... Most of the churches are still functioning, but they are also faced
with higher costs and decreased membership. The Balboa Union church
stopped using their air conditioners during the dry season ..... Balboa
skating rink has gone out of business..... Several day care centers could not
cope with the high costs and other requirements imposed by the Ministry of
Education in Panama like the one operated in Balboa Baptist Church so
they moved out ..... Pedro Miguel Gun Club at Summit has met this fate.
Members damaged the club, believed at the time that it would be better to
destroy their premises than to face the unknown problems of operating a
gun club under Panama Laws ..... You'll find it hard to believe, but this is a
recent picture of the CZ Police Lodge on Chiva Chiva Road. The Police
Association stopped operating the lodge last year and it didn't take long for
the local squatters to pick it clean (awful picture) ..... Summit Golf Club is
barely hanging on -about 65 members left out of 220 in 1979 .. .*. Gamboa
Golf Club, the prettiest of all, has closed down. The club is still operating a
bar and restaurant and the Gamboa Yacht Club and Marina still function,
but to Isthmian golfers this sight is a truly sad one..... Gamboa Gun Club is
out of business ..... Gamboa Community Center, however, still provides
good meals at low cost for residents and employees who work in Gamboa....
On the Atlantic side the Elks is still a good place to eat, but is having
problems. Next October when electricity rates go up 49%, and again next
April when they will almost double, clubs like the Elks will face financial
ruin ..... CZ Credit Union, Margarita Branch, is also in the process of
liquidating. They are making arrangements to sell their building to the PC
Commission for $50,000 ..... We go to the military theaters across the
Isthmus where first run movies are shown ..... Officer's Clubs serve good
meals and many activities are held there, including bingo, dances and
stateside entertainment most award banquets and retirement parties are
held at those clubs ..... More and more people are playing golf at Amador...
We continue to send our children to DOD operated schools and will enjoy
their school activities for the rest of the century. (A picture shown that both
the flagpoles at Balboa school were gone.) ..... Non-U.S. citizen employees
of the Canal lose their hospital privileges as long as the hospitals operate.
More people are dissatisfied over the way the hospitals have been operating
since the treaty. Complaints are about quality of care, the red tape and
paperwork required, treatment of civilians as second class citizens, etc.....
Coco Solo Hospital has been reduced to a general practice clinic, mostly
outpatient, but with emergency care ..... The ambulance is used rather

extensively to take patients to Gorgas. Many expectant mothers have raced
against time to be air evacuated to Gorgas to have their baby ..... Atlantic
siders whose family members are required to go to Gorgas find it very costly
and inconvenient to make the round trip; and the patient, by being
separated from family and friends, has a very hard time in the hospital. TV
sets and telephones have been removed from the hospital rooms and
patients can't even call their friends or family..... Shopping problems rank
a close second On the Pacific Side, PX facilities are pretty good, with a
main store fairly well stocked. The Albrook Mall (which are old barracks
buildings turned into stores) offers a wide variety of items a shoe store,
furniture, garden shop, toys, etc. and the prices are good ..... On the
Atlantic Side the commissary shopping is much the same as the PX
situation ..... The larger, better-stocked stores are on the Pacific side.
Sometimes when the stores are crowded there is a 45 minute wait at the
checkout counter which occurs too often. Many times we see empty shelves
which seem to be the normal situation at Balboa commissary ..... The
military postal facilities provide a good reliable service, but they are not
conveniently located to civilian townsites ..... A big problem that faces us
in the future is that U.S. citizen employees of the Commission will lose PX,
commissary, and postal privileges on October 1, 1984. The Commission will
have a very hard time recruiting and retaining people beyond that date. It
will be hard to convince people to stay if they must shop in Panama and get
their mail in Panama.
Some of the actions that have been taken to improve the quality of life to
keep up the morale Rents in Gamboa and the Atlantic Side have been
reduced by 28% across the board ..... Atlantic siders whose families are
hospitalized in Gorgas, can now stay in furnished quarters at low cost
rather than commute. These apartments rent for $4.00 at the Gorgas.....
Atlantic Side employees who need medical treatment at Gorgas are given
free train passes and are granted administrative leave..... Convinced DOD
to put a much needed Shoppette in Gamboa ..... On designated Saturdays,
the Commission offers free train passes to Atlantic Side shoppers called
Saturday Specials and shuttle buses take passengers from the train station
to the military stores and back ..... Special contingency fund is still used to
help non profit organizations keep up operations ..... New loan policy
approved to permit employee organizations to borrow heavy equipment and
trucks to improve and maintain their facilities..... The Recreation Office
run by Herb Raybourne provides equipment and operates sports programs
for youngsters and adults baseball, etc .. The Recreation Office is
working on a project with the Dredging Division to build a beach with
bohios, floats, barbecue pits and picnic area using the old Gamboa Golf
Course on the Chagres River. The Elks, churches, and other organizations
can have picnics there and it will be a great place for families to relax. The
Scouts will have a place for camping.
The PC Commission is in very serious financial trouble and money for
morale improvement is becoming tight..... Last Fiscal Year, which ended
September 30,1980, showed a profit of almost $2.7 million. We turned over to
Panama nearly $2.7 Million plus all the other payments we had to make to
Panama, i.e., $10 Million in fixed annuity, $10 Million for services provided
by Panama for street cleaning road maintenance, street lighting, police and
fire protection, and garbage collection; and almost $55 Million which

represents payments at that rate of .30 cents per ton ..... This year,
however, promises to be a bad one. It started October 1, 1980, when the
American Apollo came around Mamei Curve at about 16 knots and
bounced off the bank, causing a great deal of damage and an oil spill. The
claim will run well over a million dollars..... Shortly after that accident, the
Board of Directors set aside $12 Million in a reserve fund to help pay off
marine accidents. This is $6 Million more than was set aside in the previous
fiscal year ..... In October the Canal experienced its highest backlog in
history, with 182 ships backed up on October 19. We also had a backlog of
110 as of last week. Despite the fact that traffic is up, we are still in financial
difficulty because of increasing costs..... The backlog pointed the need for
major Canal improvements and changes that added to the costs of
operations ..... First, a $10.2 Million appropriation to buy three new towing
locomotives; build high mast lighting to extend our operating day; to
construct a tie-up station north of Pedro Miguel Locks, which would permit
ships to tie-up overnight and be ready to complete their transit early next
day; and, the purchase of a new tugboat..... This is the new tug named The
H. R. Parfitt which will be christened in Savannah, GA later this month. It
cost $4.9 Million the biggest and most expensive tug we've ever bought.
These projects will increase Canal capacity by almost three ships daily.....
***Another unprogrammed cost was the new pilot contract which resulted
from collective bargaining with the Pilots Union. This added more than $3
Million to the payroll, but provides pilots in heavy workload periods and
makes the Canal organization competitive with private industry. Top pilots
can be expected to make well over $100,000 a year under this contract.....
Other costs were $2 Million for unbudgeted pay raises for the work force and
$3 Million in the cost of fuel above what was budgeted ..... Administrators
have started to streamline the organization by consolidation and
reorganization to reduce overhead ..... the SS Cristobal will be phased out
in September ..... We are working to turn over the Mount Hope Warehouse
to Panama three years earlier than the treaty says which will reduce costs.
In doing so, however, we want Panama to let us keep our MTD in Cristobal
beyond October 1, 1984, when the treaty says we have to turn it over..... We
are looking at the possibility of turning over a block of houses in Coco Solo -
many are vacant ..... These cost cutting efforts may not be enough as we
will soon be paying higher costs for Social Security to Panamanian
employees as a result of a change in Panamanian law; we are facing the
possibility of major salary increases to employees hired after the treaty as
a result of going back to the old CZ wage base system ..... The Biggest
problem is the construction of an oil pipeline across Panama which
Panama says will be completed in 1983. It will cause the Canal to lose 1,200
to 1,400 petroleum-carrying ships per year or a loss of $40 to $50 million a
year ..... A slide of the El Dorado Shopping Center was shown, new
housing, office construction and the new airport.
Mr. Wood covered a lot of territory and the pictures were not very bright
by any stretch of the imagination. The Canal is old and requires constant
maintenance; capitol improvements must be made to expand capacity;
work force is not as well trained as before; morale is low and it will be harder
to attract and retain the skilled people needed to operate this water way.....
While our overall relation with Panama is generally good, there are

problems that come up which take time and effort away from running the
Canal. It will never be the same again, and that fact makes it very difficult
for those of us who must stay and make it work. But as long as the Canal
remains under the control of the U.S., there are enough people who want to
do their best, and will continue to show that spirit and dedication that has
kept it running so well all these years.
That spirit can best be exemplified in a quotation taken from David
McCullough's "Path Between the Seas," published just before the 1977
Treaty was signed. The book tells of an event in January 1912 a period of
particularly bad slides in Culebra Cut.
".... on January 19 Cucuracha broke loose again. It was one of the worst
slides on record. It spilled the whole way across the Cut and up the other
side. All traffic was blocked at that end; for the sixth or seventh time, the
slide had wiped out months of work.
Gallard was practically in shock, according to one account, and Goethals
was hurriedly called to the scene. "What are we going to do now?" Gallard
asked, Goethal lit a cigarette. 'Hell,' he said, 'Dig it out again."'
And the crowd dispursed as many shook Mr. Wood's hand and told him
how they enjoyed his talk and how sad some of those slides of devastation
made them feel. The Reunion was over.

Our 50th Annual Reunion date has been set for April, 15th, 16th and 17th,
1982. Headquarters will be the Holiday Inn-Airport, 4500 Cypress, Tampa,
FL. Plans are being made to have our "Golden Reunion" one you will never
forget. Please mark your calendar and plan on attending. Look for more
information in future issues of The Canal Record.


On April 14, 1981 Rabbi Nathan Witkin of Sarasota was honored with
an acknowledgement gold medal and lapel pin for 50 years service in
Rabbi Witkin was raised a Mason in Red Band, NJ on June 13, 1930,
demitted to Chagras Lodge, Balboa, CZ in 1939, and completed 50 Masonic
years on June 13, 1980.
At the request of Chagres Lodge, Balboa, RP, the Grand Lodge of
Massachusetts contacted the Masonic Lodge for this presentation. Past
Master Bernard "Emo" Everson contacted former CZ Masonic members
residing in Sarasota inviting them to attend this honorary presentation.
Among the many Masonic members were 18 CB Lodge brothers.
Joe Watson, spokesman for the CZ group and very close friend, gave a
resume of Rabbi Witkin's Masonic life and sincere desire to be helpful to his
fellow man. He was also Director of the Jewish Welfare Board Armed Forces
Service Center in Balboa, CZ and Director of the USO on the Isthmus for
many years. He earned the love and esteem of the many lives he touched.
That is the real definition of brotherly love.
Rabbi Witkin thanked the Master and members of the Lodge and the CZ
group for their participation in this honor.

Audrey Watson of Sarasota, FL was elected president of Temple Beth
Sholom in April.

Marilyn (Roth) Banks of Tampa, FL was recently inducted in to the
Honor Society of Phi Beta Phi at the University of South Florida in Tampa.
She is in her last year and majoring in International Studies. She was
among students honored at the Honors Convocation Program at USF.

On May 7th, Russell Wayne Watson received his Doctorate in
Secondary Education with a Minor in School Administration from the
University of Tucson in Arizona. He is Civilian Instructor in the
Intelligence School at Fort Huachuca, AZ.
Russell is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Watson of Sarasota, who
travelled to Tucson for the graduation exercises and other activities.

How sweet it is! The Circus City Chorus of Sweet Adelines chalked up a
fourth place win in competition in Orlando. Cecelia Gove is chorus director.
Taken from Sarasota Herald-Tribune (in-part) Sunday, April 12, 1981.

Your editor wonders if member Lothrop H. Loring, Yarmouth, ME (refer
March 1980 page 27 Canal Record) is our oldest living member. In paying
his dues, Mr. Loring states "this will be my last year of dues as I will be 98
November 1. Time to retire. Best of luck to all the members."

Viola and Herb Souder of Charlotte Harbor, FL celebrated their 60th
Wedding Anniversary on 28 February 1981. They were married in Balboa,
Canal Zone February 25, 1921 and have two sons; three grandchildren and
two great-granchildren. Their son, Herbert and wife from Michigan and
son Robert and wife from Connecticut were down for a visit.

Fran's 10 Hints for Retirement Happiness
(or how to cope with a man around the house 24 hours a day)
Keep a Song in your
heart: (to the tune of) Hints as listed below:
"Good man nowadays is 1. Give him plenty lovin', treat him right. Don't
Good man n days is argue fruitlessly. State your point with a smile
and closing remark: "Case closed." (apologies
"Smile the While" to Edith Bunker)
"Because" 2. Listen patiently to all of his advice (you don't
"Love's Old Sweet Song" have to follow it but passive resistance is a life-
saver here.)
"Now Is The Hour" 3. Interest him in a hobby (Andrew wants me to
"Friendly Persuasion" take organ lessons to keep me out of his hair
(???), so to speak.

"Home on the Range" 4. Maintain your sovereignty in the kitchen. Let
(not the front burner) him do his "thing" but don't give up your
"It's Magic" rights. AND LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
"Humoresque" 5. Don't get excited when he talks back to TV
(or Humor-hymn) characters on News programs and/or Soap
Operas. He has to tell somebody what to do ...
so this relieves you of too much "yakkety-yak."
(Double portion of love here.)
"I'll See You in My 6. Give him plenty of breathing space. (Andrew
Dreams" retires at 9 p.m.) I retire at 12 p.m. Andrew
"Oh, Holy Night" arises at 4:30 a.m. I arise (generally) at 6 a.m.
7. Cooking together is fun! Andrew cooks the
"Hey, Good-lookin', meat, etc. I cook the rest of meal. "Nothin' is so
Whatja got cooking? lovin'as somethin'from the oven, Retired folks
do it best." (apologies to Pillsbury)
"My Buddy" 8. Shopping together is chummy.
"Together" O.K. Items: Car, vegetables, household goods,
A "NO NO": Windowshopping. No deal. Do it
alone. Bargains not his cup o' tea.
9. Don't insist onhis goingout socially if he'snot
"All by myself" "amind" to do it; i.e., cardplaying, dancing,
" .... Enjoy Yourself, It's etc. (He'll give you same perrogative). This is
Later Than You Think" lovin' with a capital "L"; otherwise, that's the
"L" of it!
"Wonderful One" 10. Let him know he's the "BOSS" in the house
"Too Marvelous For because he has your permission to say so. (Mr.
Words" Wonderful just being "Wonderful.")

Si Fran's Good-Housekeeping
a6 Seal of Approval.

Keep these 10 Hints for Happiness and your life will be "Marvelous".
We've had 22 years of it... celebrating our 53rd Wedding Anniversary on
July 31, 1981. Of course, there have been sad tunes, i.e., "Stormy Weather"
etc., but because my loved one "Lights Up My Life" after the "Stormy
Weather" ours has been a "Melody of Love."
Lovingly submitted by FRAN WHITLOCK

Mrs. Phebe G. Neville of El Dorado, AR, was honored recently with a
surprise party celebrating her 90th birthday. She thought she was going out
for lunch with a couple of friends and it turned out there were many people
there and a lovely cake.

Phebe was raised on a farm in New
York and moved to the Panama Canal
Zone when she was married. She
remained for 60 years and retired from
Canal Service. She has a daughter, Mrs.
Elizabeth Reynolds in Chatham, NY,
and three grandchildren and eight great-

Mrs. Phebe G. Neville

Friends of A. J. Metzger, son of Mrs. Andrew J. Metzger and the late
Andrew Metzger, former members, will find the following announcement
from the Sarasota Tribune, January 25, 1981 of interest.
A native of New York, was raised in Panama Canal Zone, where he
experienced the brilliance of exotic floral and fauna.
He has interpreted his experience in a Fantasia of color and style
approaching the heavenly imagination.
Come to Montagerie and meet this distinguished artist and view his
Panorama of shapes, colors and sensitivity on January 26th at 4 P.M.
Mrs. Mary Louise Warren Parsons' son, John F. Parsons, III was
ordained as a deacon of the Catholic Church on May 2, 1981, at the Sacred
Heart School of Theology at Hales Corner, WI.

Notices ...

Members of the Class of 1966, Balboa High School, are being sought to
inform them of the possibility of a 15-year reunion in Fall 1981. If you were a
member of this class, or have a friend or relative who was, please contact:
Linda Woodruff Weir
18317 Kittridge, #25
Reseda, CA 91335
(Tel. 213-881-5196)
Kathleen LeBrun
1439 S. Rexford, #5
Los Angeles, CA 90035
Melanie Tarflinger Konerson, 706 Bicentennial Rd, Altus, OK 73521 also
would like B.H.S. Class '66 to contact her or anyone knowing the
whereabouts of members. (Ed, Are we planning the same reunion?)

Looking Back

1932 Atlantic Side Baseball Champs
Old American Legion Baseball League


Back row (left to right). Bobby King, Unknown, Fred Ebdon, Bill Hill, Coach
Jimmy Coman, Sr., Bobby McDonald, Bill Wheeler and Max Sanders.
Bottom row: Bob Ruley, Eddy Durham, "Satchy" Hannah, Eddy Curtis,
Howard Will, Unknown and Billy Stone.
Submitted by Jim Coman,
Montgomery, Al
P.S. Jim writes they had a grand time at the Reunion and, with luck will be
back next year, our second reunion.



CHRIS SKEIE 5725 80 Street North
541-2339 St. Petersburg, FL 33709

Special Announcements. .

Pacific Northwest Annual Reunion Neil and Dorothy Doherty are
handling arrangements for the big event which will take place on
Saturday, August 1, 1981, at FORT CANBY STATE PARK, in Ilwaco,
Washington. (From Astoria, Oregon, cross the bridge over the Columbia
River, and follow signs to Ilwaco.) Everyone brings his own picnic lunch.
There are no admission fees. The park opens at 10:30 a.m., and many folks
stay on until dusk! Bring your rain gear! The park will accommodate
campers, trailers and tents. There are motels in the vicinity along the beach.
Further details may be found in the June issue of the Canal Record. Neil
and Dorothy Doherty's address: Rt. 1, Box 181, Long Beach, WA 98631.
CHS 1973
Anyone from the Cristobal High School Class of 1973 who knows
addresses of other Class of CHS please give to Edythe Marsh at 19520 So.
Central Pt. Rd., Oregon City, OR 97045. A reunion is planned for 1983.
BHS-CHS REUNION An all-classes Balboa and Cristobal High Schools
Reunion will be held again on September 12 and 13 in San Diego. The
reunion will be at the same hotel as in October 1980: The Catamaran
Motor Hotel, 3999 Mission Blvd., San Diego, CA 92109. In 1980 there were
167 present, and we'd like to see over 200 in 1981!
On the agenda is a 12 o'clock luncheon on the 12th and a Happy Hour at
6:30 followed by a Dinner Dance ... Sunday the 13th will be a 12 o'clock
Luncheon at which time the Panama Canal Society of Southein California
will join us. For more information, please write to Conrad Horine, 5728
Barley Court, Bonita, CA 92002.
Please use the below reservation form to make your hotel reservations for
the reunion.

3999 Mission Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92109



No. in Party No. of Nights __ Accommodation __




Our picnics at Lake Seminole Park have been such a success our annual
picnic will again be held at Shelter #8, Lake Seminole Park, 10015 74th
Avenue North, Seminole, FL on Friday, July 3, 1981, from 10:00 a.m. to
mid-afternoon. V. P. Al Pate and Ernie Yocum will co-chair the event.
For those of you that have not been to the County Park, there are 10 picnic
tables under cover and a few located not under cover with lots of shady trees.
A boat ramp is also available. Barbeque pits are available for those who
wish to cook or re-heat food. Restroom facilities are very close by. Please
bring a covered dish to be shared with members, your beverage and
utensils in your picnic basket. A lawn chair or two could be brought along if
you care to relax and enjoy the cool breeze coming off the lake while you visit
with friends. Please remember this is a County Park and alcoholic
beverages are a "no-no".
Directions to Lake Seminole Park are as follows:
If coming from the SOUTH on Hwy. 19 go NORTH to 74th Ave. North,
turn LEFT, continue WEST passing over STARKEY RD to 10015- 74th Ave.
N. and turn RIGHT into the park. Continue into the park and bear to the
right until you reach Shelter No. 8. Just look for the cars with the PANAMA
When coming from the Clearwater area, drive SOUTH on Alternate 19 (or
Seminole Blvd.) turn LEFT on 74th Ave. and then turn LEFT again into the
For those members coming from the Beaches, go NORTH or SOUTH on
GULF BLVD. to 150th AVE. turn RIGHT (or left if coming from the North);
go across MADEIRA BRIDGE and bear LEFT to SEMINOLE BLVD. Then
RIGHT to 74th Ave., etc. For further information, please refer to a Pinellas
area map.
As we suggested last year, please try to car pool to save energy and renew
friendships. This is a Family Picnic, so bring the children, grandchildren,
Mom and Dad and have a great day.

