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Canal record
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Canal record (St. Petersburg, Fla.)
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Canal rec. (St. Petersbg. Fla.)
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Panama Canal Society of Florida
Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
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St. Petersburg, Fla
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five issues yearly
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Periodicals -- Panama Canal (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Description based on: Vol. 10, no. 4 (Nov. 1976); title from cover.

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Former zonites attending Convention of N A R C E as delegates in Washington, D. C. in June. Among those we recognize,
Fred Sill, Blanche Shaw, Wilhelmina Bohan, Newell Shaw, John F. Phillips and Grover Bohan.


Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Matheney, St. Petersburg, Fla. Center, Mrs. Rice from California



The second get-to-gether of the Central Arkansas Canal group. How Many Can You
Name? Your Editor spotted Ann and Bill Bartholemew, Mrs. Dorn, Bill Burns and
perhaps Art Wynne with dark glasses.

Casa Blanca
Home of Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Plummer, Bastrop, La.


Seven happy Thomsons and the new Chevrolet Station Wagon they won. The car was
raffled by the Navy Relief Society. The winners, Asst. District Attorney J. Morton
Thomson, Mrs. Thomson, Regina 2, Elaine 4, Gary 6, Mary 8, and John 11, at the
15th Naval District Headquarters.

- ~ _

Home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bailey, Huntington Park, Pa.

The Panama Canal Society
To preserve American Ideals and Canal Zone
P. O. BOX 11566 ST. PETERSBURG 33,
Keith Kelley
Frank W. Hohmann
Vice-President T
Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Mrs. Z. K. Esler
Ernest M. Kieswetter
News Editor
Fred D. Hunsicker

First I will give

of Florida
J. F. Warner
J. F. Bashner
W. H. Butler
Charles G. Calvit
J. T. Everett
Troy Hayes
W. L. Hersh
H. H. Hudson
H. J. Lewis
R. H. Oliver
M. A. Turner
Dan E. Wright
James Bradley


you the NARCE legislative box score of the 86th




Make 1958 increase permanent ----- Bill introduced-No action
Appropriation to continue 1958 increase -- Public Law-86-626
Retiree Hospitalization (S-2575) passed ---. Public Law--86-724
Automatic annuity increase when salaries are increased-No action
Further relief from Federal Income Taxes -----__-- No action
Repeal with-holding tax on alien annuities _Public Law--86-437
Survivor Annuities -
(a) Without deduction from annuity of retiree __. .No action
(b) Equalize deductions for survivor annuities _-_-...No action
(c) Restore annuity deduction when spouse
predeceases retiree _------_ No action
(d) Permit designation of spouse after retirement _- No action
(e) Clarify "forgotten widows of 1948"_ -- Public Law-86-604
Modify penalty for reemployment of disability retirees-No action
Modify denials of annuities for offenses ---No action
Increase interest on retirement fund -____ -____ No action
Adjust old annuities to current levels -- No action
Annuities adjusted to date of death -___--- Public Law-86-713
Oppose "fair trade" price-fixing laws _.. Hearing but no action

The Civil Service Commission has interpreted the law to provide
coverage only for those persons who retired with 12 or more years ser-
vice on an immediate annuity or were retired on disability.
The law therefore excludes those persons who left the service before
retirement age but will be eligible for a deferred annuity at age 62. The
Law also excludes coverage of certain widows of deceased employees who
are under age 50, with no dependent children, who will be eligible for a
deferred annuity at age 50. The Law also excludes widows of retirees
who died prior to 1948.
Next year Congress will be asked to correct this alleged oversight
which would deprive thousands of Federal retirees and their families of
the benefits of health insurance under Bill S-2575.
It is nice to feel that Congress did not intend to exclude these persons,
however, it is just another example of how important it is we all join
NARCE the organization in Washington, D.C. that does for the Federal
retiree what they cannot do by themselves.

Bill H.R. 12383 amends the Federal Employees Compensation Act to
make benefits more realistic in terms of present wage rates by increasing
the wage base used to compute the amount of compensation for disability
or death by 30% if the injury occurred before January 1, 1946: by
20% if it occurred after December 31, 1945 and before January 1,
1951: 10% if it occurred after Dec. 31, 1950 and before January 1, 1958.
Bill H.R. 12383 also increases the minimum amount of compensa-
tion for total disability from $112.50 to $180 per month: increases the
minimum wage base to be used in determining the amount of compensa-
tion to be paid in death cases from $150 to $800, it also authorizes pay-
ment of compensation for scheduled disability in addition to benefits under
the Civil Service Retirement Act. The bill was signed by President Eisen-
hower September 13, 1960 and is now Public Law 86-767. This is the
first time the Federal Employees Compensation Act has been amended
since 1949.

The Internal Revenue Service has approved an important tax break
for most of the 15,000 employees who retire on disability each year, the
new regulation means no Federal income taxes at all, up to a three-year
period after they reach their normal retirement age of 60 or 62. The reg-
ulation also enables employees to claim tax exemptions on the amount of

contributions made to the Civil Service Retirement Fund during their
Government service. Heretofore this exemption has only been for em-
ployeess who retired on regular annuities, now it includes those who re-
tire on disability.
For further information on disability retirement, write to the Retire-
ment Division, Civil Service Commission, Washington, D.C.

Although NARCE was not successful in having the 1958, 10% an-
nuity increase made permanent, because Congress established the custom
of making annual appropriations and the money for the current fiscal
year was approved July 12, 1960 and became Public Law 86-626.
This policy of annual appropriations will I am afraid, act as a
block to annuity increases in the future.
Shortly before adjournment the Senate Committee on Armed Ser-
vices, directed that arrangements be made with a private consulting firm
to make a thorough study of the military retirement problem and report
back early in January 1961. The Washington headquarters of NARCE
is particularly interested in the progress of this legislation because it
could serve as a precedent for the re-computation of Civil Service annuities
of persons who retired before the present liberalized formula was adopted
and it could also serve as a precedent for removing the 1952 and 1954
ceilings on annuity increases.

Oldman Bill Bartlett

To: Senator George A. Smathers

The nineteen hundred members of the Panama Canal Society are
grateful to Senator George A. Smathers of Florida for his support of
Senate bill 2575 which he sponsored and for his telegrams informing
us immediately when the bill passed the House, and, again, the day that
President Eisenhower signed the bill. For more detailed information on
the provisions of this bill, see Mr. Bartlette's legislative report.


10% Days At Sea 31/2 Days Ashore
New Greatly Reduced Fares for U. S. Government Employees
(Including those Retired)
and Dependent Members Their Families
N. Y. Haiti Panama Panama Canal N. Y.
(Longer Stopover Allowed in Canal Zone)
1. Round-trip reduced steamer fare $195 on a space available basis -
2, 3, and 4 in an outside cabin with private facilities.
Note: Return stopover tickets good on any sailing only if space is
available after all regular tariff fare passengers have been accommo-
dated. No cabin number assignment until day of sailing.
Limited accommodations First come First served.
No space available on sailings between June 21 and September 22.,
Southbound, and from April 28 to July 15, northbound.

2. The round-trip steamer fares do not include necessary layover ex-
penses during the vessel's 2 days layover in Cristobal, C. Z. An attrac-
tive two day all-expense inland tour available. See tour circular.
3. Employees need a letter from their Personnel Officer certifying as to
their employment status with the U. S. Government. Retired employ-
ees need similar letter from the Retirement Division, U. S. Civil
Service Commission, Washington, D. C.
4. For a person who is not an immediate member of the family, but is
dependent upon the Government employee for support, the employee
must present a letter certifying that the relative-traveler is a dependent
member of his family.

5. All passengers need smallpox vaccination certificates dated within 3
years. Also a Panama Government Tourist Card, $2 each, sold by
ship's Pursers. Those staying in Panama more than 2 days must take
along two photographs, pass-port size, which must be attached to the
Cards. Those staying with Government employees residing in the
Canal Zone do not need this Card, provided they obtain a Letter of
Entry from the Canal Zone Employee.

Panama Steamship Line


Report of the Nominating Committee
St. Petersburg, Florida, October 17, 1960
Considering the RESPONSIBILITY of its assignment, your Nomin-
ating Committee this year wishes to briefly explain that, as recognized by
the larger group of the Counselors of the Society, the security of its assets
and normal growth are assured, and its national affairs and complex prob-
lems will continue to be well handled as long as our very popular Secre-
tary-Treasurer and her equally interested spouse, Captain B. C. Judd re-
main active. They, with the cooperation of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Kies-
wetter, who have so efficiently edited the nationally appreciated "Canal
Record" for the past eight years, constitute the congenial foursome that
has made Florida, the "hub" of Panama Canal Societies everywhere.
While "oldtimers" feel that much of the MEMBER PARTICIPA-
TION stems from the patriotic morale that may have been influenced
somewhat by the military management during the "construction days", it
is quite evident that the same loyalty has been helpful to our many Pres-
idents and their assistants from year to year in maintaining our publicly
envied fraternal spirit, since retirement.
On behalf of the entire membership, the Nominating Committee
wishes to THANK the Judds, the Kieswetters, Keith Kelley, Frank W.
Hohmann, Mrs. Esler our very capable Recording Secretary; the Auditors:
Henry Hudson and George Thurgood; the Blood Bank Assistant: Mrs.
S. J. Shreves; the Chaplain: Fred Hunsicker; the Legislative Representa-
tive: W. J. (Billy) Bartlett; the Pianists: Mrs. Stutzman and Mrs. "Bunny"
Wilson; and last, but not least, James E. Bradley, the Sergeant-at-Arms.
For the ELECTIVE OFFICES NEXT YEAR, the following candi-
dates are offered with their approval:
For President --------------Keith Kelley
For Vice-President --- William D. Goodwin
For Secretary-Treasurer ---------Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
For Recording Secretary -- --Mrs. Z. K. Esler
This Report is read for publication in the "Canal Record", for the
information of the entire membership, anyone of whom may nominate
others for the offices, should they so desire.
John F. Everett, Chairman
Albert McKeown Charles G. Calvit
Walter L. Hersch Herbert F. Paddock

MR. HARRY BORTIN is a man who just won't give up, despite the "No
action" statement by Sub-Committee on Panama Canal, and its failure to
render a report to Congress on H.R. 8146, a bill to end discrimination
against "2 year but less than 3 years" Canal builders. Mr. Bortin, who
became an octogenarian on July 3, 1960, reports that he feels fine and his
spirit of undimmed optimism, continues. He earnestly asks the help of
everyone interested in this bill to join him in seeing it through. He may
be contacted at 333 Occidental Avenue, Burlingame, California.


Blood Bank members entering the hospital please notify the Secre-
tary at once.

Please notify the Secretary promptly of your change of address. If
we do not have your proper address, the Record is returned to us and we
must pay for its return and pay again when your present address is found.
When you have finished your Record and wish to send it to a friend,
be sure to put six cents postage on it or it will be returned to us and it
cannot be re-mailed.

All members who joined for July to December 31st, 1960 will notice
that your card reads: Expires December 31, 1960. No Year Book will
be sent until dues for 1961 are paid. If you intend to continue as a
member, please send in your dues, promptly. Thank you.


Capt. and Mrs. Henry Joe Leisy of Villanova, Pennsylvania, announce
the birth of their first child, a son, Henry Eric Leisy, on September 2,
1960. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Harbin of
Montgomery, Alabama and the paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs.
Henry T. Leisy of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Weiss of Albany, Oregon, announce the arrival
of their second child, second daughter, Karen Gay, on July 20, 1960.
Mrs. Weiss is the former Juliene Page.
Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Brening of Boulder, Colorado, announce the birth
of their first child, a boy, Rory Kregg, on August 18, 1960. Mrs. Brening
is the former Mary Marjorie Ely.

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Turner of Melbourne, Florida, announce the
birth of a son, John M., Jr. on September 17th. Paternal grandparents
are Mr. and Mrs. Macon Turner of St. Petersburg, and the maternal grand-
parents are Mr. and Mrs. L. J. O'Connor of South Hadley, Mass.

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Stevens of St. Petersburg announce the arrival
of a son, John M., Jr. on Auguest 30th. Mrs. Stevens is the former Joann
Hummer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hummer of the Canal Zone.

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Halliday of Pequannock, New Jersey, an-
nounce the birth of twin sons, Timothy Scott and Thomas Wesley, on
October 6th. The paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. A. Halliday of
Sebring, Florida, formerly of Pedro Miguel, C.Z. The Hallidays new ar-
rivals make five children for them. They now have four boys and one girl.


Adrien M. Bouche-Pacific Locks-44 years, 3 months, 23 days.
Mark Z. Brandon, Jr.-Postal Division-29 years, 6 months, 12 days.
Miss Katherine I. Clark-Division of Schools-30 yrs., 4 mo., 16 days.
Capt. Peter W. Duncan-Navigation Division-23 yrs., 11 mo., 4 days.
Raymond S. Euper-Dredging Division-34 years, 5 months, 2 days.
Julius F. Hatchett-Pacific Locks-31 years, 5 months, 7 days.
George O. Lee-Division of Schools-31 years, 10 days.
Floyd R. McDermitt-Atlantic Locks- 30 years, 2 months, 22 days.
Sgt. Jack F. Morris-Police Division-25 years, 1 month, 7 days.
Clifford V. Russell-Health Division-29 years, 6 months, 12 days.
William M. Sergeant-Contract & Inspection Div.-28 yrs., 1 mo., 25 days.
Albert H. Shockey-Pacific Locks-31 years, 4 months, 25 days.
Neil H. Wilson-Marine Bureau-31 years, 7 months, 13 days.

Donald R. Boyer-Postal Division-21 years, 18 days.
I. Franklin McIlhenny-Engineering Division-30 yrs., 6 mo., 12 days.
Jack Pearson-Atlantic Locks-20 years, 9 months, 2 days.
Charles P. Shay-Supply Division-30 years, 10 months, 16 days.
George D. Suddaby-Dredging Division-33 years, 7 months, 17 days.
Hazel V. Welby-Gorgas Hospital-15 years, 6 months, 9 days.
Ovo K. Worley-Inspection Division-13 years, 1 month, 1 day.
Wells D. Wright-Engineering Division-33 years, 1 month, 5 days.

Gerald Brennan-Dredging Division-14 years, 1 month, 10 days.
Paul R. Furr-Electrical Division-38 years, 2 months, 14 days.
Willie J. Hatchett-Locks Division-19 years, 9 months, 15 days.
James E. Snodgrass-Locks Division-6 years, 7 months. 19 days.


Miss Juliette Griffin of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. became the bride of
James O. Pederson, formerly of the Canal Zone at a ceremony in All
Saints Episcopal Church in Ft. Lauderdale on August 6th.
Anton Pederson was his brother's best man and the matron of honor
was Mrs. James D. Henry, sister of the bride.
The ceremony was attended by a number of former Canal Zone resi-
dents including Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Banan, Mr. and Mrs. John Crawford,
and Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Melanson.
The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hans Pederson, formerly of
Gamboa. He and his brother were born in the Canal Zone and attended
school there. His father was active in the American Legion and at one
time held the office of Department Commander of the Panama Canal
The young couple will live in Gainesville.

A double-ring ceremony united in marriage Miss Cheryl Darleen
Guder and William A. R. Beil September 9 at the Clearview Methodist
Church, St. Petersburg, Florida. The Rev. Alva H. Brock officiated at
the ceremony.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Guder of 6244
45th Avenue North. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee R.
Beil, 5337- 60th Street North.
The bride, a native of Pennsylvania, is a graduate of Conestoga Sen-
ior High School, Berwyn, Pa. She attends St. Petersburg Junior College.
The bridegroom was educated in Panama, Canal Zone. He has served
in the U.S. Navy and attended St. Petersburg Junior College. He is em-
ployed by Hunnicutt and Associates.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Fears of Gamboa announce the marriage of
their son Charles to Miss Rosemary Ryan of Malverne, Long Island, N.Y.
on October 1st.
The wedding took place in Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Malverne.

Mrs. Fears, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Ryan, is attend-
ing Molloy College for Women in Malverne. Mr. Fears is a graduate of
the US Merchant Marine Academy at King's Point and is now employed
by the United Fruit Company.

Miss Karen Lou Baldus, the daughter of Howard James Baldus of
Nuncia, Mich., and Bruce Rankin Newhard, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Rankin Newhard of Margarita, were married at the Spring Lake First
Presbyterian Church in Nuncia on August 20. The Rev. Roy Marshall
The bride's sister, Miss Judy Baldus, was maid of honor.
Joseph Smith served as best man and William Hecksel and Frank
Kurburski as ushers.
Following the ceremony, a reception was held in the church parlors.
The groom is a graduate of Cristobal High School and the Michigan
College of Mining and Technology.
They will make their home in Silver Spring, Md.

Miss Linda Lane Pearl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Pearl of
Balboa became the bride of Mr. Robert Frederick Dahlstrom, son of Mr.
Sam Dahlstrom of Sisiter Bay, Wisconsin and the late Mrs. Dahlstrom in
a beautiful candle-light ceremony which took place on Sunday evening,
June 24 at 7:30.
The Rev. William H. Beeby officiated at the wedding at the First
Baptist Church, Balboa Heights.
A reception at the Fort Amador Officer's Club followed the ceremony
at the church.
The bride is a graduate of the Canal Zone Junior College, class of
The couple left the Isthmus by plane on Tuesday, June 28, for Osh-
kosh, Wisconsin where they will make their home. Mr. Dahlstrom will
continue his studies at Wisconsin State College where he is majoring in

Mr. and Mrs. Wendell G. Cotton of Coco Solo announce the mar-
riage of their daughter, Wendy Jeanne Cotton, to Mr. Dennis McLain
Corrigan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Corrigan of Margarita, C.Z. in
the Fort Gulick Chapel on Saturday, August 20, 1960.

Miss Frances Page, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Page of
Balboa, and the granddaughter of Mrs. Grover Dixon and the late Mr.
Dixon, became the bride of Mr. Gary P. Dunsmoor, the son of Mr. and

Mrs. Forrest G. Dunsmoor of Balboa Heights, on September 19, 1960, in
an 11 a.m. ceremony in the Post Chapel, Fort Amador. Rev. Ivan Kurtz
officiated. The bride is a graduate of the Canal Zone Junior College and
attended Michigan State University of Business Administration and is now
employed with the Supply and Community Services Bureau, Panama Canal
Co. After a honeymoon trip to Haiti, the young couple will be at home
in Balboa.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Roy Gallaugher of East Moilne, Ill., announce the
engagement of their daughter Wanda to Mr. Charles T. Reeves of Mar-
The wedding will take place in the Margarita Union Church Satur-
day, October 22, with the pastor, Rev. Theodore E. Franklin, officiating.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Vinton of San Juan Place, Ancon, announce
the marriage of their daughter, Janeth Vicky, to Mr. Edward J. Cannon,
son of Judge and Mrs. Hubert J. Cannon of Chicago, Ill., on September
23rd in Chicago.
Following the ceremony, a wedding dinner for the immediate family
and relatives was held at the Cannon home on Loomis Boulevard.,
Mr. Cannon left October 3 from New York for an 18-month tour of
duty with Special Services, US Army. He will, be stationed in Ausburg,
Germany. Janeth will join him overseas next month.
The bride is a graduate of Balboa High School in the class of 1956.
Last June she was graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a de-
gree in Clothing and Textiles from the School of Home Economics. Janeth
was a member of Alpha Xi Delta social sorority and Phi Epsilon Omicron
professional fraternity.
The groom was graduated from the University of Wisconsin in the
class of 1959 with a degree in Finance from the School of Commerce. Mr.
Cannon was a member of Delta Upsilon social fraternity. As catcher for
the University Varsity Baseball Team, he received the Most Valuable
Player Award and trophy. Upon graduation he was bonus player for the
Pittsburgh Pirates.
After completion of his overseas duty he will enter the School of Law
at either the University of Illinois or Wisconsin.

