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MARCH 1961

Pr ident of the Panama Canal
5,: iet. of Florida, Mr. Kieth
KeUe,. and Mrs. Kelley.

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Barlow, Tampa, Fla., Fla.

- Mr -d Mr-- -I F. M:,


Mr. and Mrs. Z. K. Esler, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Wynne, Balboa, C. Z.


BP 'L~a~"


Back Row: Gregory Gramlick, Keith Kelly, Arthur Grier, Ernest Kieswetter,
Leonard Landers, J. D. Stephens, John Ferguson, J. A. Fraser. Center:
Jack Carey, Carter Orr, Charles Rickards, John Hower, Anthony Tezanos,
Alfred Veit, W. T. Henry. Front Row: T. N. Etchberger, Don Gray, Joe
Eckert, W. J. Bartlett, C. M. Banan.

CANAL ZONE NURSES: Left to right, Back row: Nurse King, Wilhite,
Stakelum, Krause, Cunningham, Robinson, Pilkerton, Pilkerton.
Seated: Dodson, Blankston, Abrams, Maurer, and Hargy.

Mrs. Lorraine Terry Gilmore, Balboa, C. Z. Capt. Norman Terry,
St. Petersburg, Fla. Mrs. Terry, Mrs. Thomas J. Sherlock, Tampa, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Rocker Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Krause, Orlando, Fla.
Lafayette, California

Capt. Sterling P. Miller, Dallas, Texas W. A. Stevenson, Winter
Park, Fla. Charles P. Morgan, Canal Zone Mrs. Miller, Mrs.
Morgan, Mrs. Stevenson.

Smith, Carey, Graham, Abrams, Barlow, Huldquist, Seated: Williams,
McKenna and Warren.


The Panama Canal Society of Florida
To preserve American Ideals and Canal Zone Friendships
Keith Kelley J. F. Warner
President Founder
William L. Goodwin J. F. Bashner
Vice-President W. H. Butler
SCharles G. Calvit
Mrs. Lucille S. Judd J. T. Everett
Secretary-Treas. oW. L Hesh
H. H. Herudson
Mrs. Z. K. Esler H. H. Heson
Recording-Sec'y. R. H. Oliver
M. A. Turner
Ernest M. Kieswetter Dan E. Wright
News Editor Counselors
Fred D. Hunsicker James Bradley
Chaplain Sergeant-at-Arms


Dear fellow members, Greetings and Best Wishes and may the New
Year be a prosperous one full of the Good Things of Life.
As you know, there is a new Congress "the 87th", also a change
of administration. There will be many items in the new President's pro-
gram which will demand attention and to obtain any success in our effort
for improved Retirement Legislation, we must make our wishes known.
How can we do this?
1st. By becoming a member of NARCE which now has a membership
of over One Hundred Thousand and giving our united support to
its Legislative Program.
2nd. By writing our Senators and Representatives and tell them what
legislation we want them to support.
Always remember that we, the citizens, control the Congress and the
Congress controls the President. Good citizenship therefore requires each
and every one of us to tell our elective Representatives what we expect
of them.

Following is the Legislative Program of NARCE for 1961.
1. Annuities: (a) Cost of living annuity increase of 20% on the first
$1500. and 10% on amounts above $1500. (b) with future increases
to correspond to increases in salaries and (c) repeal of $2160 and
$4104 ceilings.

2. Increased Federal Income Tax benefits.
3. Improved survivorship benefits.
4. Include "forgotten widows" in retirees Hospitalization Act.
5. New formulas for computing annuities of those retired before Octo-
ber 1, 1956.
6. Retiree credit for all years of service.
7. (a) Disability annuitants to have minimum annuity based upon
age 60 or 40%, and (b) Reinstatement of disability annuity when
earning power drops below 80%.
8. Restrict Federal Group Life Insurance deductions to 1% monthly
with minimum of 50%.
9. Grant annuities to Panama Canal Zone retirees for two years service
during construction period.
10. Favor having our 1958 10% increase paid from the Retirement
Fund rather than by annual appropriation.
11. Repeal the Thomas rider.
12. Better postal advantages for NARCE.
13. Increase interest rate on Retirement Fund.
14. Oppose "Fair Trade" laws.
15. Oppose any proposals which might lead to absorption into Social
The above is a pretty large program and if we are successful in get-
ting 5 of the 15 items passed this year, we will be doing O.K.
Sorry, you can't call the Quartermaster, this is a do-it yourself proj-
ect. "Ask, and you shall receive", is necessary for legislation as it is
for prayer. See NARCE application blank page 88.
Old Man Bill Bartlett
Legislative Chairman


Word has just been received that the following Bills beneficial to
Federal Civil Service Retirees and their surviving spouse have been in-
Bill S-74, sponsored by Senator Frank Carlson, Republican of Kan-
sas, would allow the annuities to be computed at their full value if the
spouse dies first.
Bill S-75, also sponsored by Senator Carlson, would continue the sur-

vivorship annuities of a surviving spouse, after they remarry. At present,
these survivors lose their annuities if they remarry.
Bill HR 140, sponsored by Representative Byron G. Rogers, Demo-
crat of Colorado, would exempt Civil Service annuities from Federal in-
come taxes.
The success of this legislation is up to you, so please write and thank
the above Representatives for their interest in your behalf, then sit down
and write your own Senators and Representatives and ask them to support
these bills.
Uncle Bill


A $90 roundtrip excursion fare between Miami to Panama is being
introduced by Pan American World Airways beginning January 8.
The new fare is $60 less than the present roundtrip excursion and
$81 less than the regular roundtrip tourist class fare.
To be sold on a year-round basis, the new excursion ticket has a
30-day validity and is good on both non-stop piston-engine and jet planes.
A $20 surcharge must be added for rountrip jet travel.
The fare is subject to the approval of the governments concerned.


The first day of the reunion started out weatherwise, rainy and
cloudy. This did not, however, dampen the spirits of the throng at the
Soreno Hotel. By noon, the sun was shining and the crowd swelled as new
arrivals joined the happy and enthusiastic guests on the mezzanine floor
of the hotel.
Perhaps the oldest guest was Mr. John F. Seebt, 94, who traveled all
alone from New Orleans to be present. (For picture, see cut)
Several regular attendants were missed this year. Among them, the
Dick Taylors, Grover Bohans, Guy Johannes, Slim Halletts, Mr. Ed
Bugby, and Mrs. James Bradley, who could not make it for one reason
or another. There were several there who were making their first visit
to a regular reunion. Because many do not register, it is impossible to
say, exactly, how many attended, but it is estimated that between five and
six hundred were present.
Mr. Francis F. Hargy devoted both mornings to taking pictures and

all pictures in this Record were taken at the reunion by Mr. Hargy and
we want to extend our thanks to him for his efforts.
Monday afternoon, the regular business meeting was held in the ban-
quet hall. Minutes of that meeting appear elsewhere in this issue.
Tuesday morning, the hotel was crowded early and many new arri-
vals were warmly greeted. At noon, the usual group picture was taken.
At one-thirty, two hundred and thirty eight persons enjoyed the luncheon
and talks by our guest speaker, Mr. Arthur Wynne, and a short talk by
Mr. Paul Warner, son of the Societies founder, and also a few words by
Mr. Pat Coakley. The complete text of Mr. Wynne's speech appears in
this issue. Mr. Wynne is the son of Mr. Joseph Wynne, who was well
known on the Isthmus as a labor leader. The young Mr. Wynne was
chairman of the Citizen's committee on the Canal Zone who opposed the
flying of the flag of Panama in the Canal Zone. Mr. Wynne appeared in
Washington, D.C. before a Congressional committee on the flag flying
controversary and related matters.
The Invocation at the banquet was delivered by Rev. Roger Greene.
Our guest of honor, Mayor Brantley, was unable to attend, due to pressing
city business.
Following the luncheon and speakers, the President declared the
29th Annual Reunion at a close.

Speech Given on January 10, 1961, by Arthur J. Wynne,
as Guest Speaker at the 29th Annual Reunion of The Panama
Canal Society, Held at the Soreno Hotel, St. Petersburg, Fla.

"When I accepted the invitation to speak to you good people I sort
of expected to be a little nervous, perhaps a little scared, but I didn't ex-
pect to be so terrified. Nevertheless, I'll try to pull myself together and
tell you all some of the conditions in the Canal Zone, and the causes
"Believe me, the Canal Zone today isn't the Canal Zone so many of
you knew and loved for so many years. Those among you who have left
there within the last few years know whereof I speak. And if there are
any Zonians here on leave, they too, know.
"There are various reasons for this. The chief one, I feel, is the
constant use of the big lie technique by the Panamanian press and public
officials all over the world. The biggest lie of all, consistently repeated
over and over, is that Panama never ceded sovereignty over the Canal
Zone to the United States. I know that many of you are familiar with the

1903 treaty between Panama and the United States but I would like to
quote exactly what Article III of that treaty has to say on this subject.
"The Republic of Panama grants to the United States all the
rights, power and authority within the Zone mentioned and de-
scribed in Article II of this agreement and within the limits of
all auxiliary waters mentioned and described in said Article II
which the United States would possess and exercise if it were the
sovereign of this territory within which said lands and waters are
located to the entire exclusion of the exercise by the Republic of
Panama of any such sovereign rights, power or authority."

"This completely and definitely refutes any Panamanian statements
that sovereignty over the Canal Zone was not ceded by them. Despite
this Panamanian officials continue to loudly proclaim the contrary.
"Another oft repeated lie is that the United States has not complied
with its treaty commitments. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The fact is that the United States has over-complied. Not only has it
lived up to all the obligations of the Remon-Eisenhower Treaty but in
addition has discontinued all sales in the Canal Zone of so-called luxury
goods over $50 in value and all purchases from countries other than the
United States or Panama.
"The Panamanian government complains that in the Canal Zone
there is no equal pay for equal work as is called for in the Remon-Eisen-
hower Treaty. This is just another lie. With the passage of Public Law
85-550 on July 25, 1958 the basic wage for any given grade level in the
Canal Zone is the same for any employee without regard as to whether
he is a citizen of the United States or of the Republic of Panama. All
the government agencies, including the non-appropriated fund ones, live
up to the terms of this law meticulously. The only difference in compen-
sation is for a tax and overseas differential, totaling 25% of the base pay,
which the United States citizen receives and which was agreed to by the
Panamanian government. But the Panamanian press, particularly the
Spanish language press, keeps harping on there not being equal pay for
equal work. Actually, the pay is equal for equal job levels, but as for the
work, the mere mention of that word is repugnant to most Panamanians.
"Some months ago Miguel J. Moreno, Jr., then Minister of Foreign
Relations of Panama went on a trip around the world. While in Honolulu
he made a speech in which he charged that the United States refusal, up
to that time, to permit the Panamanian flag to fly in the Canal Zone, was
a treaty violation. He didn't specify which treaty nor did he enlarge on
the subject. And for a very good reason it isn't, or wasn't a violation

of any article of any treaty between the United States and Panama.
"On March 13, 1960 Arturo Morgan Morales, Charge d' Affaires of
the Panamanian Embassy in Washington made a speech at the Catholic
University of America in Washington. He quoted, from the report of the
hearings before the Senate Committee on Interoceanic Canals in 1906,
the following dialogue:
Senator Morgan. You consider the flag of the United States as being
entirely at home in the Zone?
General Davis. Yes, I consider it is entirely at home there, but
whether or not technically we have a right to fly the flag of the United
States in the Zone I say technically it seems to me might be ques-
Senator Morgan. Have you ever raised one?
General Davis. No, and it never will be raised I think; but since
titular sovereignty resides in Panama, I think that proposition has been
stated many times."
"Dr. Arturo Morgan Morales stops quoting here and goes on to de-
liberately misrepresent what actually was said at the hearings. He said,
"The interesting thing to observe is that in 1906 it was the American flag
which had never been raised in the Canal Zone because the first Governor
considered that the United States right to raise it might be questionable.
Furthermore, Governor Davis thought it would never be raised." Dr.
Morgan Morales was quoting originally from Page 2260 of the report of
the hearings. A little further down that very same page this dialogue
took place:
The Chairman. "General, I understand you that the American flag
was never floated on the Zone?"
General Davis. "No, sir; that is a mistake. I raised it myself, and
I would not have tolerated for an instant the idea that I could not
raise it."
"It is self-evident, therefore, that General Davis was referring to the
question of whether our right to fly our flag in the Canal Zone had ever
been raised, not the flag itself.
"As Dr. Morgan Morales must have had a copy of the hearings from
which to obtain his quotes it appears that he deliberately made a false
statement when he said that in 1906 it was the United States flag which
hadn't been raised in the Canal Zone.
"I have in my possession actual prints of photographs taken in 1904
which show the United States flag flying over the Post Office in La Boca
and the police station in Empire.

"These are but a few samples of the "Big Lie" technique as practiced
by Panama. I could go on and on but it would be more or less a repetition.
"In addition to the "Big Lie" technique the Panamanian press in-
dulges in an erosion campaign. Just as drops of water constantly falling
on a rock wear it away, so does the Panamanian press, particularly the
Spanish language press, snipe at the United States and its citizens, partic-
ularly those abhorrent characters known as Zonians. Regardless of what
we give them, regardless of what we do for them, the almost universal
reaction is "When are you going to do something for us, give us some-
thing, comply with your treaty commitments?"
"Then we have the spineless policy of the State Department, its con-
stant weak-kneed knuckling under to Panamanian demands, and I do mean
demands. Even this doesn't satisfy Panama. For example: After fully
complying with the treaty of 1955, the so-called Remon-Eisenhower treaty,
and in addition eliminating the sale of luxury items over $50 in Canal
Zone outlets, eliminating Canal Zone purchases from countries other than
Panama or the United States; after the President's nine point program was
announced and implementation had begun, this is what El Pais, the news-
paper owned by the family of ex-president Ernesto de la Guardia and
edited by his son Ernesto, Jr., had to say when we transferred the rail-
road station, freight house and yards in Panama to the Panamanian gov-
ernnment: "Although late, the return to Panama of the railroad lands
should be of positive benefit to Panama and raises the hope for Panaman-
ians that Washington will comply with all its treaty obligations." This
was on November 10th, 1960.
"Another example of the State Department's giving in was the per-
mission to fly the Panamanian flag in one location in the Canal Zone as
evidence of Panama's "titular" sovereignty over the Canal Zone. The
United States was very careful to stress that word "titular" but the Pan-
amanians have completely forgotten, deliberately I'm sure, that that word
was ever used. This flying of the flag, according to the State Department,
was going to relieve the tension and satisfy the Panamanians. Not even
the State Department could be naive enough to believe that, as the Pan-
amanian Spanish language press had been full of this flag question for
months and the demands were that the Panamanian flag fly in the Canal
Zone wherever the United States flag does. But the President blithely went
ahead, ignoring completely the strong Congressional opposition, waiting
however until Congress was no longer in session, and then ordered the
Panamanian flag to be flown, along with ours, in Shaler Triangle.
"This craven apeasement has satisfied no one.

"Representative Daniel J. Flood, on September 21, 1960, said "It is
a cowardly yielding on the part of the Executive to the pressure of mob
rule in Panama comparable to hoisting the Soviet flag on U.S. territory.
The ill-advised step, taken with the hope of placating Panamanian radicals,
can only incite them to increase their demands. Furthermore, it is a con-
temptuous defiance of Congress and a flagrant ignoring of the advice of
the Executive Departments most directly concerned with the heavy respon-
sibilities of maintaining, operating, and protecting the Panama Canal."
"On September 17, 1960 Representative Armistead I. Selden, Jr. said
"Permitting the flying of the Panamanian flag in the Canal Zone is a long
range blunder which can lead to future serious misunderstandings and
impairment of friendly relations between the peoples of Panama and the
United States."
"And Senator Styles Bridges of New Hampshire was quoted as say-
ing that he was surprised and deeply shocked and saw absolutely no valid
reason for the flag-flying order.
"From the other side of the fence are some quotes from the Pana-
manian Spanish language press:
El Dia., September 20, 1960. It is the opinion of the majority of
Panamanians that the action of the President of the United States in order-
ing the flag in the Canal Zone does not fulfill Panama's aspirations since it
will be in one little place in the big Canal Zone.
El Pais, September 19, 1960. Nevertheless, the flag should also fly
from every place that the United States flag now flies, and also on all
ships and should be on all documentation.
Critica, September 22, 1960. Sovereignty is not a furniture set,
delivered piece by piece. The Panamanian flag must fly high throughout
the Panama Canal Zone. To fly it in one small spot does not satisfy the
desire of the majority nor is such action just.
La Hora, November 2, 1960. We demand that our flag fly over all
the Canal Zone and is not imprisoned in a triangle. We think of sover-
eignty as we think of the Constitution and our laws sovereignty with all
its attributes wherein the Panamanian Government maintains its police,
courts of justice, postal system, etc.
"Andthis same theme has been repeated over and over ever since
the President's order to fly the Panamanian flag in the Canal Zone was
made public.
"Another factor that adds to the average Zonian's uneasiness is the
way the State Department appears to be moving in on the Canal Zone
administration. Recently there was a complete change of the top brass in

the Canal Zone and a new Ambassodor in Panama. It seems that the State
Department is attempting, very quietly, to take over the functions of the
Canal Zone Government.
"Not too long ago an agreement was reached whereby Canal Zone
drivers' licenses became valid in Panama and Panamanian licenses be-
came valid in the Canal Zone. This was strictly a matter between the
Canal Zone authorities and the Panamanian Government, yet it was Am-
bassador Farland who insinuated himself into the act and signed the agree-
ment, an agreement which the Panamanians have interpreted as another
proof of Panamanian sovereignty over the Canal Zone. El Pias on Novem-
ber 1, 1960 in a cutline under the picture of Ambassador Farland and
Foreign Relations Minister Galileo Solis signing the agreement, stated
"The agreement is another demonstration of Panama's sovereignty over
the Canal Zone."
"And when the Panama Municipal Council was planning a flag
march and parade in the Canal Zone on November 4, 1960 it didn't even
consult the Canal Zone administration, nor request of it a permit to hold
this parade as is required by Canal Zone law. Any negotiations were with
Ambassador Farland. Apparently the State Department will go to any
lengths to appease Panama for not only were there no references by our
authorities to a permit to hold this parade in the Canal Zone, but the
Panama Municipal Council was most emphatic in stating there had been
no request made by them for such a permit. In a letter published in the
Spanish language papers on October 3, 1960, Mrs. Sofia Karicas, Pres-
ident of the Municipal Council, stated " no time did we ask permis-
sion of the North American authorities in the Canal Zone to parade, with
the national flag, through the streets and avenues of this Panamanian ter-
ritory. We united ourselves to inform his excellency, Joseph Farland, the
United States Ambassador in Panama, the Lieutenant Governor of the
Canal Zone, John D. McElheny, the Executive Secretary, Paul Runne-
strand, Mr. Will Arey, Chief of the Department of Public Information in
the Canal Zone, and Mr. Edward Clark, of the United States Embassy,
that, in our position as the people's representatives on the capitol com-
mittee in charge of the parade, which is traditionally carried out on No-
vember 4th, Flag Day, that said parade would extend its line of march
by a route selected by us in the Canal Zone." And our authorities never
said whether there had been a permit issued for this parade but simply,
and passively, said they would cooperate to make the parade a success.
The Lieutenant Governor went even further according to the local press
and asked why they didn't parade through the Canal Zone on November

3rd also. As you can readily imagine this spineless acquiescence on our
part resulted in a new barrage of "sovereignty over the Canal Zone" ar-
ticles in the local press.
"Should the State Department ever succeed in acquiring control over
the Canal Zone we can kiss OUR Canal goodby. To substantiate this charge
I would like to quote from an article by Hanson W. Baldwin, Military
Editor of the New York Times. This article was published in a number
of newspapers in the United States. In fact, it appeared in the St. Peters-
burg Times on August 16, 1960. Mr. Baldwin said "The State Depart-
ment's program for meeting these difficulties envisaged a ten year plan
of readjustment, involving continued aid to the Republic of Panama, in-
creased annual payments to Panama, inclusion of Panamanians in top
jobs in the Canal Administration, and eventual inclusion of Panamanians
on the board of directors of the Canal. Eventually this plan apparently
contemplated in its original version the transfer of the present canal to
Panama." About the kindest thing that can be said of this plan is that it
certainly isn't in the best interests of the United States.
"If you want the United States to retain the Panama Canal, the canal
that was built with U.S. dollars, U.S. know-how and many U.S. lives, you
can't sit still and do nothing. This society has members in many states
and some foreign countries. If each of these members were to write to
his or her Congressional representative, to the local press, to the State
Department, and to anyone else who might help, then perhaps Congress
could pass some sort of legislation that would force the State Department
to take a firm stand in Panama and let the Panamanians know that the
Canal Zone and the Canal are ours, bought and paid for over and over,
and that there will be no further concessions concerning the Panamanian
flag in the Canal Zone. Then and only then will we be assured that the
Canal will remain in our hands. Make no mistake about it, Panama wants
full and complete jurisdiction over the Canal Zone and control of the
Canal. It wants us to continue to run it, but on its terms. The thinking
Panamanians, and there are a few, know that a country that can't even
collect garbage, certainly can't run an operation like the Panama Canal.
So I repeat, Panama wants, and intends to keep trying to get, control of
the Panama Canal, and will succeed in so doing in the not too distant fu-
ture unless the thinking of the State Department changes drastically. And
as President-elect Kennedy has promised a return to the FDR "Good
Neighborhood" policy in Latin America it doesn't seem that the State
Department thinking will change as it was that policy that started all of
the mess we are in in Panama.

"I sincerely hope that 1 have succeeded in impressing on you the
seriousness of the situation in the Canal Zone and thank you for your
attention and for the opportunity to talk to you."

Comment added by President Kelley: I am completely in accord with the
ideas expressed so ably by our fellow member Arthur J. Wynne, and have
had his entire speech included in this Canal Record for the benefit of
those who were unable to attend the Reunion.

Mr. Keith E. Kelley to Mr. Tom C. Harris

Mr. Tom C. Harris, January 12, 1961
Executive Editor,
St. Petersburg Times,
St. Petersburg, Florida
Dear Mr. Harris:
I take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for the interview
you gave recently to Mr. Arthur J. Wynne of the Panama Canal Zone and
to me, and also for the excellent news coverage given in your newspaper
to this Society's 29th Annual Reunion, held on January 9 and 10, 1961,
at the Soreno Hotel.
It was most gratifying to have such fine support.
Sincerely yours,
Keith E. Kelley, President

American Legion Hospital for Crippled Children
2350 Lakeview Avenue St. Petersburg, Florida

Mrs. Lucille Judd, Treasurer December 19, 1960
Panama Canal Society of Florida
3535 19th Street North
St. Petersburg, Florida
Dear Mrs. Judd:
Will you please convey our sincere thanks to the members of the
Panama Canal Society of Florida for both the party which they gave for
our children and their contribution of $128.00 to the hospital. Both of

these items have made this a happier Christmas for our children.
We are deeply grateful for your interest and support, and hope to
remain worthy of your consideration in the years to come.
With best wishes for the Holiday season,
Sincerely yours,
H. Hochstadt, Administrator


Mr. Harry Bortin appeared before the members of the Panama Canal
Society at the annual reunion, to present a resolution in favor of certain
bills to be introduced at this session of the 87th Congress, "To extend the
benefits of the Panama Canal Construction annuity act of May 29, 1944,
to certain additional officers and employes who served for 2 years and
more but less than 3 years, or who are holders of the Theodore Roosevelt
medal for two years continuous service on construction of the Panama
Canal". These and related bills have been endorsed and supported by the
AFL-CIO and NARCE organizations. The resolution was unanimously
adopted by the Panama Canal Society of Florida and the officers of our
society were authorized and directed to send copies of the resolution to
members of Congress, to the Chairman of Merchant Marine and Fisheries
Committee of the House of Representatives and its sub-committee on the
Panama Canal, to the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Post Offices
and Civil Service, to the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission and
to the Secretaries of other Panama Canal Societies in the United States
for their information and appropriate action.
Mr. Harry Bortin is now in Washington pushing the cause of those
interested in this legislation and for further information contact Mr.
Bortin at 3203 Adams Mill Road, N.W., Washington 10, D.C.


