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Canal record
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Canal record (St. Petersburg, Fla.)
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Canal rec. (St. Petersbg. Fla.)
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Panama Canal Society of Florida
Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
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St. Petersburg, Fla
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five issues yearly
completely irregular


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Periodicals -- Panama Canal (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Description based on: Vol. 10, no. 4 (Nov. 1976); title from cover.

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University of Florida
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(Courtesy Panama Canal Co.)

JUNE, 1967

No. 2

Brothers of 1542 and one lone 1414'er, Bro. Bud McElhone, left, gathered
during the Panama Canal Society of Florida Reunion, January 17, 1967.
It is a rare thing to find so 'many Elks under one roof outside the C. Z.
Left to right: Bud McElhone, Frank Miller, Ernest Angermuller, Dr. C.
C. Clay, Lew McIlvaine, PER Tom Sellers, Wilbur Dockery, PER Paul
Beck, George Jones, Jr., Tony Lynn, Tommy McKeown, Harry Cain.
Ed Spinney, Charlie Holmelin, Dudley Anderson (deceased), Mike Green,
Bill Willumson, Rube Seid1man, and Duncan Laird (deceased)

"Canal Diggers and Operators" visit Independence Hall at Knott's Berry
Farm, Buena Park, California. (Seated) "Ducky" Bryan, Virginia Seller
and Mildred Kine. (Standing) Mrs. "Ducky" Bryan, Martin Seller, Hedvig
Seedborg, Torm Brennan, Walter Knott, David L. Smith, Ted Englebright,
Thelma Reppe, F. G. Swanson and Virginia Ridge Dolim.


Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Levy, Sr., Altamonte Springs, Fla.
Mr. Allan Bridges, Bradenton, Fla.

(Seated) Helen Dudak, Mrs. Francis Hargy, Mrs. A. Tezanos,. (Standing)
John Dudak, A. Tezanos, Orlando, Mr. Francis Hargy, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. Wally Bain, St. Petersburg, Fla. Mr. Frank Miller, Mayor
of Cooperville, Fla., Mr. and Mrs. John Whigam, Madison, N. J.



F' ,


Mrs. Elsie Cousineau, West Covina, Calif.. and her sister, Mrs. Matilda
Neely, Sarasota, Fla.

Frank Disheroon, St. Petersburg, Jr. College and his grandfather Mr.
Paul Disheroon, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Shedlock, St. Petersburg, Fla., Mrs. Ruth Burmiester,
Columbus, Ga., Mr. C. A. Monsanto, Iowa City, Ia., Mr. and Mrs. Randall
Ford, St. Petersburg, Fla.

74a Panama eaaln r ciety og w21ida, YIc.
(A Non-Profit Organization)
To preserve American Ideals and Canal Zone Friendships
Cecil M. Banan J. F. Warner
President Founder
William L. Howard
Vice-President Executive Committee
Lucille S. Judd
Betty Lockridge
Record Editor William L. Howard
Margaret Ward Lucille S. Judd
Recording Sec'y Betty Lockridge
Ross Cunningham s Margaret Ward
Chaplain Andy Fraser
G. C. Lockridge Dewey Goodwin
Legislative Rep.
Albert McKeown Ernest M. Kieswetter
Sergeant-at-Arms Albert McKeown
The CANAL RECORD Is published by the Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc., for
the good and welfare of its members.
The CANAL RECORD is published five times each year, once in March, June and
September and twice in December.
MEMBERSHIP FEES-FOR MEMBERS-$4.00 ANNUALLY, which includes $2.00 for
subscripition to the OANAL RECORD. (To receive the CANAL RECORD, all persons MUST
BE MEMBERS and pay ANNUAL DUES of $4.00). Entered as 2nd Class matter at the,
POST OFFICE at Saint Petersburg, Florida.
St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida
32,5 First Avenue South
HEADQUARTERS of the Panama Canal Society,
3535 19th Street, North,
St. Petersburg, Florida 33713
POSTMASTER: Change of address should be sent on FORM 3579 to Box 11566, St.
Petersburg, Florida 33733.
Several miles up the Chagres River is Madden Dam, built in 1934 to
provide an additional water reservoir for the Panama Canal. Adequate
water supply, especially during the dry season, is a major problem of
the Canal. Each transiting ship uses approximately 50 million gallons
of fresh water and the daily water usage for the ship traffic is about
equal to the amount used by a large city in the United States.

S. 271 is still in Senate Committee on Post Office and Civil
Service, hearings. This bill concerns the benefits for retirees
that have the employee group life insurance.
H.R. 5710 is still in the House Ways and Means Committee.
This bill concerns Social Security benefits and changes in in-
come taxes.
If you are interested in the above Bills write your Sena-
tors and Congressmen; they will be glad to supply you with
copies of the respective bills.
Beginning on page nine of the April issue of Retirement Life
the Legislative Report lists over 160 different and related bills
If you want an application blank to take out a membership
in "NARCE" drop me a line. G. C. Lockridge, Legislative Rep.

Mr. Gilbert H. Davis Locks Div. 26 years, 1 month,
20 days.
Mr. Forrest G. Dunsmoor Adm. Asst. to the Governor-
President 36 years, 8 months, 22 days.
Miss Claude N. Aycock Schools Div. 27 years, 1 month,
16 days.
Mrs. Clara M. Chambers Navigation Div. 27 years, 3
months, 21 days.
Mrs. Joyce B. Clark Supply Div. 23 years, 5 months,
27 days.
Mrs. Jessie W. Degenar Accounting Div. 22 years, 9
months, 10 days.
Mrs. Mary Ewing -- Payroll Branch 30 years, 7 days.
Mrs. Mary Lavallee Police Div. 15 years, 3 months, 7
Mrs. Ella Lombroia Schools Div. 23 years, 2 months,
11 days.
Capt. Niles Nielsen Waters Transportation Div. New
Orleans 26 years, 8 months, 13 days.
Mrs. Ruth Turner Library Asst. 30 years, 9 days.
Mr. Calmer Batalden Schools Div. 31 years, 2 months,
12 days.
Mr. Carl Hoffmeyer Postal Div. 33 years, 9 months,
16 days.
Mr. Jesse R. Martie Locks Div. 18 years, 8 months,
18 days.
Mr. Nathan W. Ashton Supply Div. 33 years, 10 months,
15 days.
Mrs. Gladys B. Baldwin Gorgas Hospital 35 years,
6 months, 5 days.
Mrs. Emma Barlow Personnel Bur. 19 years, 7 months,
8 days.
Mr. Robert N. Bartram Industrial Div. 29 years, 15
Mrs. Evlyn W. Brandt Industrial Div. 28 years, 2
months, 12 days.
Mrs. Thelmia H. Bull Planning Staff 24 years, 11
months, 29 days.
Mrs. Eleanor D. Burnham C. Z. Library 30 years, 4
months, 22 days.


Mrs. Florence M. Burns Supply Div. 26 years, 1 month,
27 days.
Mr. Jack W. Clarke Comm .Serv. Div. 30 years, 8
months, 18 days.
Mr. Charles J. Conner Dredging Div. 26 years, 2
months, 5 days.
Mr. Fred N. Dahl Comm. Serv. Div.- 24 years, 5 months,
17 days.
Mrs. Lavina R. Dahlhoff Electrical Div. 28 years, 7
months, 19 days.
Mr. William Dunning Locks Div. 34 years, 3 months,
28 days.
Mr. Ralph R. Grassau Budget Analyist 25 years, 7
month, 20 days.
Mr. Russel J. Jones Acct. Div. 38 years, 5 months, 13
Mr. Charles H. Kissling Dredging Div. 30 years, 1
month, 15 days.
Mr. Roy G. Lattin Navigation Div. 24 years, 10 months,
18 days.
Mr. Stephen O. Lessard Industrial Div. 36 years, 5
months, 6 days.
Mr. Porter M. McHan Industrial Div. 26 years, 3
months, 16 days.
Mrs. Lydia M. Myers Gorgas Hospital 20 years, 8
months, 16 days.
Mr. Fisher M. Oltenburg Supply Div. 21 years, 11
months, 13 days.
Mr. James H. Pennington Police Div. 31 years, 7
months, 9 days.
Mr. George F. Phillips Dredging Div. 21 years, 7
months, 28 days.
Mr. Joseph Quintel Locks Div. 23 years, 20days.
Mr. Thomas G. Relihan Deputy Director Supply & Comm.
Serv. 30 years, 10 months, 3 days.
Mr. Paul D. Richmond Police Div. 29 years, 10 months,
26 days.
Mr. Edwin F. Rigby Supply Div. 39 years, 9 months,
22 days.
Mr. Samuel H. Rowley Navigation Div. 30 years, 10

Mr. Slaughter H. Sharpensteen Dredging Div. 37 years,
1 month, 4 days.
Mr. Henry C. Simpson Navigation Div. 29 years, 11
months, 4 days.
Mr. Anastasio Sogandares Industrial Div. 40 years,
8 months, 1 day.
Mr. Joseph C. Turner Treasurer 32 years, 3 months,
16 days.
Mr. Gorham E. Wakefield Navigation Div. 30 years,
1 day.
Mrs. Cecelia E. Waldorf Gorgas Hospital 26 years,
8 months, 27 days.
Mr. Nelson E. Wise E&C Bureau 28 years, 1 month,
28 days.
Mr. William B. Wray Industrial Div. 26 years, 3
months, 2 days.
Mr. John F. Runck Dredging Div. 35 years, 7 months,
15 days.
Mr. Charles T. Jackson, Jr. Marine Director's Office --
30 years, 7 months, 25 days.
Mr. Preston G. Gau Accounting Div. 33 years, 1
month, 17 days.
Mr. Murray Klipper Construction Div. 26 years, 5
months, 13 days.
Mr. Rufus M. Lovelady Operations Div. 38 years,
5 months, 24 days.
Mr. Robert L. Thompson Gorgas Hospital 30 years,
3 months, 14 days.
Mr. James R. Folsom Locks Div. 21 years, 3 months,
16 days.
Mr. William F. Aleman Gorgas Hospital 25 years, 5
months, 6 days.
Mr. Marion R. Bell Personnel Branch Off. 24 years,
21 days.
Mr. Jack K. Campbell Auditor 33 years, 5 months,
21 days.
Mr. Frank A. Chollar Printing Plant 30 years, 9
months, 15 days.
Mr. Nick Matt Elich Maintenance Div. 30 years, 5
months, 7 days.
Mr. Leon S. Fishbough, Jr. -Locks Div. 24 years, 6
months, 3 days.


Mr. Walter H. Hobby Transportation Div. 28 years,
7 months, 28 days.
Mr. Joseph Edward Irving Locks Div. 26 years, 7
months, 1 day.
Mr. B. Edward Lowande Customs Div. 35 years, 11
months, 3 days.
Mr. Duayne T. McNeil Navigation Div. 30 years, 2
Mr. John A. Madison Locks Div. 40 years, 3 months,
29 days.
Mr. Francis H. O'Connell Transportation Div. 26 years,
10 months, 8 days.
Mrs. Florence Mallet Payroll Branch 27 years, 10
months, 18 days.
Mr. Albert H. Plumer Maintenance Div. 25 years,
3 months, 23 days.
Mr. Paul Robbins Office of the Comptroller 26 years,
1 month, 15 days.
Mr. Raymond M. Schneider Railroad Div. 30 years,
17 days.
Mr. Joseph L. Sestite Postal Div. 25 years, 8 months,
9 days.
Mr. Lloyd E. Stevens Electrical Div. 21 years, 2
months, 30 days.
Mr. Rene P. Trembleau Maintenance Div. 26 years,
10 months, 27 days.
Mr. George W. Wertz Electrical Div. 32 years, 28
Mr. Charles P. Barton Construction Div. 27 years,
3 months, 20 days.
Mr. Reginald H. Colby Postal Div. 26 years, 5 months,
16 days.
Mr. Leonard Ruppel Locks Div. 16 years, 7 months,
25 days.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar R. Swanson's names were inadver-
dantly omitted from the Alabama registration list in the March
Record. Mr. and Mrs. Swanson were very much in attendance
and looking younger than ever. They live in Fairhone, Ala.

Captain and Mrs. Richard C. Sergeant, Balboa Heights,
C.Z., have announced the engagement of their daughter, Miss
Kaye Louise Sergeant, to Mr. Norman Nifong, the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Nifong of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Miss Sergeant graduates this June from Wake Forest Col-
lege with a degree in Business Administration, an Accounting
Her fiance is a graduate of North Carolina State University
with a major in History and is now completing his second year
in the School of Law, Wake Forest College. He is a member of
Phi Alpha Delta, professional Lawyers fraternity.

Miss Susie Poole Marshall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allen
Wright, Jr., of Griffin, became the bride of Mr. Robert Steen
Fletcher, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bob J. Fletcher (Verna Steen) of
Dawson, Ga., November 12, at Saint George's Episcopal Church
in Griffin. The Rev. Ray H. Averett performed the double
ring ceremony.
After the ceremony the parents of the bride entertained at
a buffet in the Parish House of the church. Miss Martha Fletch-
er of Washington, D.C., sister of the groom, kept the bride's
Assisting in serving were Mrs. Frank Gaissert, Jr., of Grif-
fin, and Mrs. Philip Knowles, Joan Hunter and Sandy Wallace,
all of Atlanta.
After a honeymoon in Virginia, the young couple are at
home in Baton Rouge, La., where Mr. Fletcher is employed as
Assistant Resident Engineer for the Eastern Engineering Co.

At Chapel No. 2 of Maxwell AFB, Maxwell, Ala., Miss
Donna Kay Rogers, daughter of Lt. Col. and Mrs. Donald Ken-
nedy Rogers of Maxwell, Ala., became the bride of Mr. John
Sanderson Hart, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Shinnick Hart of
Marblehead, Feb. 18, 1967. A reception at the Officers Club
Miss Larie Martin of Miami, Fla., was maid of honor. The
bridesmaids were Miss Suzanne Counts of Winter Park, Fla.,
and Mrs. Kendall Kahl of Waukegan, Ill.
Mr. Richard Hatfield of Kansas City, Mo., was best man.
The ushers were Mr. Jeff Rogers of Maxwell AFB., Ala., Mr.

Marquis Magee of Marblehead, and Mr. Donald Winston of
Kansas City, Mo.
The bride attended Switzerland and Florida State Univer-
sities. Her husband attended Bowoin College. After a wedding
trip to Jamaica, the couple will live in Kansas City, Mo.
Mr. Hart is an air line pilot. Mrs. Betty (Weisiger) Bitters,
Washington, D.C.; her daughter, Mrs. Ann Wright, Orlando,
Fla.; Mrs. J. H. Weisiger, Crystal Beach, Fla.; Mr. and Mrs. Neil
(Muriel Evans) and daughter, Birmingham, Ala., were guests
at the wedding.

Miss Patricia Anne Murphy and Mr. Keith Joseph Kenway
were married in the Community Methodist Church, Huntington
Beach, Calif., January 28, 1967. Mr. Kenway, the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Kenway, Long Beach, Calif., is studying for his
Master's Degree in History at Calif. State College. Patricia is
a junior there studying to be a high school English teacher. The
young couple reside in Long Beach.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mohl, Pompano Beach, Fla., announce
the marriage of their daughter Evelyn to Mr. Harvey Baker,
Dallas, Texas. After visiting her parents the young couple left
for Honolulu, Hawaii, where Mr. Baker will be for three years.
He is employed by Western Union and is on an assignment to
the Air Force for maintenance and care of Univac Computers.

Mrs. Sigrid Henter announces the engagement of her grand-
daughter, Miss Karen L. Henter, daughter of the late William
Roland Henter of Balboa, to Michael F. Ryan, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred J. Ryan, also of Balboa.
Miss Henter is a graduate of Tenafly High School, Tenafly,
New Jersey, and was previously employed at the Prentice-Hall
Publishing Firm in New Jersey.
Mr. Ryan graduated from Cristobal High School and at-
tended the Canal Zone College. He is currently employed by
the Electrical Division of the Panama Canal Company.

Mr. Oscar Oswell Brown, Jr., and Mrs. Elizabeth Irvin
Brown announce the marriage of their daughter Carol Jean to
Mr. John Patrick Manning, March 25, 1967, in Tallahassee, Fla.
The small home ceremony was held at the residence of Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Hughes Byrne. reception followed.

The bride was given in marriage by her father who attended
the wedding from the Canal Zone. Barbara Brown Byrne was
matron of honor for her sister and the niece of the bride, Eliza-
beth Winfield Byrne, was junior bridesmaid. Mr. Manning was
attended as best man by Mr. Joseph H. Byrne.
Grandmother of the bride, Mrs. Oscar O. Brown, Sr., attend-
ed the wedding from Jacksonville, Florida.
After a short honeymoon in Florida, the young couple have
returned to Washington, D.C., where Mr. Manning is attending
Capitol Institute. Their temporary address is 1726 Park Road
N.W., Washington, D.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Luigi Piazzi announce the marriage of their
daughter Marilena to Dr. Sergio Edward Betancourt in Milan,
Italy on March 30. Dr. Betancourt is the son of the late Sergio
and Emma Betancourt of Panama City.

A/3c Constance Esther Lambert, U. S. Air Force, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kent Lambert, of Balboa, C.Z., and
Daryll Maurice Jones, A/3c, U.S. Air Force, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Raymond D. Jones of Artesia, New Mexico, were married on
January 7 at the Selfridge Air Force Base, Michigan Chapel.
Mrs. Jones is a 1935 honor student of Chestertown High
School, Chestertown, Md During basic training at Lackland
Air Force Base she was selected the most outstanding WAF in
training for that period. She is now a programming specialist
at Selfridge.
Mr. Jones is a 1964 Artesia High School graduate and at-
tended Eastern New Mexico University. He is also stationed
at Selfridge Air Force Base.
The bride is the granddaughter of the late C. Kent Lambert,
Sr., and Mrs. Adelaide Lambert who now lives in Adelfi, Md.,
both of whom were well known on the Isthmus.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jacques of Margarita announce the
engagement of their daughter Ana Luisa, to Christian Kees de
Wolff, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. de Wolff of Atlanta, Georgia.
The bride-elect is presently employed with Robert and Co. As-
sociates in Atlanta. Mr. de Wolff is with the U.S. Army Corps
of Engineers stationed at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia.

Miss Donna K. Wertz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred L.
Wertz of Margarita, Canal Zone and Mr. Wendell David Sasso,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac C. Sasso of Colon, Republic of Pana-
ma were married on December 28, 1966 at Holy Family Church
in Margarita. The double ring ceremony was performed at 7
p.m. by the Reverend Father Charles Shanley.

Dr. and Mrs. B. R. Stahmann of La Jolla, California an-
nounce the engagement of their daughter, Carol to Mr. Robert
W. Dilfer of Panama, son of Mr. and Mrs. George G. Dilfer of
Las Cumbres, R. de P.
Miss Stahmann attended San Diego College where she was
a member of the Alpha Phi Sorority. She received a B.A. in
English from Mills College, Oakland, California in 1966 and is
currently doing graduate work in Education at Stanford Univer-
Mr. Dilfer attended Balboa High School for two years and
two years at Choate School, Wallingford, Connecticut. He grad-
aated from Stanford University with a B.S. in Industrial Engin-
eering in 1966. He was Vice President of Chi Psi Fraternity
and a Distinguished Military graduate in the ROTC program.
He was commissioned a 2nd Lt. in the U.S. Army upon his
graduation and is currently doing graduate work towards his
Master's degree in Industrial Engineering at Stanford Universi-

Captain and Mrs. Glenn Cramer of Los Rios, C.Z., announce
the marriage of their daughter, Sally Adele, to Lee C. Williams,
II, January 20, 1967.

Mrs. Betsey Souders of Balboa, Canal Zone, announces the
marriage of her daughter, Miss Fidella Ozanne Souders, to Mr.
James Gordon Starr, the son of Mrs. Helen Starr, 722 Oakhill
Ave., Hagerstown, Maryland, and the late J. Donald Starr, Jan-
uary 24th in the Fort Clayton Chapel. A reception was held
following the ceremony at the Fort Clayton Officer's Open Mess
after which the couple left for a wedding trip to La Siesta.
The bride is a graduate of Balboa High School and is now
a junior at Towson State College in Baltimore, Maryland.
The bridegroom is a graduate of North Hagerstown High
School. He will graduate from Frostburg State College in June

after which the couple will reside in Towson, where Mr. Starr
will be teaching.
Mrs. Starr went to the Isthmus from her home in Maryland
to attend the wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Chappell, Jr., of Coco Solo, Canal Zone
announce the approaching marriage of their daughter, Nina
Lee, to Charles DeTore, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard DeTore
of Coco Solo.
Miss Chappell is a 1964 graduate of Cristobal High School
and also a 1966 graduate of Canal Zone College. She is now
employed with the Housing Branch of the Panama Canal Co.
in Cristobal.
Mr. DeTore was graduated in 1958 from Cristobal High
School and is presently employed with the Industrial Division,
Mt. Hope, Canal Zone.

Mr. and Mrs. Talmadge W. Womble of Diablo Heights an-
nounce the engagement of their daughter, Betty Anne, to Sgt.
Reyes Cerda, Albrook Air Force Base, son of Mrs. Lupe Sepeda
of Killeen, Texas and the late Mr. Reyes Cerda. A June wedding
is planned.

