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Pedro Miguel Locks, Pedro Miguel, Canal Zone

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Houston, Texas group at one of their picnics.]

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Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Neville
and their home Los Altos Calif.

Home of (Billy) W.R. Howe
Palo Alto, Calif.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Maessen
Antwerp, Belgium.
Taken on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Mr. and Mrs. James Christian,
Orangevale, Calif.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Williams.
Novato, Calif.

--. .. ** _

Mr. and Mrs. Barton Woodruff
Pinellas Park, Fla.

The home of the Joseph B. Sampsells
in Frederick, Maryland.

The Panama Canal Society of Florida
To preserve American Ideals and Canal Zone Friendships
Harry J. Lewis J. F. Warner
President Founder
Troy Hayes F. A. Anderson
Vice-President JF. Bashner
Mrs. Lucille S. Judd Bs r
Secretary-Treas. W. H. Butler
Mrs. Burt W. Hall H. H. Hudson
Recording Sec'y. Ralph H. Oliver
E. M. Kieswetter Dan E. Wright
News Editor Counselors
Lee Burns James Bradley
Chaplain Sergeant-at-Arms


Since the last writing of the legislative subject as appeared in our
December Canal Record, the 84th Congress has convened in second
session on January 3, 1956.
All the data in the December number still applies without change.
It is suggested that all of you retirees review that information. In
this review reading you should correct a typographical error on page
4 of the December number. The bill introduced by Hon. J. J. Rooney
(N.Y.) should be correctly identified as H.R. 3328 and not 3828 as
Still pending in the P.O.&C.S. Committees are companion bills
S. 1153 by Hon. Olin D. Johnston (S.C.) and H.R. 3791 by Hon. James
H. Morrison (La.). These identical bills are long, 31 page documents
covering many phases of Civil Service Retirement. Of interest and
concern to those already retired is the proposal to increase retirement
annuities by $160.00 plus $16.00 for each full 2 month period elapsed
between the beginning date of the annuity and the date of enactment
of this legislation. The amount of increase is not to exceed $500.
The annuity of survivors already on the rolls at the time of enact-
ment of this legislation would be increased by $160.00 following the
date of enactment. For those who become survivors after the enact-
ment the annuity would be increased $160.00 but no other increase
would be allowed such survivor by any other provision of this act.
The above two bills also propose to exempt retirement annuities
from taxation.

There is also House bill H.R. 4125 by Hon. John Lesinski (Mich.)
proposing to amend the Civil Service Retirement Act by exempting
retirement annuities from "any tax". Ways and Means Committee.
There are five House bills; H.R. 505, H.R. 515, H.R. 746, H.R.
3098 and H.R. 4063 still pending in the House Committee on Ways
and Means, all proposing to amend the Internal Revenue Code by ex-
empting retirement annuities from taxation.
The Hon. Harry J. Latham (N.Y.) has a bill, H.R. 5215 pending
in the Ways and Means Committee proposing to amend the Internal
Revenue Code of 1954 by proposing to increase the amount of Retire-
ment Income, for purposes of computing Income Tax Credit, from
$1200 as at present, to $2000.
H.R. 7036 introduced by Hon. Noah M. Mason (Ill.) proposing
to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 with reference to the
limitations of retirement income for tax credit purposes, was amended
in the House Committee on Ways and Means. As passed by the House
just before the first session adjourned and as passed recently in the
Senate (Jan.16, '56) the amended bill now proposes to change the
amount of allowable earnings from $900 as at present to $1200. a year
and this limitation is now to be removed in case the individual has
reached the age of 72 instead of 75 as at present. This measure was
signed by the President on January 28, 1956 as Public Law 398.
Civil Retirees will be particularly interested and concerned with
two House bills, H.R. 4085 by Hon. John Lesinski (Mich.) and H.R.
8591 more recently introduced by Hon. James A. Haley (Fla.). Both
bills now pending in the Committee on P.O.&C.S. These bills pro-
pose to amend the Civil Service Retirement Act by providing that re-
tirement annuities be adjusted simultaneously with general adjustments
in Federal employees salaries and on the same average percentage.
It would be advantageous for retirees if the proposal in these bills
could be combined as an amendment to Senator Johnston's bill S. 1153
as referred to above as well as his bill S. 2875 referred to below.
Since the Congress has reconvened, Hon. Olin D. Johnston (S.C.)
has introduced, on Jan. 9, 1956, a Senate bill S. 2875 for considera-
tion of the Senate Committee on P.O.&C.S.. This is a long 40 page
document and proposes many changes in the Civil Service Retirement
System. This bill proposes some liberalization of retirement, disability
and survivor benefits for those who retire in the future. More over
there is a section in this bill which definitely states that those already
retired prior to the enactment of this S. 2875 bill shall continue in the
same manner and to the same extent as if this bill had not been en-

acted. There is nothing in this bill proposing to exempt annuities from
taxation. (Mr. Johnston's other bill S. 1153 does propose to exempt
retirement annuities from taxation). There is nothing in this S. 2875
bill proposing to combine or to coordinate the Social Security and
Civil Service Systems.
As expressed in the December Canal Record, the consideration
which the Committees and the Congress give to Civil Service and re-
tirement legislation during this session will depend to a great extent
on the nature of the recommendations of the Civil Service Commission.
At this writing there is no information available on the recommenda-
tions and report of the Commission with regard to the report of the
Special Kaplan Committee which the Commission has been studying
now for quite some time.
Until this data from the Civil Service Commission is submitted
to the Congress and we learn just what is involved we cannot tell you
much about this phase of the subject. We do know that there is some
consideration being given to combining or coordinating Social Secur-
ity and Civil Service retirement benefits. This may turn out to mean
that Civil Service may ultimately become less and less the merit and
career system which it has developed to be and become more and more
of a welfare plan with entirely new and different aims and policies,
yet be formulated into legislation.
At the present time Social Security and Civil Service serve differ-
ent purposes and are entirely separate. An individual may seek em-
ployment of his choice and earn benefits under either system and if
so inclined to shift employers may actually earn retirement benefits
under both systems. Thus it seems to be needlessly complicating to
combine these two systems.
Both active employees and retirees will be interested in this phase
of legislation, at best the retiree, in these changing times, has an eco-
nomic struggle. The retiree and the active employee expecting to be a
retiree must be on the lookout for their ultimate interests, supporting
causes of merit but opposing those without merit. Be on the alert for
what may develop in this reference. At this writing there is no bill
that we know of proposing to combine Social Security and Civil
Have you written, recently, to your Senator, your Representative
or to Committeemen of your interest and concern in retirement sub-
jects? For your ready reference we are listing revised membership of
some committees for the second session of the 84th Congress. You will

find complete listings in the Congressional Record at your nearest
Public Library or at the office of your local newspaper.


After the manuscript for this subject was completed and in the
hands of the printer, we received some later information of interest.
There has been expressed above the desirability of amending exist-
ing bills. Senate bill S. 2875 is developing to be the basis for discussion,
and for committee hearings. Thus this bill will quite likely be the ve-
hicle for any retirement legislation as may be enacted in this session
of the Congress.
S. 2875 proposes to increase future retirement annuities by about
33 per cent over annuities as computed at present. This increase is to
be made without change in the pay deduction for fund contributions.
The rate to remain at 6 percent. To establish that amount of differ-
ence in the annuities of individuals who retire just before and just
after the date of enactment of this legislation would surely be unfor-
tunate and undesirable.
To minimize such inequity it has been proposed that S. 2875 be
amended to increase present retirement annuities by $100.00 plus $10
for each full 2 month period elapsed between the beginning date of the
present annuity and the date of enactment of this pending legislation,
but not to exceed an increase of $300. The annuities of survivors on
the rolls at the date of enactment to be increased by $80.
This suggested amendment is not so liberal as proposed in the
companion bills S. 1153 and H.R. 3791, but since these bills were orig-
inally introduced during the first session of this Congress there has been
an adjustment of annuities through the enactment of Public Law 369
which became effective several months ago.
Another suggested amendment to S. 2875 is the proposal for auto-
matic adjustment of annuities whenever the pay of active employees
is adjusted.
A third amendment would remove the ceiling for increasing the
amount of retirement annuities as established by Public Law 369 which
became effective October 1, 1955, and instead specify that the amount
of increase authorized by that law be $360. as a maximum.
The above proposed amendments have been offered and suggested
for the consideration of the Senate Committee on P.O.&C.S. These pro-

posed amendments are proper and consistent with the recommenda-
tions of the special Kaplan committee. Briefly summarized this com-
mittee recommended that whenever the Congress adjusted the pay of
active employees or when liberalizing future annuities, then it would
be incumbent on the Congress to also examine the benefits of the re-
tirees and make adjustments as warranted.

With reference to the financial status of the Retirement Fund.
The unexpended balance in this fund has been increasing rather con-
sistently by about $500 million a year, except during the past two
fiscal years when Uncle Sam's contribution was reduced rather dras-
tically by appropriation cuts to about one tenth of the usual amounts.
Even with the handicap of these drastic cuts the fund has more
than doubled in the past 7 years. This factor of doubling in a 7 year
period has been repeated consistently for the past 7 corresponding
7 year periods. (This factor has not been investigated for periods earl-
ier than the period 1942-49).

Another observed statistic is that the 35 year total of all employee
contributions to the retirement fund up to June 30, 1955 is 50 percent
more than the grand total of all Congressional appropriations to this
As of June 30 of fiscal 1955 the balance in the Retirement Fund
was 6 billion 193 million dollars, by the end of calendar 1955 the bal-
ance had increased in the 6 months period to 6 billion 477 million
While fixed incomes have very little contact with, or any concep-
tion of millions and a still less idea of billions, would you not say that
the fund does appear to be rather sound after operating for 35 years?
Post script: Did you see that interesting editorial in a recent
Florida publication concerned with the recommendations of the Hoover
Commission. We are all acquainted with the general economic view-
point and the endeavor to minimize government spending; but we
learned that the Commission did not attack all cases of spending as
such. Actually in a number of cases the Commission advocates some
increase in government spending. Among the areas in which such in-
creases are considered we were agreeably intrigued to find Civil Service.


There is now available some information with reference to the
coordination of Social Security with Civil Service Retirement.
Senate bill S. 3041 to be known as the "Civil Service Retirement
Act of 1956" has been introduced by Hon. Frank Carlson (Kan.) the
ranking minority member of the Senate Committee on P.O.&C.S.
This bill is a long 49 page document, far reaching in its proposed
broad overhaul of the Civil Service Retirement System and its co-
ordination and combination with Social Security.
This bill proposes amendments to both the present Civil Service
and Social Security Acts as well as the repeal of some sections of these
acts. Some of these changes as worded in the bill can not be inter-
preted without also reading the sections of the other acts under refer-
ence, which are not at hand at this writing.
However there are a few things which may be noted. This bill is
not to apply to any Federal employee appointed after Jan. 1, 1957 un-
til he has completed three years of service. This is not to apply to
employees who on Dec. 31, 1956 are already subject to the Civil Ser-
vice Retirement Act.
Beginning Jan. 1, 1957 the amount of pay deductions as contribu-
tions to the retirement fund are to be changed to 31/2 per cent on the
first $4200 of annual earnings and remain 6 per cent on the balance.
The bill includes 12 different subsections on retirement annuities
and 8 subsections on survivor benefits, all too lengthy and involved to
outline here. However, under the heading of "Continuity of Existing
Rights" this bill provides that the annuity on an eligible retiring em-
ployee may be increased by such an amount so that the resulting com-
bined Retirement annuity and Social Security benefit shall not be less
than the annuity he would have received had S. 3041 not been enacted.
Apparently, this protection is not applicable to those employed after
Jan. 1, 1957 and who retire under the provision of this act.
Also there is the provision that those employees retiring prior to
the effective date of this S. 3041 enactment and their survivors shall
continue in the same manner and to the same extent as if this S. 3041
had not been enacted. Another provision is for the application of the
sliding scale of annuity increase as authorized in Public Law 369 for

those who retire within the date periods specified in that law. The
details of this 369 law were outlined in the Canal Record for Septem-
ber 1955.
Not to be overlooked is the proposal to transfer funds from the
Civil Service Retirement Fund to the Federal Old-Age and Survivors
Insurance Trust Fund in such amounts as are necessary to meet the
additional costs resulting from this S. 3041 and as determined by the
Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare and the Chairman of the
Civil Service Commission.
From the foregoing and the use of a little arithmetic you will find
that the amount of pay deductions as fund contributions are to be
reduced more than 33 per cent. Note that annuities already established
are to be maintained. Also that the annuities, of those workers still
to be retired but qualified with "existing rights", are to be not less
than what would be computed under present regulations, and yet funds
are to be transferred out of the Retirement Fund. All resulting with
less income but more outgo for the fund. Surely that Bugaboo about
the inadequacy of the retirement fund is now out in the open and
properly countermanded.
With all the foregoing in mind, the present retiree can not com-
pare the relative merits of these two bills S. 2875 and S.3041.
By decreasing the contributions and obligating funds for trans-
fer to another system S. 3041 surely becomes a weakening rather than
a strengthening factor in the best of all career retirement systems.
On the other hand, by retaining the present rate of contributions and
without obligating funds for transfer to another system S. 2875 is
strengthening by comparison.
As originally introduced neither of these two bills will improve
the economic status of the present retirees.
However the present retiree will naturally prefer the stronger bill
S. 2875 as the vehicle for amendment toward some improvement from
his view point. Consistent with this thought is the suggested amend-
ments as outlined in the flash subject above.
Hearings have already been started on these subjects in the P.O.
&C.S. Committees.
We must not overlook the situation that S. 3041 will have the
backing of the Civil Service Commission and the Social Security
S. 2875 and any similar amended bill will be opposed by the Civil
Service Commission and the Social Security Administration. This

opposition has already been started as expressed during the first day
of hearings held by the Senate Committee, at which time the hearings
were recessed for a full week.
Retirees must not be discouraged by this situation. Since the in-
ception of Public Law 555 and the advent of the Kaplan Committee
back in 1952, now 4 years and 4 sessions of the Congress later we are
approaching the final enactment in the series. All retirees must now
do their individual part toward expressing themselves for maintaining
the Civil Service Retirement System intact as the best of all career
retirement systems. Do not delay in expressing your interest and ideas
to your Senator-Representative-Committeemen. This session of the
Congress is moving along at a faster than usual pace. In an election
year all are anxious for an early adjournment. The entire program will
be completely over before you receive the next issue of the Canal
You can also help and promote your own economic cause as a civil
retiree by joining the nearest chapter of the National Association of
Retired Civil Employees. In the absence of a chapter near you, send
$3.00 for annual dues to N. A. R. C. E. Headquarters, 1625 Connecti-
cut Avenue, N. W., Washington, D. C. This will include your sub-
scription to their publication "Retirement Life", a monthly magazine
devoted to the various interest of Civil Retirees including legislation.
If you join N.A.R.C.E. at once you will be in touch regularly with
this important pending legislative situation each month and thus be in-
formed before you again hear from this quarterly Canal Record.
Especially is it important to support this organization at this cru-
cial time in the legislative program. The Legislative Representative
for you and for N.A.R.C.E. is Mr. Alfred F. Beiter, a former long
term member of the Congress from New York state and who also served
as Assistant to the Secretary of the Interior. Mr. Beiter and N.A.R.C.E.
officials in Washington are now very active in inspiring and promot-
ing the adoption of the above referred to amendments to S. 2875 and
by appearing before the Committees to present arguments in well pre-
pared briefs for the cause of retirees and in urging the final enactment
of this pending and amended legislation.
FLASH POSTSCRIPT: Just as we thought we had finished
this writing, we have been informed that a new bill similar to S. 2875
but embodying amendment advantages to present retirees and as al-
ready mentioned and outlined above is now in preparation, to be in-
troduced in the House at an early date by Hon. John Lesinski (Mich.).
This new Lesinski bill embodying the amendment suggested by

N.A.R.C.E. promises to be the measure favored by both active and
retired employes alike. This should inspire new zest for your readers
to write letters as already urged and to join N.A.R.C.E. for addi-
tional support of these worthy efforts toward retaining and improv-
ing our Civil Service Retirement and career systems.


Many Canal folks who are now retired as former Civil Service
Employees have been interested in National Civil Service Week.
The week beginning Monday, January 16th, 1956, representing
the 73rd anniversary of our national merit system as originated by the
Civil Service Act of 1883, has been celebrated in various appropriate
programs by Civil Servants throughout the country.
The first observance of Civil Service Week was suggested by Mr.
Harry T. Kranz back in 1934 while he represented the Civil Service
Commission in the position of Director of the Twelfth Region with
headquarters in San Francisco.
Since that time and as suggested by Mr. Kranz, the American
Federation of Government Employees has taken over the sponsorship
of this annual observance.
On this recent occasion. President Eisenhower and all members
of his Cabinet expressed their personal but impressive tribute to the
Civil Service Merit System and to its many career employees.
The exceptionally interesting testimonials from the President and
all ten cabinet members were addressed to A.F.G.E. President James
A. Campbell. These messages were all released to the nation-wide
press as part of the program for the observance of National Civil
Service Week.
The American public instinctively appreciates things of MERIT,
but it is well worth while to remind that public each year that their
merit system for public employment is developing more and more
merit as Civil Service becomes more generally understood. All asso-
ciated with this worthy career cause are to be congratulated with these
meritorious accomplishments. May they have the courage to continue
their efforts toward a broader application of merit management in
more phases of things governmental.


Senate Committee Finance
Harry Flood Byrd, Va., Chairman; Walter F. George, Ga.; Robert
S. Kerr, Okla.; J. Allen Frear, Jr., Del.; Russell B. Long, La.; George
A. Smathers, Fla.; Lyndon B. Johnson, Tex.; Alben W. Barkley, Ky.;
Eugene D. Milliken, Colo.; Edward Martin, Pa.; John J. Williams,
Del.; Ralph E. Flanders, Vt.; George W. Malone, Nev.; Frank Carl-
son. Kan.; Wallace F. Bennett, Utah.

Senate Committee Post Office and Civil Service
Olin D. Johnston, S. C., Chairman; Matthew M. Neely, W. Va.;
John O. Pastore, R. I.; A. S. Mike Monroney, Okla.; Thomas C.
Hennings, Jr., Mo.; W. Kerr Scott, N. C.; Richard L. Neuberger,
Oregon; Frank Carlson, Kan.; William E. Jenner, Ind.; William N.
Langer, N. D.; Carl T. Curtis, Nebr.; Thomas E. Martin, Iowa;
Clifford P. Case, N. J.

House Committee Merchant Marine and Fisheries
Herbert C. Bonner, N. C., Chairman; Frank W. Boykin, Ala.;
Edward A. Garmatz, Md.; Edward J. Robeson, Jr., Va. ; Mrs. Leonor
K. Sullivan, Mo.; T. A. Thompson, La.; George P. Miller, Calif.;
John C. Kluczynski, Ill.; James A. Byrne, Pa.; John J. Bell, Tex.;
T. James Tumulty, N. J.; Irwin D. Davidson, N. Y.; Herbert Zelenko,
N. Y.; Frank M. Clark, Pa.; Thomas L. Ashley, Ohio; Thor C. Tollef-
son, Wash.; John J. Allen, Jr., Calif.; Horace Seely-Brown, Jr., Conn.;
Timothy R. Sheehan, Ill.; William K. Van Pelt, Wis.; John H. Ray,
N. Y.; William S. Mailliard, Calif.; Francis E. Dorn, N. Y; Thomas
M. Pelly, Wash.; Elford A. Cederberg, Mich.; A. D. Baumhart, Jr.,
Ohio; Jackson B. Chase, Nebr.; E L. Bartlett, Alaska.