See the announcement and reservation form at the end of this issue for our
August 5, 1981 Luncheon/Meeting to be held at the Holiday Inn-Airport,
Tampa, FL.

Missing Persons ...
Gene Hamlin of North Carolina had at one time suggested publishing
a section in the CANAL RECORD on the inquiries of former Canal Zone
residents. The following correspondence has now been received and verifies
the need for such a section:
Pat Bujalski (formerly Pat Thompson of Balboa, CZ) of West Haven,
CT was handed the following clipping.
"I would like to hear from anyone who may have lived in the Panama
Canal Zone during the Second World War, if their name is or was Dorothy

Jean. That is my cousin's name. She has not been seen since that time
when she was a little girl. Any information would be appreciated.
Dorothy Jean Hutchens, 1932 Lake St., Dyer, IND 46311.
Pat tried to call this lady by phone, but there was no listing at Dyer. Pat
wrote a letter on February 11, 1981, to Mrs. Hutchens. The reply to Pat
stated... "My uncle was in the U.S. Army for 30 years. He married a girl in
the Philippines. They had a daughter, Dorothy Jean Hutchens. Then
they had a baby boy both mother and son died at childbirth. WWII broke
out and my uncle could not bring his daughter to the U.S. He took her to the
Canal Zone and she lived with a lady, the name I do not know. When the war
was over my uncle returned for his daughter but she was not there. The lady
with whom she lived had died and no one knew what had happened to my
cousin. She was supposed to have gone to the U.S. He had investigators
search. My grandmother told me this and she has been dead for several
years. She would be middle-age. I am 49. Our family originally came from
West Virginia. I put the article in the magazine in my maiden name. My
name is Cole."
And another letter with more information:
"My cousin I am looking for, her name is Dorothy C. Hutchens, born in
1932. Her mother's name was Louisa Garcia, born in Bogata, Columbia.
He said his daughter was born in Panama. I had thought she was born in
the Phillipines, but he is getting old and cannot remember. The
grandparents of my cousin on her mothers side (gruat mever -
grandfather) (Accuamiecl Ruich Chenoichia grandmother). This may
not be correct, but it is the way my Uncle spelled it."
Pat wrote Mrs. Cole and said she was writing the Panama Canal Society
of Florida and perhaps they could help her. Pat also suggested she write the
Panama American, Star & Herald and the El Mundo.
Does anyone remember a Dorothy Hutchens with this background????
If so, please contact Dorothy Jean Hutchens in Dyer, IND.
Mrs. Henri Skeie of St. Petersburg, FL felt our members would enjoy
reading the impressions of the "former Canal Zone" written by Bea Rhyne
prior to her departure from Panama in January 1981. Bea's permission
The year since the transition has brought many changes: The Ancon
Masonic Temple is now a contemporary art museum. Balboa Theater, while
still a theater only has weekend shows. The cafeteria has been depleted of
tableware, salt and pepper shakers, and paper napkins, sugar, etc. are
dispensed by the cashier. The fare is typically Panamanian and the main
customers are the San Blas Indians who sell their wares in Stevens Circle.
Almost all of the street signs in Balboa are gone souvenir hunters? The
sign posts have been knocked down or bent over from the erratic driving
that is indicative of the R.P. Really not too hard to drive just expect the
It is not uncommon to see hundreds of bicycles coming down Balboa Road
led by trucks with bands, and various types of cars following, snarling up
traffic for hours without warning. The areas that are still kept up by the
Commission are relatively the same, but Panama is responsible for the
garbage, electricity and phones ..... As for the grass, litter and roads in the

other areas there is no comparison. The grass on the Gamboa Road has not
been cut in so long it was scratching the cars as they passed. It was finally
cut and now the dry season is here. The pot holes on Paraiso Hill, Madden
Road and even around Stevens Circle are growing deeper and more
numerous. Gamboa is pathetic. They finally got postal service and a
shopette both under Gamboa School with very limited hours. They can
buy gas at "our" price, $1.84 for premium (Panama price $2.30). The
employees in Gamboa and the Atlantic side have been given a 28% rent
reduction and the Key Positions have been promised a 10 20% bonus to stay
on. There are several empty houses and the packers are in evidence all the
time, yet one clipping from Los Angeles said the U. S. citizens were not
leaving as fast as reported. About 35 teachers retired but rehired until the
end of the school year. The Treaty goal is 800 U.S. employees by 1984, bet
they reach it before.
The Gamboa Penitentiary was turned over to Panama December 31,1980,
20 months ahead of schedule. The prisoners were given their choice of
serving out their sentences in Panama or a federal prison in the U.S. Many
chose the U.S. and were escorted by 6 of our policemen. Don't forget, you and
I will be billed.
Coco Solo Hospital has been reduced to a first aid station. Maternity
patients are flown by helicopter to Gorgas. There were many protests, but
the Army's answer was to allow the family to come with the mother and be
housed in the Gorgas Apts. No thought given to the disruption of the
father's work, the kids school, etc. etc.
All American Cables and Telephone, Radio and Telegraph (TRT)
companies have been taken over by Panama and are now INTEL. Panama
is pumping water from Madden Dam into the interior towns of Arrijan and
Chorrera land they have taken over the Canal Zone Bus Service. The Men-
tal Health Center has been made a department of Gorgas without the bene-
fits. The patient load has been reduced to the point that there are more
employees than patients, naturally the cuts are coming fast. All the signs
have been removed from the entrance to the hospital and all the programs
that made it the outstanding mental health center that it was have been
cancelled. It is nothing more than a "holding pen" now. Better to kill it
quickly and have done than to torture it to death. Superfulous to mention
morale. Gorgas Army Hospital is charging $345 a day. Patients asked to
bring their own soap, and in one case, there were no towels or kleenex for the
first 24 hours. People are flocking to Panama for medical care. The care is
very poor at Gorgas and the people as well as nurses are rebelling. The pilots
are in the driver's seat and are working 40 hours a week no more -
-forcing the employment of more pilots. They have all started moving from
the Atlantic to the Pacific side and most are now working the 6/4 plan (six
weeks on; four weeks off) and many are commuting from the U.S. Tugboat
captains are hoping for a similar plan. The American Legion Restaurant
has had to close because of the problems meeting the payroll with the
Panama Labor Code. The restaurant was reopened by a chain from
Panama. We tried it out last week, but doubt that we will go again. The Elks
Club is still open but they are having problems too.
Sure was excited watching the inauguration on TV. Reagan's address

gave me goose bumps. Couldn't agree more that the government is there
because of the people.
My apologies for such a long epistle, but thought you would be interested
in the changes and be glad that you can have happy memories of the
Canal Zone. Our Panamian friends are as unhappy and uncertain of their
future as Panama continues to play "footsies" with the commies.

Memorial Services

Recently memorial services were held in Washington, D.C. for Mrs.
Claude Pepper, wife of Senator Pepper. Upon reading this article in the St.
Petersburg Times, Anna Bartlett, remembered that her late husband,
William Bartlett, had made arrangements for a Panama Canal Society get-
together September 26, 1947, at which the late Mrs. Pepper attended. Mrs.
Bartlett also pointed out that Senator Pepper was one of the group of
representatives that sponsored the "Forgotten Widow's Bill" which gave
them the $50.00 per month "Bonus Gift."
Mrs. Pepper's story is reprinted on the inside back cover of this issue of the
Canal Record.

News Clip
The below article submitted by Perry Washabaugh was written by
Harold Chambers, a member of our society and a retired Panama
Railroad Locomotive Engineer. There has been a lot of discussion in the
public press lately about the retired Civil Service employees taking Uncle
Sam's money. Harold has done a lot of reading and research on this subject
and really knows about the Civil Service Annuity fund. We are pleased to
reprint this article which appeared in the San Antonio Times.
Letters to the Editor
It's not taxpayers' money
I must vehemently resent some of the innuendos, snide remarks, and
cartoons published by some of the media, in that it leads some of our
populace into false impressions.
Civil Service retirees are not fat hogs feeding at the trough of plenty,
furnished by the United States Government and taxpayers. Far from it! Our
annuities are paid by and from the Civil Service Annuity fund, which now
has in reserves and savings a total of over $64,000,000,000.00. (Yes,
billions!) as of the end of Fiscal Year 1979, to which a million dollars or over
is added each month from interest and investments to the reserve fund. In
other words, the U.S. Government and taxpayers are not out one red cent
towards our annuities.
Let me explain further, Civil Service employees contribute seven percent
(7%) of their base, or gross pay, every month to the Annuity Fund and the
government contributes a like amount. Upon the employee's retirement,
this government contribution ceases.
Now you say the government does contribute to our annuities. WRONG!
When Civil Service employees retire, they do not pay income tax for a period

of time, usually from fourteen to eighteen months, for they have already
paid income tax on their contributions. After these contributions are used
up, they pay income tax on 100% of their annuities, thus the taxes we pay
more than reimburses the government in a very short time, as compared to
some retirements, that, by law, are excused from paying income tax on their
Further, in regard to the above, the government does pay us a cost-of-
living increase. Whose fault is this? Ask Mr. Carter! For round figures, let us
say we receive in one year a C.O.L.A. increase often percent, which causes
our income tax to soar (higher bracket) so this tax, in reality, cuts our
C.O.L.A. to 7-1/2% or 8%, so what has the government really contributed?
NIL! So truthfully, I believe that Civil Service retirees are far behind in their
In closing, let me thank you for your effort in balancing the scales of
Reprint from the Dec. 1980 issue of Port Record, Port of New Orleans
Reducing the backlog of ships waiting to move through the Panama
Canal locks was one of the major matters taken up by the Panama Canal
Commission during its meeting in New Orleans at the end of October. This
was indicated by Michael Blumenfeld, chairman of the board of directors of
the bi-national commission and also assistant secretary of the Army for
civil works, who addressed a luncheon audience at the International Trade
Mart as part of ITM's series of World News Business Briefings. The
Commission, which was holding its quarterly meeting for the first time
outside of Panama, had come to New Orleans at the joint invitation of the
Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans and ITM.
Blumenfeld reported that headway was already being made in reducing
the backlog, which has been causing delays of up to three days. Although
there were 147 ships waiting on the day he spoke, that was 30 fewer ships
than there were a few weeks earlier. He noted that labor disputes with the
pilots have been resolved, and the majority of pilots are now working more
than a 40-hour week, to help relieve the backlog. Innovative scheduling
techniques, such as convoy passage, have also been employed to reduce the
backlog. He said the goal was to have a backlog of no more than 30-40 ships,
which would be about one day's traffic.
Blumenfeld commented that there has been a sharp increase in the size of
the ships using the Panama Canal in recent years. Ships with a beam of
more than 80 feet have jumped from 12% to 45% in the past ten years while
ships with a width of more than 100 feet have risen from 2% in 1969 to 16% in
1980. As a result, although there has been only a moderate increase in total
vessel traffic, the amount of cargo through the Canal in fiscal year 1980 set
a record of 167 million tons and tolls revenue reached an all-time high of
$293 million. He stated that there would be no increase in tolls "for a year or
D. Phillip McAuliff, who serves as administrator for the Panama Canal
Commission, told the audience that plans are being made to raise the
capacity of the Canal from the present 38-40 ships per day to 44 ships. There
is a proposal to deepen the Canal by the late 1980's, which would not

The nine-member Panama Canal Commission held its quarterly meeting
for the first time outside Panama at the International Trade Mart, New
Orleans. From left are Roberto Heurtematte, Panamanian businessman
and former ambassador and negotiator of the Panama Canal treaties; Capt.
Jay Clark, secretary-treasurer of the Board of Commissioners of the Port
of New Orleans and also president, Clark Maritime Associates; and Michael
Blumenfeld, chairman of the Commission and assistant secretary of the
Army for civil works.
necessarily accommodate deeper draft ships but allow a greater number of
ships to transit the Canal. Although the treaty that established the Panama
Canal Commission requires a study to be made at some point of the
possibility of constructing a sea-level canal, it is an expensive project that is
not yet being considered, he said.
The board of directors of the Commission includes five U.S. directors
appointed by the President and five Panamanians nominated by the
government of Panama and appointed by the President. The deputy
administrator is also Panamanian. One of the U.S. representatives is Capt.
J.W. Clark, president, Clark Maritime Associates, New Orleans, and
secretary-treasurer of the Board of Commissioners of the Port of New
Orleans. Clark, who represents American flag shipping interests in the
Commission, was instrumental in arranging the New Orleans meeting. The
Commission has been operating since October 1, 1979, and Blumenfeld
remarked that there has been excellent cooperation between the U.S. and
Panamanian members.
In an earlier address to a local group on the functions of the Commission,
Capt. Clark pointed out that approximately two-thirds of Canal traffic in
fiscal year 1979 represented U.S. exports and imports, with the greater
share involving shipments to or from U.S. Gulf ports. The principal
commodities crossing from the Atlantic to the Pacific were petroleum and
related products, grains, coal and coke, phosphate, chemicals, iron and steel

products, scrap metal, ores, sugar, amonium compounds and caustic soda.
Commodities coming from the Pacific into Gulf ports were petroleum and
products, iron and steel products, lumber and products, ores, sugar, coal and
coke, refrigerated foods, bananas, metals, autos and trucks, sulphur,
molasses and paper products. The principal two-way trading partners
between Gulf ports and the Pacific in 1979 were Japan, South Korea,
Australia/New Zealand, Peru and Ecuador.
Printed in the St. Petersburg Times of 17 April 1981
The Panama Canal has lost $5-million this year and probably will lose
$24-million more during the rest of 1981, canal administrator Dennis
McAuliffe said Thursday. He blamed higher operating costs, including
higher salaries and fuel costs, and repairs to locks, which reduce the number
of ships that can pass through the waterway. Panama assumed joint
operation of the canal with the United States in 1979 and takes over
completely at the end of the century. Most years the waterway has shown a
slight profit.

Printed in the CLEARWATER SUN of 14 March 1981
PANAMA CITY Travelers who enjoy exotic customs and cultures in the
countries they visit can experience all things Panamanian anytime
throughout the year in Panama.
In addition to national celebrations scheduled around the Christmas and
Easter holidays, there are several regional festivals in conjunction with
local patron saints' days, harvest and anniversaries.
And once a week, several hotels feature Panamanian Nights, including
traditional dishes, music and dancing. Such cultural evenings are at El
Panama Hilton on Mondays, the Holiday Inn on Wednesdays, and El
Continental on Thursdays.
Central to Panamanian celebrations of any kind are handmade national
costumes unique to Panama the pollera for women and the montuno for

Pollera A special occasion dress.

Particularly worn by a typical dark-eyed beauty, the pollera costume is
beautiful and consists of a white handkerchief linen full skirt at least 10
yardsof fabric cross-stitched or appliqued in one color. A matching blouse
is worn off the shoulder and has two flounces embroidered and edged with
lace. Wool bands in a color contrasting with the embroidery is threaded
through the lace and ends with a pom pon and gold and pearl ornament. An
all-white applique camisole and petticoat are worn beneath the dress.
Adorning the hair are 10 pairs of tembleques (or shimmering ornaments)
with a large hair comb, one or two pairs of balcony combs and two gold
temple combs or tortoise shell combs called roba corazon (the heart stealer).
Gold pendant earrings, gold chains and velvet or satin shoes complete the
Panamanian brides frequently wear an even more elaborate, all-white
pollera as their wedding gown.
Treasured by collectors, some antique polleras are valued at several
thousand dollars. Even simpler, modern costumes can cost as much as
several hundred dollars.
An alternative to the pollera is the montuna, usually worn bvy women
with shorter hair. The blouse has one embroidered flounce instead of two
and is worn with a short, fitted basquina jacket. The skirt is printed cotton
and only balcony hair combs and jasmine flowers or a straw hat are worn
on the head.
The men, not to be outshown by their ladies, don the montuno for holidays
and celebrations. The unbleached muslin shirt features red, yellow and
blue embroidery at the neck, wrists and fringed hem and is worn with
matching calf-length embroidered trousers. A straw Panama hat, sandals
and a knitted charquira carrying case are accessories for men.
Some men wear the camisilla for formal occasions including their
weddings. It consists of a pure white linen shirt with gold or colored buttons,
black trousers, leather shoes and straw Panama hat.
Further information about Panama's costumes may be obtained from the
Panama Government Tourist Bureau offices at 630 Fifth Ave., No. 1414,
New York, NY 10020, 1-212-246-5841; 25 S.E. Second Ave., No. 210, Miami
33131, 1-305-358-9330; or 12 Sheppard St. No. 400, Toronto, Canada M5H
3A1, 1-416-862-1721.

Printed in THE COLUMBIAN, 12 March, 1981, Vancouver, Wash.
Jan Huff and Laura Creekman are a couple of Calamity Janes.
The two are studying the fine very fine art of rearing razor clams.
They hope one day to establish a clam hatchery that would help restock the
state's ocean beaches for clam diggers.
Raising clams is proving as frustrating as digging for them when
conditions aren't right.
"It's up for grabs," Ms. Creekman said of the progress the two researchers
are making. "With each group we seem to be going one more step. By Group
Z we should have it down."
However, they are on Group D, and appear to have some tiny clams they
can release into the ocean this summer.
Unlike millions before them, the Group D participants changed from free-

swimming larvae to miniature clams complete with gills, diggers and
Ms. Creekman and Ms. Huff, both research biologists, have been working
on unraveling the secrets of propagating razor clams for 14 months. They
work at the state Department of Fisheries' Willapa Bay Shellfish
Laboratory in Nahcotta.
The research has been financed by $80,000, with a like amount scheduled
for the next biennium. The money comes from license fees clam diggers
began paying in 1979.
Working through trial-and-error, the biologists have had to solve such
mysteries as proper water temperatures, feeding schedules and amounts.
While the two are pioneers in the razor clam research, what they hope to
accomplish has been done by the oyster industry.
However, "Oysters are pretty hard to kill. Razor clams are apparently a
bit more fragile," said Ms. Creekman.
Studying the oyster industry has provided tips. For example, both oysters
and clams thrive on the same algae.
Ron Westly, department assistant director, said the state is committed to
the hatchery and is optimistic about the results. He said research is about a
year ahead of expectations.
Jan Huff is the youngest daughter of Neil and Dorothy Doherty of
Longbeach, WA.