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Paniewicz or Bordentown, N.J., have an-
nounced the engagement of her sister, Miss Josephine S. Nyzio of Beth-
esda, Md., and Bordentown, N.J., to Capt. Patrick J. Ridge of Margarita,
the son of Mr. John E. Ridge Sr. of Trenton, N.J., and the late Mrs. Ridge.
Miss Nyzio is a graduate of Trenton Central High School and at-
tended Fribourgh University in Switzerland and Fordham University in
New York.

Capt. Ridge is a graduate of Balboa High School and the United
States Merchant Marine Academy, King's Point, N.Y. He is currently
employed by the US Government as a Panama Canal pilot.
The wedding will take place at the Holy Cross Church in Trenton.

Miss Judith Berdenia Shrapnel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter
Shrapnel, long time Canal Zone residents until Mr. Shrapnel's retirement
from the Administrative Branch of the Panama Canal Co., was married
on November 9 to Mr. Christopher Leroy Scott in Pasadena, California.
The ceremony took place at 8 o'clock in the Chapel of Roses with
the Rev. Dr. Max R. Flickinger of Unity Christ Church officiating.
The bride attended Balboa schools and is a graduate of Pasadena
High School and Sawyer's Business School.
The bridegroom, son of Mrs. Christopher Scott of Alhambra and the
late Mr. Scott, has been assigned to New London, Conn., with the U. S.
Navy submarine service. The newly married couple will make their home
in that city after the first of the year.

Miss Janet Wilma Stockham, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy C.
Stockham of Balboa Heights, became the bride of Ensign James William
Reece, USN, Thursday afternoon, November 24, in the David Adams
Memorial Chapel, Norfolk, Virginia.
Mr. Reece is the son of Mr. Roy D. Reece of Diablo Heights and the
late Mrs Reece.
The double-ring ceremony was performed by Chaplain William
Taylor, USN, in the chapel decorated with white chrysanthemums, palms,
and candelabras.
Following the ceremony, a reception was held in the Jamestown Room
of the Officer's Club.
Upon return from a trip to Williamsburg, Ensign and Mrs. Reece
will reside in Norfolk.
The bride attended Balboa High School and was graduated from
Bucknell University in 1960 where she was a member of Phi Beta Phi
sorority. She is presently a teacher at Maury High School in Norfolk.
Ensign Reece, currently attached to the USS Aldebaran, attended
Balboa High School and is a 1960 graduate of Dartmouth College where
he was a member of Chi Phi Fraternity.

Miss Jean Ann Latorre became the bride of John Edward Wink-
losky, II of Boston, Mass. at an 11:15 a.m. ceremony in St. John the
Baptist Church, Schenectady, N.Y. on November 5. The officiating clergy-
man was the Rev. Dennis D. Dillon.

The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Jerry G. Latorre and the late Mr.
Latorre and the bridegroom's parents are Mr. and Mrs. John Edward
Winklosky of Diablo Heights.
The bride, a graduate of St. Joseph's Academy and St. Luke's School
of Nursing, Pittsfield, Mass., is a registered nurse at Metropolitan State
Hospital, Waltham, Mass.
The bridegroom is a graduate of Balboa High School. He is pres-
ently serving with the U.S. Navy stationed in Boston.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Banton of Gamboa, announce the marriage
of their daughter, Sally Lou, of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, to Carl M. Fogel,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Fogel of Perry, Ohio, on Saturday, January
14, at Ripley, N.Y. Their attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Don Turek of
Willoughby, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Fogel left on a wedding trip to Niagara
Falls and will be at home, after February 1, at Euclid, Ohio. Mrs. Fogel
is a graduate of Balboa High School in the class of 1955. She attended
Baldwin-Wallace College at Berea, Ohio, and presently she is employed
as secretary to the Dean of Women at Western Reserve University. Mr.
Fogel is employed by Harold Kehl Company of Mentor, Ohio.

The chapel at Fort Clayton was the scene for the wedding of Miss
Phylis Wilson Crook, daughter of Mrs. Wilson Crook and the late Mr.
Crook of Balboa, and Mr. Rocco Fiore of San Diego, California, on Wed-
nesday afternoon, December 28, 1960. The bride was given in marriage
by her brother, Michael Crook. Her maid of honor was Miss Dianne Lynn
Hutchison. Best man for the bridegroom was Denis Berthon. Upon their
return from Costa Rica, the young couple will reside at Ancon, C.Z. Mrs.
Fiore is a student at Balboa High School. Mr. Fiore studied at Hoover
High School in San Diego and with the Florida State University exten-
sion courses, and will complete his services with the U.S. Army in March.
He is the son of Mrs. Millie Macaro of San Diego and Thomas Fiore of
Brooklyn, N.Y. Among those attending the wedding were the bride's
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hersh of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kissling of Los Rios, C.Z. announce the engage-
ment of their daughter, Charlett Lynn, to Mr. Leonard Wilson, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bray Wilson of Ancon.

Miss Susan Roby Taylor, daughter of Mrs. William N. Taylor of
Curundu, and the late Mr. Taylor, became the bride of 2nd Lt. Louis J.
Pitney, U.S. Marine Corps., on December 29, 1960, in the Chapel of the
Flowers, Las Vegas, Nevada. The bride attended Mary Washington Col-

lege of the University of Virginia. The groom, son of Mr. and Mrs. James
E. Pitney of Derby, Conn., is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State
College. He is presently stationed with the U.S. Marine Corps at Camp
Pendleton, California. Following a short honeymoon, the couple will
make their home at 31 Ensino Lane, San Clemente, California.

Word has been received of the marriage of Mr. Roy Reece and Vir-
ginia Roberts, both of Balboa, C.Z.

Word has also been received of the marriage of Miss Diane McLaren,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman McLaren of Gatun and Lt. William
Palmer of Fort Gulick.

Miss Nathalie Kennedy and Dr. E. A. Daus were united in marriage
at a ceremony at St. Augustine Church, in Berkeley, California. Mrs.
Daus is a member of the faculty at U.C.L.A. Medical School. Dr. Daus
is a retired Navy man and was at one time in charge of the Naval Hos-
pital on the Canal Zone. Mrs. Mary Love, a sister of the bride was in
California for the wedding. Dr. and Mrs. Daus will make their home in
Vallejo, California.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Werner of Attica, New York, announce the mar-
riage of their daughter, Sharon, to Richard DeYoung, on June 25, 1960.
Sharon Werner is the granddaughter of Mrs. Fred Spriegel of Attica, N.Y.

Mrs. Emma Osborn announces the marriage of her niece, Carol
Florence Havens, on Saturday, January 28, 1961 at the Bible Protestant
Church in Brick Town, New Jersey, to Mr. Edward T. Rathgeber. The
bridegroom is the son of Mrs. Nora Rathgeber of Brick Town, New Jersey.

Doris Virginia Frank, daughter of Mrs. Vivian Draper Frank of
Kansas City, Missouri, and Isaac William Metzger were married on Jan-
uary 28, 1961, in Hope Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota. The bride
was graduated from Wheaton College, Illinois, and received her Masters
Degree at the University of Minnesota. The bridegroom is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Isaac Winslow Metzger of 2500 Swanson Ave., Coconut Grove,
Miami, Florida. He is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and saw
service in the Mediterranean and Far East. He received his Masters Degree
in Electrical Engineering at the University of California, in Berkeley.
After a honeymoon trip to Yucatan, Mexico, the young couple will reside
in Minneapolis.


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Swisher of Coco Solo, announce the birth of
their second child, Lisa May, on November 30, 1960. Mr. and Mrs.
Swisher have another daughter, Luanne, who is 3 years old. Maternal
grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Cooke of Hampton, Virginia.

Mrs. Viola C. Mohr informs us of the birth of a grandson, Schylor
Mohr McCabe, on December 6th. He is the first child of Mary Lou Mohr
McCabe, who was born and educated on the Canal Zone.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Wertz of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, an-
nounce the birth of a son on December 14, 1960. The new baby is the
grandson of Mrs. Ella Wertz who is presently with her son and his family
in St. Thomas.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wertz of Belle Chasse, Louisiana, announce
the birth of a daughter, on December 27th. The baby is a granddaughter
of Mrs. Ella Wertz.

Mr. and Mrs. P. V. Zagone announce the birth of their seventh child,
Teresa Aileen, on Nevember 25, 1960. Mrs. Zagone is the former Mary
Gertrude Goulet.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Peterson announce the arrival of their second
child, second daughter, Diane Margaret, born on December 22, 1960.
Tom is the son of Mrs. Margaret Peterson and the late "Pete" Peterson.
He is attending New York University to obtain his degree.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Shaw of Westboro, Mass. announce the
birth of their sixth child, Bruce Cannon, on January 8, 1961. The mater-
nal grandparents are Mr and Mrs. Charles R. McClain of Waterville,
Maine, and the paternal grandparents are Col. and Mrs. Virgil Shaw of
Salemburg, North Carolina.

Mr. and Mrs. Karl P. Trillhaase of St. Petersburg, Fla., announce
the birth of a son, David Karl, on January 7th. Mrs. Trillhaase is the
former Georgia Cotton Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David S. Smith
of St. Petersburg.
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Kappe of State College, Pennsylvania, an-
nounce the birth of their first child, a son, David Jr. on November 26th,
1960. Mrs. Kappe is the former Pat Kelly, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Tom Kelly of Hendersonville, N. C.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Horine of Balboa, announce the arrival
of a son, Larry S., on December 25, 1960, at Gorgas Hospital. The daddy
is gym coach in the Division of Schools and the mother is the former
Mary Ellen Stacy.

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Abbott Peck, Jr. of Philadelphia, Pennsyl-
vania. announce the birth of their second child and second son, Frederick
Schroeder, on January 6, 1961. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs.
Fred DeV. Sill of Balboa, C.Z.

Capt. and Mrs. McAndrews of Golf Heights, C.Z. announce the birth
of their seventh child, fourth daughter, on December 25th, 1960. She
has been named Anita.
Mr. and Mrs. Truxton La Quire of Largo, Florida, announce the birth
of their sixth child, a girl, Doris Ann, on September 19, 1960. The mater-
nal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brown of St. Petersburg.

Mr. and Mrs. L. Forrest Hallett Jr. of Shreveport, La., announce the
birth of a son, Walter Cary, November 18, 1960. Paternal grandparents
are Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Hallett of Quincy, Mass.

Lt. and Mrs. E. L. Cotton of Beesville, Texas, announce the birth
of their second child, and second daughter, Kristen Lee, on January 13,
1961. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Stafford of Atlanta,
Texas, and the paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Cotton of
Balboa, Canal Zone.
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Kearns of Ashebora, North Carolina, an-
nounce the birth of their first child, a son, James R., Jr. The maternal
grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Steiner of Balboa, C.Z. and the
paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Lester Kearns of Ashebora.


Colonel Lewis E. Willson of Sheffield, Alabama, suffered a stroke
on October 29th. Mr. E. E. White, Secretary to Col. Willson, reported on
December 6th that he was still in Colbert County Hospital.

Archie Burn of Ocean Gate, N.J. writes that he has been real ill
since August 15th with virus pneumonia and a fall backwards down a full
flight of stairs. Later, on a trip to the doctor's office, he fell and cut his

head which required four stitches. By now he is well enough to drive
his car.

Mrs. James E. Bradley of St. Petersburg, underwent surgery during
December at St. Anthony's Hospital. She recovered well from the opera-
tion but serious after effects kept her in the hospital until mid-January.

Mr. George McCullough of Birmingham, Alabama, is recovering,
nicely, from an attack of Flu or Virus but had to give up plans to attend
the reunion.
Mrs. Ida Hallett of Quincy, Mass. suffered a severe heart attack but
is now at home and recovering, gradually. She must take life easy for a
long time.

Mrs. Corrine Feeney of St. Petersburg was a patient in the hospital
during October but is now well enough to make a trip to the Canal Zone.

Mrs. Charlotte Light of St. Petersburg was in the hospital for sur-
gery in November. She is reported as doing nicely.

Mrs. A. C. Van Brocklin of Santa Ana, California, is reported as
doing nicely, following a recent illness. Mrs. Van Brocklin celebrated
her 80th birthday on January 23, 1961. Congratulations and best wishes
for continued good health.

Mrs. Frances Horter of Hot Springs, Arkansas, is back at her hotel
after a stay in the hospital.

Mrs. Edith Eppley of Balboa, C.Z. was reported as a patient at Gorgas

It has been reported that Mrs. George Franklet of Yucaipa, Cali-
fornia, has been ill.

Mrs. Mirt Bender of Gamboa, Canal Zone, suffered a heart attack
and was a patient in Gorgas Hospital.

Walter Pollock of Maitland, Florida, has been a patient in an
Orlando hospital but is now at home and reported some better.

Mr. William H. Butler of St. Petersburg has returned to his home
after a long stay in the hospital.

Miss Ann Dillon has been ill for a long time. Friends may write her
at 2448 Highland Avenue, Fall River, Mass.

Mrs. Lillian B. Ruggles was a hospital patient in Burbank, Califor-
nia. She gets around with the aid of a walker.

Mrs. Mary Davies slipped on an icy sidewalk while visiting her sisters
in New Jersey. As a result of her fall, she suffered several broken bones
and was confined to the Clinton Memorial Hospital in Pompton Plains, N.J.

Ernest Behlan of Asheville, North Carolina, writes that Mrs. Behlan
is improving, slowly, following a long illness. She can now sit up three
or four hours daily. Sharkey says that despite her illness, she is a very
good patient.

Mr. Roger S. Erdman of Washington, D.C. writes that both he and
Mrs. Erdman have not been too well, of late.

Mr. W. K. Wilkingstad of Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota, has been very ill
with a brain tumor.

Mr. Nathan Levy of Houston, Texas, was a hospital patient in No-
vember for the removal of cataracts.

Mr. Theodore Sundquist of Lake Jackson, Texas, has not been well.
He is having trouble with his knees.

Mrs. G. F. Bashner of St. Petersburg, was a recent hospital patient
for surgery. She is now reported doing well.

Mr. Ralph Cutler of St. Petersburg is reported as being not too well.
He was unable to attend the reunion.

Mr. Oscar Swanson of Fairhope, Alabama, was hospitalized in Jan-
uary, preventing them from attending the reunion as they had planned.

Capt. A. T. Luther of St. Petersburg was a hospital patient during
the reunion.

Grover and Mrs. Bohan arrived in Florida but were unable to attend
the reunion as Grover became ill and was a patient in a Tampa hospital.

Mrs. Betsy Landers of Tampa has been a patient in a Tampa hospi-
tal for several weeks. She is now reported well enough to return to her
apartment at the Bayshore Royal Hotel.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Grayson of Lake Worth, Florida, usually attend

the reunion but were unable to do so this year due to the illness of Mrs.

Mrs. William Markham of Sayre, Pennsylvania, fractured her hip
and has been in the hospital since December 21st. She is now getting
along nicely.

Mrs. Mabel Martin of Wilmington, North Carolina, writes that Mrs.
Harry Hazeldine has been in the hospital for some time. Mrs. Martin
visits her every day.

Mrs. Ruth Alexander was a patient in St. Vincents Hospital in Jack-
sonville, Florida, with a fractured hip, the result of a fall in her living
room. She may not be able to use her leg for several months.

Mrs. John A. Mennell of St. Petersburg entered the hospital on
on January 20th, for surgery.
Henry P. Fransen is a patient in Tampa General Hospital with a
broken leg. Fransen is the brother of Mrs. Grover Bohan.

Capt. H. T. Longmore, recently retired, was reported a patient in a
New Orleans hospital.

Capt. J. C. Treakle of St. Petersburg entered Mound Park Hospital
for surgery on December 28, 1960.

Mrs. Paul M. Disharoon of St. Petersburg is at home and improving,
following a stay in the hospital.
Miss Florita Frost was a patient in a California hospital for surgery,
according to a report received.


Mr. Leo F. Carns, 6500 Hobson St. N.E., St. Petersburg, Fla. is ask-
ing for information as to the whereabouts of his niece, the former Eliza-
beth Catherine Carns, who lived on the Zone many years ago. She is the
sister of George Carns. After leaving the Zone, she went to Canyon City,
Colorado, and married a man by the name of Fisher. Later she married
a John Featherstone. However, at the present time, it is thought that she
has married again. Anyone knowing of her whereabouts please write to
Mr. Leo Cams, at the above address, or to the Sec'y.-Treas. of the Society,
Mrs. Lucille Judd, 3535 19th Street No., St. Petersburg 13, Florida.


Cards of Thanks and Appreciation have been received from the following:
Mrs. Ida Doyle The Family of Samuel F. McKenzie
Walter G. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Grover Bohan
Col. George R. Goethals Mr. Durwood W. Dennis
Mrs. Oscar R. Swanson M. B. Burns
Mrs. Ida Hallett Mrs. Paul Disharoon
Mrs. James Bradley Mr. W. H. Butler
Mrs. William Markham Mrs. Maries Davies
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Schnell Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Swanson
Mr. Harold J. Zierton Ermil Berry and Family
Capt. Arthur T. Luther Mrs. Charles R. Murry
Lula R. Mennell Louise J. Mack
Grace Zierton Memorial Fund (St. Thomas Church)
The Family of Mrs. George R. Dempster


Lee Burns, 80, 23 Third Street So., St. Petersburg, died Tuesday
(Nov. 29,1960) in his home.
Mr. Burns was born in Livingston County, Ky., and moved here in
1943. He was a retired civil service employee in the War Department, a
Spanish American War veteran and a member of General Leonard Wood
Camp 8, St. Petersburg, the Jerusalem Lodge 8, F&AM, Henderson, Ky.,
the Consistory of Tampa, the Kosair Temple Shrine, Louisville, Ky., the
Panama Canal Society, and the First Methodist Church, St. Petersburg.
He is survived by his brother, M. B., Evansville, Ind., and several
nieces and nephews.

Mrs. Ralph Sartor of Eastern, Maryland, died in the Eastern General
Hospital on November 26th. Mrs. Sartor was 70 years old.
The former Nell Martin, she was born in North Carolina but came
to the Isthmus with her parents in 1905 when her father was employed
on the construction of the Canal. The greater part of her life was spent
as a resident of the Atlantic Side.
Besides her husband, Col. Sartor, she is survived by a son and daugh-
ter, by her first marriage Dr. J. L. Wardlay of Key West, Florida, and
Mrs. James E. Clarke of Indianapolis, Indiana, and by a nephew James
Hunter of Gamboa.

Capt. James W. Landers, 83, of 360 W. Ocean Blvd., who worked as
a dredgemaster in the digging of the Panama Canal, died in Long Beach,
Capt. Landers was a veteran of the Spanish-American War, serving
in Cuba with the Third Regiment of Engineers. He served as a govern-
ment dredgemaster for 25 years, both during the construction of the Canal
and afterward in a maintenance capacity.
He had resided in Long Beach 27 years.
Surviving are his wife, Mary, and son, Leonard.

Capt. Volkert F. G. Jacobs, who retired from Panama Canal service
as a Pilot in the Navigation Division in July 1959, died at Gorgas Hospital.
Captain Jacobs, who had almost 21 years of service with the Canal
organization, was born in Germany, and was a naturalized citizen of the
United States.
He came to the United States from Germany at the age of 15 years
and was graduated from the schoolship Newport in the class of 1929. He
was a member of the United States Naval Reserve and served with the
Isthmian Steamship Company and the Panama Line before joining the
Canal organization in 1941 as an engineer-coxwain in the Dredging Div.
He was transferred to the Marine Bureau in 1943 and was a Panama
Canal pilot from 1944 to the time he retired.
After retirement, Captain Jacobs made his home at Villa Paitilla,
In his immediate family Captain Jacobs is survived by his wife, Mrs.
Marie Jacobs, and by a daughter Linda M. Jacobs of West Lafayette, Ind.

Carl Oliver Baldwin, Warden of the Canal Zone Penitentiary at Gam-
boa at the time he retired from Canal Zone Government service on Jan.
31, 1954, died at Gorgas Hospital after a long illness.
Mr. Baldwin, who was born in Trinidad, Colorado, on June 3, 1901,
first came to the Isthmus while in military service. As a Staff Sergeant in
the Signal Corps, he was stationed in the Canal Zone from Dec. 11, 1919,
to Dec. 11, 1922, and on the same day he received an honorable discharge
he entered Canal Zone employment as a policeman.
He was a graduate of the FBI Police Academy in Washington, D. C.,
and will be remembered by many as Identification Officer at the Canal
Zone Police headquarters from 1935 to 1941.
For three and a half years, until retirement in 1954, he was warden
at Gamboa Penitentiary.
In his immediate family he is survived by his wife, Mrs. Evelia

Mrs. William M. Armstrong, 49, the former Manola Wentsler of
Balboa, died instantly in an automobile accident near her home in Wav-
erly, Ohio. Her husband, who once served as a member of the Canal Zone
Police Division and now is a personnel superintendent of the Goodyear
atomic plant near Waverly, was injured.
Mrs. Armstrong, a graduate of Balboa High School, spent many years
on the Isthmus before leaving there with her husband in 1942. A brother,
Harry Wentsler, lives in Los Rios. Other survivors include a sister, Mrs.
E. J. Shick of Latrobe, Pa., a daughter, Mrs. Jane Sampson of Waverly,
and two grandchildren, also of Waverly.
At the time of the accident, Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong were enroute
to Chillicothe, Ohio, where they were to talk with Mr. and Mrs. Ivan D.
Hilliard of Los Rios by shortwave radio to discuss plans for the Ohio
couple to visit the Hilliards on the Isthmus during the Christmas holidays.
Mrs. Hilliard is a sister of Mr. Armstrong.

Word has reached us of the death in Miami, Florida, of Mrs. Blossom
Benitez, wife of Col. Enrique Benitez (retired, U.S. Army).
Born in Uruguay, Mrs. Benitez was one of twins of the Rev. and Mrs.
Harry Compton. Her father was a missionary at various posts in South
America for 37 years and came to the Canal Zone in that capacity where
he was associated with the Seawall Mission. He was also a chaplain for
construction workers in the early days of the Canal.
Mrs. Benitez met and married her husband, who was on duty at Quarry
Heights. She was active in community affairs and was a charter member
and past president of the Inter-American Women's Club.
There were three children: Henry, a West Point graduate, who was
killed on a mission over Germany in World War II; Mrs. Barbara Faber
who lives at Miami Shores, and Maurice, an Episcopal clergyman, who
also lives in Florida. There are five grandchildren. A brother, Taylor,
also well known on the Isthmus, died recently.
Peter DeStefano, Assistant Comptroller and Administrative Officer
of the New York Office of the Panama Canal Company, died suddenly
November 20th of an apparent heart attack at his home in Jerico, Long
Island. He was 49 years old.
A veteran employee of the Canal organization, Mr. DeStefano has
been connected with the Panama Line and later the Panama Canal Com-
pany since 1928. He was well known on the Isthmus where he had been
a frequent visitor on company business.
He was designated Assistant Comptroller of the New York Office in

1957, when the name of the Finance Department of the Panama Canal
Company's New York Office was changed to the New York Accounting
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Rose DeStefano of Jerico.

Word has been received of the death in Baltimore, Md., on November
21 from a heart attack of William Henry Frederick. He was 72.
Mr. Frederick was born in Annapolis, Md., and came to the Isthmus
during construction days. He was working for the Mechanical Division at
the time of his retirement in 1950.
Survivors include his wife, the former Edith Mary Stilson; two
daughters, Mrs. Eugene Clark of Baltimore and Miss Edith Frederick of
Atascadero, Calif.; six grandchildren, a niece and several nephews all
of Baltimore.

Mrs. Grace Coon Zierten, 61, 1507 First St. NE, St. Petersburg, died
Wednesday, (Dec. 21, 1960) in a St. Petersburg hospital.
Mrs. Zierten was born in Wenona, Ill., and moved here a year ago
from the Panama Canal Zone. She was a member of the OES, Havana,
Ill., and the Panama Canal Zone Society, and St. Thomas' Episcopal
Church, St. Petersburg.
She is survived by her husband, Harold J.; a brother, Phillip Coon,
Havana, Ill.; a sister, Mrs Ruth Weld, Belvidere, Ill., and four nieces in
the north.

