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Canal record
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Canal rec. (St. Petersbg. Fla.)
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Panama Canal Society of Florida
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JUNE 1961

1 "~IL~




Reunion of Marguerite and'Pete Flynn's family
Together for the first time in 15 years at Balboa, C. Z. Back row, left to right: second, Marguerite, third, Marilyn, fifth, Jeanne, ninth, Pete Jr., tenth, Joanne.
(See People You Know)

- ,%a

-I 4 rr

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Anderson say "Hi".
Northern California January picnic.


At Northern California January picnic, Buckley Yoder,
Harold Irwin, Enio Lindstrom, Sydney Neville, Ernie
Payne, Chet Lindgren.

Capt. B. C. Judd, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Capt. Sterling Miller, Dallas, Texas.
Capt. Henri M. Herff, Baton Rouge, La.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Baxley of Glendale, California, with
their four sons. Left to right: John, Major Jim, William P.,
and Robert V.

Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Anderson, Swope, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. Lew McIlvaine, Clearwater, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Norbury, St. Petersburg, Florida.

'I". '
,,,* .

The Panama Canal Society
To preserve American Ideals and Canal Zone
P. O. BOX 11566 ST. PETERSBURG 33,
Keith Kelley
William L. Goodwin
Vice-President ro
Lee Bell
Mrs. Z. K. Esler
Ernest M. Kieswetter
News Editor
Fred D. Hunsicker

of Florida
J. F. Warner
J. F. Bashner
W. H. Butler
Charles G. Calvit
J. T. Everett
Troy Hayes
W. L. Hersh
H. H. Hudson
H. J. Lewis
R. H. Oliver
M. A. Turner
Dan E. Wright
James Bradley


From the number of calls I have received about the Government
Health Insurance Plan, it seems to be top interest, so I will try to give you
the latest report about it.
There will be two plans which will go into effect July 1st and will
be underwritten by the Aetna Life Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn.
There will be no age or physical requirements for coverage.
You can take one or both plans or none at all, it is purely optional,
and you will have to May 1st to decide.
Examine both plans carefully and compare them with any insurance
you now have and see which is best suited for you.
If you decide not to enroll in either Government plan you can keep
the insurance you now have or take out insurance in one of the qualified
private insurance companies.
In either case the Government will contribute $3.00 a month for a
single annuitant or $6.00 a month for a family enrollment.
The two Government plans are similar to the two NARCE plans.
The first or Basic Coverage Plan, will pay benefits in each calendar year,
up to $15.00 a day for 31 days, for hospital room and board and up to
$150.00 for other hospital expenses and benefits, in accordance with a fee
schedule for surgical charges.
The second or Major Medical Coverage Plan, will help pay for room
and board charges for additional days in a hospital or convalescent hos-
pital, after a deductible is met.

This plan will also help pay, for the additional costs of other hospital
expenses and surgery. It will further help to pay, for in-and-out-of hos-
pital charges, for physicians services, drugs, medicines and special nursing.
This Major Medical Coverage Plan, has a $5,000.00 lifetime maxi-
mum for each annuitant and for each member of his family, when the
family enrollment is chosen.
The cost of the first or Basic Coverage Plan will be $3.50 a month
for a single annuitant and $7.00 a month for the family enrollment.
The second or Major Medical Coverage Plan, will cost the annuitant
$3.00 a month for self, or $6.00 a month for family enrollment.

To those retirees who are receiving benefits under a deferred annuity
or will receive a deferred annuity before July 1st and had 12 or more
years service, a bill HR-3027 has been sponsored by Representative Davis
of Georgia, that would make deferred annuitants eligible, for the Govern-
ment Health Insurance Plan.
Bill S-75, sponsored by Senator Carlson of Kansas, is of special in-
terest to the ladies, as it would continue survivorship annuities of a sur-
viving spouse after they re-marry.
Bill S-74 also sponsored by Senator Carlson, would allow annuities
to be recomputed to their full value, when the spouse named to receive
a survivor annuity dies first.
Bill HR-140, sponsored by Representative Rogers of Colorado, would
make all annuities paid under the Civil Service Retirement Act, exempt
from Federal income taxes.
The success of these bills depends on how many people are interested
enough to write their Representatives in Congress.
Get your relatives and friends to write, a few pennies invested in
postage stamps and a few minutes of your time, can pay many dollars
in increased annuities.


As of today, over 4,000 bills have been introduced in Congress and
some 50 of them are in support of NARCE sponsored legislation.
The Senate and House Committees on Post Office and Civil Service
will start holding hearings in the next few weeks. It is now time to write
Congressman William C. Cramer, House Office Bldg., Washington, D.C.
and Senators Spessard L. Holland and George A. Smathers, Senate Office
Bldg., Washington, D.C. First thank them for their fine support of retire-

ment legislation in the past and then in your own words tell them why
you are requesting their support of a certain bill.
Beside writing your own letter, ask your relatives, friends and neigh-
bors to write, they will be glad to help.
A new bill similar to H.R.-3027 reported last month is H.R.-3320,
to extend health benefits under the 1960 law, to the survivor spouses of
retirees who died before April 1, 1948 and did not receive a survivor an-
nuity until 1958. This bill will benefit the forgotten widows and should
be supported by all of us.
Two Bills, S-745 and H.R.-3318, would make permanent the 10%
temporary increases of 1958, by making them payable from the Retirement
Fund and to also make the retirement fund available without limit, for
benefits authorized by Congress.
Bill H.R.-3316, to increase all retiree and survivor annuities paid
from the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund by 20% on each
annuity up to $1500.00 and 10% on any portion above $1500.00 and
require further increases in such annuities, to match all cost-of-living in-
creases in employee salaries approved by Congress.
Bills S-745 and H.R.-3318 are similar to H.R.-3316 because they
require annuity increases to be authorized by Congress, however since
World War two, salaries have been increased more than annuities and if
our annuity increases are tied in with salary increases, they will become
automatic and save a lot of this letter writing.


In the March Record I stressed the importance of joining NARCE,
the National Association of Retired Civil Service Employees so you would
receive the information on retirement legislation every month. I am glad
to learn that many of you good folks have done so.
We can all feel proud of our fellow Canal Diggers, Newell Shaw
and Frank Gerchow; who not only joined NARCE, but are holding im-
portant positions. Mr. Shaw is President of the Arkansas State Federa-
tion of Chapters and Mr. Gerchow is Field Vice President of Region 3
which includes the States of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.
By the time the Canal Record reaches you, any legislation reported by
me has become old stuff and can only be classed as great expectations.
The Civil Service Commission has reported that the unfunded lia-
bility of the Retirement and Disability reserve fund, has risen to more

than 31 billion dollars; which is a considerable increase from the 1959
liability of 27 billion dollars.
Although this is no reason to assume that the Reserve Fund is going
bankrupt, it does point to the urgent necessity of improving the financing
of the fund, because no further liberalization of retirement benefits can
be hoped for, unless the fund becomes financially sound from an actuarial
To remedy this condition, the Kennedy Administration has urged
Congress to provide additional financing for the fund which would auto-
matically provide for additional money whenever needed.
Senator Johnston and Rep. Murray, Chairmen of the Senate and
House Post Office and Civil Service Committees, have introduced bills to
carry out the Administration's request.
The following bills are only a few of the many that have been in-
troduced so far in support of beneficial retirement legislation. H.R.-4266
by Rep. Byron G. Rogers and H.R.-4899 by Rep. Peter H. Dominick,
both of Colorado, would grant cost-of-living increases of 20% on the first
$1500.00 of our annuities and 10% on the balance and further increases
when Congress raises Federal salaries. H.R.- 4301 by Rep. Joel T. Broy-
hill of Virginia, would grant 71/2% increase, effective July 1, 1960. An-
other bill, H.R. 4302 also by Rep. Broyhill, would grant us increases in
the future, to match increases in Federal salaries. Bill H.R.-4990 by Rep.
William C. Cramer of St. Petersburg, Florida, would exempt Civil Service
annuities from Federal income tax.
It is very doubtful that any legislation similar to the above will be
passed this first session of the 87th Congress but there is a very good
chance of just one piece of legislation becoming law and that is item
No. 10 of the NARCE 1961 Legislative Program which I reported in
the March Canal Record.
Bill H.R.-5432 by Rep. Tom Murray of Tennessee and Bill H.R.-5397
by Rep. Robert J. Corbett of Pennsylvania, would make the 10% increase
authorized in 1958, payable from the Retirement Fund.
Mr. Murray is Chairman and Mr. Corbett is ranking minority mem-
ber of the House Committee on Post Office and Civil Service and their
support of this legislation makes it almost certain of approval.
It is very important that the 10% increase be made permanent, be-
cause the present appropriation will expire June 30th and if it is not
made permanent, all annuities will be reduced 10% and the annuities
granted the forgotten widows in 1958 will stop.
Congressmen are very busy people; they are also human and appre-

ciate receiving your letters of thanks.
Please take a few minutes of your time and write to the Hon. Tom
Murray, Chairman, House Office Bldg., Washington 25, D.C. and the Hon.
Robert J. Corbett, House Office Bldg., Washington 25, D.C.
Thank them for their friendly interest and support of retirement legis-
lation in the past and their present support of the legislation to make
the 10% increase of 1958 permanent.
The following information received early in April is of general
The National Association of Letter Carriers Council voted to nego-
tiate with the Federal Housing Authority, for the construction of a $4
million retirement-recreation center of 500 low rent apartment units some-
where in central Florida.
Mr. Wm. C. Doherty, NALC President, says retired letter carriers
will have first chance to occupy the apartments but any remaining vacan-
cies will be available to other retired Government employees.
A woman after receiving the income tax blanks read them very care-
fully and then advised the Internal Revenue Office, "I do not care to
subscribe to your publication." Don't we all!


Of interest to a number of Canal Construction workers is Bill H.R.
6088 by Representative Charles S. Gubser of California, which would
provide annuities to all workers in the Canal Zone during the construction
period who had two years but less than three years of service who have
been awarded the Theodore Roosevelt medal.
NARCE reports that they have those two friendly and powerful Chair-
men of the Senate and House Civil Service Committees, Senator Johnston
and Rep. Murray introducing Bills that would make the 10% increase
authorized in 1958 payable from the Retirement Fund.
Congressmen are very busy people; they are also human and appre-
ciate receiving your letters of thanks; so write to Senator Olin D. John-
ston, Chairman of the Senate Civil Service Committee and Representative
Tom Murray, Chairman of the House Civil Service Committee and thank
them for their friendly interest and support of retirement legislation in
the past and their present support of legislation to make the 10% increase
of 1958 payable from the Retirement Fund.
Respectfully submitted,
Oldman Bill Bartlett

Hon. Tom Murray, Chairman May 9, 1961
Civil Service Committee
Washington, D.C.
Dear Mr. Murray:
The Panama Canal Society of Florida, at its regular monthly meeting
May 8th, by a unanimous vote, extends to you their deep appreciation
and thanks for your great interest in the welfare of the retired U. S. Civil
Service employees as expressed in Bill H.R. 5432 that would make the
10% increase authorized in 1958, payable from the retirement Fund.
Thanking you again for the Panama Canal Society of Florida, I am
William J. Bartlett, Legislative Representative
Panama Canal Society of Florida

An identical letter was also sent to the Hon. Robert J. Corbett, Rank-
ing Minority Member of the Civil Service Committee.


Miss Marguerite Ann Engelke, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert
O. Engelke of Margarita, and Mr. Harold Dwight Grammer of Tulsa, Okla-
homa, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer D. Grammer, also of Tulsa, were
married on February 25th at seven o'clock in the evening.
The wedding took place at St. Margaret's Episcopal Church in Mar-
garita, in the presence of a large gathering of friends from both sides of
the Isthmus.
Mrs. Grammer was born on the Isthmus and was graduated from
Cristobal High School with the class of 1959. She attended the University
of Arkansas. Mr. Grammer attended Oklahoma State University and the
University of Tulsa. He is a member of Sigma Nu fraternity.
After a wedding trip in Panama, Mr. and Mrs. Grammer returned to
the United States and will make their home in Tulsa. They will be at
home to their friends at 4501 South Peoria after March 14th.

Miss Barbara Joan Sharp became the bride of Murray Falk March 18
in the Post Chapel, Ft. Amador, Canal Zone, with Chaplain Silas E. Decker
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde L. Sharp, Balboa,
Canal Zone. The bridegroom's parents are Capt. and Mrs. Henry E. Falk,
4231- 22nd Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Florida.
The bride attended Burdett College, Boston and is a stenographer
at the Health Bureau of Corozal Hospital, Canal Zone.

The bridegroom attended Bradley University, Peoria, Ill., where he
was a member of Delta Upsilon fraternity. He is with the Canal Zone
police force.
The couple will make their home in Gamboa, Canal Zone.

Miss Margarita Eleanor Reimann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis
A. Reimann of Curundu, and Mr. Paul Douglas Gibbs, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Ernest A. Gibbs of Balboa, were married Dec. 31 in a candlelight
ceremony in St. John the Apostle Catholic Church in Miami, Fla. Rev.
John Brummer officiated.
Miss Rose Marie Seefried of New York attended the bride as maid
of honor and Mr. Peter Corrigan of Balboa served as best man.
Both the bride and bridegroom attended Canal Zone schools. The
bridegroom is presently working as an electrician in Florida.
The couple have decided to make their home in Florida and will
reside at 223 Antiquera Avenue, Coral Gables.
Mrs. E. M. Barlow of Balboa and Mr. H. L. Barlow of Bogota, Col-
ombia, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their
daughter, June Carol Barlow, to Mr. John E. Reitz, son of Mr. and Mrs.
R. Reitz of Chatham, N.J.
Miss Barlow is presently employed by the Department of Education
in Washington, D.C., and also is attending George Washington University.
Mr. Reitz is presently employed in Summit, N.J., and in September
will enter Rutgers College in New Brunswick, N.J., to complete his senior
The wedding will take place this summer in Washington, D.C.

Announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Harriet Christ-
ine J. Gunderson of Los Rios, and Mr. Erle Travis Worley, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Emory B. Worley of San Juan, Texas.
The marriage vows were exchanged in the First Methodist Church in
Mercedes, Texas, with the Rev. Wayne Smith officiating.
The bride is a graduate of Bob Jones Academy, Greenville, S.C. She
also attended the Canal Zone Junior College.
Mr. Worley was graduated from Mercedes High School and the Uni-
versity of Texas in Austin. He has accepted a position with the Boeing
Airplane Company, and will take his bride to Seattle, Wash., to establish
their home.

Miss Claudia Elizabeth Davis, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert
H. Davis of Balboa, and James Noah Allsup, the son of Mr. and Mrs.

J. C. Allsup of Contract Point, Oregon, were married in an afternoon
candlelight ceremony in the Zion Lutheran Church of Central Point on
January 7th, the Rev. H. C. Coovert officiating.
The bride was born in Ancon and is a 1959 graduate of Balboa High
School. She has been attending Southern Oregon College.
The bridegroom is a graduate of Carter High School and also at-
tended Southern Oregon.

Mrs. Hazel Griffiths Klein and Mr. Eric A. Shue were united in mar-
riage, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon T. Swett, sister and brother-
in-law of the bride, before members of the two families, in Auburn, Cali-
fornia, on January 1, 1961. The bride is a native of Auburn, California.
For many years she made her home on the Panama Canal Zone. The
bridegroom, a professional public accountant, has occupied executive
positions with the Federal Government and private industry. He is a
member of the American Society of Military Comptrollers. The couple
will reside at 203 Reamer St., Auburn, California.
Word of the marriage of Miss Barbara Leonard of Boulder, Colorado,
and Mr. Robert Harrison of Boston, Mass., has been received. Mrs. Har-
rison is the granddaughter of Mrs. Mary Dryden of 802 South Greenwood
Avenue, Park Ridge, Illinois.

The wedding of Barbara Jean Phillips, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Harry H. Phillips of Chicago, Ill., and Jon D. Snodgrass, the son of Mr.
and Mrs. John A. Snodgrass of Gamboa, took place in the Winsor Park
Lutheran Church in Chicago on February 4th. The Rev. Wyne Saffen
officiated at the afternoon candlelight service against a background of
white chrysanthemums.
Both the bride and groom are graduates of Balboa High School, class
of '59. Barbara Jean attended the Canal Zone Junior College and Jon was
a student at the University of Colorado.
The couple are living at 7515 South Kingston Av., Chicago, Ill.

Mrs. Joseph C. Stancook, wife of the late Col. Joseph Stancook, 389
Highland Drive, Rantoul, Ill., announces the engagement of her daughter,
Eleanor Lorraine, to Mr. Joseph Reynolds, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
S. Reynolds, Jr., of Balboa.
Miss Stancook is a graduate of Balboa High School with the Class
of 1959.
Following her return to the United States, Miss Stancook attended
the University of Illinois. She plans to attend the Patricia Stevens Career

School in Chicago from March until June to complete a secretarial train-
ing course.
Mr. Reynolds is also a a 1959 graduate of Balboa High School. He
is president of the Student Association at the Canal Zone Junior College
and a member of Delta Psi Omega. Following graduation in June he will
attend college in the United States.
No date has been set for the wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Mable of Diablo Heights, announce the mar-
riage of their daughter, Jesse Sue, to Mr. William Halvosa,III, on April
3rd in Durham, North Carolina. Mr. Halvosa is the son of Mr. William
Halvosa, Jr., of Diablo Heights and Mrs. Ruth Warner of Curundu.
Both the bride and her husband are graduates of Balboa High School
in the Class of 1958. Mrs. Halvosa is a student at the Women's College of
the University of North Carolina and the bridegroom attends Duke Uni-

On April 8 at Trinity Lutheran Church, Miss Lee Walker became
the bride of Paul Carl Reble, Jr. The bride is the daughter of Lt. Col.
and Mrs. Robert B. Walker, 509 15th St. North, St. Petersburg, Florida.
Parents of the bridegroom are Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carl Reble, 3901- 53rd
Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Florida.
The bride was born in Abiline, Texas, and is a 1959 graduate of St.
Petersburg High School.
The bridegroom was born in Youngstown, Ohio. He is a 1956 grad-
uate of Northeast High School and served two years with the U.S. Navy.
He is a patrolman with the St. Petersburg Police Department.

Mr. and Mrs. James Marshall, until recently of Los Rios, have an-
nounced the marriage of their daughter Melinda, to Mr. Jerry Glenn
Irwin, son of Mr. and Mrs. John L. Irwin of Balboa, at the First Baptist
Church, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on April 15th.
Mrs. Irwin was born in Gorgas Hospital and completed her elemen-
tary and high school education in the Canal Zone schools. She was grad-
uated from the Women's College of the University of North Carolina in
Greensboro in January and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.
Mr. Irwin attended the Canal Zone Junior College and Louisiana State
University and has served with the Armed Forces. He is presently em-
ployed by the Missouri Pacific Railroad in Baton Rouge but plans to re-
enter Louisiana State in September to complete his studies toward an
engineering degree.

The young couple have established their home at 2224 Government
Street, Baton Rouge.