Mrs. Albert Saarinen has announced the engagement of her
daughter, Miss Carol Anne Saarinen, to Mr. Thomas Walldeck
May, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Walldeck May of Huntington,
West Virginia. Miss Saarinen, also the daughter of the late
Mr. Albert Saarinen and a graduate of Balboa High School with
the class of 1965, is presently attending Huntington College of
Business, Huntington, W. Va.

Miss Jeanne Merrie Walker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
George A Walker of Cocoli and Jack Duane Wagner, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Forest D. Wagner of Curundo were married at a
double ring, candlelight service at the Balboa Union Church
February 18. The Rev. Clarence C. Payne, pastor of the church
Following the ceremony a reception was held in the Roose-
velt Room of the Tivoli Guest House.
The bride is a graduate of Balboa High School and of Stan
ford Medical Center in Palo Alto, California. She is employed
as a radiological technologists at Gorgas Hospital. Her hus-

band is a graduate of Balboa High School and is employed by
the Panama Canal Co., with the maintenance Division in the
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Section.
Following a wedding trip by car to Costa Rica, the young
couple at home to their friends at 1524 Balboa.

Miss Vicki-Lunne Anna Baldwin, daughter of the Rev. and
Mrs. William Wescott Baldwin, Sr., of Cocoli and Mr. Robert
Paul Pedersen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman H. Pedersen, Sr..
of Farfan exchanged marriage vows before the altar of St.
Andrews Episcopal Church, Cocoli, on the evening of December
30, 1966. The father of the bride, who is the Rector of St. An-
drew's, officiated.
After a short wedding trip the young couple will be at
home to their friends at 530-B Cocoli, Canal Zone.

Holy Family Church, Margarita, was the setting recently
for the wedding of Elaine Mary Asbury of Gatun and Michael
N. Stephenson of Margarita. The Rev. Fr. Robert Vignola,
C.M. celebrated the Nuptial Mass.
Parents of the bride are Mr. and Mrs. Clifford S. Asbury
of Gatun. The bridegroom is the son of Mr and Mrs. John
Stephenson of Margarita.

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Balch of La Mirada Drive, Rich-
mond, California, announce the engagement of their daughter,
Judith Ann to Harry F. Butz, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry
F. Butz of Margarita, Canal Zone.
The bride-elect attended St. Joseph's High School in Berkley
and graduated from Contra Costa College in San Pablo. She
is now a student at Sacremento State College where her fiance
also is enrolled.
Mr. Butz was educated at Cristobal High School, Iowa State
University at Ames, Iowa and the Canal Zone College.

Captain and Mrs. Lambert W. Kat of Balboa announce the
engagement of their daughter Marion T. Bradley to Mr. Rich-
ard R. Linkh, son of Mrs. R. Linkh of Glendale, New York.
Miss Bradley is a graduate of Balboa High School, and the
Catholic University in Washington, D. C.
Mr. Linkh attended Catholic University and graduated from
Hunter College in New York.

The marriage of Miss Ruth Macel Washabaugh, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Perry Washabaugh of Margarita and
William Philip De Salvo took place in the late fall in Glenbernie,
Maryland. The Nuptial Mass was celebrated in Holy Trinity
Roman Catholic Church.
The bridegroom is the son of Col. and Mrs. William De
Salvo of Glenbernie and who were formerly stationed in the
Canal Zone. Both the bride and her husband are graduates of
Cristobal High School with the Class of 1964.
Mr. De Salvo is employed with a plastics firm in Baltimore
and the young couple are making their home at 438-F Pamela
Road, Glenbernie.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Arnts, 2910 Liberty Street, Easton,
Pennsylvania, announce the engagement of their daughter,
Marie Elizabeth, to Mr. John Patrick Dougan, also of Easton.
He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John L. Dougan, Margarita,
Canal Zone.
Miss Arnts is a graduate of Easton Area High School, Eas-
ton, Pennsylvania. Mr. Dougan is a graduate of Cristobal High
School and the Canal Zone Junior College. He attended Lehigh
University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and is staff announcer
at Radio Station WEST, Easton.

Miss Barbara Diane Ross became the bride of Lt. (j.g.)
Terry Allen Eisert at a military ceremony at the Los Altos
United Church, Long Beach, California, on February 11th. The
Rev. Murray T. McNeil, Jr., officiated at the double ring cere-
A reception was held for 100 guests following the ceremony
at Allen Center Commissioned Officers Club, Terminal Island
Naval Base, Long Beach.
Mrs. Eisert is the daughter of Mr. Ernest Ross of Long
Beach, California, and Mrs. Henry Barlow of Cape Coral, Flor-
ida. She graduated from Roosevelt High School in Lima, Peru,
and from Bay Path Junior College in Longmeadow, Mass. Mr.
Eisert graduated from Morristown High School and Mankato
State College in Minnesota. After a short wedding trip the
couple will be at home in Long Beach, where Lt. (j.g.) Eisert
is serving with the U. S. Navy and Mrs. Eisert is a secretary
with Douglas Aircraft.

Out-of-town guests included Mr. and Mrs. Henry Barlow,
of Cape Coral, Florida; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Eisert of Morris-
town, Minnesota, parents of the bridegroom; and Thomas A.
Ross, of Waterbury, Vermont.
Mrs. Eisert and her brother, Thomas A. Ross, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Barlow and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ross (Janice
Cameron) are all former residents of the Canal Zone.

Chapel No. 1 at Hickam Air Force Base, Honolulu, Hawaii,
was the scene for the marriage of Martha Ross Taylor and
Capt. (USAF) William Fitzhugh Frensley.
Parents of the bride are Col. (USAF) and Mrs. W. B. Tay-
lor, and the bridegroom's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Frank W.
Frensley of Oklahoma City, Okla. who attended the wedding.
Susan Martizen was the maid of honor. Bridesmaids were
Sandra Knobloch, Ann Wolf and Sue Smith.
Capt. (USAF) John Meyer was best man. Ushers were
Capt. Richard Bowman, Capt. John Springer, both of Hickam
AFB, and Lt. Russell Taylor, the bride's brother from Shaw
AFB in South Carolina.
Col. and Mrs. Taylor gave the reception at the Hickam
Officers' Club.
Martha graduated from Bellevue High School in Columbia,
Her husband is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma,
and is a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.
After a honeymoon at the Kauat Surf, the newlyweds will
live in Honolulu.

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bruland of Balboa, C.Z., announce
the engagement of their daughter, Carol Sue, to Benjamin
James Allen, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Allen of Leicester,
Miss Bruland, a graduate of Wellesley College, is now at-
tending the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and
expects to receive her Master's Degree in June. Mr. Allen is
a graduate of Cambridge University and will also receive his
Master's Degree in June from the Harvard Graduate School of
Business Administration.

Miss Gretchen Elizabeth Staples, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Herbert Lee Staples of Louisville, Kentucky, became the bride

of Mr. Theodore Peter Kroll, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kroll
of Hartford, Connecticut, in a double-ring ceremony at St.
Sebastian's Chapel, Frankfort Germany, October 31.
Immediately following the ceremony, the couple flew to
Palma de Majorca in the Mediterranean for a 10-day honey-
The Maid of Honor was Miss Arlene Atwater, a former co-
worker of the bride at the American Embassy in Bangkok,
Thailand, now stationed at the American Consulate General in
Munich, Germany. Mr. Leslie Munroe, Best Man, was pre-
viously stationed with the groom at the American Embassy in
Mr. Kroll, a graduate of the University of Arizona, is a
State Department Diplomatic Courier, and they are now making
their home in Frankfort. The Krolls expect, however, to be
transferred to the Embassy in Panama in September, following
home-leave in Connecticut and Kentucky.

M/Sgt. and Mrs. Will Sooter of El Toro, California have
announced the engagement of their daughter, Jeanne Louise,
to Ronald Pearl, son of Mr. Harry Pearl of Balboa.
The bride-elect is a graduate of Tustin High School and
Orange Coast College. Mr. Pearl is a graduate of Balboa High
School and the University of Southern Mississippi where is
currently pursuing studies for his Master's Degree in Business
Administration. He is a member and past treasurer of Pi Kap-
pa fraternity.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Hooper on Ellis
Road, Griffin, Georgia, was the scene of the wedding of their
daughter, Miss Charlotte Hooper, and Mr. Philip Steven Had-
arits, of Gray, Georgia, son of Mr. and Mrs. William A. Had-
arits of Margarita, Canal Zone.
After a wedding trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, Mr. and
Mrs. Hadarits are making their home in Gray, Georgia, where
Mr. Hadarits is associated with the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Soil Conservation Service.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Vache of Gatun, Canal Zone, an-
nounce the engagement of their daughter, Roberta. to Mr. John
Buono, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Buono of Albany, New

Miss Vache attended State University of New York at
Albany and is presently teaching on the faculty of Ichabod
Crane Central School in Valatie, New York.
Mr. Buono has served four years in the U. S. Air Force and
is presently attending Hudson Valley Community College.

Lt. and Mrs. Donald Ulrich (Sara Collinge) announce the
arrival of their third child, second daughter, Barbara Candace
Feb. 15, 1967, Virginia Beach, Va. Maternal grand parents are
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Collinge, St. Petersburg, Fla. Mrs. Collinge
was on hand to greet the new arrival.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bagg (Patricia Rose) announce the
birth of a boy, Michael Allen on Feb. 26, 1967, North Brookfield,
Mass. Maternal grand parents are Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Rose,
Eustis, Fla. Mrs. Rose was on hand to greet the new arrival.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sewell, (Mary Rose) announce the
birth of a son, Michael Benjamin, April 5th, 1967, Sarasota,
Fla. Mr. Sewall is enrolled at the Ringling School of Art
studying Medical Illustration.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lange (Carolyn Sharp) announce the
birth of their second daughter, Nancy Joan, January 30, 1967,
in Dubuque, Iowa. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs.
Clyde L. Sharp, former residents of Balboa, Canal Zone and
now residing in the Netherlands Antilles. Paternal grandpar-
ents are Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lange of East Dubuque, Illinois.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Chase, Jr., of France Field an-
nounce the birth of their first child, a daughter, born on Jan.
28, at Coco Solo Hospital. The baby will be named Kristen
Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Chase,
Sr., of Balboa. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs.
Everett Ermish of Joliet, Illinois.

Mr. and Mrs. George West of Richmond, Virginia, announce
the birth of their second child and second daughter on December
30 in Richmond. The baby has been named Michelle Antoinette.

The baby's mother is the former Miss Sara Spector and the
maternal grandparents are Captain and Mrs. Irving Spector of

Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Sutherland of Gamboa became grand-
parents twice within two days. On Nov. 10 a son was born to
their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Owen C. Sutherland
of Westland, Michigan. The baby, their second child and second
son has been named Mark Everett. His maternal grandparents
are Mr. and Mrs. Everett A. Wirgau of Grosse Ile, Michigan.
On Nov. 12 a daughter was born to their son-in-law and
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. DuPree of Gamboa. The
baby has been named Jill Rae. Her paternal grandparents are
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. DuPree of Silver Springs, Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Larson announce the birth of their
first child, a son, Daniel Ronald, on March 28, 1967 at Ames,
Iowa. Mrs. Larson is the former Miss Robbin Smith of La
Boca, Canal Zone.
Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. John R. Smith of
La Boca. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Leonard
Larson of Clarinda, Iowa. Great grandparents are the late Mr.
and Mrs. John W. Smith of the Canal Zone. the late Mr. Robert
J. Neely and Mrs. Robert J. Neely now residing in Sarasota,

1st Lt. and Mrs. James A. Gabel of San Antonio, Texas,
announce the birth of their first child, a son, Kenneth Edwards,
on December 30, 1966. Lt. Gabel is currently stationed at
Kelley Air Force Base, Texas.
Mrs. Gabel, the former Sally Farley, is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. Farley of Venice, Fla. The paternal grand-
mother is Mrs. Robert Gabel Coffey of Tampa, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. David Michael Reece of Bloomington, Indi-
ana, announce the birth of their first child, a son, Gregory
Michael Reece, on February 11, 1967. Virginia and Roy Reece
of St. Petersburg, Florida, are going to Indiana in June to see
the new grandchild. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs.
Marshall Elliot of Terre Haute, Indiana.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. French of 23 Temple Street, Rut-
land, Vermont, announce the birth of their first child, a son,
Stephen Charles, born March 15, in Rutland.
The maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Burton
Morse of Rutland. The paternal grandparents are Mr. and
Mrs. Worden E. French of La Boca, Canal Zone.

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Lewis of Hampton, Virginia, for-
mer Pacific side residents, announce the birth of their second
child, a daughter on January 5. The baby has been named
Sandra Jean.
Mrs. Lewis is the former Miss Helen Wakefield and the
baby's maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Gorham Wake-
field who have made their home in Balboa.
Mr. Wakefield retired recently with 30 years of service
with the Panama Canal Co., left on the SS Cristobal to join Mrs.
Wakefield at the home of his son-in-law and daughter in Hamp-

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Carlin proudly announce the birth of
their third daughter, Sandra Michelle, January 22nd at Gorgas
Hospital, Ancon, Canal Zone. She has two older sisters, Jean-
nine, 9, and Melanie, 4.
Sandy's maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. William
J. Dorgan of Berlin, New Jersey, and paternal grandparents
are Mrs. Catherine Carlin of Balboa, C.Z., and the late William
R. Carlin, Sr.

The highest decoration the Air Force can bestow on a
civilian, the Exceptional Civilian Service Award, was presented
to Duncan Laird, Jr., a member of the 5700th Air Base Wing's
Consolidated Maintenance Squadron. Presentation of the award
was made by Col. Richard Jones, commander of the 5700th
Air Base Wing, during a wing staff meeting. It marks only the
third time in the history of the command that this award has
been given.
Laird, who is fabrication superintendent of the field main-
tenance branch, was decorated for "exceptionally outstanding
service as project officer for operation "Wing Spar."
As project officer for the program, Laird was intimately
involved in coordinating every phase of "Wing Spar," including

man-power, supply, maintenance, protocol, schedules, funding,
flying safety, etc.
In recommending Laird for the Exceptional Civilian Service
Award, Lt. Col. John A. Booth, deputy commander of Materiel,
described him as "unquestionably one of the most technically
competent,highly motivated and suberbly trained civilian em-
ployees in the United States Air Force. His ability to readily
overcome highly irregular unpredictable obstacles is phenom-

Mary Lou Parker, Wasson High School senior, was cited
as one of the outstanding students of high school English in the
country. The National Council of Teachers named her a win-
ner in its 1966 Achievement Awards competition.
Miss Parker is the daughter of Col. and Mrs. James C.
Parker, 2118 Glen Summer Road, Colorado Springs, Colo.
She is the grand daughter of Mrs. William P. Hunt, St.
Petersburg, Fla.
A committee of English teachers nominated Miss Parker to
represent Wasson High in the NCTE competition. The nation's
schools nominated almost 8,300 students, about 10 per cent of
that number became finalists. Miss Parker is the fourth
winner at Wasson High.
At present Miss Parker's choice of college is the University
of Denver or Colorado College.

Whitey and Ruth Rose who retired from the Panama Canal
in August of 1962 to Pompano Beach, Florida, have taken up
golf, a game that they never played in the Zone during the
many years that they lived there. They are both ardent golf
fans now and send along the following clipping from the news-
paper in Pompano Beach to prove it.
BOCA RATON-Ruth Rose captured the snow
bird tournament of the Boca Raton Country Club
Women's Golf Assn. with a plus seven score.
Helen Dover and Grace Moulds tied for second
with plus six's while Mary Lou Muldoon was
third with a plus four.
Mrs. Rose is the former Ruth Johnson. She went to the
Canal Zone in 1910 with her mother and father, James and
Ida Johnson.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon L. Nelms (Priscilla Hanners) and
five children of Denver, Colorado, were the house guests of
Ralph and Dorothy Hanners, St. Petersburg, during the Easter
On their return trip to Denver, the Nelms stopped in
Huntsville, Alabama, to visit the Richard Richters (Edna Rus-
sell) and family. While there, they toured the Redstone Ar-
senal. The boys, especially, were thrilled to see the spacecraft
in which Wally Schirra made his famous trip.

Mrs. Tom Harper, Margarita, C.Z., wrote the following-Ed.
In our twenty five years of living in the Zone, we had
never paid much attention to the Carnival, other than watching
the parades.
This year we really learned from the inside out. We never
realized how much work, fun and excitement went into such
a project.
Our daughter Dorothy, a senior in Cristobal High, ran for
queen and came in third place, which entitles her to be a
princess in the court. The Canal Zone float was a work of art
and the girls were so beautiful. The Carnival on the Atlantic
Side was called the "Carnival of the Molas." It was very color-
Our daughter, Rose Lee Becham, came from Nashville.
Tennessee, to enjoy the Carnival activities.

Mrs. Joseph Kenway, Long Beach, Calif., wrote the follow-
Just a bit of news. I retired from my job as Medical Sec-
retary at the Veterans Hospital here in Long Beach at the end
of 1966. Just after the first of the year, my husband and I
took a two weeks trip to Hawaii. It was a glorious two weeks
and just about the most enjoyable trip we have ever taken.
As soon as Joe retires in another year or two, we plan to
attended the Reunion and hope to meet you there. I knew Mr.
Lockridge when I was secretary at the North Margarita School
and also Coco Solo.

The following letter was received from Gretchen Staples
Dear Mrs. Judd:
You notice that Ted and I are supposed to be transferred

to the Embassy in Panama in September and needless to say,
I am quite happy about that! Also, it is just the assignment
requested. He'll travel all of South, Central and parts of North
America out of Panama in his courier duties and it will give
me a chance to show Ted my "home!" I think it's just wonder-
ful that this has come about so soon after our marriage, be-
cause it also gives him a chance to meet all of my relatives
(the Wainios) almost right away.
If all goes as planned, we intend to leave Germany June 7
on the "United States," have home-leave in Connecticut, Wash-
ington, D.C., and Kentucky make a short trip down to Florida
to see my Aunt Gretchen and Uncle Babe Melanson and then
possibly even drive all the way to Panama but if we find
ourselves running short of time, we will then drive to California,
ship our car from there and then fly down, stopping in a
few Central American countries enroute.
Ted is on an official trip right now to Finland and I am
so anxious for him to return so he can tell me about all of
Grandma Wainio's relatives he met there, and what they all
did together. (I have made one trip up in August, 1965 and
had a marvelous time with them. I am going up again in April,
since that will be the last chance I will have to visit them this

Thomas A. Heppenheimer, son of the late Henry and Betty
Heppenheimer of Coco Solo, was the house guest of Attorney
and Mrs. Engelbert J. Berger of Brazos Heights during Easter
week. Thomas is a senior at Michigan State University and
has returned to East Lansing, Michigan, after visiting friends
on the Isthmus.

Mrs. Belmina Lee, a former Canal Zone resident who now
makes her home in California, is the house guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Crede Calhoun of Campo Alegre. Mrs. Lee's husband,
Charles W. Lee, was assistant to San Heald, a former Superin-
tendent of the Panama Railroad. Mrs. Lee was a school teacher.

Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Jones, St. Petersburg, Fla. had his
sister Miss Lucille Jones, Boston Mass., as a guest.

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Schmidt of Pasadena, Maryland,
arrived to spend two months with relatives on the Isthmus.

They are the house guests of their son Douglas C. Schmidt of
Corozal and will also visit their daughter, Mrs. Dale Bishop of
Los Rios.
Mr. Schmidt retired from Panama Canal Zone service with
the Locks Division three years ago.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Donaldson, former Canal Zone resi-
dents, have arrived from Lima, Peru, for a visit on the Isthmus.
The Donaldsons, who have been visiting their son in Peru, now
make their home in California. They were the guests of Miss
Winnifred Seeley of Ancon.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Douglas of Los Rios have as their
house guests their son and daughter-in-law, Charles and Priscilla
Douglas. Mr. Douglas, Jr., has just returned from a year in
Viet Nam where he served as a Marine Jet Pilot. When the
young couple return to the States they will enter graduate school
at Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama.

Governor Robert J. Fleming has nominated R.O.T.C. Cadet
Frank A. Joyner for appointment to the United States Naval
Joyner is a cadet Company Commander in the Balboa High
School R.O.T.C. batallion and is active in the school extra cur-
ricular activities.
His father, John H. Joyner, is general foreman in the re-
pair shop, Transportation Division of the Panama Canal Com-

Miss Barbara Janowitz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hans
Janowitz of Las Cumbres, is a resident of the German Corridor
at Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass., during the current acad-
emic year.
To improve their fluency in the use of spoken German in
daily situations, members of the group speak only German in
their residence area, at their table in the dormitory dining
room and in their living room on the Corridor.

The Rev. Terence Ford, Rector of the Episcopal Chapel of
San Marcos, Panama City, R. de P., left for Washington, D.C.
where he will attend a meeting of the Overseas Missions Board
of the Episcopal Church.

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Goulet and their two daughters of Caracas,
Venzuela, were guests over the Christmas holidays of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Berger and family of Margarita. When they left
to return to Caracas they were accompanied by Mrs. A. Kenyon
who has been the guest of her granddaughter, Mrs. Berger, for
the past several months.

The Very Rev. Mainert J. Peterson, Dean of the Cathedral
of St. Luke, returned from a short trip to the United States. He
was accompanied on his return by his son and daughter-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. Mainert J. Peterson Jr. and their daughter Laurie
Gail of New Haven, Conn., who will be guests of the Petersons
at the Deanery in Ancon.