News has been received of the death November 17 of Mrs. Clara
Hinzen Mack, widow of Frank Mack, former engineer with the Panama
Canal organization. Mrs. Mack died in Doctor's Hospital, Washington,
D.C. following a brief illness. She was 79 years old.
A well known resident of Cristobal, Mrs. Mack came to the Canal
Zone with her husband in 1911 during the construction of the Panama
Canal. With the exception of the time that he served with the Army during
World War I, Mr. and Mrs. Mack remained in the Canal Zone until his
retirement in 1938.
After leaving the Isthmus, they made their home in McLean, Virginia.
Mr. Mack died in 1943.
Mrs. Mack was a native of Louisville, Kentucky and attended Eastern
High School and Teachers College in the Washington area. She was a
member of the Royal Palm Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star
and was active in many Civic groups in the Canal Zone.
She is survived by her daughter Miss Louise Mack of McLean.

Dr. Herbert C. Clark, 83, died in Allentown, Pennsylvania. For forty
years, Dr. Clark plodded through the jungles of Central America fighting
a war on tropical disease. His most important work was the slow, effec-
tive assualt on malaria. Dr. Clark had written more than a hundred papers
on the life and habits of the bugs, parasites, and viruses which attacked
and sickened the men in the jungle. He was elected President of the
American Academy of Tropic Medicine in 1937. He was a graduate of
Pennsylvania Medical School and began his pathology work in the Canal
Zone in 1909. He served in the Army during World War I and was dis-
charged a Lieutenant Colonel. In 1929, he organized the research labora-
tories of the Gorgas Memorial Institute in Panama City and served there
until his retirement. He is survived by a son, Dr. John W. Clark, resi-
dent plastic surgeon at Allentown Hospital, three grandchildren, and a
brother, Dr. S. Worth Clark of Atlantic City.

Word has been received of the passing of Walter Vinson on October
29th, 1960 in a Corcicana Texas Nursing Home, following a long illness.
He is survived by his wife who resides at 1215 Sewanee Drive, Marlin,
Texas. Mr. Vinson was a former Dredging Division employee and with
Mrs. Vinson lived in Gamboa, C.Z. before his retirement.

William E. Davis, a Panama Canal Co. architect, was killed when his
single engine plane crashed into the harbor off the Colon airport. The
plane, according to eye witness reports, apparently stalled and spun into
the harbor from a height of about 200 feet. He served with the U.S. Navy
from 1955 to 1958, part of that time at Coco Solo. In 1958, he joined the
Canal organization as a graduate inter-trainee with the Engineering and
Construction Bureau. He was promoted to architect last July. He is sur-
vived by his wife, Mrs. Kathleen Davis, a son, Scott, aged four, and a
sister, Mrs. Robert Sampson of Wayne, Georgia.

Col. Nelson P. Jackson, U.S. Air Force (ret.) was killed in a crash
of a privately owned plane, atop Spruce Knob Mountain in West Virginia.
Col. Jackson was stationed at Albrook Field from 1934 to 1936 and from
1939 to 1941. In 1940, he was admitted to the Canal Zone Bar. At the
time of his death he was a practicing lawyer in Washington, D.C. He was
a graduate of Culver Academy and served during World War II with the
U.S. Air Force and was decorated 19 times. At the time of his death, he
was the Washington representative of the Joy Manufacturing Company
of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Former Canal Zone police sergeant Lester H. Detrick died at his
home in Orlando, Florida.

Detrick had given the Canal Zone police 29 years of unbroken service
at the time of his retirement in March, 1948.
Born in Bellefontaine, Ohio, in September, 1891, Sgt. Detrick joined
the Canal Zone police soon after World War I, in May, 1919. He was
promoted to sergeant in October, 1936.
He served in various locations in the Cristobal Division until Septem-
ber, 1943, when he was transferred to Madden Dam as station commander.
He held this post at the time of his retirement.
He is survived by his wife.

Margaret Mildred Dubois, daughter of the late Captain John M. Davis
of the Canal Zone Police and Mrs. Davis of Gamboa, died in Philadelphia,
Penn., on December 14th.
Mrs. Dubois was born in Harrogate, Tennessee, but came to the Canal
Zone as a child. She attended the Zone schools and was graduated from
Cristobal High School with the class of 1932 and later completed a two
year secretarial course at Temple University in Philadelphia.
She had been employed with the Commissary Division of the Panama
Canal Co., the U.S. Navy at the 15th Naval Dist. and the American Em-
bassy in Panama, from which she transferred to the Embassy in Wash-
ington, D.C. in 1946. At the time of her death, Mrs. Dubois was advertis-
ing manager for the Christian Science Monitor of Boston in Philadelphia.
She is survived by her husband, James Potter Dubois, advertising
manager for the Philadelphia Inquirer; her mother, Mrs. John M. Davis;
two sisters, Mrs. Norma Short of Curundu and Mrs. Myra Walston of
Diablo, and a brother, Ralph L. Davis of Diablo.

News has been received of the death of Mrs. Silas Woodruff, widow
of a former member of the Balboa District of the Canal Zone Fire Divi-
sion.. Mrs. Woodruff died Nov. 29 at her home in El Paso, Texas follow-
ing a brief illness.
Mrs. Woodruff came to the Isthmus with her husband in 1917 and
lived in Balboa most of the years they resided on the Isthmus.
Following her husband's retirement in 1945, she made her home in
El Paso. Mr. Woodruff died several years ago.
She is survived by her daughter, Mrs. Mary Jane Hamlyn, and two

Mrs. Emma S. Christina, 97, died December 6, 1960 at the home of
her daughter, Mrs. Alfred H. Mohr, in Orlando, Florida. Mrs. Christina
was born February 5, 1863, in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is survived by

her daughter, Mrs. Viola C. Mohr, two granddaughters, Judith MacDonald
and Mary Lou McCabe, also by three great grandsons.

Mrs. E. B. Strawn passed away on April 14, 1960 at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. B. A. Morgan, Jr. in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Besides
her daughter, Mrs. Strawn is survived by two grandchildren.

Mrs. Eula Lee Hayes of Teague, Texas, died on November 13th
after a short illness. Mrs. Hayes was the mother of Mrs. John T. Sanders
of Louisville, Kentucky and had visited the Sanders when they were on
the Canal Zone. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. John T. Sanders
of Louisville, Kentucky and Mrs. A. C. Cole of San Antonio, Texas, and
also by seven grandchildren, ten great grandchildren, and six great great
Henry Berthold Auerback, 78, who helped build the Panama Canal
which was opened in 1914, died Saturday, December 17, 1960 in Ana-
heim, California.
A native of Chicago, he had been living in this Los Angeles suburb
for the past two years. His survivors include his widow and a daughter.

Word has been received of the death of Miss Elizabeth C. Garthwaite
of Rahway, New Jersey, on November 28th, 1960. No further details
were available.
Mrs. Judith Terens Englander, wife of Fabian Englander, died Decem-
ber 18th. Besides her husband, Mrs. Englander is survived by two child-
ren, Maxine, 9 years old, and Alan, 4 years old. Mr. Englander is a
teacher in Nyack, New York.
Mrs. William H. Shirley died in October, 1960. She is survived by
her husband of 1254 Batson Road, Charleston, South Carolina; also by
her sister Mrs. Albert Korsan of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Nathan Levy, known to many Zonians as a former employee of the
American Tobacco Co., passed away after a long illness, on Aug. 13, 1960.

Mrs. Frances S. Dempster, wife of George R. Dempster of Knoxville,
Tennessee, died on November 30, 1960, following a heart attack. Mrs.
Dempster went to the Zone in 1911 where Mr. Dempster was a steam
shovel engineer. They returned to the United States in 1912. Mr. Demp-
ster, with his brothers, established a manufacturing concern to manufac--
ture material handling equipment under the name of "Dempster Dump-
ster", now in use throughout the world. Mrs. Dempster worked at her
husband's side in his business, as Commissioner of Finance and Taxa-

tion, of the State of Tennessee, as City Councilman, City Manager, and
Mayor of Knoxville. Beside her husband, Mrs. Dempster is survived by
two daughters, Mrs. Joseph Smallman, Knoxville, Mrs. Harry Epperson,
Chagrin Falls, Ohio, and by a son, George S. Dempster of Knoxville.
She is also survived by several grandchildren.

Mrs. Annette Waid Dennis, former long-time resident of the Atlantic
Side, died in Deland, Florida, on January 5. Funeral services were held
in Deland on the 7th and were attended by many former Canal Zone old
Mrs. Dennis was well known through her many years as a piano
teacher and in fraternal and social circles. She was a member of Royal
Palm Chapter, O.E.S. and of the Daughters of the American Revolution
and of the Christian Science Church. She was a sister of Captain E. S.
Waid for whom the American Legion Post of the Atlantic Side is named.
Surviving, in addition to her husband are her sister-in law, Mrs. E. S.
Waid of Margarita, a niece, Mrs. Catherine Waid Armagnac of Baltimore
who is presently visiting her mother and a brother, Robert Waid of
Madrid, Spain.

Capt. Miles E. McLeod of Phoenix, Arizona, died on December 5th,
following a long illness. He is survived by his wife, Karin F. McLeod to
whom he had been married for 50 years on November 10, 1960.

Frank Jerome Mitchell, 76, retired Zonian, died of a heart attack at
his home in Panama City, R.P. Mr. Mitchell was a native of Brooklyn,
New York and went to the Canal Zone in 1909.

James Brennan, Jr. died on December 19, 1960 in El Paso, Texas.
Mr. Brennan, a former Building Division employee, was seriously injured
several years ago when a plane crashed where he was working at Camp
Coiner. He left the Isthmus about ten years ago with his family. He is
survived by his wife, Virginia, and two sons, Patrick, who is in college,
and Stephan, 14.

Lloyd E. (Jack) Kirk died in San Fernando Clinic in Panama City
on January 3, 1961. Mr. Kirk was Vice-President and General Manager
of a number of firms maintaining offices in Panama City. He is survived
by his wife, Katherine, a Research Editor at Albrook Air Force Base;
a brother, John W. Kirk, and two sisters, Mrs. Henry Rose and Mrs.
Harold Ekblad, who reside in the States.

Mrs. Ruth York Corliss, 68, of Dunraven Drive, Winter Park, Florida,
died Thursday, February 9, 1961 in an Orlando, Florida, hospital. Mrs.

Corliss moved to Winter Park in 1954. She is survived by a son, John B.
Corliss, Jr. of Balboa, C.Z. and a daughter, Mrs. Joanne Bass, of Columbia,

Frank W. Brown, 75, retired electrical engineer, died January 20th,
1960 at his residence, 231 Preble St., South Portland, Maine, following
a long illness.
Born in South Portland, April 9, 1885, he was the son of Frank and
Harriet Jordan Brown.
Mr. Brown attended local schools and was graduated from Boston
Electrical School. He was employed in Boston and New York before go-
ing to the Panama Canal Zone. He was in the Canal Zone 32 years. He
returned to Portland 15 years ago.
Mr. Brown attended the First Congregational Church and was a mem-
ber of Hiram Lodge, AF and AM, and all the Masonic bodies.
His wife, the former Mary E. Ross, died in 1952.
He is survived by an aunt, Mrs. Emma Cragin, South Portland.

Bert J. Benoit, senior man in point of service among those who retired
from the Canal Zone organization in June 1959, died in New Orleans, La.,
after undergoing an operation there.
Mr. Benoit, a bridge crane operator in the Industrial Division, re-
tired after 36 years, seven months and 25 days of service.
He was born in Thibodaux, Louisiana. In 1915 he came to the Canal
Zone as a machinist in the Mechanical Division shops in Balboa. He was
later employed as a craneman and from 1952 until he retired was a bridge
crane operator in Cristobal.
Since retirement, he and his wife have made their home in New
In his immediate family, he is survived by his wife; one daughter,
Mrs. Bowman; one son, Burton J. Benoit, of New Orleans; and a sister,
Mrs. Bertilla Casanova of Margarita.
Mrs. Viola Burgener, 56, of Balboa, died on December 23, 1960 at
Gorgas Hospital, after a long illness. Mrs. Burgener went to the Canal
Zone in 1947 with her family. Her husband, Mr. Roy R. Burgener is an
employee of the Electrical Division. In addition to her husband, she is
survived by one son, Robert, of Balboa; and a sister, Mrs. Pearl Holcomb
of La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Mr. W. Ramond Snyder died after a short illness in an Allentown,
Pa. hospital. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Rose (Weischadel) Snyder,
a former resident of the C.Z. where her former husband was an employee
of the Army Post Exchange and later with Fastlick in Panama City.

Mrs. Miles E. McLeod of Phoenix, Arizona, passed away on January
18, 1961. Mrs. McLeod's death followed closely, her husband's passing
in December. Mrs. McLeod is a sister of Mr. Eric E. Forsman of Fort
Worth, Texas.
William E. Farrow, 85, died Friday, January 20 in the Phoenix Vet-
erans Administration Hospital.
Mr. Farrow was a native of Evansville, Ind. He was a former postal
clerk. He retired in 1933. He served in the Panama Canal Zone during
the eight years of the construction of the canal. He was a veteran of the
Spanish American War and of World War I.
He lived at 35 E. Vernon, Phoenix, Arizona.
Mr. Farrow is survived by his wife, Jessie; a son, William G. of
Phoenix; a daughter, Mrs. John M. Craft of South Pasadena, California,
and five grandchildren.

Mrs. Mary Ann (Mayme) Klemmer, 78, passed away on December
29, 1960, in Reading, Pennsylvania, after making her home for seven
years with her daughter and son-in-law, Colonel and Mrs. Roy Kalor of
San Bruno, California. Mrs. Klemmer is also survived by two sons and
daughter-in-laws, Justus and June (Bunker) Klemmer of Falls Church,
Virginia, and Leroy and Lillian Klemmer of Tujunga, California. She
was the widow of J. A. Klemmer, former employee of the Constructing
Quartermaster Department, Panama Canal.
Capt. G. O. Kolle of Russellville, Arkansas, died on January 31, 1961
in a Fort Smith Arkansas hospital, following surgery. Capt. Kolle is
survived by his wife. No further details were available.

R. L. Dwelle died on January 28, in Gorgas Hospital. Mr. Dwelle
was an employee of the former Bureau of Clubs and Playgrounds and at
the time of his retirement he was with the Schools Division. Besides his
wife, Ruth Chandler Dwelle, he is also survived by two sons, Robert of
Caracus, Venezuela, and Edward of Alice, Texas, and a brother, Earl C.
of Dallas, Texas.

Mrs. F. E. (Mazalia) Williams of Bellville, New York, died suddenly
on February 2, 1961, at her home. No further details were available.

John R. Taylor died on November 15, 1960 in a Nursing home in
Fredericksburg, Virginia. Mr. Taylor went to the Canal Zone in 1910 and
was employed in the Third Division of the Chief Engineers Office. In
1912, he left the Canal Zone and worked for the United Fruit Co. in sev-
eral Central American countries. In 1920, he went to Venezuela where he

was employed by the Creole Oil Company. At the time of his retirement,
in 1948, he was the oldest in the point of service on the roster of the
Standard Oil Co. of Venezuela. He is survived by a brother and sister
in Leesburg, Virginia.

Andrew W. Simon, 69, 538 Skipper Drive, Largo, died Wednesday,
(Feb. 1, 1961) in a St. Petersburg hospital.
Mr. Simon was born in Philadelphia and moved to Largo five years
ago from there. He was a retired Panama Canal Zone pilot and a veteran
oi World War I.
He is survived by his wife, Thyra.

News has been received of the death of Mrs. Harry D. Halverson,
wife of the former Chief of the Communications Branch of the Electrical
Mrs. Halverson died Jan. 12 in Chicago where she and her husband
had been making their home for the past year.
A well known resident of the Atlantic side for many years, Mrs. Hal-
verson accompanied her husband to the Isthmus in 1924. He came to the
Canal Zone from Chicago as one of the technicians from the Automatic
Electric Company to install the automatic telephone system in the Canal
They remained on the Isthmus and lived in Cristobal for many years.
They moved to the Pacific side in 1951 when Halverson succeeded Stanley
Coulthard as Chief of Communications.
After Halverson's retirement in 1955, they went to Reno, Nev., to
live but later moved to Chicago.
Mrs. Halverson is survived by her husband.

Mrs. Helen Warnock passed away in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on Jan-
uary 13, 1961. Mrs. Warnock was a sister of Mrs. W. W. Warren of
Tampa, Florida. She spent some time on the Canal Zone while the War-
rens were there.

William H. Worth, of 325 West Grove Street, Lombard, Illinois,
passed away suddenly on August 7, 1960. Mr. Worth went to the Canal
Zone in December 1941 and left there in 1947. He was Assistant Shop
Superintendent when he resigned. He is survived by his wife, Elsie, three
daughters, Mary Kaye, 16; Barbara, 14 and Martha, 12, and also by his
mother, Mrs. Katherine H. Worth, Riverside, Illinois. Mr. Worth was a
member of the Canal Zone Masonic bodies and a member of Abou Saad

Passing out of the shadow
Into a purer light;
Stepping behind the curtain,
Getting a clearer sight.
Laying aside the burden,
This weary mortal coil;
Done with world's vexations,
Done with tears and toil.
Tired of all earth's playthings,
Heartsick and ready to sleep,
Ready to bid our friends farewell,
Wondering why they weep.
Passing out of the shadow
into eternal day.
Why do we call it dying -
This sweet going away?


Claude E. Campbell-Maintenance Division-28 years, 3 months, 23 days.
Miss Marguerite Flynn-Office of Comptroller-20 yrs., 3 mo., 26 days.
John W. Forrest-Industrial Division-18 years, 7 months, 18 days.
Albert N. Ruoff-Electrical Division-16 years, 9 months, 1 day.
George A. Smith-Pacific Locks-23 years, 11 months, 14 days.
Winston P. Abernathy-Accounting Division-17 yrs., 11 mo., 11 days.
Ralph E. Blevins-Maintenance Division-12 years, 1 month, 6 days.
Peter H. Borger-Maintenance Division-25 years, 9 months, 7 days.
Russell H. Brubaker-Supply Division-18 years, 6 months, 9 days.
John E. Davis-Maintenance Division-21 years, 9 months, 27 days.
Miss Monica E. Farley-Division of Schools-35 yrs., 7 mo., 27 days.
Mrs. Zelda E. Glassburn-Central Employment Office
-19 years, 9 months, 25 days.
Earl H. Johnson-Railroad Division- 16 years, 11 months, 8 days.
Edward W. Millspaugh-Locks Division-20 years, 1 month, 23 days.

Harry F. Cranfield-Electrical Division-19 years, 10 months, 4 days.
Mrs. Carolyn J. Henry-Personnel Bureau-5 years, 1 month, 14 days.
Charles L. Latham-Supply Division-32 years, 9 months.
Jasper Leonard Long--Postal Division-23 years, 4 months.
Capt. Harold T. Longmore-Navigation Division-24 yrs., 5 mo., 11 days.
Kurt F. Menzel-Health Bureau-33 years, 8 months, 12 days.
Lt. Richard G. Nichols-Police Division-20 years, 27 days.

October 30, 1960 through January 28, 1961

This has been a wonderful holiday season for many of us, Christmas,
New Years and the Reunion. We are still getting over the Reunion and
enjoying every minute of it. It seems that each one is better than the last
- there were 238 for luncheon and around 500 or 600 visiting, talking
over old days, rebuilding the Canal, and the towns which have been sort
of "rebuilt" came in for their share too. You know it might not be a bad
idea for us to go back, or have someone take pictures and run them off
at the next Reunion. I for one would love to see the many changes that
have taken place.
To those who could not make it this year we certainly did miss
you all. Some who always came have passed away, and that cast a gloom
over the whole Society. Bad weather was the worst offender this year.
Many who had made reservations were compelled to cancel them. Some
were taken ill and were unable to come. We missed you all.
At the December meeting the members donated a gift of money to
the American Legion Hospital for Crippled Children, which was grate-
fully received.
A more or less definite date has been set for the 1961 Reunion -
January 17 and 18. If this is not possible it will be the middle of the
preceding week, however we will know in ample time. The rates will be
the same regardless of the date. This later date is made necessary on
account of a bridge tournament which covers five days.
May I thank you all for the lovely letters and Christmas cards sent
to the Society we do appreciate them so much, but it is impossible to
answer them all. To those of you who sent in three one dollar bills for
your dues all arrived and I sent your cards at once so that you would
not he wondering. In fact all mail is answered the day it is received.

Business: It is no longer necessary to add 10c to checks on United
States Banks. It is necessary for 45 cents to be added to banks outside
of the United States.
Thank you too for the many letters thanking me for staying in office.
Please remember that this office is still open I do want to find a re-
placement as I do not feel too well and at times it is rather hard to
carry on.
As of now we have 1932 members. 1216 have paid for 1961; 35 for
1962; 8 for 1963, and 4 for 1964. This year Mr. P. S. Legge heads the
list for 1964.
For 1961 the membership cards are BLUE. DO YOU HAVE
YOURS? If not please send in your $3.00 and I will send you one at once.
Your Secretary-Treasurer is most grateful for the gift which she was
given this year, and the lovely DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD.
I am truly sorry that you all will be unable to see it. I shall cherish it
May I take just a few lines to tell you about the BLOOD BANK
which is for Florida members only? One must be a resident of Florida.
Dues are $2.00 annually starting January 1st. To be eligible you must
have paid your dues in the Panama Canal Society of Florida to receive
the benefits. If you are interested, please fill out the form elsewhere in
the book. A card will be sent when you join this is your permanent
record, as a receipt for Blood Bank dues will be sent thereafter. Each
card is numbered with your own individual number KEEP THIS
CARD. Please send in your Blood Bank dues to me-NOT THE BLOOD
Changes of Address: This last three month period has been terrific
- many Records (December) and the 1961 Year Books have been re-
turned with the notation LEFT NO FORWARDING ADDRESS -
UNKNOWN -and such other notations as appear on the Post Office
rubber stamp. These I must pay for, 6 cents each. Too, in some cases
the Record has been sent on to its proper address, and a card is sent to
me with the correct address for this information I must pay 5 cents.
This is most unnecessary all members know when they are going to
move. PLEASE drop me a card so that your Record will reach you when
the other members receive their copy. The Records are mailed around the
first week of March, June, September and December. Changes can be
made up to the last moment.
In the back of this Record you will note many changes of address
for our members, also NEW members. Please read them so that you

will not send your mail to the wrong address. Too I am still getting mail
addressed to Station "A" This Post Office has been abolished for some
time and our address from that time on has been P. O. Box 11566, ST.
There are still some Societies whose addresses have not been received
- Of course it is only a convenience to friends of their members. How-
ever I am very sorry to have to tell people who phone me that I do not
have an address for some when I do have for others.
-Lucille S. Judd, Secretary-Treasurer

Tourist Center St. Petersburg, Florida November 14, 1960

The meeting was called to order at 2:20 p.m. by President Keith
Kelley. Chaplain Fred Hunsiker delivered the invocation.
The following officers were present:
President -----Mr. Keith Kelley
Vice-President ...- -_ Mr. Frank Hohmann
Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary Mrs. Lyla Esler
The names of visitors were read by Mrs. Esler and each one rose to
acknowledge their introduction as follows:
Mr. Norman Kearns Mrs. Nelle Bewley
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Alderton Miss Murrell DeBard
Mrs. Patricia Appel Mrs. O. G. Lennard
Mrs. Mary DeYoung Mrs. Mary Virginia Larsen

Mrs. Leonor Lombana (nee Cunningham)
Mrs. Tony Sylvester
The report to the Recording Secretary for the meeting of October 10,
1960, was read and there being no corrections or additions noted, it was
approved as read.
The number of members shown on October 1, 1960 was 1,913. Dur-
ing the month 19 new members were added making the total 1,932 as of
November 1, 1960. Mrs. Judd stated that she had found it necessary to
drop several members for non-payment of dues and explained the var-
ious reasons that brought this about. Persons who join after July 1st
and pay only $1.50 for the balance of the year must pay their dues for
the following year or be dropped after a reasonable period has elapsed
the following year without this payment.