Miss Teresa M. Del Moral of Washington, D.C. and Mr. John Joseph
Millett were married at a Nuptial Mass at the Sacred Heart Church in
Washington, D.C. on April 8, 1961. Out of town guests were the brother
of the groom and his wife from Grandview, Missouri and Major and
Mrs. George O. Gilead and family of Arlington, Virginia. Other school
mates and friends from the Canal Zone attending the wedding were Mr.
and Mrs. John Dettor, Gloria Fayard Mihacevitch, William Metivier,
Richard Croco and Mrs. Emma Menzel Shaffer. The bride was born in
New York and was educated in Spain. She is employed by the Pan Ameri-
can Union in Washington, D.C. The groom was born in New York and
educated on the Canal Zone. He is employed with Millett and Herr, con-
tractors in Washington. Upon their return from a honeymoon tour of
Europe, the young couple will reside in Washington, D.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Orr of 531 East 20th St., New York 10,
N.Y., announce the birth of a son, Stephen Carter Orr, on Tuesday, May
16, 1961. The maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Judd Neal of
New York City, and the paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. George
Carter of St. Petersbubrg, Florida.


Lt. and Mrs. L. F. Cotton of Laredo, Texas, announce the birth of
a son, Lawrence Robert, on February 22nd.
The maternal grandparents are General and Mrs. Robert M. Stillman
of Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas and the paternal
grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Cotton of Balboa.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Rathgeber of Diablo Heights announce the
birth of a daughter, Judi Lynn, at the San Fernando Clinic on Feb. 21st.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Armistead of Balboa announce the birth of
their second daughter, Patricia Lynn, on February 26th.
The maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Orr of Diablo,
and the paternal grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Ray F. Armistead of Margarita.
The baby's maternal great-grandmother is Mrs. Olive Orr of La Boca
and the paternal great-grandparents Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Carter of Ports-
mouth, Virginia.

Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Hardy, Jr., of Millington, Tenn., announce the
birth of their second son, Charles Stuart Hardy III, on February 22nd.
The paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Hardy Sr., now
of Miami, Fla. Hardy was manager of the Tivoli and Washington Hotels
before his retirement.

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Girand of Newton Center, Mass., announce the
birth of a daughter, Laurie Jean, on March 13, 1961. The maternal grand-
parents are Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Jones of Balboa, C.Z. and the pater-
nal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. James Girand of Westfield, New Jersey.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Patten of St. Petersburg, Florida, announce
the birth of their third child, first son, Bennett Williams, on April 6, 1961.
Mr. Patten is an English teacher at Tyrone Junior High School in St.
Petersburg. The paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Patten
of St. Petersburg, Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Kent announce the birth of another grandchild,
a baby girl, Bonnie Kay, on January 23, 1961, to Lloyd and Jo Anne Kent.

Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Goulet of South Bend, Ind., announce the birth
of a son, their fifth child, on March 17th.
He is the nineteenth grandchild of his paternal grandmother, Mrs.
A. W. Goulet of Ancon.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Perry of Balboa announce the birth of their
second child and second daughter, Lynne Marie, at the San Fernando
Clinic on February 11th.
The maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Felton of Balboa.

Mr. and Mrs. David Muralt of San Diego, California, announce the
birth of a son, Jon David, on March 24, 1961. Mrs. Muralt is the daugh-
ter of the late Dr. D. G. Sampsen and Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Wilkensen of
Donna, Texas. The Muralts have a daughter, Beth Louise, three years old.
Mr. and Mrs. William A. R. Beil of Madeira Beach, Florida, an-
nounce the birth of a daughter, Marcia Ruth, on March 26, 1961. The
maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Carl Guder of Kenneth City,
Florida, and the paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Lee Beil of
Kenneth City.
Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Young of Levittown, New Jersey, announce the
birth of their third child, a girl, Carol Denise, on March 28, 1960. Mr.
and Mrs. Young have two boys. The paternal grandfather is Mr. Perry
Young of St. Petersburg, Florida.


Mrs. Mae Webber of St. Petersburg, Florida, was a patient in St.
Anthony's Hospital in March for eye surgery.
Mr. W. H. Butler of St. Petersburg has not been well for some time.
Mrs. Mary Davies, who was injured in a fall, is coming along nicely.
Mr. William Tomey of Sebring, Florida, is reported as not too well.

Mrs. Verne Calloway of Winter Park is recovering from a bad fall.

Mr. Gayden Felps was a patient in Mound Park Hospital for surgery.
He is now recovered and has returned to Venezuela.
Mr. Donald Boyer of St. Petersburg was a patient in Mound Park
Hospital in April. Now is recuperating at his home.
Mrs. Mary Dryden of Park Ridge, Illinois, is gaining back her
strength after a bout with pneumonia.
Mrs. Hattie Smith of Tampa, Florida, suffered a bad fall that put
her in the hospital. She is now at home improving.
Mrs. S. G. Hussey of Tampa, Florida, is now able to get around alone
following a recent illness.
Mr. Harold Bevington of Rock Stream, New York, has been in the
hospital for serious surgery.
Mrs. V. E. (Ruth) Sauvan of Portsmouth, Virginia, has been a pa-
tient in the Naval Hospital in Portsmouth.
Mrs. Francis Feeney of St. Petersburg has been a patient in St.
Anthony's Hospital during the month of April.
Col. L. E. Wilson of Sheffield, Alabama, now is receiving visitors
in his room at Colbert County Hospital. He has enjoyed the many cards
and notes received from his friends and has been able to take two auto-
mobile rides, recently.

Mrs. Mary Love returned to Bethesda, Maryland, from California
for hospitalization and surgery. Letters from Mary are cheerful and she
is anxious to return to Florida.
Mrs. Mary Love returned to Bethesda, Maryland, from California
broken hip.

Mrs. Rose Connor Martin of Bridgeport, Conn. informs us that her
husband, Henry, has been in the hospital twice in seven months for three
different operations. He still has to see the doctor, regularly, at his office.
Rose has not been too well, herself but hopes to be able to travel around
a bit before long.

Mr. and Mrs. Aram Hatch of Miami, Florida, have both been quite
ill but are now improving.
Mr. W. E. Burwill of Wellston, Ohio, has been very ill but is im-
proving now. He would like to hear from friends. He celebrated his 91st
birthday on March 19, 1961. Congratulations from the Panama Canal
Society of Florida.

Mrs. Arthur Grier of St. Petersburg, Florida, suffered a bad fall and
broken hip and has been a patient in Mound Park Hospital.


Cards of Thanks and Appreciation have been received from the following:

Mrs. Mary Davies
The New York Public Library
Mrs. Adela B. Kolle
Mrs. C. J. Huson
Mr. Jack Ridge
Mrs. Richard Slattery
Mrs. Viola Finegan Engelhardt
Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Maas
Mrs. Elsie M. Greenwood
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Neville
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mundberg
Mrs. Thyra D. Simon
Alberta P. Harris

Mrs. Verne Calloway
Mrs. Rose Weischadel Synder
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Samples
Mrs. Winifred Sealy
Mr. Francis J. Brennan
Mrs. Betsy Landers
Mrs. Estelle McLain
Mrs. Mary Birmbaumer
Mrs. C. T. Lindsay
Mrs. Bert J. Benoit
Mrs. Frederick W. Larkum
Mrs. W. A. Stevenson


When writing your Senator or Congressman, address your letter to
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Earl T. Gilbert, former employee of the Gatun Locks, died in Mon-
rovia, Calif. May 6th.
Mr. Gilbert was born July 7, 1881, in Canada and came to the Canal
Zone in 1914 as a steam engineer in the Electrical Division.
He was transferred to the Locks Division in 1917 and remained with
that Division as a lock operator until his retirement in September 1942.
Since that time he has been making his home in California.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Clara Gilbert, of Monrovia.

News was received of the death of William A. Jones, former employee
of the Industrial Division in Balboa. Death occurred April 29 in Arcadia,
A native of Henderson, Texas, Mr. Jones was employed by the Canal
in 1914 as a steam engineer in the former Mechanical Division in Balboa.
He remained in the same unit until his retirement from Canal service in
1940 as a yard foreman in the Mechanical Division.
He left the Canal Zone after his retirement and has been living in
Surviving him are his wife Mrs. Elizabeth W. Jones and a son, both
of whom are living in the United States.
Word has been received of the death of Mr. Earl C. Dwelle of Dallas,
Texas. Mr. Dwelle passed away following a very short illness. No further
details were available.
Word has been received of the death of Walter H. Meroney, a retired
Panama Canal employee, on Feb. 12 at Chattanooga, Tenn. A former em-
ploye of the Locks Division, he retired from Company-Government service
in 1946 and returned to Tennessee to make his home.
In his immediate family, Mr. Meroney is survived by his wife, Myrtle,
of Chattanooga, and by one daughter in Chicago.
Funeral services were held in Chattanooga.

William V. Nail of Los Rios, a Panama Canal lock operator died
January 31 at Coco Solo Hospital after a brief illness.
He was born on June 23, 1903 in Jet, Okla., and came to the Canal
Zone in 1940 as a principal foreman in the Maintenance Division. He
transferred to the Locks Division in September, 1943, and worked as an
ironworker and then as towing locomotive operator. After a break in his
service from 1950 to 1955, he was reemployed by the Canal organization
as a towing locomotive operator.

In his immediate family he is survived by his wife, Hazel F. Nail,
who is employed in the Time, Leave and Payroll Branch in Ancon; by
two sons, William R. Nail of Houston, Tex.; and Donald V. Nail of Rich-
mond, Calif.; by two daughters, Mrs. Lynn Beiber of Livermore, Calif.,
and Mrs. Norma Burdick of San Francisco, Calif.; and by 13 grandchild-
ren. He also is survived by two sisters, Mrs. John Kolesar of Jet, and
Mrs. Dora Riley of Las Vegas, Nev.

Word has been received here of the death of Mrs. Esther Levy, the
wife of Ben Levy, who for 50 years has been a business man in Panama
Mrs. Levy died at the couple's home in Great Neck, N.Y.
Besides her husband, survivors include a daughter and son-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Glickenhaus of Panama, and their two children.

Mrs. Mazalia Williams, widow of F. E. Williams, former Director of
Admeasurements of the Panama Canal, died Feb. 1 at her home in Belle-
ville, N. Y.
Mrs. Williams was a well known resident of the Atlantic Side, where
she lived many years while her husband was employed as Chief Admeas-
urer and later Director of Admeasurement.
They left the Isthmus in 1950 following Mr. William's retirement
and made their home in Belleville and Florida. Mr. Williams died in 1957.
Since her husband's death, Mrs. Williams has been living in Belle-
She is survived by two sisters, both of whom live in New York state;
a brother-in-law, Roger Williams, of Watertown, N.Y. and a nephew,
Clarence Browne, who is employed in the Personnel Bureau in Cristobal.

Mrs. Bernice Conrad, widow of David Conrad, died at Gorgas Hospi-
tal February 19. She had been admitted at Gorgas Hospital January 25.
Mrs. Conrad, who was born in Pennsylvania on February 28, 1877,
had made her home for many years with her son-in-law and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. David Yerkes of Diablo Heights.
In her immediate family, she is survived by two daughters, Mrs.
David Yerkes and Mrs. John Levera of Paso Robles, California; two sis-
ters, Mrs. William Dabmach of Pittsburgh, Pa., and Mrs. Thomas Gulick
of Chevy Chase, Md.; by one brother, Grover Pidgeon of Phoenix, Ari-
zona; and by three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Alton A. Clements, 51, of 10220 Lola St., Tampa, Florida, died at
his home. A native of Washington, D.C., he had lived in Tampa for the

past six years. Mr. Clements is survived by his wife, Mrs. Eliza H.
Clements, Tampa; three daughters, Mrs. Mary James, Tampa, Mrs. Patri-
cia Eakle, Washington, and Mrs. Betty Barlow, Forest Park, Ga., two
sons, Richard A. Clements, Lincoln, Neb., David Clements, East Green-
wich, R.I.; five brothers, Leo B. Clements, Lutz, Ralph Clements, Ray-
mond Clements and John Clements, all of Washington, and Reginald Clem-
ents, of Miami; two sisters, Mrs. Ceclia Moder and Miss Mae Clements,
both of Washington. Mr. Clements was the manager of the Dade City
Mid State Tractor Co. store, and a member of the Anacostia Lodge No.
178 F&AM, Washington, and worthy patron of the Friendship Chapter
No. 209 of the OES.

A formerly well known Panama City businessman, Max Rudolph
Stempel, died in New York following a brief illness.
Mr. Stempel, who was prominent in the Panama City insurance busi-
ness, retired about two years ago following almost 32 years residence in
the Republic.
In 1933 he began insurance work with the National Union Fire In-
surance Company, from which he retired in 1958, leaving control to his
sons, Lionel R. Stempel and Courtney G. Stempel.
Mr. Stempel, who became a naturalized Panamanian in 1942 was the
Consul for Haiti for which services he received the Diploma of Chevalier
of Honor and Merit from the Haitian Government.
In 1958 he received the Medal "Panama de Oro" from the Cuerpo de
Bomberos de Panama. He also was a member of the Union Club and of
the Panama Golf Club.
He is survived by Mr. and Mrs. Lionel R. Stempel, Mr. and Mrs.
Calvin Stempel and Mr. and Mrs. Courtney G. Stempel.

Miss Emily Friton of Long Beach, California, died on January 22,
1961. Miss Friton was a nurse in the Philippines and in the Boxer up-
rising. She went to Cuba and when General Gorgas went to Panama, Miss
Friton went with him and remained on the Isthmus until the Canal was
completed. There are no known survivors.

Clyde Fairfield, who for several years was the photographer who took
the large reunion picture, died on March 1, 1961 in a St. Petersburg hos-
pital. He is survived by his wife, Ethel and a sister, Mrs. Hazel F. West
of St. Petersburg.

Mrs. Hugh J. (Dolly) Stone died on December 13, 1960 at the home
of her nephew, Lawrence Smith of Bradford, Pennsylvania. Mrs. Stone

was the wife of Hugh Stone, former boiler inspector for the Panama
Canal. They went to the Isthmus during the construction period.

Mr. John B. Denson passed away on January 3, 1961 at the home of
his son, James G. Denson of 1412 Harlow Road, Columbus, Ohio. Mr.
Denson was an electrician and had worked for the Navy on the Canal
Zone and for L. R. Sommers during the construction of Howard Field.
He retired in 1947. Mr. Denson is survived by two sons, two daughters,
four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Edward Clayton Sherman, 84, passed away recently in Tryone, Penn.
Mr. Sherman was a retired project manager with the Navy's Bureau of
Yards and Docks in Washington, D.C. In 1909, he went to the Canal Zone
as a designer of dams and spillways. He was a life member of the Ameri-
can Society of Civil Engineers. He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. John
W. Newlin of Tryone, Penn.; a son, Edward Jr. of San Francisco; a
brother Hubert, of Washington and seven grandchildren and three great-

Edwin H. Underwood of Miami, Florida, died on March 4, 1961 in
Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Mr. Underwood was a Canal con-
struction worker as a locomotive engineer, from 1910 to 1915. He is
survived by his wife, Gladys, a son Edwin H., Jr. of Key Biscayne and two

Bernard Paul Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Milton R. Smith of Gulf-
port, Miss. died on December 30, 1960 in a school in Marshall, Missouri,
after a long illness. The boy's father, Milton R. Smith, was well known
to many Zonians as a singer and church soloist at Balboa Union Church.

Word has just been received of the death of Mr. E. C. Bunker of
Clinton, South Carolina. Mr. Bunker died on June 12, 1960. No further
details were available.
Mr. H. Cadwallander Jr. of Solebury, Pennsylvania, died on May 8,
1960. No further details were available.

John L. Davies, 80, former Panama Canal employee and retired con-
struction engineer, died Wednesday, April 5, 1961, in St. Petersburg,
Florida. He is survived by his wife, Edna, and a sister, Mary A. Marshall
of St. Petersburg.

News has been received of the death of Admiral Edward S. Hutchin-
son, a former Port Captain in Balboa, on March 12, in Washington, D.C.

Admiral Hutchinson was born in Philadelphia, Pa., on February 14,
He was first stationed on the Isthmus as an Ensign in the United
States Navy. He returned to the Canal Zone in 1947 as Port Captain. In
1949 he was retired and with his wife, the former Katherine Parmeter of
Cristobal, returned to the United States where they made their home at
2501 Q Street, Washington, D.C.
Admiral Hutchinson was a veteran of World War II, during which
he commanded a submarine in the Pacific.

Walter L. Cassidy of Corpus Christi, Texas, a chief warrant officer
who lived on the Isthmus from 1922 until his retirement in 1952, died
March 10 at the US Naval Hospital in Corpus Christi.
Mr. Cassidy was the father of Mrs. Ivonne H. Baker of Cocoli. She
had returned from visiting him one day before his death.
Born in 1894 at Prescott, Ontario, Canada, he came to the Isthmus
in 1922 with the Navy. He retired and worked for the Panama Canal
Company for several years.
He is survived by his widow, the former Magdalena Jean Miller of
Honduras; a stepdaughter,Mrs. Rita Bonzer of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba;
and children from his first marriage, Mrs. Baker of Cocoli; Mrs. Lynn
Huffer, Farmingdale, L.I.; Mrs. Milderd Johns, Anchorage, Alaska; Mrs.
Margarite Pollack, Norwalk, Calif.; Walter Steve Cassidy, Whittier,
Calif.; and 18 grandchildren.

Mrs. Sarah C. Ferguson, 76, wife of John L. Ferguson and a resident
of 1411 Fifth Avenue West, Hendersonville, N.C., died in a local nursing
home after a period of declining health.
Mrs. Ferguson had been a resident of Hendersonville for the past
eight years.
Surviving, in addition to the husband, are one son, John L. Fergu-
son, Jr., of Columbus, Ohio; and one daughter, Mrs. James V. Ekholm
of Ithaca, N.Y.

Mrs. Lula Mae Coman, 61, of Bentonville,Arkansas, died at a local
hospital Saturday, March 25th, after an unexpected illness.
A resident of Bentonville the past 13 years, Mrs. Coman was a mem-
ber of the Methodist Church, Bentonville Garden and Study clubs, and
was a past worthy matron of the Order of Eastern Star.
Survivors include her husband, James B.; one son, James B. Coman,

Jr. of the U.S. Air Force; one sister, Mrs. Nattie MacAulay of Benton-
ville; and four grandchildren.
Mrs. Anne Currier, 100, mother of Mrs. Ernest S. Baker, Balboa,
died April 3rd in a Canal Zone hospital.
Mrs. Currier came to Panama in 1920 to make her home with Mrs.
Baker, who at that time was supervisor of music in the Canal Zone schools.
She was born May 23, 1860, in Portland, Maine.
She had been a member of the Balboa Union Church for the past
40 years.
Survivors, in addition to Mrs. Baker, include a son, Clifford E. Cur-
rier, Reading, Calif.; two grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

Mrs. Dora McKenna, a former resident of the Canal Zone, died of
a heart attack on March 31st in Galena Park, Texas, at the home of her
son Gerard.
She was born in Brooklyn and was a long-time resident of the Zone.
She was employed in the Coupon Bureau from which she retired in 1949.
From 1949 to 1954 she was employed in the gift shop of the Curundu
Service Center.
She was the widow of Capt. John McKenna, who died in 1943 at
Gorgas Hospital. Besides Gerard, Mrs. McKenna is survived by a sister,
Mrs. Joseph J. Lukacs of Diablo Heights; three grandchildren, Gerard Jr.,
Dianne and Barbara, who reside in Curundu; a niece, Mrs. Warren K.
Gerhart of Cocoli; two nephews, Wilbur and Harry Dockery of Margar-
ita, 16 nieces and nephews, all residents of the Zone.