House Committee Post Office and Civil Service
Tom Murray, Tenn., Chairman; James H. Morrison, La.; James
C. Davis, Ga.; George M. Rhodes, Pa.; John Lesinski. Jr., Mich.;
John Dowdy, Tex.; Hugh Q. Alexander, N. C.; John E. Moss, Calif.;
Edward J. Robeson, Jr., Va; Mrs. Gracie Pfost, Idaho; Dante B.
Faschell, Fla.; T. James Tumulty, N. J.; Joe M. Kilgore, Texas;
Chet Hollifield, Calif.; Edward H. Rees, Kan.; Robert J. Corbett, Pa.;
Mrs. Catherine St. George, N. Y.; Mrs. H. R. Gross, Iowa; Mrs. Cecil

M. Hardin, Ind.; Albert W. Cretella, Conn.; Charles S. Gubser, Calif.;
Joel T. Broyhill, Va.; Elford A. Cederberg, Mich.; John E. Henderson,
Ohio; August E. Johansen, Mich.

House Committee Ways and Means
Jere Cooper. Tenn., Chairman; Wilber D. Mills, Ark.; Noble J.
Gregory, Ky.; Aime J. Forand, R. I.; Herman P. Ebergater, Pa.;
Cecil R. King, Calif.; Thomas J. O'Brien, Ill.; Hale Boggs, La.; Eugene
J. Keogh, N Y.; Burr P. Harrison, Va.; Frank M. Karsten, Mo.;
A. S. Herlong, Fla.; Eugene J McCarthy, Minn.; Frank Ikard, Tex.;
Thaddeus M. Machrowicz, Mich.; Daniel A. Reed, N. Y.; Thomas A.
Jenkins, Ohio; Richard M. Simpson, Pa.; Robert W. Kean. N. J.; Noah
M. Mason, Ill.; Hal Holmes, Wash.; John W. Byrnes, Wis.; Antoni
N. Sadlak, Conn.; Howard H. Baker, Tenn.; Thomas B. Curtis, Mo.

SSuggested Form of Addresses and Salutations
Senate Office Building House Office Building
Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C.
My Dear Senator Smathers: My Dear Mr. Cramer:


Mrs. Nell Bewley of Silver Spring, Maryland, reports a nice visit
from Lona Joan Sears, who is a Pursurette on Pan American World
Airways. Her flights cover all of Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle
East and Africa. Another visitor was Columbia Reiman. Mrs. Bewley
sends best wishes to all old C.Z. friends from herself and the Bigelows.
Mae and Glenn Lewis have returned to their El Volcan home after
an extensive tour of Europe. They were thoroughly disgusted with all
the hidden taxes for accommodations and service plus the insistent
demands for tips for the slightest service. Like many other Americans
who have crossed the pond with an open mind, they could not escape
the unconcealed contempt of the Europeans for everything American
except our dollars.
After wandering around the country for about a year, Ann and
Jack (Scoops) Carey are now settled in Arcadia, Calif, for perhaps a
year. They have seen the Cliff Curriers and Ewing Journey family.

They would enjoy seeing any friends who happen out their way.
Harry V. Snyder of Charleston, W. Virginia, has returned from a
visit to the Canal Zone where he spent a month with Mr. and Mrs.
Ora Ewing. He found many changes and says "the old place ain't
what it used to be." He reports that Ora Ewing has had pneumonia
three times in the last two years and recently fell and fractured his
pelvic bone.
F G. Swanson, of Tyler, Texas, has returned from his tour of Eur-
ope and the Near East. The entire trip was made by air travel and
he reports no serious delays along the way.
Thelma Reppe reports a fine visit in Burlington, Iowa, with Irma
Watson and Flo Kendall. She reports the Sundbergs are fine and she
sees Cornelia Reimer often and telephones often to Alice Cullinane.
Mrs. Maude Eggleston writes that she and the Capt. are back in
St. Petersburg after a visit on the Canal Zone. While on; the Zone,
Mrs. Eggleston had an operation. The Capt. has had a tricky heart
for some time and must exercise care. Since returning to St. Pete,
they have enjoyed visits from their daughter, Zelda, and Mrs. Mark
White, Paul Glassburn from Williams College, Mass., Constance Glass-
burn from George Washington University, and Thomas Tettenburn
from Georgia Tech.
Mr. D. E. Wright, who has been overseas with the Near East
Foundation, is returning to the United States and should be in New
York on or about February 1st. Mr. Wright, like many returning
Americans, is concerned over the lack of appreciation of what the
Americans are trying to do for the people of the old world, especially
among some of our so-called Allies.
Billy Howe, of Palo Alto. California, writes that the visit of Mr.
and Mrs. Archie French of Balboa, C.Z. called for a little reunion at
the home of the Jim Sullivans; including the Craig Nevilles, Jim Sul-
livan, Jr., Leroy Dugan, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Smith,
and Mr. and Mrs. Archie French; a grand get-to-gether of old time
friends. Bill reports his son is still in the air force but will get out in
July and will go to work as an electrical engineer.
Mr. and Mrs. Dubel Duke, former Zone residents, now of Egypt
Lake, near Tampa, who 19 months ago, took an undernourished baby
into their home and had hoped to adopt the baby they had learned to
love, had their hopes blasted, recently, when the Welfare Department

decided the Dukes were too old to adopt a child. Mrs. Duke is 62
years old and her husband is 46. The Dukes have a fine home on a
five acre tract and, in addition, have adequate securities to insure
financial security for their Jeannie Marie whom the Dukes had taken
in with the whole hearted consent of the baby's father, after the mother
had deserted them. Mr. and Mrs. Duke have not given up hope of
eventually getting custody of Jeannie Marie. Many fine friends and
neighbors have rallied to their aid and will testify to the loving care
Mr. and Mrs. Duke have showered on the child.
Clara Neville writes that they are happy in their new home in Los
Altos, California. Daughter Beverly and family are still on the Canal
Zone, also her mother and some of the rest of the family. The Neville's
younger daughter, Bobbie, and her family, reside in Phoenix, Ariz.
Mrs. Neville reports that Evelyn Payne is progressing, nicely, after a
serious operation and Mrs. T. H. Irwin is home from the hospital
where she had been confined with a broken hip. The Nevilles would
be happy to see any of their friends who should visit California.
Col. and Mrs. R. W. Malloy (nee Margaret Miegs) now in the
Damascus Beirut area, recently met Col. Dan Wright and had a very
interesting two hour visit with him. Col. Wright had just returned
from Cairo.

Peggy Fullerton, of Gatun, writes that Walley, her husband, is
back at work after undergoing surgery, and is now feeling much better.
Her uncle, Al Geddes, is visiting with them but finds that most of his
old pals have left the Zone.
A telegram from Roger S. Erdman of Washington, D. C.; "Happy
New Year and best wishes old timers and friends for a happy Re-
union today."
A letter from E. A. Roberts, Administrator of the American Legion
Hospital for Crippled Children says: "Please extend our sincerest
thanks to the members of the Panama Canal Society for their contri-
bution of $175.25, ice cream, and cookies which were so graciously
given to our hospital for the Children's Christmas. It was a lovely
thing to do and I can assure you will mean much in making their
Christmas a merrier one. Your kindness and fine spirit is a blessing,
Mrs. Frank Coyle of Sioux City, Iowa, writes that Madge Reidy
Butler is not very well. She is in constant pain, has almost lost the
use of her right eye, and her hands are crippled with arthritis. The

cold weather of Iowa was too cold for Madge so they are now at Ocean
Springs in Mississippi. They send thanks for all the lovely cards
and will try to acknowledge them before too long.
Mrs. Margaret Enright sends best wishes from Anchorage. Alaska,
where they had just had 35 inches of snow in 40 hours. She is making
her home with her daughter and son-in-law, Major and Mrs. Buniow-
ski While in Oregon, enroute north, they stopped for a short visit with
Mrs. Elliott in Portland and in Seattle they saw the Marzanos and
Mrs. Maguire.

Mrs. John Hearn of Meridan, Miss., writes that her daughters,
Netta Beauchamp and Cele, returned to Mississippi after Mr. Beau-
champ's funeral. Jack and Ethel also have been home. During their
stop-over in Miami they were happy to see the Ernest Woods and
W. T. Bowens, also the Reeders. During their visit, Dr. Reeder cele-
brated his 77th birthday.
Hilda Sanders of Louisville, Ky. writes that they enjoyed a visit
with their daughter and family in Pasadena, Texas, where it was quite
warm but very cold when they got back to Ky. Hilda does not like
the cold and yearns to try Florida and its sunshine.

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Barton of Petersburg, Va. have been on an
extended tour to the West Coast. Going through Cherryvale. Kansas,
they inquired about Dick Hoagland and found that Dick had died on
August 28, 1954. They ran into Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brown in San
Mateo, Calif. The Browns now live in San Carlos. Mr. Barton re-
ports that Fred has had a rough time with doctors and hospitals since
his retirement. Mr. Barton also reports that Mrs. Wm. L. Fey is now
located at Daytona Beach, Florida. Mrs. Fey's son, George, and family
live in Jacksonville, Florida, and her son Bill, who is a three striper
in the Navy, resides in Washington, D. C. He also writes that Charles
Rau lives in Chattanooga, Tenn. and John Boettner, Jr. is in Fairhope,

Col. C. E. Whipple, of Williamsport, Pa., is still on active duty
as Deputy Sheriff of one of the counties in Pa. The Whipples have been
living in Williamsport for 30 years. They trek out to Long Beach
every year to visit their daughter and manage to attend some of the
meetings out there.

Alice Stroop reports that her mother. Mrs. John R. Strauss is
visiting her daughter, Rita, and family in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba,

Mrs. John H. Smith of Washington, D. C. visited recently in Port
Au Prince, Haiti, with her daughter Elva, husband and daughter Paula,
age 6.
Lt. and Mrs. J. Youart, formerly of Gamboa, are now in Whittier,
Calif. They send greetings to all their friends and after Feb. 5th will
be at home to their friends at 314 West Ganota Avenue, San Clemente,

Some January, February and March Highlights
on Panama and the Zone

January 2, 1906-First public school under the jurisdiction of the
U. S. Government opened at Corozal, C. Z.
January 3, 1909-Ancon Protestant Chapel dedicated.
January 29, 1909-Sec'y. of War Taft arrived to inspect Canal work.
February 27, 1911-The tug, La Boca, was placed at the service of the
Panama Police to pursue four burglars who, after robbing the
safe of the Panama Banking Company in Panama, made their
escape in a launch.

February 11, 1912-The tug, Reliance, sailed from Colon towing three
barges from Colon to Balboa by the way of the Strait of Magel-
lon. It arrived in Panama Bay on June 17, 126 travel days
later, 10,500 miles. It was believed to be cheaper to make the
long trip than to take the barges apart and ship them overland
47 miles.

March, 1913-Joint Land Commission began its sessions.

March 23, 1913-Formal opening of the new Washington Hotel.

March 6, 1915-Famous address by Col. Goethals at the annual dinner
of the Society of the Chagres at Hotel Tivoli.
January 10, 1917-Major General George W. Goethals resigned as
Governor of the Panama Canal.
March 1, 1909-A case of yellow fever brought from Guayaquil. Ecua-
dor, is placed in an isolation pavilion at Culebra Island.
The above date is fromn a long list of highlights compiled
by Carl A. Hoffman.


Patricia Ruth Howard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Howard,
was married on November 5th at St. Luke's Methodist Church at St.
Michaels, Maryland, to Frederick Trippe Hall. They are at home at
the Castelton Apartments, 14 North Aurora St., Easton, Maryland.
Announcement has been made by Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E.
Forbes of Ancon of the marriage of their daughter, Joan Rae to Air-
man 1/C Sheldon G. Astrin, son of the late Mrs. Lillian Marie Astrin
of Baltimore, Maryland, in Denver, Colrado.
Mrs. Astrin, who was graduated from the Balboa High School
with the class of '53, attended the Washington State College in Pull-
man, Washington, for one year. She is continuing in her junior year
at the School of Nursing, University of Colorado in Denver, Colorado.
The bridegroom has recently been transferred to McConnel Air
Force Base in Wichita, Kansas, from Lowry Air Force Base, Colorado,
where he was an instructor in bombing and navigation.
Announcement has been made by Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Womack of
Los Angeles, California, formerly of the Canal Zone, of the marriage
of their daughter, Lyla Lou to Robert B. Robbins, son of Mrs. Blanche
Robbins of Westwood, California and the late R. B Robbins. The
wedding took place on December the 28th.
The bride, a graduate of Balboa High School, Class of 1953, at
present is a junior at the U. S. C. The groom also is a member of the
junior class at U. S. C. where he is affiliated with Tau Kappa Epsilon.
He served 41/ years as a Navy pilot and received his discharge with
the rank of Lt. Commander.
The couple plan to make their home near the campus until they
Mr. and Mrs. Max R. Hart of Balboa announce the engagement
of their daughter Leona Margaret to Fred H Lee, Jr., son of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred H. Lee of Balboa.
Miss Hart is a graduate from Balboa High School with the class
of 1952. She also graduated from the University of Rochester, School
of Nursing, Rochester, New York, and is now a nurse at St. Elizabeth
Hospital in Lafayette, Indiana.
Mr. Lee also graduated from Balboa High School with the class
of 1952 and is now a senior majoring at Purdue University.
A June wedding is planned.
Mrs. J. Walsh Jones of St. Petersburg, Florida, announces the

marriage of her daughter, Miss Jerry Jones, to Mr. Frank Patrick Sul-
livan, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Sullivan of St. Petersburg, Florida.
The wedding took place on October 1, 1955 at St. Paul's Catholic
Church. Mr. Sullivan attended school on the Canal Zone and later
attended Military academy in Peekskill, N. Y. He is now employed
by the Division of Civil Affairs, at the Balboa Post Office. The young
couple are residing in Balboa.
Edward Voss, son of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Voss of Balboa, Canal
Zone, was married to Miss Doris I. Compton, on December 20th, 1955,
in Las Vegas, Nevada. Edward is employed by the Raytheon Elec-
tronics Corporation, and has just returned from an assignment in Japan.


Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kennedy of 2116 Adams Ave., Evansville,
Indiana, announce the birth of a son, Peter Frederick, on November 8.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Martin Newland of Cedar Grove, New Jersey,
announce the birth of a son, William Ross Newland III, on Dec. 23rd.
The baby's paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth
Newland of Margarita, who formerly lived in Diablo.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. O'Connor of Atlanta, Georgia announce
the birth of a son, their second on January the 4th. Mrs. O'Connor
is the former Shirley Smith.
The baby is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith of El
Cangrejo and the great grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Persons of
St. Petersburg, Florida, former residents of the Isthmus.
T-Sgt. and Mrs. Nolan H. Spencer of Langley Field, Virginia,
have announced the birth of their third child, second daughter.
The baby, born November 20 is the granddaughter of Mr. and
Mrs. James F. G. Trimble of Margarita. She has been named Stephanie
Sgt. Spencer is scheduled to leave in January for an assignment
in French Morocco.
Mr. and Mrs.William F. Bartholomew, Jr., of Milwaukee, Wis.,
announce the birth of their second child, first son. Their little daugh-
ter is now three years old.
Mr. Bartholomew, who is now a mechanical engineer employed
by the Allis-Chalmers Company, was born and reared on the Canal
Zone. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Bartholomew of Balboa.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gilchriest of Schenectady, N. Y. announce

the birth of their second son on January 14th. The baby has been
named Jeffery. Mrs. Gilchriest is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis
C. Warner of Pinellas Park, Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilmer Y. Waggoner Jr. of San Diego, California
announce the birth of their second daughter, Laura Jane, Dec. 28th.
Mrs. Waggoner was formerly Marilyn Jennison of Balboa. The
baby's maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. J E. Jennison of Bal-
boa. The paternal grandmother is Mrs. Adelaide Waggoner of Salis-
bury, North Carolina.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Alexaitis of Stockton, California announce
the birth of a son born on January the 15th. Mrs. Alexaitis is the for-
mer Shirley Karst of Balboa.
Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Paul Karst of Gatun.
Paternal grandparents are Dr. and Mrs. F. L. Alexaitis of Tampa,
Florida, formerly of Cristobal, Canal Zone.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Wilford, Jr., of Houston, Texas, announce
the birth of their first child, Deborah Elaine on January 11th.
Mrs. Wilford is the former Carol Harvey, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. R. L. Harvey of New Cristobal. The baby's paternal grandfather,
Mr. R. M. Wilford, Sr., was a long-time resident of Cristobal and now
makes his home with his son and daughter-in-law.


Howard C. Anderson, Railroad Division-31 years, 8 month, 6 days.
Mrs. Daisy D. Fortner, Teacher-24 years, 6 months, 14 days.
Charles F. Hinz, Postmaster-30 years, 8 months, 22 days.
Mrs. Laura C. McLintock, Contract and Inspection Division-
-17 years, 5 months, 15 days.
Frank R. Molther, Plant Inventory and Appraisal Staff-
20 years, 2 months, 28 days.
Allen B. Parker, Chief Towboat Engineer-15 years, 6 days.
J. Milton Reed, Navigation Division- 14 years, 1 month, 13 days.
Barnabe J. Robles, Navigation Division-14 years, 9 months, 29 days.
Mrs. Alvina Freeman Treadwell, Teacher-30 years, 12 days.
James L. Williams, arine Bunkering Section-19 yrs., 6 mo., 8 days.
Floyd Winchell, Storehouse Division-11 years, 1 month, 29 days.
Alfred T. Veit, Dredging Division-20 years, 12 days.

Stanley F. Yost, Port Captain's Office-32 years, 2 months, 16 days.
Mrs. M. Frances Barr, Commissary Div.-20 years, 9 months, 2 days.
Mrs. Lea K. Dugan, Health Bureau-18 years, 1 month, 2 days.
Robnett B. Elliff, Terminals Division-16 years, 1 month, 5 days.
Earl M. Seagrave, Electrical Division-16 years, 10 months, 18 days.
Bird W. Stephenson, Transportation Div.-21 years. 3 months, 27 days.


Col. W. D. Rogers of Lexington, Ky. writes that Mrs. Rogers is
very ill and has to have a blood transfusion every week.
Maurice H. Thatcher reports that Mrs. Thatcher fractured wrists
and ribs have healed but there are pains and bruises that persist. Mrs.
Thatcher was seriously injured in an automobile accident some time

Mrs. Ruth Nielson, daughter of Mrs. Agnes Stewart of Tampa,
was a surgical patient in Tampa Municipal Hospital.
Mrs. Wilhemina Sandiford was a patient in St. Joseph Hospital
in Tampa.
Mrs. Larry Brain was in Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater,
Florida, following a fall that resulted in a broken arm.
Miss Mary E. Fagan of Pavilion, N. Y. suffered a fractured knee
cap, recently.
Miss Louise Kurath of Bradenton, Florida, who has been improv-
ing enough to make a trip down town alone, suffered a fall that has
set her back. Fortunately, no bones were broken.
Mrs. Michael Conley of St. Petersburg, is in St. Anthony's Hos-
pital following a bad fall, recently.
Mr. William Dunlop, who suffered a very badly fractured leg,
is getting around with a cane.
Mr. T. M. Drake of St. Petersburg, is ill in a local nursing home.
Mr. Conkerton of St. Petersburg, is home and doing nicely after
a long siege in the hospital.

Mrs. Rose Koperski has been in a hospital in San Antonio follow-

ing a heart attack.
Mrs. Vern D. Calloway of Winter Park, Fla had the misfortune
to fall and break her left arm, on December 8th.
Mr. Jack Deavours of Atlanta, Georgia, fell and broke his hip
in December. He is improving slowly.
Doris Hutchinson, daughter of the Charles Hutchinsons of St.
Petersburg, Fla. had a serious operation on December 7th in Mound
Park Hospital. Last report she was coming along nicely.
Mr. J. H. Schneider of St. Petersburg is doing nicely following
a serious operation in Mound Park Hospital.
Mrs. Hugh Powers of St. Petersburg was a patient in St. Anthony's
Hospital. Last report, no visitors.
Miss Jessie Murdoch of Toronto, Canada, has had another leg
operation at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Toronto, Canada.
Mrs. C. T. Jackson of Ancon, C. Z. sends thanks for the card re-
ceived from the Society on their wedding anniversary and reports
that Mr. Jackson is far from well.
Miss Anita Way was in St. Anthony's Hospital for major surgery.
Her condition is reported as good. Miss Way and her sister are spend-
ing the winter in St. Petersburg.