Mr. and Mrs. William Diez announce the marriage of their daughter
Gretchen Nina to Mr. David Martin Evans on July 30th in St. Peters
Episcopal Church in Del Mar, California. The bride attended the Canal
Zone schools in Pedro Miguel and Gamboa. The young couple will make
their home at 4468 Hortensea, San Diego, California.

The First Methodist Church of Valdosta, Georgia was the scene of
the wedding of Elizabeth C. Miller, 475 27th Avenue No., to Johnnie
P. Evans, 4761 Emerson Avenue South, St. Petersburg, Fla.
The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Mabel C. duPont, 475 27th
Ave. N. The bridegroom's parents are Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Evans, 4752
5th Avenue S.
Mrs. Evans is a receptionist in the Display Advertising Department
of the St. Petersburg Times. Her husband is chief photographer for The
Mr. Evans is well known among Panama Canal Society members as
he is most always on hand for the Officer's pictures at Reunion time.


Mr. LeRoy Smith of Los Angeles was a patient in the hospital during
September. He is reported as improving.
Mrs. Marie G. Coffey of St. Petersburg was a patient for major sur
gery in the Benedictine Hospital in Kingston, New York, in September.
She will spend a period of convelescence with her son and his family
in Saugerties, N. Y.

Mrs. Charlotte Light of St. Petersburg was a hospital patient early
in September. She is now at home and doing well.

Mr. Fred Lyons of Clearwater, has returned home after a stay in
a Rest Home.

Mrs. Columbia Reimann of Balboa, C.Z. was a recent patient in Gor-
gas Hospital. Last report, she was home and doing real well.

Mr. Ralph Schnell of St. Petersburg was a hospital patient for six
weeks following a stroke and partial paralysis. He is now at home and
recovering, slowly.

Report has it that Mr. E. H. Parmelee of Clearwater, Florida, has
been quite ill since last November.

Mr. William H. Butler of St. Petersburg was a patient in Mound
Park Hospital for major surgery in October.

Mr. Walter Pollak of Maitland, Florida was a patient in the hospital
in October and is now reported as slowly getting better.

Mrs. M. D. Pappendick of Pinellas Park, Fla. was a patient in Mound
Park Hospital in October where she underwent surgery on October 10th.

Mr. Nathan L. Levy of Houston, Texas, was to enter the hospital
early in November for eye surgery.

Mrs. Frances F. Hargy was a patient in the Mayo Clinic for surgery
in September. Mr. and Mrs. Hargy returned to their home) in St. Peters-
burg, Florida, in October.

Mrs. Warren (Mary) Love left for Bethesda, Maryland, for her
semi-annual check up at the National Institute of Health. A year or so
ago, Mrs. Love had unusual surgery and is checked often for results.
Mrs. Love has sold her house in Gulfport, Florida, and will make her
home with her two sisters in California.


Cards of Thanks and Appreciation have been received from the following:
Mrs. Charles C. Cameron Family of Harry C. Groschup
Mr. William Butler Capt. Andrew Simon
Mrs. Adelaide Lambert Mrs. Annie M. Hobson
and Family Mrs. Edwin McGinnis
Mrs. Henderson Smith Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hohmann
Mrs. Helen McCarty Mrs. Ralph Schnell
Mrs. Nobles and Family Mrs. Clara Pappendick
Mr. A. P. Byrne Mr. and Mrs. Robert Engelke
Gratefully acknowledging and thanking you for your kind expression
of sympathy. M. H. Thatcher.


Word has been received of the death of C. Kent Lambert, Sr., 77, a
retired Motor Transportation Division employee, on Aug. 14 at Adelphi,
Md. Lambert had been ill only one day.
He was Superintendent of the Motor Transportation Division in Cris-
tobal for about 20 years, and then was transferred to the Pacific Side as
Assistant Superintendent.

Lambert retired from Panama Canal service on April 30, 1934, and
with his wife left for Maryland, where they have resided since.
While residing in Cristobal, Lambert was a member of Sibert Lodge,
AF and AM.
In his immediate family he is survived by his wife; by four daugh-
ters; and by one son, C. Kent Lambert Jr., of Maryland, who left the
Isthmus about 10 years ago after having been employed as a machinist
with the Railroad Division. One daughter, Adelaide, who now resides in
Washington, D. C. was famous in the 1920's as an Olympic swimmer after
having set several Canal Zone swimming records.

Christian L. Nielsen, a retired Canal Zone employee whose service
dated back to construction days, died at Gorgas Hospital after a long
He was born in Denmark on October 20, 1871, and was a naturalized
United States citizen.
Mr. Nielsen came to the Canal Zone on September 21, 1906, and his
first employment was as a painter in the Building Division. He was pro-
moted to painter foreman, a position he held until his retirement in Octo-
ber 1930.
Since retirement, Mr. Nielsen made his home with his daughter, Mrs.
H. T. McKenzie of Colon, who survives him. He is also survived in his
family by one granddaughter, Mrs. Robert Gale; and by the great grand-

Mrs.Lucille K. Nellis, 62, wife of Wayne H. Nellis, a retired Panama
Canal employee, died Aug. 14 in Burbank, Calif., after a two weeks illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Nellis came to the Canal Zone to reside in 1939. He
worked at the Atlantic Locks and their quarters were in Gatun. After his
retirement in 1959, the couple went to Burbank where they have made
their home.
In her immediate family, Mrs. Nellis is survived by her husband; by
three sons, Wayne Nellis of Ancon, James Nellis of La Boca and Dan
Nellis of Margarita; and by six grandchildren.
Mrs. Nellis was a member of the Gatun Chapter of the Order of the
Eastern Star.

Fred Muller, 70-year-old retired employee of the Canal organization,
collapsed and died suddenly in the Knights of Columbus Hall in Balboa.
Born May 31, 1890, in Newark, New Jersey, Mr. Muller came to the
Canal Zone in 1939 as a plumber with the Supply Department and was

transferred in 1944 to the Mechanical Division, later the Industrial Divi-
sion, as a pipefitter.
He retired from the Canal in October, 1954, and for the past six years
has been living in the YMCA in Balboa. Mr. Muller was a widower.
Surviving him are a daughter, Mrs. Theodore Schmidt, of Balboa,
and three grandchildren.

News has been received of the death of Frank T. Mannix, former
employee on the Gatun Locks. Mr. Mannix died in a hospital in Miami,
Florida, at the age of 80.
A native of Delaware, Ohio, Mr. Mannix came to the Canal Zone
during construction days and worked for three years with the Isthmian
Canal Commission as a machinist.
After a short break in his service, he was reemployed as a machin-
ist in the former Mechanical Division in 1915 and was transferred to the
Locks Division as a towing locomotive operator. He remained in this
Division until his retirement in 1942.

Mrs. Selma Skeie, well known Canal Zone resident died at Gorgas
Hospital August 15th, 1960.
Mrs. Skeie was 76 years old at the time of her death. She had been
a resident of the Isthmus since 1916 when she came to the Canal Zone
with her husband, Christian O. Skeie, who was then employed with the
former Mechanical Division as a shipwright. He was later made dock
master in Balboa.
During her many years on the Isthmus, Mrs. Skeie lived on the Paci-
fic side and was active in many civic affairs. She was a life member of
the Orchid Chapter No. 1 of the Order of the Eastern Star.
In addition to her husband, she is survived by a son, Christian S.
Skeie, who is employed as a towing locomotive operator in the Locks
Division; a daughter, Mrs. Beatrice O. Short, of Ashburn, Ga.; and three
Mrs. Skeie was born in Norway where there are still living three
sisters and a brother.

John C. Searcy, 66, Oneco, Fla., died Tuesday (Aug. 23, 1960) in
a St. Petersburg hospital. He was a former Canal employee.
Mr. Searcy was born in Wartrace, Tenn., and came to Florida in
1930, living in both Tampa and St. Petersburg. He was a retired sales-
man and a veteran of World War I.
He is survived by his wife, Glen; two sons Roy, Baton Rouge, La.,
and John C. Jr., Tampa; a daughter, Betty Rathgeber, Glassboro, N.J.;

three grandchildren and three sisters, Mrs. Etta Ware, Knoxville, Tenn.,
Mrs. Eva Massey, Shreveport, La., and Mrs. Bess Watson, Houston, Texas.

Word has been received of the death on July 25 at Mount Alto Vet-
erans Hospital, Washington, D.C. of Maj. Edward Haggard Conger, USMC
(ret.). He was 78.
Major Conger, who made his home in Washington, served in the Phil-
ippines during the Spanish American War and later was stationed in the
Canal Zone and in Nicarauga. His wife, who survives him, is the former
Dolores Schuber of Panama, sister of Mrs. Omar E. Malsburg of Golf
Burial was in Arlington National Cemetery.

Mrs. Josephine DeFrees, 59-year-old resident of Margarita, died
August 23, 1960 in Coco Solo Hospital after a long illness. She was a
native of Virginia.
Mrs. DeFrees came to the Isthmus in 1924 with her husband, James
S. DeFrees, who was a civilian employee of the Army. Mr. DeFrees died
in 1952, two years after his retirement.
In her immediate family, Mrs. DeFrees is survived by a son, James
R. S. DeFrees, of Margarita, a lock operator, and three grandchildren.

Mrs. Bertha McIntyre, 75, 1171 Highland Court N., St. Petersburg,
died August 23, 1960 in a St. Petersburg hospital.
Mrs. McIntyre was born in Sacramento, California and moved here
in 1945.
She is survived by her brother, Albert M. Wooden, Modesto, Calif,;
a sister, Mrs. George W, Peacock, Oakland, Calif., and two nephews.

Mrs. Anna Deaver, 84, died at Gorgas Hospital.
She was born in New York, N.Y., Oct. 1, 1875, and came to the Canal
Zone in 1953 to make her home with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr.
and Mrs. Everett Kimmell.
In her immediate family, Mrs. Deaver is survived by her daughter,
Mrs. Mabel Kimmell; one brother, Fred Blumers of Malverne, Long Is-
land; one granddaughter and great-grandchildren.

Mrs. Agnes Virginia Byrne, 69, 5153 Orange Blossom Lane N., St.
Petersburg, died Saturday (Aug. 13, 1960) in a St. Petersburg hospital.
Born in Lodi, N.J., Mrs. Byrne moved here six years ago from the
Canal Zone where she had lived for 39 years.
She is survived by her husband, Augustin P. Byrne.

Mrs. Kathleen V. Trout, 62, a resident of the Canal Zone for over
a quarter of a century, died in her sleep Friday, Aug. 5 at the home of
a son in Bellmaur, N.J. She had been in ill health for some time.
Mrs. Trout was the widow of Lemuel Trout, a telephone wireman for
the Panama Canal's Electrical Division from 1927 until 1954.
Until last spring she had made her home with a son, Walter, in
She is survived by two sons, Walter, of Gamboa, and James, of Bell-
maur, and by seven grandchildren.

Mrs. Emma Lillian Treston,, 85, 924- 10th St. S., St. Petersburg,
died Thursday, Sept. 22, 1960 in a St. Petersburg hospital.
Mrs. Treston was born in Philadelphia, and moved here 41/2 years
ago from Denver.
She is survived by her daughter, Mrs. Gladys M. Uhler, St. Peters-
burg; and a brother, Milton Cornog, Camden, N. J.

Henry G. Appel, employee of the Oil Handling Plant in Cristobal
died suddenly Saturday, October 1.
He was born in Evansville, Indiana and was employed by the Canal
Organization in 1941. He had been with the Terminals Division in Cris-
tobal for the past seven years. He and his wife made their home in

James H. Murray of Colon, 88, a retired employee of the Panama
Canal company and World War veteran, died September 17, 1960 at the
Coco Solo Hospital.
Born in Kentucky on August 24, 1872, he arrived in Panama in 1906
and was employed by the Canal Mechanical Division. He retired from
Canal service in 1934.
Survivors in the immediate family are his wife, Mrs. Eloisa Murray
of Colon; a stepdaughter, Mrs. Parker Hanna of Margarita; and a sister
in the United States.

Arthur J. Hobson, 74, 2330 1st Street No., St. Petersburg, died Mon-
day, August 29, 1960 at his home.
Mr. Hobson, born in Philadelphia, Pa., moved here 15 years ago from
the Panama Canal Zone where he was superintendent of power for 30
years. He was a Spanish-American War veteran and was a member of
the Panama Canal Society, St. Petersburg.

He is survived by his wife, Anna M.; one son, William, California;
one daughter, Eleanor, Dallas, Texas, and three grandchildren.

Word has reached us of the death on September 13 of Mrs. George
R. Goethals, wife of Colonel George R. Goethals, Sr., retired, in an auto-
mobile accident near Las Cruces, New Mexico, where the Goethals had
made their home for several years. Mrs. Goethals was 75.
Mrs. Goethals was the former Priscilli Jewett Howes. She and Col.
Goethals were married in Watertown, N.Y. in 1910 shortly after his
graduation from West Point. Col. Goethals, son of General George W.
Goethals, was stationed on the Isthmus during the construction of the
Canal, and the couple was well known here.
Mrs. Goethals is survived by her husband, a son, George W. Goe-
thals II, of Winchester, Mass., and seven grandchildren.

J. Earl Youart, former Fire Lieutenant in the Canal Zone Fire Divi-
sion died at San Clemente, California on September 5th.
Mr. Youart was born on Feb. 1, 1895, at Kansas City, Missouri.
His first appointment in the Canal Zone was as a fireman, in June,
1925. In 1927, he was promoted to sergeant and he was commissioned a
lieutenant in the Canal Zone Fire Division in 1952. His next promotion
was to Fire Lieutenant, the rank he held when he retired in May, 1955.
After his retirement from Panama Canal service, Mr. and Mrs.
Youart left the Isthmus to reside in San Clemente.
In his immediate family, Mr. Youart is survived by his wife, Mrs.
Marie Youart of San Clemente.

James L. Wilber, son of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Wilber of Ancon,
died in the U.S. Naval Hospital at Portsmouth, Va. where he had been
seriously ill for the past two weeks. He was 19 years old.
He was born in St. Paul, Minn., and attended Balboa High School
where he was graduated with the class of 52. For the past year he had
been serving with the U.S. Navy on the East Coast. He was graduated
from the U.S. Naval Radar School in Norfolk in 1959 and at the time
he became ill was aboard the William M. Wood, a radar destroyer.

Word has been received of the death of John Curtis Adams, 31, son
of Col. and Mrs. John C. L. Adams, former residents of Panama now
living in Atlantic City. The younger Mr. Adams was a general claims
examiner for the Canal organization for two years prior to leaving the
service on November 29, 1958.

Mr. Adams died in Atlantic City hospital of head injuries suffered
in a boating accident.
Survivors, in addition to the parents and the younger brother, include
a daughter, Diana, and a second brother, Albert.

Longtime resident of the Panama Canal Zone, Mrs. Elizabeth Stillwell
died August 2nd at Santa Teresita Hospital, Duarte. She was a resident
of 829 E. Palm Ave., Monrovia, Calif.
Mrs. Stillwell was born in Chicago, Ill., Feb. 24, 1887. She has lived
in Monrovia for 12 years, coming here from the Panama Canal Zone
where her husband, Ellis D. Stillwell was superintendent of the Locks
Division. They made their home in the Latin American country for 35
Mrs. Stillwell was a member of the Methodist Church and had been
active in the church, singing as a soprano soloist for many years. She
was a past matron of Coral Chapter of the OES, Gatun, Canal Zone, and
was a member of the Panama Canal Society of Los Angeles.
She leaves her husband, Ellis D. Stillwell; two daughters, Mrs. Jean
Crook of Ukiah, Calif. and Mrs. Norma Martin of Falls Church, Va.
and six grandchildren.

1st Sgt. Jack W. Mappin died in Germany on September 2, 1960
when a howitzer shell overshot its target and exploded in a bivouac area.
He was the husband of Jeannette D. Mappin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Eugene D. Singley of Gatun-cillo, C.Z. Mrs. Mappin was awaiting per-
mission to join her husband in Germany. The body was sent to the Canal
Zone for burial in Corozol Cemetery. Besides his wife, Sgt. Mappin is
survived by four children: Alice Jean, 9, Jacqueline,7, Margarette, 5, and
Eugene, 3.

Irving M. Brown, 55, died on August 17, 1960 at a Richmond, Vir-
ginia, hospital. Mr. Brown grew up on the Zone and was educated in the
Balboa schools. He was an employee of the Commissary Division for sev-
eral years. At the time of his death he was a foreman at Allied Chemical,
Nitrogen Division, where he had been employed for 31 years.
Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Nellie B. Brown of Hopewell, Va.; his
mother, Mrs. Josephine Brown of the Canal Zone; two sons, Maurice C.
and Ronald Kent, both of Hopewell. He is also survived by five sisters,
Mrs. L. C. Haseman, Miss Pearl Brown and Miss Carrie Brown, all of the
Canal Zone, Mrs. J. O. King of Lincoln, Nebraska, and Mrs. V. D. Chand-
ler of Morrel. Kansas, and by five grandchildren.

Mr. E. V. Finch, former Chief Timekeeper for the Central Division
at Empire, 1907 to 1914, died August 17th after a long illness. He was
known as Ernie Finch and married Zola Gorham, daughter of Fred Gor-
ham, Empire Postmaster in 1910. Mrs. Finch passed away two years ago.

Humphrey F. Redfield, 66, father of Mrs. Robert D. Brown Jr. of
Balboa Heights, died, following a heart attack. On the Isthmus, he had
visited his daughter and son-in-law, Col. Robert D. Brown Jr. Before his
retirement, Mr. Redfield was vice-president of John Price Jones Corp. of
New York.

Mrs. Maria Emilia Ossa Prescott, revered throughout the Republic
of Panama for her participation in the making of Panama's first flag in
1903, died recently, in Panama City. She was the niece of Panama's first
President, Manuel Amador Guerrero. Mrs. Prescott was the wife of Col.
Richard D. Prescott, for many years chief Technician of Panama's Tele-
graph and Communications, now retired. In addition to her husband, Mrs.
Prescott is survived by her brother, Mario Osso, her sister-in-law, Dolores
Navarro Osso and several nieces and nephews.

Mr. William Hyde of Balboa, C.Z. died on August 19 following a
long illness. Mr. Hyde is survived by his wife and a daughter, Mrs. Harry
Foster of Balboa, C. Z.
The President of the Chicago Society reported, at their May 7th meet-
ing, the deaths of the following members:
Mrs. H. L. Stuntz Mr. Edward Duckworth
Mrs. Robert Huntoon Mr. C. M. Sundstrom
Mrs. Frank Anderson

John B. Johnson, 62 years old, of Indianapolis, Indiana, died at his
home. He was a New York Central Railroad Conductor and an active
Mason and Shriner. He was also a member of the Panama Canal Society.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Lucille Johnson, and by two sisters.