Mr. Bielaski died Tuesday, April 4th at Roosevelt Hospital. He
served from 1941 to 1946 as director of investigation for the Office of
Strategic Services and received a certificate of appreciation from Secretary
of War Robert P. Patterson for his "exceptionally meritorious service".
He was a brother of A. Bruce Bielaski, a retired lawyer and chief of
the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 1912 to 1919, and Mrs. Ruth
B. Shipley, former chief of the State Department passport division.
He was an Army officer in France in World War I and worked on
the building of the Panama Canal.
Also surviving are his wife, Angelique, two other sisters and another

Lieutenant Colonel Robert H. Johnston, 48, died on Monday, March
1st, 1961, at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C. Col. Johnston
was commanding officer of the 4th Missile Battalion in the Canal Zone.

He is survived by his wife, Kathryn M., a son Robert H. Jr., and a daugh-
ter, Patricia L. He is also survived by his mother, Mrs. Mary L. Smith
and a sister and brother, all of Clairton, Pennsylvania.

Vice-Admiral Milton C. Miles, 61, died on March 2, 1961 at the
Naval Hospital at Bethesda, Maryland. The Admiral was Commandant of
the 15th Naval District in 1954, '55 and '56. He and Mrs. Miles made
many friends in the Canal Zone and Panama as well as farmers and in-
habitants of Interior towns. They returned to the Zone in 1960 for a
visit with friends there. Besides Mrs. Miles, he is survived by two sons,
Murray of New Jersey and Charles of Colorado.

Mrs. Selma Louise Powers, 77, resident of St. Petersburg for the past
six years, passed away in a local hospital, Saturday April 15, 1961. Mrs.
Powers is a native of Pittsburgh, Pa. and moved here after living 40 years
in the Panama Canal Zone. She attended the Baptist Church and is sur-
vived by her daughter Mrs. Alberta Harris, Berkeley, California, three
grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Mr. Frederick Winfield Larkum, 72, 101 Oakwood Dr., Maitland, died
Wednesday April 12, 1961 at his home.
Born in Westerly, R.I., he moved to Maitland in 1947 from Morris
Plains, N.J. He was a member of St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church.
His wife, Mrs. Laura M. Larkum, and niece, Mrs. Frank Pape, Rich-
field, N. J., survive.

Robert W. MacSparran of Whittier, California, died on April 5th,
1961. He is survived by his wife Helen and a son, Robert. Also surviving
are his sister Mrs. George H. Cassell of Redondo Beach, California, and
a brother Esbon S. MacSparran of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Mrs. Walter G. Ford, 84, died on April 4, 1961, in Lanark, Illinois.
Mrs. Ford went to the Isthmus in 1906 and left there when her husband
retired in 1937. Until Mr. Ford's death, they lived in Santa Ana, Califor-
nia. She is survived by one son, Randall Ford of St. Petersburg, Florida,
two daughters, Mrs. Dorothy Morris of San Jose, California, and Mrs.
Ethelyn Bares of Lanark, Illinois.

Lieutenant Earl B. Mangham, U.S. Navy, Retired, died on November
8, 1960 in Carthage, Texas. He is survived by his wife, Evelyn Mangham,
one daughter, Mrs. Kenneth E. Honeycutt, and one grandson, David Earl,
of Houston, Texas.

Mrs. Fay L. Bergeson of Los Angeles, California, passed away on
April 8, 1961 in that city. Mrs. Bergeson was the wife of a former pastor
of the Gatun Union Church. Rev. and Mrs. Bergeson had been living at
the A. M. Hollenbeck Home in Los Angeles of which the Rev. Bergeson
was the Chaplain and Assistant Manager. The funeral services were held
from the Home which is at 577 South Boyle Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.

Mrs. Aminta Arango Orillac, mother of Panama's First Lady, Mrs.
Cecila Orillac Chiari, died Tuesday, March 14, 1961. She is survived by
her daughter, Mrs. Chiari, five sons, Raul, Rene, Alfredo, Carlos, and
Rogelio. She is also survived by several grandchildren.

Ulrich W. Hughes, long time resident of Balboa and for many years
Foreman of the Electrical Division Instrument Repair Shop, died in Gor-
gas Hospital after a brief illness. He was 60 years old.
A native of Kingston, N.Y., Mr. Hughes came to the Canal Zone in
1923 and since that time had been employed continuously with the Elec-
trical Division. Most of his service was with the Balboa Field Office where
he was an instrument repair man. For the past several years he was in
charge of this section.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Josephine Hughes of Balboa, and his
son, Marshall W. Hughes of Kingston, N.Y. who was called to the Isthmus
by the illness of his father.
In addition, he is survived by a brother, the Rev. Harold Hughes of
Arlington, Va., and a sister, Mrs. J. B. Douglas of Petersburg, Va.

Theodore William Schmidt, 41-year-old employee of the Electrical
Division Power Branch, died suddenly at his home on Empire Street in
Balboa after suffering what appeared to be heart attack.
Born in Baltimore, Maryland, he came to the Isthmus with his family
as a youngster and attended the Canal Zone Schools. After his graduation
from Balboa High School, he accepted an apprenticeship with the Panama
Canal Electrical Division and in 1942 was employed in that unit as a
wireman. Since 1952, he has been an operator foreman with the Electrical
Division Power Branch.
He lived most of his life in Balboa where he made his home with
his wife Mrs. Regina Schmidt and three children, Karen, 16, Suzzane, 13,
and Teddy, 5.
He is also survived by his father Louis Schmidt, a retired employee
of the Canal organization who makes his home on the Isthmus, three bro-
thers, Louis Jr., John and Carl of Balboa and three sisters, Mrs. Ruth Tor-

torici and Mrs. Iris Waggoner of Margarita and Mrs. Marie Parks of St.
Petersburg, Fla.

William A. Stevenson, former chief of the Canal Zone customs and
later special representative for Pan American Airways in Latin America,
died Sunday, April 16th at his home in Winter Park, Florida after a
long illness. He was 77 years of age.
A native of Utica, O., Mr. Stevenson came to the Isthmus during the
early days of the Canal and was employed in 1914 as a member of the
Canal Zone Police Force.
The following year he was transferred to the Customs Division as an
inspector and served in that unit in various capacities. He was made Chief
of customs in 1937, a position he held until his retirement from Canal
service in December 1941.
During World War I, he served in Europe with the U.S. Army Air
Force. After his return to the Isthmus, he took a keen interest in the devel-
opment of commercial aviation in Latin America and was a personal friend
of many of the early aviation executives.
When he retired from the Canal organization, he took the position
of Special Representative with Pan American Airways with headquarters
in the former air terminal at Albrook Field and traveled extensively
through Central and South America.
Mr. Stevenson left Pan American Airways in 1948 and since that
time has been making his home in Winter Park. He is survived by his wife,
Mrs. Agnes Stevenson.

Capt. Thomas Newton Rathbone, 83, of Edmonds, a former Panama
Canal pilot, died Sunday January 29th in a Seattle hospital after a short
Born in Amelia, Ohio, Captain Rathbone came to the Zone in 1890
and became a mariner. He piloted vessels through the Panama Canal 25
years before he retired about 18 years ago.
During the Second World War, Captain Rathbone was master of
transport vessels. He was a charter member of Fidalgo Lodge, F. & A. M.,
in Anacortes and a 50-year member of the Improved Order of Redmen.
Captain Rathbone was a member of the Puget Sound Maritime His-
torical Society, the Masters Mates & Pilots' Association of Panama and
the National Association of Retired Civil Service Employes, Everett.
Surviving are his wife, Mary Ellen, and a step-son, Don A. McQuade,

Mrs. Mayme H. Warren, 74, 221 W. Emly, died Thursday April 27th
at her residence. A native of Evansville, Ind., she had been a resident
of Tampa for 11 years. She was a former nurse with the U.S. Army and
retired from the U.S.Navy. She was a charter member of Catholic Daugh-
ters of America,Cristobal, Canal Zone, honorary life member of Emblem
Club, Canal Zone, member of Panama Canal Society, member of Moose
Lodge Auxiliary and Sacred Heart Catholic Church of Tampa. She is sur-
vived by her husband, William W. Warren, Tampa; two daughters, Mrs.
Mary Louise Parsons, Tampa; and Mrs Anna Isabelle Setzer, Washing-
ton, D.C.; one brother, John William Heyns, Reno, Nev. and three grand-

Word has been received of the death of Mrs. James (Mary) Powell of
the Canal Zone Atlantic side. No further details were available.

Walter Wikingstad died on April 4, 1961 in Hoyt Lakes, Minn. Known
survivors are his wife, his mother, Mrs. K. M. Wikingstad of St. Peters-
burg, and a brother, Mr. R. N. Wikingstad. No further details were

Mr. Joseph Allexan, 82, who made his home in Boynton Beach, Flor-
ida, died on December 10, 1960 in a Hollywood, Florida hospital. Mr.
Allexan is survived by a sister and two nieces.

Mrs. Margaret Libonati who had resided at Gorgona for the past six
years, died at her home there on Saturday morning. She was the wife of
Thomas J. Libonati retired employee of the Locks Division.
Mr. Libonati, a patient at Gorgas Hospital for several days last week,
had gone home on a pass on Friday and was with his wife at the time of
her death.
During her many years on the Isthmus, Mrs. Libonati was an active
member of Orchid Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star.

William H. Basham, Jr., 36, resident of the Canal Zone, died at the
Gorgas Hospital. He entered the hospital last December.
Basham was born in the Canal Zone and was an employee of the
Postal Division for fifteen years.

We regret to report the death of Mr. Walter Vennard of North Holly-
wood, Calif. in May 1961. His widow (Agnes Reinke Vennard) lived in

Cristobal from 1918 -1936; her father, Herman Reinke, was with the
Mechanical Division. Services for Mr. Vennard were held at the Wee
Kirk of the Heather at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Glendale, California.

"God hath not promised skies always blue,
Flower strewn pathways all our lives through,
God hath not promised sun without rain,
Joy without sorrow, peace without pain.
But God hath promised strength for today,
Rest for the laborer, light on the way,
Grace for the trial, help from above,
Unfailing sympathy, undying love."


James D. McLean Dredging Division- 21 years, 2 months, 29 days.
Dr. Leon J. Malock--Corozal Hospital-10 years, 6 months, 4 days.
James Marshall--Civil Affairs Bureau-30 years, 2 months, 15 days.
George J. Moreno -Central Employment Office- 19 yrs., 7 mo., 4 days.
Walter E. Benny-Electrical Division-39 years, 8 days.
Oliver C. Culp-Maintenance Division-27 years, 8 months, 26 days.
Capt. Willam C. Hearon-Marine Bureau-25 years, 7 months, 29 days.
Donald W. Journeay-Contract and Inspection Division-
20 years, 9 months, 10 days.
Mrs. Bonita Kadoch-Coco Solo Hospital-11 years, 10 months, 14 days.
James E. Lawson-Internal Audit Branch-20 years, 10 months, 3 days.
Gerald O. Parker-Gorgas Hospital-17 years, 7 months, 23 days.
Ralph H. Walker-Railroad Division-26 years, 5 months, 13 days.
Henry E. Argue-Police Division-15 years, 9 months, 27 days.
Lester S. Beetle-Electrical Division-18 years, 2 months, 26 days.
Thelma G. Lowe-Supply Division-20 years, 1 month, 23 days.
Hayward H. Shacklett- Safety Engineer, Safety Branch-
21 years, 1 month, 16 days.
Howard J. Shearer-Motor Transportation Division-
17 years, 2 months, 29 days.
Edward J. Shepherd-Locks Division-11 years, 2 months.
Mary E. Sprecht-Maintenance Division-26 years, 6 months, 25 days.

Covering the period from January 29, 1961 to April 26, 1961

will be held at the following dates all at Lake Maggiore See 1961
Year Book on Page 8. Lake Maggiore--9th Street South--at noon.
The May 8, June 12, July 10, and September 11 meetings will be
picnic meetings.
The August 14 and October 9 gatherings will be business meetings.
The first regular meeting after the summer picnics will be held at
the Tourist Center November 13, 1961 at 2 p.m.
We are looking forward to visiting with you all during the summer
months so try to be present around picnic time.Now that there will be
only two business meetings there will be plenty of time for visiting.
All members who have not paid their dues have received a notice,
this was done in order to get in as many dues as possible to help the
new Secretary-Treasurer in getting adjusted. If you have not paid your
dues PLEASE SEND IN THE $3.00 to cover them. The card this year
is BLUE, the same color as the 1961 Year Book. You will receive the
JUNE Record read it carefully so that you will not miss any of the
news, changes of address, or anything else that is pertinent.
We have had many sick members, but as of now they are doing well.
I am greatly disturbed that as of today 24 members have not paid
their BLOOD BANK dues. I sincerely hope that there is no cause for
blood to be needed because it would be a great disappointment for them
to find that they would not be eligible since their dues are not paid.
This also means that both Society and Blood Bank dues must be paid
to receive the benefits in the BLOOD BANK.
To those who wish to join the Blood Bank, and are residents of Flor-
ida, a period of three months is required from the time of becoming a
member of the Blood Bank before any benefits can be obtained. At present
we have 557 members.
So far 1601 have paid their 1961 dues, 57 for 1962, 11 for 1963
and 5 for 1964.
I wish to thank you all for the help you have given me during the
twelve years I have served you as Secretary-Treasurer, and I sincerely
hope that you will all do all in your power to make Mr. Lee Beil's tenure
of office a happy one.
I am deeply grateful to Mr. Henry Hudson and Mr. George Thurgood
for auditing the books during my tenure of office. One could not wish

for better auditors or more exacting as they left no stone unturned to see
that the accounts of the Society were always in perfect condition.
Just as a reminder, Year Books sell for 25 cents each, Stickers, 25
cents each, and Canal Records 50 cents each. Pins and buttons, $1.25 each.
Happy birthdays and anniversaries to all those whose days fall be-
tween the June and September Records.
Have a nice summer and you will hear from Mr. Beil in September.
Mail has been coming in addressed to the old box.
Our mailing address is:
LUCILLE S. JUDD, Secretary
P. O. BOX 11566

Tourist Center St. Petersburg, Fla. February 13, 1961

The meeting was called to order at 2:15 p.m. by President Keith
Kelley. Chaplain Fred Hunsicker delivered the invocation. Mrs. Judd
arrived after the invocation and the whole membership applauded as she
took her seat at her desk.
Officers present were:
President -------Mr. Keith Kelley
Vice-President ---- Mr. Wm. D. Goodwin
Secretary-Treasurer -------- Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary -- Mrs. Lyla M. Esler
Twenty-nine new members were taken in during the month making
our total membership in the amount of 1,961.
The report of the Recording Secretary for the meeting of January
9, 1961, was read and there being no corrections or omissions noted, it
was approved as read.
Mr. W. J. Bartlett, Legislative Representative, gave his report stating
that over 3,000 bills have been presented before the 87th Congress now
in session. He said that he had received many calls concerning the Gov-
ernment Health Insurance Plan and as it seemed to be top interest he
would give the latest report about it. He stated there will be two plans
which will go into effect July 1st and will be underwritten by the Aetna
Life Insurance Company of Hartford, Conn.
There will be no age or physical requirements for coverage and

either one or both plans may be taken or none at all, as it is purely op-
tional, and you will have until May 1st to decide. Each annuitant will
receive the information with their March check. Mr. Bartlett explained
just how the two Government plans are similar to the two NARCE plans
that all NARCE members have recently received explanatory literature on.
He then told of the new bills coming up. HR-3027, sponsored by Repre-
sentative Davis of Georgia, would make deferred annuitants eligible for
the Government Health Insurance plan if they are presently receiving de-
ferred annuity or will be eligible before July 1st
Bill S-75, sponsored by Senator Carlson of Kansas, would continue
survivorship annuities of a surviving spouse after they remarry.
Bill S-74, also sponsored by Senator Carlson, would allow annuities
to be recomputed to their full value, when the spouse named to receive
a survivor annuity dies first.
Bill HR-140, sponsored by Representative Rogers of Colorado, would
make all annuities paid under the Civil Service Retirement Act, exempt
from Federal income taxes.
Mr. Bartlett ended his report by urging all members to write their
Congressmen regarding these new bills, and that all Panama Canal Soc-
ieties in the United States be notified to write their Congressmen also.
President Kelley stated that he hoped all members would write the
letters as suggested and then asked that a motion be made from the floor
Juthorizing our Society to push this by asking all our Societies to write.
Motion was made by Mr. Carl Brown, seconded by Mr. Archies Burns
and carried. A rising vote of thanks was given Senator Carlson, then
Pres. Kelley instructed Mr. Bartlett to write a "thank-you" letter to the
Senator. Judd read aloud the usual long list of letters received from
members throughout the United States and the Canal Zone, which were
most interesting to members present. Many births, weddings and engage-
ments were announced. One amusing incident occurred at this time when
a letter was read by Mrs. Judd from Mr. and Mrs. Weimer B. Heite from
Massey, Maryland and it was discovered that the Heites were present
at the meeting. The usual list of visiting members had not been taken
and at this time Presdent Kelley asked all visitors to stand.
Mr. and Mrs. George Thibodeau wrote how much they regretted not
being able to attend the Reunion but that they both were working.
The following illnesses were announced:
Mrs. J. W. Grayson Mr. Harry Moist Mrs. Wm. Markham
Mr. Nate Levy Mrs. Harry Hazeldine Mrs. Evelyn Spriegel

Capt. J. C. Treakle
Mr. W. A. Stevenson
Mr. Elmer Hogle

Mrs. Ruth Alexander
Mrs. Verne Calloway
Mrs. Mary Davies

Mrs. Durwood Dennis Mr. Bert J. Benoit
Capt. Orrin H. Deuel James Brennan, Jr.
Mrs. Harry D. Halverson Capt. Andrew Simon
Mrs. Miles E. McLeod Capt. Miles McLeod
Bernard Paul Smith Frank W. Browne
Wm. E. Farrow Wm. H. Worth
Roy L. Dwelle Mrs. F. E. Williams

Mr. F W. Larkham
Mr. Rolla Compton
Mr. Gayden Felps

Mr. Stephen Pettit
Lloyd E. Kirk
Capt. Gus O. Kolle
John R. Taylor
W. Raymond Snyder
Mrs. Mary Ann Klemmer
Wm. V. Nail

Thank you letters from the following were received in response to
the Society's January 10th Resolution prepared by Mr. Harry Bortin to
support the bills of NARCE:
Rep. A. Sydney Herlong, Jr.- 5th Dist. Sen. Geo. A. Smathers
Sen. Spessard L. Holland 1st Dist. Andrew E. Ruddock,
Rep. Wm. C. Cramer 1st Dist. Director of Bureau of Re-
Rep. Paul G. Rogers 6th Dist. tirement & Insurance.
Rep. Charles E. Bennett -2nd Dist.
Rep. D. R. Matthews 8th Dist.
"Thank You" letters from the following were received for a copy
of the Reunion Luncheon Program with enclosed newspaper clipping con-
taining the speech made by Mr. Arthur J. Wynne on existing conditions
between Panama and the Canal Zone:
Rep. Wm. C. Cramer 1st Dist. Sen. Geo. A. Smathers
Paul G. Rogers Gov. Maurice H. Thatcher
Sen. Spessard Holland Rep. D. B. Fascell--4th Dist.
Rep. Daniel J. Flood
Discussion was made on the floor regarding the long reunion picture
as to whether or not it would be advisable to discontinue taking it. Many
people have been disappointed in the delay in receiving their picture for
which they paid at the Reunion. Mrs. Judd explained that many "old
timers" who could not attend the Reunion enjoyed looking at the picture
in the Record and would be disappointed in not being able to see the faces
of those who did attend if the picture was eliminated.
President Kelley then announced that the Society had a very serious
thing to think about that our Secretary-Treasurer had been ordered by
the doctor to give up her work and it was now imperative that someone
take her place. He told how Mrs. Judd had built up the Society to what
it is today, increased the membership from such a few to nearly 2,000

members, and how disappointed he was in not getting an appointee who
had been approved by the Executive Board to take over the work. He
stated that a Committee was now going through the Year Book and would
try to choose 8 or 9 people to approach about taking over the work. The
job of Editor for the Record is still open and must also be filled. Volun-
teers were asked for but none appeared to be forthcoming. It is indeed a
serious situation that the Society is now facing and one that must soon
be solved.
It was announced that Mr. Max Hart had recently delivered a lecture
on Panama at Williams Park which many members would have gone to
hear had they known about it. It was agreed that Mr. Hart should be
contacted and asked to talk at a future Society meeting.
President Kelley then talked about eliminating the Society's practice
of sending flowers to ill members in the hospitals and said that Get-Well
cards could be printed bearing the Panama Canal seal to be mailed in
lieu of the flowers.
Motion to adjourn was made, seconded and carried, the adjournment
taking place at 3:50 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by
Lyla M. Esler, Recording Secretary

Tourist Center, St. Petersburg, Fla March 13th, 1961

The meeting was called to order at 2:15 p.m. by President Keith
Kelley. Chaplain Fred Hunsicker delivered the invocation.
The following officers were present:
President ------ Mr. Keith Kelley
Secretary-Treasurer -- Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary ----_ Mrs. Lyla M. Esler
Visitor and first timers were introduced by Mrs. Lyla M. Esler as
Mr. and Mrs. Grover Bohan Mrs. Ethel McCartney
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton (Pop) Reese Mrs. Mae McCloskey
Twelve new members were taken in during the month making our
total membership in the amount of 1,973.
The report of the Recording Secretary for the meeting of February
13, 1961, was read and there being no corrections or commissions noted,
it was approved as read.