Miss Paula Lee Leftridge, daughter of Mrs. Alice Leftridge
of Balboa was accepted by the floating campus of Chapman
College's Division of International Education for the 1967 spring
semester as a junior student majoring in Political Science.
She is a 1964 graduate of Balboa High School and has attend-
ed Texas Woman's University.
The 107-day voyage which will take 410 students to 17 ports
around the world on Holland-America Line's SS Ryhdam left
Los Angeles bound for Caracas as the first port of call.

Francis M. Baggott, 25, son of Mrs. Henrietta Baggott, Cu-
rundu, was promoted to captain in Chicago, Ill., on Jan. 20.
Presenting the insignia was his son, Francis, Jr., and Lt.
Colonel Louis S. Caras, head of the U. S. Army Area Support
Capt. Baggott, a project officer with the Area Support
Command, entered the Army in June, 1965 and was last assign-
ed in the Dominican Republic.
The Captain, a 1960 graduate of Balboa High School, receiv-
ed his B.S. degree in 1964 from Florida State University, Talla-
His wife, Suellen is with him in Chicago.

Capt. and Mrs. E. G. Abbott, St. Petersburg, Fla., spent
some time visiting their son and family, Capt. and Mrs. Richard
Abbott (Barbara Shaw) and their three children, Falls Church,

Mrs. David Smith, St. Petersburg, had all her children with
her at the time of her husband's death. She went home with
her son and is living with Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Smith, Box
33, Harwood, A. A. County, Maryland 20776.

Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Smith, are enjoying life in Young-
town, Arizona, where Max is working at the Thunderbird bank.

The Howard Wentworths, Searsport, Maine, wrote that they
have many C.Z. visitors through the summer months. They
recently visited Capt. and Mrs. Howard Johnson in Castine, Me.
The Johnsons like it so much they are looking for a house.

Lt. Frank McLeod, Jr., returned from Thailand after spend-
ing a tour there as jet pilot. He is to be pilot instructor at
Craig AFB, Selma, Ala. He is a graduate of Cristobal high
school and of the U. of Va., 1964.
Lt. Keith McLeod is stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas. He is
a graduate of Balboa high school, attended S. Ga. college, en-
listed and applied for OCS and was commissioned in 1967. The
boys are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Frank McLeod, Poulan, Ga.

Mr. and Mrs. Marion Herring, Bowling Green, Florida, at-
tended their first reunion and were guests of Mrs. Gayden
Felps, St. Petersburg, Fla. Lee Tower went home with the
Herrings for a visit.

Mrs. Jenny Murry after a stay with her son and family,
Dr. Eric Murry, Northridge, Calif., is at home at 5708 Florence
Terrace, Oakland, Calif. 94611.

The T. G. Relihans, Nathan Ashtons, Otto Savolds and the
Charles Crosbys are all happily located in Sun Valley, Arizona.
Chas. Crosby is in the Navy in San Diego, Calif.

SAna Ludmila Gee, internationally known ballerina and
teacher of ballet is leaving the Isthmus following the retirement
of. her husband, Mr. Howard Gee from civilian service with the
U.S. Army in the Canal Zone.
Miss Ludmila was head of the ballet department in the
National School of the Dance in Panama for a number of years

from its inception and also taught privately. She was the
choreographer for several musical productions including "The
King and I" and had presented outstanding recitals and pro-
grams during the more than 20 years that she has resided on
the Isthmus. Mr. and Mrs. Gee's address is Box 268, Harlingen,
Texas 78550.

Mrs. Doris Caldwell, Fort Clayton Service Club Director,
left for a month's States leave. She will visit members of her
family in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

SARASOTA, FIA.-Miss Marilyn Watkins, daughter of Mr.
and Lee Watkins of Route Two, has been named to "Who's Who
in American Colleges and Universities" for 1966-67.
A graduate of Riverview High School, Miss Watkins was
graduated from David Lipscomb College, Nashville, Tenn.
She is editor of the college yearbook and is a member of
Pi Delta Epsilon, Sigma Tau Delta and the Beta Club. Only 27
of three hundred seniors received the honor at Lipscomb.

John C. Everson, of Balboa Heights, Canal Zone, has been
named to "Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges
and Universities."
Everson is a senior at Pennsylvania Military College, one
of the PMC Colleges in Chester, Pa., and is enrolled in the
science division.
One of 26 PMC seniors selected, Everson was honored at a
student convocation on March 9, at which time Dr. Clarence
R. Moll, PMC's president, awarded certificates to the group.

John F. Oster has been elected Commander of Panama
Canal Post I, Inc., the American Legion, for the Post Year
1967-1968. The other officers for the new year are: Francis J.
Garavanta, first vice commander; James C. Lastinger, second
vice commander; Benjamin Blumberg, chaplain; and Silas
Charbonneau, sergeant-at-arms.
Post executive committeemen are: James A. Lowe, Kenneth
Major, Stanley E. Sousa, Russell P. Hoernlein, Edward G.
Coyle, and Clement Aseron. 'Post alternate executive commit-
teemen are: Gerard K. Schear, Ronald Cappon, Thomas Y.
Gibson, Earl W. Sears, George Vieto, and John F. Balschum.

Mrs. Edward M. Jones, Jr., and her four children, Eddie,
Tammy Jo, Brian and Anthony, left for Fort Hood, Texas, where
they will join Sgt. Jones who has recently returned from a two-
year tour of duty in Germany. They have been with Mrs. Jones'
parents, Mr. and Mrs. William C. Kirkland.

Col. and Mrs. William Twomey, Tampa and De Soto City,
Fla., spent several weks in Panama R. de P., Canal Zone and
Costa Rica. While on the Zone they were guests at the Tivoli.
They visited Mr. and Mrs. Frank Violette, Mr. and Mrs. Bill
Violette, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Du Vall, Mrs. Thelma Canby and
Mrs. Henry Lee. Col. Twomey was on the Zone off and on
from 1910 to 1939. They went by bus to San Jose and while
there visited Henry Lee's father. They also took a trip to the
San Blas islands.

Col. William Twomey, AF Dental Corps received the AF
Commendation ribbon. Richard D. Twomey is reduction super-
visor of Orlen and Lyera, Waynesboro, Va. He has been em-
ployed by DuPont for 15 years. His daughter, Mrs. P. E.
Heberecht is the wife of an AF Major on duty in Germany.
Col. Wm. and Dick are the sons of Col. William Twomey, De
Soto City, Fla.

Clara Neville, Los Altos, Calif. wrote that her sister, Anita
had come from New York for the Christmas holidays, stayed
on with her mother Mrs. Wood, who is 90 years old, while she
and Sydney made a short trip to Phoenix to see their two great

The following appeared in "SUNCOASTING" the Society
Column of the St. Petersburg Times.-Ed.
-from Chofu Elementary School, Department of
Defense military dependent school in Japan, re-
ports one of the teaching staff is Judith Lindsay,
daughter of the Walter R. Lindsays of 28th South
adding good recruitment info as how "Miss Lind-
say has.been able to travel extensively and has
enjoyed the sights and experience encountered
in a culture which is vastly different from that
of America."

Janet and Jim Reece, and daughter, Karen, moved from
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in February, to Akron, Ohio, where
Jim is associated with the Dupont company. En route from
Florida to Ohio, they stopped to visit Janet's mother, Geneva
Stockham, and Virginia and Roy Reece in St. Petersburg, Fla.

PIQUE, OHIO-Mrs. Robert Rolofson, pastoral assistant
at Westminster United Presbyterian Church, has announced
her resignation from the post to which she was appointed in
Her resignation became effective Jan. 1, 1966. She has
served the local church in the capacity of office secretary from
May of 1955 until assuming the duties of pastoral assistant in
Mrs. Rolofson (Lillian) is a native of Piqua, and returned
here in May of 1954 following the death of her husband, the Rev.
Robert H. Rolofson, D.D., Dec. 23, 1953.
She has two sons, Robert H. of LaCresenta, Calif., chief
photographer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of Cal Tech in
Pasadena, and William M. Rolofson of Chester, Pa., where he
is a professor of political science at Pennsylvania Military Col-
lege. She has three grandchildren.
Rev. Rolofson was pastor of the Balboa Union Church for 6

Smoke On Pink Clouds, a small book of poems by Amy Mc-
Cormak, went on sales at the Service Centers of the Canal in
its fourth edition. The book is a combination of humor, pathos,
nostalgia for the youth of a daughter and a love for the tropics.
Mrs. McCormak was one Society Editor of the Panama
American and later a receptionist at Gorgas Hospital. She is
best known for her historical novel, South to Panama, and the
historical tours she still takes for newcomers around Cathedral
She is the organizer of the Historical Society, was chosen as
an outstanding woman on the Isthmus by the Soroptomist Club
in Colon and by Who's Who in American Women.

Judge Guthrie F. Crowe, who was named 1966 Man of the
Year in the Canal Zone and was guest of honor at a banquet
given by American Legion Post I, became a member of the

American Legion in 1946 and was elected Post Commander of
LaGrange, Kentucky Post.
Active in civic affairs, he is chairman of the Board of
Management of the Balboa YMCA and has served in that post
for 12 years. He is chairman Canal Zone Chapter, American
Red Cross; chairman of the Admissions Committee of the United
Fund and has been since the inception of the Fund; and is a
member of the executive committee of the Canal Zone Boy

Miss Margaret Grier, a former Canal Zone resident, has
been appointed to head the county probation department of
Orange County, Calif., one of the largest probation departments
of the nation. Her appointment places a woman in charge of
the probation department for the first time in county history
Santa Ana is the county seat.
Miss Grier was born in Ancon and attended Canal Zone
schools, graduating from Balboa High School. She received a
bachelor of arts degree from the University of Chicago in
political science and public administration and a master's de-
gree in sociology from Whittier College, Whittier, Calif.
Her father, Samuel Grier, Jr., went to the Isthmus in 1906
to work as a machinist in the old Gorgona Shops. Later he was
motorman of the "Yellow Peril," Colonel Goethal's official
inspection car during the construction days. The late Mr. Grier
retired in 1945 as superintendent of the Motor Transportation
Division. Miss Grier's brother, Robert, is a leader machinist in
the Maintenance Division.
Canal Zone residents may remember Margaret Grier as a
small child in the early thirty's as she rode her horse around
the old Carioca racetrack near the Ancon Laundry. She partic-
ipated in races in the old Juan Franco track in Panama City,
winning several trophies.
More than 500 persons will be working under Miss Grier's
Miss Grier, who resides in Fullerton with her mother, is
planning to revisit the Canal Zone soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beck are at home to their friends at
272 Bayview Drive, N.E., St. Petersburg, Fla. During the re-
union Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hotz, Greenboro, N. C. were their
guests. Later their daughter, Stephanie, Mrs. Stephen May,

1416 Evanston, Ill. spent a month with them. Mr. May is
studying at Northwestern in the T.V. and film educational field.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Printiss spent several weeks on
the Holiday Isles, St. Petersburg, Fla. They enjoyed renewing
acquaintances after many years. They and the H. J. Ziertens
spent some time with Mr. and Mrs. George Lee, Lake Como,

Mr. Jack Morris, Lutz, Fla., has made 3 trips to Kingston,
Jamaica, doing Ballistics investigations for the Jamaican Govt.
Mrs. Grace Morris joined him here later for a vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Jefferies (Ginger Rheinhardt) live at
1640 Pluto At. Merritt Island, Fla. where Curtis is employed
by North American Aviation on the Apollo program as Flight
Test Engineer. The Jefferies recently adopted 2 little boys.

Mr. Ed Bishop, son of Col. and Mrs. Edwin Bishop (Susan
Ewing), Colorado Springs, Colo. is spending 6 weeks in Europe
studying French.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dailey (Janice Brownlee) and three
children live in Nashua, New Hampshire, where he is working
for an electronics company. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dailey, Balboa,
C.Z. are Roberts parents. ED.

Mr. Elmer Haw, Seattle, Wash. wrote that they really
looked forward to receiving the Record, the one and only news
contact with the days that were.

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Deakins after a trip to Europe, where
they visited Mrs. Deakin's sister, Mrs. Arleen Bowers in Stutt-
gart, Germany, spent some time on the Zone. They visited their
son Randall and family in Gamboa, and Terrell in Balboa. The
Deakins have settled in Titusville, Fla., where Mr. Deakins
works for T.W.A. They live at 605 Key Largo Dr. So. and
would like to have friends come to see them.

Mr. Ralph Shuey wrote the following-ED.
We will be leaving the Zone after 37% years with the Postal
service and after about 6 weeks in the U. S. will go to Germany

where we will stay for about a year. While in the states we will
visit my mother in Neosho, Missouri and then out to South
Dakota to meet our granddaughter for the first time and hope
to see our son Lt. Ralph A. Shuey, who is an helicopter pilot
and at present in Viet Nam; we expect him back to his station
in South Dakota by the middle of April. We plan on flying from
Chicago via Lufthansa to Frankfort, Germany, where we will
be met by the wife's sisters and brother and will make our
home with one of the sisters in their new home in the Black

Mrs. Erma Forbes, after spending the winter in St. Peters-
burg, Fla., drove back to Coalinga, Calif. to work for Dr. Icke
through the months of June and July.

Dr. and Mrs. James Forbes and family are moving to
Vancouver, B.C., where he will be a professor on the British
Columbia University faculty.

T/Sgt. and Mrs. S. G. Astrin (Joan Forbes) and family are
moving to Offutt AFB, Omaha, Nebraska.

Mrs. Storer Everett, St. Petersburg, Fla., made a short trip
to Beaver Falls, Pa., where she attended the funeral of her
brother, Ollo E. Hummel.

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Davis are living on 40 acres of forest
land near Azalea, Oregon, since their retirement.

Ace-Paul Moser, a teacher at Curundu Junior High School,
has joined the Hole in One Club. He scored his ace on the par
3, 145-yard No. 9 hole at Rodman. Moser hit a high shot to the
green. The ball landed above the hole, took a bite, and rolled
back into the cup. Moser was playing with a foursome at the
time. The others in the foursome were Jim Wolf, Sid Kennon,
and Jim Hunt.

William T. King, Jr., has arrived from St. Petersburg
Beach, Fla., to assume his duties as Budget and Projects Co-
ordinator of the Panama Canal's Engineering and Construction
Bureau. The position was vacant upon the retirement of N. E.

King retired at Headquarters Field Command, Defense At-
omic Support Agency, as a lieutenant colonel, Corps of Engin-
eers, U. S. Army.

Balboa Port Captain R. C. Sergeant presented Emley M.
Henter a Quality Increase Certificate. The Award, one of the
highest given by the Panama Canal organization, is for special
official recognition and commendation for sustained high qual-
ity performance of her duties as secretary to the Balboa Port

Promotion of three employees of the Supply Division has
been announced by L. A. Ferguson, Supply and Community
Services Dirctor.
They are Raymond P. Laverty, from Assistant Superinten-
dent of the Marketing Branch to Assistant General Manager of
the Supply Division; Henry J. Chase, from Special Assistant
Superintendent of the Marketing Branch, and John H. Simson,
from Supply Management Specialist to Special Assistant to the
General Manager.

Col. Roosevelt Cafarelli, Director of the Canal Zone Health
Bureau, has announced the appointment of Miss Eileen L. Mc-
Carthy as Director of Nursing Services, Health Bureau to suc-
ceed Miss E. Madeleine Shaw.
Miss McCarthy, a native of Washington, D.C., received her
diploma in nursing from Philadelphia General Hospital, Phil-
adelphia, Pa., in 1932. She goes to the Canal Zone with exten-
sive experience as a nursing service administrator and is well
known in national nursing circles.

Harvey C. Rhyne, former Deputy Probation Officer, has
been appointed Chief Probation Officer to succeed Patrick J.
Murphy, who left the Isthmus to take a position with the Port-
land, Oreg. Office of the United States Probation Service.

Mrs. Fred Nehls of San Carlos, California is the house guest
of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Rowe of Balboa. Mrs. Nehls was a Canal
Zone resident during the time that her late husband, Captain
Fred Nehls was employed as a pilot with the Panama Canal
Co. She plans to return to her home via Mexico.

Miss Yvonne Marie Crane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Herman Crane of Balboa, Canal Zone, was recently named to
the Dean's List for academic excellency at Barry College, Miami
Shores, Florida. Miss Crane, a senior, attended Balboa High

Mr. J. E. Dorn Thomas, Roanoke, Va., is employed by Gen-
eral Electric as an Application Engineer assigned to Process
Automation Sales, Industry Control Department. He was elec-
ted as president of Virginia's Junior Miss Pageant and attended
the America's Junior Miss Pageant in Mobile, Ala. While
there he was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Thomas. En route
to Phoenix, Ariz., he visited his sister and family, Mr. and Mrs.
(Ann) Thomas O'Neal in Dallas. Since his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. C. E. Thomas were there they had a regular family re-

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mohl, Pompano had their whole family
with them for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Baker (Evelyn),
Robert, who is in the Air Force and their oldest son who is at
home after serving in the Air Force. Mr. Mohl's sisters were
also their guests later. Elsie Johanson lives in Half Mile Rd.,
and Lydia Shinkin at White Plains, N. Y.

Mr. and Mrs. John Leach, Panama City, Fla., were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Jack De Vore, Dunedin, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Heath, (Sheila Curling) and 4 children
have moved back to Gatun, C.Z., to live after having lived
11 years in Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hudson (Joyce Curling) and children
live in Coral Gables, Fla. Their son Donald Sebastian is in the
Army stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington.

Mrs. William Hubbard Clark (Sue Sartain), Charlotte,
N. C., was the guest of her mother, Capt. and Mrs. C. S. Mc-
Cormack, Balboa, C.Z.

Mr. W. L. Willumson, Largo, Fla., spent some time on the
Zone. He spent most of the time deep sea fishing.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Ward, St. Petersburg, Fla., had as a
guest Mary Journeay. During her stay Mr. and Mrs. H. J.
Zierten drove her to Maitland to call on Nancy Hatchett then
on to Lake Como to visit Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Lee.

Mr. and Mrs. John Larson of Port Orange, Florida, spent
Thanksgiving with their son Jack (Jackie) and his family in
Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. Christmas they were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Lawrence and Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Watts in Tallahassee. In January they attended the Canal Re-
union in St. Petersburg.

Roger R. Shedlock, the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Shedlock
of Yardville, New Jersey, spent a week with his grandparents.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Shedlock of St. Petersburg, then left for
the Mardi Gras in New Orleans from which port he will board
a steamer for a visit with Ed Coyle, and Philip Hale of the
Canal Zone. From there he intends to board a ship in the Can-
al Zone for Europe, arriving home sometime in the Spring.

Mrs. David J. Markun of Balboa Heights accepted the in-
vitation of the American Legion Auxiliary's Caribbean Girls'
State Board to direct the 1967 Caribbean Girls' State. This con-
centrated program of study in American government and citiz-
enship has been held during Easter vacation for high school
junior girls of Cristobal and Balboa High Schools for the past
19 years, under the sponsorship of the American Legion Auxili-
ary. The girls live for a week at temporary quarters on an
Army post and literally "eat and sleep" U.S. government.
Mr. Edward W. Hatchett, Jr., popular education director
in previous years, will assume the position once more this
year and Mrs. James Gale, former legislative assistant on the
staff of Senator Edward Kennedy, will lend her assistance. Mrs.
Louise Griffon of Margarita serves as chairman of the American
Legion Auxiliary's Caribbean Girls' State Committee.

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Rheney (Anna) of Spartanburg,
South Carolina, were the house guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Hanners St. Petersburg, in February.

Fred Sill, a former Canal Zone resident who now lives in
Rio de Janeiro where he is Administrative Director for Para-

mount Pictures for Brazil, is making a short visit to the Isthmus.
Mr. Sill, who went to attend a Paramount convention, is the
guest of the Rev. Terence Ford of Campo Alegre. Mr. Sill is
the son of Mrs. Fred de V. Sill and the late Mr. Sill who were
well known Pacific Side residents.

Mr. and Mrs. Brody Burnham were among the passengers
sailing aboard the SS Cristobal for New Orleans. Both Mr. and
Mrs. Burnham have retired from Panama Canal Co. service
and will make their home in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Mr. C. H. Shedlock, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Shedlock,
worked for the Pro Con Inc., in San Juan, Puerto Rico on the
Gulf Caribe refinery, as electrical supervisor. When electrical
problems arose in Cochin refinery in India, for Phillips 66, he
was again borrowed from H. P. Foley, an electrical contractor
that he worked for in Philadelphia, Pa. He visited in London
and Paris offices of Pro Con Pacific before going to Bombay
and then Cochin. He found the country both interesting and
delightful. Tentatively he is supposed to return to Puerto Rico
for Pro Con on a $45,000,000 Phillips 66 refinery in Guagama.

Daniel C. Zitzmann, Accountant in the Panama Canal's Ac-
counting Division, who retired from Canal service after 30
years with the organization, was presented his retirement cer-
tificate and the Panama Canal Key to the Locks in the grade
of Journal Voucherer 1st Class, at a luncheon in his honor at
the Tivoli Guest House. The presentations were made by Law-
rence L. Jenrich, Chief Accountant in the Accounting Division.
He also received a gift from his co-workers. He is a native of
Brooklyn, N. Y., and went to work for the Canal in 1937. He
was with the Supply Division on the Atlantic side for many
years, but has been with the Accounting Division the past 10
years. Mr. and Mrs. Zitzmann and daughter will reside in
Canoja Park, Calif., where they purchased a home.