Edwin Willard Booth, 73 resident of Route 7, Fayetteville, Ark., died
Aug. 31st in the Springdale Memorial Hospital after an extended illness.
He was born April 10, 1887 in Chicago, Ill. the son of Edwin and Hannah
Maher Booth, was a member of Hiram Lodge No. 70 at New Orleans, La.,
the Masonic Lodge and Eastern Star of which he was a past grand master
and past grand patron, and was a member of the Methodist Church. He
moved to Fayetteville in 1949.
Survivors are one son, Edwin W. Booth, Jr., Garden City, N.Y.; one

daughter, Mrs. Winifred Booth Lincoln, Gamboa, Canal Zone; two sisters,
Mrs. Walter Hava, Waveland, Miss., and Mrs. Hilda Heaton, New Orleans;
three grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Mrs. Rebecca Ford, 80, died on September 30, 1960 following a heart
attack, at the home of her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
W. Burgois of Gamboa, C.Z. Mrs. Ford had been in ill health for a month.
She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Burgois and Mrs. Frank Adams
of Reading, Pennsylvania, and by a son, James R. Huber of Reading.

Steve Rainey, 56, who was a well known resident of the Canal Zone
for 18 years, died on May 2, 1960 in Pleasonton, Texas, near San Antonio.
He is survived by his wife, Louise, his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Rainey,
three brothers, Thomas B., P. J. Rainey and Roger Rainey and also by
two sisters, Mrs. Edna Gorgey of Pleasonton and Mrs. Oma Robbins of
Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

Woodman Watson Gould, former resident of Colon and an insurance
broker in Cristobal for almost 30 years, died in Miami Beach, Florida,
on September 14th at the age of 83. He and Mrs. Gould had celebrated
their golden wedding anniversary only two days before his death.
Mr. Gould is survived by his wife Alfreda, one son Charles W. Gould
of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and a daughter Virginia Moore of Denver,
Colorado, five grandchildren, Carol, Charles, Susan and David Gould of
Chattanooga, and Betty Jean Craig Woodcock of Fort Lauderdale, Florida
and two great grandchildren, Kenneth Samuel and Vicky Lorraine Wood-
cock. Mrs. Gould's address is Boulevard Hotel, 775 Dade Boulevard,
Miami Beach, Florida.

George V. Graff, retired Panama Canal employee who had been a
patient at Gorgas Hospital since June 1958, died October 11, 1960.
Mr. Graff was born Oct. 25, 1880, in Chicago, Ill. He was first em-
ployed in the Canal Zone in August 1905 as a clerk-dispenser for the
Isthmian Canal Commission. He resigned Sept. 18, 1910 and was re-
employed Aug. 23, 1912, as a clerk with the Commission.
On Dec. 1, 1914, he transferred to the Supply Department as a clerk
and Sept. 10, 1915, transferred to the Executive office. Three months later
he transferred again, to the General Bureaus Division. On Sept. 20, 1934
he transferred to the Personnel Administration.
Mr. Graff retired on October 31, 1937.

His daughter, Mrs. Robert A. Engelke, is the wife of the administra-
tive assistant, Dredging Division.
Mr. Graff came to St. Petersburg August 1941, and after Mrs. Graff
passed away June 1958, he went back to the Zone with his daughter, and
had been in Gorgas ever since.

Miss Marilyn Ruth Smith, 19, was fatally injured in an automobile
accident in Salem, Va., late Friday night, October 7th.
Miss Smith was a graduate of Balboa High School and was in her
second year of nursing studies at Roanoke Memorial Hospital in Virginia.
In her family she is survived by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey D.
Smith of Balboa; and by three brothers, Ens. Donald Smith, US Navy,
and Kenneth and James Smith of Balboa.

Mrs. Louise Bohata, 68, of 5020 18th Ave. No., St. Petersburg, died
September 2, 1960 at her home.
Mrs. Botata was born in Germany. She came to this area from
Thornwood, New York.
Surviving is her husband, Arthur.
Mr. and Mrs. Bohata were former residents of the Canal Zone.

Mrs. James MacLean, of Gamboa, died October 9th, 1960 in Gorgas
Hospital after a long illness. She was 57 years old.
Mrs. MacLean, who was born in Glasgow, Scotland, came to the
Isthmus in 1940.
Surviving her are her husband, James MacLean, of Gamboa; a son,
Douglas, also of Gamboa; a sister, Miss Mary H. Gray, also of Gamboa;
and two brothers, Archie Gray, of Washington, D.C., and Angus Gray,
of Garrison, N. Y.

Canada M. Stephenson, retired United States citizen, died in Mar-
garita Tuesday afternoon, October 4th.
At the time of his death, Mr. Stephenson had been making his home
in Margarita with his son John Stephenson, an employee of the Marine
He was born in Macon, Georgia and engaged in merchandising in
Oklahoma until 1947 when he retired. He was 79 years old at the time
of his death.
Surviving him are his wife Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Stephenson, who
also lives in Margarita, two sons, John of Margarita and Norton B. Steph-
enson, an employee of the Engineering and Construction Bureau; and a

daughter, Mrs. Emily S. Yerbury of Florida; and 10 grandchildren.

A seven-year-old boy, son of Canal Zone policeman Edward V.
Amason, was drowned when he fell from a sewer culvert into the man-made
lagoon on the Gavilan side of the new Balboa Bridge approach and was
swept through another culvert into Amador Bay.
Almost an hour later Amason himself recovered the body of his son,
Carlos Roberto Amason, about 200 feet from the filling. Hour-long efforts
by Fire Chief W. G. Dolan and Sgt. Hugh D. Hale with a resuscitator failed
to revive the boy.

Mrs. Doris Ruth Forsell died in an accident when the car in which
she was riding plunged off a pier at Coco Solo. Mrs. Forsell is survived by
her husband, Ernest W. Forsell, her parents Mr. and Mrs. James Payne of
Coco Solo, two sisters, Betty and Mildred Payne, and an aunt and uncle,
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Brameld of Gamboa, C.Z. Mrs. Forsell was a graduate
of Cristobal High School in the class of 1960 and was married to Ernest
Forsell on July 2nd, 1960.

Antonio Rocchio, a former Zonian who retired from thirty years of
service with the Navy in January of this year, died on October 12th, 1960.
Since his retirement he had made his home in Deland, Florida. Mr.
Rocchio, at the time of his death was in New York to attend the funeral
of his mother.

Word has been received of the death of Mrs. E. P. (Ida) Bugbey of
Wilcox, Pennsylvania. Mrs. Bugbey died on October 26th and funeral
services were held in Baltimore, Maryland. She is survived by her hus-
band, Mr. E. P. Bugbey who was a Marine Engineer in the Dredging Divi-
sion on the Canal Zone, where Mr. and Mrs. Bugbey resided for many

Mrs. Anne Bell Thatcher, who was First Lady of the Canal Zone from
1910 to 1913, died on October 10th at her home in Washington, D.C. She
was injured in a fall on September 12th at her home in Plymouth, Mass.
during hurricane Donna. Her husband, Maurice Thatcher, is the only sur-
viving member of the Isthmian Canal Commission. He served as head of
the department of Civil Administration, a position equivalent to the present
day Governor. Mr. and Mrs. Thatcher were married on May 4, 1910 in
Frankfort, Kentucky. Mrs. Thatcher quickly adapted herself to Isthmian
life, and during their stay she made many friends, particularly in Panama.
She learned to speak Spanish and became familiar with the customs and

traditions of the country. Mrs. Thatcher summed up that period as "one
of the most interesting and happy periods of my life". During Mr.
Thatcher's tenure in the Congress as a member from Kentucky, 1923 to
1933, they visited Japan, Guam, Egypt, the West Indies and many Central
and South American countries. Mrs. Thatcher served as President of the
Senior Congress Club, the Ladies Auxiliary of the Panama Canal Society
of Washington, D.C. and of the Kentucky Society in Washington. Mr.
Thatcher is her only survivor.

S. F. McKenzie, former employee on the Panama Canal Locks, died
in Ooltewah, Tenn., October 17, 1960. He was 60 years old.
A second generation Canal Zone resident, Mr. McKenzie came to the
Isthmus with his family and held his first job with the Canal in 1917 as
a student gardener in the Commissary Division.
He was given an apprenticeship as a machinist in the same year and
following the completion of his training, was employed as a machinist
in the Mechanical Division. He later worked in this same capacity for
the Motor Transportation Division and was transferred to the Locks Divi-
sion in 1934.
Mr. McKenzie retired from the Canal in 1948 and since that time
has been living in Ooltewah.
In addition to his wife, Mrs. Margaret McKenzie, he is survived by
two daughters, Mrs. Betty Flag of Connecticut and Miss Marjorie Mc-
Kenzie of Georgia. Three nephews living on the Isthmus are T. C. Makib-
bin of Cristobal; H. S. Makibbin of Balboa and George Makibbin of

Retired Federal Judge Bunk Gardner, 83, died October 27, 1960 at
a hospital in Mayfield, Kentucky.
The Judge, most recently the leading figure in court action contesting
the will of his millionaire brother, Ed Gardner, last served as Federal
District Judge for the Panama Canal Zone.
He also served as Circuit Judge of the First District of Kentucky and
as U. S. District Attorney for the State's Western District.
The contested will of his brother, which involved an estate of about
12 million dollars, is still in the courts. The action surrounds an alleged
codicil to the will which left part of the estate to Judge Gardner and his
son, Bunk, Jr.
The will itself had left the entire estate to a charitable organization

President of the National Association
of Retired Civil Employes

It is with the deepest sorrow that we announce the passing of Joseph
L. Spilman, our National President, early Wednesday morning, July 6. He
suffered a heart attack oni June 26 and, while this condition showed some
improvement, a series of other complications set in to cause his death.
Mr. Spilman had many plans for the improvement and advancement
of our Association. He was anxiously awaiting July 1st when he would
assume office and begin putting these plans into effect. Some, of course,
were long range but he expected ultimately to have them all in operation.
Before adoption, many involved extended correspondence and con-
sultation with our leaders in the field, a procedure which he strongly ad-
Fortunately, his proposals had been discussed fully with the newly
elected First Vice President. You may be assured thai they will be imple-
mented as rapidly as possible, following the procedures he had in mind.

The above was lifted from the pages of Retirement Life, the monthly
magazine of the National Association of Retired Civil Employes. The nine-
teen hundred members of the Panama Canal Society join the members of
the National Association of Retired Civil Employes in regret at Mr. Spil-
man's early death and in sympathy for his widow, his son, and his brother
and sisters.

As, onet by one, the autumn leaves fade in the forest deep,
So, one by one, to each of you must come the touch of sleep.
As, one by one, the roses burst into the morning light.
So, one by one, your souls shall wake again beyond the night.

An Expression of Appreciation

There are nearly 600 members of the Panama Canal Society in the
Tampa Bay area and they were all most grateful for the wonderful cover-
age of the news, during the recent hurricane Donna, by radio and tele-
vision stations in this area. The warnings, advice and bulletins on the
progress of the storm were a great help and certainly appreciated.

For the Period July 31 to October 29, 1960

Well this has really been some summer picnics were few and far
between on account of the hard rains and hurricanes DONNA was
really very bad for us although we suffered very little damage. However,
we did have a business meeting on October 10th which was well attended.
Owing to the fact that so many of our members are unable to drive
as far as Tampa it was voted at the meeting to hold all of the picnics
at Lake Maggiore in the future. The picnic tables have been repaired so
that they look like new and additional tables have been added to the sec-
tion where we always meet.
Many visitors have been here this summer and some have decided to
make our Tampa Bay location their home when they retire, which makes
us very happy.
Again it is time to announce that many members have failed to pay
their 1960 dues, after having received at least five notices. Quite a few
had joined for only six months that is from July 1959 thru December
1959, and we have sent them the March and June Records in hopes that
they would send in their $3.00, but since they decided against renewing
I can only say that we are very sorry to lose so many members. This year
our new members totaled 144, dropped 33, leaving a balance of 1,898.
As is the custom, many members are giving Memberships to friends,
and these will be mailed out early in December. If you have someone
whom you would like to make a member, or renew a former membership
gift, please let us know. We will get it to them promptly, however a new
membership will not be listed in the 1961 Year Book, but will be inserted
in the back of the March Record.
We have new pins at $1.25 each they make lovely gifts too. I still
have some stickers Panama Canal for 25 cents each. I include a
sticker in the new membership year book, card and record.
I do hope that you all will have had a nice Thanksgiving by the
time you get this December Record, and the Year Book will follow close
behind, too, you will be getting ready for Christmas and New Years -
THEN some of you will start packing to come to the Reunion which
will be held at the Soreno Hotel on January 9th and 10th. THIS IS
MONDAY AND TUESDAY. Rates are the same at the Hotel, $8.00 for
a single room and $12.00 for a double, both with private bath. Don't for-
get the 3% tax. If you send in your money for rooms be sure and in-
clude the tax. There is no tax on the luncheon, which is also $2.75 as

usual, as the tax and gratuity are included you know you pay the 3'
tax wherever you eat here in Florida.
Our regular Christmas Party will be at the Tourist Center on Decem-
ber 12th, which is the regular December meeting at which time the dona-
tions will be accepted from anyone for a gift to the American Legion
Crippled Children's Hospital. If you cannot be present and wish to do
your share, just send me a check and I will be delighted to pass it on to
the Hospital. Thank you so very much for your help.
Our Blood Bank (for Florida members only) is coming along fine-
as of today we have 524 members, 17 pints of blood to our credit in the
Blood Bank. We have supplied 48 pints to 19 members.
Dues in the Blood Bank are $2.00 each person beginning with Jan-
uary, the same as your dues in the Society, however, a member may join
at any time but no blood can be supplied by the Society unless the indi-
vidual has been a member for the three months proceeding the need of
the blood. Anyone who wishes to join may send me the dues, NOT THE
Please remember all members who have paid for the balance of
the year, that is July thru December 1960 your subscription expires
as of December 31, 1960. Your Year Book for 1961 will not be mailed
to you until your dues for that year has been paid. PLEASE PAY THEM
At the meeting in October the nominating committee was appointed
with instructions to submit their report as soon as possible in order that
their names could appear in the 1961 Year Book, and December Record
-the report follows:
President Keith E. Kelley
Vice President -.-. W. D. Goodwin
Secretary-Treasurer -- Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Corresponding Secretary ..-- ... Mrs. Z. K. Esler
News Editor ... --- Ernest M. Kieswetter
Please advise the Secretary when you are ill at home or go to the
hospital. Also if and when you change your address.
See you at the Soreno January 9 and 10. Monday and Tuesday.
Please remember that the $8.00 and $12.00 rates are SPECIAL for mem-
bers of the Panama Canal Society who make room reservations, so if you
make your own reservations PLEASE inform the desk clerk at the time
so no discussion is necessary. It has been embarrassing for others who pay
$12.00 and $16.00 for the same type rooms, and for the desk clerk who
must explain. Reservations can always be made thru the Secretary.
Lucille S. Judd, Secretary-Treasurer

at Lake Maggiore, St. Petersburg, Fla. October 10, 1960

President Keith Kelley called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.
About seventy-five members were present. This was the first scheduled
meeting to be held since April 11, 1960 due to the following unforseen
circumstances: the scheduled meeting of August 8th at Lowry Park was
postponed because of the high water conditions as a result of "Donna"
and was to have been held on September 12th at Lake Maggiore. Howe-
ever, just before the meting would have bnen called to order, big black
clouds and a high wind suddenly appeared and all the members present
including several visitors (among them I noticed Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F.
Grady from Cristobal) scampered quickly to their cars in an effort to
get home before the storm broke. This was impossible for in a very few
minutes we encountered one of the heaviest rains of the season.
The following officers were Present:
President Mr. Keith Kelley
Vice President Mr. Frank Hohmann
Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary-- Mrs. Lyla M. Esler
Fifty new members were taken in during the period from April 1,
1960 to September 1, 1960 making the membership total as of that date
1,895. During September, 18 new members were added making the total
as of October 1, 1960, 1,913 members.
The report of the Recording Secretary for the meeting of April 11,
1960, was read and there being no corrections or additions noted, it was
approved as read.
Visitors at the meeting were introduced as follows:
Mr. and Mrs. Don Boyer (retired and now residing in St. Petersburg)
Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Lombana
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph I. Eckert Orlando
Illnesses of the following Members were reported:
Mrs. Mary A. Klemmer Mr. Fred Lyons
Mrs. Columbia Reiman Mr. W. H. Butler
Mr. H. C. Smith Mr. Ralph Schnell
Mr. Archie Gibson Mrs. Marguerite McGinnis
Mr. LeRoy Smith Mr. E. H. Parmelee
Mrs. Marie Coffey Mrs. Lee Trower
Mr. Walter Pollak Mrs. Corinne Feeny
Our Past-President Macon Turner reported that Abraham Halliday
has recovered from surgery to his eyes as a result of an injury he incur-

red in the Canal Zone back in the 30's. Mr. Halliday operates a news-
stand in Sebring, Florida and anyone driving through should stop by and
chat with him a few minutes, if at all possible.

Mr. J. Bayliss Johnson Mr. George Graff
Mr. Irving M. Brown Mrs. Ida Bugbey
Mrs. Wayne Nellis Mr. Kent Lambert
Mr. Arthur J. Hobson Mrs. A. P. Byrne
Mr. Fred Muller Mrs. Ellis Stillwell
Mrs. Kathleen V. Trout Mr. John C. Adams
Mrs. Selma Skeie Mr. Frank T. Mannix
Mrs. Mario O. Prescott Mr. John C. Searcy
Mr. Ernie Finch Mr. James L. Wilbur
Mrs. Josephine DeFrees Mr. William Hyde
Mrs. Arthur Bohata Major E. H. Conger
Mr. Christian L. Nielsen Mrs. Bertha McIntyre
Mr. Ben Jenkins Mr. Edwin W. Booth, Sr.
Mr. James H. Murray Mrs. Anna Deaver
Mrs. Emma L. Treston Mr. Earl Youart
Mrs. George W. Goethals Sgt. Jack W. Mappin
Mr. Humphrey F. Redfield Mr. Henry Appel
Mr. Joseph L. Spilman, who would have taken office as President
of NARCE on July 1, 1960, passed away on July 6th.
President Kelley extends his thanks and that of the Society to George
C. Thurgood and Henry H. Hudson for auditing the books of the Panama
Canal Society.

An interesting report was given by Mr. W. J. Bartlett, Chairman of
the Legislative Committee. He stated that the Health Bill S-2575 has been
passed but that due to an oversight many are barred from participation
in the benefits, that it excludes many widows and that former employees
who retired with deferred annuity are not included, however, he antici-
pates that a change will be made covering this phase next year. The 10%
increase to employees who retired prior to 1956 has been approved for
1 more year.

