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Panama Canal Society of Florida
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Soreno Hotel St. Petersburg, Fla.
Our Convention Headquarters.

front row Tony Bridges, Mildred Tatelman, Elwyn Greene. (our host) Frances Greene Those
in the rear Capt. GuyJohannes, Wallace Dunham, Judge E.I.P. Tatelman, Mary Dunham. Jessica
Maurer, Nina Warner, Greta Mann (partially obscured) Paul Warner, Grace Warner, Mrs. C. J.
Huson. Mrs. Jennie Johannes. Loule A. Maurer and Allen Bridges. Dr. Marjorie L. Warner, Lois
Magner, and Alice Candee were also present but busily engaged taking pictures of the group
and Mr. C. J. Huson was indisposed and did not remain for the Dinnerand Festivities.

Mr, ana i ._. ji.,e. m. ', aulhi:n:
East, Ge. rfc.

Mrs. Charle F. C nkril .-.n
5S. Petersrb.r, I la.
Mrs. Reazr.o, N.r. :.:J, Lrni-
Mrs. e'.a S 1'rkr St. P 'iersburg,. Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. C-ergeP ,.. Felp
t51. Petersr-urg. Fla.
Mrs. Charles L. Pr-,.-
Si. PeteriburF. Fl..

itt I

U lr r. i a Ir
r i r ,i 3 m .
mr. I 3 in

.r, r J 'I ,, r.n.
l.\ F

Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Knox
Ruidoso, New Mexico
Mrs. Ernest Wood
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Mrs. Neeley, Margarita, C. Z.
Mrs. F. B. Deakins
St. Petersburg, Fla.

. k

The Panama Canal Society of Florida
To preserve American Ideals and Canal Zone Friendships
Macon A. Turner J. F. Warner
President Founder
Keith Kelley F. A. Anderson
Vice-President N J.. F. Bashner
Mrs. Lucille S. Judd W. H. Butler
Secretary-Treas. H. H. Hudson
Harry J. Lewis
Francis G. Hargy Dan E. Wright
Recording Sec'y. s Counselors
E. M. Kieswetter James Bradley
News Editor Sergeant-at-Arms
Lee Burns


One of the most progressive pieces of legislation enacted into law
recently was Senate Bill No. 385, Public Law 85/507, approved by the
President on July 7th, 1958.
Private industry has maintained for years that they are financially
interested in training their employees to be more efficient workers, whether
he be an equipment specialist, electronic technician, vocation rehabilita-
tion specialist, auditor, scientist or engineer. The Government has now
arrived at the point that trained personnel, in their chosen field, are an
asset of efficient Government.
Here are the highlights of this legislation as summarized by Joseph
Young, Government Columnist for Washington, D. C. Star:

1. Promising career employees can be sent by their agencies to colleges
or universities, industrial laboratories, commercial schools, etc., to im-
prove their careers.

2. The training will be at no expense to the employee, whose salary will
be paid while he is in training.

3. Employees must have been in Government for at least one year to
become eligible for the oustide training. No employee can receive more
than one year of training for each 10 years of service. And agencies
cannot provide outside training to more than 1 percent of its employees
each year.

4. Employees must promise to stay in Government following their train-
ing period for at least three times the length of their training. Otherwise,
they must repay the Government the cost of their training.

5. The training will be both in this country and overseas, if necessary.
6. Federal agencies will pay the cost of the program out of regular ex-
penditures. Therefore, the program is not expected to cost very much, if
anything. At present, non-defense agencies do not have the authority to
train employees outside Government, and the defense agencies have to
depend on a year-to-year approval in appropriations bills for this type
of training.
7. The pending legislation also sets up stronger interagency training pro-
grams, whereby employees from one Government agency can train at
another Federal Bureau.

Bills Recently Signed by President of Interest to Membership


Bill No.

5/19/58 HR-3604

5/23/58 HR-358

5/27/58 HR-5836

6/ 6/58 HR-7870

6/18/58 HR-7251

Public Law


85/385 Authorizing employing of retired
85/419 Providing penalties for interference
with utilities in the Canal Zone.
85/425 To increase benefits to Widows of
Spanish-American War Veterans; In-
dian and Civil War.
85/426 To adjust Postoffice rates and increase
postal salaries.
85/452 Authorizing Ten Million additional for
completion of Inter-American highway.
85/460 Veterans Laws applicable to C. Z. resi-

6/20/58 S-734 85/462 Classified Federal Employees Pay Raise
-Effective 1-12-58.
6/25/58 S-72 85/465 To increase annuities payable to those
retired prior to October 1st, 1956 -
Effective August 1st, 1958.
7/ 7/58 S-3500 85/506 To require the full and fair disclosure
of certain information in connection
with the distribution of new automo-
biles in commerce.

7/ 7/58 S-385 85/507 Authorizing training of Federal Em-
ployees at public and private facilities
(See additional information in pre-
vious report.

7/ 7/58 HR-7999

7/18/58 S-1901

7/22/58 HR-11414

85/508 To provide for the admission of the
State of Alaska into the Union.
85/525 To permit fire fighters and other em-
ployees with unusual tours of duty, in-
cluding standby time, to receive over-
time pay if they are required to work
beyond their normal hours.
85/544 Authorizing grants for the provision
of training and services in field of
public health.

Bills Reported of Interest to Our Members

Reported Bill No.
5/21/58 HR-2002

- To credit for retirement purposes, the accumula-
tive and accrued annual leave and unused sick
leave for immediate or deferred annuity.

5/27/58 HR-6 Recognition of organizations of Postal and Fed-
eral Employees.
6/11/58 HR-13132 Bill to increase D.C. School Teachers Salaries.
6/19/58 S-1850 Conditions of employment on Canal Zone.

7/ 1/58 S-4004

7/ 7/58 HR-67

7/ 7/58 HR-7225

7/11/58 HR-5322

- To encourage and authorize details and transfers
of Federal employees for service with inter-
national organizations.
- To increase the rate of special pension payable
to certain persons awarded the Medal of Honor
-From $10.00 per month after 65 to $100.00
per month, at any age.
- Amending the C. Z. Code relative to the handling
of the excess funds of the Panama Canal Co.
- Would authorize benefits to or on behalf of the
dependent husbands and widowers.

7/11/58 HR-11801 Would increase the present Veterans burial al-
lowance from $150.00 to $250.00.
7/14/58 HR-13088 To fix and regulate salaries of Washington, D. C.
Police and Fire Departments.
7/17/58 HR-7734 To exempt teachers in the Canal Zone from ap-
plication of the dual employment statute.
7/17/58 HR-13404 To grant longevity credit for service performed
in the Panama Canal Postal Service.
7/18/58 S-25 Would establish earlier effective dates for in-
creases granted Wage Board Employees.
7/21/58 HR-11507 To increase present retirement exemption from
$1200.00 to about $3100.00 per year (Write
your Congressman and Senator).
7/21/58 HR-9721 Providing for the payment of transportation ex-
penses of certain survivors of deceased service-
men to attend group burials in National Ceme-
BILL. The House voted today to insist on its
disagreement to the Senate Amendment No. 1
that deleted language providing for Federal pay-
ment of 589 Million to the Civil Service Re-
tirement and Disability Fund.
NOTE: The House inserted this amount in the
bill to help decrease the reported deficit of be-
tween $17 and $19 Billion in the Civil Service
Retirement Fund. The 13% contributed by the
employees and by the government is still inade-
quate to prevent a deficit, because actuarially
sound, a contribution of 19%-Plus, must be
made. One of the main reasons for this deficit
is that the Government has only contributed
3-3/5 Billion, while the Employees have contri-
buted 5-1/2 Billion to the Retirement Fund dur-
ing the fiscal years 1921 thru 1956.
7/23/58 HR-11549 To provide for the preparation of a proposed
revision of the Canal Zone Code.
Legislative Committee.

The following was clipped from Retirement Life, the monthly publi-
cation of the National Association of Retired Civil Employees. All re-
tirees should be members or NARCE. Join your local chapter or write to
National Headquarters, 1625 Connecticut Ave. N.W., Washington, D. C.

---- FLASH! ---

Yes! It's Final!
President Eisenhower placed his signature on S.72 in the late after-
noon of June 25. Your first check including the ten percent increase will
arrive about September 1. This Bill benefits about 230,000 retirees, 90,000
survivors and an estimated 28,000 "forgotten" widows. It will bring hap-
piness to 348,000 deserving civil service retirees, survivors and widows
which is by far the largest number of persons ever covered by similar
Bills which your Association fought for and which were previously passed.
Furthermore, this NARCE Bill provides more additional dollars to them
than any previous Bill. Over the life of the Bill it will give you and your
fellow beneficiaries over a half BILLION dollars. Please be sure to
prompty thank your Congressmen and others who helped promote this
legislation with a very friendly letter expressing your deep gratitude.
Each of the 348,000 beneficiaries of our Bill should belong to this
Association. Why? Well-because, by the Bill we promoted this year and
by previous Bills, NARCE has been responsible for directly putting a very
great number of additional DOLLARS in their pockets. They should show
their gratitude by joining the Association which accomplished such sucess-
ful results-more dollars-for them.
93,000 are now members. 255,000 more are eligible. Many are in
your area. GO GET 'EM.
FRANK J. WILSON, President


The following information is for Widows of the Civil Service Retirees
and of Government Employees who had 10 or more years of Service and
who died prior to February 29, 1948.
S. 72 recently passed by Congress provides annuities to the above-
described widows. In order to receive the annuity, application must be
made to the Retirement Division of the Civil Service Commission. The
annuity of eligibles will commence August 1, 1958, or the first month in

which the application is received, whichever is later, so the earlier the
application is filed the sooner the annuity will commence.
If you do not receive Retirement Life or need application forms, a
letter along the lines of the following draft should be written at once. Be
sure your name and address are written clearly and that the letter is dated:

Retirement Division
United States Civil Service Commission
Washington 25, D. C.
A Bill recently passed by Congress, S. 72, provides annuities to the
widows of retirees and certain employees of the Government who died
prior to February 29, 1948.
I believe I am eligible for an annuity under the provisions of that
Bill and would appreciate receiving the necessary application forms and
accompanying instructions. Please send them to me at the above address
as soon as possible."


4511 29th Avenue North
St. Petersburg 13, Florida
July 14th, 1958
As mentioned last meeting, S-72, Annuity Increase Bill for those re-
tiring prior to Oct. 1956 has become law, with the following provisions:
Section 1-Paragraph A Grants 10% increase to each retired employee
or member of Congress, who on August 1st,
1958 is receiving or is entitled to receive an
annuity based on service which terminated
prior to October 1st, 1956.
Paragraph B This Act gives survivors a 10% increase, but
provides that no such increase may exceed
$250.00 per year.

Section 2- Provides a limited annuity, not to exceed
$750.00 per annum, to certain unremarried
widows and widowers of employees and retired
employees who died prior to Feb. 29th, 1948,
either while still in the service or after having
retired from the service after having performed
at least 10 years of creditable service.
Section 3- The effective date of the increase is August
1st, 1958.
Section 4- The increase shall be paid out of the Civil
Service Retirement and Disability Fund until
June 30, 1960, after which they will not be paid
unless financed by appropriations by Congress.
Section 5- Gives a limited number of former employees,
who were automatically separated by reason of
age prior to Oct. 1st, 1956, but who had suffi-
cient amount of annual leave to their credit to
keep them on the rolls until that date, an elec-
tion as to whether they receive the increase pro-
vided by this bill or an increase provided by
the October 1st Amendments.
The above increase in Annuities for those already retired has been
pending for two years, or about the time the last general increase of Civil
Service Retirement become effective on October 1st, 1956. This has been
the most important bit of legislation enacted this year, so thought I should
list the main points, as approved, in their order.
F. W. HOHMANN, Chairman
Legislative Committee


Detroit, Mich., May 12, 1958
Civil Service Commission, Canal Zone Civilian Acct.
Washington, D. C.
Public Law 319, 78th Congress granting annuities to former civilian
employes of the Isthmian Canal Commission provides that any surviving
person shall furnish such proof of her marriage and marital relationships

as may be required by the Civil Service Commission.
Please advise what proofs are required,
(Sgd) Frank E. Greene
Frank E. Greene, CZC-1786
15300 Troester Ave.,
Detroit (5), Mich.

Washington 25, D. C.
File CZC-1786
May 27, 1958 DRC:WFP:rgr
Mr. Frank E. Greene
15300 Troester Avenue
Detroit 5, Michigan
Dear Mr. Greene:
The widow of a Panama Canal Construction employee may qualify
for a life annuity if she can meet both the following requirements:
1. She must have been married to and lived with the employee on the
Isthmus of Panama for at least 1 year during his construction service
between May 4, 1904 and March 31, 1914.
2. She must not have been divorced from the employee and must not
have remarried since his death.
Therefore, if a widow meets the above conditions, a certified copy of
the public or church record of marriage is required, along with affidavits
from 2 or more disinterested persons who can testify from personal know-
ledge that the wife lived with her husband at least 1 year on the Isthmus
during the employment period cited above. Of course, a certified copy of
the employee's or annuitant's death certificate would also be required.
Sincerely yours,
(Sgd) Jack Goldberg
Jack Goldberg Chief
Claim Section
Retirement Division

Detroit, Mich., June 1, 1958
Your file CZC-1786
Mr. Jack Goldberg,
Chief Claims Section, Retirement Division,
U. S. Civil Service Commission,
Washington (25), D. C.
Dear Mr. Goldberg:
In connection with your letter of May 27 regarding proofs required
from widow in order for her to receive the annuity of her husband, I find
that getting affidavits would be a serious problem as I was one of the
younger employes (23 when I started with the I.C.C.) and most of the
people I knew are already deceased and as I may live 10 or 15 years there
would be little chance to locate anyone who could furnish affidavits.
Could we get affidavits now and have my wife hold them in case she
outlives me?
If possible, do you have special forms for the affidavits? or if not,
are there special instructions for making them out?
(Sgd) Frank E. Greene,
Frank E. Greene,
15300 Troester Ave.,
Detroit (5), Mich.

Washington 25, D. C.
File DRC:FLC:gb
Mr. Frank E. Greene
15300 Troester Avenue
Detroit 5, Michigan
Dear Mr. Greene:
There is no reason why you could not obtain affidavits at this time
to establish the fact that your wife resided with you for at least 1 year on
the Isthmus during your employment there. There is no special form for
such affidavits.
The affidavits must be made under oath and should set forth the
names, addresses and ages of the affiants. The affidavits should state

fully the means of knowledge of the facts to which the affiants testify.
The affidavits may be forwarded for inclusion in your file if you
Sincerely yours,
(Sgd) Jack E. Goldberg
Jack Goldberg. Chief
Claims Section
Retirement Division


Improvements Planned for Panama Canal

A contract for studies of long-range improvement plans for the Pan-
ama Canal has been awarded to the New York engineering firm, Parsons,
Brinckerhoff, Hall & McDonald, the Panama Canal Co. has announced.
The new studies will be directed to the following principal plans
developed under the Isthmian Canal studies of 1917 and to updating cost
estimates for those plans:
Construction of a third set of locks and major channel improvements,
including widening of Gaillard Cut to 500 feet, and deepening both the
fresh-water and approach channels.
This study will vary from the original third locks project as the new
Pedro Miguel locks would be alongside the existing chambers.
Construction of new locks at Miraflores and Gatun, elimination of the
present Pedro Miguel locks, and other improvements.
The ultimate development of this plan would be construction of addi-
tional locks at Gatun and Miraflores, after which the summit level of Gatun
and Miraflores Lakes would be raised to 92 feet.
Conversion of the existing Canal into a sea-level waterway.
New cost estimates for this project will be based essentially on design
calculations developed under the 1947 studies, with some changes in con-
struction methods.
The contract provides for completion of the studies by the end of
this year.
Three years ago the same engineering firm completed a report for
the Panama Canal Co. on estimates of sea-level construction costs. Those
studies, however, were more restricted in scope than the ones now under-
taken -- U. S. Embassy, Panama.


WHEREAS June 29, 1958, marks the 100th anniversary of the birth
in Brooklyn, New York, of Major General George Washington Goethals;
WHEREAS General Goethals gave more than 43 years of distin-
guished public service to his country as a soldier, engineer and civilian
administrator; and
WHEREAS General Goethals was the guiding genius behind the con-
struction of the Panama Canal, one of the greatest engineering feats of all
time and a waterway which today holds the key to the continuance of the
rapid industrial gains of the whole Hemisphere; and
WHEREAS the present-day Canal organization bears the imprint of
his administrative genius, having been formed over 50 years ago into a
compact, loyal organization of men and women of many nationalities,
languages, and abilities to build the Canal and upon completion of the task
having been transformed without interruption into a smooth and efficient
operating force which has performed its duties for 44 years in a highly
successful manner; and
WHEREAS on January 29, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson named
General Goethals the first Governor of the Panama Canal Zone:
NOW, THEREFORE, I, W. E. POTTER, Governor of the Canal Zone,
do hereby proclaim Sunday, June 29, 1958, a day to be observed as the
Centennial of the birth of George Washington Goethals; and urge all
residents of the Canal Zone to join in this observance with the full reali-
zation of the great contributions to our nation's welfare by General Goe-
thals; and do call upon public and private organizations in the Canal
Zone to take appropriate recognition of this centennial of the birth of
the former Zonian widely known, and remembered, as "The Colonel."

hereunto set my hand and caused the
seal of the Canal Zone to be affixed
at Balboa Heights, Canal Zone, this
SG r20th day of June, 1958.
Acting Executive Secretary W. E. POTTER, Governor


June 14, 1958
Don Genung, Sheriff
Pinellas County, Florida.
Dear Sir:
Your letter of May 5th reached us too late for our May meeting so
it was necessary to wait for the June meeting, which took place at Hills-
boro Park this week.
Our regulations were waived in the case of Boy's Ranch, and it gives
us great pleasure to send you a check for $25.00 for the FLORIDA
We certainly do consider this program a most worthy one and wish
you the best of success in your undertaking.

June 23, 1958
Mrs. Lucille S. Judd, Sec'y.-Treas.
The Panama Canal Society of Florida
P. 0. Box 11566
St. Petersburg 33, Florida
Dear Mrs. Judd:
Thank you for your very nice letter, and I sincerely wish to thank
your organization for your contribution to the Florida Sheriffs Boys'
Ranch, which has been forwarded to the Florida Sheriffs Association in
This contribution and your interest in this wonderful project will be
of great assistance in our effort to make better citizens of under-privileged
boys from the entire State of Florida.
Gratefully yours,
DON GENUNG, Sheriff,
Pinellas County

Walter G. Ross in 1947 published a book "Historical Background of
the Panama Canal" which was well received. Due to a number of requests
for copies, Mr. Ross has decided to republish it, bringing it up to date
as much as possible. The new book will have an addition, taking up the
subject of a "Sea Level Canal".