Capt. D. E. Eggleston of St. Petersburg was rushed to the hospi-
tal with what was thought to be a heart attack but later proved to be
lobar pneumonia. Last report was that he was very ill but gaining.
Mr. John D. Wilson, who takes all the pictures at the reunion,
was rushed to the hospital in Tampa. Has had several transfusions
but is now slowly improving. News just received. Mr. Wilson under-
went surgery Saturday, February 4th. Reported as doing nicely.

Cards of Thanks and Appreciation

Cards of thanks and appreciation have been received from the
Mrs. Netta Hearn Beauchamp Mrs. Bessie Foster
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Jackson, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hammer
Mrs. De Spain Mr. and Mrs. Maurice H. Thatcher
Mr. Abe Brill John H. Schneider

Mr. E. A. Roberts Mrs. J. Kilbride
Mrs. Ruggles Mrs. Lura V. Buehler
Mrs. Wilhelmina Sandiford Wallace B. Ames
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jackson John B. Bodden and family
Mrs. Samuel Grier, III
Family of the late Captain Dennis Sterling Heath


Harry A. Comley, well known retired employee of the Panama
Canal, died in Gorgas Hospital. He was 65 years of age. Mr. Comley
was admitted to the hospital after suffering a severe heart attack.
Mr. Comley, who was born in Buck Moutain, Pa., had been living
in Arlington, with Mrs. Comley, but the couple returned to the Canal
Zone in mid December to visit their children. He came to the Isthmus
in 1913 and retired in July, 1952, after 39 years of service.
Most of Mr. Comley's service was in property accounting, although
he worked briefly in Gatun and at the Terminals center in Balboa for
the Panama Railroad. In 1937 he was made assistant chief of the
Property and Requisition Bureau. He became surveying officer for the
bureau in 1942.
Active in Masonry, Mr. Comley was recorder for the Abou Saad
Temple and attended a number of conventions as the representative of
that organization.
In addition to his wife, Mr. Comley is survived by three daugh-
ters, Mrs. Bernard Forgerson of Cocoli. Mrs. George Dilfer of Las
Cumbres and Mrs. Jessie Lacklen. He also had four grandchildren.

Lamar J. Fuller, 62, died on Monday, February 6th in Tampa,
Florida. He is survived by his wife.

The death of Bill Shaughnessy, former Dredging Division em-
ploye, was reported by Harry Loring. Mr. Shaughnessy died in Bath,
Maine, after a long illness.

Miss Pauline Meredith, retired nurse who spent more than eight
seasons on Florida's west coast, died December 8th at the home of her
sister in Jersey City, N. J. She had been ill several months.

A native of Delaware, Miss Meredith was an active member of
the Panama Canal Society of Florida, and the Baptist Church in
Jersey City.
She is survived by two sisters.
Lewis E. Williams, retired Panama Canal employee, died at his
home in Carrollton, Ohio, November 27. He was 84 years old.
Born in Sunderland, Vermont, Mr. Williams came to the Isthmus
in 1908 and was employed with the Isthmian Canal Commission as a
machinist. He later transferred to the permanent Canal organization
and was employed as a machinist with the Dredging Division. At the
time of his retirement in 1933 he was a lock operator on the Pacific
After his retirement, Mr. and Mrs. Williams made their home in
He is survived by his wife.
J. Milton Reed, who retired in September as Chief Towboat En-
gineer with the Navigation Division, died in Bellingham. Washington.
He was 56 years old.
He is survived by his wife, of Bellingham; a daughter, Mrs. Joan
Daybeck, whose husband, Ray, is a catcher on the Carta Vieja team
of the Panama League, and who is now living at the Hotel Roosevelt;
and by a son, Richard, who is in the service and presently stationed
in Germany.

Capt. Samuel Lee Brown, well-known Atlantic sider and assistant
port captain in Cristobal at the time of his retirement last January,
died suddenly in Mathews County, Virginia. He was 62 years old.
For many years, Capt. and Mrs. Brown and their two daughters
made their home in Cristobal, part of the time in a house overlooking
Limon Bay.
He chose Mathews County, on Chesapeake Bay, for the new home
into which he and Mrs. Brown moved when they left the Canal Zone.
In addition to Mrs. Brown, the former Grace Evelyn Birkenhead,
their daughter, Mrs. Whipple, Capt. Brown is survived by another
daughter, Mrs. Zula Lee Smith, who is now living in California.

Jay L. Greene, retired Canal employee and well-known former
resident of the Isthmus, died at his home in Avon, New York follow- -
ing a long illness. He was 78 years old.
Born in Hemlock, N. Y., Mr. Greene was one of the early con-
struction day employes. He first arrived on the Isthmus in 1908 to

work for the Isthmian Canal Commission in Culebra and Empire and
was transferred to the Canal organization in 1914. He was employed
in the instrument Repair Shop in Balboa up to the time of his retire-
ment in 1938.
Since his retirement, Mr. Greene has been making his home in
Avon and spending the winter months in Florida.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Rebina Greene of Avon; a son,
Leon Greene, of Panama City; a daughter, Mrs. Esther Moxon, of
Curundu; and four grandchildren.
Thomas C. Madison, retired Panama Railroad employee and long-
time resident of the Isthmus, died at Coco Solo Hospital where he had
been a patient since November 25. He was 86 years old.
Mr. Madison made his home with a son, Dave J. Madison of
Margarita. Another son, Allan lives in Ancon.
He is also survived by a son, Thomas C. Madison, former Canal
employee now living in Jackson, Michigan, and by two daughters, Mrs.
Pauline Daly, of Jackson Heights, Long Island, and Mrs. Carrie Mur-
win, of Jacksonville, Florida, and by several grandchildren and one
great grandchild.

John Christiansen, 80, a construction engineer in the Panama
Canal Zone for 30 years, died at Bay Pines Hospital. He was widely
known among members of the Panama Canal Society, of which he was
a member.
Born in Ruds Vedby, Denmark, July 17, 1875, he came to this
country when 20 and moved to the Canal Zone in 1905. He later re-
tired to Tampa where he lived for the past 18 years.
Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Olga Olsen Christiansen, of
Tampa; a brother Andres Christiansen, Holbaek, Denmark; and sev-
eral nieces and nephews.

John T. DeYoung, resident of the Canal Zone for 25 years and
head of a well-known family, died at the Memorial Hospital in Corpus
Christi, Texas. He was 71 years old.
Mr. and Mrs. De Young had made their home in Corpus Christi
since his retirement from the Canal organization nine years ago. He
had been ill with pneumonia for about three weeks.
Mr. De Young was a native of Houston, Texas. He came to the
Isthmus in January 1912 when he was employed as Blacksmith in the
mechanical Division. All of his Canal service was in the Balboa Shops
of the Mechanical Division as blacksmith and heavy forger. He was
made leading-man blacksmith in 1937 and continued in that position

until his retirement in August 1946.
He took an active part in labor union work in the Canal Zone and
was prominent in the Metal Trades Council.
In addition to his wife, he is survived by two daughters, Mrs. L. B.
Sartain and Mrs. W. F. Cunningham, and a son, Charles De Young,
all of whom are well-known residents of the Pacific side.

Captain Gordon F. Kariger, retired Panama Canal pilot died,
apparently of a heart attack, in Norfolk, Virginia, where he and his
family have made their home since his retirement in 1952. He was 45
years old.
Capt. Kariger was a member of a well-known Canal Zone family.
Born in New Orleans, he came to the Isthmus with his family in 1915
when he was only 5 years old. His father was also a Panama pilot.
He is survived by his wife, Pearl, and a son, Gordon, Jr., of Nor-
folk; a daughter, Mrs. Gwendolyn Stegmier and a grandson, of Wash-
ington, D. C.; two sisters, Mrs. Paul Berndt, of South Bend, Ind., and
Mrs. Marian Lipscomb, of Long Beach, Calif.; and three brothers, Lee,
an employee in the Locks Division; Carl, of Gronton, Conn., and Ber-
nard, of Long Beach, Calif.

News has been received from Lemon Grove, California of the sud-
den death of June Bolstein, wife of Lt. P. W. Bolstein and daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Holcomb, who lived in the Canal Zone over a long
period of years.
Mrs. Bolstein attended Canal Zone schools, and was employed by
the Panama Canal Company before her marriage to Lt. Bolstein.
She is survived by her husband and three children, her parents
and two sisters.

News of the death of Apha Kenyon, Jr., well-known Canal em-
ployee during the Canal construction period and later, has been re-
ceived. He was 79 years, old.
Mr. Kenyon died December 26 in Fremont. Michigan, three days
after being stricken by a heart attack. He and his wife, Ada had made
their home in Fremont with his granddaughter, Mrs. Leo Goulet, and
her husband, both former residents of the Canal Zone.
He is survived by another granddaughter, Mrs. Beverly Berger,
and his son-in-law, Carl Ruoff, who was for many years employed in
the Commissary Division.
Funeral services were held in Mr. Kenyon's birthplace, Hannibal,

A quarantine boarding officer, William Joseph Knutson, was
drowned after he slipped and fell from a ladder while boarding the
S. S. Middlesex, about 11/2 miles out of the Cristobal breakwater.
Knutson was born in Adams, Minnesota, on May 21, 1918, and
was first employed by the Canal Co. in October 1940 as an x-ray tech-
He resigned in 1943 to enter the armed services and served with
the 29th Bombardment Group during the war. He was discharged in
January, 1946 as a staff sergeant.
Returning to Canal service on July 1, 1946, as a medical techni-
cian, he was promoted three years later to the position of boarding
quarantine inspector, the job he held up to the present.
He is survived by a father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Chris M.
Knutson of Charles City, Iowa, and by a nine-year-old daughter Katb-
leen who lives in Curundu with her mother.

Capt. William H. Gregory, U. S. Army Retired, died in the Hos-
pital at Patrick Air Force Base. He was 79 years old and a resident
of Midway Colony.
Capt. Gregory had come to Florida 22 years ago when he retired
from active duty with the armed services. He was a member of the
VFW, the American Legion and the Melbourne Masonic Lodge.
Survivors include the widow, Mrs. Grace E. Gregory of Midway
Colony, a son George D. in the Canal Zone, two grandchildren, and a
brother, George in Muskogee, Okla.

Mrs. Joy Bernadine Boyd, 72, passed away at a local hospital Sun-
day, December 25. Mrs. Boyd lived at 960 Ninth Avenue South, St.
Petersburg, coming here 15 years ago from New York City. She is
survived by a brother, Harold Lindsey and a niece, Mrs. Mary Bach-
etti, both of New York City. Services were held December 28th with
the Rev. Ernest T. Marble officiating.

John Palmer Smith, whose son, J. P. Smith, Jr., is chief of the
Division of Sanitation of the Health Bureau, died at Gorgas Hospital
after a brief illness. He would have been 83 years old on Jan. 26th.
Mr. Smith had visited the Canal Zone several years ago and came
here December 1 to make his home with his son.
He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Donald A. Fowler, of Cape
Elizabeth, Maine; by two sons, John Palmer Smith, Jr., of Balboa
Heights, and Dudley C. Smith of Milville, N. J.; and by nine grand-

A few fiery minutes in the air over Tampa transformed the Christ-
mas season into a nightmare for seven members of the Grier family.
Capt. Samuel Grier III, based at MacDill AFB, was the co-pilot
of one of the two B47 Stratojet bombers that collided and took eight
Left in the wake of the tragedy are his widow and three young
children in addition to a brother, sister and his mother.
Youngest of the children is Kathleen, born less than six weeks
before the tragedy. Patricia is four and John, seven, the eldest.
Captain Grier was born in the Canal Zone where his father, the
late Sam Grier II, helped on construction of the Panama Canal. The
father started as a lock operator but eventually worked his way up to
master of transportation, a post he held at his retirement in 1946.
Coming to the United States to enter the Military Academy at
West Point, N. Y., Captain Grier was graduated in 1946 and took his
first tour of duty in the Far East.
He was a heavy bomber pilot in Korea. The Captain married the
former Brooke Smith of Richmond, Va., in Japan. They were moved
to MacDill about three years ago where they occupied quarters.
Funeral services for Captain Grier were held at MacDill AFB
Chapel. Burial was at West Point, N. Y.

Alice M. Ames, wife of Wallace B. Ames, passed away at St. Luke
Hospital in Pasadena, California on December 12, 1955. She was 63
years old. She will be remembered for her sunny disposition and her
charming conversation, which is as Tallyrand, the great diplomat once
said, "The greatest of all social accomplishments." Alice was loved and
enjoyed by all who knew her and her absence at future gatherings of
Canal Zone folks will be sorrowfully felt.

Mrs. Margaret Waters of Miami, Florida passed away on Decem-
ber 22, 1955. She was 83 years old. She is survived by a sister, Mrs.
Rachel, of Ontario, California. She was a member of the Panama
Canal Society of Florida.

News has been received of the death of Mrs. Annie Mary Bodden
of Miami, Florida on December 17, 1955. Mrs. Bodden lived for many
years on the Canal Zone. She is survived by her husband, John W.
Bodden, two sons, Robert E. and William J., both of Tampa, Florida;
a daughter, Mrs. Donald Powell of Lake Worth; a sister, Mrs. Elfrieda
Colwell of Miami, and four grandchildren. She was 72 years old.

Mrs. Bess Heath (Mrs. Russell Heath) passed away on November
28th, 1955. She was a member of the Canal Zone Society of Florida.
She is survived by a sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
McSweeny of Chicago, Ill.

News has been received of the death of Mrs. Mary Ella Castel-
lano, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Treichel. Mary Ella was
killed instantly in a head on collision on November 20th just out of
San Diego, California. She is survived by her husband, a three months
old son, her parents and a brother.

George H. Byrne, well-known former employee of the Electrical
Division in Balboa, died December 31 in Honolulu, Hawaii, after a
short illness. He was 61 years of age.
Following his retirement, Mr. Byrne went to the West Coast to
visit relatives and recently has been living in Honolulu.
He is survived by a brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. A. P.
Byrne, formerly of the Canal Zone and now residing in St. Petersburg,
Florida; and a sister, Mrs. Alice Dolan, of East Orange, New Jersey.

Kenneth Floyd Zipperer, 56, former local resident, died at Bay
Pines Veterans Hospital after a short illness. A native of McClenny.
Mr. Zipperer moved here during childhood. He left here in 1919 to
enter the U. S. Postal Service at Balboa, Panama Canal Zone. He re-
tired last February after 361/2 years service and then moved to Or-
lando. Mr. Zipperer was a navy veteran of World War I, a member of
the Legion Post and 40 and 8 Voiture in Tampa and a member of the
Elks Club at Cristobal Canal Zone. Surviving are his widow Mrs.
Phyllis Hammond Zipperer, Orlando; a daughter, Mrs. Constance
Anderson, London, England and two sisters, Miss Margaret Zipperer,
Louisville, Ky., and Mrs. E. S. Thompson, Jr., Tampa.

William J. Ganter, 70, of 221 Brobst St., Shillingham, Pennsyl-
vania. died at his home November 2, 1955. Born in Reading, he was
a son of the late Franklin and Mary (Waldman) Ganter.
He is survived by his widow, Margaret M. (Hess) Ganter; one
son, Donald J. of Reading; a sister, Mary A., widow of Joseph Clem-
mer, California, and a brother, Raymond C., West Reading.

Ray Walters, (son of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Walters) died October
25 at Bogota, Columbia, S. A., of pneumonia.
He leaves a wife and children in Calgary, Canada.

Mrs. H. G. Khun, a former resident of Cristobal, died at the age
of 87 years in San Diego, California, December 31.
Mrs. Kuhn was born in Ewan, New Jersey and came to the
Isthmus with her husband and family during construction days. Later
she lived in Cristobal with her daughter Mrs. R. C. Lumby, with whom
she was residing at the time of her death.
During the second World War, Mrs. Kuhn was active in Red
Cross work, and was a member of the Gray Lady organization in
In addition to Mrs. Lumby, she is survived by another daughter,
Mrs. Lilliet A. Wertz of New Cristobal; five grandchildren, Mrs. Arthur
T. Cotton, of Balboa, Mrs. Donald R. Brayton, George Wertz. Robert
Wertz, and Fred L. Wertz, all of Cristobal and nine great grandchildren.

A former president of the American Society of Panama, William
A. Kohlhoff, died of a heart attack in San Rafael, Calif., according to
news received. He was 53 years old.
In 1935 Kohlhoff came to Panama as superintendent of the Fuerza
y Luz Company's gas plant in Colon and later was transferred to Pan-
ama City where he became superintendent of the company's gas plants
in both cities.
In 1945 he was elected president of the American Society of Pan-
ama, and left the Isthmus two years later to work for a power company
in Portland, Ore. Recently he had entered the real estate business in
California. He is survived by a wife and three children

Mrs. Rose Leitz, long-time resident of Balboa died in New Orleans
Mrs. Leitz was the mother of Mrs. Ella Wertz, formerly mail clerk
in the Balboa Heights Administration Building, who retired from Can-
al service at the end of September.
For the past several years, Mrs. Leitz made her home with Mrs.
Wertz in Balboa and following her daughter's retirement, went with
her to New Orleans to live.
In addition to her daughter, she is survived by her two grandsons,
Robert Wertz and Harry Wertz.

Dr. William H. W. Komp, one of the outstanding authorities on
malaria and the Anopholes mosquito, died at his home in College Park,
near Washington, D. C., according to an announcement in a Washing-
ton newspaper. He was 62 years old.
Dr. Komp was a resident of the Isthmus for about 15 years as a
specialist of the United States Public Health Service on malaria bear-

ing mosquitoes. He came to the Isthmus in April 1931, and resided in
the Canal Zone until August 1947, when he returned to the States for
duty as public health officer with the National Institute of Health at
Bethesda, Md.
He is survived by his wife, Mildred, and a daughter, Mrs. Harry
Williams of Baltimore.

The first chief of the Caribbean Command, retired Maj. Gen.
Daniel Voorhis, died at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washing-
ton, according to news received.
He was 77 years old and succumbed after an illness of several
General Van Voorhis served at Quarry Heights from December,
1939, to September, 1941, and was generally conceded to be one of the
most popular military figures ever stationed here. As a wartime gen-
eral he served in the Canal Zone during one of the most crucial periods.
Van Voorhis was a veteran cavalryman, of the Philippine cam-
paign and World War I. His retirement came in 1942 at which time
he was commander of the 5th Corps Area at Columbus, Ohio.
The general is survived by a son, a daughter and two sisters.

James Samuel Campbell, a resident of Cristobal, Canal Zone, for
many years, died at his home at 93 South Lake Avenue, Albany, N Y.,
on the 5th of January, 1956. He was 81 years of age.
Mr. Campbell was born in Cherry Valley, N. Y. In 1908 he was
admitted to the bar of the State of New York and practiced law in
Cooperstown, N. Y., prior to moving to the Canal Zone. From 1918 to
1936 he was Clerk of the U. S. District Court in Cristobal. He was
an officer of the Cristobal Union Church and a member of the board
of the Army and Navy YMCA in Colon,. Panama. At retirement in
1936, Mr. Campbell returned to Cooperstown, N. Y. In 1949 he
moved to Albany to be close to his son, Dr. Crawford Campbell, and
has since resided there.
Mr. Campbell is survived by his wife, Marion Jennings Campbell,
three sons, James Samuel Campbell, Jr., Associate Professor of Mech-
anical Engineering at the University of California in Berkeley; Dr.
Crawford J. Campbell, head of the department of orthopedic surgery
at the Albany Hospital, Albany, N. Y.; Colin D. Campbell, economist
with the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Wash-
ington, D. C.; one daughter, Mrs. Marion Campbell Martin, formerly
Assistant Professor of Nursing at the Union University School of Nur-

sing, Albany, N. Y., now of Ames, Iowa; and twelve grandchildren.