President Kelley read a note, written by Mrs. Lucille Judd to him,
which stated that this would be her last meeting as Secretary-Treasurer.
She did say, however, that she would collect dues, blood bank and pay
April bills unless someone else took over. President Kelley asked for a
volunteer from the members present to take over the work of Secretary-
Treasurer or suggest someone who could and would do it but there
was no response.
Mr. W. J. Bartlett, Legislative Representative, gave his report. He
urged members to write their Congressmen to support any or all of the
various bills coming up which benefit the retired Civil Service employees
and/or their widows. He left lists of the bills on the Secretary's desk for
the members to pick up so as to familiarize themselves with the bills and
numbers. He also stated that Mr. James A. Wilson from the Civil Service
Health Benefits Dept. would answer all questions put to him at the
NARCE meeting to be held on March 27th in the Chamber of Commerce
Building. Mr. Bartlett also read the letter of thanks he had written to
Senator Carlson on behalf of the Society and the reply he received from
the Senator.
Mr. Ernest Kieswetter, our Editor, gave a comprehensive and also
most effectual talk. He commenced by telling of the start of the Panama
Canal Society back in 1932 with President Robt. Houston, Secretary-
Treasurer John F. Warner and 12 charter members; followed the progress
of the Society and its increase of membership to 1,973 at the present time;
told of the 15 page mimeographed paper which compiled the original
Canal Record in the "olden days" which changed over to book form in
1950 and how it developed to the point where the last issue contained
102 pages and 24 pictures; read excerpts from many letters expressing
the enjoyment and appreciation of the writer upon receipt of their Canal
Record; and ended by stating he would continue on as Editor providing
he could continue on the publication in the same manner and without in-
terference. The membership applauded wholeheartedly when queried and
it appeared to meet with unanimous approval that Mr. Kieswetter remain
on as Editor under these terms.
Discussion was made on the floor concerning the additional expense
incurred each year from having to pay return postage of 6c on undeliver-
able Canal Records and an additional 6c postage to remail the Record
when notified of the correct address a total of 12c which may seem
small but adds up to a considerable sum each year. It was agreed that
each member should notify the Society of any address changes in time
to make the correction well in advance of the mailing dates on the first

of March, June, September and December. Motion was made, seconded,
and unanimously carried that in the future all Canal Records returned to
the sender would be held until the member writes the Society where the
Record should be mailed and encloses 12 cents in coin or stamps to
cover the cost of the additional postage.
The subject of sending flowers to our ill members in the hospitals
was again brought up on the floor and discussed. President Kelley asked
for raised hands of those who thought flowers should be sent to the ill
and most hands were raised. Motion was made, seconded and carried that
the Society would continue the practice of sending flowers as has been
done through the past years.
Mrs. Etta Conkerton stated that she understood many had not re-
ceived their copy of the picture taken at the Reunion. Mr. Fairchild, the
photographer, died soon after the picture was taken and his office is ex-
periencing difficulty in straightening out the business. Anyone who has
paid for and not received their picture may write Mrs. Clyde Fairchild,
1325 Essex Drive, North, St. Petersburg.
Mr. W. L. Hersh came forward and unfurled the new 50 star flag to
show the members. President Kelley then presented Mr. Hersh the old
flag on behalf of the Society.
The business absorbed so much of the meeting that Mrs. Judd did
not have time to read the many letters she received over the month nor
the list of births, marriages, illnesses and deaths which occurred since the
last meeting. Adjournment took place at 3:40 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by
Lyla M. Esler, Recording Secretary

Tourist Center, St. Petersburg, Fla. April 10, 1961

The meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m. by President Keith
Kelley. The invocation was delivered by Chaplain Fred Hunsicker.
The following officers were present:
President _------Mr. Keith Kelley
Vice-President ---Mr. Wm. D. Goodwin
Secretary-Treasurer -- Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary -- Mrs. Lyla M. Esler
Visitors and first timers were introduced as follows:
Mrs. Muriel Whitman Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Barlow

Mrs. Edna H. Ogletree Mr. and Mrs. Clinton (Pop) Reese
Mr. Wm. G. Wood Mrs. Clyde (Lena) Ingersol
Seven new members were added and fourteen have been taken out
for one reason or another making the present membership in amount of
The report of the Recording Secretary for the meeting of March 13,
1961, was read and there being no corrections or commissions noted, it was
approved as read.
Mr. W. J. Bartlett, Legislative Representative, stated there was noth-
ing new or special to report other than to remind members that the cards
covering Hospital Insurance Uniform Plan election should be in the mail.
He also asked if the members were getting their letters written to their
Senators about the new bills before the House.
President Kelley regretfully advised that Lucille Judd's report as
Secretary-Treasurer had been heard for the last time and then introduced
Mr. Lee Beil as her successor whom he felt to be well qualified for the
job having always been active in Civic Affairs and having lived many
years on the Canal Zone. Mr. Beil gave a very interesting and sincere talk
which was well received by the group. He says he will expect advice and
assistance from the members and will do the best he possibly can with
the help of his wife, Helen.
Mr. Max Hart set the stage for a showing of some rare slides he owns
of the very early days in the Canal Zone and Panama which were enjoyed
by everyone and believe made most of the group feel a little nostalgic.
Mr. Hart is an excellent narrator and his recounting was most impressive.
After the showing of the slides the meeting was resumed. Mrs. Judd
read aloud many letters, Easter and Thank You cards and Best Wishes
received from members and told of the many births, illnesses and deaths.
Illnesses reported were:
Mr. and Mrs. Aram Hatch Mr. Wm. E. Burwell
Mr. Max Stemple Mrs. Bernice Conrad
Col. R. H. Johnston Admiral E. S. Hutchinson
Mr. Walter L. Cassidy Mrs. James (Mary) Powell
Admiral Milton Miles Mr. H. Cadwallader, Jr.
Mr. E. C. Bunker Mr. John L. Davies
Mrs. Lula Coman Mrs. John L. Ferguson
Mr. Clyde Fairfield (Reunion Photographer)
Mrs. Judd then stood up to say her last words as Secretary-Treasurer,
saying that she relinquished her duties with a great deal of reluctance but

since her doctor had advised her to make the change she had no alterna-
tive. She said the Society has always been very dear to her heart and will
remain so as the years go by. She ended by asking that everyone give
Mr. Beil the same courtesies that had been extended to her.
Mrs. Judd was given a standing ovation for her 12 years of hard and
faithful work for the Society. The faces of all the members glowed with
their admiration, love and gratitude as they stood there applauding.
President Kelley announced he had contacted the Captain of Miss
FLORIDA III and arranged a boat excursion to Tampa where the group
would be met by bus and taken to the Busch Gardens on a conducted tour.
The boat would leave on Wednesday, April 19th from the City Docks at
10:30 a.m. and would return at 6:00 p.m. and would cost $3.50 per person.
Mr. Bartlett stated he would stay after the meeting and answer ques-
tions on the new insurance
The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m .
Respectfully submitted by
Lyla M. Esler, Recording Secretary


Spring is here! Despite the troubles of the world, the seasons appear
at their appointed time. Right now the Ozarks are lovely as a rainbow
with red Japonica, Orange of the rising sun, Yellow Jonquils and For-
sythia, Green grass and tender new leaves of the trees, Blue of the noon-
day sky and Violets by the kitchen door. Truly a resurrection, a renewal,
a promise and assurance "There is no death."
From ancient days we have been taught "The day of a man's death
is the day of his birth." But we are slow to learn. On March 25, 1961,
our friend, Lula Mae Coman of Bentonville journeyed on into another
realm of life. Her last illness was of short duration. Having spent an en-
joyable evening with friends she was taken ill about Midnight and passed
on the following afternoon at 4:15 o'clock. Left to mourn are her hus-
band, James B. Coman, a son, Capt. James B. Coman, Jr. of Hawaii who
flew here in a few hours, four grandchildren, her sister, Mrs. Mattie Mac-
Aulay of the home and a host of friends and neighbors. To those called
upon to adjust to daily living without Lula Mae, go our prayerful
The Ernest (Haleen) Williams of Bentonville report that Haleen's
brother, Sam Hess of Indiana visited them on his return home from

Florida. Our President, George and Edith Engelke were hosts to the
recent bride and groom, Rita (Engelke) and Harold Grammer of Tulsa,
Oklahoma. We found the Bill Kellers (Alice) in good health but sort
or achey from Spring painting, polishing and planting. At Villa Taboga,
Lynn Cook was busy in his vineyard and Maude longing for summer and
hot sunshine. In the meantime they enjoy the activities of the University
Campus since granddaughter Suellyn is a student and recently took part
in "International Snack" where students from foreign lands, dressed in
native costume, served delectable food as prepared abroad. Suellyn was
living with her parents, Col. and Mrs. David Nanney (Lucille Cook) in
Turkey at the time of her enrollment in the University of Arkansas. Maude
reports there were several students from Panama.
In Springdale, we learned the Bill (Carrie) Mathues had gone
a'visiting to Pea Ridge, site of a Civil War battle, now being made into a
National Park of historic value. Mrs. Marione Campbell is doing quite
well between wheel chair, crutches and her own shank's mare in recovering
from her encounter with the cat. She is all agog over anticipated arrival
of relatives coming to Springdale for their retirement home-but more
about that when they come. Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Worley (Mary) have left
Harrison, Arkansas to live in Austin, Texas where they will be "much
nearer families and former friends". We are sorry to lose them but we
wish them joy at 7609 Forestwood Road, two miles south of city limits,
of Austin.

We were glad to welcome Mrs. Cora Makibbin back from a visit to
her sister, Mrs. Samuel F. McKenzie, Ooltewah, Tenn. The six Higgins
grandchildren miss their grandmother when she goes gadding. You see,
Grandma Makibbin lives across the street from the schoolhouse and its
fun to find a full cookie jar so close. We are all amused at the trend of
conversation when we meet Ed. Higgins these days. Ed. is sporting "mut-
ten-chop" whiskers for his part in the opera "La Traviata" when he sings
the part of "Alfredo", at the University where he is majoring in music.
Ed. and Mildren Makibbin Higgins have joined the Grandparents class
since their daughter Sherry, Mrs. Geo. J. Downing of New Jersey had a
son born 15 April 1961. Henry Makibbin is visiting his mother Mrs. Cora
Makibbin at present and there is plenty of chatter when the dozen of them
get together, including Ed's parents.
Ray and Evelyn Shuey were recent visitors who stopped by for a
chat and tell of their long trek which will take them from Tampa, Florida
to Alaska and back again. They expect to be away for a year. Their next
stop will be with Ray's mother in Neosho, Mo. where he will be joined

by his brother Ralph Shuey and wife Marie, from the Zone before going
on to visit with friends in Wyoming. After Alaska they will visit with
friends in California and Northern Mexico, returning to Florida in April
1962 where they will meet their son Roy and family from Gamboa. Ray
plans to "turn in" his present car for a deluxe model pick-up to pull their
"Air-stream" trailer, which is a marvel of engineering compactness -
all the comforts of home in a 24' trailer, including their 14 year old
Cocker, "Happy" and a canary in a cage. Happy journey friends and a
safe return.
The Magliolo Clinic of Dickinson, Texas announces the addition of
Edward G. Schnake, M.D., Internal Medicine, to its staff, 16 January 1961.
Our sincere congratulations to Edward and best wishes for a worthwhile
life in the realization of a childhood dream to be a doctor. His parents,
Ed and Letty Schnake, Birmingham, Michigan are visiting relatives and
friends in Texas and may go on to Mexico.
Heinie Hallin spent last month in Hot Springs, Arkansas enjoying the
former Canal Zone friends residing there and the activities of the town -
Health and Horses (not Hobby). Walter and Martha Reif left today 24
April, for Lakewood, Ohio to be present in the home of their son, Walter
and Arda Reif, when a new grandchild arrives. The Jr. Reifs now have
a three year old son. Walter is a busy man since taking on the duties of
President of the Washington County Council on Aging. Much good is
being accomplished under his leadership, particularly the establishment
of a Center for Companionship through shared activities for Senior Citi-
zens. Martha is making a splendid recovery from surgery.
Walter and Bates Wieman have as their guests Fred and Jane Huld-
quist from Margarita, Canal Zone. They visited Jane's family in Florida.
From here they plan to go to Houston, Texas taking Fred's mother, Mrs.
Wieman, and his aunt, Mrs. Nannie I. Brown to spend a week with his
cousin Mrs. Andrew Whitlock and family. Mrs. Minnie Crooks reports
her son Bob received his wings as a Paratrooper in Ft. Bragg, N.C. on
21 April 1961. Minnie works for the Social Security Dept. in Fayetteville
and keeps busy gardening at this time of planting season. Our own Mrs.
Raymond N. Shaw with son Mark are expected among those passengers
sailing on the former P.R.R. boat, making its first trip into New Orleans,
leaving the Zone 27th April. Ray will come later, their first vacation
from a two year contract on the Zone. We are all eager to hear first hand
the news of a much different Canal Zone from the one husband Newell
knew from 1913 to 1951.
A telephone call a few minutes ago informed me that the Cooks are on

the move. From Turkey comes the news that Lucille Cook Nanney and
family spent Easter on the Isle of Rhodes which lies between Turkey and
Greece. Lynn Jr., (Bud) is being transferred from Jackson, Miss. to Pen-
sacola, Florida and the Sr. Cooks, Lynn and Maude are leaving for a long
talked of trip to Arizona where they will visit family and friends. Hurry
back, folks.
Presidents may come and Presidents may go. We all know the organ-
izations that progress and prosper are those which have the good sense
to realize the importance of the Scribe. Such an organization is our own
Panama Canal Society of Florida. We are grateful to those who founded
the Society and those who served but words fail us as we think of our
faithful scribe, our Lucille, beloved by all fortunate enough to know
her personally and by those who only knew her through the friendly notes
she wrote "From Lucille to Your own name". There is a time to serve
and a time to rest. Lucille has served us well as a faithful and understand-
ing Secretary and she has served for many years. For Lucille a simple
and sincere "Thank you" for just being Lucille. We wish for her suc-
cessor, Lee Beil, the same interest and joy in the worthwhile task which
brings so much interest and joy to so many of the past, present and future
generations of Canal Diggers. A quotation from Essenes reminds us all
"Only by Harmony
And the Union of Many
Can any great good come
Unto the generations of men."
Blanche E. Shaw