Visiting for several months on the Canal Zone with W. D.
Marquad and family were Francis J. Brennan, father of Joseph-
ine Marquard, Bonnie and Warren D. Marquad, Jr.
Bonnie Marquad graduated from Secretrial School in Palo
Alto, Calif., and is working in the Stanford Hospital. She is liv-

ing with her grandfather, Francis J. Brennan of Palo Alto,
Warren D. Marquad, Jr., graduated from the University of
Houston, Aug. 1966 with a degree in Architecture and a Bach-
elor of Science. He is working in City Planning Department
for the City of Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Conner are at home to their friends
at 2148 Greenbriar Blvd., Clearwater, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rankin, Trenton, Michigan, sailed from
New York in April for Sevilla, Spain, where Mr. Rankin works
for The American Bureau of Shipping.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd McTyier, Swansea, Mass., spent the
holidays with their daughter and family, the Babcocks, Dover,
Delaware and their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Mc-
Tyier, Glen Arm, Md.

Irene Woods is now living at 1900 Church Lane, Church
Lane Convalescent Hospital, San Pablo, Calif.

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Collinge, St. Petersburg, Fla., sailed
April 13, on the M. V. Lutjenburg to spend an indefinite length
of time in Europe.

Miss Claude Aycock, Rocky Mount, N.C., was the guest of
Miss Caroline Hunt and M. and Mrs. Roy Reece, St. Petersburg,

Mr. and Mrs. Pam Smith, Johns Island, S. C., were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Wells Wright, St. Petersburg, Fla., where they
enjoyed seeing so many of their 'old' C.Z. friends.

Mrs. Elvira Byrne, San Francisco, Calif., was the guest
of Miss Caroline Hunt, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Orr and 2 sons were guests in the
parental home of Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Orr, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Mrs. Peggy Ann Simpson, and 4 children, Fort Walton, Fla.,
were Easter guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Sylvestre,
St. Petersburg, Fla.

C. W. Chase has been appointed Assistant Electrical En-
gineer in the Eelctrical Division after having held the dual
title of Assistant Electrical Engineer and Chief, Electrical Work
Branch since 1957. Separation of the two positions is brought
about by increased responsibilities and work loads in the ex-
pansion of the electrical power distribution system.
E. O. Dailey has been promoted to the position of Chief,
Electrical Work Branch.

Edward Clyde Stroop, Jr., who was born and raised in the
Canal Zone and is currently working as a field engineer in Viet
Nam, has received a commendation for the outstanding manner
in which he is carrying out engineering projects in the area.
He attended Cristobal High School and was employed as a
fireman in Cristobal and Gamboa. After studying in Florida,
he became a licensed surveyor. Prior to his present assignment,
Stroop worked at Cape Canaveral on the initial phases of the
Space project.
His brother, R. B. H. Stroop III, is a watch supervisor in the
Marine Traffic Controllers Office, Port Captain's Office, Crista-

The Outstanding Civilian Service Medal, one of the highest
awards given by the U. S. Department of the Army to civilians,
has been awarded by Acting Secretary of the Army David E.
Mc Giffert, to Paul M. Runnestrand, Executive Secretary to
the Canal Zone Government and Edward A. Doolan, Panama
Canal Personnel Director.
The two medals and the citations accompanying them, were
among the awards presented to employees of the Canal organ-
ization by Gov. Robert J. Fleming, Jr., prior to his departure
for the United States.
Both Canal officials were cited for their outstanding service
with the Canal organization and for their informed and dedica-
ted support of the United States Government programs, which
the Secrettary of the Army said had contributed significantly
to United States-Panama relations and was in keeping with the
highest traditions of the public service.

Runnestrand has been with the Canal organization since
1941 when he was Associate Attorney in the General Counsel's
Office. He was promoted to Assistant General Counsel in 1948.
He was transferred to the Canal's Washington Office in 1953 as
Assistant Secretary of the Panama Canal Company. Runnes-
trand returned to the Isthmus in 1955 as Executive Assistant
to the Governor-President. He was appointed Executive Secre-
tary April 1, 1956.
Doolan has been in Canal personnel work since 1941 when
he was an assistant clerk in the division. He served as Senior
Clerk, Personnel Assistant Training Officer, Administrative
Assistant and Assistant Personnel Director. He has been Per-
sonnel Director since July 1, 1950.
Others receiving awards were Arthur J. O'Leary, Acting
Comptroller of the Panama Canal and Julian S. Hearne, Chief
of the Dredging Division. They both received Panama Canal
Distinguished Service Awards and checks for $300.
Superior Service Awards and checks for $150 went to Miguel
Corco, Aide to the Governor; William E. LeBrun, Deputy Chief
of the Internal Security Office; Mary Coffey, Secretary to the
Governor; Mazie C. Schwarzrock and Betty Rathgeber, em-
ployees of the Internal Security Office.

Held at the Rod & Gun Club, St. Petersburg, Florida
February 8, 1967
The February 8 meeting of THE PANAMA CANAL SOCI-
ETY OF FLORIDA was called to order by President Banan at
2 p.m. After the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, led by the
President, Chaplain Ross Cunningham gave the Invocation. Ap-
proximately 90 were in attendance at the meeting.
The following visitors and members who have been unable
to attend regular meetings stood as names were called by the
Recording Secretary.
Mrs. Charlotte Laurie St. Petersburg back from a
three-month visit with her daughter in Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Monsanto Iowa members visiting in
St. Petersburg for the winter months.
Mrs. Ida Hallett Boston, Mass. visiting Mrs. W. G. Hull.
Mrs. Anna Chaubode visiting Mrs. Martin Nickel, a sister-

Mrs. Irma Forbes arrived in St. Petersburg January 14
for the Reunion and will be in St. Petersburg for the winter
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beck St. Petersburg residents since
December, 1966.
Archie H. Burns Ocean Gate, New Jersey.
Mrs. Sara B. Christner St. Petersburg welcomed back
as a member of the Society.
Mrs. Selma Huff- Washington, D. C.
Mrs. Marie Plath and sister, Mrs. Lenora Schwab Ham-
ilton, Ohio.
Mr. C. P. Hoffman Rochester, New York.
Mrs. Violet Wunsch Wichita, Kansas.
The Recording Secretary read the minutes of the January
17 meeting -held at the Soreno Hotel at the Reunion. A cor-
rection was made concerning the title of the book given by
Mrs. Sue Core Odom at the luncheon at the Soreno. The min-
utes should have read The Burial of the Fish and not Kris Krin-
gle at the Crossroads.
Mrs. Lucille Judd read a letter which she had sent to Mr.
Wing of the Soreno Hotel in which she had enumerated the very
inadequate manner in which the Soreno had served the luncheon
at the Reunion. Such unsatisfactory service could not be tol-
erated by the Panama Canal Society at their annual Reunion.
Another justified complaint concerned the collection of tickets
at the luncheon. Seventeen dinners were served which had not
been paid for. Although Mr. Wing in his reply to Mrs. Judd's
letter did not agree in total with the criticisms, he did admit
that the luncheon was not up to par. He regretted the poor
service, caused, he said, by "green" help and hoped that the
following year to again serve the luncheon in accordance with
Soreno standards.
A letter from Mr. David E. Wild of Bradenton, the Wash-
ington Representative of NARCE expressed appreciation for
the time allowed to him during the annual business meeting.
At his request, he was sent a copy of the current Year Book.
Mrs. Judd read excerpts from her prolific correspondence.
Along with the payment of dues, many include interesting news
items concerning trips, retirement, marriage, births, etc. There
were regrets from some who could not attend the Reunion, as
well as a few resignations from the Society with the passage
of time, some no longer have contacts.

President Banan discussed a letter from Wm. J. Hedley,
Past President of the American Society of Civil Engineers.
This Society is endorsing John F. Stevens to the Hall of Fame
for Great Americans at New York University and hoped that
other groups would share in the endeavor to accomplish their
goal. A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously
to endorse the letter and return it to Mr. Hedley.
Long letters are often received from various members of
the Society. Although the news is of interest, the growth of the
Society and the increased cost of publishing the Record make
it necessary to curtail length of letters to be published. Rosie
Demers suggested that such letters be omitted in the future.
Mr. Walter G. Ross, Washington, D. C., also has suggested
that the Society might gain more members if names were pub-
lished under the different affiliated societies, but again the
cost of space is prohibitive.
Happy birthday was sung to Mrs. Harriett Shreves, Mrs.
J. W. B. Hall, Mrs. R. B. Potter, Mrs. Janet Cunningham, Mrs.
Erna Hower (January), and Mr. Charles Holmelin.
At the close of the business meeting coffee and doughnuts,
served by the refreshment committee, Mrs. Erna Hower, Mrs.
Martin Nickel, and Mrs. Lee Tower, were enjoyed by all.

Held at the Rod & Gun Club, St. Petersburg, Florida
March 8, 1967
OF FLORIDA was held on the eighth at The Rod & Gun Club.
Following the Pledge of Allegience to the Flag, led by Presi-
dent Banan, Chaplain Ross Cunningham gave the Invocation.
The following visitors and members of the Society who had
not been able to attend the regular meetings for some time
stood as their names were called by the Recording Secretary.
Louis A. Eucker now living in St. Petersburg from N. J.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Riley Fort Lauderdale
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Hoffman winter visitors from Roches-
ter, New York.
President Banan then welcomed the visitors and members.
One hundred and fifteen attended the meeting.
The minutes of the February 8 meeting were read by the
Recording Secretary. As there were no corrections, the minutes
were approved as read.

Mrs. Judd related timely news from correspondence re-
ceived since the February meeting. Many thoughtfully wrote
personal news of family and friends when sending in their 1967
dues all of which is of interest to members of the Society.
Details will appear in the June Record. Members were sadden-
ed to learn of many illnesses and deaths of old friends. A
letter was read from Mrs. Helen Stern thanking the Society for
blood given to her late husband.
Mrs. Judd read a letter written to Mr. Hedley in answer
to his correspondence concerning the endorsement of John F.
Stevens to the Hall of Fame for Great Am/ericans which the
Society fully endorsed Mr. Stevens for the proposed honor.
President Banan regretfully informed the members of the
Society concerning criticism of some members when attending
funeral services. Some, without thinking, have engaged in
conversation, making it difficult to hear the services.
Happy Birthday was sung to all March birthdays of mem-
bers: Jack Ward, George Chevalier, Ross Cunningham, Albert
McKeown, Ralph Hanners, and Helen Hammond were present
at the meeting. Other March birthdays include Otto Kozak,
Rose Kozak, Alice Beck, and Storer Everett of Florida; Lee
Wright and Ezra Haldeman of Texas.
There was no new legislation at this time.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:40 and was immediately
followed by a short social period during which time coffe and
doughnuts were served by the Refreshment Committee.

Rod & Gun Club, St. Petersburg, Florida, April 12, 1967
One hundred and twenty members and visitors of THE
Rod & Gun Club for the regular monthly meeting of the Society.
President Banan opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegi-
ence to the Flag. After the Invocation led by Chaplain Ross
Cunningham, at the suggestion of President Banan, the mem-
bers of the Society and visitors dedicated a few minutes in
silent prayer in memory of the many deaths since the March
As the Recording Secretary called their names, the follow-
ing visitors and members stood to be welcomed by the Society.
Mrs. Larry Broggini (Margaret Alley)-Washington, D.C.-
visiting relatives in St. Petersburg.

Bessie Dugan Birmingham, Mich. visiting Lennie
Bart Dewey-Lakeland.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Taber The Tabers, after traveling
since July, are building a home in Shore Acres in northeast St.
Mrs. Ethel Askew Balboa, Canal Zone.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Madison Tarpon Springs.
Mrs. W. L. Milligan (Dorothy) Guatemala visiting her
mother, Mrs. Alice Dolan.
The minutes of the March 8 meeting were read by the
Recording Secretary and approved as read.
President Banan personally welcomed the members of the
Society and visitors.
Mrs. Judd reported on current news pertaining to many
old friends travels, address changes, resignations, and new
retirements. Details will appear in the June Record. A wed-
ding of interest to many was that of Penny Rathgaber, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Rathgeber, Glassboro, New Jersey,
who was married to Mr. William Whilden on April 14. Penny
is the granddaughter of Mrs. Lucille Judd and the late Mrs.
Nora Rathgeber. Many very clever cards accompany the pay-
ment of dues from distant members with news of engagements,
weddings, births, etc. Mrs. Judd announced a change in the
manner of her sad duty in announcing deaths. From now on
only the names and dates will be read at the monthly meetings.
A full obituary will appear in the next issue of the Record.
The Legislative Representative, Mr. Buck Lockridge, sug-
gested that members of the Society write Senators and Repre-
sentatives expressing personal feelings concerning the radical
changes advocated in the new treaty between Panama and the
United States. Opinions from members of the Society who
through years of service have a comprehensive knowledge of
all that is involved may, perhaps, have some effect on the
ratification of the proposed treaty. Mr. Lockridge reported on
two bills sponsored by NARCE and also recommended writing
to members of the Congressional Committees now studying the
proposed bills. S. 271 would liberalize employee group life in-
surance: NARCE asks that the bill include benefits for those
now retired. Support this amendment! H.R. Bill 5710 pertains
to income tax and Social Security increases. The income tax
provision contains changes in the Federal income tax law as

applied to Senior Citizens. Write to the Ways and Means Com-
mitte concerning this bill. Mr. Lockridge stated that over 160
bills have been introduced in Congress affecting retirees. He
briefly explained the nature of these suggested bills.
Birthday Greetings were sung to Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Hoff-
man, Mrs. Carl Widdell, Ross Hollowell, and Mrs. A. E. Beck.
Congratulations to all absentee members who celebrated birth-
days and to the M. A. Sellers (California) on their 39th wedding
Mr. Walter Hersh spoke to the Society on the proposed new
treaty and the future sovereignty of the Panam Canal. Mrs.
Ethel Askew also spoke briefly on newspaper clippings she had
recently received fron the Zone.
The business meeting was adjourned at 4:05. Coffee and
doughnuts were served by the Refreshment Committee.
Respectfully submitted,
Margaret M. Ward,
Recording Secretary.

The summer meetings are on June 14th, July 12th, August
9th, and September the 13th. I am giving you these dates as
reminders in that way you can make your plans to be pres-
ent, and we hope to see you during the summer months -do
try and be present.
Please send me your dues and changes of addresses as
all changes must be made on my file cards That is my job,
not that of the Editor.
Dues are not coming in as fast as they should-please re-
member our year starts in January. Dues are $4.00 annually.
1,665 have paid for 1967; 87 for 1968; 15 for 1969; 9 for 1970;
2 for 1971 and 1 for 1972. One might say that is really in ad-
vance, but dues can be paid for any length of time desired. In
the Blood Bank 480 have paid for 1967 and 4 have paid for 1968.
Unless your dues are paid before the mailing of the Sep-
tember Record you will not receive that issue. Please con-
sider this your NOTICE to pay your dues unless you have al-
ready done so. 1967 cards are BLUE.
Most of our regular residents have left for the North and
needless to say we do miss them. Within a few weeks the
summer folks will be here and we hope that they will plan to
be with us for at least one of the summer meetings.

The Ledgers of the Secretary-Treasurer were audited Feb-
ruary 27, 1967 by Mr. Herbert F. Paddock, and Mr. Nolan A.
Bissell. The Secretary-Treasurer is most grateful for such a
thorough audit.
Mr. Albert McKeown has been appointed to fill the office
of Sergeant-at-Arms, owing to the death of Mr. David S. Smith.
Mr. Ross Hollowell, has been appointed to the Chairmanship
of the Nominating Committe, to fill the vacancy, owing to Judge
Tatelman moving to California. Mr. Dewey Goodwin, Past
President, has been appointed to act on this Committee as the
Committee consists of a chairman and four members.
Our Year Book goes to the printer September first this
will give you all plenty of time to get the correct addresses for
writing your Christmas Cards. If you are giving memberships
for Christmas get them in early so that their names will ap-
pear in the book I will be glad to hold their cards until the
proper time to send them out as giftts. NO CHANGES WILL
mailed just after the First of November.
Have a nice summer.
Lucille S. Judd,

Mrs. Gertie F. Woodard (Tiny), 84, passed away September
15, 1966 in a rest home in Monvovia, Calif. She had lived alone
until 4 days before she was admitted. Mrs. Leonard Woodard.
her husband, passed awy in 1942. She is survived by her daugh-
ter Catherine Hunter, 2 granddaughters and 7 great grand-
children. The Hunters live in Riverside, Calif.

Mrs. Agnes B. Roth died Jan. 19, 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii.
She is survived by her husband and by three sons. No other
details available.

Mr. Peter McGregor, 84, 421 4th Ave. N., died March 27,
1967, in St. Petersburg, Fla. His remains were cremated and
sent to the Canal Zone for disposition.

Mr. Walter D. Williams passed away March 10, 1967 in
Charleston, S.C. Services were held March 12 and interment
was in the Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Francisco,

Calif. He is survived by a daughter (Ann) Mrs. Thomas L.
Mitchum, 1305 Raymond Way, Charleston, S. C. 24907.

An elderly couple was killed in a collision between their
passenger car and a stopped tank-truck on the Trans-Isthmian
Highway, near the Gatun River bridge, April 19, 1967.
Dead were Mrs. Estella Moudry, mother of Mrs. Louise
Griffon of Brazos Brooks, and Eliseo Aranda Moreno of Arrai-
jan. Both were in their seventies.
Mrs. Moudry was the driver of the car and Mr. Aranda
Moreno was a passenger.
Surviving Mrs. Moudry, besides Mrs. Griffon, are one son,
Ernesto de la Ossa, of San Francisco, Calif, and six grand-

Mrs. Margaret M. Flynn, 70, wife of Peter G. Flynn, a re-
tired employee of the Marine Bureau and a member of a well-
known Canal Zone family, died at her home in Los Rios Feb.
20, 1967, following a long illness.
Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Mrs. Flynn went to the Canal Zone
during Canal construction days with her parents.
She made her home with her daughter, Miss Marilyn L.
Flynn in Los Rios.
In addition to her husband, she is survived by four daugh-
ters: Miss Marilyn Flynn, Mrs. Jeanne M. Stough of San An-
tonio, Tex., Mrs. Joanne E. Farley, of Florissant, Mo., Mrs.
Marguerite E. Kessler of Corozal; and one son, Peter G. Flynn,
Jr., of Northridge, California. She is also survived by two
sisters, Mrs. Ellen Crabb of Massapequa, New York, and Mrs.
Elizabeth J. Kenealy of Covina, Calif; and 12 grandchildren.

Abraham Daisey, 59, of 5788 6th Way S., died March 8, 1967.
He was born in Philadelphia, Pa. and moved to St. Petersburg
4 years ago from Panama Canal Zone. Mr. Daisey was a retir-
ed marine engineer. Fraternal affiliations include: Isthmian
Masonic Lodge AF&AM, Ancon, Canal Zone K.C.C.H. Panama
Canal Consistory, and Abou Saad Temple, Canal Zone. Surviv-
ors include his wife, Hilda, his daughter, Miss Brenda L. Daisey,
St. Petersburg, his sons, Robert E., Tarpon Springs, and Rex,
Gibbsboro, N. J., his brother, Paul, Silver Sprng, Md., his
sisters, Mrs. O. W. Lockwood, Venice, Fla., and Mrs. Beatrice
Weinski, Hartford, Conn. and 6 grandchildren.

Mr. Dudley J. Anderson, 67, of 8100 Ridge Road, Seminole,
Fla., passed away March 24th, 1967. Born in New York City,
he came here 4V% years ago from there. Mr. Anderson was a
retired Radio Operator for the Panama Railroad Steamship
Company of Panama. He was a member of Panama Canal
Society of St. Petersburg, The BPOE Lodge No 1542, Cristobal,
Canal Zone and the Ridgewood Civic Association of Seminole.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Marie Anderson.

Mr. William George Hull, 83, a resident of St. Petersburg
for the past 15 years, passed away Feb. 23, 1967, at Bay Pines
Veterans Hospital. Mr. Hull was born at East Orange, New
Jersey, moved here from the Canal Zone after retiring as an
inspector for the Panama Railroad and resided locally at 2401
19th St. N. He attended St. Bede's Episcopal Church, a Spanish
American War and World War I Veteran, a member of Canal
Zone Lodge F&AM, a Shriner of the Canal Zone and a member
of the Canal Zone Society of this City. He is survived by his
wife, Mrs. Lovey J. Hull of this city and son Robert Maltwood
Hull, Arlington, Virginia.

Mr. Duncan Laird, 75, of 1045 25th Ave. N., died March 14,
1967. He was born in Scotland and moved to St. Petersburg 2
years ago from Panama Canal Zone. Fraternal affiliations
include St. Columba Masonic Lodge 729, Govan, Scotland, Pana-
ma Canal Consistory, Valley of Balboa, Abou Saad Shrine
Temple, Canal Zone Commandery 1, Cristobal, Canal Zone
Lodge 1542, BPOElks and Canal Zone Council 1, Royal and
Select Masters. Survivors include his daughter, Mrs. Sarah B.
Stubbings, Calverton, L.I., New York, his son Duncan, Panama
Canal Zone.

