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Canal record
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Canal record (St. Petersburg, Fla.)
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Canal rec. (St. Petersbg. Fla.)
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Panama Canal Society of Florida
Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
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St. Petersburg, Fla
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five issues yearly
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Description based on: Vol. 10, no. 4 (Nov. 1976); title from cover.

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Mr. Francis F. Hargy, Recording Secretary, Capt. Macon A. Turner,
President, Mrs. Lucille S. Judd, Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. George R.
Dempster, Guest Speaker, Twenty-sixth Annual Reunion.
Courtesy of the St. Petersburg Times-Johnnie Evans, Photographer.

MARCH, 1958


Mayor John D. Burroughs-St. Petersburg, Capt. Macon A. Turner,
President of Panama Canal Society, Twenty-sixth Annual Reunion.
Courtesy of St. Petersburg Times--Johnnie Evens, Photographer.

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Myrick, Raleigh, North Carolina.
Mr. and Mrs. Vern Calloway, Orlando, Fla.

ft .
|^%_ L i-
I T "


Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Tezanos,
Orlando, Fla.

Mr. J. D. Stephens,
Tallahassee, Fla.
Mr. Edward P. Bugbey, Wilcox, Pa.
Capt. J. C. Treakle,
St. Petersburg, Fla.

'I i


Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stapf
St. Petersburg, Fla.

Our congratulations to these fine folks
on their Golden Wedding Anniversary.


- '- .
I' a

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hayes
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Golden Wedding Anniversary--March 18, 19


.?*I" *.t. .-



,- "


T* 2 .

Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Hull
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Golden Wedding Anniversary-- March 15, 1958



5.r .






Capt. and Mrs. D. E. Eggleston
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Golden Wedding Anniversary--Jan. 21, 1958


~ ~


The Panama Canal Society of Florida
To preserve American Ideals and Canal Zone Friendships
Macon A. Turner J. F. Warner
President Founder
Keith Kelley F. A. Anderson
Vice-President .. J. F. Bashner
Mrs. Lucille S. Judd W. H. Butler
S" Harry J. Lewis
Frances G. Hargy ., Dan E. Wright
Recording Sec'y. Counselors
E. M. Kieswetter James Bradley
ews Editor James Bradley
News Editor Sergeant-at-Arms
Lee Burns

Mr. Walter L. Hersh, Past President (1949-1951), who has so ac-
curately digested legislation pertaining to retired Panama Canal em-
ployees for several years, has requested that this post be taken over by a
younger man. The undersigned has agreed to take over this assignment,
with the promise that Walter IHersh will continue in an advisory position
and that the entire membership will assist in turning in to the Legislative
Chairman, all material pertinent to legislation which will affect our
living conditions.
The sceond session of the eighty-fifth Congress has now convened,
but no accurate record has reached our desk pertaining to increased
retirement annuities.
The following bills are likely to pass in this session:
S-72 Would increase 1st. $1,500.00 of annuity by 25-
30%, according to period retired, with balance increased
by 10%. The increase would allow a maximum of $750.00
per year; also raising the maximum annuity allowance of
H.R-607 Would increase annuity by straight 10%, with
maximum increase of $200.00 per year and not exceeding
maximum allowance of $4,104.00. Neither of above bills
would allow any increase in voluntary contributions.
Since there is such a marked difference in increased annuities al-
lowable in both the House and Senate bills, a compromise agreement
would have to be arranged.

Our West Coast of Florida Congressman, William C. Cramer, pre-
dicted on December 6th, 1957 that it is probable that an agreement will
be reached by both the Houses to allow a fifteen (15) per cent flat increase
by this Congress. This prediction is based on the fact that this increase
would not cost the Government any money at this time; the increase
would be paid from the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund up
to July 1st, 1960, after which the Congress would have to make the
necessary appropriations.

When the above annuity increase is granted by Congress, the Act
would take effect on the 1st day of the 2nd calender month following
the date of enactment.

Contained in President Eisenhower's budget message to Congress
was a recommendation for a basic pay-raise of 6%, but the Senate
P. O. & C. S. Committee has already voted for a 71/2% pay raise for
classified employees and an additional $240.00 cost-of-living raise for
the first five grades of the Postal Service, for a temporary period of three
years. It looks like the Administration would go along with the 71/2%
pay raise.

The Administration has formally dropped its support for a con-
tributory Health Insurance Program for Government employees, although
the program developed by the Civil Service Commission, in consultation
with employee unions, called for the Government to pay one-third of
the cost of a proposed medical and hospitalization insurance for em-
ployees. It is the wish of already retired Government Employees that
they be included in this Health Insurance Program. Effort is being made
in Washington to have Congress pass legislation for this Health Insurance
Program at this session, especially for the 750,000 blue collar employees
who would not benefit by the classified and postal pay raise.

The budget message failed to mention the need for increased annuities
for retired Government Empioyees, although the Administration has
presumably accepted the recommendations of the Kaplan Committee,
which recommended that all annuities be increased proportionately
whenever Government employees receive a pay raise. The AFL/CIO
Government Employee Council will continue to press hard for much
needed higher annuities at this session of Congress, for those who re-
tired prior to October 1st, 1956. The outlook is considered very good.

This is a short report, giving the few facts on hand. Your Legislative
Chairman would appreciate any data that you find that would be of

special interest to our members. Please note my address for future

January 30th, 1958.
Legislative Committee.
4511 29th Avenue North
St. Petersburg 13, Florida.
(Telephone: DI 5-2077)


December 9th 1957.
Legislative Committee Chairman Report:

Salary Contributions
Int. on Investments __
Total Receipts -

Payments Ret. Emp.
Survivor Annuit.
Refund-Adjust. ._
Total Disburse. -

Balance in Fund -
Gov. Owes Fund --
Total Credit Bal. --

Billion Million
S6 201
S4 164
S2 379
12 744

3 501
1 538
5 260

7 484
2 ----
9 484

Pending Retirement Bills:
Senate 72 Increases 1st.
$1500.00 25-30%; Balance-
10%. Would repeal Max. Al-
low. of $4104.00
Increase- Max. $750.00 per
House-607 Increases straight
10%. Not to exceed Max. of
Increases-Max. $200.00 per
No increases on Vol. Contri-
Congressman Cramer on Dec.
6th 1957 predicted that if
both bills were passed, a com-
promise increase would a-
mount to about 15%.

1/ Million Annuitants on ret. roll as of June 30th 1956.
16% of retirees receive less than 50.00 per month.
22% of retirees receive between $50.00 and $100.00 per month.
90% of Survivor Annuitants receive less than $50.00 per month.
Frank W. Hohman,
Legislative Chairman.

Your Legislative Chairman thought you might be interested in the
following information relative to those Retirees who are receiving

In computing your Income Tax, you may -exclude the amount of the
Disability Retirement (to the extent of $100.00 a week) up to the time
you reach regular retirement age (Age 50; 20 Years-Investigatory
Employee) (Age-60; 30 Years Service or more; Age-62; 5 to 30
Years Service).

If you have filed an Income Tax Return on or before March 15th
1958 for the taxable year of 1957, you may claim a refund for years
1954, 1955, 1956, and 1957.

We all have hobbies; mine has been retirement plans for numerous
corporations, social security and income tax laws. If you have questions
on any of these subjects, your legislative chairman will endeavor to
answer them, providing you send him the original and one copy of
the question and also a self addressed (postage paid) envelope.

I may be sticking my neck out and might cause an avalanche of
correspondence, but thought this would result in a little service to our
members, gratis.
Frank W. Hohman,
Chairman Legislative Committee
Washington, D. C.
November 12, 1957

Representative Herbert C. Bonner (D.-N.C.), Chairman of the
Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries, announced that he has
appointed a special staff of technical consultants to aid and advise
the Committee on matters relative to the need for providing greater
transiting facilities between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, in view of
approaching obsolescence of the present Panama Canal.
The group consists of Francis S. Friel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;
Lt. General Leslie R. Groves (U.S.A.-Ret.), Darien, Connecticut; Dr. S.
C. Hollister, Ithaca, New York; E. Sydney Randolph, Baton Rouge,
Louisiana; Hartley Rowe, Boston, Massachusetts; and John E. Slater, New
York, New York.


The twenty-sixth annual reunion at the Soreno Hotel was a gala
affair. Long before ten A.M., on Tuesday, the elevators began discharging
passengers on the Mezzanine floor. By noon, close to 600 enthusiastic
members were milling around and greeting old friends. There were
shouts of joy and a few tears as old friends got to-gether, some for the
first time in many years.
At two P.M., the business meeting and election of officers was held
in the ballroom. Mrs. Judd presented her annual report and read several
items of interest to the members, including two telegrams: one from
Roger S. Erdman, Washington, D. C. as follows: "Greetings and Best
Wishes old timers and friends for a happy reunion and good health.
Celebrated my eightieth birthday in September." Another from Capt.
Henry (Bill) Herff of Baton Rouge, La.: "Trains too slow, Bus too
crowded, Doctor says I can't fly, too far to walk." Following the meeting,
the rest of the afternoon was spent in greeting and visiting friends.
Wednesday morning the clan gathered early and many new arrivals
were welcomed. Such a buzzing and chat, chat ..... At twelve-thirty, the
group picture was taken and what an effort it was to get people to stop
talking long enough to gather outsJie f:r the picture.
At one-thirty, the reunion luncheon was served. Our guests of honor
were Mayor John D. Burroughs and his charming wife. Our Chaplain, Lee
Burns, gave the Invocation. Mayor Burroughs delivered the address of
welcome and presented the members of the Society with a gold key to the
city which was accepted by the President.
Our guest speaker was the Honorable George R. Dempster, old time
Canal employee, ex-Mayor of Knoxville, Tenn. and recent contestant on
the 64 thousand dollar question. Mr. Dempster told of many amusing
incidents that happened during his days as a shovel operator on the
Canal and of his life before he left for Panama. He spoke of his beloved
Tennessee where, as he said, "They don't plant corn, they shoot it up
into the hills and bring it down in a jug." He told of the many attrac-
tions which Tennessee has to offer and invited everyone to come visit
the State "where every tourist is considered to be worth two bales of
cotton and much easier to pick." He concluded his remarks by saying this
was the first reunion he had attended but, from now on, his calendar
would be marked so that he would not miss another one.
Mr. Dempster and his brother, Tom, also took time out from their
busy day to go to the hospital and call on their old friend, Al Geddes,
who was recuperating from an operation, and to a nursing home, to call


on another old friend, Frank A. Anderson.
Following Mr. Dempsiter's talk, Paul Warner of Bradenton, and son
of John Warner, founder of the Panama Canal Society of Florida, spoke
briefly of the misconception some people have of St. Petersburg as a
suitable retirement city. Paul referred to a derogatory letter that
appeared in a Panama newspaper, anent St. Petersburg, and the able reply
to that letter by Mr. Charles V. Holmelin of St. Petersburg. Following
Paul's remarks, all retired to the Mezzanine floor, where farewells were said
and thus .ended the 26th annual reunion. There were members from twenty
seven states and the Canal Zone present. Mrs. Lillian Knight of Gresham,
Oregon, was the member who made the longest trek to get here.
Every year, the reunion seems to get better and this one was, without
doubt, the best and most enthusiastic.
American Legion Hospital for Crippled Children
2350 Lakeview Avenue, St. Petersburg, Florida
January 22, 1958
Mrs. Benjamin C. Judd, Secy.-Treas.
Panama Canal Society of Florida
3535 19th Street No.
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Dear Mrs. Judd:
Will you please accept our sincerest thanks for the $19.58 sent to our
hospital recently to be added to the Christmas total making a grand total
of $246.58 from the society.
Your support is greatly appreciated and your financial contributions
are being used for the benefit of all our children, and we will look for-
ward to your needed support in accomplishing the task of caring for the
crippled child.
Again, many thanks-We send you along with our most sincere
greetings for a successful and Happy :\. Year, the hope that we may
remain worthy of your trust and friendship in the years ko come.
Sincerely yours
H. Hochstadt


Miss Carolyn Hughes of North Carolina and Baltimore, Maryland,
became the bride of Mr. Leon Herring, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Herring
of Gamboa, on Nov. 13, in a Baltimore Methodist Church. Both the bride


and groom are employed in Baltimore and will make their hme in that

Mr. and Mrs. William Adams of Balboa announce the engagement
of their daughter Patricia Helen to James A. Troup, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Leroy Troup of Saltsburg, Penna.
Patricia is a graduate of the class of '57 at Balboa Higlh School.
Her fiance is at present stationed at Albrook Air Force Base with the
Aircraft Control.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph K. Skinner announce the engagement of their
daughter, Miss Diane Carline Skinner, to Mr. Hugh Warner Ernisse, of
Washington, D. C., son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Ernisse of Rochester,
New York.
Miss Skinner lives in Washington where she is active with the
Christian Science Monitor Youth Forum. She graduated from Canal
Zone Junior College in 1955, and received a BA degree and teaching
certificate from Mississippi Southern College in 1957.

Mr. B. V. Hutchings of Balboa, C.Z., and Mrs. Emma P. Hutchings,
of Opp, Alabama, announce the engagement of their daughter Jacquelyn
Rebbecca Hutchings to Robert Ray Baker, of Detroit, Michigan.
The Bride elect is a graduate of Balboa High School and attended
the University of Miami in Miami, Florida. She is presently employed
with International Mills in Detroit.
Mr. Baker is a building contractor in Detroit.
No date has been set for the wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ladoux Beeson of Miami, Fla. and Panama
announce the marriage of their daughter, Hazel, to Mr. Phillip Randolph
Barrett on Oct. 27.
The bride attended the Graham-Eckes School in Palm Beach, Fla.
and is a graduate of Penn Hall in Chambersburg, Penn. Mr. Barrett is
the son of Mr. and Mrs. Q. K. Barrett of Landsthul, Germany. He is a
graduate of jthe Coral Gables High School in Coral Gables, Fla. and is
now attending the Florida State University in Tallahassee.
Their address is Box 70, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Fla.

Mr. William Paul Green of Decatur, Georgia announces the marriage
of his daughter, Sally Crenshaw Green to Thomas Ray Tucker, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Jewett M. Tucker of Curundu Heights, Canal Zone.
The wedding took place Dec. 28 at the First Baptist Church of Deca-
tur, Ga.

Miss Green is a graduate of Decatur, Georgia High School and
attended Georgia State College in Milledgville, Georgia, where she was
a member of Delta Zeta Sorority. She is now employed by the Women's
Banking Division of the Citizens and Southern National Bank in Atlanta,
Mr. Tucker graduated from Balboa High School with the class of
'52 and attended the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina and the
University of Florida, Gainesville, Fla. where he was a member of thk
Kappa Alpha fraternity. He is now serving in the armed Forces, and is
stationed at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas.

Miss Yvonne Madeleine Paulet became the bride of Mr. Willard
Hugh Beeson on Saturday, Oct. 19 at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
in Coconut Grove, Fla.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emile George Paulet of
Maracaibo, Venezuela. Parents of the bridegroom are Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Ladoux Beeson of Panama City, Panama.

Mary Lou Dailey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl O. Dailey and
granddaughter of Mrs. Elmer Dailey of New Orleans, was married recent-
ly in Los Angeles, California, to Mr. Richard F. McPherson. They now
make their home in Santa Monica, California.

Announcement of the engagement of their daughter, Barbara Ann,
to Mr. Louis F. Dedeaux is made by Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. Egolf of Gatun,
Canal Zone. Mr. DeDeaux is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leon E. Dedeaux,
of Gulfport, Mississippi and formerly of Balboa, Canal Zone.
Miss Egolf is a graduate of Cristobal High School and is employed
by the U. S. Army at Fort Gulick, Canal Zone.
Mr. Dedeaux is a graduate of Balboa High School, and received his
BS degree in Physical Education and Recreation from Oklahoma State
University and is now employed by the Canal Zone Government Schools
Division at Margarita, Canal Zone.
An early Spring wedding is planned.

Dr. and Mrs. Victor Ricardo Alfaro, of Washington, D. C. announce
the engagement of their daughter, Miss Nancy Hamilton Alfaro to Edward
Louis Ems, Jr. of Mt. Vernon, New York and Washington. He is the son
of Mrs. Ems of Mt. Vernon, and the late Mr. Ems. Miss Alfaro is the
granddaughter of Dr. Ricardo Joaquin Alfaro, former President of
Panama and former Ambassador to the United States and Senora Alfaro.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Kilbey of Balboa, announce the marriage of their

daughter, Charlotte Louise, to Mr. Kenneth C. Garner on Dec. 27. Mr.
Garner is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Garner of Idabel, Oklahoma.

Miss Patricia Louise Swafford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. A.
Swafford of Balboa, became the bride of Mr. Ernest Biagi, Jr., son of Mr.
and Mrs. Ernest L. Biagi, Sr. of Glenside, Penna., at Balboa Heights
Baptist Church on Friday, Dec. 20.
The bride attended at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South
Carolina, where she studied business administration.
The groom is the assistant manager of the Biagi Travel Agency,
Glenside, Penna. He graduated from Eastern Baptist College, St. David's,
Penna., and recently returned from Europe where he studied the Italian
language at the University of Florence, Italy.
They make their home at 14 East Glenside Ave., Glenside, Pa.

Miss Tanya Irene Zubieta, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Ernesto
Zubieta, and Mr. Robert King Greene, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Greene
of La Cresta Panama City, were married on December 27, 1957, at a
ceremony performed at 6 P.M. in Bella Vista, Panama.


Major and Mrs. Gustav J. Braun Jr. announce the arrival of their
second daughter on December 5th at Arlington, Virginia. The baby has
been named Christina Isabel. Mrs. Braun is the former Margaret Cauthers.
The maternal grandmother is Mrs. Isobel Cauthers of 275 Carnation Ave.,
Floral Park, N. Y.

Capt. and Mrs. Jack C. Hudson ofHong Kong, China, announce the
birth of a son, Jeffrie. Mrs. Hudson is the former Joyce Curling whose
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Curling, reside on the Isthmus.

Pat and Alice Coakley of Grand Rapids, Michigan, write that their
son, Jimmie, and his wife, Rita, have a daughter born on December l1th
in the Azores.

Mr. and Mrs. James Leroy Lundy announce the arrival of a daughter,
Joan Frances, in Minneapolis, Minn. Paternal grandparents are Mr.
and Mrs. William Lundy of Balboa, and maternal grandparent is Mrs.
Milton Horter of Balboa, C. Z.

Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Armistead of Diablo Heights, announce the birth

of a daughter, Valerie Jean, on October 24th at Ancon. Maternal
grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Orr of Margarita and paternal
grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Armistead of Gatun, C. Z.

Mr. and Mrs. Burnice A. Herring, former resident of Gamboa, C. Z.
announce the birth of a daughter, Vikki Denise, on November 16th in
Murphyboro, Illinois. Mr. Herring is enrolled in California State
Polytechnic College in Pomona, California. Mrs. Herring and daughters,
Cheryl and Vikki, will join him there at an early date.

Barbara and Tom Peterson announce the arrival of a daughter, Carol
Louise, on December 14th. Mrs. Margaret Peterson is the paternal

It's a girl for the Maurice and Shirley Browns, born on September
12, 1957. The Browns now have two girls and two boys. Maurice is the
son of Mrs. Luella Mullane of Pasadena, California.

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Adams of Balboa Heights, C. Z. announce the
birth of a son, Roger Schafer, on December 28th. Maternal grandparents
are Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Schafer of Mansville, Ohio, and paternal
grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Austin F. Yoder, presently living in
Los Altos, California.

Mr. and Mrs. P. V. Bagone, of Alamorgando, New Mexico, announce
the birth of their sixth child, Paul Andrew, born January 15th. Mrs.
Bagone is the daughter of Mrs. Arthur W. Goulet of Ancon.

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus N. Williamson (Roberta Hollander) now of
Jacksonville, Florida, announce the birth of Sue Ellen, born on August
23, 1957. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Hollander of

Mr. and Mrs. William Forsstrom of Apponaug, R. I. announce the
birth of their fourth child, a girl, Nancy Ellen, born on January 24, 1958.
Paternal grandparents are Capt. and Mrs. A. B. Forsstrom of Oak Lawn,
Rhode Island.


Claud M. Kreger, Rotary Drill Foreman, Dredging Division-15 yrs.,5 mo.
Martin Nickel, Industrial Division-38 yrs., 6 mo., 6 days.

Dr. Samuel D. Aycock, Coco Solo Hospiltal-28 yrs., 11 mo., 12 days.

Lester Thomas Brennan, Maintenance Division-llyrs., 6 mo., 28 days
Howard R. Harris, Locks Division-30 yrs., 7 mo., 11 days.
Antonio Ortiz, Motor Transportation Division-24 yrs., 11 days.
Norman A. Terry, Navigation Division-17 yrs., 11 mo., 6 days.
Allen G. Tuttle, Navigation Division-17 yrs., 7 mo., 8 days.


Mrs. C. E. Kennedy, of Orlando, was confined to her home by illness
during the month of December.