At the Lake Merritt Sailboat House in Oakland on January 29th
where, in spite of a bit of "unusual" California weather, a congenial
group of 60 gathered for election of a new slate of officers, for a happy
social hour, and for the enjoyment of box lunches with old friends and
neighbors. The Clyde La Clairs, with us for the first time, manifesting
contentment in their new home in Napa;Clyde happy in his "white-collar"
job with a nearby cement company. Hazel (Klein) Shue, introducing her
husband, Eric, now "at home" in Auburn; and Carlin (Sankey) Hulen,
introducing her husband John, now "at home" in Berkeley.
The outdoor picnic at Flood Park in Menlo Park on June 24th, when

we hope to have a good representation of moms and dads, grandmas and
dads, children and grandchildren. All visitors to the area WELCOME!
In February, Evelyn Payne's two aunties (Jennie and Celia) jetting
in from Minnesota, and taking time out to prove that they are from the
old school of homemade bread-makers. Elvira Byrne, on leave from Gor-
gas, joining them for a big, wide, wonderful whirl.
Clara Zapponi, also on leave from Gorgas, visiting her sister, brother-
in-law and brother in Sacramento, enjoying a wonderful trip to Hawaii,
and stopping off en route for a few days with the Nevilles in Los Altos.
(Anyone for lasagne we can recommend it if it's Clara Z's!)
Alma and Henry Starrett, escaping for a while from the rigors of
winter in New England, visiting with relatives in San Francisco and with
Nell and Harold Irwin in San Rafael.
Lawrence H. Baker, Jr., Commander, USN (Balboa High School,
Class of '38 U.S. Naval Academy, Class of '42), on an inspection tour
of Naval Bases in the area. With but a few hours to spend with his
mother- and father-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fulton, our good neigh-
bors in nearby Mountain View, we were fortunate to be included in a
chit-chat session about people, places, and things in days gone by.
In March, Mr. and Mrs. George Miller of Charleston, Illinois, arriv-
ing in Oakland to visit daughter Esther M. Ahlteen before she and her
three children leave to join Dr. Carl Ahlteen in Sweden where they will
make their home. Having driven 2500 miles, and within four blocks of
their daughter's home, the Miller's car was involved in a collision with
another car in which Mrs. Miller suffered a broken jaw and a compound
fracture of the shoulder. Their car was damaged considerably.
Ellis Stillwell, returning after a visit with daughter Jean Crook and
family in Ukiah, stopping off for a weekend with Sara and Verne Mitchell
and Hanna and Arthur Beard.
The McIlhennys (Ted and Eleanor), on the last lap of a post-retire-
ment trip around the world. (Until last August Ted was Asst. Chief, Elec-
trical-Mechanical Branch, Engineers Division; Eleanor was Editor of the
Panama Canal Review.) While houseguests of Harry and Barbara Bach
of San Rafael, and Helen and Buckley Yoder of Los Altos, we asked whom
they saw on their trip that we knew and this is what they told us:
In New York, just before sailing, they were houseguests of Alice and
Gene Lombard, then living in Toms River, N.J. and now in Honduras
where Gene is on Catholic Relief Work.
In Paris, they saw Alice Lombard's sister, Clare Quinn, a member

of the staff of the U.S. Embassy's Commercial Attache. Living in a charm-
ing old-style apartment, five flights straight up, on the square where Notre
Dame Cathedral stands, the view from Clare's living room at night with
the Cathedral flood-lighted is breathtaking.
In Rome, they just missed seeing Clare's cousin, Rose Corrigan, also
on the U.S. Embassy staff but home on vacation at the time. Acting as
guides and mentors for the five weeks the McIlhennys spent in Rome were
Phil and Alison Payne. Having served on the staffs of the Panama Canal
Press Office, the Panama American, and the Nation, Phil is now with Time
Magazine's Rome Bureau. Shortly before leaving Rome, the Mcllhennys
were visited by young Robin Rennie, son of Panama Canal pilot and Mrs.
Robert G. Rennie. Robin, now serving in the Navy, was on Christmas
furlough while his ship was in Italian waters.
In Bangkok, Eleanor and Ted were guests of Lewis and Evelyn Moore.
Lewis, once serving in the position we remember as "Chief Quarter-
master" is now General Manager, Southeast Asia, for Tippetts-Abbett-
McCarthy-Stratton, Engineers and Architects. Also living in Bangkok,
and guests at a dinner party given by the Moores for their houseguests,
are Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pina. Paul, who was with the U.S. Information
Service in Panama during the early 1950's, is now a civilian employee of
the U.S. Navy. Mrs. Pina was born and reared in Panama.
In Tokyo, the Mcllhennys spent several interesting evenings with
Dorothy Brickman, now Associate Director of the U.S.O. on the Ginza.
Miss Brickman will be remembered as Rabbi Nathan Witkin's right-hand
girl at the Jewish Welfare Board U.S.O. on La Boca Road. Her assign-
ment in Tokyo will end in about 18 months. Former Isthmians, rounded
up for a dinner party honoring the Mcllhennys, were Colonel and Mrs.
Louis Leland, the Colonel a former Chief of Dermatology at Gorgas Hos-
pital and now stationed at Camp Zama Hospital near Tokyo; and Mr. and
Mrs. Robert D. Donaldson, Jr., now living at Bayview, a Navy Base near
Yokohama, while Bob is serving as the P.C. Company's resident inspector
during construction of new towing locomotives by Mitsubishi in Japan.
In Honolulu, Eleanor and Ted were shown the sights by Christine
Tull, formerly with the Canal Zone schools and now Associate Professor
and Teacher-Trainer in Home Economics at the University of Hawaii.
They also ran into Clara Zaponni, who was visiting Hawaii at the same
And in San Francisco, upon arrival by Matson Liner in late Feb-
ruary, they saw all of us and visited with son David who is attending
the Naval Post Graduate School at Monterey.

Kay Clarke, who will visit the Selby Hedges in Napa. Kay retired
from the C.Z. Schools Division last year and, we hear, may be convinced
that this is the area in which to live.
From Texas, the Verne Mitchells will entertain their young grand-
And from the Canal Zone, recent Panama Line developments permit-
ting, Katherine and Susan Lessiak will visit the Yoders; Beverly, John
and Linda Fawcett will visit the Nevilles; and Evelyn and John Pettingill
will visit the area in general.
The Frank Bryans of Santa Rosa, on a wonderful trip "down south",
in addition to covering 3,000 miles of the great American desert. They
visited such good friends as Nina Brown and family, Ruth and Harold
Duncan, Minnie and Earl Kent, Patsy and Carl Wanke, Lina and Ray
Kelly, Emma and Frad Bradley, Pauline and William Lawson, Hampton
Tedder and family, Susan Ewing Bishop and family, Margie and Bob Mil-
ler, Erma and Ray Forbes, and the Jimmy Forbes family.
Mary and Norman Rocker, off to Palos Verde, California in April,
where they will baby-sit for grandchildren while daughter Wyllis and
husband, Brig. General William Leonhard, find a new home in Washing-
ton, D.C. General Leonhard has recently been assigned as Director of
the Air Force Budget.
Ernie Payne and Harold Irwin, leaving on April 21st for a little jaunt
back east. Ernie to visit his family in Missouri, and Harold on to Murray
Hill, New Jersey to be introduced to his new grandson, Mark Douglas,
born to Mary Ellen and Robert D. Irwin on February 3d.
Ruth and Harold Duncan, starting May 17th on a leisurely trip after
retirement, stopping for visits with relatives and friends in Colorado,
Alabama, and Florida.
Harry and Barbara Bach, leaving May 31st on an extended trip in-
cluding a family reunion in Wisconsin, visits with old friends in Hender-
sonville, N.C. and St. Petersburg, before hopping over to the Bahamas
where the Clinton Baverstocks are making their retirement home.
By Sea
Merrill Judd (once on the Margarita Hospital staff), taking time out
in January and February from his position here with Lockheed, to ship as
doctor aboard the Matson Liner Mariposa on a delightful six-weeks' cruise
with ports of call at Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, Fiji, and
Hawaii. In the meantime, wife Helen (at one time also on the Margarita

Hospital staff), was baby-sitting for two little granddaughters while daugh-
ter Marilyn and husband Carter were moving from Washington State to
Merced, California.
Nina Brown, only recently arrived home aboard the MV Buffalo
from a two-months' sojourn in the CZ and Panama, the main purpose of
which was to become acquainted with her first great-grandson. Born to
granddaughter Nina Marie and husband, Gus Kosik, on October 23, 1960,
the baby has been named Kyle Eric Kosik. Nina also visited with the
Adlers and tells of such parties as the one Helen gave in her honor to
which 59 guests were invited for lunch and bridge. Remember when .. ?
By Air
Ethlyn Wood, of San Carlos, enplaning April 26th with one of her
bridge pals for a ten-day tour of the Hawaiian Islands.
Lewis Prager, combining business and pleasure to such far-away
places as Chicago, New York, Miami, and Dallas.
And now time out for Station break. This is PCSNC -
Clara Neville, Secretary


April 1961
Dear Friends:
A happy and enthusiastic group of 93 former Zone folks attended the
dinner of the Panama Canal Society of Los Angeles on March 5, 1961, at
the Alexandria Hotel. It was good to see friends and acquaintances from
the Los Angeles area whom we hadn't seen in some time, as well as the
visitors from out of town.
Among the out-of-town folks were Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Stark of
Colorado (visiting their daughter and son-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Hanson; Mrs. Josephine Huff who came all the way from Globe, Arizona,
to be with us; Mrs. L. A. Kaufer (Norine Hall) of Sunnyvale, California
(visiting with Mrs. Mary Hall and the Ewing Journeys); Mr. and
Mrs. C. A. Monsanto of Iowa (visiting with the Wm. Pidgens); Miss
Florence Peterson from the Canal Zone (visiting with Capt. and Mrs.
Maurenus Peterson); Mrs. Kent Lambert (visiting her daughter Catherine
Lambert Nero in Los Angeles); Mrs. Louise Warwick and Mrs. Nova
Warwick Cain from Bakersfield, California (came with Helen Rhodes);
Mr. Stanley Stearns, of San Mateo, California; Mrs. Louise Hartman, guest
of Mrs. Elizabeth Hall.

David Smith very graciously entertained us, sang two songs, one from
the musical adaption of "She Stoops to Conquer" on which he is working.
He commented on the help he'd had as a boy, from Dorothy Hamlin -
his singing took many of us back to Balboa, where we enjoyed many
musical programs, especially the Christmas programs.
There were a number of Roosevelt Medal holders present, but in the
rush of things, I didn't get a list of them.
The same officers were elected for the coming year: Virginia Seiler,
President; William Naylor, Vice-President; Thelma Reppe, Secretary-
We regret to report the death of Mrs. Faye Bergeson, wife of Chaplain
Merle Bergeson, in Los Angeles on April 8. 1961. When they attended the
dinner she looked so well and lovely her death was sudden, and we
know her family and many friends will miss her. Mrs. Bergeson was on
the Zone from 1923, and Chaplain Bergeson 1929 thru 1931 and 1944
thru 1951; they lived at Balboa and later at Ft. Gulick and various Army
posts. Upon leaving the Zone, Chaplain Bergeson was assigned to Fort
Lewis, Washington; and after retiring from the Army, took this position
as Chaplain and Assistant Superintendent of the Hollenbeck Home in Los
Angeles. Ths home is the oldest in the state, having been issued License
No. 1. Both Chaplain and Mrs. Bergeson enjoyed their work and their
life at the Hollenbeck Home the Chaplain will continue his duties there.
Mr. Leo Welling writes that he was confined to the hospital in Santa
Barbara earlier this year. He said that Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Smith
(former Chief Clerk) paid him a visit: also that he hears from Col. Omar
J. Ruch, former Chief Time Inspector, now living in New Orleans; also
he sees former Zoners Charlie and Joe Bracker often, both of them have
been successful in the business world. His brother, Dr. B. D. Welling of
Detroit, was one of Dr. Gorgas' secretaries.
Mr. A. L. Paulsen of South Pasadena suffered a broken leg and dis-
located shoulder in a fall, and has been confined to the house he is
making a good recovery and hopes to be in circulation again soon.
Mrs. Frank Fitzpatrick of Los Angeles had eye surgery again Mr.
Fitzpatrick wrote that she had been wearing bandages on her eyes practi-
cally continuously since November, 1960, but they hoped she would soon
see the light of day again.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Hauss visited with Dr. and Mrs. Martin in
Pasadena recently, and with Mrs. Mollie Brown of San Gabriel on their
way home to Fresno. They have sold their home in Texas and will make
their home somewhere in California. California is a big state I do hope

the peripatetic Hauss family notify me of their whereabouts.
Captain and Mrs. Mundberg of Santa Barbara celebrated their 50th
wedding anniversary on January 18, 1961. Mrs. Mundberg wrote that
other than the Captain's trouble with his eyes that they are doing quite well.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Hallin have been traveling about a bit: to
Texas and Mexico, and then to Menlo Park, California: when last heard
from were on their way to break the bank at Las Vegas.
Grace Brown writes that her daughter and son-in-law, Lt. Cdr. Fred E.
Whipple are in Ogden, Utah, where he is commanding Officer at the Naval
and Marine Corps Training Center. She also wrote that her sister, Dorothy
Babicz, had married and is now Mrs. Robert Harrie.
The group of former Zone folks who live in and about Monrovia,
California, met for their monthly pot-luck at the beautiful home of Mr.
and Mrs. Glenn Kerr on April 22, 1961. They welcomed back Mrs. Flora
McLain who has been convelescing for several months from a troublesome
heart condition but who is now looking very fit and trim. Mrs. Mary
Louise Bobrink of Palo Alto, a cousin of the Kerr's and their house guest
before her departure for a vacation in Hawaii, was a charming addition
to the group. The Bobrinks had been stationed at Fort DeLesseps from
1926 until 1929 so there were many happy recollections of those days.
Mrs. Dorothy Hamlin was welcomed as a new member of the Mon-
rovia group she has found an important place for herself in Sierra
Madre, the community in which she lives. On April 23 she presented her
class of 32 piano pupils in a recital program.
Capt. and Mrs. William Jones of Washington, D.C., are on several
weeks trip to Europe, according to news from Mrs. William Jones Sr. of
Monrovia. Mr. Jones Sr. is still a patient at Hillhaven Convalescent Hos-
pital in Arcadia, California
Mrs. Hugh Thomas of Arcadia entertained her sister and husband -
they are now visiting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with Mrs. Thomas'
daughter, Thelma Wayman and her family. Grace Garcia, her other
daughter, is now teaching in Hawthorne, California, and enjoying her
sixth grade class.
Mr. Ellis Stillwell has returned to Monrovia after a three week visit
with his daughter, Jean Crooks, in Ukiah, California. On his return trip,
he was the guest of the Verne Mitchells at Oakland and of the Arthur
Mrs. Edith Needham is expecting her nephew's fiance, Miss Dorothy
Quarton of Yorkshire, England, for a month's visit after her current teach-
ing assignment is completed.

Miss Jean Lockwood of Monrovia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Mort-
imer Lockwood, will exchange wedding vows on June 17 with Mr. Harold
Gibbins of Palo Alto. Jean, who is teaching in West Covina, California.
this year, will make her home and continue to teach in Palo Alto area.
The wedding will take place in the Presbyterian Church in Monrovia.
Mr. and Mrs. William Naylor are enjoying a marvelous flying trip
around the world. According to cards received by Grace's sister Docia
Hodges, every minute has been packed with adventure, beautiful scenery
and good food they had been in Hawaii, Japan, China and Thailand;
and before their return the latter part of May, they will have been to Tel
Aviv, Greece, Turkey, Cairo, and a side trip to Luxor (the area which is
to be flooded when the new dam is constructed, inundating all the ancient
tombs and statuary which we read about) and the Holy Land and many
other places. They will return to Los Angeles from Rome: and will share
their trip with friends when they show their films.
The Yucca Hiking Club of Monrovia recently enjoyed a five-day
camping trip in the Joshua Tree National Mounment near Indio, Califor-
nia. Among the ex-Canal Zone members who were with the group were
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Langdon, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Berude, Mr. and Mrs.
H. M. Lockwood, Mrs. Earl Gilbert and Mrs. Docia Hodges. There were
24 in the camp at Cottonwood Springs and all enjoyed the outing camp
was beautiful and the weather perfect, hot at midday but the campfire felt
good at night. They hiked to Lost Palms Canyon, as well as other short
trips in the area; enjoyed excellent meals prepared by several good cooks
in the crowd, among the best of which were Irma Lockwood and Clara
Gilbert. Mr. Lockwood is the Director of the Hiking Club which meets
each Thursday for hikes in the hills and mountains around Monrovia.
Mrs. Mercedes Snow is back in California, living at 14532 Dickens
Street, Dickens Arms, Sherman Oaks. She had a wonderful time in San-
tiago, Chile, visiting with her son and his family; and while there she
got in touch with my old friends, Joan and Stanley Mortimer (he was man-
ager of Singer Sewing Machine Co. in Panama City a number of years
ago. She met many relatives in Chile for the first time and before re-
turning to California, visited with her sister in Lima, Peru they had
not seen one another in 25 years.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. Boggs of 314 Orville Street, Alexandria, Vir-
ginia, were recent visitors in California; with daughter (Billie) and son-
in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Crtalic in Gardena; and with Virginia and Martin
Seiler. Mr. Boggs was Survey Officer and Chief of the Property & Requi-
sitions on the Zone, also acted as Judge on occasion. Mrs. Boggs (formerly

Roxy Graves) was a nurse at Panama Hospital, and is a sister of Mrs.
Claude Peters. The Seilers entertained with a dinner party honoring Mr.
and Mrs. Boggs, and to celebrate their own 33rd wedding anniversary, the
Beckman's 30th wedding anniversary, and Martin's birthday. Their guests
included Mr. and Mrs. Crtalic, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beckman, Mrs. Anna
Tonneson, Jack Tonneson, Mrs. Peter Sundberg, Mrs. Hedvig (Sundberg)
Seedborg, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clisbee, and several of their neighbors,
and all report a wonderful time. Unfortunately I had made previous ar-
rangement and was out of town so couldn't enjoy being with the happy
This year I took "spiggoty" leave and spent my vacation in or near
beautiful Long Beach, California and spent five days at Grand Canyon
and Phoenix, Arizona.
Our picnic will be held on June 11, 1961, at Brookside Park, Pasa-
dena-anyone in the vicinity of Southern California at that time will be
most welcome. Call any of the officers or members for directions on how
to get there we hope to have a good turn-out.
Kindest regards to all -
Thelma Reppe, Secretary


Before coming up here to Hoosierdom, I had two winters, one in
Florida during Reunion time, and one in Arkansas, followed by a beauti-
ful Ark. spring with dogwoods waning, when I left it near mid-April.
Here, the 'Banks of the Wabash' were 'snowed in' by drifts 6 ft. and over!
No one remembers such snow here at such a late date, and snowplows
were already 'put up' in moth balls, and had to be hurriedly reassembled
to clean the snow clogged roads! The many stranded motorists who slept
in churches and schools etc., on April 16, will not soon forget Nature's
freak weather streak, and we hope Spring will soon be here. I will then
hurry back to Hot Springs for our 'get-together' dinner on May 20 -
which will then be early summer, so I will have 'enjoyed' or 'endured'
practically 6 seasons already this year! We anticipate a fine crowd and
a very good time at our Pan Canal Club meeting in May.
After my pleasant visits with friends in St. Pete after the Reunion,
and my sojourn amongst friends and kinfolks in Palm Beach and vicinity,
I sauntered over to Orlando and enjoyed the gracious hospitality of
Lavinia and Franklin Pierce who projected for me their beautiful color

slides and movies taken during their recent trips to Hawaii and Alaska.
I was happily able to 'relive' these delightful trips while viewing those
lovely scenes! In Altamonte Springs, while in their lovely home, Eunice
and Walter Cope let me view their conservatory with its gorgeous orchids,
some of which were developed from seeds, painstakingly planted by Walter
in the Canal Zone, where he was always an ardent orchid enthusiast and
a real naturalist. They so generously gave me their choicest blooms which
I enjoyed immensely all the way homeward and for a long time afterward.
I found the Krauses, Kay and Frank, well and happy, and enjoying
their beautiful new home in Altamnote Springs. From there I motored
over to Claremont in the superb Florida citrus section, to visit Lillian and
Leigh Abram who also entertained me royally and 'loaded me down' with
their own special delicious fruits! All these friends I've mentioned were
my dear former Pedro Miguel neighbors, and I was so thrilled to be able
to visit them! Onward, I travelled to visit the George Matthews, in Apala-
chicola, who were my most genial hosts in their lovely and interesting
home overlooking the Gulf! 'Twas a most enjoyable visit with them -
and the wonderful oysters of this region, were most deliciously prepared
by Mrs. Matthews for me!
We were all saddened by the sudden passing on Jan. 31, of our dear
friend, Capt. Gus Kolle of Russelville, a former C.Z. pilot. His most
genial spirit cheered us always and he will be greatly missed by everyone.
Our heartfelt sympathy is extended to Mrs. Kolle.
Mr. and Mrs. John Forrest, formerly of Cristobal, have decided to
live amongst us, and have recently purchased a home on Road 5, the
Little Rock Highway, not far from Hot Springs.
Jack and Ann Reinig arrived home from Highland Park, Ill., where
they spent the winter with daughter Peggy (Mrs. Ed Fucik), husband and
family. They returned in time for the racing season.
Grover and Billy Bohan report that they arrived home from Tampa,
and are well, and 'at home' again in Jonesboro.
Mrs. Herbert Mitten (Peggy), of Balboa, visited her mother, Mrs.
Frances Horter at the Park Hotel, during March. From here she flew east-
ward to join her twin daughters, to spend the Easter vacation with her
sister, Joan (Mrs. James L. Lundy), husband, and daughter in Rochester,
N.Y. also her sister, Marian (Mrs. J. Robt. Connors), husband, and
family of Shorthills, New Jersey.
The Lynn Cottrells, wholive on Music Mt. had their daughter, Vivian
(Mrs. Wm. Ried), husband and family of Chicago, as guests during the
Easter vacation. The Cottrells plan to leave soon to spend the summer in

their Wisconsin home, and return here in early October.
We have heard of the very recent passing of a former C.Z. resident
of N.W. Ark., in Bentonville Mrs. James Coman. We offer our most
sincere sympathy to Mr. Coman and her family.
Most of the ex-Canalers around here in Hot Springs, seemingly are
well and were able to enjoy the beautiful spring and Eastertide. The Bill
Bartholomews are anticipating the arrival of their daughter Barbara (Mrs.
Krueger), husband, and children of Balboa, and son William, wife, and
family of Milwaukee to join them in early summer and all are making
intensive plans to attend a big family reunion in Texas in early July.
Pardon my trying to write this from two different places I hope
you'll understand.
Hasta manana,
Frances S. Dorn


Feb. 4. Another New England blizzard; 18", with a 45-mile wind.
Remember the radio and TV programs, "You are there"? Well, we are
here, and snowed in for days.
Feb. 8. Tom Jordan and Mary Manush arrived from Maine. They
braved very bad roads by bus, and took a taxi to get to our house. This
was Mary's first visit, and she and I spent many moments reminiscing
about mutual Zone friends; some of whom we knew were also snowbound.
Feb. 23. BELIEVE THIS OR NOT!! Twenty-seven years ago (1934)
Ida met a lady on a bus in traveling from West Virginia to Boston. They
became very well acquainted enroute and exchanged addresses upon depart-
ing. They never met again, but over the years Ida and I carried on a con-
tinuing correspondence with the lady and her husband. When they moved
to Chicago we gave them the address of Bill Hull's Aunt Polly, and they
became close friends. Then when they moved to Altadena, California, we
acquainted them with Bud and Berta Hazzard. Well, Mr. and Mrs. C. G.
W. Anderson came all across the United States to visit with us. We cer-
tainly were thrilled. In leaving they took the addresses of all ex-Zoners
who live in any town near them. So-o-o a lot of you folks will be hearing
from us by remote communication, as it were.
March 3. Our little snowbound chapter became very much colder this
day for we learned of the resignation of Lucille as our Secretary-Treasurer.
It did no good to turn up the furnace for we received no warming feeling.