James P. Roberts, a partner in the shipping firms of Payne and
Wardlaw and W. Andrews & Co., died suddenly at his residence in
Diablo Heights. He was 53 years old.
Mr. Roberts was well-known on both sides of the Isthmus; until
fairly recently he had lived on the Atlantic side.
Born in Birkenhead, England, near Liverpool, he worked for a
number of years with the White Star Line. He came to the Isthmus
in 1927 to work wih the Payne and Wardlaw and W. Andrews & Co.,
and had been with those firms continuously. He was recently made
a partner in the firms.
He was active in civic and community affairs, was a life member
of the Strangers Club in Colon and a founder and past president of the
Theater Guild.
Mr. Roberts is survived by his wife, Mrs. Virginia K. Roberts,
and by three brothers, William J., Samuel P., and Frank L., all of

Charles L. Bleakley, former supervisor of Telephones and Tele-
graphs for The Panama Canal and head of a well-known Canal Zone
family, died in a hospital in Livingston Manor, New York, after an
illness of two weeks. He was 86 years old.
Born in Tarrytown, New York, Mr. Bleakley first came to the
Isthmus in 1904 as one of the very early construction day employes.
His first job was inspector of telephones and telegraphs which was
then a unit of the Panama Railroad Company. In 1912 he became
Acting Superintendent and in 1913 was made Superintendent of Con-
struction and maintenance.
Since his retirement, Mr. and Mrs. Bleakley have been making
their home in New York and in recent years resided in Roscoe, N. Y.
In addition to his wife, he is survived by five sons, Andrew, an
employee of the Industrial Bureau in Cristobal; Edmund, an employee
of the Dredging Division; William, a policeman in Balboa; James, of
Roscoe, N. J.; and Charles L. J., of Brooklyn, N. Y.; three daughters,
Mrs. Alice Singley of Gatuncillo; Mrs. Gladys Samples, of Miami.
Florida; and Mrs. Blanche Marks, of Roscoe, N. Y.; nineteen grand-
children and twelve great-grandchildren.

William R. Henter, retired Canal employee, died at Gorgas Hos-
pital where he had been a patient since October 7. He was 47 years old.
Mr. Henter was born in the construction day town of Gorgona

in the Canal Zone. He had worked for various Canal units prior to
1936 when he became a foreman with the then Municipal Engineering
Division. At the time of his retirement in October, 1953, he was a fil-
tration plant operator with the Water and Laboratories Branch.
He is survived by two daughters, Judith Ann and Karen Lou
Henter of Balboa, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henter, also of
Balboa; two sisters, Mrs. Louise Miller of Baltimore and Mrs. Helen
Forsman of Fort Worth, Tex.; and by three brothers, Julius of Phila-
delphia, Charles Jr., of Mobile and Theodore Henter of Balboa. with
whom he made his home.

Joseph C. Lunetta, Electrical Division foreman, passed away very
suddenly in Gorgas Hospital of a heart attack. He was 50 years old.
He resided in Ancon and was employedd by the Canal for the past 16
years. Born in New York City, the deceased has no family on the
Isthmus but listed relatives in Mass.

Walter L. Disbrow, president of the Retirement Federation of
Civil Service Employes, died at the Fauquier County Hospital in War-
renton, Va., after a long illness.
Mr. Disbrow, 63, who lived in Sudley, Virginia, near Gainesville,
worked for over 22 years at the Naval Gun Factory until he retired
in 1942 and devoted his full time to the federation.
One of the federation's founders, he worked with it for 35 years.
He frequently, testified before the House and Senate Post Office and
Civil Service Commitee. He was also a member of the International
Association of Machinists, Local 174.
Mr. Disbrow moved to Sudley from the Disrict shortly after his
Mr. Disbrow is survived by his widow. Mrs. Ruby R. Disbrow of
Sudley, and a daughter, Mrs. Donna Jones of St. Petersburg, FIa. He
is also survived by a brother, Frank Disbrow, and a sister, Mrs. Rose
M. Bowes, both of Grand Ledge, Michigan.

Samuel Conrad Paulus, 85, died at St. Francis Hospital, Monroe,
La., after a short illness. He was employed in the construction of the
Panama Canal.
Paulus is survived by one son, E. Carl Paulus of Monroe; one
grandchild, Richard B. Paulus of Monroe.
Mr. Paulus was a member of the Abou Saad Shrine Temple of
Ancon, Panama Canal Zone.

Mr. A. B. Hendricks, Receiving and Forwarding Agent in Cristo-
bal, who has lived in New Bern, North Carolina since his retirement,
passed away on August 21, 1955. He is survived by his wife.

Jan David Broderick, 20, of the Panama Canal Zone, was mur-
dered near Hempstead, Texas. Broderick, a Senior at Texas A. and M.
was a Lieutenant at School and was to have received his commission
upon graduation in June. After the murder by Ronald Edward Menter,
a former mental patient, Menter took Broderick's car and drove to
New Jersey, where he was captured. Menter said he met Broderick
in El Paso and they decided to drive to Houston. The shooting, ac-
cording to Menter, took place after an argument. Broderick's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gee reside in Curundu, Canal Zone.

Miss Mary Douglass, old time nurse on the Zone, later with the
United Fruit Co., died on Sept. 6th in Malden, Mass. after four months

Alton B. Casanova, 39, of 3280 N. W. 97th St., Miami, Fla., died
on January 23. Mr. Casanova left the Canal Zone six years ago and
was employed as a mechanic by Eastern Air Lines. He is survived by
his wife, Mrs. Jean Casanova, two daughters, Dawn and Jean of
Miami, and a brother.

John Henry Tyrell, 60, of Tryon, N. C. died Jan. 29th in the Tryon
Hospital after a long illness. Mr. Tyrell, a retired Service Clerk, has
resided in Tryon since 1953. He is survived by his wife. Mrs. Bertha
Bloom Tyrell.

Mrs. Georgia Key, wife of Frank Key of Lansdowne; Pa., died
August 2, 1955 after a long illness. She is survived by her husband
and two children.

William Fetters passed away on January 2nd, 1956 in Dayton,
Ohio. He was 93 years old.

John H. Arnold died on July 31st, 1955. He is survived by his
wife, Grace E.; two sisters, Mrs. Ada Fornaff, of Mt. Carmel, Ill., and
Mrs. Neelia Bundy of St. Petersburg; and two brothers, Percy and
Ned Arnold of Cleveland.

Mrs. Fredericka Hine Baird of Bay City, Michigan, died last Octo-

ber. Before she married she taught school on the Canal Zone.
Frank B. Ross passed away in August after a lengthy illness. Mr.
Ross was Chief Clerk of the Plumbing Department at Culebra from
1905 to 1910.
Mrs. Mike Driscoll of Bradenton, Florida.
Mr. Stanley D. Morgan died December 3. 1955 at Orange Park,
Col. Bernard McKeever died in October at Walter Reid Hospital.
He was a member of the Washington Society and lived at 3824 Porter
St., N. W., Washington, D. C.
Mrs. Grace Hawkins Ingraham of Nova Scotia died, recently,
according to information from the North Sidney Post Office, as mail
was returned as of December 17th.
Walter Gould passed away in New York City.

There is a stream we all must cross,
The river of human years,
Now lying calm in the summer light,
Now splashed with the rain of tears.
Out from the Hills of God, it flows,
And on to the shadowless sea,
Where the noontide sun no shadow throws,
And time is Eternity.


Karl Curtis celebrated the 50th anniversary of his arrival on the
Isthmus in December. Mr. Curtis has always been interested in Indian
lore and has a large collection of Indian artifacts. During his time
on the Isthmus, he has pretty well covered all the mountains, valleys
and jungles from the Columbia border to Costa Rica, hunting Indian
burial grounds.
Count Pierre de Lesseps, great grandson of Ferdinand de Lesseps,
unveiled a bust of his famous grandparent in the Rotunda of the Ad-
ministration Building at Balboa Heights. The Count stressed the
appreciation of the French people and of his family for the great credit

the Americans have always given the French for the Canal project.
The sculpture is a recasting from an original, done in 1890. In addition
to the bust unveiled at the building, another was dedicated on the
French Plaza in Panama City.
Three Canal Zone boarding officers failed a flotation test in
which they were required to jump into the water fully clothed and
float or tread water for five minutes. They will now have to take
swimming lessons until they are able to stay afloat. The test was
ordered after the drowning of boarding officer, William J. Knutson.
Philip L. Steers, Jr. has been appointed Panama Canal Comptrol-
ler. He will succeed Lindsley H. Noble, who resigned from the Canal
service last September.
The Grace Line, Santa Cecelia, was damaged to the extent of
$5000 when she collided or brushed the Canal tug, Taboga, while in
transit through the cut. The tug Taboga was towing the buoy tender,
Toro, at the time.
It has been announced by Gov. Seybold that the three per cent
discount now in effect on rents will be continued for the next half of
the fiscal year. The announcement was made at a conference with
representatives of U. S. rate civic councils.
Known by thousands of Isthmian residents over the past 36 years,
Max Bilgray has finally sold the Tropic Bar and going to retire. Max
is well known for his charitable donations to people and groups, many
of them unaware of the source of their good fortune. Last July, at his
home in Puerto Pilon, President Ricardo Arias arrived to greet Max
and present him with one of the highest awards of the Panama Govern-
ment, the Vasco Nunez De Balboa Medal. Max's new slogan from
now on is cajolo. Suave.

Felix Maduro's new three story completely air conditioned store
was opened recently. The $200,000 building is centrally located and
was almost one year in building. Maduros has been in business since
1877, encompassing four generations.

The overhaul of Gatun Locks, which is done every five years, was
begun, recently. The lock area at Gatun will be closed to the public
and no visitors will be allowed until the work is completed sometime
next May.

Warren Pitman has been named as Chief of the New Budget and

Rates Division. Leroy B. Magnuson will be Chief of the Budget branch
and Russell J. Jones will be Chief of the Rates and Analysis branch.
The change combines the operations of the Budget branch and the
Rates branch which formerly functioned separately.

The Panama Canal Company's Power conversion project has
moved into high gear and rapid strides will be made this year and 25
cycle electrical equipment will be a thing of the past. The project will
take about four years.

Rufus M. Lovelady was reelected President of the American Fed-
eration of Government Employees. Mr. Lovelady is also a National
Vice-President of the A.F.G.E.

President Ricardo Arias has signed a decree authorizing the sale
of low duty liquor to Canal Zonians. The low duty liquor provision,
75% reduction in excise tax, was supposed to go into operation August
23, 1955, but has been the subject of protracted negotiations between
the two governments.

Damage estimated at $100,000 was caused when the 17,844 ton
Canadian tanker, Andros Venture, took a sheer and hit the Canal
bank. The collision with the rocky east bank of the Canal near Paraiso
opened the tanker's No. 1, 2, and 3 port tanks.

Howard W. Osborn and John R. Hammond, Panama Canal En-
gineers, have been appointed by Gov. Seybold as the Panama Canal
organizations representative to the United States Civil Service Senior
Management intern training program, which opened on January 30th
in Washington, D. C. Both Osborn and Hammond have been with the
Canal organization for several years and both have had extensive ex-
perience in the engineering field.

The first on the spot Congressional hearings to be held on the Zone
in the last decade opened on Monday, December 5th at Balboa Heights.
High on the agenda was the question of deciding whether the Railroad
should be abandoned. The problem of tolls was also up for complete
investigation as well as other matters the Committee planned to inves-
tigate. Representatives of all Labor and Civic groups presented their
problems before the seven Congressmen. Most of the witnesses who
testified on behalf of the employee organizations during the public ses-
sions, expressed their heartiest approval at the manner in which the
Sub-committee of the House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Com-

mittee, Chairman, Edward A. Garmatz, conducted the hearings. In
addition to Mr. Garmatz, the Sub-Committee comprises Representa-
tives William K. Van Pelt (R.Wis.), T. James Tumulty (D.-N.J.),
James A. Byrne (D.-Pa.), William S. Mailliard (R.-Cal.), Francis E.
Dorn (R.-N.Y.), and John J. Allen, Jr. (R.-Cal.). The first to testify
was Robert E. Mayer, President of the Pacific American Steamship
Association. Mayer's testimony, and questions arising from it, took
up the entire morning session.
Legislation to place in effect all the recommendations of the Booz,
Allen, Hamilton report, price ceiling on goods and services sold to
Canal employes and an income tax "Plow back" for the Canal Zone
were among the proposals voiced during the hearing. Walter Wagner,
speaking for the P. C. Central Labor Union, reminded the Congress-
men that the Booz, Allen, Hamilton report resulted from a Congress-
ional directive and that the additional compensation and benefits for
employes, which it recommended, were supported, at least in principal,
by the Canal Company's board of directors. The evidence presented
by Mr. Wagner, to-gether with questions arising from it, took up the
entire afternoon session.
On the second day, John Winter Collins, United States Citizens
Association Leader, made his plea before the Committee. Mr. Collins
opened his lengthy remarks by briefly describing the nature of the
U.S.C.A. He then confined his testimony to one piece of legislature,
H.R. 6917, sponsored by Mr. Garmatz. The gist of Mr. Collins com-
plaint was that Canal employes are paying high costs for services and
goods to support Panama Canal deficiency operations. Other witnesses
who testified at this session were U.S.C.A. Legal Representative, Mr.
La Varne Dilweg, U.S.C.A. ex-President, Mrs. Frances Longmore and
Mrs. Margaret Rennie.
At the afternoon session, William Tyson, attorney for the P. C.
Pilots Association, presented the Pilots problems and hinted that Pan-
ama Canal pilotage was too costly. Capt. William Wall, President of
the Pilots Association, spoke at length on the debilitating effects of
the local climate on Pilots as "an occupational hazard".
Rufus M. Lovelady, National Vice-President of the American
Federation of Government Employes, told the committee that he rep-
resented, in the main, the white collar employes and explained the
conditions of the U. S. Rate employment.
Robert C. Daniel, Chairman of the joint committee of Railroad
Unions in the Canal Zone, set off the fireworks in his testimony which

ran for almost three hours. He stated that the Panama Canal Co. had
deliberately attempted to discredit the Panama Railroad in an effort
to force its abandonment. Mr. Daniel declared the Railroad was oper-
ating at a loss only because of poor management. He said the plan to
replace the railroad with a highway was economically unsound and
that properly managed, the railroad could still break even. Part of
the railroad's financial woes, he said, were attributable to its support-
ing high paid executives who knew little about railroading. Gov. John
S. Seybold reacted, briskly, to the railroaders allegations, that the
railroads misfortunes were due to mismanagement or conspiracy to
close the line. He said "nothing could be more in error". The company's
directors have taken, seriously, the bidding and directions of Congress
to carry on its stewardship in a most effective and economical manner.
After stating his case for junking the railroad, the Governor was
quizzed for two hours. During the two hour quiz, the Governor revealed
that not one member of his staff had railroad experience.
After the four day hearings, almost all Canal employes, who heard
problems directly concerning their future and welfare aired before mem-
bers of Congress, were optimistic. "We found out things that never
would have come to light and maybe now we will really get some
T. James Tumulty, the most outspoken member of the House sub-
committee, said that he would, upon his return to Congress, recom-
1. Legislature to give Canal Zone people a voice in the government.
2. Yearly, on the spot Congressional hearings be conducted on the
3. The Committees report their four day session be made public
on the Zone.
4. That Public Law 841 be reviewed with a critical appraisal to-
ward possible revision.
His parting words to employes on the Zone was that they should
not feel discouraged. "We are backing you," he stated.
Mr. Tumulty claims it is up to Congress to face its responsibilities.
"Nobody can be expected to do a good job faced with insecurity and
worries hovering around them," he says. Mr. Tumulty even calls it
inhuman treatment of the employes but feels it is definitely not the
Governor's fault.

Zonians were jubilant over the prospect of television on the Isth-
mus. In Panama, however, the prospects have been greeted with re-

serve by business men who have television plans of their own. One
Panamanian business man said that C. Z. television would definitely
hurt Panamanian interests as it would draw away a large part of the
viewing public. Meanwhile, television sets are on display in the Com-
missaries equipped for 25 or 60 cycle, and atop Ancon Hill, the Armed
Forces television transmitting tower, 204 ft. high, has been erected.
A similar tower is being erected in the Fort Davis area. The television
studios will be located at Fort Clayton.
Of interest to fishermen, past and present, who have enjoyed the
deep sea fishing in Panama Bay, will be an item from the Panama
American on the recent International Marlin Tournament. "At the
annual Marlin Club banquet at the Hotel El Panama, Robert Heurte-
matte, Comptroller General of Panama, presented John McConaghy
with a trophy given by President Ricardo Arias. McConaghy's black
marlin weighed 901 pounds and Heurtematte said there was no reason
to doubt that this is the largest fish to be caught single handed in the
history of Panama deep sea fishing."
A picture of Gov. John S. Seybold is to be placed in the halls of
Kansas University, his Alma Mater. Dean Carr, of the University,
said the picture would be hung along with a large number of graduates
who have made distinguished records in various fields of engineering.
Federal Judge Lawrence E. Walsh, on December 29th, reserved
decision on a motion by government attorneys to dismiss the suit of
12 steamship companies for return of $27,000,000 in alleged excessive
tolls charged against them by the Panama Canal. The Government
held that the Panama Canal is a government organization and there-
fore has sovereign immunity. Attorneys for the steamship firms con-
tended that Congress had passed laws according government bodies
the right to sue and be sued. The court ordered both sides to present
additional briefs within ten days.
The big ore ship, Texan, ran aground on the West bank of the
Canal. She was pulled free by two Dredging Division tugs and later
tied up at Balboa for a divers examination. Another ship, the Key-
stone State, suffered very slight damage when it struck the West bank
of the Canal. The ship continued on its journey.
Construction of a bridge over the Panama Canal at Balboa, at an
estimate cost of $20,000,000 seemed likely as a result of a draft bill to
the House of Representatives sent by Governor Seybold. Gov. Seybold
stressed that the cost involved should be treated as extraordinary ex-


A- AI rF 1
4B4 -1, -*^^ ,f^^^ 41^B^^^^^^H ^^^H^1^^B^^^^^|^ ^^^^^^

Mr. Ross Hallowell Mr. Thomas G. Coleman
Mrs. Ross Hallowell Mrs. Thomas G. Coleman
Hendersonville, N. C.

Mrs. Walter Jones
'hurch, Va.

Mrs. Rather
Mrs. Williams

Mrs. Firestine
Mrs. Wardlaw.

The William H. Wright family.
(Louise Harrell)
Frankie, Robin, Lorraine,
and Patricia.

Mrs. Roger Williams
Mr. Roger Williams
Mrs. Charles De Young
Mr. Charles De Young
All from the Canal Zone.

Mrs. Maurer
Mr. Maurer
Mrs. Williams

penses based on national policy and not related to the operation of
the Company.
The question of how and when the Zonians will be able to purchase
duty free liquor has been much in the news for the past four months.
The entire matter has been referred to Washington by U. S. Embassy
On the first anniversary of the death of President Remon, a bronze
statue of Remon was unveiled on the steps leading to police head-
quarters in Panama City.