Mrs. Olive Behlen of Ashville, North Carolina, is steadily improving
and now gets around the house with the help of a cane.

Mr. Fred Everett of St. Petersburg is doing nicely, following surgery
during the month of December.

Mr. Al Geddes of St. Petersburg, was a patient in the hospital during
the month of January and missed the reunion.

Mr. Frank Anderson and Mr. W. H. Calloway, both of St. Petersburg,
are at present patients in Nursing Homes.

Mr. Sandy McKeon, of Balboa, recently underwent an operation on
his eyes.
Mr. George McCullough of Birmingham, Alabama, was a hospital
patient for surgery in January. Last report, he was coming along fine and
would soon be home.

Mrs. Elsie Greenwood of Wellton, Ohio, was a hospital patient in
November, a victim of Sciatic Rheumatism.

Mrs. Laura Sessions of St. Petersburg, has been a hospital patient
but is now doing nicely.

Mrs. B. A. Darden of Balboa, C. Z. is now improving, following sur-
gery at a St. Petersburg hospital.

Others who have been reported ill during the past three months

include: Mrs. Margaret Fenton of Tampa, Florida.
Mr. W. L. Dunlap of Long Beach, California.
Mr. Toni Lieshout of Houston, Texas.
Mr. Richard H. Salmon of Santa Monica, California.
Mr. (Shorty) R. C. Deavours of Palatka, Florida.


Cards of thanks and appreciation have been received
Mrs. William Hunt and family.
Mrs. Ramon Otto.
Mrs. Elsie Fowkes Jackson.
Mr. Fred Everett.
Mrs. L. O. Keen.
Mrs. Mary E. Becker.
Mrs. Amanda A. Garlow and family.
Capt. H. P. Forrest and family.
Mrs. Margaret Peterson.
Mrs. Norman Giavelli.
Mrs. Harry Hazeldine.
Mrs. W. S. Essex.
Mr. C. G. Calvit and family.
Capt. Henri M. Herff.
Mrs. Elsie M. Greenwood.
The family of Harry T. Hazeldine.
Mrs. Miles E. McLeod.
Mrs. Irene Wright.
George C. McCuIIough.

from the following:


It is with deep regret that we receive news of the passing on of
old friends. To all who have lost dear ones during the past few months,
the Panama Canal Society wishes to extend sincere sympathy.

John Burns Conley, 79, a Civil Engineer who worked on the Panama
Canal during construction days, died on October 14, 1957, in Paintsville,
Ky. Mr. Conley is survived by his wife, Gertrude Spencer, a daughter, Mrs.
Kathryn C. Wheeler, a brother, Heber Conley, three sisters, Mrs. Fred
Sherman, Mrs. Stella Spradlin, and Mrs. Virginia Preston, and two grand-
children, all of Paintsville.

General Arthur W. Brown, Judge Advocate General of the U. S.
Army from 1933 to 1937, died on January 3, 1958, in a St. Petersburg,
Florida, hospital. Besides his wife, Jessie Emery Brown, he is survived by
a son, Winton Brown of New York and several nephews and nieces.

Word has been received from Fred W. Bradley of Glendale, Cali-
fornia, informing us of the death, last spring, of Sam E. Bell of Colton,
Calif. Mr. Bell was a lock operator at Gatun and Pedro Miguel from 1916
to 1927.

Mr. John Gray of Boston, Mass., old time Panama Canal employee, is
reported to have died, recently, in Boston. Known survivors are two
daughters Miss Dorothy and Miss Lillian Gray both of whom recently
retired from the Canal Zone.

William H. Metivier, formerly Mail Supervisor in the Administrative
Branch and well known former resident of the Canal Zone for many
years, died suddenly in Providence, Rhode Island. He was 61 years old.
Mr. Metivier left the Canal service in June, 1955, after completing
more than 30 years of U. S. Government service.
After his retirement he made his home in the United States.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Loretta J. Metivier, who is employed
in the Panama Canal Accounting Division; three sons, George, Robert
and William, all of whom live in the United States; and four grandchildren.

Robert H. McCoy, former payroll clerk with the Payroll Division,
died at his home in Danville, Pa., Nov. 16th.
He was 66 years old.
A native of Danville, Mr. McCoy was employed by the Canal organi-
zation in 1931.
He retired from Canal service in 1953 and since that time has been
making his home in Danville.
Surviving him are his son Robert R. McCoy, an operator foreman
electrician with the Electrical Division and his brother John G. McCoy,
a resident of Orlando, Fla., who also worked for the Canal organization
for several years.

Ramon Otto, formerly control house operator at the Gatun Locks,
died in St. Petersburg, Fla., November 22. He was 66 years old.
He was made control house operator at Gatun in 1935 and held this
position until his retirement in 1944.
After leaving the Canal serivce, Mr. Otto made his home in St.

He is survived by his wife.

Carl M. Lutz, Canal old-timer and former employee of the Commis-
sary Division, died Oct. 30 at Sawtelle Veteran's Hospital in Los Angeles.
He was 67 years old.
Born in San Francisco, California, Mr. Lutz came to the Isthmus
during the construction era.
Following his retirement, he made his home in Los Angeles.
Surviving him are his wife, Mrs. Ana Lutz, and a daughter, Mrs.
Conchita Kelley, of Poughkeepsie, New York, both of whom were with
him at the time of his death.

Mrs. Margaret Peterson of Viroqua, Wisconsin, writes that her father,
Mr. Reed, 92 years old, passed away on November 10th following a heart

From Mr. Ed Luce of St. Albans, Vermont, comes the news that Mr.
and Mrs. Slack died last January, 1957. Mr. Slack passed away on the
8th and Mrs. Slack on the 28th. Mr. Slack was employed for several
years at the meal counter in Balboa Commissary.

John M. King, formerly Panama Canal district quartermaster, died
November 29, in Monrovia, California. He was 71 years old.
Mr. King was stationed on both sides of the Isthmus and at the time
of his retirement in 1942 he was district quartermaster on the Pacific side.
Since he left the Canal Zone, he and Mrs. King have been making
their home in Monrovia.
In addition to his wife, Mr. King is survived by his sons, Robert W.
King of Balboa, and Belden King, all of whom were with him at the time
of his death.

Joseph C. Irwin, retired Canal employee, died in Fort Smith, Ark.
He was 68 years old.
Mr. Irwin was a native of Kansas and came to the Isthmus during the
Canal construction period. At the time of his retirement in July, 1946, he
was employed as Assistant Supervisor in the Dredging Division.
,Mr. Irwin is survived by his wife, Ruth, who lives in Fort Smith; a son,
Joseph M. Irwin, an employee of the Texas State Highway Commission;
and one grandchild.

News of the death of Thomas McNeilI, retired employee of the Locks
Division, in Vermont on Nov. 29 has been received. He was 56 years old.
Mr. McNeill has been ill for a long time and had been in a hospital

in Rutland, Vermont, for the past two months. Funeral services and in-
ternment took place in Pittsford, Vermont, where he and Mrs. McNeill
made their home since his retirement in July 1955.
In addition to his wife, he is survived by two sisters and a brother
who live in Ireland.

Guy R. Athey, retired civilian employee of the U.S. Army Motor
Transportation Division, died in Gorgos Hospital. He was 66 years old.
Mr. Athey had been on the Isthmus since 1923 and had been em-
ployed with the U. S. Army until his retirement in 1951. Since that time
he had been making his home in Santa Clara, Panama. He was a veteran
of World War 1.
Surviving him are his wife Mrs. Louise A. Athey and a brother J. C.
Athey, of Fairbourne, Ohio.

Edgar D. Gilman, 69, died on October 21, 1957 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Mr. Gilman was Director of Public Utilities in Cincinnati from 1926 to
the time of his retirement. He also worked on the Panama Canal as a
draftsman from 1909 to 1912.

Mr. Arthur Van Brocklin of Santa Ana, California, died on February
12, 1958, after a long illness. He is survived by his wife and a daughter,
Mrs. Anna Ruth Werkheiser cf Santa Ana.

Cary B. (Ted) Marshall, 73, passed away on February 19, 1958, at
his home in St. Petersburg, Florida. Mr. Marshall was born in Delphos,
Ohio, and had lived in St. Petersburg for 14 years since his retirement
as a machinist supervisor on the Canal. Survivors include his wife, Pearl,
and a brother, W. J. Marshall, both of St. Petersburg.

Robert G. Fuller, Supervisory Store keeper in the Maintenance
Division, died suddenly in Washington, D. C. He was 60 years old.
Mr. Fuller, who had been on vacation in the United States, was
stricken while on his way to the airport to board a plane for Panama. He
died shortly afterwards.
Mr. Fuller was a member of a well known Canal Zone family. He is
survived by two sisters Mrs. Marjorie Le B(run, of Burbank, California
and Mrs. Alberta West, of Washington, D. C.; two brothers, Richard W.
Fuller, former employee of the Office of the Comptroller, and Howard
W. Fuller, former employee of the Panama Railroad, who is now living
in Santa Maria, California. Other surviving relatives include William E.
Le Brun, Administrative Assistant in the Internal Security Branch.

Charles T. Smithies, 74, a retired accountant formerly with the

United States government, died in a local hospital. He lived at 202 13th
Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Mr. Smithies was born in Manchester, England, and came here in
1946 from the Panama Canal Zone. He was a veteran of World War 1.
Survivors include his wife, Henrietta.

Mrs. Irene Elizabeth Calvit, 63, 1039 34th Avenue North in St.
Petersburg, Fla. died on Dec. 23, 1957.
Mrs. Calvit was born in Salem, Va., and came here 11 years ago from
the Panama Canal Zone. She was a member of the OES of the Canal Zone.
Survivors include her husband, Charles G.; former president of the
Panama Canal Society here, a daughter, Mrs. Harry E. Pearl, Canal Zone;
two sons, Robert C.; Canal Zone and Paul E., USAF, South Carolina;
two brothers, Hugh White of California, and Carol White, here; two
sisters, Mrs. J. W. Litton, Canal Zone, and Mrs. Peggy Powell, Hawaii,
and her step-mother, Mrs. H. J. White of California.

Norman D. Giavelli, 62, a retired machinist, died at his home, 415
24th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Mr. Giavelli was born in Bermuda and came here two months ago
from Balboa, Canal Zone.
Survivors include his wife, Ann Stroud Giavelli; a son, Martin T.,
San Diego, Calif.; two daughters, Mrs. Elizabeth Ahles, Schenectady,
N. Y., and Mrs. Nora Elze, Lewisburg, Pa.; a brother, Leon, Crundu,
Canal Zone, and a sister, Mrs. Madeliene Shove, Orlando.

Paul Crecelius, of Balboa, who has been employed as a wireman in
the Electrical Division for the past 17 years, died at Gorgas Hospital. He
was 61 years old.
Mr. Crecelius died only a short time after he was brought to the
hospital by friends after he suffered an apparent heart attack. He had been
in ill health for a long time.
Mr. Crecelius was born in New York City. He joined the Canal
organization in November 1940 and was first assigned in Gatun.
He has no relatives on the Isthmus. He is survived by his wife and
two daughters who now live in the United States.

William S. Essex, 77, a retired train dispatcher for the Panama
Railroad, Panama Canal Zone, died in his home, 440 60th Avenue South,
St. Petersburg, Fla. on Jan 1lth.
Mr. Essex was born in Zionsville, Ind., and moved here 18 years
ago from the Canal Zone after retiring in 1938.

Survivors Include his wife, Harriet, here, and a son, Robert C.,
Cincinnati, Ohio.

Leslie R. Evans, formerly chief of the Canal Zone License Section,
died at his home in Bolivar, Missouri, after a long illness. He was 55
years old.
Mr. Evans was retired from active service with the Canal organization
in July 1955, and since that time had been making his home in Bolivar.
He had been seriously ill for the past four months.
He is survived by his wife and two sons, John and Paul, all of whom
were with him at the time of his death.

Mrs. Elizabeth F. Walsh, Supervisory Accountant in the Supply
Division of the Panama Company, died at Gorgas Hospital after a lengthy
illness. She was 48 years old.
In addition to her husband, who now lives in Miama, Mrs. Walsh is
survived by a son, Charles E. Walsh, of Balboa.

Lt. William A. Garlow, former member of the Canal Zone Police,
died December 10 in Tampa, Florida. He was 71 years old.
A native of West Hazelton, Pennsylvania, Lt. Garlow came to the
Canal Zone during the construction days and joined the Police Force in
1910. Except for a three-year break from 1915 to 1918, his service was
continuous with the Police Division until his retirement in 1945. For many
years he was Station Commander in Ancon.
He is survived by his wife; a son, William, Jr.; and one daughter.

William N. Taylor, 44, died on January 15th, in Santo Tomas
Mr. Taylor had been ill for some time. He was Chief of the local
rate Personnel Section of the Central Labor Union Office in Balboa.
Surviving him are his wife, Catherine, who is a nurse at Ft. Clayton, and
three children, Michael, Susan and Layne. Also by his father, William D.
Taylor, a retired C. Z. Postmaster who lives in Panama City, and by his
mother who resides in New York.

William R. Pfizer, former senior vice president of the Panama
Canal Company, died Jan. 8th at his home in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey
after a long illness. He was 64 years old.
Surviving are his widow, Isabelle M. and two daughters, Mrs. Ray-
mond P. Sussmann and Beryl Pfizer.

Mrs. Hattie M. Forrest passed away on January 3, 1958 at her home
in Norfolk, Virginia. Mrs. Forrest is survived by her husband, Capt. H.

P. Forrest, two sons, Kenneth and Paul, and by five grandchildren, all
of Norfolk, Va.

Col. Maurice E. Gilmore, 79, died Tuesday, November 19, 1957 in
Washington, D. C. Col. Gilmore was one of the few survivors of Col.
Leonard Wood's Spanish-American War rough riders. He also served as
an engineer on the Canal Zone from 1906 through 1913. Survivors
include his wife, Mrs. Mary Barnes Gilmore, a son, Maurice Jr., and a
daughter Mary C., both of Bethesda, Maryland, and another son,
George of Wernersville, Pa.

William Herrick, 54, died at Gorgas Hospital. Mr. Herrick was a
former Army and Canal employee but has been farming in Chirique
Province since 1948. He is survived by his wife who lives in Panama City.

Mrs. Clarence Hobson, for many years a resident of Mt. Hope, C. Z.,
where she lived with her two sons, died on October 9, 1957 in Weymouth,
Mass. She is survived by her son, Clarence, of Weymouth and her son,
Jack, of North Attleboro, Mass.

Mrs. Lula Reed Fowkes, 88, passed away at her home, 4901 Conn.
Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C. on October 23, 1957. Mis. Fowkes is
survived by a daughter, Mrs. Elsie Fowkes Jackson of Alexandria, Va.,
a son, Roy T. Fowkes of Mt. Ranier, Maryland, a sister, Mrs. Edith Nebb
of Colonial Beach, Va., and a brother, Raymond Reed of Pompono
Beach, Fla.; also by seven grandchildren and ten grea't-grandchildren.

John T. Fogarty, 56, died recently at his home in Panama City, R. P.
Mr. Fogarty has been a resident of Panama since 1926 and was the Central
and South American representative for E. Willard Co. and Exide Co. He
is survived by his wife, Alice Lydia Fogarty and four children, Julaine,
Sheels, John, and Michelle.

Mrs. Lillian Priddy passed away on September 16th. Mrs. Priddy was
*the mother of Mrs. Summer W. Baker of Oakland, California. She had
visited her daughter on the Canal Zone and had many friends there.

News has been received of the tragic death of George W. Fisher,
Jr., his wife, and two young children. The family was apparently as-
phyxiated by fumes from a faulty furnace as they were asleep in their
home in Silver Spring, Maryland. Mr. Fisher was employed with the
Canal as an Auditor from 1953 until 1956. He is survived by his two
brothers, John and Donald, of Washington, D. C. Mrs. Fisher is survived
by her mother, Mrs. Francis L. Davis, a brother, Meron J. Davis, and a

sister, Mrs. Dixie E. Kapriva, all of Crovoton, Maryland.
Word has been received of the death of Warren E. Hoffman, an
electrical designer in the first Division at Culebra during construction
days. Mr. Hoffman died on June 7, 1957 at Schenectady, N. Y. For the
past forty years, he has been associated with the General Electric

Mrs. Elsie M. Ridenour, 60, of Quail Roost Drive, Miami, Fla. passed
away, recently, at her home. She is survived by her husband, 0. J. Riden-
our and four sisters and three brothers.

Oscar Forsman died on November 2, 1957 in Mobile, Alabama. Mr.
Forsman was employed on the Canal at Mt. Hope ice plant and in the
Dredging Division. He is survived by his brother Eric E. Forsman and a
sister, Mrs. M. E. McLeod, both of Fort Worth, Texas.

Col. Chauncey B. Humphrey, 84, (USA Ret) died January 4, 1958.
Col. Humphrey was one of the Military Academy's oldest living graduates.
He served in various parts of the World and during his service in the
Canal Zone, he laid out Panama's first air field. During World War 1,
he led an infantry regiment in the Meuse-Argonne offensive. He is
survived by a daughter and three grandchildren.
Miss leah Greenblat, 47, of Coral Gables, Fla. passed away on
January 17th. Miss Greenblat was a nurse at the Dade County Health
Department and had been a nurse on the Zone. She is survived by four
brothers and four sisters, including Mrs. Hannah Fleischman of Coral
Mrs. Ellen White, widow of Alma White, died November 8, 1957 at
Fort Walton Beach Hospital, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, following a
very brief illness. She was 87 years old and only lived four months
(lacking 2 days) after the death of her husband. She was a resident of
the Zone from 1907 to 1921. She is survived by three sons, Harry of
Summerdale, Ala.; Shelby, Eglin AF Base, Florida and Leslie of Chicago,
Ill. Also two grandchildren, Harry J. White of Venezuela; Charlene
Balgord of Wausau, Wisconsin; seven great-grandchildren, and two
nieces, Mrs. Effie McGlade of Champaign, Ill. and Anna Brooks of
Hampton, Va.

Michael T. Butler, 61, died on January 16th of a heart attack. He
had been a civilian employee of the Navy for 13 years and resided in
Margarita, C. Z. A member of a well known Canal Zone family, Mr.
Butler is survived by four sisters, Mrs. A. W. Goulet of Ancon, M1rs.

Aileen Flynn of Kalamazoo, Michigan, Mrs. Margaret McCormack of
Lakeland, Fla., and Mrs. Marie Gallagher of Buffalo, N. Y. Mr. Butler
is also survived by several nieces and nephews.

General James G. Steese died on January 9th at Bangui, French
Equatorial Africa. Gen. Steese served two tours of duty on the Zone
during the Construction period and returned to the Zone during World
War II, where he served as Executive Assistant to the Engineer of Main-
tenance and later as Assistant to the Governor.

R. H. McClelland died on October 1, 1957 in Bishop Gray Inn in
Davenport, Florida. Mr. McClelland and Mr. J. W. MacGilvray estab-
lished the Sears Roebuck agency on 4th of July Ave., Panama, in con-
nection with the McClelland agencies. Since his departure from Panama,
Mr. McClelland had made his home in Miama, Florida. He is survived
by his son, John, and family who reside near Philadelphia, Pa.

Mrs. Amelia Stewart, mother of Mrs. Lee Wright of Houston, Texas,
died suddenly on Dec. 9, 1957 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wright.
Mrs. Stewart was a long time resident of the Canal Zone. No further
details were available.

Theodore M. Drake, 77, a retired chief examiner for the Panama
Canal Co., died in St. Petersburg, Fla. in a local nursing home. He lived
at 305 Sixth Avenue North.
Mr. Drake moved here 12 years ago from the Canal Zone. He was a
member of the IOOF in Chicago; a charter member of American Legion
Post 1, Canal Zone; a member of the Panama Canal Society of Florida,
and the First Church of Christ Scientist, here. He was born in Chicago.
Survivors include his wife, Ethel, here.
Charles D. Hummer, 81, a retired foreman for the Panama Canal
Zone Co., died Jan. 29th at his home, 245 26th Avenue North, St.
Petersburg, Fla.
Mr. Hummer was wrecking foreman of transport throughout the
construction of the canal, going to Panama in 1904. He retired in 1938
and moved here three years later.
He was a veteran of the Spanish-American War and a member of
the Panama Canal Society of Florida.
Survivors include his wife, Helen Hunt Hummer, here; two sons,
Joseph L., Canal Zone, and Charles W., Guatemala; a granddaughter,
Miss Joann Hummer, here; another granddaughter and two grandsons.

Theodore H. Maenner, Omaha, Neb., real estate executive and former

member of the Panama Canal Co. board of directors, died suddenly in
Omaha. He was 65 years old.
The son of a one-time employee of the Isthmian Canal Commission
and himself a resident of the Canal Zone during the early part of the
construction period. Mr. Maenner was well known in the Canal Zone. His
nephew, Maenner B. Huff is an employee of the Accounting Division.
A graduate of Washington University, he practiced architecture in St.
Louis from 1914 to 1917. After service in World War I, he entered the
real estate business in Omaha, designing and building houses for 10 years.
Since 1930 he was in general real estate business, sales management, and
insurance in Omaha. He was appointed to the board of directors of the
Panama Canal Co. in 1954 nd served for over two years.
Susviving him are his wife, one son and two daughters. Two sisters,
Mrs. O. N. Schwarz of St. Louis, Mo. and Mrs. Selma Huff of St Peters-
burg, Fla.