President Kelley spoke of the enjoyable summer outings which many
members participated in and said that he hoped to have something else
lined up soon. He suggested that groups could get together to form motor-
cades to attend either picnics or meetings in other communities close by,
such as Orlando, for instance. If anyone has any ideas and will call Mr.
Kelley he will be glad to promote arrangements, if practicable. Boat
trips Bus trips Motorcades to many places i.e. St. Augustine.
Mrs. Judd read the list of recent deaths and the illnesses of many
members, advising the members present of how each one was getting along
as she knew it. The names read as follows:
Mrs. Corrine Feeney Mrs. Charlotte Light
Mrs. Mary Love Mrs. A. C. VanBrocklin
Mr. Bill Butler Mr. Henderson Smith
Mrs. Marguerite McGinnis Mr. Archie Gibson
Mrs. Marie Coffey Miss Jeanette Christeson
Mrs. Frances Horter Mrs. Edith Epply
Mr. Bunk Gardner Mrs. Maurice H. Thatcher
Mr. C. M. Stephenson Mrs. James MacLean
Mr. Sam F. McKenzie Mrs. H. R. Stuntz
Mrs. Emma Christina Mrs. Walter Ross
Mrs. Judd made several announcements and read numerous letters
she had received during the past month which were most interesting to
everyone, also the "Thank You" notes from Mr. George Goethals, Mr.
Maurice H. Thatcher, Mr. Walter G. Ross, Mrs. Marie Coffey, Mrs. Samuel
F. McKenzie and Mrs. Anna M. Dillon.
A letter from Mrs. Larry Baker, former Canal Zone resident who is
now secretary at Weeki Wachi Springs stated that there would be reduced
rates during the month of November whereby members could see the show
for only 50c per person.
Mrs. Judd said she had received so many inquiries about the rumors
of a reduced rate on the Panama Line that she had written to Mr. Suther-
land, Panama Line, New York, for information. His reply with the per-
tinent details are to be published in the March issue of the Canal Record.
On November 3, 1960, the Blood Bank records show that 32 pints
of blood have been administered and that 18 pints are in reserve.
Mr. W. J. Bartlett, Chairman of the Legislative Committee, reported
that through the coming year pressure would be brought to bear on mak-

ing permanent the 10% increase given to employees who retired prior
to 1956 which presently is on a temporary basis as this must be done
before the issue could be brought up re giving increases to retired em-
ployees along with increases granted to the working employees. He also
hopes that the Health Bill S-2575 will be adjusted to include employees
who do not have the required 12 years service as it now stands.
President Kelley talked again about future outings and urged mem-
bers to contact him with their ideas. There being no further business be
fore the meeting, motion was made and carried to adjourn which occurred
at 3:25.
Respectfully submitted,
Lyla M. Esler, Recording Secretasy

Tourist Center St. Petersburg, Florida December 12, 1960

The meeting was called to order at 2:25 by President Keith Kelley.
The invocation was delivered by Chaplain Fred Hunsicker.
The following officers were present:
President .....- Mr. Keith Kelley
Vice-President -------.- Mr. Frank Hohmann
Secretary-Treasurer-- Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary ...--_- Mrs. Lyla Esler

Visitors and first-timers were
as follows:
Mr. John D. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Dow Walker
Mr. Archie French
Mr. Harry Nichols
Mrs. Agnes Puck
Mr. R. F. Huldquist
Mr. Louis Maurer
Mrs. Mary Love

introduced by Mrs. Etta Conkerton

Mr. Dan Wright
Mr. Walter Malone
Mr. Clarence Van Fleet
Mr. Norman Kearns
Mrs. Eunice Rose
Mrs. Al Meigs
Mr. L. W. Hennen
Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Younkin
Mrs. Ethel McDermitt

President Kelley announced there would be no legislative report as
Mr. W. J. Bartlett had asked to be relieved of his duties as Chairman
of the Legislative Committee, and asked the membership if anyone present
would care to take over this work.
There were no special Committee reports made.
The number of members as of November 1, 1960 was 1,932. Fifteen

(15) new members were added during the month making the total 1,947
on December 1, 1960.
The report of the Recording Secretary for the meeting of November
14, 1960, was read and there being no corrections or additions noted,
it was approved as read.
On the ill list were:
Mrs. James Bradley Mrs. George Fraaklet
Mrs. Frances Horter Mrs. Edith Eppley
Mrs. Forrest Hallett Mr. Wm. H. Butler
Mr. Roger S. Erdman Mrs. Roger Erdmail
Miss Jeanette Christeson Col. Lewis E. Willson
Mr. Archie Burn Mrs. Theodore Sundquist
Mr. Nathan Levy Capt. C. B. Fenton
Capt H. T. Longmore Mr. Walter Wikinstad
Mrs. J. F. Bashner Mr. Ralph Cutler
Mrs. K. M. Wikinstad and Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Wikinstad (Cristobal)
were called to Minnesota due to the illness of their son and brother, Walter
Wikinstad, whom we are happy to report is now improving.
Ida Hallet wrote the Secretary-Treasurer that after 8 long days in
the hospital due to a heart attack, she is now taking her siestas at home.
Anna Dillon is also very ill. Her address is 2448 Highland Avenue,
Fall River, Mass.
Mrs. Judd read a long list of Xmas greetings from many members
which were enjoyed by the members present; also many letters from var-
ious members all over the States. Many reported they will attend the
reunion and others gave reasons why they cannot come this year. Wed-
ding and engagement announcements were made from correspondence
received. All of this correspondence was, of course, a pleasure to everyone.
Mrs. Frank (Clara) Mack Mr. Carl O. Baldwin
Mr. William H. Fredericks Mrs.Ralph Sartor
Mr. Lee Burns Mrs. Blossom Compton Benitez
Mrs. George Dempster Capt. Volkert Jacobs
Dr. Herbert C. Clark Mrs. Wm. M. Armstrong
Mr. Peter DeStefano
Mrs. Judd read three suggested menus for the Reunion sent by the
manager of the Soreno Hotel and member's popular vote was for the
turkey-ham cold plate with strawberry shortcake instead of the usual
apple pie.
Mrs. Earl Beck arrived late at the meeting and was introduced by

President Keith Kelley as the champion of Empanada baking.
Mr. Macon Turner made a motion that the Society should purchase
a new flag containing 50 stars to replace the old flag with only 48 which
was seconded by Mrs. Etta Conkerton. President Kelley appointed Mr.
Hersh to take care of the purchase who in turn suggested that the order
be placed immediately so that the flag would be here for the Reunion.
Mr. Hersh also asked for permission to purchase a new standard, which
was granted. He then asked if he might purchase the old flag for him-
self after the new one arrived as it meant a great deal to him. Mrs. Judd
then told the membership she felt the flag should be given to Mr. Hersh
for his many past favors to the Society, and this was agreed to by all.
The annual collection was taken for the American Legion Crippled
Children's Hospital and Mrs. Judd was happy to announce that $128.00
will be donated this year. President Kelley stated he had chosen 6 men to
help him with the Children's Xmas "sing" party and how he had pur-
chased ice-cream and favors and Mrs. Kelley was baking cookies for the
party. This purchase being made from the $10.00 given him by the
Society for this purpose. He then gave a very interesting report on his
recent visit to the Children's Hospital. After the party President Kelley
will present the hospital with the Society's check for $128.00.
There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 3:30.
Respectfully submitted,
Lyla M. Esler, Recording Secretary

(29th Annual Reunion)
Held at the Soreno Hotel, St. Petersburg, Fla., January 9, 1961

President Kelley called the meeting to order at 2:20 p.m. and wel-
comed all the members to the 29th Annual Reunion, many of whom had
traveled from various parts of the Uuited States and from the Canal Zone
to attend. He expressed his enjoyment of his past year as president and
that the fulfillment of many of his plans had pleased him very much and
that he felt it had been a wonderful year.
Chaplain Fred Hunsiker delivered the invocation. All officers were
President ----Mr. Keith Kelley
Vice-President -- Mr. Frank Hohmann
Secretary-Treasurer-- Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary- Mrs. Lyla M. Esler

It was stated that there are presently 1,932 members in the Society.
The report of the Recording Secretary for the meeting of December
12, 1960, was read and there being no corrections or additions noted,
it was approved as read.
President Kelley gave an interesting accounting of the Xmas party
given the children at the American Legion Crippled Children's Hospital
and told how much the children enjoyed it as well as the members who
had helped him namely: Mr. Frank Hohmann, Capt. Macon Turner,
Mr. Archie French, Mr. Fred Hunsicker, Mr. and Mrs. Albert McKeown,
Mrs. Maude Kelley, Miss Margie Kelley and two friends Margery Zint
and Jean Benyon and Mr. Lou Demesa, the organist.
Mrs. Judd then announced that her job as Secretary-Treasurer is still
open and that she would very much appreciate being relieved of it. She
stated, however, that she would stay on until someone could be found
(or volunteer) to take over the work, that she had done it for twelve years
and felt that someone else should do it now. No one volunteered of
course the feeling of the Society is unanimous in that "our Lucille" is
the one best fitted for the job and the mainstay of our organization.

The following illnesses were repoi
Mrs. James Bradley
Mrs. Mary Davies
Miss Florita Frost
Capt. H. T. Longmorc
Mr. Oscar R. Swanson
Miss Anna Dillon
Capt. A. T. Luther
Mrs. George Dempster
Miss Elizabeth Garthwaite
Mr. Lester H. Detrick
Mrs. Grace Coon Zierten
Col. N. P. Jackson
Mr. Wm. H. Frederick
Mrs. W. H. Shirley
Mrs. Durwood Dennis
A long list of names of members

Mrs. C. T. Daniels
Mr. Ralph Cutler
Mr. Walter Wikinstad
Mr. W. H. Butler
Capt. J. C. Treakle
Mrs. Lillian Ruggles

Miles E. McLeod
Mrs. M. M. DuBois
Mr. Henry Auerback
Mr. Nathan Levy
(American Tobacco Co.)
Mr. W. E. Davis
Mrs. Judith Englander
Mrs. Silas Woodruff
extending their best wishes to the

Society were read by Mrs. Judd and several "Thank You" notes. Births
of a daughter Diane Margaret to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Peterson on Dec.
22, 1960, and a daughter Teresa on Nov. 25, 1960 to Mr. and Mrs. P. V.
Zagone were announced. Mrs. Zagone was formerly Mary Gertrude Goulet.

A telegram from Mary Love in Berkeley, California, wishing all a
Happy New Year was also read.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wolf, 3526 Queen St. N., St. Peters-
burg, burned Xmas night while they were away visiting in Panama. How-
ever, it is being remodeled and will be like new when they return.
So many members stated in their notes and letters that they hoped
friends passing through their towns would be sure to stop by and see them.
One of the highlights of the reunion was the presence of Miss Jessie
Murdoch, who was on the Isthmus in the early, early days. Also present
were Mrs. M. E. Connors and Mrs. Tom Young whom we were glad to see.
A letter of thanks was received from the American Legion's Crippled
Children's Hospital for the $128.00 presented to them.
Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Magnuson from Balboa were here visiting with
the Dunlops and the Eslers but were unable to remain for the Reunion
which they regretted very much.
Mr. Russell "Ike" Harris suffered his third heart attack during the
early morning hours before the reunion so Mr. and Mrs. Harris could
not be present. Many expressed their concern to your Recording Secretary
who is the sister of Mrs. Harris. Mr. Harris is recovering nicely.
Mr. W. J. Bartlett, Legislative Representative, gave his report saying
there was nothing new but did want to stress the importance of every per-
son receiving a Civil Service annuity joining the National Association of
Retired Civil Employees. He stated NARCE is the only organization
whose primary purpose is to protect the rights of Civil Service retirees,
their survivors, and is working for additional beneficial legislation such
as: Annuity increases Increased Federal income tax benefits Im-
proved survivorship benefits Include "forgotten widows" in retirees
Hospitalization Act Oppose the so called "Fair Trade" laws -- and
- Oppose any proposals which might lead to absorbtion into Social
Mr. John F. Everett, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, read
his report of the committee which in substance stated that the security of
the Society's assets and normal growth are assured, and its national affairs
and complex problems will continue to be well handled as long as our
very popular Secretary-Treasurer and her equally interested spouse, Cap-
tain B. C. Judd remain active. They, with the cooperation of Mr. and
Mrs. Kieswetter, who have so efficiently edited the nationally appreciated
Canal Record for the past eight years, constitute the congenial foursome
that has made Florida, the "hub" of Panama Canal Societies everywhere.
On behalf of the entire membership, the Nominating Committee thanked

the Judds, the Kieswetters, Keith Kelley, Frank W. Hohmann, Lyla Essler,
the Auditors: Henry Hudson and George Thurgood; Mrs. S. J. Shreves
for her help with the Blood Bank; Fred Hunsicker, the Chaplain; the
Legislative Representative W. J. (Billy) Bartlett; the Pianists: Mrs.
Stutzman and Mrs. Bunny Wilson and James E. Bradley, Sergeant-at-Arms.
The following candidates were recommended by the Nominating
Committee for the elective offices for 1961:
For President .----- Keith E. Kelley
For Vice-President ----.. .. William D. Goodwin
For Secretary-Treasurer Lucille S. Judd
For Recording Secretary ..-Lyla M. Esler
There being no nominations made from the floor, Mr. Turner moved
that the nominations be closed, seconded by Mr. Bartlett, carried and so
Mr. Harry Bortin, Executive Director of the National Organization
were presented with gratuitous gifts of love and esteem from the Society.
Mr. Harry Bortin, Executive Director of the National Organization
Committee of Roosevelt Medal Associates and Senior Citizens, was intro-
duced. He gave a very interesting talk on the various bills to extend the
benefits of the Panama Canal Contstruction Service Annuity Act of May
29, 1944 and how we could help our fellow-holders of the Roosevelt
Medal who were unjustly excluded from the 1944 law and ended by asking
the Society to adopt a resolution to support the bills of NARCE. Mrs. Lea
A. Dugan of Springfield, Illinois, made a motion that the Society adopt
a resolution as suggested, which was seconded and carried. Mr. Bortin
then agreed to prepare and have mimeographed a Resolution for signa-
ture which was appreciated.
Five clever ceramic tiles and two ashtrays made by Mr. Forrest "Slim"
Hallett were sent for distribution. These were laid on the table and Presi-
dent Kelley called out the names and asked that they come forward. Mrs.
Ethel Wainio Stapler chose an ashtray and Mr. Robert Orvis chose a
plaque which read: "The man who speaks with authority is quoting his
wife". The rest were not present to receive theirs.
Mrs. Frances S. Dorn extended an invitation to the Arkansas Society's
picnic to be held on May 20th to any members driving that way.
This did not occur at the meeting but I want to include it for the
record anyway for the benefit of those who did not attend the luncheon.
Mrs. Judd and her most worthy husband, Capt. Benj. Judd were awarded
lifetime memberships and were presented a plaque honoring their twelve

years of meritorious service. Lucille was so surprised she could have been
knocked over with a feather.
Also a most enlightening talk on the conditions between the Canal
Zone and Panama was given by Mr. Arthur J. Wynne. The interest of
the membership was so intense that the dropping of a pin could have been
heard. Pictures of the luncheon and an interview with Mr. Wynne was
later televised at 6:30 p.m. and again at 11:00 p.m. on Channel 8.
Motion to adjourn was made, seconded and carried, the adjournment
taking place at 3:58 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Lyla M. Esler, Recording Secretary


We here in California have been enjoying a delightful bit of weather
- no winter to speak of as yet, in fact we had really hot weather a few
weeks ago. Last week we had a much needed rain, but need more to keep
California green. Hope we remember our delightful winter come June or
July when it might just be real cool in these parts.
rier of SouthGate, writes that she has been directing the Huntington Park
Cooperative Nursery, and is also taking an extension course at U.C.L.A.,
and is very happy in her work.
Note from Eva and Jack Dyer of Santa Barbara mentioned that Jack
had been hospitalized but that he hoped to be home for Christmas. Their
daughter Shirley and her husband and children are still on the ranch at
Ojai, and love it.
Estelle McLain wrote from Cristobal where she is visiting her daugh-
ter and family says she hopes to be able to attend another picnic in
California some day soon, and wants to be remembered to all her friends.
Grace Birkeland Brown of Studio City spent the holidays in Oxnard
with her children.
Dorothy Hamlin wrote that she was leaving by jet to spend the holi-
days on the Zone with her son Gene and his wife.
Ethel Boyd wrote of enjoying a visit to San Diego over Thanksgiving,
and going up into the mountains and seeing snow, wild game birds, and
a real living Christmas card a small red cabin at the roadside, snow
on the roof, chimney smoking, and nearby tall pine trees covered with
snow. She spent the Christmas holidays in San Diego, and was contem-

plating going to St. Petersburg for the reunion in January.
Mr. and Mrs. William Baxley celebrated their 50th wedding anniver-
sary on October 4, 1960 son Bill and his family entertained them and
22 guest at dinner in their Hollywood home to celebrate this happy
occasion. Congratulations to these nice folks.
Jack and Olena (Hutchings) Neff of Sacramento are proud
grandparents their daughter Anna Lee and her husband who live in
Salt Lake City have a daughter, born September 3. Olena said she ex-
pects visitors from the Zone this year, Amelia and Jimmy Hunter, and
Byrne and Armella Hutchings.
Mrs. Luce of Glendale is recovering nicely from her recent accident.
Mr. and Mrs. T. V. Hammer of Minnesota are spending the winter
in Los Angeles with Eva Hammer. Eva wrote about her interesting trip
east in August, and about the relatives and friends she saw and visited
with; of her experience with Hurricane Donna and later Hurricane Ethel;
and of her joy at being back home again.
Card from Mercedes Snow from Panama, enroute to South America.
In Panama she was to visit her sister and brother in-law, Mr. and Mrs.
Everardo Duque. In Lima, Peru, she will visit with a sister whom she
has not seen in 25 years; and then on to Santiago to be with her son and
his family. Her son is with the American Embassy. Mrs. Snow will re-
turn to Los Angeles in the latter part of March.
Among Virginia and Martin Seiler's Christmas messages were the
following: greetings from Slim and Ida Hallett; Dot and Les Beauchamp,
DeVera and Irvin Rasmussen; the Emerson Fullers who were having a
wonderful visit in Panama with Frank Violette and who report a record
catch of marlin: Irene and Henry Donovan were pleasantly surprised by
a Christmas visit from their daughter Peggy, who is doing social work
in the infant care program since her graduation from Notre Dame: Mr.
and Mrs. Herbert Brown (Anne Mitchell) of Maryland wrote that they
often see Winifred Pomeroy who lives in Washington, D.C. with her sister,
Mrs. Sam Bardelson; also that Connie and Bob Engelke visited them last
Captain and Mrs. Clinton Baverstock of Hopetown, Abaco, Bahamas,
report they really like their Island home; Mrs. Baverstock recently visi-
ted in West Palm Beach: greetings from Bill and Annie (Boyd) Bartho-
lomew with snapshots of their four lovely grandchildren: Col. Wm. R.
Tomey sent greetings from Sebring, Florida, in the form of a picture of
his Mother and Dad sitting on the front porch of their home all are
real old timers of the Zone: also a letter from Jessie Pugh now at the

Mrs. Eleanor P. Home, Bradenton, Fla. Miss Alice Candee, Bradenton, Fla.
Mrs. Edna Whitver, Orlando, Fla.

Mrs. Edward Barlow, Massena, N. Y. Mrs. J. B. Smith, Winter Park, Fla.
Mrs. Horace Jones, Miami, Fla. Mr. Ed Barlow, Massena, N. Y.
Mr. John B. Smith and son

Mrs. Doris (Van Evera)Graham, Mrs. Dwight Van Evera,Mrs. Pere F. Graham,
Capt. Gerald F. Graham, U.S.A.F., Mr. Perc Graham, Mr. Dwight Van Evera,
with grandsons Gerald F. Jr., Edward Lee, and John Scott. ( See People You Know)

Mr. Gene Clinchard, Balboa, C. Z. Mr. John H. Ward, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Mrs. Connie(Clinchard) Spitznogle, Melbourne, Fla. Mrs. John H. Ward

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Coakley, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mr. Leon A. Koperski, Orlando, Fla. Mr. Thomas M. Jordan, Alfred, Maine
Mr. Fred Sprecken, St. Petersburg, Fla. Mr. James Bradley, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Mr. Archie Burn, Ocean Gate, N. J. Mr. Archie Gibson, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McTyier, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Mr. William Rohrbach, Maitland, Fla. Mr. R. D. Melanson, Miami, Fla.
Mr. Roger T. Williams, Balboa, C. Z. Mrs. Rohrbach, Mrs. Melanson, Mrs. Williams

Mr. John L. Ferguson, Hendersonville, No. Carolina
Mrs. Sara(Ferguson) Ekholm, Ithaca, N. Y.




1 jiA~l~l~iI ~ I I- I (:7
C I -I

A fHIP a



Tivoli Hotel, forwarded from Annie Bartholomew, telling about one of
her many interesting trips around the world South Africa, Australia,
New Zealand, and in the Belgian Congo two weeks before the Congolese
were given their freedom, and of the interesting time she had in Australia
and New Zealand.

Received change of Address for Mrs. Gorge Horine of Fullerton -
c/o Capt. Paul O. Dabill, J.C.R.C.., APO 67, San Francisco, California.
She and her daughter Fern Dabill flew to Chicago and to Minnesota last
fall to pick up Fern's children, and they all have now joined Capt. Dabill
for a tour of service in Japan.
Mr. Isaac Andrews of San Francisco reported on his family son
William is an electrician at Portsmouth Navy Yard on the latest type of
submarine. Daughter Elizabeth (Mrs. Harry J. Godfrey) is living in
Bellmore, L.I., New York, with her two children. She was in California
with daughter Susan who won a contest on TV, and as a prize had a trip
to California, stopping at the Ambassador Hotel and including a trip
to Disneyland.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clisbee write that they hope to be able to attend
at least one of our Society's meetings this year. Just now they are looking
forward to a visit from Mildred and Thatcher Clisbee from the Zone, in
the first part of April. They report that Floyd Baldwin is organizing an-
other trip to Europe from the Zone, covering some new places and some of
the places visited on previous trip.
Keith Kenway, 17 year old son of Joseph and Helen Kenway of Long
Beach, flew jet to the Canal Zone to spend the holidays with friends there.
Keith is now a senior at Wilson High School in Long Beach would
have graduated from Cristobal in June of this year had the family not
moved to Long Beach in 1959. He had a wonderful time visiting princi-
pally with Gary Irving, but also Parker Hannas, Warren Marquard, John
Wainio, Tommy Billison and many others in Margarita. He reports little
change on the Atlantic side, except that North Margarita School and Coco
Solito have been torn down said the new high school at Coco Solo is
really nice.
Mr. F. F. Beale writes from San Jose that he is probably our oldest
member from the standpoint of seniority P.R.R. May 1901 to June
1907. He still has the pass on which he traveled the P.R.R. on May 21,
1901, from Colon to Panama. His Roosevelt Medal, which he prized, was
lost in Nevada in 1914; he wrote the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in
Washington, D.C. for a duplicate but was advised no duplicates could
be issued.