Mr. J. F. Everett, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, gave a
very nice talk to the members complimenting the officers for a job well
done, the Kieswetters for a wonderful year of editing the Record which is
so very much appreciated by all the members, and how close former em-
ployees of the Canal Zone feel toward each other, many even closer than

relatives. Mr. Everett then submitted the slate for 1961 of officers ap-
proved by the Nominating Committee as follows:
FOR: President ____ ---------_ ---- Mr. Keith Kelley
Vice President ----.... Mr. William D. Goodwin
Secretary-Treasurer- --.--- Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary --.----__Mrs. Lyla M. Esler
President Kelley talked about the summer outings many members
participated in and how successful they had been. He spoke of one more
outing he hoped to initiate in taking a trip on the S.S. Florida to view
the Tampa Docks. He also mentioned a possible motor-cade of members
to Tarpon Springs to attend the 11 a.m. service at the Episcopal Church
where Vicar Roger H. Greene is officiating. This trip is planned for
October 23rd.
The fact that the summer picnic meetings held at Lowry Park and
at Hillsboro Park have not been very successful was brought up and dis-
cussed. It was put to vote that all future summer meetings be held at
Lake Maggiore which was approved unanimously by the members present.
Mrs. Judd said she had written letters for the Society to WTVT,
WSUN-TV and WFLA-TV referring to the wonderful coverage conveyed
to the people during hurricane "Donna" and read a reply received by the
Society from Mr. E. B. Dodson, manager of WTVT acknowledging our
thanks which he stated would be extended to all members of his staff who
Mrs. Etta Conkerton advised the membership that Mr. Frank Regan
and his wife Grace have moved to St. Petersburg from Ohio. Grace Regan
is Mrs. Conkerton's sister, therefore she is very happy about it.
Mrs. Judd, as usual, had a large number of letters from members in
various parts of the States, and read items of general interest from all of
them which are too numerous to mention individually. Many thank-you
notes were also read by Mrs. Judd.
The last letter read by our Secretary-Treasurer came as a complete
surprise and shock to everyone. This letter was the written resignation
submitted by Mr. Ernest Kieswetter, News Editor of the Canal Record.
A standing ovation was given by the members in appreciation of his fine
work done in the past and expressing the hope that he would recind his
resignation and continue the good work. Mr. Kieswetter did not feel that
he could recind his resignation but he did state that he would stay on until
his successor takes over.
The meeting adjourned at 3:10 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Lyla M. Esler, Recording Secretasy


At this writing, the last day of October, we in Southern California
are still enjoying warm, and sometimes hot, days cool evenings. The
countryside is brown and dry, and we are all hoping for rain a good
old wet season downpour as in Panama, would be most welcome here in
the Los Angeles area.
As usual, September was hot-and not more than 80 or so ventured
out on September 11 for the picnic at Griffith Park: but those that did
attend had a good time seeing old friends and acquaintances.
Letter from Estelle McLain who is now making her home with her
daughter and family-her mailing address Box 1464, Cristobal, Canal
Zone. She says she misses her California home-but fills in her time
visiting with her friends, also her son John and his family. She wrote
of the illness of Mrs. Elsie Lucas in the American Hospital in Los
Angeles. Also that Wayne Brown, grandson of Mollie Brown, is in the
St. Luke's Hospital in Pasadena. She gets more news down there than
we do right here! Mrs. McClain reports a new great granddaughter born
July 5: another grand son was married to Wendy Cotton on August 20th,
and the newlyweds are now living at Moscow, Idaho where Dennis is
finishing his last year of college.
Mrs. Lulu M. Dewey writes that Mrs. F. S. Pierce and son Franklin
of Orlando, Florida, were in Los Angeles for a few days on their way
to Hawaii. They visited Mrs. Dewey, the Bradley's and the Jos. Wimmer's
of Glendale; Bill and Elizabeth Jones of Monrovia, and relatives in Tor-
rance. From Los Angeles the Pierce's traveled to San Francisco where
they sailed for Hawaii and will return direct to Florida.
Mrs. Helen Peterson of Los Angeles spent some time in Ohio with
her sister Loretta. In August Helen and her daughter Eileen entertained
Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Davis and family of Balboa who were visiting
Mr. Davis' parents in Monrovia. She says it was good to see them and
get the latest news of the happenings on the Zane.
Also, Helen was pleasantly surprised by a visit from Alberta (Powers)
Harris of Berkeley, California who was on her way to Florida, and
was traveling with her daughter Anita and family. She also had a card
from Lista Daniels and son Bob of Dallas, Texas, spending some time in
Miami visiting with Grace Schack.
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Wilson are settled in their apartment at 7708
Magnolia Avenue, Apt. 6, Riverside, California-and we hope they like
it here.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wunsch enjoyed a vacation recently at Tecopa
Hot Springs in Death Valley enjoyed the smogless air, and the hot
mineral baths.

Mrs. Varney T. Cornwell, of La Habra Heights, went by Polar route
to London, to visit her sister and family. During her stay there she visited
old friends Doris and Noel Dagnall, at Lewes, Sussex and they had
a wonderful time recalling old memories of the seven years of war work
they shared together. The Dagnall's have a lovely home, quite modern
including American facilities, and Noel is living the life of a country
gentleman, enjoying his beautiful garden. The Dagnall's wish to be re-
membered to their old C.Z. friends. On the trip back, Mrs. Cornwell was
able to land at Teflavik, Iceland and she along with afew of the pas-
sengers braved the journey to see the only store there which was well
stocked with liquor all at half price; then on to Greenland and to Los
Angeles via Edmonton, Seattle and San Francisco. All this in a relatively
short time left the London Airport at 3 p.m. and was in Los Angeles
at 9:45 p.m. the same day-you'll have to figure out the hours yourselves
as I can't keep time differences straight. Mrs. Cornwell thoroughly en-
joyed her trip and considered the polar trip well worth while.
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Grauten, formerly of Washington, D.C., are mak-
ing their home at 23 Loma Avenue, Long Beach 3.

Mr. Arthur Wynne and Mrs. Martin Seiler flew to Anchorage, Alaska,
for a brief view of the new state. From Alaska, they flew over the North
Pole to Denmark in 15 hours and 15 minutes. They bought a new Volks-
wagen and used it to tour Denmark and then shipped it to New York.
From Denmark they flew to Norway for a tour of the Scandinavian coun-
tries. They also toured France, Germany, Switzerland and were in Edin-
burg, Scotland, for the famous music festival. From Scotland, they flew
non-stop to New York where Mr. Seiler met them. Mr. Wynne flew on
to Washington, D.C., Charleston, S.C. and on to Hot Springs, Ark. Martin
and Virginia picked up the Volkswagen and started a 4000 mile tour
across country to their home in California. Enroute, they visited friends
and relatives. The list of friends they visited along the way reads like a
Canal Zone directory. They surely had a marvelous trip.

Seems early to do so but time goes along so fast so all of us
in California wish the readers of the Florida Record the very merriest
of holidays and good health and happiness in the coming year.

Thelma Repp, Secretary


The Louis Souders and Bill McDougals are two real happy families.
On September 16th a 9 pound and three ounce brown eyed girl came to
live with the McDougall's. Helen Rae and Morine Marie are doing just
One year old Lynn Carter and mother Mrs. Roy Searcy returned from
a real nice vacation in Iowa with her parents. The Searcys now live in
Baton Rouge, La.
Mr. Nathan Levy is having surgery on his eyes November 9 they
are really praying that this operation will be a success and that he will
be able to see good again. Our prayers and good wishes go with them
on this occasion.
Merle Souder is working in New York and will be with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Souder, from December 16th to January 1st, for a
nice Christmas Holiday Season for all.
West University Chapter No. 933, O.E.S. is having Past Matrons and
Past Past Matrons Night. Instead of honoring them with a party the
Past Officers are going to confer the degrees. The one chosen for the
station of Worthy Matron is a Past Matron of Orchid Chapter No. 1,
O.E.S., Mrs. Irene Wright.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Fincher are leaving on October 30th for Dallas
where they will attend the Texas Grand Chapter Session. Ross will be an
assistant Grand Sentinel and Doris will be a Grand Page.
Peggy and Clyde Ellis, Jr., are going to St. Petersburg, Florida, for
a week about the 24th of November. Marybell and Bobby Hicks will be
in Florida on vacation at that time.
Roy Leeser, who broke his ankle in April and was laid up for approxi-
mately ten weeks, reports that he is fully recovered and back on the job.
Mrs. J. H. Bornefield broke her ankle about the 23rd of April and
was in a wheel chair for approximately five weeks, and is glad to report
that she is fine now.
Miss Ceil Felchak has returned from Hollywood, California where
she and her mother were vacationing and visiting her Mother's sister
Mrs. W. C. Bart, of Hollywood.
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Birkeland have been vacationing in New York, vis-
iting Mr. Birkeland's sister Elsie Kubocka. They report that they really
enjoyed driving through the country, and had a wonderful time sight-
seeing in New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hughes of Cristobal are in Houston with their
son Tommie and family. They are not settled yet as to where they will

live, we hope it is Houston. Mr. Hughes was with the Police Force in
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Turner have returned from Hattiesburg, Mis-
sissippi where they attended the funeral of Mr. Turner's brother Claude,
who passed away September 23 in a Houston hospital. Mr. Turner had
been sick for a long time.
We have a very nice new member of our Club. Mrs. Harvey (Ann)
Williamson, 4610 West 43rd Street, Phone No. OV. 2-2285, Houston, Tex.
Bertha Turner, Secretary-Treasurer


Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Smith of Muscle Shoal,, Alabama, visited the
Sibus's of Altamonte Springs during August. Mr. Smith was formerly
employed by the Locks Division at Pedro Miguel and is now International
Agent for the Electrical Union. They are looking for a home in the
Orlando area.
Mr. and Mrs. William Rohrbach of Maitland had several Zonite visi-
tors during the Summer. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schapow stopped for a
few days during August on their way to New York. During September Ed
Levy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Levy of Hendersonville, and one of his college
friends spent a few days enjoying the boating and skiing on the Rohrbach's
lake. Also in September, Beverley and Jim DesLondes of Balboa and
their son, Danny, stayed while entering Danny in Stetson University at
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Eckert have moved from their home in Wilcox,
Pa. and have bought a home in Orlando, at 2107 E. Jefferson Street. He
was employed as an engineer in the Dredging Division at Gamboa.
Mrs. Horace Weltmar of Altamonte Springs has sold her big house
and is building a smaller modern one across the street.
Mr. and Mrs. V. D. Calloway of Winter Park attended the American
Legion Convention at Miami Beach the week of October 14th and met
many old Isthmian friends. Other visitors to Miami were Mrs. J. J. Dudak
and her daughter Helen Louise.
Mr. Walter Pollack of Maitland was a patient at Florida Sanitorium
and Hospital for about two weeks during October and is now convales-
cing at home.


The annual business meeting of this Chapter will take place some-
time in January. Time and place to be announced later.
Joyce and Bob Lee (Joyce Fuller) of 24 Farman Drive of Cloverdale,
are the proud parents of twin girls born on September 12. They have
named the children Heather Christine and Barbara Jean.
Death took Mr. Nathan Levy of Walnut Creek in September, after a
long illness. He left his wife Florence and a son Harry of Walnut Creek.
Mr. Levy will be remembered for his connection with the Import Export
Company of Colon.
Mr. Charles F. Will of San Carlos, who suffered a heart attack and
confined to the Sequoia Hospital for a month, is now at home again. Mr.
and Mrs. Will (Noreen Rakovsky) were well known members of the
Atlantic Side Community during his many years of service with the United
Fruit Company.
Mrs. Eleanor Home, of Florida was the house-guest of Mr. and Mrs.
F. H. Irwin in August. While visiting them she was the guest of Mrs. A.
C. Beard at a bridge luncheon where she met many of her old friends
now living in this area.
Mr. H. A. McConhaughey has received a good bill of health from
his doctor following surgery last summer.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Prager left early in October for a trip to Texas,
Oklahoma and Florida where they will spend the month visiting friends
and relatives. On the return trip their route will take them to Monrovia
where they will attend the semi-annual meeting of the Past Matrons on
the 28th.
Mr. and Mrs. Claude S. Howell left the middle of October for a trip to
South Carolina to visit relatives. They expect to return before the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bach of San Rafael were joined by friends and
plan to make a motor trip through the Pacific Northwest and into Canada,
returning early in November.
In late summer Mrs. George Coffey sold her beautiful home on
Mountain Boulevard, and is now occupying an apartment at Perkins and
Orange Streets, near Lake Merritt in downtown Oakland.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Rocker are leaving soon for Miami, Florida
to spend the holidays with their daughter Jean Blaney and her family.
During their visit in Florida they also plan to attend the annual meet-
ing of the Canal Society in St. Petersburg on January 9 10, 1961.
Mrs. Cathryn Bird, teacher in the schools of Walnut Creek, has her
ticket via P.A.A. and expects to spend ten days over the Christmas holi-

day with friends in Balboa. A stop-over of several days in Guatemala
City is also included.
Miss Jean Lindgren, daughter of the Chester Lindgrens of Napa,
spent the past summer on the Isthmus, the guests of Mrs. Elvira Byrne of
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hedges of Napa have made a trip east this fall.
During their absence Mr. and Mrs. Clyde S. La Claire have occupied their
home. Mr. LaClaire will be remembered as the Official Photographer for
the Panama Canal Company. Latest reports are that Mr. and Mrs. La-
Claire have bought a home not far from those of the Hedges and Ernie
Paynes of Napa, though at this time, we do not have the address.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Little of Detroit, Michigan visited Wesley and
Mabel Hutchings for two weeks in August. They did much sight-seeing
in San Francisco and spent several days at Carmel.
Mrs. Fred Fitch formerly of Southern California is now living at
2511 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, California.
Mr. Michael Gleason, who was General Manager of contract drilling
on the Canal Zone, has been appointed Vice-President of the E. J. Long-
year Company of Minneapolis, Minn.
Mrs. Kaiser Smith of Paris, Kentucky has been the guest of her daugh-
ter-in-law Mrs. Paul K. Smith (Jean Mitchell) since her arrival from
Kentucky and Denver, Colo. While in Denver she visited with another
son, a physician, and his family.
On October 28, Past Matrons of the Canal Zone Chapters of the
O.E.S. are holding their semi-annual meeting in Monrovia. Those who
will attend from the Bay Area are: Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Beard, Mr. and
Mrs. Sumner Baker, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. McConaughey, Mr. and Mrs.
Craig S. Neville, Mrs. Nina Brown and Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Prager.
Clara Neville reports that husband Sydney slipped on a rug in their
home one evening recently and fell against a chair suffering a cracked
rib. While not serious it is extremely painful and prevents him from do-
ing the work in the yard which is so necessary at this time of year. We
wish for him an early recovery.
Dr. Carl Y. Alteen left San Francisco by air on October 30 for
Sweden. He is making the trip at the request of a doctor there who has
requested that he come for a visit with the prospects of taking over his
lucrative practice within a few months, when he will retire. His wife
Esther (Miller) and three children Carl Jr., Lucille and Eric will remain
in Oakland for the time being. Esther is on the teaching staff of the Oak-
land Public Schools and a very busy person.
Mabel L. Hutchings, Secretary-Treasurer


A large group attended the picnic of the Southeastern Florida Society
on August 21st, 1960 at Matheson Hammock. After a bountiful "carry-in"
lunch at one o'clock, the President, Mr. H. S. Billington, called the meet-
ing to order and the Secretary, Mrs. Gene Sexton Clary, read the minutes
of the last meeting. Among the visitors attending were Dr. Juan Aro-
semena and his wife, May, of Panama City, Panama and Mr. and Mrs.
S. S. Shobe of Birmingham, Aalabama, formerly with the Dredging Divi-
sion of Gamboa. The Shobes were in town for a reunion with their son,
Jimmie, his wife, Nora Lee and three children of Canal Zone and Mrs.
Shobe's sister from Puerto Rico.
We were glad to welcome several first-timers who had not attended
our meetings before. Among them was Mr. James R. Keeling, whose father
was one of the first conductors with the I.C.C. and was killed in a rail-
road accident in 1914. Other new-comers were Mr. and Mrs. Don McGrath,
Mrs. Sanderson, Mrs. Alice Remeford, and Miss Laura Dew who graduated
from Balboa High School in 1958 and is now employed by Southern Bell
Telephone in Miami.
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Russon have decided to make their home
in Florida and are house-hunting in Miami.
Pleasant weather smiled on the last meeting for 1960 of the Canal
Zone Society of Southeastern Florida on October 23rd. The picnic table
was laden with good things to eat and about sixty people enjoyed the
"covered dish" picnic lunch.
The meeting was called to order by the President, Mr. H. S. Billing-
ton. The minutes of the previous meeting were read by the Secretary,
Mrs. Gene Clary. The President announced the dates of January 9 and
10 for the Reunion of the Canal Zone Society of Florida at St. Petersburg.
The Treasurer, Mr. Dunham, was authorized to reserve the Rock
Shelter at Matheson Hammock for our picnics next year.
The officers elected for the Southeastern Society of Florida for 1961
are as follows:
President ----Mr. Dan Jones
Vice-President--......... -- Mr. Wilton Clary
Secretary ---Mrs. Rudolph Melanson
Treasurer Mr. A. G. Dunham
A rising vote of appreciation was tendered the out-going officers who
have done an out-standing piece of work in increasing the attendance.

Special thanks is due Mrs. Gene Sexton Clary who has telephoned mem-
bers before each meeting.
Among visitors at the picnic were Mr. Vernon L. Clontz of Balboa
who was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Rogers, and Miss Jeanne Brady
of Whittier, California who is visiting the Melansons.
We were glad to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cunningham who have
recently acquired a new home at 2331 N.E. 4th Street, Pompano Beach,
Florida, and also Mr. and Mrs. Bill Grant and daughter Diane, who now
live in Miami. The Grants lived in Naples until after Hurrican Donna
and tell of "sitting out" the hurricane in the Naples High School building.
Their new address is 7407 S.W. 52nd Court, Miami. Bill Grant is the
son of Dr. Grant, well known dentist in C.Z.
Another welcome addition to our group are Mr. and Mrs. James A.
Jones and four months old James Jr. who are now making their home in
Miami. Jim Sr. is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Jones of Gulfport,
Mississippi. Attending for the first time were Mrs. James R. Keeling and
son and Capt. and Mrs. W. W. Reid. It was good to welcome back Mr.
and Mrs. A. Fernandez; Lois has been "shut in" by illness for some time.
Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Andrews attended the meeting with two small
foster daughters. "Daddy" Hobart says they are starting a third family
after having four other grown up and teen-age children.
We are glad Clara and Bill Smith were able to be present. Bill under-
went surgery at Veteran's Hospital during the summer and Clara has
taken over the duties of family chauffeur. They recently returned from
a visit of several days with Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Means in Punta Gorda.
Miss Jeanne Brady of Whittier, California has just returned from a
tour of Europe. She is presently a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Mel-
anson who drove her over to St. Petersburg for a visit with mutual friends.
After a week or two with the Melansons she plans to return to her home
in California.
Mr. Charles Hardy Jr., his wife, and Baby Lee returned to the main-
land from a tour of duty in Hawaii and spent their "leave" with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hardy of Miami. Charles Jr. is now attending
the Naval Air Electronics School in Memphis, Tenn. Their present mail-
ing address is: Rt. 2, Box 349, Millington, Tennessee.
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Melanson are anticipating a visit from Mr.
and Mrs. B. J. Hackett of Balboa who are returning to the Zone from a
States vacation. They spent six weeks in California and visited their
daughter Carol Summers in New Venice, Ohio.