part dates appearing after each article for your information.
***A revised train schedule was included in The Panama Canal Spillway,
this date. Principle changes appeared to be later departure times in the
afternoon from the Atlantic side and a late departure time from the Pacific
side in the late afternoon. It also appears that regular stops will be made at
Diablo by all trains.
***Reaction on the Isthmus to the news that the 444 day ordeal for the
hostages had ended peacefully sparked spontaneous celebrations, some
private and some public, that cut across community boundaries. Churches
and chapels held Thanksgiving services; school children and
grandmothers alike sported yellow ribbons, a symbol of steadfastness and
faith in the ultimate return of loved ones. U.S. Ambassador to Panama
Ambler H. Moss Jr. appeared on local television and eloquently expressed
his own deeply-felt gratitude for the resolution of this national crisis,
thanking the government and citizens of Panama for their support.
***Italian film director Alex Ponti and American author David
McCullough were photographed considering the area on Contractor's Hill
as a possible film location for a television mini-series, based on
McCullough's history of the Panama Canal, "Path between the Seas," with
the story continuing up to the present and include the negotiations of the
new treaties. Filming is to start next year and will take place in the United
States, France and Panama. 2/6 /81
***Figures provided to the Panama Canal Commission show that the
Canal organization is moving rapidly in compliance with the mandates of
the Panama Canal Treaty in regard to the employment of Panamanian
nationals. Officials learned that in fiscal year 1980, five out of every six

permanent positions filled through the CEO went to Panamanians. In
regard to positions vacated by the retirements of U.S. citizens during FY
1980, it was reported that one out of every three vacancies was filled by a
Panamanian citizen. Out of the 67 positions that went to U.S. citizens, ten
were pilot positions.
***Residential electricity rates for Commission housing areas will be
increased approximately 15% effective with meter readings in March. The
increase is necessary to bring Commission rates more in line with those of
the Tennessee Valley Authority Residential Power Schedules on which
Commission rates are based. 2/13/81
***EUGENE LOMBARD, who retired from Canal service 25 years ago after
a long and distinguished career, was recently on the Isthmus enjoying a
sentimental visit, remembering people and places that were part of his life
for nearly 38 years. Lombard, who came to the Panama Canal in 1918 as a
clerk in the Executive Office, rose through the ranks to become the third
Executive Secretary of the Panama Canal. He succeeded Cloyd A.
McIlvaine and Frank H. Wang, to whom he was assistant until his own
appointment in 1948.
***The United States Embassy officially opened a Consular Agency at the
Panama Agencies Building in Cristobal. David A. Harper, Panama
Agencies representative in Cristobal and a long time resident of the
Atlantic side is the consular agent. Services include passport applications,
registrations of births of U.S. citizens born in the Republic of Panama, and
notary services. Visas will not be issued at the Consular Agency, but visa
applications will be available for persons who wish to visit the United
States as tourists. 2/20/81
***A four year project was recently begun to repair the locks towing
locomotives track system which includes rails, the rack between the rails
and the conductor slot. The first phase of the project includes the
installation of about 36,000 feet of chamber-side rails at all three locks,
together with the replacement of connecting hardware and the concrete
base that holds the rails in place. The increase in the number of transits, the
increase in the size of the ships and the introduction in 1964 of heavier and
more powerful locomotives has placed an increased demand on the track
system. As a result, the rail system on which the locomotives run has
deteriorated to a point where extensive repairs are needed.
***Beginning 28 February, the Republic of Panama will pause in its daily
routine to devote four days to the traditional celebration of Carnival. "This
year, the committee has taken a very special interest in the organization of
the parade", said Aldo Aldeano, committee chairman, after noting that the
lack of proper organization has affected the splendor of recent carnival
parades. "Because of this, we are taking into account organizations as the
main aspect in awarding prizes for the best 'comparsas' (costumed groups)
during the parades," he said. Aldeano predicts that by Mardi Gras, or
Carnival Tuesday, the building crescendo of carnival spirit should be ready
to burst forth in a veritable explosion of fun and revelry. 2/27/81
***The two giant bullwheels that open and close miter gates 106 and 107 at
the north end of the west locks at Miraflores were recently replaced. The two
week job was done as a part of a ten year project that includes replacing 20 of
the 96 locks' bullwheels installed during Canal construction. The

bullwheels have a diameter of 19 feet 9 inches, weigh 36,000 lbs. and in 1975
cost approximately $72,000 each. The price has increased significantly
however, and their estimated cost is now more than double that amount.
***The civilian hiring freeze for Department of Defense agencies, imposed
by the new Reagan administration was lifted, and the Civilian Personnel
Office, 193rd. Infantry Brigade (Panama) is seeking a number of civilian
employees. Twenty eight different positions were listed in the non-manual
and manual-grade categories, with seven positions requiring security


Only a few rusty pieces remain of a legendary ship that was once
acclaimed by the world for its triumph in the icy Arctic Ocean but which,
ironically, found its final resting place in the warm muddy waters of the old
French Canal near Cristobal.
The early part of the twentieth century was an age of exploration. One of
the great uncharted regions still beckoning to explorers was the North Pole,
which remained unconquered until 1909. In that year, the ship Roosevelt,
with Adm. Robert E. Peary on board, battled its way through ice- and snow-
covered waters to a point less than 180 miles from the North Pole. Peary
then traveled the rest of the way by dogsled over the frigid wilderness to
stand, on April 6, 1909, where no one had ever stood before. For Admiral
Peary, who had been struggling to achieve this goal since 1891, this
historical triumph would not have been possible without the Roosevelt.
The final voyage of the Roosevelt to the mud flats near Cristobal was an
ignoble end to an illustrious career. Built in Maine in 1905, the Roosevelt
was the first ship ever constructed in the Western Hemisphere for polar
exploration, and for its time, it was the strongest wooden vessel ever made.
Since the Roosevelt would have to sail through floating ice packs, it was
given a wedge-shaped bow to help squeeze through the labyrinth of ice, a
sharp stem to provide cutting and ramming power and a hull design which
would let the ship be pushed up out of the water as ice pushed against it
below the waterline, thus preventing the hull from being crushed. Instead of
sails, the Roosevelt had a powerful steam engine as its primary source of
power and a narrow beam and short length to increase maneuverability
when picking its way through ice packs. The sides of the vessel were 30
inches thick in places, and armor-plated.
Long after its arctic triumph, the Roosevelt continued to be a hard-
working oceangoing vessel. It was sold to a series of private owners and
used primarily as a towboat. The Roosevelt passed through the Canal many
times towing barges from the West Coast of the United Staes destined for
ports on the Atlantic seaboard.
During its final years, the famous Roosevelt needed repairs more and
more often. Due to mechanical problems, it had to be rescued at sea several
times by Panama Canal tugs such as the Tavernilla which once found the
Roosevelt floating adrift in the Pacific without a rudder.
The Roosevelt's final voyage began in 1936 when it was assigned to tow a
Navy coal ship from Seattle to New York. The ship, with tow, limped into

In 1917, eight years after waging its historic battle in the
frozen Arctic Ocean, the Roosevelt, its graceful lines
belieing its Herculon strength, visits the Balboa drydock
for minor repairs.
Balboa in December needing repairs. It left Cristobal on January 8, 1937,
headed north, but heavy seas and strong winds in the Caribbean proved too
much for the aging vessel, which managed to return to Cristobal on
January 15 after sustaining heavy damage.
The Roosevelt was taken to the Mount Hope Shipyard for extensive
repairs, but it was decided instead to beach the vessel on the mud bank of the
Old French Canal. After three decades of service and adventure, the
Roosevelt was unceremoniously and finally retired.
***The huge caisson which is normally moored in Miraflores Lake has
found a new temporary home in the Balboa drydock while undergoing a
major overhaul. Caissons are primarily used during lock overhauls,
blocking off the entire depth and width of the lock chamber. Four pumps
inside the caisson then empty the lock chamber of water at a rate of
approximately 12,500 gallons per minute. Once the chamber is dry, the
caissons function is to hold the water back, just as the miter gates do. The
miter gates can then be removed or worked on in the chamber. The
Commission has two caissons, the other one being moored in Gatun Lake.
One major task of the overhaul is replacing the double wooden seal that
runs down both sides and along the bottom of the caisson to make it
watertight as possible. This seal which is 15 inches wide and 6 inches thick
is made at the Industrial Division's Wood Shop in Mount Hope, of Basra
locus, or Angelique, and extremely hard wood that comes from Surinam in
South America. The cost of the caisson overhaul is approximately
***A combination of quick thinking and professional expertise, together
with a bit of luck, was responsible for saving the life of a man during a diving

emergency that occurred in San Bias on Saturday, February 28. Ken
Willis, supervisor of the Industrial Division's Diving and Salvage Depot in
Gatun, Dr. Phillip Akers of Coco Solo Hospital and Dr. Alvin Sholk of
Gorgas Hospital just happened to be practicing one of their hobbies on that
particular Saturday afternoon and were tuned to the Maritime Mobile
Services Net frequency. A woman in San Bias was on the Net frequency
asking for help for her 52 year old husband who had been diving and was
suddenly suffering severe symptoms later classified as "the bends", an
illness which occurs when divers stay down too long or does not recompress
properly when surfacing after a dive. After Willis, Aker and Sholk spoke by
radio to the diver and his wife, Sholk contacted the U.S. Air Force Rescue
Coordination Center which responded by sending a MEDDAC Air
Ambulance to San Bias to evacuate the man to Gatun for treatment in a
recompression chamber. The chamber, located at the Diving and Salvage
Depot and another such chamber, located on the depot's diving barge, are
the only recompression chambers available south of Mexico City. The man,
attended by Dr. Akers underwent recompression, once to sixty feet and
later to 165 feet, assisted by Commission divers Brian Plaisance and
Edward Marshall. The patient was later transferred to Paitilla Hospital
where he is recovering rapidly. 3/13/81
***The reserve fleet tie-up area at the Dredging Division in Gamboa has
undergone major rehabilitation at the hands of the Engineering and
Construction Bureau over the past year. The mooring area stretches
northward from the Dredging Division's motorboat dock and runs parallel
to the Panama Railroad track in Gamboa. A 1100 foot-long wall of sheet
piling was erected at the water's edge, with a second wall eighty feet behind
and parallel to it and steel ties running between the two walls.
Approximately 30,000 cubic yards of dirt were dumped between the two
walls to make the area level. An asphalt strip for all-weather access was laid
on top. Plans include the installation of air and water lines for servicing the
equipment moored alongside and electrical service for shore power.
Floating equipment can now be safely berthed in deep water alongside the
metal piling. 3/20/81
***With the retirement of Information Officer Victor G. Canel, the
Commission's Information Office has been restructured and renamed the
Office of Public Affairs. The Canel's will take up a new way of life in France,
after a short time in the United States to visit with four of their daughters,
then to Germany to visit with their fifth daughter. Luis Carlos Noli, well-
known Panamanian journalist has been appointed Director of Public
Affairs and Willie K. Friar will assume the duties as Chief of Public
Information and the Deputy Director of Public Affairs. Noli, a veteran
journalist with more than 40 years in the news business, began his career
with the Panama American while still a student in Balboa High School. It
was through his education there and later at Canal Zone Junior College,
class of 1937, that Noli gained the proficiency in English that was so
important as a reporter of the Star & Herald, and later as its editor. He
also served as translator/interpreter for the Panama Canal Treaty
Negotiating Commission during its final stages.
***For the 26th consecutive year, the International Fair of Panama held in
David was a resounding success. Shoppers delighted in booths displaying a

myriad of merchandise, while the rhythms of "salsa", mariachis and
marching bands competed for the listeners attention. Of special interest
was the Panama Canal Commission's exhibit which emphasized increased
Panamanian participation in the Canal organization on all levels.
***Due to the austerity program, the Las Cruces launch is being taken out
of service until further notice. The once-a-month Saturday guest trips
through Gaillard Cut aboard the Las Cruces are cancelled.
***Three local Boy Scouts recently achieved Scouting's highest level, the
rank of Eagle Scout all from Troop 21 of Balboa. Neil Norton was pinned
by his mother Ella while father Joe looked on. Ephraim D. Leon-
Guerrero received happy congratulations from his parents Ephraim and
Virginia Leon-Guerrero, and Kevin Conrad and his parents Mary and
John Connard enjoyed the memorable occasion.
***The first phase of the Engineering and Construction Bureau's project to
build a stilling basin at the toe of Miraflores Spillway is underway. Sheets of
steel piling will be driven into the ground 35 feet, leaving 5 feet above the
ground to form a cell which is part of a temporary cofferdam structure to
keep water out of the construction site while the first part of the stilling
basin is being completed. 4/3/81
***In a recent report to the Board of Directors on the financial status of the
Panama Canal Commission, Administrator D.P. McAuliffe expressed
concern over the serious operating losses that have accrued in the first five
months of this fiscal year and the projected losses for the remaining seven
months of the year. He noted that deficits have resulted from a near $5
million drop in projected revenues due to a decline in transits in the latter
part of 1980 and early 1981. He also noted that the Commission has been
faced with approximately $24 million in unbudgeted financial
requirements this year to meet requirements. In view of the magnitude of
the deficit, the Administrator informed the Board that he has put into effect
a wide range of measures designed to reduce the Commission's day-to-day
expenditures. These measures include a selective hiring policy; rigid
management control over the use of overtime; reducing expenditures for
supplies and equipment, and some consolidation and overall reduction of
operating units. In keeping with the Commission's current policy on
reducing the financial burden on the agency, Thursday April 16 will be
placed on leave for that day, for those employees not required to perform
essential duties. 4/10/81
***The Panama Canal Commission has regretfully accepted the
resignation of Luis C. Noli as Director of Public Affairs. Mr. Noli cited
health problems and the advice of his physicians as the reason for
terminating his service with the Commission after only a brief period.
***The "Due Process" won the Twenty Eighth Annual Cayuco Race, and
led the race throughout. Members of an all-girl crew finished in sixth place.
Their Cayuco King was Pat Grimison and the crew consisted of Shaine
McDonald, Dawn and Robin Sutherland, and Andrea Cheville.
***Panama is investing $130 million in development of Atlantic side lands
that were turned over to Panama as a result of the 1979 treaties. The most
tangible signs of change is the work going on to widen the transisthmian
highway near Colon. Included in the over-all project is a tourist complex in

Colon; residential areas at Fort DeLesseps; Puerto Escondido, a container
port; an industrial park for the Colon Free Zone, and a polytechnic school.
***Mary K. Vidaurri has recently been appointed to the position of
Assistant Director, Policy and Board Coordination in the Office of
Executive Administration. The appointment makes her one of the nine top
ranking women in the Canal organization.
***Record setting rains deluge Isthmus. The fact that April 1981 was the
wettest April on record for Panama caused concern for personnel of the
Commission's Meteorological and Hydrographic Branch, who were
suddenly faced with rapidly rising rivers in the Canal watershed, and a
resulting sharp increase in levels of Madden and Gatun Lakes very early
this year. The normal rainfall by April 26 is 4.47 inches, however an
incredible 16.04 inches fell this year which is 259% above normal. Chagres
River was a swirling torrent of water running 24 feet above normal. A
controlled spilling operation was executed the next day, transferring more
than thirty thousand cubic feet of water down the Chagres into Gatun
Lake. 5/1/81

Weddings. ..

Sandra Bailey was married to Kevin Charles Cullen on December 15,
1979, at the Baptist Church. The bride and the groom are both on active duty
with the U.S. Navy and stationed at Norfolk, VA. Sandra is the daughter of
Kenneth and Marie Bailey of Lillian, Alabama.
Mrs. Grace Z. Roach and Mr. Edward A. Kienzle were united in holy
matrimony on Saturday, the ninth of May 1981 at a Nuptial Mass, Saint
Raphael's Catholic Church, Raleigh, N.C. Both Grace and Ed spent
approximately 15 years each in the Canal Zone and Panama. Grace was
employed by the Panama Canal Company as well as the U.S. Army; she
retired in 1973. Ed was Manager of United Fruit Company (now United
Brands Company). He left the Zone in 1979 and retired in 1980.
Mrs. Wilhelmina Kleefkens Barnhart of Sequim, Washington, and
Mr. Lee Kariger of Cypress, California, were united in marriage on
Saturday, March 21, 1981, at El Dorado Park Community Church in Long
Beach, California. Robert L. Kariger and his wife, Nell, of Long Beach
were the attendants for his parents. Minnie's daughter, Marcie (Rudge)
and her husband, Gerald Fox, of Sacramento, CA, also attended the
ceremony. Minnie and Lee were at home to members of their family and
close friends on Sunday, March 22, at 5795 Rexford Avenue, Cypress, CA
On December 27, 1980, Marigen Smith and Taylor W. Hunter were
married in a double ring ceremony officiated by a blind Justice of the Peace,
Don L. Steelman, in Waskom, Texas. The bridegroom is the son of Pat
(Ryan) Hunter of Santee, CA who formerly resided in Pedro Miguel and
Curundu, Canal Zone.

The matron of honor was Marigen's daughter, Mrs. Debbie Vassal and
her husband Colin Vassal was the best man. The ring bearer was James Joe
Vassal. Following the wedding a reception was held in Debbie and Colin
Vassal's home. After a brief honeymoon, Marigen and Taylor returned to
their home in New Orleans, LA.
On Saturday, January 17th, Sandra Jean May and Thomas Elliott
Robinson were married at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in New
Port Richey, FL. The bride is the daughter of June and Victor May of
Holiday, FL., formerly of Margaria, CZ. The groom is the son of Ann and
Bill Robinson also of Holiday and formerly of Haddanville, NJ. Mrs. Gini
Starke was Matron of Honor and Jimmy Robinson was his brother's best
man. Sandy was happy that former Cristobal High school classmates from
Alabama, Louisiana, Kansas, Michigan and from scattered cities in Flor-

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Elliott Robinson

ida, attended the wedding. Both the bride and groom are employed in Clear-
water, FL. They will make their home at 200 Starcrest Drive, Apartment 68,
Clearwater, FL 33515.

Susie Greenlee and Richard Jones were married September 6, 1980 at
the First Baptist Church of Pinellas Park, FL. The bride is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. David Greenlee of Pinellas Park. The bridegroom is the son
of Mrs. Lois (Hollowell) Jones and the late Charles E. Jones, formerly
of Coco Solo, Canal Zone, and the grandson of Ross H. Hollowell.
Susie is a graduate of Gibbs High School and is employed by Hughes
Supply Inc. Richard is a graduate of St. Petersburg High School and is
employed by Fred's Plumbing. They will make their home in St. Petersburg,

(From left to right) Charles Durrigan, Miss Doreen Faria,
Mina Dee, Lois Jones, Richard and Susie Jones (the bride
and groom), Margie and Kelly Sage, Pam and Charlie

Births ...
Mrs. John T. Barrett of Jacksonville, FL announces the birth of her
third granddaughter, Stephanie Anne born February 26, 1981 to Susan
Jean (Barrett) and Bob Cecil of 7 Dairyfield CT, Rockville, MD 20852.
Maternal great grandmother is Mrs. John J. Kotalik of Jacksonville, FL.
Mr. and Mrs. Benny Caulson (Edith Smith) announce the birth of a
daughter, born February 25, 1981, St. Lukes Hospital, Houston, TX.
Kendra Anne weighed in at 8 lbs. 11 oz. A three-year-old brother, Daniel
Ernest also welcomed Kendra. Maternal grandparents are Lois and Jack
Smith of Alexander City, AL.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Carroll, announce the birth of a son, Samuel
Patrick on December 31, 1980, at the Gorgas Military Hospital, Ancon, R
de P. Welcoming little Samuel home is Douglas Aaron and Christian
Joy. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Virgil L. Peters of Balboa.
Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Archie Carroll, Jr., Haines
City, FL. Maternal great-grandmother is Mrs. Freda Butler, Marysville,
Captain and Mrs. Daniel M. R. Haff of Argyle, NY announce the birth
of their fourth grandchild, Matthew Waller Dougherty, weighing in at
10 lbs. on January 12, 1981. Parents are Dennis and Danelle (Haff)
Dougherty, 9534 South Bell, Chicago, IL 60643. Matthew has a two-year-
old sister Caitlin.
Captain and Mrs. Gary Pickenpaugh were blessed with the birth of a
son, Gavin Carl, on March 1,1981. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Henry

Ford of Stafford, VA and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pickenpaugh of St.
Petersburg, FL.
Captain and Mrs. Henry K. Johnstone of Tinton Falls, NJ announce
the birth of their fourth grandchild, Charles H. Legg II, son of Eileen
Johnstone Legg of Laurel, MS.
John and Sharon O'Connor are proud parents of a daughter, Milessa
Lynn, born in Ft. Walton Beach, FL on February 5, 1981. Milessa is
welcomed by her eight-year-old sister, Tracy Lee. Grandparents are
Robert and Barbara O'Connor of St. Petersburg, FL and aunt is Grace
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Perry, Springdale, announce the arrival of
their first grandson, Louis Hale, Jr., on November 11, 1980. The baby's
parents are Louis and Nancy Perry Hale, of Kilgore, TX.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Balcer, Bentonville, are the happy
grandparents of Jennifer, who was born on February 26, 1981, the
daughter of Paul and Melissa Rhoads, Shreveport, LA.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Juan Romera of Brussels, Belgium, a baby boy,
Juan Daniel Romera, on St. Patrick's Day, March 17,1981. The mother is
the former Ann MArie Leach of San Jose, CA, and the father is the son of
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Romera of Madrid, Spain. The maternal
grandparents are Nancy K. Leach of Foster City, CA, and Leroy Leach
of San Jose, CA. The maternal great-grandmother is Norine Hall Kaufer
of Los Gatos, CA this is her 6th great-grandchild.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Mueller (Theresa Eggleston) announce the
birth of their daughter and first child, Ingrid Hele, on October 1, 1980 in
Houston, TX. Ingrid is the eighth grandchild of Mrs. D. Maurice
Eggleston of St. Petersburg. When Ingrid was baptized she wore a
heirloom christening gown which was hand-embroidered by her great-aunt
Florence Lincoln Hele.

With Deep Sorrow
Mrs. Dorothy G. Barton, 75, of Harrisburg, PA passed away February
5, 1981. The widow of Charles P. Barton, she is survived by two sisters, Miss
Mary V. Gates of Naples, FL and Mrs. Dewey M. Stowers of St. Petersburg,
FL and two brothers.