Pat (Kenealy) Stellingwerf, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Kenealy
of Covina, was married to Lt. Dennis Allen Scovell, U.S. Army, on Octo-
ber 3, 1960, at the Sacred Heart Church in Covina. They are making their
home at Camp Holabird, 1935 Denbury Dr., Baltimore, Maryland. Mrs.
Kenealy (Bess) together with Pat's children Mark and Kirsten, went to
New York where they visited Col. and Mrs. Gordon H. Crabb (sister
Ellen), where Pat and her husband picked them up and took them all to
Maryland before Mrs. Kenealy returned to California.
Mr. William A. Jones of Monrovia has been in the Hillhaven Hospital
in Arcadia, California, for several months.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Lockwood of Monrovia announce the engagement
of their daughter Jean to Mr. Harold D. Givens, Jr. Jean is a graduate of
Monrovia High School and University of Redlands, and a member of the
faculty at the Mesa School in Covina. Harold is from Danville, Califor-
nia served 4 years in the Navy, is a graduate of San Francisco State
College, and is now a Technical Illustrator in Geology with the U.S. Geol.
Survey at Menlo Park, California. A June wedding is planned.
In November a group from the Oakland-San Francisco area paid a
visit to the past matrons group in Monrovia. Included were Mr. and Mrs.
Harvey McConaughey, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Prager, Mr. and Mrs. Baker
(Neva Brown), Mr and Mrs. Arthur Beard, and Mrs. Ethyln Wood: also
Mr. and Mr. Wm. Pidgeon of Redlands, Mrs. Lula Lumby of San Diego,
and Mrs. Chloe Ford of Los Angeles met with the group and all report
a good time.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGinn of Santa Barbara attended the wedding
of their son Bill in Mason City, Iowa, in August. Bill and his wife are
now living at Playa del Rey, California. The Tom McGinn's were also
on hand at Little Rock to welcome a new grand-daughter-born to Charles
and Jean Ann (White) McGinn.
Mr. and Mrs. Omar Franklyn (Ann Newhard) of Denver Colorado,
were holiday visitors at the home of Mrs. Franklyn's brother in La Mirada,
California, also were guests at the home of Bill and Grace Naylor. Omar
is in his last year at medical college in Denver.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Berude of Monrovia spent the holidays in Seattle
with their son and family.
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Sullivan of Los Altos, had their son Thomas
and his three children with them for the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Hoecker of Monrovia, visited their daughter and
son-in law, Dorothy and Don Welty, in Palo Alto during the holidays.
Wells and Anna (Van Siclen) Wright spent the Christmas holidays

in the vicinity of Madrid, Spain; and were spending a few weeks in Spain
on the Mediterranean, before traveling on to Ireland, and back to New
York mid-march. Mattielee and Alton White left them in Paris, flew to
New York and Little Rock, and then took the Panama Railroad ship back
to the Canal Zone.
Kindest regards to all -
Thelma Reppe, Secretary

P.S. Dinner meeting March 5, 1961 and picnic June 11, 1961 any-
one in our vicinity contact a member or officer, and come join us.


Did you attend the Annual Reunion at the Soreno Hotel in St. Peters-
burg in January? If so you met several hundred of your old friends and
acquaintances and what fun it was to meet and greet them. We had a
large group from Miami, among them the president of our Southeastern
Florida Society, Mr. Dan Jones, and our Secretary, Mrs. Rudolph Melan-
son. Mr. Jones announced a barbecue to be held in honor of visiting
Abou Saad Shriners and their friends on June 18th, at the Mahi Shrine
Temple, 1500 N.W. North River Drive during the Shrine Convention on
Miami Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Rocker of Layfayette, California were holiday
visitors of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Allen of
Hialeah Gardens.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Anderson of Richmond, Virginia and Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence Howell of Asheville, North Carolina were guests of Mr.
and Mrs. W. T. Bowen of Coral Gables for several days preceding the
Reunion. This group and the Rockers attended the Orange Bowl Festivi-
ties and enjoyed Get-to-gethers at the homes of several of their Miami
friends. After the Reunion the Andersons returned to Miami for a longer
visit with the Bowens.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Smith of Massey, Md. were holiday visitors at
the home of their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Smith
of Miami. Milton is a pilot for Eastern Airlines.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Dunham were pleasant visitors in Miami for
several days in November.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Iglesias stopped in Miami enroute to Aligandi,
San Bias Islands, after a speaking tour and enjoyable States vacation.
Mrs. R. A. (Mabel) Koperski of Danville California is visiting her

son, RobertKoperski and family during the winter Season. Mrs. Koperski,
The Dunhams and the Iglesias were dinned guests of the I. W. Metzgers
in November.
Miss Odell Waters is making her home in Miami and attending the
Lindsey Hopkins Vocational School.
Mr. Adam Miller of California is presently a visitor in Miami.
Mr. Frank Miller has recently purchased a home at Cooper City near
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Jones, formerly of Gulfport, Miss. are a wel-
come addition to our group in Miami. They are here to be near small
grandson, Jimmy and his parents who are now residents of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Craig have changed their address to 1721 N.E.
63rd St., Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We hope they will come to our next
Mrs. Spencer Smith (Nelree) of Balboa spent the Christmas holidays
visiting in Chattanooga, Tenn., Washington, D.C., Baton Rouge, La., and
in Miami where she was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. William C. Smith. Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Means of Port Charlotte were also guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Miss Doris Virginia Frank; daughter of Mrs. Vivian Draper Frank
of Kansas City, Missouri became the bride of Mr. Isaac Williams Metzger,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Winslow Metzger of Miami at a lovely wedding
in Hope Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota on the twenty-eighth of
January. The bride was attended by her sister-in-law, Mrs. Lloyd Frank
of Kansas City, the bridegroom's sister, Mrs. R. F. Koperski (Marjean)
of Miami, and Miss Anne Salvason of Minneapolis. Mr. James Frank of
Livermore, California, gave his sister in marriage. Little Edythe Susan
Marsh of Coco Solo, Canal Zone (niece of the groom) was flower girl.
Other out of town guests were Mrs. Vivian Frank of Kansas City, Mr. and
Mrs. I. W. Metzger of Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida, Mrs. A. T. Marsh
(Marilyn) of Coco Solo, Canal Zone.
After a wedding trip to Yucatan, Mexico and Miami, Florida, the
young couple will be at home to their friends at 4840 Chicago Avenue,
Minneapolis, Minnesota. The bride is a graduate of Wheaton College,
of Wheaton, Ill. and obtained her master's degree at the University of
Minnesota. Mr. Metzger graduated from Cristobal High School, United
States Naval Academy at Annapolis, saw service in the Mediterranean
and Far East. He received his master's degree in electrical engineering
from the University of California in Berkeley and is presently employed
as a research engineer by the Honeywell Regulator Co. in Minneapolis.

Mrs. A. T. Marsh and daughter Edythe of Coco Solo, Canal Zone,
are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Metzger, of Miami. Mrs. Marsh
is attending the University of Miami where she is studying for a degree
in Education. Mr. Marsh and their daughter, Billie Ruth, will join Mrs.
Marsh when Canal Zone schools close in June.
Dorothy and Roger Williams have been frequent guests during the
past few months of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Melanson. Mr. and Mrs.
Williams are enjoying a States vacation of several months and make their
headquarters at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Williams, of
Ft. Lauderdale. The Melansons and Dorothy and Roger Williams drove
up to Maitland, Florida, for New Year's to visit Mr. and Mrs. William
Rohrbach. Later in the month all three couples drove to St. Petersburg
to attend the Reunion.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Summers from Ohio were guests in the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Melanson in January. Mrs. Summers is the
former Carol Hackett.
Mrs. Agnes Quinn from the Canal Zone stopped for a visit with the
Melansons enroute to Jacksonville, Florida where she is studying to be
an X-ray technician.
Mrs. Selma Wainio flew to the Canal Zone on January 18 for a visit
with her children there. She plans to return to Miami sometime in April.
Mrs. Lillian Thompson, formerly of Gamboa, is a pleasant visitor
this winter in the home of Mrs. Catherine Shields.
Your reporter has just returned from a frigid visit in the state of
Minnesota. The temperature ranged from 25 degrees below zero to a
high of 5 above in the week we were there. It was good to get back to
sunny Florida. While in Minneapolis we enjoyed a pleasant visit with
Mrs. Frederick Grunewald of St. Paul. She told of a pleasant visit during
the Christmas holidays with her daughter, Mary Margaret and family in
Texas and of seeing Edith Goodwin Loren and Elizabeth Ellington and
family in San Antonio, Texas
Mr. A. G. Dunham, Representative of our Panama Canal Society of
Southeast Florida reports the following dates for our 1961 picnics.
Sunday _- April 16th Sunday -- August 20th
Sunday --- -- June 25th Sunday October 15th
All will be held at the Rock Shelter in Matheson Hammock Park
with Carry-in picnic lunch at one o'clock. Do mark the dates on your
calendars and join us there if you can.
Hasta la vista,
Ruth T. Metzger, Reporter


On January 29, 1961 our Society will meet at the Sailboat House on
Lake Merritt in Oakland for their annual business meeting and indoor
picnic from 3 to 7 p.m. All children of members have been cordially in-
vited to attend. Hannah Beard and her Committee of ladies will serve
coffee and cakes.
We welcome Mrs. Mary Birnbaumer to our group. She has recently
retired and rented apartment No. 2 at 1927 Manhattan Ave., Palo Alto,
California. Her daughter and son-in-law, Phyllis and Larry Strawbridge
live in nearby Mountain View.
Several other recent arrivals in the area, with their families, have also
been invited to attend our January 29th meeting.
Alice and Enio Lindstrom have had her brother and sister in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. T. J. Enstrom from North Dakota as their guests during January.
They came to California to visit their daughter in Santa Maria over the
Christmas holidays. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Lindstrom of North Dakota were
also guests of Alice and Enio in January.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. (Cy) Struthers were the guests for several days
before Christmas of the Verne Mitchells of Oakland. They were returning
to their home in Oregon following a visit with their son who lives in
Bermuda. Mr. Struthers was with the Dredging Division during the Con-
struction days.
Announcement has been received of the recent marriage of Mrs.
Hazel G. Klein of Auburn, California to Mr. Eric A. Shue. Mr. Shue is
a retired Civil Service employee of the U. S. Army Engineering Corps.
He was Comptroller and Accountant who formerly lived in Washington,
D. C. and more recently of Sacramento. Mr. and Mrs. Shue expect to
make their future home in Auburn.
News has just reached us of the recent death of Mr. Lester H. Detrick,
aged 69. Born in Bellefontaine, Ohio, he moved to Orlando, Florida in
1954 from Bellefontaine. He was a U. S. Government policeman in the
Canal Zone for 34 years. Mr. Detrick was a member of the American
Legion, A.F.&A.M., the Canal Zone Gun Club and the First Baptist Church.
Surviving are his wife, Helen K. of Orlando, a son Thomas F. of Hawaii,
a daughter, Mrs. Lucy Hersey of Orlando, a sister, Mrs. Mildred Kukel
of Lakeland, Florida and five grandchildren.
Blanche and Jesse Holman Stevenson report that enroute from a
business-pleasure stay in Hawaii their daughter Hope and her husband
Peter Hayward of New York City visited them last April. By detour from

a business trip to Chicago area they were visited in May by their son
Robert of Mexico City. His wife Julie was prevented from accompanying
him by precluding circumstances. In their children's circles, during the
past year were two weddings, also two babies born of previous weddings.
This gives them two great grand-daughters, and two great grandsons!
Visits by close friends from Colorado and Indiana also highlighted the
year of 19,60 for them. They expected Hope and her husband in Mid-
December to remain over the holidays. Certainly 1960 has been a busy
and delightful year for the Stevensons.
According to correspondence received from Mr. Harry Bortin, Sr.,
he continues to contact Canal Zone Societies for support en route to Wash-
ington in his continuing effort to secure retirement benefits for those for-
mer employees with no more than two years of Construction Day service
but less than three years. From latest reports he is in Washington as the
87th Congress convenes and expects to again present his case for the
Roosevelt Medal Holders in person.
Mr. Harold Duncan of Saratoga, California retired from government
service as a civilian employee of the U. S. Navy at Moffat Field on Dec-
ember 31, 1960. He and Ruth can now enjoy the all-day get together
of the Canal Zone friends in the Bay Area.
Helen and Buckley Yoder are expecting Mr. and Mrs. I. F. Mc-
Ilhenny for a visit about the middle of February, at the termination of
their 'round the world cruise, following his retirement.
Captain and Mrs. Elmer Abbott of the Canal Zone were in the Bay
Area recently visiting relatives. While here they were able to contact a
few old friends, among whom were Barbara and Harry Bach, Clara and
Sydney Neville and Helen Buckley Yoder.
The news of the death of John Wood at the home of his son in Wil-
mington, Delaware, has reached the writer. Mr. Wood was the brother of
Clara Wood Neville of Los Altos.
Dr. and Mrs. Merrill Judd of Los Altos have their two granddaugh-
ters with them while their daughter and son-in-law are in the process of
moving from Washington State to Merced, California.
Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Neville spent the Christmas holidays with their
daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Ryll of Phoenix, Arizona.
On their return to their home in Los Altos, they met Mr. and Mrs. Ray
Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hazard of Hollywood, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn
Kerr of Monrovia for dinner. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Yoder also of Los
Altos who had been vacationing in Southern California, also ejoyed the

On Friday January 13th, Barbara and Harry Bach entertained at
bridge and luncheon the members of the Bay Area Canal Zone Bridge
Club and their husbands in their beautiful home in San Rafael.
Wesley and Mabel Hutchings spent a week over the New Year's holi-
day with Capt. and Mrs. Carl P. Wanke in Whittier. While there they saw
many of the interesting places around Los Angeles. Carl and Ethel took
them to call on Mr. Charles Tribolet of La Crescenta who entertained them
in the Library of the home and all had a very pleasant afternoon recalling
old times and places. While in Whittier, they also visited Captain Maur-
enus Peterson who was at home recuperating from a recent illness.
We have just learned that Hugh Wanke, one of the voices known to
evening listeners of Radio Station W-I-T-H of Baltimore, Md. is the
nephew of Capt. Carl P. Wanke. For a number of years he was News Com-
mentator for station WXHO of Detroit under the name of Hugh Roberts.
Helen and Buckley Yoder returned to their home in Los Altos on the
20th after several weeks spent visiting friends in San Diego, Hollywood,
Pasadena, Newport and Monrovia. They were the dinner guests of Carl
and Ethel Wanke during their visit.
We are glad to report that Ruth Beard, wife of Earl Beard of Con-
cord, California has made an excellent recovery following surgery in early
Virginia S. Matthews, age 49, a resident of Concord for 12 years,
died at the Martinez Hospital following a lengthy illness. She is survived
by three children, Virginia, Amy and George Glines, also daughter Steph-
anie Matthews and son-in-law C. L. Matthews. Her brother Robert Steven-
son flew out from Cleveland, Ohio for the service.
The wedding of Claudia Elizabeth Davis of Balboa, Canal Zone and
James Noah Allsup, Central Point, Oregon took place in the Zion Lutheran
Church on Saturday, January 7th. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Gilbert H. Davis, Balboa and the bridegroom's parents are Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Allsup, 319 West Pine Street, Central Point. A reception for
the newlyweds followed at the Allsup home, after which the couple left
for Southern California to make their home. The bride attended schools
in Balboa and also Southern Oregon college. The bridegroom is a grad-
uate of Crater High School and attended SOC. He has been employed by
Oregon Veneer Company. The bride's family has lived in the Canal Zone
for the past 20 years and the bridegroom's family has lived in this area
for the past seven years.
Mrs. Dorothy Hamlin spent three weeks over the Christmas holidays
visiting her son Eugene in Balboa and her many other friends on the

Canal Zone. She just recently returned to her home in Southern Califor-
nia and resumed teaching piano to her many music students.
Ruth Fels, widow of Capt. John Fels, U.S.N., Port Captain in Cristo-
bal in the early days of the Canal, passed away at her home in Sacramento,
California on January 12, 1961. When living in the Zone, Captain and
Mrs. Fels were well-known residents of the Atlantic Side of the Isthmus.
Mrs. Fels was one of the members of the Cristobal Crochet Club and a
long time friend of Hannah Beard. She was planning to attend our meet-
ing in Oakland on January 29th and eagerly looking forward to meeting
a number of old friends there. She is survived by two sons, John and
Marshall and a number of grandchildren.
Miss Nina Brown of San Carlos, California is leaving Oakland on
the S.S. Bonanza February 11, for the Canal Zone to meet her first great
grandson. While in Balboa she will also visit with her friends Lawrence
and Helen Adler of Panama City.
At the annual business meeting held yesterday January 29th, at
the Sailboat Club in Oakland, the following slate of officers were elected
to serve for the current year.
President: Mr. Ben Armstrong
1900 Vallejo St.,
San Francisco, Calif.
Vice President: Mr. A. Verne Mitchell
2863 Modesto Ave.,
Oakland, Calif.
Secretary-Treasurer: Mrs. Clara Neville
1081 Covington Road,
Los Altos, Calif.

Mabel L Hutchings, Secretary Treasurer


Mr. Dan S. Jones, President of the Panama Canal Society of South
East Florida, announces that there will be a barbecue chicken luncheon
for all Canal Zone Shriners at 1500 N.W. North River Drive, Miami, on
June 18th from 12 noon to 2 p.m. Luncheon, $1.50 per person. A good
chance for all Zone Shriners to get to-gether the day before the conven-
tion opens. For reservations, contact Mr. Dan S. Jones, 1235 N.W. 34th
Street, South Miami 42, Florida. Phone N.E. 4-7847. Please make reser-
vations early.


Our entertainment committee picked November 9th for our fall get-
together at Youngblood's Fried Chicken House on Richmond Road. The
dining room tables were decorated with Thanksgiving baskets made by
Mrs. William Woods. Approximately 40 members and their guests en-
joyed the delightful evening. All the gang joined together with songs such
as: My Bonnie lies over the ocean Let me call you sweetheart and many
others. Mrs. William gave a beautiful solo. We really enjoyed having
the W. E. Hughes, their son Tommie and his wife, and Mrs. Ray Dabek,
also the W. E. Whitlocks.
The following joined our club: Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Whitlock and
Mrs. Ray Dabek.
Our prayers and hopes go with the Nathan Levys. We are in hopes
that he will regain his eyesight real soon and am sure they will appreciate
your prayers too.
The morning of November 26th Peggy Ellis and her son, Clyde Ellis
Jr. left Galveston for St. Petersburg, Fla. They met Mary Belle and Bobby
Hicks in Mobile the next day at Noon. From there the four traveled on
together, spending the first night at Ocala where they looked over some
lots that the Hick's had purchased. The next evening they were in St.
Petersburg, where they spent a week. They were able to contact many
of their mutual friends, and visited as far south as Bradenton and Sara-
sota. They looked at many new homes and were well pleased with all that
they saw. The Hicks are nearing retirement and are interested in that
area as a possible future home. Capt. and Mrs. Benjamin Judd enter-
tained them for dinner on Tuesday evening. As Peggy had to be back in
Houston, Texas by the 3rd of December the trip was much too brief to
see all the friends that they have in that locality.
The Ellis's left their friends in Mobile, Ala. where they entrained for
Birmingham to spend a week with Mary Belle's folks before returning to
the Zone on December 17th.
On December the 11th Charlotte and Oz Mernyck of New York
arrived in Houston to spend the Holidays with her parents Mr. and Mrs.
Nathan Levy. They were accompanied by their little son Mark, aged three
They were entertained continually by their relatives and friends in
this area. Oz was busy running errands and doing chores for the family
as Nathan is recovering from eye surgery and Tillie is kept busy caring

for him and the family. It is always a great joy to have them in our midst.
On Sunday p.m. Dec. 18, the parents held open house for them, but the
weather being unpleasant there were many who were not able to see them.
They returned to New York Dec. 30th safe and sound in spite of the
storm that was raging in that City at the time of their trip. We hope they
will return to Texas again soon.
Bertha Turner, Secretary-Treasurer


Mrs. J. Rob't Connor, (Marian), flew from her Shorthill, N.J. home
to visit her mother, Mrs. Frances Horter at the Park Hotel, in middle Jan.
Mrs. Horter's daughter, Joan, and husband, Dr. James L. Lundy and
daughter Jan, of Rochester, N.Y. flew to Balboa to spend the Holiday Sea-
son with the Dr's. parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lundy, and with Joan's
sister and husband and family, the Herbert Mittens, also of Balboa. The
Mitten twins were also home for the holidays, from their school in
Chambersburg, Pa.
The Fred Atkinsons received a sad message from Schenectady, N.Y.
that Mrs. Atkinson's sister had passed, so they departed by air. Lots of
snow made it difficult to return from N.Y. by plane.
Bill Burns and sister, Mrs. Freeland, John Walker, Henry Pilot, the
Wm. Bartholomews, Mrs. Slater Kyle and children, all spent the winter
here at home, Mrs. Estelle DeCora had her son, Lambert, of Little Rock
as her Christmas guest.
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Cottrell spent the holidays with their daughter,
Vivian (Mrs. Wm. Ried), husband and son in Chicago. They returned
Dec. 29, telling of an enjoyable time.
Mrs. Anna Piper, and son Ed. and wife and their daughters were all
home for Christmas. Capt. Marian joined them, having leave from her
air base in La.
Capt. and Mrs. Gus Kolle of Russellville, took a fall trip down Texas
way across the border and while returning visited the Oden Lorens in
San Antonio. Mr. Loren was once Vice Consul in Colon, and Mrs. Loren
(Edith Goodwin), was a former teacher in Cristobal. He was later U.S.
Consul in various S. A. countries, and retired from the Consulate of San
Luis Potasi, Mex.
Mr. and Mrs. John Forrest, recently retired from the Industrial Div.
in Cristobal are here in Hot Springs for the winter.
Jack and Ann Reinig flew by jet to Highland Park, Ill., for the holi-

days and winter time with the Ed Fuciks (daughter Peggy's family).
A charming color photo of the Fuciks greeted me at Christmas, showing
all in the 'pink' of health.
The James Aliens of L. Rock report a good Christmas-tide. The John
Bissetts of North L. Rock also enjoyed this season and seem to have better
health this year.
The Rufus Garretts of Okolona motored to N. Orleans during the
holidays. They visited with Dr. and Mrs. W. Gilder while there, and upon
their return visited here in Hot Sprs.
Margaret Wiggins and sister, Shirley Klymer had a fine boat
ride up the West Coast, went train-riding thru Western States stopping
at Reno and from Seattle went by steamer to Alaska. They flew to
Nome, Kotgbue, Barrow, and toured around and thru our 49th State -
and returned to CZ, deliciously satisfied with a fine vacation!
Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Coffey now have their sons and wives and fami-
lies, who have returned from military service, living near them in CZ and
Mrs. Eula Jo Ewing who has been with her sister, Mrs. Ora Ewing
of Balboa for the past year, intends to leave in Feb. to be with her daugh-
ter, Mrs. Ed Biship (Susan), and family, in Calif.
Dot and Adrian Webb of Balboa tell proudly of their daughter Mrs.
Mary Lou Hall presenting them with their first granddaughter recently.
Their sons, Win. and Sam are in the Navy, and Sandra is a Senior in
Colo. State University.
The Rigneys, Grace and Ed. in Mexico City, write that they are in
good health. Grace says that a recent trip to the C.Z. convinced her that
things are not what they 'uster be'. Grace was former principal of Ancon
From Ankara, Turkey, came a beautiful colored photo of Ankara
with holiday greetings from Lucille Cook, Nanney, husband and children.
Last year they had the rare and precious privilege to be in Bethlehem on
Christmas day, and then took a thorough tour thru Bible lands and
also to Cairo, Egypt and the scenes of the Pyramids, Sphinx, etc.
Bill and Helen Patterson Schrum are still residing in Hamburg, Ger.
and are keeping Swift and Co. progressing. They wrote that Ruth and
Arthur Howard of Cristobal visited them this summer, and they all
went to see the Passion Play at Oberammergau, toured Bavaria, the Black
Forest, and the Rhine Valley.
The Doyles, Clara and Ernest of San Jose, C. Rica, write that they
are fine and are contemplating a trip to Salvador and Guatemala soon.
A sad note reached me from the Powell Rest home in Houston, Tex.