News of the death of Le Roy A. Kane, for several years Assistant
to the General Manager of the Panama Railroad Company, has been
His death occurred suddenly of a heart attack in Salt Lake City
where he and his family have made their home for the past several years.
Mr. Kane was 54 years old.
Most of Mr. Kane's service in the'Canal Zone was as Army Officer.
He was called to active duty with the Army early in the war and was
assigned to the Canal organization in July, 1942. At the time of his
assignment he held the rank of Major, being later promoted to Lieutenant
Colonel and Colonel.

Dr. Rector C. Hooper, 46, prominent urologist and chief of staff
at St. Bernard's Hospital in Jonesboro, Ark., was pronounced dead shortly
before noon on Jan. 15, 1958 three hours after suffering a heart attack
near completion of an operation on a patient.
The attack occurred shortly after 8:30 and he was pronounced dead
just before 12 noon.
Dr. Hooper was born and reared in Independence County near
Batesville. He graduated from the University of Arkansas Medical
School and later did special work in urology at Dallas, Tex.
He had practiced in Dallas and Batesville, and the Canal Zone
before coming to Jonesbora about eight years ago. He was a diplomat in
the American Board of Urology.
Dr. Hooper served four years in the U. S. Army during World
War II. He was active in civic and professional affairs. A member of the

board of directors of the Jonesboro Kiwanis Club, he formerly served as
lieutenant-governor of the Batesville Divisin of the Mo-Ark District of
Kiwanis International. He also was a member of the Jonesboro Chamber
of Commerce.
Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Elaine Bohan Hooper, two daughters
and one son. They live on Morning View Drive south of the city.
John A. Smith, 91, formerly of Middletown, New York, passed away,
recently, in Ft. Meyers, Florida. Mr. Smith was a railroad man and was
on the Zone from 1907 to 1914, where he was General Superintendent of
the Panama Railroad. Mr. Smith is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Whitman
R. Durland of Middletown, three sons, J. Albert, Jr. of Arlington, Va.,
Philip F. of Fort Meyers, Florida, and Adam Leigh of Silver Spring,
Maryland; also by 13 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren.

Two other deaths, of which we have no details, are Mr. Harry T,
Hazeldine of Wilmington, No. Carolina, and Mr. Fridell of Birmingham,
Those whose going left us lonely
Are scaling heights undreamed of yore,
And guided on by Love's unfolding,
Have gone upstairs and shut the door.


Two Balboa High School Seniors have been nominated by Governor
W. E. Potter as Principal Candidates for appointment from the Canal
Zone to the United States Military Academy at West Point and the
Naval Acadamy at Annapolis. Robert Sikorski, Jr. of Panama City
was named principal candidate to West Point and Donald W. Ryter of
Gamboa was named principal candidate to Annapolis. Robert Sikorski
is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sikorski. His father is an engineer
with Point Four. Born in Lansing, Michigan, Robert has attended
school in the United States, Iran, and for the past year he has been an
honor student at Balboa High. Donald Ryter is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Donald Ryter of Gamboa and was born in Ancon. Donald is also an honor
student and a Lieutenant in the Balboa Unit of the R.O.T.C. Charles C.
Womack of Balboa High, Jon Peter McGraw of Cristobal High, and
Terrence P. Corrigan of Balboa High were named as Alternates to West
Point. Robert Sikorski, also named Alternates to Annapolis, Brian M.
Cox, Canal Zone Junior College, Jon Peter McGraw and Terrence P.

Corrigan were named as Alternates to the Naval Academy.

Two of the new mules for the locks have been installed. The big
mules weigh 60 tons each and are equipped with a long boom that will
hand the towing lines to crewmen on the deck of ships. They are also
equipped with huge rubber rollers th.t will turn along the inside of the
lock wall.

With two groups of Congressmen on the Isthmus in December, Canal
Zone groups and their spokesmen were getting a chance to air their
views and gripes. As members of the first subcommittee of the House
Post Office and Civil Affairs Committee departed from the Isthmus, a
second group arrived. This group, headed by Congresswoman Mrs.
Lenore K. Sullivan (Dem. Mo.) of the Panama Canal sub-committee of
the House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee, with six associates,
was on the Zone to study both long and short term proposals for increas-
ing the Canal's capacity. During the public hearing, held in the Balboa
Theatre the Congressmen heard views of four labor unions, a civic
organization and spokesmen for other employees. C. R. Vosburg, a Balboa
High teacher urged the committee to give Zonians a non-voting delegate
in Congress. Mrs. Mary Rose, who represented the Nurses Association,
asked that nurses salaries and qualifications be protected by law and
not left in 'the hands of the local Panama Canal Administration to decide.
Spokesmen for Locals 900 and 907 (AFL-CIO) were to testify for the
adoption of their interpretation of the "equal pay for equal work" clause
of the United States Panama treaty.
Early in December, the Federal Minimum Wage Law was applied to
over 1200 workers of private agencies operating in the Canal Zone. The
one dollar an hour law does not apply to Government employees, but it
does apply to employees of Contractors working on projects to repair,
maintain, alter, or improve such essential channels of commerce, as
the Panama Canal, itself, the Panama Railroad, Air-ports and highways
in the Canl Zone. From now on, employees to whom this law applies
and who are not exempt, must be paid not less than one dollar per hour
and time and a half for all hours worked in excess of 40 in the work
The Consolidated International Electric Company of New York en-
tered the lowest bid for power conversion of the Panama Canal Locks. The
firm entered a bid of $2,071,412. Conversion to 60 cycle will include
appliances, machines and equipment at all locks and bridge.

The Washington Hotel was turned over to Panama in December and

will be operated by the American Hotel Corporation, which has been
operating the Hotel Nacional in David, R. P. For the time being, the same
clerk will register guests at the hotel desk and Capt. C. B. Fenton will
continue to occupy suite 323 which he has occupied for 35 years.

Net earnings of the Panama Canal Company for the fiscal year
ending last June were $3,821,456.00 as revealed by the government
corporation in it's annual statement. Despite the biggest gross business
20-Canal Record-5938- Isthmian Newsreel Cont.
in the Canal's history, the earning figure is about 3.5 per cent lower than
the net income for the previous fiscal year. This is due, in part, to in-
creased costs, funds expended for capital replacement, improvements to
locks, channel and other projects.

November marked the diamond jubilee of Gorgas Hospital. From
1882, when it was known as Hospital Central du Panama and was op-
erated by the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, up to the present
day, Gorgas has served Canal builders during the French days and through
American construction days up to ithe present time. It was in the Canal
Zone and the cities of Panama and Colon that Col. William Crawford
Gorgas and his associates gave mankind a lesson in the prevention of
disease in preference to its cure. Thanks to those dedicated doctors
and nurses, there are no more yellow fever cases at Gorgas Hospital
and malaria is no longer the terror and killer it once was.
The three quarters of a century of medical services was marked by
a brief ceremony. Governor Potter paid tribute to Sisters of Charity
St. Vincent de Paul and the late Col. Gorgas for whom the hospital is now
named. Health director, Charles O. Bruce, sketched the medical progress
of the hospital and outlined how service improved down the years. A
three cent Gorgas commemorative stamp went on sale in Canal Zone
Post Offices to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Gorgas Hospital.

Members of the House Appropriations Committee, who recently
visited the Zone, indicated that it was highly desirous that the bridge over
the Canal at Balboa be completed. Representative Fred Marshall of Minn.,
spokesman for the three visiting congressmen, said his group is extremely
interested in seeing that the bridge is completed in order that the Pan-
American Highway could be put to it's "full maximum use." The en-
gineering and architectural firm of Sverdrup and Parcel, Inc. of St.
Louis, Mo. has been selected to do the preliminary studies and design
work in connection with the construction of the bridge.

The 204 foot television tower on Ancon Hill crashed into a tangled

mass of steel girders and electric equipment, when one of its series of
guy wires was snapped by a backing truck. It is estimated that the damage
will amount to several thousand dollars.

The appointment of L. A. Ferguson as Supply and Employe Service
Director of the Panama Canal Company has been announced by Gov.
W. E. Potter. Mr. Ferguson has been serving as General Manager of the
Company's New York operations. Ferguson succeeds the late Wilson
Crook whose death occurred last June.

E. W. Hatchett, well known Canal Zone Junior College instructor and
long time organized labor leader, was reelected President of the C. Z.
Central Labor Union and Metal Trades Council (AFL-CIO) at a meeting
at Balboa Heights in December. Mr. Hatchett was returned as President
without opposition.
In an official statement, Panama's Minister of Public Works, Roberto
Lopez Fabrega, announced that cars will be able to drive over the entire
length of Panama's section of the PanAmerican Highway, west of the
Canal Zone by late 1959 or early 1960. Taking note of the progress on the
highway in Costa Rica and a small stretch near the Guatemala-Mexico
border, this means that Zonians will be able to drive from their homes
to the United States with a little bit of luck.

The biggest ore ship ever to transit the Canal was locked through in
early December, 744 ft. long, 101 ft. beam, and 46,674 dead weight tons.
The big Liberian flag vessel took 12 hours to make the south bound
transit. The giant ore carrier Cosmic had just 9 ft. 8 in. leeway against
the 110 ft. width of the locks. The Cosmic, with four pilots aboard, made
the transit without incident.
The Navy has made available 280 sets of quarters at Coco Solo to
provide quarters for all employees being evacuated from New Cristobal
under the United States Republic of Panama Treaty provisions, plus
the families living in bachelor quarters in Gatun. Commissary, Theatre
and Clubhouse facilities will also be handed over to the Canal.
Cristobal residents were not happy about the transfer. Their main
objection seems to be that they will be required to pay higher rentals
for less desirable quarters. However, most were resigned to the move
as they realized the treaty provisions must be met and there is no place
but Coco Solo available. This is considered to be the biggest single
population shift ever made on the Canal Zone.

A report to the Governor that American children were being attacked
by hoodlums in Colon and Cristobal seemed to be without foundation.

Atlantic siders, who attended Margaritas town meeting denied there was
any hysteria among residents over alleged attacks on C. Z. school
children by Colon hoodlums. Civic leaders said they had never received
complaints of any kind, Cristobal Principal, Paul Beck, and several
other Gold Coast citizens stated emphatically that they knew of no
hoodlum attacks on students. The furor was blamed on two women who,
became upset when their boys got into a fight, "But it was just kid stuff".
Nothing to it say most Gold Coasters.

The Balboa drydock was put into operation for the first time in
two years to permit repairs to the British passenger ship, Reina del
Pacifico, which lost one of her four propellors at sea. The 415 passengers
were unconcerned about the delay and were taking advantage of the
stop-over by leaving the dry dock for sightseeing in Panama and the
Canal Zone.

In an opinion handed down on January 10th in the U. S. District
Court, Judge Gutherie F. Crowe held that the Panama Canal pilots are not
entitled to be paid the basic wages paid in the U. S. Maritime industry
for pilots or comparable positions. He upheld, however, a number of
other claims made by the pilots which probably will give them some ad-
ditional monies for overtime and travel compensation. However, the
amount will be far under the compensation originally sought by each man.

The Port Napier, a 559 ft. British freighter, and the fruit ship,
Proteus, flying the German flag, collided in the Cut near la Pita point.
The British ship apparently suffered no damage but the 414 ft. Proteus
had a big gash in her port bow. The fruiter Proteus is on a regular
banana run between Ecuador and New Orleans. Repairs to the banana
boat were made in Cristobal.

Ruben C. Miro and all his Co-defendants were found not guilty of the
January 2, 1955 assassination of President Jose S. Remon. The jury of
five men and two women returned their verdict after deliberating four
hours and twenty five minutes. The trial had lasted 47 days. The defend-
ants with the exception of Mrs. Teresa Castro had been in jail almost
three years. In addition to Miro, they were Rodolfo St. Malo, Jose
Egardo Tejada, Luis Carlos Hernandez, Camilo Gonzales, Alfonso
Hymans, and Mrs. Castro. The acquittal brought an immediate move
by the government to free President Jose Ramon Guizado who had been
convicted by the National Assembly as Miro's accessory to the assassina-

Following a request from Attorney General Hermogenes de la Rosa,
the Supreme Court waived all preliminaries and speedily revoked the
conviction and ordered Guizados released. Guizado had served 34 months
26 ays of an 80 months term.

Fifty thousand rainbow trout .eggs for the mountain streams of
Chiriqui Province arrived at Albrook Air Force Base, a gift from the
United States 'to Panama. United States Ambassador Julian Fiske
Harrington was instrumental in obtaining the eggs from the U. S. Fish
and Wild Life Service officially presented them to his Excellency, Victor
Navas, Minister of Agriculture, Commerce and Industry. This is the fourth
shipment to arrive in Panama, the first about 32 years ago.

In November, Dr. Cesar A. Quintero of the Permanent Panamanian
Delegation declared in the General Assembly's Economic Committee, that
his country "cannot solve the problems of her economy" because it is
"not receiving a fair share of the profits" from the Canal. He said
Panama gets "less than 1 per cent of the canal's $30,000,000 annual

Panama students wound up their second National Congress by asking
President Ernesto de la Guardia and his foreign minister to negotiate
a new Canal treaty with the United States. In a resolution, approved
by their Congress, the students said the new treaty would embody the
payment by the United States to Panama of half of the annual income
of the Panama Canal, without "mentioning any of the previous treaties
between both countries."
The student resolution did not specify whether it was the gross or net
income which in the meetings view should be split 50-50.

Fire destroyed 21 buildings and left 2000 people homeless, causing
damage estimated at over $350,000 on January 15th, in the San Miguel
section of Panama City. Thousands of spectators gathered at vantage
points along Tivoli Ave. and Shaler Road. Fire equipment from the Zone
and from as far as Colon responded to the alarm. There were no serious
casualties. 124 cases were treated at the hospital. Among the 124,
were 16 Panama firemen. A shocked community responded quickly to the
tragedy with a steady flow of donations of cash and supplies to the Red
Cross. The Stadium became a relief center for the homeless and the
U. S. Army Carribean delivered enough cots and field kitchens for
the 2000 people at the request of the Panama Red Cross for assistance.
Panama Fire Chief Arango praised the cooperation that was extended by

the Zone fire fighters who worked closely with the Panama firemen. The
Panama City Council met at a special session and voted to turn over to the
Red Cross, $7,500 previously set aside for Carnival activities. The
National Assembly was scheduled to meet to take similar action on
$15,000 that had been budgeted for the Carnival. The newspapers and
several organizations started funds appealing for food and clothing and

Somebody (down there) Likes Us.

I am a Panamanian who will always say "God Bless America".
Look at the good deeds the Americans have been performing for those
poor fire victims from the San Miguel district.

Uncle Sam is always willing to help those in desperate situations. I
wonder what the burned-out families would have done if it were not for
the way in which American soldiers and civilians from the Canal Zone
provided shelter, food, clothing and other help.

We in Panama all tried our best, but it would not have been enough
without the Americans' help. So let's take off our hats and once again
say "God Bless America" for the willingness with which Americans help
us in every respect, but especially in emergencies.

Panama is a nice place to live in, but we must always remember that
a country is always known by its people, and what other people think
of our country depends on us.


I cannot do otherwise than to express my personal thanks to the
Canal Zone Government, and to the American residents of the Canal
Zone, for the part they took last Thursday in bringing the San Miguel
fire under control.

Then came the quick action of the US Army and the American Red
Cross in providing tents, cots, kitchens, food and cooks for the destitute
and the homeless. God bless the Americans for their quick action and
their sympathy.
From the Panama American Mailbox.


Mr. Alan Lewis, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Lewis of Hendersonville,
North Carolina, is one of the few members of the original crew of the
Submarine Nautilus left on board that interesting vessel. The December
28th issue of the Saturday Evening Post had a very fine article on the
Nautilus trip under the Polar ice. In the picture of the crew, Alan is the
first enlisted man to the left of the officers. Alan has had many exciting
adventures while serving on the Nautilus and his parents are, naturally,
proud of him.
Mrs. Emma Christina of Orlando, Florida, was 95 years old on
February 5, 1958. Mrs. Christina makes her home with her daughter,
Mrs. A. H. Mohr of Orlando. Congratulations Mrs. Christina.

Mr. Jack Paterson resigned his position as Production Engineer with
General Electric in Schenectady, New York, and has accepted a position
as Lock Maintenance Engineer with the Panama Canal. Mr. Paterson and
family sailed for the Zone on October 1st. Mrs. Paterson is the former
Roberta Johannes.

Mr. John Paterson of Gulfport, Florida, flew to the Zone in December
to spend the holidays with his two sons.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stone and their daughter, Miss Edna Stone, were
recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Shreves of St. Petersburg. They had
a grand reunion with their many friends in this area. Mr. and Mrs. H. P.
Hoby of Miama were also guests of the Shreves while the Stones were
here. Mr. and Mrs. Stone also visited in Miami while in Florida.

Mrs. Melba Heintz of Margarita, C. Z. was a recent guest of the S. G.

Mrs. John Warner of Bradenton, Florida, lost her mother on October
11, 1957, in Wayne, Indiana. Mrs. Warner is spending the winter in
Wayne with her sister who was left alone, following the death of their

Mr. and Mrs. Graig S. Neville of Los Altos, California, are spending
a few months on the Canal Zone with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr.
and Mrs. John C. Fawcett of Diablo, C. Z.

Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Lockwood of Monrovia, California, were
November visitors in Florida and were the house guests of Mrs. Mae
Webber of St. Petersburg.

Ida and Forrest Hallett of Quincy, Mass. have been visiting their
daughter, Marjorie, and family in Alliance, Ohio, expecting to go on
from there for a visit with their son, Bud, and family in Shrevesport, La.
Following a trip to Texas, the Halletts are expected to visit in the St.
Petersburg area before returning north with the robins.

Mrs. Jonas White is spending several months in San Salvador with
her son, Rev. Jonas Ewing White, Vicar of the Church of San Juan Epis-
copal, in San Salvador, El Salvador, C. A.

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Horine of Glendale, Arizona, spent several
weeks visiting their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. William
Brooks of Margarita, and their son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Horine
of Balboa, C. Z. Larry is one of the coaches at Balboa High School. The
Horines expect to return to their home in Glendale late in January.

Miss Frances Ferrell, formerly of the Canal Zone, is now writing
script and helping produce Educational Television programs at Harvard
University. Miss Farrell received her M.A. degree from the Harvard Grad-
uate School of Education in 1954 and subsequently she was employed by
the United States State Department of Education as Director of Courses
in the U. S. Embassy at Quito, Ecuador.

Mrs. Grace M. Truitt of Sanford, North Carolina, has been visiting
with her daughter, Betty, who has just had her second son. Mrs. Truitt
expected to stay on in Winston Salem, N. C. until after the holidays.

Mrs. Lillian Farr is visiting the Isthmus and her sister, May. Her
daughter, Florence, is working at A. and M. College in Texas.

Louis H. Fourcher of Fairhaven, Mass. has been visiting his son in
Tucson, Arizona, and also his daughter in Glendale, California.

Mr. and Mrs. John Hearne of Meridan, Miss. had a wonderful visit
with their daughter, Elizabeth, and family in California. They are now
at home, hibernating for the winter, both feeling well and strong and
enjoying life.

Carl Newhard of Margarita, C. Z. writes that their son, Bruce, is in
his third year at Michigan College of Mining and Technology. Their son
Sam is at Keesler Air Force Base for technical training and Carl, Jr. is
in Cristobal High School. Helen joins in sending best wishes to all
of their friends.

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Matthew of Apalachicola, Florida, expected

their nephew, George Chapel home for Christmas, George is in Vandebilt
University Graduate School working on his Masters.

Mrs. W. H. Calloway and Mrs. Marie C. Coffey were two St. Peters-
burg residents who flew to the Canal Zone in December to be with
members of their families.
Father E. J. Cooper, retired Archdeacon of Colon and Rector
Emeritus of Christ Church by the Sea in Colon, was guest preacher at a
Sunday service at the Cathedral of St. Lukes during November while he
was visiting on the Zone. Father Cooper is the Most Venerable Episcopal
Priest in Central America and is 94 years old. Since his retirement
in 1941, Father Cooper has been living in Antigua, Guatemala.

Major Kathleen E. Hoffman is now assigned to the Manpower office
of 6313 Air Base Wing at Okinawa. APO 239, San Francisco, California.
Major Hoffman is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Hoffman of
Rochester, New York.
Lt. Davis Stevenson was recently awarded the "Order Nacional del
Merito en el Grado de Official" by the Paraguayan Government. This
medal is the highest honor the Paraguayan Government could award to
Lt. Stevenson in his present grade and rank, and was awarded for
Meritorious service in fostering friendship between the United States
and Paraguay. Lt. Stevenson was born on the Canal Zone and attended the
Canal Zone Schools and Junior College.