Mr. Rudolph Melanson flew to Boston for two weeks because of the
illness of his brother, Wallace Melanson, formerly dock-master at Cris-
Mrs. Selma Wainio plans to spend the winter with her sons in the
Canal Zone, and her daughter, Mrs. Harvey Smith, of Balboa.
Miss Lorraine E. Parker who graduated last June from Miami Jack-
son High has passed her Civil Service examinations and is considering
employment in Washington, D. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Catron of Gamboa were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. A. Fernandez enroute from the Zone recently.
Louise and Arthur Grier were pleasant visitors of Pedersens and
Banans in Ft. Lauderdale recently. We are sorry they could not stay long
enough to attend our picnic.

Mr. E. H. Underwood who has been quite ill is now recuperating in
his home and would be happy to see some of his C.Z. friends. They live
at 833 S.W. 8th Court. Mr. Underwood worked on building the Pedro
Miguel locks and was on the Zone from 1910 to 1915.
A letter from Mr. A. A. Hatch informs us that Mrs. Hatch fell and
injured her back and had to be taken by ambulance to Proctor Hospital
near their summer home in Pittsford, Vermont. She must remain in the
hospital for five or six weeks so they will be unable to return to Miami
in November as planned. Mr. Hatch was also confined to the hospital for
several days this summer.
Dr. R. R. Gregory of Penney Farms, Florida was an overnight guest
of Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Metzger in October. He was here to take part in
the program of the Postmaster's Association of Eastern Pennsylvania at
the Sherry Frontenac Hotel in Miami Beach. Dr. Gregory had recently
returned from a visit with his sons. Dr. David Gregory is a veterinarian.
in Washington, Iowa where he resides with his wife and five children.
Thomas and his wife live in Joliet, Illinois.
Mrs. Raymond A. Koperski of Danville, California will arrive No-
vember 10th to spend the winter with her son, Robert Koperski and his
family in Miami. She stopped enroute to visit relatives in her former
home at Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Gullickson and family of Ft. Gulick, C. Z.
spent a week with friends and relatives in Miami before leaving for a
vacation in the North.
Word has been received of the engagement and approaching marriage

of Bill Metzger to Doris Frank of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The wedding
is planned for late December.

Our hearts were saddened by news of a terrible automobile accident
at Roanoke, Virginia, in which four young people were killed. One of
them was Marilyn Smith, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Smith
of Balboa. Miss Smith was studying to be a nurse in the General Hospital
at Roanoke, Virginia, and had completed fourteen months of her training.
She is survived by her parents and three brothers, all of Balboa. She was
the granddaughter of Mrs. Selma Wainio and the niece of Mr. and Mrs.
Rudolph Melanson of Miami Shores.

Mrs. Helen Griley Archer of 3750 N.W. 12th St. died on August 24,
1960 at the age of 71. She was the wife of the late Clifford Archer, for-
merly an engineer on the Panama Canal. Surviving are two daughters,
Mrs. F. H. Miller and Mrs. F. S. Volanth and a sister, Mrs. M. I. Crooks.
Dr. Peter Burnette of 4012 Lagua Avenue, Coral Gables, passed away
in September.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Paddock of St. Petersburg will be the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Skinner for several days in November. The Pad-
docks will be in Miami for the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Bissell who
are coming up from Panama and will drive back to St. Petersburg for
a visit with the Paddocks.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lutro of South Miami Heights have been in
the Canal Zone a few months visiting their daughter, Mrs. Frank Marczak
of Gamboa and friends.

It does not seem possible that another year has rolled by and it is
time to wish each of you a Joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year
from the Panama Canal Society of Southeastern Florida.
Ruth T. Metzger, Reporter


Mrs. Herbert Mitten (Peggy), and twin daughters, Sheila and Sus-
anne, and daughter Christine, of Balboa, were August guests of her mother
Mrs. Frances Horter, at the Park Hotel. From here they went eastward
to visit her sister, husband, and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. Robt. Connor
(Marian), in Short Hills, N. Jersey From there, the Mitten twins went

to Chambersburg, Pa. where they are attending school and Mrs. Mitten
and 'Chrissie' departed for the C.Z. via P.R.R. liner.
Mrs. F. Horter had as a guest for a week-end in late September, her
son-in-law, Dr. James L. Lundy of Rochester, N.Y., who was enroute to
Dallas on a business trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Thurgood, and Mrs. Thurgood's sister, Mrs. Ingr-
soil, former Balboans, and now residing in St. Pete were located at the
Wheatley Hotel during part of August. All were taking the health baths
in our Spa.
Mr. L. S. Kiser of Canton, Miss. wrote that he enjoyed several days
visit with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grieser, in their home in Ireland. Louis
was on a summer tour of Europe.
Fred and Agnes Atkinson returned in early October after a lengthy
and enjoyable trip East, visiting friends and relatives in N. Y. State and
New Jersey.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wright (Irene) of Houston were overnight guests
in our town, and visited via 'phone with several local friends. They were
bound for Chicago.
Mrs. Eleanor (Harlan) Feuille motored here in, early August and
was the house guest of the Bartholomews. Also visited with the Atkinsons,
and Mrs. Horter and F. Dorn. She was bound for points in Alabama,
then to Henderson, N. C. and then to N.Y. State to visit her sister.
From Checotak, Oklahoma, Harold Sandborn and son David motored
over to be guests of the Bartholomews and other local friends here -
former 'Gamboaites'.
Bill and Ann Bartholomew returned from an extensive west coast
(Calif.) trip, the first part of October. They enjoyed visiting friends
and kinfolk in Texas and all along the way.
There was quite a large birthday, gathering held in honor of Bill's
mother in Santa Rosa, Calif. Amongst those that were present were Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Bryan, and Mrt and Mrs. 'Pete' Wilson who now reside
in Santa Rosa. Both couples were former Pedro Miguelites and later lived
in Balboa.
Motoring up here from Orlando, Florida, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony
Tezanos gave our "Valley of Vapors" its annual visit during the second
week in August, and 'took the baths' and visited old friends. We are
always glad to, welcome them!
A card postmarked "Capetown, S. Africa, July 6" was received from
Miss Jessie Pugh, who said thereon that she had visited the vast interior

of Africa, a 3000 mile trip, and was going on to Australia and New Zea-
land. Jessie spent the winter in Teneriffe, Canary Islands before she made
her 3 month African tour. This seems to be her 3rd 'round the World
Louis and Jessica Maurer also visited us this fall. visiting the Reinigs,
F. Dorn, Bill Burns, and other Ark. friends. We all enjoyed them very
much. From here they 'sauntered homeward stopping on the way, with
Alabama friends, to their home in Riverside, Florida. Their itinerary
before arriving here, included N. Y. State, Michigan, and 'way up' to
Glacier National Park, Waterton Park, and Banff and Lake Louise in
Canada, then to Seattle, down the West Coast, and to points in Arizona
in all, a nice "scenic jaunt"!
Lynn and Maude Cook of Rogers, Arkansas were the genial hosts
to Mrs. Adam J. Dorn, who 'journeyed up there' to be their week-end
house guest, and go with them to the N.W. Arkansas Reunion and annual
Dinner at Eureka Springs on October 9. She thoroughly enjoyed the hos-
pitality of her hosts, and meeting her old time CZ 'friends', and renewing
acquaintances and reminescing over the sumptuous festive board, also
viewing more of our beautiful and superb Arkansas scenery in, and around
Eureka Springs. The color and sound movies, given by the Hotel Mgr.
after the dinner were a 'real treat' and Costa Rica and Honduras were
the subjects. This hotel Mgr. is a noted traveler, photographer, and lec-
turer, in winter, and manager of hotel in summer.
Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Dorn also went to visit Suellyn Nanney at the
U. of Ark where Miss Nanney, Mrs. Cook's granddaughter, is entered as
a freshman, having recently arrived in Fayetteville from her home in
Ankara, Turkey. The Cooks enjoyed having their granddaughter so near
Saturday, October 22 was a bright and beautiful autumn day, and
our leaf coloration is beginning to take on slight color tints foretelling
the great and glorious beauty soon to follow, so the setting was perfect
at the Holiday Inn for our Pan Canal Club of Central Arkansas's second
Reunion dinner in this 'Vale of Vapors'! We all sat down to a bountiful
feast, interspersed with stories and reminiscences and a most enjoyable
time was had by all. The 'veteran' of the occasion was Mrs. Frank Piper
(Anna), who, with her husband came to the Isthmus in 1906. He was
a P.R.R. engineer, and they made their home in Pedro Miguel. Our visitor
coming the longest distance, was Mrs. Geo. Wicks (Edith), of Polk, Pa.,
who came to Ancon Hospital as a nurse and later married and lived in
Pedro Miguel.

Frances Dorn had as her house guest, Mrs. Edith Wicks of Polk, Pa.
who is her old friend and former Pedro Miguel neighbor. Mrs. Wicks
has a most interesting position of being head nurse in the State School
and Hospital in Polk, Pa., not far from her childhood home. From here
she went to Manchester, Tenn. to visit the Claude Campbells, former Gam-
boa friends.
Arthur W. Wynn returned from his European tour, having flown
the polar route to Denmark. He took an interesting Scandinavian trip,
a tour thru W. Germany, down the Rhine, to Switzerland, Paris, England,
and was especially excited by some interesting events in Scotland. Upon
his return to the U.S. he almost immediately came to Hot Springs and is
now living amongst us. His 'abode' is the Park Hotel. We are happy to
welcome him to Hot Springs and we 'rewarded' him with a 'job' -
having elected him Vice President of our Pan Canal Club, as an assistant
to President Atkinson who said he needed someone to 'take over' during
his expected absences so we elected him as our capable "Vip"!
In a recent letter to friends here, Mrs. Dan Morgan (Bea), of N.Y.
says that she seems to be recovering from an illness that has put her into
the hospital several times. She is now staying with her daughter, Fern,
(Mrs. Gordon Wise), in Pound Ridge, N.Y. Mrs. Morgan and husband
(deceased) were former Pedro Miguel residents.
Ann and Jack Reinig are now vacation bound-direction westward-
destination, Las Vegas! A special chartered bus for a group of people,
the Reinigs amongst them, are stopping enroute to see the sights- Albu-
querque, Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam,
etc.-and then the Nevada Metropolis! Several have recommended that
Jack take along a bottle of liniment (for sore shoulders) !. Those Nevada
'one armed bandits' can be powerful! We are awaiting accounts (muy
interesante) re the events of their trip-after their return!
As these items are being 'readied' to send to St. Pete in order to
meet the 'deadline', the Ark. State NARCE convention is being held here
in Hot Springs. 'Billie' and Grover Bohan, and Blanche and Newell Shaw
are here representing their respective chapters, Jonesboro and Fayette-
ville, both as delegates and state NARCE officers. Quite a Number of
our local NARCE members and ex-Canalers will join them to-night at
the Banquet and get-together.
'Tis rather early to say it but I'm wishing y'all a very Merry
Christmas and Happy '61. Be seein'u at the reunion in St. Pete
Hasta manana,
Frances S. Dorn


Autumn is here in all its beautiful fall leaf coloration, a sign that
Winter will be with us soon, and we all wonder, "Where has the time
gone", and begin planning for the holidays.

This has been a very pleasant summer made more so by the many
friends from the Zone who have passed this way, and several stayed to
make "The Land of the Sky" their home. Among them, Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Bentz, Mr. and Mrs. Starford Churchill and Mr. and Mrs. H. E.
Dodson, all of whom chose Asheville, North Carolina. We were happy to
greet Mr. and Mrs. George Poole, of Scotia, N.Y. (Gatun), Mr. and Mrs.
Howard Harris of Knoxville, Tenn. (Gatun and Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Dunlop of St. Petersburg, Florida (Balboa) at the picnic held at North
Mills River, in August. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Elkholm (daughter of John
Ferguson) from Ithaca, N.Y. with Joel, Kathy and Martha and Geneva
Disy of Providence, R.I. (daughter of Betty and Fred O'Rourke), were
also guests at this pleasant event.

A luncheon, followed by a meeting, was held on October 12th at
Bailey's cafeteria in Asheville, at which time the following officers were
elected to serve for 1961.
President -. Mr. Thomas G. Coleman-Hendersonville
Vice-President --- Mr. Ross Hollowell-Hendersonville
Secretary .-.. Mrs. George Ward-Weaverville
Treasurer- .-- Mr. F. M. Sawyer-Hendersonville
We are so happy to report that Mrs. Olive Behlen is at home now and
is able to be up in a wheel chair for about four hours a day.
Three of our members were ill in September all at about the same
time. Mrs. Tommy Sawyer (Eugenia), Wendell Greene and Frank Reppa.
All are fine, now. Mrs, John Ferguson is in a Hendersonville Rest Home
with condition unchanged.
Barbara and Tom Coleman announce the arrival of their third
grandson, James Cory Pattison. The proud parents are Mr. and Mrs.
James Pattison (Louise Coleman) of the Canal Zone. Mr. Pattison is
the civilian broadcaster for Army's Caribbean Force radio network and
was the victim in the recent Canal Flag raising incident. The latest re-
port, he is in good condition.

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Fisher and son visited the Dow Walkers
in Asheville, recently.
Clare and Dow Walker leave for Florida the last of October.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Behaw of Asheville will leave for their winter
home in Florida on November 1.
Mrs. Charles Trickey just returned from a visit with her children in
Chicago, Illinois, Ithaca and Long Island, New York. She drove the tour
alone and had a wonderful time.
The Paul Bentzs and the H. E. Dodsons are enjoying their new
homes in the Kenilworth section of Asheville.
Major and Mrs. A. O. Meyers have been visiting friends in Hender-
sonville and the Paul Bentzs in Asheville.
Mr. and Mrs. Starford Churchill, Sr. left October 12th for New York
to meet their son and family arriving from the Zone. They will go on
to Mass. to visit relatives and celebrate the fifth birthday of their grand-
son while there. The Churchill, Jrs. will then spend the remainder of
their vacation, which includes the holidays, with Dorothy and Star.
The H. R. Hiters returned in October from their camp in N.Y. State.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mitchell are at present in Bradford, Pa. visiting
Mrs. Mitchell's sister.
Ross and Margaret Hallowell (our traveling members) are leaving
on November 8th for Miami, Fla. They will take a plane on November
12th for the Canal Zone to visit Lois, at Coco Solo, and son Freeland and
family in Margarita. They will return to Miami early in January. They
will be met by Ross's brother, Marion, and all will drive to St. Peters-
burg for the Reunion. Marion will return with them to Hendersonville.
Mr. and Mrs. George Ward visited son George Jr. in McLean, Va.
and the Roundabushes in Washington, D.C. in September and October.
Mrs. Harlan Feuille of New York, formerly of Gamboa, was the
guest of Mildred and Bruce Harrell in August. They are expecting Dr.
and Mrs. A. E. Bellune of Greenville, S.C. for a week end. Mrs. Feuille
is a neice of the late Dr. Odom.

Margaret and Ross Hollowell visited Ross's brother Marion and wife
for about a week in October. Also visited with Sarah Harrison in Wil-
mington, formerly of Cristobal, and recently retired at Dupont. It was
quite a reunion as they had not been to-gether for many years.

Barbara and Tom Coleman have had quite a happy summer. August
9th Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dombrosky (daughter Jean) with Dale and Bar-
bara arrived. August 16th-Dan S. Jones and wife stopped by on their
way to South Eastern Shrine Convention. Sept. 2nd-Tom's sister, Mrs.
Pearl Jordan of Los Angeles, Calif. and brother Arthur Walters and wife
Pearl arrived and spent a pleasant week before returning to Iowa. Sept.
4th-Jean, Jack, and Barbara left to drive to N.Y. to take the P.R.R. boat
back to the Canal Zone. Dale stayed with Tom and Barbara and will
enter Clemson College on Sept. 13th. On Sept. 10th Otis C. Meyers and
wife of Norfolk, Va. spent the night at Mountain Aire Motel and Tom
called and had a visit with them. Capt. and Mrs. H. Forrest arrived on
Sept. 18th for a pleasant week.
Rose and Johnny Johnston enjoyed having son Al and wife, Anne,
and Debbie, Keith, and Scotty of Spartanburg, S.C. for a ten day visit
in August. On Sept. 29th they drove to Pennsylvania to be with Johnny's
mother on her 83rd birthday. They arrived back home on October 6th,
Just 15 minutes after which, son Robert, Nancy and baby Jan drove in
from Anderson, Indiana. Quite a happy home-coming and what a re-
union when Al, Anne and three children came from Spartanburg. Ten
happy days were spent with Nancy, Bob and above all, Jan, the youngest
Johnston. Nearly forgot to say that Nancy and baby Jan were delightful
guests at the club meeting and luncheon on October 12th.
Mr. John Ferguson has had two visits from daughter Sari and family
(Mr. and Mrs. Jim Eckholm) Joel, Kathy and Martha. Son John Jr. was
also home for a visit. He is at present in Trinidad, S.A. building a cer-
amic plant for The Harrop Co. of Columbus, Ohio. All are hoping that
his work will be finished in time for him to be here for Christmas. Mr.
Ferguson also had the pleasure of visits from his three brothers: Clyde
from Dallas, Texas, Tom from Ferguson, N.C. and Will from Richmond,
Va. In October, he went on a ten day trip with his brother Tom and
sister Blanche to Ithaca, N.Y., Richmond, Va., and Washington, D.C.
Visited relatives at Ferguson and N. Wilksboro. While in Corning, N.Y.
he called on Mr. and Mrs. Sturgeon (Betty Brooks) and family. Was
glad to learn that Mrs. Sturgeon's father, Austin Brooks, is getting along
fine in their new home in Falmouth, Mass. Mrs. Brooks and her sister
are enjoying good health. A two weeks visit of 12 year old grandson
John III, kept Mr. Ferguson busy, since he is an ardent fisherman.
Trudie and Tom Kelley were away for three weeks in September and
thoroughly enjoyed it. Went to Washington, D.C. to see Tom Jr., to
Falls Church, Va. to see daughter Margie and husband (Mr. and Mrs.