It informed me that our dear, sweet, little lady, Mrs. Jean Allison Holt,
from Australia, who lived amongst us in Pedro Miguel as a most beloved
friend and neighbor, passed to the Great Beyond on Dec. 20. No further
Lynn Cook Jr. is now located in Jackson, Miss. after a long time
with his Oil Firm in Venezuela. 'Bud' is now nearer his homefolks in
Rogers, Ark. and spent Christmas with them.
Helen and Louis Glud sent greetings from their new home in Ontario,
Calif. Their daughter Louise is in S. Pasadena, and son Robert in Texas.
All seem to enjoy life and work in the U.S.A.
Emma and Fred Bradley of Glendale, Calif. wrote that all 3 daugh-
ters were at home together last summer, Betty lives nearby, Mrs. James
Wood (Martha), from C.Z. and Peggy who is now stationed in Saudi
Arabia, and likes it very much. She was previously in Morroco. The
Bradleys also told of a pleasant visit with Mrs. Frances Dingier and
mother, Mrs. Pierce, who lives in Tucson.
Mrs. Dove Prather and sister, Mrs. Ora Fisher write that they are
as usual in their Portland, Oregon home.
From Xmas greetings, I was informed about the 'where about' of
several former teachers. Miss Edna Baer, former commercial teacher in
Balboa, HS, now lives in Pasadena, Calif, Miss Muriel Neal, who
taught in the Ped. Mig. and Gatun Schools is in L.A., Mrs. Teresa Ball,
of Cristobal and Balboa Schools, also lives in L.A., and Miss Inez Reichel,
formerly of Cristobal schools lives in San Diego. She took an interesting
trip to India this past year.
The Tom Benders, former 'Miguelites' of Rochester, Minn. say. that
they had a goodly crop of vegetables this summer, but that "farming"
seems to be 'finished' as this plot is being divided into city lots. They
took a fine autumn drive to Ishpenning, Mich. to visit Mr. and Mrs. Allan
Broderick (daughter Natalie), and children, finding them all especially
happy, having just erected a summer lake cottage for happier times
next summer. Tom Bender, Jr. was to spend Christmas with them this
Our Pan Canal Club of Central Ark., plans to have our spring get-
together dinner on Sat., May 20. Everyone with present or past 'connec-
tions' with C.Z. or Panama is cordially invited to join us. Write or call
Mrs. Wm. Bartholomew or Mrs. Jack Reinig re reservations, etc. Plan
your vacations, or your visiting and health bathing programs, so as to be
with us for that occasion!
Hasta manana,
Frances S. Dorn


We trust y'all had a real Merry Christmas. Yes! thank you, we did.
And now that the frenzied feasting and frolicing are over, reducing diets
are in high fashion that we may bounce back to normalcy where we left
off with our December report.
The Walter Reifs were hosts to the Bill Hughes (Myrtle Pierson)
formerly of Cristobal Police Force and lately of Houston, Texas where
they are visiting their son Tom and family. Tom is a pitcher with the
Cardinals, National League. Another visitor to Northwest Arkansas whose
visit brought back many happy and amusing memories to your reporter
was Mrs. Ruth Hutchison Powell. Ruth was the house-guest of her hus-
band's sister and brother-in-law, the George Engelkes of Bentonville. 'Way
back when the Girl Reserves of the Y.W.C.A. were active on the Zone I
was a leader for the Pedro Miguel unit. As I observed the tall and grac-
ious lady that is the Ruth of today, I remembered the tall, shy girl that
played the part of the ardent swain who courted the lovely girl who wore
the stylish blue fox collared coat, Katherine (Sundquist) Medlinger and
the lovable, helpful (?) white haired grandmother, your reporter, all
acted out on a hot night in the old Pedro Miguel Clubhouse. The remark-
able feat was that, due to last minute changes, Katherine memorized the
part of the leading lady with less than 48 hours notice. We played to a
"full house" and the proceeds sent Ruth as our delegate to a Y.W.C.A.
Girl Reserve Camp in Pocono Mts. of Pa. Again, in memory, I greatly
appreciated the co-operation of the two mothers, Mrs. Mamie Sundquist
and Mrs. Hutchison for the success of the Pedro Miguel unit. Ruth is
now employed in the office of the Gorgas Hospital and her son John is
stationed at the Albrook Field Air Force Base. After visiting with her
mother and sister Doris in St. Petersburg Ruth went on to the Pocono
Mts. and New York.
Another welcome visitor to our town was Capt. Thomas C. Makibbin,
a Panama Canal pilot who was visiting his mother, Mrs. Cora Makibbin
and his sister, Mrs. Edwin P. Higgins and her family. Capt. Makibbin made
a couple of cross country trips to San Francisco, New York and "Line"
stations. Our own Tranquil Acres rang with the laughter of Mrs. Alice
Ray Wier and daughter Linda. It was fun from morn 'til Midnight with
new experiences for our granddaughter every day from cutting and haul-
ing the Christmas tree from our woods, shooting down the Mistletoe
(enough for every doorway) holding the new Christmas Day lamb (twin
lambs were born on New Years Day) and securing the signature of Sherm

Lollar and family for her new autograph album. Sherm was visiting his
mother next door. It was almost more excitement than an 11 year year
old Army girl could hold. We all missed Col. Jim Wier who is in Korea
as Surgeon for the 8th Army. 'Scuse, forgot to write Sherm Lollar is the
popular catcher for the Chicago White Sox, American League. Other
visitors were Mrs. Cecil Lowe of the Tivoli Guest House visiting her sis-
ter Mrs. Nannie I. Brown, and Mrs. Walter (Bates) Wieman. Bob Crooks,
son of Mrs. Minnie Crooks was a surprise Christmas visitor.
Still remembering Christmas, we want to thank our readers for kindly
remarks. We always enjoy the cards with notes of what y'all are doing,
the places you have been, some to local Death Valley in California, others
to Europe, some to our new 49th and 50th states, Alaska and Hawaii and
some'way around this troubled world of ours. We especially note that
our long time friend, Mrs. Lulu M. Dewey is a proud great grandmother,
that grandmother Teresa Miles Comber is a teacher and a student at
the University in Boulder, Colorado. But how we linger long over the
pictures enclosed of lovable babies, adorable children, charming girls and
handsome boys of our young friends whom we remember as they grew
from infancy to maturity.
The sound of Wedding Bells and Christmas Bells were closely inter-
mingled as Karen Marione Davis, daughter of Ralph and Lucille Davis
of the Canal Zone was married to Ronald J. Pyeatt of Fayetteville in the
First Presbyterian Church, 23 December 1960. The bride's mother flew up
from the Zone for the wedding and a short visit with her own mother, Mrs.
Marione Campbell of Springdale. Mrs. Campbell is making a remarkable
recovery from a broken thigh bone, near the hip, when she fell over a
cat. When she returned from the hospital, Marione, in her musical throaty
voice said "scat" to the cat and the cat seat never to return. Wedding
bells rang for Judy Crooks Matthews, daughter of Mrs. Minnie and the
late Homer V. Crooks on 24 December 1960 when she became the bride
of Charles C. Daily of Fayetteville, Arkansas.
We congratulate our own Peggy Foiles, daughter of Clarence and
Gila Foiles of Booneville, Arkansas who was "tapped for spot in Who's
Who in American Colleges and Universities". These senior students are
picked on the basis of their scholastic and leadership contributions to the
University. Congratulations are in order for Mrs. Marjorie Gerrans Swin-
son on her acceptance to Grand Central Art Galleries of New York City,
as an artist member. Marjorie's painting of Heavenly Blue Morning
Glories enchants me daily. We plan to be present when our friend, Mrs.
Theodore Moses Hallin, wife of Henry Emerson Hallin, former Control

House Operator of Miraflores, receives the degree of Master of Education,
from the University of Arkansas, 28 January 1961. We have watched
with increasing admiration the will to persevere over many obstacles
until she reached the goal she set out for herself many years ago. Theo is
recognized as an outstanding and understanding teacher in the Fayette.
ville School system and teaches the 6th grade at Jefferson.

We rejoice with Walter and Martha Reif on the successful operation
on Walter's "other" eye while visiting in Omaha, Nebr. with their daugh-
ter and son-in-law, Dr. and Mrs. Clark.
Bill and Carrie Mathues are enjoying a well earned rest. Wm. H.
and Alice Keller of Rogers report an interesting trip to Tulsa at the Fair
and Ice Capades. Their home reflects Bill's keen interest in electronic
gadgets. The Lynn Cooks of Villa Taboga, Rogers enjoyed having their
son Lynn Jr. (Bud) home for the Holidays. Lynn is now working in
Jackson, Miss. Their granddaughter Suellyn Nanney, daughter of Col.
and Mrs. David (Lucille Cook) Nanney of Turkey was also a guest. We
are sorry to report the death of Col. Nelson Jackson, son of Mrs. Hollister
Jackson of Rogers when the light plane he was flying crashed. Col. Jack-
son was the husband of the former Virginia Thornton of the Canal Zone.
The Jimmie Comans enjoyed the company of Frank and Ulna Phillips
of Shreveport, La., and his sister, Mrs. Meta Parsons of Fayetteville, on
Christmas Day. Lula Mae Coman and sister Mattie MacAulay visited the
Frank Phillips in their lovely new home in Shreveport after the Holidays.
They report that their son, Capt. James B. Coman, Jr. and family are still
in Honolulu. Capt. Jim has been in Japan on business for the Air Force.
The Earnest Williams of Bentonville spent a quiet Christmas at home-
no doubt enjoying the new flower catalogues for they are both experts on
gardening and each year their home and gardens look like they do in
magazines. They are also interested in Club and Church activities.
Another "full house" for the Engelkes. Those that came the farthest
with the mostest were their long time friends, the Richard M. Reinholds
of St. Paul, Minn. They have three daughters, ages 12, 11 and 4, also a
little 2 year old son. Mrs. Reinhold will be remembered as the former
Maxine Johnson, a nurse at Gorgas. Richard Reinhold was born on the
Canal Zone. It was a delightful reunion being the first Christmas they
had been together since 1949. While son Paul Engelke with wife Jan and
son Michael (Mike) spent Christmas Day with Jan's folk in Green Forest,
they were back to Bentonville for the remainder of the Holidays, enjoying
the Reinhold's visit. Another guest was their neice, Marguerite Engelke,
daughter of Herbert and Alice (Wood) Engelke of the Zone. Marguerite

is a student at the U. of A. but leaves the end of this semester as she is
now engaged to Mr. Harold Grammer of Tulsa, Oklahoma, also present
at the Engelkes on Christmas Day. Rita will return to Margarita, Canal
Zone to be joined later by Harold in February to be married on February
25th. They will make their home in Tulsa.
Our President, George N. Engelke, has announced that onr annual
Picnic will be held June llth in Agri Park of the University. Plan to
be with us.

Dear reader, forgive the personal reminiscing of happy and amusing
memories. Today, 23 January 1961 is the 43rd anniversary of my first
arrival in Cristobal, when as a 95 lb. dark haired young woman, Blanche
Evelyn Daniel by name, recently employed in the gold domed State House
in Boston, Massachusetts, dutifully chaperoned by her mother, Mrs. Robert
(Sarah Jane) Daniel, I was met at the dock by a blond young man, Newell
Nathan Shaw. I later met Bob J. Fletcher now of Dawson, Ga. and the
late E. G. Cornelius who witnessed our marriage by the Rev. John C.
Abels, in the tiny Union Church in Cristobal. The bride wore grey satin
as the groom had forwarded her trunks, containing her lovely white satin
wedding gown, hat and slippers, to their future home in Balboa. Well!
'tis said "married in grey, you will be happy always" and I still wouldn't
swap my groom for anybody else. forgetting the many times I could
have gladly wrung his neck and the many more times I have wondered
why he did not wring my slender neck. Later, I waved to the Bert Baileys
with tiny daughter, Eleanor, standing at the Balboa R. R. station as the
evening train went on to Panama. They had suspected a wedding was in
the offing as their friend Newell had gone to "meet the boat" but shy
Newell had not told any one. A ride in a Carameta over the winding
road from the Tivoli and around Ancon Hill under the stars that seemed
so close you could almost reach up and pick a few, brought forth from
Mother "It is just like Fairyland", remembering that we had left New
York with temperature at 22 BELOW Zero.
We had sailed on the S.S. Panama and were promptly informed by
the then "Old Timers" of 1904-1914 that the "Panama" was a vast im-
provement over the old "Advance" or "Alliance" on which they had jour-
neyed to Panama. And the "Old Timers" also informed me I was most
fortunate to start housekeeping in the new 4-family quarters in Balboa
Flats, House No. 1422-A. Within a few weeks, we had Bill Mathues now
of Springdale settled in 1422-D and the ever popular young couple,
George and Edith Engelke in 1420-C, now in Bentonville.
I'll bet you next Sunday's winning lottery ticket, the forgoing has

brought forth many happy and amusing memories of your own with
smiles and maybe a few tears. Well! Times have changed for all of us
the world over. May you join me in the thought
"God grant me the serenity
to accept things I cannot change,
Courage to change things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference."
Blanche E. Shaw


Jan. 9 and 10. Well, here we are anchored at Headquarters and
DON'T LIKE IT!!! All our thoughts are on the mezzanine floor of the
Soreno. We are walking lightly all over the place greeting again, in
spirit, the countless friends of "yesteryear". It helps some to go over the
names of those we had seen at previous reunions, and how well we know
the thrills experienced by all present. The retired ex-Zoners can, at the
Reunion, "out-noise" the largest flock of paraqueets that ever existed And
I certainly miss all of those kisses from "relatives". Well, next year we
will be there we hope.
Now back to reality. Nov. 16. Ida rushed to the hospital suffering
from a heart attack. It was caused by nervous tension, and too much elec-
tion, we were told. She has been ordered to live her age; cut out her
active club activities, and heavy housework. Ida has always claimed that
when I retired she joined the Working Class no maids hired up here.
She has recovered and is reluctantly following her doctor's orders in try-
ing to take things easy.
Dec. 16. HEAD FOR THE HILLS, the dam has broken. All roads
blocked and traffic at a solid standstill. A blizzard hit Boston and Quincy
that built snowdrifts 6 feet high at our front door. Sign on our garage
reads, "Closed for the Season". And 10 to 20 degree F. temperature for
two weeks. Bet it was colder than in Hudson, Wisconsin.
Dec. 22. The annual calling on all the kids in the neighborhood -
in costume. So-o-o a merry Ho Ho Santa sat each child on his knee (no
lap) and gave each a present. The streets were covered with frozen snow
and ice. Temperature 24 degrees. He repeatedly slipped and fell. The
pillows in his suit kept sliding down to his knees because he was laughing
violently when he thought of the contrast of other Christmases on the
Zone. He knew the ex Zoners would think he was NUTS and here he was
ready to prove it.

Dec. 29. Clarence and Gladys Hobson called with son David and
daughter Betty, now Mrs. Vaughn Cranshaw. She is also a Lt. in the
Army Nurse Corps. Clarence lived at Mt. Hope where his mother operated
a flower garden, and his father worked on the P.R.R. David is a cadet
on the "Bay State", the Mass. Nautical Training ship. On January
17th he sailed for a cruise that included the Canal Zone. And while at
Cristobal he and his fellow cadets were entertained by Judy Hallett and
her friends.
Dec. 30. Anne Palmisano and Mary Collins, ex Zone teachers, paid
us a repeat visit. They are now teaching here in Quincy. They revisited
the Zone last summer, but both state they are glad they left.
Jan. 1. How changed!!! The HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL was
present, BUT NOT at the crowded Miramar or Century Clubs. Remember
the mobs? Nor were we out on the lawn under a thatched-roof Bohio at
"Budmar", New Gorgona. (Oh what memories.) Not over the hills, but
positively through the snow, we rode, by taxi, to a friend's home in
Boston to spend the witching hour. Came back at 1:30 A.M. (I wasn't
driving) and partook of our traditional champagne toasts at home.
Jan. 20. Here we go again. Another 18-hour snow storm with zero
temperatures. One thing we hate, and that is to be repeatedly awakened
throughout the night by heavy snowplows thundering past our door.
Thanks to our Canal Zone style of living we have a large stock of canned
goods on hand, and the deep-freeze down cellar has no empty shelves.
Jan. 25. Tom Jordan arrived and entered Quincy Hospital for an-
other minor eye operation. He has fully recovered. Tom took an extended
trip in December and reported visiting with Alfred and Jennie Mundberg,
Santa Barbara; Keith and Rose Tracy, Long Beach; Mrs. Carrie Kelso,
Lee Kelso, Jr., and wife and three children, in El Segundo, California.
Then to Phoenix, Arizona, to visit with George and Liela Ritchie. He
spent New Year's Eve on Bourbon Street, New Orleans. After the Reunion
he flew back to Portland, Maine, and got snowed in.
Thanks to y'all for the countless well-wishing and Get Well cards
you so thoughtfully sent. They have helped a lot. Y'all made life very
much more worth while. The total, with the Christmas Cards, was such
that our Mailman, with the broken back, suggested that we start our
own Post Office.
A special thanks to John Bingaman, of Oakhurst, California, for his
inspired poetry in the 1961 year book.
Lovingly submitted,
Ida and "Slim" Hallett


Mrs. Frank Holwerda (Olive Koperski) spent two weeks with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Koperski of Orlando, in November. Mrs.
Holwerda works for the Space Agency in Saratoga, California, so a high-
light of the stay for all of them was a trip to Cape Canaveral where they
were fortunate enough to arrive in time to see a rocket fired.
Mrs. A. H. Mohr has recently returned from a visit to her daughter,
Mrs. C. C. McCabe, in Wilmington, Delaware. Mrs. Mohr arrived in time
to welcome the arrival of a new grandson, Schuyler Mohr McCabe, born
December 6th, so it was a pleasant holiday season for them all.
Donald Judson of the Canal Zone, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
H. R. Judson of Orlando in December. They all drove north shortly be-
fore Christmas to spend the holidays with his brother, Dr. Walter Judson,
and his family in Indianapolis, returning shortly after the New Year.
Miss Kay Clarke, who recently retired at a teacher in the Canal Zone,
and Mrs. Eleanor Horne of Bradenton were the house guests of Mrs. Edna
Whitver of Orlando for a few days in January.


Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bentz returned from a visit to the Canal Zone on
January 1, to their lovely home on Castle Road, Kenilworth, in Asheville.
In spite 6f the many delightful social affairs they enjoyed on the Zone,
they are glad to be back in North Carolina.
Mr. and Mrs. Starford Churchill had their son, Starford, Jr., wife
and grandson, Starford III, visiting them this fall and for the Christmas
holidays. During their stay, the Churchills visited friends and relatives
in Kentucky and Tennessee and Long Island. Mr. and Mrs. Churchill
accompanied their son and family to New York to *ee them off for their
return to the Canal Zone. On the way back to Asheville, the Churchills
visited the Paul Furrs at their home in Falls Church, Va.
The Ray Dodsons are enjoying their lovely home in Kenilworth,
Mrs. Charles Trickey has her sister, Mrs. Holland Hambleton of Los
Angeles as her guest in her home in Beverly Hills. Doctor Holland
Hambleton was physician surgeon on the Canal Zone from 1915 to 1923.
Dr. Hambleton died at their home in Los Angeles, last May.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jude had their daughter, Delca, and her hus-

band, Dr. G. M. Stephenson, with them for the Christmas holidays.
Mrs. Merle Weymouth of Howland, Maine, is visiting her sisters,
Mrs. Holland, Mrs. Marshall Pyne, and Mrs. George B. Ward in Weaver-
ville and is enjoying various teas and luncheons in her honor.
Mrs. U. W. Tweed spent several weeks with her daughter, Susie, and
husband in Indianapolis.
Many friends remembered Mrs. Ernest Behlen with cards and gifts
at Christmas time. Olive is in wonderful spirits, can use a wheel chair
and we hope she can walk again, someday.
Kay Clark visited Elsie and Bob Patterson early part of January and
showed her wonderful collection of colored slides of the Zone, Bouquete
and the Volcan. The H. R. Judsons and their son Don were also visitors
of the "Pats" and asked to be remembered to all their friends.
B. Tyrrell of Tryon entertained her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs.
William Lamby of Nashville for Christmas and then she took off for
Pittsburgh where she spent New Year with her other sister and husband
Dr. and Mrs. Palmer Head.
Sam and Bessie Irvin went to Clovis, N. M. to spend the Christmas-
New Year holiday with their daughter Martha and husband and two child-
ren. Sam Jr. and his wife Norma and their two children have moved into
a new home at Pompton Plains, N. J.
John Ferguson and his daughter Sara (Mrs. Jim Ekholm) drove to
St. Pete for the reunion and then Sara returned to her home in Ithaca.
Alan Lewis is out of the Navy and spent the holidays with his parents
Marion and Duke.
Clinton Wanlass drove up from Mobile, Ala. where he is a civil
engineer with the Air Force, to spend some 10 days with his parents
Margaret and Ralph during the Christmas-New Year holiday.
The Fred Parks had as their guests their son Gordon and family
over Christmas and New Year.
Mildred and Wen Greene were with Mary and Chris Garlington and
their family and three grandchildren for Christmas. Mildred reports that
Mary Sill Peck and her husband have another boy born Jan. 6th.
The Roy Knoops are proud grandparents of a baby boy born Jan.
2nd to son Bob and his wife.
The Hiters entertained a group of Canal Zoners for dinner Christmas
and New Years.
Barbara and Tom Coleman flew down to the Zone the first week of
December to spend the holidays with their daughter and son-in-law, Jean

and Jack Dombrowsky, and two children of Balboa, and daughter Louise
and husband Jim Patterson, and two children of Curundu.
Betty and Fred O'Rourke enjoyed a Christmas visit from their daugh-
ter Geneva Disy of Providence, R.I. She arrived on Christmas Eve and
spent four happy days with them.
In December, Tutie and Tom Kelley drove up to State College, Pa.
to spend ten days with their daughter Pat and husband (Mr. and Mrs.
David S. Kappe), and new baby David, Jr. David was born on November
26th and is the Kelley's first grandchild. Needless to say, they are quite
thrilled at being grandparents. Mrs. Emma Luckey is the maternal great-
grandmother. While the Kelleys were at Pat's, their son Tom, Jr. and
daughter Margie and husband (Mr. and Mrs. Murray Seagears) drove
up from Washington, D.C. to attend the christening of David, Jr. Margie
and Tom were the god-parents. On the return trip to Hendersonville,
Tutie and Tom stopped off in Washington to spend a few days with the
children. Then on home to get ready for the arrival of Margie and Murray
and Tom, Jr. who spent the Christmas holidays with them and their
grandmother, Mrs. Emma Luckey.
Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Thornton of Balboa, C.Z. were guests of Rose
and Johnny Johnston for ten days in early December. On Christmas Eve,
Rose and Johnny drove to Spartanburg, S.C. to spend the Christmas holi-
days with their son Albert and wife Anne, and three children. On their
return to Hendersonville, they had a visit from the Robert Van Wagners
of Balboa, C.Z. who spent six pleasant days with them.
Margaret and Ross Hollowell flew down to the Zone in November to
spend the holidays with their daughter Lois and husband (Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Jones) and three children, Charlie, Richie, and Margie, and their
son Freeland and wife Mary, and Freeland, Jr. They returned to Miami
early in January where they were met by Ross' brother Marion of Milton,
Delaware. While in Miami, they all visited with Mr. and Mrs. Martin
Deer who accompanied them to St. Pete to attend the Reunion. Mrs. Deer
is the former Ellen Brumby whose father was District Dentist in Ancon
for many years. She enjoyed meeting old friends at the Reunion. Mar-
garet and Ross and Marion arrived in Hendersonville on January 13th
and Marion spent a week visiting them here before returning to Milton.
Bobbie and Ed Levy are enjoying a visit from her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. S. Hicks of Canton, Ohio. They arrived the latter part of December
and will stay until Spring.
Mrs. George B. Ward, Secretary


Joe Trower, the son of Mrs. Lee Trower of Balboa, was one of 15
young men chosen from Georgia Tech by Director of Music Walter Herbert
to accompany a group which staged musical shows for the US Armed
Forces in Europe during the Christmas holidays. Called the "Miss Atlanta
Show," the total group of 25 performed in Paris and at several posts in
Germany under the auspices of Special Services. Trower and his Florida
roommate took part as guitarists and singers of folk and calypso songs,
roles they have performed many times in Georgia and neighboring states.

Mr. and Mrs. David Potts of Newport News, Va. spent Christmas
and part of the dry season with their daughter and son in-law, Mr. and
Mrs. D. C. Bruce of Margarita, C.Z.