Mr. William B. Boggs, 75, of 534 22nd Ave. S.E., passed
away February 14, 1967. Born in Frametown, W. Va., here two
years from Alexandria, Va.. Retired U.S. Government employee.
Survived by his wife, Ruby G.; daughters, Nancy Boggs and
Mrs. Carl Borgen, of Minneapolis, Minn., and Mrs. Edmund
Crtalic, Gardena, Calif.; son, Col. Adelbert D., Fort Kobbe,
Canal Zone; brothers, Thomas of Brooklyn, N. Y., Henry of
the Canal Zone, and John of Alexandria, Va.; sisters, Mrs.
James Kennedy of Wellsboro, Pa., Mrs. Winnie Beale of Frame-

town, W. Va. He was a member of the Baptist Church and the
Canal Zone Society of St. Petersburg.

Mrs. Mary D. Davies, 83, of 1688% 20th Ave. N., died Feb.
19, 1967. Born in Paterson, N. J., and moved to St. Petersburg
nine years ago from the Panama Canal Zone. She was past ma-
tron of Vernleaf Chapter No. 4, OES, Panama Canal Zone, and
a member of the Panama Canal Zone Society of Florida. Sur-
vivors include her two sisters, Mrs. Ruth A. Dooley, and Mrs.
Phoebe Bridge, both of Ocean Grove, N. J.

Capt. Roy A. Fort, 71, 4098 20th Ave N., died April 18, 1967.
Born in Hartford, Conn., he came here 10 years ago from Pan-
ama Canal Zone. He was a retired pilot with the U.S. Gover-
ment at the Panama Canal Zone, a member of the Church of the
Transfiguration; Master, Mates, Pilots Association; NARCE;
and Canal Zone Society of Florida. He is survived by his wife,
Evelyn; a son, T. Roger of Kansas City, Mo.; a brother, Capt.
Howard of Jacksonville; two sisters, Mrs. Arline Levine of
Brooklyn, and Mrs. Edward Van Bolhuis of Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

Byron Robert Toone, infant son of John and Jackie Toone,
San Mateo. California, died March 13th, 1967 following heart
surgery. He was born January 20th, 1967. His paternal grand-
parents are Terrell and Nellie May Toone of Kerrville, Teaxs.
John and Jackie Toone live at 244 North Ellsworth, Apt. 5,
San Mateo, California 94401.

Maj. Gen. Thomas F. Farrell, retired but long active in
public projects, died April 11, 1967. He was 75 years old.
General Farrell, a native of Brunswick, N. Y., was gradu-
ated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1912 as a civil en-
gineer. He began his career on the New York Barge Canal in
1912-13, then worked on the Panama Canal until 1916, when he
became a lieutenant in the Army Corps of Engineers.
Surviving, besides his brother John, are another brother,
William F., also of Troy; two sons, Col Peter Farrell who is
with the Army in Viet Nam, and Stephen Farrell of New York
City; two daughters, Mrs. George Vucanozich of Reno and
Mrs. Patricia Naleth of Alexandria, Va. and a sister, Miss Anne
Farrell of Cortland, N. Y.

The death of Lynn H. BeVier, 28 years of age, has been re-
ported by his mother, Mrs. R. M. Wilkingstad, who on January
21, 1967 had a permonition to go to California that something
was wrong. On her arrival at her son's apartment in Oakland,
California she was told he had been taken from his apartment
that morning by the Oakland Police Department dead of carbon
monoxide fumes. It was determined that his death was ac-
cidental. Mr. and Mrs. Wikingstad have been in Florida for the
winter at his mother's, Mrs. K. M. Wilkingstad home. Memorial
Services were held in the First Unitarian Church at El Cierrete,
California on January 23, 1967. After cremation the remains
will be iterred in Delaware County, Ohio, a Memorial Service
held in Ashley, Ohio, upon the return of the Wikingstads to the
north. Mr. Wikingstad was retired from his service with Term-
inal Division of the Panama Canal Co. in June, 1966.

Gertrude Lorenz Gibson, widow of Archie Murry Gibson, Sr.,
passed away Friday, April 14. She resided at 2020 Oxford St.,
St. Petersburg, Fla.; coming here eleven years ago from Cort-
land, New York. She is survived by two daughters, Miss Anne
V. Gibson, Miss Isabella Gibson, St. Petersburg; one son Archie
M. Gibson, Jr., Waynesboro, Va.; one sister, Mrs. Edgar A.
Faber, Baltimore, Md., and eight grandchildren.

Mrs. Anna Kee, 81 passed away Feb. 10th, at Grants Pass,
Oregon. She arrived on the Canal Zone Feb. 1912 and retired
in 1947 as a Civilian employee of the Army at Quarry Heights.
Survivors are three sisters, Mrs. M. Herbert Belmas, N. J.:
Mrs. Clara Wiggin, 6765 S. W. 26th Terrace, Miami, Fla. 33155,
and Mrs. Louise Egan, Raleigh, N. C.

Mrs. Louis Townesly died Nov. 7, 1966 in St. Louis, Mo. No
other details available.

Col. Hugh Deeney passed away June 13, 1966. Mrs. Deeney
makes her home at Raspberry Apts., So. Deans St., Wilson,
N. C. 22578. No other details available.

Mr. Harry J. Bloss died March 13, 1967 in Tampa, Fla. He
was born in Miamsburg, Ohio., May 28, 1880. Mr. Bloss worked
for the Isthmian Canal Commission as R.R. conductor, begin-

ning in 1905 and terminating his service in 1918. Since leaving
the Zone he has made his home in Tampa, Fla.

Oivia Jane Chestnut Snodgrass passed away suddenly
March 1 at Mercy Hospital in Brownville, Texas and was buried
in a cemetery near Chestnut, in north Louisiana. Her husband,
John A., survives-no other details available.

B. Donald Humphrey, who retired from the Canal Zone Fire
Division April 13, 1963, died Feb. 9, 1967 in Sarasota, Fla.
Interment in Barancas National Cemetery, Pensacola, Fla.,
with military honors..
Mr. Humphrey had retired with over 36 years' U. S. Gov-
ernment service. His service with the Canal Zone Fire Division
was entirely on the Atlantic side of the Isthmus.
He was a member of Sojourner's Lodge AF&AM, Cristobal;
Cristobal Chapter No. 2, Royal Arch Masons; Abou Saad Temple,
A.A.O, N.M.S.; Royal Palm Eastern Star, Cristobal; and the
Panama Canal Society of Florida.
He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Gladys Bliss Humphrey
of 344 24th Parkway, Sarasota, Fla.; one daughter, Mrs. Donna
J. Mann of Sarasota. Fla.; a son, Donald L. Humphrey of Mel-
bourne, Fla; a sister-in-law, Mrs. George A. Walker of Cocoli;
and by four grandchildren.

Mrs. Nora E. Rathgeber, 75, widow of the late John E.
Rathgeber and member of a well known Canal Zone family died
March 2, 1967, in a hospital in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.
A native of Columbus, Ohio, Mrs. Rathgeber went to the
Canal Zone in 1914 on a visit.
Mrs. Rathgeber was employed in the Payroll Branch when
she left the Isthmus to make her home in Bricktown, New
Jersey. where she was joined by her daughter Mrs. Norine
In addition to Mrs. Lucas she is survived by three other
daughters; Mrs. Bernice Jackson, of DesPlaines, Ill.; Mrs.
Louise Hunt, of Balboa; and Mrs. Margaret Ruoff, of France
Field; and four sons, Jack E., of Glassboro, N. J.; Robert H.,
of Balboa; Donald R., of Diablo, and Edward T., of Silverton,
N. J. Also surviving are 23 grandchildren and one great grand-
child. She was a member of Orchid Chapter of the Order of
the Eastern Star.

Charles F. Schonert, 52, Finance Branch Superintendent of
Curundu Post Office, died of an apparent heart attack in Gorgas
He is survived by his widow Florinda; one son Albert; a
daughter Joan, who is studying nursing in Miami, Florida, and
his mother Mrs. Carolyn Schonert of Irvington, New Jersey.
Mr. Schonert was born March 2, 1914, at Irvington, N. J.
He went to the Canal Zone in 1946 and worked as a Postal Clerk
for Curundu Post Office.
Graveside funeral services were held in the Corozal Ceme-

David S. Smith, retired employee of the Industrial Divi-
sion and former resident of the Pacific Side died in St. Peters-
burg, Florida, March 16.
A natve of Aden, North Carolina, Mr. Smith served several
years in both the U. S. Army and Navy and went to the Canal
in 1926.
In 1941 he was employed as a locomotive crane operator
with the former Municipal Engineering Division and remained
in that capacity in the Industrial Division until his retirement
in 1958.
Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Mildred Cotton Smith, a
former employee of the Industrial Division; a son Charles, Har-
wood, Md., 3 daughters, Mrs. Mary Emma McDonald, Port
Royal, Va., Mrs. Judy Krogh, Naperville, Ill.; Mrs. Georgia
Trilhaase, Pascagoula, Miss. 3 brothers and sisters and 9 grand-

Edward, (BUNKY) Marquard passed away on March 2, 1967
in Vineland, New Jersey. He was born in Colon, April 1921.
He is the son of the late John C. Marquard, retired employee
of the old Building Division, and Mrs. Rose Marquard, of Vine-
land, New Jersey.

He graduated from Cristobal High School with the class of
'41. He served his apprentiship as a pipefitter with the In-
dustrial Division. He left the Isthmus in 1950 and lived in
He is survived by six sisters, Catherine Jobe, of Olean,
N. Y., Eleanor Hood, of Nashua, N. H., Dorothy Kahl, of Bould-

er City, Nevada, Mildred Finch, Helen Pincus, and Jeanette of
Vineland, N. J., two brothers, Warren D. of Margarita, and
Robert of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Mrs. Leslie M. Sandiford of 917 N. Shayler Avenue, DeLand,
Florida died March 6, 1967, in Fish Memorial Hospital.
Born in Magnolia, N. C. she lived in Savannah, Ga. most of
her life. In later years she went to the Canal Zone to live with
her daughter and son-in-law F. A. Crawford. Was a member
of the King's Daughters Circle No. 9 and a member of the West
Hollywood Presbyterian church.
Survivors are a daughter, Mrs. F. A. Crawford of DeLand;
five grandsons; Leo W. Snedker of DeLand; J. Earle Sandiford
of San Diego, Calif.; Richard S. Sandiford of Hampstead, N. C.;
Patrick and Michael Sandiford of Jacksonville and 6 great-
Private services were held in DeLand and burial in Sa-
vannah, Ga.

Dr. Ezra Hurwitz, 72, former superintendent of Palo Seco
Hospital and a well known resident of the Canal Zone and
Panama, died March 30 at Gorgas Hospital following a long
For his outstanding service at Palo Seco and his ministra-
tion to patients, most of whom are Panamanian citizens, the
Republic of Panama honored him in 1951 by awarding him the
Order of Vasco Nunez de Balboa in the grade of Commander.
He is survived by his widow, the former Miss Aida de
Castro of Panama.
Since his retirement, Dr. and Mrs. Hurwitz have been living
in Panama City.

Mrs. Ella Elena Stark de Hanson, 41, died March 25, 1967
at El Valle de Antor She was born in Panama City and edu-
cated in the Canal Zone and was a 1945 graduate of Balboa
High School.
Surviving are her husband, Albert and daughters Noreen
and Caroline; and her father, Leonard Stark. Burial was at the
Jardin de Paz Cemetery in Panama.

Joln J. Walker, 84, a resident of Hot Springs, Ark. for the
past 12 years, died March 27, 1967 in a local hospital.

Born Feb. 21, 1883, in Boston, Mass., he was a retired Civil
Service employee. He resided at 400 Spring Street.
Survivors include three nieces, Miss Martha McKenna of St.
Petersburg, Fla., Miss Sarah McKenna and Miss Marcella Mc-
Kenna, both of Waltham, Mass.
The body was sent to Boston, Mass., for funeral services
and burial.

Rev. Raymond Rogers Gregory, D.D. 84, died at the Me-
morial Home Community retirement site at Penny Farms, Fla.
where he had lived since his retirement in 1952. He was born
Feb. 8, 1883 in Gilbert, Pa. and died Feb. 13, 1967.
In 1918 he was granted a leave of absence to organize and
conduct welfare work among military personnel in the Panama
Canal Zone as an Army and Navy YMCA Secretary. He ac-
cepted an appointment with the American Bible Society during
1920. This led to a career of Bible distribution spanning 31
years as a Bible Society Agency Secretary, with headquarters
at the Bible House, Cristobal, Canal Zone.
He is survived by his wife, Lillian, sons David of Iowa and
Thomas of New Jersey; sisters, Mrs. Edwin Hawk, Mrs. Ora
Woodling (twin), Mrs. Harry Hamblin and brother, Norman, all
of Pennsylvania; six grandchildren and many other relatives.
His son, Paul, a casualty during the Japanese invasion of Luzon,
P.I., preceded him in death in 1942.

Augustine P. Byrne, 74, 4772 Tropical Ter. N., St. Peters-
burg, Fla. died April 25, 1967. Born in Lodi, N.J., he came here
13 years ago from the Panama Canal Zone. He was a retired
civil engineer for the U.S. Government. He was a Catholic, a
member of Elks in Panama Canal Zone, and Panama Canal
Society. He is survived by his wife, Louise C.; a sister, Mrs.
Alice Dolan of St. Petersburg.

William M. Martin, 66, died in Miami, Florida, March 13.
Mr. Martin was born in Clinton, Mass., and served with the
U.S. Navy during World War I. He went to the Isthmus in 1941
as an employee of the Electrical Division and transferred to the
Pacific Locks in 1946. At the time of his retirement in 1959, he
was Control House Operator on the Pacific Locks.
Always an enthusiastic small boat owner, Mr. Martin re-

mained on the Isthmus to build his own boat the Beachcomber
on which he traveled from Cristobal to Miami in 1961.
Surviving him are his mother, Mrs. Flora England, of
Miami and two daughters both of whom live in the United States.

Otto Kazark, 85, retired Panama Canal employee and vet-
eran of the Canal construction era, died March 28, 1967 in St.
Petersburg, Florida.
A native of Chicago, Mr. Kozak went to the Isthmus in 1907
when the Panama Canal was being constructed. He was em-
ployed by the Isthmian Canal Commission as a machinist and
worked on the Atlantic side on construction of the Cristobal
breakwater. He was holder of the Roosevelt Medal for construc-
tion service.
In 1914 he was transferred to the former Mechanical Divi-
sion where he remained until 1918. He was reemployed in 1939 as
a steam engineer in the Mechanical Division and was retired
in 1945.
After his retirement, he and his wife made their home in
California and Florida.
Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Kozak and a daughter, Mrs.
Ethel K. Askew, and four grandchildren. His son-in-law, Eu-
gene Askew, is a member of the Balboa Admeasurer's staff.

Andrew Bleakley, retired Panama Canal Industrial Division
employee, died February 4, at Bates Memorial Hospital in Ben-
tonville, Arkansas.
He was born in Brattleboro, Vt. 63 years ago and came to
the Isthmus with his parents in 1904. His father worked for the
Panama Canal Electrical Division.
Mr. Blaekley received numerous commendations during
his years of service, for the excellent safety records he and
the employees under his supervision attained.
He was a member of the Masonic Lodge and a member of
the Ancient, Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Abou
Saad Temple, Ancon.
He is survived by his widow, Jean; by one daughter, Mrs.
Marie McDaniels of Kansas City, Kansas; one son, Lt. Andrew
Bleakley, Jr., U.S.N., of Monterey, Calif.; his mother, Mrs.
Blanche Bleakley of North Miami Beach, Fla.; two sisters, Mrs.
Gladys Samples of North Miami Beach, Fla., and Mrs. Blanche
Marx of Roscoe, N. Y.; by two brothers, Edmond Bleakley of

St. Petersburg, Fla., and William T. Bleakley of Coppers Cove,
Texas, and by four grandchildren.

Mrs. Marion Fiske, died suddenly at her home in Alhambra,
California. She was the wife of the Rev. Louis M. Fiske.
The couple made their home in Panama for approximately
20 years during which time Mr. Fiske was in charge of the
Seawall Mission. Mrs. Fiske was director of the elementary
school at Seawall and Mr. Fiske of the secondary school, Pan-
American Institute in Las Sabanas.
Surviving, in addition to her husband, are two sons, Walter
and Robert and a daughter Mrs. Paul (Betty) Reagan, all of
Alhambra and an adopted daughter who lives in Ohio.

Capt Guy Johannes, who for 26 years served as Chief of the
Canal Zone Police and Fire Division, died January 24 in Silver
City, New Mexico. He would have been 85 years old March 18.
A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Captain Johannes went
to the Canal Zone in 1906 and was employed as a member of the
newly formed Canal Zone Police. He was made assistant Chief
in 1913 and Chief of the Division in 1917.
Captain Johannes was married in the Canal Zone, to the
former Miss Jennie Price Geddes, who was a postmistress at
one of the construction day post offices.
After his retirement in 1943, he and Mrs. Johannes made
their home in California and Florida. He had been living in New
Mexico recently.
Surviving are his widow; three daughters, Miss Jennie Jo-
hannes, a nurse at Gorgas Hospital; Mrs. Roberta Patterson, of
Balboa; Mrs. Eleanor Hanners, of Plainview, Texas; and a
son, Guy Johannes, Jr., a professor in the University of New
Mexico and six grandchildren.

Mrs. Eileen G. Brady, 66, passed away Feb. 26, 1967. She
resided at 3215 Pinellas Point Drive S., having come here from
the Panama Canal Zone 1 year ago. Mrs. Brady is survived
by a son, James, Houston, Texas; 2 daughters, Mrs. Moira
(Daniel) Lehan, Indianapolis, Ind., Mrs. Karen (Daniel) Mec-
call, St. Louis, Missouri; 2 brothers, Ivan and Kenneth Carmody;
3 sister, Miss Hazel Carmody, all of Baltimore, Maryland; 10
grandchildren. She was a member of the Panama Canal Soci-
ety of Florida, and the Nursing Association of Florida.

Pall bearers for Mrs. Brady's funeral were Mr. Tony Syl-
Vestre. Mr. Houston Esslinger, Mr. Allan Ward, Mr. Buck
Lockridge, Mr. Zip Zierten and Mr. Harry Dunn. Interment
was in Calvery Cemetery, St. Petersburg, Fla. All of Mrs.
Brady's children attended the funeral. Mr. and Mrs. James
Brady (Donnie Gilder) and 2 children, 8106 Neff St., Houston
Texas 77036; Sis, Mrs. Dan Lehane, 1720 Geanne Court, Indian-
apolis, Ind. and Doodle, Mrs. Dan Mescall, 10167 Mullalley,
St. Louis, 23, Mo.-ED.

Roy L. Sanker, 55, former employee of the Supply Division,
died March 31, at 148 High Street, Sankertown, Pa.
He was employed from 1941 until his retirement in 1957 by
the General Manager's Office, Mt. Hope, C.Z. He was an active
member of the Knights of Columbus, Veterans of Foreign Wars
and American Legion. His death is mourned by four sisters
and three brothers in the United States and by a host of friends
on the Isthmus.

Frederick H. Hodges, husband of Esther W. Hodges, passed
away April 23, 1967. He resided at 7803 46th Ave. ., wintering
here five years from Weaverville, North Carolina. Also sur-
vived by one son, Frederich H. Hodges, Jr., Hampton, Va., and
a sister, Mrs. William Santee, Milton, Mass. Memorial services
were conducted by the Rev. Jimmy Jones, April 25, at 3:30
o'clock in the Rhodes West Chapel, 900 49th Street North., St.
Petersburg, Fla.
Mrs. Bertha E. Whaler, widow of Captain Fred G. Whaler,
who was one of the outstanding fishing guides on the Isthmus,
died March 30, 1967, in Coco Solo Hospital, where she had been
for several months.
Mrs. Whaler went to the Isthmus in 1908 as a bride. Her
husband's Panama Canal service started in 1907.
Memorial services were held in Margarita Union Church,
April 1st.
Mrs. Whaler had been living with her daughter, Mrs. Bur-
nell F. Dowler, in Margarita. Other survivors are a son, First
Sergeant George R. Whaler, of Fort Davis; two sisters, Mrs.
A. G. Kleeman, of Bay City, Mich., and Mrs. Russell B. Potter,
of St. Petersburg, Fla.; a brother, Florentin van Emster, of
Fenton, Mich., four granddaughters, one grandson and three
great grandchildren.

Capt. Whaler, who was the late President Franklin D.
Roosevelt's fishing guide in Isthmian waters, retired in 1946.
He died in 1951 in St. Petersburg.
Interment services were held April 28th in Memorial Park
Cemetery, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Samuel Mauldin, 53, Chief Power Systems Dispatcher for
the Panama Canal Electrical Division died suddenly at his
home in Balboa, April 18, 1967.
His death occurred apparently as the result of a heart at-
A native of Gainesville, Georgia, Mauldin went to the Canal
Zone n November, 1945, to work with the Electrical Division
Power Branch.
Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Gaynell Mauldin, of Balboa,
and a daughter, Mrs. Virginia Womble of California.
Memorial services were conducted in the Balboa Union
Church by the Rev. Clarence C. Payne. Masonic services were
conducted by members of the Sibert Lodge, AF&AM, of Gatun.