Mr. and Mrs. Ray Simon of St. Petersburg, Fla., have announced the
engagement of their daughter Nancy to Mr. David W. Low, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Howard Low of St. Petersburg.
Miss Simon is a graduate of the Bixby Business School and is em-
ployed at the Downing Insurance Agency in St. Petersburg. Mr. Low is
with the US Army, Airborne. A fall wedding has been planned.

Miss Grace Lombana, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Lombana of
Balboa, became the bride of Mr. Gerald Welch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed-
ward F. Welch of Miami, Fla., at a ceremony performed at St. Mary's
Mission Church by the Rev. Paul Loven, C.M.
A reception at the Tivoli Guest House followed the church ceremony.
The newlyweds will leave shortly for Fort Belvoir, Va., where Mr. Welch
will enter the Army Engineering School.

Mr. and Mrs. Hermanus A. Kleifkens of Cristobal, C. Z. announce
the marriage of their daughter, Leida Loreen, to Mr. Elbert Francis Ridge
on April 11, 1958 in the Coco Solo Chapel. Mr. Ridge is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. Ridge, Sr., formerly of the Canal Zone but now living in
Trenton, New Jersey.
Miss Elizabeth Jean Allen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William H.
Allen, of Balboa, C. Z., was married to Mr. David William Beeman, son
of Mr. and Mrs. John Beeman of Wellsburg, West Virginia, on Friday,
June 27, 1958. The ceremony took place in the Wedding Chapel of the
First Christian Church in San Dimas, California.
Miss Inga Turner Prier, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Vern Prier of
Margarita, became the bride of Captain James Bayard Wallace, son of
Mrs. Spencer M. Wallace and the late Mr. Wallace of Kennebunk, Me.,
at the Christ Church-by-the-Sea. The Venerable Archdeacon Edward J.
Cooper and Bishop R. Heber Gooden officiated.
The bride is a graduate of Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs and
has been employed by the US Army at Curundu. Capt. Wallace is a grad-
uate of the United State Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, N. Y.,
and has served 13 years in the Merchant Marine. He is presently an
apprentice pilot with the Panama Canal Company.
Following a wedding trip the couple will make their home in Coco
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest S. Gibbs of Balboa have announced the en-

gagement of their daughter, Janet Jacquette, to Mr. Cyril E. Hall,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Elbridge R. Hall of Presque Isle, Me.
Miss Gibbs is a graduate of Balboa High School and received
her Bachelor of Science degree from Bob Jones University in Green-
ville, S. C. in June. Mr. Hall graduated from the same university. He
received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in public speaking.
He plans to enter the ministry.
A late August wedding is planned to take place in Presque Isle, Me.
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Laninger of Mannheim, Germany, announce the
engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter Rosely to Barton
R. Coffey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elden W. Coffey of Balboa.
Miss Laninger is now attending Business College. Mr. Coffey com-
pleted two years of Business Administration at the University of Windsor
and is now stationed with the 334th Ord. Co. in Mannheim, Germany.
Following the wedding July 15 the couple will take a short trip to
Spain and then return to Mannheim.
Miss Constance Ann Glassburn, daughter of Mrs. Robert D. Glassburn
of Balboa and the late Maj. Robert D. Glassburn, became the bride of
Ensign William H. Dawson, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles W.
Dawson, at a nuptial mass at the U.S. Navy Chapel, Washington, D. C.,
on June 7th.
Mrs. Dawson made her debut in Wilmington, Del., and graduated from
the George Washington University with a degree in foreign affairs. Ens.
Dawson graduated with the class of 1958 from the U.S. Naval Academy
and was commissioned in the U.S. Navy.
After a short honeymoon in the Poconos the young couple will re-
side in Washington, D. C. until they leave for Villa Franche, France in
August where Ens. Dawson will report for duty with the Sixth Fleet.

It has been announced that Miss Betty Bantz is engaged to Dr.
Edward G. Schnake of Houston, Texas. Miss Bantz is a graduate of S.M.U.
and teaches English in Galveston High School. No date has been set
for the wedding.

Captain and Mrs. Samuel Einar Johnson of Los Rios, C. Z. announce
the marriage of their daughter, Anna Luisa, to Mr. Wilbur Russell Stone,
Jr., on June 20th, 1958 in Waterbury, Conn.

The marriage has been announced of Mrs. Brook Smith Grier, to Lt.
Richard Bentz in Tampa, Florida on July 18, 1958. Lt. Bentz is stationed
at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa.


Mr. and Mrs. Murray Falk announce the birth of a son, born June
24th in New Milford, N. J. The baby has been named David Murray Falk.
The maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Colby of Diablo,
C. Z., and the paternal grandparents are Capt. and Mrs. Henry E. Falk of
St. Petersburg, Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. Caroll L. Taylor of Lafayette, Louisiana, announce the
birth of a son, Kevin Andrew, on Monday, May 26th. Mrs. Taylor is the
former Betty Louise Flatau, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Flatau of
Panama. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Taylor of
Jennings, Louisiana.

Lt. and Mrs. Gerald Pierce of St. Petersburg, Fla. have announced
the birth of a daughter, Cathleen Annette, on April 30th. Maternal grand-
parents are Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Frangioni of Curundu Heights while the
paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Pierce of Miami, Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Young Jr. of Los Rios are the parents of a
son, Michael Steven Young, born Feb. 27th at Gorgas Hospital. This is
their fourth child. Mrs. Young is the former Mary Sullivan of Balboa.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Saltzman of Thibodaux, Louisiana, announce
the arrival of their second daughter, Lisette Marie, on May 28th, 1958.
Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Lyman J. Benthall of Cristobal,
Canal Zone.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Coffin of Gatun, C. Z. announce the birth of their
seventh child, third daughter, Marcia Lee, on May 12, 1958 at Coco Solo
Hospital. The maternal grandmother is Mrs. T. Geddes of Gatun and
the paternal grandmother is Mrs. J. W. Coffin of York, Penn.

Mr. and Mrs. Ian J. Johnson of Barrington, R. I. announce the arrival
of a son, David Bruce, on July 1, 1958. Maternal grandmother is Mrs.
Leon Hall of Rock Stream, N. Y. and the paternal grandparents are Mr.
and Mrs. John E. Johnson also of Rock Stream, N. Y.

Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Huls of Glastonbury, Conn. announce the birth
of their second child, a girl, named Lisa Barker, on May 5, 1958. Maternal
grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Lockridge of Ancon, C. Z.

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Kessler, of Tallahassee, Fla. have announced

the birth of a daughter, their first child, on May 6th. Mrs. Kessler is the
former Marguerite Flynn, formerly of Balboa. The maternal grand-
parents are Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Flynn of Orlando, Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd John Stonicher (Sylvia Dinkgreve) now of New
Orleans, Louisiana, announce the birth of a son, Richard Stephen, born
on June 10, 1958. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Richard G.
Dinkgreve of Margarita, Canal Zone.

Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Hallett, Jr., of Shrevesport, Louisiana, announce
the birth of a daughter, Amy, born July 13, 1958. Mr. and Mrs. L. F.
Hallett, Sr., of Quincy, Mass. are the paternal grandparents.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Morton Thompson of Diablo Heights, C. Z. announce
the birth of their fifth child and third daughter, Regina Louise, on July
15th at Gorgas Hospital. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Thompson of Westchester, Pa., and the maternal grandmother is Mrs.
Arthur Goulet of Ancon, C. Z.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Parker of Tallahassee, Florida, announce
the arrival of their third child, second daughter, born on July 24th. Mrs.
Parker is the former Shirley Woodruff, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Barton
Woodruff of Pinellas Park, Florida. Mr. Parker is a student at Florida
State University in Tallahassee.


William D. Goodwin-Railroad Division-15 years, 5 months, 4 days.
JuliaGuenzi-Balboa Elementary School teacher-29 yrs,, 11 mo., 1 day.
John L. Haas-Industrial Division-18 years, 11 months, 23 days.
J. Arthur Jones-Electrical Division-31 years, 6 months, 25 days.
Spencer C. Lincoln-Pacific Locks-31 years, 1 month, 5 days.
Christian Simonsen-Maintenance Division-29 years, 8 months, 22 days.
Edward P. Walsh- Maintenance Division-42 years, 5 months.
Fred J. Blohm-Maintenance Division-13 years, 2 months, 8 days.
Raymond E. Forbes-Sanitation Division-34 years, 5 months, 20 days.
Mrs. Dorothy E. Hamlin-Accounting Division-17 yrs., 4 mon., 2 days.
Capt. Albert J. Mathon-Fire Division-31 years, 1 month, 14 days.

Ernest P. Muzzio-Contract and Inspection Div.-18 yrs., 7 mon., 25 days.
Capt. Charles S. Townshend-Navigation Div.-35 yrs., 4 mon., 7 days.
Walter A. Wieman-Ass't. Housing Manager-29 yrs., 6 mon., 25 days.
Wilson M. Carnathan-Commissary Branch-12 years, 8 months, 23 days.
Anthony J. Catanzaro-Industrial Division-9 years, 2 months, 12 days.
Miss Ruth Creasy-Division of Schools-30 years, 6 months.
Mrs. Muriel H. DeYoung-Survey Branch-17 years, 28 days.
George A. Halloran-Mount Hope Pumping Plant-
29 years, 10 months, 12 days.
Max R. Hart-Locks Division-30 years, 24 days.
William E. Jones-Fire Division-29 years, 1 month, 15 days.
Francis J. Krause-Locks Division-32 years, 23 days.
Lambert A. Mantovani-Service Center-18 years, 7 months, 4 days.
John W. Prim, Jr.-Locks Division-9 years, 8 months.
Charles C. Shumate-Industrial Division-15 years, 5 months, 17 days.
David S. Smith-Industrial Division-31 years, 10 months, 4 days.
Mrs. Mildred C. Smith-Industrial Division-9 years, 3 days.
Miss Mabel A. Sneider-Gorgas Hospital-30 years, 2 days.
Judge Edward I. P. Tatelman-Magistrate of Cristobal Court-
31 years, 4 months, 2 days.
George A. Thibodeau-Internal Audit Staff-20 yrs., 1 mon., 12 days.
John H. Ward-Locks Division-35 years, 3 months, 14 days.


Mrs. Sam J. Deavours of St. Petersburg was a patient in Mound Park
Hospital. She is reported as getting along fine.

Mrs. Sam Grier of Clearwater, Florida was a patient in Morton Plant
Hospital in July.

Mrs. Lita Deakins of St. Petersburg was a patient in St. Anthony's
Hospital in July.

Mr. John Latimer of Coral Gables, Florida has been confined to the
hospital for some time.

Mrs. C. E. Hutchinson of St. Petersburg was a recent patient in
Mound Park Hospital for eye surgery.

Capt. D. E. Eggleston of St. Petersburg was a recent patient in St.
Anthony's Hospital.

Mr. Francis Lenow of St. Petersburg suffered a slight stroke and
seems to be making a good recovery.

Mr. W. G. Hull of St. Petersburg was on the sick list in July but
is now much better.

Dr. F. L. Alexaitis of Tampa, Florida has been a patient in Municipal
Hospital in Tampa. Dr. Alexaitis suffered a nervous breakdown.


Cards of thanks and appreciation have been received from the f.1,i. :
Mrs. Hector Grant Mr. and Mrs. Macon Turner
Capt. A. T. Luther Mrs. Fred B. Deakins
The Driscoll Family Mrs. Paul Karst and Family
The Lerchen Family Klara J. Weisiger
Mrs. Grace Sullivan and Family in behalf of Marie Wulff
Mrs. John L. Latimer Phyllis K. Warner.


It is with deep regret that we receive news of the passing on of old
friends. To all who have lost dear ones during the past few months, the
Panama Canal Society wishes to extend sincere sympathy.

Patrick J. Henry, former employee in the Marine Bureau and well
Known Isthmian resident, died Tuesday, May 13 in Gorgas Hospital
where he had been about one week. He was 60 years old.
He joined the Canal organization in 1926 as steam engineer in the
Dredging Division. During World War II, he served as machinery inspec-
tor with the U.S. Maritime Commission and was reemployed by the Canal
in 1945 as Chief towboat engineer in the Marine Division, a position he
held upon his retirement in 1951.
After his retirement, Mr. Henry made his home in Brooklyn, New
York. He returned to the Isthmus in February and had been visiting his
daughter Mrs. Robert Dunn, of Gamboa.

In addition to his daughter, he is survived by a sister, Mrs. Charles
Reilly, of Jersey City.

Robert Lee Glawson, one-time employee of the Panama Canal organ-
ization and member of a well-known Isthmian family, died in Dallas,
Texas after a long illness. He was 87 years old.
Born in Hillsboro, Ga., Mr. Glawson worked with the Canal organi-
zation from May 1909, until February, 1922. For some time he had been
making his home in Dallas where Mrs. Glawson died last August.
He is surveyed by five daughters and one son, all present or former
residents of the Canal Zone. They are: Mrs. Ernest C. Cotton, now of
Margarita; Mrs. Anthony Fernandez, of Dallas; Mrs. Jerome F. Prager,
of Berkeley, Calif.; Mrs. W. E. Jameson, of McGill, Nev.; Mrs. W. A.
Harris, of Pensacola, Fla.; and Robert A. Glawson of Los Angeles.

Jacob Beauchamp, 90, who had made his residence in the Canal Zone
for the past twenty years, died in Gorgas Hospital. He had been in ill
health for a long time.
Surviving him are his son, Leslie A. Beauchamp, an employee of the
Maintenance Division residing in Balboa; his daughter, Mrs. Nellie Mae
Tence, of Freeport, Louisiana; two brothers and a sister who reside in
the United States, and two grandchildren.

Capt. Hector Grant, former Panama Canal pilot and a well known
resident of the Atlantic side, was killed in an automobile accident near
Massena, N. Y. He was 53 years old.
No details of the accident were given.
Capt. and Mrs. Grant left the Isthmus in April to make their home
in Massena where he had taken a position with the St. Lawrence Seaway
Development Corp.
A native of Jersey City, N. J., Capt. Grant had been with the Canal
organization since 1939 and had been a canal pilot from 1941 up to the
time he left the Canal Zone in April.
He is survived only by his wife, Emily, who is now in Massena.

Laurel H. DeVore, of Gamboa, a resident of the Canal Zone for
nearly 50 years, died at Gorgas Hospital. He was 71 years old.
Mr. DeVore, a prominent Panama Canal official for many years be-
fore his retirement in September 1948, had made his home in Gamboa
since leaving the service.
DeVore was born in New Albany, Indiana. He came to the Isthmus
in 1910, when he was employed by the Isthmian Canal Commission. From

then until his retirement he was engaged in accounting work. At the time
he retired, he was Chief of the Commissary Accounting unit, a position
he had held for several years.
DeVore was a prominent member of the Masonic order, and was a
member of the Abou Saad Shrine Temple.
DeVore's wife died several years ago, and a son, Sherman, died only
recently in the States. He is survived by only one son, William H. DeVore.
and a brother, J. B. DeVore, both employees in the Office of the Comp-
troller. Three grandchildren who live in the United States also survive.

Ora M. Ewing, whose career with the Panama Canal went back to the
early construction days, died in Gorgas Hospital after a long illness. He
was 79 years old.
Mr. Ewing, who retired in 1940, attained a prominent position in the
Isthmian community. He had been in ill health for years and entered
Gorgas Hospital several months ago.
Born in Glenville, West Virginia, he served for ten months as a ser-
geant in the West Virginia Second Volunteer Regiment during the Span-
ish-American War. He came to the Isthmus in November 1906.
One of the founders of the Panama Golf Club, Mr. Ewing also took
an active part in the social life of the Isthmus and made many friends
in the communities of Panama and the Canal Zone.
Surviving him are his wife Mrs. Winifred Ewing; two daughters, Mrs.
Ora Virginia Stitch, of Diablo Heights, and Mrs. Otto G. Hausmann, of
Panama City, and a grand-daughter, Ann Stitch.

News of the death of Charles W. Lee, former official of the Panama
Railroad, has been received. Mr. Lee died suddenly June 3 in Yucapia,
California. He was 80 years old.
A native of Keokuk, Iowa, Mr. Lee came to the Isthmus in 191 1, as
an assistant Chief Clerk in the Department of the General Superintendent
of the Panama Railroad.
He served continually with the same organization until his retirement
in 1937 when he was Assistant to the General Manager and Communica-
tions Agent. Since then he has been living in California.
He is survived only by his wife, Mrs. Belmina Lee.

Mrs. Eva Farrell, a long-time resident of Panama City died at San
Fernando Clinic.
The 55-year-old woman lived on 50th Street in Bella Vista. She was
the widow of James Farrel who owned Plomeria Panama and who died
eight months ago.

Mrs. Farrel is survived by one son and one daughter, Mrs. Catherine
Stefanou of Panama and a son James, 19.

Paul F. Karst, Sr., 57, retired postmaster from the Panama Canal
Zone, died in a local hospital after a long illness. He lived at 6642 Fifth
Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Mr. Karst was born in Defiance, Ohio, and moved here in 1915. He
served in the U.S. Navy during World War I. He began working in the
Post office in 1922, and moved to Bellingham, Wash., in 1925.
He was transferred to the Canal Zone in 1939 and served in that area
until his retirement in January, 1957. He had served as postmaster at
Pedro Miguel and retired as postmaster of Coco Solo, Canal Zone. He
returned to St. Petersburg following retirement.
Mr. Karst was a Mason, a Shriner, and a member of the Scottish Rite,
Panama Canal Society, and St. Peter's Episcopal Church.
Survivors include his wife, Henrietta; a son, Paul F. Jr., Canal Zone;
two daughters, Mrs. John Alexaitis, Canal Zone, and Mrs. Jerry Nalepa,
New York City; a sister, Mrs. Hortense Swantee, Gainesville, N. Y.; five
grandchildren, five nephews and three nieces.

Mrs. Lucy C. Luther, 72, died May 31 at her home, 125 -21st Avenue
Northeast, St. Petersburg. She came here six years ago from Balboa in
the Canal Zone.
Her husband, Captain Arthur T. Luther was a Panama Canal Zone
pilot for 30 years before retiring. He was in the Canal service for more
than 37 years. He is the author of a book on ship handling and of a
handbook on handling of tugs in the Canal Zone.
She was born in Findlay, Ohio, and attended the Unity Church.
Other survivors are two daughters, Mrs. Mary L. Driscoll, Ciudad
Bolivar, Venezuela; Mrs. Martha A. Lerchen, Balboa; and a sister, Mrs.
Florence Raisbeck, Akron, Ohio.