Mabel and Tac Cook are enjoying retirement life in Hampton, Va.
Their daughter, Molly, is attending Hampton High School, and is excited
with the change from tropical life to the cold and snow of the north.
The Cooks expect their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Swisher and family, to visit them in February.

Mrs.Sam Grier of Clearwater, Florida, left in November to spend
several months in California with her daughter, Margaret.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hower of St. Petersburg, spent Christmas and
New Year with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Renz of Fairhope, Alabama.

Marjorie Gerrans Swinson, a long time resident of the Canal Zone
and well known painter and art teacher, has been accepted by the Grand
Central Art Galleries of New York City as an artist member. The Grand
Central Art Galleries is considered especially desirable by artists through-
out the United States because it admits only five to eight new members
each year from the whole country. Mrs. Swinson is a member of Art
Associations in New England and is a member of Pen and Brush in New
York City. Since Capt. Swinson retired, they have been living in East
Gloucester, Mass. where Mrs. Swinson has a studio overlooking Glou-
cester Harbor, in which she teaches and paints.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. (Tony) Sylvester, after a trip across the
United States, recently purchased a home in St. Petersburg, Florida, at
1711 Country Club Road North.

Rev. and Mrs. Iglasias from the San Bias Country were recent visi-
tors in St. Petersburg. Several Canal Zone residents attended the evening

services at the 5th Avenue Baptist Church in St. Petersburg where Rev.
and Mrs. Iglasias spoke and showed colored slides of the San Bias region.
Rev. Iglasias told of their missionary work and Mrs. Iglasias explained
the slides and customs of the people.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Thomas of Latrobe, Pa. plan to spend the winter
in Curundu, Canal Zone, with their daughter and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Emerson R. Fuller of Hyattsville, Maryland, are spend-
ing the winter on the Canal Zone where they will be the guests of Frank
Violette. The Fullers had a busy summer with three trips to Michigan
to visit their daughter, Nancy, and a week with Martin and Virginia
Seller, as the Sellers traveled from New York to their home in California.
Viola also took a vacation in the hospital for surgery but after a few
days recovery was ready to go again.

Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Carey write that they are pleasantly and happily
situated in Zephyrhills, Florida near Harry and Vi Cody.

Norman R. Kearns, former Commissary and Summit Garden em-
ploye, recently arrived in St. Petersburg and plans to remain. He is
now located at 409 Gulfway, Pass-a-Grille Beach, Florida.

Mrs. Ella Wertz of New Orleans, La., left in November for an indefi-
nite stay in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, with her son and daughter-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Wertz, Box 224, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

George F. and Verner Miller of Charleston, Ill. had their daughter,
Esther (Mrs. Carl Y. Alteen) and three children with them for a month
which they enjoyed very much. Early in November, they were glad to see
George Chevalier, who was passing by.

Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Fretland of Eagle River, Wisconsin, report a
two weeks visit, last June, from Dave Brown and Capt. Finley Meehan of
Margarita. Mrs. Fretland sends this small World note: "my little sister,
Patti, is in a class in school in Evergreen, Colorado, taught by Roy Knoop,
who went to Cristobal High School when I did." Mrs. Fretland is the
former Ada Lee Sullivan and she and her husband run the Edgewater
Motel in Eagle River.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Smith returned to Bradenton, Florida, after
a long tour of Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and France. Walter reports
that Leo Welling was in the hospital in Santa Barbara, California for

Capt. and Mrs. W. A. Van Siclen, after six months residence in Mait-
land, Florida, say they like it very well. He reports that Capt. Fentor
was 98 years old in November and on December 1, Capt. Fenton had the
misfortune to fall and break a hip and is now confined to Gorgas Hospital.

Mrs. Elizabeth Hall of Pasadena, California, is having severe eye
trouble. She cannot see to read, write, or drive. Was unable to write
Christmas cards, so if you missed her card, you know why.

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Owens were guests of their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Lloyd Peterson of Balboa during the Christmas season. Jayne is
employed by the Daniel Construction Co. in Greenville, South Carolina
and John is in his Senior year at Furman University in Greenville.

The many friends of Jim and Alice Moore who still live on the Zone
had a chance to see them twice in the past year as they stopped off on
trip to Guatamala and later when they returned from a trip to the Argen-
tine. While in Panama, Jim and Alice had a chance to visit the Darien
country and also the San Bias region, again. Both sections of the country
were not unfamiliar to them as they were explorers while they lived in
Panama and Jim was with the Army-Navy Y.M.C.A. Late in the past
summer, they drove over most of Mexico as well as the ruins of the Aztec,
Mixtec and Toltec civilizations. We do not know what Jim's work is
now, but it keeps him traveling and at present he is on his fourth trip
to South America.

An interesting letter from Helen Newhard tells us that the Fred
Newhard's daughter, Carol, is teaching first grade at Fort Kobbe, follow-
ing her graduation from college in Greeley, Colorado. Fred's other daugh-
ter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Omar Franklin, arrived in Gatun for a
months visit. Ann teaches school in Denver Colorado and her husband
is continuing his studies to become a M.D. In June, Carl and Helen's son,
Sam, who is now in the Air Force, was home for 30 days before going
to Cartwright, Labrador for a year. On August 20th, their oldest son,
Bruce, was married to Karen Baldus of Hunica, Michigan and arrived
in Gatun on August 25th for a three weeks honeymoon. Carl and Helen's
youngest, Carl Jr., is in the Navy and on a large tanker refueling ships in
the Mediterranean sea area. They hope to have him home for awhile
early in 1961. (How these young folks do get around the Editor)

Mrs. John W. (Mamie) Hearn of Meridian, Miss., writes that 1960

was a year of anxiety and also many pleasures. Mr. Hearn has been ill
since May and now walks with the aid of a walker. In October, he had
emergency surgery for an intestinal impaction. He is now much improved
but arthritis has left his left leg and knee very stiff. All their children
have been home during the past six months, Elizabeth in June and Jack
in July and Cele in July and she was still with them in November. Grand-
daughter, Marguerite (Moore) Bruver, with her little son, came in
August. Roy and Ollie came in September and put their daughter in school
at the University of Alabama. Their son is with the Air Force overseas.
Mary (Hearn) Moore was with them for three weeks in October. Mary
has four grandchildren and Elizabeth has two. Any friends of the Hearns
planning to go through Meridian, please write them for directions as they
live outside the city and would hate to miss a call.

Leland and Mary Slocum of Jackson, Miss., enjoyed a short but
happy visit from Florine and Jerry Prager and Bea Fernandez, recently.
Leland is busy in his work with the Masonic Service at the V.A. Hospital
and Mary is an employee of a well known Orthopedic Clinic. They wish
to be remembered to all their friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford V. Russell lost all their possessions in a fire
which destroyed the entire block in which they were living in Damaris-
cotta, Maine, on December 12th during a raging blizzard. Mr. and Mrs.
Russell were with us at the reunion and are now touring Florida before
deciding where they will settle down.

Mrs. Virginia (W) Moorhead of Melbourne, Florida, writes us that
the following members of the Wood family have passed on and the dates:
Oscar Turner Wood, July 8, 1924, in New Orleans, La., Charles W. Wood
August 18, 1923 in Charleston, Miss. Cora Victoria Wood, April 25, 1934
in Memphis, Tenn., Master Sergeant Robert O. Wood, December 28, 1949
at.Langley Field, Virginia. She also adds that James Barkley passed away
in 1957 in Detroit, Michigan, and Grady Hamlin died in 1936 in Ander-
son, South Carolina.
Corinne H. Spaulding of Atlanta, Georgia, was a Florida visitor in
November. She spent Thanksgiving with her brother in Winter Park and
then flew to Massachusetts to spend Christmas with her sisters.

Miss Jessie Murdoch has returned to St. Petersburg from Canada
and was present at the reunion. Miss Murdoch, who was on the Zone
from 1904 until 1912 is now confined to a wheel chair but can use a
walker around her room.

Michael Tucker McNevin, a graduate of Balboa High School, has
been awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and will spend two years at Oxford
University in England. On graduation from Balboa High School, he was
given an N R O T C appointment to four years of college as a Naval
Midshipman. He attended the University of New Mexico and was grad-
uated, cum laude, with the class of 1956 and was commissioned an Ensign.
Upon completion of his college and midshipman cruises, he received
scholarships to several law schools but decided on Harvard, which he
started to attend in 1959. He is the son of Mrs. Elizabeth McNevin of
Diablo, C.Z., a Special Education teacher in the Balboa Elementary
Mr. and Mrs. Russell B. Potter of St. Petersburg, left early in Feb-
ruary for the Canal Zone for a visit with their children.

Corrine and Francis Feeney spent a month up north with their daugh-
ter Margaret then decided that they would go to New York and board a
P.R.R. Line ship for a trip to the Canal Zone.

Fred and Bessie Lyons of Clearwater, celebrated their 49th wedding
anniversary on January 9, 1961. Fred has been ill for a long time and is
now a patient in a nursing home.

Mary Love finds California busy, interesting, and apt to have some
unusual weather. Thinking of all her Florida friends at reunion time,
Mary sent a telegram wishing all a Happy New Year.

Mrs. Ann De La Mater and Mrs. Helen Snyder of Greenville, N.C.
drove to Florida for the Christmas holidays. They visited Lela Mae
Holden in Orlando and saw many ex-Canal Zone friends there. After
leaving Orlando, they spent a week in St. Petersburg.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pruner report they are still going strong although
a little slower. They still enjoy a night of dancing and Ray keeps busy
in the 60 Noble Shrine Band and the Municipal Band of Sioux Falls of
which he is Band Manager. They played fifty concerts in 1960.

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Krause of Orlando had their son Jeff and his
wife for a week visit just before Christmas. Jeff was just back from a six
weeks stay in Guam and Japan. He is stationed at Schilling Air Force
Base in Salina, Kansas, and is a navigator Bombadier on a B-47.

Effie McGlade asks that any of her friends who pass through or
near Champaign, Illinois, please stop. She spent Christmas with Char-

lotte and her family in Granite City. Charlotte's daughter, who is a Senior
at Northwestern, was home for the holidays. Mrs. McGlade says Sara
Collinge is teaching in Champaigne this year.

Viola and Herb Souder of Tolland, Conn., enjoyed a visit from Willie
McKeown and his brother and also from Larry Stephgen and Art Kirsch.
Mrs. Souder's mother makes her home with them and will be 87 in April.
Mr. Souder reports that his mother will be 90 years old in April, also.

Blanche Ferguson regrets being unable to attend the reunion but
hopes any of her old friends, who happen to be in the vicinity of North
Wilkesboro, North Carolina, will stop and say "hello".

Mrs. Esther Campbell of La Habra, California, spent the Christmas
holidays in Miami with her daughter, Jean, and in Dundee with her sister-
in-law. She called on friends in Miami and was present at the reunion
in St. Petersburg.

Mr. George Chevalier was a recent visitor in St. Petersburg and was
present at the reunion. While in this area, he was the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. E. M. McGinnis.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Magnuson of the Canal Zone were recent guests
of the Z. K. Eslers and the W. H. Dunlops of St. Petersburg.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Preston Sr. of Cottage City, Maryland, have
moved to Cartagena, Columbia, S.A. to make their home with their son
and daughter-in-law. Their new address will be Apartado Aereo 1155,
Cartegena, Columbia, South America.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Hoffner of Orlando, Florida, will sail on
Feb. 16th from Ft. Lauderdale on the North German Lloyd Liner, Hans-
seatic, for a fourteen day cruise through the Caribbean. They will stop
at Cristobal and Leo Goulet and his wife, the former Carol Rouff and
her grandmother, Ada Kenyon, will meet them and will drive them to
the Pacific side for a look at the old place.

Mrs. Eileen Coyle of Ames, Iowa, is spending the winter in Ocean
Springs, Miss. She expects to stay in Mississippi for three months.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Philgren, who run the El Rey Motel in Sacramento,
California, had the nerve racking experience of being held up at gun

point by two negroes on June 9th at one A.M. The hold-up men got noth-
ing as the Philgrens fought the two men off while calling for the Sheriff
on the phone. They were able to give the Sheriff's deputies a good de-
scription of the men and their car and, as a result, the men were soon
caught. The gun they used in the hold-up was a 32 and loaded, so the
Philgrens were lucky.

Mrs. John R. (Alice) Strauss of Cantonment, Florida, has been visit-
ing her daughter Jean and family in Jal, New Mexico but expected to
return to Cantonment early in January to enter the hospital, perhaps for

Ben Kuller of Portland, Oregon, writes of a few visitors this past
year. Had Carey Dunn for a visit in the Spring and the Bill O'Hayers (Lil
Chase) and their two boys were with the Kullers for a week. They also
saw Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Clay as they passed through Portland on the way
to visit their daughter in Seattle. Over the Christmas holidays, Mrs. Kuller
(Cissie Aers) was visiting her sisters, Margaret Cannon, Frances Ayers,
and Eleanor Johannson in Bay Shores, Long Island, and Bayside, Virginia.

Mrs. Ethel M. Boyd of Santa Monica writes that she is feeling fine
and is still fat, ragged, and sassy and, believe it or not, she is on her way
to 100 years with nine more to go and she is sure she will make it.
(Congratulations and best wishes for a healthy and happy nine more years)

Mrs. A. Cantanzaro is leaving the Canal Zone and will make her
home at 2331 No. Keeler Avenue, Chicago 39, Illinois.

Mr. Albert J. Joyce, Sr., of Balboa, C.Z., spent two months visiting
his brother in Port Charlotte, Florida. He expected to return to the Zone
early in February.

Mrs. Elmer Daily, Sr. of Metarie, Louisiana, has been ill but she
is all right, now. Her son Earl visited her for a week, then flew on to
California, where Charlotte met him, to spend Christmas with Mary Lou
and her husband. Elmer is in Jacksonville and will have sea duty for
some time. Carl and family live in New Orleans and all are well.

Fred and Esther Hodges of Diablo Heights, C.Z. will retire next
September and have bought a home in Front Royal, Virginia. Their
address after September 1, 1961, will be Hodgewood Acres, R.F.D. No. 1,
Middletown, Virginia.

Ethel E. Owens informs us they are moving to Neptune Beach, Fla.

Their new home is at 1015 Marvone Lane, off Penman Road, Neptune
Beach, Florida. They are not far from Jacksonville, Fla. and hope their
friends will stop and see them, should they be in that area.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wood, of St. Petersburg, had as their guests
over the Thanksgiving week end, Ann Wood from Balboa, C.Z. attending
the University of Miami, Beverly Preston, daughter of Mr. Harry and
Alice Boyd Preston of Cartagena, Columbia, also a student at the Univer-
sity of Miami, and Phillys Valentine of Balboa, C.Z. Mrs. W. T. Bowen
of Coral Gables, Florida was also a guest of the Woods in November.

Mrs. Guy Allen of New Orleans hopes to stay out of hospitals after
being a patient three times in nineteen months. She reports she is fine,
now, because it is hard to keep Grandpa Sobey's grandchild, down.

Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Hanna of Shelton, Washington, have enjoyed a
good year. Their son, Parker, his wife and daughter from Margarita
were their guests for a month. Son P. W. Jr., his wife and daughter, from
Dallas, Penn. were with them, and their daughter Virginia, her husband
and son from Canoga Park, California, were also visitors. Another wel-
come visitor was Mrs. Hanna's sister from Hancock, Maine.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl P. Hoffman of Rochester, New York, plan to
spend the winter in Arizona and California. They will visit their daugh-
ter, Kathleen, in Arizona and relatives and friends in California.
Walter K. Smith, who just returned from Europe saying, no place
like the U.S.A., didn't stay long as he and Mrs. Smith left early in Jan-
uary to sail to Spain to spend the winter.

Mrs. Mary Birmbaumer, who recently left the Zone, is now located
at 1927 Manhattan Ave., Palo Alto, California.

Margaret and Fred Brugge, Jr., spent a few weeks in Panama as
guests of their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. John Westman.
Leonard and Matilde Stark of Arriba, Colorado, drove to California
to spend Christmas with their daughter and family. They plan to stay
in California until April. They had a rugged trip West through heavy
winter weather and snow from Colorado to Arizona. They visited with
Bill Drake in New Mexico and with the Smedleys in Tucson. Mrs. Ted
Englebright joined them in Tucson for the trip to California.

Florence and Charlie Harrison have purchased a home in Fort Worth,
Texas, at 4209 Grand Lake Drive. Mrs. Harrison's mother, Mrs. Randall

is leaving the Canal Zone to make her home with them in Texas.

Mrs. Edith K. Wicks of Polk, Pennsylvania, still enjoys her work
at the hospital and when she has a few days, likes to take a trip. She
visited in Hot Springs with Mrs. Dorn and on the way home saw the
Claude Campbells in Manchester, Tennessee.

Paul Fesler, after graduating form Purdue University in 1942, worked
18 years for the General Electric Co. in Schenectady, New York. In 1960,
he transferred to the G.E. plant in St. Petersburg and makes his home now
in Clearwater, Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Shuey expect to leave on April first in their 24
foot Land Yacht for a trip to Arkansas, Colorado, and Wyoming and on
to Alaska where they will spend the summer if all goes well; then they
will tour Northern Mexico on their return from Alaska.

Miss Dorothy Ann Stephens, now teaching in Puerto Ardaz, Venez-
uela, spent the Christmas holidays in Trinidad, B.W.I.

Mrs. Teresa Comber didn't intend to stay in Colorado when she went
there three years ago. However, she is near her daughter Barbara, now
married and the mother of three children. Teresa keeps busy taking
courses at Colorado University and teaches an adult class in Spanish and
English four nights a week at the High School.

Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Dietz of Cristobal, C.Z. spent November and
December at their home in Leesburg, Florida. They added to their house
and were busy but enjoyed visits from Helen and Jack Wilkerson, Alice
and Jerry Relihan and Ed and May Stokes.
Mr. J. D. (Steve) Stephens of Tallahassee, Florida, returned home
for Christmas after a four months trip to the Far East as Engineer on a
Lykes ship out of Tampa. The ship made several calls at interesting ports
and Steve had a short look at his old home town, Gamboa, as the ship
passed through the Panama Canal.

George L. Capwell of Guayaquil, Ecuador, writes that his son George,
Jr. (Spike) who graduated from Balboa High School in 1951 and from
the Citadel at Charleston, South Carolina, is now Captain in the Marine
Corps and plans to make a career of the corps. He is now stationed at
29 Palms, California. His wife presented him with twin boys in August.
One has been named George Lewis Capwell III. With the new arrivals,
George, Sr. now has eleven grandchildren. George had daughter Dorothy
from New York and son Robert from Marquette University home for

Christmas. He also enjoyed a visit from his sister Thelma, who is a nurse
on the Canal Zone. He was delighted to see pictures of old friends, George
Engelke, Martin and Mrs. Nickel, R. L. Wilhite and Andy Fraser in the
December Record. He was amazed how young Henry Grieser looks as
Henry taught him swimming many, many years ago.

Mrs. Lillian Thompson left Detroit last September and has been very
unsettled since that time but is now happily located with Mrs. Catherina
Shields of Miami. She reports that Mrs. Shields has been very ill.

Mrs. Paul R. McDonald (Mariemma Smith) with her two sons, Paul
and Mark, who have been living with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. David S.
Smith in St. Petersburg, Florida, during her husband's tour of duty in
Korea, have left to join him at Fort Knox, Kentucky, where he is now
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Stetler of Kokomo, Indiana, report they are fine.
They put twenty thousand miles on their car last year touring from Can-
ada and New England to Texas and Wyoming.

Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Smith of Massey, Maryland, spent Christmas in
Miami with their son, Milton, and daughter-in-law. Their son is a pilot
with Eastern Air Lines. The Smiths came to St. Petersburg for the re-
union and spent a month as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fraser.

Capt. and Mrs. Jerry F. Graham and family arrived from California
to spend a month in St. Petersburg with Capt. Graham's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Perc Graham and with Mrs. Graham's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight
Van Evera. Capt. Graham is in the Air Force and is now on loan to the
Greek Government, and, with his wife and three sons, Jerry, Lee, and John
Scott, is now located in Athens, Greece.

Mr. Walter Lindsay of Balboa, C.Z. was in St. Petersburg, recently,
on a weeks business trip. While here, he was the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
C. R. Jones.

Robert Fletcher, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Fletcher of Dawson, Geor-
gia, is a student at Georgia Tech. Martha Fletcher, their daughter, has
completed her studies at Wellesley College and has been employed for
some time in Washington, D.C.

MissJudy Lindsay, who is teaching in Portland, Oregon, went to the
Canal Zone to spend Christmas with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Lindsay in Balboa.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy D. Searcy of Baton Rouge, La., spent the Christ-
mas holidays with Roy's parents, Capt. and Mrs. B. C. Judd in St. Peters-
burg. Grandson, Lynn Carter, was also among those present, as well as
Miss Dorothy Judd from Andover, Mass.

Mrs. James W. Barrett of Gamboa writes us that Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Allen, who were former residents of the Zone when Paul was with the
Missouri Botanical Gardens, are now in Singapore. Their address is,
care of American Export Company, Singapore.

Pop (San Antonio Bugle) Wright says he has to depend on his
daughter to do his writing, now, as his eyesight is about gone. Old Pop
is now pushing 100 and makes his home with his daughter and son-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Corey, 1945 Hicks Ave., San Antonio 10, Texas.

Mrs. Isabel Cauthers and her son, Dick, spent a couple of months in
Germany with Margaret and her husband, Major and Mrs. Gustave
Braun, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Anderson of Richmond, Va., Mrs. William
T. Bowen of Coral Gables, Fla., and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence D. Howell of
Asheville, N. C. were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wood of St.
Petersburg during the reunion.

Mr. Frank Estes, a former Lock Operator at Gatun, C.Z., is now
employed at an Air Force Base in Alaska.

Mr. and Mrs. Tate Y. Setzer of Washington, D.C. spent the Christmas
holidays in Tampa, Florida visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Warren and
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Parsons, parents and sister of Mrs. Setzer.

Edward A. Linney, formerly a member of the firm of Nelson, Linney,
and Nelson, has opened his own office and continues the general practice
of law at 406 Twelfth Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Among Canal Zone retirees, who are active in the NARCE organiza-
tion, are Newell Shaw, of Fayetteville, Ark., who is State President, and
Mr. Grover Bohan, President of the Jonesboro, Ark. Chapter, with Mrs.
Bohan as Secretary.

Mr. Louis Bradley, son of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Bradley, arrived
from New York to spend a week with his folks during his mother's con-
valescence from her recent stay in the hospital.

The following appeared in the St. Petersburg Times, January 31, 1961.
By MATILLA BOOTH of The Times Staff
Dave Garroway's right-hand man on the "Today" show, Lou Bradley,
was in town all last week vacationing with his parents, the James Bradleys
of Sixth Avenue North.
Come May 6 Lou will have ben associated with the early-morning
NBC TV show for four years. He's now assistant commercial producer,
which means he has to step lively when garulous Garroway begins his
pitch for any one of the show's sponsors.
Matter of fact, Lou has been stepping lively ever since he was one of
the bouncy cheer-leaders at St. Petersburg High School, leading the fight-
ing Green Devils onward and upward. At the University of Florida he dis-
tinguished himself academically and as one of the Gator cheerleaders.
After college Lou landed the "Today" job and has been with the
show ever since. Wherever it goes, he goes to Paris in 1959 and to
Rome in 1960, just to mention a few trips.
Lou, a champion swimmer both in high school and college, has given
up that sport for skiing. Weekends he heads for Bennington, Vt., and
some fast thrills on the slopes.
He calls a Greenwich Village apartment home and gets around town
in a red Thunderbird, which he drove down for his Florida vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. Weimer B. Heite of Massey, Maryland, visited friends
in the Orlando and St. Petersburg, areas in February. Mr. and Mrs. M. A.
Smith joined them for the return trip, north.

Hans Scheveland of Orlando, Fla., is enjoying life at 82 with the
girl he married in 1900. They enjoyed a visit from their granddaughter,
Marion, and her four boys, also from Ruth, Carl's oldest daughter, who is
engaged in Missionary work in Panama, in the Campana area. Mr. and
Mrs. Scheveland would be pleased to hear from any of their friends.