Mr. Paul A. Bentz, 82, member of Hendersonville, NC, passed away on
March 8, 1981. Mr. Bentz served as counsel and general counsel for the
Panama Canal, also counsel for the Panama Railroad Co. He was adviser to
nine governors of the Canal Zone. He is survived by his wife Elizabeth, a
son, Dr. Alan P. Bentz of Stonington, CT; a daughter, Joan Davidson,
Stuart, FL; a sister and four grandchildren.
Mrs. Grace Browne, 91, former member, of St. Petersburg, FL, died
February 27, 1981. Grace was a retired school teacher. She is survived by a
brother, E. Luther Widemire of Mobile, AL and a nephew, Dr. C. Browne of
Birmingham, AL.

Mr. Thomas G. Coleman, 87, member, of Hendersonville, NC, died
April 10, 1981, following a period of declining health. He was a retired
superintendent of the maintenance division of the Panama Canal Co. He
retired in 1953 after 18 years service. He was a past Master of the Panama
Canal Zone Masonic Lodge, past commander of York Ritebodies Valley of
PC. He was past potentate of the Abou Saad Shrine Temple. Surviving are
his wife, Mrs. Barbara B. Coleman; two daughters, Mrs. Jean Dombrowsky
of Hendersonville and Mrs. Louise Pattison of the Panama Canal; four
grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.
Mr. William H. Dunlop, 82, member of St. Petersburg, FL died March
27, 1981. He retired in 1954 as comptroller for the Panama Canal. He was a
veteran of World War I. Survivors include his wife Marie Dunlop.
Mrs. Bea (Shafer) Drew died in January at her home in Hollywood, CA,
just two months before her 90th birthday. She was married to Harold
Shafer, who operated a steam locomotive crane in the Balboa Yards that
was on the road to Corozal.
Mrs. Dorothea B. Dworak, 91, member, of Gulfport, FL died February
27,1981. Mrs. Dworak was a secretary for the Panama Canal Co. and retired
29 years ago. She is survived by her husband Howard; two nieces, Dorothy
Wilbur of Mass. and Edith Tempe of California; several grandchildren.
Richard W. Engelke, Sr., 73, former member of Council Bluffs, Iowa,
died March 3,1981. He was born July 1,1907 in Washington, DC, went to the
Canal Zone at age four, where he attended Canal Zone schools and worked
with the Navy at Coco Solo and with the Canal Zone Government. He left
the Zone in 1944 to settle in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He was employed at SAC
in Omaha, Nebraska until he retired. He is survived by two sons, Richard,
Jr., and Page, and two grandchildren, Michael and Katherine, of Palatine,
Illinois, five brothers, Harry, Glendale, CA, Herbert, Springfield, MO,
George, Robert, Howard, and a sister, Virginia Favorite, all of Bentonville,
AR. A memorial service was held March 6, 1981 in St. Paul's Episcopal
Church, Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Mr. William R. Fayard Jr. of Pensacola, FL died March 16, 1981 at
Baptist Hospital in Pensacola. He lived in Pedro Miguel many years while
employed at Pacific Locks. He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Joyce
Bailey of Fort Walton Beach, FL; two sisters, Mrs. Irma Wicks and Mrs.
Gloria Mihacevich, both of Pensacola, and four grandchildren.
Mr. Leo E. Granger, member of Harrison, TN, passed away March 7,
1981. He lived in the Canal Zone on the Pacific side from 1939 until 1950,
when he got reduction-in-force from the Mechanical Division, Boioler Shop.
He was an active member of the Masonic Lodge #114; past Worthy Patron,
Eastern Star, Chapter #224; Alhambra Shrine; Southeastern Flying Fezz
Assoc., and Elks Lodge #90. He is survived by his wife, Margaret H.; sons,
Thomas T. Behre, Paul E. Charles F. and Richard Granger all of Harrison;
Bruce Behre, Clarksville and Phil Granger of Chattanooga,TN.
Mr. Louis C. Hasemann, 79, member and longtime reporter for the
Canal Record, died February 27, 1981 in Jacksonville, FL. He retired as
postmaster from the Canal Zone; was a veteran of WW I, a member of the

Masonic Lodge in the CZ and the Riverside Lodge of Jacksonville.
Survivors include his wife, Irene; three daughters, Mrs. Helen Ress, Mrs.
Gayle Colbert, Mrs. Irene Wilson; a son, Louis C. Jr., 10 grandchildren, 5
Mrs. Edna J. Hummer, 65, died April 25, 1981. She was born in Ancon,
CZ and lived in Sarasota, FL for the past four years. She was an accountant
with the Panama Canal Company for 28 years. She leaves a son, Joseph E.,
and a daughter, Karen L. Ryan, both of Panama; a brother; and a grandson,
Kenneth Ryan.
Robert Smith Hursh, 71, member of Fayetteville, Arkansas, died
suddenly on February 21, 1981. He is survived by his wife, Virginia
Brokaw Hursh, his mother, two brothers and a sister. He was a Navy vet-
eran of World War II, and retired as a civil engineer from 15th Naval
District, Canal Zone with thirty years of Government service in 1966. He
was an active member of the Presbyterian Church, was a 50-year member of
the Masonic Order, and had advanced through the Shrine and York Rite. He
was an amateur radio operator, and active in several groups of antique car
Cdr. John McGroarty (USN Ret), 72, died on January 12, 1981, in
Santa Rosa, CA. Cdr. McGroarty was born in Fort Huachuca, AZ, and lived
in Panama from 1927 to 1930, where he was employed by the Canal Zone
Postal Service. He joined the Navy in 1930 and retired in 1958. He earned his
flight wings at Pensacola, FL. He was stationed in Cavite, P.I., when World
War II began. He was commissioned a LTJG in 1943, and awarded the Air
Medal for helping sink a Japanese convoy from Truk. Cdr. McGroarty
joined Squadron VR-8 at Travis AFB in 1948, which was assigned to the
Berlin Airlift in October 1948. This was one of the highlights of his Naval
career flying vital cargo over the Russian blockade. He was a veteran of
both WWII and the Korean War. He was a member of the Retired Officers'
Association, Association of Naval Aviation, Silver Eagle Association, and
Alumni Association of the University of California. Cdr. McGroarty is
survived by his wife, Cdr. Margaret McGroarty (USN Ret.), sister, Mary L.
Butts of Alameda, and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.
Mr. Don A. Martin, of Woodland Hills, CA, passed away in January
1981, following a long illness. He is survived by his wife, Mary Ethel Martin.
Mrs. Anna Barbara Maurer, 95, widow of Louis Charles Mauerer,
architect and chief estimator of Madden Dam, died April 22, 1981 at a West
Palm Beach Hospital. She was a life member of the Eastern Star Orchid
Chapter, Canal Zone. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Roger Williams
(Dorothy) of Pompano Beach and Mrs. Charles DeYoung (Muriel) of Del
Ray Beach, FL.
Mr. Henry C. Moody of Tampa, FL, died April 18,1981. He was a WWI
veteran and former Canal Zone employee of Inspection Bureau, Dredging
Div. and M.T.D. as well as a former member of the PC Society and the
Masonic Lodge. He is survived by his wife, Vernice (nee Violette) Moody;
two daughters Ruth Bollea of Tampa and Beverly Ebdon of Sarasota; five
grandsons Kenneth Wheeler, Allen and Terry Bollea and Paul and Jim
Ebdon, and 11 great grandchildren.

Mrs. Annabel Carrow Myers of Westwood Terrace, Norfolk, VA. died
on July 8, 1980. She was the widow of Otis Collins Myers. In 1928 they
moved to Balboa, Canal Zone, where they resided until Mr. Myers retired
from the Engineering Div. in 1958. They then returned to Norfolk to make
their home. Mrs. Myers was very active in volunteer work and during World
War II was Chairman of the Volunteer Services for the Red Cross in the
Canal Zone. The Governor of the Panama Canal Zone presented her with a
special award for her service and outstanding contribution to the war effort.
Mrs. Myers leaves a sister Mrs. Herbert R. Meredith, nieces and nephews in
Virginia and Maryland; a daughter-in-law Elizabeth Myers, who lived in
Panama, and three grandchildren.

Mr. James E. Pattison, member, chief of the Panama Canal
Commission's Graphic Branch, died at Gorgas Hospital on 11 November
1980. He was 55 years old. Mr. Pattison had many years experience in
commercial and U.S. Government radio and television broadcasting. He
joined the Canal organization in 1971 and served as an audio-visual
production specialist and later promoted to chief of the branch in May 1976.
He was known as the "Voice of the Panama Canal" for his narration of
films and video programs produced by the branch. He was a veteran of
WWII; attended the National Academy of Broadcasting in Washington,
DC, where he won numerous awards and also received the Master Key to the
Canal. A member of Elks Lodge 1414, Balboa and a Mason and member of
the Abou Saad Temple. Survivors are his wife, Frances and two sons,
Thomas and James.

Mr. Hokan Edwin Pihigren, 83, a long time member of our Society,
passed away March 27, 1981 in Sacramanto, CA. He was retired from the
Panama Canal Company and belonged to many lodges including Chagres
Lodge AF&AM Canal Zone. He is survived by his widow Nan; brother; and
nieces and nephews.
Mr. Bronson B. Powell, 72, member of Dunedin Beach, FL passed
away March 3, 1981. Bus attended the Canal Zone schools and was the son
of the late Samuel and Mary Margaret Powell, long time former residents of
the CA from construction days. He was preceded in death by his wife Celeste
C. in June 1980. At the time of his retirement from the Panama Canal in
1964 he was Mechanical Supervisor of Miraflores Locks. He is survived by
two daughters, Joan P. Arndt of Crystal Lake, IL and Celeste P. Fulton of
Glendale, CA; one sister Edith P. Engelke of Bentonville, AR; two
granddaughters and three grandsons.

Mr. Eugene Provost, Jr., former member of Long Beach, CA, passed
away on January 26, 1981. Dr. Provost went to the Canal Zone in 1922 with
the U.S. Navy for a few years. He returned to the Zone in 1929. Following his
retirement from the Navy, he was employed with the CZ Police. After his
retirement from the Police Division, he ran a private business, Certified
Industrial Security, finally retiring in 1963. His wife, Blanche, died in
August 1977. Survivors include his son, Robert G. Provost (BHS '38), and
daughter, Lolita Provost Packard (BHS '40), five grandchildren and eight

Mrs. Ruth McCallister Taht, 82, died January 24, 1981. She was the
widow of Clarence (Pop) Taht. The Tahts went to the Canal Zone in 1940
and until their retirement in 1962 were well loved and known for their active
participation in the Pedro Miguel Sunday School, Boy Scouts, School for the
Blind in Panama and the Salvation Army. Ruth is survived by two sons,
Robert of the Canal Zone and Richard of Lynnwood, WA; four
grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.
Mr. Frank Terry, 88, member, died January 22,1981 at Columbus, OH.
He retired in 1949 from the Locks Division at Gatun after 28 years service.
They moved to Oregon where they made their home until 1975 when his
wife, Audie McCaul passed away. In 1976 he made his home with his son-in-
law and daughter, James and Norrine McLaughlin in Columbus, OH. He
was a member of Kennetto Lodge No. 599 F&AM, Broadalbin, NY for 64
years. Also surviving is his son, Vern of Ballston Lake, NY; five
grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
John C. Wallace of Surfside, FL, reports the passing of Joseph Foster
Tufts in Miami Beach, January 1981. Joe worked on the Gatun Locks and
went to school at Cristobal High.
Mrs. Klara Jacobs Weisiger passed away on February 8, 1981 in
Fairhope, AL. Mrs. Weisinger, who was 92 years old, went to the Canal Zone
in 1929 and left when her husband, Harry, retired in 1949. Most of those
years were spent in Pedro Miguel. Surviving are her son, Albert J. Powell of
Dade City, FL and her daughters, Mrs. Bettye Bitters of Fairhope and
Edythe Rogers of Shalimar, FL, also six grandchildren and five great-
Mr. Manlove Raymond Weir "Bud", a long-time resident of Panama,
passed away on December 30,1980 at the home of his daughter in Ancon, R
de P. For many years Bud was associated with the Gibraltar Insurance
Company. He is survived by two brothers; his sister, Betty Webster of Santa
Clara, R de P; his two children, Dennis Raymond Wier of CA and Connie
Irene Wier, a nurse at Gorgas Hospital and a granddaughter.
Bill Wray of Douglas, AZ reports the passing of Harry and Betty
Westervelt. Betty passed away on December 31, 1980 and Harry on
January 4, 1981. Harry had been a member of the Canal Zone Masonic
bodies and Betty was still a member of Coral Palm Chapter #23, O.E.S.
Mrs. Mae Wold, 87, former member, who taught "math" for many years
in the Cristobal Junior High School and retired in 1953, passed away
February 22, 1981 at Jamestown, ND.
Mr. Harold J. Zierten, 79, member of St. Petersburg, FL, died March 22,
1981. He retired from the Panama Canal schools division after 30 years
where he was superintendent of schools. "Zip" was a member of BPOE No.
1414, Balboa, CZ. Survivors include his wife Emma; a son John,
Huntington, IN; a daughter Jeanne Z. Goldsberry, Lima OH; a brother; 12
grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

"Eternal rest give to them, 0 Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon them."

News from .
Dennis Gilbert, J. G. Mackin and Assoc. Ltd, 204 Tong Bldg., 302
Orchard Rd., Singapore 0923 Rep of Singapore I've been named operations
manager for the J. G. Mackin and Associates responsible for Indian, Asian
and Pacific operations. JGMA does engineering, fabrication and
construction management for all the major oil companies, providing
technical and management expertise to the Oil industry, world-wide.
Since leaving the Zone and graduating from LSU (Baton Rouge) my wife
(Robin Keen from Jackson, MS) and I have been in Brazil, Trinidad,
Brussels, London and Houston, TX. Our son, Kevin S. Gilbert was born in
London and another child will be born in August in Singapore (a girl, we
My brother, John F. Gilbert, married a Houstonian (Marlene Ann
Miller) on January 31st and we enjoyed having our parents, Christy and
Dennis A. Gilbert, up from their retirement in San Jose, Costa Rica, to
attend the wedding. They used one of John's cars to drive to Dothan, AL,
visiting John and Maria (Gilbert) Urey and other friends and relatives.
We just had a beautiful barbecued Texas brisket (in Feb.) prepared by
Barry Greer in San Antonio. Frank Martin came down from Austin and
we had fun remembering all the good times he had growing up on the
Atlantic side.
I want to express my personal thanks for the time and effort "you-all" put
in so that so many are able to keep in touch with other Zonians. (Ed. note:
Thanks for the compliments and comments. ATC)
D. Peters, Panama Canal Mr. and Mrs. Archie B. Carroll, Jr., of
Haines City, FL visited Panama from January 9th through February 15.
They were houseguests of their son Richard and family. They also visited
with son Steve and their daughter Margaret Carroll of Diablo. They
enjoyed seeing many of their old friends.
Bill and Lorey Wray, Douglas We want to report the passing of Harry
and Betty Westervelt (see deaths). We were out there over Christmas and
knew that they were not too well but was real shocked to have them both go
so soon. We stay well and would like to send regards to all of our friends in
Florida. Our son had open heart surgery in August but is now fine and back
on the road for North American Van Lines.
Lee Butz visited her mother in Kingston, NY in April for several weeks.
Harry stayed home to get his super-neat and equally productive garden
Dick and Mary Condon drove to Kingfisher, OK in March to visit
Jerry Johnson, a former Marguerita fireman, and to admire his newly
purchased home.
Boots Smithson went to Florida with Irene McLaughlin of the
Brownsville, TX area. Boots started her trip by viewing the Chinese Bronze
exhibit in Dallas, where she was joined by Irene. They drove across the

southern states to South Carolina where they visited Stan and Ella
Specht, and then went on down the east coast of Florida. Irene stopped off
to see Elsie Millspaugh, and Boots continued across state to visit Edna
Campbell. She also saw Ann Hall and Nell Hickman.
The Wrenns, Earl and Maxine left home this spring to attend the
christenings of their two granddaughters in March and April.
Jim and Veva Folsom have sold their home in Springdale, AR and
will have moved to Georgia in late April.
Ora Mae Clayton has also sold her house on Beaver Lake, and will be
moving to Mobile, AL in July. Now that it's done, she has mixed feelings.
Jack and Joan Corliss also have mixed feelings. While driving home
from work on a rainy April night, daughter Leslie ran into a tractor-trailer.
Her car was totalled, and Leslie's face required thirty stitches. She has
recovered nicely, glad to report. The Corlisses are happy with the large room
they've added to their home by enclosing the patio. Jo has quit working at K-
Mart and is staying home at this writing but is getting restless. Now son
John is working part time at K-Mart.
From Andy and Frances Whitlock: I say 'Hallelujah!' Spring
housecleaning is completed, and the spring flower garden blooming.
Andrew has his garden manicured and vegetables planted meticulously in
beautiful straight rows. Saturday (April 18th), I entertained twenty
members of the Old Wire Road kaffeeklatsch, and had planned an Easter
egg hunt for three boys, ages five to nine, who live next door. It rained not
violets so the hunt was held indoors at 7:00 a.m. this morning, and then
we six grownups and the three boys had coffee and donuts at eight o'clock
before church. Went to church in a hailstorm which ceased by the time I got
there. Miss "B" (Bates Wieman) leaves next week for Florida to attend the
Canal Zone get-together. Expect our children and cousin, Mary Jo
Yeager, to visit us in May and June. Spring is breaking out all over. It's so
beautiful here in the Ozarks. How blessed are we to live here. 'Nuf said." --
(That communication pleasures me. You, too?)
Virginia Favorite's daughter and family spent Easter vacation with
her. Visiting from Missouri were Ginny and Don Neidt, and Todd,
Michelle, and Sean.
Nobby and Peggy Keller have had a memorable year thus far. Peggy
was hospitalized with flu. They day she got out, her mother (visiting from
Boston) went in for gall bladder surgery. Three weeks later, when she got
out, Nobby suffered a transient stroke. Everyone has recovered now.
Peggy's father, 87-year-old Bugsy Magee, a more logical candidate for an
ailment, sailed through the seige with no illness whatever.
Martin Annen was again working in Corpus Christi, TX, so Marilyn
and the children joined him for a few days over the Easter holiday.
Carl and Helen Newhard entertained Ross and Janet Cunningham
who stopped in to visit over Easter on their way to California from St. Pete.
The Terrells and Sanders joined them for dinner.
Pete and Sue Warner have celebrated their sixth anniversary as
residents of Rogers, AR. They are most happy with their present home area
but our conversation (the Warners and Nails) is still full of fun
reminiscences of Canal Zone living. Even things not funny at the time have,
in retrospect, become hilarious.

Jessie Newhard flew to San Diego in January to visit her stepdaughter
and family, Capt. and Mrs. Andrew Bleakley, Jr. She continued her
vacation by going to Santa Barbara to visit granddaughter, Heather
Albright; to Monterey to visit Heather's mother; to Millbrae where she
spent a week with Asa and Elsie Borden; to Visalia for ten days with her
stepdaughter and family, Dr. and Mrs. Omar Franklin and children; to
Denver for a week with son John and his family. While in California, she
also visited former Zonians, Mrs. Alan Dodd and Mrs. Donald Scott,
and spent and evening with Frances Greening.
Glynn and Etta Fay Terrell left home on March 11th and drove, towing
their camper trailer and accompanied by the two dachshunds, to Austin, TX
where they spent a weekend with son Lance. They drove on to Houston to
see friends formerly of Bentonville, then went over to the coast to the Rio
Grande Valley, an area new to them. They saw South Padre Island,
Brownsville, and Harlingen. Then toured along the Rio Grande to Laredo,
Del Rio, and Big Bend National Park where they stayed several days. Dust
storms northward around Palo Duro Canyon precluded sightseeing there,
so Terrell & Co. headed home.
Bruce and Dorothy Sanders report that spring has sprung at their
hacienda. Shrubs and vegetable garden are receiving attention, and the Las
Cruces II is being readied for fishing and picnicing. March visitors were
Elmer (Al) and Marie (Raymond) Bierbaum of Dothan, AL.
ALICE NAIL, Reporter

Phebe G. Neville, El Dorado I am the "Balboa Clubhouse cashier" (28
years) and just recently celebrated by 90th birthday. (See
"Congratulations" this issue). While I am "remarkable" for that age, I am
not strong and cannot see well at all; fall and stumble; can't get to Sunday
School and church anymore; because I have no one to "lead" and "steer" me
about, fearful of falling in public!!