Covering the period from November 2 1955 to February 1, 1956
Happy New Year to you all, and many more to come. The Re-
union was wonderful, and many say it was the best yet. We had about
500 visiting and 244 for the luncheon. The highlight of the Luncheon
was the twenty minutes that Charley DeYoung took to whisk us back
to the Canal via Jamaican dialect stories. That really was the best
yet and each and every one enjoyed it thoroughly. No matter how
many years one is away from the Canal it seems as only yesterday
when good friends get together, and believe it or not many had not
seen each other for years and years. Many States were represented
and to give you an idea-here we go-Canal Zone 11, Costa Rica 1,
Alabama 3, Arkansas 2, California 4, Washington, D. C. 9, Florida
323, Georgia 3, Illinois 2, Louisiana 2, Maryland 1, Massachusetts 2,
Nevada 2, New Jersey 2, New York 9, North Carolina 5, Ohio 4, Okla-
homa 1, Pennsylvania 2, South Carolina 2, Tennessee 5, Texas 2, Vir-
ginia 9 Wisconsin 2. This makes a total of 410, but there were also
many present that did not register. There were also some who have
a home up North and another down here in Florida and they regist-
ered with the Florida folks. Our Mayor Samuel G. Johnson of this
fine City of St. Petersburg, who has been our honored guest for many
Reunions was ill and we certainly did miss him, however the Vice-
Mayor Mr. Alden P. Dugan represented him and extended a warm
welcome and greetings to the Panama Canal Society of Florida on its
twenty-fourth Reunion. We considered this especially nice since he
was doing such a wonderful job of filling the Mayor's commitments as
well as his own.
Now for business-many checks are coming in without the 10
cents for exchange (bank charge). Please make your checks or money

orders payable to The Panama Canal Society of Florida-and for
$3.10. Canal Zone members are sending in checks on Canal Zone
banks again and believe me when I say this is really bad as we must
pay between 35 and 40 cents on each check. Money orders are always
just $3.00. Many Canal Zone members are now sending their dues in
currency-3 one dollar bills-they all have come through in perfect
order-so if it is too inconvenient, and you wish to take the risk, send
in your dues in that manner.
Many letters have been received, especially during the holidays
that I do wish I had time to answer but it was just not possible, so
please accept our appreciation as they were read at the December
Meeting, and the January Reunion Meeting, and' they were enjoyed
by all. They were then turned over to the Editor for inclusion in the
March Record, in part, so they have really been read.
DUES ARE COMING IN VERY WELL-to date 858 have paid
their 1956 dues, but of this number 101 are new members. Please
send in your dues as soon as possible and your card will be mailed
DARK GREEN LETTERING. Last year at this time 750 had paid
their dues and there were just 74 new members.
Your Secretary wishes to thank the membership for their gift
from the Society that was given at the Reunion business meeting. She
is most grateful.

Tourist Center, St. Petersburg, Florida

About 100 members were gathered at the Tourist Center for the
Society's regular meeting.
Meeting was called to order by 2:20 P. M. by President Harry J.
Lewis, who requested all to rise and sing one verse of "America". Mrs.
Stutzman accompanied on the piano.
Invocation was offered by Chaplain Lee Burns.
The following officers were present-
President .------------ ----- -.- Mr. Harry J. Lewis
Vice-President ----------.---.----_-- Mr. Troy Hayes
Secretary-Treasurer _-- _Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary -.----- Mrs. Burt W. Hall

Mrs. James Bradley, in the absence of our Receptionist, intro-
duced out-of-town members and visitors, who responded to the wel-
come; among them-
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. (Babe) Melansen, of the Canal Zone.
Mr. Ralph Larrabee (on the Panama Canal 1910-1912).
Mr. and Mrs. Ericson (Mrs. Ericson owned Hollywood Beauty
Shop in Panama).
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Adler, of Panama City, R. P.
Miss Anita Way and sister, Mrs. Corbett (Formerly of the P. C.
Nursing Staff).
Mrs. May H. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David Gatz (Retired from the Panama Canal).
Mr. O. E. Griggle, of Weathersfield, Conn. (Spending the season
in St. Pete.).
Mr. and Mrs. Tom McNeill (Pacific Locks Division 1940-1955).
Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Hargy.
Capt. and Mrs. Macon Turner (Retired from Panama Canal
Mr. James Whitsett (Spending the winter season in Sarasota, Fla.)
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Jones (On leave from the Panama Canal).
Mr. Ray Betterly.
Mr. Maxwell (Cristobal, C. Z.).
Membership Report: 1352 members as of October 1st, 1955; 35
members were dropped during month, leaving a balance of 1317; 27
new members were added during October, making a total membership
November 1st, 1955 of 1344.
Recording Secretary read minutes of regular picnic meeting held
October 10th, at Lake Maggiore. President Lewis, hearing no omis-
sions or corrections, declared them approved.
President Lewis announced that the next regular meeting will be
held December 12, 1955, at the Tourist Center, at which meeting, our
regular Christmas party will be held, and donations for the Crippled
Children Home, of St. Petersburg, accepted.
Committee Reports: Mr. J. F. Everett, Chairman of the Nom-
inating Committee, read the Committee's Report; in short, the com-
mittee met at the home of Past President Mr. Charles G. Calvit, and
agreed to request the present incumbents to serve again for the year
1956. They called upon the present officers, all of whom accepted for

another year. They also called upon our Editor, and complimented
Mr. and Mrs. Kieswetter for the very excellent job they are doing in
getting out the quarterly "Record". President Lewis said that action
on the Report of the Nominating Committee would be taken at the
January, 1956, meeting.
Mrs. Anna Bartlett, Chairman of the Christmas Party arrange-
ments, reported that she had arranged with members for baking cook-
ies for the party, and that Mr. Hersh, as usual, would supervise ob-
taining the ice cream.
Special Interest: Mrs. Judd read many letters and made several
announcements of interest to the Society. She told of several Canal
people, past and present, who visited St. Petersburg area recently.
Announced the 50th wedding anniversary of the H. H. Hammers,
of Los Angeles, California.
Mrs. Judd informed the gathering that the usual Christmas dona-
tions for the Crippled Childrens Home would be collected at our Christ-
mas party meeting, and in her own inimitable way, said she was ready
to accept donations as of this day.
On the Sick List:
Mr. Charles Holmelin is a patient at the Ochsner Clinic, New
Mr. Sam Blackburn is a patient in Gorgas Hospital, Ancon, C. Z.
Mrs. Wilhelmina Sandiford, of Tampa, is a hospital patient.
Mr. Charles Conkerton, a patient in Mound Park Hospital.
Mr. Fred Lyons still a patient in Bay Pines Hospital.
Mrs. Ruth Neilson, daughter of Mrs. Archie Stewart.
The demise of the following was noted:
Mrs. Mike Driscoll.
Capt. Dennis Heath, of E. Gloucester, Mass.
Mr. George H. Ruggles, of St. Petersburg.
Mr. George H. Buehler, of Palos Verdes Estates, California.
Mr. J. L. Green, of New York State.
Capt. Jack Phillips, of Arkansas.
Mr. J. T. DeYoung, of Corpus Christi, Texas.
New Business: Mrs. Judd read four menus (two hot and two
cold) that were submitted by the Hotel Soreno for our Annual Reunion
Luncheon. These menus were read twice by Mrs. Judd, who then asked
the gathering for a preference, to be indicated by hand raising. The
first was 29 hands for menu No. 2 (hot Luncheon) and 29 for menu
No. 3 (cold Luncheon). On the second count, 24 hands were raised for
menu No. 2, and 48 hands for menu No. 3; hence, the Reunion lunch-

eon will be a cold one consisting of hot cream of chicken soup, cold
ham and turkey, cheese and macaroni salad, dutch apple pie with
whipped cream, rolls and plenty of hot coffee. Mrs. Judd further stated
that the usual rates at the Soreno Hotel would prevail; namely, $6.00
for single room and $9.00 for double room.
Legislation: Mr. Hersh said that as Congress was not in session,
there was very little to report. However, if anyone felt that the increase
in annuity received November 1st, 1955 was not correct, he would be
glad to aid this person with any information he has available.
Mr. J. F. Everett spoke further re-the petition sent to Hon.
George A. Smathers, U. S. Senator, from Florida.
There being no further business before the meeting, President
Lewis asked for a motion to adjourn; motion made by Mr. James
Bradley, seconded by Mr. Lee Burns; motion carried and meeting
adjourned at 3:40 P. M.
Agnes V. Hall (Mrs. Burt W.) Recording Secretary

Tourist Center, St. Petersburg, Fla.

About 150 members were gathered at the Tourist Center for the
Society's regular meeting and Christmas party.
Meeting was called to order at 2:50 P. M. by President Harry J.
Lewis, who requested all to rise and sing one verse of "America". Mrs.
Stutzman accompanied on the piano.
Invocation was offered by Chaplain Lee Burns.
The following officers were present-
President ------ ------Mr. Harry J. Lewis
Vice-President --- Mr. Troy Hayes
Secretary-Treasurer ._------ __- Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary -----Mrs. Burt W. Hall
Mrs. Bessie Lyons, our Receptionist, introduced out-of-town mem-
bers and visitors, who responded to the welcome; among them-
Mrs. Marie McNeff, of the Canal Zone.
Mrs. Margaret Senna, of Grand Rapids, Mich.
Mr. and Mrs. George Grimm, of Milwaukee, Wis.
(Formerly Corozal Hospital Staff).
Mr. Harry Nichols

Mr. Bill Dobson, of the Canal Zone.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Reese, of Pa.
Mr. C. J. Wolf.
Mrs. J. E. Johnson.
Mr. and Mrs. Al. Veit.
Miss Minnie Hennen.
Mrs. Betty Lou Correira,
(Daughter of Capt. and Mrs. Floyd Forrest).
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hohmann.
Mrs. Christine Aids (Sister of Fred Lyons).
Mrs. Bessie Lyons reported that husband Fred, a patient in Bay
Pines Hospital, is progressing as well as can be expected, and he wished
to thank members for the many cards sent him.
Membership Report: 1344 members as of November 1st; 22 new
members during the month, making a total of 1366 as of December 1st.
Recording Secretary read minutes of Regular Meeting held Nov.
14, at Tourist Center; President Lewis, hearing no omission or correc-
tions, declared them approved.
President Lewis announced next regular meeting will be held at
Soreno Hotel, on January 10th, 1956, and the Reunion Luncheon the
next day, January 11th.
Committee Reports: Mrs. Anna Bartlett, Chairman of the
Christmas Party, expressed her appreciation to the ladies who baked
cookies, namely, Mesdames Woodruff, Feeney, Anderson, Van Fleet,
Stutzman and Dworak.
Special Interest: Mrs. Judd said that $179.25 was donated by
the membership as a Christmas offering to the Crippled Childrens'
Home of St. Petersburg. Mrs. Judd read many letters received and
made several announcements of interest to the membership.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Persons, of St. Petersburg, are visiting their
daughter and son-in-law, in Panama City, R. P., and celebrated their
50th wedding anniversary there.
On the Sick List:
Miss Doris Hutchinson a patient in Mound Park Hospital.
Mr. T. M. Drake.
Mrs. Hugh Powers, a patient in St. Anthony's Hospital.
Miss Jessie Murdock progressing slowly.
Mrs. Georgia Blessing, of Orlando, suffered a broken arm.
Mr. W. H. Dunlop home from hospital.
Mr. Charles Conkerton home from hospital.

Mr. Fred Lyons still a patient in Bay Pines Hospital.
The demise of the following was noted:
Mrs. Russell Heath.
Mrs. P. W. Boldstein, of Lemon Grove, Calif (nee June Holcomb).
Capt. W. H. Gregory.
Mr. Lewis E. Williams.
Mr. A. B. Hendricks.
Mr. William J. Gantor.
Mrs. Grace Hawkins Ingram.
Mrs. Mary Ella Castellena.
Mr. Roy Walters.
Miss A. Pauline Meredith.
Mrs. Judd said that Mrs. Margaret Keily, of St. Petersburg, would
be 84 years old on Christmas Day, and she knew that Mrs. Keily
would appreciate receiving cards from the membership.
Mrs. Judd further stated that as the menu for the Annual Reunion
Luncheon selected by the membership at the last meeting was the same
menu as served at the 1955 luncheon, she requested the Hotel Soreno
to submit another menu. This menu, the main course of which consists
of cold ham, cold turkey, other cold cuts and potato salad, was read
twice by Mrs. Judd. President Lewis asked the meeting to indicate,
by hand raising, its preference. Hand raising was unanimous for the
new menu, as given above.
Legislation: Mr. J. F. Everett said that he was sending a Christ-
mas greeting card, signed by 22 old timers of the Panama Canal, to
Mr. Ralph Cutler as a gesture of appreciation of his efforts on behalf
of Bill H.R. 862.
There being no further business before the meeting, President
Lewis turned the chair over to Mrs. Anna Bartlett, Chairman of the
Christmas Party Arrangements. Several Christmas Carols were sung
by the members, with Mrs. Stutzman at the piano. Also, a piano selec-
tion "Love's Delight" by Fritz Kreisler, was rendered on the piano
by Mrs. Stutzman.
At the close of the entertainment, ice cream and home baked cook-
ies were enjoyed by all.
Agnes V. Hall (Mrs. Burt W.)
Recording Secretary


There were some 500 members gathered in the morning, renewing
old friendships and talking of old times on :the Panama Canal.
Meeting was called to order at 2:45 P. M. by President Harry J.
Lewis, who requested all to rise and sing one verse of "America". Mrs.
Stutzman accompanied on the piano.
Invocation was offered by Chaplain Lee Burs.
The following officers were present-
President __----_ Mr. Harry J. Lewis
: Vice-President ----- ------ Mr. Troy Hayes
Secretary-Treasurer.-.....- ------.-... Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Recording Secretary -- -- Mrs. Burt W. Hall
President Lewis extended a hearty welcome to all members, new
members and visitors.
Recording Secretary read minutes of regular meeting and Christ-
mas Party, held December 12th, 1955, at the Tourist Center. President
Lewis, hearing no omissions or corrections, declared them approved.
President Lewis told the meeting that the usual group photograph
outside the Hotel would be taken at 12:30 P. M. tomorrow, January
11th, followed by the Reunion luncheon at 1:30 P. M., and that the
next regular business meeting would be held February 13th, at the
Tourist Center.
Committee Reports: Report of the Nominating Committee, Mr.
J. F. Everett, Chairman, which was read at the regular meeting, Nov.
14th, 1955, was again read by the Secretary-Treasurer. President Lewis
asked if there were any further nominations; there being none, motion
was made by Mr. Herman Wulff, seconded by Mr. James Bradley,
that one unanimous vote be cast by the Secretary for the 1956 officers.
Motion carried, and the 1956 officers are the same as held office during
the year 1955, namely, President Mr. Harry J. Lewis; Vice-President
Mr. Troy Hayes; Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Lucille S. Judd; Record-
ing Secretary Mrs. Burt W. Hall.
President Lewis thanked the membership for their confidence in
the elected officers, and announced that there would be no change in
the appointive positions. He extolled our Editor, Mr. E. M. Kieswetter,
and Mrs. Kieswetter for the magnificent job they are doing editing

the quarterly Record, and asked a rising vote of thanks, which was
given with alacrity.
Unfinished Business: None.
New Business: Motion was made by Mr. Fred Sprecken, seconded
by Mr. E. I. Palmer, that a gift of $300.00 be made to our Secretary-
Treasurer for her faithful and voluminous work during the year;
motion carried, and Mrs. Judd expressed her appreciation to the mem-
Mr. W. J. Bartlett asked for the floor, and spoke on the NARCE
Legislative Program that was unanimously approved by members of
their Executive Committee. Mr. Bartlett read 2 of the 7 points of their
program, which are of vital interest to members of the Panama Canal
Society, as follows:
1. A permanent provision of law to provide that annuities of
those in retirement shall be increased when salaries of postal or classi-
fied employees are increased due to cost of living rises and in the same
average percentage. H.R, 4085 (Lesinski Bill) could be very easily
amended to do this.
2. Provision for admission of Federal civil retirees, their surviv-
ors and the survivors of deceased Federal civil employees, to hospitals
and clinics operated by the U. S. Public Health Service for medical
examinations, diagnosis, and clinical out-patient treatment.
Mr. Bartlett urged all retirees to join the National Association of
Retired Civil Employees, and Mr. Bugbey, who asked for the floor,
concurred whole heartedly with Mr. Bartlett.
Special Interest: Secretary-Treasurer read many letters received
and made several announcements of interest to members.
Telegram received from Mr. Roger Erdman wishing us a happy
Best wishes for a happy Reunion from the California Society.
Mrs. Judd read a long list of names of members who sent Reunion
Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Lambert will celebrate their 50th wedding
anniversary on March 10th.
On the Sick List:
Miss Louisa Kurath, of Manatee.
Miss Anita Way, patient in St. Anthony's Hospital.
Mrs. Michael Conley, patient in St. Anthony's Hospital.
Miss Mary Fagan suffered a fractured knee cap.

Mrs. Larry Brain, patient in Morton Plant Hospital.
Mr. Roy McKenna ill with heavy cold.
Capt. and Mrs. Eggleston both ill during 1955-much better now.
Mr. Charles Conkerton improving
Mr. Walter Pollack much improved.
Mr. Fred Lyons still a patient in Bay Pines Hospital.
Mr. W. H. Dunlop very much improved.
The demise of the following was noted:
Capt. Samuel Grier III, of MacDill Air Force.
Mr. J. C. "Smokie" Lunetta, of Balboa, C. Z.
Mr. Sam Paulus.
Mr. Charles L. Bleakley.
Mrs. Fredericka Hine Baird.
Mrs. Alice Ames.
Mrs. John Bodden.
Mrs. Margaret Waters.
Mrs. Bernadine Boyd.
Mrs. Abe Brill
Mr. L. E. Williams.
Mr. Stanley Morgan.
Capt. Samuel L. Brown.
Mr. George H. Byrne.
Mr. Frank B. Ross, Sr.
Capt. Jack Phillips.
Mr. Fred Sprecken asked for the floor, and suggested that as the
25th Annual Reunion would be held in 1957, he thought preparations
for some sort of a Silver Anniversary should be made. President Lewis
concurred with Mr. Sprecken, and said this matter would be taken up
at a later meeting this year.
There being no further business before the meeting, President
Lewis asked for a motion to adjourn; motion made by Mr. Archie
Burn, seconded by Mr. Palmer; motion carried and meeting adjourned
at 4:15 P. M.
Agnes V. Hall, (Mrs. Burt W.)
Recording Secretary


Members started to gather around 10 o'clock in the morning, and

at 12:30 P. M. a large group assembled on the lawn of the Hotel for
the annual photograph.
Shortly after 1:30 P. M., 245 were seated for luncheon, and Chap-
lain Lee Burns delivered the invocation.
Due to the illness of Mayor Samuel G. Johnson, of the City of St.
Petersburg, we had as our honored guest Vice-Mayor of St. Petersburg,
Mr. Alden P. Dugan, who extended a warm welcome and greetings to
the Canal Society of Florida.
President Lewis read a letter he had just received from Mayor
Johnson, thanking the Society for flowers sent, and regrets for his in-
ability to be here in person.
We had as guests Mr. and Mrs. Charles DeYoung, from the Canal
Zone, and Charlie entertained with several humorous stories, in West
Indian dialect. From the hilarious laughter that filled the hall, your
Recording Secretary knows that Mr. DeYoung's performance was en-
joyed immensely.
President Lewis read a memorandum from Soreno Hotel, stating
that the dates available for our 1957 Reunion, are January 7th and
8th, with room rates at $7.00 single and $10.00 double, and January
15th and 16th, with room rates at $8.00 and $12.00 respectively. Visit-
ors present indicated by hand raising that they would prefer the dates
of January 15th and 16th for the 1957 Reunion.
President Lewis expressed his thanks to the management and staff
of the Hotel Soreno for their efforts towards making this Reunion a
success. Also, he thanked the Society's Reception Committee, Mrs.
Anna Bartlett-Chairman, for its very excellent work.
At 3:30 P. M. President Lewis brought to a close the 24th Annual
Anniversary Reunion of the Panama Canal Society of Florida.
Agnes V. Hall (Mrs. Burt W.)
Recording Secretary.