M .Seagers) and to Pennsylvania to visit daughter Pat and husband (Mr.
and Mrs. P. Kappa). They also visited Trudie's cousins in Boston and
Tom's two sisters. On October 15th, Margie arrived home for a weeks
visit and Tom and Trudie will drive her home and stay and visit the
children about three weeks.
Mrs. M. B. Barden and daughter, Mrs. Lillian Thomas, of Port
Angeles, Washington, are the house guests of Mildred and Wendell Greene.
Mrs. Barden is Mildred's aunt. When leaving Greenes, they will go to
Florida then return to San Francisco to take a plane to Hawaii where
they will make their home. Mr. and Mrs. J. Turner (Joe and Alice) and
two children, stopped by for a visit with Mildred and Wendell, recently.
Elsie and Bob Patterson are leaving on October 27th for about a month.
They will stop first in New Jersey, then on to New York to see Elsie's
Mother and sister. While there, they will meet Frances Getman upon her
arrival from Europe and drive her to her home in Salsbury, Maryland.
Walter Williams spent a few days with Betty and Fred O'Rourke in
August, having recently arrived from California where he had spent sev-
eral months. He was enroute to Corning, N.Y. On August 9th, daughter
Billie of Providence, R.I. arrived for her vacation which went all too
fast. On Sept. 20th had a very pleasant surprise when Dot and Starford
Churchill called and with them were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Stern of Gam-
boa, C.Z. What a talk fest. Mrs. Iva Crawford of Greenville, S.C. is a
frequent visitor and we miss her when she cannot come. Her daughter
Jean is now a student at U.S.C., Columbia, S.C.
Emma and Frank Reppa drove to Alexandria, Va. in October and
spent a pleasant week with son Bob's wife Jane and two children. Cathy
and Bobby. Col. Reppa is at present in Korea, to be gone one year.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Knoop recently made a trip to visit relatives in
Casstown, Ohio, and were gone one week. When returning, Martha's twin
sister, Mary (Mrs. Albert Knoop) came with them and it was indeed a
pleasure to meet her. She is expecting her husband this week end.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Muldoon arrived back home after spending six
weeks in Bay Side, Maine.
Best Wishes to all for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New
Year from the Panama Canal Socety of Western North Carolina.
Betty O'Rourke


Well, we wish our parent-Florida Society grew as fast, in propor-
tion, as our little young, and non-charter, group keeps rolling along.
We have acquired 5 new members, with 2 repeats since our last communi-
Sept. 1. Harry Seaman, meat-cutter in the Commissary Division
brightened our front door. We didn't know Harry on the Zone, but he
gave the passwords, "Commissary Book", so he was entered, and we en-
joyed a nice visit.
Sept. 10. "Bugs" and Ruth Reese, with Bill and Florence Nelson,
made a short visit. "Bugs" has retired from the Canal and is now work-
ing for Anulfo Arias in Boquete. Bill was formerly employed in the
Pattern Shop of the Mechanical Division. Yes, we know the present no-
menclature of that division, also that of Culebra Cut so what.
Now here is something for you ex-Zoners who borrow the Canal
Record because you don't belong to the Society. The Nelsons live about
2 blocks from us, but we didn't know it. The Reeses were their friends
on the Zone, and after calling on them here in Quincy, all came to see us
-we were in the Society address book. So-o-o-o, we class the Nelsons as
Lost Souls. They were hungry for news about old friends and the Canal
Zone. If they belonged to the Society they would not be away out in
left field, as it were.
The Canal Record certainly is a vital communication medium for
retired Zoners, and we know that every issue is repeatedly read thru and
thru by all. It is almost as necessary to us as the Commissary Book used
to be. The Record is the big reason for belonging to the Society. It is
news from "home". Those who do not gather at the Annual Reunion at
St. Pete have their own reunion at home every four months, thru digesting
the Record contents. May it never go out of publication, and we certainly
hope our present editors never have a second retirement.
All members know how valuable they consider the Record so-o-o how
about mailing your USED copy to some non-member ex-Zone friend and
let them see how "lost" they are in not keeping up with news of the Zone
and their friends. Also call attention to the Application for Membership
in the issue. Again, a membership will make a nice Christmas present.
You will be doing yourself a favor and your friend will thank you forever.
Sept. 12. As promised,Ernest and Edith Kieswetter reported in for
a repeat visit and lobster fey-t. These ex-Yankees are sissies they
didn't consume all put before them.

Hurricane Donna did a lot of damage here, but nothing hurt in our
land. A great number of trees were uprooted and large branches blown
over the landscape in Quincy. Several streets were impassable for days.
Many will remember Irene Woods, daughter of "Daddy" Woods,
P.R.R. conductor. Well, Irene makes seed pictures, and the one she sent
us is very beautiful. Oh yes, she belongs to the Society. Irene has been
confined for many years, and we know she will be glad to hear from
old friends; 733 Barrett Avenue, Richmond 5. California.
Oct. 11. Tom Jordan's birthday. He is well, although recovering
from an eye operation.
Anna Dillon has left the hospital and is now back to her residence
in the Catholic Memorial Home, Highland Avenue, Fall River. She is
still very very sick. To those who knew her on the Zone please send
her cards.
Oct. 24. Warning of things to come! Heavy Panama rain, hail,
and 2" of snow. As welcome and unexpected as the top-coat weather we
experienced in St. Pete., last January.
Nov. 1. Harry Loring's birthday. So-o-o away we go to Yarmouth,
Maine, with the car loaded with Star & Heralds and a birthday cake. We
picked up Tom Jordan and Mary Manush enroute. Amy had been busy
putting up preserves, and Harry is famous, locally, for his Blackberry
Syrup. Mary Manush is recovering from a badly sprained back. She tried
to lift a chow-bench that 2 piano movers wouldn't have tackled.
Well, winter is here, and we have decided to stay home to see how
natives take it; subject to a possible bird speed exodus in case our trop-
ical blood starts to freeze. We know it is too cold to fish up here in the
winter, so what else can one do??
Lovingly submitted,
Ida and "Slim" Hallett


Anyone having Royal Doulton, hunting or coaching pattern, or Old
Leeds Spray and who may want to dispose of it, please contact our Secre-
tary, Mrs. Judd, as she has the names of several people who need pieces
to complete their sets.


Adieu to a delightful Summer and a royal welcome to a brilliant
Autumn here in the Ozarks. But, as I see majestic Maple trees on our
once beautiful College Avenue being felled to make way for filling sta-
tions, I echo the thoughts of Cal Bard when he wrote
"If what we see around the world
Results from man's progress
0. Lord, before we all go mad,
Please just a little less."
We, of the Panama Canal Society of Northwest Arkansas, recently
celebrated our 10th annual meeting with a happy get-together in the
famous Crescent Hotel in the equally famous stair-step town of Eureka
Springs, Arkansas, Sunday, October 9th, where we found the recently
retired O. K. Worleys of Los Rios awaiting us. After a plentiful luncheon,
President Newell N. Shaw interrupted the musical, to me, chatting of old
and new friends for a short business meeting and election of a new Presi-
dent. George N. Engelke of Bentonville was unanimously elected and
your reporter continues as Secy-Treas. Our host, Mr. Dwight Nichold,
Mgr. of the Hotel and a noted lecturer and photographer arranged to show
color films of British Honduras and Costa Rica. Most of us had visited
these countries and it was pleasant to see the beauty of the Tropics with-
out experiencing the heat.
Special guests were Mrs. Frances Dorn, representing the recently
organized Pan Canal Club of Central Arkansas in Hot Springs. Mrs.
Dorn told us of their plans for gatherings of many former and present
Canal Zone folk who retire or come to the vicinity of Hot Springs for
the Hot Mineral baths which has made Hot Springs, Arkansas a famous
health resort as well as a recreation center for folk who love to "play the
horses", another special guest was Mrs. Ruby Lollar, mother of Sherm
Lollar, catcher for the White Sox team of the American League. Because
of her close association with the retired Panama Canal folk and the fact
that she has another son stationed as an officer in Fort Kobbe, she was
invited to join our group.
Don't you love folk who take time to come to meetings? We do, too,
and it was a real joy to have with us, Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Worley who
retired last September after 25 years of service. Taking notice of our
Flash! news in the September issue of the Canal Record, they adjusted
their plans to coincide with our Annual meeting. Leaving directly after
lunch they journeyed on to San Antonio, Texas for some visiting with

family and friends before returning to Arkansas where they will spend
the coming Winter in Harrison. We welcome them to our Society.
We record the passing of our friend of many years, Edwin Willard
Booth of Casita Naomed across the road. At the urgent request of Ed,
he was at the home of his close friends, Bill and Carrie Mathues of Spring-
dale for five weeks before being returned to the hospital where he passed
on within 24 hours, 31 August, 1960. His son, Edwin W. Booth, Jr. of
Long Island was with him. Interment was in New Orleans with Masonic
and O.E.S. services. His daughter, Mrs. Winifred Booth Lincoln of Gam-
boa was present. We miss his presence very much and it is our sincere
wish that Ed has found that for which he yearned so deeply and missed
so greatly companionship with his beloved Naomi, who preceded him
seven years ago. In addition to his son and daughter he is survived by
six grandchildren, two great grandchildren and two sisters. We note the
passing of three of our fellow townsmen of Pedro Miguel. Mrs. Elizabeth
Stillwell, the lovely singer of songs, Harry Groschup, formerly employed
as Operator-Machinist at Pedro Moguel Locks and on October 18th, Sam-
nel F. McKenzie in Ooltewah, Tenn. After spending a few weeks with
her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. McKenzie, Mrs. Cora Makib-
bin of Fayetteville, Arkansas accompanied by her son Tom, a Panama
Canal pilot, were home only one day when they returned to Tenn. to be
with the bereaved family. We shall always remember Sam by the lovely
jewelry he created from Panama coins. Our deepest sympathy to the
families of our departed friends.
Among those enjoying trips this summer were Mrs. Nannie I. Brown
who went East to Boston and New York. She spent some time getting
acquainted with her 13th grandchild, Allen Morrison Brown, son of Jack
and Gloria Brown of Long Island. While there she saw her daughter and
son-in-law, Mattielee and Alton White of Gamboa who were to fly toEur-
ope. Nannie also reports the arrival of her 20th great grandchild, a
daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Whitlock of the Canal Zone. Mr.
and Mrs. Walter (Bates) Wieman left for a month's trip. They will
visit Emmett and Kay Dye of Arlington, Va., John and Kitty Schmidt in
Baltimore and their guests, George and Catherine Lowe of Canal Zone.
Going on to Florida to see Frank and Ann Cunningham of Pompano
Beach, Mary and Leo Clement in Lutz, Fred Wieman, West Palm Beach
and Mr. John J. Eason of Daytona Beach. Mr. Eason left the Zone in
1916 and was the first Supt. of the Mechanical Div. in Gorgona later go-
ing to Balboa.
From Bentonville, our new President, George N. Engelke and Edith

have gone to California to see their son John and his family, meeting
their granddaughter for the first time. While there they will help the
young people move into their new home in San Jose. The Earnest Williams
(Haleen) accompanied by friends, will attend the Lumberman's National
Convention in San Francisco. They will be away for several weeks and
will visit Albuquerque and Las Vegas enroute. Mrs. Mattie MacAuly re-
ports a grand visit with Miss Dorothea Rector of Great Falls, Mont. Doro-
thea was Physical Directress of the Balboa High School for ten years.
After being Physical Directress at Great Falls A.F.B. for six years, Doro-
thea is now working for the State Grain Laboratory. She and Mattie took
side trips to Banff, Lake Louise and Glacier Park.
Recent visitors to the Ozarks were Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Maurer of
Riverview, Florida, stopping to see the Hienie Hallins, the Newell Shaws
and Walter and Irene Zimmerman of Ozone. Walter and Martha Reif
report that John J. (Pete) and Lillian Ryan of Balboa were guests, also
Ensign Herbert H. Lewis, Jr., stationed at Little Creek, Va. Herbert is
the son of Herbert and Thelma Lewis of Brazos Brook, employees of
United Fruit Co. Walter Reif, Jr. and family of Cleveland, Ohio, spent
their vacation with his parents. Rev. Cecil L. Morgan, Bainbridge Center,
Chagrin Falls, Ohio was our very pleasant guest for several days. Rev.
Morgan is pastor of Bainbridge Community Church and former pastor
of Cristobal Union Church for 16 years.
Regrets on inability to attend our annual meeting brought out some
interesting news. Our smiling Jimmy Meigs of Pedro Miguel days is now
Dr. A. James Meigs, Economist of Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and
was to be in Washington at the time of our meeting. While in Washing-
ton he hoped to see his sister Margaret and family, also his mother, Mrs.
Della Meigs of Tampa, Florida. Our sincere congratulations to Dr. Meigs
and our equally sincere hope that he may prescribe a cure for our ailing
Economy thereby bringing robust health to our shrinking dollar. Bob
McNew of Mountain Home reports that daughter Mary Margaret is at-
tending the Bob Jones University in Greenville, S.C. Mrs. Evers of Neosho,
Mo. wrote that daughter Dolly Evers Sharpe and family are in Anchor-
age, Alaska. We missed the Kenneth Newlands of Springfield, Mo., also
Tom and Mina Mock who are now living in Prairie Grove once more,
We rejoice with them over the acceptance of Tom's manuscript of poems
for publication. A card from Scheller Kiser, former Chief, Control House,
Pedro Miguel Locks, postmarked Stockholmbann, tells us he is having a
"pleasant tour of Europe and saw the Henry Griesers in Ireland."
We learned today of another student at the University of Arkansas
from the Canal Zone. She is Karen Davis, daughter of Lucille and Ralph

Davis of Diablo and granddaughter of Mrs. Marione Campbell of Spring-
dale. Karen is a sophomore and majoring in Business Administration.
As the year 1960 draws to a close and we approach the season of
Christmas with it's message of "Peace on Eearth Good Will to Men"
may it truly be that each one of us shall bring to Earth, which is tangible,
the Peace of Heaven, the intangible of Spirit. Then shall we have Peace
within ourselves when we have Good Will toward ALL MEN.
Copy-catting Chevrolet car ad. and on behalf of our Northwest Ark-
ansas Society
We wish y'all most Happy Nineteen Sixty-one-derful Year.
Blanche E. Shaw


Mrs. Macel Goulet spent the past summer visiting relatives in Indiana,
Michigan and New York. For a picture of J. Morton Thompson, Mrs.
Thompson (Macel Goulet( and family with the station wagon they won in
a raffle, sponsored by the Navy Relief Society on the Canal Zone. (see cut)

Madeira Beach, Florida, City clerk, Dick Maduro, returned home
from the wheel chair Olympics in Rome, Italy, with two gold medals for
being a member of the Class "A" winning basketball team and for his
victory in the 50 meter backstroke. He also captured a silver medal in
the 50 meter free style. He placed fourth in the shotput contest with a
heave of 25 feet, 10 inches, and was a member of the U.S. medley relay
swimming team, which placed fourth. The two weeks expedition as guests
of the Italian government and the Paraplegic Center in Italy was a won-
derful experience, says Dick, who has been in a wheel chair since a motor-
cycle accident in 1943. Dick is a member of the well known Maduro
family in Panama.

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Des Londes of Balboa, C.Z. were recent visitors
in DeLand, Florida, where their son, Danny, entered Stetson University.
After visiting friends in Maitland, Florida, they drove to St. Petersburg
for a short visit with Fred and Storer Everett. From St. Petersburg, they
returned to Miami and then journeyed to Indiana to spend some time with
Jim's mother, Mrs. Sheets. Then on to California for a visit with Mrs.
Des Londes sister, Jessie, and to meet their older son who plans to locate
in the States.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Warner of Bradenton had to cut their California

vacation short because lightning struck their home in Bradenton, doing
considerable damage. Then along came Donna and raised havoc with
several nice trees that surround their house. After ten days or so of scrub-
bing and cleaning, they now occupy, their house again.

Mr. A. J. Scott of Bradenton flew up to Pennsylvania for a visit with
his two sisters. After his visit in Pennsylvania, he will fly to California
to visit with his son, Hugh.

Grover Bohan and his daughter Betty left Arkansas on September
21 to attend the reunion of the Elliott Hospital Alumnae Association in
Manchester, N.H. The Alumnae traveling the longest distance to partici-
pate in the reunion were Grover of Jonesboro, Ark., Class of 1912 and
Betty Bohan Salzmann, of Mt. Home, Ark., Class of 1938.

While Grover and Betty were in New Hampshire, Mrs. Bohan flew
to California to visit with her son, Earle and family in San Diego. It
was Wilhelmina's first visit with her grandson who was a year old in
After visiting in New Jersey and Illinois all summer, John K. Keenan
will be at 508 Balfour Drive, Winter Park Estates, Florida after Oct. 1st.

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Ford of St. Petersburg spent several weeks in
Iowa and New York with relatives and friends.

Mrs. James Bradley of St. Petersburg spent the month of August in
New York with her son, Louis, and several other members of her family
who were in New York prior to sailing back to the Canal Zone. She
returned to her home in September.

Mrs. Alberta Powers Harris of Berkeley, California, was a recent
visitor in St. Petersburg for a visit with her mother and her daughter
and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Bell of Plymouth, New Hampshire, usually
take a three or four month winter cruise but this year are planning a trip
to the Southwest U.S.A. and Mexico.
James N. Barry, formerly of Balboa, left the Canal Zone on August
16,1960. After a months stay in New York, he left for Ireland. His
address there will be 25 William Street, Waterford, Ireland, where he
will reside, permanently.

Mr .and Mrs. H. C. Moody of Tampa, Florida, have had many visitors

this summer. First, Frank Violette for a visit with his mother on her 85th
birthday. Beverly Ebdon arrived from Panama for the birthday. In July,
William Violette and his family flew into Tampa for a visit before re-
turning to the Zone. In August, Frances Sharp stopped for a visit in
Tampa enroute home to the Zone. Another brief visit was enjoyed with
Robert and Virginia Caton Wirtz.

Mrs. Ida G. Love (Mrs. Pat- has been very ill in the hospital for
some time but is now improved, but far from well. Now she must relax
and rest. Her new address is Box 53, Benton, Tennessee.

Mrs. Lista Daniels and her son Bob of Dallas, Texas, recently made
a tour eastward and into Florida where they contacted some of their
friends in this area.

Mrs. Kathryne M. Slattery of St. Petersburg spent several weeks in
California. She returned in early October.

Carl and Ella Brown enjoyed a good trip up north for a visit with
Ella's sisters in Massachusetts. They returned to St. Petersburg in October.

Mrs. Lavinia Pierce and her son Franklin of Orlando have returned
home after a delightful vacation in the Hawaiian Islands and in the Los
Angeles area.

Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Smith of Massey, Maryland, and Miss Ruth
Fraser of Buffalo, New York, spent a few weeks in Miami and St. Peters-
burg visiting relatives and friends, during August.

Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Jones, of St. Petersburg, returned to their home
after a month in Maine. Returning with them were Mr. Jones' mother
and sister for a weeks stay. Mrs. John Hey (Barbara Jones) and two
children arrived from St. Louis for a months visit and Grandma Jones
saw, for the first time, her two great grandchildren. Other guests at the
Jones home during the summer were Mrs. Jones brother Vernal and wife
from Columbia, South Carolina and Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Lindsay of
Balboa, C. Z.

Mr. and Mrs. Otis C. Meyers of Norfolk, Virginia, are enjoying their
retirement and report visits from the Charlie Hollanders, Bill and Rena
Godfrey, Mr. and Mrs. Rick Jenks, Bea Austin, Cleveland Schecker, Dick
Brown and Stonewall J. Bull. On a recent trip to the Smokies, Mr. and
Mrs. Meyers looked up old friends in the Hendersonville area.

Agnes and Joe Hannigan of Balboa write us that their twins have

graduated from college, Diane from Colorado State College and Joe from
the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Diane is now teaching in
Bridgewater High School in Bridgewater, Mass. Joe is working for
IBM in Kingston. New York and expected to enter the Army in Septem-
ber as a 2nd Lieutenant. Their daughter Alice was married on August
13th, in Revere, Mass. to Francis X. O'Regan of South Weymouth, Mass.
They are both teaching in Stoughton High School in Stoughton, Mass.
Charlie and Anna Thomas who were staying in Reading, Mass. were
present at the wedding. Agnes and Joe returned to the Zone in time for
young Pat to enter school, there.

Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Townsend of Balboa have returned to their home
from a vacation on the West Coast. While there, they spent several weeks
with Bill and Barb Townsend. Also visited Ruth and Rene Conlin and
his mother. Saw Hampton Fetter and family, Elwood and Ronnie Tonne-
son and son, Mr. and Mrs. James Quinn and talked to others on the phone.