Ruth L. Straus, Burbank I have been in the hospital twice in the last
year and must have surgery again on April 7th. I have been living with my
daughter Margaret Edward since Bob died in 1977. It would be nice
receiving a few letters from old friends.

Edna Grandin, Pleasant Hill has received her Associate in Arts
degree, on January 28, 1981, from Diablo Valley College. She thereby joins
Mr. Sam, and sons Carl and David, all of whom earned an AA on the
Pleasant Hill, CA campus. In late September Edna received USO
recognition as the mother who had traveled the farthest to attend boot camp
graduation at the Navy Recruit Training Command, Orlando, FL. This was
for son Eric, who stood out in the graduation review (all 6'7" of him). The
enjoyable week, bracketed by champagne courtesy of Delta Airlines,
included a night at the Contemporary Hotel, Disneyworld, and visits to Sea
World, Cypress Gardens, Wings & Wheels, plus looking up a friend in
Melbourne. It was noted that USO Orlando assists the recruit transition to
military life in an exemplary manner. Former Salvation Army Brigadier
Emil Miller and Mrs. Mary Boutwell were most kind and gracious.

Annual Spring Luncheon & Business Meeting We had a wonderful
turnout for our luncheon aboard the SS Princess Louise in the port of Los
Angeles at San Pedro, one of our favorite meeting places. Its new berth is
well located adjacent to Ports of Call. The happy hour preceding the
luncheon afforded everyone the opportunity to visit with long-time friends.
The Invocation was given by Mr. Robert Leroy Dill, and the Pledge of
Allegiance to the Flag was led by our President, Mr. Robert K. Adams.
Mr. Dill called to mind that this year is the 60th anniversary of the founding
of our society (as the Panama Canal Society of Los Angeles), with Mr.
Walter C. Cousineau as the first President in 1921-1922. Mrs. Geneva
Bliss Shrapnel, Co-Chaplain, looking chipper as ever, reaching back with
her fabulous memory, treated us to one of her entertaining stories and an
inspiring poem. The Treasurer's Report was given by Mrs. Ruth Westman
Adams, Secretary-Treasurer, and was accepted as read. David Smith,
Chairman, Nominating Committee, asked members to join him in thanking
the officers for their services to the society during this past year. He then
presented the slate of officers for 1981-82, which was accepted by a
unanimous vote: President, Conrad S. Horine; Vice
President/Entertainment Chairman, Roy W. Ballard; Secretary-Treas-
urer, Sheila Gilbert Bolke; Newsletter Editor, Joan Ridge
deGrummond; Chaplain, Robert Leroy Dill; Co-Chaplain, Geneva
Bliss Shrapnel, and President Emeritus, David Leroy Smith.
Discussions Dues: Bob Adams recommended that annual
membership dues be increased from $4 to $6 to defray rising costs for
Secretary-Treasurer and Newsletter requirements. A motion was carried in
favor of raising dues to $6. The proposed date of increase would be effective
January 1, 1982, for the calendar year of 1982.
David Smith, President Emeritus, assisted in the transition of the
outgoing President, Bob Adams, and acted as proxy for Conrad Horine, our
new President who was in Utah at the time.
Name of Society There was some discussion as to whether our society
should change its name to "Canal Zone Society", in view of the transfer of
the Panama Canal to Panama by treaty. However, opinions seemed to
indicate that the preface title should remain "Panama Canal Society of...".
It was expressed that the name and purpose of the societies throughout the
United States should be uniform, as at present, so that there would be no
confusion or loss of identity. Any change would have to be acceptable to all
societies for conformity.
David Smith sang the beautiful hymn, "Amazing Grace", in memory of
our members and friends, whose names were read, who have passed on.
Our thanks to Marion Hutchison Phillips and Vera Grace Irving
who sold tickets for our "Loteria". Jack deGrummond was the lucky
winner of the first cash prize. Liquid door prizes by "Budweiser", courtesy of
Francis Fitzpatrick, were won by member, Hedy Seedborg, and guest,
Elbert Ridge.
Members and Guests
Adams, Robert and Ruth (Westman)
Guest: Dorothy (Messer) Barnes
Aguirre, Isabel (Peterson)
Allen, William and Dorothy (Hoffman)

Argo, Emmett and Adele
Ballard, Roy
Bolke, Sheila (Gilbert)
Brown, Grace (Birkeland)
Guest: Jeri Littlefield
Brown, Mollie
Cheeseman, Lola
Daniel, Robert "Chick"
deGrummond, Jack and Joan (Ridge)
Guest: Elbert Ridge and
Cecil and Verona "Ronnie" Vockrodt
de la Pena, Moises and Jean (Stinehart)
Dill, Robert LeRoy
Guest: Marguerite James and
Sam and Jean Riddle
Fitzgerald, Maurice
Fitzpatrick, Francis and Joan
Guest: Frank and Patty Fitzpatrick
Frank Irwin
Guest: Ruth Frank, mother
Hammond, Charles "Wally" and
Mary (Acker)
Guest: Mildred Eid
Hayward, Dorothy
Heim, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F.
Guest: Mandy Marchowsky
Irving, Joseph and Vera Grace
Johnson, Ellen (Greenleaf)
Guest: Thelma Hayes
Kariger, Lee and Minnie (Kleefkens)
Kaufer, Norine (Hall)
Kelleher, Maurice "Bud"
Kenway, Joseph and Helen
Kline, Paul and Mildred (Phillips)
Marohl, Karl and Barbara
Martin, Mary Ethel
McKelvey, Fred and Louise
Guest: Dorothy and Marianne
Packard, Lolita Provost
Phillips, Noble "Bud" and Marion
Provost, Robert and Millie
Reppe, Thelma
Ridge, Jack
Ross, Janice (Cameron)
Guest: Pat (Boggs) Lord
Seedborg, Hedvig (Sundberg)
Seiler, Florence (Berude)
Shrapnel, Geneva (Bliss)
Simonsen, Chris
Guest: Fay and Herb Thomas
Smith, David LeRoy
Spreuer, William and Olga "Cissie"

Guest: John and Margaret (Atwood)
Underwood, Mary Kate
Wanke, Ethel
Guest: Karen Johnson, granddaughter
Wanke, Dick and Janice
Wanke, Ronald and Peg
White, P. Alton and Dorothy
Wright, Milton and Cornelia
Welcome, New Members!
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Heim, 17700 Avalon Blvd. #4, Carson, CA
90746. Phone: 213-323-2378. "Charlie" resided in the Canal Zone from 1923
to 1950. He graduated from Cristobal High School in 1935, and was
employed by the Division of Sanitation, Health Bureau.
Mr. Maurice S. Kelleher, 10442 Riverside Drive, Toluca Lake, CA
91602. Phone: 213-761-8284. "Bud" lived in the Canal Zone from 1936 to
1980. He attended CZ Schools, graduating from Balboa High with the Class
of 1943. He was a Position Classification Specialist with the Personnel
Bureau, Ancon, until his retirement in July, 1980. Bud attended our BHS-
CHS Reunion in San Diego last October.
Mrs. Lolita Provost Packard attended Canal Zone Schools, and is a
graduate of Balboa High School, Class of 1940. She resides at 2625 Radnor
Ave., Long Beach, CA 90815. Phone: 213-421-1820. Lolita is a controller for
Vel's Parnelli Jones Ford. She enjoys traveling last year took in the New
England States and a trip to the Ozarks.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira M. Payne (Dorothy V. Leiterman), 30625 Anthony
Rd., Valley Center, CA 92082. Phone: 714-749-1067. Ira was in the Canal
Zone from November 1940 to March 1969, and was with Contract
Inspection. Dorothy was in the Zone from February 1941 to March 1969, and
was a Clerk Supervisor, Army QM, Corozal and Ft. Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gammell Ridge ("Rocky" and Reeta), P.O.
Box 1001, Redlands, CA 92373. Phone: 714-793-1616. Rocky was born in
Gorgas Hospital in 1919, attended Canal Zone Schools, and is a graduate of
Balboa High School, Class of 1937. He was an Apprentice with the
Mechanical Division, Balboa, from 1943-46. He is the son of the late A. P.
"Larry" Ridge and Julia Sullivan Ridge. Rocky and Reeta were guests of his
sister and her husband, Virginia and Hank Dolim, members, at our
September luncheon, and attended the BHS-CHS Reunion last October in
San Diego. Welcome to the society, cousins! Ed.
Mrs. J. G. Tuttobene (Alberta Marie Boyd), 205 Verbena Lane, Brea,
CA 92621. Mrs. Tuttobene would like to be placed on the mailing list for any
California reunions.
New Addresses:
Mrs. Harry H. Corn (Vivian), Box 2127, Wawona, CA 95389.
LTC and Mrs. Henry P. Dolim (USAF, Ret.) (Virginia Ridge), 6770
Hawaii Kai Drive, #1404, Honolulu, HI 96825.
Mr. and Mrs. Ewing W. "Bud" Journey (Harriet Johnson), 29057
Beach Drive N.E., Pulsbo, WA 98370. Phone: (206) 779-4953.
Mrs. Martin Seiler (Florence Berude), 451-C Ave. Sevilla, Laguna
Hills, CA 92653.

News of Members and Friends:
Mildred Anderson wrote that her mother, Frances Lucile Anderson,
88, recently fell and broke her wrist, and has a cracked pelvis. She was
admitted to Hoag Hospital. She is progressing well now.
William Badders Mrs. Norine Kaufer sent us the following article
which appeared in the newspaper in her area of Los Gatos, CA in January,
1980: Presidential Inauguration "Going to Presidential inaugurations
is nothing new to William Badders, 80, an Alameda resident for the past
seven years. And he is preparing to attend the inauguration of Ronald
Reagan on special invitation from the President-elect. Badders, a retired
chief petty officer in the Navy and federal government employee in the
Panama Canal Zone, also happens to be a holder of the Congressional
Medal of Honor. He is one of a rare few who received the honor for non-
wartime bravery. As a master diver with the Navy in 1939, Badders rescued
18 men from the sunken submarine USS Squalus in the Atlantic Ocean off
the coast of Portland, NH. The submarine had gone down because of a
mechanical malfunction. The Congressional Medal of Honor was bestowed
the next year. Badders recalls that he received it at the White House from
President Roosevelt. "He was confined to a wheelchair," Badders said. "I
remember getting down on one knee so FDR could put the medal around my
Ever since then, Badders and his wife of 58 years, Lynn, have received
special invitations to attend Presidential inaugurations. He was there when
Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Carter were
inaugurated. And he'll be there again when Reagan takes the oath of office.
"I usually vote the Democrat ticket, but last time I voted for Reagan,"
Badders said. Besides his memory of meeting the late FDR, Badders also
treasures the memory of being introduced to late President John
Kennedy in the Rose Garden of the White House. "I was a Congressional
Medal of Honor winner but Kennedy was the young, bright new President
and I loved him and was overwhelmed when I shook his hand," Badders
Badders and his wife moved to Alameda and settled in a home at 3414 Red
Hook Lane, Bay Farm Island, some seven years ago. "We moved to
Alameda especially because our son, William Badders, Jr., who's 54 now
(but neither my wife nor I can believe how the years have fled) lives here
too," he said. His son is a flight engineer. Mr. and Mrs. Badders also have a
daughter, Marie Roberts, who lives in Florida.
Asked if he had any words ready when he met Reagan, Badders said, "No,
I'll play it by ear. But I voted for him so I guess you can say I'll be doubly
happy to be at the inauguration." The Badders are members of the PC
Society of Florida.
Mrs. Emilie ("Mollie") Brown wrote that she had been in the hospital
earlier this year. She attended our April luncheon, and is getting along
nicely now.
Cdr. and Mrs. L. 0. Butts (Mary McGroarty), new members A very
pleasant event took place recently. Margaret White Bwy, whom I had not
seen since she departed from Panama in 1945, arrived in Alameda for a visit
with us. She drove her motorhome from La Mesa, CA, approximately 800
miles. Margaret wheels her MH far and wide, and is a member of a

'Wanderlust' group that 'wanders' often. She also makes frequent trips to
Hawaii to visit her son, Douglas. The Panama Canal Society of Florida
and the Panama Canal Society of Southern California are to be commended
for helping to keep in touch with, or reunite, Isthmian friends. (Margaret
Bwy is listed in our Membership Directory Ed).

Margaret White Bwy visited with her son, Douglas, and his wife,
Paula, in Hawaii in March and April. Douglas is a professor at the
University of Hawaii, and Paula is an English teacher at a high school on

Arthur and Dorothy Cotton returned in March from Panama, where
they visited with members of their family. "Fred moved into the new
General Services Bureau office building (the old, 3-story Commissary
Housewares Store, Bldg. 729 on Balboa Road). He gave us a tour of the
building it is huge and very nice."
Moises and Jean de la Pena had a most enjoyable vacation in New
Zealand and Australia. As they had planned, they met John and
Margaret Morales and the W. S. Irelands in NZ, and had several nice
outings together. Since their return, they spent several days visiting their
daughter, Jean, and her family in Arizona.
Estrella de la Pena slipped on some oil in the driveway while visiting a
friend recently. She fell and injured her spine. After a 3-week stay in bed she
should be up and around again. Estrella's sister, Eva, came from Mexico
City to help Estrella on the road to recovery.
John and Shirley Finlason were on a lovely two-week vacation in
Hawaii in early December. They certainly enjoyed themselves and the
company of John's brother, Luis, and his wife, Mona, from San Leandro.
They returned home in time for the Christmas holidays with family in
Escondido. "In mid-January, Bob and Del Dunn, former Gamboa
residents, now living in Kerrville, TX, arrived to spend a few days they
stayed a whole week since the weather was so lovely and we were enjoying
each other's company." Shirley and John were expecting their son, Jack,
and family from Wichita, KS, for a visit in February.
Mrs. Wm. B. Godfrey (Rena), Santa Paula, hopes that President
Reagan can do something about this situation:
National Tax Limitation Committee

This is the I This is the This is the
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out of every dollar out of what's left we have left to
we earn that's been live on!
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Detach at perforation a ln reminder of what reckless
and throw this portion away. | I0 government spending
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and throw this portion away.
2 mimm Lrsori2m

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hanson (Doris Cassell) greatly enjoy the
Newsletters "It is the only way we keep track of those we knew on the
Zone. Bob had a setback last April, a combination of a long-standing
ailment of the lower back and arthritis. He uses a wheelchair and walker,
but still exercising along the porch by pushing the wheelchair. His mind is
active at over 94! and he is interested in news on TV and radio. The large
print books we borrow from the library are a great help to us. As you may
imagine, we live a very quiet life. My health is good, and I am so grateful to
be able to take care of Bob 63-1/2 years now! We both send our best wishes
to the Society; particularly to those who remember us."
David and Thelma Hollowell were sorry to miss our luncheon, but
David had been admitted early that week to Balboa Park Naval Hospital
with a bleeding ulcer. He is getting along well now.
Conrad Horine is temporarily working in Utah with Thiokol Chemical
Corp. If you'd like to drop him a line, his address is: 590 South, 300 East
Brigham City, Utah 84302. The plant is near the area where the railroads
meet, just north of the Great Salt Lake. Norma and the family are at home
in Bonita, CA, and Conrad joins them for a weekend now and then. They
will be attending the Florida reunion in April. Conrad has made
reservations for another Canal Zone Schools' Reunion: At the Catamaran
Hotel in San Diego, on Saturday, September 12, 1981. Please circle
the date on your calendar. Details will be furnished later. In February,
Conrad planned to go to press on the "Index," a directory of Canal Zone
Schools' alumni.
Mrs. Norine Hall Kaufer My daughter, Nancy K. Leach, saw the
article about Bill Badders, Sr., in the Alameda, CA. Times Star of
Monday, January 19, 1981, and sent it to me, because she knew her Dad,
Louis A. Kaufer, knew Bill Badders of Gatun as a noted diver with the old
Mechanical Division, later named the Industrial Division. I know all our
folks from Gatun knew the family. Of course, we all knew he was a holder of
the Congressional Medal of Honor. I enrolled in January for the spring
semester at San Jose State U. again this is my 4th year there, and am
taking Story Telling this time. It's too bad all my five great grandkids (7
come March) do not live nearer for that story telling! Two live in Chehalis,
WA; 2 in Minot, ND, and one in Brussels, Belgium. The big thing with going
to college, which is interesting and informative, is having to take 2 buses
each way three times a week now in the cold and sometimes in the rain.
I had a nice surprise visit in February with Thelma and David
Hollowell of Imperial Beach, CA. They were at Santa Clara visiting her
brother. Of course, our main conversation for the evening was the Panama
Canal. David's grandfather came to Panama in 1907. David lived in
Gatun for all of his childhood. My son, Theodore Louis Kaufer (Ted)
retired recently from the Panama Canal Commission. He and his wife,
Anita, plan to reside in Tampa, FL.
Earl and Ida Keeney are spending the winter in Mission, TX They
haven't yet settled on the ideal spot to call "home", and until they do, their
Airstream trailer is home, wherever it is parked! Last summer they toured
the West Coast and western Canada, coming back into the States at,
International Falls, MN, and to Michigan to visit relatives. Their son, Ron,
is working for the Audit Branch, PCC; he and his wife spent Christmas with

Earl and Ida. Their other son, Brian, is with the Police Force, PCC; and
daughter, Janet, and her husband are at Michigan State U., E. Lansing,
doing graduate work.
Grace McCaslin Laurie (BHS '40), Palo Alto, CA, appreciated
receiving the attendance list of the BHS-CHS Reunion in San Diego last
October."I still recognize and remember many of the names. My brother,
Donald, and I have agreed that when he retires we'll take a trip back to
Panama. I left there in 1945; Donald left in 1943. My husband, Jack, and I
are enjoying our time together. Our son, Jonathan, attends Cal Poly in San
Luis Obispo, CA (3rd year), and our daughter, Margaret, is a freshman in
college near Pomona. My mother is fine, and she enjoyed her visit with us
during this past summer."


Neil Lynch, Jimmy, Sharon, Dell Lynch, Dr. Jim Lynch.