Theodore Thompson of San Jose, Costa Rica, at 81, says he still gets
a kick out of life. Mrs. Thompson was in Puerto Rico visiting ted,
who is Assistant Terminal Superintendent there. Ted graduated from
Kings Point in 1949.
Ann and Bill Bartholomew of Hot Springs, Arkansas, planned to
spend Christmas and New Years with Allen, Bill Jr., and his family in
Milwaukee and then go to California in the Spring for a visit with Bill's
relatives. They are happy in their retirement and love Hot Springs.

Mr. S. H. Grauten of 3743 Upton St. N. W. Washington 16, D. C. is
still working to get passage of the Bill for recognition of those who
worked two to three years on construction of the Canal. There are three
identical bills which will come before the second session of the 85th
Congress; HR 5747, introduced by Congressman Garmatz of Maryland,
HR 6546, introduced by Jenkins of Ohio, and HR 2019 by W. Scott Kerr
of North Carolina. If this Bill ever is passed, Canal Old Timers will
owe Mr. Grauten a debt of gratitude for his untiring efforts in their

Capt. and Mrs. F. L. Moody of Miami, Florida, enjoyed a tour of
England, Scotland and France this past year. Mr. Moody is 76 years
old and sure enjoys life.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kuller of Portland, Oregon, were visiting daughter
Pat Gill in December to help with the three grandchildren while their
mother was recovering from a siege of pneumonia. They also visited
Ben's brother, Stanley, who worked in Porto Bella in 1907 and 1908.
Stanley has to take it easy due to a heart condition but he is cheerful
and enjoys life.

Mr. and Mrs. John Hower and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Renz have returned
to their homes in Fairhope, Alabama, after spending summer in Europe.
Mrs. Hower and Mrs. Renz were happy to be on hand to help their father
celebrate his 80th birthday.

Mabel Jacobs of Washington, D. C. is planning to make her third trip
to Europe this spring. This time she will spend most of her time in Italy
and the British Isles.

Ernest Wurdemann, after living in the Canal Zone 50 years, has de-
cided to leave and make his home with his sister and niece in Dallas,
Texas. Many old timers will remember Ernest's sister, Alma, now Mrs.
Alma Lowdon.

Mr. John F. Seebt of New Orleans, La., 94 years old, writes a shakey
hand but one can still read it. He sends his regards to all old timers
and best wishes for the New Year.

Mr. and Mrs. Tollef B. Monniche, who recently sold their coffee
finca in Boquette, R. P., have settled in Austin, Texas at 1203 Elm
St., Apartment 3.

Andy and Bess Bell of Plymouth, New Hampshire, have planned a
three or four months cruise of the Carribean Islands. They expect to re-
turn home in April.

Col. and Mrs. Otto F. Sonneman are enjoying life in Italy. Their
apartment is on the Piazza Grande in Leghorn (Livonno). Col. Sonneman
is Deputy Co. of the U.S.A. Logistical Command USASETAF. In October,
Col. and Mrs. Sonneman had a seven day leave in Venice and found it
most delightful and all it is said to be. They send best wishes to all their
fellow Panamanians.

The Board of Directors of the Panama Canal Company paid high
tribute to the late Wilson H. Cook at the last meeting of the Board in
Washington. The resolution adopted by the Board of Directors is as
"Whereas, the late Wilson H. Crook, whose death occurred at the
summit of his career as the head of a major bureau of the Panama Canal
Company, made during his life time a lasting contribution to the operation
of the Panama Canal and the community life of the Canal Zone: and
"Whereas, the said Wilson H. Crook possesed to a rare extent, the
finest qualities of loyalty, understanding, and devotion to duty; and
"Whereas, the warmth of his personality and appreciation of the
mutual goals and problems of all those with whom he came into contact
were reflected in the success of his varied activities;
"Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Board of Directors extend to
the family of the said Wilson H. Crook this expression of sympathy and
sincere appreciation for his outstanding service to the Panama Canal
enterprise and to the Government of the United States."
A copy of the resolution was presented to Mrs. Crook by Acting
Governor Hugh M. Arnold in behalf of Governor Potter, as President of
the Canal Company.
Word has been received that Mr. Ellis D. Stillwell of Monrovia, Calif.
is recovering from a very serious major operation, which involved the
very latest methods of modern heart surgery. We are glad to learn that
Mr. Stillwell is getting along fine following this wonderful new surgery.

Navy Lt. Herbert C. Dawson, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles W.
Dawson, of Diablo, reported to the 15th Naval District Headquarters for
duty as aide to Rear Admiral George H. Wales. Lt. Dawson was born on
the Canal Zone and graduated from Balboa High School, attended the
University of Buffalo for two years and then two years at Kings Point
Merchant Marine Academy, where he graduated in 1955. He entered the
Navy in August 1955.

Panama Canal pilot, Arch Springthorpe, who retired in 1953, because
of disability, is visiting on the Zone, having returned with Mrs. Spring-
thorpe aboard their 83 foot yacht, Lakaoia. They made a six weeks cruise
out of this trip from Miami, stopping in Cuba and other Carribean islands.
In addition to the Captain and his wife, a dog, a cat, and a parakeet
(all native Panama animals) were also aboard the 92 gross ton yacht.

William L. Oliver, Instructor in Drama at Cornell University, and
son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Oliver of Balboa, C. Z., has had a one act play

"The Stallion" published in the 1957 edition of the 25th annual edition of
the best short plays. Miss Margaret Mayorga, who is called the High
Priestess of the short play in America, says that "The Stallion" is of
a quality that makes its inclusion in this collection essential. It is in
illustrious company since other playwrights, whose works appear,
include Eugene O'Neil, Archibald McLeish, William Saroyan, Gertrude
Stien, Tennessee Williams, and many others.
Charlie and Nellie Walsh of Sebring, Fla., have enjoyed having their
daughters, Marjorie and Shirley, visit them with their families. Also
saw several Canal folks lately, among them, the H. M. Lockwoods, Charlie
Thomas, Ethel and Herb Staples and E. B. Curling from Diablo, C. Z.
The Curlings have purchased a home in Frostproof, Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil L. Rice recently joined the Society. Mr. Rice
will be remembered as Principal of Junior High School in Balboa for two
years and for five years as Principal of Cristobal High School. They now
live at Westbury, Long Island where he is Superintendent of Schools.
Margaret Considine of Gloucester City, New Jersey, sends best wishes
too all friends. She reports that her oldest sister passed away on Nov.
29, 1957.

Rollin McConnell of Red Hook, New York, was in the Veterans
Hospital for over eleven months but is now home and doing fine. Mr.
and Mrs. McConnell made a trip to South Dakota, where they saw and
visited with the Ray Pruners. On their return trip, they saw Em and Larry
Leighton and in Sayre, Pa. they called on Min and Bill Markham. They
say Min and Bill are fine and look hardly a day older than when they

Peggy Holmberg of Diablo, C. Z. went to Arkansas in September to
be with her mother who underwent an extensive operation. Mrs. Shirley
came through with flying colors and is now feeling quite good.

Frank Irwin of San Rafael, California, writes that Mrs. Irwin is now
up and about on crutches and it apparently is now just a matter of time
and exercise before she can navigate under her own power. He says the
Henry Starretts of Belfast, Maine, are wintering in San Rafael.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Kent of Orlando, Fla. flew to the Zone for a
six months visit with their son, Lloyd and family.

Rev. Raymond R. Gregory writes that Mrs. Gregory underwent a
second operation, this time to control shaking palsy (Parkinson's Disease)

on the left side of her body and was confined to the hospital for almost
six months. This operation was successful but left her speech and throat
affected. However, there have been some improvements and Mrs. Gregory
is cheerful and ambitious to be doing something.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Williams of Novato, California, spent several
months touring from the West Coast to New York and down to the
Carolinas. Visited relatives and friends along the way.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M. McGinnis have bought a home at 5545 8th
Ave. North, in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Mrs. Mary R. Brewerton has been traveling through several eastern
States since last June and is now visiting with her son, Henry, and family
in Puerto Rico where she expects to stay for a few months.

Mrs. Berkley C. Mitten writes that it is cold, snowy and a real
winter in Euclid, Ohio, but she enjoys being with Billie, Larry and their
little girls. She says young Dr. Mitten and his family are leaving the
Canal Zone and will locate in Santa Rosa, California.

Ethel and Conrad Dodson of Ormand Beach, Fla. are really enjoying
their lovely little bungalow overlooking the blue Atlantic on the World's
most famous beach. It took selling two houses and two moves to ac-
complish their present state of contentment. They would welcome any of
their friends or C. Z. folks who might happen to drop in.

Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Hulesbosch of Lakewbod, New Jersey, are visiting
in Fort Meyers, Florida, for the winter and some fishing. Their son and
his family spent several weeks with them in Lakewood, N. J. and have
now returned to their home in Corpus Christi, Texas.

George M. Sauerwein of Carney's Point, New Jersey, sure gets around.
He made a trip of 6800 miles to California, Texas, and Mexico, then a
honeymoon trip of 3200 miles through the South, and another 4200 miles
through Canada and the New England States. George visited many Narce
chapters while on tour as he is actively interested in all Narce activities
and is the writer for Narce in New Jersey.

Mr. andMrs. L. A. Maurer of Riverview, Florida have purchased a
river front lot and are planning their new house to be built there.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ridge of Trenton, New Jersey, are enjoying a four
months visit back on the Zone. Their son, Pat, is a Pilot in training
on the Canal. Mrs. Ridge had the misfortune to break her arm in August

and is now slowly regaining use of the injured arm.

Mrs. Selma Huff has returned to St. Petersburg from a visit with her
son Tom and family in Falls Church, Virginia. While there, Tom and
Janet became the parents of a baby girl, Janet Lee. They have a boy five
years old.

Mrs. Anna C. Tomey of Sebring, Florida, while on a trip north last
fall, visited two old Canal Zone friends, Mrs. Florence Evans in Spring-
field, Pa. and Mrs. Mary Woodward in Hartford, Conn. Also her two
grandsons, Major W. H. Tomey in Washington, D. C. and Richard D.
Tomey in Camden, South Carolina.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert G. Tydeman of Allentown, Pa. were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Pearce, Milford, Del. The Pearces recently moved
from Syracuse, N. Y. to Delaware.

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Pearce and Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Tydeman were
guests of Col. and Mrs Ralph H. Sartor of Drum Point Farm, Saint
Michaels, Maryland. It was quite an event for all of these Panama Canal
old-timers to get together and discuss early days and happenings of P. C.
Construction days.

Mrs. M. F. Dunn, of Margarita, Canal Zone who was visiting her
sister in Weehawken, N. J. made a trip to Allentown, Pa. to visit with the

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Reinhold have recently made a change of
address to 3514 Emerald Drive, St. Paul, (10) Minn. and are also happy
to announce the birth of a 3rd daughter, Barbara Jean Reinhold. Mrs.
Reinhold will be remembered as Miss Maxine Johnson, a former nurse of
Gorgas Hospital.
Capt. and Mrs. A. B. Forsstrom of Oak Lawn, R. I. paid a visit to
Mr. and Mrs. B. G Tydeman of Allentown, Pa. as they were passing
through that City.

Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Tydeman were showing Mrs. A. C. Ford of
Chattanooga, Tenn. the beauty of the Pocono Mountains and they stopped
to pay a visit to Capt. and Mrs. E. J. Eriksen of Saylorsburg, Pa. Capt.
and Mrs. Eriksen have a beautiful home right in the heart of the mountains
and it truly deserves the name given it-"The Anchorage."

Dr. and Mrs. John W. Clark of 1510 Lehigh Parkway, Allentown, Pa.
are proud to announce the birth of their third child, a daughter named

Ann Wirth Clark. Mrs. John Clark will be remembered as Miss Jeanne
Mrs. J. R. McLavy of Allentown, Pa. made Quite an extensive tour
of England, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy,
Switzerland, and France on a three months tour. She reported having had
a wonderful time seeing so many interesting places and attending many
musical events.

An interesting visitor to the J. R. McLavy home in Allentown, Pa.
was Mr. L. P. Chappel of Windsor, New York.

Mr. James E. Jacobs of the Canal Zone, after attending the Bi-
ennial meeting of the Supreme Council of the Ancient Accepted Scottish
Rite of Freemasonry in Washington, D. C. made a trip to Allentown, Pa.
to be the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McLavy. Mr. J. R. McLavy
also attended the Bi-ennial Meeting.

Mr. and Mrs. Grover Bohan, while attending the reunion, received the
sad news of the death of their son-inilaw, Dr. R. C. Hooper. Dr. Hooper
is survived by his wife Elaine and three children, Betty, Andy, and Sarah.
Mr. and Mrs. Bohan left immediately for Jonesboro, Ark.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray 0. Shuey of Daytona Beach, Fla. spent Christmas
and New Years in Neosha, Mo. with Ray's mother. On their trip to Neosha,
they stopped in Arkansas for visits with their son-in-law's mother and
with the Newell Shaws, Engelkes, Bill Mathues and James B. Comans.
From Neosha, they went to Cincinnati, Ohio, where Ray was engaged on
an out of state Audit for Florida.

Jack and Em Plummer of Green Cove Spring, Fla. were quite dis-
tressed because the Year Book listed them as living in Glen Cove Springs.
No such place in Florida. All friends of the Plummers please note it is
Green Cove. The Plummers heard from Mrs. Sam Stone, who lived in
Tavernvilla in 1907.

Mary L. Engelke of Balboa Heights, C. Z. writes that Santa Claus
was extra good to her as she had eight of her children and eleven grand-
children with her on Christmas eve.

Bessie G. Jones of Balboa, informs us that the Jim Maguires, the
Haldemans, and Williams (parents of Roger and Bill) are all Zone

Capt. and Mrs. K. M. Wilkingstad of St. Petersburg are visiting

their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Wilkingstad of
Margarita, C. Z.

Mrs. Lydia D. Whitaker of Baltimore, Maryland, is visiting in
Seattle, Washington, with her daughter Charlotte and family.

Mrs. Edith Wicks of Polk, Pa. is now feeling fine after spending
her vacation in the hospital where she underwent surgery.

Mrs. Esther Currier, formerly of Gamboa, C. Z. has been vacationing
with her daughters in Georgia. She has left for Los Angeles to spend
some time with her mother and plans to take off for Europe in May or
June with Mrs. Dorothy Hamlin.

Edward (Barney) Barlow, ex-control house operator and supervisor
at Miraflores Locks, has accepted a position as consultant with the St.
Lawrence Seaways Corporation in Massena, New York. After one year of
retirement, Barney had to get himself a new Canal.

Richard S. Lombard, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Lombard, now of
Toms River, New Jersey, was recently admitted to practice before the U. S.
Supreme Court. Richard was graduated from Balboa High School in 1944
and attended Harvard College and Harvard Law School. He is presently
employed on the legal staff of the Creole Petroleum Corporation in
Caracas, Venezuela.

Mrs. Hallie Sue Forrest of Gloucester Point, Virginia, was a recent
guest of the Floyd Forrests of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Mrs. Sam Crier of Clearwater, Florida, has been vacationing on the
West Coast with her daughter, Margaret, and her many friends in that area.
Before returning to Florida, Mrs. Grier will spend some time in Chicago,
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Johnson of indianapolis, Indiana, could not attend
the reunion as J. B. got the flu. They now plan to visit Florida some
time in the nearfuture.
Mrs. Helena S. Reidy of .'-: i...rr R. I. enjoyed a tour of Europe
last summer and got as far East as Vienna, Austria.

Mrs. Margaret Enright, who has been in Alaska for some time, writes
that strange as it may seem, they all like Alaska. She has been staying with
her daughter and family but says they all expect to return to the United
States in the summer.
Mrs. Marie Coffey of St. Petersburg, has been visiting with the Coffey
clan on the Zone. At Christmas, she says there were twenty Coffeys

Mr. M. S. Treadwell, Orlando, Fla.
Mr. Frank J. Gerchow, Montoursville, Pa.
Mr. Richard G. Taylor, Alfred, Maine.
Mr. Francis W. Feeney, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Mr. Earl R. Baltozer, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Mr. Harland V. Howard, St. Petersburg, Fla.
All Past Masters of Canal Zone Masonic Lodges.

Three Old Timers.

Col. Dan E. Wright--1904--St. Petersburg, Fla.
Mr. J. J. Eason--1905--Daytona Beach, Fla.
Mr. Frederick G. Swanson--190S--Tyler, Texas.


Capt. and Mrs. Lucian A. Skeels
Madison, Conn.

I,,. -J ,kir i,:, L : .- r
ril.J d .T J :.;-".r:\ L t u ., F lt

MIr. and Mrs. Z. K. Esler
St. Petersburg Beach, Fla.

g _'-

Mr. and Mrs. G. Carter Orr
St. Petersburg, Fla.



Mrs. Lea Dugan, Springfield, Illinois.
Miss Florence M. Dildine,
Freeport, Illinois.



Mr. and Mrs. William L. Russon,
Miami, Fla.
Mrs. Penley, Ocean Ridge, New Jersey

L, i '-
"^ 1,-"-. .-.

i ,

ri 1 '

i ,.


~ atfl 11t:i~~-~ -a~i~-R

:> ; a

/ ~r

seated at the festive board. They drank a toast to the thirteen absent
members of the family and wished that they might all get to-gether in the
near future. Mrs. Coffey sends best wishes to all her many friends.

Mrs. Anne Conley's friends were happy to see her at the reunion.
Mrs. Conley just returned from a visit of several months in Anchorage,
Alaska with her son Leo and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse H. Stevenson of Palo Alto, California, enjoyed an
Easter visit, via plane, with their son Robert and his family in Mexico
City. In December, Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson were honored by their fellow
church members and a host of friends on the occasion of their Golden
Wedding Anniversary. They were especially happy that their daughter,
Hope and her husband from New York, were able to be with them.
Robert and his family had planned to be with them but business
commitments prevented them from leaving Mexico at that time.

The Sunday Irish Press in Ireland, has been running a story on the
life of Tex Rickard. It was 37 years ago that Henry Grieser took his Red,
White and Blue Troupe to New York to open Madison Square Garden for
Tex Rickard. Henry furnished a picture to the Irish Press showing the
troupe with Mr. Rickard and contributed an article on Tex Rickard as
Grieser knew him, and of the many wonderful things Mr. Rickard did
for the children. There were twenty two children in the group who made
this wonderful trip from the Canal Zone and it would be very interesting
if we knew where they were to-day.

Mrs. Leland Slocum of Cristobal, C. Z. was called to the States in
late October because of the critical illness of her daughter, Aloha, who
underwent brain surgery. Aloha is still confined to the hospital as
a bed patient and is seriously ill. Mr. Leland Slocum was in the Veterans
Hospital in Jackson, Miss. as a patient but is now employed with the
Masonic Service Association at the hospital.

Mrs. Ethel Boyd of Santa Monica, Calif. and Mrs. Marie Maas of Los
Angeles, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Post of St. Augustine,
Florida, during January. They all attended the reunion and had a wonder-
ful time. Following the reunion, Mrs. Maas visited for a few days with
friends in St. Petersburg and then on to Perry, Fla. for a visit with
the I. A. MacKenzies, then to Jacksonville to be with the Roland
Murwins. Mrs. Maas then rejoined Mrs. Boyd at the home of the Posts,
where they remained until February 1. Joe and Anna hope they enjoyed
their stay as much as they enjoyed having them.

Dr. Thomas W. Alley, Wilmington Optometrist, has received notice
of his promotion as a reserve Lieutenant Colonel in the U. S. Army.
A veteran of World War II, Dr. Alley is assigned to the local Civil
Affairs and Military Government Unit.
During World War II he served in Panama, Trinidad, Dutch Guiana,
and in the European Theatre. He was awarded the Silver Star, Purple
Heart, Combat Infantry Badge, Presidential Unit Citation, and various
battle stars and other campaign bars.
Dr. Alley is a graduate of Louisiana State University, and Southern
College of Optometry.
He is a graduate of Balboa High School and is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Francis Feeney of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Hull of St Petersburg, will celebrate their
fiftieth wedding anniversary with an Open House for all their many
friends, on Friday, March 14, 1958. Their son, Bob, will come up from St.
Croix, Virgin Islands, to help his parents celebrate the occasion.
Ida Ruth Fuller says, being retired-period-hasn't worked out for
them yet, as they are busier than ever on their half acre, five miles out
of Santa Maria, California. Howard has been busy putting in apple,
peach, and nectarines plus all sorts of berry bushes and strawberry plants
plus hedges and flower beds.
If anyone knows the where about of Mr. Kenneth Hughes, please ad-
vise the Secreary-Treasurer. It is believed that Mr. Hughes left the Canal
Zone in 1944 and went to Brazil.
Miss Etta Harrover is living with Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Moreland in
Washington, D. C. Mrs. Moreland is her sister. They would be glad to
see any old Canal Zone friends who might be in Washington.