We were stunned, and yet it was realized that after many years of unselfish,
understanding and dedicated labors for us Lucille had to be concerned
about her health. We all know how much she has been concerned about the
health of every one of us. Her accomplishments will never be equaled.
Whoever takes the position will have a high level to equal and there can
be no doubt but that everyone will give all the cooperation possible.
April 17. A perfect Spring day. No snow on the ground, but too cold
to work in the garden.
May 7. Our Chapter acquired twenty Associate Members; They were
not Canal Zone. All of the cast of the play "My Fair Lady", who were
voice students of Dorothy, Ida's sister, were present, including the stars
Michael Evans and Caroline Dixon. Also Dave Weinstein, the Stage Man-
ager and his wife Judy. They are old friends from the time that Dave
brought "Oklahoma" to Boston.
May 20. Away to Yarmouth, Maine, to celebrate Amy Loring's birth-
day on the 21st. So-o-o after staying overnight with Tom we all "set sail"
with Mary Manush and Eloise, the Loring's daughter. Also among those
present were a birthday cake, a birthday plate and 250 Star & Heralds;
the long Winter's accumulation. Amy is as cheerful as ever in spite of her
handicap. Harry Loring reported that now the Winter has passed the na-
tives can concentrate on fishing, instead of the activities, or hobbies, that
took up their cold weather time.
We had hoped to have Frank and Lil Gerchow with us, but Frank is
too busy as a Regional Vice-President of NARCE. More power to him.
Ida reports that she feels like a good second-hand car; always ready
to go, but not so fast. In other words she feels as good as new; but takes
things easy.
Lovingly submitted,
Ida and Slim Hallett


Gloria Wilson and two children of Lake Charles, La. have been guests
in the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bornefield.
Misfortune came to Mr. A. S. Brown last week when he fell at Bel-
den's Grocery and fractured his right ankle. He will not be able to use
his foot for two months.
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Wright were in Clifton, Texas for a week-end
visit with their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Tyssen.

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Rothwell are leaving the Zone for retirement
and will arrive in New Orleans on May 1. They are passengers on the
first sailing of the new Canal Zone boat to the States. After a visit with
their children in Chicago, they plan to make their home in Houston.
Welcome to Houston.
Mrs. C. V. Nugent attended the funeral of Mrs. James V. Coman in
Bentonville, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Coman were retired employees of the Zone.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Levy are going to New York to help Charlotte
with the new baby. David Levy flew into Houston to see his parents on a
24 hour leave. He is on active duty with the Air Force in New Mexico.
Col. and Mrs. Hurbert Keith of Denver, Colorado will be guests of
Mrs. Peggy Ellis during the first part of May. On May 19, Mrs. Ellis
plans to leave for Arkansas to see her sister and friends there and then
to Lincoln to see her daughter on May 15.
Doris June Fincher will be installed as Worthy Advisor of Bellaire
Assembly No. 296, Order of the Rainbow for Girls on May 27, at 7:30 p.m.
Mr. Ross Fincher will be installed as Master of Bellaire Lodge No.
1336 A.F. & A.M. on June 24.
Doris Fincher


The Panama Canal Society of Southeastern Florida enjoyed their
first picnic of 1961 at Matheson Hammock on April 16th. The buffet
lunch featured generous dishes of Arroz con pollo and Johnny Mazzetti
so typical of Canal Zone.
The meeting was called to order by the president, Mr. Dan Jones, and
each one present was asked to give his name, dates of service, location, and
occupation in Canal Zone. It was good to see so many old friends and
quite a few new-comers. The "Jones boys" were well represented; besides
our president, Dan Jones, and family we were glad to welcome Mr. and
Mrs. James Horace Jones now residents of Miami, and Mr. and Mrs. James
A. Jones with James III in his play-pen.
It was nice to see Mr. and Mrs. Hatchet and daughter, Veta, formerly
of Pedro Miguel. Mr. Hatchet was recently retired and has spent much
time in Jackson Memorial Hospital since coming to Miami. Their present
address is 6227 S.W. 10th St. We sincerely hope Mr. Hatchet will con-
tinue to improve.
Other first-timers were Mr. and Mrs. Goldstrohm and their house-
guests, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Banan of Ft. Lauderdale, Mrs. Hugh F. (Terry)

Giblin also of Ft. Lauderdale, and Mrs. Audrey (Hudson) Bishop and
two lovely daughters who now reside at 9051 S.W. 25th St. in Miami.
Marilyn (Metzger) Marsh and daughter, Edythe, were visitors from
Coco Solo, C.Z. It was good to welcome back Mrs. Catherine (Bain)
Shields who has been quite ill and her house-guest, Mrs. Arthur (Lill)
The president reported that our secretary, Mrs. Rudolph Melanson,
had been called to the Canal Zone because of the illness of her mother,
Mrs. Selma Wainio, who underwent surgery at Gorgas Hospital; at last
report the patient was doing nicely.
Mr. Dan Jones announced plans, for a chicken barbecue luncheon in
honor of Canal Zone Shriners, their friends and relatives, at twelve o'clock
on June 18, preliminary to the Shrine Convention. Contact Mr. Dan S.
Jones, 465 N.W. 87th St., El Portal, Miami or call Plaza 7-8800 for res-
Mr. Cecil Banan discussed the several plans for Health Insurance
now available to retired employees. He compared the benefits of the
N.A.R.C.E. plan, the Government Uniform Plan and others.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Goldstrohm and son recently returned to Miami after
an absence of seven years and have purchased a new home at 14745 83rd
Place in Mangowood, Miami. Mrs. Goldstrohm is the former Marien
Evans and before her marriage made her home with Mr. and Mrs. Cecil
Banan. Mr. Goldstrohm, formerly with the Dredging Division at Gamboa
is an engineer and presently Superintendent for the Nello Peer Company
of Durham, No. Carolina.
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Jones have entertained several guests in their
home at 1650 N.E. 150th St. Among them were Ada and Joe Farr who
lived at Santa Clara, R.deP. for several years. The Farrs were enroute to
St. Petersburg where they will make their home. Other guests were Caro-
line and Leon Dedeaux, long time residents of Canal Zone but now living
in Gulfport, Mississippi. They were accompanied by his brother, Loren,
and Cora Dedeaux also of Gulfport.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Means of Port Charlotte were recent guests of
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Smith of Miami.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Benthall flew up from Panama on April 16th and
spent a few brief hours in Miami. Marilyn and Edythe Marsh and Mr.
and Mrs. I. W. Metzger had breakfast with them at Miami International
Airport. Mrs. Benthall has just retired from her work with the Canal. The
Benthalls plan to buy a trailer and have mapped out the next three years
for travel around the USA and in Alaska. After that ? Well, more trav-
eling, perhaps!

Mrs. Lawrence C. Callaway, wife of the late Capt. Callaway of Cris-
tobal Police Division, is enjoying life in Miami near her son, Lawrence,
and his fine family. Being a grandmother has real compensations, she says.
Mr. Anton C. Pedersen of Ft. Lauderdale has accepted a position as
Electronic, Radar, and Communications engineer with R.C.A. and is at
present stationed at the Atlantic Missile Range in the Bahamas. Anton
finds his work most interesting and the Pedersens are glad he is stationed
near the Florida coast.
Mrs. Dorothy Hall, of Gamboa, arrived from Canal Zone on Good
Friday and was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Bowen before leaving
for New York City to visit her son, Lindley Hall and family. From there
she will leave on a trip to Europe.
Mrs. W. C. Bowen of Coral Gables is leaving on May 1st for New
York City to visit Lindley and Jackie (Bowen) Hall and the children.
From there she will go to Washington, D.C., Richmond, Va., and Char-
lotte, N.C., where she will be joined by Mr. Bowen to attend the gradua-
tion of their granddaughter, Janet Hicks. At Charlotte they will meet the
Howard Andersons of Richmond, Va. and will drive to Asheville to visit
the Clarence Howells.
News reaches us in a letter from Mr. Claude Berger that Mrs. Denton
C. Dickenson passed away on April 15 at Sebring, Florida. Interment was
in Wisconsin where the late Mr. Dickinson is buried. She will be mourned
by many friends in Miami.
We are sorry to report that one of our valued members, Mr. Edwin
H. Underwood, Sr., died at Jackson Memorial Hospital on March 4th. He
was a locomotive engineer employed by the Isthmian Canal Commission
from 1910 to 1915. He is survived by his wife, Gladys, a son, E. H. Under-
wood, Jr. of Key Biscayne, and two grandsons.
Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Metzger of Minneapolis, Minnesota, who were
recently married, spent several days of their honeymoon in Miami. This
resulted in an enjoyable family reunion. With the parents, Mr. and Mrs.
I. W. Metzger, Marjean Metzger Koperski and family, Marilyn Metzger
Marsh and daughter Edythe (who are visiting the Metzgers) we made a
happy family of fourteen and enjoyed every minute of our time together.
Mrs. A. T. Marsh who has been attending the University of Miami for
the past few months, will return to her home in Coco Solo, C.Z. for a ten
day stay between semesters. She is taking advantage of the very reason-
able round-trip excursion rate recently offered by Pan American Airways.
Mr. Marsh and their daughter, Billie Ruth, hope to spend part of the sum-
mer in Miami depending on when Tom can get his vacation.

Mrs. R. A. Koperski who has spent the winter with her son, Robert,
and family in Miami and a brief visit in Orlando with Mr. and Mrs. Lee
Koperski, will leave shortly for her home in Danville, California. Mabel,
like so many others, is glad the government, at long last, has approved
a direct flight from Miami to California. Jet planes make the distance
seem shorter.
Mr. and Mrs. Aram Hatch who usually leave for their home in
Vermont in May are staying over for the Shrine Convention this year.
Members are reminded to keep the Editor of the Canal Record in-
formed of any change of address. As announced at our last meeting, be-
cause of the considerable cost to the Society, in the future no Records
will be re-mailed.
The next regular picnic of our Southeastern Society will be held on
June 25 at the Rock Shelter in Matheson Hammock Park. The "carry in"
picnic buffet is at one o'clock followed by a brief business meeting and
plenty of visiting. We hope to see you at all the picnics on these dates:
June 25th August 20th October 15th
Same time Same place
Ruth T. Metzger


Hurrah! We believe and hope Spring is here at last. It has really
kept us guessing. Warm some days, then cold, and I do mean cold. All
are now looking forward to picnics, the many friends we hope to see and
the trips many of our members are planning.
We were saddened in February by the passing away of Mrs. John
(Sari) Ferguson, and our heartfelt sympathy goes to John and his family.
Mr. Geo. Ward was in the hospital for serious surgery but is home
now and doing fine.
Mr. Ray Mitchell has been quite ill and was in hospital, but is at
home now and we hope will soon be much better.
Clarence (Johnny) Johnston has been ill for two weeks with a virus
but am happy to say he is better.
Mrs. Olive Behlen is getting along fine and Ernest is proud of his
wonderful patient.
Bruce and Mildred Harrell left for Sierra Vista, Arizona in March
for a visit with daughter Louise (Mr. and Mrs. Wm Wright) and family.
Capt. and Mrs. Reppa (Emma, Frank) left April first to spend Easter

with their daughter-in-law Jean, Kathy and Bobby in Virginia. They were
gone about ten days.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Stetler were the guests of Rose and Johnny John-
ston in March, and while there Rose and Johnny took them to call on all
their old friends who were so glad to see them. The Stetlers stopped in
Asheville and called on the Paul Bentz' and Ernest Behlens. March 30
Rose and Johnny drove to Anderson, Ind. to spend Easter with son Bob,
Nancy and Jan. Returned home April 6 and on April 8 John Runck, Bal-
boa, C.Z., arrived for a ten day visit.
Paul and Edna Furr, Falls Church, Va., formerly Gatun, C.Z., were
the guests of Dorothea and Starford Churchill early in April, spending
Easter with them. Dorothy and Star brought them to Hendersonville to
call on Betty and Fred O'Rourke, which was a very delightful surprise.
Mr. and Mrs. Whitman P. Garrett of Jacksonville, Fla., formerly Gatun,
also visited the Churchills late in April.
Tom Jr. (Kelly) spent several days over Washington's birthday with
his parents Tutie and Tom. Daughter Margie (Seagers) came home for
four days in March, and Tutie and Tom and Tutie's mother, Mrs. Emma
Luckey drove her back to her home in Falls Church, Va. They stayed to
spend the Easter Holidays with she and her husband Murray, and Tom Jr.
in Washington, D.C. While in Washington they all drove up to State Col-
lege, Pa. to visit with daughter Pat Kappe and her husband Dave, and
David Jr. Dave took group pictures of the four generations: Mrs. Luckey,
Tutie, Pat and David, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Hiter left late in April to spend the summer in
their camp in New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bentz, Asheville, have the pleasure of a visit of
Mrs. Bentz' sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hart, at the present
A visit of Wendell Greene's brother, Kenneth, Roulette, Pa. was en-
joyed by Mildred and Wendell.
Feb. 19 Wendell and Mildred went to Newberry, S.C. where Wendell
became God-father of Albert Garlington's second son, Heywood.
The W. Greens are expecting the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. I. F. Mc-
Ilhenny who are enroute to Texas to make their home.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Howell had daughter Margaret and family for
Easter week-end and enjoyed another two weeks visit from little grand-
daughter, Debbie.
Best wishes from All of Us to All of You "Wherever You Are"
Betty O'Rourke


The New York Society of the Panama Canal held its 37th Annual
Reunion on Saturday, May 6th, with a Luncheon at the Brass Rail Restaur-
ant, 521 5th Avenue, New York City. Colonel Ralph H. Sartar presided.
After a standing toast to "The President of the United States", Bill
Russell proposed a toast to the good health of Colonel Goethals and Matt
Follman, for their many years of faithful and generous support of the
Mr. Earl Harding, author of the book "The Untold Story of Panama"
gave a very interesting talk on Panama and the Canal.
Dr. Edward Salisbury spoke regarding Panama as it is today, espe-
cially the many changes that have taken place in the past few years.
Greetings were read from members who were unable to attend-from
Colonel Goethals, Cambridge, Mass., Matt Follman, Cincinnati, Ohio, Hon.
Maurice Thatcher, Washington, D.C., Wm. R. McCann, Hopewell, Va.,
Bill May, Wilmington, Del., Ralph Cutler, St. Petersburg, Fla., Harry
Bloss, Tampa, Fla., Pete Bonalli, Hot Springs, Ark., Jeff King, Cranford,
N.J., and Harry Case and Howard Critchlow, of Trenton, N.J.
Letter from Congressman Carey was read in which he stated that he
had communicated with Congressman Bonner, Chairman of Merchant
Marine and Fisheries Comm., urging favorable action on H.R. 6008, which
provides for an annuity for those with two years but less than three years
service on the Canal during the construction period.
It was with profound sorrow that the death of the following members
during the past year, was announced.
Ben Jenkins, Chevy Chase, M., --- September 29, 1960
Arthur Webb, New York City ----- February 13, 1961
Frank Bielaski, New York City -----.- April 4, 1961
For the year 1961, the following were elected:
President --------- Ralph H. Sartor
Vice-President---...-------- Dr. Edw. I. Salisbury
Secretary-Treasurer -..--..-...... John J. Fitzpatrick

William E. Russell Maurice B. DePutron James T. Eason
At the close of the meeting, Col. Sartor expressed his appreciation
to those who had travelled considerable distance to be with us, and ex-
pressed the hope that we would all be present at our next Reunion.
John J. Fitzpatrick, Secretary-Treasurer


The Panama Canal Society of Chicago held its 38th Annual Reunion
in the banquet room of the Lawson Y.M.C.A., Chicago, Illinois, on May
6th, 1961.
The Vice-President of the Society, Mr. Frank T. Clark, presided.
Among those present were the following: Mr. Carl G. Anderson, Mr.
Nils G. Berglund, Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. John G.
Claybourn, Miss Florence Dildine, Mrs. Lea K. Dugan, Mrs. Cecilia B.
Doyle and grandson Joseph V. Ryan and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice
W. Fox, Mr. William Greene, Dr. and Mrs. W. E. Harvey, Mr. and Mrs.
Ted Meyer, representing Mr. Meyer's sister Mrs. Albert E. Miller, Mrs.
Mattie G. Morris, Dr. and Mrs. Hugh E. Mullen, Mrs. Alice Rogers, Mr.
F. G. Swanson, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Troup, Mr. Edward J. Vogel and
guest Miss Gladys Fleming, Mrs. Frank S. Wichman and guests Mr. and
Mrs. Nels Dahl.
Past Presidents Mr. Harley L. Stuntz and Mr. Frank S. Wichman
were unable to attend due to illness.
Greetings were received from General Robert E. Wood, Mr. R. H.
Whitehead, Mr. H. H. Morehead, Mr. H. A. Haag, and many others who
regretted that they could not attend.
After an excellent dinner, color movies were shown by Mr. Nels Dahl,
with a Panama and Caribbean background.
This was followed by a short business meeting, during which a reso-
lution was adopted, approving and endorsing the pending bills in Congress
to extend the benefits of the Panama Canal construction service annuity
act of May 29, 1944 to those officers and employees who served two years
and more but less than three years on the Panama Canal during construc-
tion days.
The Vice-President reported the death of Mrs. Anne M. Cate, who
passed away on November 27, 1960.
The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
President ---- -- Maurice W. Fox
Vice-President -----Frank T. Clark
Secretary-Treasurer -- _Edward J. Vogel
Trustee ------Frank S. Wichman
Edward J. Vogel, Secretary-Treasurer


Wouldn't this old world be better
If the folks we meet would say
"I know something good about you"
And treat us just that way?