David M. Jenkins, 60, Chief Deputy Clerk of the United
States District Court in Cristobal, died suddenly April 4th, 1967,
of an apparent heart attack. He was pronounced dead at his
quarters, 8510-B, Margarita, at 2:40 p.m.
Mr. Jenkins had been Chief Deputy Clerk of the Cristobal
Division of the US Dstrict Court for fourteen years.
He went to the Canal Zone in 1940 to serve as Clerk-Con-
stable of the Balboa Magistrate's Court under his friend, the
late Judge Clarence G. Decker. Prior to that, he had been in
the coffee business in Boquete, Chiriqui Province.
He was prominent in the Isthmian Masonic organization,
serving as an officer of the District Grand Lodge, was a Past
Master of Sibert Lodge AF&AM, of Gatun and was serving as
Lodge Secretary of Cristobal Chapter No. 2 of the Royal Arch
Born in El Paso, Illinois, near Decatur, on Oct. 29, 1906,
Mr. Jenkeins attended Indiana University and Georgetown Un-
iversity Sshool of Foreign Service.
Surviving him are his wife, Mrs. Julie V. Jenkins and two
sisters who reside in the United States.

George Rousseau of the Canal Zone College Department of
Social Sciences died suddenly in Gorgas Hospital.
Rosseau had joined the faculty of the college in September
of 1966 after having taught at Balboa High School and the Bal-
boa Elementary School.
Rosseau is survived by his wife, Lee, and two sons, Marcel
and Claude. Also surviving in the United States are three sis-
ters, two brothers and his mother.

James Martin Jenkins, a mining engineer, died in Chestnut
Hill Hospital after a long illness.
Mr. Jenkins, who lived at 6341 Greene St., Germantown, Pa.,
retired in 1962 as vice president in charge of sales for the An-
dale Co., Lansdale.
In 1905, he went to Panama as a transitman and levelman
to work on construction of the Panama Canal.
He worked as a construction foreman on the Gatun (Locks)
Division on the canal project, then attended the University of
Pennsylvania and Lehigh University, where he was graduated
as a mining engineer.
He is survived by two sisters, Miss Gertrude S. Jenkins and
Mother Eleanor Jenkins, of the Convent of the Sacred Heart,
Woodlands, Lake Forest, Ill.

Henry H. Shirk, 68, retired employee of the Atlantic Locks
and a former resident of Gatun, died March 28, 1967, in Reading,
A native of Pennsylvania, he went to the Isthmus in 1919
after a tour of duty with the U. S. Navy. He was employed as a
machinist in the Balboa shops of the former Mechanical Divis-
In 1955 he was made lock operator machinist foreman, a
position he held at the time of his retirement.
Mr. and Mrs. Shirk left the Isthmus in 1961 with their two
children to live in Reading, where Mrs. Shirk died in 1963.
Surviving are a son, Henry, Jr., who is serving wth the U.S.
Navy aboard the USS Ranger, and a daughter, Miss Susan
Shirk, of 2700 Pekiomen Ave., Reading, Pa. Both children were
born in the Canal Zone and attended schools on the Atlantic

Mrs. Dorothy Mae Hall, a retired employee of the Panama
Canal Dredging Division, died in Orlando, Fla., April 2 after
a week's hospitalization.
Mrs. Hall was born in Redding, Calif., August 25, 1900.
She was employed by the Panama Canal Marine Bureau
February 26, 1935, and transferred to the Dredging Division
August 9, 1937, as secretary to P. Alton White, the Dredging
Division Chief at that time.
Mrs. Hall was retired from Canal service on August 31, 1962.
She is survived by one daughter, Vilma; and by a son,
Lindley Hall, 205 Park Place, Altamonte Springs, Fla.

April 20, 1967
All of our Canal Zone friends, who can, are enjoying drives
along mountains and valley roads as our dogwoods are bloom-
ing more profusely than ever. This is North Carolin's state
flower, and it is difficult to imagine any sight more beautiful
than these graceful trees in full bloom.
Ernest Behlen is reasonably content to be in Oteen Veter-
ans Hospital as an ambulatory patient. He has made very at-
tractive pieces of metal work in their therapy activities.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brandl have retired to North Carolina
and live in Baltimore. We hope soon to receive them into our
Canal Zone Club.
Mrs. Merle Weymouth has returned to her home in Maine
after spending the winter with her sister, Mrs. George Ward,
in Weaverville.
Dorothea Churchill reports that Starford is forced to take
life easy Why? He broke a very important bone in his foot
- slipped off a ladder putting his full weight on the unfortunate
foot. We hope he will soon be all right, "you can't keep a good
man down."
Dick and Ruth Taylar delighted us all with their too brief
visit in North Carolina, en route from the Canal Zone Reunion in
St. Petersburg.
We are happy that Mr. and Mrs. Claure Howell (Clarence's
brother and wife) are now residents of Asheville at 195 Fairway
Drive, Beverly Hills.
Betty and Paul Bentz spent the month of February driving
to Texas where they visited in San Antonio for a couple of weeks.

Later, they drove to Corpus Christi and rented a cottage at
Fulton Beach on the Gulf of Mexico.
Accompanied by Ruth Sill of Hendersonville, the Bentzes
returned home April 4th after a delightful five-day trip to Sa-
vannah and Charleston to see the Azalea Gardens and to get
an early taste of Spring.
Dr. Alan P. Bentz (son of Betty and Paul) of Springdale,
Conn., will visit his parents in Asheville over the week-end of
May 5th. H will be enroute to New Orleans where he will de-
liver a paper at a Chemistry Convention during the second
week in May.
The many friends of Esther and Fred Hodges will be con-
cerned to learn from a recent report from Esther, that Fred's
recovery from a serious operation; in a hospital in St. Peters-
burg, is not progressing as well as we all hoped.
Eugenia and Tommy Sawyer of Hendersonville spent Easter
holidays with friends in Annapolis, Md.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kelley have returned from a three-
weeks visit with daughter Pat and family who live in Elkridge,
Penna., and with Tom and Margie in Falls Church, Va.
Mrs. George B. Ward, Secretary
Western North Carolina
Canal Zone Club

We were all saddend by the passing of Mr. Leroy Smith, a
well known resident of the Canal Zone from the Gorgona days
and a holder of the Roosevelt Medal for his service from 1906
through 1936. When he retired as a Supervisor in the Mechan-
ical Division, the Smith family came to Los Angeles where
they have lived for the past 31 years. In 1961, Mr. Smith was
appointed President Euritas of the Panama Canal Society of
Los Angeles in recognition of his long and faithful service to
our group. In addition, until the past few years, Mr. Smith had
been very active in church work and had been a President of
the Senior Citizens Club in Inglewood. Our deepest sympathy
is extended to his family. His son, David, and daughter, Aileen
Hoyle, asked that I express their appreciation for the presence
of those friends who were able to attend the services and for the
floral and card expressions received from all others.
Our annual luncheon meeting held at Knott's Berry Farm
Sunday, March 12, 1967, with 169 members and guests attending,

was the largest turn-out we have had. All enjoyed the delicious
fried chicken dinner for which Knott's Berry Farm is world fa-
mous. President David L. Smith presided, Virginia (Winquist)
Seller, Past President, gave the Invocation and Thelma Reppe
(Past Secretary) lead in the Pledge of Allegiance. Officers
elected for 1967 were: David L. Smith, President; Betty (Cle-
ment) Smith, Vice President; and Virginia (Ridge) Dolim,
Secretry-Treasuer. Mildred (Phillips) Kline, out-going Secre-
tary, was commended for her excellent work during the past
Mr. Walter Knott, guest of honor, gave a most interesting
talk on "The Realization of a Dream of Our American Heritage"
and explained Knott's Berry Farm's recently completed brick-
by-brick reconstruction of an exact replica of Independence
Hall in Philadelphia.
Outstanding on the tour was the "Living History" presen-
tation in the Chamber produced through a new revolutionary
sound process called "Stereo-rama 14". The presentation is a
condensation of the actual debates that lead to the signing of
our Declaration of Independence. The members of the Society
found it to be an inspiring experience long to be remembered.
Our very talented President, David Smith, and his associate
and partner in show business for a number of years, Mr. Roy
Ballard, entertained with some of the very "catchy" show
numbers. Dave's composition "Don Skylark Wid Me" was a
well received reminder of our early C.Z. days. Another song
"INDEPENDENCE HALL," lyrics and music by Dave, was
introduced for the first time by the "Songsmiths" and dedica-
ted to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Knott and family.
Another most important part of our Panama Canal get-to-
gether is NEWS which refreshes fond memories, brings us up-
to-date even to 3rd and 4th generations and best of all, we
"keep in touch." Believe me, the following only scratches the
surface as our Los Angeles Society membership continues to
grow and Panama Canal retirees from close and afar attend
the gatherings.
Ted Englebright, past President, and his wife, Emma, came
over from Tucson, Arizona enjoyed their visit and we en-
joyed visiting with them. Ted will always be a spark in our
A real old-timer and member, Mr. Frederick G. Swanson -
all the way from Tyler, Texas, along with other Canal diggers

relived many of their old Gorgona and Balboa OPEN FORUMS.
After California, Mr. Swanson goes to New York's Society
Meeting May 6th.
Our distinguished Board of Directors and their wives -
always in attendance and participating in our activities were:
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Bryan. "Ducky" P. C. Paymaster (1905)
and Ruth both looked just fine. Esther and George Cassel, Vir-
ginia and Martin Seller, and Ann and Lester Brennan all
were most happy to see so many turn out.
Mr. W. J. Dorgan, all the way from New Jersey, brought
news from many folks in his home State. Sorry his wife, Elsie,
did not make the long trip with Bill; however, we enjoyed
hearing all about their daughter, Jackie, and family.
Russel and Nita (Orr) Jones, who retired in December,
1966, drove down from Sunnyvale, near Palo Alto, to attend and
spent the week-end as guests of Paul and Mildred Kline at their
beautiful home in Tustin, California.
The SAN DIEGO "Safari"-never failing to make the 100
mile drive and attend all functions included: Dorothy and Arthur
Cotton, Lulu Lumby and guest Robert L. Wertz, Capt. and Mrs.
Jack H. (Ethel) Hearn and Capt. and Mrs. Roy L. (Olwen)
Hearn; Mr. and Mrs. Clement J. Genia; Catherine Schafer and
her guest, Mr. J. T. C. Hopkins.
From SUN CITY we're glad to see Robert and Marjorie
Miller; D. J. and Lillian Evans and Jerome and Inez Evans.
Inez sent a note to say she always finds it so interesting hearing
and reading about schoolmates of their children so she sent me
a line to include about their Bill and Peg. Bill is a Captain for
Western Airlines, flying out of Denver. He, Roslyn and their
four boys live in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Peg and husband, Major
Jerry Darden are now at Bunker Hill AFB Jerry, a B-58
pilot, and Peg, an Assist. Professor at the University of Indiana.
They have three girls and a boy and live in Kokomo, Indiana.
LEISURE WORLD, SEAL BEACH group was almost in full
force and included Grace Brown, Miriam McDaid, Julia Mc-
Kenzie, Helen Rodes, Howard and Frances Smithies. Jo and
Bessie Welch had planned to come but could not make it.
Dorothy Hamlin, daughter Janie and her husband, Hal
Leffingwell, two fine looking sons, Craig and Charles, and Hal's
father, H. W., Sr., enjoyed the afternoon Janie seeing so
many old friends and classmates many for the first time

since Balboa High graduation in 1938. Hal, Janie and family
are moving back to Connecticut in June.
Capt. and Mrs. Carl (Ethel) Wanke had their sons, Ronald
and George, and their wives as guests. George's son, Glen is
working with a musical group, teaching guitar and attending
college in Whittier all at the same time. Their daughter,
Sharyn, is going to Fullerton College and is very active with
the "Campus Crusade" working with teenagers. Ronald's girls
hold office in the Rainbow Girls and, musically inclined, sing in
several choirs.
Another family group the Provosts, Eugene and Blanche,
their daughter Mrs. Lolita Packard and son Bob and his wife
Mildred. Bob and Mildred are back to California, making their
home in Torrance. Bob has scored another achievement re-
flecting credit to Balboa High and "CZJC" (and a few other
colleges he has attended). He has been accepted in MENSA -
a unique society founded in England in 1945. Qualifications for
membership is a score on their intelligence test higher than 98
percentile in short, in the top 2 per cent of the Intelligence
level of the world. Bob's score, 99.5 per cent makes him eligi-
ble for Super MENSA those who are in the top half of 1 per
Chris and Ruth Simonsen generously donated name tags
that were wonderful in that they were so easy to use. They
brought Barney and Fay Keegan along as guests and we Balboa
Hi Zonites had a "ball."
Back to old-timers William Frazee, A PRR Conductor
from1905-1911 and his daughter, Betty Crowell, from Inglewood
renewed many old acquaintances at the dinner.
WOULD YOU BELIEVE we had present approximately
14 members who had Panama Canal service prior to 1911.
And as always annual meetings brings NEWS from those
members who could not attend.
Mrs. Josephine Sheby Huff, a nurse at Colon and Ancon
(1908-1912) now living in Globe, Arizona, missed her first meet-
ing in 7 years. At 83 with failing eyesight, she is planning to
go to the National Convention of the Blind in Los Angeles during
July followed by a tour to Hawaii thus, had to forego this
gathering. She has been working with Arizona organizations
for the blind and recently organized a class in Braille.
Mrs. Anna MacRae Bickford, living in Sacramento since
1943, finds it too difficult to become oriented when she gets

to Los Angeles would be glad to greet any of the Society who
pass through Sacramento. She does hope to see Mrs. Hammer
and Ida Ruth in Santa Maria and Docia Hodges in Placerville,
California, sometime. Her note also brought back memories
of the days when Dave Smith and Charles Malsbury attended
Mrs. Hoffman's kindergarten. She also included news of her
family. Daughter, Mary Katherine, is with the American Em-
bassy in Lisbon, Portugal, and has three sons the eldest an
Astro Physicist with Bell Tel. Lab. in New Jersey, another a
Midshipman in the Navy, and the youngest at an International
School in France. Anna's daughter, Ruth, widowed in July,
1966, now lives in Florida and has a son serving as a Capt. USA
stationed in Vietnam.
Capt. W. H. Peterson, the pilot (1915-1942) living in Santa
Ana and Mr. J. W. MacGillivray, who we all remember from the
"Commy" (1914-1936) were not well enough to attend. Mrs.
Elizabeth Taber had a bad fall and Mrs. Cleo Blackburn just
out of the hospital although both are getting along fine now,
could not make it to Knott's Berry Farm.
That was only the beginning of news in connection with
the annual meeting will try to do better next time and
I'll have more experience "TRYING" to get it written up.
The annual "New Year's Eve Pot Luck/Canasta Club" was
hosted this year by the Leibler's, Sam and Naomi, of Monrovia
and participating were: Irma and Mort Lockwood, Flo and
Arthur .Berude, Mary and Gus Hoecker, Lil and Fred Sunstrom,
Grace Naylor, Marian Seibold and Flora McLean.
Isaac and Grace Andrews, from San Francisco, had a nice
trip east and at their daughter's home on Long Island had din-
ner with twelve of their family. Their grandson graduates this
June as an Ensign, U.S. Coast Guard, New London, Connecticut.
Another grandson, William is now in the West Indies on the
Navy Carrier FORRESTAL.
Larry and Goldie Ridge accompanied Hank, Virginia and
daughter Diane Dolim on their recent trip to Phoenix, Arizona.
They were all present to see Henry P., Jr., (Herky) awarded
the U.S. Air Force Silver Wings upon his graduation from one
year's jet pilot training at Williams Air Force Base.: Lt Dolim
now has been assigned to GEORGE AIR FORCE BASE near
Apple Valley, California, to receive 6 more months training as
an F-4-C "PHANTOM II" fighter pilot.

Mrs. Agnes (Reinke) Vennard and Mr. Ray Davis were
married on January 28, 1967, at the First Methodist Church in
Las Vegas, Nevada, and are now at home to their friends at
2207 Monterrey Ave., Burbank, Calif. 91506. Congratulations!
Mr. and Mrs. Kemper C. Price of West Covina are the proud
grandparents of a little granddaughter. Their daughter Sally
(Mrs. A. B. Cossentine) and baby, Kari, have been visiting the
Prices in West Covina. She is living in San Antonio, Texas,
where Mr. Cossentine is stationed with the Air Force.
Linda and Wally Morton of Valinda announced the arrival
of a son, Eric Henderson, on November 17, 1966. Wally's par-
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Morton (Bess Stapleton) were de-
lighted to welcome their first grandchild, and the Liebeler's
their first great grandchild. Sharon and Jim Morton hosted the
family's Thanksgiving dinner at their new home in Ventura.

Coffee will be served from 11:00 to 3:30
PICNICS have been the backbone of our Society. DID YOU
KNOW the first gathering of ex-employees from the P.C. living
in California was a picnic in Hollenbeck Park in 1917. Messrs.
William H. Naylor, F. S. Watkins and Frank Rivers made the
arrangements and sent out the notices. The Club formed and
continued until 1929 when it became inactive. Again in 1932,
Tom Booz called another picnic, the club reorganized with 157
members and for the past 35 years has continued to grow.
We hope that our June 18th picnic will be well attended.
Brookside Park is a lovely picnic area and reached from Los
Angeles by: Pasadena Freeway to Colorado Blvd., left on Col-
orado to Orange Grove, right on Orange Grove to Rosemont,
and Rosemont into the park. Section "C" is in back of the
tennis courts, near the office and tavern. We will have signs up
and watch for your arrivals. Please pass the word on to others
you know who might be in Los Angeles during June.
Virginia Ridge Dolim, Secretary

Mr. and Mrs. Vinson Canamos of Panama City, Panama, will
arrive in May for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Otto Sundquist.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Newhouse, former residents of the
Canal Zone and now of Burbank, California, spent a few days
in Houston at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rothwell.
Mrs. Josephine Nunnally has been ill in Methodist Hospital
for six weeks. She is recuperating at the home of her daugh-
ter, Mrs. Alberta Terry, and is getting along nicely.
Miss Pamela Leeser who attends Northwest Texas Univer-
sity at Denton, Texas spent a few days with her grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Leeser. She will spend the summer with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Leeser, Jr., who live in the
Canal Zone.
Miss Julia Theologion, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. J.
Theologion has been ill in Pansadna Bayshore Hospital. She
has returned to school and is progressing nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. Luke P. Standefer, Jr., were in Miami Beach,
Florida during the first week in April. Mr. Standefer attended
the 153rd National Convention of the American Chemical Soci-
ety. He was a representative of the Upjohn Chemical Corpor-
ation where he is employed.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Yaeger plan to leave early in May for
a visit with friends and relatives in Florida.
Lt. and Mrs. Walter Brown, Jr., of Selma Alabama, visited
his grandmother, Mrs. Nannie Brown for a few days recently.
He will be stationed in San Antonio, Texas for awhile, and will
return to Selma, Alabama where he will teach flying.
Bill and George Cole of Lee Center, New York, spent the
Easter Holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Yaeger. They are
former residents of the Canal Zone.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hatchet of Attas, California, spent a
week in Houston as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Yaeger.
Mr. and Mrs. Minnie Burton of Fayeteville, Arkansas and
Mrs. Judy Daly of Austin, Texas, visited Mrs. Nannie Brown
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Huldquist of Margarita, Canal Zone,
and Mrs. Pressly of Florida spent the Christmas Holidays with
Mrs. M. B. Weiman. Mrs. Pressly who is the mother of Mrs.
Huldquist had a heart attack while here, but is doing very

Mr. Herbert Rothwell has been ill for several months, how-
ever, he is much better and hopes to be back to normal real
Murriell Souder, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Souder of Lido
Lane had a nice surprise from Murriell from Germany. He
has been working there for several months, and plans to be
home on vacation the last of May. Mrs. Souder, mother, Mrs.
Long, better known on the Canal Zone as (Sweetie) underwent
an eye operation several weeks ago and is doing just fine and
is able to see very good.
Bertha Turner, Secy-Treas.

This news letter, 10% pages long, hand written was re-
ceived and sent to the Publisher with the rest of the copy for
in March Record the first of February. The Publisher called
the President and said he could not accept it. By that time it
was too late to find some one willing to type it. Later on Mrs.
Judd offered to type the report and it is being sent to the Pub-
lisher with the rest of the copy May lst.-Editor.

"IN." The Reinigs flew to Highland Park, Illinois, to spend
Christmas and the winter with the Fucics, Peggy's family.
Monty, in college, a Junior and Meg a freshman, Jane still
in High School. The Rufus Garrets are well now. Mrs. William
Piper is still in St. Joseph's, and son Ed's daughter's husband,
and children were all home for Christams. Bill Burns is not
well, but is at home. Mrs. John Bisset of North Little Rock
flew to Norfolk, Virginia to be with her homefolks during the
According to our Hot Springs New Era of November 26,
1966, Mr. G. O. Parker was to assume the position of Food
Service Manager in our Ouachita Memorial Hospital's Dietary
Department on December 1st. He has had 32 years of dietary
Dr. and Mrs. H. Clay Chenault, formally with Gorgas, still
live in our former neighborhood, he was also with our Army and
Navy Hospital, and now is still with the Wade Clinic. Mrs.
Chenault is director of our Art Gallery belonging to Southern
Artists Association.
Mrs. Estelle DeCora is recovering from the Flu, which has
afflicted several in this area.