Chico Price, son of Mrs. Shirley Price, former Assistant Superin-
tendent of Canal Zone schools, passed away in New York City on June 18.
No further details available.

Mrs. Margaret B. Kregor of Gamboa, C. Z. died in her sleep at her
home, recently. She was known as the "Doll Lady" for her hobby of
dressing dolls, many of them given to children in orphanages, and others
sold and the proceeds turned over to charitable organizations. Mrs. Kregor
was born in England and had traveled over much of Europe. She is sur-
vived by her husband, Claud M. Kreger, and several brothers and sisters
in the United States and Canada.

Victor Crouch died recently in the Coco Solo Hospital. Mr. Crouch
served 24 years in the Navy and at the time of his death, was working as
a civilian at the Gatun tank farm. He had been on the Isthmus since 1931.
He is survived by his wife, Inez, son John, and daughters Eleanor, Marie,
Helen and Diana.
Mrs. Stella Osborne, 82, widow of Capt. Ralph Osborne, died in Coral
Gables, Florida. Capt. Osborne was a former Panama Canal pilot until
his death in 1932. Mrs. Osborne, a resident of Coral Gables for the past
26 years, will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Mrs. Mary E. Poole, 79, resident of the Canal Zone, died Thursday,
May 22, at Gorgas Hospital. Mrs. Poole was the widow of John H. Poole
who died in 1938. Mrs. Poole was a member of the Royal Palm Chapter
of the Order of the Eastern Star. She is survived by her son, John H.
Poole, Jr. of the Canal Zone; two sons, William R. of Landsdown, Pa.,
and Henry C. of Chulavista, Colorado. Also by a daughter, Mrs. Mary
Ausman of Mitchell Field, N. J., and six grandchildren.

Frank W. Newman died at his home in Curundu, C. Z. Mr. Newman
was a civilian employee of the Army at Corozol. He is survived by his
wife, a daughter, Carol of Curundu, and a son, Frank W. Newman, Jr.,
now serving in the Air Force.

Harold R. Rodell, a resident of the Canal Zone since 1941, died at
his home in Ancon on May 31, 1958. Mr. Rodell was an employee of the
Marine Bureau. He lived in Margarita for several years and for a time
was Manager of the Cristobal Gun Club. Also was a member of the
Brazos Brook Golf Club and a member of the B.P.O.E., Lodge 1542.
He is survived by a sister, Miss Margaret Rodell, of Jerseyville, Ill.

Mrs. Florence Colby, wife of Paul W. Colby, former employee of the
architectural branch of the Engineering Division died June 23, 1958, at
Gorgas Hospital following a brief illness. She was 70 years old.
A native of Brooklyn, N. Y., Mrs. Colby was a resident of the Canal
Zone for many years and was employed as a clerk in the accounting divi-
sion of the office of the Comptroller from 1940 until 1950.
With Colby, who was retired from Canal service in 1956, she has
been making her home in Panama City.
Surviving her are her husband and one son, John H. McNamara, who
is employed by the Foreign Operations Administration in La Paz, Bolivia.

Mrs. Maggie Jane Kelley, 87, who moved to Pinellas Park a month

ago from St. Petersburg, where she had lived since 1939, died at her home,
6070 Park Boulevard.
Mrs. Kelley was born in Indiana and moved to St. Petersburg from
the Panama Canal Zone. She was a member of Trinity Lutheran Church
and the Panama Canal Zone Society, both of St. Petersburg.
Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. Lewis Warner, Pinellas Park; a
son, Kieth E., St. Petersburg; a sister, Mrs. Hazel Riley, Erie, Pa.; three
grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
John Williams, retired Industrial Division employee, died at Coco
Solo Hospital after a long illness. He was 71 years old.
Born in St. Paul, Minn., Mr. Williams was employed by the Canal
organization in 1929 as a machinist in the Mechanical Division. He worked
for the Locks Division for a short time in 1932 but was employed contin-
uously from 1933 to 1949 as a machinist in the Industrial Division.
Most of his service was on the Atlantic side and after his retirement
in 1949, Mr. and Mrs. Williams made their home in Colon.
He is survived only by his wife, Alicia.
News of the death June 27 of Mrs. Phebe Murray, former Canal Zon-
ian and a member of a well-known Canal Zone family, in Bluffton, Indi-
ana, has been received. Mrs. Murray, who was city clerk-treasurer of
Bluffton at the time of her death, was 62 years old.
Mrs. Murray became ill suddenly soon after she arrived at her office
June 27. She died at 2:40 p.m. of a cerebral hemorrhage.
Born in Dubois, Pennsylvania, Mrs. Murray came to the Canal Zone
during the construction period with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William
B. Jordan. She attended the Canal Zone schools and worked as a cashier
until her marriage in 1914.
In addition to three sons, two sisters and two brothers in the United
States, Mrs. Murray is survived by the following, in the Canal Zone: a
sister, Mrs. Viola J. Cody of Balboa; a brother, Douglas Jordan of Crist-
obal; and a nephew, W. I. Hallowell, of Diablo Heights.
Mrs. Irma Low, who made her home in the Canal Zone from 1939
to 1950, died June 19 in New Brunswick, N. J. after a short illness.
Mrs. Low was the wife of Stewart Low who worked as a plumber
for the Construction Quarter-master and later for the Building Division.
They came to the Isthmus in November 1939. Low's service was broken
on several occasions; he resigned from the Canal service in October 1950.
In addition to her husband, Mrs. Low is survived by one son, in the
United States.
During their Isthmian residence, the Lows lived in Ancon and Balboa.

News has been received of the death of Mrs. Louise Byrd, wife of Dr.
Jesse L. Byrd, former Colon Health Officer, on June 22, in Dothan, Ala.,
after a long illness. She was 60 years old.
A well-known Atlantic side resident, Mrs. Byrd was born in Atlanta,
Ga., and came to the Isthmus during the first World War with her husband
who was a first lieutenant in the Medical Corps assigned to the Canal
Zone. After a few months at Gorgas, Byrd was transferred to Colon as
Health Officer where he remained up to his retirement in 1953.
In addition to her husband, Mrs. Byrd is survived by two sons, Jesse
L. Jr., of Jackson, Miss. and W. R. Byrd, of Cristobal; and a daughter,
Mrs. Carol Hirsch, of El Paso,. Texas.

Mrs. Hedy Shaw, president of Shaws, Inc., died at her home in Pan-
ama City after a long illness. She was 54 years old.
Born in Germany, Mrs. Shaw had lived in Panama since 1934. She
is survived by her husband, John W. Shaw; her son, Dan Sander, and
her sister, Kate Hillinberg, who lives in Berlin.
Mrs. Shaw was a member of the Royal Palm chapter, Order of the
Eastern Star, of the Soroptomists and the Redeemer Lutheran Church
at Balboa.

William L. Cooper, 71, retired from the Panama Canal Zone Police
Department and a former resident of St. Petersburg, died July 17 in a
Cocoa hospital.
Mr. Cooper was a member of the Loyal Order of the Moose and is
survived by a sister, Mrs. E. F. White, Hendersonville, N. C.; three neph-
ews, Leroy White, Miami, Buford Cooper, Tampa, and John W. Cooper,
Lakeland, and a niece, Mrs. Ralph Melton, Lakeland.

Bruce G. Sanders, Sr., well known Canal Zone resident and retired
veteran employee of the Division of Sanitation, died suddenly Tuesday,
July 1, at 12:45 p.m. after he collapsed in the Balboa Service Center. He
was 72 years old.
Born in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, Mr. Sanders was one of the Canal
Zone old timers, and was well known on both sides of the Isthmus. Mon-
day he celebrated his 50th year of residence in the Canal Zone.
Active in a number of civic and fraternal groups, Mr. Sanders was
a prominent Mason and was Past Deputy District Grand Master of the
Canal Zone District of the Grand Lodge. He was also Secretary of the
Lodge, member of the Cristobal Chapter No. 2 of the Royal Arch Masons,
a member of the Canal Zone Council No. 1 of the Royal and Select
Masters, a member of the Canal Zone-Commandry No. 1 of the Knights

Templar; and Sovereign of San Lorenzo Conclave, Red Cross of Con-
In addition to his wife, Mrs. Grace Sanders, he is survived by three
sons, Bruce G. Jr., who is Chief Inspector of Customs in Cristobal; Max-
well S., of Margarita, and Philip, of Balboa; three daughters, Mrs. Wil-
liam Hill and Mrs. H. A. Klefkins, of Margarita, and Mrs. A. F. Diaz, of
Victoria, Texas. In addition, he is survived by 16 grandchildren and two
He is also survived by three brothers: L. M. Sanders of Valley Sta-
tion, Kentucky; H. C. Sanders of Louisville, Kentucky, and L. V. Sanders
of Fort Myers, Florida.

Robert B. Harrison, Electrical foreman in the Maintenance Division,
died on Saturday, May 17, 1958 at Gorgas Hospital. A native of Gates-
ville, Texas, Mr. Harrison served four years in the U.S. Navy and had
been employed by the Canal organization since 1939. Hle was active in
Masonic affairs and was a member of Isthmian Lodge, the York Bodies,
and the Abou Saad Shrine Temple. He was also a member of Lodge No.
II1 111 B.P.O.E. He is survived by his wife, Mary, and his stepfather, E. G.
Jesberg of Concord, California.

Elizabeth V. Bramnin passed away July 2, 1958 in Arcadia, Califor-
nia. Mrs. Bramin was a former resident of the Canal Zone in Gatun
where Mr. Bramin was Assistant Superintendent of the Lighthouse Divi-
sion. She is survived by her husband, Edwin Fulton Bramin, two daugh-
ters, Mrs. Alma Brown and Mrs. Duke Duvall, all of Arcadia.

Volanti Saphir, former employee of the Locks Division, died in
Washington, D.C., after a long illness, according to news received by
friends. He was 79 years old.
Born in Odessa, Russia, Mr. Saphir was a naturalized United States
citizen. He came to the Canal Zone at the end of the construction period
and was employed as a machinist in the former Mechanical Division.
After a five year break in his service, Mr. Saphir was reemployed in
1920 and worked for the Mechanical Division for several years before be-
ing transferred to the Locks Division as a lock operator. He remained at
Pedro Miguel Locks until his retirement in 1940.
Since his retirement, Mr. and Mrs. Saphir have been making their
home in Washington.
In addition to his wife, he is survived by his daughter, Mrs. Anna Tow-
ery, of Washington, and a son Eugene, also of Washington. He had
three grandchildren.

Mrs. Marie Louise Hilton, mother of Mrs. John F. Flatau, passed
away at the San Fernando Clinic after a long illness. She was 74 years old.
Funeral services were conducted by the Reverend Oscar W. Olsen and
internment followed at the Jardin de Paz.
Surviving her are her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John
F. Flatau of Panama, three grandchildren, Miss Patsy E. Flatau of Pan-
ama, Mrs. Betty L. Taylor of Lafayette, Louisiana, and Rudolf F. Flatau
of Van Nuys, California, and two great-grandchildren, Kevin A. Taylor
and Stacey L. Flatau.
Mrs. Elizabeth Melvin Halloran, 80, of 8310 NE 1st Place, died in
Miami. She came here 19 years ago from the Panama Canal Zone. Sur-
viving are her husband, George B.; a daughter, Mrs. Alice Brooks, Miami;
a son, George A., South Miami; five grandchildren and five great grand-
Miss Margaret Elkins Maddox, 75, who devoted more than 40 years
to nursing, died in Mount Alto Hospital of a heart attack. Her home was
at 2707 Mills Road N.W., Arlington, Virginia.
Miss Maddox was employed as a nurse with the Civil Service Com-
mission for 20 years before her retirement about three years ago.
Born in Stafford County, Va., she spent much of her life in Wash-
She began her nursing career with the Government in 1913 at the
Ancon Hospital in Panama.
In 1918, she went to Europe with the Army Nurses Corps. Her later
efforts in its behalf were credited with helping the corps obtain public
recognition of its role in the Army.
After the war, Miss Maddox engaged in public health work with the
Instructive Visiting Nurses Association before joining the Civil Service
She was a member of the Jane Delano Post of the American Legion
and of the Panama Society.
Miss Maddox is survived by a sister, Mrs. Kathryne M. Dawson of
4405 Yuma Street N.W., and a brother, Rosser B. Maddox of Fallston, Md.
News has been received of the death of Mrs. Thomas Booze of Mon-
rovia, California. No further details were available.

Gone unto that land upon whose peaceful shore,
Where rests no shadow, falls no stain,
Where those who meet shall part no more,
And those long parted meet again


At midnight, June 30, an all time record of transits of the Panama
Canal was made. When the last ship completed its passage through the
Canal, that night, the total transits for the fiscal year stood at 10,553
compared with 10,137 for the previous fiscal year. Daily transits aver-
aged 28.91 for ships of all classes. To start the next year off well, on the
morning of July 1, 21 northbound ships and 14 southbound were waiting
to transit.

The two new Le Tourneau locomotives which arrived on the Isthmus
in December have been idle, for months, since tests that proved unsuccess-
ful. The pair of mules, which cost $656,000 to build, have been nick-
named "the two yellow roses of Texas". Some mule drivers contend that
the two new locomotives are "just a pile of junk".

The old Ancon Commissary building has been remodeled into a most
modern office building and will house the Panama Canal Personnel Bur-
eau and the Employment and Utilities Division, now located on Roosevelt

The month of April was the hottest on record for the Canal Zone.
Maximum temperatures at Balboa reached or exceeded 95 degrees, 14 days
during the month, and 96 degrees or above was reported on 7 days. A
new all time record high of 98.1 degrees was set on April 16th.

About 120 feet of concrete floor slab buckled and broke in the East
chamber of Pedro Miguel locks in what was considered to be the most
serious failure of this type since the locks were constructed. The damage
is thought to have been caused by water pressure forming between the
shale foundation and the layer of non-reinforced concrete.
Approximately 8000 square feet of flooring had to be replaced and
the top of one lateral culvert from the center wall had to be replaced for
a distance of 75 feet or more. The lock was back in business in two weeks
and a spokesman for the Panama Canal Co. said that there is no anxiety
for the condition of other locks.

390 acres of land and a number of quarters and miscellaneous build-
ings at France Field Air Force Base have been transferred to the Panama
Canal Co. by the Carribean Air Command. The area lies east of Randolph
Road, north of Coco Solito, and contains the residential area known as
"Gold Hill".

An estimated 2650 Federal Civil Service workers on the Canal Zone
got a 10% pay increase, retroactive to January 12, 1958. President Eisen-
hower signed the bill on June 20th.

Canal Zone policemen will now get overtime when they have to at-
tend court to give evidence on their own time. Previously, they were ex-
pected to do this solely in the call of duty. Now they will be paid time
and a half for a minimum of two hours if they are called out on their
day off.

Judge Guthrie Crowe ruled that the Panama Canal Co. is liable for
damage to a ship, the Aurora Borealis, and her cargo, which rammed the
bank of Gaillard Cut in 1951. Crowe ruled that both the pilot and the
Master of the tug which was assisting the ship through the Canal were
negligent and displayed a "lack of coordination and cooperation". The
owners of the ship are claiming $125,000 damage to the hull of the ship
and the owners of the cargo are sueing for $434,006,061.

In a surprise move, Panamanian University students, launching
"Operation Sovereignty", planted about fifty Panamanian flags on the
Canal Zone on Wednesday, April 30th. The flags were planted on the
Zone side of Fourth of July Ave., the Prado, Thatcher Ferry, and in front
of the Administration Building. None of the students were picked up by
the Zone police, but the flags were gathered up and returned to Panama.
A communique, issued by the students Union, described the raid as a
symbolic act aimed at reaffirming Panamanian sovereignty over the Canal
Zone. Canal Zone officials had no comment.

The Panamanian flags returned to Panama were in turn delivered to
the University students. A parade started May 5th at 6 P.M. with the
students carrying the flags on a march to the Presidencia to demand that
before any more concessions are made to the United States, the Panaman-
ian flag should fly in the Canal Zone. President de la Guardia informed
the students that his administration will undertake the necessary steps t,
have the Panamanian flag fly in the Canal Zone alongside the Stars and
Panama students went on a rampage and rioted through the streets of
Panama on May 19th. The students claimed one reason for the trouble
was the President's refusal to meet a student delegation which wished to
complain about failure to carry out improvements to school buildings and
equipment. One student was killed when he was struck over the heart by

a tear gas grenade. On May 22, Panama City was a battleground and
seven were killed and sixty wounded by early afternoon. Rifle and machine
gun fire could be heard throughout the city. Canal Zone policeman,
Richard B. Meehan, on duty at the head of J Street, was wounded by a
bullet coming out of Panama. His wound, however, was not serious. An-
other Zone policeman was hit by a rock. Bullets zipped across the bound-
ary line, landing in several Zone residences and Gorgas Hospital. It was
reported that two bullets entered Gorgas Hospital and another found its
way to the home of Dr. Rupp in Ancon. Two bullets lodged in the home
of Barry Kenealy in Ancon. There were seven children in the Kenealy
home at the time. Mrs. Kenealy gathered the youngsters into her car and
headed for Balboa and safety. The disorders spread to Colon where stu-
dents and some non-students attacked the National Guard Headquarters
with rocks and bottles. Six guardsmen, one boy and one girl were treated
for cuts and contusions. Students who had been under seige in Panama
University for ten days, gave up their arms and the National Guard with-
drew from the seige lines.
The curfew and Censorship were lifted but the suspension of Civil
Rights remained in force.

Milton Eisenhower, brother of the President, arrived in Panama and
found the students irked by his apparent refusal to meet them at the
University. They turned down Eisenhower's counter-invitation to meet
him at the United States Embassy residence on La Cresta. The members
of the Student Union were determined to see and talk with Eisenhower
but only on their own terms as to time and place. Mr. Eisenhower's "study
mission will concentrate on huddles with Government officials and experts
rather than public "goodwill" appearances. He said, "I come at my
brother's request to see if I can gain, through informal discussions with
your leading officials, and other groups of Panamanians, a greater appre-
ciation of some of the continuing problems which beset our neighbors in
Panama and Central America. I come to you with an open mind and a
hand outstretched in sincere friendship."