Mrs. Jonas E. White has returned to the U.S. after three years in El
Salvador. Her son is now in Honduras and plans to be married in the
Spring. Mrs. White's new address is 215 Sycamore Road, Lexington, Ky.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hudson, of St. Petersburg, had their son, George
and his son, their daughter, Audrey Bishop and two daughters, and their
daughter, Anita McKeown, with them over the Christmas holidays. Mrs.
Bishop, who has been employed on the Zone with the Civil Aeronautics,
has been transferred to Miami, Florida.

Mrs. Lillian Knight of Gresham, Oregon, sailed on May 2, 1950 for
a tour of Europe and the Bible lands. There were 197 persons making
the tour. They toured England, France, Switzerland and Italy, visiting
the cathedrals, museums, and parks along the way. From Rome, they
traveled south, by train, through olive groves and vineyards, to the heel
of the boot, where they sailed on an Italian steamer for Egypt, where they
saw the Pyramids, and the Sphinx and rode on a camel. From Alexan-
dria they sailed to Beirut, in Lebanon and Jordan. Next, they went
to Jerusalem where they visited all the historical and Biblical shrines,
and walked in the Garden of Gethsemane and the Mount of Olives. After
a visit in Israel, which they found most modern, beautiful, and people
dedicated to their country and to hard work, they sailed from Haifi, Israel
to Cypress and to Athens, Greece. Leaving Greece, they returned to Ven-
ice, Italy, for a few days, then on to Austria and Munich, The Passion
Play at Oberammergau, a boat trip down the Rhine to Coblenz, Frankfort,
Stuttgart and on through Germany to Brussels, Belgium. Next, to Holland
for three days then to Bremen to board the M/V Berlin for the return to
New York. Mrs. Knight enjoyed every moment of her trip and her long
letter describing places and events is very interesting and we wish space
would permit our printing it in its entirety.

Mrs. Frances L. Dorn of Hot Springs, Arkansas, journeyed to West
Palm Beach, Florida, for a visit with her niece, after attending the re-
union. She will visit in the central section of the state before returning
to her home.

Miss Gloria Ely, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Ely of Balboa,
C.Z. was a recent visitor in St. Petersburg, where she was the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. C. R. Jones. Miss Ely has enrolled as a student at Tampa Uni-
versity, Tampa, Florida.
We regret that the announcement of the 50th wedding anniversary
of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Forsythe of Balboa, was omitted from the past
issue of the Record. Mr. and Mrs. Forsythe celebrated the happy event
on May 1, 1960. This couple arrived on the Zone on August 28th, 1912,
on the old S.S. Panama. Shipmates on that trip were R. E. Hopkins, Bob
Huston, and William H. Graham. Our congratulations to Mr. and Mrs.

Rev. C. L. Morgan was quite badly injured when a school bus went
out of control on a slippery street, crashing into the rear of his car.
His car rammed into the car ahead of him and then across the road. The
car was a total wreck and Rev. Morgan is still under the doctor's care,

but glad to be alive. The accident occurred on December 19th.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Julien of Dayton, Ohio, flew to Germany for
a visit with their daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren, Bobby and
Nancy. Their daughter is Margery, the wife of Major Russell Schagal.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer P. Hogle of St. Petersburg Beach, are both ill.
Mr. Hogle has gone into a nursing home as Mrs. Hogle will enter the
hospital early in February.


Ancon Post Office is being demolished to make way for a four lane
highway right through from the new Balboa Bridge, via Shaler Triangle,
to Automobile Row.

The Delhi Taylor Oil Corporation, of Dallas, Texas, announce the
start of an 8000 ft well in the vicinity of Yaviza near the junction of the
Chucanaque and Membrillo rivers. The company has already invested
some $1,500,000 in survey operations and will invest another $500,000
in sinking this oil well.

On December 24th, President Eisenhower directed the government
operated Panama Line to discontinue carrying non-governmental passen-
gers and cargo, effective February 10, 1961. Eisenhower said that trans-
portation of non-governmental passengers and cargo for commercial ship-
pers is wholly inconsistent with the intended role of government in a free
enterprise economy. He suggested that the Board of Directors re-study
its position that the operation of steamships is essential to the mission of
the Panama Canal Company and promptly report its findings to the
Budget Director.

The six officers and one crew member who abandoned the Cuban
vessel, Oriente, at Gatun Locks on October 30th, will seek asylum in the
United States. The seven men jumped the ship while it was tied up along
the locks approach wall. They left by plane for Miami after expressing
appreciation for the co-operation given them by Governor W. A. Carter
and by Canal Zone officials.

According to Rufus M. Lovelady, President of Lodge 14 of the
American Federation of Government Employes, the fight to retain the
Panama Line is to continue. Mr. Lovelady expressed hope that the Ken-

nedy administration would amend Eisenhower's executive order elimin-
ating commercial operations for the Panama Line.

A record volume of shipping was served by the Panama Canal dur-
ing the Fiscal Year 1960 and the net revenue was more than $5.9 million,
according to the Panama Canal Company's reports to its stockholders.
The $5.9 million figure was about $3 million more than the net revenue
for the fiscal year 1959. Ocean going transits were up 10.6 percent over
the 1958 record level and the volume of cargo passing through the Canal
amounted to 60,081,000 long tons, an increase of 15.1 percent over 1959.
Tolls income for the year was $51,803,000.

Six thousand strikers went back to work on the banana farms of the
Puerto Armuelles division of the Chiriqui Land Company. It is estimated
that nearly half a million stems of bananas were lost or delayed in ship-
ment by the three week strike, and the 6000 strikers lost $500,000 in wages.
The strike was settled by President Roberto Chiari, who flew to Puerto
Armuelles after fruitless efforts, by others, had failed. Key point in the
strike settlement was acceptance by both strikers and the company of a
36 cent an hour minimum wage on the farms.

The Chiari administration began paying off government bills which
were 14 months in arrears, when President Chiari took office. Payment
was made possible through a five million dollar loan from the U. S. Gov-
ernment, which had been negotiated through the U. S. Embassy in Panama
by President Chiari. The five million dollar loan was made under the
auspices of the International Co-operation Administration. (Point Four)

Heavy rains during December brought trouble to many dwellers in
the Darien country where all rivers had overflown their banks, driving
many from their homes. Those most effected were Indians who had built
huts along the banks of the Choco, Chucunaque and Tuira rivers. There
was a slide over a 600 foot section of the West Bank of the cut at station
1730. Army engineers were keeping close watch on sections of the Trans-
Isthmian Highway, where there was some risk of slides. Some damage was
done to the newly installed lighting fixtures in the cut.

The Diablo Heights Retail store will be closed in February and an
abbreviated store will be located in a portion of the Service Center. Ser-
vice will be discontinued at the Diablo Post Office in March and people
who receive their mail at Diablo Heights may transfer their postal address
to other C.Z. Post Officej,

Nine persons were under arrest following a rash of bomb blasts in
Panama City. No member of the government or law enforcement official
has offered a theory or guess as to what may be behind the non-lethal
blasts. All persons arrested are said to be members of the Movemiento

Two investigating committees will conduct an inquiry into the free-
for-all in the Panama University Auditorium, in which one student was
seriously injured. The fight was waged between Communist and anti-
Communist factions which turned out for a student assembly called by
the University student union.

The last P.T. boat in active Navy service was found to be on the Canal
Zone, so it was rushed to the United States to carry President Kennedy's
crewmen, in the Inaugural parade.

Balboa bridge Engineers are confident that the bridge will be com-
pleted by the target date of late 1962, although the substructure contract
continues to be behind the original schedule.

The Panama Canals Dipper dredge, "Paraiso", which was leased
to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for use on the St. Lawrence Seaway,
three years ago, returned to the Canal Zone early in January. The dredge
and a 1000 cubic yard scow were loaded in a floating drydock and towed
from Boston, Mass. to the Canal Zone by the sea-going tug, "Marion
Moran". The "Paraiso" will soon return to work in Gaillard Cut.

A new three quarter million dollar hotel, La Siesta, situated on spa-
cious grounds close to Panama's Tocumen Airport, will he inaugurated
soon. La Siesta has eighty-one rooms, dining room, bar, coffee shop, and
a branch of Motta's store. The hotel was designed by Ernesto de la
Guardia II.

~ I--n -sl.~'~sy;p~t
x c~L-~-Lr-nii~)

~c~-px~- ~--~- rr
_-~ju ~zr~ ~L


Thanks, again, to all our representatives who gather news for us.
Your efforts are greatly appreciated by our members. The deadline for
the next issue of the Record will be May 1, 1961.

The job of Editor of the Record, like the one of Secretary-Treasurer
appears to be one that you just do not get rid of, by resignation. We are
all grateful to all the members who looked us up at the reunion and
thanked us, personally, for our past efforts and expressed the hope we
would continue. There have been several letters, too, and for all of you
a sincere "thank you". However, we do hope that someone will take over
before too long.

We wish to thank the members for the gift presented to us at the
Annual Reunion.

All pictures in this issue of the Record were taken at the reunion
this year by Mr. Francis F. Hargy, except the large group picture by
Clyde Fairfield, of St. Petersburg.

Have you paid your dues?

All Panama Canal Retirees should be members of NARCE. An appli-
cation blank for your convenience is printed in this issue. Page 88.

The following have been added or addresses changed or corrected since
the Year Book was printed. (*) denotes change or correction.

*Preston, Mr. and Mrs. Harry F., Sr.-Apartado Aereo 1155 ----- Cartagena
*Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Walter R.-Follmannstr 15 ------------------Koblenz
*Wertz Mrs. Ella E. (temp)-c/o H. C. Wertz, Box 224.-------- St. Thomas
*Cheeseman, Mrs. Lola-El Panama Hilton Hotel--- ----------------- Panama
Allgaier, Mr and Mrs. George--P. O. Box 214 --_---------------_Margarita
Baltozer, Mr. and Mrs. Richard T.-P. O. Box 478---------- Diablo Heights
Barbour, Mr. and Mrs. John A.-P. O. Box 1087 ---------- __ Balboa
Bissell, Mr and Mrs. Nolan A.-P. O. Box 143------------------ ----Balboa
Burns, Mr. and Mrs. James H.-P. O. Box 444. -- ------ ----__-- Gatun
Catanzaro, Mr. and Mrs. John S.-P. 0. Box 487 ----------------Balboa
Cherry, Mr. and Mrs. E. Morris-P. O. Box 1553 -----_----------_Balboa
'Churchill, Mr and Mrs. S. L., Jr.-P. O Box 172-----------------___Gamboa
Collinge, Mr and Mrs. Roger W.-P. O. Box 866 ---------------- Balboa
Dough, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn C.-P. O. Box65------ ------------ Margarita
Eckhoff, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A.-P. 0. Box 214------------- Margarita
Ebdon, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A.-P. 0. Box 461 ------- --------Margarita
Hamlin, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E.-P. O. Box 1429 ------------Cristobal
*Huff, Mr David S.-P. O. Box 391 ---------_---------- Balboa Heights
Kreuger, Mr. and Mrs. E. M.-P. O. Box 52-------- -----Diablo Heights
Libonati, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J.-P. O. Box 362 -- -----Diablo Heights
Lowery, Mr. and Mrs. George E.-P. O. Box 246 ---------Diablo Heights
*McDade, Mr. George F.-P. O. Box 227---------------- Balboa Heights
*Martin, Mr. and Mrs. George A.-P. O. Box 185 ----- ---------Margarita
Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd W.-P. O. Box 940--------------_-- --Balboa
Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. R. G.-P. O Box 1963 ---- -------------Cristobal
*Sampsell, Mrs. Delta-P. O. Box 1456----------- ------------- Balboa
Sanford, Mr. and Mrs. George H.-P. O. Box 334 ----------Balboa Heights
*Van Vliet, Mrs. Ruth-P. O. Box 1579 ------ ---------------Balboa
*Waldorn, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson H.-P. O. Box 425 ----------Balboa Heights
Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Milton H.-P. O. Box 5 ---------------Balboa Heights
Zwigard, Mr. Edward-P. O. Box 456 ____----- Diablo Heights
McKenzie, Mrs. Julia Nielsen-1201 Magnolia Curve --------Montgomery 6
Hallin, Mr. and Mrs. Henry E.-Mail Box 342
Res. 816 Jackson Drive------ Fayetteville
Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest-P. O. Box 83--------------- Bentonville
*Worley, Mr. and Mrs. O. K.-P. O. Box 638------------------- Harrison
Baxley, Mr and Mrs. William H.-504-A Myrtle Street---------- Glendale 3
*Birnbaumer, Mrs. Mary M.-1927 Manhattan Ave. Apt. 2 ----- Palo Alto
Dent, Mr. and Mrs. Donald E.-2046-3/4 West Century Blvd. _Los Angeles 47
*Evans, Mr. Herbert H.-c/o Mrs. R. L. Smyth P. O. Box 76 San Rafael
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Lindley N.-1215 Shattuck Avenue------------Berkeley
*Harrison. Mr and Mrs. John C.-35 Garces Drive-----------San Francisco 27
*Horine, Mrs. Geo6ge C.-c/o Capt. Paul O. Dabill JCRC
A.P.O. 67 -----------------------San Francisco
*Kaufer, Mr. and Mrs. Louis A.-1428 Mt. Herman Drive-- ---- San Jose 27
Kaylor, Col and Mrs. Roy-2469 Trenton Drive--- ------------- San Bruno

Landers, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard-3112 Verdun Avenue------------.San Mateo
Leach, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond N., Jr.-3423 Mt. Everest Drive ---San Jose. 27
*Lohmann, Mr. and Mrs. E. 0.-2037 El Rey Drive-----------.-- ... Whittier
*Love, Mrs. Warren (temp)-c/o Col T. F. McCarthy
66 Oakdale Avenue ..--- -------. Berkeley
Mane, Mr. Frank Lewis-357 South Alvarado St. Box 319--Los Angeles 57
Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R.-5708 Florence Terrace-------- Oakland 11
*Neal, Miss Muriel K.-6331 Templeton Street Apt. P --- Huntington Park
Puck, Miss Agnes-950 Bay Street Apartment 5-----------San Francisco
Seavey, Mr. and Mrs. R. E.-P. O. Box 1023 ---------------Laguna Beach
*Simonsen, Mr. and Mrs. Christian-1757 Sumac Lane---------------Anaheim
*Tannehill, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.-233 East Fir Street---------------------Brea
*Woodard, Mrs. Leonard P.-112 South Encinitas-----------------Monrovia
*Bortin, Mr. and Mrs. Harry-Res. 2801 Quebec Street, N.W.-..Washington 8
Off. 3203 Adams Mill Road ----W Washington 10
*Ross, Mr. Walter G.-2407 California Street, N.W.------------Washington 8
*Anderson, Capt. and Mrs. Wesley-5548 Playa Way No. 26-_South Jacksonville
*Barnes, Mr. and Mrs, J. 0.-4033 Prudence Drive-----------------Sarasota
Brennan, Mr. Peter H.-2520% 2nd Avenue North------. St. Petersburg 13
*Carey, Capt. and Mrs. E. D.-332 Park Drive -
Pinecrest Trailer Park-------------.Zephyrhills
*Carlson, Mr. Clarence O.-625% Kirkwood Terrace North---- St. Petersburg 1
Fessler, Mr. and Mrs. Paul A.-1401 Citrus Street---------.------ Clearwater
*Forsstrom, Mr. T. H.-Route 1, Box 597-C------------------Tarpon Springs
Hitchcock, Mr. and Mrs. W. C.-3415 Dudley St.-Kensington Park-..Sarasota
*Hower, Mr. and Mrs. John-724 27th Avenue South....----St. Petersburg 5
Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S.-P. O. Box 1546--------------Clearwater
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.-1685 N.E. 150th Street-------------- Miami 61
*Kearns, Mr. Norman R.-409 Gulf Way --------------- Pass-a-Grille Beach
*Leech, Mrs. Michael-1210 Cleveland Street---------------- ..---.-.Tampa 6
*Linney, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A.-
Off. 406 12th Avenue North--------------St. Petesburg 1
Res. 2530 Tropical Shores Drive, S.E.----- St. Petersburg 5
McConaughy, Mr. Jim-Re s. 3900- 58th Street No.---------St. Petersburg 9
Off.: 5503 38th Avenue No.--------St. Petersburg 10
*McCormick, Mrs. Margaret C.-239 Lake Ellen Drive----------- Casselberry
McCosham. Miss Betty Bankston-
Harry-Anna Crippled Children's Hospital ------------- Umatilla
*Marcy, Mr. and Mrs. Henry G.-7121 N.W. 19th Court -- West Hollywood
*Means, Mr. and Mrs. Henry L.-Route 1, Box 449 ...--------. Punta Gorda
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Frank L-7301 West Ramona------------ Hollywood
Moorehead, Mrs. William D.--420 Virginia Drive --.----------- Melbourne
(Virginia Wood)
Nolen, Mr. Joseph J.-500 41st Avenue North-.-----------St. Petersburg 3
*Ottinger, Mr. and Mrs. Henry G.-11462 Ridgewood Circle-----------Largo
*Owen, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert B.-Res. 1015 Marvone Lane
Mail: P. O. Box ???? .------ Neptune Beach
*Palmer, Mrs. E. .-5001 9th Avenue South------------------Gulfport 7
Park, Mr. and Mrs. William-6085 43rd Terrace North---- St. Petersburg 9
(Marie Schmidt)
Parsons, Miss Margaret Jane-607 South Boulevard --.--- -- -----Tampa
Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L.-Route 4, Box 7-------------Fort Myers
*Russell, Mr. and Mrs. C. V. (temp.)-General Delivery .------------ Venice
*Samples, Mr. and Mrs. H. L.-21310 N.E. 14th Avenue --North Miami Beach 62
*Shedlock, Mr. and Mrs. Harry A.-2316 37th Ave. North---St. Petersburg 13
*Shuey, Mr. and Mrs. R. O.-c/o M. J. Lovell
(After April 1, 1961) 4901 N.W. 173rd Street-------------Miami
Smith Mr. and Mrs. John .B-1009 Dupont Avenue------------Winter Park
Snedeker, Mrs. Laura-305 Pine Street----------------West Palm Beach

*Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. H. Doyle-5346 30th Ave. North -._St. Petersburg 19
*Sylvestre, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A.-
1711 Country Club Road North----------------- St. Petersburg 10
*Thompson, Mrs. Lillian E.-1430 N.W. 87th Street-----------------Miami 47
Tompkins, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C.-709 West Platt Street-Apt. 6 --.Tampa 6
*Warner, Mr. and Mrs. Louis C.-Res. 6044 Park Boulevard
Mail: P. 0. Box 181--------- Pinellas Park
Weisiger, Mrs. J. H.-Box 475-------------------------------Crystal Beach
*Catanzaro, Mrs. A. J.-2231 North Keeler Avenue----------------Chicago 39
Cowen. Mr. and Mrs. W. H.-P. 0. Box 191----------------------Arenzville
*White, Mrs. Jonas E.-215 Sycamore Road------------------- Lexington
*Searcy, Mr. and Mrs. Roy D.-2442 Jefferson Avenue -----Baton Rouge 2
*Longmore, Capt. and Mrs. H. T.-General Delivery-------------New Orleans
*Lambert, Mrs. C. K., Sr.-1923 Ruaton Street------------------- Adelphi
*Saphir, Mrs. Rebecca-5007 Stone Road Olney Acres-------------Rockville
*Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Melton B.-
37 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, N.W.------------ Glen Burnie 8
*Potts, Mrs. George S.-5618 Carville Avenue--- _------ _----- Baltmore 27
Coakley, Capt. and Mrs. J. H. USAF-975 Huntington ------ Mt. Clemens
Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Winton A.-2310 Langley Avenue. ----- St. Joseph
Nessler, Mr. and Mrs. William N.-4617 28th Avenue South--. Minneapolis 6
*Tribble, Miss Julia-Box 569-..----------- -------- -----Columbia
*Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. R. D.-145 Wabash Lane-- ------- -- Ferguson
*Whight, Mrs. Marie F.-7515 North 28th Avenue---------------------Omaha
*Albin, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J.-249 Locust Avenue Babylon-- Long Island
*Braun, Major and Mrs. Gustav J., Jr.-G 3 SECTION
A.P.O. 39--- ------------- New York
Chevalier, Mr. George C.-168 Laurel Avenue-------------------- Northport
*Drake, Mrs. Annie-204 South William Street ------ Newburgh
Eckholm, Mrs. James V.
(Sara Ferguson) 210 Prospect Street------------------- Ithaca
Engel, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A.-
(Lois Hohmann) 33-39 60th Street-Woodside 77 ---. Queens
*Heady, Mr. and Mrs. J. E.-c/o Joyce Oliphant
80-15 41st Avenue Apt. 332 -_Elmhurst 73
VanSiclen, Mr. and Mrs. R. E.-36-20 216th Street-Bayside --- Long Island
*Behlen, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest-Route 1, Box 42-A .-- --------- Asheville
MacKenzie, Mr. and Mrs. I. A.-408 3rd Avenue West .--.-- Hendersonville
*Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. A. T.-1406 East Wright Road -------- Greenville
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse T.-19101 Van Aken Blvd.
Shaker Heights -------------- Cleveland 22
Steele, Dr. and Mrs. Russell D.-6625 Elwynne Drive -------- Cincinnati
"Berger, Mr. and Mrs. Claude
Elinor Mullane -2100 East l5st Street---- ------------ Tulsa

*Bugby, Mr. E. P.-R.F.D. No. 1 ---- ---------------- _-----Wilcox
Casement, Mrs. Laura G.-420 West Main Street----------------Plymouth
Dubeski, Mr. and Mrs. Julius-Box 1511 --- ------------Philadelphia 5
*Way, Miss Anita-147 West State Street------------------ Kennett Square
Wengert, Mrs. Bessie R.-518 Elm Street----------------------- Reading
*Shirley, Mr. William H.-1214 Batson Road Air Force Base---- Charleston
Coakley, Mr. and Mrs. Pat S.-3526 Bradford--------------- Houston 25
*Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Charles P.-4209 Grand Lake Drive---- Fort Worth
Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. William E.-7365 Fairway -------------- Houston 12
*McBride, Mr. and Mrs. George R.-813 Kelly Terrace------------Arlington
*Sundquist, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore-109 Persimmon Lane-----Lake Jackson
Land, Mrs. Dorothy M.
(Doroth Stilson) -146 Canterbury Road-------------------Danville
Mack, Miss Louise J.-1817 Great Falls Road--------------------McLean




Dear Ex-Canal Friends:

You are cordially invited to join the Panama Canal Society of
Florida. The Canal Record, our news booklet, is issued quarterly, and a
Year Book is mailed to members in December of each year.

Dues are $3.00 annually, and payable in January. Members coming
in after July 1st will pay $1.50 for balance of the year.

Please fill in the application below and send your dues to the:



Official Application Form


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I enclose $ .. ------- (3.50 for ACTIVE membership; $2.50 for
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January 1961

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employee, whether employee died before or after retirement.
ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (partial participation) DUES $2.50
( ) A spouse of an ACTIVE member* of NARCE (unless eligible for
ACTIVE membership in his/her own right).
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Signature-----_.- ---------.---- -.......

P. O. Box 11566
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P. O. Box 11566
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Herewith Dues for 1961.

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I wish to join the Blood Bank.
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City ...............................................................................

Mr. John F. Seebt, 94 yrs. old
Traveled alone from New
Orleans to attend the reunion.

: i i

:-. It"~
~. -.~

Mr. ari lrs. i,:h Dl Sl t.- r, er.i
T .ll.h,,=:- .e,-, F la
rI r ar.- rir C R :! J J :,ne
I,. F- rtr: ir F I

Mr. .=r.J Mr Franrk C -,! _h..
FP ?- .i a.- F: Mar. F lz
Mlr. .a.r .Ir? I :. ,ri. -er
S[iI :r, N i.


Mr. and Mrs. Max Hart, Tampa, Fla.
Daughter Leona Lee, and grandchildren Danny
Richard, and Linda of Atlanta, Ga.

Panama Canal Society of Florida
P. O. Box 11566
St. Petersburg 33, Florida

U. S. Postage
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Permit No. 603





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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
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