Ann and Frank Cunningham, who retired in April after 36 years of
service are now pleasantly located at 2331 N.E. 49th Street, Pompano
Beach, Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hickman of Clearwater, Fla. have returned to
the Zone. Nell will work as dietitian at Coco Solo and Jim is employed
with the Maintenance Division.

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bares of Lanark, Illinois, report that Dorothy,
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis R. Morris and son of San Jose, California, and their
daughter, Mrs. Harvey Hanson and two children from Mission Hills,
California, spent a week with them in August and they had a wonderful
Joe and Charlotte Eckert have purchased a home in Orlando at 2107
E. Jefferson St. However, their address in the summer will be R.D. No.l,
Wilcox, Pennsylvania.
Mr. and Mrs. I. F. McIllhenny, who retired in August, expected to
leave early in October for a leisurely trip around the World. On their
return they plan to head for Texas where they expect to settle in the
San Antonio area.
Mrs. Bert Holmes of Kearney, New Jersey, has been spending some
time with her daughter in West Hollywood, Florida.

Molly and Milton Smith have moved from Houston, Texas, to Gulf
port, Miss. Their new address is 825 Woodward Ave., Gulfport, Miss.
Since Milton has been there, he has contacted J. Horace Jones and also

found another friend, Herman Lynn, who happened to be in the hospital
at the same time.

Angela (Klemmer) Kalor of San Bruno, California, reports that
her mother's condition is very poor and she is in a rest home in West
Reading, Pennsylvania. On a recent visit to see her mother, Mrs. Kaylor
spent a few days with her brother Justus and his family in Falls Church,
Va. Her brother LeRoy and family live in Tujunga, California. Mr.
Kaylor obtained his Masters degree several years ago and now teaches
mathematics in High School.

Mr. E. E. Rigney of Mexico City was 85 years old in August. Mrs.
Rigney writes that his health is good and he enjoys ball games, tennis
tournaments, and golf tournaments. He loves to take long walks and
walks along as briskly as a young man. He is erect and sure of foot. He
received many cards on his birthday and was especially pleased with the
one from the Society sent by our Sec. Mrs. Judd.

Mrs. James MacFarlane of Havana, Cuba, was a recent visitor in the
United States for the wedding of the daughter of her niece, Jean Haywood.
enroute back to Cuba, she spent two days in Clearwater, Florida with her
sister, Helen.

Mrs. Florence E. Boomer is making a years trial residence in San-
dusky, Ohio. Her daughter, Marion, was with her from June until August
when she returned to the Zone.

Christine and George Poole of Scotia, N.Y. made a tour of the mount-
ains of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia. They attended the Aug-
ust meeting of the North Carolina Society and enjoyed seeing old friends.
Their next trip was a tour of New England to see the Fall foliage. On
February 4th, they leave for Europe and eventually, to Paris where their
son and family are stationed.
Mrs. Ruth Dreiman writes that she likes Daytona Beach, Fla. but is
lonesome for Canal Zone contacts. She is looking forward to a visit with
Mrs. Harry Cornell and later a visit from Vera Aitken.

Miss Lucy Bates of New York has been enjoying a grand tour of
Europe; Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, England
and Oberamergau. She went over on the Queen Elizabeth and returned
on the Queen Mary.

Mrs. Margaret Peterson of St. Petersburg, spent several weeks in
Wisconsin this summer.

Marylyn and Carolyn Camby from the Zone were recent visitors with
their grandmother, Mrs. J. (Calloway) Kuhn, in St. Petersburg. Mrs.
Kuhn took them to Asheville,N.C. where they entered St. Genevieve School
of the Pines Academy. Enroute, they visited Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Roma,
Mrs. Kuhn's daughter and son-in-law, who recently returned from France
and are now at Fort Gordon, Georgia.

Mrs. Mary Tweedlie, Prospect Park, Pennsylvania, celebrated her
86th birthday on August 19th. Her daughter, Marion Homiller, writes
that she is in excellent health. Ralph and Marion are building a new
home in St. Michaels, Maryland, where they spend their week ends and
vacations and where they will, eventually, retire.

The last P.C. Roosevelt Medal holder, still on the Canal rolls, retired
in July. Adrien M. Bouche, the last of the medal holders, began work
when he was eleven years old in 1909, as a messenger in the Gatun office
of Major William L. Sibert, chief of the Atlantic Division in construction
days. Except for short breaks in service, he has been a regular employee
since 1912. He left the service as a control house operator with 44 years,
3 months, and 23 days to his credit, one of the longest service records
ever attained by any employee. For many years, Mr. Bouche's hobby was
prospecting for plants which he sent to botonists, pharmaceutical research
laboratories, and other scientific institutions. His search for orchids,
plants and minerals have taken him to all parts of the Isthmus as well
as many South and Central American countries. Mr. and Mrs. Bouche
sailed for the States in August and expect to live in Staunton, Virginia.
A biography of Adrien M. Bouche appeared in the Congressional Record
of August 22, 1960 on Page A. 6157.

Hon. Watkins M. Abbitt of Virginia had an obituary on Seymour
Paul inserted in the Congressional Record on August 29, 1960, Page A.
In a foreword, Mr. Abbit remarked that Mr. Paul, retired director
of Personnel for the Panama Canal, had a long and distinguished career
and his interests in connection with the Panama Canal Zone were varied
and active. The Panamanian Government honored Mr. Paul with its high-
est decoration, the Order of Vasco Nunez de Balboa. When Mr. Paul left
the Canal Zone, the Panama American paid him this editorial tribute:
"To many persons, Seymour Paul is known as the most polite man in
the history of the Canal Zone. He may have lost his temper at times, but
no one knew it, nor did anyone ever know of him to speak harshly of
another person."

Mrs. Eleanor McQueary has been visiting her daughter, Frances and
her son-in-law, in Japan. Eleanor writes that, despite the language barrier,
she is making new friends and having a wonderful time.

Dr. and Mrs. Walker M. Alderton have been vacationing in Europe.
A recent card from England says they are renewing old friendships of 25
years ago. Dr. Alderton was formerly pastor of the Gamboa Union Church.

Your Editor and Mrs. K. enjoyed a month in Mass. with relatives and
friends. While there, we called on Lt. Commander and Mrs. Ian J. John-
son, o f Hingham, and their five, fine children. We also went to Wake-
field, Mass. for a short visit with Lucile Smithies Snow and her two child-
ren. We did not meet her husband as he leaves home early and gets home
late each day as he puts in a days work and spends his evenings at North
Eastern finishing his education. We had lunch with Slim and Ida Hallett
who are as busy as ever with their hobbies and visits from many friends.
We hated to leave to come back but the December issue of the Record
was calling us. We did return the long way, through Penn. and over the
Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway, which was scenic and beautiful
even though the foliage had not, as yet, colored as it had in Mass.

Mrs. C. D. Hummer of St. Petersburg, Florida, has enjoyed a visit
from Mrs. J. R. Topping. Mrs. Topping is a sister of Mrs. Elmer Orr of
the Canal Zone.

Mr. J. D. Stephens of Tallahassee, Fla. joined a Lyke's Line ship,
as engineer, early in August for a trip from Tampa to Mobile, Alabama,
Texas, and then on to Korea and Japan via the Panama Canal. He expects
to be home for Christmas.
Mr. Charles Bordt of Tampa was a fall visitor in New England ad-
miring the Fall foliage display.
Mr. Charles F. Wahl, former Canal Zone Labor man and employee of
the Locks Division, retired in August from Government service after 42
years, first with the Panama Canal and then with the National Mediation
Board of Washington, D.C. Mr. Wahl will reside at the Hamilton Hotel
in Washington, D. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Wood have sold their place in Alabama and
have returned to their home in St. Petersburg on Ninth Street North.

Mr .and Mrs. S. J. Shreves of St. Petersburg drove up to Richmond,
Va. to spend three weeks with Mr. Shreves' sister and family.

Shirley Woodruff Parker presented her graduate piano recital for
the degree of Master of Music before a large and appreciative audience
in Opperman Music Hall of Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida,
on October 1, 1960. Mrs. Parker is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Barton
C. Woodruff of Pinellas Park, Florida. While on the Canal Zone, Mrs.
Parker was the pupil of Herbert de Castro and Miss Anna Ruiz of Panama
City and while under their tutelage she gave numerous recitals on the
Zone at the High School and the National Institute in Panama City, R.P.
Mrs. Parker was graduated from Western Maryland College in 1954 with
the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Music, cum laude. At Florida State
University, she has been the pupil of Dr. John Boda, the well known
concert pianist, orchestra director and composer. Following her recital,
Mrs. Parker was guest of honor at an informal gathering at the home of
Dr. Boda and his sister, Miss Ruth Boda. Mrs. Parker's husband is a
graduate of Florida State University and is connected with the Bankers
Life and Casualty Co. They have three children. Mrs. Parker is a member
of the school faculty at Crawfordville, Florida.

Mr. Robert Hummer returned from France on July 31st, after a two
year tour of duty with the Air Force. On Sept. 3, 1960, he was married
to Miss Wanda Randall of Fort Worth, Texas. They have been visiting
with Mr. Hummer's grandmother, Mrs. C. L. Hummer in St. Petersburg,
Florida and Mr. Hummer's sister, Mrs. John M. Stevens. He is the son of
Mr. Joseph L. Hummer of Balboa, Canal Zone.

Miss Jane Gadde of St. Petersburg spent part of the summer in
North Carolina with her sister. She attended the Legion Convention in
Miami and intended to take a vacation in Nassau before returning to
St. Petersburg.
Several years ago, Clyde E. Keeler published a book, "Land of the
Moon Children", which described the Culture of the Primitive Cuna
Indians of San Bias. Last February, Mr. Keeler published a ten year
study of the primitive fertility religion of the Cunas. The book is entitled
"Secrets of the Cuna Earthmother", has 352 pages, 97 illustrations. Ex-
position Press, 386 Fourth Ave., New York. Mr. Keeler is Professor of
Biology at Georgia State College for Women.

Alexander Meigs, former resident of the Canal Zone and a graduate
of the Canal Zone Junior College, was awarded a Ph.D. in Economics by
the University of Chicago. A Senior Economist in the Research Dept. of
the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis for the past several years, Meigs
now joins the ranks of 30 or more other C.Z. Junior College graduates

who have earned doctoral degrees. He studied Economics at Harvard
and the University of Chicago and has been on the staff of the Univer-
sity of Arkansas as Assistant Professor of Economics.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Stockham of Balboa Heights, C.Z. left for the
United States early in November to be present at the wedding of their
daughter, Janet Wilma, to James W. Reece, son of Mr. Roy D. Reece and
the late Mrs. Reece of Balboa. Miss Stockham and Mr. Reece will be mar-
ried at the Norfolk Base Chapel in Virginia on November 24th. Miss
Stockham graduated from Bucknell University in June and Mr. Reece
graduated from Dartmouth College in June. Upon graduation, Mr. Reece
was commissioned an Ensign in the United States Navy.

Mr. P. A. White of Gamboa, Chief of the Dredging Division, presented
a technical paper as Representative of the Panama Canal at the Sixth
International Lighthouse Conference held in Washington, D.C. on Septem-
ber 26, 1960. The purpose of the conference was to acquaint representa-
tives of the thirty-eight countries attending of the existing types of navi-
gational aids and to exchange ideas and information leading to a wider
use of the most modern methods for assistance to maritime traffic. Tech-
nical sessions were held daily at the State Department building in Wash-
ington from September 26th through September 30th with post conference
trips to Navigational aids installations in the vicinity of Washington and
New York.

Ray and Irma Forbes spend their winters in Arizona then spend a
good part of their summers touring the country and seeing old friends.
They spent two weeks visiting their son, Jim and family, in Oregon and
while in California they saw and visited many ex-Zonites. Among the
young folks they saw were three former residents of Pedro Miguel, Don
Corn, Jack Wilkinson and Don Sampson. Don Corn is in the Forestry
service, Don Sampson was attending a missile school in Downey, Cali-
fornia, and Jack Wilkinson was attending summer school at San Louis
Obispo. Irma reports chance meetings with John and Dorothy Everson
in the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion Park area. A meeting such as that
can make a big day at Grand Canyon and an even bigger day and a thrill
for all concerned.

Etta and Henry Leisy are well and happy in their work in the Indian
schools in New Mexico. Their son, Capt. Henry Joe is teaching in Valley
Forge Military Academy and going part time to Villanova University to
get his master's degree in Political Science. Their son Bobby flies a jet for

the U.S. Air Force and young Ralph has been working through the sum-
mer vacation with a construction crew and is a student at New Mexico

Following their retirement, Mr. and Mrs. Wells Wright of Balboa
left for an extended tour of Europe. Early in October, Mr. and Mrs. P.
A. White of Gamboa, flew from New York to Copenhagen to join the
Wrights. To-gether, they will make a motor tour through Denmark, Hol-
land, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain and France.

Albert J. Joyce Jr. was admitted to the Canal Bar by Judge Guthrie
F. Crowe, at the Ancon District Court. Mr. Joyce, born in Ancon, was a
graduate of the School of Law at the University of South Carolina in
June of this year. In July, he was admitted to the bar of the Supreme
Court of South Carolina. He also holds a degree of Bachelor of Political
Science which he obtained at the Military College of South Carolina in
June, 1954. Married and with a young family, Mr. Joyce hopes to settle
on the Isthmus.

On a recent trip to Orlando, Florida, we spent an afternoon with
Edna Whitver in her nice home overlooking Lake Cherokee. Hazel and
Bob Wilhite came in for awhile. Both are fine and look well. They keep
busy, Hazel as a Gray Lady in the hospital and Bob donates part of his
time each week to helping in one of the hospitals for the retarded and
handicapped. I called Vern Calloway on the phone and found they had
just returned from the Legion Convention in Miami where they were
happy to see several old friends from the Canal Zone. Vern has been a
member of the Ancon Post for 42 years and was presented with a gold
membership card. Their son, Capt. Vern Calloway, U.S. Air Force, with
his wife and one year old son, reside in Abeline, Texas. Young Vern is
with the Judge Advocates Department.
When it was time to return to St. Pete, Hattie and Roland Jones
came by to pick us up and with them in a (next) car were Mr. and Mrs.
Robert S. Keenan and children and Mr. John R. Keenan. Young Bob
is now employed by the U.S. Air Force and makes his home in Winter
Park, Florida at 508 Balfour Drive.

Charles A. Garcia was sworn in as Judge of the Cristobal Magistrate
Court during a ceremony held in the Judge's chambers. Gov. W. A. Carter
headed a long list of Canal officials, court and police personnel, and
friends who were present to witness the ceremony. Judge Garcia has been
with the Personnel Bureau since 1942. He is a naturalized citizen of the

United States and a graduate of Fordham University Law School. He is
also a member of and past president of the Canal Zone Bar.

Dorothy Agnes Andress, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Sausel of
Tallahassee, Florida, received her Masters degree in the Interdivisional
Program for Junior College Instructors, from Florida State University,
on August 6, 1960. She is continuing her studies in Moder languages.

Mr. and Mrs. Burton Hackett (Betty Lewis) of Balboa, C.Z. spent
some time in California and in Florida where they visited with Mrs.
Hackett's parents, Capt. and Mrs. Harry Lewis of St. Petersburg.

Mrs. Rose Weischadel Snyder of Allentown, Penn., attended the
Legion convention in Miami, Florida, then flew to Panama for a ten days
stay. Enroute home, she stopped off in St. Pete for a two day visit with
Capt. and Mrs. Harry Lewis.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Grier of St. Petersburg made a ten day circle
trip of Florida, in October. They went to Key West and saw the wreckage
caused by Donna. They called on friends in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and
along the East coast, also in Central Florida at Orlando, Maitland and
Altamonte Springs.

Mrs. Fred W. (Betty) O'Rourke of Hendersonville, N.C. our rep-
resentative for that area, has sent in her last report, as Mrs. George B.
Ward, R.F.D. 2, Box 382, Weaverville, N.C. is to be the new representa-
tive for Western North Carolina. We regret the fact that Mrs. O'Rourke
will no longer gather the news for us, however, we welcome Mrs. Ward
as our new representative and we hope you will phone your news items
to Mrs. Ward or send her a card so that she may keep us informed of
your activities.

Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Symonds of Albuquerque, New Mexico, flew to
Miami where they were joined by their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas E. Burroughs from the Canal Zone. In Miami, they saw Dr.
Reeder, the W. T. Bowens and house guests, Mrs. Lombroia and grand-
daughter, also the Clarence Trues. While in St. Petersburg, they saw
many old friends, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Schnell, the J. A. Frasers, Mr.
and Mrs. C. T. Daniels, the Randall Fords and Dwight Van Everas. Also
saw the Shannons of Tampa. Enroute home to New Mexico, they planned
to stop along the way for a visit with the John Hearns in Meridian, Miss.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Renz of Fairhope, Alabama, have returned to
their home after a visit with their son and family in Champaign, Illinois.

Young Paul is studying at the University of Illinois for his Ph.D. in
Special Education.

Mr. and Mrs. James Cole of Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela, were brief
visitors in St. Petersburg. They were guests of the John Howers and saw
a few of their friends here but had to hurry on to New Orleans, because
of the illness and death of Mr. Cole's mother. After they left New Orleans,
they visited with their daughter, Mary Joe, and her family and also their
son, Jimmie and his family, before returning to Venezuela.

Mrs. Fred G. Whaler of St. Petersburg, Fla. has sold her house and
is leaving for the Canal Zone where she will make her home with her

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hupp of Port Orchard, Washington, enjoyed a
visit from their daughter and son-in-law, Marjorie and Dick Paine, who
recent returned from a fifty day flying tour of Europe. Three weeks
were spent in Germany with the Howard N. Paines, Dick's parents. Dick's
father is Civilian Post Engineer with the U.S. Forces. While in Europe,
Marjorie and Dick visited the Berchtesgadens salt mines and Hitler's old
hide-out, "The Eagle's Nest". They spent eight days in Moscow and Lenin-
grad. As Dick speaks the Russian language, he spent his evenings in talk-
ing to anyone he could draw into a conversation. Sometimes it would be
a lone man and at other times a crowd would gather. Dick has been Asso-
ciate Professor of Math at Austin college in Nacogdoches, Texas, but is
now at Walla Walla College in Washington where he heads the Math
department. He is an alumnus of W.W.C. and received his Ph.D. from
the University o f Washington.

Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Euper, formerly of Gamboa, C.Z. and recently
retired, have moved into their new home at 208 Stephens Court, Gretna,
Louisiana. Their daughter, Jo Anne, having finished college and her in-
ternship, will be at home with her parents for Christmas.

