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Mr. and Mrs. William H. Medd Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hohman
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hohmanr,
Wilmlngton, Del.
Wimigtn Del. St. Petersburg, Fla.
Celebrated golden wedding,
May 14, 1956

Home of Ida and Slim Hallett
North Quincy, Mass.

Capt. and Mrs. J.W. Davis, Canal Zone
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Anderson, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Mrs. John Christiansen
The late Mr. John Christiansen, Tampa, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Rocker
Lafayette, Calif.

Mr. and Mrs. I.W. Metzger
Miami, Fla.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Dunham
Sarasota, Fla.

Mrs. Howard H. Dworak Mrs. Grace Schack
St. Petersburg, Fla. son Jimmy, grandson Larry
Mrs. Fred Lyons, Miami, Fla.
Clearwater, Fla.

Mrs. Mary De Young
Widow of late John T. De Young
Corpus Christi, Texas

The Panama Canal Society of Florida
To preserve American Ideals and Canal Zone Friendships
Harry J. Lewis J. F. Warner
President Founder
Troye Hayesn F. A. Anderson
Vice-President J. F. Bashner
Mrs. Lucille S. Judd Bash e
Secretary-Treas. W. H. Butler
Mrs. Burt W. Hall H. H. Hudson
Recording Sec'y. Ralph H. Oliver
E. M. Kieswetter Dan E. Wright
News Editor Counselors
Lee Burns James Bradley
Chaplain Sergeant-at-Arms


The last two issues of our Canal Record, namely for December
'55 and March '56, presented quite a number of Congressional bills
proposing an impressive background of pending legislation of interest
to Civil Service Retirees as well as Old Time Canal Constructors.
While the bulk of this background still remains as unfinished bus-
iness and is still pending in the Committees, there has been some com-
mittee efforts on a few of the bills.
Senate bill S. 2875 has been reported out of Committee (P.O. &
C.S.) with recommendation for favorable enactment. This S. 2875 in-
volves quite a general revision of the Civil Service Retirement System.
Of particular interest is the proposal for a more liberal method of com-
puting retirement annuities for those who retire from the Civil Service
in the future but also proposes that retirees on the rolls at the time
this bill is enacted, and ,their survivors, to quote, "shall continue in
the same manner and to the same extent as if this bill had not been
S. 2875 as now pending for the consideration of the whole Senate,
embodies none of those amendments which would be of interest and
benefit to present retirees, as was enumerated and suggested in the
two flashes on legislation in our March Canal Record.
However, at the time this bill was reported out of Committee, the
full committee instructed their chairman, Olin D. Johnston to appoint
a subcommittee to study such amendments. With the approval of the
full committee Chairman Johnston and Senator Frank Carlson, the

ranking minority member, are expecting to co-sponsor a bill embody-
ing amendments about as outlined in our March Canal Record, and
which would be of interest to present retirees. At this writing this
new bill has not as yet been introduced.
While retirees may feel somewhat disappointed in this present
situation, that the Johnston bill S. 2875 has been reported out of Com-
mittee without embodying any benefits of interest to them, they should
not feel discouraged, but simply spurred to more determined action and
letter writing.
The situation is not only hopeful but rather promising, particu-
larly if Senators, Representatives and surely the Committeemen, re-
ceive some communications from all retirees urging some favorable
consideration and action before The Congress adjourns. The time is
getting short. Write promptly.
In the House the Committee on P.O.&C.S. has bill H.R. 9473 by
John Lesinski (Mich.) which does include some benefits for those
now on the retirement roles. At this writing there are some ten or more
bills identical to, or differing only in a few details from H.R. 9473
which have been introduced in the House.
The Congressmen who have introduced these companion bills in
support of the above Lesinski bill are Representatives; Broyhill, Va.,
Granahan, Pa., Cramer, Fla., Herlong, Fla., Radwin, N. Y., Pelly,
Wash., Davis, Ga., Madden, Ind., Trimble, Ark., and Hayworth, Mich.
This group of bills embody amendments about as outlined in our
March Canal Record, and would provide some annuity increase for
retirees and their survivors, would authorize simultaneous adjustment
in retirement annuities when ever the pay of active employees is in-
creased, or when ever the formula for computing future annuities is
liberalized, also would recind the $4104 ceiling now existing in Public
Law 369.
At this writing the House Committee on P.O.&C.S. has not sched-
uled hearings on these or other associated bills. The members of this
committee need to be urged to action by letters from all retirees, other-
wise they will become occupied with other matters pressing for consid-
eration before an earlier than usual adjournment.
OLD TIME CANAL CONSTRUCTORS will be interested to
know that H.R. 842, the bill proposing an increase in their construc-
tion service pensions, has been reported out of the Merchant Marine
& Fisheries Committee. The report was favorable and recommended

On April 9, 1956 the House passed H.R. 842 and it is now pending
in the Senate Committee on P.O.&C.S. Senate bill S. 1409 as outlined
in our December issue is also pending in this same committee.
The Old Timers who qualify as Canal Builders are being reduced
in numbers by Father Time and there remains but a small number
now to communicate to their Senators and the Senate Committeemen
concerning their continuing struggle in attempting to match their 50
cent dollars against the increased cost of food,, clothing, shelter and
medical needs.
Accordingly all Old Timers should write and express their concern.
Time to adjournment of The Congress is very short. Write promptly.


After the manuscript for this subject was in the hands of the printer
we received some more recent data. There is now at hand data con-
cerning the new Senate bill the expected introduction of which was
referred to above.
Instead of one new bill there are now two new Senate bills. S. 3725
by Mr. Neuberger, Ore., with Mr. Johnston, S. C., Mr. Morse, Ore.,
Mr. Scott, N. C., Mr. Laird, W. Va,. Mr. Langer, N. D., and Mr.
Pastore, R. I., as co-sponsors.
S. 3731 by Mr. Carlson, Kan., with Mr. Jenner, Ind., and Mr. Mar-
tin, Iowa, as co-sponsors.
You will note that all the co-sponsors are members of the Senate
Committee on P.O. & C.S., with the lone exception of Mr. Morse.
While there are two new bills of interest to those now on the retire-
ment rolls, these two bills have some similarities and some differences
in their proposals.
The SIMILAR proposals in these two bills include: Increase in re-
tirement annuities by $100 plus $10 for each full two-month period
elapsed since the beginning of the annuity, but not to exceed an in-
crease of $300 a year. The annuities of surviving spouse to be increased
by $80 a year, and that of surviving minor children by $50 a year.
Both bills propose to strike out that $4104 ceiling from Public Law
369, which became effective as of October 1, 1955.
The DIFFERENCES in the proposals of these two bills concern the
duration of the benefits and the method of financing the proposed

S. 3725 proposes that the indicated improved benefits be made only
when The Congress makes suitable appropriations for this specific
S. 3731 proposes that the indicated improved benefits be made on a
temporary basis only and subject to the following limitations:
(a.) The increased benefits to be paid out of the retirement and
disability fund but definitely discontinued on June 30, 1959.
(b.) The increase benefits to be discontinued at some earlier
date as determined by the cost of living. This to depend
on the Consumer's Price Index as developed by the Bureau
of Labor Statistics decreasing to a figure comparable to
that as of April 1948.
(c.) The increased benefits to be discontinued on June 30, 1958
unless The Congress appropriates funds for this specific
purpose for the Fiscal year ending June 30, 1959. The cost
to be determined by the actual accounting during the pre-
vious year.
S. 3731 also proposes to establish annuity benefits for surviving
spouse of retired employees who died prior to Feb. 29, 1948. The a-
mount to be one-half the employee's annuity, but not to exceed $600
a year. Provided the survivor has not remarried. The proposed' bene-
fit would begin the month following the month in which the survivor
may file application for such annuity and would cease upon death or
Both bills are pending in the Senate Committee on P.O.&C.S.
Post Script: Have you written your Congressman or Committeemen?

Some April, May and June Highlights on
Panama and the Zone

APRIL 1904 First Isthmian Canal Commission visited the Isthmus
to establish government and inaugurate the work.
MAY 4, 1904 American occupation on Isthmus. Transfer of prop-
erty of the then new Panama Canal Co. to the U. S. Government.
JUNE 1, 1904 John F. Wallace appointed Chief Engineer.
JUNE 2, 1904 Col. William C. Gorgas appointed Chief Sanitary
APRIL 16, 1909 Clock moved forward 18 minutes which made

Panama City official time agree with Standard Time of the 75th
meridian in use on Panama Railroad.
APRIL 30, 1909 "La Boca" became "Balboa".
MAY 2, 1909 Dr. Manuel Amador Guerrero, First President of
Panama, died.
APRIL 27, 1913 Robert Fowler made the first flight over the
MAY 18, 1913 Dike near Corozal was blown up letting the waters
of the Pacific into the Canal channel.
MAY 20, 1913 Last steamshovel dipper of dirt removed.
APRIL 1, 1914.- Exit Isthmian Canal Commission, Enter Panama
Canal Organization.
MAY 14, 1914 Pontoon bridge at Paraiso placed in operation.
APRIL 17, 1915 Name of Culebra Cut changed to Gaillard Cut.
APRIL 30, 1915 Big Colon fire.
The above data is from a long list ,of highlights compiled by
Carl A. Hoffman.

One For The Books?

Mr. E. M. Kieswetter, Editor
Panama Canal Record,
Panama Canal Society of Florida.
Here is one for the books?
Last September on my way down to Florida from Michigan, my
first night out I stopped at a Motel about five miles north of Louis-
ville, Ky. The New Hollywood Motel on Rt. 31.
While talking to the owner I mentioned that I was retired from
the Panama Canal and he informed me that he spent several years
down there during the Construction days, from 1910 to 1914.
I asked him if he knew if he had three years in but at the time he
was not sure, so I suggested he write to Washington and maybe he was
entitled to the old timers Gift that all old timers that had three or more
years in as construction workers were entitled to.
He informed me that he had never heard about that and did not
know what I was talking about, so I proceeded to inform him and he
said he would write and find out about it.

Well I got a letter from him that Washington had informed him
that he had three and one-half years in and that he would hear from
them before long.
So I sent him an application to join our Society and also sent him
one of our Canal Records in the back of which he would find an appli-
Today I got his application with a check for $3.00 and he in-
forms me that Washington has sent him his first check for the amount
of $65.00.
So you never know just what you are liable to run into when
you travel around this country of ours.
What he got in back pay he did not say and it is none of my


Henry and Kathleen Grieser send best wishes to all their friends.
They are very happy in their home in Co. Cork, Ireland. The Irish
Times Pictorial recently carried an article about the Greisers and their
retirement activities. Henry is raising Chinese geese and making gad-
gets for their home, and Kathleen raises fine African violets and has
two Yorkshire terriers to occupy her time.
P. W. Hanna reports all is well with his wife and himself in their
retirement home in Shelton, Washington.
Mel and Ruth Alexander have been visiting their daughter, Jeanette,
in Silver Spring, Maryland. Also their son Daniel in Alexandria, Va.
Daniel completed officers training at Fort Knox, Ky., where their
daughter was born, November 29, 1955. They named the baby Kay-
leen Ruth. Milo Alexander, with Pan American Airways, has been
transferred to San Salvador. Milo and Lois had their second child, a
boy, last year, named Melville Richmond. L. W. McBride and wife,
June Tilley, recently visited the Alexanders in Silver Spring. June Ann,
the McBride's older daughter, is attending the University in Munich,
Germany. The McBrides had returned to his duties in Turkey, Greece
and Italy.
Mr. and Mrs. Aram Hatch of Miami, Fla., missed the reunion as
they were entertaining their son, Harry, wife and son, a year and a
half old. The Harry Hatches make their home in New York.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Trout of DeLand, Florida, were happy to wel-
come Helen Kalor and the Dr. Clays who visited them in January.
H. A. Pierce of Syracuse, N. Y. had a grand time at the reunion.
Met friends he had not seen for forty years. He and Marion hope to
become permanent residents of Florida before long.
Mrs. Silas Woodruff of El Paso, Texas, could not make it to the re-
union on account of illness. She sends best wishes to all her friends.
Mrs. Grace Shack has been a patient in Mercy Hospital in Miami.
She is feeling much better following surgery. Her son, Jimmy, is with
the Moore McCormack S. S. Lines and her daughter, Grace, husband,
and four children live in Miami.
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Sauerwein of Carney's Point, New Jersey,
say the latch string is out for any of their friends who may pass their
way. George just retired after nine years with the Gayner Glass Works
of Salem, N. J.

All is well with Edythe and Clarence Kiefer in Torrance, Calif. Their
daughter, Barbara and husband have bought a nice home and have
settled in Torrance.

Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Plummer, of Green Cove Springs, Fla., have
been visiting their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Claude
Thompson, in Leavenworth, Washington. They were there in time to
welcome their new grandson, William Raymond Thompson, born on
Feb. 21, 1956. They also report plenty of snow, from fifteen to thirty
feet at times. Beautiful to see but for Floridians it is like living in
an igloo.

May Maieres, of Oreland, Pennsylvania, says they missed the re-
union because of the serious illness of her brother. Son, Gerald, and
family have gone to Cuba for eight months. They will be located 600
miles south of Havana.

Ralph Cutler, who has been caring for his brother in Batavia, N. Y.,
lost his home in Mystic, Conn. by fire on Feb. 2. His brother died on
Feb. 7. Ralph's brother hadi been ill and totally blind for some time.

The Earl Kents are on the West Coast. Last report, they were in
Seattle. On their way North from Calif. they had visited Mrs. Sam
Elliott and son, George. While in California, besides visiting their
daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wanke, they saw Mr.

and Mrs. George Hatchett and his two sisters, Patricia Hatchett Carr
and Barbara Hatchett Jackson, who live in Conago Park, Calif. They
also visited with the Carl P. Wankes in Whittier and saw the three
Wanke boys and their families at a family gathering. All are well.
Ella E. Wertz plans to make her home in New Orleans and will be
happy to see any old friends who may pass her way. Mrs. Wertz was
presented with a life membership in the American Legion Auxiliary,
Unit One, when she left the Canal Zone.
Noreen and Charlie Will report they are happy and busy in Red-
wood City, Calif. Noreen's parents, old time Zonians, reside in Red-
wood City, also. They all send best wishes to all old friends.

J. E. Pershing of Portland, Oregon, writes he is fat, rugged, and
sassy and ready for the spring run of salmon up the Columbia River.
He reports Ralph Pearson of East Olympic, Wash., as being quite ill
this past year. Billy Wood, ex-Panama railroad man, is living in
Central Washington near the Canadian line. He is married and has
two nice children. Billy recently called on Mr. Pershing in Portland.

Frank H. Irwin of San Rafael, Calif., reports that Mrs. Irwin broke
her leg at the hip last November and is still confined to her bed most
of the time. All ex-Zonians near them have been most attentive and
helpful. The Irwins live about four miles from their daughter, Jean
Ecker, and her three children; and twenty miles from their son, Bob,
who married Mary Ellen Utschig of La Jolla, California in December.
They saw the Stanley Yosts several times while the Yosts were visit-
ing their daughter, Gretchen, in Santa Rosa, Calif. The Yosts have
returned to their home in Mass.

Florence Tonneson Swartzell writes there are several ex-Zonians in
Tenafly, N. J.; her sister, Agnes Janeke, Theresa Gallagher MacNeil.
and Euphemia Wollnough MacNeil. Both Theresa and Euphemia
lived in Cristobal and left after they graduated from High School.
Florence's sister, Elizabeth, was recently married to Frank S. Key,
formerly of the Zone and now residing in Lansdowne, Pa.

Mrs. Geneva Fedde of Owensboro, Kentucy, visited her son, George
and family in Hatboro, Pa. She left there during one of the very heavy
March snowstorms for points south, stopping to see Jim and Rosalie
Stoddart in Walterboro, S. C. and then to St. Petersburg for a short
visit with Frank and Kathryn Hohmann before returning to garden
tending in Owensboro.


Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Zemer announce the marriage of their eldest
daughter, Mary Isabella, to George M. Lively. The ceremony was per-
formed Feb. 4 at noon by Judge Joseph M. Golden in the Argonaut
Room of the Mark Hopkins Hotel atop Nob Hill in San Francisco, Cal.
The newlyweds motored East for their honeymoon via Los Angeles,
Fort Worth, New Orleans and Atlanta, to Philadelphia where the
bridegroom is going into business.
Mrs. Lively is a graduate of Balboa High School, attended Boston
University and before leaving the Canal Zone was Secretary to the
Personnel Director, Panama Canal Company. She has just resigned as
secretary to the company manager, Douglas Paper, a subsidiary of
Safeway Stores, Inc.
Before his resignation, Mr. Lively was company manager of Doug-
las. He is a native San Franciscan, graduate of the University of San
Francisco and the Executive Development Program at Stanford Uni-

Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Dodson of Tampa, Fla., announce the engage-
ment of their daughter Patricia Ann to Mr. Leonard Motykiewicz, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Motykiewicz of Schiller Park, Ill. The wed-
ding will take place in June.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Dodson are residents of Balboa. The bride-
to-be graduated from Balboa High School in 1954.