California Report

Golly, this business of trying to round up some news is about the
toughest part of this job. It's like trying to pull teeth to get the peo-
ple to send some news items in. However, with mother's help this is it.
At our Dinner at the Rosslyn Hotel held in November, about 60
members and friends were present. Mr. and Mrs. Shreves and Mr. and
Mrs. Light were visitors from Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gaudette

are back in Los Angeles now. A letter was read from Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Persons telling of their home and how happy they were there
in Florida. Quite a few of the old timers told of humorous incidents
that they remembered in the good old days.
Mrs. Genell Bliss of the Canal Zone and Santa Clara spent her
vacation in Monrovia with her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.
Peter Shrapnel and family. The Shrapnels are enjoying a vacation in
the Canal Zone and at Santa Clara, Rep. of Panama.
Mrs. Ann De LaMater of Greenville, N. C. is vacationing in the
Canal Zone visiting with her children and sister and brother.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. King of Monrovia spent Christmas with their
son and family, Mr. and Mrs Belding King, Barbara and Margaret, in
Riverside, California.
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Neville of Los Altos, Calif. spent a month with
their daughter Bobbie and her family over the holiday season in
Phoenix, Ariz.
Mrs. Docia Hodges of Monrovia spent the Holidays with her
daughter Grace and son-in-law, Wiley Loughmiller in Cameron, Texas.
Grace and Wiley recently adopted four children, three boys and a girl.
(Brothers and sister). Mrs. Hodges said she enjoyed the four adorable
grandchildren very much, made a very happy Christmas for all. Mrs.
Hodges nephew, David Leslie of Pine Bluff, Ark. drove back from
Texas with her, he is attending College in San Luis Obispo, Calif.
David's mother, Mrs. Odessa Leslie, (Mrs. Hodges sister) was killed
last year in a tornado in Pine Bluff where they made their home. Mr.
Leslie and one son still reside there. The Leslies were residents of the
Canal Zone when David was born.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kline of Balboa, C. Z. spent the Holiday sea-
son with Paul's parents in Altadena, the first Christmas together in
twenty years. The many friends of the Klines were happy to see them
in Calif. again.
Mrs. J. F. Phillips of Bella Vista, Panama came to the States with
the Klines, (Mildred's mother) but stopped in Florida to visit with
her sister and brother-in-law.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell T. Hazzard of Altadena are being congrat-
ulated on their recent Installation into the Melita Chapter No. 467
Order of the Eastern Star of Pasadena as Associate Matron and Asso-
ciate Patron. Mrs. Vita Hunter (Billy's wife) was also Installed to
Malita Chapter as Adah. Smooth Sailing to you three for 1956.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins (Joe & Naomi) of the C.Z. are making their

home in Long Beach, enjoying living near the ocean and being in Calif.
Congratulations to Mrs. Docia Hodges on her election to the Pres-
idency of The Monrovia Board of Realtors. The first woman president
they have had. The Installation was held Dec. 12th, at the Town and
Country Club in Altadena.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Stillwell of Monrovia entertained the Pot Luck
Group New Years Eve. Had a delicious dinner at six thirty, played
Samba and Bridge until almost midnite, then a nice surprise. Eliza-
beth and Ellis spread the table with wonderful midnite snacks and hot
coffee. Lt. & Mrs. Jack Berude of San Diego were visitors for the eve-
ning. Members of the Samba group are the H. M. Lockwoods, Earl
Gilberts, Hugh Thomas', John Kings, Cec Langdons, A. L. Hoeckers,
Bill Jones, Bill Naylors, Arthur Berudes, Ellis Stillwells, Docia
Hodges, Flora McLain and Glenn Kerrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Thomas of Arcadia spent a month in Dallas,
Texas visiting their son, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Thomas and family. They
are leaving shortly for Salinas to visit their daughter Thelma, Mr. and
Mrs. Weyman and family, for a couple of months.
Two of our members have passed away recently, Mrs. Alice M.
Ames, and Mrs. Hanna G. Kuhn mother of Mrs. Robert C. Lumby of
San Diego.
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Newhouse of the Canal Zone spent their vaca-
tion in Calif. recently looking over their property and enjoying Calif.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Carey Sr. dropped by recently on their way
to Palm Springs.
Jim Morton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Morton was installed
as Sentinel in the Order of DeMolay, Lexington Chapter, El Monte
Well this is probably my last report to you. After our dinner in
March will send along the new officers names. Want to thank you for
your little notes and reminders, and also congratulate you and the en-
tire staff of the Canal Record for a very wonderful little book.
Bess Morton.

Panama Canal Society of Western North Carolina

Many of our young folks were able to be "Home for Christmas"
which made them happy and the old folks happier. Margie, Tom and

Pat Kelly were among the fortunate ones, spending the holidays with
their parents, Tab and Toodie Kelly, and Grandma Lucky.
Bruce and Mildred Harrell had a happy household too, having
daughter Louise with them. She, husband Bill Wright and their four
children, Frankie, Robin, Lorri and Pattie, drove all the way from
Fort Huachuca, Arizona.
Clarence and Rose Johnston, now settled in their retirement home,
welcomed two of their three sons, Lester and Bob, and their families.
The Johnstons new address is Box 6, Hendersonville, N. C.
Mrs. Louise Journey and son Tommy of the Canal Zone recently
visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Coleman, staying thru the
The Duke Lewises had their son, Alan, wife Del and little daugh-
ter Alana with them for ten happy days. Alan is still attached to the
U.S. Submarine NAUTILUS and lives at New London, Conn.
Mildred and Wen Greene had a houseful, also, Wen's nephew,
Bruce Greene brought his wife and their "three little angels" to make
them happy. Bruce is with the U.S. Coastal Geodetic Service and has
recently been transferred from the Pacific to the Atlantic Area.
The Fred O'Rourkes enjoyed having their daughter from Provi-
dence, R. I. with them.
Bob Knoop of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, spent the holidays with his
folks, Martha and Roy Knoop. Bob is with Allis Chalmers.
Sam and Bessie had to make do with a very sweet daughter-in-
law, Norma, young Sam's wife, as their children were scattered around
the globe this Christmas. Sam, Jr., is in the navy and spent, the holi-
days in the Philippines, daughter Elizabeth is with the Panama Canal
and Martha is with the Red Cross, in Rabat, French Morocco. Martha
recently had a most interesting vacation trip to Italy and England.
In Naples she had a chat with Ronnie Angermuller, formerly of the
Canal Zone, and in London she met another old Zone friend, Bob Orvis.
Both boys are in the service.
Bill Hiter was home with his folks, Bert and "Hite", from Brevard
College, as was also Clinton, son of the Ralph Wanlasses.
Joe and Dot Muldoon had as their guests over Christmas, Joe's
sister Mrs. Anna Oliver and her son, Joseph. Joseph was recently en-
rolled as a student at Mississippi Sate at Hattiesburg and Mrs. Oliver
plans to take an apartment in Hendersonville for the winter.
Frank and Emma Reppa spent the holidays with their son, Major
Robert Reppa, and his family at Alexandria, Va.

The Ross Hollowells drove to Delaware to be with brother Marion
and his family for the Christmas season.
Some of the Hendersonville folks gathered at the Hiter home on
Christmas Night for a no-host party. Those present were Elsie and
Pat Patterson, Ralph, Margaret and Clinton Wanlass, Nelle and Ray
Mitchell, Sam and Bessie Irvin and "daughter" Norma, Bena and
Tommy Sawyer, Marion, Duke, Alan and Del Lewis and Bert, Hite
and Bill Hiter. A turkey dinner was enjoyed, gifts exchanged, games
played and all voted it a most successful affair.
On New Year's Eve the Hiters, Wanlasses, Sawyers, Mitchells and
Lewises got together at the Wen Greenes to say adios to the Old Year
and Hi! to 1956.

The home of the George B. Wards in Weaverville was the scene of
a hilarious New Year's Eve party. All guests came in costume. Among
the prize-winning costumes were those of Bill and Gladys Adams who
came costumed as "Diamond Jim" and Lillian Russell, and that of
Mrs. Marshall Pyne who wore the voluminous cotton print dress which
had belonged to her great-grandmother. Mrs. H. C. Holland also re-
ceived applause for her costume of the Empress Eugenie era. Games
and contests followed the "fashion parade" after which a buffet supper
was served. All too soon 1955 had slipped away and 1956 had arrived.

Gladys and Bill Adams have sold their home in Hendersonville
and bought a new one in Asheville. Their address is now 481 Kimberly
Ave., Asheville, N. C.
Col. and Mrs. Henry Starrett have joined the WNC group, having
purchased a house in Asheville. Their address is 57 Valle View, Grace
Station, Asheville.
Early in November the Wendell Greenes had a house party, their
guests being Miss Caroline Hunt of the PanCanal, the Chris Garling-
tons of Newberry, S. C., and the J. C. Myricks of Raleigh, N. C.
Also in November, Mr. and Mrs. Robert McLavy spent several
days with the John Fergusons of Hendersonville. They were returning
to their home in Allentown, Pa., from a jaunt thru Florida where they
enjoyed visits with many old friends. Their daughter Jean also lives
in Allentown with her husband, Dr. John Clark and two children. John
is interning there in plastic surgery. His father, Dr. Herbert Clark of
Isthmian fame also resides in Allentown.

The Behlens of Asheville took a trip to Florida this winter, visit-
ing with "Sharkey's" brother in Fort Myers.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Patterson spent two weeks at Elsie's home in
Long Island in December. On their way back they stopt in Salis-
bury, Md., to see Fran Getman of the PanCanal who was vacationing
at her home there. She returned to Hendersonville with the Pattersons
for a visit and also spent some time with the Jack Tyrells in Tryon.
The Ross Hallowells and the Tom Colemans of Hendersonville
attended the Reunion in St. Pete in January.
The J. C. Myricks of Raleigh also have been to Florida and were
at the Reunion. They stopt to visit with Chris and Mary Garlington
in Newberry, S. C. en route home and were joined there by the Greenes
of Hendersonville.
Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Kiger of Asheville took a trip to West Virginia
last fall for a visit with friends and relatives.
Among the visitors in Hendersonville this winter were Mr. and
Mrs. John Runck of the Canal Zone. Mrs. Runck was formerly Miss
Marguerite VanWagoner. They have purchased a homesite in Hender-
sonville and plan to build soon, as Mr. Runck, together with Mr. Lester
Johnston, has assumed the management of a local Esso filling station.
Mr. and Mrs. Hobart M. Stout recently visited the Sam Irvins in
Hendersonville, en route to California where they plan to make their
home. "Stoutie" has now retired, after many years of service as a
civilian employee of the U.S. Army in the Canal Zone.
Mrs. Merle Weymouth of Howland, Maine, sister of Mrs. George
Ward and Mrs. Clifton Holland of Weaverville, is spending the win-
ter with them.
Mrs. C. L. "Johnny" Johnston is recovering from a stay in the hos-
pital because of an attack of pleural pneumonia. Due to his illness
he was prevented from making a trip to the Canal Zone where he was
to have taken part in ceremonies in connection with the visit to the
Canal Zone of The Most Worshipful Whitfield W. Johnson, Grand
Master of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Johnny is the District
Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Canal Zone.
Mrs. F. B. Coyle is spending the winter months on the Gulf Coast.
Her sister, Madge Reidy Butler is with her. Mail will reach them at the
following address-635 Washington Ave., Ocean Springs, Miss. (Or c/o
F. B. Coyle, Jr., 3319 Nebraska St., Sioux City, Iowa).
Mrs. Katherine Bryan, formerly of Asheville, is at present visiting
in Philadelphia. Later she will return to Waterbury, Conn., where she

plans to make her home.
Albert Garlington, son of the A. C. Garlingtons, was discharged
from the navy in December and at present is a student at The Citadel
in Charleston, S. C.
Albert Johnston, son of the C. L. Johnstons of Hendersonville,
will be separated from the navy in February. His wife Ann and little
daughter Debra Ann have been guests of his folks this winter.
A recent letter from the Roy McAmeys tells of their plans to make
a trip to Florida this spring and to visit the George Wards of Weaver-
ville on their way south.
Two members of our colony have undergone major surgery re-
cently, Jack Tyrrell of Tryon and Mr. Ula Tweed of Biltmore. Both
are now at home again.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Rocker of California were the guests of
the Chris Garlingtons recently.
A luncheon and meeting was held by the WNC Group on Novem-
ber 10, 1955, at the Biltmore Plaza Restaurant in Biltmore, N. C. Be-
cause of bad weather there were only sixteen members present.
On January 20, 1956 another luncheon and meeting was held at
Buck's Restaurant in Asheville. There were 39 members present.
Annual election of officers was held with these results:
Mr. J. Wendell Greene, President Mrs. Marion Lewis, Secretary
Mr. George Ward, Vice-President Mr. F. M. Sawyer, Treasurer
Marion R. Lewis, Secretary

News from the Panama Canal Society
of Northwest Arkansas

Floods to the East of us, Floods to the West of us, Killing Frosts
to the South of us and heavy Snowfalls to the North of us and we in
the Midwest have sunny skies, mild temperatures and until a few
days ago, nary a drop of moisture. Now we are grateful for almost
two inches of that precious element, so essential to living-WATER-
of which some have too much and others too little. North, South, East
or West, and inbetween, none of us is satisfied-'twould appear that
we, the people, are not living right or else not paying the preacher
A local group of us met here for dinner on Twelfth Night, Jan.

6th, a last look at the Christmas decorations and to share the wonder-
ful Christmas letters we all received from so many of you. Christmas
cards with just your name makes us glad you remember us, cards with
a note gives us great pleasure, but the cards with the letters- MY! MY!
we just set a spell and enjoy your visit.
Among the Christmas messages was the good news that "Unto us
a son is born" from Fred and Flora Belle Helmerichs, Cararas, Venez-
uela. Flora Belle will be remembered as the daughter of the late Mrs.
Frances Griggle. From Trenton, N.J. came the news of a new little
"fullback" for Jack and Mary Ridge Gribben. A grandson of Jack
Ridge should be a "shortstop"! Young Freddy Helmrichs arrived
Dec. 2, 1955 in time for Christmas and John Donald Gribben brought
in the New Year on Jan. 2, 1956.
The Ray Shues stopped by thQ Mathues of Springdale on their
way home from a visit with Ray's folk in Neosho, Mo. They are now
enjoying Trailer life in Daytona Beach. Rowland and Gladys Knox
of Ruidoso, New Mexico were visitors of Ernest and Haleen Williams
during the Holidays. 'Tis a busy life the Knox' lead, with teaching,
fraternal, civic activities in addition to remodeling and greenhouse
work. Many will remember young Don Cousins when he visited his
Uncle Jimmie and Aunt Lula Mae Coman in Cristobal years ago. He
is now married and Sales Mgr. for the Marley Company in Kansas
City, Mo., incidently, he is tall, dark and handsome.
Mrs. Mattie MacAulay, well known Commissary Cashier on the
Atlantic Side has been visiting her sister, Lula Mae Coman since
Thanksgiving. Arriving in Los Angeles, Nov. 5th, she visited with
W/O and Mrs. E. E. Henson and family in Riverside, Calif., then
with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Youart in Whittier, Calif., who are moving
into their new home in San Clemente early in February. With the
Comans of Bentonville she spent the Holidays with Capt. and Mrs.
J. B. Coman, Jr. in Biloxi, Miss.
Word has been received from Mrs. Frances Dorn who attended
the Re-union in Florida, then had an interesting trip to Mexico and is
now being wined and dined and having a grand time in the Canal Zone.
Mrs. Nannie Brown is also on the Zone visiting with her family, the
Alton Whites, Andy Whitlocks, Homer Crooks, Walter Brown and her
sisters, Mrs. Cecil Lowe and Mrs. Bates Weiman. Just before the Holi-
days the Alton Whites spent a happy three weeks with their son Dennis
and family in Hawaii. Flash news from neighbor Ed. Booth that he
is now in Memphis, Tenn. visiting with niece Elizabeth Irwin, after

spending three months with son Ed. Booth, Jr., in Long Island. We
expect him in Fayetteville any day.
The Tom Mooks are trailing Southward after spending the sum-
mer in Eureka Springs, Ark., known as Little Switzerland of America.
On a recent tour of the home Front, your reporter found everyone
resting from their summer labors and planning next summer's gardens.
The Cooks are happy over the recent promotion of son Bud to Supt.
of the Oil Co. he works for in South America. The Bill Kellers are
happy over the speedy recovery from a major abdominal operation
Bill underwent last Nov. The Marcus Goulds are happy over their
copies of the CANAL RECORD which they enjoy so much and revel in
the memories of long ago. He will be 82 in April. The Ernest Williams
are happy over the extensive trip they hope to make this Spring. The
Bill Mathues are just happy over everything, Bill with his reading and
Carrie with her crocheting, having just finished a lovely tablecloth of
the Jonquil pattern using over nine miles of thread, which found its
way to Shaws Place in time for their 38th anniversary. This made the
Newell Shaws happy. The Hallins are happy over the splendid pro-
gress of their youngsters, David and Elizabeth, who are doing fine
work in the University grade school. So, all in all, it's a happy group
up here in the Ozarks and we are all going to be still happier when
the doctors find out what ails Lula Mae Coman who is doing what
most women would like to do, which she does not need to nor even
want to-lose weight. Happiness to y'all.
Blanche E. Shaw

News from Miami

Those of us who attended the Reunion in St. Petersburg are re-
calling with pleasure, the two glorious days of visiting with old friends
and renewing acquaintances. Among the folks who attended from
Miami area were Mr. and Mrs. William T. Bowen of Coral Gables,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Hoby, Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Japs, Mr. and
Mrs. I. W. Metzger, and Mr. Frank Miller of Miami, Mr. and Mrs.
F. E. Williams and Miss Lambert of Hollywood.
Some of the out-of-town visitors who came Miami-way after visit-
ing St. Petersburg were Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Rocker of; Layfayette,
California, Mrs. Mary Birnbaumer of Curundu, Canal Zone, and Mr.
and Mrs. H. C. Anderson of Richmond, Virginia. All were guests of

the W. T. Bowens of Coral Gables, continuing a "house party" begun
at the home of the Ernest Woods in St. Petersburg.
Other guests at the hospitable home of the Bowens during the past
few months were Miss Ruth Creasy who stopped enroute to Canal
Zone after spending Christmas with her parents in Indiana, and Mrs.
Dorothy Hall of Gamboa.
Mike Carpenter, who attends college in Auburn, Alabama, visited
friends in Miami enroute to Canal Zone to spend the Christmas holi-
Mr. Aram Harry Hatch, Jr., his wife, and small son of Blauvelt,
N. Y. spent three weeks during the Christmas holidays visiting his
mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Aram Hatch, at their winter home
in Miami.
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Smith (Bill and Clara) of Miami have
been in the Canal Zone since December. They are visiting son, Spencer,
and his wife, Nell Ree, on the Pacific Side. Clara wrote that they had
attended all four of the Eastern Star installations. (See below)*
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Hicks (nee' Dorothy Bowen) and two child-
ren of Charlotte, N. C. and Mr. and Mrs. Lin Hall (nee' Jackie Bowen)
and three daughters of Fort Walton, Florida, were here for a visit
during the holiday season at the Bowen home in Coral Gables.
The next meeting of the Canal Diggers of South Florida will be
in April.
Best wishes to the Editor and his staff for another successful year.
We are all grateful for so fine a paper as the Canal' Record.
Mrs. I. W. Metzger
* Also that the Ernest C. Cottons, Capt and Mrs. George Boomer, Mr.
and Mrs. David P. Howe and Mrs. McLean are all spending the winter
in Canal Zone.

New York Society of the Panama Canal

Wish to report the following for inclusion in the Record:
GOETHALS HALL was recently dedicated at New York Univer-
sity, New York City. Several members of the New York Society of
the Panama Canal attended the dedication.
Miss A. Pauline Meredith, Secretary of the Women's Auxiliary of
the New York Society of the Panama Canal, passed away on Decem-
ber 8, 1955, at the home of her sister, Mrs. Werner, in Jersey City, N.J.