Construction of the twenty million dollar high level bridge across
the Canal at Balboa, for which final designs are now in the course of
preparation, will bring a great boost to the economy of Panama. The
boost will come from the employment of local labor in the construction,
the purchase of vast amounts of materials required, personnel and other
services and by the development of new skills among those participating
in the project.


Mrs. Marjorie Le Brun informs us that she now has her even dozen
grandchildren. The new arrival, a son, born on May 22, 1958, to her son,
Charles, and his wife, Lucille. It is their third child. Charles lives in
Glendale, Calif. Mrs. Le Brun is living with her brother and sister-in-law,
Howard and Ida Ruth Fuller.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Cotton are visiting their children and grand-
children in the Canal Zone. They expect to stay there until after the
coming Christmas.
After 35 years in Gatun, C. Z., Mr. John H. Ward is retiring on June
30, 1958. Mr. and Mrs. Ward are going to Pittsburgh, Pa. for a visit and
then will travel to Florida in search of their future home.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kleefkens of Tampa, Florida are in Holland
for an indefinite stay.

Miss Macey B. Edwards is spending the summer at 414 Buttonball
Lane, Gladstonbury, Conn.

Amy Fernie of Duncan, British Columbia, writes that they have had
their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Maduro, and sons
John and Andrew, of Panama City, with them for a visit. Mrs. Fernie's
sister, Mrs. Elsie Standish, from Ancon, C. Z. was also a visitor. In June,
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Dodd, and daughter Pamela, formerly from Cristobal,
C. Z. and now of Palo Alto, Calif., were visitors at the Fernie home.

Mrs. James C. Bradley of St. Petersburg, enjoyed a vacation in New
York visiting with her son, Louis, who is Production Assistant on the Dave
Carroway "To-day" Show. After a visit in Philadelphia, Mrs. Bradley
expects to sail for the Canal Zone for a visit with her children and grand-

Dr. Edward G. Schnake will be with the Humble Oil Refining Co. in
Houston, Texas, until January 1959 when he will enter the U. S. Navy.
Mrs. Miles E. McLeod writes that they have moved to Phoenix, Ari-
zona, at 510 W. Northern Ave. They hope the climate of Arizona will
be beneficial to Mr. McLeod's health.
Mr. Robert Fretland, former Brazos Brook Country Club Golf Pro,
is currently on a professional golf tour in the States. Mrs. Fretland, the
former Ada Lee Sullivan, is accompanying her husband on the tour.

H. C. and Ethel W. Dodson have moved from Ormand Beach, Fla. to
Routel, River Falls, Marietta, South Carolina.
The Rev. Michael J. Cody, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Cody of
Balboa, C. Z., was ordained to the Priesthood on May 24th, in Seattle,
Washington. The Sacrament of Holy Orders was conferred at the St.
James Cathedral by Bishop Thomas E. Gill, Auxiliary Bishop of Seattle.
Born at Gorgas Hospital, Father Cody attended the Canal Zone
Schools and graduated from Balboa High School in 1948. Father Cody
will serve the church in the Archdiocese of Seattle.

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Goodwin, who retired in April, are on a trip to
Iowa, Wyoming, and Pennsylvania and plan to return to St. Petersburg
in July.

Miss Rita Goulet, nurse at Gorgas Hospital for several years, has
arrived in Tallahassee to begin summer school at the Florida State Uni-
versity where she will work for her degree in Nursing. She will stay with
her sister, Theresa Wright, who is doing graduate work at F.S.U.

Graduating from Florida State University on May 31st were: Julia
Gay McCoy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. McCoy of Orlando, who received
her Bachelor of Arts degree, with a major in Psychology. Judy will con-
tinue school here and work on her Masters degree. She also has an assis-
tantship in the Psychology Department.
Adele Ethel Meissner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Meissner
of Los Rios, C. Z., received her Bachelor of Science degree in !Social Wel-
fare. After a brief vacation, she will be doing Social Work in Jacksonville.
Mary Margaret Rose, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Rose of
Balboa, received her Bachelor of Music Education, graduating Cum
Laude. She returned to the Canal Zone with her mother and is undecided
about plans for the Fall.
Shirley Lou Million, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Million of
Balboa, received her Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Library
Science. Shirley will be married on September 2nd in the Balboa Union
Church to Robert Luther Muse, son of Mr. and Mrs. Muse of Key West,
Florida. She will return to Tallahassee where Robert has another year
at F. S. U.
Mrs. Rose, Mrs. Meissner, Mrs. Million and Mr. and Mrs. McCoy
attended the graduation.

Charles Van Steenberg of Chicago, attended the World's Fair in

Mrs. Marshall Veney of Birmingham, Ala. spent the month of March
with her daughter, Peggy Ann, and family in Washington, D. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Flynn of Orlando, spent the month of May in
Tallahassee with daughter Marguerite.
Mrs. Geraldine S. Ehrman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Simon of
St. Petersburg, Fla. graduated from Boca Ciega High School in St. Peters-
burg on June 6th. Mrs. Erhman left to join her husband, Henry E.
Erhman, at Fort Bliss, Texas where he is attending the Guided Missile
Air Defense School.
Dale S. Cockle, son of Mr. and Mrs. George D. Cockle of Balboa,
C. Z., graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point
with this years class.
Graduating from the United States Naval Academy this year was
William H. Dawson, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Dawson of
Diablo, Canal Zone.

James L. Doran, son of Mr. and Mrs. James R. Doran of Diablo
Heights, has been awarded the highest honor which can be accorded a re-
cruit at the Great Lakes Training Station. The award is the American
Spirit Honor Medal, which is sponsored by the Citizens Committee of the
Army, Navy, and Air Force. It is awarded the recruit who "displays out-
standing military qualities consistent with the highest traditions of the
Naval Service."
Frederick P. S. Sill, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sill of Balboa, C. Z.,
received his diploma from the American Institute of Foreign Trade in
Phoenix, Arizona. A graduate of Balboa High School, Mr. Sill received
his Bachelor of Arts degree in Romance Languages from the University
of Madrid in Spain.

Henry H. Lee, former Canal employee, is now located in Austin, Texas
where he is in the Real Estate and Insurance business at 712 Little Field
Building, Austin 15, Texas.
The Panama Canal's first pilot, Capt. John D. Constantine, has the new
boarding launch named in his honor. On hand to see the U.S. Constantine
lowered into the water for the first time, were Sande Schmitt, Mrs. Barbara
Schmitt and Mrs. Barbara Hutchins, great granddaughter, granddaughter,
and daughter, respectively, of Capt. Constantine.
Mr. George Graff has returned to the Canal Zone with his daughter
and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Engelke of Gamboa.

Mr. George G. Felps made a flying trip to St. Petersburg to see his
family and his new home in the Bay Pines area. Mr. Felps left June 27th
where he is employed inVenezuela with the Gahagan Company on the
Orinoco River.
Mrs. Jean B. Mann, daughter Sheryl, and son Raymond, were recent
guests of Grandma and Grandpa Kieswetter in Gulfport, Florida. They
all returned to Kansas with a beautiful tan.

Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Yoder have purchased a home in Los Altos, Calif.
They are quite near the Craig Nevilles and Col. and Mrs. Merrill Judd,
who recently retired and are now living in Los Altos.

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Wood annd daughters, Ann and Nellie Lynn,
have been visiting Mr. Wood's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wood, in St.
etersburg. They plan to go to Spokane to visit Mr. Wood's brother,
William, before returning to the Canal Zone.

Dr. G. R. Wright of Longmont, Colorado, was a visitor in New
Orleans in May. Daughter Marjorie graduated from High School in June
and has enrolled in Stephens College for next year.

Two relatively new pieces of equipment, designed for resuscitation of
a person technically dead of heart standstill, have been purchased for St.
Bernard's Hospital of Jonesboro, Arkansas, by the Craighead County Heart
Association in memory of the late Dr. Rector C. Hooper. The money for
the equipment was provided by an anonymous donor as a memorial to
Dr. Hooper. Dr. W. F. Shepherd, Chief of Staff of St. Bernards, Sister
M. Mildred O.S.B. and Mrs. Rector C. Hooper were present as Mr. Wil-
liam P. Hayes, President of the Jonesboro file Underwriters presented
the gift.

Mrs. Peggy Ellis of Houston, Texas, is looking forward to seeing her
Joan and family who are returning to the States after 3 years in Hawaii.
Peggy reports that the Nathan Levy's of Houston are not too well.

F. G. Swanson of Tyler, Texas, enjoyed a visit with Dr. Harry Eno
and Mrs. Eno on May 31st. Dr. Eno was enrout to Dallas for the Rotary
Convention. Mr. Swanson expects to attend the Texas State Bar Annual
Convention at the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, the week of July
2nd, and hopes to meet a few of the exZonites who live in that area.

Ann and Bill Barthlomew of Hot Springs, Arkansas have returned
to their home after a two months trip to the West Coast. Their address

at Hot Springs is now 102 Cliff Street.

Carmen Mercedes Smith, Balboa Junior College, class of 1958, was
chosen to receive the Canal Zone College Club Scholarship. Carmen was
awarded this scholarship just 30 years after her mother, Mercedes Alegre
was awarded a similar scholarship by the Club. Carmen plans to enroll
in Simmons College in Boston in the Fall.

Alberta Powers Harris plans to leave Florida on or about August 1st
for California where she will make her future home.

Dot and Howard Dworak with Bernice and Harlan Howard made a
trip to Miami and the Florida Keys. The gals had fun in Miami while
Howard and Harlan fed the fish and let all the big ones get away. They
also tried the fishing in the Sarasota area but still no luck. Dot and
Howard also took a trip to St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, seeing
friends along the way.

The Wallings, Howards, Hulls, Woods and Dworaks had a picnic
get-together at Gulfport Beach for Archie Gibson, his wife and six child-
ren while they were visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Gibson, Sr.
of St. Petersburg. The same group, later on, had another picnic at Gulf-
port Beach for Mr. and Mrs. Charles Krout and two children of Camp
Hill, Pa. who were visiting Mrs. Krout's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan
Howard of St. Petersburg.

Mrs. Catherine Pearl recently returned to St. Petersburg from the
Canal Zone and has purchased a new home in the Sun Haven area.

Mr. A. C. Medinger, former Chief of the Panama Canal Dredging
Division was presented with the Vasco Nunez de Balboa decoration by
President Ernesto de la Guardia of Panama, at a ceremony at the Presi-
dencia in Panama on January 25th, 1958.

Mr. Fred Sprecken left Florida early in July for Chicago to attend
the Shrine Convention. Following the Convention, Fred will head for
the West Coast.

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Feeney have returned to their home in St.
Petersburg after several weeks visiting relatives and friends in the north.

Mrs. F. P. Brugge of McLean, Va. reported a wonderful trip to Cali-
fornia where she saw many old friends; the Cassells, Mrs. Hammond, the
Mead Boltons, Pete Shrapnels, Elizabeth Hall, and others.

Miss Minnie Gray of Gamboa, C. Z. was a visitor in Florida in July.
Miss Gray visited friends in Hollywood, Miami, St. Petersburg, and
Mrs. E. R. Palmer of Gulfport, Fla. enjoyed a visit from Canal Zone
friends in June; Mrs. Alvina Leach and her daughter Helen and son-in-
law. Mrs. Palmer also enjoyed a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meisinger
of Cristobal, C. Z.
Rev. Raymond A. Gray, former Pastor of the Gamboa Union Church,
has graduated from the Union Theological Seminary in New York, where
he has been studying for the past year. Following graduation, Rev. Gray
left for a religious conference in Geneva, Switzerland. After the Confer-
ence, he planned to spend a few weeks in Italy, France, Holland and
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Lockridge of Ancon were visitors in Florida. They
also spent some time with their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.
R. M. Huls of Glastonbury, Conn., and welcomed their first granddaughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Lockridge also visited in the Mid-West.
Mr. B. B. Gibbs, and old time Construction employee on the Canal,
is now a Real Estate Broker in Montebello, Calif. He writes that there
are two other old timers near him, Mr. Frank Graham of Elsinore, Calif.,
and Russell Hand, recently elected City Treasurer of Montebello, Calif.
Mrs. Chester Johnson of St. Petersburg has returned to her home
after a leisurely trip across country to California. While in California,
she spent ten days with Elizabeth Hall in Pasadena.

Mrs. Margaret Peterson made a brief visit to St. Petersburg enroute
to Wisconsin. She hopes to return to Florida, soon.

Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Hennen of St. Petersburg are enjoying a tour of
Europe. At last report, they were in Switzerland enroute to Italy.

Mrs. Selma Huff has returned to St. Petersburg after a visit with her
son and his family in Washington, D. C. While in Washington, Mrs. Huff
attended the Twenty-third Annual Meeting and Luncheon of the Panama
Canal Society of Washington, D. C.

Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Huls have purchased a new home at 88 Cedar
Ridge Terrace in Glastonbury, Conn. Mrs. Huls is the former Beth Lock-
ridge of Balboa, C. Z. Mr. Huls is an Engineer with Pratt and Whitney

Edward A. Linney, former resident of the Canal Zone, and now an
attorney and partner in the law firm of Nelson, Linney and Nelson, has
announced his candidacy for the Republican Nomination for Circuit Judge.
Attorney Linney is a member of our Society and we wish him luck in the
coming primary race.

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Maguire have returned to their home in Old
Orchard Beach, Maine, after a long, happy and pleasant visit on the
Canal Zone.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Paulsen of South Pasadena, Calif. enjoyed a
Christmas Holiday cruise to Panama via the United Fruit Co. S.S. Santo
Cerro with a short stopover at Puerto Armuelles, Panama. They especially
enjoyed the four days on the Isthmus during which a trip was made thru
the Canal on the S.S. Sixaola. They also report the renewal of a couple
old friendships dating back to the Canal Construction days. The return
voyage to California in January was made via the S.S. Carillo and S.S.
Esparta with stopovers for banana loading at uerto Armuelles and Golfito,
Costa Rica.

Frank Zundel of Denver who was employed at Mt. Hope, Empire and
Balboa Heights from 1913 to 1919 and subsequently with the U.S. Treas-
ury Dept., Internal Revenue Service until 1956, recently visited his old
friends the Paulsens at South Pasadena and the "Ganny" Russells at
Redondo Beach, California.

Former Governor Maurice H. Thatcher, a man of many talents, has
written a poem, "Up, Up With the Flag" which has now been madd into
a song by the composition of Mrs. Marie Rich Rockwood, well known

Rev. J. W. L. Graham, former pastor of Gatun Union Church and for
several years pastor of a church in Maine, is now located in Lebanon,
Conn. The church is a beautiful reconstruction of the original church
(designed by John Trumbull) and severely damaged in the 1938 hurri-
cane. Rev. and Mrs. Graham will be happy to see any of their Canal Zone
friends who may pass their way.

Mrs. Connie Trowbridge Bishop and daughter, Edith, from the Canal
Zone, were recently the guests of Alberta Harris. They were enroute to
Washington, D. C.

From Walter Winchell's column the following, "Not only is 'Three-
penny Opera' in its third year, but Sam Matlowsky, its original batoneer

is back in the pit." Sam was a resident of Pedro Miguel when his father.
Abe Matlowsky was an electrician on the locks.

Mrs. Irma C. Forbes, Balboa School Nurse, and Mrs. Mary A. Phelan.
Surgical Clinic Nurse at Gorgas Hospital, were presented Superior Ser-
vice Awards by Governor W. E. Potter at a special ceremony held in the
Governor's office at Balboa Heights. Mrs. Forbes was commended for her
sympathetic understanding of school children, the reassuring manner in
which she comforted children when ill or injured and by her active par-
ticipation in extra curricular activities sponsored by the Division of
Mrs. Phelan, as Surgical Clinic nurse, was commended for her ability
to maintain professional work performance far in excess of her normal
job requirements and her interest and follow up of patient problems.

Mrs. Emma Young, her son Tom and his wife, are now operating the
Condor Gulf Front Apartments on South Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.
They are just a short drive from either St. Petersburg or Clearwater.

The J. T. McGahheys, former Canal Zone residents, are now located
at 1321 N.W. 6th Street, Gainesville, Fla. Mr. McGahhey was a Clubs and
Playground employee for many years.

John Schnake, who manages an Anderson Clayton Co. plant in Lima,
Peru, was enjoying a three months vacation touring with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. E. W. Schnake, through the West and Mexico, visiting friends
along the way.

Mr. and Mrs. R. DuVall and family from Balboa, C. Z. were vaca-
tioning in St. Petersburg for six weeks with Mrs. DuVall's mother, Mrs.
W. H. Calloway. Mrs. Calloway also enjoyed a visit from Mrs. William

Mrs. H. A. Westendorff of Charleston, S. C. is busy running her 40
room hotel and her guest house. It keeps her hopping as the hotel and
guest house are 50 miles apart. Many ex-Canal folks will remember her
son Jim who became deaf on the Zone and who has become increasingly
worse over the years. Fortunately, Jim heard of a doctor in Oklahoma
who had helped other deaf persons, so Jim made a trip to Oklahoma and
following a very simple operation on his left ear, the hearing has been
completely restored. He was so elated over the result of the operation, he
returned to Oklahoma early in May for an operation on the right ear.
Jim can now hear whispers, the tick of a watch, and many other noises

he says he had forgotten ever existed.

Mr. Arthur Wynne of Washington, D. C. joined Martin and Virginia
Sieler in Rome, Italy, and they are now touring the European countries.
They had visited Rome, Naples, Sorrento, Capri, Venice, Munich and
Vienna. At last report, they were yodeling in the Swiss Alps.

Capt. William E. Jones, who retired in June after nearly 30 years of
active service, was presented the Order of International Foundation of
Jose Gabriel Duque. The medal and citation, which are awarded only on
rare occasions, were presented to the Canal Zone Fire Chief by Tomas
Gabriel Duque at the Panama Fireman's Officers Club in Panama City.
At the same time he was given the Ricardo Arango Medal, one of the
highest of Panama Fire Department decorations. This was presented by
Raul Arango, Chief of the Panama Fire Department.

With the retirement of Capt. William E. Jones, Balboa District Chief,
the position of Chief of the Balboa and Cristobal Districts will be consol-
idated into the single position of Chief of the Fire Division. Capt. Wil-
liam H. Caswell of Cristobal has been appointed to head the newly re-
integrated Fire Division.

Since Ida and Slim Hallet returned to their home in Quincy, Mass.
after their long trip through the West and Southwest, they have welcomed
at their home, Mr. and Mrs. Grover Bohan of Jonesboro, Ark. Roy and
Ruth Dwelle from the Canal Zone, John Olga and Jane May Catanzora,
from the Zone, and also Miss Dorothy and Lillian Grey. For picture of
Leon Hallett 1, 2 and 3, see cut.