Mrs. Helen T. Bradley and Captain Lambert W. Kat were married
at the Sacred Heart Chapel in Ancon. Father Michael Wye, C.M. offi-
ciated at the ceremony.
The bride was attended by Mrs. George A. Martin of Margarita,
and Captain Kat was attended by Mr. George Fitzgerald.
Luncheon followed at the Tivoli Guest House, and the couple left
shortly afterwards by plane for a honeymoon in Costa Rica.
They will be at home after Jan. 20 at their residence in the Gavilan
Area of Balboa.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Delaney, announce the engagement of their
daughter Evelyn to Clois Dean Yarbrough of Van, Texas. Miss De-
laney is a graduate of Cristobal High School, mid-term class of 1956.
Mr. Yarbrough graduated from Van High School in 1953, served two
years in the U.S. Army at Fort Davis, where he starred on the 1955
Champion Army Atlantic basketball team. He is now attending the

University of Houston. An early spring wedding is planned at Texas
City, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Murray of Tampa, Florida have announced the
engagement of their daughter Miss Lois Elaine Murray to Lt. Vern
D. Calloway, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. V. D. Calloway of Winter Park,
Florida, former long-time residents of the Canal Zone.
A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Miss Murray was graduated with hon-
ors from Plant City High School, Tampa, where she was a member
of the National Honor Society. She attended business colleges in Tampa
and Cleveland and is now employed as secretary to John Germany, of
the law firm of Coles, Himes and Germany.
Lieutenant Calloway is a native of the Canal Zone and was grad-
uated from Balboa High School with the class of 1947. He received
his AB, degree from Duke University in 1951 and his LL.B. degree
from Duke University school of 'law in 1954. He served on the board
of governors of the Duke Bar Association, is a member of Sigma Phi
Epsilon social fraternity and Delta Theta Phi legal fraternity. The
bridegroom-elect is stationed at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida,
where he is assistant staff Judge Advocate.
The wedding will be an event of June 29, 1956 at the Palma Ceia
Methodist Church in Tampa.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederik Peter Frederiksen announce the marriage of
their daughter, Gunhild Norma Luise to Mr. Olaf Rask. The wedding
took place on February 4, 1956 in New York.
Mr. and Mrs. William James Dorgan of Balboa, Canal Zone, an-
nounce the marriage of their daughter Jeannine Marie to Mr. William
R. Carlin, Jr., on January 21, 1956.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Womack of Hollywood, California, announce the
marriage of their daughter, Lyla Lou, to Mr. Robert B. Robbins on
December 28, 1955, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Miss Claire Haines, daughter of Mrs. Franklin G. Haines and the
late Mr. Haines, of East Cold Spring Lane. Baltimore, Maryland, and
Frank Otis Bryan, Jr., of Balboa, were married on March 10th in
Baltimore. The bride formerly resided in Balboa. The groom also
attended Balboa High School and studied two years in California. He
is presently serving in France with the United States Air Force. Fol-
lowing a wedding trip to the Canal Zone where they will visit the
groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. 0. Bryan, he will return to duty in

Mrs. Blondell Gladney of 16 Davis Blvd., Tampa, has announced
the engagement of her niece, Miss Betty Pate, to Donald Hamilton
Beall, son of Mrs. Mary Beall and the late Mr. Cyril Beall of Bella
Miss Pate is a graduate of Plant High School where she was a
member of the National Honor Society. She attended business school
in Tampa and is employed by the City Planning and Zoning Board.
Mr. Beall graduated from Balboa High School. He received his B.S.
degree in architecture from the University of Virginia where he was
a member of Alpha Rho Chi fraternity. Mr. Beall is employed by
Franklin 0. Adams, architect, Tampa.
The wedding will take place on April 17, in St. Margaret's church,
Margarita, C. Z.
After a short stay on the Isthmus, the young couple will return to
Tampa, where they will make their home.
Mrs. William W. Keenan of St. Petersburg announces the engage-
ment of her daughter, 1st Lt. Virginia R. Keenan, presently stationed
with the Air Force in Ulm, Germany, to 1st Lt. George D. Foster, cur-
rently with the Amarillo Air Force Base, Texas. An early summer
wedding is planned.
Lt. Keenan was born and raised on the Canal Zone. She graduated
from the Cristobal High School, Class of 1942, from the Balboa Junior
College in 1944, and from the Colorado State Teachers College of Ed-
ucation in Greeley, Colorado. Lt. Keenan was Physical Education
instructor for several years at Balboa and Cristobal High School.
In 1951 she entered the Air Force at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas,
and has spent the last three years in Germany.
Mr. and Mrs. Randall H. Ford of St. Petersburg, Florida, formerly
of Balboa, C.Z., have announced the engagement of their daughter,
Marilyn Alice, to the Reverend Malcolm Lysle Foster. Rev. Foster
is the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Ronald Foster of Valley, Nebraska.
The wedding will take place in June.
Miss Ford was graduated from Canal Zone Schools and the Kather-
ine Gibbs School in New York. She is with the Fashion Department
of "Seventeen" Magazine in New York.
Her fiancee was graduated from the University of Michigan, the
School of Sacred Music of the Union Theological Seminary, and the
General Theological Seminary. He is curate at the Episcopal Church
of the Resurrection in New York City.
Mrs. J. L. Hummer of Balboa has announced the marriage of her

daughter, Judith Ann Henter, to Alfred Thomas Chamblee, who is
attached to Albrook Air Force Base.
The wedding took place Friday, April 6th at the Chapel of the Bal-
boa Union Church.
Mrs. Chamblee, who was born on the Canal Zone, is presently at-
tending Balboa High School.
The young couple have returned from a honeymoon trip to Santa
Clara and are 'at home' to their friends at their residence near Paitilla

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Armstrong of Waverly, Ohio, announce
the marriage of their daughter, Jayne, to Mr. Frank S. Samson, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Samson of Waverly, Ohio. Wedding vows
were exchanged at the Waverly Methodist Church on Saturday, March
17, 1956. The bride was born on the Canal Zone and is the niece of
Mr. Harry Wentsler of Diablo, C.Z., Mr. R. D. Armstrong of Margar-
ita, and Mrs. Ivan D. Hilliard of Balboa.


Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Ruoff announce the arrival of a daughter on
January 26th at Norman, Okla. The little miss has been given the
name of Sheryl. Weight seven pounds and eleven ounces.
The Paternal Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Albert N. Ruoff of
Ancon and the maternal grandmother is Mrs. Nora Rathgeber of New
Jersey, formerly of the Canal Zone.

Mr. and Mrs. Loren Kenneth Rood of Curundu announce the birth
of their first: child, a daughter, Laura Karen.
Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Fernand Espiau, also of
The baby's paternal grandmother is Mrs. Elizabeth M. Rood of St.
Petersburg, Florida.

Lt. and Mrs. Thomas E. Lowery have announced the arrival of their
first child, a daughter named Sharleen Gail, born in Landstuhl, Ger-
many, on February 2nd. Mrs. Lowery is the former Carolyn Magner,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson W. Magner of Margarita, C.Z. Lt.
Lowery is the son of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Lowery of Oneonta, Alabama.
The younger Lowerys plan to return to civilian life soon and make
their home in Oneonta.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Honeycutt are the parents of a son, born
January 12, 1956 at Freeport Hospital, Freeport, Texas. The mother
is the former Eileen Mangham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl B.
Mangham, of Carthage, Texas. Mrs. Mangham's maiden name was
Evelyn Demmy. The young man has been named David Earl.

Sgt. and Mrs. Edward J. Mann, of Topeka, Kansas, announce the
birth of their second child, a son, born on March 25, 1956. The baby
has been named Raymond Ernest Mann. Mrs. Mann is the former
Jean Kieswetter. The maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Ernest
M. Kieswetter of Gulfport, Florida and the paternal grandparents are
Mrs. Clara E. Mann and Mr. John L. Mann, Sr., of Terre Haute, Ind.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude A. Thomson are the proud parents pf a baby
boy, William Raymond Thomson, born on February 21. Mrs. Thom-
son is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Plummer.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gribbin announce the arrival of a son, John D.
Gribbin, Jr., born on January 2. Mrs. Gribbin is the former Mary

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Calvit of Diablo
Heights on March 13th at the San Fernando Clinic. The infant will
receive the name Helen Irene.
Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Calvit of St. Peters-
burg, Florida and maternal grandparents are Mr. S. C. Patchett of
Miami, Florida and the late Mrs. Patchett. All grandparents formerly
resided in the Caial Zone and are now retired.

Lieut. Robert L. Kariger USMC, and, Mrs. Kariger of Camp Le-
jeune, N. C., announce the birth of a daughter, Cathy Sue, born Sat-
urday, March 10th.
Mrs. Kariger, the former Lynelle Hankins, is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. E. E., Hankins of Osborn, Missouri.
The baby's paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kariger of
Diablo Heights.

Mr. and Mrs. C. William Homa of Gamboa announce the birth of a
son, Dean Charles, at Gorgas Hospital Wednesday, April the 11th.
This is their fourth child.
The grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Homa of the Canal Zone
and Mr. and Mrs. Blake Key of Nassau, New Providence.

Mrs. Arthur W .Goulet of Ancon has received an announcement of

the birth of her thirteenth grandchild, Thomas Aquinas Zagone, son of
Mr. and Mrs. P. V. Zagone of Alamogordo, New Mexico. Mrs. Zagone
is the former Mary G. Goulet.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Wilson Purvis of Decatur, Ga. announce the birth
of a son, Jerry Wilson, on April 3, 1956. They already have a boy,
six and one half, and a girl, four. The paternal grandparents are Mr.
and Mrs. John M. Purvis of Alexandria, Virgina. Mr. Wilson Purvis
is employed as Underwriter for the American Casualty Company in
Atlanta, Georgia.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. McGhee of Alexandria, Va. announce the
arrival of their third daughter, Claudia Marie, on March 12. Mrs.
McGhee was formerly Miss Helen Purvis of Balboa. The baby's pa-
ternal grandparents are Mr. & Mrs. John M. Purvis of Alexandria, Va.


George H. Carnright, Foreman, Commissary Division-
28 years, 5 months, 8 days.
Bruce A. Chance, Maintenance Division-7 years, 4 months, 24 days.
Charles F. Magee,Dredging Division-34 years, 9 months, 17 days.
Earl R. Baltozer, Commissary Division-29 years, 6 months, 21 days.
Joseph M. Coleman, Customs Division--15 years, 27 days.
Robert E. Dawn, Electrical Division-22 years, 6 months, 20 days.
Harry W. Peterson, Postal Division-39 years, 6 months, 5 days.
George A. Sausel, Pacific Locks Division-29 years, 5 months, 9 days.
Frank L. Taylor, Maintenance-20 years, 11 months, 8 days.
Paul D. Bernard, Pacific Lockmaster-27 years, 3 months, 12 days.
Robert L. Dickerson, Navigation Div.-32 years, 11 months, 15 days.
Eugene C. Lombard, Executive Secretary-37 years, 9 months, 12 days.
Edwin M. McGinnis, Engineering Div.-20 years, 2 months, 17 days.
Leo C. Page, Enginering Division-29 years, 6 months, 8 days.


Fenwick L. Moreland of Landover, Maryland had a heart attack
around Christmas time and has been very ill.

Mrs. L. W. Foster of St. Petersburg, is home from the hospital re-
covering nicely, from quite a serious operation.
Mrs. Lee Burns of St. Petersburg is home after a stay in the hospi-
tal. She is reported as doing nicely.
Mrs. W. W. Warren of Tampa, Florida is recovering from the effects
of a bad fall. She is now out of the cast but will have to wear a back
brace for several months.
Mrs. Andrew Meyer of Berkley, California is recovering very well
from surgery for ulcers.

Mr. Charles A. Brady of Hollywood, California had a heart opera-
tion two years ago and is now preparing to enter the hospital for more
heart surgery.

Mrs. Ruth SchildhauerE broke her right hip a year ago and in De-
cember fell again and broke her left hip. At last report she was not
too comfortable as her leg was in swing and traction.

Mrs. L. O. Keen, wife of Dr. Keen, has been a patient in Mound
Park Hospital in St. Petersburg.

Mr. Charles Leudtke of Washington, D. C. has been a long time
patient in Washington Sanitarium and Hospital in Takoma Park, Md.

Mr. John Wilson of Tampa, Florida is making a good recovery after
serious surgery.

Mrs. H. A. Shedlock of St. Petersburg, has been a patient in Mound
Park Hospital for several weeks.

Mrs. Rose Marie Alexander, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wolf
of St. Petersburg, was operated upon for a broken disc in the spine.
Mrs. Alexander lives in Palmetto, Florida.

Gerald D. Bliss, Postmaster, Panama Canal, 1905 to 1934, has been
incapacitated as the result of a bad fall, displacing vertebra and
cracked ribs. He also reports that Mrs. Bliss is in very poor health
at the home of their daughter, Zonella Bliss Field of San Fernando,

Mrs. Robert N. Ruley of Redondo Beach, California is reported as
improving very well, following surgery at Centenella Hospital in Ingle-
wood, California.

Ralph Cutler of Mystic, Conn. was admitted to the hospital on April
8th for a hernia operation.

Mrs. Welch, mother of Mrs. Al Meigs of St. Petersburg, has been
very ill with high blood pressure.

Mr. Fred Spriegel of Attica, N. Y. has been confined to his bed for
months. He cannot walk or even stand without help. He was 86 years
old on April 15th, 1956. Mrs. Spriegel will be 82 in June and they will
celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in September.

Capt. K. M. Wikingstad of St. Petersburg, had a bad fall in Febru-
ary. Last report he was better and able to drive his car again.

Mrs. James F. Lewis is doing nicely, following surgery in St. An-
thony's Hospital in St. Petersburg.

Mr. W. B. Hall of St. Petersburg is a patient in Bay Pinesi Hospital.

Mr. R. Fuller Pearl is in St. Anthony's Hospital following a heart

Mr. James A. Whitsett of Columbus, Ohio, has been a hospital pa-
tient where he underwent surgery for the removal of one eye.

Louis Warner of Pinellas Park is doing nicely at home after under-
going surgery at Bay Pines Hospital.

Cards of Thanks and Appreciation

Cards of thanks and appreciation have been received from the
Mrs. Emily Grier Mrs. George Ruggles
Mrs. Larry Brain Ms.r Elizabeth B. Hunt
Mrs. John Christiansen Mrs. Bertha Tyrrell
Mrs. Esther Cassell Mrs. Mayme H. Warren
Mrs. Annie M. Conley Mrs. Harry W. Mitten
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lyons Mrs. Charlotte Shedlock
Mrs. Lamar J. Fuller Mrs. N. A. Jones and family
Mrs. Robert L. Barnes and Janet Mrs. J. Samuel Campbell
Mrs. Lee Burns The family of Jack Martin
Mrs. R. W. Foster
The family of Wilfred H. Van Fleet, Sr.


Mr. Ralph E. Sexton, well known Isthmian resident, died at his home
in Panama on February 18th. He was 71 years old.
Born in Bushnell, Illinois, he came to the Isthmus in 1910 as a con-
struction engineer for the Panama Canal.
Later Mr. Sexton became prominent as a builder in Panama and
other construction projects in South and Central America. He owned
and operated the Isthmian Airways in the 1930s.
Mr. Sexton is survived by his wife Kay, and a daughter, Mrs. Jean

Alfred V. Rose, former conductor with the Panama Railroad, died
January 29th in Ojai, California, according to news received. He was
67 years old.
Following his retirement from Canal service in 1949, Mr. and Mrs.
Rose have been making their home in California.
In addition to his wife, he is survived by a son, Herbert, who was
employed until recently as an engineer with the Panama Railroad and
who is now living in California; and two other sons who are also living
in California.

John J. Toner, former employee of the Dredging Division, died in
New York City after a long illness, according to news received. He
was 55 years old.
A native of New York City, Mr. Toner was employed as a marine
coppersmith with the Mechanical Division in 1934. After a break in
his service from 1939 to 1940, he was reemployed in the Mechanical
Division. He was transferred to the Dredging Division in 1944. He
resigned from the Canal Service in 1948.
In addition to his wife, he is survived by two sons, Bernard and
John; a daughter, Catherine, of New York and a sister, Mrs. Lambert
W. Kat, of Diablo Heights.

News of the death of Captain Osborne E. McKay, former Panama
Canal pilot, has been received. He was 72 years old.
Captain McKay died suddenly February 26 in Osterville, Mass.,
where he had been making his home.
Mr. and Mrs. McKay were prominent residents of the Atlantic Side
and were active members of a number of civic and fraternal organiza-
Funeral services were held March 1 in Arlington National Cemetery

with full military honors.
His wife, who survives him, was the former Miss Dessa E. Rainey
and was one-time employed in the Panama Hospital.

Robert E. Dawn, who recently retired as foreman lineman with the
Electrical Division in Cristobal died in Jacksonville, Florida. He was
62 years old.
Mr. Dawn was born in Saranac, New York, and had 22 years of
service with the Canal organization when he retired at the end of
He left the Canal service from 1930 to 1934 and was reemployed
as a switchboard operator at the Gatun Hydroelectric Station. He was
promoted to transmission lineman in 1939, to general operator in 1942,
and to foreman lineman in 1951.
He is survived by his wife.