Jim and Dell Ryan Lynch "Neil, Sharon and Jimmy have moved
back to California from Cheyenne, WY, and are staying temporarily with us
while in the process of building a double-dome house in Jamul which is
southwest of Escondido. Jim is enjoying his retirement with frequent golf and
a weekly medical refresher course given by the University of California.
Dell still conducts Creative Writing sessions for AAUW and Escondido
Woman's Club. The latter wins many ribbons in the District's annual
contest. Niel is writing another book, while Sharon is a Criminologist-Toxi-
cologist with the San Diego Police Laboratory. Jimmy is pleased with his
new school and making friends there, as well as doing good work."
Martha Jones Paliwoda was unable to attend our luncheon due to
church commitments that day, Palm Sunday. Following our December
luncheon, our secretary tried to make reservations for April 5, but the only
two dates available were the 12th and 26th. April 12 was chosen to allow our
members time to travel to Florida for the reunion on April 30. Martha
advises that our member, Mrs. Anna McRae Bickford, of Reedley, CA, is
failing. At age 95, she had to have major surgery.
Florence Peterson continues with activities in Glendale, including
dancing at Arthur Murray Studio, and has been in five Show Cases. At
Christmas, Mildred Slater wrote Florence that she was delighted to have

the privilege of entertaining and being entertained by the Zelnicks and their
children. Mr. Zelnick was Mildred's pupil in the Canal Zone Schools years
ago. Florence talked with Viola Bissell Shea recently. Viola is very well,
and though she was sorry to miss our last few luncheons, she always enjoys
hearing about her Canal Zone friends. Florence writes, "During the past
year, Carolina (Hagen) Arnold wrote me a nice long letter telling me
about herself, Gale, and family. I hadn't heard from her in years. She and
Gale were raised, educated and worked on the Canal Zone until moving to
San Francisco area many years ago where they have their home, raised a
fine family of 3 boys and a girl, all of whom are college educated, working,
married, and now raising their own families. Caroline, a Junior College
graduate, continued her studies after the family was raised, and now has
her degree and doing library work. The past year she has flown back and
forth to Arizona many times to help her father, Carl Hagen, and his wife
during their illnesses." Florence sends her best wishes to our members.
George and Auristela Poole spent the winter months in Florida, as
they have done for so many years, but are now back in New York. While in
St. Petersburg, they experienced one of the coldest seasons on record. To get
away to some warm weather, they enjoyed a short cruise to the nearby
islands stopped at Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Except for a new pier there since
their last trip, it's just the same as when the Panama Railroad Steamship
Line first made scheduled stops years ago.
Janice Ross "On a recent trip to las Vegas with Pat Boggs Lord, an
old friend, LaVon DuSold arranged to meet with me there on her way from
Arizona to Wyoming. LaVon spent about three years in the Canal Zone
during the mid-60's when her husband, Major Paul DuSold was
stationed there with the Army, working on a new project at Gorgas
Hospital. LaVon will probably be remembered by some of the people she
worked with. She worked for the Chief of Police in Balboa for a while before
becoming secretary for the Chief of Civil Defense. She also worked as a
secretary at the Canal Zone Junior College before leaving the Canal Zone.
Major DuSold passed away several years ago, and LaVon recently moved
from Maryland to Ocala, FL, and now spends quite a bit of her time
traveling around."
Florence Seiler enjoyed her 15-day trip to Alaska last August. She flew
to Vancouver, B.C., and boarded the SS Universe World Explorer Cruise,
perhaps not as luxurious as the "Love Boat", but with other advantages, the
daily lectures by eminent professors on geology, economics and Alaskan
culture. "With many shore trips, we saw much more of the real Alaska.
Following the cruise, I was the guest of John and Vickie Berude in Oak
Harbor, WA. John DDS, USN, is stationed at Whidby Island Naval Air
Station. My daughter-in-law, Dorothy Berude, drove up from Oregon
and took me back to Tigard for a week's visit. Jack is General Mana-
ger of the Willamette Iron and Steel Shipyard in Portland. Dorothy
has received the degree of Master Gardener and is a frequent guest lecturer
at garden seminars. Over the weekend we went to the Mt. St. Helens area. I
was amazed at seeing the results of the eruption. Spirit Lake resembles a
moonscape. Time has passed swiftly since my return with extra work and
training as a hospital volunteer on Patient Library and Information Desk
service, as well as in Intensive Care Unit. I enjoy the Aliso Club programs,

my Monday duty on our Channel 6 TV; even my job as Recording Secretary
of NARFE. I have put my apartment up for sale and plan to move to a
nearby small apartment in Leisure World.
Mrs. Rose (Weischadel) Snyder, former member, would love to hear
from her friends. She is now residing at Dunnbury Guest Home, 3003 East
7th Street, Long Beach, CA 90802.
Cecil and Verona Vockrodt, Victoria, BC "On April 9 we met Harry
and Rita Papach of Gettysburg, PA, at San Simeon, CA, as we were
leaving our motel for Tour #2 of our 3 tours of the Hearst Castle. During our
conservation we learned that Rita has a brother, George Marceau, in
Panama. He was formerly manager of Margarita Service Center and the
Balboa Cafeteria, and retired in December 1980. A year ago the Papaches
visited George, and his wife, Cecile, and their daughter, Ceci, in Panama.
They have a retirement home at Santa Clara, R.P."
Jack and Joan deGrummond We had a pleasant visit with Cecil
and Verona (Ronnie) Vockrodt of Victoria, BC they attended our
luncheon on April 12; then headed East by car for the Florida Society's
reunion on April 30. In the 2 months they will be driving through the United
States, they hope to see many friends along the way. We also enjoyed the
company of Norine Kaufer of Los Gatos, CA, for a few days, and she
attended the luncheon with us. From there Moises and Jean de la Pena
took Norine to San Diego where she visited with friends during her Easter
vacation from San Jose State University. We had our Easter family
gathering with daughter Tina and husband, Michael Ressa, and their 2
young sons, along with Dad (Jack Ridge), brother, Elbert "Bubber"
Ridge, and my son, Steve Cartotto. Lars and Marcella (Hawk)
Morales and young son, Ian, age 2, just arrived in L.A. from the Panama
Canal on their vacation; they joined us with Marcella's sister, Martha, her
brother, Mahlon and wife, Darlynn of Long Beach, and their mother,
Gladys Hawk of Panama. Joe Ridge (BHS '48) of Burlington, IA, visited
us for an evening in March while on business in L.A. We all had such a good
time while taping stories while my father was reminiscing about his
childhood in Pittsburgh, PA, and about his parents who came from the Old
Sod. New members, Nancy (Ridge) and Darryl McCullough of El Toro
are excited about her parents' first visit to California in July. Vince and
Dottie (Sanders) Ridge will arrive on July 18 for a few days following the
Elks' Convention in Las Vegas, July 11-18. Vince retired in February with
41 years, 6 months of service with the Panama Canal, with 23 years as
Dockmaster he took over from Wally Melanson in 1958. Dottie is
employed as the School Nurse at Coco Solo Elementary and Cristobal Jr-Sr.
High Schools, and they plan to stay on for a while in Margarita.
Largo Woodruff, 24, actress, model and musician, is the daughter of
Wallace and Maxine Woodruff, former Canal Zone residents. Until
retiring in 1979, Wally was a music teacher at Curundu Jr. High School, and
member of the Panama Symphony Orchestra. Maxine was a music teacher
and gave lessons in their home. They reside at 704 Idlewild, New Port Richy,
FL 33552. Largo was born in NJ and the family moved to the CZ when she
wsa two. She is a BHS graduate. She participated in several Theater Guild
productions; learned to tap dance, ballet, sing, dance, play the guitar, violin,
piano and cello, all directed toward her goal to become an actress. She

attended the Academy of Dramatic Arts, .
NY; has made hundreds of TV
commercials; appeared in an After School
TV production; was a teenager in film,
"Fun House; in TV movie "Word of
Honor" with Karl Malden; in "The
Choice" with Susan Clark; and appears in
CBS movie, "Whose Brother, Whose
Keeper," sharing starring role with
Mickey Rooney and Dennis Quaid. Largo
is married to Fred Blankfein, a film and
TV director, and they maintain
apartments in Los Angeles and New York

From an article by Carolyn Hopkins, Pasco
Times Staff Writer, Friday, February 6, 1981.
Largo Woodruff

The following is a letter dated April 22, 1981, from David Smith, which I
would like to share with all of our members:
" Dear Joan,
Inspired by the interest generated by Norine Kaufer's reminiscences of
her Canal Zone early days, and the excellent article that you and Jack wrote
for the Newsletter, Roy Ballard, who is fascinated by the stories he has
heard from Canal Zonians, suggested we call on members to speak at
meetings on their memories of life as it was lived then. My thoughts carried
me further Why not ask members to write of outstanding experiences,
with dates, names and places, as each saw and felt it, and publish these
stories in our Newsletter, and hence in the Canal Record. The eventuality
of a book compiled from these works would not only be of historical fact, but
the very essence of life as lived by the people of the era from construction
days to the giveaway. I feel it would be of great value, not only to us, but to
all thinking Americans and future historians. Let us urge the members to
act on this idea immediately, as we are well aware the original 'Canal
Diggers' ranks are very thin, as we second-generation, who lived there and
also can remember the events told in the family circle, are not as full-
membered either, so time is of the essence.
Thank you, Joan, for your energy and enthusiasm in the innumerable
efforts to bring us the facts and news through research. Extend our thanks
to Jack for his consistent cooperation.
God Bless.
David Leroy Smith,
President Emeritus"
BHS-CHS INDEX A completely new issue of the Index, a listing of
BHS-CHS Alumni, is now available for a "donation" of $10.00. The new
issue includes an increase in number of graduates listed (almost 800) and
includes a new listing by State and City; also, an application you could copy

to send to members of your family and friends, in the event they would like
to be included in the next issue. Orders should be sent to: C. S. HORINE,
5728 Barley Court, Bonita, CA 92002.
Our Next Society Luncheon is planned for Sunday, September 13,
1981, at the Catamaran Motel Hotel, 3999 Mission Blvd., San Diego, CA
92109. The luncheon will be held in conjunction with the BHS-CHS Reunion
that weekend at the same hotel. Please mark your calendar now, and plan to
join us.
JOAN RIDGE deGRUMMOND, Reporter/Editor
Marcia Jones, Fort Collins We just recently moved into a new home.
Buckeye Swearingen and Bob play racket ball at the Elks Club several
times a week, trying to keep the "middle down." We are going to have our
two grandsons for the summer. Dan, who is the Federal Vet. in Alaska will
be spending two months in China, one in Mongolia (Gobi Desert) and one in
Peking. The Chinese government has requested a veterinarian for a
research program.

Woody and Dorothy Babbitt We are sorry to miss the reunion this
year enjoyed the last four. It would make us happy to hear from any of you -
also if any friends visit up this way, do call and plan to visit with us. Plenty
of room. Telephone 202-966-1375.

Julia Thibodeau, Winter Park George has been very ill since first of
January but is now making rapid recovery. He had complete kidney failure
and is now on kidney dialysis three times a week and will remain on the
machine the rest of his life. We do not yet have an ok from his doctor, but
hope to return to the summer cottage in Roan Mt., TN, the end of May for the
summer as usual. He will go to Boone, NC for dialysis if all works out. Our
address will be Rt. 1, Box 84, Roan Mt., TN 37687.
John M. Klasovsky, Orland Spring is almost here in Central Florida.
I mowed my lawn for the first time today even though those two old "fuddy
duddies" across the street have already mowed theirs twice already in spite
of my dirty looks and jibes. They had their turn today, they stood across the
street, both hoping that I'd have as tough a time starting up my lawnmower
as they did after it had been laid up for the winter. But I fooled them, I had
changed the oil, and cleaned the air filter, and reset the spark plug when I
finished with it last Fall, and it took off on the third pull counting the
priming pull. But it was a pleasure to look at the lawn after I had finished it.
and they cheered too, "looking good, John" they said, and both offered their
edgers for me to finish the job. I gave them the standard answer, "What do
you think I am? A Work Chop? I need something to do tomorrow."
I saw one name in the Record which especially made me reminisce,
"Bud" Whal passed away. He was the son of Charles Whal who for
several years was the Central Labor Union's representative in Washington,
DC. I first met "Bud" when I attended Bliss Electrical School in DC back in
1937. He and "Red" Thompson attended the school that year. I never

thought I would go to work in CZ and never thought I'd see either of them
again. But I did. I saw Bud at Miraflores in 1944, then he had gone to
Alaska. Red had left the CZ and I later heard he had been killed in an
accident at a new Nuclear plant being built in Ohio. Time marches on, and
on, and on.
How often we hear people talk about the good old days, and how
wonderful they were but, they forget that "when a dollar was a dollar" very
few had any. I remember the "great depression," I was in the seventh or
eighth grade when it started and from then through High School things
were really tough, and dollars scarce. The older I get the more I appreciate
the age in which I was born.
Gladys B. Humphrey reports over 125 attended the picnic held recently
on the Central East Coast at Kiwan's Park in Merritt Island. A full day was
planned by Mike LaCroix, chairman; ably assisted by Walter Brown,
Rex Beck, John Klasovsky and their wives. As time was short the
committee contacted as many CZers as possible. They plan to make this an
annual affair with early publicity so folks from both coasts can attend.
There was a large group from Kissimmee and Ocala. Roger Deakins set
up a Ham radio for anyone to talk to folks on the Zone; Mike LaCroix made
enough Seviche for everyone to share and Lucho music was played. During
the afternoon there were games and contests with prizes for the winners.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lombard were visitors in Panama for three
weeks to see their sister-in-law Berta Quinn and her two sons, Bruce and
Mark. While there they also saw Margaret and Alwyn DeLeon, who are
retired and living in Summit. After their return Anne (Quinn) Eder from
Cali, Colombia was a guest visiting family and friends in this area
following the recent death of her husband.
Cele Wensing of Scottsdale, arrived for visits with Genevieve Long,
Doris Edelen and Ruby Ford. Cele will see lots of her friends while here
since her stay will include the Reunion.
Thelma Reppe came from California and visited with Anna Wright
leaving the area March tenth.
Anne (Wood) Suescum spent ten days with her parents, Virginia and
Jim Wood of St. Petersburg. Prior to her arrival here she accompanied her
husband Dr. Antonio Suescum to a Medical Convention in New Orleans
and stayed for the Mardi Gras. They were joined in New Orleans by Mr.
and Mrs. Raymond M. Shaw (he was Chief of Construction Division) for
the festivities. The Shaws retired last year and now live in Denver, CO.
Mrs. Lynn (Frauenheim) Hock and two children arrived from
Buchenbach, West Germany for a visit with her parents the Kerner
Frauenheims of Seminole. They all went to Houston, TX to spend Easter
with Gene and Lynne (Wellington) Frauenhaim. They will return and
Lynn plans to be in St. Petersburg for the Reunion, which will include visits
from other family members during her stay.
Jesse and Mary Jane (Comley) Lacklen from Washington, D.C. and
children were visitors of Betty (Comley) and Barny Forgeson of Tierra
Verde, during the Easter week.

While on an emergency trip to Gatlinburg, TN Roy and I took time out for
a visit with Lloyd and Barbara Blaker who were in the Canal Zone for a
few years at the outbreak of WWII. From the Canal Zone they went to
Nicaragua and eventually went to Gatlinburg where they run several
Patrick and Nancy Mahoney and two children visited his parents
Thora and Dick Mahoney of St. Petersburg over the Easter holiday.
Their daughter Maggie (nee Mahoney) Wenfrey and 2 children came
from Atlanta, GA to join the family gathering.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lerchen announce the marriage of their daughter
Mary (Lerchen) Moser to Kim Hitchcock on March 21,1981 in Houston,

The "Brown Baggers" of the Bay area held a "No Host" picnic at Lake
Seminole Park on Sunday, May 3rd. It was a beautiful day with the breezes
blowing over the lake which reminded them of the Trade Winds which use to
kiss their faces on the Canal Zone. There were 44 exzonians present who
enjoyed the delicious food to add to the delightful get-together which put a
"period" onto the most fantastic Panama Canal Society Reunion ever.
Irene Ladrack and Kitty McMamee sponsored a coffee for the Medical
Department on Friday, May 1st at 10 a.m. on the Patio of the Bayfront
Concourse. Both the Atlantic and the Pacific side former employees were
represented with 47 in all enjoying the lovely affair. Doctors Rupp and Ward
renewed old friendship. They plan to make a coffee an annual event at the

Although our annual P.C. Reunion brings many visitors, the Sarasotans
seem to enjoy company comings and goings all year.
Della Noonan enjoyed a visit with her niece, Mrs. Theresa R.
Bennett, daughter of the late Vincent Raymond, who was accompanied
by Mrs. Dorothy Lang on the two week trip, both are from Amityville,
Franny Jones entertained Dick and Donna (Eaton) Wood of Virginia
Beach, VA, who had come for the local L.P. Golf Tournament at Bent Tree.
She also enjoyed a visit from her son, Cmdr. Albert D. Jones and his wife,
Lola (Fraunheim) Jones and their youngest daughter, who were
attending the P.C. Reunion in St. Petersburg.
The Rob Smiths entertained his sister, Mrs. John P. Keenan of Silver
Springs, MD during her five weeks winter visit.
Mike and Marion Greene enjoyed the visit of Mrs. Loring V.
McKenzie, whose husband was formerly with All American Cables on the
Isthmus. They are now residing on Cape Cod, MA.
Rae and Joe Ebdon celebrated her birthday and the Easter holidays
with a visit from their son, Dick Ebdon; his wife, Kathy and their
children, Geoffrey and Jennifer, of Wilmington, DE, and Kathy's
mother, Mrs. Agnes Ruff of Niagara Falls, NY.
Snookie and Mac McCullough's son, Don, arrived with his wife,
Karen (Hammond) and daughters, Heather and Dawn, from

Millington, NJ and spent two weeks during the Easter holidays visiting
Disney World, the Sarasota Sailor Circus and other Florida attractions,
dividing their time between Sarasota and with Karen's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Sherman Hammond of Clearwater.
Jim and Edna Million enjoyed a nice visit here with Mrs. Mary Etta
(Marshall) Smith of Williamsport, MD. Mary Etta's brother is the
Reverend Ray Marshall, former pastor of the Balboa Union Church.
Later the Millions motored to Jacksonville, FL for a visit with Reba and
Rodney Alexander and all went to Akin, S.C. for a get-together and
Peggy and Don Hutchison.
Mary Orr accompanied the Jim Millions and visited with Mack Hicks
while in Jacksonville. Lillian Ryan of South Windsor, CT had been
visiting Mary in Sarasota earlier.
The Allen Millers had their share of company. A nice Easter vacation
included a visit from their daughter, Marge Schiewe of Colorado Springs,
CO; and cousins Barbara Peterson of Balboa, RP with daughter, Carol,
a student at Tampa University. An earlier visit brought cousins, Margaret
and Clair Stine of Michigan; as well as Gene and Ray Wilson of
Kalamazoo, MI; and the P.C. Reunion brought Nellree and Ernie Berger
of Signal Mountain, TN.
Fran Orvis' houseguests included Ross and Margaret Hollowell of
Pinellas Park. While here Margaret attended the Monday morning coffee at
Myrtle Hughes' and enjoyed seeing many friends.
Her grandson, Carl Orvis, visited Fran and his brother, Bobby Orvis,
in February over the holiday weekend. Carl, an E-4 Aviation Apprentice is
attending U.S. Navy school in Millington, NJ in training for Aviation
Electrician. He will complete the course in May and plans to visit with his
parents, Bob and Lottie Orvis of Diablo Heights, RP before reporting to
work on helicopters at his new duty station in Milton, FL.
Mrs. Robert S. Herr, with her daughter, Charlotte Anne Murphy; her
husband and their daughter of Avon, CT, arrived for a visit with Billie
Galloway and Robin Comer. The Murphys, who were making their first
visit to Florida, enjoyed the beaches and many Florida attractions,
including Disney World and returned to Connecticut after a ten day visit.
Charlotte was joined by Ethel Ferguson of Seminole for an outing in
beautiful Sanibel Island before attending the P.C. Reunion.
The J. 0. Barnes had a visit from Barney's sister, Elma Carder, of
Ridgeley, WV who came to share his 81st birthday. Barney received many
birthday cards and remembrances, including a special birthday greeting
from President Ronald Reagan, which was arranged for by his niece and
god daughter, Mickey (Walker) Fitzgerald.
The George A. Walkers had several visitors, including a visit from her
brother-in-law and sister, Jack and Zonella (Bliss) Field of San
Fernando, CA. While here they visited with other family members, sisters
Gladys B. Humphrey and Tinsie and Barney Barnes of Sarasota; and
on the East Coast with her brother, the Curtis H. Blisses of Rockledge;
her niece Mickey and family, the Martin F. Fitzgeralds of New Smyrna
Beach and nephew, Donald L. Humphrey and family of Palm Bay.
Judy (Shrapnel) Scott and her twin sons, Kenneth and Kevin, of
Pawtatuck, CT. made their first visit to Florida during their Easter vacation

break, to visit their cousins Mayno Walker and other relatives.
Betty Malone of St. Petersburg, accompanied by her sister, Theresa
Sandedge, of Entiot, WA, came for several days' visit, enjoying our
beautiful beaches.
Midshipman 3rd class Will Hall, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD
spent Easter week with his parents, Anne and Buckey Hall of
Georgetowne Estates, Sarasota. He also enjoyed visiting with his paternal
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John W. B. Hall also of Sarasota.
Ed and "Davi" Davison of Kerrville, TX traveled to Sarasota for a visit
with Anne and Buckey Hall, prior to attending the P.C. Reunion. Davi
also enjoyed visiting with another former Coco Solo Hospital Co-Worker,
Edna Campbell.
George and Tommy Roth had the pleasure of an Easter vacation visit
by their daughter, Marilyn and her husband, Arthur Banks of Tampa,
Fred and Bev Ebdon enjoyed a visit from Karl and Fern Glass of
Diamond City, AR.
Paul and Erin Mofer, teachers, retired last year and are now living in
Douglasville, GA. Paul is athletic director and coach at Arlington School in
the Atlanta area. He is coaching basketball and track and both of his teams
went to State playoffs.
Sarah and Larry Keegan visited their daughter Laurie (Mrs. James
A. Kidd) and family in Mariette.
Rudy -and Marie Gangle also visited their daughter Margaret (Mrs.
Jules Damiani) in Marietta.
Eunice Richard returned recently from a trip to Panama; she spent
Christmas, New Year and a whole month there with her many friends.
Eunice, Barbara Coy Sheets, Lee Winstead Douglas and Mrs. Mark
Tartar are very interested in having a reunion in the Atlanta area, so we all
hope it will happen this year.
Fay Jacques is now a Certified Real Estate Broker, being one of very
few women in the country holding this title.
Louis and Donnella Vogel and children from Los Rios visited Ray
and Janis Burda last fall. Anona Kirkland, Star and Herald Society and
Women's page editor, spent a few days with Rudy and Julieta.
Louis and Ligia De Armas, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Vosburgh, Mr. and
Mrs. Billie Coy also visited this area recently.
Rosemary Martinez had a layover of two hours at the airport and we
were very pleased to spend that time with her.
Gil and Mil Foster of Oxford motored to Florida in March to spend two
enjoyable days with Ken and Audry Cox of Pedro. Ken was with the
Electrical Division at Balboa and installed the first radios in the CZ police
cars. Ken and Audry were their neighbors back in the forties, in the days of
"12 family jobs."The Fostersthen visited Hilton and Margaret Hughes in
Dunnellon. Hilton and Gil were cabin mates on the S.S. Panama March 7th,
1940. Hilton and Gilf visited Ralph and Marie Curles. While there Jim
Fox came over with Leory and Bonnie Wilson a mini reunion was had.
They also visited Jack and Clair Brayton at Crystal River and report