Mrs. L. O. Keen, of Louisville, Kentucky, has been visiting relatives
in Pittsburg, Pa. and also her sister, Dolores, in Detroit. While in
Detroit, she made a trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan for a visit with the

Rev. Roger H. Greene is now located in Key West, Florida, as Vicar
of the Holy Innocents Episcopal Church. The church is a renovated
mansion in a fine section of the city. The present church will serve as a
parish house as soon as a real church can be built. Rev. Greene is their
first resident priest and there is just about everything to do. The only
other real Zonite, whom Rev. Greene has found in Key West, is James
Wardlaw of the Wardlaw family of Cristobal. Mr. Wardlaw is County
Health Officer.

The Panama Canal Society of Florida extends Congratulations and
Best Wishes to the following couples who are celebrating their Golden
Wedding Anniversary:
Capt. and Mrs. D. E. Eggleston on January 21, 1958.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Hull on March 14, 1958.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Hayes on March 18, 1958.

After two days at the Reunion, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clarke went to
Winter Park for a visit of three days with Mr. and Mrs. Foster Fanning.

Miss Dorothy Ann Stephens, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Stephens
of Tallahassee, Florida, is now teaching in the Largo Junior High School
in Largo, Florida.
Report of Secretary-Treasurer
Covering the period from November 2, 1957 to February 1, 1958
Happy New Year to you all. Wish we could have said so in person.
Oh you should have been with us this year at the Reunion it was
perfect and so many of your friends were wondering why you were not
there. Your voice would have been so welcome and you would have had
a healthy laugh and then you just would have had to take time out
to listen a while. It was the best yet. You know we say that each year, but
it is really true. There were 277 for the luncheon and I do believe there
must have been around 600 visiting that did not go to the luncheon.
This year our Mayor will be new to many of you, but to us he is an
old and dear friend, and he and his wife were most graciously received.
The Mayor and Mrs. John D. Burroughs are and have been residents of
St. Petersburg for years and are held in very high esteem. His welcome
to the members was most eloquent and he invited all to come again and
make themselves at home in our lovely city.
Our Guest Speaker, The Honorable George R. Dempster from Knox-
ville, Tennessee took us back many years to the early days of the Canal
and I will not elaborate on it because you will read in another part of the
Record a more detailed account. Mr. Dempster and his brother Tom came
and it is hoped that next year Mrs. George and Mrs. Tom will both attend.
Many States were represented again this year, and I wish we had the
space to give you the names of the visitors from each. Mrs. Lillian Knight
was considered as coming from the greatest distance, as she came from
Oregon. Mrs. Michael Conley came home from Alaska and arrived just
a few days before the Reunion -- We were all so glad to see her.
NOW FOR BUSINESS Checks are coming in again without the
additional 10 cents to cover the bank charge please We are paying
45 cents to have a Canal Zone check cashed. It is perfectly OK to send in

three $1.00 bills if you wish they are all coming thru to me.
This year I have received so many cards and letters during the
Christmas holidays and since. Thank you so very much we certainly do
appreciate them also please pardon shortness of replies I just
couldn't do better.
So far 976 have paid their 1958 dues this is wonderful thanks
so much. Last year this time 930 had paid as of this date. 22 have paid
their 1959 dues and 2 have paid for 1960. CARDS THIS YEAR ARE
Your Secretary-Treasurer wishes to thank the membership for their
gift from the Society which was given at the Reunion business meeting.
it is greatly appreciated.

Minutes of Regular Meeting
Tourist Center, St. Petersburg, November 11, 1957

About 150 members and visitors were gathered at the Tourist Center
for the Society's regular meeting, November 11, 1957.
Meeting was called to order at 2:15 by President Troy Hayes, who
dispensed with the singing of one verse of "America,,.
The following officers were present:
President ..--- -... ~__---___.. --Mr. Troy Hayes
Vice-President ---_ _-------. Capt. Macon A. Turner
Secretary-Treasurer .----......_ Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Mrs. Howard Dworak acted as Recording Secretary, due to illness of
Mrs. Burt W. Hall.
Mrs. Shreves, as Receptionist, introduced out-of-town members, new
members and visitors, who responded to the welcome: among them-
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Engel, of Balboa, Canal Zone
(guests of Mrs. Hattie Smith, of Tampa)
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Giavelli
Mr. Howard King, of Tampa, Florida
Mr. Joe Eckert (Back for the Winter season)
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Young, of Palatka, Florida
Mr. W. T. Johnson, of Corry, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Nickel
Miss Mae Dodson
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hartell

Mr. "Bill" Hobson (son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Hobson)
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Forbes
Mrs. Anna Bartlett read minutes of regular meeting (picnic) held
October 14, 1957, at Lake Maggiore. President Hayes, hearing no omis-
sions or corrections, declared the approved.
Special Interest: Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Lucille S. Judd, read many
letters received, and made several announcements of interest to the Society.
The demise of the following was noted:
Dr. L. O. Keen Mrs. Clarence Hobson
Col. William Hunt Mrs. Lulu Reed Fawks
Mr. G. M. Schroyer Mrs. F. I. Hele
Mr. J. B. Conley Mrs. Ethel Lyew
Mr. H. A. Kersey Mrs. Paul Swett
Luncheon voted on for the annual Reunion, January 15th, 1958.
Next meeting to be held at Tourist Center, December 9th voted
to omit cookies and ice cream.
Legislation: Mr. W. L. Hersh reviewed his retirement on Legisla-
tion, and a full report will be included in the next issue of the Record.
Mr. F. W. Hohman introduced as our next Legislative Representa-
tive, relieving Mr. Hersh; Mr. Hersh will act as assistant to Mr. Hohman.
Voted that the Society be authorized to subscribe to different maga-
zines and periodicals-re-Labor Matters.
New Business: None.
Unfinished Business: None.
There being no further business before the meeting, President Hayes
asked for a motion to adjourn: motion made, seconded and carried, and
meeting adjourned at 3:20 P. M.
Agnes V. Hall, (Mrs. Burt W.)
Recording Secretary

Minutes of Regular Meeting
Tourist Center, St. Petersburg, Dec. 9, 1957

About 100 members and visitors were gathered at the Tourist Center
for the Society's regular meeting, December 9th, 1957.
Meeting was called to order at 2:30 P. M. by President Troy Hayes,
who requested all to rise and sing one verse of "America"; Mrs. Stutzman
accompanied on the piano.
Invocation was offered by Chaplain Lee Burns.
The following officers were present:

President ---- --- ----- Mr. Troy Hayes
Vice-President -----------..-Capt. Macon A. Turner
Secretary-Treasurer --- Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary --- Mrs. Burt W. Hall
Our Receptionist, Mrs. Bessie Lyons, introduced out-of-town
members, new members and visitors, who responded to the welcome:
among them -
Mr. Joe Eckert
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Z. K. "Bud" Esler
Mr. Lawrence Myers
Mrs. L. E. Cage
Mr. Frank Regan
Col. Dan Wright
Membership Report: As of December 1st, a total of 1581 paid up
Recording Secretary read minutes of regular meeting, held November
11th at the Tourist Center. President Hayes hearing no omissions or
corrections declared them approved.
SPECIAL INTEREST: Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Lucille S. Judd,
read many letters received, and made several announcements of interest
to the Society; among them-
Mr. Wilson, of Tampa, who takes pictures at the Annual Reunion
will be unable to do so in 1958, and anyone who can take such pictures
the Society would like to hear from.
Mrs. Judd read menu of luncheon to be served at the Reunion.
On the sick list:
Mr. William Garlow seriously ill in St. Joseph's Hospital.
Mrs. Elsie Greenwood.
Mr. J. F. Everett was an hospital patient.
Mr. Frank Anderson confined to a rest hame.
Mr. Charles Conkerton improving.
Mr. "Sandy" McKeon underwent serious eye surgery.
The demise of the following was noted:
Mr. W. H. Metivier
Mr. Reed (Father of Margaret Peterson)
Robert G. Fuller
George Nadeau
Ramon Otto
Robert H. McCoy
Oscar Forsmann

Carl M. Lutz
Col. M. E. Gilmore
John King
The establishment of a Blood Bank was thoroughly discussed, and
Capt. Macon M. Turner, Chairman of the Committee appointed to study
this matter, again read the recommendations of his Committee that was
read at the September 9th meeting. A motion was made by Mr. Fred
Spreckens, seconded by Mr. James Bradley, that the Panama Canal
Society of Florida try to form a Blood Bank, in accordance with the rec-
ommendations of Capt. Turner's Committee. Motion was brought to a
vote and carried, by the medium of hand raising.
Report of the Nominating Committee, officers for 1958, was read, as
For President Capt. Macon A. Turner
For Vice President .- .. Mr. Keith Kelley
For Secretary-Treasurer ...Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
For Recording Secretary Mr. Francis F. Hargy
Due to personal reasons, the present incumbent of the office of
President and Recording Secretary declined to serve for 1958, and the
Nominating Committee recommended that they be given a rising vote of
thanks for their efficient work on behalf of the Society, which was done.
Election of officers will be held at the business meeting, January
14th, 1958.
LEGISLATION: Mr. Frank W. Hohmann, Chairman of the Committee,
made his report as follows:
Pending Retirement Bills:
Senate No. 72 Increases 1st $1500.00 25-30%: Balance -
10%. Would repeal Max. Allowance of
$4104.00; Increase Maximum $750.00 per
House No. 607: Increases straight 10%. Not to exceed maxi-
mum of $4104. Increase Max. $200. per yr.
No increases on Vol Contributions.
Congressman Cramer on Dec. 6th, 1957 predicted that if both
bills were passed, a compromise increase would amount to
about 15%.
Mr. Hohmann gave a further report on the 37 Yr. Retirement: 1921
to 1957.
Unfinished Business: None
New Business: None

Donation to the Crippled Children's Hospital: $192.00 was col-
lected at the meeting, and $20.00 was donated by the Society, in lieu of
ice cream usually furnished; this money was forwarded to the Hospital.
There being no further business before the meeting, President Hayes
asked for a motion to adjourn; motion made by Mr. Sprecken, seconded
by Mr. Bradley; motion carried, and meeting adjourned at 3:45 P. M.
Agnes V. Hall, (Mrs. Burt W.)
Recording Secretary


Minutes of Regular Meeting
(26th Annual)
Held at the Soreno Hotel, St. Petersburg, Fla.,
January 14, 1958.
About 175 members were present for the meeting, because of new city
regulations which restrict serving food which is not prepared in com
mercial establishments, no refreshments were served.
At 2:20 p.m. the meeting was called to order by President Troy
Hayes, who requested that all rise and sing one verse of America, Mrs.
Stutzman playing the accompaniment at the piano.
Invocation was offered by Chaplain Lee Burns.
The following officers were present:
President -----. ----- Mr. Troy Hayes
Vice-President __ ----- Capt. Macon A. Turner
Secretary-Treasurer ---- __Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Our receptionist introduced the out-of-town members, new members,
and visitors, who duly respond.
As of December 1, 1957, the Society had 1,600 paid-up members.
Acting Record. Secy. F. F. Hargy read minutes of the previous
meeting held Dec. 9, 1957. There being no omissions or corrections noted,
they were approved as read.
Mrs. Judd had a large number of letters and several congratulatory
telegrams from members unable to attend this annual meeting, which
because of their general interest were read to the members.
On the reported sick list:
Mrs. Laura Sessions Mrs. Oscar Hunter
Mr. Albert H. Geddes Mr. W. L. Dunlap
Mr. Ted Marshall Mr. Toni Lieshout
Mr. Frank A. Anderson Mr. Dunsmore

Mr. Arthur C. Van Brocklin Mr. Richard H. Salmon
Mrs. Margaret Fenton Mrs. Benj. A. Darden
Mr. Ernest Cotton Mrs. Eleanor Kennedy
Mrs. Olive Behlen Mr. R. C. (Shorty) Deavours
Anniversaries: Capt. and Mrs. D. E. Eggleston are celebrating their
50th wedding anniversary on January 21, 1958. Their daughter in Tampa
is entertaining in their honor.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hull will celebrate their golden anniversary
on March 14, 1958 with an open house, and invite all their friends to be
with them.
Mrs. Irene Calvit Mr. Warren E. Hoffman
Mrs. H. P. Forrest Mr. M. E. Gilmore
Mr. John Burns Conley Mrs. Elsie M. Ridenour
Maj. Gen. Arthur W. Brown Mrs. Stewart
Mrs. Lillian Priddy Mr. Harry Hazeldine
Mr. W. A. Garlow Mr. Leslie R. Evans
Mr. John M. King Mr. W. S. Essex
Mr. Sam E. Bell Mr. John Gray
Mr. Guy R. Athey Mr. and Mrs. Charles Slack
Mr. Max E. Egbert Mr. Slack died Jan. 8, 1957, and
Mr. Fridell his wife twenty days later.
Mr. Charles T. Smithies
Committee Reports:
The recommendations of the Nominating Committee as presented by
its Chairman, Mr. J. F. Everett, for elected officers of the Society for
1958, were:
For President -- Capt. Macon A. Turner
For Vice President Mr. Keith Kelley
For Secretary-Treasurer ----Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
For Recording Secretary- .Mr. Francis F. Hargy
Motion by Mr. Hudson, duly seconded, there being no further nom
nations, that the Secretary be instructed to cast one vote for the entire
slate. Motion was unanimously approved, and so ordered.
Motion by Mr. Kelley that the Society extend its thanks to the out-
going officers for their excellent work during the past year. Duly
seconded, the motion was unanimously carried.
Capt. Turner made a short speech of acceptance, thanking the
members for the confidence placed in him.
Capt. Turner again went briefly into the proposed Blood Bank,
answering queries of members from the floor. Mrs. Judd has agreed to

handle the details. The plan covers only those members living within
certain designated areas at this time. At the conclusion Capt. Turner
recommended that in two places where the sum of $20.00 was mentioned
in the approved report of the Blood Bank Committee as set down in the
minutes of Sept. 9, 1957, it be changed to $10.00. A motion to that effect
was made by Mr. Esler, seconded by Major Hermann. Motion was unani
mously carried, and report ordered changed. The changes alter the fol-
lowing paragraphs:
"Persons physically able to contribute blood to the Com-
munity Blood Bank in St. Petersburg for credit to the Society
may do so, and receive a credit of $10.00 to his account with
this Blood Bank Fund."
"It is also possible that the person handling this Fund may
be authorized to pay the sum of $10.00 to any outsider for con-
tributing blood to the Community Blood Bank for credit to this
Membership: The Secretary Treasurer announced that the new
mailing address of the Society is Box 11,566, St. Petersburg 33, Florida.
The Society had 166 new members, with 4 reinstated. There were 31
dropped for non-payment of dues, and 8 by resignation, giving a net in
crease of 131 in our membership.
Mrs. Judd also announced that the American Legion Hospital Fund
for Crippled Children had received additional gifts. The total amount
contributed so far is $246.58, a record high for our Society.
New Business: Motion by Mr. Harry Lewis, duly seconded, that
gifts be given to our Secretary-Treasurer, and to our Editor of the Canal
Record in recognition of their out-standing services to the Society during
the past year. The motion was put to a vote, unanimously carried, and
so ordered.
At this time the President called attention to Mrs. Kieswetter's work
in assisting her husband in the editing of the Record, and of the Society's
The recipients of the two gifts briefly expressed their thanks to the
members of the Society.
Pres. Turner announced that the annual group photograph will be
taken in front of the Hotel Sereno at 12:30 p.m. the following day,
followed by the luncheon at 1:30 p.m.
There being no further business to transact, meeting on motion of
Mr. Sprecken, duly seconded and carried, was adjourned at 3:20 p.m.
Francis F. Hargy,
Recording Secretary

Panama Canal Society of Los Angeles
Mrs. Norine Kaufer of Margarita, C. Z. was a visitor for a few days at
the home of Capt. and Mrs. Howard Smithies of Long Beach. Mrs. Kaufer
will visit with her daughter and their families in Northern California
before leaving for the Canal Zone.
Mr. and Mrs. Keith left for a visit with their daughter, Rosemarie,
and her family in Denver.
Mrs. Frances Schewe was a visitor to these parts in the fall.
Capt. John Anderson, ex-Canal pilot, has been appointed Capt. of the
Golden Bear-California School Ship.
Capt. and Mrs. Smithies had a little get-together of a few ex-Canal
friends at their home in Long Beach. Guests were, Capt. and Mrs. L. C.
Calloway, Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Clay, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Riley, Mrs.
Carrie Clark, and Mr. and Mrs. Dunlap
Dennis Corrigan, grandson of Mrs. Estelle McLain, was a visitor at
our home for the holidays. Dennis is a student at the University of Idaho
in Moscow, Idaho.
Mrs. Ethel Boyd of Santa Monica and Mrs. Mary Maas of Los
Angeles left for a visit to Florida. They will visit with Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Post and other friends. Will also attend the reunion.
Mrs. Anthony Walters has returned from her trip to Panama where
she visited her brother, and is now in Palm Springs.
Mr. Frank Sheehan is a patient in the Maryknoll Sanatorium, 727
Oak Park Lane, in Monrovia, California.
Mr. H. H. Hammer has been in Wadsworth Hospital with pneumonia
but we are glad to report he is now getting along fine and hopes to be at
home soon. Mr. Hammer has our best wishes.
"James Morton, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Morton of El Monte,
Calif., joined the Army last June, completed his basic training in Fort
Ord, California, and is now stationed at Ft. Devens, Mass.
The C. L. Bryans drove to Seattle, Wash. in October visiting with
several of their friends including the Elmer Haws and their daughter,
The Elmer Haws visited Southern Calif. in October, spending some
time with the Geo. Cassells in Redondo Beach. They spent one afternoon
and evening with the Bryans.
The C. L. Bryans spent Thanksgiving week in San Francisco with
the Ben Armstrongs and enjoyed a wonderful dinner, including a turkey
all the way from Connecticut. During the week the Bryans visited the
Robert Morgans of Menlo Park who were enjoying their lovely home and
anticipating a cheerful Christmas with their children and grandchildren.