Robertl. Barnes, 58, retired commissary manager in the Canal Zone.
Born in South Amboy, N. J., he came here four years ago from the
Canal Zone and lived at 5038 34th Avenue North, St. Petersburg.
A veteran of World War I, he was a member of the Episcopalian
Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Alice L. Barnes and a daughter, Janet
L. Barnes, both here.

While celebrating his 43rd birthday in Cocoli, John Allen Eberenz
collapsed and died shortly afterwards, apparently of a heart attack.
Mr. Eberenz, an electrician for the Navy, was a native of the Canal
Zone. He was born at Colon Hospital.
He is survived by his wife, three children, and a brother, Leo, a
Panama Canal employee who is also well-known as sports editor for
the Star and Herald.

David S. Huff, former Panama Line ticket agent in Cristobal and
a well-known Atlantic side resident, died in Banderra, Texas. He
was 61 years old.
A native of Austin, Texas, Mr. Huff was employed with the Receiv-
ing and Forwarding Agency in Cristobal in 1926 and was made agent-
operator with the Panama Railroad in 1931. He held this position in
Cristobal until his retirement in 1950.
Mr. and Mrs. Huff have been making their home in Banderra since
his retirement.
In addition to his wife, he is survived by his daughter, Mrs. Thomas
Egger of Margarita, and two grandchildren.

Lew Porter, 63, composer of such songs as "Beautiful Ohio" and
"Near You" died in North Hollywood Hospital following a heart
Mr. Porter was stricken earlier in his home, 10945 Huston Street,
North Hollywood.
He also wrote "Just an Old Bouquet" for Rudy Vallee and other
songs for Sophie Tucker.
Following the war he was civilian composer for the Army band in
the Canal Zone and composed "The Panamanian War Song".

Word has been received of the death of Mr. George E. Riley, Sr.
Feb. 21 in Clarkesville, Arkansas, after an illness of two months. Mr.
Riley was 59 years old and a veteran of World War I. He was born
in Brent, Kentucky, and lived in Oelwein, Iowa, prior to coming to the
Canal Zone in 1939. He worked for the Panama Canal until 1948,
after which he was employed by the Navy until his retirement in 1955.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Anna Riley of Clarkesville, three
sons, Pete, George Jr. and Jim, and four grandsons, all of the Canal

Miss Annie Withrow died on January 24th in Los Angeles, Cali-
fornia after a long illness. She was 85 years old. Miss Withrow worked
for some time in the addressograph section in Balboa.

Mr. William Gambrill passed away on November 4, 1955. He is
survived by his daughter, Mrs. Esther Cooley of Brandon, Florida.

Carmelo Contes, former detective with the Canal Zone Police Divi-
sion, died on March 6th. He was 63 years old.

Otis E. Wineger passed away on December 27th, 1955 in Everett,
Washington. From 1908 to 1912, Mr. Winegar was clerk in the Depart-
ment of Civil Administration. He is survived by his wife, a daughter
and two grandchildren.

Melquiades Diez, a long-time resident of the Canal Zone, died Sun-
day morning, March 25th at 7:15 a.m.
Mr. Diez was well known on both sides of the Isthmus. For many
years he held the barbershop concession at the Gamboa Clubhouse.
In recent years he has held the concession at the Cristobal Clubhouse.
Mr. Diez is survived by his wife, Mrs. Sara Diez and his daughter
Mrs. Grace Vanderslice, wife of George J. Vanderslice, formerly of

Balboa, died at her home in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania after a long
illness, according to news received. She was 77 years old.
Mr. and Mrs. Vanderslice lived in the Canal Zone from 1907 until
1921. During that time Mr. Vanderslice was an office assistant with
the Marine Bureau in Balboa.
After leaving the Isthmus, they made their home in Bloomsburg,
where Mr. Vanderslice had a legal practice.
In addition to her husband, she is survived by four daughters, Mrs.
Marjorie Jones, of Ancon; Mrs. Priscilla Margerum, of Indiana; Mrs.
Betty Roberts, of Bloomsburg; and Mrs. Nancy Shannon of Long Is-
land and three sons, George J., of Hershey, Penna., Heister, and Rob-
ert, both of Bloomsburg.
Cooper Hollowell, well known resident of the Canal Zone for 37
years until his retirement in 1945, died in Missoula, Montana. He
was 73 years old.
Mr. Hollowell, a native of Bardstown, Arkansas, came to the Ishmus
in March 1908, being employed by the Isthmian Canal Commission as
a cable splicer. He worked continuously throughout the remainder
of the Canal construction period as cable holder of the Roosevelt
medal with two bars denoting six years of continuous Canal construc-
tion service.
After the opening of the Canal, Mr. Hollowell was employed as
steam engineer or locomotive craneman for 10 years. The remainder
of his service was as towing locomotive operator at the Atlantic Lolcks.
In addition' to his son, he is survived by a daughter, Mrs. R. M.
Hirons of Gatun; a daughter, Mrs. Victoria Allen, of King City, Cali-
firnia; and another son, David Hollowell who is on duty with the U.S.
Navy and stationed in California.
Charles Rysan, 67 year old resident of 2828 13th Avenue North,
St. Petersburg. Florida, died recently in a local hospital.
Born in New York City, he moved here 31/2 years ago from the
Panama Canal Zone where he had been a sheet metal worker for the
government there. He was a Catholic.
His widow, Marcenia, two sons, one daughter and one brother
News of the death of Mrs. Mary C. Carter, former resident of An-
con, and wife of Roland S. Carter, has been received.
Mrs. Carter died January 13th in South Pasadena, Calif., where she
and her husband had been living for the past several years.
Mr. and Mrs. Carter lived in Ancon for a number of years.

He was employed as a clerk in the former Correspondence Bureau
from 1917 until 1930.
She was employed as secretary with the U.S. Army.

Juan Francisco Patterson, who died in the Ochsner Foundation Hos-
pital in New Orleans at the age of 72, was a former employee of the
Canal organization.
Born in Panama, he was a naturalized United States citizen. He was
first employed in 1905 as a foreman with the Isthmian Canal Commis-
sion Meterological and Hydrographic Branch. He also worked with
the same unit as an observer and a computer and was transferred to
the new Canal organization in 1914 in the same capacity. He was em-
ployed as a meteorologist from 1920 up to the time of his retirement
in 1946.
Since his retirement, Mr. Patterson has been making his home in
Panama City.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Edelmira Brid Patterson, and two
daughters, Mrs. Julieta Patterson Chandeck and Mrs. Graciela Patter-
son Amat.

John E. Granrud, one time superintendent of the Canal Zone schools,
died at his home in Covina, Calif., March 4th. He was 61 years old.
Funeral services were held March 11 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Born in Decorah, Iowa, Mr. Granrud was employed as assistant
superintendent of schools in the Canal Zone from 1925 to 1926 and as
superintendent from 1926 to 1927.
Since his retirement, he has made his home in California and has
served as West Coast director for the Commission on Educational Or-
ganization of the National Conference of Christians and Jews.
He is survived by a brother, Carl F. Granrud, who is an attorney
in Minneapolis.

Joseph A. A. Le Prince, 83, died on February 9th in Memphis, Tenn.
Mr. Le Prince was Chief Sanitary Inspector in the Canal Zone through-
out the construction period. He was with Col. Gorgas in Cuba before
his service on the Zone. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Julia Mer-
cedes Le Prince, four daughters, a son, five grandchildren, and one
great grandchild.

Memorial services for Dr. Harry W. Mitten, Sr., District Dentist
in Balboa and well known resident of the Canal Zone who died in
Gorgas Hospital, was held in the Scottish Rite Temple in Balboa. The
services were conducted by members of the Darien Lodge of which

Dr. Mitten was a member.
A native of McDonogh, Maryland, Dr. Mitten started practicing
dentistry in the Canal Zone shortly after he was graduated from Medi-
cal College in Baltimore, Maryland. He came to the Isthmus in 1910
as a dentist with the Isthmian Canal Commission and was stationed
in both Empire and Gorgona.
His office was transferred in 1914 to Pedro Miguel where he was
District Dentist for a few years before coming to Balboa.
In addition to his wife, Dr. Mitten is survived by his son Dr. Harry
W. Mitten, Jr., who is an orthodontist in Balboa; his daughter, Mrs.
L. A. Hoy, of Cleveland, Ohio and several grandchildren.
Frank Burton Turberville, a former Canal Zone resident, died at
Memorial Hospital in Roxboro N. C. He was 67.
Mr. Turberville retired from Government Service in 1947 to return
to his Milton home. He had been stationed in the Panama Canal Zone.
Survivors include his wife, the former Hallie Connally; a daughter,
Annie Laurie Adams of Greensboro; and a son Frank Burton Turber-
ville, Jr., of Orangeburg, S. C. Also four grandchildren.
Funeral services for Norbert A. Jones, member of a prominent Canal
Zone family who died suddenly in Balboa, were held in the Elks Lodge
Hall in Balboa. The services were conducted by members of Elks
Lodge No. 1414.
Mr. Jones was born in Culebra, Canal Zone and has been employed
with the Canal organization for the past 26 years. At the time of his
death he was employed by the Accounting Division at Balboa Heights.
In addition to his wife, Louise, he is survived by two sons, Norbert
S., who is stationed with the Army at Fort Jackson, S. C.; Gilmore, an
apprentice with the Maintenance Division; and a daughter, Lynne, a
student at Balboa High School.
He is also survived by four brothers, George of Margarita; Egbert,
of Panama City; Edwin, of Ancon; and Walter, of Washington, D. C.;
and two sisters, Mrs. Belle Schroeder, of Walden, Colorado; and Mrs.
Grace J. Carey, of Ann Arbour, Mich.
Frank Kinsman, well-known retired employee of the Panama Rail-
road, died in Los Angeles, California, where he had made his home
since 1943. He was 84 years old and had been in ill health for the
past year.
Mr. Kinsman was a veteran of the Spanish-American War and had
served in the Philippines as a sergeant under General William Mitchell,
then a second lieutenant. He was active in Masonic affairs and was a

Past Master of the Army Lodge, A. F. and A. M.
Survivors include two sons and four daughters, all living in the
United States, and a nephew in the Canal Zone.
Chester Wilson, former Canal employee, died at Coco Solo Hospital.
He was 65 years old.
A native of Rockville, Missouri, Mr. Wilson was employed from
1918 to 1921 as a clerk and later as an inspector with the Panama
Canal Accounting Department.
After leaving the Canal service, he made his home on the Atlantic
side and recently was living on a farm in the Gatun Lake district.
John Albert Martin, 84, of 1412 East Sitka, died in a local hospital.
A native of New York City, Mr. Martin had been a resident of Tampa
for 35 years, coming here in 1921 from the Panama Canal Zone, where
he served as supervising electrician for 14 years. He was a member
of the Panama Canal Society of Florida. He is survived by his widow,
Mrs. Bessie Griffin Martin, Tampa.
News of the death of Mrs. Beulah Barraugh has been received. She
died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ray Gallant, of Sheridan, Wy.,
March 23rd. Mrs. Barraugh is survived by two daughters, a son, and
two brothers. Also eight grandchildren.
Wilburn E. (Woody) Batton died recently in Winnfield, La. He is
survived by his wife, his mother, and two brothers.
Mrs. Ida L. Harrod Stoddard of Jacksonville, Florida passed away
on February 27th. She is survived by two sons and one daughter.
Mrs. Elizabeth Oderitz, 92, of McLean, Va., died on March 18th. She
was the sister of Mr. Fred Spriegel of Attica, New York.
Mr. Louis A. Hack of Camden, N. J., died April 4th, 1956. He is
survived by his wife, and one daughter, and two sons. The sons and
daughter reside on the Canal Zone.
Clarence Van Fleet of Belfast, Maine, passed away on March 22nd,
1956 after a long illness. He is survived by his wife and one son.

Mr. Marion Hart of Ocala, Florida, died on March 2nd following a
long illness. He is survived by his wife and one daughter, Mrs. Bertha
Hart Davis of North Carolina.

Mrs. Tarr, at one time an employee of the Commissary Division, died
in January.

Mr. Norton E. Greenman of 28992 West 11th Ave., Hialeah, Florida,
died in March.
Mrs. Musa McKim died on March 9th in Oil City, Pennsylvania.
Mrs. McKim was well known on the Canal Zone as a musician and
took an active part in social and civic life. She is survived by two
daughters, Mrs. Musa McKim Gustin of New York, and Jo, one of
the finest girl swimmers ever developed on the Zone.
Walter Emery, 76, veteran of the early days of the Panama Canal
Zone, died on March 27th in Garfield Hospital in Washington, D. C.
He was born in Lacrosse, Wis. He was a graduate of the University
of Tennessee and took his law degree at the University of Virginia. He
served in a number of legal capacities with the C. Z. courts and was
Chief Clerk of the hospital at Ancon during the yellow fever campaign.
He was' a charter member of the Society of the Chagres and of the
Society of Colonial Wars. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Doris
Emery, and a brother, and three nephews of London, England.
Mr. E. A. Erbe of Orlando, Fla., 67, died on April 25 in Johns Hop-
kins Hospital. A native of Altoona, Kansas, Mr. Erbe entered the Can-
al service June 1, 1912. During World War I, he entered the Army and
was discharged as a second Lieutenant. He returned to the Canal Zone
and was empolyed in various capacities. During the last 20 years of
his Canal service, he was recognized as the top authority on matters
relating to wages and classification. He was Chief of the Bureau of
Statistics and later Assistant Executive Secretary. He was a 33rd de-
gree Mason and was well known as a tennis and chess expert. He was
ranked among the top ten Panama tennis players. In addition to his
wife, Ruth, he is survived by five sons, Philip G., of Arlington, Va.;
Richard K., of Los Rios, C. Z.; Lawrence W., of Austin, Texas; Robert
L., of Fort Eustis, Va. and Ernest A., of El Paso, Texas.

The question of transferring the jurisdiction of the Panama Canal
from the Army to the Commerce Department was opposed by Gover-
nor Seybold and Lt. General William K. Harrison, Commander in
Chief of the Caribbean Command. Representatives of both sides of
the controversy testified as the Panama Canal subcommittee of the
Senate Commerce Committee began hearings on the proposal. Robert
E. Mayer, president of the Pacific American Steamship Association,
testified in favor of the transfer. Statements favoring adoption of the
proposal were also submitted by James Sinclair, president of the Luck-
enback Steamship Co. and C. M. Harmon, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer

of the Weyerhause Steamship Co.
Eight truck drivers, all U.S. Citizens and veterans, won a four year
old battle aimed at retaining their positions. The reversal of the orig-
inal order down grading their rates was termed by a canal spokesman
as purely a Canal administrative action.
It is reported that Ancon Hill is on the move again. Along Morgan
Avenue where home and the roadway were nudged by moving earth
last year, the move of dirt bit by bit has been continuing during the
past months. Panama Canal engineers are working on the problem of
protecting quarters and utilities.
The Navy Department has announced that the U.S. Naval Station
at Rodman will be reduced to a partial maintenance status. The cur-
rent complement will be reduced approximately 50 per cent.
A plan already approved by the Defense Department and the Zone
Government calls for all of the firefighting activities to be run by the
Canal Zone government. In terms of personnel, the plan would call for
the reduction of 12 U. S. rate firemen and the hiring of 146 local raters.
A half million dollar suit filed by the Canal pilots, was upped to
$2,825,000 when a motion to amend the original complaint was made
in U. S. District Court by the pilots attorneys, Charles Ramirez and
William Tyson. Ramirez pointed out he now represents 100 Canal
pilots and added, 'We sue for all who are similarly situated."
Governor Seybold was subpoenaed and made a deposition in the
Pilots case. It was the first time in Canal history that a governor was
subpoenaed. Depositions were also to be taken from Capt. Frank A.
Monroe, Jr. Marine Director, E. C. Lombard, Executive Secretary,
Edward A. Doolan, Personnel Director, and three employees, A. G.
Turner, Leonard Wolford, and Mrs. W. A. Call, who are records cus-
Juan Peron, ousted dictator of Argentina, left the Washington Hotel
after Rep. R. James Tumulty (Dem. N.J.) complained to the State
Department and the Army that Peron was an undesirable guest in a
United States owned hotel. Peron took up residence in Panama City.
William C. Hushing warned Canal employes that this session of
Congress is going to be one of the worst for the Canal Zone employee
and it is definitely not the time to argue about the cost of maintaining
a full time watch dog in Congress. Three proposals that need close at-
tention are one, that provides for Canal retirement at 70 instead of 62;

another would give an employee no interest if he draws his retirement
payments; a third would combine Federal retirement with Social
A nineteen minute quake shook the Canal Zone and Panama on
March 13th. The quake started at 8:14 A.M. but no damage was re-
ported although there were a few cases of cracked plaster and some
jumpy nerves.

A damage suit against the Panama Canal Co. was settled for $17,000
in the District Court. It was brought by the United Fruit Co, which
sought to recover damage suffered when the S. S. Antiqua struck the
center wall of Pedro Miguel locks on February 10th. The Fruit Co.
charged negligence and unskilled handling during the transit.