that the Braytons have a fabulous home on the banks of the river. While at
the Braytons, Ruth Warner stopped by to say hello. When they returned
home Leroy and Bonnie Wilson paid them a two day visit while enroute to
their summer home in Balsam.
We will not be able to attend the reunion this year at St. Petersburg
because it comes at the same time of my Soroptimist Conference in Orlando
and I am taking active part in it.
Joan (Powell) Arndt, Crystal Lake. I have just finished re-reading the
March issue of the Canal Record. Enjoyed the articles from Pat Thompson
Bujalski of CT and Bill Schmidt of Panana City, FL. When we lived in
Wallingford CT we saw quite a bit of Pat and I graduated from BHS '50 and
grew up in Pedro Miguel with Bill Schmidt.
My son Jim graduated from Ohio University in November 1980 and is
now employed at Forest Hospital in Des Plains, IL as a psychiatric
assistant in the Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center. Forest Hospital
had a graduate school and Jim hopes to continue his education there.
Rolf Bronson will be graduating from Colorado School of Mines on
May 9th and has a job starting in June with NALCO Chemical of
Oakbrook, IL as their District Reprsentative in the Grand Junction
Colorado area. He will be married on May 23rd in the Fitzsimmons Chapel
to Crystal Clary of Aurora, CO. We will be flying to Denver in May to attend
both the graduation and wedding. Jim will be best man and Diane a
bridesmaid and Diana's husband Jim will be an usher. We hope to see a few
of our Zone friends that are living in the area.
Diane is the Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Pedriatics at the
Medical College of Ohio in Toledo. She and her husband live in Millbury,
OH. We spent the Easter weekend with them.
I am the Payroll Supervisor for the McGraw Edision Corporate Payroll in
Rolling Meadows, IL and Rolf is still with the American Cyanamid as their
Engineering Sales Representative in this area.
We would love to hear from any former CZ brats that are living in this
Elmer J. Hack Northbrook A Mini-Reunion celebrating the 50th
anniversary of the 1931 Balboa High School graduating class was held on
February 25th and 26th. Sue (Reynolds) Wall, entertained at a lovely
dinner in her home at Plantation, FL. Members of the class were Sue, her
house guest, Ruth (Boyd) Mendelsohn, of New Milford, NJ. and Elmer
Hack. Other guests included Mrs. Robert Wall and Flora Hack. The
second get-together was an evening cruise on the Paddlewheel Queen,
leaving Fort Lauderdale.
Roland C. Casanova has anew address: 3036 South Palm Drive, Slidell,
LA 70458. He recently returned from Florida where he visited his niece in
Miami. He also saw Ralph and Miriam Kirkpatrick and Cy Fields, all
of Gulf Harbors, FL. Russell Favorite is staying with Ronald until he
finds a place in Slidell. He works for Customs and is transferring from
Texas to Louisiana.

This street sign post (with Walker Ave., Tavernilla St.,
Akee St. and Barnebey St.) magically, mysteriously or
majestically (we're not sure which) appeared from no
one knows where near the patio of a residence
somewhere in Baton Rouge. Complete details were not
immediately available at press time.
With the arrival of Spring, Kathleen and John Gough Sr. have turned
their efforts from the house to the garden. Their 60-foot-long ligustrum
hedge had grown 14 feet high and was touching the power lines. The limbs
of an oak in the front were threatening to knock the heads off passersby. A
local tree service pruned and hauled away the debris in a day, reminding
John of the good service of the old Canal Zone Grounds Maintenance
Branch, and prompting his clever cartoon found elsewhere in this issue.
Kathleen and John both have green thumbs and have spent the last few
weeks mulching, planting new flower beds, potting exotic plants for the
patio and planting trees. Seems they miss the tropics so much they are
trying to grow as many tropical-looking plants as they can. They had a long
phone talk with Millie Damerau Sellers and hope to visit with them in
Opelousas soon. Ma Bell must love the monthly Gough's phone visits as
much as they do. Son Bill Bough III is in Largo, FL, John II is still
holding the fort in Panama, John's mother Augusta is in Chicago and re-
cently turned 85, Diane and Jay French and grandchildren John Gough
III and Linda Lee Gough are in Las Vegas. Jay was formerly on the
Canal Zone Police Force. Son Bill informed the Senior Goughs that his son
William E. Gough IV will be arriving in Florida in May. He had been
living with his maternal grandparents in Germany (Efrain Angueira).
Kathleen and John are hoping to have little William with them for a time
this summer. They haven't seen him since he was a baby and he is 10 years
old now.
It's always fun to hear from Gene Gregg in Mandeville. Marian (the
bride), Lynn, Clayton, Carlye and Rayne left recently for West Virginia
to see grandparents, Marian's mother and dad, the Smiths side. Gene
wonders how a good Irish ever got mixed up with a lowland Dutch. Marian
is still the wonder of Vic Herr, their best man. He gave them six months
and now it's six children and 28 years later. The Browns (Clayton's gang:

Marian Gregg and Carlye Brown, Mandeville, LA

Lynn, Carlye and Rayne) are going to the Reunion, driving Marian down
and Gene is flying over on April 28. He says his old high school girlfriend,
Leona Sanders, now Mrs. Snedeker, got the old CHS bunch of the '40s
together and he's really looking forward to it since he hasn't seen many of
them since '44 or '45. Gene visits Roland in Slidell now and then but so far
has missed Russell. Gail graduates from LSU Medical Center in New
Orleans in May and says she will be happy to lay down the books. Helen is
taking karate four nights a week, but Gene says a gun is better. Laura is
still teaching in Jackson; Nancy policing at LSU and Gene and Helen
working at the books in Mandeville til the end of May.

Wiltz "Shorty" Schexnayder now makes his home with his two
brothers in Amite. They have about 33 acres with an 8-acre fish pond and a
big garden. They can, freeze and dry vegetables and fruit. Casanova,
Vamprine and Albert Spencer visit quite often and "Shorty" keeps in
touch with a few other Zonians, including Al Pate.

The 8-acre Schexnayder fish pond.

Since their 4th of July get-together was such a success, Lester and
Andrea Smith hosted a Labor Day party. Joining in the fun of "the way it
was" were Tom Malia (formerly with CZ Probation Office and now with
U.S. Probation Office in New Orleans), Linda Nicolioson (ex-Gold Coast-
er), Don and Hilda Fletcher (ex CZ admeasurer, now doing same for the
Coast Guard in Morgan City, LA), Les' parents Bob and Terry who came
in from Pensacola (Terry was with Personnel until retirement), Bob and
Kati Hughes (Bob in graduate school at LSU and Kati gave birth to their
second daughter, Rebecca on Apr. 13), and Ellen Best (also ex-Gold Coast-
er). In late October another get-together was hosted by Les and Andrea so
all could get the "latest" from Joe and Sue (Waters) Ilytalis who stopped
by on their way to Joe's new job with FAA in Corpus Christ, TX. The same
scene was repeated in November when CA Detectives Pat McCarragher
(and wife Pennye) and Dione Holland (The Zone's first lady detective)
stopped by while on home leave. The Smiths frequently visit with Jack and
Janet Holt. Jack works for a sister division of the Dept. of the Interior in
New Orleans since his transfer from the E&C Bureau where Les met him
while he worked below him in the Administrative Service Division. During
the Christmas holidays, the Smiths enjoyed the company of Andrea's
parents, Hoyt and Frances Byrd (Schools Div.), who came up from
Clearwater to see them and their daughters, Christina and Kimberly. The
Smiths are planning another get-together Labor Day, If anyone in the area
who is not in periodic contact would like to attend, please let the Smiths
know at 4037 White Sands Drive, Baton Rouge, LA, 70814, phone (504) 272-
Got a nice letter from old BHSer Nancy Bateman Sokoloski, 5015
Kintyre Drive, Houston 77084. Nancy had a BBQ surprise get-together for
Margaret (Maggie Williams) and Robert Windell and family who were
passing through Houston from Tucson to Ft. Walton Beach where they are
retiring. Present were Bob and Mary (Rainey) Nooney and family,
Carey Rainey (Mary's mother), Don and Lois (Johnson) Evitt, Ted
and Nora Melanson, Tato and Florence Samaniego, John and
Pamela (Oeding) Bateman, Marie (Wright) Gibson and daughters, and
a double surprise visit from Nita Karst who was on her way from Panama
to Arkansas to visit with her ailing father. Nancy will be in the St. Pete
area from June 18-25 at the Williams' residence 866-9634. Would like to visit
with any old friends in the area. Mother Carlina Bateman will be with her
and along the way they are expected at the Roberson residence in Baton
Rouge for a long-overdue visit. Bruce and Diane (Braswell) Bateman
are residing in Jacksonville, FL (904) 778-0714 and would welcome any
communications with old friends.
Bill and Gret Warren are off and running again. They drove out of New
Port Richey for a good visit with son Dave and his family in New Orleans,
then joined a 25-vehicle caravan in San Diego for a tour of lower California,
ferrying across from Baja to Puerto Vallarta and going piggyback on the
train through the Copper Canyon of the Sierra Madres and ending up in El
Paso. From there they will head for the West Coast and summer there,
sightseeing and visiting with family and friends.



Jean Hill Castine Not much news from Maine. Did run into Capt. and
Mrs. Plummer in Ellsworth just before Christmas. Also had a visit with
Capt. John Wallace in Savannah in October. Mark doing well and
presented us with another grandson August 28th. He joins his brother
Jimmy. They are living in Hooksett, NH and would like to hear from some
Zonites. Bruce and family are in Hollylocks, Scotland and will be there for
another two years. He is attached to the USS Holland. Chris their son, is
enjoying the Scottish schools. Hoping that if any of you are up this way this
summer you will stop in. The latch string is always out.
Tom Burbine, Littleton We have survived five New England winters
in beautiful Massachusetts. We (Tom and Silva) keep quite busy with the
church; are members of the Lyceum Committee (Littleton has the oldest
continuous operating Lyceum in the U.S. 151 years); active with the
Historical Society (I have been president for the last three years) and
recently joined Theatre III, a little theatre group in Acton. I am playing the
Sheriff in the May production of Oklahoma. Our only wish is that more of
our friends headed north would visit us and enjoy New England. Littleton is
a small town near Concord, the town where the American Revolution
started and you can find us easily by asking at the post office.
Howard W. Osborn, Nashua we just got back from two weeks in
Hawaii. Had a marvelous time.
John and Esther Layport, Hendersonville Last October we took a
cruise around South America on the Royal Viking "Sea" for six weeks and
then were home for a couple of weeks before we took off for another cruise on
the Royal Viking "Star" to the South Seas, Australia, New Zealand, etc. If
all goes well, John and I shall be in Florida next November thru February in
an apartment on Singer Island. Best wishes for another wonderful year.

We have been enjoying the most beautiful spring in many years. The
daffodils, tulips, dogwood, azaleas and all the flowering trees outdid
themselves this year.
Betsy and Truman Hoenke left for Vermont on the 7th of April. They
stayed a few days with their son, Roger, on North Hero Island, VT. and
then moved out to their island in St. Albans Bay.
Ruth and Ernest Zelnick leave early in May to spend the summer at
their place at Grand Isle, Vermont.
We are very saddened by the loss of two of our members recently. Paul
Bentz passed away in February and Thomas Coleman in April (see Deaths).
Louise (Bricky) Pattison came up from the Canal Zone and was here
for ten days with her mother, Barbara Coleman, and with the Jack
Dombrowskys. Jean and Jack's son, Dale, came from Florida for his
grandfather's funeral.
Bonnie and LeRoy Wilson are at their summer home in Balsam, NC,
and were in Hendersonville for a day to visit with the Jack Dombrowskys
and Truman Hoenkes.
Elsie and Frank Naughton stopped overnight with Betty Bentz on
their way back to Florida from Washington, D.C. and Maryland. They
visited with the Wendell Greenes and Ruth Sill, also.
Emily and Howard Johnson arrived from St. Petersburg on April 2nd
to spend the summer here.
Capt. and Mrs. Sam Irwin, Jr., are now here and making their home in
Horseshoe, N.C.
Betty and Paul Runnestrand from Winter Park, FL were my
houseguests for a week the last of April.
ALICE H. ROCHE, Reporter
Bob Ridge, Columbus I returned from Panama after trying
unsuccessfully to sell some land at Punta Chame and Gorgona during the
last year and a half. Our twins, Jerry and Joan, are going to college in
California. Jerry completed five years in the U.S. Navy, on carriers in
February 1980. Regina is a dental receptionist, speaking both Spanish and
English, in Stockton, CA. Rebecca has started as an electrician's
apprentice in Columbus and is at the top of her class. She is the only girl in
the class. Rachel is a high school senior and is in the top one percentile in
the whole USA on the S.A.T. scores. We look forward now to our summers in
New Hampshire where we keep busy with plumbing, painting and sailing.
James H. Hagan, North Myrtle Beach The Sequoia, the U.S.
Presidential Yacht, is now on display at Stuart, Florida, in case some of you
close by would like to view her. We had her here in North Myrtle Beach for
two years. I was first officer and my captain was U.S. N. (Retired) James H.
Chapman. We brought her to Miami then back to West Palm beach. I was
the navigator. We took the Inland Water Way.
On March 26th, thirty-four members and guests enjoyed a dinner meeting
at the Holiday Inn in Aiken. Joining us for the first time were the Menges -

formerly of the Atlantic side. We were also delighted that Chuck and
Lucille Drew were able to be present.
President Bill York with the approval of "Sis" invited us to hold our
June 27th potluck luncheon at "Casa York" on Williams Drive. The short-
order chefs for this occasion will be B.J. Hartley and Otis Catron.
Among the visitors to Aiken this Spring were the Jim Millions of
Sarasota and Rodney Higginbothams of Jacksonville who spent several
days with Peggy and Don Hutchison Bob and Sandra Davis of
Miami who visited her mother, Lorna Shore, for two weeks while the
azaleas and dogwood were in full bloom.
In May, Nora Green will travel to Aliquippa, PA., for a three week visit
to her daughter Virginia, and family. Also in May, Hazel and Bud
Kilbey, and Gertrude Smouse will drive to Clemson to participate in a
one week summer program at the University.
Mrs. O.K. (Mary) Worley, Bandera Dues time, and I'm late again. Do
not want to lose this link with ex-Zoners. I do wish someone could perfect a
"CZ Beeper" that one could carry, or wear, that would respond to similar
beeper that could be worn by ex-Canal Zoners, so that we could identify in
crowds! During last years travels, I see by the Record, I could possibly have
been in Salt Lake City, Page, AR and Powell Lake, Grand Canyon,Las
Vegas, etc. near, or about same time as some mentioned in the December
Record. And would have been great, when in Lucerne, or Salzburg,
Innsbruck, or walking to or from our Inn in Oberammergau to the theater, to
have met Irma Forbes whomever from among those 50 other bus loads
present everywhere we stopped. Perhaps someone can put their great minds
to work on the idea ... Until then, shall look forward to each issue of the
Record, and each year wish that may be NEXT YEAR, can attend a
Lew Souder, Houston Since Mrs. Souder had a heart operation I have
been very busy here at home. I believe I will soon be able to cook real good.
Myrtle is doing real good since the surgery. We now have another great,
great-grandson that was born on Christmas day. Saw Irene Hollowell on
Sunday and she is looking well. Was over to see John and Florence Terry
- both in good health.
On April 4th, the Inn of the Hills was the setting for a dinner party for the
"Zonies" of Kerrville. Marilyn Carter was chairperson and was assisted
by Marion Wells and Bob Byrd. During the cocktail hour, many old
acquaintances were renewed and some new ones made. Ezra Smith was
awarded a gift for the "most years" of government service. The Don
Adams were given a gift for being the "newest CZ family" to arrive in town
for residence.
The guest list included Mr. and Mrs. Don Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Dale
Bishop, June Burns, Mr. and Mrs. John I. Burns, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Byrd, Mr. and Mrs. Wade Carter, Mr. and Mrs. E. Davison, Mr. and
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. James Fealey, Mr. and Mrs.
J. B. Fields, Mr. and Mrs. W. Fleckenstein, Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Givonnetti, Robert Grier, Mr.and Mrs. Baxter Grier, James
Hoverson, Mr. and Mrs. W. Ireland, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Johnston,

Mr. and Mrs. McNair Lane, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kunkel, Betty
Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Rhyne, Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Smith, Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Wells, Edward Webster, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Workman,
Stanley Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Frances Young.

Bill and Gigi Fleckenstein

Bob and Dell Dunn with Ezra and Helen Smith

Elizabeth Davison, Betty Marshall and Jackie Bishop

Marilyn and Wade Carter
The group voted to have a July picnic. We wish to invite all"Zonies" in the
surrounding areas to join us. July 18th is the date, however, reservations
must be made by July 6th with one of the following persons: Marilyn Carter
(512-896-4596); Bea Rhyne (512-896-8643) or Marion Wells (512-367-5697).
The Louise Hays Park in Kerrvile will be the site of our picnic. Other details
will be worked out at a later date.
MARILYN CARTER, Guest Reporter
The Society had a meeting and luncheon in March at the Western
Kitchen. All present had a wonderful reunion with friends ofCanal Zone
days. Our next meeting will be June 6, 1981 at the Old Hickory Stick
Robert Daniels of Dallas came to Houston on March 28, 1981 to meet
with representatives of the Department of Accountancy and Taxation, in
College of Business Administration of University of Houston to decide upon
the number of scholarships and amounts to be awarded for the Howard M.
Daniels Memorial Scholarship for fall term. Awards are given annually
to outstanding accounting students. The fund now amounts to over $50,000.
Howard was chairman of Accounting and Taxation Department at the time
of his tragic death in 1962.
Lucille (Grobe) Schimmeyer of Holly, MI, made her first visit to Texas
during April. Driving with friends from San Antonio, she spent one day
with Irene Wright Hollowell. Lucille and Irene took a trip down
"Memory Lane" from time both were in 6th grade. Again, time changes and
we with time, but never in the ways of friendship. This was a reunion of
Canal Zone friends after passage of 50 years.
Evelyn Tyssen, daughter of Carolyn (Pollak) and David Tyssen;
also granddaughter of Mrs. Walter Pollak, former resident of Sarasota,
FL, graduated with honors from Senior High School in Clifton, TX. Evelyn
will attend college in Stephensville to become a physical therapist.
Myrtle and Lou Souder are great grandparents for the second time.
Their granddaughter, Helen Ann (McDougall) and John Anderson
became parents of a beautiful son named Timmy on Christmas Day.
Mrs. John (Florence Terry) and Myrtle Souder were on the sick list.
Both are now up and around. Tillie Levy is fine. She came to our March

meeting dressed in her "pollera".
Adios for now. Greetings from Houston, Texas the fastest growing city
in the U.S.A.
Bettie B. Taht, Lynnwood In the confusion of re-establishing on the
mainland everything is misplaced. Even I was beginning to feel like a
'misplaced person.' Settling into my new home now and anxious to get on
with planting everything I see blooming in the garden centers ... Enjoyed
my 2-1/4 years in Hawaii. Especially going back to school and starting a
new career gardening; running my own wholesale nursery and best of all,
being close to my daughter June, husband Walter Lober and family. Miss
them, especially the two grandsons, Mike and Bob, but they plan to return
within the year. Grammy Taht passed away in January. (See deaths).
Raymond A. Taylor, Pasco I retired from the Diablo Heights Post
Office on November 30, 1956 over 24 years ago. Keep active as director of
social activities at the Tri-City Camlu Retirement Apartments. I put out the
Camlu Tidings a news pamphlet each month, and have done so for six
Kay Klontz, Auburn We were on a tour of Australia and New Zealand
recently. We've had a mild winter here this year, even Mt. St. Helen's has
behaved so far, but she does occasionally belch steam and may go off
again for a messy summer.
October 8, 1980 from the Dalles, Jim and Thelma Byrd of Eastern
Shore, Virginia, celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary with a
champagne toast and anniversary cake at the home of their son and
daughter-in-law Jim and Hanna and grandsons Richard and Raymond
Byrd. Helping in the celebration were several second and third generation
Zonians Paul, Connie, Tammy and Rusty Ebdon Jim Clover and Jousha
Duffus and Jim Shobe's mother Clover Shobe. Suzanne and Walter
Kleefkens and daughters Cathy and Jenny Robinson. To add more
merriment there were several friends from the Dalles, the Vern Hagees,
and the Dale Meyers', a fine time was had by all and best wishes to Jim
and Thelma for the next forty.