Charles L. Bleakley, old time member of the New York Society,
passed away on December 29, 1955, at Roscoe, New York.
It is possible that you may have already word of the passing away
of Miss Meredith and Bleakley for inclusion in the Record, but thought
I would mention it just to make sure.
John J. Fitzpatrick, Secretary- Treasurer

Ditch Diggers of South Florida

Picnics will be held by our organization at Matheson Hammock's
stone shelter, from 11 a. m. on to sundown, on the following Sundays:
April 21st
June 17th
August 19th
October 21st,
Members should jot these dates down on a calendar so as not to
miss any of the picnics. An election of Officers for 1956 will be held
on the April 21st meeting.
Listed as sick are Mr. C. H. Fair, Mr. Claude A. Ott.
Listed as improved is Mr. J. C. McMahon.
A. G. Dunham, Secretary

News from Texas

The following news from Houston, Texas, arrived 18 days after
the last issue of the Record went to press. All items of interest should
be in the Editor's hands by the first day of the month prior to date
of issue; that is on the first of November, February, May and August.
The pictures herewith enclosed were taken on May 22nd, at a
covered dish party given by the Ezra Haldemans and the G. Lee
Wrights. Note the names. At this time Mrs. "Tiny" Fredericks of
Clearwater, Florida, was a guest of the Louis Souders; Nancy January
visiting the Ted Sundquists; Mary Orr from Balboa with her parents,
the Joe Orr, Srs.; Mrs. Hambleton of St. Petersburg a visitor with
daughter and son-in-law, the Victor Mays; Tharon Haldeman Mitchell
from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil visiting her parents, the Ezra Haldemans.
Betty Haldeman Underwood and family have moved to Washington,
D. C., where Colonel Underwood will be stationed for several years.

Jean Decker Redmond, daughter of Sarah Wright Rothwell, has moved
to Chicago, Illinois, from Houston. Her husband has been promoted
to Foreman by National Biscuit Company. Pat Coakley Jr. is a stud-
ent at University of Houston. On his birthday, November 3rd, which
incidently is Panamanian Independence Day, we had a dinner party
in his honor-Feliz cumpleanos and viva Panama! Bud and Vonna
Hambleton Huldquist were visiting Victor Mays from their home in
Under separate cover, I am mailing pictures of barbecue party
held at home of Milton and Mollie Smith on July 3rd. Dr. William
Clinchard and family came from Jackson, Mississippi for this gather-
ing. Milton would like the two smaller pictures printed, if possible.
Since these were taken, Milton has lost about 30 pounds and says he
wants to lose that many more.. He truly is too fat and admits it but
how he does love to eat. You will note the sign "Please show your metal
check". He and Mollie really did everything to make a good party
and we had that for certain. Everybody was busy catching up on the
latest news from Canal Zone or from friends in other parts of the coun-
try. I even met Mable Payne Otto who had worked with me in Per-
sonnel Division on Roosevelt Avenue. Didn't even know that she was
in Houston. Mary Fields Denning and I were Camp Fire Girls to-
gether with Mrs. Hackenberg as our Counselor and attended element-
ary school in Balboa. Mary is now with American Automobile Asso-
ciation in this city.
Both Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Levy have been seriously ill the past
six months. They are greatly improved at this writing. Peggy Ellis
is working at Jefferson Davis Hospital. Her son, Clyde Jr. is again
on Canal Zone and her daughter, Joan and two sons are in Honolulu
where her husband is stationed as an Army Air Force officer.
Mrs. Lista Daniels and son, Robert, visited with us a few weeks
ago. They both are working in Dallas. They came down to see son,
Howard and family. Howard is a Professor with University of
Always your friends,
Irene and Lee Wright.

News from Orlando

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Hoffner, had as their house guest, Mrs.
Margaret E. Jones of Ilkley, Yorkshire, who was with the Hoffners

until January 19th when her husband Mr. Charles Jones joined her
for a month of sight seeing and vacation in the U.S. Each year when
Mrs. Hoffner makes her annual visit to England she is always the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jones at their estate. Mr. Jones is a manufac-
turer of electronics.
Everyone here in Orlando was shocked to read of the accident that
took the life of Captain Samuel Grier III (3rd) who was stationed
here in Florida. We offer our sympathy to his mother Mrs. Emily
Grier, Robert his brother and Margaret his sister.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Erbe left by plane Dec. 22nd so Mr. Erbe
could enter the John Hopkins Hospital for a check up. We all hope
the report will be satisfactory and that they will be coming home soon.
Captain and Mrs. John H. Miller entertained a number of their
friends with Christmas dinner.
The Millers have sold their home at 1810 Chamberlin St. and pur-
chased a home and grove at Homestead, Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sibus of Altamonte Springs entertained
by having ten guests for Thanksgiving dinner.
Mrs. V. D. Callaway slipped on a rug in her home and fell and
broke her left arm. She is coming along as good as can be expected.
Mrs. Georgia M. Blessing has moved into her new home at 722
Springdale Drive, Orlando.
Miss Lela M. Holden recently retired from P.C. service is now
located in her beautiful new home at 3009 Knowles Circle, Orlando;
Florida. Welcome to the City Beautiful.
Ed. Spearman writes that he is spending his annual vacation at
Daytona Beach but finds the weather pretty cold for flirting with the
mermaids and fighting with the Sea Serpents each day. He sends greet-
ing to every one and best wishes in every way.
It did my heart good to see so many of my friends at the Reunion
,in St. Pete and the best part of it all is that they all looked so well
and were so happy. More power to all of us. The Lord has been very
good to us.
Captain and Mrs. William A. Van Siclen, of 3921 217 St., Bay-
side, N.Y. called on the Wilhites while they were visiting in Orlando.
Both liked "The City Beautiful" very much, and hoped to locate in
Mr. James A. Lyons writes that Harry Comley died of a heart
attack Thursday, January 19th. He and Mrs. Comley have been visit-
ing their daughters on the Isthmus since Christmas. Since retirement

he has been living in Arlington, Va. We extend our sympathy to Mrs.
Comley and the daughters.
Mr. and Mrs. (Judy Mohr) Andrew M. MacDonald of San Juan,
Puerto Rico are visiting her mother and father (Mr. and Mrs. A. H.
Mohr). Judy with her two sons, Andrew Jr. and Ian will join Mac in
San Juan Feb. 15th. Before coming to Orlando they visited in Detroit
for the holidays.
At this writing Mr. E. A. Erbe shows no signs of improvement.
R. L. Wilhite


Miss B. Sturtevant Gardner, former Art Instructor in the Canal
Zone Schools, now has a permanent home, and studio in Woodstock
Ulster Co., New York.

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Seebt of New Orleans, write that they are
well and wish all their friends a fine New Year. Mr. Seebt is 90 years
Earl Brown is on the move again and was last reported in Mexico
enroute to Guatemala.

Henry and Kathleen Grieser continue to enjoy life in Cross Haven
County Cork, Ireland. They would like to see any of their friends
who may visit Ireland.

Etta Attaway of Kerriville, Texas, writes that she-is busy with
her many interests. Made an appearance on radio as Moderator of a
six woman panel discussion of the U.N. Her son, Albert, is with the
Container Corporation in Fort Worth, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Persons of St. Petersburg, visiting in the
Canal Zone, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a party
at the Tivoli Guest House. Many friends from Panama and the Canal
Zone were among the well wishers who helped the Persons celebrate.
Congratulations from the Panama Canal Society of Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. Archie French of Balboa, were recent visitors in St.
Petersburg. While here they were the guests of Mrs. French's parents.
Jessie Murdoch of Toronto, Canada, has had an operation on her
leg which delayed her discharge from the hospital. She hopes to be
out in the near future.

Lt. Col. Otto F. Sonneman, Jr. and Mrs. Sonneman are now lo-
cated in their new home on the Richmond Quatermaster Depot, Rich-
mond 12, Virginia. Kit and Ted Bahn of Arlington, Va. were with them
for Thanksgiving week end. As the Depot is on the U.S. 1, the Sonne-
mans hope any of their friends who pass will stop. The welcome mat
is out.

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Stark of Arriba, Colo. are spending the
winter in California with their daughter Ella, Mrs. Albert F. Hanson.

Mrs. Beatrice Morgan of New York writes that she is slowly re-
covering from a serious operation. Spent her convalescent period with
her daughter Fern.

W. J. Day, old time electrical trouble shooter, in Balboa and An-
con, is spending his retirement years in Long Beach, California, where
he has lived since 1940.

Col. Merrill H. Judd reports that there is very little news from
Sendai, Japan. Things are pretty quiet, there. He has met a Mrs.
Betty Cartmel, a niece of Fritz and Mazelia Williams, formerly of
Colon, R. P. Mrs. Cartmel works in Army Forces headquarters in
Camp Zama, near Tokyo.

Mrs. Walter C. Cousineau, of Los Angeles, Calif. spent last sum-
mer in the Canal Zone and since then has returned to the United States
and has been visiting relatives in Texas, Tennessee, and Alabama.
Mrs. Mary Pierce of Dayton, Ohio, has a new grandson. Conse-
quently, son Buddy finds they need more room so he has purchased
a nice new home to accommodate this growing family. Mrs. Pierce's
daughter, Lucille, has three girls and Mrs. Pierce is very proud of her
five grandchildren.

Mrs. Lillian Knight of Gresham, Oregon, says she frequently
enjoys a visit with Clare and Louise Comins. Also had Mrs. Ella
Piper as a guest, while Mrs. Piper was touring that area. She also re-
ports that Barbara Comins Yates, who has been in Alaska for two
years with her husband and four children, will soon be permanently
settled in Cornwallis, Oregon.

Ann and Bill Bartholemew, of Balboa, report they are proud
grandparents of two granddaughters and two grandsons. Expect that
means that Barbara Krueger has a boy and girl and Bill Jr. has the


Peggy and Henry Falk of Balboa write that they plan to visit
Florida ere long, to look it over, and perhaps select a home site for
their retirement days.
Mrs. Margaret Kiely of St. Petersburg celebrated her 84th birth-
day on December 25, 1955. Congratulations from the Panama Canal

Mrs. L. M. Westendorff of St. George, S. C. is busy operating her
tourist home and sends best wishes to all friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Howe of Miami Springs, Fla. were planning
a trip to the Canal Zone to be with Roger and Charlie and their fam-
ilies. Their son, David, is employed by the air line in Miami.

Janette White is presently making her home with her niece, Miss
McKibben in Marietta, Ohio.

Mrs. Emil Melms of Lake Worth, Florida, spent several months
in Birmingham, Michigan, visiting her daughters and their families.
Her daughter, Mrs. John B. Burnell, husband and son, Byron, will re-
turn to Florida with Mrs. Melms.

Our Society founder, the late Mr. John Warner of Bradenton,
Florida, always had membership card No. 1. This year it was trans-
ferred to his widow, Mrs. Grace Warner, who has expressed her appre-
ciation of this tribute to John Warner's memory.
Clayton Grimes, Gulf Beach Realtor, formerly Clubhouse man-
ager of Ancon, C. Z., has been elected President of the Gulf Beach
Board of Realtors, St. Petersburg, Florida.
Lyle Womack is presently working as manager of "Hollywood by
the Sea", a private beach just 45 minutes from Hollywood, California.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Seiler were the guests of Capt. and Mrs.
B. C. Judd in St. Petersburg. The Seilers were enroute to California
where they expect to make their home.
Mrs. Nora Rathgaber of Farmingdale, N. J., accompanied by her
mother, is visiting on the Canal Zone for a month or so. Mrs. Rath-
gaber reports that the McGeacheys are well.
Otto Marstrand was due to leave for the West Coast in December.

Col. and Mrs. W. F. Powers and family, with whom Otto has been liv-
ing, are due to leave for Europe early in 1956. Mrs. Powers is the
former Lillian Marstrand.
Mr. Marvin French of Baltimore, Maryland, sends regards to all
friends. He recently spent a few days in the Shenandoah Valley and
spent an evening with John Zirkle in New Market.
Mrs. Mary Davies of Santa Clara, R. P. is anxious to sell her
home and move to St. Petersburg. So far, no buyer. We hope 1956
will bring her a prospect who will buy so she can join her many friends
in this area.

Dr. and Mrs. Harry Eno were in Europe last year for an extended
stay. While there, they spent some time in Vienna where the Dr. went
back to school to complete some post graduate work he did there in
1927. The Dr. is now back in the Hospital Samaritano in Colon, R.P.

George and Esther Cassell are very happy in their new home at
Redondo Beach, California. They hope to visit Florida and renew old

Mr. and Mrs. Art Soper of Tavares, Fla. have adopted two fine
youngsters, Donald, 8 years, and Patricia, 6 years old. They are two
fine looking children. The Sopers took them into their home a year
ago and now they are legally theirs. See cut elsewhere. Our congratu-
lations to the Sopers.

Mal, Marian and Pat Dodson made a trip to the Zone. They
found many things changed and report they will be glad to return to
Tampa, Florida.

Mr.s J. B. Sampsell of Frederick, Maryland, writes that Joe has
been ill in July and August. He was 80 years old on December 14, 1955.
Mr. and Mrs. Sampsell will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary
on February 17, 1956. Our congratulations to the Sampsells.

Mr. and Mrs. E. S. MacSparron of Takoma Park, Maryland, send
best wishes to their friends in Florida and are looking forward to join-
ing us before too long.

Mrs. Blanche E. Demmy of Carlisle, Pa. sends best wishes to all
her friends in Florida. She says she will never forget the warm wel-
come she received here in 1951.

William H. Drake, for 22 years a police officer on the Atlantic side
of the Isthmus, is now Chief of Police in Las Vegas, New Mexico. If
any of you Ex-Zonites get a ticket in Las Vegas, see the chief.
Ray Pruner of Sioux Falls, S. D. says when he has to shovel his
way out after a severe snow storm, he begins to think it might be nice
in Florida. Try it sometime .
Minn and Bill Markham of Sayre, Pa. report they are in good
health but would like to meet a few old timers to "shoot the breeze".
Despite a $305 fuel bill, they feel they should stay in Pa. on account
of family ties.
Mrs. S. D. Brown of Moon, Va., widow of the late Sam L. Brown,
is spending a few months on the Canal Zone with her daughter and
son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Whipple. She plans to have Sam's ashes
scattered on the waters of Limon Bay.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cotton of Rock Stream, N. Y. are visiting
on the Canal Zone and to be with their three children and ten grand-
children. They expect to return to N. Y. in March.

The Herman Wulffs of Zephyrhills, Fla. have had as visitors, Bill
Dobson of Balboa, Mr. and Mrs. T. Shayler of Henderson, S. C,, for-
merly of Balboa, C. Z. and Miss Marie McVeff of Balboa, C. Z.

Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Lambert of Chestertown, Pa. will celebrate
their 50th wedding anniversary on March 10, 1956. Our congratula-
tions to Mr. and Mrs. Lambert.

Mr.and Mrs. David Potts of Newport News, Va. have returned
from an extended trip to California. While there, they met many old
friends and attended the Panama Canal Retired Employees dinner at
the Rosslyn Hotel on Nov. 13. They expect to be in Florida in Feb.

Rev. Raymond R. Gregory of Penny Farms, Fla. reports that, be-
cause of Mrs. Gregory's illness, they were unable to attend the reunion,
so will have to be content with news of friends through the Record.

Florence Miller is back on the Canal Zone after a trip from Utica,
N. Y. to California to visit her brother, David J. Neville in Alhambra.

Mrs. Ten Eyck Reed of Fryburg Maine, made a trip to the Canal
Zone where she is enjoying seeing old friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kent, formerly of Pedro Miguel, are visiting
their daughter, Pat (Mrs. Carl P. Wanke) in California. They will
tour Oregon and Washington and make a slow trip back to Florida,
visiting as many places of interest as possible along the way.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Smith, formerly of Cristobal, C. Z., are now
located in Lakeland, Fla. Two of their sons are working on the locks,
Joe and Gilbert. Son Stanley has just entered Pre-Medical school at
Florida Southern College and the youngest boy, Richard, is attending
St. Joseph's Academy in Lakeland.
With the merger of two organizations such as the C.I.O. and A.F.L.
with a total of over 15 million membership, there is bound to be con-
siderable change in the staffing of the new organization. The legisla-
tive department will have a co-directorship under our old friend Bill
Hushing, A.F.L. and Robert Oliver, C.I.O.
Col. R. F. Cullwell, member of the Panama Canal Society, heads
a syndicate that is opening a big development in the Lutz Tampa area.
Holly Lakes Estates, Ltd. has about 6000 ft. of Lake front and will
be restricted to fine homes.

Al Geddes is back on the Zone renewing old friendships. We hear
Al has suggested that they let the water out of the Canal and explore
for copper and uranium in the cut.

Mrs. Ray Burmester of Newport, R. I. sends best wishes to all
friends and tells us that Ray died on December 17, 1952. At that time
the Canal Record carried an announcement of his death.

Mr. and Mrs. George B. Smith of Brownsville, Texas, were happy
to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Otto Frick who are spending the winter in
the Magic Valley in Texas.

The T. E. Englebrights of Tucson, Arizona, have been visiting in
California with two of their children. They hope to make a trip to
Florida as soon as they can plan it.

Carl and Ethel Wanke of Whittier, Calif. send best wishes to all
their friends. Carl is Public Relations Officer of Pacific Plant Protec-
tion Co. and enjoys his work very much.

Mrs. W. A. Van Fleet of Belfast, Maine, writes that they will
soon be in Lakeland, Fla. for the winter. Van will have a male nurse

with him and is looking forward to the trip. Mrs Van is also recuper-
ating from a serious operation.
Miss Alice Candee, in the midst of all the snow in Conn., is dream-
ing of Florida and plans to join the colony in this area before long.
Louis H. Fourcher of Fairhaven, Mass. has returned East after
several months in California and Arizona. He met many old timers
along the way.
Mrs. Frances Shewe is visiting her son, Bill, on the Canal Zone.
Bill had to go to Philadelphia for a very serious operation but has
returned to the Zone and is getting along nicely now. Mrs. Shewe plans
to visit Long Beach, California some time this summer.

Robert M. Gamble writes that he was in a terrible automobile
accident in March and was unconscious for 6 months until Oct. 12, 1955.
He must be quite well recovered as he states he would have been at
the reunion but didn't know about it until it was too late.

Mrs. Edith Wicks of Polk, Pa. has returned home from a trip to
the Pacific Coast. Saw several old friends in the Los Angeles area.
Mrs. Wicks works in a school for mentally retarded children and is
very happy in her work.

Mrs. John De Young of Corpus Christi, Texas, has returned to the
Canal Zone for a visit with her children and their families.

Mr. Edward A. Linney, a Society member, has been named Field
Service Representative for the Lawyers Title Guaranty Fund, a Flor-
ida title insurance firm. Mr. Linney is a member of the firm of Nelson
and Linney with offices in St. Petersburg.

Mr. and Mrs. Garlow of Drums, Pa. hope to join their many
friends in Florida as soon as it can be arranged.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Crouch of Santa Clara and El Volcan, R. P.
plan to visit Florida in April or May. Mrs. Crouch's father, Elwyn
Green, still maintains his home in Bradenton, Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Mason, of Washington, D. C., missed the
reunion but will be in Florida during the latter part of January and

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Bunker have built and are now living in their

new home in Clinton, S. C. Must have taken to the hills as he says;
"We now have our feet out of the salt water."
Nina Robinson is spending the winter in California with her son
and his family. Will return to Florida after her visit.
Mrs. Mary Klemmer is making her home with her daughter and
son-in-law Col. and Mrs. Roy Kaylor, at Camp Ord where Col. Kaylor
is Comptroller for the Sixth Division. The Kaylors have three children.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lyons of Clearwater celebrated their 44th
wedding anniversary on January 9th, 1956. Mr. Lyons is still a patient
at Bay Pines Hospital where he is slowly but surely recovering from
the effects of a stroke.

Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Hull of St. Petersburg, Fla. have returned
from a visit with their son, Bob, in the Virgin Islands. Bob returned
to St. Pete with his parents but his visit was a: short one and he has
returned to his work in the Islands.

Janet and M. A. Smith of Buffalo, N. Y. were here for the reunion
and are spending several weeks in this area. Their son, Milton, who
is with Eastern Air Lines, also spent a few days here.

Mrs. Esther Currier of Gamboa, C. Z. spent the Christmas holi-
days in Baltimore with her daughter, Donna, and Dr. Vladimir Gude
and their three little girls.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wood of St. Petersburg had as their guests
during the reunion, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Rocker of Lafayette, Calif.,
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Bowen of Coral Gables, Fla., Mr. and Mrs.
Howard Anderson of Richmond, Va., and Mrs. Mary Birmbaumer of
Balboa, C. Z.