Establishment of one or more super markets in Panama to cater to
those Canal Zone employes who will lose their commissary privileges
at the end of the year, is being planned by the Consumers Cooperative
Club. Shares will be sold at $5 each although no member will be al-
lowed to own more than 100 shares, according to a spokesman for the

A House Merchant Marine and Fisheries subcommittee recom-
mended on March 6th, that the Panama Railroad be continued at
least temporarily, and that a panel of experts should be hired to study
the question and decide on the fate of the railroad.

The bronze tablet, honoring the memory of Lt. Colonel D. D. Gail-
lard, which was removed from the face of Contractors Hill during the
recent project, has been replaced on the hill 110 feet above the surface
of the Canal. The tablet has been set in a 16 foot square concrete
beveled block supported on a free standing concrete pedestal.

In defense of what he termed erronious reports in connection with
the proposed consolidation of firefighting facilities on the Zone, Gov.
Seybold issued the text of a letter he sent to R. G. Condon, President
of the firefighters local 13. Said the Governor, "not only will the
U.S. rate firemen keep their jobs but many will be promoted to officers."
The letter was written following protests made by firemen in which
they contended that local raters would soon replace them under the
new set up.

Rep, Carl Elliot of Alabama, says he is personally inclined to rec-
ommend exemption of the Panama Canal Zone from the Federal min-

imum wage, as urged by the administration. Elliot headed a special
three man House Labor sub-committee which conducted hearings on
the question in the Zone. Three spokesmen for contractors firms work-
ing on the Zone voiced unanimous protest against application on the
Zone of the one dollar an hour minimum wage, charging that it would
upset the economy of the Rep. of Panama.
Horacio Clare, Jr. executive director of Panama's National Econ-
omic Council, flatly rejected the contractors contention. Clare de-
clared, instead, that the payment of the minimum wage would be of
untold benefit to the economy of the Panamanian family and the
Republic in general.
U.S. rate Union men also took strong exception to the contractors
arguments. R. S. Blaney, legislative representative of the Zone Labor
Unions, was against the exclusion of the Zone from the Fair Labor
Standards Act and recommended that it not only continue in effect
but be enforced to the fullest extent. Blaney was assisted by Union
officials, E. W. Hatchett and L. S. Damiani. Rufus Lovely, National
Vice-President of the American Federation of Government employes,
said he believed that a minimum wage standard should apply on the
The new treaty brings big changes for many Panamanians in Canal
Zone jobs. All will now be obliged to pay a 2 per cent income tax to
the Republic of Panama. Another effect of the treaty will be the cur-
tailment after December 31st, 1956 of commissary and import privi-
leges. Several hundred workers expect to be laid off as a consequence
of the restrictions of these services. This will result in many having to
move into Panama and face higher rents and reduced earnings.

Deputy Max Heurtematte told the National Assembly that two bills
implementing some provisions of the new treaty are under considera-
tion by the U.S. Federal agencies. One,' a bill dealing with the con-
struction of a bridge across the Canal at Balboa, is ready to be sub-
mitted to Congress and a bill is being prepared to comply with the
treaty provision for equal basic salaries for Panamanians and Ameri-
cans on the Canal Zone. Heurtematte headed a delegation of three
Panama Assemblymen who paid a visit to the U.S. Congress, recently.

After months of delay, all residents of the Canal Zone, U.S. citizens,
who are employes of the U.S. Government agencies in the Canal Zone
and who reside in the Rep. of Panama, and U.S. Military personnel
residing in the Rep. of Panama, regardless of citizenship, may now

participate in the 75 per cent reduction on the import tax on alcoholic
Liquor dealers throughout Panama City have announced that they
will honor all Canal Zone certificates entitling the purchaser to benefit
from the 75 per cent discount.
The Pedro Miguel Commissary building is one of eight offered for
sale by the Panama Canal Company. The sale of the building will
mark the passing of another old Pedro Miguel landmark. It was first
opened as a commissary in its present location in 1905.

Television on the Isthmus was scheduled for the first of May. The
Commissary and Post Exchanges have delivered sets and owners are
busy installing antennae in time for the first regular telecasts.

Charging negligence and "want of care" on the part of Canal per-
sonnel, the Andros Shipping Co. of Canada, is suing the Panama Canal
Co. for $450,000 as a result of damage to the super tanker, Andros
Venture, in the cut last December.

For the first time in the 52 year history of the Canal Zone Health
Bureau, a full month passed with not a single case of malaria being
reported among employes.

The World Health Organization has reported the presence of jungle
yellow fever in monkeys in Guatemala and Honduras and signs of
recent cases in the Bayano River area of Panama. As a result, C. Z.
Health Officials are urging all employes and members of their families
to obtain yellow fever immunization.

The Panama Government has announced that it has received the
first payment of the increased annuity agreed upon by Panama and
the United States. The first payment of $1,930,000 was made in Wash-
ington by the U.S. Government to Panamanian Ambassador, J. J. Val-
larino. This sum represents an increase of $1,500,000 over the $430,000
Panama had been receiving from the U. S. under the 1936 treaty

United States Armed Forces expended a total of $8,208,763 in Pan-
ama during 1955 for products, services and contractual activities, ac-
cording to a report released by headquarters of the Carribean Com-
Carribean Command figures show that at least an additional 8 mil-
lion was paid military and civilian employes living in the Rep. of
Panama. This makes a grand total of 16 million dollars expended in

Panama during 1955.

Two French firms are scheduled to start a survey soon on the pos-
sibility of creating an artificial lake to give Panama its own water
supply system. The plan calls for a dam near the mouth of the Las
Lajas river if the locale is found adequate for the purpose. The plan
is aimed at meeting Panama City's water requirements which at pres-
ent are filled by the overloaded Canal Zone water system.

Covering the period from February 1st thru April 30th

Just about picnic time and they will be held at the various parks--
MAY 14th-Lowry Park in Tampa
JUNE llth--Hillsboro Park, north of Tampa on Route 301
JULY 9th-Lake Maggiore Park, in St. Petersburg, 9th Street So.
AUGUST 13th-Lowry Park in Tampa
SEPTEMBER 10th-Lowry Park in Tampa
OCTOBER 8th-Lake Maggiore, in St. Petersburg, 9th Street So.
Those of you who plan to visit here in Florida please try to make one
of the above dates so that we all can visit with you.
Dues are coming in fine, although a little slow. To date we have
mailed Card No. 1107-so far this year we have added 139 new mem-
bers which gives us a membership of 1.312,
Since there are over 300 who have not paid their dues and owing to
the fact that many have felt that the notice in the RECORD was not a
personal one, I am sending each member whose membership, has not
been paid up to May 1, a personal notice. If you have already sent
in your dues and I have not received them as of that date, please dis-
regard the notice. The membership card for 1956 is Green with dark
green lettering. If you do not have one that color, you should get
yours right away.
The following states have paid their dues: Argentina, Belgium, Can-
ada, Guam, Hawaii, Mexico, Panama, Colorado, Connecticut, Dela-
ware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota,
Utah, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin.
Now follows the state and number who have not paid as yet: Costa
Rica,1; Ireland,1; Canal Zone, 46; Alabama,2; Arizona, 1; Arkansas,5;
California, 34; Washington, D. C., 7; Florida, 74; Georgia, 4; Illinois,

5; Indiana, 3; Kansas, 1; Louisiana, 4; Maine, 3; Maryland, 6; Massa-
chusetts, 1; Michigan,9; Minnesota, 1; Missouri, 2; Nevada, 2; New
Hampshire, 1; New Jersey, 9; New Mexico, 1; New York, 21; North
Carolina, 21; Ohio, 4; Oklahoma, 1; Oregon, 2; Pennsylvania, 13;
Rhode Island, 1; Tennessee, 8; Texas, 14; Virginia, 7 and Washington
Circumstances beyond our control have forced us to discontinue the
MEMBERS BUSINESS DIRECTORY. We are truly very sorry.
Happy birthday to those whose birthdays fall in the months of April
thru August.

News from Orlando

Word has been received of the sudden death of Ralph E. Sexton Feb.
18th at his home in Panama. Heartfelt sympathy is extended to his
widow Kay and his daughter, Mrs. Gene King.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Mohr held open house honoring his sister, Mrs.
Elsie Skillman of Colon. Mrs. Skillman likes Central Florida very
much and intends to locate here as soon as she can make arrangements.
Mrs. Katie Mary Swain is spending the winter in Orlando and has
an apartment at 1014 East Central Avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Patterson of Hendersonville, N. C. and Mrs.
Bertha (B) Tyrell of Tryon, N. C. were house guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Clarence Sibus of Altamonte Springs, and while in Florida visited
friends in St. Pete and Miami.
Mrs. Gertrude Onderdonk and Miss Macy Edwards are spending
the Winter in Orlando.
Mrs. Edna A. Whitver held open house honoring her sister, Mrs.
M. M. Scholl of Denison, Texas. Mrs. Scholl has spent the Winter with
Mrs. Whitver and is leaving so n to visit her brother in Evansville,
Indiana, then will go to Mattoon, Ill. to visit her sister.
Miss Carolyn Pollok spent the Easter Holidays at home during
Stetson Easter vacation.
Mrs. Emma Christena, mother of Mrs. A. H. Mohr, celebrated her

93rd birthday Feb. 5th. Many friends dropped in to congratulate her.
She looks fine and is still going strong. Many happy returns of the day.
Mr. Louis A. Stilson spent the Easter Holidays with his daughter,
Mrs. Dorothy Land and her husband and children in Danville, Va.
Captain William W. Reid, Box 37, Balboa, dropped in to say hello
while on his way to Green Cove Springs where he has property. He
looks fine and plans to settle in Central Florida when he retires.
Captain and Mrs. John W. Miller recently returned from Miami and
Homestead where they inspected their Lime Grove.
Herbert F. Paddock, accompanied by John B. Corliss and John G.
McCoy, paid me a call during Mr. Paddock's visit in Orlando. Mr.
Paddock was the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. McCoy.
Mr. and Mrs. John Corliss have leased their home at Shorecrest
Drive and moved into their new lake front home.
We regret the passing of our good friend Jack Tyrell of Tryon, N. C.
and extend our sympathy to his widow, Bea.
News has been received of the death of Dr. Henry W. Mitten, Sr.,
Dentist in Balboa for many years, and extend our sympathy to his

Panama Canal Ditch Diggers of South Florida
April 23, 1956

The first picnic of the year was held at Matheson Hammock on Sun-
day, April 22nd, at which time the following officers were elected for
the ensuing year:
Mr. Ike Metzger -...-----------------President
Mr. Charles Lester ------------Vice-President
Mr. A. G. Dunham-------Secretary-Treasurer
The next meeting will be held at Matheson Hammock, on Sunday,
June 17; to be followed by picnics at Matheson Hammock on Sunday,
August 19th, and Sunday, October 21st.
A. G. DUNHAM, Secretary

Dear Editor:
A fine group of South Floridians enjoyed a picnic at Matheson Ham-
mock on April 22nd. It was our first get-to-gether since last October.
Among the out-of-town visitors were Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Williams of
Hollywood, and Mrs. Nell Wardlaw from Ft. Lauderdale, also Capt.
and Mrs. George V. Tawes, late of California but now visiting in Fort
Also attending the picnic were two couples who arrived Friday from
Canal Zone. Nell Ree and Spencer Smith flew up to spend the week-
end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William C. Smith of Miami. Ima-
gine being able to fly up for a week-end!! Remember when it took us
eight days on the old P.R.R. ships to go from Cristobal to New York
by way of Haiti?
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Furr of Gatun also flew up Friday and are guests
of Clara and Bill Smith. They will spend three month's vacation trav-
eling in U.S.A. From Miami they go to Dallas, Texas to visit their
children, Tad Lawson and Mariella (Mrs. Wm. G. Worth) and their
families. Then on to Tulsa, Oklahoma and Memphis, Tenn. In Mem-
phis they will visit Capt. C. A. Russell, a former tug boat captain
in Balboa.
Planning a vacation in June are Rev. and Mrs. Beebe and four
children of the Balboa Heights Baptist Church. They will be the
guests of Dr. and Mrs. Dennis F. Reeder during their stay in Miami.
W. T. Bowen, Television Engineer at Station W.B.T. in Charlotte,
North Carolina, spent a week visiting his parents, the Wm. T. Bowens,
of Coral Gables. Also visiting the Bowens were Mr. and Mrs. Archie
Jackie and Lynn Hall who both grew up in the Canal Zone, have
been transferred from Pensacola to Miami. Lin is Miami representa-
tive for the Sperry Gyroscope Co. of New York.
Bob Coulthard has been transferred to Savannah, Georgia. He is
branch manager for the office of Curtis Circulation Co.
The Dick Taylors from Alfred, Maine called on friends in Miami
this Spring. They were here for the departure of Ruth Taylor's mother,
Mrs. Boyd, who left by plane for Balboa to visit another daughter,
Mrs. W. F. Bartholomew.
Mr. Charles Van Steenburg of Chicago was a visitor in the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Aram Hatch in April. Mr. and Mrs. Hatch are leaving
for their summer home in Pittsford, Vermont on May 12th. They will
return to Miami in November.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Elwell, formerly of Margarita, have sold their
place in New Jersey and bought a home at 3351 N. W. 14th Terrace
from Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kramer formerly of Balboa. The Kramers
thought they wanted to live in California but in six months they were
back in Miami and bought a house two doors from the old home.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence True have bought a new home on Lime Court
in South west Miami.
Mrs. Mary Mills of Bellerose, Long Island, visited relatives and
friends in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. She was in Florida for the wed-
ding of her son, Edgar S. Mills, Jr. to Barbara Nash in the Park
Temple Methodist Church in Ft. Lauderdale on March 10th. Eddie
attended Cristobal Elementary School and graduated from U.S. Mer-
chant Marine Academy at King's Point, Long Island in February. He
and his bride plan to live in Ft. Lauderdale.
Mary M. Ames, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Andrews of
Miami, left recently to join her husband, R. L. Ames, who has been
stationed with the Air Force in Brize Norton, England, for the last
eighteen months. The young people will visit briefly in Ohio before
proceeding to his new station in Great Falls, Montana.
News comes of the death of Mr. Robert Dawn, former lineman in
CanalZone, who retired in February. He entered the hospital at Jack-
sonville, Florida, on Easter Sunday and passed away one week later.
From the Canal Zone come reports of a veritable whirl of social
events coincident with the visitations of the Most Worthy Grand Ma-
tron of the Order of the Eastern Star, the Imperial Potentate of the
Shrine, and the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts,
and also a history making torch-light meeting at Fort San Lorenzo
attended by 420 Blue Lodge Masons. All of these events occurred in
February and March.
The Canal Record grows bigger and better each time. We certainly
enjoyed the March issue.
Miss Judy Coulthard, daughter of Mrs. Stanley Coulthard, graduated
from the Jackson Memorial Hospital and is now employed as R. N.
with the Pan American Airways in Miami.
Mr. and Mrs. Leif Erickson announce the birth of a daughter, Sus-
sane, born in Mercy Hospital. Mrs. Erickson was Helen Kessam,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Milo Kessam, formerly of Gatun.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Smith returned to their home in Miami after a
three months visit with their son and daughter at Los Rios, Canal Zone.
Mr. W. P. Quinn, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Quinn of Miami, is

among those graduating from the University of Illinois. Bill has been
President of the Oratorio Society and also of the Gliders Club.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Furr and Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Smith are visitors
of.the W. Smiths in Miami. These folks were at the picnic at Math-
eson Hammock. Also, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Williams and Mrs. Lang
Mrs. Milo Kessam is spending a few weeks visiting her relatives in
New York.
: Miss Gertrude Smith of the Gorgas Hospital nursing staff spent a
month in Miami and Nassau visiting her many friends.

Panama Canal Society of Los Angeles

The Annual Spring dinner was held Sunday, March 11th at the
Rosslyn Hotel and a wonderful group of about 75 members and guests
Mr. Bradley announced the nominating committees selection of of-
ficers. President-Mr. George Cassell; Vice President-Mr. W. G. H.
Russell; Secretary and Treasurer-Mrs. Bess Morton. A motion was
made that nominations be closed and above named officers were un-
animously elected.
Guests and members introduced were: Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Levy of
Houston, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. E. Henry Wunsch, who spent the holi-
days in the Zone and were very much discouraged at the conditions
and changes he noticed there; Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Seiler of Washing-
ton, D. C.; Mr. and Mrs. Hammer (brother of Mr. H. H. Hammer);
Mrs. Tonneson and son Jack; and Mrs. Cornelia Reimer.
After much discussion, the make-up plans for our new 1956 Direct-
ory were decided upon and the following were all voted and passed
by a majority vote.
Names, addresses, phone numbers, dates on Isthmus, last occupa-
tion and last place of residence will be shown.
The directory will be mailed to all members who have paid their
1956 dues. Extra copies to members will be twenty-five cents and fifty
cents to non-members. Dues are $1.50 a year per family.
This notice is being sent to every person whose known address is
on file. If your name didn't appear in the 1953 directory or if there has
been any change in the information desired, it would be appreciated

if you will fill out and mail to the secretary the form printed on the
bottom of this notice. Any persons not heard from in connection with
this notice will be automatically dropped from the directory.