Ronald and Betty Mae (Crooks) Ingram have purchased a new home
in La Mirada, California. Mrs. Ingram has a piano studio and Mr. Ingram
works for the Bechtel Corporation. For picture of their son, see cut.

Peggy and Henry Falk of St. Petersburg are vacationing in the north
visiting relatives and friends along the way.

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Lambert are spending the summer at their place
on Chesapeake Bay. The Lambers expect to go to California in the Fall.
They also report that Miriam and Weimer Heite are visiting in Buffalo,
N. Y. with the M. A. Smiths.
Mabel Jacobs of Washington, D. C. has been motoring through Can-
ada with Mabel Andrew and her son. On their return from Canada, they
plan to see the Hatches, Sada Page, and Allison Jacques Garfield.

Mr. John A. Sevile of Philadelphia, Pa. was a recent visitor in St.

Mr. and Mrs. William Butler of St. Petersburg, enjoyed a trip to
the West Coast, visiting with relatives and friends along the way.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stoudner of St. Petersburg made a trip up north.
They came back by way of Hendersonville, North Carolina. They called
on Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Franklin in Bryson City, N. C. but found Tommy
not so well. We wish him a speedy return to health.

Etta and Henry Leisy, recently retired from the Canal Zone, have
settled in their new home at 4003 Alta Monte, N. E., Albuquerque, New
Mexico. Their son, Henry Joe is with them. He just returned from a tour
of duty in Korea and will be stationed at Fort Ord, Calif. Their son Bob
is at Camp La Jeune, N. C. and Ralph will go to the University of New

Robert J. Connard, son of Mrs. Gertrude J. Connard, Cristobal, Canal
Zone was a member of the 1958 Graduating Class of the United States
Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, L. I., New York. Mrs. Connard
attended the graduation exercises held on Friday, Aug. 1st, at the Academy.

Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Tydeman of Allentown, Pa. were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Gunther of Wanazue, N. J. Mr. Gunther is the
Supt. of the Wanazue Reservoir, the largest reservoir for water supply
in N. J.
Mrs. Robert Anderson (nee Helen Gunther) and her son and daugh-
ter also were on hand to greet the Tydemans.
Mr. Gunther and family lived on the Canal Zone and he will be re-
membered as being employed as one of the Engineers on the S.I.P. project.

Covering the period from April 25th thru July 25th, 1958

Our summer is well established and we are really having hot days,
but with the monthly picnics there is always something to look forward
to even with the heat. There are three more-August 11th at Lowry Park
and Sepember 8th at Lowry Park, both in Tampa, then the October picnic
at Lake Maggiore here in St. Petersburg, (9th Street South). We hope
that many will visit with us on these days as there are always vacationers
present and we can all have a nice visit. Business, if any, will be kept at

a minimum so there will be plenty of time for the officers as well as mem-
bers to visit and enjoy themselves.
Again I am asking that members please pay their dues. Please send
them in January or February when they should be paid. As of now each
member who has not paid 1958 dues has already received the 1958 Year
Book, the March and June Records, for which you have not paid. This is
really not fair to the members who have been considerate and paid their
dues. I do thank each and every one of you who were thoughtful and sent
in your dues early. Following is the list of those whose dues have not
been paid.
New Zealand 1; Canal Zone3; Arkansas 2; California 4; Delaware 1;
D. C. 1; Florida 11; Georgia 1; Illinois 1; Indiana 1; Maine 1; Mary-
land 2; New Jersey2; New York 2; South Carolina 1; South Dakota 1;
Tennessee 1; Texas 4; Virginia 3 and Washington State 1, making a
total of 44.
The 1959 Year Book goes to press early in October and if any mem-
bers wish to give memberships as gifts, Xmas or otherwise, it is hoped
that they will send them in time to be listed in the Year Book-If a Xmas
gift is specified it will be held until the proper time and sent with a Christ-
mas greeting, with the name of the donor. You know all members like to
see their names in the Year Book NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE AFTER
As you all know Postal Rates go into effect August 1st. If you are
not going to be at your known address at the time the Record is mailed
out please advise the Secretary so that it can be sent where you will be.
Many times a Record is returned and it is necessary to retail it. I now
pay five (5) cents to receive each piece of mail which is returned-then
31/ cents to remail it. This is really unnecessary-so please keep this
in mind when you will not be at home.
Checks are coming from the Zone again with only a 10 cent exchange.
We pay 45 cents to cash, or for the privilege of depositing your check
in our bank thru the clearing house, so please-instead of $3.10 make
your checks in amount $3.45.
Please remember that all members who have paid for the balance of
the year, that is July thru December 1958 your subscription expires as
of then. Your 1959 Year Book will be mailed promptly upon receipt of
your 1959 dues. Please pay them early.
Just a reminder that we are getting ready for the 1959 Reunion, which
will be held at the Soreno January 13th and 14th. This will be Tuesday

THE TOURIST CENTER. Rates are the same-$12.00 double and $8.00
single, all with bath.
I have just received a new order of Panama Canal Society pins and
buttons-these are now $1.25 each. They make lovely gifts for Christmas.
It will be greatly appreciated if all the Society Secretary's would
send me the names and addresses of their officers, up to date, so that I
can insert them in the 1959 Year Book. Please send them as promptly
as possible.
Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you all since the last
Record. Keep well and enjoy life.


Minutes of Scheduled Meeting
12 May, 1958, at Lowry Park, Tampa

About sixty members attended this meeting, which was called to order
at 1:45 p.m. by Vice-President Keith Kelley.
The following officers were present:
Vice-President --.- Mr. Keith Kelley
Secretary-Treasurer ____ Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary ____ Mr. Francis F. Hargy
Our Receptionist, Mrs. Bartlett, introduced the following guests:
Mrs. J. Wayman Mrs. M. B. Blass
Capt. and Mrs. Harrington Capt. and Mrs. Terry
Capt. and Mrs. Marcel Martin Mrs. Minnie Housel
Mr. and Mrs. George Herman Mrs. J. M. North
Mrs. Judd also gave a statement regarding progress of the Blood Bank,
which is still short the amount necessary to put it into effect, i.e. $500.00.
She reported receipt of $426.00. A circular letter is being prepared for
those in the St. Petersburg-Tampa Bay area with a view of bringing the
plan to the attention of those members who may not have had it brought
to their attention personally. It is believed this will reach a large number
who do not attend all the meetings. Mr. Spreckens brought up the ques-
tion of enlarging the plan to take care of all the members of the Society,
wherever they might be. Some discussion followed his suggestion, and it
was brought out that the plan was necessarily local in character, and if
we had difficulty in putting it into effect by reason of insufficient partici-
pants, it was very unlikely that we could make it nation-wide.

Mr. Hohman was unable to be present, but as Chairman of the Legis-
lative Committee he informed the Recording Secretary there was nothing
new to report regarding the status of the increase in retirement pay. Mr.
Bartlett reported the information given at a meeting held at Clearwater,
when Mr. Wilson, Pres, of N.A.R.C.E. flew down from Washington to re-
port the status of these bills. His report was discouraging due to statement
of the representative from Tennessee, Mr. Murray, who said no money
will be paid to increase annuities unless it is appropriated by Congress.
Our bill provided the money would be taken from Civil Service funds.
The substance of his report was that we had better not count on anything
being done until it actually shows up in a pay check.
Mr. Hersh spoke of the danger of Communism making headway
though our educational and health organizations in a way very few
people realize.
Mrs. Judd gave a report of recent illnesses and deaths as follows:
Mr. "Shorty" Deavours; Mr. Claude D. Campbell; Mrs. F. L. Alexaitis.
Mr. Frank Anderson; Mr. W. L. Dunlap; Mrs. Geo. V. Graff; Mr. S.
Harry Sullivan; Mrs. Agnes B. Clark; Mrs. Helen Hammond Smith; Mr.
George Black; Mr. William Allen.
The Secretary-Treasurer again had a large amount of correspondence
received since the last meeting, and items of general interest to the mem-
bers were read.
The Silver Anniversary Wedding dates of two of our members are
as follows:
Capt. and Mrs. M. A. Turner, June 12.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Shreves, July 15.
No further business remaining for attention, the meeting was ad-
journed at 2:45 p.m. on motion of Mr. Kieswetter, duly seconded and
Francis F. Hargy, Recording-Secretary

Minutes of Scheduled Meeting
at Hillsboro Park, Tampa, 9 June, 1958

The meeting was called to order at 1:45 p.m. by President M. A.
The following officers were present:
President --- Capt. M. A. Turner
Recording Secretary ----Mr. Francis F. Hargy

Mrs. Marie Callaway acted as Receptionist and introduced the follow-
ing visitors:
Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Douglas and two sons, of Balboa, C. Z.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack F. Morris and son, of Balboa.
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Wood and two daughters, of Balboa.
Mrs. Anna Stephenson, of Tampa, Florida.
Mrs. John Haas, of St. Petersburg.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Wilson Purvis; Bill, Judy, and Jerry of Atlanta, Ga.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Souder, of Houston, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Herman, of San Antonio, Texas.
Mrs. Ruth Lander and family of Lexington, Ky.
Mrs. Wm. L. Gardner.
Mr. Fred Ebdon and family, of Canal Zone.
We acquired twelve new members for May, making a total of 1,529
paid-up members for 1958. We have 61 for 1959 and 8 for 1960.
The Blood Bank Fund stood at $540.00 May 30, with 212 members.
Thirty-three members joined from June 1 to June 6th, so that the present
fund stands at $606, less than $27.47 for expenses. Mrs. Judd estimates
there are about 120 members in the State of Florida who could easily be-
come members of the Blood Bank. A motion to include the entire state
would be in order.
Mr. Hohman, Chairman of the Legislative Committee, gave the good
news regarding the increase for annuitants who retired before the more
favorable retirement provisions for 1956 were effective. It consists of a
10% increase over the present annuity, with a limit of $42 a month, to
begin August 1, 1958. It will not increase the amount that is now received
by reason of voluntary contributions.
Special Interest: A letter was received by the Society asking finan-
cial aid for the Florida Sheriffs' Boys Ranch. Mr. Troy Hayes made a
motion to appropriate $25 for this institution, seconded by Mr. Jack
Morris and carried unanimously.
Mr. Spreckens made a motion at the suggestion of Mrs. Judd that the
State of Florida be included in our Blood Bank. This was seconded by
Mr. Hayes, and carried unanimously. It was decided that a letter inform-
ing those who are now covered by the plan be prepared and sent out.
Motion by Mrs. Calloway that we adjourn, duly seconded and carried.
The meeting thereupon adjourned at 2:10 p.m.
Francis F. Hargy, Recording-Secretary

Our Secretary has a new supply of Pins and Buttons at $1.25 each.

Minutes of Scheduled Meeting
at Lake Maggiore, St. Petersburg, 14 July, 1958

The meeting was called to order at 1:40 p.m. by President M. A.
The following officers were present:
President Capt. M. A. Turner
Secretary-Treasurer ---..--Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary ----Mr. Francis F. Hargy
The fact that our Secretary-Treasurer had a birthday anniversary to-
day was announced by Capt. Turner, and she was greeted by "Happy
Birthday to you" from the members.
Visitors were announced as follows:
Mrs. Wm. N. Tomey, of Sebring, Fla.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bruce and children, of Margarita, C. Z.,
and the parents of Mr. Bruce.
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Lockridge, of Balboa, C. Z.
Mrs. Charles L. Grier, Gamboa, C. Z.
Mrs. Helen Warnock, Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Mrs. Catherine Pearl, of St. Petersburg.
Mrs. Harry Pearl, of the Canal Zone.
Membership: Twelve new members during the month, making a
total of 127 since January 1, 1958.
Minutes of previous meeting 9 June 1958, were read by the Record-
ing Secretary, and no omissions or corrections being noted, were approved.
Unfinished Business: Pres. Turner mentioned the enlarged scope
of the Blood Bank Fund, and suggested twelve rules for administering the
fund. After a short discussion it was decided that these suggestions be
acted upon by a committee, which would report to the Society. Mr. Troy
Hayes was appointed Chairman of this committee, with authority to ap-
point two members.
Legislative Committee: The Chairman, Mr. Hohman, reported no
change since his report at the last meeting, and mentioned that he had a
number of telephone inquiries about the increase to be effective August 1,
1958. He invited any who did not understand the provisions of the law to
question him and he would endeavor to explain. The only doubt seemed
to be whether this increase applied to "Construction Service", and Mr.
Hohman said it did not. Mr. Hersh mentioned that an annuity will be
given for the first time to widows of eligible annuitants who died prior
to February 29, 1948. The husband must have worked in the government
service for at least ten years, and the widow must have been married for

at least five years prior to husband's death, and has not remarried since.
This comes under Public Law No. 465 of the 85th Congress. As this pen-
sion only becomes effective on date of application by the widow, anyone
knowing of any one coming under its provisions should inform her to
make application at once on Standard form No. 2800.
Members on the sick list were reported as below:
Mrs. Sam Grier; Mrs. Dora B. Green; Mrs. L. A. Deakins; Mr. John
LeRoy Latimer; Capt. Miles E. McLeod; Mr. Bill Jones, of California.
Mr. Paul Karst, Sr. Mrs. Ralph Osborn
Mr. Chas. W. Lee Mrs. Jesse L. Byrd, Sr.
Mrs. Maggie Kelley Mrs. Thomas S. Booz
Mrs. Mollie Purdom Mr. Bruce Saunders, Sr.
Mr. Ora M. Ewing Mrs. Elizabeth V. Bramin
Mr. Victor Crouch
Capt. Hector MN. Grant was killed in an auto accident June 18, 1958
The Secretary-Treasurer noted that the Blood Bank now totaled
$827.00, $797.00 having been collected at the end of June, and an addi-
tional $30.00 since.
There being no further business to transact, a motion to adjourn was
duly seconded and carried. Adjournment was effective at 2:10 p.m.
Francis F. Hargy, Recording-Secretary


The twenty-third Annual meeting and luncheon of the Washington
Society was held at the Sheraton Carlton Hotel on May 10, 1958. The
occasion was excellent in every respect. A large number were present,
including old timers, and the speakers were Assistant Secretary of the
Army, George H. Roderick and Congressman Clark W. Thompson of
Texas, who were well received. Secretary Roderick's address was filled
with interesting and useful information on the 1950 Reorganization Act
of Congress. Congressman Thompson delivered a tribute to the memory
of General James A. Steese who recently died in Africa. An Army band
furnished a musical program. Former Governor Maurice H. Thatcher was
Toastmaster for the occasion. Mrs. Selma Huff represented the Florida
Society at the meeting and luncheon.


The New York Society of the Panama Canal held its 34th Annual
Reunion and Luncheon at the National Republican Club on Saturday,
May 3rd.
The death of the following members during the past year was an-
nounced with profound sorrow:
Harry Cohen, at Los Angeles, California, May 25, 1957
Albert Emery, Brooklyn, N. Y., August 30, 1957.
Harry A. Kersey, Trenton, N. J., September 4, 1957.
George MacAdam, New York City, July 18, 1957.
John Lackner, Hemstead, N. Y., September 1957.
General James Steese, Africa, January 11, 1958.
Interesting and informative addresses were made by Bill Russell,
Walter Ross, Dr. Edward Salisbury and Thomas Rossbottom, former Vice-
President of the Panama Railroad. Maurice DePutron spoke of the visit
of the late President Theodore Roosevelt to Panama in 1906, and read an
address made by "Teddy" to the employees of the Isthmian Canal Com-
mission at Culebra, Canal Zone on November 16, 1906. Copy of the ad-
dress was furnished by Arthur R. Richards of 4 Hartung Street, Larch-
mont, New York, a member of the New York Society.
Greetings were read from Colonel George R. Goethals, Box 1013, Las
Cruces, New Mexico; Matt Follman, Cincinatti, Ohio; Floyd Freeman,
Midland, Michigan; James Macfarlane, Havana, Cuba and Governor
Thatcher of the Washington Society.
The Ladies Auxiliary joined the meeting after the luncheon and the
following were introduced: Mrs. Aileen Gorgas Wrightson and Mrs.
John F. Stevens, Jr.
John J. Fitzpatrick, Secretary-Treasurer


Twenty old timers who helped dig the Panama Canal, and one woman,
Miss Florence Dildine, who was a school teacher for the children of the
workers, gathered for the 35th reunion of the Society in the Lawson
Y.M.C.A. in Chicago on May 3, 1958. Harly Stuntz, one time Auditor for
the Canal Commission; Frank Wichrman, a draftsman; G. E. Duckworth,
who called himself a "whistle jerker", and Frank Clark, a conductor, were
some of the old timers who were present.