Mrs. George H. Ruggles of St. Petersburg, Fla., has returned
from California where she has been visiting in Tujunga with George,
Jane and grandson, Paul. She reports having had a wonderful time.

Rose and Henry Martin of Bridgeport, Conn. are planning a visit
to Florida and have their eye on St. Petersburg for retirement, four
years from now.

Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Medinger of Caracas, Venezuela, formerly of
the Canal Zone, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Medinger and children,
Jean and Ann, were recent guests of Mrs. M. Turner, Jr. of Tampa, Fla.

Mrs. F. C. Mack of Agana, Guam, M. I. writes that life on Guam
in their Quanset Hut home is very enjoyable. Fred is managing Steve-
dore for the Vinnell Corp. of Los Angeles.
Anna E. Johnson is making her home in Palo Alto, Calif. with her
son, Peter, and his family. He is employed by Standard Oil Company
of California. Her son, Bob, and his wife, Rita, spent Christmas with
them at Palo Alto.
Rube and Maude Hartsell were recent guests of Mrs. Fred Lyons
of Clearwater, Florida.
Miss Louise Kurath, of Bradenton, Fla. who has been quite sick,
reports she is lots better now. Sends best wishes to all her friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Pritchett of Los Angeles, Calif are having a
glorious time on a world tour. They are enjoying many new exper-
iences such as riding camels, rickshass, etc.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Conkerton of St. Petersburg had as visitors
during December and through February, Frank and Grace Regan of
Norwood, Ohio, Mrs. Mary Robertson of Atlanta, Georgia, Sgt. George
and Sgt. Emma Jean Pierson, and Wilbur and Ruby Long of Hamilton,

All members who ordered prints of pictures taken at the Reunion
please be patient. Mr. Wilson, our photographer, has been seriously
ill, but all orders will be filled as soon as it is possible to do so.
Thank you.
Please have all pictures for the Record printed on hard gloss
paper. Small pictures of large groups do not reproduce well.


Armstrong, Benjamin A.-Investment Securities
1900 Vallejo Street _...._......--- ----..San Francisco 23
Morton, Bes and Walter-Royal Motel and Dress Shop
11661 East Valley Blvd. ---------El Monte

Balduf, B. E. (Baldy)-Home Mart Plumbing & Electrical Supplies
425-9th Street South, Phone 7-5945 ---St. Petersburg
Fenton, Mrs. Margaret-Rock Springs Cottages
10816 Nebraska Avenue, Phone 92-8035 ------- Tampa
Hayes, Troy-Real Estate 195 9th Street North
Office Phone 7-0344-Res. Phone 78-0401 --- St. Petersburg
Hardwick, Berl-La Casa Motel, 520 South Blvd. -- DeLand
Kieswetter, Ernest M.-Real Estate 900- 12th Avenue So.
Office Phone 7-0339 Res. Phone 34-4795 --- St. Petersburg
Linney, Edward A.-Attorney at Law
Office: 611 Hall Building, Phone 7-7707 .. ------=--- St. Petersburg
Luppy, Mr. and Mrs. Walter-Real Estate
Res. 520 So. Federay Hwy.-Mail: Rt. 1, Box 329 Pompano Beach
MacKenzie, Mr. and Mrs. I. A.-Florida Motel, R.F.D. 2, Box 49
U.S. 19, 27 and 98-1 mile South of Perry-Phone 6006-W --_- Perry
Melrose, Earl W.--New Service Motel
13119 Florida Avenue-Phone __ ----------- Tampa
Olive, James F.Real Estate, 2744 Central Ave., Phone 5-4952
Mail: P. O. Box 1274 ----- ---St. Petersburg 1
Owen, Gilbert B.-Big Oak Motel, 6136 Beach Blvd., Highway 90
Phone Flanders 9-9100 ....-.------- -- ------- Jacksonville 7
Spitznogle, John J.-Spitz Electric Co. ------ Melbourne
Warner, Paul H.-Real Estate, Phone 4-7211 --- Bradenton

Ward, R. B., Resident Manager-Gulfgate Apartments
3008 Roe Drive, Phone Mission 4-0903 -.... I---- ouston 17
Swanson, Frederick G.-Attorney at Law, Mail: Box 1020 --_ Tyler

Anderson, Mrs. Jessie W.-Strout Realty (Representative)
Mail Riverview .---.........-...------... --- ---.......- __.--_.......- ---- .. Swoope

New Members and Changes of Address

The following have been added or addresses changed since the Year Book went
to press. (*) denotes change of address or correction.
ARGENTINA, South America
Flynn, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.-Corrientes 330- .------------. --Buenos Aires
*Mack, Mr. and Mrs. F'ed C.-Sub-Station 15 _----- .-------------- Agana
Roth, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F.-4562 Kilaueau Avenue.------- Honolulu 16
Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. Robert R.-P. O. Box 104 ----------- ----Gatun
Craig, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L.-P. O. Box 8 --- ------------Margarita
Davis, Capt. and Mrs. John M.-P. O. Box 121 -------------------- Gamboa
DeYoung, Mr. and Mrs. Charles-P. O. Box 721--- ---------- -- Ancon
*DeYoung, Mrs. John T.-c/o William Cunningham-Box 314 .------ Balboa
*Dodson, Mr. and Mrs. Mal-P. O. Box 841 ---- -------------- Balboa
Everson, Mr. and Mrs. Bernhad T.-P. O. Box 367---------------Margarita
Fender. Mr. and Mrs. Walter-P. O. Box 208------------------ Margarita
Fisk, Mr. William H.-P. O. Box 1482_-----------------------.-Balboa
Goodwin, Mr. William D.-P. O. Box 1801 ----------------------Balboa
*Hannigan, Mr. Joseph C.-P. O. Box 227-----------------------Balboa
Hatchett, Mr. and Mrs. E. W.-P. O. Box 305 ------------------- Balboa
Horter, Mrs. Frances-P. O. Box 1404----------- ....---------Balboa
McConaughey, Mr. and Mrs. R. H.-P. O. Box 3621--------------- Balboa
McMillan, Mrs. Nena B.-P. O. Box 283 -------------------Balboa Heights
Neely, Mrs. Robert J.-P. O. Box 244----------------------------Margarita
Orr, Miss Mary N.-P. O. Box 952------------------------------Balboa
Orvis, Mr. and Mrs. Roger A.-P. O. Box 101------. ---------- Margarita
Pratt, Miss Lillian L.-Gorgas Hospital--------------------------- Ancon
Rager, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W.-P. O. Box 3610----------------Balboa
Shannon, Mr. and Mrs. Matt-P. O. Box----------------__------Gamboa
Slowick, Mrs. Evelyn S.-P. O. Box 185 --------------------- Margarita
Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Paul S.-P. O. Box ----------.....---------- Margarita
Ward, Mr. and Mrs. John H.-P. O. Box 26-------------------.----- Gatun
Wilkinson, Mr. and Mrs. Walter J.-P. O. Box 434----------.. ------. Gatun
*DeSpain, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S.-9405 North Buena Vista Drive--SunnySlope
*Marshall, Mrs. Irene H.-4129 North 20th Street---------------.- Phoenix
*Burns, Mr. William T.-413 Morrison Avenue ------------------Hot Springs
*Ashbrook, Mrs. Nellie J.-132 West Brookdale Street ----------- Fullerton
*Brady, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A.-1831 Winona Blvd.--------Los Angeles 27
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. E. V.-3346 North Eckart Street----------- San Gabriel
*Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Fred W.-2000 St. Francis Way-----------San Carlos
*Carey, Mr. and Mrs. E. D-17 Bonita Street-Apt. "A"---.-------- Arcadia
Dear, Capt. and Mrs. Frederick A.-440 Marguerita Avenue ----Santa Monica

*Johnson, Mrs. A. E.-880 University Avenue------.---.. -------- Palo Alto
Jolly Mr. and Mrs. E. C.-1086 Cherry Avenue------------------San Jose 25
*Klemmer, Mrs. J. A.-c/o Colonel Roy Kaylor, Comptroller-------- Fort Ord
Koperski, Mrs. R. A.-332 Prospect Avenue----------... .------------ Danville
Maas, Mrs. Marie-1289 1/8 Queen Anne Place------------__ Los Angeles 6
*Marstrand, Mr. 0. T.-Address in California unknown at present
*Monsanto, Mr. C. A. M.-980 Arrowhead Avenue------------ San Bernardino
Neville, Mr. and Mrs. Craig S.-1081 Covington Road----. --- Los Altos
*Newbold, Mr. Albert C.-Res. 240 Berkeley Avenue
Mail: General Delivery ---------San Bernardino
Patheier, Mr. John A.-183512 South Westmoreland Avenue--..Los Angeles 6
Seibold, Mrs. Marian-818 East Foothill Blvd.------.------------ Monrovia
*Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Russell L.-518 Ponderosa Drive ----- Security Village
*Candee, Miss Alice E.-985 Fairfield Ave.-Apt. E-6----------- Bridgeport 5
Buckley, Mr. and Mrs. Jere-2019 Eye Street, N. W.
Lombardy Apartments
Apartment 911 -------------------Washington
Ragsdale, Miss Elizabeth-603 Quackenbos Street, N. W.--- Washington 11
*Setzer, Mr. and Mrs. Tate Logan-5414 Henderson Rd., S. E..--Washington 22
*Blessing, Mrs. Georgia M.-722 Springdale Road-----------------Orlando
*Bodden, Capt. John V.-c/o Ramsey Rest Home
8785 N. W. 32nd Avenue------------- ----Miami
*Boggs, Mr. E. M.-8111 Klondyke Street ------ -------------Tampa 4
Brennan, Mr. and Mrs. Joe A.-215 North Orange Avenue--------- Arcadia
*Butler, Mr. and Mrs. William H.-1115 28th Avenue South --..St. Petersburg 5
*Coffey, Mrs. Marie G.-c/o Hotel Gayfair-433 2nd St. No.-St. Petersburg 2
*Corliss, Mr. and Mrs. John B., Sr.-General Delivery --------- Maitland
Dudak, Mrs. Helen-306 East Vanderbilt Avenue------------------- Orlando
*Eggleston, Capt. and Mrs. D. E.-4125 Park Street North -.St. Petersburg 4
*Franklet, Mrs. George-2507 10th Avenue West--------------- Bradenton
*Frederick, Mrs. Carl-Res.: 2019 Gulf to Bay-Mail: P. O. Box 1194-Clearwater
Gatz, Mr. and Mrs. David L.-1203/2 17th Street North --- St. Petersburg 2
*Grayson, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.-730 Lynwood Drive-----.-----. Lake Worth
*Green, Mrs. Dora B.-12,224 Florida Avenue-----------.--------.- -- Tampa
*Grubbs, Mr. and Mrs. W. Alfred-615 16th Street North ------ Zephyrhills
Guarino, Mr. Leoluke-217 N. W. 13th Avenue (Winter) .---------Miami 35
*Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Fred P.-3953 Haines Road-- ------ St. Petersburg 4
Hamilton, Mrs. Harriet-5710 Branch Avenue -------------------Tampa 4
*Hohmann, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W.-4511 29th Avenue No.-- St. Petersburg 4
Holden, Mrs. Lela May-3009 Knollwood Circle----------.--------..Orlando
*Kozak, Mr. and Mrs. Otto-4420 llth Avenue North--------St. Petersburg 2
Maxwell, Mr. John W.-248 44th Avenue N. E.-------.... St. Petersburg 4
*Melms, Mrs. E. A.-Route 2, Box 270 ------------------------Lake Worth
*Miller, Capt. and Mrs. John H.-Box 11-----------------. Altamonte Springs
*Parrish, Mr. and Mrs. John W.-518 26th Street West -----. --Bradenton
Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. Edw. B.-1023 South Miami Avenue--------- Miami 32
*Poltrino, Mr. Louis A.-P. O. Box 60 (Winter)----------.. Fort Lauderdale
*Reese, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton H.-1155 Grove St. No. (Winter)_St. Petersburg 2
*Robinson, Mrs. B. J.-1227 16th Avenue No. (Temp.)-.- St. Petersburg 2
*Sandiford, Mrs. Wilhelmina E.-102 North 22nd Street------------Tampa 5
*Shuey, Mr. and Mrs. R. 0.-3007 N. W. 36th Street----------------- Miami
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C.-612 West Patterson Street----.---. Lakeland

Stephenson, Mr. and Mrs. Bird W.--5848 62nd Street North --St. Petersburg
*Stewart, Mrs. Archie H.-9809 10th Street--------------------Tampa 4
*Stoudnor, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.-403 East Call ------------------Tallahassee
*Swain, Mrs. Kathryn M.-1014 East Central Avenue (Temp.) -------Orlando
*Taylor, Mrs. Mabel B.-155 20th Avenue S. E.------------St. Petersburg 5
*Warner, Mr. and Mrs. Louis C.-Res. 6044 Park Blvd
Mail: P. O. Box 13--------- Pinellas Park
*Woodruff, Mr. and Mrs. B. C.-Res. 6432 Park Blvd
Mail: Box 556 ---------------Pinellas Park
Getz, Mrs. Ruth T.-201 North Jefferson Street------.-------Milledgeville
Robinson, Mr. R. B.-Robinson Bldg.-Box 183 ---..------------..Newnan
*Dugan, Mrs. Lea K.-c/o C. W. Solenberger-1935 South Park--Springfield
Elmendorf, Mr. and Mrs. William-211 West McClure-----.. --------- Peoria
*Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Otto A.-32 North Lewis Street -------Bloomfield
Fedde, Mrs. Geneva-1621 Hill Avenue ------------------ Owensboro
Percy, Mr. David N.-1230 Durrett Lane ----------------Louisville 13
Thompson, Mr. M. E.-306 Woodford Street --------- Bowling Green
*Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. L. F.-2108 Adams Street--..--.. ----.. New Orleans
Gilder, Dr. and Mrs. Wayne-321 St. Charles Street---------New Orleans
Schjeveland, Rev. and Mrs. Christy-Box 268--- ------ Damariscotta
Correira, Mr. and Mrs. Donald T.-31 Palmer Avenue
c/o Mr. Alvin ----------- Springfield
*Seagrave, Mr. and Mrs. Earl M.-c/o Mrs. Francis Morrison-Box 43--Mendon
*Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice W.-23,121 Republic---------------- Oak Park 37
Holtzclaw, Lt. and Mrs. W. J.-Box 149----------------------Lexington Park
(Mary White)
*Brown, Mr. Harry M.-411 Chamber Street----------------..------.. Trenton
Gorman, Mr. and Mrs. Walter L.-159 Baltimore Ave.-..Point Pleasant Beach
*Groschup, Mr. Harry C.-21 Manor Avenue ----------------------Oaklyn 6
*Lutz, Mrs. J. G.-707-A Woodlyn Avenue ------------------------Oaklyn 6
Simon, Capt. and Mrs. Andrew W.-349 Walnut Avenue------------Trenton 9
*Campbell, Mrs. J. Samuel-93 South Lake Avenue--------------------Albany
Guarino, Mr. Leoluke-932 Adee Avenue (Perm.)----------------New York
*Haggerty, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V.-138 Maple Street----------------Potsdam
Hanlon, Mr. and Mrs. Michael T.-c/o Brown-Raymond-Walsh
APO 285
c/o Postmaster ---------------New York
Howe, Mr. and Mrs. Walter K.-71 Young Avenue _----------_--Pelham 65
Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. James P.-West Lake Road--------------Skaneateles
*O'Donnell, Mr. and Mrs. William H.-3 Forest Avenue--------------Ossining

*Adams, Mr. and Mrs. W. E.-481 Kimberly ....---------------.Asheville
Kiger, Mr. and Mrs. T. R.-553 Lake Shore Drive----------------.... Asheville
Muldoon, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M.-117 Briarwood Lane----.... Hendersonville
*Sawyer, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M.-Route 2, Box 360 -----Hendersonville
Stahler, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lee-Box 116---------------.East Flat Rock
*Campbell, Mrs. Walter W., Sr.-4120 West 157th Street -------Cleveland 11
Shumaker, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde M.-P. O. Box 602--------------Grants Pass
VanSiclen, Mr. Andrew-Box 238--------------------------Clatskanie
*Bryan, Mrs. L. H.-3154 Memphis Street
c/o Miss Hannah Morrissey __-----------Philadelphia 34
*Ganter, Mrs. Margaret M.-221 Brobst Street-------------------Shillington
*Geddes, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J.-306 McKeesport Road----------- Elizabeth
Hall, Mrs. Fannie-949 North George Street----------- ---------------York
*Haggerty, Mr. John B.-P. O. Box 94 -------------------- -------- Sayre
McLavy, Mr. and Mrs. John R.-709 Valley View Apartments
15th and Elm Streets ----------.Allentown
Whipple, Col. and Mrs. C. E.-350 Pennsylvania Avenue -----Williamsport
Whiteside, Miss Florence A.-- ---- ------------------ -----Madera
*Reidy, Mrs. Helena S.-7 Gardiner Street -------------Newport
*Bunker, Mr. and Mrs. E. C.-103 South Holland Street-------------- Clinton
Westendorff, Mrs. H. A.-P. O. Box 401---- ---------------St. George
*Miller, Mrs. Anna-316 East 29th ----------------------------Sioux Falls
Gamble, Mr. and Mrs. Robert M.-2352 North Lrathmore Circle----- Memphis
*Egbert, Mr. and Mrs. Max E.-6115 Sunset Drive------------Fort Worth 16
Fojtik, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H.-Res. 202 Fred Avenue
Mail: P. O. Box 396 --------------.Lufkin
Frick, Mr. and Mrs. Otto C.-1718 West Woodlawn------------San Antonio
*Maas, Mr. and Mrs. T. 0.-442 East Palfrey Drive---------- San Antonio 10
*Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B.-3008 Roe Drive -- ------Houston 17
*Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Howard C.-Route 11, Box 229-A----- Richmond 25
*Banan, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil M.-Hunting Towers
Apt. 22 West Building------ Alexandria
Brown, Mrs. Frances L.----------------------------------------Banco
Brown, Mr. Irving M.-1007 Bank Street----------------------- Hopewell
Davis, Capt and Mrs. C. E.-Box 84-------------------------- Hudgins
*Jackson, Mrs. Elsie Fowkes-Box 253-------------------- Colonial Beach
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Walter J.-5608 Lake Street-Apt. 202---- Falls Church
*Enright, Mrs. Margaret-c/o Major Buniowski ----------
APO 942 --------------------------- ------Seattle
Hqs. 10th Air Div. Box 68
Goodspeed, Mrs. S. H.-Commercial Hotel-----------------------Raymond
*Cottrell, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn E.-65 East 12th Street-------------Clintonville


Dear Ex-Canal Friends:
You are cordially invited to join the Panama Canal Society of
Florida if you are not already a member. The Canal Record, our news
booklet, is issued quarterly, and a Year Book is mailed to members in
December of each year.
Dues are $3.00 annually, and payable in January. Members com-
ing in after July 1st will pay $1.50 for balance of the year.
Please add 10c to checks to cover banking charge.
Our membership is now more than 1400.
Please fill in the application below and send your dues to the
P. O. Box 249, STATION "A"



Wife's Name _-

Address .--- ----

City .--- ..-.- .-------- State ___ -_.

Number of Years on CanaL---____- -

What Division-----

Amount Enclosed ..----- ------

ft !-'

Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Rathgeber
(Betty Searcy) Mrs. Nora
Rathgeber and Jack's children,
Penny and Linda.
Of Glassboro, N.J.


Donald Arthur Soper, 8 yrs. old.
Patricia Ann Soper, 6 years. old.
Recently adopted by Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Soper of Tavares, Fla.


Alana Gay Lewis, 1 yr. old Mr. John D. Wilson
Granddaughter of the Tampa, Fla.
Duke Lewises.

Officers of the Panama Canal Society of Texas.
Louis Souder, Victor May, Roy Searcy, Mrs. Hugh Turner.

P. O. Box 249 STA. A

U. S. Postae
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Permit No. 603

Private .




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