Dear News Editor:
I have been holding off as long as possible for two reasons. The first
being that the notice sent out about the new directory (which I have
enclosed) has brought in several news items-and second, I have been
waiting to get over the most contagious part of the chicken pox. The
two boys and myself have just spent the most miserable week we can
remember-but at least, we all had each other's company.
The new officers for 1956 are; Mr. George Cassell, President; Mr.
W. G. H. Russell, Vice-President; and Bess Norton, Secretary-Treas-
urer. The Board of Governors remains the same, except that Mr. Prit-
chett and Mr. Cassell have switched places.
Lt. and Mrs. J. Berude. of San Diego, announce the arrival of a son.
They have a happy family of two boys and two girls. Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Berude of Monrovia, the grandparents, spent the Easter holiday
with the family in San Diego.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Levy of Houston, Texas visited friends in
california recently. They spent some time in Monrovia visiting friends
and were house guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Lockwood. Friends are
glad the Levy's have recovered from their illness.
Dr. and Mrs. Graham Naylor announce the arrival of a daughter,
Dr. Naylor is a dentist in Duart, California. The grandparents are
Mr. and Mrs. W. Naylor of Monrovia.
Mr. Bill Ames of Arcadia is happy to have his sister, Priscilla Young,
of the East, with him where she is making her home, at present.
Mrs. Bessie Norton of Pasadena, flew to New York to visit her two
brothers and friends. She will spend most of her time with old Canal
friends from Balboa, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Bowen, now residing in Guil-
ford, Conn. Mrs. Norton spent a few days with her daughter, Nancy,
and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Hollie C. O'Hanlon, of Del Mar, Calif.,
before leaving for the East.
Mr. Sam S. Turner of Washington, D. C. spent a few days visiting
at the home of his aunt, Mrs. Glenn B. Kerr of Monrovia. Mr. Turner
is the sun of Mrs. S. S. Turner and the late Spurgean S. Turner of
Washington, D. C. Sam is with the American Air Line in Washington.
His father was with the Quartermaster Division in the Canal Zone.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Beard of Oakland, have as their house guests
their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. George Coffey. Mr.
Coffey is recuperating from an operation on his back and is still in a
cast but getting along nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Hunter of Gamboa, C. Z. have returned home
from a vacation in Calif. visiting family and friends.
Mrs. Helen Rhodes of Balboa, C. Z. is spending a vacation in Calif.
with her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mallanee
of Los Angeles, and with old friends from school days, Mr. and Mrs.
Decker of Altadena, also Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kerr of Monrovia and
other Canal Zone friends. Capt. Howard D. Rhodes, wife, and son are
now stationed at Camp Zama, Japan. Helen had planned to make the
trip to visit her son and family, but changed her plans for the present.
Helen's many friends hope she will return to Calif. after retirement
in a few years.
The Pot Luck group met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Haecker
of Monrovia last month. The Levy's of Houston were guests. The
group were happy to have Mrs. W. H. Needham join them.
The Frank Hollins of Desert Hot Springs report that recent visitors
in the past few months have been Nate and Tilly Levy, Mrs. Fred
Fitch, Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Brown of Tacoma and Mr. Fred Bradley.
Col. and Mrs. George A. Shaffer write that they are planning a trip
to Panama next January.
Mr. Pritchett sent us the following item: "Gung Ho --And the
Pritchetts are on the move again. Where are they? Just look at your
map of the Orient and that's where they are." Otis sent us all snaps
from the various places-seated at the Captains table and another
aboard the ship of the desert (camel to you).
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Van Brocklin of Santa Ana,
will be. sorry to hear that Mr. Van has had quite a bad operation.
Everyone hopes he will soon be well and up and about.
Mrs. Ruth Brown Robertson of Daly City sent in the following:
"We have been talking about starting a San Francisco group of Canal
Zone people--I have a list of 36 names, myself, and know that there
are lots of other people in the bay Area. The Sidney Nevilles are hav-
ing a picnic the 28th of April and perhaps we can get the; ball rolling
then--have everyone contribute names of people they know and then
consolidate the list. It would be nice and there are enough people up
here to make it worth while." Here's wishing them luck from the
L. A. Bunch.

DEATHS: Mrs. V. C. Dillon of Glendara died late in 1955. She was a
school teacher in the construction days and married V. C. Dillon, a
clerk on the Locks and in the Property Bureau. Her maiden name was
Nona Whiting.
Mr. Charles Oettli, on the Isthmus from 1905 to 1936, died in Jan-
uary 1956. He was a locomotive Engineer with the P.R.R. Co. in Cris-
tobal. He resided in Cathedral City.
Mr. Herbert Osborne, of Fullerton, Calif. passed away recently.
He was a Civil Engineer with the Central Division in Pedro Miguel.
On the Isthmus from 1904 to 1911.
Mr. Newton C. Reynolds of San Francisco died in February, 1956.
Living on the Isthmus from 1924 to 1946, he was a machinist with the
Mechanical Division, Locks Division and later with the Navy.
Mr. James A. Avery of Napa, California.
Notice just received of the death of Earnest Mueller in New Jersey.
He retired about 1943 as Control House Operator at Gatun Locks.
Best regards to everyone,

Panama Canal Society of Western North Carolina

Spring is here, bringing the apple blossoms, dogwood, redbud, bird-
songs, picnics and more "comings and goings" amongst the Canal
Diggers of WNC I hope! I'm afraid they are inclined to draw near
the fires in their cozy homes and stay there. News is scarce.
Dr. and Mrs. Briscoe, formerly of Panama Hospital, visited the J.
W. Greenes of Hendersonville in March. The Briscoes now reside in
Munroe, Ga. where the doctor is Administrator of the City Hospital
and continues his private practice.
The R. A. Pattersons of Hendersonville drove to Florida in Febru-
ary, accompanied by Mrs. Jack Tyrrell of Tryon. They visited Mr.
and Mrs. Sibus in Altamonte Springs and the Mike Byrnes in Miami.
They also called upon friends in Orlando and St. Petersburg.
Mildred and Wen Greene of Hendersonville attended Lenten Servic-
es at St. Peters Epispical Church in Charlotte, N. C. on March 15 to
hear Dean Raymond Ferris preach. He was formerly Dean of St.
Lukes in the Canal Zone and is now Rector of Christ Church in Nash-
ville, Tenn.
During the above service, Dean Ferris baptised the infant daughter

of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Johnston and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs.
C. L. Johnston of Hendersonville. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Coleman ac-
companied the Johnstons to the Service.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Behlen of Asheville made a trip to Maryland
in March, visiting the W. B. Heites of Massey. While there they at-
tended the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Kent Lambert
of Chestertown, Md. Other ex-CZ'ars present were the Heites, the
M. A. Smiths of Buffalo, N. Y., the H. V. Howards of St. Petersburg,
Fla., and the Dick Taylors of Alfred, Maine. During the afternoon,
the Marine Corps sent a detachmenet to present to Kent a citation and
plaque for his services in the Marines from 1900-1903, including the
Boxer Rebellion. He also received congratulations from President
Mrs. U. W. Tweed of Asheville recently attended an organ recital
given by her daughter Susie in the Chapel at Wake Forest College.
Susie is in her Junior year at the College.
Bill Hitter, son of the H. R. Hitters of Hendersonville, spent the
Easter holidays in Florida with several other students from Brevard
College, N. C.
Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Kiger of Asheville visited relatives in Austin,
Texas this winter. While in Texas they also visited Mr. and Mrs. O.
D. Hargis, who at one time established an experimental rubber plan-
tation for Good Year Rubber Co. on the west bank of Gatun Lake near
Escobal. Prior to that, Mr. Hargis managed a rubber plantation in
Sumatra, East Indies. He is now retired.
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Sturgion and family of Corning, N. Y. spent
their Easter vacation with Betty's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Austin
Brooks at Skyland, N. C.
Col. and Mrs. Henry Starrett are selling their recently purchased
home in Asheville and are going to Belfast, Maine, where they will
establish residence. We are sorry they are leaving WNC.
The Dick Taylors of Alfred, Maine, visited Marion and Duke Lewis
at "Ancon Hill" in Hendersonville in March. They were returning
home from a visit to Florida, but at present writing, they are still
unable to reach "home" because of the deep snows and are staying,
in the meantime, with daughter Ruth Catherine and family in Port-
land. Let's hope the snow plow will soon get busy so Dick can get to
his spring planting.
Mr. and Mrs. John Murray of Johnsonburg, Pa., spent several
days with the Behlens of Asheville in March.

Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Howard of Asheville had as their guest in
April Mr. Howard's sister, Mrs. Blanche Vail of Detroit, Mich.
Mrs. Trickey, wife of Dr. Chas. L. Trickey of Asheville, is con-
lalescing at her home after an extensive stay in the hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kelly of Hendersonville, accompanied by
Toodie's Mother Mrs. John Lucky, spent Easter week in Washington,
D. C. with their children. Tom Jr. is now with IBM, daughter Marj-
orie with General Electric and Pat is a student at the U. of Maryland.
Mrs. Maude Holland of Weaverville recently visited her sister, Mrs.
Weymouth, in Howland, Maine.
Rose and "Johnny" Johnston of Hendersonville spent several weeks
"back home" in the Canal Zone during April.
Mrs. Horace Post (Doris Currier) of Baltimore, was the guest of
Mrs. Jack Tyrrell of Tryon in February. Her husband, Captain Post,
formerly of the Dredging Divn., is now with Elliott Machine Corp.,
and was on a business trip to Madagascar at the time.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Howe of South Falls, S. Dak., spent a few days
with the Ernest Behlens of Asheville in April. Mr. Howe was a
stenographer at the Mt. Hope Supply Depot during 1912-13. He is
now a court reporter in the 5th Judicial District of South Dakota.
Louis Stilson was a visitor in the home of Mildred and Bruce
Harrell in Hendersonville in April. He was accompanied by his
daughter and family of Danville, Va. Louis will visit his daughter in
Danville for some time and later will return to his home in Winter
Park, Fla.
The Harrells also had as their guests in April, Sue and "Doc" Odom
of Dothan, Alabama.
Mrs. Stacey Russell of Highlands, spent the day with the Wen
Greenes in March.
Albert Johnston, son of the C. L. Johnstons of Hendersonville, has
accepted a position with the Lockwood, Green Construction Co. at
their office in Spartanburg, S. C. and he and his family are now
residing in Spartanburg.
The Society held a luncheon at the S & W Restaurant inAsheville on
April 12th. Twenty-two members were present. Not so good guess
everybody is waiting for the first picnic of the season. Soon come!
The Roy Knoops drove to Florida in April and had a wonderful
time, visiting old friends of Gatun days. They stopt at Orlando, Ft.
Lauderdale, and several other places.
R. F. (Hully) Huldquist passed through Hendersonville recently

and dropped by to see the Tab Kellys. Hully makes his home in
Lindsborg, Kansas.
As we go to press we hear reports of expected visitors to Henderson-
ville. The Ross Hollowells tell us Albert and Sally McKeown of the
Canal Zone will spend a week with them in May. From there they
will continue on to Miami to see Mr. and Mrs. Louis Benz.
Nellie and Ray Mitchell will entertain Ray's niece and her husband
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smith, in May. Mrs. Smith is the former Jean
Mitchell, daughter of the Vern Mitchells of Oakland, California. The
Smiths also live in Oakland.
MARION R. LEWIS, Secretary.

Panama Canal Society of Washington, D. C.

March 30, 1956
Panama Canal Builder:
The Panama Canal Society will hold its annual dinner (luncheon)
at the Sheraton-Carlton Hotel, 16th and K Sts., N. W., Saturday, May
12th at 1:00 P. M. Cost per person $3.50 including tax and tips.
Roger Erdman, Governor Thatcher and Joe Cheeseman made up
your Committee on arrangements, and promise an interesting program.
The meeting will be in honor of John F. Stevens and the 50th anni-
versary of the inauguration of formal work on the Canal. Congress-
man Daniel J. Flood will be the principal speaker. Annual election of
officers will be held at a short meeting. The Nominating Committee
has suggested the following ticket for 1956-57.
President Executive Committee
Col. George S. Brady Steve Latchford, Chairman
10213 Tyburn Terrace Roger Erdman
Wildwood Manor, Bethesda, 14, Md. Frank M. Hill
Gustave C. Hertz
Vice President Joseph A. Cheeseman
Vice President
R. M. Roudabush
Alexander E. McClure
2109 Arcola Avenue Secretary-Treasurer
Silver Spring, Md. To be announced later
H. J. Res. 510 has been submitted to the 84th Congress to provide
for pensions for those who served for six months or more up to and
including one day less than three years during the construction of the
Canal from May 4, 1904 to March 31, 1914. It is believed that this

bill will correct the deficiencies of several bills which have been pro-
Please send your dues of $1.50 for the fiscal year 1956-57.
Since we have to notify the Hotel May 8th of the number expected
to be served, it will be appreciated if you will indicate the number of
reservations desired, (wives and guests are invited) on the attached
slip below, sign and mail to:
7240 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda 14, Maryland

7240 Wisconsin Avenue Bethesda 14, Maryland

March 30, 1956
Hon. Edward Garmatz,
Chairman, Panama Canal Subcommittee,
Room 1231.
House Office Building,
Washington 25, D. C.
Dear Sir:
As suggested by you, we are submitting the following outline of our
viewpoint on Joint Resolution H.J. Res. 510.
The object of the Resolution is to take the place of the several Bills
that have been presented to Congress, eliminate the inequities and
deficiencies that would arise if any one of these Bills were passed, and
have the final result of giving to the surviving employees of the Pan-
ama Canal construction period who worked on the Canal less than
three years a share in the pension benefits now enjoyed by employees
who served more than three years. The existing Act, which gives a
pension to employees who served for three years or more in Panama
during the construction period, is not affected by this Resolution.
It is to be noted that the minimum period of, three years, as desig-
nated in the present Act, was a long time of service under the conditions
then existent in the Canal Zone. Moreover, the workers recruited for
special jobs such as fortifications, surveying, and dock construction,
were not engaged in these works for as long as three years. Even after
yellow fever had been technically eliminated, the occurrence of the
pernicious form of tropical malaria was as high as 800 per 1,000. The

aggravating "dhobi itch" was very common among the workers, as
was also other tropical diseases, which, while not dangerous, were har-
rassing. While the Government had dispensaries and hospitals, it must
be remembered that little was then known of tropical diseases and
their treatment. Living quarters were given free to the workers, but
the quarters at the time were merely semi-open wooden barracks, with
scant furniture, and common toilet facilities. Two men were assigned
to a room, 48 men to a barrack.
The expressed policy was to give a wage rate 25 percent higher than
normally paid in the United States, but this did not work out in prac-
tice. The type of men selected for the work under the existing living
conditions were the aggressive and adventurous types who normally
always received more than the normal rate of wage. The wages paid
were generally lower than wages paid to the same types of men by
private construction companies working in foreign countries. After
the failure of the French, these men were animated by a passion to see
this American Government job completed successfully. In his annual
reports, General Goethals never had to mention a strike or labor tie-up
of any kind. On the contrary, he repeatedly called the attention to
the fact that, despite repeated difficulties, the work was carried on
"without the least murmur or complaint on the part of anyone on the
Since the pensions now asked are based on percentages of the wages
then paid, they are low in comparison with present-day wages and
pensions. It is difficult for the Association to get any accurate figures
on the number of persons who would benefit by the pension. The Civil
Service Commission has figures only on these already benefiting under
the present pension Act of 3-years minimum. The number of employ-
ees at any one time working on the construction of the Canal ranged
from 40,000 to 45,000, of which only about 10 percent were American
citizens, the balance being mostly West Indian negroes and Spaniards.
The best estimate of surviving Americans who would benefit by this
Resolution is not over 3,000, most of whom are 70 years of age and
above, and are now dying rapidly. While the initial cost of the pen-
sions might be as high as $2,000 000 the first year, it would decrease
greatly each year.
The Association believes that the present minimum of 3 years to
obtain a pension fails to appreciate the then-existing conditions, and
fails to give due recognition to the men who were on special jobs of
shorter duration who worked for less pay than they could have ob-

trained on private foreign construction jobs, but who were patriotically
eager to bring this United States Government undertaking through to
a rapid successful conclusion. It will be recalled that the Panama
Canal Construction, including fortifications, was completed a year
ahead of the planned schedule, due in no small measure to the deter-
mined attitude of these American workers, including the short-term
This year, 1956, marks the fiftieth anniversary of the final decision
of the United States Government to build the lock-type canal at Pan-
ama, and the formal inauguration of the work on the Canal. It was
at that time the largest construction ever undertaken by free labor,
and the great lake impounded by the Gatun dam remained until thirty
years later the largest artificial body of water in the world. The reso-
lution of the International Congress Technical Commission in Paris
in 1879 had appealed to the world to show that great things could be
done in peace time as well as in war, and it said: "Others who will
profit from this interoceanic canal will one day say that we have
merited well of humanity." The French tried and failed. The Amer-
ican workers did not fail.
George S. Brady, President
Alexander S. McClure, Vice President
Col. David R. Wolverton (Ret.)
Acting Secretary-Treasurer

General Robert E. Wood Re-Union of the
Panama Canal Society of Chicago

Past Presidents
Gen. H. F. Hodges
Gen. R. E. Wood
E. S. Benson
W. G. Bierd
W. H. Fenley
S. H. Grouten
A. B. Dickson
H. L. Stuntz
V. A. Schoenberg
E. E. Lee