Wouldn't it be fine and dandy
If each handclasp fond and true
Carried with it this assurance,
"I know something good about you."

Wouldn't life be lots more happy
If the good that's in us all
Were the only thing about us
That folks bothered to recall?

Wouldn't life be lots more happy
If we praised the good we see?
For there's such a lot of goodness
In the worst of you and me.

Wouldn't it be nice to practice
That fine way of thinking, too
You know something good about me
I know something good about you?


Mrs. C. Kent Lambert of Chestertown, Maryland, spent the winter
in California with relatives and friends. She enjoyed a ten day visit with
Esther and George Cassell at Redondo Beach.

The many friends of Pop (Boquette Bugle) Wright will be interested
to hear that Pop celebrated his 98th birthday on March 23, 1961. Pop
makes his home with his daughter, Mrs. Frank L. Corey, 1945 Hicks Ave.,
San Antonio 10, Texas. (For picture of Pop, see cut).
Mrs. James W. Herbert (Jean Dennis) writes that for a winter, they
have had it. Will be glad when summer comes so they can head for
Rangeley Lake in Maine. Her mother plans to go up with them, this year.
Mr and Mrs. Earl A. Kent have spent the past year on the West Coast
and have enjoyed every minute of it. They expect to return to Florida
in June.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pate of Gatun, Canal Zone, held open house in
honor of the 42nd wedding anniversary of Mrs. Pate's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank H. Wolf of St. Petersburg, Florida, who have been spending
the winter months on the Zone. Two hundred and fifty guests came from
both sides of the Isthmus.

Carl and Ethel Wanke of Whittier, California, report they are eniov-
ing good health and planning a trip to Arizona and New Mexico and later
in the summer, a trip to Montana.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Hoffner of Orlando, Florida, enjoyed a
Caribbean Cruise, stopping at several ports and a short stop on the Canal
Mr. Louis A. Poltrino of Fort Lauderdale, spent three weeks on the
Zone. Mr. Poltrino first went to the Zone in 1905 and retired in 1942.
During that time, he served as Secretary to the Engineer of Maintenance
and later to Governors Ridley, Schley and Edgerton.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Suddaby, who recently retired, have purchased
a home in St. Petersburg, Florida, at 3500 28th Avenue North.
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Morris are now permanently located in
Clearwater, Florida, at 1256 Magnolia Drive.

Mrs. Wilma A. Siler is now making her home at 736 West Florence
Avenue, DeLand, Florida.

Mrs. Fred G. Whaler is making her home with Bobbie and Bud in
Diablo. She has enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones.

Mr. Edward J. Vogel, Secretary of the Panama Canal Society of
Chicago, spent several weeks in Florida, this winter. It was a pleasure
meeting Mr. Vogel and we hope he comes again, next year.

Chris and Ruth Simonson of Anaheim, California, are both in good
health and enjoying life. They have had quite a few visits from old friends
and they report seeing Bob and Marjie Miller quite often. Chris has
been appointed Assistant Superintendent of Maintenance at the Martin
Luther Hospital in Anaheim.

Dick and Ruth Taylor missed the Reunion, this year. They enjoyed
(??) the unusual winter (16 consecutive days of below zero weather).
They say that people had to put anti-freeze in their coffee. However, the
pleasure of being with their three grandsons helped to make it an enjoy-
able season.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mack remain our only Society members in the
state of Utah. They are also the last employees left on the Great Salt Lake
crossing. Their son, Chuck, is in Junior High School and leaves home in
the morning at 6:30 and returns home at 5:10. (For picture, see cut)

Mrs.Alice Dolan went north, last December and had to prolong her
visit because of treatment needed to restore use to her hand and wrist
which was broken last September. She reports that her hand is much
Mrs. Esther Currier is busy as Director of the Huntington Park Co-
operative Nursery School in California. She teaches three days each week,
both children and parents. In addition, she is taking a U.C.L.A. Extension
Course on Supervision and Management of Nursery schools. In her spare
time, she keeps in touch with old C.Z. friends in that area.

Mrs. Henry Falk of St. Petersburg, Florida, flew to the Zone to attend
the wedding of her son, Murray, and Miss Joan Sharp, on March 18, 1961.

Other St. Petersburg folks who returned to the Zone for visits this
past winter were: Mr. and Mrs. Russell Potter, Mr. and Mrs. Crawley
Walston, Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Disharoon, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Jones, and
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Feeney.

Walter and Helen White enjoy their choice of place to live, DeLand,
Florida. They expect their daughter, husband, and six children to visit

them in June.

First Lieutenant Dorothy (Dotsy) Bigelow, in her career as an Army
nurse, has been an operating room nurse for nine years. She has recently
been promoted to the position of Supervisor, a challenging one which she
loves. (See cut)

Mrs. Charles S. Hardy has returned to her home in Miami after a
trip to Memphis, Tenn., to greet her new grandson, Charles S. Hardy, III.
Her son, Charles, Jr. is doing very well in Electronics school at the Naval
Base, there.

Mrs. Viola (Finegan) Engelhardt of Biloxi, Miss., wishes to be re-
membered to all old time friends. Her address, Mrs. Rudolph Engelhardt,
221 Beach Bayou Road, North Biloxi, Miss.

Mr. Elmer Haw of Seattle, Washington, sent us an interesting news
item about Mrs. Samuel T. Faucett, a former nurse of construction days.
Shortly after graduating from Nursing School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
she volunteered for duty in the Spanish American War. She saw duty in
Cuba and later went to the Philippines during the insurrection. After
leaving the Philippines and one year in Chicago, she left for the Canal
Zone where she met and married Dr. Faucett in 1906. Mrs. Faucett, now
92 years old, has been blind for ten years. However, she still enjoys life
to the fullest, does all her own shopping with the aid of a store shopper,
and occasionally makes a cross country trip by train, the last one a year
ago. Few ex-Zonites will remember Mrs. Faucett but anyone who does
may write or send a card to her at St. Vincent's Home for the Aged in
Seattle, Washington.

William H. Baxley, President of the Florida Society of the Panama
Canal back in 1939 to 1943, celebrated his 79th birthday on March 22,
1961. (Congratulations from us all) Mr. Baxley was the first Clubhouse
Secretary back in 1907 at Culebra. For the past two years, he has not
been too well, having suffered a stroke, but, despite that, he keeps cheer-
ful about it all. (For picture, see cut)

Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hoverter of Bendersville, Pennsylvania, have
returned home after a visit with their son and family in Amarillo, Texas.
After the past rugged winter, they would like to be where it is warmer,
next year.

The W. K. Newlands are happily situated in Springfield, Missouri,

where they are near their daughter, Mary, and her husband, Dr. William
F. Clary. Mary and Bill have three boys and a girl, four of the eleven
grandchildren which the Newlands now have. Ross and Elain (Lombard)
have three boys and a girl and they live in Wilmington, Delaware. Guy
has two boys and one girl. They live in Panama City, R.P. and Guy rep-
resents Beckton-Dickinson Co. in Central and South America. Guy's
children are the fourth generation of the Newland family to have lived
on the Zone and to have been members of St. Luke's Parish in Ancon. Ken
reports that Gene Lombard and Alice are in Tegucigalpa, Honduras,
where Gene is working with some Catholic welfare organization.

The Ray Shueys of Tampa have sold their home and will start out
soon on that marvelous trip that will take them across the U.S.A. and up
into Alaska and perhaps down into Mexico.

Mrs. Herbert Berger of Chula Vista, California, is now feeling fairly
good after a bad fall that broke a vertabrae and later a couple of bouts
with a virus. Mrs. Berger sends regards to friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schnake of Birmingham, Michigan, are going
to Houston, Texas to see son Edward and family, then to Monterey, Mex-
ico, to see Mrs. Schnake's sister. They will also visit Mr. and Mrs. Leslie
Wilkinson in Donna, Texas.
Ed Bugby is in fairly good shape now after a month in the hospital.
He found the past winter a real bad one with snow forty inches deep
around the house. He hated being snow bound when he yearned for Flor-
ida and sunshine. Better luck next year, Ed.

Mr. and Mrs. E. M. McGinnis of St. Petersburg, had as guests early
in March Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sulc of East Orange, New Jersey. Later in
the month, their guests were Mr. and Mrs. William C. Fritz of Warwick,
Rhode Island.

Pete and Marguerite Flynn of Balboa had a family reunion last Christ-
mas with the whole family (and their families) gathered together, in the
Canal Zone, for the first time in 15 years. Joanne with her husband and
family of two girls and two boys came from St. Louis, Missouri. Jeanne
and her husband, Major Charles Stough, with their two boys came from
San Antonio, Texas. Pete, Jr., with his wife, Rae, and daughter came from
Los Angeles. Marilyn is a speech therapist in the Special Education Pro-
gram in the Canal Zone School Division, and Marguerite is also on the
Zone with her husband, Bill Kessler who is with the Police Dept. They

have a girl and a boy. Twenty-one, in all, and some members of the family
met for the first time at the reunion. It was a month of parties, fishing
trips, shopping, and a wonderful time of happiness and pleasure in being
together. (For picture, see cut)

Randy L. Deakins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Deakins of Diablo
Heights, C.Z. was the winner of a Navy commendation for attaining the
highest scholastic average while undergoing recruit training at the U.S.
Naval Training Center at Great Lakes, Illinois. A graduate of Balboa
High, he was graduated from recruit training with special merit for "dis-
playing outstanding qualities in initiative, Military bearing and leader-
ship". Before reporting for duty at the U.S. Naval Base at Norfolk, Va.,
he visited his parents on the Zone and his grandmother, Mrs. Lita Deakins
of St. Petersburg and his grandmother, Mrs. Daisy Randall, in Tampa.
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Haas of St. Petersburg, left early in April, in
their boat for a two months cruise in the Bahamas. They expect to be in
Miami in June for the Shrine Convention.
Professor Clyde Keeler of Georgia State College for Women has a
new book out "Apples of Immortality from the Cuna Tree of Life". He
is also author of two other books on the San Bias, "Land of the Moon
Children" and "Secrets of the Cuna Earthmother". The new book has
received many favorable notices. Published by Exposition Press Inc., 386
Park Avenue South, New York.
Mrs. Jewel Oliver of Detroit, Michigan, visited her sister and brother-
in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Shep Shreves of St. Petersburg early in March. She
also made a trip to Miami and enjoyed seeing many old friends she knew
on the Canal Zone.

Mrs. Marion Lucas of Balboa, C.Z. is spending the summer with Les
and Sullie Wilkinsen of Donna, Texas. In June, they will drive to Cali-
fornia visiting Betty Wilkinsen Boetta and family in Phoenix, Arizona.
Jan Wilkensen Muralt and family in San Diego, California, Don and
Marilyn Sampsen in Downey, California, and Jack Wilkensen in San Luis
Obispo, California.
Mrs. H. Clyde (Lena) Ingersoll of Denver, Colorado, was a recent
visitor with her sister in Clearwater, Florida. She also visited friends in
the Tampa Bay area and attended the Canal Society April meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Hudson of St. Petersburg celebrated their
59th wedding anniversary on April 17, 1961. Our congratulations to the

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stone of San Francisco, California, celebrated
their 50th wedding anniversary on April 24, 1961. Our congratulations
to the Stones.

Mrs. Norma A. Smith, widow of Fred H. Smith, Sr., former employee
of the Cristobal Coal Plant, has returned to the home of her daughter,
Virginia May, of Linthicum Heights, Maryland, after a visit on the Canal
Zone with her son, F. Harvey Smith and family in Margarita. The Harvey
Smiths have two daughters, Marion, who is attending Northwest Missouri
State College in Maryville, Mo., and Lonnie who is a Sophomore in Cris-
tobal High School.

Mr. and Mrs. Gustaf W. Holmelin of Valley Stream, New York, are
moving to Houston, Texas. Mr. Holmelin is already in Houston and Mrs.
Holmelin, with her three children, Gayle, Victor, and Gustaf,Jr., with
Mrs. Holmelin's mother, Mrs. Marie Coulthard, will drive down to join
him, stopping for a visit in Birmingham, Alabama, with Bob Coulthard
and his wife, Bobbie Jean. The former Judy Coulthard, now Mrs. Cal
Curtis, with her husband and two children, Susan and Cal Jr., were recent
visitors on leave from Yokohama, Japan.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman J. Benthall returned to Florida from the Canal
Zone and were visitors in the St. Petersburg area. As soon as they can
purchase a travel trailer, they plan to leave Florida for a year's tour of
the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Mr. and Mrs. Wells D. Wright have returned to Florida after a six
months tour of Europe. Their trip carried them through the Scandinavian,
Central European and Mediterranian countries. On part of the tour, they
were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Alton White of Gamboa, Canal Zone.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Farr have sold their home in Santa Clara, R.P.
and are now in Florida looking over the St. Petersburg area.
Mrs. Rodney Ely of Balboa was a visitor in the Tampa, St. Petersburg
area in April. Gloria Ely, her daughter, is a student at Tampa University.

Mr. Harold J. Zierton has returned to St. Petersburg after several
months spent on the Canal Zone.

Reverend Malcom L. Foster, Mrs. Foster and their two boys of Peeks-
kill, New York, were recent guests with Mrs. Foster's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Randall Ford of St. Petersburg.
Edwin J. Lewis, former general foreman in charge of Municipal Con-

struction for the Isthmian Canal Commission, returned to the Zone for a
visit. His first since he left 46 years ago. While on the Isthmus as con-
struction foreman, Mr. Lewis supervised the grading and preparation work
on the hill where the Administration Building now stands. He then took
an active part in the construction for the building. He introduced the use
of asphalt for roads and was in charge of the construction of many roads
in Ancon, Balboa and Panama. A native of Detroit, Michigan, Mr. Lewis
went to the Canal Zone in early construction days and left the Isthmus
in 1915.

Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Williams of Balboa, C.Z. celebrated their 60th
wedding anniversary on October 25, 1960. Our congratulations to them.

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Fuller spent the winter in the Canal Zone. They
were recent visitors in St. Petersburg enroute from the Zone to their home
in Hyattsville, Maryland.
Mr. Jack Paterson of Balboa, C.Z. was a recent visitor in Gulfport
with his father. Mr. Paterson was enroute back to the Zone from Japan,
where he was on an inspection trip with other Canal Zone engineers.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grier, arrived recently from the Zone and will
join Mrs. Sam Grier for a trip across country and a vacation in California.

Mr. and Mrs. George Darnall, Jr. of Balboa, C.Z. have left for an
extensive tour of Europe.

,J. B. Clemons, Jr. has been appointed Assistant to the Civil Affairs
Director to succeed James Marshall, who retired in January after 30 years
service. Other promotions were the appointments of B. E. Lowande as
Chief, Customs Division, and W. W. E. Hoyle as Chief Inspector, Port
of Balboa.

Lawrence E. Horine, at present a Physical Education teacher and
coach at Balboa High School,has been appointed to the position of Super-
visor of Physical Education and Athletics in the Canal Zone Division of
Schools. He will succeed G. C. Lockridge who retired on April 30th.
Horine was born in Colon and attended the Canal Zone Schools, graduat-
ing from Cristobal High in 1949. He has a Bachelors degree and a Masters
degree, with a major in Physical Education, from the University of Colo-
rado. Prior to his return to the Canal Zone in 1957, he was teacher and
coach at Cheyenne, Colorado, coach of Freshman football teams and var-
sity team Assistant football coach at the University of Colorado, and
Recreation Instructor at Claremont, California. Horine is married to

Mary Ellen Stacey Horine and they have two children.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bogle (Matilda Van Siclen) of White Plains,
New York, were recent visitors in Florida with Capt. and Mrs. W. A.
Van Siclen in Maitland and with friends in the St. Petersburg area.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert White of Pensacola, Florida, write that their
daughter Anne Tuthill and family are located in Pensacola while Anne's
husband, James E. Tuthill is going to the Camera Repair School at the
Naval Air Station. The White's granddaughter, Patti Shedden, is training
at the Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta and will receive her cap the
first week in June.

The Ted Mack's Amateur Hour is not televised in the St. Petersburg,
Tampa Bay area so viewers in these areas could not see Joe Trower, Canal
Zone lad, when he appeared on that program. Joe and his singing partner
are students at Georgia Tech.

Henry Falk, retired Panama Canal Pilot, was named Commander of
the recently organized U.S. Coast Guard Flotilla 16 in Gulfport, Florida.
Since retirement Henry and Peggy spend a lot of their time at the Yacht
Club and out in their boat on Boca Ciega Bay.

Mrs. William Walston, daughter Melba and husband of Norfolk, Vir-
ginia, came to St. Petersburg for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Sud-
daby. Mrs. Walston will make a long visit but the others had to return
to Norfolk.
Mr. Arthur J. Wynne of Balboa, C.Z. has been selected to set up the
new office for the Panama Line in New Orleans. We do not have a new
address for Mr. and Mrs. Wynne but mail addressed to them c/o Panama
Line, New Orleans, will no doubt reach them.
Mr. Jim P. McConaghy, formerly of the Canal Zone, has opened a
Real Estate office in St. Petersburg at 5503 38th Avenue North.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Benny who retired, recently, have purchased a
new home in Merna Park, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Mr. John D. Stephens of Tallahassee is making a trip as relief engin-
eer on a Lykes ship. The ship sailed for Casa Blanca, Ports in Spain and
the Mediterranean area.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Furr of Arlington, Virginia, were recent visitors
in St. Petersburg and Tarpon Springs, Florida. While here they were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Otto.


Governor W. A. Carter will take up with Congress the problem of
children born of United States Citizen parents in the Canal Zone proving
their U. S. citizenship in the United States. Previously, registration with
the American Embassy or Consular Agents was sufficient proof of U.S.
citizenship. However, Gov. Carter made it clear that this would not serve
as proof of citizenship because of changes made by the U.S. Immigration
service some ten years ago. Now the Immigration service requires proof
that the child was born of U.S. citizens.

Headed by Lt. Col. Robert D. Brown Jr., Director of the Engineering
and Construction Bureau, a group of Panama Canal Engineers and Off-
cials, flew to Japan to inspect progress being made in the manufacture of
new towing locomotives for the Canal Locks. Making the inspection trip
with Col. Brown were; M. S. Slotkin, Assistant Designing Engineer, E. H.
Allen, Mechanical Engineer, E. B. Goodrich, Electrical Engineer, R. C.
Stockham, Chief Locks Division, J. F. Paterson, Plant Engineer Locks
Division, and T. H. Hoenke, Supt. of Pacific Locks. Under construction,
at present, are the first six mules. Delivery of these six, for test purposes,
is expected in November.