Capt. and Mrs. George Tawes have leased a lovely apartment in
Santa Monica, Calif. and furnished it. Looks like they are going to stay
put in California for a while.
A group of Canal Zone folks met at the Tawes apartment New
Years Eve. then went to the Hotel Monica for dinner and celebration of
the arrival of 1958.
George Mufford Tawes, son of Capt. and Mrs. Tawes, is now living
in Santa Monica and is employed by the Douglas Aircraft Corp. as an
Industrial Engineer.
Charles Daniels, son of the four leaf clover Daniels, was a recent
visitor to Southern Calif.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack T. Bryan of Encino, Calif. visited Miami and
Havana in October of last year.
Mrs. Sam Grier, of Clearwater, Fla. visited her daughter, Margaret,
in Fullerton, Calif. during the Christmas holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Stillwell of Monrovia, report that their son-
in-law Lieut-Col. Lee Martin of Falls Church, Va. has phoned them that
his entire family, including his father, was in an automobile accident
on Jan. 4th. Mrs. Martin is now in the hospital suffering from a bruised
chest, and the baby with a slight head injury. The elder Mr. Martin also
suffered some injury. The rest of the family returned to their home after
a check-up by the Doctor.
Mrs. Blanche Lupfer of Sierra Madre had an exhibition of her
paintings of Panama in the Public Library in Monrovia on Sunday
afternoon, Jan. 5th. All of the Canal people in this area attended and
enjoyed her exhibition, as well as her punch and cake.
Mr. John M. King of Monrovia passed away on Nov. 29th. He had
been ill for several months. Bob King of the Canal Zone was with his
Mother, as well as Belden and his family, who reside at Riverside. Bob
returned to the Zone on Jan. 3rd.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Thomas spent the Xmas holidays with their
daughter, Mrs. Thelma Wayman and her husband and two children in
Salinas, Calif. Both Hugh and Grace have been ill with the flu since
their return.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Stillwell spent Christmas with their daughter
Mrs. Jean Crooks and her husband and two children in Ukiah, Calif.
Ellis and Elizabeth both returned with the flu, but have now about
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Hoecker of Monrovia spent Xmas with their
daughter Mrs. Dorothy Welty and her husband and three children in
Palo Alto, Calif. No flu, not yet at least. Estelle McLain


Now that the Holidays are happy memories, let's continue where we
left off in our last report. Taking advantage of Autumn weather and
beauty Haleen and Ernest Williams of Bentonville went a'visiting to
family and friends on the East Coast. They spent a week with Haleen's
sister, Mrs. Mildred Veach of Fort Meade and Mildred's two daughters
and families in nearby Glen Burnie, Md. Traveling north they saw Capt.
Al and Jessie Forrstrom in their appropriately named home-Snug
Harbor-in Rhode Island. In Connecticut, they stopped to see Capt. and
Mrs. Rowe also Capt. Skeels. His wife, Henrietta, was down with the then
popular Asian Flu. Returning home by way of Hendersonville, N. C. they
visited with C. L. and Rose Johnston, whose son Robert was to be married
in Anderson, Ind., the following week. By telephone they learned from
Elizabeth O'Rourke that Fred was not too well. Their last overnight stop
was with Capt. Gus and Adela Kolle of Russellville, Ark. who were
leaving soon for a trip to Texas and Mexico. Now happy to be home in
Northwest Arkansas where the tempo of living is a welcome change from
the hustle and bustle of the East Coast.
November brought Mrs. Peggy Ellis of Houston, Texas to Fayette-
ville and her visit put us in the mood for a happy Thanksgiving. Also in
November, the retired P.R.R. folk in Bentonville entertained Barbara
Hutchings of Las Cumbres, Panama and the Kenneth Newlands now of
Springfield, Mo. Lula Mae Coman, Edith Engelke and Barbara were
school girls together back yonder during the early days of Canal history.
December brought the R. O. Shueys of Florida on their way to spend
Christmas with his mother in Neosho, Mo. Ray is now Special Auditor for
the State of Florida and was assigned to audit a Cincinnati, Ohio corpora-
tion that has a plant in Florida before returning to their home. The Lynn
Cooks of Rogers report a visit from Mrs. Andrews, formerly of the
Balboa Dispensary, passing through on her way to spend the Holidays and
winter with her sister in California. Mrs. Andrews' retirement home is in
Vermont. December also brought Christmas Joy to the Comans when
James Jr., Frances and four lively youngsters were up from Keesler
A. F. B. in Biloxi, Miss. Jimmie Jr. may be a good Air Force man but he's
no good with a gun. How ever, thanks to his hunting buddies, they all en-
joyed Quail on Toast for breakfast. Hooray! the new family room at your
reporter's home was ready for the visit of the Jr. Shaws new family from
Manhattan, Kansas. It was fun taking movies of our six months old
grandson Mark with his first Christmas Tree, a product of Tranquil Acres

and his first Christmas Gift, an animated Santa Claus from Grandpa Shaw.
Your reporter enjoyed the many Christmas greetings received and those
with notes of the activities of you and yours were read and re-read,
especially the fan mail.
January brought a New Year, another opportunity for service. It
also brought Letty and Ed Schnake to our door, a most welcome surprise
and of almost equal surprise to Letty, thanks to Ed. They were returning
from a wonderful Christmas Season with Letty's sister and mother in
Monterey, Mexico. In Texas, they spent some time with their son, Dr.
Edward in Galveston, friends in Houston and the Leslie Wilkinsons
(Sully Sampson) in Donna. Hastily gathering a few of the Zone Clan,
we had a happy evening here, which for Letty and your reporter con-
tinued way into the wee sma' hours as we talked of our work together in
old Pedro Miguel. They were accompanied to Mexico by daughter Barbara
Jeffers and family who returned to Michigan by another route only to meet
unexpectedly in a motel some 300 miles from Detroit. The Alton Whites
of Gamboa stopped in Fayetteville to see their mother, Mrs. Nannie I.
Brown, after being with their daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren
in Little Rock. They continued on to California to visit with their son
Dennis and family, also Alton's parents before returning to the Zone in

Heinie Hallin has joined the Universal Club of Braggarts, better
known as Grandfather's Club with the arrival of STEPHEN EMERSON,
December 22, 1957 in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Hallin, Jr.,
Covena, California. We are all quite proud of 12 year old David Hallin,
cellist and his sister Elizabeth, violinist, for their participation in the
Youth Orchestra sponsored by the University of Arkansas. David was one
CORE, recently presented in the Fine Arts Theatre of the University.
The Homer Crooks are home from their California trip and now busy
getting settled in their home on Township Road. Writing of settlers, we
are happy to welcome Edwin P. and Mildred Higgins and family of four
boys and two girls to our town. They live about six miles East of us on
Round Mt. Ed. will be remembered for his splendid voice when he sang
the tenor solos in THE MESSIAH presented by the combined choirs
of the Pacific side and the High School Orchestra under the direction of
Mr. Neil Branstetter, Easter 1941 in the ruins of the Old Panama
Cathedral. Mildred is the daughter of Mrs. Cora Makibben of Tennessee
and the late Capt. Henry E. Makibben, a Canal Pilot. Mrs. Makibben is
here at present for a short visit and we hope she will return to make her

home in Fayetteville. The Charles H. Millers of Farmington have sold
out their chicken farm, lock, stock and barrel and are now touring the
Southland before deciding where to make their future home.

We regret to report that Mrs. Hollister Jackson of Rogers slipped
while reaching to adjust a window shade in her home and tore the shoul-
der muscle of her right arm. She will be remembered as the mother of
Col. Jackson who married Virginia Thornton of Cristobal. Bill Keller is
in our local Vet. Hospital for his annual check-up. Our hearts were
stunned to learn that Dr. Hooper of Jonesboro collapsed while performing
an operation. He was the husband of Elaine Bohan Hooper, daughter of
Grover Bohan, formerly mortician of Gorgas Hospital. Dr. Hooper was 46
years old and well loved in his community. Our deepest sympathy to his
widow and other survivors. Grover and Billie Bohan were attending the
Re-union in Florida when they received the news and Grover had a close
call when the plane in which he was returning to Jonesboro had to, make
a crash landing in Memphis. Word has reached us of the passing of Mr.
Joseph C. Irwin of Fort Smith. Mr. Irwin was formerly with the Dredging
Division in Gamboa. He had been in ill health since his return to the
States. He is survived by his widow, son and grandson.

We congratulate Paul Engelke, son of George and Edith Engelke of
Bentonville upon his graduation from the University of Arkansas in
Business Administration in the class of January, 1958.

Mr. and Mrs. Elton Lowe (Thelma) formerly of Cristobal, now of
Florida were guests of Mrs. Mattie MacAulay of Bentonville for ten days.
Mattie and Thelma were co-workers in the Cristobal Commissary. Lynn
and Margaret Cattrell of Centreville, Wis. stopped to see the Jimmie
Comans on their way to see Lynn's sister in Albuquerque, N.M. Lynn
was with the Electrical Division in the Dry Dock area.

Our Jr. Past President, sometime neighbor and all time friend, Mr.
Ed. Booth is enjoying being with his four generation family on the Zone
but missing our wonderful winter weather. Our local newspaper, NORTH-
WEST ARKANSAS TIMES reported that "climatologically" ($64.00
word) our weather in Fayetteville for 1957 was and is at present, perfect.
For the lovers of a four season climate, there is beauty in looking across
the fields to the old Elm tree, stripped of it's summer verdure, revealing
the strength of the trunk and branches while the twigs form a delicate
lacy pattern against the dark hills and soft dappled grey skies or the
golden tints of a winter sunset.

Our wandering President, Tom Mock and Mina are trailing to view
the wonders of Old Mexico. Friends, take your time a'goin but hurry
back to our Annual Picnic, June 8, 1958, and your secretary.
Blanche E. Shaw

Panama Canal Society of Colorado

The Panama Canal Society of Colorado held its regular business
meeting on November 10 at the home of Col. and Mrs. James A. Weir.
The meeting was conducted by Roy Graham, President. All members
present unanimously voted that the officers now in office remain in office
until after the next meeting.
Dorothy Kennedy read the following letter from the 0. F. Murrays,
of Boulder, Colorado, who could not attend the meeting.
"Sorry, we will be unable to meet with you Sunday, but very best
wishes for a pleasant and successful get-together.
"Just a month ago we returned from a trip East visiting the children
in Schenectady N, Y. and several side trips. Called on Dr. and Mrs. Ear-
hart in Mulberry, Indiana, the Campbell's in Niac, New York, the Herveys
and Kay Prentiss in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, Gladys Webb, Buchanan,
Virginia, then to Hendersonville, N. C. where we saw the Sawyers,
Mitchells, Lewis', Dr. Irvins, including Sam, Jr., and family, Wanlass',
Pattersons, Harrells; did quite well for just two days there. Shirley Price
was visiting there and she came West with us as far as Indianapolis where
she was to spend a few days with Miss Alice Alexander. All seemed to
be in good health and enjoying life."
Bill and Bit Kendrick then showed slides and movies of the Zone which
they had taken during their ten-year stay there, and last year when they
were down for a short stay.
It was then decided that Mr. Leonard Stark contact the Society in
Florida and get information on drafting a Constitution and set of By-
Laws for the Colorado Society.
In order to get sufficient and recent information on those who were
present, we had each of them write a little about themselves and their
families. Following are the items each wrote:
Carrie (Frensley) Waggoner, born in Almirante, Bocas del Torro,
Republic of Panama in 1929. Left Panama in 1951 and is now married
to Phil Waggoner and lives at 1311 Worchester, Aurora, Colorado. She
has one child, a boy, Mark William, 31/2 years old. Carrie works at the
Air Force Finance Center.
Chickie Hobbs Satriano also left Panama in 1951. Married Paul Sat-

riano in September 1954 and lives at 2430 Pierce Street, Denver 15, Col-
orado. Has one child, Thomas Paul, 2 years old, and is planning on a
trip to Panama with son in January 1958 to visit mother, Helen Hobbs.
Mr. nd Mrs. Leonard Stark (Matilde H.) of Arriba, Colorado, Den-
ver address is 1317 Delaware Street. First employed by Building Division
January 1919. Later transferred to Mechanical Division in Balboa. Retired
at age of 62 in 1951. Mrs. and Mr. Stark were married in 1920 and have
one daughter Elia, now married to Albert Hansen and living in Los
Angeles, California. The Starks have one granddaughter, Moreen, born
in May 1957.
Dr. and Mrs. I. E. Ilix. Dr. Hix was in the Zone from 1912 to 1930,
and was District Physician in Gatun from 1915-16 and in Balboa from
1916-17. World War I, February 1918-November 1919. Was District
Physician Balboa from 1920-21 and at Gorgas Hospital Eye & Ear Clinic
1921-1930. Mrs. Hix was in the Zone from 1919-1930.
Frank F. Zundel was stenographer for Captain Nixon and L. E. Wilson
at Mount Hope Depot of Quartermaster Department 1913-1915; in Stores
Accounting Section of Accounting Department in Empire and Balboa
Heights 1915-1919. Left there in 1919 for Internal Revenue Bureau until
Nov. 1, 1956 when retired. Stationed in Washington, Buffalo, New York,
Denver, Colorado. Wife is deceased. Have one daughter (married) living
in Denver.
Dr. G. Russell Wright, 717 Francis St., Longmont, Colorado. Went to
Gorgas in 1935 as an interne. Stayed on in Gorgas Hospital and Dispen-
sary 1942-1949. Urologist at Gorgas Hospital. Returned to Colorado.
Now in private practice as Urologist in Longmont Clinic and Denver Clinic.
Daughter Marge Wright, age 17. Wife, Myrle passed away in May 1955.
Marjie Wright is a senior at Longmont High School. She was born
in Gorgas Hospital in 1940. Left the Canal Zone in 1949 and went to
Tennessee. Moved to Longmont in 1950.
Bill Kendick, Machinist, Pedro Miguel Locks from 1941-1950. Born
in Denver, Colorado. Tool Maker Leadman at Silver Engineering Works.
Live at 1886 So. Milwaukee, Denver. Bit Kendrick, wife, is also a native
of Colorado and was in the Canal Zone with Bill. They returned in 1955
t oCanal Zone and would have missed this meeting if Bill had accepted
Canal Zone job offered him in July 1957.
Pearl F. Akers (Mrs. Harry Akers) lived at 853 Pyle Street from
1930-1938, at 1412 Las Cruces Avenue 1938-1946, and at 881 Morgan
Avenue 1946-1950. Left Balboa in 19,)0 and is now residing in Denver
at 9400 Parker Road. Ane son, Harry Akers, Jr., born in September 21,
1933 in Panama Hospital. He graduated from Colorado School of Mines

in the class of 1954, and received his Masters of Science degree at Color-
ado Univresity in 1956. He is now employed in Nuclear Basin Reasearch
Laboratory, Dow Chemical Company, Midland, Michigan, and his address
is 2808 Isabella Road, Midland, Michigan.
Mrs. Akers adopted daughter, Naomi, is 16 years old and is in High
School. The Akers home on Parker Road is their permanent residence,
and they are very proud of it for they built it themselves. Mrs. Akers
works for the Department of Public Works. Mrs. Akers also asked for
any information on Thomas Jordan who lived inCurundu and who attended
the Baptist Church in Balboa, and on Richard Holt (Dicky), for her son
Harry, who was a good friend of both boys. Harry Akers, Sr. is Foreman,
Panama Canal Railroad and is still in Blboa. Will soon retire.
Mrs. Edward J. Gormely, Jr. (Alice A.), 2945 Locust Street, Denver.
Came to Panama on honeymoon (1939). Lived in Ancon and Balboa
until November 1942. Has two children, Patricia and John, born during
this time. Two more children, Carol and Mary, are native born Americans.
They are looking forward to an auto trip back to Panama some time in
the future.
Marie Keegan Doidge lived in Balboa from 1921-1942. Married
Lt. Col. John P. Doige who is retired now from the Army and working
for State Civil Defense Administration. Live at 2717 So. Marion Circle,
Denver 10, Colorado. Has two sons, Stance and John, ages 11 and 13
years respectively.
Col. and Mrs. George M. Powell, Army Medical Department. Duty
at Gorgas Hospital Dec. 1, 1939-Sept. 1942. Duty as Asst. Chief Health
Officer from August 1945-August 1947. Lived in "Fish Bowl" first tour
and in Balboa Heights second tour. Col. Powell is now Chief, Depart-
ment of Medicine, Fitzsimons Army Hospital, Denver. They have one son,
19, who is a Sophomore at Colorado College and majoring in Pre-Med.
Others who were at the meeting, but who have already been written
up by Mrs. Shaw of the Arkansas Society several issues ago, were Sara
Lewis and her mother, Mrs. Adelaide Lewis, the Col. James A. Wiers,
the Roy Kennedys, and Roy Grahams, and Francis Seeley.
We were all sorry to learn that the Ingersolls could not be at the
meeting for Clyde was in the hospital. We are happy to know that he is
now at home and feeling better again.
For my own part, I am deeply grateful for the news contained in
the Canal Zone Record, and for renewed contacts with old friends which
have come about from articles written in it. I am too late to wish each
and everyone a Merry Christmas, but for all my very sincerest hopes
for a wonderful and happy 1958. Dorothy Kennedy, Secretary

News from the Panama Canal Society of Northern California

On January 18, 1958 in the new Sailboat House on Lake Merritt,
Oakland, this Society held their annual business meeting. After having
a day of "tulle fogs" the 18th was clear and beautiful, like a spring
day, and 92 people brought their lunches and came to visit old friends
and renew acquaintances plus attending the meeting and paying 1958
dues! We had far-a-way members in our midst the D. J. Evans' from
Birmingham, Alabama; the Emmett Zemers from the Canal Zone; the
Otis Rameys from Manteca; and the Henry Starretts from wandering!
The incumbent officers were elected to serve another year and
inasmuch as the past year has been such fun and so gratifying, I am sure
Norm Rocker and Ernie Payne will join in saying that it won't be a
hardship! Our membership has grown to 131 paid members and since
most of those 131 memberships represent at least a family of 2, we are
doingwell. There are still many people in the area that are unknown to
us but new addresses keep coming in so the membership should grow. We
can never hope to be as large as Florida, but we're growing!
We!ve had a mild winter out here, so far very little rain and
nice sunny days in fact, we still have Lil and Jack Evans with us,
and they only intended to stay a month!
News from Clara and Sydney Neville is that Christmas on the Zone
was delightful but they missed our cooler weather. They are due "home"
the first part of February and we are expecting lots of news about friends
in the Zone.
We have heard good news about Captain John W. Anderson. Since
leaving the Panama Canal in 1952, Captain Anderson has been employed
at Hunters Point, U. S. Navy, two years of which was as Pilot. He was
retired on October 13, 1957, with over 25 years of service. The day
following his retirement he assumed command as Master of the Training
Ship GOLDEN BEAR, of the California Maritime Academy. Capt.
Anderson says they expect to leave California in January on a training
cruise down the West Coast, stopping at various Mexican ports, and will
go as far south as Callao, Peru. On their return voyage they will stop
at Balboa, Canal Zone, and most of the California ports. While talking
to Capt. Anderson at the meeting I remembered the fine welcome his ship
always received while in port and told him I imagined the girls hadn't
changed much they will still enjoy a round of parties with the Cadets!
A committee is to be appointed by our Executive Board to investigate
and be informed on all details relating to the Civil Service Retirement
Act and benefits awarded widows and widowers so that any persons

needing such help will have someone to turn to. If any of you readers have
any information for us regarding pensions, etc. We would certainly
appreciate it and if sent to me I will see that the committee receives it.
Lt. and Mrs. David Muralt have just joined our group and are
stationed in San Francisco for a year. Mrs. Muralt is the former Jan
Sampson, daughter of the late Dr. D. G. Sampson of Pedro Miguel and
Mrs. Leslie Wilkinson of Donna, Texas. We are looking forward to a visit
from the Wilkinsons in June the big advantage of having the children
here is that the parents always get homesick and come a-visiting.
As stated above, the Zemers are visiting daughters Shirley Zemer and
Mrs. George Lively and have been shuttling back and forth the Bay
between daughters and friends. They visited the Claude Howells for a
week and I believe are planning on staying several days with the J.
Pragers before returning to the Canal Zone.
We have so many members that I am sure everyone would like to
hear about and inasmuch as I am confined to a job and home and can't
contact them all personally, it was requested that all members submit news
items to me to be included in our letter to the Record so perhaps
next time I will have lots of interesting items.
Our annual picnic is in June probably the 21st and everyone
is welcome!
Ruth B. Robertson

Panama Canal Club of Houston, Texas

I am happy to report that Mr. L. B. Ferree of 2512 Calumet is home
and improving very nicely after being hospitalized for approximately
two weeks with a stomach ailment.
Toni Lieshout is home from the hospital and improving from a
sever illness. Mrs. Lieshout's mother, Mrs. Marie Coffey of St. Petersburg,
Florida visited the Lieshouts before going to Panama for the Christmas
holidays. She will visit her son in Guatamala, and Mrs. Lieshout expects
her mother to come by Houston to see her before returning to her home
in Florida.
Roy and Micky Searcy have moved into their new home on 1023
Key Street. Roy and Micky's guests for Christmas dinner were Roy's boss,
wife and five children. Bertha and Hugh Turner and Mr. L. B. Ferree
were the Searcey's guests for New Year's Dinner. Mrs. Searcey is a won-
derful cook and in her lovely way she makes you feel so welcome.
The H. M. Lockwoods were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan L. Levy

during the Thanksgiving holidays. Mrs. Levy got together friends of the
Lockwoods for a buffet supper December 1st. Mr. Lockwood showed slide
pictures of the Canal Zone and were enjoyed by the following:
Mr. and Mrs. Al Brown, Vic and June May, Roy and Mickey Searcy,
Dorothy Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Jacobs, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Lock-
wood, Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Halderman, Ray and Elizabeth Ward, Mr. and
Mrs. Pat Coakley of Grand Rapids, Michigan, visiting their son here in
college, Milton and Molly Smith and son, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Orr, Bertha
and Hugh Turner and Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Sullivan.
Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Halderman left the middle of December for a
vacation in the Canal Zone. They will visit their daughter and son-in-law,
the Collinges. Mr. Collinge is Asst. Supt., of schools in the Zone. The
Haldermans are expected to return to Houston the first of February.
The Ted Birkelands are recuperating from the flu.
Sam Souder has been very ill with the flu and hives for approxi-
mately three weeks. Mrs. Souder says he is feeling better nowv, but will
take some time for him to entirely get over it.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Karst, Jr. and two children, of Balboa, are living
in Austin, Texas where Mr. Karst is attending the University of Texas,
for his Masters Degree. He will then return to Balboa, where he is a
Mrs. Paul (Chickie) Satriano of Denver will visit Mrs. Wm. P. Mc-
Dougall before visiting her mother, Mrs. Helen Hobbs in Canal Zone.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey William's son Douglass will graduate this
month from the Louisiana State College. Mr. and Mrs. Williams are
formerly from Balboa and Ancon.
On January 7th the R. H. Hicks from Balboa arrived in Houston it
spend a post-holiday visit with their old friends the Ellis's. They are on
a three months vacation and had visited relatives in New York, Birming-
ham and Shawnee, Oklahoma. After they left Houston they were return-
ing to Oklahoma to be present at the arrival of their second Grandchild
which is expected the end of January. Mary Belle and Bobbie have been
here twice before and Houston is not new to them. They have many friends,
some of them got together for a covered dish supper and good old time
Gab-fest. We have a deep desire to see them reside here when they retire
in about 18 months.
Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Knox of Ruidoso, N. M. were also visitors in the
home of Peggy Ellis this month. They were on their way to the Meeting
in Florida. It had been eight years since we had seen them and report
that they look better than ever. That must be a healthy climate in New
Mexico. The Knox's were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Nathan L. Levy

who were also Past Matron and Patron of Royal Palm Chapter O.E.S.
They spent some time with other friends and relatives in Harris County
before leaving for the East.
Harrell Sorrell, son of Louise and Charlie Sorrell of Balboa, attend-
ing University of Houston.
John Stetler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Stetler of Kokomo, Indiana
and wife have returned from California. John slipped and fell and hurt
his knee and is spending some time in the hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor May have returned to the Canal Zone with their
children after a sojourn of several years in Houston.
Bertha Turner, Secretary

News from Miami, Florida

The Florida Society Reunions at the Soreno Hotel in St. Petersburg
seem to grow bigger and better each year. I'm sure all of us who attended
enjoyed every minute of it. Among those from Miami were Mr. A. G.
Dunham, our Secretary, Capt. and Mrs. L. A. Skeels, Mr. Lucien Skeels,
Jr., Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Metzger and also Mrs F. E. Williams of Holly-
wood and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Sartor of Ft. Lauderdale.
After attending the Reunion, Mr. and Mrs.Rowland K. Knox of
Ruidoso, New Mexico, visited friends in and around Miami. They planned
to visit Canal Zone friends in Orlando and DeLand before heading North
to visit their son, Frederick E. Knox, in Washington, D. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Wood spent the Christmas holidays with Mr.
and Mrs. W. T. Bowen of Coral Gables.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Skinner, Jr. and three small daughters of
Birmingham, Alabama spent Christmas with his parents in Miami Shores.
Also a guest of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Skinner was Mrs. Herbert Paddock
of Balboa, Canal Zone. Mrs. Paddock was enroute to visit her daughter,
Mrs. Eddie Coe of Jacksonville.
The president of our South East Florida group, Mr. W. C. Smith and
his wife, returned to Miami on January 25th after spending two months
in Los Rios, Canal Zone with their son, Spencer, and Nell Ree Smith.
They report high excitement over the fire in Panama City which destroyed
three city blocks in the San Miguel district, and also the exodus of resi-
dents of New Cristobal to quarters in Coco Solo.
Our hearts were saddened by the death of Mrs. Elsie Ridenour, wife
of Mr. Orland J. Ridenour of Homestead and of Mr. Horace Y. Andrews,
the father of Hobart Andrews of Miami. Both had frequently attended
our picnics.