Frank S. Wichman,
Ed. J. Vogel,
Vice President
Harley L. Stuntz,
G. E. Duckwork
Div. Engr.
Frank T. Clark,

Founding Committee
Gen. R. E. Wood
Judge Lorin C. Collins
Surgeon C. C. Pierce
Webb L. Gibbs
L. D. Cornish
E. E. Lee
C. J. Phillips
R. M. Elder
W. I. Beam

To all Panama Canal Builders and Operators:
The 33rd Annual Reunion of the Panama Canal Society of Chicago
will be held on the first Saturday in May (May 5th) at the Lawson
Y.M.C.A., 30 West Chicago Avenue.
Gen. Wood, the only surviving member of the Founders Committee
of our Society will be present and we are calling this meeting "The
Gen. Robert E. Wood Re-union" in his honor.
Canal Diggers, their wives, children and friends should not miss
this meeting. We are especially anxious to meet all past employees of
the Canal Zone, whether they are the "Old Timers" or more recent em-
ployees. We shall be very happy to meet the sons and daughters born
on the Isthmus.
Dinner will be served at 6:30 P.M., but come early to enjoy the
fellowship of your old friends. Please mail your reservations at once,
so that we may know how many to provide for; also, give us the
address of "Canal Diggers" that should attend our re-unions, but
probably never heard of us.
Frank S. Wichman, President
1351 St. John's Avenue,
Highland Park, Ill.
H. L. Stuntz, Sec'y.-Treasurer

News from the Panama Canal Society
of Northwest Arkansas

Spring is here in all her glory. A four season climate is so wonderful
as the seasons come and go. After a very mild winter and, sad to re-
port, only one snowfall, we are reveling in the beauty of green pas-
tures, gently flowing rivers, delicate tracery of new leaves on the trees
that cover the rolling hills of the Ozarks, spring flowers in the garden
and lovely wild flowers in our woods.
Amidst all this beauty we regret to report the tragic death of Wilburn
E. Batton of Hot Springs, Arkansas, formerly of Pedro Miguel. Wil-
burn (Woody) was found with a bullet wound in his head the morn-
ing of March 23rd, in his car parked six miles north of Winfield, La.
It is believed the wound was self inflicted. Woody is survived by his
wife, Mrs. Alta Batton, his mother, Mrs. Ollie Batton of Hot Springs,
also two brothers.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence (George) Sherwood stopped by to say "Hello"
to many of the N.W. Ark. group. Mrs. Sherwood is the former Mrs.
Emma Greene of Balboa. Their home is now in Exmore, Va. They
made a 15,000 mile tour of Canada last fall, spent the winter in Mex-
ico and were on their way to Excelsior Springs, Mo. before returning
home. Other visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Starke of Arriba,
Colo. They were on their way home from a trip to Calif., Texas, and
Hot Springs. Our friend and some time neighbor, Ed Booth, made a
flying trip home for a visit with the Mathues, then back to Memphis,
Tenn. and on to New Orleans where he met many friends as he visited
the chapters of O.E.S. which he had instituted when he was Grand
Patron of La. We were glad to meet Antonio A. Jimenez E. of Panama
who is a student at the Univ. of Ark. under the Point Four Program
which sponsors the agricultural project in Panama with headquarters
in Divisa.
The Jimmie Comans of Bentonville report a fine trip south, a visit
with the Frank Phillips in Shreveport who have just moved into a
beautiful new home. They spent Easter week with their son, J. B.
Coman, Jr. and family in Biloxi, Miss., particularly enjoying the salt
breezes, no doubt, reminding them of Cristobal where they lived many
years. They report that their good friend David S. Huff, formerly
station agent in Colon, passed away at his home in Bandera, Texas on
April 10th. Our deepest sympathy to his widow, Dorothy and their
daughter. We were sorry we could not help celebrate the Bill Mathues
anniversary on April 18th and Tom Shirley's birthday on the 19th.
Tom and wife were not able to make the trip up here from Hot Springs
due to Tom's recent illness. Bill Mathues is now a flower enthusiast,
wearing out all available seed catalogs searching for the unusual in
flowers, instructing Carrie where to make the garden beds-Shhh!
I'll wager Carrie will do the planting, watering, weeding and Bill will
do the bragging when they bloom.
We are all happy to see Mrs. Cecil M. Lowe of Hotel Tivoli who
is visiting her sister, Mrs. Nannie Brown for a month before going on to
Boston where she will meet another sister, Mrs. Bates Weiman and
friends from the Canal Zone.
The Tom Mocks of Prairie Grove found the beauty of the famous
Gardens of the Gulf Coast so intriguing, they did not reach Florida
this past winter, when they made their annual trip to the south. It
is a privilege to be with this interesting couple as they tell of their
trailer life, for, not possessed by possessions, they are free to wander

o'er the Trails of Wonders as they see America first, leaving heart
and mind free to "think on these things" and write their thoughts in
verse by Tom and prose by Mina. As Tom writes "verse is just verse
unless it speaks the thought common to all mankind or teaches -
"Life's lesson which though dimly sensed by all, unheeded go 'til
heard in words that fall, white-hot from poet's lips and our attention
hold, likehold like burning ingots dropping from the mold!" Tom
humorously says "I don't have to prove that I am a poet--I admit it."
Your reporter submits the following for your reading pleasure.
by Thomas Patton Mock
True love is not governed by weather or season
But finds it's chief pleasure in giving;
It comes without bidding and stays without reason;
Without it, there's no joy in living.
So give of your love where you know it's returned
And learn to rejoice in the giving
Lest, when you are old your life film's unrolled
There's never a scene worth reliving.
Our President, Heinie Hallin, extends an invitation to y'all to be
with us at our annual picinic, June 12th.
Blanche E. Shaw, Secretary-Treasurer

News from Houston, Texas
Joyce and Sara Collinge, who are students at the University of
Colorado in Boulder, spent their Christmas holidays with their grand-
parents in Houston--Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Haldeman.
In January, Lillian Ryan of Balboa, visited in Kerrville, Texas
with the Terrell Toones. They all drove down to Houston on January
21st for a party given by the Lee Wrights. John Toone, who is a
student at the University of Texas, came from Austin, Texas for this
event. Lieut. Charlies McGinn of the Air Force, his wife, the former
Jean Ann White and their adoroble young daughter, Randi, were in
town. They came with Jean's parents, Alton and Mattie Lee White
who spent the holidays in Texas. Some of the other guests were Ray
and Elizabeth Ward, new residents of our city, after Rays's retirement
from Gatun Locks; Verne and "Red" Salisbury from Freeport where
"Red" is employed by the Snow Chemical Company; Harry and
Sophie Robinson with their daughter, Linda; Peggy Ellis; Ezra
Haldemans; the Joe Orrs, who recently were on the seriously ill list

but are now on the recovery side; Myrtle and Louis Souder. Louis has
been nicknamed "Dragnet Souder" since he is presently employed as
a night detective at the Hotel Ben Milam.
Joyce and Roger Collinge are visiting her parents, the Ezra Halde-
mans for a few weeks. Will return to Balboa with their daughters,
Sara and Joyce, who will spend summer vacation in the old home
Pat Coakley and "Sweet" Alice were recent visitors in Houston.
They drove down from Grand Rapids, Michigan to visit Pat Jr., a
student at University of Texas, as well as to attend Frontier Fiesta
which is an annual production of the College. These good folks were
neighbors of the Lee Wrights for 19 years on Akee Street in Balboa.
The Coakleys, Ray Wards, Ezra Haldemans and Lee Wrights made
a special trip on San Jacinto Day (April 21st) to see the bluebonnet
fields, traveling in Pat Coakley Jr's German station wagon (yes, all
nine of us, including a delicious picinic lunch). We stopped at noon
at Washington-on-the-Brazos, where the Texas Independence was
signed in 1836, to have some of this good food.
Katherine Medlinger of Panama City paid a short visit with her
parents, the Ted Sundquists, during April.
It is reported that Robert Wilford is seriously ill in the Veterans
Hospital in Hauston, suffering a fourth stroke.
Carolyn Pollak, daughter of the Walter Pollaks of Orlando, has
been offered a place in the class of 1956 at Southwestern Medical Col-
lege in Dallas (branch of University of Texas). She will be a student
for two years, graduating with a degree of Master of Medical Art.
To all readers of The Record, a big Texas HOWDY from all the
former Canal Zone residents here in Houston.

New York Society of the Panama Canal

272 Stratford Road
Brooklyn 18, N. Y.
April 2, 1956
Dear Fellow Member:
Our 32nd Annual Reunion will be celebrated with a luncheon to
enable thosewho live out of the City to return home in daylight.
THE PLACE National Republican Club, 54 West 40th Street,
New York City (East of 6th Avenue).

THE DATE Saturday, May 5, 1956
THE TIME 12 Noon for Get-together
1:00 P. M. for Luncheon
THE PRICE $7.50, which includes dues of $1.00
Our guest Speaker will be Hon. Francis E. Dorn, Member of
Congress, 12th District, New York. Congressman Dorn, as a member
of Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries, has recently re-
turned from a trip to the Canal Zone and his talk should be of interest
to all.
There will be a good lunch lots of good fellowship and ample
time for conferences with old friends.
If you know of any fellow Canal Worker (member or not of the
Society) who has not participated in previous reunions, bring him
along as a guest of the Society. Time is marching on our ranks are
thinning each year and none of us should pass up the chance to renew
old friendships.
If you know of the death of any member during the past year, please
advise the Secretary.
coupon to:
John J. Fitzpatrick
272 Stratford Road, Brooklyn 18, N. Y.

You may bring one or more of the ladies of your household if you
desire. The Women's Auxiliary will hold their Luncheon-Meeting at
the same time and place, but in an adjoining room, and will welcome
your "good lady". The ladies' lunch will be $5.50 which can be sent to
the undersigned or paid at the door, but be sure to indicate on at-
tached coupon so that proper reservations may be made.
Don't pass up this opportunity to mingle with some of your old
friends of the Construction days, once again.
Fraternally yours,

Tourist Center, St. Petersburg

About 100 members were gathered at the Tourist Center for the
Society's regular meeting.

Meeting was called to order at 2:30 P. M. by President Harry J.
Lewis, who requested all to rise and sing one verse of "America". Due
to the absence of our pianist, singing was capably led by Mrs. Anna
Invociation was offered by Chaplain Lee Burns.
Mrs. James Bradly acted as receptionist, and introduced out-of-town
members, new members and visitors, who responded to the welcome:
among them-
Mr. and Mrs. John Murray, of Pennsylvania.
Mr. Howard T. Critchlow, of Trenton, N. J. (1910-1914).
Mrs. Nina Robinson.
Mrs. Maude Clinchard, of the Canal Zone.
Miss Mary A. Walsh, of Brighton, Mass.
(Sister of Mrs. Burt W. Hall).
Mr. and Mrs. M. Day, of Tampa.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Sanders, of Louisville, Ky. (1908-1920).
Mrs. Frances G. Pilkerton, of Washington, D. C.
Miss Catherine Hersh (Sister of Mr. W. L. Hersh).
Mrs. Esther Cooley and daughter.
Mrs. William Gambrill, of Brandon, Fla.
Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Patton, of St. Petersburg.
Membership Report by the Secretary-Treasurer: As of February 6th,
1956, there are 1388 paid members, 10 courtesy members, and 20 others
who receive the quarterly record and year book.
Recording Secretary read minutes of the Annual Anniversary Re-
union business meeting, held at the Soreno Hotel, an January 10th,
and report of the activities of the second day of the 24th Anniversary
Reunion. President Lewis, hearing no corrections or omissions, de-
clared them approved.
President Lewis announced that the next regular meeting would be
held at the Tourist Center, St. Petersburg, on March 12th, 1956 at
2:00 P. M.
Widow of the late William Gambrill asked if anyone present had
knowledge of her and Mr. Gambrill living on the Zone; three present
knew both Mr. and Mrs. Gambrill.
Report of Committeess None.
Special Interest: Mrs. Judd read many letters received, and made
several announcements of interest to the Society members.

On the Sick List:
Mr. John D. Wilson, of Tampa.
Mrs. Andrew Meyer, of Berkley, Calif.
Miss Jessie Murdoch.
Capt. D. E. Eggleston, in the hospital.
Miss Anita Way still in hospital.
The demise of the following was noted:
Mr. H. A. Comley
Mr. John H. Tyrell M:
Mr. A. B. Casanova M
Miss Annie Withrow M:
Mrs. Farr M:

John Christiansen
John Palmer Smith, Sr.
Lamar J. Fuller
Cooper Hallowell

The reading of special interest was interrupted for a short time to
allow Mr. Thomas J. Ashe to give a talk on the adviseability of every-
one present taking advantage of FREE CHEST X-RAY available in
the Greater St. Petersburg Area.
Legislation: Mr. W. L. Hersh spoke at great length on the many
bills before the Congress affecting Civil Service retirees.
New Business: None.
Unfinished Business: None.
There being no further business before the meeting, President Lewis
asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion made by Mr. Calvit, seconded
by Mr. Bradley; motion carried, and meeting adjournedat 4:00 P. M.
Agnes V. Hall (Mrs. Burt W.)
Recording Secretary

Tourist Center, St. Petersburg

About 75 members were gathered at the Tourist Center for the Soc-
iety's regular meeting.
Meeting was called to order at 2:15 P. M. by President Harry J.
Lewis, who requested all to rise and sing one verse of "America". Mrs.
Stutzman accompanied on the piano.
Invocation was offered by Mr. Frank W. Hohmann, substituting for
our Chaplain, Lee Burns, whose wife is seriously ill.
Mrs. James Bradley acted as Receptionist, and introduced out-of-
town members, new members and visitors, who responded to the wel-
come; among them-

Col. and Mrs. Dan Wright, of St. Petersburg
(recently returned from the Far East)
Col. and Mrs. 0. F. Sonneman, of Richmond, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mullane, of Pasadena, Calif.
Mr. and Mrs. Bally, and their niece, Mrs. Mulcahey.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Murray, of Johnsonburg, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Eckert, of Kane, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. Edw. P. Bugbey, of Wilcox, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Baltozer, of St. Petersburg (recently re-
tired from the Panama Canal).
Mrs Louise Hartman, of the Canal Zone (Visiting with the Fred
P. Halls, of St. Petersburg).
Recording Secretary read minutes of regular meeting, held February
13th, at the Tourist Center; President Lewis hearing no omissions or
corrections declared them approved.
President Lewis announced that the next regular business meeting
would be held at 2:00 P. M., on April 9th, at the Tourist Center, and
that a picnic would be held one week from today, March 19th, at
Lake Maggiore.
Report of Sick Committee: Mrs. James Bradley reported that Mr.
Heenan drove her and Mr. Bradley to visit Mrs. E. F. Jackson, of
Tampa, who has been in ill health for quite some time. Also, Mrs.
Bradley reported that she called at the Mound Park and St. Anthony's
Hospitals, to visit Mrs. L. O. Keene, Mrs. Lee Burns and Mrs. L. W.
Foster, but was informed at both places that no visitors were allowed.
Special Interest: Mrs. Judd read many letters received, and made
several announcements of interest to the Society members.
On the Sick List:
Mrs. L. 0. Keene, a patient in Mound Park Hospital
Mrs. Lee Burs, a patient in Mound Park Hospital
Mrs. L. W. Foster, a patient in St. Anthony's Hospital
Mr. John Wilson, of Tampa, home from the hospital
Mrs. W. W. Warren, of Tampa
Mr. C. A. Brady, of California
Mr. Chas. Luedtke, of Washington, D. C.
Mrs. Schildhauer, patient in a Santa Monica Hospital
Mr. L. W. Foster, who was present, informed the meeting that his
wife was progressing very satisfactorily.
The demise of the following was noted:
Mr. Robert I. Barnes Mr. Ralph E. Sexton

Mr. John J. Toner Mr. Alfred V. Rose
Mr. Jos. A. LaPrince Mr. Otis E. Winegar
Mr. John Eberenz
Mr. Carmelo Conte (Detective with the Panama Canal Police
Legislation: Mr. W. L. Hersh spoke at length regarding the vari-
ous bills before the Congress of interest to retirees, stressing particu-
larly those aimed to coordinate the Civil Service Retirement with
the Social Security. A motion was made by Mr. Bugbey, seconded
by Mr. Troy Hayes, that this Society go on record as being opposed
to coordinating the Civil Service Retirement with Social Security. After
considerable discussion on the floor, President Lewis brought the
motion to a vote, and motion was carried. Mr. Hersh said he would
take care of writing the necessary correspondence.
Unfinished Business: None.
New Business: Mr. Frank Wilson, President of National Association
for Retired Civil employees, will be present to speak at the meeting of
the local Chapter of NARCE, the 4th Monday of this month, at
2:00 P. M. Members of the Canal Society of Florida are invited to
attend this meeting.
There being no further business before the meeting, President Lewis
asked for a motion to adjourn; motion made by Mr. Bradley, second-
ed by Mr. Burn; motion carried and meeting adjourned at 3:45 P. M.
Agnes V. Hall (Mrs. Burt W.)
Recording Secretary