Enroute to Tucson, I stopped in Lamesa, Texas, and phoned
the Zeecks. Christine informed me they were fine and rushing
to get in the cotton crop before bad weather. They were to
have a family get-together at Christmts.
After her enjoyable trip to Hawaii this summer and a visit
to her son William and family in St. Louis, Ann Bartholomew
is now again at home at the Regis in Waco, Texas. Leon and
Nellie Carrington are still in San Antonio, but moved into an
apartment. Jack and Flo Lamb are still in the Parkview
Nursing Home in Hammond, Louisiana.
Sad news, announcing the demise of Harry Dingler, has
come to us: Harry was a 1912 man, and worked in the Electri-
cal Division but no one has heard from or about him in
years. A mutual friend, Mrs. Louise Morland noted in her son
Lee's Electrical Journal that he has passed away.
Thyra Scheibley in Panama City says that she is about the
same as usual. Dr. Juan Diaz has given up dental work due to
eye trouble. Florence Mallett is busy with her camera and
club work. Her daughter Jeanne Wheeler and family moved
to the Atlantic side, sister Louise and husband Willie Allen are in
the Zone visiting their three married daughters and families.
Florence Mallett retired February 28 but will likely remain in
the Canal Zone until May. She told about Jeanne's daughter
Sharon Wheeler's recent marriage in Wichita Falls, Texas, and
she and Jeanne flew up for the wedding.
The Dick Pennington's of Gatun write that son Dick, Jr., is
still aboard the USS Austin. Their daughter Kathy, a recent
High School graduate hopes to enroll in a Secretarial Course in
a Florida School. The Eldon Coffey's were planning a trip to
Cali, Columbia. The Harry Corns tell about Don having his
own plane and license to use, a forest ranger in Bend, Oregon,
and Carolyn is studying Oceanography in the University of
Hawaii. Evelyn Mills is still at the Tivoli it has changed a
lot inside with air conditioning, etc.
Evelyn Johnson has been ill but is well again. Her son
Herschel whose hobby is wood carving is still with the Atlantic
side Refrigeration, and Ethel Jean, her daughter, and family
live in Coco Solo. Dora Kridle is still with Army telephone.
The Chester Luhrs are still in Balboa. She's teaching, he's re-
tired, but enjoys hunting. Clarice Pimento resides with her
sister Carmen Naters in Colon, Angela Combs lives in Florida.
Dolores in Washington, D.C. and Thomas and family in Gamboa.

Clara Doyle of Santa Tecla, El Salvador wrote that her niece's
husband, Van Calloway met his death in Nepal where he piloted
a helicopter. Bill and Helen (Patterson) Schrum of Hamburg,
Germany, were in the U. S. this summer. She visited a brother
in San Francisco and several Canal Zone friends.
Mrs. Lonnie Barnard (Emma Harris) is still in Lansing,
Louise Moreland is not well, but sister Etta Harrover, and son
Lee Moreland are fine. Jo Ewing is still Sorority "Mom" in
Greenville, West Virginia. The Alan Brodericks, (Natalia Ben-
der), and children Tom and Kathy of Ishpeming, Michigan ar-
rived by photo, all fine, Tom 18 is attending Marquette Univer-
sity, Kathy in High School and Natalia teaching languages in
High School. Mrs. Teresa Casserly of Pittsburgh spends a lot
of time in Washington, D.C. Edith Wicks is still in Polk and
enjoyed trips to New York, also attended the Toronto Fair.
Kate Coffin of New York is improving in health, and says that
Jim and wife who live nearby are fine. The John Palmers are
especially busy, with Doris attending college and hopes to grad-
uate this semester. They celebrated her Uncle Louis Haus'
83rd birthday at their home he and Mrs. are California folks
now. Lillian Ross of Woburn, Mass., moved to a new location
lately, and is recovering from a recent fall. The William
Reinigs of New Rochelle, New York, report all fine the twin
daughter's open heart operation seemingly was a complete suc-
cess, and she is working. Jo Ann (Underwood) Barr reports
that her husband, Dr. Tom will get the National Cave studies
laboratory set up at Mammouth Cave, this laboratory is to be
part of the facilities of the Institute of Speleology of the Univer-
sity of Kentucky at Lexington.
The Clarence Kilbeys skipped to Aiken, South Carolina to
make their home nearer their daughters, Charlotte and Tina
and husbands and families located nearby. Louis Kiser of
Canton, Mississippi reports good health.
Gladys and Roy Graham have been busy farm folks this
1966. Ida Erickson lives near her sister Myrtle Sundstrom in
Hudson, Wisconsin. She had Alberta Dodds Grunewald of St.
Paul and Theodora Agather of Minneapolis as dinner guests
recently. Tom Bender is still a gardener and grows a bounte-
ous crop -of fine vegetables. Tom, Jr., was just back from
three months in Europe, managing tours apart from his real
work. Lois and Johnny Johnson of Amherst, Wisconsin sent
their usual Audubon Society card. They drove to Camden, New

Jersey to visit son Robert, wife and five children. Robert works
in a bank in Rome, New York. Frances Dingier and Mother,
Frances Peirce still reside in Tucson and report fair health.
Eunce and Walter Cope, still 'cope' with yard work, precious
orchids and guests. Gertrude Gibson and daughters wrote a
years' review of doings. Lillian Abrams enjoyed a visit to
California, visiting her niece Carrie, whose husband is with the
State Department, stationed in Rome and was on leave. The
Tezanos are planning a trip to Spain in April. The Odin Lorens,
(Edith Goodwin) of Sarasota took a trip to Puerto Rico and St.
Thomas and went to see their granddaughter Susan Marsh
(Mary's daughter) in Houston. Later their son William, wife
and two children visited them from Mexico City. Margaret
Wiggin and Shirley Clymer, sent greetings from Florida where
Shirley lives since retiring. Frank and Kay Krause seem to
keep busy. Jessica and Louis Maurer took their northern va-
cation later this year so passed us by enroute homeward. Jan
and Frank Richardson are still big fishing enthusiasts and they
really GET Big fish and trophies.
I went to Los Angeles Huntington Park and visited the Van
Underwoods and thoroughly enjoyed Van and Kate's wonderful
hospitality, and Mary, Kate's mother who lives nearby -
Mary Kate is busy taking a course in typing and office mach-
ines, and Van seems to enjoy retirement. Teresa Ball had a
fall from a step ladder, and her Christmas note says all is
healing nicely. She was planning to spend Christmas with her
son John and family who recently moved to Castro Valley near
San Francisco. Edna Baer still lives in Pasadena and Cornelia
Reimer, having sold her Sierra Madre home, moved to an
apartment in Pasadena. Marion Kneeshaw still has her knit
shop in La Jolla. Nita Jensen Hauk of Woodland Hills informed
me upon my arrival in Los Angeles that her husband Walter's
mother, my cousin, formerly of Mountain View, has passed away
in Seattle. From Los Angeles to San Francisco I had a brief
tour of Yosemite. The Col. Nanney's are still in Palo Alto-Sue-
ellyn, husband and son are in Oxon, Maryland. Nancy January
moved to California from Maryland to be with Audrey, her
niece. Mabel Hutchings planned to be with son Robert and fam-
ily for Christmas.
I enjoyed a wonderful visit and dinner with Ben and Amy
Armstrong in their apartment in the Bay area. Mr. Ben and Mr.
Andrews, joined by Mr. McConaghey would be a perfect trium-

virate in relating early tales and history of the Canal Zone.
Lou and Helen Glud, accompanied by 2 small grandsons, (daugh-
ter Louise's) hadn't changed much since last seeing them in
Panama, 11 years ago. Son Bob is still in U.S.A.F.
I went out to Orinda to visit Frances Horter and daughter,
Marion Conners.
After a briefer than usual sojourn in San Francisco, I went
to Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, B. C. I visited kin, con-
tacted the Tahts Ruth said all were fine, and the Van
Gelders, too Minnie said she was fine but Mr. was not well -
and sent best regards to all Canal Zoners I would meet. I
was a guest of Lenora and Gene Hartshorne. I was so happy to
Meet Mrs. Elmer Haw and daughter, Margaret Teegarten and
son. They came to wish Lenora Happy Birthday! The son
exhibited some very artistic ability in pictures he showed us -
so likely he will follow in his father's footsteps as an archi-
tect. I viewed the wonderful new Seattle Library that is a mem-
orial due to his father's ability. I visited our dear friend Dove
Prather, and sister Ora Fisher, (Who wrote they were as usual
this Christmas). Dove informed me that she was 99 years
young on January 26, 1967 she showed me a recent letter from
Bishop Mark Mc Grath, one of her former Canal Zone pupils -
she was so elated that he remembered her. Keep in mind the
date January 26 as she will be 100 years young January 1968
- so all please send her greetings and tell her we love her more
at 100. Dove is one of the real old timers Canal Zone School
Marms. She lived with her mother, Mrs. Larimer in Balboa,
and later after retirement, at the Tivoli Annex apartments.
From Portland I took the beautiful Oregon coast route, via
Crescent City thru the Big Tree Area of California and was
able to spend a few hours with my Santa Rosa friends and
former Pedro Miguel neighbors. The Frank Bryans took me
to their home and the William Blacks joined us there. We were
unable to contact the B. M. Powells and "Pete" Wilson's.
I hope you all had a grand time at the Reunion.
Adios Frances S. Dorn.

After weeks of playing a game of "Here Again, Gone Again"
playful, fickle and elusive Spring has come to stay awhile
(we hope) bringing millions of Bluets, deep purple Violets and

golden yellow Dandelons to our lawn and scattered through our
woods along the river bank, beautiful Redbud and Dogwood.
Our last report was "signed off" in San Francisco, Califor-
nia. We then headed for Southern Calif. In Glendale, we
stopped to see Harry Engleke in his place of business, Panama
Moving and Storage Co. Harry recognized Newell immediately,
though it has been 45 years since they last saw each other in
the Canal Zone. Harry is now semi-retired from the business
which is presently operated by his son. In Leisure World, Seal
Beach we met with Julie McKenzie, Grace Brown and Miriam
McDaid in a most unusual meeting place-you would never be-
lieve it if I told you so suffice to say, a room behind the
stage in the Auditorium of Leisure World, and to the "Sound of
Music" (Square Dance and a leather lunged Dance Caller) we
managed to thoroughly enjoy a couple of hours of good Canal
Zone visiting. Julia has become such an outstanding artist she
is affectionately known as "Rembrandt." Grace was so full of
plans for her forthcoming retirement from Govt. work in April
that a new Rambler has been purchased. Grace and Julia are
going "Skylarking" and the first stop is to be with Lillian Farr
of College Station, Texas. Judging from their bubbling enthusi-
asm, I believe "The Sky is to be the limit" they set. As for
Miriam McDaid, she told of her interest in being a Toastmistress.
Having already made her "ice-breaker" speech, Miriam gave
me a brief synopsis of the topic she plans to use for her next
speech. It is to be about the most important river in the world,
it's history, it's value to Commerce and so much other inter-
esting data about it, I wish I could have a copy of her talk, for
this particular River has meant much to all of us-The Chagres.
Because of our interest in Housing for Senior Citizens, our
next stop was Las Vegas to inspect the Archie Grant Park, a
newly acquired Senior Citizen Housing Project. Oh, yes! we
"did The Strip" in company with a Fayetteville friend and I
feel we won because we did not play. As you leave Las Vegas
to return to California there is one sign somewhat facetious.
"Free Aspirin and Tender Sympathy" depending on your so-
called luck. We then went on to Chandler, Ariz. and again
spent a couple of hours visiting with Clarence and Gyla Foiles.
Their daughter is a Special Education teacher in Fremont,
Calif. 'Tis said: "Fair exchange is no robbery"-we gave
Plantains (kindness of Alice Ray Wier) and received Garden
Greens Gathered in the Dark 0' the Moon (cooked) and a de-

6ntful visit with old friends, rather friends of old. In Tucson,
we learned that Peggy Bradley, daughter of Fred W. and the
late Emma Bradley, is working for the Air Force. Peggy writes
she is enjoying living and fixing up her home in Tucson, her
sister Betty is teaching in the State of Washington and her
sister Martha is still living in the Zone.
Arriving home in Fayetteville, February 11th, we were
deeply grieved when told of the passing of two of our members
-Iloa Wagner of Mountain Home, Ark. Notice of her death
was published in the March issue of the CANAL RECORD.
Andrew Bleakley, Sr. of Bentonville passed on in the local hos-
pital, February 4th. Both lola and Andrew were interested and
interesting members of our Society and we shall miss them at
our meetings. Our love and sympathy to Walter Wagner and
Jean Bleakley and our admiration as we observe their courage
in adjusting to daily living without the companionship of their
partners of many years.
It was a happy group of former Canal Zoners that met in
the home of George and Edith Engelke, April 2nd to give your
reporter some news for this report. Edith gave us two PLAN-
TAINS which, wonders of wonders, had been purchased from
a local market.
The Glynn Terrels went down to New Orleans the end of
January to visit daughter Andrea and stayed in her lovely new
apartment. Took a side visit to Mississippi to visit relatives,
then back to New Orleans for Madri Gras. Andrea came up
to Bentonville for a 5 day visit the week after Easter. Earnest
and Haleen Williams were full of the happy time they had at
the Re-Union and how good it was to see y'all. Haleen's broth-
er, Sam Hess, was their house guest in February and March.
We report with pride the presentation of the Honorary Degree
of Sword and Trowel by the York Rite of A.F. & A.M. to Earnest
in Little Rock, Arkansas, 18 March 1967. We missed Carl and
Helen Newhard. They were in Battle Creek, Michigan to wel-
come the arrival of a new grandson, Gary Malcolm Newhard,
4th child and 2nd son of Bruce and Karen Newhard. Gary Mal-
colm was born 28 March 1967. Helen's father, Malcolm Little,
who makes his home with them took this time to visit his step-
daughter, Mrs. Schuler Page in Mobile, Ala. Before returning
home, Carl and Helen will visit their son Sam and wife Anne
in Erie, Pa. Fred and Jessie Newhard are, after a busy winter,

quietly enjoying the freshness of a lovely Springtime in
The Lynn Cooks are off on a DeLuxe (red carpet, etc.)
Golden Eagle Bus Trip to Arizona and California. More about
this in our next issue. Alice Engelke breezed in with news
written for me, then breezed out to take daughter Mary Alice
and husband Bob Williford of Margarita, C.Z. to see the beauty
of the country side. Here's the news: "Herb and Alice Engelke
enjoyed a visit from Frank Townsend, between semesters, from
Oklahoma State in Stillwater, Oklahoma. They were also glad
to see Bertha and Dick Capps (formerly P.R.R. inspector who
left the Zone in 1949) now of Boone, Iowa when they dropped
in for a visit in late March. The Capps hope soon to retire to
their home in Wheaton, Mo. and be close enough to visit our
Society meetings. Marguerite (Engelke) and Harold Grammer
with daughters Tracee Ann and Leslie Rene have moved from
Tulsa, Okla. to Scottsdale, Ariz. Marguerite was pleased to
learn that Wendy (Cotton) and Dennis Corrigan and family
were living not far away in Glendale, also a Phoenix suburb.
While Bob Williford was attending Flight School in Panama
City, Fla. Mary Alice went out to visit her sister Marguerite
in Scottsdale."
Through our beloved Mattie MacAulay, we are always
pleased to report about the Jimmy Coman Family. Jimmy
Coman, Sr. and the late Lula Mae Coman, along with Capt.
Jack and Agnes Phillips (natives of this area) were the pro-
genitors of our Panama Canal Society of Northwest Arkansas.
We still miss Jimmy Sr., from our midst. His son Lt. Col.
James B. Coman is presently in Washington, D. C. taking a
refresher course in Spanish preparatory to an assignment in
Panama, Julia Ann (Coman) Potter and her husband, a Lt. in
the Air Force will go to Hawaii for their first assignment.
Before leaving Bentonville we stopped to buy some of those
unusual and almost unbelievable PLANTAINS, then to Rogers
to see the "Red" Nails. No one home-no news. In Spring-
dale we saw Carrie Mathues and her guest, Verna Peeler.
Verna and Carrie were nurses in the Panama Hospital many
years ago. Verna returned to Riverside, Calif. Last year,
having a brother living in Rogers, she came out and built a
cottage beside our now famous Beaver Lake on the White River.
We gave them a couple of PLANTAINS and great was their joy.
We learned that Joe Conklin is visiting his sister in Oklahoma.

Eloise Brown and daughter Shannon are enjoying life in the
fast growing town of Springdale.
We hastened back to Fayetteville to give some PLANTAINS
to Mike and Minnie Burton only to find that Minnie had brought
some home from Houston for us. During the Easter Holiday
Minnie had picked up her daughter, Judy Crooks Daily and two
children in Austin, Texas, gone on to Houston to show off Judy's
children to the kin-folks there, Nannie Brown, Cecil Lowe, Bates
Wieman, Frances Whitlock and Florabelle Helmrichs. S.F.C.
Robert Crooks was home for a few days before leaving for his
present assignment in Ft. Gulick. Bob is with the Special
Forces and just completed an 18 week Refresher Course in
Spanish. No PLANTAINS for the Reifs as they had gone to
see Walter Jr. in Oklahoma Cty. Theo and Heinie Hallin were
thrilled to receive their share of the PLANTAINS and the teach-
er in Theo immediately exclaimed "I must show these
children in school, for we have been learning about them."
Our delight in PLANTAINS may seem far-fetched to you who
may buy them any time, but to us in the Ozarks, PLANTAINS
are a gustatory treat.
Walter Wagner was in our locality last week in the interest
of N.A.R.C.E. Billie Bohan, formerly of Jonesboro, is now
living in Blytheville, Ark. where she has accepted a position with
the Air Force Base in that town. A little farther away in dis-
tance, but still one of us. Ruth Daniel was with us on our
news gathering trip and adds her own bit of news that she at-
tended the State D.A.R. Conference at El Dorado in February.
Your reporter leaves for Florida next week. First stop will
be Lake Wales to witness the Passion Play on a very important
(to me) Birthday Anniversary, April 15th.
Traveling South we found ourselves in Dothan, Ala. Phoning
the home of Mrs. John D. Odom (Sue Core) we learned she was
expected home momentarily. Well, we missed seeing Sue and
Sue missed a free lunch. We arrived in Lake Wales on schedule
and witnessed the stupendous dramatization -of The Passion
Play. On to Lantana to see Ed and Mildred Higgins and family.
The Atlantic Ocean and your reporter had a .tussle and I was
dunked, clothes an all.
In St. Petersburg we saw our friend, Grace R. Browne in
her present charming Trailer home in Crosswinds and the
luxurious one she soon will occupy in Bay Pines. Also visited

Leora Walling in Crosswinds. Art and Louise Grier were our
good hosts for a day in their spacious home and to The Wedg-
wood Inn, as Louise and I celebrated a belated birthday dinner.
We share the same birthday and just learned we are twins,
sharing the same birth year. Kindness of the Griers, we saw
E. & E. Kieswetter and Howard and Dot Dworak.
Another friend of old is Marion Dodson whom we saw in her
lovely Tampa home. It was Marion who served as Courier for
the Electrical Division in 1918 bringing to the newly wed Shaws
a Royal Doulton Punch Bowl and a tea service of wide Gold
Band Minton. To see the Core and Heart of our Panama Canal
Society of Florida was a "must" with me as we had been OES
Matrons together in 1935 and had a lot of "catching up" to do.
Of course, I'm referring to the real Old Timer of 1907 vintage,
our beloved and efficient Secretary, Lucille Judd. This report
is being delivered to the Editor of the CANAL RECORD, Betty
Lockridge, in person and 6 days before the "deadline" and
THAT, my dear readers is NEWS.
President Mike Burton would like to see y'all to our Picnic
in Fayettevlle, Sunday, June 19th, Hwy 112, Agri Park at noon.
We moved the Picnic up a week from regular date.
Blanche E. Shaw

Mrs. Guy Allen (Cicely Knibb) of 4221 Coliseum Street in
New Orleans has ben busy these days knitting a coat for one of
her granddaughters who lives in Texas. She recently turned
down a trip with her niece, Dr. E. Dorothea Witt, who will be
visiting the Zone. Mrs. Allen was married in Empire and spent
the happiest years of her married life in the Zone. She is per-
haps wiser than some in realizing that it is impossible to go
back and rightly fears disillusionment about a place she once
loved and its memories.

Miss Elizabeth (Betsy) Foster, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Gilbert C. Foster of Diablo Hieghts, took a four-day vacation
trip during the Easter holidays and flew to Atlanta where she
was the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. Michael deCamp and their
son, Jonathan. Mrs. deCamp is the former Mary Turner,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Turner of Diablo Heights.

Mary graduated from Balboa High School in 1962 and received
a BA degree from Douglass College in New Jersey in 1966. Mike
deCamp attended Canal Zone College while his father was sta-
tioned in the Zone and is now working toward a degree as a
medical doctor at Emory University. Betsy enjoyed visiting
with her old friends from the Zone and becoming acquainted
with seven-months-old Jonathan. The deCamps hope to be
able to return the visit in the near future and stay with Betsey
who is currently living at 513 East State Street, Apt. 6, in
Baton Rouge.