Mrs. Marie Coulthard of Miami spent Christmas with relatives in
Savannah, Georgia and then accompanied her son, Bob, and his wife to
their home in New York where Bob is employed by the Curtis Publishing
Company. Mrs. Coulthard does not like the winter weather in New York
and was glad to get back to south Florida. Her two daughters and their
families (Judy, Mrs. Calvin C. Curtis and Gloria, Mrs. Gus Holmelin)
are still living in Yokahama, Japan.
Mrs. Antonio Fernandez of Miami underwent major surgery last
month but is now recuperating at her home.
The Rt. Rev. C. Alfred Voegeli, formerly Dean of St. Luke's Cathe-
dral in Ancon and now Bishop of Haiti is one of the speakers on the
Florida Chain of Missions and will be in Miami early in Febrhary. Many
of us are looking forward to the pleasure of hearing him again.
The Panama Canal Society of Southeast Florida will hold four picnics
at the Stone Shelter in Matheson Hammock during 1958. Bring a "covered
dish" and join us for a buffet picnic on any of the following dates. All
are Sundays: April 13; June 22; August 24; October 19.
Come early to visit! The picnic lunch is at one o'clock and is fol-
lowed by a brief business meeting. If you are in the southeast Florida
area you are cordially invited to attend. Call any of the officers to arrange
for transportation.
Hasta la vista,
Ruth T. Metzger

New York Society of the Panama Canal

The Hon. Herbert C. Bonner, Chairman of the House Committee on
Merchant Marine and Fisheries, has appointed a Sub-committee of six
prominent men to examine into the Panama Canal situation. This Sub-
committee is to investigate the feasibility of enlarging the facilities of the
present Canal and is to consider also the possibility of converting the
present lock type canal to a sea level one. Furthermore, it is to examine
into the possibility of building an alternative canal through Nicaragua
or elsewhere. Mr. Hartley Rowe, retired Vice President of the United Fruit
Company, and a member of the New York Society of the Panama Canal,
was appointed as a member of the Sub-committee. Mr. Rowe spent many
years on the Canal during the construction days and is thoroughly familiar
with the entire problem.
Report with profound sorrow the death of the following members
of the New York Society:

Harry A. Kersey of Trenton, New Jersey on September 4, 1957. Mr.
Kersey was past president of the New York Society.
Brigadier General lames G, Steese, USA (Retired), on January 9,
1958, at Bangui, French Equatorial, Africa, from injuries suffered in a
motor accident. GeneralSteese retired from the Army in 1927, and was
recalled to active duty during World War II for service in the Panama
John J. Fitzpatrick, Secretary

News from Orlando

First we want to express our deepest sympathy to Mrs. Glenn
Treffinger whose mother, Mrs. Seavour Belle Cummings passed away
December 27, 1957 while visiting in Orlando.
Also to Mrs. Lee (Irene) Wright of Houston, Texas, goes our heart
felt sympathy as her mother, Mrs. Amalia Stewart passed away Monday,
December 9, 1957 at Mrs. Wright's home. Her death was sudden and
Received a card from Ed. Spearman from Montclair, New Jersey
where he was visiting his daughter. This was Ed's first visit up North
and hope the cold weather didn't keep im in the house too much. Was
happy to see him at the reunion. Drove over with my good friend Louis
Stilson. Thanks for getting Ed. out. That is more than I can do.
Talked with Mrs. E. A. Erbe at the reunion and she told me she was
flying to C.Z. January 28th for an extended visit, however she did add
that three weeks was about as long as she could remain away from Orlando.
Speaking of the 1958 reunion, there is only one way to describe it
and that is "Wonderful". It actually does one's heart good to meet and
visit with the Ex.C.Z. Employees and especially your friends that you
have known so many years. They all looked young and prosperous. Was
also glad to greet so many of the newly retired members of our Society
and hope they enjoy for many years to come the real fun of being retired.
Bill Stevenson recently entered the hospital for a check up and am
happy to report he is in good condition and he looks it. So does Agnes.
Mrs. A. O. Meyer fell and injured herself, but is back on her feet
again and 0. K. Major and Mrs. Meyer were part of the many from
Orlando and Winter Park who attended the reunion.
Captain and Mrs. John H. Miller spent Christmas at their Homestead
home and had as their guests Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sibus of Altamonte

The Wilhites were invited by Bill and Kay Rohrback to drive to the
reunion with them and we had a wonderful time especially Bill as this
was his first time at the reunion and saw many of his old friends. The
"girls" spent most of their spare time window shopping and visiting coffee
shops as the weather was on the coolish side.
Was awfully happy to see Dr. John and Sue Odom looking so well.
They both look like they have been eating "High on the hog." More
power to you and hope to join you some of these days.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Lee Wright of Houston, drove to Orlando and spent
the Christmas Holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pollak. the Wrights
first drove to Dallas and Miss Carolyn Pollak accompanied them to
Orlando where she had a wonderful Christmas with her parents. Carolyn
returned to her University in Dallas by plane Jan. 6th and the Wrights
returned home after visiting friends in Tampa.
Was glad to see Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Flynn at the reunion and Mrs.
Flynn looked good after her operation. We wish her continued and speedy
Mrs. Georgia Blessing and Mrs. Delmore Whitver entertained fifty
guests December 18th at the home of Mrs. Blessing on Springdale Road
with an Egg'Nog Party. The house was beautifully decorated for Christ-
mas. Egg'nog and coffee and a large assortment of sandwiches and cakes
were served.
The Erbe Memorial Collection was presented to the Albertson Public
Library, Orlando, Florida, by the family and friends of Ernst A. Erbe,
at the Ninth Annual Meeting of the Friends of the Library, January 20,
1958. The collection was given in memory of Mr. Ernst A. Erbe, 1889-
1956. Mr. Erbe was a native of Altoona, Kansas, and had many years
of government service. 1912-1918 in Panama Canal service. 1918-1920
Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army. 1920-1951 Panama Canal Service. 1951-
1956 Resident of Orlando. There are 52 books in the memorial collection,
many of the Panama Canal and Latin American History. The donors con-
histed of 51 families and individuals, many of them were present when
the collection was presented.
Doctor Dorothy Moody of the Canal Zone was the house guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Cope, Altamonte Springs, Florida, during the
Christmas Holidays.
Just received a card from Ed. Spearman with greetings from Miami.
Saw Ed. in St. Pete and now he is in Miami so judging from all his
gadding around he must be feeling Tops again. At least our best wishes
are for him and hope he has a good time down South.
R. L. Wilhite

Panama Canal Society of Western North Carolina

The retired "Canal Zoners" in the Carolina Highlands look back
on the year 1957 as a good year replete with the usual indoor luncheons
and recreational summer picnics Christmas and the holidays were cele-
brated with evergreens and good cheer.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Knoop's annual Christmas dinner included the
P. R. Kigers, E. T. Howards and Ernest Behlens. Among the guests at the
George B. Wards' dinner in Weaverville were the Dow R. Walkers, W. H.
Judes, Dr. and Mrs. Chas. L. Trickey, Mrs. Clifton Holland and Mrs.
Marshall W. Pyne.
Students home for Christmas holidays were Clinton Wanlass, a senior
at Clemson College and Bill Hiter, a senior at Belmont Abby, Charlotte,
North Carolina.
Nineteen "Zoners" enjoyed a Christmas eve "No-Host" buffet dinner,
complete with a Christmas tree, and gift exchange at the home of J.
Wendell Green. The home of Ray and Nell Mitchell was the scene of a
"No-Host" buffet. Some ten couples attended.
Allen Lewis spent his holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. W.
Frank and Emma Reppa were in Washington, D. C. with their son
and family, Lt. Col. and Mrs. Robert Reppa, for the holidays.
Mrs. Jack H. Terrill and Dr. and Mrs. Sam Aycock drove to Abeline,
Texas for the holidays which they spent with the Aycock's son David and
family. After a return trip to Tryon where they left Mrs. Terrill at her
home, they set off for California where they expect to spend the winter.
James E. Lawson and wife, Anne, were in Atlantic City for Christmas
with their daughter and son-in-law, the Eston Mansfield, Jrs. and their
children. On their way south they were overnight guests of the Tom
Mrs. Geneva Disy of Providence, R. I. was with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Fred O'Rourk in Hendersonville for the holidays. Fred was later
in the local hospital for about a week with a case of pneumonia.
Mrs. Louise Journey and grandson Tommy have been visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Coleman for the past two months.
Mr. Patrick Conley of the Canal Zone was a house guest of the Tom
Colemans during the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kelley and Mrs. Emma Luckey spent Christmas
with Mr. and Mrs. David S. Kappe at 4620 Knox Road, College Park, Md.
Daughter Patricia was recently married in Hendersonville. The wedding
ceremony, and later, the buffet supper at the Elks Clubhouse will long he

remembered by the fifty or so Zoners who attended, as the highlight of
the social season. The Kelleys then drove to Albany, N. Y. for the New
Year's holidays with daughter Marjory, Mrs. Murray Seagears. Tom
Kelley, Jr. couldn't be present as he is stationed in Berlin, Germany since
he completed his GI training in South Carolina.
Congratulations are in order for Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jude who
celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by driving to Birmingham,
Alabama to celebrate this event with Their daughter and son in law, Dr.
and Mrs. Guilbert M. Stevenson. Dr. Stevenson was stationed in Ancon
Hospital until about four years ago at which time he transferred to the
Veteran's Hospital in Agusta, Georgia. Recently he was made Director of
Professional Services in the Birmingham, Ala. Veteran's Hospital. The
Judes will leave Asheville for Miami on February 6th and expect to spend
several weeks there. Their son, John Jude and wife were recently trans-
ferred from New York City to Balboa where he is now Isthmian Manager
of the All American Cables Co. It will be recalled that he was an operator
in the same Balboa office as a young man in 1930, when at that time his
father Harry, was Chief Engineer of the Cable Co.
Last June his son John Jr., graduated from Colgate University. His
employment with the Atlantic Refining Co. was interrupted by a call to
do his army hitch.
Col. and Mrs. H. D. Scheibla have closed their Hendersonville home
and have gone to Florida for an indefinite stay.
Mrs. Ernest Behlen continues to improve since her stroke and we
hope she will soon return to her normal activities. She sincerely appre-
ciates the many letters and cards received from "Canal Zone" friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross H. Hallowell visited their son Freeland and family
in Balboa and their daughter Lois Margaret Jones and family at Margar-
ita. They were on the Zone about 3 months and were on hand to greet their
new grandson, Freeland Ross Hollowell, Jr., born October 31st, weight
61/ pounds. They returned via Miami in time to enjoy the St. Petersburg
meeting of the Panama Canal Society of Florida.
Marion Hollowell also attended the St. Pete meeting and on his way
home to Milton, Del. spent 3 days in Hendersonville.
Dow and Clare Walker left Asheville on Dec. 30 for several months
stay on the Canal Zone. Dow writes that they had a rough air trip from
Miami over to Panama and that they are nicely settled in the Tivoli Guest
Lieut. William Derr, son of Army Engineer Derr of Curundu, C. Z.,
visited the Edward A. Levys in December. He was enroute to Fort Knox,
Ky. Also Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leslie, both employees of the U. S. Army

on the Canal Zone were guests of the Levys.
Ula W. Tweed received a telephone call from Captain John J. Zirkle,
Jr., U.S.A., in New Market, Va., informing him that his father, John J.
Zirkle, passed away on Jan. 5, 1958. John, Sr. was employed on the Canal
Zone police force during construction days and again later.

He is survived by his wife, and son John, who is married and has
two children.
Mrs. George B. Ward received word of the death of Mrs. William
Hemphill Bell, widow of Rear Admiral Bell, at her home in Washington,
D. C. Admiral Bell served as Sanitary Officer, Isthmian Canal Commis-
sion, from 1910 to 1914.

Mr. Bell was the author of a book entitled "Republic of Panama
and It's People". She was a member of the Panama Canal Society of
Washington, D. C.
Dr. and Mrs. Sam Irving's daughter, Martha Phillips, on December
20th, presented them with a grandson, Donald Duncan Phillips, Jr., weight
51/2 pounds. The father, Lt. Donald D. Phillips, Sr. is a U.S. Airforce
jet pilot stationed at Clovis Air Force Base, New Mexico. His address is
1209 Prince Street, Clovis, N. M.

Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Howell have decided to live in Asheville. Their
address is 110 Virginia Avenue, West Asheville, N. C.
Miss Frances McCullough reports that she has not fully recovered
from her illness of last summer, at which time she was hospitalized and
then spent some weeks in a unrsing home. She is now at her home at 23
Pickwick Rd., Asheville, N. C. (She would be glad, I am sure, to hear
from her "Canal friends."

Mrs. Emely Cole, wife of A. B. Cole, suffered a stroke some years
ago. She has recovered to some extent but is still confined to a wheel
chair. However, she enjoys a daily automobile ride. A. B., who was a
Canal Zone policeman at Cristobal, is still on the job and serves as one
of "Asheville's Finest". In his spare time he has built two pre-fab houses
and recently moved into the last one at 122 Shelbourne Road, West
Asheville, N. C.
I wish to express thanks to Mrs. Edward Levy who obtained the
Hendersonville News Items.

George B. Ward, President
Panama Canal Society of Western North Carolina

In and 'Round About Hot Springs, Arkansas

This will be a sketch of our activities and of news received from
friends and their activities during the holiday season and of 1957.
Jack and Ann Reinig returned from their autumn sojourn in New
York state, spent several weeks at home, then spent the holiday time with
their daughter, Peggy Fucik, husband and children of Highland Park,
Illinois. They are expected back during February.
The Lambs, Jack and Flo, returned from a Thanksgiving and Christ-
mas sojourn near Seattle and environs, visiting their son, Robert Ross,
wife and children.
The Bill Bartholomews were in Milwaukee spending the Christmas
season with their children.
Mrs. Tom Shirley, who underwent a serious surgical operation, re-
covered enough to enjoy the holiday season. Her daughter, Mrs. Peggy
Holmberg, who was with her during the critical period, flew back to her
home in Los Rios, C. Z.
The Fred Atkinsons, Frances Dorn, Bill Burns and sister, Mrs. Free-
land, spent their Christmas at home in Hot Springs. Mr. Burns and sister
moved totheir new home at 300 Morrison Avenue during the holiday week.
From the ExCanalers and present ones, were gathered some items
regarding events during 1957-from their holiday greetings and notes:
The Hartshornes of Seattle, well and busy: Mrs. Sam Elliott, saying
that her son George had an eye malady; the Wesley Hutchings of San
Leandro, Calif. reporting a flu attack; Mr. Isaac Andrews of San Francisco
being especially interested in the newly formed Pan Canal Society of North
California and NARCE activities; Mrs. Edith Needham enjoying her
recent visit to her home in England-from Monrovia, Calif.; Mrs. Teresa
Ball of Los Angeles reporting a son, born to her son John Ball and wife;
the Welton Johnsons, of Amherst, Wisconsin, enjoying their northern home
and activities; Mrs. Frances Dingier and mother, enjoying their annual
winter home in Tucson; the Leon Carringtons now settled in their new
home in San Antonio; "Pop" Wright nearing the century mark still writing
the "San Antonio Bugle" for the Panama American; L. S. Kiser of Canton,
Miss. taking an interesting journey through the West and Northwest earlier
in the year; Mrs. Lillian Ross contemplating attending the reunion going
down to Florida from Woburn, Mass.; Elizabeth Garthwaite of Rahway,
New Jesrsey commenting on Canal Zone memories; the John Palmers of
Trenton telling of John's emergency surgical operation on Christmas eve;
-we pray that all afflicted are happily and speedily recovering.
From the Canal Zone: We have an interesting letter from the Harry

Corns, telling especially about their daughter and son's graduations; from
the Walter Lindsays about Judy's school courses; the Frank Krauses con-
templating a near future residence in the United States; Mrs. Adam
Malletts long and most interesting discourse re. their recent and eventful
European vacation and her continued success with colored photography
during this trip; the Eldon Coffeys contemplated trip to U. S. and their
sons entrance to the University in Miami; and the Ernest Doyles reporting
that they still reside in San Jose, Costa Rica; and the Bill Schrums are
now residing in Hamburg, Germany, being transferred there from
Antwerp, Belgium.
The Panama Canal Reunion in St. Petersburg was well attended and
very enjoyable. Arkansas was represented by Grover and Wilhelmina
Bohan from Jonesboro and Frances S. Dorn of Hot Springs.
Frances S. Dorn


Mrs. Roland Murwin of Jacksonville, Florida, reports the birth of
another grandchild, this one a boy, on November 13, named Roland the
third, presented to them by Buzz and his wife Marlene. Buzz and his wife
have another child, a girl of two.

Late in January, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lombard, accompanied by
Mrs. Patrick Quinn and her daughter, Genevieve, visited in St. Petersburg
where they called on several of their friends. Later they visited Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Stevenson of Winter Park and Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Meyer of
Orlando. On January 25th, Mr. and Mrs Meyer were hosts at a cocktail
party for the visitors Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson, Mr. and
Mrs. Richard G. Taylor, Mrs. Alan S. Boyd, Mr. and Mrs Hugo Nash,
and Mrs. Katie Mary Swain.

Mrs. E. A. Erbe of Orlando, departed for the Canal Zone on January
23rd where she will visit her son, Dick, and family.

Samuel L. Lux, who died August 15, 1957, in Panama, left an estate
of approximately $40,000 and apparently no heirs. Mr. Lux was un-
married and no heirs have come forth to claim the estate. He was a native
of Ohio. If no heirs are found, the estate will revert to the U.S. Treasury.

Mrs. Tommy Franklin writes that Tommy had an emergency appen-
dectomy on December 19th but made a good recovery. They are staying

in Marietta, Georgia for the winter but will be back in Bryson City, N. C.
next June.

Mr. Max Egbert passed away on January 6, 1958 in a Nursing Home
in Fort Worth, Texas. Mr. Egbert had been in poor health for some time.
Mrs. Egbert was a hospital patient during the month of November, last

Mrs. William C. Fritz of Edgewood, R.I. writes that two grand-
children were added to their family last year. To daughter Dorothy, a
son, Bert James Garry in Beverly, Mass., and to daughter Barbara, a son,
John Clifford, in Arlington, Virginia.

Bobby and Mary Belle Hicks of Balboa, C. Z. announce the arrival
of their first grandson, born on January 28th at Baxter Hospital, Shawnee,
Oklahoma. Mark Robert and his mother, Mary Alice, are both fine.

Mrs. Bernard J. McDaid of Cristobal, C. Z. reports a fine vacation
in California and at the Grand Canyon. In New Orleans, she saw Dr. and
Mrs. Gilder and Mae Fahnstock. She also visited in Cuba and Kingston,

Please make the following corrections in your Year Book: Mrs.
Robert W. Hutchings, 2441 Crestview Court, San Leandro, California;
Mr. W. F. Ilgen, 176 Franklin Avenue, San Gabriel, California.