The first picinic of 1956, humorously known as the "Archie Burn
Picinic", was held on March 19th, at Lake Maggiore Park, St. Peters-
Despite the chill breezes that blew in from the Lake, some 45 mem-
bers and friends were gathered to enjoy their picnic luncheon and greet
Among the out-of-town members and visitors were -
Mr. Archie Burn, of Ocean Gate, N. J.
Mr. and Mrs. David Potts, of Newport News, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. George Grimm, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pickens, of Oakland, Calif.
Miss Jennie Johannes (Daughter of Capt. and Mrs. Guy Jo-

Miss Mary A. Walsh, of Brighton, Mass. (Sister of Mrs. Burt W.
Mrs. Louise Hartman, of the Canal Zone
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Sanders, of Louisville, Ky.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hunsicker (visiting with Mrs. Elizabeth B.
Hunt. of St. Petersburg.
It was gratifying to see Mrs. Burkhardt, mother of Mrs. Elizabeth
Hunt, at the picinic. Mrs. Burkhardt has been in poor health for some
time, and she received good wishes for continued improvement, from
her many friends at the picnic.
Agnes V. Hall (Mrs. Burt W.)
Recording Secretary

Tourist Center, St. Petersburg

Some 80 members were gathered at the Tourist Center for the
Society's regular meeting.
Meeting was called to order at 2:20 P. M. by President Harry J.
Lewis, who requested all to rise and sing one verse of "America". Mrs.
Wilson accompanied on the piano.
Invocation was offered by Chaplin Lee Burns.
Mrs. Shreves acted as Receptionist, and introduced out-of-town
visitors and members, who responded to the welcome: among them --
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. O'Rourke, of Hendersonville, No. Car.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Sanders, of Louisville, Ky.
Mrs. W. C. Webber, of Smyrna, Ga.
Mr. J. L. Gorley, from Tenn.
Mr. Earl Brown
Mrs. Shreves also welcomed at the meeting Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Dunlop, Col. and Mrs. Wm. P. Hunt and Mr. Earle Parsons.
Membership report: 10 new members during month of March,
making a total paid-up membership of 1048, as of March 31st, 1956.
Recording Secretary read minutes of last regular meeting, held
March 12th. President Lewis, hearing no corrections or omissions,
declared them approved.
President Lewis announced next regular meeting would be a picnic
meeting, held at Lowry Park, Tampa, on May 14th.
Committee Reports: None
Secretary-Treasurer read many letters received and made several

announcements of interest to the Society members.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McTyier, of St. Petersburg, Florida, and Dr. and
Mrs. Dennis Reeder, of Miami, Florida, celebrated their 50th wedding
anniversaries recently.
On the Sick List:
Mrs. H. A. Shedlock a patient at Mound Park Hospital
Mrs. Lee Burns at home from hospital doing nicely
Mrs. L. W. Foster at home from hospital doing nicely
Mrs. Irwin a hospital patient; suffered a broken leg
Mrs. R. N. Ruley a hospital patient at Inglewood, Calif.
Mrs. Welch (Mother of Mrs. Meigs) has been ill
Mrs. Elsie Greenwood ill again
Miss Jessie Murdoch, of Toronto, Canada, has returned home
from hospital, and improvement has been reported
The demise of the following was noted:
Dr. H. W. Mitten, of Balboa, C.Z. Mrs. Grace Vanderslice
Mr. Walter Emery Mr. Frank Turberville
Mr. Marion Hart, of Ocala, Fla. Mr. Chester Wilson
Mr. Robert Dawn Mr. Frank Kinsman
Buela Barraugh Mrs. Ira L. Harrod Stoddard
Mr. Norbert Jones Mr. Clarence Van Fleet
Mr. Wilburn E. Batton Mr. Ernest Mueller
Mr. Charles Ryson, of St. Petersburg
Mrs. Judd extended birthday greetings to the following -

January Birthdays -
Mrs. Estella N. Coughlin
Mrs. Effie Butler
Mrs. Henry H. Hudson
February Birthdays -
Mr. James Macfarlane
Mrs. Mary Shivers
April Birthdays -
Mr. F. W. Spriegel
Mr. W. J. Gabe
May Birthdays -
Mrs. Eleanor Kennedy
Mrs. E. F. Jackson

Mrs. Annie Calvit
Mrs. Fred Spriegel

Mrs. Columbia Reiman

Mr. Geo. E. Carkeet, Sr.

Mrs. Elsie Greenwood

Mrs. Judd read a letter received from Mrs. Shirley Maduro, mother
of "Dick" Maduro, who has been town clerk of Madeira Beach since
1947, and is running for the office of Clerk of the Circuit Court.

"Dick" is a nephew of Felix Maduro, of Panama City, R. de P., whose
store all ex-canal residents are very familiar with.
President Lewis called upon Col. Daniel L. Wright for a talk on
conditions in the Near East. Col. Wright, who for more than 22 years
lived in the Near East, and recently, with Mrs. Wright returned from
16 months of arduous labor setting up sanitation programs in the Near
East, delivered an extremely interesting talk on conditions in this
"danger spot" of the world.
Legislation: Mr. W. L. Hersh spoke at length on the various bills
before the Congress of interest to retirees, particularly those aimed
at coordinating the Civil Service Retirement with the Social Security,
and what is being done by the National Association of Retired Civil
Employees, as well as by this Society.
Unfinished Business: None.
New Business: None.
There being no further business before the meeting, President Lewis
asked for a motion to adjourn; motion made by Mr. Bradley, seconded
by Mr. Burns-motion carried, and meeting adjourned at 4:10 P. M.
Agnes V. Hall (Mrs. Burt W.)
Recording Secretary


The A. C. Garlingtons of Newberry, South Carolina, enjoyed a nice
visit from the Norman Rockers on their way to the reunion, and a visit
from the J. C. Myricks on their return north from the reunion.

The Ezra Haldemans of Houston, Texas, send best wishes to all
their Canal Zone friends.

Viola Bissell Shea of Hollywood, Calif. sends best wishes to all
friends who may remember her.

Mr. and Mrs. Otis Pritchett were in Hong Kong on January 20th
on their cruise of the seven seas.

Nancy January was visiting the 0. P. Hunters in Ocala, Florida,
after attending the reunion where she said she had a wonderful time
with so many old friends of years gone by.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mackintosh of St. Petersburg, Fla. are planning

to sail on July 19th on the S.S. United States for a vacation of several
months in Europe.
The H. G. Cornthwaites of Terra Haute, Indiana, were recent visit-
ors in Florida where they contacted a few old friends.
Louis H. Foucher of Fairhaven, Mass., started on a trip to Florida
but became ill along the way and turned back, but not before enjoying
a visit with the Ernest Behlens in Ashville, who were responsible for
Louis' wonderful time in that area.
Margaret Hardy reports her son is now stationed in Brunswick, Ga.,
and can get to Miami now and then to visit them.

Mrs. H. H. Hammer of Los Angeles, Calif writes that the Fullers
hope to leave the Zone before long. Helen lives in Santa Maria and
has two little girls, one five and one two.

F. G. Swanson of Tyler, Texas, had a wonderful week in Mexico
City with the Rigneys and Miss Dildine, ex-Canal School teacher.
(See cut.)

Iretta Austin has returned to her home in Fairhope, Ala. after a
visit with her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Koontz,
in Balboa, C. Z.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray M. Briggs of Port Orange, Fla. have been enjoy-
ing a tour of Costa Rica, Panama, and the Zone. While on the Zone,
they took a trip up to David and Boquette.

Miss Elizabeth Carthwaite of Rahway, New Jersey, accompanied
by two sisters and her sister-in-law, were recent visitors, visiting with
friends in the Clearwater and St. Petersburg area.

Lucy Ann Driscoll has been visiting her grandparents, Capt. and
Mrs. Luther of St. Petersburg. The Luthers expect the Lerchen family
for a visit in June. Frank Lerchen, who is a student at Cornell Univer-
sity, will join his parents here.

Robert Hull, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Hull of St. Petersburg,
spent the Easter holidays with his folks. At a meeting of the Board of
the Virgin Island Corporation, Bob was the unanimous choice for
Comptroller of the Corporation. This corporation is under the United
States Department of the Interior.

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Barton of Petersburg, Virginia, spent two weeks

as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Hull of St. Petersburg. Mr. Bar-
ton was an old timer and was employed on the big cranes.
Mrs. Helen Dudak and daughter, Helen Louise, were recent visitors
in St. Petersburg. They make their home in Orlando, Fla.
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Kelly have sold their home in Pennsylvania
and purchased a home in the Bethwood section of St. Petersburg, Fla.
Mrs. Eleanor Kennedy of Orlando, Florida will be 94 years old on
May 23, 1956. Congratulations from the Panama Canal Society.
Mrs. Sarah F. Berger of Chula Vista, Calif. says it is 30 years since
they left the Zone. She says they are all in fine health and hope to
keep that way.

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Reeder of Miami, Florida. received congratu-
lations from their many friends in Florida and Panama on the event
of their 50th wedding anniversary. Congratulations from the Panama
Canal Society of Florida.

Mrs. Louis Warner of Park Boulevard, Pinellas Park, Florida, was
hired as Pinellas Park deputy town clerk by Mayor Kermit Hoffman
and Town Commissioners at a recent council meeting. Mrs. Warner
served as deputy town clerk from 1947 to 1953.

Miss Jessie Murdoch, former Canal Zone nurse, now of Toronto,
Canada, is at home after two years spent in five different hospitals.
The doctors say she should make a good recovery from now on.

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McTyier of St. Petersburg, celebrated their 50th
wedding anniversary on December 20th, 1955. Congratulations from
the Panama Canal Society of Florida.

Our congratulations to Mrs. Elsie M. Greenwood of Wellston, Ohio,
on her 81st birthday on May 18, 1956.

The Van Brocklins of Santa Ana, Calif. write that they keep busy
but not always with work. They send best regards to all friends.

The C. M. Monsantos are leaving California on or about May first
and heading back to Iowa City, Iowa. They expect to spend next
winter in Florida.

Chubby Wohlfarth of Inglewood, Calif. blames all the smog, rain,
and floods on the Democrats. Says they are trying to drown out all the

Republicans. He reports Granny Weston as being fine and going to
ceramic school and Hazel goes also. He says Willie Gaudette and Ida
have gone to St. Louis where Willie is going to work for Col. Seeley.

Slim Hallet, of North Quincy writes that his daughter, Marjorie, is
trying to line up the second generation Zonites in Alliance, Ohio, where
she is now living. Marjorie is now Mrs. Robert L. Werney and lives
at 1115 Avalon Ave. The Halletts send best wishes to all their old

Dick Maduro of Madeira Beach, Florida, town clerk since 1947, will
seek the Democratic nomination for clerk of the Circuit Court. Dick
was injured in a cycle accident in 1942 and suffered a broken back. He
has been confined to a wheel chair since the accident. However, Dick
has taken a lively interest in all civic affairs in Madeira Beach since
he moved there in 1945.

A. L. Fessler of Tulsa, Oklahoma, says he has a lot of fun working
and will not think about retiring until he gets to feeling old.

Peggy Pollak of Orlando says Walter is well enough to do a little
yard work. Their daughter, Carolyn, is doing very well in college. Will
finish her four year course in three years. Wants to go to medical
school in Dallas, Texas, next year to study medical arts.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kuller of Woodlawn Hills, Calif. spent a couple
of months in Portland, Oregon, with their daughter, Norma Jean Perry,
awaiting the arrival of their fourth grandchild. It was born November
11, 1955 and named Mathew Perry. While in Portland, they enjoyed
a visit with Betty Clay Hoverter and children. Also with Nancy Dyer
Brown and husband, whose second daughter was born January 9, 1956
and named Stacey Ann Brown. The grandparents, the Earl Dyers of
Margarita, C. Z. were on hand for the event.

The spring issue of Vermont Life has an article about Mrs. Charles
D. Lillie, who with her husband now make their home atop a hill in
Danby, Vt. Mr. and Mrs. Lillie designed and erected, along studio
lines, the retirement home they now occupy most of the year (see cut).
Mrs. Lillie devotes her time to creative lithography. She is one of the
few lithographers who draw directly on stone. The discovery that man
could draw on and print from stone was made in 1791 and the secret
behind it all is the disaffinity of oil and water. The ungreased portions
of the stone, wet with water will resist ink while the greased lines or

shadings will accept it and transfer that design to paper. Mrs. Lillie
has many of her pictures on the walls of her studio. Although she has
favored Vermont scenes, she has some prize pictures done in Maine
and along the Massachusetts coast. She has worked from Maine to
Panama. Mrs. Lillie's lithographs are in many museums, too numerous
to mention, but they include the Library of Congress, the Metropolitan
in New York, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and California State Li-
brary. Mr. Lillie made a career in engineering, much ofi it spent in
Panama. He is of invaluable aid to his wife in organizing shows, in
sales of her work and in proud appreciation. Every year he is one
of the leading workers in arranging and conducting the Southern Ver-
mont Artists exhibitions at Manchester, Vt.

President Eisenhower has nominated Brig. General William E.
Potter of the Army Corps of Engineers as new Governor of the Pan-
ama Canal Zone to succeed Maj. General John S. Seybold. Gen. Potter
is expected to take over his duties in May when Seybold is due for
retirement. Gen. Potter is married and has two daughters.
Gene Lombard, Executive Secretary of the Canal Zone, retired on
March 31 after 37 years of service with the Canal organization. Mr.
Lombard completed seven years service as Executive Secretary with
his voluntary resignation. He has known and worked with all eleven
Governors of the Canal Zone except Goethals. Active in Civic and
welfare work, he has been an active member of the Red Cross, Boy
Scout work. baseball, and countless other organizations, besides serv-
ing on several boards on the Zone, including the C.Z. pardon board,
the district court jury commission and the U.S. Panama joint contra-
band commission. Before leaving the Isthmus, Gene received his 'sec-
ond decoration in the order of Vasco Nunez de Balboa from the For-
eign Minister of Panama. Gov. Seybold gave a luncheon in honor of
Lombard in the Fern Room of the Tivoli and presented the retiring
Executive Secretary his re irement certificate. Gov. Seybold read a
letter expressing appreciation of Mr. Lombard's many years of service
with the Panama Canal Co.

Col. Norman H. Wiley, Commander of the U.S. Army Hospital at
Fort Benning, Georgia, has been appointed as Supt. of Gorgas Hospi-
tal, succeeding Col. Howard W. Doan.

Paul M. Runnestrand,who has for the past six months been em-
ployed as Executive Assistant to the Governor, has been appointed

Executive Secretary of the Canal Zone to succeed E. C. Lombard.
Runnestrand's appointment comes after 15 years experience in Pan-
ama Canal affairs.

Circuit Judge Sandier has reaffirmed his order denying custody of
two year old Jeannie Marie to Mr. and Mrs. Dubel Duke of Tampa,
Florida. The judge said that he considered the limited income of the
couple, their age, as well as other factors. He said the moral character
of the Dukes was never questioned and said he arrived at his decision
even though the Dukes had given the child excellent care.

Mrs. Robert Wilcox of New York, had the misfortune to fall and
fracture her right shoulder. She reports the cast is off and she is now
all right, again.

Jack and Betty Rathgeber and daughters, Penny and Linda, visited
their folks the B. C. Judds of St. Petersburg, recently. Jack had a two
weeks vacation from the Texas Co. of New Jersey and they tried to
cram the usual four months vacation into the two weeks.

Miss Florence G. Kelly of White Plains, N. Y. was a recent Florida
visitor. Let's hope she liked it well enough to come back and stay.

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Landers of Los Altos, Calif. were recent
visitors in St. Petersburg, Florida. Leonard had to visit New Orleans
on business and decided to enjoy a week at St. Petersburg Beach and
visit his mother, Mrs. Betsy Landers of Tampa, Florida.

Capt. and Mrs. Majilton have returned from a visit with their son
in Miami, Florida. While in Miami, they met Mr. Guy Hancock who
is located at 1942 N.W. 95th St., Miami, 47. He has a business known
as Hancock's Bar and would be glad to see any of his old friends.

Captain Boomer, former assistant Port Captain in Cristobal, accom-
panied by Mrs. Boomer, visited their daughter, Mrs. Marion Taylor
of Balboa, C.Z. Since their retirement, the Boomers have been living
in Ohio.

Capt. and Mrs. J. S. Munden of Pocomoke City, Maryland, were
recent visitors in St. Petersburg visiting their daughter and family
and many old friends of Canal days.
Anna and Billy Bartlett of St. Petersburg, Fla. have put up their

house for sale and are building a new home at 3961 60th Lane North,
where they will be after June 1st, 1956.

Mrs. Margaret Hardy is selling Real Estate in Miami, Fla. She is
with Cook Realty at 937 N.E. 79th St., Miami.

Mrs. Cathryn Bird of Concord, Calif. is planning a cruise to the
Orient with stops at Manila, Hong Kong, and three ports of Japan.
It will be a fifty day trip.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur H. Morris are operating the new Hollywood
Motel on Highway 31E in Sellersburg, Indiana.

After 32 years as stenographer for the Army, Navy, and the Justice
Dept., Mrs. Gladys Uhler has retired. Mrs. Uhler worked on the Zone
as well as in the United States. Mr. and Mrs. Uhler plan to make
their future home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Mr. W. D. Williams of Bloomfield, N. J. was happy to learn the
where about of two old friends from a copy of a recent Record. He
is now looking forward to a visit with them on his next trip to Florida.