Our Society held its summer picnic on June 8th. We had a large
attendance and a beautiful day.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Lockwood and the Earl Gilberts, along with
several friends, are on a camping trip to Glacier National Park, Lake
Louise, and Banff, Canada.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Berude are going on a camping trip to the High
Sierras, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe and San Francisco.
The Joe Welch's folks from Long Beach had a wonderful trip. They
drove up to Sacramento, visited with Mr. and Mrs. Meyers, then had a
delightful trip to Lake Tahoe where the mountains were covered with
snow and the pine trees were a beautiful sight. On the way home, they
stopped in San Francisco to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stone from Cris-
tobal. While there, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Butler drove in from St. Peters-
burg, Florida. From the Stone's home, they drove to Redwood City and
Half Moon and on to Santa Barbara to see more friends, then home.
Mrs. A. S. Walters of South Gate, California with her daughter, Mrs.
Dolores Allen and her daughter, Mary Catherine, left as soon as school
was over, for a trip to Alaska. They traveled by auto, plane, ship, and
train, arriving in Alaska when she won her star making her the 49th
state. Mrs. Walters is all for Alaska.
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Stilwell of Monrovia visited Lt. Colonel and Mrs.
Martin (their daughter, Norma) and family in Falls Church, Virginia.
Capt. and Mrs. Howard L. Smithies are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Allen
E. Snow (daughter Lucille) and two grandchildren in Wakefield, Mass.
Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Clay will have Mr. and Mrs. McRay Hoverter and
children for a visit. Mrs. Hoverter is daughter, Betty.
Mrs. Dorothy Welty of Palo Alto, Calif. and her three children will
visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Hoecker of Monrovia.
The Glen Kerrs have gone east to visit Mrs. Kerr's brother, Hugh
Turner, and his family and also other relatives in Texas, Florida and Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. Berude had Lt. Commander John B. Berude, wife and
four children visiting them. They are on a trip to the West Coast and
Hawaii. He is stationed in Washington, D. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Thomas are entertaining Mrs. Thomas' two sis-
tters from the East Coast.
Capt. and Msr. L. C. Calloway are visiting their son and family in
Florence and Charlie Harrison of Balboa, C. Z. were recent visitors
in California. They visited William T. Harrison of Canago Park, George

and Esther Cassell of Redondo Beach, and Doris Hanson. They had been
in Norman, Oklahoma, for the graduation of their son, Charles Price
Harrison, Jr. from Oklahoma University. From California, the Harrisons
went east to be at the Shriner's Convention in Chicago and then on to
Boston for a visit with their older son, Tom, and his family, then to New
York and Miami, to visit relatives, before returning to the Canal Zone.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. "Bud" Huldtquist, of Diablo, Canal Zone, are
touring the country in their new Plymouth which they picked up in Miami.
They, together with their daughter Nancy, and Leslie Roe, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Roe, visited in Long Beach during the latter part of
June. They visited Marineland of the Pacific, and had two wonderful days
at Disneyland and don't think they missed a thing there.
The Huldquists left here for Yosemite, San Francisco, Seattle, Vic-
toria, B. C,; and then will visit Nannie Brown (Bud's aunt) in Fayette-
ville, Arkansas; and on to Chicago for the Shrine Convention, and to see
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jackson (Bernice Rathgeber) and Mr. and Mrs. Wil-
liam Lucas (Norine Rathgeber). Then on to Ohio to visit Mrs. Huldt-
quists relatives, and to New York where they sail for the Canal Zone on
August 15th.
Thelma Reppe will spend a vacation in Winifred, Montana, flying
there on July 6th for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. John Reppe, parents
of the late Norman A. Reppe.
Mrs. Hedvig Seedborg and her mother, Mrs. Sundberg, are spending
a week or so in Porterville, California, visiting friends.
Mr. William Jones of Monrovia has been confined to his home much
of the time, recently. He is suffering from an old back injury but seems
to be improving now.
Mr. John M. Sweeney of Big Bear Lake is recovering from surgery.
We wish these folks a speedy recovery.
Our Society has been saddened by the death of three of our members.
Mr. Samuel Bell, Mrs. Thomas Booz and Mrs. Elizabeth Bramin. To the
families, we extend our sympathy.


Our annual June picnic was held June 21st at Flood Park and while
the attendance wasn't as large as last year we did pick up 16 new mem-
bers. Everyone present enjoyed the day which was climaxed by Sydney
Neville winning the ceramic pollera and monteuna set.
Summer is the time for visitors and the Brown-Robertson guest book

logged some new entries. Sully Sampson Wilkinson and her sister, Mrs.
Marion Lucas, came to visit and view Sully's new granddaughter. Mrs.
Lucas has returned to the Zone and Sully leaves for Texas the 2nd of
August. Letty, Ed and Jack Schnake were here for 2 days. Jack is up
from Lima, Peru and after collecting Letty and Ed in Michigan they toured
the southwest and California before returning East. George, Edna, Lennie
and Mable Hutchings had Mr. and Mrs. S. Turbyville from Balboa for their
family headed East and Mrs. Lumby spent the week and attended the pic-
nic. We enjoyed everyone so much and only wish we all lived closer so
we would see more of these old friends.
Our guest book was not the only one brought out from it's resting
place. Mrs. Ethyln Wood had her son Jimmie and family (Martha Brad-
ley Wood) with her for several weeks and is now wi rt. ;nirn her sister-
in-law and family from Florida. Budd and Eleanor Bliss in Santa Cruz
hosted Dick and Betty Herring from Gamboa and brought them to the
picnic, where they brought us up to date on the Canal Zone news. Wes
and Mable Hutchins had Mr. and Mrs. S. Turbyville from Balboa for their
house guests and Norm and Mary Rocker welcomed their son Jack and
family from Balboa.
With summer and company comes parties. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Beard
and Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Mitchell entertained with a Bar-B-Q lunch and
supper at the Beard home. The delicious food, bridge, poker and conver-
sation was enjoyed by Mr. and Mrs. B. Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. S. Baker,
Mr. and Mrs. W. Hutchins, Mr. and Mrs. S. Turbyville, Col. and Mrs.
C. Purdy, Col. and Mrs. M. Judd, Mr. and Mrs. H. Duncan, Mr. and Mrs.
S. Neville, Mr. and Mrs. B. Yoder, Mr. and Mrs. G. Coffey, Capt. and
Mrs. H. Bach, Mrs. Leslie Wilkinson, Mrs. Ethlyn Wood, Mrs. Fred Brown
and Ruth Robertson.
Col. and Mrs. M. Judd entertained with a luncheon at their new home
in Los Altos for Mrs. L. Wilkinson. Mr. and Mrs. E. Payne, Mr. and Mrs.
C. Lindgren and Mr. and Mrs. S. Hedges were down from Napa to see
Sully along with Mr. and Mrs. B. Yoder, Mr. and Mrs. S. Neville, Helen
Cooledge, Mrs. Fred Brown and Fran Getman and her two sisters.
The months of May and June brought three "wee" members to our
Society. Lt. and Mrs. David Muralt (Jan Sampson) welcomed a baby
girl, Elizabeth Louise, the 21st of May. Mr. and Mrs. R. Greig (Niza
Boynton) announced the birth of their third child, a baby girl, the 1st
of May. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Erickson (Myrna Boynton) added a new
baby boy to their family on the 14th of June.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Irwin are vacationing in the East this summer,
visiting friends enroute.

Capt. and Mrs. John W. Anderson are now in Cubic Bay, Philippine
Islands. Capt. Anderson left the Golden Bear Training Ship and is now
Harbor Pilot for the Navy. Before leaving San Francisco he called and
said anyone coming that way will be welcome at their home.
Miss Dorothy Brown is on the sick list at the present time, being in
the hospital with an undetermined "bug".
My son, Grady Robertson, was in a serious automobile accident the
4th of July but has recovered. He was badly cut on the face but the
plastic surgeon has assured me that there will be no disfiguring scars.
Have all of you Record readers read "Make the Dirt Fly" by Rose
Van Hardeveld? It is most interesting and worth having in your library.
Mrs. Van Hardeveld wrote it when she was 78 years old and her descrip-
tions of the Canal Zone during Construction Days are vivid and will fill
the "old timers" with nostalgia. A copy of the book can be obtained by
writing The Pan Press, Tahlequah, Oklahoma and sending $2.50.
Mrs. Georgie Nehls reports that Sam and Cyril Friedman of Panama
were to see her. Charles and Noreen (Rakovsky) Will are expecting his
brother Ray and family for a visit.
Until the next time, happy summer everybody.
Ruth B. Robertson


Received a nice card from our good friend Ed. Spearman from Miami
Beach where he was spending his vacation. His fancy has turned from
Mermaids to blonds and we are always glad to know that he still likes
to look at the girls.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn B. Kerr of 105 W. Hillcrest Blvd., Monrovia,
Calif. recently visited Orlando and while here called on the Wilhites, Mr.
and Mrs. Koperski and Mr. and Mrs. Calloway of Winter Park. They both
looked fine and are enjoying life traveling around seeing their friends.
Come back soon.
Mr. and Mrs. William Rohrbach observed July 4th by having a gala
gathering of a group of their friends at their home on Lake Sybella for
an afternoon swimming party and a wonderful barbecued steak dinner,
complete with all the trimmings. The host was assisted by Mr. Clarence
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Krause having recently retired from the Panama
Canal are the house guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sibus of Altamonte

Springs while they are looking for a place to locate and build or buy a
Received a card from Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Tezano from California
where they have been spending two months vacation and going and see-
ing places. They are now on their way to Hot Springs for the baths then
home about August 10th.
Mr. and Mrs. Erward Pevitts and their son Billy and daughter Patti
spent two weeks vacation as the house guests of Mr. and Mrs. William
Rohrbach of Maitland, Florida. The Pevitts are from Tinley Park, Ill.
and Mr. Pevitts is a nephew of Bill Rohrbach. his was their first visit
to Florida.
Mr. Louis Schoenfield from New York City, life long friend of Mrs.
Rohrbach spent the week end with the Rohrbachs on Lake Sybella Drive,
Maitland, Florida. Mr. Schoenfield represents a wholesale Drug firm in
New York.
Not too much news this time other than we were all happy to re-
ceive the 109 increase in our annuity and very thankful for it.
My brother Lilburn L. Wilhite of Pensacola, Fla. recently had quite
a serious accident while driving home from a trip to the country when
an out of state car ran into the side of his car demolishing it and sending
him to the hospital. Four persons were injured, two in each car. He is
coming along nicely now and out of the hospital
Mrs. David M. McLaren flew from Baston, Massachusetts to Florence,
Alabama for the graduation and wedding of her youngest daughter, Vir-
ginia Ada. Virginia graduated from Florence State College with her de-
gree in elementary education on May 26.
She was married on May 31 to John Edward McWilliams at the First
Christian Church on the college campus. John is employed by the Rey-
nolds Aluminum Company. The couple will reside in Tuscumbia, Alabama
where Virginia plans to teach fifth grade in the fall.
Both Virginia's sisters were in the wedding party. Mrs. Douglas M.
Hicks, Jr. (Edith) of Jacksonville, Florida, was matron of honor and
Mrs. Joseph R. Barkley (Phyllis) of Orlando, Florida and Virginia's col-
lege roommate were bridesmaids. Donna Hicks, Virginia's niece was
flower girl.
R. L. Wilhite

If anyone has pieces of Wedgewood dinner ware, Edme pattern, that
they would like to sell, please contact our Secretary, Mrs. Judd.


Mrs. Essie Shirley and Frances Dorn were visitors and guests at the
N. W. Ark. Pan Canal Picnic on June 8 at Lake Wedington. Mrs. Dorn
was the house guest of the Lynn Cooks of Rogers for several days and
Mrs. Shirley visited the Bill Mathues for a week. They accompanied her
home to Hot Springs and spent several days visiting her and other Hot
Spring friends.
The picnic was very enjoyable and the tables groaned beneath the
delicious foods-and the great amount brought in by the good cooks of
N. W. Ark. Quite a goodly number attended and talked over old C.Z.
events, past and present.
The John Purvis's of Alexandria, Va. paid our Spa here a most pleas-
ant, but brief visit during May. Jack Lamb and Mrs. Purvis earnestly
reviewed mutual Canal Zone events and tribulations.
The Roy Kennedys of Englewood, Colorado, made a brief overnight
stop here in Hot Sprs. to say "hello" to several former C. Z. friends;-
and then went onward toward N. Carolina and Pennsylvania to visit Mrs.
Kennedy's sisters. The 3 sisters were the Kalar girls, formerly of Balboa.
Mrs. Kennedy is the Secretary for the Colorado Pan Canal Society.
The Bill Bartholomews have returned from their California visit, and
stopped enroute, in Denver, while homeward bound. There, they were
guests for several days of the Fred Atkinsons who are visiting their son
Fred, wife and family, now living in Denver.
Mrs. Frances Horter, who came here from Balboa is living at the
Park Hotel, which is operated under the Lavin plan. She and all the
guests like it very much at the Park. She is anticipating a visit from her
daughter, granddaughter and grandson who will fly down from Minne-
apolis to spend the summer with her. Her daughter is Mrs. J. Robert
Connor, whose home is in Venzuela, S. A.
Bill Burns and sister, Mrs. Freeland, again went to N. Y. State to
spend the summer at Mrs. Freeland's former home.
Jack and Ann Reinig are contemplating staying here during the
summer, and are awaiting guests from N. Y. State.
Cards received from the Grover Bohans of Jonesboro, Ark., indicate
that they are enjoying things and places enroute to Pennsylvania and New
Mrs. Florence Kelly, formerly of Balboa, C. Z. visited during the
month of May, with Mrs. Horter at the Park Hotel in Hot Sprs. She left
for points West, and the last cards were from Los Angeles.

Mrs. Frances Dorn is on an extensive trip thru the West and just now
is in San Franscisco, bound for Portland and Seattle. Her tour thru Zion,
Bryce and North Rim of Grand Canyon National Parks, and Cedar Breaks,
Nat'l. Monument, was very pleasant, interesting and awe-inspiring. While
in Alburquerque, Los Angeles, and now here, she has and, is still contact-
ing, a lot of C.Z. "oldtimers" and enjoying chats and visits with them. The
main subject is, the "old times in C.Z.".
Adios amigos,
Frances S. Dorn


'Tis Summer! The folded hills of the Ozarks are clad with trees in
the deep forest green of maturity. The skies are blue with white cotton
candy clouds scudding by, yellow grains have been harvested and the
peaches are ready for market. The rains have been plentiful for the
most part, gentle but too much for the grapes. The grass grows over-
night and I'm tempted to ask Shepard Newell to pasture the eleven sheep
on the front, back and side lawns which seem to grow larger with each
As the affairs of the Nation and World become more turbulent, the
quietness of the Ozarks becomes better known and more visitors come to
rest awhile. So let's write about our visitors this time. We are all enjoying
the visit of Mrs. Cecil Lowe of Tivoli Guest House, sister of Mrs. Nannie
I. Brown of our town. The Elmer Guy Huldquists (Vonna), daughter
Nancy Kay and little friend Leslie Gay Rowe arrived at Aunt Nannie's
after an extensive trip including Florida, Texas, California, Vancouver
Island, British Columbia, Yellowstone and Denver. They continued on to
the Shrine Convention in Chicago, Ohio and Long Island, New York be-
fore returning to the Zone.
Mrs. Judith Crooks Matthews of California was a happy visitor with
her folk on Township Road, the Homer V. Crooks. Slipping quietly into
town to look over the five acres bought five years ago 'way out in the
country, the E. D. Burtons of Balboa, (postoffice) were amazed to find a
new road, new homes and on the nearest mail-box the name of their old
friends, Minnie and Homer Crooks. A happy re-union for all. At present,
Marguerite and Mike Crooks are stopping by on their return trip from
Florida to California.
Neighbor Ed. Booth is home between trips and busy trying to keep
ahead of the grass on his two acres. Mrs. Collie Reiman, sister of late Mrs.

Booth, was a visitor for two weeks and we all enjoyed the meeting of
Collie with her old time friend, Mrs. Cora Makibbin, who, accompanied
by her son Henry, was visiting her daughter and son-in-law, Mildred and
Edwin P. Higgins and six grand-children. Since then, Cora has made an-
other trip from Chattanooga to Fayetteville. Come and be one of us, Cora.
The Higgins' daughter Sherry Downing and husband of Utah was a most
welcome visitor.
Again, we of Tranquil Acres, were happily surprised by a visit-too
short-from the surprising Schnakes, Letty, Ed and their son Jack on
vacation from his opulent employment as Manager of a Cottonseed and
Oil Refinery for Anderson, Clayton & Co. in Lima, Peru. Combining bus-
iness with pleasure, Jack persuaded (?) his parents to accompany him
on his trip to Texas, Old Mexico, California in a brand new air-condi-
tioned car.
Recently, Newell of Ham station W5TNM (take no money) was
thrilled to receive a phone call from the Airport. It was former Ham oper-
ator KZ5GD, George C. Dunlap now K5MRT of La Feria, Texas. A short
visit in the Airport with George and we learned that in partnership with
his brother Bailey, they have a citrus grove in Texas and corn farms in
Galesburg, Illinois and commute in their private plane. Grace Dunlap's
new call letters are K5MRU. Inquiry concerning former KZ5NB (Nancy
Baker) Regnall Ewing sent us to Mulberry, Arkansas-over the Boston
Mts.-where we found Regs and Hilda the owners and producers of the
Bonny View Peaches, forty acres of them. Their daughter Bonnie, an
ardent 4H-er, enters College of the Ozarks next Fall.
The J. B. Comans of Bentonville report visits from the Cliff Curriers
of Redding, Calif. on their way to visit daughters in Atlanta, Ga. and St.
Petersburg, Florida, the Frank Phillips of Shreveport, La. and 0. M.
Plummer, now of Cabot, Ark. formerly of Gatun, C. Z. We found Mrs.
Mattie MacAuley recovering from a very painful dislocation of her right
shoulder. The Ernest Williams report no visitors to their abode but they
are enjoying the visitors to Comans and Engelkes, George and Edith, whose
recent guests were Richard Brown and father going from Texas to Boston,
Herbert and Alice Engelke, daughters Marguerite and Mary Alice and son
Herbert W. Jr., here for our C, Z. picnic and on their way to see Alice's
father Mr. Albert Wood in Calif., Paul French driving from Northern
Calif. to Ohio and Delaware to visit his daughters. Also Mary Ann and
Rev. Robert Jackson, formerly of Cristobal Episcopal church, now Rector
of Epiphany church in New Iberia, La.
In Rogers, we found Bill and Alice Keller happy to have Alice's
mother, Mrs. F. Rivoire of Lewisburg, Pa. as a visitor. The Lynn R. Cooks

of Villa Taboga report another visit from their son Lynn, Jr. (Bud) of
Venezuela. Bill and Carrie Mathues of Springdale told of a happy time
showing the beauty of Northwest Arkansas to Mrs. Florence Kelly.
We were glad to see Mrs. Frances Dorn and Mrs. Tom Shirley of Hot
Springs, Mr. C. L. Foiles and daughter Peggy of Booneville and Mrs. Mar-
ionne Campbell at our Annual Picnic where 42 past and present C. Z. folk
attended. After eating plenty and the younger folk enjoyed a swim in Lake
Wedington, we were treated to some excellent Barbershop Harmony by
"Three Lads and a Dad"-heart warming title- for Ed. Higgins and sons.
Since then, they have become so popular they have a full calendar singing
to civic groups. Ed is taking some good-natured joshing since their appear-
ance at the Convention of the State Sheriffs.
Your reporter appreciated "I Thought I Knew" in the Poet's Corner
of the June issue of our esteemed CANAL RECORD. Who wrote it?. I
would like to share a lovely memory with you written by Mildred Makibbin
Higgins "On Saying Goodbye To An Old Pair Of Shoes". It will bring
back many happy memories of your sojourn on the Zone and those who
spent their childhood there will remember the Jungle (behind the Club-
house) the Rapids (just beyond the Lodge Hall), a few more years and
they ventured to the beaches of the Interior, the rocky cliffs of the Volcan,
pausing in between to marvel at the square trees and gold frogs of El
We are leaving to spend two weeks with our family in Denver where
our gal is the new reporter for the Colorado Society.
Our President, Tom Mock, extends a cordial invitation to y'all to be
with us for our annual meeting, October 12th and enjoy the Flaming
Fall Revue of the Ozarks.
Blanche E. Shaw