Glenn and Gladys Lasher left for an extended trip cross country to
attend the wedding of their youngest son Chris in Atlanta, GA. Going and
coming they plan to visit with relatives and friends all over the U.S.
Evelyn Miesse is driving to Los Angeles for a photography seminar and
will be gone about 10 days.
My sister and her husband, Betty and Dick London, left April 11th for a
10-day trip to Belize to visit the nearby Mayan ruins and their son and wife,
Rit and Ellen London, who are teachers in the Peace Corps.
Ada and Tex Butler of Sandy, OR have been wintering in Panama
having a marvelous time and are to return this month.
Lucille Davis of Poulsbo has also been wintering in Florida and
Panama for two months. She too should return shortly.
My trip to Tucson, AR found my Dad Fred W. Bradley not well and he
was hospitalized for four days. For a 92 year old he is amazingly in good
physical shape. When not with Dad, I drove to Green Valley and looked
around. I was amazed with its growth. Not planning to visit I left my
Record at home. Next time I'll pack it if only to phone and say Hello.
Lucille and Jesse Bunker have been on cloud nine since the birth of
their granddaughter. Jesse's younger brother Frank and wife Hazel
enroute from Hawaii arrived for a short visit. While in the area Jesse and
Frank called on John and Winnie Towery and Walter Robinson. John
and Frank hadn't seen each other for 38 years, so had a lot of catching up to
Our volcano has been quietly rebuilding a new dome during the winter. As
spring approaches, Mt. St. Helen's has awakened with faster growth of its
dome. The scientists have predicted another explosion in the making. Just
when, is anybody's guess.
MARTHA B. WOOD, Reporter

Sale and Locator Service. .

FOR SALE: Panama Canal Photographs of Construction Days and later.
6 different sets (10 in set). Pictures have dates and identification on each
$4.75 per set. Bee Winford, 1227 Oak Hill St., Lakeland, FL 33801. Tel.: 813-
FOR SALE: Molas sewn by hand, made of many colors, dated back to the
1950's and 60's. OLD BOTTLES that were picked up from the Trail in
Panama. The bottles include a dog and man bottle. Ava 0. Howell, P.O.
Box 1678, Titusville, FL 32780. Tel.: 305-269-4759.
PROFESSIONAL ARTIST, who recently won a merit award in
Washington DC out of 1000 plus entries submitted; won many "best of
shows" both in Panama and U.S., first places etc.; and is past State
President of the National League of American Penwomen of Panama and
Canal Zone 1972/73 will gladly copy any picture in any medium, or will
paint any picture you have in mind as an original... just furnish ideas and
such for the original painting. Ava 0. Howell, (address as above). Res:
1005 Knox McRae-Unit 210 (Fleur de Lis).
WANTED: Any books about Panama and/or the Canal and Canal Zone.
Mail list with prices to Erika Sargent, 1129 Dove Lane, Winter Springs,
FL 32708. Tel.: 305-671-3218.
WANTED: Royal Doulton Tiny Toby's 1-1/2". Royal Doulton Bust "Mr.
Pickwick" Hazel (Griffith) Berry, (BHS '52), 3942 W. Kaler, Phoenix, AZ
85021. Tel.: 602-937-1781.
FOR SALE: RASS T-Shirts retired American Sight Seers. T-shirts $5.00,
postage 70C, 45 insurance and handling for a Total $6.25. Betty Searcy
Rathgeber, 200 Baldwin Rd., Glassboro, NY 08028. Tel.: 609-881-8312.
FOR SALE: 75 pieces Royal Doulton, Leeds Spray pattern prior to WWII,
excellent condition and 23 pcs. not so good. Only sell in unit Service for 8
with extra pieces. If interested call C. H. Shedlock, 2316 37th Ave. N., St.
Petersburg, FL 33713. Tel.: 813-522-9213.
- - - -

"Happy Father's Day"

Application for Membership
Box 11566
St. Petersburg, Florida 33733
I, hereby apply for (membership) in the
Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc. and enclose $10.00 as my ANNUAL
MEMBERSHIP dues for the year _which entitle me to a
subscription of the CANAL RECORD for one year.
Name (Wife)


Former PC Employment

Zip Code__

Amount Enclosed $ Check M.O. Cash_

DUES $10 PER YEAR PER FAMILY (One Household)
Please send Money Order unless Check is on State's Bank
Dues of the Society shall be $10.00 a year by calendar years, and shall entitle
members in good standing to receive the Canal Record and Annual Issue.
Dues shall be considered payable in January of each calendar year, and will be
considered delinquent on February first in any calendar year.
New members will be accepted after July 1 st in any year for $5.00 in dues for the
balance of that particular calendar year provided the following year's dues are
paid in advance at the same time.
Name should be exactly as you wish it to appear in the ANNUAL ISSUE.
Mr., Mr. and Mrs., Miss or Mrs.


Please mail to
Street Box

City State Zip Code
Society Tag, $2.50 ea. Number wanted_
Society Decal, $1.50 ea., Number wanted-
Total enclosed

Taken from the St. Petersburg Times, April 23, 1981 from
WORDS/WORDS/WORDS, Michael Gartner "Sentences that run forward
and backward are called palindromes. The most famous is probably the
line that the gentleman used when introducing himself to Eve: "Madam,
I'm Adam." Another famous palindrome is "A man, a plan, a canal:
from the Central Record, October 23, 1980

The history of the Panama Canal began in 1934 when King Charles V of
Spain ordered a survey of the area.

August Luncheon Meeting

4500 W. Cypress St.
Tampa, FL

LUNCHEON: 12:00 P.M.

PRICE: $6.50, Tax and gratuity, incl.
Our Annual Summer Luncheon will be held at the Holiday Inn-Airport,
Tampa, on Wednesday, August 5, 1981. A private bar will be set-up and
drinks will be at popular prices. A delicious luncheon will be served at
NOON. Meeting and program will be after the lunch. Bo and Jeanne
Mathews of Lutz, FL will co-chair the luncheon.

Reservations Must Be Prepaid and Received by 1 August 1981
Please Clip Out The Below Form and Mail With Check Today

Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
P.O. Box 11566
St. Petersburg, FL 33733

Please make __ reservations for the August Luncheon at' $6.50 each.

Please make check payable to:






o Raoul's Locatedi.n theHolidayInn Tampa Town Realty 0 Tampa Sports Unlimited
SFlorida Auto Rental 0 Capone's Pizza 0 Yellow Cab

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JP233 1522
JP236 1495
JP237 1493
JP241 1496
JP242 2502
JP245 1475
JP246 1465
JP247 1462
JP248 1471
JP250 1478
JP252 1474
JP254 1480
JP257 1476
JP258 1468
JP261 1473
JP262 1460 2484
JP263 1450
JP264 2491
JP265 1491
JP269 1490
JPEG1 613 1000
JPEG2 619
JPEG5 614
JPEG8 605
JPEG10 609
JPEG11 617
JPEG12 616
JPEG14 615
JPEG15 608
JPEG16 603
JPEG18 602
JPEG20 604
JPEG23 607
JPEG28 599
JPEG31 606
JPEG32 592
JPEG36 597
JPEG37 596
JPEG42 598
JPEG45 589
JPEG46 587
JPEG47 586
JPEG48 590
JPEG52 591
JPEG61 588
JPEG63 581
JPEG65 595
JPEG102 630 373
METS:fileGrp USE reference
METS:file GROUPID G1 imagejp2 SIZE 485104
G2 469753
G3 469800
G4 479659
G5 479975
G6 479078
G7 473228
G8 470820
G9 469802
G10 462391
G11 484657
G12 472041
G13 470773
G14 480890
G15 467084
G16 473092
G17 467024
G18 471700
G19 469137
G20 473126
G21 473306
G22 473220
G23 467651
G24 465592
G25 472743
G26 472928
G27 472990
G28 462563
G29 474199
G30 461798
G31 475606
G32 460456
G33 476839
G34 460502
G35 460487
G36 468216
G37 467927
G38 468020
G39 460563
G40 460559
G41 468353
G42 467914
G43 460516
G44 460549
G45 461891
G46 456812
G47 455830
G48 458616
G49 462036
G50 462858
G51 458682
G52 459607
G53 458688
G54 463155
G55 463055
G56 463901
G57 462224
G58 457736
G59 461762
G60 455786
G61 461513
G62 453436
G63 452128
G64 456257
G65 466786
G66 460561
G67 460515
G68 460497
G69 466284
G70 460562
G71 460535
G72 460564
G73 456776
G74 455856
G75 460511
G76 460500
G77 460547
G78 460553
G79 460537
G81 460555
G82 460531
G83 460527
G84 460534
G85 460565
G86 460303
G87 460483
G89 460525
G91 460552
G92 460481
G93 460541
G95 460540
G98 460513
G100 460524
G101 460556
G102 460551
G103 460460
G104 460464
G105 460446
G107 460436
G108 460542
imagejpeg 256189
JPEG1.2 86054
JPEG2.2 83059
JPEG3.2 73535
JPEG4.2 88550
JPEG5.2 87654
JPEG6.2 80183
JPEG7.2 92855
JPEG8.2 92890
JPEG9.2 93504
JPEG10.2 94779
JPEG11.2 88870
JPEG12.2 73339
JPEG13.2 58339
JPEG14.2 54281
JPEG15.2 83921
JPEG16.2 100812
JPEG17.2 102660
JPEG18.2 101793
JPEG19.2 84286
JPEG20.2 73501
JPEG21.2 86756
JPEG22.2 83918
JPEG23.2 94389
JPEG24.2 96747
JPEG25.2 78806
JPEG26.2 67294
JPEG27.2 74166
JPEG28.2 57579
JPEG29.2 59026
JPEG30.2 77923
JPEG31.2 74542
JPEG32.2 69065
JPEG33.2 66883
JPEG34.2 97224
JPEG35.2 98555
JPEG36.2 101798
JPEG37.2 100803
JPEG38.2 99349
JPEG39.2 89583
JPEG40.2 84120
JPEG41.2 78603
JPEG42.2 72618
JPEG43.2 69745
JPEG44.2 80494
JPEG45.2 83922
JPEG46.2 94554
JPEG47.2 96900
JPEG48.2 88855
JPEG49.2 95856
JPEG50.2 83570
JPEG51.2 75701
JPEG52.2 94624
JPEG53.2 95269
JPEG54.2 99330
JPEG55.2 95870
JPEG56.2 79708
JPEG57.2 98238
JPEG58.2 97376
JPEG59.2 86177
JPEG60.2 68104
JPEG61.2 73047
JPEG62.2 93786
JPEG63.2 96468
JPEG64.2 93925
JPEG65.2 96017
JPEG66.2 94324
JPEG67.2 93007
JPEG68.2 98861
JPEG69.2 95378
JPEG70.2 96363
JPEG71.2 52682
JPEG72.2 89427
JPEG73.2 99406
JPEG74.2 92418
JPEG75.2 98937
JPEG76.2 83878
JPEG77.2 97787
JPEG78.2 99329
JPEG79.2 82415
JPEG80.2 92135
JPEG81.2 93717
JPEG82.2 92346
JPEG83.2 100168
JPEG84.2 93909
JPEG85.2 95166
JPEG86.2 82019
JPEG87.2 64795
JPEG88.2 96400
JPEG89.2 83773
JPEG90.2 90514
JPEG91.2 96607
JPEG92.2 56550
JPEG93.2 84520
JPEG94.2 79186
JPEG95.2 66981
JPEG96.2 79994
JPEG97.2 67256
JPEG98.2 45803
JPEG99.2 63791
JPEG100.2 66373
JPEG101.2 61943
JPEG102.2 35815
JPEG103.2 77108
JPEG104.2 57524
JPEG105.2 97992
JPEG106.2 98443
JPEG107.2 83193
JPEG108.2 31294
THUMB1 42209
THUMB2 31557
THUMB3 32300
THUMB4 34507
THUMB5 34308
THUMB6 33116
THUMB7 34621
THUMB8 35419
THUMB9 34880
THUMB10 36201
THUMB11 34040
THUMB12 33350
THUMB13 30157
THUMB14 28505
THUMB15 34679
THUMB16 36553
THUMB17 37011
THUMB18 36465
THUMB19 33927
THUMB20 32115
THUMB21 35654
THUMB22 35918
THUMB23 35851
THUMB24 36021
THUMB25 35086
THUMB26 31124
THUMB27 32094
THUMB28 29685
THUMB29 30395
THUMB30 33346
THUMB31 33034
THUMB32 31875
THUMB33 32934
THUMB34 35716
THUMB35 36877
THUMB36 37099
THUMB37 37167
THUMB38 36180
THUMB39 35660
THUMB40 35563
THUMB41 33748
THUMB42 32436
THUMB43 33261
THUMB44 33834
THUMB45 34786
THUMB46 36209
THUMB47 36826
THUMB48 35651
THUMB49 35939
THUMB50 34633
THUMB51 32815
THUMB52 36831
THUMB53 37442
THUMB54 37318
THUMB55 37181
THUMB56 33130
THUMB57 36942
THUMB58 36978
THUMB59 34512
THUMB60 30937
THUMB61 32939
THUMB62 37399
THUMB63 37522
THUMB64 36591
THUMB65 36378
THUMB66 37364
THUMB67 35972
THUMB68 37059
THUMB69 36976
THUMB70 36747
THUMB71 26559
THUMB72 35431
THUMB73 37730
THUMB74 37009
THUMB75 36981
THUMB76 34653
THUMB77 36669
THUMB78 36565
THUMB79 33734
THUMB80 35828
THUMB81 36272
THUMB82 36051
THUMB83 38139
THUMB84 36867
THUMB85 36761
THUMB86 33263
THUMB87 30161
THUMB88 36226
THUMB89 34840
THUMB90 36022
THUMB91 36987
THUMB92 29170
THUMB93 34955
THUMB94 33327
THUMB95 29656
THUMB96 34555
THUMB97 31422
THUMB98 25540
THUMB99 30978
THUMB100 31935
THUMB101 29088
THUMB102 23666
THUMB103 35593
THUMB104 29405
THUMB105 36693
THUMB106 37022
THUMB107 35083
THUMB108 21363
TIF1 imagetiff 11669172
TIF2 11290572
TIF4 11527376
TIF5 11534880
TIF6 11513568
TIF7 11372924
TIF8 11315592
TIF10 11113164
TIF11 11648120
TIF12 11345472
TIF13 11314576
TIF14 11557388
TIF15 11225332
TIF16 11372940
TIF18 11338356
TIF19 11274824
TIF20 11371380
TIF21 11374484
TIF23 11238896
TIF24 11189484
TIF25 11362428
TIF27 11366964
TIF28 11118268
TIF29 11397048
TIF30 11100348
TIF31 11430096
TIF32 11068688
TIF33 11460168
TIF36 11252700
TIF37 11246628
TIF38 11248212
TIF40 11068684
TIF41 11255724
TIF42 11246748
TIF45 11102400
TIF46 10978904
TIF47 10956456
TIF48 11023796
TIF49 11104136
TIF50 11124944
TIF52 11046240
TIF54 11131092
TIF55 11129372
TIF56 11148852
TIF57 11109912
TIF58 11001348
TIF59 11097972
TIF61 11091788
TIF62 10897692
TIF63 10866672
TIF64 10965720
TIF65 11218164
TIF69 11206184
TIF80 11068356
TIF90 11068680
TIF102 11071552
G110 TIF110 11071888
PRO1 textx-pro 2086
PRO2 67549
PRO3 35604
PRO4 70837
PRO5 62576
PRO6 51827
PRO7 74946
PRO8 77685
PRO9 73618
PRO10 71676
PRO11 67604
PRO12 17110
PRO13 6616
PRO14 10642
PRO15 71220
PRO16 105396
PRO17 105043
PRO18 106247
PRO19 71018
PRO20 52764
PRO21 63518
PRO22 30493
PRO23 77044
PRO24 81034
PRO25 10788
PRO26 33428
PRO27 46059
PRO28 2777
PRO29 3895
PRO30 40123
PRO32 24530
PRO33 1261
PRO35 90771
PRO36 93164
PRO37 91226
PRO38 91613
PRO39 70736
PRO40 59099
PRO41 54123
PRO42 42677
PRO43 17911
PRO44 51310
PRO45 66440
PRO46 81285
PRO47 84316
PRO48 66942
PRO49 82873
PRO50 50415
PRO51 47891
PRO52 75146
PRO53 75706
PRO54 86747
PRO55 80561
PRO56 48581
PRO57 87333
PRO58 85697
PRO59 68690
PRO60 41052
PRO61 40662
PRO62 67751
PRO63 79679
PRO64 78281
PRO65 77326
PRO66 75725
PRO67 72018
PRO68 82328
PRO69 76392
PRO70 79380
PRO71 33389
PRO72 67955
PRO73 80004
PRO74 67959
PRO75 86223
PRO76 55107
PRO77 87351
PRO78 85551
PRO79 60125
PRO80 74575
PRO81 75744
PRO82 69839
PRO83 80689
PRO84 72038
PRO85 73239
PRO86 57667
PRO87 28022
PRO88 82126
PRO89 50004
PRO90 70006
PRO91 77927
PRO92 9274
PRO93 56291
PRO94 51234
PRO95 43714
PRO96 48255
PRO97 34918
PRO98 12516
PRO99 27186
PRO100 5342
PRO101 36548
PRO102 77857
PRO103 12191
PRO104 7521
PRO105 83053
PRO106 80993
PRO107 42652
PRO108 9214
TXT1 textplain 162
TXT2 2938
TXT3 1665
TXT4 3003
TXT5 2589
TXT6 2168
TXT7 3160
TXT8 3136
TXT9 3116
TXT10 3011
TXT11 2966
TXT12 711
TXT13 368
TXT15 3158
TXT16 4310
TXT17 4285
TXT18 4357
TXT19 3105
TXT20 2576
TXT22 1248
TXT23 3236
TXT24 3247
TXT25 537
TXT26 1467
TXT27 1973
TXT28 147
TXT29 190
TXT30 1806
TXT31 1396
TXT32 1014
TXT33 52
TXT34 3628
TXT35 3711
TXT36 3792
TXT37 3761
TXT38 3730
TXT39 2971
TXT40 2563
TXT41 2608
TXT42 2078
TXT43 892
TXT44 2254
TXT45 2779
TXT46 3342
TXT47 3535
TXT48 2863
TXT49 3443
TXT50 2126
TXT51 2049
TXT52 3128
TXT53 3137
TXT54 3567
TXT55 3332
TXT56 2043
TXT57 3610
TXT58 3635
TXT59 2927
TXT60 1700
TXT61 1759
TXT62 2691
TXT63 3276
TXT64 3211
TXT65 3169
TXT66 3002
TXT67 2926
TXT68 3383
TXT69 3233
TXT70 3355
TXT72 2974
TXT73 3283
TXT74 3053
TXT75 3528
TXT76 2349
TXT77 3575
TXT78 3516
TXT79 2669
TXT80 3157
TXT81 3138
TXT82 2941
TXT83 3316
TXT84 3029
TXT85 3103
TXT86 2439
TXT87 1181
TXT88 3396
TXT89 2209
TXT91 3287
TXT92 385
TXT93 2393
TXT94 2182
TXT95 1861
TXT96 1964
TXT97 1676
TXT98 539
TXT99 1170
TXT100 236
TXT101 1699
TXT102 3511
TXT103 565
TXT104 338
TXT105 3462
TXT106 3325
TXT107 1836
TXT108 469
G109 METS109 unknownx-mets 93345
METS:structMap STRUCT1 physical
PDIV1 Front Cover
PAGE1 Page
PDIV2 Table of Contents
PDIV3 body 3 Section
PAGE10 8
PAGE11 9
PAGE12 10
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