Mrs. B. J. Robinson is now permanently located at 6658 5th Ave.
North, St. Petersburg, Fla., and would be glad to see all her old friends.

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Dunlop have taken and furnished a fine new
apartment at 601 12th Ave. N.E. in St. Petersburg. Bill is getting
around fairly well with the aid of a cane. He suffered a very badly
broken leg several months ago.

Our congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. William H. Medd of Wilming-
ton, Del. who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary May 14, 1956.

The Congressional Record of April 19, 1956, carries a lengthy trib-
ute to our old friend, Governor Thatcher. The tribute is by Capt.
Miles P. Duval, U.S. Navy (Ret.) and inserted in the Record by Hon.
John M. Robinson, Jr. of Kentucky. The article lists the highlights
of Gov. Thatcher's action-packed life and states that his record en-
titles him to a high place in American Achievements and establishes
him as an outstanding benefactor of Kentucky and the Isthmus of

Jack and Lillian Evans, long time Pedro Miguel residents, motored

down from Birmingham, Alabama to attend the January re-union at
St. Petersburg and continued on down to Miami; to Havana and on
down to Cienfuegos, Cuba where they spent two months in the warm
sunshine of the Cuba's South Coast, guests of son-in-law and daughter,
Phil and Barbara O'Shaughnessy, formerly with the Special Engineer-
ing Div. at Diablo Heights. As Phil is superintending the construction
of Cuba's largest Hydro-Electric project and expects to be in Cienfue-
gos for another 21/ years the Evans hope to return to Cienfuegos after
the annual meeting next January.

When Mr. and Mrs. Kent Lambert celebrated their fiftieth wedding
anniversity at their home in Chesterton, Maryland, they received
messages and flowers from friends as far away as Tokio, Japan.
Mr. Lambert, an ex-leather-neck, served in China during the Boxer
rebellion. General R. McPate, Marine Corps Commandant, sent a
letter by special courier, Major R. K. Adams. Major Adams presented
Mr. Lambert with a two-foot high plaque bearing the Marine Corps
emblem. The Lambertl also received congratulations from President
Eisenhower, movie star Pat Obrien and many others. All the Lambert
children were home to help their mother and father celebrate, who are,
Mrs. Catherine Gould of North Hollywood, Calif., Mrs. Adelaide Bal-
lard, of Delphi, Md., C. K. Lambert, Jr., of Chestertown, Md., and Miss
Frances Lambert of Hollywood, Florida.

Pricilla Wayne Loud, daughter of Rear-Admiral W. R. Loud and
granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Ahlfont of New York, was one
of the maids-of-honor in the third annual International Azalea Court
held in Norfolk on April 9th to the 15th. Miss Loud is a student at
William and Mary College in Norfolk.

Gordon C. Gregory, completed his three years service as Corporal
in the Marine Corps, serving on the U.S.S. Oriskany in the Pacific
area, his last month being at the Long Beach, Calif., Navy Yard,
where he joined his family, Veloyce, and two small daughters. His
mother (Janice Cameron) and stepfather, Earnest Ross are also
employed at the Navy Yard. He was entertained at a family dinner
on the date of his release, April 2nd, 1956, He is now employed at
Douglas Aircraft, Long Beach. (note Gregory was born on the
Canal Zone).

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ross (Janice Cameron), Woody Speir and
friend, La Von Farrell, Mr. and Mrs. William Lawson, all ex-Zonites,

recently enjoyed a get-together dinner and dance, at the Naval Officers
Club, Allen Center, Long Beach Navy Yard.
After a visit with daughter, Naomi, and son-in-law (Mr. and Mrs.
Coe) and granddaughter, Cindy, at Gainsville,Florida, Mr. H. F.
Paddock, of Balboa, Canal Zone, spent a few days in St. Petersburg,
with the Burt Halls. Herb saw many of his old friends in and around
St. Petersburg, as well as the Allen Bridges and Wallace Dunhams, at
Mrs. Wm. C. Webber, of Smyrna, Ga. is a visitor in St. Petersburg,
staying at the Gayfair Hotel, and expects to take up permanent
residence in St. Petersburg.
Mr. John F. Voss, of Balboa, Canal Zone, is spending his vacation
at Palm Valley, Florida. and continuing work on the construction of
a home on his property in Palm Valley.
Otto Marstrand is back on the West Coast at the-U. S. Grant Hotel
in San Diego, California.
Capt. and Mrs. Henry E. Falk are vacationing in St. Petersburg,
Fla. The Falks will celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary on
May 18th and their son Murray and Miss Judith Lee Cathy will be
married on that date at Daytona Beach, Fla. The young couple will
make their home at Fort Bragg, No. Carolina. Henry Falk, Jr. will
graduate from Grove City College in Penn. on June 9th. Young Henry
was married in 1952 to Charlotte Ann Williamson of Grove City, Pa.
Catherine Bahn of Arlington, Va. writes that she is employed with
the Air Force where she is Chief of the Chart Library Section which
gives her work, with maps and charts training and teaching adminis-
tration work, and liaison trips. Ted is manager of the garden lot at
Sears in Arlington in summer and division manager of the toy section
in winter.

Jonas White of Sewanee, Tenn., P. O. Box 237, is seriously ill in the
hospital- Mrs. White says Jonas has quite vivid and real memories of
the years he spent in Panama and would enjoy hearing from some of
his old friends. Their son, Jonas Jr., is an ordained Episcopal minister.
He has accepted a call to the Episcopal Church in Guntersville, Ala.
and will serve as Vicar of St. Lukes in Scottsboro, Ala. and St.
Philips in Fort Payne, Ala. He will graduate in June from Sewanee
with a B. D- degree. A year from now Jonas Jr. expects to return to


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Engel (nee Lois Hohmann) of Wood-
side, New York, on April 29th, a daughter, named Laura Kathryn.
This is the second grandchild for Frank and Kathryn Hohmann of
St. Petersburg, Fla. Grandma Hohmann was in New York for the event.

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Etienne of Ft. Lee, N. J. announce the birth
of a son, Andrew Martin, on May 4th, 1956. Mrs. Etienne is the for-
mer Jane Bevington.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hicks of Balboa, C. Z. announce the en-
gagement of their daughter Dorothy Ann to Dr. Robert A. Chapman,
son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Chapman of Toledo, Ohio. Miss Hicks
received her B.A. degree from Bob Jones University in Greenville, S. C.
Dr. Chapman is a graduate of the University of Toledo and Ohio
State University. A July wedding is planned.

Jimmy Angel, well known plane pilot, suffered a heart attack in
David, R. P. He was flying a plane from the U. S. to be delivered in
British Guiana and had put in at David -for the night where he was
stricken. He was taken to Gorgas Hospital by an Albrook air rescue

Lt. Mark Quinn, Jr. has returned from Korea and Japan where he
has been stationed since his graduation from Princeton University in
1953. He will visit his father who is chief of the Kline and Saks Mis-
sion in Guatemala and his mother, Mrs. Bertha I. Quinn of Balboa.

News of the death of Miss Kathleen Baxter, retired school teacher,
has been received. Death followed a heart attack at her home in Water-
ville, Maine. Miss Baxter taught for many years in Ancon and briefly
in Pedro Miguel.

Miss Beverly Chan, daughter of Mr. Harry Y. Chan of Balboa, and
the late Mrs. Chan, was married to Mr. Charles F. Williams of Balboa,
at the Sacred Heart Chapel in Ancon. Father Michael J. Wye, C. M.
performed the ceremony. Mrs. Williams is Reference Librarian for the
Panama Canal Library and her husband is employed by the Panama

Mr. R. Fuller Pearl of St. Petersburg, Fla. died on May 14th at St.
Anthony's Hospital from a heart attack. Mr. Pearl, a long time Canal
employee, is survived by his wife and two daughters, Mrs. Owen J.
Cerrigan and Mrs. Doris P. Koontz; Also by three grandchildren and
a brother, Harry.

New Members and Changes of Address

The following have been added or addresses changed since the March Record
went to press. (*) denotes change of address or correction.

Clemmons, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Jr.-P. O. Box 193--------Balboa Heights
Flagg, Mr. Earl O.-P. O. Box 461------------------------------ Balboa
Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. John C.-P. O. Box 84--------------------.. Gamboa
Paddock, Mr. and Mrs.. H. F.-P. O. Box 525---------------------- Balboa
*Randall, Mr. and Mrs. Jack C.-Drawer S------------------ Balboa Heights
Reilly, Mrs. Angela F.-P. O. Box MM---------------------------Cristobal
Rubelli, Capt. and Mrs. R. W.-P. O. Box 1335----------------------Cristobal
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer B.-P. O. Box 91 --------------Diablo Heights
Williams, Miss Grace M.-P. O. Box 1825------------------------Cristobal

*Boggs, Mr. E. M.-Route 1----------------------------Livingston

Zimmerman, Mrs. W. E.-Johnson County, Star Route 1---------------Ozone

Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Harry C.-140 West Haven Avenue-------------Arcadia
*Irwin, Mr. and Mrs. Frank H.-30 Forbes Avenue--------------- San Rafael
*Judd, Col. and Mrs. Merrill H.-U.S.A.H. 816 2nd A.U.
APO 45-------------------- San Francisco
Landers, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E.-258 Solana Drive ---------- Los Altos
*Mullane, Mr. and Mrs. Denis-1428 South Gladys----------------San Gabriel
Seavey, Mr. and Mrs. Harold G.-Route 4, Box 145--------------------Lodi
*Will, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F.-321 Oak Avenue, Apt. 2--------Redwood City
*Womack, Mr. and Mrs. Ben F.-8769 S. Hobart Blvd.--------Los Angeles 47

*Ingersoll, Mr. and Mrs. H. Clyde-1410 Poplar Street, Apt. 10 .--- Denver 20
*Stark, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H.-P. O. Box 216------------------------Arriba

Bigelow, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Jr.-Hillcrest Heights
5517 24th Avenue S. E._Washington 21
Parmeter, Mrs. C. M.-2501 "Que" Street, N. W.----------. ----Washington 7

*Bartlett, Mr. and Mrs. W. J.-3961 60th Lane, North--- .... St. Petersburg 4
*Butler, Mr. and Mrs. William H.-1115 28th Avenue So.--..St. Petersburg 5
*Coffey, Mrs. Marie G.-c/o Hotel Grayfair
433 2nd Street North---------------St. Petersburg 2
Collier, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P.-P. O. Box 4886--------------Fort Lauderdale
*Corliss, Mr. and Mrs. John B. Sr.-Res. Lake Seminary Circle
"Florida Haven"
Mail. Box 535------------------Maitland
*Deavours, Mr. and Mrs. R. C.-Route 2, Box 315-------------------- Palatka
*Dunlop, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.-601 12th Avenue N. E.----------St. Petersburg 2
*Geddes, Mr. Albert H.-Alden Hotel
421 Central Avenue ------- ----St. Petersburg 1
Hancock, Mr. Guy-1942 N. W. 95th Street-----------------------Miami 47
*Herndon, Mr. N. E.-147 East 17th Street------------------Jacksonville 6
*Jones, Mr. Dan S.-P. O. Box 796-----------------------------South Miami 43
*Keenan, Mrs. William H.-2548 13th Avenue North --------St. Petersburg 2
*Lane, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R.-4236 Biltmore Road-----------------Orlando
Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Sam R.-Route 3, Box 602-------------------Tampa 5

FLORIDA (Continued)
*Neal. Mr. and Mrs. Levi E.-210 South Orange Street--....New Smyrna Beach
*Pappendick, Mr. and Mrs. M. T.-8620 66th Street North---..... Pinellas Park
Patten, Mr. and Mrs. Merrill-4701 26th Avenue North-------t. Petersburg 4
*Robinson, Mrs. B. J.-6658 5th Avenue North--- --------St. Petersburg 2
Shafer, Mr. and Mrs. Harold A.-(Florida address to come later) ------
Stroop, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Sr.-Res. 8100 Hawthorne Street
Mail. Box 123---------------- Sarasota
*Wright, Col. and Mrs. Dan E.-827 14th Avenue North---..... St. Petersburg 2

Dildine, Miss Florence M.-815 West Lincoln Blvd.----------------..Freeport

Morris,Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur H.-Route 1--------------------Sellersburg

*Monsanto, Mr. and Mrs. C. A.-130% Washington Street
c/o Stromsten Studio--------------.. Iowa City

Edwards, Miss Macey B.-Box 316------------------------------Versailles

*Allen, Mrs. Guy-4221 Coliseum Street---------------------.New Orleans 15
*Gatz, Mr. and Mrs. David L.-2849 Cavondelet Street----- --New Orleans
Harrover, Miss Eliza Etta-9224 Central Avenue, Route 1---------- Landover
Sartor, Col. Ralph H.-"Drum Paint"--------------------------St. Michaels

Correira, Mr. and Mrs. Donald T.-183 Woodside Terrace--------- Springfield
Yost, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley F.-226 East Main Street------------- Gloucester
*Jeffers, Mrs. Barbara Schnake-756 Henrietta Street---------- Birmingham

Carnright, Mr. and Mrs. George H.-Route 2, Box 26 A-----------_.- Braxton
*Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. Win. Carey-405 West Main Street------------Starkville
Sims, Mrs. Lewis B.-Route 1, Box 247-----------------------.Waynesboro

*Gaudette, Mr. and Mrs. William-983 Kingshighway North------ St. Charles

Curtis, Mr. and Mrs. Edward-22 Oak Avenue----------------------Westville
*Quinn, Mrs. Patrick-92 East Water Street--------------------.Toms River
*Rathgeber, Mrs. Nora-c/o Preventorium for Children---------.. Farmingdale

Raymond, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A.-2481 Hoff Avenue
North Bellmore-.------- Long Island
*Wilcox, Mrs. Robert-30 Park Avenue, Apt. 20-A---------------New York 16

*Behlen, Mr. and Mrs. Earnest-125 Naples Road
Laurel Terrace-----.---.-------. Asheville
Irvin, Dr. and Mrs. S. S.-Res. 1402 Fifth Avenue West
Mail. P. 0. Box 953----------------Hendersonville

Boomer, Capt. and Mrs. George-1313 Campbell Street-------------Sandusky
Denson, Mr. and Mrs. James G.-663 Gilbert Street--------------Columbus 5
du Bois, Mr. and Mrs. James Potter Jr.-Res. 431 Shortridge Dr.
Mail. P. O. Box 218--- Wynnewood
*Halverson, Mr. and Mrs. Harold D.-Box416 --------------------- Wakonda

*Brill, Mr. A. L.-8321 Jennings-------------------------------Houston 17
*DeYoung, Mrs. John T.-4105 Christi Street------------------.Corpus Christi
Huff, Mrs. David -------------------------------- -----------Bandera
*Searcy, Mr. and Mrs. Roy D.-1136 Walling Street--------.-------.Houston 9
*Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Milton R.-302 North First Street ------------- Bellaire
*Walker, Mr. and' Mrs. Ralph W.-931 Encino Drive--------.. New Braunfels

*Johnson, Mrs. A. E.-1788 Orchard Drive------------------- Salt Lake City

*Detamore, Mrs. Gladys E.-40 Thornrose Avenue-----------------Staunton
Wickens, Mr. George J.-1013 Holly Street.-----------------South Norfolk
Wright, Col. and Mrs. Dan E. (Summer)-612 South Stewart St...-Winchester

Hanna, Mr. P. W.-Box 177-------------------------------- Shelton


Dear Ex-Canal Friends:
You are cordially invited to join the Panama Canal Society of
Florida if you are not already a member. The Canal Record, our news
booklet, is issued quarterly, and a Year Book is mailed to members in
December of each year.
Dues are $3.00 annually, and payable in January. Members com-
ing in after July 1st will pay $1.50 for balance of the year.
Please add 10c to checks to cover banking charge.
Our membership is now more than 1400.
Please fill in the application below and send your dues to the
P. 0. Box 249, STATION "A"


Name -----------_______

Wife's Name--

Address ._-.. .....

City .----.. ............. State___ _

Number of Years on Canal.

What Division -..-. ----------

Amount Enclosed ..-- ...----.----

Mr. and Mrs. R. Fuller Pearl Capt. and Mrs. H.B. Majilton
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hanner St. Petersburg, Fla.
St. Petersburg, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Veit
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lenow
St. Petersburg, Fla.


? ^

Henry and Kathleen Grieser
Lackaroo Crosshaven Co.
Cork, Ireland

Mr. and Mrs. G.M. Sauerwein
Penns Grove, New Jersey

h .:-

Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Rigney, Mexico City
Frederick G. Swanson, Tyler, Texas
Miss Florence Dildine, Freeport, Ill.
and two amigos in Mexico City

Home of Capt. and Mrs. C.D. Lllie
Danly, Vt.

P. O. Box 249 STA. A

U. S. Postage
St. Petersburg, Flo.
Permit No. 603





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2/28/2013 3:47:30 PM The 'level' attribute is not declared.
2/28/2013 3:47:30 PM The 'order' attribute is not declared.
2/28/2013 3:47:30 PM The 'level' attribute is not declared.
2/28/2013 3:47:30 PM The 'order' attribute is not declared.
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