The selection of Col. W. P. Leber of Washington, D.C. to succeed
Lt. Gov. John D. McElheny, on his departure, has been announced by Gov.
W. A. Carter at Balboa Heights. At the end of his term as Lt. Governor,
McElheny is to join the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff Logistics,
Dept. of the Army, Washington, D.C.

More and more new ships are too big for the Panama Canal or can
transit the Canal only when partially laden, according to Lt. Gov. John D.
McElheny speaking at a Rotary Club luncheon in Colon. The Lt. Gov.
said that in January 1959, there were 231 ships in service which could go
through the Canal only when partially laden. During the past two years,
162 more such ships have been built bringing the total to 393. He said
the Canal Administration believes that as far as numbers of ships are
concerned, the Canal will be adequate until the year 2000, but if the cur-
rent supership trend continues, the Canal will be increasingly inadequate.

The U.S.S. Polaris submarine, Theodore Roosevelt, made her maiden
transit of the Panama Canal, enroute to Cape Canaveral, Florida, where
she will be fitted out with the Polaris missiles. While the sub was on the
Pacific side, President Roberto F. Chiari and members of his cabinet

made a dive aboard the sub. Also aboard with the President and his cab-
inet, were members of the Military of the Isthmus, headed by Lt. Gen.
Andrew P. O'Meara, Commander in Chief, Carribean Command.

The Government owned Panama S.S. Line was directed by President
Kennedy to cease all commercial operations effective April 20, 1961. The
Panama Line was one of the facilities taken over by the United States
when it took possession of the Canal Zone in 1904 and has been operating
as a commercial and Federal carrier since that time, except for the years
of World War II. It has been announced at Balboa Heights, that the Pan-
ama Line will start one ship operations with the sailing of the Ancon for
the port of New Orleans, on April 27th. Present arrangements for the
transportation of employee's private automobiles and the reduced travel
rate for employes will be continued, the Balboa Heights announcement
said. Whistles blew, fire hoses sprayed arcs of water and bands played
when the Panama Liner "Cristobal" sailed out of Cristobal harbor on her
last voyage to New York. Hundreds of friends, relatives, and well wishers,
were on the dock as the Cristobal cast off her lines. As the vessel moved
out into the harbor, all the ships docked in Cristobal at the time, tooted
farewell. Competitive steamship lines have long sought to end the com-
petition by the government owned Panama Line.

An illustrated book entitled "Canal Zone Postage Stamps", compiled
by former Cristobal Magistrate E.I.P. Tatelman, a recognized expert on
philatelic matters, is now available at all Canal Zone Post Offices. Tatel-
man's compilation is the first such project ever attempted as a record of
the birth and growth of the Canal Zone government's postal system and it's
stamps. The book will be on sale at Canal Zone Post offices at $2.50
and mail orders will be filled.

They did it again Juvenile pranksters beat the Fire Divisions
prepared plans for controlled burning of the thick grass of Sosa Hill.
The fire fighters were called out at 9:41 P.M. to fight a four hour fire
and keep the flames from nearby gasoline storage tanks and houses. Many
former Balboa residents will remember the house cleaning job that was
necessary following previous fires, especially when the wind was right to
carry the charred grass right through the screens into all the houses.

Panama's Ambassador to the United Nations told an audience at Yale
University that the Republic of Panama would like something nearer a

50-50 share in the profits of the Panama Canal. Ambassador Cesar Quin-
tero told his audience that Panama's geographical position, and there-
fore the Canal, represent our main Natural Wealth, and we feel that an
annuity of less than two million dollars is very meager". Quintero also
said his countrymen feel they are discriminated against by the United
States Administration in employment and food buying.


Mr. Harry Bortin is continuing his efforts on behalf of the construc-
tion workers who completed between two and three years of service on
the Canal Zone but were unable to complete three full years. Congress-
man Charles S. Gubser, 19th District of California, introduced a bill,
H.R. 6088, without the retroactive feature which would therefore not be
overly expensive. Mr. Gubser feels the passage of this bill would amount
to nothing more than simple justice and that the seventy-five persons who
would benefit from this bill should be given a decision based upon evi-
dence which has been presented in the past. All persons interested in this
bill and Mr. Bortin's efforts in their behalf, should contact him at 333
Occidental Avenue, Burlingame, California.

For Information of Any of Our Members Who May Also be Veterans

From Fleet Reserve Association Bulletin, April, 1960
"We have been advised by our Service Committee that when a widow
is filing claims with the Veterans Administration for insurance, pensions,
etc., that merely producing a marriage certificate is no longer sufficient
proof. In it's place she will be required to produce a CERTIFIED COPY
of the marriage license or record which can only be obtained from the
County Clerk of records in the county in which the marriage took place."

Called to our attention by Mr. Herman Schoenberger, Gulfport, Fla.


The deadline for the next issue of the Record will be August 1, 1961.

A new Secretary has been found to take over the duties Mrs. Lucille
S. Judd has so ably performed over the past twelve years. On the advice
of her doctor, Lucille was obliged to retire and enjoy a rest from her
many duties as Secretary-Treasurer of our Society. She has done an out-
standing job for us over the years and she will be greatly missed. Mr. Lee
Beil has taken over the work and we feel he will make a good Secretary.
For many years, when sending in your dues, many of you have added
information about yourselves and family, plus other news items of interest.
Please continue to do the same when you write to Mr. Beil as all corres-
pondence is passed on to the Editor of the Canal Record for use in the
Record. You may also send news items directly to the Editor, Mr. E. M.
Kieswetter, 1824 56th St. South, Gulfport 7, Florida. Many of you know
Mr. Beil and his wife, especially Pacific siders, as they resided for many
years in Balboa. Since coming to Florida, Mr. and Mrs. Beil have taken
an active part in civic affairs in the area of St. Petersburg and Kenneth
City, where they make their home. In the future, when sending in your
dues or other Canal Zone Society business, please mail all letters to Mr.
Lee Beil, P. O. Box 11566, St. Petersburg 33, Florida. We feel sure that
you will receive the same prompt and courteous service from Mr. Beil
that you were accustomed to receive from our now retired Secretary,
Lucille Judd.

If your dues are not paid you will not receive the September Record.
Check now for your 1961 card.


P. O. Box 11566
St. Petersburg 33, Florida

(Members who reside in Florida only)

For:.................................... .. ...................... ............. .........

Address.......... ...............................................

City ........................ ................................ ..- ..

State..................................................... .......... ..............

P. O. Box 11566
St. Petersburg 33, Florida

Herewith Dues for 1961.

For:.......................................... ...............................

Address..... ............. .. ......................................................

City..... ................ .....................................................



(Bank Charge)

N am e ..---- --- ..... ... .. . ..--. .. .
NaWime's Name
Wife's Name --- ---------- ------------------------

Address -_----------- __

City ....---- ... ---------------------.. State-----
Number of Years on Canal__. __ _

What Division -- -----------

Amount Enclosed ___-


I wish to join the Blood Bank.
Herewith my contribution of $2.00 per person.

Name ........................--......................................................
Address .......-........... ................. ...............................
City ................................................................................
NameCity ............................. .............................................

Address ............................ ....................................
AddressCt --------.. .----.........................

1961City ............................................................................

New Members, Corrections and Changes of Address

The following have been added or addresses changed or corrected since the
March Record was printed. (*) denotes change or correction.

*Lombard, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C.-Apartado 257--------------Tegucigalpa

*Adlar, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence-P. O. Box 2345----------------------Balboa
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H.-P. 0. Box 135--------------------Gamboa
*Baltozer, Mr. and Mrs. Richard T.-P. O. Box 2478------------------Balboa
Banton, Mr and Mrs. Marvin J.-P. O. Box 2 -- ----------------Gamboa
*Briscoe, Mr. and Mrs. Philip E.-P. O. Box 2316 --------------------Balboa
Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Jack K.-P. O. Box 43------------------ Balboa
*Chan, Mr. Harry Y., Sr.-P. O. Box 309 -- ------------------ -Balboa
Dillon, Mr. and Mrs. John R.-P. O. Box 211 -----------------------Gamboa
*Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. David T.-P. O. Box 2412 -------------------Balboa
*Ewing, Mr. and Mrs. Claire E.-P. O. Box 2405 ---------------------Balboa
*Ewing, Mrs. Eula J.-P. O. Box 384 ---- -------------------- Balboa
*Gute, Mr. Frank G.-P. O. Box 2189------------ -------------Balboa
*Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Gardner R.-P. O. Box 2191 -------------- Balboa
*Johnson, Mrs. Mollie V.-P. O. Box 2517 ---- --------------------Balboa
Judson, Mr. and Mrs. Donald E.-P. O. Box 902 ------------_Diablo Heights
Krueger, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M.-P. O. Box 2252 -------------------Balboa
McQueary, Mr. and Mrs. Robert R.-P. O. Box 1732 -----------------Balboa
Mable, Mr. and Mrs. James A.-P. O. Box 2144 ---------------------Balboa
Magnuson, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy-P. O. Box 25 ----------- Balboa Heights
Maguire, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. (Winter)-P. O. Box 93 -----------------Balboa
*Otten, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H.-P. O. Box 2266 -----------------------Balboa
Pennington, Mr and Mrs. James H.-P. O. Box 346 --------_----__-_ Balboa
Ryter, Mr. C. W.-P. O. Box 86 --------- -----Gamboa
*Savold, Mr. Otto L.-P. O. Box 2522 ---- -------------------Balboa
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. F. Harvey, Jr.-P. O. Box 383 ---------------Margarita
*Smith, Mrs. Spencer B.-P. O. Box 2291 ---------------------- Balboa
*Sullivan, Mrs. S. Harry-P. O. Box 551 --- -------------------Margarita
*Trower, Mrs. R. N. (Lee)-P. O. Box 616 --------------------------Balboa
VanGelder, Mr. A. T.-P. O. Box 95 ------------------------------ Gamboa
Watts, Mr. and Mrs. Walter C.-P. O. Box 5 -------------------------Gatun
*Zwigard, Mr. and Mrs. Edward-P. O. Box 2456 ----- --------- Balboa

*Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. A. J., Jr.-3002 Acklen Drive, S.W...----- Huntsville
Word, Mr. and Mrs. John P., Jr.-Box 364 Blount Street ----- Guntersville

*Forbes, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E.-1150 West Prince Road, Lot 4-B
Crescent Manor Trailer Park----Tucson
'*Piper, Mrs. William T.-3900 Malvern Road---------------------Hot Springs

Arm.trong. Mr. and Mrs. B. A.-1900 Vallejo Street----------San Franscisco
*Franklet. Mrs. George-12487 Bryant-- ..-- --------------- Yucaipa
*'Taney. Mr. Frank Lewis-357 South Alvarado St. Box 319--Los Angeles 57
*Shue, Mr. and Mrs. Eric A.-
(Mrs. Hazel G. Klein)-203 Reamer Street------------------------Auburn
*Simonsen. Mr. and Mrs. Christian-9831 Harle Avenue-------------Anaheim
Whaler, 1st Sgt. and Mrs. George R.-Oversea Replacement Company
U. S. Personnel Center--- Oakland 14
*Williams, Mr. Walter D.-1980 Indian Valley Road------------------Novato

*Robinson, Mrs. Nina P.-3648 Southern Avenue, S.E.-----------Washington

Bishop, Mrs. David-9051 S.W. 25th Street ----------------------- .. Miami
Brady, Mr. and Mrs. William F.-1136 Dorothy Street-------------Lakeland
*Duncan, Capt. and Mrs. Peter Wade-31 Seminole Drive ------------De Bary
*Fels, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W.-160 Glen Oak Road Venice Gardens-Venice
*Grady, Mr. and Mrs. William F.-Box 126 --------- --------- Lakeland
*Hogle, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer P.-2701 34th Street North---- St. Petersburg 14
*Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. William E.-3919 27th Parkway---------- Sarasota
*Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Dan S.-465 N.W. 87th Street---- ------ Miami 50
*Kearns, Mr. Norman R.-1600 Pass-A-Grille Way -----Pass-A-Grille Beach 6
*King, Miss Helen-c/o E. P. Bleakley, 6120 Gratigny Drive ----.. _- Hialeah
*Larkum, Mrs. F. W.-101 Oakwood Drive-------------------------- Maitland
Leaver, Mr. and Mrs. Charles-243 Plant Avenue ----------------Tampa 6
*McKenzie, Mrs. Julia Nielsen-Lot 643 Crosswinds Trailer Court
4125 Park Street North-----St. Petersburg 9
McConaghy, Mr. and Mrs. J. P.-3900 58th St. North ---------St. Petersburg
Off.: 5503 38th Ave. No., St. Petersburg 10
*Meyer, Major and Mrs. A. 0.-605 East Marks St. Apt. 6-G------Orlando
*Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Frank L.-4901 S.W. 90th Way
Cooper City ---------------Fort Lauderdale
*Monaco, Mr. and Mrs. P. P.-2406 Drummond Avenue----------Panama City
*Morris, Dr. and Mrs. R. S.-1256 Magnolia Drive------------------Clearwater
*Rath, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J.-Rosedale Restorium
3415 54th Street North ----St. Petersburg
*Reeder, Dr. and Mrs. D. F.-Robert Clay Hotel------ ---------- Miami
*Siler, Mrs. Wilma A.-736 West Florence Avenue------------------..DeLand
*Stakelum, Miss Mary L.-St. Joseph's Manor
2335 Lakeview Avenue South -- St. Petersburg 12
*Suddaby, Mr. and Mrs. G. D.-3500 28th Avenue North ---- St. Petersburg 13
*Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Albert L.-177 N.W. Bersell Avenue---- Port Charlotte
Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Wells D.-801% Grove Street North ----St. Petersburg

*Provost, Mr. and Mrs. R. G., Sr.-730 Benmac Road-------------- Smyrna
White, Mr. and Mrs. Harold S.-3154 Peachtree Drive, N.E. --.----. Atlanta

*Collinge, Mr. and Mrs. Roger W.-c/o Sara Collinge,
1212 West Main Street------------Urbana
*Moessner, Mr. and Mrs. Albert-10726 South Lawndale Ave.---- Chicago 55
*Wempe, Mr. and Mrs. Robert H.-14 Taylor Road ---------------Glen Ellyn

*Benoit, Mrs. Bert J.-8724 Chaldron Street--------------------- Metairie
*Benthall, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman J.-c/o Mrs. J. D. Saltzman
124 Hollywood Street ------ Thibodaux
*Brennan, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald-R.F.D. No. 1 Box 36 ------------- Bush
*Longmore, Capt. and Mrs. H. T.-913 Phlox Street---------------Metairie
*Spearman, Mr. Edward-P. O. Box 1483------------------------ Shreveport

*Schjeveland, Mrs. Christy-32 Morton Street ---------------------Winthrop
Dettor, Mr. and Mrs. John D.-7918 Longbranch Parkway....Takoma Park 12
Lawler, Father E. Louise, C.M.-Immaculate Conception Rectory
532 Mosher Street--------------Baltimore 17
O'Hearn, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C.-8 Quincy Street ---------Chevy Chase 15
Smith, Mrs. Norma A.-520 Forest View Road ---------Linthicum Heights

*Clinchard, Dr. and Mrs. W. H.-303 Lamar Life Building------------Jackson
Engelhardt, Mrs. Viola Finegan-221 Beach Bayou Avenue--....North Biloxi

Newland, Mr. and Mrs. W. K.-744 South Freemont Avenue----... Springfield
*Quinlan, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J.-4416 Holly 2 South----.. Kansas City 11

*Chitwood, Mrs. Leonard N.-162 Park Avenue c/o Dunn--- .. East Orange
*Milligan, Mr. and Mrs. W. L.-110 Williams Avenue----.. Hasbrouk Heights
Whigam, Mr. and Mrs. John L.-63 Fernwood Road-------------- Maplewood
*Enright, Mrs Margaret-4310 Kindley Drive
North Falcon Courts ------------- Maguire A.F.B.

*Hearon, Capt. and Mrs. William -63 Ravenhurst Ave.-------Staten Island 10

*Hazeldine, Mrs. Harry T.-Route 3, Box 354-A----.----------. .Wilmington

*Lyon, Mr. and Mrs. Monte-Box 745 (Bechtol County)------------Madras

Smith, Dr. Elizabeth M.-621 Meadow Street------------------ Columbus

*Meroney, Mrs. W. H.-Route 1--------------------------- Ooltewah

*Coakley, Mr. and Mrs. Pat S., Jr.-3526 Bradford ------ ----Houston 25
*Farr, Mrs. Lillian F.-415-B Stasney Street---------------- College Station
*Gross, Mr. Thomas J.-P. O. Box 491 ------ ------- San Antonio 6
*Holmelin, Mr. and Mrs. Gustaf W.-P. O. Box 4102---------------. Pasadena
*Schnake, Lt. and Mrs. Edward G.-2435 Bayou Drive----------League City
Stough, Major and Mrs. C. S., Jr.-307 Laramie Drive------ San Antonio 9

Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F., Jr.-11-D Elizabeth Road------Hampton
*Holtzclaw, LCDR and Mrs. W. J.-8047 Bi-County Road ----------Norfolk 3
*Sexton, Mrs. Helen Rowe-706 10th Street-------------------- Alexandria
*Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. Fred H.-Hodgwood Acres
(after September 1, 1961) R.F.D. No. 1 .--.--------------Middletown

*Ames, Mr. and Mrs. E. W.-Allison Apartments. Apt. No. 2
4329 15th Avenue South ----.---------Seattle 8
*Kinsman, Mr. and Mrs. A. G.-14502 Phinney Avenue --------- Seattle 33

*Andrews, Mrs. Mabel Dalton-Rural Delivery-------------------- Vershire

I. ~ .~-


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kelly, Zephyrhills, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gaines, Zephyrhills, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Russell, Port Charlotte, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mack and
son, Chuck, 13, of Promontory
Via Corrine, Utah.

Lt. Dorothy(Dotsie) Bigelow.
(See People You Know)

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bailey,
Huntingdon Valley, Penn.
Mrs. Blanche Shaw,
Fayetteville, Ark.

Pop Wright, San Antonio, Texas.

Guests at luncheon party given at Hotel Tivoli by Mrs. Jessie Grimison in honor of
Mrs. Russell Potter of St. Petersburg, Florida.
Left to right: Mrs. Hazel Duval(1919), Mrs. Agatha Wickrom(1910), Mrs. Olive Orr(1908),
Mrs. Russell Potter(1909), Mrs. Emmet Zemer(1909), Mrs. Ethel Clark(1908), Mrs. Cecile
Lowe(1906), Henry Goethals, grandson of the late George W. Goethals, Mrs. Grimison
(1908), Mrs. May Cotton(1908), Mrs. Bertha Whaler(1908), Mrs. Columbia Reiman(1908),
Mrs. Edith Eppley(1909).

Tom and Barbara Peterson and children, Carol Louise and Diane Margaret, of Baltoa,C. Z.



Panama Canal Society of Florida
P. O. Box 11566
St. Petersburg 33, Florida

U. S. Postage
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Permit No. 603

,o Private




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