Mrs. Al Meigs of Tampa, reports that Al is able to get around the
house but that is about all. Her mother, who lives with them, is a bed
patient so Mrs. Meigs has her hands full.

Captain and Mrs. James H. Coakley announce the birth of their
second child, a daughter, at Lajes Air Force Base, in the Azores. Capt.
Coakley is with the 1605th Air Base Wing, Military Air Transport Service.

Capt. and Mrs. Daniel E. Eggleston of St. Petersburg, Florida, cele-
brated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday, January 21, 1958.
They were honored with a surprise cocktail party at the home of their
daughter and son in law, Col. and Mrs. Homer Truitt in Tampa, Florida.
"This is your Life" was the idea of the party and Capt. and Mrs. Eggleston
were surprised by their son, D. Maurice Eggleston and their daughter,
Mrs. Robert D. Glassborn, who flew from Panama, and another daughter,
Mrs. Charles E. Beall, who arrived from Atlanta, Georgia. Another old
friend, Mr. Irving Bennett, flew up from Miami. It was wonderful for the
Egglestons to have their entire family all to-gether for the first time in
13 years. Capt. Eggleston was a pilot on the Canal for 22 years and Mrs.

Eggleston was Chairman of theWomens Civic League for three years.
Congratulations to the Egglestons from the Panama Canal Society
of Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Fuller made a circle tour of Florida after
attending the reunion. They had a wonderful time, the only thing that
marred the trip was the short stay that Emerson's brother had to put in at
a St. Petersburg hospital. After his short stay in the hospital, he was able
to continue the trip to Orlando and then home to Maryland.

We regret to report the following death notices received, just before
press time:
Mrs. Elva M. Gooding, 54, died suddenly on Thursday, December
26th, 1957, in Kent General Hospital in Dover, Delaware. In addition to
her husband, she is survived by a sister, Mrs. Mildred Holland, of Tem-
peranceville, Virginia.

Mr. Thomas M. Gooding of Clayton, Delaware, died Monday, Feb-
ruary 3, 1958, less than six weeks after the death of his wife. Mr. and
Mrs. Gooding were residents of the Canal Zone in Margarita, Gatun and
Balboa from 1941 to 1952.

Nicolas B. Middleton, retired Panama Canal employee and long time
resident of the Isthmus, died in Panama Hospital. He was 88 years old.
After the Canal was opened to commerce in 1914, he was transferred
to the Supply Division as a foreman. He left the Service in 1917 but
returned to the Canal organization in June, 1918, as a foreman with the
Quartermaster. Later he spent several years with the Cattle Industry, a
section of the Panama Railroad operations.
He left the service again in 1921 but was reemployed in 1926 as a
chauffeur. He retired in September, 1933.
Mr. Middleton had been living in San Francisco de la Caleta for
several years. He is survived by his wife, Carmen, and by three sons and
seven daughters.
The sons are: Fred R. Middleton of Balboa, Nicolas B., Jr., and George,
of Panama City. The daughters, all of whom live in Panama City are:
Mrs. Alice May Samudio, Mrs. Laura Rivera, Mrs. Gladys Moreno, and
the Misses Lavinia, Yolanda Ruth, Rosario and Lydia Middleton.

Canal Zone Police Sgt. Edmund C. Fishbough, senior traffic officer
in the Balboa District and well known Isthmian resident, died at Gorgas
hospital after a long illness. He was 46 years old.
A second generation Canal employee, Sgt. Fishbough came to the

Canal Zone in 1917 with his family. His father, L. S. Fishbough, who
retired in 1950, was employed in the Receiving and Forwarding Agency
in Cristobal.
After his promotion to the rank of sergeant in 1943, he acted on
various occasions as station commander in Gamboa, Pedro Miguel, Ancon
and Cocoli. He had been senior traffic officer in Balboa since 1951.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Ruth Fishbough, two sons, Robert,
and Calvin; a brother Leon S. Fishbough, of Gatun; and his father, now
on the Isthmus, who resides in Costa Rica.

A former Isthmian who was a seaman aboard the USNS Laurentia
died aboard the ship while it was in the Gulf of Mexico.
Seaman Warren Raphael, 30, was born in Ancon on June 17, 1927.
He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Raphael, formerly of
Balboa. It is understood the Raphael family now lives in New Orleans.
Young Raphael was injured aboard the military transport vessel. An
attempt was made to secure medical aid from New Orleans, but because
of rough seas a helicopter failed in its effort to put a doctor aboard the
Laurentia. The ship docked in the Louisiana city.
Mr. Raphael grew up on the Canal Zone. He was absent from the
Isthmus during 1944, 1945 and part of 1946, while serving in the armed

Mrs. Oscar Hunter of Ocala, Florida, passed away on January 26th.
She is survived by her husband and one son, William.
Mr. N. E. Thompson, ham radio operator, with the call number
W 4 LAB, 20 meters, 14250 kilocycles, passed away on January 27, 1958.
in St. Petersburg, Florida. Mr. Thompson was well known to many of
the ham operators on the Canal Zone and many retired Zonites in the St.
Petersburg area, will remember him for his kindness in relaying messages
to and from friends and relatives on the Canal Zone. The sincere sympathy
of all who knew Mr. Thompson is extended to his wife who is also a
ham operator.

In the January 23 Congressional Record, Hon. Clark W. Thompson of
Texas, presents a eulogy of General James Gordon Steese, Soldier, Engin-
eer, Scholar, Explorer, and Statesman. Mr. Thompson's eulogy summarizes
some of the highlights of Gen. Steese long and varied career, especially
those related to the Panama Canal in which he was so greatly interested.
Mr. Thompson concluded with a poem by Maurice H. Thatcher, which
epitomizes in a most admirable and effective manner, the life, character,
and achievements of General Steese.

Cards of thanks have been received from the following:
Mrs. Laura Sessions Mrs. Arthur W. Brown
Mrs. Ethel Mae Drake The Hummer Family
Mrs. Max Egbert The Lucille Bowen Family
Mrs. Elaine Bohan Hooper


The Blood Bank fund is growing steadily and we are nearing our goal
of $500. Members in the St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Gulfport,
Bradenton, Gulf Beaches, Largo, Dunedin, Zephyrhills, Pinellas Park,
Lutz, Sarasota, Dade City, Palmetto and New Port Richey areas, are
eligible, with members of their families. Members who wish to join, are
urged to send in their contribution of $2.00 for each member of their
family. Full details of this blood bank plan may be found in your
December Record, under Minutes of August 12, 1957 Picnic Meeting.

A Note of Thanks

We were fortunate in having a new-comer to St. Petersburg volunteer
to take pictures at our annual reunion. We wish to thank Mr. Clifford


The following have been added or addresses changed or corrected since the
Year Book was printed. (*) denotes change or correction.
*White, Mrs. Jonas E.-4A Calle Poniente No. 7 -- Flor Blanca, San Salvador
PANAMA, Rep. de Panama
Bilgray, Mr. Max-P. O. Box 5 ----------------------------------_ Colon
*Adler, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence-P. O. Box 345--__ -----------Diablo Heights
Barfield, Mr. and Mrs. L. L.-P. O. Box 286 ______________ Margarita
Brennan, Mr. and Mrs. M. J.-P. O. Box 174 ..__________________ Margarita
Catanzaro, Mr. and Mrs. A.-P. O. Box 75-------------------------Gamboa
Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. John H.-P. O. Box 683 -__--___-- ---___ Balboa
Darden, Major and Mrs. B. A.-P. 0. Box 562 ______ _______ Balboa
Engel, Mr. and Mrs. Fred-P. O. Box 702 ---______ _____ Balboa
Fears, Mr. and Mrs. Charles C.-P. O. Box 1411 -___ ___-___Balboa
Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J.-P. O. Box 388 --- __-____- ___Balboa
*Johannes, Miss Jennie Geddes-P. O. Box 514 --_ -____ Balboa Heights

Kirkpatrick, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph-P. O. Box 2064-------_ .. ------Cristobal
Madison, Mr. and Mrs. Dave J.-P. O. Box 1042 ------------_--- Cristobal
Minnix, Mr. Raymond E.-I.A.G.F. Drawer 24-------.--_--- Fort Clayton
Reese, Mr. P. W.-P. O. Box 2006__ --------- ----------__Cristobal
Simonsen, Mr. Christian-P. 0. Box 328 -----------_------__- Balboa
Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. C. A,-P. O. Box _-------Diablo Heights
Townsend, Mr. and Mrs. Harry E.-P. O. Box 3 ------------------- Balboa
Van Evera, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight M.-P. O. Box 9--- ----------- Balboa
*Colston, Mrs. R. Dean-167 Hillside Circle-------------------------- Gadsen
Graham, Mr. Smiley A.-Route 1_ __--------- --------------------- Endora
*Ashbrook, Mrs. C. M. (Nellie)-126 W. Whiting Avenue ----- -- Fullerton
Beland, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sr.-5835 Elizabeth St., Apt. 2 ..--- Oakland 21
*Behler, Mrs. Lura V.-Box 345 -. .- .-----.---- Long Beach
Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. Howard M.-417 Hobbs Lane --------- Santa Maria
Hedges, Mr. and Mrs. Selby E.-1271 Foster Road --------- Napa
MacDonald, Miss Anne K.-4821 Wightman Street --- -_ --_San Diego 5
*Miller, Mr. and Mrs. R. L.-Route 1, Box 1154 __--- ----- Ramona
Peterson, Capt. and Mrs. W. H.-35263 Acacia Avenue -- _------ Yucaipa
Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Jr.-160 White Oak Drive ----- _Arcadia
Taber, Mrs. L. A. (Elizabeth)-917 E. Mendocino Street ------_. Altadena
*Wright, Mr. A. L.-822 Arkansas Street ----- ----_____- San Francisco 7
*Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Henry-411 Dover Street--- ------ Bridgeport
Hild, Rev. John S. C. M.-Chaplain- Providence Hospital
1150 Varnum Street. N.E.---- Washington
Rall, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F.-Dept. of State Mail Room
Salisbury FSR ------ Washington
*Pearce, Mr. and Mrs. H. A.-117 Old Shawnee Road ------- Milford
Schroeder, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. (Helen Vineyard)-Box 184_Delaware City
Askew, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. (Babe)-221 18th Avenue N.E.__St. Petersburg 4
*Bloss, Mr. and Mrs. Harry I.-Box 8068_ -__ ____----- Tampa 4
*Brown, Mr. Earl-4851 Gandy Blvd. Lot 20, 1st Blvd.------------ Tampa
Carey, Mr. and Mrs. Valentine-2913 Knights Avenue-------------- Tampa
Cooper, Mrs. O. R.-P. O. Box 405 ------------__------
*Corliss, Mr. and Mrs. J.-9783 Nimetz Court ---___ -__--So. Jacksonville
Dodson, Miss Mae-P. O. Box 2784------------- -- St. Petersburg 31
*Dugan, Miss Bessie M.-Oaks Hotel ----_ ----------------Palmetto
Fernandez, Mr. and Mrs. Antonio-1041 N.W. Little River Dr. ----Miami 50
*Gregory, Rev. and Mrs. R. R.-P. O. Box 125 -------------Penny Farms
Halliday, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham-Box 96 ------------------ Sebring
*Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Dan S.-1235 N.W. 34th Street -- ---- Miami 42
*Kelley, Mr. and Mrs. Keith-3576 Abington Avenue, So. -- St. Petersburg 11
Leech, Mr. and Mrs. Michael-204'/ South Willow -_--------- Tampa 6
*McGinnis, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M.-5545 8th Avenue No... St. Petersburg 10
*Martin, Mrs. George W.-3009 Riverview Blvd., West --------- Bradenton
*McTyier, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.-(November thru April)
Pennflora Hotel-443 2nd Avenue North --------- St. Petersburg 31
(New York May thru October)
*Melanson, Mr. and Mrs. R. A.-18 N.W. 106th Street- .-- Miami Shores 50
*Mohr, Mrs. Walter (Laura M.)
Coral Way Park, 2020 S.W. 57th Court --_____--- Miami 55
Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S.-4119 27th Avenue No. --St. Petersburg 13
*Nickel, Mr. and Mrs. Martin-2092 74th Street North -..- St. Petersburg 10
*Owen, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert B.-1502 Shirl Lane-------- Jacksonville 7
*Plummer, Mr. and Mrs. R. P.-312 Spring Street ----..- Green Cove Springs

Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd-136 Powell Circle_ ------- North Fort Myers
Rohrback, Mr. and Mrs. William-1154 North Lake Sybelia Drive --Maitland
Royals, Mrs. Margaret G.-1146 17th Avenue North ----- St. Petersburg 4
Rysan, Mrs. Charles-2828 1th Avenue North _-_- St. Petersburg 13
*Sausel, Mr. and Mrs. George A.-2105 Hagan Drive Parkside .- Tallahassee
Shields, Mrs. Catherina-1430 N.W. 87th Street-------------- Miami 47
Simon, Mr. and Mrs. R. 0.-4250 1st Avenue South---------- St. Petersburg
*Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Carl-945 49th Street North------ St. Petersburg 10
*Stapf, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert F.-117 15th Avenue North .-- St. Petersburg 4
*Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. S. B.-611 North Disston Avenue --- ---- Tavares
Terry, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A.-Parakeet Trailer Park ------Lake Wales
*Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. C. E.-Palm Crest Hotel (Temp.) ------ Haines City
Violette, Mrs. Elizabeth-3512 Palmira Avenue. ---- ---------- Tampa 9
Weiss, Mr. Otto J.-3212 Bay Vista Avenue-------- -----------Tampa
*Whitver, Mrs. Delmore-125 East Harding .-------------------- Orlando
Wirt, Mr. Vincent-Route 1, Box 810----- ----- -------- Apopka
Zimmerman, Mr. and Mrs. George S.-Res. 100 Easy Street Port Charlotte
Mail: Box 1142 ---------Punta Gorda
*Currier, Mrs. Esther P.-132 Peachtree Way N.W.---------------- Atlanta 5
*Purvis, Mr. and Mrs. C. Wilson-1993 Willa Way ---- -----------Decatur
*Booz, Mr. Melville L.-2705 Eastwood-------------- --------Evanston
*Booz, Mrs. Thomas S.-2705 Eastwood --------- ---------- Evanston
*Cloys, Mr. and Mrs. M. L.-Route 4, Box 23 ------ -Brookville
*Dailey, Mrs. Elmer, Sr.-127 Estess Street ---- -------------Metairie 20
*McGimsey, Mr. J. V.-Box 384 ----- -------------------- New Orleans
Sharp, Mrs. Nellie K.-1212 Napoleon Avenue -------------New Orleans
*Sampsell, Mr. and Mrs. J. B.-Res.: Braddock Mountain Ridge Road No.
Mail: Route 5 ----- -- -- Frederick
*Frederick, Mrs. Mamie-Res.: Cranberry Lane
Mail: P. O. Box 332 --- ------- .----- West Harwich
Leach, Mrs. Julia-328 Essex Street---- ---------- ------ Swampscott
Carey, Mrs. Grace Jones-3486 Woodland Road ------- Ann Arbor
*Correora, Mr. and Mrs. Donald T.-32 West End Homes. ---------- Biloxi
*Jcnes, Mr. and Mrs. James Horace-1618 22nd Avenue, Apt. B .-- Gulfport
Cann, Mr. and Mrs. E. H.-23 Walnut Terrace------------------ Bloomfield
Dennis, Mrs. Josephine R.-244 Crestmont Avenue------------ Trenton 8
*Dorgan, Mr. and Mrs. William H.-924 Hudson Street -- Gloucester
Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. Bert-644 Highland Avenue-- ------------ Kearny
*Kersey. Mrs. Harry A.-77 Prospect Street -- ------Trenton 8
Lombard, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene-92 Water Street -----Toms River
Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A.-11 Beverly Hill Road-- --------_-- Clifton
Walter, Mr. and Mrs. G. H.-Carbons, Inc.----_--_---- ----------_-Boonton
Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Carl D.-3116 Constitution Avenue N.E... Albuquerque
*Barlow, Mr. and Mrs. Edward-14 Highland Avenue-------------- Massena
*Dexter, Mrs. Clinton E.-68 Northumberland Avenue ------ Buffalo 15
*Fagan, Miss Mary E.-32 Myrtle Street--------------------------Le Roy
*Gilead, Mrs. Rosemary Millet-c/o Capt. Geo. O. Gilead 0-1844796
Army Section JUSMAGG
APO 223, c/o Postmaster --- New York City
Kilmurray, Mr. and Mrs. W. J.-32 Pimlico Avenue------------- Salamanca

*Lutz, Mrs. Carl M.-c/o Mrs. C. M. Kelly, Oakwood Shore ----Poughkeepsie
(Temporary-after June, back home to Los Angeles)
*O'Donovan-Rossa, Miss Isabel-1470 West Avenue, Apt. 3-E --New York 62
Rice, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil L.-523 Advent Street, Westbury ---Long Island
*Sonnemann, Col. and Mrs. Otto F., Jr., 0-42280
APO 19 c/o Postmaster --------------------- New York

Giavelli, Mrs. Anne M.-Route 8, Box 149 ----- ---------------Concord
*Howell, Lt. and Mrs. Clarence D.-Res.: 110 Virginia Avenue
Mail: P. O. Box 6292 -------Asheville

*Pierce, Mrs. Mary C.-22 Santa Clara Avenue----- .---.-- Dayton 5

Berger, Mr. and Mrs. Claude (Elinor Mullane)-1710 So. 79th. East Ave.--Tulsa

*VanSiclen Mr. Andrew-Box 523 --------------------- ---- Clatskanie

Cooley, Mr. and Mrs. M. L., Jr.-1312 Lakemont Drive ----- Pittsburgh 16
Ericksen, Capt. and Mrs. E. J.-- -----------Saylorsburg
*Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. C. E.-1201'2 Ligonier St. (after June 1st) --- Latrobe
*Tydeman, Mr. and Mrs. B. G.-301/z South 15th Street -------Allentown

*Stoddart, Mr. and Mrs. James G.-722 Bells Highway .----- Walterboro

Love, Mrs. Ida-1107 18th Street N.W.------------------------ Cleveland
Meroney, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.-511 Central Avenue ---------- Chattanooga
Moore, Mrs. Ida Doyle (Ida Dempster)-c/o Greenbriar Lodge-- Gatlinbur"

Staples, Mr. and Mrs. John R.-Box 92----_ ---------------- Fulton
Zeeck, Mr. and Mrs. William C.-Star Route No. 2---- __ Lamesa

*Detamore, Mrs. Gladys E.-130 Thornrose Avenue ---------- Staunton
*Ewing, Mrs. Eula J.-c/o Va. D. & B.---- ------------ --Staunton
*Gallivan, Mr. John D.-7406 Hogarth Street -------------------- Springfield
*Townshend, Mr. Alan H.-1123 Patrick Henry Drive-- ------- Falls Church

*Walling, Mr. and Mrs. Howard E.-7703 30th N. E.-------------Seattle 15


We wish to thank all who sent Christmas cards and New Year's
Greetings to the Society. Space will not permit listing them all.

Thanks, again, to all our representatives for sending in their reports
before press time and to others who sent in clippings and items of interest.
The deadline for the next issue of the Record will be May 1, 1958.

P. O. Box 11566
St. Petersburg 33, Florida

If you know anything about the present whereabouts of "Shorty"
Meacham or his wife, please contact us as they are entitled to considerable
retroactive annuity. It is believed his correct name was Franklin C.
Meacham. Service record, December 3rd, 1906 to October 2nd, 1914.

Your Editor wishes to thank the membership of the Society for
their gift.

All pictures in this issue of the Record were taken at this years
reunion at the Soreno Hotel.

P. O. Box 11566
St. Petersburg 33, Florida

Herewith dues for 1958:

For:-.....-----..---..-.. ...------ --- .. ... ............. ...-

Address.................................. .....

City.....- -.... ..........................................

State... ....................... ... ... ........

in Panama Canal Society of Florida

Name's Name...... ............---------. ..... ............................. ........----- .-- .- ...-

W life's Nam e........... ..... ..... ...................... .. .. ... ... ...

Address ---- ------.... ..........

City .--. ---- -.---------.-- ------.. ._ -...._ State ------.. ---

Number of Years on Canal -. .... ... ....----- ......-..

W hat Division.......- ...............-----------... ...... ............ -... ....

Amount Enclosed...... .................

Sf I' I Mr. anJ Mrs. h:...r,. E EF 5,gr
-St SPe'er;ltw; Fla

,/ i

Mr. an- 3 irs. Lee Elel
it PeIersb.r, Fla

Dr. and Mrs. William H. Clinchard
and daughter Jackson, Miss.



Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cutler, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hoffman, Rochester, N Y.

I 'A


Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Regan, Norwood, Ohio
Mr. and Mrs. Myers, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Mr. Clifford Myers, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Panama Canal Society of Florida
P. O. Box 11566
St. Petersburg 33, Florida

U. S. Postage
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Permit No. 603






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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E9L28W4K1_UYS875 INGEST_TIME 2013-02-07T16:41:45Z PACKAGE AA00010871_00034