Danny George, son of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis H. George of
Gatun, who is majoring in electrical engineering at Louisiana
State Universty with a specialty in electrical power, was re-
cently elected to the position of cataloguer in the national
honorary fraternity for engineers, Tau Beta Pi. He was also
recently initiated into the national honorary fraternity for elec-
trical engineers, Eta Kappa Nu. In their new slate of officers
for 1967-1968, Danny has been elected vice-president. Danny,
with his wife, the former Charlotte (Lottie) Schultz, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Robert U. Schultz of Balboa, and their sons,
Danny, Jr., three years, and Doran, 17 months, are looking
forward to spending the weeks following summer school back
on the Zone, enjoying a tropical vacation of surf and sun.
lobster and red snapper. In June, they are expecting a visit
from Richard and Sandra Phillips of Balboa, who will be ac-
companied by their two daughters, Kathleen, 2/2 years, and
April, 1 year. The Phillips will then be returning to the Zone
on the Panama Line out of New Orleans.

Mrs. Mattie Harris, formerly of 863 Olga Stret in New
Orleans, has decided to sell her house because of ill health
and is now living in the lovely new Bethany Home at 2535 Es-
planade Avenue in New Orleans.

Mrs. Ursula I. Thompson of Plank Street in Balboa, will
be receiving a bachelor's degree in secondary education from
Louisiana State University in May. However, she will be un-
able to take part in the graduation ceremonies for she is

returning to the Zone immediately after her final examinations
to help her husband move the family back to the States. Urusla
is the mother of 13 children-7 boys and 6 girls, ranging in age
from 23 to 6 years old. She has also distinguished herself as
a high honors student with an overall grade point average of
2.8 out of a possible 3.0. She graduated from the Canal Zone
College in 1965. Louisiana State University will be privileged
to have Ursula back, however, for the summer school session
when she will begin work on a master's degree in special ed-
ucation which will involve working with handicapped children.
For this work, she has been awarded a fellowship from the Fed-
eral government for study in mental retardation. Ursula is
originally from British Honduras and was naturalized in

Mrs. Ella E. Wertz of 1926 Annunciation Street in New
Orleans, returned to the Zone in May, 1966, to visit her son
Harry, his wife Zella and their six-year-old son, David, who are
living in Cardenas Village, which is a realtive new spot, well
planned and landscaped in the hills between Fort Clayton and
Corozal. This is Mrs. Wertz's first visit since leaving after her
retirement in September 1956. Besides visiting her many old
friends including Grace Schrack, Helen McKeoun and Nye Nor-
ris, she especially enjoys attending the Tuesday Luncheon Club
meetings-a club she helped organize in the early 1940's. Al-
though no original mmebers are left, the club is giong good and
still meets at the old Tivoli on the Pacific side and at the Elk's
Home on the Atlantic side. She has also enjoyed attending
affairs given for the visiting National President of the American
Legion Auxiliary and the installation of the presidents for Post
No. 1 and Unit No. 1 of the American Legion. She is tentatively
planning to return to New Orleans in June and perhaps help in
organizing a Louisana Chapter of the Panama Canal Society.

E. Dorothea Witt, MD, of 1215 Milan Street in New Orleans,
along with her partner, are taking a two-week cruise to British
Honduras and points south, through the Canal and back again.
Your Reporter, Patt Foster Roberson

Doctor and Mrs. Jack Strumpf have as their guest Lila's
father, Mr. Edmund Ewing of Turks Island (Bahamas). He is
a lively 93 year old gentleman, and is enjoying every minute
of his stay here.
Eddie Jones of St. Pete and his wife Marge (a school teacher
in the Zone) spent an Easter vacation around Ft. Lauderdale
and other parts. Many parties were given in their honor among
them a brunch by Dave and Peggy Yerkes, and an "at home"
by Byrne and Armella Hutchings. We hope that some day they
will be a part of our little community.
Byrne and Armella Hutchings also had as their house-
guests for a few days Miss Gladys Clary ( a Canal Zone school
teacher) and her sister Miss Cora Clary of Orlando. While here
they all were the dinner guests of the Bob Lombroias in their
lovely new home in Imperial Point. Another guest at the
Hutchings home is Loue Evensen, an uncle of Armella's from
Spring Grove, Minnesota.
Sandra Schmitt, accompanied by a classmate from Emer-
son College in Boston, Susan Wiener, spent the Easter holidays
in Ft. Lauderdale with her mother, Mrs. Barbara H. Schmitt,
Naturally they enjoyed the Beach and all its confusion.

for Membership Box 11566, St. Petersburg, Florida 33733
, .................... .... .............., hereby apply for membership in the
Panama Canal Socitey of Florida, Inc., and enclose $4.00 as my ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP
dues for the year............. $2.00 of this amount is for a Subscription to the CANAL
RECORD for one year.

N am e ... ...........................................................................

N am e (W ife) .. ................................................................. ....

Street ........ ............... .............................. ... Box ..............

City ................................ ........ State ........... Zip Code...............

Division Employed ..................................................................
Recommended by .............. ..................................................
Approved By .............................................. Date .............

Amount enclosed $.................... ........ Check ....... M.O...... Cash.......
DUES $4.90 PER YEAR. Add 45c to checks on Canal Zone banks

Mary Journey, an ex-Canal school teacher, was a visitor at
the home of the Byrne Hutchings. The party her hosts gave;
with many ex-Canal Zone school teachers was a great success.

Mike and Ruth Byrne have as their guests, their sister-in-
law, Elvira Byrne of San Francisco.

Bob Lombroia returned to the scenes of his old life in
March, he was invited to attend the Panama Golf Open matches,
and was one of the officials. He stayed with his daughter and
son-in-law Jane Lombroia Burke and John, and saw many of his
old friends still there.

On the 8th of May, Bob and Ella are off again for Panama,
Canal Zone and a visit with their family, the John Burkes.

Art and Rita Gribbons (she of Gorgas Hospital) are new
residents of Florida, living in Pompano, and so are Jack and
Marie Corrigan.

On April 9th the Miami folks held a picnic at Mathieson
Park. Among those attending were President Hobart Andrews,

Payment Box 11566, St. Petersburg, Florida 33733

T, ..................... ........ ..... .... .......... ...... hereby transmit my ANNUAL
MEMBERSHIP dues of $4.00 in the Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc. for the year
........... ... $2.00 of this amount is for a subscription to the CANAL RECORD
for one year. (Please return this bill form with remittance).
N am e ..................................... ...
Street ............................. ....... .......................... Box................
City ................................................ State.......... Zip Code...........
Dues for: 1967.......... 1968 ..........; 1969.... ...... 1970. .........; 1971..........
Amount Enclosed $...................... (Check) ........ (M.O.)........ (Cash)........

Street ............................................... .............. B ox ...............
City ................... ............................. State............. Zip Code...........

Recorded: Date .............................. CCard No ..........................
Add 45c to checks on Canal Zone Banks

Mrs. Andrews and grandchildren; the Ed Japs; Mr. and Mrs.
Jones; Mrs. Gretchen Melanson; E. J. Roddy and Edwin Felix;
Margaret Hardy; and her houseguest Helen McKeown; Mrs.
Jessie J. Fortner; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence True; Dr. Edward
Majilton; E. A. Angermuller, Mrs. Auleem Bowen; Captain and
Mrs. Bill Reed (Katie) and from Ft. Lauderdale and Pompano;
and Frank Cunningham and Barbara Hutchings.

Anthony Winkus, retired welder from Cristobal, now resides
at 13301 N.W. 15th Cout, Miami. He is a wheel-chair patient
and would be glad to see some of his old friends.

Mrs. H. I. (Etta) Homa of the Tivoli Hotel has been a vis-
itor to Miami and she and her daughter, Barbara Stein of Hib-
bing, Minn. were the luncheon guests of Barbara Hutchings.

Mrs. Elizabeth Sudron of Balboa, Canal Zone, was the guest
of Barbara Hutchings in March. While here the gals took a
trip to Cape Kennedy where they visited wth her nephew and
niece, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Jeffries and their two young sons.


for Membership
for Membership BLOOD BANK FUND
Residents of
Florida Only Box 11566, St. Petersburg, Florida 33733

Name ........................ ........ ............................. ..
Address .. ................ ............ .......................... Box ..............
City ......................................... .... t ...... ... Zip Codp. .........
Telephone .......................................
N am e ......................................... .................
Address ........... ................... ............................... Box ...... .......
City ................................... ............. State.......... %ip Code..........

Am ount Enclosed .................... ( ck k ..... (M .O.) ......... (Cash) .......
Approved by .......................... .................. Guard ate ................
DUES: AdOlts $2.00 pet year, Children $1.00 per year,

Last evening Dr. and Mrs. Jack Strumpf invited a few
friends in to help celebrate the birthday of her father Mr. Ed-
mund Ewing. A gay time was had by the Yerkes, Leroy Mag-
nusons, Lonnie and Betty Van Siclen, the Oglesbys (he of Fureza
v Luzin Panama, Barbara Hutchings, and other neighbors in the
Coral Ridge Towers.
Bob Johnson and wife Pete of Balboa Heights are due to
arrive in a few days to visit with the Paul Hertgens.
Lloyd and Ruth Peterson, accompanied by Pete's sister
Mildred, were visitors to Lauderdale recently. They have rented
an apartment in Hollywood till next winter, and Pete's father
will live with them.
Clarence and Tess Priest of Margate had visiting with them
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Rupple former Canal Zone

Ruthy Adams of Balboa was a visitor for a few days at the
home of Beverly des Londes. Needless to say the few days
were crowded with visiting and shopping.

Barbara M. Hutchings

Box 11566, St. Petersburg, Florida 33733

N am e ....................................... ........... ................................

street ................................ ............ ............... ox....................
(:ity ret......................................... t...................... Zip Cox ..................
City . . . . . State .. .. .... Zip Code .... .

D ues for: 191 I 7 .......... : I!1 8 .......... ; I! 9 .......... ; 1970 .......... 19.71..........

Amount Enclosed $ .................... (Check)........ (M.O.)........ (Cash)........

S tre e t . . .. . . . . o x . .
it .. .......................................... State ......... Zip Code. .........

DUES: Adults $2.00) per year Children $1.00 per year.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd W. Peterson of Hollywood, with his
father, Walter D. Peterson of Hollywood and his sister, Mrs.
Harry A. Stone (Mildred Peterson) of Jamestown, N. Y., visited
friends in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs and Sar-
asota. While in Sarasota, Mike and Marion Greene held an in-
formal "open house" for them in order that they might see
some of the other Canal Zone friends in the short time there
were there. We were all particularly happy to see Lloyd's
father, who is 90 years old and in June will have been retired
from the Canal 30 years. Joining the group at the Greenes
were Mrs. Matilda Neely, Mildred Neely, Jay and Harry Cain,
Ruth and Clyde Stroop, Madge and John Hall, Gladys Humphrey
and her granddaughter, Debbie Mann.
Enroute to Sarasota the Petersons stopped in Lehigh Acres,
just outside of Fort Myers, to visit their grandson and nephew,
Richar Peterson, son of the late Walter Peterson, and his fam-
ily. Ricky, his wife, Wanda and 2 year old Richard Jr., will be
moving to Sarasota. Ricky, assistant manager of Thom McAn
Shoe Store in Lehigh Acres has recently been promoted to man-
ager of the Thorn McAn stor in Sarasota.
After leaving Sarasota the Petersons were overnight guests
of Dave and Flora Madison in Tarpon Springs.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Clarke spent the Easter week-end in
Miami visiting Joyce's brother-in-law and sisters, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles K. Cross and Mrs. Nita Hartman. They all had Easter
Sunday brunch with Jiggs and Mae Cross's daughter and family,
Dr. and Mrs. William Carson Jr., Stephanie and Billy, and with
William Carson Sr., who was visiting from the Canal Zone.

In March, Mrs. Elsie Cousineau returned by plane to West
Covina, Calif. after an extended visit in Sarasota with her
sister, Mrs. Matilda Neely. Mrs. Cousineau arrived Christmas
Eve to spend the holidays with her sister and with her nieces,
Mildred Neely and Marion Neely Greene and Marion's husband,

Jack and June Burns, now retired and living in Ontario,
Canada, stopped by to visit Jay and Harry Cain in their new
home on Tee Road. Other visitors at the Cain residence were

Harry and Jackie Linker of St. Petersburg, who had a home at
Santa Clara Beach, Panama; also Ann Pennock and her son,
Winchell Jr. and daughter, Mary Ann Pic of St. Petersburg.

Capt. and Mrs. George Rae, who are vacationing at Fort
Lauderdale and later plan to visit their parents in Boston be-
fore returning to Gamboa, C.Z., stopped by to see Jay and
Harry; also Tillie and Howard Hagan on vacation from Balboa
where Howard is Harbormaster.

Jack and Carlie Taber, who are building a home in St.
Petersburg, made their first trip to Sarasota and spent the day
visiting the Canal Zone group here.

In February, while Mrs. Nita Hartman of Miami was a
guest of her brother-in-law and sister, Jack and Joyce Clarke,
they enjoyed a visit by G. Douglas Suddaby, a friend of long
standing from the Canal Zone. He is now living close by in
Englewood, Fla., where his son, Dr. George D. Suddaby, is
a veterinarian.

Mrs. Jessie Finlason who makes her home with her son-
in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John W. B. Hall returned
from a six weeks visit with other relatives in Tampa.

Visitors for two weeks at the home of the James F. Bur-
goons were Jeanne's daughter and granddaughter, Mrs. Ray-
mond Timm (Karen) and Laura Jeanne, of Hollywood, Fla.

Mike and Marion Greene enjoyed a visit by Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Berger (Nellree Smith), who are vacationing in Florida.

Guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Stroop Sr., during April were
Clyde's sister, Violet, and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Rob-
inson, of San Francisco, Cal. While here they took a trip to
Cape Canaveral and Merritt Island. They left for Puerto Rico
to visit their son-in-law and daughter, Capt. and Mrs. Lowell
M. Brentner, before returning to California.

Jay Cain entertained the C. Z. Birthday Club at a luncheon
in April, when Gladys Humphrey was the honoree. Miniature
flowers and colored umbrellas were used on the tables and in
the general decorations of the patio to carry out the "April
Showers Bring May Flowers" theme. Each of the guests re-
ceived a souvenir reminiscent of the C.Z. Long before Harry
was due to retire, Jay had walked the beaches of Gorgona in
search of "burning beans", sometimes called "lucky beans,"
which she and Harry made into key chains especially for the
birthday group.

William C. Hitchcock, Jr., returned to Hartford, Conn.,
after a short visit with his parents, Maxine and Bill Hitchcock.

Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Orvis enjoyed a visit by Mr. and
Mrs. Stanley Yost of Gloucester, Mass., who are spending their
vacation in Venice. The Yosts were Fran and Roger's first
neighbors on the Canal Zone over 37 years ago.

Visiting with Mr. and Mrs. John W. B. Hall during the spring
vacation was Madge's nephew, Jack Finlason of Curundu, who is
attending engineering college in Daytona Beach, a branch of
Miami Universty

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Harrson, Sr., have been spending
several weeks in Dunedin with Florence's brother-in-law and
sister, Joe and Charlotte Eckert.
Mrs. Michael F. Greene, Mrs. Harry V. Cain and Mrs.
Roger A. Orvis drove to Venice to visit Mrs. Thomas W. Fels,
former Gatunite, and with her attended the benefit for the Ven-
ice Garden Center.
Mrs. Gladys Bliss Humphrey, accompanied by her son-in-
law and daughter, Dave and Donna Mann, with Debbie, Donald
and Doug Mann, drove to Palm Bay,-Fla. when Gladys' young-
est granddaughter, Dellrie Joy, one month old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Humphrey, was christened at a pri-
vate service April 29, in the Methodist Church in Melbourne.
Dellrie's maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Frost
of Tampa were also present.
The baby's godparents are her great aunt, Mrs. Curtis H.
Bliss (Emily) of Eau Gallie, and her uncle, James A. Frost of
Benning, Ga., and Tampa.

Mrs. Ethel Clarke arrived from Canal Zone in April for
several weeks visit with her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs. Jack W. Clarke, in their new home. Visiting Jack and
Joyce at the same time was Ethel's sister, Mrs. Wesley Wilder,
who arrived from Kent City, Mich. It had been seven years
since the sisters had seen each other.
Jack and Joyce also enjoyed a visit by Henry and Irene
Donavan of St. Petersburg and their guests, Thatcher and Mil-
dred Clisbee, now retired and living at 515 Oakland Park, Apt. 5,
Columbus, Ohio.
The Ralph Hanners of St. Peterburg and Mr. and Mrs.
James H. Rheney, who were visiting from Spartanburg, S. C.,
drove to Sarasota to visit Madge and John Hall, the Harry
Cains and other friends in the Park.
Gladys B. Humphrey

Did you know that-a telephone conversation between the
Presidents of Panama and Costa Rica put in service the new
international micro-wave network Balboa Heights average
rainfall was 70.37 inches "High Steel, Hard Rock and Deep
Water by R. W. O'Neil lists historic construction of first, biggest
and bests" includes the building of the Panama Canal Life
en Espanol, the Spanish edition and the Latin American edition
of Time are to be printed in Panama-Canal Zone college has an
official seal-in flow into Madden Lake for a one hour period
increased to 207-360 cubic feet per second the Record Editor
with the help of her husband labeled, bundled and mailed 2,139
March Records.
Many thanks to all the reporters for getting their copy in on
schedule; to all who contributed new items and pictures. All
items and reports must be TYPED as the printer will not accept
hand written articles. The slight change in format of the Record
is due to 2nd class Postal regulations. Since the Record is being
kept to approximately 92 pages it will be appreciated if the re-
ports are slightly condensed. If an obituary or news item does
not appear in the Record it is because it has not been received.
Keep the news and pictures coming.
Betty Lockridge, Record Editor,
2600 Pinellas Point Drive South
St. Petersburg, Fla. 33712
Phone 867-2315

If millions of dollars had not been spent in modifications
and improvements which increased the capacity of the water-
way during the past 5 years, Panama Canal traffic now would
be exceeding estimated capacity.
Because of these improvements, which have included cut
widening and modification of locks overhaul techniques, capacity
has been increased from 32 to 70 oceangoing ships during a 24-
hour period.
During the first 15 days of April, the daily average reached
41.4 oceangoing ships, highest in Canal history. At the same
time the number of lockages came to 37.6 which exceeded the
maximum capacity of 36 daily average lockages estimated in
the 1960 Bonner Committee report.
A replica of the 15th century caravel Olatrane San Lucas
transited the Canal early last February. The Olatrane, a re-
production of Columbus' smallest ship, anchored at the Balboa
Yacht Club several weeks after transiting and her bearded crew
became familiar figures on the Isthmus.
The brave little caravel reached her destination Acapulco--
and there she sank.

50 Years Ago the Coaling Plant at Cristobal began regular
operation in September, 1916 for commercial use although
not all the contracting work had been completed. Up to that
time, some Canal customers had a bunkering problem. Vessels
were limited to the amount of bunkers they could take on with
sufficient coal provided to make the next port of call on their
established route where commercial coaling stations were avail-
able. Vessels trading to South American ports north of Val-
paraiso were supplied sufficient coal for the return voyage to
the Canal.

"Without the voice of NARCE in the halls and offices of Congress very
few if any benefits would ever come our way." -
G. C. Lockridge, Legis. Rep.

RETIRING or RETIRED from Federal Civil Service?

YOU are invited to become acquainted with the

1909 Que Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. 20009
(popularly known as "NARCE")
For over 45 years this 127,000 member non-profit incorporated organization has been the
championon of Federal Retirees."
NARCE has over 40 State Federations and 900 Chapters, one of these Chapters is
located right here in this city.
YOU are cordially invited to attend one of its meetings this year.


1909 Que Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. 20009

1 apply for National membership (for which I am olir'ible as shown below) which
includes subscription to Retirtment Life Magazine and pay $3.50, one year's dues herewith.
Check or Money Order should be made imnable to NARCE

N AM E (please print) ................................

STREET ADDRESS ................................

CIT Y ............ ......... ..... ......... STA TE ............... D AT E... ...........

SIG N A T U R E .. ...........................................

I anm (cheek one blank and give other indicated information)
)(a) Retired civil employee of the Goverment of the United States or any agency
thereof, or of the Governmentr of the District of Columbia.
(b) A former employee of any such entity who has the right to a deferred annuity.
( (c) A person receiving ani annuity as the survivor of a deceased employee of any
such entity.
( ) (d) A former Member of the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives.
(e) The spouse of a living member of the Association or the widow or widower
of a deceased member.
)(f ) The widow or widower of a former retired employee of the Government of the
United States or any agency thereof, or of the Government of the District of
Colulmbia, who was not a member of the Association at the time of the death
of such retiree.

My C.S.A. number is ................ .............. (C.S.A. number only if available)

Government Agency from which Retired ..............................................

Dr. Thomas Ally, Wilmington. N. C., Mr. T. E. McElhone, Margarita, C.Z.


Mr. and Mrs. James Catron,
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sellers, Aiken, S. C.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cotton.
Mrs. Lumby, San Diego, Calif.

Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Weeks (Irma Fayard) and Mrs. Ellen Perkins,
Pensacola, Fla.


k-- it

Mr. George D. Poole (picture taken
in Europe), Schenectady, N. Y.

Miss Margaret Grier,
Fullerton, Calif.

Mary Lou Parker, Mr. Wm. F. Grady, Lakeland, Fla.,
Colorado Springs, Colo. with a crop of his chiotes

Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
P. O. Box 11566
St. Petersburg, Florida 33733

2nd Class Postage
at St. Petersburg,
Florida Post Office


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