On May 24 our President, Al Brown, called a meeting of all members
for the purpose of electing new officers in general. The meeting was held
in the beautiful dining room of the Kopper Kettle cafeteria. The following
new officers elected at this meeting were: Milton Smith, President, Ted
Birkeland, Vice President, Peggy Ellis, Assistant Secretary, and re-elected
was Bertha Turner, Secretary and Treasurer.
Rev. Wm. Beeby, pastor of the first Baptist Church in Balboa, Canal
Zone and Dr. Ross Dillon and families were guests of our club, and made
interesting talkers on the general conditions there. Rev. Beeby and family

were attending the Baptist Convention here at that time. Dr. Dillon is
Executive Secretary of the Baptist Union of Houston, Texas.
The 4th of July was selected and sponsored by our new president.
Milton Smith, for an outdoor picnic at the Cinco Ranch, approximately
40 members and guests were present, all bringing the best food you ever
ate, and Mr. Smith furnished ice cold water melon. Swimming was en-
joyed by the kids and grown-ups, and the chief life guard was Roy Searcy,
and he really kept the children safe and sound in the swimming pool.
The following new members have been added to our membership:
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur White, 1539 Hewett, Houston 18, Texas; Henry H.
Lee, Jr., 2801 Breeze Terrace, Austin 2, Texas; Mr and Mrs. Paul Penning-
ton (Alice Mcllvaine) ; Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pratt (Peggy Mcllvaine).
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Souder told of their visit in Florida and the won-
derful time they had at the picnic, also visiting friends there.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kerr of Monrovia, Calfornia were guests of her
brother and sister-in-law, Bertha and Hugh C. Turner, before continuing
their cross country tour, visiting relatives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Turner have returned from a two weeks vacation in Hat-
tiesburg, Mississippi and Gulf Coast.
The Club extends deepest sympathy to Mrs. Nathan Levy in the loss
of her brother Charles Jacobs, who underwent an emergency operation and
passed away shortly after the operation. His daughter Helen from Chicago
was called to his bedside. She resides in Chicago with husband and two
sons. One year ago to the day her second brother passed away. To us
who are often in the Levy home, the loss will be greatly felt, as his gen-
uinely friendly personality was a part of that enjoyable hospitality. Our
sympathy goes out to his and his sister's family in this loss.
Mrs. Elmer Stetler of Kokomo, Ind. is a guest in the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Nathan L. Levy. This is not a pleasure mission. Her coming
down at this time is to be at the bedside of her son John, who is critically
ill in Veteran's Hospital. His two sisters, Betty and Alice, will join their
mother in a few days.
Mrs. Ross Fincher has just been installed as Associate Matron of the
Bellaire Chapter O.E.S. She and her daughter Doris Jean work in the
Rainbow for girls Assembly, and the father and husband is an active mem-
ber of the Bellaire Lodge A.F.&A.M. They both are active church workers
and full time employees of the same Company. In their spare time they
keep the new home running smoothly and have time to take trips. They
were conspicuous for their absence at the 4th of July picnic, because they
had gone on an out of town trip.
Joe Turner and family are up on vacation from the Canal Zone and

are visiting Mrs. Turner's mother, Mrs. McIntosh in Hattiesburg, Miss.
Joe spent several days in Houston, with his brother and sister-in-law, Hugh
and Bertha Turner. The Joe Turners will visit his brother, John Turner,
Silver Springs, Md., and his sister-in-law Mrs. Spurgeon Turner and son
Sam in Washington, D. C. before returning to the Zone.
The Ellis Family is enjoying the home coming of Major William R.
Moser and their two little sons, William Jr. and David. They have been
stationed in Honolulu, T.H. for the past three years and will be on their
way to their new post in Lincoln, Neb., as soon as their vacation is over.
Mr. and Mrs. Levy have received word that their son anT-daughter-
in-law are spending the summer in Boston. They are Mr. and Mrs. David
J. Leeds of Los Angeles, California. Mr. Leeds was sent by UCLA to set
up a course in M.I.T. They will spend a short time in New York City
visiting with their sister Charlotte and her family before returning to the
West Coast.
We just learned that Mr. John Stetler passed away and our deepest
sympathy goes out to his mother and family. Bertha Turner

Those of us who have chosen the Land of the Sky for retirement life,
gathered on June 19th at the Pink Beds recreation area in Pisgah National
Forest for the first picnic of the season. About forty members were pres-
ent and we were also happy to welcome the following guests: Capt. and
Mrs. Riggs Forrest and two children from Norfolk, Va., Mr. and Mrs. Ted
Neely (Alice Garlington) from Rock Hill, S. C., Mrs. Christine Burrell
of Bryson City, N. C. and Mrs. Ann Kiellander, mother of Mrs. Bruce
Harrell of Hendersonville, N. C.
The meeting was called to order by the President, Mr. C. L. Johnston.
As an order of business, Mrs. Betty O'Rourke was nominated and elected
to fill the vacant office of Secretary. The following officers will serve the
Society during the coming year: Mr. C. L. Johnston, President; Mr. C. D.
Howell, Vice-President; Mr. F. M. Sawyer, Treasurer; Mrs. Betty O'-
Rourke, Secretary.
Everyone present was having a wonderful time, meeting old friends
and talking over old times but the fun was cut short by the threat of a
mountain thunder storm.
Very happy to report that we hear that Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Behlen
(Olive and "Sharky") are both on the mend. They reside in Asheville,
North Carolina.
Another pleasant bit of news: Mrs. Emily (A.B.) Cole, Asheville,

who has been ill for several years, is much improved.
Mr. R. A. Mitchell, after a recent illness that confined him in the
hospital for a short time, is getting along fine.
Mrs. John Ferguson, we learn with regret, is ill and in the hospital.
Capt. and Mrs. Riggs Forrest and two children of Norfolk, Va. were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Coleman in June.
At this time, of writing, Barbara and Tom are very happy in having
their daughter Jean (Dombrowsky) husband Jack and two children from
Balboa, C. Z. with them. Also recent guests of the Colemans, Mr. and
Mrs. Everett Roe, accompanied by their daughter and husband from
Stuart and Des Moines, Iowa. Mrs. Roe is a cousin of Tom. Mr. and Mrs.
Art Gribbens from Balboa and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lavalle and two
children. Mr. Lavalle, Potentate of Abou Saad Temple in the Canal Zone,
was enroute to the Shrine Convention in Chaicago.
The C. D. Howells are planning on moving into their new home lo-
cated in Beverly Hills section of Asheville, early in August. They were
hosts to several former residents of the C. Z. during the month of June,
including Mrs. (C.S.) Vera Howell, Lafayette, Calif., Mrs. Myrtle
(Walter) Merony, Chattanooga, Tenn., and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fojtic of
Luffkin, Texas. In July, they were happy to have daughter Margaret Pope,
husband and young daughter, born December 30, 1957, with them.
Mr. Fred Sill of Balboa was the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. Wendell
Greene for several days during the latter part of June and early July. Also
guests of the Greenes were Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Irwin of San Rafael, Calif.
After their visit with the Greenes the Irwins went south to Newberry, S. C.
to visit the A. C. Garlingtons.
Early in July, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Hallowell drove to New York to
meet Margaret's sister, Mrs. Bell Hughes on her arrival from Scotland.
This was the first meeting between Margaret and her sister since 1919.
Enroute to New York, they spent the weekend with Ross's brother and wife
Marion and Doris at Milton, Delaware. While in N. Y., they visited
Margaret's brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Andrew who returned to
Hendersonville with them for a weeks visit. Margaret's sister will spend
several weeks with them before returning to Scotland.
Also recent visitors at the Hallowells were Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sawyer
and two children from Balboa, C. Z.
Dr. and Mrs. Sam Irvin have returned to their home in Henderson-
ville from an extended visit with their daughter Martha and family in
Clovis, New Mexico.
The C. L. Johnstons (Rose and Johnny) had as their house guest
in May, Mrs. Mildred Morrell from Balboa, C. Z. and in June, also from

Balboa, they were happy to have Mr. and Mrs. John Field and two daugh-
ters. Rose and Johnny also entertained Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Badders of
Gatun, C. Z., Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lavalle and two boys from Balboa,
C. Z., Mrs. Paul Bell Gaffney, now of S. C. formerly of Balboa and her
friend Mrs. Art Jones and Mr. James Westbrook, Atlanta, Ga. formerly
of Balboa. Rose and Johnny are at this time enroute to Portland, Oregon,
to visit their son Lester and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kelly drove to Albany, N. Y. in June to visit their
daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. M. Seagears and then on to College,
Maryland, to visit daughter Pat and husband, Mr. and Mrs. D. Kappe.
Mrs. Helen Aanstoos arrived at the Kellys, today, July 28th.
R. Edwin Knoop is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Knoop
at the present. He has been teaching in Evergreen, Colo. for two years.
From here, he will go to Denver, Colo., and then on to Sadi Slimane,
Morocco, to his new teaching position with the Air Force. Mr. and Mrs.
Knoop will leave for Milwaukee, Wis. in August to attend the wedding of
their youngest son Robert which will take place on August 16th.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Levy enjoyed a three day visit with Ed's son David
Leonard in June. He was enroute to his home in Panama City. R.P.
Enroute from St. Petersburg to Washington, D. C., Mr. and Mrs.
Francis Feeney stopped over for a visit with Bobbie and Ed.
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Lewis (Marion and Duke) are at present visiting
the Dick Taylors in Maine.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred O'Rourke were happily surprised early this sum-
mer with a short visit from Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fender of Margarita, C. Z.
Also a surprise, that should really be spelled with capital letters. was a
visit from Mr. and Mrs. Emil C. Knapp and daughter, Lenor. The Knapps
formerly resided in Margarita and now have a home in Jonestown. Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. (Bob) White and granddaughter Patti, formerly
of Cristobal and now of Warrington, Fla. where Bob owns and operates a
very successful Fish and Delicatessen market, were mighty welcome visit-
ors at the O'Rourkes on July 3rd and 4th. The evening of July 5th and
part of the day July 6th, we enjoyed having Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. Dock-
ery and three children and Eve's brothers James and Bob Westbrook,
Atlanta, Ga. Walter D. Williams enroute to Charleston, S. C. spent a
couple of days with us late this month. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Crawford and
daughter Jean of Greenville, S. C. formerly of Margarita, are frequent
Sorry we missed the June Record.
Greetings to all from the Panama Canal Society of Western North
Carolina. Betty O'Rourke


A regular meeitng of the Panama Canal Society of South-east Florida
was held on June 22nd in the Stone Shelter at Matheson Hammock. The
meeting was preceded by a buffet picnic lunch at one o'clock which was
enjoyed by a fine group of folks ranging from old-timers (Canal Zone date
1909) to wee little folks who are third generation Canal Zoners.
After lunch the meeting was called to order by the president, Mr. Dan
Jones, who said the main purpose of our group was to bring together as
many former Canal Zone people as possible.
Mrs. W. C. Smith gave a brief verbal report on the business of the
last meeting.
A motion was made and carried nominating Mrs. I. W. Metzger as
Corresponding Secretary.
It was suggested that a telephone committee try to reach more former
Canal Zone residents and invite them to attend our meetings. Mrs. Dan
Jones volunteered to be Chairman.
Mr. Curtis Bliss, Vice President, warmly commended Mrs. W. C.
Smith on the fine work and long hours she has spent in building up our
Society during the past successful year. In recognition of her service he
presented her a bouquet of "Mamie Eisenhower" carnations in behalf of
the members.
The President introduced several new-comers among whom were: Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Quinn and small son, now residing in Hialeah and Mr.
and Mrs. R. R. Barber, formerly with the Army Engineers on the Isthmus.
During the past year Mr. Barber was stationed at Ft. Jefferson in the Dry
Tortugas out from Key West. There were only three men and two women
on the Island. It would be just too bad if they ran out of supplies no
commissary or super-market in that locality. Two other interesting visit-
ors were Miss Gertrude Smith, Supervisor of Nurses at Gorgas Hospital
and Miss Murrell DeBard of Texas, formerly a nurse at Gorgas.
The President reported that Mr. John Latimer who has been ill for
some time is improving.
We were reminded that our next two picnics will be held at Matheson
Hammock on: AUGUST 24th and OCTOBER 19th.
Curt Bliss and Robert Quinn have promised us a program of "Bajan"
stories in the near future.
Following the business meeting, Curt Bliss gave an interesting talk
on Pitcairn Island made famous by the story, "Mutiny on the Bounty".

He told how his father, Gerald D. Bliss, while Postmaster at Cristobal re-
ceived a letter addressed to "Anyone on Pitcairn Island" and the difficulty
he had trying to find a ship which would go off course to deliver it. The
letter was finally delivered and led to the exchange of letters at erratic
intervals between Mr. Bliss and the descendants of the survivors of the
mutiny on the "Bounty".
Cornelia Van Siclen was the guest of Mrs. Billie Bowen Martin for
a few days before she flew to Balboa to visit her sister, Mrs. Wells Wright.
Among the many Canal folks passing through Miami was Mr. Dale
Bishop of the Accounting Division. He was enroute to New York. Mr.
and Mrs. Earl W. Wren of Margarita were over night guests in Miami
before driving to St. Petersburg. They were accompanied by Mrs. Ray-
mond Hills (Vera) who recently retired from her position with the Navy
in Balboa. She is enroute to her former home in Camden, Maine to visit
her father, now 96 years old, who still enjoys planting and caring for a
fine garden. Mr. Hills will join his wife in July.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T. Bowen recently had as their house guests Mr.
and Mrs. Ernest Wood of St. Petersburg and their son, James, his wife,
and two children. The latter plan to spend three months touring the
U.S.A. in their new air conditioned car.
Mrs. Marie Coulthard recently received a telephone call from Japan
announcing the arrival of a new granddaughter. Little Susan Marie was
born on June 4th to Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Curtis, nee' Judy Coulthard, in
the Japanese Hospital at Yokohoma. By a strange coincidence the three
children of Gus and Gloria (Coulthard) Holmelin were in the same hospi-
tal at the same time having their tonsils out. Judy and Gloria live next
door to each other in the "far east" and their husbands are civilian em-
ployees of "Uncle Sam".
Mr. Jack Pearson called on friends in Miami before leaving for his
home in Gatun. His wife and daughter remained in the States for a longer
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Bliss flew to Canal Zone on July Fourth, to visit
Curt's mother, Mrs. Mabelle Bliss, and sister, Mrs. Geo. Walker. Another
sister, Mrs. Donald Humphrey is presently in Vermont awaiting the ar-
rival of her first grandchild to Mr. and Mrs. David Mann, the former
Donna Humphrey. FLASH!-It's a girl and her name is Deborah Ruth
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Furr of Gatun sailed for New York in July enroute
to Washington, D. C., Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas. They plan to fly
home by way of Miami in September.

Bill Metzger, a research engineer for Minneapolis-Honeywell Com-
pany, flew down from Minneapolis for a two weeks assignment in the St.
Petersburg plant. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Metzger, and his sister,
Marjean Koperski, husband Bob, and the three children drove over to
spend the week-end with him. Mr. and Mrs. Metzger are leaving the latter
part of July to visit Tom and Marilyn (Metzger) Marsh at Coco Solo,
Canal Zone. Two little granddaughters are a big attraction and they also
want to see, first hand, this new Canal townsite everyone is talking about.
The Wm. T. Bowens, accompanied by Mrs. Dick Hall of St. Peters-
burg, are off on a trip to Atlanta, where they will visit the Lynn Halls; to
Charlotte, North Carolina to visit their son, William Jr.: and to Richmond,
Virginia where they will be guests of the Howard Andersons.
It is with deep regret that we report the recent death of Mrs. George
B. Halloran. The Hallorans lived in Balboa for many years. Also pass-
ing to her eternal home was Mrs. Stella Osborn, widow of Capt. Ralph
Osborn who, until his death was a Canal pilot. Both Mrs. Halloran and
Mrs. Osborn were residents of Miami. Our hearts go out in loving sym-
pathy to the bereaved families.
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Halloran recently retired from the Panama
Canal, arrived in Miami on July 3rd and are making their home at 4416
S.W. 64th Court.
Alice and Herbert Engelke and three children were pleasant visitors
of the 0. W. Ryans of South Miami. The Engelkes are driving their new
car to California.
Mrs. Alton Jones and son called on friends while passing through
Miami enroute to Canal Zone. They had been vacationing in Texas.
Greetings to all from the Panama Society of Southeast Florida. Come
to our picnic on August 24th.
Ruth T. Metzger, Corresponding Sec'y.


Members of the Bradenton Chapter of the Panama Canal Society of
Florida were again invited to celebrate the glorious Fourth of July at the
lovely Water-front home of our good friend and former Auditor and
Comptroller of the Panama Canal & Panama Railroad, Mr. Elwyn Greene
and his two daughters, Frances Greene and Lois Magner. The Picnic
Dinner was scheduled to be served at 1:30 PM and everyone was on time,

and each contributed most generously of turkey, cold cuts, salads, fruit,
olives, pickles and of course wonderful hot rolls, scalloped potatoes, green
beans, and all the hot coffee and fruit punch and the essentials of any de-
licious and wonderful "Panama Canal Picnic Dinner". Lois and Frances
had planned to serve the dinner "Buffet Style" and tables and chairs were
arranged in the spacious yard and under sheltering citrus trees and those
participating had started to serve themselves at this Bountiful Smorgasbord
when one of our Florida Tropical Showers caused us to quickly scramble
to get the food into the house and quickly take tables and chairs under
cover. The Greene home is very spacious and in a very short time every-
one had been served and a most enjoyable time of fellowship was spent at
the various individual tables where Canal Building was renewed or com-
pleted and wonderful memories were relived of those treasured Panama
Canal experiences!
We were most happy to welcome into our Bradenton Group our good
friend and former capable Judge and his wife, E. I. P. Tatelman, who have
recently joined the ranks of the "RETIRED" here. We sincerely welcome
them and trust that they will be most happy in our beautiful city along
the Manatee River and may enjoy many delightful years of retirement life.
One of the highlights of the good fellowship enjoyed-was the read-
ing by those attending of individual paragraphs of our Nation's "Declar-
ation of Independence"! (This should be done by all of us more often)
and each individual's reading was on a competitive basis, and for a "Beau-
tiful Gold Loving Cup" to be presented to the one adjudged as delivering
his or her part of the reading in the most dramatic and approved form.
A secret ballot was taken after all had participated and Paul H. Warner
was acclaimed the "Champion Orator". Lois Magner had a tape recorder
and made a recording of the various readings and procedures of this phase
of the Celebration and it was most interesting and amusing to have the
recording of these speeches and the applause and complimentary and der-
ogatory remarks played back! Try it sometime!
Our dear friends and hosts and hostesses, Mr. Elwyn Greene and his
daughters were most sincerely thanked for this wonderful afternoon of
Fellowship, Thoughtfulness of our rich heritage and the significance of
the occasion, and the reliving of precious memories established on this
great enterprise-The Building of the Panama Canal, and they contribu-
ted so much to everyone's "Happy Fourth of July". Many will be inter-
ested to know that Mr. Greene had only recently celebrated his 90th Birth-
day, and we pray the dear Lord may bless him always and help all of us
to be better American Citizens and neighbors as we go through life.
Paul Warner


The Zavitkovsky's, Docia (Clisbee), Charles and Ann, are in Europe.
They sailed from New York on the S.S. Kungsholm. They will visit
several European countries and take in the World's Fair in Brussels. They
will return to the United States in December.