Rev. Roger Greene is now Vicar of the All Saints Episcopal Church
in Tarpon Springs, Florida. The church is over one hundred years old
and truly very pretty and comfortable. It has been thought that it should
be enlarged to accommodate the many people who are here during the
winter months, but since it would be difficult to add to its size it is
necessary to hold two services each Sunday. Rev. Greene also conducts
a service at the mental hospital after the first service

At the regular monthly meeting of the Society, October 10th, Presi-
dent Kelley suggested that we attend services at Rev. Greene's church
Sunday, October 23rd. There were twenty one who drove out from St.
Petersburg, Clearwater, and one from West Palm Beach. Those helped
to fill up the church and it became necessary to have extra chairs brought
in to accommodate the parishioners.
The twenty-one members of the Society who attended the service are
listed as follows:
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baltozer Mr. and Mrs. Kieth E. Kelley
Mrs. Nell Buechele (W. Palm Beach) Mrs. Bessie Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Dworak Mr. and Mrs. Albert McKeown
Mr. Francis Feeney Mr. H. F. Paddock
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. Shep Shreves
Mrs. Alice Hall Mr. and Mrs. Louis Warner
Capt. and Mrs. Ben Judd


The names of three prominent Chief Engineers on the Construction
of the Canal, John F. Wallace, John F. Stevens, and George W. Goethals,
will be assigned to three new tugs, soon to go into Canal service. Here-
to fore, most tugs have been named for townsites. The names for the new
tugs were suggested by the Board of Directors of the Isthmian Historical
Society which was asked to submit recommendations. In the letter, set-
sting forth the Board's recommendations, Cornelious S. McCormack, Presi-
dent of the Society, said "These three men were the first and only Chief
Engineers during the building of the Panama Canal. We particularly
thought it a good idea for something to be named for Stevens, since his
contribution to the construction of the Canal was so important and since
we do not believe there-is a visible reminder of his work on the Isthmus.
Much praise has already been given to Goethals but we felt in using the
three engineer's names, it emphasized the continuity of their work." Gov-
ernor W. A. Carter has approved the suggestion of the Historical Society.
The flag of Panama now flies beside the Stars and Stripes on the
Canal Zone. President Ernesto de la Guardia Jr. did not attend the cere-
mony. However, his entire cabinet, headed by foreign Minister Miguel
J. Moreno, Jr. was present. The flag raising was marred by shouts of
forty or fifty High School pupils chanting "Yankee Go Home" and the
stabbing of an American broadcaster, James E. Pattison, who received
two wounds, neither of which was serious. Pattison's assailant Syndey

Levans Dassant, has been committed to Corozal Hospital by the Canal
Zone Court. A charge of assualt with a deadly weapon was dismissed by
Magistrate John E. Deming, on the basis of a medical report from Dr.
J. C. Kennedy, Chief of Gorgas Hospital's Psychiatric Section. Mr. Patti-
son, making a good recovery from his wounds on his left arm, declared
that, in his opinion, the incident did not reflect the attitude of the people
of Panama.

Assistant Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs, Thomas C.
Mann, declared that the rights of the United States "are not endangered
in any way" by the decision to fly the flag of Panama to-gether with that
of the United States in the Canal Zone. The decision to fly the flag of
Panama in the Canal Zone was lauded by the Baltimore Sun and the New
York Times, while the Washington Post called it a backward step in
respect to the Panama Canal. Panamanian Foregn Minister Miguel
Moreno Jr. called hoisting the flag in the Zone an "Act of Justice". Senator
Styles Bridges of New Hampshire disagrees with the decision of the State
Department declaring, "I am not only surprised but deeply shocked."
Jorge E. Illueca, Panama's chief delegate at the United Nations praised
the flag order as a "meaningful gesture" but added "we Panamaians aspire
to have that order implemented in an ample and general way so that our
flag waves proudly over the whole extention of the Panamanian Isthmus."

On August 2nd, a whole row of offices on the second floor of the
Administration Building at Balboa Heights, was swept by fire causing
damage estimated at a quarter of a million dollars. Two workmen were
in the office of the Comptroller stripping the wall with lacquer thinner in
preparation for repainting it when some of the highly inflammable liquid
ran down the wall and into an electrical outlet resulting in one of the
worst fires in Panama Canal history.

A windstorm lashed Panama City and Ancon on August 12th. Damage
was heaviest in Panama City caused by corrugated iron roofing being
ripped from wooden supports. The National Institute was partially un-
roofed. Sheets of metal roofing were swirled by the wind, across 4th of
July Avenue and uphill onto Herrick Road and into the yards of doctor's
homes on Herrick Heights. Damage was heavy in the Gorgas Hospital
grounds where fallen trees blocked both entrances to the hospital. Damage
was estimated at $2,000,000.

The fight to keep the Panama Line in operation continues with Gov.
William A. Carter very much opposed to discontinuance of a service the
Company cannot get from anyone else. Rep. Leonor Sullivan (D. Mo.),
chairman of the House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Sub-committee, has
asked the Army to delay any plans to drop the Panama Line. Ralph E.
Casey, President of the American Merchant Marine Institute, in a letter
to President Eisenhower, opposed further operation of the Panama Line
ships, the Ancon and the Cristobal. According to Mr. Casey, the Grace
Line has offered to buy the Panama Line's two vessels.

The first edition of the Canal Zone Postal Service booklet "Canal
Zone Postage Stamps", will go on sale on November first in the Canal
Zone. The booklet was prepared and written by former Cristobal Magis-
trate, E. I. P. Tatleman, a recognized expert on philatelic matters. Judge
Tatleman spent three months on the Zone, last year, compiling material
for the volume. The booklet will be on sale for $2.50 at all Canal Zone
Post Offices and branches. Mail orders must be made with money orders,
bank or certified checks. Personal checks or postage stamps will not be

Panama's economy benefited about 65 million dollars from the Canal
Zone in the fiscal year 1960, according to figures in a recent issue of the
Panama Canal Review. Food purchases are rising as agriculture improves.
Panamanian agriculture officials report that determined efforts are be-
ing made to meet the quality and packaging demands of the Zone. Food
products account for $2,328,000 of the total. Other large items of Zone
spending in Panama in 1960 were contracts to local firms $5,581,000,
wages to non-U.S. citizens by all U.S. agencies $2,795,000.

A $1,800,000 combination of electronic computers and ultra-sensitive
radio locating systems to control Panama Canal traffic from July 1963,
is being designed by a New York Company. The location system will
automatically determine the position of every ship in the Canal and will
display the information on a 36 foot electronic display wall in the Marine
Traffic Control office. Present ship to shore radio communications will
be replaced by lighter, watertight floatable units which will display advice
to the pilot about his schedule, speed, and the number of ships advancing
toward his vessel. A Balboa Heights statement emphasized that, although
the new system will be a major improvement in Canal Traffic, it will not
replace the importance of the pilots judgment. "The pilots action is al-
ways the final in the system for obvious and advantageous reasons."

A spoil barge broke loose from a tug in the cut and grounded and
sank on the East bank of Gaillard Cut, north of La Pita signal station.
Canal transits were delayed about five hours. The barge was raised by
the 250 ton floating crane, Hercules. With the aid of three tugs, the
barge was moved to Gamboa where it was beached, temporarily.

Three hundred officers and crewmen of the guided missile ship,
Preble, berthed at Rodman Naval Station, volunteered to give blood at
Panama's Santo Tomas Hospital. The ship was in Balboa for a four day
goodwill visit enroute to join the U.S. Pacific Fleet.

The new Cathedral Center in Ancon, behind the Cathedral of St. Luke,
was dedicated in a special service conducted by Bishop K. Heber Gooden.
It contains a large center hall, nine classrooms, a kitchen, a storeroom,
and a patio. It will be used by the organizations of the Cathedral and for
the Diocesan activities carried on by the Episcopal church in the area.

The school year opened on the Canal Zone with two new elementary
schools, one at Diablo Heights and another at Los Rios. The school at
Los Rios, built at a cost of about $314,000 has 12 classrooms, a music
room, kindergarten section, clinic, Principal's office, teacher's lounge,
and auxiliary rooms. The Diablo Heights elementary school has a similar
layout but only eight classrooms.

The Panama Canal Company has let a contract for the installation of
a water main which will serve Panama City's growing need for water.
Installation of the main will fulfill "one" of the nine points in the pro-
gram of benefits for Panama announced last April. Another point in the
nine point program, is a reduction in the price charged Panama for puri-
fied water delivered at the Canal Zone frontier. The new water main will
increase the available water supply to Panama to a maximum of 22.4
million gallons per day.

Construction of 27 one family houses has been started in the Ancon-
Balboa Heights area on sites which border on Ancon Boulevard. The last
of the old houses along Ancon Boulevard are being demolished.

On October 1, 1960, Robert F. Chiari took the oath of office as
President of Panama. He immediately pledged his administration to a
policy of "Austerity and hard work." He said he would cut back public
programs and needless officials junkets abroad. Chiari indicated he looked

to some part of President Eisenhower's recently announced $500 million
aid plan for Latin America to help Panama out of its present financial
crisis. He hailed U.S. Point 4's work in developing the Republic's agri-
culture to the point where it could expect great benefits from sales to the
Canal Zone. He also saw a bettering of U.S.-Panama relations. President
Chiari told the nation "We are at the best juncture in many years" for a
real understanding with the United States. He warned that any "agitation
of turbulence" would serve only to spoil that climate. Jascinto Lopez y
Leon placed the Presidential sash on President Chiari. Thirty-six years
ago, their respective fathers had enacted the same scene in the same roles.

The World Bank has loaned Panama $7,200,000 for road construction
and improvement. The bank announced that the loan will be used to
build ten new feeder roads, totalling 187 miles, and to pave eight exist-
ing roads with a total of 86 miles. Four private banks are participating
in the loan for a total amount of $457,000. These banks are the Chase
Manhattan Bank, Bankers Trust Co., The First National City Bank of New
York, and the Central National Bank of Cleveland. The total amount
loaned by these banks represents the two repayments which fall due in
July 1964 and January 1965.

Dr. Anulfo Arias, who was deprived of his civil rights on May 25,
1951, had those rights restored, by the new National Assembly, after a
four hour debate. Arias, who was twice overthrown as President, won
restoration of his civil rights by a vote of 38 to 13.

Dr. Roberto (Tito) Arias returned to Panama after 15 months of
exile. He flew into diplomatic exile in April 1959 after having sought
asylum in the Brazilian embassy. The former administration brought
charges against him of an attempt to overthrow the De la Guardia gov-
ernment by force. Dr. Arias is the son of Dr. Harmodio Arias, former
President of Panama and the nephew of Arnulfo Arias who has announced
that he will return to active politics.


Mrs. Louise Ross died on Monday, October 24th at her home, 2407
California St. N.W., Washington, D.C. Mrs. Ross is survived by her hus-
band, Walter R. Ross, a former president of the Panama Canal Society
of Washington, D.C.

Ben Jenkins died on September 29th. Mr. Jenkins was a former presi-
dent of the Panama Canal Society of Washington, D.C. He is survived
by his wife, Mrs. Sadie Jenkins; a son, Harold Jenkins; a brother, John
and a sister, Edith.
Burton H. Mead of Balboa, C.Z. had the misfortune to break his hip
some time ago but is now recuperating, very nicely, and expects to be
up and around in a short time. For picture of four generations of the
Mead family, see cut.

Friends may be interested to know that Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Ehrman
are residents of St. Petersburg, Florida at 7630- 18th Street North. The
Ehrmans are the proud parents of an 18-month-old daughter, Bobbie Jean.

Kathleen and Henry Grieser continue to enjoy life at their Lackaroo
home in Ireland. Kathleen had a 3,000 word story about her African vio-
lets in the African Violet Magazine of the U.S. title, "My Violet Adven-
tures in three countries, U.S., Canal Zone, and Ireland".
At about the same time, another magazine, Amateur Athlete, of the
U.S., had a photo of the Grieser's Swimming Trophies being presented
by the Acting Governor of the Canal Zone, to the outstanding boy or girl
swimmer of the Zone. These trophies were given to Mr. Grieser when
he retired in 1949. He donated these to the Zone to be competed for by
the outstanding swimmers, every year. The Griesers had as a guest dur-
ing the summer, Mr. Louis Kiser, formerly of Pedro Miguel, now of
Louisiana. They had great fun to-gether, seeing the high lights and beauty
spots of Ireland.

Capt. and Mrs. Wesley Anderson of Ormand Beach, Florida, an-
nounce the marriage of their daughter, Joan Margaret, to Mr. Charles F.
Carlson, Jr. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September 3, at Our Lady
of Lourdes, Catholic Church, Daytona Beach, Florida. The bride attended
the University of Miami as a Physical Education major. The bridegroom
also attended the University of Miami and is a Korean War veteran.
He is now employed as a Physical Education coach at Opa Locka, Florida.
The young couple will reside in Miami.


We expect all attendance records to be broken. You will see between
six and seven hundred of your former neighbors and friends and co-work-
ers. Let us make our 29th Reunion the biggest and best ever held in St.

The deadline for the next issue of the Canal Record will be Feb-
ruary 1st, 1961.
Once again we want to thank all our contributors for the time and
effort spent in gathering the news of our old friends and co-workers.

To the Officers and Members of
Panama Canal Society of Florida.

Dear Friends:
Having served as Editor of our Canal Record for the past eight years,
or to be exact, since June 1953, we feel it is time to retire, again. Serving
as Editor has been a pleasant experience and we have enjoyed getting
out a Record which we hoped would be interesting and also keep us all
informed of the doings of our old friends and co-workers, their joys,
their sorrows, and the present where-abouts of the youngsters, many of
whom we have known from birth.
We are now busily engaged in making ready the December issue for
your interest and pleasure. However, we sincerely hope you will select a
new Editor who will take over on January 1, 1961.
Our decision to retire as Editor has been made after considerable
thought so please do not ask us to reconsider.

Ernest M. Kieswetter

To all of you from all of us, A Merry Christmas and a wonderful
New Year.


1. Those eligible: Members of the Panama Canal Society of Florida
in good standing who are residents of the State of Florida, dependent
members of their immediate family residing with them and who have
contributed the sum of $2.00 each to the fund.

2. Members who move from the State of Florida or drop out of mem-
bership in the Society are no longer eligible for benefits of the fund.
3. Eligible members who are physically able to donate blood will be
given a credit of $10.00 toward himself and family in lieu of monetary
donation. This credit will be good for as long as the St. Petersburg Com-
munity Blood Bank allows credit for donors, and will apply toward dues
in the Blood Bank.
4. Outsiders: Non-members donating blood for credit to the Society
at the St. Petersburg Community Blood Bank will be paid the sum of
$10.00 in cash by the Secretary.

5. Persons donating money toward the Fund for the benefit of
worthy and indigent members relinquish any claim against the Society
for any part of such donation.

6. The sum of $1,000.00 will be considered the maximum operating

7. Assessments will be mailed to each participating family at $2.00
per person when the operating Fund drops to $500. The Fund will not
be allowed to drop below $500.00 unless in an emergency Assessments
must be paid immediately by all participating members in order to keep
the Fund operating.

8. No person may receive any benefit from this Fund unless he or
she will have donated the necessary $2.00 fee per person at least three
months prior to the need for blood.

9. Effective January 1, 1960, dues will be required in the Blood Bank
of $2.00 each member, as authorized at the April 13, 1959 meeting. It is
expected that this will insure successful operation of the Blood Bank
without further assessments being necessary.

10. The Secretary will issue a numbered card to all paid up members.

11. Expenses relative to this Fund, such as stamps, stationery, etc.,
will be paid out of this Fund.

12. Disbursements: Satisfactory evidence that blood has been ad-
ministered to any paid up member in any recognized hospital in the
United States or the Canal Zone must be submitted to the Secretary. Upon
receipt of such proof the Secretary is authorized to and will pay imme-
diately for any and all such blood transfusions. Payment may be direct
to the hospital or to the person presenting a receipted bill for such

Please remember that all members of the Blood Bank must keep up
their dues. Non-payment of dues to the Panama Canal Society automatic-
ally cancels your membership in the Blood Bank. All members in Florida
who joined the Blood Bank are issued a card. Always keep it with you.
If you did not receive your card, please notify the Secretary.

I wish to join the Blood Bank.
Herewith my contribution of $2.00 per person.

Name .............--.........--------------- --------------------
Address ..........--...........---------------------...--........
City ..---........................--- .......---..--.............-

Name .................... ....................-.....-.......----
Address ------------------------------.-----------.---.-.------
AddressC ...................................................

City ..... ...... 1961 ....


Dear Ex-Canal Friends:

You are cordially invited to join the Panama Canal Society of
Florida. The Canal Record, our news booklet, is issued quarterly, and a
Year Book is mailed to members in December of each year.

Dues are $3.00 annually, and payable in January. Members coming
in after July 1st will pay $1.50 for balance of the year.

Please fill in the application below and send your dues to the:

(Bank Charge)

Name ---- ------------------
Wife's Name -----------.---.-..--....
City ....---_ ----.-.. ....-----------.----. State-----------------.
Number of Years on Canal .......---------------------..._-..
What Division ---... .....------. ... -.--------- -.... .
Amount Enclosed ...--------------- -- ....

P. O. Box 11566
St. Petersburg 33, Florida

(Members who reside in Florida only)

For:........... ..... .................................................................

Address .................. ..... ..... ................................. ....... .........

City................................................. ......................................


P. O. Box 11566
St. Petersburg 33, Florida

Herewith Dues for 1961.

For:............................................................. ....

Address... ..... ................................................................ .

City................. ........................................

State..................... ........... .........


Twenty-Ninth Anniversary Reunion
January 9th and 10th, 1961

Fill out and return this form with your remittance to the Panama
Canal Society of Florida, mailing it direct to:
MRS. LUCILLE S. JUDD, Secretary-Treasurer
3535 19th Street No. St. Petersburg 13, Florida
Please arrange reservations as follows-
Reunion luncheon tickets for persons, each, $2.75.
My party of persons will find our own room accommodations.

My party of persons will need single and/or
double rooms in hotel or private home for days beginning

January 1961. Enclosed is $8.00 for each single room and/or
$12.00 for each double room per day for deposit on these reservations,
plus 3% tax.
There is enclosed remittance of $ representing total for
all the above reservations.
My party will arrive by Train; Automobile; Bus.
(Please indicate which. And PLEASE add 10c per check
for banking charge of you remit by check)
Names and addresses of those in my party:

While at the Reunion our address will be:


Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Grieser, Lackaroo, Crosshaven County Cork, Ireland
Photo-courtesy of County Cork Examiner of Ireland

Mr. R. L. Wilhite, Orlando, Fla.
Mr. J. A. Fraser, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Mr. E. M. Kieswetter, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Back row: Mr. Charles E. Thomas, Latrobe, Pa., Mr. Lee Beil, St. Petersburg, Fla.,
Mr. Jack Ward, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Front row: Mrs.. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Peterson, St. Petersburg, Fla.-

I 0

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Mennell, St. Petersburg, Florida

Burton H. Mead (retired in 1948) His son, David F. Mead, Grandson, Burton F. Mead,
Great grandson, Burton F. Mead II. Taken at Gorgas Hospital where Burt was a
patient with a broken hip.


Mrs. Earnest Williams, Jimmie Coman, Mrs Ruby Loller, Mrs. Edith Engelke, Mrs
Shaw, Newell Shaw, Mrs. Lulu Coman, Ida Hallett and George Engelke.

Mr. A.W. Russon, Cleveland, Ohio-Mrs. Martin Nickel, St. Petersburg, Fla.-Mrs.
Russon, and Mr. Nickel.



Rev. C.L. Morgan, Chagrin Falls, Ohio-Mrs. Lulu Mae Coman, Bentonville, Ark.
Mattie MacAuley, Bentonville, Ark.-Mrs. Blanche Shaw, Fayetteville, Ark.
Jimmie Coman, Bentonville, Ark.

Caroline Estelle and Mrs. P.C. Hulsebosch of Tice, Fla.

Panama Canal Society of Florida
P. O. Box 11566
St. Petersburg 33, Florida

U. S. Postage
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Permit No. 603





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