Mrs. John R. Strauss is in the hospital with both legs broken as the
result of an automobile accident. The breaks were bad and are now in
traction. Friends may drop her a letter or card in care of her daughter,
Mrs. W. E. Nicholson, Route 7, Box 911, Cerny Road, Pensacola, Florida.

Her many friends will regret to hear that Mrs. John A. (Sue) McLoed
of Chicago, Illinois, died on July 29, 1958. She is survived by her 90
year old mother, Mrs. (Ma) Metzner who made her home with Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Lewis of St. Petersburg left suddenly for Cali-
fornia, called there by the serious illness of their son.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. Dault announce the birth of their first child, a
daughter, Mary Elizabeth, on July 9th, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The
maternal grandmother is Mrs. Isabel Whelan of Los Rios, C. Z. and the
paternal grandmother is Mrs. Mary Dault of Oswego, New York. Mr.
Dault was formerly with Pan American Airways in Panama.

Charles Hardy, Jr. and his bride the former Harriet Patricia Hyde
of Miami, Fla., were married on July 7th in Memphis, Tenn. Mrs. Hardy
is the daughter of Mr. Harry T. Hyde of Miami and Mr. Hardy is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hardy of Miami.

We often receive articles sent in by members and friends which are
too extensive for inclusion in the Canal Record. Some of the communi-
cations are also controversial and are usually well covered by the daily
press throughout the country.

Richard Slattery, 85, a retired master Mechanic and former Panama
Canal employee, died on July 30, in a nursing home. He lived at 932
Fourth Street South, St. Petersburg, Florida. Mr. Slattery was born in
Chillicothe, Missouri. He was a Mason, a Shriner, and a member of the
Scottish Rite. Survivors include his wife, Kathryn M. and a sister, Mrs.
Catherine Dugan of Chillicothe.

Thomas I. Grimison, well-known retired employee of the Panama
Canal, died suddenly at 9 o'clock, July 24 in an automobile in which he
was being driven to Gorgas Hospital from Gorgona in the Panama interior.
Mr. Grimison had been afflicted with a heart condition for years. He
was discharged from the hospital only the week before.
He became sick after the evening meal at his home in Gorgona, where
he was staying with Mrs .Grimison and his sister-in-law Mrs. Jean Fenzel,
and asked to be taken to the hospital. Mrs. Fenzel, a registered nurse, came
to the Isthmus recently to help care for Mr. Grimison.
Mrs. Grimison told police that she felt her husband go limp near
Mile Post 4 on Thatcher Highway.
At the east approach to Miraflores Bridge, the Grimison car came
to a stop with a flat tire. Mrs. Grimison and Mrs. Frenzel summoned
assistance and police immediately called for an ambulance and doctor.
Mr. Grimison was reported dead upon examination and the body was
transferred to the morgue.

Roy A. Holladay of Overlook Park, Kansas, with his daughter, Ann
Marie, visited Alberta Powers Harris in St. Petersburg in the month of

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bradshaw of Berkeley, California, announce
the birth of a son, born July 29th. Mrs. Bradshaw is the former Louise
Harris, daughter of Mrs. Alberta Harris.

Mr. John G. Lewis of 8017 Winne Ave., Reseda, California died on
August 4th, 1958 after a long illness. Mr. Lewis is survived by his wife
and two children, a sister, Mrs. Hackett of the Canal Zone and his mother
and father, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Lewis of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Comstock of Silver Spring, Maryland, announce the
birth of a son, Scott Paul, on July 28th. Maternal grandparents are Mr.
and Mrs. A. J. Barker of Silver Spring, Maryland.

Mrs. Charles Grier of Gamboa, C. Z. spent a few weeks in Pennsyl-
vania with her brother and sister-in-law, then down to Dawson, Georgia,
for a week with Verna and Bob Fletcher. The months of July and August
were spent with friends in St. Petersburg, Orlando, and Palatka. In St.
Petersburg she was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Grier and Mr. and
Mrs. C. E. Van Fleet. While in Palatka, she was the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Walter Clark. In Orlando, she was with Mrs. Edna Whitver.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fraser of Gamboa, C. Z. are spending the month
of September in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Whipple of Oxnard, California, announce the
birth of a son, Michael Allen, on July 17, 1958. Mrs. Whipple is the
former Barbara Ann Brown. The maternal grandmother is Mrs. Grace
Brown who is presently in California.

Capt. and Mrs. George Boomer, former residents of the Canal Zone,
are visiting their daughter, Mrs. Marion Boomer Taylor, Box 1524, Cris-
tobal, Canal Zone.

Alice and Frank Bryan of Balboa were overnight guests of Mr. and
Mrs. A. R. Grier as they passed through St. Petersburg enroute to Cal-

Word has been received of the sudden death of Edward V. Brown on
July 25, at San Gabriel, Cal.
Mr. Brown was a former employee of the Panama Canal for many
years and a long-time resident of the Atlantic side.
He was employed in the refrigeration department of the Commissary
Division as an electrician at Mount Hope until his retirement in 1945.
After his retirement he and his family made their home in San Gabriel at
3346 North Eckart Street. He was a veteran of World War I, having
served in the Navy, first as CPO then later as a lieutenant. He was a
member of the Masonic orders and the Shrine in the States.
He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Mollie Brown; two sons, Robert
of Temple City, Cal., and Clifton, of Richmond, Va., ten grandchildren
and one-great-granddaughter.


Our thanks to all our representatives for sending in their reports be-
fore presstime. Also, our thanks to all others whio sent us clippings and
items of interest. The deadline for the next issue of the Record will be
November 1st, 1958.

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a two months trip to New England and then to Kansas to see those two
rascals, our grandchildren. We will be back in time to get out your
December Record.

Does anyone know the present address of Mr. and Mrs. I. A. McKenzie
who sold their motel in Perry Florida, and are now out of the State?

Members now coming in for the last half of the year will receive the
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The following have been added or addresses changed sine the June Record went
to press. (*) denotes change of address or correction.

Combs, Mr. and Mrs. Prentiss C.-% Orinico Mining Company
-Puerto Ordaz ----- Cuidad Bolivar
Bruce, Mr. and Mrs. Donald E.-P. 0. Box 462 ------------------- Margarita
Bruland, Mr. and Mrs. John R.-P. 0. Box 384 -------------------.... Margarita
C awl, Mr. and Mrs. William A.-P. 0. Box 686 ---------------------Balboa
*Cotton, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C.-P. 0. Box 1513 ..---...--------------..Cristobal
DuVall, Mr. and Mrs. R.-P. 0. Box 97 -------------------- Diablo Heights
*Garriel, Mr. and Mrs. Sam J.-P. 0. Box 483 ---------------Balboa Heights
*Graff, Mr. George V.-% R. A. Engelke ---------------Gamboa
Hand, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A.-P. 0. Box 451 ---------------------Balboa
Hanners, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L.-P. 0. Box 1583 ----------------.. Cristobal
Harrington, Capt. and Mrs. Frank J.-P. 0. Box 691 -----------Balboa
Hay, Capt. and Mrs. Irvin G.-P. 0. Box 208 ----------------------Balboa
Hummer, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W.-P. 0. Box 312 ----------Balboa Heights
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C.
(Marjorie Vanderslice)-P. 0. Box 347------------------ Balboa Heights
Lawyer, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W.-P. 0. Box 398 ------------------.. Balboa
Lockridge, Mr. and Mrs. G. C.-P. 0. Box 594 -------------Balboa
Raymond, Mrs. Mary B.-P. 0. Box 1098 --------------------------Balboa
Reif, Mr. and Mrs. Walter F.-P. 0. Box 182 ----------------------Balboa
Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. John H.
(Dorothy Allen)-P. 0. Box 344 -------------------------------Balboa
Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Albert L.-P. 0. Box 155 --------------Diablo Heights
Wilburn, Mr. and Mrs. Edward K.-P. 0. Box 23 ------------Gamboa

*Stevenson, Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert M.-3216 Country Club Rd..--Birmingham 9

*McLeod, Capt. and Mrs. Miles E.-510 West Northern Avenue
% H. F. Hirst ---------------Phoenix
*Atkinson, Mr. and Mrs. Fred C.-501 Vermille St.--------------Hot Springs
*Bartholomew, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F.-102 Cliff Street ----------Hot Springs
*Campbell, Mrs. Marione J.-420 Meadow ---- -----------Springdale

*Anderson, Capt. and Mrs. John W.-BIRO, Navy
No. 3002, Box 31
Fleet Post Office ......------- San Francisco
*Bolz, Mr. and Mrs. William-(temp) 32261 Vista de Catalina ---- South Laguna
Brennan, Mrs. Lester T.-429 North Los Robles ----------------- Pasadena
Gibbs, Mr. and Mrs. B. B.-2905 Via Corona ..------ -- Montibello
Grieg. Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. (Niza Boynton-Route 2,
Box 274 -------- Morgan Hill

*Hall, Mrs. Elizabeth H.-1533 North Allen Avenue--.....------------- Pasadena
*Hamlin,-Mrs. Dorothy-(temp) 1245 Leonard Avenue
%Leffingwell --------------- Pasadena 8
*Harris,-Mrs. Alberta Powers-(temp.) 2227 10th Street
% Bradshaw --------------- Berkeley
*LeBrun, Mrs. Marjorie F.-417 Hobbs Lane -------------------Santa Maria
*Lutz, Mrs. Ana-Box 5236, Metro Station---------.......----------.... Los Angeles 55
*Taber, Mrs. Elizabeth-2568 North El Molino ---------------------Altadena
Wunsch, Mr. and Mrs. E. Henry-11935 Mayfield Avenue ---Los Angeles 49
*Yoder, Mr. and Mrs. A. F.-546 Hawthorne Court ------------ Los Altos

Akers, Mr. and Mrs. Harry, Sr.-9400 Parker Road ....--------------Denver 22
*Evans, Mr. and Mrs. D. J.-918 12th Street --------------------..Greeley
Oberg, Mr. E. B.-1034 South Corona Street ----------------- Denver 9

*Edwards, Miss Macy B.-414Buttonball Lane -----------------. Glastonbury

Claughsey, Mr. J. R.-623 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.-----Washington 4

*Anderson, Capt. and Mrs. Wesley-(temp.) Box 451, % Hage--------De Bary
*Benning( Mr. John A.-Box 80, Carpenter's Union --------------- Lakeland
Disharoon, Mr. and Mrs. Paul M.-3898 20th Ave. No.........-St. Petersburg
Felps, Mr. and Mrs. George G.-9948 54th Avenue No.......-St. Petersburg 8
*Gaines, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.-701 19th Street -----------------Zephyrhills
*Geller, Mr. and Mrs. Harry R.-Ocean Boulevard -----------Boynton Beach
*Goodwin, Mr. and Mrs. W. D.-4211 31st Avenue No.---- St. Petersburg 13
*Haas, Mr. and Mrs. John L.-P. 0. Box 1086 --------------St. Petersburg 31-
*Herrington, Mr. M. R.-Box 331 ------------------------------ Safety Harbor
*Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. George J.-311 South Albany Avenue ---De Land
*Hogle, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer P.-The Beverly Hotel
1600 Pass-a-Grille Bch.-_St. Petersburg Bch. 6
Housel, Mrs. Minnie-5337 60th Street North--------------... St. Petersburg 9
*Keenan, Mrs. William H.-4000 38th Avenue North-..-- St. Petersburg 13
*Kuhrt, Capt. and Mrs. Walter H.-4000 20th Ave. North.... St. Petersburg 14
McGahhey, Mr. and Mrs. J. T.-1321 N.W. 6th Street ------ Gainesville
*Martin, Mrs. George W.-215 21st Street West ------ .....--------- Bradenton
*Means, Mr. and Mrs. Henry L.-General Delivery....-------------- Punta Gorda
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. E. Jack-6134 North Robbins Circle ---Jacksonville 11
*Newbold, Mr. Albert G.-2334 3rd Avenue South..-----St. Petersburg 12
North, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.-4306 South Dale Mabry --------------- Tampa 9
Pearl, Mrs. Catherine-6019 43rd Terrace North.......----------St. Petersburg 9
Reeder, Dr. and Mrs. D. F.-8350 Sunset Drive--------------....South Miami 43
*Tarflinger, Mr. George T.-747'/z 18th Avenue South-....---..St. Petersburg 5
*Taylor, Mrs. Mabel B.-P. 0. Box 5057 (Gulfport).--------- St. Petersburg 37
*Terry, Capt. and Mrs. Norman A.-1882 42nd Street No.... St. Petersburg 13
Walsh, Capt. and Mrs. Eugene V.-Route 2, Box 346--...------------- Sanford
*Young, Mrs. Thomas H.-Condor Gulf Front Apartments
19636 Gulf Blvd.... South Indian Rocks Beach
*Zimmerman, Mr. and Mrs. George S.-100 Dunn Drive--------Punta Gorda

*Booz, Mr. Melville L.-2705 Eastwood Avenue-----------.............-----......---Evanston

Gour, Sgt. and Mrs. Robert A.-139 Media Drive--.......-------...---Bowling Green
Swinson, Capt. and Mrs. E. O.-241 East Main Street-.........East Gloucester

Bain, Mr. and Mrs. Jack A.-7956 Aldershot Drive...........-------....---St. Louis 23
*McDonald, Mr. Lloyd A.-404Second Avenue East-------...........----------... Kalispell

Hooper, Mrs. George A.-R.F.D. Box 555, Everett Road ----------. Red Bank
*Reilly, Mr. Charles E.-15 Fellswood Drive----------------------...Verona

Clifford, Rev. R. B., C.M.-87 Lewis Avenue.................----------.....Brooklyn 6
*Drake, Mrs. Annie-166 Lander Street--------------------------Newburgh
*Townshend, Capt. and Mrs. C. Stuart-155 Henry Street-----------Brooklyn

Wold, Miss Mae-P. 0. Box 416 -------------------------------- Edgeley

*Essex Mr. and Mrs. Robert C.-3123 Boudinot Avenue
Westwood Branch 11 ------------Cincinnati
*Essex, Mrs. William S.-3123 Boudinot Avenue
Westwood Branch 11------------------ Cincinnati
*Shumaker, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde M.-3031 S.W. Doris Court------------Oswego

*Palmer, Mrs. Blanche Grove-543 Oberdick Drive
Greenock Heights --------------- McKeesport
*Ward, Mr. and Mrs. John H. (Jack)-9114 Saginaw Dr. (temp.)..Pittsburgh 37

*Gaudette, Mr. and Mrs. William-Rear 48 Johns Street-........--- Pawtucket

*Dodson, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Conrad-Route 1, River Falls-------Marietta

Ethridge, Mr. and Mrs. K. M. (Helen Wikingstad)-------------..... Sweetwater
*Meroney, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.-Route 1-------------------------Ooltewah

*Clements, Mr. and Mrs. Walter T.-810 West 31st Street...------ Houston 18
Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Henry H., Jr.-2801 Breeze Terrace.......------------Austin 2
*Schnake, Dr. Edward G.-Humble Oil & Refining Co.
Box 2180 ------------------------......---Houston 1
Souder, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L.-4502 Lido Lane--------------Houston 18


Brugge, Mrs. Fred P.-4214 Dalmatian Drive---...........------------------ McLean
*Hodnett, Mrs. Ethel M.-3757 Jason Avenue------------------- Alexandria
*Mack, Mrs. Frank-Route 5, Box 43 ----------------------------- McLean
Smith, Miss Lenora-1631 16th Avenue-Apartment 320 ..---------- Seattle 22
*Wood, Mr. and Mrs. William G.--- ------------------------------ 9 Mile Falls
*Peterson, Mrs. Margaret-(temp.) 110 East Marion-% S. 0. Sherry-.-Portage


"The Strength to Move a Mountain" by W. Storrs Lee is published
by G. P. Putman's Sons, New York for $5.00. Bob Horwitz of the Army
Times calls it "Informal, Entertaining." Elting E. Morison of the New
York Times says, "He is especially good at describing the life that grew
up around the enterprise." "The Strength To Move a Mountain" is a
rattling good tale.

P. 0. Box 11566
St. Petersburg 33, Florida

Herewith dues for 1958:

For:................................... ..................................................

Address..... -.- ....-.......--....-.......--....-.......................

City.................................... .................................................

State ................... .....................................


The members of the Panama Canal Society of Florida wish to thank
all the Senators and Congressmen who pushed through Bill S-72 granting
increases that will benefit about 230,000 retirees, 90,000 survivors, and
an estimated 28,000 forgotten widows.


Wife's Name ...-.--.-.---- --.----. -..-.-

Address __

City- ----... ----------.. State--- ---

Number of Years on Canal ----- -......

What Division.........

Amount Enclosed-- -- .. ..-........-- --.. -.....


-. ,v. ar. 1 M. r, I :. F --rre r
5v Fr-e erl:r: FI .

'1, -, -

Frank and Sarah Clark
140 W. Maple St.
Wabask, Indiana
celebrated 50 yrs. of fun
and strife.

Our congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Clark.


Mr. and Mrs. G. Edgar Murphy
Winter Park, Fla.
Mrs. E. A. Erbe, Orlando, Fla.

1. 1, -


Capt. and Mrs.George Herman
St. Petersburg, Fla.

SMr.. an jr Cerl, N. e3ari.r.
Fort LauJeriale, Fla.
lr t. -lfre I eit, St. Peterst.ur Fla.

Leon Forest Hallett --- Nos. 1 2 3

Grandpa ( M. J. Symms )
and Gus, New Orleans, La.

Michael Ronald Ingram
Grandson to Mr. and Mrs. Ingram

Panama Canal Society of Florida
P. 0. Box 11566
St. Petersburg 33, Florida

U. S. Postage
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Permit No. 603





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